black woman

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“For a homosexual to even have the gall to say that they experience the same type of discrimination as a black person is ridiculous! You can even walk in a room and no one can fucking know you are gay. But let my black ass walk into a room and what do you think someone sees. They see a black girl and all the misconceptions they have start whirling around in their head. And, they make judgments. They do it whether I want them to or not. I can’t take black off Adam, not even if I tried!”

“Not even,” Adam announced, rolling his eyes. He let out a deep sigh.

Not this shit again.

Kanisha was on her soap box once more. Every thing with her was about race or sexual preference. Normally he did not mind, but tonight had been set aside for a little celebration, supposedly in his honor. Kanisha could at least pretend and kiss up to him a little, maybe buy him a drink. Adam had to laugh at that thought because it was so far fetched. Kanisha did not do things like that. Tonight he wanted to laugh and dance. He wanted Gabriel and he wanted Cara. Neither of whom were there yet. The rest of the world and all its complications could just drift away, namely Kanisha.

Adam was not normally an impatient person, but damn them for leaving him alone for so long with Kanisha. She was not ‘his’ friend. Kanisha was something he suffered through just to be with his friend…’his’ Cara. Lately, besides Gabriel, she was the only other person he thought about. Tonight, with a whole lot of luck, Cara would play a more important role in his life. His mind was made up.

Kanisha continued harping.

He turned around and faced the room, leaning against the bar. Where is she, he thought. He was eager to see her smiling, cherubic face.

“Maybe we can find a booth in the back?” He attempted to change the subject.

“My God,” Kanisha growled, “even you should be able to see that!?!”

“Even,” he laughed, lifting his bottle up in the air in a mock salute before tacking a much needed gulp. He had almost forgotten what the hell she was talking about.

“Fuck you Adam,” she growled, slamming her glass down on the counter. “I’m out.”

Adam barely looked in her direction when she turned to leave. But, then she turned back around and faced him. He braced himself.

For the life of him, he could not figure out why she was so angry–not just now but all the time. Kanisha was beautiful in a Naomi Campbell kind of way. She was tall with dark, even chocolaty smooth skin, large bright eyes and full heart shaped lips. Accept, as always, her face was twisted into a deadly dark scowl. Fury rolled off her in waves. In the dim light of the bar, her bared white teeth made her look almost animalistic.

“You are an elitist piece of shit. They like you because you are just like them.”

Adam considered Kanisha for a moment. Cara had Kanisha’s smooth silky skin, but just a little creamier. Where Kanisha kept her hair in a short pixie cut, Cara had long thick jet black hair. Now that he thought about it, Kanisha and Cara could not be more different. Kanisha was as tall as he was and Cara rather short. Not midget like, but shorter than the girls he use to date when he dated girls. Kanisha growled and debated everything. Cara was always playfully laughing everything off. It was her weakness. Kanisha was pinched and narrow. Cara was by no means fat, but well-formed. Her ass was round and full, her waist small and her breast perfectly evened her out.

Adam snapped back into the moment when Kanisha dramatically smacked her lips.

She was waiting for a response, ready to pounce on Adam.

Adam calmly prepared to do what ever needed to be done to neutralize this situation and salvage the evening. He had been planning tonight in his head for quite sometime and was not about to let Kanisha ruin it. Besides, she was not even invited to begin with.

He was about to speak when over Kanisha’s shoulder he caught site of Cara. She had taken her hair down from the single braid she usually wore down the back of her neck. And, she had on make up–which made him smile. Her make up was lightly applied, just the way he liked it. Her lips were a delicious soft berry color. So, she had changed clothes. That’s why she was late assumed. He hadn’t expected that. Beautiful, he thought to himself, looking over her lush curves–which were now more apparent to him then ever. His face lit up like a Christmas tree.

That was it. Kanisha turned around with her hands on her hips, glaring at Cara as she approached.

“I’m out.”

Cara raised one eyebrow and watched her best friend march past her. She knew that it was no use in trying to stop Kay when she was in one of her moods. So, she just let her go.

“Have fun with your fag,” Kanisha threw over her shoulder.

Cara’s beautiful dark brown eyes spread in mock horror and she tried to suppress a laugh as she looked at Adam. “What did you do this time?”

“Not a damn thing,” Adam declared, turning back to the bar and motioning for the bartender. “I asked you not to invite her.”

“I didn’t want to be third wheel to you and Mr. Too Fine, watching you two paw each other.”

“Hey, we don’t paw. We’re like an old married couple. There is absolutely no PDA.”

“I find that hard to believe,” Cara smiled, moving into his extended arm and placing a light kiss on his cheek. “How could he possibly keep his hands off of you?”

Adam returned the kiss, and then moved his lips across her cheek, closer to her ear. “Please don’t make a mistake and call him Mr. Too Fine. He’ll know it came from me and assume that we have been talking about him.”

“But, we have,” Cara teased, pulling back just a little to look into Adam’s pleading eyes.

How anyone could resist such a beautiful man, she thought. Without thinking she ran her hand over his clean shaven head. She had no idea why he had suddenly decided to shave all his blond hair off. It had been gorgeous. But, she had to admit that the bald head gave him a sexy edge and made his blue eyes seem brighter. The women were definitely checking him out. And, why not? At 6’2, he had the athletic build of a swimmer. Something Cara knew he did faithfully everyday. In the vintage tee-shirt he wore and the stylish jeans that sat low on his waist, Adam looked like he had just stepped off an advertisement for both items. Who would not buy them if they thought they could look as good as he did in them.

If only he wasn’t gay, Cara thought.

She had such a crush on him. Adam was the perfect guy in every way. Not only was he fine as hell with that dimpled chin, but he was actually a nice guy. He was the last of his kind, as far as Cara was concerned.

She pulled her hand back, embarrassed. Once again Cara had forgotten herself. She had held her self in his arm too long and felt the curve of his scalp just a little too long for it to be considered just friendly.

Adam smiled and smoothly handed her a drink. “Cherry vodka sour, extra sweet and four cherries.” He liked the feel of her hand on his body. Anywhere she chose to put it. “Let’s get a booth before it really starts getting crowded in here.”

Cara always felt so feminine next to Adam. The top of her head barely made it pass his broad shoulders. Adam placed his strong hand at the small of her back and half shielded her with his long body, so that they made their way through the crowd without anyone touching her. Cara liked that about him. He was such a gentleman–a man. She wondered what would happen if his hand slid down further and rested on her behind. She’d die she thought.

Once he found a booth, toward the back and not so near all the traffic, he let her slide in and slid in beside her. Cara was surprised but not much. She had grown use to Adam invading her personal space. She liked the fact that even though they were expecting his man, Adam didn’t change the way he treated her. At work and the few times they went out, Adam was always attentive and affectionate. Sometimes, they would tease and hold hands. Kanisha told her that she better be careful. Adam never stepped out of line though. There were moments when she thought about stepping out of line herself, but why ruin a good friendship. It was obvious to Cara that Adam was committed to his man. After all, the 30 something year old lawyer had pretty much swept Adam off his feet. Cara liked to call him Adam’s sugar daddy. After only dating for a couple of weeks they had moved in together. They’d spent almost a year planning and building their new dream house, together. Now they were living in it, the perfect couple.

The music was starting to pump up a bit more and soon the dance floor would full. Cara was happy that they would have a perfect, uninterrupted view of the floor.

“Are you going to dance with me tonight?”

Adam laughed. “Why did you think I invited you? Mr. Too Fine won’t come near the floor.”

“Oh,” she drew out dramatically, “that’s why I’m here.”

“That and you know how much I adore you.”

Cara hit him playfully in the shoulder.

“You think I should call Kanisha?”

“Naw,” he told her, lifting up his shoulders nonchalantly and taking a swig of a fresh beer. He had barely sat the old empty one down before the waitress replaced it, with her boobs all in Adam’s face. Cara had pretended like she had not noticed. Adam certainly did not. He just thanked her and ordered another drink for Cara with a smile.

Of course, the waitress took his smile to mean more than what it actually was–Adam’s natural state.

“You know why she’s upset don’t you?”

“Who Kanisha?”

“Yeah,” Cara answered. “Kanisha feels like they chose you over her because she’s black and you’re white.”

Adam shook his head. “That’s crazy. I’ve been waiting for that promotion forever. I should have gotten it a long time ago. That ass hole Monty was such a phobe. I knew once he left and someone new had a look at me, I’d get what I deserved. I was there long before she was. I have more under my belt. I won’t feel guilty either because I deserve it.”

“You don’t have to convince me Adam.” Cara placed her hand on his. She knew that deep inside he was sympathizing with Kanisha. That was why he tolerated her. “She’s never getting off the phones. It’s all about customer service and she hates people. I’m surprised she doesn’t get fired for the way she talks to the customers sometimes. Call centers really aren’t for everyone.”

“I think she was hoping that this would be her ticket off the floor though. She’s not going to survive much longer on the floor if she keeps going like she’s going,” he added.

“I know,” Cara trailed off.

And, Cara did know it. Kanisha hated their job. Listening to people complain all day long was not an easy thing to do. Cara did not know what she was going to do now that Adam would be on another floor, teaching people how to do his old job. He would be traveling to different offices, training people all over the region. They were not going to get to tease each other and laugh over customers anymore. She wondered if she would survive.

Adam flipped his hand playfully and Cara let her hand slip into his. She liked the way he rubbed his thumb against the back of her hand. For a moment they looked at each other and smiled.

“Do you know how long I’ve been waiting to get you out alone?”

That surprised her.

“What do you mean? We go out every Friday after work.”

“Yeah, we go out with the crowd from work. I mean just you and me. I like spending time alone with you Cara.”

Cara blushed. Suddenly, this felt like more of a date than a last minute thing. She was not opposed to that idea at all. But, in the back of her mind, she knew that Adam was just being Adam. What he meant and how he was sounding was obviously two different things.

“We are good friends,” she assured him. “I’m going to miss being with you everyday.”

She finished off her drink.

Adam immediately threw his other hand up and caught the attention of the scantly clad waitress, who never really took her eyes off of him. He held up Cara’s glass and gave the blond girl one of his infamous smiles. The girl shook her head eagerly.

“Just because I’m not going to be up in your face everyday at work, doesn’t mean that we have to limit our time together.”

The waitress bought Cara’s drink and a fresh beer for Adam.

Adam faltered a little, as if trying to remember what he was saying.

“You know,” he began, “the last time I invited you out to the house, you accepted but then you didn’t show up.”

Cara was embarrassed. She knew that had hurt his feelings, even though he had said it was alright.

“Every time I try to arrange something, you blow me off. I just want you to get to know Gabriel a little better and get used to being at the house.”

“I,” she paused, trying to figure out how to put this, “just didn’t think I’d feel comfortable with his friends. I mean, you didn’t invite anyone else from work.”

“Because I wanted you,” he said, lifting her chin with curve of his forefinger. “I wanted you to come to my home.”

Cara sucked in a deep breath. This was really starting to feel like a date.

They hadn’t even noticed the tall dark figure standing over them until he cleared his throat.

“Gabriel,” Adam said surprised. He slid out of the booth and rubbed the man on the back.

Gabriel stared coldly at Cara for a second. Then, he glanced at Adam and smiled weakly before directing his attention back to Cara. There was no kindness in his dark eyes. Cara had noticed him first. She had also noticed that the man had been staring at their hands before Adam had looked up and realized that he was there. Cara had seen him before, at the Christmas party last year and at office events. He had barely spoken to her then and it looked like he would barely speak to her tonight. Gabriel was the reason she did not come when invited over.

“Gabriel,” Adam began, excitedly looking between the two of them, “you remember Cara right?”

“Of course I do,” Gabriel said curtly and slid in to the booth facing his boyfriend and his boyfriend’s ‘friend’. He looked a little out of place in his dark suit and tie. This was hardly that type of club. The theme at this club was obviously skin.

Cara could see what Adam saw in Gabriel. Like Adam he was tall, if not slightly taller. Gabriel was handsome in a finely tuned, polished kind of way. Where Adam was a fun, beautiful California beach boy type. Gabriel was a calculating, Italian business man cool. His black wavy hair was combed back from his face. He sported a light beard, just past the point of being considered a five o’clock shadow–perfectly tapered, edged and groomed. His skin had a natural deep tan to it. His lips were full, sultry. However, his jaw line was harsh and set.

Gabriel was stubborn.

Adam looked apologetically at Cara and slid back in beside her. He placed his arm across the back of the seat, encouraging her to stay close. It was an action that Gabriel did not miss.

“So,” Cara asked, leaning into the table and smiling (having decided that she would make the best of things for Adam’s sake), “do people call you Gabe sometimes?”

Adam started to cough, as if his beer had went down the wrong pipe.

Gabriel gave his lover a half smile. Then he leaned in. His eyes became so focused that Cara was suddenly pinned and her smile slipped away. Those dark eyes looked right through her and Cara felt suddenly ill-equipped for any exchange with this man. He took in every aspect of her features, slowly scrutinizing her face. His countenance surrendered nothing–no interest or satisfaction. His eyes moved over her full, shoulder length curls, slid to the inviting cleavage of her little black dress and up the column of her neck to her parted lips.

Suddenly Cara felt stripped. Her chest tightened just a little when an invisible screen was suddenly removed and those dark pools of light and raw, unapologetic lust accosted her like a physical threat.

“No Cara,” he finally said over the rising music, “they don’t if they expect me to answer them.” The volume of his voice did not loose its deliberate silky caress.

Cara’s cheeks flushed with heat. When his eyes finally released her, she slowly sat back in the booth, back into Adam’s open arm. What the fuck was that about, she thought. Adam’s gentle fingers played through the hair, at the back of her neck, and she reminded herself that she was there for Adam.

Adam through up his free hand again and the blond headed girl was immediately at the table. This time, she must have assumed that Adam and Cara were a couple. She fully focused her breasts on Gabriel and he considered her with the same coldness he extended to Cara. For Cara there was a slight sense of satisfaction in that. Some gay guys just really did not care for women, especially when they threw themselves at them. It was possible that Cara was not the cause of Gabriel’s irritation. Not all of them were every girl’s best friend.

Cara winced. That thought did not explain the last look he gave her.

When his drink came Gabriel raised up his glass to present a toast. “Congratulations baby,” he said to Adam and smiled, taking Cara completely by surprise. When Gabriel smiled, he was more stunning. His even white teeth shone and laugh lines around his eyes and mouth gentled him.

“I love you.”

Cara watched a look exchange between the two of them that pulled at her heart. She had never seen the two of them actually do anything that could be construed in the slightest way as sexual. Both men exuded pure maleness; so much so that it made it hard to envision the two of them in the acts of lovers. In that moment, however, there was such an explicit exchange of pure unadulterated emotion and sexual tension that Cara felt like a perverted voyeur. Their connection rolled off of their strong bodies and charged the air.

It caused a shift in Gabriel too because he hung on to his smile, as he removed his tie and unbuttoned his shirt.

“Take off the jacket too,” Adam commanded, laughing.

Gabriel smirked and did as he was told.

The two men exchanged some events of the day. Adam had both Gabriel and Cara laughing at some of the antics of management at the call center. Cara had always suspected that a few of them were retarded; now, she was certain. The entire time, Adam gently stroked her back. He tried the best he could to include her in on the conversation. Cara did not mind that Gabriel purposefully excluded her. She enjoyed watching them speak to one another. This was a unique side of Adam. Endearments dropped from his lips with ease. Something hummed between them and she liked being witness to that closeness.

When Cara excused herself to go to the lady’s room, Gabriel lifted his glass to Adam once more.

“I do love you,” he repeated, “but are you sure you want to do this.”

“I do Gabriel,” Adam returned with a boyish grin. “I want this for us.”

“It just seems complicated.”

“Why? This is better than picking up someone at random. You just hate having to surrender some control. Look at her,” Adam gushed, “she is absolutely perfect.”

“Perfect?” Gabriel raised one dark eyebrow. “For whom?”

“For us.”

“Are you sure that it isn’t just for you?”

“What’s that supposed to mean?” Adam’s brow creased in irritation.

“You talk about her all the time Adam. You speak to each other on the phone.–fucking texting all the time. I’ll step back and watch you fuck her just to make sure you get her out of your system.”

“You can’t tell me that you don’t feel attracted to her Gabriel!”

“She’s cute, nice tits and ass. That can be said about half the women in this club. Fucking them would mean less drama.”

“There is no drama. And, you probably already have fucked half the women in this room.”

“What the hell is that supposed to mean,” Gabriel demanded angrily.

“You know what it means. You owe me this.”

“I owe you this? You more than just like her Adam. That much is obvious. That, my love, is the definition of complicated. Don’t play me for a fucking fool. You have been trying to make this happen for months. As soon as she was free, you pounced.”

Adam shook his head. Sometime Gabriel pissed him off. Everything always had to be about him. If he spotted someone across the room and wanted to bring them home, then they did. Adam understood his needs and his limits. He loved him completely, strengths and weaknesses. The one rule was that they did it together and their relationship was top priority–not diminished by their little excursions, but strengthened.

“We talked about this, man. I’m not like you. I have to feel something,” Adam explained, exasperated with Gabriel’s sudden desire for abstinence.

“There is a possibility that she may want nothing to do with either of us. You obviously haven’t asked her. Or, maybe she may just want you. Then there is the most obvious outcome, regardless of what she decides.”

“You’re loving this aren’t you?”

“No. I don’t want to see you hurt. She’s your friend. But you need to face the fact that she may not ever speak to you again.”

“I know her. I know what she needs.”

Talk like that concerned Gabriel. This is supposed to just be a fuck. “You know what you and your dick want,” he blurted out coldly.

“I know what you need too. Trust me,” Adam told him, lifting his head and smiling at the approaching topic of discussion.

“Are you guys arguing,” Cara teased, punching Adam as he slid out of the booth for her.

Adam stood at full height and took both of Cara’s shoulders in his hands. “Dance with me,” he sighed.

Cara laughed. His request seemed a little awkward and she could not understand why. She looked between the two of them.

“Come and join us,” she extended to Gabriel. “We can have a threesome.”

The look he gave her sent a chill through her body. She quickly refocused on Adam.

“Let’s see if my favorite white boy can still do it on the dance floor.”

Cara was moving her hips before they hit the edge of the dancing crowd. Adam did his rendition of the Dougie swag as they made their way through the dancers. Cara laughed at him, but damn–the man looked good. Adam was an excellent dancer, none of that flailing “I’m trying to do what I saw on BET” stuff. He was a natural. He could really move and he was sexy with it. Often times, other girls would dance up on him. Sometimes he would bite and let them booty grind him. Cara hoped he would ignore them tonight. She wanted his undivided attention. She felt charged. The dress, hair and make-up had all been done with Adam’s preferences in mind. He was definitely opinionated when it came to critiquing fashion. She had gone straight from work and spent way too much money on the short black number. In spite of that, she was uncertain of how well she looked. That is until, she saw Adam standing at the bar. He had checked her out, from head to toe, with satisfaction in his bright blue eyes.

Now, dancing with Adam, Cara felt beautiful. She let go of all her usual insecurities. The steady flow of alcohol had her nicely lit, but she was far from drunk. With Adam dancing so close, the music being just right too, Cara felt good.

In the back of her mind she was aware that Gabriel was watching, but she dismissed it with a “fuck him”.

As she spun around in a slow circle, gyrating her hips while easing down to the floor and back up, Cara put on her “sexy face”. This had Adam dying from laughter. He knew she was teasing and he loved it. They had coined that look, the sexy face, when she had her eye on a particular guy at work. It was right after her last major break-up. Adam had advised Cara to throw the poor looser, a sexy look next time she caught him looking at her. Cara had done it and obviously scared the guy to death. After that, he treated her like she had a sexually transmitted disease. The look and the title became an inside joke. This was yet another example of Cara’s ineptness at finding a man. Every time she did it, Adam could not suppress a laugh.

But, Adam had to be honest with himself.

When she made that face, all he could think about was how she would look with him buried deep inside her and her coming all over his cock. Laughing was just a cover, something to change his line of thought. When she raised her hands in the air and moved her head to the side, feeling the music, Cara revealed the deliciously chocolate column of her neck. Adam followed it down to her lovely breasts. He wanted to feel the weight of them in the palms of his hands. He knew they would fill his large palms well. It took everything he had not to reach out for her.

Cara fully enjoyed the look in Adam’s eyes. His eyes glistened and danced all over her body. The feelings that welled up inside her, knowing that he obviously was enjoying watching her, made Cara’s movements more elicit. She turned her back to him and moved in close. Her ass had a mind of its own. She felt that she may lack the social graces that drew men in, but put on some music, let her body move, and no one was immune to her magnetic pull. She raised her hands up once more and found the curve at the back of his bald head.

“You like that don’t you,” he drawled seductively.

“I love bald heads,” she said, grinding her ass against him. “You know that.”

Then she purred seductively. “Every time I see one, I think of how it would look between my legs.”

The minute those words left her mouth, Cara missed the beat. The realization of what she had just revealed to him and the way she said it scared her. She quickly turned back around and searched Adam’s face. Her heart was thumping in her chest.

Adam laughed, catching her hands and swirling her back around. He wrapped Cara’s arms across her midriff and curved his body into hers. In spite of herself, she laid against his chest. Their bodies moved perfectly together.

“Work that ass girl,” he teased.

And, she did.

What the hell was she doing? Why the hell couldn’t she stop? The questions were there, but she ignored them.

After a while, Cara could feel him–enormous and hard against her lower back.

“You know,” he began, positioning his lips at the top of her ear, “I knew that you liked a bald head. One time you told me that you thought it was sexy.”

Cara snuggled her face into the curve of his neck like a stretching kitten. Her body felt long and feline like. She slipped her hands from beneath his and stretched her hands above her head. Cupping the sides of his scalp, she let her hands smooth down to the base of his neck.

Adam was suddenly everywhere. When his strong hands moved up her body, pausing at the under swell of her breast and then making there way back down again, Cara’s body moaned.

“Why do you think I cut it all off?” He nibbled on the curve of her ear.

Adam’s hands slid down over her firm abdomen, stopping just above her now weeping v. Her ass was still moving against him. Their joint movements gave his dick excellent friction. They danced like that for a while, just feeling one another. Adam’s hands traveled the same path over and over. It was causing Cara’s nipples to ache, longing for his touch. She let her hands continue to play with his head.

“Adam,” she questioned him, passion in her voice.

He kissed her temple.

“Remember,” she pleaded. “You’re gay.”

“Not all the time.”

“What? You pick it up and put it down at will. You’ve been gay for quite some time.”

“Does it feel like I’ll have trouble remembering how to satisfy you Cara?”

He was still playing with her ear and laying gentle kiss against her hairline and temple. Cara had her head cocked so that access was easy. This was not making any sense to her. She was certain about what she was feeling, but uncertain about what Adam was saying. He was her crush, not the other way around.

“Do you want to fuck me Adam?”

There, the words were out there.

His cock jumped.

“I want to make love to you Cara.” He kissed the curve of her jaw, beneath her ear. The tip of his tongue tasted her. “I want to run my hands down your thighs.”

His hands moved down the curve of her hips and forward to the front of her upper thighs. He gave a little squeeze, loving the meaty feel of them. If his hands had continued to slide over, he would have been cupping her mound. If he moved any further down, he would be touching flesh and not the satiny cloth of her dress.

Spreading her legs just a little more, Cara swung her hips and took a slight dip. Her thighs flexed beneath his hands.

Adam did not miss a beat; he dipped right along with her.

They had danced together before, but never like this–never so close.

“What if I slipped my hands under the skirt of your dress,” he continued. “I want to press my hand between your thighs.”

“Adam.” She moaned a warning.

“Would you get wet for me Cara?”

The music was loud, but nothing compared to the sound of Cara’s heart pounding as they moved together.

“If I drive my finger into you right now, slick your wetness across your clit, would you cum for me Cara?”

Cara placed her hands on top of his. For a moment she was not sure whether she wanted his hands to slide over or down. Or maybe, back up and cup her aching breasts. She was undeniably dripping in contemplation.

“This is crazy Adam.” It was a more of a reminder to her then for the benefit of Adam. “You have him. You are his.”

“I’m yours too. I’ve been yours for so long. Tonight, I want to make you mine. I want to take you home.”

“Adam, what about him?”

“Him,” Adam repeated. “Say his name Cara.”


“He’ll like the way you say his name. He wants you too.”

Adam slid one of his hands over her firm breast and then back down again.

“Adam,” she pleaded. Her voice was half shocked and half filled with need. “Don’t.”

They were surrounded by other bodies groping and moving to the pulsating beat now much faster than the two of them. But still, Cara was not a slut. She was not wanton. She was not going to get finger fucked on the dance floor.

She opened her eyes looking up and off to the side, her forehead buried in the crook of his neck and the side of her face on his chest. No one was paying any attention to them. What was happening to her seemed to be her whole world; and yet, no one was looking. Her body was separating into pieces. Each piece was a cluster of nerves. Adam’s strong body was against her back, leading her in movement as she melted against him. The feel of Adam’s engorged organ, hot at her lower back made her very aware that he was a man. He would dip and rub it down the crack of her round ass as she gyrated. Adam expertly maneuvered his hands so that it all seemed part of the dance. When his hands cupped the side of her breasts, his thumbs briefly tweaked her hard nipples. Then once more they were gone.

Cara turned her head and Gabriel’s broad chest was in front of her. Panic started to take over as she raised her eyes to meet his.

“Shhh,” Adam soothed. “Feel the music baby. Dance with me.” He threw a stern look a Gabriel.

She wanted to close her eyes and just let Adam take over. Her body felt so good in his hands. She had fantasized about this a thousand times. Who would blame her? No one would. Adam was every woman’s fantasy. Cara knew she wanted him and now she knew he wanted her too.

Gabriel’s strong hands slid around her hips, grabbed her ass and jerked her body into his.

Cara thought to protest. Who in the hell did he think he was! The only thing that fell from her parted lips was a sudden gasp for air as she felt Gabriel’s hardness against her. He slid into the dance as if he were always a part of what they had been doing all along.

Sandwiched in between the two of them so tightly that they could fuck her and no one would be able to make out the details of what was happening, their bump and grind dance simulated the act just as well as the surrounding dancers.

Cara craned her neck to look up at Gabriel, refusing to close her eyes and let go. His black eyes shimmered as if they were laced with silver. Everything was both happening fast and slow all at once. The music, two virile men so close and her own burning need intoxicated her more than any form of alcohol ever could. When Gabriel’s fleshy lips pressed against hers, soft and demanding, Cara’s eyes rolled back into her head. Gabriel withdrew all the air from her body as his tongue discovered the cavern of her mouth. Cara went limp between them. They danced no more.

She knew what this meant, without a shadow of a doubt.

On the drive to the house, Cara road in the back seat of Gabriel’s car wrapped in the warmth of Adam’s strong arms. As soon as they were out of the car, Adam picked her up and Cara wrapped her legs around his waist. He carried Cara through the beautiful home that he and his lover shared, and Gabriel seemed to just fade away.

In the half lit bedroom, Adam sat on the bed with her stradling his lap. He placed his hands on the side of her face and simply looked at her. He did not know how many times he had looked at this lovely face and memorized every expression. From the plane of her forehead to the rounded high cheek bones and that button nose, he had considered her somewhat from afar. But, tonight he was close. Adam could feel the warmth of her breath on his face. He fixated on her full lips, perfect to him–neither too large nor too thin. Once again he could think of no other word to describe her. To him she was just right. He pressed his lips against hers and moaned from relief. It was happening–finally.

His hands slipped slowly down her body, careful not to miss a thing as he deepened his kiss. He drew her out with practiced precision as their tongues intertwined. The kiss started with sweetness but quickly moved to need. Now, they kissed in desperation. All the while, his hands pressed against her body. They moved down the smoothness of her neck to cup her breast. Adam enjoyed the weight of them in his hands just like he had imagined. Her breasts were full and lush, a key part of her incredibly curvy body. From the sides of her breasts, he followed the inward curve of her waist to the rounded curve of her hips. When he slid his hands across her voluptuous ass, he spread out his hands and gripped it firmly.

Adam was hard as stone. His cock expanded to the point of pain as it pressed against the confinement of his pants. He jerked her into him so that she could feel his desire, and whispered in her lips. “I want you Cara.”

Cara pulled away from him and withdrew her legs to stand up.

Adam immediately searched her eyes in fear. “What?” he asked humbly.

Cara smiled, her dark eyes dancing. She looked like a teasing nymph, ready for devilish play.

Adam was game. He removed his shirt and sat back with both of his arms behind him. His elbows locked. His hands firmly placed behind him on the mattress. His blue eyes were gleaming. A half smile played across his face. He used each foot to slip off the shoe of the other. It was the same with his socks.

He was ready.

First, she let the straps of the black dress that sheathed her body fall down her smooth chocolate shoulders. With some effort she slid the dress down slowly. Cara had chosen not to wear a bra. So when the dress no longer supported her full breasts, they seemed to angrily spring forth. It was as if the dress had forced them into submission. The nubs of her nipples were so hard and erect, considerable in size. Adam had to force himself not to move forward and cover her entire areoles with his open mouth. He distracted himself by focusing on how the dress smoothed down her hips and the way the piece of jewelry at her navel caught the light.

When the dress passed her thick shapely thighs, Adam sucked in a swoosh of air which filled his chest. Cara reminded him of those fantastically well endowed black queens of the porn his roommate in college would ogle. At that time Adam had already shared experiences with men. Although feeling forced to watch in order to not draw any attention to what he described as his weakness, Adam still admired the rises and falls of a lush body. And, Cara’s body was sinful, made to be fucked and fucked well.

He slid off his pants and his thick cock sprung upward. Then he resumed his position, admiring the woman that stood before him in the black strappy high heels.

Cara moved to remove her shoes.

“No,” Adam instructed. “Keep them on.”

Cara move forward and Adam closed his legs. She spread her legs and eased herself closer. Placing her hands on his broad shoulders for support, she lifted one knee onto the bed. Her soft thigh glided across the top his. While spread so wide, Adam looked down and slipped one hand between those thighs.

Cara moaned when his fingers ran across her slit, touching the slight tip of her clit (now firm and peeking out). With his middle finger he slipped between her folds following the path that led to her opening.

“You are so wet for me,” he whispered in amazement.

Cara laughed softly. She was nervous, excited and hungry for him all at the same time.

Her pussy gripped his finger as it slid in. He gently moved his finger in and out–two, three times. On the fourth time, he slipped in another finger. She was tight and he felt his excitement growing. Being within her was going to be as marvelous as he had dreamed.

Adam helped her as Cara slid her other knee up on the bed, straddling him again..

Adam spread his legs wide to open her up for him. He liked the way her pussy wept, soaking his fingers. He let the fleshy pad of his finger curl into that spongy spot hee thought to be her g-spot. The reaction she had let him know that he was correct. He pumped, driving his fingers as deep as they would go and also dragging them across that spot.

Cara moaned deeply, letting her head fall to his shoulder. She felt weak.

Adam’s eyes held hers as he spread his legs even wider, bringing her closer into him. Reaching between them, he positioned himself. His swollen head approached her opening. Adam’s cock was thick and a nice length. This would stretch her wider than his fingers. He worried that he would hurt her. For all her talk, her experience with men was limited. Still, although he eased his head within her, he did not falter in his progress.

“Oh,” Cara cried, wrapping her arms more around him.

A growl seemed to well up within him and release itself at the feel of his head finally tasting the inside of her. Adam positioned himself so that his length rubbed between her unfurled lips. Each time he entered her, he went just a little deeper–moving against her pulsating clit… He coaxed her contracting pussy to accept him.

The wave that seemed to ease through her body made her pant for breath and cling to him. As he finally impaled her, she let out the loudest cry yet. His lips pressed down on her demandingly, stifling the sound. There was pain and the most exquisite sense of pleasure. Yes, she thought. She liked this. She needed it. She needed Adam.

Breaking their passionate kiss, Adam moved to whisper in her ear. “You feel so good to me Cara.”

The sound of his soothing voice calmed her. So when he repositioned and seemed to go deeper, she was ready.

Adam’s stiff rod twitched within her. He was ready and eager. He watched her face, reading those familiar expressions. When her emotions showed that she too was ready and willing, he shoved himself farther up on the bed. His hands supported her perfectly so that they loss no contact. When her entire legs were solidly on the bed and he could go no further with his feet still on the floor, Adam laid back. And, he pulled her down on top of him. Her legs were still bent at his sides. He grabbed her hips, sliding his hands around her behind. Firmly he secured her to him and began work his hips. He stroked slowly, teaching her body how to equally please each other. It worked.

Summary: A white teacher succumbs to her long resisted black submission fantasy.

Note 1: This story was written in response to a fan request for Pam and John…hope you enjoy!

Note 2: Thank you to Sydney and Julia for a role-play that inspired much of the action in the hotel room.

Note 3: A special thank you goes to Estragon for editing my work.

Note 4: Another thank you to Goamz86 for his early read of this lengthy story.

Note 5: This is a 2012 Earth Day contest story so please vote and enjoy. (If only we could solve world hunger the way these protagonists suggest)



I have been told many times by many people that I am an enigma. I am forty-five, a brunette, with brown-green eyes, long legs, a pretty firm butt and small 32a breasts, but very, very sensitive nipples. Although I have had four kids, I have stayed in pretty good shape through yoga and lately Zumba class, and still get a lot of turned male heads when I am dressed up. I have heard the term MILF more than once directed at me, which only enhanced my determination to keep my body hot.

In other words I look like a sweet librarian on the outside (which isn’t that far from the truth as I teach the third grade), but underneath I have a ferocious sexual appetite that has worn out many men…albeit usually only when my inhibitions were loosened up with some liquid moral eraser. Also, I must admit, I am rather submissive in the bedroom…usually. I mean I wasn’t into whips and chains or any extreme BDSM, but I was usually a very willing and obedient partner.

I love sucking cock. I mean I love it like most women love chocolate. I crave it. The feeling of a growing member in my mouth has always been a major turn-on, knowing I’m getting him all excited. A rush of power slithers down my body and sends a spark to my pussy every time I get a cock in my mouth. I wouldn’t say I am addicted to cum per se, but if I go more than a few days without swallowing the delicious seed I do go through withdrawal and begin to crave it (ok, in retrospect I probably am addicted to cum). When a cock is in my mouth, I enter an alternate universe. I shed my prudish, business-like teacher persona and become a cock-hungry porn-star whose only goal is to get the money shot, although in my case the money shot is the back of my throat.

My husband and I have had many marathon suck and fuck sessions, and we have role-played many scenarios including: nurse reviving a patient with no vital signs, a college co-ed who needs to pass class, a door-to-door saleswoman who sells vacuums by a very hands-on Hoover demonstration, a girl who finds a way out of her speeding ticket and some I won’t even get in to.

My husband has a thing for silk stockings, as do I, especially the old-fashioned stockings with seams down the back of the legs (way too sexy for the classroom, but über sexy for the bedroom). I have them in a variety of colours: black, coffee, white, red, burgundy, navy and beige. I also have a variety of two-tone: black-copper, pink-black, grey-black and red-black. I have stockings in a variety of colours for a variety of occasions. I love having my stocking-feet played with by my husband’s hands or mouth and he loves having my stocking-clad legs wrapped around him as he buries his cock inside my pussy. He also loves a stocking foot-job and he has many times come on my feet.

Although I am 5’7″, I still like to wear heels that make me even taller, and I always have my fingernails and toenails painted. Again, while I look all innocent and sweet on the outside, I am always ready to go on the inside.

After years of role-playing mostly his fantasies, we began playing one of mine. This fantasy I have had since high school; I’ve waken up sweaty and wet a ton of times from this one. I am a cheerleader who is forced to please a big black athlete, a football player or a basketball player (hard to call a baseball player a real athlete). John ordered some black condoms off the Internet, and watching a black cock slide into my pink pussy lips was a major turn-on and I had multiple orgasms, the thought of a big black cock fucking me triggering a naughty taboo pleasure.

My husband, like every guy I have ever dated, always loved the idea of seeing his wife with another woman. I wasn’t totally against it; the thought of being with another woman was a curious secret fantasy I had from time to time, although nowhere close to my obsessive black cock fantasy.

Luckily, for both of us, our fantasies came crashing together in a buy-one, get-one-free deal. Like most things, it started slow and innocent, but built to a life-altering, earth shattering climax.

The day I met Alicia was like so many others. It was the first day of yet another school year and I was already pissed off after our Director announced funding had been cut by ten percent and that to make up for it our prep time had been cut in half. There would also be cuts in supplies and resources, but we were expected to improve achievement by the same percent. I mean I love my job….the teaching part…but the political part and the beaten down economy were pushing out great teachers and slowly the bureaucracy and bullshit were wearing me down.

I was paged to the office, so I turned off my frustration mode and turned on happy face mode and headed to the office.

Sitting in the office was a ridiculously beautiful young black woman…my intern for the semester. We had talked on the phone a couple of times and sent dozens of e-mails back and forth but not once did it come up that she was black, not that there is anything wrong with that. Actually, having talked to her on the phone, I envisioned someone like me, but younger. I walked over and greeted her. “Well, it is great to finally meet you, Alicia.”

She stood up and shook my hand. “Nice to meet you too, Mrs. Smith.”

I replied, “Oh Alicia, please call me Pam.”

“Ok, Pam. I am really excited for the opportunity to work with you,” she replied, confidence brimming in her demeanour.

I joked, “Well, don’t get to excited until you get to know me.”

Our mid-thirties, black secretary Rose quipped, “Yeah, Pam is a real pain in the ass.”

I retorted with a smile, “There goes your sweet Secretary Day present I was planning.” Turning back to my young intern, I suggested, “Let’s give you a tour of the school. So you can see just exactly what you are getting yourself into.”

“Nice to meet you, Rose,” Alicia said, before adding with a promise, “And don’t worry, I will get you a really good Secretary Day present.” Little did I know then that the special present would be me.

We spent the rest of the day together and I tried to ignore Alicia’s stunning beauty. She was a glorious mixture of Beyoncé, Halle Berry and Tyra Banks. She had a smile that teased with sweetness, a voice that dripped with sexuality, eyes that pulled you in and long straight black hair that somehow perfectly crowned her beauty. At the same time, she was a mixture of shyness and confidence, as she presented herself very well; she constantly was asking my opinion on her ideas.

Although she was dressed very appropriately for school, she was unable to hide her voluptuous curves. Her breasts begged to be paid attention to, even though she was wearing a sweater that hid any signs of cleavage. Her skirt also was unable to hide her delicious backside, the epitome of black bubble butts. Balancing all this perfection were long, luscious legs. Unlike most young women these days who go bare legged, she was wearing coffee coloured pantyhose that gave her long legs that sexy shine that enhanced her perfection. While I admired her beauty, it never occurred to me that I would one day very soon be on my knees servicing her.

That night, while in bed, the kids finally asleep, I told John about how beautiful my intern was, and soon I was bobbing up and down on his cock as he talked dirty to me. “Maybe she is the one, baby. The one you have been looking for. Would you like that?”

I moaned on his cock, the naughty thought exciting me even if it was not realistic.

He continued, “What would you do, baby, if she demanded you eat her pretty black pussy under her desk at school? Would you obey?”

I again moaned, and began playing with myself while I eagerly devoured his cock.

John continued the naughty visual. “You would be her personal pussy pleaser, wouldn’t you, baby?”

I frantically pleased him, the thought of being a submissive lesbian to this black Goddess a devilishly delicious thought.

It was his turn to moan, my magical mouth doing wonders on his erect pole. “I give you permission, baby, permission to be a cunt-licking dyke, a submissive white girl, an obedient pet.”

It was too much and I came on the thought, never slowing down my cocksucking. A few seconds after my orgasm hit, my husband quenched my thirst for cum as he filled my mouth with his juice, my juice flooding out of me. Once I finished swallowing his load, I stood up and straddled his face and he brought me to a second and third orgasm.

Cuddling a few minutes later, my husband of seventeen years whispered in my ear, “I’m serious baby. You have my permission to play if the opportunity arises.”

I replied, “It’s a hot fantasy, but pretty unrealistic.”

“Why?” he asked.

“Where do I begin? It’s unprofessional, I’m her cooperating teacher, I am almost twice her age and I doubt she is a dyke.”

“Neither are you, baby,” he pointed out, his again erect cock doing some of its pen pointing.

“Not to mention,” I added, “even if she does play, she is in a whole other league than me.”

My husband’s cock slipped into my inferno as he said, “Baby, you are as fucking sexy and hot today as you were the day I met you.”

I moaned, his eight-inch thick cock always filling me so perfectly. “I bet you say that to all your wives you want to see dyke out.”

He laughed, picking up the pace of his deep drilling, before his tone shifted from amused to dominant. “I want you to allow yourself to open up with her, baby.”

His cock doing wonders to my brain, I moaned, “Kkkkkk, but I don’t want to just throw myself at her.”

“Of course not,” he grunted, my pussy walls being coated by his cum. Feeling his warm seed fill me, triggered yet another orgasm as well and I shivered as my orgasm pulsed through me.

Both of us spent, my husband repeated his offer. “But seriously baby, I want you to slowly give hints of your interest when or if the opportunity comes up.”

“I’ll try,” I agreed, completely unsure how I would even begin such a plan.


The next month, we got to know each other really well both professionally and personally.

I learned that she had a steady boyfriend named Markus and they had been dating for almost a year. He was still in college, and wanted to be a lawyer. If I was in awe of Alicia’s beauty, I was breathtakingly captivated by Markus. He was 6″6′, built like a linebacker and he bubbled over with confidence. His bald head was also a turn-on I couldn’t even begin to explain.

I also began to notice she was very touchy-feely with me, nothing overtly sexual but her touch was always just a tad longer than normal social standards; her morning hello and after school goodbye hugs lingered just a tad longer than a normal hug. Obeying my husband’s suggestions, I allowed myself to melt in her dark chocolate arms.

It was in our second week that I noticed she started wearing more revealing tops that showcased her tantalizing cleavage. I imagined burying my head between her black mounds of perfection and was often distracted by her beauty. She also always wore pantyhose and heels, and while sitting at the back watching me teach she would often dangle her heel and allow it to sway on her toes. I would get distracted and watch it sway like a hypnotist’s watch. When I looked up she would be smiling and watching me intently, as if knowing the effect she was having on me. I felt that she could she through my facade of propriety and see the real me: a horny, white woman eager to submit to her.

She started with teaching one class and I watched as she commanded a presence with the students that few veteran teachers ever achieve. She instantly was in control and it only made her fascinating personality more intriguing.

It was our third Friday when I suggested that we go out for drinks after work.

Once a downed a few cocktails, Alicia got even more touchy-feely and like often happens when women and booze collide, the conversation drifted to sex, although it came out of the blue after over an hour of talking about our students and bland teacher politics.

I had never heard her swear until she shifted our conversation from academia to sex. “Fuck, I am so horny tonight.”

I coughed a little of my drink out of my mouth at the ‘out of the blue’ announcement. Regaining my composure quickly, I joked, “Aren’t we all.”

Putting her soft dark hands on mine, she complained, “No, seriously. Markus has some big paper he is researching and I haven’t been fucked in almost a week.”

“You poor girl,” I mocked.

Catching my tone, she said, “You don’t understand. We usually fuck at least twice a day, sometimes more, even during my period.”

“You have sex on your period?” I asked, stunned.

“Fuck yes, it may be messy, but it feels fucking amazing. You have got to try it,” she said with a glow in her eye.

“I don’t know, I am no prude and we fuck three times or more a week, but that seems extreme.”

Her hand squeezed mine and her tone shifted just slightly as she seemed to give me a command. “Do it, Pam. Tell me you will try it.”

My submissive personality coming through, the alcohol making me willing to agree to almost anything, “Ok, I’ll get John to fuck me on my rag.”

“You are such a good girl,” she purred, squeezing my hand that triggered an instant leak down below. “When are you on your rag?”

“As we speak,” I admitted.

“Delicious. So you will fuck John for me tonight?” she asked, her warm hand still burning through me.

“For you?” I blushed like a school-girl.

Before she could answer, her cell phone suddenly rang. It was Markus. As soon as she hung up she smiled, clearly excited. “Markus is home and says he has a big surprise for me. It better be his eleven-inch cock or I may burst.”

“El-l-leven-inches?” I stammered, in utter shock.

“And a half,” she added with a smile. “He hates when I forget the half.”

“Holy shit,” I said to no one, imagining eleven and a half inches of black cock sliding in my wet pussy. “How does that even fit in you?”

She smiled deviously, “The first time I actually passed out at one point from the pleasure, but now I can’t imagine anything smaller in me getting me off.” After a pause as I tried to comprehend this new piece of riveting information, Alicia asked, “Pam, I have to ask. Have you ever had sex with a black man?”

“Why would you ask that?” I asked, feigning shock.

“Just curious.”She shrugged, before adding, “Markus loves to be a white woman’s first.”

She left it there, a teasing, dangling carrot in the air. My pussy salivated over such a possibility, while my poker face pretended to hide my growing desire.

She stood up while I stared mouth wide open. Just before she left to get fucked, she winked, leaned in for a hug and whispered, “You should try it sometime.”

Before I could respond, she was gone and my panties were soaked. I paid the bill, rushed home and followed through with a promise made to Alicia.

My husband was accustomed to the fact that during my periods, which came like clockwork, I was almost never horny. He may get a blow job or two if he was good, but that was it. So when I came home and whispered in his ear, “Bedroom now,” his eyes went big with surprise.

He followed me into the bedroom where I demanded, “Get naked, baby.”

He began undressing like a teenage boy would the first time he is guaranteed a sure thing. He asked, as I walked to the linen closet just outside our room, “Is your period late?”

Grabbing a black towel, I called back, “No, it is definitely visiting.”

I returned with the towel and laid it on the bed. A now naked John watched confused, trying to put two and two together.

I smiled and said, “Alicia gave me an order.”

He smiled back. “Aaaaaaahhh. Well, that is a start.”

I retold our entire conversation to John who showed his excitement by the stiffness of his member. When I told him the size of Markus, who he had met once, he responded, like any man would, “Fuck off.”

I shrugged and smiled, adding the part about how she suggested I should try it sometime. My husband was quiet briefly before asking, “Do you want to fuck him?”

“I don’t know,” I honestly answered, the idea both exciting and scary, both exhilarating and nerve-wracking.

“Do you think she was serious?”

I again answered, “I don’t know; I doubt it, but it is a fun fantasy to think about.” I got undressed myself and positioned myself on the towel. “Now get over here and help me obey Alicia’s order.”

John cautiously got onto the bed and looked at me questioningly.

Before he could ask, I said, “Yes, I’m sure.”

He got between my legs and easily entered my pussy. I don’t know what I was expecting, but the pleasure was very similar to non-period sex, yet I was turned on even more; maybe because I was obeying a suggestion made by my sexy intern, or maybe because period fucking was so taboo, but I was bursting at the seams only a couple of minutes into it.

I looked at my husband who had a surreal look on his face. I asked, “How does it feel, baby?”

“Amazing,” he grunted.

“Different?” I asked.

“I can’t even begin to explain it, but it is fucking hot,” he approved.

I came three times from the period fucking. Although I was so wet, a mixture of my own juice and blood, I must admit I didn’t feel John’s cum fill me. Only his trademark grunt told me he was exploding inside me.

Once done and showered, we cuddled in bed and watched one of our favourite movies, ‘When Harry, Met Sally’. We watched in silence for a long time before John asked, “Do you think she is serious?”

I really didn’t know. We had both been drinking and she was apparently going through withdrawal. I shrugged, “I doubt it. I imagine it was just girl talk.”

Not giving up yet, my husband asked, “But she was a bit bossy with you?”

“Yes,” I agreed.

“Well, my offer still stands. If you and Alicia get the chance to play, you have my permission.”

I don’t know why I said it, but I asked, “But not about Markus?”

He looked at me seriously. “What? My eight inches isn’t enough for you? You need some big black cock?”

I stammered, both excited by the idea but afraid to admit it to my husband, who I had apparently offended, “Um-no-I….”

His serious look broke into a big smile. “I am just messing with you Pam.”

I hit him playfully.

“But seriously, if the opportunity comes up for you to fuck Markus, you have my permission as well.”

“I do?” I said, unable to hold back my excitement.

“Of course,” John smiled, “I wouldn’t mind a piece of Alicia if the opportunity presented itself either.”

We had talked about swinging many times, both of us intrigued to explore our sex lives to the fullest, but our jobs were too high profile in our community, me being a teacher and John the town’s fire chief. We had even scheduled a cruise holiday for the first week of January, a swinger’s cruise, where we would be an anonymous couple exploring our secret kinky desires (but that was still months away).

I kissed him gently, my body tingling with the wide open opportunities that lie ahead.


On Monday, the first words out of Alicia’s mouth were, “Did you do it?”

I replied shyly, attempting to hint at my submissiveness, “Yes.”

“And?” she questioned, wanting the details.

“You changed my husband’s life,” I joked.

She grabbed my hand, showing a mixture of girlish giddiness and dominant diva, “You loved it too, didn’t you?”

I felt a warm tingle below instantly at her touch and blushed, “It was different.”

Alicia squeezed my hand and moved to her desk.

Not wanting the conversation to end so quickly, I asked, “And how was your weekend with Markus?”

Sitting down at her desk, her generous cleavage on display, she answered, “It was a marathon.”

I attempted to control the conversation, “He isn’t really eleven inches, is he?”

She looked into my eyes and into my stirring soul. “Eleven and a half and he can go all night like the Energizer Bunny.”

Attempting to show I was intrigued, I said, “You are so lucky.”

Alicia started to speak, but stopped when our Principal showed up to tell me she was sending me to a conference next week a couple of hours away, on how to promote protecting the environment in schools. My Principal explained that it’s a new school division initiative and since I had created our recycling program I was the logical choice. Being sort of a recycling Nazi, I agreed enthusiastically, having lost many opportunities to improve the ecological footprint in our school many times, and insisted Alicia come too, which was approved, as long as we traveled together and shared the same hotel room. The thought brought another tingle down below, realizing the golden opportunity that existed.

The day flew by, as did the rest of the week before we were back at the bar having cocktails. Markus was out of town for the day.

Both of us three cocktails in, the conversation again veered to sex. Alicia said, “Fuck, is she hot.”

I was surprised to hear such words out of Alicia’s mouth. I looked over and saw three women together at the bar. “Which one?” I asked.

“The redhead,” she acknowledged, before adding with a smile, “I would devour her whole.”

I instantly wondered if she was doing this to test the waters with me or she was just being herself. “You are a lesbian?” I asked, again feigning shock.

“No,” she shook her head, before adding, “I play both sides. I love the taste of a sweet pussy and they often make good little submissive play-things.”

“What?” I asked, incredibly turned on.

She looked directly into my eyes. “I have found that older women, usually white woman but not exclusively, are generally submissive to me and eager to submit to me sexually.”

It was obvious she was no longer talking about the redhead, but was talking directly to me. I stammered, “Is-is-is that so?”

Her foot grazed my leg and a shiver went up my spine. She asked, “You have never been with a woman have you, Pam?”

“No,” I answered, distracted by her foot that again grazed my leg.

A naughty smile crossed her luscious lips as she said, “Watch this.”

Alicia got up and sauntered confidently over to the redhead who was now by herself, her two friends having gone to powder their noses or whatever.

I watched as Alicia flirted with the redhead by touching her gently and clearly flattering the girl whose face eventually matched her hair. I was instantly jealous of the redhead; I wanted to be the one Alicia flirted with, yet I was beginning to become aware that she was not going to cross the line with me, her advising teacher; even though it was obvious she knew she could. My frustration was building as I finished my third cocktail and ordered a fourth. The liquid lubrication was playing with my mind and pussy.

I saw the redhead give Alicia a card and Alicia leaned in and kissed her on the cheek.

Alicia returned with a devilish grin and sat back down. “It is that easy.”

“What is?”

“Seducing a straight woman,” she said, bluntly.

“How do you know she is straight?”

“I don’t know. I have just always been able to sense when a straight woman is curious.”


“Indeed,” she agreed, her foot again grazing my leg, this time stopping as our legs touched. It was harmless, yet had my mind spinning a mile a minute.

My face went flush and she continued, “Truthfully, just like Markus loves to be a white woman’s first black cock, I love to be a white woman’s first as well.”

The declaration was clear; she was implying she wanted to be my first. I was paralyzed with excitement and fear, but before I could respond she quickly texted someone. She looked over to the redhead who looked at her phone, blushed and walked towards us.

Alicia explained, “I told her I would text her when I was ready to leave.”

I was about to at least hint that I was indeed curious, although unsure how to make such a revealing and risky revelation when the redhead arrived at our table.

Alicia smiled, “Pam, this is Samantha.”

We awkwardly greeted each other, Samantha clearly nervous.

Alicia said standing up, “We will see you on Monday, Pam.”

I looked up at her, disappointed at not being the one going home with her.

She grabbed my hand and pulled me up. She wrapped her dark arms around me and I allowed myself to melt into her. She whispered into my ear, her hot breathe only enhancing her complete overwhelming of me. “Go home and make John eat your sweet cunt and when he does, close your eyes and imagine it is me between your legs, my pet.”

My knees weakened as I whimpered involuntarily. Before I could respond, she turned, grabbed the redhead’s hand and disappeared in the crowd. I sat back down a horny mess of desire and finished my drink. I phoned John to come get me, as I was too intoxicated to drive, and ordered another drink while I waited.

Completely drunk, as soon as we got home, the kids at their grandparents for the weekend, I fulfilled the second request from my beautiful black intern demanding, as I pulled off my skirt, pantyhose and panties, “Eat me, now!”

Never one to resist the offer to snack on my buffet of sweetness, he buried himself between my legs. I closed my eyes and easily pictured Alicia between my legs licking my pussy. The fantasy enthralled me and I became one with the fantasy. It was no longer my husband between my legs, it was Alicia. Each tongue stoke on my sensitive pussy lips had juice escaping me and my moans echoed throughout the room. “Oh god, yes Alicia, lick my white pussy,” I moaned. The licking pace increased and after only a couple of minutes of dedicated licking I was on the verge of orgasmic bliss and when my clit was swallowed whole I screamed, “Oh yeeeeeees, Alicia, get your white slut off, oh fuck, oh god, yes, shit yes, oh my god, yeeeeeeeeeeeeees.” My orgasm was the most intense in recent memory as the waves of pleasure continued to ripple through me.

The only sound for a long time was my heavy breathing as I recovered from my intense orgasm.

When I finally opened my eyes and returned to reality, my husband was staring at me with a huge grin plastered on his face. “Sooooooo, do you have something to tell me?”

I retold the conversation, the redhead seduction, and her words in my ear and the fact that we would be sharing a hotel room in a few days.

“Oh my,” he moaned, his head clearly playing a million different scenarios.

“Oh my indeed,” I agreed, as I took his fully ready-for-pleasure cock in my mouth.

I was stunned when he stopped me and said, “Wait a second, I got something special for you.”

I minute later he returned and threw a DVD into the DVD player and he smiled, “I bought this to enhance our role-playing, but apparently you started without me.”

Jon turned on the TV and he patted the couch for me to join him. Curious and excited, I did and soon the film titles started. The movie was called ‘Black and White Lesbian Lawyers’.

I looked at John and smirked, “Nice choice.”

“I thought you would like it.”

Silence lingered, except for the TV screen as we watched the interracial lesbian action. It was wild with a white intern learning how to climb the ladder in the firm through sexual submission. It was sensual, with lots of kissing and caressing. The younger girl pleased her older boss, licked and tongued her pussy and asshole, which was a taboo surprise. As the younger white girl fingered the black woman’s pussy and ass simultaneously, she licked her to the point her boss climaxed and squirted in the young girl’s mouth and face. The white girl was not shocked at all, but welcomed getting squirted on. The black boss returned the pleasure by strapping on a big black rubber dick and explaining that complete submission included unlimited access to all holes and, after generously lubing the big toy, slid it into the white girl’s butt and pounded her really good.

I had tried anal with John a couple of times, and although I didn’t hate it, I didn’t really enjoy it and John understood my discomfort. Yet, watching these two women so intimate and yet so kinky suddenly had me reconsidering my no anal play rule. I didn’t mention it to John at the time, as I leaned over and took his cock in my mouth.

He let out a moan and talked as I devoured him whole. “You are dying to dyke out with Alicia aren’t you, baby?”

I moaned on his cock, still quite feverish, my hand going to my still wet cunt.

“You want to be her little white lesbian slut, don’t you?”

Another moan escaped my lips as I furiously bobbed on his cock and just as furiously began rubbing myself.

“You will obey her, won’t you?”

I let his cock slip out of my mouth as I pushed him onto the floor. Straddling him, I said, as I engulfed his cock in my sauna of love, “Yes, baby. I will do whatever she asks. I will kiss her sweet lips, suck on her big tits, and lap at her black cunt.” I was now bouncing up and down, all eight inches of my husband’s cock completely filling me with each downward bounce. “Is that what you want to hear?”

“Oh God yes,” he answered, my tight pussy grip milking his cock expertly.

“You want me to dyke out with Alicia, don’t you?” I teased.

“Hell, yeah,” he moaned, while I quickly rode his pogo stick.

We stared into each other’s eyes for the next couple of minutes until I saw him make his ‘I’m coming’ face and felt his hot seed coat my vagina walls. I milked every last drop from him before my orgasm hit, although a lot smaller than my earlier one.

The rest of the weekend we talked about all the potential possibilities that could occur this Tuesday, each a wet, tantalizing fantasy.


Monday morning I was called into a department meeting in the morning and Alicia had a lunch meeting with her college supervisor, so it wasn’t until after school that we had a chance to talk.

I was so eager to talk to her, like I was when I was a teenager and couldn’t wait for my boyfriend to call, the plethora of possibilities ricocheting around like a pinball in my brain.

Unfortunately our conversation was brief, yet the tone was set. Alicia explained, while packing up, “Pam, I have to head out, I am getting a Brazilian done.”

“What is a Brazilian?” I asked, clueless.

“Where they get rid of all your pussy hair,” she informed me.

“Oh,” I said, wondering if she was doing that for me.

“Is your pussy shaven?” she asked, finishing packing up.

“No.” I answered, realizing this was very strange classroom conversation. Wanting to defend myself, I added, “But I do keep it trimmed.”

She considered my answer and looked like she might give me an order, but instead she finished packing up, and said, “I’ll drive tomorrow, ok.”

“Sure,” I agreed, happily, as I had always hated night driving.

“So be packed and bring something sexy, we will be going out on the town after we get there.”

“Ok,” I quickly agreed.

She gave me a quick wink and added, “I mean dress-for-sex hot.”

I blushed and said, “What do you have in mind?”

She smiled a smile that could only be taken as devilishly sexy and teased, “Oh trust me, it will be a night you will never forget.”

Before I could respond she was gone and I was again left a wet mess, which was becoming a more common occurrence.

I went home, swallowed a load of my husband’s cum for an appetizer before supper just before the kids got home and then at bedtime we had another sex marathon where I came over and over thinking it was her tongue on me and Markus’s big black cock fucking me.

That night, while cuddling with my hubby, still horny after a few orgasms, John again gave me permission to play.

This time I pointed out, “It very well may happen, baby.”

“I know,” he whispered in my ear.

I fell asleep excited about the unknown and just as nervous. If I did succumb to my growing desire, there was no turning back.


I was a mess all day. Every time she looked at me, I felt as if she was seeing through my conservative teacher outfit and into my dirty mind. Underneath my long black skirt was a matching black garterbelt and stockings and on a crazy whim I had decided to not wear any panties, something I had never done at work before.

I considered going without a bra as well, my tiny breasts are easy to conceal, but my sensitive hard nipples were impossible to hide if I got excited, which I was all fucking day.

Yet she showed not even the slightest hint of what she had in store for me. There was no innuendo, no long looks, and no anything, I even began to think it was all in my head.

The day ended, my pussy on fire with nervous anticipation. Her sweet, innocent, yet seductive smile asked, “You ready for an adventure?”

I quickly gave away any pretence that I wasn’t a willing and eager participant when I responded, “I am ready for whatever you have in mind.”

Her smile shifted only slightly as she teased, “You should be careful what you promise.”

Returning her volley, I countered, “These next two days I’m throwing caution to the wind.”

She gave me a look and decided to test me, her tone the most dominant I had heard. “Give me your panties.”

“I can’t,” I answered, sheepishly.

“Why?” she asked, her tone implying a lack of tolerance.

I blushed. “I am not wearing any.”

Her tone instantly softened. “Well aren’t you a naughty girl.”

I blushed even more, excited at the odd flattery.

“How about your bra then?”

Suddenly feeling self-conscious in my own classroom, I replied, “Not here.”

Her tone sweet, yet with authority, demanded, as she closed the door, “Now, my kitty.”

Having her give me a pet name only enhanced my eagerness to submit and I obeyed silently. Getting the bra off without taking off my blouse was a bit awkward, especially when she was watching me, but I got it off and handed it to her.

She took it and complimented me, “Good Kitty. Time to go, my pet.”

I followed her to her car and we were off to the great unknown.

Silence lingered until we were out of the city and Alicia finally broke the obvious tension. “So Pam, does hubby know about your desire to be my kitty?”

“Yes,” I whispered.

“And he approves?”

“Yes,” I confirmed, adding, “He gave me permission to play with you and even….” I stopped suddenly, realizing I might have said too much.

“Even what, my kitty? You and I will have no secrets.”

“He even gave me permission to be with Markus,” I revealed.

