black son

When my mom left for the USA I was just a thin, shy fifteen year old high school nerdy type, with a permanent hard on but afraid to approach girls. Now seven years later I was a muscular, confident, soccer playing university student with already an impressive number of female conquests. I possessed an overactive libido and was not hesitant to indulge.

I remember standing in the departure lounge at the airport seven years ago and turning red; that is as red as a brown skinned black man could become, after my mom in full public view hugged me and planted a smacking kiss on my lips, accompanied by the popular mwah or whatever, and then told me loudly to be a good boy and not get into any trouble. My two female cousins, one my age and the other two years older who were part of the family group there to see my mom off had giggled at my obvious discomfort. And when my eyes had filled with tears and then overflowed after the plane lifted off, they teased me relentlessly. I have since fucked them both; and still fuck them on occasions, but that’s another story.

Now I was standing in the same brightly lit airport waiting area at ten o’clock in the night with my eyes fastened to the arrivals section trying to identify my mom among the people coming through immigration. It was not until about thirty minutes later that I saw a female form that I felt might be my mom. I couldn’t be sure, because the woman was hatted, and looked much bigger than I could remember my mom being; but something moved in me when I looked at the woman, and I felt that she was my mom. I kept my eyes on her as she and the immigration officer did their business. I couldn’t help noticing how sexy looking the woman was, and thought that if she wasn’t my mom she surely was someone I’d like to fuck. I took out my wallet and checked to see if I had any of my business cards; maybe I’d get a chance to put in a few words and somehow slip my card to her, providing she wasn’t flocked by family members or friends the moment she came out.

As I looked closer I realized that the hot lady at immigration couldn’t be my mom. The height was wrong, the skin color was wrong and the size was wrong; so it was not wrong to feast my eyes on her while waiting for my mom. I took in the big butt and thick shapely thighs and the prominent boobs stretching the front of the low cut white and light green blouse that stopped just above the waist of the white slinky trousers that hugged everything tightly from waist to crotch then flowed out into skirt-like three-quarter legs. As she left the counter and talked to a baggage handler my eyes fastened to the trouser front and I gasped at the sight of the plump crotch. That crotch was built for some serious riding I thought. I felt my cock rising to salute the sexy goddess walking toward me. Looking out for mom could wait a few minutes I thought as I prepared myself mentally to make a play. She was a bit older than me, but what the heck; fuck is ageless; in my book at least.

The lovely thing bounced toward me; a smile on her red painted lips that could make a judge drunk. Luckily the waist of my shirt reached past my crotch or I would have been so embarrassed. I was so taken up with the vision of sex coming in my direction that I nearly jumped out of my skin when I heard the unmistakable voice of my mom.

“Kenny, Kenny baby, oh my god!”

A moment later I was crushed, hugged, kissed, totally enveloped in sweet smelling, soft, hot loveliness.

“Kenny honey, it’s me, you don’t recognize your own mama?”

“Mom, mom, it’s you!” holy crap! I thought, I’d been eyeballing my own mother and getting set to make a play on her.

“Yes baby, you were watching me all the time and I could tell that you didn’t know it was me. Oh, give mama a kiss.”

And she planted one right smack on my lips like she did seven years ago. This time I think I liked it. Still holding me around my waist she leaned back to get a look at me, which meant her midriff pushed forward. I had forgotten all about the half erection that had crept up on me before I knew it was my mother and I was gazing at her crotch and thinking some wicked thoughts. But unfortunately my cock hadn’t forgotten how this woman had me feeling only minutes ago, and now that he was right there flush on her pussy he was raging. And he was flush on her pussy! The very high heels that she was wearing had brought her plump pussy on a level with my cock. As I realized what was happening I pulled back like someone had poked a branding iron there.

“Oops! I see youre still too shy to hug or kiss your mama in public.” She laughed and tweaked my nose.

It suddenly all fell into place in my head. She had put on a lot of weight. The high heels had made her seem taller, and like it did to all dark skinned people who had left the South American tropics to live in North America, after a number of years there her complexion had got lighter. And I had fallen for it all because of my raging hormones.

