It was a cold day, it had been snowing all week and the traffic was miserable. On my way home I saw four different cars off the road and had to ease the brakes at stop signs to prevent sliding. I used to love the snow, it meant days off and fun and everyone gathered around a fire but there was no such joy to look forward too lately. There was no dinner waiting for me, my wife, now ex-wife was in another state with her new boyfriend. With my wife gone, and daughter Alice off to college I was back to being on my own. I could watch anything I wanted, listen to whatever I wanted and nothing was put away where I couldn’t find it.

Last week my new sense of living on my own was shattered. My daughter came home for winter break and because of her distaste for her mother and new boyfriend she opted to stay with me. I loved my daughter, and I would do anything for her, so naturally I was very glad she came home to me for break rather than get drunk with her friends. That must be her aversion to her mother too; she never drank or even went to parties like her mother.

I walked in the garage door and took my coat off. Man my electric bill was going to be high this month. Even when it was freezing out Alice had turned the thermostat way up and I was already sweating in my suit.

“Daddy! You’re home. They said on the news eight inches of snow.”

“I fine sweetie, come give daddy a hug.”

Alice was not suffering from the heat, the reverse in fact. She was only wearing a thin white tank top, tall striped socks, and sexy little white panties. I must be the envy of all the boys from school, what they would give to see her run up and then jump into their arms her tits free to swing, nipples just barley visible through the fabric. I held her close, and I couldn’t help but enjoy her sexy body, it had been too long since I held anyone.

“I tried to order pizza but they said they won’t deliver tonight.”

Setting Alice down I circled my hand through her hair and held her chin.

“I guess we are just going to have to make something for ourselves then.”

Walking into the kitchen I went to the freezer and got out pork chops and a couple of honey crisp apples out. I put the pork chops in the sink and turned the water on to start them thawing and got out the cutting board for the apples. I cut up the first apple and Alice took a piece and jumped up on the counter next to me. Glancing over I noticed how her panties were now pulled taut against the lips of her pussy. Distracted the knife slipped and grazed my finger.

“Daddy! You cut yourself. Here let me kiss it.”

Grabbing my hand Alice brought my finger up to her mouth and kissed it. She them looked at it closely at my finger and blew on the cut. She then put my finger in her mouth and sucked it. Taken aback I was too shocked and aroused to react. As soon as it started it was over and she took my finger out.

“There good as new,” she said triumphantly.

Turning away from Alice I rummaged around the cupboard to get the frying pan. This was partially to hide my erection; the combination of her sex body, well-defined pussy, and sucking on my finger had made my attraction a little too obvious. I filled the pan with water and put it on the stove. I took the pork chops out of the sink and broke them apart putting them in the pan.

“How’s your paper coming along sweetie?”

“Argh my stupid Prof forgot what its like to be a kid. Which is ironic because my paper is about child development. He agrees with Plato. The ‘brain’ wants a society where the brains lead and children are reared to be model citizens by those best suited to parent, without the necessity of actually being their parents or something like that.”

“Well it sounds like you know what you’re talking about.”

The pork chops were now in simmering water and I flipped them over to heat them move evenly.

“The guy is just bitter I think. I don’t think he has ever been laid, let alone had children, so he figures just institutionalize it and put him in charge. But you wouldn’t let that happen would you Daddy.”

The water was now boiled off and I added a splash of apple juice and laid the slices of apple on the pork chops.

“And lose you to some stranger, no sweetie I would never let that happen. Who would heal my finger then?”

“Daddy,” Alice said mockingly and tilted her head.

“Alright fine, I would keep you for other reasons too.”

“I know.”

She jumped down from the counter and walked over to the pantry. Grabbing a chair and climbing up she reached to grab the jar of hot chocolate mix. Her ass was lean and frim I had to hold myself from a slapping that ass.

“Make me hot chocolate daddy.”

“But that doesn’t go with pork cho…”


“Alright but you get the cups out.”

“Yay.” Alice jumped up again and hugged me again her tits pressing against me. This girl was going to ruin my pants if she didn’t stop being so goddamn cute.

Walking back over to the pan I flipped the pork chops again sprinkling some seasoning on them before replacing the apples and giving the pan another splash of juice. I got out my double kettle and filled the inside with milk putting it on the stove to heat in the water bath. Alice was sitting at the bar on the other side of the counter and was humming Christmas songs. The milk and the pork chops finished a few minutes later and I got us our plates and served the pork chops and apples and poured the milk on the chocolate mix in the cups.

I turned on the TV and we watched The Daily Show while we ate and drank our hot chocolate.

“Daddy can you read me a story?”

“Don’t you think you’re a little old for a story?”

“No. And besides it would be good for my paper and I like when you read to me.”

“Well how can I say no, since it’s for your paper.”

Alice kissed me on the cheek and ran upstairs to find a book. After I put the dishes in the sink I followed her up to her room. Alice had a big room; really the top floor was hers. She had her own bathroom and what was once a playroom and her bedroom. The playroom was now a gym but her room remained as it was since she was a little girl. Alice was not a girly girl but she liked pink and still had most of her dolls all set up in the dollhouse I made her for her birthday. She also had a big comfy leather chair. The chair was mine and I read to her in it for many years and it just seemed to belong here.

“Read me my story again.”

Of course, our favorite, Alice and Wonderland. I had read the book more times than I could count. She was my little Alice, her hair was smooth and wavy just like Alice’s and she too was always off in her own world. Sitting down Alice sat back in my lap just like she used too. The feeling was very different however; Alice was not a little girl anymore, she was a hot scantily clad babe pressing down on my leg and up against my cock. Trying to ignore my rising excitement I turned to the first page and started to read.

Alice was beginning to get very tired of sitting by her sister on the bank, and of having nothing to do: once or twice she had peeped into the book her sister was reading, but it had no pictures or conversations in it, ‘and what is the use of a book,’ thought Alice ‘without pictures or conversation?’

So she was considering in her own mind (as well as she could, for the hot day made her feel very sleepy and stupid), whether the pleasure of making a daisy- chain would be worth the trouble of getting up and picking the daisies, when suddenly a White Rabbit with pink eyes ran close by her.

There was nothing so very remarkable in that; nor did Alice think it so very much out of the way to hear the Rabbit say to itself, ‘Oh dear! Oh dear! I shall be late!’ (when she thought it over afterwards, it occurred to her that she ought to have wondered at this, but at the time it all seemed quite natural); but when the Rabbit actually took a watch out of its waistcoat- pocket, and looked at it, and then hurried on, Alice started to her feet, for it flashed across her mind that she had never before seen a rabbit with either a waistcoat-pocket, or a watch to take out of it, and burning with curiosity, she ran across the field after it, and fortunately was just in time to see it pop down a large rabbit-hole under the hedge.

In another moment down went Alice after it, never once considering how in the world she was to get out again.”

“Hold me daddy, I’m cold.”

Alice was in no way cold. Not only did she just eat and have hot chocolate and her body was hot to the touch against me, nonetheless I found myself sliding my arm around her waist and pulling her closer to me. Her lean body was so close to mine I had to force myself to keep reading, she was my little girl and I was reading her favorite story that was all.

She ate a little bit, and said anxiously to herself, ‘Which way? Which way?’, holding her hand on the top of her head to feel which way it was growing, and she was quite surprised to find that she remained the same size: to be sure, this generally happens when one eats cake, but Alice had got so much into the way of expecting nothing but out-of-the-way things to happen, that it seemed quite dull and stupid for life to go on in the common way.

So she set to work, and very soon finished off the cake

‘Curiouser and curiouser!’ cried Alice (she was so much surprised, that for the moment she quite forgot how to speak good English); ‘now I’m opening out like the largest telescope that ever was! Good-bye, feet!’ (for when she looked down at her feet, they seemed to be almost out of sight, they were getting so far off).

Alice turned in my arms and her tits pressed up against my check.

“Oh sorry Daddy, it seems these have had some of Alice’s bread since we did this last. And they’re not the only ones.”

Alice smirked as she rubbed her ass against my cock, which as she noticed was growing like Alice, my face still pressed against Alice’s perky young tits I couldn’t hold back any longer.

“Alice, uhh, its not, uhh.”

“Its okay daddy, I would be a little hurt if you didn’t respond, in fact I really like it. Do you, do you want to hold them.”

“I shouldn’t, really, I should go I have things work on…”

“Daddy don’t you want to hold them?

“Yes but…”

“Its not hard, her let me help you.”

She grabbed my arm, still around her waist, and took my hand and pressed it to her breast.

“Mmmh your hand is so big and warm daddy. Play with my titties daddy, I want to feel your hands on me, so big and strong.”

My hands were moving of their own volition, I didn’t tell them to but soon I had Alice’s tits in my hands tweaking her nipples through her shirt.

“Harder daddy, pinch them harder.”

I reached under her shirt and found her nipple, the small rough spot on her unbelievable smooth torso. Pulling her shirt up I kissed each nipple then sucked one into my mouth nibbling on it slightly.

“More, daddy, more it feels so good. Play with my titties make my nipples raw.”

Her tits were so perfect, smooth and soft very good sized but not so large as to be obnoxious. Her nipples were hard and very sensitive. I could feel her moan as I sucked them in my mouth. She took off her shirt entirely and was now rubbing my cock with her ass.

“Yes daddy, play with my big titties, there bigger than mum’s were. I know you like my titties, but I have something else I want you to play with.”

She took my hand again and this time it lead to her panties. My hand followed her path without resistance. I held her pussy and pulled her down against my cock. My middle finger was pressing in on her slit. Her panties were being forced in around my finger inside her outer lips. Still my mouth was on her nipple but our attention was on her pussy, hot to the touch. I massaged her lips feeling how soft her little pussy was, she moaned and tried to move but I held her still.

“You’re trapped my little Alice, too big and all the doors too small.”

“mmh ahh daddy mmmh its getting so wet in here am I shrinking or are you getting bigger”

“You have to drink this my little Alice.”

I brought my hand from her pussy and put it in her mouth she sucked the fingers. Licking and sucking each one, eyes burning with lust.

“Fuck me daddy. No more game I want you big daddy cock.”

“Patience now my little Alice, one must cum before they can go.”

I brought my hand back to her pussy and neglecting to move the panties aside forced my fingers, panties and all, inside her pussy. She jerked and made a muffled yelp. I sucked her nipple as hard as I could and made her arch her back head pressing back against me and almost pulling the nipple from me. My other hand was on her pussy now too, I found her clit and started to flick it back and forth while I massaged the inside with my other hand.

Alice was moaning and rocking to my hands. Her body was smooth and her moans of pleasure intensified. Her breathing too, increased and I rubbed her pussy. Her panties were now soaked in her juices. I wanted so badly to taste her, but I wanted to feel her cum more, and she was getting so close. Her body started to stiffen and I pushed in as far as her panties would allow with three fingers and she shook as she came. Not violently, but she had several aftershocks before she could control herself. Standing she turned around pulled her panties down and then she bent over and grabbed my crotch.

“Caterpillar is hiding in your pants, I want to play with him daddy. Bring him out in the light so we can play daddy.”

Alice was undoing my pants and before I could say anything she had my cock out and in in her hand. I was rock hard and her hands felt so good.

“You like your cock on my tits daddy. So big and hard you want to cum all over your nasty little girl don’t you.”

Pre-cum oozed out of my cock and Alice licked it up. Fuck.

“mmm, it tastes so good daddy, I want more.”

She sucked my entire head into her mouth and continued to lick the tip. Her hair was so fucking smooth I gripped it. My daughter, my sexy fucking daughter was sucking my cock. My hands started to press I needed more. I had to feel her throat, it would make her stop talking so nasty. Fuuuck her throat convulsed around me, she was too good at this. Pulling off she gasped.

“I love your cock daddy, my pussy is dripping. Why the fuck did mom get rid of this?”

I shoved her back on my cock, she felt so good and her words were a little unnerving. She took me all the way inside her mouth and grabbed my balls. She sucked and licked my cock and even stuck her tongue out to lick my balls. I finally let her up for air and she gasped.

“Fuck me daddy, I want your big daddy cock in me.”

I pulled her to me and kissed her. God her tits were perfect. They were so full and perky as they pressed up against me. She reached back and grabbed my dick and rubbed it on her pussy. I leaned back fuck, she was dripping.

“You want my tight little pussy daddy?”

“Yes, yes I want it.”

“You want to fuck your baby girl in her room and make her cum on you.”

I answered by grabbing her shoulders and yanking her down onto my cock. She screamed out and I couldn’t even move it felt too good. I held her down as she tried to move, pressing deeper into her. She started to rock her hips and I sucked her nipple and as much of her breast into my mouth. She moaned and rocked more. I held her tight pressing her against me and then I grabbed her hair. It was so long and smooth. I pulled and made her lean her head back and she groaned. I kissed up her exposed neck and thrust into her. She cried out and tried to rock back on my cock. I thrust again and clamped down on her neck. I could feel the blood pump in her neck as I sucked and bit lightly. She just moaned harder and squeezed with her pussy.

“Play with my ass daddy, play with my ass as you fuck your baby girl.”

I gripped her ass and lifted her slamming her back down and then spanked her. I spanked her over and over until her ass was red and she gripped me tightly pulling her perfect tits hard against my face.

“Yes daddy yes, play with my ass, my asshole daddy. I want your fingers in my ass.”

I reached down and felt her puckered little hole and circled it with my fingers. She moaned and arched her back. I kiss her chest between her tits and bit the skin. She moaned and cringed into the bite, wrapping her tits over my face. As she curled forward my finger was forced into her ass and it was so fucking tight. She had never had anyone in her ass before.

“Your going to make me cum again daddy. You like fingering my nasty virgin ass as you fuck me daddy? I want you so bad daddy, cum inside me I want to feel your nasty cum as you explode inside me. Fuck me harder daddy make us cum.”

I pushed a second finger inside Alice’s ass to make her stop. She was going to make me cum before she got off. It was only partially effective as she screamed and both her ass and her pussy clenched on me. She was so fucking tight, she would be sore tomorrow. I fucked her harder and I felt myself getting closer and closer.

“Harder daddy harder! I want your cum so bad please daddy make me your little cum slut.”

I pulled Alice by her ass down on my cock and meet it with a strong a thrust I could manage. Over and over did she bounce, tits slapping her chest and my face. I pulled her hair again and bit her neck sucking on it.

“Daddy, daddy I’m cumming! Daddy cum inside me I want it I want it all!”

Slamming her home one last time I did. I shot over and over into her depths and she started to shake and scream as she came again, violently this time. I held her to me as I emptied myself into her and until she started to calm down only twitching every so often. We kissed again and then she stood.

“Thanks for the story daddy,” and reaching between her legs she gather some of the cum dripping from her pussy on her finger and brought it to her lips, “and dessert.”

Cat smiled as Scooter pulled up the driveway in his Harley. She was happy to see him, but very excited about her first ride on a “hog”. Scooter was a bull of a man, built like a truck- he could pull a truck, but surprisingly sweet on the inside. She’d never met a man like him. She knew he could crush her with his pinky, but also knew that he never would. She felt so safe with him, so … dangerously safe.

Like the motorcycle ride. She was a little scared, but was certain that Scooter would drive well.

Scooter smiled back at her, gesturing with his head,

“Get on, baby.”

Cat grinned back, loving that totally bogus redneck attitude. She kissed him hard, her tongue exploring his lips, before she mounted the beast.

Scooter reminded her of the rules for this voyage, “hold on tight, move with me, and for god’s sake no screaming.”

“Yes, Scooter, I’ll save my screaming for later.”

He went on, “and another thing, none of that naughtiness. Or you’ll be sorry.” He patted her soft butt, before adding, “Are you ready, love?”

Cat nodded, put on her helmet, eased her arms around his rock solid back and chest, and pressed her face against the sultry leather of his jacket. She was already getting wet just from being near him. She shook her head to force herself to focus, knowing that the speeds they’d be going would be dangerous if she didn’t control herself.

Scooter revved the engine. The power of the machine coursed through her thighs, the power of the man pulsed through her arms. Scooter caressed her leg and careened out of the driveway.

Cat’s heart raced with the exhilaration of the ride and she sighed. She’d known it would be like this.

Scooter masterfully maneuvered the cycle through the streets, onto the highway, towards his destination. Cat quickly became accustomed to the bouncing and enjoyed the thrill of the ride, not even thinking about where he was taking her. He hadn’t told her the plan, in spite of her begging. She resigned herself to the surprise and let the road do what it would.

They road together silently for hours. Eventually she leaned in close, pressing her breasts against the leather jacket, her legs spread wide and pressed against his jean covered butt. She was glad he didn’t know how the ride and his proximity affected her. The rushing wind blew away all trace of her musk.

But Scooter felt the heat between her legs and her taut nipples seared his back even through the leather. She had no idea how hard he was and how much concentration it took to keep driving. He wanted to turn off the engine and throw her down and take her. But Scooter knew the destination was worth the self-control. He couldn’t wait to see her face when she realized where they were going.

As they kept riding, the air started changing. Cat saw a seagull and her breath stopped. As they drove into the slow sunset, Cat realized where Scooter was taking her. She hugged him tightly and whispered into the air, “thank you.”

Scooter, so attuned to her heartbeat, felt it quickening and knew that she knew. He briefly put his gloved hand on her hand. Cat hugged him hard and stroked his massive chest. She couldn’t believe that he’d cared so much to take her to her favorite place.

