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December 2012 – What Happened in Vegas or Jaye is broken

If you have been following my ongoing narrative of how my wife and I transitioned from Mid- West white married couple to Black-owned sex slaves, you have seen references to the trip to Vegas my wife Jaye took with Robert, our Bull, about 4 years ago. When I first wrote it up based on her reports, it was a 4-day fuck and suck trip with 5 Black men that wound up with her being returned to me exhausted and with gold piercings in her labia, nipples and clit hood.

Over time, and as Robert has taken on a more dominant role in our lives, more pieces of the story have come out. Here it is below.

WARNING: This chapter goes places that may be offensive to some readers. B was not there to act as protector and the principle characters were on their own in the “fantasy world” of Las Vegas with no “adult supervision.” But what went on there had an effect on the rest of this story.

We had planned a 4-day “Adventure” — our term for an away trip where my wife would be publicly exposed and fucked by Black men — with Robert, a Dominant play partner we had scened with several times over the previous two years and who has an uncanny understanding of the workings of my wife’s psychological and physical “buttons.” He is a large, imposing man with a 9″ very thick uncut cock backed by large, seemingly inexhaustible balls and great staying power.

At the last minute, I had to work and had to cancel. We talked it over with Robert and, at Jaye’s urging, and much to my uneasiness, decided to send her to him alone. We had never done this before — one of our hard rules was that I had to be present or at least close by — but Robert was persuasive, he had been very protective of Jaye in our previous sessions with him, and Jaye really wanted to go (it had been three months since our last adventure — coincidentally with Robert — and she was openly horny for Black Cock). Jaye was met at the arrival airport not by

Robert alone, but also his two sons, James (20) and D’arnell (18), Robert’s brother, and the brother’s 20 year old son. After quick introductions, they whisked her away to another gate and boarded a plane for Vegas.

After checking into their room, Jaye was felt up by the whole group, then pushed to her knees where Robert ordered her to start sucking him off. At some point one of them flipped up her skirt and proceeded to fuck her doggie style as Robert held her head on his Black cock. As soon as the first Black man was done, another took his place until all four had fucked her and Robert and D’arnell had come in her mouth. During this Robert called me on Jaye’s cell phone and allowed her to lift her head off his Black cock to tell me about the change in venue and what she was doing. After that they texted me a video of her with Blck cocks stuffed into her at both ends.

Since they had been up all night, they rested for a few hours. Jaye’s clothes were taken away, leaving her with only her wedding rings, Queen of Spades pendant, and hoop ear rings. About 4PM Robert ordered her to start sucking again. Sucking progressed to fucking and as the evening wore on they sent out for pizza and beer. When the delivery boy arrived, they let him in to see two Black men spit-roasting a white woman. The one in her mouth pulled her head off his cock and asked the delivery boy if he wanted a tip, but the kid was too surprised to take him up on it.

About midnight, they had her put on heavy makeup and a bathrobe and took her out clothes shopping. They found a sex shop in a rougher part of town and had her try on outfits naked in front of anyone in the store until they picked out a cowl-neck top, a very short skirt, and 6″ heels she could only lurch in. From there they went to a strip club.

At the club the crew felt her up while they watched the dancers. Eventually, they selected one for a lap dance and went to the VIP area. There they had the stripper give Jaye a lap dance, rubbing her tits into my wife’s face and jerking off her long clit as if it was a cock.

Jaye was initially shocked and embarrassed, as at that time she had never done anything with another woman other than the incidents on the beach in Jamaica and they were mostly just kissing and a little touching.

Then the stripper did her act for James and Jaye was ordered to do what she had just learned for Robert.

After this, they found a Black club where again Jaye was made to demonstrate her new dance moves and get exposed to and felt up by the Black patrons. Back at the hotel they took a nap until the stripper came by after work. The two women were told to make out, then 69 for the 5 men. Again, Jaye was nervous at first but as the stripper licked her professionally, and with the excitement of being watched by an audience, she got into it pretty heavy. At one point, as the women licked each other, two of the men stepped up and started fucking each in the ass. Then both were gang-banged until after dawn.

They slept in until after noon, then the men went off in pairs to gamble and sight see, leaving a well-used and sore Jaye alone with Robert. He had her suck him hard and fucked her ass, then took a nap. As the men floated in and out they would have her suck them off or fuck her. About 10 PM, they allowed her to dress in the outfit from the previous evening and headed for some Black clubs they had heard about. As usual, she danced with the 5 and any other Black men who wanted her and was publicly felt up and exposed.

Jaye was having a pretty good time as the center of attention, and being continuously felt up in public was keeping her on the edge of an orgasm.

Around midnight, Robert took her into the Men’s Room and handcuffed her to a pipe by the urinals to give blow jobs to several of the patrons who had asked. Here is Jaye’s description — which she only revealed to me last Fall:

“At first it was great fun like Fantasy Fest — on display in a forbidden area, being groped and made to suck cock. D’arnell was supposed to watch over me but got distracted on his cell phone. I had sucked a couple of cocks when a guy came in, looked at me squatting there and just peed on my face and body. Seeing that, so did another. Robert came in a little later and saw what a mess I was. He made me strip off my wet clothes and wash them in one of the toilets, then they made me wash myself off in the toilet, put me back in my wet clothes, and walked me through the club. I felt so scared, humiliated, alone and vulnerable! … Robert took charge and held my hand through the club. I clung to him physically and mentally for dear life! In the parking lot he wouldn’t let me in the car dripping wet so he had me strip and made me give blow jobs and be fucked over the hood until I was dry.

