Because the moon was riding so high and bright in the sky, it didn’t really register that the light I had parked under at the corner Stop-n-Shop was out. Besides, I was too busy thinking about a gardenia scented bath and a nice glass of merlot. I’d earned it after a double shift of dealing with semi and completely drunk assholes hitting on me and making lewd comments about whatever body part of mine took their fancy. I don’t know what I was thinking, but bartending wasn’t the easy gig I had hoped it would be.

With a sigh, I yanked the trunk open and unloaded the groceries into it. I was just coming around to open the driver side door when a black van wheeled up beside me. I had no chance to react or scream before a very large, very strong hand was clamped tightly over my mouth and I was dragged inside.

Instinct kicked in and my teeth clamped down on the hand covering my mouth and my feet kicked out desperately. I elbowed back as hard a I could and heard a satisfying grunt as I connected with ribs. A few seconds later I felt a pinch on my arm and a familiar voice saying, “You’re taking all the fun out of this little girl.” My head swam and the words were distorted but I knew that voice. It was then that I remembered the full moon and, oddly, the groceries in my the trunk of my car. Then, nothing.


I awoke slowly from a gardenia scented dream. The unfamiliar room was dimly lit by candles and had a warm, dreamlike quality to it. I vaguely remembered the pinch to my arm before everything went black. It was when I tried to examine my arm that I realized I was handcuffed to a bed and there was someone sitting in a chair at the end of it.

“Sleeping beauty awakens.” You say in a soft voice.

“You drugged me.” I accuse as I desperately try to penetrate the darkness surrounding your face.

“Yeah, well I think you almost cracked a rib. You can get feisty when you set your mind to it.” The low chuckle that follows this statement really pisses me off.

My heart speeds up at this comment and I’m half terrified half excited by this thought. Excited that I hurt you and got just a little payback, but terrified of what you’ll do to me because of it. You rise slowly leaving the candlelight behind you and your face in the shadows. I can almost see you; almost.

You pick up something from the nightstand beside the bed and wave it in front of my face. The ever present sleep mask. You ignore my sigh as you slip it on and say, “I assume you were looking forward to a nice hot bath and a glass of merlot?”

Funny how I’m still able to be shocked by you. “Yes, how did you know that?” I answer, annoyed and a little frightened.

“I know everything about you. Don’t you realize that by now? You can’t hide anything from me.” I feel the bed sink down as you sit beside me. You take my chin lightly in your hand and slide your thumb over my lower lip. The fire that’s been banked to embers since I saw you last begins to heat up. “I know where you go, what you do and who you see every minute of every day. There is nothing I don’t know.”

With this disconcerting statement you lean down and kiss me lightly on the lips. Your tongue darts out to swipe the crease of my lips and they part like the red sea. My tongue meets yours as I allow myself to melt into that kiss, that connection. The embers begin to flame up.

You stroke my cheek as you end the kiss and whisper, “How ’bout that bath? You smell like the bar.”

The bar, not a bar. Of course he knows where I work.

“And by the way, you could be a little faster with the beer next time.” Again with the chuckle. So annoying.

Even more annoying is realizing that I probably looked right at you tonight and had no idea. I frantically searched my memory of the faces I saw tonight. Dark hair? Yes, a ton of guys with dark hair. Broad shoulders, nice physique? Yep, lots of them too. It was a popular pick-up place after all. Lots of tall guys too and hearing them talk, well it’s too loud to really get a feel for a specific voice. Besides, you always do that stupid half whisper thing which I usually find sexy. But right now? Yeah, right now it’s irritating.

I’d really rather ponder all this in the bathtub, so I say, “Yeah, I wouldn’t want to offend you with my bar smell. A bath would be great…..and wine, wine would be a nice change.”

“Change? You have wine almost every night.”

“Gee, I wonder why I’m turning into an alcoholic. Maybe it’s the stress from being repeatedly kidnapped, handcuffed and raped.” I fume.

“You can call it what you want sweetheart, but you still love it.” I can freaking FEEL you smile. I hate to admit, even to myself, that yes I love it and hate it. You have me so fucked up inside, half the time I don’t know which way is up. “I meant for this. For us. A nice change.” I don’t know what I had hoped to accomplish with this, but you apparently don’t like it at all.

I feel your breath on my face as you say, “This isn’t a date sweetheart, this is you paying your debt. You owe me a fucking story and tonight I’m going to get it.” You practically snarl at me. “So stop pissing me off.”

I cringe and pull as far away from you as possible. “I’m sorry.” I whisper hoarsely. “Please don’t hurt me.”

Again stroking my cheek as you softly whisper in my ear, “Then don’t make me,” before kissing me softly. I then hear the jingle of keys a moment before my hands are freed. You haul me up none too gently and lead me across the room by my elbow. A door opens and the smell of gardenia goes from faint to overpowering. The room is warm and steamy and my body aches to sink into that bathtub. I can’t help but sigh contentedly as you help me into it.

I hear the door close before you call through it, “You can take the mask off until I tell you to put it back on. Understand?”

“K.” I answer as I gratefully remove it. As my eyes adjust, I look around. The room is lit by candles and I’m sitting in an old fashioned claw foot tub. It’s huge and the bottom is lined with some kind of cushion. My eyes focus on a bath tray spanning the width of the tub and zero in on a nice, full glass of crimson liquid. I take a long, luscious pull on that before leaning back to rest my head on the edge of the tub. I’m pleasantly surprised by a bath pillow similar to the cushion beneath me.

I sigh contentedly again before allowing myself to really delve into the thoughts tramping merrily through my brain. Putting aside the usual questions of ‘who are you?’ and ‘why me?’, I have some new ones. How the fuck do you know every single thing that I do? Everyone that I see? Everywhere that I go?

But the big one; the one that keeps clawing at my mind on a nearly daily basis? How did you know I was a virgin? I mean that first time you visited me, you thought I was a virgin and when I next saw you, well, let’s just say you’re punishment for not still being one was rough. I still haven’t recovered from that; I still wake up in a cold sweat from that.

I shake my head to clear my thoughts and take another hearty swig of wine. My only question left? Why are you being so nice tonight? Why the lovely bath and the excellent (tastes expensive) wine? What do you have in store for me now?

I quell these thoughts and try to keep my mind on the more pleasant aspects of your visits (and abductions) as I wash my body and hair. I think about the way your touch makes me feel and the fire that flares up with your kisses. I think about how I have no choice but to submit to you. That is the sickest part; I have no choice and that is what makes me hottest of all. My hand begins to wander over my body. I run my hand slowly over my smooth lean leg and up the flat of my stomach to a breast. I pinch one nipple lightly until it stands up hard before moving to the other. I allow my other hand to relinquish the wine glass to the tray and let it roam downward over my waxed mound to the silky lips of my pussy.

“Ten minutes and you’re done!” You say as you pound once on the door making me jump. “No masturbating!”

How silly of me to think that I had even a single moment of privacy. Of course you were watching me. With a resigned sigh I exit the cooling water of the tub and slip on an incredibly soft fluffy bathrobe before retrieving my wine and sitting before the mirror of an ornate dressing table. I comb out my hair and slug back the rest of my wine before I turn and face the door.

I am about to call out to you when you say, “Forgetting something?”

I’m confused for a moment before I remember the sleep mask. I slip in on and hear the door open.

“You’re very fetching in that robe, but I think I like you better without it.”

I can hear you move toward me and as you reach me your scent takes me to a place in which I’m sadly getting used to being. You move closer and I can feel you untying the the belt of the robe. You slip your hands beneath it and caress my back.

“No more masturbating unless I tell you to.” You whisper into my neck as the robe falls to the floor. Your hand spans my neck as you leave a trail of tiny kisses up to my ear. “And that means ever. I will tell you when you can and you will only touch yourself then. Got it?”

I feel your fingers tighten dangerously around my throat as I nod in assent. In a mere instant I went from relaxed to terrified again. My heart beats a furious tattoo as you push me to the floor. You settle yourself between my legs as you release my neck balancing yourself above me. I hear you fumble with your clothing and before I realize what is happening you are pushing into me. I am not ready and it hurts. I push my hands against your chest in a vain attempt to….do what? Stop you? You thrust into me as you pull my hands up and pin them to the floor.

“Isn’t (thrust) this (thrust) romantic?” You say punctuating every word with your cock. “Wine (thrust) and rape? (thrust, thrust). The perfect (thrust) date, (thrust) right?” You kiss me hard, bruising my lips with yours and forcing your tongue into my mouth. I’m so surprised and hurt by this that there are tears in my eyes. “Oh, you’re pussy is so tight. Fuck, you feel good.”