The last half hour to the shore was interminable. Cat was too excited to sit still. She wiggled until Scooter shouted, “Sit still, honey. We’ll be there soon.”

Scooter pulled the cycle into the parking spot. Cat gazed out into the sunset over the water, enraptured and enthralled. Scooter said, “Let’s go.” He pulled a bag out of the compartment and took her hand.

Grinning, like a child she hadn’t been in a long time, Cat gazed deeply into Scooter’s eyes as blue as the sea, before squeezing his hand and rushing up and over the dune. The sky had darkened to deep blue. Cat stopped to stare into the night. She felt the cool, ocean breeze, heard the waves gently cresting. Scooter stood behind her, his arms enveloping her. They stood like that for an eternity, warmed by the place and the person with them.

Scooter whispered in her ear, “Babe, do you want to go in?” as he gently pulled the jean jacket down from her shoulders, kissing her neck since it was there.

She smiled in response, turning in his arms, so that she could reward him. Her kiss touched him so deeply, in a place so protected, that it took a minute for his cock to respond. So stiff, it made his clothes unbearably uncomfortable. Or maybe it was just the need to be in the water. Cat felt that need too, helping him take off his leather jacket, breaking the kiss only to pull off his shirt. Scooter finished the job of her jacket, and shirt, and then unhooked her bra. His hands cupped her creamy breasts, gently pinching the taut nipples. Cat’s sigh escaped as she thrust her pelvis against him in the age-old expression of longing. Scooter helped with his pants before he could no longer resist the temptation- his hot mouth taking a nipple within, nibbling, gently at first, and then so hard. Cat’s scream disappeared into the night air, as she clung to his shoulders and said,


Scooter’s cock pulsated, free of its bondage, until Cat recaptured it with her soft hand. She loved the feel of his hard, smooth cock in her hand, just the right size. She stroked, oh so slowly, as Scooter pealed her pants from her body, his hand lovingly caressing her bountiful behind. Cream dampened her lips. He knew, like he always did, and claimed it. She almost came from that one stroke.

Scooter’s words penetrated her consciousness, “Let’s get in the waves, sweetheart.”

As her eyes refocused, Cat agreed. Shoes quickly tossed aside, they ran to the edge of the shore. The warm waves tickled their toes in the soft sand, the cool breeze caressed their bare skin, tantalizing both of them. Hand in hand they entered the enticing water, waves splashing against their ankles, knees, thighs, waists, chests.

Scooter gently wondered, “Are you happy with your surprise?”

Cat, a bright smile lighting up her face, kissed him softly, “you know that I am.”

Scooter pulled her into his arms, caressing her shoulders made slick by the salt water. Cat settled her arms around his waist, pressing her face against his strong chest, sighing in contentment. His hands traveled across her back, into the divot at her waist, across her bottom. Cat licked his nipple, rubbing her hand over his sculptured chest. The other hand explored a tight butt cheek. His skin was so warm, his muscles thrummed with the moment. Scooter roughly thrust her closer, his hard cock edged in the warm v of her legs. His lips plundered hers, stubble scratching her face. His tongue penetrated her lips, open and as ready as her cunt. They kissed for an eon, both so enraptured that time and the tide stood still.

When she could take no more, Cat started edging toward shore, not letting go. Scooter thrust his finger, first one then another, deep into her hot tunnel and growled, “I need to lick you now.”

Cat swooned and sighed, “Oh god, yes.”

Bodies entangled they ran as best they could to the shore, to Scooter’s awaiting surprise. He handed a towel to Cat as he placed one blanket on the sand, gesturing for her to lie down. Instead she kneeled in front of him, desperate for that hard cock to be in her mouth. Scooter gasped as she took all of him inside her hotness. Cat pulled away a little bit and then sucked him deeply again. She twisted ever so slightly, before pulling away again. She licked his head around the entire cap, so hot, so smooth, teasing him. Her hands reached around to fondle his ass cheeks, then she thrust him deeply down to her throat. Scooter groaned and grabbed her face, guiding her away from his impaled cock.

His guttural demand, “Lay down. Now…” was almost lost in the wind.

Cat obeyed without question, her eyes wide in wonder. Scooter’s controlled body perched over hers for a minute before he thrust himself into her honey. Cat gasped, the feel of his hard cock rubbing her sensitive walls so much pleasure, friction, fullness. He grasped her wrists above her head and masterfully pounded her, breaking rhythm only to taste her pointy succulent nipple. Cat’s walls tightened, pulsated around his beam.

Scooter paused his onslaught, leaned down to whisper in her ear, “You are… mine.”

Cat cried, “Yes! I’m yours!”

He thrust once more and then pulled his wet, hard cock away from the nectar. She tried to follow, but he gently pushed her back down. His tongue replaced cock, licking up all the sweet juices. Then he found the hard nubbin, licked, nibbled, sucked as the moonlight reflected the pleasure shone in her face. His magic tongue danced around her clit until she could take no more. She screamed his name as the explosion overtook her. Waves and waves wracked her body as her cream spilled down his strong chin. Scooter smiled the satisfied smile of a successful warrior. And kept licking, no matter that she begged him to stop.

Cat’s glazed green eyes refocused and stared into his sparkling blue eyes, realizing that she had no power over him and what he planned to do for her. She licked her lips, nervously at first, but then purposefully. Scooter’s eyes rolled in his head and his cock pulsed. He turned his solid, powerful frame so that his manhood touched that tongue. She opened wide to let him in. In a movement too fast for surprise, he flipped them so that she kneeled above him, a succulent morsel for his mouth and her luscious bottom for his eyes. Cat slowly began stroking his cock, her juices lubricating her hand. Her mouth found his balls and took them one at a time and then both together. Scooter moaned as he licked her lips. Cat tried to pull away from the exquisite torture, but Scooter grabbed her ass and pulled her back down. Holding her. Forcing her to endure the ministrations of his talented tongue.

Cat sucked the balls one more time before licking his cock from balls all the way to tip in one slow fluid motion. She kissed his head, then impaled her hot mouth over his hard phallus. Scooter’s licking paused as he gasped for breath. The heat and pressure of her mouth sending waves of pleasure along the length of his hypersensitive cock. Cat gently massaged his balls as she glided him in and out of her wetness. Faster, then slower. Sucking hard then gently.

Scooter dipped his tongue deep into her passage, caressing those honey-covered walls. Cat sighed. He replaced his tongue with one finger, then two, as his tongue rediscovered her hard clit. He licked and stroked without faltering until he could feel her climax approaching. Temporarily distracted, she stopped sucking him. His free hand smacked her cheek hard, leaving a small mark. Cat resumed stroking with her mouth, faster and faster. Her frenzy matched the rhythm of his tongue and fingers. She knew that he too was close. She needed him to explode in her mouth. Needed to feel the throbbing of his cock. Wanted to taste the cum that awaited her. Just when she could wait no longer, she felt the edge of reality slip away. His strong tongue pushed her over the edge. His cock convulsed deep in her throat. They screamed without making a sound as each released the pounding explosion. Cat bucked on his tongue as he lapped every drop of her honey. She kept his cock deep inside swallowing every drop of his cum. When there was no more, Cat regretfully pulled away, exhausted and sated. Scooter held his arms wide and she willingly entered, laying down next to him. His arms encased her, warm and true, as he huskily whispered,

“You are mine.”

Author’s Notes: This story is erotic fantasy written by Etaski. I reserve the right to be listed as the author of this story, wherever it is posted. If found posted anywhere except with this note attached, this story is posted without my permission. © Etaski 2012

This story is continued.

And I was serious about there being more story crammed in with the sex. ;)


The Grand Hall could fit two thousand Drow comfortably, which was probably about half our population… if one didn’t count the various Draegloth breeds and all non-Drow slaves, servants, traders, craftmakers, and miscreants that crawled over the City.

At this festival there would be only a fraction of that capacity: several representatives from the Priesthood and their attendants, some from each of the current Twenty-Three Houses (the number was not static), *their* attendants, and a handful of wizards from the Tower.

The magicians’ purposes were mostly maintenance of various cantrips in the Grant Hall and being available to our Queen and Priestesses. One never did really know when they would need a mage. I knew I’d be watching them, too, in case I got lucky enough to find one of them familiar.

The Bred Consorts would either be attending their current Matrons, or presented by the Priestesses when the time came. Their total number was only half that of the Red Sisters; there literally were not enough to give each House even one, and it was not uncommon that the Houses with the highest current status would have two or three.

Each “virgin” Consort (which only meant that he’d not served a Matron an official term yet; the Priestesses would not present an untried male) would prove his ability and virility atop one of Lolth’s altar prior to being sent with his new Mistress at the end of the ball. This assumed there were any virgins this season. Any of those being “swapped” would also have to prove they were still capable after their previous service, with the Valsharess taking careful, magical note of their health as evidence of their treatment.

It was for that ritual that Curgia had prepared herself and her fertility, anticipating she be the one from her House to test a Consort. It would not be her, of course, but another of her sisters tonight. I wondered if she would even show her face now?

Musicians, artisans, performers, soldiers and servants abounded, swelling the number of bodies present four-fold at least, although still only eight Red Sisters would be visible to ensure the peace. That was still expected to be plenty, although four more would remain unseen with the explicit priority to protect the Valsharess and Priestesses, should any threat make itself known. Almost a quarter of us attended this ball, which did demonstrate its importance to our traditions, such as it was, even though it was not a particularly taxing assignment.

Essentially, I was to be among those to prowl the grounds as a bright visual cue, reminding the guests to behave. If they did not behave, the Red Sisters were to make public examples of them.

Given the stories I remembered, but had never witnessed, it was not difficult to understand why it only took a visual cue to keep the inter-political disturbances at a minimum for one party. As a Noble I had always allowed for some exaggeration, but still, being given to the Red Sisters for punishment—private or public—had never sounded like a risk worth any reward. If the Priestesses had the power to bless or damn someone in the name of Lolth, then the Red Sisters had the power to desecrate and destroy to the point where it wouldn’t matter what the Priestesses had thought to do.

Such a punishment had not been necessary in public for at least the length of my young life. The last victim was from before my time; all I knew was that their House did not exist anymore.

In spite of what I’d suggested to Gaelan about having fun tonight, we wouldn’t be able to stand near each other often or take any cooperative activities as we had only slightly overlapping stations and areas to watch, as well as be seen. The eight of us would trade areas every half hour so as not to give the impression that we were hemmed to one plot while coverage would still be constant.

I’d taken my first position to the side and closest to the door as the guests and representatives arrived in due fashion in their fine, flowing dress and artful decorations and masks. The “costume” part was very loosely interpreted with stylized props or headdresses that implied something in addition to being Noble, mostly with coloring to take best advantage of candle and torchlight or glowing lichen. No Noble Drow would truly try to dress as anything other than what they were. Why should they?

It came back to me as the Grand Hall began to fill that before, I’d found the social rituals to be fairly boring unless I either became engrossed in a plot or managed to seduce an interesting male from another House. Otherwise, I would have been just as happy to skip them. Since that was often not an option, it was also why I had gone looking for trouble or challenge.

I never thought I was entirely alone in that outlook, though there was also the fact that the higher up one’s status was, the more they tended to oppress those wishing to overturn the boulder. They were happy where they were, more or less, and wanted it to remain in power as long as possible.

My former House was the Thirteenth House, somewhat below the middle but threatening to slide further thanks to a Matron who seemed to run out of steam, a First Daughter obsessed with Priestess rituals, a stupid, short-sighted Second Daughter as heir after the death of the first, and a smarter, more determined Third Daughter who could not be the favored one—because she was ultimately incapable of performing the one duty that was non-negotiable in being a Matron: bearing children.

Perhaps House Thalluen had slipped further since Mother had sent me away. I didn’t know.

I realized that a representative from House Thalluen would be here tonight. Curiously, it did not have the shocking impact one might have expected; I hadn’t given it any thought until now. The challenges presented by the Sisters had dwarfed anything back at my birthplace, and I felt no longing for it anymore. The last time I’d had any contact at all was a brief visit home after a decade at Court which had not ended well. That had been more than five years ago. It was only natural curiosity that I wondered whether I would know the one they sent.

I made my assigned rounds, observed more gestures and leans to whisper than I ever had before, now not having to engage myself. I saw faces I recognized but they would quickly avert their gaze if I came near them. Three betrayed their shock at recognizing me but quickly covered it up.

I had to admit that was enjoyable though I kept my face like stone; before now the intimidation would not have been there, for they were several Houses higher in status than I had been. Now, it was all due to the uniform.

Well, that and what wearing the uniform spoke of my training and “appetites” for certain kinds of torture.

I spotted Curgia after a time; she had indeed shown up to the ball tonight. Knowing what I knew, I could detect the strain at the corners of her smiling mouth and saw the misery in her eyes as she made her own kind of rounds, bartering and hinting with various members, indirectly comparing agendas. More than once her hand touched her abdomen, but it wasn’t in proud anticipation. From the way she was drinking the fermented spirits, no one would expect her to be carrying. Of course, it had only been a few days; everything she felt had to be only the ghost in her anxious mind of what she knew was to come.

I had plenty of warning and time to shift out of line of sight when I at last saw the representative from my former House; it was fortunate, because I was genuinely surprised. The Matron herself had arrived, and immediately I could see why. She had somehow managed another pregnancy very recently; she was making sure all could see the round bump beneath her draped elegance.

The red leather of my glove softened the tips of my fingers as they dug into my palm. Actually seeing her, and seeing her pregnant, I felt more reaction in my chest. It was plain our Mother was just replacing us, all of us, and at first I truly hated her. A spiteful thought crossed my mind, of making sure the new babe, if a girl, did not reach adulthood…

Given another moment to reconsider, however, I had to ask what else could Mother do? What would I do in her place? She would never have me returned to her; I knew that and so did she. Red Sisters never returned to their Houses. Plus she was showing the good sense to pass on giving the future of House Thalluen to Kaltra the Incompetent. At least she was still capable of bearing young, unlike her Third born had been.

Had been. I could conceive now, though, thanks to the Priestesses…but only when it would offer me no benefit at all. Had I been fertile upon my blood sister’s death, Mother might have considered me seriously as the Thalluendara, the chosen Heir in spite of the birth order. I would not have remained Thalluensareci.

And my life would be very different right now.

I refocused and continued on my rounds; I made no special effort to be visible to the Matron of Thalluen, but it was inevitable in the Grand Hall with the light and the bright red of my leathers. I’d not been looking at her when she first caught sight, I figured, because when our eyes did meet, she did not blink.

Instead she smiled slightly, showing what could be a guarded measure of pride in her classical copper eyes, though she soon looked away like all the rest. I approached her anyway, getting within several paces as Nobles around her became aware of me and stiffened, parting for me or taking a deliberate step away from Matron Thalluen. None gave away whether they caught the likeness between us, though I’d have thought only the blind would miss it.

“You honor Lolth’s festival with your presence, Matron,” I said, looking meaningfully at her swollen belly.

I knew Mother would be dissecting my words and my tone, trying to decide if I meant a threat to her unborn. I didn’t; it was another grudge that would do me no good at all. I let her see the lack of menace.

Finally she nodded, some of the tension leaving her shoulders. “Our humble thanks, Red Sister. That was our most faithful wish. Bless and keep the Valsharess, Defender.”

I nodded and continued on.

There it was. The last acknowledgement there may ever be between us. I belonged nowhere but with the Red Sisters, my new family just as they had said, and Gaelan closer to a true sister than that baby would ever be. If my former House ever drew the attention of the Red Sisters, I knew I would be one of those chosen to deal with it—as a test of loyalty, no doubt—but for the time being, I could let it all go. I might as well.

I had plenty of time to watch everyone three times over and the freedom to move among them without obstruction or delays. Of course I noticed the Noble male counterparts on the arms of the named guests, and a quiet pang of longing was present but also…I noted that they appeared in a new light to me. It seemed to have been so long since I’d been around them that, now being surrounded, they moved differently, smiled differently than before.

My plainest thought was that it was more obvious which males actually had more will and sway over their Matrons or Mistresses. Not all of them stood by handsomely, with interest only for what gifts and compliments could be offered them. Some may be using what favor they could garner toward less tangible ends.

Before I would have laughed at the thought, but it was there, I was quite sure. Moreso with this than with Kerse’s eye contact with at me through the spy wall. I just hadn’t cared to see it before. All I had been hunting before for were ones who wanted to play, or those few who wanted to fight against their status, overtly rebellious and ready to be dominated. They had been particularly delicious.

But how could they not learn subtlety over time, the same way a Daughter could? They couldn’t all be like the subservient Consorts or the—

My eyes landed on a trio of wizards who’d been talking with each other nearer to the musicians who were playing their strings and air pipes. As one they saw me and two looked away immediately while I could have sworn the third had given me an inviting look.

Perhaps some of them could just enjoy danger and challenge nearly as much as a female.

I didn’t break stride as I changed course to approach them; the two cautious individuals did not look happy, but the one with playful, rust-colored eyes was surprised. I supposed he expected I’d ignore his bedroom gaze.

No. I actually wanted a closer look at these three. And if one wanted to play, I would take the opening at least to learn his name. For later. I still wanted to find that one bitter wizard in a Tower with a population only somewhat more than the Red Sisters. One possibility might be to persuade a brother wizard to give him up.

