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Dinner was superb and I ask Sir Richard to allow Anna to spend the night in the room that I slept in. He agrees. She has packed not only her belongings but mine and my husbands. I grow fonder of her every day. After dinner we go outside where there is a band playing. All of the slaves are dancing and We dance with them. Brian asks to take me in his arms and I go to him and allow it. He pulls me close, “Mistress I cannot wait to come to New York.”

I touch his growing erection in his black pants. He groans. “Soon. I want to make sure you learn everything. You will have a nice place in my home and you will be happy.”

“Thank you Mistress. Anna loves you.” He says staring at her. She is dancing with Marco but watching me. “Yes and I am very fond of her.”

“Can I become your permanent slave too? And if I am not being impudent, when you decide to breed her I would like it to be me.” He lowers his gaze.

I smile at him, “So you love her.”

“No, but I think I could. I love you Mistress and I want to be with you forever.” He smiles shyly.

“But you do not know me.” I say unbuttoning him and stroking him in his pants.

He groans again, “Mistress I am going to come. I have not been held for six months.”

“Have you masturbated?” I asked.

“No. I ask to be tied to bed every night. I am saving all my come for you Mistress.” He says his blue eyes tearing.

I kiss him lightly. “Can you last 30 more days?”

“yes Mistress if this is what you want?”

“Yes it is and then I promise you a night you will not forget. Just you and me your first night, all night.” I say buttoning his pants back.

“Dancing with you is so exciting.” He twirls me on the floor.

“Think what being between my legs will be.” I kiss him passionately. He groans. I release him I don’t want him to come until I have him in my bed. “After one year you can become permanent, ask me then. If it works out I will let you breed with Anna and you will be with me for life.”

He falls to his knees and kisses my feet. I get him to stand up. “I will see you in 30 days. I want you to go to bed; don’t touch yourself until you get to me.”

He asks to kiss me. I agree and he kisses me with such passion I am weak. I kiss his cheek and then he leaves for bed.

Anna comes over to me, “Mistress did he tell you? He wants to live with us forever.”

I pull her into me and dance with her. She lays her head on my shoulder, “yes he did. I think he likes you. He wants to breed with you.”

“Whatever you want Mistress. I like him.” She kisses my neck.

“You are to sleep in the other room where we were this morning. I want you restrained and I will come to you in the night. Thank you for packing everything. Are you looking forward to tomorrow at our home?”

“Mistress I want only to serve you. Thank you for the privilege of letting me sleep here.”

“You are my special Anna and you are mine.” I kiss her lips. She moans. Let me take you to bed.”

She takes my hand and leads me to the bedroom. I undress her and put on one of the silk nighties I purchased for her. It is a pale pink. As I put it on, I suck her nipples and touch her sex. She trembles at my touch. I love watching her. She goes to the bathroom and brushes her teeth. She gets into bed and I put her hands into cuffs above her head. I kiss her lips, then pull up her nightgown to finger her sex. She is close. I stop and kiss her lips as I pull up the covers. “I will be back later to finish you. Good night my Anna.”

“Goodnight Mistress.” I turn off the lights and close the door.

I spend the night in glorious love. Mistress Diana, Rebecca and Marco all take care of my needs. Rebecca is especially attentive and asks if she can come live with me when her contract is up. Diana and I make a deal. The new one who is coming will be trained to take Rebecca’s place and after Rebecca returns in sixty days she will train her to take her place with Sir Richard and Mistress Diana. Rebecca’s contract with us will be for one year only because she is going to live and work elsewhere after that.

My husband will get his red head. So instead of one slave, we are ending up with three women and Brian. It is after 2 a.m. and I am exhausted from all the sexing. I am also full of Marco’s sperm. Rebecca begged to eat it out of me, but I am saving it for my Anna. I go to her. She is still tethered and asleep. I climb naked into bed dropping my own gown on the way. She looks like a little girl with her hair cascading around the pillow and her lips all pouty. She moans and says in her sleep, “Mistress may I kiss you?”

I smile, even in sleep she thinks of me. I kiss her lips and her eyes slowly open. I trail kisses down to her neck and suck on her collarbone leaving my mark. I kiss back up to her mouth and capture it. She is rubbing her legs together. “I have a treat for you my dear?” She smiles. I climb over her my pussy just out of reach for her mouth and I lift up her gown. I love how the silk feels on her. She will wear silk every night. I drop my sex on her lips and she licks, then she feasts. She sucks all of Marco’s sperm out of me.

