Master’s instructions arrive in my inbox unexpectedly. They are characteristically direct and precise. I stare at the email and wonder what He is thinking. There is no explanation. I review the instructions and hope that at the completion of them, I will find Him waiting for me. A reward perhaps for my obedience.

The prospect of seeing Master is motivating but non-essential to my compliance. In His instructions I hear His tone and this is enough to shift me into my submissive state and set about immediately in the fulfilment of His wishes.

I watch the clock and calculate my preparations and travel against the time specified. Already I am compromising: this is no time to consume food or engage with a hair straightener. I douche, shower and dress. As per instructions I have chosen something ultra feminine and conservative: a sheer pink skirt with a long handkerchief hemline, a white cap sleeved top and pink stilettos. I am discomforted by Master’s instruction to go braless: I am too big for this indulgence and do not think I can pass it off as anything but supremely slutty. I understand though that it is the contradiction of my whoredom and my attire that He finds appealing, that my discomfort and potential humiliation at being without a bra is simply an added bonus for His amusement.

Beneath the skirt my skin is smooth and hairless and my bald, naked cunt is caressed by the fabric. I lube up my butt plug and plunge it into my anus, closing my eyes and, in that moment, imagining it is the feel of Master’s cock once again penetrating my sphincter.

I consult the instructions. Master is specific about the scent that I wear, my makeup and the time that I should leave the house. He also specifies the contents of my handbag. I am soothed by the attention to detail exacted upon me. The item He has emphasised must not be overlooked is safely tucked into the inner sanctum of my bag with my car keys, my lube and my purse.

As the clock snaps over to the hour, I lock up the house and leave. As I drive, I am conscious of the fullness of the plug in my asscunt and the increasing arousal between my legs.

I drive across town to the public car park specified in the email. I enter and park as instructed, step out of my vehicle and bend over as if to look at the front driver’s tyre. I wait. Master has made it very clear that I must bend and wait. That, whatever happens, I must not move until I am next given an instruction. That until I am given that instruction, my position must not be modified or abandoned.

I feel vaguely silly. I am bending over, legs slightly spread, ass in the air and peering at my front tyre, waiting. I feel my thighs begin to strain, the muscles tightening. Then I hear movement; footsteps clicking across the car park towards me. I do not move. I wait. The footsteps near and I am conscious of a body behind me. Is it Master? Am I being too hopeful to expect a surprise visit? I remain ignorant, bent over, peering at the rubber ridges of my tyre. A hand reaches up under the fabric of my skirt and strokes my cunt lips. I know immediately it isn’t Him. He does not touch me this way. I am both alarmed and aroused that Master has subjected me to a stranger’s touch. The unknown hand explores my cunt lips, separating them and then probes inside my cunt.

All my attention is focused upon the person behind me. My skirt is raised and laid across my back. My plugged asscunt is fully exposed and I am now increasingly nervous of being discovered by someone who is not ordained by You. The plug from my ass is removed. I wait expectantly before being surprised by the plastic baggy with my plug in it being passed over my shoulder. I take it and hold on to it. I have received no instruction and so do not move from my position. Two hands spread my ass cheeks wide and I feel a soft breath blowing on my anus. My cunt dribbles. Then, curiously, I feel something placed in between my ass cheeks and am certain that it is a card.

“Count to 30. Remove the card. Go the location on the card. There is a bar there. Sit at the bar and wait.”

I count to 30, extract the card from between my ass cheeks and note that it is for a hotel a few streets away. It is implied then that I am to leave my car here. I lock it up, tuck the card in my handbag and head off to the hotel bar that is my next destination.

I enter the hotel lobby and cross the foyer to the bar. There are a few suits in attendance but no more than half a dozen. Apart from these few, the bar is relatively empty. The area is littered with chic lounges and small coffee tables upon which sit flickering tea lights in glasses. I approach the bar, where a young Asian bartender stands haloed by multicoloured neon lights that highlight the variety of cocktail mixers on the shelf behind him. I perch myself on a stool at the end of the bar and watch him approach. I am uncertain now. Master has not instructed me to order a drink and since the rest of His instructions have been exhaustive, I do not think that I should deviate now into improvisation. I resolve to tell the bartender that I am waiting for someone, which may or may not be true, for all I know.

As it happens the issue is moot: the bartender approaches and states my name. I nod and pick up the wine coaster that he has slipped across to me. Upon it is written “Collar and blindfold on in lift. Floor six.” I glance up and notice the wry smile of the bartender watching me. I have the grace to blush for the obviousness of our games: I am in a hotel bar, without a bra, with instructions to attend a floor with a blindfold on. The only comfort I take from this is that I clearly cannot be mistaken for a whore. That I am one for my Owner is our secret, and I take this secret into the lift with me.

Inside the mirrored interior of the lift, I put on my collar and secure the blindfold around my head; I press floor six and then lower it over my eyes and wait. My senses are automatically heightened. I count the floors as the lift lurches and shudders beneath me. I work to regulate my breathing, to temper my rising anxiety and excitement. I trust my Owner not to place me in danger; however, I know that He is also creative and deeply perverted and so, as I rise to the sixth floor, I know that my wet cunt is accompanied by an adrenal surge and increase in my pulse rate.

A sharp spear of anxiety up my back announces my arrival on the sixth floor. I hear the doors open and then more than one person enters; I am conscious of a body on either side of me. A leash is attached to my collar and I am pulled forward out of the lift.

Propelled by the tugging of the leash, I walk down a corridor and come to a stop only when a hand grips my upper arm to prevent me moving further. I hear a card swipe and a door open and I am gently but firmly pushed inside. The door closes with an ominous click behind me.

I am propelled into the room and then wrenched to a halt. I tilt my head, listening, but no one speaks and for a moment there is no obvious movement. Then I feel pressure on my shoulders and I sink to my knees in response. Fingers pinch my nose shut and, automatically I open my mouth to breathe. A thick cock is fed into my open orifice and I know instinctively, as I begin to work it with my mouth, that it is my Master’s cock: its size and shape, the soft brush of pubic hair against my burrowed face, the distinctive scent that is Him. I inhale deeply between long hard sucks. I am falling into subspace. There is an intense pleasure in sucking, licking, pulling, smelling and tasting my Owner’s cock; like an all-day sucker it fills my mouth and could occupy me for hours were it not for the welt that grows in my mouth from my vigorous occupation.

Beneath my exploring tongue, I feel the cock grow increasingly rigid and imagine the engorged and angry nature of my Owner’s meat as it is pulled from between my lips.

“Greedy little cunt.” My Owner’s voice confirms His presence and I hear pleasure in his deep tones.

I am smiling now having given pleasure, I receive my own from having done so.

I am turned around and Master’s command “Bend and spread” has me face first into the bedspread standing on the floor with my legs spread and my hands holding my asscunt wide. I feel thick fingers penetrate my rectum and I know from the rapid finger fucking and the instantaneous surging of my cunt that my Owner is in control. His knowledge of my asscunt is my intense pleasure and my undoing, it is the chain that binds me and the vehicle of my own escape. I bark my request for permission to cum.

“Cum, bitch.” My cunt floods on command. No sooner do I catch a breath than Master increases the intensity again on the spot he understands offers a direct line to my cunt, and I am barking again for permission, and my Owner once again commands me to cum, which I do with abandon.

There is a lull and once again I strain to hear communication between my Master and the others in the room, but I cannot. I am pulled upright again, lead a few steps and then pushed into a chair. It is a chair with arms and my legs are forcefully spread and hung over each arm rest. My arms are placed on each thigh and together, thigh and arm are bound to the armrest on each side. I am splayed wide open. I am not very comfortable and hope fervently that this position will be temporary or that I might be fucked senseless so that the discomfort is no longer my focus.

I feel fingers spreading the lips of my cunt. There is more than one hand in play. There is perhaps two, but as fingers pull my labia and invade my cunt, I am overwhelmed by the multiple sensations and cannot be sure how many hands are involved. My hips are pulled forward and a long cool probe is inserted into my ass. My cunt is wiped. My blind focus is caught between my ass which is being stretched and my cunt which seems curiously as though it is being cleaned. Then my head is yanked back by my hair and a ball gag inserted into my mouth. Ugh. I am unhappy with this. I hate gags. I am surprised and alarmed: Master has never tried to silence me before.

The probe in my ass is slowly pistoning in and out of my back passage as fingers work my cunt. I am feeling intensely aroused, but equally frustrated: the ministrations on either hole are not designed to complete my arousal but to prolong it. Then suddenly I feel cold metal on my cunt and then an excruciating sharp pain. I scream through my gag. I have been pierced! Master had once threatened to apply a padlock piercing to my cunt. Oh good lord, this must be it. I am breathless with pain. Then I feel movement, the probe is removed and a cock pushed swiftly into my cunt and the ball gag whipped off my mouth. I wind up to speak but am silenced by my Owner’s mouth on mine, kissing me as He pounds my wounded cunt. The pain is everywhere are once, but so entwined with pleasure that I feel mindless with it.

My Owner’s hands grip my thighs as He pushes deeper inside me and whispers, “My cunt now.” I bark into His mouth my request for release and in return receive permission to cum. As I relax into an intense form of pain therapy that has my cunt squirting my Master’s looming torso, I feel the cock inside me twitch and the sensation of being filled with my Owner’s hot seed.

I’m in the car. I’m almost there, and she has her instructions. She’s waiting for me.