Inside the taxi she leaned against me as we chatted, and the soft sweetness of this lovely sexy being overpowered son to mother decency and respect; my cock simply refused to be timid. It was a forty-five minute ride; forty-five minutes of torture for me, while I prayed that she didn’t make any sudden move and accidentally brush against my disrespectful member.

Mom was on a three week vacation, and would be staying at my place, which is actually her house. Initially, my mother’s brother and his family shared the house with me, but two years ago they had moved out following a family fall out. Since then I’ve been the sole occupant.

When we got home as soon as I’d brought the suitcases in and closed the door, my mother stared at me and said:

“Just look at my baby, how much you’ve grown, so big and so handsome. Come give mama a nice big hug and kiss. Don’t be shy, we’re alone now.”

Once again, that big juicy fantasy body was pressing against mine, overwhelming me with sexiness. She was rocking me so hard that I had to plant my feet firmly to keep from toppling over. My mom was driving me wild, had me struggling to fight off the passionate urges that were coursing through my body. I could feel her fat pussy pressing against my happy cock. I knew it was useless trying to resist. I could only hope that in her obvious state of happiness she would not notice the impropriety. She leaned back and looked into my eyes, my soul. Then she pressed her lips to mine. Impulsively, my eager tongue forced its way between her lips, and for a fraction of a second I was seeking hers; but I came to my senses and pulled back.

“I’m sorry mom, I’m really sorry. I didn’t mean to do that, it was strictly impulsive, instinctual.”

“Aw, come on baby, no need to apologize to your mama. You don’t have to use those big fancy words to explain away an act of love. What’s a little kiss between a mother and son who haven’t seen each other in seven years. Please baby, don’t worry about it. Here, let me even up the score, make things right.”

With that she put her lips to mine again, and this time it was her tongue that did the probing. It lasted for about ten seconds.

“There, you see, no big deal, a sweet kiss between a loving mother and son. I’m glad you did it. I actually enjoyed it, and I’m sure you did too. So, don’t you be worrying about it.”

She held me tightly and started rocking again, only this time, she broke into tears.

“Oh Kenny, Kenny, my darling, you don’t know how much I’ve missed you baby, how I’ve longed to be with you. I’m so happy to be here with you”

I stroked her hair, and reached for her lips. Our kiss was long and wet and tender, full of love. Tears were on my cheeks, my tears.

She broke the embrace and went straight to a sofa and sat down wearily.

“Oh, it’s so good to be home, how I’ve dreamed of this.”

“It’s nice to have you here too. Already I know that I’m going to be missing you big time when you go back.”

“It won’t be for long this time baby, your visa should be ready in another six months, and then we’ll have all the time in the world together.” She looked at me intently and smiled. “You have anything cold to drink, like a beer?”

I got a couple of beers from the fridge that I’d stocked up with all kinds of food and drinks just for her.

We sat down for about an hour sipping beer and chatting about each other’s lives, and reminiscing. I found out that along with her two regular jobs as a nurse and a tutor of math, she also did stand-up comedy at clubs in New York. I wasn’t surprised at that; she’d always been good at impromptu jokes.

It was close to one AM when mother decided to retire to bed. We were both a little tipsy by then, having consumed a six pack plus two between us.

“Oh baby, I’m dying to get out of these clothes and take a shower, and then hit the sack.”

We had been so engrossed in each other that she hadn’t even taken off her shoes since we got home. It was a calf high boot

“Here baby, help your mama with her shoes; oh, I’m so tired.”

As I was sitting next to her I raised the nearest leg and put it across my thigh and took off the boot. She turned in the seat and put the other leg across me. When I was done she suddenly leaned back in a lying position.

“Oh, I could sleep right here.”

One of her legs was across my lap and the other resting on the floor. My eyes were between her open legs, loving the sight and my cock was loving the pressure of the smooth leg on it. But it didn’t last long; she sprung up and headed for her room. How her ass bounced for me; it was a beautiful sight.

“Kenny, look into any one of those suitcases, there will be a bath towel spread right on top, and in the carry on you will see a little pouch with toothbrush and other stuff, bring them for me please honey.”

