I unlock the door to my apartment after a long day of work, intent on only one thing—sitting down in my recliner and doing nothing for at least half an hour. I take a step inside and am surprised to see a paper bag at my feet. A note is pinned to the side, so I reach down to remove it. The note is short and to the point. A smile crosses my face as I scan the page.

After reading the instructions, my clothes slide to the floor. I grab the bag and walk to my luxurious bathroom. I turn on the shower and step inside, running my fingers through my hair. I moan as my hands slide down my body, washing away the stress of work. I gently touch my nipples and sigh at the pleasant sensation. Shaking my head, I quickly scrub my body clean. I step out of the shower, excited and nervous at the same time. I dry my body and hair quickly, but thoroughly.

I reach into the bag and pull out a tight red bodice, covered in black lace accompanied by a black thong that leaves little to the imagination. Tall black boots and a blindfold complete the ensemble, and, after affixing the latter, I follow the final instruction given and call out a name—her name.

A moment later the door opens and I hear footsteps approaching me. I quiver in anticipation, not sure what to expect. A feather-light touch caresses my cheek, and I sigh. Her fingers slide down my neck, and I feel her warm breath at my ear as she whispers, “Follow me to the bedroom.”

Blind, I reach out for her, grasping her hand as my only link to reality. I stumble along behind her, completely at her mercy. She grips my hand tightly and I gain confidence; we move more quickly until she stops abruptly. I continue forward, unaware that she has stopped, and fall on the bed, rolling over onto my back.

Her hands guide me up the bed until I reach the headboard. Strong fingers grip my wrists, pulling them to the bedposts where ropes bind them in place. My ankles quickly receive the same treatment.

I am panting from excitement when she kisses me, hard and deep. I moan as her hand strokes my neck. Her lips soon replace her fingers, and I gasp at the waves of pleasure it gives me. She bites my neck and I writhe beneath her. My chest heaves as my lover’s hands wander down my body. She rubs my breast through the fabric of the bodice, and then I feel the blunt side of a knife run across my throat. I tremble, unsure of what will happen next.

I hear a low growl from above me as I feel the fabric rip off of my body. The rough treatment sends a fire to my groin, and I feel my thong become damp. My nipples are very suddenly pinched roughly. I gasp and twist at this brutal treatment.

Without notice, the pain is replaced by pleasure as my lover’s warm mouth encases my right nipple. My back arches and a wordless moan escapes my lips. I jerk my head from side to side, wanting to be able to see what is happening to me.

My nipples continue to be alternately pinched and sucked as I beg for her to give me release. After a few more minutes of teasing, I feel my thong cut from my body. Her hands run up the length of my legs, making me tremble.

As her hands get closer to my pussy, I become even wetter. She plants light kisses along the insides of my thighs, occasionally biting gently. My hips lift as I strain to have her touch me in my most sensitive place. When she touches my outer pussy lips, however, I gasp and jerk in shock. Her left hand presses me firmly to the bed as the fingers from her right hand tease my pussy.

I whimper, my breath coming in quick gasps. Her middle finger begins to slide inside me, and she moans, “You are very tight, baby. I love feeling your warm, wet pussy wrapped around my finger. You look so sexy, tied down and blindfolded.”

I whimper, trying to tell her how much I need her to continue. The finger inside me begins to move, making me twitch and writhe. After a minute of thrusting, I feel her thumb on my clit, and I start gasping and moaning, my volume increasing by the second.

When her hand is removed, I whimper loudly, begging her not to stop. My pleas are stopped very suddenly when I feel my lover’s tongue replace her fingers. My breath catches in my throat as her tongue flicks my clit. After a few seconds, when I start to become light headed, I remember how to make my lungs work. I take a deep, shuddering breath and gasp her name.

She continues to lick and suck on my clit, occasionally pausing to thrust her tongue deep inside me. After a few minutes of this treatment, my legs begin shaking violently. My whimpers increase in volume and frequency as my orgasm builds.

Sensing how close I am to climax, my lover quickly thrusts her middle finger into my pussy as she sucks hard on my clit. My fists clench and my back arches as one of the best orgasms I have ever experienced tears through my body.

As I lay on the bed, gasping and twitching from the exertion, I feel the bed shifting from my lover moving to straddle my chest.

She gently removes my blindfold, and I open my eyes to look into her lovely blue ones. She leans down, pressing her cheek to mine, and whispers, “How was it, baby?”

I sigh, “Better than I would have ever imagined. I love you very much…. Now it’s your turn!”

My girlfriend Brooke and I had been a bit bored. Brooke was a big city girl, tall and curvy with wild auburn hair and a mellow slow-to-burn attitude. I was a coddled, suburbanite college girl. My looks and cleverness had made me ambitious and grasping. I learned the art of exploitation early, and by 19 I was a master of manipulation; the art of the wide-eyed flirtatiousness, the breathy plea. I was kind of a bitch to her.

Brooke was the latest of line of girls I was sort of testing. I was looking for a girl I could fuck around with who was open to the same ideas I was; someone I could broaden my horizons with. I was with Brooke for a month by then. I was sure she could tell that I was losing interest. She called me in mid-December, the night before I planned to end it she did the last thing I expected.

“Hey.” She purred, “Why don’t you come and hang out with me and my friends tonight?”

I argued that I was counting on running some errands the next morning.

“C’mon I got something for you… it’s a surprise. I promise you won’t regret it!”

I didn’t intend to go; I had midterms in a week but something in her voice made me curious.


When she opened the door I was as usual struck by her beauty. Brooke Camise is 5’10 with the long muscular legs of ballerina, wide hips, a round, firm ass and a radiant cream complexion. Her perky b cups sat unrestrained in a deep v-neck cashmere sweater. She kissed my cheek and pulled me inside an apartment I had never been to.”This is Mary,”she told me casually flinging her hand towards a blue sofa in the living room. On the couch lay a strawberry blonde goddess with large perfect 32 Ds that bounced atop a 23” waist.

Those magnificent tits were damn near bursting out of her green plaid bustier, her pleated skirt sat low on delicate hipbones, and her rimless glasses set on her pert little nose. She stretched like napping kitten and sashayed over to us. She went straight for Brooke, slipping a hand into her cleavage, and tugging her small right breast out by a pebble hard nipple. The blonde alternately nibbled and licked the angry red nipples, ferociously lathing and sucking at the soft flesh. She slowly glanced up at me, hungrily eying my own d cups. I sat and watched as Mary laid Brooke on the floor, stripped her of her underwear, lifted Brooke’s skirt and ate her hot pink pussy. After 5 minutes of watching the naughty blonde make her fingers disappear into Brooke’s steamy snatch, I could no longer be just a spectator as Brooke eagerly squirmed and writhed and came in the pretty blonde’s mouth. Before this bold stranger had finished swallowing pussy juice, I was bottomless and riding Brooke’s baby face with all I had. Why? Because the entire time she was slurping at that juicy cunt her eyes did not leave me once.

The sexy blonde watched me fervently and continued drilling 3 fingers into my wanton girlfriend beneath me. The sight of her studying me while she teased Brooke’s protruding clit caused me to gush all over my little slut’s face. I closed my eyes as I rode the waves of my orgasm and ground my hips into the redhead’s probing tongue.

“That looks… delicious.”

During the haze of my orgasm, I hadn’t realized that the delectable blonde was no longer kneeling at Brooke’s cunt. Instead I found that she was about 2ft to my right; examining the liquid our mutual lover was drowning in as she struggled to keep the droplets from escaping.

As she watched Brooke, I gazed at her kiss-swollen lips and the pale pink nipple peaking over the top of her sinful bustier. I palmed both her tits and sat enthralled by her licking droplets of Brooke’s cum off her perfect pink lips. This horny minx let out a mewl, accompanied by a breathy moan that made my pussy flood into Brooke’s mouth. As I rode my orgasm out on the sexy redhead’s darting tongue, the blonde temptress was gone and back again with a blindfold and handcuffs.

“Your slutty little friend says you love surprises”

Did she now? This is even better than I thought. The strange beautiful goddess covered my eyes. I felt myself being carried to another room. I began to feel that another person had joined us. I sniffed; the warm musky scent told me our visitor was decidedly male. I grew excited. It had been so long since I’d had a nice stiff rod penetrate me. Don’t get me wrong, I love pussy but sometimes I need it hot and hard and fast in every hole and plastic doesn’t cut it.

My suspicions were confirmed when I was laid on my back on what I thought was a slightly uncomfortable bed, when a pair of muscular arms wrapped around my waist and a massive erection slid home inside my quivering quim. I bounced reverse cowgirl style for a short time, a mouth attached to each of my nipples.

“She’s so tight and wet. I could pound this pussy all day.” I heard from behind me.

A popping noise and a sudden draft came from my left breast. “Remember what your job is.”

Before I could think to ask the question on my mind, (Job?) My cunt was devoid of cock and a slurping sound told me someone had gotten a very tasty treat.

Then all at once that big slippery cock was shoved in my asshole and I felt a long tongue enter my pussy alternately lapping at my hole and sucking my clit.

“OHMIGOD!” I heard another male voice say from across the room before the sounds of fucking multiplied. My own moans accompanied by another’s, the wet slapping sounds of sex. Hearing these things and feeling my small puckered hole stretched and straining and the tongue swirling around my clit became too much for me.

“Oh oh omigod omigod omi- pound my ass pound it fuck my ass oh oh I’m gonna cum I’m gonna cum”!

I was too distracted to notice the sounds of the other couple had died away, at least until the tongue slipped out of me leaving my cunt hot and dripping all over my thighs only to be replaced by an even bigger dick than the one in my ass. I screamed with carnal pleasure and came hard. This one was at least a foot long and felt so good rubbing against the thin wall separating the two cocks, but his jerky movements told me he wasn’t far from cumming. Sure enough, less than a minute later he pulled out till only the head remained and sprayed a huge load in my pussy. I could still feel the first cock jack hammering my asshole, stretching it further than ever. I began to beg for hot cum in my ass. I begged shamelessly for cum in all my holes. I also told them I was about to squirt from such a scrumptious ass pounding.

My blindfold was ripped off of me. As my eyes adjusted I saw that the cock inside me was thick and veiny and brownish purple. I saw Brooke on her hands and knees with huge pink dick in her and her tongue lathing the chocolate balls slapping against my ass. And the sexiest strawberry blonde pussy I’d ever seen was 2 inches from my face.

“Cum in all your holes? That can be arranged.”

She swung her leg over my head, her cunt an inch away from my probing tongue. I could feel the cum in my pussy beginning to drip onto my thighs and still I bounced on top of the stranger with the thick rod. I watched her as she palmed her own breast with one hand and fiddled with her clit.

“Why don’t you open wide and drink Mistress Mary’s cum, you naughty girl.”

Mistress Mary. This made me hotter than ever.

All at once I felt the cock mercilessly slamming my asshole, spray what must have been a gallon of hot jizz into me at the same time Mistress Mary squirted her tasty nectar on my tonsils. I felt Brooke pull the cock free from my ass and suck it clean, then she stuck her tongue in my backdoor and scooped out the cum. This was the last straw for me. My creampied pussy spurted all over Brooke’s deceitfully angelic face, delighting her and prompting her to leisurely slurp and suck on my quim until we all collapsed together in a cum-drenched heap.

I awoke on the unfamiliar carpet later to see Mary wearing what looked like a strapon with 2 shaft. Both dildos were being shoved in and out of Brooke’s wide open asshole while four of Mary’s fingers fucked her pussy shallowly so her cum splashed like droplets of rain.

“I hope you don’t mind”, Mary said seeing I was awake. “This whore begged our companions to dp her slut cunt while you were sleeping. I’m punishing her right now.”