It’s night, and the house is dark. I come in through the front door and drop my stuff at the table. I can’t wait to see her. I walk up the stairs to the bedroom.

A bedside lamp is on.

I stop in the doorway and watch her. She knows I’m here because she heard the door and my footsteps on the stairs. But she can’t see me because she’s blindfolded. She’s laying on her back in bed, naked, legs spread wide, and she’s playing with herself with her favorite vibrator. I can hear her moaning softly.

She’s a beautiful woman. Young and short and dark, with full lips and breasts. I watch as she moves her hips against the vibrator in her hand. She’s pushing it in deep tonight, a sign that she’s really hot for sex.

Instead of moving into the room, I stand and enjoy the show for a moment. She knows I’m watching. I can tell it’s turning her on, and she puts on a show by arching her back and moaning a little louder. She throws her arm wide and grabs at the sheets. It’s her way of enticing me to join her.

I undress. I can see that she’s close to orgasm. She must have been at this for a while. The sheets underneath her are damp.

She moans louder, and starts to buck her hips, and I know she’s cumming. She pushes the vibrator in deep, and holds it there. Her movements are jerky and her legs are trembling. I take in the sight of her, and gently touch my cock as I watch. Finally, she collapses.

After a while, her movements become slow and languid. Then the vibrator begins to move again. Gentle and shallow.

Quietly, she says, “I need you.”

I go to her. I place the flower I brought for her on the bedside table, and lay down on my side next to her. Within arms reach, but not touching her. I say, “don’t speak tonight. Just listen, and do what I say.”

She smiles a little.

I tell her, “We’re going to play a game. Your part of the game is to lay there silently and masturbate. You’re blindfolded so that you can focus on what you feel. My part of the game is to ask you questions about what you want me to do to you while you masturbate. If you want to do what I say, keep playing with yourself. If you’re hesitant to do what I suggest, slow down. If you don’t want me to do something, stop masturbating and I won’t do it. Understand?”

She doesn’t say anything. But she moves her hips slightly, and pushes the vibrator a little deeper inside her.

I’m watching her. I speak in a slow, quiet voice. “Good. Let’s start easy. I’ll set the scene. You’re home. It’s late at night. You’re lying in bed, naked and blindfolded. You’re using your vibrator to play with yourself as I watch, naked, beside you. First question… do you want me to kiss you while you masturbate?”

Her strokes with the vibrator are deep and slow. She likes it that way. I lean forward and gently touch my lips to hers. Our kiss is soft, passionate, and lingering. I run my tongue across hers. As we kiss, I can feel her body moving, masturbating underneath me.

I move away to ask her my next question. “Do you want me to touch you?”

She smiles, and continues to play with herself. I reach my hand forward, and softly caress her collarbone and neck. I see her relax, and as I run my fingertips down her arm, she takes a deep breath. I tickle the inside of her elbow, and caress her stomach. My hand goes up to her breasts, and I tug gently on her nipples. I carefully roll them between my fingers. When I move my hand down to touch the inside her thigh, she jumps a little, and sighs.

She spreads her legs wider for me. I lean in to kiss her again. I caress her pussy lips while she uses the vibrator. She moans a little as we kiss. My fingertips are wet, and I softly rub them against her clit.

She’s enjoying herself. She’s shifting her hips, and moaning softly. I move my mouth to her ear, and flick her earlobe with my tongue. I whisper, “can I put something in your mouth?”

My change in tone clearly excites her, and she masturbates harder. I ask, “whatever I want?”

She agrees. My fingers are slick with her juices as I raise them to her lips. Her mouth is already open, waiting. As I push them in, she sucks on them. Just the fingertips at first. Then I push two fingers deeper into her throat, and I watch as she moves her hips against the vibrator.

I whisper into her ear again. “Such a dirty girl. Blindfolded, playing with yourself, and sucking on my fingers. I bet you wish you were sucking on something else of mine, don’t you?”

She thrusts her hips off the bed, and pushes the vibrator harder inside her.

I’ve been laying on my side this whole time, facing her. Now I push myself up off the bed. Without warning, I grab her under her arms, and pull her sideways. I reposition myself and pull her again, until her head tilts backward off the side. The new position excites her, and she rocks her hips from side to side while she masturbates. She’s using the vibrator much more quickly now.

I stand back to watch her for a minute. The blindfold is still in place. She’s pushing the vibrator in deep.

I play my gambit.

“Do you want to slow down?”

Her brow furrows a little as she thinks it over. If she agrees to do it, she’ll slow down and continue masturbating. If she doesn’t want to do it, she has to slow down to tell me so.

She whimpers a little, and slows down. Her head is still leaning backward over the edge of the bed. I approach, and touch the tip of my cock to her cheek. She immediately opens her mouth, and I move my cock over to her tongue. Once she has the head of my cock in her mouth, she sucks on it greedily. She extends her neck to get more of it inside.

I know she wants me to ask her something else so that she can masturbate faster again. I move my cock slowly in and out of her mouth. When I speak, my voice is slow and husky.

“You look so sexy, sprawled out below me, playing with yourself, with my cock in your mouth. I see that vibrator deep inside you and wish it was my cock. Push it in a little deeper for me.”

She does.

“Better. Do you want me to push my cock deeper inside your mouth, too?”

Now she cheats a little. She reaches behind me with one of her hands, and pulls me harder onto her mouth. She begins to masturbate more quickly again. I push my cock deeper into her throat, and she masturbates faster still. I know she likes oral. She likes to take my cock deep in her throat; it’s always been a bit of a game for her. I can feel her swallow against me now. But while she likes giving oral, she has always refused to swallow my cum.

She’s enjoying herself so much that I decide it’s time for another gambit. “Do you want to swallow my cum?”

I see a look of frustration pass over her features while she slows down for a moment. Then she speeds up again.

I’m still pushing my cock into her mouth. I move my hand down between her legs, and place my hand on hers. I help her push the vibrator into her pussy. I’m not pushing hard, but I can see that this excites her.

“You’re going to have to be clearer than that. If you want to swallow my cum like a dirty girl, I want you to moan against my cock and pump your hips against the vibrator. If not, I want you to slow down.”

She pulls me harder into her mouth, moans, and starts humping her hips against the vibrator.

Her enthusiasm has its effect. I’m dangerously close to coming now. I move my cock out of her mouth and position my balls where she can lick them. She uses her tongue eagerly. I reach down to play with her nipples.

She’s arching her back a little now, and I know she’s close. The vibrator is moving fast and hard inside her. She moves her hand to grip at the sheets. I can see a little sweat on her stomach. I close my eyes and focus on the feel of her tongue on my balls. She sucks one of my balls into her mouth as I’m stroking my cock.

The thought of her swallowing my cum pushes me to the edge.

I lower my cock to her mouth. She takes the tip of it quickly, and I can feel the tip of her tongue as she swirls it around. She’s moaning loudly, and begins to buck her hips. She pushes the vibrator in deeply, and holds it there as I start to cum.

There’s no hesitation as she sucks on my cock. The vibrator is still deep in her pussy.

Both of our orgasms are long, and when we’re both done, she continues sucking softly on my cock. I slowly back out, and watch her as she swallows. She licks her lips. Her legs tremble a little, and her breathing is deep.

I kneel down, and kiss her brow. She’s upside down and it’s awkward, but I move forward to kiss her lips tenderly. As we do so, her movements are slow and languid as she raises her hand to cup my cheek.

“You’re beautiful,” I say.

*Note: This is my first attempt at this style of writing. Please let me know if you enjoy it.*

The Experience

Someone once told me that the most erotic experience is being completely vulnerable. Having your freedom and safety taken out of your hands and given explicitly to someone else. I must admit I didn’t quite understand what she meant, until the day she showed up at my door.

I was lying on the couch at home that day flipping through the television channels. I was bored and feeling extremely lazy. The Arizona summer heat usually had that effect on me. I honestly felt as if it drained the very desire to do anything from my body, and slow boiled any thoughts of productivity out of my mind. I just could not fathom the way that people could be out during this heat.

I should probably explain why I think this way. I am from California, San Diego to be exact, and I absolutely love being outdoors. I am not normally a hermit. However, I am also not used to being able to fry an egg on the steps outside of my apartment either. Where I called home, it was a beautiful seventy-two degrees outside. The sun was shining and the brisk wind off of the ocean carried the smell of salt across the city. So, when I moved back to the Phoenix area for school, I began to realize why I had left in the first place, years ago.

So there I was, flipping through the myriad of day time shows when a knock came at the door. I sighed, not wanting to expend the energy necessary to get up and answer it. A second knock rang out by the time I went the ten feet from the couch to the door. I opened it in a huff, and froze in surprise. My brother’s ex fiancé, Cari stood at the door. We stood there for a moment, neither of us saying a word before she broke the awkward silence.

“You going to invite me in, or…?”

I blinked and turned red as I realized that I had been staring at her tits. I cleared my throat and stepped aside, asking, “Would you like to come in, Cari?”

Her smile was the only answer she gave as she moved passed me. I began to feel embarrassed by the state of my bachelor pad as her gaze wandered around the apartment. Dirty dishes were stacked in the sink, along with a pile of clothes in the corner that I had long ago lost track of which ones were clean and which were dirty.

“So, uhm, what exactly are you doing here?” I winced at the harshness of my voice. I had nothing against Cari, her and my brother had broken up years ago, and truth to tell, I had even stopped thinking of her as “my brother’s ex”. I had always found her to be irresistibly sexy, yet for obvious reasons I had never said anything, and now she was standing in my apartment and I had no idea why.