“Well, aren’t you ambitious,” she said with a smile.

I didn’t say anything, unsure what to say.

Silence lingered for a few more minutes until she finally asked, “So you want to fuck my boyfriend?”

Her tone was deceiving. I couldn’t tell if she was offended or impressed. I contemplated my answer for a moment until she repeated, her tone showing impatience, “Just answer the question. Do you want to fuck my big-cocked boyfriend?”

“Yes,” I admitted, adding, “desperately.”

“He would rip you apart,” she said with a smile, before adding, “but fuck, it would be hot to see.”

Silence again lingered before she explained her expectations to me. “I am very submissive to my man, but just as dominant to my kitties. I expect complete obedience. I expect undying loyalty. I expect you to be a perfect little sub.”

She allowed her words to sink in as I processed her expectations, which turned me on even more. I finally answered, accepting the extreme terms, “Ok.”

“You don’t sound too convincing,” she questioned.

Desperate to show my complete and utter eagerness to submit to her, I confirmed my commitment. “These next two days Alicia, I am no longer married, no longer your cooperating teacher, and no longer the conservative prude people see me as. “

“Then what are you?” she questioned.

“Your submissive,” I replied.

“My pet?”

“Your pet kitty,” I agreed.

“Open my glove department.”

I did and saw a little bag.

“Take the bag.”

I did.

“Grab the ball and shove it in your cunt,” she ordered.

I looked at it cautiously, unsure what it was. The prude side of me wondered if it was sanitary.

“Now!” she demanded, her tone shifting dramatically.

Startled, I quickly slid the ball inside my very wet pussy.

“Good kitty,” she purred, instantly returning to her syrupy sweet self.

Silence again remained, giving me lots of time to wonder what she had in store for me. The ball just sat inside me until suddenly I felt a buzz. I let out a surprised yelp and glanced at Alicia who was smiling. The buzzing sensation was just a light tease, a constant reminder that she had the power.

Alicia turned the radio up and somehow the speed of the toy in me at the same time and I let out a moan. Her only words for the next half hour was, “Don’t you dare come, my kitty.”

The buzzing was impossible to ignore, a constant tease, and I attempted to think of anything but sex…which was fucking impossible.

Out of the blue she said, “We are pulling into the next town for gas. If you have not come by then you will be punished.”

The word punished shocked me, as I never thought of this being a BDSM relationship.

She suggested, “I would get to work. We just passed the two mile sign.”

Fearful of what a punishment may be, I quickly put my hand under my skirt and began rubbing my clit furiously desperate to fulfill the order and my desire to come. My moans increased with my excitement and I closed my eyes, forgetting that I was in a car with my young black intern. Getting close, I begged, “Turn it on full blast, please.”

She obliged and the enhanced pulses inside my cunt was the final trigger to a glorious orgasm as my legs stiffened and my juice began to flood out of me.

I felt the car slow down and I opened my eyes a moment later to see we were pulling into a gas station. Alicia smiled, “You did very well, my kitty.”

I replied, still trying to catch my breath, “Thank you.”

“Fill up my tank, my kitty,” she instructed, getting out of the car. I followed her with my eyes and stared at her as she stretched, her perfect body curving at all the right places. I watched her like a horny boy as she went into the gas station. I got out and began pumping gas like a servant. I could feel my juice creeping down my leg, the aftermath evidence of a good orgasm, the toy still buzzing at full speed. I finished pumping the gas and went inside to clean up and hopefully get the toy out of me.

She came out of the washroom as I was going in. She smiled and I asked, with a slight whimper, “Can I take the toy out of me?”

“Is that what you want?” she asked.

The good vibrations stimulating me back to my happy place I suddenly realized I wanted nothing more than to keep the toy in me. “Ooooh, on second thought, I think I will keep it in.”

“Good kitty,” she smiled. “When you are done, pay for the gas.”

“Yes, Miss,” I replied, unsure what to call her under these strange circumstances.

As if reading my mind, she explained, “Except at the conference, you will refer to me as Mistress, is that clear?”

“Crystal,” I replied, happy to have a clear distinction between us.

She left and I went pee and paid for the gas, as well as buying some snacks.

I returned to the car and saw she was in the passenger seat. Assuming the obvious, I got into the driver’s seat and started the vehicle.

Once on the road again, my black intern, my black Mistress, pulled up her skirt and took off her pink panties. She handed them to me and said, “A gift for my kitty.”

I took them and without even thinking moved them to my nose. Her scent was powerful and intoxicating, just as I had envisioned it would be.

“Oh my,” she teased, “you are one naughty little dyke wannabe, aren’t you?”

Embarrassed by what I had just done, I put the panties onto my lap.

“I’d better shut off the toy, my Kitty, hate for you to not be able to focus on the road.”

She shut it off and I suddenly felt kind of empty.

I looked over a couple of minutes later and Alicia was asleep. I let out a soft sigh and drove in silence, my mind spinning with the many different scenarios she could have in store for me.


Alicia didn’t wake up until we were pulling up to the hotel. She yawned and asked, “Are you ready, my pet?”

The nickname had my pussy instantly tingling. “Yes.”

She purred, “Oh that is exactly what I wanted to hear.” A second later, I felt the buzz return to my loins. Instantly taking control, she said, “Let the adventure begin.”

She got out of the car and I quickly followed. She ordered, “Grab the bags and follow me.”

I obeyed, like the servant she was treating me as, the vibrating in my pussy still a major distraction. She was checking in when I arrived in the hotel. She pointed me to wait, like she would a child, and my face burned red with shame. It was one thing to submit to her sexually, it was another to be humiliated in public. Once she was done checking in, she instructed, “Bring the bags.”

I wanted to stand up for myself, to say this is not how you treat someone, yet instead I followed along like a well-trained puppy.

As soon as the elevator door closed, Alicia demanded, in front of an elderly couple also in the elevator, “On your knees.”

I looked at her pleading with my eyes, but instead of giving me a break she raised her voice and demanded, “Now!!!”

I lowered my eyes and dropped to my knees, humiliation burning inside me in ways I cannot even begin to explain. Yet, at the same time, my pussy was so wet I could feel my juices leaking out.

She patted my head, clearly putting on a sick show for the older couple, and said, “Good pet.”

Thankfully, she didn’t make me do anything sexual, as I just sat on my knees like a good dog.

We reached our floor and she ordered, “Crawl, my pet.”

I obeyed, as she grabbed our bags and followed behind me.

Once the elevator door was closed, her tone showed her power as she threatened, “Don’t you ever hesitate when I give you an order, is that understood?”

“Yes, Miss,” I instantly replied, both intimidated by her and also not wanting to not get the opportunity to pleasure her.

Once in the hotel room, she ordered, “Get undressed and take out the egg. Leave only your stockings on.”

She watched as I nervously got undressed in front of her and slipped out the still vibrating egg. My hand shook noticeably. Finally only in stockings, she said, “You have such small breasts, and yet such stiff nipples.”

I blushed as she assessed my body. I admitted, “Yes, they are extremely sensitive, especially when I am excited.”

“You are excited,” she teased, as she poured us both a glass of wine. Handing me mine, I took it and trying to calm my nerves, I shot the half the drink. “Are you getting some liquid courage?”

I nodded. “A couple of drinks and my inhibitions go away.”

“Well, drink away then, my pet. I plan to use you all night,” she promised, as she slid her finger between my breasts.

I shivered at her touch, a chill going up my spine.

She asked, “Do you want to see my tits?”

“Yes,” I whispered shyly.

She unbuttoned her blouse, tossing it aside, her large breasts begging to be released from their fabric prison. “Take off my bra,” my intern demanded.

I felt the slightest of leakage down below as I, still shaking, partly because I was nervous and partly because I was cold, unhooked the clasp and let her bra drop to the floor.

She offered, “Go ahead. Touch them. I know you want to.”

Of course, she was right. I cupped them in my hands, in awe of how big and heavy they were. Suddenly I saw streams rolling down between her breasts and Alicia demanded, “Drink up, my kitty.” I didn’t hesitate as I buried my face between her big luscious breasts and savoured the sweet mixture of her dark skin and wine. At first it was just the small thin stream, but as I lapped it up, the stream became wider and quicker and I had to work hard to catch all the wine. A couple of minutes later, a buzz starting, I heard Alicia demand, “Finish your wine.”

I shot the last half of my glass. Alicia refilled it and took it before pushing me onto the bed. She asked, “Are you ready to be with a woman, my kitty?”

I looked up and admitted, wanting nothing more, “God, yes.”

She climbed onto the bed and her dark legs straddled my head. Her scent instantly encompassed me and I instantly wanted to taste her. She instructed me, “Look at my cunt, my pet. What do you want to do to it?”

Without hesitation, I answered, “I want to lick you.”

She lowered her pussy so it was millimetres from my lips; her flexibility was very impressive. Without instruction, I leaned the last inch and licked her pussy.

I was instantly scolded, “Did I give you permission to lick me, slut?”

The tone shift and being called a slut was like a slap in the face after all the sweet nicknames of the day. I stammered, suddenly out of my realm of comfort, “N-n-no.”

She lowered herself onto my chin. Although my instinct was to extend my tongue, her bouquet of sin overwhelming my senses, I waited for further instructions from the suddenly domineering younger woman.

Finally she ordered, “Pam, I expect utter obedience, is that clear?”

“Yes,” I quickly replied, not wanting to disappoint her.

“Good,” she replied, suddenly grinding her pussy on my chin and I could feel her juices coating my chin. She continued to explain, “You see, Pam, as you promised in your classroom, you are throwing caution to the wind. That means I own you now. You are my lez slut. Is that understood?”

Partly tipsy, partly horny, but mostly curious to taste her intoxicating nectar, I answered, “Yes, Miss.”

“Mistress,” she corrected, continuing to fuck herself on my chin.

“Yes, Alicia. You are my Mistress, please train me to be a good pet,” I begged.

She suddenly shifted her legs, her weight on my arms, trapping me, making me completely helpless and at the whim of my beautiful black intern. I should have been scared, yet I was completely turned on and ready to obey any order given. She grabbed my hair and pulled my face into her oasis of juice. She asked, although I could barely hear her in my subservient boxed in position, “Do you like what you see…slut?”

I moaned weakly, “I love it.”

“Of course you do, sluts love looking at cunt.” She pulled my face in, using my hair to guide and ordered, “Take a good whiff, slut.” She rubbed her pussy on my face, her excessive wetness showering my face; her scent impossible to not inhale. Grabbing my hair and yanking surprisingly hard, my face was shoved inside her pussy, my nose actually parting her pussy lips.

Finally I get the instruction I am dying to hear. “Lick my cunt, slut. Get off your new Mistress.” I eagerly extend my tongue again and begin licking. Every fantasy and anticipation of her taste was correct, she was perfection. Her pussy was like the champagne of the gods and I instantly knew I had made the right decision.

I was tentative at first, exploring her pussy as best I coukd from my awkward position. Alicia’s dominant voice gets me focused. “Don’t you be shy now, my fucking white whore, make me explode on your prima donna face.”

Such verbal abuse had never been thrown my way and I was stunned by how much it got me off. I felt my pussy leaking without being touched, being treated like a slut a major turn-on. I began licking faster, nibbling longer and sucking with purpose. I swallowed her clit in my mouth and heard a loud moan, which made a chill flow up my spine. She purred, her voice implying she had a big smirk on her face, “It’s what all lesbian slut slaves crave, cum all over their whore faces, their make-up a muddled mess like a cheap fucking slut. Isn’t that what you are, Pam?”

I let go off her clit and answered, mesmerized by the current predicament I was in, “Oh god yes, Mistress, I am a cheap fucking slut whore whose face is yours to use for your pleasure.” I instantly went back to savouring her cunt, determined to make her orgasm and taste her orgasmic champagne. I felt her hips moving in a slow rhythm my tongue clearly getting her aroused.

She again grabbed my hair and pressed my face against her, forcing me to breathe her in, the only air I had coming from her wet cunt. She began moving her hips faster, harder, grinding my face with her pussy as she moaned with authority, “Keep that fucking tongue working slut, or else.”

I felt like I was drowning in her pussy perfection and I never wanted to leave my newfound position, my newfound submission.

Alicia used her fingers to spread her pussy open for me, spreading her cunt lips wider, her cunt fully exposed to me. I attempt to fuck her cunt with my tongue, using my tongue like a small cock. Her moans became grunts and she began thrusting harder.

Her screams and moans oddly encouraged me. “Yeeeeeeees, harder slut. My little fuck-toy bitch! My fucking teacher slave. Harder!”

Sensing she was close, I sucked her clit back into my mouth, allowing my tongue to swirl around the hard nub.

Alicia let out a surprised gasp at my sudden aggressive approach and she rose up and then crashed back down onto my face. Although awkward, she was soon bouncing up and down on my face, literally fucking my face.

I became just a vessel for her pleasure, a personal fuck-toy for my new Mistress and I loved it. I desperately tried to lick her pussy and breathe as she rode my face.

Her sounds of arousal only enhanced my eagerness. “Mmmmmmmmmm, I’m gonna cooooooooome, yeeeeees. Suck my clit mooooooore, slut. Swallow it for fucks sake.”

All I wanted to do was make her come, taste her nectar, and her sin. I could feel her tremor, her shudder and her fingers dug into my hair as her body went rigid and I was rewarded with my black intern’s heavenly perfection. I lapped up every drop of her juice, knowing instantly that I was addicted and I would eagerly taste from her pussy the millisecond she snapped her fingers.

Alicia began moving her hips again furiously, again fucking my face, riding her orgasm to completion, using my face for nothing more than a fuck-toy. Just when I thought her orgasm was done, a second explosion coated my face, as she shook uncontrollably as she screamed, “Sluuuuuuuuuuuuuuuut, fuuuuuuuuuuck.”

My jaw was sore, my neck was burning and my arms were numb as my Mistress continued to use me for her pleasure. Thankfully, she fell to her side, her knees slipping off my arms, finally releasing me from my captive submission.

Her soft black hands grabbed my face. She looked into my eyes, staring at my cum-coated face. I stared back with trepidation, feeling cum dripping down my chin. I wanted, I needed, her approval. I was on pins and needles waiting for her first words after my complete submission to her. She smiled, gave me a playful slap on my cheek, “Mmmmmmm, you were a good little white bitch for me.”

“Thank you,” I blushed, oddly flattered by the strange compliment. I am sure I would have wagged my tail if I had one.

Alicia reached down and ran her fingers through her cunt before returning them and smearing her cum on my cheeks and lips.

I attempt to lick her fingers, again absurdly thanking her. “Oh thank you, Mistress.”

She puts her cum-scented fingers to my nose and just let them linger there. Silence echoed in the room loudly before she asked, “What are you, Pam?”

I answered without hesitation. “Your pet. Your slut. Your cunt.”

She laughed softly but with intent. “Yes, you are such a slut, a dirty little slut.” She leaned in and kissed me hard, her tongue dancing inside my mouth. Her hands cupped my cheeks and after all the hardcore humiliation, the gently kiss was an absurd yet hot contrast. I eagerly kissed back, the most passionate kiss I could ever recall experiencing.

She finally broke the kiss after a few minutes of intimate passion and smiled, her voice soft, “You were such a good girl, such a good kitty.”

Her approval warmed me all over. “Thank you, Mistress.”

“For part of your training, you are not allowed to come tonight,” she revealed, my heart crashing hard.

I whispered, unable to hide my disappointment, “Yes, Mistress.”

Her finger slid between my tiny breasts as she promised. “But don’t worry Pam. Tomorrow I promise you orgasm after orgasm like you have never experienced.” She kissed me one last time and said, “I am going to have a shower. Call your husband and feel free to share your submission to your new Mistress if you wish.”

I watched her leave and lay there, trying to calm down my burning desire to touch myself. I considered calling John, but knew retelling my adventure with Alicia would only rekindle my slowly simmering flame and I would be unable to resist the urge to pleasure myself. Instead, I closed my eyes, suddenly exhausted, and drifted into bliss.


I had the most peaceful sleep in recent memory, not waking up once, which was strange considering I hadn’t been allowed to orgasm. I heard the shower running and slowly stretched. I took off the stockings I slept in all night and rubbed the imprint of the top of the stocking. The shower shut off and I was again nervous, unsure how to act normally after what had taken place.

I made a pot of coffee and it was almost brewed when Alicia finally came out of the shower in just a towel. She smiled when she saw me and asked, “Did you have a good sleep?”

“I slept like a baby,” I admitted. “How about you?”

“Very good. Any regrets?” she asked, walking towards me.

I stammered, “N-n-no.”

“Good, because I think going to this conference now is the perfect metaphor for your transformation.”

“How so?” I asked, confused and excited, as she stood directly in front of me.

“Well, I am recycling you. Getting rid of the old, prude persona you personified and creating a new much better version, a sexy, submissive, slut.”

I blushed, my face burning with shame as such a declaration and yet my cunt burning with desire because of the exact same declaration.

She could see through my trepidation to my real desires and ordered, “Go shower. We have a very busy day, my kitty.”

I obeyed, again trying to squelch the burning heat growing below. In the shower I turned the water on colder than I usually did, desperate to calm my desire down, not wanting to be a horny mess while at the conference. I had to turn off my growing slut personality and return to my professional teacher one.

Out of the shower, I returned to the room and saw that Alicia was gone. On the bed was an outfit and a note. The outfit included the red blouse I had brought, but the black leather skirt was not mine. I grabbed the piece of paper and read the brief note.

Pam MY Slut,

My kitty. I am downstairs having breakfast. You are welcome to join me when you are dressed and ready. I have laid out your outfit for today…do not make any alterations or changes to your attire. You will notice that it is sexy, not slutty. Of course, you may also notice that there is no underwear of any kind. A SLUT doesn’t wear undergarments. A slut’s pleasure holes are ALWAYS available at ALL times.

In public you may refer to me as Alicia, but the instant we are alone I am MISTRESS and you are SLUT. That said, you are still expected to obey any command I give you, no matter where we are.

Now finish getting dressed and meet me downstairs for breakfast.

Your Mistress


I could feel my pussy getting wetter as she read the note and her expectations. Even though I was a teacher, a lady, the thought of being a possession, just letting go unconditionally was…irresistible.

I grabbed the pantyhose, surprised they were not thigh highs until I pulled them up and learned they were crotchless. I didn’t even know such a thing existed. I put on the leather skirt and realized why she had me wear pantyhose instead of stockings, the skirt, although just barely professional, was too short for stockings. My nipples were as hard as diamonds and were almost impossible to hide in the thin fabric blouse. Once dressed, I finished my hair and had to admit I looked pretty damn good.

I went downstairs for breakfast and joined Alicia. She smiled when she saw me and asked, “Do you like your outfit?”

“Yes,” I admitted, slightly self-conscious at how others may judge me, but more excited at obeying my new black Mistress.

“You look delicious,” she complimented. “If I hadn’t already ordered breakfast, I’d have had you instead.”

I blushed, my pussy already tingling from the thought of being pleasured by her.

I ordered breakfast and we sat in awkward silence. Where before our sexual encounter we had lots to talk about, suddenly I had nothing to say.

After what was only a couple of minutes, but felt like an eternity, Alicia began conversation, talking about the conference and sessions she planned to attend. After a couple more minutes, it was as if last night didn’t happen and we were colleagues again. It wasn’t until breakfast was almost done that I was reminded of our new relationship. She took a strawberry, moved it under the table and stared at me the whole time. A minute later the strawberry returned into view and she leaned forward and put it on my plate. Understanding her expectation, I grabbed the strawberry that was glistening just enough to know without a doubt it had been inside her pussy and popped it in my mouth. The sweet mixture of the fruit and her juice was indescribable, but it was an assault to the senses.

Alicia smiled and purred, “Good pet,” just before our waitress arrived with the bill.

Once the bill was paid, by me of course, we went to the ballroom for the opening keynote. The speaker, a passionate man, focused on how the world was like a village and we in North America took for granted our many luxuries. It was a powerful opening and he closed by highlighting that each of us could play a role in changing the world. As usual, I get giddy with youthful enthusiasm when a speaker is so optimistic because I am definitely a the-glass-is-half-full kind of girl. Alicia smiled and said, “You are already well on your way to contributing to helping many others.”

I was confused at the comment at first until I caught on to the sexual implications that were implied. I worried about what her devious mind could have in store for me, even as another part of me tingled with anticipation. What was becoming of me?

Alicia handed me a note and said, “I will see you back in the hotel after the last session.”

I watched her leave before opening the note, my already usual mixture of trepidation and excitement crashing together.

My White Little Slut,

There is an adult store a block and a half from our hotel. Before you return to our room, I want you to go there and pick up a strap-on you want me to fuck you with. There will also be a small package for you to pick up that I have pre-ordered for you.

Have a good day and don’t you dare come!!!

Mistress Alicia

I stared at the letter even as my pussy leaked. I looked at the clock and realized I had less than five minutes before my next session on ‘Recycling Art’. I sighed; I was really looking forward to this session. I was an art major and was intrigued by new ideas to bring back to my class that tied recycling and art. Now all I could think about was the fact that Alicia planned to fuck me later tonight and instead of being aghast at the thought, I couldn’t wait.

Although distracted, I went to the session and once it got underway, my pussy simmered and I was able to concentrate on the real reason I was here. Once the session was over, I decided to head for lunch to fulfill the order Alicia gave me when I heard my name being called out. I stopped in my tracks, the voice vaguely familiar. I turned around to see it was my first intern from a few years ago, Joan.

“I thought that was you,” Joan greeted with a big smile.

“Hi, Joan,” I smiled, “it is great to see you.”

She asked, “Going for lunch?”

“I was,” I admitted. We went for lunch and caught up. Although not overly professional, we chatted so long we missed the afternoon keynote as we went for a mini-shopping spree instead. It wasn’t until three hours later before Joan asked, “I have to ask, Pam. Are you not wearing a bra?”

I blushed, but covered, having briefly forgot about my current situation, “Believe it or not, I forgot to pack one.”

“Really?” she asked, surprised. “You are the most organized person I have ever met.”

I joked, “Early menopause.”

Joan laughed and quipped, “Well, you are definitely perky.”

My stiff nipples agreed as I recalled my task I had yet to complete. “If you only knew the half of it,” I threw out there before realizing what I just said. I quickly added, “Well it was great seeing you, but I need to get back to the hotel, I am suppose to meet my new intern for supper.”

“Oh, I would love to meet her, maybe share war stories,” Joan quipped sarcastically.

Before I knew what was happening, I had supper plans at 6 with Joan and Alicia. We hugged goodbye and I rushed to the adult store. Once in the store I was instantly overwhelmed by wall-to-wall toys and kinky sex paraphernalia. I walked around casually until I found the strap-on cocks and gasped at the variety. Although my mind was overwhelmed, my neglected pussy was instantly wet again. I noticed there was a variety of lengths and widths and although I knew I should be conservative with my choice, as soon as I noticed a long, thick black one, my mind was made.

I grabbed the box with the eight inch black strap-on and my pussy instantly got damp with anticipation. The long wait to come, plus the thought of Markus’s eleven and a half inch cock had me greatly distracted and I was becoming obsessed with black cock.

Heading to the till I saw a black vibrator and grabbed it, thinking she could play black fantasy on my own as well.

At the till I remembered I was supposed to ask for a package. Although embarrassing to ask, so was buying a strap-on cock that implied the obvious. At the till, the cashier was an older woman who gave no reaction at all to my purchases or my request for a package for me. She handed me a sealed box and I learned my purchase was over two hundred dollars. I was surprised, but acted casually as I paid for my toys and whatever else was in the box and rushed out like I was making a getaway. I returned to my hotel room and Alicia was in the shower. I put my purchases on the bed and waited nervously for whatever might lie ahead.


A few agonizing minutes ticked by with snail like speed. I felt like a kid waiting for Christmas morning, the anticipation was killing me. My pussy on fire, I suddenly remembered my dinner plans.

Alicia came out in a towel, her wet hair making her somehow even hotter. She smiled, “You finally made it. I thought you might have decided to not return.”

I blushed but admitted, “That thought never crossed my mind.”

“Good,” she purred, promising, “because I have plans for you tonight.”

“About that,” I began.

A perplexed look crossed her face.

“I bumped into my last intern and somehow the three of us are going out for dinner,” I explained.

“Reeeeeally,” she smiled, her brain clearly bouncing around with ideas that both worried and excited me.

“Supposed to meet at six,” I revealed.

“Delicious,” she smiled.

I begged, “Please don’t let Joan know about our relationship.”

“Our relationship,” she repeated, “is that what this is?”

I didn’t say anything and she promised, “I will try to behave myself.”

“Thanks,” I whispered.

“I suggest you go shower and get ready. One of my later ideas will have to be moved up. You will probably want time to get used to it.”

I couldn’t fathom what I would have to get used to, although as was becoming the norm, the idea both excited and scared me. Allowing myself to be completely at the whim of someone else was both exhilarating and nerve-wracking. “Ok,” I replied, giving no sign of my inner turmoil.

I went to the washroom and had a long cleansing shower, my mind reeling with possibility. For the second time today, Alicia was gone and clothes and a note were left for me, as was the box, now opened.

I grabbed the note and read it.

My lez slut I am not sure how to read the dinner plans you have arranged. On the one hand, it looks like your attempt to avoid submitting to me again. On the other hand, it could be your subtle way to have you submit to two interns in one day. On yet another hand, it could just be the circumstance of how events shaped. On yet another, another hand it could be fates way of stirring the sexual pot.

I have again left you clothes to wear. YOU WILL WEAR THEM! Also, I will be back in fifteen minutes to insert in you a special toy for the evening, a constant reminder of who owns you tonight.

I expect you dressed, on the bed on all fours, and ready for me.

Your Black Goddess

Still in just a towel, curiosity got the better of me and I peaked in the box. I pulled out the toy and after a couple of seconds it dawned on me it was a butt plug. She wasn’t expecting me to wear a butt plug, was she?

Anxiety suddenly overruled excitement. I had allowed John to fuck my ass a few times and although I got used to the pain that accompanied it, I can’t say I ever really enjoyed it. It was just one of those things I did to please my man. I couldn’t even remotely recall the last time we had done that…a couple of years at least.

I put on the fire truck red dress I packed as instructed by Alicia…easily the sexiest dress I owned. The dress was just long enough to cover up the black thigh high stockings Alicia had left for me to put on, but would definitely not hide the stocking tops when I was sitting. As this morning, there was no underwear. I slid the nylons onto my legs, slithered into the dress and went and got ready. Thankfully, the dress was thick enough to conceal my stiff nipples. I had just finished my hair and last second lipstick touch-ups when I heard a key in the lock. Quickly, I rushed to the bed, awkwardly pulled my dress up just as the door opened.

Alicia entered, and a couple of seconds later said, “Now that is the way to be greeted, a nice, ripe, white ass up in the air.”

My face I imagine went the same color of my dress, but I remained silent, waiting.

I heard her shuffle through her suitcase before joining me on the bed, directly behind me. She asked, “Did you like the present?”

I avoided a direct answer. “It was not what I expected.”

“What did you expect?”

“I don’t know actually. A lot of things popped into my head,” I admitted.

“Like?” she asked, her hands on my ass.

I listed the long list of taboo items I hypothesized may be in the mystery box. “Handcuffs, vibrators, lotions, lubes, blindfolds, outfits and so forth.”

“You are a naughty minx. Three of the things you listed were in that box, as well as the butt plug you already know about, and there is one other surprise for later,” my young black intern informed.

I felt my ass cheeks spread apart as she asked, “You have not come yet, have you?”

“No, Miss,” I answered, hoping my obedience would pay off in the form of the long awaited orgasm she hinted was coming.

“You really are a submissive little slut, aren’t you?”

I admitted, “With John I can be, but I often am in control as well. Yet, somehow with you it is completely different.”

Her finger teased my puckered back door. “An interesting choice of strap-on cock, my slut.”

I whimpered a bit as her finger probed my rarely used ass. “It is?”

“Big and black, and if I didn’t know any better, I would assume you are trying to prepare yourself for my boyfriend’s big, thick, eleven inch plus super cock.”

“I-um-well-I have always fantasized of having a black cock. John has even bought black condoms so that I can somewhat live the fantasy,” I stammered in explanation.

“I see,” she teased, her finger just barely penetrating me. “Well, be a good little slut and maybe I will make that fantasy become more than just a reflection.”

The thought of fucking Markus sent a pulse of pleasure directly to my cunt.

My black Goddess, as she called herself, asked, “I assume you have had your back end plundered?”

“Yes,” I admitted, but hoping to change her plans for me added, “although I can’t say I have ever really enjoyed it.”

“Part of the pleasure for me is the utter submission, and once I give into it, I find the pleasure enhances immensely,” she explained.

Her logic made sense and I wondered if in utter submission came ultimate pleasure. Her finger teased my entrance and I replied, still cautious, “Kkkk.”

She surprised me next when she pulled her finger out and I suddenly felt her tongue running my asshole. The feeling was a surprisingly numbing sensation that sent pulses of pleasure directly to my needy cunt. She spent only a couple of minutes between my ass cheeks, before moving away. A moment later I felt the cold liquid lube coating my ass as she prepared, I assumed, to fill my ass with the butt plug.

“Relax,” she instructed, “I am going to prep your ass for your new toy.”

I tried to obey, but it is like not looking at a car crash, you can’t resist. Slowly, but surely, she slid her finder inside my tight ass. Because it was only her finger, it only pained slightly. Oddly, maybe because I had not been allowed to orgasm or maybe because of the submissive act, the finger violation of my ass was getting me horny. She wiggled her finger in my ass, which was again only a slight discomfort.

Alicia explained, “I am opening your ass slowly, preparing it for the plug you will wear all evening when we are out with your friend.”

I couldn’t fathom how I could walk or sit with something that big in my ass, it was completely incomprehensible.

A few seconds later my black intern explained, “I am going to add a second finger, Pam. I suggest you relax and enjoy it like a good slut.”

Being called a slut was both insulting and a turn-on and I did my best to obey and relax. As the second finger squeezed its way inside, I could feel my ass muscles protest the widening.

Alicia’s other hand went to my pussy and she lightly tapped my clit, distracting me from the pain with pleasure. I moaned softly with each tap, as she played me like a bass drum.

Alicia replicated the slow penetration and wiggling inside my ass. After a minute or two, the discomfort dissipated.

Alicia said, “So while we are out you will keep the toy in your ass. You will obey any suggestion I make. Is that understood?”

“Yes,” I whimpered, petrified by the potential humiliation and excited by the utter submission.

Her fingers left my now gaped ass that suddenly felt empty and I watched her over my shoulder generously lube the black butt plug. I still couldn’t imagine it fitting in my ass. Content it was well-lubed, Alicia returned behind me and again directed, “Relax Pam.”

I closed my eyes and waited. A few seconds later I felt the plug slowly penetrate my ass. A searing pain burned briefly, but quickly faded and a slight uncomfortable, but tolerable, numbing lingered.

“In,” she announced, surprising me. I couldn’t believe the toy could fit in my ass with such ease. “Lay on your back, my pet.”

I slowly obeyed, focusing on not positioning myself where the plug would go deeper in me. Once on my back, Alicia smiled and took a picture with her phone. I instantly pleaded, “Alicia, please no,”

She snapped a second picture and said in a no-nonsense tone, “Don’t you ever question your Mistress, is that understood?”

I stammered, “S-s-sorry Mistress,” my humiliation burning.

She disappeared and returned with a thong. As she slid it on up my nylon legs she explained, “You can wear these to assist in keeping the plug in your ass.”

“Thank you, Mistress,” I replied, actually thankful for the dental floss piece of underwear assisting me fulfilling my seemingly impossible task.

Her sweet tone instantly back, she praised, “Good girl.” She grabbed my heels and put them on for me and if anyone was watching it would look like I was a white rich bitch with a black servant, which, of course, couldn’t be farther from the truth.

Once my heels were on, she suggested, “We should get going.”

I slowly got off the bed and stood up. I wobbled briefly as I attempted to get accustomed to the toy in my ass.

Alicia smiling, clearly amused by my discomfort and struggle, suggested, “You should probably practice walking a bit first.”

As she disappeared into the washroom, I walked back and forth attempting to walk like I didn’t have something stuck up my ass. It was awkward at first, but like most things, you get used to it eventually. When Alicia returned from the washroom she instructed, “Time to go slut. Be a good girl and I won’t make you beg to eat out your friend.”

I gasped softly, but replied, “I will be good, Mistress.”


A ten minute walk while I finally perfected walking like a lady and not a whore, and we arrived at the restaurant where Joan was already seated.

I introduced Joan to Alicia, and I could see the wheels spinning in my Mistress’ head as she assessed my pretty ex-intern. It was then I realized my new predicament. How the hell was I to sit with this thing in my ass? Alicia looked over at me, clearly knowing my dilemma. She slightly nodded, implying I was to sit down.

Acting as casually as possible, desperate to hide my submissive predicament to Joan, I lowered myself into the chair while looking away to hide the grimace I was sure I was going to have on my face. As my ass hit the chair, I could feel the plug push up inside me creating a new pain as the toy reached deeper into new uncharted depths.

Joan. noticing my wince asked, “Are you, ok?”

I lied, “Oh, yes. I just slept in a weird position last night. I never sleep well the first night in a new bed. My back is killing me.”

The waiter showed up and we ordered drinks. I decided the best way to ignore and tolerate the plug in my ass was to get totally inebriated, and I ordered a bottle instead of a glass of wine.

Joan joked, “I know you love your wine, but what are trying to numb? “

The irony of her question had Alicia giggle a little and me blush. I shrugged, “I don’t get to let loose too often. So when I am out of town I let go of all my inhibitions and let my hair down.”

“Well in that case, I think I will make mine a double,” Joan said to the waiter.

Alicia intervening said, “Make it a triple, stud.”

Joan laughed, “I will be shitfaced before supper is done.”

Alicia spinning another web added, “Well, maybe we all need to let our inhibitions down.”

By the end of supper, three hours later, Joan had finished three drinks, the last two being doubles, and I had only one glass of wine left. As we ate our cheesecake, the perfect dessert to a perfect meal, the conversation led its way towards sex, as usual happens when women and booze mix. Joan explained, “I can’t even remember the last time I was fucked.”

I quipped, ignoring my sexual encounter with Alicia, “John fucked me before I came on this trip.”

Joan sighed, “I am jealous. I just can’t find the right man.”

Alicia asked, “And what does the right man entail?”

Joan reflected a minute as she finished the last of her third drink. “Well, he would be financially stable, attractive, want kids, have a sense of humour, and be able to have a conversation without staring at my tits.”

“A reasonable checklist,” Alicia assessed, before adding, “You do have a beautiful set of tits.”

Joan blushed; I probably did too, as I wondered if Alicia was going to attempt to seduce Joan. “Thanks, yours are pretty fucking magnificent too.”

I acted insulted as I cupped my tits and said, “Um, excuse me?”

Joan laughed, “Your tits are awesome too, Pam.” She shook her head as she added, “I can’t believe I am talking about tits with my ex-supervising teacher.”

Alicia said, “So it is agreed. We all have great tits. Now let’s check out the rest of our perfect packages. Pam, stand up.”

I obeyed the order in a heartbeat, a mixture of excitement and trepidation.

Alicia splattered me with compliments. “Pam has amazing legs, especially in those old-fashioned seamed tan stockings and heels. Don’t you think, Joan?”

Joan stood up to get a look at all of me and said, “Turn around Pam, let me see the seamed stockings.”

I obeyed, making a sexy half-spin to showcase my assets.

“Oh yes, those are sexy. Wait those aren’t pantyhose, I can see the top of your stockings,” Joan noticed.

Alicia explained, “They are thigh high stockings. Perfect to tease and please and give easy access to her special spot, isn’t it Pam?”

Attempting to hide my submission to Alicia and answer the question, I agreed, “Yes, John loves me in such sexy silk and loves to fuck me in public when he can.”

Joan gasped, “I can’t believe it.”

“Believe what?” Alicia asked.

“That Pam is so, so, um, well, sexual. Pam, you seemed so reserved when we were in the classroom.”

Alicia explained, “Many women are ladies in the office and tigresses in the bedroom. Or others are completely in control in the classroom, but when intimate need to let go off all the power and submit sexually to all their hidden sexual desires. Isn’t that right, Pam?”

I am sure my face was redder than my dress as I agreed, “I suppose so.”

“You suppose so?” Alicia questioned.

I added, still desperate to hide my submission to Alicia, “Yes. Well, at home I love to just allow John to treat me like a slut, to treat me like his personal fuck-toy.”

“Oh my God,” Joan said, adding, “wow, that gets me surprisingly hot.”

Alicia asked, “What does, imagining being a submissive slut like Pam, or Pam being a submissive slut?”

“Both, I guess,” Joan replied, her face flushed with excitement.

Alicia asked, “What about Pam’s ass, Joan? Do you like her ass?”

Joan looked me over like I was a piece of meat to be devoured.

Before Joan answered the question, Alicia ordered, “Bend over Pam, let Joan really see those curves.”

Kind of embarrassed and incredibly thankful we were in the corner of a relatively empty restaurant, I again obeyed my black Mistress.

Joan stared and Alicia asked, “So, what do you think Joan?”

Joan in a trance of sorts answered, “Pam, your ass is amazing. I wish mine was that luscious.”

Interracial, lesbian, oral, anal, pregnancy, lactation, and lots of love. Oh, and a cheating white wife.

Did I mention sex, gratuitous sex not needed for plot development or anything else but just to write about fucking. I have a non sex version of this but hell this is a porn site so you get the sex one.


He’ll do. I think so too.

I had just come home from work to the welcoming arms of my loving wife, Rickie. She was hot and I felt almost honored to have married her. She was blond and five foot seven, double D tits, a small waist, a tight nice big, but not too big, ass and string for a bikini when she wore one. Lucky me!

We had been married all of three months. We had met at a party I was invited to and there she was. I was in love from that first moment. Every guy wanted her but she left with me. We spent three days in bed, a few hours on a plane, and presto we were married by Elvis in Vegas, just like she wanted. Another five days in bed and home we came. She fucked me raw and I wanted more.

I know it is crazy but she was my first. I was sort of shy around women but she wasn’t shy at all. Still I was not shy around anyone else, just women I did not know and those that I did know I was ok around them, just not very interested. Hell I was almost twenty three and a virgin so that has to tell you something.

I had served in the Army but not in a combat unit, but that was about all. I got a degree in the military and when my time was up I just moved on. I had military in the family so going in young was the right thing to do.

It’s not that I did not want a woman but I had these ideas about true love and my one and only and well, I should have fucked everything with a pussy that would let me but I didn’t; but eventually I did get fucked, good and fucked.

Now I had a great job as an engineer working on computer to hardware interfaces. It was fun and best of all I could do a lot of it by telecommuting if I had to, but I usually went into the office daily. I was working hard and was up for a partnership. Not more money but a partnership, a percentage of the business.

When people think telecommuting they think you get to always be home but what it really means is that you are always at work. You know what they say about the DOD, they don’t sleep so you can.

I loved to interface with the manufacturing egg heads in our other locations. It was not unusual that we would Skype and discuss a number of ideas to solve a number of design and manufacturing problems. We had offices in France, Italy, and China. I was lucky because I spoke French, and Italian and the Chinese spoke English and French. Sadly I did not also speak Chinese. It also made for some crazy hours and even crazier discussions when we bounced ideas back and forth. I usually saved them for later review as the rest of them did. We did not want to end up like NASA on that Mars space mission when people were talking numbers and some meant metric and others meant feet and inches. That was a big failure and kept us conscious of what we said and the need for review. I bet you can guess where this is going? Ok, you get three guesses and the first two don’t count.

Most of the work was done at the office where we could work on the hardware itself but not everything. We usually had the hardware sent to us to work on it. The “us” I was talking about could mean any of us anywhere in the world. One location would get the hardware and the rest of us would work on it too.

You heard that shit about it takes a village? Well it takes a hell of a lot more than that; it takes a fucking satellite in a geosynchronous orbit with dedicated access and one hell of a protected communications protocol. You think countries have a lot invested in spying? You have not seen shit until you deal with multi national corporations involved in spying. And the poorer the country the more aggressive they are. The corporations of foreign nations consider themselves extension of those nations and win at any costs, including theft, is acceptable to them.

I had invested quite a bit of money in computer systems that I put into the house just so I could work when I wanted. The time zones were different for us all so at times we needed to interface with those far away and this is how we did it. You did not drive into the office for these meetings, you did them from a secure location that you set up and paid for yourself. That was why some worked only in the office and others, like me, invested the bucks and were on their way to a partnership.

We did the interface work as contractors for different companies and we all worked together from all over the world.

My wife and I had not decided where to buy yet, but we were looking. My wife wanted children and so did I. I just could not wait to see that little body of hers full of life that I put there. Anyway Rickie did not work and at twenty five I wanted her close by so that we could work on that baby. She was about two years older than me and she said her biological clock was ticking.

After one of the many early morning Skype sessions I left the recording system on that I used to interface with other geeks and it recorded everything just as it would have if I was there walking around the house and talking about designs and ideas with other engineers and geeks. The system heard and made a video of everything.

Rickie was trying to get pregnant, and she was trying real hard. The problem is that she was trying with five or six guys at a time and I was not one of them. I had come home and found everything was normal until I watched the video. I did not know what to do so I did nothing; I just kept recording and listening. Except now it was left on intentionally and I even added a few more cameras and audio input devices.

The sex had not fallen off those three months, nothing had changed at all. I was just floored by what she was doing. I faked a number of illnesses and injuries. At first she appeared to be concerned with the lack of sex from me but then she did not even mention it, she was getting enough, if there was ever enough for her.

In thirty days, thirty days that I went without sex after finally having gotten used to it and loving it, she did more than just the same six guys, she had a fucking stable. I went to work and she called them and they came over. She was gangbanged from twenty minutes after I left until thirty minutes before I got home. There were never less than three guys with her and usually three in waiting for their shift to start.

A good number of the men were neighbors so they saw me leave and “filled the void” as soon as possible.

She wore them out and then got more to come in. She was the local gangbang queen. I did not have a fucking clue. She was always hot for me, or so I thought.

While my work day was usually nine or ten hours when I went to the office, I made them at least twelve hours a day, seven days a week. Some days I stayed at work for forty-eight hours straight; anything to stay away from her. I always made sure she knew that I was going to have a long day so she had lots of time to get fucked.

I have no idea how many cream pies or sloppy – - what is the term for being the seventh – - hell I have no idea but she usually did them in groups of six, I had but it stopped when I found out what she was doing. A few times she did more than two different groups. If I was out of town, which I made sure I was as much as possible, she had them fucking her twenty-four seven. I don’t even know if she knew their names. I knew them because I made it my mission to find out. I kept a list.

She talked about what a wimp I was and how bad in the sack I was and how she never got off with me. She told them I had a small cock, I don’t, and that I did not know shit about how to use what little I had. She humiliated me to them and they responded in kind. I was devastated. She intended to get pregnant and have me raise some stranger’s kid and be a real cuckold.

No, I did not know how to fuck, she was my first, but I was more than willing to learn. It looked like she could teach tricks to a whore. She married me for my job, my money and my future. I was her meal ticket. If she could keep me happy for five years she would be set for life.

She really loved me. She loved that I worked hard; she loved that she did not have to work; she loved that she would be able to fuck anyone anytime; she loved that I would raise and support her bastards. She was careful about one thing, she did not do blacks. Oh she would suck them off and let them have her ass but never her pussy. She said she could not afford a black baby – - yet.

She was nothing but a whore. I even saw her get money from some of them; others got the ride for free. If they were five foot ten and white with brown hair and brown eyes, she did not care. Since I looked that way she wanted one of them to knock her up so I would not catch on. On the thirty first day following my discovery, after thirty days of video, I filed for divorce.

I moved out; there was nothing much that we had together. I cancelled the lease, at least as far as I was concerned, and even paid it up until the end of the term. I just left. That same day, because she was out ‘with friends” I got all my things out and had my process server waiting inside when she got home. I had two process servers there, both women. They served her with a divorce based on irreconcilable differences.

I closed every credit card and the bank accounts because it was all my money anyway. I took her off the life insurance but left her on the health insurance, because the attorney told me to do that in case I got stuck with medical bills.

She fought the divorce and claimed she was pregnant; I already knew that she was. I had it on video where she told a group that one of them was going to be a daddy, so all six of them fucked her for hours and had six more show up because she wore the first six out. She really loved gangbangs.

She was going to tell me that we had sex late at night and that it was mine. I had not had sex with her at all so it was not my kid. It slowed down the divorce because she was pregnant.

I knew it was not mine because I had video and audio in the bedroom and I never had sex with her anywhere in the house, much less in the bedroom in the middle of the night. I never used any of the video. I never even told her I had it.

She went nuts when I served her and I never told her why.

“It’s over!” is all I said.

She got a court order and I had to pay support until the baby was born but the DNA showed I was not daddy. I could have used the video but the court would still have made me pay since I was married to her and I “could” have been the father. After the DNA came back I changed the grounds to adultery and on that note I officially ended my happy life as a married man.

I still had thirty days of video of her fucking for more than eight hours a day, but I never used them. The bitch never quit fucking or sucking. Every hole she had was filled as often as possible. Shit, who can fuck that much? Is it even possible not to injure yourself to have that much slick cock inside of you? Other than the first time I looked to make sure I had them working I never looked at them again. I was going to use the one about wanting to get pregnant and then the gangbang when she found out she was pregnant but I never did. I honestly don’t know why I kept them but I kept them hidden away gathering dust on a hard drive and also on a digital memory device. Maybe one day I would need them so I put power through them once a month, just to keep the operational.

I still have no idea what the fuck was going on in her head, no clue at all.

There were so many nasty things I could have done but I did none of them. I must be a wimp because I did not do shit but get out. And I got out cheap. There was no half of this or that and no alimony and no child support either.

Later she would become a world renowned philanthropist but that was way down the road. Right now she was just someone I did not want to know.

So when it was over, I just left town. I was now just short of twenty-four, making good money and divorced and in deep shit when it came to women.

I found this great place to live; it was in a pool house. I know what you are thinking but you would be wrong. This pool house was on a hill overlooking a large estate, which it was, at one time, a part thereof. It had three bedrooms, a gym and sauna, Jacuzzi, and yes an Olympic size pool. It also had rooms for an office, which I made great use of. It was the biggest pool house I have ever seen although I think the one at Hurst Castle is bigger.

I was still working for the same company, I just moved to California with them. Their offices were now in Nevada but California was perfect for me as I had a view of the ocean and everything. Damn I love telecommuting, especially when I loved alone. For two days a week I went to Nevada but I did not have to, I just did it to be nice and to show the state of California that I worked in Nevada.

Very rich people have wonderful toys and this pool house was a very rich man’s toy. He was a dot com multi gazillionaire but went to shit when the market took a dump. Many of his properties were broken up and sold off. This estate was one of the last to go and it was in bankruptcy for over a decade. Evidently they let high-ranking government officials stay at the place and no one wanted to let it go but eventually they had to. Sort of like the “Chicken Ranch” a whorehouse in Nevada, which the U.S. Government owned and ran via a bankruptcy proceeding and receivership.

I don’t have a lot of land but I do have a pool and all of the great amenities and my neighbors can’t see me up the hill to look into my home. Me, I can still watch the sunset over the blue Pacific and any of the shit my few neighbors get into. I have to tell you that government officials playing with the public funds sure do get into a lot of shit.

My life has not changed much except I don’t have any sex or a woman. I stayed away from them until the divorce was final and just never got started again. I work and that is all I ever do.

I was one fucking horny dude, geek, what ever you want to call me. I swam twice a day, 100 laps each time in an Olympic size pool, which is a little over three miles and the water was always perfect. Then I walked at least thirteen thousand steps at 30 inches a step, which is a little over six miles. Lastly I went for a jog for an hour or so which gave me another five or so miles.

I had to do something will all that energy that I was not fucking my way through. Actually, it was the way I thought about problems too; and that is what I did, I solved problems.

I talked on the phone when I walked and discussed ideas with the other geeks and engineers. It worked for me, well partially.

I had been there for three years without anyone around to disturb when and then I got new neighbors. It was two men, two very large men and two twins, female twins. Actually two twins would be four but you know what I mean; a set of twins.

They came up the hill to introduce themselves to me. The biggest man must have been six foot eight and close to three hundred pounds and as black as you can get and not be a lump of coal. He was huge. He was sort of a Shaquille O’Neal size man. He shook my hand and told me,

“My name is Ronald, Ronald Franklin.”

His hand looked like a black Virginia ham it was that huge. When he closed his hand it looked like he ate mine; all you could see was my forearm and the rest disappeared into that black ham.

I had to laugh. “My name is Delano, Delano Franklin.” I told them.

Just then the two women spoke up. They were both black, thin, and had small bubble butts and maybe “A” cup breasts at the right time of the month. They looked like Grace Jones the model from Conan and James Bond fame, but shorter by more than a half a foot. They were wearing white shorts that hugged them tight and I was noticing how great those long black legs looked and I was damn happy that they could not see me get hard looking at them. They were also wearing matching ribbed coral tank tops and I was sure there was not a bra under them. You could see the outline of their black nipples that just puffed out from that ribbed top. They were very fit and athletic looking.

They were five foot two and with a full head of the most delicious long black curly hair that just cascaded down their backs and sort of over their breasts too. They had full lips and those exotic eyes that reminded me of Elizabeth Taylor in Cleopatra. They had beautiful smiles that graced slightly oval faces that I noticed as they reached out to shake my hand.

I never had a thing for black women but I did now, that is for sure. They lit a fire in me that was just going to burn hotter and hotter.

Their fingers were long and delicate with nails that were not too long but long enough to leave marks on your back, if you were lucky.

When we touched it was like an electric shock you get when you walk across a wool rug and touch someone. Well there was no rug but there sure as hell was a shock. I don’t know if they felt it but I sure as hell did.

“My name is Deanna Franklin,” Deanna said. “Everybody calls me De.”

“My name is Dianna,” Dianna said.

“Let me guess, they call you Di?” I said.

“Not even close. When people think of Di they think of that Princess so no, no one calls me Di. They call me DD.” Dianna said.

The other man, damn near as big as Ronald said, “I’m Mike.”

“Can I get you something to drink?” I asked.

“Sure dog; I can live large on your action.” Mike said.

Now this is pretty funny as Mike is big and as white as they come. The man is almost an albino and he is trying to rap black for us.

“Could we please have some ice tea, if you have it?” Dianna or Deanna asked. I was not sure which.

“I don’t have any but I can make some for you, fresh too.” I said. “I have one of those brewing machines that will pump it out in just a few minutes and then this trick cooling device. I can even make it passion fruit ice tea or just about anything. Got some beer for you guys or maybe a Margarita if you want it?”

“Yo dog, hit us with that Mexican number” Mike said.

“Slushy or crushed ice with some salt on the rim?” I asked.

“Dog, hit that slushy thang and lay down a deuce of Patron on the side by.” Mike told me.

I just shook my head and started laughing and realized that Mike was just a character. I mean the man did not even have the slang down right and he spoke with an accent, a Northern European accent.

I went into the house with Deanna and Dianna and showed them where everything was. As I was showing them either Dianna or Deanna touched my arm and asked:

“Can we have this one, pointing to Darjeeling tea?”

I wanted to die. That shock went right through my body. I sure as hell had to know which of these two was married because I could not tell Deanna from Dianna and I think it was Deanna that had the same name as Ronald. Shit I was confused. I assumed that one of them was. I sure hope that one of them was unattached because I got an instant erection when they touched me.

“Of course you can. Which one are you and how do I tell you apart?” I asked getting the tea down and loading the machine.

“Thank you and you will eventually learn. If not it, well it is not all that important,” one of them said.

“It is damn important to me. I had a cheating wife and I sure as hell don’t want to say the wrong thing to another man’s woman. So, yes it is important.” I said with maybe too much anger.

“She hurt you bad didn’t she baby?” one of the women said with honest concern.

“More than anyone can know. I have learned never to mess with another man’s woman not for the obvious reasons but also because what it can do to the man when he finds out. When I am lucky enough to find that special woman then I have to be all she wants and no one else.” I finished.

“Now that my little self whining speech is over and the Margarita’s are done, if one of you can take them out I will get a few more things together. Oh, and don’t forget the ‘deuce of Patron on the side by’” I said with a laugh as I added two shot glasses of Patron for each Margarita on the tray. I sure hoped they did not pour my sipping tequila into a damn Margarita when I had 1800 for that.

The entire time I was around them they kept touching my arm just to get my attention about something. Each touch put thousands of volts right through my body.

Now I was a cheater and I admit it. I like a Margarita on occasion and to that end I keep a few things around. I like 1800 for mixing so I keep a few bottles in the freezer. It pours thick and cold but alcohol never freezes in a home freezer, so it is cool.

I also like premixed Margarita’s so to that end I keep some frozen. Hell I drink it without the damn booze too; I just like the taste. So for drill I keep four bottles frozen in their original container. They wanted it slushy and I could do that.

I took a bottle, cut it open, the frozen mix came out, and I added salt to the side of the glass and added in the frozen but still slushy mix and tossed in four ounces of the juice of life. You have a slushy Margarita.

Then you add frozen 1800 tequila and it pours like thick water and you have the perfect frozen Margarita. You get to do shit like that when you are when you single.

So I made the drinks for the guys and added a fresh bit of mix to the freezer. I loved the taste so I always kept some frozen.

One of the beauties did just that with a sweet laugh, leaving me alone with the other. I showed her how to fast chill the tea and we cut some limes and lemons and I did a quick guacamole dip, got some chips and pulled some shrimp out of the refrigerator that I had ready for a week of eating. I was planning to eat my way through ten pounds of peeled and deveined shrimp over the next week but this would be ok too. When you live alone and you are a man you can do that. A woman would never allow that, they would complain it was old or something.

Anyway it was sitting in different marinades so there was a variety to eat. I just decided to have a shrimp fest and I don’t mean those little things, I mean six inch shrimp, not those little bait shrimp they sell in the store. I got mine fresh from a fishing boat.

We sat around talking and they were admiring the view as I was skewering the shrimp for a fast barbeque action.

“White boy, you sure treat your guest’s right.” Mike said.

“Mike, we just met and I don’t want to put too fine a point on it but we have to get something straight right now. You are the whitest white man I have ever seen. You are so white you are nearly translucent. Your hair is white and straight as straw. You could be frosty the fucking snowman but he had black eyes and yours are so pale that they have no color at all. You are probably from Sweden or Finland you are so damn light. So don’t call me white boy.” I told him.

Everything was quiet for a while until Ronald started laughing and then it eased up. He patted me on the back as he laughed. It felt like I was being hit with a basketball.

“So how do you all know each other?” I asked, trying to break the silence.

“Well, Ronald and I have been best friends since we were about ten. We went to elementary, middle school, high school, and college together. We are partners. We own a business that sells farm equipment made by the Chinese government. Somehow Ronald got them to sign on the dotted line and he and I travel all over the country, and some other parts of the world, selling the stuff.” Mike said and for the first time talking like an educated man.

“Yes, it is a pretty hard job and we are on the road a lot. We bought this house together and Dianna and Deanna live with us down there.” Ronald added.

“Are you married?” I asked.

“Damn right I am.” Ronald immediately said. He was standing next to Deanna when he said it.

“Oh, I see.” I said looking at Deanna. I just wanted to verify what I already thought was the facts. “You are married to Ronald.” I said to Deanna.

Turning to the other sister, who I thought was Dianna I asked, “So what is your last name Dianna?”

“My last name is Franklin, just like my sister Deanna. I am not married to Ronald. Franklin is a common enough name, but I am not married to him. If I was married to him it would make him a bigamist,” Dianna said with a chuckle.

Thinking out loud I just said the obvious. “I get it. Deanna is married to Ronald but everyone had the same last name to begin with. That is pretty funny.” Then all of us laughed.

“I’m not married to either of these girls,” Mike said and again there were a lot of laughs.

Now I understood. Ronald was married to Deanna and Mike was shacking up with Dianna. That was a “probably,” not a definite on that one, I thought to myself. Either way I would have to play it pretty up front and stay away from both of them until I learned what was actually going on.

We ended up cooking the shrimp and I even got some rib-eye steaks out for a little turf to go with the surf. More Margaritas were blended, slushy, until Mike had a brain freeze headache and I handed him some warm tea to hold in his mouth until the blood got a little warmer.

The girls had known both men all of their lives and that is how they all got together. They lived in the same place all their lives so they had history.

“Dog we can trot up this little hill here and have some great parties. Look at this view. We are going to love partying up here.” Mike said.

“No you won’t. You see there will be no trotting up here for a party unless I am having it and I specifically invite you. Now if you want to come up yourselves that is fine. You can even use the pool and enjoy yourselves, but no one else. And I can see your place from here and you have a pool, but I don’t want to be unfriendly. I do have a better view.” I told them.

After the rules were set things went pretty well for the next three or so months. I did my daily runs and swims. At times I would actually hit ten miles in a sixty-minute run. It is not great but ten, six-minute miles, back to back is ok for an amateur runner.

I was spending more and more time working out because the twins were punishing the hell out of me for being a man. At times they would even run with me and swim with me. Running with a chubby is difficult, running with wood is too damn obvious but who cares.

They always seemed to find a reason to touch me too. They would run their hands over my shoulders or arms or my chest and back. There was always a good reason for it but it still upset me.

“Oh look at that muscle. Make a muscle for us.” One of them would say touching my bicep.

Of course I was not a guy with big muscles nor was I particularly cut, but I did not have a lot of fat on me and I was no fool, it was just an excuse for them to tease me.

Or they would run their hands over a few of my scars and ask how I got them. “Car accident, no big deal.” I would tell them and then I would jump into the pool to hide my woody that would always happen when they were around, especially if they touched me.

It was always a touch hat would just turn the electricity on and I got hard. I thought I would get used to it but I never did.

The girls apparently did not work and the guys were around quite a bit until they had to travel and they would come back in a week or so; usually with a big contract. They must have made pretty good money because they now owned the entire estate except the pool house, which I owned.

We ended up doing a lot of things together, with me as the fifth wheel, or odd man out. We did a lot of eating at each other’s home and they made frequent use of the pool and view. The girls got so familiar with my place that it was not unusual that I would find them inside of the house making dinner or something like that.

“You don’t mind that we are here getting things ready are you baby?” they would ask me.

I really did not mind, they were always cool about it and left certain rooms alone. I sort of liked not being alone. But I sure was surprised that my new name appeared to be “baby” even if Mike and Ronald were around. “Baby” seemed to be interchangeable with “Del” as far as I knew.

I went to their house too but never without a specific invitation and it goes without saying that I was never in their house when they were not there, like the girls were with mine.

It used to be that I would frequently eat alone but not anymore. There was always someone there to eat with, and it might be the guys but frequently just the girls, especially if the guys were gone on a trip. It got to the point that I would not go to Nevada unless I knew the men were going to be home to watch the girls.

A few times Ronald asked me if I was getting action in Nevada, with the hookers and everything. I had to tell him it was all work and no play. I did not want to hit the hookers and I mentioned my ex-wife and what she did and I was gun shy, even about using a pro. I knew I would find the right person some day and then I would have my entire life.

Ronald told me I was a chump for not getting any. I had to agree with him but I also told him I was who I was and that was all I could be.

All of us even went out to dinner and I got to dance with these beautiful two women. They dressed so enticingly too. Short tight fitting skirts and dresses was their norm. Nothing sluttish or anything like that but more than four inches above the knee, showing off those dark firm strong legs and those high tight asses. They were after all beautiful young women. The tops were form fitting and unlike some women who were ashamed of their small size they had no embarrassment about it at all. I never saw them wear padded bras or anything that made them look different than they were. Despite my prior preference for white blonds with huge tits I had found myself attracted to these two from our first time together. Shit I had to sit at the table and rearrange myself more than once. Dancing means touching and as usual I got aroused. From the way some of the men looked at them I was sure that it was happening at more than my table.

Everyone was pretty cool about us being together too. They would dance with Mike, Ronald and I, but no strangers. They always said no to everyone. I remember once a guy was just a touch to insistent and for some reason Mike and Ronald were gone for a moment, so I got in his face about it. I felt protective of them, and they were almost like family and were exactly like friends. I knew there was going to be some trouble but I stayed in his face until he just left. I was feeling pretty bold. It was then that I turned and saw Ronald and Mike behind me. That was close to six hundred pounds of back up for me. Well so much for me taking care of business; hell I tried.

“You did good white boy.” Mike said.

I was going to lay into him but I let it pass.

We went to plays and museums and concerts together. At times it was five of us and at others it was just four of us and at other times I ended up escorting the ladies. I was always polite and understood that they were taken so I backed off. I do have to admit that the more I was around them the more I learned about them and the hotter I was getting for them. They were intelligent, educated, articulate, and funny to be with. I did mention that they were just so fucking hot already.

I was the person Ronald and Mike asked to watch the girls when they had to travel, which was once or twice a month, for as long as a week at a time.

The girls managed to work out with me too, well sometimes. They had less energy. I figured that is was because they were getting laid and I wasn’t.

We all became friends and did what friends did when it came to sitting around and talking and getting a little drunk. We discussed religion; we were all Catholic. We even went to Mass together once in a while. The girls took Communion but the guys took a pass.

We discussed politics, Man Made Global Warming, Al Gore inventing the internet. That last one we all laughed about. Art was a big one with us and we saw a lot of art programs on TV and out of the house. If it was art they all loved it. They had this thing for Chinese art too, but that was understandable. We even discussed politics and there was some agreement there too.