Then they said I still stank and put me in the trunk to go back to the hotel, shower and service the five of them some more.

The next day, we did a round robin DP session with everyone drinking lots of beer. When we stopped for a break, I said I had to pee. They followed me into the bathroom and made me pee in the tub on my knees, not squatting, joking about the night before and how I must like it. I started to cry. Then Robert had me lay down in my pee in the tub and they started to pee on me. The first one peed on my face, hair and tits. The second one commented that my cunt and ass were still gaping from the repeated DPs. He tried to piss into my cunt, but the angle was off or something and his stream hit my clit which was still swollen. The force and warmth of it felt amazing! Soothing and stimulating at the same time. I don’t know why but my knees snapped open and pulled up to my chest so he had better access to my clit even though I was still crying.

That convinced them that I was really into it. Robert saw this and told the other two to piss on my clit as well. They did and I became more aroused, squirming around in the puddle of piss, feeling an orgasm building. Robert pissed on me last. His stream was very strong and he really had to go, because he just kept massaging my clit with it. I felt so humiliated and aroused at the same time! Suddenly, I came! The others all thought that was funny and called me a piss slut.

But Robert was serious. He kneeled at the edge of the tub and grabbed my hair.

‘Do you know what Alpha dogs do to claim their territory?’ he asked. I was suddenly scared and shook my head.

‘They piss on their mates and weaker pack members! If they resist, they either leave the pack or a fight breaks out. If they accept it, they submit totally to the Alpha! You’re not fighting and if you leave you go just as you are –but you seem to have enjoyed it. So you now belong to me!”

Later that day one of them bought one of those metal spreader things the Gynocologist uses and they had fun using my mouth and cunt as a urinal in between fucking. One had the idea to open my ass and use that as a urinal too, but 5 guy’s worth of pee acted like an enema and the mess put them off. After that they satisfied themselves with fucking me.

All except Robert. Every time he pissed, he took me to the bathroom and made me kneel in the tub with my mouth open. One time, he stuck his cock in my mouth, told me to keep it there, and let go, nearly drowning me.

His piss was shooting out my mouth around his cock, out my nose, and down my chest! I was choking on the stuff running down my throat and finally gagged and threw up all over myself.

All the while he kept telling me that I truly belonged to him now, because no one else would want a filthy slut like me and I was only good for whatever he wanted to use me for. He said I should be grateful he would look after me. I was crying — and feeling that he was right. And I came again, without being touched.”

On the last night, they took her to a piercing parlor where she was tied down and gold rings were inserted in each nipple, each of her inner labia and under her clit — reminders from the 5 men of their mastery of her. The one under her clit was soldered shut, making it permanent — that was from Robert. Afterward they made her suck off the piercer.

Then they took her back to the room and used her mouth and ass until it was time to leave. They gave her an oxycodone and several shots of Jim Beam and put her on a plane to our airport still dressed in her Las Vegas whore’s clothes — and that’s how I found her.

As she came through the gate she saw me and burst into tears. I tried to hug her but she asked me to be gentle, she hurt everywhere. I asked her what happened, but she only replied that it had been a four-day adventure and she was exhausted.

When we got home I gave her a few minutes to unwind and then took her in my arms. She winced and pulled back.

“What is going on?”

In tears again, she removed her top and dropped her skirt, revealing the bandages and then gingerly removing them. I was expecting bruises on her tits and probably other parts of her body, but the piercings stunned me.

“What…? Why…?”

Jaye was trembling and crying.

“I…They…I had to….”

I took her in my arms as gently as I could. Between sniffles she told me about the round robin fucking and the evening with the stripper, culminating in them taking her to the piercing parlor and holding her down, but leaving out the pissing part.

I was getting angry and she tried to calm me and not blame Robert. It had been a booze and sex filled weekend that got out of hand. She could have said something about the piercings but was in submissive slut mode and didn’t really notice as her labia were pierced (it just felt like the alligator clamps I use on her). She came awake quickly as the needle went into her nipple. But by that time the damage was done.

I told her we would remove the rings and we were done with Robert, but she asked me to wait and calm down. Besides, they would be expecting the rings when they saw her again.

“Big fucking deal!” I said, “We’re not seeing any of them again!”

“B, please! Calm down. Let’s sleep on it. My nipples are too sore to take the rings out right now. And besides, this one under my clit (she winced as she lifted up her clit to show it) is on permanently — we’ll have to have it cut off. Do you know anyone in town you want to have me spread my legs for so they can cut your wife’s clit ring off?”

I had to back off at that one. Word would be all over town in hours.

Finally, we crawled into bed — Jaye very gingerly after re-bandaging her piercings.

“Do you want my mouth or ass, B?”

“I’m not really in the mood!”

“Punishment fuck?”

“Too angry”

“I understand. Robert said you would be.”

“I’m never allowing you to go out alone again!”

“Thank you, B! I wish you had been there and been the one who saved me!”

“Well, it’s done now!”

“Yes, my love, it is.”

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