She glanced at me over her shoulder, “You aren’t happy to see me?”

Oh, I was happy to see her, a little too happy actually. Cari was absolutely the sexiest girl I had ever known. Dirty blonde hair cut in a bob style, with a face that shouted innocence. Yet that innocence was belied by her clear blue eyes. My eyes roamed her petite body unconsciously. I swear there wasn’t an ounce of fat on her. Her breasts were smaller and her ass was nice and tight. Just looking at her caused my dick to stir.

“Of course I’m happy to see you, but how do you even know where I live?”

“I got your address from your brother. He said you’d be able to look at my lap.”

I raised an eyebrow. “Your lap?”

She flashed a mischievous grin. “My laptop, you pervert.”

“Yeah, right. That’s what I meant.”

She reached into her backpack and pulled out her computer and set it on my desk. “Its been running really slow and crashing a lot. Think you could take a look at it?”

“Uhm, sure. Do you want to come back for it or?”

“I’ll wait for now. Don’t really have anything else to do today. Do you mind if I use your bathroom?”

“No, not at all. Its in the bedroom.” I watched her ass sashay as she walked away from me. Her jeans hugged every curve. When she was out of sight, I adjusted myself and took a deep breath before sitting down and attempting to focus on her computer.

I had so engrossed myself in the antivirus and hacking software that I was running that I hadn’t heard her come back out of the bathroom. The moment I knew she was there, was when everything went dark.

I yelped in surprise and reached up to remove the blindfold she had placed on me. Her voice stopped me. “Don’t touch.” Her soft whisper in my ear sent a shock of electricity through me. I sat there unsure of what exactly was going on.


Her whisper cut me off. “Don’t talk. Just relax.”

Everything was silent for a few moments, making my anxiety grow with each heartbeat. Just what the fuck was she doing?

Her hand grasped mine and pulled me to my feet. She led me only a few steps before telling me to stop and ordering me to keep my hands at my side. Another few moments passed before she roughly grabbed my shirt, a tearing sound filled my ears as she cut it off. I resisted the urge to protest about her cutting my favorite shirt. Her hands were already working on my belt. Within moments, I was standing naked with just a blindfold.

A light kiss was placed on my neck, nothing more than a quick peck, yet it made me gasp. I had no idea why she was doing this, but I found I didn’t care as another kiss was planted on my chest. She didn’t touch me at all, other than with her lips. And each time it was in a different place. My chest, my back, my thigh then back up to my neck. After a few more randomly placed kisses, her nails began to trace lightly over my body. She sucked the finger of my right hand into her mouth and swirled it around. Her fingers traced down and around my now solid hard cock. She would trace the area around the base, yet never touch it.

Every time I moved my hips to attempt to make contact, she would pull her hand away. I had never been so turned on in my life. The sensation was ecstasy mixed with frustration. She popped my finger out of her mouth and began kissing down my chest. As she reached my stomach, I bit my lip.

As much confidence as I had in who I was, I had always been a bit self-conscious about my body. I wasn’t firm and flat, I had a little extra weight and it showed, especially around my stomach. Yet, she didn’t seem to care. She continued to kiss her way down to my left hip and across my stomach to the other hip. She dragged her nails down my thighs and up my calves. Kissing and caressing around my cock, yet still not touching it.

She saw my struggle to keep my hands placed at my side, and when it was close to the boiling point, she wrapped her mouth around my cock and took me completely inside. I moaned loudly as she brought her head off my cock to lick around the tip before engulfing it once again.

Her hands reached up and lightly tickled my ass, sending yet another shock through me. Her sucking reached a frenzied state as she played with my ass. I groaned as I felt my eruption building a moment before exploding. My knees threatened to buckle as she took pump after pump of my cum in her mouth. As I finished, I heard her lick her lips and sigh in satisfaction.

Her lips pressed against my ear and she whispered, “Don’t move.”

I stood there in a fog, waiting for what seemed like hours, wondering what she had in store for me next. The minutes passed, and nothing happened. I cautiously reached up and removed my blindfold. She was gone.

A note on her laptop was all that was left. I picked it up and read it.

It simply said “I’ll be back for the laptop.”

I shook my head, still in disbelief as to what happened. After getting a fresh pair of boxers on, I sat down to finish the cleanup of her computer. I smiled as the screen saver stopped. A video was playing. I saw myself standing naked in the middle of the living room as Cari, naked except for her knee high leather boots, began teasing my body.

I reached into my boxers as another twinge hit me. I knew at that moment it was going to be a very unproductive day.


Carl lay exhausted next to the insatiable vixen. He was mesmerized by her creamy skin, red hair, translucent blue eyes, large bright smile, magnificently displayed round breasts, small ass and long legs. She was a vision. Their bodies ached in delight from a night of pleasure after knowing one another less than a week. Krasa had never allowed herself to date anyone from work, let alone invite anyone into her home for a lavish intimate dinner with generous portions of sex. Dessert had been served in the bedroom.

Krasa had never met anyone like Carl; Carl had never met anyone like Krasa.

“I have another question for you,” she said.

“Go ahead,” he invited, glad for a brief respite from the evening of amazing unrelenting sex.

“Anything?” she asked?

“Is that your question?” he answered playfully. He reached for some whipped cream and dabbed it on her nose before kissing it to clean it.

“No.” she laughed. “Really, anything? You’ll answer truthfully.”

“Haven’t I always?”

Krasa had experienced nothing but his transparent honesty all week. “True,” she said. “It’s something I’ve wondered for two days.” She kissed his lip and tasted whipped cream.

Carl’s curiosity grew. “Then let’s break the suspense. I’ll answer anything you want,” he promised.

“What is your greatest unfulfilled sexual fantasy?”

“Whoa!” Carl exclaimed surprised by the bold intimacy of her question. “Why do you ask?”

“Did you know you have a habit of answering my questions with another question?” she observed.

“You know you just answered my question with a question?”

“I asked you first,” she argued playfully.

“I’ll answer,” he promised again. “I’m just curious why you ask?”

“In part, because I will know something about you probably no one else knows.”

“You’re right. That is something I’ve never shared with anyone,” he said. “Dangerous but true. You said ‘in part’? Why else?” he asked.


“Truthfully,” Carl said.

“Because you are fulfilling my fantasy tonight,” she confessed. “I have always dreamed of this, but never met a man I’ve wanted to fulfill it with until this week.”

“I’m honored,” Carl said. “I suspect our evening is no where close to being over.”

“Not by a long shot,” she said with a smile.

“Any other reason you ask?” he asked, suspecting there was more.

Krasa hesitated. “Because I want to be the one to now fulfill your deepest fantasy,” she risked.

“Is that an offer?” Carl asked.

“I haven’t heard what it is yet,” she said.

“What if you are the one person I want to fulfill it?”

Krasa felt drawn in. “Am I?”

“I’ve never shared it with anyone because I’ve never met anyone I wanted to have make it come true,” he answered honestly. “Until now.”

Krasa felt flattered. The intense intimacy of the night is what made her want to ask the question. “I still haven’t heard what it is yet,” she repeated more out of curiosity than condition.

“Would it matter?”

“You want me to say ‘yes’ to fulfilling your fantasy without knowing what it is?” she asked calmly.

“What if mystery is part of my fantasy?” he asked with a smile. “Part of what makes it my illicit dream is your willingness for anything, even though you don’t know what it will require.”

Krasa felt nervous and turned on by the suspense of what he was suggesting. “That sounds dangerous,” she said.

“In the best way,” he answered, repeating her enticing words from the day before.

Krasa smiled at the growing sexual tension. Carl had a way of making her feel more exposed and vulnerable. “So what if I say ‘yes’?” she asked, already knowing she would.

“Then I would give you a time and a place for us to meet for our fantasy rendezvous. That’s it. The only thing you will need to bring is your complete and enthusiastic willingness for anything that might happen, just as you asked of me this evening.”

“Touché,” she answered. “At least you knew I was inviting you to dinner.”

“True, and at least you know anything’s possible,” he answered back calmly with a smile. “There’s no pressure here Krasa. I’m being totally open. I’m just answering your question with the honesty you asked for.”

“True,” she affirmed. She had opened this door by asking for his fantasy.

“My fantasy can only happen through your complete unreserved willingness for anything. It’s gutsy. So, consider all the possibilities of what that might mean before you decide,” Carl urged.

“I feel like Alice deciding if she should go down the rabbit hole.”

Carl agreed smiling at the analogy. “If Alice plays it safe, she may live in regret, always wondering what she missed. But, there’s no way to peek down the hole to see what’s there before committing completely. Agreeing to just ‘go along’ isn’t enough. Saying yes means enthusiastically diving in, all in.”

“You are making me so hot right now,” Krasa said. She rubbed her fingers against her wet pussy and lifted them to his mouth. “You tell me when and where, and I will blow that hole wide open,” she said before leaning over to give him a kiss. “I will not only do anything you want, I will take your fantasy to places your imagination has never dreamed of.”

“Sounds like a ‘yes’” Carl deduced playfully.

Krasa sat up and refilled the two glasses of champagne. She handed a glass to Carl and held her up for a toast. “It’s not just a yes,” she said. “It’s a promise.” Carl knew she meant it. Two glasses touched in agreement. This evening wasn’t over and they both knew this wouldn’t be the last.

“I have an incessant sweet tooth,” she said. “And it’s kicking in again big time.” She reached for the tiramisu with one hand and Carl’s dick with the other. “I’m ready for more.

