I know there is a time to stop… a time when your brain has to overrule with a “no” whatever part of you that is saying “yes” when it shouldn’t be. I knew tonight was one of those times, but I promise you if you had been with my wife for the last 6 years… seeing what I saw so fucking often it would make your head explode… you’d understand why I just… let things keep going.

See, my wife is a beautiful mixed black woman. She’s got the tits and ass you could expect from a “sista” but with her Asian eyes and lighter skin… Lips that say “stick a dick in me” and an ass that says “bend me over a table, because that’s how God drew me up.”

My wife knew she had a nice body… she loved to show it off. She would wear the tightest tops, the shortest skirts… the thinnest thongs. She was ok with nudity… she had flashed some of our friends at our pool on several occasions… she would wear see-through tops when we’d go out, or only bras and jackets, with the jacket coming off quickly when she got too hot from dancing… and she would let guys look. She wanted them to look. She’d even kiss a guy a little bit when she got drunk.

But that’s where it stopped. I could want her to bend over and drop her panties and just take one of these horny fuckers, but it never happened. Never. Maybe they were scared of me (12 years US Marine Corps. You’d be scared of me too), or maybe they were scared of her… she’s fine, and confident… but tonight, I was sure she was WELL drunk. Drunker than usual… drunker than speaking, and thinking, and saying “yes” and “no” required.

We were in a club we had been to many times before… we knew the owners a little and as we had become somewhat regular there, they began sending us back to one of the back “coves” of the club—kind of a private room, but not really… just back where the VIPs were. Separate bar… separate clients. My wife was in a see-through tight mesh top, and though she came with a bra underneath when we arrived, she had taken it off in the ladies room so that a guy from her office could see her tits. I’m not guessing this part, she told me exactly why she was doing it… she wanted to let that guy see the goods, and to see if he would help her any at work.

They danced together… a lot… after she lost her bra, and I enjoyed watching from a table on the other side of the cove as he stared constantly at her tits for like… an hour. They danced and drank, and danced some more… but then some other customers took interest and things began to get crowded around her. Of course she loved the attention, and with every extra shot she did, she became amazingly less inhibited. When one of the guys suggested to her coworker that he remove her mesh top for her—he looked around for approval, and when she didn’t say anything, he put his hands on her and did it.

Her top button… her second button… then her tits were out… completely… and he finished the last two and just let her dance with her top open. She put her arms behind her head and really stuck her beautiful big boobs out so all of the guys in the cove could see them. All of the guys who knew she was my wife were sitting in my booth with me… which left everyone else thinking she was some hot to trot half Asian / half black sex bomb looking to get fucked. Honestly, it was never me who saved her from herself… she always managed to pull through it… but I could tell the amount of alcohol in her had her on the ropes. My fantasy might happen tonight and all I had to do was… nothing.

My wife’s coworker started to get a little miffed when some of the other guys began buying her drinks and touching her and stuff, so he gathered her in his arm and took her to a two person booth across from where I was sitting, but in relative seclusion. At the other two-seat table next to them, a guy and his date were busy making out, and he had her top up, so it was clear certain activities were tolerated at this club, so he ordered another round of drinks and began whispering into my wife’s ear.

Before I knew it, my wife was being kissed by this guy—albeit nervously—and after a few more minutes, he had my wife’s see-through mesh top completely open as they kissed. While he started off very tentative… something she had said, or some hints she was giving him with her mannerisms told him, he could go farther… and soon they guy was openly fondling my wife’s titties in their dark, recessed love-seat. Soon his mouth was on them… then I could tell he was after something.

My buddies were telling me, “Dude, you gotta do something… he’s making a move, man… he’s gonna fuck her right here!”

A couple in the far left corner of the room was very obviously, very noisily fucking—it was clear that was ok… And one chick on the dance floor wasn’t dancing anymore—she was on her knees in front of her date, and he was doing the horizontal shuffle in and out of her mouth—but I still didn’t think my wife would do it. I had seen her in worse situations giving up nothing at all. But I did think my buddy was right—this guy was going to go for it… and tonight he might actually get it.

But as quickly as things looked up for my man there… things came crashing down as they usually do. He had gone through the process of laying her head in his lap and no doubt opening his fly—I could see he was trying to make my wife suck his dick—but she still “had her dance on” and wasn’t ready for it. While I’m sure he actually got his dick in my wife’s mouth—he had both hands clinched in her hair—her head was going up and down in his lap—his head was cocked back in that look of ecstasy you get when you’re getting awesome head… but she only sucked him for maybe five minutes—and then my wife was up, out of his lap, and dancing “drunkly” on the dance floor.

The club owner came over and told me I should get her out of there or else a riot might break out—or a gang bang—but I told him I’d pay for any damage from a riot, and a gang bang would be up to my wife. He just laughed and walked away—but my wife was quickly surrounded by two other guys and her office colleague and they wasted no time trying to get more out of her. She made out with one of the guys at a time while another would grab or play with her tits, while the other was rubbing his hands underneath her skirt. They would take turns switching off, and finally they had more or less maneuvered her into a corner of the cove by themselves and had gotten her to her knees.

I was sure this time it was for real—and the look on her coworker’s face let me know it for sure. His pants her down at his ankles, and another guy was directly behind my wife holding her by the back of her head—literally pushing her forward on her coworker’s cock. He was pumping his dick into her mouth and was loving every second of it—as was I. I couldn’t believe my fantasy of watching my wife go too far was finally coming true, but as surely as I sat there in the shadows, Brianna had another guy’s cock pistoning in and out of her mouth.

“These dudes with her aren’t going to settle for the BJ” my friend told me… Brianna and I didn’t spend a lot of time at this club—we had been there, but it’s not like we knew all the regulars—and things were definitely more wide open in the cove than in the main club, but I didn’t feel worried. My friend was much more familiar with goings on, though, and he leaned in and told me, “I’m serious dude… after they get their dicks sucked, they’re going for her ass… and they’ll try to get her fucked by as many guys as they can to keep her engaged. That’s how they do it. The chick thinks she’s entertaining the crowd… putting on a show—and one of these guys moves to her ass. She won’t stop them, and even if she tries, they’ll just keep going and ask her if she wants to ruin the party or not. I’m telling you she’s gonna get it up her ass—a lot—if you don’t stop this soon.”

“Don’t worry…” I told my friend, “she’ll put an end to it if they try to stick it up her ass. She almost never does it for me, and she’d never let those guys have their fun that way.” I replied.

“You don’t get it dude… they’ll let her say no if she tries… then they’ll bring her a drink. Your wife is minutes away from getting fucked in her ass—willingly… or not.”

The brain part of me said to trust my friend and go pull my wife away… but some fucked up part of me said to let it go a little farther… that she’d be pissed if I ruined her thing with her coworker…

“I hope you get a piece of her ass, then.” I told my buddy. “It’s not often used.”

He just smiled at me and said, “I will. And I warned you. Let’s go get a closer look.”

We walked over to a table about two tables away from where they had my wife on her knees and I have to admit… I was so turned on by watching her sucking this guy she worked with that I had a huge, raging erection. I started thinking about what these guys could possibly do to get my wife to agree to anal sex and I prayed it would really happen. One thing my wife could do was suck cock, and she was leaving it all out there in her quest to blow her coworker’s mind. He held out for a long time, considering, no doubt aided by the amount of alcohol he had consumed, but eventually he began groaning and jerking and holding her head smashed against his pelvis—which let me know he was shooting off deeply—and hard—into my wife’s mouth and throat.

“He wants to fuck you.” One of the guys said to my wife.

My wife smiled and said, “of course he does! But he just came, so I don’t see that happening!”

The guy who had been holding her down on her coworker’s cock turned her to face him and tapped her mouth with his semi-hard cock.

“Time for me, baby. Open up.” He said to her.

My wife reluctantly complied—I could see that she didn’t really want to suck this guy as much as she did want to suck her coworker, but she opened her mouth to him anyway. His friend came up to her and rubbed her pussy and ass through her tiny thong, exposing her ass to her spent coworker who sat on the couch in front of the table next to them catching his breath and watching the show.

He lifted my wife from her knees to a standing, bent at the hips position, while the guy in her mouth held her on his cock and then as she got tired he said, “here, lean over this—it will support you easily and make this a lot more enjoyable for us all.”

At that point I understood the plan… my wife was now bent over a small round table—her ass sticking up in the air on one side, and her head bent over the other, being facefucked while her feet were being tied together in front of the table so she could not move. But my wife only knew she was a bit more comfortable sucking the guy in front of her because she could put her weight on the table.

“It’s coming soon.” My buddy told me, and like clockwork the other guy moved in front of my wife and asked her to suck him off too.

My wife took turns on the two men until one of them went behind her and slipped her skirt and panties to her ankles saying, “Your boyfriend is ready to fuck you now.”

I saw her looking over at her coworker, who was sporting an impressive rejuvenated erection and she just said in a bit of a confused voice–”Oh… uh… cool.”

Cool? My wife was going to let someone fuck her? After all the flirting and teasing and cock-blocking of her past, she was just going to roll with it with a “Cool?”

That’s when one guy kneeled close in to whisper something in her ear while the other guy shoved his huge cock deeply into her throat so she couldn’t answer.

“You told me you wanted to fuck her in the ass… friend, she’s ready for you.” The guy said to my wife’s coworker as he fingered a bit of sex lube into my wife’s anus.

“Your ass looks so so tight, Brianna!” the guy said as he stepped up behind her. My wife looked questioningly up at the guy fucking her mouth and her eyes bulged when her coworker began pushing against her tight back door.

“That’s right baby… this is what you came for isn’t it? You and your boyfriend wanted to get hot and have a party, right? He told me you brought him here as a favor… don’t spoil the party, baby… let’s keep it going ok?”

My wife just steadied her breathing as the guy slid in and out of her mouth and the guy she worked with began pushing his slippery hard cock into her asshole.

“I can’t fucking believe it.” I said.

“I told you man, these guys are pros… You do realize I’m going to fuck your wife in her tight black ass don’t you?” my buddy asked me.

I looked at him and realized there was no stopping it and that I’d better be on board. Fuck it. I was on board. This was the hottest thing I had ever seen. My wife might not even realize she’s tied up yet—and that she’s willingly letting a guy from her office push his dick up her seldom-used ass!

He started fairly gently… but as he got comfortable inside my wife’s ass, he picked up the pace steadily, until after a few minutes he was pounding her from behind just as if he was inside her pussy. The big dicked dude in her mouth held her down as he began shooting off inside her throat and I heard her moaning her way through an obvious flood of semen she was forced to swallow.

“Oh… fuck… Robert—I…. I never—I don’t do anal!” she managed to say to her coworker while he fucked her and the first guy withdrew.

“You do tonight!” he said to her as he held her big boobs while bent over her back buttfucking her.

“Oh Goddddddd… noooooooo.” She moaned to him.

“I know you want it, slut… and you need me, so keep taking it like a good whore.” he said to her with frightening confidence.

She wasn’t offered a rebuttal as the first guy’s friend stepped in front of her and fed his equally impressive cock to her and began face-fucking her while her coworker, Robert, fucked her in the ass from behind.

Several other guys had gathered near my wife’s table—noticed that she was tied to it and was being DP’d in her mouth and ass, and knew they would be getting turns soon. True to form, my buddy who tried to get me to cut things off was the very next in line—taking turns with the guy in her mouth as she began sucking him to hardness.

“Oh God… you’re such a hot little butt slut!” her coworker, Robert said as he obviously neared his second orgasm of the day.

“Bring it around here and cum in her mouth when you’re ready dude.” my friend said to Robert.

“Oh fuck… Oh fuck… oh Brianna take it… take it baby… take me up your tight fucking ass! You fucking ass slut… Fucking take my cock you bitch!” Robert said as he finally pulled out of my wife’s overstretched asshole and moved quickly in front of her. By luck only, he managed to shoot his first thick rope of cum straight into my wife’s gaping mouth as my buddy had just pulled out when he saw Robert getting ready. He slammed his spasming cock into her mouth for the rest of his cumshots, gagging her several times with violent throat-stabbing, while my buddy greased his cock up to stick in her back door.

It all worked like clockwork… One guy would come out of her mouth and quickly be replaced by another… one guy would pull out of her ass, and someone would quickly slide in there too. She was never allowed to say much, or protest, or do anything at all-except get fucked, suck dicks, and swallow cum. Two guys after my buddy I finally got up behind her and took my own turn in her ass. I don’t know if she ever knew or cared that it was me—she just lay there and took it like a whore. An immobilized, oversexed fuckslut.

Mind you, she was not having a good time. Rather, she was resigned to her fate—and as predicted—wanted to keep up appearances for “the party” as the rest of the guys clearly were having a great time. So she just stood there, bent over and tied to the table, taking it in the ass and mouth until about 6 guys had been served—a couple twice—and my friend, the club owner came over to break things up.

But not before taking his turn.

“Hey Brianna—what a night! You were some hot slut tonight!” he said to my wife as he untied her and laid her on the couch next to himself.

“You can say that again…”my wife said with a sigh of relief.

“Up for one more? I’ve been watching you all night and really want you right now if you’re still up for it.”

“Sure, Rey, but can we just fuck? My mouth is so sore I don’t think I could suck a coke through a straw right now, much less somebody’s cock.” my wife replied.

“Why don’t you turn around and face the wall—I need a piece of that ass everyone’s been getting.” Reynaldo said as he moved up behind my exhausted wife.

My wife moaned as Rey pushed her against the mirrored wall and slid his cock deep into her asshole. He didn’t use any lube at all—because my wife’s ass was well lubed by now from all the others—and it made her ass perfect and tight but very usable. He kissed the back of her neck and played with her tits as he buttfucked her from behind—and he kept a tight grip on her by a fistful of her hair while he whispered dirty thoughts into her ears.

“I’m fucking you in the ass, you slut… you like it? You know your husband is right there watching me nail you up your ass? Do you think he likes watching me buttfuck you? You know he does… I know it… He sat right over there and watched as those guys tied you down and had their way with you… you didn’t even have a choice… they tied you to this table and lubed you up and used you like a fuckdoll. You slut… You can come get fucked in the ass all you want here, baby… I’ll reserve this table just for you if you want… just call me… I’ll get guys to treat you like the fucking whore you are.”

The whole time he buttfucked her he said shit like that to her directly into her ear—death-grip in her hair—body pressing hers against the wall. Finally, unlike the other dudes, he simply released himself inside her asshole. He came and filled her butt with so much cum—he had to be pent up for hours watching all the horny sluts in his “cove” tonight—that it poured straight out of her overused ass and down her legs when he withdrew.

Her coworker Robert asked to take her home but she waved him off saying that she had a ride and that she’d see him in the office tomorrow. She showered in Rey’s employee showers where I’m pretty sure one of the cooks and a busboy fucked her quickly while I waited outside, and we went home.

My wife passed out on the way home that night, and had only bits of broken memories the next day when she awoke with one of the worst hangovers of her life. After a few hours of worshipping the porcelain god, she tried to apologize to me for whatever happened, but wasn’t real sure what that actually was.

When I showed her the pictures and video clips I’d snapped with my camera phone—especially of her sucking off her coworker and swallowing his load (nice video, btw) and of her getting it in the ass from him while a complete stranger fucked her mouth, she began apologizing like crazy to me.

I did my best to let her know that I wasn’t upset—but couldn’t act like I just played along with it too easily or else that could turn things slightly bad for me too. So I let her apologize and then I showed her all the evidence of the night before, and how she had become a total fuckdoll for the guys in the cove.

“How am I going to face him?!” She asked me.

“Your coworker?” I asked.

“Duh!! of course Robert! Those other guys I’ll never see again… but Shit—I gotta go to work soon!” she lamented.

“Well I thought the whole thing was to get him to do something for you?–that’s what you told me to ‘watch’ for.” I replied.

“Well it was only supposed to be a tease… shit… I wanted him to see my titties and think he had a chance at something else if he helped me. But he’s fucking done everything to me already! FUCK! If you’ve got camera-phone pics of it all… SHIT! He might too!” my wife worried.

“I wonder if they will chicken out?”

Kylee and her fiancée Phil said they would come over and get shaved by Susan and me. Of course the sexual tension was rather high when they agreed. Who knows how much the temperature cooled by this morning.

Surprise, surprise, Phil knocked on our door right on time.

“OK to come in?”

“You bet.”

“We made some Bloody Mary’s, will you join us?”

“Sounds good.”

“We weren’t sure you guys would come,” I said.

“I want Phil to spend more time with his tongue between my legs. I saw his eyes pop out looking at your shaved pussies. I knew then I also wanted to go bare. How are we going to do this?”

“How about I do you first and then Jill can shave Phil? Bring your drinks.”

We headed into the bathroom. Kylee had confided that Phil was a dud in eating her pussy. In turn she was not very good at blowjobs. So Susan and I planned to help them be better lovers.

Susan used some scissors to first cut Kylee’s thick bush and then lathered her up with shaving lotion.

“Let’s let the lotion work for a couple of minutes. You have a beautify pussy. Your lips are so delicate. OK, lets get started. Spread your legs.”

Kylee’s husband watched intently as Susan worked on her pussy. And Susan made the most of the opportunity by putting a couple of fingers inside.

“Oh, that really feels good. I’m getting really horny. How’s it look, honey?”

“Very, very sexy!”

“Spread your legs some more. That’s it.” Susan slipped in three fingers to stretch her lips to help with the shaving. “Almost there. Just have to get between your pussy and your asshole.”

Susan finished with the razor and cleaned her with a washcloth. “You have a beautiful pussy. So delicate, just made for loving.”

She then leaned forward and started licking, catching Kylee by surprise. Phil watched intently as she made love to Kylee’s pussy. She licked up and down her newly bare slit, tasting her juices. Her tongue tickled her clit and caused it to erect.

“Spread your lips, Kylee.”

Susan stuck her tongue out and started fucking Kylee’s hole, using her tongue like a cock. Then she resumed licking up and down her slit, stopping each time to massage her clit. Kylee’s juices were running out in a constant stream.

“You taste so good, Kylee. Does this feel good?”

“It feels great! Phil, pay attention. This is what I want you to do.”

Susan thrust two fingers in while tonguing her clit. She put her whole mouth on Kylee’s pussy. Kylee pulled her into her crotch and came with a huge shudder.

“Wow, that was something else. You knew just what to do. Give me a moment to settle down. Phil, I hope you’re not mad.”

“Not at all. I’ve never been very good at that. That was amazing! I’m going to try to do some of what Susan did.”

Next was Phil’s turn. He stripped down and his nice cock was jutting straight out. His public hair was fairly sparse but also covered his balls and cock. I squirted shaving cream and used my hand to rub all over. I took advantage and stroked his cock, felt his balls, and between his legs clear up to his asshole.

“You really have a nice cock, Phil. Nice and hard. Ok, let’s get the shaving done.”

Not to be out done by Susan with Kylee, after I cleaned him up I pulled his cock into my mouth. With guidance from my husband and Susan I had become quite expert on giving head. I kissed the head and then licked it like an ice cream cone. Some pre-cum was already oozing out. I used my finger to pick up a couple of drops and put it in my mouth.

I licked up and down the sides of his cock and then slipped the head into my mouth. Holding it there I swirled my tongue on the head. Then I moved the head back and forth in my mouth. Gradually I took more of his shaft. Phil’s cock was a perfect size to deep throat. I bobbed my head up and down, pulling his length deep into my warm mouth. The last couple of inches entered my throat.

“I can see your throat bulge as it goes it,” Kylee exclaimed. Susan provided some commentary about my technique. “Once you get past the gag reflex, it goes in pretty easily. It helps to tilt your head back so it’s a straight shot. Feels good, doesn’t it, Phil?”

“It feels great. Like a vise gripping my cock.”

I had never been able to take my husband’s cock all the way. So playing with Phil this way was fun. I fondled his balls while I held his cock in deep. “OK, Kylee, you try it.”

Kylee moved over and took his cock into her mouth. She emulated my actions and even tried to take him in completely. The last inch of his cock caused her to choke up, bringing tears in her eyes. So she concentrated on just the last three or four inches. Phil didn’t mind and a few minutes later shot several spurts. Kylee struggled to swallow his cum, almost choking, there was so much. She stuck out her tongue to show us his cum.

“Very tasty, honey.”

“Really good job, Kylee”, Jill exclaimed. “I still can’t take Jim’s cock all the way. You guys have lots of time to practice.”

Back to more mundane matters.

“How about dinner downtown tonight? Jim and Bob have probably worked up an appetite playing golf. And afterwards you guys can show off your new look!”

Friday night the bars were busier than earlier in the week. The six of us checked out several, having a drink in each and then moving on. We finished up at an upscale seafood restaurant.

“Jill, do you see that waiter over there? He kind of looks familiar.”

“Yeah, he looks different with clothes on!”

Our waiter was William, one of the two guys Jim and I met on the nude beach earlier in the week. He and George, his buddy, had made small talk with me while I gawked over the size of their cocks.

William came over to our table to take our order. I noticed a slight smile so it was obvious he recognized Jim and me but was discrete in front of our companions.

After he left our table, Kylee asked, “Do you know him?”

Jim laughed and said, “Yes, Jill has a thing for guys with big cocks.”

“Jim! OK, here’s what happened. Jim and I were sitting in deck chairs near the edge of the beach. The nude beach. William and his buddy came over and chatted me up. I don’t know if I ever made eye contact with either of them. My focus was on their cocks. Both were very long, very fat, and uncircumcised. And as you probably noticed, William is black. So is his buddy. They’re from Haiti but live here now.

“Anyway Jim was right there to keep things under control. I felt bold enough to reach out and stroke William’s cock. Before they left I had jerked off both of them and had cum all over my hands. It was one of the most exciting things I have ever done. I think Jim felt the same way. He took me back to our bungalow and fucked my lights out! I sure didn’t expect to ever see either of them again.”

I noticed that both Susan and Kylee eyed William as he went about his duties. He was entirely proper in his manner to us. As we were leaving Jim told him it was nice to see him again. William grinned from ear to ear, “Monday’s my day off “

Back at the resort Jim and I stripped down and went out to our private pool. Bob and Susan soon joined us, also nude. A few minutes later Phil and Kylee joined us. I was disappointed that they were wearing suits.

“OK, you guys ready to see the new me?” Kylee pulled down her bikini.

“Hey, really looks good,” my Jim said.

“Good enough to eat,” added Bob.

“Don’t get fresh. Phil, your turn. Take your suit off and show us.”

Phil pulled his suit down over an impressive boner. Even though Susan and I had already seen the new look, his cock did look bigger than before. I told Jim and Bob that I demonstrated my blowjob technique on Phil this afternoon and that Kylee finished the job.

“Jill’s really good at giving head, isn’t she? I suppose it’s all the instruction she received from Jim and me.” Bob has never been the modest one.

“Kylee, I hear you did great. Care to give us a demonstration?”

Kylee leaned over Phil and started licking the head of his cock. She was obviously a good student. As I was remarking about Kylee trying to deep throat Phil this afternoon she actually did it. She held it for several seconds before doing a little choking. We applauded her efforts and Phil was most generous with his cum.

