black man

Chapter 1

Looking back, I guess I’d have to say that that moment was the turning point. I was at my desk, running through files of policy holders who had lapsed, gone elsewhere with their business. In any case, I was going through a dry spell and wasn’t beneath calling these people to see if I could lure them back into the fold and back to my personal plus column. I was a salesman, a policy man, and not a very good one. In any case, there was Stephanie beside me.

“Jack, that cocky bastard James just pawed me in the copy room! The pig!” Stephanie blurted out, her voice shaking.

“Whoa! Hold on, now.” I said, closing the window on the screen, my pulse racing a bit. “He did what?”

“I was sorting through some papers with my back to the door, and out of nowhere, he grabs me from behind. He grabbed my tits, Jack! One hand on one, one hand on the other, squeezing them. Oh, Jesus!” She was crying now. I pulled a chair up beside mine, guided her into it, and tried to calm her. I wasn’t sure if anyone was hearing this. I preferred that they didn’t. Stephanie and I were dating, and this was the kind of complication I could very well do without.

“Calm down, Steph. Sit here and Ill get you some tea.”

I don’t want any fucking tea, Jack! Oh! That miserable prick! It’s bad enough watching him strut around the office. So very important! Such a big deal. This is crossing the line, Jack. This is assault, for Christ’s sake! Something’s got to be done!”

It sounded ominously as if she wanted me to do something, and this had my mind going every which way. What could I possibly say to him? “Now that wasn’t right, James. Women don’t like being groped, you know. Please don’t do that again, okay?” What I suppose I really ought to have done is walk right up to him and give him one in the chops. Make him bleed. The only drawback to this would be me getting my ass whipped later. James had an air of being able to handle himself.

The women in the office certainly knew things about James that the guy’s didn’t. I certainly didn’t. But I’d hear them whispering excitedly in small groups, and I’d hear his name mentioned when I passed by. I do know that he’d been dating Dolores, Max’s secretary. Max is our supervisor. That was about a month ago. Dolores would just drift around in a way that bespoke a thoroughly satisfied body and mind. Everyone knew. Max did, as well, but raised no objection. James, after all, was his top salesman. He got nearly all the awards for revenue. I don’t know how many plaques and trophies I’ve seen him accepting. It hurt, too. I’d never won anything. He’d accept, Max beaming beside him. James liked to stand before a crowd, especially one of his peers. Somehow I think we all were charmed by what we saw before us. Some of us resented him, too. The slim, wiry African-American with the self-satisfied look, the finely tailored suit that subtly revealed the gentle curve of his endowment pressed against the front of his trousers. Yeah, he was the rooster in this henhouse. Now I was expected to challenge that. Boy, what a mess.

I’m not a confrontational guy. I’ve shamed myself many times – swallowing my pride when I should have stood up for myself. The punk who took my parking space as I was about to pull into it. He just told me to drop dead. I thought about keying his car, but was afraid of being caught. Or the time a woman who wasn’t paying attention walked into me on the sidewalk. The man she was with demanded an apology from me while she kept calling me an asshole. I finally said “sorry” and walked away, red-faced. That’s me. A pussy to the core. A wimp. How was I going to take someone like James to task. In fact, I was secretly in awe of him. He had an easy way of talking with Max and even to those above Max. He was polite with me, but it always seemed that I was nothing more than something to walk around, like a piece of discarded gum in the street. To him, I sensed, I registered somewhere near zero.

Once, at a convention in Chicago, I went to the restroom and opened the door to find James approaching a urinal, his hand on his zipper. There was one other urinal, and it was right next to him, of course. I saw with a bit of a shock that there was no courtesy divider between them. I headed instinctively to the stalls, but they were occupied. I felt trapped. I couldn’t leave. That would be ridiculous. I get very self-conscious when peeing next to someone. Sometimes nothing comes out, and I hastily zip and run. Sometimes I shake my penis a bit as if I’d actually done something. Those situations always took a toll on my self-esteem. On top of that, I’m afraid the guy next to me will secretly judge the size of my penis by the sound of the stream in the water. I’m not blessed with much of a cock. Sometimes it looks like it’s a good size, but it’s often shriveled and retracted.

As I approached, James was just beginning to pee.” Good lord!”, I thought. His urine fairly thundered into the water, and he gave a long, relieved sigh. I pressed up as far as I could so that my meager member wouldn’t be visible to him. I tried to act nonchalant. Someone came out of one of the stalls and was washing up. James continued to pee with no sign of abatement. A vision of just what was hanging between his legs forced itself into my consciousness, and it has been there ever since.

That weekend, after the “assault”, as Steph insisted of calling it, we were barbecueing on her deck accompanied by a pitcher of stiff margaritas I’d blended up.

“Don’t get so hammered that you screw up the food.” Steph said to me in an unusually surly tone.

“Well”, I replied slowly, waving the tongs for emphasis, “I’d be happy to step aside and let you stand over the hot coals.”

“Yeah. In your dreams.” she said. “Just pay attention. Last week the chicken was black on the outside and raw in the middle.”

I wiped my hands on a towel and walked over to where she was stretched out on the chaise lounge. “What is it with you, anyway.” I said in as sober a voice as I could manage. I was, in fact, getting pretty fucked-up. “You’ve been all over my ass the last couple of days. Ease up, will you?”

She was dressed in an outfit I thought looked fantastic on her – a turquoise swimsuit top and a very short pair of cut-off jeans. I felt my indignation melt some as I looked at her long, tanned legs, the beautiful thighs I loved to kiss and press my face against. As if to assert the power that Steph knew so well she held over me in this moment, she drew one foot up and langurously allowed that leg to ease down laterally onto the lounge chair. My loins stirred in obedient response as I gazed at the smooth flesh that faded from golden tan to creamy white as it entered the shadow of her groin.

“Look, honey.” I said as I knelt beside her. “Tell me what’s bugging you. I hate to see you unhappy.” I took her hand in mine and stroked it gently.

” I saw you talking to James yesterday. Did you lay it on the line for him? I figured, what else could you be talking about.”

“I did, baby.” I said emphatically. “He won’t bother you any more. Believe me.”

“That’s nice. What did you tell him exactly?” Steph said sweetly, stroking my face.

” Honey, I told him, point blank, that if he ever even looked at you the wrong way, I’d take a two-by- four to his face. I told him he could mend himself in his jail cell.”

“Is that so, Jack”, Steph said with a steely flatness in her voice, “Then how is it that Jan heard you asking him what his secret was in getting commercial accounts? In the same conversation? This was when you two were in the hallway in view of my desk, wasn’t it? You were asking him for advice!”

“Well”, I said, dropping her hand and sitting back on my heels, “The one topic led to another and…”

“Do I look like I just had a lobotomy?” Steph spat. ” You didn’t confront him at all. You were too busy sucking his ass. You make me sick!”


“That’s right. You didn’t. “

“Wait, Steph. Please!”

“Wait for what? For you to grow a pair of balls!? No, thank you! Such a clever little charade. A serious talk with James, conveniently conducted so that I could see it. ” Steph said, with a look off contempt that made me feel sick inside. I dropped my gaze.

“Let’s talk this through.” I said, not feeling hopeful at all that we could.

“Sure,Jack. Sometime next year. Why don’t you take your food to go. I’m going inside.” Steph shot back, knocking me over as she rose suddenly and headed for the sliding glass doors of her apartment. For all I knew, it was the last time I would see her gorgeous ass move the way that only it can. The door slid shut, and I heard the lock click. I stood barefoot in the yard as I watched the curtains close violently across Steph’s back door, A neighbor seemed to be watching from the adjacent property. I heard the meat cooking on the grill. I felt my heart thud methodically. I felt my throat tighten and my eyes fill with tears. I walked home, barefoot in shorts and a tanktop. It was a mile and a half to my place across the city. I walked in a daze.

Two months later, things couldn’t have been more different – at work, in my life, in every way. In the evenings, where once I would have been out clubbing with Steph, or enjoying time at home with her, I just went home and started drinking. That, and watching movies or porn on the internet. I was living the life of the consummate loser. And, boy, had I ever lost. Steph had moved on as if we’d been no more than acquaintances. She seemed completely indifferent to me. I would cringe when I passed her at work. But she would just breeze on by. She may as well have been walking past a hat rack. Steph had also shifted into a new phase of social life. She spent time on the weekends with Dolores and Connie. They’d go skiing in the winter and to the shore in the warmer months. Once, they arranged their vacations to overlap, and went on one of those “cruises to nowhere”. After that outing, they were high-fiving each other and whooping it up on their breaks at work. It seemed they had had quite a time for themselves. I noticed, too, that Dolores and Connie began treating me differently. When either of them had occasion to get information from me, they did it brusquely. Obviously, the girls had been talking. No doubt, they’d become privy to my spineless behavior. At first, I was fearful that the whole office would know what I chicken-shit I was. What would I do then? Get a new job? Move to another town? But, it seemed to go no further than that, thankfully. Of course one other person knew. James knew.

When the holiday office party rolled around, I wasn’t sure what I would do. People would be bringing their wives, husbands, partners, and all. I felt alone just thinking about it. But it would be too conspicuous for me to not go. Max was proud of how much money he spent on the event, and he saw it as a way for us all to bond. That day in december came around and I found myself putting on a clean shirt and a blue silk tie as I stared at my face in the mirror.

“You fucking loser” I suddenly muttered, working on the windsor knot. “You are one sad sack of shit. Did you know that? They’ll be giving awards tonight. You’ve got ‘most exceptional lowlife’ all sewn up, pal.” I whispered, my voice quivering. I finished dressing and made a drink for myself in the kitchen. Then I made another.

I had the good sense to take a taxi to the hotel. Drinking was my way of coping with social situations. I’d been through the hell of getting a DUI, and once was enough for me. As the taxi pulled into the crescent driveway of the hotel, I spotted James’s BMW idling by the entrance. It was an M5, a fast car to be sure, and just a couple of years old. James emerged from the driver’s side, brushing off his sleeve. As the valet attendant approached, the doorman opened the passenger side. Steph stepped out. My mind froze. A feeling of electric shock ran through my body, then ran through it again. Had her car broken down and he found her on the side of the road? No. Nothing of the sort. I knew exactly what this was. I paid my fare and waited until they’d made their way into the lobby. Then I entered quietly through a side door.

On my third bourbon, I walked around the spacious party room, spending time in small clusters of coworkers, then moving on. Throughout, I kept a discreet eye on the latest couple. I was mortified by the sight of them. I was seething inside. It was as though their coming together had been facilitated by my weakness and my fear. Standing there, feeling like an impotent clown, I imagined a conversation that might have taken place between the two of them, say, a few weeks back. Picture James jogging up to her in the parking lot…

“Hey, Stephanie. Hey, wait up a sec.”

“Fuck off, jerk!” Steph shoots over her shoulder, not breaking her stride.

Hey, come on. I just want to apologize. Give a guy a break.”

Apologize? Really? For what?

You know. You know what I’m talking about.”

Oh. Are you referring to the time you tried to mount me in the copy room. Did you think you were back in the jungle, or something”?

James grabs her wrist. He’s not accustomed to taking shit from women. Don’t you talk to me that way, missy.” As quickly, he releases her, looking sheepish. “That’s a low blow, don’t you think?”

Steph gives a bit of a sneer. “Um,,,, and your behavior is strictly okay?”

“No” James, says, looking straight at her. “No, it wasn’t. Look, that’s what I came to tell you. I behaved badly. I mean, what I did was just unacceptable. The fact is, I’d been partying the night before and hadn’t quite switched over into work mode. I was still pretty high, to be honest. I’m truly sorry. I think you’re a terrific person, Stephanie. Smart, funny, competent at your work. You didn’t deserve anything like that.”

Then Steph crosses her arms and looks at him. He doesn’t look hangdog. He’s not pleading. Still, he seems sincere. He gives a brief smile – pained and contrite.

” Come have a drink with me, will you? I’d be grateful if you did.”

Grateful, she muses. James grateful. It always seemed to her that he just took all that came to him as his due. This was something new.

“Sure”, she says. “I’ll do that. Why not.”

James, for his part,looks relieved. ” On me, of course.”

Steph turns as she opens the door to her car. “Yeah. No kidding.”

So, who knows what happened after that. Shit. I do. Not exactly, you know, but here was the result, parading around for all to see. My theory: She went home with him either that night or another, fell in love with the feeling of James’s thick black hard-on exploring the outer limits of her pussy, and the rest is history. I could just see her moaning with her pretty feet wrapped around his back, and him pumping slow, allowing her to feel just how much dick was making its way inside of her. I went back to the bar and got a double.

Around eleven, I saw the two of them saying their goodbyes. I immediately left and found a taxi.

The driver didn’t think much of the idea of following someone, but I gave him a fifty, and that shut him up. We followed James’s beamer, hanging back a block or two. When it pulled into a driveway, I had the cabbie pull over, and I got out. I hung in the shadow of a tree two houses down and watched. They were getting out now. Then they walked, arms around each other, up the steps to the door.

I was weaving a bit, but my eyes were glued to them. I wasn’t at all sure just what I was doing, but I felt utterly compelled to witness the events of the evening, however they played out. If I could, I would look upon the foul, abject extent to which Stephanie had betrayed me, dismissed me, written me off. The cunt. I began to sob softly, and kept saying under my breath: “That stinking bitch. That whore.”

The street was quiet. I walked along, trying to look as though I belonged there. As I came to the edge of the lawn of James’s house, I saw a light come on at the rear of the building. I took a furtive look around and saw no one. I walked quickly along the side of the property. Thankfully, there was a tall hedge between his house and the neighbor’s. I came to a point where I was across from the lighted window, but the curtain was drawn. Then I noticed that the light spilling out of the rear-facing window was a bit brighter on the lawn. I crept around to the back, eventually ducking behind a table and chair set. Sure enough, the view into the room was unobstructed.

James stood in the middle of the room, naked from the waist up. He was lean and smooth,

athletic without being muscle-bound. Moving with an ease that bespoke complete familiarity with the process of undressing in the company of women, he undid his belt, unzipped, and stepped out of his pants. There was a generous protuberance pushing at the front of his boxer shorts and no sooner had the pants been folded and put aside, then a hand entered the frame of the window to cradle and pet the shifting mass through the thin cotton. I could see, even from across the yard, the immediate response this attention called forth from within the tented shorts. In a moment, there was every indication that a turgid cock was at full attention, waiting patiently to feel the bliss of air, and hands, and lips upon it. Steph came fully into the frame now. She wore her brassiere. No doubt, she was waiting for James to unhook it and hold in his hands the breasts he had so rudely pawed at that day.

He did just that, holding them gently this time, and pressing his face between them. Steph’s neck arched back and I could hear her deep-throated moan even through the glass. She aided James’s cock through the pee hole of his shorts, and there it was, jerking excitedly every few seconds, clearly ready for a serious workout. As I had already surmised from various unmistakeable signs, James’s penis was large. Jesus. It was absolute stud quality. They were kissing now. Watching this was anguishing, but it stimulated me at the same time. I was completely surrendering to my own intrinsic fecklessness as a man. If I could, I would stay with it, stay right there, and watch the fevered union of these two very hot and driven people ; two people who loved what they saw at this moment. Loved and craved what the other offered. They were a perfect fit in mind and body. I could sense their great erotic happiness at being in each others’ arms. I was strangely elated and turned on. I don’t exactly approve of spying on people, but the chance to see what would transpire in this bedroom, to see lovemaking as it was meant to be – sometimes sensually slow-humping, their sweating bodies wrapped tightly in embrace, endearing and encouraging words whispered into the other’s ear. Or, a full-out pounding fuck. I wanted to see that, and more.

Suddenly, both of them disappeared from view. Clearly, I’d have to find a new vantage point if I were to be privy to what promised to be quite a show. I drew closer to the window, but the closer I came the less advantage there was to see in. The window sill was about at eye level, so that even if they were visible, I’d not be able to see more than their heads. Looking about, aided by the dim light falling through the window, I espied a metal garbage can by the corner of the house. I slowly dragged this over to the window. Fortunately, it was empty. I inverted the can, and carefully hiked myself up onto the bottom, first kneeling, then, with great care, standing. I braced myself against the side of the house. I was situated so that the light from the room did not fall directly on me. I steadied myself.

The can proved to be a sturdy foundation. Lowering into a crouch, I peered into the room. James’s back was to me as he stood facing the bed. I looked enviously at his tapered waist. I bitterly admired the muscularity of his legs. Steph sat at the edge of the bed, her hands providing a lovely contrast of color as they stroked and petted his ass. She was, one could see, spending some quality time with James’s sleek, black cock.! I became quite erect. God! I thought, if only I could see Steph filling her mouth with it! I became so aroused at the prospect of this that I felt momentarily dizzy. I pressed my face to the wood siding. Then, as if clouds had parted and God had appeared in the sky, James changed his position, now standing at the foot of the bed. His full length was now visible to me. The patch of hair above his cock seemed neatly trimmed. There is something so exciting about the tightly coiled pubic hairs of a black man.

World-famous cook book author, celebrity chef and media personality Paula Deen sat in the office of her psychiatrist, Dr. Roselyn Angelique, and fidgeted slightly in the comfortable couch on which she sat. Things weren’t going well for the Queen of Southern Cooking. Ever since that lawsuit by a Black female ex-manager of one of her restaurants hit the national news circuit, Paula Deen’s once clean-cut image had been severely tarnished. For starters, all of America now knew about some unsavory words that come out of her mouth every now and then to describe certain segments of society. That she admitted so in a court of law didn’t do much for her image. Already Twitter was ablaze with people who got fed up with her. The Food Network was considering giving her television show the axe if she didn’t make the mess go away.

Looking at her three-hundred-dollar-per-hour shrink, Paula Deen pursed her lips. I’ve got a confession to make, the round-faced mature southern belle said. The shrink looked at her with that carefully blank expression that so many professionals in the field of psychiatry adopted when dealing with difficult cases. I’ve been having those dreams again, Paula Deen said. The shrink looked at her and raised a slender eyebrow. The same ones I told you about last time, the southern matron conceded. With a pleading look in her blue eyes, she begged the shrink to make her forbidden fantasies go away. It is beyond my power, the shrink said gently, you must figure it out yourself.

Paula Deen closed her eyes hard. Indeed, things were not going well for her personally and professionally. She’d been so busy with work and traveling and that damn lawsuit that her relationships with family and those friends who hadn’t deserted her were suffering. And it didn’t help that night after night she was having forbidden dreams about…men. African-American men, to be exact. Try as she might she couldn’t banish those erotic dreams and forbidden fantasies from her mind. Every time she saw a tall, well-built Black man she got…hot. Just like she did in the wickedly sexy and deeply sexual dream she had last night.

Lying on her back, her blue eyes shiny with tears of joy and her mouth slack and drooling, celebrity chef Paula Deen was right where she was born to be. The Queen of Southern Cooking licked her lips, and winked at the trio of gentleman who were working on her. The king-sized bed shook under the horny foursome as they did their thing. For Paula Deen, it was just another night in Georgia. African-American porn legend Mr. Marcus smiled at Paula Deen as he eased his thick ebony cock into her asshole. At the same time, his buddy Brian Pumper slid his dick ever deeper into Paula Deen’s hairy cunt.

The plump southern matron gushed with happiness as she finally felt filled with beautiful chocolate dicks, just like she had yearned to be for the longest time. Rounding up the trio was none other than legendary porn icon Lexington Steele, and he buried his thick chocolate stick in Paula Deen’s mouth. The plump southerner would have urged them to fuck her harder if she could but she could barely move let alone talk with their giant black pricks filling her every hole. And that’s just how she liked it! The three ebony studs went to work on her and fucked her real good.

Lexington Steele rammed his long and thick ebony cock down Lexington Steele’s cock, going balls deep. With his dick in her mouth and his big hairy black balls resting on Paula Deen’s chin, Lexington Steele was showing his truly dominant side. Though she kind of gagged with that huge dick down her throat, Paula Deen loved the way it felt and tasted in her mouth. She licked Lexington Steele’s ebony cock as well as she could and when he came, blasting his hot cum deep into her mouth, she swallowed his nut. All of it. Without spilling a single drop. Lexington Steele rubbed her head patronizingly and told her she’d make a great BBC slut. Paula Deen, who only became acquainted with that terminology recently, gushed with pleasure. Her cum-soaked face lit up like a Christmas tree and she thanked Lexington Steele profusely.

Lexington Steele went to sit at the side at the bed and watched the action while stroking his big ole ebony cock. Meanwhile, Mr. Marcus and Brian Pumper showed Paula Deen what they were working with. The plump southern belle moaned in pleasure as the two sexy black studs slammed their dicks in her aged pussy and tight asshole. Although she was no stranger to butt fucking, Paula Deen had never been double penetrated before. Even with the lubricant Mr. Marcus thick ebony cock felt huge inside Paula Deen’s ass. As for Brian Pumper, the muscular African-American stud was living up to his name as he went on pumping his dick into Paula Deen’s aged, hairy cunt like there was no tomorrow. Grabbing Paula Deen by the scruff of her neck, he teased her and told her that she was lucky he wasn’t in the mood to show her his “gape man special”. Linda Deen had no idea what he was talking about but nodded. She would have said yes to anything he asked her as long as he filled her cunt so deliciously with that thick ebony cock of his!

The two ebony studs flipped her and now she found herself on all fours instead of on her back. Face down and ass up, that’s how Paula Deen found herself sandwiched between Mr. Marcus and Brian Pumper. Licking her lips, she ground her big round ass against Mr. Marcus groin, driving his dick deeper inside her asshole. At the same time, Brian Pumper wrapped his arms around her hips and thrust his cock deep inside her cunt. Straddling Brian Pumper, Paula Deen told him to fuck her as hard as he could. At last her long-time fantasy of getting fucked by Black men was coming true and she couldn’t get enough of it.

The young Black porn stud didn’t need to be told twice. If anything he began slamming her pussy with his hard, pumping cock even rougher than before. Hard and fast Mr. Marcus and Brian Pumper drilled their dicks into Paula Deen’s pussy and asshole, until they came, flooding her with their cum. As they pulled out of her, Lexington Steele came to finish her off, once more making her suck his dick, which the tired but horny southern matron did happily. Paula Deen sucked him till he came for the second time that night, and drank all of his manly cum. Once all was said and done, the four of them lay on the bed, talking and laughing, basking in the warm afterglow that only a spectacular fucking can lay on a person.

