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It had been 3 days since I was taken against my will and forced to be the queen of a wolf. I had completely shut down and stopped replying. I wouldn’t eat, I wasn’t hungry. I had to be forced to eat and even then I’d only eat small portions. I wouldn’t sleep, I wasn’t sleepy. I would just sit on the couch and stare at the blank wall. When Eric talked to me I would just look at him with blank expressionless eyes. When I knew he was reading my mind, he would only get blank thoughts. It was all a part of my plan. I would play crazy until he had no reason to even want me around, but this morning things were different.

“I’ll have somebody bring you food. You need to eat,” he sighed.

I kept quiet until he walked out.

“Stupid Eric,” I said.

One of the only omegas, that I actually liked, allowed up here brought me food. I didn’t eat pork so she always made sure they gave me turkey bacon. I was especially hungry so I decided I would eat up. I genuinely loved to eat and I was in need of a good conversation so I talked to the girl.

“What’s your name?” I asked patting the spot next to me. She looked uncomfortable.

“Stephanie,” she replied sitting down.

I studied her. She looked my age. Maybe younger. She had short brown hair cut into a bob. She was a very pretty girl. She had blue eyes and her smile was contagious.

“How old are you?” I asked.

“15 almost 16. How old are you Madam Alpha?” she asked.

“18 and I am not your Madam Alpha. You can be Madam Alpha if you want. Just call me Natalia,” I said while eating.

“Haha no thanks Mada– I mean Natalia. I have somebody I like already,” she said the last part quietly.

“Ooo who is the lucky guy?” I asked.

She blushed. “He’s from another pack. You wouldn’t know him,” she said.

I nodded. That was true. I finished the food and thanked her.

“Thanks for the food Stephanie,” I said.

She walked to the door and turned around.

“I really hope you do decide to become Madam Alpha,” she said and with that she was gone.

I walked to the bed thinking. Could I really be lady of the pack? I mean I could barely take care of myself. How would I take care of a pack? A pack of wolves at that. I was still scared of them so how in the hell would that work? I thought back to my attack when I was 10.


“Talia come on. We have to go get my brother’s ball or I’m gonna get in trouble,” Kelly urged.

“But Kelly I’m scared. It’s dark in there. I don’t wanna go in the woods,” I cried.

“Stop being a scaredy cat Talia. Nothing’s gonna happen. Come on,” she said pulling my hand.

We walked through the dark woods and everything made me jump.

“We have no business being in the woods after dark Kelly. I hope my mommy and daddy don’t find out or I’m going to get a whooping,” I whined.

“I found it,” she screamed.

“Good hurry up so we can leave. This place makes my skin crawl,” I said looking around.

We heard the leaves rustle and when we turned around and it was a big dog. I started crying. This wasn’t like my puppy Chuchi, this was a really big dog. I looked at Kelly and she threw a stick at the dog. That just made it mad and it jumped at her. I ran towards the edge of the woods as fast as I could. I didn’t wanna die. I heard Kelly screaming behind me and I started crying. My tears blurred my eyes and I tripped. I tried to get up but I couldn’t move. I heard the wolf’s paws coming at me and started screaming. I saw a man come out with a gun and that’s when I felt the dogs teeth rip into my side and I passed out. When I woke up I was in the hospital missing half of the skin on my side. Kelly was dead and they thought I was too. Turns out the man who I saw with the gun saved my life. He shot the dog and took me to the hospital but they never found the dog. Now that I think about it. That dog kind of looked like a-


I was interrupted from my thoughts with an agonizing pain. My whole body was on fire. I was in the worst pain I ever felt and I felt like my body was being ripped open. I thrashed in bed and started screaming. I started throwing up and my skin was burning. I fell off the bed and hit my head on the corner of the dresser but I didn’t feel it. I curled up into a ball and I started cramping. Not regular cramps, those would be lovely compared to these. I couldn’t breathe and I started choking for air. I looked at my skin and I had red and white patches all over me. Suddenly the door burst open and Eric swooped me up.

“Help. Me. Please,” I choked out.

He ran with my body to the bed and barked orders at the guards. 3 people suddenly appeared and I started clawing at my clothes. They were burning my skin. I wanted to tell them but I couldn’t speak. I could think straight but it was like watching all of this happen from outside my body. I started thrashing and had to be held down. Somebody in a white coat stabbed me with a needle in my thigh.