“Really good, Kylee. Phil, you going to eat her pussy?”

He seemed eager to show what he learned this afternoon. We added encouragement and suggestions. He ran his tongue up and down her slit and then pushed between her lips. She pulled her lips apart and he dipped his tongue deep into her hole. He put two fingers inside while licking her clit. He mimicked the tongue and mouth action that Susan had used on me. She pulled his head into her crotch and covered his face with a burst of juice as she climaxed.

“Phil, you did terrific. Did you like doing it?”

“Very much. You taste very sexy, Kylee. I did ok?”

“That was great, honey.” We all complemented Phil on his efforts.

I started stroking Jim. Susan said she wanted to switch partners and grabbed Jim’s cock. I moved over to Bob. Our guys were ready and we were too. Bending over, the guys slipped their cocks in. Bob had only fucked me that one time. Jim got real mad at Bob but seemed to get over it. Good thing. Now it was happening again. But this wasn’t the plan and I was concerned as to what Jim would do. I needn’t have worried – Jim was deep into Susan. He looked my way, saw Bob on top of me, and just smiled.

Our first time we swapped husbands in front of anyone, it was tremendously exciting. I think I have a bit of exhibitionism in me. Maybe more than just a bit.

Almost simultaneously both Jim and Bob blasted their cum. I pulled Jim over to me and spread my legs wide open. I pushed his head down to my crotch. Bob’s cum was profusely leaking out. Jim liked to eat creampie. I reached down and spread my lips so he could get his whole mouth on my pussy.

“Does Bob’s cum taste good in my pussy? As good as yours? Don’t stop. Bob fucked me really deep so lots of his cum is way up there.

“Stick your tongue in. Deeper. Now suck it all in with your mouth.”

I used my pussy muscles to push the last of the sticky mixture into his mouth.

“Now lick my clit and make me cum.” I sure had a terrific lover for a husband! Susan pushed Bob down to her crotch. He wasn’t big on eating pussy, much less one now filled with Jim’s cum.

“Do it, Bob. I want your tongue. Jim ate your cum. It’s the least you can do for me.”

Susan spread her lips and Bob started licking.

“Come on Bob, stick your tongue in there. Here, I’ll spread my lips for you. That’s better. Jim filled me up with his big cock. You need to get it all.

“Here comes some more.”

Susan worked her muscles and pushed more cum into Bob’s mouth. Each movement caused another dollop to leak out. With the last of the visible cum sucked up by Bob, he finished up by licking up and down her slit. After the initial hesitancy and with continuing encouragement from Susan Bob was doing a very creditable job. Susan must have agreed as she came with a shudder. We had put on quite a demonstration for Kylee and Phil.

“Phil, let’s go to our bungalow. I want you to fuck me and then eat my creampie like Jim and Bob just did. You’ll do it, won’t you?”

“I don’t know. Maybe.”

“You’ll do it. Let’s go.”

That’s the last we saw of Kylee and Phil that evening.

We didn’t see them the next couple of days. In the meantime Bob hired a boat and crew to take us on a tour of the Belize shoreline. Sleeping accommodations were roomy and the mate was a good cook and bartender. Susan and I spent most all of the time in our bikini bottoms, no tops. Apparently such attire wasn’t all that unusual. If I do say so myself, we were hot. Young, blond, sexy. Carlos, our captain, and Julio didn’t miss a thing.

It was probably hard for them to tell who was married to whom. Susan and I swapped husbands back and forth. Our guys certainly had no complaints. There were long stretches of shoreline we never saw!

By the second afternoon we were comfortable around our crew. Our boat pulled into a small cove so we could do some snorkeling, in the nude, of course. This was the first time Jim and Bob stripped to the buff. Our two-man crew got a good eyeful of our butts as we snorkeled. Julio helped pull me into the boat.

“Julio, what’s wrong with your pants? What’s that bulge?”

“Sorry, miss. But you and the other miss are so good looking. And I’ve never seen women that were bare down there.”

About that time Bob and Jim climbed aboard, equally bare. “Oh, your men are too!” Julio blushed as he stared at their shaved cocks.

“It’s the coming thing, Julio. All the young girls are doing it and even some of the guys. We shaved each other.”

“We love our guys to go down on us and it’s even better bare”, Susan added. “Besides, Jill and I think it makes our guys stick out even more. Don’t you think so?”

Poor Julio didn’t know what to say. Carlos came to his rescue. “The four of you are the sexiest couples we have ever had on my boat.”

“We would hate for you to forget us. Jim, get your camera out.”

Susan and Jill positioned themselves on either side of Carlos and Julio, lifting up a leg to straddle their legs. “How’s this look, Jim?”

“Very sexy. Good, very good. OK, put your hands on their crotches.”

Jim waited until we were rubbing some really nice bulges and took more photos. Susan suggested several poses. I took Julio’s hand and put it on my pussy. Carlos did likewise to Susan. More photos. The guys started finger-fucking us. I was sure getting wet down there. It was obvious from the boners that Bob and Jim were also turned on.

“OK, that’s enough. Thanks, you guys. Jim, take me to the bed and fuck me. I need it.”

Jill grabbed me by cock. Susan followed with Bob. We left the bedroom door open on purpose as the four of us played around.

Too soon, we were back at the dock, suitable attired. Jim promised to mail Carlos some photos. The guys, plus Phil, wanted to play golf the next day. So we gals decided to hit the beach again. Jim told me our waiter friend William would be off work. We might have a very fun day.



I’m sitting at my desk desperately waiting for the final bell of the school I teach at to ring and end my work week. It is not because the week has been overly stressful or hard, but because there is a fire burning deep within my body looking to be fueled further. There is no hope to extinguish it, or burning out if gone unattended. It is a fire the builds hotter the more I try and ignore it, and only grows fiercer with each passing moment. Even my attempts to give in have only added more fuel to it; growing its lustful blaze further out of control.

It was never like this for me, and it was only until recently that I first felt the heat of the flames in my loins aching to grow hotter. Logically, I’m sure my recent divorce of a marriage that lasted the past five years is the root cause for this change; for it has been nearly six months since we went our separate ways; six months of loneliness and unresisting sexual urges. The sex during our marriage was enough to keep me satisfied, but it was all of the other life issues that led to the divorce. I have been with no one else during this time, and except for the past weeks have not even been with myself.

The fire came on gradually over the past few months as I began to return to form after being down for so long. I started to begin taking pride once again in my appearance, and making a conscious effort to look my best. This in turn began to make me feel more confident and sexy about myself; the spark for the fire. As I became more and more involved in looking my best, I began to add to the level of sexiness to my appearance. At first it was as simple as just wearing thong panties under my work clothes. Something I occasionally did in the past, but now when I did it was meticulously planned and meant to create a sexy vibe in my mind. This only allowed the fire to grow hotter.

Eventually, I began only wearing thongs or even tinier g-strings; the smaller the better in my mind, and even going as far as trashing all my other underwear that did not fit my new tiny requirements. I then began wearing only dresses and skirts with each passing day; the hemlines of which would shrink shorter until I was consistently wearing skirts and dresses just at or right above the allowed limit under the district’s dress code. The inferno grew fiercer, even after I would pleasure myself to earth quaking orgasms at day’s end. I was hooked on the feeling of wanting more, and wanted to see how far and how much I could push my own limits.

Two weeks ago I began foregoing underwear on certain days; simply knowing I was bare beneath my skirts and dresses was such a thrill. This new wardrobe choice not only stoked the flames further, but also led to me speeding into furthering my naughty behavior. Shaving my sex bare and eventually getting waxed was the obvious next step. The feeling of my smooth pubic mound might as well have been a full tank of gas thrown on my raging inferno. Also, as I had with my underwear, I began getting rid of any clothing I didn’t feel was sexy. I was consciously making decisions that increased the level of naughtiness in my behavior and appearance even if I was the only one benefiting from it at the moment.

To keep in the best shape I could, I made sure to keep up a regular running routine of which I chose to only wear my shortest shorts of which were skin tight, with only sport bras on top. My perky b-cup sized breasts were just the right size to get away with the look without too much distraction for others. For a woman in her late thirties, I had a firm tight body most women would die for, with only my ass staying a little plumper. I loved that however, because of how it looked in my dresses and skirts.

Another choice to spice up my look was to get a short, sporty hair cut; a cute and flirty look that drew attention and compliments because of my natural red color. Not only did the new cut get some much desired attention, and made me feel even sexier, but it also made my runs better since I no longer had a ponytail to worry about.

So now back at my desk, sitting behind it watching my students work on a review packet, I wait desperately for the final minutes of the clock to click by. I’m wearing a tight, white, button up blouse with a light pink lace bra underneath. A hip hugging tight, black pencil skirt with a slit up the back with a hem resting at just about my mid thigh covers my lower half. My shoes are modest flats which are tapping impatiently on the floor beneath me. I’m anxious because tonight I have planned to go out to the bar scene and try my luck at finding a man for the night. Waiting at home for me is the dress I plan on wearing for this adventure. A white, mini tank dress, that is nearly see through and barely covers the entirety of my cheeks because of the short hemline.

I ordered it from an online store at the start of the week, and it arrived just yesterday evening. So immediately I knew I would be wearing it tonight, and to make even it more daring, I plan on wearing it without a stitch under it and with four inch, red heels. My pussy is getting so moist just thinking about all of the looks I will be receiving. I have to press my thighs together just to keep from slipping my hand between them.

Finally, after sitting in agony for so long, the bell finally rings and I dismiss my final class of the day. As they file out, I begin to gather my belongings in preparation for my exit as well. Soon I’m in the hallway making my way through the sea of students towards the teacher’s lounge and out of its exit to the staff parking lot. I’m certain I must be the first teacher to the lot, for most stay around and finish up grading and checking their emails. Usually I would as well, but I’m too excited for the night to wait around any longer. Reaching my car, I toss my purse and school bag into the passenger seat before plopping down on the driver’s seat and starting my car. The 10 minute drive home is a blur; my mind is focused on the endless possibilities of my night that is to come.

Once home, I quickly strip out of my simple but seductive school clothes; basically leaving them discarded in a pile at the door. The rest of the afternoon and early evening fly by, and before I realize it I am decked out in my new sexy dress and waiting eagerly for the cab to arrive that will be taking me out that night. I know I want to have a few drinks to better set myself in the most relaxed state, and feel it better to spring for a cab rather than worrying about my car. Within minutes the cab arrives and I strut out to meet it wearing my heels which are clicking across the cement, and my form fitting dress that is just daring to ride up and expose my uncovered, hairless sex. The cab driver gives me a questioning look, trying hard not to make it obvious that he is looking me up and down. I slide into the backseat and give him directions to the bar and no more is exchanged between us except for a few sneaking glances from the driver via the rear view mirror.

Reaching the bar, I pay the cabbie before turning and making my way into the bar. The bar is just your typical neighborhood watering hole, and that is just what I am looking for. Inside, I grab a seat at the bar and quickly signal to the bartender to order a cocktail; vodka cranberry along with a tequila shooter as I know I’ll need the extra liquid courage to get what I want out the night. Walking in I know I got my fair share of glances from the other patrons, but so far no bites. It was still early, and as I drink my cocktail I gaze around to examine the potential of the men. Though I feel satisfied with what I see, and confident I will get what I want from someone here, I decide to take my time before making a move.

I quickly shoot back my shot, and finish up my first vodka cranberry. Sitting sideways on my bar stool to show off my smooth firm legs and advertise myself a bit, I order my second drink. As I am working my way through my second drink, a few guys come over to chat me up, but unfortunately none of them are piquing my interest enough to go through with my plan; they just don’t seem to be giving me the right vibe that they could be up for what I have in mind. Just as I finish my second cocktail another man sits down behind me while letting the barkeep know that the next one is on him. I turn to have a look at and thank the confident man, and as I do I feel my head swirl a bit from the effects of the two drinks and tequila shot. However, once I lay eyes on him I instantly know he is to be the man I want to put my plan into motion with.

He introduces himself as Jerome and extends his hand out for a shake. I reciprocate the gesture, shaking his hand and introduce myself to him; all the while I allow my eyes to obviously take all of him in. Jerome is a younger, extremely handsome, black man; tall and fit, with a shaved bald head. My drink is placed in front of me, and I take a sip from it to steady myself before initiating my erotically devious plan. Just as he begins to speak again, I stop him and drop my bomb.

“Look, I know we just met, but I find you absolutely sexy and I am extremely horny. With that said, I am simply going finish my drink, and walk outside to the back alley of this bar where I will wait for someone to join me and take me in any way they see fit. I hope that you are that someone, because if you are I will do anything you want for the rest of the night and possibly into the morning; no questions asked and no hesitation.”

I gulp down my drink, slip off the barstool, and begin walking out just as I said I would. Exiting the bar, I make a direct beeline to the back alley behind it. The bar is located at one end of the strip mall, with another row of shops behind it; the alley runs between the two sets of shops to allow for ease of garbage pickup. I walk into the dark and damp alley way, before stopping under a dim light near the dumpsters. I stand there and wait, which I mentally hope won’t be long, for Jerome to appear. What man would pass up on such a perfect opportunity; a sexy woman offering herself sexually and in a completely submissive role. I knew that when he did show, I would present him with no limits and allow him to do with me whatever he wished.

After only a few short minutes my handsome black man appears from around the corner of the bar, and upon seeing me waiting as I said I would be a big, white, toothy smile forms across his face. As he approaches I reach down and pull the hem of my dress up and over my head before asking him what I shall do for him. The site of my naked form standing in front of him enlarges his smile, and my question is responded back with a simple gesture; he holds out his open right hand signaling to provide him with my now discarded dress. I do as he wishes, and he then speaks, asking for my handbag as well. Again, I provide it to him without hesitation and then quietly wait for his next order as I stand vulnerably nude watching him.

He drapes my brand new dress over the edge of the grimy, sticky edge of the recently emptied dumpster before opening up my handbag and fishing out my smartphone. Apparently finding what all he wanted he drops my bag on the damp asphalt before instructing me to drop to my knees. With his words and his actions, I know I made the correct decision in picking Jerome for my plan. This could not be playing out any better, and I couldn’t be more turned on. I knew coming into tonight that I wanted to give myself over to a stranger without having a say, I just wasn’t sure exactly if it would live up to my fantasies, or if I could go through with it; but within minutes it seemed it was going to turn out better than expected. I immediately drop to my knees, feeling the damp, rough texture of the alley crunch into my naked flesh. Looking up to him, I see he is fiddling with my phone for a moment before taking a step closer and instructing me to pull him out. Instinctively, I reach out and grasp his belt, unbuckling him and following that up by unfastening his jeans and pulling them down his legs. With his denim pants at mid thigh, I reach up and begin doing the same with his boxers; slowly exposing his large, black member which is only half erect.

With his boxers slid down, and his impressive tool completely exposed, I look back up to meet his gaze. As I do, I notice he has my smartphone pointed back at me and a flash of light emits from it. He has taken a picture of me in my very submissive state and all he says is, “Get to it, that black dick ain’t gonna suck itself.” Loving his dominant attitude, I take no more time and quickly grab a hold of the ebony snake dangling in front of me, slipping it into my waiting mouth. Soon I can feel it begin to flex and grow in my mouth as I continue to bob up and down on it. I am not trying to be sensual with it; I am simply doing my best to make it the dirtiest, sluttiest blow job Jerome has ever had. From the sound of the moans coming from him I am confident I am doing a damn good job at achieving this goal. Every so often I notice another flash from my phone as he continues to take pictures of my depravity. As I continue to work his firm, hot cock with my mouth, sticky saliva is coating his shaft and my face. The slippery coating of my spit, not only makes the blow job extra dirty, but it also allows for his long piece to slip further into my throat with ease. Eventually, I can feel my chin bump his bouncing sack, and my nose brush against his pubic patch.

My throat is bulging with the invasion of his meat stick, and my eyes begin to water. I begin a rhythm of taking him all the way into my throat and then pulling all the way back until only the purple head of his member is touching my lips. The noises coming from me are guttural, and distinctly whorish. After a few moments of my ferocious oral assault, Jerome surprises me by pushing my head off of his dick, causing a string of saliva to pull away from his head to my lips before breaking and falling to my heaving chest. He orders me to crawl over to my discarded handbag and bring him back my lipstick. I quickly do as I am told, crawling over on all fours across the rough asphalt and returning to my master for the night with my red lipstick in hand. He takes it from me, and asks for my name as he uncaps the tube and twirls out the red stick. I respond honestly, and even a bit naughtily.

“My name is Addison, but my students call me Miss Bell.”

With a smirk, he presses the red wax stick to my forehead, and begins to write out something. He is soon satisfied with his work, and discards the writing instrument before snapping another picture on my phone. This time he doesn’t keep the picture to himself, and seems eager to show me. I look at the screen of my phone to see what he captured and am a bit shocked, but more so aroused at what I see. It is a picture of me, naked and kneeling in front of his dark, protruding member, and in red capital letters on my forehead is written Miss Bell. I can only revel in the pictures lewdness and honesty for a brief moment before he speaks once again with further orders.

“Keep sucking slut or this picture gets sent to all the contacts on your phone.”

My eyes widen, and my pussy floods with the idea, but I eagerly resume my assault on his thick, veiny unit. He chuckles as I pick up from where I left off, and he continues to take more shots with my phone as I do. I am relentless with my actions, and soon am rewarded by the swelling of his girthy cock signaling that he is ready to explode. A simple grunt and quick push of my face dislodges me once again. Though I am a bit disappointed with not being able to take his load in my mouth, I say nothing as I know I am his to use as he wishes. He grips his slick shaft and pumps it as he ejects volley after volley of sticky, warm cum all over my face. It covers me completely, dripping down to my chest and resting heavily in my short red hair. One of my eyes is sealed shut, and I keep the other closed out of reaction. I can hear him breathing deep, and then the sound of his pants being pulled back into place and refastened.

Remaining still, I wait for his next move; his next instructions. I hear his footsteps move towards the dumpster and my discarded belongings. He is away for a moment, before I hear his steps again returning. I feel the touch of fabric on my face; he is wiping his gunk off of me in a smooth, but forceful manner. In my dirty mind I hope that he captured my covered state with my phone prior to wiping it away. Soon, he is satisfied enough and orders me to open my eyes. I can still feel sticky remnants caking on my skin, but as I open my eyes all my thoughts are on him and what he is to have me do next. In his hand, I notice that the fabric I felt wiping off my face, was in fact my dress. His other hand holds my phone, along with what looks to be my I.D., credit cards, keys, and fold of cash. This arouses my curiosity, as well as my desire, as I kneel in front of him and ponder the endless possibilities. “Here take your dress, and crawl back over to your bag by the dumpster.”

He hands me over my defiled garment, and I quickly crawl towards my other belongings on my hands and knees. In doing so, I only further add to the mess that is now my dress, and know for certain that it is ruined. I reach the spot of my bag, which I can see he has indeed rifled through, and turn back to face him.

“Throw both your dress and your bag into the dumpster.”

The order is a little hard to handle as the dress is brand new and my bag is rather expensive, but my fire is all that is guiding me know; I know I will do as he wishes. Quickly, I swing both items up and over the ledge of the container and hear the loud thud of them hitting the metallic bottom. I see a smile form on his lips as he too is signaled by the thud. Remaining in that spot, not wanting to act without his guidance, I wait as he begins to play with my phone. Its minutes before he even glances back at me, let alone speaks, but finally he does and I listen intently.

“Wait here, I’m going to get my car so we can go for a little ride and continue our fun.”

He then turns and walks back towards the front of the bar to the parking lot. I remain kneeling by the dingy trash receptacle, with a burning desire flaming inside to be stoked, as I watch him walk away. Thoughts of, will he return, when will he return, and how far am I going to go all pass through my head as I wait quietly, and overly aroused wait for him. I don’t even think to touch myself as I wait, though I know if I did I would find immediate relief, rather I wait to grant him the opportunity to grant me release if he so pleases. The idea that he may not provide me with it, only fuels that fire, and deep down I think I may want that more. To see just how far I would go, how much I would do to please him and complete his every wish without even the hint of receiving my own climax is even more naughty and exciting. I can’t ponder on that thought for long, as I soon here a car engine approaching and then entering the alley. It may not be him, but still I do not move, for I want to be obedient for him.

The glare of the headlights reaches me, lighting up my naked form as I kneel in the damp passage of the alley. With my figure fully engulfed in the flood of light, the car stops about five feet in front of me. Over the idling engine I hear his voice command me. He tells me to stand up, and walk over to the front of his car. I do as I am told and stand awaiting further instruction inches in front of his shiny, black Chrysler 300.

“Lean over and kiss my car. Show me that you respect me and my power.”

It’s an interesting request, but it does cause me to tremble some from the feeling of submission. Bending at the waist, I lean down and kiss the hood of the rumbling car; I can feel the vibrations and heat of the engine on my lips as I do. Standing back up, he commands me to enter the car on the passenger side. I seductively strut around the hood, and open the door to climb inside. The seat is covered in dark chocolate leather upholstery, and is cool against my naked flesh as I sit down. Once my door is closed, he begins to pull away, out of the alley and onto the street. He says nothing as we drive, and I sit quietly as well. Soon he pulls into a bank parking lot with an ATM where he stops and parks. He cuts the engine before turning to me to ask for my pin number. I look at him quizzically for a moment before he holds up my debit card, and tells me he wants to pull out some cash to pick up a few things. I am unsure about this, but dare not disobey and provide him with the secret code to access my account.

He exits the car and strolls up to the machine where he takes his time as if looking everything over. I sit and watch intently as he presses buttons on the screen and soon has cash spurt out of which he promptly pockets. From my viewpoint, I am unable to tell just how much he pulled out of my account, but frankly at the moment I could care less. As he returns to the car, there is the slightest grin on his face before he re-enters the driver seat. Not another word escapes his lips as he starts the car back up, and pulls back out onto the main street.

Still I sit obediently quiet in the front seat of his car, wondering and waiting for what is to come next. We drive only a few blocks further, before he pulls into a gas station and up to a pump. Again, he turns the car off before looking over to me to fill me in.

“I’m low on gas, and need some booze. Don’t move I’ll be right back.”

I’m left again to wait silently alone as he enters the station for his purchases. What exactly is he up too? Does he have a plan, or is he simply just having fun driving around town with me naked in his car. I’m not worried about being seen, it’s not too late, but still not many people are out. Also, the sense someone could see me in my current does add to the excitement some. I just am not sure where this whole adventure with my stranger is headed. Is it a direction I will like? Or, will it end with regret? As these thoughts and questions roll through my mind, he reemerges from the store with a bottle of wine in hand, and the same grin on his face from the ATM. He opens the door to set the wine down, and indicates that it is with my credit card that he purchased both the wine and the gas. As he goes to pump the gas I wonder why he used my credit card if he just pulled money out with my debit card. I’m puzzled, but also intrigued, which only builds my fire up and causes my arousal to seep out onto the leather of the seat.

