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February 12, 2006, New York City was buried in more than two-feet of snow looking more and more like a traditional Christmas Day. I was in my Manhattan high-rise on Sutton Place, livid because I could not go out for dinner with one of my women due to the blizzard. Therefore, as an alternative, I decided to ordered pizza for dinner and stayed home. I knew it was going to take some time for the pizza delivery person to get here, but he or she had better get here soon if they wanted a nice tip. Security downstairs informed me I had a pizza delivery and I granted him permission to send the delivery person up.

The doorbell rang and I looked through the peephole; I saw a woman’s face. I unlocked the door and there was the sexiest pizza girl in the city. She was about five-three, with a mahogany colored complexion, shoulder length hair, a baby face and very nice lips. Her uniform did nothing to hide her voluptuous figure. She was definitely a goddess!

“Sorry, if I’m late, but the snow is pretty bad out there.” Her voice was soft and innocent.

“It’s all right, don’t worry about it.” I said. “Would you like to come in and warm up a little bit?”

“Sure.” She replied with a smile.

She walked in and I could not take my eyes off her fat ass. She was so amazed by all the artwork I had hanging on the walls. She was also very astonished with the view of the East River from where she stood. I thought to myself, Yes, baby, I have money and living the lifestyle that you dream about every night.

We sat at the table in the dining room, and we had a nice conversation while we drank hot cocoa. She told me her name was Melyssa and she was a college student and part-time model. I think Melyssa also mentioned that she was completing her last semester at Baruch College, and she wanted to start a small business soon. I love women that were driven and smart.

We stared at each other for a moment. I could not get enough of her big brown, wild eyes and fleshy lips. We both knew what we wanted and it was just a matter of time before one of us made the first move. Melyssa lifted her shirt over her head. The purple bra she wore barely held her full breasts.

“Are you going to just sit there or are you going to fuck the shit out of me?” She asked.

“You don’t have to ask me twice, baby girl.” I answered.

It was time for action. I approached her and kissed her sexy lips. I could taste the hot cocoa on her tongue as my hands explored her body. We were all hands, lips, and tongue from the dining room to the bedroom where we quickly removed our clothes. She almost gasped at the size of my erect dick.

“Oh my God, what is that, your third leg?” Melyssa said in a shocked voice.

“No, it’s a bad girl’s favorite toy.” I replied.

“I hope I am able to walk after this.” Melyssa joked.

Melyssa lowered herself onto her knees and had my dick in her mouth. The way she licked and sucked my manhood, had my body going through emotions. This woman definitely knew what she was doing. Sucking dick was an art to her, as she had me mesmerized.

Melyssa rode me like a porn star. I enjoyed looking at her face when she moaned and made sensual movements. She gave it her all, bouncing up and down, crying aloud. It did not take long for her to have her first of many intense orgasms.

Now it was time for me to put in work. As I licked and sucked Melyssa’s shaved pussy, she squirmed and twisted her body. I knew I had her in full ecstasy. What I did to her sexy body was new to her. I guessed her previous lovers did not know how to handle her.

I got on top of Melyssa, and her legs wrapped around my waist. I entered her pussy and began my pumping action. Her eyes rolled in the back of her head like casino lights. She yelled out, “Fuck me, daddy!” I pounded and stroked her pussy hard and fast like a racecar on a smooth road. Her encouragement made me fuck her even faster. We generated so much sweat that our bodies were virtually sticking.

As we lay there, our bodies glistening from the inferno of sex, we laughed and joked around.

“That was amazing, girl. You are one of the best.” I told her.

“My pussy is swollen. I never had a guy fuck me as hard as you.” Melyssa claimed.

“I didn’t mean to beat the pussy up like that.”

“Oh baby you don’t need to apologize.” Melyssa continued. “It was the best feeling on earth, and you made me feel so good. Oh, my God, I have to get out of here. My boss is going to be pissed.”

Melyssa jumped out of the bed and put her uniform on. She was in such a rush that she forgot to put on her bra. I walked Melyssa to the door with my hands on her ass. She took the money and we tongued kiss for about two minutes. As I watched her leave to catch the elevator, I noticed how funny she was walking.

“Are you all right? You are walking somewhat funny.” I joked.

