(Everyone in this story of legal age 18+)

(This Story Is Purely Fictional. The characters in this story are not real. This story is made up and in no way a re-telling of events. Because they never took place.

Thank you and enjoy.)

“What do you mean I can’t check in to my room? Its’ my room, I paid for it!”

There Lizzy was, bags lying on the floor in front of the front desk counter of a hotel in Vegas and she couldn’t get into her room on a technicality, some one’s mistake.

The clerk behind the desk cleared his throat his long fingers slammed on the keyboard working quickly double checking all the facts. Looking at all the small details making sure he had not missed anything that was no mistakes were made.

“Ma’am, the room and credit card is registered under a Tanya-”

The young lady who was now furious at the counter interrupted the clerk; a friend and co-worker of hers stood in line waiting for his turn.

“-Yes it is, because she is staying with me in the room, she is my colleague and is not coming till tomorrow night. I need the room to get our preparation set for this week when she gets in.”

The clerk sighed

“Ma’am can you call her and get her to add you into the room as part of your reservation so we can check you in?”

The young lady sighed, her anger quickly faded and depression finally hit her. She sighed as her head tilted down. She replied in a soft tone, “I don’t think that will be possible, She traveling in tonight from over sea’s. I can try, but I don’t think it’s possible

She was a beautiful girl, dark brown hair, and a great body. Her chest was nearly bursting out of the tank top she wore. The clerk who was trying to get her a room couldn’t help but sneak a peak from time to time, he was probably star struck by this “very gifted” lady.

The friend in line walked up to the counter.

“Lizzy, take my room…. Can I add her to my room reservation and just get two beds until Tanya gets here tom?”

The clerk snapped back into work mode as he went back to his computer.

“Name sir?” The clerk asked looking down at his work station.

The man replied back” First name L like love, last name is J, like July.”

The clerk typed away as Lizzy looked up at L.J. He was a tall guy, very well built and extremely handsome with jet black hair. Lizzy was the girl who got him the job at her advertising company she worked for. Best referral she ever made. L.J. was a smooth talker and could sell anything to anyone and mostly was the face of their little group of misfit co-workers.

She had to admit being with him would have been great; he was always sweet and was always that knight in shining armor quality whenever things go wrong. She was worried though; any hint of romantic involvement and it would be both of them out of a job. No tolerance for inner dept. romance especially since she was his gateway into the business.

L.J. looked down at Lizzy, she was stunned, he guesses from being left out in the cold by her roommate. He tried to snap her out of the trance with a nudge of his elbow. “So yeah you take my room. I’ll be on the table’s anyways. It’s my home town, how can I not drop a couple grand here?”

Lizzy collected herself as she protested” No L.J. I couldn’t take your room, it’s unfair when you had nothing to do with this stupid mistake.”

The clerk behind the counter who had been checking in L.J.took his credit card and I.D.

“Lizzy, I’m not twelve, were both grownups. Send me a text before you fall asleep and I will just sleep in my clothes for the night. When you leave for the conference setup tom I’ll shower up and get ready. You’ll owe me, again” he laughed a little as the clerk passed back an envelope. L.J. extracted two room keys.

“L.J. you know this is going to look bad for both of us.” Lizzy had an undertone of fear in her voice.

L.J. turned to her now. He stared directly into her eyes and will all seriousness said to her. “Fuck um, and what they may think. You need help, that’s all that matters to me.”

Lizzy blushed lightly as her tan olive skin covered most of it. L.J. turned as he grabbed his large military style sack and Lizzy grabbed her bag. They both walked up to the room. The walk there was long and very awkward as L.J. and Lizzy never even turned to each other the entire walk. Just more awkward moments of the fact that they would be sharing a room; this feeling that was in the air was thick and they both knew what it was. It was the sexual tension between the two it was always around between them but this time it was in the front of their thoughts. But after roaming the halls a bit they finally found the room. L.J. popped in the electronic key card and popped the door open. To their surprise the room was a single king.

L.J. walked in completely to the room, “Dam idiot at the desk still gave me a king.” He said almost happy that it was just the one king but trying to sound annoyed. He sat down on the edge of the bed grabbing the house phone and dialing the operator. “Yes can I get the front desk please” Lizzy took the chance to relax. She put her bag down on the floor and laid down across the huge bed her arm brushing past L.J. She felt a little dirty doing it, but she had to seem like business as usual, and flirting was apart of their daily rituals.

