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One afternoon as I was pulling into the driveway I noticed that Jenna’s parents had a FOR SALE sign in the front yard. Later when Jenna came over I asked her why her parents had the house for sale. She explained that they wanted to move to a retirement community in southern Florida. I asked her what she was going to do about school. She told me that her parents were going to help pay for an apartment near campus. I asked if she was crazy because the area around campus was not safe, she agreed but said she had no choice. Later when Tim got home I told him what was going on and asked what he thought about her staying with us. You see our house has a small apartment above our garage called a mother-in-laws apartment. I explained that she could stay there she would have her own entrance and that she would not be intrusive. Tim looked at me saying she can be intrusive all she wants but she could stay in one of the bedrooms he was not moving his RC Aircraft supplies out of the apartment. I looked at him with skepticism; and told him you just hope she runs around the house half naked all the time. He got a guilty look on his face and began to turn red, I told him you don’t fool me I have seen you look at her before and even more since the night you caught us doing Devon.

We decided to invite Jenna over for dinner and tell her the news. I called her and asked if she wanted to come over for supper later that we were just going to cook out but wanted her to come over, she agreed.

She arrived about fifteen minutes before we were ready to eat so I fixed us a drink till it was ready. When we finished supper I suggested that we all relax in the hot tub. Jenna said she would run home and put on her bikini, I told her that she did not have to if she was ok with being naked in front of Tim. She laughed saying, she was ok with it, and after all he had seen her naked and screaming with pleasure. Tim perked up with a big smile on his face she patted Tim on the crotch saying you like that.

As we sat in the hot tub I asked Jenna if she was looking at any place in particular to live. She explained she had looked but they were not ideal places. That’s when Tim spoke up telling her that he knew of a place that would be perfect for her and would cost her a dime. She looked at him like he had a third eye asking yeah where a cardboard box. Tim told her that she could take her choice of the other three bedrooms in our house. Her mouth fell open and asked if he was serious, before he could answer she straddled his waist took his face in her hands saying please tell me you are serious. He told her he was she started to sit down but jumped up again apologizing. Looking down I could see Tim had a raging hard on and Jenna sat on it. She was still saying she was sorry when I told her that a great way to show her appreciation would be to take him in the house and sooth his raging cock. They both looked at me with a grin and left the tub.

It was about forty five minutes and a lot of screaming from both of them later when they came back to the tub. The sexual tension between them finally broken both were much more relaxed. We talked about Jenna moving in and gave her just one rule, to be relaxed she was going to be living there not visiting.

The next day Jenna came over and announced she wanted to take us to Florida to her parent’s condo to celebrate her moving in with us. I called Tim at work and asked him to see if he could get away. Jenna and I were arranging her room when he came home telling us he was off for the next two weeks. Jenna and I both squealed with joy like two eight year olds. Jenna said let me call my brother. After a couple minutes on the phone she said we can leave tonight if you guys want. I asked her what her brother had to do with our going to Florida. She explained that he was a pilot for an air charter company and could fly us down as soon as we could get ready. We all agreed to leave as soon as we could.

After throwing some things in bags we were all ready to go. When we arrived at the local airport Jenna’s Brother Mark was checking the plane. It only took an hour to get to Florida and the weather was beautiful. Since it was late we went straight to the condo. It was a three bedroom on the sixteenth floor with a great view of the Gulf and a private balcony. All three of us were really tired so we went straight to bed. The next morning Jenna and I went to the beach early. We were both drawing a lot of attention lying on the beach, since we both wore the skimpiest bikinis possible to get the maximum tan. We must have been asked out a dozen times.

We were about to leave when some people Jenna knew showed up. They told Jenna that a lot of people were going to be at the club later and to come by and have some fun. I asked Jenna where this club was and if they had dancing. She told me it was across the street very large and dancing all night.