“Clothes. Hurt,” I managed.

Eric started ripping off my clothes. What was wrong with me? I could breathe now but I was losing focus. I let the darkness take me over.

“You’ve worried everybody enough. It’s time for us to wake up,” somebody said.

Was that in my head? I woke up and looked around. Nobody else was there. Us? I tried to speak but my throat was burning. I tried to move but I was strapped down. Now I was genuinely scared. A man walked in with a glass of water and unstrapped me. I sat up and he handed me the glass. I readily accepted. After I drunk it he walked back out and I heard a howl.

“Oh Natalia,” a girl cried. She threw herself on me and hugged me.

“Who are you?” I asked.

“It’s me Natalia. Katari,” she said.

I didn’t know her. She looked at me confused. I had never seen her a day in my life.

“You must have me confused. I’ve never met you,” I told the girl.

“Huh?” she asked.

A very handsome man walked in and my breath got caught. He kissed me on the forehead and I looked at him. He looked stressed out. His eyes were bloodshot and he had bags under them.

“How are you my love?” he asked.

“Are you talking to me?” I asked.

“Of course I am Natalia. Who else would I be talking to?” he asked.

“I don’t even know you,” I replied.

He looked shocked then hurt.

“It’s me. Eric,” he said.

“Nice to meet you but I don’t know you,” I told him.

I couldn’t mistake the pain in his eyes. I felt bad but I didn’t know him. Maybe I had seen him a couple of times before, but I didn’t know him enough to accept his forehead kisses. The doctor walked in and the man, Eric, jumped up.

“Why doesn’t she remember me?” he asked.

“She seems to have amnesia after suffering a blow to her head,” he replied.

“A blow to my head? What happened to me? Where am I?” I asked.

“You were poisoned. While the poison was spreading, you fell off our bed and hit your head on our dresser,” the man, Eric, said.

I took note of how he said “our”.

“Are you my husband? Do we live together?” I asked.

“No I”m your ma–” he stopped himself. “We’re just friends.”

Why was he lying?

“When can I go home? My dad must be worried. Who poisoned me? Why?” I asked rattling off questions.

“We don’t know but we intend to find out,” he said.

“Does my dad know?” I asked.

The man, Eric, ordered everybody out the room. He closed the door and walked over to me.

“Your dad died. Before you came to visit me,” he explained.

My heart broke in a million pieces.

“Who do I live with? My mom?” I asked.

“Samantha,” he replied.

“When can I go home?” I asked.

I didn’t miss the flash of sadness in his eyes. It made me sad to know I made him sad.

“A car will be ready in an hour,” he said leaving.

My heart broke for the second time as he walked through the door. The girl came back in.

“He’s sending you home huh?” she asked.

I nodded.

“I’ll miss you. I know we weren’t close but I still looked at you like a sister,” she said.

Before I could reply she hugged me and walked out. Something wasn’t right. I got up from the bed and my legs wobbled a bit. I was sore and stiff all over. I walked to the door and tried the handle. It was unlocked. I walked through the door, down a long hallway and into a room full of people. They all looked at me.

“Natalia what are you doing?” Eric asked.

I turned around and saw him leaning against the door frame.

“I was looking for you,” I answered.

“Why? What’s wrong?” he asked concerned.

“Nothing. It’s just… I don’t know you. I’m trying to remember you as best I can but I can’t. I just don’t remember you. But I feel like I am supposed to be with you so please don’t send me home. I don’t know you but I wanna stay with you. We can start over. I’ll get to know you. Don’t make me leave. I need you. I don’t know why but I do. If you still won’t let me stay, well don’t leave me alone for tonight. I need you,” I whispered.

He smiled and grabbed me. He kissed me hard and my heart exploded. The room applauded and he took my hand and led me down the hallway back into the room. He helped me into bed and climbed in with me. I laid in his arms and all felt right. I wanted to lay there forever. I let sleep overcome me.

“Goodnight my love,” I heard him say.

I woke up with a slight headache. Somebody had their arms wrapped around me. I turned my head around and it was Eric. The hospital gown I had on had risen up and my naked ass was against his thin pajama covered dick. I pushed him out the bed. He jumped up.

“What’s wrong? What happened?” He asked.

“What the hell are you doing Eric? That is sexual harassment,” I yelled.

“Natalia? You remember me?” he asked.