At the same time, the mental image of this particular wizard willingly disrobing and stretching out underneath me, offering me a cock at full attention…. I groaned inwardly.

I took a moment to note the modest, full robes they wore. The material was uncharacteristically thick for most Drow, and it partially obscured their shape. They favored the darker shakes of blue, though I didn’t miss the not-just-decorative threads of purple and gold mixed in at the hems; ultimately owned and directed by the Valsharess and the Priestesses.

The one flirting with me had a subtle swath of brown draped over one shoulder as well; it meant he was connected to the army and therefore probably a battle mage. The other two had no such marks, and so were probably Tower researchers.

I reflected that “my” wizard had been naked at the time his invisibility spell was just beginning to wear off; I had no idea what his specialty was, if he had one. Whatever of that, though, I was reasonably sure the battle mage was not the one I sought. My nose would tell me for sure once I got close enough.

“Red Sister, you honor us,” he said, betraying no nervousness. “Is there some urgent service for which you need one of us? We will assist and gladly.”

His tone withheld any suggestion, and he was not leering; he could have been legitimately asking whether I needed a scribe to pen and deliver a message, or someone to relight one of the magic candles that had gone out in the chandelier above. Yet I could have asked instead that he take my arm to go somewhere more privately, and he’d have done it without blink.

The other two, however, looked a little green around the edges, clearly desperate to hope that the double entendre was not accepted. It appealed to my hunter’s side; the reluctant could be so much fun when I knew they had to submit sooner or later. But that was not my purpose here.

I tried to decide whether or not to take the direct method of answering my question, which might give my wizard advance warning if none of these three were who I sought. I knew they gossiped about others as much as any Drow clique. However, it would also depend how many within the Tower knew the details of Red Sister initiation, and whether my wizard was paranoid enough to have let others know one of the Sisters might try to find him. My guess was “not many” on the former, but “likely” on the other.

I decided I could do a mix of direct and indirect; I had my opening, after all.

I took a step closer to the battle mage and leaned slowly.

“Don’t move,” I warned in a low purr, and brought my nose and mouth to brush exceedingly lightly against his smooth throat. I heard him drawn in air, excited. Meanwhile I concentrated on his scent. New, fragrant and attractive but definitely not one I’d smelled before. I moved back and took a step to sample the second one immediately after; his scent was bitter-tinged with fear and had sweet undertones. He probably drank a lot of hot, seasoned drinks. Not my cup of taze, so to speak, but he was also one I had never smelled before.

The other two shuffled just a little bit as the third one went stiff for his turn; also bitter-tinged, but this time was more savory. And new.

None of them were “my” wizard.

I leaned back and stepped back, smiling without showing teeth; only the battle mage would meet my eyes but he looked a little baffled (and probably annoyed at the other two receiving equal attention).

“Very nice, I’ll wager you can think under pressure,” I complimented the battle mage, gesturing to his brown sash.

It worked beautifully. He beamed.

“Three skirmishes, no casualties thanks to me, Red Sister.”

I nodded, surveying the room again periodically as we poke. I was still on assignment. “Against what?”

He had the grace to clear his throat in playful humility; he wasn’t going to overplay his worth at first meeting. “Small bands of raiders with a few troublesome gnomes, Red Sister. But I will be ready for more challenging work when the time comes.”

Very well done; he sounded almost devoted. “And your name, mage?”

“Callitro, Sister,” he answered, and did not ask for mine.

“You talk to many Red Sisters, Callitro?”

“No, Sister.”

I quirked my brow and my smile. “Do you ‘not talk’ with many Red Sisters, Callitro?”

He laughed, understanding my meaning. “Alas. Only admiration thus far, Sister. “


Possibility must have been shining in his mind just as it was in mine; mutually beneficial relationships had their place but I was still wary of them. It came down to total knowledge; if he knew more of Red Sisters than I knew of wizards, it would ultimately work in his favor, not mine. On the other hand, if he knew very little and I learned more of the Tower, then he would be worth the risk.

I also found myself wondering why I hadn’t taken a pregnancy-prevention draught before the party? Surely I had other orifices to use, but it had been a while since male cream graced my inner thighs…

I still scanned the room as I stood near the wizards; it was a given that at least one Red Sister would note me in the swirling crowd and probably understood my motivation. A few Nobles would have noticed, too, but they wouldn’t know why. The Priestesses weren’t yet present with the Consorts, and the Valsharess was sitting as she had been, receiving one bow after another. Who knew what all She saw?

I had stopped by the wizards, talked to them, and it was known. I couldn’t leave without something in exchange for that.

“Thus far…” I echoed the wizard’s last words with a suggestive gaze, all in the eyes as I kept my expression placid.

Callitro maintained eye contact for three full seconds before looking down, a perfectly timed and proper signal of interest, despite the primal desire I knew was there; I could sense the heat coming off his skin.

My old self would have found an empty chamber or secluded bit of garden right now; my new self could not abandon her post. Nor did I know whether I could meet him after the worship ball.

I reached up to barely touch his upper arm. “Come.”

He seemed to forget his gaping companions as he took a few steps to the side with me; not so easy to hear casual conversation when standing closer to the music.

“Do you receive visitors?” I asked in his ear and he shivered slightly before learning back.

The burnt-orange of Callitro’s eyes locked on mine again and for longer than technically proper; it finally occurred to me that he was fascinated by the color. He was not the first.

He was also not slow in the head.

“No, no casual visitors but…make an order for me by name,” he murmured. “Something you need; a potion, a tool, an enchanted weapon. Send it through Phaelus, my Head Mage, I’ve seen him talk with the Sisters. You may check my progress as you see fit. I have my own small quarter.”

He’d given me everything I needed to find him again, and it was not time-dependent. The way he spoke, his lips would have been very difficult to read as well. Bravo, young mage. I wanted to smile widely at him but refrained.

I nodded once. “Return to your duties.”

He nodded, bowed slightly and obeyed, stepping away as I began my rounds again.

Two marks on a candle passed and nothing else of interest happened until the Priestesses finally entered. They announced at last the most anticipated part of the ball: the demonstration and awarding of the Bred Consorts.

The Valsharess stood slowly then, raising both hands slowly into the air, the shimmering purple and gold fabric of her gown set off well even across the hall from me.

“Let the Consorts return to Me.”

I witnessed an ever-so-brief moment of separation anxiety as fifteen beautiful male Drow tentatively took their first step away from their Matron and toward their Queen.

The anxiety wasn’t only on the young breeders’ side, either. I chuckled softly at some of the Matron’s expressions; so determined were they to get him—or if not him, then another—back by the end of the night.

Being able to see all of them all at once was a rare treat, and I had a harder time keeping my vigilance on the Grand Hall rather than simply gazing contentedly at such a display for as long as I could.

Even standing halfway down the Hall, I could see rare features; several pairs of blue eyes like mine, but also green and purple and even pink. One had birth-given golden hair—and he was far too young to have earned it with age—and another had bluish-white hair like some of the cave luminescence I’d seen in the wilderness. There were several unusual but always graceful shapes for their eyes, nose, lips, and ears; and one could see most of those traits shared among the Noble Houses. My own eyes were from a couple generations back, when Thalluen had had a Consort for a time.

The Consorts were mostly of the same height; their heads reaching no higher than an average Matron’s ear. All of them had healthy and trim bodies, and their endowments could be nothing less than satisfying. I could make the very educated guess that they were bred to be somewhat larger in girth or length beneath their small clothes than their overall size would indicate.

As the Consorts all returned to the platform with the Valsharess, I picked out the one I almost thought of as “mine,” but more accurately the one that I had poached for a very brief moment. I was plainly curious to whom he would go next. He actually did not have any of the exotic colors to his hair or eyes, but his features were perfectly balanced and he moved with grace. Perhaps if he’d had some odd coloring to him I might’ve known to stay away from him…

…but probably not.

The decisions on who would be favored was already decided as far as I knew; what happened here tonight were the “signs” from Lolth saying which Consort to gift the deserving. I’d always been so skeptical of this part; generally I thought the Priestesses just want to see the Nobles try to seduce a particular Consort in public.

Perhaps a step beyond that was also give the poor, religious slave a last-minute possibility to avoid serving a particular Mistress. All he had to do was make his dick go limp when she touched him. A clear Sign from Lolth that the pairing would not be a fertile one, yes?

I pulled my eyes from the spectacle to again sweep and move through the crowds, who now did not notice me quite as much. It would be a repetitive but titillating ritual and I was sorry I couldn’t watch the whole thing. Such fond memories of the previous two.

Each Consort would be presented to at least three members from three different Houses. The Nobles would touch him, maybe talk to him, and wait for the sign which of them was chosen by Lolth to claim him—then the chosen one would mount him right there so we could all see he still had value as a Consort. The ritual required a seeded sex to be presented afterward, one of the few times Nobles showed their privileged twats to public eyes in something less than a perfect state of grooming.

It reminded me of a story somehow. All it lacked was a small trophy and three jealous and vain Gods.

It was possible for me to become bored keeping guard while everyone placed their plots on hold until after the show. I could smell the rise in excitement and heat around me. Alas, my cunt may be aching for want of cock much worse after this, worse than I had been after I’d finished claiming Gaelan’s bound body—

Speaking of whom…

Gaelan appeared in my line of sight; she was standing just behind a purple banner that nearly touched the floor, and gestured so briefly that I almost missed it:

*Out of sight here.*

Hm? Oh yes, I’d forgotten…

I slipped past the distracted clusters of Drow, climbed a few polished steps and slipped behind the banner as well to meet my Sister. We were farther back and deeper in shadow now, out of the chandelier light and in the outer walkway that ringed the Grand Hall.

Gaelan didn’t speak but continued with the more common Drow sign language. There existed gestures unique in meaning to the Red Sisters but I was still learning them so she slowed down a bit.

*Prowling is discouraged here. Priestesses say it interrupts magic flow.*

I nodded and signed back, *Yes, the Elder said. I forgot.*

Gaelan smirked. *Distracted by the wizard or the Consort?*

I smiled fully and answered without shame: *The Consort.*

If they were going to tease me about it regularly, I could always think they were just a little jealous that I’d touched one very intimately, everywhere, and that I’d even had one of those prizes up inside me for a few seconds.

Gaelan’s stomach moved in silent laughter before she leaned by the banner to look out again. She was still for a time and then gestured, *There. I recognize him.*

A pause.

*Still beautiful.*

I heartily agreed.

He was the third to be brought up on the altar, and my Sister and I watched both the crowd and the altar from where we stood. Breathing all around was heavy and the air very warm; a few subtle couplings were already going on. By the time the rituals ended, most would have found a way to release. Then they’d start over.

Most. Not the Red Sisters, I was guessing. Maybe only later, when the Feldeus came out. Although personally, I wished I could grab Callitro for just a little while before returning to the cloister… Or perhaps if someone did something stupid and was made a public example, I knew we would take out every stroke of their sexual frustration on the one being punished.

My Consort lay down obediently, his white, flowing hair draping off the altar rather like mine had done during my final trial. The Valsharess began at his toes and ankles like she did the two previous, testing his muscles and movement, aged fingers grazing over perfect skin. She cupped his “pouch and wand,” massaged it, and moved further up until she’d touched arms to fingers to face, and combed her hands through his hair. Somehow he kept his expression quite impassive through it; I couldn’t read anything, whether he enjoyed it, disliked it, or was sincerely neutral.

*Experienced, that one,* Gaelan commented. *Perfect control.*

I raised one brow at that. I clearly remembered him drawing a weapon on me, defying me, glaring at me, trying to explain the mistake I was about to make before I stuffed that turnip in his mouth. He would have kept fighting me…and yet his member became stiff for me when I penetrated him; I recalled his moan of both arousal and despair. He would have cum for me, too, given enough time. I doubted he’d been acting at any moment of our encounter.

He had genuine emotions and responses, but in thinking about it now, even Gaelan probably hadn’t seen much of it. He showed only obedience and fear when she showed up in her red uniform. I’d had only said that I’d attacked him, forced him, had not been in my right mind. Few details were known about the words and looks exchanged between us, though.

How often did the elite females really get to see the Consorts’ responses? Or did they even care? I myself didn’t care for limp fishes, such as his uninteresting behavior now. As Gaelan had said, he was acting.

“Unsoiled perfection,” the Valsharess announced, and another Priestess stepped up to take over.

I shouldn’t have been surprised that it was Wilsirathon, and that she called forth Houses Walulis, Qevren, and… Itlaun. It also wasn’t a good thing that I felt a hot dislike for Curgia all of a sudden, and hoped she wouldn’t get “my” Consort…

I took a slow breath out. No. That feeling had to go away. It was the old me. It didn’t matter except when D’Shea or Rausery or the Red Sister Prime said it did.

Still, I watched Curgia gesture to another who had to be her younger sister, whisper harshly and nudge her forward. The younger sister was prettier than Curgia, but clearly inexperienced in the ways of Court; she did not know exactly what to do. The last-minute switch on House Itlaun’s part was apparent and more than one head tilted curiously.

I forgot to keep sweeping the crowds as I focused on Wilsirathon, Curgia’s sister, and my Consort. I suppose I justified it in that D’Shea would want to know about this especially; it tied in directly to a recent report of Jaunda’s, and she wasn’t here to witness.

Wiilsirathon began to chant and invited the three Drow to touch the Consort; her smile when she looked at Curgia and back at the sister told me that Curgia’s House would definitely get him. At least the suspense was over with that spoiler and I could observe the interaction itself.

The contrast among the invited was apparent; the other two Nobles touched with entitlement and less reverence, their exploration heavy-handed as if perhaps he was not their first choice anyway. My Consort apparently didn’t like that. He subtly shrank from them, and his member did not grow for them. The younger Itlaun sister, however, was in plain awe, her mouth slightly open as she gazed on his face. As she barely touched his fine jaw and the edge of his ear with the soft tips of her fingers, I saw a small shift in his sex. He was half-erect within another few seconds.

Wilsirathon nodded once and gestured for the other two to step back. “Lolth has spoken!”

*My ass,* I thought. What, had she bribed the other two to act the boorish twits so the clueless, enamored one would be the obvious preference to pair with him for the public enjoyment?

“Tulia of House Itlaun, will you accept the care and devotion of this gifted Consort for one decade? Will you breed him with your family line in the name of our Valsharess and the beauty of our race?”

Curgia’s sister dragged her gaze from my Consort and blinked at Wilsirathon before it dawned on her that she’d somehow been awarded his service. She glanced at Curgia once then nodded vigorously.

“Yes…yes, Priestess! We p-pledge to care and honor him while he is in our keeping for—for one decade from tonight, my Priestess!” She made a bow to her and to the Valsharess. “Our eternal thanks and gratitude, in the name of Lolth.”

“Then let the Court witness the bonding of him with House Itlaun.”

I looked at Curgia as my Consort took a deep breath and touched himself briefly. Her jaw was tight and she was probably gritting her teeth; she was trying not to look at Wilsirathon. At the same time, she nodded encouragement when Tulia hesitantly began to remove her dress in front of the crowd.

I reflected that I had not been particularly modest about being watched growing up; my childhood had made it pointless. Tulia, however, seemed to have been brought up another way, and perhaps even I would have quavered a little at an entire Hall, hundreds of eyes, all focused on me and waiting for me to mount a coveted cock.

I knew Curgia wished this was her, but she did a good job hiding it. It made two of us when Gaelan looked curiously over at me. I smiled, shrugged, and gestured, *Aren’t they cute?*

Tulia had a lithe, dancer’s form, and was probably barely old enough to be at Court. Side-by-side I could tell my Consort was a bit older than her, and clearly had the experience between them. He was already rigid for her as she climbed up onto the altar to straddle him; he waited until her hands smoothed over his shoulders before he reached to touch her haunches.

With his guidance, she slowly eased his pole into her; she was trying not to look at the audience. My Consort thrust up encouragingly, reaching one hand at a slightly awkward angle to massage her clitoris and nodding as if to say, “the sooner we cum, the sooner they’ll stop looking at us.”

Such a lucky Second-born…and she had no idea how this had happened, how this had been arranged… A clear pawn, but one that a lot of Drow would have gladly swapped places with right then, including me.

Tulia eventually got into it, closing her eyes and bouncing up and down on her blessed gift, grinding, squeezing her breasts with both hands and pinching the dark purple nipples. Her moans were breathy and it wasn’t clear to me how close she was until she suddenly stopped and hunched over her partner, making such an amusing, grunting squawk that it had to be genuine. There were more than a few chuckles in the front rows.

My Consort smiled, however, and braced himself against the altar to thrust up harder as Tulia was coming down. The laughter in the crowd disappeared entirely when he orgasmed; they were captivated by the way he tensed and threw his head back, his hair waving, and by the raw, enchanting cry that escaped his lips as he gave Tulia his seed.

There was a quiet beat before most of the audience breathed out and I could immediately tell which couples had continued their standing fuck after the pause as several calls and encouraging hoots rose up.

“Show Us,” the Valsharess commanded, her voice the perfect pitch of anticipation for the rest of us.

Tulia swallowed and made as if to climb off the altar, but Wilsirathon held up her hand immediately. “No. Present on the altar over him.”

