black swan

Author’s note:

I wasn’t going to continue this but changed my mind. It’s meant to take place sometime after Black Swan has finished filming, and it’s AU as Natalie isn’t pregnant and Laura is still a redhead.


Natalie Portman was used to being nervous. She was sure there were many, many jobs where someone would be more nervous on a regular basis but that doesn’t change the fact that her job could be very stressful. However for once her nervousness wasn’t related to her job but her personal life, and while that in its own right could be nerve wracking it had never been quite like this. Then again she supposed it was apropos as she had never even dreamed of having group sex before, let alone having the starring role in it. Well, maybe there had been a few fantasies, especially recently, but Natalie had never thought she’d actually do it. Then again there were a lot of things she could never have imagined herself doing before she got in touch with her inner Black Swan.

For example Natalie could never imagined letting another girl go down on her. Or getting a rim job from that same girl. Or returning the favour and eating that girl’s pussy. Most of all Natalie could have never imagined herself taking it up the ass. But she had. She had taken a big strap on dildo up her ass and then sucked it clean, the memory even now making her blush.

And it hadn’t been just a random hook up or a stranger who fucked her like a slut but her Black Swan co-star Mila Kunis, a girl Natalie had previously thought of as a trusted friend and confidante. Now she wasn’t sure what Mila was to her. Fuck buddy? Girlfriend? Mistress? Natalie didn’t know, and in a way it didn’t matter. What really mattered right now was that she was going to finally meet Mila’s friends. Of course she’d met them all in passing before but this time Natalie would be introduced as Mila’s bitch. And then she would fuck them with her mouth. Then Natalie would be ass fucked by Mila while her friends watched. And The weirdest thing about all this was how natural it felt. How right. That didn’t stop part of Natalie from wanting to run screaming.

“Are you ok?” Mila asked, clearly reading her mind.

“I’m fine.” Natalie lied, and then when the other girl gave her a look she added, “I, I’m just a little nervous, that’s all.”

Conveniently being stopped by a red light Mila turned her full attention to Natalie, placing her hand down on the other brunette’s thigh, “Hey, it’s not too late to cancel you know?”

“Really?” Natalie smiled. She had expected that was the case but it was nice to know for sure.

“Really.” Mila returned the smile, “I like having you all to myself. Why do you think I’ve put this off for so long? And yeah, Laura will tease me mercilessly if we no show but I’ll have the last laugh when I introduce you as my girlfriend.”

Natalie was a little taken aback, “Girlfriend?”

“Yeah, if… if that’s ok.” Mila said, looking awkward for the first time since their affair started, “I mean I know we’ve had a lot of sex, but I’ve tried to bring you dinner and we’ve watched movies and done other stuff. It’s not like I can take you out properly. At least not right now. So… if you’re ok with it-”

“I’m ok with it.” Natalie interrupted, only slightly blushing as she added, “I’m ok with being your girlfriend.”

“Good.” Mila said, the two girls exchanging a soft smile before being interrupted by the traffic lights changing. Mila drove on for a bit and then added, “You know this doesn’t mean you can deny me sex right?”

If it was anyone else Natalie might have been offended, but after everything that had happened she just smiled and said, “So you’re hoping I’d be ok with being your girlfriend and your lezzie bitch?”

Sensing Natalie’s mood Mila grinned, “Pretty much.”

“Well… I guess I could live with that.” Natalie smiled, and then after a pause asked, “So, are you going to introduce me as just one or both?”

Mila grinned wickedly, “I haven’t decided yet.”

After that the two women fell into a comfortable silence until they pulled into the drive of a impressive looking house. It was almost mansion sized, the home looking a little extravagant for Natalie’s taste but the security seemed encouraging all things considered. Mila had already explained this was the home of Hayden Panettiere, who had been working long enough to be able to treat herself. Technically it also belonged to Hayden’s girlfriend Kristen Bell who had unofficially put significant money towards it, mostly because of how long she would be staying in that home and wanted it to be nice.

To Natalie’s surprised they were barely at the door when they were greeted by an excited looking Hayden, the girl beaming brightly as she spotted the two newcomers, her eyes focusing on Natalie, “You came! You really came… hey Kristen, you owe me 50 bucks!”

Briefly Hayden’s gaze became lascivious, then she turned and practically skipped into her home, leaving the door wide open for the two brunettes.

“She can get a little overexcited.” Mila unnecessarily explained.

“You mentioned that.” Natalie reminded her.

“Yeah, I did…” Mila agreed, before grinning wickedly, “I also mentioned the best way to calm her down.”

“I remember.” Natalie blushed. Multiple orgasms is what Mila… her girlfriend, had said did the trick, the older brunette forcing herself to smile and adding, “And, and given how excited she is, we should probably do whatever it takes to calm her down.”

“Atta girl.” Mila grinned as she took Natalie’s hand, “Now come on, let’s introduce you to my friends.”

With that the two girls walked into the mansion, only briefly pausing to close and lock the door before Mila led the way into the living room. Kristen Bell and Laura Prepon were relaxing on the couch with curious looks on their faces which turned to shock. Or at least Kristen was shocked. Laura mostly looked intrigued, although both their expressions turned lustful. Meanwhile Hayden was on her feet and practically bouncing with excitement, Mila guessing that the slutty blonde was just dying to say something. Or possibly just rip off her clothes. Or Natalie’s.

Beating her to it, at least as far as saying something, Mila smirked at her friends and loudly proclaimed, “This is Natalie… my girlfriend.”

“Girlfriend?” Laura grinned before turning to the other girl on the couch, “See Kristen, I told you. Mila can seduce a girl just fine, she just can’t top one.”

“Can too!” Mila huffed, “And I have.”

“Prove it.” Laura challenged, a grin still on her face.

“Oh I will. Natalie, come here.” Mila ordered, a little annoyed that Natalie briefly hesitated but put that aside to pull her in for a quick but passionate kiss and then tell her, “Get on your knees.”

For the briefest of moments Natalie hesitated simply because she was a little dazed by the kiss. She always was when kissing Mila. However that hesitation clearly cost Mila, Laura smirking while Kristen raised an eyebrow. Hoping to make it up to her lover Natalie quickly dropped down to her knees and lowered her head submissively. Unfortunately the damage was done.

“I’m not impressed.” Laura said dryly.

“Laura! Stop being so negative.” Hayden whined.

“You could give them more of a chance.” Kristen added, almost as eager as her girlfriend to see where this was going but hiding it well.

Laura was eager to see too, but she couldn’t help tease. So with a forced sigh of exasperation she said, “Fine, what else you got.”

“Depends.” Mila smirked, placing her hand gently on Natalie’s head and stroking the other girl’s beautiful brown locks, “Would you rather see my bitch kiss my feet… or my ass?”