It isn’t long until my stranger has filled his tank and returns to his seat in the driver’s side of the car. I watch as he retrieves my I.D. from his front pocket and proceeds to type the address from it onto the navigation screen. He is taking us back to my house, maybe I will get my climax after all, or maybe he just wants to fuck with me a little more. The route is soon laid out, and it indicates we should arrive at the destination in about 6 minutes. I see his grin once again, and know something is up.

“Get that slutty mouth of yours on my pole again.”

I do as I’m told, and lean over in my seat to begin opening up his pants.

“Knees on the seat, ass up and pointed at the window.”

Repositioning, I free his beautiful piece and have it quickly lodged in my mouth. As it begins to become rigid, I feel the cool outside air on my dripping sex; he has rolled down the tinted window. Now anyone who we may pass will have an excellent view of my exposure. This however, does not falter me one bit, if anything it spurs me to work harder and stokes those flames within. I am not able to take it all in as I had before, but I am making it just as sloppy. I can taste the saltiness of his precum mixed with my saliva, it too drives me to be sluttier. Reaching back with one of my hands, I pull open my ass cheek to really feel the wind engulf my hot box. It’s a wonderfully erotic sensation to be so open, so exposed, but the feeling doesn’t last long enough as we come to a stop and he pulls me up by my hair. Looking around I see that we are parked on the street in front of my house. He hasn’t shut the car off, but he does speak to me.

“Get out and kiss the car again, thank it for transporting such a slut as yourself. Then crawl to your front door, and wait for me.”

I say nothing, just simply exit the car and walk to its front. Leaning over as I had in the alley, I press my lips to the warm, vibrating hood again. He must realize that having me do this is so demeaning, but he also must know I love it. With my kiss complete, I drop to my hands and knees to begin the short crawl up my drive to my front door. I am completely aware of the fact of how exposed I am at this moment in time to my entire neighborhood, but I could care less; all I can hope is that more depravity is in my future.

I wait on my hands and knees at my door just as instructed. He doesn’t shut his car off until I reach the door, and still waits longer to exit. Literally, I’m dripping on the mat as I eagerly wait. Finally, I hear his door open and then shut. I watch as he makes his way to me, to my home. My keys are in his left hand, the wine bottle in the other. He says nothing to me as he puts my key into the lock and opens my door. I remain still as he enters, waiting to hear further instructions. However, he remains silent as he enters my home; he leaves me to wait outside as he heads towards my kitchen to put the wine down. It after he has placed on the counter that he returns and speaks to me.

“Come on in slut, give me the tour.”

I continue to crawl as I enter and begin to guide him around the house. I point out the different rooms, my bedroom, and then back to the kitchen. My house is a simple one story, with two bedrooms in which the spare bedroom I have turned into an office. The entire time, he just followed behind me, not saying a word. I could feel his eyes on my exposure though, peering down at my slickened slit. In the kitchen he orders me up to open the wine and pour us each a glass. Instantly, I do as instructed, and soon have the glasses poured. I hand him his, and then take a swig from mine. He also drinks from his glass before putting it down and asking me a question.

“You said you are a teacher, do you have a badge to prove it?”

I nod silently, indicating I do.

“Go get and show me. I want to see what school you teach at.”

Setting my glass down on the counter, I head off to my bedroom to retrieve my school badge. It is a simple badge with my picture, my name, and my school’s name on it. I wear it to work by clipping it to my top. It’s where I left it, on my nightstand, so I quickly snatch it up and return to him. I extend it out to him to look over, and he takes it from my hand.

“Miss Bell of Arbor Heights High School, what a good professional picture of you. Too bad it doesn’t capture this side of you; your slutty wanton side with a face covered in dried cum and smeared makeup. I like it though, and I think you should wear it.”

He proceeds to reach out to my breast and clips it to my right nipple. The pinch of the clip biting into my skin sends pain signals to my brain, but I don’t budge or make a sound to indicate it. He smiles at my stoic obedience before signaling to finish my wine. Grabbing my glass, I gulp it down as he watches. The tartness of the wine engulfs my mouth, and I can feel it warm me some as it travels down my throat. I set my now empty glass back down, and he grabs my hand once I do to pull me to him and spin me around. The feeling of his denim covered crotch invades the soft skin of my buttocks, and I feel his breath on my neck. He reaches past me to grab his glass, and proceeds to lift it to my lips. Tilting it upwards, the wine pours into my mouth and I do my best to swallow it down. Some of the tangy liquid escapes my lips, and drains down my chest. With the glass emptied he returns it to the counter before whispering into my ear.

“I hope you are ready for tonight. You said your mine for the entire night, no questions asked, and no hesitation. So far you have done just that, but I am going to push as far as I can to see if you hold to it. Any pleasure you receive will be by complete accident; I am going to use you for my pleasure, and will only be thinking about my pleasure. There will be no ‘no’ from you that will stop me. You are mine to use until I say so. Is all of this clear?”

I nod my head in understanding, but it’s not what he is looking for.

“No, I need to hear you say it. Tell me you understand. Tell me to use you, to do with as I see fit. Tell me that is what you want. I want to hear it come from your mouth slut.”

I take a moment to compose myself before speaking. I want to make sure that this is not only what I want, but that I tell exactly what he needs to hear to give it to me.

“I understand everything you just said. It is exactly what I hoped to get tonight, and much more. I want you to use my body, my mind, my soul. Use me until you’re done with me, and then throw me away. I am just a dirty slut, begging you to gain pleasure from me. Whatever you desire, I will do. Make me realize just how much power you have; how much control you have over me. I am nothing but a receptacle for your pleasure. Break me down, and use me up.”

He says nothing, but I can tell he approves of what I said. I feel his hand slide down to my hip, and then turn me back to face him. From his pocket he pulls out my phone to once again take my picture. I get the sense that it will be a common theme for the night; a way to push my boundaries. He makes sure to get a full body shot, with my name badge on my nipple in full display. His satisfaction with the picture shows through on his face before he grabs my wrist harshly and begins leading us out to the living room. He leaves me standing in the middle of the room next to my coffee table, while he goes over to pull the drapes and blinds open on the window that looks out onto the street.

“That way your neighbors can see just what kind of slut they live next to.”

As he walks back towards me, he begins to undress. It is quick work to discard his clothes, and soon his mighty member stands out taunting me.

“Go bend over in front of the window with your ass facing out, while I take a deeper look around your place.”

Without even a second of hesitation, I take my ordered place and watch as he leaves to search my house for god knows what. I am bent over at the waist, pussy exposed in front of a window looking out into the street, and waiting for the man that is probably going to use me for everything I’m worth to return. What I told him was true; I am nothing but a dirty slut. At this moment, my fire is burning so hot, it wouldn’t have matter if anyone passed by my window and saw me; in fact it may have only aroused me further if someone did. I wait for awhile as he is off searching my house. Every so often I hear a drawer open, or a door shut, but I have no clue as to what he is looking for.

He finally returns, and I see in his hands that he is carrying my handycam camcorder, a silk scarf, and my larger dildo. His search must have been quite extensive to have found the camcorder and dildo, considering I forgot I had the camera and the dildo hides in a box under my bed. It is my larger dildo of the two I own. It would considered large by most standards, 8 inches long, about 2 inches in circumference, and it just so happens to be black so I know why he chose it over the other smaller one. I only pull it out of hiding when my fire is desperately out of control, and I need something a bit more heavy duty to help out.

The grin is back on his face as he approaches with his bounty of finds, and as I remain bent over in front of my window. He sets the camera and the dildo down on the coffee table before reaching me and standing me back up. I soon feel the slick fabric of the silk scarf on my wrists, feeling it tighten as he works to restrain my hands behind me. My hands are sufficiently secured, and he gives me a firm swat on my ass just to signal his power and my obedience.

“I’m not at all amazed that a dirty slut like you has a big toy to quench her desires; it’s to be expected. I am however, glad to have found the video camera, as it will allow me to capture every single depraved act that not only I’m going to do to you, but that I am going to make you perform. This will certainly be fun. Well at least for me, I don’t want to speak for you, but I have a feeling a slut like you will find enjoyment in it as well.”

His smile beams bright as he grabs the camera in one hand and gets it set to record. I see the red light kick on to indicate this, and then watch as his free hand reaches out and grabs me by the hair and yanks my face down to his crotch. He is not fully erect, but it still is at an intimidating size. Letting go of my hair, he wraps his dark fingers around the base of his shaft and begins to slap it across my face. Each slap emits the flesh thud sound off it striking me squarely; on my lips, cheeks, jaw, forehead, and everywhere else. His dick also grows harder and stiffer with each slap, but I simply just take the abuse because it is simply stoking my fire. Once he is back to full mast, he spins me around and easily slips his girth into my gushing slit. It fills me up so much; I let out a guttural moan.

“The slut was just dying for this dick to fill her up. Tell me how much you want it.”

“Ah, I want it so bad. Give this white slut your dick. Fill me up, and fuck me senseless.”

I feel his length deep inside, and the slap of his balls on my clit as he bottoms out is divine. The way he is giving it to me, is certainly not gentle. He is taking me hard and with force; stretching me out and not caring about it. Fast and deep strokes, which end with his hips crashing into my ass. I’m having a hard time keep my balance with my hands restrained behind me and still in my heels, but I love every second of it. I want more, no I need more.

All of a sudden I find myself losing that balance and falling forward to the floor. I hit somewhat hard on my shoulder as I attempt to turn my face away. He however, seems unconcerned and quickly picks me back up by my arm. Rather than continue his previous assault on my pussy, he spins me back to present his sex covered piece to my face again. He doesn’t ask if I’m okay, just simply begins to slide his stiff cock across my face and lips. Using his tip, he opens my lips and starts sliding it into my throat. No qualms about my new shoulder pain register with me, I am plain and simple just acting and receiving instinctively.

His thrusts into my mouth are like the ones he had previously been giving to my snatch; long and deep. It quickly produces a large amount of saliva and spit to flow out and coat his shaft, as well as guttural gagging sounds to be emitted. In an instant, he withdraws completely and spins me back around to ravish my open cunt some more. I am like a rag doll just taking what he is providing, and enjoying everything about it. As he picks back up his assault on my gushing slit, and finds a good hard rhythm, I suddenly feel pressure being applied to my rear entrance. This is followed by a something cool and wet, and I realize he is going to slip a finger into my ass. Rather than be put off, I just moan louder in approval. I have dabbled in a little ass play in my recent past. Not full blown anal, but one or two of my own fingers while in the shower. It certainly always adds to the excitement and the level of naughtiness.

His pace never slows as he continues to prime me for the new intrusion. I can feel my tender rosebud giving him some resistance, so I do my best to relax. Eventually, my puckered hole relinquishes its efforts, and allows the digit to slip inside. Once inside, I already can tell it is about the size of two of my fingers, and it is already stretching me out. He doesn’t slow his thrusting, and continues to push his intrusion further into my backside. Its finally makes its way completely in, and I realize it is his thumb as I can feel his palm and other four fingers resting on my lower back; almost gripping me.

“That should help from you taking another fall. Who knew such a dirty act, could also help with your safety. Does the slut like having her asshole filled while being fucked?”

“Yes, ugh… the slut loves it. Ahh… stretch this slut out, ugh, work me over.”

“Oh, I intend to do just that. I bet you would love to have your ass fucked as well wouldn’t you?”

“Whatever you want, ooh…, just don’t stop. I am a slut. Ungh… use me like one; like the… aah… cheapest slut.”

“I’ll make sure of that.”

With that, he sets the camera down on the coffee table to continue capturing the session, and I feel his other hand slap hard onto my ass. Three good whacks follow, and my cheek is burning with the sting. Then I feel his other thumb working to pry open my asshole some more. It’s a tight fit, so he spits again to add some more slickness. Again, after a little bit of resistance, my tight hole begins to allow the second intruder in to join the first. His second thumb is soon lodged inside alongside the other, and my sphincter is fuller than it has ever been. For the time being, he just lets his thumbs rest inside me while he hammers his cock home in my juicy box. His thumbs do help with my balance, and they stretch me in a wonderfully erotic way.

“The slut truly loves it now. Two thumbs in her dirty hole, and a big black cock drilling out her womb. I’ll have to see just how much I can abuse these holes. Leave you gaping and raw by the morning.”

The filthy dialogue coming from his mouth, just adds to the fire and the nastiness of the night. I am so glad he found the handy cam, and is getting all of this on tape. His thrusts start to slow some, as he begins to pull his thumbs apart; stretching my asshole open. The sensation is painful, but in such a depraved and dirty way. Slowly, he pulls me open, while at this point his dick is lodged deep inside me. I feel a wet drop of spit land inside my now opened hole, and I wonder just how open it is.

“Got to get you opened up to take my cock soon. It’s going to feel so damn good shoving my fat pole into your shitter. Get it nice and greased up, and slide it all the way in, ramming it deep inside you. Then I’ll pull it out once you are nice and stretched, to feed the grimy, ass covered cock to you. How does that sound slut? You want to taste your ass on my dick, after I fuck you good and deep with it?”

“Ohhh god, yes. Make me suck your cock after it…ugh… has been in my tight ass. I’m…ooohh… a filthy slut for you.”

The idea at any other time may have put me off, but right now it seemed only logical that I would let him fuck my ass, and then suck his dick clean afterwards. My fire is raging out of control, and I have no idea where it will lead me to, or what it will cause me to do. My thought is interrupted as I feel him slowly back his stiff tool out, and pull a bit more with his thumbs. Just when I think he is done with my pussy, he slams his forceful member back inside, using his grip on my asshole to keep me from falling. With him back in deep, I feel one of his index fingers slide down my crack to join the thumbs. He must have opened me up enough because the finger slides in with little effort. It too, once inside, begins pulling outwards to open my hole. His other index finger is now working its way down to help out, and is met with more resistance than the first. However, a quick glob of spit takes care of that, and it slowly sinks within as well.

I have four digits in my ass, two thumbs and two fingers, and all are doing their best to stretch and spread me open further. He pulls out with his cock again, only to jam it hard back into place. He is really giving me a once over, using me up just the way I hoped and the only thing I can think about is how I want more. Wanting to be pushed further into depravity and kinkiness is all I desire now. I can feel my rear hole losing the battle against his fingers; he has been holding and spreading it open for over a minute now. The dull ache of the stretch is long gone, and I am just wondering how much more it will be stretched when he finally slips his wonderful cock into it.

“God slut, your asshole certainly seems to be taking well to getting stretched open. I got you so open, I can basically see into your stomach. Can’t wait to get my thick dick in there and really open it up. I bet if I pulled out of your ass and your pussy, both would gape open looking to be refilled.”

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John’s fingers fumbled as he folded the paper in his hands. The origami swan was not turning out as expected and he soon realized there was no hope for the creation. He threw the paper wad at his cubicle wall in defeat. The work day couldn’t end soon enough.

A glance at his computer monitor revealed only three minutes had passed since he last checked the time. He sighed and leaned back in his swivel chair. Just before he was about to close his exhausted eyes, he heard the office door open. He snapped upright in his chair and, like every other man in the office, craned his head above the cubicle wall.

Ms. Washington gracefully stepped out from her office, high heels thumping on the floor. John ogled her as she made her way through the room. Every man in the office was staring at her as she passed, heading towards the elevator. John perhaps gazed the deepest at the dark-skinned beauty.

Gabrielle Washington’s intoxicating fragrance captured John as she walked by him. John froze the moment in time so he could take in the wonderful sight before him.

Ms. Washington’s pumps made her calves form sexy curves as she walked, her stride confident and true. His eyes followed her legs up to the pencil skirt that tightly clung to her wide hips. The next part John appreciated was too good to be real.

Sitting at the top of her tall and smooth legs, were two massive lobes that formed an insanely huge bubble butt. The sheer mass of the two fat cheeks couldn’t simply be called a butt. It was a ridiculously massive, mammoth-sized ass. The size of her bottom made it seem as if she would appear taller when sitting. John had never seen an ass that jutted out that far. The behemoth portions bounced and shook as she strutted.

Just past the first curve of her hourglass, was her tiny waist. Her torso was so tight and skinny it made the proportion of her hips look preposterous. John continued up her figure to his favorite part.

Ms. Washington carried on her chest, the two most obscene breasts John had ever seen.

Her giant globes swayed side to side in her blouse as she walked, simultaneously bouncing up and down. The mere size of her tits concealed most of her torso, and John was mesmerized by them. They protruded out two feet in front of her, defying gravity and hanging high on her chest. Her low cut top revealed a totally inappropriate amount of cleavage, a valley of chocolate brown flesh. These breasts were impossible. John thought they must act as the counter-weight to her humongous butt.

Ms. Washington’s figure looked as if a cartoon drawn by a hormone driven teenager came to life.

Reluctantly, John’s eyes continued up from her mammoth mammaries to her gorgeous face. Her cheek bones were high and her nose was small. Her smile displayed straight, white teeth, and her demeanor was pleasant. Her beautiful brown eyes kept straight, but were aware of the audience she captivated. John saw something behind them, and it was something sinister.

Ms. Washington stopped and turned, her raven hair flipping as she did. John’s eyes widened when he realized she was headed towards his desk. Her hips moved with a mesmerizing sway, and she arrived at his desk before John could stop staring.

Ms. Washington extended a lovely limb and set a small piece of paper on John’s desk. Without a word she turned and left, walking the way she had before. John stared at the folded paper and lifted it slowly.

He unfolded the small mystery to find a series of numbers and a name written down. It was an address. There was also a short message to arrive at the address a few hours after work.

Confused and bewildered, John gazed at Ms. Washington’s ass as it bounced away. He assumed his boss wouldn’t tell him to arrive somewhere if it weren’t important. He would have to call his girlfriend to cancel plans tonight.


John sat across from Ms. Washington nervously, twiddling his thumbs as she sized him up with her eyes. She had not spoken since she answered the door and motioned for him to sit in the living room. John was so nervous he started to break a sweat. It wasn’t that his boss had not said a word since she let him in, but that she was wearing a white bath robe. He thought it seemed inappropriate.

“So what is it you called me here for Ms. Washington?” John sheepishly started.

Gabrielle Washington smiled widely, something predatory hiding behind her grin.

“Call me Gabby, John,” she insisted, not answering his question.

“Okay, Gabby,” he said uneasily, taking a deep breath.

Gabrielle stood up from her chair and walked over to John, her movements slow and calculated. Her robe barely covered her butt, and John stared at her impossible cleavage. The man looked up at his gorgeous boss when she stood in front of him, bewildered by her strange actions. He gasped when he saw what she did next.

“Do you like these?” she asked, grabbing hold of her huge breasts through her robe.

John became flush and quickly looked away. He had no idea why his boss was acting this way.

“What? Is this a test? What are you doing?” John deflected, burning a hole in the ground with his eyes.

“I see you checking me out at work. Don’t deny it. Every white man wants a piece of my black body,” Gabby stated, still holding her globes.

“This is really inappropriate. I have a girlfriend,” John tried to assert.

“I know you do. You have an ugly white girlfriend. She doesn’t have big black tits or a huge round butt. But I do,” Gabby said, opening her robe.

Gabrielle Washington dropped her alabaster robe to the floor, revealing the entirety of her impeccable black body.

Gabby’s hourglass figure was the most ridiculous thing John had ever laid eyes on. Her smooth chocolate skin spread over two insanely enormous breasts, which possessed two Hershey kiss shaped nipples.

Her outline narrowed at her small waist, and expanded again at her wide hips and crazily large butt. Her tummy was tight and fit, but most of her mid-section was eclipsed by her fun bags. His boss turned slowly so John could take in the magnificence.

As Gabby turned, the full spectacle that was her naked ass revealed itself. Even though she rotated slowly, the humongous rear end couldn’t refrain from jiggling. When she made a full circle, John rested his eyes on the small and dark nipples sitting in the middle of her giant chest hangers. The body he was staring at was total perfection.

“I think I have to leave,” John said, his body frozen in amazement.

“No. You are going to stay right there while I show you how much you love my black body. If not, I’ll fire you,” Gabby threatened.

Gabby pressed her arms against her breasts, pushing them together pleasingly. Her cleavage was plentiful and her skin seemed to glisten. Her body was perfect in every way, and John was finding it hard to resist.

The black breasts hanging in front of John were bigger than beach balls. He was fixated on their impossible shape, when he felt a stir from below. His boss made sure it did not go unnoticed.

“I knew you were a dirty white boy. I knew you weren’t satisfied with your white girlfriend,” Gabby said victoriously, grabbing his bulge.

John’s boss grabbed the zipper on his pants and yanked it down. She rustled in his pants for a moment and took hold of her white prize. Gabby gasped as she pulled out what was the largest dick she had ever encountered.

John’s erection stood tall at an amazing 12 inches. A full foot of dick with a huge head throbbed for Gabby. John’s girth was thicker than she thought possible. Her clean pussy became wet as she held the cock in her grip.

John’s black boss began to kneel and her face neared the giant phallus. She stopped when John could feel her warm breath on his bulging head.

“Please don’t, I have a girlfriend,” he weakly pleaded.

“I’m going to make you hate that white bitch,” Gabby responded.

The black temptress pushed the engorged head past her lips, accepting the member into her mouth. She savored the taste of John’s cock as she descended down his shaft, sucking tightly as she did. Fully encased in her oral cavity, Gabby coughed as the head pushed at the back of her throat, choking her. She held it there for a moment, letting the pleasure of her warm throat massage the huge prick. Then she began to work his member.

Gabby’s mouth slipped up and down the maximum mast with an air-tight seal. Her saliva coated the thick trunk and John moaned as she expertly manipulated his tool. John surrendered to the new mouth completely.

“Oh shit! No one has handled my dick like this before! My girlfriend can hardly fit a few inches in her mouth,” John admitted in total bliss.

The perfect black lips sucked hard as they moved down John’s entire shaft, shoving his head to the back of Gabby’s throat again. Gabby choked without breaking the seal she had on the base of his cock.

“Holy fuck! How can you fit all of it in your mouth? Is it a black thing?” John wondered in amazement.

Gabby retreated from his dick painfully slow, leaving his shaft glistening with saliva. John’s throbbing head left her mouth with a loud popping sound.

“It is a black thing baby, the head we give is so much better than silly white girls,” she assured, grabbing his penis firmly.

John moaned as she swooped under his dick and put a large testicle in her mouth. Gabby licked the delicious sphere through his leathery ball-sack, savoring the taste.

“My balls have never been sucked! It feels so good!” John said, elated to feel the new sensation.

The black woman migrated to the other testicle, sucking at it with just as much intensity. She jerked the hard shaft in her hand as she licked his balls. John could feel the pleasure in him building to the point of no return.

“If you don’t stop, I’m going to finish,” he alerted to his employer.

Ms. Washington responded by releasing his scrotum from her tongue bath and grabbed her ludicrous-sized titties.

“There is no way I’m gonna fucking stop until I taste all of your creamy cum!” she swore, enveloping his rod in between her chest watermelons.

“Oh fuck!” John shouted as the entirety of his penis disappeared into her cleavage cavern.

“That’s it white boy, love my big, bouncing, black boobs!” she ordered.

