body worship

I had no clue what time it was when I woke up but I assumed that night had fallen since no light was shining in through the windows. The only source of light was the alarm clock perched on top of his bookshelf. The green glow of the time illuminated the entire bedroom. I looked around Michael’s room as I allowed my eyes to adjust. Then my eyes fell on Michael laying there beside me sound asleep, the occasional cute snore slipping out. I turned on my side smiling as I watched him adoringly. I watched his chest rise and fall with each breath that he took. I took in his naked body. I was glad to finally be able to appreciate it since the past 2 times I’ve been in the nude with him I’d been so distracted with his touch. I found his 28 year old body immaculate. While a lot of men would rather drink beer and let a gut grow after graduating high school or college, he definitely kept himself in shape. Even in the dim light I could see the contours of his abs so perfectly defined. I noticed his bicep muscles. They looked so strong to me. They were arms that any girl would kill to be wrapped up in. I smiled to myself at the thought of them around me. It’s a comforting and safe spot to be. My eyes trailed down his arms, to his chest, and abdomen. Clothes really don’t do this man’s body justice. I had no idea that he would look like this underneath his long sleeved button ups and khaki Dockers. It just seemed that everything about him was perfect. And what made this revelation all the more better was that this perfect man was mine, at least physically.

My mind became racked with many thoughts as I looked at him. How did I get here? How did this happen? The shock of the situation finally hit me as I was laying down next to my teacher in his bed. Quiet shy girls don’t end up sleeping with their history teacher. Girls like us only dream about it but don’t usually get the guy in the end. Girls like us usually end up unnoticed. I wasn’t popular and talkative. Yes, I’m attractive. I admit that my slender 5′ foot frame, high cheekbones, dimples, and 34C breasts get me attention from time to time. But I wasn’t the only pretty girl that took Mr. Watson’s history class who hiked up their skirt hoping to grab his attention. What sets me apart? I didn’t sleep with Michael for the thrill or having him as a novelty. I always saw him as Michael the individual and not just my teacher. The more I got to know him the more my crush grew. I knew that his favorite color was blue and that the Los Angeles Lakers were his favorite basketball team. I knew that he’d been playing guitar since he was a child. I felt something when he placed his hand on my cheek that day in his classroom. I felt a spark that made my school girl crush turn into something more adult when his lips crashed against mine for the first time. It was undeniable. Michael and I have a great amount of sexual chemistry, but I think there might actually be some real chemistry there as well. I know more than I thought I would ever find out about him. After our first encounter, we’d opened up to each other during our nightly phone chats and epic text conversations. I’m still learning more. Glad to have been given the chance to talk and get to know each other in a new light face to face. But as I looked at him, all I wanted to do was explore his body once again.

I couldn’t just look at his body anymore, I needed to touch him. My fingertips tingled to explore his body. To trace lines up and down his chest. I scooted closer to him and reached my left hand onto his chest. My fingers lightly raked through his patch of sexy chest hair. I know a lot of women aren’t into it but I adore chest hair on an older man. I lightly traced my fingertips over the lines of his well-defined abdomen then up his chest along his shoulders to the bicep closest to me. He shifted a bit but didn’t wake up. I brought myself even more close to him, pressing my breasts against his left arm. My fingers continued moving along the contours of his body until they were just below his belly button. I walked my fingers around his lower abdomen contemplating my next move. I looked at his cock, his amazing cock. Thick, veiny, and semi-hard even in his sleep. Wonder what he’s dreaming about… I dragged my fingertips lower until I reached his pubic bone. I tempted myself to touch him, to take his cock in my hand and wake him up. I wanted him to touch me so badly. I moved my hand back and forth keeping contact with his skin as I debated going ahead with it.

“Don’t stop now, you little nymph,” I heard him mumble. My eyes quickly shifted from his body to his face. He smiled at me before saying, “Keep going. I like where you were going with it.”

I didn’t need any further encouragement to wrap my small hand around his semi hard cock. I pumped his penis in my fist a few times feeling him grow and harden in my hand. I heard him sigh and craned my neck up to kiss him. The kiss started off sweet but in mere moments we were kissing each other hungrily. Our tongues danced against one another’s. He darted his tongue in my mouth and I sucked on it. My tongue massaging as I sucked. Our lips met once again after I released his tongue. Our lips kept at each other as I scooted my body back a bit to give his arm room to move. His left arm snaked underneath my waist so that he could grab my buttocks. His right arm reached over and caressed my cheek. We moaned into each other’s mouths. As our kiss heated up, I sped up my hand. I moved my hand up and down his erection faster making him tremble and sigh. My hand movements weren’t consistent enough to get him off and I wanted that. I wanted to tease him. I wanted to just get him ready for my little pussy. He moaned against my mouth due to my ministrations. I smiled and released his cock from my grip then began to lightly run my fingertips up and down his cock. My hand slipped further down to caress his tight ball sac a time or two. My fingertips would lightly flutter underneath them before briefly cupping and moving them in my hand. I rolled them between my fingers, feeling the weight of them. Then I took his member in my hand once more and started to move my hand up and down his shaft furiously. Tightening my grip when I got to the head and then loosening it on the way down. I moved my hand up and down slowly then sped up only to slow down again.

“You’re so fucking sexy,” Michael said as he gave my right butt cheek a good squeeze.

His right hand moved from caressing my face to touching my breasts. His fingertips lightly circled the areola of my left breast. Then without warning he pinched my nipple, my whole body tensed up seizing my task of jacking him off. I whimpered as he continued to pinch. Then he released and started to lightly circle once again. His fingertips felt so light on my skin.

“I think it’s my turn now,” he grinned devilishly before removing his arm from underneath me. He then ordered me to lie down on my stomach. He sat up on the bed and just looked at me for a moment. “You have such a sexy body,” he said as he ran his index finger up my thigh. “And you’re so soft too.”