I got the things she had asked for and headed for the room. I got the pleasantest shock of my life. My mom was standing near the bed backing me, in her bra and a black thong, folding the clothes she had shed. I could see little dimples on her fat butt cheeks. I groaned, and she looked around casually, like if all this was so natural. She came forward to take the things from me. Her crotch could have blinded me. I was thinking how hot she looked, just ripe for fuck.

“How does the old girl look for her age.” She asked, striking a pose. She was forty, having birthed me when she was eighteen, fresh out of high school.

“Fucking hot.” I said, echoing my thoughts.

“What!” she looked at me

“I’m sorry mom, I mean your body looks very good, and you’re beautiful too.” My ears were burning red; how could I have made such a slip up.

“It’s okay honey, I guess that’s how you young people talk these days. Anyhow I’ll accept your comments as compliments, the Freudian slip included. I believe you, not just because you said so, but because I saw how you were checking me out at the airport before you knew I was your mama. Actions do speak louder than words you know.” She smiled and wagged a finger at me then added

“I see you have an eye for older ladies, mmmm.”

All I could do was smile guiltily.

“And I notice you still have your childhood habit of always walking around with your little thing up in the air.” She looked straight at my bulging crotch. “Only it’s not so little these days. Remember how I always had to be scolding you about it, and how your auntie threatened to cut it off.”

The memories made both of us laugh. When I was a kid my perpetual hard on used to draw a lot of comments from visiting relatives, especially the females, some were amused, some annoyed, some clinically concerned. My mom would tell them I would grow out of it, that I was maybe just a little bit oversexed and that I would eventually learn to control it. I wonder what she would say if she knew how many of those female relatives I’ve fucked since she left.

Looking directly at my crotch again, she said.

“It’s obvious that I’m not the only stand-up comic in the family,” stressing on the stand up part. Laughing heartily, she waltzed her fine thick self pass me and headed for the bathroom.

The next morning when nine o’clock had passed and she hadn’t got up yet I went to her room to check on her. The door was not closed, but there was only a slight crack so I called out softly. When there was no response I pushed open the door. She was lying on her back sprawled out, soundly sleeping. I stood for several minutes staring at her rich feminine form. The little open front negligee she wore had ridden up above her navel, and the fastening string had come loose. One entire breast was exposed. I looked at the long dark nipple in awe. Thin white panties covered her exceptionally fat vaginal mound. I could see hair through it. After thinking about it for a while, encouraged by the gentle snoring, I stealthily moved forward and stood close to the bed looking down at my all but naked mom. She was absolutely beautiful and sexy. I looked in awe at the gentle rise and fall of her soft belly. I wanted so much to reach out and touch something, anything of her; or worse, throw myself passionately onto her, but there was just that tiniest of fear and respect that held me back. I settled on a compromise. I bent over and brought my face very close to her crotch. I sniffed at the innocent crotch, breathing in deeply its unique aroma. That was not enough. After a few seconds deliberation, I stretched out my tongue and ever so lightly touched the softness, letting a little bit of saliva fall onto it, so I could pick up and take away something of its taste. She stirred slightly, and I straightened up quickly. With my eyes still fastened to her gorgeous body, I slowly walked backward through the door, and pushed it back in.

A week went by with friends and family constantly in the house, or my mom going visiting or shopping, sometimes having me tag along. School was out, and I had taken three weeks leave from my job beginning the day after she arrived, so I could have time to spend with her and take her around if she needed.

It was clear from day one that my mom with her new found American free spirited ways had no hang-ups about walking about the house half naked or skimpily dressed. In that respect I was thoroughly enjoying her presence in the house, and was a bit disappointed whenever she went out for long periods of time, even when I was with her. I enjoyed it more being alone at home with her, getting regular glimpses of her fat pussy or ass, or the occasional casual bare breasted walk from one room to the other. And I didn’t miss her sometimes brazen looks below my waist. It was as if she was deliberately baiting me, and I decided to join the game. After a few days I also started parading in my underwear unmindful of her. I had been used to being like that, but had intended adjusting to accommodate her. But as it turned out it was not necessary.