We decided to get some sleep so we could stay till well into the morning. When we got to the condo we found Tim on the bed sound asleep with his eight inch cock standing straight up like a column of stone and just as hard. Jenna and I looked at each other stripped off our bikinis and got on either side of Tim. Jenna took his cock in her hand and began to pump it in slow stokes while I kissed and licked the head of this rock hard specimen of man hood. After a few minutes the tip began to glisten with pre cum. I took over pumping while Jenna took it in her mouth. She was bobbing up and down on his cock like a jack hammer on concrete. I could feel the spasms start, I was about to announce he was ready to cum when Jenna began to moan and swallow like she was drinking from a water hose. She pulled away so I could have a turn so I just went all the way down and let his cum shoot into my throat. When he had shot all he could we squeezed and pulled on his cock to get every last drop.

After licking Tim’s cock clean we took a shower together washing and playing with each other. We dried and got back in bed with Tim. We slept about two hours when Tim woke us to get ready for supper. We both put on mid thigh summer dresses, Jenna was putting on panties. When I stopped her and asked why she was putting on panties, I said what if you wanted to have a quickie or let some guy see her beautiful pussy that panties just get in the way. She replied I was not thinking that’s when Tim came in the room and asked what was going on why so dressy. We told him about the club and wanted to go. He agreed and went to get dressed he returned a few minutes later saying he was feeling extremely relaxed and relieved. I looked at Jenna and we began to laugh and explained to Tim what we had done. He looked at us both saying the two gorgeous women give me a blow job and slept through it, wake me up next time.

As we rode down in the elevator I saw some people who looked familiar. I asked Jenna about this when we were walking to the club. She explained that there were numerous former professional sports players in the building. The man who owns the club we were going to was a guy called BIG T; he lived in one of the four top floor terrace condos of the building where we were staying. We got to the club and there were two entrances one directly to the club the other to the restaurant. We went to restaurant first to eat. While we were waiting an extremely good looking black man that towered over us at seven feet, came over telling Jenna it is good to see her. His voice was so deep that it vibrated my chest like fireworks going off. He asked Jenna if her parents were in town. She told him they were not and that we were there to celebrate and why. He looked at Tim and me and thanked us for helping Jenna out she was a good friend and his sweetie. He then leaned over shook hands with Tim then turned to me took my hand and kissed it saying he was going to call me BABY DOLL because I was so small. This man was not only a good looking man, but like I said about seven foot, he worked out regularly as he was narrow at the waist, arms as big as the thighs of most men and bulged muscle.

After we finished eating we went to the club side the music was loud, dark and lots of flashing lights and lasers. We made our way to a table on the back elevated level. As I scanned the room I could see a good mix of people most of the men looked like athletes and the women were trim and beautiful. It was a very short time when two young men approached and asked Jenna and I to dance. As we left the table Tim told us to be careful. Jenna told him it was perfectly safe as BIG T did not allow any disrespect to women. We were constantly asked to dance we had to turn some down to rest. Jenna made a comment that she was never asked to dance so much. Tim said maybe it is because you two have no underwear on.

After a couple hours of dancing Tim announced he was going to go back to the condo and relax in the Jacuzzi tub, he was never one for a lot of partying. When BIG T saw him getting up he came over and asked if he was ok. Tim told him he was but had worked so much lately he would rather relax in the tub. BIG T told him not to worry he would watch out for Sweetie and Baby Doll and make sure we got back safe. Jenna and I continued dancing and from time to time feel someone copping a feel of our ass, pussy or breast.

It was a little while later I said I hate to leave but we should go to check on Tim. Jenna announced she was kind of tired and would do it for me and to stay and enjoy myself I had made enough friends to have a good time. She told me if I had any trouble all I had to do was let BIG T and that would be the end of it, and that if needed he would make sure I got back ok.

I stayed for about another hour as I made my way to the door Big T stopped me and asked where I was going. I told him that I had a lot of fun but was going to head back to the condo. He told me to wait he was going to take me. I told him it was ok I could walk the short distance. He leaned over me and said he was taking me even if he had to carry me to his car. As we were leaving the club I saw several women looking and saying things. I thought what is wrong with them but I came to the conclusion that they were jealous that I was leaving with the best looking guy in the club.