Which was just about when America’s favorite celebrity chef and cook book author Paula Deen woke up in her mansion in Georgia, her curvy body covered with sweat, and her heart thundering in her chest. And she could feel a wetness between her legs. No doubt about it, she had just had the most explosive sexual dream of her sixty six years. A hot, sensual dream where she got fucked by Black men, the very people she publicly railed against every chance she got. Smiling, she lay there in that comfortable darkness and fingered her cunt, thinking about ebony bodies and masculine funk while masturbating to a guilty pleasure. Funny how fate makes for strange bedfellows, even in the realm of fantasies.

The next morning, Jeremy walked into my room and casually asked me what I’d be wearing for his friend’s visit that afternoon. He had told me last night that the friend who would be visiting today was the guy who supplied his drugs and somebody he owed a lot of money to. I asked him why he didn’t just pay the guy, since money isn’t a problem in this house, but he said the guy wasn’t interested in money. He was interested in me!

“How did he know about me?” I asked intrigued. “Have I ever met him?”

“No, you haven’t,” Jeremy answered. “But everybody I know knows about you and knows how hot you are.”

“Did you suggest that he could have me instead of money?” I asked skeptically.

“No, but it’s all he wants. And I don’t blame him.”

I was utterly fascinated now, and quite flattered, too. With all of the easily available young sex available nowadays, so Jeremy tells me, this boy wanted me. I felt like a terrible seductress. And I was now very much looking forward to meeting this young boy who wanted me so much.

“Well, what would you like me to wear for your friend?” I asked. “Something sexy?”

“Absolutely!” he grinned “That bikini you wore yesterday was really hot, and you saw what it did to my buds. Why don’t you wear that again?”

“Well, I guess I could,” I said. “It did get a lot of attention, didn’t it?” But I got the most attention when the bikini disappeared,” I added with a giggle.

“I hope you weren’t surprised. You know all those guys have wanted to fuck you or like forever, right? I fucking loved it when you walked out there like totally nude and they just went nuts. How long did it take for someone to fuck you, like ten seconds?”

I laughed. “Well, it was pretty obvious, that I was available, I guess,” I said, “and I guess everybody knew about the X that Danny put in my beer, right? So I’m pretty sure they were confident that they’d get me before long. It did happen pretty fast, though, didn’t it? Danny was in me right before I set the burgers down!” “Danny’s wanted to fuck you for the last couple of years. It’s all he talks about. And I made some money last night! Listen, this guy today is really, really special, Mom. If he’s happy, he can get me a ton of good connections. So look really hot, okay?”

“Don’t I always?” I smirked.

“Yeah, you do. Always! But like I said, this guy is really important to what I want to do. And he really wants you.”

“You mean to have sex with me, right?”

“Yeah, that and maybe a little something else. I’ll explain later, but he’s an important guy around here and I need you to service him.”

“Just this once?”

“Just do it, okay. We’ll talk about what else later. Just don’t get the guy upset. Do what he tells you.”

“He sounds kinda scary, Jeremy. How did you get hooked up with him?”

“I’ll explain it later. Just be a really good fuck for him.”

This whole situation was beginning to sound stranger and stranger, but I was still sure I could deal pretty easily with any of Jeremy’s buddies. And I really did want Jeremy to be happy, and even more I wanted him to be proud of me. So I decided I’d go all the way with the bikini this time. I had already decided I was going to let his friend fuck me this one time, but that would be it. So for now, I’d be Jeremy’s sexy little sex slave. I reached to the back of my drawer and pulled out the one bikini I never thought I could ever wear. I’d only tried it on once. It could hardly be called a bikini at all. The little silver lame patch that made up the bra did not fully cover my nipples and the teeny slip of material that covered my pussy was hardly wider than a string. It really covered nothing. I’d bought it as a little joke for Bill, but never even had the courage to show it to him. It would surely drive an eighteen year old nuts!

I pulled it from the drawer and handed it to Jeremy.

“Would you like me to wear this?”

“Try it on. Let me see.”

Like yesterday, I asked him to turn around while I stepped out of my shorts and top and into the teeny bit of string that was the bikini. Glancing in the mirror, I saw nothing but flesh! I was for all intents and purposes nude!

“Okay, you can look,” I said. “Too much for your friend?” I asked shyly.

“Perfect for my friend!” he said. “That is so motherfucking hot! He’ll want to fuck you the second he sees you!”

I took a step toward him and watched the thin strip covering my pussy disappear in between my labia. There was nothing covering my sex now but string.

“Perfect,” he said again. “I’d fuck you right now, but I want you hot when he gets here.”

“Jeremy,” I said quietly. “You really don’t understand a woman. If you want me really, really hot when your friend comes, then fuck me now!”

Luckily, he didn’t tear the bikini when he threw me on the bed and impaled me on his big stiff rod. It was a quick and furious fuck, but it definitely put me in a sexy mood, a very sexy mood, just as I said it would. I didn’t climax, but that just made me crazy for sex. A simple touch might be enough right now. Jeremy’s friend was going to have a much hotter little slut than he would have otherwise.

Jeremy left to do something, and I went to take a shower to prepare for his friend’s visit. Though still not sure I was going to go along with everything Jeremy had in mind, I was suddenly intrigued about meeting this guy who was so important to my son. I definitely wanted to look hot and sexy and desirous. And I would be!

I took a long time with my hair and makeup. I carefully shaved my legs and pussy to a creamy smoothness. Even though it was mid afternoon, I decided on an evening look and applied long, dramatic false eyelashes with heavy mascara, light blue eye shadow with a tinge of glitter, and a deep, ruby red lip gloss. Some long, dangly ear rings completed the look I wanted. I looked irresistible, I knew. I felt terribly sexy and adventurous. And I also knew I was probably very, very close now to doing what Jeremy wanted me to do! No, I was more than close. All this preparation had aroused both my body and my mind. Yes, I would do whatever Jeremy had in mind for his friend. I knew that now.

I had asked Jeremy to call me before he came home with his friend, and just as I’d finished getting ready, the phone rang. He was on his way. Five minutes, he said.

I slipped into the bikini, slathered myself in lotion, and walked out to the cabana to pose myself on one of the lounge chairs there. I felt like a goddess, and knew I looked like one.

A few minutes later, I heard Jeremy’s car pull into the driveway. And suddenly, a cold chill ran down my spine. The man I heard talking to my son as they walked up the drive was very obviously not a young boy…and he was very obviously not white, either!

As the gate to the backyard opened and my son and his friend entered, my suspicions were confirmed. My son’s friend was a very tall, muscular black man covered in tattoos who appeared to be in his late twenties or early thirties. Closer to my age than to Jeremy’s. This was no boy!

I was astonished. Though Bill and I had taken pains to raise our children apart from the prejudice that was such a huge part of our own lives, Jeremy should have been aware that the simple fact of his mother having grown up in the Deep South would make what he was asking her to do now deeply troubling. I had never so much as hugged a black man. And now he intended for me to have sex with one!

I simply sat there stunned. I was ready to go along with Jeremy’s desire for me to have sex with one of his normal friends. This was different. I no longer thought I could not go along with this!

Jeremy and his friend walked over to where I was nervously waiting. His friend just coolly examined me from head to toe, lingering on my breast and belly for an embarrassingly long time. I could feel myself start to squirm anxiously.

“Your moms be a fine looking bitch, Jer,” he said finally. “Just like you said.”

Jeremy just laughed and said that a lot of guys had told him that and introduced his friend as Rasheed. I smiled somewhat artificially and said I was glad to meet him. Rasheed continued to look me up and down.

“Your bros told you right, Jer. That is a fine piece. I’m going to enjoy fucking her,” Rasheed said, speaking to Jeremy but smiling broadly at me. “Stand up and let’s have us a better look at you, bitch,” he said sternly to me.

What happened next still seems so, so strange to me, almost surreal. I still don’t know what it was or why I acted like I did. Maybe it was merely Rasheed’s absolute confidence and his utter certainty that he was going to fuck me. Whatever it was, it left me both confused and terribly frightened. I sat there frozen.

“”Now, bitch!”

Rasheed’s sharp command startled me. Something about the tone of his voice or maybe something else entirely made me feel like a little girl with no choice but to obey. My head seemed in a completely different place. I felt I had no choice but to obey. I looked at Jeremy, who didn’t seem bothered at all by Rasheed’s command. I looked at Rasheed, who just stood there waiting for me to obey. Maybe I felt if I didn’t obey, either I or Jeremy would be hurt. Truthfully, I don’t really know. But I stood up. As I arose, I watched the little slip of cloth covering my vagina disappear between my labia. Rasheed just smiled.

“Nice cunt. Great tits. Now turn around. Let me see your ass.”

I did that, too, and was only mildly surprised when Rasheed quickly untied the two bows holding my thong in place and pulled it from my body. I offered no resistance whatsoever. “Get the top for me, will you Jer,” Rasheed said. Jeremy didn’t hesitate a second, and in an instant later I was standing totally naked in front of my son and his black friend.

“Why don’t you go on now and give us a little chance to get to know each other, bro,” Rasheed said to Jeremy”

Jeremy simply said “sure thing” and walked off toward the house, leaving me with this fearsome black man who seemed convinced that he was going to have sex with me! I started to say something, but didn’t. I have no idea why I was suddenly incapable of speech. I just stood frozen in place with my back to a very scary Negro who was intent on taking me.

Approaching me from the rear, Rasheed cupped both breasts in his hands and kissed the back of my neck. I still remember vividly the strangeness of seeing those huge black hands enveloping my very white breasts. I know he could feel me tense up as he began to kneed my boobs and caress my involuntarily hardening nipples. I heard him chuckle slightly. “Turn around now, bitch. Let me have a look at that pussy again.”

Again, I simply, but inexplicably, did as I was told. I turned and faced him and waited for what he would do next.

“Get on your knees, cunt,” he said briskly.

I must have hesitated or done something that upset him, because in an instant I found myself reeling from the force of his slap to the side of my head. It was the second time in my life I’d ever been slapped, and though this was really no harder than Jelly’s slap earlier, it was intensely more frightening. In a total daze, I lowered myself to my knees in front of him. Through a sort of dim red haze I saw him pull his black snake from his pants and watched it stiffen in front of my lips.

I knelt there mesmerized and scared. It wasn’t Rasheed’s cock that frightened me. It was certainly no fatter than Jelly’s and only an inch or two longer at most. Jeremy’s cock was nearly as long, though not nearly so thick, especially at the base. So it wasn’t the size of his sex that so terrified to me. It was its blackness! The terrible, terrible taboo blackness of the cock that was aimed directly at my white mouth.

When I obediently parted my lips and the first few inches of his terrible black cock slither toward the back of my throat, I knew I no longer had any control whatsoever. I was simply a vessel to receive whatever Rasheed intended to fill it with.

I gagged slightly as his cock slid down into my throat. The base of his cock was forcing me to open my mouth painfully wide. Another hard slap across the face greeted my efforts.

“Teeth, bitch!” was all he said.

It was almost impossible to keep my teeth from grazing his cock as he forced the thick base of his sex deeper into my mouth, and two more vicious slaps reminded me of that. When I finally felt his pubic hair pushing into my face and heard him grunt, I felt slightly more comfortable and fortunately the next dozen strokes down my throat didn’t result in another smack in my face. He was talking to me in soothing tones, but his cock was driving harder and harder down my throat with each brutal stroke.

And then just as suddenly as he entered me, he pulled out of my mouth, jerked me to my feet by my hair, and quickly lifted me across his shoulder as if I were some cave woman and carried me to the house.

We encountered Jeremy in the hall, who had apparently been watching and had an obvious erection. “Where can I fuck the bitch?” Rasheed asked him casually.

“Her room’s down the hall. You can fuck her there,” Jeremy answered.

He dropped me on the bed. “This where your husband fucks you?” he asked.

I nodded my head yes.

“His cock this big?” he laughed, pulling my legs apart and pushing them up to my chest.

“No,” I answered meekly.

“This your first nigger cock?”

I again nodded my head yes.

“You’ll love it, babe,” he said simply.

I smiled nervously at him and closed my eyes and waited.

Another hard slap! “Open your eyes, bitch!”

His first hard plunge buried most of his cock inside me. I was surprisingly wet. Still, I uttered a startled “Oh!” as his thick black rod entered me.

“Not used to cock this size, eh, bitch?”

I wanted to tell him that I’d had large cocks inside me before, but of course I said noting. I simply waited as he pulled his thick black cock to the edge of my pussy and prepared me for his next hard thrust into my womb.

His second stroke buried his black dick totally inside me, straining my cervix. The fat base of his cock stretched my vagina nearly beyond its tolerance. I knew I’d be bleeding a little before he finished fucking me.

I was now fully open for him. With my eyes wide open I watched in fascination as his long black fuck stick submerged itself repeatedly into my loosening womb, each long, hard stroke intensifying the experience.

“You like black cock in your white cunt, bitch?” Rasheed grunted, increasing his tempo.

Astonishingly, I again meekly nodded, yes.

“Tell me you like it,” he grunted, burying his massive cock deep inside me.

“I, I like it, yes,” I gasped and opened as wide as I could for him.

Each hard stroke inside me increased the excitement for both of us. The taboo of what he was doing to me, the black man in my husband’s bed, and the knowledge that Rasheed wouldn’t be through with me when he finished fucking me only increased the rapidly growing urges deep in my body.

Harder and harder he plunged his black cock into my very willing and open sex. A moment later, I felt his huge cock begin to convulse deep inside me and the first splat of his hot semen strike the back of my cunt. And then a flood of impossibly hot cum from his thick black fuck stick saturated my cunt. I quickly realized that I was on the verge of a spectacular climax, that only a few more of his deep hard plunges would send me over the edge into a frenzy of delight. I was so, so close. One more hard plunge….

And then he pulled out!

I wanted to scream at him to fuck me. I wanted to beg him to open me again. I was in complete and utter sexual rage. But something thankfully stopped me. I simply lay there moaning quietly in frustration.

“You’re a good fuck, bitch,” Rasheed said, rising from the bed.

“Thank you,” I said shyly. “If you could do me again….”

He ignored me.

“Great body. Big tits. Tight cunt. I’m going to enjoy you using you. So are my bros.”

I smiled meekly. I needed him to do me again, like right away! “I like the way you feel inside me,” I said stupidly, touching his thigh lightly.

“Jer tells me you got a hot little daughter,” Rasheed said, pulling on his trousers. I watched in frustrated disappointment as his delicious cock slipped from my view. “Pretty blonde with big tits like yours, right?”

“Yes,” I said, “she’s very pretty, and yes, she has a very nice figure. Her name’s Amber.”

“When will she be home? I’ll want to fuck her soon as she gets here.”

“She’ll be home tomorrow. She’s been on vacation with her boyfriend’s family. Why do you want to fuck her? Aren’t I enough,” I asked squirming on the bed in frustration. “You can have me anytime.”

“I am going to fuck you, baby, don’t you worry, and I’m going to whore you. But I want the little one, too. How old is she? Sixteen, seventeen?”

“No,” I said. “She’s eighteen. She and Jeremy are twins.”

“Nice,” he grinned. “And you want to know why I want to fuck her? Jesus, woman! Let’s see …..great rack….tight little eighteen-year-old hardly-used cunt. And you want to know why I want to fuck her? Baby, please. You afraid of the competition?”

That stung. Maybe I was afraid of the competition. Like Rasheed said, she’s young and tight and has a sensational body. I knew there were some things that I could do better, but still, maybe I did worry. I really wanted Rasheed back inside me right now, and I didn’t want to share him with my stupid little daughter, especially if he liked her more than me.

“No, I’m not afraid of the competition,” I lied.

“She a virgin?”

I shook my head, no.

“Too bad. Jer pop her?” he laughed.

I said nothing.

“She ever had nigger cock?” he asked.

“No, I don’t think so,” I answered.

“Listen, I’m going to take you home with me this weekend and give you a good fucking, but I think I’ll fuck your little girl before we go. She’ll be home tonight, right?”

“Yes,” I said quietly. “Are you going to just rape her?”

“If I have to, yes. You have a problem with that?”

“No, no, not at all,” I stammered. “It’s probably the best way. Will you please fuck me one more time before you go?” I begged.

He just laughed at me. “Sorry, babe. The next cunt I fuck in this house is gonna be Amber’s. You pack up a bag with some whore clothes in it and I’ll be back tonight. Call me when the young cunt gets home.”

I nodded my head and watched in frustration as Rasheed walked out of the bedroom door.

Amber got home later that afternoon. I called Rasheed and told him to come by around 8:00. Amber looked sensational. She had a light Caribbean suntan and her boobs looked huge and succulent beneath her thin tank top. Tight shorts emphasized the beautiful curve of her ass. She was young and sexy and alluring, and I knew Rasheed was going to really enjoy fucking her. I hated her at that moment.

She was chatting on endlessly about her “fabulous” time in the Caribbean and about all the guys checking her out, and all I could think about was her having Rasheed while I would have to wait. She said she was going out with Sean, her boyfriend, to a movie that evening, but I told her she had to tell him she couldn’t go until 9:00 at the earliest.

She was obviously somewhat startled by that, since I never restricted her activities at all. “Why do I have to wait until 9:00?” she asked.

I really had no answer for that. “You need to visit with your brother and me for a little while. You’ve been gone two weeks.” A rather lame answer, but all I could think of at the moment.

Amber just rolled her eyes, but called Sean shortly after and told him she wanted to go to the late show, and whispered something else to him with a giggle. I can only imagine what the little slut said!

When Jeremy came home around 6:00, I explained to him what was going on. I told him I had agreed to let Rasheed take me home with him for the weekend, and informed him about what Rasheed intended to do with Amber.

It fun being a bi-sexual guy. I love sex with a woman, but there is, at least for me, something about being with another guy.

Yesterday I was looking at some porn on the computer. Pictures of women, usually in playboy type of posses are my favorite. I like the hardcore stuff also, but prefer the more mild type of picture. It’s funny, but when I start to jerkoff to pics of women, I start to get horned up for a cock…and that is what happened yesterday.

I figured I would take a ride to an adult bookstore in the area here in South Jersey. I’ve been there a few times, and it’s usually hit or miss. There have been there many times when it’s just a few older guys, who aren’t my type. Those are the days I either take care of myself in booth, or just leave disappointed. I walked to the video booth area in the back, and see a black guy in a booth with his door partially open. At first I walk by, giving my eyes a few seconds to adjust to the darkness. I walk back and look in on the black guy and could tell he was stroking his cock, but it was dark, and he had dark skin, so I couldn’t tell how big his cock was. He motioned for me to come in. I went in and found out how big he was! He was already hard and ready to go. His cock was real nice, probably around 8 inches or so, and thick. He was watching a gay video, which I wasn’t really interested in, but I wasn’t here for the movie. I starting stroking his cock, and then pulled out my cock, which was already hard.

His cock felt great in my hands as I stroked it for a few minutes. I pulled my shorts down a little more to make it easier to squat down so I could take his dick in my mouth, which tasted great! I slowly started going up and down on his cock making it nice and wet. Then, I started working my hand up and down on his shaft in time with my mouth. I used my other hand and switched from my own cock to his balls. I could tell by his breathing that he was enjoying it. After a few minutes my knees started to get a little sore, but I didn’t want to stop sucking that big dick. I could tell he really liked the way I was sucking and stroking because he starting to moan a bit, and I could tell he was getting close. He then told me he was close to cumming, so I sucked and stroked his cock a little faster. He also started to move his hips to fuck my mouth. Then came that final grunt and I felt 2 or 3 nice spurts of cum shoot in my mouth. I swallowed it all, and loved it. Some guys pull away after they cum because there cock gets really sensitive, I know I am like that, but not this guy. I kept sucking what was left out of his cock, and would give a few strokes to get all the cum out. He finally started to get soft, but I still had to keep that cock in my mouth for a few more seconds before I stopped. His cock even looked great when soft.

I savored the taste of his cum for a few seconds, got up and jerked my own dick for a bit while looking at this guy’s big dick. He didn’t even touch my cock once, which really turns me on. I love to get sucked and jerked off like any other guy, but this was one of those times where I got off by getting him off. I didn’t need him to touch me. I just needed him to fuck my mouth.

I pulled my shorts up and left the booth. I stayed around for a few more minutes hoping another guy would come in, but there wasn’t anyone else I was interested in. I won’t just suck any guys cock. I can be a little picky. So I just went home and shot a nice load.

Again, I love women, but I also love sucking a nice dick. Guys at the bookstore either want to suck or get sucked, and I love taking an anonymous load every now and then. I’ve also been fucked a few times, and could tell those stories if anyone is interested. Its fun being bi, because there is always a guy somewhere who wants to get off, and hopefully I am there to help!

This is a story told by a white slut wife to her black lover.

I know how much you love fucking my tight slut ass; well here is something I have fantasized about.

You pick me up in a car and we start off for a rest area where we can fuck outdoors in semi-private. I am wearing a crisp white blouse with a black lace bra underneath. I have a short black pleated skirt with white panties and black thigh high stockings with lace at the top. I look sweet but naughty; I also have on black fuck-me heels. I lean over and suck your cock as you drive, taking you as deep as I can. I don’t want you to cum yet, but I give you excellent deep throat sucking as you drive.

Then I lean back in my seat and lift my skirt to show you my stockings and panties. The panties are wet, since I was turned on even before you picked me up just thinking about your hard cock. Sucking you got me wetter and the panties show a big wet spot. You tell me that I can only cum when you say so.

When we get to the highway rest area, you take me about a half mile into the woods near some secluded picnic tables. I get to my knees and start to suck your cock, you really face fuck me this time; you are standing and in total control, the way I love it. I finger my pussy as you gag me with your cock. When your cock is dripping wet with my saliva, you pull me up and bend me over the picnic table face down. You push up my skirt and pull my panties down so they are just on one ankle. You spread my cheeks and push the head of your big cock into my ass. I scream out in pain, and notice two joggers standing 20 feet away watching; you gesture for them to come over. You pull off my blouse so I am just in my lacey bra.

You start fucking me so good and so deep that I cry out over and over how much I love your cock in my ass. The two joggers, one white and one black, get close and pull out their cocks and start to jerk off. You tell them they will get to fuck me soon, but they can start by filling my mouth.

They alternate putting their thick cocks into my mouth, as you all call me slut, whore and cunt. I am in heaven with all these strong men taking their pleasure from me. As you continue to fuck me hard in the ass from behind, you start to pinch and pull at my thick nipples through my bra. I moan louder but my mouth is full of cock. You tell the black jogger to pull out of my mouth.

“Slut, are you my white whore?”

“Yes sir I am.”

“What do you love?”

“I love black cock”


“In my ass and mouth.”

“Where else?”

“My pussy also.”

“C’mon boys take a shot at her ass.”