My anger comes screaming to the surface and instinct kicks in again. I fight my hardest to get out from under you, but you just laugh at me. “It feels even better with you wiggling around under me.” I am literally powerless and again it’s a turn on. You continue, “I am the one who will tell when you can have an orgasm. If you use that big vibrator you’ve got at home again, I’ll bury it in your ass. Got it, my good little whore?”

“Yes.” I say through clenched teeth. I love my vibrator.

“Oh, I see. STILL don’t know who’s boss?” You say abruptly standing and pulling me to my knees in one quick motion. You weave your fingers into my hair and guide your cock into my mouth. All the way into my mouth; all the way to the back of my throat. You hold it there for a moment robbing me of precious air before pulling back out and allowing me to breath.

“Now you make me cum and swallow every last drop.” You growl.

I pull you back into my throat more comfortably this time and swallow, tightening my throat around you. Your hands are still entwined in my hair and you set a furious pace. I hear your breath catch as I place one hand on each leg as a brace as I just fuck you with my mouth. I am your good little whore because all I can think about it is giving you the pleasure that you demand. I’m relishing every scent and every taste of you and I’m longing for the thick, sweet flavor of your cum in my mouth again. My pussy is dripping with desire and I can only wish that you would fill it again.

You moan loudly and I can feel you tensing. I swipe my tongue over your head and the first burst of delicious cream fills my waiting mouth. I swallow quickly and enjoy the next spurt and the next until you are spent and I am greedily licking you clean.

You pull me up to my feet and guide me out of the bathroom back into what I can only assume is the bedroom (the bed was kind of a dead giveaway). You sit me down on the bed and put a bottle of water in my hand (wine would have been better). I take a long draught and hold the bottle out until you take it.

I hear you rustling completely out of your clothing and feel the bed depress as you climb onto it. You pull me onto the bed after you and situate us sitting up. You behind me with me nestled in between your legs pressing your now soft cock into my back. “Now then, you have a story I believe.” You say and all I can think is ‘one track mind’. I am immediately drained of any desire I had left.

What I say is “Fine. I promised so I’ll tell. But first I have to make sure you’ll honor your promise too.”

“What promise?”

“You promised not to hurt him. You said if I told you, you would leave him alone. I need to know if you meant it.” I hate the pleading note in my voice, but the thought of you hurting Sam was more than I could bear (and apparently I could bear a lot).

“I already know who he is, where he goes to college, who he hangs out with, where he lives and where he works. If I was going to hurt him, I would have done it already.” You reply testily.

I take a deep breath and say, “Alright then, I’ll tell you.” I really wanted to keep this to myself. To have something that was private and just my own. But I had promised.


” I have to give you some backstory, if you don’t mind. Not too much, but some.” I begin.

“Fine” You say while lightly stroking the side of one breast.

I’m reluctant, but I dive in anyway. “I met Sam when I was 13 years old and he was 15. Ricky Hutchins had pushed me down and tried to kiss me.” I pause, “You know, I never realized it, but this seems to be a theme in my life.”

“What?” You ask.

“Boys…, taking what they want without asking or caring how I feel about it.”

“Huh. You’re right, how ’bout that.” You say with a soft laugh as you reach over and lightly pinch one nipple.

“Anyway.” I continue unwilling and afraid to let you hear my annoyance, “He pulled Ricky off me and punched him in the face a couple of times and Ricky took off. I swore I never saw anyone so,” I pause to search my mind for the right word, “so ethereal.

Even this word is inadequate though. It doesn’t even come close to covering what I thought as I look up at my rescuer. The light was shining behind him and his curly blond hair stood out like a halo. He held out a hand to help me up and said, ‘Don’t worry, he won’t bother you again and if he or anyone else does, just let me know.’

“‘Who are you?’ I asked him when I could form words again.

“‘Sam Davies, I think your Mom is dating my Dad.’ He said when he had me on my feet again.

“‘Oh.’ Is all I can say because my brain is still stuck on drinking in his beauty. I felt a light touch on my hand and I realized he was still tightly gripping it in his own. I think he just swiped his thumb over the back of my hand. My throat suddenly became the Sahara.

“‘I have to get home but I can walk part way with you. If you want.’

“‘Ok. Thanks.’ I croaked as we both looked down at my hand for a moment before he released it.

“We walked in silence most of the way until something caught up in my brain. ‘Did you say our parents are dating?’

“‘Yep. For like two months now. Your mom never said anything?’

“‘No. We don’t talk about that kind of stuff. She’ll tell me if she’s ready for me to meet him. Then I’ll know it’s serious. But it’s weird you know, her with anyone but my dad.’ I said blurting it out it almost one breath.

“‘Yeah. I can relate.’ He said smiling down at me. He’s extraordinarily tall for his age and I’m short for mine so the distance seemed vast.

“When we got to the corner where we go separate ways, he stopped. ‘I guess I’ll see you tomorrow. Are you sure you’re ok?’

“‘Yeah, I’m fine. Thanks for what you did back there.’ I murmured shyly.

“He pulled on a strand of my hair and grinned saying, ‘Anytime Red.’

“‘I don’t usually let people call me Red,’ I informed him looking up into his cool blue eyes, ‘Uh, but for you, I’ll make an exception.’ He grinned at me and I pulled on his arm to get him to lean down so I could swiftly kiss his cheek before turning away and walking quickly down the street to my house. As I turned up my walk I glanced in the direction I came from only to find him standing there watching me and holding a hand up to his cheek.

“Things seemed to move swiftly after that and before the end of the school year, my mom and Sam’s dad, John, were engaged and planned to marry in July.” So this guy that I’m pretty sure I’m in love with, my savior, is going to become my brother. Awkward.

“Over the next few years, we acted more like brother and sister. But it was an act. I still had a crush on him and every now and then I would catch him looking at me in a very non-brotherly way.

“The older we got, the worse it got. We had to act like brother and sister for the public, but we both longed for more. He played football all through high school and spent long hours in the weight room. He grew into his long legs and his frame filled out nicely with long lean muscles.

It was a relief when he left for Penn State, I missed him but it made it easier. He would spend as many holidays away as possible. I mean, it seemed like he did. He missed most Thanksgivings and Easters and even got a job in State College, PA instead of coming home for the summer.

“But he came home the weekend I turned 18. I wasn’t expecting him; I didn’t even know he was home. Mom and John, aka ‘the parents’, were out at a party and not expected home until late. I came home about midnight from a date with Jack Banfield, current captain of the football team and before that night, I thought he was a pretty nice guy.

“It was raining that night; pouring actually. He parked in front of the house and we started making out. Jack, that usually nice guy I’d been dating for a month, turned into an octopus with only one goal; to get into my pants. Some light petting turning into what, up until then, was the most frightening time of my life, before you that is. Like I said, a theme.” I turn slightly and place my hands over yours where they are cupping my breasts with your thumbs stroking my nipples.

I can feel you beginning to harden against the small of my back as you kiss my neck and whisper, “Get to the good stuff.”

“I’m getting there,” I sigh, as your stroking sends tiny currents of electricity through me straight to my core. I can feel the dampness between my legs as I try to focus once again on the story.

“I fought Jack, but he quickly had me on my back and my hands pinned over my head in just one of his. He was pulling my shirt up trying lift my bra away. I started to scream and fight hard, kicking my legs up and beating my feet against the window. Only for a moment though, then he had them pinned down against his legs. He drew back to hit me I think, you know, into submission, but at the same moment, the driver side door flew open and his weight was lifted off of me. Sam had him on the ground and was slamming his fist into his face over and over again. It was Ricky Hutchins all over again.

“I leapt out of the car and tried to pull him off. I was afraid Sam would kill him and by the amount I had to struggle to get him to stop, I think if he could have, he would have. But then, he looked up at me and the madness drained from his eyes, but the anger remained. He picked Jack up by the neck and threw him into the car and said in a calm, cold voice, ‘Drive away and never talk to or bother my sister again or I will kill you.’

“We ran through the rain to the house, his arm around me, making me feel safe again. ‘I didn’t know you were here, but I’m glad you were. Seems like you’re always rescuing me.’

“We burst through the front door, soaked from the pouring rain and he looked down at me. ‘Seems like you always need rescuing.’ He playfully pulled a strand of hair from my face and stroked my cheek. I tilted my face up to really look at him and I could see it in those cool blue eyes; pure wanting. I waited, holding my breath as he slowly leaned down to give me what I was sure would be a very un-brotherly kiss just as headlights flashed across the window and the parents pull into the driveway.

“I know my eyes reflected the disappointment in his before they flicked away from me toward the window. ‘You better get out of those wet clothes and into a warm bath. You’ll get sick.’