Hmmm, I think I’ll keep Brooke around for now.

The morning of my 21st birthday had arrived. I was not expecting anything special, though. You don’t get much celebration when you are a single girl with no close relatives, no relationship, not really any friends except the lunch bunch from work. I got up and got ready to shower. As always I checked the mirror. Even a girl with no man in the picture needs to keep up her looks. I thought the picture was not bad. My short blonde hair framed a face that is pretty if not stunning. My petite 5 foot 2 frame carries perky tits, and soft pubic hair outlines my pink pussy lips. I turned around and peered over my shoulder to see my nice round ass. I clenched it a couple of times, reminding myself that I was getting sex deprived after too long without a bed mate. Sighing, I showered and dressed, and went off to my job as a secretary. Eight hours later I shut down my computer and went home to make a cup of soup for my dinner. That was all that my budget covered.

I settled down in front of the TV and sighed. “Happy Birthday, Sharon,” I muttered as I popped open a light beer. It was a big surprise to me when the doorbell rang.

I opened the door, and behold my three lunch girlfriends greeted me. They pushed into the room, yelling, “Happy Birthday, you fool!” “Did you think we forgot?” “The Big 2-1!”

I was surprised and flattered. I didn’t think anybody cared at all. After a bit of laughing and backslapping, Cathy pulled an envelope out of her pocket. “We want to make your 21st special, kid! We didn’t think sitting around talking office gossip was the way to a big thrill. So we all got together to get you a top rate present. Here!” She thrust the envelope into my hands.

I opened it quickly, and pulled out a slip of paper. I looked at it expectantly, but it had nothing on it but the words “House of Silken Ties, 505 Elm Street.” Quizzically, I looked at Cathy and saw a big grin on her face. “Just go to the address, birthday girl, and you will get your present.” All the girls were grinning and nodding. They pushed me toward the door, and into my car. Then they stood there looking like children playing Puss in the Corner as I pulled out. Their big waves were my farewell.

I drove over to the address they had given me. It was a nice neighborhood with space between the neatly landscaped houses. True to its name, the street was lined with large spreading elm trees. The house I approached looked no different from all the others, except that it was painted totally white, even the shutters. The porch light was on and I saw a couple of soft lights behind what looked like white silk curtains. I walked up to the door and just as I was about to ring the bell the door swung open.

I stepped into a short entry hall all painted pure white and totally without furniture. The front door swung shut behind me. I only had moments to take in the scene, smelling a light pleasant musky scent and hearing very soft music playing. Then the white curtain at the other end of the hall opened.

The gorgeous tall blond guy who came from behind the curtain could only be described as a hunk. His height did not overwhelm me, perhaps 5 foot 9. His silky hair cascaded softly down almost to his shoulders, framing a strong face with deep blue eyes which pierced through me. Strong firm lips gave me a slight smile as he approached. He was wearing a cutoff muscle shirt of black silk that revealed flat abs and arms that were muscular but not overdone. Around his waist a black silk rope held a loin cloth, also of black silk. His bare muscular legs looked strong and firm. He was a perfect warrior ready to protect a helpless maiden – or ravish her? All I could do was to stare at him in amazement and wonder exactly what sort of birthday present my girlfriends had arranged for me.

This gorgeous hunk stepped toward me. I opened my mouth to say something but he pressed one finger to my lips and shook his head. Then, in complete silence, he removed that black silk shirt. His bare chest rippled with muscles and firm brown nipples poked up from it. I was tempted to just run my hands over that masculine chest and tickle those nipples. But he stepped back another step, just beyond my reach. He posed for me provocatively, rippling his muscles. I could actually feel juices starting to flow in my pussy just watching this nearly naked man.

His hands dropped to the silk cord around his waist and slowly undid the knot. As he removed the cord he held the loincloth in place with one hand. Then slowly he began to pull it up and through his legs. The top of his thighs held it gently as it made its passage over his cock. I could see its hardness as that soft silk slid over it. Curly dark pubic hair was visible on each side. The cloth fell free of his thighs and he slowly pulled it up the last few inches, over his balls and then up along the straight shaft. My pussy was starting to twitch now as he put on this silent strip show for me. He posed for me in his full nudity, his bare chest and legs forming a counterpoint to the long hard rod standing erect in front of his belly. My mind was spinning in anticipation of what would come next.

Slowly he walked toward me. Once again he laid one finger on my lips. Then he brought the black silk cloth from his loins up in both hands and stretched it out in front of me. He moved it toward my face. Then he raised it a bit more and I realized that he was blindfolding me. The smooth black silk covered my eyes and hid his naked body from me. For a moment I was disappointed. He leaned into me to reach behind my head and tie the blindfold and as he did his bare chest pressed against my boobs. He rubbed it slightly back and forth and I felt my nipples responding. I could smell the faint scent he was wearing, but no sound was exchanged between us.

Now unable to see, I knew only what I felt. The rest of the black silk was pulled down and over my mouth, and again tied behind my head, making a soft gag reminding me that silence was demanded of me. The soft music that had been playing faded to complete quiet.

Then I felt nothing, and I waited in the darkness and silence. Time passed. The next thing I felt was a light touch on the back of my neck. It was pulled tighter and I realized that it was a thin chain. Although I could not see it, in my mind I knew it was gold. It encircled my throat and was clipped in front. Then for a moment we again stood in silence. A slight tug on the chain signaled me to move forward. I knew the hall was short, so as we moved I surmised that the white curtain at the end of it had opened. I had no way of telling into what sort of a room the gentle pull of the chain led me.

The chain dropped down so I knew he was no longer holding it. He made no sound to let me know where he was. I waited in anticipation. Soon I felt careful fingers lightly touch the buttons of my blouse. One by one they came open, and I felt strong hands cup my breasts through my bra. His fingers circled my nipples and sent waves of intense pleasure through me. Gently he pulled down my bra straps, and then his hands softly ran behind my back to open the snap and let my breasts free. I waited for the next touch, but felt nothing. Not being able to see, I strained my ears to try to find him, but heard not the slightest sound. I could only stand there with naked tits and wait. Was he enjoying the picture of me standing there topless? I felt my nipples getting hard as I imagined what could come next.

Then I felt a very soft touch brush across my stomach. Gently, in smooth curves, it traced a path. So soft it was that I was not sure whether it was a finger or his tongue. Slowly it worked its way up toward my naked breasts. I thought I felt a slight wetness lubricating its path. Then it reached my boobs and as it circled them lightly I became sure that he was licking me. Around each tit in turn his tongue worked, circling nearer and nearer to the nipple. Hard and firm, my nipples cried out for his touch. First one, then the other, he flicked with his tongue. I felt my pussy dripping as my excitement grew. Then gentle lips took the nipple between them and he sucked it in and out. He knew just what he was doing and just how to give me maximum pleasure by rolling the nipple under his tongue. Some of my fumbling boyfriends had sucked those tits, but never as skillfully as this guy did.

As he gently suckled, first one and now the other, I felt his smooth palm rubbing my belly. It worked to the button of my slacks and undid it, then pulled down the zipper. Softly it worked down over the smooth fabric of my panties, and slid my slacks down off my hips. Then strong hands pulled them down, caressing the sensitive skin of the inner thighs as they did. I lifted my feet so he could pull them off. Then his hands moved back up my legs, caressing my inner thighs and letting one finger run so very lightly over my slit under the white panties.

But then once again he moved away. I stood there in nothing but my panties, seeing nothing, hearing nothing, feeling nothing except my pussy throbbing lightly in anticipation, having no other sensation but the light aroma of his perfume in the air.

Soon I felt him gently, gently, spread my legs apart and touch my pussy. His hand moved to my pubic mound and softly rubbed. Then his fingers slid into the waistband of my panties and began pulling them down. I knew my soft blond pussy hair and my pink lips, dripping now, were exposed to his gaze. I welcomed his attentions by spreading my legs slightly, and felt his soft touch on my inner thighs tracing down my legs. Once again I stepped out of the panties. Now his strong hands moved up my legs, tracing a path from my pussy to my ass, then on up my back. He pressed his whole body into mine, his strong chest pressing against my boobs, his belly rubbing mine, and his hard cock pressed up against my mound. My body was responding to his every touch and I pressed close. Then he moved away and again I stood in darkness, feeling no touch.

After a short time I felt him take hold of both my hands from behind me. He had moved so silently I was surprised he was there. He brought my hands together behind my back, and I felt something soft, probably that black silk cord, wrapped around them.

Then he pressed against me from behind, his hands reaching around to hold my boobs and his hard cock pressed into the crack of my butt. After a moment of soft rubbing he moved to the side and pulled me gently back by the cord around my wrists. My hands behind me felt a cold pole and the cord was wrapped around, holding me in place there. Then suddenly he once again left me standing in darkness, hearing and feeling nothing.

For a few moments I stood there, listening for any sound but hearing none. I tried to detect his position from the soft smell of his musky perfume but it seemed to be everywhere and nowhere. The only thing I was sure of was the dripping of my pussy juices. Soon I felt the chain around my neck tighten, pulling me back this time, and I heard the chain scrape as he fastened it, probably to a ring on the pole. I was now constrained, gently in every way but unable to move anywhere of my own volition. I could only stand against the cold pole and wonder.

After a short time I felt the gentlest touch of something flick over my slit. It was so sudden, so soft, that I gave an involuntary thrust of my hips toward it but it quickly withdrew. Then it was back, a soft gentle touch, then gone again. Once more I felt it, but so soft and quick that I could not even decide if it was a finger, a tongue or his cock that was caressing my pussy. Again and again it stroked. Then slowly I felt it sliding up and down, finding my clit at the top of each stroke. Softly it rolled back and forth creating intense sensations. Now I thought that such subtle control had to be coming from his fingertips.

The rubbing became harder, and my pussy lips were swelling with excitement. As he stroked and caressed my hips pressed toward him. Round and round his finger went, bring me closer and closer to intense pleasure. My excitement was building and building with each stroke. His finger pressed through the lips and probed deep into my wetness. I felt it go down into my pussy, and then pull out. Now two fingers entered me, filling my pussy fuller and increasing the pleasure. Gently they stroked, in and out, in and out. Held to the pole as I was, I had little room to move but I rolled my hips with each stroke. Deeper they probed each time, fingers filling my pussy as his thumb rubbed against my clitoris. I rushed toward my orgasm. Faster he stroked and more intense became my feelings. Then suddenly waves of contractions rushed across my pussy and I climaxed magnificently.

Then his fingers pulled out and I stood there gasping. I could see nothing, hear nothing, feel nothing. It was as if I were floating alone in space with only the contractions of my cunt to orient me. For long moments I strained to hear anything, to get any feeling for his intentions. I did not know if he was even in the room. What sort of birthday present was this that the girls had arranged for me? Not knowing what to expect was exciting in itself. I felt my pussy becoming engorged again, surely getting ready for another round. Would it come?

A light touch ran up the inside of my thigh. It felt slightly wet and I thought it might be his tongue, creeping toward my slit. Softly it caressed my pussy lips and then licked a long stroke up to my clit. Its wetness just added to my own juices and made all the touches soft and slippery. He rolled his tongue around my clit, then up and down my slit and around again and again. With each stroke his tongue moved a bit deeper inside me. Soon it was deep in my pussy, moving in exquisite patterns and finding the exact spot to drive me to the most excitement. He drew it out, then pressed in again. Each time he drew it out I felt more urgent need for it to fill me up again.

Then my pussy felt empty, and there was nothing but a soft flicking touch on my clit. The orgasm denial drove my intensity higher. Around and around he rolled my clit, building my excitement with each stroke. Then suddenly he plunged his tongue deep into my pussy, deep and deep and touching all the right spots. He pressed hard and I felt my orgasm erupt, clenching his probing tongue with my pussy as I was bathed in pleasure again.