You pull out with a loud pop sound and the black jogger gets behind me and slides right into my slick asshole.

“Wow she is so tight,” he yells as he starts to fuck me hard.

“Yeah baby,” I say. “Fuck me hard. Ram that cock home. Fuck this slut whore good.”

You and the other guy just watch and stroke your cocks as the black jogger rams his cock all the way home.

“Harder baby, fill me with that black dick.”

You tell the white guy to go next, and he gets behind me, as his friend moves to the other end of the picnic table and shoves his cock into my waiting mouth. The white guy is even thicker than you and it hurts as he shoves his cock into my asshole.

“Oh fuck,” I cry out. “You are so big, shove it in deeper.”

You watch with a big smile as this white stud fucks my ass hard, giving me his 10-inch cock to the hilt. He really gets into it, talking dirty to me as he skewers me on his massive dick

“Take my cock you dirty slut. Take it deep into your sweet ass. Are you a fucking slut?”

“Yes,” I say, “fuck me hard, harder harder yes. Oh God yes.”

He doesn’t slow down a bit, and stays rock hard. All you guys hold your cum back so well.

Now that they have both taken my ass, you direct them to stand with their cocks near my face, as you re-enter my anus.

“OK, boys, time for the money shot. Jack those dicks and cum onto my slut’s face.”

They start jerking double time and in just about a minute they both start spurting onto my face. The warm jets of cum splash all over my face and I try to get some into my mouth. My face is covered, these boys must have not cum for a few days.

You, excited by seeing my face covered in cum, start to blow your load into my ass.

“Yeah baby, take it, take my cum deep into your ass.”

You finish and lie on top of me, spent but still inside me. They boys have zipped up and are leaving.

“Thanks,” they both say as they resume their jog.

You pull out of my ass, but I continue to lie on the picnic table, absorbing what has just happened to me.

“Stop pacing,” Bethany told her husband.

Harold sat in the crappy chair the motel provided for the table they called a desk. It was a straight backed chair with a plastic cushion for a seat. It wasn’t comfortable. He wiggled his left leg up and down. He wanted to talk, but couldn’t find any words to speak. He tapped his hand up and down on his opposite leg.

“Problem?” Bethany asked with a tiny smirk on his face.

“I’m fine,” he lied. His mouth felt dry. He tried to look his wife of thirteen years in the face. It was difficult. His eyes wanted to wander over her bare shoulders and across the display of cleavage she was showing above the top of her tiny, tight black dress.

“I’m not,” she said. “I’m really wet. Do think it would be wrong if I took off my panties?”

He blinked. Was that a trick question? How was he supposed to answer it? “I guess it’s up to you.”

“Yeah, you’re right. It is, isn’t it?” she said. She stood up, reached beneath the short hem and pulled off the lacy red thong. He knew that left her virtually naked. She wore her dress, no bra and now she sat without panties. His leg stopped wiggling and his hand stopped tapping while he squirmed. “Problem?” she asked again.

“I’m fine,” he lied with the same unconvincing expression on his face.

“I hope he’s big.”

“Do you mean his dick?”

“Yeah, his dick, too. But I mean him. I hope he’s really big. I hope he has lots of muscles. I think I’ll like muscles. Maybe he’ll have really thick arms and big pecs. What do you think? Would that be good?”

“It would be different.”

“Different like if I had red hair?” she asked.

Harold tried swallowing. With his mouth so dry it was a futile motion that nearly made him gag. “Is it okay if I get a drink of water?”

“Sure, baby. Get a drink of water,” Bethany allowed. She examined the paint job on her new nails. Glancing across the empty space between the foot of the bed and the mirror behind the dresser, she checked her lipstick and primped her long eye lashes up.

Harold drank from a plastic cup. It didn’t help. His mouth still felt dry. He crossed between her and the mirror. “Sorry,” he mumbled.

“Are you hard?” she asked.

“A little.”

“Yeah, a little, that is the definitive word, isn’t it? Why don’t you get naked?”


“Yeah, I think so. Get naked and show me that you’re hard.”

“Can I wait…” he started and then stopped when she glared at him. “Sorry,” he mumbled again. He pulled off his clothes. He was hard. His swollen prick throbbed between his legs.

“Here, put these on,” Bethany giggled, tossing him her panties. He didn’t argue. He slipped them into place. The front covered his hard-on. The rear strap dug into his butt crack. How do women wear these things?

Harold jumped when there was a small knock at their door. Wearing Bethany’s panties made him feel worse than being naked.

Bethany jumped up from the edge of the bed and swung door of the motel room open wide for her guest. Jamal filled the doorway. He was over six feet tall, dark skinned and thick. His head was shaved bald. His teeth looked very white behind his dark colored lips. “Bethany?” he asked in a deep, booming voice.

“Yes,” she said with a shy smile. Harold saw her eyes roving over Jamal. She stepped aside and allowed the large black man to enter the room. Jamal looked at Harold and laughed.

“You always wear panties?”

“N-no,” Harold stammered. Jamal frightened him. Harold felt small and insignificant. For whatever reason, Jamal cased the small room. There wasn’t much to see, but he walked as far as the bathroom and looked inside of it before he turned back to Bethany.

“You look good,” he told her. “Hot. You ever been with a brother?”

“No. Does it matter?”

“Not to me. I like fucking white chicks. You got any rules?”

“Like what?”

“I don’t know,” Jamal said with a shrug.

“I don’t want to do anal,” Bethany said. Her face flashed pink as she said it.

“That’s okay. I don’t do that. I like pussy.”

“Is it going to bother you for him to watch?” she asked.

“I don’t give a fuck. You said he would. Figured it was a thing for you or him or something.”

“Yeah, or something,” she said.

“I didn’t bring no rubbers.”

“Good, I don’t want you to use one,” Bethany said. She moved closer to him. She put her hand on his large, barrel shaped chest and looked up at him. Up on her tip-toes, she reached his lips when he bent his head. His big hand slipped around her and grabbed her ass and it started.

Harold sat in the chair with his prick straining against the rough fabric of Bethany’s lacy red panties. He watched as Jamal reached beneath his wife’s skirt and found her bare ass. “Nice,” Jamal said. He found the zipper on her back, the same zipper Harold had pulled up before they left the house. Jamal pulled it down. Without the zipper in place, Bethany’s dress lost its ability to stay wrapped around her. It fell into a puddle at her feet. She stood naked in front of this large black man who looked two or three times her size.

“Get on the bed,” he told her. She crawled into the middle of the queen sized bed, laid on her back, leaning against the pillows and facing him. Jamal ignored Harold. He pulled off his shirt and exposed his big, muscular chest. He kicked off his shoes and tugged off his jeans. He wasn’t wearing underwear. His big, black dick hung limply between his legs. Even limp, it looked twice as long as Harold felt hard. “You like what you see, baby?”

“Yes,” Bethany said. She smiled at Jamal. Her gaze drifted towards Harold. Her smile faded. She shook her head at Harold, as if to say, “You’re worthless compared to this man.” Her eyes returned to Jamal and so did her smile. “I want you,” she told him.

“Good. Why don’t you suck this thing for me?” he asked. He waved his big, limp prick at her. Bethany scrambled to her hands and knees while he knelt on the bed. She pulled his big black dick between her lips.

“Fuck, you’re big.”

“Wait until I get hard.”

“Hmphf,” she mumbled as she put him too deeply into her mouth. With every bob of her head, Jamal’s black cock grew longer and fatter. He played with her as she sucked it. He slapped her face with it. He turned sideways so Harold had a better view.

“How’s it look to see your bitch sucking a black dick?” he asked Harold. Harold didn’t reply. He didn’t know what to say. “Turn around, bitch. I want to fuck now.”

Bethany spun on the bed, remaining on her hands and knees. She turned until she offered him his backside like a bitch in heat. She watched over her shoulder as Jamal took aim, moved forward and pushed his way inside of her. “Oh yessss….” She hissed.

“Baby likes that, don’t she?” Jamal asked. He slapped her ass before grabbing her hips and pulling her backwards against him. Harold saw his wife wince once before it looked as if she pushed backwards. “Fuck yeah, baby. Take it. Take all that black dick!”

“Fuck me,” she panted, pushing and pulling forwards and backwards. “Fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck me!”

“Yeah baby, take it. Take all of it,” Jamal panted back.

“I want him to see,” she said, pulling away.

“Sure, baby. It’s your party.” Jamal pulled away. He laid down on the bed. Bethany straddled him in reverse cowgirl so she could face her husband. Harold watched as she lowered herself on the black man’s big dick. Jamal reached around her naked body and cupped her creamy white breasts in his large black hands.

“Fuck,” she said as she settled around the big dick inside her pussy. “He’s so big. What do you think, honey? Is he twice as big as you? He’s thick. A lot thicker than you. He’s stretching the fuck out of me.”

“Girl, you crazy,” Jamal laughed. He glanced at Harold before laying back to enjoy the ride she was taking.

“I’m going to make him cum inside of me. Deep inside of me. So deep, I might end up having his baby.”

“Whoa, girl. I don’t need no more babies.” Jamal looked concerned.

Bethany ignored him and kept bouncing up and down. If Jamal truly cared, he didn’t stop her. “He’s so big. Was your girlfriend tight? Do you think she was as tight as his big dick feels inside my pussy?”

“No,” Harold said, unsure if he was supposed to answer or not.

“Because he’s really hurting me and I don’t care. I want to feel him cum inside of me.” She spun around on Jamal’s dick, turning to face him. “Do it, Jamal. Cum inside of me.”

“I don’t want to make no babies,” he told her.

She leaned over. She kissed him. She said something soft and low to him. Harold didn’t hear it, but whatever she said made the difference for Jamal. His hands moved to her hips. He pistoned her up and down his hard cock.

“I’m gonna fill you,” he said. “I’m gonna fill you with all my spunk.”

“Do it,” she panted. “Fuck me. Cum inside of me!”

“Yeah, baby. Oh fuck, you bitch. You doing it to me! You making me cum!” Jamal’s body went stiff. His toes curled and his hips thrashed as he came. He grabbed Harold’s wife, rolled her over on her back and finished his orgasmic fucking in a missionary style. When he pulled out of her, white semen clung to the darkness of his shaft. “Okay, we good?”

“Yeah,” she purred.

Jamal wiped his dick off on her thigh, climbed out of bed and pulled on his clothes. “See ya at work,” he told Harold. He opened the door and left.

“Hey baby,” Bethany said from her reclining position on the bed. “Maybe if you eat me well enough you can suck out his cum before I get pregnant.”

“But I thought you were on the pill,” Harold said, confused.

“Yeah, that’s what I told him, too. But I stopped taking my pills two weeks ago. Now get over here and eat me.”

Harold knew he couldn’t do anything with his mouth to stop a pregnancy. If his wife was telling the truth, it was out of his hands, Jamal’s hand and even hers. The idea that she had gotten herself pregnant scared him, but it became secondary to what he was doing. He was eating his wife’s pussy, her freshly fucked pussy, her freshly fucked by someone else pussy. He tasted Jamal’s semen inside of her. He couldn’t avoid it. Whether he recognized the taste or not, he knew it was there.

“Does that taste good?” Bethany teased him. “Do you like the taste of him?”

Harold didn’t answer. He stayed focus on his task. He always thought he was good at eating pussy. He thought his pussy eating skills made up for any shortcomings he had between his legs.

“He was so big,” Bethany cooed as Harold licked and lapped at her pussy. “Do you think it’s going to be difficult to see him on Monday?”

“Maybe,” Harold said between licks of her pussy. She had hit on the other part of things, the most embarrassing part of things. It was one thing for her to pay him back for straying by insisting he watch her get fucked. When she announced she wanted to get fucked by a black man with a large dick, Harold swallowed his remaining pride and accepted her decision. He had earned that indignity. But when she chose one of the truck drivers that worked at Harold’s plant, whether that was her intention or not, it had put him on edge. Worse was being naked, except for her panties, in front of Jamal. Harold felt embarrassed and humiliated.

Bethany came beneath Harold’s tongue. That made him feel good. “Did she like when you ate her out?” she asked.

“Yes,” Harold admitted. He was proud of his tongue lashing skills and he was done lying to his wife.

“Did she like it when you fucked her, too?”

“I think so.”

“Do you like fucking me?”

“Yes,” he said without hesitation.

“More than her?”

“Yes,” he swore just as quickly as before.

“Good. Maybe I’ll let you do it again in two week, after I see if Jamal got me pregnant or not.”

Harold sucked in a deep breath, held it for a moment and cursed himself again for ever getting caught with his redheaded secretary. It was going to be a very long two weeks.

Yep, another less than 3000 word submission as I continue to explore short form erotic storytelling. I hope you enjoyed it!

Kirk had moved well along in wrapping up what had turned out to be a long week and by noon Friday had everything about finished as he’d planned to let him head to the airport for his flight back east. With the trip now off, he was just keeping himself busy. He wanted to avoid the endless chatter of the executive dining room so he phoned and requested delivery of a club sandwich. He had just taken a bite when the phone chirped.

Gulping to swallow, he managed a weak “Hello”. Instead of a voice on the other end, he heard the familiar strains of a mellow saxophone. Following a brief interlude of a track from the CD she borrowed, Carmina’s voice cut in.

“Hi handsome!” I just dumped my cheating husband off at the airport and thought I’d check in to see if you needed anything.”

“Nope, thanks to you, I’ve got everything done and am sitting at my desk nibbling on a sandwich.”

“Well I’m heading to Victoria’s Secret to pick up a few things. Has that agile mind come up with anything special you’d like to see me in?”

“No, surprise me. I’m sure I will like whatever you choose.”

Chuckling, “I’ll bet you will! You’ll like me both in and out of them!”

“You got it!”

“Have you given any thought to our celebratory dinner? I want to be sure that I’m prepared.”

“Actually I have. I thought we’d go to the Retreat.”

“The Retreat? I don’t think I’ve ever heard of it.”

“You haven’t. It’s a private club at the outskirts of town.”

“Oh? What kind of club is it?”

“Its a chic, upscale club with great ambiance, good food and usually a good band.”

“Chic? … Upscale! That sounds inviting what are you going to wear? I want to make sure that I’m wearing something complementary and don’t embarrass you.”

“Not to worry, there’s not the faintest chance of your embarrassing me. I’ll probably wear a Zegna suit. It’s a tad dressier than my normal office attire. Its steel blue-gray and made of a silk/wool combination.”

“That’s sounds pretty dressy … Hmmm, I think I may just have a dress that works. You’ll have to tell me when you see it. I’m going to swing by to get a manicure too. What time is our reservation?”

“Its at 8:00 so we’ll need to leave at 7:00 to account for traffic and the distance.”

“You are going to pick me up right? Or do you prefer that I swing by your place?”

“I plan to pick you up promptly at 7:00.”

“Great! And, one more thing — remember to bring a toothbrush because I don’t plan to let you out of my sight this weekend.”

“Sounds great to me! … Sounds GREAT!”

Not having been to her house and knowing only vaguely how to get there, Kirk left his house at about 6:30. Hopefully if she lived only ten minutes away as she’d said, he’d have plenty of time to make a stop that he’d planned and still arrive on time.

He made his stop and found her street with no problem. He surveyed the houses set far back from the street as he drove. He spotted her address in brass numerals on the curbside mailbox and parked behind a car that looked vaguely familiar.

In the fast receding light, he surveyed the nearby homes for signs of life in the yards or windows. Seeing none, he slid from behind the wheel and walked up the curved inlaid stone path that led to her front door. Alternating chimes alerted her to his arrival when he pressed the doorbell.

“Well hello handsome!” she greeted Kirk warmly as she was shielded from his sight (and that of prying eyes) as she stood behind the door with only her head peeking out. “You’re right on time so I guess you had no problem finding the place.”

Extending his hand to present the red rose he’d stopped to pick up, “Hello Gorgeous!”

Her eyes widened at the sight of the flower and she gushed — “For me? Oh my!”

When she stepped from behind the door to accept the rose, it was his turn to gush. Carmina looked as if she had just stepped from the pages of a glamour magazine. She had her hair up, which he’d never seen before. Her makeup was flawless and the dress (Oh what a dress!) — it fit her like a glove!

He whistled as she closed the door and stepped back into the lighted foyer to let him fully take in the stunning beauty before him. The dress was made of a soft metallic fabric of understated blue/silver tones. But it was not the color that left him with his mouth agape. It was its design and how perfectly it fit her. It had a cowl neck that dropped low in front to showcase the silver/onyx choker she wore, her elegant neck and the barest hint of cleavage.

The dolman sleeves stopped just above wrist level to accent the matching silver/onyx bracelet and her freshly done red nails.

But the jaw dropper was the cut! The hem stopped at mid-thigh and with the higher heels than she normally wore, showcased her shapely legs to perfection.

“Oh my goodness! You are truly a vision of loveliness. You look simply beautiful! Breathtaking …!

She smiled brightly at his response to her dress, twirled around and said “I am so happy you like it!”

“The word LIKE comes nowhere close!” Kirk said stepping forward to embrace her. He gave her a soft kiss before extending his arms to again take in the sensuous lady before him.

“Before you get too carried away and my flower wilts, I’m going to find a bud vase.”

“While you do that, I’m going to my car to get my camera. I MUST take a picture of the elegant lady I’ll have on my arm.”

She positively gushed, and blushed! “Geee!”

As he returned to the house, she was standing near a lacquered oriental hutch where she’d place the rose putting on her earring. She looked Kirk up and down appraising his attire and said, “You look absolutely dashing sir!” stroking his lapel, “Ohh that’s soft!”

He quipped “That’s about the only thing that’s soft! Looking at you in that fantastic dress is causing other parts of me to get hard as a rock. You’d better let me take a picture of my alluring date before I suggest skipping dinner!”

“OK where do you want me?”

Kirk looked around the living room and spotted a cushioned chair with high arms. “How about perching on that arm of that chair?”

“Alright”, she said and started in the direction of the chair before she came to an abrupt stop. She whirled around and headed back to where she’d placed the rose. She picked up something silver and then turned her attention to her left hand.

“I won’t be needing this!” she said as she removed her wedding band before replacing it with the large silver/onyx ring she had cupped in her palm.

She returned to the chair and posed elegantly as he took a few snaps. He followed with more of her standing, sitting on the sofa with her legs sexily crossed and a close-up or two of her elegant make up and hair. “I want one more!” she said as she rested her chin on her left hand with the new ‘fun weekend’ ring on prominent display.

Standing up, she said “I hope your batteries are fully charged.”

“Mine or the camera’s?”

“Both, Sweetie, BOTH for sure!”

“I’m ready if you are!” Carmina said picking up a small clutch that perfectly accented her outfit. “The only challenge now is getting in your Porsche without showing my ass off to the world. This dress is short!”

“Not to worry gorgeous, I love looking at your shapely ass anytime. But that will have to wait since I brought my Jaguar instead of the Porsche.”

“Oh my! I’ve never even been in your Jag. This must be some elegant place you’re taking me too.”

“It is. It befits both you and our long overdue celebratory dinner. It also has a swivel passenger sit to let you easily sit and swing your legs up while preserving your modesty.”

“That’s impressive!”

She took his arm as they strode down the path towards car. “I wonder if there are any prying eyes.” she said “Although I really don’t care that much.”

“Let me know if you see anyone nosy because I’ve got a plan.”


“Yes, I’ll just pretend I’m your driver and seat you in the back!”

“She broke out into gales of laughter — “You don’t miss a trick!”

With no one in sight, the plan wasn’t needed. Kirk opened the door swiveled her seat and watched her slide in and thought — “Oh my! What a lovely sight her beautiful legs in silky smoke hose presented!”

Traffic was unusually light as they pulled onto the freeway and the sky unusually clear. Stars were sparkling brightly and a shimmering moon was rising on the horizon. He selected some mellow jazz which filled the car as they drove. With his elbow on the console between the seats, Kirk held her hand, caressing it softly with his thumb.

“As I’ve said before, you’ve got the best hands. Where did you ever learn to touch a woman just so to make her feel so special?”

“All I can say is that you bring out the best in me.”

“You’re so sweet!”

They drove with only an occasional word as they drank in the beauty surrounding them, each left to their own thoughts. As he exited the freeway, she looked about as if to get her bearings. “I don’t think I’ve ever been here.” As they drove further into the canyon, she remarked about the hillside mansions. “Wow, those are lovely homes!” About a mile further, she remarked. “I just noticed something, there are no street lights.”

“No, out here, the homeowners voted against them. They want to get away from the city.”

“Well they succeeded because it seems like we’re in a forest with all these tall trees.”

Approaching the turn into the club, he slowed down.

“Are we lost?” she asked.

“No, we’re almost there.” Kirk said as he turned into a barely perceptible driveway.

They drove about a half mile down the tree-lined path with the fronds on each side almost touching above them.

When the club came into view with its softly lit understated presence, she whispered “How secluded and posh is this?”

As Kirk turned into the large circular entrance, two tuxedo clad attendants emerged, each approaching opposite sides of the car. He waited for Randall, the passenger side attendant to open her door before pressing the control to swivel her seat. “You might need to lift your feet slightly, sweetheart.” She did as she was glided into position to make an easy and modest exit.

He turned off the engine as Jerry opened his door greeting him — “Doctor K, its good seeing you!”

Kirk walked around the car where Randall stood with Carmina, guiding her hand to his arm and gave Kirk an approving nod of the head.

As they approached the entrance, she whispered “How classy, you must be well known here.”

“Well yes and no, the staff must know all members by name.”

“Well, I’m impressed!”

The doors opened as the door attendant saw them draw near. “Welcome! I trust yours will be an enjoyable evening.” Two strides inside the door, Harry the tall grey haired and distinguished looking maître d’, greeted them nodding to Carmina “Madam” and then extending his hand to Kirk. “Lincoln will be seeing to your needs this evening.” Linc smiled brightly as he approached — “This way please.” as he gestured to the sunken dining room.

He led them up to the tiered booths three steps above the main floor, swiveled one side of the table to allow Carmina to slide in and then smiled in approval as he repeated the motion on Kirk’s side. He unfurled the elegant napkins and placed them on their laps.

As he walked away Carmina commented “This has to be the most elegant place I’ve ever seen! The booths are spread so far apart!” Kirk explained that discretion was at a premium here and that the booths were purposely spaced to prevent conversations from being overheard. “Many business deals are done here and, he paused, some conversations between couples deserve privacy.”

“I also noticed that the entire staff is Afro American.”

“Yes, that’s because it’s a black owned club. It was conceived to provide black professionals and business people a retreat from their workaday worlds. There are two others in the country with another one under construction. Each has full facilities — meeting rooms, a few for overnight guests, pools, tennis, you name it.”

