It was a calm sunny day. i had gotten all of the housework done in a reasonable amount of time. Master works until 5pm i make sure i have supper on the table. By the time Sir walks in the door, i am on my knees wearing nothing but my collar, waiting by the front door.

Sir looked like he had a long day. He looked at me and gave me a little smile as he said “Has My little cum slut been a good girl for Me today?” i replied in my soft and sweet voice “Yes Sir i have been a good girl for You today.”

Sir takes His boots off. He looks so sexy in His Air Force uniform. He then grabs my leash and connects it to my collar. He simply says “come bitch” i follow. Sir brings me to the table and says “Supper looks good baby girl.” i just smile at Sir as he directs me to my chair.

When supper is finished Sir tells me to clean up the kitchen and meet Him in the bedroom when the kitchen is spotless. i do as instructed, when i am finish i crawl down the hallway to our room.

Sir is changed into His street clothes and still looks handsome in every way. He tells me “It’s been a long. We are going out for a drink bitch. I’ve picked out this outfit for you, put it on and meet Me in the living room in 10 minutes.”

Master has picked out my shortest skirt, no panties, my favorite bra, a shirt that shows my 36DD tits off very well, along with the cutest boots i own. Sir has such good taste. i gladly put my clothes on then crawl out to the living room to Sir’s feet.

Sir takes my leash off my collar, hangs it back in its place, and says “Stand bitch… follow.” Sir puts me in the car and shuts my door. He then hops in the drivers seat and pulls out of the drive. It’s a short 15 minute drive to our usual bar.

On the way Sir grabbed my leg, showing me His strength, He squeezed it until i let out a little moan. Sir moved His hand up and teased my clit just a little before we pulled into the parking lot.

I follow Sir into the bar. We sit down on the bar stools. It’s a pretty slow night, there are only a few other people in here. Sir orders a jack and coke for Himself and a white wine for me.

Sir puts his hand firmly on my leg as he leans in and whispers softly in my ear “Open up bitch” i do as i am told and spread my legs for my Master. He began to finger me in the middle of the bar. i got quite nervous and began looking around to see if anybody noticed. Sir was the only one that noticed my paranoia.

Sir grabbed my jaw lightly but firm and pulled me in close. He told me “Don’t ever doubt My decisions and stop looking around bitch you are going to draw attention to us!” You told me to finish my drink then led me out of the bar.

As soon as we got in the car Sir looked at me and said “Do you think it’s going to suck itself bitch?” I instantly took Sirs’ cock out and gladly sucked it the whole way home.

When we got home Sir threw the car in park, grabbed me by the hair, and threw me back to my side of the car. i followed Sir inside our home. When we walked in the door i began to take my boots off. The next thing i knew Sir had a handful of my hair and was pushing me on the floor.

Sir: “Did I tell you to take your boots off bitch?”

sarah: “No Sir”

Sir: “you do not walk on your feet while in this house, you will keep your boots on unless I tell you otherwise bitch!”

sarah: “Yes Sir”

On my knees at Sir’s feet, He grabbed my leash and put it on my Collar “Come bitch” i follow. Sir walks much faster than i can crawl and He got mad at me for not keeping up.

Sir leads me to the middle of our bedroom floor, He simply lifts my skirt, i hear Sir unbuckling His belt. Out of nowhere i receive at least 10 good blows to each cheek. As Sir beat my ass He told me “Stop doubting my authority in public bitch! you need to let yourself go completely to Me even in public bitch.” i cried out “Yes Sir.” my ass stung so bad.

Sir moved to the bed and directed me to get naked and come to bed. i could feel His eyes on me as i undressed He was watching my every move. i was especially careful when removing my skirt being i had just gotten a small beating, i heard Sir chuckle behind me.

Sir helped me on the bed. At His feet looking up to him he said “Come swallow my dick for me bitch.” i did as told and Sir made me choke quite a bit. Once Sir was satisfied He threw me off Him and tied me down to the bed on my hands and knees. The next thing i knew i was gagged and blindfolded Sir said “Be fucking quiet this time. I have a fucking headache and your constant moaning is not going to help bitch. Every time you make a sound I will either spank or whip you Bitch.”

Sir sticks his big cock in my very wet pussy, i let out a small sigh. i get spanked. Sir fucked me really hard and deep, every time i moaned He spanked me. Out of nowhere Sir stuck His whole cock in my ass. I screamed and started to cry, the next thing i knew Sir whipped me very hard across my back and said “Shut the FUCK up bitch!” i tried really hard to be quiet for Sir while He raped my ass, but it got hard at times. i got quite a few more whippings.

Sir then came in my ass, got up and left me there fucked, beaten, blindfolded, and gagged. Sir came back and removed all my restraints, He was all showered and looked o so sweet. Sir tells me “Go shower, put your hair up in a bun, and come to Me with just your collar on bitch.” I say “Yes Sir.”

When i crawl down the hall i wait for Sir to notice me and invite me in. It takes Sir a few minutes to realize i’m there, when He does He Says “Hello my clean little bitch, come lay with your Master.” We watch a movie and cuddle for awhile. When the movie is done Master says “Pick up the living room and meet Me in the bedroom Bitch.”

Picking up fast i’m excited for what will happen next. When I crawl to the bedroom Sir is standing next to my cage. Sir points at my cage “Kennel bitch!” i look up at Sir with my sad eyes, it gets me nowhere. i crawl into my cage.

Sir usually trust me to stay wherever He has put me. Tonight, as He closes the cage door Sir leans down and places a lock on the door, as He does so Sir tells me “Bitch, once you can trust Me, your Master, completely in public I will trust you at home.” i whimper quietly as Sir shuts off the light and goes to bed without me.

Freddy walked out of the airport the Californian sun hit his face. Ok so what to do now Freddy thought to him, how about a car. He made his way to the parking lot. In the parking lot Freddy saw a women who looked to be in her mid thirties getting out of a red BMW he watched her throw her keys in her suitcase and that is when Freddy jumped on this opportunity. He paused time and went through her suitcase and found the keys, Freddy thought about doing something to her but he did not want her to notice her missing keys. Freddy restarted time and watched the lady walk inside the airport ready to get on a flight. Freddy jumped into a car and drove away. Freddy heard his stomach rumble and decided it was time for some food he went to McDonalds. Freddy walked up to the counter and saw a cute blonde probably mid twenties.

“Hi how’s it going,” Freddy said in a friendly tone.

The girls just gave a little smirk and asked, “What do you want?”

“Ok I’ll take 5 double cheeseburgers and a large fry,” Freddy responded.

She gave Freddy his food and as he was walking away he heard the girl say to her coworker, “Between those two we will be out of food in an hour.”

Freddy looked around and saw an oversized blonde with glasses chowing down on what looks to be her 4th burger. Freddy was drawn to her so he walked up to her and asked if he could sit down and she nodded in mid bite. “I’m Freddy by the way,” he said as he extended his hand to shake her hand.

“Katie,” she said as she grabbed his hand. The two started to hit it off and sat there for over an hour just talking. Freddy was pretty sure he was in love he had never been this comfortable talking to a girl other than Jamie, and Freddy was starting to think she was digging him as well.

Freddy started to ponder if he should tell her about the remote. If he did they could continue to have fun together and it could be a real bonding thing that would solidify their relationship. If it went bad he could just mind control her to forget about the remote. Ok its time, “Katie I have something pretty awesome to tell you.”

“Ya what is it,” she asked.

“Now try not to laugh because it is true, I have a remote that can stop time and can make me invisible,” Freddy said, deciding not to tell her about the mind control thing thinking it might freak her out.

Katie gave a little snicker “Ok what ever you…” Just then than everything stopped. Freddy had frozen everything but himself and Katie. Katie just looked around stunned “what the… are you playing a… this can’t be.” She ran over to a middle aged man and traced her finger around his eye to see if he would blink then slapped him in the face.

“I told you that I have a remote that can stop time,” said Freddy.

“But how did you. How does it,” Katie stuttered.

“Just sit down and I’ll explain,” Freddy said calmly. Freddy went on to tell her how Jamie had gotten the remote some of the pranks they have played how he got the remote and how he got to California. Through his whole story Katie just stared at him stunned. “So what do you think,” Freddy asked as he finished.

“I think it’s amazing but why did you tell me,” Katie asked.

“Well you’re the only person I know here and from what I can tell I feel like we have a good connection where we can have some real fun with this together,” Freddy answered.

Katie smiled and said, ” Well lets go have some fun.” She got up and headed to the door.

“Wait, this bitch made a fat comment about both of us,” Freddy said as he pointed to the cute McDonalds worker. “Ready to pop your time stop cherry.”

Katie looked over excited, “Hell yes,” she responded. Katie ran up to the girl and looks at her nametag, which says Kasey, “Well Kasey I’ll show you not to make fun Paybacks a bitch.” Katie takes off Kasey’s top revealing a small braless set of boobs, but in Freddy’s opinion these small boobs are not a turn off they fit perfectly with her petit body type. “These are cute,” Katie said pointing at her boobs. Katie then pulls down her black slacks uncovering a black thong, which were soon at her ankles as well. Katie then went to the kitchen and came back with three jalapeno peppers she broke all three in half and proceeded to shove all six pieces up Kasey’s ass. Katie laughed as she went over to the ice machine and got a hand full over ice cubes and continued to push the cubes up Kasey’s pussy one by one until the ice cubes were gone. “Well this should make this bitch squirm a little bit.” Katie said. Katie then put Kasey’s close back on after cutting two holes in her shirt exposing her tiny chest. Katie walked back to Freddy, “All done,” she said with a smile on her face.

