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I was starting the second year of university, after barely managing to be able to scrape through and pass my first year. An excess of partying and other activities associated with student life developed into a poor attendance and performance record and it was no surprise that my guidance councillor made numerous threats to thrown me off my course unless my grades and attendance greatly improved this year.

I was on a degree course with an old friend, Katy, a girl I had met when I started college and who I instantly hit it off with and we became close friends. I would be lying if I was to say that my initial intentions were to be more than plutonic, but she made it clear from the start that she had a boyfriend and that we were only friends. Katy was a very polite and well-mannered girl, from a wealthy family and a strict upbringing. She was also stunningly beautiful tall leggy blond with hazel eyes and a slim body that every one of my girlfriends to date had envied and accused me of touching at some point or another, something that I had never had the chance of doing.

Although she made a point of making it known she had a boyfriend I quickly found out after we became friends that she was in fact in the middle of the death throes of her long-term relationship. However by the time it messily ended we had, much to my annoyance, entered the friend zone, the place where two members of the opposite sex become extremely close without sex getting in the way. Yes, it’s a female thing; I would have quite easily slept with Katy given half a chance.

When we finished college I enrolled at a local university, Katy jumped onto my course just as it was about to begin. She had vowed to leave education after college and get a full time job with her father’s accountants firm but at the last minute decided to give the university thing a go. The excessive partying in our first year was mainly down to her influence; Kat, as I had affectionately come to know her, had become a party animal. We would drink in bars most afternoons then go to clubs and the student union bar until the early hours of the next morning, sometimes ending up at stranger’s houses, or each others, not sleeping until noon if we slept at all. It was no surprise then, that Katy had been warned about improving her performance as well.

This was a far cry from the Kat that I first met at college who was an A student and although not whiter than white that she would never have been on an academic warning. It was after she had gone through her break up from her long-term boyfriend that she drastically changed, along with the excessive partying she also began having various one night stands and doing things I would never have thought she would do. She would meet guys on night outs and have sex with them in the toilets or in dark corners, or if she didn’t have sex with them she would bring them off either manually or by a blow job. All of this she would tell me the next day, or in some instances straight afterwards pointing the lucky bastard out to me. After hearing these tales I would go straight to my current girlfriend and bang the shit out of her or in periods of being single, go home and jerk off.

Because, despite her new relaxed attitude towards casual sex, Kat still treated me like her best friend, although she didn’t mind me seeing her half dressed or in states of undress on the odd occasion we would sleep in the same room together or when she would get changed in my dorm. However, I never actually got to see anything of interest, bra and panties stuff mainly, which was still enough to give me visions for the wank bank for later.

So due to the threats from our guidance councillors we both decided to settle down and actually attend lectures and turn up to seminars in our second year, no matter how boring they were. Kat came up with an idea that would enable us to still both carry on partying and manage to attend our lectures and seminars as well. We would sit towards the back of our lecture theatres and take turns staying awake, one of us would make notes while the other slept. It was on a particular boring lecture-riddled day after an especially hard night of partying that our friendship finally left the Friend Zone.

We had been to an all-night party at a friend’s new place, Kat had partied quite hard, dancing on a table in her underwear at one point ( a party trick she was doing more often now, to no red blooded guys complaint) and then passing out drunk a couple of times before waking to drink more. I was quite amazed that she actually turned up to our morning lecture dressed in jeans and a cut off T-Shirt sporting shades, even hung over she still managed to look smoking hot. Her long hair tied back in a ponytail, low cut T-shirt showing generous toned midriff and I knew just by looking at her as she huffed and sat next to me that I was going to be staying awake in all our lectures today. Our first lecture was a subject that bored me to death and I was hoping for a brief moment that Kat would take notes in this one, I was wrong, as soon as the lecturer walked in and said hello she curled up over two seats and started to fall asleep with her head resting on my leg in her usual position; using the top of my leg as a pillow.

I started to concentrate on what the lecturer was saying and took some notes until Kat mumbled and complained something about not being comfy enough and she snuggled further up so that her head was almost in my lap. Now I was wearing my usual hung over clothes; loose tracksuit bottoms and a jogging top, thus there was definite contact with her lovely blond head, and my now twitching prick. I was contemplating gently moving her away but when I looked down I was given the most perfect view right down her T-shirt, it was low cut to begin with but had now sort of fell open at the front due to her position. She was bra less.

All the times frustrated at only seeing her half-dressed before I was now happily making up for it, staring endlessly at her perfect milky orbs taking in every detail, to top the moment off one of her nipples was now hard and digging lightly into my leg. The view and situation suddenly all become too much to handle and my cock started to harden, my moment of unrestrained voyeurism was now going terribly wrong. My prick was growing quickly and bursting to be released, I tried to reposition my groin but her head was half on my lap and there was no way to avoid the inevitable. Before I knew it I was rock hard and I could feel the pressure of an obstruction on my cock head, it must have been poking against the side of her face. She must have felt it because she kept stirring and adjusting her position, never too much because I kept catching glimpses of her beautiful bare cleavage down her top which in turn added fuel to my straining member.