The girls spoke passable French but not the guys. As a matter of courtesy I did not speak French unless everyone did and the girls ignored that and talked about the guys “behind their backs” so to speak. Nothing bad, just funny stuff and they always told the guys when they were done. Everyone seemed to be OK with everything.

We discussed more risqué things too. Like did Lott commit incest by being drunk when his daughters had sex with him? Did the daughters do him at the same time and maybe get a little from their sister? Did the naked cherubs on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel constitute child pornography?

We discussed my favorite, cheating. As far as I was concerned it was not even a discussion. My views were set in stone. Two people were a couple and no third person would be allowed to be thrust into it. No other man was ever going to join my woman and me, and it was never going to be allowed to happen. And I was never going to cheat on my woman. She would be able to depend on me.

Evidently they had gone to school in Michigan and I told them that I went to a number of schools. For college I went to Cambridge, Caltech and even did a stint at MIT. I moved around quite a bit.

When you drink too much you talk about everything and we did. We actually ended up being best friends. For all their talk I don’t ever remember them having a party of any kind. After a while it was just the five of us.

Then there was my pool. At first the girls would swim with modest suits. Now don’t get me wrong, they were high cut on the thigh and a bit skimpy in the rear. They were sort of like the one piece suits seen on female lifeguards, like Bay Watch, but not red. The twins wore a lot of earth colors that just set their black skin off to its best advantage. I found them sexy as hell but still I backed off anything overt. I did get a little heavy when they were around.

As time when on they wore less and less to swim in the pool. It went from a modest one piece to a modest two piece with a sort of halter top and almost boy shorts bathing bottoms, then to a standard bikini.

The guys were there most of the time too and never said anything about it. Well they did comment that they were beautiful and of course I agreed, immediately. Ronald smiled, Mike didn’t.

Each time it was the girls applying the tanning oil all over them and on the other sister too; the parts they could not reach themselves. They glowed with the oil which brought out their dark color and their long legs and taught butts were the things of fantasy. Well they were the things of my fantasy anyway. The oil ritual did more than just make me heavy, I got a definite chubby, which made me leave to preserve my dignity.

Then the bathing suit bottoms became anal floss bottoms and that ultimately morphed into three tiny patches with string holding them in place, but not very well. When the oil went on the patches seemed to move around a little. Ronald did not seem to care that his wife’s nipple was showing and Mike did not voice any objections or even pass a questioning look as I lusted after them, in my heart anyway. Maybe that is what comes from living together all those years; the guys did not seem to care at all.

Soon there were fat black nipples popping out everywhere. The strange part was that it happened the first time when Ronald and Mike were there. They did not even blink when it happened. The girls just moved them back around to cover their nipples. After a week or so of this happening they just took their tops off completely. The oiling ritual continued unabated. Neither Ronald nor Mike said a thing about it. Strange that they did not even mention it or look askance at my staring. They sure did get a complete tan. Yes black girls can have tan lines, but the twins didn’t.

“Beautiful, aren’t they?” Ronald asked me.

“Oh God yes.” I replied without even thinking. Their tits were almost all nipple and about the size of a lemon. I had always been a nipple man, big fat puffy nipples, not pebbles.

“Oh shit Ronald, I am sorry man. That is your wife and her sister. Shit, man I did not mean it that way. I would never move in on you like that. Hell I am really sorry.” I just kept apologizing when he stopped me.

“It’s cool man. I understand. They are gorgeous women. I can see it from here; you have yourself a little jungle fever going on. I can tell you admire them and we are all friends. It is a complement that you think that way about them; that you find them beautiful and desirable as women. And anyway you are not the one I am worried about.” He said as he moved his eyes over to his best friend and partner, Mike. I understood but did not move or even turn my head. “But dude, you gotta take a swim, if you know what I mean.” Ronald said, quickly going back into his jovial mood.

Hell I knew exactly what he meant about a swim and jungle fever. I had a full blown woody and I hit the pool on a run and dive. I stayed in the water for a while. I completely forgot about his jibe at Mike but it would come roaring back to me full force in a very unexpected fashion. Right at this particular moment all the blood was being directed to a different head which had no brain at all.

But the girls did not show me any mercy at all and continued their assault on my senses. They would oil their breasts and I was looking at two very hard bodies with slim waists, tight “A” cups that were not more than just hot fantastic big puffy black nipples. I love big puffy nipples.

In the pool was worse than outside, if that is possible. In the pool there is the security of no one seeing what you do. As if everyone cannot see what happens in a few feet of very clear water.

The girls would swim into me. Grab me. Brush their bodies against mine and I mean brush as in grab me and lock their legs around my waist and hump my cock. But that was not the end of it, just the beginning.

A few times I saw the girls even give their nipples a pull as they would look at me and smile like only a woman can. I was rock hard and had to stay in the pool pretending to swim until no one was looking and then I grabbed a towel and put it around me so I could go into the house and put on some clothes that would hide my hard on. Ok sometimes that did not always work and I not only spanked that monkey I beat the shit out of him until I was able to walk around outside without embarrassing myself.

Then the girls would start showing up one at a time. I had to ask which one was which, as I did not want to hit on Ronald’s wife. I was not too sure of the relationship between Mike and Dianna, DD, but it was not one that appeared to be more than comfortable friends, maybe with benefits but little else.

We were now six months into our friendship and the girls were now obviously teasing the hell out of me. They would ask me to put the lotion on their backs and of course I did. The first time it happened we were all together and again the guys did not even blink. Then, much later, they would tell me just to keep going and put it on their butts too, which I did. Touching those small round black tight bubble butts of theirs was so fucking hot. At times they would just move themselves around when I did it and I had these visions of watching them do that as I fucked them from the back doggy style.

A few times DD would look back at me with that “go ahead and fuck me, you know you want to and can whenever you want” look; but I stayed back.

Swimming with them was harder in more ways that one. With Mike and Ronald sitting right there they would make a white meat sandwich out of me, rubbing their almost completely naked oiled bodies against me.

This went on with DD acting the aggressor and I was confused as hell. It was like a lioness falling down in front of the male lion and batting at him, or pushing her ass in his face. Maybe her relationship, whatever it was, with Mike was cooling or over. I am not all that sure.

Then there was another change. Again it started with all of us there. The girls just dumped the bottoms too. Now they were completely naked. They talked like they always did and we had a fine talk about the world and things and no one acted like anything was out of the ordinary, not even Ronald or Mike. I already knew they were shaved bald but now I saw this fine black smooth pussy as they would sit and talk. I never got out of the pool that day it first happened. I just kept swimming around and never on my back. That night I punished the monkey something fierce.

The swims were now even worse as they were naked and the only thing that prevented me from needing to beat the shit out of that monkey was a slip of cloth that I was wearing. Shit, shit, shit.

Still I kept back. Ronald and Mike left once and Ronald mouthed “jungle fever” to me as he and Mike walked down to their place laughing. I was getting strange vibes from the guys. Now both of these two beautiful women were there naked and I was doing my best not to violate my own rules. The problem with your own rules is that you can’t pretend you forgot them or they are different than they really are.

I watched them oil themselves until they glistened black like onyx in the warm sun. They had no shame when it came to where they put the oil when I was watching. They took great care to oil every bit of uncovered skin, and there was not a cover around. Oiling their slick black pussies with the coral interior beginning to show was just too much for me to ignore.

They were sultry in how they walked and how they moved. Their movements were intentionally designed to go beyond enticing. And they way they would look back at me to make sure I was looking at them when they were doing something, well that told me volumes.

It was a disgusting sexual display just to tease me. And, to make it even worse they still had me oiling their backs. I fought it as hard as I could. I was so repulsed when I oiled their butts that I felt horrible as my hand spread the oil evenly over those wonderful round orbs. They would open their legs and tell me to do all the way down and I did. When the oil ran between those tight little black butts I chased it down like a hound dog on the hunt. I made sure to carefully get ever drop that went down between their legs, careful to oil every part of those puffy black nether lips too. Tanning oil is expensive and not to be wasted.

For their part they seemed always to push up at my hand and a few times I know that a finger “accidentally” slid between those lips and hit a large black little girl standing up looking for attention. I made sure she was oiled well too. Those moments were always electric. Still I resisted the best I could, but it was damn difficult. And then there was the fact that I kept trying to remember which one was Ronald’s wife and to say away from her.

The poor monkey was damn near dead. So just to be fair I choked that chicken until it damn near died too.

So now no matter what we were doing together I kept seeing them naked by the pool, glisten black, erect nipples and their pussies showing the evidence of passions possession. It was getting very difficult to go out with them and now most of the time the guys were not even around.

Shopping, going to a show, having a drink, they drew attention to themselves without even trying. Long legs and short skirts and only I knew that at times there was nothing under those skirts, they showed me. They would ask if I could see a panty line and if I said yes they just took them off and handed them to me, pulling that tight mini skirt down over a bald black pussy. They would always do it at the same time, and smiling.

When we went out they always rubbed up against me, letting me know their nipples were hardening at my touch. They would rub their asses against my cock, waking it up from a troubled sleep when they were around.

Then they upped the ante on this game I did not even know I was playing. They put their feet into the pool, “just to cool off,” they said. It sounds pretty benign doesn’t it? Well it sure as hell wasn’t.

The problem is that they are glistening with oil, raising a leg to put oil on it, opening their slits up so that the wet pink insides are showing and putting oil on their legs. Yes they were very wet inside and those lips were definitely puffy. Their nipples even got bigger, much to my joy. Looking was not a violation of my own rules. And those eyes and smiles they gave me.

Then they would sit with their legs apart and their feet resting on the first step of the pool as they sat on the edge. There was no place to hide. When I had to get out of the pool, I would have to slide past them and they would see my excitement. Each of these lovelies seemed to get a charge out of teasing me.

I even mentioned it to Ronald and Mike and I was told to just “man up” and deal with it.

I was not too sure what “man up” actually means in this context but there was no doubt in my mind that the little man was definitely up and wanted to deal with it, probably more than once. The chicken was choked to death, the monkey followed with a similar fate being spanked to death. It was getting close to the time I was going to “man up!”

I am a law abiding man and I did not want to end up as public enemy number 1 on the PETA website. No more possible lawsuits from PETA for what I was doing to the chicken or the monkey. Hell I spanked more than ten troops of monkeys to death and Colonel Sanders could have run for a year on all the chickens I choked.

After two weeks of this latest assault on my senses by them I had enough. DD was sitting with her feet on the steps, about three feet apart, and looking like a glistening onyx statute of the most beautiful woman in the world. It was early in the morning and I was finishing my morning swim. She had just finished her oiling ritual, giving her hard firm body that look of pure sexuality and smiling at me as she did it. I mean that smile that the girls used was more than just a smile, it was a smirk too. It was a dare, a challenge. She had just put oil on her pussy, showing me how she really felt as far as I was concerned.

I swam up to her and as I got out of the pool by walking up the steps I simply lifted both of her legs by sliding my arms from inside of her legs right at the back of her knee. She had a surprised look in her eyes.

Before I would walk around her, but not this time I didn’t. This time I walked between her legs, my motions opening her glistening coral interior to my view. As she was about to say something I slid about four inches of my fat rock hard white cock into her wet coral interior with the black ring. I had taken my suit off and I was naked with a hard on that I no longer intended to punish by hand. Both the monkey and the chicken had been punished enough.

I had taken up the challenge.

I watched as my hard white cock just slid gently into her creamy pink interior and those smooth black pussy lips expanded as far as they could and gripped my shaft. Her black legs were resting on my white arms and her nipples got even bigger.

[DD: What the fuck? I had been teasing him for weeks, months actually and now I was stuck, literally stuck. I knew he was big but I had no idea. It was like a white telephone pole going into me. God it felt good.]

No, I did not give a rat’s ass that she might be with Mike. I told him and he shined it on. I told Ronald and he said to “man up” and the man was definitely up and in too.

At first she sort of moaned and her eyes rolled back in her head. Then she said:

“You White Bastard. What the fuck do you think you are doing?” DD demanded.

“This!” is what I said as I backed out until only the head was at her entrance and gave her the original four again and added four more to it. Not hard, and not violently, but with enough force she knew she had my white cock embedded eight inches into her dripping black love tunnel. Now I had her skewered. She looked as the white shaft completely entered her body. Her mouth was open, she did not fight except for breath and her eyes while still on fire were glassy and fixed; like she could not believe what she saw happening, what she felt happening.

[DD: I had to say something so I demanded to know what the hell was going on. I knew what was going on and going in. I had teased him and me too. I was dripping wet which was a good thing. I had no idea he was that damn big. I was more than ready. When he pulled out I wanted to tell him "NO!" but he only did it to get more juices flowing as if I needed that. When he continued to walk and I felt that monster stretch me wide and go in deep I wanted to die of pleasure. I grabbed him around his neck; I never intended to let him go. I had a hard time breathing and by the time he was all the way inside of me the only thing I could say were indistinguishable sounds.]

I walked further up the steps and she had a choice to either lay there and end up having her head on the ground as I walked, or putting her arms around me as my walking up the steps lifted her onto my cock and in my arms. She is a smart woman and chose to hold on. She opened her mouth and made an “Oh” sound that made me want her even more as we fully engaged. Then she started babbling. I had seen that in porno movies but I never realized it happened in real life. It had to be an act and then I tried to say something and all I could do was grunt. At least they were manly grunts.

Now I was out of the pool, holding her beautiful smooth black body up by the back of her knees and my cock buried deep inside of her and my hands holding her black little tight ass, kneading it like a cat with a pillow. I wanted her, and I wanted her more than I have ever wanted any woman in my life. I was in love with her.

We had been friends and we had shared moments of simple pleasure as well as moments of intellectual friendship and now it would be more, eight inches more.

She was only my second woman. I wanted her and I finally got up the nerve to take her. I doubted I could last very long. A hand is one thing but a tight pussy with a woman you loved wrapped around your cock is something else altogether.

As I walked holding her I could feel her proud little black girl rubbing against my cock hair. The girl was standing tall and kept bouncing against my body and each bounce or slide caused her eyes to open even fuller and surprised sounds come from her mouth. Her nipples got even larger. She moved to put her legs around my waist.

I could not prevent it; I bent down and finally was able to suck one of those fat black nipples into my mouth.

[DD: Shit, I can't quit moving. My clit has never been this hard, my nipples never puffed out like this. To watch those white man's lips suck my nips is exhilarating. I have to keep moving to just get used to that monster because I love the feel of it sliding up and down inside of me. He is so thick that he stretches everything and even moves my clit and I get to rub my little clit against his cock hair. I want to cum so bad and I just know he wants me to.]

Finally she said, “You white bastard.”

“You cock teasing black slut.” I responded.

“You better not cum in me.”

DD said as she moved closer to me and I watched her black lips engulf my lips as her head turned to the side and with that she forced her tongue into my mouth and now completely wrapping her dark strong legs around my white body, almost crushing me as her arms now around my neck as her lips moved back and forth with mine. Not much force involved. I kissed her back. I opened my eyes and she was looking at me. I have never seen brown eyes with such fire, such a golden glow. She kept moving to stimulate us both.

“Fuck you” DD said.

I lifted her up and dropped her back down on my cock a few times.

“How is that bitch?” I said.

[DD: We kissed, it was our first kiss. I wanted him to know I was his if he wanted me because I sure wanted him. I wanted him to cum deep inside of me but he had to know why. I cursed him and he fucked deeper into me after I said "fuck you". Then he asked me how that was. If I had not been in so much pleasure I would have told him it was glorious.]

I could not help it now. There was nothing short of death to stop this from continuing. There would be death, the little death, and that would soon come upon both of us.

“I mean it. If you cum in me I can get pregnant. This is my time of the month and I am ovulating.” She said as she broke her kiss but still held me around the neck as she talked to me and then kissed me tenderly as I moved my face back to hers in an attempt to regain the lips that now meant so much to me.

We fought and bit at each other. Our kisses never stopped. She clawed at my back, drawing blood. At no time did she attempt to push me away. Like two pit bulls we bit the other’s lips to hold them. Not hard mind you but just to show possession and pleasure. I lifted her up by her ass and then set her back down again and again, further stimulating her black pussy tube. If I was going to shoot off inside of her I was going to have her good and ready to have my baby.

“Then that is why you are so horny now. So that is good because it is time you had yourself a white baby, my white baby.” I told her.

“If you are man enough to do it you better be able to do it for a very long time. All my children are going to have the same father. Are you really man enough to breed me? And when I ask I don’t mean a fuck here and there, I mean breed me for life. I mean every day if I want it, if you want it.” She said in that staccato breath a runner uses at the end of a race.

[DD: Now he knew. Now I told him. It sure took him long enough to catch on and he sure is long enough too and wide enough if I was any judge of size, and white enough too. Hell a Tampax feels filling but this white cock of his has smoothed every part of me.]

“So if you are going to fuck a white baby into my black belly you better expect to do it over and over for years.” DD told him.

“I’m in love with you.” I told her as my cock started to expand and I could feel my balls contracting. Ok, I was in lust too but I knew it was love.

I raised her up a little and then down again a few more times and her pussy started contracting around my pulsing cock and this time I kissed her as I began spurting cum into a quivering pussy.

“I am going to fuck so many white babies into that hot black body of yours you are going to think you are a milk maid. You might even turn white. I may just have to keep you pregnant until you can’t have any more.” I told her.

“Oh God, you better mean it.” DD said as she kissed me back and I could feel her shudder.

She bounced into me as best she could and I did everything possible in that position to make it cum deep inside of her.

I had not even thought of children until she said something but now I told her. When she said she could get pregnant that is what I wanted; I wanted to breed her, make her my woman, my black baby mommy, to fill her belly with my white baby and not just one, but many of them. She lit a fire in me that I did not even know there was fuel for.

There was no way I could walk and cum at the same time so I quit walking.

I felt her pussy quiver and then clench my cock about the same time I lifted her and set her down, pushing my eight inches of gushing white cock as far into her as it would go. I could again feel her bald black pussy against the root of my now spurting cock. If I had my way I was going to fertilize every damn egg she had with this one fuck. God did I want her pregnant.

The minute we were done cuming I moved with her still impaled on my white cock.

[DD: Well he said it. He is committed and I should be committed. What the hell am I doing? A divorced white man that can't figure out that I want him after months of being naked and dripping pussy juice all over him and now he is going to father my children. What the hell? Damn his cock feels good and it looked so hot watching that white tube split my almost virgin black pussy. It sure feels better than a finger.]

“Door” I said as we reached the house and she opened it by tossing it open until it hit the wall and I walked through with me still in her. It has been a long time and I was ready for more.

I walked right into the bedroom and gently laid her on the bed. She wiggled away and rolled over, just like a lioness, wiggling her black ass in my face. She turned and gave me that look I had seen so many times before. This time I not only wanted to, I intended to fuck her. In my haste my cock slid up and between those tight hot black ass cheeks.

She reached back and grabbed my cock and fed it into the coral opening. “Baby in belly first, and then you can have any hole you want when ever you want. But right now, it is baby first then bottom.” DD told me with a giggle that meant more than laughter.

She looked under herself and I looked from the top as inch after white inch was lovingly eaten by the Black Panther.

It was definitely jungle fever. I was on her like a lion but for a lot longer. They may go up to fifty times a day but it takes less than a minute to get it in and get his nut. I went for fewer times but longer than a minute.

I went hard and gently, fast and slow. I looked for and found her G spot. I bit her neck and pulled on those nipples, finding them to now be almost the size of a peach. The woman was all nipples. I squeezed her little girl too and did everything I knew how to do.

And let me tell you I knew how to do one hell of a lot of things. After my whore of an ex-wife spent all that time saying I did not know shit I made sure to learn everything. This was, admittedly my first time using all this new knowledge with someone, but I intended to be better than the failure I apparently was with the Ex. I am still not sure with a cock my size why she did not just teach me how she wanted to be fucked. There was a lot about that woman I don’t understand but now I don’t give a rat’s ass to know. Apparently she was not a size queen, she was a numbers queen, they all had to be different and one right after another.

DD was definitely experiencing multiple orgasms and it did not take forever for me to hit a second time when I was just pounding into her with her pushing back as hard if not harder than I was.

This time I was finished. She fell forward and my wilting cock slid out.

“You are not done yet.” She said as she turned and for the first time in my life I saw full black lips that sucked my white cock hard in a matter of moments. She looked at me with lust in her eyes as she did it and I am sure mine glowed with fire like hers did.

This time it was missionary as she rolled onto her back and beckoned me with looks of love and passion and this time we made gentle love. She wrapped her black legs around my white body and I held her in a protective white cocoon of my making. We kissed and nibbled at the other. We enjoyed the color variation, looking and becoming even more passionate because of the difference. I never stopped running my hands over her body and she did the same with me. It was slow and deep but not rough. We both were breathing deeply; we needed the oxygen for all the energy we were burning.

“I wasn’t kidding. I am really fertile now. You should stop if you don’t want to be a father.” She said.

I did not stop at all but I did slow down, I wanted this feeling to last forever. I sat up to look at my cock entering her and she looked too. We froze in time at the pure pleasure of seeing it happen. Then I fell forward fully but gently impaling her.

“You know what they say don’t you?” I asked DD.

I kissed and licked her breasts/nipples. I suckled on them and nipped at them. They were my first black nipples, my first black breasts. If I had my way they would be my last breasts and nipples ever. I never quit rocking inside of her and she never quit telling me how much she loved me as I told her the same. But I was at a disadvantage as I was talking with my mouth full of black nipple but she did not appear to mind the social faux pas.

“Yes, once you go black you never go back.” DD said.

“No, once you go white, just give up the fight.” I told her.

And that is exactly what she did. She became mine and quit fighting. It would take a few years until I realized it was me that was fighting because she had been ready to go from the first day.

But all the best things end eventually and with a mighty push and my ass clenching like crazy and her heals in my back pulling herself tightly into me we finished our first breeding/lovemaking session.

I stayed inside of her as we rolled on our sides looking at the other. I could not quit smiling at her.

“Stay all day.” I told her.

“No. We will never get out of bed and that is wrong. I will be back around six, in about nine hours. Then you get three more times. That will allow you to fully recharge and you get three more shots to make a baby and then a good nights sleep and we start again in the morning. I am serious when I say I want to get pregnant. This is for a baby. If you don’t want that then tell me now and we will stop.” She said.

She was lying next to me. Her dark skin entwined with mine, her leg over my lighter body. We were kissing and talking. It was the most erotic thing I ever felt.

We were both smiling so much our faces hurt.

“I want more than that DD. I want to marry you. I want our children to have my name. I want to be with you forever. I can’t imagine my life without you, ever.” I said.

“When the time is right you can ask me again about marriage. You know our children will have your name. [She giggled here, as I had obviously forgotten that we had the same name already.] You can and will have me forever if that is what you want.” She said.

I went from heavy to full on hard again and just rolled her onto her back and slid it all the way in. We both watch at the blending of our two races, two colors, and one inside the other with the outcome being the miracle of birth with both of us as one forever. We kissed hotly and her legs went back around me. I gave her two more orgasms and then we stopped.

“See I did not cum that time so I am still recharging.” I told her.

She put a pillow under her ass and told me what was going on as I caressed and kissed her even more. We saw the contract between our skins as I ran my hand over her black body glisten with the evidence of our spent passions.

“Deanna intends to get pregnant this cycle, and we are on the same one. I want to be pregnant when she is, we have always done everything together, and I want you to be my baby’s father. I love you. I love everything about you and I am honest with you when I say I want to carry your child.” She said.

“We have to tell Mike. This is not fair to him. I am not sure of your relationship but he has to know.” I said.

“Trust me and let me handle this. I will take care of it. Just don’t worry. I will not sleep with Mike. We have not slept together in a very long time. You are my man and the baby will be yours.” She said.

She lay there next to me and I kissed and caressed her, continuously running my white hand over the smooth contours of her black body. Her breasts were intriguing. They were still full and puffy from passion but there was no breast as such, just all nipples. I leaned forward and kissed and sucked them gently. I put my hands over them and spread my fingers letting the succulent black nipples push through my white hands. I went from one erotic first to a second and a third and it went on and on. I was on fire.

DD moved her hand through my hair and I looked into her loving eyes. Those eyes were luxuriously dark but glowing with the fire of our passion.

We smiled and I moved up to kiss her lips, softly, this time like her lover and her mate. I loved the feel of her hand on the back of my head holding me in place for our kiss.

We kissed we smiled and we laughed.

“Marry me.” I said.

“Now is not the time. Believe in me, trust me. I know you have been hurt before but trust me now, I will not hurt you. I will never hurt you. I am your woman and I am only yours. I have always been yours and only yours.” She responded.

I don’t know why but I decided to believe her.

Soon it was time for her to go. “Six o’clock my love, be ready.” She said as she departed. She did not even shower; she just put on her robe and walked down the hill to her house. As she walked out I gave her instructions.

“Come and knock on the front door. I will come and let you in. Be ready for me as I will be ready for you.” I told her.

She smiled at me and continued her way home. There is just something so delicious in the way a woman who has just been well fucked walks. She is obviously content.

At six o’clock she arrived and knocked on the door. She was wearing tennis shorts and one of those ribbed tank tops cut off right under the breasts, leaving her beautiful dark contoured stomach for me to see.

I opened the door and taking her hand I guided her into the house. I was rested and more than ready. I let my short silk robe fall open, I was hard for her. I lifted her up and held her against the wall and then let her open legs encircle my waist. She was hot and wet and she did not bother with panties.

“Tell me if it hurts” I said.

“Just go slow.” was her response.

I entered her slowly, knowing that she might have some trouble. I had actually given the wedding tackle a bit of an ice bath, just to cool him down, like a race horse that just ran the big race and won. She kissed me and wiggled her body enough so her weight let her slowly take me in. Her arms went around me.

I wanted us to feel the same thing as earlier, and that was important to me. As she did earlier when she was impaled on me and I felt her cum as we walked. It did not take too long. I felt her begin to shiver, and her kisses and mine became more insistent. She was tightening around my invading cock and I felt her orgasm over and over as we walked. She bit and held me with her teeth. She was primal in her lust.

I carried her into the bedroom and let her glide gently to our bed. Her tennis skirt was pulled off and I opened her legs and kissed my way down one leg and at their point of pleasure moved to the other leg, working my way back up. She was moaning and looking at me with that same fire.

“Now baby, take me now. I am ready, more than ready.” She told me.

This morning it was the fire of unbridled passion, but now it would be the fire that does not consume but burns hotter and hotter.

“First dessert, then babies” I told her.

I reached the epicenter of her passion and gave her black slit, still open from my insertion, a long and languid lick. Her black lips received nips and little sucks combined with kissed and even more licks. One side tasted and then I moved to the other. In the center I moved my face into her pink center letting her juices cover me and wet my face with her sensuous dew. I moved up and sucked ever so tenderly on her clit, her little black girlfriend. We were becoming good friends I thought, the little girl and I.

“My first chocolate, and it is everything I thought it would be, even better.” I told her as I looked up at her previously lust filled face, which now beamed at me with love and understanding. She was my first meal of sweet chocolate.

I pulled her knees up and with each hand I surrounded and full black nipple.

“I watched his hands and his face. My body responded but not as much as my mind did. This was paradise. He was perfect. I loved the white flesh against my black flesh. The changes in color between us fed my mind with thoughts of the deepest passion. His white face molded to my black pussy, his tender at times and then hard at times ministrations to my black orchard, had me cuming over and over. I was the first black pussy he ever tasted, ‘I was his first.’ I love him and I was going to be his for as long as he wanted.” She thought.

All the time she held me by my head and moved her hands through my hair. Her sounds of passion filled the air and my heart.

“I love you, I love you, and I will love you forever. I am yours forever. I am only yours and no one else’s.” She told me as she thrust her hips at my mouth which was now sucking as much of her black lips and clit into my own mouth as possible.

Her orgasms flooded my mouth with her essence. Her head fell back and I moved up onto her and let my cock head rest at the entrance to her pussy.

We rested as I waited for her to calm before I entered her again. I was not idle though. I kissed her neck and face, her ears and eyes. I licked her now expanded nipples that looked almost like a balloon someone had put too much air in. She was about to explode with lust.

Our flesh burned with passion. It was not just the color but the heat we produced.

“What do I smell?” she asked as this was the first time she became aware of her surroundings.

“Scented candles; candles scented with chocolate.” I told her. I must have had fifty candles burning all over the house and most of them in the bedroom.

I pushed forward, letting the head enter her and I reached behind her as we kissed again. My hand reappeared and breaking the kiss in put a raspberry filled chocolate into her black panting lips. She looked with fire at me and I inserted more of myself into her. She gasped for breath and I again kissed her.

I repeated the ritual. I reached for the chocolate cream filled Bordeaux and entered her further as she ate of it and this time took part of it from her mouth and fed it to me with a passionate smile. I took it into my mouth and inserted myself further into her. We looked at the place of our joining.

It was exciting to see my light colored cock slowly disappear into her dark black pussy. To watch her lips stretch around her new toy as I inserted it back into her, as both my cock and her pussy glistened with our combined juices.

Another candy and this time we both ate it at the same time during our kiss, joined now hip to hip and mouth to mouth, tongue to tongue.

We looked again to see my white cock not yet fully imbedded in her black flower, stretching the lips and dripping wet from my entry and then removal, was driving us both insane with passion.

“Marry me, have my babies, be mine forever.” I told her.

Her thrusts became more demanding. “I am yours forever. I will have as many babies as you will give me. When the time is right I will marry you.” She answered.

She moved her hands to my ass, pushed her pelvis up and forced the rest of my cock into her.

Passion moved us on until once again I filled her fertile black womb with my white cum.

We smiled at the other. We finally broke our embrace. I had many fruits and good things to drink, but no alcohol. We had passion fruit juice; it seemed fitting as well as guava and mango.

I was not hard yet but I had all the time in the world. We took a bath together and I hardened and entered her as we bathed together in the large claw foot tub. We rocked back and forth until mutual arousal again overtook us and we tried a second time that night to make a baby.

I did not want the night to end. I washed her black body with my white hands and she did the same to mine with her black hands. I rinsed her black body off, marveling at how black she was, how sexy she was, how she got even darker as she became aroused and I handed her a short silk robe after I dried her now shining body. I put on a short man’s silk robe and took her into the kitchen. We wanted more right then but denial is part of passion too.

“There has to be more to us than sex. There has to be trust, and love and devotion and respect. If we are to be together forever we need more than sex or love making. We must be best friends. Nothing must ever come between us. This is the time of exploration for both of us.” I told her with a kiss on her lips.

“We will be best friends forever. Nothing will ever come between us. No person will ever have what is yours.” She said.

We made a light dinner together as there would be plenty to do later on. We kissed and hugged and yes I got hard but I held off. More than once she touched my cock, her dark fingers circling it, slowly jacking it up and down.

There were times when she wrapped her dark lips around my pink flesh phallus and times when I would suck in a black nipple or even suck the black little girl that unsuccessfully tried to hide between her black pussy lips.

We watched the late setting of the sun and spoke of love and life.

Then I carried her back into the bedroom and laying her on the bed again kissed and licked her black pussy as she turned and sucked my cock, using our mutual pleasure to make sure we could both do our duty in making a baby and having pleasure in the task.

This time she was on top, riding me hard. Her nipples were standing out as big as they could get as my thumb assisted her vaginal pleasure by strumming her black little girl. She went from one catatonic state to another as her orgasms overtook her one by one, with little time in between. I would like to think it was me and all me but it was love that caused it; my love for her and her love for me.

The third and final coupling was complete and I had a pillow for her to rest her sexy black bottom on as she held her legs apart and open, like a doctors table. I admired my handy work as I leaked out of her. I went between her legs and licked up some of our combined juices and offered them to her in a kiss.

She took me so quickly that I was shocked. Before I knew it we were lip to lip and she was invading my mouth with hers, taking all of what was us at our joining then sharing it again with me, until it was all gone.

As she lay there I again sucked her nipples and did everything I could think of to stimulate them. It must have worked as she dropped one leg and pulled me onto and then into her again. It was wonderful.

I sucked first one and then the other and gave hand attention to the one not so used. Deep inside her black womanhood she again gave me proof of her passion. As promised, I did not cum.

If we were close we were touching. If we were closer we were kissing.

Before she left she told me I was dirty and she proceeded to suck my clean. Again I kept my promise, but only barely, I did not cum.

She left after nine and this time I drove her back in the little golf carts we had around the place. I would not allow her to go home alone in the dark. We held hands as I drove and I kissed her when we arrived. I only left when I was sure that she was safely inside.

At home I lay on the bed, at the place of our joining for creation, smelling our combined scents, and happily and contentedly fell asleep.

As usual I woke at five and put on new sheets and aired the room out, as much as it irked me to eliminate the smell of our passions.

When she came again at seven all would be ready and clean. We continued our mating ritual and our promises of love. Three times and then she was gone. It took three hours. Between mating there were words of love, caresses and smiles. We walked the pool area, looked at the ocean and held each other. This time when we finished she said she would come back in nine hours and spend the night.

At four she was back, earlier than she said which I was glad of.

It was our first night together. We waited as many hours as possible before we started to make love again. Eventually we made love three times, but I was tired, even at that young age you get tired. We slept like two snakes, black and white, in a mating ball of two. In the middle of the night we mated again and slept. At six it was again and then we bathed and ate and made love again. Again I drove her home in the golf cart.

Now it was four o’clock and again she returned, again she spent the night. We did not jump right into bed but talked about our future. This was the time that we actually discussed what she and her sister did for a living. They worked for the same company that Ronald and Mike owned. They did all the paperwork, if you can call it that. One mostly did the importation documents and the other mostly did the accounting, but they both usually did everything that needed to be done. That was a summary of what they did. They both had degrees and were well educated and wanted our children to be well educated. Well we had an agreement there.

I told her I did not care about how much she worked and she did not have to as I made more than enough for both of us and how ever many children we had.

“What about a pre-nuptial agreement for when we marry?” she asked.

“Have it drawn up and I will sign it.” I told her.

“I mean to protect you, not me.” She said back.

“I don’t need any protection from you.” I answered with a finality that ended the discussion. Ok I was being a fool but this woman could have bull shitted me about so many things and she didn’t. She was going to have my baby, she loved the idea and wanted more and it was she that came up with the idea of a pre-nuptial agreement.

We cooked together. We discussed education for the children. We talked about growing old together and as the lasagna was cooking I did my best to put a baby into her belly as she lay with her ass up over the back of the couch. This time she kept her clothes on, it was exciting. She sucked me clean after and I licked her clean in return and then we kissed the other and like two lions licked the other’s face clean.

After we got clean we had dinner, for me it tasted like my woman.

I made chocolate soufflé for desert and we also had double-double chocolate ice cream with chocolate chips inside of it. I was on a chocolate binge and I intended to spend the rest of my life eating chocolate, in one form or another.

We spent the night and mated four more times. We ate and sucked each other and I feasted on those huge black nipples. She would stroke my head as I did it and make almost growling sounds. If was not still hard I would stay inside of her and she would hold me with her strong black legs, just enjoying the feeling of me being inside of her and my sucking like our children would do on her breasts.

She left at six in the morning, taking the cart with her; I was beat. I managed to watch her get home, she left the bed so quietly but I immediately realized she was leaving and I stood watching as she drove home. I knew that I would never be able to sleep alone again.

She looked back over her shoulder and I am sure she could see me standing there with the light on behind me. I could bet I saw her smile and she waved and I waived back. Half asleep or not I was going to watch out for her even if she did not think she needed it or expected it.

At nine am she was back and I was still groggy but getting the house ready. No way in hell I was going to be able to have sex. I took a bath and got cleaned up and she was standing there smiling at me. She had a basket and we took a ride to the beach for a little morning picnic.

“Don’t worry because I know you need time to recharge. You have been doing a great job, a man’s job, and I am just crazy in love with you. Tonight we will make a baby again and again until you can’t go any more and I can’t get you to go anymore and then we will sleep and do it all over again when you can. You do realize it might take more than a few years to make enough babies? You did promise to do it all.” She said with a laugh.

We walked on the beach holding hands and kissing. Despite my lack of staying power she got me hard again but I was told to let it sleep and wait for later. Personally I think junior was all show and no go. He may have been standing semi tall but he would have bent with any pressure. I am sure that DD realized it too.

It was a good thing that I had taken a two week vacation or I would have been in big trouble. I would need at least one week to recover.

We actually went out to one of those flea markets but we did not go alone, Deanna went with us. She and her sister were doing the twin giggle most of the day and Deanna was saying how she thought she was pregnant or about to be and she was sorry that DD could not be pregnant with her.

“So Ronald is getting the job done?” I asked.

“You bet he is. That monster of his is always ready and he never misses an opportunity to use it. I am surprised you can’t hear his bellowing up at your place.” Deanna said with a sly smile.

The girls and I had a pleasant day and DD stayed with me for the rest of the day and the night. We decided to christen all of the furniture and now we joyfully made love every place we could, every place that would hold us. We even kept a list of places so that we would not forget.

At the end of the week DD said, “I am not fertile anymore.”

I am not sure what that was supposed to mean to me but I got a funny feeling. “Does this mean we quit making love?”

“We never quit making love, NEVER!” She yelled the last word at me and with definite fire in her eyes.

She stripped naked and walked out the door to the pool and I was naked and right with her. I know it is disgusting but it is our pool to clean so we made love in the pool and in the Jacuzzi.

In the pool she looked out at the ocean as I came up from behind and made love to her. She turned that beautiful black face to me and we kissed as I played with her breasts.

“They are not very big, are they?” DD said.

“They are just perfect. I want them this way forever, until they are full of milk for our children and then I will think they are perfect and want them that way forever. And when you finish feeding our babies and they change again, they will be perfect and I will want them that way forever. As you are is what my view of perfection will be. As you change is how my view of perfection will change.” I told her.

“But in case you think I am lying I want you to know I have never seen nipples as sexy as yours, never. I know that I have not had a lot of personal experience but if I could imagine perfect breasts, and perfect nipples, yours are what they would look like. They are perfection as you are perfection.” I added.

We kissed again and exchanging words of love left the comfort of the water to find a more supporting place to create life.

“Have you ever wanted a black woman before?” DD asked.

“I have never even considered having sex with the black women that I knew.” I honestly told her. “You are the first.”

She smiled at me when I said that.

We lay on the couch naked, we did put a sheet down, and wrapped in the other we kissed and talked about the rest of our lives. We talked about our children and growing old together.

We went to bed hand in hand. White and black fingers interlaced as if we never intended to let the other go. She was an African Goddess moving like a cat with her black lithe body moving to some unheard music as old as time. Each step was deliberate and at the same time casual as if deliberateness was part of her casual being.

She moved like a cat onto the, our, bed and beckoned me with her movements and stretches. I joined her and we locked in the mating combat of love. There was not a part of her body that I did not lick, kiss or suck and the same went for my black lover.

As much as I caressed her black body with my white hands she caressed my white body with her black hands. I could only surmise that she was as excited by the contrasts and I was.

I pulled her onto me and then lifter her until she sat on my face and I ate her to multiple orgasms. I kept telling her to look at me as she started to grind herself, her back pussy into my white face, her black legs tight around my white head, and she fed me her elixir of passion.

I watched those big black nipples getting bigger and I made her look at how my white hands took possession of her black body. I wanted her to see her power over me and mine over her. I wanted her to see my white hands gripping her hips and pulling her into me. I wanted her to see my hands gliding up her body and possessing every inch of it.

Suddenly she turned and once again my white cock stretched her lips and she sucked my cock as I ate her pussy.

Then I lifted her and impaled her on my cock.

“When your dark belly is swollen with my white baby you will not be able to see me eat your dark chocolate pussy. I want you to remember it so you will know the joy in my face and the extreme love in my eyes even though you will not see them.” I told her.

She began rocking back and forth and then fell forward enough to allow me to feel on her milk-less nipples. She rose up and down my shaft, and looked down to see my golden lance enter her ebony center. She cried in passion and screamed my name as I did the same with her.

She fell asleep on top of me. That night I woke again and took her from behind as she curled up against me. I bit her again and again on her neck, her shoulders, and even on her back. My hands took possession of everything I could touch. She was mine. As we grew closer to completion she put her black hand with those beautiful fingers on my ass, taking possession of it, and pulled me even deeper into her.

We stayed joined. There were plenty of wet spots and there would be even more after breakfast.

She woke and wanted to go home to show the flag, so to speak. I was not sure how she was explaining her absence but apparently it was not a problem.

Things seemed to return to normal and there were communal dinners at my place with all five of us there. If there was a problem no one mentioned it. Actually everyone was pretty happy. Even Mike seemed happier than usual.

When I say normal I mean the new normal. DD and I were together every day and we made love every day. We sat on the couch together and held hands and kissed and smiled. We smiled a lot. Of course we could not do this when the others were around.

And the teasing, it went on as before. Glistening black female forms being caressed by white hands for the ostensible purpose of putting lotion on them but actually exciting us both and inflaming our passions. Then there was the fact I was looking at identical twins who did not tell me who they were so as I could have been oiling the wrong one; that thought was exciting too. They both seemed to be in heat all the time. They continued to sun bathe naked and glistening, they were still “cooling off” by putting their feet on the step in the pool. They both would still hump back at me when I oiled those perfect black butts and they both were aroused when I did it. At least once or twice a day my cock was deep inside of DD.

How much should a man have to take at the sight of two aroused pussies, lips swollen and glistening with desire and showing a readiness to accept a hard cock? Well how ever much it was I had met and exceeded that amount. DD was hard fucked every day. Even she was turned on by the sexual tension the exposure and conduct caused to all of us.

It was about a month later that things took one hell of a turn. Deanna made the announcement. “I’m pregnant.” She told all of us during a dinner at their house.

Ronald put his arm over her shoulder and kissed her on the forehead; it was very sweet.

“You are going to make a wonderful mother and a beautiful woman carrying life within you.” He said it with real honesty and emotion in his voice.

“Man you have to be shitting me. Fuck that shit. Who the hell wants some fat chick waddling around with a big belly hanging out and fat droopy tits and stretch marks. You have to be fucking kidding me. That is just disgusting dude.” Mike surprised us all by saying.

I was shocked. “Mike the most beautiful thing in the entire universe is your woman carrying your child. Every mark that it causes on her body was received because she loves you. She wants to make life with you. It is her visible evidence of her love. Anyone who sees her will know of her love for the man who she gave herself too. She deserves everything you can do for her when she is pregnant.” I told him, all of them.

“Well if you feel that way Mike you are going to hate that I am pregnant too.” DD said.

“Fuck you! I can’t do anything about Deanna but I can do something about you. I don’t want some extra pregnant bitch wallowing around like a beached whale, so find someplace else to hang. Work when I am not here but when I am I don’t want to see your face or your ever growing fat ass or bulging belly. And when I say move I mean now, tonight! Hell maybe the white boy wants your fat pregnant ass at his place.” Mike said.

I thought DD was going to break down and cry, until she turned slightly and looked at me. Then I knew.

“Yes, come with me. I will see you through the pregnancy. As far as I am concerned it will be my greatest pleasure.” I said.

DD and Deanna went to some room in the house and came back with a few bags of clothes. She would not be able to wear them very long. We left amid words of apology from Ronald and hard looks from Mike. Ronald even held DD and kissed her on the forehead and said that she too would be a perfect and beautiful mother.

DD walked slowly, like a woman on the road to the gallows. When we were far enough away she looked at me, sort of like that Princess Di thing she did, and said:

“I told you it would be OK daddy.” Then DD gave me the most beautiful smile. Only a month pregnant and she already had the glow!

I had her naked by the time we were three inches inside of the front door. Long luxurious sessions of making love became our norm.

Never being apart when I was home and she was not working. She went to work daily and then came back immediately. It did not matter because she was my woman and carrying my baby. I would always be with her.

I had scented candles everywhere and I let DD become the woman of the house, my woman of our house. I put vitamin E all over her belly and thighs and breasts. I bought the finest oils. I made lists of what she liked to eat and what she liked to do. I put the oils on at least twice a day. One time because she needed it and one time because I needed it.

Her sister visited her daily. They were twins and had that twin thing going on.

There was just something wonderful about her getting larger, at least in my mind.

“You know that Ronald once told me I had jungle fever. He is right, I sure do.” I told her.

DD got up wordlessly and walked into the other room. In less than five minutes she was back. She was topless, and she had on what can only be called a loincloth that was full in the front but almost nonexistent on the sides and in the back.

She was deep black and topless. Her ever fat nipples were even bigger and the slight swell of her belly made by my baby made her irresistible. Long strong legs and a high small but and the changing hips made me want her even more. But that was not all.

“Is this jungle enough for you white man?” she said with a sexy smile to match her sensuous walk.

I was rock hard. She pulled my bathing suit off and looking me in the eyes she lowered herself onto my white phallus. She moved the cloth enough to see it disappear into her.

“Is this jungle enough for you white man? Is this your fantasy, to have a black woman, topless and bulging with your child in her stomach, wearing only a loincloth and always open to you? Is that what you want white man?” she said.

I could not talk; I could hardly breathe. I kissed her and moved down to the black nipples now the size of a peach and sucked one it.

“Oh God, yes!” I finally said

“Then this is what you shall have.” She smiled and said in reply.

Let me tell you that chasing a laughing pregnant woman around the house when all she had on was a loincloth resulted in some fun times when she slowed down enough to let me catch her, which was all the time. I could move that cloth and bend her over and lick sweet chocolate all the time; and I did.

We were a family, husband and wife but without benefit of clergy, at least for now because she still refused to marry me “yet!”

We decided on natural childbirth with me as a coach. That is the royal “we” and in “she.”

We had to cool it when Deanna was there but we acted like a loving couple even if she was around, just not in a loincloth and being eaten by the great white hunter.

But they both still did the naked sun bathing and I was still running my hands over them. They both smiled at my obvious pleasure of it all. I expected DD to say something but she continued to smile at me. Once or twice when one was asleep I would oil DD and surreptitiously let my cock out of the bottom of my suit and slide it into her. I could not help myself. She always looked back at me and smiled and wiggled a little. She would bite her lip and then have a small orgasm. At these times I never did, I just wanted to feel her being close. I did not want her sister to see my cum running out of her black open pussy and there would be no way to hide it. As it was I really spread her out and that too was visible, but you cannot deny everything.

They were together all the time and we did things together too. My work schedule allowed me a lot of flexibility and I used it to entertain them. Ronald and Mike did travel a lot getting buyers and making sure that everything operated correctly.

Evidently they not only knew how to sell the big things, they knew how to operate them and even do some fine tuning on them for the customer. I would not find out until later that they also had a series of places where they fixed the monsters, or sent people out to fix them. Some of these things cost hundreds of thousands to millions of dollars and with an investment like that you wanted them running 24/7 if you could do it and if you couldn’t you wanted to rent them out. That was another part of the business, the rental business. During some harvesting times they ran 24 hours a day, put the damn thing on a truck and moved it to another farm and ran it until the job was done, and did it again. When it was something like that Ronald and Mike also supplied drivers who worked in shifts. They worked their asses off but it one big ass business.

Ronald was with DD and I, along with Deanna and we were talking about natural child birth. DD and I even had a DVD showing a birth. It freaked me out the first time I saw it. I am not sure if it would have freaked me out the second time because I refused to look at it again, I kept my eyes closed when the girls would look at it or I left the room. I did not think it was such a good idea to show Ronald but the girls wanted Ronald to see it so he would know what he had to do during natural child birth.

I was right; it was a crappy idea. Ronald went through the roof. He had to run into the bathroom and throw up and then have a stiff drink. He was sweating and shaking. He could not handle it. I kept my eyes closed when it was on this time too. That is when the next change took place.

“Listen bro, you are doing a great job with DD but I need your help. First, ain’t no way I am going to be in any room when that shit happens. Deanna wants it she gets it, but not with me. She has to do it with you. You are already going to do it with DD so one more should not be a problem. So you be there when the baby is born and you go to all of those classes and just take Deanna with you. You gotta help with all that other stuff too. I am just too damn big and I am afraid I will hurt Deanna so you have to do all that oil stuff and foot massages. You know what I am talking about; you do it with DD. I am afraid I will hurt her I am so damn big and at times I don’t realize my own strength.” Ronald surprised all of us by saying. “And it really freaks Mike out when she is around too, so help us out here.”

“Ronald, Deanna is your woman, your wife, and all of this is very intimate. This is stuff only the father should be doing, not me. You should do this man. It will help you connect with your baby. If I do it your baby might bond with me. Babies pick up on things through emotions of the mother and they can feel other people around. And all that oil and massage means that I am going to be touching her body in very intimate places. Even more intimate than when they are here sunbathing and you have seen that. You have to rethink this.” I told him.

“Are you saying you will not help my sister? Is that what you are telling Ronald?” DD said to me.

I hung my head in real and not mock shame. I was broken; she won with one darn question.

“No, [I sighed] I guess not. If he wants me to do it then I will do it but he has to think about what he is asking. That is all I was talking about. Ronald you have to take some time and think about this.” I told them.

“Well I am glad that is settled. You are right about everything you said. Deanna will be here daily. Oh, she already is. You will do whatever you do for DD for Deanna. What do you do?” He asked.

Somehow telling this black giant that I made her dress like a national geographic African pinup, topless and wearing only a loincloth and that I eat her black silk pussy and fuck her silly was not the appropriate answer. Self preservation allowed me to leave that part out of my disclosure.

“We go for walks and swim. Swimming takes the strain off the back too. I give her massages; you know, hands, feet, legs and back. I rub her head too. We read to the baby and play soft music to her. I rub her stomach with oils and sometimes I just touch the baby. We talk about how to raise a baby and how to treat her. Sometimes I bend over and kiss her stomach and whisper words of love to the baby. I want the baby to start being part of our lives right now, not in some future time. Sometimes I got really hot and slip her eight inches of fat white cock until she screams in constant orgasm. Ok, I did not tell him that one but I sure thought about it. When our baby is born she will know me from the beginning. We have an entire routine that we do that Deanna is not around to see.” I said. Somehow my possessive attitude intruded and I had begun talking about our baby and our loves. I just hope Ronald missed it and Deanna too.

“Perfect! That is just perfect. Just do that for Deanna too. I think that you are the only man I could actually trust around Deanna.” Ronald said. “Sometimes you think you can trust someone, and even if you have known then for decades – - , well enough of that. You just keep Deanna healthy and happy and handle that birth thing.”

The girls were happy. Ronald was happy. I was not happy. We were forty-five days into the pregnancy and my jungle fever was still running hot but someone had tossed a big bucket of water on me. No way was I going to be able to make love to DD hours on end and just eat her until she cums over and over, with her sister here, which would get back to Mike in a big hurry. Damn I should have just told Mike up front but DD said to leave it to her. Ok I left it to her and then this shit happens.

Even if Deanna was here daily she was not here all the time daily and now she would be, if I was reading Ronald right.

Strangely enough both girls started going topless and wearing identical loincloths from that first day. Not that I actually minded. For some reason those loin cloths made them even sexier than they were when they were completely naked at the pool.

When I asked they said:

“Before all this started we were here completely naked and no one even thought about it. This is pretty cool. I mean we are comfortable and there is some modesty. I mean I don’t want you looking at my pussy all the time.” Deanna said with a naughty smile on her face.

Nobody thought about it? Shit I thought about nothing else until I could not stop myself and I literally popped my cock and took DD and doing everything I could to fuck a baby into her from about the very first minute I could get my cock into her. Hell I fucked her three times every eight hours until I was sure she was pregnant and I kept right on fucking her. Is Deanna nuts? All I want to do is look at their pussies and fuck DD.

Yes I would be looking at their pussies all the time. A loincloth is open at both sides and any movement at all opens it up.

Between the oils and belly kissing I was rubbing both sets of black nipples all of the time. Breasts get larger and they can get stretch marks so I oiled them too. Every time I did they would puff way out. What about that loincloth? When you are putting oil and vitamin E on a woman to prevent the stretch marks you put it everywhere. I spend more time running my white hands over their black aroused pussy lips that I ever imagined. Yes their pussy showed their arousal, just like their nipples and I sure as hell could tell. You can tell when those wet black pussy lips are engorged and damp, literally dripping with sexual excitement, and it opens like a pink hyacinth floweret showing its delicate interior. I was doing this twice or more times a day to two beautiful women in the full bloom or pregnancy.

When Deanna went home in the evening, I drove her myself in the golf cart, and then DD and I went at each other like crazy people. It was like an entire day of teasing. It was even worse than when I first just took DD because now I was touching every intimate part of her, make that of them, and doing it many times a day. And I could do nothing about it other than teasing myself and them too. I had to wait until Deanna left before we could have a good long loving session.

I can’t even begin to count the times I wanted to just slide my fat cock into that wet open black pussy and I did not care which pussy it was. I just wanted to stretch it around my cock.

And there was the loving part too. I was bonding with Deanna’s baby just like I was with ours. I talked to the little baby and kissed Deanna’s belly. That was a difficult part because as I was rubbing the baby and kissing it Deanna showed no hesitation in opening her legs so I would not “put too much pressure on her legs or knees” and I ended up laying between her sprayed legs with only a loincloth separating my mouth from her slick ebony pussy as I moved to kiss the baby. She was so wet I could smell her. She would drip lubrication.

Then she had me put oil on her and pulled the cloth aside so I could do her lower stomach just above her slit and then she was looking at me with my white face between her strong black legs as I applied the slick lotion to her already dripping and open pink pussy. I kept expecting her to wrap those legs around me and demand that I eat her. I know I should not have been thinking that because I was in love with DD but damn if I did not love Deanna too. To love one was to love both and yes I did have a touch of a fantasy about doing just that. And yes I wanted to have an excuse, to have her hold me and make me eat her chocolate pussy with the coral filling, burry my tongue into her soft center, drink her sweet juices, but she didn’t do that; she did something else.

Deanna “got comfortable” a few times by lifting her bottom, such a lovely black bottom it is too, off the ground, which moved her open pussy right to my mouth. At other times I would be down there and she would have be put my hands under her and rub her back, forcing her pussy close to my mouth. This was followed by another favorite of hers which was after I had done her lower back she had me slide my hands under her ass and kneed it a little, just to relieve stress, which would cause her to rise slightly, again moving her pussy to my mouth.

I think she did all of those things on purpose and was getting off on it and even DD would tell me it made her hot to watch when she did it. She told me that now she knew what I looked like with her and I did that. I thought DD would have gotten mad about it, at least at me if not her sister, as I did not try to pull away very fast, but I was wrong. I tried to pull away but I know for a fact that more than once there was some contact, my lips touched her soft black pedals, spreading her nectar on me so I could taste her. She tasted just like DD did. Of course I would be lying down on my stomach when this happened and I was close to pounding a hole in the couch, or what ever we were lying on.

A few times at night DD would ask me to relive those moments. She said they made her so hot to see it. Pushing my head between her legs she would tell me to call her Deanna and not pull away but lick her pussy for her.

“This is how you looked baby. I could see you white face down there, her legs bent at the knees and open. I could see it baby. I could see how you wanted her. I could see how she wants you. I bet you want her to just wrap those black legs around your head and hold you down as you suck all that wet juice out of her. I bet she wants that too baby.”

DD would tell me and then she would put her gets around my head, and my hands in my hair, and talk about her white man eating her black pussy and had me call her Deanna.

“Eat Deanna’s pussy white man” she would tell me. “Eat her pussy and then kiss me and burry that white cock in your black woman’s pussy. Give your black woman a white baby.”

Damn we did that in one form or another just about every night. I would eat her, and then fuck her hard until I came in buckets. Then she would suck me hard and say that Deanna was sucking my cock and we went again. Jungle fever is what I had. At times it was Deanna and at times I was calling out DD, the names depending on what she wanted that night.

She also began telling me that I should eat Deanna once when she teased me. As she told me she moved her pussy to my face and I licked her and she told me to lick her like she was Deanna. There was nothing new about this, but that changed too.

Then she asked me if I tasted Deanna and I told her that there was contact and yes I tasted her.

“Does she taste like me baby?” DD asked.

“Yes” I said as I moved up and slid into a wet pussy. We kissed.

“Is this is what I would taste if you ate her and we kissed baby?” DD asked.

“Yes.” I was barely able to whisper just thinking about that thought. I was moving in deeper and deeper, not having reached the bottom yes.

“I taste good baby. Maybe I should taste her myself along with you. Both of us would taste my twin, maybe I would still taste her when you are inside of her. I would like that baby? Would like that?” DD teasingly asked.

“Oh God” was all I could say as I erupted inside of her. If she had not already been pregnant she would have been today.

The rest of the night was DD playing out one scenario after another with me right along with her.

During the day when we were not alone DD and I developed the twenty minute quickie out of necessity. There were just times we would be too hot to wait until the evening. I would have Deanna in the pool or someplace and I would tell DD would go to get something and she would get out of the pool to get it. Then I would call to ask for something and when she did not answer I would tell Deanna I was going to get it myself. That gave DD and I some good quality time, as short as it was. I would eat her to a screaming orgasm and it would make me so hot, I was burning with the jungle fever anyway, that I would cum in five minutes of real hard fucking. At those times I did not care if DD’s now gaping pussy was leaking or not. We needed each other. At night it was much longer but for a quick one it sort of took the edge off for DD and I.

And then there were times after I gave Deanna her — oiling that I had to pull DD aside someplace private and just eat her pussy until she could hardly stand. Yes she was standing, against the closest wall, with one black leg over my white shoulder and my white face looking up at her black one and those sexy titties in between our looks, as I eat her to multiple orgasms and drank every bit of juice she had as I watched her eyes literally flame on. “Eat Deanna’s pussy baby” she would tell me and I did.

At other times even with Deanna there I would just slip a hard cock into her and give her a few strokes, enough to get her to vibrate and feel her nipples harden. Deanna would not see but it was fast. I wanted DD always hot for me. She let me know by reaching back and squeezing my cock.

But it was not all sex. We sat on the couch together and talked or went for walks. I developed the habit of not always being between them. At times I was on one side with DD in the middle or Deanna in the middle. I did not want to be the person who kept them apart so we switched off who was in the middle.

We still went out together but usually it was just the mothers and me. We were bonding as much as possible. Mike and Ronald were on frequent trips. Deanna and Dianna and I bonded more than I thought we would.

We did nail parties. They would sit on the couch and I would do their nails, toes and fingers. Of course they had to sit with their legs open and my hands on their feet. My cock was always hard and both of their pussies were always wet.

Things went well; make that acceptable, until the tenth week. Up until then I had to have sex with DD when Deanna was not there but at the same time get hot as hell as Deanna teased me as DD watched.

Then DD started lactating. It was at night during that tenth week and she woke me up to tell me. Her breasts had been swelling which made them sore and her nipples kept puffing out but now they were full of milk and with hope in my heart I began to ease the pressure. She was dripping milk. I was hoping for chocolate milk but no such luck. Still it was even better than regular milk. I spend most of the night with a white cock inside a black pussy and my white mouth sucking milk out of a black nipple. It drove both of us crazy.

I would eat her and pull on her black tits and watch them drip and then impale her on my cock and lick the milk up. She kept her hands moving over me and growled all the time.

Shit we fucked like crazy in every possible position as long as I could suck her nipple at the same time and we were both ecstatic about it. When I pulled off one tit she forced my head back on or moved it to the other. I even had her ass as she was lying on her back with her legs around me and me sucking milk from her black nipple with my light colored lips. I was careful not to injure her though by being too rough.

“Drink it baby” she would moan whenever I stopped and then she would hump into my cock and hold my head in place.

I would start sucking on one of those milk filled nipples, she would moan, I would drink, and then I would get hard and we fucked again. I was sucking her dry but we still pretended she was full and needed it.

By the time the sun rose we were both exhausted. I must have spent hours sucking on her nipples and every time I did it I got hard and we fucked. Well she did not have a problem with being sore from being full, but I am sure her nipples hurt like hell. Neither of us cared. We fucked so much even my cock was sore. We fell asleep right after DD called Deanna and told her we had a bad night and needed some day time sleep. We finally woke up late in the day and we went out by the pool and just fell asleep again until we heard a commotion in the yard.

There was a black mountain moving through my yard with a black woman attached to it. It was scary.

“Dude, you gotta help us out here. I got a problem and Deanna has to stay with you. I mean it. You have to let her stay here. She can sleep with her sister DD so no problem.” Ronald said.

“Yea sure Ronald. How long do you need us to watch her?” I asked.

“Man you have to keep her until after the baby is born and she quits doing that thing she is doing. I mean I can’t have her with me like this. It is freaking me out man.” He said.

If it was not so serious I would have laughed at how afraid this huge man was.

“What is the problem Ronald?” I asked him.

He leaned in and said in a whisper:

“She is leaking man, you know, from her tits. I mean the bed was all wet last night.”

“Ronald, don’t worry about it. It is just lactation. Some women start early, that is all. She is just preparing to feed you child. It is cool man.” I told him.

He laid that Virginia ham size black hand on my shoulder forcing it lower than the other even though he did not mean to and said with real earnest.

“Del, she is fucking leaking man. She gets the bed wet. I can’t have it. I can’t take it. She leaks through her blouses. Look at her man, she is leaking. And I keep seeing that movie thing about birth in my head all the time and in dreams too and now she is leaking man. You gotta help me out here.”