She started to say something else when Linc reappeared carrying an ice bucket that contained a bottle of Cristal. “May I pour?”

“Yes, please.”

He poured two glasses, placed them within easy reach and said “Enjoy!” as he turned on his heel.

Kirk felt Carmina’s hand on his thigh rubbing slowly up and down, “I knew this evening would be special but I had no idea just how special.”

They sipped their champagne and talked.

“When a special celebration like ours finally comes along, I thought it best to celebrate in grand style.”

The pianist had begun to play softly when Linc returned with menus. He recited the specials of the day, all flown in fresh and opened the blue leather bound books for their perusal.

Already knowing what he wanted, Kirk asked Carmina her preference. “One of each, I think! How nice that they have both descriptions in both English and Italian. Kirk smiled and paused before commenting. “Actually the menus are customized for each guest. In honor of your presence, I requested English/Italian when I recalled hearing you speaking Italian to your mother on the phone recently.”

“Boy you don’t miss a trick! Hmmm, why are there no prices?”

He smiled but before he could answer she chuckled, “I get it — discretion!”

They ordered — deciding to share a Caesar’s salad, while she had an Italian fish dish and Kirk ordered veal. Freshly baked bread was served along with a tasty entrema pause between courses.

“Will you take dessert now or later?” Linc said.

“Later I think if I can talk this lovely lady into joining me on the dance floor.”

“You can indeed! Dancing is one of my favorite things.”

The band had arrived and set up discreetly while they ate and started the set off with a samba. Not knowing how well she might dance, it would be easy for her to pick up the steps.

He needn’t have worried — “This woman can dance!” Kirk thought. He didn’t mean frenzied booty shaking and spastic gyrations, he meant graceful, poised and fluid. She followed beautifully as they danced slowly and showed off some graceful and alluring moves on fast numbers. She later shared that she’d studied dance a few years before abandoning her pursuit of a fine arts degree. Being a good dancer with some training too, Kirk felt they’d have a doubly enjoyable evening. They broke only when Carmina indicated she needed to visit the powder room.

After retaking their seats and polishing off the remaining Cristal, they took to the floor again. They danced a few spirited numbers before the band went silent and the pianist began playing and singing a Lionel Ritchie tune — Three Times a Lady!

Kirk drew her close to him as they glided slowly around with the floor to themselves. “That’s magical!” she said as she pressed her breast into his chest and rose to kiss him on the cheek. “You make me feel so incredibly good and that song is perfect!”

“I’d hoped you’d feel that way. That’s why I requested it!”

“Her eyes softening, a soft smile crept across her lips and she whispered — “I love you – for making me feel so good!”

He kissed her softly on the lips then suggested they skip dessert here in favor of what awaited them at home. Her eyes danced as she quickly agreed. Kirk signaled Linc as they approached their table. He came over, bade them a good evening and shook Kirk’s hand.

“Aren’t we going to wait for the chec …” her voice trailed off “I know, I know … its that discretion thing!”

The car was waiting upon their arrival, doors opened and the passenger seat swiveled for her easy entry.

As they drove, Carmina held Kirk’s hand and alternately stroked and planted soft kisses on it, her tongue flicking between his fingers. “You are one special man!”

As they drew closer to her house, her mood changed and she seemed agitated. He guessed that she might be wary of the prying eyes of neighbors.

As they turned onto her street and he drove towards the same car he’d noticed earlier she said “Pull into the driveway!” As he did, she reached into her purse, removed the door opener and pressed the button.

“You’re not the only one who planned ahead!” she said with a smirk. “I parked Gio’s car out front!”

Kirk pulled in as she closed the door and moved around to assist her out. But she’d hurriedly beaten him to it and seemed anxious to get inside. He retrieved his leather suit bag and followed her as she quickly dashed into the house. “Make yourself comfortable I’ll be right back!” he heard.

Upon hearing her footsteps coming down the hall, he glanced up and saw the most awesome sight he could have imagined.

She stood posing with her hands above her head.

She had removed her dress and stood there showing off a cock hardening sight … she was wearing a black camisole, thigh high hose and shoes — nothing else. A tiny pink bow rested above her cleavage matching the hard pink nipples poking through the opaque lacy fabric.

“Oh wow, wow, WOW! You look fantastic! You absolutely look like you could be a Victoria’s Secret model!”

With her legs spread wide, her hands on her hips — “If I look like a model, you’d better get that camera working!”

He took several shots from different angles with one particularly hot shot of her looking back over her shoulder alluringly, bra strap dangling on her arm and an engorged nipple proudly on display.

Before he could take another, she strode to where he stood, took one of his hands and pulled it to her crotch to show him how wet she was. She was pouring hot cream!

“When I asked you to treat me like your slut you said no. So I told you that I wanted to explore my sexuality with you. My exploration starts right now! Take off your clothes!”

As he quickly stripped, she turned and walked quickly to the hutch where she’d earlier deposited her wedding band. Removing the silver ring she’d worn to dinner, she slipped her wedding band back on her finger and said “Come over here and bring your camera!”

By the time he grabbed his camera and moved towards her, she’d slipped onto her knees.

As he stood before her, she wrapped her left hand around the base of Kirk’s hard cock.

“I want a picture like this and make sure you get a good shot of my face and my ring!”

With that she started planting soft pecks on the head of his cock as he snapped away. A shot of her rubbing his cock on her face … planting soft pecks on the tip … her tongue swirling around the shiny black bulb, then extended catching a drop of precum … her mouth wide open preparing to accept his meat … her warm wet mouth surrounding his cock with her head tilted to let the camera catch her eyes that were fixed looking up at his face.

She rose quickly, grabbed his hand and said “Come on!”

She led him into the den, perched on a settee that had one of Gio’s professional magazines lying on the seat. She lay back, opened the snaps at the crotch of her outfit raised her legs and spread her engorged lips wide.

“Take several shots of my hot wet pussy!”

Kirk took full body shots before zooming in on her snatch.

“Rub your cock up and down my slit and take some close ups!”

“Now slip the head of your cock in me and take a shot of that. But don’t go too far in because I don’t want to cum yet!”

With that shot taken, she whirled around, kneeled and looked back over her shoulder.

“Get a good shot of my ass!” as she reached back grabbing it and spread her cheeks to put her tight rosebud and wedding band on display.

“Take one of your cock approaching my asshole!”

“Can you take one of your cock sliding into my ass?”

“No, I don’t want to hurt you. I’ll need to loosen you up before you can accept my hard cock.”

She was a woman possessed — “OK we’ll get that one later!”

She dashed into the living room, quickly lay down on the sofa with one leg extending over the back. She began cupping her mound and motioned for him to stand near her head. “Stick it in my mouth!” as she reached up to encircle his cock again with her wedding band aging on prominent display.

“We can’t tolerate another season like that!”


“It’s an embarrassment!”

“We’ve got nothing on the inside!”

“Something just has got to get done!”

The ten old white men continued to yell at each other across the large oak table. The boosters of the Brockton Baccalaureate College football program were always passionate when discussing their team. All captains of business and leaders in their communities, they each felt obligated to share their solutions for the debacle of the previous season. A 10-2 season would not stand at good ol’ BBC. The boosters had become accustomed over the last few years to dominating athletics, even though the school had been poor athletically when they were students, and they did not want to revert back to their old ways. Surrounded by BBC banners and paraphernalia, they continued bickering until the tall, silver haired man at the head of the table stood up.

“Gentlemen, calm down. I know we’ve become accustomed to winning these last few years, and we will be on top soon enough.” The silver haired man spoke confidently, and the other men at the table cheered.

“Last year wasn’t really that bad, particularly considering our best players were all sophomores.” Another man, short and bald, spoke up. He was jeered by his fellow boosters. The silver haired man put up his hand and they quieted down once again.

“While that is true, it is still not acceptable. We want more at Brockton Baccalaureate College! We want the best. Fortunately gentlemen, I have a plan. In two days we will have the best high school player in the country signed up to play for the Black Bulls.” The final statement was met with equal parts celebration and confusion.

“How? We haven’t put any more money into the program and especially in…” A thick, mustached man spoke up quickly before being interrupted by another booster.

“You can’t just make guarantees like that!” The oldest booster, nearly 90 years old, spoke up. The silver haired man did not seem rattled.

“Indeed I can, gentlemen. We will have our prospect in two days, or you may have my resignation.” He spoke assuredly, even as the men clearly doubted him.

“What are we going to do? Buy off another nigger with a new car or something?” An obese man hollered, his face now red and bulging.

“We’ll just get a suspension for that… they’re watching him like a damn hawk, looking for any kind of violation.” Another man, roughly 60 years old and looking like a long time military man, spoke up.

The silver haired man spoke again before they could protest and argue further.

“I’m sending the head of recruitment.” The silver haired man was satisfied that his case was made, and sat down.

The room grew quiet as smiles spread across each puffy, wrinkled face at the table. The recruitment department at BBC had been highly successful over the previous two years, frequently securing the kind of players who would never before have given the school any thought. The head of recruitment was the person most responsible for their recent successes, and they were all aware of this fact. Only the silver haired man knew the identity of the head of recruitment, but the boosters all had complete confidence in the abilities of the mystery person. Finally content, they began excitedly planning their celebrations for the next season.


“Yes sir, I’ll leave right away! It’s absolutely my pleasure.” Ivory Love-Blackwell responded sweetly. She smiled brilliantly as she ended her telephone call. Ivory had been the head of recruitment at BBC for the past two years, and she loved everything about her job. She had been told that she was to recruit the number one high school football prospect as soon as possible, and she took her assignment very seriously. Checking her phone, Ivory saw that her first class plane ticket was already purchased. As the plane was leaving that night, Ivory knew that she had to pack and prepare quickly. Even with all the pressure and tight deadlines, I still love doing whatever I can for BBC, Ivory thought happily as she packed for her trip.

Ivory sifted through her bedroom looking for just the right outfits. Ivory’s room was decorated predominantly in black and white, the official colours of BBC. She made sure to include her favourite colour, pink, in order to add some variety as well. Adorning the walls were pictures of Ivory and her recruits, typically smiling and posing together at one of the many press conferences the school put on. Ivory’s closet was very well organized, with a long row of blouses hanging over corresponding black skirts. Ivory decided that a white blouse and skirt would be most appropriate for meeting with the prospect, and packed them into her small suitcase. After picking out an outfit for the plane, Ivory moved to the mirror. Dropping her robe to the floor, Ivory assessed her appearance as she dressed. Ivory felt the smoothness of her slender legs as she pulled her black thong along her body. Always organized, Ivory kept her lower body hairless through bi-weekly waxing. Thongs were a staple of Ivory’s wardrobe, which would have shocked most of those who knew the quiet, sweet girl well. The thongs were necessitated by the size of Ivory’s ass. Big, round and firm, it hung out proudly behind her, causing regular underwear to create blatant panty lines. Ivory then slipped on one of her black pencil skirts, which ended just two inches above her knees. Ivory turned around to see how the skirt looked from behind. Just like all the others, it clung to her posterior and bulged out from the rest of her thin body. Ivory picked up one of her white, frilly brassieres. Being a slim girl with natural E cup breasts, Ivory often struggled to find materials which could support her adequately. Hooking the brassiere in back, she noticed that the silky fabric almost blended in perfectly with her soft white skin. At 24 years old, Ivory still had perfectly unblemished skin and her large breasts had not yet begun to sag. A pink blouse completed the look. Hugging Ivory’s slim waist and clinging even more tightly to her abundant breasts, she looked completely professional while still showing her ample curves. She stepped into her shiny black heels, pushing her height from 5’6 to 5’9.

Content with her outfit, Ivory decided to put her long blonde hair into her trademark bun. The tight blonde bun sat perfectly on top of Ivory’s head, not a strand of hair out of place. Makeup was not necessary for Ivory, as her flawless skin, soft pink lips and long eyelashes were the envy of all women she crossed paths with. Ivory then picked up her glasses, rectangular lenses with rounded edges and pitch black frames, and placed them on the end of her thin, pointed nose. Although she had decent vision, Ivory insisted on wearing them. They had the effect of slightly magnifying her already large blue eyes, and she appreciated the studious effect they had on her appearance. Ivory smiled approvingly at herself before walking away from the mirror. Her packing and prepping finalized, Ivory exited her bedroom and headed for the airport.

Ivory felt her excitement grow as she approached the airport. She loved recruitment season more than any other portion of her work year. Even after all these recruitment trips I still get butterflies in my stomach, Ivory marveled to herself. The pressure to get the best recruits in the country was immense, but Ivory was always confident in her abilities. Her past successes only further bolstered her confidence.

Ivory was happy to board the plane and really begin her recruitment trip. As she stretched to place her carryon above her, Ivory noticed a man checking her out. This was not an uncommon occurrence, as many men found their eyes wandering to Ivory’s round ass when she did any sort of bending. Unfazed by the attention, Ivory took her seat after having secured her bag above her. Now settled, she took out her laptop and began researching the new recruit.

Name: Demetrius Moorecock

Age: 18

Hometown: New Shafton

Position: Middle Linebacker

Recruit Rating: *****

Height: 6’2

Weight: 230

Games Played: 12

Tackles: 125

Sacks: 15

Interceptions: 5

Suitably impressed with the stats, Ivory began watching video highlights of Demetrius. Highlight after highlight showed him crushing all players who dared attempt to cross him on the field. He’s big, strong and fast, Ivory thought to herself. A perfect BBC recruit! As she watched more videos, Ivory noticed the man who had checked her out move to a seat next to her own. After several seconds of staring, he finally spoke up to draw her attention.

“So, looks like it’s just the two of us up here in first class.” The man said with a smirk.

“It does.” Ivory responded quickly, not wanting to be distracted from her work.

“Not a lot of people heading south in the middle of the night I guess.” He continued, hopeful for a longer response.

“Mmmhmmm.” Ivory responded, her widened eyes still fixed on the screen.

“Charlton Vanderbilt, by the way. Heading down south for a little R&R.” The man confidently extended his hand.

Jeeze he can’t take a hint, Ivory though t herself. She begrudgingly tore her eyes away from the screen as Demetrius annihilated yet another white quarterback. Charlton Vanderbilt was likely in his mid 30s, and to most women would have appeared quite handsome. He had a full tan, uncommon for most people from the north like Ivory, and carefully manicured hair. He wore a well tailored suit, and Ivory could see an extremely expensive watch poking out from under one sleeve. As far as Ivory was concerned, he did not compare favourably to what had been on her computer screen moments before.

“Ivory Love-Blackwell. I’m heading south for business purposes, thank you very much.” Ivory smiled widely as she extended her hand. Her toothy smile had melted countless men over the years, and Charlton Vanderbilt would prove to be no exception. He feebly grabbed her hand and gave it a light shake.

“Well it’s nice to meet you Ms. Love-Blackwell. It is Ms. Love Blackwell?” Charlton was somewhat daunted by Ivory’s beauty, but years as a rich playboy had left him brimming with confidence.

“Yes it is. I’m not married Mr. Vanderbilt. My main passion is my job. You could say that I’m married to my work in fact.” Ivory continued as her eyes wandered back to the screen.

“It’s so refreshing to see such a beautiful woman who is also driven. What exactly do you do, Ivory?” He asked.

“I am head of recruitment for Brockton Baccalaureate College. I am actually on a recruitment trip at the moment, and attempting to do some last minute research.” Ivory was hopeful that she would be left alone, but past experiences indicated that Charlton would persist further.

“That’s great. Brockton Baccalaureate College? Those guys have really become something over the last few years. You must be really good at your job.” Charlton hoped to impress the gorgeous woman next to him by complimenting her on something other than her beauty.

“Mmmhmmm.” Ivory responded, paying far more attention to the screen than the man next to her.

“I never went to university myself. I just threw myself into the real world right away. Now I’m junior vice-president at Vanderbilt Industries. You may have heard of us.” Charlton shot his biggest smile as he spoke, but Ivory did not look up.

“I’m glad you are having success in your daddy’s company.” She responded. The shot surprised Charlton, but he knew that he had to continue.

“Ahh… thanks. I’m heading south now to check on my new yacht. Shame we have to stop for the connecting flight in near that hick town though. I really can’t wait to see the my new yacht. I’m told it’s one of the biggest in the world. I think I’ll call it Leviathan.” Charlton paused for a moment to let his news sink in. He saw a smile spread across Ivory’s face before she broke out into a giggle.

“Impressed? Maybe we can exchange information, and I’ll have my people get in touch with you. You can come down see the boat, maybe I can send a little money to Brockton Baccalaureate College or something.” Charlton winked as he finished speaking.

Ivory finally looked up again from her computer screen. After closing the laptop, she grabbed Charlton’s hand with her own and began softly rubbing it. Her tremendous beauty and soft hands had the desired effect, as moments later she could see the front of his pants rise just slightly from the erection she had given him. She fixed Charlton with a strong gaze from her gorgeous blue eyes before finally addressing him.

“Listen, Mr. Vanderbilt. I am not interested. You are not my type. I like men who can impress women on their own. A real man doesn’t need to buy big things to impress a woman, he has big things of his own. Clearly, Mr. Vanderbilt, you are not much of a man.” Ivory motioned to the small bulge in Charlton’s pants before smiling sweetly at him once again and going back to her work.

Feeling completely shocked and humiliated, Charlton Vanderbilt stumbled back to his original seat. When will they learn, Ivory Love-Blackwell wondered to herself as she resumed watching video highlights of Demetrius Moorecock. Women are interested in men, not rich little boys.

Ivory spent the remainder of her flight researching Demetrius. He had scholarship offers from all of the main university football powerhouses, and had visited several campuses. Demetrius’ uncle, who was heavily involved in his recruitment, had already announced that his nephew would be making his decision in the next 24 hours. There would meetings with university representatives at the Extravaganza Hotel, though due to amateur athletic regulations, no agent or relatives could be present for the meetings. Ivory was pleased with how things were looking. I just need to get an invitation to meet with that young man, she thought to herself. I love a challenge though… and I can’t wait to show what our school has to offer. Ivory smiled for the remainder of the flight.

The plane landed in the early morning hours, and Ivory was eager to begin the actual recruitment process. First off the plane, she was followed by the slinking Charlton Vanderbilt. Ivory turned even the most travel weary heads as she walked through the airport, but she paid her admirers no attention. There was business to attend to.

The university had ordered a car to wait at the airport for their head recruiter. Ivory entered the car and was informed by the driver, an old man named Norman, that he already knew her destination. Ivory settled in to the back seat and began thinking of her pitch. Demetrius’ uncle, Clarence Moorecock, had taken care of his nephew for the past ten years. They lived together during that time and Clarence had trained his nephew exclusively for football excellence. Clarence was deeply involved in Demetrius’ recruitment, to the point that all recruitment officials had to go through him. This had delayed the recruitment process substantially, meaning that unlike most recruits Demetrius was waiting almost until the end of the academic year before declaring his intentions. The schools that met with Demetrius personally that day all had to go through Clarence. Not a problem, Ivory pleasantly thought to herself. I’ll show him how well we take care of our athletes.

After 40 minutes of driving, Ivory felt her excitement building. They had just entered a low rent residential area, and she knew that she was near the Moorecock home. The houses in the area were all quite modest, all one story and squeezed onto tiny lots. Several were boarded up, and many more looked as though they should be. The grass in the front yards tended to be quite long, which matched the long grass springing out from the various cracks in the roads and driveways. Sketchy looking black youths stood on the corners, menacing those who walked by. Such wasted potential, Ivory thought wistfully as she stared out the window. She smiled as she saw little black children playing in the yards and on the street. Possibly some future BBC students, Ivory thought to herself optimistically. Just as she watched one of the black youths slap the ass of a pregnant white teen who walked by, she felt the car make a sharp turn into a driveway. Finally, she thought. Time to begin the process.

The Moorecock home was similar to all of the other houses in the area. It was painted white, although a layer of dirt had built up on various parts of the exterior and in several places the paint had peeled. A broken washing machine and bicycle sat on the browned grass in front of the home. The name Moorecock was spelled out in black tiles above the mailbox, although the second ‘o’ had fallen off, and below that a mis-matched 6 and 9, one black and the other white, indicated the house numbed. Ivory stepped out of the car and took a deep breath, the smell of the ghetto filling her with anticipation. The Moorecock home was a long way from where Ivory had grown up, in a gated community in the north, but she had become very comfortable in ghettos over the past two years.

Ivory turned her head and looked to the young black men standing on the corner. They were all looking at Ivory quietly, attempting to figure out what a woman like her would be doing in their neighbourhood. She looked at them and smiled as her purse fell from her hands. The contents of the purse scattered in a small perimeter around it. Barely bending her knees, Ivory slowly bent over to pick up her fallen items and place them back in her purse. The hooting and hollering began as Ivory carefully began placing items back in her purse.

“FUCK LOOK AT DAT WHOOTY!!” A voice yelled in Ivory’s direction, followed by various yells and whistles. Ivory smiled to herself as her cheeks blushed. She was certain that the young men had never seen something quite like her sexy, round ass crammed into a tight skirt and stuck out as she bent over. Especially not on a white woman. After collecting all of her items, Ivory took at extra moment to make sure that she had picked everything up. Finally satisfied, she stood up and began walking toward the door to the house, her hips swaying as with each step. Ivory looked at the driver, who at the time sported a mildly scared look on his face due to the hollering blacks on the corner. She paused to give him further instructions.

“Thank you for the drive. Please wait here while I conduct business with Mr. Moorecock. I don’t believe it will take very long.” Ivory spoke warmly to the old white man.

Ivory approached the door and knocked. I just love the interaction aspect of my job, Ivory said to herself. I just hope Mr. Moorecock is open to allowing me to meet with his nephew. A smile spread across Ivory’s beautiful face. If he isn’t open to that idea… I do love a good challenge.

Clarence Moorecock wore a surprised look on his rough face as he opened the door. Wearing his boxers, slippers and a stained white undershirt, there was no doubt that Clarence was not expecting visitors. Still, he could make time for the gorgeous woman gracing his doorway. Clarence took a moment to look up and down the visitor, who somehow managed to look completely prim and proper while still almost bursting her seams with soft curves. Probably some bimbo reporter looking to interview Demetrius, he thought to himself amusedly. I’ll give her the big scoop if she really wants it.