“I nodded and took his hand from my cheek and kissed his palm, ‘You too,’ I said, ‘hot shower. That’s an order.’ My attempt to lighten the mood failed so I turned and hurried upstairs. I could feel his eyes follow me and I turned at the top to see him looking after me, the light from the front porch backlighting his halo again boomeranging me into the past. He was my guardian angel.’

“Really? This is getting annoying. Anyone else would think you love him.” You say gruffly, anger apparent in your voice.

I say nothing because I did love him. I do love him. I have loved him since the moment he pulled Ricky Hutchins off of me. I will always love him and that is something you can never take from me. Something you can never control.

“Hey, you wanted to hear this story so bad. I’m trying to tell it to you, but it’s not gonna be halfway. You have to hear it all and some of it you won’t like.” I answer annoyed myself, but trying to keep my voice light. I don’t need a rerun of the bathroom right now.

You respond by pinching and twisting the nipples you’ve been so gently playing with making me writhe in pain. “Fine.” You say, “Enjoy your damn trip down memory lane just remember who you belong to at the end of it all.”

“I will! I will!” I gasp in pain and you ease up on my nipples. I can feel you harden like an iron rod into the small of my back. You get off so much by causing me pain.

“Good girl. Now continue.” You say, your voice husky.

I pause for a moment trying to remember where I was as you slide your hands down over my belly to my thighs. You lift my legs so they’re lying over yours with my feet on the outside and my legs bent at the knees. You slide your legs slightly apart making mine spread too. My pussy spreads open and the feelings of excitement and vulnerability come in mixed degrees.

“Continue.” You demand again.

“Yeah, ok. The next day is my birthday and I wake up late to the smell of vanilla french toast, my favorite. So I head down to the kitchen for some breakfast and the coffee that I also smell brewing.

“Wait, wait.” You interrupt. “Were you still wearing your jammies?”

“Jammies? Seriously? Yeah, I hadn’t gotten dressed yet. Why?”

“You used to wear a t-shirt and boxers before you started sleeping naked for me. What’d you wear back then?” You seem really curious; excited.

“Same thing.” I answer. I can feel your chest shaking with silent laughter. “What? It’s comfortable.”

“Let me guess,” I can hear the teasing in your voice. “Smurfs, right?”

“No, Scooby Doo. Duh.” I almost laugh with you, but I haven’t forgotten what you are.

“Ok, you head to the kitchen. Go on.” you prompt.

“Right, so I went down to the kitchen to find Sam cooking me a birthday breakfast. It’s sweet; he had covered the table with a birthday tablecloth, plates and balloons, you know, the works. He was wearing pajama bottoms and a tank so I stopped in the doorway and watched him for a minute, just enjoying the view before startling him with my ‘Good morning, Sam’.

“He jumped at the sound of my voice and turned with a smile. ‘Happy Birthday! C’mere, sit down,’ he pulled a chair out and put a silly birthday hat on me as I sat down. ‘That’s perfect. Wait!’ He shouts as I reach up to remove it, ‘Humor me, leave it on, I have to get a picture. Please. You look so cute.’

“‘Fine, take the picture, but then the hat comes off,’ I laughed.

“That accomplished, he poured me some coffee and served up breakfast. ‘So,’ I asked, ‘where are the parents?’ By some unspoken mutual agreement, Sam and I always called Mom and John ‘the parents’ ever since they got married.

“‘They’re at an estate sale. Not sure what time they’ll be home but it’ll be in time to take you to your birthday dinner.’ Mom and John met at an antique store called “Loved Again”. So when it went up for sale John bought it and gave it to her as a wedding present. Now, they’re kind of obsessed by it.

“‘So you made me breakfast Sam, that was sweet.’ I looked up and caught him staring at me. I put a forkful of french toast in my mouth and savored it, ‘And delicious. Thank you.’

“‘My pleasure.’ He looked up at me while dishing out french toast for himself and said, ‘I started cooking at 10:00, I didn’t think you’d ever roll out of bed. I hope it’s still warm enough.” Suddenly, it was awkward and we were silent while we ate, but I kept snatching glances at him and catching him doing the same thing. I couldn’t keep my eyes off his mouth; off his lips. We didn’t even talk while finishing our coffee.

“‘More coffee?’ he asked standing up.

“‘No thanks,’ I replied as he gathered the paper birthday plates and tossed them in the garbage while I grabbed the syrup and creamer and returned them to the fridge. When I closed the door and turned around, there he was, right behind me.

“‘So, how’s it feel to be 18, Red?’ He asked as he took a step toward me he reaching out to playfully pull a strand of my hair.

“‘Feels good,’ I answered looking up at him; way up at him. ‘I finally feel like I can be whoever I want; do whatever I want.’

“He looked a little uncomfortable, like he was working himself up to say something; or to do something. I pulled his arm and when he leaned down I kissed him on the cheek. He started to straighten up then changed his mind and swooped in to kiss me on the lips. Tentatively at first, but then more ardently. His kiss was everything I’d been dreaming of; sweet and hot and oh so sexy. Heat spread throughout my body. This is what I’d been wanting for so long now. Sweet, hot kisses from Sam. My knees turned to rubber.

“He picked me up and I wrapped my legs around him as he carried me to the counter and set me down on it. The kisses intensified and fire spread throughout my body. I molded myself to him wrapping my legs tighter around him and pulling him to me. I could feel his desire harden against me. His tongue worked magic in my mouth, expertly teasing mine and, god, my head was spinning. I tangled my fingers in his hair as he pulled at the hem of my t-shirt. I leaned back to give him better access and his warm hands are spanned my stomach before sliding up my back pulling my shirt up with them.

“I was in heaven as his hand cupped my breast and his mouth descended onto the crest of that peak to cover my swollen nipple. He circled his tongue around it before pulling it into his mouth with a gentle tug. As he lavished the same attention on the other nipple, I felt moisture pooling between my legs. His lips moved back to mine and my hands took a trip of their own to lift his shirt and explore every sinewed muscle on his back and chest then down to every luscious ripple of his abs and around to his back again, under the elastic of the pajama bottoms and down over each taut curve of his ass. Oh, how I wanted to grab that ass as he plunged into me.

“Before I can finish that thought we both pulled apart and listened. Shit! The parents were home way earlier than expected. He swung me down from the counter and we both headed upstairs. He gave me one quick look of longing and regret and I blew him a kiss as we both ducked into our rooms. I headed straight for the shower. I couldn’t possibly have been almost fornicating with my almost brother if I was in the shower, right?”

That last sentence comes out in pants and moans because while I was describing Sam’s attention to my breasts, you’ve mimicked it with your hands. My nipples are standing fully at attention and I can feel moisture slowly leaking out of my pussy. Your hands move down to my thighs again and you spread my legs even wider.

You nibble my ear and whisper, “Keep going.” I can feel you rock hard against my back.

“Right, I quickly got dressed and to headed downstairs to find the parents, or at least my mom. We spent some time together in her garden picking herbs and planning some girl time.

“‘We’ll be gone until Wednesday, so we’ll have to plan something for next weekend. I hope that’s ok honey.’ Mom was explaining that they were going to series of an estate sales in Ohio and would be leaving early the next morning, which meant leaving Sam and I alone, blissfully alone.

“‘Yeah, sure mom, it’s fine. Why don’t we go get massages and mani-pedis next weekend. I’ll make the appointment while you’re gone.’ I said giving her a hug. ‘I’m gonna get some sun for a while before getting ready for dinner. What time’s the reservation?’

“‘Not til 6:00. Enjoy the afternoon honey. But be ready by 4:30, ok,’ she paused, absentmindedly staring at and wilting chamomile plant, ‘John wants to stop by the store.’

“‘Sure mom, love you.’ I kissed her on the cheek before turning toward the house.

“After changing into cutoffs and a low v-neck t-shirt layered over my skimpiest bikini, I grabbed a towel and some sunscreen, swung out my door and stopped halfway down the hall and knocked on Sam’s door.

“He opened the door a few inches saying, ‘Hey Red.’

“He looked uncomfortable and his face was covered in a thin sheen of sweat. ‘Uh, what’re you doing in there?’ I asked, curious.

“He pulled the door open wider to reveal his shirtless chest and a pair of shorts and I wondered if he knew the effect he had on me. ‘Push ups, sit ups, two cold showers. I’m not sure how I’m going to get through dinner tonight.” He looked a little desperate.

“‘I have and idea that might help you out. But for now, just come swimming with me.’ He looked at me like I was crazy. ‘C’mon it’ll be ok, you know how cold the parents keep the pool.’

“He sighed and just looked at me for a long time before saying, ‘Yeah, ok. I’ll meet you by the pool.’