L.J. was too involved with front desk to return the gesture or even give a witty comeback. He smiled as he leaned into the bed frame and laid back. “No I don’t believe you understand me, I asked for two beds. I know I requested a king when I made the reservation, but I need two beds. You’re sold out. Not possible it’s……” L.J. paused. The discussion continued for a few minutes back and forth. Finally L.J. wrapped it up “Please, if you can, I will be coming down stairs in a short while. The person sharing my room will be in here though. She will be in the room until we can get the change. Thank you.” L.J. turned to face Lizzy as he scratched his head in frustration.

“Lizzy front desk is going to call back when a room opens up in an hour, they will send a bag boy for our inconvenience, and he’ll take our bags to the new room with new keys. I’m going to head down stairs though going to play some Blackjack.” L.J. stood up as he walked in to the bathroom briefly to splash himself with cold water.

Lizzy stretched out across the bed. She had a lot of work to do, but she would do it quickly. The boss and all the rest of the group were flying in tom and Lizzy was the queen of getting work done early and relaxing afterward. “L.J. I might take a long bath in a while after I get everything done, so please knock if you need to get back in.” The sink in the bathroom shut off as L.J. emerged his hair moist from splashing it.

“Of course, you need the rest though, enjoy the room as long as we have got it for now…” This calm mentality sickened them both. There were both dieing inside for each other. L.J. walked over and searched through his bag on the bed for his wallet and put it in his back pocket. He leaned back up and looked down at Lizzy for a moment the idea of just taking her right then and there came into his head. He was getting excited at just the thought. He shook the feeling and walked for the door.

Lizzy’s heart started to race though, she didn’t want him to leave. She just watched him walk to the door almost in slow motion. L.J. himself felt like he walked away a little slower, his mind was obsessed with turning around and just filling his desire, and just being with Lizzy. He was longing for her touch, but he still continued on. His hand slowly reached out for the door. The cold door knob sent a large shock to his body. Time slowed down to a slow crawl for the two. Lizzy was dying of heat though her body yearned for his touch she was literally melting in her own skin; she gripped the bed sheets tightly with all her strength her body tensed up. L.J. felt frozen by time. Almost turning back every single moment to give in to his animal instinct, his hand turned the door knob. Lizzy took a deep breath; her body was ready as she shivered. She started to breath heavily….”please”.

Her body shouted “Please!”; “Please take me!” she remained silent though. L.J. took a deep breath as he walked out of the room. His body felt in pain, his mind raced now rather than seconds, he felt the world pass by in minute intervals. He slowly trekked down the hall his feet felt heavy, he walked and his body felt even heavier, if he wasn’t too careful he would faint. This continued till he got Lizzy’s naked image from his head and finally went down to the main casino floor.

Lizzy heard his footsteps, she felt very alone for a moment, and her mind wandered, and everything went through her mind. The thought of L.J stayed with her. She slowly released her grip as she sat up. She just stared blankly. The house phone suddenly rang and Lizzy snapped out of her trance. She leaned over and grabbed the phone.

“Hello this is Lizzy:”

The phone sounded very static as a feminine voice emerged over the line” Hey Liz, it’s me Tanya.”

Lizzy surprised answers back “Hey babe, how did you know I was in here?”

“L.J. called the embassy here and relayed that they have them relay a non emergency…um… urgent response relay message thing.” That was Tanya for you, always that scatter brain Lizzy thought. Never details only the general warped picture from her.

“Well whatever they got a hold of me and I am calling on a S.A.T. phone which some how stands for satellite phone.” Tanya was a very tall red head with very long legs. She was in the country Brazil at the moment. She was researching a product they were going to be advertising very soon. Her business there was talking to the company that had hired their firms services. She was the other pretty face that got the products into our hands to work with.

Tanya continued “So I heard you’re shacking up with L.J. for the moment.”

Lizzy was silent on the phone. She gripped the bed sheet again out of pure embarrassment. She closed her legs as tightly as possible she didn’t really know how to respond to that. Maybe it was because of what she had felt just a few moments ago, she didn’t want to seem odd so she played it off as best as she could.