I positioned my head to the direction he was and watched him. His index finger continued its trek up my thigh. Once it was at the upper thigh, he moved his index inward gently caressing my inner thigh. My whole body tensed and slightly shook to his touch. He knew that it drove me insane. He continued moving it up and lightly grazed it against my pussy lips.

“Mm I love how you keep your pussy bare. It makes me want to lick your pussy all day,” he said as bent down and licked from the crease where my thigh and buttock meet then upward.

I gasped and closed my eyes. Images of Michael licking and sucking my clit took over my mind. Even just thinking about it was turning me on. Every single thing this man was saying and doing to me was making my pussy wet. I didn’t want it to end. He bit my right buttock making me arch my back and moan to the sensation. Then he trailed kisses up my back and along my shoulders. He lightly bit my left shoulder before kissing down my back sending shivers through my whole body. He then licked the sides of my stomach with the tip of his tongue with the smallest amount of pressure. The sensuality of it drove me mad. He then flipped me over so that I was on my back. I smiled when we locked eyes.

“So beautiful,” he smiled before he leaned down and gently kissed my lips.

He kissed my jawline and my neck then licked up my throat. I moaned as he did this. His tongue traced along my collar bone and shoulder. He lightly bit my shoulder before he traced back to the nape of my neck with suckling kisses. He licked up my neck to the area slightly behind my ear and began to suck and lick there.

“Oh my gosh,” I panted closing my eyes as he continued to make my body tingle with his mouth.

He then started to kiss downward. I brought up my legs and bent my knees. He spread my legs then maneuvered himself so that he was between my legs and hovering over me. He kissed between my breasts. Then he poked out his tongue to lick the undersides of my breasts. I had no idea that such a thing would feel good. He placed a few sucking kisses on the sides of my breasts before tracing his tongue to my right nipple. He lightly flicked it a few times before taking it in his mouth and sucking it. He sucked and moved his tongue over my nipple repeatedly until he had it into a hardened pink peak. Then he trailed his tongue to my other breast to repeat the same manipulation on that nipple. Michael then started to kiss my stomach. First downward, then upward, and then side to side. He licked the sides and the middle all the while placing sucking kisses and nibbles everywhere.

I felt his kisses go lower and lower. He then licked and kissed my pelvic bone, sucking at the sensitive hollow skin there. At that point, I was dripping. I wanted him to touch me in my most special spot. I ached for it. I spread my legs wide in anticipation. Michael traced his tongue downward to the area where my pussy and thigh met. He bit lightly before kissing my inner thigh. Michael kissed up my thigh to my knee. He left a sucking kiss on the area behind the knee before kissing back down to the apex between my legs. I continued to watch as he licked and kissed my thigh. His kisses turned inward towards my pussy. He paused for a moment and looked up at me. He smiled mischievously before giving my slit a quick lick. I moaned and slightly arched my back picking up my hips for a moment. He kept his eyes glued to mine as he gave me another quick lick. I whimpered and lightly bit my lip looking down at him, hoping he would keep his tongue there. Instead, he went to work on my other thigh.

“You’re almost as big a tease as me,” I joked.

He smiled as he lightly bit my thigh. I moaned and shook each time he bit my inner thigh. He then held up my legs and kissed the back of my thighs, starting with the left. I knew he was teasing me but I loved every minute of it. My hands took hold of the sides of my knees to hold my legs in place. He placed sucking kisses at the spot where my buttocks curve. Then he lightly traced his tongue along my left butt cheek before lightly biting it. I gasped in response. He began to lick along my right thigh and buttock. Placing nibbles and kisses along my thigh. He would kiss across my thigh getting close to my pussy but then he would skip my pussy and start kissing the other thigh. My thighs got more sensitive the longer he touched them. Every time he bit me, my moans grew louder. I could tell he was enjoying making me squirm. And I’m sure he knew how wet I was too, with his face so close to my pussy like that. My pussy was engorged and my slit glistened with my juices. But he just kept at the licking, kissing, and biting of my thighs. He kissed up my thigh and then back down again. Kissing the sides and nibbling my inner thigh.

Then, he quickly licked my pussy slit. I gasped in surprise. Strategically, he grazed my outer lips to drive me insane. I moaned and bucked my hips releasing hold of my legs. He put his hands on my thighs and slowly pushed them down. He kept his mouth on my pussy as he looped his arms under my thighs, his hands holding the top of my thighs keeping me spread. He didn’t start off slow like how he’s done before. He just dove right in. Licking my entire pussy. He pressed his tongue firmly against my entrance and then moved his head upward. He did that a few more times before quickly flicking my clit with his tongue repeatedly. I closed my eyes and moaned in pleasure as his tongue kept fluttering against my clit with the perfect amount of pressure.

“Oh god, Michael. Fuck. Lick that pussy. Lick it,” I moaned as my hands made their way to the top of his head. My fingers entangled themselves in his hair.

I pushed my hips upward in attempts to get closer to his face, as if it were possible. My hands pushed him down upon my pussy. I ground my hips against him as I felt myself near. His tongue felt so amazing. He darted his tongue in and out of my pussy. I moved my hips back and forth as if I were fucking his tongue like a penis. I heard him moan as he licked me. It turned me on knowing that eating my pussy was turning him on. He nibbled on my labia for a quick moment before getting to work on my clit. He sucked it in his mouth and massaged my clit with his tongue. I then felt him insert two fingers in my pussy. He pumped them within me fast as he continued to suck on my clit. His fingers curved upward to massage my G-spot. I wasn’t used to it getting touched like that. Guys have tried before but I told them that it felt too weird. Michael was the only one that I allowed to keep massaging it. With how stimulated he had my clit, it felt amazing actually.

“That… that… that feels so good,” I moaned.

I could feel my pussy getting warmer with each second that passed. We both knew that I was going to cum soon with the way my vagina was contracting around his fingers. Squeezing them when his tongue and fingers hit the right spot. He sped up his hand and flicked his tongue quick upon my clit until I felt the stirrings of my orgasm.

“Please, don’t stop. Keep going… faster… please,” I begged. Egging him on to fuck me hard with his fingers.