Several hours later, the sun began to rise about the time the dessert was finished. Carl and Krasa held each other tenderly in blissful exhaustion. Sweet remnants of the evening covered their bodies and the sheets. It was a night they would never forget.


Carl arrived early to work. Beyond the appointments and demands of the second week of his new job, he had a lot to do to make a dream, or fantasy, come true.

He stopped by Steve’s desk. “May I have a seat?”

“You bet Carl. Congratulations on your first week here at the firm.”

“Thanks,” Carl said. Steve had no way of knowing how appropriate his congratulations were.

Carl began by double-checking some work related procedures and questions with Steve. They were the kinds of questions anyone new to the company would ask as they moved more deeply into the work. Almost a half an hour passed before Krasa stepped off of the elevator and into the room. She was radiant, somehow even more so than usual. Steve and Carl both stared, along with most everyone else in the room. Krasa made a point of walking past Steve’s desk on the way to her own.

“Good morning boys,” she said with a wink toward Carl.

“Good morning Krasa,” the two men said in unison.

“How was your weekend?”

“Nice. Nothing special. You know, the usual,” Steve said.

“It was the best I can remember,” Carl answered with a smile. “Thanks for dinner.”

“Shhhh,” Krasa whispered playfully. That’s our little secret. Although I’ve thought of another dish I’d like to try out on you.” With another wink, Krasa continued toward her desk.

“Dinner?” Steve asked surprised. “You two had dinner?”

“At her place,” Carl confided.

Steve looked stunned. “At her place? You’re …”

“Breakfast was good too,” Carl added.

“What the…, how did….., ” Steve stammered for words.

“I’d rather not talk about it,” Carl said. “We have a nice little thing started.”

“Damn, I owe you a month of lunches.” A week before, Carl suggested he might have a date with Krasa within a week. Steve wagered a month of lunches. No one in the office had ever secured a date with Krasa after years of trying. To do so after a week would be like flying to Mars in a balloon.

“Actually, I’d like to invite you to a little lunch opportunity tomorrow,” Carl said. “It’s the least I can do for all your help last week as I was getting started.”

“You don’t have to do that,” Steve said. I’m just doing what people did for me when I started here.”

“Yeah, that’s good, but I’d really like to. I think you will like it.”

“What do you have in mind?” Steve asked.

“Just an intimate lunch with Krasa, and maybe one other girl,” Carl said. “By intimate, I mean very intimate.”

Steve sat up in his chair and leaned over to whisper. “What are you talking about?”

“This feels a little awkward, but I’ll just be straight with you Steve. Last week you basically told me you would love to have your way with Krasa, am I right?”

“Basically. Me and any guy with an ounce of testosterone in his system. Why?”

“I just need to be sure that if I set it up for noon tomorrow for your lunch break, you’ll show up.”

“Set what up?”

“To have Krasa eager to satisfy any desire you have.”

“You’re fucking with me,” he said continuing his whisper. The idea was inconceivable.

“Yes or no?” Carl asked. “If you’re not interested, I’m sure I can find someone else who is.”

“Damn right, I’m interested,” Steve said.

“There are a couple conditions,” Carl said.

“Name ‘em,” Steve said.

“She can’t ever know it’s you.”

“How does that happen?” Steve asked.

“She will be blindfolded, so she won’t be able to see you. That also means no talking or recognizable sounds. Let me know what you want and I’ll take it from there.”

“Damn,” Steve said. “That’s bad ass.”

“Second, there may be one other woman with us.”

“The more the merrier,” Steve said excitedly.

“If she is there, she is under no obligation to either of us sexually, in the moment or in the future.”

“You’re not kidding about all of this,” Steve said.

“In the week you’ve known me, have you heard me say anything I didn’t mean?”

“I don’t know how you do it,” Steve said. “How did you get Krasa to agree? ”

“Doesn’t matter.”

“I owe you big time,” Steve said.

“Yes you do,” Carl said. “You can enjoy her, but only under these conditions. Deal?”

“You have my word.”

“Great. Let your imagination run today and I’ll fill you in with more details tomorrow morning.” Carl got up and walked back to his desk. Steve couldn’t believe what just happened. He couldn’t believe what was promised for tomorrow.

Later in the morning, Carl stopped by Carrie’s desk, his administrative assistant.

“Hi Carl. Welcome to your second week. How’s it going?”

“Great, Carrie. I’m enjoying it here very much.”

“That’s wonderful. What can I help you with today?”

“Actually, I just wanted to say thank you for how nice and helpful you have been getting me started here last week.”

“Thanks Carl. Glad to do it. That’s why I’m here.”

“I appreciate it. In fact, I wanted to extend an invitation to you to reciprocate your kindness.”

“That’s nice, but you don’t have to.”

“I’d like to, at least if it is something you are interested in,” Carl explained. “If not, no worries.”

“OK, what is it?”

“Its a little awkward and personal, so let me just put it out there. Last week you mentioned that some women you know think Krasa is so beautiful that they would even be tempted to have their way with her if given the chance.”

“Yeah,” she said, feeling some of the awkwardness.

“If I can be so bold, I detected some of your own interest.”

“I’m married,” she said holding her ring finger up again.

“Oh, I know,” Carl said. “Please stop me if I misinterpreted what you said or if you have no interest in an opportunity to have your way with Krasa with no strings attached.”

“Go on,” Carrie said feeling curious but more awkward.

‘If you are interested, I can give you that opportunity tomorrow during your lunch hour in an elegant setting. She will do anything you want, and let you do anything you want, with no strings attached. Even better, she won’t know its you.”

Carrie gave away her interest with a smile. She whispered, “How would that happen?”

“She will be blindfolded, and eager to do anything you want,” Carl explained. There are just a couple conditions,” Carl said. “First, she can never know it is you. That means, there can be no talking or recognizable sounds. You simply let me know what you want and I’ll take it from there.”

“You want me to tell you what I want to do with Krasa sexually?”

“It’s for your own protection. She can’t ever know it is you. But, it’s a little secret you’ll always have on her,” Carl explained. “Because she’ll never know, don’t be shy or hold back. She will gladly do anything you ask.”

Carrie smiled devilishly. “OK, what else,” she asked.

“Second, that means I’ll be there. There will be four of us: you, Krasa, me and one other guy who is getting the same opportunity with Krasa I am giving you. It is completely safe.”

Carrie looked unsure. It was one thing to be able to have her way with Krasa, it was another to have other people there watching. “I don’t know.”

“Here’s the deal: you are completely in control. You don’t have to do anything you don’t want to, period. You are there to have your way with Krasa. Anything else is up to you. It’s your call. At the same time, you have the freedom to do anything you do want to. You walk in the room with a blank check.”

Carrie felt reassured by the rare invitation. She wondered if secretly having her way recreationally with another woman would be cheating on her husband. She rationalized the possibility. There had been times when she had fantasized about Krasa while her husband licked her to orgasm. She also knew her husband dreamed about Carrie in a threesome with another woman. Not only did she convince herself he would he be OK with it, she knew he would like to watch.

“One more condition,” Carl continued. “The moment any one of us walk through the door, all clothing is removed. That gives Krasa full access to anything you might want. It also gives you full access to whatever you want. More than anything, it means everyone is equally committed.”

Carl could see Carrie’s wheels turning. The proposal came out of nowhere. “Think about it and let me know by noon,” Carl said. “There is no pressure. If you decide not to, then we never had this conversation. If you decide you want her tomorrow, I’ll fill you in on the details.” Carl smiled and returned to his desk.

Carrie looked across the room at Krasa. She did indeed look radiant. Except for one drunken night in her university sorority, she had never been with another woman. At the same time, her foggy memory of that night was amazing. The group of young woman became sisters for life that night.

Measuring the benefits against the risks distracted Carrie from her work for an hour and a half. She knew immediately what she wanted, it took the rest of the time to muster the courage to live on the edge in ways she hadn’t since college. She walked over to Carl’s desk and sat down on chair. “I can’t believe I’m saying this,” she said, “but I’ll take you up on your offer.”

“I’m glad,” Carl said. “Come ready to enjoy your lunch tomorrow. I’ll fill you in on all you need to know in the morning.”

“That’s it?”

“That’s it,” Carl said. “Oh, one more thing. Can you clear Krasa’s afternoon calendar for tomorrow and all day Wednesday? I have a suspicion something may come up that will make her unavailable to keep any appointments.”

“Consider it cleared,” she said. “I think I may owe you big time for this,” she added.

“I may take you up on that,” Carl said.

“I may let you,” she said impressed with the quick influence of the new employee.

Carl enjoyed seeing his plan coming together nicely. Spending much of the weekend in Krasa’s arms gave him no reason to delay taking her up on her generous fantasy offer. He walked over to her desk and sat down.

“You look amazing,” he complemented.

“I know,” she said with genuine confidence.

“Thank you again for dinner and breakfast.”

“You’re more than welcome.”

“It has created a bit of a challenge for me,” he said playfully.

“Oh yeah, what kind of challenge?”

“It’s just hard to enjoy a meal now without your added touch,” he said.

“I know what you mean,” she said. “So, what about that fantasy of yours?” she asked. I hope we won’t wait to long to make it a reality.”

“Actually, that’s why I stopped by,” he said. “Would an 11:00 off-site meeting with you that might spill over into lunch work with your schedule tomorrow?”