Gabby shimmied her breasts on the cock, squeezing it in her softness. She pushed her left breast down and right breast up, and alternated. John gasped, lost in ecstasy, as he watched her juggle the black tits around his meat.

The chocolate orbs smothered the thick penis in warmth. The pillowy texture of the huge breasts wrapped around John and hugged him. Gabby’s fun bags fucked with serious intent, desperately wanting to coax the jizz from John’s balls.

“Gabby! I can’t hold my load any longer!” John said through clenched teeth.

“That’s it! Blow your fucking huge white load!” Gabby demanded.

Gabby pushed her breasts down to reveal John’s engorged head at the top of her cleavage. She bent her neck and encased the throbbing top into her mouth. John invited the wet, warm present with a gasp of pleasure. Gabby sucked the tip as she felt it harden, readying to fire.

“I’m cumming, Gabby! Oh shit!” John exclaimed, his balls tightening.

John’s body tensed as his balls shot his first rope of cum through his penis and into Gabby’s welcoming mouth. The hot spunk hit the back of her throat, coating it completely. Gabby wanted to gag, but refused, anticipating the rest of his load.

Gabby gulped down his semen just as his second shot cannoned onto her tongue. She savored the sweet and salty flavor as he pumped another spurt of delicious semen. This continued until every bit of ejaculate John produced was swallowed by his black boss. Gabby slowly let the head out of her mouth when she had successfully downed all of her special drink.

“Your white girlfriend has never made you cum like that, has she?” Gabby asked in an assuming tone.

“No, I have never felt that good before. My girlfriend has never made me feel that way,” John admitted, his breath labored from his intense climax.

“Do you love my black mouth more than her? Would you trade her for my big, black titties?” Gabby asked, knowing the answer.

“Fuck yes I love your mouth more. Of course I would trade her for your ridiculous tits,” he conceded.

Gabby stood up and looked down at John. Her eyes had a villainous look behind them, indicating she was ready to pounce. John’s black boss jumped onto his lap.

“Get hard for me. We are far from done here. I’m going to make you hard without even touching that big dick,” she snarled, touching her breasts.

Gabby pushed her hands over her breasts, displaying their unmatched pliability. She dug her fingers into the dark flesh, showcasing how much tit there was to grab. She fondled the massive mammaries and gave her small nipples a tweak. She pushed her breasts against each other and dared him to keep his erection down.

Of course, he couldn’t.

John marveled at her ability to play with her own chest, and his dick started to grow, resting on her belly button when it was at full mast.

“I knew you were a dirty white boy John,” Gabby smiled, her victory over him making her wet.

The black woman lifted his cock and pressed it against her clit. She inhaled as the head slapped her most sensitive spot, covering the cock with wetness. Gabby pushed it down to her entrance, the heat begging for John to penetrate her pussy. She stopped and looked at John, evil lust in her eyes.

“Admit you hate your white girlfriend. Admit you love my black body. Swear it and I will let you enter me,” she said, barley letting his head touch her opening.

John had tipped over the edge. He had to do as she asked. Nothing would keep him from fucking his boss.

“I do hate my white girlfriend. I can’t believe I fucked her. She is a terrible lay. She doesn’t have black, dick-sucking lips or giant titties or a big bubble butt. I love your hot fucking body. Please fuck me! Please!” John said, his frustration building.

Gabby smiled, knowing John wanted her completely, and lowered herself onto his enormous white cock.

“That feels incredible!” John expressed as his head passed Gabby’s hot lips.

Gabby clenched her teeth as her vagina attempted to accommodate the colossal invader. The tight slit parted as best it could, but the size of John’s member was punishing.

“THIS WHITE COCK IS SPLITTING ME IN HALF!” the black woman cried, still sheathing the behemoth dick inside of her.

“Your cunt is so tight! This is unbelievable!” John revealed, placing his hands on Gabby’s gargantuan ass.

Gabby had fit about half of John’s penis inside of her when he shoved her down on his pole. She screamed immediately.

“OH MY FUCKING FUCK! YOUR HORSE COCK IS BREAKING ME!” Gabby screeched, the pain shooting up her body.

Gabby wasted no time moving her hips back and forth, committed to adapt to the organ inside her. The pain was overwhelming, but as she rode John’s cock, pleasure began to smolder inside her.

“I love this black cunt!” John blurted out, Gabby’s insides hugging him tightly.

“I love this white cock. It is better than that. It is better than a cock. It is better than a dick. This is a big, beautiful, thick, long, broad, huge, giant, perfect, white schlong!” Gabby illuminated, riding vigorously.

Gabby’s huge black chest spheres bounced absurdly and hit her in the face. John assisted by grabbing hold of them and fondling the amazing tissue. With her ass free of John’s palming, it started to spring up and down cartoonishly. The two cheeks hit John’s thighs as it jiggled.

John extended his neck and sucked on Gabby’s delicious nipples. He tongued ravenously and massaged his new favorite toy. The black woman squealed with delight as he licked at her teats.

“Suck my slutty black jugs!” Gabby shouted, still riding her lover.

John sucked on the amazing rack and marveled at the taste. His tongue couldn’t imagine a better treat, and he knew his white girlfriend could never taste like Gabby. He quit his task reluctantly to ask a question he needed answered.

“Your ass is so huge! Your tits are so giant! How did your body get so fucking preposterous?” John wondered about her perfect body.

“I grew my tits so huge because I’m a black slut! I grew my ass so huge because I’m a black whore! I grew them because I knew your white cock couldn’t fucking resist my sexy body! I knew you wouldn’t want white girls after you had me!” Gabby responded with lustful ferocity.

John grabbed his lover by the hips and flipped her over on the couch. With a delighted laugh, Gabby gripped his chiseled ass as he drove his erection into her.

“How did I not know black pussies were so much tighter than white ones? I never knew sex could feel like this!” John exclaimed, enjoying Gabby’s wet crevice.

“It isn’t just that John. I have the best of ALL black pussies. You are fucking the best cunt in the world,” she informed with a confident smirk.

Gabby wrapped her legs around John and pushed into his pelvis. The black seductress rolled into him, shoving his cock farther inside her than before.

“Oh fuck! I’m gonna push right through your cervix!” John shouted as he accepted Gabby’s grinding.

Gabby smiled evilly and looked up at John as she fucked him back. Her hips circled the entirety of his huge member, encasing him from head to base.

“I have never fucked such a fat and long schlong. I love this white tool. It is going to make me cum. But I need you to say something before I do..,” Gabby revealed, her breathing heavy from her exercise.

John’s boss leaned up to his ear and whispered softly.

“I can’t say that!” he exclaimed, wide eyed with disbelief, while still deep in the woman.

“Come on John, I want you to say it. You know you want to say it. Fucking say it,” Gabby dared.

“It’s…just so…wrong,” John protested, still thrusting hard into the tight brown slit.

“You say it John! I won’t let you cum if you don’t!” she threatened.

John couldn’t stand the thought of not cumming. This was the best fuck of his life. Gabby was the sexiest thing ever. Her tits were bouncing ridiculously as he plowed her. Her dark skin was glistening and tasted like chocolate. John gathered all of his office frustration and prepared himself. Once he did this he would be a changed man.

“I am going to fuck you so hard you won’t be able to walk tomorrow morning. I am going to obliterate this black pussy with my big white schlong. I am going use your body how I wish and the only thanks you will get are mind blowing orgasms. Take my fat white cock you STUPID FUCKING NIGGER!”

“Oh fuck! That’s it! I am nothing but a sex nigger,” she yelled.

“You are a fucking sex slave. I can’t believe niggers like you are free. You should be a slave that does nothing but take my cock in your holes.” John snarled.

“You love it. You love my nasty nigger pussy. You crave my disgustingly giant nigger tits. You love my enormous porch monkey ass. I am so much better than your skinny, white girlfriend,” Gabby declared, matching his rhythm with her hips.

“Yes! I love fucking this black cunt! I love these chocolate colored tits! I love your Aunt Jemima ass. I love your whole fucking body you coon cunt!” John degraded, harshly grabbing a handful of huge butt.

“I should fire you for being so racist. You are a real white devil. Fuck you for having such a huge honky cock. I never want a stupid nigger cock again. It fucking disgusts me to even think of it. I only want your big white fuck-stick. Fuck you for that,” she retorted, an evil grin shining through her rapture.

“I’m not racist! I’m balls deep in your nigger cunt, you bitch!” John retorted.

“You are a racist!” Gabby assured.

AUTHOR’S NOTE: It’s all the Ex’s fault

It was intentionally written without names…. Almost.

LEGALESE: Don’t read this if you are underage, if it is illegal in your area, if it is offensive to you, or if you cannot distinguish fiction from reality. This is a work of fiction. All characters are 18 years of age or older.

Copyright (c) 2013 by Acup

I relieved a VERY bored over night tech. We were a twenty four hour operation, but it was going to take a while until the overnight business picked up. The good part was I didn’t have to actually ‘open up’.

I made my rounds checking on the machines, then doing my ‘manager’ paperwork for an hour. The good and bad about a slow night shift was there was absolutely nothing for me to do when I got in.

I had to sit back and smile at the last twenty four hours. For as bad as yesterday started out thinking about ‘her’, it had turned out to be a wonderful day finishing with my bodybuilder. I did get a call from the boss about what had happened last night, and he was happy to hear it was a customer that intervened and not an employee. I didn’t have the heart to tell him it was my new girlfriend….hmmmm my new girlfriend. I like the sound of that.

I did get a call from her around ten, “Your cum is dribbling down my leg.” She whispered to me.

“You mean our cum don’t you?”

I could hear the smile in her voice, “Yea, I guess I do. I’m going to have to put on regular underwear and a pad so I can sit down.” Still talking quietly.

“Mmmmm but that does bring an interesting picture to mind, thinking about it dribbling down to your stocking tops. That reminds me, I never did ask you if that’s what you usually wear, or if it was something special?”

“That’s a conversation for a time when we can talk.”

“And when might that be?”

“I don’t have class Friday.”

“Stay the weekend.”

“My place, my weight set is here.”

“With traffic I probably won’t make it down until six thirty or seven.”

“See you then, gotta go, bye.”

This could be an interesting weekend. I cleaned the van out after work, and packed a bag for the weekend. Some casual and one nice set just in case. On a whim I had another key made for the apartment, also just in case. Friday couldn’t go by fast enough, and even with a problem machine about the time I was handing things over to the second shift tech, I still got out at a pretty good time, going through downtown after the Friday rush. The image of her working with our cum running down her thighs into her stocking tops at work kept popping into my head making me grin like a kid at Christmas.

The real surprise was when I got to her place. There was a note on the door for me to come in quietly and get my instructions off the kitchen counter. Hmmm she definitely had something in mind. I heard muffled noises from her bedroom when I opened the door. I set my bag down and read the note on the counter. ‘Strip down and bring this with you to the bedroom’, there was a rubber packet next to the note. Now there was some VERY interesting noises coming from the bedroom, and a distinct aroma of pussy, so this could be interesting.

I stripped down and followed the instructions, but what I found stopped me dead in my tracks. There was a big chested black woman on the weight bench with her ankles tied back and wide to the ends of the bar bells. I think it was our black girl from the competition day, but since she was sitting on her face, one hand on a tit and the other driving a large dildo in and out of a spread pussy I couldn’t quite be sire.

She looked down at my cock coming up HARD and grinned, then winked at me. “So you need to cum do you?” there was some mumbling from under her pussy. “Next thing you know you’ll want your ass fucked too!” two black hands came up around her thighs and pulled her down for what sounded like a good tongue lashing. The hand came up off the tit, pointed to the rubber, then my cock. Then it went down to tickle the black girls ass, “You reeeeeeally want something stiffed in here do you?”

I was getting the picture as she slid just the tip of her finger in and out of that chocolate rosebud, making the black girls legs quiver. I had the rubber out of the package and on my cock in a flash, stepping right up to her.

She put her hand around my neck to bring me in for a hard kiss, then whispered in my ear, “Fuck her ass like you did my pussy the first night.” I looked back at her with wide eyes. She just smiled, “You ready to get that ass pounded into next week?” there was some loud noises from under her, and she reached down and wrapped her hand around my cock to pull me up to the black girls ass. Between the dripping pussy and some lube on the rubber this was going to be good.

“Here it comes!” she grabbed my hips and pulled me into the black girls ass, it was tight, but she had definitely done this before. But a good tight ass is still wonderful. Instincts took over and I grabbed the black girls hips and started pounding her ass as she leaned over for some serious lips lock. Her hand on my neck holding us together while I pounded me some black ass and she got her pussy eaten by a screaming woman. Evidentially she had been trying to hold off, because pretty shortly she was cumming and screaming in my mouth, sending me over the edge and unloading in the black girls ass, well into the rubber at least.

We kept going until she collapsed on the black girl. I slid out of the black girls ass and down to the floor as she did, the rubber trying to come off my softening cock. I didn’t soften too much, because as soon as I was clear she pulled the big dildo out of the black girls pussy and began eating her out in front of my face. The black girl started quivering again, and I moved closer to watch her eating another woman. Her pink tongue sliding between those black pussy lips and into the pink valley below was enchanting.

She looked at me, then brought her head up and pulled me in for a nice kiss above a gaping pussy, her lips and tongue still coated with another woman’s juices. I could almost have cum again when she spread that chocolate pussy and nudged my head down to it. I didn’t have to be asked twice, I dived in to that dribbling pussy, getting her another muffled screech in hers. I lapped a bit until she nudged me back and pointed to the ropes trying her ankles.

I stepped around the end of the weight bench, seeing a black forehead sticking out from under her ass. When I released her ankles from the ropes my bodybuilder let her legs down and then slid forward and rolled over down to the floor herself.

Just in front of my now hard cock was our black girl from the competition, her body with a sweaty sheen, her face coated in pussy juice all the way down to her neck and a dreamy look on her face. When she did open her eyes she looked up at my cock bobbing in front of her. She tiled her head back a bit and pulled me to her lips as far as the weight bench would allow. She only took a little more than the head of my cock in her mouth, but she was relishing the moment, so was I!

She managed to straddle the black girl, taking one of my hands and putting it on the huge black tit, and the other on her own, then putting hers behind my neck to draw me in. “Now that’s how to start a weekend!” she said before pulling me in for a nice slow sensual kiss.

I couldn’t argue. Fucking the black girls ass and then sharing her dripping pussy, now getting a nice kiss while a have one of each tit in hand and my cock being leisurely sucked on by that same black woman. And I had only been there less than an hour. We stayed like that for just a bit, when the black girl let loose of my cock, “I gotta peeeeee.” That got both of them giggling, and she stepped off to one side letting the black girl get up and scurry off to the bathroom. That she didn’t close the bathroom door I took as a good sign.

She snuggled back up against me, trapping my hard cock between her thighs. “Are you mad?”

“At what?” she nodded toward the bathroom, and I just shrugged my shoulders. “I hadn’t planned it, but she stopped by after you called to let me know you were on your way. She was all cuddly and horny, so I thought I’d get you some ass to fuck.”

I smiled back at her, “And you some pussy to eat?” she grinned and bit her lip, “and you did share that pussy with me.”

That got a quick nod and a kiss, “She likes to have two dildos in her at the same time, I thought I’d give her a surprise too!”

I felt another warm body with some huge tits come up against my back, “And that you did missy!” the black girl turned my head enough to give me a quick peck and a look. I looked back at her, and got a slight nod, so I turned back and got a more serious kiss from the black girl while I was being squeezed from both sides. Being the man in a woman sandwich is nice, but when it’s a woman bodybuilder sandwich it amazing. I couldn’t have gotten out from between them if I wanted to… not that I really did.

They did release me enough I could pull the black girl around to make it a three way hug and kiss. A hard tit in each side and a firm cheek in each hand, “So what are we doing for supper now that we’ve had desert?”

That got me chuckles, “I have steak and potato for you, and I’ve got some other stuff for us.”

“I hope not that bottle of what ever, you two need real food every once in a while.”

The black girl reached down to stroke my cock, “True, but a girl had to get her protein shake every once in a while doesn’t she?”

“Oh girl, you are just a cock whore. Keep him entertained while I start dinner.” She gave us both a quick kiss and headed for the kitchen.

I turned her and cupped her ass, dipping a finger toward her rosebud, making her jump a bit, her hand never leaving my firm cock. We made our way to the living room groping each other and grinning. She was in the kitchen, still naked when the black girl sat me back on the couch, spread her pussy, and sank down on me with eyes closed and blissful smile. “I’ve been thinking about that since the day you gave me my massage….” I reached up to grope and squeeze her tits. Now don’t take this wrong, but there is something so erotic about white on black. Her delicious nipples standing out between my white fingers, or my cock going into her chocolate pussy or ass. I could feel her pussy clenching some around my cock, but not nearly as strong and my girl….. hmmmmm, ‘my girl!’

She began rocking back and forth on my cock, “No boyfriend?”

She piped up from the kitchen, “She says guys make too much of a mess.”

I reached down to heft one tit and took a quick nip of her nipple, making her stop and clamp on my cock. “But every once in a while we’re OK?”

She grinned back at me, then looked over her shoulder at her in the kitchen. “Especially when I have someone to clean up the mess you’re going to make!” She stuck her tongue out at us, then made a licking motion before turning back to her cooking.

“Are you going to make a mess in my pussy?” she squeezed her tits up between her forearms and clamped down on my cock as best she could. “Is that big white cock going to unload on my chocolate pussy like it did in my ass?” she was rocking back and forth grinding her clit against my cock and working me pretty good. “Are you going to fill me thinking about her coming over her afterwards and eating your cum out of my…dripping…chocolate…pussyyyyyyyy!” she started cumming on me, and I followed right after. What she lacked in intended grip, she more than made up for in orgasm grip!

She was quivering and spasming and making little jumps as she came around my cock while I was doing my best to shoot her to the moon. I did manage to roll her to one side and lay on her catching my breath while she laid there with a smile. I felt a hand on my shoulder, and saw her standing beside us with a dripping pussy. I managed to sit up, expecting her to dive into the black girls pussy, but she took the black girls hand and put it over her own pussy, then turned to me. “You’re first.”

She kneeled down beside the couch and took me all the way in, not a problem in my shrunken state, but she licked and sucked and nibbled until she was sure I was thoroughly clean. She leaned up to me, then whispered, “Did you enjoy watching me eat her pussy?” in spite of the last hour, I was actually starting to firm up a little. I nodded and she grinned, “Want to watch again?” I just smiled.

She pushed me down towards the floor and scooted down between the black girls legs, spreading them WIDE. I kneeled down beside the black girl, my head on her stomach while I watched my girl clean that chocolate pussy. She did so VERY thoroughly. Nice long slow licks, around and around that spread pussy. Holding her wide and dipping in for a load of out combined juices, keeping them in the tip of her tongue to face me and look at me before swallowing them. She made a few more lewd licks up and around her clit before turning to me.

“Do me while you watch me do her.” OK, now I wasn’t rock hard hearing that, but plenty firm enough to slide into her willing pussy. I got up behind her while she was still licking, and spread her, getting a bit of her juices on my thumb. I seem to remember the black girl wasn’t the only one that liked her ass played with.

I slid easily into her pussy, and when I was about half way in I slid my thumb in her ass. She gasped and moaned into that chocolate pussy, then began eating like a mad woman. I started giving her pussy a good fucking, matching my thumb in her ass to the strokes in her pussy. Now it was her turn to have her moans muffled by a pussy in her face, but when I reached forward to pinch a nipple she began spasming around my cock and trying to pull it off with her pussy muscles.

I had to hold still in her pussy for fear of breaking something, but I kept going with my thumb in her ass giving her a nice orgasm. I got a thumbs up from the black girl while she held my girls head to her pussy and squeezed her own nipple.

When I pulled my thumb out of her ass it was like a rag doll collapsing. Her pussy let loose of my cock and she dropped between the black girls thighs panting. I had my second wind after being drained earlier, so I got up and washed my hands and got damp towels for the girls. I handed the black girl one and began wiping down my girl with the other. Of course since I was there I made a few passes at that chocolate pussy!

The black girl grinned as she watched me wiping and touching my girl. I gave her a quick kiss as she came around. She gave me a kiss back and stumbled back to the kitchen. My steak and potato were just about finished. She popped her and the black girls’ fish on, and then we sat down to wolf it down. I had to grin at the two of them eating like starving women while I enjoyed my decadent steak and potato. Of course bits and pieces of my dinner were snatched by each of them!

We were all grinning back and forth as we ate, but me and her most of all.

“So what are your plans this weekend?” the black girl asked.

“We’re having a pre-celebration weekend.” my girl responded.

“For what?”

She looked over at me quick, then back to the black girl. “His divorce is final Thursday.”

“So that makes Reno the BIG celebration then!” the black girl was grinning, but she was looking back and forth between me and the black girl.


I looked at the two of them, “What’s Reno?”

“The regional competition, going to be about three hundred women there, you’re going to LOVE it!” The black girl was still grinning, but she wasn’t.

She was looking at me, but talking to the black girl. “I haven’t registered yet.” She said quietly.

“Girl you been working for this all year, you better get registered or there won’t be any spots left open.” Her head came up and began looking back and forth between us looking at each other. “Oh hell, look at the time. I have to make a stop at the store before I go home.” She wiggled into her tight jeans, making those huge chocolate tits bounce while she did, then slipped her tank top on and headed out the door, bra and jacket in hand.

She was looking down at her plate playing with the last little bit of food. I leaned over and lifted her chin to look at me, then gave her a quick kiss. I took the fork out of her hand and led her to the couch, sitting back on the end with my legs spread and patted the cushion for her to sit between my legs. I wrapped my arms around her, one around her belly and the other around her shoulders. “So how come you haven’t registered yet?”

“I was thinking we’d have a celebration weekend to our selves….” She said kind of quietly.

“But a little birdie just said you’ve been working toward this all year. That makes it kind of important.”

She pulled my arm around her shoulders down across her tits and hugged herself with my arm. “But not the most important.”

I kissed her neck and then her shoulder, “But something important enough to work all year for it.” She leaned her head over to rub against mine. “I wouldn’t want you to regret not doing it because of me.”

She looked back over her shoulder. “You sure?” I gave her a peck on the nose, “Well I did already put in for the time off.” She smiled.

“Time off?”

“It’s a Saturday Sunday event. We usually drive down Friday and back on Monday.”

“WHOA!” I was smiling at that.

“Yea, it’s about three times the size of what you experienced her downtown.”

“Damn….” I was thinking about all the naked women, TIMES THREE! “That’s a hell of a competition.” We sat there cuddling for a while. “You should do it.”

She turned sideways between my legs, “Really?”

“Really. If my last ten years taught me anything it was a ton of ‘what ifs’. What if I had done this instead of that? What if I had said this instead of that?”

She put and arm around be hind me and pulled me in for a nice gentle kiss. “OK…..” she bit her lip with a smile, “You could always come with us…” as she pulled my hand down to cup her tit and give it a squeeze.

I kicked my head back laughing, “Trying to coerce me with a hall full of naked women are you?”