“Ass!” Hayden practically squealed with excitement, Kristen saying the same thing in a lower volume but still secretly feeling the same amount of enthusiasm.

Laura simply nodded in agreement, although Mila didn’t miss the look of excitement in her ex-girlfriend’s eyes. That look and the two blondes’ responses caused Mila to smirk as she turned around, pushed her own pants and panties down, grabbed a hold of those brown locks she had been stroking and shoved Natalie’s face into her ass.

“You heard them bitch, pucker up and kiss my ass!” Mila said sternly.

“Yes Mistress.” Natalie mumbled from in between Mila’s cheeks before she began kissing them, the Oscar-winning actress pressing her face deeper in between those glorious globes which she had learned to love.

While she adored everything they did together there were some things Mila made her do which Natalie blush. Kissing her mistress’s ass was definitely one of them. It just felt so naughty and wrong, but just like with everything else Mila made her do this made Natalie so very wet. Especially with Mila providing commentary.

“That’s it slut, get your Harvard educated face in my ass!” Mila ordered, putting on a real show for their audience, “Get your Harvard educated face up my fucking ass and rim me! Lick my fucking ass hole you prissy little bitch. Ooooohhhhhh yeahhhhhhh, that’s it, lick my little butt hole just like that, mmmmmmm, more, mmmmmm, harder, yessssss!”

Ignoring the words so she could concentrate her actions Natalie briefly pressed her lips to the soft flesh surrounding Mila’s ass hole before zoning in on her final goal. Normally she would spend more time kissing Mila’s cheeks however her mistress had made it perfectly clear she wanted her back hole licked straightaway so what could Natalie do except obey?

Luckily she’d had plenty of practice eating Mila’s ass, Natalie licking the other girl’s rosebud just the way she liked it for a few long minutes before trying to push her tongue into Mila’s butt. She didn’t go very far, just enough to make Mila moan extra loud and praise her efforts.

“Oh yes, get your tongue up my ass Harvard girl, yessssss mmmmmm, ooooooohhhhhh that feels so good!” Mila groaned, closing her eyes and forgetting everyone in the room for a moment, then opening them and smirking at her friend, “Ohhhhhh, do you believe me now Laura? Now that you can see Natalie Portman burying her Oscar-winning face in my ass do you believe she’s my bitch? Or do you need to come closer and get a better look at Natalie Portman tonguing my butt hole?”

With Kristen and Hayden looking at her expectantly Laura smiled and said, “That’s more like it. But you’re going to have to do more if you want to convince me she’s really your bitch.”

“No problem.” Mila told her ex-girlfriend before turning her attention back to her current girlfriend, “Natalie, go and kiss Hayden! Feed that slut my ass.”

Natalie tried to say ‘yes’ but she didn’t take her tongue out of Mila’s ass fast enough so it came out kind of muffled. She was also still pretty nervous by this whole group sex thing, or performing sexual acts in front of a group as the case was right now. Regardless of the excuse Natalie tried to clearly respond once she was on her feet, but before she could get a word out Hayden crashed her lips against hers and shoved her tongue down her throat. More accurately Hayden caressed Natalie’s tongue with her own, the tiny blonde clearly eager to taste Mila Kunis’ butt on Natalie Portman’s tongue.

That thought, and acknowledgement that this had become her twisted reality, causing Natalie to tense up momentarily but Hayden would not be denied. The little firecracker continued kissing her passionately until Natalie woke up from her haze and started kissing back, the two girls then quickly becoming lost in the increasingly heated lip lock. By the time Hayden pulled away the taste of Mila’s ass hole was completely gone and all Natalie could taste was the Heroes star’s saliva, a flavour Natalie had become very fond of.

After she caught her breath Hayden grinned and said, “Wow… I so wanna fuck you! Can I Mila? Please? I can totally wait until next time to be licked if you’ll let me fuck your bitch with my tongue.”

“Sorry Hayden, I made the rules very clear. If you want to taste my bitch’s sweet little pussy, you’re going to have to agree to be my bitch for a night.” Mila smirked.

“And I totally will. I’ll submit to you Mila! I’ll totally submit to you and be your bitch!” Hayden swore, before turning back to look Natalie in the eye, “Mmmmm, I’ll do anything to have Natalie Portman cum in my mouth.”

“Next time, I promise.” Mila said, looking at her blushing girlfriend.

“Oh come on Mila!” Hayden whined, “I’ll make her cum so hard, I promise!”

“Hayden! Stop embarrassing me and sit your cute little butt down!” Kristen snapped at her girlfriend/bitch.

Letting out a soft grumble Hayden stomped over to a nearby chair, sat down and then looked at Natalie, “Oh well, looks like I’ll have to wait until next time to taste you. On the bright side I’ve been dreaming of you licking me since Mila first told us the good news, and now finally I’m going to cream on your pretty face.”

Blushing furiously Natalie stood still for a couple of seconds before Kristen called out, “Don’t just stand there looking pretty, get your face in between my girlfriend’s legs. Fucking eat her cunt like you were just eating Mila’s ass.”

“Don’t worry about foreplay.” Hayden added, “I’m been dripping wet thinking about you all day.”

“She’s not joking.” Kristen smirked, “She’s been unbearable.”

“You love it.” Laura grinned.

“I do.” Kristen confessed, leaning over to kiss her girlfriend, “And I love her.”

Captivated by the beautiful sight Natalie watched Hayden Panettiere and Kristen Bell make out for a few long moments. Then a look from Mila quickly had her stumbling over to kneel in front of Hayden before she slid her tongue out and licked her second ever pussy.

Despite the occasion Natalie still couldn’t tear her gaze away from Hayden and Kristen. They were just so hungry for each other, so passionate. As a result Natalie saw when Hayden briefly tried to pull away, probably to let out the moan Kristen ended up swallowing when the older blonde held her firmly in place, the star of Veronica Mars apparently not ready to give up her girlfriend’s sweet lips. For her part Hayden struggled only briefly before melting again into the kiss, the two blondes seeming perfectly content to enjoy each other for a little while longer while the younger one enjoyed Natalie’s tongue on her cunt.

Meanwhile Natalie had finally found something which could distract her from two hot girls kissing, that being Hayden’s mouth-watering pussy. Which truth be told was a relief. After all Natalie didn’t come here to watch, she came here to eat pussy and get fucked by her girlfriend. She, Natalie Portman, came here to be a dirty little lesbian slut and partake in her first ever orgy. An all-girl orgy. A lesbian orgy where she would fuck three girls with her mouth and then have the same three girls watch her being fucked up the ass by her girlfriend.