“You aren’t wasting any time,” she said. “I like that. Seeing the urgency of this meeting , I think I can move some things around to make it work. Any more details?”

“Come to work ready to make a dream come true,” he said. “I’ll fill you in on the rest in the morning.”

“Dream big, Mystery Man.


The four each came to work feeling momentous anticipation. The suspense was palpable. Steve and Carrie watched Krasa step off the elevator and walk across the room with unprecedented confidence, even for her. She wore a bold low-cut royal blue dress that bared her back and barely covered her ass with matching four-inch blue stilettos. She looked like she was ready to take on the world and win. In truth, she felt like it. A man who barged into her life a week before was about to reveal his most intimate fantasy, and she would have the distinct joy to bring it to life. She was ready to do anything to make that happen.

Unaware of the other, both Carrie and Steve had spent the evening fantasizing the possibilities with Krasa. It was a rare opportunity and they were ready to make the most of it. Krasa enjoyed feeling every eye in the room lusting on her. She had no idea that to bring Carl’s fantasy to life would also require satisfying the sexual appetites of two of these colleagues. It would be a day none of them would forget.

Carl wasted no time approaching Krasa as soon as she settled in to her cubicle. Steve and Carrie each tried to watch inconspicuously. They wondered what was he saying to her. How did he seduce her so completely in days, when others had tried unsuccessfully for years? Would she be happy or begrudging to see Carl?

Carl sat down at Krasa’s desk. Krasa’s face lit up with a large smile. He handed her a manila folder with a memo and small package inside.

“What’s this?” she asked with a wink.

“Everything you will need to be prepped for our 11:00,” he answered to conceal the true nature of the rendezvous from anyone in the office who may overhear.

“Thank you. I appreciate that,” she said genuinely.

“You may want to glance at the memo in case you have any questions,” he advised.

She looked down at the page. It instructed her to arrive at the downtown Ritz Carlton Hotel one block from the office no later than 11:00 am. She looked up at the clock on her desk. It read 9:15. The fantasy would begin in less than two hours. She looked over to Carl. “I have afternoon appointments I should probably cancel in case this goes long,” she said.

“Already rescheduled,” he said. “Apparently something came up that required you to be out of the office unexpectedly. Just in case it goes long, tomorrow’s appointments have also been cleared.”

Krasa confirmed it with a glance at the calendar on her computer screen. “Impressive,” she complemented with a smile. She felt her pussy tingle at Carl’s initiative. She looked back down to the memo. It instructed that she was to let herself in to room 969 using the key provided in the package. Once in the room, she should make herself comfortable, relax and enjoy its amenities, including the bar.

“Sounds nice,” she said.

“Go on,” he encouraged.

She turned the memo over to continue reading. After making herself comfortable in the room, she was expected to be completely disrobed and sitting in the center of the large plush king bed, ready for Carl’s arrival at 11:30. To maintain the mysterious nature of the fantasy, the blindfold inside should be on before Carl’s arrival, eliminating any ability for her to see.

“Oh my,” Krasa said softly.

“I’m letting you read it now, just in case you are having second thoughts and …”

Krasa put her hand up to interrupt Carl. “That’s sweet Carl,” she said in an assertive whisper. “But I have no intention of backing out now,” she said. “Since our dinner, I haven’t stopped thinking about the possibilities of what this might mean. When I leave through these doors in an hour and a half, Alice will have left the building.”

They both laughed.

“I’ll see you there at 11:30 then,” Carl promised.

“How will I know if it’s you?” she asked, picturing herself in the center of the bed wearing only a blindfold.

“You won’t,” Carl answered. “And you won’t know if it’s only me.” Carl smiled.

“More mystery.”

Carl went back to his desk and worked for an hour. Krasa, Steve and Carrie’s productivity was useless all morning. Steve’s felt imprisoned at his desk due to his continual erection from the moment Krasa stepped off the elevator. He couldn’t resist stealing regular glances. Nor could Carrie. They both knew she was dressed for lunch; they also knew she had no idea who she would be serving. A brief cryptic group email from Carl arrived to Steve and Carrie at 10:30. “The lunch appointment with our client is scheduled at the Ritz Carlton. Please meet me in the lobby at 11:30 sharp to make the most of our time.” The email not only announced the time and place, but the recipients joining in the adventure.

Steve and Carrie immediately looked up toward one another, each blushing when they caught each other’s eyes. Steve had always found Carrie attractive in a girl-next-door kind of way. Her marital status and work focus kept him from ever pursuing her. Carrie also found Steve attractive, in a platonic way. She always kept things professional to never inadvertently lead anyone on. The discovery of a shared illicit secret in the short email just changed their work relationship forever. While their lustful imaginations had been focused on Krasa, neither could resist a new curiosity about the other.

Fifteen minutes later, Carl, Steve and Carrie all watched Krasa ceremoniously close down the computer at her desk, turn her lamp off and stand up to make her exit. She looked over to Carl and smiled. He watched as she seductively ran her hands down the length of her dress as if straightening it. With a wink and resolve, she made her way toward the elevators and into his fantasy.

Carrie and Steve both felt a new flurry of nervous butterflies. This is really happening, they each thought to themselves. From everything they could tell, Krasa was as turned on and eager as they were. After the elevator doors closed, Steve and Carrie both looked over toward Carl. The three shared knowing smiles and a scandalous secret. In an hour, they would share much more.

Krasa enjoyed the walk down the block toward the hotel. She had waited for this moment since Carl answered her question of his deepest fantasy. She knew her question would be an invitation. She was glad he took her up on it. She walked through the swanky ornate hotel lobby and stepped into the elevator. “Nine please.” The operator tried to hide his lust, but failed. The elevator soon sounded its arrival, the doors opened and she walked down the long hallway toward a new destiny. She waved the card in front of the door and walked in to the lavish suite. The first room had a large leather couch in front of a flat screen television, a small dining table and a fully stocked bar. She put her purse down and poured a scotch before continuing her luxury tour. A doorway let to an expansive bedroom with a large king bed in the middle and Jacuzzi near windows overlooking the city. A walk-in closet offered two plush robes and space enough for a small bedroom. The bathroom was covered in marble, with a large rounded double-headed shower. Carl’s fantasy spared no expense. She finished her first scotch and returned to the living room for a second.

The three colleagues arrived to the lobby within minutes of one another. Steve and Carrie both felt anxious exhilaration. “Glad you both could come,” Carl said calmly.

“I can’t believe I am here and we’re doing this,” Carrie blurted out.

Steve nodded.

“There’s no pressure,” Carl said. “Krasa is waiting for us in a suite upstairs. She will be undressed, on the bed and wearing a blindfold.” Steve and Carrie looked at each other in disbelief at his words. “She doesn’t yet know you are coming, but is ready for anything. She will gladly oblige whatever you want.”

“Damn,” Steve said. “I still can’t believe this.”

“You know the conditions,” Carl reasserted. “No talking and all clothes are off the moment we enter the suite.”

They both nodded.

“Carrie, for you, anything goes. Steve, you can enjoy anything you want from Krasa and anything else initiated toward you.” Sexual tension bounced between Steve and Carrie like a pinball. “Stepping onto the elevator means your complete agreement and secrecy. Walking through the door of the suite means there is no turning back.”

Upstairs, Krasa felt lonely in the luxury room by herself. She looked at the round Swiss clock over the bar. The minute hand hovered just past the numeric 25. The second hand kept its march around the dial. “Its show time,” she said throwing back her third scotch. She enjoyed the feel of the warm buzz throughout her body. She reached down, pulled her skimpy dress over her head and laid it over the top of one of the chairs at the table. She admired the view of her exquisite body in the window’s reflection. She leaned over to remove her shoes, one at a time before sliding the small thong down her long legs and placed it on top of the dress. She picked up the blindfold from the package and walked unclothed into the bedroom.

“Nine please,” Carl said as the three colleagues stepped into the elevator together. The operator was still fantasizing about the last person he heard say those words. Carl waved the keycard in front of the door and turned the handle. The three entered the room. Carrie and Steve both gasped at the elegance of the suite. “You know what to do,” he instructed matter-of-factly as he began unbuttoning his own shirt.

Steve and Carrie felt awkward as they began to undress. They would be fully exposed to each other. There was no reason to look away. Steve was impressed with Carrie’s petite fit body. Carrie admired Steve’s muscular physique, especially his large readied dick.

“Would you like a drink?” Carl asked. They walked to the bar to accept the offer. Krasa’s recognizable dress hanging over the chair confirmed what Carl had promised. They both looked through the doorway to catch a glimpse of her familiar but naked body waiting for them in the middle of the large king bed. The three toasted, threw back the drink and walked together into the bedroom.

“Hello Beautiful,” Carl said.

“Hello Mystery Man,” she answered with a smile to his recognizable voice.

“Enjoying yourself?” Carl asked.

“Not as much as I am going to be.”

“You sound ready to get this party started.”

“Very.” She moved herself to a kneeling position and raised herself up. “My pussy is soaked and ready for you.” She ran her long fingers over her moist love box.

Carrie and Steve marveled at the conversation.

“Hungry?” Carl asked.

“Ravenous,” she said licking her lips. “Like I was Saturday night.”

Carl directed Carrie to position herself on her back in front of Krasa on the expansive bed.

“Then your first meal is lying in front of you. I want you to consume it like you have always dreamed someone would eat your own pussy, because it is a pussy eager to be taken.” Krasa was surprised to find she was sharing the bed with another woman. Carl had said anything was possible. He wasted no time proving it. Krasa’s hands discovered Carrie’s open legs in front of her. Krasa felt her way up the legs toward the prize. Goose bumps covered Carrie’s body at Krasa’s soft touch.