My whole body tensed as my orgasm tore through me. It affected every inch of my body. During this orgasm, it was as if I could feel my blood rushing through my veins from my head to my toes. He kept pumping his fingers in me even as I screamed that I was cumming. He just kept moving them in and out while sucking on my clit hard. I humped myself against his hand and mouth as I came. My hand was still in his hair, I involuntarily tugged it as my back arched and my body shook. Then, my body began to settle down. He took his fingers out of my pussy slowly and let go of his hold on my clit. He licked my pussy from top to bottom ever to so lightly and my body trembled at the slightest touch. An aftershock of my orgasm rippled through me.

“Wow,” I sighed out of breath. “You made me cum so hard, baby,” I smiled.

Michael gave my pussy a quick kiss before sliding up my body and kissing my lips. I tasted myself on him and kissed him hungrily. Licking and sucking my juices off of his lips and tongue. My tongue traced his lips and onto his chin to lick up every bit of me off him. He brought up the hand that he used to finger fuck me and placed it in between our lips. We kissed as we licked and sucked my juices off of his fingers. He stuck out his tongue and I sucked it like a cock. My head bobbed back and forth as I sucked and swirled my tongue around his.

He pulled away quick enough to say, “It’s so hot how you love to taste yourself.”

Then, his lips were on mine again. We moved our lips to a slow rhythm, savoring the moment. Our kiss was slow and deep. Yet it took my breath away just as it would if it were him kissing me quick and passionately. My hands rubbed along his shoulders and back as we kissed. One of his arms was hooked under my right arm. His hand pressed firmly against my shoulder. His other hand tangled itself in my hair, holding my head close to his. He sucked on my bottom lip and I moaned. We continued to kiss as we humped our bodies together.

“I need to feel you,” I panted between kisses.

Michael and I kept moving our bodies to a slow humping rhythm, his hard penis rubbed against my clitoris. My secretion from the orgasm I had a few moments before left lubrication for him to rub against me without hurting me.

“Please. Please, I need it,” I moaned.

He didn’t stop what he was doing though. I could feel myself building the more we moved against each other. His strokes were slow yet strong. It was so hot the way we were moving together. Then he slightly arched his back, moved his calves back, and pushed up his knees to be on either side of my buttocks to be in a semi sit position. He held himself up with his left hand and grabbed my left breast with his right. He gave it a hard squeeze before slowly moving his hand up my skin to my neck. We looked each other in the eyes as he placed a loose grip on my neck.

“Beg for it,” he said to me with his eyes smoldering.

“Fuck me,” I whispered. I knew perfectly well that the whisper would egg on his dominance.

“Say it again,” he said huskily tightening his grip on my neck.

“Fuck my cunt,” I said louder. I felt his cock poking at my entrance. All he had to do was move it forward a bit and it would be inside me.

“Say please,” he said as he brought his hips forward. His cock was on my pussy separating my labia.

I couldn’t take it anymore. We could play the dominance game later, I just wanted to be fucked. “Please, stick that nice hard cock in me,” I managed to say with my tightened airways.

Michael released his hold on my neck and placed his hand on the mattress. He moved his hips slightly forward and finally began to penetrate me. He didn’t drive himself in to the hilt like I was hoping though. With each back and forth thrust he would move more inside me. It drove me insane just how good this man was at teasing.

“You fucking tease,” I said.

“That’s what you get for making my cock hard during class,” he grinned before pushing his whole length within my hot tunnel.

“You feel so good,” I sighed closing my eyes.

His strokes were deep and long, moving in and out at a leisurely pace. I wanted to drive this out just as long as he did. We wanted to just enjoy feeling each other’s warmth. As much as I loved getting fucked fast and hard, I just wanted to savor his touch. We got the pent up frustration out of the way so we could take our time this time around… at least for a little bit. He pushed his knees back, straightening them a bit, then bent his elbows and lowered his upper body. His right forearm held him up. His left hand caressed my side and slid down to my thigh. He traced his fingertips back and forth across my creamy soft skin. We locked eyes once again and his lips came crashing down on mine. Our kiss matched the slow rhythm of our hips. Our tongues traced each other’s lips, asking for entrance to the other’s mouth. He thrust himself all the way in and moved his hips in a circular motion. I moaned against his mouth and pressed my fingertips into his back. He slowly pulled himself out, like a slow drag, then he eased his hard and hot member back inside my wet hole.

“You’re so tight,” he whispered in my ear.

I moaned as I rode this slow wave of pleasure with him. I turned my head to the left and kissed his bicep, I just wanted my lips on him. I heard a soft moan escape from his lips then continued to kiss, lick, and suck on his bicep. His increase in pants urged me on. I brought my head up and kissed his shoulder. Then I kissed my way to his collar bone, kissing and licking the hollow skin there. He let out a long breathy exhale as I kissed his neck, dragging my tongue up and down the length of his neck. I lightly bit his neck and he moaned. He didn’t stop rocking within me even as I kissed the sensitive skin of his neck and throat.

Mina’s house was big creepy looking place on the edge of town. It had years of wear-and-tare on it, and Raven thought of every single horror story she’d ever read as it came into full view.

There were vines hanging on it and with a closer look she noticed black bars on the lower story windows. Sam’s car was out front. She was mad but still worried for her friend.

She knew Sam would never have agreed to this if she’d known what would come of it. Sam was far too kind for that. She’d been duped and taken advantage of. Raven didn’t know how, but she vowed silently to fix this situation for both of them if she could help it — and Liz as well.

Mina led her newly acquired slave into the living room and moved to a small closet. From it she extracted a small black collar studded and shiny.

“Strip.” Demanded Mina.

“And put this on… tight. It’s a sign of your obedience to me, your new mistress and master. Take it off at anytime while in my house and face the consequences.” Raven didn’t need to be told twice.

She did as she was bid leaving her clothes where the fell. She looked to Mina and shrugged as if to say ‘what now’

“Down to the playroom with you little birdie.”

