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I didn’t wait for him to call first. The next day, on my lunch break, I texted him “Had a great time call me.” Not terribly eloquent, but clear.

Heidi was full of mischief about my new man. I played up the comical nature of our introduction. Spontaneous confessions were not my thing. I kept my strong feelings to myself for the most part. And there was a superstitious fear of jinxing things somewhere in there too.

James did indeed call me. He was working through the weekend, but I asked him to Heidi’s New Year’s Eve party on Sunday. Heidi was delighted when she heard she would get to meet the mystery man who had so captured my attention.


My car still in the shop, James picked me up Sunday night. Heidi had invited us for a family dinner before the party, so we departed my house at 6.

When we got to Heidi’s we were greeted by the delicious aroma of Heidi’s famous stew. Bruce and Heidi’s daughter Lydia, a teenager, was whispering with her two girlfriends when we arrived, and they laughed giddily when I introduced James to Bruce and Heidi. Evidently word had gotten around that I had a new man. As their son Tom had been away in college when I was hired at the toy store, he was a new face for me.

Heidi started interrogating James immediately, asking him about his family, his course of study, his intended career, obviously wanting to ask exactly what his intentions with me were… should she buy a new dress for our wedding? Never mind that this was our third date.

Luckily, dinner preparations called her away. Bruce and Tom invited him into the den for a drink, leaving us girls to serve up dinner. Lydia and her giggly friends were banished to the dining room to lay the table. That gave Heidi the opportunity to congratulate me on my new catch.

“He’s so much nicer than Justin!” she exclaimed, ladling the stew into a huge tureen.

“Well, seeing as Justin landed me in the hospital, anyone would seem nice in comparison.” I was slicing hot bread at the kitchen island.

“Justin was a stuck up asshole,” she pronounced. “Even before all of that… I never liked him.”

She looked at me from her rummaging of the utensil drawer. “You need a good man like James. Someone who will treat you right. These fashionable men… Pfft! I have no use for them. They just want eye candy.”

I was amused. “So you approve? I have your permission?”

Heidi beamed at me.


Bruce and Tom seemed to like James too, inviting him for another drink and a game of darts after dinner. The bartender had shown up and was arraying his tools and supplies. The girls did a great job with the decorations. We mature women needed only to lay out the finger foods. Finally the guests began to arrive. By nine, the place was packed and humming.

The champagne was wonderful. I think, ordinarily, Heidi would have been introducing me around, connecting me with kindred spirits, but she left me and James alone. We ended up on the porch swing. James fetched our coats as midnight approached and there would be fireworks to follow. I had switched to this incredible peachy drink that had very little bite to it, disguising the alcohol almost entirely.

Normally rather reserved, I found myself cheerfully chattering away with James, confessing all kinds of hidden thoughts and feelings. I believe I mentioned my penchant for poetry in the 10th grade and my ardent desire to be published in The New Yorker. I also became huggy-kissy, not my normal mode. I was practically in James’ lap out there on the porch swing.

At midnight, we cheered and I locked James into a serious soul kiss. Then we were saying our goodbyes. I exuberantly thanked Heidi for the smashing party. I half noticed her pulling James aside as I said goodnight to Bruce as well.

On the ride back to my place I continued my virtual monologue. Some distant part of me said ‘You’re drunk and making a fool of yourself.’ When we parked in front of my apartment, I swooped down on James with an energetic kiss and quickly over-heated. I started trying to undo his shirt buttons while I licked at his neck. James gently pulled my hands away.

“Whoa, Karen. You’ve had a lot to drink,” he cautioned. I had forgotten we were in his car.

“Come upstairs,” I invited. James carefully steered me up the steep front steps, took my keys from me after I dropped them the second time, unlocked the front door. Up more steps, more locks, then he had me in my bedroom. He pulled back the covers.

“C’mon, girl, sit down before you fall down.”

I laughed and pulled him down with me. He managed to get my shoes off and laid me back against the pillows.

“Karen, you’re beautiful.”

I tried to focus on him and said, “You’re a sexy Scotsman. What do you wear under your kilt?” More giggles.