Krasa smiled hungrily as she leaned forward to lower her face to Carrie’s pussy, leaving her ass high in the air. She felt movement on the bed behind her. “As you do,” Carl continued, “it’s time for the party to get started behind you.” Krasa realized the direction of Carl’s voice meant it was someone else’s dick closing in on her cunt.

“This is a party,” she said.

“And it’s just getting started,” Carl said.

Krasa used her long fingers to spread Carrie’s vaginal lips and breathed in the aroma of the wet pussy in front of her. She had never had another woman before. It wasn’t that she hadn’t thought about it, but her hunger for men always won out. Carl’s words inspired the challenge. Whoever’s cunt this was, she would treat it like it was her own. She lowered her mouth to French kiss her first pussy. Carrie exhaled at the touch, desperate to moan.

Steve’s muscular body moved in behind Krasa. Her bare ass was more beautiful than he had imagined in the many wet dreams she had inspired. His dick honed into her pussy like a heat-seeking missile. Krasa gasped as the girth of his member penetrated her love box. Steve reached around her body to take one of her tits in his hand as his hips moved his engorged member in and out of her hungry lubricated pussy. Steve and Krasa’s bodies moved in rhythm, creating a cadence of Krasa’s tongue on Carrie’s pussy. The sexual anticipation of the last 24 hours brought the three toward orgasm quickly. There was a shared blissfulness that filled the room. Krasa’s body buzzed at the center of the threesome. Steve squinted his face, dying to cry out in pleasure. Carrie’s body squirmed in delight. She would never have imagined she was Krasa’s first. Krassa moaned, expressing the pleasure for the three.

Krasa reached back underneath her pussy to take hold of Steve’s swollen balls as he moved back and forth into her. She squeezed them lightly, intensifying the agony of his pleasure. Her tongue continued its assault on Carrie’s pussy. She regretted waiting this long to have her first snatch. Steve and Carrie thought they were there to have their way with Krasa, but she was having her way with them. They were both lost under her spell.

Carrie’s body quaked as the orgasmic rapture began to consume her body. She ran her fingers through Krasa’s hair and pulled her face into her pussy. She squirmed in desperation to keep from screaming out in pleasure. Krasa drank in her sweet honey, lapping up every drop. The vibration of Carrie’s orgasm, pleasure of her taste and Steve’s continuing action sent Krasa over the edge. Steve pumped her pussy harder, siphoning all he could draw from her loveliness. Her erect nipples ached; her ample round tits slapped against each other. “Don’t stop,” she pleaded. “Fuck me.” Steve obliged, until he could hold his own juices back no longer. He pressed his lips together to keep from shouting. He had dreamed of this moment many times. He had fantasized emptying his seed deep into the recesses of this beautiful creature who relentlessly teased without any recourse. Sheer satisfaction and pleasure defined the moment.

All three were spent but electrified. Carl directed Krasa to lay on her back with her arms and legs outstretched. Carl invited Carrie to help herself to the banquet of Krasa’s well-fucked pussy. Steve knelt beside Krasa’s face, positioning his dick against her thick lips. Carl straddled her abs before pushing his fresh hard member forward between her gorgeous melons. His dick disappeared between them as he brought them together as one. Krasa turned her head to take Steve’s semi-hard dick into her mouth before sucking it deeper toward her hungry throat.

Carrie wasted no time reciprocating Krasa’s masterful attention to her pussy. She discovered the cream-filling surprise of Steve’s cum that poured out in response to Carrie’s thirst. She chose to enjoy the added bonus by swallowing all she could as her mouth and tongue engaged Krasa’s love box.

Krasa loved the feel of Steve’s cock in her mouth, and consumed it hungrily. She tasted the coating of her own juices on his member. Steve gladly responded to satisfy her hunger. His dick quickly resumed its size to fill her mouth as it had her pussy. Steve fucked her mouth; Krasa moved her lips and tongue to try to take control. Her breasts enveloped Carl’s cock as he fucked her tits. She was helpless to the three-pronged assault. Her body was a fucking fantasy machine. She was in heaven.

Carl was the first to give. “Aaauuuugggghhhh!” He yelled. Thick cum coated the channel between her melons, lubricating it for more action. Each pass unloaded another large stream of warm cream into the cleavage. The overflow of his warm juices poured toward her neck and shoulders.

Krasa’s ass began to buck from Carrie’s oral love. Carrie buried her face into her wet pussy. She knew she had her and wanted every drop. Her tongue moved up and down the length of her love box, with focused attention on the button of her clit. Krasa could hold it no longer. For three years Carrie watched Krasa flaunt her bombshell body as if it were untouchable. Now, she was freely enjoying the taste of Krasa’s sweet nectar as it poured from her enviable body. Carrie basked in the moment. Whatever Krasa would ever say or do, Carrie would always know she owned her in this moment.

Krasa gasped for air from Carrie’s relentless licking, while Steve’s cock continued like a piston in her mouth. Suddenly Krasa felt warm thick cum coat her throat. She wrapped her lips more tightly around pounding his cock. The first loads were long thick streams. Steve continued, knowing this opportunity would probably never come again. She took the length of his cock as he drilled toward the back of her throat. She worked to swallow each large deposit that filled her mouth before the next one arrived. Suddenly Carl pulled her shaft from her mouth, shooting the next loads on her face. She worked to lick what she could with the reach of her tongue. Fresh loads continued to paint her face and blindfold before descending down her cheeks and chin.

The three collapsed together on the bed around Krasa. She had just spent an hour in passionate breath-taking fuck-fest with Carl and his two friends. The blindfold prevented her from ever being able to know who they were. “Had she met them before?” she wondered. “Would she be able to recognize them if their paths crossed?” Her other senses kicked into overdrive. She heard the deep breaths of two strangers and her mystery man. Their sweaty spent bodies intersected hers across the bed. The aroma of their bodies and love-making mixed together and filled the room.

The three smiled at each other in appreciation of all that had just happened. Steve disappointedly tapped his wrist as if pointing to a clock. Cassie was surprised by how quickly the lunch hour had passed, but was overwhelmed with gratitude for the experience. It would be a secret she would carry with her into the office. It made her wonder what possibilities of intimate rendezvous with other women could happen. She was convinced a little “girl time,” wasn’t cheating. It was just girls being girls. Who knows, maybe she could find a way to convince Krasa of what the duties of an assistant could include for her.

Steve couldn’t resist running his hand along Krasa’s body one more time. He massaged her nipples between his thumb and fingers. Krasa moaned. He leaned over to take her nipple lightly between his teeth before giving it a kiss.

Steve and Carrie both moved off the bed and returned to the suite’s living room to get dressed again to make it back to the office in time for the afternoon’s work. Carrie slapped him in the ass as they walked toward the couch to retrieve their clothing. Steve couldn’t resist returning the gesture. If they both weren’t so spent from their shared enjoyment of Krasa, they might easily have made use of the couch to take each other. Their shared secret would radically change their work relationship.

Carl heard the outer door of the suite close behind the two colleagues hurrying to return back to work. The suite was now his to enjoy with Krasa to complete his fantasy. He removed her blindfold.

“I hope that’s not all,” she said. “It’s not a bad start, but with your imagination I was hoping for much more to your fantasy,” she teased.

“Not even close,” Carl assured. “But I think it’s time to enjoy that jacuzzi. Bring the Scotch,” he said, “and meet me in the tub.”

“Gladly,” she said. Her body was covered in cum from the tryst. Carl turned on the jets and climbed in. Krasa seductively walked toward the tub, filled the two glasses, and joined Carl in the bubbly water. She handed him one of the filled glasses. “To a good start,” she said with a wink.

“And a much better finish,” he added. The glasses connected and were emptied. The water gently massaged the outside of their bodies as the Scotch did its work inside. Their bodies tenderly bounced off each other in the current of bubbles. They refilled and drained another shot. Krasa’s head spun in delight.

“Can I ask you a question?” he said as the bubbles and steam rose around them.

“Anything,” she said. “This is your day.”

“If dinner Saturday night was your most romantic fantasy”

“And the reality was better than I imagined,” she interrupted. “Just thinking about it is making me hungry again.”

“It made me wonder,” he continued before a pause.

“What?” she said.

“What’s your most illicit fantasy?”

“Ooo,” she said. “Illicit.”

“Something that turns you on, but feels dangerous or out there.”

Krasa blushed with a smile. Her face gave away the quickness of an answer.

“That’s the one I want to hear about,” he said.

“You’re embarrassing me,” she said feeling tipsy. “What’s yours?”

“If I tell you, will you tell me yours?”

“Yes,” she committed, blushing again, glad to buy a little time.

“A threesome,” he said. “I had always fantasized about it, but never knew how to make it happen.”

“You did better than that today,” she said reflecting back on the foursome.

“Yours?” he asked again.

Krasa hesitated in her blush.

“Yours?” he asked again.

“Can we just play truth or dare?” she asked playfully, “I think I’ll take the dare.”

“You are,” he said. “The truth is the dare. I just need to know what it is.”

She realized his question was more than for his curiosity. Her answer would be an invitation. “Being tied up” she muttered.

“What?” he asked.

“Being tied up,” she answered shyly.

“Bondage?” he asked.

“More like gentle restraint,” she corrected. “Nothing bizarre,” she added with a giggle.