“Oh, no L.J. has been that gentleman he usually is. I can’t say that I didn’t think about it, but he and I are way too professional to get something like that going between us…regardless of how much I want too.”

There was a pause over the line followed by a long moan of pleasure from Tanya. Tanya also at that moment happened to be lying in her hotel room bed as well. Tanya always had a knack for finding her own little piece of heaven in places, she enjoyed everything, especially the people, she loved them the most, and they loved her too. Tanya giggled over the phone. “Oh Liz, I’m sorry,” She said very happily “One of the natives and I are getting really friendly, and showing me how they treat business women down here.” Tanya had a large bed sheet covering her bottom half that had a lot movement underneath that suggested more than was going on. Tanya had one hand on the phone and the other over a figure of a head rubbing it gently. Tanya had smaller breasts that fit her muscular stature. She had a very desirable beautiful face. Full lips, good facial structure, and a small beauty mark on the right side of her neck that had a heart shape familiarity to it.

Lizzy sighed on her side of the line “So you’re getting some while I am stuck here in the no fly zone. Just perfect.” She answered in a depressed tone trying to still play off her situation. Last thing she needed was problems at work

Tanya moaned lightly again. “Well hey you’re on our reservation now, if you want you can get into our room, and not ruin L.J’s hospitality, but…”

The line went quiet. Lizzy’s heart started to beat at a faster pace she was still feeling embarrassed by the whole situation. Tanya continued “I say you stay… treat the man right. Nobody else is going to be there at least until tomorrow afternoon. Give it a chance girl. Go wild.” The phone clicked off. Tanya smiled as she put the phone at her side and removed the covers from her lower half to reveal a dark haired young girl eating her sweet nectar filled pussy with much enthusiasm. The young girl slowly stopped and looked up and smiled her mouth dripping in cum.

“So Tanya, you think that she will do it?” She went down and slurped a few more times before stopping again to take her breather.

Tanya smiled back at her. “If she does then things can only get better around the office for me and you. Now who the fuck told you to stop?” The young girl only smiled back as Tanya continued.” And be ready, were leaving for the airport in a half hour. You and I are going to drop in on Lizzy and her new bed buddy when we get to Vegas later tonight.” The young girl only nodded gently now utilizing her fingers one at a time and inserting them one after the other into Tanya’s pussy.

Tanya moaned as the young girl started to ram the one finger deep into her. The young girl was such a hungry little girl, Tanya could barely contain her self as the young girl worked her pussy feverishly. Tanya could barely contain herself as she grabbed the young girls’ long dark hair, which gave that gave the girl a burst of energy making her dive deep with her penetrating finger and tongue. Diving her young face deep into Tanya pussy, and in a state of ecstasy spit into Tanya’s pussy giving it a rough rub, and then back to eating her without hesitation, Tanya yanked more as the girl dived deep running out of breath and making her way back up to work Tanya’s sweet spot.

Tanya cried out gleefully as she was approaching the climax. “Don’t you fucking stop, your going to let me finish.” The young girl more than gladly obliged as she pulled out her finger and patted and rubbed Tanya roughly again, taking the time to take a deep breath, and then continuing on. Tanya grabbed the sheets as she felt her body tensed up, her face became red as she finally climaxed, and a flow of juices drained out, and to the one girls hungry mouth. The young girl sealed her mouth around the flow of juices and did not let anything go to waste of the very tasteful nectar. The young girl sat up on the bed as she licked her lips several times over. Tanya laid flat on the bed in a climaxed daze. The young girl scooted over and leaned down as the two embraced in a sloppy kiss. The young girl pulled back to catch her breath.

Tanya grabbed the girl by her left breast and massaged it roughly. The young girl was very much stacked. She back was very much well rounded as well and she petite so these good features all wrapped into one small package made her Tanya’s favorite pet. She was nineteen year old intern, now turned lesbian sex slave. The girls name was Juana; it was lust at first sight for these two. Juana on her day of the job was grabbed by Tanya dragged back to her office as was striped bare. They went at it for hours, and would continue there daily meetings at each other homes, work days, work trips, company parties, meetings, conventions, or anytime Tanya deemed it her “pleasure time”

The two broke their lust filled pleasures and started to pack their things and ready themselves for the long flight back.