“Very well done, are you ready,” Freddy said. Katie nodded her head and Freddy started time.

Kasey must have been stopped in mid laugh because as time started Kasey started to laugh. Then all at once that stopped she looked worried, and tried to run to the bathroom. She made it out from behind the counter and then fell to the floor writhing in pain. She pulled down her pants and thong not caring that she was doing this in the middle of the restaurant with everyone looking at her. She continued to try and fish the ice cubes out of her pussy, which she did not have much trouble with. After the ice cubes were out she went on to her ass. She spread her ass cheeks and tried to finger out the pepper but to no avail. Freddy and Katie had fallen over laughing, as Kasey continued to scream in pain, the sight of this bitch fingering her asshole in front of everyone was too much for them. Kasey realizing that the fingering technique was not working started to try and push them out. Her face turned even redder and became strained as if she was having trouble taking a shit. Then one by one each of the jalapeno halves were pushed out of her burning asshole. After the last jalapeno came out she continued to push making sure they were all out. All the pushing caused her to released a loud fart for everyone capping off the performance. Kasey put her legs down taking her ass off display and just laying on the floor completely wiped out from the whole ordeal.

Just then I loud yell came from a middle-aged man with gray hair who is presumed to be the manager. “Kasey Get your ass in her.” Kasey got up and made her way to him. The manager looked her up and down with pure hate on his face “You know what don’t even bother your fired just get the hell out of here.”

Freddy and Katie both jumped in Katie’s car and went back to Katie’s house. That night they talk for hours on end just thinking about all the things they could do, until they finally curled up together and fell asleep in each other’s arms.

In the morning Katie had to go to school and they thought it would be fun if Freddy would come along and shadow her and maybe they could have some more time stop fun.

As they were walking into school Freddy heard a yell coming in there direction, “Hey, Shamu what you doing hanging out with Fat Bastard.” Katie blushed and Freddy turned around to see who said that. It was a tall muscular kid with black hair and a face Brad Pitt would be jealous of. Around his arm was a blonde wearing sunglasses with huge probably fake boobs.

Freddy turned to Katie and asked, “Who is that, let me guess your football teams starting quarterback and head cheerleader.”

“No actually the athletes here are pretty nice, that’s Jake Broderick, pretty boy rich kid/ model/asshole and Missy Peaks, spoiled brat/ prom and homecoming queen/ bitch.

Freddy decided he was not going to take this he walked up to both of the and said, “Now that’s not very nice why do you guys have to be such assholes.”

“What did you say to me you fat piece if shit,” he yelled as a vein started to pop out of his forehead.

“I believe it was stop being an asshole,” Freddy calmly responded.

“Oh kick his ass Jake,” Missy spat

“Please tell your whore to shut up,” Freddy said back. That’s what made Jake snap his fist was inches away from Freddy’s face when time stopped. Freddy laughed, ok now the fun. Freddy turned Jake’s fist so it was inches from his own nose then he pulled Jake’s pants down revealing a pretty good sized dick, some people just have all the luck, frustrated with this Freddy gave him a good hard kick to the balls. “Now for you,” Freddy said as he tuned to Missy. He grabbed her what were probably $300 sunglasses and threw them on the ground breaking them. He then opened her shirt-exposing perfect what have to be at least double ds. Next came the nice low-rise jeans revealing a green thong that matched her beautiful eyes. Seeing Missy for the first time in all he glory. Freddy was stunned this girl was amazing her beautiful green eyes, her perfect tits, perfect ass, perfect everything else, she was probably the hottest girl Freddy had ever seen.

Well time to restart time. Time restarted and all hell broke lose. Jake’s punch hit himself in the nose no doubt breaking it as he fell to the ground out of breath from the kick to the balls. While Missy looked stunned at her boyfriend until she realized her predicament. She screamed trying to cover up her massive boobs as she stared to run to the bathroom, which was probably one of the hottest things ever, her boobs bouncing up and down her perfect ass running in that thong.

Katie was laughing then she hit Freddy on the shoulder, “I can’t believe you did not take me,” she said still laughing.

“I’m sorry next time you’re with me for sure,” Freddy said with a smile on his face.

Katie and Freddy went to their first class but only minutes in an announcement over the loud speakers called them both down to the office. As they walked into the principles office they saw an old man that was balding who was presumably the principle and a women who looked to be in her mid thirties wearing a gray and black pantsuit.

When Katie saw the women Freddy heard her mutter, “Shit,” underneath her breath.

“Please sit down you two, this is Mrs. Broderick,” said the principle. Freddy was stunned she was too young to be Jake’s mom although she did have the looks to be related to him. She had long black hair a beautiful but a tad stern and bitchy face. She had long legs and while a little hard to tell underneath the pantsuit a decent size chest. “I wanted to call you to down here to talk about a little incident that we had earlier today.” The principle continued. “Can you…”

“I’m just telling you two that I’m taking you fat slobs to court,” interrupted Mrs. Broderick

“Now Mrs. Broderick there is no need for,” but before the principle finished Mrs. Broderick walked out the door.

“Well I guess you two better go back to class,” the principle said in a dejected tone. “We’ll talk about this later.”

“What the hell was that about,” Freddy asked Katie as they were out of the principles office.

“That my friend is Mrs. Regina Broderick, Jake’s mom/ Head DA, never lost a case/divorcee/ sole sucking bitch,” Katie responded.

“Well I guess we are just going to have to stop her from taking us to court,” Freddy said.

“But how are we going to do that,” Katie moaned. Freddy just held up the remote and shook it in front of her face. An evil grin appeared on Katie’s face, “Perfect,” she exclaimed.

Freddy and Katie went through the rest of the day without using the remote for any thing real fun just to get free lunch and a few small pranks. After school they went to Wal-Mart for a few supplies and went back to Katie’s house. They knew that Regina did not get home till late so they waited till 9 o’clock then headed to the Broderick residents. When they got to the door Freddy turned them both invisible with the remote and they walked into the unlocked house. It was a very big house head DA has its perks I guess. They looked around seeing no one so they decided to check the bedrooms upstairs. They went in the first door and saw the master bedroom. They stopped time so it did not seem like the door just opened by itself. This room was huge a giant bed a big TV a huge walk-in closet but no Regina.

“Where is she,” Katie asked.

“I don’t know but we are in the bitches room lets look for something scandalous,” Freddy said. They looked around and Freddy found a big black dildo in her drawer while Katie found a blindfold and a few pairs of fuzzy handcuffs. “This chick is a freak,” Freddy says with a chuckle. As he chuckled he dropped the remote causing time to start up again. Then a noise came from the bathroom door. “Oh shit she is in the bathroom why did we not look there,” Freddy asked stunned.

“I don’t know but time for the fun to begin,” said Katie with the all too familiar evil grin on her face. Freddy stop time again and Katie says, “Stand back I can pick this lock.”

Freddy then turns the knob, “This is her own personal bathroom why would it be locked.” Katie huffed as she barged in the bathroom. There was Mrs. Regina Broderick with her pants around her ankles sitting on the toilet. Her face was a little red and her mouth was open. “Do you think she is taking a shit,” Freddy asked with a laugh.

“I don’t know lets check,” Katie said as she tipped Regina forward to look in the toilet. This action caused Regina to fall face first on the floor. “Oops,” Katie said as she peered into the bowl. “Nothing its empty just a little piss,” Katie said a little disappointed as she turned back to Freddy. “Oh gross” Katie exclaimed.

“What,” Freddy asked. Katie just pointed at Regina. Freddy looked, Regina had fallen so her ass was in the air on display and there was a three-inch turd dangling out of her asshole. “Haha we caught her mid shit,” said Freddy.

“Not so high and mighty now are you bitch with shit dangling from your ass,” said Katie as she took a picture of the bitchy DA.

“Here leave her I got a plan lets go find her son,” said Freddy as he sprinted from the room.

“I like this what’s the plan,” Katie called to him.

“Katie, get here quick I think we just hit the jackpot,” Freddy called to her.

“Why what is it,” Katie asked as she entered the room. Katie gasped at what she saw; it was Jake and Missy having some doggy style fun. Both bodies were shining with sweat and the cherry on top Jake was blindfolded.

Freddy laughed and said “Blindfolds run in the family I guess and thank you Brodericks for making this so easy.” Freddy walked over to Jake and Missy and said, “Ok here is the plan we are going to have Regina replace Missy in this little doggy style fun. This will create some much needed mother son bonding,” as he smacked Missy’s ass.

“Haha they really should be thanking us,” Katie laughed.

Freddy and Katie walked back to Regina’s room to see Regina still face first on the ground.

“Shit I forgot she was taking a dump,” said Freddy.

“But that makes it all so much better,” Katie said.

“But if she shits on him they will stop the quote on quote bonding,” said Freddy.

“This is only going to work if she finishes shitting before they are done fucking.”

“Well lets get going,” Katie says as she props Regina back on the toilet. They started time and watched her. Katie got out the camera and started taping it. Regina had kept grimacing and making different faces. Her face got redder and redder as she started to stomp her feet.

“This is taking too long,” Freddy said to Katie. Just then a plop sound was made.