She slid down my chest, “Mmmmm Hmmmm,” as she took my hardening cock in her mouth, slowly licking and caressing me like an all day sucker. After shooting off several times already I was in no danger of popping off right away, and she seemed in no hurry to make me. I reached for the phone on the end table, she made sure to keep me between her lips while I twisted and moved, then settled in while I was on the phone, enjoying trying to distract me.


“Hey boss, got a question for you.”

“What’s up?”

“I’ve got a bit of a situation.”

“Noting serious I hope?”

“No, more of a short notice kind of thing. Some friends of mine are headed out to Reno next weekend, and have invited me along to celebrate my divorce being final.”

He laughed, “That sounds like the place to do it, what’s the problem?”

“They are headed out for a weekend event and are leaving Friday and coming back Monday.”

He was laughing, and I cold swear I could hear him shaking his head. “I was going to be flying out that Tuesday to meet with a manufacturer’s rep on being a beta site. If you can get someone to cover your shift and meet with him that Monday I’ll pick up the gas for the trip.”

I had to stop for a second as she pushed down to jam me against the back of her mouth. “I’ll check with the other techs and let you know.” I managed to hand up the phone without dropping it. “Damn you make it difficult to talk on the phone…”

She came up off my cock, then licked from balls to tip. “Complaining?” she said smiling behind my hard cock.


“So what did he say?” as she took the head back in her mouth to run her tongue around the head.

“Ahhhhhhhh….he said…..he said if I could get someone to cover my shift it would be OK.” She came up off my cock with a big smile, “And….”

“And?” she asked still stroking me.

“And if I meet with a rep out there Monday he’ll pick up the gas.”

She hopped up and trapped my cock between us between her wet lips. She started sliding her lips up and down round my cock, “Can we take the van?”

I pulled her to me feeling her nipples in my chest, “Well he knows that’s what I drive so I don’t see why not.”

She gave me a nice tongue kiss, “I might even have to get a new dress.”

“I thought you were allergic to them?” I said with a big smile,

She gave me a nice kiss. “I like the way you look at me in them.”

I reached up and cupped her tits and ran my thumbs over her nipples, getting a slight hiss from her. “I like the way you look in them…..and out of them.” I took a nipple in my lips, and gave the tip a little nip with my teeth. She groaned and lifted enough to slide my cock back enough to settle down with me buried in her. She rocked back and forth on me a bit while we enjoyed holding each other close. I was playing with her ass and feeling her pussy flow over me wetting my balls. I rand my hands down her thighs, feeling the muscles ripple under my hands. I pulled back and looked at her, “That reminds me…”

“Reminds you of what?”

“Stockings….” She looked at me a second, then realized what I was talking about, blushed, and hugged my neck with her head beside mine so I couldn’t see the blush. “You said that was a conversation for a time when we could talk….”

She pulled her head back to look at me, her face still red. “What about them…”

“How often do you wear them?”

“Before the other day?” I nodded for her to continue, “Only once at a wedding, I was a bridesmaid.”

“So why the other day?”

“I was feeling a bit naughty.”

“Did you like wearing them?”

“At first no, they were different, and I kept trying to smooth them through my skirt, but I was getting several looks at the office, the guys seemed to know they were stockings.”

I had to chuckle, “Babe, you bend over with garter straps on and every guy will know you have stockings on. It’s in our DNA to look at a woman bent over in a skirt just like it’s in a woman’s to know how to shake your shoulders and tits when we are looking at you.” She leaned back, clamped her pussy down firm and did just that, making me chuckle again while I watched them jiggle. “You said at first…”

She grinned biting her lip, “Yea, the more I thought abut the guys looking at me knowing I was wearing them made me feel sexy…. And a bit slutty.”

“Is that a good thing?”

“Mmmmmm Hmmmmm.” She leaned forward for a nice kiss, rocking back and forth on my cock some more, I could feel her grinding her clit against me.

“Does that mean you’re going to wear them again some time?”

“Do you mind?”

“Hmmmm, let me see. I can see you in a short dress, knowing you have stockings on underneath. Wondering how far they come up. Do they just come up to mid thigh?” I put my hands mid thigh. “Do the come way up your thighs.” I moved my hands up to a few inches shy of her pussy, I could feel it fluttering around my cock. “Or do they come all the way up, framing that delicious dripping pussy. Catching your juices in the lace tops while it caresses your lips with every step.” I ran my finger up and under, teasing the stubble on her pussy with the tips of my fingers. “Thinking about coming around my hard cock buried in your pussy.”

I pulled my wet finger tips back to her rosebud and slid a finger in her ass while I nipped at her neck. She collapsed against me cumming as I kept finger fucking her ass. I could feel her orgasm around my cock as she groaned in my shoulder. I couldn’t ask for more, a woman enjoying my touch enough to cum around me and collapse against me.

She relaxed and melted to me when I removed my finger, her breathing coming back to normal against my neck. I held her there, and I think she fell asleep for a bit, before waking and kissing my neck. I grabbed a now cool damp towel from the nightstand and wiped her forehead. She took the towel from me and put it between her legs as she rolled back on the couch.

I sat there a bit looking at her with her arm over her eyes, her tits rising and falling with each breath, the towel between her legs, but revealing a bit of pussy lip and some RED stubble. I’m going to have to take a MUCH closer inspection of that! She turned on her side, her tits and nipples barely moving when she did and her pussy peaking out from between her slick thighs. I got up and cleared the dishes, putting things away as best I could, wiping the counter down. She came up behind me wrapping her arms around my stomach. “Hey there mister.”

I turned around in her arms and put my hands on her ass before giving her a nice kiss. “Hey there gorgeous.”

“Shower time…” she took my hand and led me to the shower. I was surprised to see a bottle of my shampoo and a bar of soap in there already. We took our time in there, doing ourselves and each other as necessary. Seems I was taking too much time running my hands over her ass because she clenched her cheeks around my fingers when I made a move toward her rosebud. “Later…..”

The only contention was when she got her razor out to shave her pussy. I took it from her hand. “Leave it.” I kneeled down and ran my tongue up through her damp lips.

She looked back down between her legs, “But….”

I grabbed her ass and pulled her to my tongue, running it around her clit, then running it up and down across the stubble. There was a bit of a tremble in her thighs, “OK.” We got out and dried each other off. I was taking my time with her, I thoroughly enjoyed running my towel all over her, feeling her body under my hands.

After a bit of snuggling and hugging we made it back out to the living room and assumed our usual positions. Me in the corner with her snuggled in between my legs and with my arms wrapped around her. “So about this dress…”

She kept looking at the TV, not turning her head. “Hmmmm?”

“You said you might have to get a new dress.”

She looked at me with a sly grin, “I did say that, didn’t I?”

“Did you have anything in mind?”

“What do you think?”

“Hey, I’m a guy, so my first response is going to be super sexy bordering on slutty. But we are going to have a business meting Monday, so that tempers things a bit.”

She shook her head laughing, “Yea, that would be a guy’s response, and even a few women I know.” She looked at me a second, then burst out laughing, making me laugh right along with her. We snuggled back in for a while watching TV, but I was having too much fun playing with her tits and nipples and we had to go to bed early.

I held her against me, standing there with my hard cock trapped between her thighs, her wet pussy sliding back and forth along the top. I could feel her heart beating against my chest through her muscles. We kissed and touched lightly, before I nudged her toward the bed. I was going to lay beside her and play with her body a bit, but she had other ideas, holding her legs open and guiding me between them.

I kissed her as I slid into her, feeling her tongue dancing with mine as her velvet vise surrounded my throbbing cock. I had to hold still as I sank deep into her, not wanting the feeling to ever end, the rippling and clamping and pulling of her pussy on my cock. But I was not here to just enjoy her. I slowly began to slide in and out of her. Coming out until the head of my cock was just barely touching her lips, then sinking deep until I couldn’t get any more of me into her. Rocking back and forth on her magnificent tits while I did.

I got up on my knees and elbows while sliding in and out of her, letting me nibble on her neck and shoulders, feeling the smooth silky softness of her skin beneath me. The tender vise of her pussy was starting to get to me, and when she pulled her knees up to let me get deeper into her I had to sit up on my knees and drive into her harder and deeper, trying to make her tits bounce a little. They did, but not much.

I was looking at the beauty laid out before me, her breathing beginning to quicken, her pussy clamping down more and more on me, but when she started cumming and wrapped her ankles behind me pulling me deep into her pussy and clamping down on my cock I lost it. I fell forward getting a hard nipple in each palm, gripping them pretty good while I drove load after load into her hungry pussy while she convulsed under me. I collapsed on her as her pussy milked me dry. She reached over to shut the light off as I slid out of her, cuddling up behind her, a firm tit in my hand before nodding off.

I woke to an unusual sound, I couldn’t quite place it, but when I looked over it all made sense. She was on the weight bench pulling down on the bar. Unlike the other day, she did quite a few sets before switching to the sit ups, god it was just terrible to have to lay there and watch this gorgeous woman working out, seeing her muscles and tits move and flex. Watching her six pack literally pop out when she did her sit ups, her ass clench and rise when she did her leg curls. But the grin on her face when she flipped over to the bench press made my already hard cock ooze.

She slid up quick to suck the tip before sliding back down, making my knees weak for a second and her grin. I spotted her, but probably not all that well since I was watching her chest flex under her tits, seeing them lift and stand out with every lift. I knew she was going to slide up when she was finished, so I was kind of prepared for it, but the little sneak slid her finger in her wet pussy, then in my ass against my prostrate. If I hadn’t been leaning over the bar I would have collapsed on the floor. She was working my prostrate while sucking me down and fingering her own pussy.

Me? I was hanging on to consciousness watching her fingers in her pussy while blasting in her mouth! She finally pulled her finger out of my ass, then pulled my softening cock into her. I looked down to see her throat expand a bit as she pulled me in as deep as she could. I just groaned and fell back to the bed when she released me.

I laid there eyes closed trying to catch my breath when I felt movement on the bed, but instead of feeling her beside me, I felt nipples in my tummy about the time I felt her fingers on my cock lifting it to her lips. My eyes came open about the time I tried to lift my head, but that only succeeded to plant my lips in a very wet pussy. Even half out of it, I did what any man would. I stuck my tongue out and lapped at a delicious pussy!

I didn’t last long, and she flopped beside me, leaning on her elbow. “Now that’s what I call a morning work out!” she said as she traced a finger along my soft cock. I just groaned and put my arm over my eyes. “What, you don’t want to see me strip down in the dress shop and try on a few?” I took my arm off of my eyes, “I thought you’d like that idea.”

She coaxed me out of bed with the thought of breakfast, even though it was a drive through. But her in her new red dress with stockings didn’t hurt either! The sales girl was pleased to see us again. “So what are you looking for this time?” the sales girl asked as she lifted her red halter dress off, standing there in just her low heals and stockings. The sales girl seemed to appreciate the look.

She turned to face the sales girl, her stubbled pussy on eye level with the sales girl. “Well I have to make a trip next weekend. Originally I needed a, how did you put it? Oh yea, super sexy bordering on slutty. But now I also have a business meeting to attend as well.”

The sales girl looked down at her stockings stopping a little above mid thigh, “With or without stockings?”, then looked up her body, making little stops along the way.

She looked down at her stockings, spreading her legs slightly. “With, but I need some a little longer.”

The sales girl had no problem looking down at her thighs and almost bare pussy. “How much longer?”

They both looked over at me, then she responded, “Long enough to tickle…” she blushed a bit at actually saying it and the sales girls eyes went wide for a second. The sales girl got out her tape measure, and measured up her thighs, letting fingers drag along her lips, then around her thighs again, but with hands inside instead of outside. I could have sworn I saw her lick her lips as she went out to get what she was looking for.

She came over to me, stopping right in front of me, now her pussy was at my eye level. I reached out to lightly stroke the soft stubble on her mound, the bright lights really showing the red. “You weren’t kidding when you said red.” I said softly.

She looked down, “WHAT!” she started to put her hand down to cover.

I caught her hand, then lightly kissed her mound before running my tongue between her moist lips. “It’s beautiful, we can shave it before the competition if you need to, but I’d appreciate you leaving it until then.” I gave it another lick as the sales girl came back in.

She saw her standing in front of me, “I think these may suit your needs.” She brought them over to her.

I could see a bit of nipple standing out as she handed the stockings to my girl, who promptly put her leg up beside me, opening her thighs a bit as she did. “Would you give me a hand dear?”

I could smell the distinctive aroma of her as I took her shoe off, then rolled her stocking down, taking my time and enjoying the feel of her skin as I rolled it down. She put the other leg up as soon as I finished the first. The sales girl was definitely licking her lips. She made and equal production of putting the stocking on like she had been doing it all her life. She pulled them up high, the lace just at the edge of her lips. “Mmmmmm,” as she walked back to the platform, “That is lovely, I’m glad you suggested them dear.” She reached down to tug them back up a little. “But I may have to see about a garter belt of some sort to keep them up where they can….stimulate….properly.”

The sales girls nipples were definitely standing out, “I see what you mean, I will be right back with some possible dresses.”

She came back down to me as the sales girl stepped out. “You know if you’re not careful that girl is going to dive into your pussy.” I told her after the door closed.

“I caught myself twice reaching out for those nipples!” she leaned forward for a kiss while I cupped and squeezed a firm tit. She didn’t break the kiss when the sales girl came back in, so I kept massaging her nipple until she broke the kiss. She went back to the platform, and went through several dresses and top / skirt combinations. She was enjoying teasing the sales girl by having her help with getting the dresses on and off.

Eventually she settled on one of the first dresses she tried on, looking back at me for approval. “I picked the last two, this one is your choice.” She smiled and slipped it back on, a black semi sheer dress that barely came down past her stocking tops, the outline of her nipples were visible if you looked, but the lump of nipple was not hidden in any way. Although by adding a skirt and jacket it became a sexy business outfit. “But what about the garter?”

The girls looked at me, then she peeled the dress off just as the sales girl darted out. I looked at her pussy about ready to drip, “Enjoying yourself?”

She smiled biting her lip, “Just a little….”

“Still thinking about the sales girl?” she was still biting her lip, but nodded slowly. “I’ll try something, so play along.” That got me a big grin, but dropped back to a serious smile as the sales girl came back in.

She brought several types, a few thin ones, a couple that sat up on her hips more with about a three inch band, and a couple that were more like short cinchers, about eight or ten inches wide. One of them was almost the same color as her tan and would probably disappear when she put the dress on!

She held a thin one up against her, “What do you think dear?”

I looked at it shaking my head. “More functional than sexy, and they would stand out badly through the material. Plus it looks TERRIBLE against your pussy hair.”

I saw the sales girl gulp and she smiled, sliding the band down to just above her stubble. “Yea you’re right, it does contrast.” She held the garter out to the sales girl, but it took her a second to look away from her glistening pussy and reach out for the thin garter.

I pointed to the middle one about three inches wide. “You know that green one would contrast lovely with your red hair.” The sales girl was getting it with her back to me, so I motioned to her to spread her legs a bit and hold the garter down low in front of her pussy. Her eyes popped open, and she was barely containing a smile.

When the sales girl turned back to her to hand her the garter, she held it more across her thighs below her pussy, then turned to me, but not completely away from the sales girl and kicked her knee out spreading her lips slightly. “What do you think dear?”

“I think it looks lovely, and I also think you are enjoying teasing this poor sales girl. Not every woman is as enlightened as you are about the delicious taste of another woman’s’ nectar.” The sales girl was looking between me and her slightly spread pussy, “In fact I would say that if you were to spread your legs further and put your hand on her head she would more likely run from the room as lick you clean.”

She took my direction and did just that. The sales girl was staring at her spread pussy when she did, but she had barely put her hand on her head when the sales girl leaned forward and gently licked her damp lips. She hissed and closed her eyes as the sales girl took a few more licks, then grabbed her ass to hold her for some deep licks. I let her enjoy herself a bit, “Looks like I was wrong about her.” The sales girl remembered there was someone else in the room, and looked back at me a bit embarrassed, her lips and chin wet with my girls juices . I just smiled at her, “She tasted pretty good to me too.”

She just licked her lips and smiled, then held up the other garter / cinchers for me to look at. My girl was enjoying the attention, and kept her legs spread as much as she could get away with without literally spreading them! We picked out the shorter green one, as well as a black, white, and the skin tone long ones, which she put on before sliding her new dress on. I was right, it disappeared beneath the dress.

I knew she was really enjoying it, when she turned around and bent over at the waist. The bottom of her ass cheeks and her pussy visible between the stocking tops and the bottom of her dress. She looked over her shoulder, “Will this do?”

I smiled and shook my head, “Absolutely delicious! Too bad Dee Dee isn’t here, she could get a beige one and you two would be quite the pair.”

There was a twinkle in her eye, “That we would…”

She wore the dress out, and I felt like a bum beside her she looked so beautiful! Might have to check into a nice jacket to take along for the trip…. We stopped at a nice restaurant for a late lunch / early supper. But this time I did sit across from her. The dress was snug enough I wasn’t going to look down it, and in the right light I could make out the darker circle surrounding the nice lump of hard nipple standing out. She saw me watching and smiled when I did.

“To bad you have class Thursday evening, we could take off after work Thursday and make it a more leisurely trip.”

“I can check with the professor and see about the possibility. At least the return trip won’t be quite so bad.”

“Depends on the meeting, I still have to call the guy Monday to make sure he can switch it up to that Monday morning with me instead of Tuesday mid day with the boss.” She wasn’t quite as happy with that, but still in a good mood. We spent the afternoon wandering around the mall just widow shopping and enjoying being with each other. Every man over the age of twelve looked at her, some women too. Most of them scowled at her, but an older couple gave her a thumbs up. Of course the lady was in a plain white top and short skirt, her white lace bullet bra and hard nipples standing out putting her DDD’s with huge dark nipples on a nice display. The skirt tight enough to let the lines of her garter straps show.

This is part 2 in my story titled Heather’s dark adventure. Please read part 1 to see how the story of a US Olympian’s secret life as a Vegas escort inspired me to head down this path.


I woke up late Saturday morning and laid in bed a few moments wondering if everything that was now coming back to me actually happened or was just a wild crazy dream brought on by being in Las Vegas and my recent obsession with the Suzy Favor Hamilton story. My boyfriend was already out the door to the golf course so I went to my phone to check my email. I scrolled through and my heart jumped a bit when I saw an email from Terrence, who interviewed me the day before.


Confirming your appointment for 5:30 today. You’ll be meeting with James. A brief description of the client and location will be sent after you confirm. Please see Tanya downstairs in the hotel’s boutique for appropriate attire, you’ll have a credit line through the agency.


I sent off a quick reply confirming my acceptance, ordered some room service, then made a quick appointment at the hotel’s spa for later that morning. Hoping that would prepare my body and give me time to get my head together.

The time at the spa was wonderful. I had everything “buffed & polished”, got a manicure & pedicure and had lots of time to think. As I sat in the steam room, images of yesterday kept running through my head. I couldn’t believe I ended up naked on a bed and masturbating as a tall black man sat quietly and watched. I kept wondering what Terrence was thinking while he watched. I blushed as I thought about how wild I got, grabbing a big black dildo and bringing myself to a squealing orgasm while my new employer sat just a few feet away taking it all in. And what was going to happen today? I was really following through on my fantasy, becoming a Vegas escort while my boyfriend was distracted in the Sin City. Biggest of all, I was likely going to be having sex with a black man, the fantasy which I had been obsessed with for too long.

I left the spa feeling refreshed and ready for whatever lay ahead and headed to the upscale boutique store in the hotel. I entered the store and asked for Tanya. A few moments later a very tall striking blonde came out from the back. She appeared to be in her 40′s and was wearing a form fitting black dress.

“You are Heather?” she smiled. “Come in the back with me, I have a private area with a selection for the girls Terrence sends”.

We entered a room with a small platform in front of 3 mirrors. Tanya asked me to undress and step up on the platform while she slid a rack with a number of skimpy, flashy cocktail dresses. I was a bit intimidated by being nearly naked on display in front of Tanya as she held up several dresses then had me try on a few.

“Terrence asked me to check if you had chosen a name yet?” Tanya said.

“A name?” a bit confused.

“Yes dear, you’ll need a name of course, give me a moment and I’ll see what I can think of.”

I realized I needed a different name to use when I was “working”. I think Terrence probably mentioned this after our interview but I didn’t remember much of what we discussed after the “performance” part of my interview.

This went on for 30 to 45 minutes. Trying on different shimmering, tiny dresses, none that Tanya seemed satisfied with. Finally, as I pulled on a silver glittery dress that I thought I kind of liked. It plunged down the front nearly to my belly, showing an ample but tasteful amount of my 34c breasts. The hemline was just a few inches below my ass, but that seemed pretty common among the dresses I was trying and the back was pretty much completely open. As I looked at myself in the mirror and started to appreciate how the dress made me look I turned to look at Tanya and saw a big smile on her face for the first time.

“Scarlett.” She said as she turned and pulled out a pair of shoes for me to put on.

“Scarlett?” I asked confused, taking the shoes. About 4 inch heels on a bit of a see through platform with silver straps.

“You are Scarlett dear that is your name.”

Tanya dug through a drawer pulling out some skimpy undergarments. I couldn’t wear a bra with this dress but Tanya said my boobs were young enough to pull it off. She also handed me a tiny white lace thong to complete my outfit. As I wobbled a bit in my new shoes I was amazed looking at myself in the mirror. I realized I looked just like the women I saw on the escort agency websites when I first started researching this idea a few weeks ago. I was Scarlett.

Tanya put the dress in a long black bag and the shoes and lingerie in another and I thanked her as I hurried to meet my boyfriend for lunch. We had a quick lunch scheduled, pretty much to make him feel better for golfing all morning and gambling all afternoon into the late evening. I didn’t have a problem as it gave me an opportunity to pursue my new interest.

My boyfriend saw the bags and joked that he would try and win enough in the casino to pay for everything I’d spend while I was out shopping later that day. I encouraged him to enjoy himself since we were in Vegas but was pre-occupied waiting for the details on my appointment. Finally after about 30 minutes I saw the email from the agency arrive and excused myself to head into the ladies room to read the email. The email was brief; it mentioned that my companion was named James. He was 40 years old and African American. He had a suite on one of the upper floors at one of the hotels just a few blocks down the strip. There would be a limousine waiting to pick me up out front of my hotel at 5:15 to deliver me to my destination. So there it was, my chance to be with a black man was waiting for me just a few hours away.

I went back to the table and my boyfriend was anxious to get to the casino so we kissed good bye and I went back up to our room. There was most of a bottle of champagne on ice from last night so I had a glass then another before getting in to the shower. Getting out of the shower I dried off and had one more glass, careful to not be actually drunk. Terrence mentioned something about alcohol being fine but remembering to be in control of myself and the situation. I put a little curl in my shoulder length red hair and then slipped on my new thong and dress. I put some light makeup on with some red lipstick to match my finger and toe nails and then slipped on my new shoes.