Raven was led down a narrow staircase into a dimly lit basement. It was spacious but spooky, with pictures lining the walls. All of them young girls. All of them smiling, if nervously for the camera. For Mina.

At the end of the hall were two doors. On the right the door was slightly ajar and the room gave off a faint glow. On the left the door was closed, there was a large padlock sealing something inside. If Raven’s instincts were correct that is where the discs would be her goal.

Mina pulled her by the neck halting her steps. “Stop. Here. I want you to see these.”

The pictures closest to the doors were of Sam and Anna.

“My newest conquests. Your picture will go right there next to your little girlfriend’s. Now we take the photo. Stand here against the wall and smile.”

Raven did her best, it was an uneasy smile and her stomach hurt as she did it. She tried to think about it being over soon, but she knew she still had much to endure.

” That’s a good slave. I’ll have Anna get this developed and then we’ll frame it here for all to see.”

The look that came over Mina in this moment was covetous and creepy and made Raven think of Golem from Lord of the Rings.

“You know Raven, you are a first for me, I mean in the way I collected you. I usually just acquire slaves the way I did with your friends. Give them things till they submit. But you know, that way has it’s flaws, as there is no pretense of real ownership. They agree, and though I may blackmail them later for more favors — they always find a way to slip through my fingers, eventually. Not you little birdie, I shall keep you as long as I want. This way is much better I think.” She sighed heavily apparently done talking and led on into the room.

Inside there was a large bed with deep red sheets. Sam was there, tied to a thin black chair sitting upright with her hands tied and her mouth gagged.

She was naked and her hair was wild. She had been crying, that much was seen on her face. Her eyes fell on Raven pleading forgiveness. Raven felt terrible and cast aside all anger toward her friend, surely if she were like this she had meant no harm.

“Samantha here was a naughty pet. She talked back to her mistress and showed weakness for another. For this she is as you see her now. In time out. I will not harm her, permanently. But you should know that should you disobey me your fate shall not be near so kind. As punishment for her actions she will serve as our audience today. I will enjoy her discomfort and yours at is certain to be made all the richer.”

“Now slave the fun begins. On your knees. NOW.” Raven did as she was told.

“First you shall clean my feet. With your mouth.” Mina kicked her shoes aside and raised a foot toward Raven’s trembling lips.

“Lick them. Bottoms first then between the toes, then you suck the toes each in turn until I say your done.” Raven again obeyed tasting the sweat on Mina.

She had done this before with Sam but under that circumstance it had been erotic and pleasant. This was neither for the girl she took the task as nothing more than something to be completed with thoughts of freedom from this horrible woman as the only thing that kept her moving.

When she had given each foot a full fledged tongue bath she glanced up at Mina expectantly. “Good slave. Now on the bed and be quick about it. I want you flat on your back with that little tongue out and ready to please me.” Raven did this, looking over at Sam who was visibly shaken and sweating.

When she was in position Mina removed both her dress and panties so that she wore nothing save a pair a of pantyhose.

“Now Slave, I’m coming over to the bed and I want you to do exactly as I say.”

Raven expected that she would be made to eat Mina out or submit to being played with. Still she wasn’t prepared for what happened next. Mina came over and squatted directly over Raven’s head and sat. She was on top of her mouth so that when she sat at first Raven could not breathe and made a muffled cry of fear.

Mina let her breathe — but only to issue a command ” Tongue out slave. Eat me, and eat me good. Pussy and asshole, I want that tongue as deep as it will go. No use in acting prissy I know what you like to do with your step-mommy. I even saw your encore this morning, though I didn’t have enough discs to record that. Such a pity. Horny little slut.”

She laughed and sat once more on Raven’s face. Raven closed her eyes and went to work licking and probing both holes switching from one then the other and back again between breaths of air. Mina smothered her prey and laughed in maniacal glee as she got just what she wanted.

When she eventually came, she spurted cum all over Raven’s face and in her hair. She made Raven clean that from her as well, she even bade her slave to lick up the remnants that fell to the sheets.

“Don’t miss a drop or we’ll have to start all over before me move on to the next round.” So it was clearly far from over.

Next Mina moved over to where Sam was sitting and removed the gag. She then made Sam spread her legs and felt her sex between them.

“Just as I thought. Wet and wanting. Little whore Samantha, you are so very predictable.” She slapped Sam once, hard. Sam didn’t scream but only whimpered.

“Well whore, if you can’t keep from getting all worked up watching your friend be made a slave then you shall have to do something with those idle hands of yours. I am going to untie you now, only your hands though. I want you indulge your lustful desires as you watch us — only because I know how greatly it will shame you.”

Mina moved to the far wall and selected a large black strap-on from her sizable assortment of toys which hung like weapons of war.

Raven noted that the one she picked was huge and from the looks of it the biggest one she owned. It was far bigger than the one Liz had used, and at the time that had seemed almost unreal.

Mina tied the strap around her waist and smiled wickedly. ” Raven, Raven, Raven, you are really going to enjoy this — or at least one of us will.”

She approached Raven with the strap-on and instructed. “Spit on it slave. This is all the lube you’ll get so make it good if you want to make this easier on your little tight holes.”

Raven spat on the the toy. “No, on second thought that’s not good enough. I want you to suck it make it really good and wet.”

Raven took the thing in her mouth and began to suck it. Mina thrust forward when it was in there and made Raven gag on it’s girth. She made pained noises and Sam winced at her friend’s predicament.

“Now slave open up those legs and spread yourself open. This is going to hurt and there’s no getting around that. Tears are acceptable even screaming. But the moment you recoil or try to close those legs you’re in trouble, got it?” Raven nodded and spread her legs preparing for the worst.

The entry was rough and fast. Mina cared nothing for being gentle as Liz had. The shaft spread her pussy lips to a point they’d never been. For a while she thought that she might actually tare skin or begin to bleed. Surprisingly she did neither as Mina worked it in and out.