“Ok lets go,” Freddy said as he was about to stop time.

“No wait she is still going,” Katie said as she tried to stop herself from laughing.

“Screw it,” Freddy said as he stopped time. He grabbed Regina and took her to her son’s room where luckily Jake and Missy were in the same position. They took Missy and threw her to the floor. They then lined Regina up with her son’s cock. “Wait look how dirty this bitch is,” Freddy said

“Here use this” Katie said as she picked up Missy’s green thong and threw it to Freddy. Freddy wiped the beautiful and powerful Regina Broderick and the jammed her son’s cock up her ass.

“That is going to feel awful one second she’s pushing out the other second something is being jammed in,” Katie said

“Not to mention the thing being jammed in is her son’s cock,” Freddy laughed. Freddy left then came back with Regina’s handcuffs and some tape. He manipulated the handcuffs so that Regina would not be able to move from that position. Freddy then took off Regina’s top leaving her completely naked Freddy stared at her perfect tan breast. They were probably around mid C cups.

Katie watched Freddy’s eyes glued to Regina’s chest.

“Not so perfect anymore,” Katie said as she wiped the shit covered thong over Regina’s chest leaving a brown streak across her boobs.

Freddy laughed and said, “I guess not,” as he went to tape Regina’s mouth shut.

“Wait,” Katie said as she took the shit-covered thong and threw it in Regina’s mouth. Freddy laughed and put the tape over her mouth. “Now what to do with you,” said Katie kicking Missy in the tit.

“I got an idea,” said Freddy, as he picked Missy up and ran with her outside. When Freddy reached the front yard he threw her down on all fours then looked around. A neighbor who looked to be in his mid 70ies was raking leaves. Freddy did not want to kill the old man by giving him a heart attack, so he just grabbed the man’s rake and returned to the butt-naked bitch. “Would you like the honors,” Freddy asked. Katie just smiled and took the rake and with one swift move jammed it deep into Missy’s ass. Katie continued to jam it in until the rake was 12inches up her ass.

The two sat back and laughed at the scene, “Hey I got another idea,” Katie said as she grabbed the remote. Katie hit the Mind control button and said, “Missy, for everyday this month you will find a homeless man or women and convince them to humiliate you in the most degrading sexual way they can think of. You will film these humiliating act and create a free porn site with these videos.”

“Wow that is amazing,” Freddy said with a huge smile on his face. “So you ready to start time and watch all hell break loose?”

“One second I just have to set up the cameras,” Katie said as she made one last adjustment to the camera. “Ok ready,” they both walked into Jake’s bedroom to watch and Freddy hit the start button.

Moans filled the room, Jake continued to drive his cock thinking it is Missy’s pussy, not to bright I guess. Regina eyes grew in horror, as the pain in her ass was almost unbearable. Regina muffled screams only sounded like moans, which entail made Jake only thrust harder. Regina was able to turn her head to see who was fucking her. Her eyes when she realized it was her son were priceless. Regina struggle to move but the handcuffs were doing their job all the struggling was doing was making her thrust back into her son. This made Jake feel like she wanted it rougher so he started spanking his mom and pulling her hair. This was some of the most intense fucking either Freddy or Katie had seen.

“Fuck me harder you bitch,” Jake yelled. This made Regina struggle harder against the handcuffs, which only made her comply with her son’s demands.

“Wait what’s that smell,” Jake said. Freddy and Katie could smell it too; it smelt like shit because it was shit. Apparently Regina had not been done on the toilet. A brown liquid was oozing out of the sides of her asshole. “Oh fuck it I’m almost done,” Jake yelled. Jake slammed his mom as hard as he could now. Regina was moaning in pain as Jake finally shot his load in his mom’s ass and collapsed on her. “That was the best sex ever, you really brought the freak out today as he kissed her back. Jake slowly took his cock out of his mom who was still was producing little moans. As Jake’s cock exited his mom so did all her bowels all over her son. “What the fuck,” Jake yelled as Regina’s bowels continued to squirt everywhere. Jake whipped off his blindfold. First he saw the shit everywhere “Fuck, this is fucking gross,” He yelled as he slapped Regina ass extremely hard. Then he looked up and saw his mom’s face. “What the fuck mom, are you fucking kidding me, you bitch what is your fucking problem, you disgusting perv” Jake yelled as he ran to the bathroom leaving his mom stuck there covered in shit. Regina was looking over her shoulder and that is when Freddy put a note that read

After calling his little brother by his name, Brandon got a little pissed off when no one responded, “Damn, that boy is sleeping once again, man, can’t he even stay awake for few hours at a stress?” He stomped on the floor hard on entering his little brother’s room and was amazed to see even the loud stomping noise didn’t wake up his brother, Kyle.

Brandon is a popular guy in college; despite his good looks he is fairly tall standing around 6’4″ and blessed with a muscular body. He bagged the gold medal in Inter College Swimming Competition just last year. But he is a playboy, not the kind looking for a meaningful relationship rather prefers meaningless sex and playing cool. After spending about one month with a girl, he usually break-up with her grabbing another chick without a hint of regret; however the same cannot be stated about 18 year old Kyle, younger than Brandon by only 2 years.

Both Kyle and Brandon are in same College one of the best college in Canada pursuing their higher studies. Kyle got his face from their mom, a well-known German model and is far better looking than his brother Brandon. His blonde hair shines like gold under sunlight and his blue eyes reflect nothing but innocence in comparison to Brandon’s black hair and brown eyes. Despite his good looks, he is more of a girl than a boy standing at only 5’4″ and skinny and looks like a Barbie doll beside his brother’s masculine structure.

“Kyle, wake up you sloth, I have been calling you for more than 5 minutes”, Brandon tapped his shoulder impatiently. But Kyle was sleeping way too deeply to wake up from a simple tapping on his shoulder. He clenched to his pillow tighter and whined a little refusing to wake up. “Please don’t leave me now, please Brandon, push it harder and finish what you started.”

Brandon was startled to hear this coming out from his brother’s mouth. Obviously, Kyle was dreaming something, but what was he dreaming about. Brandon stepped down a little and started to watch his brother with a grin decorating his mouth, trying to hear articulately what his brother was mumbling slowly. “Well well, looks like my cute brother is a girl beneath his shell.”

Kyle started to hump on his pillow slowly while panting under his soft breath without even a single hint of knowledge that his brother was watching him real time. After enjoying the bizarre show put on by Kyle, Brandon slowly pulled out his cell from his pocket and dialed Kyle’s number while sulking away from the room silently. After few rings, Kyle replied with a sleepy voice, “Hello?”

“I have been calling you by your name for the last 5 minutes, dumb-head, what in the world are you doing in your room?” Brandon said, in a voice as stern as he can make it. He could clearly hear the stumbling noise, maybe Kyle jumping up on his bed in surprise and gathering up his thoughts, “This must be hard for him, to respond to a call as if nothing happened, while just a moment back he was letting the caller fuck his ass in dream.” Brandon thought, while pressing the phone tighter against his ears not to miss even a slight bit of sound.

“Umn, I was kind of sleepy and well so fell asleep.” was the best excuse coming to Kyle at that moment while still waking up slowly from the dream trying his best to differentiate from the real world and the fantasy act he was indulged in his dream. And well, he was sleeping nonetheless, so he didn’t actually lie to his brother.

Just to make matter worse, Brandon spoke slowly, without losing the previous sternness, “I know you are always tired and sleeping like a sloth. Now, what were you dreaming about that took you so long to wake up, huh?” Brandon was trying his best, not to giggle out loudly, ruining the entire phone call.

“Umn, I wasn’t dreaming about an-anything.” Kyle lied to his brother blatantly; he just couldn’t admit the embarrassing truth about his fancy. Brandon on the other hand knew he was lying, but he didn’t press him for getting a confession, “Give him some time and soon the cat will be out of Kyle’s daydream bag.” He thought.

“Ok, I ‘understand’, now get ready soon; hope you remember the party I arranged in our home. People will be coming over soon. So, be quick.” Brandon cut off the phone call and giggled softly, while he pictured the party mentally. “I will make sure, he get enough teasing tonight to make him leap into my arms.” He chuckled to himself, while heading off to his room to dress up.

Kyle was a little worried as he put down the phone inside his pocket. “Why brother put more emphasis on the word ‘understand’” he thought to himself. He tried to shrug away the confusion out of his head, still from time to time he kept on doubting whether Brandon knows about his bisexuality or accurately his girlish type nature? Nevertheless he slipped inside a black sports shirt and blue jeans. He tied the old pink Mickey Mouse band on his wrist, his mom gave her many years back and he never attends anything special without wearing it. It reminded him of their parents; staying away from them from childhood was pretty hard for him.

The party mainly includes 4 people from Brandon’s college and Brandon himself accompanied by Kyle. As time passes by all those who are invited gathers inside the living room, waiting for Kyle to come down. Brandon did his best to convince them not to say anything to Kyle directly regarding his dreams and fantasy but Brandon knew Kyle is a bad drunk and soon he will be out of control and then the real party can start. Brandon pressed Matt, “Hope you brought the ingredients, Matt? I told you so.” A smile passed over his lips, when he saw Matt nodding.