Quickly he withdrew, and I was left there tied to the pole writhing my hips after my second orgasm. Gasping for breath I struggled to gain control and stand up straight. Finally I was standing still against the pole, pussy dripping but not throbbing uncontrollably. Silence and darkness surrounded me, and I surrendered to them and waited.

My eyes could not see the silky haired hunk but in my mind I could. I knew my pussy had felt his strong hands and his silky tongue. I pictured in my mind his long thick cock, and waited for his next move.

Did I feel a soft breeze on my ear? Gently the air moved, then a little more strongly. A soft breath was blowing on me. Slightly, oh so slightly, I felt something press against my side and my thigh. Lips touched my ear and exhaled gently, his hard chest pressed my side and I felt curly hair and a hard rod throbbing against my thigh. Wondering what he was doing now, I waited for some sign. Then I felt a tug at the cord around my wrists and it fell off, to the ground I suppose. I heard a tiny scraping as the chain around my neck moved, and then it began to pull me forward. I followed in silence, because he had not said a word at all.

Walking in darkness, with no sound from his footfalls, I could not tell where we went, whether we stayed in that room or entered another. Soon I felt the light chain fall down across my chest, reaching just below my belly button, almost touching the top of my pubic mound. My hands were free, but I did not reach. My pussy was telling me that it would like to feel my fingers in it, but my mind said to wait for better. So I stood, blindfolded, hearing and feeling nothing, and waited.

Some time passed. I had no way to tell how long. It seemed a long time, but surely in a long time my pussy juices would have subsided, yet I could still feel the wetness down there.

I strained all my senses. Had I hear a tiny susuration of sound? Was there a soft current of air in front of me? Had he come back, or had he ever left?

Two strong hands were on my boobs but instead of caressing they were pushing backward. Totally unprepared I fell back. The back of my knees hit the edge of the bed and I was prone on its soft surface in a second, surprised and confused. Hands grabbed one ankle. They pulled it to the side stretching my leg that way, and it was wrapped in something soft and silky. I heard a slight snap. Then the other ankle was grabbed, wrapped and secured the same way. I was left lying there like that, my legs spread wide and my pussy gaping. I tried to move them and found that they were securely fastened to the corners of the bed or some other object, I knew not what.

In quick succession both my wrists were treated the same way, pulled up over my head and to the sides and fastened, so I was totally spread eagled and helpless on the soft bed. The blindfold still covered my eyes and the gag my mouth. I was totally bound in silken ties. I was not sure where this fantasy was going.

For some again unknown length of time I lay there with no sensory clues. Then something dripped on my chest. I felt a spreading pool of warmth. It trickled onto each tit and dripped on each nipple. A trickle of the warm stuff began going down my chest toward my belly. Momentarily I thought it was blood and then I realized it was warm oil. The thin stream poured on my belly and my belly button and then moved on down toward my cunt. Softly it flowed over my clit and down my slit, starting my arousal up again. The trickle went on over both thighs to my toes.

Soon soft hands were on my chest, spreading the warm oil over my tits and around my nipples. Gently they squeezed and rubbed. My hard nipples slipped easily through caressing fingers, lubricated and warmed by the oil. First one tit and then the other felt warm and glowing with these attentions. Then his hands followed the stream down over my belly. They began making warm circles, coming nearer and nearer to my mound each time. It seemed that pussy was reaching out toward them and I moved my hips the little I could to try to reach those warm hands.

But now they moved down to my thighs, and massaged gently upwards. They came to my crotch, rubbing gently against my vulva as they moved back and forth. Each time they rolled a little further up into my crotch and toward my dripping slit. It was an exquisitely teasing sensation to feel them approaching a little at a time. Spread as I was, my whole pussy was easy for him to reach. Closer and closer they stroked, and then softly the flat palm of one hand moved over my cunt. It neared the top and then made little circles right on the sensitive clit. Smooth and oily it went around and around on my pussy.

Then the fingers probed deep inside again. They rolled and twisted, imitating a throbbing cock and stroking in and out. Occasionally some boyfriend had gotten his fingers in my pussy and thought he was pleasuring me, but this one knew what he was doing and produced a masterpiece of tantalization. He pushed and pulled and my excitement rose to the point of explosion. Still blind, still silent, only the gathering sensation in my pussy meant anything to me. Then with a final deep thrust everything was gone again.

This time I moaned in my disappointment. Quickly the soft cloth that was bound over my mouth was tapped lightly, a clear message that silence was still demanded. I lay there, helplessly spread out with my throbbing pussy spread open. I writhed my hips hoping to touch something with it but there was no more stimulation. Finally I lay there and just let the feeling of the room flow over me and wrap around my cunt, trying somehow to sense his position, or even his presence.

The evening was winding down, the 50 or so guests were departing the wooden beamed barn, some to go home and some to the main hotel. The tables, already moved around once, had been placed under the staircase so that people had manoeuvred themselves around 200 year old columns to help themselves to seafood, canapés and the obligatory mini pizzas. The larger, high ceilinged end of the barn, bedecked with fairy lights and uplighters from the floor, was now empty of dancers. The bar was closed; the music was now coming from the CD player rather than the disco.

The whole shindig had been a necessary evil. The family and friends had no idea the purgatory that the couple had been trapped in. It had been expected that there be a celebration and everyone had been impressed by the effort made. The couple had made sure that was money behind the bar and that no one could have been left wanting. The venue had been carefully chosen, the swimming pool and dining room were joined to the hotel by glass roofed corridors. The barn though, was a distance away. Designed to be hidden, the mature shrubbery helped to absorb any noise from revellers. The barn’s exterior had been faced with long glass windows in places which let in copious amounts of daylight. The stairs winding up to the right, hugging the side wall ended at a small landing with 4 doors on a mezzanine level. 2 doors were for the temporary guests, 1 locked and one leading to the couples’ accommodation for the weekend.

The small bedroom in the barn was tucked in the rafters but had been given patio doors to let in cool air when it was inclined to get stuffy in the short summer months. The metal railings hugged the exterior at waist height.

Sarah’s dress gently swept the floor as she turned from the doors after saying her farewells to the stragglers. She picked up her glass on her way back in, looking for him. He had placed himself opposite the doors, perched on a banqueting chair, tie discarded and top button falling open. Unaware she was looking; he tilted his head to one shoulder and then the other, releasing the tension in his neck. Rolling his shoulders he became aware of her watching him. His grin broadened as he looked at her in the dress. He had helped tighten the laces on the back of the dress earlier in the day. He beckoned with his finger and she started to walk over. She lifted the hem of the gown in one hand and held out the glass for balance as she kicked off her right shoe and then rid herself of the left. Several inches shorter now, the hem of the dress pooled slightly at her feet and the fabric pressed on her legs as the hem dragged on the wooden floor behind her.

She stood in front of him. In her eyes, he hadn’t changed at all in the intervening years. They had endured all that life put in their path, supported friends and been the recipients of help in return.

His hand wound around her waist and he ducked his head to breathe in her smell. He loved her still, the feelings never waning. She bent, putting the glass on the floor by the rear leg of the chair, her hair falling onto his left leg. Now alone, he restrained himself no longer, his hand stroked her head and followed the locks to their end. His fingers entwined the ends as he slowly wrapped his knuckles in the brown silkiness.

Her breath hitched as she anticipated the sharp wrench which yanked her back onto her haunches. Her eyes darted up at him and then away, focussing on a point between his shoes. She knew to wait. She had been waiting all day, however, this seemed even worse. His shoes sidestepped away from her and she listened to the receding footfalls. She cocked her head trying to gauge where he was going. Not up the stairs but outside. The flow of colder air took a minute to reach her and she felt the drop in temperature across the soles of her feet before it wrapped itself around her shoulders. She sought the inner peace that allowed her to accept and her shoulders relaxed and her palms settled into her lap. She idly pondered his destination, food-no, drink-no, both of those available in the barn. There were no bags left in the car, they had carried everything in together that morning. He would return when he was ready. In earlier times, the wait had been intolerable with her calling out questions and trying to tease him.

She bought her mind back to the here and now. The door opened and then shut. No acknowledgement. She knew it was him, the sound of his footsteps stopped behind her. He slid his hand under her hair to the nape of her neck and tilted her backwards. Smiling down at her he kissed her with the pent up desire that had been simmering all afternoon. She wriggled under his hold as her body wanted more. His fingers dug in, keeping her in place. Releasing her, he walked around, pulling her cuffs from his pockets and seated himself again. He held out his left palm and she silently gave him her wrist. The warm leather enclosed her skin as he fastened the buckle. She placed her hand back in her lap and held up her other hand as he repeated his actions. She anticipated him by exposing her neck for her collar, but when it wasn’t forthcoming she looked at him and he shook his head gently. She held back a sound and stopped herself from questioning him. Her mind was spinning, it fast forwarded over the events of the previous 24 hours. She wracked her memory for thing that had displeased him. She was at a loss.

They had gone to bed at a sensible time, she had snuggled into the crook of his arm and they had drifted off knowing they had an early start. This morning they had briefly freshened up, knowing they had work to do before getting ready for the evening. Grabbing a quick breakfast she had gotten his orange juice, tea and toast as was usual for a weekend. They shared the space at the kitchen counter, double checking that they had packed everything from their lists. Eight boxes lined the hallway, ready to be taken in the car to the hotel.

An uneventful journey had brought them to the hotel, the radio playing underneath the mundane conversation. She had followed him to the reception area where the manager had recognised them, wishing them congratulations. Glancing at her husband, his nod had been imperceptible, and she had freely chatted with the manager and his staff as they were assisted to the barn. They had then been left alone with the basic layout to add their own touches to the room and tables. Fairy lights had been strung up and hurricane candles placed on the tables along with disposable cameras and the other expected paraphernalia. When they were satisfied and with only a couple of hours to spare, they had headed upstairs to get ready.

She had only enough time for a shower and jumped in first. Could that have been it? He had opened the door whilst she had been rinsing her hair. Naked, he had stepped in behind her, his erection pressing the base of her spine. Her eyes closed, he had run his hands from her neck, around the sides of her breasts, cupping them in his palms and without warning pinching and twisting her nipples viciously. Her cry was cut short as he shoved her head under the running water. Shampoo and water filled her open mouth and she quickly spat out the bitter mixture. He had released her right breast but twisted the left nipple again. As she tried to take a breath between the rainfall of water he slid a finger inside her arse. She inhaled water and started coughing, forcing her body further onto his hand. He had whispered in her ear and she had obediently dropped to her knees whilst trading places under the stream of water. As he had grabbed a chunk of her hair at the crown, she had taken him into her mouth, sliding her mouth up and down and licking the tip on the out stroke. It hadn’t taken long to bring him to the brink, she felt the moment as he had gotten even thicker and harder. She braced herself and had taken it all in three swallows. Satisfied, he had kissed her quickly, murmuring that she had been a good girl, and no, she was to leave herself alone. Frustrated, she had distracted herself with finishing her shower.

She had entered the bedroom to find him already in his shirt and trousers. His socks, shoes and jacket by the armchair near the patio door. Only an hour to go and she had had to concentrate to get her hair and makeup done in time for the impending guests. He had smiled to himself as they chatted, knowing what a state she was in. His words teased her, making her wetter and her nipples erect. The dress was boned and before he tightened the laces holding her breasts in place he had licked and then bitten each nipple. He had removed the contents of the dressing table and then pushed her against it, kissing her hard and smudging her newly applied lipstick. She had tried to complain and was immediately told to bend over the table. She had looked at them in the mirror as he had lifted her skirts above her waist. She felt his hands roam over her buttocks and then slide his thumbs inside the top edge of her knickers. He slid them down to mid-thigh level and told her to spread her legs. She watched his reflection remove his belt from its loops. The leather ends were brought together to form a loop and with no pause in his actions, each buttock received a sideways strike with was swung from his right shoulder. She bit her lip in an effort not to cry out.