“I went out and set up a couple of lounge chairs, grabbed a couple bottles of water and stripped down to my bathing suit. I was stretched out on my stomach by the time Sam joined me. I heard him groan and say ‘How is this helping?’

“I laughed him, enjoying his distress; the sheer nakedness of his need. I never felt more alive in my life. ‘It gets worse,’ I said, ‘I need you to sunscreen my back.’

“‘Why are you doing this to me?’ He asked as he took the sunscreen bottle I held out to him.

“‘Because driving you crazy is driving me crazy.’ I said as I laid my head down in my arms and enjoyed the feel of his hands rubbing the lotion into my skin. ‘And like I said, I have a plan.’

“‘A plan right.’ The cap on the sunscreen snapped shut and I heard him stretch out on his chaise. ‘You know I have to lay here face down, right? And it’s, uh…very uncomfortable.’

“I rolled over onto my back meeting his eyes as I went. I watched them get bigger as he took just how little I was wearing. I was torturing him and it was making me hot.

“‘You know they’re leaving on a road trip, right?’ I asked him, quietly; implications threaded heavily through my statement.

“‘No! When?’

“‘Early tomorrow morning, I think around 7:00. There’s a couple of auctions in Ohio. They won’t be back until Wednesday.’ I looked over at him, ‘We have three days all to ourselves.’

“‘Oh my god, you’re killing me.’ He groaned. ‘You’re making it worse.’

“‘A plan, remember. It’ll get better, I promise.’ I winked at him and called out to my mom, who was meandering up the path toward us, ‘Hey mom, would it be ok if I came with Sam to the restaurant? We want to go for a swim.’

“‘I guess that would be alright. Just make sure you’re there by 6:00.’ She called back on her way into the house. ‘I’m going to get cleaned up so we can leave. Six o’clock; don’t be late, ok?’

“‘Of course we’ll be there on time. It’s my birthday dinner after all.’ I smiled sweetly at her then turned and grinned at Sam. ‘Let’s go for a swim. Maybe the cold water will help you out until they leave.’

“We dove in and came up yelling. The water was so cold! We swam around for awhile, racing each other and just being silly. I think it gave Sam a little relief; until that is, I propped my elbows on the wall behind me and leaned back, jutting my chest out toward him.”

“You’re such a tease.” You say startling me out of my reverie. “You really tortured that poor kid. I almost feel bad for him.” Your hands are stroking my inner thighs just up to the crease where my legs meet my pussy but no further, making me squirm and almost ask you for relief.

But I don’t. I’m going to get this story out tonight if it’s the last thing I do.

“I told you, I’m not telling it half-assed. It’s all or nothing. Can I go on please?” I say this last part very nicely because you hands have tightened on the flesh of my thighs and the feeling is not altogether pleasant.

“Fine. Go on.” You say grudgingly.

“Where was I? Oh, in the pool, right.”

“Sam knelt down in the water in front of me and looked up at me. ‘So, how long ’til they leave?’

“I looked at the clock on the pool shed and said, ‘About half an hour. Can you wait that long?’

‘”Do I have a choice?’ The frustration on his face was too much.

“‘I’m getting out, this water is freezing!’ I said as I pulled myself up so I was sitting on the edge before getting up and heading toward my chaise. When I turned again, he was watching me. The look in his eyes made my stomach do flips. I had never seen naked lust before, but I was sure I was seeing it then.

“I turned away from him and began drying my legs, bending over to get my feet dry. I turned back toward him to dry my arms, shoulders and chest. At this point, I don’t believe the cold water wais having any effect on him. I fixed my chair so that I could sit up and watch him as he swam away from me in long measured strokes.

“After a few minutes of this, he exited the pool and stood over me shaking his head and spraying me with cold water to make me squeal. He sat down and we waited in silence for the parents to finally leave.

“Four-thirty on the nose they finally came out of the house. Mom yelled, ‘You better go in and get start getting ready, you only have an hour. Please don’t be late.’

“‘No problem mom, I’m going inside in just a few minutes.’ I called back. I held my breath until they finally drove away. Sam and I got up at the same time and practically ran into the house.

“Once we were inside and the sliding door was slammed shut, Sam picked me up, cradling me in his arms and kissed me in that wonderful passionate way of his. I could’ve stayed like that forever, his mouth locked onto mine. But he broke away and breathlessly asked, ‘Where to?’

“‘Your room.’

“‘My room? But you’ve probably got clean sheets and everything.’ He looked a little panicked.

“‘Right, I do and we’ll enjoy those tomorrow. Today, it’s your room. Don’t worry, we’re going to be on the bed, not in it. Besides, I want you to think of this every time you walk into your room.’ I whispered, kissing his neck and drinking in the flavor of his skin.

“He groaned, ‘My room it is.’ He carried me upstairs and pushed the door open with his foot and set me down on the bed and tumbling down after me, kissing me all the while. His hands were everywhere at once, warm and strong against my cool flesh. He untied my bikini top at the neck and pulled it down, gazing at the soft globes for a brief moment before covering them in kisses heating my skin with the warmth of his lips.

“My hands are caressed his back before sliding around to his chest pulling him up to meet my lips again allowing my hands to reach further down. Over the ripples of his abs down to the waistline of his bathing suit.

“‘Please,’ I gasped, ‘take this off.’

“He quickly complied and my hands were finally where they wanted to be. I dragged my nails over the soft flesh of his lower belly making the muscles jump as I continued downward to find the prize I sought. I wrapped my fingers around a hard rod of iron covered in the softest skin imaginable. I tightened my grip and slowly pumped my fist as I slithered down the bed until I was kneeling in front of him like novice at prayer.

“He was sitting up, watching me; waiting. I looked into his cool blue eyes as I pumped my fist again and reached out with the tip of my tongue to flick the sparkling drop of precum that sat like a jewel on the head of his cock. He sucked in his breath and I lovingly ran the flat of my tongue over the entire head, still looking up at him. I slid the tip into my warm, waiting mouth and watched him as he closed his eyes and rolled his head back with a moan. His hands were on either side of him gripping the bedspread in two fists.

“I thought to myself, ‘I love this.’ as I lowered my mouth down over his cock again as far as I could go. The more I did the easier it was. The wetter his cock got; the more cum I could taste. It was then that I knew I wanted everything he could give me, every delicious drop. My mind could only focus on one thing; getting to the creamy filling.”

You laugh, interrupting again. “Creamy filling, I like that.” You’ve moved just one finger to play with my clit. Rubbing in slow, sensuous circles.

But I am fully immersed in the memory and the pleasure only makes me think of Sam. I am back in his bedroom tasting him for the first time.

“I enveloped him in my mouth over and over again until I could get him all the way to the back of my throat. I worked a little bit faster only thinking of how much I wanted to make him come. His hand was lightly on the back of my head, more for the connection I think than for guidance, because he didn’t push me to go faster or try to change the rhythm. I loved the taste of him, the feeling of him filling my mouth and his next words made my pussy tighten and send a surge of pleasure through me. ‘Oh god, I’m gonna come. If you don’t stop, I’m gonna come in your mouth.’

“‘Mmmmm’ was all I could manage.

“‘Oh fuck, Red. That’s so good! That’s so good! Oh god here I come!’ I felt him tense a split second before the first wave of cum spilled into my mouth; then another and another. I swallowed as fast as I could, but there was so much it is spilled out of the corners of my mouth. He moved his hands to hold my head on either side as he held his cock in my mouth still coming saying over and over, ‘oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck!’ He looked down at me, boring into my eyes with his as I swallowed what seemed like gallons of his sweet, sticky cum.

“When he was finally spent, he slowly pulled his cock out of my mouth and pulled me onto his lap. With one finger he scraped the cum from my chin and held it up in front of my mouth. I darted my tongue out and lick his finger clean before he leaned in and kissed me in the sweetest, softest way possible.

“When he pulled away his eyes were crinkled up with a smile as he said, ‘Good plan.’

“I smiled back, kissing him lightly on the lips and hopping off his lap, “Now we have to hurry to be ready in time!”

“‘We could share a shower and save water.’ he suggested with a leering grin.

“‘We’d never make it in time. Sorry, separate showers today.’ I escaped from his room laughing and sprinted down the hall.

“I showered, blasted my hair with a the hairdryer and applied my makeup quickly (although I did take a few extra minutes to play up my eyes)…..”

“Wait,” you interrupt yet again, “why the extra time on your eyes?”

“I wanted them to stand out.” I state simply, “So that all through dinner, when he looked into my eyes, he would think about how he stared into them while coming in my mouth.”

“See,” you remark, a little angrily, “You are a tease.”