Examining myself in the mirror fully dressed I was again a bit stunned by what I saw. The big heels highlighted every muscle in my legs and stretched my 5 foot 5 height. The silver dress accentuated the best parts of my 115 pounds and the hair and makeup completed the look. I was now dressed for sex.

Finishing my glass of champagne I checked the clock and saw it was time to head down to catch my ride. I had just a slight buzz but it was nothing compared to the excitement that was buzzing inside me. I walked down the hallway to the elevator and took it down to the lobby.

My big “f me” heels clicked on the lobby floor as I walked out of the elevator. I felt the stares and saw heads turn as I crossed the lobby, heading for the doors and out to the street. As soon as I exited the hotel, a black town car pulled up and a tall black man got out, coming around to my side and holding the door open for me. He smiled politely as I slipped into the back of the big sedan. The ride to the client’s hotel was just a few blocks and we arrived quickly.

I walked through the hotel lobby, again catching the stares of various men as they did double and triple takes of me in my dress and rode the elevator up. The client’s suite was near the top of the hotel and as I walked down the hallway to his room I took a deep breath, thinking there was no turning back from this point. Standing outside his door, I knocked and waited a moment until he answered.

“Well hello, I’m James. Please come in.” said the very tall dark black man as he greeted me.

“Hi, I’m Heather, I mean Scarlett, shit” I said cursing myself quietly as I entered his lavish suite.

James showed me inside and offered me a drink which I accepted. I watched James as he made my vodka tonic. As I said he was very tall, at least 6 foot 2. He was powerfully built, like a former athlete, maybe 240 pounds, wearing black dress pants and a white collared shirt.

James was in the middle of the couch and I was in an armchair next to him as we sat and talked for twenty to thirty minutes, having a few drinks. At one point he asked how long I had been in this business and I lied saying that it had been several months, but had just recently started with this agency, thinking that I didn’t want him to know it was my first time. I was surprised that he was so friendly and I was enjoying myself. Eventually he asked if I would like to join him on the couch so I set my drink down, got up and then sat down next to him.

James smiled, wrapping his big powerful arm around my shoulders and stroked my hair a bit. His dark eyes burned into me for a few moments that felt much longer; then he politely asked if he could kiss me. I smiled and said yes as James held the back of my head in his hand and leaned into me. His lips were warm and he softly pressed them against mine as he kissed me, slowly for several minutes. I briefly thought about the line from Pretty Woman and kissing, but realized I didn’t care. My head was spinning and I eventually flicked my tongue out, finding his lips and licking them. His tongue came out and found mine, tentatively at first, then with intensity. We kissed franticly for a few more minutes; the both stopped briefly and gasped for breath. As I tried regaining my composure, James kissed me softly on the lips again, then moved down to my chin, tilted my head back and licked and kissed my neck and finally began licking/kissing his way to the top of my chest.

James leaned back and smiled, saying that he had wanted to see my breasts since I walked in and asked to see them. I smiled, stood slowly and turned my back to him as I started undoing the top of my dress. Taking my time to peer seductively over my shoulder, I saw James had undone his fly and his cock was now sticking up. My jaw dropped and I stared as I realized how big it was. Turning and walking towards James, he let out a low rumble of approval as he saw my bare breasts. I slowly approached him and with my big heels still on knelt down carefully between his legs. James leaned forward and began groping my boobs with his big black hands.

My eyes were transfixed on his huge black cock and as I leaned forward and touched it, I felt it spasm under my fingertips. It was big, very big and at least as big as the dildo I used the day before. It definitely was 9 inches minimum and quite thick. This is what I dreamed about for so long, what I wanted and now it was right before me. I wrapped both of my hands around it and started stroking slowly; I was amazed at how big it looked in my tiny white fingers. I felt it stiffen and pulse, my mouth was watering and I leaned forward, preparing to taste it.

Just before I could, James sat forward and wrapped both of my tits around his cock. Pushing the sides together, he started tit-fucking me, his dark black cock moving like a piston between my pale white tits. I got hot just staring down and watching it. It felt like I had a hard black steel rod between my breasts. My mouth was still watering and I was licking my lips watching. I looked back up at James and he smiled.

“You wanna suck it don’t ya?” James said.

“Yes please!” I whimpered softly.

James sat back and helped me slip his pants and boxers down his legs. I grasped his shaft and leaned close, snaking my tongue out, swabbing it all over his big black head. Getting it nice and wet, I then worked my tongue all over his long thick shaft, looking up at James’ face as I did so. After a few minutes, James’ hand went to my shoulder, then to the back of my head. I opened wide and took the head of his cock between my lips. Again I worked my tongue like a madwoman all over his cockhead. James responded in pleasure with a deep low groan. The sounds and smells were overwhelming and I responded by attacking his cock with my mouth. My lips stretching wide, taking his cock as deep as I possibly could. Feeling his head touch the back of my throat. I bobbed my head quickly up and down, sucking him wildly, breathing hard through my nose with a mouthful of cock. James replied with low grunts on every stroke. I don’t think I’d ever sucked this long before without a guy cuming, when James reached down and slipped my mouth off his cock.

“That’s enough baby girl, we have a lot of fun to still have tonight”

I gasped for breath, then gazed over to the big windows over the bedroom and noticed that the sun was now down and the Vegas lights were shining bright. James was undoing his shirt and I stood and helped him undo the last few buttons. Then I tugged down my dress and stepped out of my thong, keeping my slut heels on as I stood between James’ spread legs. He beckoned me towards him so I climbed up on his lap, holding my breath as I expected him to impale me with his cock, but he lifted me up a bit higher and sat me in his lap, his cock resting between my ass cheeks and touching the small of my back as we kissed again, intensely.

James’ big black hands were on my back and gripping my ass and occasionally he’d raise me up to suck on one of my nipples, causing me to groan. My pussy was absolutely drenched and needing to be fucked. Finally, James put his mouth to my ear while rubbing his cock between my ass cheeks.

“MMM ya ready for it girl? Ya ready to be fucked now aren’t you.”

“Ooooahhh. Oh Yes, Oh God Yessss. Pleassssse!” I pleaded.

James slipped both hands under my ass cheeks and lifted me up. I slipped a foot on either side of his hips, still in full slut mode with my heels on, and felt the huge head of James’ cock press into my pussy. He dropped me down quickly an inch or two and I gasped, My eyes opening wide from his thickness. He then worked himself into me slowly, an inch or so at a time. Giving me more and more with each thrust. His hands under my ass, controlling how deep he fucked me. My hands were on his big thick shoulders and I felt sparks shooting through my body as James fucked me long and slow keeping me from exploding. Suddenly, after a few quick hard strokes that nearly drove me over the edge, he stopped, holding himself deep inside me and began whispering.

“MMM you love it baby don’t ya. Tell me you love it.”

“OH God yes yes Fuck Yes!” I cried out.

“MMM you love my black dick! You never had black dick did ya girl?” James asked.

“Uh Uh I Uh uh” I stammered, unable to answer.

“TELL ME girl! Tell me, you never had black dick before?” James exclaimed, pumping again deeper.

“Uh NO NO NO NEVERRR, Uhh its SO GOODDDDD” I screamed.

I couldn’t help myself, I couldn’t lie with his black cock inside me. It was almost like a magic trick. James responded with a growl and start pumping faster, moving me up and down quickly on his shaft.

“You ever worked before girl? I’m your first aren’t I? Answer me Heather!” James said louder, his cock deep inside me.

“No, Oh yes you are. Oh Shit I’m cummmming!” I cried out as James pumped me relentlessly, my pussy quivering and cuming all over his cock.

James fucked me through my orgasm, then lifted me up and placed me down flat on my back lying across the couch, one foot up on the back of the couch and the other falling to the floor. I prepared for another fucking, but he slipped down between my lips, leaning forward with his face.

“Let’s slip these off so no one gets hurt.” Said James as he undid the straps on my shoes and pulled them off me feet.

“I’m gonna taste this pussy and get you ready for a proper fucking.”

I closed my eyes and laid back as James pressed my legs wide and stared eating me. His tongue was big and warm as I felt it press softly on my clit and work deeply into my pussy. James again took his time, using his mouth, tongue and fingers and brought me to another orgasm as I laid back and cried out softly in ecstasy. James licked me right through my orgasm and nearly brought me to another when he stopped and grabbed my hips, dragging me towards him as he knelt at the edge of the couch, my ass hanging off the edge. He grabbed my ankles and propped them up on his shoulders and as I looked up at him I saw he had a look of crazed lust on his face.

“Now you’re ready to be fucked girl. Now you get fucked proper for the first time.”

James started pumping me, slowly at first. With strokes that were so, so deep. Deeper than before when I was bouncing on his cock and far deeper than I’d ever been penetrated. With every thrust he flexed his cock, opening me wider for him. After what seemed like 30 minutes of James pumping me, I felt his hips press against me and his balls brush against my ass. I opened my eyes wide in shock, not believing he was buried completely inside me. James responded by taking a few deep breaths then started pumping me harder. Quickening his pace, his balls hit my ass with a loud slap on each stroke. Harder, Faster, James was like a jackhammer, his hips crashing into me, his dick battering my pussy. I don’t remember what I was screaming, only that my cries echoed off the high walls of the suite. On and On it went, to the point where I feared for my consciousness. Finally, I felt James start to spasm, his breathing became labored and he let out a loud bellow. Intense heat, wetness, so much pressure. There didn’t seem to be room for all the cum that was spurting inside me, not with the size of James’ cock filling me up. James stayed buried deep inside and fell forward, his chest falling on me as he let out a giant sigh.

We stayed that way for several minutes, with James’ cock softening just a bit inside me. His huge black torso covering me. My long white legs wrapped tightly around his back. We may have both dozed a few minutes, but then James started putting his tongue in my ear, kissing my forehead, my nose, my lips.

We continued kissing, softly, passionately as James lifted me off the couch. His cock still inside me, getting harder. We walked like that, his hands under my ass, my legs wrapped around his back. James carried me across the room to his bed like that and gently laid me down on my back. We kept kissing as he laid next to me his hands roaming all over my body now, between my legs, groping my boobs. My hand reached down and grabbed his massive stiff cock which had slipped out of me. I couldn’t believe how hard he was already and I couldn’t believe I wanted to fuck it again.

My lasting image of my time with James was how we finished that night. On my hands and knees on his king-size bed, looking out his huge windows at the skyline of Las Vegas squealing, while James knelt behind, fucking me violently. His hips crashing into me with each earth shattering stroke.

James turned back into the perfect gentlemen when our session was over. Though he begged me to stay the night or see him tomorrow, but somehow I declined. He turned on the shower for me and kissed me good-bye after I dressed and left.

I told my boyfriend my period had started when we got back together, I was in no condition to be fucked for days afterwards and he didn’t mind the blowjobs anyway. Leaving Las Vegas, I knew things had changed and I knew I’d be back.

(This is chapter 10 of a series, it will make a lot more sense if you read them in order)

Retibution Begins

I didn’t remember how I got back to my room and I didn’t really remember anything after that wonderful bath. I knew I was feeling a little better and I was lying on my bed next to Tracy. She was asleep with her head on my chest. I looked over and saw Ken sitting in a chair. He was asleep too. I looked at the clock and it was 6:00 AM. The room was almost dark, my eyes were focusing better. I moved a little and my body still felt a little sore. I wondered what day it was. I snuggled up to Tracy and put my arm on her head. I fell asleep easily.

The sun woke me up. Ken was still there, he looked like he was cleaning up something. I saw a half-empty glass of orange juice and then an orange towel in his hand. I snickered. He looked up at me.

“Good morning, sleepyhead.” He said and I smiled.

He looked really cute trying to clean up the mess. He stood up and put the wet towel in a bag. I tried not to laugh but he looked so helpless.

“Sorry about the mess. I fell asleep drinking my orange juice.” He said.

I looked at him closer. His eyes were sunken and bloodshot. His hair was a mess and he looked really tired.

“How long have you been here?” I asked and he looked at his watch.

“Two days and 8 hours now.” He said.

I gasped and then I felt sorry for him.

“Why?” I asked.

“You were hurt and I did not want to leave you alone.” He said.

My heart fluttered a little. His eyes were tired but sharp and serious. He was smiling a little.

“How do you feel?” He said.

“A little washed out. How long have I been out?” I said.

“You have been in and out for the last two days. Both you and Tracy. I walk you to the bathroom now and then and then keep you warm and comfortable. Are you hungry?” He said.

When he said hungry my stomach roared and actually made a deep rumbling sound.

“Uh, yeah, I think I am.” I said and put a hand on my stomach.

“Well, little lady, I have plenty of options. We have scrambled eggs, some bacon, toast, biscuits, milk, coffee, and a little orange juice.” He said and smiled.

I chuckled a little as I looked at the half a glass of orange juice.

“Can I have a sip of that juice?” I said.

He grabbed the glass and held it to my lips. I sipped a little and it felt great in my mouth. I swallowed and my throat burned. I grimaced and he pulled the glass away.

“Sorry.” I said.

“Baby, don’t be sorry. Does your throat still hurt?” He said, his eyes really sad.

I nodded and tried to swallow again. He grabbed the milk and came back to the bed.

“Try this, it should be better.” He said and held the milk to my lips.

I sipped a little and it felt like heaven flowing down my throat. I took a bigger drink and felt it coat my raw throat. I pushed my head forward to take another drink.

“Woah, tiger. Hold on. Let’s get you up first before we give Tracy a milk bath.” He said and put the glass down on the dresser.

He stood up and held out his hands. I slipped out from under Tracy and made sure her head was on the pillow. She snuggled on the pillow and let out a slow breath. She looked better than the last time I saw her. I felt so bad for getting her in this mess. Ken took my hands and pulled me to the edge of the bed. I looked down and I was wearing a loose nightshirt, it was hanging off my shoulder pretty far, most of my left boob was out. I also noticed I did not have panties on. My pussy was still red and swollen. I looked up at Ken.

“Sorry, I struggled with the panties in the bathroom a couple of times so I left them off. I can get them now.” He said and stood up.

I held onto his hand. He stopped and looked back at me. His eyes still looked tired but they looked focused. I looked at him for a few seconds.

“Why?” I asked.

“Why what?” He said with a smile.

“Why are you doing this? Why are you taking care of me after all I have done?” I said and felt my throat tighten.

He knelt down in front of me, still holding both of my hands. He looked me right in the eye.

“Because I love you Kim. I have loved you since we were 6. I will always love you. It just took me a while to figure out that last part. I am so sorry for how I treated you.” He said slowly.

I felt the tears flowing down my cheeks. I could not make my mouth work to say words. I was afraid if I tried to open it I would just break down in sobs. I struggled to say something but all I could do was tilt my head and look at him. I hoped that was enough.

“It’s ok baby. You will feel better soon, I promise. I will never ever let anything bad happen to you again.” He said and sat up and hugged me.

My head was on his chest and I let myself go. I think I cried for about ten minutes and he held me the whole time. I felt like I had been cleansed. I pulled back a little and looked at him. His eyes now looked concerned. Why had I never noticed how much emotion was in his eyes? I was such a stupid girl. I hugged him again.

“I need to pee really bad.” I whispered.

“Yes maam. The bathroom master is at your service.” He said and stood up.

He bent over and slipped his arms under my legs and back and lifted me up.

“I think I can walk.” I said.

“Just relax and enjoy it baby girl. I won’t be this strong forever.” He said and smiled.

I put my head on his chest and enjoyed the ride to the bathroom. He went in and walked me into a stall. He lowered me on the toilet and pulled my nightshirt out from under me. My bladder started emptying immediately. It was not lost on me that my bladder got me in this mess. If I had never went into that store to go to the bathroom what would have been different? I looked at Ken and wondered if I would have him if that never happened. I was so stupid before, teasing him so bad. Maybe things do happen for a reason.

“Hey Ken.” I heard a female voice.

“Hey Rachel.” Ken said.

“She looks better.” Rachel said.

I looked up at her and she was wearing a towel, obviously leaving the shower. I looked at Ken. He shrugged.

“I guess I am kind of a fixture in here lately.” He said with a smirk.

“Baby, hold onto this one. I wish my boyfriend would take care of me like he has you. He is a keeper.” She said and left.

He looked at me and he looked embarrassed. I had just watched this wonderful boy kneeling in front of me while I pee. How many guys would do that? I felt my throat tighten again. Dammit, I really don’t want to cry again. I took a deep breath and grabbed some toilet paper. I flushed and went to stand up.

“Hold on, I’ll get you.” He said and grabbed me.

“I want to walk.” I said.

He looked a little sad as he stood there.

“Will you help me?” I said softly.

His face lit up and he wrapped his arm around me. I put my arm over his shoulders and we walked slowly out of the stall. My fucking legs ached. My thighs were really sore. It did feel good to walk though. We got halfway out and another girl walked in. She was wearing a nightshirt and panties. Her boobs were huge and I could see them pretty clearly as they pressed on the nightshirt.

“Hey Ken.” She said.

“Hi Tammy.” He said as we stopped.

I looked at him again.

“You look a lot better sweetie.” She said and I looked back at her.

“We were worried about you. You are a lucky girl to have such a devoted boyfriend. My guy won’t even open the fucking door for me. Ken, do you have a brother?” She said.

Ken laughed and she did too. Her boobs moved really nice as she laughed. I thought my boobs were nice but this chick’s were amazing.

“Honey, don’t let this one get away. He is a good one.” She said to me.

“That’s what I hear.” I said in a scratchy voice.

I saw her face grimace when she heard my voice.

“Ken, get that girl back in bed.” She said.

“Yes, maam.” He said and we started walking again.

She walked into the showers and we went into the hallway. It took a little while to get to my room. Tracy was still sleeping. I sat on her bed. He knelt in front of me.

“I have to check you and it is time for your medicine.” He said.

I didn’t say anything but I guess I gave him the go ahead. He lifted my nightshirt over my head and tossed it on the bed. I looked down and my left breast was still a little purple but it looked a lot better. The other one looked fine. He squirted some cream into his hand and spread it over my boob. It felt really good. The soreness was almost gone. My nipples hardened from his massage.

“It looks much better. You will be as good as new in a couple more days.” He said and finished rubbing my sore breast.

“Now lean back a little.” He said.

I leaned back on my arms. He spread my legs a little. I looked down and saw my thighs were still purple. My pussy opened a little and it looked really swollen. It was still red and looked a little raw. I looked back at him. He was squirting more cream. He massaged my thighs and then my pussy. He went really slow and it felt really good. I closed my eyes and let my head fall back.

“That feels so good.” I said.

I could almost hear his smile. I smiled myself. He finished and pushed my legs back together. He put my nightshirt back on.

“Do you want some panties now?” He asked.

“Sure, you pick.” I said.

He smiled and picked out a pair of cute yellow ones. They had little blue flowers on them and looked so innocent. He slipped the innocent panties over the pussy that had taken God knows how many cocks. I closed my eyes when I thought of the back room of the frat.

“What’s wrong, baby?” He said and hugged me.

“I am such a slut. How can you want to be near me?” I said through tears.

“You are not a slut. You are the same Kim that I fell in love with when you hit me on the monkey bars the first time I saw you.” He said.

I laughed through my tears, I remembered that day. I rubbed the tears off of my cheek and looked at him.

I heard a moan and looked to see Tracy moving on the bed. I stood up and went over to her. I sat on the bed and she rolled over on her back. She was wearing a tshirt and I saw her pretty boobs pressing against it as she laid there. I pushed her hair out of her eyes and she looked at me.

“Good morning, sweetie.” I said and she smiled.

“Good morning.” She said.

“How do you feel?” I asked.

“Sore as a motherfucker. What happened to us?” She said.

I tried to smile but I couldn’t. I felt the tears coming and I just hugged her hard. She wrapped her arms around me.

“I’m so sorry, baby. I’m so sorry.” I said over and over.

“It’s ok sweetie. I am fine. What happened?” She said.

I pulled back and looked at her.

“You don’t remember?” I said.

“I remember us having fun in the back room with the guys. I remember I was very drunk and feeling no pain. Then I just woke up. There is obviously some time that I can’t account for.” She said and smiled.

I thought that was probably best. I tried to think of a way to say it without scaring her.

“Well, some of the guys at the house got a little carried away.” I said and bit my lip.

“Really? I can’t imagine. Let me see, two pretty girls, well, one really pretty one and one ok, drunk and naked in a frat house. What could happen?” She said and smiled.

“So, who’s the really pretty one?” I said, trying to change the subject.

“Well, me, of course.” She said and I jumped on her.

She squealed as I wrestled with her. I could feel some of my strength returning and I could feel hers as she fought with me. We were going to be ok. I stopped as I was sitting on her chest. She was breathing hard. I looked over at Ken. He was smiling and watching.

“So, Cowboy, I don’t know about Tracy but I am one hungry bitch. What do you got for food?” I said and rolled off of Tracy.

He moved over to the desk and picked up a tray. He carried it over to us and I sat on the edge of the bed. He pulled a chair over and set the tray of food on the chair in front of us. Tracy sat up in bed and groaned. I looked over at her.

“Damn, my cunt hurts like a son of a bitch. How many guys did I fuck?” She said and rubbed her crotch.

“168.” I said and put a piece of bacon in my mouth.

I looked at her and she had her mouth open. I laughed and almost choked on the bacon. She hit me on the arm. She picked up a plate of eggs and started shoveling them in her mouth.

We ate like pigs and then both of us wanted to take a shower. Ken helped us up. I was feeling much better and almost walked normal. Tracy was a little slower and Ken helped her walk down the hall. We went into the bathroom and then into the shower. There was a girl in there, a blonde with a knockout body. She was rinsing her hair and her tits were magnificent. They were not humongous but they sat perfect on her chest. Her hips and ass were awesome and her pussy was smooth. She almost looked like the perfect girl. I felt a little lacking. Ken did not even look at her. He helped Tracy get next to a showerhead and then slipped off her nightshirt and panties. She didn’t look as bad as me. That was a miracle, I thought.

I got under the shower and turned on the water. The warm water felt wonderful on my sore body. I just stood there for a few minutes and let it run over me. I saw Tracy was doing the same.

“Hey Ken.” I heard a perky female voice.

I opened my eyes to see the perfect blonde hottie standing there in all her wet glory. Her hair was long and clinging to her shoulders and back. Her boobs were like right there and dripping water which made them even more perfect.

“Hi Holly.” Ken said.

“They look so much better. Hi Kim, hi Tracy.” She said.

I raised my hand to her and Tracy did the same. I didn’t even know this girl. Why did everybody know me now?

“Kim, you let me know if you throw this one back in the pool. I will be all over him.” She said and smiled.

I nodded and Ken blushed. She waved and walked out, her perfect little ass just jiggling away. I looked at Ken and he was looking at me.

“How do you feel? Do you need anything?” He asked.

I stared at him. I was really confused. This was getting a little weird.

“Did you even see her?” I said.

“You mean Holly?” He said.

“Yeah, Holly.” I said.

“Yeah, I saw her.” He said.

“And did you notice she was naked and like, perfect?” I said.

Ken laughed. I felt a frown on my face. He laughed some more and walked over to me. He walked under the water and put his arms around me. I stood there looking up at him, his hair and clothes getting soaked.