The young Itlaun nodded immediately, mumbling an apology as she recollected the next part of the ritual the crowd had seen twice before. She stood up with her ankles against his ribs and bent over at the waist, her hair falling to brush the Consort’s face as her hands reached back to part the cheeks of her backside, presenting her soggy sex to the Priestess’ and the Valsharess’s full view.

I couldn’t see detail from where I was, but I watched Wilsirathon reach to touch the wetness between Tulia’s legs. The Nobles almost always flinched when that happened and she was no exception. The elder Drow ritually glided her finger across her tongue with a grand nod.

“May House Itlaun be fruitful with genuine, bred seed, as evidence of Lolth’s favor. Know that if you spurn Her Graces or those of our Valsharess, this award may be retracted.”

I didn’t miss the glance the Priestess shared with Curgia when she said that, but it was her younger sister who responded with the next line of acceptance and promise.

“He is yours.”

Tulia quickly donned her dress as her gift sat up and she took his hand, pulling him with her naked and to make room for the next. Her older sister breathed out a sigh of relief and nodded. They shared only a few words before retreating somewhere out of sight of me but no doubt still within the Grand Hall. It would be poor manners to leave before the end, and probably fairly stupid as well. There was so much more to see.

Yes. More to see, I reflected…such as which Houses were being favored by which Priestess, which ones the Valsharess seemed suspicious of, which Consorts betrayed any emotion whatsoever on the altar.

I became aware that, even though I was indeed aroused and still wished I could do something about it, watching the Nobles have sex with the Consorts now that “my” Consort had left just wasn’t as…. potent now as it had been the first time I’d seen it. They were indeed repetitive and…mechanical? It did seem the average Noble lacked the imagination or even nearly the passion or appetite of a Red Sister. And the beautiful toys were mostly in full control of their emotions, their acting was perfect, which was somehow suddenly… frustrating, when I knew a much more real reaction could be forced from at least one of them.

To my surprise, I had to admit I was getting bored again as the seventh House sat her twat upon the seventh Consort. I started thinking about the wizards again.

My invisible wizard, specifically. One that the willing and eager Callitro possibly could help me to find. His rage and bitterness were real, unmasked and bold, not covered and suppressed like the Consort’s. What would it be like to bed him, with myself as the top, whether he liked it or not? Preferably “not.” What magic would he use in his defense, I wondered?

Ahhh—there was the spark, the surge of heat to my gut. The challenge, the intensity, the honest, raw emotion… That was how I wanted it. The Sisters had proved to me that I could take it as well as serve it, and where once I failed, I could always try again.

I simply waited for the worship ball to end at that point. Even the two new virgins being presented to Noble society, with their nervousness and wide-eyed gazes at the Valsharess were of no interest to me anymore.


Gaelan and I soon split up again to watch the outer area of the Grand Hall per our schedule. The outer halls were mostly empty, with a few trysts occurring in small side rooms nearer to the festivities. The orgy had commenced in large part on the main floor of the Hall and, interesting to me, my Sister seemed no more entranced by it than I was.

Besides, we still had our duty.

I’d reached the far end of my patrol and was about to turn back when a soft, directionless hiss caught my ear. I turned slowly around in place, eyes piercing the dark shadows until I spotted the faint, camouflaged outline within. The next moment the void filled with strong life energy and the large body was fully visible to me even without any light. I knew exactly who it was.


Would D’Shea be surprised to hear that the Draegloth possessed cloaking magic? Probably not. She had also instructed me to avoid him; following her orders now meant that I walk away right now without interacting with him.

But Wilsirathon was otherwise engaged, and her son was wandering around on his own? Was this normal? Except even if not, what would I do? And was this only a lucky coincidence? It was not a good thing that he may have sought me out. Without his Mother to control him, what—

In a flash I recalled Qivni giving him an order in the candlelit room where we’d fucked. He had obeyed at the time, if grudgingly. Perhaps she could send him on his way now, and I would not risk Wilsirathon’s attention on me this soon.

I had to call my Collector. We’d see if she answered.

I reached for one of the message pellets in my third pouch, but at the movement Kerse crouched lower, his yellow eyes narrowing, and he opened his mouth wider in another hiss. He looked prepared to charge.

I held up my other hand straight out, palm forward. “Whoa. Stay.”

“Nossspiderss,” he demanded, muscles at his shoulders bunging in tension.

I was briefly confused but said, “No spiders, Kerse. Just this.” I pulled out the pellet, holding it between my thumb and middle finger. “See? Harmless.”

He sniffed in my direction suspiciously and barked shortly in alarm when I squeezed the pellet, breaking it and releasing a tiny spark of magic. At the same time, I whispered, “Qivni, aid me. Fourth side away from the altar.”

The magic swallowed up the words and took them away to the chosen set of ears. Kerse wouldn’t know what I’d said, if he knew I’d anything; certainly not with him barking like that.

I would rather have called Gaelan but I didn’t know for sure that she could help. And as much as I wanted a good fight before some energetic sex—and Kerse could easily give that to me—I knew it was the biggest mistake I could make at this ball. I had to show D’Shea I took her warnings seriously.

“Sssirranna,” the Draegloth said.

“What?” I asked shortly, taking a step back when he stepped forward.

“Sssissssterrr,” he rumbled with a smile, staying crouched and ready to spring.

I didn’t respond. I wanted to ask what he wanted, or if he knew I’d been watching him screw Curgia, or if he was here by luck or design….but I had to resist directing any conversation at all. Interaction had to be kept minimum or I had no defense when D’Shea eventually found out about this.

“Wanntsssss aggainn.”

Tough luck. I shook my head. “No. Return to your Mother.”

“SshheBusssy,” he grinned.

Meaning he was out here playing. Did this sort of thing happen often?

“Sshhe hhaappy, doyou rrrightt.”

He’d been punished for failing to obey her, and for giving his name to me, I guessed. He growled low and his mane raised up some as I drew a dagger and a longer blade from my belt. “Do not attack me,” I commanded.

He chuckled and licked his chops, flexing his long fingers.

I narrowed my eyes, locked gazes with him. “Kerse.”

He perked up a moment before shaking his head once and growling again.

“Kerse. She will be displeased. She did not command it.”

“Yyesss, sshhe diid.” Another chuckle and I could see his teeth clearly in the dark as he opened his mouth.

Oh, did she now? Perhaps she had, or… or was he twisting something he’d heard her say in frustration as an excuse to act now? His laughing just now to say she was busy and he wouldn’t go back to her didn’t quite blend with him being the dutiful son carrying out her exact order. Was Wilsirathon even that stupid to be so direct, to send Kerse alone to attack a new Red Sister at the first opportunity after her trials? I didn’t think she was; I’d just witnessed her being far more manipulative and long-term than that with Curgia. What would she get out of it, other than a brief salve to her pride? What would she pay?

D’Shea had said that the opportunistic ones were the Draegloth themselves.

I was guessing he was mostly lying, but either way, it wouldn’t matter if he jumped me. He was strong enough to hold me if he got a grip.

Where was Qivni?

“Kerrsse,” I drew out his name, mimicking him a little, trying to sound soothing though my heart was pounding and my muscles ached for action. “Not now.”

He sniffed the air, looking briefly confused but no less ill-tempered. “Yyouu waannt nnow. Hott cunnt.” He gestured as if jamming two clawed fingers in a snatch. “Wanntts itt aggainn.”

I believed he could smell my arousal, but that was beside the point.

When his eyes lingered on my drawn blades, I considered something else. I sheathed both of them abruptly. “Kerse. No.”

His hackles lowered some when the blades disappeared and he looked confused again. I could almost read his thoughts: “You want to fight but won’t?”

The message back had to be clear as crystal.

I turned my back on him and walked away. My heart pounded harder for doing something that was pure agony: knowingly exposing my back to danger in the dark. I had be plain that I didn’t want to play, but if his ears were as good as his nose, then he knew I was still keyed up, still expecting to be attacked—

Which, like any of Drow blood, he would interpret as an invitation.

My theory to walk away was sound, but I didn’t quite pull off the confidence this time, the will to overwhelm his.

I flung myself to the side at the last second when I sensed him about to collide, and instead of his weight, I felt his claws rake at my torso as I was thrown off balance and he continued forward. I heard his claws skidding on polished stone. The Draegloth and I scrambled to be first back upright; I was a fraction faster but didn’t have a planned response against him, so at best it gave me the chance to draw my dagger and to dodge again.

Kerse didn’t roar as he had in the candle chamber chasing me; he was amazingly quiet, which was telling of something, whenever I had the chance to think—

He hit me hard on his third try and we slammed to the ground. He had knocked the wind out of me and I couldn’t breathe though I still gripped my dagger. I hadn’t yet stabbed him but was aiming for something vital when I heard a command in another language, harsh and grating. Kerse flinched and practically threw himself away from me, chuffing in pain.

“Kerser’in’chowcz.” Qivni finally stepped into my field of vision, her intense, red eyes burning into the Draegloth and her teeth bared. “Haganidtezj!”

The Draegloth glared balefully at my Collector before he all but vanished from view as his cloak-magic masked his form once again. I could hear his feet padding down one of the smaller halls.

I’d just about regained my breath when Qivni looked down at me with a scowl and knocked the toe of her boot against my ribs. “Get up.”

I felt myself smiling as I remained in repose a little longer. “I need to learn… how to do that.” I took another breath and looked up at her stern face. “Let me guess, you received my message but were watching for a while first to see how I handled it.”

She made a face both sour and smug. “I told you the Priestess wouldn’t be happy with you for what you did to her son.”

That may be so, but unfortunately I wasn’t sure exactly what Kerse had been doing just now, other than wanting to play. At least I was satisfied that Qivni had witnessed my attempt to disengage from the Draegloth, that he had attacked me first.

Qivni might be a tightly-wound, controlling officer at Rausery’s left hand, and one who definitely didn’t like my more flippant moments, but she was loathe to lie to either Rausery or D’Shea in a report. Or so D’Shea had told me once, that I could count on it.

I shrugged before I finally sat, then stood up. She motioned with her head for me to follow her, and we moved in the opposite direction Kerse had gone. We entered a tunnel where we’d be less likely to run into wandering attendees in the halls.

“So what would you do about this in my situation?” I asked her, and she blinked at me in surprise.

“I wouldn’t have tried to overbear the will of a Draegloth on a whim in the first place,” she grumbled.

“Don’t give me that, Collector. You just commanded him to leave, like you did before.”

She huffed a short laugh and shook her head. “No. It’s a fail-safe spell we have. It makes them leave under their own power, however they came, and it hurts if they resist. It’ll work on any Abyss-blooded creature.” When she glanced at me and easily read my next question, she added, “I doubt you can learn the pronunciation. It has to be exactly right, and you do not have the discipline. Few do.”

I smirked. “I seem to recall you saying something similar when you couldn’t climax from my tongue.”

She glared at me. “You were reluctant. I doubt you were trying very hard.”

“I was reluctant when you pounded my backhole, too, yet I peaked when you untied one wrist. You just can’t let go and relax with me, Qivni.”

My Collector hissed. “Jaunda’s perfect for you.”

“Oh, I don’t know; I had a lot of fun straddling Rausery, too, after she squirted all over my face.”

Qivni definitely didn’t like hearing that. “Liar.”

“If it helps you sleep,” I teased, noticing my cheeks hurt somewhat from my grin.

What had we been talking about again? Oh, yes.

“So what would you do in my situation?” I asked again, and she gave me an incredulous look that I savored.

“You should offer your gaping netherhole to serve him and his mother permanently,” she snapped.

I stopped walking and so did she; our eyes locked. After a beat, I asked, “Did I fuck your brother at Court or something?”

Qivni growled and drew back her hand to strike me. I didn’t flinch. She noted it a second before she slapped me anyway.

“You obey only when it suits you,” she rumbled. “You are a volatile potion waiting to explode on a selfish whim. I’ve warned the Elders about you, you learned too young to question things you shouldn’t, but they wanted you anyway. If you ever, and I mean *ever,* damage the Sisterhood by using it for your own gain, I’ll see you punished in some way you haven’t imagined yet.”

Well. At least that placed all her cards on the table. Somehow I doubted Qivni would believe me if I said I never intended to betray the Sisterhood; I belonged with them. Not only that, but I believed any of us who did would be hunted down and a very long time dying. It was noteworthy that Qivni protected an ideal in which she saw me as somehow separate, despite the fact that I had as much to lose as she did. Much closer to fanatic zeal than practical cunning, though I knew both had their place in our society.

“What was your initiation like?” I asked curiously, ignoring her warning and my stinging cheek but expecting another.

“Keep talking and I’ll convince Elder Rausery your training requires a solitary fight with a Drider,” she seethed. “Now let’s return to our posts. The ritual ended a while ago but they’re still fucking. Soon they’ll start stumbling home and we have to make sure they all leave.”

My Collector was so much fun.

Gaelan found us quickly; I believe she’d been actively searching for me though she covered any real concern when she saw Qivni. “What happened? Where were you?”

Rausery’s officer shook her head and gave me a narrow gaze. “She drew attention she shouldn’t have. Be sure to tell D’Shea that she needs lessons on not being cornered.”

“Yes, you’re right,” I grinned, “somehow Rausery and I skipped right to the part about getting out of trouble by calling the right support with those pellets. I don’t know why I never thought about avoiding an attack altogether. Thank you, Qivni.”

She frowned so hard I thought it might stick, and Gaelan gave us both a look.

“We need to collect before the Valsharess before we can leave. We’re waiting on you two,” my roommate said.

Qivni immediately fell back into duty mode; we all gathered around her as the ranking Sister and went back out into the Grand Hall where four other Sisters, the invisible ones, stood two to each side of the Valsharess. The seven of us lined up in front of her to bow as Qivni gave her oath of service on all our behalves.

I was still wearing a black belt, even with the red leather, and still stood out in a way I wished I didn’t, because the Valsharess looked at me again. The tawny eyes from my dream returned for an instant before I banished it. I would not think about anything but…well…

I pictured Gaelan fucking me with D’Shea’s Feldeu; I was on my back this time and my dark, smooth legs were wide open. I was learning to obey. That was alright to think about. It seemed the Valsharess smiled just a bit before she looked away from me and to scan the others as well.

She thanked us for keeping the peace in what was a productive and satisfactory worship ball, and did not ask for a report. I was sort of guessing that it was supposed to come by another route: after D’Shea and Rausery had spoken with us, after the Red Sister Prime had spoken with them, who then came to Her.

It was roundabout but I understood; there were too many possible ways to be observed here, and it wasn’t proper or necessary for our Queen to squeeze eleven Red Sisters into her private chambers and waste her time interviewing all of us individually. Much more efficient that there was a chain of command.

I still didn’t drop my mental guard, or rather didn’t stop enjoying my memories, until we’d been dismissed of our Grand Hall duties and were to return to our Elders.

D’Shea needed her report before we could retire, as the ball had taken most of the cycle and it was getting late. I may have spent more of the time being bored but somehow I was still worn down.

Jaunda was present when we were bid to enter, and she grinned widely at me as if to say, “There you are, how’d it go?” She looked like she’d been having a far more interesting time than us; her armor was soiled with blood and Underdark sludge. She had no marked injuries that I could tell, not even healed ones as there was only minimal damage to her uniform, and I changed my mindset then and there not to expect to retire very soon. Jaunda probably had some extra energy she wanted to work off.

I was actually a little jealous; she’d seen action, maybe a lot of it, and she could come back and fuck the hell out of one of the younger Sisters. Maybe at the least, she could help me get rid of thoughts of Kerse and the Consort as well.

I nodded acknowledgement to D’Shea first, then Jaunda, sighing silently as we got into our places for report: D’Shea sat elegantly, Jaunda standing at her right, Gaelan and I facing them, shoulder-to-shoulder.

For whatever reason, my Elder didn’t feel the need for small talk. Maybe she was tired, too. “Your report, Gaelan.”

“No incidents in the Grand Hall that required our interference, Elder,” she began. “It was a peaceful event, as planned.”

D’Shea nodded. “Did the Valsharess speak to either of you?”

Gaelan shook her head. “No, Elder.”

“Any of the Priestesses?”

Gaelan said, “Not to me.” And looked at me.

They all did.

I cleared my throat. “No Priestesses spoke to me, Elder.”

After a beat and with Jaunda smirking, D’Shea asked, “But?”

Here we go. I made my expression suitably serious. “Kerse accosted me while I was on patrol at the fourth end, farthest from the events.”

D’Shea tilted her head and narrowed her eyes. “Alone?”

I nodded. “He’d been cloaked with magic. Not invisible as when bending light, or Calling Darkness, but more the dark-vision camouflage that mimics the energy waves around him.”

“I’m glad you can recognize the difference. Where was his Mother?”

D’Shea definitely wasn’t surprised to hear that Kerse could vanish from view. I wished I knew what else she knew of his abilities.

I considered her question. “I don’t know. The last of the Consorts had been awarded already and the Hall was in coitus. At that time, the Priestesses were still present but were no longer confined to the platform. She could have been anywhere and I wouldn’t know.”

“But you didn’t sense another in the hall with you.”

I shook my head. “Kerse also said she was busy and he wouldn’t return to her as I told him to. He said she would be ‘happy’ if he ‘did me right.’”

My Elder did not look happy. “And what did you say?”

“Nothing. I called Qivni with a message pellet. I remembered she’d dismissed him once before at my trial and thought she could aid me.”