After few minutes, Kyle came down from the upper floor his gaze traced over the faces of the people gathering in living room, Matt, Kelly, Julia, Sophia, his brother Brandon. Kyle had no idea about the grand-party plan which Brandon arranged for Kyle, so he came down without any suspicion smiling at each of them. Money is no problem for Brandon and Kyle’s family they never hesitated to buy anything for their son. So, they provided a huge room with x-box and home theatre including pool table and much more, but in spite of a luxurious life, neither of them got spoiled.

As heading off toward the room, Kelly couldn’t help but ask, “Hey Kyle, why are you wearing that pink band? Isn’t pink only for the girls?” Kyle didn’t respond and lowered his head a little, he managed a dry smile, but it didn’t cover up his pain struck face. Brandon motioned Kelly not to do that again, because the band was given to him by their mom, when he was a kid and he can be pretty emotional at times.

Kelly realized her mistake and apologized quickly to Kyle not to induce any hard feelings inside him, just before the entertainment. Kyle nodded; after all it wasn’t a big deal. As they make themselves comfortable on the room, Matt started to prepare cocktails for everyone. After finishing he purposely handed Kyle the stronger one, just to make him drunk quicker. Brandon noticed it smirking, “Kyle, don’t rush, you lose control pretty quick you know that.”

Kyle shook his head, as his blonde hair strands tattered around his head; he brushed them off behind his head by his hand and looked at his brother, “Don’t worry, I am 18 now brother.” He sat on a chair and started sipping from his glass as the others joined the act, drinking their own glass. As time passed by, the number of shots increased and soon, Kyle started to become a little dizzy.

No one in the room missed the hint and Kyle was slowly getting drunk they all waited for him to become drunk enough to take advantage of. Kelly, Brandon’s girl friend, slowly wrapped her arms around Brandon’s strong and wide chest, from behind and started to whisper in his ears, something that made Brandon laugh out loudly, fixing his gaze on Kyle. Kyle was getting more and more uncomfortable as he started to take more shots to prove to his brother, “I don’t get drunk easily” without even realizing that he was drunk already.

Julia placed her hand over Kyle’s shoulder, “Easy boy, I think you are already a little bit under the influence.”

As everyone giggled at the comment, Kyle took another shot and shot a glare at everyone in the room, his voice was not at all articulate as he spoke out, “I am not drunk. I am NOT. I can prove it.” Everyone was pretty much making fun of him, as Kyle was barely able to stand straight. Brandon took him by his shoulder and pushed him to the ground, forcing him to sit so that he didn’t have himself hurt from tripling off on the floor.

Sophia asked Kyle with a beam on his face, “Whom among us, do you love honey? Kelly is with Brandon, Julia is with Matt but I am all alone now, single you can say in other word.” Sophia is a breathtaking brunette and she was the group leader of cheerleader group in high school, standing at 5’11″ much taller than Kyle himself, “So, well, what do you say Kyle?”

Kyle is a bad drunk. But he had no idea that only a couple of shots of Jack Daniel and coke will get him that drunk, drunk enough not to realize what is inappropriate to say. He giggled out shyly and pointed at Brandon, “I love him, and I surely do. He turns me so hot.” After saying that he lifted his heavy head and stares at Sophia, “Well, umn, you are gorgeous as well. I just can’t believe that you are single, honey.”

Everyone tittered loud at the innocent confession from Kyle; no one imagined this would be that much piece of a cake. Kyle was sitting on the floor, as all others started to discuss something among them, keeping Kyle out of the conversation. After few minutes Kyle saw his brother approaching him with a smile from one corner of his lips to the other corner as he placed his hand under his young brother’s chin, “How much do you love me Kyle? Can you do anything for me?”

Kyle rubbed his eyes in disbelief that his brother is asking him something like this. He nodded affirmative, “Yes brother, anything, well just try me.” Brandon and everyone else, couldn’t help but feeling a little sad to take advantage of this younger boy. But this was just too much thrill and entertainment to pass. Kyle’s eyes were piercing through their guilt feeling, as if those eyes were begging Brandon to fuck his virgin asshole right there.

Brandon smiled and slowly placed his palm over Kyle’s crotch with a grin on his face, while gently pushing his hand against the crotch, “So, my little innocent brother doesn’t mind doing incest. Jesus, when did you turn out to be a sissy boy, Kyle? I heard you got yourself a girl friend, was that story a bluff?”

Kyle blushed intensely at this question and threw his body forward and whispered into Brandon’s ear, this was too embarrassing and humiliating to admit in front of so many people and all of them were good friends of his brother and Kyle’s as well, “Well, umn, brother, she rejected me, cause I am not so big down there, in between my legs.”

Kyle hoped his brother will keep this secret within his mind but he was proved to be wrong when he heard Brandon’s soft cackle followed by a line spoken in a comical style, “Oh my dear, you little poor thing.” He said as he started to rub Kyle’s crotch gently, “She broke up with you, because of your little dick? My dear, such an honest confession, you must truly love me brother.”

Kyle stared away from his brother and started to cry a little, he never imagined his brother to be so cruel to reveal his secret jokingly to his friends, but Kyle stopped crying when Brandon placed his hand under his drunk brother’s chin asking for one favor, “If you love me brother, then be our party bitch. Let me see how much you truly love me. Can you do that for me?”

It was a weird request, something like that Kyle never heard before. But for some reason he felt that this was his only chance to prove his love and in the silly drunken brain he couldn’t do much of the thinking, he slowly nodded in affirmative, “Yes, Brandon. I will do it for you. But please don’t be rough, brother.” Kyle said, and started to walk towards the center of the room, barely able to walk straight, trolling away here and there till he heard Brandon speaking in a stern voice.

“Strip out of these clothes right now, these are for a boy, not some girly boy like you. You deserve to be dressed in skirts.” Sophia slowly started to take out clothes of his little sister, who is approximately of same height Kyle from her bag, as Brandon texted him to bring for the special event, and smiled at Brandon. Finally the time has come.

A voice inside Kyle was telling him not to do this the whole idea of incest seemed to be disgusting. But on the other hand he couldn’t fight back the thrill of becoming the party bitch. He started to speak something incoherent, a mild protest against this but a tight slap on his face from Julia changed his mind-set 180, as he realized this was a point of no-turning-back.

Soon the thrill took over his conscience and turning around to face everyone, as they watched him with a glee, he pulled out his shirt. His bare chest now exposed to all, but that wasn’t much, soon he placed his finger inside the waistband of his pants and started to pull it down showing his white colored underwear. He looked hesitant about pulling the last piece of cloth down but a stern voice change his attire once again, “DO IT.”

Kyle couldn’t resist against the command and slipped out of the last piece of modesty. It revealed his perfectly round and soft buttock and the little thing hanging between his legs. Kyle could pretty much understand that everyone is mocking his little dick from the way they were tittering at him. Julia walked towards Kyle and bend over to inspect the dick, “Holy God, you are just so adorable. I bet Matt’s cock is more than twice your size Kyle. But it’s ideal for a girly boy like you, honey.”

Kyle blushed intensely at the comment as his cock started to shrink even more, trying to hide behind his blonde pubic hair. Matt laughed out loudly and pointed at Kyle’s cock and said, “Wow, he is a natural blonde but Brandon, we need to shave this slutty girl. Looks like he still has a way to protect his clit from our view, don’t you think?” Kyle looked away from them; it was so humiliating for him to see they are talking about him as if he weren’t there in front of them.

Brandon smirked a little and observes everyone’s face, as all of them were waiting to hear from him including Kyle, barely able to hold back his tears. But both Brandon and Kyle knew that inside Kyle was enjoying this moment as much as others. Brandon placed his palm under his chin and thought about it for a while, adding more drama to it then finally stated, “Sure, we can’t have a toy that covers up him, ooooops herself, like that.”

Kyle tried his best not to shed tears, but the cruel comment by his brother was way too much for him to endure and that too while drunk. He slowly started to cry and he looked at them almost ready to beg for pity as tears started to roll down his cheeks and dropping as small beads from his chin onto the floor. Brandon smiled and threw at him a razor, water bottle and shaving cream, “Hurry up and shave that precious curly blonde pubes of you.”

“I don’t know. I mean I never shaved before.” Kyle said trembling, too full of emotions and tears. He never expected being a party toy can be this much humiliating, though for some strange reasons, he found this whole scenario standing naked in front of boys and girls little older than him extremely erotic, still he couldn’t help but crying.

A roar of laughter rose as Brandon and others heard the honest confession from Kyle. To hear an 18 year old confess he can’t shave was too much comical not to laugh. Sophia looked at Brandon and cooed, “Can I shave this baby, Brandy? Please, allow me to.” Brandon was too much confused to answer, but he nodded, after all they gathered today to have a little fun. Sophia clapped happily like a little girl and looked at Kyle, “Sit on the floor, with your legs spread Kitty.”

Brandon and Matt couldn’t deny the uncomfortable sensation growing inside their pants, as they sat Kyle sitting on the floor reluctantly with legs spread. Brandon, Kelly, Matt and Julia sat on the sofa gathering around Sophia and crying Kyle. Julia and Kelly noticed their boy friend’s uncomfortable state and exchanged a quick glare, smiling as they began to rub Matt’s and Brandon’s crotch respectively.