“Yeah, I’m good.” Melyssa laughed. “Don’t forget, when you are craving for some pizza, holla at your girl.”

I shut the door and put a few slices of pizzas in the microwave. While I stood by the window, I was thinking to myself, I just fucked the sexiest pizza delivery woman in the city. Damn, I am a bad motherfucker!

It was August of 2006, and I read an e-mail from my pen pal Nadia, saying that she would be flying into New York in a week for a vacation. I felt as if God had answered my prayers, because I had been dying to meet her for some time. Nadia was from Guam and I first saw her picture on the free online dating site called PlentyofFish in the fall of 2004. I found her to be very attractive and full of innocence. She had a permanent tanned complexion, long curly hair and the body of a track star.

Like many women I communicated on the Web, our e-mails were mostly flirtatious, friendly and funny. We often joked about the sexual positions we would engaged in. The dirtier we talked, the more we insisted on meeting. I knew it was destined for us to meet in my city.

Finally, the weekend was here.

I arrived at the Plaza Hotel feeling both excited and nervous. As I walked down the hallway on the fourth floor, many thoughts roamed in my head. I prayed that Nadia was the gorgeous woman in all the pictures she e-mailed me over the years. I knocked on the door three times and took a deep breath. The door opened, and I was all smiles like a war soldier that just came home to his family. Nadia stood about five-foot-eight, with shoulder length wavy black hair, an incredible body and pretty face. I was happy that it was she in all those pictures. What I really like was her hypnotic smile. It was so perfect that it was worth seeing.

“Nature Boy, I finally get to meet you. How are you?” She said, as she hugged me. “Wow, I don’t believe this.”

“This is definitely a surprise. You look incredible.” I told her.

“Thank you. You are hot yourself. Come on in, silly.” Nadia grabbed me inside the room. “You are the reason why I am in your hometown. Do you want anything to drink?”

“No, I’m fine, goddess.” I answered. “I’m just so happy to finally see you. What do you think of New York City?”

“Well, everything is here. It really is the center of the world. New York City is so much bigger than Guam.”

“Come on, let us go out and explore this great city. Let’s go!” I said.

As we walked out of the hotel, just about every pedestrian walking focused on us. I loved the attention and I wondered was Nadia used to all the stares she received from strangers. We got inside my platinum-colored Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren and hit downtown. Nadia was so impressed with the car that she could not stop smiling or shaking. On the road, we had heads turning from all directions. Nadia felt so carefree that she exposed her firm breasts. One middle-aged man wearing red glasses driving a Cadillac did a double take at the sight of Nadia, and nearly ran over a motorcyclist. I laughed at the whole thing. I could not believe what I just witnessed. Nadia really was full of surprises.

I took Nadia to Justin’s, a neo-soul food establishment in the Flatiron District. I wanted her to have a cultural experience of black food so I took the liberty of ordering for her. We consumed chicken wings, macaroni and cheese, mashed potatoes, and grilled shrimp. Beside the delicious food, what I enjoyed the most was the conversation I had with Nadia. Our conversation was very pleasant, but at times humorous.

“Do you want to know what one of my biggest fantasies is?” Nadia said.

“What?” I said softly.

“To have sex in Central Park,” She answered with a smile. “I think it will be great to do it there.”

“Well, we should make that fantasy into a reality.” I told her. “Let’s make your first trip to New York a memorable one.”

Later on that night, I took Nadia to a nice semi-secluded spot in Central Park. We had a good view of the city’s skyline and the bright stars above. This was going to be my first sexual encounter in the city’s most famous park, where police officers or park rangers might see us. Once I saw Nadia stripped down, I could not hold back even if I had tried. Her sex-hungry grin had me hot and ready to fuck that sexy pussy of hers.

As she lay down nude on the old powder-blue towels, I climbed on top of her and kissed her stomach and breasts passionately. I then licked and lightly bit her erect nipples. I felt Nadia squeezed my balls, which had me soaring up to heaven. I needed to taste that island pussy of hers so I licked and spat away. The way she moaned and squeezed her breasts had me in a hot frenzy. I licked up her love honey like a vacuum cleaner as it flowed smoothly out of her pussy.

“Fuck me, baby.” She moaned.