The waiting staff had assembled downstairs and were receiving their briefing. She had hoped that no one had heard her grunts. The next two swings caught her just under the buttock crease at the top of each thigh. She would not allow herself to cry, she had run out of time to redo her entire make up. His fingers easily found the moisture pooling behind her pussy lips. His searching fingers had caused the liquid to run over his hand and start the journey down her legs. His hand had been put in front of her face, blocking the reflection in the mirror. The wet fingers were licked clean by the whore in the mirror. The smeared lipstick and the darkened wanton eyes did not really belong to her. She got 10 strokes more on each cheek, each one raising her onto her toes as she muffled her cries. He knelt behind her kneading the red and tender flesh making her wriggle under his hands. Sitting through the meal was going to be interesting.

She felt the knickers pulled to the floor and she stepped out of them. He told her that she was making a mess and they had better stop her from leaking. The black lace knickers were been screwed up and shoved up her cunt, to remain there, he said, until he removed them. He left her then, allowing her to adjust her clothing and re-apply her lipstick. In the room below, the noise level had increased as the guests had assembled, wanting to join in the celebration. She composed herself and left the room with her husband, him leading her safely down the stairs to the longest party of her life.

He decided that if she saw her predicament and what was coming, it would ratchet up her anticipation. He laid himself over her, pressing her into the table. Kissing her deeply, he slipped the blindfold from her head. She blinked quickly to restore her sight, the low lighting still blinding. She saw him above her and then the others came into focus. Bill and Della moved toward her, kissing then biting her neck, moving from her collarbone to her hair line behind her ear. Her twisting was futile as his body weight still pinned her. Raising himself, he reached to either side and loosened the knots holding her legs. Once freed, she bent her knees and hips to regain the lost movement. Her arms were given some slack and she was rolled over onto her front so her arms crossed painfully above her breasts. The ropes to the cuffs were adjusted so that the pain in her wrenched shoulders became bearable. Her arms rested on the table, forcing her to look sideways. He lifted her knees onto the table and slid them further apart, securing her legs above the knee. She tried looking over her shoulder but it felt like she would dislocate her arm.

The scraping of the knife had her tossing her head from side to side. They spoke in low voices and there was a hushed agreement. Della bent over her back and kissed a line down her spine as her hands followed the contours of her hips and bum. Round and round in circles, increasing the pressure until her frantic movements and groaning behind the gag had her eyes rolling. The gentle hands moved to her anus where she thought she felt the application of lube, but the ginger root on her puckered hole started the burn within a minute or so. As she started to jack her body away from the cause of the burn, it was firmly pushed in. She was adjusting to the burning in her arse, just as another root was pushed in her cunt and a third piece rubbed on her clit. Unaware of the groaning coming from behind the gag, her hips now tried to fuck thin air and as she tried to gain some relief from the burn and frustration.

He was rock hard. He had never seen his wife naked and bucking as she was now. She really had reached a crescendo of need and she didn’t care who ended it for her. He sheathed himself to protect himself from the ginger root. That had been a new one for them; a suggestion from his co-conspirator. Bill had said it sent Della wild and so he had given it a try. She was rocking now, impossibly looking for friction that would send her over the edge. He picked up the dildo from the bag and walked around to her head. He took a fistful of hair and yanked her head back. Her eyes were closed; she was concentrating on getting herself enough oxygen. He pushed his fingers past her teeth, pulling the knickers from her mouth. She sucked in large lungful’s of air, getting high from the sudden increase in oxygen to her brain. She licked her lips, remnants of saltiness still detectable.

Needing lubrication for the dildo, he offered it to Della who accepted gratefully. Leaning against a gnarled column, she separated her pussy lips and pushed the dildo in up to its hilt. Using one hand to pinch her nipples, the other rammed the dildo furiously, coating it completely in slick juices. The boyfriend Bill grabbed Della’s wrist holding the dildo, preventing the impending orgasm to surface.

Sarah cried out again as he pulled the ginger from both her arse and her pussy. The final movements of the ginger set off the burn once more. The dripping dildo was returned to its owner who was still undecided until the last second. Sarah held in her scream as he started the slow and persistent fucking motion that ensured the dildo’s steady progress into her backside. The scream died away, leaving her whimpering. Boll and Della had been drawn over and receiving a nod, they released her wrists and rubbed them gently. Helped her onto her palms, the fire in her shoulders killed the orgasm in its tracks. Her breasts now hung free, weighted down further by the chain. Della dipped her head and found Sarah’s hungry lips. The two women kissed long and hard. The two men sharing the same thoughts timed their actions. Bill removed the clover clamps as her husband penetrated her pussy. Sarah’s ecstasy and agony melded as her nipples were brushed back to life by two sets of hands. The dildo in her arse was moved in opposite strokes to the deep penetration in her cunt. Della’s mouth on hers absorbed the heightening moans. Her body was overloaded with sensation.

Yet to be satisfied herself, Della slid under Sarah, creating a sixty nine. She felt Della’s soft skin tugging her breasts and stomach as she wiggled towards her open legs. There was a pause as their breasts met and both women pressed against each other. Her eyes were locked on the bare mound directly in front of her, but tantalisingly out of reach. Moving forward again she couldn’t help herself. She bent her head to inhale the hairless skin, her nose nudging the top of the slit. Only another couple of inches. The movements from behind had stopped but she was still full.

Her tongue ran down and around between the outer and inner lips. She licked the length of the slit, momentarily flicking her tongue over the clit. Della’s body shuddered and arched against her. Her tongue explored the inner lips and she tugged them gently with her teeth. She found the opening and teasingly pushed her tongue in, finding it wet with juices. She probed deeper, swallowing in order to empty her mouth. The hot breath on her own pussy making her licking and sucking more frantic. She took Della’s clit into her mouth sucking it, making it engorge. A fast flicking motion brought Della to the brink.

Bill could hold back no longer, lubing his cock, he brought pressure to Della’s arse, stretching her wide. The men started up their rhythm, gaining pace bringing the women closer. The women both clamped down on each other’s clits and Sarah was the first to go over the edge. She flung her head backwards, a blood curdling scream as she finally came. The spasms coming in waves, a fresh set sparked off when he removed the dildo in a slick motion.

Bill had taken her place at Della’s clit. Three of his fingers pumping into her cunt, his thumb circling the nub, quickly brought her to orgasm. As the men continued their thrusting, Della got back to flicking Sarah’s clit, a second orgasm building and then crashing, causing the walls of her pussy to spasm once more.

Feeling his impending ejaculation, he withdrew, discarding the condom. Finishing himself off, he came all over her back and arse. Bill also came, filling Della’s arse with his cum.

All four were exhausted. Their heavy breathing slowed and they slowly disconnected themselves. He directed Bill to the upper level bathroom and the married couple embraced and kissed as he helped her up the stairs.

Ensconced in a hot bath, Sarah was sharing her space with Della who was helping her stretch out her calf muscles. She had a handful of welts which had screamed to her as she had lowered herself into the water. Della drew circles in the air with her finger and Sarah pulled herself away from the end of the bath and spun slowly around. Fingers dug firmly into the muscles on her back, working their way up to her hyper-sensitive shoulders. They chatted about the circumstances leading up to the evening. They washed and rinsed and let the men take their turns in the shower. Wrapped in towels, the women took turns with the hairdryer. Once done Bill and Della had dressed, embraced their friends and said their goodbyes.

Assuming the night was at a close, she hopped under the covers and was surprised when he shook his head at her, grinning. Her head fell back and she groaned as she reluctantly crawled back out again. He had dressed again, finishing off with his leather coat. Quizzically, she looked around for her outfit. She hadn’t packed for this part of the night and so it seemed, neither had he. He pointed to the floor and she reversed off the bed and kneeled in front of him once more. He had a scuff on his left shoe and she restrained herself from wanting to rub it away. He asked for her wrists and she held them up for him again. He cuffed her and pulling her to her feet, her eyes welled up as her collar was not forthcoming again. She had thought it had meant something. Nothing fancy, it had been a spontaneous purchase from the local pet shop of all places. It was not decorative or have many rings on it, but it had sentimental value and she missed the feeling of it round her neck. He flicked his wrist to look at the face of his watch which had rolled around. He was on time. He tugged her wrists and she followed him downstairs to the empty barn. Glancing around, she guessed that their newly departed friends had tidied up on their way out as there was no evidence of what had occurred.

He pushed her to her knees and she settled on her haunches with her back to the door. She heard him move around the room. He changed the music that could be heard from the speakers. Glasses clinking behind the bar, the twist of a bottle top and the hiss of escaping carbon dioxide. She closed her eyes as he continued to move around. He was moving chairs behind her now, too exhausted to try and figure it out; she accepted that she would find out soon enough.

There was a tap at the door, her eyes flew open and her breathing quickened. Quietly begging that there was no more to endure. She was spent and was dreaming of the down filled pillows upstairs.

She couldn’t count the footsteps as there were multiple sounds from the heavy footfalls of men to the higher clicking of heels on wood from others. She shivered as the outside temperature permeated the barn. The low conversation stopped as her husband came to stand at her side, facing her audience. Resting his hand in her hair, he stroked rhythmically, relaxing her, soothing her. He greeted the new arrivals, thanking them for their part in the minor deception. He stepped back so that he was now stood in front of her. She looked up at him and he explained to her why he had bought everyone together.

He loved her, had always loved her. He wanted to celebrate with ALL their friends but this had been the only way. He pulled a large flat box from his inside pocket. Holding it in front of her, he flipped it open. She gasped as she laid her eyes on a beautiful metal necklace. It looked like someone had turned a strip of lace into silver and chained the ends with a padlock. He un clipped her wrists and removed the collar from the box. Bending his head towards her, he locked the padlock at the back of neck and whispered how much he loved her. She tried to respond but silent tears ran down her cheeks.

No words needed.

The Awakening

Chapter 1

As I opened my eyes, there was only darkness. I start to panic as I try to move my arms, but they will not…they are bound to something. I move my legs in the same fashion, but again, I can’t. As I start to move more frantically trying to get free from unknown bindings, I hear a noise, and I suddenly stop.

“What was that?” I thought.

I took a quick breath hoping to hear more of this noise. I lay still hoping to hear the noise again. As I lay there waiting to hear another noise…I could feel something soft on my back. I begin to move a little more. I could feel it, it was all over. With the feeling of something cool and slick on my body I could tell I was naked.

“I see the she has finally awoken,” says a deep voice to the left of where I was bound.

“Yes, and she seems quit frisky,” says a younger voice to the right.

Two voices…why are there two voices? Why am I here? All of these thoughts come rushing into my head. Why haven’t they helped me? I dare not saying anything, and stop all of my wrestling to get free.

Listening intently, I could hear movement from the left side of where I was laying. Wondering what is going on, but dare not move.

“Do you know why you are here?” A low deep voice whispers into my ear.

I jolt away, not expecting this voice to be so close. I slowly shake my head back and forth forming a ‘no.’

“Very well, my acquaintance and I will have to show you then,” he whispers again into my ear with a low chuckle.

“We only have one question to ask you,” said the man to the right: “Would you rather have the blind fold on or off?”

“On…” I manage to blurt out; afraid of what was going to become of me.

Within in seconds of answering this man’s question, I felt his hands running up and down my legs as they shiver from his touch. While another set of hands were touching, rubbing, and massaging my exposed chest.