“Hello Mr. Moorecock, I am Ivory Love-Blackwell. I’m here as the official head of recruitment for Brockton Baccalaureate College. We’re very interested in Demetrius, and if it’s ok I would just love to come in and have a little chat.” Ivory smiled brilliantly at the 55 year old black man and extended her hand. Ivory noted that Clarence looked older than his age, as what little hair remained on his head had already gone completely grey, as had the whiskers covering his face and neck. Ivory saw the dark black hand completely engulf her own as they shook hands. Clarence was a big man, towering over Ivory at 6’4. It was clear that he had once been quite powerfully built, but now lacked any kind of muscle definition and sported a large beer gut. I see where his nephew gets his size, Ivory thought to herself. I will need to see more though.

“Yeah, well I’m Clarence and I’m afraid you’re a bit late. Demetrius is having his final meeting with the schools today down at the Extravaganza Hotel. The BIG schools.” Clarence spoke firmly as he shook Ivory’s delicate hand. Every big football school had come calling for Demetrius, and this was the day that he would decide on his future for the next few years. Both Clarence and his nephew had dreamed of this day, and they were not going to mess it up. Demetrius would go to whatever school offered the best opportunity to get to the professional league. Clarence was confident that no recruiter, even one as breathtakingly beautiful as Ivory Love-Blackwell, was going to mess up the plan.

“This is definitely an exciting day! I’m still hoping that we can discuss Demetrius inside though. Is that acceptable?” Ivory sweetly asked as she raised her eyebrows and batted her eyelashes. Clarence turned to the side and Ivory slid past him and into the house, her round ass brushing against his crotch as she did so. She continued down the hall, her behind swaying as her heels clicked across the grubby hallway.

Damn she’s fine, Clarence thought to himself as he watched Ivory walking away, her ample onion booty swaying from side to side with each step. Clarence shook his head and tried to get his cock to go back down, having been turned on by having Ivory rub across it, before he started following her toward the kitchen. He could not remember the last time a white woman had been in his home, before finally deciding that it had never happened. For black men from the south belonging to Clarence’s generation, interaction with a white woman was always very limited. He had noticed over the previous few years that white girls had started hanging out with the gang bangers in his neighbourhood, and it left him with more than a tinge of jealousy. In my day the white bitches wouldn’t even look at a black man if he was a star athlete, Clarence thought bitterly. Now they hang on these worthless gutter rats, always acting like they’re gangsters or something. Clarence was filled with resentment as he entered the kitchen.

“Shall we have some tea, Mr. Moorecock?” Ivory asked as he entered the kitchen.

“I already started a pot of coffee. I think I got some tea bags in one of the cupboards though if you really want it badly.” Clarence responded distractedly. Did she undo a button, Clarence wondered as he looked at Ivory’s chest which now showcased more than a hint of her cleavage.

“Oh I do want it badly.” Ivory responded, punctuating her statement with a grin. She began rooting through the dusty cupboards for tea bags as Clarence sat at the small kitchen table. Ivory did what she could to ensure that he enjoyed the view.

“So Mr. Moorecock, are you familiar with the success that BBC has enjoyed on the gridiron over the last few years?” Ivory asked as she continued her search.

“I saw them string together a few wins… no history though…” Clarence was distracted as he spoke. She’s got to be sticking that ass out, he thought to himself as he watched Ivory. Clarence could not remember a bigger bubble butt, and the curve in Ivory’s back as she reached into the cupboard only made it pop out even more.

“We are trending upward, Mr. Moorecock. This season we should be in the thick of the title race. Really, would you rather Demetrius go somewhere with an established history, or somewhere that he can make history?” Ivory asked as she finally found some teabags and moved toward the table while waiting for the water to boil.

“I just want him to go somewhere that gives him the best shot at going pro. That’s what we’ve worked for all these years.” Clarence responded as Ivory sat down across from him, back perfectly straight and legs crossed.

“Oh I understand that completely. I believe that Demetrius can achieve huge success at our school though, and of course I do not want your hard work to be wasted. You and your nephew must be extremely close.” Ivory made sure to maintain eye contact and smile as she spoke. Clarence was having trouble maintaining eye contact, as his kept wandering down Ivory’s neckline.

“…What…um.. yeah we are. Lived together since he was 7, trained him myself. I’ve had more impact on that boy than any coach he’s ever had! Came here all small and weak, barely ate a thing. Now he’s strong as an ox!” Clarence spoke with pride as he discussed his nephew. Clarence and Demetrius both viewed his successes on the football field as a victory for both of them.

“He certainly is big and strong now, just like his uncle. Demetrius definitely takes after your side of the family, Mr. Moorecock. Big, strong and handsome.” Ivory watched Clarence as she spoke, and her words were definitely having an effect on him. His disposition toward her became increasingly positive the longer she was around, and he now wore a goofy looking grin on his face. Ivory noticed the bulging in Clarence’s boxers, and knew that she was on the right track.

“Thank you Ms. Love-Blackwell…” Clarence could hardly believe what he was hearing. He had never been complimented by a white woman before. It is true though, he thought to himself. There was no doubt that Clarence and Demetrius looked alike, and Demetrius had no trouble attracting girls from school, including white girls. If only I was born 35 years later, Clarence thought with devilish delight. I might have even gotten someone like this fine piece across the table.

“Please call me Ivory. I can call you Clarence, right?” Ivory asked sweetly, biting her lip with faux nervousness as she spoke.

“Yes you can… Ivory.” Clarence responded, feeling his bulge grow larger as he looked at Ivory’s beautiful, innocent face. I can’t let all 8 and a half inches get hard or I’ll put a hole in my boxers, Clarence reminded himself.

“Well Clarence, I need to know what I can do to get you to put BBC on the list of schools meeting with Demetrius today.” Ivory placed both elbows on the table and leaned forward as she spoke, and Clarence’s eyes responded by checking out the inches of cleavage in front of him. Before he could respond, a whistle signaled that the water was boiling. Ivory got up from the dingy table and walked to the stove.

“You want some Clarence?” Ivory asked as she finished making her tea.

Fuckin right I do, Clarence thought as he once again leered at Ivory’s ass. He did not respond out loud, and Ivory returned to the table, twirling a spoon in her tea as she sat down.

“Are you going to join me?” Ivory asked as she motioned to the cup of coffee that Clarence had neglected since she came to the door.

“Oh yeah I will.” Clarence responded, having completely forgotten about his own cup. Ivory smiled warmly at him as she continued stirring her tea.

“Sorry that I don’t have any other kinds of tea. I bet you’re used to some fancy stuff like green tea.” Clarence continued.

“No, this is great actually. I only take it black!” Ivory responded, giving Clarence a little wink before continuing.

“Now Clarence, what can I do to get on that list?” Ivory asked before bringing her spoon to her mouth. She began sucking the spoon into her mouth slowly, allowing it to slide in and out of her pink lips. She watched as Clarence just stared at the spoon. I’ll do anything, Ivory thought to herself. She tried to convey that same message with her eyes.

“It’s really late… the other schools would be pretty pissed about it…” Clarence spoke meekly. I can’t fuck this up for Demetrius, Clarence told himself. No amount of flirting can change things, even if she is sexy as fuck. In order to distract himself, Clarence picked up his mug of coffee and took a drink. The cold coffee that touched his lips caused him to grimace.

“Oh look your coffee’s gotten cold and it’s my fault! Let me get you another cup.” Ivory reached across the table and began to stand up. She grabbed Clarence’s cup, but as just after she did it began to spill. The cold coffee spilled onto the table, and down onto the front of Clarence’s boxers. Seemingly prepared for such an event, Ivory quickly pulled out a cloth from her purse.

“Oh my gosh I’m so sorry Clarence! Let me clean that up for you.” Ivory wore a shocked expression on her face as she spoke, which was somewhat obscured by her free hand which had flown up to her face to cover her mouth. She quickly moved toward her purse and pulled out a white cloth with one hand, and her cell phone with the other. She placed the cell phone facing Clarence on the table.

Clarence began to protest that it was not necessary, but Ivory was quickly on her knees crawling toward the old black man. Clarence found himself turning in his chair so that he faced away from the table, thus giving Ivory room to clean his boxers.

“I’m such a klutz! I’ll take care of this though.” Ivory said as she knelt between Clarence’s spread legs. With one hand Ivory began dabbing the cloth at the end of Clarence’s boxers just around the middle of his thigh. She placed her other hand on his other leg, seemingly for balance. I see something else that just might need to be taken care of, Ivory thought to herself gleefully as she looked at the bulging crotch in front of her.

“You don’t have to do this.” Clarence said as Ivory went to work. As much as he enjoyed the thought of Ivory between his legs, he knew what would happen if she stayed down there for any amount of time. He was already embarrassed by the partial erection he was sporting, and he knew that if Ivory started dabbing any higher he would become rock hard.

“I want to do it though, silly. At BBC we pride on taking care of the student body, especially our athletes.” Ivory looked up at Clarence over her glasses as she spoke, but he was looking only at her hands.

“We also take care of the families of our athletes. That’s a HUGE part of my job actually.” Ivory said with a smile. She began dabbing the crotch of Clarence’s boxers and marveled as his cock grew inches in just a few moments. Now barely an inch from her face, Ivory could see that Clarence’s massive cock was partially bent as his boxers obstructed it. Big, thick, and still growing, Ivory thought happily to herself. Looks like I’ll have a lot to work with.

Clarence could hardly believe his eyes. The sexiest woman he had ever seen, a white woman no less, was gently massaging his black, 55 year old cock with only a thin layer of fabric between them. His excitement quickly gave way to pain as his cock strained against his boxers. He looked into Ivory’s amazing blue eyes, and they looked back at him excitedly. She smiled broadly and licked her lips. Clarence saw her soft hands move to the waist of his boxers, her white skin contrasting against the black skin of his stomach that poked out below his undershirt.

“You’re in pain! I’ll have to fix that.” Ivory said as she tugged on Clarence’s boxers. His long, thick cock sprang eagerly from its former prison, almost hitting Ivory’s glasses. Clarence’s cock was a very dark shade of black, and contrasted strongly with the tangle of grey public hair behind it. Ivory wrapped both hands around the big black cock directly in front of her face, and was pleased to see that she couldn’t even wrap each hand around it completely. She began lightly jerking Clarence’s cock back and forth, causing his huge, low hanging balls to spring up and down in unison with her motion.

“What needs to happen to get me on that list?” Ivory asked, licking her lips as she stared only at the black cock bulging before her.

Unable to answer immediately, Clarence could scarcely believe the situation he was in. He had never married, and had not even been with a woman in years. He had spent the last 11 years focused on his nephew and his football career, with little time for women. Consequently his balls hung incredibly low, filled with load after load of unused semen. Those same big black balls began to tighten as Clarence watched Ivory go to work. The beautiful young blonde woman focused intensely on Clarence’s cock, her big blue eyes staring hungrily at the huge black rod in front of her. Her pretty pink lips were parted as a half smile betrayed her level of excitement, Ivory’s perfectly straight, white teeth gently bit down on her tongue. Clarence looked down at the small, soft white hands that were stroking him so masterfully. Ivory was rhythmically milking the old black cock, with one hand pulling and twisting on the shaft and the other doing the same thing just under the bulbous head. As tremendous as this act felt, Clarence knew that he wanted more. If she wants on that list she has to earn it, Clarence finally told himself. He brought his hand up to Ivory’s tight blonde bun and grabbed it. Immediately she released Clarence’s cock and placed both hands on his inner thighs. Ivory opened her mouth wide, and allowed the corners of her mouth to crinkle just slightly. Clarence finally pulled her eager mouth toward his cock, and Ivory quickly devoured all of the black monster cock.

Clarence waited for Ivory to start gagging, but the noise never came. Instead he heard a purr of delight that caused his dick to tingle with vibrations. Clarence felt Ivory’s nose and glasses pressing through his ample grey pubic hair and into the bottom of his bulging stomach, and could barely hide his amazement. He never imagined a woman, better yet one who appeared as prim and proper as Ivory Love-Blackwell, could devour a thick 8.5 inch cock with such ease. Clarence ceased thinking altogether as he felt Ivory press her expert tongue past the black cock meat in her mouth and throat and into the top of his scrotum, each gentle caress sending a jolt of pleasure through his body. Clarence loudly moaned his approval.

Those big black balls must be so sensitive, Ivory thought as she heard Clarence vocalize his pleasure. It should be a crime to leave a beautiful black sack so full. Ivory took a deep breath as she continued massaging Clarence with her tongue. The musky smell would have turned off many women, but Ivory found it to be highly exhilarating. The thought of finally bringing relief to the old black man, and moving herself significantly closer to her recruitment target, filled Ivory with delight. Deciding that it was time to really get to business, Ivory pulled her head away from Clarence’s crotch, making sure to keep her pouty lips tightly wrapped around his big black cock the whole way. Ivory began quickly bobbing her head of Clarence’s cock, deep-throating it rapidly. Ivory moved her hands to Clarence’s balls, bulging with the black seed she so craved, and began enthusiastically playing with them. Ivory felt the wrinkled, hairy balls in her hand and the huge, hot, and hard black cock pressing against every inch of her mouth and throat and knew that she loved her job more than anything else in the world.

“Suck that black dick you prissy white bitch!” Clarence hollered as Ivory sent wave after wave of pleasure throughout his body. Clarence had no ill will against Ivory, but his statement slipped out anyway. He had been reminded of all the white girls who had snubbed him in his life, even when he had been a star athlete decades prior, and this was his revenge. Still, there was no question that Ivory was different. She was far more beautiful than any of the girls Clarence had chased after in his youth, and she clearly loved sucking black cock as well. Little slut sure as hell knows so to suck too, he thought to himself as Ivory pressed on, sliding her tongue along the underside of Clarence’s cock as she deep-throated him. He felt his breath shorten as he began experiencing spasms of erotic delight in his lower body and knew that he would cum soon. Clarence could hardly wait to shoot his load into Ivory’s pretty white mouth.

“Ohhh shit… oh shit… ohhh shitttt…” Clarence wailed as the strength of his impending orgasm continued to grow.

Sorry sweetie but there is still business to be done, Ivory thought to herself as she pulled her head from the big black cock. Can’t let you cum just yet. Ivory moved her head below Clarence’s cock, tilting it sideways so that her mouth was just below his dangling balls. The kissed the lower hanging testicle, which she decided looked like a giant black plum, and let her lips suck it slightly before releasing. This act caused all of the breath to leave Clarence’s body.

“I need to meet with Demetrius today. Call his handler at the hotel and tell him Demetrius will be meeting with a Brockton Baccalaureate College representative today. It’s already programmed into the phone- just press call.” Ivory punctuated her instructions by sucking on Clarence’s throbbing nuts. His objections to her demand were quickly erased.

Clarence slammed his hand down on the table and fumbled around for the phone. Once he found it, he brought it to his face and immediately pressed call. The thought of disobeying Ivory’s command did not enter his mind.

Once she saw that he had pressed call, Ivory stopped sucking on Clarence’s salty chocolate balls and began licking them instead. She hoped that this would allow him to catch his breath long enough to successfully complete the call.

Clarence had to wait seconds for the phone to be answered, but it felt like hours due to his desperation. He knew that he needed to cum as soon as possible, and he needed it more than anything that he could remember.

“Maury! Put Brockton Baccalaureate College on the list of schools! The list of schools that meet with the boy! JUST DO IT!” Clarence hung up the phone after yelling his instructions. He was immediately rewarded by Ivory as she moved her mouth back to his cock and began sucking him off once again. Her mouth felt so warm and wet that Clarence knew he would not last any longer. Ivory took each of his balls in hand and put them between her thumbs and fingers as she began lightly massaging. Clarence could take no more. He grabbed Ivory’s blonde bun with both hands and held her head against his crotch. Clarence’s cock began wildly spurting his juices down Ivory’s throat, each thick gob of sperm followed closely by another. With Ivory’s mouth and hands working him like they were, Clarence felt like he would never stop cumming.

Drinking black seed is definitely one of the best perks of my job, Ivory thought happily as she continued guzzling down the old black man’s semen. She could not remember the last man to cum so much for her. She loved the feeling of the bulky black cock twitching in her mouth, and also the accompanying spurt of hot liquid that hit her throat after each twitch. Ivory did all she could to massage every last ounce of jizz from Clarence’s balls, and he rewarded her with a belly full of hot black cum. After nearly a minute, Ivory removed the black cock from her mouth and watched it flop in front of her, shrunken but still quite large. Content that her job was done for the time being, Ivory stood up in front of Clarence and reached for her purse.

“Well Mr. Moorecock, it’s been an absolute pleasure! You can visit Demetrius at the BBC campus whenever you like. Make sure you tell me when you are visiting, and I’ll do everything I can to ensure that you enjoy your visit.” Ivory smiled brightly at Clarence, her face and hair still completely perfect. She handed the old black man, who was visibly winded and still had his boxers around his ankles, her business card before leaving the kitchen. Clarence heard the click of Ivory’s heels as she walked down the hallway before opening the door and leaving his home. Clarence looked at the small, white card in his hand:

I. Love-Blackwell Head of BBC Recruitment

Exhausted, Clarence tried to collect his thoughts. As great as he still felt physically, his guilt was creeping up on him. It’s just a meeting, he told himself. Demetrius doesn’t have to agree to nothin. He thought of his nephew, young and spontaneous and prone to making stupid decisions. He then thought of Ivory Love-Blackwell and the offer she would inevitably make Demetrius, causing his own cock to begin rising slowly once again. That boy don’t stand a chance, Clarence told himself resignedly.

Ivory Love-Blackwell was so elated at her recent success that she skipped down the front steps of the Moorecock home. The resulting jiggling once again drew the approving hoots and hollers of the local black youths. The noise woke up the old, white driver, who had been asleep at the wheel with his face covered by a newspaper. He stumbled out of the car as Ivory slowly sauntered to the door. The old man opened the door for Ivory, but she paused before entering. One hand on the door and the other on her hip, Ivory turned her head to look at the youths on the corner with her ass just slightly pushed out. Their noise stopped as they marveled at what was in front of them, and Ivory smiled sweetly. Completely satisfied with her work, Ivory stepped into the car.

“Extravaganza Hotel please. There is still more business at attend to.” Ivory informed the driver as he closed the door. Business AND pleasure, she thought with a grin.

In order to pass the time while being driven to the big hotel in the city, Ivory began once again looking at images of Demetrius Moorecock. So strong and fierce, she thought to herself as her excitement built. Looking at the big, black linebacker was making Ivory anxious, and she eventually forced herself to stop. Ivory looked tried looking out the window as they made their way to the hotel, but found that the scenery did not compare to what was on her tablet. The taste of Moorecock sperm still in her mouth, and the image of Clarence’s cock still vivid in her mind, Ivory knew that she needed to see more. Just one more picture, Ivory told herself as she hurriedly typed into her tablet. The first image of Demetrius Moorecock that came up came from one of the recruit combines. Fresh from the bench press, Demetrius stood shirtless in front of the camera, his muscles bulging and his face completely stoic. He’s going to look so good… on the field, Ivory thought to herself with relish. Still she knew that she needed something to occupy her time until she arrived at the hotel.

“Excuse me sir, could you please put up the divider please? I need some privacy for a few moments.” Ivory said to the driver. He complied, and the dark glass slid up between them, separating the front seats from the back. It wouldn’t be right to let someone like that see me get changed, Ivory thought as she began quickly removing her clothing. She intended to meet Demetrius Moorecock in her other outfit, an outfit which had been used on many previous recruitment trips. After removing her pink blouse, Ivory wasted no time in removing her bra. Ivory sighed softly as her large breasts sprang free, relieving the tension on her erect nipples. Ivory removed her skirt, always difficult due to how tightly she wore them, and finally removed her thong. Ivory was not surprised to see that her thong was soaking wet.

Finally free from the constriction of her clothing, Ivory noticed one hand wandering below her waist while the other moved toward her tablet, where countless pictures of Demetrius waited for her. Her fingers on her pubic mound, Ivory could feel her pussy aching to be touched. As desperately as she wanted to let herself go and relieve her pent up excitement, Ivory knew that she needed to wait. I’ll need my energy, she told herself firmly. Recruiting Demetrius is going to require energy… lots of energy.

Realizing that she was nearing the city as the traffic outside her window began to increase, Ivory knew that she needed to get dressed once again. This time, she would be in official BBC colours: black and white. Ivory took her second outfit out of her bag. Her skirt was once again black and just as tight, but this time it was several inches shorter. Ivory struggled to get the skirt over her ass, but the process was made slightly easier by the slit in one side that rode up her leg. The thong that Ivory had worn before, currently crumpled and soaked on the floor, was deemed unnecessary. She then fumbled through her bag, looking for her necklace. She eventually produced a thin golden chair with the letters BBC hanging from it, also in gold. The chain hung inches just a few inches above her breasts. Ivory then grabbed her white blouse. The bra would just be a hindrance, she had already decided. Ivory began squeezing herself into her blouse, which clung tightly to her slim waist and even more tightly to her large tits. The blouse hung on her shoulders and rounded open downward, exposing the top of Ivory’s bulging breasts and the top of her cleavage. As she buttoned the blouse Ivory noticed her hard, pink nipples pushing against the thin white fabric. They would be clearly visible to anyone who looked near her chest. Subtlety is lost on the young, Ivory noted with a smile.

Shortly after getting dressed, the car pulled in front of the Extravaganza Hotel. A small spattering of media members were already assembled outside, waiting to report on what school Demetrius Moorecock had deigned to attend. Ivory once again thanked the driver and told him to wait for her before exiting the car.

Although she was not the reason they had gathered at the hotel, the media quickly turned their attention to Ivory Love-Blackwell. She could hear them murmuring that they did not know a super model was in the city, and some wondered if she was a famous actress. Ivory blew past them quickly, but not before a few eager photographers could snap some pictures, mainly for their own personal collections.

Once inside, Ivory walked to the front desk and informed them that she would be meeting with Demetrius Moorecock. Clarence had already called ahead and cleared her, so she was instructed by the awestruck concierge to take the elevator to the top floor. Ivory confidently strolled into the elevator, pressed the button for the top floor and watched the doors close in front of her.

When the elevator finally opened, Ivory walked through into a crowded waiting room full of boisterous men. Previously very loud, the room quieted almost instantly as the men all stopped what they were doing to look at Ivory. Although most of them had seen her previously during recruiting expeditions, and even more knew what her presence meant for their recruitment chances, they still could not stop staring at the only woman in the room. Even her most fierce rivals were momentarily stunned upon Ivory’s entrance as she boldly walked past them, all legs and ass and with a bright white smile. She quickly found a seat next to Darnell Jackson, a representative of one of the all black colleges pursuing Demetrius and also the only black recruiter in the room.