I slid my condom-covered dick into her pussy, and pumped away at a rapid pace. Nadia’s pussy was extremely wet, and she screamed her excitement. The feeling was so exquisite! I actually felt her climaxed on the head of my dick. In mere seconds, my dick was cover with her cream. I began to shake and my dick spurted sperm repeatedly.

As I put on a clean condom, I looked into Nadia’s eyes, and I could tell she wanted me as badly as I wanted her. She climbed on top of me and shoved her pussy down on my dick. Slowly, she bounced up and down, but in mere seconds picked up the speed. Nadia was fucking the shit out of me, and she looked even sexier sweating like a pig. She moaned and cried out how great my dick was. With this pace, I knew I was about to let loose any minute because I felt it coming.

Sensing I was about to ejaculate, Nadia hopped up and pulled the condom off my dick. That moment I shot one of the biggest loads of jism ever all over Nadia’s torso. I felt like Spider-Man shooting out sticky webs from my ice-hard penis at Nadia’s body.

We rested for a few minutes, and then we cleaned and began putting on our clothes. We laughed at what we just did. I ranked this sexual experience as one of the best in my life.

“This was the greatest sexual experience I’ve ever had.” Nadia confessed. “We have to do this again next time I come to the city.”

“No doubt, you know I’m with that.” I said.

That moment, a pale-skinned park ranger stopped in front of us with a walkie-talkie in his left hand. He looked very young with his clean-cut appearance and his green cap turned to the back. I was thinking to myself, Nadia and I are about to go to prison.

“Don’t worry; I’m not going to turn you two in. I often take a girl here and have sex with her. I thought I was the only person who knew about this spot. I’m just warning y’all that many robberies have occurred here and the cops will be here in ten minutes, so you might want to leave now.” The park ranger informed.

“Oh, we’re out of here. Thank you for the warning.” I replied.

After dropping Nadia off at the hotel, I drove uptown thinking to myself what a perfect night it was. I found a note on my dashboard from Nadia, thanking me for a very exciting and memorable experience. I cannot wait for the next time we explored the city that never sleeps!

I had been kicking it with this gorgeous East Indian woman named Rosita. She was my girlfriend, Arlene’s best friend. We would flirt and party at the hottest nightspots in Manhattan. We both liked each other, and enjoyed each other’s company. The truth was we did not even regret it or worry too much about the consequences.

One evening, on April 28, 2007, I was in my penthouse waiting for Rosita. I was very excited to be kickin’ it with Rosita again. She showed up at my apartment looking sensational as ever. Rosita wore a sheer sari and a tikka, a traditional Indian hair accessory, which complemented her diamond earrings beautifully. I loved her tanned toned body and emerald eyes. Rosita was one of the hottest women I had ever laid eyes on.

“Are you ready?” she asked excitedly.

“Yes, let’s go, baby girl!” I replied.

The weather was warm and gorgeous. We raced down the streets of Manhattan in my yellow Corvette C6. I was so excited to be kicking it with Rosita that I had a serious hard-on just thinking about what we were going to do before the night’s end. She looked over at me smiling, and kissed the side of my face. Rosita seemed to be more thrilled than I was.

We went to a nice lounge in Tribeca. As we walked to the back, we obviously enjoyed all the attention we received. I felt like I was one of the biggest hip-hop stars in the place. We took seats at a table, ordered some drinks and began talking.

“I like this place,” Rosita expressed. “It’s not too crowded and the crowd is not too wild and crazy.”

“Yeah,” I agreed. “That’s why I really stop going to clubs. I prefer to go to a spot where the mood is cool and mellow.”

“How do you think Arlene is going to feel about us hanging out like this?” Rosita asked.

I took a deep breath and said, “Well, I really don’t know. It probably will not be good. I know that we have so much chemistry, which is strange. It feels like we should be the ones dating.”

“I feel that way too.” Rosita sighed.

“I have to be honest, I am feeling you, Rosita,” I told her.

Rosita blushed. “Stop it.”

“What?” I chuckled. “You’re hot!”

“Well, thank you, Nature Boy,” Rosita continued. “I think you’re very handsome and I’m feeling you too. I can’t believe you’re turning me on.”