She was standing there looking down with two big wet spots on her top. The moisture made the top transparent. Her black nipples were puffing out like lemons on their way to being peaches in size and even if her blouse was not wet I would have seen those black fat nipples anyway. For a woman with almost no tit and being all nipple both twins apparently made more than enough milk. I wanted to tell him to just latch onto a nipple and suck and fuck, but I didn’t think he would appreciate it or even do it.

Well there goes any sex at all I thought. With Deanna here all the time it is never going too happed.

“Ok Ronald, we will take care of her.” I told him.

He gave all of us a great big smile.

“Great. You have to promise to do two more things. First, if she needs it she gets it. Second, if she wants it she gets it. No hesitation, no debates, and no word ‘NO’ and I mean that. What ever the price is I will pay, but if she needs it she gets it; if she wants it she gets it and you never tell her NO.”

“Now she can sleep with DD and that should not be a problem you have the room.” Ronald added again. “As a matter of fact I want them to sleep together so they have someone with them at all times. Will you do that for me? Do you promise to do that for me?”

“You know Ronald I will do it for you but what if she asks for something I should not be giving her? I mean I am – - [and that is as far as I got.]“

Putting that huge hand on my shoulder and giving just a bit of a squeeze got my attention. He did not mean to hurt me but he was right, as big as he is, he is just a huge black bull who has a hard time controlling his power, especially if he is a little excited, and he was more than a little excited.

“Pay attention Del. If she needs it she gets it. If she wants it she gets it. YOU NEVER TELL HER NO! If you do what I say then we are cool, we are forever cool.” Ronald said with conclusiveness.

“Ok Ronald I promise.” I said.

“You promise what? I want to hear you say it.” He retorted.

“If she needs it she gets it. If she wants it she gets it. I never tell her NO. She sleeps with DD.”

Now he gave me that big tooth filled smile of his. That was the end of the conversation.

Deanna had two suitcases with her and she could always go down the hill to get more. I carried them into the room where DD was supposed to stay but never did. Shit that was really going to fuck things up.

Well I was still going to have two beautiful sexy women with me and we would be together all the time and they were damn fun to be with. I would just have to wait for the sex. What the hell, sex is not that important, the girls and the babies, now that is important. I kept telling myself that shit over and over and hoped that I would start believing it.

As he left Ronald told us that he and Mike would be gone for a month. With that he was gone.

The girls were happy as clams. They immediately put on their jungle fever outfits and I could see that Deanna was dripping just a little. She probable was going to be sore and it looked like she had sort of milked herself, as she did not drip much during the day.

There was a lot of giggling and happy talk. The girls made dinner and I gave them massages before bed, after a long bath in my sunken tub. They told me that we should use my bed because it was bigger so I put down a towel and oiled them up for the night on my bed. I spent far too long on their breasts and they spent far too much time “getting the kinks out” by raising their butts as I applied oil below their waists. For some reason I had taken the task on as I lay between their legs, it just seemed easier that way. For sure! I put the oil on them and did the foot, neck, hands and back rotation. Now both of them were naked and I was doing all of this. There was no way they could miss my excitement and they did not pretend to not see it; but neither of them said anything.

More than a few times they would move and just managed to bump or touch my cock.

There is no doubt that we all spent far too much time admiring how my white hands looked gliding over their black flesh, just beginning to swell with life. The glow from the oil could not compete with the glow of motherhood.

We all talked to all of the babies and touched their stomachs for closeness. I gave each belly a kiss and a little “I love you” to each baby and they went off to sleep together. It was tough being with two very beautiful naked women, touching their bodies, for over an hour and not getting any sex. One thing I can say though is that I got a lot of love, just no sex.

I knew that I was going to spend a very long time punishing that damn monkey and he did nothing wrong, it was just his fate. The poor chicken was in for some deep shit too. I got into bed naked with the intent to take the days frustrations in hand when the door opened and DD and Deanna walked in. They got into bed on each side of me.

“DD, what are you doing?” I asked.

“Ronald said Deanna had to sleep with me and I am sleeping with the father of my baby, so we are both here. We are just doing what Ronald said.” DD responded.

They were both wearing white transparent teddy’s that did nothing but sit on the shelf of their little round butts, showing nothing but glisten open black orchids ready to be pollinated. Their nipples, fat with milk and desire pushed the teddy away from their body.

“DD, he did not mean this. Hell I am naked.” I responded.

“We understand” Deanna said. Five seconds later they were slowing lifting their teddy and showing themselves in all of their naked glory.

Speaking of glory I was hard and standing tall, albeit under the sheet.

They both moved right next to me and they put my arms around each of them. I now had two beautiful black bodies lying against each side, molded to me.

“You must have a fantasy in you someplace where this happens?” DD asked. “Two black twins, pregnant with your baby, lactating, and naked with you in your bed.”

I did not answer. I could not answer. I would have to lie my ass off to say No and they would pick up on that. A fantasy; how about year’s worth of fantasies? How about every thing you can imagine with two women and twins at that? How about finally eating Deanna’s chocolate pussy while DD was there sucking my cock or something like that?

DD kissed me good night, with those lovely large black lips, and shot me some tongue too. That is when it hit me.

“DD did you tell Deanna that I was the father of your baby?” I asked.

“Of course I did silly; she is my twin sister and I keep nothing from her.” DD said.

Stunned and frustrated I tried to find sleep. We were snuggling together and despite my excitement I was almost asleep when I was woken by both women.

“Baby, my breasts really hurt. I am just dripping. You have to do something to help me.” DD said. Then I felt her lips on mine. Sweet as honey those lips are. Then it dawned on me that the voice and the kiss were from the wrong side of the bed. I turned and DD was looking at me.

“It’s ok baby. She is my twin sister and I want you to help her, I really do. And remember what Ronald said; ‘If she wants it she gets it; if she needs it she gets it; never tell her NO!’ Remember I love you and I want this for her and you and yes, me too.”

Deanna moved toward me and soon her breast was close to my mouth. She gave it a little squeeze to relive the pressure and some milk came out and dripped on my lips. I licked the elixir of life and it tasted just like DD.

“It is ok baby.” I heard DD say again as she kissed me and tasted some of that elixir but not her own, but her twins. “Look at that beautiful black nipple, you love mine and Deanna’s are just like mine, just give it a little lick or a small suck, with those white lips, it is ok. It will be hot for you and for us too. We want our white man to suck our tits. For me baby, she hurts and really needs your help, suck her tits for me too.”

I let my tongue snake out and lick the tip of the huge nipple and before I even thought about it I was nursing and squeezing that lovely black breast.

“That is so good baby” DD told me. “I want you to do it, just like you did it with me, remember?” Then she kissed me, her lips brushing the black nipple of her sister when she did it.

Did she ask me if I remembered? That was all I had been thinking about. Sucking her tits and copulating like crazy.

“That is so good baby” DD said. Then she kissed me, moving the breast away and kissing me deeply. Then she moved that heavy nipple back to my mouth.

DD went back and forth, moving her lips to my face, gently telling me with pressure from her lips that it was her turn and I let the nipple go so that DD could kiss me. Then other lips from the other side and Deanna’s lips brushed DD’s aside and found mine.

We went back and forth from lips to breasts, sucking out her milk.

Despite the closeness DD never actually kissed Deanna nor did she suck her breawsts, but she got close enough that they did touch.

She stopped and kissed me again. Then DD said:

“Now me baby, now do mine.”

She presented her nipple and I sucked it in drinking her milk. Then Deanna bent down and with her lips moved DD’s nipple away from my mouth and kissed me.

“Yes baby, kiss her with your mouth full of my milk. She will love it.” DD said.

That was the first time it was more than just a glance, now it was truly deepening between the three of us. I was now kissing both and sharing their milk with the other.

Soon I was exchanging kisses with both women at the same time, their lips kissing back at mine and at the same time the other too. Then I was sucking both big black nipples at the same time, using my hands to hold them together.

We all admired the look as those fat puffy nipples poked through my open white fingers and one nipple in one side of my mouth and the other nipple in the other side.

While this was alternating I got an idea. Actually I had an idea all along. Kissing both of them I moved my mouth away and as I moved back to the twin black nipples I was feeding on I just said:

“If you want you can just kiss each other.” Del said.

The moaning that came from them as they kissed as long practiced lovers and I looked up as I suckled on their breasts.

“Now this one baby” Deanna said as she moved on top of my body to allow me to have access to her other breast. “I like the way it looks when you suck my nipple. DD likes it too, I can see. It gets me hot to see those white man lips on my aroused black nipple. Yes baby I am aroused.”

As we did before, I sucked her breast and then DD moved that black nipple away with her mouth as she kissed me. Then I sucked again.

DD and Deanna continued to kiss each other when my lips were busy. DD even moved so that I would suckle at her other breast as she and Deanna continued to kiss passionately.

By now my hands were running over both of them, touching the burning flesh with hands equally hot with passion.

As I relieved her pressure I realized Deanna was resting her pelvis on my cock, which was swollen and ready. Resting is not actually what she was doing, as she was rocking her clit back and forth on my white shaft.

“DD, my cock,” I said between sucks to her, “Move my cock.”

It was just like with DD. I was sucking their nipples and kissing them and I got even harder than I was when they came in. Actually I think I woke up hard, I had been doing that a lot lately.

She took the opportunity to kiss me and told me she would move it and I went back to relieving the pressure that Deanna was feeling.

She did move it. She moved it up and down her sister’s wet black slit. I could just imagine what it looked like as the pink head opened her black lips and kissed the coral interior. Soon my pink helmet was lodged at the opening, blocking all escape, like a plug.

“DD, what are you doing?” I said between sucks. Truthfully I wanted to raise my pelvis and impale Deanna.

“I am rubbing your cock against her pussy slit Del, what does it feel like I am doing? Deanna and I have always shared almost everything. We are sharing you, unless you forbid it. You will be the first man we have shared, not just the first white man. We both have deep feeling for you and know that you will not hurt us and that you have deep feelings for both of us and our babies. And this is just so hot for us. Do you forbid it?” DD asked.

I must have taken too long to answer because Deanna moved back and pushed the head past her pussy ring and then stopped with about two inches into her. There was no going back. I tried to tell Ronald something like this might happen but he did not want to hear. Then Deanna said the magic words.

“I want this.”

I started to lift my hips and slid a few more inches into her but I was stopped by DD. She still had her hand around my cock.

“Why are you doing this Del?” DD asked.

“Ronald said that – - ” I started but DD stopped me by squeezing my cock. She did not hurt me, hell squeezing an iron rod does not hurt the iron, she got my attention though. She kissed me and said:

“This is not about Ronald. Why do you want to do this?” Deanna joined in.

“Deanna said the magic word – - -” I started to say but I was stopped again with pressure of the hand around my cock and a kiss from Deanna, one full of passion.

“Why Del, tell us why?” DD asked.

“I want it because I am in love with Deanna and because I am in love with you.” I finally told DD.

The kisses began to rain down on me. The hand of DD was gone and Deanna began her long decent down my hard cock. I lifted her away from me after a parting kiss and sat her down on my cock, now fully seated to the root. Deanna started rotating and lifting herself.

DD kissed me, licking the milk off my lips. Deanna was still lactating and I saw that DD was too.

“I love you so much” DD said to me. “Thank you Del.”

“I love you too” Deanna said as she was rotating on my cock and biting her own lower lip.

With Deanna rotating on my cock I would reach up and suck a nipple then kiss DD. Soon I had DD’s nipple in my mouth and watch the girls kiss. I moved DD away from Deanna’s mouth, while still holding DD’s nipple in mine. I moved DD’s face so that it was close to her sisters dripping breast and moved her forward.

“Are you sure baby, are you really sure?” DD said before she latched onto the offered nipple.

My hands continued to roam as my twins began to expand their oral handy work on the other. Once DD felt my hand touch hers as she caressed Deanna and she pulled it away. I found her hand and holding it in mine, my hand over hers, and fingers interlaced like a ten finger hand, I moved it so that we caressed Deanna at the same time.

They both realized that this was now US and not me and Deanna, or me and DD, or even DD and Deanna, it was US.

We moved our mouths from one to the other, uncaring as to who, only that we made sure that each know of our love for the other two.

I caressed DD and she pulled off my mouth. “I am so horny baby, can you do me now too?” she plead.

I nodded my assent and helped as she straddled my head giving me a taste of her female perfume as she faced away from her sister and so I could look up and see her face.

“You know your sister is going to see you riding my face as I eat your pussy and she fucks my cock. [DD and Deanna both moaned when I said it loud enough for both to hear.] You can still help each other out if the pressure is too much.” I said and then I went back to licking her slick ebony kitty as I watched the reaction of my twins.

“Oh we love you so much” they said almost in that twin kind of unison and DD leaned back as Deanna moved around and looking me in my eyes as my lips were sucking on her twin’s pussy and clit, first licked and then sucked her sisters nipple into her black lips. DD moaned as did Deanna and then DD turned slightly and did the same to Deanna.

They were both ten weeks and at the beginning of their pregnancy and were beginning to show with a delicious sexy swelling.

So now we were sharing. Deanna was impaled on me, and moving back and forth, and up and down. I was making oral love to DD’s black hole and both women were nursing from the other.

It was so hot that we all had one huge cum together. DD came in my mouth and all over my face and I lapped it up. Deanna grabbed my cock hard with her pussy as she had an orgasm and I just shot a rope of cum into her in response.

“Did he cum in you?” DD asked Deanna.

“Yes he did. Wow it was burning hot too.” Deanna said.

“That is supposed to be mine baby.” DD said looking down as me still eating her pussy between her legs.

I knew exactly what she wanted and what she meant. Now this was a new test for me, for us all. What she wanted was permission.

“Well if it is yours you better claim it.” I said, giving her and Deanna the permission they needed to make US, all three of US, real lovers.

DD gave me a big beautiful smile and lifted off of me and moved to give me a kiss, one full of even more promise. Then Deanna moved and kissed me, and licking some of her sister off my lips sat back up again.

Then DD turned and looking at me to make sure I could see she moved her lips to her sister’s pussy and having her lift slightly and then fall backward on to her back, covered her opening with her own mouth and began to claim that which was hers. Seeing one twin sucking my cum from the other was beyond just hot.

I moved to allow them room and Deanna grabbed my arm and pulled me to her for a kiss, obviously enjoying the tasting by her sister and not for the first time either, they had done it before that night, I was sure of that. Then breaking the kiss she looked at her sister and asked:

“Can I have this?” holding my cock.

Needless to say when DD nodded her assent it rubbed Deanna’s clit and she went over the edge again pulling DD into her pussy and then lifting her head sucked my pink worm into her mouth.

Her tongue work was wonderful, as good as her sister’s work. I went from worm to anaconda in less than two minutes.

I pulled away to move but was entranced by the sight in front of me. I bent down and joined DD in feasting on her sisters female wonders. This time the little girl was my target as she had been left alone for a moment or two by DD. I quickly kissed her hello and moved my tongue over her and Deanna cried out in one more orgasm as I then sucked her into my mouth.

Then I moved behind DD and running my cock over her pussy made sure it was nice and wet and inserted myself into her. No wild fucking here. She was making love with her sister and I was slowly making love to her. By this time I know what works and what doesn’t and it all worked.

Deanna was beginning to feel left out, only having her sister eat her so she wiggled around until she was under DD and began to minister to her sister’s now very full pussy. She licked my cock with each stroke. There were times when I pulled out and licked DD’s pussy, with me joining Deanna in that wonderful task, before going back to more manly pursuits with the tools nature provided, but only after Deanna sucked it clean of her sister’s juices.

I thought back. Did I have a fantasy, yes I did and it was being fulfilled now.

When I finally came, after watching the sisters give the other so much pleasure, Deanna covered DD’s now full pussy and began to drink from it. I went around and kissed DD, deeply and lovingly and even assisted in the difficult job of orally cleaning Deanna.

Soon we were all clean. It was definitely time for a talk. Might as well talk, we were exhausted after our new found sexual freedom as an US.

“We have been having sex with each other since we knew about sex. It was just one of the things we did. When we heard about you and cheating we did not have any sex with each other until you just now permitted it. When we were together I did not have sex with anyone but you. I have not cheated on you, not even with my sister.” DD said.

“Well I sure as hell have. Ronald is my friend and Deanna is his wife and is carrying his baby and we just had sex!” I said.

“Look, Ronald is not an idiot. He gave me to you until the baby is born, and I quit lactating, don’t you get it? What do you think he meant by ‘What ever I want’?” Deanna said. “Until the baby is born I am your woman, your wife, and that is what I want to be. You let me love my sister again. You let us be pregnant together. You treat both babies as if they are yours, not one yours and another by a different man. We love you and not until the babies are born and healthy are you anything but our man, our lover, our husband. If you don’t believe me attempt to talk to Ronald about it and watch him cut you off.” Deanna said.

“From this time on, we are your wives and you are our husband and we are carrying your children. If you don’t want that then tell us now and we will go back to the way it was before Deanna arrived or even before we first made love and made our baby.” DD said.

“I think we need to sleep on this.” I said. I laid back and brought both women with me. I did not put my arms around them I put my arms and hands at my sides, so that I could rest a hand on each of my babies, and gently and slowly caressed them with my hand, feeling where they would grow and hoping that they would feel my love for them flowing through my hands and into their yet unborn bodies.

“Yes, tomorrow it will be better. Good night wife.” I said to each woman with me, kissing them both. Nothing passionate but very loving. They snuggled into me, put their arms around me, rested their heads on my shoulders and we all had a very contented sigh in unison.

“You are wrong husband.” DD said.

“It will never be better than this. This is perfect.” Deanna finished for her.

They were both wrong and I was right.

And then we were man and wives.

For the next week we became one at every opportunity. Do you remember tinker toys that you just joined together whenever and how ever they could fit; well that was us.

Me on the bottom Deanna on the bottom, DD on the bottom; and every place you could lick or kiss or suck or fuck, got exactly that. We even played the three in one game.

The “three in one” game was started by DD and I and we had played it together maybe a dozen times before Deanna got with us. It went like this. We made love until I had a good cum. It was a foregone conclusion that DD had a few before then.

The clock started when I started cuming and I never knew when the game was going to be played, so I always had to be ready. Then DD would suck me off as I ate her and then suck me hard and I would do some anal and had to cum three times, once in each hole, in less than an hour. Yes by this time we did try some anal. DD told me that everything some other woman could give me was what I was going to get from her and that she expected me to give her everything she could get from another man. It seemed fair to me.

So DD introduced Deanna to the game one night. By this time Deanna had gotten into anal from me and she appeared to enjoy it as much as DD did and told me that I was the first one. Then she found out about the game and we planed it once. Yes, three times in one hour.

Then it got kinky, if you can actually get more kinky than dumping your cum into all three holes of your wife in one hour; but it can.

Deanna told me the game was on after I finished inside of her and she turned to suck me hard. That is when DD got into the action.

“Oh baby, look at how hot Deanna looks with those big sexy black lips of hers cleaning your white cock. Oh and I love the way your cock is getting hard too. Look at her cheeks suck in as she works that white hard cock. Maybe I will just suck some of your cum out of her pussy baby, will that be ok?” Then she lifted her sister’s leg and looking at me began to lick my cum from around her pussy hone and then sucked more out of Deanna. “You taste so good baby, mixed with Deanna.” She followed with.

Well that did it for me and Deanna ended up with a mouth full of my cum, which she showed to her sister and I and got a kiss from me as a reward. Then she went back to sucking me hard accompanied with a “blow by blow” from DD about how sexy it looked to watch her pregnant ebony sister sucking my white cock as she ate my cum from her pussy. It did not take long to get me hard again.

“Ass baby, fuck her tight black ass and I will have her suck my pussy.” DD said.

Well they did exactly that and soon I had just dumped a third load and fell off to the side, like a lion in the zoo that just finished a few good bellows. Twenty-two minutes was my time that time.

“Enjoy it while you can because this is a young man’s game.” I told them both with a smile. The first week was a killer but I managed to muddle through.

After all I was twenty-eight then and you needed to be eighteen to really play that game. My wives were twenty-five. They were hitting their sexual peak and were horny as hell being pregnant. Add to that the fact that they had a bit of an inferiority complex going on because they were pregnant and gaining weight, they needed me to reassure them all the time, and I did.

Most of the time I made love to them; but there were times when they needed a good hard fucking and I did that too, if I was able. I did eat a lot of pussy and thank God they helped me help them, if you get my meaning.

Evidently they liked that game and with variations that they made up I actually got down to seventeen minutes; a personal best. They told me months later that being pregnant they were a little insecure and if they could turn me on and have me do three in one they knew I still found them attractive. I already figured that one out all by myself, but this was months later that they finally told me. I told them it was stupid and that I loved them both and had since the first moment I saw them and would always find them attractive.

It was newlywed sex for the next, well a very long time.

It was not all sex but it was all love. I did find that three of us could almost simultaneously relieve that breast pressure. But we kept looking for the right formula. We had to do it often if we were going to go out at all. We just kept experimenting.

More important than anything else was the requirement that we learn how to make a couple be three people. How to be loving to one and loving to the other at the same time. To not leave one out at the expense of the other. It is damn difficult to not get carried away with one person and forget the other. That was one reason we learned to hold hands as we caressed the other.

That month we went out quite a bit. I knew the girls would get tired easy in the future so we did what we could now. There was a lot of shopping for clothes. I got a lot of looks but not as many as my wives got, they just drew attention by their beauty and bearing.

I had to make sure to suck them dry before we went everywhere because they leaked a bit and they did wear a small bra at times but not often. We all helped with the sucking, and once in a while my aim was bad and I ended up between to very fine black legs, sucking the little girl until she vibrated. And if I did one then I had to do the other, it was only fair. They were always the hottest women around.

We had to talk all the time too. We discussed everything we could find to talk about. Sex was easy, we are programmed to make little people. We are not programmed to listed to our lovers and really understand how they feel and what they think. At times it was difficult not beating up on one at the expense of the other. Two against one is had to prevent when there are three of you. But in the end we managed to work out a compromise, much like husbands everywhere. My wives beat up on me, out voted me at every opportunity, and I accepted it, with a smile on my face. It is wonderful being that important to someone that they think that much of you. It is a husband and wife and wife thing. But when it came to the really important things one no vote was enough for it to be no. They always felt bad when they out voted me and in the end I learned to be against something so they would feel bad by out voting me and then I got a present, two presents actually. Life is a learning experience.

They still wore short skirts but no heals and no crop tops but those legs and those butts were definitely to die for, especially after they started to spread just a little. I saw a lot of men looking at them, but they were mine. They dressed for me and ignored the obvious looks of lust from other men and I ignored any women but mine.

We went to four plays and three dance performances, and lots of dinners out but without alcohol. I told them if they could not drink then neither could I. We went dancing but we only danced with each other.

I took them to parks and outdoor performances of all types. A picnic was always a welcome diversion and they could get comfortable and lie down. I showed them affection and never once ogled any other women. I know they looked more than once to see if I noticed some big titted white blond. Well of course I noticed but not because she was better, I am a man after all. But not once did my eyes travel with her as she walked. Not once did I sigh or give any indication that what was there was better or even close to what was with me right now. I loved my black twins with all my heart and I loved our babies just as much.

That list of things I had for DD now added those things just for Deanna but there was not more than one or two things added. When they say identical twins they mean it.

I bought things they may want to eat and fixed them as many ways as I could. I paid attention to what they watched on TV and comments they made about something looking good, or tasty. Then I made it my mission to find it, fix it, or buy it.

We went up to Santa Barbara and Solvang. We spent nights at Big Sur and Monterey Bay. We always made the trip slow and enjoyable. As long as there was an internet connection we could all get some work done. We had to live and to do that we had to work. But work, while important, never took away from US.

There was plenty of naked exercising at the homestead and damn if that loincloth thing did not look better and better. Even pregnant it looked sexy as hell for them to be topless with my baby showing as they sauntered around the house. And yes, they did it on purpose just to make sure I paid attention.

They made sure to get lots of sun, but with sunscreen.

Seeing them just waiting for me to look at them was an aphrodisiac and it made me hot as hell and them too. They might be pregnant but I was rock hard all the time. I made love to them all the time and in every room. I could not stand not to be touching them and they felt the same. If we sat on a couch we were all touching. I even had a special chair made for the three of us, like a recliner but big and contoured. At dinner we sat next to each other not across from each other. Our legs and arms touched when we ate and we fed each other.

We continued to hold hands as we caressed each other so that so that the act of touch did not leave anyone out.

I started buying things for them related to being pregnant. One day I brought home these wraps for the girls to wear around their stomachs to allow them a little rest time from holding their stomachs in. They thought it was sweet for me to even consider it.

I was always buying clothes for them too but I learned early that I had to buy two of everything in the same color as they always dressed exactly like the other. They were true twins.

We made a point of reading to each other and the babies. We played soft classical music and I learned something new, my girls spoke Chinese. It just never came up before. Not only did they speak it they read and wrote it. That is how they did all the paperwork on the farm equipment movements from China and they read the damn contracts too in the original Chinese. Written into the contract was the understanding that any ambiguity would be resolved in the Chinese language and not an English translation. They handled the importation documents and just about everything other than the sales. I was impressed before but now it knew no bounds. When it was a topic they dealt with they were scary smart.

About that time I told them I was now a part owner of the company I worked for. Not a big part but it was over ten percent. We began to plan a future together and then Ronald and Mike came home.

I went behind the girl’s backs for the first time. I went to Ronald.

“Ronald, we have to talk. It is about Deanna. I want to tell you how much I love her and there are a few things you should know, things you have to know.” I started.

He smiled at me and put that damn Virginia ham on my shoulder, the weight causing that side of my body to slump, and said:

“First, I already know that you love her. There are only two things I need to know. Did Deanna get everything she needed and everything she wanted? Did you ever tell her NO?” He asked.

“She got everything and I never told her NO. There is more to this than those two questions.” I said.

He smiled at me and said, “No there isn’t.”

“Look, there are things going on that I can’t explain now. Mike is my partner and I need to keep him happy and you having the girls keeps him happy and that means we make money. Right now the girls are happy and that makes me happy. So unless you are unhappy, you keep on doing what you are doing and everybody is happy.” Ronald ended.

That was the end of the conversation. So began a new and even stranger relationship for us all, all five of us.

I invited them, Mike and Ronald, to dinner at my house and the girls were happy that they were going to be there with us. I admitted to them that I tried to talk to Ronald, that I felt bad about going behind his back and when I told them what happened they laughed at me. Now they took to speaking Chinese in front of me, like when they spoke French in front of Ronald and Mike to make fun of them.

Up to this point in time I took their word for it about knowing Chinese but then I knew they were really on top of their game when they heard me talking in one of my four way conversations and they properly translated the Chinese and clarified something for all of us and a major problem was averted.

When I was asked who they were I introduced these two black pregnant beauties, who now proved to be smarter than I was, as my wives. When I was asked if that was illegal I told them the crime was worth the penalty.

For almost a month the girls and Ronald and even Mike were together quite a bit at our house going over contracts and working out shipment rates and dates as well as importations costs and arrival dates. Even Mike’s aversion to pregnant women seems to have abated but there was never any hint of rapprochement between Mike and DD. Instead there were work issues as in transportation from the port to some holding area and then shipment to final destinations but never anything more.

I made sure my wives got lots of breaks and attention. No jungle fever outfits when others were about, even if one was her husband and she was carrying his baby.

There were many sessions of massages and oils and of course every time I got hard I had a wife that knew exactly where to put it. Massaging a pregnant wife and having to bend over to help relieve some breast pressure always seemed to end up with my cock sliding into her. I did not always cum, I had two wives and when I was finished with one I had to massage and oil the other. The wives helped by assisting in the oiling, kissing and general loving. We were all learning to give and share; gives of ourselves and share the ones we loved.

We continued to live as man and wives and Ronald did not seem to mind and never asked for conjugal rights. He was sweet to the girls but nothing more. You could tell he loved her but it was like a brother instead of a husband. When I asked Deanna she just said until I gave her back I was her husband and she was my wife. When I asked if Ronald had a woman on the side she denied even the possibility.

As days, weeks, and months passed we three grew deeper in love and more committed to the others. I don’t think the girls could have become more committed to each other but I became devoted to them and the babies. I have to admit that during some nights I feared the end of this. I lived every moment with them as if it was my last. It was strange that the joy of birth could signal the doom of all that I now loved.

There was no more running for them but walking was ok. After a while that was out too. I got tread mills for them and there was a lot of swimming and yoga. Damn I hated yoga but they loved it so they did it and I did it with them. Damn I really hated yoga.

When I had to go to Nevada I took them and we stayed a few extra days. Everyone at work was surprised but no one said anything. I was an owner and my personal life was my personal life.

We got one of those Winnebago’s so the girls would be comfortable when we drove there. It was always a slow journey, I was in no hurry. I even got us into a Residence Inn for our time. It was more like a hotel where there was a maid that came in and changed the sheets and things. We had a kitchen we could use and we did take some side trips in the beast so that the girls would always be comfortable. Later I would buy us a small house there for our time so that we had everything we needed but we still drove in the beast so that there was plenty of room for our expanding family.

When I expressed my fears again about us being together I was told:

“Trust me baby, it will be ok. Everything will be just the way it should be.” DD or was it Deanna said. They never did tell me who was doing the talking.

I did something stupid, I decided to trust them. If they said it I believed it. It did not mean anything to me except trusting. That was the foundation of our relationship, it was trust and belief that each would do not that was best for themselves but for the other two. Stupid or not I believed it and I lived it. I still do.

It was six months into our time and one night I woke up and found myself nursing on a breast. I could also feel someone sucking my cock.

“Oh good, you are awake” I heard one say.

“I didn’t mean to wake you but since you are awake” my hot little cocksucker said, as she moved and impaled herself on my cock that she so diligently worked to get hard.

I knew what the other wanted and I pulled her up and onto my face. These two loved me to eat one while the other rode me. It was a favorite position of theirs. Then they would change places when they wanted, or moved into a new position.

“Didn’t mean to wake me?” I thought with a private laugh. One has her nipple in my mouth and the other is sucking my cock and she thinks I will stay asleep. I knew right away it was a symptom of their insecurity. Hell, I loved midnight sex, better for me.

We set up a baby room and got cribs and painted it. I did a double of everything. It was not necessary really, but when Deanna went to the other house I wanted her to have something from us to her.

Lamaze was interesting and people thought it was crazy for me to have two pregnant women, much less two pregnant hot black women. DD and Deanna told the women I was the perfect husband and father. I was proud of that. Some others there thought I was crazy. One told me that the punishment for bigamy should be to allow bigamy.

I still got to wake up and turn on my side and slide my cock into one twin and slow fuck until she had a nice cum or two and then turned and did the other and joined her cuming. I always had to plan on waiting through one sister and finishing with the other. Well we all have our little problems that life gives us. Either one could have burned me down by themselves but two of them, well it was just damn lucky they loved each other too, that gave me some help more than once. I never forgot that I always had a tongue and I made sure to always keep my nails very short, and that included my toe nails.

I had done a lot of reading and found out that the twins should have been getting yeast infections but they weren’t having them. I guess we were destined to be together.

We continued our day to day routines and soon the day of birth arrived.

The first to give birth was DD and as expected it was a beautiful baby girl, with just enough white in her to let everyone know I was the father. I was the first to hold her without gloves on, and after cleaning her off I kissed her and pressed her to DD’s breast where my competition for breast milk started. It was a race I did not mind losing. I was in love, no other way to say it. Now I had three women to love.

Now being there when she gave birth was an eye opener for me. I was looking at her as she was in labor and when the birth started I saw her eyes sort of glass over and I knew that look, I was the cause of it many times.

Deanna was in the same delivery room and was on the other side and the gurneys were next to the other. It was a crazy setup but we planned it that way.

The doctor stroked DD leg and said:

“It is ok, just let it go, it is ok.” Then she looked at me and smiled.

“It happens all the time.” She said looking at me. Well she was the doctor so I believed her, sort of.

The orgasm ripped through DD as she was in labor. Actually a few did. I later learned that it was not all that unusual.

Just about the time DD finished Deanna started and a few hours later I was holding the most beautiful biracial baby, half white and half black, just like her precious cousin. I did the exact same thing and put her on her mother’s breast. Now I had four women I loved with all my heart.

Yes Deanna has a few orgasms during labor too. The doctor looked at me and smiled.

“Those two must really be used to something big in there.” She said with a smile and looking at my crotch.

“Nothing even close to that big.” I said as I looked at our daughters.

Finally we were in the same room when Ronald and Mike came into the room. That is where the fight started. It passed me by but suddenly Ronald accused Mike of impregnating Deanna. How the hell else did the baby end up obviously white. I made them go outside.

“Listen you assholes don’t upset the babies or the mothers. Want to argue, do it outside but not here.” I told them.

Mike denied being the father and Ronald demanded a DNA test. Ronald accused Mike of wanting Deanna from the first and that he was jealous of Ronald and her.

“Hey make the white boy take the damn test, he probably did it.” Mike said.

I had no problem with it. I knew DD’s baby was mine but that was not the issue so I gave my swab too.

Mike and Ronald left to have a fight in the parking lot and I went back in to take care of the babies and mothers.

Mike and Ronald came back and verified that we all gave the DNA and then again left. Arguments aside, they had a business to run and a very profitable one and they were not going to destroy it fighting, at least not this night.

I took my wives and our babies to my house, it was already set up. We waited and waited but Ronald or Mike did not come back. We did get e-mails but nothing personal. They were out selling and would take care of the “issue” when they got back. That is what they called it, the “issue.”

Well my daughters were not “issues” they were precious little bundles as far as I was concerned.

The twins went from being my princesses to my queens and our precious little bundles now became princesses. I treated them as the royalty they were.

In the meantime we had strange sleeping arrangements. DD slept with me as did Deanna. One slept on one side and the other slept on my other side, both hugging me with one black arm each over my white chest. In between them with me, were two of the sweetest little girls God ever allowed to be created resting or sleeping on my chest. During the night one little girl would just take one filled nipple and the other took the other side. I don’t think the babies paid attention to who they were feeding from, just that they were. The mommies did not appear to care either. It was like they were both their daughters.

“See, it did get better” I told my wives.

They beamed when I said it. Their smiles were like a solar flair.

“Yes, you are right, it did get better.” They said. Then they added “Daddy.”

I got changing duties in the middle of the night but I did not mind at all. It was always two of everything, just like with the mothers. But DD and Deanna cheated. Sometimes one would feed both and let the other sleep. I did not have a twin to help, I had no one. I did not even have a parent to help. I had grown up in foster care and my foster mothers did it all but they were not around.

So I was alone, but I had my babies and the twins, my queens and our princesses and so I was happy. As far as I was concerned I had a full life and a full family and I did not care if Ronald or Mike ever came back, but I knew that they would.

You know that it is strange that we think of babies as helpless but they are not really that way. They can move around, sort of like undulating earth worms, you know what I mean. They can smell milk or their mothers and will sort of slowly wiggle their way to a tit. Not a straight line but jerky movements to get to the food.

The first thing they smelled when they were born was me and my breath blowing on them. By the third night they had found the smell again. After latching onto a tit and filling up they started moving and it took a while but finally I had two baby girls sort of wrapped around my neck, like two kittens.

It did not matter if I changed them or they were just fed but if they could they managed to get as close to my face as possible and settle in for a nap, usually close to my neck. That is the most you can get out of a baby, a nap. They are always awake for one thing or another. I was in love.

From that first week I was bathing the Deanna and Dianna. I was making it as good as I could. The rules said no bubble baths or scented bath salts so it was just warm water and then a hand wash but it worked and relaxed them. Ok maybe a nipple suck or two just to relive the pressure. Then a shower to rinse off and a dry and I moved onto wife number two, or is she number one and I just did number two? Who cares which one came first, they both did as far as I was concerned.

Well, first one then the other got the bath and after she would sit in these big chairs and I could give her the two angels and she would hold them after I got a cuddle or two with them and then I would do Deanna or Dianna, who ever I had not already done.

Later I would use scented oils and give them lots of massages and nice things to eat and drink. I could not use the oils on their breasts because the babies might not want to nurse then and nature had not given me the equipment needed to feed them.

My queens had given me heirs to the throne, and they deserved the best I could offer, for the rest of their lives. They lacked for nothing if that was a way I could provide it.

And then there was kissing, it never stopped. I could not help myself. When I could I kissed my queens any place I could. And the princesses, well they were little bundles and they got kisses and a tummy blow, it is never too early to make your child laugh and smile.

After two weeks they asked why I had not tried to have sex with them or asked for a blow job. I told them I would wait until we could all have sex. That day Deanna took me into one of the rooms and forced me to fuck her ass. I mean it was horrible but I managed to get through it. I think I got through it twice that time. I realized that she had carefully prepared herself for me. And ;lter I did find out that if I was very careful I could eat her little black pussy and give her a bit of a cum, but she was still sore.

The next day it was DD that went in with me. And again I was able to put my revulsion aside and do it twice and get a good way into a third. Pretty soon they each wanted it every day. I think it was their way of verifying that they were still sexy women to me. It was my way of making love to them. I made sure to eat them all the time. There was not a part of their bodies that was not perfection. I made sure my queens knew that.

But I changed the way we made love, because that is what it was. These were not just bitches to fuck and leave; they were the mothers of my children. So yes we did do it my way. First I made sure to orally stimulate them, and that means kissing and caressing everything, including those beautiful tummies that had held our precious babies. And then there was that wonderful black orchid, which I was very careful with, at first. Then we made love, face to face and yes it was anal but it was with me looking lovingly at my women, my wives, the mothers of our children.

Yes later we would fuck and do it nasty and hard and wild, because we all needed that thrill but it was always with love even if it was strange. After all, my women needed to be lusted after and I sure did that. That electric shock never left us.

We had to be careful though so that we cleaned up well so that the princesses never got a smell or taste of what mommy and daddy did. And we never had sex when they were with us in bed because that was their time to bond with us on a different level.

My queens were still entitled to massages which I gladly gave. Ok I did some nasty bits too.

We talked about their weight, they put on some major weight but I told them that it was ok; they needed that to feed our girls. I made them feel loved and beautiful and made sure to take them out and I only had eyes for my Royal Girls.

It took a month but Ronald and Mike finally got back and called for a family meeting down at the big house.

We sat in the den and I have DD on one side and Deanna on the other. I am sitting in the middle with two cute babies in my arms. I just so hate to put them down. The babies hate for me to put them down. When I do put them down they cry. The twins are on either side of me looking like the cat that just ate the canary, and they are pretty darn proud of themselves. Looking at the babies I can see why they should be.

“Del, we have the DNA results and want to go over them with you, if we can.” Ronald says with some seriousness in his voice.

“Sure no problem.” I respond.

“Here is the results of the DNA for Deanna’s baby and Del, you are the father.” Ronald says.

“But I can’t be, I did not sleep with Deanna, I would never do that to your wife.” I said.

“Apparently you did sleep with Deanna.” Ronald says.

“Oups, sorry Del, wrong test. That was the one for Dianna not Deanna. It looks like you are the father of the baby that Dianna had.” Ronald says.

Now I know I am busted.

“But you said you were only going to check for Deanna, not Dianna.” I said.

Then I heard a noise and looking out the house and I saw men walking out of my house with my belongings, all of our belongings.

“What is going on?” I asked.

“Del, you are moving.” Ronald says.

The twins still have not said anything. My heart is beating like I have just run a marathon but the babies appear calm and asleep. I can’t help but smile looking at them. The twins smile at my smiling. They are calm and the babies are calm.

“Oh, by the way, here is the DNA on Deanna. It looks like you are the father of her baby too.” Ronald says.

Now both men, Ronald and Mike are moving toward me. I am not sure what they are going to do but it may not be all that good.

What the hell am I going to do? I can probably run away from both of them but damn, I can’t run away from my babies. I can’t leave Deanna and Dianna here to take the brunt of this if they turn violent.

Well damn. I start to rise and open my arms and the mommies each take a baby and I head toward Mike. Shit he is huge, almost as big as Ronald, and maybe I can slow him down enough for the women to get away with the kids.

I yell for the twins to run. Dianna and Deanna have each grabbed a baby as I head out in a futile attempt to attack Mike. He is huge and I am lifted off the ground and end up dangling in the air. He is a big man. He puts his arms around me and I just know I will have the air forced out of me in a huge bear hug.

Well the hug happens but I can still breathe. Then he kisses me on the cheek and literally tosses me to Ronald who is standing next to us both and he does the same.

Dianna and Deanna are smiling and as my feet touch terra firma and a baby is thrust back into each arm.

“Del you are moving into this house. Mike and I are moving into your house. You will need to have the extra room and we like your view better. It will be better for everyone involved.” Ronald tells me.

“What the fuck?” I say.

“Don’t cuss in front of the babies” Deanna tells me.

Ronald continues: “Dianna and Deanna are my younger twin sisters and I have had to watch over them since our parents died. When I said I was married I meant that I was married to Mike, he is my husband. You just got it wrong and we never told you different. It was sort of fun.

“Mike and I will take over your house and we will be Uncle Mike and Uncle Ronald. Now he and I can travel like we always wanted and we don’t have to worry about my baby sisters. I never did expect they would fall in love with one person and definitely not a white man, but all things considered, it turned out for the best.

“And no, I never slept with my sisters and neither did Mike. Well actually that is not entirely true. When the girls were small we would have a sleep over and they would crawl into the bed with us but they were only two or three years old. They just wanted to be with their big brother and felt left out. I had to take them everyplace, so Mike and I got into the habit of taking care of them. But we never had sex with them. We have never had sex with any women.

“I know they talked about me having sex and getting the job done and all of that but the only person I have slept with in my life is Mike. We have been friends since we were ten and lovers since we could be.

“Del, you slept with both of them and you three have to deal with how you are going to handle that but from the look on your faces I am sure it will all work out.” Ronald finished.

It took all day to move the furniture around. Apparently every gay man in the area was there to help because it looked like ants moving in a line there was that many of them. I expected to see them break out in chorus line of YMCA at any moment as they were sure dressed for it. Freddie Mercury would have felt right at home with them.

“We are sorry Del, but we both fell in love with you. We kept changing who you were with from day to day and just did not tell you. DD is not any of our names. That was what my mother called us when she was talking about both of us. So when you said DD you actually were talking to us both. When you said ‘I love you DD, you were saying you loved us both.” Dianna said. “You could have been with Dianna or Deanna and called us DD.”

“I suspected as much.” I told them. “I was not sure until I saw the babies and then I knew for sure they were mine. I had my name put on the birth certificates as the father for both of them anyway.” I told them.

“But Del, we have to talk about the prenuptial agreement. We need you to prepare one.” Dianna said.

“Sorry, I can’t do that now. I no longer have any property or anything else. I am sort of working for free.” I told them.

“Baby, what happened?” Deanna asked.

“The day the babies were born I funded the trust I had drawn up when we were all living together. I funded the trust with my house and the stock and everything I own.” I said.

They just looked at me like I was crazy.

“The trust is irrevocable. You and the babies are the beneficiaries. For the rest of my life I will be working for you. Sort of like a white surf, working for the queens and princesses. But I was already your slave so that is the way it works. I just hope you want me because if not I am in deep shit.” I finished.

The girls left with me holding the babies. Then they came back with Ronald and Mike. They asked for copies of the trust and I gave them copies of the trust, now that my furniture was all down here. I also had a copy in my computer,

“Well you picked right, and that is for sure baby sisters.” Ronald said after he read the documents. Old Ronald turned out to be an attorney and a member of the United States Court of International Trade. They handle all matters of trade coming into or leaving the United States.

“We did not say anything but we don’t just work for my brother, we each own 25% of the company. We have 10 times the money you do. We are going to see our lawyers next week and add it all into that trust.” Deanna said.

I already knew they were owners, it is that internet thing again but I kept it to myself. Why screw things up. I had a few secrets of my own and they would learn of them in the fullness of time and not before. I could play games too.

“White boy I have to say you are dumb as a log. I mean these two beauties did everything but rape you and you left them alone.” Mike said.

I let the “white boy” comment from the albino slide.

“I know you saw them and I know they affected you. Hell you were hard most of the time. And you do have a pretty nice package down there.” Ronald said.

This was met by a punch from Mike on Ronald’s arm. If these two went into a tussle it would be like 600 pounds of muscle fighting by the girls and our babies.

“Ease up Mike; you are the only white man I want. You know what Del said. ‘Once you go white, give up the fight.’ Well I give up, Mike.” Ronald finished.

I thought, “Please don’t kiss; please don’t kiss.” I know I am a hypocrite but damn these two huge dudes kissing will just be too much for me. Thank god I did not see it, or anything else, happen.

Funny that they were so busy playing me that they never saw me play them. I was not going to touch the girls until I had one hell of a lot more information, and I finally got it and I never intended to let them go.

“I mean three times and then eight or nine hours off and then doing it again. For three or four days that is one hell of a schedule and you got both of them pregnant. You do know that they were changing up on you every time. They both wanted you to get them pregnant. You sure as hell did.” Mike finished.

“We really didn’t mean to trick you but you just would not make a move. We knew you wanted us and we wanted you but you misunderstood our relationship with Ronald and Mike and then we did not know how you were going to deal with Deanna and I being, you know.” Dianna said.

“Then we had to make up that fight with Mike to get you to take Dianna with you. But Dianna would be with you one night and I would be with you the next night and then we started lactating. It was perfect so Ronald came up with that ‘leaking’ argument. After all you had fallen for the argument about taking care of both of us. So then we got that promise and our first night we sort of worked things out.” Deanna said with a little smile.

“And you took such good care of us and our daughters when we were pregnant. We had to find a way to tell you so when they were born we sort of came up with the fight about one of the babies being Mike’s so we could get the DNA information and prove they were your daughters. Then we set up this little confrontation today to see what you would do and you did perfect.” Dianna said.

“I really hope you are not mad at us. We really do love you like crazy. We never really lied to you, and we just did not tell you everything at the same time and maybe just once or twice we – - you know.” Deanna said.

[Del: I was giving it all some very serious thought when little Ronnie and Michelle started moving around. Ok I named them after their uncles. I knew they were mine when I first saw them, even before then, and I had my name put on the birth certificate and I could actually see a family resemblance between the twins and Mike. Ok that was a bad joke, I mean Ronald. Well except they were not three hundred pounds and six foot eight and did not have hairy legs or a cock but they did sort of look like them. Ok the babies were sort of bald with a light dark down on their heads.

[Del: I could not believe they were buying this shit. As I said, I looked the company up on the internet and there were a number of stories about it and the four owners of the company? I knew that Ronald and Mike were married in San Francisco and that was all I really needed to know about them. Hey, I'm not some big time fool you know. I may not have looked them up until after they started playing me but I knew exactly what was going on, but there is no need for them to know that. I was concerned about what the girls had going on with their brother and Mike, but that one was easier to figure out if you just paid attention and I did. It was easy to learn they had nothing going on but still I was concerned that maybe my information was not complete so I was a little concerned about how they would react to the DNA evidence but once that was out of the way, there would be no problems at all. I wanted my wives to be happy and I wanted to be happy, so I paid attention and took my time. It was one hell of a fun game and they got to play theirs and I got to play mine. They just did not know that I knew the game was on. But it is not over yet, not by any means. I also was not sure of the relationship between the four of them until now, so there was some angst about what could happen. Love makes fools of each of us.]

Anyway, little Michelle and Ronnie needed some nap time, having been sleeping most of the day, which is very tiring for a baby. They were also in real need of a double dose of milk so that they could go into that baby milk stupor we all know so well. And let me tell you that a change was in order.

And the babies needed a change too. I mean I knew what was up but I did not know the guys well enough to read exactly what was going to happen. They could just as easily come unglued with the DNA results; I did not think so but it was possible. I had to be ready for anything. But I also remembered that my wives said it would all be as it should be and I trusted them.

So we decided to think on it and let the guys go and we got on with our new lives in the new house.

They got even more attention than before, my Queens and Princesses. I never looked at another woman again. We went out and did what married couples, or is that triples do. Mike and Ronald were good uncles and baby sitters.

Yes we still went to Nevada in the beast and then there was a major change.

“Girls, I have to go to Europe,” I said one day.

“How long will you be gone?” they asked.

“Not long, only a few years.” I said.

“What the hell are you talking about? You are not heading off to Europe for a few fucking years?” was the response.

“Why are you all upset? We have months to get ready. We are going to be in the Nancy area of France. We will be close to Germany as well as Luxembourg, Switzerland and Italy. Seventy five miles to Luxembourg, and close to everything else. I will get us a great place and Ronald and Mike can visit any time they want.” I told them.

Once they understood that I was not leaving them but taking them, well we all got along so well that the babies went to bed early and so did my wives and I.

So we went to Europe to live. I was now just shy of thirty and we were almost back into the jungle fever game. The girls wanted to get pregnant again and I wanted them pregnant again.

It was a beautiful place we had with a great view of everything. Again I asked them to marry me and this time they agreed. When they asked which one I was going to marry I just smiled and said “both.”

The wedding day was getting close, only a few months away, so Mike and Ronald showed up; there was plenty of room.

One day we are sitting on the couch and playing with the kids and watching them play search and destroy, children know that game without being told. There is a knock at the door.

“Mike can you get that?” I yell out.

“Del there is a General Franklin at the door and she says she is your mother, but I think she is lying.” Mike says.

Following close behind is Brigadier General Franklin. Generals, no matter how many stars they have, don’t like to be kept waiting or standing at a door.

“Mother! I was waiting for you. I am so glad you will make it to the wedding.” I say as I give her a kiss on the cheek.

Only Dianna is there with me as she enters. Well the kids are there and I am holding little Michelle.

“Mother, I would like you to meet my wife Dianna. We are not actually married yet but she is still my wife. And this is your granddaughter Michelle.” I say as I show her a now almost two year old Michelle.

Michelle does not have a chance to do anything except giggle as she ends up in the arms of General Franklin. She takes to her immediately.

Mother leans over and gives Dianna a kiss on the cheek, as women do all over the world.

“Would you like something to drink?” I ask.

“Please. Something soft.” She says.

“I will be right back. Will ice tea be ok?” Dianna asks as she rushes out not waiting for an answer.

We sit and Ronnie now joins Michelle in grandmother’s lap.

“I did not put any sugar in it. Del takes his without.” She says.

Mother looks askance at her but takes it. As she takes a sip there is another knock at the door. This time Ronald goes to see who is there. He is mumbling to himself as he comes back in.

“There is a General Franklin at the door and she says she is your mother. I don’t think she is really your mother.” A confused Ronald says to a room of very confused people.

As was the case the last time the general did not wait at the door.

“Mother, how wonderful that you are here.” I say as I hug and kiss her cheek.

Now both children are crawling from each lap to the other.

“These are my beautiful children and this is . .” I start to say when interrupted.

“This is not Dianna, who I met first a moment ago. This must be Deanna. I think they are playing games with us.” The first mother says with a bit of a smile.

“No you are right, this is Deanna.” I say to a shocked Deanna. “Would you please ask Dianna to come out.” I added.

Deanna leaves and then comes back and says that she is Dianna and she is pleased to meet the “mothers.”

“Deanna, you are not Dianna, we need both of you in here,” I tell her.

Now Ronald, Mike and Deanna are shocked. Dianna enters the room.

“Dianna and Deanna, these are my mothers, Donna and Dorothy Franklin.”

Everyone in the room is attempting to set a trap for flies, why else would they have their mouths open.

It could not possibly have anything to do with the two almost sixty year olds standing before them that I call mother. They are five foot three, thin, and are as identical as twins can be.

“But how can you be his mothers? He was an orphan and in foster care, that is what he told us.” Deanna said. “And how come he can tell us apart now?”

“He was in foster care, until he was fifteen and then he became an emancipated youth. We raised him from the time he was two. We were in the Army and he went all around the world with us. Did he tell you he went to school in Cambridge? Well now you know why he can speak all those languages.

“Anyway, when he turned fifteen he became emancipated and was able to make his own decisions. So at that time he wanted to be adopted and we did an adult adoption.

“There is no prohibition about two people adopting and we found a sympathetic judge who granted the petition.” Dorothy said.

“And I was always able to tell you and Dianna apart.” I said looking at Deanna and then to my moms.

“That means when we thought we were trading places with you, you actually knew we were different people?” Dianna asked.

“Of course I did. By then I had checked you out and knew about you being Ronald’s sisters. I was not completely sure about it but I was sure I was in love with both of you from the first moment we met and you had so much fun playing your game that I just went along with it. When you grow up with twins you get used to being able to identify them as individuals and not see the common things but the differences.” I said with a smile.

“So when mom’s agreed to adopt me I took their name, Franklin.” I added.

“But, but, you are white.” Ronald said.

“It would appear so” I told him.

“But, but” Ronald attempted to continue.

There before my black twin wives stood my black twin mothers. And there was even more for them to learn.

“But we are black and you think that is a problem? Well it was never a problem to Del and he called us both mother from the day he first same into the house and he is our son.” Donna said.

I smiled.

“But your first wife was white.” Dianna said.

“Yes she was and was that a fucking nightmare.” I answered back.

“Watch you mouth in front of the babies” for women said in unison.

“Yes we were disappointed in that choice and that is for sure. But we were away and could not help him. He had just gotten his discharge and was still screwed up but we did not realize how bad it was. He was perfect for his job but still was suffering and we should have been with him but there was just no way.

“He was always smart and had multiple degrees early on, but he was not emotionally able to handle what happened to him. He had been able to depend on us all of his life and now he was on his own for the first time in his life. But he was a man and had to make his own mistakes but we did not think it would be one that damn big. Did you at least follow our rule about sex?” Dorothy said.

“Yes mother. I was a virgin when I got married. Damn, do we have to talk about that now?” I responded, once again being a child with his mothers.

“And now, how about now Delano? Donna asked.

“Three mother, only three.” I told her.

“So that means six different women! We are disappointed in you Delano.” My mother’s said. I was always Delano when they were upset.

“No mother, three total. All three are my wives. No one else mother, just like you told me. Join with your wife and no one else. I did not think there would be two at once though but I am not complaining.” I told everyone.

My wives were beaming when I said that.

“And you girls, our son’s wives, what about you?” Donna continued.

This was something we never talked about between ourselves.

They each answered two.

“I had one experience in college.” Deanna said. “It was not very good for me.”

“Me too; I had one experience in college and I did not like it much. There was no love involved and I thought I was just a piece of meat to him. I was just a virgin to add to his count.” Dianna added.

“It was never that way with Del. He is our second and our last lover. He was our friend first and our lover second. And then he let us be us and never tried to stop us. We held off at first with each other until he said it was ok. We did not want him to think we would cheat, even with each other. But he really loves us both and our children and we are all lovers.” Deanna said.

Changing the embarrassing topic of discussion, no woman wants to spend too much time talking about having sex to their mother in laws’ son, so turning to me Deanna asked:

“But they are Generals in the Army. Why aren’t you in the Army?”

“You better tell her son. If you are going to marry them you better tell them.” Dorothy said.

“Well I sort of, maybe still, work for the Army but I am not in the Army, anymore. That scar is when I got shot and they promoted me and kicked my ass out. That is why I screwed up and married that whore.

“You see I was on an operation with some foreign commandos. I went through Ranger training but I am not a Ranger, I am a computer intelligence officer. It was their job to take the geek into an area and let me do my thing with a computer system. In this case it was to infiltrate an enemy base and download a virus into their computer system. Nothing crazy, it was just a little program that made some very minor alterations to mathematical equations so that some very detailed calculations would be off by just a bit. Not enough to draw attention to them but enough to alter the results.

“When the bad guys work hard trying to make a nuke from scratch and have to depend on others for all the parts then a few minor errors here and there, which will never be repeated in the same area twice, well it becomes impossible to make a functioning bomb. Inasmuch as all the systems are in communication with each other through their command and control systems, well it spreads. It changes the registers and just tweaks the system here and there, and that is that. My program is smart enough to not affect normal stuff so if you use the calculator and add numbers it will give you the correct answer. If you run checks on the equations within the program it will give you the correct answer, just as if it were operating correctly. But if you start running the calculations for making a bomb the program recognizes it and creates a variance. It is even smart enough to repeat the same wrong answer time after time so that it will not appear to be in error, but in a different part of the equation. It is like having a computer tell you that one and one is three.

“So we were in a place where we should not be in but we had to be there. We were spotted after I dropped the virus into the system and we were on the way out and there was one hell of a fight. They shot at us, we shot back, I was wounded, and the real commandos got my geek ass back to America. If they had found me then they would have known it was their computer we were after instead of a few pieces of equipment that we destroyed out in the open.

“I was a captain in intelligence and after I was shot I was deemed disabled and promoted and kicked out. They gave me a medal or two and now I am a retired Major but I still work for the Department of Defense. I have a private contract with my company to identify and combat industrial spying, if it can affect national security. That is what my company does, we stop industrial spying. Everyone I work with is prior Military Intelligence, even the foreign workers you hear me talk to. Everyone in the company is like me, or I am like them. We work for the American government as private contractors with the Department of Defense. The ‘interface between hardware and software is all bugged so we can see who is attempting to steal the software and monitor systems. We design little bombs that ferret out the mainframe of the theft computer and then instead of destroying it we simply distort the information it steals.” I sort of shrugged as I said it. “It even sends us reports.”

“You mean my farm equipment is bugged?” Mike asked.

“Mike, the United States of America does not give a rat’s ass about you farm implements. By the way, Chinese metallurgy sucks, and I would pay attention to that. What we care about is the computer software that it uses because it monitors and relays information to other computers. It has WI/FI capability, ostensibly for monitoring itself and reporting to your service facilities, but in reality it also keep track of positioning when you work the equipment and it talks to other systems even if you don’t know it. The system monitors everything including speed, direction, if the equipment is working or you are just moving it. It even monitors moisture and soil content. Everything a farmer needs to know and everything our enemies would like to know. They are tracking our farming capabilities through your and other equipment. Yes they could get the same information in other ways but this gives them the information in real time. They do the same thing with other products, as do many other countries.

“But before it ever gets to you we alter the computer systems. Those places you have set up install and to fix the systems, some of them are our guys, not my company but a different one and they are making sure the interface is not talking to the wrong people with correct information. We make sure that it does not use the wireless system to accurately report on crop size and locations as well as water systems and highways.

“We are not after you, we want the Chicoms to think it works, so when we send them false information and they think it is real. Of course if you tell anyone we have to kill you.” I told them with a smile. “We do the same thing with a lot of products that can be a problem. That is why we have special DOD computers and why you can’t just plug any flash drive into a DOD computer anymore.”

“Gonna kill us too?” Dianna asked with a hint of something.

“Already started my dear. You and your sister are in the beginning of a deadly battle where I will be fucking one or both of you to death.” I said.

“At ease Major! Your mother and I don’t need to hear that crap. And watch your mouth in front of the babies! Just give us the grandchildren and a place to stay and we will all be happy.” Donna said. “How you make them is private as far as we are concerned.”

“And your mothers, what do they do in the Army and why are they Generals?” Ronald asked.

“Ronald, my mothers are right here in front of you, don’t ask me, ask them.” I told him looking at my mothers.

“We are spooks” Dorothy answered.

“I can see that Dorothy,” Ronald said.

Donna got up and walked up to Ronald. As big as he is she had no problem reaching over and grabbed his package, giving it a disabling squeeze. He was actually sweating and knew better than to try to move.

“You may have a lot of muscle down here. Actually I can tell you do have a lot of muscle down here. But try thinking with you head country boy. We are spooks as in spies. For years we flew intelligence missions and used everything from fixed wing craft to Blackhawk’s. We flew penetrators, like the MH-60L’s and the Apache Longbow with intelligence gathering capabilities. We are intelligence officers. Spooks to some and spies to others.” Donna said.

“You have all been vetted by the good old U.S.A. and are cleared to hear all of this because there is no way we can hide it from you anymore. It is just too difficult. You are getting married, we are going to live with you and Del and trying to keep it from you will get harder as time goes on. A man can’t keep secrets from his wives and not appear to be a cheating piece of shit.

“So now you know all about us. Here is something else to know. Donna and I are retiring. We are leaving the Army, or as much as we can as Generals. We are moving in with you and are going to take care of our grandchildren and our son; and his two beautiful wives, if they will have us. We don’t need much room. Just one bedroom and one bed is enough. So don’t give us any crap boy and you just might be able to use that weapon you are packing in the future. Do we have your complete attention now?” Donna finished, finally letting Ronald go.

My mothers were some bad ass women and I sure as hell never argued with them and now Ronald and Mike, despite their size, understood it too. This was one time their size did not help them, good old mom’s could just reach out and grab them where it would hurt the most.

Dianna and Deanna looked at each other.

“But I saw the military allows for, women to marry each other. I saw it in the Air Force Times.” Deanna said.

“She really is sweet baby. You are going to have a wonderful life with her and her sister. She is right of course. The Armed Forces now allow for same sex marriages. But as of yet they don’t allow for incest and Donna and I can’t get married.” Dorothy said.

“We have been able to get away with it by not hanging out with others, and living by ourselves. It can be lonely but we have loved each other all of our lives and we are serving our country but it is lonely, especially now that our boy is gone. Sisters living together was a perfect cover. No one ever questioned us. But now we want to be grandmothers too and after all those years with Del, we want to be part of his life again, if you will allow it. This is your home and he is your husband but we really want to be part of your lives.” Donna added.

“So despite our son telling us about you how did you actually get together?” Donna asked.

“Jungle fever. The boy had a bad case of jungle fever.” Ronald piped up and said.

Dorothy who was sitting close to Ronald reached over and put her hand on his upper calf. Ronald froze like a doe in the brush knowing a predator was close.