Lizzy sat there in the room alone her suitcase cracked open. She had already almost finished her preparation for the conference. She had nothing to distract her, and she wanted to focus as much as she could on other things that didn’t include the chance of her losing her job. She allocated files, inserted promotional fliers, and finally signing all the thank you cards to their partners and business owners and affiliates. She smiled at the job well done as she packed up and the thought of L.J. retuning to her mind. She shook her head gently trying to block the thoughts. She sighed as the house phone finally rang. Lizzy leaned over and picked it from a sitting down position. “Hello, this is Lizzy.”

The young mans voice from the front desk emerged on the phone. “Hello ma’am this is the front desk calling for a one L period J period”

Lizzy laughed a little. She never heard it pronounced like that. “Yes I am, the other guest sharing his room. Is the other room ready?”

“Yes ma’am it is,” The young man proclaimed.

Lizzy bit her lower lip. She took a chance, If it was there she would take it, if It wasn’t she would see it as a sign, that now wasn’t the time.

“Well we don’t need it anymore, I was wondering though. If we could, upgrade to something nicer and bigger. I don’t mind paying the difference.” She held her breath for a moment, the anxiety returned as she continued. “And that one, if it could be one king, would be great,”

She heard as the agent typed away on his console as small ding noise was heard as the young man returned to the phone call. “Actually……” The young man paused in his sentence. “I do…but only for tonight.”

Lizzy exhaled happily. “We’ll take it.” She couldn’t believe it; she bounced on the bed gently as the agent worked momentarily. She smiled widely as she started to plan the night out in her head. “Oh and the reservation for my room I need to check that one for Tanya in is as well.”

The young man was quick, he worked very precisely as he returned within a brief moment “Ma’am you are all set… I will have the bell hop come up to your room to get your bags and transfer them to your room with Tanya and have room keys for your new room.”

Lizzy bit her tongue lightly as this would be the deciding factor here.

“Oh and can I have a key to L.J.’s suite as well. I want to setup something special for him in there if possible chance to do that.” The line went quiet.

“Yeah that’s fine ma’am, I will setup a key for you as well.” The man said calmly

Lizzy bounced out of the bed as she packed her things quickly her mind started to race again. “Ok well then I will wait for the bell hop. Thank you so much!!” she said as she heard the front desk agent give the details and prices’ and protocols for the suite. It mainly seemed like a blur to her filled with details she obviously didn’t care about almost like old rerun the peanuts gang with Charlie Brown. The last thing she remembered him say was the thanks for choosing this hotel closing statement and she slammed the phone down.

Lizzy had a large grin across her face. She was going to do it, she was going to take a chance and put her self out there for someone she really did care about. This was a love story to her, and it was finally coming to its climax in more ways then one for her. She wanted her happy ever after for so long and she hoped that this would be that moment. She was overly hopeful, but she didn’t care and maybe a little quick to plan out her future may be like, she was on cloud nine and nothing could hold back her anticipation.

Before she knew it the bell hop knocked on the door and grabbed her bags along with L.J.’s. The rest of those last few hours were filled with preparations for the big surprise. She bought candles, rubbers, and set the suite up so that when he would walk in would be completely normal, but the room would be a total different experience. She didn’t decide to dress up though. What she did instead was grabbed a shirt L.J. had once told her was his favorite lucky shirt of his. A royal blue work shirt that he considered was the reason why he got his job, the reason why he was such a good sales man, why he was a hit with the ladies, and so and so forth. She slipped into the shirt while slipping out of everything else. She then waited in his bedroom cracking open a romance novel she had waiting patiently for L.J.

L.J. was sitting down; he was up a couple hundred on the blackjack tables and a couple of young ladies playing beside him had pulled him into their conversation. Both of these girls were pretty, but nothing about them stood out from others he knew.

Chapter Six – Telling the Truth

“Mandy, how would you like to go upstairs where we can be alone and talk?” I asked. I could see the excitement in her eyes at the thought of being alone with me.

“Yes!” She said quickly. “I mean, yeah. I would like that.” She corrected, but the cat was already out of the bag. I knew what she wanted, and I would give it to her and then some.