Considering how much those words echoed in her mind in some variation over the past week or so Natalie was pretty much 100% sure she would enjoy licking her second ever pussy but it was a relief to be proven right. Hayden’s little pussy was so yummy, the first taste of it sending Natalie’s mind spiralling out of control for a little while. When she regained focus Natalie switched from short slow licks to long slow licks, making sure to press her tongue at the bottom of Hayden’s cunt and sliding all the way up her downstairs lips until she was almost but not quite touching her clit.

This more concentrated licking had Hayden abruptly pulling away from Kristen so she could cry out loudly in pleasure. She was going to return to the kissing but apparently Kristen had other ideas, the older blonde diving down to cover her neck in just little pecks before switching to sucking on the soft flesh. Hayden had no problem with that change, especially if Kristen left a tiny mark to prove she had been there. To prove, to a select few, that she and Hayden had fucked. That Hayden was hers.

Hayden and Kristen loved marking each other as theirs, and this time round it felt extra kinky given there was another girl licking Hayden’s pussy at the time. And not just any girl but Natalie Portman. As in Natalie Portman was going down on her, and doing a pretty good job of it.

Finally feeling like she could talk Hayden half giggled, half moaned, “Ohhhhhh God yes, lick me! Lick my pussy. Mmmmmmm, just like that, oh God harder, mmmmm yessssss eat my nasty little dyke cunt! Eat it! Harder, mmmmmm, more, please, oh fuck!”

It wasn’t long before any giggling was forgotten, Kristen’s touches ceasing to be tickling and the twat teasing Hayden was receiving from Natalie’s tongue drove her wild. Figuratively, if not literally.

Normally Hayden would be more verbal than this but she didn’t want to scare the clearly nervous Natalie off. After all, it wasn’t like she hadn’t been nervous during her first orgy. And her first time with a girl, or any other first time for that matter. Besides, she wanted to enjoy this. Enjoy the first time Natalie Portman ate her pussy. So she was more than happy for Natalie to take her time, really get a taste for her twat. Hopefully even learn to crave it the way Hayden craved Kristen’s cunt. And Mila’s cunt. And Laura’s, and Ali’s, and pretty much every girl she’d ever fucked.

Natalie could see herself getting addicted to the taste of Hayden’s cunt. In fact, she might already be there considering how eagerly she was licking the other girl’s pussy, her tongue now practically aching to dip inside Hayden’s honeypot. She could probably do it without making Hayden cum, but it would definitely accelerate things and Natalie wasn’t so sure she wanted to do that. However she did want some more of Hayden’s cream so as an alternative she started touching the other girl’s clit with every other lick.

That unsurprisingly made Hayden moan loudly before enthusiastically crying out, “YES, yes, yeeeeessssssss mmmmmmm lick my clit! Lick it! Ohhhhhhh Natalie, lick my clit like a good little lesbian slut! Mmmmmm, lick my clitty, ooooooh, tongue it good, oh fuck yes, oh Natalie!”

The blonde said more but it was mostly a repeat of the same stuff or incoherent nonsense. Not that Natalie was really paying attention. No, she was far more preoccupied with licking up all the extra girl cream which flowed from Hayden’s centre as result of all the attention that she had been showing that sensitive bundle of nerves.

Eager for more of that girl cream Natalie started concentrating on Hayden’s clit, first rapidly licking then taking it into her mouth and sucking on it. Then Natalie gave up on savouring this entirely and plunged her tongue as deep as it would go into Hayden’s cunt. Which of course would lead to more incoherent cries of pleasure from Hayden but again Natalie barely heard them, her focus entirely on enjoying the sensation of Hayden’s pussy walls clamping down on her tongue, a sensation Natalie loved even more when she began tongue fucking the other girl.

For the first half a dozen thrusts Hayden continued trying to hold back. Trying to keep her excitement levels as low as possible. Trying to keep herself from cumming. However it quickly became clear that not only was she fighting a losing battle she had practically already ‘lost’, and even though that meant she soon wouldn’t be receiving this pleasure Hayden couldn’t be too upset about it. After all not only was she getting some extra great pleasure but it was about to become even better thanks to Natalie’s skilled tongue.

Technically speaking it was Natalie’s skilled tongue and mouth sending Hayden hurtling towards the edge of orgasm, the brunette wrapping her upstairs lips around the blonde’s downstairs lips so she could pause the tongue fucking every so often to suck Hayden’s pussy lips and swallow her cream. And that wasn’t the only mouth worshipping her body, Laura moving to sit one side of Hayden so she could suck on one of her tits while Kristen took care of the other.

Kristen also moved up every so often to kiss her or to suck her neck, on one of these occasions Hayden’s girlfriend whispering in her ear, “Cum for us sweetie. I want you to cum for us. Mmmmmmm, cum in her mouth. Cum in Natalie Portman’s mouth. Cover that innocent looking face in your girl cum and baptise her as a filthy lesbian whore just like you! Like us! Make Natalie Portman a dirty dyke slut by cumming in her pretty little movie star face!”

That was more than enough to send her over the edge, Hayden letting out a guttural cry as she came in Natalie Portman’s mouth. The very thought of it almost made her cum again, the sound/feeling of Natalie Portman eagerly gulping down her girl cum actually doing the trick. As she recovered from her first orgasm this one felt extra hard, as did the ones that followed it which left Hayden a quivering mess.

Soon her entire world revolved around the two remaining mouths glued to her tits and pussy respectively, the only addition being her girlfriend’s face as Kristen moved so they could stare into each other’s eyes. This was something they love to do when one or both of them was cumming, Hayden please that Kristen was getting quite the show from her eyes, and face in general, if what she was feeling was any indication. Of course there was one other thing they liked to do in this situation which only made it better, and as pretty much always Kristen was only too happy to do it.

“I love you.” Kristen beamed down at her girlfriend.

“IIIIII loveeeeee youuuuuuuu toooooo!” Hayden cried out seconds before cumming in Natalie Portman’s mouth again.

Mila allowed that to happen a few more times and then she called out, “Hayden, don’t be greedy. Let your girlfriend have a turn.”

“Please, please just one more, ooooohhhhh Goddddd, please!” Hayden begged before turning to Kristen, “Please baby, I’m so close.”

Even though she was eager to try out Natalie’s tongue Kristen wished she had the authority to grant Hayden’s request. As she didn’t she turned to the person with authority, “Please let Hayden cum Mila. I mean look at her, it’ll only take a second.”

“That depends.” Mila said thoughtfully, “What will you let me do if I let her?”

Kristen smiled, “I’m sure we could come to some arrangement.”

“Be pacific.” Mila consisted, then when Kristen looked at Hayden quickly added, “Oh no, Hayden already agreed to submit to me. That means I get to do anything to her I want. That means if you want me to let her cum, YOU have to be the one doing something for me.”

Her smile almost but not quite faltering Kristen asked, “Like what?”

Unable to stop a smile of her own crossing her face Mila said, “Like taking an ass fucking.”