I couldn’t believe it…they wanted my body. They went through off of this so that they could ravage my body? These thoughts were rushing through my head faster then I could answer myself.

“You are here for our pleasure…” said the younger voice. It was then that I felt his hand starting to explore the shaven pussy lips.

“And we will take full advantage of you while we have you at our disposal,” added the deeper voice. He then began to forcefully pinch my erecting nipples.

Intense sensations rushed over my body as I lay bound. My body moved and squirmed with the feelings that were being forced onto me.

“Her cunt is already dripping, lets see how sweet this wet pussy really tastes,” the younger voice exclaimed.

I could feel his hot wet tongue beginning to explore the lips of my wet pussy. A soft lick to one side and then to the other, tracing the length of each lip, pausing only momentarily at the opening of my puckered asshole. My legs squirmed as I could feel his every touch.

I could taste the warm air being drawn in through my opened mouth as I gasped for breath.

“Now that I can’t leave alone…” exclaimed the deep voice, as he bit piercingly at my neck eventually winding his way to my spread lips.

All of a sudden a hand ran through my hair. As I gasped again for another breath, my head was forcefully pulled forward and he whispered, “you’re going to take my cock lovingly you little whore or I’ll make you wish you had…you’ve got the makings of a fine cum slut, so don’t let me down.”

It was then that I tasted it, the unmistakable musk laden precum of a man. Slowly, forcefully, he pushed passed my lips…forcing them apart around his still engorging cock.

Deeper and deeper he pushed his cock into my mouth. I thought I was going to gage from the depth he pushed his cock past my lips…but he would pull back just enough so that I could take more of him. He continued this rhythm for a while as I could taste precum laced saliva running from my tongue, and from the corners of my mouth, onto my chest. My mouth, now his toy, kept pace with his motion as I licked and sucked the full length of his now rock-hard cock.

“Your pussy tastes so sweet m’dear. I must know how it feels. I have to know if it is as tight as it appears to be.”

I found his words strangely arousing and I could not help but begin to suck a little harder on the cock that was in my mouth. I lay there in the darkness with great anticipation of intense feelings that I imagined were going to be thrust upon me…

As his hands began to play up and down my legs I could feel the movement of the bed as he crawled on top of my bound body, pressing me helplessly into the now warm slick sheet under my body. At this point I no longer cared why I was here. All I wanted was more. More of the intense emotions that they were making me feel, I didn’t want it to stop….

I could feel something soft begin to rub against the outside of my soaked pussy, sliding off and around my pussy as if to taunt me. My hips moved as much as they were allowed, wanting the teasing to stop, wanting to feel the pleasure he was about to give me.

With a gasp from his mouth, all I could do was scream from the deepest part of my soul, muffled from the hardened cock that was continuing its rhythmic thrusts into my mouth. The intense pleasure that I was feeling from this mans large hard cock pushing, thrusting himself into me, was too much. My hips could not stop, they were moving on their own, wanting more. Through my muffled screams of pleasure I could hear the moans from both men as they continued to take pleasure from my sweat soaked body. It was all I could do to suck harder and move my hips along with their motions, wanting to hear the noises my body was being forced to exhale.

As the intense feelings continued to overwhelm my bound body, all I can do was move to the motion, gasping for breath any moment my mouth was not engulfed with cock. I could feel my chest being covered more and more with saliva that dripped from my mouth. My whole body was covered in sweat, and I can feel my ankles and wrist slipping in the restraints as I was being moved by the force of the two men’s powerful movements.

“I’m going to cum,” stated the deep voice as he tightened his grip on my hair. “You’d better not loose a drop of my cum…” I trembled at the inflection in his voice fearful at what he was implying.

“I’m right there with you…” said the younger voice as he thrust his cock ever deeper into my sopping pussy. “Her pussy is so wet and tight, you will have to try this for yourself.”

“Sounds like a hell of deal though my interest lies in unsoiled property…”

Within seconds of the deep voices comments, I could feel the initial spasms of his cock in my mouth. It was then that he forced my head tighter onto his engorged cock… With a loud moan, and a thrust of his hips, he came in my mouth. After several attempts to swallow and a bought with my gag reflex, I managed to swallow it all. I even found myself milking length of his cock with my eager tongue so that every drop now belonged to me. The man with the deep voice slowly pulled his still twitching cock from my mouth. I gasped for breath with a cough or two to clear my throat, as he left go of my head and I laid back.

“Pretty good…not many can take a load my size. I’m impressed. You’ll make a fine cum slut….” he added with a sigh and chuckle. “Too bad you didn’t get all…” as he smudged saliva from my breasts.

Another moan escaped my mouth half wanting to temp fate. But that was not for long. I was abruptly brought back to the reality that the younger voice’s cock was being thrust inside of me, and the pleasure was back. As the thrusting increased, his penis began to swell, moans kept being pushed out as if I had no control over my own voice and the intensity of our building orgasms continued to grow with every thrust.

A single moan, another thrust, and then he came. I felt pulse after pulse of cum hitting the innermost depths of my pussy. Then as soon as it began, it was over. The younger voice relaxed, laying my hips back down on the bed.

As I lay there gasping for breath, salvia pooled on my chest, and cum oozing from my ravaged pussy.

“Looks like I a made a mess” he exclaimed.

Gingerly, he stuck two fingers into my now dribbling pussy and scooped out what cum he could.

“Open” he commanded.

My mind raced with emotions trying to put things together. I realized I could do nothing, so I willingly obeyed. He stuck his fingers into my mouth.

“…that’s good little cum slut,” he said.

My mind was delirious with excitement as I tasted the two men’s cum along with my own juices and I willing sucked his fingers clean.

“Five minutes….” questioned the younger voice.

“Five minutes, huh?” Replied the deeper voice…

The younger voice questioned again…”think that will give her enough time?”

“Who cares” he exclaimed, “this isn’t about her needs, it’s about her learning her place.” He said with a chuckle. “We will see you in five minutes you little whore…I promise you this time won’t be as pleasant…you’re going to learn that what I say goes.”

I could hear them moving away from where I was. I could do nothing, say nothing. There was no energy left in my body. The only thought that was running through my head was that this I couldn’t be happening…and still, I didn’t want to wait till they came back…I wanted them now.

“Had I fallen asleep?” I thought to myself, as though time seemed to have lapsed.

I moved my hands and legs again, hoping that I was not bound. But to no avail, I could still feel the soft restraints on my wrists and ankles sliding around from the sweat that had not evaporated.

I relaxed and listened to my surroundings once again, hoping to hear something I recognized anything that could aid me. I started to move my wrists, hoping that the sweat had loosened enough where I could pull hands through. I could hear the noise from the rustling of the restraints and stopped. I listened for a few more seconds hoping that the noise I was making wouldn’t catch any ones attention. Silence. Again I pull at my wrists hoping for some sort of release.

“So we have an escape artist do we?” Said the younger voice, “Do you see what she’s trying to do?”

“I see” said the deep voice who I could hear on the right side of me. “It would seem you’ve learned nothing from your first lesson. Are you ready to accept the consequences of not swallowing ALL of my cum?”

I could feel as though he was staring into my soul. I could not see him, they had not yet removed the blindfold, but the tone of his voice pierced my soul. All I could do was nod “yes” and hope that he was happy with my answer.

“You will do exactly as I command you. Do you understand…” exclaimed the deep voiced man.

Do exactly as he commands? What was going to happen to me now? I nodded a yes, knowing I had better answer him so to not anger him.

I could feel his breath on my right cheek and I move my head away, “Say it!” hissed the deep voiced man.

“Yes.” I somehow manage to pass that sound threw my lips.

“Yes, what?” He hisses again in my ear. “And louder, my friend can’t hear what you are saying.”

“Yes, I will do as you say.” I say with a deep breath.

“We shall see…” the deep voiced man said with a light chuckle.

I could hear a small laugh coming from the younger stranger. He was now standing to the other side of me.

“Two things before we start our session, my dear.” The deep voiced man stated as I sensed him move away from me.

“First, we are going to untie you, move how you are positioned and then retie you back up. Remember what I just said about not doing anything stupid, because you could not take the punishment that I would deal to you if you did?”

Silence. Was he waiting for me to answer? “Yes. I remember.”

I blurted out hoping to have said it in time so as to not cause him to become angry with me.

“Good. It seems that you are already taking a shining to your training.” The deep voice man exclaimed.

Training!? What did he mean by training?

“Second, do you wish to keep the blindfold on or do you want it off?”

“On.” I stated with a now trembling voice. In part because I dare not image what they were about to do and in part because I wanted to know…I needed to know.

All of a sudden I could feel him near me again.

“What was that?” He hissed in my ear. “We are being nice to you and you answer me with a command?”

I could feel his breath quickening on my neck as he spoke these words.

“May I please keep the blindfold on, Sir?” I sputtered out, as I began to shake, scared that I had angered him.

“Sir? Oh, I like that. You are an odd one though that is for sure. I didn’t say anything and you are already calling me Sir.” The deep voiced man said with a chuckled as I he moved away from me once again.

“As soon as you are untied you are to turn over onto your hands and knees. You will present your mouth to my acquaintance and your asshole to me by spreading you ass cheeks with both of your hands.”

I could feel a cool breeze running over my wrists as soon all of the restraints were removed from my wrists and ankles. I leaned over to my side and pushed myself up onto my hands and knees. I could feel my body still out of energy, but knew that the deep voiced man would not take that as an excuse for not obeying him. As soon as I got on my hands and knees I felt the legs restraints tighten.

I positioned my hips just over my heels and spread my knees apart coming all fours. In order to satisfy his second wish, I had lean forward pressing myself into in the bed. With a slow and deliberate movement, I did so. During the process, I grabbed my ass presenting the deep voice complete access to that most intimate place of a human being.

“Ahh now this is my kind of view…” deepening his voice as he stated…

There was an eerie silence at first and then I felt his breath. He had positioned his tongue inches from asshole. I clenched in response to this new sensation.

“This time I will be feeding your mouth whiles my friend here demonstrates what is means to not listen the first time.”

I could feel my eyes widen as I heard him say that. Are they serious! As soon as I heard that I began to squirm, my legs straining against the restraints, my mind hoping that he would not want to do violate my only salvation.

WHACK! I could feel a sudden sting rush through my body from my bare butt. The sharp pain brought a tear to my eyes and I whimpered loosing all focus of where I was and what was about to take place.

“Don’t dream of moving your motherfucking ass until you’re told to do so…” Gruffed the deep voice.

The young voice piped in: “My friend will get what he wants…you need only enjoy every second…”

As he said this, he reached down for my chin and moved my head to so that my face was poised upward.

“Her ass is fucking phenomenal!” The deep voiced man said as he began to squeezing both cheeks through my already positioned hands.

“It’s all yours…” Said the younger voice, “I will be seeing what it is about this mouth that made you cum last time” and the both chuckled.

I took another deep breath knowing what was about to happen, and hoping that I could bear what they were about to do.

Soft lips? All of a sudden I could feel soft lips on mine. “Was he kissing me?” I thought to myself but before I could answer myself I could feel a wet tongue. He began to explore the depths of my mouth. He is kissing me.

As he continued to hold my chin, I could do nothing but to kiss him back, his mouth tasted better then any other kiss I had ever had and there was a passion I’d never felt before. I couldn’t believe it! As I began to kiss him back, and sucking on his thrusting tongue, I could feel another wet tongue exploring my exposed ass.

His tongue traced circles down each side of my sphincter. I could believe he was doing something so taboo…and I was loving every minute of it. Without warning he changed position and suddenly the tongue that once only tempted fate was now being thrust deep into my asshole!