When we got to the car he opened the door for me. Since it was a sports car there was no graceful way to get in the car with out exposing my pussy. As I got in I got a stare, smile and grunt of approval. We got to the garage and he jumped out of the car and rushed to open door so he could get another look so I got out one leg at a time to spread them to give him a good look. I thought the poor mans eyes were going to come out of his head.

As we rode up in the elevator I asked him if he played professionals sports. He told me he had but ruined his knee and could not play anymore so he bought the club across the street and now owned several across Florida Alabama and Louisiana. We got to my floor and as we got to the door I realized I did not have a key. I knocked on the door and rang the bell but no one answered. I looked at Big T and said what will I do now. He offered to let me come to his place till they woke up. I agreed I had no choice so we went back to the elevator to go up to his place.

As we stepped off the elevator we were in a foyer that had four doors one for each of the penthouse terrace condos. As we walked to his door he asked if I liked having my pussy licked. I turned and looked at him saying yes what woman doesn’t. It was then he did something that totally caught me off guard. In one continuous move he reached down grabbed me at the waist, lifted me up like a rag doll and sat me on his shoulders with his face in my pussy. He then lowered me till I was hanging upside down. He held me in a bear like hug. My ass was pressed against his massive chest muscles, my legs over his shoulders. He buried his face into my pussy and began to run his tongue through my pussy over my clitoris.

I tried to rise up but couldn’t from the way he was holding me. I sort of yelled in protest we are in the hall what if some one came in. He pulled his mouth away long enough to say they are guys they will understand and have to get their own. I won’t deny that it was exciting to be in semi public. I again tried to tell him to go inside but all he did was moan in a deep sort of growl that sent a vibration through me tickling every nerve. He then sucked my whole pussy into his mouth, bob his head up down like I would on a cock. The sensations were unbelievable, I could feel an intensity building I knew it would not be long before I would explode in an orgasm.

It was then I got the shock of my life that caused me to electrify with goose bumps. Something pierced my pussy. My first thought was a dildo but where did he get it. Was it his finger, but he was still holding me tight. Then it hit me I was being tongue fucked. Without breaking suction he penetrated me with his tongue it was long and thick he pumped it in me like a cock and felt as big as one. It did not take long for me climax and since I squirt when I climax I was waiting for it to start running down my ass and stomach. But never happened he was locked on to my pussy and getting it all. I was screaming in pleasure when he started something that intensified my orgasm. He began to curl and flutter his tongue on what I guess was my g spot and the sensations of my climaxing went up two levels. I began to twitch and jerk like having convulsions.

When he finished and went to put me down my legs were so weak I could not stand. He scooped me back up and was holding me like a baby when I hear applause. He turned around and there stood the other three guys that lived on the floor. All three were nearly as big as T and just as black. One asked if that was good, I told him it was great. He looked at me and said he was talking to T, he licked his lips and said it was the best he ever had.

The way T was holding me with one arm behind my back and the other under my knees, my ass was exposed. One of the men steeped up leaned down looked at my ass saying I will bet it was as good as it looks good. T told them he wanted to lay me on the bed so I could get some rest; he opened the door as we entered the three men followed.

Once in the bedroom he sat me on the bed, saying you need to get comfortable pulling my dress over my head. I was now totally naked with the four of them staring at me. T then opened his arms as to crowd them together and force them to leave the room saying Baby Doll needs to rest. As they were leaving I heard one say he would like to have some of that. I rose up to my elbows raised my knees and brought my feet towards my ass with my legs spread and said who says you can’t. The four of them froze in the doorway.