“Kim, listen to me. I love you. You are perfect to me, I don’t even notice other girls. Well, I notice them but that is about it. Holly had nice boobs, right?” He said and I hit him on the arm.

“I love you. I look at you. I notice you. That is all I want to look at until you tell me to stop. I don’t know any other way to say it. I will be here taking care and loving you for as long as you let me.” He said and kissed me softly on the lips.

I heard a sigh and looked around to see Tracy leaning against the wall with her hands clasped on her chest.

“Quit looking at me and kiss that boy, you idiot.” She said.

I smiled and turned around. Ken kissed me softly again and then hard. We kissed for at least a minute. He pulled back slowly. I felt his lips hover on mine and then separate. I was out of breath and my heart was beating a mile a minute. I looked up at him.

“We should get out of her before you guys shrivel up.” He said.

I looked at him. He was so pretty. His smile was sweet and his eyes were bright. I could see happiness in them as he looked at me. Water was dripping off of his hair and it made him even cuter.

“I love you.” I said very slowly and softly.

His eyes lit up even more. He smiled wide and hugged me really hard. I moaned a little and he pulled back.

“I am so sorry, Kim. Are you alright?” He said with a worried tone.

“I am fine. Kiss me again and then take us back to our rooms, my prince.” I said.

He smiled big and kissed me deep and hard. His tongue was soft and warm and felt like I was drawing energy from it. I heard Tracy sigh again behind me but I kept kissing.

Ken walked us back to our room, wrapped in towels. A few more girls passed by and said hi to us. I felt like I was famous or something. We got dressed for the first time in I guess a few days. I did not feel like wearing a bra so I wore a big sweatshirt. I slipped on a pair of jeans and they felt good on my legs. Jenny put on shorts and a loose tshirt.

“I want to get outside, I need some fresh air.” I said and Tracy nodded.

“Let’s do it.” Ken said and opened the door.

We each slipped on some sandals and walked out. We walked around the campus, slowly, but we walked quite a ways. I could feel my muscles loosening up and I was moving much better when we ended up at the Union. There was a movie showing that we wanted to see so we went in. Ken sat in the middle and Tracy and I put our heads on his shoulder and watched the movie. It was nice and comfortable and normal.

The movie finished and we walked back outside. I was starving again and so was Tracy. We went to the diner and ate. I felt like I was an empty tank. I needed food and water. I was finally full and we walked back to our room. It was only 6:00 and we were sitting on our beds.

“What do we do now? I am not even close to tired.” I said.

“How do you guys feel?” Ken said.

“I feel great, almost normal.” I said.

“Me too.” Tracy said.

“Well, Scott asked me to call him when you were feeling better. He has something planned at the fraternity but he wanted to wait until you were feeling better.” He said and I panicked.

“No, not that. I am not ready for any more of that yet.” I said, my heart flying.

Ken moved over to me and hugged me.

“No, Kim, no. It’s not what you think. You will be perfectly safe and no one will touch you.” He said.

“Than what does he want us for?” I said.

“He didn’t say exactly. He just said for me to call him when you were feeling better.” Ken said.

“Ok, call him. I want to talk to him anyway.” I said and I could feel my blood pressure rising.

Ken grabbed his cell phone and dialed.

“Scott, they are up and feeling better. Yes, they are here. Kim wants to talk to you. Ok, hold on.” Ken said and handed me the phone.

I took the phone and emotions washed over me. Scott had been nothing but sweet to me but he was the president of the frat that I had been brutally raped in. There needed to be a little repercussion here. I put the phone to my ear.

“Hello.” I said.

“Kim, I am so glad to hear your voice. How are you feeling?” He said.

I fought back the urge to just melt under his voice again. I took a deep breath.

“About as good as can be expected after having been raped and beaten in your house.” I said sternly.

There was a pause. I looked at the phone and wondered if he was still there. Tracy and Ken were looking at me, both I could tell thanking God it was me on the phone and not them.

“Kim, I am so sorry and I will never be able to make it up to you. I will forever be in your debt. I do hope though that you and Tracy can make it back here so I can begin my infinite retribution to you.” He said.

I paused a little myself. I didn’t feel like I could yell at him again. His tone was one of ultimate remorse and I never was one for twisting the knife.

“When.” Was all I said.

“Tonight if you are up for it.” He said.

I looked at Tracy and she was looking a little nervous.

“He wants us to come there tonight. He says he wants to start making it up to us.” I said.

She shrugged.

“I am ok if you are ok.” She said.

I put the phone back up and uttered a single word.

“Ok.” I handed the phone back to Ken.

I did not want to be mad at him but I could not get the picture of those boys hurting Tracy and me out of my head. I remembered the nasty things they said as they brutalized us both. I felt the pain in my left breast that still hurt after two days. I needed to be mad at someone and he was as good a someone as any for the moment.

“Yes, Scott, we will be there. Ok, will do. See you.” Ken said and snapped his cell phone shut.

“What the hell does he want with us?” I said.

“I don’t know Kim. All he said was that it had to be done and the sooner the better.” Ken said.

“Does he think he is going to fuck us again because if he tries one of us is going to die.” I said and I could feel my anger hot in my body.

“No, Kim, I think that is about as far away from what he wants to do as anything. He has been really morose and angry for the last three days. It is almost like he wants to kill something so no, I don’t think getting in your pants in on his agenda for this evening.” Ken said.

I felt a little embarrassed at my outburst. Scott had been so nice to me every time he was with me. I know he didn’t have anything to do with those guys and what they did. I felt a little bad at being angry with him but those guys were not here to be angry at. I felt a little powerless.

“I have to go to the bathroom and I think I can do it by myself.” I said and walked out of the door.

I walked slowly down the hall, not because I was sore but more that I wanted the time to think. I used the bathroom and walked back to my room. I felt my strength returning, I guess anger can do that.

“Sorry about that guys.” I said when I walked back into the room.

“It is ok, baby, completely understand.” Ken said and Tracy was smiling.

I looked at Ken again. He did understand. He knew all about me. He knew the innocent schoolgirl, then he knew the wanton college slut, then he knew the gangbang queen. Now he knew the victim. Wow, and he was still here, smiling up at me. I guess he is a keeper.

“So when do we go?” I said.

“Anytime you guys are ready.” Ken said.

“Let’s get it over with.” I said and walked to the door.

Ken and Tracy stood up and we walked out to Ken’s car. We both sat in the back so Ken looked like our chauffeur.

“To the theatre, James.” I said in my most haughty voice.

Tracy and Ken laughed. I liked hearing laughter, it made me think everything may be alright despite the constant aches of my pussy and boob. We pulled up in front of the house and Ken pulled around back. Scott was waiting for us at the back door. Yeah, can’t have the sluts come in through the front door, that looks bad. I climbed out of the car and didn’t look at him. I waited for Tracy and Ken to come around and we followed Ken. I noticed Scott nodded to Ken but no words were spoken. That was fine with me.

We walked up a set of stairs and went into a big room. I looked around and it was really nice with a huge bed in the middle. I wondered how many girls had spread their legs on that bed.

Scott walked over to a curtain and pulled it open. There was a balcony with four chairs. I walked to the edge and looked over. It overlooked the main room of the frat. The room where I won the competition with Ken. That was probably when all of the guys that raped us got the idea in the first place as I danced around practically naked. My stomach got a little queasy.

I looked back and Ken and Tracy were sitting. Scott was gone. I sat down. We could see most of the stage but we had to lean over to see the floor. I looked over and it looked like the entire frat was there. The room was full of chairs and they almost all had guys in them. There was lots of talking and laughing. I sat back down.

They didn’t seem to notice or even care that Tracy and I had gone through hell a couple of days ago in here and now they were still out there partying, just waiting for the next couple of sluts to come along. More queasiness.

“May I have your attention?” Scott’s voice and I looked up.

He was standing on the stage. There was a huge screen on the stage behind him. The audience quieted down.

“Thank you. We have a special presentation tonight. You will be witness to a 45 minute tape of a special event for this fraternity. You must stay to the end as there will be a presentation at the end. I think you will enjoy it.” He said and stepped back.

The crowd roared and then I saw the lights dim a little and the screen got bright. I looked and saw the scene open with Tracy and I lying across a bed, naked. We looked to be sleeping. The camera had great resolution as I could see cum leaking out of both of our crotches. I had my head on Tracy’s chest and my left arm around her. My left leg was wrapped over hers and you could see my pussy open and leaking cum. Tracy was flat on her back, her left arm around my neck and looked to be sleeping. She had cum on her face and chest. I tried to remember anything about what happened. Her right leg was spread wide and hanging over the edge of the bed. Her pussy was wide open too.

“Holy shit, look at this.” I heard a voice.

Two huge black guys walked into the room. One of them was standing at our legs and looking down at us. The other was walking around to our heads. I stood up and turned. I did not want to see this. I had lived it, I didn’t need to be reminded. I felt Ken’s hand on my arm.

“Kim, stay please.” He said and looked up at me.

“Why? I don’t need to see evidence of me being a useless slut.” I said.

“You are not a useless slut. You were raped and you need to stay. It is important.” He said.

I looked at Tracy and she was staring at the screen, tears running down her face. I looked at the screen and one of the black guys was jamming his cock in and out of her mouth as he played with her tits.

“You are strong enough Kim. You have always been strong enough.” I heard his voice as I watched the other black guy lift Tracy’s right leg and plunge his cock into her pussy.

I sat down.

The two black guys fucked her pussy and mouth for a few minutes and I saw the guy at her mouth pull out and blast cum across her face. The second blast hit her tits and my hand. He held his cock over her face and emptied the rest of his balls onto her. The guy at her pussy was still fucking her. I saw her body and mine moving as he moved in and out of her. He stopped and rammed deep into her, her leg in his chest. He obviously dumped a load into her and pulled out. I saw them stand there rubbing their huge cocks.

“Fuck, that was sweet. I need to fuck this blonde, look at her.” The man at our legs said.

I saw him rub my ass and spread my cheeks.

“Dude, she takes it in the ass. There is still cum leaking out. Fuck, I have never done a white girl in the butt.” He said and his cock started growing.

“Well, there is a first time for everything.” The other guy said and they exchanged a high five over us.

“I am going to get something to drink. You want something? When I get back I have dibs on a pussy or an ass.” The guy at our head said as he tucked his cock back into his pants.

“Deal, I will most likely be done when you get back. This whore’s ass looks sweet.” He said as he rubbed his cock with one hand and my ass with the other.

I watched the guy leave the room. I looked down at the crowd and there was a lot of buzzing and some high-fiving going on. My stomach flipped, I was getting raped again. How many times would I have to go through this? Was this going to become a classic in this house? I sat back down and looked up to see the black guy sliding his cock into my ass.

He had a little trouble getting it in at first, then he scooped some cum out of Tracy’s pussy and spread it over his cock and in my ass. He lined it up again and this time he slid in a lot easier. He buried himself and he put his head back and groaned. The crowd’s buzzing increased. He pulled out and then started hammering my ass. I watched my body move back and forth as he held onto my hips and drove his huge cock deep into my body.

How did I not wake up for this? Tracy and I were obviously still out as the guy punished my ass. The crowd was roaring now and clapping. I tried to be strong as Ken said but I felt myself weakening. I felt my lips start to quiver. I felt something and Ken took my hand. He squeezed it hard. I looked at him and took a deep breath. Tracy looked like she was in a trance. Her cheeks were wet with constant tears and her hands were on the railing. I could be strong for my friend.

I looked back at the screen and the guy was still fucking me. He was hitting me hard, I saw my ass jiggle every time he bottomed out and my body was sliding back and forth. I saw more guys come into the room and there was a cheer on the screen. There were four of them, they were all black and all huge. One of them was the first guy and he walked over to his friend in my butt. He handed him a beer and the friend took a huge drink but never stopped fucking my ass.

“Where did you get these whores, Ty?” One of the black guys said.

“They were just here on the bed covered in cum. I just figured they needed more.” He said, still fucking my ass.

I wondered how long he was going to keep going, no wonder my ass was still sore.

“That works for me.” The guy said and walked over to the other side.

He pulled out his cock and rubbed it over Tracy’s face and mine. It was not all the way hard yet but getting there quickly. It was humongous. He had his hand on it and he was still rubbing it across Tracy’s face, over her eyes, her nose, her lips and across her cheeks.

“Nothing better than a white cunt sucking on a big black dick.” The guy said and all his friends laughed.

He put his cock at her lips and worked it back and forth.

“Watch this guys. It is instinctive for a white girl to suck black cock.” He said.

He worked his cock across her lips and pushed in a little. Tracy’s mouth opened as the cock slid around. He kept putting slight pressure and it looked like she was opening for him. He slid the head into her mouth and then inch by inch he slid in, her lips stretching to let him in. The guys on the screen were all laughing and high-fiving. The crowd below was roaring. He kept sliding his cock in and then stopped. He still had about 4 inches to go. He tilted her head back and then shoved his cock into her throat. I saw her throat bulge as he rammed it in.

“Fucking A, Bobby, that is awesome.” One of the guys said.

The guy in Tracy’s mouth was taking a huge drink of beer but his cock was still in her throat. I knew she probably couldn’t breathe but he didn’t seem to care. I realized right then that we came real close to getting hurt even worse as I watched my friend lay there with a huge black cock lodged in her throat.

“Bobby, don’t choke her dude. She could lose brain cells.” One of the guys said.

“Yeah, ok, these cunts don’t look like they have many to spare.” He said and pulled his cock out of her throat.

I actually heard the rush of air into her lungs and saw her chest rise. The guys laughed. The guy in my ass finally stopped fucking me and unloaded into my ass. He slapped me and then another guy jumped in and another huge cock slid into my ass. The guy groaned loud as he pushed his entire cock in me.

“This is one fine white ass! It feels like a god damn vice!” He said.

More laughter on the screen and more roaring from the crowd below. The other guy shoved his cock back into Tracy’s mouth and held her head. He then started ramming it in and out of her throat. I saw her throat bulge with each stroke. The crowd below went nuts and my friend cried some more. I turned to look at her. Her fingers were white around the railing. She was staring at the screen with tears still running down her face. Ken was rubbing her head and stroking her hair. I heard him saying stuff to her. I looked back at the screen.

The guy pulled out of her throat and then dumped three huge loads of cum on her face, chest, and hair. He wiped his cock off with her hair and stepped away. Another cock flopped across her wet face. I heard a flash and someone took a picture of the huge black cock sitting across Tracy’s cum-filled face.

“That will look great in the album.” One of the guys said and they all laughed.

I watched the guy that was fucking Tracy’s throat walk around us and start taking pictures. He took a picture of the cock sliding in and out of my ass. He took a picture of Tracy’s tits with cum all over them.

The guy in my ass finished and stepped away. My ass was still in the air. Another guy stepped in and lifted Tracy’s leg and buried his cock into her pussy. He started fucking her hard right away. The guy at her mouth slid in and she was getting it from both ends again. They fucked her for about 5 minutes and both came inside her. I saw her mouth hanging open and you could see it was full of cum.

No one stepped up for a couple of minutes. I stared and wondered what was happening. Then I saw a lot more guys enter the room. There must have been around 20 or so. They were not all black but they all looked huge. All of them seemed to have beers in their hands. They were laughing and slapping each other on the backs.

“Who are these cunts?” I heard a voice.

“I have no idea. They were just here and they have nice holes to fill.” Another voice.

“Wait a minute, I know this one.” Another voice and I saw a guy grab my face and lift it in the air.

“This is the bitch that kicked Samantha’s ass.” He said.

“Holy shit, you are right.” Another voice.

“Oh fuck, Sam would want to see this. Someone call her.” Another voice and my blood froze.

“You are right, that is the bitch. Man, I wanted to fuck her so bad that night. I guess I have my chance now .” I heard a guy and then saw a huge white guy step behind me.

He pulled out his cock and stuck it in me. I couldn’t tell from the screen which hole he was in. He was moving fast and my ass was shaking as he fucked me.

“This pussy is as nice as I knew it would be. This bitch is so fucking hot.” The guy said and continued to hammer me.

I leaned back in my chair and wondered exactly how long this went on. I knew I was really sore but how many guys did fuck us? I watched the white guy pull out and walk away. His friends were slapping him on the back as he tucked his soft cock back in his pants.

A big black guy stepped behind me and slammed into me from behind. He was going at it pretty good and I saw another guy step up and slide his cock into Tracy’s mouth. He tilted her head back and was just fucking her face. A third guy walked up and lifted Tracy’s leg and shoved his cock into her. I saw my arm move on the screen and then I saw my head lift and look behind me. I leaned forward on the railing to watch closer. I heard my voice.

“What the fuck are you doing?” I heard myself say.

“Fucking your ass, bitch, what does it look like?” The guy behind me replied.

“Stop it right now! Let us go!” I heard myself scream.

All of the guys on the screen laughed and were moving closer to the bed. I saw lots of cocks hanging out.

“Would someone shut this whore up?” I noticed the guy between Tracy’s legs say.

A guy stepped up and grabbed my hair and shoved his cock into my mouth. I saw myself struggling but he was holding my hair pretty tight.

“That’s better. Keep something in the whore’s mouth. She’s messing up my concentration.” The guy fucking Tracy said.

I saw my arms moving, trying to get away but I was pinned between the two cocks. I saw the guy behind me pull out and shoot numerous streams of cum across my ass and back. He walked away and another guy took his place. I could not tell but I seemed to remember that he shoved himself into my pussy. This part I was starting to remember a little.

The guy behind me started slapping my ass and I was moving again. I heard myself screaming or trying to scream around the cock in my mouth. The guy in Tracy’s mouth pulled out and shot a load into her face. I saw her face was covered and her mouth was still full. The cum was running out of the side of her mouth.

Another cock slid into her mouth and I saw myself grab her head. I pulled it off the bed a few inches but then I saw someone grab my left arm and rip it off of her. They held it straight out. I saw my left boob hanging there.

“This whore has spunk.” The guy holding my arm said.

“Yeah, she is feisty.” The guy fucking my mouth said.

“No wonder she kicked Sam’s ass.” I heard a voice and saw a guy holding his cell phone up and looking like he was either taking a picture or recording.

“She’s gonna love this.” He said and moved his cell phone even closer to my head.

I saw myself try to move my arm out of the guy’s hand and then I saw him slap my left boob really hard. I saw myself scream but the cock in my mouth again muffled the sound. The guy slapped my boob again and I saw it bounce obscenely around. The guys on the screen were all laughing. The guy in my mouth pushed deep and I saw his crotch smash against my face. I was really struggling again and the guy slapped my boob again. I saw my right arm relax and then hang straight down and I stopped struggling. “Don’t choke the bitch, Johnny.” I heard a voice from the crowd.

The guy pulled out of my mouth and I saw him blast a load into my mouth. He was holding my hair and my mouth was hanging open. I saw myself close my mouth and he blasted the next load onto my forehead. I saw him empty his cock into my hair. He was still holding my head up and my right arm looked like it was trying to hold me up. I noticed the cum was dripping off of my face right onto Tracy’s. The guy was still holding my left arm but now a different guy was slapping my boob. They looked like they were taking turns. I wasn’t reacting at all to the slaps.

The guy let go of my hair and my head just hung down. I saw myself taking deep breaths.

“That was nice, I have never had a bitch swallow my whole cock. This whore took the whole thing.” The guy said as he walked away from my head.

“I figured she could after watching her performance last night. She looked like she would fuck and suck anything around.” The guy holding my left arm said and took one more slap at my boob before he dropped my arm.

I saw myself lower my head to the bed. The guy behind me pulled out of my pussy and shot his cum across my back. Another guy took his place and started fucking me from behind, God knows what hole. I saw myself wrap my left arm around Tracy and the guy in her mouth pulled out and sprayed his cum across her chest. Another guy stepped up and lifted me by the hair and shoved his cock in my mouth. My arms looked limp and I didn’t fight back at all.

I looked over at Tracy and she was still staring straight ahead with her hands locked on the railing. Ken looked at me and slid over closer.

“Kim, are you ok?” He said and touched my cheek.

“Yeah, it is just hard to watch.” I said.

“I am so sorry, do you want to go in the back? You don’t have to watch it all.” He said.

I looked back at the screen. The two guys were both shooting cum onto my back, my head was on the bed. They stepped back and two more guys stepped up and I was getting double-teamed again. I saw the guy holding my head, my hair was wet and hanging down. The cock in my mouth was really big and my lips were really stretched. I felt a sudden strength hit me.

“No, I will stay right here. I want to remember everything.” I said and turned back to the screen.

I straightened my back and held onto the railing. Ken rubbed my shoulders.

“Ok, but let me know if you need anything.” He said.

“Thank you.” I said but kept my eyes glued on the screen.

The guys were still fucking me and now another guy was in Tracy’s mouth. I looked over at her, she did have such a pretty face, no wonder these guys kept wanting to stick their cocks in it. I looked back at the screen and heard a voice.

“Sam says she can’t get here. She has a lab she has to finish. She did say she wants lots of pictures and we need to fuck her up good.” The guy holding the cell phone said.

The guys roared and lots of high-fives ensued. I saw a guy walk up and lift my leg. The guy fucking me didn’t stop, he just moved over. The new guy jammed his dick in me and now I had a cock in my pussy and ass at the same time. The cell phone guy took a picture. The guys finished with Tracy and both of them pulled out and dumped their loads across her belly and chest. She was covered now.

Julie Yi was my Sales Director at a medical equipment company where I was recently employed. At 46, she was a few years older than I was but I couldn’t help but notice her when she walked through the department. She had long hair that was as black as a raven that she always wore pinned up into a bun. Her eyes were sexy petite almonds that sparkled when the light hit them just right. She had the body of a much younger woman and that tight little ass of hers made me want to get to know her in spite of what she represented in the hierarchy of the company.

Julie was also purported to be an Ice Queen. She did little of the hiring for the sales department but she did all of the firing. The rumor was she didn’t even do it in person; she’d just send you an email at the end of the day to see HR.

The first time I was introduced to Julie would be my last day at R & S Medical, though I did not know it at the time. My manager and I were going over my resent sales numbers when Julie walked by his desk. He quickly stood up straight at attention; it was obvious that he was completely scared to death of her. He was a career man so I kind of understood why, but I was the new hotshot salesman who was at the top of the sales board with only a few weeks in. I had no fear.

He introduced her to me as “Miss Yi” and I offered my hand. She ignored it and dressed me down with her cold dark gaze and finally said: “I think you’d look better if you shaved.”

I quickly raised my hand to my rough five o’clock shadow and shook my head in disbelief. Miss Yi started to walk away.

“And you should smile more,” I said to her back.

Julie stopped dead in her tracks, turned slowly with her head to the side and looked into my brown eyes.

“What did you say to me?”

I pointed at the corners of my mouth with my index fingers.

“You’re never fully dressed without a smile,” I said.

Julie glared at me, then at my manager, who looked like he was about to pass out.