“Don’t forget slut and whore.” I answer wearily.

“Don’t piss me off, little girl. Just get on with the story.” Your voice is gruff, but I can tell that telling this story is teasing you. And you’re enjoying it.

I pause for a moment enjoy it myself, then continue. “Fine. I put on a new dress which to my delight served my purpose perfectly. It was low enough to show some cleavage and short enough to show some leg, but not too much of either.

“I stopped at Sam’s room, but the door was open and it was empty. I found him waiting for me in the living room wearing a dress shirt and slacks and looking…..well, delicious.”

“I enjoyed his open mouthed stare as I sashayed down the stairs in my curve-hugging little black dress and heels high enough to really show off my legs.

“‘You look amazing, maybe we should skip the restaurant.’ His eyes were showing a hunger that was definitely not for food.

“‘No. I think I’d like to enjoy my birthday dinner, if you don’t mind.” I stopped as he placed my pashmina over my shoulders and turned slightly so I could casually mention, ‘Oh, by the way, I’m not wearing underwear.’ My dress didn’t allow for a bra so I thought the set should match. I felt really sexy and a little dangerous and I was having the time of my life.

“He sucked in his breath at this and muttered to himself the whole way to the car and for part of the ride. I just played with the radio and allowed the dress to slide up my legs a bit. I think I was playing with fire because he looked over at them so much, we almost wrecked twice.

“We joined the parents at our table and enjoyed a really delicious dinner and a lot of laughs which helped defuse the tension a bit. After enjoying coffee, we headed home where mom brought out a cake and a bottle of champagne she had stashed in the pantry. They sang, we ate, we toasted, I opened presents and that was pretty much it for the birthday celebration” I finished.

“Really? So what’d you get for your presents?” You asked and I had to think quickly because the last thing I wanted to tell you was that he ring on my right hand was from Sam. I never took it off. Never. It was a filigreed silver band inlaid with black onyx and a deep red ruby stone in the center. I was very afraid that if you knew, you’d take it or forbid me to wear it.

You’re hands were tightening on my thighs again so I said as casually as I could, “A ring and a pair of earrings,” I paused so you would hopefully think I was trying to remember, “Oh, and an mp3 player.”

You reacted as I hoped and assumed you knew who the mp3 player came from. “So, you’re precious Sam is a cheapskate.” I felt a little victory at that because I bought the mp3 player as a birthday present to myself. Looks like I can keep some things from you, if I try.

I wanted to swiftly move away from the topic so I said, “Yeah, I guess. Anyway, the parents went upstairs to get some sleep before their early morning drive while Sam cleaned up the mess and I poured what was left of the champagne.

“He sat in the chair next to me, lifted his glass and said, ‘To the prettiest 18 year old I’ve ever seen.’ He touched my glass and we both drank; his eyes not leaving mine. After a moment he said, ‘Can I ask you a personal question?’

“‘Of course.’

“‘Have you ever had an orgasm that you didn’t give yourself?’ He took in my confused look and continued, ‘I mean, has anyone else ever given you an orgasm?’

“‘Oh um,’ I was taken aback a little at this question but answered honestly, ‘No.’

“‘Then sweetie, have I got a birthday present for you.’ He said as he took my glass and set it aside before pulling me onto his lap. ‘I’m gonna make you feel so good.’

“He kissed me in that soft, urgent way of his that somehow gave and took at once. The desire that I had kept in check all night was finally released and I responded to his kiss with a fervor that matched his. He pulled me around to straddle him pushing my dress up and pressing me tightly to him so I could feel his erection straining against his pants. Such a thin piece of material separating my nakedness from the object of my desire. It was a heady feeling, I had never before felt wanting like this.

“His kiss slid from my lips to my ear and slowly down my neck while his hands slid the straps of my dress down over my shoulders. He leaned me back against the table and moved his hands to cup each breast before dipping his head to cover one nipple in luscious wet warmth that sent a wave a pleasure through my body. I could feel heat and moisture gathering in my pussy as I rocked against him making his pants damp. He moaned as he lavished attention on the other nipple and pulled me tighter against him.

“I wanted him in a way I had never imagined I could want anyone, but I had one last coherent thought in my head and I gave voice to it before I was beyond all sense, ‘Please, I don’t want to lose my virginity on the kitchen table.’ I said.

“He gave me a devilish grin and said, “That’s not what this is about.” He lifted me up off his lap and sat me down on the table pulling the chair behind him with his foot. Slipping one shoe off, he lifted my leg and placed it on his shoulder slowly kissing his way up but stopping just before reaching the apex of my thigh. He slipped the other shoe off and repeated the same torturously slow path up my other leg. He slid his chair forward as I tightened my legs around his neck.

“I had never felt so turned on in my life. I was completely open to him as his lips teased me dancing closer and closer to my now dripping pussy. I leaned back on my hands bracing myself just in time as he kissed lips that had never felt such pleasure before. My back arched involuntarily pushing me forward as his tongue slipped inside of me. He made a noise of satisfaction and buried his tongue deeper inside me making me squirm against him as I watched him drink in my juices like a man dying of thirst. It was the most erotic thing I’d ever seen.

“I dropped back to my elbows and threw my head back when he flicked his tongue across my clit before sucking gently on that sensitive bud. I pressed my lips together to stifle the moan that was rising in my throat. My elbows could no longer hold me up as he slipped his finger into my sopping wet pussy and I was now flat on my back with a hand over my mouth to keep me from crying out from the miraculous pleasure I was receiving.

“He added a second finger to the first and kicked his tongue into high gear as a storm built up inside me. Like thunder clouds gathering in the sky before the downpour, passion roiled through me before the tempest broke in a crescendo of pleasure. Both of my hands now stifled my rapturous cries as I loss nearly all control. I bucked against him and pulled my legs tighter. It was by far the strongest orgasm I had ever had and the tremors continued as he pulled his fingers out and slid them into his mouth before standing up and sliding my legs around his hips.

“My hands were still over my mouth and he smiled as he moved them in order to kiss me. ‘Happy Birthday.’ He whispered as he pressed against me, still rock hard, sending soft pleasurable waves through me.

“He pulled me up to a sitting position and kissed me tenderly knowing, instinctively it seemed, how overwhelmed I was by what I had just experienced. Gently, he pulled my dress back up and the straps over my shoulders before lifting me down from the table and leaning down to kiss me again.

“‘I want to come upstairs with you, but I don’t think I should. I won’t be able to leave you at your door.’ He said softly as he stroked my lips before bending down to retrieve my shoes, ‘I don’t know how I’ll get through the next seven hours.’

‘I know.’ I said as I took my shoes from him and stood on tiptoes to kiss him again before turning toward the stairs. ‘Try a cold shower.’ I suggested giggling as I mounted the stairs.

“I knew just how to spend my time. I took a long hot bath and reshaved everything I had already shaved, wondered what Sam was doing and fantasized about the coming day. Finally relaxed and tired enough to sleep, I crawled into bed. I slept lightly, however, and woke up the moment I heard the parents moving around. I got up and quickly brushed my teeth and freshened up before crawling back into bed to wait for the car to pull out and Sam to come to me. I worried that he would sleep too soundly and wouldn’t come to me when they left. Then I worried that he hadn’t slept a wink and would be too tired to come to me at all.

“The car doors slammed in quick succession jerking me out of me morose thoughts. I listened as the car started, pulled out of the driveway and drove away. My heart began to pound in earnest. Every second that ticked by seemed like an hour as I waited to hear Sam at the door. I had just closed my eyes in an attempt to calm myself when I heard a soft knock then the click of the door opening. I watched him come in and admired the view of him in just boxers as he crossed the room and slid into the bed next to me. We laid on our sides and looked at each other for a moment before he said, ‘Good morning, beautiful.’

“‘Good morning.’ I answered softly.

“He sensed my trepidation and said, ‘Don’t be scared, I won’t do anything until you’re ready. Ok?’ He reached out and playfully tugged a lock of my hair.

“‘I trust you.’ I said as I moved closer to him needing to feel his lips on mine again. Kissing him was like throwing a match onto dry tinder because flames burst forth and danced high once again. He was pleasantly surprised to find me already naked under the covers and pulled me close, pressing my breasts against him and deepening the kiss as my nipples raked across his bare flesh setting me afire.

“He pulled away briefly to take his boxers off then pulled me fully against him for a moment, pressing his warmth into me before rolling me onto my back. He balanced on one elbow and pulled a strand of hair from my face, smoothing it down as he stroked my cheek. As he leaned in and kissed me, I knew I had no reason to be scared, or even nervous. Sam would never hurt me.”