“I’ll see you tomorrow.” He kissed my forehead.


“I swear I don’t drink that much usually,” I told James in the morning. I had called him first thing when I found his friendly note on the kitchen counter.

“Heidi told me that when she charged me with your safe-keeping. She also strongly implied Bruce would have something to say about it if I mistreated you.” He laughed. “I like Heidi.”

James’ remedy for a hangover was a hearty brunch at Molly’s. Their buffet offered roast pork, several potato dishes and, of course, cabbage, as well as more ordinary brunch foods like quiche and fresh fruit. I started feeling more human by noon. James had a short shift at Denny’s, one til eight. After work, he wanted to take me to see the holiday light display Shermer city park hosted every year.

As my car was still in the shop (damn my bad luck, car breaking down in the middle of the holidays) James picked me up. The “Celebration of the Oaks” display was fun. I had never been to it, being new to Shermer, so it was one surprise after another.

We took our time. Holding hands, we wandered under the oaks looking at the gaudy designs picked out in colored lights, then between corridors of fancifully decorated Christmas trees, and finally through the botanical garden’s formal pathways, which glittered with tiny white lights.

It was relatively warm in the greenhouse, so we settled on a bench tucked between climbing tropical plants. James had been talking about his family, then suddenly turned to me.

“I know nothing about your family except that your mother lives a few hours away.”

“It’s just me and my mom. My dad died when I was sixteen. Since then, it’s just us girls.”

“Oh Karen, I am sorry. I didn’t know…”

“Don’t be sorry. I don’t talk about it much.”

“Do you miss him?”

“Well, no… He was a real bastard. I’m sorry he died, but I am glad he’s out of our lives.”

I looked at James and saw complete attention there, no judgment.

“That’s why the thing with Justin hit me so hard.”

“The thing with Justin? The guy you moved here with?”

“Yes. One night we got into an argument and he dislocated my shoulder before I was able to get away and call the police.”

James’ face became hard.

“Fucker. If he ever bothers you again…” He looked murderous when he said this.

I gave a short laugh. “You and Bruce both. Don’t worry. Bruce set him straight.”

After a while in silence, I confessed, “I feel like I should have known better, I should have seen it coming, I should have learned from my mother.”

“It’s not your fault, Karen. And you did learn from your mother… you got out.”

I hadn’t thought about that before. It lifted my burden a bit.

“You really think so?”

“Yes. You’re one tough lady; you knew what to do. You’re lucky, so many women don’t.”

I put my head on his shoulder; somehow I trusted James. He learned more about me on our cozy bench than Heidi, my closest friend, had ever known.


Back at my place, the porch light was out, so we put James’ LED light to use again. But something was wrong. The front door was hanging open. Once we climbed the steps up from the side walk, we could see the doorjamb was broken, splintered apart where the lock had simply torn through. That was enough for me; I called 911. We waited for the police in James’ car. There was no way we were going to go in there when who knows who could still be up there.

The police found the intruder gone. The front door had been forced open, and someone had tried to get in through my door as well. The other three apartments were unmolested, so this person was only interested in me. When the police started questioning me, I suddenly had a bad thought – Justin. I told the police about him and they gravely took down the information I had about him too. Finally they left.

James hugged my shoulders. I was exhausted, too tired to be scared.

“Well, your door and lock held, so there’s that on the plus side. It’s hard to break in here.” The thick oak door was set into a sturdy, deep doorjamb, not one that could be forced open as the front door had been. “Do you want me to stay?”

The idea was surprising and appealing.

“I can sleep on the couch,” he assured me.

“That would be silly,” I said. “My bed’s big enough for two, you might as well be comfortable.”

I changed into modest pajamas and offered him a spare toothbrush. His only concession to comfort was removing his belt and his button down, leaving him in a t-shirt and chinos. He meant to be the complete gentleman, and I meant to allow that.

But I woke into striped moonlight and found James was curled around me, his arm draped over my waist. He had evidently assumed this position in his sleep and was still sleeping. I caressed his arm; he stirred and pulled me closer. His hand fanned out over my belly, stroking me. The stirrings of excitement were folded in sleepy ease. My pleasure emerged as a deep purr.