A soft moan escaped Matt and Brandon’s mouth. Sophia turned back to see what was going on and said giggling, “Wow, a little shaving is turning on two dudes here. No doubt, that boys love to see girls getting their pubes shaved, good, now sit back and enjoy the show.” Then she turn her face to meet Kyle in the eye, she placed her hand over his cheek and smiled, kissing his forehead softly, “Don’t cry Kyle. It is good that now your secrets are out, after today’s initiation you will never have to pretend yourself. You can be what you are, what you always wanted to be. So just relax, this is for your best. Don’t worry no one is going to hate you for that, I know your type, my ex-boy-friend is exactly the same girly boy like you and we are still friends.”

Kyle nodded a little, he felt a little more comfortable than before. Sophia started to pour water over his crotch, “Don’t be ashamed Kyle. And sit still, I don’t want to see you wiggling around, trying to escape.” She smiled and squeezed out a moderate amount of shaving cream from the tube and started to rub her hand all along Kyle’s crotch, preparing his pubes for the upcoming shaving.

Kyle blushed as he felt his cock starting to have an erection because of a foreign touch on his body. Soon his cock managed to get a complete erection standing straight pointing to the ceiling poking out from the white foamy cloud of shaving cream. Sophia managed a soft chuckle and started to coat his dick with the cream as well to embarrass him further. But the new sensation made his cock throb as he moaned a little. Sophia leaned and brought her lips in front of Kyle’s ears, “Your dick is even smaller than my pinky finger. So, I will call you Pinky from now and onwards.”

Kyle saw with bewildered eyes that Kelly and Julia pulling their boy-friends’ zippers down taking out their erect cocks. “Boy, they are huge” A small comment escaped Kyle’s lips without his knowledge. Sophia turned back and nodded in approval, “True, that’s the reason we don’t want you to pretend to be someone else.” As she slowly brought the razor blades, down on his soft skin, shaving off the hair, while occasionally looking at Kyle’s sea blue eyes, “Boy, you are so turned on now, aren’t you?”

After few minutes, Sophia smiled and patted the tip of Kyle’s cock, slowly standing up and looking at everyone else, “The girl is ready, why don’t we put Pinky in my sister’s clothes now?” She walked away from the room to wash off her hands leaving the utterly humiliated but extremely turned on Kyle sitting naked on the floor hiding his cock with his hands, staring at the small skimpy girly dress.

“Put some clothes on, Kitty.” Brandon grinned and added, “Well, Kitty is your girly name from now on, hope you like it.” Kyle smiled shyly and started to put on the clothes, a black short skirt, so short that if he bends over, it will reveal his butt cheeks considerably and a yellow bra. After putting those on, he stood in front of the group, with his hands at his sides, no hair below his eye brow and yes, those blonde long hair strands and blue eyes, he looked like a perfect girl.

“Damn, she looks so hot, honestly.” Sophia entered the room, smiling. “I bet she will look even hotter in thongs.” She grinned and sat in between the two couples, who were already high. The transformation of Kyle was so erotic for all those young adults, neither of the boys could deny the cause of their erection and the girls were damp in between their legs as well. Sophia suddenly turned to Kyle with a grim look on her face, “However Kitty, the last thing you need to do before calling yourself a perfect girly party toy is pleasuring everyone with your precious little mouth and tongue. That’s the last step in initiation.”

Kyle was uncertain what to do now, as he saw Sophia slowly walking over him. Kyle was feeling a lot of more comfortable around Sophia than anybody else in the room, because she seemed kinder and could understand the mental dilemma of Kyle. She placed her soft palm against his cheek and brushed off few hair strands falling over his head, “Kitty, don’t worry, don’t hesitate now. If you can gather up the courage this first time, you will always be who you are, and won’t have to hide behind lies. Go on, start with Brandon, you know you want to.”

Kyle was still wondering about it, but a tight slap on his butt from Sophia motivated him greatly to move forward. As he was walking trembling, he could feel all eyes on him, anticipating for the moment when Kyle will be on his knees sticking out his tongue to worship his own brother Brandon. As the moment came everyone gasped to see the eagerness in his eyes, as Kyle saw the throbbing long member sticking out in front of his face.

As Kyle leaned forward, closing his eyes to kiss the long throbbing cock for the first time in his life, Brandon placed his finger over Kyle’s lips, “Kyle, you worthless dog. You haven’t thanked Sophia for her effort and her kindness, have you?” As Kyle shook his head a little ashamed, Brandon slapped his face so hard that Kyle fell on the floor hard, “Crawl all the way like a dog you are and thank her first, before even considering coming back to me.”

Sophia was sitting opposite to them, with a bright smirk on her lips; she chuckled when she heard what Brandon commanded the poor sissy to do. As Kyle turned around and started to crawl on the cold floor everyone was having a clear view of his naked bum down the hem of the short-skirt. Kyle looked up at Sophia and said blushing from the humiliation of being forced to crawl like a dog. He regretted not to thank the girl kindest to him, “Umn, sorry Sophia, I mean, thank you for what you have done and also for the dress.”

Sophia again posed as the gentle lady in front of him; she stroked his hair and nodded, “its okay. I know it is hard for you right now to do everything the others are demanding. But consider it the last step in order to become a perfect sissy boy that you longed to be for so many years and you know that. Now go.” She patted his head few times before pushing him off her legs.

Kyle once again crawled back kneeling in between Brandon’s wide open legs. Brandon chuckled and let out a small moan on feeling the wet lips softly kissing the tip of his cock. Kelly leaned over and started to make out with Brandon, while pressing her proud erect nipples over Brandon’s muscular chest. Brandon with one hand pushed Kyle’s head deep making him also gag on his long cock while his other hand slipped inside Kelly’s shirt started to fondle the round shapely tits.

Julia took out a 9″ strap on from her bag and smiled at Sophia, tossing over the strap on to her. Sophia caught it in air and giggled at Matt while wearing it on her waist, “Looks like you are gonna have to wait to pump inside her, Matt”. Julia smiled and stripped out of her skirt and top and bend over, her face in front of Matt and her butt exposing itself to Sophia. Julia slowly started to wiggle her butt in excitement of getting the huge strap-on inside her holes.

Matt smiled and grabbed Julia’s boobs in his hand and started to squeeze it slowly, while making out with her wildly, “I don’t mind waiting, more the wait, better the reward.” Sophia leaned over and spat on her fingers, before she started to finger Julia, her saliva acting as the lubricant. Julia let out a small soft moan; being a little masochistic she loved the idea of getting violated. But she also enjoys tormenting people weaker than her. Sophia grinned and pushed the thick tip of the strap-on inside Julia’s cunt and smacked her butt cheek with her palm.

In the meantime Brandon slowly pulled the top of Kelly, stripping her above waist, his hands slowly circling around her nipples, fingers teasing the erect nipples at times. Kelly was all sweaty and sexually frustrated to get her teased like that, she slowly reached her crotch and started to rub it over her clothes and moaned. Kyle was doing his best to please his big brother, sucking on the thick long shaft up and down, gradually increasing his speed, he could almost feel the dick throbbing inside his mouth.

Kelly smiled and leaped on Brandon’s lap, her legs straddling his waist as she leaned her head a little backward, feeling Brandon squeezing her tits harder than before, she moaned out, “Brandon, after you fill up your faggot sissy brother’s mouth with your hot juicy cum, you will have few minutes to charge up while Kitty’s tongue will pleasure me, then I will ride your cock, honey.”

Kyle moaned with the cock inside his mouth as he heard what awaits him in the near future. He continued to suck on the long cock inside his mouth till he felt Brandon forcing his head against his cock deeply and spoke, “Get you silly sissy mouth ready bitch. But remember, savor all the drops of cum inside your mouth, don’t swallow even a single drop without permission. Got it?” Kyle couldn’t even reply or even nod before he felt the long cock shaft squirting streams of semen inside his mouth. Kyle remembered the command so he suppressed the urge to swallow down the salty sticky fluid along his throat.

Brandon patted Kyle’s head a couple of times before turning all commanding again, “Crawl to the kitchen and bring one empty bowl, bitch.” Kyle didn’t even need to be told twice as he started to crawl to the kitchen. When he brought the bowl back, the bowl resting on his back, everyone giggled at him. Kyle thought that the main source of their giggle was the bowl resting over his back, but actually they giggled to see the obvious discomfort of Kyle to keep his mouth shut, holding all the cum inside his mouth. But the next order was even more terrifying, “Put the bowl on the floor and spit out the juice in it.”

Kyle felt everyone was looking at him. Kelly and Brandon were staring at him while kissing themselves. Julia and Matt was looking into his eyes and his blushing face while Matt was squeezing Julia and Sophia while fucking Julia’s cunt mercilessly turned her head back to see Kyle. Kyle faltered over it for a while before reluctantly putting the bowl down over the floor and spitting out cum bending down. He felt so humiliated that he couldn’t even look at them in the eye, but his masochistic body was enjoying every moment of it. Humiliation was turning his little dick on and no one missed his dual feelings.

Kelly smiled and broke the silence of the room first, “Kitty come on and lick me to the orgasm I deserve. Make it fast; I don’t want Brandon to wait for a long time you know.” Kyle waited for a while looking at the duo. Brandon sitting on the sofa, panting while recovering from the orgasm and Kelly was sitting in between Brandon’s legs, her hips just a little above Brandon’s cock. Kyle saw Kelly slipping her hand inside the waistband of her jeans, pulling them down her long leg along with her thong. She pressed, “Come on, you little bitch, hurry up and dump your tongue inside my pussy. Actually you DON’T DESERVE my cunt, so think of it as a great prize and worship me properly.”