“Yes perv. Why would I not?” I asked.

He rushed towards me and tried to bear hugged me. I put up one hand and gave him an evil look.

“Don’t touch me. Just explain what’s going on,” I demanded.

He explained everything and I thought I would die. I wanted to fight myself. I had the chance to go home and I didn’t take it.

“So who poisoned me?” I asked.

“We don’t know yet. We can’t find the trace yet. We know someone slipped it in your food but we don’t know who. We will find out Natalia. I will keep you safe,” he said.

“So can I still go home?” I asked sweetly.

“No,” he said.

“Just get out,” I yelled.

He got up and left. I was tired of fighting with him but I wasn’t about to just lie down and take my life being controlled. These people were born into this. I wasn’t. Why did everybody expect me to just be OK with giving up my life to be a fucking wolf. Get real. I know I was acting like a brat but this wasn’t some movie. This was my life.

“Daddy send me a sign. What am I supposed to do?” I asked out loud.

I walked into the den full of people and walked right by everybody in deep thought. I wasn’t trying to be rude but I didn’t have time to talk. I needed to think.

“I challenge you for the alpha!” said the red head from the restaurant.

She jumped in front of me and blocked my path. I did not feel like dealing with this bitter bitch. I felt like shit and I’m sure I looked the part. I looked up at her.

“You can have him,” I replied and walked around her.

Now what was I going to do about getting out of here. I could always shimmy-

“Bitch where do you think you’re going? Fight me or I kill you. I’ll be Madam Alpha either way,” she yelled interrupting my thoughts.

I blinked at her. People were crowded around us. Trying to see what my next move would be. This would quickly turn into something if I let my anger get the best of me. Breathe Tal.

“Who are you again?” I asked intentionally.

“I’ll see you in the circle in 10 minutes. Prepare to die,” she said bumping me.

I watched her walk away. Suddenly it hit me, I was going to meet her in the circle. My legs almost gave out on me. Eric was there suddenly.

“What happened?!” he asked.

“Vanessa challenged her. They’re set to fight in 10 minutes,” someone answered.

I wasn’t going to pretend I wasn’t scared. I didn’t trust that I could win this. I had fought plenty of girls but never a werewolf girl. I wasn’t going to lie to myself. I wasn’t going to win this.

“Let’s go Natalia,” Eric said.

I willed my legs to move but they wouldn’t. I had gotten myself into this and now I would pay the price. Instead of taking her threats seriously, I mistook her for a joke. I looked up at Eric and silently pleaded with him. Just let me go home. He grabbed my hand and dragged me up to the elevator. Once we were inside, I let it all out.

“This is all your fault Eric. If I die I hope you know that my blood will be on your hands,” I said harshly.

“Why do you hate me so much?” he asked sadly.

“Because you took everything from me! You literally took everything! I can’t go home now! I can’t see my friends! I can’t go to college! My life will never be the same! You might not understand it, but I’m human! You were born into this life! You weren’t forced! I didn’t have a choice! You didn’t give me a chance to live before you introduced me to vampires and wolves! It’s like who I was, is gone! What I wanted to do with my life, doesn’t matter! I’m not Natalia anymore! I’m Eric’s mate!” I yelled.

The elevator dinged and we walked into the room. I walked into the closet.

“I’m sorry Natalia. What more can I say? You were supposed to stay in the car,” he said.

“Really Eric? You were half dead when I saw you. What makes you think you would’ve survived if I hadn’t distracted them long enough for you to kill them. What if they would’ve killed you? You don’t think they would’ve found me in the car and killed me?” I asked.

“Natalia, I’m sorry,” he said with his head down.

“Save it. You’ve brought nothing but trouble into my life from the first day I met you. I wish I never met you,” I said.

I heard him leave as I threw on a tank top and sweats. I kicked the bags. UGH! I was pissed. I heard Katari come in and I listened to her explain the rules and how everything would go down. She left and my 10 minutes were up. It was time. I took the elevator downstairs and walked outside. How was I supposed to find “The circle”? I look ahead and saw Vanessa waiting for me inside. Oh well that’s how. I walked to the circle.

“Do your best. You don’t have to kill her. You have to make her submit,” Katari explained.

I nodded and stepped inside the circle. How would this end?

“Madre De Miho, save me,” I whispered.