When Raven screamed in shock and agony Mina spit right in her mouth. “Now Samantha I don’t see you diddling yourself and you heard my orders. I will inspect you after this is all over and if I don’t find evidence of your obedience I shall be a very unhappy mistress.”

At this provocation Sam began masturbating there in the chair watching. She tried not to think about what was actually occurring trying instead to think of the times she and Raven had played together and the fun they’d had.

It wasn’t easy to concentrate on those thoughts with Raven’s tortured cries filling the room but she did the best she could and almost cried in triumph as she felt her own cum wetting her fingers.

Mina continued to pound away at Raven’s increasingly sore sex and only stopped when she had nearly exhausted herself. Shamefully Raven had cum and was berating herself for giving Mina the satisfaction.

Mina was happy about it that was clear. When she felt the slickness between Raven’s legs she laughed heartily ” Good slave, you liked it didn’t you despite what you said earlier you fucking loved it, didn’t you you little bitch?”

She stuck her fingers in Raven’s mouth and said ” clean the fingers slave. And, tell your mistress how much you love it. How much you love her.”

Raven shook her head in defiance and braced for a slap, which she duly received. “No slave, refuse me again and you won’t like what happens, now tell your mistress what she wants to hear.”

Raven quietly obeyed ” I, I liked it Mistress. I l-loved it. I ll-love you Miss-Mistress” Mina was again pleased but her day of fun still had one more phase. The phase that was designed to break Raven completely.

Still wearing that ungodly strap-on cock Mina commanded Raven to put her ass up and spread her butt cheeks wide.

“You think you like playing this way do you slave? Well I am going to beat Liz to something at least. You want to lick your step-mommy’s asshole. Well I am going to make you into a real anal whore here and now. Spread those cheeks slave.”

Raven did as she was told once more. Again the entry was rough and she began to cry in pain. Her soft green eyes welled with tears and she bent far forward feeling the plastic member plunder her virgin asshole. Mina knelt on one knee for added leverage and thrust hard and deep. The strokes weren’t fast as they had been when she’d fucked her pussy but it hurt so so much more.

Once again to Raven’s growing shame she could not hold back an eventual climax and when she screamed in violent orgasm Mina finally relented than pushed her forward into a crying heap on the bed.

“There, there, little birdie. You made it through our first day together. Since it’s Saturday you’ll be staying over where I can keep an eye on you. You can go home only when I say so, and as has been discussed this arrangement will continue for as long as I see fit. I am going to rest just now, but I shall return and when I do you will be ready won’t you?” Raven nodded elated that she would be free of her company at least for a while.

“I am going to leave you unbound. But only because I know that if you try to escape you shall unleash your worst nightmare. Sam here can keep you company till dinner time — but if you two get up to any funny business you will face my wrath. Now, I’m going out. And don’t forget what I said”.

When she had finally gone Raven breathed a sigh of relief. She turned to Sam and began to cry. Sam was crying too.

“Rave I’m so sorry. Rave, I never meant” Sam stuttered.

“I know you didn’t Sam you couldn’t have, you had no idea. Look that’s not important anymore we’ve got to get the hell out of this house and away from Mina.”

Sam looked scared “But we can’t if we do it’s all gunna come crashing down on us Rave.”

” No, listen to me, we can’t let her win. She is evil. Anyway I know where those discs are and I think if we can just get in there and take them we can be free of her. She’s got nothing on you right?”

” No, well right, she doesn’t. Other than telling my momma about this. But I don’t think we’re getting in there, that locked room I mean she keeps the key upstairs at all times.”

Raven was determined. “I refuse to quit, I made it through her games once, I have no intention of doing so ever again.”

With that Raven dropped the conversation and untied Sam’s legs from the chair. The two had no clothes but found garments enough to cover themselves at least before leaving the room and heading out into the hall.

There was a figure standing at the end of the hall, but it wasn’t Mina. Anna Sumner stepped forward from the darkness. She gave a single handed wave.

“Hey, where you goin’?”

Raven wondered how deeply Anna held loyalty to Mina and thought for a second they may have a fight on their hands. We’ll if that were the case it was two on one and favorable — the girls inched forward ready for anything.

What actually happened was a welcome surprise. Anna spoke “You wouldn’t be looking for these would ya?” Anna held out a key ring with two keys dangling from it.

She tossed them to Sam who caught them in her hand. “Lord Anna, you had me goin’ for a minute girl. You sure you ready for what happens when Mina finds out?”

“Don’t you worry what I’m ready for doll. I’ve got a score to settle with our former mistress and she’s the one who isn’t ready. Do what you gotta, but then get the fuck outta this house, it’s about to get really hot in here if you get me.” Raven and Sam had a good idea what she was implying.

The padlocked door opened with a loud creaking noise. It was little more than a closet with shelves on each side. What looked to be hundreds of discs lined the shelves.

Luckily they were labeled, a foolish convenience. Raven found the row with her name, and Liz’s. She figured they were all the copies of the same disc.

She removed them from their cases and the girls smashed them to bits. Time was of the highest importance but seeing all those other discs Raven couldn’t resist the impulse and she began to smash them all. She cut herself a few times on shards but felt no pain after all she had endured.

Sam grabbed her shoulder. “Rave babe, we better jet. Like now. We got all the one’s with your name. Plus Anna’s about to set this place off, all of it will be burned anyway.”

Raven wasn’t entirely sure, but she knew Sam was right that they needed to move fast so she went.

The girls rode Sam’s car out of there and thought they heard sirens fading in the distance. They prayed Anna would make it out alright. She had come out of nowhere and saved their asses. They really owed her one.

When they pulled up in front of the Robinson family home the sun was going down. They entered the back door to find Liz crying at the kitchen table. Raven ran to embrace her step-mother. There was a handgun on the table and Liz was dressed in black.

“Liz, Liz, everything is alright. We got out, and we got rid of all the copies of the disc.”

Liz was still notably distraught the news seemed to bounce off her.

