black ravishment

Chapter 02: Friday School

Kelsey Beaton was an eighteen year old freshman at South Texas Women’s College. Kelsey had always tried to be like her sister; she was perfectly innocent like Katy, modeled like Katy, winning a lot like Katy, and she was studying to be a teacher just like Katy. Kelsey had long blonde hair that fell almost to her perfect ass; she was five foot five and just as fit as her sister weighing only 105 pounds. Kelsey also had unbelievably perky DDD breasts like her sister and despite being innocent like Katy she liked to show herself off by wearing small shirts and dresses.

Even though Katy had only left for the city on her student teaching job a few weeks ago Kelsey missed her sister. So Kelsey decided to surprise her by visiting Katy after school during her first week and staying a couple nights. Kelsey packed her bags and left on the long drive to the city Friday morning hoping to get there when school got out that afternoon.

Katy kissed her fiancé on the cheek as she handed him his bags, she had told him she was running Friday school that night and chaperoning the dance on Saturday so he should go home for the weekend. After he left she quickly changed into a strapless blue and white sun dress that barely held in her huge breasts and didn’t even come close to covering her knees. Before she ran out the door in her white heels she grabbed the small bag she had packed for after school that hid the naughty teacher outfit she had bought at a local sex store.

On her drive to the school Katy thought about what had happened to her over the last few days. It had only been four days since school had started on Monday but she was a completely different girl. Her mind drifted to Monday after school when three black guys with large black cocks had raped her. The gang rape had only lasted a little over an hour but that was enough to break Katy and completely turn her into a black cock loving slut. Katy had since found out that those boys and several others were part of a very rough gang that had a reputation for gang rape.

Katy arrived to the school a little early so she started rubbing her pussy with a small vibrator she had bought at the sex shop, while she thought about what the boys had done to her on Wednesday the second time.

Katy was told to dress like a whore so she had changed into the shortest skirt she had, a red skirt that just showed her knees, and a black tank top. The two guys there were not satisfied with her clothing; ripping all of it off, telling her she had to do better. To punish her, the boys had both roughly fucked her face and ass each while squeezing her huge tits and spanking her repeatedly. It had hurt as her ass was dry fucked and she was spanked but the abuse drove Katy into ecstasy. Katy still almost couldn’t believe how much she loved being pounded by huge black cocks and how much she loved being abused and treated like a whore.

Katy barely pulled down the top of her dress and one of her tits popped out. Katy shoved the vibrator all the way in her pussy while she twisted her exposed nipple. She moaned softly after a few minutes as she orgasmed and was suddenly startled by a tap on her car window. Katy quickly sat up opening her eyes and pulling her dress both up and down.

Mr. Hammer the six foot eight, black, body builder, school principle opened up Katy’s door and said, “Miss Beaton you should be more discreet playing with yourself, you’re too fine to get guys worked up looking and not touching.” Katy could see a huge bulge in his pants, evidently he had been watching for a bit, so she put her hands on his hips and pulled him close to the car.

Katy took a quick glance to see that no one was around and unzipped Mr. Hammer’s pants letting his huge black cock flop free. Katy gasped in lust and shock at the sight of his cock and said, “Please Mr. Hammer is there anything I can do to not get in trouble?” Katy popped her huge tits out as she sucked his balls into her mouth and tried to wrap her tiny hands around his fourteen inch long five inch thick black cock. Katy licked all the way up the shaft before sucking the head of his monster dick in her mouth. Katy grabbed Mr. Hammer’s ass and slowly forced his huge throbbing black cock in her mouth and down her throat. She began to gag loudly, as tears and makeup ran down her perfect face, and tried to pull out but Mr. Hammer forced the final few inches in her mouth and held Katy’s face down.

Mr. Hammer held all of himself down Katy’s throat as he groped both her tits and said, “You look amazing with my huge nigger cock stuffed in your face. I’ll have to teach you what happens to white sluts around here.” He pulled all the way out of Katy’s throat; as Katy gasped for air she began fingering her dripping wet pussy, the sight of his huge glistening cock and the strings of spit connecting his cock and her mouth made her horny as shit. Mr. Hammer started pounding Katy’s face gagging her uncontrollably as all fourteen thick inches assaulted her throat. He began absolutely raping Katy’s face using all of his ripped muscles to fuck her throat and slam her face down over and over as fast as he could until he pulled out and shot his huge load; completely covering her face and dripping down onto her tits as she arched her back from her own orgasm.

While Katy licked clean Mr. Hammer’s cock he told her that every Monday and Friday she needed to be early to school for a principle-teacher workshop and that once a week on her off period she needed to come to his office for a reminder of this lesson in the parking lot. She cleaned all the cum off her face and fixed her dress before heading inside to the bathroom to fix her makeup.