Both D’Shea and Jaunda looked pleasantly surprised and I relaxed a bit. My Elder actually smiled. “Good, Sirana. What happened next?”

“Qivni didn’t arrive immediately. I stalled a bit and kept distance. I’d drawn weapons to warn Kerse off but it wasn’t working. He wanted a fight and to fuck again like before; he said so. So instead…I sheathed them and tried to walk away. He charged me from behind and we did have a very brief fight. That was when Qivni interfered and used the…fail-safe words to get him to leave. He got off me, re-cloaked, and went away.”

D’Shea went still when I mentioned “fail-safe” but didn’t comment; I wagered she was just filing away what I’d learned. “Anything else?”

“Well, he never roared. Growled and hissed, but he was quieter than before.”

“And you find that significant.”

I nodded. “He tried to tell me he was acting on his mother’s orders, but he was being quiet about it. He didn’t want to draw attention.”

D’Shea stared hard at me with an unwavering gaze. “Are you saying that you believe he’s stalking you free of Wilsira’s will, Sirana?”

I stared back. “I’m saying he was quiet, Elder. For whatever purpose.”

She nodded, satisfied with the answer. “And Qivni? I don’t imagine she was pleased with you.”

“Correct…she doesn’t like my ‘whims’ and lack of discipline,” I said. “Threatened to see me creatively punished were I ever to ‘damage’ the Red Sisters.”

Jaunda chortled quietly and D’Shea glanced at her, looking amused as well. “Well. Were that the case, she’d have to get in line. But we chose you because you weren’t like her, Sirana. Bear that in mind.”

“Yes, Elder,” I smiled.

“Also remember that she still aided you, in spite of her dislike of you.”

“Yes, Elder.” I figured a similar and not-too-embellished version of this was being told to Rausery right now.

D’Shea had me recite the encounter to her again from the beginning, getting all the little details and confirming the order of events. Finally she seemed satisfied and looked to Gaelan. “Did you talk to anyone?”

My roommate nodded. “Rowena of House Itlaun. She is the Aunt of Curgia and Tulia, who were awarded a Consort this evening.”

My face must have betrayed something because D’Shea’s gaze flicked to me and back again. “You spoke to Rowena first?”

Gaelan nodded. “I asked after her Matron, Curgia and Tulia’s mother, as she was not present. I was told that she had other pressing matters and sent the three of them in her stead. Not uncommon, of course, but I think their Matron may be ailing. Just a feeling.”

I quirked my brow at my roommate. Just a feeling? Surely D’Shea wouldn’t let her get away with that.

Except that she did.

“Why did that House draw your attention?” D’Shea asked, watching Gaelan closely.

She grinned. “They were the ones who received Sirana’s Consort, Elder.”

Jaunda laughed suddenly and D’Shea had to cover her smirk with her hand.

I gave Gaelan a wry look. “I’m never going to live that down, am I?”

Jaunda and Gaelan both shook their heads and chuckled, but D’Shea waved her hand to quiet them.

“No, no…I like this. That Consort will remember Sirana and Gaelan, and he will be kept close to the Matron and her daughters. We have a way in to that House for the next decade.”

Gaelan looked surprised, “Well, I suppose, but…why?”

Which told me that my roommate didn’t know about Curgia getting fucked by Kerse.

“This is interesting,” Jaunda commented to no one in particular, though she was eyeballing me, and D’Shea nodded in agreement.

“House Itlaun is being favored by Wilsirathon,” the Elder filled Gaelan in. “But she is planning to break Curgia eventually to control her, who will control Tulia. The Priestess must already know their Matron is weakening.”

“Wilsirathon,” Gaelan repeated, looking at me. “Kerse’s mother.”

“You understand why I’m interested, yes?” D’Shea asked, and her subordinate answered affirmatively. “Good. Curgia is likely pregnant by Kerse, but even though that may not last to term, it is a clear sign Wilsira intends to control her. However, if Kerse took some action against Sirana tonight, then I want Wilsirathon and her most recent House of interest watched where possible. It’s fortunate that Curgia got Sirana’s Consort; that will only make it easier for us.”

*Meaning…* I blinked.

“Yeah, Thall,” Jaunda laughed at me. “You’ll see him again. We’ll need you and Gaelan to talk to him.”

I might’ve been happier about that, but I wasn’t. I knew how sexy he could be when he resisted, and I couldn’t touch him again without risking severe punishment. Maybe that was why they were laughing at me.

I cleared my throat. “Elder, what if Kerse had been acting on a…misinterpretation of his Mother’s desires? Not on his own, but not exactly what his Mother may have planned?”

D’Shea was quiet a moment and nodded. “Possible. I still want to watch Wilsira regardless.”

I nodded, satisfied with the acknowledgment. “Of course. It will no doubt reveal other intelligence. But…how often does a member of the Priesthood try to punish a Red Sister for a personal slight?”

D’Shea looked at Jaunda, who shrugged and answered me, “Mostly just through undesirable missions. And if the Sister is killed in action, well…”

“Exactly,” I said. “It makes no sense to send Kerse after me when it was him that failed the first time.”

“So you are certain Kerse acted on his own,” D’Shea stated flatly.

“No, not certain, but I think he just wanted to fuck me, Elder, not punish or torture me. He could smell me—”

“Then consider it noted, Sirana,” she said. “And pray it’s not the case that Kerse would rather fuck you in secret without his Mother knowing. She’ll be insane with jealousy if she decides that’s what’s going on and thrice as dangerous to you.”

D’Shea let that sink in for a moment then continued. “Inform me immediately of any more contact with him, but we’re watching his Mother for the time being. I don’t believe she’ll risk the Valsharess’s wrath by harming Her organization directly, but she may cause trouble or annoyances for us still, however subtly. Trust me, I know them better than you, Sirana.”

I nodded and bowed a wordless apology. When she put it like that, then yes, I supposed I could hope that my instincts were wrong about Kerse’s intent in being there.

Even if I did have a very bad feeling about it.

“Gaelan, did you speak to anyone else?”

“No, Elder.”

“Alright. Sirana, did you speak to anyone else besides Kerse?”

Oh, great. This wasn’t going so well this eve. But I really did have to choose my lies and omissions carefully.

“My former Matron, Elder,” I admitted, and she nodded.

“What did you say?”

“A blessing. That her state honored the festival.”

“Her state?”

I nodded. “She is about a year pregnant.”

“I see. She caught well before you entered the Sisterhood, then, and she did not send a message to you at Court.”

I shrugged. How long had D’Shea known that of my mother before she recruited me? “It doesn’t matter now, Elder. I am of the Sisterhood now.”

Her copper eyes were still boring into me. “Why did you speak to her at all?”

I barely paused. “To make my new allegiance clear. To let her know without doubt that I was no longer part of her House. She acknowledged it without contest. That was all. I walked away.”

D’Shea nodded acceptance. “Anyone else you spoke with?”

I sighed inwardly. “A battle mage named Callitro who stood with his two colleagues.”

Jaunda covered her mouth with one gloved hand, looking both thoughtful and amused, while Gaelan stood quiet and non-judging.

“Tell me about that conversation.”

“All flirting,” I responded. “Callitro wanted me to know he was at my disposal at the worship ball, I had only to ask. Alas, I could not use him for anything in particular, but… he told me how to get in touch with him later at the Tower, if I so desired.”

“Really,” D’Shea said rather deadpan. “And how is that?”

“Requisition the making a magical item, request him as the maker. He said the contact’s name is Phaelus, that he’s talked with Red Sisters before. I would have official reason to visit him in his quarters then.”

D’Shea’s expression didn’t tell me whether or not that information was trustworthy, but given Callitro’s behavior and obvious lust, I was willing to bet on it.

My Elder was quiet for long moments and finally said, “Good work. That may prove useful to me.” One corner of her mouth rose a little. “Now comes the question of why you talked with him at all?”

I smiled straight-up, though my teeth were a little tight as I imagined she may try to block me. But I still couldn’t lie here, either. “I wanted to smell him, to see if he or either of his companions was the invisible wizard from my second trial.”

D’Shea let me read her expression clearly. It said, *I thought so.*

“Has it occurred to you that we know who he is, Sirana?” D’Shea asked me now.

“Yes, Elder,” I replied. Of course it had.

“Why haven’t you asked for his identity?”

“The same reason I gave you in the candle chamber after he’d finished raping me, Elder,” I crossed my arms as I spoke. Of course, at the time I’d been bent over naked and gripping my ankles with Gaelan lapping at my sore backside. Hardly a position to make a memorable oath, so I reiterated. “It’s on my time table now to find him and pay him back. And it will be my pleasure to do so.”

Besides, just a few cycles ago when I’d asked Jaunda whether the soldier still lived or not. She’d only smiled back at me, silent as a wraith, and I didn’t even care about finding the soldier as much as I did the wizard. Regardless of what D’Shea hinted now, I didn’t believe she would just tell me.

My Elder peered at me for several moments, then shrugged and nodded. “As you wish. Consider it a standing directive to continue the search, secondary to any current assignment. Inform me when you find him.”

She’d just approved the hunt. And she said, “when.” I liked that vote of confidence.

I grinned. “Then what, Elder?”

She looked a bit surprised at the follow-up question. Normally that was her territory. I repeated it. “I’ll inform you when I find him. Then what, my Elder?”

I wanted to hear it from her lips.

She smirked slightly. “Pay him back as you said. You are only forbidden to kill him, Sirana.”

“Thank you, Elder.”

“And I want reports on anything of note within the Wizard’s Tower.”

“Of course, Elder.”

Maybe it was turning out to be a pretty good evening after all.


After we were dismissed, Jaunda gave me a gesture that held no uncertainty. I would just go with her to her room and not even pass by Gaelan’s to drop off anything. Wherever she’d just been on Rausery’s orders, she was looking for work off some stress. I had stared for a moment at my Lead’s intense, naked lust and most signals indicated she was in a mood to be rough.

“Come on, Thall.” She walked away without even looking behind to see if I followed.

I hesitated.

Two months ago this might have been Gaelan. The two of us shared a brief look and she seemed to plead with me not to start fighting Jaunda now, and she gestured, *Remember.*

Remember our deal. Yes, of course, I was still trying to think of a favor in exchange that might equal it…

Although truthfully I hadn’t given Jaunda a lot of thought between the beginning of the cycle when I’d dominated Gaelan and now; there had been so much to watch and wonder. So what would I do now? Just submit and go along as I had before, try again when I had a plan? Try to change something small now? I had to wait for an opportunity for that and wouldn’t know it until it happened.

I had to catch up, first; Lolth help me if Jaunda had to turn back to get me.

We moved through the curved hallways of the cloister. Jaunda wasn’t too far from Gaelan, as most Sisters shared two or three to a room, and we as a unit bedded down closer to D’Shea than to Rausery. As Lead, Jaunda had a room to herself and she practically hauled me inside it, murmuring the command to slide the magical stone door closed with a rather final sounding thump.

I wouldn’t be leaving until the waking time, and Jaunda never bothered with healing draughts after sex. She did sometimes do a hot soak in a bath, though. I could hope for that, especially considering she was still stained with dried blood and smelled to have been on a long trek in the Underdark.

My Lead clasped me to her before I’d gotten far into her quarters and slammed me up against the outside wall by the door. She pressed her body to me and stared at my face a second before she closed her mouth on mine, forcing my mouth open as she had her eager fill of my lips and tongue.

It occurred to me that I knew just what to do to get her to stop right then; a pressure point Rausery had shown me was vulnerable…

But I couldn’t. Not without purpose or plan.

I yielded my mouth to her forceful exploration.

When finally she stopped, we were breathing hard for air and she said, “You look great, by the way. I heard Rausery loaned that to you after two days of training. Have to tell me how that went later.”

I smiled ironically. “Sure.”

She took hold of my hair at the nape and pulled to the side, leaning to bite my neck and nibble on my jaw and earlobe before biting my neck again. Her appetite was powerful as ever and I gasped at her attentions. I was becoming aroused in spite of myself.

“We’ll get the reds made just for you before too long,” she murmured, gently kissing the flesh that I was sure was bruised and teeth-marked by now. “We’ll have to replace that black belt, too.”

As she spoke, she undid it and let it drop gently. She began stripping me out of the red uniform with impressive efficiency; soon I would be naked. I could imagine what to do, then, too; again, there was the opening and the vulnerability Rausery had shown me, long before I was fully undressed. I could stop her, except…

Her heavy breathing and the occasional low growl from her throat was a hint that I’d be sorry if I genuinely tried to resist. And then she smiled, scenting me and humming in pleasure, purely focused on her desire for me. Her force of personality could be overwhelming.

If I knocked her out using Rausery’s “soft touch,” oh, she would be furious when she woke up…

Maybe this wasn’t the right time.

After she’d stripped me to the waist and took her time biting my breasts and sucking on my nipples to make them hard, she actually swept my feel out from under me. I cried out, startled, but managed to break my fall and land without injury. I just lay there on my back as Jaunda peeled the pants up my legs and took off each boot before yanking off everything else.

As it had been several times before between us—and opposite of Gaelan and I earlier—she was fully dressed and I was fully nude.

She still had my left foot in her hands and she massaged it before bending down to nibble on my toes and bite the inner arch. I winced but managed not to jerk my foot out of her hands like I had the first time. She made an approving sound and went back to sucking on my smaller toes, her fingers digging harshly into my ankle as my own felt the grit of the bare stone floor. By now I knew not to deny her anything, even if I was just waiting for her to move on from my feet.

Except that at some point, I would have to deny her something in order to change it…or just wait for someone to take my place, as Gaelan had. Which I didn’t really want to do; not if the “next one” had to be Rausery’s, for some reason….

“Open wide for me,” she growled, releasing my foot.

I stretched my legs up straight and together toward the ceiling, opening them slowly as she liked it, until my hands were bracing my thighs. I held the position with my toes pointed toward the opposite walls. She gazed hotly down at me, drew the obsidian dagger at her belt and kneeled between my legs.

Jaunda barely touched the tip of her blade between my netherlips, watching me with the intensity of the predator that she was. I focused on controlling my breathing, holding still and waiting. I felt the flat of the cool black glass press to one side of my entrance, and then the other. The very tip almost tickled as it was dragged so lightly over my naked netherlips to barely touch my clitoris before moving to ruffle and reverse the lay of my pure white mound hair.

It had been a while since she’d done this, but I knew—prayed—that she was only testing me.

My Lead had been one of those holding me on the altar during my final trial. I hadn’t known that until much later, until she’d told me, but she had been part of my ritual, part of Lolth’s Threshold, which healed my womb and forced me to overcome my fear of my late blood sister. Jaunda had watched Lelinahdara push an enchanted dagger half-way up inside me, had watched me take all of it willingly. And she had seen how it did not cut me but channeled the magic up through my very core, completing the powerful divine spell.

She placed the tip of her own dagger there now as a reminder.

And to do just a little trimming. She liked it on the short side.

“We encountered some Surface-dwellers coming back from our mission,” Jaunda murmured, her eyes gleaming still as she tugged my sex’s fur up away from my skin and made small, sharp cuts, trimming away any part of it that curled. When she was finished, it would be short, lay flat, with every hair pointing toward my nub like an arrow saying, “fuck here.” Meanwhile, I held my legs open, feeling the strain but able to last for another several minutes without wavering if necessary. I looked up at her with interest at her statement. Sometimes she had told me a side-story to a mission, though never about the mission itself. She had grown to enjoy my very attentive ears to what she said.

But that had always been after the sex…why was she starting at the beginning?

Since she obviously wanted me to, I asked, “Surface-dwellers? All the way down here?”

“More a like fifty kliks up and out,” she said, and I felt the soft leather of her glove brushing some loose hair off my lips.

“How do they see in the dark?”

“Magic circlets around their heads,” she grinned. “Although I’m sure the survivors regretted the gift long before we were done with them.”

Jaunda had finished trimming me and sheathed her blade, still staring at my pussy like she hadn’t drunk water in whole cycles and I was the river. She removed her gloves and set them aside, started touching me more slowly than I would have guessed she would.

“There was a Surface Elf among them. Female.”

Her intensity and the way she slowly fed hints definitely held my interest, and stronger tingles bloomed between my legs as she touched me. A Surface counterpart…?

“What did she look like?”

“Compared to us? Taller but somehow still… small. Thin. In torchlight, her skin was like a pale mushroom, her hair gold like the earth metal and her eyes this bizarre pale green.”

“Gold hair? Not blond? How old was she?”

“I estimate about two hundred, not a day older. The gold was not due to age.”

Jaunda leaned down then to suckle at my sex and I gasped, my legs trembling from both fatigue and the sensation. She moaned in pleasure and greedily drew in the scent of my sex, though far too soon she lifted her mouth off and tapped one leg, indicating that I close them and come to attention. I went to my knees first, and when she gestured that I stand, I did so. She clasped me again and felt all over my naked flesh, my nipples scraping against the seams in the red leather.

I could still smell the blood and dirt on her, and while that did smell worse than her unwashed body, the two together were primal and exciting to me somehow. Perhaps I’d smelled similar when I’d arrived on the Consort’s farm…

“The Elf was so frail,” Jaunda whispered now, her eyes sparkling with laughter and her teeth bared. “And her strength of will…well. Do you want to hear what we did to discourage them from coming farther down into the Underdark?”

I nodded. I was intrigued, and Jaunda actually wanted to talk as she fucked me. That was different.