As word spread throughout R & S Medical, I became the man to avoid at all costs that day. I was the plague carrier, the man who could possibly get you fired. Even my boss didn’t say another word to me for the rest of the day. At 4:30 PM an email came from Miss Yi, telling me to go to HR.

In the back of my mind I knew it was coming but the reality of getting fired was still shocking. I knew I was a talented salesperson and I had plenty of savings. So I put those feelings aside, I would find another job soon.

I decided to go out that night, partly to drown my sorrows and partly to celebrate. Club Liquid was featuring a local band I was really getting into, so I decided to go there. I put on wine-colored button-down sport shirt to complement my dark skin tone, midnight blue jeans and a blazer to complete the look. I even shaved scruffy beard and when I checked my smooth skin in the mirror I thought maybe Miss Yi had something there.

I paid my cover, casually walked over to the bar to check out the female population, and who should catch my eye but Miss Julie Yi. She was at the end of the bar, sitting with all her friends, which was really a sarcastic way of saying she was sitting all alone.

Julie wore a tight mid-thigh black dress that showed off her gorgeous shapely legs. She was drinking an Island Breeze in a fancy glass that was just about empty. I asked the bartender to send her another one and I ordered a Sam Adams for myself.

Julie she looked up to see who had sent her the drink; held up her glass in a mock toast and smiled. Then she recognized me, and her pretty smile disappeared. I grabbed my beer and made my way over to her.

“I was right,” I announced.

“About?” She was as cold as the arctic wind in deep winter.

I gestured to her face with the neck of the bottle. “Your smile, it’s positively breathtaking.”

She tried to look unfazed by the flattery but she couldn’t hide that she appreciated the compliment for a brief moment.

“Richard, one would think since you are recently unemployed that you wouldn’t be spending your money on women in clubs.”

“Julie, we’re old friends,” I said. “Look, I’m not pissed at you. Lighten up, okay?” I smiled and took a sip of my beer.

She picked up her drink and slid off the barstool, her dress rode up a little and I got a glimpse of her silky smooth upper thighs. Julie tapped her glass against my beer bottle.

“Thanks for the drink, Richard,” she said and walked off toward the dance floor.

She stopped near the stage and moved stiffly to the music. It was obvious she was not too great at relaxing, but God bless her for trying. I watched Julie’s awkward little dance and waited for the moment that I knew would come. There it was: she turned back to see if I was watching her. When she saw that I was, she quickly turned back to the stage.

I slipped up behind her, wrapped my arms around her body and pulled her back against me.

“I beg your pardon,” she stepped quickly away and turned to face me.

“Julie, in all the time you’ve worked at R & S Medical, no-one has ever stood up to you. I think you liked what I did today, you wanted someone to take charge and maybe put you in your place for a change.”

“And where exactly do you think that is,” Julie questioned with a raised eyebrow.

“At the moment, it’s here with me, listening to good music on this dance floor. Maybe later…”

Before I could finish my sentence Julie put her arm around my neck and pulled my lips to hers. Her sweet-tasting tongue probed my mouth and her legs straddled mine as she rubbed herself against my thigh. To the casual observer it might have looked like we were dancing, except we were joined at the lips.

Julie broke our kiss; she breathed heavily and gazed into my eyes with a burning lust in her eyes. I took her drink from her hand and put it on the edge of the stage with my beer bottle. I grabbed her wrist and lead her out the fire exit. We found ourselves alone in an access alley between the club and another building. I pressed her warm body against the rough brick wall as I kissed her painted lips. I ran my hands up her smooth thighs under her dress and when I squeeze her tight little ass for the first time, my cock pulsed in my jeans. She moaned and pressed harder against me and felt my cock throb through my jeans. I ached while my cock strained against my button fly jeans.

I wanted to liberate her tits from her dress but because of the cut, there was no way to do it from the front. I turned her around and she placed her hands against the brick wall as I pulled her black lace thong down her legs. I slowly traced my tongue up her thigh then and buried my face between her lovely round ass cheeks. I pulled her hips back slightly so I could have more access. I leisurely licked her clit and when my tongue teased her asshole, her body quivered.

“Oh you’re so fucking naughty,” she moaned and spread her ass open with her right hand.

She tasted sweet with a soft musky flavor that was intoxicating. Her pussy was drenched by the time I plunged my tongue into her folds. I flicked and teased her clit, then sucked it between my lips. I could hear Julie’s moans echo off the walls even as she pushed her ass back into my face. I took her hips into my hands and pressed her body into me as I tongue-fucked her pussy and super-tight ass hole.

“Oh fuck! Richard, I need to feel you inside of me,” she whimpered as her long nails dug into my scalp as she grabbed the back of my head.

I quickly stood up and unbuttoned the fly on my jeans. I pulled my cock out into the damp night air and slapped the head against her juicy pussy lips. She jumped and tried to push back against me to force me inside her, but I was in a teasing mood. I dipped the head of my black cock between her juicy lips and slowly moved it up and down teasing her engorged lips. She pushed back again, this time spreading pussy open with her fingers to invite me in. I pulled back and spanked her ass with my hard cock, letting Julie feel how hard and hot my cock was before ramming it deep into her pussy.

“Oh God yes,” she slurred.

She pushed against the wall and fucked back against me. I ran my hand through her silky black hair and clenched it right at the scalp line, and pulled her head back firmly, making her moan with pleasure.

Her pussy muscles squeezed my cock, straining to pull me in deeper and not let go. With each stroke she became wetter and wetter; I struggled to keep from exploding inside her exquisite pussy. I reached around and felt her small firm tits through the dress. I could feel her nipples rising against the fabric begging to be touched.

“Oh fuck, you’re going to fucking make me cum,” Julie cried out. Her body twitched and shivered as her orgasm flashed through her.

We were oblivious to the world; neither of us would have cared if we were being watched. My jeans were bunched around my ankles and Julie’s black dress was pulled up over her taut ass. Her muscles flexed as my cock slid in and out of that tight wet pussy. My cock glistened from the neon street lights making it a shiny deep red then deep blue as it plunged in and out of Julie’s beautiful smooth pussy.

She turned around swiftly, and I popped loose from her sex. I pushed her back against the wall, her legs went up and wrapped around my hips like two ravenous pythons. She braced herself against the bricks and lifted her hips to mine as I held her ass in my hands. We intently looked into each others’ eyes while she slowly impaled herself on my cock.

Julie slapped my face, hard and ground her pussy into me. She forced my cock deep into her drenched cunt. I was shocked by the slap, but it only made me want to fuck her more. She looked so fucking sexy with her legs wrapped around me and her dress pulled up around her waist.

She pulled my mouth to hers, sucked my tongue into her sweet mouth as she moaned. Then suddenly she pulled away and slapped me again. My hands were full of her sexy behind and I couldn’t protect myself, which she seemed to enjoy. The burning sensation on my cheek made me desire her even more than I ever thought I could. I plunged deeper, inch after swollen inch of my cock slid into the taut depths of her pussy. Her mouth made a silent “O” and her sexy eyes reflected the red and blue lights. Her silky black hair bounced with each thrust of my cock like waves in the ocean during a violent storm.

Julie squeezed her eyes shut and a convulsive orgasm detonated. I felt her pussy contract around my cock. I was almost at the point of no return, my cum churned in my heavy sac. My head snapped back and my body trembled. Julie uncoiled her legs and slid down my body like a gymnast, she settled on her knees in front of me, and firmly took hold of my iron-hard cock into both of her hands. A pearl of pre-cum surged to the slit of my cock head. She thrust her head closer and flicked out her tongue, and snatched the clear drop into her mouth. I shivered as Julie engulfed my leaking cockhead with her warm, wet mouth, then the shaft; easily and expertly consumed my whole cock. Her cheeks puffed out and her throat widened to accommodate all of my erection.

I marveled as I stared down into those beautiful almond eyes as they looked up at me. Her face glowed, her lips kissing up against my balls, my cock gone, disappeared inside her mouth. She kept my member locked down in her mouth and throat for ten torrid seconds. I felt hot, humid breaths steaming out of her flared nostrils. Then I watched her as she pulled her head back, releasing my dripping shaft oozing out of her mouth until she clung to the meaty cap of my cock with her teeth. She flicked her tongue over the tip of my rod then pushed her head forward again, and swallowed my over-engorged cock.

I gasped for breath in the damp night air. Her head bobbed up and down on my pussy-slick dick, taking it to the back of her throat and beyond.

“Oh fuck, I’m gonna cum!”

She sucked me harder. Bursts after burst of my hot, sticky cum exploded into her mouth. Julie didn’t let a single drop hit the pavement as she moaned with pleasure. Her hand milked my jerking cock, and made sure she drained me of every drop I could give her until she thought I was dry. I then uncontrollably shot one more burst of hot cum on the front of her black dress.

Julie looked down at the dress, scooped up my cum onto her finger.

“You fucking bastard,” she said in a soft sexy tone, then licked my cum from her finger. “This is dry clean only.”

“Send me the bill,” I replied, as I pulled my underwear and jeans up over my deflating cock.

“How will you pay to get it cleaned?” Julie asked. “You’re unemployed.”

“Yeah, about that. Why did you fire me anyway?”

“Isn’t it obvious?” Julie answered as she shimmy her dress back down around her hips and leaned in to kiss me. I could taste myself on her lips and tongue.

“I can’t go around fucking a guy who works for me,” she finally whispered.

I took her to her house that night and Julie peeled herself out of that tight, stained, black dress. For the first time I was able to see all of her exotic naked beauty with her perfectly perky breast and her thick chocolate nipples.

We fucked all night by the glow of the candles. I was abruptly woken up by the touch of Julie’s right hand rubbing my cock with oil and her left hand holding her cell phone to her ear.

“Hey Betty, you know that Sales Director’s position you have open over there,” she spoke as she continued to oil up my hardening cock. “I have the perfect person for the position; he’s extremely talented and would be an excellent leader in you company.”

Julie moved closer to me, and then licked her lips and mouthed the words, “I want you to fuck my ass.”

“Yes, he can be there Monday at 10,” Julie hung up the phone. She threw the phone on her nightstand, straddled her body over my cock cowgirl style and rubbed my dick against her tight asshole.

I gazed up at her with an inquisitive look on my face.

“What?” She questioned. “That dress was fucking expensive and you need a job.”

Chapter 3 — Running on Pain

Reggie pulled away slowly, his own actions appalled him, he might be a flirt and get down and dirty with his friends but kiss a guy he’s known for less than an hour? Never. There was just something about this boy that seemed to scream “save me!” at him and make him want this man.

Shinji’s tears had stopped and the boy looked at Reggie with confusion mixed with a smidgen of hope. Shinji lifted a hand to reach out towards Reggie when he suddenly dropped to his knees with a gasp and clutched at his abdomen. His teeth clenched trying to hold back a scream as tears once again streamed down his face. Reggie could tell that these tears, however, were not from sadness but from pain. He dropped to a knee and placed a hand on Shinji’s shoulder, “What’s happening?” he asked full of concern. He could hear a slight buzzing sound.

Shinji shook his head as if to ward him off but could no longer hold his voice back. As Shinji screamed he fell to his side and curled his body around his hands. Reggie was feeling panic rise within him but was not the kind of man to succumb to it, he shoved Shinji’s hands aside and lifted the man’s shirt to see if he was hurt. He felt a look of horror cross his face as he looked down at the wide belt that wrapped tightly around Shinji’s waist. It was obviously electronic and from the way it sounded and the movements Shinji’s body was being forced to make it appeared as if it was sending high voltage electric shocks through him. Reggie moved to rip the wretched thing off but Shinji pushed him away and seemed to protect the device. After a moment longer the buzzing stopped along with Shinji’s scream, the only sound in the apartment was Shinji’s heavy pained breathing. Reggie didn’t move, waiting for an explanation. Shinji opened his eyes finally and pushed himself off the ground slowly, he put his shirt back down covering the object of torture and looked towards the door, “I have to return now, if I don’t get back soon… ” the boy hesitated for a moment trying to chose his words carefully, “well let’s just say I don’t want to be late.”

As Shinji reached for the door Reggie pulled himself up to lean against it and bar the way again. It hit him though that this was dangerous territory he was wading into and he had to tread carefully, “Listen Shinji, I’m not a stranger to S&M but this…” he gestured towards the hidden belt. He shook his head then touched the boys chin again, this time the boy looked into his face without his nudge, “If things ever go too far, know that here you are safe.” Reggie turned and opened the door to allow Shinji passage. Shinji watched him for a moment then smiled softly at his savior, “thank you,” he said and left.


Reggie lounged on his couch flipping through channels on his huge plasma tv. He was bored again so his mind automatically began to wander towards Shinji. It had been almost a week since that night and Reggie couldn’t get him out of his head. He had never felt so protective of another being before that he simply ached with the pain of not knowing if the boy was even alive. After seeing a device like that he knew the risks that were involved when that level of “play” becomes commonplace for the Dom; it simply gets more dangerous.

Reggie sighed, maybe Shinji was a true masochist and enjoyed that level of pain but Reggie couldn’t believe it, not after knowing that earlier that same evening the boy tried to kill himself. No, this level of pain had moved past what Shinji wanted, the Dom was abusing their Sub. Reggie let out a growl of frustration, there was nothing he could do about it, he felt so helpless. All he knew was the man’s name and age, he had no idea where he lived or how to get in contact with him to make sure he was alright. Reggie was a true Dom and having no control was eating away at him. A thought struck him suddenly, maybe Shinji didn’t want to talk to him, perhaps his kiss had scared Shinji off, perhaps the boy’s Dom was a woman like Nic and the boy wasn’t gay at all… Reggie face palmed and threw his head back as if to plead with the ceiling. What was he doing?… Why did he feel like this towards a man he barely knew?

A pound on the door pulled Reggie from his thoughts and he pulled himself out of the leather cushions, “Coming!” he yelled at the door as he made his way over. The pounding got louder, Reggie unlocked the door, “I said I’m, what the-” a flash of white and red and blonde flew past him, kicking the door closed in it’s passing. Reggie was startled but heard the click of his automatic door lock. He could hear heavy breathing coming from behind him and when he turned to look at his intruder he was speechless, all he managed to get out was, “Shinji?!” the boy that had been invading his every waking thought for the last week was standing before him wearing a loose white buttoned shirt that he could almost see through and khaki pants, the clothing was ripped severely and he was coved in blood, a gash on the left side of Shinji’s forehead and a black eye on the right, along with several more cuts and bruise showing through the clothing made it obvious that Shinji just had the shit beaten out of him. Once Reggie had fully taken in the sight he became filled with a white-hot anger and took two long strides to stand by the boy, he grabbed his shoulder and demanded, “Who did this?” Shinji simply shut his eyes tight and shook his head.

Pounding resounded against the door again followed by a loud voice, “Bitch! Get out here! Now!”

Reggie saw Shinji’s eyes widen in fear, not breaking his stare at the door, and his body trembled under Reggie’s hand. Reggie understood now, Shinji was running for his life, and he came to the only place he felt safe. A dead calm washed over Reggie as he discovered exactly what he was meant to do, he stepped in front of Shinji and bent a little to look directly into his eyes, “You’re safe.”

“Bitch! Ya got 10 seconds to get your skinny ass out here or you will experience pain like you don’t even know!” Reggie glared at the door and walked over to it and opened it wide, the man standing before him was only slightly taller than Shinji, he was Asian as well but he had a much more American accent. He had short black hair and his slightly stouter figure made Reggie confident that he could protect Shinji. “Who the hell are you?” the stranger asked rudely.

Reggie narrowed his eyes at the man when he realized the stranger didn’t have a scratch on him and when he glanced back at Shinji, the boy gave him that look again that pleaded for saving, Reggie turned back to the assaulter and said with complete seriousness, “I’m Shinji’s new bodyguard. You’re not welcome here.”

The man stared at him with a blank expression then glared at Shinji, Reggie stepped forward and to the side to block the strangers view, forcing him to glare into his face instead of Shinji’s. The man assessed Reggie for a moment then gave a nonchalant, “pfft, is that how it is now?” Reggie didn’t privilege him with a response just a slight nod and a cross of his arms against his muscular chest to form a shield between the Dom and Shinji. The man’s eyes narrowed and he shoved his hands into his jacket pockets, “I see. Well, we’ll see how long it lasts until my little bitch comes crawling back to me begging for forgiveness, which will only be granted after a thorough punishment…” he threatened loud enough to make sure Shinji heard him.

Instead of glaring, Reggie grinned at the man, “Don’t worry, he’ll have no desire to seek you’re forgiveness, I’ll make sure of that,” Reggie leaned forward slightly and gave him a meaningful look with a mischievous glint in his surprisingly green eyes, “personally.”

*****AUTHOR NOTES*****

I saw in a comment interest in the Manga title “The Guardian’s Shadow” I mention within the story and wanted to clarify that it is my own manga story idea that is in the works (need a good artist) and may be released as a side story in the future. Also, for more regular weekly updates of this story you can check my website in my profile. Thanks to everyone who reads this! Love you all! -Tariel

Chapter 4 – Washing Away the Pain

After Reggie watched the abuser storm off flustered, he turned and shut the door. Silently he walked over, took Shinji by the hand, and led him to the large master bathroom. It was huge, being 6’8″, Reggie had scoured the city searching for an apartment with a tall enough shower to fit him and this place was perfect, it had a huge shower with a “rainfall” shower head that worked wonderfully, it also had plenty of room for two people to move about in it so it also had the added benefit of being fun to “play” in. Reggie grabbed an extra small stool, used to sit on in the shower, and placed it in the middle of the room’s open area.

He gently made Shinji sit down on it and went to grab his first aid kit from under the sink, “Take your shirt off so I can clean those cuts.” he spoke softly but firmly. As though it was natural, Shinji obeyed the command silently and sat awaiting his next orders. Reggie noticed the look on his guest’s face and grimaced. He brought the kit over, along with some clean washcloths, and kneeled in front of him. He spoke matter-of-factly but his tone was not lacking compassion, “Either you’re in a state of shock or you’ve entered your role as that man’s Submissive,” Shinji looked at him blankly, “So which is it?” Reggie took the cloth he had made warm in the sink earlier and started to clean the blood away from Shinji’s face.

Shinji’s eyes looked away but he didn’t move his head at all as he spoke, “Forgive me, I am more at ease when I follow orders… Most of the time.”

“And I take it tonight was different?” Reggie asked while continuing to clean him up.

This time Shinji’s eyes met his, “He wanted me to wear that belt again… I ended up saying something unforgivable…”

A number of insults danced across Reggie’s mind, most he would love to share with Shinji’s partner. Ex-partner now? That idea pleased him. Reggie urged the conversation to continue, he finally had Shinji opening up to him it seemed, “And what was it you said exactly?”

Shinji frowned deeply, “I told him ‘no’.”

Reggie raised an eyebrow but said nothing, he turned his focus towards washing Shinji’s body and when he finally took this time to assess him he frowned sadly, he had a fine, well toned body with a wonderful light tan color. His waist and hips were slight and his hands were almost womanly. His sadness came from the fact that this lovely creature was utterly abused on almost every surface, not only were there cuts and fresh bruises but the bruises around his wrist and neck were obviously not new, and Reggie was more than willing to bet he had matching ones around his ankles. The worst wound in Reggie’s opinion, though, was the slight burn marks covering Shinji’s toned abs from the belt he had denied. Reggie clenched his teeth, “I doubt that was a bad decision on your part…”

Shinji looked at him and followed his gaze. The boy blushed furiously and covered his abs with his hands, “I’m sorry to trouble you with my problems… When I told Kengo ‘no’ he… He…” Shinji shut his eyes tight as if witnessing the act all over again and lightly touched his blackened eye.

“He started to punish you.” It wasn’t a question. Reggie knew the type, the Doms with anger management issues, he pitied their Subs because he knew the relationship would turn into one of intimidation and fear rather than mutual trust. He had seen it happen before and it never turned out happily. Reggie brushed some of the sandy blonde hair out of Shinji’s face and traced his hand down to the boys chin, again Shinji responded willingly and looked into Reggie’s face, “You did the right thing by coming here, Shinji. You’re safe now and I promise I won’t let anyone abuse you again.”

Tears ran down Shinji’s face, it had been such a traumatic night for him already, “Why?” he asked, voice cracking, “Why would you protect someone like me? I am a stranger, I should mean nothing to you! Why would you risk yourself for me?”

Reggie used the thumb holding Shinji’s chin and wiped the tears away as he replied simply, “Perhaps I’m just meant to be your Guardian Shadow.”

Shinji stared at him for a moment then leaned forward and wrapped his arms around Reggie’s neck and threw himself against his body. Shinji held the man tightly as if his very life depended on it. Reggie wrapped his arms around the boy, content in being his shield.

After a few moments, Reggie looked down at the mess of blonde hair and tan skin that clutched onto him, he shifted his body to try and untangle himself when suddenly he felt Shinji move himself up and push his lips against his own. Reggie renewed his grasp on the man in his arms and kissed him passionately, it had never felt so right before, and yet…

Reggie broke the kiss and pushed Shinji away but didn’t let go of the boy. Shinji looked at him desperately and breathed heavily wanting to resume their actions. Reggie looked up at the ceiling for a moment so as not to succumb to the look that was sure to revisit him in his dreams later. Shinji spoke before he could, “Forgive me.”

Reggie scrunched his nose in distaste, he recognized that phrase now for what it truly was, Shinji’s Submissive auto response to any action he feared would be punishable. Reggie looked down again at Shinji’s beaten face and smiled sympathetically, “There’s nothing you need to be forgiven for.” Reggie stared at the ceiling again knowing it would be easier to get everything he wanted to say out without losing himself in those almond eyes, “Trust me, I would LOVE to continue but you just went through, what I extremely hope was, a breakup with your Dominate partner. I just don’t want to be the rebound that ends up taking advantage of you. So I have be up front with you.” Reggie looked down again to brave the boy’s look, “I want to know you better, I want to become closer, perhaps even claim you as a lover and my own Sub. Before that though, I’ll wait for you to recover and, for now, I’ll be content with being your guard,” Reggie brushed more locks of hair out of Shinji’s face, “If you’re happy with these ideas that is…” Reggie’s heart skipped a beat, he had never been so nervous before about what another person’s response might be.

Shinji watched him for a moment, deep in thought and finally gave him a serious nod, “Will you protect me right now?” he asked.

Reggie smiled with relief and looked around the grand bathroom, “We’re the only ones here.”

Shinji snuggled himself against Reggie and laid his head against his large chest and said, “That toilet looks shifty, it could attack at any second.”

Reggie chuckled deeply and wrapped his arms around Shinji’s body, gently holding him, “Don’t worry. You’re safe.”

*****AUTHOR’S NOTE*****

Kind of a slower and shorter chapter this time around, building up to get the characters to really become important to one another. Though my next chapters will be a bit longer, sadly I don’t have any intentions of making extremely longer chapters in the future. I just let the chapters go till it reaches a natural stopping point or fun cliff hanger. I have not done any outlining or plotting ahead of time for any of this story, nor do I plan to. I simply write the scenes out as I picture them then read through for errors. A little insight to my process ^_^ Chapter 5 coming next week! -Tariel

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