The school day passed quickly and Katy couldn’t help but wonder what would be done to her tonight during Friday school. Katy cleaned up her classroom as she waited for Friday school to start, the kids had to serve detention until five then go to Friday school until ten, and for the school to clear for the weekend. Katy knew the teacher watching the kids for detention would leave at five without Katy coming so she went ahead and changed into her outfit and did her makeup like a slut as best she could.

Katy walked into the Friday school classroom a little after five and said, after being a little startled by there being six guys, “Who’s been naughty?” The six black boys hooted and whistled at Katy standing there in black heels, black stockings, a hot pink mini skirt that didn’t cover half her ass, a strapless black top that was only wide enough to cover her tits, sexy glasses, and hair done up in a bun with a pencil through it.

The boys surrounded her immediately, grabbing her huge tits and firm ass, then forced her to her knees as they all got naked, letting all their cocks hang by Katy’s face. Katy admired the six black cocks that varied from eight to twelve inches, all being very thick, with lust filled eyes; then she grabbed a cock with each hand and sucked another into her mouth. Katy gagged loudly as the guy in her mouth grabbed her head and began pounding into her throat as hard as he could. After a few minutes the guy in Katy’s mouth pulled out, ripped off her top, and shot his load on her tits just as a guy she was jerking off blew his load on her face. Everyone jerked around suddenly as a loud shriek filled the room.

Kelsey had gotten lost for a little while in the city but had called the school and found out that Katy was monitoring Friday school so she wasn’t worried that she was arriving at the school around five thirty. Kelsey parked beside Katy’s car in the empty parking lot and rushed inside excitedly to see her sister. When the door closed behind her Kelsey pulled down her short jean shorts, pulled up her hot pink tube top, making sure it covered her massive breasts, then checked her long ponytail before walking down the long hall way in her pink cowgirl boots.

It took Kelsey a few minutes to find the Friday school classroom but she finally did and decided to try to sneak in quietly. As she opened the door softly and slid in the back she didn’t even notice what was going on at first but once she did Kelsey froze. She saw six completely nude black guys surrounding a tiny white girl. Kelsey couldn’t look away despite being horrified and disgusted that a white girl was having sex with all these dirty niggers. It was only as she got a little closer that she realized how rough the girl was being used and that the girl was Katy! Kelsey simply froze in shock, her mouth gaping open, when suddenly two guys shot cum all over her sister’s tits and face causing Kelsey to shriek. She tried to run for the door after she was spotted but the boys were on her in a heartbeat.

Kelsey screamed as she was carried over and thrown in the floor by her sister staring with wide eyes at Katy covered in cum. Katy who was surprised to see her little sister asked her what she was doing there. Kelsey barely managed to say she had come to surprise her sister before one guy shouted out, “Hell yeah these fine white sluts are sisters!”

A guy knelt down and rammed his cock all the way up Katy’s pussy before taunting Kelsey saying, “Look how we’ve changed your perfect sister. Slut tell your little sister how much you love big black cock now.”

Katy bounced on the huge pole as she grabbed her tits and said, with her face bright red from embarrassment, “Kelsey I love getting fucked by huge nigger cock!” Another guy stepped up and shoved his cock in Katy’s mouth and Kelsey watched in amazement as he forced it all in.

Two guys moved in front of Kelsey blocking her view with their huge cocks that looked like baseball bats to the tiny girl. They told her to grab their cocks and starting sucking so Kelsey smacked their balls and shouted, “Never you nigger filth,” enraging both of them. One slapped her hard across the cheek and the other slapped the other cheek then they tied her hands behind her back. The guys tied her feet together and sat her on a desk then one pulled a knife out that he used to cut Kelsey’s top and shorts off with. Both guys viscously bit, sucked, pinched, and squeezed her perfect tits while they rubbed her clit through her thong ignoring Kelsey’s cursing and please.

The guys pushed Kelsey to the floor on her knees, giving her a chance to see Katy orgasm and swallow the load being shot down her throat, and peckar slapped her tits and face. This time when a boy told Kelsey to suck she reluctantly licked up his shaft and began sucking on the head of his large cock. The guy laughed and said, “This is for hitting our balls bitch,” then grabbed her hair and thrust his cock down Kelsey’s throat holding her head down as she gagged uncontrollably. Tears poured down Kelsey’s face from choking on the black cock but she could do nothing to resist, due to being tied up, as the guy raped her face without mercy. Kelsey gagged up spit and precum as she gasped for air when the boy pulled out but the other boy, who was slightly larger, quickly took over pounding her face.