“They were mostly males. Human Men, with a few half-breeds of some mix. Also a dwarf far fuzzier and uglier than the Duergar. The males were dominant, no doubt about it. The few females there were only support, or to serve. They spoke a Surface language I didn’t understand, but when a strong male cuffs a small female on the back of the head and she only cowers, then…well, you don’t need to know the language.”

I stared at her; I already knew the gnomes and the dwarves down here in the Underdark were more often than not led by the males, but strong female leaders also existed. On a scale, the genders were probably more balanced when compared to the Drow, but thus far I had only heard about the Surface and how opposite it could be. Now Jaunda had actually seen some of it first-hand, down in our own territory.

Jaunda’s naked fingers sank into my pussy and I gasped again just before she kissed me. Then she turned me around and held me by the throat with her wet right hand, her left arm around my torso and gripping my right breast.

“The Men varied in size much more than our males do. One in particular was so big he might have been able to get into a fist match with Kerse. Their mages tend to be smaller, which makes sense for scholars. I believe the Elf was also a mage of some kind, a healer but with strange growing things woven into her hair and cloak.”

Growing things? I hadn’t heard of many from the Surface except…

“Trees?” I guessed.

“No,” she chuckled, and kissed the back of my neck as she pushed me closer to her bed. I could feel the familiar motions behind me as she still held my throat but released my breast to tug at something near her waist. She would be donning her Feldeu soon.

“How many total?” I asked.


“And you…?”

“Five, as always. It was more than enough. We took out the largest ones on first strike, before they knew we were there. Quick poison on crossbow pistols.” Her breath was shaking with excitement. “We took those making gestures next. The female Elf was the only one smart enough to gain distance and tried to blind us with light, but we didn’t need our eyes to smell and hear them. They smelled so rank, and so clumsy down here, they telegraphed everything far in advance of their actions. Ten of the fifteen killed in under six seconds.”

“Rausery would be proud,” I snickered and yelped when Jaunda slapped my bottom hard with a chuckle.

Her arm returned around my waist to clasp my breast again and I felt her erection line up in the cleft between my buttocks. She slowly ground against me as she kept talking.

“The five remaining? The weakest of the Men fighters who had dropped his sword, three Human females who were cowering…and the Elf who’d run but we caught up with her. We tied them all up, but had particular fun with the Elf.”

“Should I guess?” I teased as she pushed me forward onto the bed.

Jaunda chuckled, turning me onto my back and grasping both my wrists, settling her hips between my legs. She braced herself and nudged around, refining her aim, then finally wedged the head of her cock at my cunt. I’d become slick during the talk and physical foreplay, and knew it would be a comfortable penetration.

“You know how most Nobles have trouble accepting when they’re the ones getting fucked?”

She thrust inside me on the last word and I gasped as she moaned, then moaned myself as she took a couple slow strokes. Her eyes had been closed but slowly opened to meet mine and pick up the story again.

“One would think we were cutting off her ears the way she was screaming and crying at first, before we’d done more than strip her naked. The others started yelling, too. We had to gag all of them with the noise they were making, as if to call every hunter in the area to our location.”

Jaunda was speeding up her power and pace between my legs; I could see the memory in her eyes as she relived it.

“You f-fucked her…this way?” I asked.

“Yeah….yeah,” she answered, grunting. “Beautiful but so pale and so weak… couldn’t fight. Only cried. Don’t know…why she came down here. Would never survive…”

I had to concur. Competition was fierce down in the Underdark; hesitation meant you lost the fight and the food and if really unlucky, one’s life. And more, crying meant only that one would submit to anything the stronger wanted and leave it to them whether one lived or not. It meant you deserved to be a slave.

Why would the females ever cower or cry down here? Didn’t they know what would happen?

“Understand…anything she said?” I coaxed. “There are…mirrors in our Languages, I read.”

Jaunda grinned, huffed, and pulled out entirely before slamming into me again. “‘Defiler’,” she cooed. “I understood that.”

I laughed, felt a hot pulse in my sex in response. I understood the irony. That was one of our creeds; if the Red Sisters were sent to punish, then one could bet that their body and whatever they held sacred would be defiled.


My name is Steven Wade and I’m your everyday guy, really. I’m 19 years old, I work at a typical nametag-and-uniform job, and I have friends that I hang out with on the weekends. We party and play video games but nothing too crazy. I live a pretty normal life you could say. As a typical 19 year old these days, I go to school at my local community college. I attend my classes along with my step-sister Holly Wade. We are going to school for the same teaching degrees, so we pretty much share a schedule minus 1 out of our 5 classes.

She’s half a year younger than me (18 right now) but we were in the same grades through public school. Her birthday is coming up in another month. Now I won’t lie to you; if you passed Holly in the halls or on the street, you would double-take from the beauty that just caught your eyes. She just personified natural beauty. At 5’7″, she is a fox with honey-blonde hair, glowing hazel eyes, large C or smaller D-cup breasts (not really sure) and long legs that accompany the best feature of all: her round perfect ass. Her ass just swayed with every single step she took. She really shows it off ever chance she got. It was absolutely perfect and just had your attention. I ogled at it every chance I could get away with it. I couldn’t help it. You can say I am an ass-man. I would sneak a peek when she passed me by the couch or when she bent down to pick up something. When she looked at me I just snapped my head back and pretended to do something, just praying that she didn’t notice me looking at her.

My step-sister is one of those that are perfect in the eyes of any hetero man; even though she has her flaws like all of us. She’s a bit stubborn and not always the brightest on a few subjects; but she is no dumb woman. She has a wicked wit. “Smartass” would be an understatement about her title of character.

She has a boyfriend named Charles. They’ve been dating for a little over a month now and she seems to be all over him. But that’s really none of my business.

Background of Our Early Lives:

Her parents as well as mine split up at an early age around the same time. My mother had abandoned my father and me to search for a “more fulfilling life.” Maybe at 17 or 18 years old, I would have been a little less devastated but at 7 years old, I was crushed as the world above me came crashing down. No goodbye note, no calls, no visiting, not even a fucking Happy Birthday-card. Needless to say, that put one hell of a scar on my young heart.

Holly had experienced a similar tragedy. Her mother walked in on him and the neighborhood whore going at it. The look of shock and dismay on him was a typical look of, “Oh fuck, busted!” The events afterward would consist of her calling him every name you could think they have in the insult dictionary, clothes and belongings of his being tossed on the front lawn and two betrayed people sitting on the bottom steps of the house crying their eyes out as a car speeds away for the last time. The only contact that followed between her mother and father were about the finalization of the divorce and discussion of visitation rights that would never be honored.

A year had passed and my father finally mustered up the courage to go back out in the dating market, so to speak. Every Friday or Saturday, he would leave me with my nice babysitter.

“I’ll see you at 10:00 to tuck you in, buddy.”

I would always say, “Go get’em dad!”

Then he would smile and in good and high spirits, leave for his date. But the end result was always the same. He would come home at the appropriate time, but with low spirits and the disappointed look I knew, meaning she was a bad date or something happened.

After months of this, my dad had all but given up hope, and then out of nowhere, he meets the woman of his dreams in a local bookstore. He meets this woman he could actually open up to because of the similarity in betrayal from their lover that they experienced. I guess it goes to show that shared experiences really do bring people together. And in 6 short months, they we married! Crazy, huh?

I met my new sibling when I was 8 and she was 7. We were distant in the beginning and we never really bothered to play games or even watch TV together. We had just both experienced 2 major changes in a little more than a year; the splitting up of our parents and the addition of a new one.

Eventually, after months of virtually no contact in the same house, we started to enjoy each other’s company. We started to play board games and watch children’s shows and play House and all the stuff good childhood friends could do. I really started to get along with her as she started to like my company as well. After a while I didn’t mind calling her “Sis”, and she called me “Bro”, even though we were more like good friends, rather than siblings. I have known Holly for about 11 years now and what started out as a distant and almost nonexistent relationship would progress into a great friendship as the years went by. But something in our migration into adulthood had made me think of her in a completely new way.

I became more aware of Holly’s blossoming beauty over the years and saw the way she filled in. I wasn’t perving on her or anything, besides the glances of her ass I caught. But I thought that I stood no possible chance in her love life. She would think I was some kind of weirdo with a fetish of some kind. I mean, we’re siblings; right? I thought she would eventually find a wonderful guy and just have me as the “Bro” she grew to love. I was absolutely wrong. I could never ever be prepared for the experiences I’m about to share with you!!!

The Morning Wake-Up Call:

“Wake up, Bro! We’re gonna be late and you’re my ride,” she said.

“Oh come on Holly, just 10 more minutes,” I begged.

“You’re gonna make us late. It’s Tuesday and we have a serious test today in Psychology, now get up lazy-ass!”

She ripped the covers off of me and I curled in the fetal position, avoiding her wishes. The room fell silent for a few seconds and there was uncertainty in the air. Suddenly my eyes darted open when her teeth began to sink into my shoulder blade.

She was making exaggerated gnawing sounds as she dug deeper into my skin, laughing while she was doing it.

“Stop it sis, you know what that does to me!” I yelled.

Ignoring my pleas for mercy, she only sank deeper into my skin; giggling and laughing away at my misfortune. Then that old familiar feeling I got made me want to just shove her off and say uncle.

She knew what it did to me, yet she continually did it whenever it was either the most inconvenient to me because I was going out or when she just wanted to fuck with me. This all started a little after she turned 18.

We were playing around on the couch one day a few months back; a little after her 18th birthday. I was just wearing some gym shorts and a shirt (my normal attire around the house) and she was wearing just as little as me (short shorts and a tank top). I decided to tickle her like I did when we were kids. She giggled and squealed. I just relentlessly tickled her and tickled her. I love hearing her squeal and she only did it when I tickled her. I kept going and then all the sudden she came up and bit me on my shoulder blade. She had never done this before. I stopped instantly as she ground her teeth in deeper and deeper. But I wasn’t feeling pain, I was feeling absolute pleasure.

I grew instantly in my shorts as my grip on her loosened. I instinctively embraced her and started breathing heavily. I began feeling my cock hardening and rubbing against her thigh. At this point, I thought she would just gasp and jump out of her skin but the strangest thing happened, she kept going. I heard a faint moan escape her lips as she dug in. She was enjoying this as well. Out of impulse I began to thrust my cock against her thigh but as soon as I did she held a hand out to stop me. I did. Then she resumed her gnawing.

“Oh god Holly, you gotta stop that.”

She let go for a second, looking into my eyes.


“Well don’t you wonder what’s been rubbing against your thigh the past minute and a half?” I asked.

“Yeah, I know. It’s your punishment for tickling me and making me squeal. Now get that thing off of me perv-boy.”

She gave me a wicked grin and playfully shoved me off of her and onto my back, erection pointing towards the ceiling. She gave my painfully hard dick a look, biting her lower lip. She stared at it for at least a minute. For a moment, it looked like she was going to just tear my shorts off and go to town on me. Lord knows that’s what I wanted.

She looked into my eyes for a second; appearing deep in thought. She had lust and want in her eyes. She got closer to me for a second. Her face was now a mere 6 inches from my cock. She looked down at it and back up at me and then smiled. As she ran her hand up and down my thighs, she inched closer to my barely covered penis. I was shaking like a madman at this point. She let her mouth fall open and it looked like she was about to blow me through my pants. She stopped about half an inch from my throbbing cock, and then she smiled wide and winked at me.

“You know you might put an eye out with this thing,” she mocked.

Then out of nowhere, she grabs it and tugs it a couple of times. She watched as precum coated where the tip of my cock was in my shorts. She licked her lips and then placed a gentle kiss on the end of my dick and let go.

“See you around, perv-boy.”

Then she got off the couch and walked away slowly. But she didn’t walk normal. She gave me a little catwalk-strut, wiggling her perfect ass at me and looked vaguely over her shoulder with an eyebrow raised. I think it was the look of, “You’ll never have me.”

“Perv-boy” was a new nickname that she had for me after that.

Something in her had changed that day and I; more or less, created a monster of a cock tease. She kept doing it more and more over time, but never relieved the frustration she created in my pants. She just wanted me to suffer for some reason. Growing up like close, close friends, you wouldn’t think that this would be the turnout of our relationship. She just became a woman on a mission to make her step-brother as hard and horny as ever and never doing anything about it. Believe me; her mission was accomplished on the first try. But the question I had yet to have the answer to was why.

Snapping back to the present, she finally relinquished her hold, she said, “Now get the fuck out of bed you pervert.”

She knew my reaction so well that she didn’t even have to look at my cock to know it was hard. I looked over my now red and marked shoulder and saw her grinning ear to ear and in a flash, she was gone. I just sat there with my head in my hands. I looked down and saw my erect penis and wondered if I had the time necessary to take care of it. I looked at the clock and saw that it was 8:40. I was fucked! Holly and I only had 20 minutes to eat and get to class before we were late.

“She did it again. Goddammit sis!!!” I screamed.

I heard a soft giggle and feet running down the stairs. She loved to wake me up like this from time to time so I couldn’t do anything about my “hard” situation until after our 5 hour day.

She knew the pain she was causing me, and the weirdest thing about this was the fact that she was enjoying it. In a sense, she was killing me with teasing. She started wearing fewer clothes around the house when mom and dad weren’t home.

They had their own newspaper business. They would edit stories, articles and all the other materials for The Wade Gazette, which they owned and made for the city we lived in. So they were gone from morning until midnight every day practically.

Holly would barge into my room wearing just her bra and panties with wet hair, like she just came from the shower and just shout things like, “Hey bro, when you’re done stroking your dick could you help me with our Trig homework?”

I would just be sitting at my desk on my computer or something and just listen to those words echo in my head wondering why she is getting to be more and more cock teasing and down-right dirty in her demeanor…

Anyways, today we both got ready for school and a quick bowl of cereal and a couple of goodbyes later, we had 10 minutes to get to our class before the teacher shut the door and the test began. Our school was only a couple blocks away from our house, luckily. But, we had to have Olympic agility to get from our car in the parking to the classroom before we were late. We just got there in time.

The test went by normal. Holly had finished hers first and she went off to our next class early as the teacher just let us go when the test was done. I finished, thinking I did ok and just handed my test to the teacher and went to the common room, near the college cafe to cool off for a few minutes before I would meet her in our next class. After the crazy start my day had already took, I needed a quick break. I just sat there time asking myself the same damn questions.

“Just what the hell is she trying to do?”

“Kill me?”

“Tease me?”


No logical answer came over me. So I just brushed it off like I always did, headed to our next class, and let the rest of the day go on normally.

The next day went by pretty good. It was a good day because I didn’t get the famed “Holly wake-up call”. She was a little more docile. Plus she had a date with Charles that night. So I had the house all to myself for at least a few hours. I invited a couple of my friends and we hung out and played video games. I was asleep when my parents came home and Holly had come home afterwards sometime later. I could hear her giddy laughter from a mile away and she was definitely happy about something.

The next day was a Thursday; our last day of the school-week, finally. I woke up thinking that I was gonna get a belated wake-up call and instead I heard her in her room (that was adjacent to mine) talking on the phone with someone saying that she had “the time of her life” last night. She was speaking rather loudly like she wanted someone else to hear it or something. I could only assume she was talking about finally having sex with Charles.

She went on and on; talking about how much of a “stud” he was and how he really took care of her last night. For some reason that upset me a little bit. I didn’t know why, but I wouldn’t hold on to my emotions on that for too long, though. I got up and got ready for class. Mom and dad were already gone so I knocked on her door and told her we had to go, she came out of her room with a smirk and smartass demeanor, like something was up and I didn’t know about it. But I did and she practically yelled it on the phone. We got our things and left for class.

We were getting our tests back from our Psychology teacher. I received mine before Holly, but I wanted to wait until she got hers to see what we got together. We traded papers and I looked at hers to reveal a 97 on her paper and a, “Good Job,” written in the teacher’s handwriting. She picked mine up and saw a 58 and a, “See me after class,” written in the same writing. I was instantly pissed off when Holly just looked at me and started laughing and pointing like a 5 year old, waving the paper in my face. This made my ears steam and my face blood red. I was ready to kill someone. I snatched my paper out of her hand and threw hers on her desk.

I waited until after the class to see what my professor wanted and she reassured me that I could make up for the grade by some extra credit, but it still made me mad that my own sister-in-law enjoyed my suffering so much. What the fuck was her deal?!

I wanted the day to end as quickly as possible. That 5-hour day seemed like a 15-hour day to me. I managed to cool off a bit during the day but it still went by slowly. Then finally, at 12:15, I finished my last class. I had Intro to C-programming near the East corner of the campus close to the car and she had a cooking class in the back. Her class ended 10 minutes after mine.

After I finished my last class, I got the car and parked in front of the building where she came out. About 5 minutes later I saw her skip out the double doors in her little denim skirt and a tight fitting t-shirt. Her skirt was one of those that wouldn’t move unless by hand so the skirt stayed where it was while she was literally skipping towards the car chanting, “I got a ninety seeeeeven, I got a ninety seeeeeven.” My anger that had subsided was instantly back.

Without any reserve in her voice, she opened the door and said, “Oh, hi there Mr. 58, why the long face?”

I said, “Get in the fucking car before I leave you here,” in the sternest voice.

“Wow bro, you’re no fun!” she replied in a less playful voice.

