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It was only when she emerged from the bedroom in a purple silk nightie that not only clung to her full breasts, but also betrayed the hint of a bulge between her legs, that I realised that it was actually going to happen: my fantasy of sleeping with a black shemale was about to come true. She paused at the bedroom door and smiled at me.

‘You like what you see?’

I did indeed, but my mouth was too dry for me to say anything, so I just smiled back and nodded. Sasha looked as good as in the picture I’d seen online on the escort site. Chocolate brown skin, soft, generous lips, a cute smile, big brown eyes — and a body to die for. With those curves and that pretty face there was no way anyone out on the street could have imagined the surprise that was awaiting under her clothes. According to the profile on the site, it was ’8 inches and fully functional’. I couldn’t wait to find out.

I’d been checking her out for a while on the website, but only for fun; I never thought I’d actually go ahead and meet her. It was a long-running fantasy of mine to be with a black tranny and occasionally I’d picture her while I jerked off. But I was in a relationship — it was just escapism. Then my girlfriend and I broke up. At the back of my mind, throughout the trauma of her moving out, was the thought that now I could go ahead and do it, I could live out my fantasy, there was nothing stopping me now. Still, it took me a week of being on my own before I had the courage to go back on the site. I guess I knew that once I was on there, I wouldn’t be able to hold myself back. So one night, after I’d had a beer or two, I opened my laptop and typed in the web address, then searched for her profile. I hovered the cursor over the e-mail address linked to her profile for a couple of seconds; then I clicked.

Now what I’d asked for her to do to me in that e-mail was about to become a reality. I’d woken up that morning itching with excitement knowing that today was the day it was finally going to happen. Luckily I’d managed to book an appointment for a Saturday afternoon, so I didn’t have to spend the whole day waiting for the moment to come. Instead, I’d passed the morning getting myself spruced up. Before I knew it the time had come to leave. As I sat on the train, I looked at the people around me and inwardly smirked: they had no idea what this clean-cut, well-groomed white boy was about to get up to. But by the time I knocked on her door my heart was thumping like crazy and my mouth was dry. She opened the door and there she was, no longer an image on my screen, no longer a fantasy but a real person. A real, live, breathing woman, with the scent of perfume, with cleavage bursting out of her tank-top — oh, and with a special something hidden in her jeans that made her a little more than a woman. She introduced herself and kissed me on the cheek. ‘You must be Doug,’ she smiled. I tried to smile back but she could see I was nervous. ‘Come on honey, let’s go in,’ she said gently.

She took me by the hand and led me to the sofa. We got business out of the way first — I handed her the money we’d agreed on and she put it in her jeans pocket. Then she smiled at me again. She really was pretty; I’d been worried that in the flesh she’d not look quite like the beautiful woman she’d appeared to be online. But she was perfect. I was really attracted to her

‘So you’re a first-timer?’ she asked.

‘Yeah,’ I managed, and blushed.

‘Oh sweetie, it’s OK, I’ll be gentle with you,’ she said and laid her hand on my knee. ‘Now, would you like a drink?’

I accepted, and she brought back a bottle of chilled white wine and two glasses.

‘Why don’t you pour us some wine while I slip into something more comfortable?’ she said.


As she walked towards me from the bedroom, I could tell she was enjoying my reaction: I couldn’t keep my eyes off her curvy body. She sat down very close to me on the sofa and whispered in my ear: ‘I’m going to make all your fantasies come true baby.’

I gulped. And in my boxers, my dick hardened. I desperately wanted to touch her, and when her lips brushed my neck I couldn’t resist any more. My left hand worked its way up the silk of her nightie, from her hip to the edge of her breast.

‘Mmm, touch my tittie,’ she intoned.