” The video… it doesn’t even matter anymore Raven. I… I’ve just got a call from a hospital upstate. It’s your dad Raven. He, he was found honey. Found d-dead. There was a crash. Someone was with him in the car, a woman. They said she made it, but, she’s in a coma.”

This news hit Raven Robinson like a ton of bricks she couldn’t speak at first but then stuttered a question.

“What. What about the gun. Y-you weren’t..” she trailed off beginning to cry.

“No, no, of course not honey. I, I was waiting for it to get dark when I got the call. I was planning your rescue.” Liz shook with excess adrenaline and grief.

“I think I was ready to go and kill her.”

Neither of them meant for their friendship to evolve into one of a Master and her slave―but it did.

Their friendship began innocently in financial necessity as roommates. He thought she was hot and she thought him an ideal mate. But, although they had many opportunities to hook up sexually, it never came to fruition. Sometimes it was because one or the other was involved with someone else, sometimes it was for private reasons that neither can express to this day, but sometimes it was strictly because one or the other was too drunk and their sense of fair play prohibited them for taking advantage of a someone at their mercy.

It turns out it was their sense of fair play that led them directly into a lopsided love involving bondage, discipline, and ultimately collaring.

Her name, or what she became to be called, was simply “Master D.” She was a petite lady with a mousy sense of fashion, her ash blonde her was never longer than shoulder length, she wore nerdy glasses and clothes that hid her stunning hour-glass figure and lovely, shapely legs.

His name, or what his Master named him, was her “dirty hooker”. He was a bull of a man, an alpha male in every setting. Over the years gray had crept into his hair, making him more distinguished with a dignified aura. His shoulders were broad enough so that even now, with his waist gone soft with a bit of fat, his body still had the physique of a wrestler or linebacker.

Her mousy looks belied a rough and ready sense of humor and a level of street smarts, savvy, and a fighter’s spirit. In private, at times she was crude and would belch loudly. When she was drunk she would bellow order’s, bossing people around, teasing them with a cutting sense of humor, luring them to disclose their fantasies and then mocking them. But in the end, at her core, she was a lady and always returned to her meek ways.

His bull-like body and distinguished looks belied a certain emotional naiveté. He was a good listener, empathetic, often sympathetic, always willing to lend one of his broad shoulders to cry on. But he could be easily conned emotionally, and more than once he fell for her emotional pranks. Perhaps to compensate, he adopted a rough, dismissive mannerism when dealing with people―he often ran roughshod over them.

They both loved their dogs.

Though they were roommates for years and often saw into these hidden sides of their characters, they always returned to their moorings in their core personalities: she a dainty lady and he a macho man.

Over time they moved apart. She fell in love with another man and gave herself to him as a sub might to her Dom. He found himself entangled in an awkward divorce.

So it was with some surprise that they found themselves on a road trip one late night in July, bound for Las Vegas.

She had caught him cheating on her, a devastating blow to her frail ego, already twice shattered by faithless men, an ex-husband and a former fiancé.

His divorce had finally wound down and dissolved, leaving his vulnerable and unsure of himself.

The first night they picked a random hotel, got drunk in the hotel’s bar, and found themselves making out while sipping champagne on a nearby beach. When a squad car announced, rather anonymously with the loudspeaker, that the beach was closed, they went went back to the hotel and had hot, vanilla sex.

They unleashed their passions that they had kept bottled up for years and, in the beginning their lovemaking followed true to this form. They were both experienced and ran through the standard missionary fare into mutual oral gratification, hard doggy-style pounding and some more athletic positions.

She was petit enough to qualify as a spinner, and he hoisted her off the ground and she straddled him, airborne in his embrace, while he drove himself deep until they both shuddered in climax.

The next day the drive to Vegas was long but pleasant.

As he was driving he was reflecting silently on their passionate lovemaking the night before. Unaware a smile crept upon his face.

“Don’t think you’re all that.” She chided.

“What?” he said innocently.

“Don’t give me that. I know what you’re thinking and you weren’t that good.”

“That’s not what you were screaming.”

“Oh you wish.”

“I had you screaming “Stop!” after the second time. If I had gone for a fourth time you’d be bowlegged right now.”

“Uh huh, keep talking, you’ll get yours.”

She didn’t realize it, but inside of her a hard kernel of hate was hardening at his cocky attitude some nameless desire began to take hold. A desire to punish him for his insouciance, a desire to hurt him, to make him feel the hurt and torment she was feeling.

He didn’t realize it either, but inside of his his hard kernel of macho and confidence was becoming brittle and he began to feel emotionally lost. He began to form a desire to find a new rock of emotional stability, a new way to bond to another person that would not leave him the emotional wreckage as did his divorce.

Tentatively he said “Well, you did leave me a little sore too.”

“Yeah right.” she snapped.

“No really, a guy’s dick gets sensitive too.”

No response.

“Especially the head.”

She turned to look out the window.

“Especially after the third time.” he laughed.

She tucked this bit of information away into a dark corner of her mind, stewing over his arrogance.

That night, after they had checked into their hotel in Vegas, they went over a list of things they wanted to do. But feeling a bit hungover and sore from the previous night, they opted to take a walk out on the Strip. After hitting a few clubs and a few cab rides they loosed up and found themselves in a club with a decidedly kinky edge to it.

She was drunk out of her mind and out of control when she decided to grab a whip from a passing waitresses costume. He was across the room and was walking over to intercede, to keep her out of trouble when he saw that she was now talking to the waitress. As he arrived she said

“Let’s go.”


“You’ll see.”

A cab dropped them off at a strip mall with a fetish shop.

“Come on.” She grabbed his hand and led him into the store.

He picked up a leather cat suit and looked at her as if sizing her up for a fit.

She smiled and strolled over to a shelf and picked up a whip, raising her eyebrows suggestively.

He shook his head, sauntered over to a clothing rack picked up a lace up corset and a pair of thigh-high boots―”Not unless you’re wearing this.” he teased.

“Dream on.” she said as she set down the whip and walked away, but she had an odd expression on her face as though she was considering it.