“What a great guy.” You interject sarcastically, still stroking my clit in long slow circles.

I ignore you and continue.

“I relaxed in his arms and gave myself over to his kisses, enjoying the feel of his tongue tangled in mine and the heat of his skin pressing against mine. His fingers caressed my skin following the curve of my waist, over my hip and back up again to stroke my breast. Every nerve ending was standing at attention, every touch heightened with pleasure.

“My fingers tangled themselves in his hair as I kissed his neck and filled my senses with his musk. I reveled in the taste of his skin. I felt an irrepressible need to share everything with him, to hold nothing back; and a need to take everything he would give of himself to me. My hands traveled up over his biceps before wandering down his back to caress the play of his muscles as they tensed and relaxed under my fingertips.

“Sam’s head dipped down to capture my lips once more as his hand traveled down over my breast gently rolling the nipple between his fingers sending a surge of pleasure through my body. His lips tasted sweeter than anything I had ever had and his touch was burning through my skin. He trailed his hand lightly down my belly setting off a flight of butterflies before reaching down to stroke my thighs and nudge them open to his exploring fingers. He cupped his hand over me warming me and I involuntarily ground my sex against it. I spread my legs wider and he stroked a finger over my lips before sliding it into the slickness of that tight, wet hole. A moan escaped my lips as he probed further, my muscles automatically tightening around the invading digit.

“‘Oh honey, you’re really tight.’ he whispered hoarsely as he pulled his finger up and rubbed the juices on my lips before kissing me again. I tasted myself keenly blended with the sweet taste of him and I felt the moisture pooling between my legs. He slide his finger back into me saying, ‘I need another taste.’ I had just taken his rock hard cock in my hand when he pulled away from me earning a cry of protest.

“‘It’s ok sweetheart.’ he said as he turned his body around so his head was in my lap and mine was face to face with the object of my desire. He pulled me onto my side and bent my top leg at the knee before burying his face in my pussy as I nearly simultaneously did the same to him. I hungrily took him into my mouth gaining a muffled moan of pleasure from him. He buried two fingers into me and sucked hard on my clit making me grind my pussy into his face. I pulled him further into my mouth trying to swallow him whole. He put his tongue to work and before I knew it, I was coming and I had to pull my mouth away from him to cry out euphorically. I delighting in the knowledge that I didn’t have to be quiet this time.

“He kissed me there once again before pulling himself face to face with me again. He held himself over me and I bent my legs and spread them wide in invitation. He pushed gently into me as he leaned down to kiss me, my essence full upon his lips. I pulled one leg up and hooked it over his back forcing him in a little deeper. He pushed until he met that barrier the marked my virginity.

“‘This will hurt. I’m sorry, but it will.’ He said, looking into my eyes to make sure I understood that he had no wish to cause me pain. ‘I’ll do it fast so that it’s over quick ok, it won’t last long,’ he smiled at the confusion on my face and added, ‘I mean that the pain won’t last long. Ok?’

“‘Ok.’ I said as kissed me and thrust hard into me. He muffled my cry of pain with his lips. His mouth moved to my ear and he whispered, ‘I’m sorry, I’m so sorry.’ He held himself inside me for a almost a minute kissing me while my body adjusted to his size, stretching and welcoming him into me. I pulled my other leg up and pulled them back toward my shoulders forcing him even further into me. The pain had subsided and, determined to get my earlier wish, I ran my hands down his back to grab the perfect taut curves of his ass and pulled him deeper into me.

“He rocked his hips and thrust into me as I tilted my own back inviting him even deeper with each thrust. I never felt anything like this before, he felt so good; no, good isn’t the word, he felt glorious.

“He pulled his head back to meet my eyes, ‘You feel so good baby, you are so damn tight.’

“I hadn’t even realized I had begun to moan with the pleasure he was giving me, a wordless commentary on how good he was making me feel. I could only say his name and ‘yes’ over and over with any coherency. The storm I had felt building in me yesterday was only a rainshower compared to what was gathering inside of me now.

“He was watching intently the first time the storm broke over me, raining pleasure over every inch of my body beginning deep inside my pussy, no deep inside ME. It was soul shaking and it spread from that one pinpoint like beams of light radiating out from some internal sun. He watched my face and heard me call out to him before kissing me hard and holding himself inside me as I climaxed around him. Then moaning his pleasure, he thrust harder and faster toward his own climax his head down beside mine. I began whispering in his ear now, “Yes, Sam, yes! Come for me now, come inside me baby.”

“And as he chased his own orgasm, I realized that I was galloping toward the finish line with him. That exquisite wave of torture was building up inside me again and somehow, I managed to gain my blessed relief from it at the same moment he did. I watched ecstasy flit over his features as he thrust into me, my own orgasm exploding in response. My pussy tightened into a death grip around that hard iron rod and at that moment, it was I who was holding him; it was I who kept him there, savoring the warmth of his cum filling me and pushing me to overlapping orgasms that seemed to go on forever.

“He was kissing me as I came back to Earth; kissing me as he took his weight off me and rolled to the side taking me with him. We were back to our original positions lying on our sides facing each other, joined at the lips and pressed up against each other desperately trying to catch our breath.

“He broke away and stroked my hair out of my face still breathing a hard, he simply said, ‘Wow.’ I could only nod in agreement, but wow was an understatement.

“He rolled onto his back and pulled me into his arms where I lay my head on his chest. I was so comfortable, I didn’t even contemplate the fact that I was no longer a virgin. I just listened to Sam’s rhythmic breathing as I fell into a deep sleep.”

“The End,” I said with finality, wanting only to lock this story back up again.

“Bullshit.” You say gruffly, “You were together for 3 days, there’s more to the story.”

“I promised you the story of losing my virginity, not my entire sexual history.” I protested hotly.

“I want the rest of it.” You said, your voice low and threatening.

Fully aware that I would pay for it, I pulled my courage together and simply said, “No.”

I think you were a little stunned at my defiance because you were quiet for a moment before answering dangerously, “Fine.” That one word and the way it was spoken struck me with terror. I had good cause to be afraid too, because you abruptly push me forward and say, “I’ll take it out of your ass then.”

I began to fight in earnest then, but it was useless, you easily overpower me grabbing me by the hair and pushing me onto my stomach. You let go of my hair and pull my arm painfully behind me pushing me onto my face as you forced my legs apart. I hear you spit then feel your finger being painfully forced into my ass. Then it was two fingers preparing my ass for the assault that came only a moment later.

You spit again, then press your cock against my ass for a second before ramming it home. I cried out in pain as you leaned into me driving even deeper. I fight until you press my head into the bed, suffocating me. I pushed against the bed with my hands in vain before reaching back to scratch and claw your arms. You jerked my head up painfully by the hair and leaned forward to say in my ear, “No? Did you say ‘no’ to me you stupid cunt? This is what ‘no’ gets you.” You let go of my hair and grab me by the hips thrusting painfully into that tight hole again and again.

You suddenly pull out and flip me over to straddle my chest trapping my hands beneath your legs and place one of your very large hands painfully on my throat saying, “Open your mouth, cunt.”

Under the mask, my eyes are wide and wet with tears and I foolishly do not comply immediately. Your hand tightens painfully around my throat and my mouth opens in a desperate attempt to breathe. I’m squirming futilely and I’m convinced I’m going to die, now that I’ve pushed you too far at last, but you let up enough for me to suck in a huge breath just as you shoot your cum into my open mouth. I’m choking now on this viscous liquid still squirming, trying to move you off my chest. I’m turning my head from side to side coughing and choking. You just keep on coming, on my face and in my hair.

When you are finally done, you get off me and haul me up by my hair so my cum-soaked face is only inches from yours and say, “Don’t you ever say ‘no’ to me again. Don’t ever fucking say ‘no’!” You toss me back onto the bed and get up. I hear you something open and close, then your footsteps return. You sit back down on the bed and say, “When I tell you to do something, you do it. When I tell you not to do something, you don’t do it. Got it?”

I nod, terrified beyond speech as you continue, “You belong to me, my property, mine! Don’t fucking forget that.”

I sit quietly as you do something I can’t identify by sound. I am scared and I’m convinced I’m sitting on the bed next to a psychopath, but something has snapped inside me. Where there was once resignation to my fate, there was now a spark of rebellion within me. It was telling you the story of Sam and I that did it. Remembering those magical days with him and what we said to each other on Wednesday morning while waiting for the parents to return made me realize what I had to do. If I made it out of here alive, I was going to do it.