“Karen?” James murmured.


“Are you awake?”

“Yes.” I snuggled closer against him and put my hand on his.

James began exploring me with gentle touch, running his hand from hip to waist, down to my belly again, up to cup one breast. He paused.

“Yes?” he asked.

“Yes,” I answered, meaning yes, touch me, yes, make love to me.

Nuzzling my neck, he continued his exploration. His hand was slow and warm as it slipped under my pajama top, skin against skin. It took my breath away; I felt desire burrowing into my belly. I turned to kiss him. The feeling of my body against his was sensuous; I wanted to meld with him, pressing my body against his. He tugged at my pajama top which I shed readily, releasing my full breasts. The night air cooled my flushed skin, hardening my nipples. Pushing me back, he trailed kisses down my neck and into my cleavage. Using the lightest of touches, he tantalized me, never touching my nipples but teasing the skin all around, all the while nibbling and licking and kissing the rounded shape of my breasts; it was exquisite torture.

His lips finally fastened on a nipple and I cried out. The arousal that had been building was unleashed. I twisted and thrust against his touch. He continued sucking and flicking and nipping at one nipple while circling the other with his fingers, trading off.

Then one hand left my breast and trailed down to my hip, hooked under my thigh and grasped my bottom; my blood surged. His hand traveled to the small of my back, then slipped under the waistband of my pajama bottoms. I helped him push them down.

His mouth returned to my breast. He slid his hand over my leg and to the tender skin of my inner thigh. I parted my legs and with the gentlest touch he barely brushed my trimmed pubic hair. This tickling touch pushed a sob of pleasure from me.

He continued to rub my hair so that I experienced just the lightest stimulation of my mound, but I was so primed it was indescribably arousing. I was not aware of when his mouth left my breast, only that he now planted an open-mouthed kiss at the top of my pubic triangle. He followed it with another and another, adding to the tormenting teasing of his hand’s motions. Whimpering cries emerged from me as this touching and kissing continued.

Finally he directly touched the skin surrounding my outer lips, bringing a sharp intake of breath as I held onto the pleasure. The kissing and licking of the line above my pubic hair and the stroking around my lips became my only consciousness; my breath was now a constant moan. When he finally relented and stroked my outer lips directly I was at a peak of pleasure I’d never experienced, but it went on. And on. And on.

My panting was interspersed with loud cries. Then he firmly ran his finger up my puffy lips, breaking through so that I flowered open, exposing my slick interior. His tongue followed this motion, licking me from bottom to top, anus to clitoris. His saliva mixed with my own juices creating a lake of wetness as his tongue glided over.

Now he worked me over in earnest, no tormenting tease any more. He dipped his tongue into my entrance, licked my inner lips, wiggled my clitoris all in one smooth progression and repeated the motion. Then he honed in on my clitoris entirely, nibbles and licks finally giving way to a constant, firm wiggling with the tip of his tongue. Drawing from the center of my being, a hard pleasure mounted deep in my belly and expanded out into a mind shaking orgasm of an intensity I had never experienced.

I smelled myself on him as he kissed my cheek. I was completely spent.

“Wow,” I whispered. “That was…” I searched for a word to describe my amazement. “That was incredible.”

Somewhere along the way he had lost his pants and we were pressed together, skin to skin. As I recovered, I became aware of James’ erection pressing against my hip. I turned on my side and hugged him close so that it was trapped between us; I loved the way it felt against my belly.

Then I urged him onto his back and kissed him animatedly. I could taste my juices on his tongue. Backing down, I knelt between his legs. Taking him firmly in hand, I slid my other hand gently around his balls. My mouth started to water in anticipation. After licking my lips, I took his head just into my mouth so that I rubbed the rim of his head with my upper lip, while my tongue curled around it from the bottom. Meanwhile, my one hand gently investigated his balls. I snuck one finger behind them, touching that flat spot just beyond. With my other hand, I grasped the base of his cock firmly.