After the guy that was fucking Katy’s pussy dumped his cum in her she crawled over behind her sister and pulled her head back. Kelsey gasped for breath, as Katy began pinching both Kelsey’s nipples she whispered in Kelsey’s ear, “I remember how it felt the first time these niggers raped my throat, it was horrible but you have to go through it so you can enjoy when they tear your virginity from you.” Kelsey couldn’t believe what her sister was saying to her but was even more shocked when Katy shoved her head down on one of the cocks.

Katy cut Kelsey’s feet loose and laid down under her so she could eat her sister’s pussy which was already extremely wet. Before Katy began licking Kelsey’s pussy she said, “Damn little sister your pussy is dripping you love black cock more than I do!” This prompted the guy in Kelsey’s throat to smash into her face and cum in her throat. Kelsey gagged when he pulled out and tried to spit out the cum but the other guy immediately began fucking her throat forcing her to swallow. The second guy quickly increased the speed and force that he was fucking Kelsey’s face with until he too blew his load down her throat. The guy held himself down her throat forcing her to swallow all of his cum but suddenly despite the pain Kelsey’s throat was in, despite the horrid situation she was in of being gang raped with her sister, and despite all the abuse she had taken already; Kelsey’s body burned red hot as an orgasm shot through her virgin body caused by her sex crazed sister eating her pussy. The boy pulled out of Kelsey’s throat and she gasped for air as her mind raced. Kelsey body tingled and she was now grinding her hips on her sister’s face; she was still disgusted by the huge black cocks but she craved another orgasm.

A guy climbed on top of Katy and made her smash her tits together then began fucking them as another guy spun Kelsey around with her face above Katy’s and her ass up in the air. Katy looked up at Kelsey, who had makeup streaks down her face and was still slightly in shock, and smiled raising her head up to start making out with her. The guy behind Kelsey held her head down on her sister’s face as he shoved his huge shaft in her virgin pussy, causing her to scream out in pain. When the guy finally got all of himself inside her he held it in and slowly the pain started to feel good to Kelsey, her whimpers turned to soft moans, and she began to wiggle her hips slightly. The guy inside Kelsey wrapped the end of her long hair around his hand and pulled back hard on it until she was raised up enough for a new guy to shove his cock down her throat; they guy behind her cut her hands free so she could jerk off two guys as well. Another guy knelt behind Katy and shoved his dry cock all the way up her ass making her wince as she said, “Fuck yeah baby sis you look amazing with your tiny body full of nigger cock!”

The girls were fucked like that for a long while orgasming several times each before the guys started cumming for the second time. The guy in Kelsey’s pussy was the first to cum yelling out, “FUCK YEAH this white bitch is tight” as he exploded inside her cunt. Kelsey tried to pull back and beg for him not to cum in her but the guy in her mouth forced her to deep throat roughly until he pulled out and shot cum in her mouth as she held it open for the two guys she was jerking off to cum in as well then she leaned down and spit all the cum in her sister’s mouth who played with it on her tongue before swallowing as the guy tit fucking her blew his load on her tits. The guy fucking Katy’s ass was the last one to shoot his load deep in her.

Once again the guy behind Kelsey pulled her up sharply by her hair slapping her on the ass and pulling out of her but he quickly pulled her back down hard forcing himself all the way up her ass. Kelsey screamed as another guy knelt down and entered her pussy and yet another turned her head to the side and started fucking her throat again. One guy laid down and pulled Katy on top of him shoving in her pussy, another quickly knelt behind her forcing back into her ass, while another guy turned her head to see her little sister getting triple teamed then began fucking her throat.

Occasionally when one of the girls would orgasm without a cock in their mouth they would shout out in pleasure.

Kelsey slipped into depravity very easily screaming out, “Fuck my tiny ass hole! Katy I love nigger cock in my ass hole!” She completely gave into all her lust and dark desires as she started to understand that she was now like her sister, a white slut addicted to huge black cock.

The one thing that by far turned on Katy the most was seeing her little sister with all three of her holes stuffed with black cock they both were now slaves to. She moaned and shouted, “Fuck me dirty niggers fill me up! Pound my little slut sister she loves your fat cock!” The girls were used by three guys each for hours until it was ten and Friday school was over. The guys shoved the two tiny white girls together on their knees making them smash their four huge tits together as they all shot cum all over them. The girls rubbed the cum all over their tits, licked it off their fingers, licked the cum of each other’s tits, and started making out while they fingered each other.

The guys all watched as they got dressed, one of them even said, “Damn those white bitches are sluts!” As all the guys began to leave Katy told them to each bring another guy to her house tomorrow night instead of going to the school dance and that her and Kelsey would invite a couple friends too.

The girls showered and got dressed walking to their cars closely together and when they got home to Katy’s place they sat together and talked about their favorite parts of what happened. They planned their party the next night and began debating which one of their friends they wanted to invite to be broken in by black cock. The girls fell asleep fingering each other while they dreamed about black cock.

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