“I don’t think I like that term. As a matter of fact I know I don’t like that term.” Dorothy said.

I have never seen a black man turn white but every bit of color left him. It was like the pigments in his skin just disappeared. The man was actually shaking.

“Yes mum.” He replied. When he said it you knew he was trying to break the tension but it did not exactly work.

I reached over and took mother by the hand and lifted it from Ronald.

“That is what it was mother, jungle fever and I still have it, I have it bad.” I told her.

“The first day we met we both knew he was for us. When we touched hands there was electricity in the air and in our touch. When he told us about his first marriage Dianna and I knew we had to stop. He was for us and we were for him, and if that meant us not having our special love, well so be it, as long as we had his.” Deanna said.

“From that first day we did everything we could to interest him. Finally we were naked and he still would not move on us. We had him put oil on us, we rubbed against him, it went on for months.” Dianna said.

My mothers smiled at me.

“Finally he just could not take it and took Dianna. He skewered her good. She told him she was ovulating and could get pregnant and he said that was going to be his job permanently. He was carrying her and before they went ten steps he had fertilized every egg he could. They did it two more times and she left.” Deanna said.

“I came back nine hours later pretending to be Dianna, but he was ready for me. This time the house was prepared and it was not a hurried event but he did the same thing to me. It was the first time a man ever kissed me, down there.” Deanna followed.

“Too much information dear.” Donna said.

“Every nine hours or so and he made love and at the end of the week we were both pregnant. We pretended Mike was upset about me being pregnant so I could move in with Del. But Dianna and I still changed every day. We constantly made love and we both loved him. When we started lactating Ronald was able to get Del to have both of us live with Del.

“That was the first night we all made love and he gave us permission to love each of us and not be cheating on him or each other.” Dianna said.

“Now I knew they were switching on me and I knew they were in love with each other. It was not exactly the first time I saw two sisters in love with each other. I believed them when they said they had not been with each other just to be able to tell me they were not cheating. I could not let them do that. Both were willing to be my lovers and my wives, it seems absurd not to let them be the other’s lover too.

“I allowed them to play their game, knowing they were switching on me. During one of the many tests I had a chance to have fluids drawn and a DNA done, but I didn’t. Trust, I had to trust. I trusted both of them.

“And I have a bad case of jungle fever and I never intend to be cured of it. So please don’t hurt my brother-in-law to be mother.” I said with a bit of a chuckle.

She moved her hand from his thigh and his color came back. For a minute there I thought we were going to have two albino uncles in the family.

The plan for the weddings was perfect. My mothers helped arrange everything. We got marriage licenses in France and in Switzerland.

The mothers were escorted by Mike and Ronald. They were in uniform and even close to sixty, I am not sure of their exact age and I never intend to ask, they were stunning.

Deanna and Dianna both wore white gowns, matching as they always did. I was told to wear my uniform and so I got a new one and put it on. It was the only time I would ever wear one and I did it for my wives. When they asked about the red white and blue ribbon and the star hanging from it, I told them it was for polishing my shoes all the time. I was in a Dress Mess uniform with all the medals in miniature, not just ribbons. Dorothy told her it was a Silver Star for bravery and later she would show both wives the citation, I never looked at it. For me I never did anything to earn it, I was just there and trying to stay alive and helping those around me. I was proud of the Purple Heart though.

Our lives went on and became ever fuller. Two more little princesses graced our Court, and we named them Donna and Dorothy. My mothers were ecstatic.

Now we were back in California and all living together, or close anyway. The Generals got their own little house a few feet from ours. They also did consulting for my company, they were more than qualified. Ronald and Mike still had my old home, which was now too in the trust.

The trust got even bigger when Ronald and Mike put their one half interest in their business into it. Who the hell were they going to give it to? There was only the two of them and their sisters.

We were working on our third set of children.

We were into my case of jungle fever. It had now become a custom that when we started to play we did a lot of jungle fever. I never got over the passions of seeing my wives in those loin cloths that hardly covered their shining black skin. I still oiled them daily, it was what we did.

By now they had a bunch of loin cloths but always two of the sake kind. Now we played lots of games. My wives got to be ladies and sluts, as the mood struck them and I was always game. I was their loving husband, their Master, even their slave. What the hell, it was only us and we kept it happy for everyone.

“I’m going to kill you without even using my hands. I’m going to kick you so hard that you’ll fall and land on your neck—and break it.”

Everything faded to black.

4 hours earlier

“We’re going to be late for the preparations if we don’t hurry.”

“Jessie, we’ll be on time,” Dasha said as she picked up her purse. They were waiting on Marc and Grecko to meet them at the front door. It didn’t help much that even Eithne seemed to be taking his sweet little time as well.

“Being on time is the same thing as being late,” Jessica stressed.

Dasha sat back in the sofa and rolled her eyes. “Daddy used to say that.”

Jessica stopped her prowling long enough to reflect upon Dasha’s comment then nodded in agreement. “Don’t look at me like that. You do the same thing,” she told her sibling.

“Like what?” Dasha demanded sceptically.

“It’s hotter than monkey balls up in here! Are we in the Artic? Then why in the hell is it so cold? The devil must be freezing his balls off!” Jessica cited with her hands upon her hips.

“Okay, okay,” Dasha said on a laugh. “Daddy was a wise man. Come and sit down. It’s just a rehearsal dinner,” Dasha reminded her.

“I know, but the wedding is two days after. Am I the only one who recalls such an important detail?” Jessica asked as Dasha snatched her down beside her.

“Look here, woman, you and I both know that Kallisto is gearing up to go bat shit crazy on everybody. I don’t need two dictators working with me today.”

Jessica plopped her head down on Dasha’s shoulder and nodded. “She is scary before an event. I’m just stressed because this is for Ashley. I want her to cry tears of joy not regret.”

“And she will now quit your stressing. We’ve never had any complaints or mishaps and we definitely won’t be starting today. We got this shit,” Dasha told her confidently.

Jessica smiled brightly with renewed confidence. “We definitely got this shit.”

“Speaking of shit, I feel so nervous that I think I have to take one,” Dasha said as she stood up and went to the bathroom.

“TMI,” Jessica called after her as she laughed then grabbed her stomach. They were all worked up about the Ventura wedding. It would be one of the biggest that they have ever planned—and they had coordinated many. “Please, let everything run smoothly today,” Jessica prayed. The rehearsal dinner was the final guarantee that all would go well during and after the official ceremony. “Please, let the floral arrangements be in the right place, no broken glasses or chipped china because I do not need bad luck—”

“Who are you talking to, love?”

Jessica opened her eyes and cut them at her lover. “Mr. Pretty Irish Boy has finally decided to grace us with his presence,” she said sarcastically.

Eithne smiled and gave her a wink that made Jessica squeeze her legs tightly together. “I had to look good for mi lady.” He knelt before her, caressing her thighs and projecting an easy smile. “Don’t be too nervous. Everything will go perfectly.”

Jessica stopped her glowering and accepted defeat. He always knew what to say to brighten her spirits. “I just feel so pent up. You know, the way you used to feel before a big exam even though you studied three months in advance yet you still make an average grade? That’s how I feel. I’ve never been average in my life. I don’t want to start now either.”

“You won’t,” Eithne reassured her.

“False alarm. It was just gas,” Dasha announced upon her return.


“Okay, I’m sorry. You know that I get diarrhea of the mouth sometimes. Where the hell are Grecko and Marc?”

“Right behind you. Sorry we’re late. Marc just received our new toys and we got a little carried away testing them out.”

“TMI,” Jessica said for the second time as she shook her head after having conjured up images of her sister and husband sweating it out.

“Not those kind of toys; you naughty freak,” Marc said on a laugh. He held up his big hands and both Jessica and Dasha squinted trying to find what he was showing them.

“Magic trick?” Dasha asked him after several seconds.

Marc rolled his eyes and carefully picked up what was in his palm. “No, these are our new security bugs. They’re diamond shaped cameras with a miniscule microphone that will enable us to have a panoramic view of our surroundings.”

He took the earrings out and separated the backs. “This is the speaker and this,” he said holding the stud directly in Dasha’s face, “Is the camera. I want the both of you to put them on.”

“These are gorgeous,” Dasha squealed eagerly reaching for the jewelry.

“Dasha, these are advance audio and visual devices that should be cherished like your firstborn,” Marc corrected.

Jessica chuckled as she removed her pearl earrings and replaced them. “So how does this work?”

“Simple,” Marc said enthusiastically as he reached for his iPhone. “I’ve already programmed them directly into our communications network. The signal is so unique that only we have the necessary transmitters to locate them.”

“He’s kind of excited, isn’t he?” Dasha mumbled to Jessica. Marc looked on the verge of salivating. His thick fingers accessed his phone then he held it up to show everyone his query.

“Whoa, you can practically see my pores with this damn thing,” Jessica said. She stared in surprise when her voice and background information appeared on Marc’s screen.

“It has voice recognition and database access that could rival that of the CIA,” Marc bragged.

Eithne snorted then stared as even his image came up and listed him as a broke artist. He cut his eye at Marc who shrugged, attempting to hide a smile. “I’m not broke, thank you very much,” Eithne muttered. “If you look closely, that information is outdated. Do you know how many pieces I’ve sold?”

“It’s okay, sweetheart, don’t get worked up,” Jessica soothed.

“Bloody lying technology,” Eithne grumble as he walked off to the kitchen to grab a bottle of water.

“This is all amazing, Marc, but how are we supposed to communicate? Everyone can hear each other, but if we can’t respond, it’s sort of useless,” Jessica said.

“Minute details,” he replied. He took the other stud from her left ear and placed it in the cartilage piercing of her right ear before attaching a matching platinum silver change which only added on to the classiness of the spy device. Jessica fidgeted as he squeezed the earring back a few times then she heard a soft, high pitched ringing in her ear before it faded. “These earrings are interchangeable. There is a microscopic microphone located within the stud. Why do you think the rock is so big? This chain acts as a connector that transmits twin beta signals which facilitates communication.”

“I’m so lost right now,” Dasha replied while Grecko did the same to her as Marc had done to Jessica.

“It means that the earring in your cartilage now acts as the video camera while the stud in your lobe is your speaking device. Let’s test it out. Dasha, why don’t you join Eithne in the kitchen; Jessie, go to your room and shut the door; Kallisto, just stand here and look sexy.”

Grecko blushed, “Okay.”

The sisters separated as instructed then waited. “This is awkward,” Dasha said as she waited silently.

“What’s awkward?” Jessica asked.

“Us standing around like idiots waiting for a sign.”

“Dasha, you do realize that we’re having a conversation in three different rooms, don’t you?” Grecko asked. “This means that it works.”

“Oh, please, we’re not that far away and you’re breathing louder than a fat man trying to run a marathon.”

“That is not nice. You’re not supposed to pick on overweight individuals,” Jessica whispered just to make sure that it worked. It did and they were able to hear her clearly.

“Aren’t you guys happy that we all got matching cartilage piercings when we were seventeen?” Grecko asked. Of course, they had gotten in trouble, having been grounded for the better part of the decade with a ridiculously shortened curfew, but it had been worth the hassle.

“You all can come out now,” Marc whispered. They regrouped back in the living room with impressed smiles upon their faces.

“I just have one last question,” Jessica said still on the fence. “Now that the earring is on our right side we’ll no longer have that panoramic view you were boasting about.”

“That was more of a statement than a question,” Eithne said.

“Shut it,” Jessica told him pretending to lift her hand and hit him.

Marc smiled at their playfulness he was truly happy that they loved each other. He only hoped that Jessica would forgive Eithne once she learned the truth. He cleared his throat; refocusing his mind upon Jessica’s concern. “You have nothing to worry about. This bad boy can access any security camera feed and transmit it back to us; therefore, not only will we have a view from your angle, but also from every vantage point located in your vicinity.”

“That’s awesome. What do you call this thing? In my head I’ve been saying the earring-thing-a-majig,” Jessica told him.

“The earring-thing-a-majig it is. A friend of mine who is a grad student at MIT created it for me. We were just joking around on World of Warcraft when I told him about my idea and he really did it.”

“Do you know him well?” Jessica asked. Any person that talented needed to be on their payroll.

“I know what you’re thinking and yes, we’ve known each other going on three years now. I’ve done a detailed background check. I know how you guys can get with a new guy around and everything checks out,” Marc said. “I offered him a job contingent upon his graduation and an official meeting with you three lovely ladies.”

“And?” Jessica inquired.

“He graduates the third of next month. I’ve already purchased his tickets.”

“Not bad, you have my vote,” Dasha said. “You’ve never steered us wrong before and considering the hell we put you through in the beginning, we know that you’d never do anything to hurt us.”

The girls gave him a big group hug turning his caramel skin red. “I love you guys too.”

“Marc, do you think you could make a matching necklace?”

“Dasha, these earrings are enough. Let’s not be so greedy—yet,” Jessica said.

“And what about me?” Eithne asked hopefully. “Don’t I get a cool earring-thing-a-majig?”

“We’ll start brainstorming new names,” Grecko commented to no one in particular.

“Sorry, bud, I only thought about the girls—and Chun Li. The last time I forgot about her she had me babysit her anaconda while she and Dasha went on vacation. No, thank you.”

“You hate snakes?” Eithne asked sceptically. From the size of Marc, the only thing he thought could instill fear in the man would be Godzilla maybe, but not some puny anaconda.

“Yup and spiders. I will flip shit if I see a spider,” Marc confessed without shame. “Even Tiamane will play with them. One time I caught her with this big, hairy, black son of a bitch…I just left her to it.”

Grecko shook her head in disappointment. Her husband was a manly wimp.

“What about these?” Jessica said pointing to their matching floral arrangement broaches. “Everyone knows that they’re our boutique’s walkie-talkies.”

“Keep them, they look nice with you matching outfits,” Eithne complimented. “Besides, you wouldn’t want anyone to learn of you new gadget. It makes you all look like spies.”

“It is pretty cool,” Grecko agreed.

“And I kind of enjoy the thought of being sneaky,” Dasha added.

“You’re always sneaky,” Jessica remarked.

“Just give me five more minutes of your time and we’ll be out of here,” Marc promised. “I need your phones.” They handed them over without question observing him in motion. Marc was definitely a geek. He made screwing around with security files and technology look like fun.

He handed back their mobile devices and showed them how to access each other visually. “This will work with whichever device you use: Mac, Apple, Samsung. I’ve programmed your phones to automatically pinpoint the signal. Now let’s hit the road.”

They piled into the awaiting car, thanking their driver for his patience and sat silently as he transported them to the banquet hall. “What’s wrong?” Eithne asked after watching Jessica frown down at her broach.

“I feel guilty. This poor guy has been with us for about four or five years now?” She asked her sisters.

“This year will make it five,” Grecko confirmed.

“It doesn’t have to retire. It is after all a broach. Just wear it to keep the tradition,” Eithne suggested.

“Good idea.”

“Is there a reason that you all are plastered in white?” He asked glancing about. He and Marc looked out of place.

“I don’t know,” Grecko said curiously. “We’ve been doing this for so long that I can’t remember how it even started.”

“Wasn’t it because Jessica used to always wear black and everyone started calling you guys the Black Widow of Death Boutique instead of Daydreams and Fantasies Incorporated? It was something like that.”

“What?” Eithne asked interested.

“Yeah, when we first opened our shop everyone thought that we catered to funeral arrangements because Jessica had gone goth on us. We burned all of her dresses after a local reporter wrote a negative article about us,” Dasha informed him. “That was a dark day in history—pun intended.”

“We weren’t getting many clients so we remodelled and changed up our entire scheme and it has worked ever since,” Grecko added.

“Then we went through this Skittles phase where we looked like the rainbow had distastefully regurgitated its non-existent stomach contents all over us. I think that’s when we decided that wearing white to our events was for the best,” Jessica said.

“Unless the client asks that we match their theme colors. Otherwise we wear white,” Dasha confirmed.

“Well, in any case, you three look angelic,” Eithne complimented.

Marc snickered, “Angelic my ass.”

“I’ll ignore that comment,” Dasha said to him before thanking Eithne. “How many people will be there again? Didn’t Maria change the list the night before?”

“She did. We have to seat an additional twenty people at the bride’s table,” Jessica sneered. She couldn’t wait until Ashley’s wedding was over. Working with Maria had become an absolute nightmare after they had kicked her out of the shop the other day.

“Speaking of guests,” Eithne interrupted. “I hope you don’t mind that I invited a friend of mine.”

“You have friends?”


“Who?” The sisters all fired in unison.

“Yes, I do have friends, Dasha. I met him the other night at that bar I was telling you all about.”

“You mean the night you came home all bruised up?” Grecko asked.


“As long as he’s not the guy that hit you, I don’t see the problem with you having a play mate to keep you company,” Jessica told him. Eithne smiled and nodded slowly. Jessica didn’t miss his failed attempt at hiding the pink elephant in the cabin. “You invited the guy that kicked your ass?” She stated incredulously.

“You know, where I come from it’s perfectly normal to be mates after a brawl. And I did not get mi arse kicked. It was mutual and he looked just as bad as I did.”

“He got his ass kicked, Marc, don’t believe him. The broke artist got his ass kicked at some random bar,” Dasha coaxed just to see Eithne get worked up. He didn’t disappoint, glowering at her and mumbling under his breath in Gaelic for the rest of the ride.

“You should really stop teasing him,” Grecko told her sibling. “I thought that we had let him off the hook?”

“We did, but he’s like the little brother we never had,” Dasha said with a smile.

“He’s older than us,” Jessica reminded her.

“Doesn’t matter.”

Grecko laughed rolling her eyes at Dasha’s nonchalance. The ball of anxiety gripping her stomach was slowly unravelling. She had had a restless night and finally left the bed at four in the morning instead of tossing and turning and disturbing Marc. In the end, he still woke up and they shared a much needed romp session that had taken away her worries. Now that they were on the way to the rehearsal, Grecko forced herself to think happy thoughts instead of allowing her paranoia to accost her.

“So Eithne, when will your little friend be arriving?” She asked cooing at him like she would her daughter. She had only seconds ago told Dasha to ease off of him yet she wanted in on the action.

Eithne mimicked her so well that everyone hooted with laughter. “My friend is far from little and he should already be there waiting,” he answered turning his nose up in the air. He had gone the extra mile to awaken long before Jessica in order to take care of today’s arrangements. After spending an hour apologizing to Larry for withholding information that his other teammates had eagerly divulged, Eithne had finally been able to set their plan in motion, sending off Tyrone and the fellas to track down Julio.

The remaining men would be disguised as civilians with Holloway and Turner being the only two to actually infiltrate the rehearsal dinner alongside Eithne. He had disguised Holloway as management of security of the banquet hall knowing that Jessica and her siblings wouldn’t question the decision of the proprietor’s director.

“So what’s his name?” Jessica asked patting his knee.

“If the bloody lot of you don’t come off it…”

“You’ll do what? Kill us with your lucky charms?” Dasha teased with as close to an Irish accent as she could muster.

“Okay, all right guys, we’re here now which means we should get down to business,” Marc told the rambunctious women. “Let’s allow Eithne the time to play with his little friend while we go and make some money.”

“Thanks, Marc, that was greatly appreciated,” Eithne told him.

“So was your sarcasm.”

The car came to a stop outside of the banquet hall and they all excited the cabin one after the other. In spite of his grumpy demeanor caused by their provocative banter, Eithne was still a gentleman and aided the women out of the vehicle. His eyes instantly locked with Turner’s and wordlessly he invited him over.

“Everyone, this is mi new mate Calvin. Calvin, this is Jessica and her lovely sisters Daria and Kallisto,” he introduced gently guiding each woman forward. He could feel the edge in their postures as they attempted to politely shake hands with Calvin; nevertheless, Eithne realized that what Marc had told him was very much so correct, they hated interacting with men. “And this is her brother-in-law, Marc.”

“It’s nice to meet you,” Calvin replied smiling from ear to ear at the hidden look of astonishment on Eithne’s face as he pulled off his best Scottish accent he’d learned from years of mimicking his father. He refused to allow Eithne to have all the fun.

“You never told us he was Scottish,” Jessica replied amused nonetheless guarded as she stared up into Calvin’s bold turquoise eyes.

“He never told me he would be either,” Eithne mumbled. “What was that?”

“I said that’s why he’s such a horrible fighter,” he rectified. His gaze fell upon Marc who wasn’t buying it out the gate.

He had already analyzed Calvin’s posture, his authoritative gait upon his arrival, and the manner in which he had the same aura of strangely mixed no nonsense yet confidant nonchalance and arrogance that Eithne sported. Calvin was one of Eithne’s men which meant that everything isn’t what it really appeared to be.

“What part of Scotland are you from?” Dasha asked suspiciously. She didn’t know the entire country, but that wouldn’t hinder her ability to identify a liar.

“If you’re looking for me to say Edinburgh or Glasgow then don’t. I’m from Penicuik, a small town of about 15,000 or so inhabitants. We were once well known for our paper mills.”

“And what are you recognized for now?” Grecko asked.

“Shite. It’s a small town. Everybody wants to move to the capital—me included. We used to do crystal work, but even that left in 2006. Would you prefer for me to tell you about our sheep population and cultivators?” He asked sarcastically.

“Smart ass,” Grecko commented while he gave her a bright smile. He was still charming though his arrogance made him annoying.

“What are you doing here in the states?” Jessica asked.

“Stealing American jobs while being a drain on the economy.”

Jessica fought back her smile. He might be a sarcastic prick, but she still liked him. She got the feeling that she could trust him. “Come on girls, let’s leave the children to their own devices. We have stuff to do.”

“I’ll be there in a sec,” Marc called out after them with a huge grin on his face which faded once they entered the building. “Who are you and what are you doing here?”

Turner’s eyebrow rose at the challenge reflected in Marc’s tone ready to step forward until Eithne firmly clamped a hand on his chest. “It’s alright, Turner, he knows.”

“Turner? Just how many names do you have?”

“The name is Calvin Turner,” Turner responded in his normal smooth yet dominating drawl.

“Is that another fake accent? You get off on lying to people?” Marc accused.

“It’s part of our job to lie to people,” Turner said with a crooked grin. “And the best lies are always laced with the truth. My old man is Scottish. He was born and raised in Penicuik until he immigrated to the U.S. after my birth. I however grew up in good old North Carolina—with dual citizenship if that makes you feel better. That doesn’t make me less of a Scott’s man, does it?”

“Now as far as I’m concerned, this discussion is over. I’m not as nice as Forrester. Don’t ask us why we’re here—”

“Us?” Marc replied looking about.

“Because it ain’t any of your damn business. The less you know is the better off you’ll be. Trust me.”

“Look, Mr. Macho, those women are my family. I might be withholding information from them because certain aspects of this entire asinine situation is not my concern,” he said looking at Eithne. “However, when it comes to their safety do not fuck with me.”

Turner crossed his burly arms over his chest and leaned back. “As a man with Scottish blood in my veins, I’ll inform you that we don’t mince our words. Keep your nose out of our affairs. No harm will come to anyone UNLESS we need to take action. Otherwise we were never here. And if you so much as blow our covers, not only will I take you into custody for obstruction of justice, Marc P. Ka’uhane, but I’ll shove my foot so far up your Polynesian ass that you’ll remember this lesson for the rest of your life. Now drop it because I’d hate to have that lovely wife of yours watching you receive an ass whooping,” Turner promised with a smile on his face he was directing at Grecko.

Marc wanted more than ever to respond. He felt the urge to wrap his hands around the man’s throat unbearable. Instead he removed the scowl on his visage and turned with a smile down at his wife. “Yes sweetheart?”

“You have to look…at the floral arrangements,” Grecko lied in front of Calvin. She really went to fetch Marc so that he could take control of the camera room. They were having a hard time getting rid of the chief of security and if they couldn’t get rid of him without causing him bodily harm, it was best that they had Marc keep an eye on him.

“I’m coming dear,” he said with a sweet smile before turning back to Eithne and his companion. “The Irishman I trust, but you…” he left his statement open for interpretation as he slowly back pedalled towards his scurrying spouse. “I’ll be keeping my eyes on you.”

“Good,” Turner countered. “We could use the security footage.”

Eithne shook his head as he looked at his best friend, “Way to make a great first impression.”

“This coming from the man who “accidentally” decked the Attorney General and was suspended without pay for three months. In my opinion, I learned from the best.”

“That guy was a prick, his wife was a bitch, and his children were little shites. He deserved it.” They walked towards the side parking and crossed the street before tapping twice on a street vendor’s truck.

“About damn time you two love birds made it.”

“Hi Parker,” they both greeted in unison.

“You’re looking chipper this lovely morning.”

“Chipper my ass, Forrester. Don’t think that your brown nosing will get you in the clear. I’m not Jibes. If you’re looking for a softy, I’ll call him right now and let him know that you’re interested.”

“No thank you, sir, that won’t be necessary.” Eithne reached out his hand for their communication devices and handed one over to Turner before putting it on. He knew that if Jessica was right beside him she would be able to see it which made him decide to keep at bay. He planned on scouring the premises and watching Marie like a hawk. Ashley had informed him earlier on in the week that Julio was indeed back state side and that there was a possibility he would attend her wedding, but that was all she had been able to learn so far.

“Get in there. Holloway told me that the wedding coordinators are giving him trouble. They just sent in some big mother fucker. Make sure that he doesn’t get in the way.”

“If anything sir, he’ll be the opposite. Marc is quite capable with technology.”

Eithne and his team had left Parker on a need to know bases, telling him only what they needed him to know. So far in his mind it was purely coincidental that Jessica and her boutique were catering Maria’s daughter’s wedding. To Parker both parties were and had been absolute strangers before this event and Eithne was just one lucky son of a bitch.

They were prepared for his intensive background check on the Whitaker family hence the reason Holloway had worked like hell to erase any mafia related information attached to the family name. He had complained and nearly shat bricks during the process, but the guys had reassured him that he was the best of the best and if he screwed up it’s because there was better. He hadn’t let them down.

They however did keep Jessica’s information as close to the truth as possible concerning the death of her father and her rape. But instead of being assassinated due to mafia rivalry, he had been killed defending his home from a robber and Jessica had unluckily found his body and the perpetrators responsible which resulted in her horrifying rape—minus her stint in the mental ward.

“I saw that lady friend of yours,” Parker said to him with a naughty smile on his face. “She sure is a beauty. Perhaps she might consider being my fifth ex-wife.”

“Sir, I say this with the utmost respect,” Eithne began with a friendly hand on Parker’s shoulder. “But if you even think about touching her, I will fucking kill you.”

Parker’s burly frame shook with genuine laughter as he waved the duo away. “Get out of my sight and do some work.”

“I can’t believe you just said that to Parker and he didn’t cut your balls off,” Turner said as they retraced their footsteps.

“Me too,” Eithne agreed. Parker was known as a bomb because he tended to explode without the slightest provocation. It must be the fact that his retirement was right around the corner why he was in a good mood.

“I’ll give him one thing though. You sure know how to pick ‘em. The pictures we saw did them an injustice.”

“They are beautiful except as I’m sure that you noted earlier upon meeting them, they are very over protective of each other and they trust no one but their own.”

Turner snorted with a head nod. “I know. I sort of expected the short one to skin me alive,” he said as they reached the door.

“Who Kallisto? Nah, not unless you give her a reason.”

Turner stared at Eithne with a “no shit” expression on his face. What else was he to expect from the mafia?

“Time to turn back on your Scottish charm,” Eithne told him. He looked at Turner’s shaggy hair longingly. He wished he had used a little foresight before getting the big chop. It would have been so much easier to hide the chip in his ear. He made a mental note to keep his left side clear from Jessica and the others then plastered on a smile on his face as she approached him with hurried steps.

“Missed me already?” He asked her.

Jessica heaved a frustrated sigh. “I would love to sit here and engage you in idle banter except someone who shall remain nameless,” she said turning her head in the direction of their blubbering intern who was on the verge of tears, “has screwed up our cake order after we had everything set two and a half weeks ago. Now I have to redo the order and find someone who will make a four tier cake with fondant, dripping fudge and a fucking marble arch of white and milk chocolate within the next forty-eight hours.”

“Hellion, it’s all right,” he told her grasping her shoulders to pull her into him when her bottom lip trembled.

“No it’s not, Eithne, no it’s not. Someone ransacked our prep room. Everything is trashed. Our cake is—don’t get me started on the cake again. This wedding will be shot to hell if we don’t rectify this mess. There’s no security footage of anyone tampering with our shit yet shit is all over the place, Ashley is a mess, Maria is acting like a bitch, the groom is nowhere to be found, and April is getting on my last fucking nerve. I’m about to explode right now.”

“What do you need me to do?”

“Nothing,” she told him with her hand on her forehead. She was acquiring a migraine. “Just enjoy the hors d’oeuvres. I’ll be fine.”

“Jessica,” Dasha called. She was in the process of conversing with Chun Li who was rapidly jotting down notes as she manoeuvred around the chaotic room. Eithne was starting to question if she was more than their accountant. Dasha’s long legs took her to them where she eyed Turner suspiciously before focusing on her frazzled sister. “Everything is fine.”

That was not what Jessica wanted to hear. The added pressure of anger, stress, and frustration made her break down into tears and release a litany of words a majority of the wedding guests arriving for the rehearsal dinner were astonished to hear.

“Jessie, just take a deep breath and listen to me. Chun Li is going back to the boutique to restock and bring us back supplies. I’ll clean up the mess that was made in the prep room and salvage what I can. I’ve already told Grecko to make sure to man the floor while we’re absent. The only thing you need to do is find them, she said holding up the business card with the quickly noted address of the street vendor they had met the day they spotted Stanley.

“Hightail your ass on over to where we first met them and get them to agree to do the wedding cake. I remember their menu and they specialize in everything. We can’t go wrong and they look like they need the money so they won’t turn it down. Give them an offer they can’t refuse, Chun Li will have our lawyers draft up a contract, and all you’ll have to do is get them to sign it when you get them back to the boutique. Don’t come back until you’ve seen this through and you’re a lot calmer, all right?”

Jessica nodded her head as some of the pressure lifted from her shoulders. “I’m sorry, I’m spazzing right now.”

“This is stressful for all of us and I know how much it means to you. It’s okay. Now get out of here. I’ll keep an eye on everything.”

Jessica’s pink tinged eyes landed on Eithne and Turner and Dasha reassured her that she would keep an eye on them. With Chun Li and Jessica officially out the door, she turned to face the men with a stern look on her face. “As you can see, we have a huge problem on our hands. Mr. Irish, go do whatever makes you happy, but keep your little friend here on a leash. If you get hungry, feel free to attack those tables over there in the other room. If you need me, I’ll be busy. Find Grecko or Marc instead,” she told them before rushing off as quickly as she had entered.

“I never thought that planning a wedding could be so stressful,” Eithne commented.

“I’m glad I’m not a woman,” Turner dually noted. “We should get to work before Parker starts hollering in our ears,” Turner suggested.

“You’re damn right,” Parker agreed. “Find Maria. We did as you asked, Forrester, and there are two guards on the Ventura girl. If Maria is as psychotic as you say she is, not one hair will be harmed on that girl’s head. Those two women are the best of the best. Tyrone should be checking in any minute now. As soon as I know what’s going on I’ll inform the both of you.”

“We’re on it.”


Jessica rushed to the parking lot opting to use one of their company cars than her driver. She couldn’t believe that she suffered a meltdown in front of Calvin. The poor guy had shuffled his feet awkwardly pretending to be oblivious. Funny. She didn’t peg him as the type to be awkward with women. With his Scottish charm, good looks and gorgeous eyes, Jessica was certain that he had bedded many. Perhaps he was the type of guy who didn’t know what to do in front of a blubbering woman. That definitely made sense.

“Jessie,” Chun Li called as she tapped on the car window.

She opened it looking at her friend expectantly. “Yes?”

“If by the time you make it to the boutique and I’m not there, I’ll have our lawyers draft up a contract and leave it with the secretary out front. Call or text me when you’ve decided upon the pay and I’ll write it in. I’m coming straight back and I’ll be taking the bridal party to the church to go through the ceremony run through if needed. I know they wanted to see the reception design beforehand, however in light of the situation,” she said shrugging her shoulders.

“Thank you so much. I really owe you one.”

“Just make sure that my wedding cake is filled with ice cream for our wedding—whenever Dasha gets around to popping the question,” she muttered as an afterthought.

“I’ll remember that,” Jessica told her.

“I’ll see you later.”

Jessica revved the engine to life and quickly reversed out of the parking spot to merge into traffic. Checking the time on her wrist watch, she surmised that the vendors would be busy with the lunch time rush nevertheless she would go and pitch them her offer. She drove until she was parking in front of their food truck and cut the engine.

“Hi, do you remember me?” Jessica asked cutting the line. There were several upset patrons eyeing her angrily, but after she returned their menacing glare while cracking her knuckles a majority of them directed their eyes elsewhere.

The elder vendor nodded his head. He looked back for the assistance of his son or his daughter, but both were preoccupied. His English wasn’t really up to par where he could engage in more than small talk. He could tell at first glance that the woman standing before him had a lot on her mind.

“I see that you have a second worker with you today,” Jessica noted. He nodded his head again and she waited for him to say something more.

“Are you going to order or are you going to hold up the line,” an irate customer demanded. “People out here are hungry and trying to get back to work.”

“Are you raising your voice at me?” Jessica asked softly. The threat wasn’t heard in her tone. She was expressing it clearly with her eyes.

“Is there a problem?”

She recognized the younger vendor from their initial encounter and smiled at him. “Hi, I only need five minutes of your boss’s time if he’s willing. I have an offer that he won’t be able to refuse.”

“That’s fine, but our father doesn’t speak much English. Would it bother you if we finished up with our customers? Just give us fifteen minutes.”

Jessica nodded her head in agreement and stood off to the side patiently. She didn’t ignore the glares in her direction, staring back innocently though her body language said, “try me.” When the crowd was small enough for one person to handle, the boy came back with his father and they sat at the counter ready to hear Jessica’s proposal.

“My name is Jessica Whitaker.”

“I’m Fabricio and this is my father Tomas,” Fabricio said then pointed to the food stand. “That’s my sister Elizabetch.”

“It’s nice to make your acquaintance,” Jessica told them and smiled as they shook hands.

“I’m sorry for the wait. My father understands English very well even though he refuses to speak it,” Fabricio said to him. “Portuguese isn’t spoken by everyone, Papa,” he reminded his father.

Jessica chuckled then got to business. “The other day my sisters and I ate here and we thought that the food was spectacular. We noted that you have a versatile menu and that you have some intricate desserts and we wanted to know if it would interest you to work for our bridal shop. To be truthfully honest, what I’m about to request of you is unfair, but to cut a long story short, we need people with your skills and versatility.”

“What did you have in mind?”

“Have you ever catered a wedding before?” She asked.

“Not yet, but we have done birthday parties, bachelor parties, and baby showers.”

Jessica nodded her head liking what she was hearing. “Then a wedding should be no biggie. The thing is the menu is perfect nothing is wrong there except we need a cake. There was a bit of confusion somewhere along the way and one of our interns accidently cancelled the order and we’re just finding out two days before the wedding.”

“No problem,” Tomas finally spoke. “Wife good cook.”

Jessica smiled, “The thing is the cake is quite intricate. It’s four descending tiers with a fudge center, which for the first tier should actually leak into a fondu chocolate river, with a marble white and milk chocolate archway. The cake needs to be covered in fondant except for that space I was telling you about for the fondu river and it should be design like carnival, confectionary fruits, bright colors, gold sprinkles to match the wedding theme.”

“Ms. Jessica—”

“Jessica,” she corrected.

“Jessica, are you able to describe this cake in more detail?” Fabricio questioned as his head inclined towards his sister. When Jessica nodded her head he rattled off a few sentences in Portuguese and Elizabetch arrived five minutes later with a note pad.

“Betch is an art student,” he explained.

“Before we delve into the cake, do I have your agreement to sign a five year contract with my company?”

“Five years?” Elizabetch asked in shock. They had been looking for a way out of their food stand and a five year deal was sounding lovely to her ears.

“How much would this pay?” Fabricio asked.

“I compensate my employees very well. Our lowest pay rate is fifteen dollars an hour. If however you are able to complete this cake according to the description I will be providing you, I’ll bump it up for any inconveniences I’ll be causing you to a lovely thirty dollars an hour not to mention a great medical and dental plan. If after five years you’ve all decided to take your business elsewhere, not only will I personally write you a recommendation letter, but I will steer you in the right direction. In today’s economy people can use all the help they can get.”

“Deal,” Tomas agreed without hesitation. He had heard thirty dollars an hour along with the medical benefits and that was all that he needed. It had been a while since his children’s last check-up. And there was a lump in his wife’s breast that needed to be tended to.

“To show you that I mean every word that I say, I will you pay you $5000 dollars not including the supplies that I will personally supply you. The validity of the contract will commence with our recently acquired client. You’ll be responsible for catering the wedding—if all goes well.”

“Consider the cake already made.”


Grecko was prowling the floor barking out orders. She couldn’t believe that someone would try to sabotage Ashley’s wedding. What infuriated her was how they had manipulated the cameras and erased all of the evidence. Her watchful eyes swept the pandemonium before her and she sneered when April came into view.

Grecko didn’t put it past her to do something so vile. April was a natural backstabber. She had the makings of a psychopath not to mention her selfishness made her concerned about numero uno, which couldn’t work in a family unit. Grecko had already perceived the underlying animosity April held against her sisters and was dumbfounded by her hatred towards them. Ashley and Adele practically spoiled the woman even in her adulthood.

April was just an egotistical little bitch who expected everyone and everything to revolve around her snobby ass. Grecko literally growled as her irritation with the woman grew. If she ever got the opportunity to lay hands on her, she would do it faster than a preacher trying to rebuke a demon.

“How is it coming along, Dasha?” Grecko asked refocusing upon her work instead of her dislike for the youngest Ventura.

“This is something drastic, but the helpers and I have salvaged as much as we possibly could. Chun Li should be arriving any minute now. It looks like she might have to make three trips.”

“Okay, Marc is still trying to search through the system to see what happened. The head of security is still being a dick,” Grecko said remembering her encounter with the man. He was as polite as ever, it was evident that he was brought up well, but trying to convince him to do something out of his job description was like trying to force a horse to drink water when it isn’t thirsty.

“How is it coming on your end?”

“It’s going well. We’re about to redo the floral arrangements. I still haven’t found neither Ashley nor the groom.”

“All right, just let me know if you need help and I’ll be there,” Dasha said as she shook her head at the destroyed alter resting in pieces before her on the floor.

“Ditto,” Grecko responded then turned about to find April a little too close for comfort.

“Where’s my sister?” she demanded without so much as a half-hearted greeting.

“Let’s see,” Grecko said with a finger on her chin as she looked up at her. “When you learn to speak to me respectfully as if I am a human being and not your little lapdog, we can talk. Otherwise, why don’t you take the time to find your sister and give her moral support like real siblings are supposed to in dire situations?”

April scoffed, her head bobbling on her shoulders as her black hair hung about her face. “That’s your job so why don’t you do it?” she said before walking away.

Grecko sneered as she watched the brat disappear. She wanted to put her foot up April’s ass.

“Kallisto, the flowers are ready,” one of their numerous assistants informed her.

“Thank you.” She would fantasy about punishing April some other time right now she needed to work on salvaging Ashley’s wedding.


Marc looked warily at the guy claiming to be head of security. He had tried on several accounts to get him to show a little leeway, but the stranger wouldn’t budge. He frowned at his own computer screen having tapping into the security system to monitor the grounds. His brown eyes glowered when they picked up on Calvin and Eithne making their rounds about the premise. They both looked preoccupied with their task and were emitting a lethal aura that had some of their female admirers apprehensive in their approach. This nonetheless did nothing to thwart their curiosity which left the men somewhat obliged to engage them in conversation.

Marc snorted with a crooked grin on his lips. He wanted to see the Scottish charmer get himself out of that predicament. He glanced to his right at his silent and very vigilant companion. Other than uttering the word no, the man was a mute. Marc glanced at his equipment and inadvertently whistled. This guy was working with some pretty expensive and high-tech shit. Even he was impressed.

“I was wondering—,” he began.

“I’m sorry, but I absolutely cannot do that.”

Marc’s shoulders drooped, “You didn’t even let me finish.”

“Sir, as I told your lovely wife earlier, I take my job seriously. Any tampering with my possessions or the cameras in this facility, not done by my two hands, is inacceptable.”

“All I’m trying to say is that nothing can possibly go wrong if we combine our respected video footages. We might end up with some of the same stuff and if something goes awry like it did last night,” he referring to the chaos the sisters were attempting to rectify, “then what one camera doesn’t catch the other will.”


“Marc, Holloway, his name is Marc.”

Both men turned their heads in the direction of the doorway watching as Eithne and Turner gave themselves entrance into the camera room.

“I knew it. I knew it!” Marc repeated shaking his head.

“Holloway, I’d like the two of you to work together. Aside from you, Marc is the only one as technologically savvy. I need you to sweep this entire establishment until you have located Maria. If anything worthwhile is caught on video while Holloway is preoccupied, Marc, I need you to inform me and Turner as of yesterday.”

“I refuse to do anything until I know what is going on.”

For the sake of Parker’s audio surveillance, Eithne refused to give Marc even a watered down version of the situation in fear that he would be under suspicion. Instead he supplied a lie about having a surprise meeting with Marie concerning Ashley’s wedding ceremony.

“I’m not an idiot, Eithne.”

“Now Marc, are you doubting me?” Eithne asked as he stepped forward and screwed around with several of the speaker buttons. He snatched his ear piece out of his ear when it screeched in his eardrum ignore an angry glare from both Turner and Holloway.

“Marc, what Turner told you earlier still stands correct: the less you know is the better off you’ll be. Do you trust me?” Marc glowered down at his thick hands before nodding his head in exasperation. “Then trust me,” Eithne told him. “I’ll tell you all that you want to know once this is all over,” he promised turning down the static that was blocking their hearing devices.

They pushed them back in their ears in time to hear Parker yelling his head off and getting ready to send in a few more men. “Parker, Forrester checking in. Seems like there was a bug in our system, but Holloway took care of it. Any word from Tyrone?”

“Not yet. Larry is helping them track Julio as we speak.”

“Larry? He’s back in the field?”

“As of two days ago, yes. I need you to focus. Find Mrs. Ventura before she finds you or it’s the both of your asses on the line.”

“Yes sir,” he and Turner replied in unison.

“Hey guys,” Holloway said pointing to his screen that he was no longer hiding from Marc’s view. “It looks like something is up with Ashley. Go check it out.” Eithne and Turner nodded their heads then left. Holloway felt Marc’s eyes scrutinizing him and smiled. “You can take a picture if that will make it last longer.”

“All of you bastards must be natural comedians.”


Dasha finished up with the mess in the prep room, wiping her hands on the extremely soiled towel that was once a pristine white. Whoever had destroyed their stock must have immense animosity towards Ashley. From the way the columns were shattered, the floral decorations were wrenched from their posts, and the silky fabrics were completely desecrated, Dasha had the sentiment of ravage that was left behind in Jessica’s wake each time they were on the hunt.

This person was consumed by hatred, anger, and jealousy. Even the portraits of the couple they had hung about the lobby had been vandalized. The groom’s face was so disfigured that one could no longer recognize him. Dasha straightened her hunched back and counted the number of filled trash bags in the room, at least twelve not including the eight they had moved to make more room.

It disgusted her to witness the waste of all of their time and effort. Luckily, they had great personnel willing to come on their day off and work the over-time necessary to have everything ready for the wedding.

“Such a waste.”

“Tell me about it,” Chun Li replied from the doorway. She had a large box in her arms and Dasha fluidly relieved the burden then sent the two assistants with her to help with the unloading while two others remained to start the unpacking.

“As a matter of fact, why don’t you guys go to the reception area and start the redecorating. That way if the bastard attacks again, there will be more than one camera and too much space to make it easy,” Dasha suggested. They unloaded the car as quickly as they could informing Grecko that they would need more assistance. Instead of Chun Li running two extra trips on her own, Dasha sent her three available helpers to take a van and go along with her.

While they left for the errand Dasha sifted through the boxes immediately needed and left several in the storage area. There were at least four boxes which contained the faux marble altar that Dasha would have to mount and decorate by her lonesome. She busied herself with the task ignoring the call of her aching bladder until after the altar and its matching fountain were both ready for a room transfer.

She left for the bathroom, having failed to get a crying Ashley out of the other stall, becoming side tracked on her return when she located the groom then helped Grecko round up the other participants in the wedding party to head to the church for run-throughs. Although Maria was missing, April was throwing a bitch fit, and Ashley was seeking refuge in the bathroom, perhaps the wedding would be salvageable after all.


“Tyrone, what’s the situation with Julio?” Parker demanded.

Tyrone held his phone to his ear as he and the others quickly scrutinized their surroundings. They had barely taken a breath before going straight to the address Larry had given them. He looked Larry in the eyes and silently sent him around the back while he prepared himself at the front door with James and Jorge covering each side of the small house.

“Parker, give me ten minutes and I’ll get right back to you,” he said into his cell before ending the call. His uniform was sticking to his skin from the blistering Los Angeles heat. It was too early for it to be so damn hot. Tyrone wiped the perspiration drizzling into his eyes then signalled the others to proceed forward.

After watching the house for about forty-five minutes they had question Larry’s information and even waited for him to verify that Julio was seen merely an hour before their arrival. Tyrone’s head turned from either side as he watched James hold up his fingers and do a countdown. Silently they charged the house, kicking the door in and rushing inside.

“Nobody move!” Tyrone commanded. His gun was locked firmly within his grasp as he surveyed the empty living room. His guard remained in place as he locked eyes with Larry. They nodded to each other before separating to search the house. It was empty. Julio wasn’t there.

“I thought you said that he was supposed to be home,” Tyrone accused.

“He was. Our men were following him,” Larry replied befuddled.

“Guys,” Jorge called from the back entrance. “I think you might want to see this.” The men followed Jorge outside, trailing behind as he led them further behind the house and towards a small wood shed. “You might want to prepare yourselves,” Jorge advised as he pushed the door open. James was standing in the small shed with his hand clasping his stomach. It looked as if he was fighting the urge to hurl.

Tyrone covered his nose at the stench, his trained eyes watched smoke rise from a metal barrel as his feet cautiously carried him towards it. His mind already knew what he would find; nonetheless, led by his curiosity, Tyrone didn’t stop until he was looking down at charred remains. The scent of stale, burnt flesh permeated his nostrils as he stood stoically over the desecrated corpses of his fellow comrades. Ignoring the urge vomit, Tyrone grabbed his phone from his pocket and pressed his speed dial. Parker’s burly voice answered expectantly awaiting a report.

“The bastard knew.”


“Ashley, there you are,” Eithne greeted as his hazel eyes moved from a pissed off April to her red eyed sister. April dropped her tight grip on Ashley’s arm, the imprint of her fingers marred Ashley’s smooth skin and Eithne almost felt the urge to throw April over his knee and give her the ass whooping she’d never received as a child.

“Eithne,” Ashley’s voice sounded relieved. “What’s going on?”

“I just wanted to introduce you to my friend, Calvin. What are you two up to?”

April pushed her hair out of her face and brazenly stepped closer, rubbing her breasts against his hard chest. “Hi, I was wondering when I’d run into you.”

“This is mi mate, Calvin,” he introduced ignoring April’s weak attempt at flirting. The woman appeared to be getting bolder. She was practically seconds away from dry humping his leg in the middle of the bustling hallway. She licked her lips with promises that didn’t interest him and he turned his undivided attention back to Ashley.

She looked panicked and agitated with fear. Her eyes were shifty, fleeting from him back to her little sister. Eithne wondered what the two had been up to before their arrival. “Hi Calvin,” she greeted distractedly.

Eithne searched for her guards and frowned when he didn’t see them. “Everything okay?” he asked.

Ashley already understood the depth of his question and she nodded her head, her eyes steady on his face for the first time. She was calming down. Earlier before Eithne and his friend had made their appearance, she had gotten into a heated argument with her sister and had idiotically briefly dismissed her guards. It was only after April became somewhat violent, snatching her up and shoving her out of the bathroom that Ashley began to regret her decision. The cold look in her sister’s eyes had sent shivers through Ashley’s spine. That wasn’t the April she had grown up with.

“You know, Eithne, even though you have this little fling going on with Jessica, you’ll miss your opportunity with me if you don’t open your eyes,” April informed him as she snatched his face back in her direction for attention. Eithne’s steel palm held her small wrist tightly as his cold eyes pierced her own. April smiled coyly as she lifted herself on tiptoes and attempted to plant a kiss on his seductive lips, but Eithne turned his hard jaw, the unwanted kiss landing on his hot skin.

“If you ever change your mind and you’re ready for a real woman, let me know,” April whispered softly into his ear.

“When Hell freezes over,” Eithne told her tersely.

She laughed snatching her aching wrist from his tightening grasp as she looked once at her sister then rolled her eyes. “I’ll let Kallisto know to send the wedding party off without us. I’ll wait for you to go to the church. Don’t take too long.” April sauntered away, blowing Turner a kiss and a wink with her exit.

Once she was gone Ashley regurgitated right there in the hallway. The fear she had been suppressing had been too much for her. Who was that woman? Where did she come from? What did she want? That couldn’t possibly have been her little sister. “I’m sorry,” she apologized as her bleary eyes regarded the vomit that had nearly landed on Eithne’s shoes. Her shaky hands wiped away at her wet mouth as she began to sob. This was more than she thought she could handle. What the hell was wrong with her family?

“It’s all right,” Eithne soothed. He watched Turner distance himself to answer an incoming call while he continued to console a quivering Ashley. “Did she hurt you?”

“No, but she’s been acting strangely since this morning. I heard her and Maria talking last night about a business deal and how things had to be moved up. They’re expecting someone tonight at my rehearsal dinner. I don’t know who it is, but I heard her call for Julio. It must be important if she’s called her son. He was supposed to arrive late last night, but I think he’s on his way from Los Angeles as we speak.”

“Okay,” Eithne nodded. “And you said that you didn’t hear who this deal is supposed to be with?”

“No, they stopped talking when I entered the room.”

“You did a great job, Ashley. I’m proud of you.” Eithne turned to Turner just in time to see him signalling.

“Eithne,” Ashley grabbed his hand before he could walk away. He waited patiently for her to say what she needed to. “I have barely seen Maria since the morning. I think she’s out preparing for tonight. After last night’s chat, I took the liberty of searching through some of her things.” She held up a small package of white powder she had pulled from under her skirt. “I’ve been hiding it from them all day. The naïve side of me wants to say that it’s only sugar, but I’m not stupid. Daddy took one look at it and hasn’t talked since. You have to believe me when I tell you that he’s not involved. Ever since Big Man’s death he hasn’t done anything.”

Eithne took the packet of cocaine and put it in his pocket as he nodded his head. “I believe you.” His steps took him to Turner who was terminating his phone call. “What is it?”

Turner took a look at Eithne then Ashley, “That was Parker. He just heard from Tyrone. Julio is gone and he has every right to believe that he’s on his way here.”

“I know that’s what Ashley just told me. Apparently he was supposed to be here since last night. Something must have held him up.”

“Tyrone and the fellas found two burned bodies in a shed behind his house,” Turner reported. “That must have been the holdup. They’re on their way back on the next flight.” Turner’s eyes returned once more to Ashley. She was hunched against the wall taking deep breaths.

“This is too much for her, I’m pulling the plug,” Eithne told him. He pulled the cocaine from his pocket and held it up for Turner to see. “She found this in Maria’s things. This is evidence enough that we’re not just blowing smoke in the wind.”

“Yea, but how are we supposed to do anything if we can’t find the damn woman?”

“According to Ashley, there’s a possibility that Maria isn’t even here. She might be off preparing for her meeting tonight which is all the more reason that we need to find her.”

“We will,” Turner said as they made their way back to Ashley. She was considerably calmer with her head held higher than before.

“We’re changing the plans. I’m sending you and your guards to find your father and get to our safe house. Things are becoming dangerous.”

“What? But my rehearsal?”

Turner snorted as he shook his head. He would never understand women. “Your life is in possible danger and all you can think about is your rehearsal dinner?”

Ashley frowned at the incredulity in his voice. She didn’t expect a man to understand what it felt like to watch months of planning washed down the drain right before the wedding. Her insides were perpetually twisting into knots. Ashley was starting to doubt whether the marriage would even happen. She listened as Calvin repeated what Eithne said then nodded her head in consent. These two men were trained professionals. Who was she to question their authority?

“Did you hear that, Parker? Send back the two agents, get a car ready, and make sure that both Ashley and Ace make it to the safe house.”

“Are you ordering me around, Forrester?” Parker asked through the earpiece.

“Never Sir, just doing what I do best by ordering people around,” Eithne told him with a smile. They waited for the two women to return and watched as they escorted Ashley back into the banquet hall.

“Our best chance of finding Maria, if she’s even around here, is to split up,” Turner said.

“I agree,” Eithne consented. He lightly pressed on his earpiece calling out to Holloway who responded with a lazy ‘yello.’ “Any sign of Maria?”

“None whatsoever. As much as I love sitting here gazing at the screens, how about I actually get in on some of the action? We already have someone capable watching our backs.” He winked at Marc who had a surprised expression on his face.

“Then get your ass over here,” Eithne said. “Parker, get Gus and the others to start searching the vicinity. If Maria is here, we’ll smoke her out.”

Holloway stood up glad to stretch his stiff limbs. He clamped a heavy hand on Marc’s shoulder before dropping his phone down on the counter. “I think you know how to use it. One is for Forrester, two is for Turner, three is for the big guy; if you can count, you can remember.”

“How do I get in touch with you if I need you?”

Holloway waved as he continued walking off, “You won’t.”

Marc despised their arrogance, but he surmised that they had more than enough training to back up their bluff. His mouth watered as he looked at the government issued technology he was granted the opportunity to tamper with. He would definitely be having some more fun.


“How is everything?”

Grecko’s bustling steps made quick clicks on the marble floor beneath her feet as she hustled about with bouquets in her arms.

“Perfectly fine, Jessie. Dasha and I just sent the bridal party off to the church for the run-through, Dasha has restocked the storage room and she’s rebuilding all of the columns for the ceremony that were destroyed. When are you coming back?”

“I’ve just finished explaining the work contract and they’re having a brief discussion, but I think they’ll sign. It’s a miracle,” Jessica sighed. She liked her new gadget. The fact that she didn’t have to push a button to speak liberated her already occupied hands. She would give Marc another big hug for being so thoughtful.

“There she is,” she heard her sister mumble.


“Ashley. Dasha found her in the bathroom crying her eyes out, but it looks like Ace has calmed her down. I’m going to send them off to the church as well. Chun Li should be there any minute now to load the rest of the supplies,” Grecko chattered as she practically ran to catch up with the two Venturas.

“Okay, I’ll give her a helping hand as soon as I’ve finished here then I’ll make my way back with her,” Jessica said as she watched the family nod in unison. “I’ll see you soon.”

“All right,” Grecko replied. She stopped before Ashley and Ace with an apprehensive smile. “I truly am sorry for everything that’s happened. We’re going to make sure that everything is ten times more beautiful than the first time.”

Ashley smiled as she held on to her friend’s arm. They shared a hug and she shook her head, “I don’t blame any of you. I’m sorry that I locked myself in the bathroom like a baby.”

“I think you had the right given the current situation.” They shared a laugh. “By the time you head to the church and do a run-through and come back, you’ll see that you have nothing to worry about.”

“I never did,” Ashley reassured her as she patted Grecko’s warm hand before grasping her father’s arm and walking away.

“Suck up,” Dasha teased. She held several ribbons she had taken the time to neatly tie just the way her sister liked it. “Look what I found. I figured I’d give them to you before getting back to work.”

“What are you up to?” Grecko asked making room in her arms to accept the gift.

Dasha pointed to a cart of columns and smiled proudly. “I did it all by myself.”

“Just like a big girl,” Grecko cooed then attempted to pinch her cheek yet poking her in the nose with tiger lilies.

“Shut up,” Dasha giggled. “I’m going to put these in place and then work on the others.”

“Just think,” Grecko called out after her. “Only six more of them to go!”

“Bite me,” Dasha whispered and smiled when she heard Grecko laughing in her ear. Dasha asked for help as she moved the columned arch from the cart and into the doorway. It was heavy as fuck, but her pride and happiness made it feel weightless. With a pep in her step, she arranged it perfectly knowing that Grecko would have a fit if it was off by even a millimetre then made her way back to the prep room. She almost frowned thinking about being in the big room by herself. At least it wasn’t as empty as it was before after they had thrown out all of the damaged goods.

Besides, they wanted the room to be empty again after redecorating the reception hall. What was she getting depressed for? Dasha’s cool hand touched the knob and frowned when the door pushed open. She had locked it behind her and had told everyone on their staff to do the same after what had taken place last night. The only way to enter was with a badge. Maybe one of the newbies had accidentally left it cracked. She pushed the cart in ready to light into whoever the culprit was until her blood ran hot.

“What the fuck are you doing?” Her question was that of surprise. It wasn’t even screamed, yelled, or shouted. It was eerily laced with expectation as Dasha eyed the selfish bitch busying herself with gutting what newly stocked supplies she had left in storage.

April turned around with a smug smile on her face. “I see you’ve finally caught me.”

“What the fuck are you doing?” Dasha repeated enunciating each word syllable for syllable. She heard the door click as it locked while she tried in futile to coerce herself into a calm she just wasn’t feeling.

“What does it look like?” April asked flashing the sharp knife she was brandishing in her right hand in the air. “I’m looking for something.” She bent over and went back to work as if Dasha’s presence had no effect on her whatsoever. “Finally!” she cried victoriously. Her breath caught when she felt hands grabbing her and spinning her around.

“What is that?” Dasha demanded. She knew it was a stupid question. It was drugs. Cocaine to be exact, but what she was really looking for was how the hell it ended up in their supplies.

“Now Daria, I know that you’re blond, but seeing as how you’re Russian, I expected you to be much smarter than this,” April taunted. “What does it look like?”

“Let me put this in terms that you’ll understand. I forgot to bring my dictionary for morons with me when I left the house this morning. What is cocaine doing here inside of our columns that we ordered for your sister’s wedding? And why were you looking for them?”

April’s head fell back exposing her throat as she laughed hysterically. The knife flashed violently in her hand nearly grazing Dasha’s face, but she quickly backed away in time to miss the blade.

“If I tell you, I’ll have to kill you.”

Dasha felt the adrenalin coursing through her veins at the challenge. She could read in April’s body language that although she was laughing, there was nothing remotely humorous about her statement. She had meant it. “Enlighten me.”

April’s laughter abruptly came to a halt as her blue eyes slowly lowered to meet Dasha’s gaze once she straightened her head. “Haven’t you wondered why of all days the reception hall was trashed?” she asked too calmly.

Dasha’s eyebrows rose telling her to continue.

“You know, the thing you don’t know about Mommy is that she has a very, VERY bad temper. Most people who make her upset don’t live the night to regret it. You should have taken her advice and use the damn list.”

Dasha’s respiration came out in one big huff that resembled an incredulous chuckle. “I’m shaking in my boots, April.”

“Oh, you should, Daria, you’ll be shaking the same way your daddy was when we snuffed him. He should have listened and kept his nose out of our business, but apparently the apple doesn’t fall far from the adopted tree because even his homeless bitches won’t listen.”

Dasha’s head ticked at the mention of her father. What was April talking about? “What do you mean?” Dasha’s voice took on a hard edge as she stepped closer to April. Her fingers ached to tear into something, her heart squeezed unbearably with yearning; she wanted to kill.

“What do you think, Daria? Mommy told me all about how your daddy squealed like a little bitch the night she got rid of him.” April closed her eyes and held her head back again as if she could envision exactly what she was talking about. She had the nerve to shove Dasha away from her. “He stuck his nose into business that shouldn’t have concerned him and look where he ended u—”

Dasha’s fist slammed into April’s chin as she gave her an uppercut. Her small body lifted off of the floor and crashed into several crates of crystal champagne glasses. Nevertheless, April stood up as if unfazed and snatched a piece of the broken crate to swing widely in Dasha’s direction. The crazed look in her eyes turned to blood lust as she screamed like a wild banshee, laughing loudly when the wood connected with Dasha’s face and cracked loudly in half.

Dasha cried out in pain, she had heard loud static before the piece in her earlobe went dead. “I’m going to fucking kill you!”


There was a commotion at the door that had Grecko’s attention. Two seemingly drunk men had crashed through the glass of the reception hall in a street brawl. It had become so violent that she had called Marc for assistance. Even now as Marc held them separate, they clawed at each other; their liquored breath polluted the air as they shouted insults at each other.

Grecko believed to have heard a noise and unconsciously touched her ear piece. She was about to call out to Dasha when she was unceremoniously shoved to the hard ground and stepped on as the two men recommenced their fighting. She didn’t hear the loud crack in her ears that she should have with everyone shouting and screaming in pandemonium. Why in the hell couldn’t they move on from the reception hall?

“Dasha, I need you to come and handle the floor. Marc and I are a bit preoccupied,” she said not really paying enough attention as to whether her sister had heard her request or not. She was too busy snatching the man up that had stepped on the middle of her back and punching the shit out of him.

“I.” punch “Am.” punch “Not.” punch “A.” punch “Fucking.” punch “Rug.” The only reason she stopped was because Eithne had grabbed her hand and her surrounding assistants were huddled together in fear. They had known her to lose her temper only when coordinating a wedding. Otherwise, Kallisto Whitaker was the sweetest, kindest, most gentle woman they had ever known.