“Hello Mr. Jackson! It’s so nice to see you again.” Ivory declared as she sat down in the plush chair, crossing her legs at the ankles as she did so. She reached over and softly brushed the hand of the fat, bearded black man with her own.

“Nice to see you again Ms… Ivory. So you’re after Demetrius?” The black man asked awkwardly.

“Yes I am. We really think he would look great in the white and black of BBC. I think he’ll look particularly good next to Keyshawn. It was so sweet of you to let him transfer schools last year!” Ivory smiled widely at Darnell and pressed down lightly on his hand.

“I almost got fired over that one.” He responded, before allowing his lips to curve into a slight smile.

“Well I still hope we can work together in the future!” Ivory responded as she leaned toward the black man. Ivory loved collaborating with the traditionally black schools, which had proven to be fertile recruitment ground over the past few years for Ivory. Her superiors had thought she was crazy when she insisted on a trip that would encompass so many of those schools, but were delighted when she had secured transfers to BBC in the double digits. Ivory much preferred working with Darnell Jackson to any of the other university representatives in the room. All white and covered head to toe in paraphernalia from their respective schools, many had approached Ivory in the past, all looking to discuss prospects over dinner or back at their hotel rooms. All had seen their offers turned down politely by the gorgeous BBC recruiter, and now they mostly looked at her with a mix of desire and distain on their faces. Ivory still knew that if she sat there long enough, another foolish soul would attempt to hit on her.

Maurice Boras was quick to approach Ivory. Of all the men in the room, he was the least interested in her sexually. Maurice worked as an agent, carefully steering many of the best prospects toward the best schools so that they could get drafted to play professional sports and actually hire him. Seeing Ivory Love-Blackwell walk into the lobby had disgusted him as all he could think of was the plethora of players she had steered away from the big schools, and his agent services, and instead toward Brockton Baccalaureate College. He was desperate to prevent that from happening once again.

“I don’t know what arrangement you made with the boy’s uncle, but you can rest assured that it won’t work with me or with Demetrius!” Maurice quickly lit into Ivory as she sat in front of him. She initially responded with a smile.

“Hello to you as well, Mr. Boras. My arrangement with Mr. Moorecock will stay between us, and I can assure you that I have no desire to make a similar arrangement with you.” Ivory stood up following her statement, her heels leaving her several inches taller than Maurice Levy. Ivory decided that she was completely uninterested in looking down at his bald scalp, and she walked toward the suite door. Maurice followed.

“Don’t think you’re going to keep getting away with this! I don’t know if you’re giving them money, cars or anything else, but I’ll catch you eventually. When I do, I’ll make sure you’re fired and your school never plays a single game again!” Maurice continued heatedly as Ivory continued walking to the door.

“Students come to BBC because of how well they’re treated, not because of things like money. I hope you actually do find that out someday, Mr. Boras. Now, if you’ll excuse me.” Ivory turned away from Maurice, his face beat red and covered in sweat, and toward the man watching the door.

“Excuse me sir, but do you mind if I meet with Demetrius next? What order we go in doesn’t really matter, does it? We’ll all get to see Demetrius at some point — no need to follow a silly little list.” Ivory gave her sweetest look at the doorman, who melted instantly. Just as he agreed to let her in next, a recruiter from one of the biggest schools in the nation left the hotel room. He looked supremely confident Ivory noted, as he was clearly unaware of what was to follow.

Ivory thanked the doorman as she began walking past him, Maurice Levy hollering behind her. She was grateful to get in the hotel suite early, both to get away from Maurice and so that she could begin her recruitment as early as possible. Ivory could feel her pulse racing as she walked through the door. She cherished the moments before she began truly hunting her prey. She heard a voice call after her that she had one hour at her disposal. More than enough time, she thought confidently.

Ivory walked into the hotel suite, almost giddy with excitement. The room was ornately decorated, with white shag carpet, immaculate white walls and predominantly red decoration. Ivory could see a large window at the end of the sweet between the red drapes, the skyline of the city clearly visible just beyond. A few exotic plants were found in the room, along with a number of tall and stylish lamps. Ivory quickly scanned the periphery of the room, making mental note of the soft white couch in one corner and the mahogany framed king size bed in the other. Oh goody that looks like silk, Ivory thought to herself as she looked at the sheets on the bed. Content with the accommodations, Ivory looked toward the centre of the suite.

Sitting in a massive red chair, carelessly typing into his phone, was Demetrius Moorecock. Oh my goodness he’s even more impressive than in the pictures, Ivory admitted to herself. Demetrius managed to almost completely fill the space on the large chair, and Ivory suspected that his listed weight of 230 pounds may have been underselling him. He wore a pair of green and black striped athletic shorts and had one leg hung over the arm of his chair, giving Ivory a solid view of his strong legs. Demetrius wore a large grey t-shirt, which was baggy at the bottom but tight on his massive shoulders and chest. His face was not entirely handsome, but it had strong features including a granite jaw. Demetrius’ skin was dark brown, and Ivory found that it reminded her of the most delicious milk chocolate that she could imagine.

Ivory placed her bag on the floor and began walking toward Demetrius, who was still mindlessly typing into his phone, while the soft carpet stifled the sound of her high heels. Seeing the big, strong, black 18 year old in the flesh was giving Ivory all kinds of ideas. She knew that he was a perfect BBC recruit, but Ivory had to be sure not to ruin it. She remembered her first recruitment trip and felt a shiver go through her body. It had nearly been a debacle, and even though she did end up getting her recruits she did not want a repeat performance. She knew she had to be in control the whole time, no matter what her most base instincts told her. Keep your cool, Ivory told herself as she stood in front of Demetrius. Let your success with Clarence tide you over for the next few minutes.

“Excuse me, Demetrius? I’m Ivory Love-Blackwell, and I’m here to bring you to Brockton Baccalaureate College.” Ivory was eager to get the attention of her next recruit. Judging by the look on his face when he finally looked up, she had succeeded.

Demetrius Moorecock’s thick lips were wide apart as he gaped at the blonde woman in front of him. She was nothing like any of the other recruiters he had met with. Ivory’s short skirt showed off her slender legs, even most of the subtle muscle and flesh of her thighs. Her black heels had the effect of making Ivory’s legs seem as though they went on for days. Demetrius could not remember a girl, or a woman, with such a tiny waist and womanly hips like Ivory Love-Blackwell. Demetrius badly wanted to see Ivory’s ass, but was content to stare instead at her chest as her white globes strained the thin fabric of her shirt. Her shirt was buttoned low enough to give just a hint of cleavage below the small golden necklace that Ivory was wearing, but the outline of the fabric wrapped tightly around her chest betrayed the fact the truth of her bust. Demetrius barely had time to investigate the pink protrusions coming from the middle of Ivory’s tits before she extended her hand and spoke again.

“Demetrius Moorecock? It’s going to be such a pleasure meeting you.” Ivory beamed as she spoke. Demetrius quickly rose and shook her hand, the outlines of his already plumping cock already visible halfway down his thigh. Ivory noted the strength of the handshake, and thought off all the good things Demetrius could do with those hands at BBC.

“Yeah, good to meet you to.” Demetrius responded as articulately as he could, given the circumstances. The beautiful woman smiled back at him, her bright blue eyes shining playfully from behind her glasses.

“Well let’s sit down and get right to business! We’re very interested in you Demetrius.” Ivory spoke as cheerily as possible, just as she always did when on business. They both sat, Demetrius in the large red chair and Ivory in the smaller brown chair opposite him.

“That’s fine, but I already gots a school in mind.” Demetrius said calmly. He had fielded offers from around the nation, and had even been guaranteed a starting spot with the defending champions. He was doubtful that any offer could trump that one.

“Oh I’m sure you do, but you shouldn’t rule out BBC just yet. We had a great season last year, and we expect to contend for the championship this year. The best rea…” Ivory was interrupted by Demetrius. She definitely had his attention, but not yet his commitment.

“Ain’t no great teams up north. I looked up dis school you come from when my uncle added it to da list. No championships, no professional players came from dat school. I ain’t not going to school for learnin. I’m going to get mine.” Demetrius spoke boldly. He viewed school as a gateway to professional football, and nothing more. He knew that he could get fame and adulation at any school he went to, which left him interested only in the school that would ensure him the most exposure to professional teams.

“You will certainly get yours at BBC, Mr. Moorecock” Ivory could not help but grin as she said this. No question a handsome black athlete will get more than he can handle at BBC, she thought to herself before continuing.

“As I was saying, the best reason to come to BBC is because of how well we treat the student body, especially our athletes. I personally see to it that the athletes at BBC have their every desire met. Everything.” Ivory fixed Demetrius with a sultry stare and allowed her words to hang in the air.

Demetrius Moorecock was left with no retort. He was not sure if the beautiful woman in front of him knew just what his desires might be. He watched her seductively uncross and then cross her legs as his cock stiffened. Might as well go all in with dis bitch, Demetrius said to himself.

“You gots no idea what kind of desires I got.” He responded, grinning from ear to ear.

“I believe I do, Demetrius. Boys like you usually like the same kinds of things, in my experience.” Ivory stood up as she admired the look on Demetrius’ face. He looked like a Cheshire cat, with his thick lips curled in a wide grin and his wide nostrils flared. To Ivory, Demetrius just looked like a big black panther, sleek and strong. No matter how impressive he looks this is still about business, Ivory reminded herself. For now.

“Let me show you one of our brochures.” She continued, standing up and walking to her bag.

God damn! Alls I want is to get up in dat ass, Demetrius thought to himself as he watched Ivory walk away, hips swaying with each step. He knew that he had never seen an ass that was as big as Ivory’s and yet still tight as hell. Demetrius was content to watch Ivory walk away from him for as long as she wanted.

Ivory took her time bending down to pick up the brochure, certain that the long walk to her bag gave Demetrius plenty of time to watch her. She stuck her ass out as much as possible when she bent over. Not only athletes have patented moves, she thought to herself. Ivory’s slow bend often had advantageous results. She finally picked up the brochure and returned to her seat, but not before bumping one leg against her chair.

“Owwww I’m such a klutz!” Ivory yelped. Although the bump may have looked like it hurt her leg, she was actually feeling tremendous. Ivory lifted her leg onto the chair in order to inspect her supposed injury, pressing her heel into the cushion. Conscious that the slit in the side of her skirt was giving Demetrius a perfect view of her svelte leg, she began gently rubbing her hands up and down her shin and thigh.

Demetrius had never considered himself a leg man before, but the sight in front of him was enough to convince him otherwise. He felt his cock stiffen further as he watched Ivory slowly rub her soft, slender leg. With the slit in the side, it seemed like her legs were never ending. Demetrius tried to move his 9 inches of cock meat around in order to hide his arousal, all while continuing to stare at Ivory.

“Oh well I guess I’ll live!” Ivory said merrily, tilting her head as she spoke as she returned her leg to the floor. He’s quick but I definitely saw what he tried to hide with those hands, Ivory thought as she began walking toward Demetrius.

“You ok? Demetrius asked, hoping to distract from his obvious hardon. Fuck I’d love to get between those fine legs, he thought to himself as he only got harder.

“I’m great Demetrius, don’t worry about that. Have yourself a little peak.” Ivory stood next to Demetrius and leaned forward slightly, the brochure in her hands. She held it open in front of him, ensuring that he had a tremendous view of both the brochure and her immaculate tits.

Demetrius only had to strength to give the brochure the quickest of glances, as his eyes constantly wandered to Ivory’s breasts. As she talked about the various images and statistics found in the brochure, Demetrius heard nothing. He stared at the sexy white tits hanging just inches from his face, so full and soft that he wanted nothing more than to reach up and grab them. He spotted her BBC necklace bobbing up and down over her chest and felt a tinge of envy. His eyes moved up and down Ivory’s cleavage, now measuring several inches as she bent over, and Demetrius was in awe of how good her tits looked pressed together.

“Do they look good?” Ivory asked, for a second time.

“Wha… What?” Demetrius stumbled to cover for himself. He had no idea what Ivory was asking him about, but he knew that what he had really been looking at looked great.

“The campus residences?” Ivory responded, fishing for an answer. Demetrius grunted a response and nodded, and Ivory continued showing the brochure. Blissfully aware where Demetrius’ eyes were looking, Ivory felt a growing dampness between her legs. She loved that her presentation enticed the black youth. The outline of his knob clearly visible as it continued to rise in his shorts, Ivory knew that it was question time once again.

“Is it getting harder?” She asked, this time completely out of context.

Demetrius was not sure how to respond. Sure as fuck my cock is getting harder, he said to himself. He knew that could not be what Ivory was referring to though, as his mind was cluttered by the sight of Ivory’s pink nipples pressing against her shirt.

“Ahhh… definitely.” He eventually responded, only then noticing that Ivory was at the end of the brochure.

“I thought it might be harder to choose a school after this little presentation.” Ivory said sweetly. She knew the time was drawing near.

“Yeah it looks… fucking great… I mean great.” Demetrius had more than enjoyed Ivory’s presentation, and felt sly for having stolen so many glances at Ivory’s chest.

Ivory rubbed Demetrius’ hard shoulder appreciatively and then walked back to her chair, sitting down once again and crossing her legs.

“Excellent. Now you’ve seen what we have to offer you, so it’s time to see what you can offer us.” Ivory stated, trying her best to disguise her enthusiasm. The confused look on Demetrius’ face did not surprise her. Recruits were used to having the schools show them their best, not showing the schools their own best.

“What you talkin about?” Demetrius asked, utterly confused. Surely she had seen tapes of him in action. Demetrius felt that Ivory betrayed nothing with her looks, other than a growing amusement. She only smiled at him.

“You heard me. We have to see what you can offer us. I’ve seen video of you on the field, so strong and fast. Vicious really. That’s part of what we’re after, but there is more. We have a different mandate at BBC.” Ivory spoke calmly, even as her heart beat rapidly in her chest. Stay calm, she told herself. You’ll see it all soon!

“The fuck?” was all that Demetrius could muster. What the fuck is she talkin about, and what’s a mandate?

“We only want the highest quality athletes at BBC. The biggest, strongest…” and the blackest, Ivory thought as her pussy trembled. She stared into Demetrius’ eyes as she continued.

“We want only the best. There is only one way for us to know that a recruit really is the best.” Ivory paused a moment to breathe. She was proud of herself for showing so much patience.

“Strip.” Ivory’s body felt a jolt of excitement as she said the word, her pussy’s arousal building into a frenzy. She would finally get to see all that Demetrius Moorecock had to offer.

Demetrius stared at Ivory. She managed to be ladylike while looking completely seductive at the same time. In her heels, short skirt and low cut blouse Ivory showed Demetrius more of her fantastic body than many of the slutty girls he had fucked in high school. Still though, Ivory managed to keep an air of professionalism about herself. Her blonde hair remained in the tight bun, her beautiful blue eyes behind her glasses and her sweet face and smile glimmered at him. Demetrius found the urge to satisfy Ivory, to please her, irresistible. If she wanted him to strip, he would strip.

Demetrius began by removing his shirt, pulling it slowly over his head. Ivory soaked in the image in front of her. Demetrius revealed his thick torso, filled with muscle and built to deliver crushing hits on the football field. Ivory admired his abs, noting that Demetrius’ tremendous size meant that he was not completely ripped. His body was built for strength, and she was sure that it was still plenty hard. Demetrius’ chest bulged with thick muscle, along with his arms and shoulders. Ivory noticed that he appeared to have various tattoos on his chest and biceps, but she hardly noticed them against his dark skin. Ivory adjusted her glasses and bit into her lip as she inspected Demetrius’ body. So impressive, she thought to herself. So much more to see. Ivory raised her eyebrows and nodded toward Demetrius, bidding him to continue.

Demetrius had never imagined a recruitment meeting going like this. The sexiest woman he had ever seen, ordering him to strip in front of her. Demetrius was self conscious as he wrapped his fingers around the elastic of his shorts. His cock was nearing full erection, and he had hoped that his shorts concealed most of his arousal. Despite his concerns he pushed his shorts down, allowing his cock to spring up inside his boxers. While embarrassed, Demetrius was also happy to show Ivory just what he was packing. Bitch can’t complain bout dis, he said to himself as his confidence grew.

Ivory’s eyes grew wide as Demetrius cock sprang up in front of her, and her smile grew wide. No matter how many times I see it, it always amazes me. I truly love my job, Ivory thought with delight. Ivory could see the end of Demetrius’ cock straining against the fabric of his boxers and felt sympathy fixed with desire. Soon, my sweet black treat.

“Turn around, and take off those shoes.” Ivory told Demetrius. He quickly followed his instructions, removing his footwear and then giving Ivory the opportunity to evaluate his strong back and ass. Ivory was pleased to note that Demetrius’ back, just as his front, seemed to be nothing more than a thick black slab of muscle, rectangular and solid. Ivory was glad that the recruit had shown so much obedience already, but she still hoped that he would show the hint of a strong will. Strong willed players tended to get into disputes with the coach, and the coach always called Ivory to keep his players in line. Ivory loved dealing with disgruntled athletes.

“You have not shown me everything.” Ivory stated, before standing. Her knees buckled just slightly, but Ivory was too experienced now to make a mistake. She walked toward Demetrius, a sexy lioness stalking the most delicious of meat.

“Our Black Bulls have to be the absolute best. I can see that you are very strong Demetrius, with all of these big black muscles bulging right in front of me. But, there is another bulge I’m interested in.” Ivory was running her hands along Demetrius’ chest and stomach, enjoying the feeling of his luscious black skin and dense muscles against her dainty hand.

“Do you know what I’m talking about?” Ivory asked gently as her hand moved to the bottom of Demetrius’ torso, her fingers dipping beneath the elastic of his boxers.

“Uh-huh.” Demetrius responded, his whole body nearly bursting with sexual desire. He had been with plenty of females, black girls and white girls from his school, much to his uncle’s chagrin in the latter case. In addition, he had been with various older women who were fans of the football team, particularly their star players. None of them compared to Ivory Love-Blackwell, neither in terms of beauty or sexuality. Demetrius knew that he was putty in her hands.

Ivory began slowly pulling Demetrius’ boxers down, one hand in front pulling it down over his 9 inch dick and the other in back pulling it down over his powerful ass.

“The size of a man’s cock has conveyed his authority for as long as humans have been breeding.” Ivory stated, the length of Demetrius’ cock just being revealed as she pulled down further on his boxers.

“Size always has been, and always will be, a symbol of power and strength.” Ivory looked down at Demetrius’ cock, almost completely free from its prison.

“As has blackness.” She continued, as the boxers dropped to the floor. Ivory stared at Demetrius’ cock, 9 thick inches of hard black steel. Her hand rubbing along the top of his shaft, Ivory admired the big black cock. They’re always so beautiful, she thought giddily. Just thinking of the pleasures that Demetrius’ cock might bring caused her mind to wander and her pussy to gush. Ivory’s hands instinctively wrapped around the black monster.

“At BBC we only want the biggest, blackest cocks in the nation.” Ivory dropped to her knees as she spoke. She began to slowly stroke Demetrius’ cock as she continued, the bulbous black knob pointed directly at her pretty face.

Demetrius did not know what to think, and had given up trying to figure it out. He was completely willing to let Ivory Love-Blackwell guide him through their meeting. He felt her hand on his cock, and allowed himself to enjoy the pleasure it was sending to his balls and beyond. He watched the folds of black skin on his cock disappear time and time again into Ivory’s palm, only to reappear as she finished another stroke. Demetrius had found that all women were intimidated by his massive cock, but that was clearly not the case now. Ivory stared at his cock lovingly through the glasses perched on the very end of her nose.

“I have another little test for you. We’re going to test your focus and self-control.” Ivory informed Demetrius as she continued dutifully stroking his cock.

“I want you to maintain eye contact with me until I stand up. Understand?” Ivory asked, her voice now both sultry and sweet.

“Uuuugghhhh yesssss…” Demetrius responded. Ivory had begun playing with his balls using her free hand, rubbing them between her fingers and palm. He felt like his cock would explode with cum at any moment. Bitch knows her way around a cock, he noted.

Well his self-control is better than a lot of recruits, Ivory thought happily as she stared into Demetrius’ dark brown eyes. Ivory was always extremely disappointed when the recruits shot their load just from her caressing their cock. It must be time for phase 2, Ivory concluded. I need a taste.

Ivory began licking along the side of Demetrius’ black shaft as he looked down at her, his face wearing an expression of ecstasy and wonder. The cock was hot, hard and black, just as Ivory liked in her recruits. She began licking the underside of Demetrius’ shaft, tracing its whole length with her warm, wet tongue. After a few repetitions Ivory rewarded herself by pressing her tongue against the jet black tip of the cock, tasting Demetrius’ salty precum. He just might be as delicious as his uncle, she surmised hopefully. Ivory continued with her test, now pressing her satiny pink lips against the big black cock in addition to her tongue.

Demetrius felt like he was in heaven. He did not know how good the BBC Black Bulls football team was, or how nice their campus was or even where exactly the school was located. He did know, however, that Ivory Love-Blackwell knew how to suck a cock better than any woman he had ever seen. Watching Ivory’s sexy lips sliding along his cock turned Demetrius on nearly as much as the sensations they caused. He had managed to sustain eye contact with Ivory, her blue eyes burrowing deeper and deeper into his own. Her hungry eyes gave him the sense that she was impressed with him, but that she still expected more.

Well he can definitely handle himself, Ivory noted to herself as she brought her lips to the ebony cockhead. She was finished messing around. It’s time to give him a real challenge. Ivory sucked the thick black rod into her mouth, filling it completely with a few inches to spare. She began rapidly bobbing her head on the cock, desperate to stay ahead of the pace set by Demetrius’ throbbing. Demetrius responded by rolling his head back and moaning loudly. So he is human after all, Ivory thought, pleased that she could make the recruit react so strongly and break eye contact. In spite of the big black cock clogging up almost all of the available space, the corners of Ivory’s mouth curved in a small smile.

Demetrius stared up at the ceiling, desperate for any distraction. He wanted to prolong the pleasure that Ivory provided him for as long as possible. A sharp slap to his ass quickly brought his attention back to the woman kneeling before him. Demetrius felt Ivory’s hand stay on his ass and squeeze him, while the other continued playing gently with his balls. He knew that it would all be over soon. It don’t have to be da last time though, he thought to himself abruptly.

Ivory could see that Demetrius was close. His face was scrunched up, his breathing heavy and sweat trickled down his forehead. Even more indicative, Ivory could feel the wide black pole in her mouth pulsating quickly. As much as she wanted to bring Demetrius to climax at that very moment and taste his black seed, a taste she had come to equate with victory and success, Ivory also wanted to prolong her fun. Ivory brought both of her hands up to Demetrius’ stomach and began pushing him backward. He eventually stepped back, bumping into the chair. Ivory pushed down on his strong thighs and Demetrius took the hint, sitting in the chair with his legs spread. Ivory took a few more gulps of black cock meat before lifting her head from Demetrius’ lap.