Sophia slowly pulled down her jeans and re-attached the strap-on on her waist and smiled at Matt, “Your girl friend is so slutty Matt. I can’t help.” She yanked Julia’s head backward grabbing her by her hair and took out the strap-on from Julia’s cunt. “Nor that I want to be gentle. And let’s rip her asshole wide open.” Matt grinned and looked at Julia in the eye. No wonder, she wanted it rough, she is just like a little slut currently her position a little higher than latest member of the group, Kyle, their new party bitch.

Kyle slowly crawled to his brother and Kelly. He could see that Brandon and Kelly are again making out wildly as Kelly wiggled her butt a little. Kyle realized the message; Kelly wants him to hurry up. As he positioned himself, kneeling in between Brandon’s legs again, while stretching his neck so that his face and her butt came to same height, Kelly out of clear blue sky suddenly pulled Kyle’s face pushing it roughly against her sex. Kyle groaned a little as he stick out his tongue starting to caress Kelly’s cunt, but the position made his nose sticking inside her butt crack.

Kelly burst out in laughter as she felt their new Kitty pressing his nose up against her butt-crack while licking her cunt. “Wow, Brandy, your brother is a real bitch. I mean look, he got his nose up my ass and God, he is fucking horny, I bet he loves to sniff people’s butt like a real street dog.” She reached her hands backward and spread apart her butt cheeks, so that his nose started to touch her smelly asshole directly. “Go on puppy, take a good long sniff, the only air you are gonna get now will be contaminated with the lovely smell of my ass, which you love so much. And if I sense you stopped licking to inhale through your mouth, believe me, I will spank your dick so hard, you would wish you were born as a girl.”

Kyle closed his eyes in shame and started to lick Kelly’s pussy lips slowly, running his tongue all over her sex. With each sniff to inhale air, the strong aroma of Kelly’s asshole was hitting him hard but he was too afraid to piss these guys after all Sophia did tell him this is all part of an initiation. He was a little skeptical if this is initiation then what will happen after he becomes a true party bitch? However this was not the time to question, he slowly prodded her pussy with his tongue. The pussy lips felt so soft and warm around his lips his virgin curiosity convinced him to tongue fuck her slowly.

Matt was playing with Julia’s nipples anyway he liked, sometimes pulling them away for her boobs, sometimes, pressing them against his fingers tightly and occasionally giving tight squeeze on her tits. Matt whispered something in Julia’s ears and Julia nodded with a little hint of embarrassment. She tried to mumble out something interrupted by a harsh kiss on her lips; Matt used his tongue to pry her lips open, rubbing his tongue all over her. Slowly Matt descended his lips slowly from her face along her soft tender neck finally approaching her nipples.

Sophia with a beam on her face took out a napkin from her purse when she saw Matt sucking on Julia’s boobs while fondling them slowly. Sophia rubbed the strap-on with her napkin to dry it up. She then started to rub the napkin over Julia’s asshole as well, Julia also sensed what Sophia’s intended to do, and still she cried back, “What the fuck are you doing? Please just insert it inside.” For a previous party bitch, this was an offense which Sophia had no intention to ignore. She quickly placed a strong kick in between her legs, right on the pink pussy lips to shut up Julia.

Matt grinned and slowly began to bite Julia’s erect nipples to remind her who was the boss inside the room, anybody except Julia and Kyle. As Julia whined a small mumble and positioned herself still the last hint of protest erased from her body, Sophia yanked Julia’s head by her hair again and started to explain, “Well, you see whore it’s been a long time since you lost your anal virginity and so I think you can endure this strap-on without any lube. So I dried you up and the little strap-on tip. Relax and you will enjoy this honey.”

Matt stroked his rock hard cock few times; before he slowly raised himself up, his lips locked against Julia’s and his hands were mercilessly squeezing and abusing her tits. He could feel the way she trembled in pain when Sophia inserted the thick long strap-on inside her butt-hole in one swift motion. Julia’s dried up anal walls tried to clench them to push out the strap-on by pure reflex hurting her even more than before. Sophia reached Julia’s sore cunt lips and began to play with them by her fingers, “Well well, looks like the slut is enjoying this way too much. She is even dripping her filthy juice on the floor. No problem Kyle can lick the floor clean.”

Kyle on the other hand was having a rough time pleasuring Kelly. He felt her orgasm was approaching, but the smell of her ass almost made him numb. He wanted to lick her faster, running his tongue around her clitoris in circles, slowly toying with her vagina, but he felt a little tired. Kelly signaled Brandon to do something and soon Kyle felt a strong sharp pain on his balls as Brandon kicked his sissy brother in between his legs hard, “Hurry up, I can’t wait much longer for you to finish.” Kyle groaned in pain and nodded helplessly.

The kick motivated Kyle a lot to work his tongue on Kelly’s sex faster than before. Soon his tongue got coated in girly juice while bringing Kelly to her orgasm. He knew beforehand that Kelly will torture him a little bit before letting him go and so she did. She placed her hands at the back of Kyle’s head and pushed his face deep against her butt, practically cutting off his air as she humped her face till she reached her pleasure.

Just on reaching orgasm, her grip on Kyle’s hair got tighten, her toes all curled up and she stretched out her legs wider accompanied with a loud girly squeal of pleasure. But even after she climaxed, Kyle didn’t loosen her grip on Kyle’s head and he started to panic as he was almost devoid of any air. He tried to push her butt away from his face with his weak trembling hands, but she proved to be stronger as they all laughed at his futile effort. Her moist dripping pussy lips touching his lips as if mocking him, reminding him of something who’s real pleasure Kyle will never get in his sissy life.

All of a sudden he realized what was expected from him. Kyle started to kiss the pussy in front of his lips gently, as if he was grateful to get the honor of licking it at the same time he did his best to sniff her butthole like she mentioned before, daring not to breathe in through his mouth without permission from Kyle. Kyle laughed out loudly to hear the blubbering sound coming from beneath. She became aware of the fact that Kyle’s ego was totally sabotaged and she felt a joy of satisfaction. She took pity on him and pushed his face away from her butt as a reward, “Hope you realize your position, mutt.”

Kyle blushed and nodded he hoped that he would get a small break after that but he heard one stern voice, it was Sophia’s voice, surpassing the sound of Julia’s constant scream as Sophia was fucking her asshole brutally, “Kitty, don’t idle your time away. I want you to crawl towards us and first lick clean the pussy juice off the floor for which this slut is responsible.” She paused and smacked her right palm against Julia’s sore cunt lips. Hearing her scream made Sophia glee a little then she continued, “Then Kitty, you will wait on all your fours and make sure to stick your tongue out and pant like a dog until we tell you that we are ready.”

Apparently she was kindest to Kyle but Kyle was able to sense that Sophia was the most dominant girl among all of them present in the room. He realized pissing her off would be a grave mistake; he quickly crawled his way to reach all three of them. He couldn’t help but started to cry a little at the idea of licking off the floor clean. But he found his masochistic body enjoying this degradation more than ever as tip of his tongue touched on the juice drops on the floor. He could feel his cock throbbing under his skirt as his tongue swept through the droplets along the floor.

Sophia spat on Julia’s back showing a sharp disrespect towards her as she pulled the strap-on out of her aching asshole. She tossed the strap-on to the ground and jumped over the Sofa’s backrest. She smiled as gently straddled Matt’s head with her naked legs. She patted Matt’s head, “Come on Matt, worship the cunt of that woman, who treated your girl like the piece of slut she is deep inside her soul. You know you want to and so do I.”

Julia was panting for breath for a while, she felt his asshole almost bleeding from the pain Sophia inflicted upon her. “Damn, cunt she should have used a lube.” She thought, while positioning her for the next event. She buried her face in between Matt’s muscular legs to worship his throbbing manhood by her own mouth. She parted her legs and pointed at Kyle, “Hey you little sissy, come here at once and lie on the floor on your ass and I want your chest to support my ass while I am squatting down to please Matt. And you are not worthy to touch his manhood but as soon as I tell you to, I want to crawl as fast as you can and open up your mouth to accept his cum inside your faggot mouth.”

Kyle obediently followed her instructions. He lied on the cold floor on his bare ass and saw the view that made his sissy cock throb with lust but he can never have it the way his cock wanted to. He saw Julia slowly rotating her waist in dance moves, her crotch clearly lying above his face. He not only resisted the urge to jump on her and push his little manhood right through the open lips of her cunt but also allowed her to rest her ass while she was squatting down in between Matt’s legs. “Worship my cunt, you dog. And even if you made me orgasm quickly don’t think of it as your skill but remember the hour long fucking Sophia gave me without permission to cum.”

Kyle blushed to even visualize the position of Matt, Sophia, Julia and lastly he himself. It looked like a porn orgy part where he was the common bitch. His fantasy when met with the real life the reality shook his fantasy kingdom heavily. It was catastrophic considering his mental stability. But because of the cunning way Sophia guided his little soul to this degradation comforted him even a little in this world. He found himself sticking out his tongue and slowly licking off the damp moistness formed around Julia’s vagina. Julia responded with a soft moan but she harshly pushed her damp pussy lips against Kyle’s face.