“Nice,” he said. “You are full of surprises.”

“Right? Here I am, little Miss Control Freak. I think that’s what turns me on about the idea. What could be more dangerous than giving up ultimate control?”


“There is something hot and arousing about the thought of being completely surrendered to the actions and desires of someone I trust,” she added.

“Sounds like you are getting turned on just talking about it.”

Krasa blushed again. No words were necessary.

“Do you trust me?” he asked.

“Do you think I would be here if I didn’t?” she asked with a devilish smile. Her hand moved under the water to his lap. “And it doesn’t look like I’m the only one turned on by the idea,” she said as her fingers wrapped around his re-hardened member.

“No time like the present,” he said.

“What do you mean?” she asked. She could tell he had something planned.

“Let’s get dried off and I’ll show you.”

“I like the sound of that,” she said.

They toweled each other off. “Why don’t you order some light room service then join me on the bed,” he asked. “I’ll be right there.” While Krasa made the quick call, Carl stopped in the closet quickly before meeting Krasa at the bed. As she turned around, she saw the two long soft bathrobe ties in his hands.

The day started out as any normal day would, then the phone rang. It was Him and the sound of His voice sent shivers all over my body. He spoke few words but was direct with His command “Come to me tonight and wear nothing under your dress except stockings” and then He hung up.

The rest of the day I tried to stay focused on doing chores and running errands as usual, but my mind kept running into what the night would hold in store for me. Had I done something wrong and in need of punishment? Or was pleasure on His mind?

I bathed, shaved, and picked the most accessible dress I could find in the closet and matching stockings. His commands were playing over and over again in my head and my whole body trembled with excitement.

Pleasing Him and being His good subgurl makes me feel so complete as a woman, knowing that He truly appreciates all I do. I race to the car and drive as fast as legally possible as the anticipation builds inside of me. I feel the warmth and dampness between my thighs as I get closer to our special meeting place. Nipples harden and begin begging to be touched, aching to feel His hot mouth on them. I pull in and I see Him standing there and for a split second ,I lose my breath and my heart stops, not knowing what He has in store for me is scary and exciting all together.

Without further hesitation I shut the car off and get out, walking quickly to Him, gracefully dropping to a kneeling position to greet Him and get His approval of my choice in dresses. Good evening Master! Your call was a pleasant surprise today. “Hello my pet. Have you been a good gurl this week?” Yes, Sir! I would not want to disappoint you Master! I feel His hand touch the top of my head as He says “Good gurl! You may stand now”

Slowly I rise to a standing inspection position, still trembling all over as He walks around me, looking me over. His body is close enough to mine that I feel the heat and I can smell the cologne He wears that completely takes me into oblivion every time.

He reaches under my dress and explores my silk stockings all the way up my throbbing thighs. Oh how I wish He would just take me right here right now. He continues up my thighs to my already very soaked cunt and slips a finger into me deep “you are very wet my pet and ready for me” Yes, Sir! I have been anticipating this meeting all day, not sure of the reason for our meeting, but hoping its for pleasure.

He takes my hand and leads me over to His car, opens the passenger side door for me and gestures for me to get in. Without question I do as He wishes. When He gets in, He reaches into the glovebox to pull out a gag and a blindfold, drops them in my lap and says “you know what to do with these.” I put the gag in my mouth and fasten it, place the blindfold on and sit very still with my legs spread far apart and dress hiked up as He has taught me to do.

I hear the car start and the vibration of the motor is like tiny shocks going through my whole body. Unable to speak to ask where we are going and unable to see, I sit helplessly and silent as He drives on, with one hand teasing my throbbing pussy but not in a way that would allow me to cum. I reach up to my aching breasts and begin twisting at my hard nipples, but my hand is slapped away and I know not to try again. I feel something hard being pushed into my cunt and shoved in deep but I have no idea what it is, but oh how wonderful it feels to be full with something. I squirm as I adjust my body to allow it to be pushed into me deeper and I feel Him pushing it further and further. “You like that in you, don’t you Lisa?” I nod my head yes. The car comes to a slow stop and shuts off, and I hear Him get out. My door opens and He grabs my hand to pull me out. “Don’t drop that out of your pussy. Do you understand?” Again I nod my head and tighten my muscles around this this whatever it is. Im lead a few feet and then He lets go of my hand and I feel cool air blowing up my dress which is soothing to my hottt cunt. Then I feel my hot wet pussy begin to vibrate inside, oh my God He knows I will cum soon and yet He teases me like this, knowing I can not beg Him for release.

Then I feel Him cuff my wrists and pull them above my head onto something that is holding them up. My legs are then spread far apart, which makes it harder to keep this vibrating plug deep inside of my soaking wet pussy. Straps of some kind are now around each ankle and attached to something to keep my legs apart. My dress is them cut from my body, I can hear the scissors snipping away at the material. Left naked, standing with legs apart, pussy packed full and juices running down my thighs.

I feel a sting to my naked ass that makes me jump a little, again swat, mmm oh He is lashing me with the tails and He knows I love it. Soft enough not to mark me but hard enough to make a point, across my bare ass and up my back. Oh God He is driving me wild and I want to scream out for Him to let me cum now but I cant. Swat, that lands on my swollen nipples and across both breasts, again swat. I feel Him massaging my now stinging ass and then I suddenly feel my asshole probed with something that feels very large. Oh please tell me He is going to lube that first! Nope, its just shoved into my tight ass quickly, making me scream out against the gag and struggling to hold the vibrator in my cunt.

As quick as it went in He pulls it out, again he slams it into my tight ass, forcing me to squirm harder against my restraints. Over and over again He assaults my ass and then stops suddenly, removes the plug from my cunt and shoves 3 fingers in to replace it, assaulting my cunt and my ass at the same time now. “Cum for me my lil slut!!!” Before He could say slut I was cumming hard for him. “good gurl, cum for your daddy. You are such a good slut for daddy tonight”

He removes my gag and blindfold, and I realize we the woods and Im tied to a tree. Master I want to pleasure you like you have pleasured me, may I? “In due time Lisa, all in due time” He unties me and releases all my restraints, I almost fall from the weakness my orgasm has caused.

He walks me back to the car and opens my door again, but this time He doesn’t close it. Instead He unzips His pants and pulls out the cock I love to please. I open my mouth to show Him I know what He wants and im ready to give it. Sucking and licking every hard inch of His manhood like a hungry calf would suckle its mother. Sucking soo hard and swallowing Him deep into my throat, begging His cock to feed me a hot load of His sweet cum. Within moments I feel Him swell in my throat and throbbing as He nears orgasm, so I suck hard and faster moaning around His cock, needing to taste Him. He squirts his load so hard, I almost gag but manage to swallow every sweet drop. Savoring every drop and continuing to suckle Him until He pulls from my throat. Will this be the end of the night for us? Has He used me enough for 1 day? What will the rest of the night hold? Only He knows the answers, but I dare not ask and ruin His happiness. I will wait to see……

Tuesday – Discipline and Denial

The day crept in through the open window and slowly I drift back to reality. Last night still playing in my mind, I notice I am alone in bed and no one on the floor. I can hear noises from the kitchen and get up to move that way. As I enter the room Leah turns, drops to her knees, lowers her head and waits. I walk close and place my hand on the crown of her head, “Good morning lil one.”

She looks up from the side and smiles, adding a quiet, “Good morning Sir, if it pleases you, sit and I will bring your breakfast, then I have a bath prepared, clothes laid out,” she drops her head waiting for my response.

“You have honored me lil one, I will sit, you may sit while I eat.” Sitting at the oak table and waiting for the plate. She brings a plate of eggs, ham and hash brown potatoes, along with a tall glass of orange juice. I see she is dressed in nothing but the slave-wear I had placed on here, nothing else covers her tiny body. Last nights slaps to her ass have left it a slight blue, she bruises easily, I will remember that, I don’t want the marks to be seen by the wrong people.

“I am glad to see you remembered the dress code, it makes me happy.” I reach out and slid my fingers across her clit and lips, she is wet, should I assume it is just for me? Yes, I will. She drops her head and I hear a soft moan escape from her lips. I can feel her pussy getting even wetter from my touch, I like that, means I am taking control. “How was last night for you, you can speak to tell me, lil one?”

“It was amazing Sir,” looking down as she answers, “I felt like it was my first time all over again, but more. I wanted you to control me, use me, make me do things I had never dreamed of doing.” Suddenly she looks embarrassed as if she was starting to realize what she had become. My toy, My possession. She needed to be treated this way, to be owned and she was starting to know this.

“What did you like about it, and what did you dislike, and remember, this is for me to understand you, I expect complete honesty. Not that I care what you want or don’t want, as always that is my prerogative, you have no choice. You will do what ever I want and if you want something you will hope I give it to you or let you do it, understand cunt?” There is no change in her expression as I tell her this.

“Yes Master, I understand completely, I am just a cunt for your pleasure. I was so turned on by you controlling me and not letting me even cum without your permission, the way you used me made me feel dirty and unimportant, except when I could see the pleasure it gave you. As far as what I didn’t like, it surprised me, but there was little I didn’t like, the only thing was when you left me alone, even with you just sitting in the room, you were there. When you were gone I was empty and unnecessary, that I hated every minute of.”

This was a rare find, she really felt the need, the desire to be a slave, it has been years since I have seen a sub like her, most play the game, need a small amount of the abuse or desire to be controlled, she craves it, can not live without it. I smile knowing what I have found in Leah. “Thank you for being honest lil one, I am happy to have found you, you will learn this life well. Today will be another new experience, I can assure you.”