“I am very impressed Demetrius. I think it’s only fair that you get to see a little more yourself.” Ivory said before taking the cock back into her mouth. Her hands moved quickly, unbuttoning the blouse that had barely contained her impressive bust. Ivory’s breasts sprang free, bouncing as she continued sucking Demetrius’ dick. Let’s give this a shot, Ivory thought to herself as she inched closer to Demetrius’ crotch. No recruit has ever gotten this far. Not on his first attempt anyway, she thought devilishly.

Demetrius saw Ivory take his big black cock out of her mouth and feared for a moment that she was going to leave him with the biggest case of blue balls he could imagine. The lusty look in her eyes, which almost sparkled due to her glasses, quickly convinced him otherwise. Demetrius watched as Ivory placed his cock between her massive tits, the contrast between his dark black cock and her milky white flesh never more striking. Ivory placed a hand on the side of each breast and pushed them together, her soft white knockers enveloping even the huge blackness between them. Ivory began moving her tits up and down on Demetrius’ cock, her soft flesh pleasuring him with every movement. He in turn began thrusting his cock up and down, eager to see his black snake continue emerging from the large white mounds. The view of Ivory’s chest now completely unfettered, Demetrius could see her soft pink knobs of flesh in the centre of her tits, pointing directly at him just waiting to be touched. He reached forward and pinched down on each with his hands. Ivory gasped and began titty fucking him even more rapidly. Her rhythm quickly became too much for Demetrius, as he felt his balls tighten and begin pumping massive amounts of semen to his cock. Pleasure flooded his body as he finally started cumming.

The first burst caught Ivory by surprise as it shot up into the air rapidly, finally landing on her forehead and glasses. She would not be caught by surprise a second time as Demetrius’ next wad of jizz landed directly on Ivory’s tongue. Every effort possible was made to ensure that Demetrius’ seed ended up in Ivory’s mouth but inevitably some bursts evaded her eager lips, usually ending up decorating her lovely face. He tastes even better than his uncle, Ivory thought as she savoured Demetrius’ rich semen. Ivory felt that she could taste his youthful strength and vitality. She was even content when it missed her mouth, as she loved the trickle of his hot, sticky juices down her face. After countless bursts Demetrius finally slowed, and Ivory finished him off with her mouth. I can’t remember the last recruit to leave that much of an impact, Ivory noted happily as she sucked the last bits of sperm from Demetrius’ manhood.

Feeling completely tapped, Demetrius slouched in his chair. He was a tired, satisfied young man. That white girl could suck a fuckin lexus through a straw, Demetrius thought as his cock started to drop back down. He watched as Ivory scooped his jizz off her beautiful face with her fingers, making sure to lick them clean every single time. She surprised him by suddenly standing and walking over to her bag. Demetrius tilted his head back, dazed and mildly confused by what had just happened. He had been expecting yet another boring meeting, not the biggest orgasm of his life. A motion in front of him caught Demetrius’ eye, and he looked forward.

Ivory had returned, dropping something that Demetrius did not see to the floor as he found her facing away from him, pulling her skirt down. It was a struggle every inch of the way, as the top of the skirt pressed deeply into Ivory’s ass as she pulled it down. After each successful tug, more of her pale and firm ass meat became visible. Demetrius was amazed at how Ivory’s ass bulged out directly at him, seemingly unaffected by gravity. When the skirt finally made it over all of her posterior Ivory kicked it away. Simultaneously she cocked her hips back, thereby thrusting her ample ass toward Demetrius’ face, as she pulled up the handkerchief that she had taken from her bag and began cleaning the semen from her glasses.

Dat’s some grade A beef right there, Demetrius marveled. His hands quickly moved up to Ivory’s round ass cheeks and grabbed them tightly, her skin swelling outward all around his hands. Demetrius felt his cock stir in his lap.

“Sorry, that’s for BBC athletes only.” Ivory cooed as she finished cleaning her glasses.

“Damn rights it is!” Demetrius responded, punctuating his statement with a slap to Ivory’s ass.

“Mhmmm! Time to test your endurance!” Ivory quickly spun around. Demetrius’ cock was rock hard once again and still glistened with her saliva. Ivory grabbed the tip with one hand and placed the other on one of the muscular black shoulders in front of her. She brought one knee onto the large chair as she angled the big black cock. The other knee followed soon after, and Ivory’s pussy was left hovering just slightly above Demetrius’s cock.

“This is for BBC only.” Ivory reminded him. Ivory was always prepared for these encounters and had ensured that her bare pussy looked pristine. Best job in the world, Ivory thought to herself as she pushed her aching pussy down onto Demetrius’ dark black dong.

They both moaned with delight as contact was made. Demetrius was surprised at how easily he entered Ivory’s pink pussy. Usually takes dem a few minutes to get all dis in they cunts, he thought as Ivory began rising and falling on his lap. This ain’t her first big black cock. Although Ivory’s pussy had grown accustomed to being filled with huge cocks, it still managed to hug onto Demetrius tightly. Other girls Demetrius had been with may have been tighter than Ivory, but none had a snatch as wet, warm or smooth. A loud slapping sound filled the room as Ivory thrusted into Demetrius repeatedly. Demetrius still wondered about Ivory Love-Blackwell, and how many other recruits had enjoyed this experience. He knew one thing at the very least: they had all enjoyed it.

The familiar sound of women laughing and conversing amongst themselves was a blessing to hear. It reminded Rose that even through tragedy love would prevail and good would triumph over evil. It had been weeks since the last European had been buried and it looked as if the yellow fever that had struck the area was finally gone. Prayer had worked, and God had spared the village of Calabar, but not before taking most of the foreigners with it. She had been spared, along with a small handful of her father’s church. Her father, Reverend John Delany had survived, but her mother Eugene had not.

Rose reached the river, glanced across at the cemetery that her father had erected after arriving in Calabar. The bodies of the missionaries that had not survived the trip across the Atlantic had been the first of many that had sacrificed their lives for the Word. Her mother now rested there, along with family friends of both races.

“Miss Rose, come on down here and join us.”

The young woman turned, smiled softly and closed the distance between her and a group of middle-aged black women. It did not take them long to bring the shy girl out of her shell and wash away the stain of sorrow that often filled her thoughts. They talked and laughed as they worked to cleanse the clothing of their respective families. Rose did not mind helping, in fact she embraced work, it was one of the things that helped her feel useful.

“How is your father?”

Rose turned toward the woman who had raised the question. Suidelike, a woman of strong character and distinct features looked back at her. “He still insists on leaving when the next trade ship comes in.”

“That is a pity,” Suidelike said. Her displeasure was soon echoed by the others, as well as Rose.

“He has lost the will to live,” she admitted. “Ever since mother died. I have tried to bring him back to us, to the church, but he is done.”

“He’s lost his faith?” another woman asked.

“Yes Samona, he has. It has been a hard year, the loss of mother has convinced him that our God is not the loving presence he had always believed in,” Rose confessed.

“And what will become of us?” Suidelike questioned.

Rose sighed. “I have petitioned the church that I be allowed to remain behind and continue my father’s work.”

The other women all seemed to smile, save Samona. Rose noticed the lack of joy on the girl’s face, but she chose to ignore it.

“When will you know?” another asked.

“I will know when the merchant vessel arrives. If the church agrees then I will hear from the new Pastor that is being assigned. Until then, I will continue to pray that God allows me to remain here, with all of you.”

Rose could not help but glance toward Samona. She felt the displeasure of her decision to stay behind rolling easily from the woman’s stare. Again she said nothing, choosing to pick her battles and jealousy was a battle that could not be won.

When the washing was done, the women gathered their clothing, and made their way back toward the village. Working side-by-side they draped the clothes over twine that had been linked between poles. It would not take long for the heat to dry the wet material. Rose thanked her friends for their prayers and shared that she too would keep their families in her thoughts and ask the Lord to protect their homes.

Back in the small hut that had been made for her and parents, she saw her father still lying where he’d fallen the night before. His clothes were rumpled, dirty and torn. Sometime during the night he had kicked off his shoes, leaving his socks to keep his feet safe from bugs that often frequented their small dwelling. The bottle of rum was empty; the amber glass lay on its side. He would wake up with a headache and once again blame God for the death of his wife and she would do her best to console him. She would not however quote bible verses — the last time she had done that her father had struck her. The bruise was long gone, but the pain behind his words still haunted her. Someday she would forgive him, she knew it, but it would only be through God’s healing hand.

Rose headed toward the desk that her father use to use to write out his weekly scripture lesson and pulled some of the books from its shelves. She packed them into a worn satchel, along with fruit and a vessel of water that would see her through the day. A quick glance back at her father left her more determined to remain at Calabar — if she were to go home with him — what would she be going home to?

As she made her way through the village, waving at children and saying hello to the few missionaries that still lived, she thought back over the past year and how much she had changed. She had balked at the idea of coming to the African continent and had it not been for the kindness of its people, she would not be the woman she was now. They had absorbed the word of the Lord like a sponge absorbing the much needed rains. They were anxious to learn, eager to please and more friendly than Rose could have imagined.

She had come to Calabar believing that the black race was ignorant, cruel and full of demonic beliefs. Yet the missionaries before her and her father’s church had done so much to help the faithless grow more aware of their Creator and civilization seemed to flourish within the village, once education and God had been introduce. It did not take long for Rose to embrace the culture and learn how to survive in the wilds of Africa.

The sound of men shouting brought her up short, causing her to turn on her heel and seek out who or what had caused the ruckus. The satchel she carried was hefted higher on her shoulder as she stopped in front of Samona’s home.

Women and men were scrambling to removed several logs that had spilled off a wagon. At first Rose did not understand why they behaved so chaotically. Then she saw the legs and arms that lay under the pile of wood. Quickly she dropped what she carried and hurried over to help. Soon the logs were discarded and the bruised and broken body of Samona’s intended lay still. Samona screamed and fell to her knees, rocked back and forth as she prayed to God in her native tongue.

Rose hurried to the young man’s side, pressed her fingers to his neck and searched for signs of life. The rise and fall of his chest was inconsistent, but it was there and an overwhelming since of thankfulness assailed her. “He’s alive!” she shouted, then began directing the men in the area on how best to transfer the unconscious Kame to the medical hut.

She followed the men, pausing only long enough to pick up her belongings. Samona followed, her weeping was loud and echoed those of Kame’s mother and sister. Rose felt a pang of sorrow in her chest at the anguish the women felt, as well as the knowing fear that Kame would not recover from his injuries. One leg appeared crushed, walking again would be a miracle. Both arms looked to be broken, and the wound on his head had left bone exposed. She feared that his lungs were punctured by ribs that were most likely broken.

By the time Kame was placed on one of the cots, she had prayed for healing in every language she knew, including Jukan, Calabar’s native tongue. Samona insisted on helping to wash her intended, but her mother ushered her out. The young woman was not to look upon the young man’s naked flesh until they were wed. Rose also was forced to leave, and not allowed back into the hut until the men and married women of the village had cleaned and covered the young black man’s genitalia.

When it was time for Rose to aid the Mark, the missionary doctor that that had been in Calabar for several years, she did so without hesitation. She along with men from the village worked to set Kame’s leg and arm. The young man had woken for a brief time, only to slip back into unconsciousness when his bones were pulled and turned. “Will he survive?” Rose asked Mark, while running her palm across Kame’s sweaty brow.

Mark took a deep breath, wiped at the sweat on his own face and sighed. “You know as well as I that it is not by my will that Kame lives or dies, but by God’s.”

“I know,” Rose whispered. “But you do hold some knowledge in your hand.”

“We will know in a few days, if not within a few hours. Go get Samona, she will want to see him,” Mark whispered, before turning away to clean up the linen and blood that littered the floor and table.

Rose hurried to do the doctor’s bidding, finding Samona anxiously waiting just outside the hut’s door. “He’s still unconscious, but you can see him,” she told the young black woman.

Samona pushed pass Rose and hurried to her intended’s side. Her weeping again was easily heard through the walls of the hut. “Will he live?”

Rose turned and stared at Suidelike, Samona’s aunt. “I hope so,” she answered. “Infection will be our downfall — the bones set more easily than we could have hoped, at least that is what the doctor believes. We will carry Kame to God through our prayers,” Rose said, while squeezing the other woman’s arm.

“You are a blessing to us,” Suidelike said. “I wish Samona would see that.”

Rose glanced back toward the hut. “Why does she not like me?”

Suidelike shook her head. “She is jealous of you and your beauty. Your education and your confidence in the Lord. She wishes to be like you and yet cannot see her own value,” Suidelike then huffed, “even though she is to wed the most notable of our men.”

“I shall ask God to help me make her feel less threatened by my presence,” Rose told the woman.

“Only you leaving will make her feel less threatened,” Suidelike admitted.

Rose said nothing, choosing once again to remain passive as was her nature. She left Suidelike and took with her the satchel, fruit and water she’d packed earlier. She made her way to the village school, apologizing to the children, and thanking them for being patient and waiting for her. She was a young teacher, younger than many who had come to the mission to spread God’s love. Her nineteen years had been been fueled with knowledge and she was eager to share it with those less fortunate.

The day moved swiftly from morning into afternoon. Her thoughts centered around the children, and then later around Samona and the jealousy that Suidelike spoke of. Those thoughts then flickered to Kame and she wondered how he was fairing. Her father and his well-being was only allowed a small fraction of her time. When the day’s lessons were over, she hurried back to the medical hut and offered aid to Mark, hoping to see some sort of improvement in their patient.

Samona was there, hovering over her intended, touching his brow, speaking soft and low to him. When Rose entered, she glared hotly at the redheaded white woman and Rose felt the hate blanketing her. She swallowed nervously as she walked over to Mark’s side. “How is he?” she asked.

“No change. Samona however needs relieved, so if you could keep watch over Kame for her, I’m sure she would appreciate it.”

Suidelike’s words echoed in Rose’s head. “I doubt it,” she thought to herself, but still chose to turn to Samona and offer her relief.

Samona sneered and opened her mouth to speak. Before the words could spill out a soft whispered word slipped from Kame’s lips, “Rose.” Samona’s eyes widen in shock and fury. Rose’s brow furrowed in confusion, then horror as Samona leaped across the cot and wrapped her hands around the white woman’s throat.

Rose clutched the young girl’s arms, trying desperately to pull herself free from the strong grip that was choking the life out of her. Mark’s hands were soon pulling at Samona’s and with his help the redhead was free and Samona was being lifted away. Mark pushed the African villager outside, yelling and screaming at her for her loss of reason. He ordered her home and demanded she not return until the following morning. Many from the village had come running out of curiosity, while Rose remained stunned into silence. Her gaze shifted from the retreating form of Samona to the man on the bed, who was again silent.

“What was that all about?” Mark asked, after waving the onlookers away from the hut.

Rose touched her throat and whispered she had no idea what Samona had been thinking. Mark frowned, but said nothing more, except to excuse the woman’s loss of reason due to exhaustion and worry. Rose refused to tell him that Kame had been the reason behind Samona’s act of craziness. She could still hear her name on the young black man’s lips.

“Wipe him down with a cool cloth, and speak with him. Read him something from the Bible and say prayers for his recovery. I will return and sleep here tonight,” Mark told her, before heading toward the door. “Rose — I am sorry about your father.”

Rose looked up, shrugged her shoulders and walked over to the bowl where water to rinse Kame waited. “Have you seen him today?” she asked.

“I did. I made a trip over to your house to speak with him, but… .”

“He was either still passed out or had gone back to drinking?”

“The latter. I tried to talk to him, but I — well, I think we can only pray for him. A man will only change when he is ready and when he let’s God back in.”

Rose shook her head knowingly. “It will be good for him to return to his homeland. I just hope I am able to stay,” she admitted.

“We all wish that,” Mark said, before pulling on his straw woven hat and bidding her goodbye.

With the cool cloth held lightly between her fingers Rose slowly slid it over Kame’s face, neck, shoulders, and arms. She tried to distance herself from the whispered sound of her name falling from his lips, and yet she could not forget the way her stomach had tightened and her pulse had raced. A crimson blushed slid over her cheeks as she moved the sheet covering his torso down and began to cool his chest. The air was still warm and muggy and his body still sweated from the heat that invaded the structure. A long sigh filled the air and caused Rose to stop her tender aid.

“It is true.”

Rose turned and looked at Kame. Her eyes widened in surprise that the young man was speaking. She smiled, thanking God for the gift of healing. “What is true?” she asked, through eyes brimming with tears of gladness.

“That Heaven’s gate gives way to beautiful riches.”

“You are not dead Kame,” Rose whispered, before bringing the cloth up to his forehead and wiping it down.

“I am dead, for I am with you and that has been my prayer.”

Rose stopped what she was doing and looked down at Kame. Her face paled as she studied his features. “You are feverish,” she chastised, before rising to find the young man some water to drink.

He said nothing as she busied herself. When she turned back to face him, his eyes looked clear and alert. Surely, his recovery was due to the power of prayer and their God was working miracles right before her. She swallowed the nervous jitters that threatened to bubble out as she made her way back toward him. “I don’t understand our Lord’s power, but He is a miracle worker.”

Kame stared at her, while she lifted his head and poured water between his open lips. When the man was finished drinking, she pulled her bible from her satchel and opened to a random book and chapter. She read to him, trying desperately to concentrate on the words of scripture and not the steady gaze that were leveled on her features. When Mark appeared a sense of overwhelming relief flooded her. She rose and hurried to his side. “I believe he’s feverish,” she confessed before darting out of the hut and hurrying home.

It took Kame weeks to heal and during that time Samona was by his side as often as her mother would allow. Rose had taken up Kame’s evening care, hoping that his words would be shielded by sleep. Mark had spent much of his time traveling between Calabar and nearby villages tending to those that needed his healing touch.

Samona had done all she could to make Rose’s life more difficult. Her clothing was often found trampled in the mud, the food she had set out to dry and preserve covered in feces or maggots. Samona had also seen fit to provide Rose’s father with herbs to smoke along with drink that her family had coveted throughout the years. Rose in return kept quiet the transgression placed upon her; she avoided being seen near Kame when Samona was present and when she was near him, she would take leave before the black woman could retaliate in a jealous rage.

Kame never spoke Rose’s name again during the time he was healing, unless it was to speak directly to her or about her. His mind was no longer clouded by pain or medication that the doctor had provided. His head was clear and for that Rose was thankful. She told herself that his desire for her had simply been crazy words spoken by a wounded man.

When Kame was finally allowed to leave the sanctuary of the medical hut to return to his home, he did so with Samona by his side. She kept watch over him, while he walked through town, baring his weight on crutches that had been fashioned for his great height and muscular frame. He was weak, and welcomed the well-wishers that stopped his trek through the village. Their kind words gave him many appreciative breaks between the path from the village to his home. Once there Samona and her mother kept him company until he finally awoke one morning insisting that they no longer needed to tend to him during the day. Constant visits from Mark eventually led to his recovery and the routine of his life returned, much to the joy of everyone in the village, including Rose.

The summer months proved to be trying for Calabar and its people. The rains refused to come, and heat took its toll on the elders of the village. Reverend John still drank himself into a mindless stupor and Rose took over giving the scripture lessons. She feared the arrival of the new missionaries and yet she longed for them too. Her hope in remaining in Calabar had only grown over the past months, as did the desire to see her father disappear from the beauty of the country he now chose to despise.

The days were longer and the nights shorter, which allowed more work to be done and Rose filled her days with various tasks as well as accompanying others on trips to neighboring villages where the word of the Gospel was spread.

“Rose, come inside. It looks like God has answered our prayers and we will get some rain.”

Rose turned toward Mark, noting the concern in his voice as well as the sudden darkening of the sky. A chill ran up her spine as she looked around and saw the villagers of Malaw hurrying to secure their livestock and protect their possessions. She had heard of rains that wiped out villages and freak storms that laid havoc across thousands of miles and yet this storm, in her mind was no diferent than those in Europe. She took Mark’s warning to heart and hurried inside the hut where she, and others from her church waited, including Kame, who had chosen to accompany the group in hopes to see his family.

While the wind picked up speed, she tried to help out the Malaw women. They waved her off, telling her that she was a guest in their home and so she was forced to sit. It did not take long for her eyes to wander about the home of one of the Malaw people. It was spacious and much larger than the huts in which she and many of the Calabar people lived. There were intricate rugs littering the floor, as well as ancestral carvings of spiritual relics that Christianity would frown upon, yet Rose saw the beauty in the work and knew that one day others would too. She felt the presence of another bending down to sit beside her on the floor.

“You have been avoiding me.”

Rose glanced at Kame, licked her lips and lowered her gaze to her skirt.

“Do you recall what I said that day?” he asked.

She bit her lower lip and shook her head yes.

“And yet you keep yourself far from my reach. It is only because of this blessed rain that I am able to speak with you — that and Samona is not willing to venture beyond the borders of Calabar,” Kame confessed.

“You were ill and did not know what you were saying to me.”

“I was lucid and still am. I have wanted to talk with you for some time and yet, you hide away, refusing to acknowledge me. What have I done wrong? How could my words have offended you so greatly?”

Rose looked around, curious if anyone was watching them. It seemed to her that no one cared whom the white girl spoke with. After all, she was a trusted member of the church and a messenger for God and Kame was a believer. He turned himself, blocking her view of those that were near them. “Speak to me,” he whispered, reaching out to lift her chin with the firm grip of his finger and thumb.

Butterflies seemed to flutter deep inside her belly as she looked into Kame’s dark obsidian eyes. “You did not offend me and you have done nothing…,” she stopped and took a deep breath, “… were wrong to call out my name and wrong to speak so openly of your feelings for me. You are to marry Samona and… .”

“Are we not to confess the truth? I do not recall calling out your name, but I do recall whispering of the promise Heaven rewarded me with — the sight of you when I awoke.”

She blushed a deep crimson shade. “Why do you speak like this? You love another and I… I don’t… .”

“You don’t love me? Are you sure?” Kame asked. “Are you not the young woman that arrived in Calabar, smiling when she gazed upon the children and losing her breath when she looked at me. Much like I lost my breath when I drank you in. Tell me Rose, have you denied the feelings that rush through your life’s blood when I am near. I have seen you lower your gaze, shield your thoughts, and keep yourself occupied so that you are not forced to be within my presence. Why do you do all these things? Have you never questioned yourself?”