I followed her instruction, and as my hand ran over the silk-covered globe of her breast, nerves gave way to lust and my erection strained at my jeans. Her hand touched the side of my neck and she brought her face close to mine. Our lips met, softly at first, then with lingering, lush tongue kisses. My hand continued to stroke her tit. Growing bolder, I slipped the strap of her nightie off her shoulder to expose her breast; I stroked the bare flesh, brushing my fingers over her hard nipple. She moaned softly into my mouth as we kissed. Then she pulled away and pulled the other strap down too. I almost groaned with lust when I saw her perfect breasts, full and round with dark areolas, her nipples erect. I had to kiss them. My mouth was hungry for her nipples, and I sucked eagerly on each in turn.

Meanwhile, my hand stroked the top of her smooth thigh, gradually pushing the nightie further and further up. I still didn’t quite dare to reach in between her legs though. But then I broke away from sucking her tits to peel off my T-shirt and she leant back against the sofa cushions, her legs slightly spread, inviting me to explore the part of her body I was most intrigued about. I drew close to her, kissed her again, and my hand again reached for her breast. But then she took my hand and guided it to the inside of her thigh. Breathing heavily, my pulse racing, I moved my hand up until I found it, her best-kept secret: a firm, meaty penis. I closed my hand around it, feeling the warm shaft thicken and harden in my grasp. My first ever cock. And it was a very big one.

There really was no turning back now. With her face close to mine she whispered to me, ‘Would you like to taste it baby?’

I needed no further encouragement. I dropped onto my knees in front of her, between her parted legs. I pulled the nightie up all the way and her cock sprang up. Finally I could see it: the dark, glossy shaft, darker than the rest of her skin, and the glistening bulbous head. It was huge — and she still wasn’t fully erect. I reached out to hold it. My small white hand made it look even bigger and blacker. I began to masturbate her, and she moaned; her head was leaning back to one side, her eyes closed, and her hands were playing with her tits. I was so horny. I had to have her cock in my mouth. I’d never sucked a cock before, but I’d imagined it many times. I pulled her foreskin down and gripped the base of the shaft. Then I brought my face close to her erect member and licked the tip of the glans. It was smooth, very slightly salty. I kissed the tip. But my mouth was dry, and I knew that if I was going to give her a good blow-job then I’d need more moisture. I reached for the glass of wine I’d poured and completely forgotten about and took a big gulp. As soon as I’d swallowed it, I wrapped my wet lips around the head of her penis and slid them down until I had the whole of that ripe black plum in my mouth. I heard her gasp.

By now she was fully hard, throbbing even. I worked my mouth down her shaft little by little, sucking as I went, my lips stretching to accommodate her girth. Then I slid back up and released her member so I could take a breath. Slick with my saliva, her thick cock stood proud. I couldn’t wait to really get to work on it; after another sip of wine, I opened wide and feasted on her engorged shaft, sucking hungrily. I could only manage about half of her length but I knew she was enjoying it.

‘Mmm, that’s it, suck my big black cock,’ she moaned.

My hands on her hips for leverage, I chugged at her tool, my head bobbing up and down. I breathed through my nose so I could keep going. I desperately wanted to make her come in my mouth, I wanted her to fill my mouth with a gush of warm spunk. But she placed her hand on the top of my head and told me to wait. I stopped and freed her cock.

‘We need to save this for something else, don’t we baby?’

‘Yeah,’ I said. ‘I just really want to taste your come, that’s all.’

‘Ooh, somebody’s not so shy any more,’ she said with a smile, and bit her lip teasingly.

I knew what was coming next. And I knew I’d need to be naked. So I stood up, pulled down my jeans and stepped out of them. My erection bulged at my boxer shorts. She leant forward and fondled it. Compared to hers it was modest in size, but it was as hard as hell. Looking up at me she asked if I’d like to come now.

‘No, I want you to fuck me first,’ I said.

‘Can’t wait any longer, huh?’ she smiled. ‘OK, let’s get you to the bedroom.’

She stood up and took off her nightie, then — completely naked — drew me close and kissed me sensuously. Her breasts pressed against my chest and her erection pressed against mine. Her hands squeezed my ass.