I open her legs and then take my hands and spread her pussy lips wide. I dip my tongue inside and she licks my clit. I start sucking her and add two fingers inside her. She bucks up to meet my fingers as they fuck in and out of her. She eats me taking my clit in her mouth and loving it. I am ready and I shove three fingers inside of her and she comes as I too find my release.

I lay on top of her almost too weak to move. I roll off of her and manage to lie upon the pillows. I take the cuffs off her and she gets in between my legs before I can stop her and she sucks me. She is ravenous, “Oh, Anna, I’m coming again. Don’t stop.” I grab her hair and pull her closer. I hold on to her. I know I must be hurting her, but still she eats me. She does not stop until I scream and come. I pass out. When I come to, she is suckling my breasts.

I pat her head and pull her in. She licks and teases my nipples, “Mistress was that good?” She says lifting her eyes up to meet mine. By the faint light coming in the room, I can see she is nervous. “Yes Anna that was wonderful”. “

“Mistress I can not get enough of you. All I want is to be between your thighs. I will do whatever you ask and will try never to disappoint you.” She states as fact.

I believe her. She has shown me nothing but a willingness to please.

“Mistress” She says, “I love you. I truly am in love with you. I would die for you.”

“You don’t know me yet.” I say, but in my heart I know this young woman probably knows me better than anyone except my husband.

She smiles, “I know that you have a good, kind, generous heart and I know that you want me.”

I kiss her nose. “I want to tell you Anna that I love you too. I will punish you sometimes because I think you need it, I will have you between my thighs sometimes all day and all night until your lips can’t stand it and I will sometimes deny you my body because I can.”

She looks at me, “yes I know that and I welcome whatever you wish.”

“Let’s sleep. We have a busy day. You are to wake me at 11 with your mouth. Then you may bring my breakfast and we will shower and dress. The plane leaves at 3. Tomorrow we will be home.”

“Goodnight my mistress.” She kisses the top of my breasts and falls asleep. I lie awake for a little while; a tear falls down my face. I am so lucky, my husband loves me and I him and I am also falling in love with this young girl and she is mine.

She awakens me slowly and gently with her mouth and I pull her hair as I come in her mouth. She gets up and goes in the bathroom and brush her teeth. She puts on a robe and goes out to bring in breakfast for both of us.

My husband who has already eaten comes into the room. He kisses my forehead. He is very calm. “Sir Richard has told me that Rebecca will be living with us.” He grins.

“yes after she returns here so you get your redhead.” I smile back.

“I don’t know how you do it, but I love that you do.” He kisses my lips. “Did you have a good night?” I ask him.

“Yes and no.” He frowns, “I punished Marlene, but Sir Richard went a little overboard and I had to stop him. He had to call the doctor and I told him that she could only be with the Arab for six months not one year I think the punishment is enough.”

“I agree husband.” I say seriously. “Is she still here?”

“No. The Arab, a big fat man with a big laugh, came and picked her up this morning. He was with a veiled woman who said she would take care of her and make sure she was healthy before they left.”

“After you were done were you taken care of?”

“yes, Marlene took care of me once and then Sir Richard let me choose two of his slaves for the night. I have had a very nice night and morning. Marlene apologized. She really wanted a Master not a Mistress.” He said.

“I know she should have said, it would have saved her a lot of pain.”

“Ah, but we are going home with three, two I can use and one all your own, how do you feel?”

“I really like this girl. I think I could love Anna.” I say looking at him.

“Good and Brian?” He asks.

“He wants us to keep him permanently and he also wants to breed with her.” I tell him.

“That could work. We will see. If Rachel works out, can I ask her to stay?” He asks seriously.

“of course my dearest, I want you to have someone full time.” I hug him my arms around his neck. “You know that.”

He smiles, “Then we are a family. You are my love. All the slaves bend to you. I wanted you to have Anna just for yourself because I think you need that. I think you need to have her and I think she needs you. There is something I saw in her and after I am gone.” He holds his hand up to stop me from denying this, “After I am gone a long time from now, she will take care of you.” He smiles.