She got in the car and stuck her lower lip out and crossed her arms in the fake anger and disappointment of a child. She was like that for a second to see if I would react at all. I didn’t.

Suddenly she says with a smile, “Hey, I know what will make you feel better!” Then she went to my shoulder she bit two days prior and gnawed at that same spot. I had no patience this time. My blood was boiling and I just shouted. She quickly relinquish her hold on me and just looked at me while I raged at her.



I continued shouting at her; asking what she was trying to gain and why we can’t just be the way we were growing up and loving each other. I spewed out my thoughts and feelings I recently acquired from all of the torturing she did to me. I told her that it was cruel to just get my cock hard like that and just leave me to suffer like an ant under a magnifying glass. After about 5 minutes of the loudest and most angry tone my voice ever took with her, I just put my car in drive and we headed home in absolute silence. I didn’t look at her once. I was still extremely mad.

When I pulled into our driveway, I got out and reached behind my seat to get my book bag. I took a glance at her, expecting her to be in tears or have a very serious and angry look on her. But she had neither. She wasn’t in a state of sadness, she wasn’t in a state of anger, she was deep, deep into thought. I knew that look. That was the same look she gave me when she saw my erection for the first time. My heart instantly skipped a beat and I knew what I had to do.

“Look sis, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to put you down like that and yell at you like a child. I’m sorry Holly. Can you forgive me?”

She just turned her head and said, “Don’t be sorry Steve, I deserved that. I’m aware that I torture you and I play with you a bit too much. I’m just glad you only yelled at me and didn’t kill me or something. You’re a patient man Steve. You’ve endured a lot of me before you finally blew up. I’ll give you credit there. If you found a spot like that on me and made me hot and wet, and just left me to suffer my horniness, I would have murdered you the first day.”

She giggled and blushed a little after that. The way she said that got a little reaction from my cock. I was moreover delighted however, when she just winked at me and stuck her tongue out playfully like everything was ok between us. My little step-sis was just adorable when she smiled. She was like the dog that just tore up the entire house and gave you the puppy-face. You just can’t stay mad at her.

“Alright smartass, you win. I’m not mad anymore,” I replied.

“Yaaaaaaaay, I win, I win, I win!” she said jumping out of the car.

I unlocked the front door of the house and watched her running upstairs, her ass just swaying at me.

The Endless Tease Session:

I decided to just calm down; and after the crazy week I had, I just wanted to relax and enjoy the peacefulness of the house until mom and dad came home later at night. I went upstairs after grabbing something to eat and went to my bedroom. I stripped down to my normal attire; gym shorts and a light T-shirt. I sat at my desk and put my headphones on. I sipped my bottle of soda and laid my head down into my crossed arms for a few minutes. Then I suddenly got that feeling like I wasn’t alone.

I sat up and turned around to see my sister-in-law in her normal attire; a tank top and short shorts. She looked different somehow though. The contours of her breasts could easily tell me that she didn’t have a bra on. Her long legs were unbelievable. They were bronze pieces of art. She playfully put her hands over her ears and with a goofy face, signaled me to take my headphones off. When I did she started to walk closer to me, smiling.

“Steven, I realize now that the teasing that I have been giving you might have taken a little more of a toll than I thought. I really am sorry for all of that torture. I can imagine you are pretty frustrated from time to time when I do these things to you.”

She inched closer.

“No shit!” I sarcastically replied.

“Hehe, well bro, I want to do something to make you feel better,” she said walking closer to me, now about 6 inches away from me.

She looked down and smiled at me as she cupped my face with her warm open palm. Her eyes were very sincere. She just looked down at me for the longest time. I finally broke the silence.

“What is it Holly?” I said in a quiet and smooth tone.

No sooner than I said that, she let go of my face and turned around. She put both of her hands on my knees and bent over giving me the most provocative view of her ass ever. My cock instantly stood straight up in my shorts.

She said, “I know you like my ass bro. You stare at it all the time.” I was frozen in my seat and my jaw almost dropped at the sight.

“What? You don’t think I can notice?” she continued.

My heart was in my throat. I was on the verge of going insane. It toke everything in me to not grab her ass and just fondle and play with it. I somehow controlled myself.

In a hoarse voice, I replied, “I’m so sorry sis. I didn’t think that you knew.”

“That’s what I thought perv-boy,” she replied. She turned back around and gave me a sexy smile. “Now it’s time for you punishment.” She gave me a view of her top teeth as she grinded them against her lower lip.

“Please Holly, I’m begging you, not again!” I said.

“Not that kind of punishment silly, a different type.”

Then she pulled something out of the side of her waistband. It was a long red piece of silk.

“Now put your hands behind your back,” she instructed.

I paused for a moment. I looked up at her to see if she was serious. She ran the material through her fingers, like she was waiting forever for me. Against my better judgment, I complied.

She tied my hands behind my back tightly. Her massive breasts brushed my chest as she snuggly tied me up. I could smell her intoxicating aroma.

“Now sit there and don’t move, like a good boy,” she said as she patted me on the head like a dog and turned back around.

“You are so naughty for looking at my ass Steven. Is there any reason you like staring at it?”

She bent back down and cupped her ass checks with her hands and moved even closer to my face. I couldn’t be more than two inches from her sexy butt. My cock was rock hard at this point.

“Look at you bro, your cock is so stiff from just looking at me. I bet you want to stick your cock in my ass, huh? You want to have anal sex with your own STEP-SISTER?! You dirty bastard!”

She bent her head down and smiled at me between her legs and wiggled her ass back and forth. I could smell her sex as she waved her ass back and forth, teasing me without reserve. Her filthy and sexy talk just fed my ears like candy. If my dick was any harder, it would break through my clothes and try to drill into my teasing sibling at any cost.

“Well mom and dad won’t be home for hours. Just what am I gonna do with you until then?” she asked.

I thought of all the times where I just wanted to grab her sweet ass and fuck her like a sex-crazed Neanderthal. I was no brute; but now my own step-sister was offering me a chance to have the very thing I wanted. It just helped me make my decision before she even finished her sentence.

“Whatever you want sis,” was all that slipped out of my mouth.

“Mmmmmmm. Good answer sweetie,” she said caressing my knees.

“Do you like my ass bro?” she questioned. That question was pretty much rhetorical but I answered anyway.

“I love your ass Holly. It’s my favorite part about your sexy body.”

With that bold statement echoing in her head, she placed her hand on my cock. Her warm soft hand tugged on my throbbing manhood while her other was fondling her ass check; teasing my wandering eyes. She groped and squeezed herself while she stroked my cock slowly and lovingly. She took my cock and placed it against my stomach. Then she sat down as she aimed my cock until it was press firmly between her delightful ass.

She grinded up and down my cock mercilessly. Her ass felt so good on my barely covered cock, as she ground into me with no restraint.

“Hmmm,” She started, “so you like my ass that much? Anything else you really like Steve?”

“Your breasts are incredible sis. I would suck on them if you wanted me to.”

“You would? Maybe I should let you then. You can tell me if there’s anything wrong with them, bro,” she offered, all this while she was toying her ass with my cock.

She lifted her wonderful ass off of me and bent back over. I could see her getting wet. Her pussy was dripping in her shorts so easily. I knew that she wasn’t wearing any panties because of the fact that her shorts became see-thru when they were wet and I could make out her sweet little pussy.

I could smell the dripping wetness of her horny pussy as it drew to my nose. I could smell her sex all day. But what I rather do at this point would be to fuck the source of her wetness.

She turned around and placed a bare foot on the desk behind me. Her pant-clad-pussy was in full view as well as her wetness. She ran her fingers through my hair and gripped the back of it. She guided me closer and closer to her pussy. I was mere centimeters from her. I could smell her more and more.

By that time, I was pouring precum from the tip of my dick. I was forming my own wet spot in my shorts and she noticed it too. She bit her lip and raised her eyebrows in an approving gesture. Then out of nowhere, she pulled my hair and jerked my head backwards and kissed me hard and tightly on the lips. Her lips were so sweet and soft. We kissed like that for what seemed like forever.

Then she opened her mouth, licking the seam of my closed mouth. I opened and she snaked her slithering tongue inside, attacking mine. I returned her force as my tongue entered her mouth. She moaned, as our kiss grew hotter and wetter. She made sure that the only contact was our lips, tongues and her hand in my hair.

She broke our kiss and looked down at me. She gave a very sexy look at me as she slowly bent back down and licked my neck, up to my cheek in a very provocative way.

“Mmmmmmm, you taste good Stevie. Would you like to taste something of mine now?” she said standing back up.

She winked at me and placed her hands at the base of her tank top. She slipped it off of her body slowly. Her breasts came into full view when they released their hold of the tight top. They were the most symmetrical tits you could possibly see. Her breasts were easily a 32D. Their teardrop form only complemented her small and puffy areolas and firm nipples that could cut class. They bounced out of her shirt and she bent down towards me. She held her tits out in my face.

“Suck on my nipples babe, I hope you like them.”

I leaned forward and licked her right nipple into my mouth. Her breasts were amazing; so soft and delicious. I kept sucking her nipple harder and harder. She moaned louder as she ran her fingers through my hair sensually.

Her nipple was fully erect as I sucked on her before she retracted and place her left nipple against my mouth. I quickly held it into my mouth. I stopped for a moment to make eye contact with her. She held her tits closer so I could lick them. I worked my tongue up one and down the other. I left no skin untouched on her perfect tits. Then when I saw that her nipples were really hard; starting with her left, I bit down hard on it.


She grabbed the back of my head and shoved me into her tits.


I felt her moaning as I sucked and bit each of her nipples. At that point, I’d give anything to break free of the restraint of the chair; but the fact that I couldn’t do that just yet actually made it hotter. She knew it too. I took my mouth off of her.

“Your tits are delicious Holly. I love them.”

She moaned, “Oh baby, you make my pussy so wet. Look at what you’ve done to me!”

With that, she turned around and hooked her thumbs inside her waistband and started slipping her shorts down.

She continued, “But first, I want you to look at your prize for being so patient with my cock teasing.”

She pulled her shorts down over those two gorgeous mounds of flesh and stopped when she passed them. She gave me a sexy pose as she placed one hand on her ass.

There it was; the source of my anguish and sexual frustration for months; and she is holding it in front of me. I stared at her naked ass for the longest time. I looked at the soft creamy flesh of her ass; tight as a drum, as it went down: no dimples, no marks, and no scars. There was just perfection. I watched as her ass went down to her soaking wet pussy. Her vagina was completely shaved with a little strip of honey-blonde hair in the middle just above it. Her pussy lips were swollen and her clit was hard. She couldn’t be hornier. You could say the same for me.

Holly was very agile. So you can imagine it was easy for her to get in the next position rather quickly. She straddled my knees with her palms and placed her feet on the desk. No part of her was on the ground. She put herself in an angled 69 position. She put her wet pussy right over my face. It began to drip on me and down her thighs. It was a sight to behold; so hot and nasty. I loved it.

“Well? Are you gonna admire it or are you gonna eat bro?” she said playfully.

Her hands were pressed firmly on my knees. I leaned forward and took her wet sensitive clit into my mouth. The taste was so sweet and she just kept dripping. I sucked hard on her clit as she started to moan loudly.

“Oh fuck Steve, don’t stop you dirty motherfucker! Keep sucking my cunt. Lap my pussy baby. You know you want to.”

Hearing her cussing like that; I was on the verge of exploding. I was making the sloppiest and wettest noises with my mouth and her pussy. I drove my tongue deep inside and she literally screamed in pleasure. Her breathing went from slow and deep to quick with urgency. She was getting close.


She grabbed my head and shoved it deeper into her soaking cunt. I could feel her pussy spasm on my tongue as it was buried deep inside her. She rode her orgasm out for the longest time. I could taste her sweet cum on my mouth. She held my head still while her orgasm subsided. She let her feet off and her pussy slid down my body, covering my shirt in her juices. Then she sat directly on my lap. My shorts were covered in her wetness and my precum. She got up for a split second to readjust. She trapped my covered cock between her ass.

“That was so good bro. I’ve never cum that hard before. You got some good skills there buddy,” she said, grinding her bare ass on my cock.

“You’ve been a good boy Steve; time for your treat.”

Then she got up and ripped my shirt off. Then she knelt in front of me and gave me a light handjob through my shorts again.

“I can’t believe you’re this hard sweetie. You must really wanna cum don’t you?” she said in a sexy tone. I nodded.

“Well not until I say so buster. I want you to empty you balls when you cum. We’re just getting started, my love.”

With that, she directed me to raise my ass and she grabbed the waistband of my shorts and slowly revealed my cock. She took in every inch of my cock in her eyes as they widened with excitement. Then my cock sprang out and finally, my 7 inch cock was free.

“You’ve hid this from me all this time? Tsk tsk tsk. I should have been teasing you years ago.”

She wrapped her hand around my cock and started to kiss the head of my dick, giving my cock long light strokes as she kissed and licked it. She would tilt her head sideways and run her lips up and down my cock as she licked it. Then she started to stroke my dick a little harder with a firm grip. Precum started to coat her hand.

“Mmmmmmmm!” she cooed, really got into it. Then she made eye contact with me licking her lips in a very sexy come-on. She pulled her hand back and licked it clean. She sucked each finger slowly as she stared into my eyes, giving me a show of hers.

“Mmmmmmm, I love your precum bro. It’s yummy. I want some more.” She licked around my cock and cleaned all the precum I had around the base. But it just continued to drip down from the tip.

She raised her head and looked at me jokingly saying, “Jeez, what am I thinking? I should just go right to the source!”

She opened her mouth and wrapped her lips around the head. I was so close to cumming when she did that, but somehow I fought the urge. She bobbed up and down, toying with the head, her short hard sucks made me want to erupt like a volcano inside her mouth. I couldn’t though, because who knows what she’d do to me if I did?

“Now don’t you dare cum Steve, I want to see how much of your cock I can take in my mouth. I’m going to deepthroat my big brother right now.”

She winked at me and angled her mouth at my dick. I stopped her for a moment just before she engulfed my manhood.

“Holly, don’t you find it weird that you’re calling me brother?” I asked.

“Well no actually, we’re not really related but I love the fact that we can pretend that we aren’t just step-siblings and fuck as brother and sister. I think it’s really sexy, don’t you?”

She started jacking me off again while she spoke, smiling ear to ear.

“It is kind of sexy actually. Okay then, suck my cock little sister. Suck your big brothers cock and take all of his cum. Do it now you fucking tease!”

I really started to get into it as I spoke to her like I never have before. She was my best friend for most of my life. I always loved the kind, sweet and gentle side of my step-sister I grew up with; and now I was falling in love with the sexy, dirty, and teasing side of my sibling that I never knew existed.

“Just tell me when you’re about to cum, okay brother?”

“Okay sis,” I replied; winking at her.

With all of the teasing and physical contact, I was on the verge of cumming pretty quickly. She jammed my cock deep in her mouth. She made sloppy noises with my dick. She slurped and licked and fondled me with no mercy. I loved how she was sucking my cock. She looked me in the eyes the entire time she blew me. My heart was pounding a mile-a-minute. She spat me out and took my cock in her hand. She patted her tongue with it before gulping it back down. Luckily I was a little less sensitive at the time but going into the 5th and 6th minute of the greatest blowjob of my life, I felt like a man who could set a world record of, “Most cum produced in a single orgasm”.

“I’m close sis. I’m really getting close.”

My balls began to tighten and I was about to spew into my sister’s mouth hard. She picked up the pace and ferociously sucked my dick, waiting for the cum to hit the back of her throat. My dick was throbbing and pulsing. I couldn’t take any more of it. I signaled that I was right there. My cum was just at the tip of my cock.


With that, she spat my cock out, wrapped her right hand tightly around the base of my cock and with the other hand, covered the tip of my cock with her index finger.

“Not yet Brother!”

I started to feel the contractions of a partial orgasm as she kept her hands where they were, as still as they could be. I had no hope of cumming like I wanted to. I panted and jerked as she kept still and calm; my cock pumping in her hands. Finally, my orgasm subsided by then.

“Goddammit Holly, you really are the most relentless tease on the planet. Do you know that?” I said.

“Mmmhmmm,” she playfully sung in her girly voice. “I want to build up as much cum as I can in your balls, and then I want you to cum in buckets for me big bro.”

She let go of the tip of my dick. A couple of drops of cum oozed down my cock. She looked at me and quietly said, “Bad boy.”

But then she licked the cum off of my cock and swallowed it. She let go of the base and a few more drops made their way down my cock. She caught them in her mouth as they dripped. Then she wrapped her lips around the head of my cock and sucked hard to get any cum that she could get out. Then she pulled away.

“Your cum is delicious, big bro. I can’t wait until you give me all of it.”

The Confession:

She stood up and sat on my lap. She placed my cock against my stomach and put her soaking wet pussy on it. She began to grind and ride against my rock hard penis. But when I made eye contact with her, I saw something had changed in her facial expression.

“What’s the matter Holly? Did I do something wrong?”

With no hesitation, she leaned into me and kissed me deeply and passionately. I never truly have been kissed like she was kissing me. Something was different. This was not a kiss that was full of lust and wanton, like earlier. This certainly was not a brother and sister kiss. This was a lover’s kiss.

The intoxicating mashing of her soft lips to mine were just enough for me to kiss back with equal passion. We broke our kiss lightly and softly. She put her mouth next to my ear and began to whisper.