Cum was oozing from my pussy creating a trail a passion from my entrance down to my navel.

“This looks so tight; I am going to have to work on loosening this up a little.” Came the deep voice with a chuckle, as if he was overly pleased with his own performance.

The young voiced man continued to thrust his tongue in my mouth with such passion that I grew delirious to emotions and feelings I now being exposed to. It was all that I could do to receive his probing tongue. I just couldn’t believe sweet his saliva tasted.

All of a sudden high pitched moan came thrusting out of my mouth. I could feel the man behind me gently put a finger inside of my asshole. Slowly, he began moving it in and out. I gasped back and away from the younger voice’s tongue, when all of a sudden I felt a hand on the back of my head and painfully tight grip on my hair.

“What he is doing to you will NOT effect what we are doing, do you understand me?” The young voice stated with a boom in his voice.

I gasp again. I couldn’t help it; this feeling of a finger being pushing in and out of my asshole was too much to bear. I somehow muttered out an answer of, “Yes, Sir,” as another small scream was forced out of my wet mouth.

“You better be careful there, I don’t want her doing anything stupid when my cock is in her mouth.” The young voice piped in…all the while, the deep voice giggled with glee as he continued to push his one finger in and out of my puckered asshole.

“Oh don’t worry; she is getting wet just from me doing this.”

My eyes widen again, he wasn’t thinking….was he? I was hoping that he wasn’t going to go any further then a finger in my ass, but his cock? I know how big he was when he was inside my mouth; I couldn’t imagine taking it if he wanted to ram my ass with his hard cock. My thoughts were a jumble, thinking about how to deal with what was about to come at me when the hand returned to my chin and thrust my head up again.

“You will have to concentrate very hard, little one and I do mean very hard. Seeing how one finger makes you squirm when pushed into your asshole. When his cock is in there, you will have to restrain yourself. Hence we kept you restrained just in case your asshole was really this tight. And it seems that is more so then we expected.” The young voiced man said firmly as his fingers wiped across my wet lips.

“Open that beautiful mouth of yours.”

Another moan exited my opened mouth as I could feel two fingers being slowly pushed deeply into my wet asshole. And there was that taste again. The unmistakable musk laden precum taste of a man, though this time off of a noticeably larger cock. It was odd that I could tell by just licking the head of his cock that the size of his was much larger then of the deep voiced man. And for this I was glad. He was wanting to fuck my mouth and not my asshole, though the slight pain I was feeling was not making me think positively about what was going to happen.

I could feel every movement that was made by the fingers of the deep voiced man, and with every thrust in, a gasp would exit out of my mouth. With my next few gasps, I could feel the hold on my hair grow tighter and I left my mouth open as I replaced all of the precum from the head of the young voiced man’s cock with my saliva.

Another gasp exited my mouth; three fingers were now being slowly pushed in and out of my wet asshole. The intense feeling had already boarded painful, but there was nothing I could do. I begin to focus on the hardening cock what was being thrust into my inviting mouth.

I could feel the wetness from my pussy running down my stomach, as my head was beginning to be thrust back and forth on a very large and hardened cock. I was wishing that the deep voiced man would see how wet my pussy was and take advantage of that instead of my tight asshole. Another gasp pushed its way out of my mouth. It was all I could do to suck harder on the cock in my mouth hoping my gasps were not displeasing the deep voiced man.

“Your pussy sure is dripping. I think I might have some of that before I go exploring into that overly tight asshole of yours. This will get my hard cock nice and wet for when I do go there.” The deep voiced man said as I could feel his movement change on the bed.

I could feel him move behind me as I continued to lick and suck on the large cock that was being rhythmically moved in and out of my mouth. I moved my hands so that I would be holding onto the restraints, so that I would fall onto the man that I was sucking on. I knew that he would not appreciate that one bit and I was in no position to make him mad.

A deep moan exited from what space it could in my mouth. It was then that I felt that familiar feeling a hard erect cock makes when it is first hard thrust into a dripping wet pussy. As he began to ram my pussy I tried to keep rhythm with his thrusts and the sucking I was doing on large cock in my mouth. I could start to hear low moans coming from the young voiced man as I sucked, licked, and then released his cock in my mouth. Such ecstasy I felt from this, I forgot about everything else…what had happened, what was going to happen. All I wanted was for this to not stop. Gasps turned into loud moans as the two men and I started making noises of unified pleasure.

Then it hit. A shearing pain shot through my body and out of my mouth. He had impaled with the full length of his cock in one swift movement. I almost bit down from the pain; I could feel the grip on my hair tighten to where my hair felt like it was going to be ripped out. He did it, the deep voiced man actually did it. The pain was intense and I grasped at the restraints my hands were holding onto.

“Don’t stop.” The younger voice commanded. He could tell that I had stopped sucking and licking his cock because of the pain I was feeling. I started again, trying to focus on the cock that was in my mouth, but feeling every movement made in my asshole. I could feel the eyes tearing up and a few tear drops fell from my cheeks. Screams and loud moans keep trying to push themselves out of my mouth as the pain was replaced with a pleasure I had never experienced before.

All of a sudden I could feel the hold on my hair lighten up and the cock that had been fucking my mouth pull out. As soon as I felt it leave I went down to my elbows and began to gasp for breath, with moans and small screams from the constant battering I was taking.

**Crack**, the sound rang out as the deep voice’s hand came crashing down on the fleshiest part of my ass. Pain seared through my soul and more tears fell. Pleasure and pain so intertwined I could scarcely tell the difference.

“I want another run at that dripping we pussy of yours my dear.” Said the younger voice. I could barely hear him, as I gasped for breath and tried to expel the cock that was invading my asshole.

“All your effort to push me out, is only making this feel better… Damn you have the tightest ass I have ever felt.” The deep voice expressed as he continued to thrust and moan.

The man that had been in front of me now moved me up on my hands again and slid underneath me, kissing and licking the sweat off of my chest as he moved closer to my dripping pussy.

“This was supposed to wait till lesson three, but it won’t wait.” The young voice said as I could felt him grab my waste and move it down.

Noises I can not describe continued to exit my mouth. Screams filled with moans, moans filled with screams. The hard cock that was toying with my mouth earlier was now thrusting inside my wet pussy. I couldn’t think, I could do anything except take what these two men were giving me. The intense pleasure from the cock that was ramming my wet pussy was making my hips move to his thrusting. As soon as my hips started to do that, the cock that was thrusting itself into my asshole began to move in unison. The pain was all but gone; replaced instead intense pleasure as my pussy rode between the cocks. It was overwhelming. I didn’t want it to stop; I only wanted to breathe when I was forced to by the ramming of cocks inside of me.

“I’m going to cum.” Said the young voiced man with a deep moan.

“Me too…” Said the deep voiced man.

The young voice began to thrust my hips harder upwards towards the cock that was in my still invading my virgin asshole.

“Ahhhh,” moaned the deep voice as his final thrust into my ass sent cum streaming out to whatever space was available. He continued to thrust in unison with the young voice until the younger voice shoved my hips downward onto his pelvis cumming in streams inside my now sopping pussy.

After a moment, they both relaxed…the deep voice pulled his engorged cock from my asshole making a popping sound during the process. The young voice squirmed free from me until his cock again filled my heavily panting mouth.

“Drain me you filthy whore…suck my cock clean.” After a moment he pulled away only to have the deep voice take his place.

“This is your place…you are a fuck toy here for OUR needs.”

After all the blood had left his cock, the deep voice pulled his flaccid penis from my mouth.

All I could do was fall into the bed. As I lay there, not caring about what was going to happen. I felt arms around me and they tightened. Was I receiving a hug? I asked myself. Boggled I just laid there and didn’t move, the hug felt great made the moment complete. He tightened his grip around my torso and gave one last tight embrace.

“You did very well little one. I am very impressed. We will now let you rest. Go to sleep and we will see you when you wake.” Whispered the deep voiced man into my ear….

He then released me, let loose the restraints that bound me, and gently place a blanket upon me. All I could do was lay on the bed…my body ached from all of the attention it had received. I closed my eyes and drifted into a sleep like none I’ve ever had before or since.

I’d planned on Monday being a quiet night. I needed some time to recuperate and let my bruises heal. But when Bruce texted me wanting to get together, it seemed like a good idea so I said yes. I hadn’t really been planning on seeing him again. He was short and talked a bit much for me, but he was relatively well endowed and not as sadistic as some of my other beaus. We spent the day texting, working each other up. He told me he’d bought a couple surprises and I was excited.

I got off work and hurried home. I got out the shower to a barrage of texts with very specific instructions. I was to braid my hair, I was to be sitting in the middle of the room Japanese style in only panties. I was not to look at him, not speak unless spoken to and address him as sifu. I was excited for the game and got into position.

He walked in and I was sitting, head down. All I could see were his boots as he walked past me and lay a bag on the bed. There was a brief conversation, my answer to almost everything being “Yes, sifu.” I didn’t dare look up when I felt a soft silky caress on my back. I figured out it was a Japanese silk rope flogger. He ran it all over my body, and I thought there was no way it could hurt. After a couple minutes he told me to on my hands and knees. I had my head bowed as I felt him spread my pussy lips, then cold hard steel being pushed inside me. I pretty quickly figured out they were Ben Wah balls. I was ordered to keep them in.

Again, I felt the softness of the rope. Across my back, down my ass, across my nipples it tickled. I knew he was a bit hesitant, so I was moaning softly. Then snap, the first hit wasn’t hard. But more came, across my back, the ends flicking the sides of my breasts. It was all impact and no sting. I think I’d found my favorite implement. He kicked my legs apart and brought the flogger between them hard. The soft flesh between my legs radiated with pain and I let out quite a scream. His favorite was to snap me with the ends of it, almost reminiscent of being snapped with a wet towel in the locker room.

Every so often he’d ask me if I was enjoying the pain and I’d be required to answer with nothing more than “yes, sifu.” I suppose he decided not enough of my body was exposed in this position. He had me stand up and he bound my wrists to my conveniently placed ceiling hooked. My face flushed with shame as I felt the forgotten balls fall out of my cunt. He must think me such a used slut. He didn’t say anything, just continued positioning me. He found a sash of mine and covered my eyes. I was ready for more flogging when I felt a sharp pain on my left nipple. He found a particularly sadistic set of clover clamps. I whimpered, but could not speak. My nipples were still sore from all my previous play and I did not want this. The other one went on and I had to bite my lip. I needed a hard flogging just to detract from this wretched device. Now the words came that I’d been fearing. Was I so weak that I couldn’t even keep some balls inside me? Well since my cunt couldn’t perform a simple task, it was going to be punished. He ordered me to spread my legs and lean forward a bit. My bound arms provided some leeway and I obliged.

The ends of that toy could be quite cruel and the found my pussy lips quickly, biting at the tenderness. He split my pussy and brought the rope back slightly damp. He took note of this and put two fingers in my cunt just to tease, then had me clean them off. He now has access to every inch of my body and didn’t miss a single one. Nowhere was safe from the biting caress of the flogger. When it hit my clamped nipples, I screamed and whined pitifully. I felt him unbinding my hands and I prayed my torment was over. He ordered me to my knees with my mouth open. I complied obediently and was rewarded with his hard cock being thrust down my throat. He pushed it all the way down and held me until I gagged. Again and again this pattern continued. Finally I was allowed to demonstrate my oral skills. I sucked him deep and hard, wanting to prove that I did not need assistance. I must have done a good job, he was moaning slightly. I could taste his precum, the salty goodness was the best thing I’d tasted that day. He pulled out and posed a question. “Do you want more pain or more cock?” I desperately wanted more cock, but the clamps were becoming unbearable. I told him most respectfully that if he took the clamps off, he could flog me as hard as he desired. He deemed this a fair compromise. The only thing more painful than wearing nipple clamps, is taking them off. He released the first rather roughly and I screamed. I was quivering, bracing for the second. It was not much better but at least I was free.