T looked at me saying not going to happen, Baby Doll we might hurt you. I smiled saying I have had three before I think I can take it. T looked at them telling them they needed to leave. When he closed the door he turned coming toward me removing his shirt. He sat on the bed explaining that he brought me there and he would be first and if I still wanted to have all four of them he would have them come back. I agreed then told him I prefer to do one at a time so I can concentrate on the one but wanted them to watch. He stood up said he wanted to shower first and that I should go to the kitchen get some juice or something.

I was in the kitchen about ten minutes when I heard him call me from the bedroom. As I walked in the lights were off just some candles on the dresser and the lights from the city was the only light in the room. He was wearing black boxer shorts I reached for his cock but he stopped me picked me up cradling me like a baby. He held me high enough to be able to kiss and lick my breast. When we got to the bed he gently laid me down telling me at any time I wanted to stop just say the word. He then kneeled beside the bed spread my legs saying he wanted to taste my pussy again and get me wet before he tried to fuck me. I asked what was that suppose to mean, try to fuck me; he just put his face in my pussy and began to tongue fuck me again.

Again being tongue fucked is amazing, having a tongue explore my pussy like a French kiss electrifies every nerve in my body. I quickly started to cum and twitch like before. He pulled out his tongue rolled me over placed his massive hands under my hips and raised my ass to enter me from behind, I told him I was not into having my rectum fucked. He assured me he was not going to, then I felt his hand rub my pussy and insert two fingers. I told him please I just wanted his cock in me. He said he was lubing his cock. Then I felt the pressure of something pushing against my pussy that felt like a tennis ball or small orange. Again I told him I just wanted his cock no toys or fisting. He chuckled a little saying that is my cock. I then realized why he sad try to fuck me.

He would push a little rub then rub the head up and down to get it wet then push again. After several tries I could feel my pussy stretch enough that I knew it was going to go in. then I got the greatest feeling of my life the head of the biggest cock I have ever felt popped in inside me, without a single stroke I came and screamed in delight. He asked if I was ok and should he stop. I just grunted fuck me with that monster. He slowly began to pump my pussy going a little deeper each time. Every time I thought I had all of his cock in me he went deeper. This had to be the biggest cock in the world.

He kept up a slow pace and it was driving me crazy I was continually climaxing

I was screaming in pleasure and begging him to fuck me. I looked back between my legs to see if I could see how much of his cock was not in me. With the light of the candles behind him I could not see anything. I started to loosen up a little and he just kept going deeper and I was screaming louder. He was at the end of my love tunnel and still stretching it, I was beginning to think that if it was possible his cock would soon be in my throat. Then I felt his hips against my ass.

He began to quicken his pace the head of his cock was so big the slit that runs from the tip to the underside was deep and the two sides felt like two fingers running over my g spot. I was begging him to cum in my pussy when he said no he would not it would be too much and I would get pregnant. I gritted my teeth and growled I can’t have kids fuck me I want to feel you’re cum in me. It was like I gave him a boost he began to pump me faster. As he pushed I went forward he was so tight in my pussy.

I started to push back as he pushed my ass would meet his groin with a slap and his cock would hit my cervix. I felt his balls slap me near my belly button it felt like two lemons hitting me and they made a slapping sound each time. He started pumping at a pace I thought would not last long but we went on for what seemed liked an hour with him grunting and me begging and screaming don’t stop. Then I felt the familiar swelling but it was more than I had ever felt. I thought he was going to split my vagina open but it felt so good. Then he exploded, the hottest cum I had ever felt was pumping out of his magnificent cock. He was so deep and tight it was filling my uterus none was leaking out, the pressure made it felt like I had to pee. When he had finished filling me I told him I wanted to taste lick his cock and taste his cum.

He tried to pull out but he had swollen so much and still hard he had trouble, after a minute or so he went down just enough to start to withdraw I squeezed my muscled against his cock to push him out. His cock finally slipped out when it did his cum shot from my pussy in a stream. His cum continued to pour from my pussy there must have been a quart on the bed. I took his cock in my hand to lick it, even semi hard my hand did not go all the way around. I could only suck the tip of the head because I could not get it in my mouth; I could only lick his cum from the head.

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