Her brow furrowed in confusion. She recalled the first day she and her father arrived in Calabar, the children were excited to see her and the other missionaries, and she had in fact loved being given their devotion. She distributed candy as well as small toys she’d made upon finding out she was going to be traveling to the African village and spreading God’s word. Her memories carried her to those that Kame spoke of. She saw him standing with several men and women as well as a few of the missionary members that would be leaving the village, now that new members of the church had arrived. He was the tallest of the men, his shoulders broad and his hair closely cropped to his head. When their eyes locked, her steps had faltered.

The weeks that followed placed her near him on several occasions and during that time she had found herself staring at him, studying the way he moved, spoke and listened with every ounce of his being. She learned how to speak Jukan with his help and yet she had not thought to question her friendship as anything more than what it was. Now as he looked intently upon her, she realized that he had seen what she had been too young and ignorant to understand.

Kame smiled softly, took her hand and squeezed it. “Rose, teacher of the Word, though I am promised to another it is you I desire.”

Her lids fluttered several times as she tried to comprehend what he said and what she was now realizing for the first time. Slowly she pulled her hand from his and scooted further from him. “I — I don’t —,” she looked back at him, then over his shoulder to see if his words had been heard by another, “… you are — I —,” her head pounded as realization and acceptance battled between right and wrong, “we can’t — you and Samona and… .”

Kame chuckled softly, touched her knee, leaned in and whispered in her ear. “Shh, think on what you have just discovered and we will talk later.” He rose from the floor and left her to the chaotic thoughts that were ricocheting too and fro within her head.

She watched him walk away, then tucked herself further into the corner in which she had mindlessly scooted into. Her bible was on her lap and instinctively she opened it and tried to clear her thoughts. Kame’s words and deep voice however had buried themselves deep within her subconscious and the words on the thin paper were nothing more than a blur. His touch on her hand and on her chin seemed to be burned into her flesh. The melodious sound of his laughter while he conversed with the others inside the hut bathed her in warmth. Occasionally she would look up and he would be staring at her, watching her as if he was waiting to see her bolt from the room. She didn’t want to bolt, she wanted to stand beside him and speak more about what he’d confessed and what he had forced her to see.

Thoughts of Samona crashed to the surface and she saw in her mind the woman’s jealousy and knew that the African girl had known all along that her intended desired the white woman. Guilt washed over her as she imagined being the cause of chaos in Samona’s life. Yet, she had not done so willingly or had she? Was she as innocent as she wanted to believe? She had sought out Kame when her and her father had first settled into the village, it wasn’t until later when she realized that the man was engaged to another that she started to purposely distance herself. Had it not been for Kame’s accident she would have continued ignoring what her heart had known, but her mind kept denying.

The crack of thunder and the snap of lighting made her jump. A chill ran up and down her spine. A Malaw woman came over and offered her shelter for the rest of the night within the safety of her and her families’ home. Rose stood up and went with the woman and several others. They hurried through the rain, eventually ending up in the woman’s hut. She was given a cot, blankets and something to drink before the oil lanterns were extinguished. Sleep did not come easily thanks to the storm outside and the stoked feelings of desire that were now awoken in Rose’s soul.

It rained for two weeks, a blessing and a curse to the country. Rose’s offer to assist the women of Malaw was no longer waved off and soon she was working side-by-side with the women, much like she had with the Calabar people. Kame purposely placed himself within her line of sight, and she knew it was because he refused to let her forget what he’d confessed. She could not help but look for him every morning and wish him goodnight every evening. Samona and thoughts of her anger over the attention Kame was giving Rose made her hesitate in smiling or allowing him a brief moment to touch her hand.

When the unexpected rains were over and the sky cleared, the people of Malaw and the missionaries and villagers of Calabar were able to devote time learning more about each other as well as the heavenly reward that God promised.

Rose spent a lot of time teaching the children and Kame was always there to escort her to and from the small school that was in the process of being built. He walked her to the river, and kept vigil with her while she cleaned her clothing. Neither of them spoke about the whispers that seemed to follow them. Rose knew that Kame was intended for Samona and had chosen to take this time with him as a gift from their Holy Father.

Evening came one night, gracing them with clear skies, bright stars and a beautiful moon. Rose had taken a moment to herself, wanting to pray and seek the Lord’s guidance in regards to the feelings she had for the young man. She knew it was wrong and yet, how could the feelings she had for Kame be sinful.

The snapping of a twig told her she was not alone; she turned and came face-to-face with Kame. He stared at her for several long seconds, before lifting his hand and pushing it into her hair. The beaded strips of leather that kept her long hair securely fastened were soon scattered on the earth’s floor. His lips found hers, and though she whimpered softly from the touch of his tongue sliding across her mouth, he did not give her freedom, nor did she demand it. The desire to taste each other was too great and caution was thrown to the wind.

Their tongues slid back and forth. Kame slowly taught her how to kiss him. He tilted her head back, her jaw grew slack and her mouth opened further. Gently he moved, quietly possessing her mouth and causing her to shiver within his embrace. He pulled her to him, crushing her breasts to his chest, while stroking her back with his strong palms and thick fingers. Rose moaned, shifted nervously on her feet and clutched his shirt between her fists.

The sounds of the night were lost to them as Kame’s hands moved to cup Rose’s face. He pulled away, looked down on her and watched as she turned her head away. She felt the heat of her skin and knew he had to feel the blush that covered her cheeks. He kissed her forehead, her eyes, cheeks, and then dipped down to caress her throat with his lips.

A groan of want escaped his lungs sending a shiver of excitement up her spine. She stood there, her knees growing weak as her hands trembled and shook. “Rose, tell me to stop, to go away. Tell me I am a sinner and condemn me to Hell.”

A tear trickled past her closed lids as she slipped deeper into the lust that was driving her thoughts. Her body swayed and Kame eased her down onto the ground, now thick and full of well-watered grasses. He ran one hand down her hip, caressing her through the material of her skirt. He nuzzled her chest, used his teeth to dislodge the buttons of her blouse. The world seemed to swallow her up as she felt his chin rub against her bosom.

Rose told him to stop, to go away and she condemned him — but only in her mind. The words never surfaced as she touched the back of his head and pushed him closer to her beating heart. She blocked out her upbringing and welcomed the sinful nature that was consuming her. Samona would wed Kame and she would be left with only a memory. The Holy Father would forgive her — when she was ready to ask Him for that forgiveness.

The cool night air rushed up her legs as Kame slipped her skirt up her thighs. It bunched around her hips. She gazed down at him as he moved to open her legs. The stars shone brightly. The moon glowed a brilliant white as he stared back at her before sliding his hands under her ass and lifting her to the sky. He buried his face between her legs, covering her flesh with long licks of his thick tongue, while sucking and nipping at her swollen lips.

The emotional havoc that played on Rose was lost as Kame expertly learned her shape, depth and taste. Her hips reflexively rolled and with his strong grip he kept her grounded to him. Her gasps of pleasure turned to soft cries of both pain and hunger. He pushed a fingertip into her opening, supporting her ass with the open palm of one hand, while gently stroking her slick pussy lips. She bucked against his face; her thoughts shifting from horror at her wantonness to acceptance of her lust. Her name filled the air as did his and when the explosion of her release was upon her she begged her Savior for the breath in which to continue living.

Her lungs ached as she came. He pulled his finger from her opening and covered her mouth with his hand, quieting the scream that erupted from her chest. His mouth worked to free all of her juices from virgin mound and only after he felt her grow limp did he lower her ass back to the ground and slide his body over hers.

Rose’s world was spinning out. Her mind was full of varying shades of orange, gold, and red. She felt Kame rise over her, felt his hand caress her sex, and heard the telling signs of his clothing being loosened. She knew what was to come and she again asked for forgiveness that would come when she felt sorry for her actions. Willingly she opened her legs and took the thick sex of the dark man. His cock slid into her opening and pain shot through her, blocking out the joy that had been felt earlier. She cried out and once again he was there to swallow the sound. His mouth covered hers; his tongue thrust deep, just as his cock finished penetrating her.

A grunt of pleasure was fed into her by his throat as he deepened their kiss. His hips rose and she felt another stab of pain when he pushed back into her. Over and over he claimed her as his and when he shot the hot sticky cream of his release into her slick opening Rose knew forgiveness would never come.

“Wrap your legs around me, little one.”

Rose weakly did as she was told and wrapped her legs around his thick muscular thighs. He pushed into her, their pelvises mashed together. He created a slow and tedious rhythm that filled her with his swelling cock. Her eyes grew wide at the new sensation. Rose’s sex was still tender, but the feeling was easier to ignore now that the moisture of his cum coated her walls. “Lift your hips — push upward — and tighten your insides,” he whispered into her ear before pressing kisses along her neck.

She took to his direction and was rewarded with pleasure that seemed to carry her closer and closer to a precipice that would surely be her downfall. The sparks of fire that seeped to leap from her veins to coat her skin were nothing compared to the trembling in her lower abdomen as Kame plunged in and out of her. He again called her name and she scrambled to make sense of everything that was happening to her. The cliff edge was there and when he lowered his head, grasped her nipple between his teeth and sucked hard on the tender nub, Rose was driven off it.

Liquid silk flowed from her pussy as streams of cum shot from Kame. He pumped until he was empty and held her while she slowly regained some sense of balance. He rolled to his back, bringing her with him, so that she rested on his chest, stomach and thighs. With his fingers buried in her hair, he brought her head up and kissed her lips. She was weak, and could not breath, yet she managed to do so. Rose tasted herself on her lover’s lips, blushed at the realization and blushed more so when she realized she enjoyed the flavor of her release on Kame’s tongue.

They remained locked within each other’s arms and lost in their own world for several minutes. It was Kame that made the first move to disentangle himself from her. He eased her away and aided her in repairing her clothes, before he saw to his own needs. Rose kept her gaze averted, fearing the look in his eyes. What would he think of her?

She felt his hand on her chin, coaxing her to look up at him. Her eyes held his for a moment before he was again kissing her and forcing her lids to close in submission. When he pulled away, he took her hand and placed it in his. Together they walked back toward the Malaw village. When they reached the edge, she went ahead of him. There were very few huts lit with lanterns and none of the villagers were loitering in the dark. She thanked God for watching out for her and Kame as she made her way back to her temporary quarters.

The following morning brought with it news that the missionaries and the Calabar people would be leaving. She looked for Kame, hoping to catch just a brief glimpse of the love she’d seen the night before. Her body was tender and there were small bruises that he needed to sooth, but she knew it would be a long time before he came to her again. As the group began to leave the village, she asked about her lover’s whereabouts. Kame, she was told, had left earlier and would most likely be in Calabar before the others.

Saddened by the news that he would not be accompanying her Rose opened her bible and tried to focus on God’s law — which she knew she’d broken. The wagon she rode in seemed to move slower than it had when she and the others were heading toward Malaw; she knew it was because she was anxious to see Kame.

The sound of shouting brought her out of her musings. Men rushed forward, pushing past the women in the group. Rose frowned, angry at the delay that would keep her from Kame. She waited for what seemed an eternity before those who had left the caravan returned. Shouts of joy and expressions of thanksgiving were easy to comprehend. Though she already knew the answer, Rose asked what was happening; the women told of God answering their prayers. The new missionaries had arrived, along with supplies for the villages and a new Minister. Rose felt the color drain from her face. She would soon learn her fate. Where was her Lord going to place her now that she had given into lust and sinned against His word?

Arrival back in Calabar was celebrated by those that had left the village as well as those that had waited behind. The new foreigners and the supplies they brought were seen as the blessings and rewards that God gave His people when asked for in prayer. Rose looked for Kame, and caught him standing next to Samona. The couple looked happy and joyous that the Christians had arrived. Samona stared long and hard at Rose, before walking over and offering her folded piece of parchment. “The new Minister was looking for you. I told him you were gone doing God’s work. But that I would bring you to him. He wanted to give you this,” she told Rose, handing her the paper.

Rose looked over Samona’s shoulder, noted the hardened expression of Kame and knew the contents of the letter before she opened it. She looked down, then back up at Samona. “The seal is broken,” she accused.

“So it is,” the black woman hissed.

After taking a deep breath Rose opened the letter, and read that her request to remain behind had been denied. Her father would need her to guide him back to the light of the Word and her youth demanded that she be brought back to society, so that she could become a proper wife and loyal follower of Christ. Rose held back the tears that threatened to spill free. She felt Samona’s breath on her ear and heard her whisper, “You reek like a village whore and you will not be missed. I will be full of his seed and give birth to his children while you remain locked in the grips of Hell upon your death.” The black woman spun away, leaving Rose shocked by the venom that was spilled and the knowledge that Samona possessed.

It took her several minutes before she was able to move from the spot in which Samona had launched her verbal attack. She shook her head, trying to clear her thoughts while heading toward her and her father’s hut. Suidelike was there, along with other women, helping Reverend John pack his belongings and those of his daughters. The merchant ship would only be in the harbor for two days and then the captain would set sail with or without the Christians.

Rose tried to focus on introducing the newcomers to the people of Calabar. She never caught a moment to be alone with Kame, Samona was always by his side. Her gaze hard and accusing. How had the woman known what had happened? The question continued to worry Rose. Had Kame confessed his sins to his intended and if so should she seek forgiveness from the black woman as well as her Lord? Rose felt conflicted and when the hour approached that she and the others were to leave, she disappeared, hoping to find Kame and speak with him about what had happened between them.

She reached the river’s edge and sought his visage among the men who were bringing in the nets of fish. He was there, working hard along side both whites and blacks. The sound of boots crushing stone made her spin around. Samona stared back at her, her hand raised and stone of great weight clenched tightly in her fists.

The redhead stared in shock at the woman who wished to strike her down. A shout from the water made Samona face grow worrisome. The rock fell and she pushed passed Calabar. “It is good you are leaving, white-whore,” Samona said, before spitting on Rose’s feet.

Rose turned back toward the village and hurried away. Samona was right, it was good that she was leaving. Had she remained the woman would have eventually taken her life. When she met up with the caravan, she received a firm chastisement from the missionary women as well as a disapproving frown from her father, who had managed to remain sober for the last 24 hours.

Ann was a 40 something chocoholic and tonight she hoped to get a fix for her addiction. Sam, her husband was driving them to a bar where she hoped to pick up a young, athletic black man to bring home tonight. Sam first discovered Ann’s fantasy about black men a few years ago and after discussing the fantasy during sex a number of times they agreed to act it out. Ann had bedded a number of black men since then and was getting very horny and wet thinking about tonight’s adventure.

Ann was wearing a black figure hugging dress which was cut low in the front to show off her milky white tits and cleavage and the dress was just long enough to cover her ass. Ann had a low cut push up bra on and a tiny red g string. Her pussy was freshly shaven which felt sexy against the g string. What Ann didn’t know was that Sam had organised a special surprise for tonight.

They arrived at the bar and inside Ann was excited to find four young black guys playing pool. She was hoping one would say yes to fulfil her plans for tonight. Sam had already met the four black guys a week ago and they already knew what Ann was looking for tonight. Ann sat at the bar hoping one of the guys would come over for a round of drinks. Leroy came up to the bar from the pool table and looked Ann up and down while he ordered. Ann asked Leroy if he liked what he saw. He said she was one sexy looking lady in her little black dress. Ann said she didn’t always behave like a lady and asked if she could join them at the pool table. Leroy said the guys would enjoy her company. As Ann bent over to take her shot in pool she knew her dress was riding up exposing her milky white arse cheeks and red g string, her tits were also threatening to expose her nipples.

Leroy and Tyrone were standing behind Ann enjoying the view with Trey and Stuart standing in front enjoying the other. The guys were all in their early twenties, athletic and ranged from a stocky 5′ 10″ to a lean 6′ 2″. Ann was getting very horny and wet thinking about their eyes on her tits and ass. It was Ann’s shot again and Tyrone asked Ann to spread her legs a little wider while taking her shot. Ann happily complied with Tyrone’s request. The hand cupping her pussy from behind while trying to play her shot was a welcome surprise. Tyrone could feel how wet Ann’s g string was and Ann knew she was about to start dripping pussy juice.

Leroy went back to the bar for another round of drinks. Ann followed and asked Leroy if he wanted to come back to her place to fuck her brains out. Leroy said he would love to but only if his 3 friends could come as well. Ann had never thought about fucking more than one black guy at a time. What would Sam think? The thought of all 4 of them filling her holes while Sam watched sounded too good to knock back. Ann said she would be right back. Ann explained to Sam what Leroy had proposed, Sam grinned to himself and said he was cool with it. Ann came back with Sam and told the guys to leave their drinks and pool game it was show time.

They all piled into Sam’s minivan with Sam driving and Ann in the back seat with Trey and Stuart sitting on either side of her. Leroy and Tyrone were on the seat in front turning around and enjoying the view. As Ann had been climbing into the back of the van 2 hands had grabbed her g string and pulled it down to her ankles. Ann stepped out of her g string and sat on the back seat with her legs spread wide open over either guy’s thighs. Her dress had ridden up so everyone had a great view of Ann’s very wet and silky smooth pussy. The drive home was exhilarating with Ann initially groping Trey and Stuart’s cocks through their pants and kissing them alternately. Trey and Stuart explored Ann’s body running their hands over her inner thighs, cupping her breasts and stroking her swollen wet pussy lips. Their hands were causing Ann’s dress to ride up higher and higher. Ann was even more turned on knowing Leroy and Tyrone were watching the show. By the time they arrived home Ann was naked and on her hands and knees sucking Trey’s cock with 2 of Stuart’s fingers sliding in and out of her hot pussy.

Sam pulled into the garage and flicked the button to close the roller door. They all piled out of the van and inside to the bedroom. Ann dropped to her knees and the 4 guys quickly lost all their clothing and stood around her in a circle with their big black cocks all pointing at her head. She had one in either hand and one in her mouth. The unlucky 4th was Leroy who was standing there stroking his cock that was longer, thicker, blacker and had an even bigger head on it than the other 3. He also had a massive ball bag. The guys all took turns at feeding their cocks into Ann’s mouth. Sam had stripped off and was sitting in a comfy chair in a corner of the bedroom jerking off while watching Ann’s slutty show.

Leroy climbs onto the bed lays back and asks Ann to suck his cock. Ann gets up and climbs onto the bed on her hands and knees. Looking at Leroy’s monster she wonders if she will be able to get the head in her mouth. She grabbed the shaft with both hands and began running her lips up and down the shaft while looking into Leroy’s eyes. She reached the head and ran her tongue around the edge. Ann covered the head and distal shaft in saliva and then slowly took Leroy’s cock into her mouth.

While Ann had been concentrating on Leroy’s cock Trey had grabbed a tube of lube and spread Ann’s pussy lips and spurted a generous dollop of lube on them and spread it over her lips and with a few fingers in and around her gaping cunt. Now Trey slid his longer, thinner cock into Ann’s pussy until all you could see were his balls. Ann continued to suck Leroy’s cock as Trey, Stuart and Tyrone took turns at fucking Ann’s pussy. Ann felt like a complete slut with 3 black cocks fucking her cunt and she loved it. Tyrone had the shortest but thickest cock and as he slid his cock all the way in he told Ann what a loose slut she was. Tyrone’s pace quickened and he pushed his cock in as far as it would go. Ann could feel his head pulsing inside her pussy as he squirted load after load of cum deep inside her.

Stuart slide his cock in next and as the last of his shaft disappeared into her pussy, Ann felt Tyrone’s cum beginning to dribble down her inner thighs as Stuart pumped his cock in and out of her pussy. Ann could feel Stuart’s balls slapping against her pussy as his pace quickened. Finally Ann could feel the cum hitting the inside of her cunt as Stuart forcefully squirted his cum into her.

Leroy asked Ann to climb on top of his shaft. Tyrone and Trey held Ann’s arms while she positioned her pussy over the massive head of Leroy’s cock. Ann’s pussy was dribbling cum and her lips were swollen and red. As she lowered herself onto his cock she could feel herself being stretched to the limit and only managed to get half of it into her pussy on the first downward thrust. After a few more thrusts her pussy had engulfed the whole shaft. It felt enormous inside her and as she moved up and down she could feel the head of his cock which was much thicker than the rest of his shaft. The feeling of impaling herself on Leroy’s cock gave Ann an intense orgasm where all she could do was sit on his cock and feel her pussy muscles tighten and relax around this monster cock buried deep inside her.

Trey moved in behind Ann and pushed her forward from a squatting position until she was on her hands and knees. Trey grabbed the lube again and squirted another dollop onto her tight butthole. Trey gently slid one then two then three fingers into Ann’s butt until it was lubricated and relaxed enough for his cock. Trey covered his cock in lube and then gently slid the head in and then about a third of his shaft. Slowly he moved his cock in and out of Ann’s butt putting another inch in with every penetrating stroke. Finally Trey was buried up to his balls in Ann’s ass. Now he began to quicken his pace.

Ann could not believe the feeling of these 2 cocks buried deep inside her. She could feel a strangely pleasant sensation as the heads of their cocks passed each other deep inside her. Ann asked Stuart and Tyrone who wanted their dicks sucked again. Both were in front of her in seconds. Ann alternated between sucking their cocks while Trey and Leroy fucked her tirelessly. Finally she could feel Trey’s pace quickening as his cock pumped in and out of her butt. Then Trey stopped with his cock buried to the hilt in her butt and he moaned here it cums. Ann squeezed her butt muscles as hard as she could around Trey’s cock as jet after jet of cum was sprayed deep inside her.

Trey slowly withdrew his cock from Ann’s butt and Stuart and Tyrone had moved to the side of the bed to watch the final thrusts of Trey pounding Ann’s ass. Leroy sat up on the bed with Ann still impaled on his cock. He asked Ann to put her arms around his neck and then he swung his legs over the edge of the bed grabbed Ann’s thighs and stood up to his full 6′ 2″ height. Ann now felt more impaled on Leroy’s massive cock. Leroy walked over to the wall and pressed Ann against it. He had his forearms under her legs and now he began pounding his cock into her pussy. Ann though she was going to go through the wall or Leroy’s cock was going to come out her mouth he fucked her so hard. The pace of Leroy’s pounding was quickening which Ann hoped meant he was going to cum, because Ann didn’t know how much more of it she could take. Suddenly in the middle of Leroy’s fucking frenzy she could feel the head of his cock pulsing as he grunted and the cum started running out her pussy and down his balls onto his thighs. Finally he stopped and lowered Ann back onto the bed.

Ann lay there and looked around herself at the 4 beautiful black guys standing around the bed looking at her as she lay there with a contented smile on her face. What are you doing next weekend? She asked.

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