“Get them out of here and call a damn window repairman. This shit is fucking shot to hell!” she screamed as her frustrations got the best of her. She dropped to her knees and sobbed as her eyes reviewed the damage they had barely rectified two minutes earlier. Maybe this was a sign that Ashley shouldn’t be getting married. It felt as if someone was purposefully sabotaging everything. The more that Grecko mulled it over was the more certain that everything couldn’t be merely coincidence. She was going to find the culprit.


Jessica cried out in pain as the loud blear in her ears bounced inside of her head. She quickly removed the hearing device and rubbed her ears vigorously.

“What’s wrong?” Chun Li asked in concern.

“It sounded like all hell just broke loose at the reception hall,” Jessica informed her still gingerly cradling her ear. Once the ringing stopped she put back in the earpiece.

“We’ll make it quick.”

“Good because I have a bad feeling.” She rubbed her stomach trying to quell the unease. If she remembered correctly, it was the same sentiment of restless fear that had gripped her when Grecko had been taken by Shorty. Her forehead beaded with perspiration as her hands trembled. The faster she was there in person to verify that all was actually well was the better she could chastise herself for being so paranoid.

“Guys, just wait for me,” she told them as she grabbed another box and hurriedly packed her car.


Dasha felt warm blood oozing down her ear where April had struck her. The bitch was more lively than she would have thought. Who would have known that her gangly body would store such a powerhouse? Nevertheless, Dasha vowed that she would find out about everything concerning her father and Ashley’s wedding and then if she was in a giving mood, she would end April’s horribly life painlessly.

“You want to know the real reason that your father died?” April taunted heaving for air. Dasha was too strong for her. So far she had resorted to endless dirty tactics to get the upper hand. She knew that up close Dasha could literally break her in two so she kept her distance, throwing large objects and going in for a strike when the opportunity presented itself.

“He didn’t know how to keep his mouth shut,” April continued when Dasha held her silence. “Mommy tried to strike up a bargain, but he refused. Now here I am willing to do the same with you.” She bowed only removing her eyes from Dasha’s shifting form for a couple of seconds before righting herself. “So what do you say?”

“Go to hell,” Dasha spat as she lunged for April. They collided, slamming into a box of candles and breaking them as they rolled about. April snatched a handful of Dasha’s hair and yanked merciless yet was disappointed when Dasha only gritted her teeth and forced her head back down before smashing her forehead into April’s nose. A loud crack resounded as blood began to drip from her nostrils. April wiped at her nose and clambered to put some distance between them, however Dasha had better things in mind.

Her long fingers encircled April’s neck as she applied enough pressure to slowly block off her airway. “What were you looking for in our boxes? Choose your words carefully because sometimes I don’t know my own strength,” Dasha told her as she purposefully added more pressure and smiled devilishly when April sputtered for air. She eased up on her giving her permission to speak.

“Our shipment,” April gasped. Her fingers clawed at Dasha’s hands for reprieve, but the damn woman was too strong. The look in her eyes neither registered pain nor irritation. It was a cold look that sent fear spiking through April’s body. She had to find a way out from under her or she would die.

“What shipment?” Dasha demanded.

“Our shipment,” April wheezed barely capable of inhaling much less giving up important information. “Mommy and I wanted you to use our list of suppliers because we could smuggle our drug shipment more easily in the crates. But when you said no, we needed a way to get it done so we sabotaged the reception hall last night, snuck into the bridal shop, and restocked some of the props with our own boxes.”

“Why?” Dasha gritted out.

“Because we needed the easy access to them tonight when we meet with the Traps to finally solidify our new contract.”

Dasha could care less about the contract. It was the fact that April and her mother had involved them when they wanted absolutely nothing to do with those three pricks. They had been acting like immature assholes ever since Jessica had denied their request after taking out Shorty.

“And my father?” Dasha pressed.

“Now that is another story,” April replied more confidently now that her fingers had found a sharp piece of glass. She snatched it up swinging it upward in an effort to slice Dasha’s throat. Dasha as usual dodged, flipping away from April but kicking her in the chin in the process. This time however April was quick to spring back on her feet. “If you want to find out the rest, you’ll have to beg.”

Dasha swung her long legs in a roundhouse kick that brought April to her knees then groaned in pain as April’s fist hit her in the groin. Her legs buckled from the shock and made Dasha stumble back. April took advantage of Dasha’s distraction to grab a bag of cocaine, rip it open, and toss the powder into her opponent’s eyes. Dasha screamed as the drug burned her pupils. She fought to clear away the substance as stinging tears streaked down her cheeks. Her body floundered about the floor as the sensation intensified. She would make April suffer, she vowed as she told herself to calm down. Her father told her that panicking only intensified the pain. She cleared her mind and took deep breaths and found that the discomfort was indeed subsiding then stood to wobbly legs.

She could hardly make out April’s terrified expression as she staggered her way towards her. She was going to kill her as soon as her eyes cleared. Even if they didn’t Dasha knew that she would be merciless. This bitch had been asking for it from the very beginning.

April swallowed the fear in her throat then reached for another column which she held up above her head. She didn’t wait for Dasha’s steady approach having already watched her determined footsteps find her though her vision remained impeded. The woman was a force to be reckoned with, was, April emphasised in her mind as she swung the heavy column down making direct contact with Dasha’s head. She watched her crumple to the ground, her lithe form motionless as crimson blood slowly seeped from somewhere on her crown.

“Good riddance, bitch,” April said worse for wear than she felt. She still had to find the rest of their drugs or her mother would not be a happy woman. Grabbing a nearby box, she dumped the contents on top of Dasha’s body, laughing at how ridiculous she looked with her blood tainting the cream fabric, then began to pack it with the cocaine. She would move what she had already found then come back for the rest.


The chaos had finally settled; the crowd of concerned employees were actually consoling Grecko after her breakdown, Marc was dealing with the repairman, and Eithne and Turner with the two drunken misfits.

“What in the world is going on?” Jessica asked upon her return. She didn’t expect things to look even worse than before she left.

Grecko jumped up and began explaining everything that had befallen her then pouted as tears threatened to fall once more. Jessica hugged her tightly and found it funny how earlier this morning she had been the one having the breakdown. “It’s okay, you did a great job. Where’s Dasha?”

“I don’t know,” Grecko sniffled. “I asked her to man the floor and I haven’t heard from her since.”

Jessica nodded her head while her eyes observed her surroundings. She watched Eithne and his new friend converse with the head of security and the two ruffians. The look on their faces was very unpleasant and she knew that if he ever looked at her that way, she wouldn’t be able to stand it. There was a sternness to his jawline that she had never seen before. His stance was rigid and commanding and from the authoritative way that he was swinging his arms, it looked as if he was giving the head of security orders. What was really going on here?

“I’ll go look for Dasha. You just stay here and take a breather. You need it. Have you eaten anything all day?” Grecko shook her head and yawned from exhaustion. “I want all of you to get something to eat and we’ll figure out what to do next. Just let me find Dasha and I’ll join you.” She watched her sister walk away before going in the other direction. She searched everywhere that she could think of then felt idiotic when she walked towards the back to the storage room and heard shuffling noises.

She reached for the door handle and found it locked, jingling the knob a few times then asking Grecko what was up.

“Dasha began locking the room so that no one else could tamper with our stuff. Use your badge and it should work.”

“Okay, I just never imagined that she would lock herself inside.” Jessica found her badge on the inside of her vest and scanned it pushing the door open when she heard the tell-tale beep. She stepped inside and found no one, walking into the room and listening to the door lock behind her. “Whoever you are show yourself or you’ll be sorry,” she threatened.

April’s hunched form stood up from her hiding spot as she waved. “Hello, Jessica, what brings you here?”

“What are you doing here and where is Dasha?” Jessica asked walking towards her. She only wanted to get her out of the room so that she could clean up the mess, but her once distracted eyes took in April’s overall appearance. She looked as if she had brawled with a bear. Her left eye was turning black, her nose was visibly broken, she had a busted lip, her clothes were ripped and in a deplorable state. There were even scratches on her legs and arms. “Where is Dasha?” Jessica said once more.

The signals were going off in her mind. Her body was becoming stiff. She could smell blood. From the looks of April, her wounds weren’t enough to provide such a pungent odor. Her eyes scanned everywhere and eventually landed upon a pile of silk and satin fabrics. They were soaked red and when she pulled them back, Jessica was horrified to find the body of her sister.

“No,” she stammered as she stared at the crown of blood decorating Dasha’s head. “Daria.” She scrambled to remove the clutter off of her lifeless body. Oh Lord, Jessica hoped that she wasn’t lifeless. The three of them had made a pact after their father’s death to protect each other and only die when old age or God said it was time not when man decided. Tears clouded Jessica’s eyes as she gently took Dasha’s head in her own, she chastised herself for not checking for a broken neck beforehand. What if she had just accidently pulled her sister’s plug?

Jessica groaned in agony as she tenderly palpated Dasha’s neck and found nothing. She turned her head, the slickness of her sister’s blood coating her hands, and clothing, and saw a large gash on the side. “Daria,” Jessica said once more as she bent to gently kiss her head. She knew that she should check for a pulse, but fear wouldn’t allow it. She refused to find the answer she wasn’t seeking. Like the time she blamed herself for Grecko’s injuries, Jessica did the same for their sister. Apprehensively and with bated breath her hesitant fingers found Dasha’s pulse. It was weak nevertheless it proved that Dasha was still alive.

“Stay here, Daria, you did a great job,” Jessica told her as she once more kissed her sister’s pale face. Her eyes landed on the broken pieces of adobe. Jessica’s rage spiked at the realization that Dasha was hurting because April had underhandedly blindsided her with a column to the face. Her accusatory eyes went to April who only shrugged.

“All is fair in love and war, isn’t it Jessica?”

With intense calm Jessica blinked her eyes and stretched her neck from side to side, “I’m going to kill you without even using my hands. I’m going to kick you so hard that you’ll fall and land on your neck—and break it.”

Everything faded to black.


“Where’s Jessica?” Eithne asked Grecko. He had seen her briefly upon her arrival then she disappeared.

“She went looking for Dasha. They should be joining us any minute now. Are you two hungry? We’re taking a break.”

“I haven’t finished giving Calvin a tour of the facilities. Hey, have you seen April?”

Grecko rolled her eyes. “Not since this morning. What do you want with the pain in the ass?”

Eithne shrugged. “I just figured she could tell me where her mother is.”

“Maria?” Grecko shook her head in denial. “She arrived with everyone then disappeared alone. I’m starting to doubt whether she’s here or not. Perhaps she’s at the church with the others. We sent them off for run-throughs.”

“Okay,” he said turning away from her.

“Are you sure that you’re not hungry? Not even you, Calvin?”

Turner shrugged his shoulders, “No offense, but I wouldn’t want to eat with a bunch of women. You might all fall in love with me and then I’d have a problem on my hands.”

Grecko rolled her eyes as she began to walk away, “Go show him whatever else you need to. The man is obviously delusional.” They exited the building standing outside with Holloway and the two men they had recently interrogated. Even in broad daylight they hadn’t held back. The two men, after Eithne called them out on their rouse, had confessed to being paid to destroying the reception hall. When asked why they merely shrugged and said they could use the drink. They didn’t know who had paid them off since they were already drunk so early in the day and they didn’t care either.

Eithne had sent them off to Parker because he knew that the old battle-ax could get a mute to talk. “Holloway, Marc is preoccupied. I need you to get back to the camera room and check everything. If there is anything suspicious you tell me,” Eithne ordered. He touched his earpiece calling for Parker, “Tyrone and the others should be arriving soon, right?”

“They should have been here ten minutes ago,” Parker confirmed.

“Great. Send them over towards the church three blocks around the corner. They can’t miss it. There’s stain colored glass and a giant golden cross on the lawn. It’s the only one within a five mile radius.”


“Maria is missing, April is playing hooky, and there’s a possibility that Julio is walking around somewhere on the loose. I’m giving it another ten minutes before Turner and I get out of here. Will you send Gus and Sheldon over to her house and make sure that there’s nothing suspicious going on?”

“They’ve been under surveillance since this morning. Do you take me for some kind of amateur?” Parker snapped.

“No, but considering how Julio had the time to barbecue two of our agents before hopping on a plane, I want the best in there and you know damn well that my team is the best. Send them over. Oh and as soon as you have news that Ashley and Ace are at the safe house let me know.”

“You’re getting damn bossy, Forrester. I think I preferred when you were missing,” Parker chuckled.

“I know that you really miss me so I won’t any take offense,” Eithne told him.

Turner rolled his eyes. This mission was becoming a pain in his ass that he wanted to be over. Either something exciting happen or he was going to take a nap because he was bored as fuck. “We’ll split up to cover more ground and meet at the front in ten minutes. Give me a holler if you need me,” he said as he walked off.

Eithne headed in the opposite direction with his hands in his pockets. He never considered what to do next if Maria never showed. He was tired of idling around however his gut told him to stick it out and he wouldn’t regret it. He always went with his gut therefore he knew something interesting was bound to happen. Hopefully, it would be within the next ten minutes.


Jessica didn’t allow herself to think. She didn’t even allow herself the right to feel unless it was anger because anger fuelled the rapidity of her movement. Each time her eyes connected with Dasha’s still form Jessica counted the minutes down to April’s death. As promised she didn’t use her hands. April was too filthy to touch. She would kill her like the rabid animal she was.

April held her side from the kick Jessica had given her. If she thought that Dasha was difficult, Jessica was worlds apart. Her blows were more firm, more rapid, and more unrelenting. At least Dasha toyed with her a little before kicking her ass. Jessica just looked ready to get it out the way so she could move on with her life.

Jessica’s unwavering stare almost made bile riddle up April’s throat. It was as if she was looking death in the face and death had no love for her. She was rethinking her bravado from having bested Dasha previously. For now she understood that Dasha was the cub and Jessica was the protective momma tiger. April knew that she would be lucky if she pulled off another miracle. So far Jessica had seen through all of her tactics and thwarted them effortlessly, all the while making April run around like a chicken with her head cut off in order to keep said head on her neck. She tried the last trick up her sleeve hoping that Jessica would fall for it just like her sister.

“I don’t even know why you’re so torn up about Daria. It’s not even like she was your flesh and blood. She is just some piece of garbage you picked up off the streets. I know the entire story.”

Wrong thing to say. Jessica dropped down and swept April’s feet out from under her before sending a kick to the same side she had bruised earlier. April’s body lifted from the ground and struck a box. Pain seared from the tips of her toes to the top of her head as she landed with a thud and coughed. She moved just in time to miss the hard heel Jessica was attempting to plant on her skull. Her body scrambled to its feet as she awkwardly dodged the series of roundhouses Jessica used to attack her. Several made their mark forcing April into a corner.

Panic stricken, she vied for another route. “Don’t you want to know why we fought? It involved daddy dearest.”

Jessica’s approaching feet stopped long enough for April to free herself nonetheless she charged forward sending her high heeled foot slamming into the wall at April’s head and grimacing when her heel missed the mark. She had however caught several strands of April’s hair and smiled when April didn’t hesitate in ripping them out to get away from her.

April didn’t know how to break that calm façade covering Jessica’s serene face. She wanted more reaction from her than a blank stare. What did she have to say to see a change? Her feet stumbled into the broken shards of crystal and she snatched several pieces to toss at Jessica’s face. Jessica turned out of the glass’s trajectory, but left herself open for April to snatch onto her pony tail. She didn’t utter one sound as April yanked and tugged loosening the tight beret holding it in place. Instead Jessica pulled her head forward snatching up the knife she had seen jammed into a box and cut it off before executing a brunt back kick to April’s gut.

She doubled over, sagging into several unopened crates as she spat up blood. Fuck it. She was getting out of there. She threw the collected strands of Jessica’s hair on the ground as she made a run for it, but Jessica wasn’t through with her. She ran after her and with equal precision executed a tooth of tiger throw successfully sending April looping in a disorienting spiral which left her discombobulated.

Jessica did a backspin to her feet, her once pristinely clean dress now covered in dirt and Dasha’s blood, snagging on the crate. She snatched if off of her body completely unashamed of finishing the job in her lingerie. All that mattered was that she avenged Dasha. All she needed was to kill April and the pain and anxiety she had experienced would completely disappear. She watched April stumble to the door once more and did a reversed side kick. She felt the heel of her shoe puncture April’s flesh and took a deep breath as her head fell back in pleasure.

The sound of April’s cry of pain was downright euphoric. Jessica kneed her to the face right on her broken nose and smiled when she heard a crunch. The muscles of her thighs tensed then relaxed as she thrust her foot once more into April’s abdomen and felt another give—right in the belly button.

“I know who killed your father!” April screamed in a desperate plea as she clutched her bleeding stomach. Jessica’s descending leg stopped in mid-air and reversed its path as she waited for April to explain. She could feel her strength waning and knew that another blow could consequentially be her last. Jessica wasn’t fucking around when she said she wouldn’t even touch her. April cringed at the wicked smile marring Jessica’s lips as her blank stare penetrated her. She preferred when her face was completely expressionless. The Jessica before her was wearing the look of a psychopath beyond reason.

Fuck it, April thought. If she was going to die, she would do so with her pride still intact. “It’s the same motherfuckers who are going to make sure that you die a painful death. They’re going to fucking tor—”

Jessica did a scissor backflip, the hard toe of her shoes resonating pops as they both separately connected with April’s chin and sent her flying into the air. Jessica landed on her knees watching as her prediction came to fruition as April flipped into the air and landed on her neck with a loud snap. She stood up, staring into her surprised eyes for several moments before spitting on her.

Remembering herself, Jessica took her tired legs to her sister to grab her body and get her the medical attention she needed. If she had been thinking clearly in the beginning, she would have told Grecko to send for an ambulance while she preoccupied herself with kicking April’s ass. More foresight should have been used.

“Daria, I’m so sorry,” Jessica apologized as she reached for her.

“Not yet, but you will be,” she heard before falling unconscious.


“I think we should call it quits,” Turner said into his earpiece as he rolled his eyes. He made his way back into the building to hear a concerned Grecko arguing with her husband. She said something about being unable to reach either Jessica or Dasha and that their hearing devices weren’t working.

“Guys,” Holloway’s voice broke into Turner’s concentration.

“What is it?”

“I’m starting to think those two drunks were here to do a lot more than damage the reception hall,” he reported cryptically.

“What?” Eithne asked making his way back to the front.

“I think you both need to get down here. I’m going through the security footage of what happened and there’s something you’ll both want to see.”

Eithne and Turner met up unexpectedly and made a beeline for the security room however Grecko stopped them in the process. “What’s going on?” Eithne asked when he noticed how badly shaken she was.

“I don’t know where Jessica is. She and Dasha should be back by now. I can’t hear them.”

“Is she talking about telepathy?” Turner asked curiously.

Eithne rolled his eyes and shook his head negatively. “Their earpieces must be on the fritz. Look, give me five minutes and we’ll tear this place apart finding them. Can you do that for me?” He didn’t miss the disappointment etched on Grecko’s face as she turned away with a brisk nod. He almost took offense to it, but reminded himself that none of the Whitakers were the wiser as to his real purpose at the reception hall.

“I promise, give me two minutes,” he corrected. “Then I’ll be right back.” Eithne smiled when Grecko looked more at ease and turned away from her. His hand grabbed Turner pushing him back as a frantic woman ran from the bathroom with blood completely covering her hands. She was screaming hysterically about someone being dead and all panic once more broke loose.

Eithne attempted to calm the stampeding crowd down as they grappled to be the first out of the door. Some of them knocked over the glass repairman in their endeavors while some remained confused as to what was truly happening. The semi-calm didn’t last too long as another bloody form emerged, slowly dragging their body across the white marble tiles with blood painting the way behind them. Blood stained hair covered their face, but from the length everyone knew it was a woman.

“Oh no,” Grecko moaned running from the protective circle the men had inadvertently blocked her and Chun Li into. “Let me go. Let me GO!” she yelled as she clawed to break free. “Daria!” she sobbed fighting until Eithne’s arm dropped.

That was Dasha? He barely had time to process it all as the other half of the workers finally got with the program and jumped on the panic train. They nearly ran them over to get out the way. Eithne, Turner, and Marc acted as their shield, covering them from the madness until they were face to face with Dasha. She was so drenched in blood that it reminded them of the prom scene from “Carrie.” In her red stained hands she clung to two things. When Grecko pried them from her grip a sob escaped her lips. It was a dress and hair.

Jessica’s dress and Jessica’s hair.

“Who did this to you?” she gritted out as anger burned her insides. “Where is Jessica?”

“Call for a medic,” Turner said to Parker. “There is possibly one dead woman in the bathroom and a gravely injured wedding designer standing before us. A third woman is suspected to be missing.”

“Who did this?” Grecko demanded grabbing Dasha by the shoulders and lifting on tiptoes to look at her face. Her eyes were bloodshot red, there was caked blood on her ear were her earpiece was located and there were small splinters in the side of her face. “Who did this?” Grecko said once more. Dasha tried to answer, but her tongue was lethargic and heavy in her mouth. Her throat was dry and she was still disoriented from the blow to her head.

“I think she has a concussion. We need to wait for the paramedics to get here and check her out,” Turner said.

Eithne didn’t wait for a response. The culprit could most likely be making an escape. He looked at Marc before racing to the door with gun in hand. Turner didn’t have to wait to be told what his best friend was thinking to follow along. He drew his weapon and ran around the back.

Eithne’s knees almost buckled when he saw it: Jessica’s unconscious figure draped over Julio Benitez’s shoulder. Her short hair fell over obstructing her face as he pushed her into an awaiting vehicle. He tried to force his way through the frantic crowd, frustration taking over as he watched Julio get into the car and drive off.

Firing his gun twice in the air Eithne made the crowd dissipate as he and now Turner ran after the moving motor vehicle. “Holloway,” he said jaggedly as he continued to run while Turner stopped long enough to aim his gun and fire at the car. It hit a tire nevertheless the car picked up speed. “Find this license plate: 5BTX997. FIND IT! FUCK!”

Turner’s heavy hand dropped on his shoulder in support. “Eithne, we’re going to bring her back.”

Eithne felt as if he was being strangled. Seeing Jessica so vulnerable instead of fighting with all of her might made him weak. What were they going to do to her? Where were they planning on taking her? What did they want from her?

“We should get back and see about her sisters,” Turner reminded him. They didn’t know how far from the banquet hall they had run until they had to retrace their steps. Dasha was fighting the paramedic tending to her upon their return and they passed three bodies in black bags. The rest of their team were out in the open asking questions and searching the premises. Dasha refused to open her mouth to any of them. Her eyes cut at him when he approached and Eithne knew that he could no longer hide the truth.

“You lied to us,” she said as her head pounded. Her concussion was confirmed and her blood loss had left her anemic and weak. They told her that she should have been dead, but she simply responded by telling them to go fuck themselves. She needed to find Jessica and soon.

“I had to.”

The hurt in her blue eyes made Eithne break their stare. “I’m sorry.”

“Yeah, you are.”


“We trusted you!” she shouted then regretted her decision afterwards. She felt betrayed by the man she thought would never hurt them. He was an agent working for the government yet shacking up with the mafia. What was wrong that picture? From the way he had pulled out his gun and flashed them a quick glimpse of his badge, Dasha finally figured out why she didn’t like Calvin because he was in on it too. She wondered what else he was hiding.

“Don’t touch me,” she hissed when she attempted to stand on her feet but nearly tumbled over. She was still too weak.

Eithne gritted his teeth as Grecko protectively pushed him away from her. “I did it for her. I did it for all of you,” he told them in a low voice as he removed his earpiece.

“Bullshit!” Grecko spat.

“He did,” both Marc and Turner replied in unison.

“Marc, you knew?” Grecko accused with hurt on her visage. He nodded his head and she turned away from him.

“I’m just as much in the dark here as you three are,” Marc said including Chun Li. “But we all know that Eithne loves Jessica and he would never do anything to harm her.”

“And lying doesn’t count?” Dasha asked.

“I believe in him,” Marc told them. “I can’t believe that we’ve known Eithne for nearly eight months and at the one test of our relationship with him, you all are so willing to turn your backs on him. After you kidnapped him from his own apartment, held him against his will to trap his father, and then screwed around with you, he hasn’t done anything except watch out for and protect you and this is the thanks that he gets. I’m disappointed.”

“If our superiors were to find out the truth, let’s just say that Eithne would be facing a shitload of jail time for aiding and abetting. Hell, all of us would,” he said as Holloway made his appearance.

Both Grecko and Dasha couldn’t look at him. They understood what was being said. They knew it to be the truth, but it was the fact that Eithne had pulled the wool over their eyes for eight months. Who was he? Did they really know him or was the Eithne they learned to love a farce?

Ch. 3: Jason

“Oh fuck!” I moaned.

I was pounding the life out of Maryann’s mouth. She had the best tits I had ever seen. After she agreed to show me them after very little convincing, I whipped my cock out and asked her to suck it. She refused at first but I wasn’t about to take no for an answer.

“Let me fuck those big tits then” I said. That got her down on her knees. She cupped her boobs in her hands and I guided my cock into that delicate space between her breasts. She had the tastiest dark nipples. Her large, plump ass would make any man weak. She had the sexiest hour glass figure and her soft, brown skin was heaven.

I began to slide up and down between her thick tittys. She looked up at me with her big brown eyes and smiled. She knew I wanted her to taste my cock. She just wanted to make me beg. I paused when the head of my dick appeared above the curves of her delicious boobs. She stuck out the tip of her tongue and flicked it around my head.

I let out a grunt and forced my cock passed her lips into her mouth. She tried to back up but I just inched closer. I pressed the back of her head down until I felt my balls on her chin. She grabbed my hand and I let her go.

“Jason!” She yelled. But I knew she liked it. I looked at her with pleading eyes and she began to pump her fist up and down my shaft. I wanted to feel her wet mouth so badly, I pleaded,

“Please baby. I love when you suck me. It’s so sexy!” She gathered her long honey blonde hair into a ponytail. She opened her mouth and I placed my dick inside. Her tongue was so warm and soft. She made swirls with her tongue and left a trail of saliva from the head of my cock all the way to my balls. Once the moistness from her mouth on my cock met the air, it sent a cool chill crawling up my spine.

I felt my orgasm bubbling in the pit of my sack and involuntarily thrust my hips into her face, forcing my rock hard cock deeper into the pit of her throat. Gagging, she closed her eyes and tried her hardest to fit the length of me into her mouth. I sped up as my orgasm crept from the pit of my core. I could feel the warm liquid fill my pipe. I unleashed all my juices onto her face without warning.

To my surprise, she began to wipe her cum coated face and sucked her fingers dry. I guess Brent, my best friend was right. All women had an inner erotic nature that they hid away from society. She stood up and walked to the bathroom that joined the dorm room next to mine. I heard the faucet turn on as I pulled my pants back up.

“I have to get to class” She said and she brought her face up to mine by raising up on her toes to give me a kiss. I could still smell my scent on her breath. She turned to leave the room and I watched her hips alternate up and down as she left. I had a few hours to kill before my shift in the student computer lab.

I took that job because I needed something to occupy my time. Being with all the beautiful girls on campus who had the hots for a jock like me was entertaining for awhile. But truthfully I wanted more. I enjoyed the casual sex but that was all it was. A quick release. I hadn’t been fortunate enough to find a girl that could hold my attention long enough for me to be interested in anything other than what was beneath her clothes.

Maryann had come close. She was the symbol of a black goddess. She was confident, funny and intelligent. She wore her clothes too tight and kept up her appearance. She was very superficial though. Only fucked me so she could brag to her friends about how she rode my steel, black cock. I gave it to her whenever she wanted it though. She had the tightest pussy I ever had.

After my injury, I finished up my classes and graduated with the rest of my class. I had an apartment off campus during my senior year and found a job not too far away. I hung out with Brent almost everyday after work and normally on the weekends. He was quite a character but I loved him for it. He always had my back and I always had his.


I saw a woman standing all alone at the bar inside of a nightclub that Brent and I frequently visited. There was something about her that caused a rumble in my loins and I had to have her. After we danced and had a few drinks, I invited her back to my place. Brent was sweet on her but I didn’t mind.

Once we arrived at my apartment, we took turns with her. We seemed to naturally connect on another level. The level of arousal was through the roof. Brent worked her mouth first while I went to town her sweet smelling pussy. She had the hottest and wettest pussy I’d ever eaten. When I entered her, I discovered she had the tightest pussy I had ever fucked too.

I felt her muscles tightening around my thick meat. I bounced her up and down while I was inside her. Her juices trickled down my hard shaft onto my soon to be empty balls. I stretched her hot cunt until I dumped a load inside her; a first for me.

Giselle had me doing things in a matter of hours that I had never done in my whole life. She had an exotic appearance. Her eyes were a deep green with specks of brown. Her body captivated me and yearned to be covered in my kisses. I was impressed by the way she handled herself. She maintained her composure and let her desires control her every move. I liked her. I wanted her. I had to make her mine.

When she came sauntering out of my bedroom the next morning in my t-shirt, a smile crept onto my face. She smiled back and kissed me. Her lips were so full and soft. She embraced me and raised herself onto the counter.

“I’m making egg white omelets.” I said. I continued dicing the fresh vegetables my mother always gave me from her garden. She had taught me everything there was to know about the kitchen. Knowing how to cook impressed women and I wanted to impress Giselle.

“So you can cook?” She asked. Her face was angelic but I knew that there was a sex demon hidden behind that soft, innocent smile. Her nipples were piercing my t-shirt and I couldn’t help wanting to feel those black pearls in my mouth again.

“He sure can, better than you I bet.” Brent interjected. He came stumbling out of my bedroom too. We all passed out in my bed the night before or should I say earlier that morning, after we thrashed Giselle.

“Too bad you never had my cooking to make such a statement.” Giselle said in her own defense. We all laughed. Giselle told us about herself. She was from the nearby town and worked at a local dry cleaning store. She lived alone and had no children. Brent and I filled her in on our daily routine. Go to work, come home, have a cold beer and kick back a few nights a week at a local bar to play pool or watch sports.

Giselle said she loved sports and couldn’t wait for the upcoming football season to begin. She was beginning to appear like she could be the total package. Funny, independent and incredibly sexy. She could tell I was longing for her again and winked at me. Her smile melted my tough exterior.

“I have to go. Jase I will catch up with you later, bro.” Brent said, “And you-” He turned to look at Giselle, “I hope to see you again real soon.” Brent and Giselle exchanged numbers and she took my number as well.

“Are you leaving too?” I said nervously. She shook her head no. My heart rate slowed a little. I couldn’t let her leave before sliding my dick in her again. I had to feel that tight, wet pussy around my dick once more.

We ate and got better acquainted. She helped me with the dishes and then we disappeared into my room. She took off my t-shirt that she was wearing and her boobs bounced out. She was so beautiful. I picked her up and she wrapped her legs around my waist. I yanked off my boxers and I could feel the heat emanating from her juicy cunt. I inserted a finger and her pussy contracted around it. I slipped in a second finger and she closed her eyes while biting her bottom lip.

She began gyrating on my lodged fingers and I felt her juices oozing from her slit. I took my fingers out and licked both of them carefully. I lowered her over the bed and laid her back gently on the bed and put my cock at her entrance. She scooted down until my head penetrated her. I lifted my torso and slipped into her and she let out a gasp. I couldn’t entirely fit and I knew I would have to stretch her tight pussy again.

I pumped into her and closed my eyes and I felt her juicy snatch getting hotter. She arched her back and I placed my hand on her hip, gripping her waist. I began bucking into her like a mad man and her eyes widened again. She started moaning and put a hand on my washboard abs. I could tell I was going too fast and she needed me to stop to ease the pummeling her pussy was taking.

But I couldn’t stop. I wanted to quickly get as deep as I could. She screamed as I continued to rip her insides. Her pussy started contracting and her body began shaking once I finally got all of me inside of her. She fiercely came and continued to grind her hips into me, begging for my release. I looked down at her; her pillow sack tits were flopping all over and her tongue was pushing at the corners of her mouth. I think she wanted a cock in there.

I started to buck uncontrollably and lost sight of who I was, where I was and what I was doing. My orgasm took over and I splashed the insides of her body with my hot, salty semen. I collapsed on top of her and felt my hard pole begin to soften inside her cum filled cunt. What has this girl done to me, I thought as I drifted off to sleep.

“So this is stupid as hell, you know that right,” quipped Janelle, her best friend.

“No it isn’t…I told you, something isn’t right about him…he’s really sexy and smooth and he’s a player. Seems like he does this to women all the time. He’s just too damn good at it all,” said Lynne, glancing into the club, through the side window, behind the dumpster.

“No, it’s not Leif you need to be worried about. It’s your crazy ass. Why the hell do you have us hiding behind the dumpster so you can watch him do his show. Why don’t you just go in there-” sighed Janelle.

“I told you why! Because I was stupid that’s why!” exclaimed Lynne.

“I’m not understanding how you were stupid. He was into you, and the next thing I know, you tell me he’s a casanova and you don’t think you should see him,” said Janelle.

“I….I….he is a casanova. He…we….we made out when he came back to my place,”

“Well good for you! What the hell’s wrong with him being a little bit of a casanova. He’s a young man and he thinks you’re hot. I figured, you all would get a little…shall we say acquainted with him coming over…” said Janelle.

“He was too good at it!” whispered Lynne loudly.

“Now I’ve heard a lot of shit in my dating days, but that’s the first I’ve heard of a woman not wanting to text a man back because he was too good when they got frisky on the couch. Really? What the hell is wrong with you sis-” said Janelle.

Janelle starting chuckling from deep in her belly.

“Why are you laughing at me?” said Lynne.

“Because….because sometimes I can tell you were raised in such a strict household. And…that you had a lousy first boyfriend. It’s sad, but you are so sweet. And if you come clean with poor Leif, he will probably think you’re still very sweet and adorable, and he’ll be more than willing to help you learn about birds and bees,” said Janelle.

Then she started laughing at Lynne again.

“Stop laughing at me…I…he made me do shit I’ve never done before. I….when I….when I came I blurted out I loved him! I told him I loved him! How stupid am I,” said Lynne and she slapped her forehead with her palm.

“Damn. That boy must have really put it on you good. Well…sometimes screaming something like that is bad. But sometimes its okay. Depends on the dude. And how he feels about you. How did he act afterwards. That’s what you’ve gotta gauge. Did he act scared? Did he hurry up and leave? Well the boy likes you if he keeps texting you everyday. How did he act when you screamed that you loved him? Nervous?” asked Janelle.

“Umm…no, not at all. He….he kissed my forehead. He likes doing that. It feels sweet. It makes me feel so special. Anyway, he kissed my forehead, and he….he told me he liked….what we’d done…and he liked me a lot. I told him I didn’t…I’d never done that with a guy so soon before…and he told me he still thought I was a lady, and that kind of thing, and that he would talk to me tomorrow,” said Lynne.

“Sounds to me then like you made a big deal out of nothing. A lot of people, when they are coming, they say all kinds of crazy things. As long as none of you says anything that makes the other uncomfortable, that’s okay. You probably never felt anything like that before, and you were just loving the way he made you feel and that’s why you blurted it out. I wouldn’t worry about it. If he’s acting like it’s not a big deal, it’s not a big deal. Probably made his ego feel good too. Got a beautiful black woman screaming that she loves him and shit…on his first time out with a black chick,” chuckled Janelle naughtily.

Lynne looked mortified. Also, she was embarrassed because she hadn’t screamed that I love you stuff out of lust. She loved Leif even though she wasn’t quite sure about everything that love entailed, and she was embarrassed and sick that she’d revealed herself and she already knew he didn’t feel that same way about her.

“Be quiet, I think he’s on now,”

“I’ll be quiet when I feel like it. Lynne you’re crazy as hell got us hiding behind the stinking ass dumpster because you want to spy on this boy. This boy likes you, this is real stupid girl,” said Janelle folding her arms.

Lynne peaked through the side window and watched the stage show. Duce Dutchies sounded good. Real good. She could barely make out Leif standing in the corner, but finally he moved around a little bit and came into her view.

“He’s not wearing a shirt!” shrieked Lynne.

Sure enough, his back was to the audience. He’d told Lynne he was too shy to play facing the audience. He’d been telling the truth.

But the riffs he was playing, the music that floated outside, he sounded like a disciple of Jimmy Hendrix or Eric Clapton. He was so damn talented!

“He’s not your man, because you haven’t been texting him back, so you can’t say anything about that. Besides, have you looked at your own stage show? You grab your crotch. I’ve seen you, treating your Mic like a Phallic symbol to make a point, while you sing. Not all the time, but when you sing certain sexy songs, you do freaky shit sometimes. And the guys love it. Especially those older men. So…please!” said Janelle.

Lynne had to chuckle. She did have a point.

Lynne squinted her eyes to try to see what she could envision behind that tiny window. He was after all shirtless, and she’d been wanting to see what he looked out without a shirt, since they were playing pool all those nights ago.

“Damn, I think he’s got the sexiest back,” she whispered biting her knuckle.

“Man, you sound so thirsty. Lusting over his back. You like him. He likes you. Look, not everyone is out to hurt you and use you. I’m not telling you to give the boy your social security number. But, give him a chance. Don’t punish him for being a really good lover. That doesn’t mean he’s a casanova. But…after you get to know him, it might mean he’s a keeper. Go on in there, instead of peeping at the boy’s naked back through the window. After his show apologize for not texting him back promptly. Kiss him. Give him some tongue if you want, since he rocked your world so hard you screamed I love you, by mistake,” said Janelle with a chuckle.

“I can’t do it. There’s more to it than that. It just isn’t fair to him. I…I’m such a freak. I’m backwards at love and I’m so behind you, and him and everyone else who is twenty-three years old,” said Lynne.

“So you need to tell him that. Maybe not right away. But at some point, test his character, and if you find that he’s a nice guy, tell him you haven’t dated much and you are learning. He’ll probably think you are adorable, because you don’t know a lot about men. Some men like being a teacher. At the coffee shop, he looked quite smitten with you…you might think it’s not fair, but he probably won’t care,” said Janelle.

“What about…what about Martin. I’m so damaged from that relationship. I mean I’m over Martin, but some of the shit he did to me was-”

“You never gave me all the details, but he’s foul, and an abuser. Abusers have their sweet sides too, that’s how they can keep abusing. But you can’t judge all men by one man, who was raised in that same cult that you were in. He’s got twisted warped thinking from that crazy ass religion that you two were raised in. Leif doesn’t have that baggage that you and Martin shared. Look. You moved out, you broke free of that mess, it’s time to move on. Or…Leif might move on without you. And then you’d really be sick…because you like that boy!” said Janelle.

Lynne listened to the wisdom of her friend, then watched the rest of the set.

Janelle tried to push her into the doorway but Lynne shirked away.

“I’m too scared,”

“You’re stupid as hell Lynne. Too scared to let that boy into your heart. He wants you! Let me walk you home. I think you are being a real dumb ass, but it’s your life sis,” said Janelle.


The next few days passed with Dane on bedrest, and with Jeneda to take care of him, he barely did anything for himself. All of his meals were prepared by her, and she also gave him bed baths, ran his errands, picked up necessary items from his apartment, and even picked up books for him from the library.

Except for him using the bathroom and feeding himself, Jeneda took care of his every need. Used to being independent, Dane quickly grew tired of being confined to the bed, and by the second day of bedrest, he began taking walks around the apartment. By the third day, he was well enough to make it down to the lobby by himself, and although he did it without Jeneda’s approval, he began taking strolls twice a day up and down the length of her block.

Worried that Daniel and Adrian might be planning another attack, she tried to accompany him, but he refused. At first she felt a little hurt, and found herself wondering if he was getting tired of being around her. But then she realized that he probably needed to be alone with his thoughts, so she gave him space and respected his need for alone time.

Now five days into his recovery, Dane was nearly back to his old self. The bruises on his face had nearly faded, and apart from his two broken fingers and fractured nose, which was still healing, he was almost fully recovered. The previous four days had been somewhat taxing for several reasons, but now that the week was nearing its end, Jeneda felt nothing but grateful for Dane’s speedy recovery.

She was in the kitchen toasting waffles when Dane emerged from the bedroom, naked except for a towel which hung loosely around his waist. His hair was dripping wet and his body smell faintly of lavender shower gel.

The smile on his lips told her that he was in a good mood, and as he sidled up behind her and wrapped his arms around her waist, she offered a greeting.

“Morning, honey.”

“Morning.” He tenderly kissed her neck, then watched as she stacked waffles onto a large plate.

“You really are a late riser, aren’t you? It’s almost noon.”

“In what time zone?” He asked. “Last time I checked, it was barely eleven o’clock.”

“Close enough.”

He lightly chuckled, then released her to retrieve a carton of milk from the fridge. After pouring himself a glass, he took a generous sip, then leaned against the counter.

“How are you feeling?” she asked.

“Pretty good. That soreness around my ribs is gone, and when I swallow, I don’t feel any pain.

Recalling the severe throat punch he’d received, she found herself appreciative that the damage hadn’t been worse. “That’s great news. Definitely glad to hear it.”

Having finished loading the stack of waffles onto a plate, Jeneda set them on the kitchen table, along with two plates which held scrambled eggs. She then grabbed a bottle of syrup and a stick of butter from the fridge, and they both sat down to eat.

Rather than drizzle his waffles with syrup, Dane drenched them, and after piling some scrambled eggs on top, he folded the dough-based cake in half and took a big, crunchy bite. Syrup oozed onto the plate as he did it, and unable to resist herself, she sarcastically commented on his soggy waffle sandwich.

“Got enough syrup there?”

His eyes briefly met hers before he grabbed the syrup bottle, and after pouring some more onto his waffle and egg concoction, he took another bite.

“Okay, that’s just gross.”

He smiled, then noisily licked his fingers. “Actually it tastes delicious.” He then held it out to her, coaxing her to partake in a sample. “You’re welcome to take a bite.”

“Yeah, thanks but no thanks,” she said before lightly drizzling her waffles with syrup.

Several moments passed before their contented sounds of munching was broken by words.

“I was thinking it might be a good idea for me to go home today. I’m basically healed and can take care of myself now.”

Her eyes filled with unease at his suggestion. “I’d rather you not.”


“I don’t like the idea of you being alone. Not after what Adrian and Daniel did to you.”

“They beat me within an inch of my life. There really isn’t a whole lot else can they do.”

“They could kill you.”

“Not gonna happen.”

“Really. And what makes you so sure of yourself?”

“They had the chance to do it five days ago, but didn’t go through with it.”

“They would have, though, if they hadn’t gotten into a fight.”

“Maybe.” He shrugged, finished the remainder of his sandwich, then washed it down with the rest of his milk.” I can’t stay cooped up in here forever, Jeneda. I need to get on with my life.”

“Cooped up? You make it sound like I’m forcing you to be here.”

“That’s not what I meant, and you know it.” He grabbed her hand, and looking deep into her eyes he said, “I’m damned lucky to have you. You’ve been amazing during all of this, and I’m really grateful for you taking care of me the past five days. But staying here any longer won’t make things any easier for us.”

Jeneda lowered her eyes, focusing them on the small squares in her waffles before looking back at him. “I know,” she softly said. “But I like having you here with me.”

“I like being here as well, but for the past five days, I haven’t been able to do anything at all. You know that heist I’m supposed to pull?”


“I’m supposed to be planning things out, getting everything worked out so that it all goes smoothly. But ever since I got beat up, I haven’t been able to work on those plans.”

“You could always work on them here.”

“No, I can’t. I need to be in my apartment, on my own, and without any distractions.”

His tone was firm and had an edge to it, and seeing how strongly he was opposed to her suggestion, she decided to just let things be.

“Fine. Forget I asked, okay?”

She got up from the table, took her plate to the sink, and then rinsed it off. She was just putting it in the dish washer when he walked over to where she stood, then lifted her chin so that she was forced to look up at him.

“When I said distractions, I didn’t mean it in a bad way. It’s just that when I’m around you, I can’t get anything done. You’re all I can focus on, and then things that I should be doing don’t get completed, and normally that wouldn’t be such a bad thing.”

She said nothing, only blinked and waited for him to continue.

“But this situation I’m in is pretty intense, and if I don’t pull this heist off, things will get even worse.” A flash of worry crossed his features. “Your life is already at stake, and the last thing I want is to give this guy an excuse to come after you.”

“I know.” Resting her palm on his bare chest, she slid it upward until it reached his shoulders, then sifted her fingers through his hair. “But can’t you stay just one more day?”

He lightly sighed, averted his eyes as if thinking it over, then turned his attention back on her. “Alright, but just one more day, alright? Tomorrow I go home.”

Her lips tugged into a wide smile, and she looped her arms around his neck. He lowered his head so that their foreheads pressed together, and as their noses brushed, he spoke to her in a lowered voice.

“You know I wouldn’t leave you alone without any protection, right?”

Her brows slightly furrowed. “What do you mean?”

“I was going to wait until I left to do this, but I guess now’s a good time as any.”

He pulled away from her, leaving her to stand in the kitchen alone, then padded off to the bedroom. A few moments later he returned, and as she saw what he was holding in his hand, her heart beat a little faster.

“You have a gun?” She eyed the sleek, black, weapon warily.

“Yeah, it was in my coat pocket.”

“Wish I’d known that was here the night Adrian and Daniel paid us a visit.”

“Even if you had, it wouldn’t have done us much good. We were both tied up, remember?”

She nodded, and as he placed it in her hand, she lifted it, then pointed it toward the wall behind the fridge. “I’ve never used a gun before, so you’ll have to walk me through this step by step.”

“First off, you need to wrap you thumb around the other side.”

Noting the incorrect position of her fingers, she did as he instructed. “Now what?”

“Wrap your second hand under your grip hand, then align your thumbs together.” He gave pause so that she could do as he said, then continued to speak. “You finger shouldn’t be anywhere the near the trigger, so take it off.”

She moved her forefinger so that it rested along the side of the gun. “Now what?”

“Close only your left eye, then close only your right.” He waited as she did it, then said, “When you left your right eye open, did the gun stay lined up with the object you’re aiming towards?”


“Then that’s your dominant eye. Always keep it open while shooting.”

“Okay. Now what about my stance?”

He gazed down to note the position of her feet, and after eyeing her locked elbows and knees, he offered some tips. “Your feet need to be shoulder length apart, and one foot should be slightly more forward than the other.”

She adjusted her position, then asked, “Better?”

“Yep. Now curl your body slightly forward and keep your arms in line with your shoulders.” He watched as she did it, and once satisfied with her position, he said, “That’s good. Now you have full and complete control over the muzzle.”

She maintained her stance for a few moments so that she could memorize it, and once she was completely certain that she had it down, she lowered the gun and turned to face him. “This will probably be more difficult when I’m actually trying to shoot someone.”

“Of course. But let’s just hope you’ll never have to use it.” Worry flashed through his eyes before he turned his gaze back on the gun. “You see that moveable button near your right thumb?”

She gave a nod in response.

“You slide it backward to release the safety, and move it forward to engage it back.”

There was a clicking noise as she disengaged the safety, then put it back in the locked position, and after giving the handgun a lingering gaze, she looked back at Dane. “Well, I guess I’m as prepared as I can possibly be.”

“Yeah, I guess so.” His eyes lowered to the weapon in her hand, and as he once again gazed back up at her, his eyes filled with distress. “I hate the fact that I even have to give you one, but at least now I won’t have to worry about Daniel or Adrian coming after you again.”

“I’m not crazy about owning one either, but It’ll definitely make me feel a whole lot safer.”

He tried to give her a reassuring smile, but the corners of his lips only tugged slightly upward. Very gently, he leaned in to press a soft kiss against her lips, then pulled back to to look into her eyes. “What are you getting into today?”

“I have a meeting with a few clients this afternoon, then I’m going to my art studio.”

“What time do you think you’ll be home?”

“Five, maybe six.”

“Let’s order takeout tonight.”


“Sure, whatever you want.”

She smiled, and after pulling him down for a deep, wet kiss, she said, “I’ll see you later tonight.”

She made her way to front door, but before she could reach it, Dane suddenly called out to her.


She turned to look back at him. “Yeah?”

His expression had turned melancholy, and after a long moment of hesitation, he finally spoke. “Be safe, okay?”

She nodded, knowing all too well that he’d meant to say more, and without another word she turned and exited the bedroom, heading for the front door.

* * * *

After a long, but productive day of meeting with clients and working on commissioned sculptures, Jeneda arrived home, and as she reached the door to her apartment, she pulled out her keys.

It wasn’t until she’d stepped across the threshold and set the grocery bags down that she sensed something was off, and a pang of dread hit her hard in the stomach as she noticed that the apartment was completely silent.

She quietly closed the door behind her, and standing completely still, listened for voices or any sounds of movement. Aside from the ticking of the clock on the kitchen wall, the apartment was deathly quiet, and as she slowly began to make her way down the hallway toward the bedroom, she reached for the gun in her purse.

Upon reaching the door to her bedroom, she eased it open. The first thing she saw was the empty bed, and as she noticed that Dane’s clothes were no longer lying crumpled on the ground, a terrible feeling came over her.

Despite the fact that she knew he wasn’t there, she went to the bathroom and glanced inside, but found that it was also devoid of his presence. She turned and went back into the bedroom, and as she spotted a piece of notepad paper on the bedside table, she walked closer to have a look at it.

She could tell from the messily written script that the note had been written in a hurry, and as she began to read the words, an unbearable heaviness settled in her chest.

~Went out to run an important errand. I’ll be back as soon as I can. Love you.


As if expecting for more words to magically appear, Jeneda stared at the sheet of paper. It wasn’t the first time that Dane had mysteriously taken off and left her with only a brief note in explanation. But the fact that he had done it when they’d made definite plans to order takeout and spend the evening together, made her wonder just what was going on.

She began to wonder if the errand was connected to this man who was after him, and as she came to the realization that it most likely was, a sickness resonated in her gut.

~I’ll be back as soon as I can.~

She found herself unable to stop rereading that part of the note, and each time she did, she felt her chest tighten even further. What exactly did he mean by ‘I’ll be back as soon as I can’, and why hadn’t he at least called to tell her?

Leaving a note was more of a casual thing, something that one did when they made a quick run to the store, so the fact that he hadn’t given her a phone call only reinforced that something was very wrong.

Having never been the patient type, Jeneda already knew that she was unwilling to sit around and wait for Dane to return, so she left the bedroom and headed straight for the front door.

She’d already taken the elevator down to the lobby and exited the building when she realized that she didn’t even know where she was going, but that didn’t stop her from climbing behind the wheel of her car and starting up the engine.

Instead of taking off right away, she saw there for a few moments, just staring ahead while she tried to work out a plan. She already knew what kind of situation Dane was in, so it didn’t make a whole lot of sense to entangle herself any further, but remaining at home would only drive her crazy.

Uncertain of what else to do, she retrieved her phone from her purse, and after searching through the call history, she found the number she was looking for.

She hit the call send button, then waited for the person on the other end of the line to pick up. It took four rings before they did, and after a moment of hesitation, Jeneda spoke into the receiver.


“Yeah, who’s this?”


“Oh, hi.”

“Hey.” There was an awkward pause before she continued. “I’m calling about Dane. You wouldn’t happen to know where he is, would you?”

“No, why would I?”

“I figured since you guys are friends, that he might have told you something.”

“He hasn’t called or come by, so I don’t know anything more than you do.”

“Oh, okay.” Disappointment was clear in her voice. “Well if you do hear from him, could you give me a call?”

“Wherever Dane is right now, he clearly doesn’t want you to know, so why are you even trying to find him?”

“Because I’m worried,” she said, matching Cassie’s sharp, irritated tone.

“I don’t know where he is.”

“Right. Well nevermind, then. Sorry to have bothered you.”

She pulled the phone away from her ear so that she could hang up, but the sound of Cassie’s voice made her once again lift the receiver.

“Yes?” Jeneda asked.

“I’m not trying to be a bitch or anything, but if I were you, I’d butt out and let him have his space.”

“I don’t think It’s space he’s after. He’s in a lot of trouble.”

“Even more reason why sticking your nose into it is a bad idea. If anything, It’ll just make him more stressed out.”

“I’m not just going to just sit at home worrying about him,” Jeneda said. “I have to do something.”

“Do what you like. It’s just a word of advice.”

“Yeah, well thanks anyways.”

“Take my advice. If he wanted you to know where he was going, he would have told you.”

Jeneda opened her mouth to respond, but before she could get a word out, Cassie hung up. Both annoyed and frustrated at being thwarted from speaking her mind, Jeneda tossed her phone aside. Then without a moment’s hesitation, she put the car into gear and hit the gas, taking off down the street.

* * * *

Not knowing where else to go, Jeneda found herself at Dane’s apartment, and after nearly half an hour of waiting, she spotted him pull up to the curb, then get out of his vehicle and head for his apartment.

Not wanting to be seen herself, Jeneda had parked half a block down from his residence, and had purposely situated her car so that it was concealed behind a large white van.

An hour later, just shy of four p.m., Dane reemerged, carrying a black duffel bag that was much like the one that had been in his possession on the day that she’d last visited him.

Instead of his usual velvet blazer, he was wearing a wool trench coat, and he’d also changed into fresh clothes, which consisted of a pair of black jeans and v-necked gray sweater.

His shoulders were hunched slightly, but his stride was purposeful, and due to the drizzle that had begun to fall, his hair hung limply around his pale, solemn face.

He looked completely miserable, and although he seemed to have an air of assurance about him, it was clear that he was less than reluctant to carry out whatever task he was set to do.

After placing the duffel bag in the trunk of his Prius, Dane got into the driver’s seat, then pulled away from the curb. Jeneda started up her own car and took off down the street as well, but despite her eagerness to tail him closely, she was careful to maintain an appropriate distance.

After traveling half a mile, Dane turned onto the highway, and as he accelerated, so did she. Luckily for her, she was used to traveling at high speeds, so when the speedometer reached 75, she was able to still comfortably maneuver the car.

Forty minutes into the drive, Dane switched lanes so that he could exit, and as he made his way down the ramp and onto the street, Jeneda continued to tail him. By this time, the sky had become gray with patches of blue, and what had previously been a light drizzle was now steady rain.

No longer properly in the city, but on the outskirts of San Francisco, Jeneda found herself curious as to who Dane was meeting, and was more eager than ever to find out just what the purpose of this meeting was.

As she spotted a yellow light ahead, Jeneda noticed that the speed of Dane’s car increased, so she accelerated to keep up, but was abruptly cut off by an aggressive driver in a monstrous pickup truck. She hit the brakes just in time to avoid rear ending the huge vehicle, then cursed loudly and slammed her palm against the horn.

The driver of the truck stuck their hand out of the window and gave her the finger, then sailed right through the light, and she would have as well, but before she could enter the intersection it turned red, so she was forced to make a stop.

Infuriated by the idiotic driver, Jeneda heaved a frustrated sigh and impatiently waited for the light to turn green. Once it did, she hit the gas and raced down the street, and after driving a block without seeing Dane’s car anywhere in sight, she began to nervously wonder if she’d lost track of him.

Her fears were put to rest as she spotted his Prius making a turn down a one way street and she tailed behind him, but as she made the turn, she was dismayed to find that he was nowhere to be found.

Thoroughly perplexed, she slowed her car, eyeing the dark turnoffs to see if she could spot his vehicle, but the lonely stretch of road she was traveling along was eerily empty.

As she continued to drive forward, her uncertainty grew. She didn’t understand how Dane could have disappeared so quickly, and the fact that it was such a small, barren road only made her all the more anxious.

As the road twisted, she followed the curve, and upon noticing the red glow of taillights further up the road, she slowed to a crawl. Undoubtedly Dane’s Prius, she watched through the rain-blurred windshield as the rear lights of the car turned off, and as her lover’s tall, darkly-dressed figure got out of the car, she pulled off the road and parked next to a thicket of trees.

Although her car was several yards away and mostly hidden by overgrown shrub, Jeneda still found herself worried about being discovered, and as she watched Dane open the trunk and take out the black duffel bag, her heart beat faster.

It wasn’t just the fact that she’d secretly followed him here to this out of the way place, but also the uncertainly of who he was meeting, and she began to wonder if her decision to tail him had been a bad idea.

She briefly considered turning around and going back home, but as Dane closed the trunk and headed away from the car into a thicket of trees, she realized there was no point in turning back. The gun that Dane had given her was still in her purse, so she’d be armed if anyone attacked her, and of course she’d be prudent enough to keep her presence discreet.

After slipping the handgun into the pocket of her belted waist coat, she pulled the hood over her head and exited the car. The rain came down hard, pelting her face as she walked briskly toward the thick vegetation that Dane had disappeared into.

Upon reaching the woodsy area, she headed down a narrow path that was flanked by tall trees, and as she reached some old stone stairs that were carved into the earth, she began her descent.

Covered in moss and rotting leaves, the weathered steps were slippery and steep, and after nearly losing her footing a few times, Jeneda forced herself to go slower.

It wasn’t until she was three steps shy of reaching the bottom that she caught sight of Dane fifteen yards ahead of her, and as he made his way toward an abandoned tunnel, she trailed behind him.

The ground beneath her was carpeted with dead leaves and twigs, and the air was thick with a wet, earthy scent. Although the rain had lessened, it was still coming down as a steady drizzle, soaking through the hood of her coat.

As Dane reached the mouth of the tunnel, she watched him walked inside, and only when he’d been completely enveloped by the darkness within, did she quicken her pace. By the time she reached the entrance, her pulse had quickened and her stomach twisted nervously, but without hesitation, she ventured into it.

It was darker inside than she had expected, and as she went further in, the light of dusk became fainter. The stench of rot-which she hoped was nothing more than a dead animal-slammed into her, causing her to gag. The floor of the tunnel was littered with everything from junk food packages and plastic bags, to dirty needles and used condoms.

The curved cement walls of the covered passageway bounced back the echo of Dane’s footfalls, and as she quietly followed him, darkness further enveloped her. Now she could only make out the silhouette of Dane’s lanky form, and as she continued walking, her unease grew stronger.

Jeneda didn’t know whether it was just the echo playing tricks on her, but it sounded as if someone was behind her. She stopped a few times to see if there was, but as far as she could tell, there wasn’t.

This didn’t stop her from resting her hand on the gun that was hidden in her coat pocket, and as her palm wrapped around the cold steel of the weapon, her anxiety lessened.

Just as she was beginning to feel more certain of herself, the toe of her shoe hit something hard and unyielding, and with a faint cry, she fell to the ground.

She broke her fall with her hands, landing next to a pile of old books that were covered in animal droppings, but instead of instantly rising to her feet, she froze in place.

The sound of echoing footsteps had halted, meaning that Dane had taken note of her presence, and as she gazed into the near-darkness ahead of her, she saw Dane slowly turn around.

Since the tunnel was lacking light, she was only able to see the outline of his body, but she could tell from his defensive stance that he was prepared to find out what had created the sound.

He took a step forward, then another, but before he could come any further, a voice from further in the tunnel called out to him. Dane turned his head and spoke a few words in response, and after taking one last look to where Jeneda was located, he turned and headed toward the sound of the voice.

Heaving a sigh of relief, Jeneda lifted herself up, then carefully continued along her way. With each step that she took, the air around her grew colder, and as a rat scuttled across her shoe, she screamed internally.

The tunnel curved, and as she came upon a T-intersection, she noticed that the passageway branched off, giving her the choice to either turn left or right. Uncertain of which way to go, she allowed her ears to guide her, but with the echo that was present, it was difficult to tell if the voices she was hearing came from the right or left of her.

With nothing more than gut instinct to go on, she turned right, and as she spotted two men standing just a few dozen paces from where she was located, she quickly pressed her back against the curved wall of the tunnel, then slowly edged her way toward a cubby- hole like cavity. Once she was concealed inside of it, she discreetly poked her head out, then watched.

Thanks to a ventilation shaft, a stream of dim light shone down from the roof of the tunnel, illuminating the two figures that she saw. One of the men she was looking at was Dane, and the other was someone she had never seen before.

He was fairly tall, nearly the same height as Dane, and his hair was so blonde it appeared almost white. He was dressed in dark slacks and a leather jacket, and as Dane bent down to unzip the duffel bag he’d brought along, the man lowered his gaze, watching on as he smoked a cigarette.

Dane reached into the bag, and after retrieving a large handgun, he stood back up to his full height and handed it over to the blonde haired man, who threw his cigarette aside before accepting it. He examined the weapon, turning it over in his palm a few times before nodding his head in satisfaction.

The blonde haired man and Dane spoke too low for Jeneda to hear, but it was clear to her that they were making some sort of a deal, and as the fair haired man squatted to look in the duffel bag, she continued to watch intently.

Along with three other handguns which were more compact in size, he also pulled out several revolvers, and a few automatic rifles as well. Apart from being sickened by the sight of so many weapons, Jeneda found herself wondering what Dane was doing with so many of them.

She didn’t remain curious for long, however, because the blonde in the leather jacket got to his feet, then retrieved a thick wad of bills from his pocket. He handed them over to Dane, who slipped the cash in the back pocket of his jeans, and after zipping up the duffel bag and giving it to the blonde, the two men parted ways.

The fair-haired man took off one way, while Dane went the other, and as her lover strode right past her to make his way back out of the tunnel, Jeneda flattened her back, pushing herself further into the cubby-like cavity. Only once she was completely certain that it was safe, did she leave her hiding space, and with hurried, but careful steps, she headed back the way she had come.