There was a moment of almost silence, everybody except Natalie looking at Mila with surprise. Laura also looked a little delighted, turned on and maybe even like she had grown a little respect for Mila, which of course thrilled Mila a far more than it should. What she certainly didn’t feel bad about enjoying was how Kristen looked like she was actually considering it, the petite blonde biting her lip and probably for the first time ever seriously imagining what it would be like to bend over and spread her cheeks for Mila. In fact from the look in the eyes of Hayden and Laura they were all imagining Kristen surrendering her ass hole to Mila, the blonde who had butt fucked her on a almost nightly basis during the filming of Forgetting Sarah Marshall now finding the tables turned on her.

Unfortunately the image of Mila ass fucking her girlfriend was exactly what Hayden needed to push her over the edge, the young blonde letting out a extra loud cry of pleasure and filling Natalie’s mouth with sweet girl cum. Of course Mila thought that was a possibility, and while it would’ve been nice to have Kristen agree to submit to her already it would be more fun if there was a chase. Besides, this way Kristen had seriously considered taking it up the ass for her, being this was an important step to her eventual submission to her.

So playing it cool Mila simply smiled wickedly and said, “Saved by the bell.”

“Right.” Kristen squeaked, trying to shake the image of Mila fucking her ass by concentrating on what was to come next, as in namely her, “Oh, ok Hayden honey, Mila is right, you shouldn’t be greedy. It’s my turn now. Let me get some of that tongue. Mmmmm, let me get Natalie Portman’s little dyke tongue inside my cunt.”

Mila was disappointed how quickly Kristen got past the idea of taking it up the butt for her, however she couldn’t really blame her. After all, if anyone knew how distracting this prospect of fucking Natalie Portman’s pretty face was it was her. Plus there was plenty of time to fill Kristen’s head with thoughts of submission. As for right now Mila was done just sitting back and watching. It had been fun, but with everyone else contributing she couldn’t help feel left out at this point. Besides, Natalie’s cute little ass had been wiggling at her the whole time.

Getting on her knees behind Natalie and grabbing the other girl’s butt Mila took a few moments to just squeeze and grope it to her heart’s content. Then she looked up at where Hayden was still lying on the couch looking at her with a glare of jealousy. She saw a less obvious one on Laura’s face and she probably would have seen one on Kristen’s if she wasn’t so busy closing her eyes and enjoying the wash of pleasure which resulted in having Natalie’s skilled little tongue worship her cunt. Smirking at the girls who were watching and wanting to make them jealous, and return some of the pleasure that Natalie was dishing out, and pretty much because she just wanted too, Mila leaned down so she could breathe in the sweet scent of pussy. Then she stuck out her tongue and ran it over Natalie’s downstairs lips, Mila grinning wickedly as she heard her lesbian pet moan loudly for her.

Natalie had been oblivious to Mila approaching her because she was lost in tasting her third pussy. By that point she hadn’t really needed further confirmation that she was into girls, but given how much fun she was having Natalie was quite happy to spend the rest of her life further confirming that she liked eating pussy, the supposedly innocent brunette imagining herself going down on an endless supply of hot girls like a total lesbian slut. What made that fantasy even better was Natalie was pretty sure Mila could have it arranged.

Unfortunately that thought was interrupted by hands suddenly squeezing her butt, Natalie gasping into Kristen’s pussy and almost started pulling away from it. Then she quickly told herself she was being silly. After all, this was an lesbian orgy. Of course other girls were going to touch her. As long as they had Mila’s permission, and given she hadn’t heard anything this was probably Mila. And under the circumstances she probably shouldn’t care if it wasn’t. So it was unexpected, so what? The whole point of her relationship with Mila was because she wanted to unwind and be more daring, so the least she could do was be nonchalant about being touched by one girl going down on another.

Smiling at the wicket thought that she was doing something so forbidden Natalie focused on licking Kristen’s cunt, the brunette pressing her face deep into the blonde’s womanhood while forcing herself not to become distracted by her girlfriend. That became extremely difficult when Mila moved from simply touching her to licking her cunt, Natalie’s eyelids fluttering as she found herself sandwiched between two hot women.

This was something Natalie had been imagining since Mila had first mentioned the idea of hooking up with her friends like this and like everything else with her new girlfriend it blew Natalie’s expectations out of the water. Instantly she didn’t care that this could possibly lead to things escalating to a level she was uncomfortable with. That stuff just didn’t seem to matter because it felt so good. It felt so good to have one girl licking her out while she buried her face in another girl’s pussy, Natalie beginning to rapidly lap away at Kristen Bell’s love box as her girlfriend Mila Kunis tongued her twat with the same eagerness, all three of them seemingly becoming lost in their desire for each other.

Hayden seemed to be enjoying this almost as much as Natalie, “Mmmmm yeah, lick her pussy! Lick her Mia! Lick Natalie Portman’s pussy as she’s going down on my girlfriend. Ohhhhhh Gooooddddd that’s sooooooo hot! How does it feel baby? How does it feel to had Natalie Portman eating your pussy like a nasty little lesbian slut? Do you like it as much as me? Do you like having her skilled little tongue in your cunt? Is it as good as mine? Mmmmmm, tell me baby, tell me how it feels.”

For a while Kristen just moaned in response but eventually she smiled, pressed her lips briefly against Hayden’s and then told her, “Oooooohhhhhh baby, it feels soooooooo gooooooooodddddddd! Mmmmmmm, eat me Nat, eat my fucking cunt! Don’t just lick it, fuck it! Fuck it with your tongue! I wanna feel Natalie Portman’s dyke tongue in my pussy. OOOOOOHHHHHHH FUCK, she’s doing it Hayden, Natalie Portman is fucking my pussy! Natalie Portman’s dyke tongue is in my fucking cunt and it feels sooooooo fucking goooooddddddd! Mmmmmmm fuck Hayden, I love having Natalie Portman going down on me. Mmmmmm, I love it like you did you beautiful little dyke. Mmmmmmm yeahhhhhh, Natalie Portman has a skilled little dyke tongue and I love feeling it inside my pussy but it’s not as good as your tongue baby. Natalie Portman is an amazing rug muncher but she’s just not quite the cunt crazy slut Hayden Panettiere is!”

Hayden grinned happily, “Oh baby, you say the sweetest things.”

With that Hayden locked lips with Kristen, leaving Laura to the dirty talk, “Come on Mila, I know you can do better than that. I know you can eat pussy better than that from all the times I’ve had your face buried in my cunt! Mmmmm yes, I know just what a filthy little muff diving slut you really are, and apparently your little girlfriend is just as much a whore for pussy as you are, so stop fucking around and fuck those pussies! Especially you Natalie. Mmmmm, make Kristen cum so I can have a turn with your sweet little dyke mouth!”