G was scared to look at his vibrating phone as he knew it was about that time. He desperately wanted it to be a text from her, but he was half terrified at the same time that it was from her. He knew he couldn’t disobey her; he would do her bidding no matter the consequences! He didn’t know what to do about getting out of going to his house though, that’s what made him scared to look at his phone.

He peeked at the new text. MINE was what he saw. His cock immediately hardened and started dripping as his whole body began tingling! It was from her, Mistress Kimmie! Mine was their code for, You need to get to your mistress, she wants you to pleasure her NOW!

He immediately made excuses to his boss, claimed intestinal upset, which was true now because he had only 30 minutes to get to his mistress, prepare himself, and greet her as she came home. He also had to make the dreaded call, to his wife, and he didn’t know what believable excuse he could use this time.

He had no idea how long his mistress would keep him. Sometimes it was hours, other times it ran into days! The time he spent with his mistress was something he was not willing to give up. He needed her so much, he craved the time he spent with her. However, he loved his wife and was willing to try and keep both happy. It was getting harder and harder though to keep up this lifestyle.

Oh enough time spent pondering, got to get going. G picked up his cell phone as he drove to Mistress Kimmie’s house, dialing his wife. Luckily she didn’t answer, so he left a voice message saying he had to go out of town on an emergency business meeting, had to soothe some ruffled feathers, and that he would call her later with more details, but don’t expect him home for supper tonight.

As he drove, G thought of the last time he attended to his mistress. He had gotten the same message on his cell and had left work, drove to her house, let him in and followed her instructions to a T. He stripped, showered, shaved all his pubic hair, and then cleaned his pipes with the special wand she kept especially for him for that purpose. Mistress did not tolerate un-cleanliness at all! He had finished all of that, fixed her a drink, and was on his knees, bare-ass naked, at her front door as she came home.

When Mistress Kimmie came in the door, (he had his eyes averted until given the permission to gaze at her), G was shocked to hear her talking to someone else. Mistress Kimmie didn’t even acknowledge him, as they just walked right by him, her leg grazing his!

He felt disappointment as she moved around, not daring to look up, he stayed where he was, as that was what mistress always had him do, but Mistress Kimmie had never ignored him like this. He trusted her implicitly, but what the heck? Why did Mistress Kimmie text him if she was going to have company, was going to ignore him? He was half pouting and pondering his situation when he realized Mistress Kimmie was calling him.

Before he had a chance to answer her, he heard Mistress Kimmie tell someone that her Cock-sucking panty boy slut, Candy-pants, seemed to be having a problem today and needed a lesson in proper slut slave behavior.

He heard her giggle and then he heard a masculine voice agreeing. “Candy COME HERE NOW” bellowed Mistress Kimmie. G (Candy) crawled to her on his knees quickly not wanting to disappoint her again. She told him “You have made me look bad, not answering me when I called you. How dare you behave in this manner? You will have to be punished!”

He replied “Yes Mistress” as he knew she was right. Mistress Kimmie told him to crawl into the playroom and prepare it for his punishment. She didn’t tell him what to lie out. Oh but he knew what Mistress Kimmie wanted. He pulled the ottoman out to the center of the room, positioned the hand and ankle tie-downs properly, and laid out her crop and her leather paddle. Candy also put on his “punishment clothes,” a silky red dress and red polka-dot panties, black seamed sheer stockings, padded wire bra, tight hour-glass corset, and pencil-thin 6″ spiked heels. He thought a minute, and then went ahead and laid out a small pussy plug, hoping that Mistress Kimmie might want to use that too. After he was completely dressed and had it all lain out, he rang a small bell, to let his mistress know that his preparations were complete.

Candy quickly and submissively draped himself over the ottoman, his ass in the air, with the dress covering him. He heard Mistress Kimmie enter, she didn’t say a word, just came towards his face, then placed a blindfold over his eyes, tying it tightly as she also placed his wrists and ankles in restraints.

He knew what would come next, and he was not disappointed! She flipped a switch and the ottoman started moving in half, stretching him wide open, exposing him as never before. She talked to her friend as she made the preparations.

“Tell Candy how you treat misbehaving sluts” Mistress Kimmie said.

He then heard “Any cum-sucking panty boy of mine that doesn’t know their place is subject to whatever I dish out and you my little sissy boy slut are going to take it too!” Candy tried not to cringe as he heard those spoken words, knew he had to be on his best behavior for his mistress now. He didn’t want to disappoint her again.

Candy felt the swish of air move before he felt the first swat on his sweet pink cheeks, his cock stretched in his silk panties. He bit his lip to keep from moaning, crying out! It was hard, as he was in his element now, it felt so good.

Mistress Kimmie told her guest to do as he pleased. The man continued with several playful, light swats, and then he felt the sting on his balls as the next swat hit. Ahhh.

Candy then heard another male voice asking the mistress for permission to participate; she laughed and said “Of course, do as you wish to her, she deserves it.” He could sense lights flashing and knew his mistress was taking pictures! Oh how that turned him on even more.

All of a sudden Candy found a cock shoved into his mouth and a man telling him to suck it hard and take it all in. He greedily began sucking and tonguing the hard cock, while the swats on his ass had stopped.

Then Candy felt pressure on his ass pussy as it was suddenly invaded, really raped, not with the small plug he had laid out, but with something much bigger and thicker. Every time he sucked the cock in his mouth, the one in his ass pussy rammed him again and again, his whole body arching up off the ottoman with each thrust. “Suck harder you fucking cum-sucking slut. Take this you sissy panty boy slave” Candy heard over and over as his body was invaded from both ends.

Candy felt like he was being split in two as each thrust went deeper and deeper into his ass pussy. His mistress then came over and whispered into his ear, “Take it my sweet Candy, prove your worth to me and I might let you eat my pussy tonight, all night long.” Ah how he wanted to do that! To please his mistress again was what he wanted to do.

He sucked harder, arched higher, squeezing his sphincter tighter and tighter as he was invaded balls to the wall with each thrust. His mistress then told the man “Be sure and pull out and shoot your load all over his face, she needs to know who is boss and who the cum-sucker here is!”

The cock in Candy’s mouth started quivering, and he knew that the man was fixing to spurt his load soon. He sucked harder as the man grabbed his face and forced his cock down the back of his throat, he thought he was going to choke to death, but he continued to suck, even harder now. The hot sweet cum started pouring down his throat, there was so much that it was spilling out of his mouth.

Ah the sweet taste so delightful. He didn’t want to lose a drop so he greedily gulped it all! Just as he was gulping the last bit down, the cock in his ass pussy started thrusting harder and deeper and tightened up. The man let loose and the hot, sticky, sweet tasting cum spurted into his pussy, dripping out all over the place, leaking all over Candy’s legs and cock.

Now Candy, the cock-sucking panty slut, had cum from mouth to pussy. Candy then felt another cock thrust into his mouth and it was wet with cum, “Lick it clean slut” he was told, as he cleaned it from the ball sacks to the head! Not missing an inch of cock anywhere.

Ah – then Candy heard the men leave as mistress told them goodbye and thanks for helping her out with her slut. They promised to return if she wanted any more help. She said she would keep that possibility open.

When she returned, Mistress Kimmie took off G’s blindfold, and told him to look at her. She was dressed in a leather corset, had on black stockings, and 4″ high heels and was holding a leather paddle. She told him he wasn’t finished paying for his mistake earlier.

Mistress Kimmie went behind him, and Candy prepared for the spanking, it didn’t happen, and that’s when G felt pressure on his puckering ass pussy rosebud! Mistress Kimmie was forcing a LARGE plug into him. Ah the pressure, ah the pain, ah the pleasure. G tried to relax as Mistress Kimmie’s fingers massaged his cheeks as she pushed it in to the hilt.

He felt so stuffed, so complete. Then he felt the sting of the paddle as it lovingly, but very sternly, slapped his already reddened cheeks. Each swat pushed on the plug, forcing it in deeper and deeper. Candy felt so much pressure.

After about 20 swats, Mistress Kimmie stopped and released his bonds, telling G to stand up and stretch. He did so, having a little trouble standing and walking with the large plug in him.

Mistress Kimmie beckoned to him as she lay down with outstretched arms and legs. AHHHH he was home, right where he wanted to be. In her arms and between her legs!

That time Mistress Kimmie kept him for 3 days. He paid like hell at home when he finally got there, but it was so worth it.

As he once again arrived at Mistress Kimmie’s house, G smiled and thought “I wonder how bad I can be this time?”

I had turned off all the lights in my apartment except for a few dim night lights and had turned the heat up to 95 degrees. It was uncomfortably hot inside, and I was coated in sweat and was very aroused, thinking about what might happen tonight. Standing nude in my living room I heard two soft knocks on my door. I walked to the entrance of my apartment and quietly knocked back once, then peered through the peephole and saw the surprisingly small eighteen year old boy standing wearily outside. If he was really interested in doing what we had talked about online, he would now have the opportunity to show me.

As the boy stood at my doorstep he put the license up to the peephole showing proof that he was really eighteen and of consenting age. I watched as he pulled down the front of his pants and lifted up his shirt showing his totally smooth and fully shaved body wearing a tight see through pair of girls panties. He pulled his sweats back up, and put his drivers license back in his pocket.

He actually was legal! I knew now that I could bring him inside and use him all I wanted! . He had been telling the truth about his age online, and I wondered if he was telling the truth about his desire for total submission as well. He was very short and thin; about 5 foot 5 with a small frame. I figured he weighed about 125 pounds soaking wet.

He pulled a black winter hat out of his pocket. He pulled the hat over his head, pulling it down over his eyes so that he was unidentifiable and could not see anything, he then bowed his head. That was the signal. I swung open the door and dragged the boy into my apartment.

Earlier tonight I had been surfing some gay chat sites, not really that interested and unwinding after a stressful day. As I was wasting time online I opened a room titled “Younger 4 Older Domination”. As I was looking through the list of people in the room an instant message popped up. It was from someone with the screen name “Just18sub4U”.

Just18sub4U: Hi

Me: Hello

Just18sub4U: whatcha doin?

Me : nothin, just bored.

Just18sub4U: you r from Michigan?

Me: yup

Just18sub4U: Me too :) what area?

Me: Southfield

Just18sub4U: Cool, u live near me, I’m from Royal Oak

Me: yea that’s not far.

Just18sub4U: So tell me about yourself…

Me: u first. Remember that you’re the one who started this conversation

Just18sub4U: ok well…

Just18sub4U: I’m white, I just turned 18, I’m kinda short, I’m very shy and quiet. I’ve got a 13 year old sister and a 20 year old brother. I live at home with my sister and my parents. I’m a high school senior… What else do u wanna know?

Me: Are you really 18? If not it’s ok, but you talk like you are really young and I won’t talk to you unless you are of legal consenting age.

Just18sub4U: No I am, I just turned a few weeks ago.

Me: Ok, well you’re in a chat room titled younger4olderdomination, and you’re talking to me. You must be looking for something. Why did you IM me?

Just18sub4U: Promise not to think I’m weird?

Me: sure

Just18sub4U: Well for a few years now I’ve been getting these really strange thoughts stuck in my head. I’ve never told anyone about them before,.

Just18sub4U: but they are all that I think about all day every day and I can’t help it.

Me: like what?

Just18sub4U: You really promise you won’t think I’m a pervert?

Me: Yes, tell me what you think about.

Just18sub4U: Ok, well I know it sounds weird but I’ve always wanted to be totally used by an older guy for his sexual pleasure. I’ve been reading online about submission to another man, about being forced to do things….