The tunnel seemed even darker than before, and in order to make sure she was on the right path, she was forced to slide her hand along the damp wall of the passageway. It was slimy to the touch and grime-encrusted, festering with coach roaches who skittered across her fingers.

Each time she felt one of the bugs bump against her hand she nearly lost it, feeling the urge to yank her hand away. But with nearly pitch black surroundings, she desperately needed the wall of the tunnel to guide her.

It seemed like an hour before she reached the mouth of the tunnel, and as she finally exited the hellish passageway, she deeply inhaled. Never before had she been so grateful to breathe fresh air, but her moment of appreciation quickly came to a halt as she was saw who was approaching her.

She barely had time to think, let alone utter a word before Dane took hold of her hand, then forcibly pulled her towards a large, rotting oak. Upon reaching it, he pushed her back against the trunk of the tree, gently enough not to hurt her, but with enough power to express his displeasure.

“What the hell are you doing here?” His expression was stony, lips pressed into a thin line, and his inky black hair was plastered to his face by the earlier rainfall.

“Why do you think I’m here?” She mirrored his annoyed expression. “All you left me with was a note. The least you could have done was call to tell me where you going.”

“This is none of your business,” he loudly said. “You had no right to follow me.”

“This could have been avoided if you’d just told me where you were going.”

His brows lowered. “Do you have any idea what kind of danger you just put yourself in? You could have been killed.”

With the darkness of night quickly overtaking dusk, the air was becoming colder, and from somewhere in the distance, there was a rustling in the foliage. Yet none of these things captured Jeneda’s attention, because Dane’s incensed expression was all she could focus on.

“I’m not stupid, I knew exactly what I was getting into.”

“You know nothing.” His voice had risen a notch, growing deeper in the process.

“You’re right, I don’t.”

This seemed to surprise Dane, because his frown lessened slightly, but before he could respond, Jeneda spoke again.

“Explain why you were carrying a duffel bag full of weapons, and tell me who that man was that you just met up with.”

“His name is Slade, and he’s a drug dealer, and the reason I was carrying a bag full of guns, is because I have a link to an arms dealer who sells weapons at a reduced price.”

“This Slade guy…is he the one you’re pulling the heist for?”


“And this person you know who’s an arms dealer.” She stared pointedly into his eyes. “Did you ever work for him?”

“Sometimes I made deliveries for him, but it wasn’t a regular thing,” he said before quickly adding, “And I’m not proud of myself, so you can stop giving me that look.”

“You never mentioned you did that.” Her eyes slowly drifted across his features as if seeing him for the very first time. “When I asked you what you’d been involved in, you told me you’d only committed cargo theft.”

“I didn’t lie to you.”

“No, you only omitted information,” she said.

“Which is just as good as lying.”

“Call it what you want, but I was not dishonest with you, and you know that. What I did in the past was entirely my decision, but what you just saw happen inside that tunnel was not of my own choice.”

She knew it was true, but that didn’t quell the uneasiness in the pit of her stomach. Nor did it ease the feeling of despair that had welled up inside of her.

“I believe you, Dane, and I know you’re going through a lot right now.” Her voice shook, and as she looked up at his face, her eyes grew moist. “But you can’t just leave me in the dark about things.”

“I know, but I didn’t want to worry you.”

“You think me coming home to find out that you’d taken off wouldn’t make me wonder?” She shook her head, then lightly scoffed. “Come on, Dane. You knew I’d freak out.”

“Look, I know I didn’t handle this situation well, but I’m doing the best that I can.” He brought his hand up so that he could cup her cheek with his cold palm. “All that matters to me is that you’re kept safe, and if that means I have to do a few bad things in order to make that happen, then I will.”

Dane’s nearly back eyes gazed deep into hers, and as he gingerly traced his thumb across her cheek, the tension in her body lessened.

“Once I pull this job, things will be back to normal. This is only a temporary situation, not a permanent one.”

She nodded, letting out a soft breath as he allowed the tips of his fingers to caress her neck, and as his eyes moved to her lips, she unconsciously tilted her chin upward. Their mouths connected softly at first, then pressed harder, and as his tongue explored the heat of her mouth, she sighed.

Her hand drifted downward to rest on his crotch, and with less than a minute of manipulation, she had him hard and straining against his pants.

So lost in a fog of lust, she barely took note of him untying the belt of her coat, but as he dipped his hands beneath her sweater, her nerve endings tingled to life.

His cold fingers felt especially delicious against her nipples, and as he flicked her rigid peak with the pad of his thumb, she moaned. Her buds stood to attention, becoming hard almost instantaneously, and as he lifted her shirt and exposed her tits to the bitter fall wind, she pushed her chest forward in anticipation.

His lips puckered over her nipple, and as his warm, wet tongue glided across it, she gasped and ran her fingers through his hair. He sucked, then nibbled her erect bed before releasing it to play with the other.

While sloppily tonguing her swollen left nipple, he manipulated her right one with the pads of his fingers, twisting and gently pulling on it until she was trembling beneath him.

Then suddenly, and all too soon for liking, he released it from the warmth of his mouth. He leaned in close to her face so that his lips were touching her ear, and in a hot, seductive whisper, he made a declaration.

“I want to fuck you.”

Besides the fact that they were utterly carnal words, his hushed tone of voice caused her vaginal muscles to clench, and the raw, masculine sexuality he exuded created a rush in her loins.

The pure lust in his eyes told her that she wanted him just as badly as he did her, and with a swift, fluid movement, he turned her around so that her back was facing his chest.

He then looped his arms around her waist, undid the button and zipper on her jeans, and roughly tugged them, along with her underwear down to her ankles.

He gripped her firmly by the waist, pulling on her hips so that her back was arched, and butt jutting towards his crotch. She heard the unmistakable sound of him pushing his pants down his hips, then a few seconds later she felt him prod her vaginal opening with the plump head of his cock.

Barely a few seconds passed before she felt him push his stiffness inside her, and she whimpered at the stretch, poking her butt further out so he was able to penetrate her deeper.

He filled her with every inch of himself, grunting as he sunk balls deep. Then, with a sudden jerk of his hips, he withdrew, then thrust forward again sharply. She cried out loudly, tightly clutching the tree in front of her as she struggled to remain upright.

He started off with long, slow, torturous thrusts, taking time to build her desire before steadily increasing his pace. She groaned as he fucked her harder, sinking her nails into the wet bark of the tree. The position she was in caused his shaft to feel even thicker than usual, and with each passing moment, it seemed to swell even further.

As his hips met with the flesh of her ass, a rhythmic slapping noise filled the air, mixing with the squishing sounds of her soaking wet pussy.

The noises were unbelievably erotic, and the air was heavy with the smell of their lust. Somewhere along the way, his fingers tangled into her hair, and with a pull on her strands, he forced her head to jerk backwards.

“You like getting fucked hard?” His voice had taken on a deeper tone than usual, and was arousingly husky.

Rendered speechless by his deep, intense thrusts, she could only moan in response, loving the way he so effortlessly asserted dominance over her. With one hand gripping her waist and the other fisting her locks, she was completely under his control, and although escape was the last thing on her mind, she knew she was helpless to do anything except stand there and get fucked.

“I asked you a question.” His voice had an edge to it and had risen an octave, demanding obedience.

“Yes, I love it.” Her words came out breathless and raw.

“You were made to be fucked by me,” he rasped. “Your body exists solely for my pleasure.”

Something akin to an electric current pulsed between her thighs, and she found herself surprised by just how strongly her body had responded to his possessive words.

“Yes,” she breathed with conviction. “Fuck me, use me, I’m yours to play with.”

This seemed to only turn Dane on more, because his breathing grew erratic, and he pumped even harder into her. Having sex with Dane was always intensely gratifying, but the spontaneity and excitement of screwing him in public was undoubtedly the most thrilling thing she’d ever experienced.

It was apparent that Dane felt the same way she did, because his thrusts were rough and unforgiving, and with each forward push of his hips, her body was jolted forward.

Dane’s grunts mingled with her wanton moans, and as he relentlessly pistoned into her, she found herself begging for release. The pleasure was so intense, it was nearly too much for her to handle, and she didn’t know how much more of his relentlessly thrusting she could take.

The sound of her moans became louder, her breath growing more ragged. His palm possessively cupped her round ass, fingers digging into the soft flesh as if he were seeking to brand her as his.

He was primal. He was masculine. He was sex incarnate, and she was loving every minute of it. Every now and again she would feel a sting in her scalp as he fisted her hair tighter, but the pain was good in a kinky kind of way.

His dominance demanded compliance, and his animalistic nature had been unleashed, leaving no room for gentleness. His thrusts came faster and stronger, balls slapping against her clit as he tirelessly prodded her silky wetness. She reveled in his mastery over her body, surrendering completely to his powerful thrusts.

A deceptive amount of strength was hidden beneath his long, lean body, leaving her with no option but to desperately claw at the tree in front of her. She clung to it like a life preserver, yet still it seemed as if her palms were intent on pulling free.

Her lips parted, breath clouding in the cold air as she panted in ecstasy. His name fell from her lips repeatedly, as if she were reciting a spell, and as his thrusts became jerky, and increasingly shorter, waves of orgasmic pleasure flooded her being.

Her muscles tightened, milking his plump cock, and with a rough grunt that came from deep in his throat, Dane reached his peak. His body spasmed, hips twitching uncontrollably as he climaxed. Then, with one last deliciously brutal push, he ejaculated.

She felt the gush of his semen as it entered her, and she accepted it gratefully, whimpering as her walls clenched even tighter. Once there was nothing left for Dane to give, he withdrew his softening penis, then released a contented moan.

Wet and well used from Dane’s feverish exertions, she was left to wonder how she would clean herself up, but as he began to gingerly wipe a tissue along her folds, she found her concerns abated. After wiping her clean of their combined fluids, he pulled up her panties and jeans, then rose to his feet and pulled her into his arms.

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Dane’s eyes popped open, his heart thumping in his chest. A sticky film of sweat covered his body, causing the bed sheets to cling against his skin.

He blinked once, then twice, to allow his eyes a moment to adjust to the dark room, then hastily grabbed his cell phone from the space on the mattress beside him. His finger trembled as he pressed a button on the keypad, and as the display screen lit up, adrenaline coursed through his body.

Upon discovering that he’d received no text messages, he blew out a heavy breath of air, then rested his head against the pillow and allowed his muscles to relax.

He’d had plenty of terrible nightmares in the past seven months, but this one in particular had been especially disturbing. It had been so real, and although he knew the bad dream was a result of his guilty conscience, he couldn’t help but be spooked by the fact that this nightmare could actually come to pass.

From beyond the windows, he could hear the wind rattling through the trees, and although it normally would have been a comforting sound, he currently found himself unsettled by it.

Focusing his eyes on the arched windows in front of him, he couldn’t help noticing that they resembled eyes, and he began to feel as if they were somehow able to see inside his soul. The longer he focused on them, the more dreadful he felt, and he knew without a doubt that he was on the verge of some unspeakably adverse experience.

Still on edge from his nightmare, he was struggling to erase the words that were burned in his brain. He didn’t want to think about them, but it seemed as if they were intent on haunting him.

Jeneda’s dead

The thought of it alone caused him stomach to cramp with anxiety, and as he recalled the details of the nightmare, he was again struck by how real It’d seemed.

*But it wasn’t. It was nothing more than a nightmare, a reflection of your troubled inner state. Jeneda’s okay. She’s still alive.*

Yet even after reassuring himself, he still felt incredibly unnerved. So much, in fact, that he grabbed his phone, and after dialing Jeneda’s number, he anxiously waited for her to pick up. Three rings passed before she did, and as her voice came through the receiver, he felt an incredible sense of relief wash over him.



“Hi. What’s going on?”

“Not much, just thought I’d call to see how you were doing.”

“I’m fine. How are you?”


“Are you really, or are you just saying that?”

He let a moment of silence pass before responding. “To be truthful, I’m actually feeling pretty lousy. And I’m calling to let you know that I’m sorry about earlier today.” He gave pause for her to answer, but when she didn’t, he continued to speak. “I know you’re wondering why I acted the way I did. And you definitely deserve an explanation.”

“But you’re not going to give me one, right?”

“I will. Just not right now.”

A heavy sigh of exasperation passed her lips. “No, of course not. You’re going to keep putting it off, and hope that I’ll forget.”

“That’s not true. I *am* going to tell you. It’s just not the sort of thing that can be said over the phone.”

“Then why didn’t you tell me earlier today when you were at my apartment?”

“Because I knew if I did, that it would hurt you. And the last thing I want, is to cause you any pain.”

“Is this about you not wanting to see me anymore? Because if it is, I can assure you I’ll get over it.”

“No, of course not. I don’t know how you could even think that.”

“Well, considering you won’t tell me anything about this situation, I’m kinda left to just blindly guess.”

“That’s not what this is about. I love hanging out with you, and I definitely want us to continue seeing each other.”

“Do you really?” She skeptically asked.

“Yes, of course.”

“Then act like it.”

Having received the message loud and clear, Dane felt a pang in his heart from her words, and fell into a grave silence before giving his response.

“If you’re free tomorrow evening, I can come over and we can talk then.”

“What’s wrong with tonight?” She asked.

“I’m busy. I’ve got stuff to do.”

“What kind of stuff?”

“Just things I need to take care of.”

The stillness that followed his words was loaded with tension, and as the noiselessness stretched between them, Dane anxiously waited for her to say something.

“Fine, tomorrow evening,” she finally said. “You can come by around six, but please don’t be late, because I’m meeting my friends for dinner at seven.”

“No problem. I’ll be there on time.”

“Goodbye, Dane.”


Several moments after the call ended, Dane lay there in a kind of daze, staring blankly at the screen of his cell phone. Then finally he released his mobile from his hand and focused his eyes on the darkness beyond the windows.

For nearly eight months, he’d been waiting for the hammer to fall, and now, after overwhelming uncertainty and apprehension, he would have to atone for his sins.

No longer would he be able to keep his dark secret concealed, and once he came clean to Jeneda about who he really was, and the part he’d played in Vincent’s death, she would surely want nothing to do with him.

He was like a second father to me.

As Dane recalled the words that Jeneda had spoken earlier that day, he felt a pressure build in his chest, and his already tense body became taut as a bowstring.

He could still remember the look of anguish that had crossed her face as she’d said it, and would never forget the single tear that had slipped from the corner of her eye. That in itself had been enough to consume him with guilt, and knowing he’d played a part in causing her grief filled him with self-abhorrence.

He was nothing more than a coward, a pathetic individual who had chosen to forgo confessing his immoral actions, and instead had completely wimped out, leaving the woman he adored completely in the dark as to what was going on. What kind of a man did that? Surely not the type who deserved to be with Jeneda, so it was fitting punishment that he would lose her.

Unable to stop himself, he unwillingly imagined the reaction she would have as he confessed his grisly past. Clearly Vincent had meant a lot to her, so she’d obviously be deeply anguished, but what really made him sick about this whole thing was the certainty that she wouldn’t ever again be able to stand the sight of him.

No longer would he be a man in her eyes, but a monster; an abomination who would incite outrage and disgust. Yet did he not deserve all that was coming to him?

He’d not only assisted in robbing Vincent, but had also willfully contributed in covering up his death by dumping his body in the bay. He could try all he wanted to excuse his actions, to say he’d been a victim of circumstance, but he knew in his heart that there was no defense for what he’d done. He’d sinned terribly, and now the time had come for him to pay the penalty.

The sheer immensity of the situation caused his stomach to roil, and as he came to the realization that he’d already lost Jeneda, his throat filled with nastiness.

Soon, she would hate him, and once she ejected him from her life, he would never again have the pleasure of feeling her soft, sweet smelling body against his, nor would he be able to kiss her, or run his fingers through her soft hair.

She wouldn’t ever again smile or laugh in his presence, and instead of fondly remembering the intimate times they’d shared, she’d only regard him with loathing.

There was no him and her anymore. Only a memory of what had been. And although they weren’t yet officially broken up, he already craved her touch and felt a desperate need to hold her in his arms, just one last time, before everything changed. Ready or not, the tides were turning, and soon the dynamics of their relationship would be drastically altered.

Trapped in a real life nightmare, he was completely powerless to stop what was already happening, and as he realized just how damned he truly was, an all-consuming anxiety swept through his body.

His heart beat wildly in his chest and his throat constricted, and as his body broke out in a cold sweat, he threw back the covers and scrambled out of bed.

No sooner did his feet touch the floor, did he hastily make his way to the kitchen, and after retrieving a variety of medicine bottles from the cabinet, he began to uncap them.

His hands shook in the process, and in his rush to shake the pills out of their containers, he ended up spilling the majority of the tablets on the counter.

Blue, green, yellow, pink…the capsules resembled little more than a blur of colors and shapes, but when one was suffering from a panic attack, it made little difference which was which. After hastily popping three of the tablets in his mouth, he filled a glass with tap water, then took a generous sip.

Due to the dry pain in the back of his throat, swallowing the pills proved to be a bit of a challenge, but after taking several long, hard gulps, he was finally able to wash down the medication.

Feeling as if he might blackout, he gripped the counter for support, trying his best to steady himself so that his knees wouldn’t buckle under his weight.

His heart thrummed painfully, and he still felt as if he was suffocating, but the numbness in his face and hands was beginning to subside, so he knew he was gradually regaining control.

Each minute that passed felt like an eternity, yet eventually his pulse began to slow, and as his breathing became more regulated, he grabbed a paper towel from the holder next to the stove, then wiped the sweat from his face.

He then walked over to his drafting table, and after taking a seat on the stool, he flipped on the small lamp. For a few moments he just sat there staring at the sheets of paper strewn across the surface of the desk, then after some time passed, he began to ink in the outline of one of the illustrations.

Still feeling a little jittery, his hands slightly shook as he ran the fine point Sharpie over the sheet of paper. But as he gradually got into the creative zone, he found that the tense, nervous energy he’d been suffering from was gradually transformed to one of energized focus.

Fully immersed in the moment, he sat bent over the drafting table, locks of hair partially obscuring his keen eyes as his long, slender fingers deftly maneuvered the pen over paper. Everything flowed smoothly, effortlessly, as if he were a vessel through which a greater force was working.

He no longer felt any apprehension, nor was he obsessively worrying about the events to come. For this moment in time, he was alleviated from his emotional troubles, temporarily immersed in a world of his own creation.

An hour passed before the movement of his hand halted, and as his eyes scanned the various panels he’d inked in, he found himself thoroughly satisfied with the work he’d done. He was also aware that the rush of exhilaration he’d been experiencing for the past sixty minutes was beginning to fade away, and that soon he’d be back in that dark place.

He let out a heavy sigh then briefly closed his eyes, and as his thoughts turned to the events of the past few days, he began to think of Marla. There wasn’t a doubt within him that she was truly dead, but what he couldn’t figure out was who it was that had sent the text message, and just what exactly they were planning to do next.

He supposed they could already be stalking him, and were delaying their moment of attack in order to amplify his fear, but he had a feeling that whoever his pursuer was, they hadn’t yet been able to determine where he lived.

If that was so, then how much time remained before they did? This led him to the realization that he was leaving himself completely open and vulnerable, and as he recalled the nightmare he’d had, grim words suddenly echoed through his mind.

Jeneda’s dead

This caused his skin to prickle, and the hairs along the back of his neck stood on end. He then walked over to his bed, and upon reaching it, grabbed his cell phone from off the mattress and dialed Cassie’s number. The line rang three times before she picked up.



“Hey, how are you?”

“I’m okay. And you?”

“Doing alright. I was just about to call you, actually.” There was a brief pause, followed by a sipping noise. “It took me four days to do it, but I was finally able to trace that text message.”

“What’d you find out?”

“Whoever sent you that text, was probably located somewhere around Bodie.”

“Bodie…that’s a ghost town, Isn’t it?”

“Yep. Nothing there but a decaying historic park.”

“How long of a drive would you say it is from San Francisco?”

“Around eleven hours. Why?”

“Just wondering.”

A moment of silence followed as he ruminated over the possible reasons why a person would travel so far just to send a text message. Clearly they wanted to ensure that they retained their anonymity, but surely there were plenty of other remote areas in Northern California that were a lot closer than Bodie. So why pick such a far out place?

“You say they were *probably* located around Bodie. You aren’t completely sure?”

“Nope. I’m thinking they probably sent you that text from an area where there were few radio masts, such as a wasteland or desert,” she said. “Possibly even an unpopulated countryside. Bodie was probably just the closet spot to them that had a transmission tower.”

“So they purposely picked an uninhabited spot, that way their location couldn’t be pinpointed.”


“They couldn’t have driven all the way out there just to send the text, though. They must have been there for a specific reason.” Then suddenly it hit him- an unpopulated area…a chilling text message proclaiming Marla’s death… “He dumped her body there.”

A chill ran down his spine as he said it, and his mouth became dry.

“That hadn’t even crossed my mind,” said Cassie. “You’re probably right.”

Feeling a sudden wave of dizziness, Dane took a seat on the bed. Then slowly raking his fingers through his hair, he emitted a soft, nasal sigh. A moment passed during which neither of them spoke a word, then Cassie’s voice came through the receiver.

“Did you know anything about Marla’s personal life? Was she close to her family at all, or did she have any close friends?”

“I don’t know, she never really talked about that kind of stuff. Whenever we pulled jobs together, we didn’t go into detail about our personal lives, we just did what we had to do, then got the hell out of there. You remember how it was.” He then quickly added, “Why do you ask?”

“I thought I remembered her mentioning that she lived with someone. But I can’t remember if it was just a roommate, or someone she had a close relationship with, like a boyfriend.”

Dane’s silence encouraged her to continue.

“If it was someone she was close to, then they’re probably wondering what happened to her.”

“What are you trying to say? That we should seek out this person, and let them know what happened?”

“No, of course not.”

“Then why bring it up?”

“I don’t know. I just feel bad about this whole situation, and I know that if someone I cared about went missing, I’d wanna know what happened.”

“Listen Cassie, I feel just as bad about Marla’s death as you do, but neither of us can speak a word about this to anyone. It’s far too risky.”

“I know that.”

“And besides, even if we did know who to contact, and were in the position to tell them what happened, would you really wanna give them that kind of news?”

“Of course I wouldn’t *want* to, but It’d be the decent thing to do. And at least It’d give them some closure.”

“What about that trucker whose body I dumped in the bay? You think his friends or family got any closure?”


“Then why would this situation with Marla be any different?”

“Because we actually knew who she was. She wasn’t just a stranger.”

“So that makes her death more important?”

“That’s not what I said, and you know it.”

There was a tenseness in the silence that followed, and as both remained quiet, the sound of their breaths became the only noise to fill the stillness. Then finally, Dane offered some words.

“That guy Marla shot probably had plenty of people who cared about him, too. Maybe even a wife and kids, but they’ll never know what happened to him, or have any sort of peace of mind. You think that’s fair to them?”

“What the hell, Dane. It’s not like Marla killed that man on purpose. You said yourself that it was an accident, so why are you acting as if she was some evil person? She may not have been an angel, but she certainly didn’t deserve to be murdered, either.”

“I never said she did.”

“Then what exactly *are* you trying to say, because you’re acting really weird about this. It’s like you don’t even care that she’s dead.”

“Of course I care, I just don’t see the point in getting emotionally wrapped up in her death. And for you to try and make me feel guilty, is a pretty shitty thing to do. It’s not my fault, so stop trying to make me feel bad about it.” Dane’s voice had risen a few octaves, and as he finished his statement, he realized that his body had grown tense.

“Whoa, chill out,” said Cassie. “I’m not trying to make you feel guilty, okay?”

He said nothing in return, only took a few deep breaths and tried to ease his agitation.

“Look, I know you’re under a lot of stress right now, but that doesn’t make it right for you to take out your frustrations on me. And I sure as hell don’t appreciate getting yelled at.”

“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to raise my voice at you.”

“I know you didn’t. You’re just going through a lot right now.”

“That’s still no excuse. This is my problem, not anyone else’s.” Still sitting on the edge of the bed, he rose to his feet, then slowly walked over to the window. Upon reaching it, he glanced out at the view beyond, focusing on the nearly full moon.

“I’m here for you in any way you need,” Cassie said. “You know that, right?”

“Yes, of course. But I have to deal with this on my own, so after tonight, you may not hear from me for awhile.”

“What does that mean?”

“It means I have things to take care of, and that staying in communication with you is no longer an option.”

“So you’re cutting me off.”

“I have to. It’s for your own safety.”


His brows furrowed slightly. “No, what?”

“I won’t allow you to push me away. If you don’t want me getting involved, that’s fine. But we need to stay in contact with each other.”

Dane gave a heavy sigh, then in a voice that conveyed his limited patience, he said, “Damnit, why must you always be so stubborn? Can’t you just please do as I say and stay out of this?”

“I could, but I’m not going to.”

“Don’t be stupid. This isn’t worth losing your life over.”

“This is my decision, so you’re just going to have to accept that.”

His lips drew into a hard, thin line, and he tightly clutched the phone. Thoroughly frustrated, he did his best to rein in his emotions, and reminded himself that if he’d never told Cassie about this whole situation in the first place, she would never have gotten involved.

There was a sick feeling in his stomach as he considered the prospect of something grim happening to her, yet before anymore unpleasant emotions could arise, he quickly pushed the negative thoughts away.

“Fine, do what you want. I just hope you’re prepared for the consequences.”

“I am. You know that,” she said.

Knowing it was useless to try and dissuade her any further, he decided that now would be a good time to end the call.

“I have to get off the phone now.”

“Okay. I guess we’ll talk later, then.”

He gave no response.

“Or, maybe not.” She briefly paused before continuing. “Take care of yourself, alright?”

“Yeah, you too.”

“Bye, Dane.”


After pressing the call end button, he turned on his heel and walked over to the bed. He bent down so that his knees were touching the floor, and after sliding a duffel bag from out beneath the bed, he unzipped it and stuck his hand inside.

He let his fingers roam until they slipped inside a hidden pocket, and upon locating the cold, steel object, he enclosed his palm around it, then pulled it out. Sleek and black, the handgun was compact but powerful, and designed for concealment.

As Dane stared at it, he was reminded of his criminal past, and briefly recalled the numerous risky situations he’d been involved in. Yet despite that fact, he hadn’t ever had occasion to actually shoot anyone. He had, however, been trained to hold and fire one, so he was completely secure in his ability to handle the pistol.

Until a few days ago, the only weapons he’d owned had been his collection of katanas, but after contacting Kenichi and informing him of his need for a different kind of weapon, Dane had procured the gun.

In addition, he’d also gotten the switchblade, and although he knew that a firearm would do a lot more damage, he was also aware that a knife would could come in handy during close quarter fighting.

Having been trained at a young age in the art of Japanese swordsmanship, Dane was far more comfortable with wielding a katana. Yet since it wasn’t very practical to defend oneself with a sword when the opposition would be yielding a gun, he knew that a pistol would be the best defense.

Dane stood up from his crouching position, and after getting into the proper stance, he held the gun out in front of him, then aimed it towards a point in the distance.

Knowing that sight alignment and trigger squeeze were the most important factors to success in shooting, he made a mental note to sharpen his skills. He also knew it was imperative that he get used to holding the weapon, and after lowering the gun, he tested its weight, then offered it a lingering gaze.

It certainly wouldn’t hurt for him to visit a shooting range and brush up on his skills, but if the time came for him to use the gun before getting any practice in, he knew without a doubt that he could properly defend himself.

Bending down so he was one again level with the duffel bag, he slipped the gun back inside the hidden pocket, yet just before releasing the steel from his hands, he suddenly changed his mind and pulled the gun back out.

Dane rose to his feet, and after kicking the duffel bag beneath the bed, he set the weapon on an antique trunk which served as a makeshift bedside table.

He then took a seat on the edge of the mattress, and after retrieving a bottle of sleeping pills from beneath his pillow, he shook out two, then added a third for good measure.

After eight months of taking two sleeping pills on a nightly basis, his body had grown accustomed to the dosage, and he was now at the point where he was forced to up his intake.

After popping them into his mouth, he took a swig from a bottle of water on the trunk, then reclined in bed, sighing deeply as he rested his head against the pillow. Fixing his gaze on the gun, he stared at it resentfully, hating its cold, callous presence.

His attention then shifted to the bottle of sleeping medication, and he began to wonder if he would ever be able to break his dependency to pills. Judging by his increasingly bad mental state, he knew that chances were slim, yet still there was a sliver of hope within him.

Releasing another heavy sigh, he shifted his eyes back and forth between the pill bottle and the gun, wondering how he’d managed to become so trapped. Life wasn’t meant to be lived like this, and he knew that something drastic had to happen, and soon, because living such an existence was rotting him from the inside out.

Dane’s lids gradually grew heavier, and as his thoughts turned to Jeneda, he gave a dry swallow. Tomorrow was the day of truth; the day when he would finally come clean and confess his past. It was also the day he would lose her, and although Dane knew in his heart that he didn’t deserve her, he still couldn’t help grieving the end of their relationship.

The end. No redemption, no forgiveness, no turning back. She was no longer his.

A dull ache formed in Dane’s chest as a result of his thoughts, yet due to the effectiveness of the sleeping medication, he soon found himself on the edge of slumber.

*The end…no turning back…*

These were the last words that echoed in his mind, and as his eyes drifted closed he finally found reprieve, gratefully sinking into unconsciousness.

* * * *

For the sixth time in the past half hour, Jeneda glanced at the clock on the wall, and as she realized it was already six thirty p.m., she blew out a heavy breath, then got up from the couch and walked over to the living room window.

She didn’t know what was taking Dane so long to arrive, but if he didn’t show up within the next five minutes, she was going to leave. Luna and Ethan were expecting her to meet up with them for dinner at seven, and the last thing she wanted was to keep them waiting.

Glancing at her cell phone, she contemplated giving Dane another call, but since he hadn’t answered the last two times she’d tried to reach him, she figured there was no point. Wherever he was, he clearly didn’t wish to be reached, so why waste her time?

Taking another glance at the clock, she realized that wasting time was exactly what she was currently doing, and having reached the point where she was no longer willing to wait any longer, she grabbed her keys and purse, then headed for the door.

Her hand had just touched the knob when she heard the sound of her door buzzer, and after clicking the button on the intercom, she spoke into the speaker.

“Yes?” She asked curtly.

“It’s me. Sorry I’m late.”

“What took you so long?”

“Had to take care of a few things on the way.”

Thoroughly annoyed by his late arrival, she briefly thought of refusing him entry and telling him to show up another time, but her curiosity regarding his recent strange behavior was overwhelming her. So instead of sending him away, she pressed the button on the intercom and buzzed him inside.

A few minutes later there was a knock on her door, and as she opened it, she saw Dane standing in front of her with a dejected expression. His eyes were filled with such sadness it almost hurt to look at him, and as she opened the door wider, he entered. She gestured for him to take a seat on the couch, and after sitting down beside him, she stared expectantly at him.

Moments passed and still no words were exchanged between them, yet their eyes remained intensely locked. Then suddenly Dane reached out and tenderly cupped her face in his palm. She felt him trace patterns on her cheek with his thumb, then he moved in closer and pressed his lips to hers in a sweet, lingering kiss.

Still upset with him for showing up late, she willed herself to move away, but the feel of his lips against hers was far too pleasurable. So despite her best efforts not to, she allowed her mouth to remain sealed against his. Once he pulled away, she watched him with a puzzled look, then offered some words.

“What’s going on? I invited you over here to talk, not so we could make out.”

“I know.”

“Then why’d you kiss me?”

“Because It’s the last chance I’ll get.”

A small crease appeared between her brows. “What do you mean, the last chance?”

“After you hear what I have to say, you’re going to hate me. Which means I’ll probably never see you again.”

“You’re not making any sense. Would you please just tell me what’s going on?” There was an edge to her voice, and with each second that passed, she grew more antsy.

“There are some things in my past, stuff I’ve done that I’m not very proud of…”

Remaining silent, Jeneda stared deep into his eyes, anxiously waiting for him to continue. She didn’t know why he was so reluctant to just come right out and say what he needed to, but the way he was dancing around this whole issue was thoroughly aggravating.

Ever since yesterday afternoon, she’d been in a state of suspense, and had now reached her threshold of patience. Then suddenly, when she was certain she could take no more waiting, he finally spoke.

“I used to be a criminal.”

The way he’d just blurted it out caught her completely off guard, and at a loss for words, she blinked. Her eyes scanned his face diligently, as if she were suddenly seeing him for the first time, then once she finally found her voice, she posed a question.

“What kind of a criminal? What type of crimes did you commit?”

“Cargo theft. I robbed trucks and warehouses, mostly. But sometimes I also took merchandise from ships down at the docks.”

“Ever shoot or kill anyone?”


Knowing there was no easier way to detect a liar, Jeneda gave him a long, hard gaze, waiting to see if he rapidly blinked or averted eye contact. He didn’t, and after a few more moments of looking fixedly at him, she spoke.

“You say you used to be a criminal. Does that mean you’re completely done with living that kind of life, or is there a chance you’ll get back into it?”

“I quit eight months ago, and I’m definitely not going back to it. I’m done with it, for good.”

“Ever been arrested or spent time in prison?”

“No, I haven’t.”

“Why didn’t you tell me this when we first started dating?”

“Because I knew if I did, you probably wouldn’t want to see me again.”

“You still should have told me.”

“I know, it was wrong of me not to, and I’m sorry about that.”

Needing a moment to digest this new information, Jeneda briefly averted her eyes and rested them on the coffee table. She didn’t know what to say and wasn’t entirely sure just how she should feel about this.

On one hand, she felt upset that he’d kept this a secret from her during all these weeks they’d been dating, but on the other hand, she was relieved that he hadn’t done anything too terrible, such as murder or committing other acts of violence.

Yet still, was he not an ex-thief? And had he not ripped off countless hard working people? She didn’t like the idea of anyone being cheated, and now that she knew Dane had been involved in such a ruthless profession, she was definitely seeing him in a new light.

He’d stolen from people, and although he claimed to never have caused anyone bodily harm, he’d certainly given them mental and financial distress.

Allowing her eyes to once again rest on him, she thought about the strange behavior he’d displayed during his last visit to her apartment, and found herself wondering if there wasn’t more to his confession of being a criminal.

Taking note of his body language, she noticed that his shoulders were hunched, and every now and again his Adam’s Apple would bob up and down. This gave her reason to believe that he was feeling uneasy, and as she looked back into his eyes, she immediately knew that something was weighing heavily on his mind.

“There’s something else you’re not telling me, Isn’t there?” She asked.

His gaze lowered momentarily before he looked back up at her, then in a low voice, he began to talk.

“I’m not really sure how to say this…” He nervously ran his fingers through his disheveled hair, then blew out a shaky breath. “But I did something really bad, something you’ll probably never forgive me for.”

Dane appeared unsettled, almost afraid, and as he scooted to the edge of the couch, his body grew rigid. Seeing him in such a state of extreme emotional distress only increased the anxiety that Jeneda felt, and as she waited in dreaded anticipation, she got the unshakable feeling that they were on the verge of some huge shift in their relationship.

Every second that passed only heightened the intensity, and as Dane stared directly into her eyes, Jeneda steeled herself, waiting with bated breath for him to speak.

“Your dad’s friend, Vincent…”

“Yes, what about him?” The mere mention of his name caused Jeneda’s chest to tighten, and as a look of guilt crossed Dane’s face, she felt her heart quicken with unnerving expectancy.

“I was involved in his disappearance. I not only assisted in robbing him, but I also helped cover up his death. The reason his body was never found is because I dumped it in the bay.”

Feeling as if she’d just taken a punch to the chest, Jeneda found herself struggling to breathe. A wave of nausea promptly overtook her, followed by the sensation of her heart sinking deep into the pit of her gut, and as she stared in wide-eyed horror at Dane, she felt a chill sweep through her body.

“Oh my God.”

Her voice cracked with grief, and as she gaped in disbelief at him, he gazed back at her with an expression of deep sadness and shame. Then seemingly unable to hold her gaze any longer, he lowered his head, allowing his hair to partially obscure his face.

Although she knew in her heart that her ears hadn’t betrayed her, she still couldn’t help but hope that she’d somehow heard him wrong. Dane involved in Vincent’s disappearance? It just didn’t seem possible, and although she’d been aware that her lover was keeping some secret from her, she’d certainly never expected that it would turn out to be so massively disturbing. This had to be a nightmare, because things like this just didn’t happen in real life; at least not to her.

Stunned into silence, she glowered intently at him, feeling shock and heartbreak and hate and disgust all at once.

This man she cared for, the one whom she’d kissed and made love to, and invited into her heart, was nothing more than a coward and a fraud, and although he hadn’t technically made any false statements to her, he had purposely withheld information, and in Jeneda’s book, that was just as good as a lie.

Both enraged and heartbroken, she was struggling to comprehend the despairing reality of her current situation, and found herself in desperate need of some answers. Noting that Dane’s eyes were still averted, Jeneda continued to fix him with a withering stare, then finally she spoke to him in a cold tone of voice.

“Look at me.” A cold fire burned in her eyes as she said it, and as he lifted his gaze to meet hers, anger flashed across her features. “Why did you kill him?”

“I didn’t. It wasn’t me.”

“Liar! I know it was you. You’re a murderer!”

“I didn’t do it, Jeneda. “I *swear*. You have to believe me.”

“Why should I believe you? You kept this a secret from me, so how do I know you’re not lying?”

“Because I have no reason to. I have nothing to gain from it.”

Her brown eyes flashed with anger, and with a fierce scowl on her face, she stared him down. Guilt and anguish was evident on his face, and as her eyes roved over his features, she could tell that he was torn up inside. Yet even despite this fact, she didn’t feel a shred of sympathy for him.

Looking straight into her eyes, Dane said, “I’m telling you the truth. I didn’t kill Vincent.”

“Then who did?”

“It was my partner, but she didn’t mean to. It was an accident.”

“No,” she shook her head slowly, then added, “I don’t believe that.”

“She didn’t mean for it to happen, the gun went off by mistake and-”

“Shut up, I don’t wanna hear anymore of your bullshit excuses!” She snapped, her body shaking with anger. “Guns don’t just go off by themselves, people pull the trigger. So don’t give me that ‘it was an accident’ crap.”

“It wasn’t on purpose. Neither of use intended for it to happen.”

“You robbed a man at gunpoint. What the hell did you think was going to happen?” She vehemently asked.

“We only did it as a precaution, just in case something went wrong and he didn’t cooperate. It was a scare tactic, nothing more.”

“The gun was loaded, you knew there was a possibility that someone would get shot.”

“Yes, of course I knew. But I never thought it would happen. It’s just one of those things you never plan on, a stupid, tragic mistake.”

“Would you stop calling it a mistake? He was murdered!” She shot him an icy glare, then shook her head in dismay. “You went into the situation knowing that a person could be killed, yet you still did it anyways. You robbed an innocent man, then dumped his body like trash. And instead of doing the right thing and alerting the police, you kept it a secret. So don’t you dare sit there acting like you’re sorry.”

“I know what I did was terrible, and if I could take it back, I would. I don’t deserve to be alive, I know that,” he said in a quavering voice. “I did a horrible thing.” A choking sound came from his throat, and after giving a hard swallow, he sorrowfully said, “Oh God, I’m so sorry. Please forgive me.”

Astonished that he was even bold enough to ask, she sneered at him, then with a hard glint in her eyes, she said, “You don’t deserve forgiveness. You’re disgusting…soulless.”

He winced at her stinging words, and a look of pure anguish etched into his features. His eyes moistened and his throat visibly constricted, yet despite the signs that he was on the verge of breaking down, not one tear was shed.

All too aware of the effect that her acidic words had upon him, she couldn’t help feeling a sliver of guilt for the deep heartbreak they’d caused him. But as she reminded herself of the terrible thing he’d done, she quickly found herself once again loathing him.

“You’re right, I don’t deserve your forgiveness.” His voice came out husky and raw with unrepressed emotion. “I committed a terrible crime, and I should suffer for it.”

He bowed his head and his hair fell forward into his face, obscuring his features from view. A short moment of silence followed, then he solemnly said, “If you want to turn me into the police, I’ll cooperate. Just tell me what you want, and I’ll do it.”

Jeneda felt a deep ache in her gut in response to his words, and for a brief second, she almost felt pity for him. But then logic intervened, and a voice within reminded her of where her loyalties lay. Why should she feel pity or compassion for a man who’d assisted in covering up Vincent’s death?

Not only that, but once he’d found out her relation to Vincent, he’d chosen to keep quiet, rather than come clean and disclose what he knew. Was that they type of man who deserved sympathy? Clearly not, so for her to feel the slightest bit of affection towards him wasn’t only illogical, but also downright disrespectful to Vincent’s memory.

Vincent hadn’t even had a proper burial, nor had his family or friends ever had the chance to properly heal. Her own emotional wounds were still quite raw, and for the first couple of months after his disappearance, she’d driven herself crazy wondering what had happened to him. Now she knew, and as she unwillingly imagined Vincent’s dead body floating in the bay, she felt her stomach churn.

Still in shock that Dane had been involved in Vincent’s tragic demise, she directed her gaze towards him and focused her eyes on his hands, which were clasped together.

A shiver danced up her spine as she realized that just seven months prior, he’d used those very same hands to commit a heinous crime, and as the memory of their last intimate encounter came to mind, she came to the realization that he’d touched every inch of skin on her body.

She used to love to love those hands, and had gained much pleasure from the way they’d moved across her body. Yet now as she stared at them, she could only think of death, and saw them as nothing more than callous instruments which had assisted in a monstrous act.

How many times had she allowed him to touch her with those hands? Over the span of a month, she guessed countless times. Yet had she known then that they’d once touched Vincent’s corpse, she never would have allowed Dane to lay a finger on her.

So before I start chapter 12 I just want to let you all know that it was not intentional to only post a one page story. Apparently, six pages in Word is only equivalent to one on Lit. And I will be working on the next chapter of TSTA. To be honest, the only time I get to write is at night and this tory actually creeps me out hence making it difficult for me to sleep at night; so I have been too much of a wimp to look at it. I’ll have it started and hopefully submitted by this coming weekend. Anyway, enjoy the story.


“Eithne, wake up.” He felt the pressure of soft pecks upon his dormant lips and groaned as his body began to stir.

“Hellion,” he croaked then cleared his throat. “Why are you up so early?”

“Early?” Jessica regarded the clock then chuckled, it’s noon and I’m heading out the door.

Eithne’s eyes snapped open. “Where are you off to, love?” He leaned up on his elbows burying his face in her sweetly fragranced neck.

Jessica smiled and playfully pushed him back on the bed. “Just hunting.”

“For who?” He wrapped his arm about her waist and pulled her down beside him. He really wanted to go back to sleep. He had barely closed his eyes before Jessica came to awaken him. Last night had been restless because of his dreams, so many memories that he had suppressed were pushing their way back into his mind.

“For what,” Jessica corrected, caressing her hand up and down his bare chest. “You should get back to bed. You didn’t sleep well last night. You were all over the place.”

“You noticed?”

She laughed nodding her head. “Even a dead man would have taken notice.”

“I’m sorry,” he apologized while running his fingers through his hair.

“Eithne…” Jessica looked down at her moving fingers before looking back into his eyes. She didn’t want him to feel as if she was trying to intrude upon his personal life, but seeing as how he knew practically everything about her, she wanted to be there for him.

“Yes, love?”

“Has anyone ever tried to hurt you?” Jessica looked into his hazel eyes before nervously looking back down. “Last night you sounded as if you were in pain and no matter how much I tried, I couldn’t wake you. I didn’t know what to do. If there’s something from your past, or even your present, that is hurting you, you can talk to me about it. You’re always there when I need you and I want you to understand that it’s reciprocated. I want to be there for you too.”

“Actually, Jessica…” Eithne felt touched, he wanted to open up to her, but he had spent so many years clamming up that he didn’t know how to express himself. He looked into her hopeful eyes which made him more so fearful. What if he told her the truth and she hated him? What if she never forgave him for lying by omission? He couldn’t lose her.

“It’s nothing, Hellion.” He leaned forward to kiss her gently and tenderly caressed her cheek. “It was just some random nightmare.”

Jessica smiled in relief, “Okay. Next time, you come and get me and I’ll beat the Boogey Man’s ass for you.”

“Aye aye, sir,” he replied kissing her eyebrow. Her sweet smile made his heart ache. He would tell her. “Jessica—”

“Speaking of self-defense,” she accidently interrupted while looking at her watch. She was getting pressed for time. “I spoke to Marc and he said that you can start your training today. We had a long talk and we all decided that Grecko should be allowed to participate to a certain extent. She’s coming out with us which leaves you boys alone. So,” she leaned forward and kissed him quickly. “Be good.”


“I have to go or we’ll be late. I love you.”

Eithne watched her leave somewhat relieved that she had inadvertently denied him the opportunity to confess it all. He stumbled out of bed and prepared himself for the day. His lack of sleep had him somewhat cranky. He made his way to Marc, tapping in the code yet still knocking to let his presence be known.

“Come in, man, what are you being so formal about?”

“I want you to know that I’m not doing shite. Self-defense mi arse,” he scoffed sitting down in the living room.

“Grumpy? Wanna take a nap?” Marc mocked in a voice that he would use with Tiamane. He guffawed when Eithne attempted not to glare at him, but failed. “Ok, all jokes aside, what’s wrong?”


Marc snorted in disbelief. “What’s wrong?” he reiterated.

Eithne sighed, “Has there ever been something that you wanted to tell someone yet you couldn’t find the right words or the right timing?”

“No,” he replied without hesitation. “If I even think about withholding any type of information from Kallisto, she’ll have my balls. And if she ever thought that lying to me would be better for our relationship, I would never hit a woman, but she understands that there has to be absolute honesty between us, especially with her being involved with the mafia.”

“Involved?” Eithne asked rhetorically. “She is the mafia.”

“Well, you know what I mean, you wiseacre. If you’re thinking about telling Jessica the truth, I’ll just let you know that she’ll be pissed—extremely pissed, but there’s nothing that you won’t be able to work through if you fight for her. You’ve already made it this far.”

Eithne rubbed his temples vigorously; he felt a migraine coming on. “Hey mate, could I use your phone again?”

“Calling your other woman?” Marc questioned with a mischievous smile as he handed over his cell phone.

“Unless Hellion has a long lost twin, there’s no one else.”

“Then why the secrecy?” Marc leaned against the wall with his arms crossed accepting Eithne’s silent treatment as Eithne dialed the phone. To make sure that Marc couldn’t eavesdrop on his conversation, he spoke in Russian. “Cheater.”

Although Eithne had yet to call Larry back, he went ahead and asked one of his old team members to send him the files concerning the Colombia case. “Thank you,” he said offering Marc back his phone.

“Russian huh?”

“I have something to do,” Eithne said instead.

“You know if Jessica comes back and we’re not—”

“You don’t have to worry about that. I’ll be back before you even notice that I’m gone,” Eithne told him then left. It wouldn’t take him long to do what he needed to get done. By the time he purchased the phone and had Larry on the line, he already had a ball in his gut that was weighing him down. It had been so long since his last mission that he was slightly out of it, feeling doubtful of his own abilities and capabilities, and was starting to second guess himself.

“What did you find out?”

“Well, hello there to you too. How are you doing?” Larry was way too chipper for Eithne’s mood.

“Would you quit shitting around and talk?”

He heard chortles then random clicking noises before Larry spoke. “The search was clean.”

“I knew it,” Eithne replied chastising himself for his diminishing abilities.

“Let me finish,” Larry told him. “The search came up clean, extremely clean. Most people would have at least one traffic violation on their record, but this Maria Ventura is absolutely clean—at first glance. According to our records, she was born in Mexico, but raised in the U.S. She attended an all girl’s catholic school until university where she successfully graduated from Florida State. But”

“What is it?” Eithne questioned when his friend paused.

“When I tried to verify the information that I found, there was a large blank. No birth certificate is on our official records, it’s as if this woman doesn’t really exist; the social security number is legit, however. It does belong to a Maria Ventura, except she resided in New Jersey.”

“Where is she now?” Eithne asked with the immense doubt and anxiety clearing from the pit of his stomach.

“Maria Isabella Ventura has been deceased for the past twelve years. She has two children who still reside up north. The other Venturas that I have located all checked out, which means that this supposed Maria Ventura could very well be an alias. I spoke to the Lieutenant—”

“You told Parker?! I thought that I made it clear—”

“Hey, what else was I supposed to tell him when he came breathing down my neck and snooping around? You know I can’t sit still when he gives me the eyes. He looks like a madman. Sometimes he scares the hell outta me.”

Eithne actually laughed. “Alright, what did he say?”

“He wants you to tread lightly. Find out as much as you can, you know the stuff you do best. Kick ass and take names.”

“In this case it’s take names and kick ass. I had the files from the old Colombia case transferred to me, if I need anything I’ll contact you. Don’t look me up and don’t send for backup unless I have called for it.”

“Why?” Larry clicked away again then repeated the question when he thought that Eithne wasn’t listening.

“My gut is telling me that there’s a connection.”

“But we found what we were looking for.”

“No, we found what they thought we were looking for,” he cryptically replied.

“What are you talking about?”

Eithne heaved a sigh, checking his watch. He needed to get back soon before Jessica made it home. He had spent too much time conversing with Larry. “Some of the evidence just never connected right. But since it’s only my job to take names and kick ass, I never questioned our superiors.”

“About what?”

“For one, why did Martinez have his tongue cut off? For a murder scene where everyone was suspected of shooting each other, why would the ring leader have had his tongue removed? That was supposed to be a message. It was also suspicious how all the evidence was so neatly laid out. Don’t get me started. Look, Larry, I have to go. Was that everything that you needed to tell me?”

“Yeah, Eithne, just find out who has been using Mrs. Ventura’s SSN for the past twelve years. Cover your ass and be careful.”

“Aw, Larry, is this the way you tell me that you love me?” Eithne teased.

“Get the hell outta here. I just want you to meet my little girl before you up and disappear again,” he said on a laugh.

“You don’t have to worry about that. I’ll be in touch.” Eithne discarded the phone and made his way back to the mansion. The dread and anxiety that he once felt was now tossed aside. He was back to being calm and collected. Years of training could never lose against fear. He learned to rid himself of any emotions that could possibly be his kryptonite. A brief hiatus did nothing to defer that training. He was in control and just like all of his other missions, Eithne vowed to be successful, to take care of his loved ones, because he considered his team mates as a part of his family therefore they always looked out for each other; he also vowed to get to the bottom of this mystery and to keep Jessica as far away as he possibly could. He didn’t want her to be hurt.

“Marc, I’m back. Let’s get this show on the road,” he called taking his shirt off.

“Where have you been? Jessica just called and she’s supposed to be back in the next ten minutes. Come on, let’s go the dojo and pretend as if we were doing something productive,” he said already leading the way after grabbing two bottles of water. “Wait, are you going to work out in that?”

Eithne looked down at the white washed jeans he wore and shrugged. “What’s wrong with it? I’m supposed to be a newbie to this anyway, right?”

Marc considered his statement then nodded his head in agreement. They made it to the sparring room then took the bottles of water and blotted themselves with it, both unashamed of their devious actions. “I suppose I should be pretending to do something, aye?”

“Yeah, a few pushups would be great,” Marc suggested. Eithne dropped down to his hands and knees and got a few pushups in before the girls made their grand entrance.

“Look at you trying to work out your little muscles,” Jessica teased. Eithne stopped his pushup and gave her the ‘yeah right’ look.

“There’s nothing little about these guns, Hellion. Or would you like a reminder?”

Jessica was tempted, but she had more pressing matters to which she needed to attend; nonetheless she decided to humor him. She sauntered towards him, her high heeled boots clicking on the wood floor and squat right in front of him with her legs slightly parted, allowing him to catch a glimpse of her panties.

“You’re not fooling anyone,” she whispered leaning close enough for Eithne to feel her lips wisp over his own. “You and Marc have done diddly-squat since we left. I know what sweat smells like, dear.” She quirked an eyebrow at her brother-in-law who was shuffling his feet.

“What? You know he’s a stubborn man and I did try,” Marc said in his defense.

“I am sort of a sweet talker,” Eithne agreed shamelessly.


“What?! Jessie, you know how he can be.”

She looked at him and shook her head. “You are such a softy. You promised me that you would be more stern with him.”

“Yes, dear, I know, but our son is much too young,” Marc replied with his nose in the air.

Jessica laughed, standing to her feet as she went to Marc and poked him in the side. “Softy. Let me guess, you two concocted this whole little ruse to trick me into believing that you two were actually doing something productive.”

“No way,” Marc refuted.

“Yup,” Eithne complied.

“Yes,” Marc replied changing his first statement.

“That’s preposterous!” Eithne replied in unison.

Jessica shook her head again. “You two are hopeless. Marc, I really need you to help me. I don’t want Eithne getting hurt. You know how fragile he can be even with all of that bluster.”

Eithne snorted and Marc had to stop his eyes from bulging out of his head. They shared a look and fought to hold in their bouts of laughter.

“The both of you should take me seriously,” Jessica protested. “I have things to do. You two can continue on with your scheming ways.”

“Where are you off to so quickly? You just got back.”

“Sorry Forrester, I can’t stay to play.” Eithne and Marc followed behind her rapid footsteps.

“What are you up to?”

“I told you earlier that I’m hunting,” Jessica reminded him.

Eithne hadn’t been the only one to have a successful afternoon. After making calls all morning and attempting to talk with individuals who preferred to remain mute, the girls had a possible breakthrough. Maurice had sent them word that a butcher could possibly have what they were looking for.

She entered the house and changed into something more comfortable before strapping on several weapons. Jessica felt Eithne hovering over her, but she pretended not to notice his presence, knowing that he would complain that she was leaving without him.

“I know that you know that I’m following you like your shadow,” he finally told her after she eyed him for the third time out of her periphery.

“You stalking me is not going to change the fact that I’m leaving,” Jessica replied putting on her red pumps. She felt like having a shock of color in her all black ensemble.

“Who are you wearing those fuck me pumps for?”

“No one,” she told him rolling her eyes. “We’re going to a butcher shop for goodness’ sake.”

“Mmhhmmm.” He rubbed his chin before folding his arms across his chest while continuing to watch her every move. “I’m—”

“No, you’re not,” Jessica said cutting him off before he could finish. “You won’t even take your self-defense training seriously yet you insist upon tagging along? I don’t think so, Forrester.”


“Hellion,” Jessica mimicked imitating the warning in his accented voice and all. “Stay home with Marc and actually do what I’ve asked of you. Don’t give him a hard time. I think that he’s taking it easy on you because you’re kinda, sorta puny. I want you to show Marc who is boss by the time I get back here.” She strapped on her leather jacket and turned about to kiss his complaint away before walking out the door with Dasha and Grecko in tow.

“Damn it, woman,” he grumbled after her.

Jessica smiled devilishly to herself. She just loved teasing Eithne. Hopefully, he won’t contemplate revenge by the time she will have returned. She got into the vehicle with her siblings and they made their way across town to a quaint meat market nestled in an urban neighborhood. The place looked somewhat antique on the outside, chipped paint, slightly stained glass, semi banged up door that you had to tug on with force to enter; however the interior was nicely well kept. If she didn’t know any better, Jessica would have thought that it had been recently refurbished.

“This place is a bit too quiet. Keep your eyes open,” Dasha whispered her warning as their clicking heels filled the void of silence surrounding them.

Jessica had gotten the same feeling upon entering. She eyed Grecko with concern wondering if she should have insisted upon her sister staying home. But Grecko was already in her element. Her right hand was fiddling with her belt buckle that was actually a detachable blade. She was even toying with some of the spikes, also removable, as she looked at the display case before them. Her injury did nothing to weaken her senses.

Jessica was becoming somewhat impatient when no one appeared after five minutes. The bell over the door had already announced their entrance; nevertheless she slapped her hand down on the one residing on the counter and gave a false smile when someone came from the back.

“Yeah, what can I get for ya?” he asked without even a greeting. His clothing was smeared with blood and his overall appearance was sloppy. His beefy hands pressed against the glass leaving smudge marks on the surface as he leaned forward to look at the three women.

“We didn’t come to buy meat,” Jessica told him getting straight to the point as he had. “We were sent to talk with your owner.”

“About what?” he questioned dropping his hands on his thick haunches.

“A business deal,” Dasha replied. This guy had her senses tingling and she didn’t want to divulge the true purpose of their visit to him. “We’re holding a wedding and the bridal party requested that the meet be halal. If you can supply this demand, I think that your boss will be a happy man; especially when we’re offering big money.”

“Halal?” he repeated looking up as if he could imagine it in his head. “Yeah, we got that.”

Grecko snorted. She could tell that this fat fuck didn’t even know what it meant, but as long as there were dollar signs involved, he would say anything they wanted to hear. “So your boss?”

“He’s in the back with a client. They’re discussing a little business.”

“How long will it take?” Jessica asked, her eyes surveying the doorway that he had come from.

“Another twenty minutes. I can always take care of you though,” he offered.

The women gave him polite smiles yet shook their heads in the negative. “It’s all right, we’ll just stick around the neighborhood and come back. We have the time,” Dasha told him. He shrugged his saggy shoulders then disappeared before the girls could even exit the shop. They waited until they were outside to have a real conversation.

“That place gives me a horrible feeling.”

“You’re not the only one. I wouldn’t be surprised if they were selling people more than animal meat,” Jessica replied as they crossed the street.

“What do you mean?”

“It’s a butcher shop, but exactly how much meat is he cutting for his clothing to be drenched in blood?” she pointed out. They went to a sandwich stand and grabbed a bite to eat, waiting for the twenty minutes to pass.

“This is pretty good stuff. What’s in here?” Dasha asked one of the vendors. She had ordered the daily mystery special and really liked it. They looked at each other and only smiled.

“It wouldn’t be a mystery if we told you, now would it?”

She laughed and nodded in agreement. “Let me guess, secret recipe?”


“This sandwich is delicious. I could eat two,” Jessica concurred. They continued to chat with the vendors, asking if they ever considered catering and handing out business cards when someone bumped into her. She dropped her sandwich expecting an apology, but only receiving a sneer instead.

“Excuse me, sir, but you just bumped into me and made me drop my lunch. The least you could do is apologize,” she told him with a hand on her hip.

“You should watch what you’re doing broad. You shouldn’t even be eating that piece of shit,” he jeered, baring his teeth at her in an angry grimace before continuing on his way.

“Miss, I’m sorry, let us replace that for you,” the younger vendor offered.

Jessica blinked twice, her head slightly twitching as something inside of her went off. She couldn’t breathe, her hands itched, her pulse began to race as graphical flashes flooded her subconscious. “No, it wasn’t your fault,” she replied somewhat robotically as she fished in her purse to hand over a hundred dollar bill. By now her sisters had realized that something was up. They placed down the rest of their unfinished meal to follow as Jessica walked away in the direction of her assailant.

“You call us if you ever want to make some real money. Our bridal company could use some great chefs like you,” Grecko told them before catching up with the others.

“Which one?” Dasha asked, clarity falling upon her when Jessica became agitated. She looked like a psychopath anxiously awaiting her next victim.

“Two,” was all she replied as her frantic eyes searched about for him. She heard the revving of engines before two cars sped off down the road. Luckily, they had gotten a good look at the license plates or they would be right back where they started from.

“Breathe, Jessie,” Grecko told her when her respiration became erratic.

Jessica couldn’t focus; her body wouldn’t allow her to. Her mind tormented her with the memories. She wanted blood, his blood. She wanted it smeared all over her. She wanted to swim in it until the pain and the ache of that night and of losing her father receded from her mind’s eye. She knew that she wouldn’t be able to rest easy again until she relocated him. And when she did, she would make him pay for what he had done after he revealed the location of number six or maybe even during.

“Jessica!” Dasha snatched her face making her crazed eyes focus upon her. “Get a hold of yourself. Not here.”

She gulped down oxygen and coughed when it became too much for her lungs. Her eyes burned as they blurred with tears of pain. Her palms stung, punctured by the sharpness of her fingernails breaking the soft tissue. And finally, Jessica was able to retrieve a small, fragile ounce of calm. Wordlessly, they made their way back to the car, driving back to the mansion. Silence accompanied them; the trio too riled up to speak. Dasha and Grecko could tell that Jessica was barely hanging on to her composure.

They entered their home with Jessica making a beeline straight to her room. The door slammed, crashing noises, screams, and shatters echoed behind the closed door as she fought with invisible demons.

“What’s going on?” Eithne asked alarmed. They heard the sound of a window splintering apart and he headed to the door.

“No, let her calm down,” Grecko advised him. “We had a run in with voice number two and right now really is not the time to be heroic, Eithne. She’s so far gone that she might even hurt one of us.”

He understood the gravity of the situation although the stubborn side of him said fuck it and to just charge in there and make her calm down. Her fury was nothing like after the Shorty incident. If she was in such a state where she was capable of injuring one of her own siblings, he didn’t want to know what she would do to him. Nonetheless, he would go to her once the thrashing stopped.

“Marc, we need you to look up two license plates,” Dasha said attempting to remain calm despite Jessica’s continuing turmoil. They were accustomed to this. Each and every time they located someone responsible for that horrible night, Jessica literally became torn apart and destructive. In another hour or so she should be ready to receive company, but definitely not now.