I didn’t know what to expect or what to do. I turned around and saw Eric, he even looked scared for me. Vanessa picked that moment to charge at me but I saw her out my peripheral. I side stepped her and waited. She was an impulsive fighter. She ran at me again and punched me in the face. I countered and hit her back. She ran towards me and I side stepped her then tripped her. While she was down I sat on her stomach and delivered blows to her face. She flipped me over and started punching me in the nose. All I could do was cover my face.

“Fight back human! Don’t let her beat us,” somebody said in my head.

I threw her off me and ended up back on top of her. I punched her in the jaw and put my knees on top of her arms. She couldn’t move. I wrapped my hand around her throat and started to squeeze. She couldn’t move me. She was a skilled werewolf but her fighting skills were nothing compared to mines.

“Submit Vanessa! She has you pinned,” Eric commanded.

She struggled under me and then went still. I won. I slid off her and sat on the ground. I still can’t believe I won. Eric came and picked me up. My thoughts were reeling.

“This isn’t over human,” Vanessa said walking away.

Some people looked relieved, some were pissed. I’d never done anything to anybody and I was a target for these people. We walked to the elevator. I would never fit in here, these people were crazy.

“I’m proud of you,” Eric said walking into the room.

“It wasn’t easy,” I replied walking into the bathroom.

I stripped naked and turned on the shower. I let the hot water soothe me. I washed up and shaved. Then I started thinking and before I knew it, I started to sob and broke down under the stream of water. I put my head in my hands and sobbed for the friends I was giving up, the family I had lost, the life I would never have, the people I would never know. I sobbed for me, my dad, Samantha, and I even cried for Eric. I didn’t try to hide it. I didn’t muffle my cries. I let them out freely. I cried at the thought of giving up everything for this life. I fell to my knees and put my head in my hands. I asked God to kill me right there. I was nothing but an empty shell of a woman. I had treated everybody around me so bad. I didn’t deserve to live. I just sat there and cried until the water went cold. I cried until I was empty of my tears. I would try to adjust to this life. I could at least give it a chance. I was stuck here and I didn’t have a choice but to remain stuck.

“Natalia when you get out, let’s talk,” Eric said through the door.

I didn’t trust my voice so I just turned the water off and stepped out the shower. I grabbed the jumbo towel and wrapped it around my small frame. My skin was red from the hot water and my face was puffy from crying. I walked out the bathroom and sat on the bed next to Eric.

“Natalia I am so sorry that you’re so miserable here. If I had a choice I would send you home and let you forget all about me,” Eric said.

I put my head down. I wasn’t good at expressing my feelings. I always felt weak and vulnerable. I didn’t like people to think I was weak.

“Eric, I should be the one apologizing. I’ve been nothing but rude and disgusting towards you. It’s not like you had a choice. You were born that way,” I said taking his hand in mines. “I have a lot to learn about this were life, but it will take some time Eric. I won’t just lie to you and say that I’m just OK with all of this, but I am trying. Everything will take time. I can’t say that I accept all this right now but I am acknowledging it and I am acknowledging you as my mate. I have always been aware that you complete me. Fully. I will treat you as so. I am done with hating you, fighting you, defying you. I don’t want to do that anymore. I won’t do that anymore,” I said.

I waited for his response. It felt so good getting that out. This whole time I had been denying his existence and my predicament but I have never denied his feelings.

“Thank you. That is all I ask,” he said smiling.

I laid my head on his shoulder. It wouldn’t be easy but it was a start. He grabbed my face and kissed me. I got lost in the kiss. It was one of those soul searching, finding myself inside of you type kisses. I enjoyed it. He let me go and I got up to get dressed. He walked in the bathroom. I was hungry. I threw on some shorts and a tank top. Might as well go and try to find food. I’ll even interact with the pack. 2 birds, 1 stone. I walked down the hallway to the elevator. I was nervous to show people the new and improved me. I prayed they would accept me. The elevator dinged and I stepped off.

“Come here Rose,” I heard a woman demand.

I heard a little “Woof” and jumped when a little wolf appeared. I had a mini heart attack and put my hand over my heart. I knew who this hard headed pup was. I picked her up and laughed as she licked my face.

“I’m Sarah. That’s my little pup. She really likes you,” Rose’s mother said.

“I really like her too,” I said handing the child over to her mother.

I’ve always liked children, I just don’t want any. I watched Rose and Sarah walk away. I headed towards the kitchen when I saw Stephanie.

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