Kristen tried to pull away from Hayden so she could agree with Laura. However her girlfriend didn’t cooperate, Hayden clearly having no intention of giving up her lips anytime soon. Luckily whether it be her own words or Laura’s apparently Natalie had heard enough. Or she was just hungry for some more girl cum. Either way, Natalie picked up the pace of the tongue fucking, the Oscar-winning actress bobbing her head up and down in a way which would no doubt leave her stiff for a while, Kristen grateful that the girl took the hit for her immediate happiness.

That Mila seem to be redoubling her efforts might have something to do with it, then again Kristen knew from experience that having Mila Kunis tongue fucking you could easily be a distraction instead of an incentive. Luckily for her at the moment it seemed to be the latter, Natalie continuing to fuck her cunt with her tongue as hard as she could, Kristen welcoming every surprisingly skilled thrust.

Just when Kristen didn’t think it could get any better Laura got up and sat next to her so she could whisper nasty things in her ear, “Fuck her face Kristen! Fuck that little dyke’s face with your cunt! Mmmmm, that’s it, thrust up into that pretty Oscar-winning face and cover it with your pussy cream while you’re sucking on your girlfriend’s tongue! Make sure Natalie Portman leaves here with a face full of your juices. Mmmmm, make sure she leaves here covered in all of our juices. She’s already dripping with your girlfriend’s juices, and in a second I’m going to give her mine, but first you need to cover that face in your juices. Cover that face in your cum! Here, let me help.”

With that Laura manoeuvred her way between the two blondes and latched onto Kristen’s right nipple, roughly biting down on it before applying gentle suction. For a few moments she went back and forth, mostly just sticking to licking and sucking while using just enough teeth to drive Kristen wild. Then Hayden finally broke the kiss so she could join the redhead, both of Kristen’s nipples suddenly receiving a relentless assault as Natalie continue to give her pussy a skilled licking.

Kristen was now free to talk dirty but the only sounds that came out of her mouth were moans, whimpers, cries and eventually screams of pleasure as her body was wracked with climax. She hadn’t really been trying to hold back as she had been horny enough at this point to want to cum, and while she would have been happy to receive a little more teasing Kristen welcomed the powerful orgasm that rocked her body. The only downside was instead of receiving orgasm after orgasm as she often did during lesbian sex, especially with three women pleasuring her at the same time, she only got one. It was a very good, complete with grinding her orgasming cunt against Natalie Portman’s pretty face and hearing the A-list actress swallowing her cum. Then it was over, although ironically, not by her doing, or Natalie’s or Mila’s for that matter.

Clearly unwilling to wait Laura pulled away from Kristen’s nipple, grabbed hold of Natalie’s head and more or less dragged the brunette from in between the blonde’s legs to her needy cunt, “My turn bitch! Mmmmmmmmm fuckkkkkkkk, oooooooohhhhhhhhh Mila, you taught her so well! Mmmmmmmmm, you taught her everything you know, ohhhhhhhhhhh, everything I taught you, ooooooooooh, good bitch, mmmmmmmm, that’s a good little bitch, lick me, lick my pussy, mmmmmmmm, lick it hard and fast, ooooooohhhhhhhhhh yeeeeeesssssssss!”

Mila was briefly annoyed at Laura’s words, but they quickly dissolved into joyful moans thanks to Natalie’s skilled tongue, Mila’s bitch making her proud by reducing her former mistress to a moaning wreck. Laura’s actions had also been a little annoying, but it was her right, it was her turn. And Mila very much wanted to stick to the rules in case Laura got nostalgic and decided to top her. Given their previous track record Mila wasn’t so sure she could stop Laura from doing that if she really wanted to, and Mila really wanted to stay a top, at least for now.

Luckily there were certain benefits from staying in the rules. For instance Kristen was only allowed one orgasm from Natalie but there was no limit on how many she could have from her girlfriend, Hayden happily slipping in between the older blonde’s thighs and tongue fucking her to climax after climax. And while Kristen was busy cumming in Hayden’s mouth Mila was busy giving her girlfriend the same treat, Natalie screaming into Laura’s pussy while the younger brunette gleefully swallowed her girl cum.

Of course Mila didn’t want to wear Natalie out so she didn’t make her cum as frequently as Hayden made Kristen cum. No, she wanted Natalie to finish eating Laura’s pussy first, and as much as Mila loved going down on the older girl she had something else in mind to wear Natalie out with.

Deciding to use it, mostly because she was aching for some action herself, Mila pulled away from Natalie’s cunt and went to retrieve a very special item. By the time she returned Hayden and Kristen had switched places and both were totally focused on each other thus oblivious to what she was doing. Laura on the other hand spared her a glance and smiled wickedly, clearing approving of what she was doing. The redhead was even kind enough not to tip Natalie off, Mila’s ex-girlfriend staying silent while she kneeled behind her old girlfriend and prepared to give her a very nice surprise.

Naturally Mila had planned to use a dildo on her, she always did, and had told Natalie as much as part of her well detailed plan. However the younger brunette had told her she wouldn’t use a toy until after the pussy eating was done, so Natalie was totally taken off-guard when her cunt was suddenly penetrated by a long, thick piece of rubber. Not that she complained. In fact it was exactly the opposite, Natalie moaning joyfully into Laura’s love box while her own was filled with dildo.

Strap on dildo to be precise, a.k.a. Natalie’s favourite kind. It was also Mila’s favourite, the younger girl quickly grabbing onto the Oscar winner’s hips and beginning to saw in and out of her cunt, fucking the other girl with a slow but steady rhythm which drove them both wild. Then the pace picked up to the point where it was a struggle for Natalie to keep licking, her mystery/girlfriend fucking her so hard and so good she could barely remember her name, let alone what she was supposed to be doing.

Redoubling her efforts Natalie shoved her tongue as deep as it would go into Laura’s pussy, the redhead letting out a noise which sounded like a wounded animal at the soft penetration. Then Natalie started fucking the other woman with her tongue, slowly at first but gradually picking up speed in till she was tongue fucking Laura as hard as Mila was fucking her pussy. However this felt like only postponing the inevitable.

Finally Natalie made the mistake of pulling away from Laura’s sex, closing her eyes and moaning joyfully at the overwhelming pleasure. Then Natalie blushed with shame as she could feel Mila and Laura glaring her at her, the respected actress horrified that she had embarrassed her mistress by neglecting her pussy eating duties.

Before her mistress could comment Laura tightened the grip she still had on her hair and forced Natalie back to her dripping wet centre while growling, “Don’t stop bitch, lick me! Mmmmmmm, that’s better, oooooooh yeah, get your A-list tongue back inside my pussy and keep it there until your told otherwise!”

“I’m sorry Laura, I taught her better than that.” Mila apologised.