Marc focused on his task, breaking into DMV records until he found what he was searching for. “It seems as if the first licenses plate you gave me is from a stolen car. It was reported about two weeks ago, taken from Missouri. Its previous owner was Leroy Stephens.” They gathered around him to regard the computer screen, reading details he hadn’t mentioned over his shoulder.

“And the second?” Grecko asked.

“Philippe Rodriguez, thirty-two years old, lives on 2130 Pine Street. The car and tags are registered under his name; in fact, he just got his information updated yesterday. He’s been living at this same address for the past five years,” Marc reported as he pulled up government records. He found a clear picture of the suspect and turned the screen to the two women. “Is this the guy?”

“Yes,” they replied without hesitation.

Marc nodded his head and did a quick background check. Philippe had had his run-ins with the law save for they were paltry offenses, running red lights, failing to yield, unpaid tickets. He did a stint in jail for illegal marijuana possession, but otherwise he was still unblemished in comparison to some of the other background checks Marc had conducted in the past.

By now Jessica had calmed down considerably. In fact, she was a bit too quiet. Eithne didn’t wait to be told when to look in on her. He made his way to the door and shouldered it open when he discovered that it was locked. He found Jessica lying in a pile of disarray, shattered glass, broken bulbs and lamps, torn pillows…the condition of her room was unspeakable. How could one woman cause so much damage?

“Go away,” she croaked. Her voice was raw from screaming. It reminded him of how an avid smoker would sound during a conversation.

“You know better than to order me around, Hellion. Come here.” He went to her retrieving her limp figure from the ground and brushing shards from her hair and clothing. She didn’t even put up a fight, only sagging against him as if she had used every ounce of her strength to destroy her room.

“I hate when you see me like this,” she confessed after a pregnant pause.

“One day I’ll show you my bad side so we’ll be even, love, but I’m not leaving you.”

She felt the ball in the pit of her stomach loosen and she cringed. She didn’t want the anger and hatred she was experiencing to go away until she had her hands on that piece of shit.

“Will you get me a first aid kit?” Eithne asked no one in general once they were in the living room. Marc stood to do his bidding, returning with the kit in hand and a down comforter to wrap about Jessica who was going through a bad case of the shakes.

“It’s all right, Hellion.”

“No,” she refuted. “It’ll never be all right until they’re all dead. I’m going to make him pay and then I’m gonna find that last fucker and do the same,” she promised with hot tears burning her cheeks. “I’m going to make them see how it feels to suffer,” she continued, her once quiet voice steadily rising with her monologue. “I’m going to toy with their lives UNTIL THEY WISHED THAT GOD WOULD COME DOWN AND SAVE THEM!” She sat still shaking from her fury, her eyes lost in fantasy of what she had in store. “And when they think that I’m finally going to put them out of their misery…I’m going to do it all over again.”

Eithne wiped her eyes, frowning when she turned away from him. He noticed the sadistic smile threatening to emerge at the corner of her mouth and felt a chill trickle throughout his body. He reminded himself that Jessica was the woman he loved and that under normal circumstances, she wasn’t this cruel, heartless person lusting for revenge in front of him. She had what he considered to be the beginnings of a madman, but he had every intention of pulling her back before she allowed herself to fall off of that dark, steep cliff. He wouldn’t allow Jessica to lose who she had become.

They bandaged her up where they found nicks and cuts and stayed with her until she fell asleep. She looked so angelic that it was hard to believe mere seconds ago she was spewing venomous words of vengeance. She was having a bad dream. Eithne could tell from the furrow of her eyebrows and soft whimpers coming from her throat.


He mopped the sweat from her brow then kissed her forehead as he felt her burden weigh him down. Nonetheless, he wouldn’t allow her to go through this alone. He would stay by her side no matter what she told him. “This Rodriguez guy, will you be seeing him tomorrow?”

“Of course,” Grecko replied without hesitation.

“Now Kallisto—”

“No, Marc, you’re not changing my mind on the matter. It’s already made up. I’m going and that’s final,” she told him standing to her feet and storming off with him right behind her.

“I’m coming,” Eithne told Dasha.

She snorted and shrugged her shoulders nonchalantly. “You can always guard the car.”

“Bull shite.”

“Look, I know that you want to help, but we need to do this on our own. Don’t offend us by trying to come in and run the show. Our father—”

“Would be proud of the women all of you have turned out to be. I’m not trying to infringe upon your territory or step on any toes, but I love Jessica and I care about all of you. I need to do this as well. No one hurts my family and gets away with it, you understand, lass? The moment you all drug me through those doors, you placed yourselves under my protection. And I don’t care who or what it is, I’m not backing down. So I’ll be going tomorrow whether you all want me to or not. Get some rest, you’re looking tired.” He stood up with Jessica still draped in his arms and headed for his bedroom.

“Did you really mean what you just said about us? About Jessie?”

“Yes,” he answered stopping outside of his doorframe.

“Thank you,” Dasha replied before heading to her own chamber.

Eithne nodded his goodnight then crossed the threshold to tuck Jessica in. He stripped off her clothing and laid her underneath the comforter before taking a hot shower to calm his nerves. What the hell was he doing? He reminded himself that he was once more a puppet for the government. He shouldn’t be involving himself in mafia affairs, but this was Jessica. He would give his right arm to protect her. Besides, it’s not as if he didn’t know how to separate his business from his pleasure. Nevertheless, he admonished himself to tread lightly. He didn’t want his new case with the Venturas jeopardizing Jessica and her family. The sooner he got in and did his job was the less likely he would attract attention towards the Whitakers.

He exited the bathroom to the chorus of Jessica’s light snoring. It was the first time he had ever heard her do so which meant that she as exhausted. He gingerly entered the bed, tucking her in his arms before settling down under the covers. Every so often she would twitch or grunt, causing him to hold her tighter, but Jessica had a restless night.

“Where are you going?” he questioned, refusing to slacken the weight of his leg over her back.

“To use the bathroom.”

He eyed the clock to read 4:15. It was too damn early. “Come right back or I’ll find you.”

Jessica frowned at him, but was back in bed after her bathroom break. “Happy?”

“Yes.” He pulled her back against him once more trapping her underneath his weight. “Wanna talk about it, love?”


“What about those horrid dreams?”


“What about—”

“No,” she interrupted before he could finish.

“Me telling you that I use your toothbrush every night to feel closer to you?” Eithne finished with a smile on his face.

“You’re crazy.”

“Maybe that’s why we get along so well.” He kissed her temple and nuzzled her neck until he was satisfied with the affection he had given to her.

“I’m hungry. Will you let me up?”

“Do I have to?” Eithne whined. He had just gotten comfortable.

“Are you edible?” He chuckled lifting his leg off of her. Jessica didn’t even attempt to cover up her nudity. She stalked into the kitchen and returned with two glasses of milk and an assortment of cookies on a large platter.

“You’re wanting me to get fat,” Eithne teased. He was relieved to see that his Jessica was back. He flicked on the lamp at their bedside and kissed her when she leaned down to set the tray on the bed. She still looked tired, but at least she had decided to eat.

“You’re already the size of a house. This junk shouldn’t bother you.”

He laughed sitting up in bed to join her. He picked up a chocolate double stuffed Oreo and ate the cream, debating what he should do with the biscuits. Jessica gladly took them off of his hands and dunked them in milk before eating them. “Is tú m’fhíorghrá!”

“What?” she asked somewhat confused and wondering what language he had just spoken. “Was that the infamous Gaelic I’ve heard you mention before?”

He was grinning from ear to ear, in the process of eating the cream from between another Oreo. “Tis.”

“What did you just say?” she asked accepting the naked biscuits to munch on.

“That you’re mi soul mate.” She chortled with laughter, rolling her eyes in the process. “It’s true. Where else am I supposed to find a gal willing to eat cream less biscuits without complaint? Do you know how many relationships have been ruined because of these damn double stuffed Oreos?”

Jessica was laughing so hard that she had to hold her sides. “Let me guess, over twenty percent?”

“That’s pretty close,” he said enjoying her lift in spirits. “I would give you the exact number, but I don’t want to jinx anything.” He winked at her and kissed her once more before switching to a vanilla Oreo instead. “What?” he asked when he caught Jessica staring.

“This is too freaky. I hate eating cream with my chocolate Oreos because they’re too sweet, but I’ll eat the entire vanilla where as you only eat the cream of the chocolate and devour the vanilla. What about the strawberry flavored Oreos?”

“I’ll eat about half before my teeth begin to ache.”

Jessica nodded her head. She wasn’t really a fan of the strawberry flavor. “What about chocolate chip cookies? Hard or soft?”

“What about you?”

“I asked first, you can’t answer my question with a question,” she told him opening the package of Toll House Cookies.

“Same time,” he said watching her nod her agreement.

“Soft,” they replied in unison.

“Sometimes the hard one cuts mi lip. I shouldn’t be assaulted by food.”

She burst into laughter again, hand feeding him a soft baked chocolate chip cookie. “Caramel delight or butterscotch?”

“Caramel delight.”

“Oatmeal or oatmeal raisin?”

“Both,” he said while surveying the rest of the packages.

“Short bread or mint?”


“I love you,” Jessica sighed. “Okay, this one is for the goal. White chocolate Macadamia nut or oatmeal raisin.”

“White chocolate mac.”

“Ohh,” she replied shaking her head. “I think I have to take that back.”

“What’s that?” he asked trying to act bewildered, but chuckling instead.

“Yeah, I don’t know if this is going to work out between us. A man who would eat diabetes in a cookie just isn’t my type,” Jessica said as she cleared the bed of their “dinner.” Eithne grabbed her about the waist and pulled her back down beside him once the tray was neatly stationed on the opposite night stand. “No, it’s over,” she squealed as he kissed all over her face.

“Taste these diabetes lips, Hellion.”

Jessica guffawed actually snorting from his facetious behavior. She pushed at his solid chest wincing in pain when one of her injured fingers pressed too intensely. “You really did a number on yourself,” Eithne said more to himself than to her. He kissed her hands and gently massaged them before pulling her back on the mattress with him. “Where does it hurt, Jessica?” The jokes were aside now. He wanted a real discussion with her.

“My heart,” she whispered. He caressed the left side of her chest making her shiver when his thick hand brushed over her nipple.

“Then allow me to take that pain away.” He kissed her temple and held her tightly, continuing his gentle petting. “Talk to me.”

She shuddered pressing her body as close as humanly possible. “What do I say? I can’t even explain it. All I know is that this ache will never go away until everything is settled. All of the anger, the pain, the rage; I can’t let them go until it’s finished. I don’t want them anymore Eithne. But these emotions are clinging to me.”

He felt her belly clench and traveled his hand downward to stroke her there as well. “Just give it all to me, Jessica. You don’t have to do this alone.”

She nestled into his embrace, sighing as the tension left her body. “I love you, Eithne.”

“I know you do and I’ll never forget it.” He kept up his moving hands until she was safely back to sleep then joined her.

The next morning Jessica sincerely apologized for her behavior to the others. They hugged her and said that they understood and she knew that it was genuine.

“To make up for such a shitty day yesterday,” Grecko began searching the cabinets for snacks. “Marc got some interesting information for us.”

Jessica handed her a pack of Gushers, chuckling when Grecko’s eyes melted in gratitude. “What’s that?” She turned to her brother-in-law with innocent eyes, curiosity getting the best of her.

“We were able to locate one of the two creeps from yesterday. If we get to him, we get to his friend.” He watched as the innocent gleam in her brown eyes became replaced with a stare so cold that even he felt the urge to shiver. He already knew what she was thinking, she wanted to skip breakfast and get the hell out of there, but he told her otherwise. “He isn’t home…at least not yet. Don’t worry, I have every traffic light tracing his car. When he returns, we’ll be there to greet him.”

Jessica smiled maliciously as ideas popped into her head. “Should we bring a present?”

Dasha snorted, pulling out her favorite .45 and setting it on the table. “How many do you think he’ll want? The chamber is full.”

If it wasn’t for Eithne’s insistence, Jessica would barely have touched her food. She was anxious and bouncy, unable to sit still for longer than five minutes. She constantly regarded her watch as if she was pressed for time, but in spite of the turmoil coiling within her, on the outside, she seemed bored or rather aloof to it all. Her family and lover however knew much better.

“Now, Kallisto, I’ve agreed to allow you to accompany us on this little outing, but if I see you even trying to lift one finger—”

“Marc, now is not the time for you to be putting your foot down. You know damn well that I’m not going to listen. Whether you want me to be there or not, even if you lock me up, I’ll find a way to make it and greet you at the door.” She gave him a look that said try me and he heaved a sigh in response. Sometimes it was hard being married to a mule headed woman.

“Jessie, she listens to you,” he tried again.

“Not all the time. And Grecko is pretty wound up from sitting it out for so long. She might strangle me if I take sides.” She glanced at her sister and saw her nodding her head in agreement with a staid countenance. Grecko was not bullshitting.


“Un-unh, Marc, I’m staying neutral.” She whipped her blond ponytail behind her back and feigned deep interest in polishing her pistol.

“Traitors,” he mumbled unable to believe that no one would take his side. He looked at Eithne who wore an amused grin and rolled his eyes.

“I kinda feel that Marc has the right to be concerned.”

“Look, Mr. Leprechaun, I didn’t ask for your opinion,” Grecko told him defiantly. “Besides, you should be honored to even ride along with us seeing as how you don’t know squat about self-defense. We’ll be looking out for your tall, pale, white ass.”

“How d’you know mi arse is pale?” he teased receiving a wry look from Grecko. She rolled her eyes and double checked her knives before standing to her feet.

“I think we should go now and just wait,” she suggested.

“And if he doesn’t return home for another hour?” Dasha holstered her gun then tightened the straps of her boots.

“No, according to the cameras, he’s making his way back. If we take the interstate, we’ll be sitting on his sofa ten minutes before he even arrives,” Marc reported.

“Then what the hell are we waiting for?” Jessica stood to her feet, tugged lightly on her ponytail to make sure it was in place, then stalked from the house with purpose in her stride. They made it to the van, the girls slipping on their gloves, as they pulled away from the driveway. The short ride was filled with tension, but the surface of steady calm inside of the cabin remained intangible.

Jessica was the first out of the car, her feet stepping on the grass as if she owned it. “Eithne, be a good boy and stay with Marc.”

“Hell no, if Grecko gets to be in on the action, so do I. Besides, Marc and I would like to make sure that she keeps her little arse in order,” he said looking down at the scowling woman. He gave her a genuine smile as he followed behind a quickly advancing Jessica. “Why are we not doing this at night again? Ever heard of the element of surprise?”

“Fuck surprises. Tricks are for kids,” Jessica said waiting for Marc to point out the house. When he indicated which one to go to, she barely spared a minute picking the back lock and making herself welcomed. “Let’s all have a seat, shall we?” She and Dasha sat in the loveseat facing the door. Marc decided the recliner closest to the fireplace was more suitable for him with his wife neatly sitting on his lap. Eithne, on the other hand, forever unable and unwilling to listen, wandered about the house. In his line of work, he never failed to secure a perimeter. He was surprised that the others didn’t share his sentiments; then again Marc wouldn’t send them into a trap. He always did his research.

“Seen enough?” Jessica questioned when he returned, leaning against the stair railing as if utterly uninterested in what they were about to do.

“Yea,” he said with a shrug then waited with the others. His ears prickled, the arrival of a car bringing them all to attention. Steady footsteps approached the front door, rambunctious conversation, and raucous laughter informed the group that there were at least three men ready to enter the house. The door creaked open on its hinges, exposing Jessica on the couch, but the three men were too preoccupied with their discussion to take notice of her presence.

Marc waited until the door closed before opening the blinds just a crack to let their presence be known. The talking halted as the trio, for once, paid attention to their surroundings. “You might want to take a seat,” he told them as they stared at him incredulously.

“Who the fuck are you and what are you doing in my house?” Three guns cocked towards him and the sound of six more pointed at them with the addition of a ringing blade.

“We have a simple question to ask you. Your response depends upon whether you make it out that door alive.” They turned in the direction of Jessica’s voice, Eithne switching on the lights to illuminate the room while Marc and Dasha closed all the blinds.

“What do you want?”

“You, Philippe Rodriguez,” Grecko answered, walking behind the couch to lay her head on Jessica’s shoulder. She gave him a soft smile except her eyes were hard as they pierced into his own.

“In case you’re thinking of running, the door is blocked,” Jessica bluffed. They didn’t need to know that he was an inexperienced fighter. Besides, his stance was quite intimidating. Eithne tilted his head and glared at them, daring them to make a move.

“Who are you?” Philippe asked being the one called out. His two friends seemed apprehensive, their straight arms slowly lowering by their sides, their guns pointing to the ground.

“That doesn’t really matter; however, what should is the guy you were with yesterday who bumped into me. I would like to have a word with him.”

Recognition entered his gaze along with an air of annoyance. “Why?” he asked. His gaze was unsteady, shifting continuously from one individual to the other.

“That’s not important.”

“Like hell it isn’t. I’m not selling out my boy to a group of wanna be thugs. Now get the hell out of my house before I call the cops.”

Dasha laughed, “You don’t seem to understand that we’re not the run of the mill neighborhood gang. Your friend offended a Whitaker and we came to set things straight.”

Philippe’s eyes bulged in disbelief. “Whitaker?”

Everyone who was anyone in the streets knew what the name Whitaker stood for. They were one of the few leading mafia families in the community. Even though they were not as numerous as some of the other four families, their power and ability to strike and destroy was unbeatable. Most people who encountered a Whitaker on bad terms was never seen or heard from again. Because they were so close knit and mysterious, not many individuals had had the opportunity to ever see one in person, then again who would want that type of experience? The Whitakers only made their presence openly known for the sole purpose of retaliation. Otherwise, they were rather quiet and quite invisible.

“So if you know what’s best for you, you can either give us his information and we’ll all go like one big family or you get him on the phone and over here.”

“There’s no way that I can do that. If he sees me with you guys…he’ll fucking kill me.”

“Then get him on the phone and lure him over here before we get angry,” Grecko advised, righting her posture as she slowly sauntered towards him. She flicked a knife from her wrist and gently trailed it along the back of the couch, the stuffing springing out in the blade’s wake. She stopped mere inches in front of him, toying with the sharp peak, “You wouldn’t want to know what I can do with this little baby, do you? And let me tell you now that there’s more where that came from.”

Philippe was shaking as he eyed her innocent yet menacing visage. Yet despite his fear he shook his head in refusal. “I can’t betray him. You don’t know the type of person he is.”

“Nor you I,” she gritted before grabbing his friend closest to her and laying the blade against his carotid pulse. Philippe made a move for her and the guns shifted straight to his body paralyzing him in his spot. “Do you know what I like to do the most when I get my hands on an innocent, little youngling like this one here?” she taunted. The boy looked too young to be strapped, but today he would learn his lesson for trying to hang with the big boys.

Grecko slide the knife across his taut flesh. He winced in pain as her eyes drank in the slow spotting of his blood from the thin incision she had made. It wasn’t fatal, but it would hurt like hell under water. “I like to pretend that I’m carving a master piece,” she said softly raising her hand again. “Slowly shaping and cutting away until it’s perfect. I take my time ensuring great detail, molding and forming until I’m satisfied, and blood drips all over my hands,” her voice took on a dangerous edge of warning.

“Philippe, damn it just give them what they want!” he yelled, fear dripping from his voice. He had never been in the presence of the mafia before and after this horrible experience ended, he vowed that it would be his first and last. He was getting his shit together and stop skipping school and hanging around with the wrong crowd like his mother had been begging him to. In fact, as soon as they gave him the opportunity to leave, he was running like his life depended upon it and never looking back. He was too young to die. Only just having turned seventeen; he realized that he wasn’t as grown as he thought he was.

His eyes bulged as Grecko’s hand approached his exposed skin. The look in her eyes made him uncertain as to what she was thinking. He didn’t know if she was doing this to kill him or taunt him, but his bladder released, permeating the room with the strong scent of urine and asparagus.

“Maybe I’ll cut a little deeper.”

“All right! All right!” Philippe conceded with his hands raised in surrender. “I’ll get in touch with him just don’t kill us.” Grecko withdrew retaking her place behind her sister and patiently waited.

“What’s his name?” Jessica asked exercising more calm than she was actually feeling.

“Stanley Shepard.”

She nodded her head uncrossing her legs as she leaned forward, “Call him.”

“Wait, before I do, could you let my two friends go. If anything happens to Stanley, I want to take full responsibility for it,” he addressed Jessica directly, acknowledging her authority. He was nervous as she looked from him to his two friends. Her head twitched in the direction of the door and his two companions understood without further explanation that they needed to get their asses out before she changed her mind. They practically dematerialized from their presence.

Jessica wasn’t worried about them saying a word. With the look she had given them before they disappeared, they both had understood that if they opened their lips even a peep, she would personally find them and teach them how to keep a secret.

Philippe picked up his phone and pushed his speed dial button, releasing a nervous laugh when Stanley answered. “Hey Stan, man, what’s up?… Nah, nothing like that, look, I was wondering if you wanted to come over? You know I want to get you on to that Call of Duty.” There were several seconds of silence. “Okay, see you in twenty.” Philippe ended the call feeling fatigued. His effort to sound normal had him drained.

“Come, sit,” Jessica said waving her hand towards a recliner as if it were her abode. She watched Philippe mechanically do as she told him then leaned back and waited.

The complete silence had Philippe more on edge than when the group addressed him. He surveyed each member, his eyes landing on the short one with the knife. She looked so innocent, her arm thrown about the black girl’s neck and her body leaning over the back of the couch. It would have been cute if he hadn’t seen what she could do with cutlery. The black girl he surmised to be Jessica Whitaker. Everyone knew about her after what happened to Big Man Whitaker. The other two he wasn’t so sure of. The tall blonde was domineering and the way her eyes continuously sought him out made him squirm. The big Asian guy would definitely be a challenge. His bulky stature alone ensured a hard fight if Philippe even thought of getting away. Finally, his eyes landed upon the tall, lean guy at the doorway. Out of the group of five, he appeared to be the easiest to handle. His stance was that of a newbie who had absolutely no clue what they were getting themselves into. He even had the gall to look uninterested as if he had better things to do. His lack of attention made him an easy target and he would most likely be the first taken out when Stanley arrived with his men.

He almost laughed on the inside thinking about it all. Those morons thought that he would willingly get himself killed. Of course not, he had spoken in code, informing Stan that there was danger and knowing Stan, he would be more than prepared for them. All that he had to do was get out of the way when Stanley stepped through that door or he would be in the body count. Philippe almost smiled smugly to himself, but caught his reaction and kept it under wraps just in case anyone was looking at him.

Jessica stared at her watch for the sixth time wondering when Stanley would show up. She was uncertain what she would do to him when they came face to face. Maybe she would let him get a good look at her before she gauged his eyes out. There were plenty of things she wanted to do to him and she was practically drooling in anticipation.

“Marc and Dasha, you take the back door. Grecko,” she looked towards the stairs and Grecko took the hint, pulling Eithne along behind her. “You, my dear friend, get a front row seat right here next to me.” She patted the cushion beside her and waited expectantly for him to join her. Philippe did as he was told, completely unprepared for them to disperse throughout his house. He had to find an excuse to get away from her.

“I’m thirsty.”

“Too bad,” Jessica replied, standing to her feet. She had heard a commotion outside and calmed herself before her rage got the best of her. She decided to sit back down, crossing her legs. She heard the click of a trigger and flipped behind the chair as bullets wracked the door. Philippe was smart enough to get out of the way before he got hit. Jessica grabbed his retreating form by the leg and dragged him back to her, squeezing a tight hand around his throat to hold him in place. Once the shots ceased, the front door fell off of its hinges. Footsteps hesitantly stepped through the doorway.

“Philippe?” Jessica squeezed his throat tighter hindering his speech and he got the message to remain quiet. “Spread out and search everywhere.” Heavy feet rushed up the stairs while others returned outside to scour the perimeter.

She could hear footsteps approaching closer and decided to go with it. She snatched Philippe up from the ground and stood to face the man that had assaulted her ten years ago. Her stomach lurched and she forced herself not to throw up. “Looking for him?” she asked as she jumped over the sofa and kicked the gun out of his hand.

Shots resounded upstairs, distracting her from her task as concern for Eithne and Grecko’s safety came to mind. Stanley took the opportunity to regain his balance and attack her, throwing his seemingly 250lb frame into her and crashing with her through the coffee table. Jessica cried out in anguish as she felt some ribs snap under the blunt force of his weight, however she did not allow the pain to take her mind off of surviving. It was either fight or flight and Jessica was never one to run. This man had helped to kill her father and she would rather die right then and there in a struggle than to give up.

She grabbed the nearest piece of glass she could find and stabbed him in the hamstring before swinging a leg about against her stomach and pressing into his throat even though her knee was crying out in discomfort from the awkward position. When it seemed that he wouldn’t move, Jessica grappled for another shard of glass, thrusting it into his thigh once more, finally liberated now that he had stumbled away from her.

She stood up, dodging a flying blade and stared in astonishment from whence it came and saw Grecko reaching for another to send through the air. She heard sharp gasps of pain, briefly looking behind her to watch two men collapse to the ground with knifes embedded in their jugulars.

“Next time warn me,” she said, finding it painful to breathe. She tackled Stanley, coughing in agony as he slammed his clasped hands onto her back. She pressed forward until he slammed into the wall. She righted herself, blocked his swinging fists, then gave him a double combo to the face. She took a right hook to the side and doubled over, her eyes bleary from the pain. When she looked back up, Stanley was on the floor unconscious and Eithne was regarding her in concern.

“What happened?”

“Um…” He didn’t know what to tell her so he decided on the truth. “I decked him in the jaw then used his pressure point to put him to sleep before he could hurt you again.”

Jessica stared at him in disbelief reasoning within her head if it could be true. She thought back to earlier on the prvious day when she found Eithne and Marc pretending to exercise and surmised that what he said was farfetched. “Good one. For a moment there I almost believed you.” Her respiration was somewhat jagged, yet she used his extended arm to stand to her feet, leaning against him for the briefest of seconds. Just enough time to will the pain and throbbing away.

“We come bearing gifts,” Marc announced carrying four men back inside of the house while Dasha drug one in behind him.

“Where’s Philippe?”

“Right here. I found him attempting to escape through the window,” Grecko replied.

“Good.” Marc literally dumped the bloody bodies on him and smiled menacingly. “You get the honor of cleaning all of this up. I don’t know what you said to your friend to make him bring backup, but now it’s your problem. And don’t let me remind you what we’ll come back and do to you if you even so much as release a squeak about what happened here today.”

“Jessie, what’s wrong with you?”

“Broken ribs,” Grecko replied for her. She recognized that hunched posture anywhere having experienced it herself. Although Jessica was doing a good job of hiding her discomfort, Grecko still knew that she was in pain.

“I’ll be all right,” she told them before worry set in. “Grab Stanley and let’s get out of here.”

“Don’t forget the bodies upstairs,” Grecko advised him.

“And don’t let us have to come back,” Dasha added as they left.

They took Stanley to one of their warehouses, threw him on the floor, and waited for his awakening. When impatience took over, Eithne knelt before him and slapped him awake. Stanley jumped with a start, struggling against the restraints on his wrists and ankles. Jessica stooped before him and punched him in the jaw, regretting that decision from the stinging in her ribs, yet feeling adrenalin rush through her veins.

“That was for earlier,” she said her eyes roaming all over his face. She didn’t recognize this man consciously, but subconsciously there was a bout of fear ripping through her body at the mere sight of him. Fear and anger. The only way to get rid of it was to be rid of him. He would get what he deserved, but not until she got what she was looking for.

“You don’t remember me, do you?” she asked quietly. His brown eyes regarded her intensely. The only thing evident in his eyes was hatred. “You want to hurt me, don’t you?”

“You know I do, sweetness. Release me and I’ll show you exactly what I can do. Your little friend back there ain’t the only one skilled with a blade.”

“I know,” Jessica replied standing to her feet. Marc hoisted Stanley up to throw over his shoulder as the group took him deep into the warehouse.

“Where are you taking me?” he asked squirming against Marc’s muscled body.

“You’ll see,” Dasha told him. They stopped in front of a door where she punched in a passcode before entering. “Welcome to the playhouse.”

Marc slammed Stanley down on a shiny, steel table, smiling smugly as he walked around it, toying with the blades and cutting instruments surrounding them. There was not one inch of the wall left uncovered. He grabbed a robe and wrapped it around his body, tying his hair up to keep it out of his face, then pulled his black gloves up slowly over his hands. It was all for show. He wanted to intimidate Stanley a little, toy with his mind before really digging into him. He recalled all too well what Jessica had told him about that night and even what was reported in the papers. Remembering the knife he had so mercilessly shoved inside of her after having violated her and destroying her innocence still brought him physical pain. His blood ran cold with anger.

Eithne watched Marc close his eyes and wondered about the thoughts going through his mind. Seconds before he searched for this sense of calm, Eithne had noticed a fiery blare in Marc’s stare. Even though he wanted to stay, his recently reinstated employment with the government made him think otherwise. He wasn’t a man that lied. If his suspicions were proven correct about Maria Ventura, there was a possibility that he would have to give a full report of everything that he witnessed including her involvement with the Whitakers. How could he give a report on something he never observed? He excused himself.

The girls assumed that he was too squeamish to see what was about to unfold. They didn’t blame him. Marc was usually a gentle guy, but when he was riled not even The Hulk could rival him. “Eithne.”

I’m sorry that it’s been a very long time since the last update of “TSTA.” I thank you however for your patience. As you can all probably tell the story is about to end. I never planned on it to be very long especially since it’s my first attempt at sci-fi. Anyway, “Unleashed” chapter 12 is posted and “Making it Work” chapter two is in the works. I’m hoping to have it done by tomorrow or Sunday by the latest so keep an eye out for it.

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“This is your opportunity to turn back,” Brigitte said to Gina. She looked pale, anxious, and apprehensive.

Gina snorted and shook her head. “I’m already too deep inside of this to back out. I’m coming. Besides, I’ll be the only one still awake. Who will I have to talk to?” Brigitte tightened the straps of her boots and stood up with a smile. “Is that it?”

“Huh?” Brigitte asked confused.

“Where are your weapons? You’re going to attack this demonic badass without a gun, a sword, or even a butter knife! Aren’t you the least bit worried that you’re leaving yourself open?”

Caid laughed, “That’s cute.”

“I’m being serious. In all of the sci-fi movies, whenever it gets closer to battle, weaponry from God knows where suddenly become available. We need heavy artillery. I’ve never used a machine gun before, but I’m willing to learn,” Gina said with conviction.

Both Caid and Brigitte looked at her stunned then suddenly broke into laughter. “Too many movies,” Brigitte told her between bouts of laughter.

“I’m serious,” Gina told them stomping her right foot in aggravation.

“And so are we,” Caid said.

“Then how will we protect ourselves?!”

“You need not worry yourself for such minor issues. We are all that you will ever need. Trust us.”

“Okay.” Gina nodded her head as she paced about in the kitchen. “Okay.”

Brigitte busied herself with packing their provisions. She double checked their water supply then chastised herself. It wasn’t as if they were going into the desert where it would be scarce. Still, she kept the extra bottles just in case. Caid made sandwiches and Gina continued to pace. “We’re almost ready to leave,” Brigitte told her.

“So…seeing as how we’re about to leave, how exactly will we locate this Belala guy?”

“Belial,” Caid corrected.

“Belial,” Gina repeated. “How do we find him?”

“The cherubim will guide us. Once they have locked onto his life force, we will receive visual images that will take us to him.”

Gina nodded her head sitting at the counter. She tapped her foot against the lower bar of the stool to calm herself. She was on edge. If it’s anything like what she saw in the movies, they would probably get their butts kicked before somehow miraculously obtaining the upper hand over the enemy. What Gina knew that she needed to prepare herself for was that part about getting her butt kicked before the victory. She was squeamish and a bit of a wuss when it came to physical confrontation, verbal however, she knew how to handle herself. She couldn’t well tell a demon off. He’d probably blink an eye and send her flying across the room. Wait? Do demons have eyes? She recalled the visual of Abdigar and shivered from the remembrance of his back. Yeah, they do.

“You should eat something,” Brigitte suggested. “You hardly touched your meal this morning and you will need your strength.”

“Good idea,” she agreed, ransacking the refrigerator for some peach cobbler and two day old pizza Mamma had made for dinner. Her mouth watered at the thought of devouring the thick crust and tasting the rich, homemade tomato sauce. She took out three slices, one for each of them, and occupied herself with fixing them an early lunch. She warmed the slices and they all ate in agreeable silence, consuming two slices of the pizza before considering dessert.

“Mamma’s pizza is ten times more delicious than the first time,” Brigitte praised. She finished up the slice reaching for her bowl of peach cobbler when she experienced sudden tunnel vision. The land was barren, the air gloomy, the atmosphere extremely depressing. She somehow found Caid and Gina’s hands and grasped them, “I hope that you are ready,” she informed them before they vanished.

Gina felt as if her insides had been torn out of her body then shoved back down her throat. When they arrived wherever they had been teleported, she emptied the contents of her stomach. At least she wasn’t the only one. Brigitte and Caid flanked her sides joining her in painful regurgitation. They heaved even after there was nothing more to release.

“I was not prepared for that,” Brigitte whispered. Her voice was hoarse and pain was still etched upon her face, but her golden eyes welcomed them when she looked up away from the ground. She reached for the bag with their supplies and dispersed bottles of water. “Drink.” They gulped down the water using it to wash out their mouths beforehand. Once they felt remotely replenished they stood to their feet to move.

“Where should we go?” Gina could hardly see anything inside of the darkness. She felt a tingle of fear trickle throughout her body and recited a silent prayer for strength and confidence.

“Follow me,” Brigitte told them. The harsh wind blew dry sand in their eyes impeding their vision. Only moments ago she was chastising herself for preparing to be taken to a desert and now here they were in the midst of one.

“I wish we would have known that we would be in a desert. I would have grabbed something to cover our faces with,” Gina replied after stumbling due to impaired vision. “Do you know where we are exactly?”

“The Sahara,” Caid said. He stopped her advancing steps, stooping before Gina and gesturing with his head to his back. “Get on,” he told her when she stared at his posterior in confusion.

“No, I—”

“Although the wind and flying sand makes it difficult to see, my vision is more clear than your own.”

“But I’m heavy.”

He started to laugh then reconsidered after grains of sand swept into his mouth. “Just get on.” Gina felt awkward almost akin to an elephant attempting to mount a horse, although she was not at all overweight, heavenly curves yes, but not fat. Perhaps it was because though Caid was not her biological brother, his soul was still attached to Adriano’s body, which made her uncomfortable with the idea.

“Stop behaving so oddly. We are still siblings.”

She smiled in acceptance, “You’re right. If I get too heavy just toss me to the ground.”

“Never.” He stood up and trudged on actually regaining lost ground with Brigitte when they had stopped to talk.

“So going back to this Sahara Desert thing, why are we in Africa?”

Brigitte paused in her tracks to survey their surroundings. Sand and wind were the elements that welcomed her seeking eyes. Something wasn’t right. She felt Belial’s presence though she knew without a doubt that he was nowhere proximate. His stench was burning the hairs of her nostrils. They were near his domain yet Brigitte’s eyes remained blind to its location.

“Africa holds many pagan gods and idol worshippers. It has a mass concentration of demonic energy that is larger than the size of North America. These demons, in order to more easily disperse, will attach themselves to touristic paraphernalia: hats for mind control, shirts or trousers for full body possessions, magnets and bracelets that invoke lust. It is a lucrative empire for their kingdom.”

“Wow. So what you’re trying to tell me is that the underworld functions just like our world?”

“Exactly,” Caid confirms.

“Do they have jobs?” she inquired earnestly curious to know more about this existence that she had completely no idea was even present in the first place. Yes, she was a medium, but in her head Gina always imagined that ghosts were wondering spirits bound on earth and that was all that existed. She never fathomed that there were demons much less a kingdom of darkness beneath their feet. She could be pretty naïve sometimes.

“Yes, many are concentrated in major cities. They are entertainers who entice men and women into their evil traps. Any profession that is deemed popular or well appreciated by the human race already has several representatives of the underworld deeply rooted within.”

“Why? I don’t understand why they’re trying to hurt us.”

“It is simple,” Brigitte said turning back to retrace their steps. “It began with the need for energy. Beings of the underworld thrive upon the energy of humans because it is very powerful. However once they learned that they could control human civilization through their lusts, some entities became poisoned with the idea of power. As you are well aware of because of this lust, perversion has run rampant in the underworld pushing these beings to hunger after control. The royal family is there to maintain control and order, however when they too are consumed by this need order is difficult to uphold. They deem themselves capable of governing both realms and are willing to sacrifice their very existence for a dream that will and shall never come to pass.”

“Why not?”

“Because of us,” Caid replied. “The great Almighty created us for this very purpose. As long as the underworld abides by the laws He has implemented, we shall not interfere. But in cases such as this with Abdigar, we are forced to intercede for the benefit and survival of humanity.”

“Are we lost?” Gina asked when they stopped for the fourth time.


“Oh.” She hadn’t expected Brigitte to be so straightforward, but then again this was Collaborator Brigitte not the normal Brigitte.

“There seems to be a spiritual barrier hampering my ability to discover his lair.” She looked at Caid with worry on her face. “I can feel him, however I cannot reach him.”

Caid glanced about utterly baffled as to why Brigitte was somewhat unable to pinpoint Belial. Even he was starting to feel the demon’s presence. Why were they so blind? The wind whistled in his ear as the sand slapped against their faces and revelation fell upon him. “The sandstorm is the barrier.”

What is it with you guys and your affinity with sandstorms?” Gina mumbled.

“In order to mock our authority, the dark kingdom will mimic our actions. I think this is a little revenge for when Corey took out the Juggernauts.”

Brigitte rolled her eyes in understanding and Gina smiled having caught a peek at the normal Brigitte. All she had to do was slap a hand against her forehead to officially revert back to old self, she thought. “Is there a way to stop it?”

“Yes,” Brigitte responded reaching into her sack for a bottle of water. She poured a large amount into her mouth and spewed it forward as Caid blew a gust of breath to push it outward into the atmosphere. It should have stopped the sand storm, but the dry humidity consumed the liquid effortlessly; in reality, the storm intensified completely blinding their vision, making it impossible for them to see their hands. It began cutting into their skin, stinging their battered and abused flesh. Gina’s cry of agony broke Brigitte out of her stupor. They were supposed to be protecting her not allowing her to get harmed.

Reaching once more for her bag, she fumbled about for the bottles of water, uncapping them and levitating the liquid in the air. “As the ocean cannot breach the sand neither can the sand dominate the ocean. In the name of the Almighty, I command you—”

A loud, anguished roar engulfed them as the wind increased its howling. “I command you to break!” The water dissipated around them as a heavy smoke smothered the whipping sand. Brigitte found her way to Caid and Gina, wrapping her arms about them as the earth beneath their feet shook uncontrollably. In case they fell through whatever was keeping them out, she preferred that they landed together.

A bright light sliced through the fog before a huge explosion sent them flying off of their feet. They landed with thuds hardly able to regain their respiration before realizing that their worst fear had come to fruition. They were separated.


“Gina! Caid! Where are you?” Brigitte sat up, the ground beneath her too slick and slimy for her to successfully stand. There was only complete darkness all around her, but one thing was certain she was inside of Belial’s lair. Her first thought was for Gina’s safety. She held up her hand in deep concentration, focusing all of her energy upon the manifestation of her scepter. When it finally materialized she pushed it forward with one command. “Protect Gina.” With that the golden scepter disappeared leaving her once more in utter obscurity.

“Though my eyes fail me, grant me light to see in the mist of darkness.” She rubbed her eyes forgetting the gunk on her hand and grasping for her shirt to wipe it off. “That was vile,” she shuddered to herself. She reopened her eyes; her vision no longer impaired then set out on the hunt for Belial.


Caid ran into another wall. “I have no idea where to go. Brigitte! Gina!” His voice echoed causing the walls to tremble. No one. It was eerily quiet as he made his way through the ever narrowing passage. He walked until he couldn’t go any further, the opening proving to be a dead end. Retracing his steps, Caid reentered the cavernous room deciding to head towards another doorway. Another dead end. He took another then tried a fourth and a fifth passageway only to come up with the same conclusion. He was trapped.

“Where am I?!” he yelled before dodging the on slot of boulders tumbling from the ceiling. He looked upward and nearly fell over in disbelief. There was another entranceway and this one seemed legit. The only question was how was he supposed to get to it? “It’s not like I can fly,” he muttered to himself. He sat down hopelessly then jumped back up. “The fall must have damaged my intelligence.”

If he needed to fly then fly he will, but how? The last time he tapped into his abilities was purely by chance. Therefore, how in the world was he supposed to now? He still didn’t know how this all was supposed to work. Brigitte, on the other hand, seemed to have it all down pack. The only time he could get his ass in gear was when there was imminent danger or when Brigitte was close by. He looked around again then sat back down, “Well, I guess I’ll be here for an eternity.”

He laid on the sandy ground staring up at nothing in particular. Would this be the place he died? No. He survived a car crash for Brigitte, took over someone else’s body for her, and vowed that he would do everything in his existence to spend the rest of eternity with her. He wouldn’t give up. He stood to his feet with renewed conviction. He didn’t know how he would do it, but he was getting out of here.

“How am I supposed to fly?”

He jumped and felt utterly ridiculous; nonetheless he tried at least seven more times before admitting defeat. “What am I doing wrong!” he yelled in frustration forgetting that wherever he was was not a stable structure. He pressed against the wall for cover, disgusted with himself and his incapability to be useful. Why did he even come along if all he could do was nothing? What is the sense of carrying dead weight? The more he thought about everything was the angrier he became. And the angrier he became was the more his body levitated. He felt energy within him awakening.

Caid laughed in disbelief, “If all I had to do was get pissed off to get the hell out of here, I would have done that in the first place.” His ascent ceased as if he became frozen. He heard something within him clarify, “It is not the anger that motivates you but the determination. You cannot connect with me if you do not take me seriously.”

“Who are you?” he asked unsettled.

“You know who I am. You know who we are.”

Confidence overwhelmed him and Caid nodded his head. “Ezra.” The utterance of his Collaborator’s true name recommenced his ascension. “I am Ezra, commander of the first squadron, the strength of the nations. I have work to do.” He felt like laughing. This is how Clark Kent must have felt finally learning to fly. He straightened his body propelling himself faster upwards only to be thrown back downwards. He slammed into the hard ground, his senses knocked right out of him. Sitting up to shake his head clear, Caid’s glowing blue eyes found his assailants. They flooded through the opening as a mass of gloom, shrill cries escaping their mouths as they charged towards him. He got up and launched himself into their midst.


Gina’s legs quivered with each step she gingerly took. Her nerves were beyond frazzled. Where she was, she couldn’t even approximate, but she wondered if she was unconscious yet experiencing a lucid dream for she was in the midst of the clouds, surrounded completely by blue and white. How was it possible for her to walk on the sky? She looked about yet saw no one in sight. Was this all real? She pinched herself for verification then yelped. Yeah, she wasn’t sleeping.

“Hello?” Her voice trembled as it echoed and continued to repeat in the empty air. “Anybody out there? Caid? Brigitte? Where am I?” Only her echoes welcomed her and Gina bit back the fear that was starting to paralyze her. “Hello?”


“Guys, I’m scared.” A gust of wind ruffled her hair briefly breaking the silence then left her just as quickly as it came.

“Okay Ginevra, you’re a big girl. If you want to be more precise, I’ll even call you a woman. You’ve heard of being on cloud nine, but now you really get to embrace this opportunity. Man up, grow a pair, and let’s see if we can find a way down…from wherever we are. First things first though.” She looked down at beneath her feet and saw nothing except blue sky and rapidly moving clouds. She stomped her foot once just to see what might happen and stood surprised when she heard a muffled bang. Was she standing on glass?

Bending down, Gina reached her hand out nearly screaming when it went past her feet. No, she wasn’t standing on anything but….air particles maybe? “How is this possible?” She stomped her foot once more and heard the same muffled thud which reassured her that she would just start to free fall. That was her worst nightmare. She shuddered from the thought, deciding that walking, even if aimlessly, would keep her from harboring such dreadful imaginations. She was advancing nowhere, or at least that is what she assumed. It was difficult for her to know whether or not she was making actual progress because of the never ending firmament, nevertheless, Gina pressed on all in the hopes of finding a secret door or even a window.

“There you are, Gina, I was looking all over for you.”

Gina looked up and almost cried tears of joy, “Brigitte! Where have you been?! Where the hell are we?”

“I don’t know. We were separated during the earthquake and when I came to I found myself here.”

Gina nodded her head in agreement making her way towards her companion until she noticed that something was off. There was a strong sulfuric scent wafting away from Brigitte’s body and Gina had enough commence sense to know that humans shouldn’t smell like sulfur unless they were working in sulfur mines.

“Brigitte, why do you smell so strange?” she inquired guarding her face to only show curiosity. This individual was not Brigitte, something within her already contested to that fact, however to keep herself out of harm’s way, Gina had decided to feign ignorance until the moment she could escape.

“Sulfur? What are you talking about, Gigi.”



Brigitte never called her Gigi. In fact, not one person in her family or her social circle called her Gigi. Gina was already a nickname within itself. This definitely was not Brigitte. “Perhaps it’s just a part of my imagination. You know how you can get after being alone for an eternity.”

“Oh, it hasn’t been an eternity yet, only two hours.”

“What?” she asked in surprise. She looked down at her watch, her throat going dry when she noticed that her timepiece was motionless. She held her wrist up to her ear to make sure that the batteries were still functioning and heard the telltale ticking. Still time was frozen therefore how did “Brigitte” know that two hours had already passed?

“Is your watch broken?” The fake Brigitte took a step closer to her and Gina fought every fiber within her that was attempting to step back in order to keep still. If this imposter knew that she was aware that she was a phony, whatever she actually was might try to harm her. Then again, Gina reasoned, what if this charlatan wanted to get closer to her in order to hurt her? Oh shit. Oh shit, oh shit, oh shit, oh shit.


“Yea!” she snapped out of her musings to discover that the pretender was another foot step closer.

“Your watch, is it broken?”

“Nah,” Gina answered waving her off. “Let’s see if we can find a way out of here.” She used this excuse to recommence her marching feet, her pace was quick and choppy as her head reeled from the realization that this thing, this con, this most likely evil entity was plotting to…to…to probably kill her. Gina quickly wiped the tears from her eyes as true dread and terror lighted upon her. The true Brigitte and Caid had promised that nothing would happen to her. All she needed to do was believe and have faith.


“What?!” she yelled forgetting to be scared shitless.

The fake Brigitte was taken aback by her sudden outburst. “Nothing, I was just going to say that you’re walking awfully fast. You probably might have started to run if I hadn’t called out to you.”

“I’m sorry.”

“Were you crying?”

“No—yes,” Gina replied choosing to be somewhat truthful. If “Brigitte” knew that she was lying—let the Lord have mercy on her soul. “I started thinking about me—us—never getting out of here and I got scared. I want to see my family again.”

“You will.” Two steps closer. “Don’t worry. I told you that you’d be safe with me.” Three steps closer. “I would never allow anything to harm you.” Five steps closer. The fake ran her brown fingers through Gina’s black hair and smiled a very slow smile that sent shivers up Gina’s spine. It was now or never.

Using gumption that she never thought she possessed, Gina drew back and slammed her perfectly manicured fist in “Brigitte’s” face then took off running instead of waiting out the yelp of surprise to see if it really was a demon.

“Gina. GINA!”

“Holy shit,” she said as she ran with tears streaming down her face. It reminded her of what took place the prior evening with Dante. Only this time there was no Corey to warn her, no Caid to defend her, and definitely no Brigitte to save her. She was on her own, running in an expanse of blue and white, on the verge of fighting for her life. Her grey eyes caught sight of the clouds as their course increased in rapidity beneath her moving feet. Even they understood her urgency to escape. Just when the yelling ceased and Gina felt as if she could take a breather, she did something that only an idiot would do.

She looked back.


He was breathing heavily, his lungs under extreme exertion from the amount of energy he was expending to protect himself. For someone who had destroyed the red string of fate and obliterated his abilities, Caid was doing a damn good job of defending himself. Even so, this group of bastards was putting up a fight.

He slammed into the ground, rolling out of the way of descending rocks and spikes. They were smart…maybe too intelligent, taking turns on their offense and constantly forcing him to resort to his defense. He rolled himself over, pushing up with his arms and out of the way as one of the beastly ghouls descended upon him. He drew back and struck it in the midsection turning in time to barely miss a strike from another. He winced in pain at the claw embedded in his side, deciding within himself that he had had enough of getting his ass kicked. In that moment a small fraction of what Gina had said that morning replayed in his mind, “Whenever it gets closer to battle, weaponry from God knows where suddenly become available.”

Well, in that case, where was his weapon? He was deep in battle with no true protection. He squeezed his fist tightly, blocking a blow to the face and thrusting the entity away from him. “I tire of this game.”

“So do we,” one of them replied likewise. Their attacks ceased as they began to regroup, combining one after another into a single being, towering over Caid’s now small build.

He looked up at them almost tempted to shake his head in disbelief. “That weapon would come in handy right now,” he said more so to himself than any of them. To his surprise his left hand began to tingle with heat, he gazed upon it in awe as a large, golden scythe manifested in his hand.

The new monstrous giant howled in anger, charging towards him however it’s new body mass decreased its speed causing it to sludge forward like a glob of sludge, facilitating Caid’s work for him. Levitating from the ground, Caid increased his velocity, swinging his scythe back and sweeping it forward with an upward stroke to slice its head off. The thickness of their combined skin hindered his strike, trapping the blade between its folds, yet Caid remained relentless, pushing and forging forward until black blood began to spray from the large wound he was creating. Caid uttered one final roar of victory, the ginormous head crashing to the ground inciting an earthquake.

Caid never looked back as he flew upward, dodging falling stones and boulders. He almost stopped when he realized that the gaping entrance was in reality a mouth. Jagged tines gnashed together furiously as he approached closer. Instead of waiting for the mouth to reopen, Caid filled his body with fire and smashed right through the barricade of teeth, ripping out several with his escape. His blue eyes continued to glow as he flew away from the wounded animal he had left behind and went in the direction of Gina and Brigitte’s pull.


She was gone. Where had she run off to? Gina turned about to look in front of her, crying out in surprise and horror as the entity, once cloaked in Brigitte’s outer appearance, slammed into her in its true form. Gina was too preoccupied screaming to notice its vile hands wrapped about her throat and squeezing. It was horrendous. It looked like something one would see in a “Resident Evil” video game. Its skin dripped from its skull like face, landing on Gina’s reddening cheeks yet she continued to scream, then began to claw at its eyes to gauge them out as it stared into her own.

They were ghastly, soulless, black eyes that seemed to want to penetrate her body. The thought of possession encouraged Gina to cease her screaming and to increase her thrashing. She wasn’t as weak as she looked. She could do this.

“You are as weak as you look, you lowly human,” it muttered above her.

“Listen here, you fucker!” Gina wheezed ramming her knee into his thin, skeletal side. “You can’t do anything to me.”

“Can’t I?” he asked, his dark voice penetrating her mind and echoing inside of her head. “Look at me,” he commanded.

“No, no!” Gina cried unable to keep her head from turning back in his direction. Her eyes opened upon their own, informing her that she had slammed them shut, forcing her to stare into the abyss of blackness. “Who are you?” she asked as her strength began to fade.

If it had lips to smile she knew that she would be looking up at a smirk. “Wouldn’t you be happy to know? Well, before you disappear from existence, allow me to enlighten you. You are looking at the master of trickery, the great Belial himself. Now die and fade away, you useless excuse of life.”

“Belial,” Gina repeated before going limp.


Brigitte’s feet took her faster as she rounded a corner and slipped, colliding with the slimy walls. “Gina!” she yelled. She had felt it. Her life force had disappeared. “Gina, I am sorry. Forgive me.” Liquid escaped her tear ducts as she mourned the loss of her friend. She righted herself, anger replacing her pain. “I will bring you back,” she vowed, unable to control her temper. She ran once more, completely ignoring the twisting and turning path, her anger and hurt providing her with the strength she needed to break through walls.

She flashed the crumbling particles out of her eyes, keeping up with her pace until she was running on air then downright flying, crashing through the framework of the building till it began to collapse from her brunt force. She was more than angry, she was furious and Belial would receive the full impact of her fury for what he had done.

She felt someone approaching her at full speed and halted face to face with Caid. They took one look at one another and wordlessly, glanced up at the ceiling, and took off crashing through the roof towards Belial. They hung weightlessly in what appeared to be nothing but sky. “Belial! Where are you? Show yourself, you coward!”

“You’ve arrived just in time, help me, please. That monster is after me!”

They turned about to see Gina standing before them. Her hair was haphazard on her head, and she looked terrified, however both Caid and Brigitte were no fools.

“Forgive me, Gina,” Brigitte whispered before tackling her friend’s body.

Belial laughed deliriously as he was scent flying through the firmament. He crashed into a wall, the sky and clouds malfunctioning as they disappeared then reappeared, the sky emitting the afterglow of a sunset, the crimson red color of blood.

“What? You didn’t appreciate the welcome?” he asked lunging at Brigitte and casting her through the floor. She slammed out of the room, landing with a loud thud as she slid across the slick ground still covered with slime.

Caid used the sticklike handle of his scythe to sweep the ground from underneath Belial’s feet. He didn’t want to cause any harm to Gina’s body. “Where is she?” he demanded.

Gina’s beautiful smile emerged as Belial held her head back and laughed. “She is dead. I’ve already gotten rid of her useless soul.” Awareness came upon her face as Gina’s body rolled out of the way, a blast of light bursting through the roof. He may have missed the gust of energy, but the wanted effect was obtained as he fell through the ceiling to join Brigitte on what appeared to be the ground floor. He landed on his back and coughed in discomfort.

“Where is she?!” Brigitte asked once more lifting her foot to stomp on him. He lifted a hand and threw her again, but this time Caid caught her. Belial however used the distraction to pull down the rest of the ceiling upon their heads, laughing as he watched his two opponents become buried beneath the rubble.

“Collaborators are supposed to be powerful?” he taunted. “They are supposed to possess the power of the Almighty! Can’t you use this power to save yourselves?” he asked tossing more debris upon them when they tried to climb their way out. After a while he became bored of the games. He would do away with them once and for all after taking their power source. “I will put this strength to much better use than either of you could ever imagine,” he told them holding them up by the throat with invisible hands. “Don’t worry, I will give you both the honor of being killed by the great Belial himself.”

“And I will give you the great honor of going back to hell where you belong.” He turned around in surprise to find his body looking back at him. “How did you—” His own bony hand plunged through Gina’s chest squeezing tightly on her heart. He dropped his two captives who were watching in confused disbelief as Belial fought against himself.

Gina’s hands tried to fend him off, but Belial’s hold upon her remained unbreakable.

“What is—”

“I do not know,” Caid replied before Brigitte could complete her question. “We should just watch and then take care of whoever is left standing.”

“Fair enough,” she agreed fascinated at what they were watching. She had never seen a demon attacking itself.

“You want to know how I did it? The same way you took over my body.”

“Gina?” they asked in disbelief.

“Hi guys. Do you like my new look?” she asked her companions without taking her eyes off of her own body.

“How did you get inside of his body?” Brigitte asked baffled.

“I have never seen the possessor become possessed by the possess-e,” Caid whispered in pure wonderment.

“All I had to do was find out where you kept your body when you leave it and once I did, I took over, now I want my body back and you’re going to give it to me,” Gina told him.

“Go to hell,” Belial spat.

“You first and I’m here to facilitate the process.” She stared into her own eyes compelling her fighting hands to cease their struggling.

“What are you doing?” he asked in shock. How was it possible for her to control her own body whilst he was still inside of her?

“What does it look like?” Gina asked redoubling her concentration to make her arm move. Belial was putting up more resistance, but her willpower refused to make her concede to him. She watched as her hand staggeringly reach into her vest pocket and pull out a small vial of clear liquid. Her resisting appendages held it still and opened the container.

“What is this?” Belial demanded.

“Your death unless you can tell us what we’re looking for.”

“And what’s that?”


Both Brigitte and Caid nodded their heads. They were highly impressed.

Belial laughed without shame. “Abdigar? As if I would tell you a thing.” With that said Gina once more compelled her hands to move, putting the vial to her lips. “Wait!” He has smelt the substance and it was pure. It really would be liquid death to him.

“Then speak,” Gina stated. Instead of speaking Belial did even better, he visually led her to Abdigar’s hideout where she saw him hunkered down. He seemed to be in the process of regeneration, half of his body was missing, and he was grunting and wiggling about as his body continued reforming.

“Happy now?” Belial asked grudgingly.

“Of course.”

“Now let me go and I’ll give you back your filthy body.”

Gina shook her head, “I’m sorry, but I can’t allow you to do that.” She forced the contents into her mouth. Belial tried to pull away from her as the poison entered her body and his soul evoking great pain. A clear light emitted from Gina’s open mouth as Belial’s soul died inside of her. Before his body completely disintegrated, Gina took her rightful place back inside of her own figure in time to watch Belial’s frame fall in a heap of dust at her feet. She kicked it for good measure then smiled, feeling highly proud and accomplished.

“Gina!” Brigitte attacked her with a hug and Caid downright lifted her off of her feet.

“Don’t tell me you two missed me?” she teased. “Don’t cry.”

“I am so sorry,” Brigitte told her. “We should have protected you.”

“You did,” she told them. “When I thought that I would die your scepter found me and somehow I was carried away from Belial. It led me to his body and if it wasn’t for your help, I would have really been a goner.”

“What did you give him to drink?” Caid asked curiously.

“Remember when Corey gave me that grain of sand from when he held off the Juggernauts? Well, I bottled up the substance and I’ve been keeping several vials of it with me for just in case purposes.”

Brigitte held her tightly. “I am so happy that I could kiss you.”

Gina laughed as her tears blurred her vision. “I thought I’d never see you guys again. Let’s get our shit together for the next time,” she told them on a laugh. They nodded in agreement and hugged one last time before separating. “Oh, quick before I forget you both should see where Abdigar is hiding.”

They laid their hands upon her bringing her memories to the forefront allowing themselves to be transported, as Gina was, to Abdigar. When they were finished, they opened their eyes and thanked her.

“I have no idea where that is so I can’t be of much help.”

“No worries. We know exactly where to find him,” Brigitte assured her. She clasped Gina’s hand tightly unwilling to let go just in case another unexpected danger emerged. They found their way out of the maze of Belial’s lair then utterly demolished it, breaking the curse it held over the land in the process. Immediately they were back in the desert however this time there was no sand storm or high winds to blind them and the sun shone brightly in the clear blue sky. The stronghold was forever destroyed.

“So where do we go now?”

“To Hell,” Caid told her. “But first I think that it is wise for us to get some rest and nourishment. If Belial was a fight, Abdigar will be a battle.”

“Not in his condition,” Gina said recalling his damaged form.

“Even so, he has many minions under his command. To reach him will be a struggle in itself,” Brigitte told her. “You should eat and then rest. You have been through a great ordeal.”

“That’s the thing,” Gina said excitedly. “I should be downright exhausted, but there’s a rush of energy overflowing on the inside of me. All this time I was scared out of my mind about encountering the supernatural only to find that it’s not as difficult as I thought it would be.”

They smiled at her enthusiasm. “You would not want to become a Collaborator perchance?” Caid teased.

“Is that possible?” Gina had taken him seriously. From what she’d already experienced, being a Collaborator couldn’t be all that bad. It had its perks, one of them being eternal love. She noticed the way their eyes glowed even more when they glanced at each other. They truly were in love.

“How can a Messenger become a Collaborator?” Caid asked earnestly. He could see from her expression that she had no clue. “Did Corey not tell you?”

“Tell me what?”

“A medium is another form of a Messenger. The spirit world seeks you out because you are their only source of communication after death. You once wondered what your purpose was in our battle and now you know. You were right, we were meant to be connected in order for you to help us along our journey. Brigitte and I need you just as much as you need us.”

Gina stared at them skeptically. “Yeah right.”

“How else were you capable of entering a demon’s body without being consumed by evil? Only a Messenger can remain unfazed. Even a Collaborator would have at least been tempted and we are not so easily led astray. Our two entities can never intermingle. It would wreak havoc for both species.”

Gina’s jaw dropped. “What?”

Brigitte shook her head in accordance. Even she thought that Corey would have already enlightened Gina on her status. In fact, the entire Comito family had strong, pure spiritual energy. Although she was not certain, Brigitte surmised that once, long ago in another life, the Comitos were retainers of the Almighty and his kingdom of peace.

“I’m a Messenger?” They nodded then went about taking the squashed food out of the sac to distribute. At least the provisions hadn’t been lost. “I’m a Messenger,” Gina mumbled as she stared out into space.

“Yes, a skeptical Messenger, but one nonetheless,” Corey taunted.



“You bastard! How could you not have informed me all of this time?”

Corey shrugged his shoulders, “It was necessary for you to see it for yourself, you Doubting Thomas,” he told her with a crooked grin.

“You knew that I would accompany them, didn’t you?”

He nodded his head slowly then gave her a wink before turning to the others addressing them as well instead of being entranced by Gina’s beguiling eyes. “Great news, the Prince’s forces are retreating. It’s an age old trap because they expect us to give chase, but this gives us much opportunity to regroup and plan our method of attack. There are three thousand and forty-two hundred Collaborators on the front; another five hundred are ready for your disposal.”