‘I can’t wait to fuck that cute white butt of yours.’

She took my hand and led me to the bedroom. I slipped off my boxers without any further ado.

‘Why don’t you get on the bed?’ she said.

I sat down on the edge of the bed, unsure. She reached into her bedside cabinet and took out a condom and some lube.

‘If you want me to fuck you, you’re going to have to get in position,’ she teased.

I got on all-fours, my head facing the pillows. I felt the mattress dip as she climbed on the bed behind me. Then I heard the faint sounds of her putting on a condom and squeezing out some lube. The next thing I felt was the cold lube on my anus as she worked it round that area with her fingers. She dipped one inside me, then slid two in. Maybe she was testing to see how easily she’d fit. I was quite tight, but I had been preparing myself — there was no way I was going to try to take a thick 8-inch black cock without some preparation, so I’d bought a dildo and used it regularly. Still, I was nervous.

‘Are you ready baby?’ she asked. ‘Don’t worry, I’ll be gentle.’

Then I felt the tip of her cock, smothered in lube, pressing against my hole. It probed gently but my asshole didn’t open; then she pushed a little harder and suddenly the muscles of my anus gave way, and the head of her cock slipped inside me. It stung like hell and I grimaced. No matter how much I’d trained, the thickness of her tool still came as a shock. I guess she could feel that I was tight, though, because she waited a little, then only very slowly pushed a little more inside. The stinging had subsided slightly.

‘You OK baby?’

‘Yeah,’ I moaned, half in discomfort, half in pleasure.

She continued to ease herself into me gradually until I was full up. Then, slowly, she began to slide in and out. Very slowly at first. The pleasure was beginning to overcome the pain. I was starting to really enjoy the feeling of her cock inside me, her meaty black cock stretching my asshole. This was it, I was getting fucked by a black shemale. I moaned again, this time with pure pleasure. She picked up the pace a little. Her hands on my hips, she pumped herself into me rhythmically, filling me right up then easing out in a smooth motion.

‘You like that?’

‘Oh yeah,’ I groaned. ‘Fuck my ass baby.’

‘You like me fucking your ass? You like my big black cock in your white ass?’

I could only groan in response. She moaned as well, pumping my ass faster now, pulling my hips towards her on each stroke so she really slammed into me. I cried out in pleasure and pain each time her cock plunged into me.

‘Wait,’ I called out. She stopped. ‘I want to watch you fucking me.’

She pulled her cock out of my ass, and I moved quickly to the edge of the bed, lying on my back and holding my legs wide behind the knees. She got off the bed and came round holding the lube, which she squirted onto her erection and onto her hand to rub around my anus again. This time I could watch as she stood and placed the tip of her shaft at the opening of my asshole and, her mouth open with pleasure, slid it inside me. It was much easier this time. I feasted my eyes on her breasts as she pounded into me; they bounced a little with each thrust and this set my prick, which was already hard, to the point of bursting. She reached down to jerk me off. With an asshole full of cock, a skilled hand-job and the sight of her black tits bouncing, I was in heaven. I groaned loudly, uncontrollably.

‘I want you to come in my mouth, please come in my fucking mouth,’ I cried out.

She pulled out of me and took off the condom, then reached for a pillow which she put under my head. Then she got onto the bed, straddled my chest and placed her cock in my open, willing mouth. It was hot, harder than ever, ready to explode. She thrust her cock in and out of my mouth as I sucked and moaned with pleasure. Then — suddenly — I felt it buck, and thick, warm, salty spunk gushed into my mouth. I swallowed as much as I could, greedily sucking at her for more.

My own cock was also ready to burst and it only took a few strokes of her hand before I spurted onto my stomach. I lay, completely spent, and she lay next to me, her hand on my chest.

‘So how was your first time, baby?’ she whispered in my ear. ‘Did you like getting fucked by me?’

‘It was perfect,’ I said. It was true: my fantasy had come true, and it was way, way better than I could have ever imagined.

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