“Apparently not.” Laura said dryly, before smiling, “But this was your first time seducing a straight girl, right? We can’t expect perfection, now can we?”

“Now, ooooohhhhhh, now to be fair, ooooohhhh God, she didn’t do too badly.” Kristen tried to chime in, although she found Hayden’s mouth and tongue too distracting to say anything else.

However it was enough to get Laura to concede, “Yeah, oooooooh, that’s a good point Kristen. It isn’t easy turning a straight girl into a cunt lapper, and overall you didn’t do too badly Mila. Mmmmmmmm, in fact you did a great job but teaching little Natalie Portman here how to lick pussy. Ohhhhhhh mmmmmm, probably because you’re a natural born rug muncher yourself, but that still, ahhhhhh fuck, mmmmmmm, you should be proud. Just, mmmmmmm, just leave the straight girl seducing to the professionals, mmmmm, ok?”

Glaring at her former mistress/girlfriend Mila, “You just wait Laura, I’m going to have my own Harem of former straight girls turned cunt craving sluts. Mmmmmm, maybe I’ll even have room for a former top or two in my collection of pussy pleasers. But for now I’m just going to concentrate on fucking my first bitch. Then, later, I’ll punish her for being a disobedient little cunt.”

From moment the two former That 70s’ Show co-stars stared at each other, then Laura smiled, “See that you do.”

She was going to say more, much more. Mock the idea that Mila could have more than one bitch, or take down any top, let alone her. Maybe imply that if Mila didn’t learn some manners she wouldn’t be keeping Natalie for long. That Laura would take Natalie from her and keep her for herself. Perhaps even turn Mia into her full-time bitch again. Because sure, now that they weren’t working together a permanent Dom/Sub relationship would be difficult, but the truth was that Laura missed having Mila’s talented little tongue and tight fuck holes available to her whenever she wanted them. And it would certainly be worth the trouble to have Natalie Portman as her full-time bitch.

However Laura didn’t really get the chance to say any of that. She tried at first but it all came out as gibberish as Natalie increased the pace of the tongue fucking to the point where Laura could barely think coherently. Hell, it was a struggle to remind herself to suggest Mila further punish Natalie, as if the little Oscar winner had been her bitch Laura would have been furious.

A good, well trained bitch should know automatically when to give her mistress a hard tongue fucking and when to ease off. When two dominant women were talking that was a sign to go slowly. Really it was basic stuff… which didn’t necessarily mean Mila had taught it to her bitch, but if that was the case it was further proof that Natalie Portman needed a real mistress, and perhaps that her dear friend/former sub Mila Kunis needed a reminder of just how a proper pussy pleasing slut should behave.

Of course Laura was too busy writhing in ecstasy from the admittedly talented tongue fucking she was currently receiving, the redhead honestly not sure whether she was sent over the edge by the sight of Natalie Portman’s head in between her legs or that behind the award-winning actress was the formally submissive Mila Kunis pounding into the older brunette’s pussy with a surprising amount of power and determination. It was then in the height of her orgasm, when her cum was covering Natalie Portman’s Oscar-winning face, Laura got a vision of herself struggling to swallow girl cum while Mila pounded into her from behind. To her shame the image made her cum harder, although later Laura desperately denied it to herself.

It didn’t go unnoticed by Mila but she was too busy concentrating on pounding Natalie’s pussy to comment. Besides, Kristen and Hayden were now in a 69 and way too busy swallowing each other’s cum, and Natalie was too busy gulping down Laura’s cum, to notice. Plus the look was so fleeting there was a chance Mila was just seeing what she wanted to see, not that it mattered. Whether Laura was thinking about it or not she would eventually find herself in the position Natalie now was, and in the position Mila was about to put Natalie in.

After everybody around her had cum half a dozen times, and she herself had a few clit stimulator induced orgasms, Mila pulled her dildo out of Natalie’s cunt and smacked her bitch’s ass, “Ok Natalie, that’s enough. Stop licking that slutty cunt and bend over in the centre of the room. It’s time for your first public butt fucking.”

While Natalie had been trained to obey her mistress without question she often hesitated to do so when her face was buried in Mila’s yummy pussy. As this was her fourth ever pussy, and her third pussy of the day, Natalie was feeling a little overwhelmed, the prim and proper Oscar winner completely cunt crazy at this point. It didn’t help that Laura was so close to cumming again she could practically taste it, Natalie so desperate for that girl cum upon hearing Mila’s command she started slamming her tongue even faster into Laura’s cunt in attempt to quickly push her over the edge.

This earned Natalie half a dozen smacks to her ass, followed by Mila practically yelling, “Now bitch! You heard me, I want you face down, ass up and spreading your cheeks so I can fuck your Oscar-winning ass in front of everyone!”

That had Natalie whimpering, partly from the force of the stinging strikes, but mostly because she now had to pull away from Laura’s pussy. Because sure she loved pussy but Natalie craved being subservient to Mila. It was horrifying that she had embarrassed her mistress by hesitating to obey, Natalie blushing with shame as she pulled her face from Laura’s cunt, crawled over to the centre of the room and pressed her face to the floor and then spread her ass cheeks as wide as possible, giving her audience a good look at the tight puckered hole which was about to be penetrated.

Mila’s yelling had got the attention of Hayden and Kristen who had reluctantly pulled away from each other so they could watch Natalie Portman get butt fucked. Meanwhile Laura was more interested in the disobedience, “Oh Mila, you really don’t have her well trained, do you?”

Momentarily Mila scowled, then a smirk crossed her face, “I see it more as I’ve turned her into such a cunt craving dyke she struggles to pull herself away from a pussy, even if it means she’s denying herself a fucking.”

“You mean like you were with me?” Laura shot back with a grin.

Again Mila briefly scowled, this time her return comment not so playful, “Yeah, and like you when you submit to me.”

“Awww, it’s cute you think that’s ever going to happen.” Laura laughed.

“Like how I’d never seduce Natalie Portman? Or turn her into my little bitch, ready and willing to give me any hole on her body at a moments notice? Even beg me for it… even beg me to fuck her tight little ass?” Mila questioned, hoping her bitch would get the implication.

She did, Natalie not hesitating to beg, “Fuck me… please fuck me. Fuck my ass Mila, please fuck my tight little ass! Your bitch wants her tight little ass fucked Mila, please fuck her tight little ass. Fuck her tight little dyke ass. You made me your lesbian bitch, please prove it by fucking me up the butt! Prove I’m nothing but your little lezzie bitch by fucking me in the ass! Oh God, ahhhhhh fuck, yesssss, that’s it Mila, take my ass. Take my bitch ass. Take your bitch’s ass! Oh God, oh fuck, oh Mistress!”