My tongue explored the rim of his head, all the way around, licking and rubbing, letting it enter my mouth just a little, then pop out. I switched to licking his full length like a popsicle; his smell was arousing and delicious, making me eager. Back inside my mouth, I slowly sucked in more of his shaft, then pulled up so only his head was in. I repeated this, taking more and more each time, until I was engulfing so much I gagged. His breathing had become ragged, tiny moans escaping him.

Bobbing up and down, I developed a rhythm, sucking him in earnest. His hips started to thrust in time. I could feel his hands lightly brushing my hair out of the way. I was lost in the taste, the feel of his cock, my whole self focused in my mouth. After a time, short or long, I do not know, I heard James say, “Karen, stop, I don’t want to cum.”

I slowly let his length slide out of my mouth and retracted my hand from behind his balls. Supporting myself on my hands and knees I made my way up to kiss him, straddled him, continued kissing him long and slow. Then I slid down, took his cock in hand and guided him into me.

“You’re a gorgeous woman.” James let his hands rest on my hips as I impaled myself on his shaft. I sank all the way down and we stayed there; then I began to move, slowly. James stroked my sides, my hips, then fastened on my breasts. I bent so he could take one in his mouth, moving faster. Heat rose from my pussy, knotting itself into hard pleasure in my belly. I pressed myself against him, chest to chest, feeling the warm contact. Still moving, I kissed him, then rose up again, riding him faster and faster, breasts bouncing. He began thrusting up to meet me, hands on my hips guiding me, pushing me.

As I felt an orgasm begin deep inside, I let him take over, pounding into me, hard and fast. My pleasure mounted, up and up, until it overtook me, tearing a strangled wail from me. My whole body clenched; there was nothing but this rapture. James was still thrusting, on his way to his own orgasm. I watched his face as it gathered. I clamped down my muscles as hard as I could, and he came with a huge groan. As he became still, I lowered myself to feel his body against mine, to feel pressed together, to try to meld with him. I kissed his neck, his ear, then his mouth as I melted into his side, resting my head on his chest, his arms encircling me. In a sleepy warmth, I eased onto my side and snuggled in until we were two spoons.


The next thing I was aware of was the smell of coffee. I lay there, dreamy and content, feeling happy for some reason. Then James and our midnight union came back to me. I padded into the kitchen in my silky cream robe, feeling shy.

“Coffee’s on the table. One egg or two?” James had reached a new level of dishevelment, pants crosshatched with wrinkles, t-shirt a complete mess.

I rubbed my face. “One scrambled, please.” I came to stand next to James and hugged him.

“Was that a dream?” I asked.

James turned away from the stove, and I was caught once again by those blue eyes. His hands stroked me through the slippery material of my robe. No, it had not been a dream, he touched me as if I was his own.

“It was real. You are as beautiful as a dream, but that was real, last night.” Then he looked worried. “You don’t feel… I wasn’t… taking advantage of you?”

Always the gentleman. I smiled. “I believe I was the one who started it.” I squeezed him tight. “I am glad you are so friendly in your sleep though. I never would have thought of it on my own.” I kissed his neck, then glanced over his shoulder.

“You’d better take care of your eggs.”

I had to hurry through my shower and tossed on the first clothes that came to hand. James was rinsing the dishes when I emerged, ready for the day. I offered him the dishtowel as he stacked the last plate on the drainer. But I didn’t let go. I allowed him to reel me in. I was so close I could see the light and dark streaks in his blue irises.

His digital watch chimed. I jumped away. “Oh my god, I’m late,” I exclaimed, looking at the microwave clock. I started scrambling around, stuffing wallet in purse and grabbing my keys off the hook by the back door. Then I remembered.

“Oh no,” I moaned. “My car! Can you give me a ride?”

More swiftly than I had thought possible we were in his car and on our way. Heidi was lurking at the front window and saw me emerge from James’ car after bestowing a quick kiss on his cheek.

“Well, well, aren’t we moving fast?” was Heidi’s greeting. She looked pleased.

I crushed her hopes for juicy details with my story of the break-in.

“Justin?” she asked. She got there before I did.

We hashed things over. I provided all the information she asked for. We reached no conclusion except that I should be careful, and that one call from me would bring Bruce over in a flash.

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