There prevailed a highly sexual aroma inside the house with Brandon letting his girl friend Kelly ride his large cock while he was placing kisses all over her face and sometimes around her neck letting his hands roam around her boobs in their own free will accompanied with both of their moans time to time. At a distance from the duo there were all four of Sophia, Matt, Julia and Brandon’s own brother, the young Kyle for whom the party became so special.

Sophia was grinding her moist cunt on Matt’s inexperienced tongue so she took the duty to make herself cum on his face all by herself. She was occasionally slashing his pride verbally, “No guy small or big without a worthy tongue can even dream of getting their cock inside me, anywhere. You should be ashamed for I see new Kyle is more worthy considering his eagerness to worship a lady in the proper way.” After a while of meaningless face humping as she felt the thrill in her body to abuse another boy who currently was trying his best with his tongue to please her cunt, she whispered in his ears, “Maybe I will allow Kyle to fuck me, but not you.”

Matt knew what Sophia was telling was purely to full fill her sadistic needs and she didn’t mean it for she knows pretty well that Matt can satisfy a woman in bed or else he couldn’t have been the only boy friend of slut Julia for few years without any break. Matt was glad that at least he was provided with an open view of Sophia’s moist cunt, the cutest black girl in their college whom everyone craves to have but no one succeeded properly. On the other hand, his long member was being sucked on by Julia sensitively the way he loved it most. He grabbed on her head and began to fuck her face faster for he couldn’t bear the painful and irritating blue-balls any longer than he should.

Julia moaned from the way Matt pushed her head deeper. She started to deep-throat him faster than before. She was almost chocking at the end of each deep thrust but she enjoyed the feelings of a big cock inside his mouth and there was also the satisfaction a girl feels inside her mind when she pleases her boy friend physically. But on the other hand she wasn’t that kind or sensitive about Kyle. Kyle was using his tongue as best as he could as per the experienced he gained by pleasuring Kelly but Julia insisted him to speed up the process. When Julia thought he wasn’t doing good enough she threw her hand backward and began to slap his ‘special clitty’ from over his skirt mercilessly.

***Hello all! Please note the category as it might help you avoid this story before you start reading it if it’s not within your tastes. On that note, this story also has elements of Mind Control, Anal, NonConsent/Reluctance and a little Exhibitionist & Voyeur with foreshadowing of Incest/Taboo. If these are things you might enjoy or have an open mind to, then I really hope you like this story.***

***In the last chapter, Haley, Crystal, and Laura – three college freshmen known as the “Mean Girls” – stole from a cave that they were warned not to. They found out the hard way that the world is actually governed by gods and goddesses with great but local power. The goddess of the cave gave each girl an unique but equally perverted punishment. Haley become incapable of saying no, Crystal’s body required fresh cum to survive instead of water, and Laura’s breasts became unbearably sensitive; the slightest touch or failing to wear revealing clothing now sending her into a blinding lust. She also became only able to orgasm via breast stimulation and not through her own touch. When we last left our “heroes”, Haley had been able to escape the cave a few minutes ahead of Crystal; both of them leaving Laura passed out inside. Please read Chapter 1 if you’d like further details!***

Crystal cursed herself for not wearing a sports bra as she held her extremely generous chest in place. Then again, she didn’t know she’d be running like this today. She cursed again when she finally reached the exit and Haley was nowhere in sight. Haley was too smart to stay anywhere near the college and certainly anywhere near herself or Laura. And even if Crystal didn’t have to deal with her super-sized boobs, Haley was way more in shape. With a headstart, there’s no way Crystal could catch up to Haley. No, she would have to forget about Haley and consider her own problems. She had just swallowed the disgusting seed of an old man and was still thirsty. Unfortunately, it appeared as though the curse made it such that she needed as much cum as she would normally need water. How was she supposed to get that much if she wasn’t allowed to store it up? Not that that would have appealed to her any more. It just would have been a bit more convenient.

It wasn’t like Crystal didn’t give blowjobs. She had her pick of terrified boys to bring back to her place whenever she felt horny, and giving head made her feel in charge; as strange as that sounded to some. But that was why she hated the idea now. She didn’t want to need it. She wanted to make all the rules. She would just have to pretend that she was doing it for the reasons she normally did. The boys rarely asked questions and unlike Haley, Crystal wasn’t required to honestly answer under the wrong circumstances.

Crystal had been right about Haley who had made a beeline for the farmland on the other side of the college. She had to cut straight through campus to get there, but her reputation served her well enough that nobody dared speak to her. They had no idea that she would be required to comply with anything they told her to do. Haley didn’t even bother stopping by her dormroom. Too big of a risk. She tried to keep her cool and walk at an even pace, but even the most casual observers would have said that the leader of the Mean Girl’s short black bob was bouncing more than usual that afternoon.

Haley couldn’t remember the last time she felt so relieved as when she got to the wooden fence signifying the start of private property. She wasted no time in hopping the short barrier and breaking into a run across the field. Haley had done track in high school, but despite her still toned body, she was more out of shape than she was used to. Despite her aching muscles, she pushed herself farther. She would tell herself to run just one more property every time she reached the next one. Finally her legs screamed too loudly to ignore and she snuck into the closest barn. She climbed up into the loft and found a patch of hay that was out of sight from below. She had run all afternoon and although the sun was only just beginning to set, Haley passed instantly into a deep sleep.

Hours later and back in the cave, Laura was just coming to. She groaned as the memories came back to her. She was so desperate for release that she had let that old creep Larry fuck her on the hard cave floor. Her knees were bruised and she was still naked. The only upside seemed to be that she was alone.

Laura had thought she got the easy end of the punishments at the time, but she didn’t know the extent to which her horniness would go. It had taken over her to the point where nothing else mattered. Her head was clear now, but she had a feeling that no matter how hard she tried to keep in control, if something triggered that lust, she would be helpless.

She began to feel resentful of the other Mean Girls. Sure, she had been pretty awful this year, but it was their influence. She was a nice girl before that. Surely she didn’t deserve this like Haley and Crystal did.

Crystal. Laura figured that Haley was halfway across the state by now, but Crystal had no reason to leave campus. In fact, with so many willing virile boys, it made way more sense for her to stay. Laura resolved to avoid her. It would only serve as a reminder of what put her in this position in the first place. Maybe she could have her punishment lifted sooner for good behavior. Not that a month was very long, but still. Best to avoid Crystal. Especially because Laura had molested her in a fit of lustful desperation.

Laura looked down at those chocolate giants. She was always proud of her DD tits ever since they grew out of nowhere in tenth grade. It was only when she compared them to Crystal’s massive boobs and this very moment when she felt anything but positive things toward her young mounds of flesh.

The Goddess told her that the more clothing she wore, the more horny she would get and her escapades last night proved that. Wait, last night? Yesterday? Two days ago? With only torchlight to go off of, Laura had no idea how much time had passed. She wasn’t as crazy about school as Crystal, but she still wanted to pass and if she missed a day, it means she hadn’t bullied anybody to taking notes and doing work for her.

She found her clothes that were thankfully still in the small cave room. She tentatively slipped her thong and jean shorts back on, and lifted her bra off the ground and looked at it. It wasn’t the most revealing bra she had, but it was still a bra for fuck’s sake. That wouldn’t set off the curse, would it? She had given up hope of putting her t-shirt back on in any form, but a bra seemed reasonable. It would be embarrassing enough to walk around like that, and that’s if it didn’t get her in trouble with faculty.

She did up the clasp in front of her and twisted the bra around.

“Here goes nothing,” she said out loud and pulled the straps up around her shoulders, letting her big boobs nestle into the slightly larger cups. Laura felt nothing at first but didn’t claim victory yet. Sure enough, she started to feel a faint tingling sensation between her legs.

“Not so bad,” she reassured herself, “I can manage this.”

She picked up her t-shirt and stuffed it in her pocket. She wasn’t about to let that old man do who-knows-what with her clothing even if she couldn’t wear it herself. She slowly walked toward the exit and her stomach sank as the heat between her legs grew more intense. She propped herself against the wall and closed her eyes, waiting and dreading how intense the lust would grow. It swelled, but didn’t reach the point of losing control. Laura waited for a minute, trying to get used to that level of horniness. When she finally felt ready, she let her hand off the wall and almost fell over.

“Goddamn,” she said out loud.

“Heh heh, don’t you mean ‘damn the Goddess’?”

Shit. It was Larry.

“Go away, old man.”

“Tsk tsk, I thought you would be a little nicer after your punishment. Or after our little session, heh heh heh, yesyes.”

Laura tried to soften. “Look, you had your fun. You helped me out with my, er, problem. But I need to get back to my life and survive a month of embarrassment, so if you don’t mind.”

“Oh I wouldn’t mind helpin’ you out again, young lady. You’re the prettiest gal I’ve stuck my willy inside since I last saw my beautiful Gloria.”

“Wasn’t Gloria your sis-” Laura started but then thought better than to probe, “never mind. I think you’ve helped enough, thank you.”

“Are you sure?” The ancient man said, hobbling his way over to the beautiful and busty black teen. Laura couldn’t help but remember that he seemed far more able-bodied when he had fucked her earlier. “‘Cause you seem to be havin’ a hard time walking,” he continued, “I’m sure you’ll get used to it, but a little release wouldn’t hurt, hehheh.”

Laura clenched her muscles and tried to ignore the unscratchable itch between her legs. Based on her experience yesterday, it was too late to try and disrobe to undo the sensation. She didn’t want to give Larry the pleasure of her bare breasts again either. She gathered all her strength and stood up straight without the support of the wall, hoping she didn’t look as nervous as she felt. Larry grinned and said nothing until he was right beside her.