Natalie kept begging when Mila positioned herself behind her, spat on her butt hole, pressed the head of the strap on against the older brunette’s tight anal ring and started slowly pushing forwards. The only interruption was a slight cry when Natalie felt her ass hole slowly begin to stretch for that dildo, but still she obeyed her mistress. Then the head of the fake cock slipped inside her butt, causing Natalie to let out a loud cry followed by a whimper as she was anally violated by her now former co-star.

Getting a sex toy shoved up her butt almost always hurt, the only exception being when her ass hole was still loose and gaping open from a previous fucking or from having a butt plug stretch her back there. Neither was the case now, but Natalie had already taken two passionate ass fuckings from Mila today, the last of which her ass hole had only just recovered from. As a result her ass was a little sore and tender so the anal penetration maybe slightly more painful than usual but she was able to relax a lot quicker, and when Mila started pushing inch after inch of strap on up her butt whatever pain there was quickly turned to pleasure.

Mila would normally give Natalie a long, drawn out rim job before a butt fucking. Even if she had the more respected actor bent over a toilet seat in the middle of a public bathroom Mila would tongue Natalie’s butt hole until the older girl was literally trembling with need. However Laura saw ass licking as purely a submissive act, and despite herself Mila wanted to impress her former Dom with her newly acquired Dom skills. That’s why instead of allowing Hayden, who also loved licking ass, to prepare Natalie’s butt hole Mila had just slammed in with nothing but the tiny spit she had provided and Natalie’s cum/pussy juices which still covered her cock.

As it turned out Natalie took every single inch of that big dildo in her ass with relative ease, the Oscar winner only crying out a few times as her rectum was filled with big fake dick. To be fair Mila went slowly, and even officially started to butt fuck her bitch with only half of the cock in her ass, thus making it easier for Natalie’s back passage to relax and accept the large invader inside it. Also while Natalie had spent most of her life as a tight ass Mila had been joyfully sodomising her multiple times a day for the past twelve months, so was hardly surprising the respected actress’s butt was so welcoming of it’s violation.

That didn’t stop Mila from being pleased with how quickly and easily she found her thighs smacking against Natalie’s butt cheeks, Mila grinning widely and praising her bitch, “Ohhhhhhh yessssss, that’s right, twelve inches right up your slutty whore ass! Oh, I have such a good bitch. Such, a, good, bitch, mmmmmm, you see this Laura? Do you see what a good bitch I have? What a total ass whore she is? How easily she takes it up her ass? I bet you wish she was yours, don’t you? Well she’s not! She’s mine! All mine!”

Those words hung in the air for a moment, and then Laura said dryly, “Yeah, that’s a little selfish of you, don’t you think? Being so greedy and keeping that pretty little ass whore all for yourself? Especially when you’re a submissive little ass whore who doesn’t know the first thing about properly butt fucking a bitch?”

“Oh Laura, I ready told you, you can have a piece of this ass, if you promise to bend over for me afterwards. But since you’re not ready for that you can watch me show off what a great butt buster I’ve become.” Mila boasted, then before her former top could reply she suddenly pulled her strap on out of Natalie’s butt hole, pointed it at the watching women and then asked, “But first, who wants to taste some Oscar-winning ass?”

Without giving anyone else a chance Hayden jumped up, “I do, I do!”

Then as quick as a flash Hayden dashed over, dropped to her knees and wrapped her lips around the head of the dildo. She then moaned joyfully as she tasted the deepest part of Natalie Portman’s bowels, none of the other three women who knew her best surprised that Hayden immediately adored the flavour. That was made extra clear when she frantically sucked the taste of Natalie’s ass off the tip of the dildo and then did the same with the shaft, Hayden first bobbing her head on the top half of the shaft before stuffing that long, thick poll down her greedy throat so she could get every drop of the Oscar winner’s ass juice.

“Mmmmm, that’s it Hayden, suck Natalie’s ass off my cock. Suck every drop of Natalie Portman’s ass off my cock, you filthy little ass to mouth slut. Mmmmm, that’s so hot. Suck my bitch’s butt off my dick you nasty little ATM skank. Suck it like the little ass loving cock sucker you are!” Mila moaned, continuously providing commentary throughout the blow job until her blonde friend had given the strap on a thorough cleaning, then she said, “Here, let’s get some more Oscar-winning ass juice for you.”

With that Mila shoved her cock back inside her bitch’s butt, Natalie’s loosened back hole still gaping slightly from the abuse it had already taken and thus easily allowing the dominant brunette’s dildo back inside it. The rest of Natalie’s rectum had recovered a little more but Mila welcome the challenge, a few hard thrusts sending her toy deep into the bowels of the more respected actress. Then she started butt fucking that more respected actress, Mila grabbing onto Natalie’s hips and then giving the other girl’s ass half a dozen thrusts before she suddenly pulled out and stuff the dildo back inside Hayden’s waiting mouth.

This had happened countless times before, except it had been Mila’s butt being fucked by Laura or Kristen, or occasionally some other dominant woman, who would then shove their dildos into Hayden’s mouth, Mila left feeling totally humiliated as she waited there naked on all fours, her ass hole gaping wider and wider each time Hayden was fed her ass cream. Equally humiliating was when Mila had been kneeling by Hayden’s butt, waiting patiently for Laura or Kristen or whoever to give her the privilege of sucking Hayden’s ass off their fake pricks.

Of course it had been the type of humiliation Mila had only got off on, particularly at first, the Black Swan/70s show star fondly remembering acting like a totally submissive ass to mouth whore for her mistress and her mistress’s friends. However Mila was now getting off way more on being the top in this scenario, being able to feed Natalie’s anal juices to Hayden being even more of a twisted turn on than Mila had imagined, and she’d imagined it being pretty awesome. But watching little Hayden Panettiere passionately suck an ass flavoured strap on was one thing, watching little Hayden Panettiere passionately suck HER strap on flavoured with Natalie Portman’s ass was in a whole different ballpark of hot.

Taking another page out of her former mistress’s book Mila took her time with this, going back and forth between Natalie’s ass hole and Hayden’s mouth for quite a while before offering, “How about you Kristen? Do you want to taste some Oscar-winning ass?”

Kristen licked her lips, briefly looked at Laura who gave her a blank stare and then mumbled, “Sure.”

This really surprised Natalie who had figured from all the stories Mila had told her and what she had seen tonight Kristen would refuse. Sure, she had been told the by far more dominant of the two blondes had a submissive side but apparently Mila had rarely seen Kristen bottom for anyone, and in this context sucking ass flavoured cock was definitely considered to be a submissive thing. So, unlike with Hayden which had been predictable, Natalie summoned the courage to look round and watch as Kristen slowly got down on her knees, crawled over to where Mila was gently butt fucking her bitch and then kneeled down with her mouth slightly open.

