Her time had run out. Her eyes rolled to the back of her head as the thing walked into her room, the lights flickering wildly. She was dead, or she thought so. The air was thick and smelt of ozone, as if a storm were about to erupt in her room. The thing was almost incomprehensible: a pulsing amorphous blob that was every color, every shade, and changing. It was quite large, she thought, as big as could fit through her door frame, and she wondered what this thing wanted from her. Was it her soul? Her thoughts? Would it consume her heart in its colors and drown her future with pain? Perhaps, yet the thing only held her in place with its mind while it made its way over to her. The blob, close to her now, pulled off her clothing with a pinkish-blue protrusion that shot out at her, lightning-quick. She was naked, her skin creamy, alternately blu-gray and white in the flashing light that hit her from overhead. She no longer struggled against its will. She was actually turned on. The thing seemed to sense this and pulsed forward. It grew a large phallus, ribbed like the one she had hidden in the back of her closet, except this one knew her intimately, instinctively knowing the spots it would need to touch in order to bring out her ecstasy. Her body became limp and electric, waiting for the thing to touch her as she opened herself.

“Hey, babe!”

Her boyfriend was a clean, unspoiled boy of eighteen, jet-black hair, innocent as a newborn chick. When he walked into her room, he didn’t comprehend what was happening, but his primitive instincts told another story. He quickly grew a large bulge in his jeans.

The thing held him too with its blob mind. It forced him over to her, his clothing lost on his way to his writhing lover. The blob, now a dark blue and shaking with excitement, lifted the boy onto her. The couple had never made love. The Christian boy had promised to marry her and only then could she have him, although she had almost gotten him to give up his chastity on more than one occasion. He had felt dirty and used when she’d pull herself close to him before, whispering her fantasies to him. Now, his mind was reeling with revulsion, but his body, and especially his prick, were telling a different tale. She gave a little yelp when he entered her, and her pelvis bucked up to meet him. Her pussy lips grabbed at the base of his cock and she felt another prick enter her at the same time. The new prick enveloped the one already inside her, probing her with each thrust of the boys full member, expanding and massaging her walls. She was extremely wet, her cream lubricating the super-prick and spilling out from inside her. The blob formed mouths at their lovemaking base, and mollusk-like tongues began lapping up her juices, gently kissing her lips and probing her ass. The boys face was a guilty contortionist, his eyes darting away, his mouth making strange gestures but unable to say a word. She, on the other hand, was in another place altogether. Her toy or her fingers had never given her the pleasure she was now feeling. Goose-flesh covered her shaking body as she vibrated pleasure towards both of her new-found lovers.

The blob’s ribbed phallus entered her ass slowly as the boy’s wonder-prick filled her pussy. Her eyes fluttered as an extreme orgasm pulsed through her body. Her cunt was a fountain, but the blob was thirsty. As she gyrated, her juices were efficiently devoured by the hungry mouths that the blob had grown for the entangled lovers. When she came, she did not scream. Her breath rushed out of her in short spurts as she shook. She wanted to look into her boyfriend’s eyes, but he was not having it. Instead, he looked away, his body pulsing with pleasure, his mind disgusted and broken.

The boys prick erupted inside her, a gasp spilling from his lips, and the blob devoured his cum. The blob then dropped the boy next to his lover, while slinking into a corner of the room.

The blob let go of them and the boy began to sob. He fell off of the bed with a thump and the girl lay silent, trying to comprehend the event that had just unfolded. She reached over to the boy with a conciliatory hand, but he pushed her away. He had been bested by a demon, and he would never forgive her or himself for what had transpired.

To be continued…

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