blind folded

The world around me is dark and the world is silent. Wrapped in the tight hugging embrace of my prison. My skin tingles and my brain burns with lust, desire and a hint of confusion.

Where am I?

The blindfold steals the light from my world with its soft leather edges. The ball gag pushes firm against my lips, tainting my mouth with the glorious taste of latex. My senses are overwhelmed with the deep sensual undertones, with every entranced breath as I inhale the intoxicating aroma of soft skin tight PVC. My conquering mistress has fitted me with the pinching collar I deserve as a latex/PVC whore. From the moment she noticed the glint my eye when I saw her thigh high PVC boots she knew I was hers to control.

What time is it?

The prison didn’t end there. My hands expertly cuffed and tied into yet more corseted PVC heaven, prone behind me and my legs spread by the unforgiving steel bar bolted to the floor. My manhood hard, lusting and eager as she slides the solid steel cock ring down the shaft before wrapping it in yet more PVC bondage tape. The world spins around me as all I have to focus on is my complete and utter surrender to this goddess of seduction, manipulation, suspense and control… teasing me.

What does she have panned for me?

The prison is hot and all powerful. I’m trapped in the walls of my mind, only feeling what she wishes me to feel. My bonds leave me motionless yet fully aware of every square inch of my hot flesh. I feel her lower herself onto my face and the soft sweet scent of her pussy floods my nostrils. She grinds slowly against the ball gag only occasionally leaning forward to tease my manhood that strains against its metal and PVC restraints, precum already trying to escape but only spurs on my goddess to tease more yet of course without release … not yet…

How long has it been?

I can taste her. The warm sweet nectar of my goddess mistress trickles over the ball gag and graces my so thankful lips. She grinds ever deeper now, harder and faster. She leans forward to lick my engorged cock that longs for attention. I try to wriggle to get that little extra contact hoping that may tip me closer to that blissful release but my bonds lend no aid, I am stuck immobile being played with as the PVC fuck toy my goddess mistress chooses me to be. Her hands grasp at my hips as she shudders just outside of my darkness. I can almost feel her breathing as a fresh new flow of golden nectar drips through onto my tongue. She slows to a stop and forces my nose into her hot pussy, twitching from her release and juices I struggle to breathe

Helpless to call out, helpless to beg for air, unable to wriggle my protests ….

My head pounds with fear yet gets rather light as I start to lose the battle against lack of air. My heart races and I can hear my own pulse through every pour in my body. Just as I am about to give in to the swirling in my head she lifts herself up and I get a blast of fresh air blessing my nostrils, filling my lungs. This feels like the first ever breathe I’ve taken in my life and sends a ripple of euphoria through my body… I lose myself for what seems like forever in this wave until I realise I can’t feel her anymore.

Am I alone? Will anybody find me?

It could have been hours, it could have been days or it could have been moments but finally … my goddess makes herself known as she runs her finger down my swollen, throbbing, precum smothered cock. I can feel the ring digging into the base, pinching, denying me any chance to control my own desire. She cups my aching balls and squeezes them just enough to get my full attention before she very graciously allows me the honour of feeling her lips around my unworthy tool. Teasing slowly, only taking in the tip of my PVC mummified dick … getting deeper … and deeper … teasing and sucking … stopping every now and then to squeeze my balls to punish me for daring to believe that I would be allowed my release any time soon…

Surrendering to her magic and control, completely and utterly hers … I only wish to please my goddess

The throbbing of my manhood thanks my mistress with every beat as she finally deems me worthy to enter her hot wet pussy. This velvet motion alone almost tips me over the edge after the hours of teasing and testing she has so graciously bestowed upon me. Once again she makes sure that I will not cut her fun short by running her nails down my bare chest and gut. The deep trails sting, burn and I could swear if I wasn’t in such a blissful prison of euphoria that I would feel the subtle beads of blood escaping from my flesh. Now I have been put in my place she starts to ride me like her saddled PVC beast. Deep inside her tight, moist, throbbing cunt I can only groan into the ball gag with lust, frustration and longing for my goddess to finally allow my release…

Will be free of this prison? Do I ever want to leave?

September 2018
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