He became engrossed in with the toys and didn’t notice she was no longer beside him. As he looked about he saw her at the counter, the woman cashier was stuffing something into a bag― were those handcuffs?

He approached, asked her what she bought.

“Mind your own business.” was her only reply as she stuck her nose into the air.

The cab ride back to the hotel was filled with tense energy and excitement as he prodded her continually, asking what was in the bag.

She pulled it away from him saying “Not until you beg.”

“Never.” he said sharply.

“We’ll see about that.” she smirked.

“You talk a big game.” He replied, teasing her, “But when it comes down to it you were screaming for me to stop.”

“Yup. Keep talking.” she said “we’ll see.”

“See what?” he teased, “Me begging? You’ll beg for me to stop before I’ll ever beg you anything.”

She froze, silent.

He feared he had gone too far, ruined the mood.

“In fact,” he continued, “I’ll bet you you’ll beg first.”

Almost before he could finish she had her hand out to shake and looked him right in the eye.

“You’re so on.”

They shook, the first step in changing their friendship into something different, a silent challenge, the first moment of struggle between them where she would conquer and he become her vassal.

“What’re we betting?” he asked, almost to himself.

She thought a moment, said “If I win and you beg, then you have to do whatever I say all weekend.” She pause, “No matter what.” she added decisively.

“Same for if I win and you beg.” he said, somewhat in shock.

“No matter what.” she repeated.

He nodded.

“You swear?” she pressed.

“Yes, I swear.” he puffed.

“You swear what?”

“I swear that if you win, and I beg, then I’ll do whatever you want all weekend.”

She guffawed and punched his shoulder “you’re gonna be my slave.” she laughed.

“We’ll see.” he said.

“Yup.” she said and then turned, looked out the window, and ignored him.

When the arrived at the hotel he was shocked at the passionate force she hurled at him, she threw the bag aside and kissed him, the wettest kiss he had ever tasted, like she was drooling at him.

He felt himself swell and harden and moved to unbuckle his pants.

“Not so fast.” she said.

“That’s not enough to make me beg.” he replied.

“No, first we shower.”

After protesting he showered, taking pains not to touch himself, he retained his erection all though the shower and once he stepped out she jumped in.

“I’ll be out in a minute.” she hollered.

He noticed that the bag was folded neatly on the dresser―empty. He looked about to see if he could find what she had bought. He was thinking of opening her drawers when the shower stopped, she stepped out wrapped only in a towel kissed him, forcing him back, cornered him by the bed, grabbed his shoulders and made him sit, straddling him.

As she kissed him she grabbed his wrists and tried to force him onto his back, but he was too strong. She knew she needed other wiles to meet his challenge, to subdue him.

“Lie back for me.” she whispered between kisses.

He paused, reluctantly, then lay back. She reached down and began to pull at his erection, stroking it.

“Tell me.” she said and she pinned both his hands over his head, “What was the most number of times you came?”

“I’m about to cum now.” he said, “Don’t stop.”

“Is that begging.” she teased.

“No.” he said sternly, slipping her grip and beginning to rise.”

“Just teasing.” she said lightly, “I’ll tell you what, you lay back, let me pin you hands, answer my question, and I’ll continue stroking you.”

She started lovingly working his dick again, he relaxed, lay back.

“I don’t know, four, maybe five times.”

She pinned his wrists again, said “Wow, then I’ve got my work cut out for me.”


“Because,” she growled “You’re gonna com for me more than you have for any other woman before.”

Inwardly he smiled, he liked how aggressive she was being, straddling his waist, pinning his wrists, milking his dick.

But just when his hips began bucking, involuntarily telegraphing that he was about to cum, she stopped.

“Wha…?” he muttered dazedly.

“One condition.” she said.

“I’m not begging.” he said defensively, almost angrily.

“No, you just have to let me use the toys I bought tonight.”

He frowned with a skeptical countenance.

She felt him going soft under her hand.

“It’s nothing really.” she continued, “I can’t keep your wrists pinned, so let me use these.”

She reached under the pillow and grabbed a pair of fur covered handcuffs.

He looked at her doubtfully.

“C’mon she said, it’ll be fun.” and fell to kissing his chest, moving her head lower, flicking her tongue across his shaft.”

“Ok.” he said as she licked him into submission.

She had him move and cuffed his hands over his head, tying the cuffs off with a bit of rope she looped under the bed. She was inexpert and it took a while, he fidgeted and complained.

“Hold on, it’ll be worth it I promise.

When she finished she saw his erection had gone flat, slowly took to stroking it back to form. When it inflated just enough he began to buck his hips again.

“Can’t have that.” she said, “You have to wear these too.” and produced a pair of leg cuffs. He saw no point in complaining and she quickly had him bound to the bed.

She stopped and said “Damn that was hard! I’m thirsty!” and grabbed a beer from the icebox. At which point she plopped herself into a chair and propped he feet up on his torso.

“Hey!” he protested.

“Oh hush up.” she said, taking a swig of beer and playing with him with her feet. “There. That better?”

“Not really.” he said.

“Funny, your erection’s coming back.” She said. “Has anyone ever made you cum using her feet?”

She asked.

“No.” he replied sheepishly.

“The let me be the first to give you a foot-job.” she smiled. And worked him. It took her a while but she was patient, and with him having been to the point of climax twice already her job was easier. She watched him as he entered the throws of ecstasy, shouting as he came. Something came over her, she was reminded of when she pet her dogs with her feet, she was teasing them but they didn’t know it, and they came to love her feet.

When he stopped shuddering she said “I’m the first woman to make you cum with her feet.”

“Yes.” he breathed. “Where’d you learn to do that?”

“I didn’t,” she said, “It was my first time too.”

“You like me feet?” she asked.

He paused.

She lifted her feet and placed them on his face.

He scrunched his face up and squirmed.

She tousled his hair with he toes saying “Aw, that’s a good puppy,” mocking him and rubbing her feet in his face. He tried to shout but as he opened his mouth she stuck her toes in.