“Well, if you all will excuse us, I need to do some explaining!” I said as I got up from the table. I held out my hand and Mandy took it. Together we walked up to the Master Bedroom. I closed the doors and turned to her.

Mandy flung herself into my arms and kissed me as passionately as she possibly could. I could feel the hard bumps of her nipples poking into my chest as she breathed in. I kissed her back as enthusiastically and moved towards the bed. I pushed her away and she moaned as our kiss broke.

“Before we get to involved, there are a few things I need to tell you.” I said as I sat on the bed next to her. She started to take her shirt off, not wanting to talk. I stopped her.

“What is it Tommy?” She asked, curious what it was that would stop me from ravaging her amazing body.

“Truth. Like, what is it about me that you’re attracted to?” I asked her. She had been under my spell since the park.

“I don’t know. You’re beautiful, sexy, I just feel the need to be with you, to make love to you.” She said as she again tried to take off her shirt. I stopped her yet again.

“Seriously. What is it about me?” I asked then removed my hold on her. Like a light switch, she saw me in a different light.

“What just happened?” She asked. Looking around the room.

“Do you remember what happened in the park today?” I asked her.

“Yes! It was so amazing!” She said.

“Don’t you see that as being odd? Very unlike you wasn’t it?” I asked.

“Well yes. But, you were so nice and I felt very comfortable.” She said. She looked at me funny. “What’s going on?” She asked.

“Mandy, I’m a Telepathic. I can read minds and implant thoughts and feelings. You were my very first test this morning.” I said. She looked at me as if she didn’t understand. “Think of something that I couldn’t possibly know about you. When you have it, just nod you head.” I said. A few moments went by then she nodded. I looked into her brain to see what she was thinking.

“When you were twelve, you and your best friend Cindy were kissing and touching each other. You were so afraid and excited. You were okay with it until she touched your pussy. You got scared and dressed in a hurry and ran home. You never talked to her again.” I said.

“I never told a soul that! How did you…” She started then stopped when I smiled. “You really are?” She asked. I smiled. “So, the park, what was that?” She asked.

“That was the first test of my powers. You see, in the telepath world, I’m what they call their Mishanna. Loosely translated, I’m their version of God.” I said.

“So, what does that mean?” She asked, not phased at all.

“It means, that I had to practice my powers. And when you came jogging by, I was enticed and you happened to be the first person I really tried using my powers on.” I said. She looked at me.

“Like what happened to Teresa, you did that?” She asked. I lowered my head and nodded. “That was so cool!” She said. I looked at her and she was smiling.

“Up until now, you have been under my power, a spell if you will.” I said.

“You mean, you had control over me?” She asked. “I didn’t do anything weird did I?” She asked. I smiled and giggled a little.

“You mean the park wasn’t weird?”

“Well, it was, but I so needed that!” She said. I could tell she did.

“Yeah, so basically, my job as their Mishanna, I control people. They will treat me like a King, a God. I will live the best life possible, one most people dream of. Rich doesn’t even come close to describing how I will live.” I said, painting a picture for her.

“So, what does that mean for me?” She asked. I could tell she was curious.

“Well, I can continue to control you, make you my slave for my personal pleasure, or I can let you go back to your life. There will always be other women I can have, do what ever I want with.” I said. I didn’t want to lie to her, I just wasn’t at that stage where I just took what I wanted because I could yet. Even though I had already done that with her.

“So, let me get this right. You have these powers, and you can do literally anything you want. And I was just a fuck to see if you could manipulate me. Right?” She asked. I didn’t hear any hurt or anger in her question.

“Yeah. That about sums it up.” I said. She looked at me, her eyebrow raising.

“And you can do that to me anytime? Make me feel so good, give me orgasms like that always, make me do things I never would think about?” She asked. “You can completely control me, make me a slut or just use me when you’re like walking down the hall or something?” She was getting the idea.

“Pretty much. If you’re under my control, I can make it so that you’re only goal is to serve me, no matter what the purpose, if it’s my personal maid, or just a bitch in my harem.” I said. She looked at me when I said bitch.

“Is that how you see me? You’re bitch?” She asked, I could see a hint of excitement in her eye.

