blue flowers

I feel your lips sweep the side of my cheek, as your chest presses against mine. My hand holds around your neck, touching lightly and firmly, feeling your hair graze the outside of my fingers. My head is tilted slightly, as we look into each other’s eyes: your green eyes are large, with excitement and suspense, and mine are steady, flashing blue. I lean in to kiss you and you open your mouth to greet me.

Your tongue pushes against mine, and I push you against the wall, sliding my hands down your shoulders, down your arms, feeling the softness of your skin. You close your eyes, breathing in the sensation, and then open them again, wider, with a smile on your face. I smile back, and push briskly against the strings that hold your pink nightgown to your shoulders. The strings slip down to your elbows and stop, with your dress caught between us, my body pressed too tightly against yours to let it fall to the ground. Your breasts are exposed to me, and I lower my hand to one and squeeze it needfully, pushing my lips back against yours. You moan softly.

I move away from you and watch as your pink covering slips to the floor, leaving you fully naked before my eyes. You walk towards me, your steps slow and precise, your eyes staying locked on mine. “Raise your arms,” you say to me. I obey. You lift my shirt over my head, and you kiss me teasingly as you toss it behind you. Your smile is gone, and you look completely focused on what you want. You slip to the ground, unbutton my pants, and slide them down my legs, and then return to push down my boxers. I step out of both when you stand up to face me.

I walk towards you, but you back away slightly, not afraid, but reluctant. We stare at each other as we get closer to the wall. You stop, your back pressed against blue flowers, the wallpaper in this motel room. I push against you, my hands cupping the sides of your shoulders, our lips embraced in a kiss, my stomach pressed against yours. You feel your legs lose their strength, and I help guide you to the floor. “There’s a bed,” I say.

“I don’t care,” you tell me back.

I kiss your stomach, looking down at your legs, where they meet, at the short patch of hair marking the center of your person. I kiss slowly up your chest, moving my hands around your breasts, enjoying the sight of them so close to my face. It’s all that I need. I push your legs apart, which you held with some resistance, and slide in-between them, slowly working my way up your body. I come to rest above your face, pressing my hand down underneath you, feeling the coarseness of your pubic hair against the smoothness of your folds. You look at me angrily, as if I’m torturing you.

I grip my penis in my hand, position it at your opening, and then thrust inside of you. You close your eyes, tilt your head back, and let a smile shape your lips. “Yes,” you moan. Attached to you, I move my hands up your body, and squeeze your breasts, and then drop my left hand to the ground for stability. I start thrusting inside of you, in slow, short thrusts, as we get used to each other. Your hips gyrate slowly with the rhythm of mine.

“Mmm,” you mumble. I breathe heavy breaths, but say nothing.

I think about you, and all that you’ve accomplished, everything that you’ve done, and how I’m screwing you here, in some cheap motel, in the middle of nowhere. And how you love it. How you want this from me. And how you’ve brought me to this. I’ve changed the world with my work, with my business, and all that I want in this one moment is to fuck you, here, on the floor, in full awareness.

“How’s your business?” you ask me, smiling. Your eyes grow more brilliant with each thrust.

“Good,” I say, while smiling back. “We finished the project downtown. I think it’s some of the best work I’ve ever done. I can’t wait to show it to you. I know you’ll be impressed.”

“Oh yeah?” you ask, grinning. “Are you so sure?”

“Yes,” I say, pushing harder and faster inside of you. I lean against your body, push your legs further apart, and squeeze your breast tightly around my palm.

“Good,” you say into my ear, “I love being proud of you.”

You know that this excites me, because I ram into you briskly, causing a heavy breath to escape from my mouth, which you hear against your ear. “What about you?” I ask. “How is your work?”

“Amazing,” you say as I cut the rest of your words from your mouth with another powerful thrust. You moan as I push as deeply as I can, and then slide out again for another push. “You’re having sex,” you say as your breath returns, “With a scientist who just discovered a new motor that works more efficiently than electric power, and moves faster than gas power.”

“So I’m fucking a genius,” I whisper into her ear.

“So am I,” you whisper back.

Your fingers push against my back, pressing me hard against you, feeling your breasts and your stomach tight against me. I feel your legs stretch wider as I slide deeper into your core, each thrust quick, wet, and full of sensation. A genius, I think to myself. I’m screwing this genius on the floor of a motel, and loving every moment of it.

“Oh God,” you say, feeling the first wave of ecstasy build in your body and rise up without defense. My knees press hard against the ground, balancing each thrust, making every movement more full and lasting. Just a little bit more, I think. Just a little bit more and you will be orgasming with me inside of you.

I start convulsing, enjoying the thought of ejaculating into such a powerful woman. Your mind, I think, so noble with its pursuits, now cares for nothing more than having me cum a full load of semen into your belly. There is nothing nobler than that. There is nothing more worthwhile than filling a brilliant woman—a woman that I admire and who admires me so savagely—with juices she so desperately wants inside her.

“You’re close,” you say.

“So are you,” I reply.

I’m over the incline, and now I’m running down hill, trying to hold it back just a little longer, while trying to release it as quick as I can. One shot spits inside of you. Your body is all that I know. Your body pressed against my body. Our bodies joined at our midsections. I shoot a second load into you. You think about the power I have. You think about all that I’ve accomplished. I shoot again, and you release against me. And I fall on top of you, relieved, the sweat of our bodies mixing, your breasts pressed against me, my fluid inside of you, and yours around me. The center of the world.

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