Me: That’s not perverted at all, why would you think that’s weird?

Just18sub4U: I guess because guys are supposed to like girls, but I think about other stuff about older men doing really bad things to me. It’s pretty much all the time. Like I’ll be sitting in school and I’ll think about having one of my male teachers blackmail me and make me do nasty things to him…

Me: that’s all?

Just18sub4U: or I’ll be having dinner with my dad and his friends, and my dick sometimes gets hard because I start thinking about them all using me together… Or like whenever I go into a public bathroom, I always hope some older man will take the urinal next to me and look down at me and see my that my dick is getting hard, and he’ll know what I want. He’ll take me by the hand and lead me to his car and put me in the trunk, then drive me to his house and make me his little sex slave.

Me: It’s called a cock, not a dick. And those are completely normal feelings for a boy your age. I don’t think it’s weird at all.

Just18sub4U: Really?

Me: Yea, it’s completely normal and not weird at all. Every guy thinks about having a dominant gay sexual relationship with an older father figure when they’re young. Everyone tries it once at least to tell if it’s something they are interested in. Adult straight guys all talk about when they tried it and didn’t like it. The pussies are the guys who didn’t have the balls to try it. It’s something almost every guy tries at least once.

Me: It’s a normal part of growing up and being an adult and learning who you are. If you asked your father like most boys do he would say the same thing.

Me: So why haven’t you acted on these thoughts?

Just18sub4U: Well it’s just that I can’t get the courage up to ask anyone in real life…

Just18sub4U: This is actually the first time I’ve even really talked about any of these feelings to anyone. No one besides you and me even knows about these thoughts at all. It’s really turning me on to tell someone about all this. My “cock” is hard :)

Me: :) that’s better my boy.

Me: Well I think you should act on these feelings, you’ll never know if you actually like doing that stuff otherwise.

Just18sub4U: I do really want to try it, but I’m too shy

Me: well then you don’t have to say anything, you can just come to my house and I will take over.

Just18sub4U: I would, but I kind of want my first time to be anonymous. I do want to be used by a man, but I don’t want to know what he looks like. How could I come to your house without seeing your face?

Me: Hmmm…..

Me: well, you could bring a winter hat with you and pull it over your eyes and head before you come inside, then you wouldn’t be able to see my face at all…

Just18sub4U: That’s a good idea!

Me: is that a yes? Are you going to come over to my apartment?

Just18sub4U: I guess it’s now or never.

Me: yes or no. Will you come over and let me do whatever I want with you?

Just18sub4U: ……

Me: answer me now or I’m done talking to you.

Just18sub4U: Yes.

Me: good boy.

Me: can you come tonight?

Just18sub4U: I guess so. My parents are out of town with my little sister this week and the next so I have the house to myself and they let me use their car too :)

Me: Perfect. as soon as you sign offline, you will go to the shower and find one of your dad’s razors. You will shower thoroughly and shave all the hair off your body from your neck to your feet. You will pay close attention to the area around your cock and your ass, you should be completely smooth and totally hairless. Will u do that?

Just18sub4U: Yea, but why?

Me: don’t ask why. You will do it or you can’t come over. You will then go in your little sister’s room and find a pair of her panties. I want you to choose a small thong or some thin, tight boy-shorts and put them on under your clothes. Don’t ask why, you will do this or our talk is over.

Me: Also, what is your email address?

Just18sub4U: ok I’ll do it. It actually sounds kind of hot to think about wearing my little sister’s panties, I bet they’ll feel nice on my smooth skin ;)

Just18sub4U: My email is

Me: I’m going to email you directions to my apartment from Royal Oak right now. You will drive to my apartment complex and park. You will get out and walk to my front door.

Just18sub4U: ok

Me: My front door is very secluded. You will knock twice, and wait for me to knock back once. When you hear the knock,You will then take your drivers license and hold it up near the peephole for a moment so I can see that you are really 18.

Just18sub4U: ok

Me: you will then pull down your pants and lift up your shirt so I can look through the peephole at you to make sure you obeyed my instructions. The porch light will be on so I can see if you shaved yourself.

Just18sub4U: You want me to pull my pants down while I’m outside???

Me: Yes. You will or this conversation is over.

Just18sub4U: ok, I guess…

Me: good boy.

Me: You will have a winter hat with you. You will pull it over your head and eyes. Once you can’t see, you will bow your head while standing at my doorstep. This will be the final signal that you have agreed to do whatever I want. From then on I will be in total control of your mind and body. Is that understood?

Just18sub4U: Yes. When should I come over?

Me: Right now. Go shower, shave yourself, and drive right here. I expect you within two hours. Be here by 11pm or I won’t let you in.

Just18sub4U: Ok.

Me: I’m signing off now. Print the directions from your email and get ready. See you soon :)

Just18sub4U: Cool! cya soon ;)

And here he was, the small eighteen year old boy who had shaved his entire body just because I told him to was standing in a totally submissive posture at my front door. Dragging him inside I quickly closed the door and pushed him up against the wall. I used my feet to kick his legs apart while I pulled his arms behind his back. Before he had time to react, I quickly strapped handcuffs to his wrists which made him completely defenseless. With that, I tore his shoes off and roughly pulled his pants down off his legs, feeling the total smoothness of his young body. I saw that he had worn a pair of his little sister’s panties. They were white see-through boy shorts that were so tight that his ass cheeks were sticking out the bottom and his little shaved cock caused a large bulge in the front.

I had a thick black dog collar that said “SLAVE” in silver letters, and I wrapped it around his neck. I pulled the strap tight till I could see he was having a little trouble breathing and latched it in place. I then took the boy into my bathroom.

Once in the bathroom, I pushed him against the wall then took a pair of scissors and used them to slowly cut the boy’s tee shirt from his body. He began to try to say something so I took the ring gag I had on the counter and forced it in his mouth, holding his jaw uncomfortably wide and gagging him. I told him that he wasn’t allowed to talk, and that I was going to do whatever I wanted so he should get used to it. I could see the fear growing in his eyes. This probably wasn’t part of the little fantasy he had worked up, but it was a big part of mine.

Once I had removed all the boy’s clothing I pulled the tight panties off and turned him around to face me. There he was, 18 years old and not a single hair on his whole body. He had tilted his head towards the ceiling to prevent himself from drooling out the sides of his mouth, but this was not what I wanted.

I grabbed the back of his head firmly in one hand and stuck my fingers into his open mouth. As he made gagging noises, I explored the inside of his mouth and began to stick my fingers down his throat. This caused him to choke and cough, making his mouth fill up with saliva. I pushed his head forward and pulled my hand out. I took a moment and smeared the drool around the boy’s chin and cheeks, watching as more drool spilled out and dripped from his chin to his chest, making shiny lines down his hairless belly.

I reached over and grabbed a thick brass cock ring from the counter. I tugged on his cock and forced it through the ring, then pulled his smooth balls through too. A perfect fit. The cock ring was tight around the boy’s semi hard penis and hairless balls, and I could tell that when he got fully hard, there would be no way to remove it. I then grabbed my black ski mask and put it on. With that I flipped on the light in the bathroom and looked the boy over.

He was covered in sweat due to the heat, and he was now letting the drool spill from his lips, dripping off his chin and running down his small body. I saw that he was getting very hard. With the ring tightly around his cock, it had turned red and was being forced out and away from his body. I took the boy and turned him around to face the counter. I pushed him forward and lifted his cock so it was resting on the counter, making his legs quiver as he stood on his tip toes. Holding him forward by the handcuffs, I rubbed my hard cock up and down his ass crack. He had done a good job shaving and his ass was completely smooth.

I reached around him and stuck my hand in his mouth. Pulling a fair amount of drool into my hand, I reached down and coated his asshole in his own spit, sticking a finger inside him and feeling him squirm, unable to get away while being forced over the counter. I reached back into his mouth and let him taste his own ass. He tried to turn his head, but I kept it in place and gathered more saliva in my hand. I reached down and smeared the saliva on my cock, coating it in the teenage boy’s drool. With that, I put the head of my cock to his asshole and in one thrust shoved myself deeply inside him. He tried to scream, but all that came out was a whimpering gurgle as he choked and gagged on the drool filling his throat. I stayed motionless for a few minutes, letting the boy get used to the pain and enjoying the feeling of this eighteen year old virgin asshole squeezing tightly around my cock.

With my cock as deep in the boy’s ass as it would go, I leaned in to his ear.

“Is it everything that you expected?”

The boy nodded yes, even though I could tell he was in a lot of pain and his legs were shaking.

” I knew since you first contacted me that this is what you wanted. You are my slave now boy. I am going to do whatever I want with you and you will learn to like it. I am going to fuck your ass till it stays open permanently. I am going to use your throat like a pussy and fuck it deep and hard. I am going to video tape you covered in spit and getting face fucked. I am going to rent you out to my friends for sex. You are going to do things that you will never forget. Since you told me that your parents are out of town, I know that I have two weeks to prepare you for your new life. You might not like everything you are forced to do, but you will do it because you are a submissive. Your life is meant for serving other men sexually and I am going to help you realize that.”

I paused to let the words sink in.

“I have one question to ask you and your answer will control what happens now. You will nod your head up and down for yes, and side to side for no. If you answer no I will stop this right now and toss you outside and it’s like it never happened. If you answer yes, you are agreeing to let this continue. Do you understand?”

The boy nodded his head up and down, signaling that he understood.

“Do you want me to keep going?”

The boy took a moment, then slowly nodded his head up and down.

I knew that he would say yes. If he had been at home on the computer he might not have agreed, but with how horny he was right this moment, I knew there was no way he would want this to end. It was a good thing that I had video cameras hidden throughout my apartment recording everything that happened tonight, because now I had proof that the boy was voluntarily agreeing to be my sex slave.

With that, I pulled my cock out of the boy’s asshole and took him by the hand. I pulled him into the shower stall and pushed him down to his knees. I put my cock through the ring gag and into his mouth. Slowly I pushed forward until I felt him choke and I knew I had reached the entrance to his throat. I still had about 6 inches of cock outside his mouth, and I slowly began to push it in. The boy choked and gagged violently as my cock pushed past the back of his mouth and entered his throat. He was gagging so badly I was afraid he would puke, but luckily he didn’t. Without concern for his comfort, I continued to push my cock down his throat. I put a hand around his neck and felt as my cock caused his throat to bulge. I gave one final push and the boy’s nose and face were now being pushed into my stomach.

With the boy helplessly gagging on the cock buried inside him, I began to piss. It felt so good to piss straight into this boy’s stomach, and I could feel his throat tighten around my cock every time he gagged. I didn’t release the back of the boy’s head until I was finished pissing and when I did it flew back and the boy gasped for air through the ring gag. I looked down at him and spit in his face then slapped him hard.

“Did you like that boy?”

He nodded his head up and down.

“Good, because from now on, all you will be consuming is liquid.”

I left the boy on his knees and retrieved a large bottle of warm milky liquid from the other room. When I returned, the boy was still kneeling in my shower, again heavily drooling out the sides of his mouth.

“I have something for you boy.” I said as I set the bottle on the counter.

“From now on you will be fed only what I choose. I have your first dinner right here. It is a bottle filled with a mix of protein, semen, and piss. I have also crushed up several Viagra and some stimulants and mixed them in. I am going to put the neck of the bottle in your mouth and plug your nose. You will swallow the entire bottle or you will drown.”

With that, I uncapped the bottle and shoved it into his mouth. I plugged his nose and saw him suck hungrily on it until it was empty. It was then that I knew this boy had made the decision to give himself to me completely, and I knew the next two weeks were going to be fun.

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