“I was there too when you got your punishment, my chesty pretty,” he said, then he lifted a wrinkled hand to Laura’s snug cleavage.

“Don’t you dar-ohhhhhh,” moaned Laura the moment Larry’s skin made contact. His touch on her tit worked instantly. It filled her body with warmth but also made her shiver. The resilient voice in her head shrunk away. She tried to bring it back, but Larry had begun squeezing her breast aggressively, wriggling his hand under the fabric of her bra and pinching her rock hard nipples between two knuckles. She knew she would be lost to the lust soon, but resisted until the very last second to give herself the illusion of control. When her last resistant thought passed through her mind, the pleasure became too much too take and her knees gave out and she fell on her ass on the cave floor. She was now lost to the lust.

“Oh please, Larry, you got me so close to cumming, play with my titties some more please Larry!” Laura had scrambled to a kneeling position and had pushed her bra back down to her stomach and was now cupping her young, large breasts together. Not that the young flesh needed much help staying high on her chest, but her eager cupping did make them somehow appear larger, one fleshy mound crashing into another, creating willing and slutty waves on her skin.

“I don’t know,” the old man teased, “you didn’t seem so eager before.”

“What do you want? I’ll do whatever you want. Whatever you want!” Laura was writhing around on her knees, oblivious to the further damage she was doing to them. Larry grinned down at the teen and he dropped his cane and appeared to grow almost a foot as he straightened his back.

“I want you to talk about how beautiful you think I am. I want you to compliment me and beg me to fuck you in the ass.”

“Then you’ll play with my big boobies?”

“If you do a good job.”

“Oh thank you!” Laura exclaimed, as if Larry was doing her an incredible favour. She kneeled as upright as she could and continued to knead her own abundant titflesh; the only method she had to cling to any semblence of sanity. “You are so beautiful, Larry. You’re not just hot for an old man, you’re the hottest hunk I’ve ever seen. I’ve had all sorts of chisled men fuck my pretty asshole, but if you did, you’d be the best. I can’t believe how I didn’t notice how fucking hot you were before.”

Larry expected more resistance, considering that Laura wasn’t technically under any mind control, but he wasn’t complaining. He dropped his canvas pants. “Now compliment my cock, you slut.”

Laura’s inner voice had come back, if only barely. It was shocked at all the words coming out of her mouth, and definitely reacted to Larry’s crude words. But the inner voice was nothing compared to the volcano between her legs, so she complied. Plus, she had to admit, it was a beautiful cock. Must have been help from the Goddess.

“Larry, I didn’t know old men could have such giant cocks! I want it to split me open, I want you to put it wherever you want. I want that dick to be my master. I’ve never had such a big and beautiful dick before. Holy shit, is it growing?”

It was. Larry silently thanked the Goddess. Laura’s further punishment was his reward. Laura wanted to turn around and pull open her asscheeks for Larry, but she was too scared of what would happen if she stopped playing with her own breasts. It didn’t look like Larry would be able to hold out much longer, so she gave a final push.

“Please, you gorgeous stud, ram that giant dick into my little teen asshole. Fuck your whore,” Laura begged to the great dismay of her inner voice. Her pussy had completely soaked through her jean shorts and so Laura took the risk of removing her hands from her fleshy funbags to rip off her bottoms as quickly as possible. The lack of breast stimulation almost knocked her out, so she couldn’t even get her shorts and panties off her ankles before needing to return her hands to her needy tits. She twirled on one knee and let her head rest against the cave wall, presenting her shapely butt to the geezer while being able to still squeeze her own boobs.

It was too much for Larry, who couldn’t believe his luck. The Goddess had given him a few gifts over the many decades he had spent as her guardian, but this past day had been the most fun he could remember in a while. He didn’t want to admit it to the teen, but it was Larry’s first time trying anal sex and the sight of the 19-year-old’s tight ass sticking up for him didn’t let him hesitate. He didn’t bother lubbing up his now 11-inch dick on the girl’s pussy juice and just started pushing into Laura’s ass.

Laura loved sex but had always been lukewarm on anal. She got into it if the guy was really into it, but mostly she did it for the guy’s pleasure and not for hers. And the fact that the curse only allowed her sexual pleasure through her breasts combined with Larry’s huge prick made the experience very unpleasant. Yet, because she was so turned on from the previous titplay, she felt a very strange mix of pain and pleasure which she had not felt before. She bit her lip and made no noise, but Larry didn’t seem to care. He had plenty of precum that was slowly starting to lube the tight passage and he was thrusting more forcefully.

“Fuck, your ass is so tight! Tell me you’re a whore, girl!”

Laura said nothing.

“Girl! I told you to say something! Do you want me to touch your slutty tits after this or not?”

“Yes, yes please I want you to touch them,” she managed.

“Then tell me what you are!” Larry grunted, barely able to hold back his orgasm.

“I’m, uh, a whore.”

“WHOSE whore?!” Larry yelled.

“Your whore! Your slutty busty whore!” She yelled, mostly in frustration, but that was good enough for Larry who began spurting wildly inside the girl’s ass. Laura bit her lip and pressed her head harder against the wall to stop from further bumping. Her hands still grabbed furiously at her own chest.

“Oohhhh shit! Shitshitshit! Sorry Gloria! Oh fuck! This is the hottest slut I’ve ever fucked! Shit!” And with that, Larry blasted his final burst of cum from his large load into the tight teen and then passed out backwards.

It took Laura a second to realize what happened, her asshole still burned with pain and she felt dirty all over while somehow maintaining an almost unbearable level of horniness.

“Fuck!” She yelled, and scrambled over to the man. He had a habit of appearing and disappearing without warning, so Laura did the only thing she could think of doing. She grabbed Larry’s hand and brought it up to one of her round globes. She pressed both her hands over his and forced the passed out man to grope her fleshy tit. Laura’s inner voice got in one small self-deprecating jab about how pathetic she must have looked before she shuddered into a massive orgasm. It wasn’t satisfying as much as it was necessary. Her hips shook violently as she knelt before the ancient passed out man, his hand still held to her young breast. Laura was well aware that the first orgasm she had under the curse had been strong enough to make her pass out. And while this one was less pleasurable, it was even stronger, so Laura did her best to maintain her conciousness as she rode out the final wave of spasms. To her credit, she lasted much longer than the first time, but her willpower still wasn’t enough, and the naked busty teen collapsed on top of the man who she figured was at least four times her age.

At that exact moment, Crystal was gulping down the load of a boy named Robbie. He was two years older than Crystal, but he was still one of the many boys she had wrapped around her finger, and she knew from the past that he produced exceptionally large loads. Although now that her body required it, the amount felt underwhelming. It had been over 12 hours since she escaped the cave and staying alive via blowjobs was already starting to feel like a full-time job.

“W-wow,” said Robbie, “you didn’t swallow last time.”

“Shut up,” the innocent-looking blonde said, “did I say you could talk?”

“U-uh, no I guess,” Robbie stammered.

“Then shut the fuck up. I just sucked your dick, so you don’t get to say anything,” she said. Then Crystal wrapped her cushiony lips around the boy’s thick cockhead one last time and sucked as hard as she could. Robbie bit his tongue. It was sensitive so soon after cumming, but he was terrified of the tiny, stacked blonde. She stood up after deciding he was completely spent and wrapped her sweater tightly over her chest. It covered her cleavage, but with 32G breasts on a slim figure not much taller than 5 feet, there was no way to hide how busty she was. “Now get out of my room, you perv. I can’t believe you agreed to get a blowjob before 8am.”

“But you-” Robbie couldn’t help but protest.

“I was just proving how pathetic you are. Get the fuck out of my room, you ugly piece of shit.”

Robbie’s face drained and he pulled up his pants and dashed out of the room as fast as he could. Crystal felt no remorse. After all, she was the victim of this stupid curse. Plus, Robbie was a stud. Her petty insults wouldn’t cut deep. It was because he was so good-looking that she had to cut him down to size.

“I guess that’s my new morning glass of water,” she resigned to herself. She was still thirsty, but she had to ration. Despite the power she had over both men and women, college students would still gossip and it wouldn’t be long before a few things became obvious. Two of them would be devastating to Crystal’s reputation and she knew it. The first was the separation of the Mean Girls. Haley was gone – maybe for good – and Crystal had no interest in seeing Laura again until the month was up. She had left the girl alone in that awful cave with a dirty old man, for god’s sake. The second was the now inordinate number of blowjobs she was going to have to perform just to survive. Crystal knew there were other ways to coax out a load of cum, but since it was going down her throat anyway, a blowjob was the most efficient. Especially because the cruel and busty blonde was very good at giving head and she knew it.

Out of desperation, Crystal had attempted to drink water the night before. It was beyond strange to have water dry out her mouth and fill her stomach without refreshing her in any way. She had never loved the taste of cum before, so she hated the way she craved it now. The taste still wasn’t pleasant – although Robbie had tasted better than Ted the night before and certainly better than Larry in the cave – but it was refreshing on her tongue and in her stomach. It was still heavier than water, and still lingered on her tongue and in her throat, but she now felt rejuvenated by it. She figured that was the Goddess’ plan: to rewire her brain, but Crystal knew she only had to last a month. She could do that.

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