Anna comes in with the tray. She sets it on the table then kneels down in front of my husband. He pats her head and lifts her face up. He plants a chaste kiss on her lips and says to her, “When we are home I will use your mouth. I will never ask to use your pussy again. You belong to my wife, but I will come on you and I will discipline you with my wife’s permission and her watching. I do have one thing to ask my wife. I know she wants to take your ass, but I would like to take it just once after her.”

“Master my body belongs to my Mistress whatever she wants.” She looks at me.

I look at my husband. “Yes when I take her ass, you may a few days later use her for that and come inside her.”

“Thank you my dear.” He kisses me. “let me get ready so we can go home.” He leaves.

Anna still is on her knees. I go and sit at the table. I am still naked. I open my thighs and look at her. She takes off the robe and comes between them. I eat my breakfast of pancakes, bacon, fruit and orange juice as she eats my pussy. I love watching her between my legs she worships me. When I am done eating. I take her hand and lead her to the bathroom.

She washes me and I her being careful not to delay in getting ready to leave. She dries me as before and I dry my hair. She dresses me, but I tell her that I will do my hair and make up because I want her to get dressed.

We walk out the room for the last time. Sir Richard and Mistress Diana both kneel as I come into the room. Sir Richard takes my hand. My husband comes out; Rebecca is pulling his suitcase and hers. She looks lovely in a multi-colored dress with a burnt orange pair of sandals. “My dear Mistress, please come back anytime. I will take very good care of your Brian and will send him to you in 28 days. He will learn all that you’ve told me.”

My husband stares at him, “Make sure when Marlene returns that you take care of her and give her to a master that will love her.”

“Yes I promise you I will.” Sir Richard stands, he looks at me, “May I kiss you?”

I grab him and kiss him hard on the lips. He staggers back weak. Mistress Diane laughs and stands, “Rachel will be here shortly. I gave her some last minute instructions and a few gifts for you which you can open at home.” She kisses my cheek and whispers, ‘Whenever you call, I will come. Marco asks if he can visit.”

I laugh, “please tell Marco that I would like to be in his final session as a full fledged Dom.”

She looks surprised, “It will be in two months and I’m sure he will be pleased.

I take her in my arms and kiss her hard on the lips. Rachel comes out with her bag and so does Marco. He takes the bags from Anna and he and my husband with Rebecca leave. I look at Rachel with her long blonde hair and blue eyes and I know I have made a good choice. She leaves. Anna and I are standing with Sir Richard and Mistress Diana. “I want to thank you both for everything and I will send a few of my friends to you. You have both been so kind. I grab Sir Richard’s cock in his pants and squeeze. He moans. I kiss Diana. “Come Anna, let’s go home.” And we are out the door.

Just before we get into the limousine I turn to Marco. “Come visit us in New York. I kiss him. He pulls me to him showing me his strength. I smile and get inside the car where my husband, Rachel, Rebecca and Anna are waiting. I sit between my husband and Anna.

We are in the limousine from yesterday and I take glasses from the bar. There is a bottle of champagne and everyone gets a glass. My husband pours and makes a toast, “To all my ladies, a safe trip home. ” Everyone clinks glasses and we are on the way to the airport. My husband kisses me. “I know you have plans once we are on board.” He smiles. “Yes.”

We are driven to the tarmac where our plane awaits. Our Netjet plane a gulfstream G200 which seats nine is waiting for us. The chauffeur opens the door and my husband gets out first. He offers each of us his hand and we step out and up the walk to the plane. Our pilot, Robert McKee is waiting along with his co-pilot Sanford Abernathy. They greet us. Vicky Hamilton our flight attendant is waiting. I kiss her. Vicky and I are old friends and she is looking forward to seeing the new slave we are bringing back and she is surprised to see three beautiful women. Vicky is a sub. She and I have had many flights including the one coming here where she has spent the entire flight with the exception of meals in between my legs.

She smiles broadly as she looks at Anna and Rachel. She has long legs, beautiful light brown eyes and brown long hair. She is black, but very light. My husband loves fucking her and I can see the plan forming in his mind.

We take our seats and everyone is buckled in. I am seated with Anna, My husband is seated on the leather sofa with Rachel and Rebecca. We take off. Everyone applauds including me. We are going home.

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