One day when she had gone out alone, at about the time when she was expected back, I took a bath and with only a towel around me sat in the living room carefully listening out for her arrival. When I heard the taxi outside, I got up and went to the bathroom. When I heard her open the door and enter, I came out of the bathroom and walked toward the living room pretending to be drying my hair, with the towel hanging over my entire face. I heard her amused and somewhat delighted shriek.

“Oh my god, Kenny, what have you got there?”

I removed the towel to see her standing just about three feet in front of me, her mouth open wide as she stared at my dangling half erect cock.

“My dear baby, what a fine strong man you’ve grown into, damn!”

“Hi mom, you’re back early.” I said disregarding her comments. I glanced at her bosom and could see her nipples standing straight out against the thin blouse. I felt my cock jerk and began to lengthen some more. I casually turned around and walked to my room, hearing her say:

“God, I need a drink.”

Midway through the second week, mom announced that she was going out that night to a club with a couple, and asked me if I wanted to come along. I declined. She was already dressed and waiting when a phone call came through informing her that due to an emergency the couple couldn’t make it. She didn’t seem at all disappointed.

“Well baby, I guess it’s gonna have to be you and me hitting the town, cause I’m not taking off all these clothes I took so much time to put on. Call a taxi.” Just like that, but how could I refuse a woman looking so good and my mother at that.

I had noticed that over the last two or three days she had been hitting the bottle a little too regularly. And there was a look in her eyes and attitude that said something was bothering her. I know that some family and friends had been hitting on her for money; maybe she was frustrated. While waiting for the couple she had drunk two sizable shots of vodka, and while waiting for me to dress and then for the taxi to come she had downed a couple of beers. So by the time we left for the club she was more than one foot into tipsy land.

I took her to a club that specialized in oldies and contemporary slow r&b. We had barely begun to sip our drinks when she said she wanted to dance.

“I didn’t come here to sit down and watch other folks dance. You know when I’m in New York it’s all work, work and no play. Before coming here I hadn’t been to a club or a party in years. And since I left that jerk two years ago I haven’t been on a date or known the touch of a man. So let this old girl get on the floor and have some fun.”

She downed the vodka in her glass, took my hand and pulled me up. We remained on the dance floor for half an hour, and what a half hour it was. During the first song I tried to keep at least a little space between us. But from the second song she would have no more of that. She pulled me close to her, threw her arms around my neck and ground her pelvis into mine.

“I’m not gonna break honey, if you hold me tight, and you don’t have to worry about your thing down there; just let it do whatever it feels like doing. After all we are mother and son what could happen. Tonight it’s all about feeling free and having fun, don’t let’s ruin it, we might never get another chance again.” With that she giggled and did a little bump and grind and I swear it felt as if she deliberately opened up her legs to better accommodate me. My cock was like one of those fast cars; zero to a hundred in seconds. It was obvious that she was a little drunk, but what the heck; I took advantage of it. I ground into my mother’s fat pussy with a passion and she matched my every bump and grind with one of her own.

“That’s a frisky little fellow you have down there” she said and with that lowered her hand and put it between us and gave my hard pulsing cock two quick little pats and a firm squeeze. “Down boy down, you don’t have any respect for little old ladies or what, naughty little prick.”

At her words I quickly pulled my body away from hers, thinking that I had taken things too far. But she pulled me back and whispered in my ear harshly.

“Don’t you dare!” and in a softer voice “I was only kidding honey, so you just put that boy of yours back there where he was so he could keep his granny company. The old girl needs attention.”

Damn, I thought, my mom is a fucking freak! We continued dancing, if you could call it that. Maybe dry humping would be more accurate.

Back at the table she was going after her drinks like crazy. I told her to slow down before she got pissing drunk.

“Who cares, I’m with my son, and you’ll take care of me. It’s not like I stand a chance of getting raped.” Her voice had started to slur.

“You might not get raped, but you sure can get fucked.” I realized that I was a bit drunk too; not as much as her, but drunk nevertheless.

“So what, it’s about time, two and a half years is a fucking long time for a lady to be without cock. It might just be the best thing.”

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