“I love you, Steven. I’ve wanted you for so long and I want you to take my virginity tonight, both of them. I want it in my pussy first, and then my ass.”

My heart thumped in my chest at her words. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing.

“You’re a virgin? What about the amazing night you had with your boyfriend last night?”

“I lied. I never really had an interest in Charles. I started to date him so you wouldn’t be suspicious of me while I put my plan to seduce you into effect. We’ve only dated for a month so it didn’t hurt either of us. I told him last night that I didn’t want to be his girlfriend anymore and I was in love with another man. Steven, it’s you. I’m in love with you and I can’t take it anymore.”

She continued, “Ever since that day on the couch last year, I started to grow a fancy of teasing you. But the truth was that I was falling in love with you. You were so caring and loving towards me growing up, and you were there when I was at my lowest points. I want to be with you like a man and woman should be together. I’m yours Steven; tonight and for the rest of our lives.”

She looked at me and began to tear up. The raw emotion and truth in her voice made me want to admit my feelings as well. She reached behind me and untied my arms. I grabbed her head and pressed my lips to hers in an instinctual and lustful gesture.

I pulled back and said, “I love you too sis. I’ve always loved you. You were there for me when I needed it as well. You helped me, loved me, and had no problem coping with the fact that we weren’t related by blood because you treated me like a real brother. Now I want to treat you like a woman.” She gave me a smile while a tear rolled down her cheek and cupped my face lovingly.

“Now please brother; I won’t tease you anymore. You can have me however you like and I don’t care when you cum. Just make love to me!!!”

I did not hesitate; I picked her up and placed her on the bed. I crawled on top of her and kissed her while I played with her tits. She grabbed my penis and aimed it at her pussy. She rubbed her entrance with it. She was sopping wet and dripping on my cock.

Though bursting with youthful energy and so happy to be in company of such a sexually charged and liberated, mature lady Padma aunty, I had my limits, was tired and after one deep and long ramming of her cunt, I passed off.

When I got up in the morning, a sweating Padma aunty was busy exercising on the floor. She signaled me to be silent and gestured towards to a piece of paper on the side table.

“It was wonderful. But I am sure you will be mature enough to be discreet and sensible. Dr. Rekha could not come, as her car had starting troubles, but promised to meet us some other time. Now, take bath, get dressed and get moving. Don’t forget to eat your breakfast. It’s on the dining table. Now tear this paper in to small pieces and throw on garbage bin. And don’t you dare and foolish to boast around like an idiot. Be good and take care.”

After my first sexual encounter during overnight stay with Padma aunty, we both were forced to cool off our lust, due to various compulsions and presence of her husband, uncle Pandey. Moreover, I and her son Raman were seized of looming threats of board exams along with all the exam time horrors and anxieties.

I was good in Mathematics but didn’t like chemistry, whereas Raman, at that time, was sort of dud in Math’s but mugged up boring chemistry lessons quite well.

During those days leading to examination fever and fears, a totally asexual Padma aunty asked me to help her son with math’s lessons, than what I was perhaps doing. Raman hated algebra and I was not able to make him interested in the subject, whom he found, so boring. She didn’t have to tell me to help my best friend, but even then she did her bit quite honestly and admirably. And I knew she wanted her son to be an engineer and go to states for further studies to fulfill his dream to be an astronomer. But whenever I saw her, my dick would jerk wildly and raise its head eagerly to again taste the searing heat of her big juicy cunt and ravenous sucking. Remembering the way she had talked and encouraged me, while masturbating her and me as well, used to cause ripples of wild passions through my sex starved young body.

But due to changed circumstances she took care to cover herself well, perhaps not to sexually arouse me, leading to distractions from important business of studies. Very shortly, I come to realize that previously Padma aunty deliberately wore those revealing and short dresses to gradually seduce me and then started to wear baggy gowns and Salwar suits to play down and hide her attractive figure. She would now was even less visible and intrusive when Raman and I were studying together in her house. But she made sure, tea and snacks were served to us at right time by her old servant couple, who stayed at out outhouse of her large house. I was also neck deep in preparations to score well, as per parent’s expectations.

Exams were still about a month away and I did realize that after that great initiation in to real hot sex, three week back, I could only jerk off twice. Many a times I would have an immediate great erection. But her eyes told me to wait for right time and opportunities. Once she noticed my erection for very long time; took me aside and sternly told me to wait till exams were over. Her purposeful control was amazing and sexual urges were perhaps periodic due to mature age. But I was deeply pained, tormented by her distance and my raging hormones. It was natural for me to treat her behavior as very cruel and insensitive. Nevertheless, heeding her sane advice most of times, I was able to control my sexual urges and get engrossed in studies. During such days and nights, my dick remained limp, lifeless piece of flesh and was used only for pissing. Although, during bathing, the necessary ritual of dick head and foreskin cleaning would result in rampant erections, leading to few moments of simple masturbatory pleasures without going all the way to satisfying ejaculations. Though, I was determined not to think about sex and devote all my energies and time to studies, but sudden relapses to sexual thoughts, leading to painful hard erections were common and too tormenting as well.

Padma aunty used to get herself massaged regularly by a sharp featured, dark skinned Maalishwali Bai (lady masseur) Anja with voluptuous boobs and swinging large butt. Her real name was Angela, but was known simply as Anja.

Medium built Anja, a divorcee was a well-known professional masseur of the town, who specialized in giving massages to ladies and used to ride a stylish bicycle. Once a week Anja would come in afternoon and Padma aunty would be closeted with her in the massage room at third floor, for about an hour. When Anja would finish her job and leave quietly, aunty would be sleeping for an hour or more. The door would be closed but not bolted from inside, when Anja left, as it would be impossible for a sleepy aunty, to get up and lock it.

We boys were firmly told to never venture on the third floor, whenever massaging session was on, or Padma aunty was with her close friends from collage days Laxmi and Veena. As far as I knew, they always visited when Pandey uncle was away on tour.

Anja was a daring lady and used to wear pants and shirt tucked in along with a large buckle belt. Her buttocks were melon shaped, which used to be masturbatory fantasy of most of the boys of my age. It was rumored that Anja was more than a masseur and many rich ladies sought her unique but socially forbidden, intimate services. Her charges were tripled for men, who wanted Anja to trim their hairs and massage bald heads in her saloon near railway station in those old days and placid times of late seventies.

Once during a humid afternoon, I was lost in memorizing a tricky formula, while walking down to Raman’s house with my books, suddenly Anja startled me by ringing her sharp bicycle bell.

“Rohan Baccha Darr Gaya..” She laughed teasingly, stopped her famed bicycle and stylishly put her one high heeled foot down. At eighteen, I was deeply offended by Anja treating me like a small kid, though she was well over 30 years old.

“I am not afraid at all…nor a kid anymore?”

One foot resting on road, made her pants stretched over front and hips, making contours of her cunt and buttocks pronounced. She was quite well built dusky tribal women, whose ex-boxer-soldier brother George owned a taxi service and licensed hooch shop. A drunken George also relished beating people who messed up or hurt his younger sister. He had good friends in police and they tend to turn a blind eye, when George turned violent to beat some bad boys messing up girls, small time thieves and other trouble makers. So if someone didn’t like going to Police, he would visit to a helpful George.

So, George was someone like the Don Corleone of a small central Indian town.

To us, young boys, a supposedly permissive Anja was rumored to have rowing eyes. She was believed to pick, use and discard young men regularly. Fearing her brother George, no one ever approached her openly, except few, who were deeply affected by her sensuality and consumed by their own passions. Whenever being foolish, they made Anja angry or felt cheated, a drunken George would arrive to thrash them, befitting their stupidities.

“Oh, I see….but I have watched you dancing naked, dangling your cute little “Nunni..”

Mischievously suggestive Anja smiled and winked. I could feel my dick raising fast and making a small tent in front of my pants, which was noticed, instantly as it was happening.

I was deeply conflicted and unable to respond, feeling further confused by suggestive approach of Anja, mentioning seeing me naked dangling my dick. Her smoldering sex appeal, close view of her cunt shape, round buttocks and pointed breasts bursting out of black bra under thin white shirt put me on fire. I could also see the round and raised yoke of the bicycle seat pushed under her cunt, parting her outer labia. In those days boys used to gossip and speculate how girls use bicycle seats to rub their cunts and enjoy riding bicycle, mostly for such forbidden but easy sensual pleasures.

“Baithoge, Rohan?”

Her invitation to sit on back of bicycle was tempting, but I held back, remembering how a young man was recently beaten up brutally by George. Anja was also supposed to be very temperamental, moody, permissive and fouled mouth. It was certain she was also going to the house of Padma aunty. On an impulse, I nodded my acceptance to sit close to her body and observe her rippling butt and shapely back, closely.

“Okay, hang the bag in front and hop on, kid…”

Her voice was authoritative and full of deliberate mischief. My resolve to not to get sexually aroused and jerk off was getting weaker, as I transferred the bag of cosmetics, ointments and implements to the handle bar of her bicycle. Our hands touched and an electric current passed through me, she smiled and pouted her lips seductively, or so I thought.

She expertly paddled the bicycle as I inhaled deep to smell her loud perfume and sweat. It was the first time I was sitting on back of bicycle of a woman and felt very awkward. Rather, I must have volunteered to paddle the bicycle like a man must do for a lady. But watching her body closely and smelling her perspiration had its own charm as well and that was too compellingly erotic for me.

My hard dick was locked in a difficult and painful position with burning sensation rising all over me. To undo that, I upped my buttocks to relieve the crease of over starched half pant.

“Kya hua…don’t move, kid..” Anja stopped and turned to inspect my unwanted movement.

Oh…so that’s it…you all boys are rascals..” Her eyes were fixated at my raised tent, imprisoning my raising hard on. I was further aroused by her lusty sarcasm and mischief but more was about to come.

Agar jyada muskil hai to jhadi ke peeche jaa ke muth mar le…”

My ears got red hot and didn’t know what to say and how to respond. Her advice to go and relieve my sexual tension by jerking off behind the bush hit me very hard, and I knew what was being gossiped about her wild ways was indeed right and true.

“No…No it’s not like that…Anja Bai…” I lied in very conflicted and confused state of mind, further complicated by my painfully hard erection.

Okay….than go and do your susu…” Anja mischievously persisted further confusing and tormenting me.

“But…I don’t want to pee…” I protested.

“Kid, it’s very unhealthy to suppress pissing, you just go and do it….now…” Anja gently pushed me off the bicycle.

“I am not doing it in open…auntie’s home is nearby… can wait..” I got angry and protested as Anja watched me with broad smile and twinkles in her large eyes.

“Ha Ha Ha…I know you city kids are so stupidly shy…for us villagers, its normal to piss, whenever and wherever the need arises…just watch me..” She put the bicycle on its side stand and started walking, swinging her melon shaped butt globes, towards the bushes little away from the narrow road. Anja stopped, turned to look back at me and started unbuckling her belt and unbuttoning her pants. I sheepishly looked around to see if someone was watching us. “Come here and take the bicycle along..” I was ordered by Anja, looking around carefully. She walked and got behind a row of dense shrubs and creepers, feeling aroused, expectant and confused, I followed her, desperately looking around to spot anyone who could be out and seeing us.

“Don’t worry, no idiot is out during this hot afternoon and watching us and even if some idiot is, I don’t give a damn…dekhne de sale ko..”

She was still holding up her unbuttoned pants with belt end dangling like a big black dick. I could see glimpses of her black panty. Nervously, I put the bicycle on stand and looked around. We were standing in midst of a small grassy patch surrounded and hidden by about six feet high dense shrubs, young trees and wild creepers, shaded by a big Neem tree with wide trunk. It occurred to me that Anja knew this place well and might have been using it, for her escapades. Still it was foolishly daring to do such things. But somehow this sense of many possible dangers was beginning to excite me.

“Now come on take your dick out and piss…why you are so stupid and shy…” Anja slap my butt hard and laughed aloud. The sharp sting of slap sent kind of so far unknown erotic charge in my aroused body. On an impulse, I grunted and started to unbutton my half pants. My dick forced itself out still hidden in blue underwear, with a distinctive wet patch where the dickhead smeared with juice, stretched out to make a big bulge.

“Hmmmm…you are hard boy and I suspected that only..” Her voice turned lusty as she lowered her pants and pulled down panty. Her muscled buttocks were brownish with pinkish tinge, neatly rising up with glorious globes, parting in two luscious halves. A dense patch of black pubic hairs surrounded dark, thick swollen cunt lips.

“Are you taking your dick out or, I have to do that for you..” That was enough challenge for me and I let my half pants drop down and pushed underwear to knees, making my dick spring up with a thick string of juice dropping down from the eye.

Ohhh…that’s lovely, boy..” Anja cooed in unabashed feminine delight. “Now pull back foreskin and stroke it slowly…hmmm.”

My dry throat and thumping heart were making me speechless. Suddenly, dormant fears of someone seeing me half naked with Anja behind bushes, forced my hard dick go limp. The string of juice thickened as dick lost hardness, releasing more juice out.

“Now, don’t you dare make your Lund go soft, silly boy, or I will beat your Gaand blue with my belt..” She hissed in lusty voice and pulled her belt out. The threatening belt was swung and thrown menacingly, missing my butt by an inch. She let it slip out of her hand and hit the wide trunk of tree. The steel buckle made a muted clanking sound and fell down. Though the belt buckle missed my butt, I felt bad and wished that had hit me. My flaccid dick rose fast. Her large lust filled eyes fixated on me, Anja removed her boots, pants and panty, carefully folded them and put on the carrier of bicycle, where shortly, her shirt and bra also landed. Anja slipped in to shoes and looked around. Her boobs were not big but round and firm topped by thick dark nipples jutting out of large aureola.

Transfixed and encouraged by her infectiously daring nudity and smoldering sexuality, I started stroking my dick.

“Hmmm… don’t fear anything boy, you are with Anja… stroke your Lund to full hardness.” She walked to the raised mud platform around trunk of the Neem tree and squatted facing me, widening her legs apart.

“Oh…I need to piss now…see…” As she sat down and adjusted her balance on uneven muddy space, her thick cunt lips got parted, scooped out, showing her clitoris. A thick jet of pale yellow liquid gushed out, making a small crater in the sand. That was the most exciting but forbidden spectacle for me, seeing a nude lady pee in such an open way. My instant urge to imitate her daring pissing forced a trickle of piss escape my hard dick. I closed my eyes; an unknown pleasure gripped me, as a jet of piss started gushing out in wild spurts.

“Hmmm….very nice…you feel good boy…” Deeply aroused voice of lust filled Anja added to my new pleasure. Her hot breaths reached my neck and ears; I could feel her body behind me, hard nipples grazing my back.

“Don’t open your eyes and stroke your lovely Lund…” Her hands touched my butt, nails lightly scratching, she whispered.

“Now bend down…good that you made Padma Didi happy.” I stopped stroking and tried to straighten up, wondering how she could knew about me fucking Padma aunty. But that was about to be cleared by deliciously dominating masseur Anja. “Stay in position and stroke…don’t you get surprised boy..” Anja held my neck by brutally, nails digging in.

“It was me who suggested Padma Didi to fuck you…and today we may be going have a party…something you will remember through your life…so silly boy, keep your eyes close, stroke your Lund, listen and obey me and maintain secrecy. Or you know what will happen…don’t you?”

I nodded my total and unquestioned acceptance. She hummed and cooed as her fingers played with my balls and ass crack, scratching my ass hole by nails. Her hot breath was getting closer to my neck. I shuddered wildly and a bold of charge passed through when Anja nibbled at my left earlobe. Her tongue traced through neck and reached my shoulder. The spasms of burning sensation passing my body were further jolted by a stinging bite at base of neck, as her teeth kept digging in. I felt my dick hardening like rock, as stronger waves of pleasure seized my hot body. She slowly removed her teeth, as her saliva raced down, her one hand spanking my butt. Clanking sound of her belt buckle was increasing, as she did what was desired. My mind went back to that deliberately missed hit at my butt. A sensation started building in my ass, making my stroking more pleasurable than ever before. Suddenly her fingers stopped playing and I sensed she was walking away, making me desperate for so far inexperienced deeper probing. I have never touched my ass, though I knew it was found to be pleasurable.

“Boy, keep yourself still now…I am now hitting you Gaand blue by my belt.

“Yes, yes..I want that…beat my Gaand blue…” I heard myself pleading and waited.


The mild hit of belt leather made me desire harder stroke on my ignited butt. Anjas went on expertly hitting harder and harder. Waves of fiery sensation traveled all over my body, pushing me in a trance.

“Open your eyes and come here..” I heard her order coming from far.

Anja stood against the tree trunk, legs wide apart, swinging her delicious belt. When I was within reach, she grabbed my hairs and pushed me on my knees.

“Hmmm…Lick my Choot deep and good…and listen to me. As I knelt down, the belt swung and come down hard, biting my back and butt.

“Come on boy…lick and lap my Choot as you did with Padma Didi..” Her cunt smelled of piss and musty cunt juices. My tongue leaped and grazed her clit. Anja held my head between her muscled thighs.

Hmmmm…keep licking boy make me cum hard…than I will stroke and suck you…aahhh…good…finger me deep …..hmmmm….now touch my Gaand baby…” Her thighs relaxed to give access to her asshole.

….to be continued.

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