And it was in this position I stayed for the next two hours, too scared to move a muscle as my main muscle pressed through my pants against my gorgeous friends head as she lay exposing her amazing assets to me which despite all my willpower I kept glancing at. I was trapped between heaven and hell, right until the end of the lecture when the noise of everyone leaving woke Katy up, she was groggy and sat up eyes half closed and a little befuddled, she yawned and stretched looking stunning, then she smiled at me and started to gather her things. As she was distracted I quickly covered myself up with my note pad and bag and once she was ready we headed to or next lecture.

As I predicted it was me who had to stay awake in all of the lectures that day, not that I minded because Kat slept in almost an identical position every lecture and I was forced to endure the torture of her pretty face so close to my raging hardon and an unobstructed view down her top showing at least one of her awesome breasts in its naked entirety every time.

It was our final lecture of the day, and to my joy we were going to be shown a film about some research so I did not have to take down notes, although this also meant the lights were off and I was not able to look down Kats top anymore. True to form though as soon as the lights dimmed she planted her head straight into my lap, this time directly into my crotch and even applying some force as she snuggling into it, I became instantly hard at this action and as my member throbbed beneath her Kat began to grumble and make exasperated noises.

She suddenly sat up and asked me what was up, I pretended to not know what she was talking about feigning ignorance when my eyes nearly popped from my head as she put her hand directly onto my cock grabbing it lightly through my pants and said “this, why is it like this?” I was glad the lights were out because I went bright red, I then I summoned up some courage and replied “well why do you think?”

Initially not answering Kat put her head back down but this time on top of her hand which although was no longer grabbing me, was directly on my crotch. My heart was racing at the touch I had received and due to where her hand was when she turned to look upwards at me with her beautiful hazel eyes and said “why? because a girl has her head on it?”

I just nodded and looked straight ahead at the film which I had no idea where we at in it or what it was about to that matter, two men sat talking about some boring stuff, I noticed Kat still waiting for me to answer so I simply stated, “Well of course a girl’s head in my lap is going to do that to me, no matter who it is.” Kat let out a laugh before saying “why, because you think they are going to give you a blowjob?” I shot her a mock look of shock deciding not to answer that and then continued to pretend to watch the film.

At this point my cock was raging, Kat was moving and fidgeting with her position and every time she shifted her hand applied gentle pressure to my dick and it was flexing in response, after staying still for a few minutes she started to wiggle about and shift position again, she then sighed loudly and sat up again asking irate “can you make it stop being like this I cannot get comfy” and she poked it once through my pants. My brain began to tick over a myriad of ideas as to where this could lead but I was not going to take any chances so I carried on looking forward at the screen and simply shrugged as a reply.

Kat huffed again and placed her head back down then lifted it up before laying it down again, my cock was now very hard after the handling and thoughts that I had begun having, she exhaled heavily in annoyance and then to my shock she grabbed my prick through my tracksuit, tightly in a fist, “This has made me uncomfortable all day” she declared before releasing her grip and pulling down my tracksuit bottoms and whipping my prick out from shorts in a fluid movement. My cock sprang up eager, my heart was in my mouth, I was slightly panicked at the public place I was now exposing myself in but I could not say or do anything; I was froze in a mixture of shock and sexually fuelled anticipation.

That lasted for a brief moment however as Kat clearly planned to do something and I did not have to wait long to find out what. Without speaking or ceremony she took my dick straight into her mouth, it was like a dream to me, her lovely blonde pigtailed head in my crotch with her pretty mouth wrapped firmly around my manhood. She had an amazing technique, using just the right sucking force while slowly pumping my cock with her hand and occasionally using her tongue to add to the pleasure. Kat was on a mission, this was not a blowjob for foreplay or a drunken fumble it had a purpose and she was sharply achieving that purpose.

Her pace quickened, I was groaning lightly and I could now hear the noise of the blowjob over the drone of the boring film, any concern I had about others noticing or hearing had long been sent packing; all I cared about was that I was getting head from my gorgeous female friend. I could feel the inevitable build-up and Kat felt me tense up she kept going and I came with force, I could hear the squirts shooting in her mouth and down the back of her throat, to her credit Kat kept her lips tight around my member and was swallowing it all. I had use a lot of restraint and gritted my teeth in order to stop myself from screaming out in pleasure as my orgasm subsided and waves of pleasure flooded through me, I was bucking gently as my cock deflated in my friend’s mouth. Kat released my now spent and flaccid prick from her mouth and tucked it gingerly back into my shorts and pulled my pants back up, replacing her head back into my lap she muttered “that’s better” before snuggling up close to me, her head firmly on my lap and fell back asleep.

After another half hour or so the lights came back on and people began to file out of the lecture theatre, I remained seated with Kat sleeping soundly in my lap, the biggest grin in the world across my face, thinking to myself, “Our friendship has just got a little closer”.

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