I finish my breakfast and get up, Leah starts to clean up after me without a word and I move to the bathroom, as I get inside she comes to the door, asking permission to enter. I stand at the toilet and relieve myself, she gets a washcloth and waits, when I finish she looks down and asks if she can clean my cock, I smile and tell her I would like that, she drops to her knees and licks the head, this surprises me, I thought the cloth, but she used that after I was cleaned by her tongue.

She washes my cock and balls and watches them as they start to harden, when I get hard she swallows my cock into her warm wet mouth and lets my cock slide into her throat. Holding me deep her throat squeezing me as she relaxes. I quickly cum and she swallows ever drop, licks the head and finishes again with the washcloth, then sets back on her heels letting me walk to the sink. I shave the spots with no beard and slip into the bath she has ready for me.

She shifts over to the side of the tub and again asks if she can wash me. As I tell her yes, she starts with my feet and washes me, then rinses my clean legs and feet, She completes the job from my feet to my neck, gentle and lovingly washing every inch. I watch her, her pussy is throbbing as she touches me. I can see she is very wet. When she finishes with the wash I stand and step out so she can dry me.

Walking into the bedroom she begins to dress me, this is so wonderful. When I am dressed she returns to the floor on her knees and lays her head against my leg as she closes her eyes, her arms behind her as if bound at the wrists. “We have some work outside today, you need to get dressed for it,” saying this I walk away and into the living room. “When you get ready come in here and we will start the day.”

A few minutes later she enters the living room wearing a thong and sandals to complement her slave-wear. Again the instructions do not escape her. I walk out and she quickly follows. We are in the yard cutting grass and raking, her doing the work mostly with me showing her what she is to do and then we head over to the large garden. I want her to see what is required to be mine, the garden needs tended daily and I expect the yard work kept up without my input. It has been sometime since my yard was taken care of by a slave. In the garden she finally sees that we are being watched, there are neighbors at the fence watching her work, it has been awhile since they had a good show on my property and they respectfully stand and watch with no comment to ruin their chances of this show continuing.

With the sun glaring down, Leah continues to work and the sweat is pouring down her skin mixing with the dust and dirt of the garden, yet she never complains. Even as I sit in the shade and sip my iced tea, she never slows her work. When I can tell she is tiring I call her over and tell her to sit at my feet on the ground, offering her some tea. “This is your life now, if you chose it to be. You have made me proud that the starring eyes have not swayed you from the tasks you were given. They will watch you, but will never come onto the property without permission, whether I am here or not, you should know you are safe. But you are a show for their amusement. Only if I give direct permission would they ever touch you, and that will happen soon enough, when I am ready, understand lil one?”

She nods as she sips, looking at the men and boys over by the fence. I can see that the idea is playing around in her head as she thinks of the possibilities of me giving her to them for their pleasure. She returns to the garden and continues her chores as I go back into the house. The neighbors watch and change places, some leave, some come out through out the remainder of the day. Occasionally I watch from the window, she teases the men watching but does not flirt. I can tell she is really enjoying the attention she is getting.

Later that afternoon, after a good long day of work in the yard and garden I again walk out and sit in the shade to watch her work. When she has finished and the chores for the day are done, she closes the shed door and picks up the basket of vegetables she has picked and comes over to where I am sitting. Placing the basket beside my chair she returns to the position on her knees at my feet. “There is one last chore for you my sweet,” with that said I grab her by the hair and pull her face to my lap, not missing a beat she unzips my shorts and starts to pull my cock out, stroking it as she licks and sucks the base and my balls, she begins to give me head, sucking and clobbering me as she does.

When I am good and wet I push her away, tell her to turn and offer me her tiny ass. She turns and lowers her head, tits now on the grass and her ass in the air, “pull those panties out of the way of My pussy and finger her till I am ready to fuck you.” She does as asked and starts to tease and play with her clit and pussy, juices flowing down her legs as she does.

When she is drenched from her leaking pussy I stand behind her, grabbing her by the hair and telling her to grab her wrists behind her back as if cuffed. She does this and I pull her to her feet, taking the chain from the birdhouse post in front of her and attaching it to her dog collar. Then I pull the thong from the crack of her ass and open the cheeks to show me the tiny puckered hole in front of me.

Pulling her back til the chain pulls tight I rub my cock against the tiny hole, getting it wet from her pussy juice and the slobber left on my cock. As I yank back on her hair and pull her wrists up off her back I thrust my cock in deep, her ass opening with the thrust. The head popping inside as she jumps and lets out a little yelp, when she does I slap her ass for the reaction I was given and then pull out, rubbing the cock through the wet pussy lips again then pushing back into her ass even deeper.

When I have buried my cock deep in her ass I start to fuck her, forcing my wet cock in and out as she stands pulling her against the chair that is tightening around her throat every time I pull my cock back out. She is moaning loud and trying to push back against me, as I push in deep. The spectators jockey to get the best view as I slam my cock into her. Most are silent with just a few cheers and jibes. I can feel my balls tighten as I am about to cum, I pull out and let the spray cover her back and ass. Letting her wrists go I tell her to tear her clit up, rubbing and spanking until she is squirting for me. It takes just a few strokes and she is spraying her cum backward onto the ground, letting out a loud scream as she does. Then the cheers and claps start from the fence.

I lean over and tell her that her release was for me, to let the audience see how much my fucking her ass made her cum. But I am gonna leave now and before she is allowed to come inside she will spend some time out here waiting for me to want her inside with me. Rather that unhook the chain from her collar I get a pair of cuffs from my pocket, always prepared, and fasten her hands behind her. Then a piece of rope is tied to the chain of the cuffs and tied up on a branch of the tree behind her, leaving her on her knees with her arms pulled back and up. Then I am off to the house.

I watch her from my chair in the living room. She sits outside the house and waits for me to return. The audience at the fence slowly one by one disappears and she is finally left alone. She sits on her heels quietly and without a fight, waiting for me to return and release her. As the sun starts to dip behind the horizon I decide it is time to go bring her inside. I go out and untie the rope to her cuffs, then unhook the chain from her collar, still leaving the cuffs in place. “How was you day been so far my pet?” she looks down and a tear forms in her eye. I tell her she has my permission to speak and tell me.

“As I said about last night, the day with you outside was wonderful, when you left I was very sad.” I then remove the cuffs and tell her to get the basket and take the vegetables she had gathered inside. As she walks in front of me I can see how dirty her day outside has left her. Sweat, dirt, grass and cum cover her tiny body as she approaches the house. I quickly decide that I don’t want her tracking in the dirt she is covered with and tell her to stop at the back door. Taking this chance to again show her that she is property I take the basket from her and place it inside the door and return to her.

I then pick up the hose coiled next to the back door and begin spraying her off, telling her to turn so I can get it all. Knowing the water will be very cold as the hose sits in the shade of the house and not the sun. She yelps and jumps, but stands her ground as I spray off the grim and dirt she has collected. Turning, the water cleans her and when I stop I can see that she is cold. I then tell her to turn so I can see that she is clean and then get her a towel from the back porch. Tossing it to her I go inside, leaving with “Don’t forget the basket when you finish,” over my shoulder as I enter the house.

When she enters I tell her to put the basket of vegetables away and come in to me in the living room. When she has finished with that task she comes in, again naked with only her slave-wear on and takes her place at my feet. “Since you have been such a good lil girl today, sit with me and watch some TV,” slowly rising she sits next to me on the couch and instinctively lays her head in my lap. We spend the evening watching TV, after I send her in to fix me a sandwich and her getting something for herself. She sits on the floor as I eat and waits til I finish before eating her meal, when finished she cleans my plate, takes it into the kitchen and the returns to sitting beside me with her head in my lap. The rest of the night is spent like this watching TV and listening to music.

When I am ready to go to bed I push her to the floor and tell her that I need my cock sucked before I get some sleep, she quickly is on her knees between my thighs and pulling out my cock. Using her hands she strokes my cock and massages my balls until I am almost hard and slides her mouth down around me, sucking and licking as she does. Once I am hard she removes her hands and continues to suck and bob on my cock with no hands, my favorite type of head. She forces my cock as deep in her throat as possible, using the muscles to squeeze me and pull at my shaft, as she does I pinch and pull on her nipples, being almost brutal. She doesn’t slow her work on me as I do, I can see her pussy getting wetter as she bobs and uses my shins to rub her clit against.

She gets me closer with each push into her tight throat, I can feel the wetness of her pussy running down my legs. As I get to the point of no return I grab her hair and pull up her head, cumming all over her face and tits, pushing her back I lower myself to the floor and start to lick and suck her wet cunt, spanking her clitty as I do, she thrashes and jumps as I slap her clit and lick her pussy and as she gets just to the edge, when she is about to let go I stop, slapping her across the face and get up. “Clean up the kitchen then yourself, I am heading to bed. See you in the morning,” I tell her as I walk away. “Don’t forget where you sleep and breakfast should be about 9 again, see ya in the morning cunt, and remember. I gave no permission for your release. Told you, outside was for me, tonight is for training, so I guess no present for you tonight. Goodnight lil one.”

I get into bed as I can hear her working in the kitchen, before I drop off to sleep, she comes into the bedroom and finds her spot beside my bed on the floor, curls up and goes to sleep. I think, tomorrow will be a nice day for punishment, and learning her place. Then I also drift off to sleep.

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