The Next Day, Late Afternoon, 5:55PM, Outside Yuki’s House

I don’t know why I was outside Yuki’s home, last night after making love she told me that Gensi had decided to take her out for a meal in the evening after he finished word. I spoke to Riko, but she couldn’t help to get her mother out of the meal, and sadly I had to accept again, that Gensi was trying to stop me and Yuki from meeting. Riko was home alone, and she wasn’t supposed to be home until late that evening, and she was going to wait for her parents to get home. I was actually on my way back from the 7/11 Store nearby, and bought a bottle of Mountain Dew, a Three Musketeers’ Bar, and a pack of spicy chips.

I was really just trying to occupy myself, to make my mind off of Yuki, and snacking was my only way. I began to pass Yuki’s house, and it was dark now, and I began to hear unusual sounds from a window on the upper floor. I moved closer, throwing my empty Mountain Dew onto the grass and moved closer to the outside of the house. As I moved closer, I could make out Riko’s voice through the ajar window. She was supposed to be in a late class, and not home until tonight. I assumed she had simply skipped class.

“Jimmy, come on we can’t do it. My parents will be back soon.” Riko said in an irritated voice.

Then came the boy’s voice, he could only be eighteen years old. It sounded like he was trying to push for more with Riko, more than a bit of kissing and petting it seemed.

“Come on Riko, I’ve been waiting almost a fucking year for you. Just let me finger your pussy a little bit.” Jimmy said in his annoying, footballer jock voice.

“No Jimmy, look I want to stay a virgin. I’ll give you a hand job, and you can feel my tits but that’s where it stops. I am going to stay a virgin until College.” Riko retorted, angry and annoyed with Jimmy’s pestering.

“Fuck this, I know you Japanese sluts love it rough.” Jimmy’s voice rose, and I heard a scuffle from above, I was about to force my way inside to help her, when I heard Riko’s voice.

“Jimmy please stop this! Don’t tie me up, please!” Riko screamed, and then I heard a muffled voice, as if something stopped her from speaking any more.

I moved to the front door of the house, and knew a way inside without having to force the door open. I knew Riko always left the backdoor unlocked until the evening, when her or Gensi would lock it. I moved around the house quickly fearing for Riko, and found the backdoor and entered quickly.

I moved through the dark kitchen, and remembering the layout of the house moved to the staircase, and took two steps at a time to get to the to the next floor of the house. I was going to break little fucking Jimmy’s jaw for this. I moved around the staircase and down a corridor to Riko’s bedroom, the door was ajar with light filtering through. I moved fast, but silently to the door and pushed it open slightly. Inside the room there was Riko, on her back on her floor bound and gagged, and hell even blindfolded. Jimmy must have had this planned, should she have refused his advances.

She was still in her school uniform, a white shirt, and her green and blue plaid school skirt, it was now up around her thighs exposing her pantyhose clad legs. She was wearing her white plain socks over the the pantyhose, and the tights looked to be skin color. Her usual red ribbon around her neck was now tied in place around her wrists above her head, and Jimmy had obviously substituted binds for pantyhose, and had tied a balled up sock into her mouth, and used a darker pair of tights to blindfold her.

Her usually spiky, free brown hair was now a mess, probably due to her struggle. Riko’s chest heaved from the trouble of breathing through the gag in her mouth, and her nipples were even evident through her shirt. I had to admit I was getting a raging hard on, staring at her predicament. Jimmy wasn’t much to look at, he was a cute boy to girls, with his flop of blonde hair, and big build from his past-time of football. He looked like a little punk to me, as he had his back to me, busy pulling off Riko’s flat-sole shoes.

“I know you Japanese sluts want to be raped, I’ve watched enough of the porn on the internet, and you girls love a man to just rape you.” Jimmy laughed, his knowledge of the Japanese culture surprised even me, as he sounded like a complete fucking idiot.

I knew Riko was struggling to throw an obscenity at Jimmy, as the gag muffled her words, and she obviously couldn’t see me sneaking into the room.

“Don’t bother exhausting yourself Riko, that mouth is going to be chock full of cock in a moment.” Jimmy said smiling contently to himself.

She began to cry heavily, and the gag she had in her mouth began to become wet from her saliva, I moved in for the hit and struck Jimmy hard in the side of the head in silence. My blow knocked the fat lump onto his face on the floor, I moved quickly and struck him again and he fell unconscious from the blow. I moved quickly and dragged the bastard out of the room quietly, and out of the room. To make sure he didn’t wake and attack me again, I tied his ass up with a pair of Riko’s scarves.

I moved back into the room, preparing to free Riko. Then a thought hit my mind, Jimmy had given me my chance for a fuck tonight, with Yuki gone and out I was left with blue balls. Riko was here tied up, and ready for me, or Jimmy had I not knocked him out. As long as I kept the blindfold on her, she would be none of the wiser in thinking it was Jimmy raping her, and not me. I knelt down, and inspected Jimmy’s handiwork, and had to admit he must have been planning this for a long time. That much was evident in how well he had tied her up, it was amateur work, but good enough for the job he had planned.

I knocked out little Jimmy, and he was unlikely to wake up for a while, and with Yuki and Gensi gone until the evening I was pretty much alone with Riko for a good, few hours. I rubbed my bulge now, fully erect cock in my jeans, I knew I was going to fuck Riko for a good few hours. I leaned down and with my hands as still as steel I took hold of the buttons of her shirt, this wasn’t the first time I had done this. I began to quickly undo the buttons, and Riko instinctively shivered, and began to cry into her gag.

“Please!” Riko screamed, and her words were muffled by the gag, but she was obviously aware her shirt was coming off. I enjoyed her being so helpless, but the truth was that I was breaking my sworn promise to Riko, and Yuki. What she didn’t know, wouldn’t hurt her I thought.

Slowly the shirt came away revealing Riko’s valley of gracious flesh underneath it, and she had breasts almost as big as her mother’s, but much firmer and stuck outwards. Beneath the shirt, as I unbuttoned it further I saw she had a plain black, silk bra that held in her breasts, and even the bra looked large. I had to keep silent, one word uttered and she would know it was me. With the final button undone, her fair tanned skin and exposed flat tummy was on display to me. I smiled at the idea of having such control over this sexy bitch, and Riko was a virgin, double reward.

With my palms I roughly massaged her breasts, through the cups of her bra. Her moans were soft through the gag of the sock in her mouth, and I enjoyed the torture I was putting on her body. I found her hardening nipples through the cups, and they were quite big, and I rubbed on them to make them harden quicker for my own pleasure.

“Please stop this…” Riko screamed into her gag, her words were almost inaudible but being close to her I could just make out her pleading.

Shut the fuck up. I thought to myself, Riko’s muffled pleading was getting irritating now, I wanted to shove my cock in her mouth to keep her quiet. Keep you fucking muffled words down bitch. The thought gnawed at my mind. I began to press my thumb into her nipples, and they were now erect, pressing against the bra cups, and evidently obvious to anyone of being erect. I grinned, even if she was resisting, and pleading for me to stop, her body was reacting to my touch. Double standards, huh? I asked myself.

I began to push up her skirt now, no time in wasting since I did have time on my hands, but eventualities could always ruin my night with Riko. Slowly her green and blue plaid skirt rose, thanks to my own fingers, and her skin color pantyhose shone as more of her legs came into view.

“Please Jimmy stop, I just asked for time, I would have given it to you eventually.” Her muffled words came out, god I have to admit, Jimmy’s ingenuity of using her sock as Riko’s gag was inspired. He had truly researched his plans before putting them into action.

Slowly her inner thighs came into view now, and they shone brightly in her pantyhose. Her whole body quivered, and shook as my fingertips gently touched her inner thighs. I smiled contently to myself, Riko had no idea I wasn’t Jimmy, and I loved that little secret I had over her. I wasted no time in being gentle, and forced her thighs as wide as her hips would allow, with her skirt around her waist. I could see under her pantyhose she had straight, simple black silk panties.

The bitch may be a virgin, but she was built for fucking. That’s what struck my mind, seeing her body. Well I was now going to be this sexy bitch’s first cock, and first man inside her for sure. I gently rubbed her crotch through her pantyhose, and felt the intense heat of her womanhood beneath them. I moved my hand up to the waistband of her pantyhose, and onto the clip of her skirt, and I undid it. I began to pull them down, and Riko struggled with her legs. She tried to swing her legs to force me to stop pulling down her skirt, but I quickly had them around her ankles and off of her legs.

All that resisting only got your skirt off much quicker than I expected, bitch. I thought happily to myself. My hands returned to the waistband of her pantyhose, and quickly rolled them down her firm, sexy legs. She tried resisting, but by the time I felt movement in her legs, I had the pantyhose down around her feet and off across the carpet of her bedroom. My speed of undressing Riko, surpassed even my own expectations. I expected Riko to resist all the fucking way, and I would have had to rip her clothes off to get to her. I now could see her black silk panties, and wanted to see how wet she was.