“Well, no. Not really. You’re… how do I put this. You are my first actual conquest.” I said. “That makes you special to me.” I said, trying to put into words how I felt on the inside.

“And Andie and Lisa? And Teresa?” She asked. I couldn’t divulge their actual relationship yet, but I gave her a little info.

“Andie and Lisa, they prevented me from killing myself. I was gonna blow my head off in the park the other day before they came along. Andie is a telepath as well. Lisa was her slave. Teresa, she’s like a coach for telepaths, like normal people have a life coach or a career coach. A counselor, she’s my counselor.” I said. Making things clearer for her.

“And you’re better than they are? You have more powers than they do?” She asked. “And could they control me like you do?” She added.

“They can’t control you if I do, I am stronger than they are. That’s why I’m the Mishanna.” I said. “So, have I freaked you out?” I asked. I looked into her eyes, wanting to read her, but choosing not to to see what she would say.

“Yes, and no. I mean, I’m intrigued, even excited. I just don’t know where I would fit in.” She said. I smiled.

“You’d be my bitch.” I said with a shit eating grin. She punched me in the arm.

“Seriously. I have a job, would I have to give that up?” She asked.

“You don’t have to, but if you did, you’d have anything you want.”

“And do you have to control me?

“To a point I guess. I kinda get off on the controlling part.”

“You wouldn’t have to. I’d give you my body, mind, soul and heart.” She said as she looked me in the eyes.

“I wouldn’t ask for it unless you really wanted to give it to me.” I said.

“I think, I think I’m ready for that. I hate my job and I already told you I want something else. I think that you may be it.” She said as she took my hand and held it. “All my life, I’ve felt I was destined for something. I just never knew what. What you talk about, it actually makes sense to me, even using me in the park. You can do that any time you want. I want you to.” She said.

“Actually, when you swallowed my cum, that linked you to me. No one else can control you. They can try, but they wont be able to. I don’t know if it was just the act of swallowing my seed, or if it was the actual seed inside you, getting into your very core, but you are mine, now and forever more if I chose it so.” I said. Informing her of what has already been done.

“Then why ask me?” She inquired.

“To give you the choice. I don’t have to and I think that’s the one thing that Teresa is trying to get me to understand. As Telepaths, were are superior to regular Humans. We can take what we want all by implanting in the person that it’s right, that they want to give us their car, their money.”

“Their body?” She asked, that twinkle returning to her eyes.


“Can I help you? Pick out the women that you intend to use in your Harem?” She asked. I found that odd, but I answered anyway.

“Yes. You could be my Slave handler. You would lay with me when I slept, along with Lisa and Andie and whatever slave you chose for me.” I said.

“Lisa and Andie?”

“Yes. It is them that saved me from certain death. It is also them that made me realize that I was a telepath. I can control them as well, but like you, they are special to me.” I said, defining their role in my life.

“Aren’t they lesbian?” Mandy asked.

“Sort of. Both had been abused by men. They chose, rather Andie chose for the both of them to be lesbian so they wouldn’t get hurt again. But, they really are Bi more than anything else, like you, they loved my cock when they first had it.”

“And would I have to share you with them?” Mandy asked, a little jealousy creeping up.

“First, you must understand. YOU don’t share ME. I am the Master. I cannot be shared. If you take what I offer, then you must also understand that with so many women that can please me, it may be days, months or even a year before I touch you again.” I said, being honest with her.

“Well that doesn’t sound promising.” She said with a depressed smile.

“I know. That’s my problem. I can make you my slave, or I can give you the option. Or, you can just go back to your life. I wont give this chance to very many women. Probably none after today.” I said as I looked at her. She looked at the floor.

“Do I have to decide right now? I mean, can’t we be together tonight, just you and I? Make love, hold each other like lovers and let me decide in the morning or something?” She asked, her eyes betraying her hopes.

“Mandy, I can read your mind. I already know what you want. I think your delaying so you can reason with yourself the decision your going to make.” I said. I didn’t smile this time and she knew I was serious, I really could read her mind and I already knew she would chose to stay with me.

“Okay. I’ll be your bitch. Just don’t ever call me that. Its too derogative.” She said. I smiled.