Her comment put a smile on my face. I felt good about tonight. After we consumed our drinks, we began dancing innocently and playfully at first. Then our dancing became freaky. The more we danced, the bolder I got. I began feeling her up as if she was my girlfriend. I squeezed her ass, and played with her tits. I heard Rosita chuckled and moaned softly. We engaged in a nice French kiss, which had me feeling as if pyro was going off in my head.

Rosita whispered in my ear, “Do you want to get out of here and do something?”

“Yes,” I said. “Let’s go.”

In the car, I had hip-hop and R&B music blaring. I felt her unzipped my pants and pulled out my dick. When she saw it pointing up, even she gave me a look of surprise of how big it was. Rosita performed fellatio on me and I felt a bolt of electricity shot up my body. It felt so good that I tried my best not to loose control of the car. Finally, I stopped at a red light and Rosita rose up giggling.

Back at my penthouse, I sat up in my bed waiting for Rosita to finished showering. My erect dick already had a well-lubricated condom on it. I heard the water stop running, and Rosita walked in my bedroom. She stood there, hair down and dripping wet. She had nice round breasts with nipples sticking out invitingly, slim waist, and hips. I smiled at the sight of Rosita, anticipating great love making with her. Rosita crawled to the bed and our mouths met in a tongue-probed kiss. I still could not believe we were doing this as I gripped her bare ass-cheeks. She lowered herself kissing my torso, sucking my nipples, and licking my stomach. My dick disappeared in her warm mouth and she gave me one incredible blowjob.

“Oh, yes, shit!” I moaned. “That’s it baby.”

Rosita bobbed up and down on my dick like a pro, making it good and wet with her saliva. I enjoyed the view of her talent. I felt myself ready to ejaculate as she sucked my dick even harder. In seconds, my cream filled Rosita’s mouth. She swallowed some of it, but most of it drooled out. She ran to the bathroom to clean her face and washed her mouth out.

“I hope that smooth tongue of yours is ready for this pussy, because I am hot!” Rosita said in a sultry voice.

She lay on the bed with her legs spread. I slowly approached her, and licked and sucked her pussy. Rosita’s eyes were close and I saw the enjoyable look on her face. She moaned and humped her wet pussy at my mouth while I drank her sweet honey as it flowed out her pussy.

“I’m ready to fuck this pussy, baby.” I expressed.

“Well, give it to me.” Rosita demanded.

I got between her toned legs and slid my hard dick into her wet pussy. I pumped slowly, but immediately began picking up the pace. Rosita’s cunt muscles squeezed my dick. Her legs wrapped around my waist, and she pulled me in tighter against her.

“Damn, you have some good pussy. Shit!” I announced.

“Fuck this pussy, daddy!” Rosita yelled.

I was fucking her deeper and harder. Rosita’s eyes were rolling, and she moaned loudly. She was twisting, letting me know I was hitting her spot. She dug her nails into my back, and I stopped my pumping action. Her pussy cream milked my dick and I released myself.

I pulled Rosita on top of me, and she bounced up and down on my dick. The bedsprings squeaked in a steady rhythm and the headboard bumped against the wall. We both cried out that we were coming, and in seconds, we both climaxed.

Rosita collapsed on top of me, and she was so satisfied. She rolled over on her back looking up at the ceiling. “Nature Boy, you are the best I ever had! I can see why Arlene can’t stop talking about you.”

“She can’t get enough of me,” I implied.

About an hour later, we got dressed and went downstairs. I was too tired to drive, so I decided to call a cab for her. As we waited, we started kissing. I looked over and there was Arlene standing there hot! I did not expect Arlene to make a surprise visit. Rosita felt embarrassed, as she slowly moved away from me. It was the first time Arlene caught me cheating on her with her best friend. My body shook as if lightning had hit it. Arlene slapped me in the face repeatedly. Then she chased Rosita down the street. I really could not believe what was going on as I went after them to stop the situation from getting any crazier.

I caught up to Arlene, wrapped my arms around her, and held her back. Rosita vanished into the night. As I tried to calm Arlene down, I apologized for me and Rosita, and everything that went down. Arlene felt that she could not trust me, and decided to end the relationship. As she walked off, I felt bad that I hurt her, and regretted for kickin’ it with her girlfriend.

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