Sparing her girlfriend a look Natalie found herself blushing at the grin on Mila’s face, the younger brunette seeming more excited than surprised by Kristen’s submission. The same could be said for Hayden and even Laura, who watched intently as Mila pulled her strap on out of Natalie’s ass and shoved it into Kristen’s mouth, the normally dominant blonde not hesitating to suck that butt flavoured dildo almost as eagerly and easily as Hayden did. There was a little more choking when Kristen took the toy cock down her throat, but like her girlfriend she both took it all and got plenty of support from Mila and Hayden, who were only too happy to offer up verbal encouragement.

“That’s it Kristen, choke on my cock! Choke on my Oscar-winner flavoured cock! Mmmmm fuck, get all of Natalie’s slutty little ass juices off my cock! Ohhhhhh yes, I’ve wanted to see you suck my cock for so long Kristen, and it’s even hotter than I imagined. Mmmmmm yeah, you look so good with a cock in your mouth. Veronica Mars look so good with a ass flavoured cock in her mouth!” Mila gleefully taunted the tiny blonde, thrusting her hips ever so slightly so she was giving Kristen a little throat fucking.

Which of course made Kristen gag even more, although luckily for her Hayden provided something of a distraction, “You do baby, mmmmmm you do look so fucking good with a cock in your mouth. Suck it Kristen, suck every last drop of Natalie Portman’s ass off that cock! Oooooohhhhhh fuck, that’s so hot. Hurry up and clean that cock so you can fuck me again! Mmmmm, I want you to fuck me while we watch Mila topping her first girl for the first time in front of us. Oh, let’s finger each other while we wait for Mila to feed us Oscar-winning ass.”

“Sounds good to me.” Mila grinned, finally giving Kristen a break from her cock by pulling it out of the blonde’s mouth and shoving it back into her brunette bitch’s ass, the two blondes then briefly making out before they began fingering each other while waiting with their mouths open like baby birds.

Natalie waited patiently as her top took her time continuing to feed Hayden and Kristen her butt, more than once looking over her shoulder at the obscene sight of the two little blondes playfully fighting each other over the right to go ass to mouth, but eventually it all became too much and she whimpered, “Please Mistress, please make me cum. Ooooooooh Gawwwwwd, I need it so bad Mistress. I need to cum. I need to cum for you, mmmmmm oooooohhhhhhh Gooooddddd I need you to fuck my slutty little ass hard and deep and make me fucking cum like the lezzie bitch I am!”

Narrowing her eyes Mila briefly considered punishing Natalie for begging without permission, but honestly she was just as ready to dish out a hard butt fucking as Natalie was to receive it, and luckily for them both she had a way to distract from Natalie’s disobedience, namely slapping Natalie’s ass and then turning to Laura and grinning, “Shut up Nat… Laura, are you sure you don’t want a turn tasting some yummy Oscar-winning ass? As you can see, Kristen and Hayden love it.”

With that Mila once again pulled out of Natalie’s ass leading to Hayden and Kristen immediately fighting over the toy, this time Kristen being the one to wrap her lips around the head of the dildo first while Hayden was left licking the shaft, Laura watching the perverted sight for a few long seconds before answering, “No thank you.”

“Your loss.” Mila shrugged, turning to her bitch and slapping her ass again before yelling, “You wanna cum, huh? Then beg for it. Tell me just how badly you want me to fuck your lezzie ass and make you cum like the anal whore you are!”

“I want it! I want it so badly!” Natalie insisted, begging mindlessly for a few more minutes while Mila slowly got her strap on cleaned before reinserting it into the other actress’s ass to restart the sodomy, which was the point Natalie got really desperate, “Please, please, please, please, please make me cum! I need it sooooooooo fucking bad! Oh please Mistress, fuck me and make me cum! Fuck my slutty dyke ass and make me cum! Fuck me up the ass like the lesbian anal whore I am! Mmmmmmm ooooooooohhhhhhhh fuckkkkkkkk, I’m your lesbian anal whore Mila! I am Mila Kunis’ lesbian anal whore! I am her dyke bitch, mmmmmmmm, I bend over for her whenever she wants, ooooooooooh, she can have my ass whenever she wants, ohhhhhhhh, because she owns all my holes, aaaaaaahhhhhhhh shit, I am a walking fuck hole for Mila Kunis, mmmmmm, I am her lezzie bitch! She fucking owns me! You own me Mistress, mmmmmmm, I’m your bitch, please fuck your bitch’s lezzie ass and make her cum like the anal whore she is! Ooooooooohhhhhhhh Gawwwwwwwd, fuck me, ohhhhhhhh, make me cum, aaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh, oh please fuck me and make me cummmmmm Mistresssssssss!”

Natalie tried to continue begging, she really did, but soon after Mila began to increase the pace of the ass fucking it just became too hard. Luckily she wasn’t punished for it, at least not right away, her mistress clearly horny from all the ATM fun and willing to give Natalie what she felt like she so desperately needed. Or at least she hoped so. Not that Natalie wouldn’t submit Mila’s wishes whatever they maybe but she really hoped if she was going to be punished it would come later, because she desperately needed to cum now. Just once. Oh please, she thought, let her mistress make her cum at least once.

Shortly after she thought that Natalie came, her body shaking as she screamed joyfully and her cum literally squirted from her cunt in the kind of powerful climax she could only receive from being butt fucked by Mila Kunis. And sure, it was very possible it was an accident, her body just so overwhelmed by sexual need that all it took was a little hard butt pounding to make her cum, but it didn’t really matter. The important thing was that when she started cumming instead of stopping and punishing her Mila increase the pace even more, the dominant brunette brutalising her bowels through amazing orgasm after amazing orgasm that rendered the usually prim and proper Natalie Portman a total wreck.

Mila came too, the stimulator on her clit and the sheer mental heaven which was totally dominating another girl in front of her friends and former mistress causing her some of the most exquisite orgasms of her life. The fact that the girl in question was Natalie Portman was something which added to Mila’s pleasure even after all this time, as was the fact that she was butt fucking Natalie Portman, the Oscar winner’s ass hole stretched wide open for the strap on viciously slamming in and out of it, Mila not just sodomising the more respected actress but almost literally wrecking her rectum. And through it all Natalie’s submissive words echoed through Mila’s mind even as she reduced her bitch to an incoherent mess.

Pretty much every time Mila had butt fuck Natalie she had become completely lost in the anal sex whenever she started to pound the other girl’s ass hole, the dominant brunette holding onto the bare minimum of concentration so she could brutalise her submissive lover’s bowels. This time round Mila didn’t have that luxury. Or more accurately she didn’t want it, Mila desperately holding off her own orgasms until she could no longer stop them and even then relentlessly slamming Natalie’s ass in a desperate attempt to prove she was now a top.

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