“Okay bitch! Take your fucking clothes off and suck my cock!” I said, teasing her with the dirty words.

“Fuck that’s so hot!” She said as she stood before me and started stripping.

“I also must warn you. I’m a tit and ass man. You will get fucked in the ass. A lot!” I said as she turned and bent at the waist to pull her panties down her thighs.

“That’s okay. A bitch will do what she has to do to get her man to do what she wants.” She said, using an old cryptic adage.

“And what is it you want?” I asked as she stepped up to me. I took her breasts in my hands and held them, massaging them.

“I want you Tommy. I want you all the time. You’re big hard fucking cock inside me. I don’t care what hole you use, use me, abuse me, make me you’re whore. I want you and you already know it.” She said.

“Yeah, I do. So make your Master happy. Suck my cock before I fuck you in the ass!” I said as I stood so she could remove my clothing. I was naked faster than I had ever been before and Mandy was on her knees sucking my cock with gusto.

Mandy sucked me with vigor, taking me deep into her throat. She had remembered my lessons from our first meeting about relaxing her throat. I held her head in my hands, loving the feeling of her tight velvety throat around my cock as her tongue licked the underside of my shaft on each in and out stroke.

Mandy was good, very good. I was getting close to cumming down her throat and thought I’d be able to hold off until she pulled me deep, her lips around the base of my root and her tongue slid out and licked my ball sack. I felt it at that moment, my cum rising, surging up through the length of my shaft and out the head of my cock.

Amanda felt the hot boiling cum sear her throat and she started to pull her lips off my dick. After the second shot, she held her lips around the crown of my dickhead with her tongue caressing the underside of my head. Each spurt of cum landed on her tongue and she savored every ounce of it.

When my body stopped convulsing, she let the head of my cock go from between her lips and she looked up and smiled, a small bit of cum on her lips. Her tongue snaked out and licked it up all the while looked me in the eye.

“You like that don’t you? You like me sucking your cock, eating your cum, You like that don’t you?” She asked as she slinked her body up mine.

“It’s very erotic. Watching a woman suck a man’s cock. The only true time a man can be brought to his knees is when his cock is being sucked.” I said as I pulled her to me, pressing her tits into my chest.

“Yes, I think so too. So, what else can I do for you Master?” She asked. I smiled and lay back, her on top of me.

“To be honest, I would just love for you to lay here with me, let me run my hands all over your body feeling your soft sexy skin.” She smiled and lowered her lips to mine, kissing me as I ran my hands up and down her back. She moaned into my mouth as my fingers traveled lightly up her spine.

“That feels so good.” She said, her eyes closed and her lips parted slightly. I smiled inwardly as I looked at the expression on her face, a look of excitement, of building rapture.

I rolled over, taking Mandy with me until I was on top of her. She looked up at me now, her eyes hazy with lust and need. I wanted to give her what she craved. I started kissing down her lips and over her chin to her soft smooth neck. Her hands rubbed my head, her fingers through my hair as she encouraged me to move lower.

Slowly, I left a trail of kisses to each breast. First her left, then her right. Kissing all over the breast, its soft milky white skin attracting my lips like a magnet. Her nipples didn’t miss my lips or my hot breath long. I made sure that her nipples were taut and sticking out from atop her breast in salute of my efforts. She moaned as I sucked each nipple in, licking it and playing with it between my lips and teeth as I nipped at it gently.

“That’s so nice!” She said as she ran her fingers through my hair, urging me ever so gently to move down farther. I moaned as I started my trail of kisses down her abdomen, kissing the soft skin, gently nipping at it and making her giggle and swoon.

Slowly, down to her belly button and farther, down over her pubic bush to the joining of her sexy muscled legs. I pushed them apart and settled in to lick and suck her cunt until she came in my mouth or until she stopped me.

“No Master. Tonight is all about you. Let me pleasure you tonight. I want you to know how I feel about you and my role in your life. This is how I want you to remember me and how I pleasured you.” She said as she pulled herself up and made me lay down. She crawled between my legs and lifted my cock, it wasn’t hard but she aimed to change that.

Mandy took my cock in her mouth, pressing her lips tightly around it and sucked, pulling the blood into my already once spent member. Slowly, she managed to get my cock semi erect with just this move alone. I looked down and watched as she started to stroke me and slide her lips up and down my growing pole.