“Does the good puppy want to lick my toes? Yes he does!” she intoned playfully.

But he was having nothing of it and forcefully turned his head away and shouted “STOP!”

At this point she set down the beer and muttered “This will never do.” and reaching back under the pillow pulled out a ball-gag.

He tried to protest but she popped it into place and secured it with ease.

“Huh, beginner’s luck.” She said. Then “Now, you’re going to cum for me six more times. I hope those three dozen oysters I fed you earlier do their job.”

With that she set to work using her hands. At first it seemed fruitless as his dick sagged listlessly. But soon he began to respond and she worked him expertly into a frenzy. He came rather quickly all over his own belly. At which point she got up, took finished her beer in a few gulps, popped another and returned with a warm wet rag to clean him off.

She noticed that, though he was flaccid his dick was inflating again.

“Heh” she laughed “Looks like you really like this.”

He looked askance at her.

“Nod if you like it.” she commanded.

He paused, nodded, finally admitting it to himself.

“What?” She asked, you like being tied down and under my control?”

He paused again.

She wiped him lovingly, coaxing his balls with the warm wet rag, “Don’t you like being tied down by my just a little bit?” she asked sweetly.

He nodded, hesitantly, reluctant to admit it, but wanting to share the moment with her, as sweet as she was being.

“You’re sick!” She laughed and threw the rag at his face.

She plopped back into the chair and set her feet back on his chest, tipped her beer, grabbed the remote and turned on the tv.

“You make a good foot-rest.” she declared. “Don’t you agree?”

He shook his head ‘no’.

“Yeah, well, we’ll see about that.” She said assuredly .

She flipped through the channels “Let’s find some good porn.” She said, “after all, you still have to cum four more times.” She smirked without looking at him.

After a while she settled on a porn flick and added a pillow behind his head so he could see without straining.

“Got to give some motivation.” She said, “Four more!”

After a while his dick began to loosen up again, During a hot scene in the movie she moved her feet to his dick and began to fondle it. He grew hard.

“Don’t look now,” she said, “but it looks like my feet own your dick!” she laughed.

In spite of himself he grew harder.

“Ooh.” she crooned mockingly as she used her feet to stroke his dick, “Does it loves my feet? Yes it does! Will it do whatever my feetsies want? Yes it will!”

With her feet she coaxed him into a raging hard-on again, saying things like:

“Come on, cum for me pretty feet.”

“Show me you love them.”

“Show me your dick belongs to my feet.”

Shuddering, he came again, almost as much as the first time, one shot actually reaching his head. He sunk into the bed covered in a sheen of sweat, feeling utterly spent and happy.

She opened another beer and washed him with a warm rag, plopped back on the chair, propped her feet onto his chest. He looked at them.

“I know.” She said, “I’ve had guys tell me they were pretty. My feet. But I didn’t realize they were such a turn on. Guess you don’t mind being my foot-rest now, huh?”

He turned to look at her, a slow anger seeming to rise within him. She moved her feet onto his face and he shook his head free of them.

She laughed “Whoa doggie! Ok. Guess you don’t like that.”

She set her feet back on his chest “That better?”

He paused, but he seemed sated, nodded.

She tipped her beer, looked slyly at him “Told you you make a good foot-rest.”

He began to smolder again, but she had a better feeling for him now, almost like…training her dogs…or flirting… but she knew instinctively what to do.

“Tell you what.” she said, distracting his anger, “Let’s make the bet double or nothing. I don’t mean that I’ll have you begging to be my foot-rest, that’s too easy. How about this― I’ll have you begging to suck my toes by the morning. Agree?”

He looked at her, his anger turning to shock.

“Don’t be scared of losing the bet now.” she chided, “You don’t seem so sure of yourself now. What’s the matter, do you want to suck my toes now?”

She wriggled her toes on his chest, “They’re pretty, aren’t they? Don’t you just want to pop them in your mouth?”

He froze.

“What’s the matter? Can’t resist them?”

He shook his head.

“No? You can’t resist them?”

He shook his head angrily.

“Oh, so you can resist sucking on my pretty toes?”

He nodded.

“Then what’s keeping you from doubling the bet?” she teased, “Just nod once if you accept the bet.”

He nodded immediately.

Sucker. She thought, then snorted on her beer. Toe-sucker.

“Oh, and since we’re doubling, the winner owns the loser for one month. Deal?”

He nodded, seemed to realize he’d been played, didn’t seem to care about as much as wondering about his feelings about being played and subdued. His feelings of, what? Pleasure?

He looked at her in wonder, but she had turned her attention back to the tv.

Some time later, and a few beers later, she chose another porn show and began to work him with his hands. But he was a bit sore now and he flinched under her touch.

“Come on,” she said, “Three down three to go. You’re going to cum for me more than you’ve ever cum for anyone on the face of the earth.”

“Need a little help?” she said tenderly then reached under the bed and produced a bottle of flavored massage oil. “Raspberry” she said, “My favorite.”

She smeared the oil generously over him, from the tops of his thighs over his balls and shaft to the top of his belly and worked sensuously and rhythmically to bring him into a full erection again, for the fourth time. But try as he might he couldn’t cum― he was dry― he was sure of it. But she worked carefully, taking time to massage his balls, coaxing them into producing for her again. She worked him like she scratched her dogs, feeling his body respond, working it, bending it to her will, forcing him to cum again. Eventually he couldn’t resist her and with a huge amount of bucking and groaning came, a miniscule spurt, for the fourth time.

His body sagged back into the bed, completely sated, and he wondered idly how he could come for a fifth time.

Then he noticed she hadn’t stopped working on him. Her hand, drenched in oil, continued pulling on his shaft. His discomfort was excruciating. He writhed and wriggled to escape her grasp, but to no avail, and she straddled his stomach reverse doggie-style to pin him, keeping him at her mercy. The feeling was excruciating but he settled his mind and with a mighty thrust tried to buck her off of him. But in vain. He tried several more times, but each time his thrust was weaker.

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