I pressed my bare palm against her crotch, and felt her hot, searing mound underneath her panties. She was extremely hot, warm and even wet, the panties were soaked through. This dirty bitch was getting hot from being raped. I leaned down, and pressed my nose and mouth against the wet crotch of her panties and tasted her womanly juices. She was sweet, yet her panties began to leak of her juices as I pressed my nose, and mouth against her mound.

I was getting tired of the foreplay, and took hold of her panties by the waistband, and roughly yanked them down to be show the prize of her hairless, smooth virgin pussy. Riko began to cry heavily, knowing I could see her pussy, a prize no man, not even Jimmy had been lucky enough to see. I shoved my face hungrily into her muff, and slurped, licked, sucked and kiss her wet, slippery pussy. Her crying turned immediately into hungry moans, that I knew meant I was on the verge of putting her through an orgasm. I smiled, and like a hungry animal continued to maul her pussy with my mouth.

I wanted to hear Riko now, we were alone, and she would think I was still Jimmy, as long as I said absolutely nothing. I undid the gag in her mouth, and threw the sock aside and Riko breathed in heavily. I continued to maul her pussy, knowing she was helpless, and for some unknown reason I knew she was no longer going to cry. I knew she was going to moan now in ecstasy. I pressed my tongue against her open, wet pussy lips. She shuddered and screamed.

“Fuck Jimmy, where did you learn this stuff from! You never did this for me, ever!” She squealed like a happy pig in mud.

I smiled, yet felt strangely jealous that she thought it was Jimmy doing this to her, and not knowing it was me. I continued to apply pressure from my tongue onto her nub, her sexy clitoris. She shuddered against her binds, and gritted her teeth. I loved her face, no longer a contortion of anger and pain, but of ecstasy.

“Jesus this can’t be you Jimmy, you are too good to be this good! Give me more Jimmy!” She screamed ecstatically.

I lapped at her cunt, her womanly pussy like a hungry dog who hadn’t been fed by it’s owner for days. Her body writhed, shuddered, shook, shivered as I devoured her young, virgin pussy. Her body shuddered harder, and I felt her press her pussy against my mouth willingly. If I did now show myself to Riko, I knew she wouldn’t fight me off, but I wasn’t going to risk it all for that. I moved away from her pussy a few moments later, and sitting up I looked down at her beautiful bound body, it was moist and glistening in sweat worked up from our actions.

I began to tug down my jeans now, not caring as I was going to fuck Riko like the little bitch she was. Riko began to swing her head left to right, as if listening intently to what I was doing. She could not mistake the sound of my belt coming off, and jangling for anything but me getting ready to fuck her.

“Jimmy please, can’t we just stop at this! You’ve had your fun, let me go and I’ll give you this soon enough.” She said now, in a gentle tone as if trying to coax Jimmy in backing off, but I wasn’t Jimmy.

Just shut up, or the gag goes back in. I wanted to shout out, but she would know it was me. I began to pull my hard, erect cock from my boxers and moved closer to her wet, glistening pussy. I pressed my cock against her pussy lips gently, and then slapped her pussy with it. I wanted to tease the bitch. I began to prod, and poke her pussy with my cock-head and she began to breath hard.

“Please I’m a virgin, I’m not ready for this.” She pleaded.

I don’t give a fucking shit. I thought to myself. I began to press my cock-head against her womanhood, and her feeble attempts to push away from me failed, as slowly her virgin womanhood opened up to me.

“Please don’t take this away from me, Jimmy! This is all a woman has!” She pleaded, and I pulled back my hips before shoving hard into her, and her holy gates opened around my rod.

“No! Fuck! Please stop it!” She pleaded, as her neck tensed, and I felt her try to roll her hips, to get away from me. I held her in place, as half of my cock’s length entered her, and a few drops of blood appeared around my cock. I had penetrated her young womanhood.

I still had half of my cock to shove inside her, but she was extremely tight around me. I began to push like a drill, slowing knocking down her inner walls to get closer to her womb.

“Please, you’re inside me now you son of a bitch. Just stop at that for me, Jimmy.” She pleaded in a lower tone, mixed with gasps and cries, and she still thought I was Jimmy.

I wasn’t paying her any heed, and slammed into her with one final buck of my hips, forcing my cock inside her fully. She screamed like she had been impaled on a spear, and cried out, the cry died quickly away, but her mouth was still wide open as if it hadn’t left her throat yet. Her face spoke of a scream, but no scream came from her throat, just a gurgling sound. That was soon followed by hollow breathing, and the only real sound was the wet, smacking sound from my cock sliding in and out of her.

“I will never forgive you, Jimmy. Ever.” She whispered, I could only just hear it over my own grunts.

Too bad I ain’t Jimmy, he’s going to truly suffer once he comes around. I suspected that Riko would push for Jimmy to be charged with rape, and the one truly responsible would get away with it. The perfect crime. With every movement I made her body bounced, and moved, but throughout it all her tears rolled knowing what I was doing to her. Riko was innocent in all of this, she had done her best to help me and her mother be together. She was just in the wrong place, and at the wrong time when I had blue balls.

A few minutes passed, the only noises were the smacking sounds from my fucking of Riko’s pussy, and her own groans and gasps. Eventually I felt close to erupting inside her, and I pushed my cock fully inside her at the last moment, and erupted inside her pussy. She cried out, and her whole body shook.

“No! Don’t cum inside me, I’ll get pregnant you fucker!” She gasped, and slowly her cry died, and she simple mumbled, and shivered on the floor.

I eased my cock out of her pussy, and a string of cum leaked from her pussy onto my cock, and left a trail on her floor as I sat back admiring my handiwork. Rape was a strong word, I just saw what I did as the means to getting rid of my blue balls, caused by Riko’s mother. I stood as quietly as I could, other than my own ragged grunts for breath. I moved over to her head, and she was still blindfolded. I moved down and crouched next to her, and pressed my limp cock against her quivering lips.

“No you sick fuck, I’m not sucking your dirty limp dick!” She protested blindly, but I quickly shoved my limp cock-head into her mouth.

She gagged, and looked repulsed but I held her head in place on my cock. But she quickly submitted, and growled around my cock as I violated her mouth with it. Slowly I became hard once again, it wasn’t difficult with a woman like Riko in front of me. I was now fully erect in her mouth, and Riko was gagging helplessly as my cock-head struck the back of her throat over and over again.

This was what Riko was capable of, she wasn’t supposed to look sexy around me, and not expect repercussions. Riko was my back-up woman, if Yuki was away, and I had needs of her. She was quite a competent cock sucker, and a good fuck, I actually liked when she tried to resist. It made the fuck even more thrilling, to know I was taking away Riko’s only personal belonging, and she was truly mine. I enjoyed taking a woman’s virginity, either by force or consensual.

I felt close once more, with Riko’s wet, warm mouth at work around my cock it wasn’t surprising I was ready to explode again. I wanted to speak, I wanted to shout out like a victorious warrior that had taken his prize, I wanted her to know it was me who was fucking her, and not Jimmy. But I couldn’t do that, this was only the start of our extremely close, and personal relationship, even if she was unaware of it. I exploded in her mouth, and smiled as she was forced to swallow most of it, and the rest she spurted out around my cock in her mouth.

I pulled out of her mouth, and she gasped for air. I smiled at my work, cum drops across her face, and some even on her chest. I stood up, and began to dress quickly, my plan was to call the Police from a public telephone, and have Police find her, and Jimmy unconscious. I smiled and dressed she called after me as she heard my footsteps.

“You’re done Jimmy, I am going to make sure you’re put in prison for this.” She gasped, and smiled contently.

Yeah right. I thought to myself, and left her room stepping over Jimmy who was unconscious. I moved his body to make it look like he fell over, and knocked himself into unconsciousness, that he wasn’t looking where he stepped. I quickly left the house now dressed, leaving Riko naked, truly raped, and waiting helplessly for Police. I did a quick jog down the street to a public phone, that was about a five minute walk away from Riko’s house in distance. I shoved a quarter into the phone coin slot, and dialed 911.

The operator asked for the details of my emergency.

“Yes I believe a woman has been raped, and he may still be raping her. The address is…” I said and trailed off with the address of Riko’s house, and demanded that female officers respond with male officers, as the victim seemed in shock to me.

The moment she asked for my details, I hung up the phone and began a brisk sprint back to my house before the Police arrived. Riko in thinking it was Jimmy who had raped her, would tell Police that he did rape her, and they would arrest him. I stood in my lounge, and smiled happily to myself, and waited for the show to begin.

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