“Damn Mandy! That feels fucking amazing!” I said as she sucked me down into her throat. She didn’t want me to cum again so soon, so she took it easy. Nice long lazy strokes as she slowly moved her hand up and down my pole between caresses of my balls.

“I will do anything for you Master!” She said as she pulled her mouth of my cock, it shining in the light from the spit she left covering it.

“You will Mandy, and right now, you know what I want.” I said as I looked into her eyes, my own excitement betraying my lust for her.

“Yes Master! Yes I do!” She said as she lifted herself up off the bed and crawled up over my hips. She hovered her tight snatch over my cock and then moved forward slightly until the head of my cock was resting at her tight back door. “And you shall have everything I have to offer!” She said as she sat down, driving four inches into her asshole.

“FUCK! UNGH!” She said as I entered her. She was tight and hot, but not very well lubricated. I would take care of that as I could feel my precum oozing out the head of my cock, helping to take care of that matter.

“Take it slowly Mandy, I don’t want you to hurt that sexy asshole baby!” I said as she lifted up and pushed back down, driving six inches in.

“GOD! It’s so big!” She said as she inhaled sharply. She held herself for a moment, allowing her ass to stretch to accommodate the large invader. Slowly, she lifted off and then back down, driving more inside her tight passage.

Her moans were getting louder and deeper, deep from the recesses of her throat and her gut. She cried out over and over how big and nice it felt until she had me secured deep within her ass, my root stretching her wide as she sat completely down on my cock.

I reached up and grabbed her tits, massaging them and twisting and pinching the nipples before pulling her down to kiss her. She rotated her hips, grinding down on my cock as I slipped my tongue between her lips, fucking her mouth with my own.

Mandy moaned into my mouth as my hands slid to her backside and massaged her ass cheeks, pulling her up off my cock to let her slam back down. She was so tight, each time I bottomed out inside her asshole, her cunt ground into my pubic hair. Her clit was exposed and once it came into contact with my hair, the hair rubbed it coarsely, sending shockwaves of pleasure through her body.

I pulled her tight to me and then sat up. She looked at me and wondered until I stood and turned back towards the bed. She thought I was just gonna lay her down until I slid to the right side of the bed and pushed her knees up to her chest. I pulled out and then slammed in, forcing the start of her first orgasm.

She moaned out as I rolled her to her side and pounded into her faster. I was building her up to an explosive climax. A few more thrusts and I rolled her yet again onto her knees. All the while cork-screwing my cock into her.

Mandy moaned out her lust as I pounded into her in her new position. With a hip in each hand, I pulled her back and slammed her forward. Mandy’s orgasm was starting to swing into high gear as I bottomed out, my balls slapping against her clit and pussy lips.

I reached down and grabbed a handful of her hair and pulled back, making her rise off the bed. She moaned as I fucked her, her moans turning into grunts and growls as my hips slammed into her ass over and over again. Her head flew back, throwing her hair across her back, almost long enough to touch her ass.

“YES! HARDER!” She hissed out as I slammed into her as hard as I could, driving my cock deep inside her. She dropped down to her chest and her hands slid underneath her to her wet pussy.

“Fuck! You’re my bitch aren’t you?” I grunted as I slammed into her. She didn’t reply, her hand was going a mile a minute on her clit. I slapped her ass, that got her attention. “You’re my fucking bitch aren’t you?” I asked again. Each word accented by the slamming of my hips into her taut buttocks.

“YES!” She said, her orgasm starting to form from deep within her.

“Tell me you fucking whore! Tell me!” I said, slapping her ass again and again.

“I’m you’re bitch!” She cried out as her orgasm reached it’s peak.

I was getting to the point I was ready to cum as well. Her orgasm peaked just as mine was starting to build. Mandy’s whole body stiffened and went completely rigid, every muscle tense as her orgasm ripped through her body. I slammed in hard and fast, feeling my own orgasm rising fast.

Just as Mandy’s body started to relax, mine started to stiffen. With a few more thrusts, I slammed into her and then pulled her off my dick. She knew what to do. She slid her body to the floor and grabbed my cock.

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