Cherry woke to the soft feel of Rashad’s hands stroking her dark hair. She struggled to focus after the previous evening’s lust filled adventures. He leaned in to kiss her. She returned the kiss to his playful, smiling face.

“Michelle called. Breakfast is in a half an hour next door. We have to leave for practice and we’ll be gone all day. We’ll catch up with you tonight for dinner. Have fun, I hear you guys are going shopping. The five of the islands sexiest women are going shopping. Holy fuck, I pity the clerks,” he snickered.

“Oh hell, yeah. I hope I find some really sexy show salesmen. I can be one hell of a zipper buster, you know,” she giggled.

He put his hand on his thigh, “You’re not telling me anything I don’t know. I pity the fool…,” he laughed.

One more kiss and he was gone.

Cherry jumped in the shower and got dressed in another ball busting outfit. Her makeup and hair were perfect. Today, while strolling the streets of Honolulu, she didn’t want to just turn heads. She wanted them to stare in wonderment and lust. After a final look in the mirror she walked to Mark’s place. She took her key card from her clutch bag and opened the door. The sight that greeted her made her laugh. There were shoes, stockings and a trail of lingerie strewn all over the place. It was obvious that Mark was getting his groove on in high style.

Cherry saw that the living room was empty, or so she thought. As she walked to the sofa, she saw the top of Lori’s head. From the back of the sofa, she saw a very naked Mark, eyes closed and enjoying the beautiful blowjob Lori was giving him. This was the first time in her life that Cherry had seen Mark unclothed. Mark had a very good body. Cherry’s eyes fixed on Lori, the gorgeous lawyer. She looked up at Cherry and waved as Mark’s substantial white cock was delicately held between her lovely black lips. Lori eased off Mark’s cock and Cherry’s jaw dropped as his thick cock kept sliding from her hungry lips.

“I’m bad. I just had to finish breakfast before I got dressed,” she giggled and winked at Cherry. With that, she took his rock hard cock back into her mouth and sucked him deliciously. Mark looked silently at Cherry and began to cum deep in Lori’s throat. Something was imbedded in the look that they shared but neither knew of them knew quite what it was. Cherry shook off the unsettling feeling as Lori finished licking Mark clean. She stood and her fantastic ebony body shone in the early morning light.

“Oh for God’s sake you two. Get dressed. Mark, you have appointments and the rest of us are going to be spending a ton of your money so hustle. Lori dear, his cock will still be attached when he gets back,” Michelle giggled. “Good morning Cherry. Damn, you look delicious.”

Mark stood with his substantial semi hard cock dangling between his legs. He leaned over and kissed Cherry’s cheek and hurried to get dressed. She raised an eyebrow and watched as his naked ass padded into his bedroom. “Looks like there has been a party going on over here too,” she said as she saw Michelle smiling broadly. She picked up a bra, “D’orgasmic, very nice. Wish I could afford their stuff. I love everything they make.”

“Noted, one of Marks best friends owns half of the company. You’d like him too, I know I sure do. Do you get their catalogs? Did you know that Diane is one of their models?”

“I don’t get their catalogs and no, I didn’t know about Diane. That is good to know.”

Aleka and Diane walked out of the bedroom dressed to kill too.

“Lori will be here shortly. She just finished her protein breakfast,” Aleka smirked.

“Yes, I walked in just as it was being served up,” Cherry laughed. “Looks like everyone had a good time last night.”

Diane sighed, “This promises to be the best time of my life Cherry. Seriously, the best time imaginable.”

“And look at you,” Aleka grinned, “You look good enough to eat.”

“Hopefully Aleka, hopefully,” Cherry smirked. “Ah, here is Lori now.”

“Let’s go shoe shopping ladies!” Diane shrieked as she shoved everyone to the elevators.

As with most elegant women, shoes are something that defines their personas. The shoes have to fit their mood, be that playful, elegant, sexy or slutty. The way they shape your legs and raise your ass are the true factors in proper shoe selection.”

The door to the limo opened and all people could see were tits and legs emerging. Each woman was dressed to kill and spectacular in their own right. Diane looked every bit the supermodel that she was. Her jet black hair framed her lovely face. Diane’s eyes were dark liquid pools that drew you in. Her long, slender body, great tits and spectacular ass drove everyone in her presence absolutely wild. Aleka was simply adorable. Her long black hair shone in the sunshine. The orchid she wore matched her sexy outfit perfectly. She was a true Hawaiian princess, lovely in every respect. The underlying, well hidden from the public, wanton lust she embraced made her so desirable. Unless you knew that Lori was a lawyer, you would never guess. Her dark skin and drop dead gorgeous face were just the beginning of a truly fantastic creature. Long legs, great tits and an ass to die for were only the visible aspects of her gifts. Lori was insatiable. Her need for cock was second only to Cherry’s.

Cherry’s exit from the limo was truly spectacular. She looked every bit the slut she was. Her tiny top tried, unsuccessfully, to cover her spectacular breasts. They strained against the thin material and her nipples poked out deliciously. The warm Hawaiian sun on her exposed flat, muscled stomach felt so good. She wore a tiny white linen skirt that barely covered her ass. Her legs were shaped so well by the platform heels she loved so much. She was every bit of the walking wet dream the guys were talking about the other night. In fact, they all were. Michelle was dressed rather conservatively as she had to meet Mark later for a meeting.

They looked in the window and saw a wide selection of very nice merchandise. As they entered, they saw that the store was staffed by a very attractive Hawaiian girl and an equally handsome young man. The clerks introduced themselves as Kono and Daniel. Daniel, it appeared, was so in awe of the creatures in his store, that as he turned to move away, he tripped over a display.

Cherry giggled to herself as he straightened himself. She couldn’t help notice the substantial bulge in his shorts. Lori saw it too. Cherry looked at Lori and flashed back to what she saw this morning. It excited her to see her good friend being pleased so expertly. The tiny smile that thought brought to her lips stayed there until she got one of the clerks’ attention by holding up a truly BITCHIN pair of platform heels — utterly stripperlicious.

Kono came over and Cherry smiled a wicked smile at this lovely Hawaiian young girl. “Do you have these in a seven in Red?”

“Let me check. I may have to measure as this style runs a little tight.”

“Tight is always good,” Cherry laughed.

Kono went back into the storeroom and returned with a pair. Cherry sat down and Kono slipped the shoe on her foot. Kono was right. The shoe was quite tight. As Kono looked up at her, she could not help but see right up her small skirt. Cherry wore the tiniest thong that did little to conceal her sweet pussy. Kono’s eyes lingered and Cherry saw more than a hint of longing in her eyes. Kono put on the other shoe and her hand lingered on Cherry’s leg. Cherry stood and looked in the mirror. She walked a bit and the shoes were, in fact, a bit too tight. Cherry asked if she had these in a larger size. Kono said she would check and she once again, re-entered the storeroom. Cherry watched as her tight ass disappeared. Cherry looked and Lori had Daniel’s rapt attention. She laughed as she could see the ravenous leer as she looked at this fine Hawaiian man.

Kono returned with a different pair of shoes. Her tiny hands held Cherry’s calf as she applied the first shoe. Cherry spread her legs wider to allow this lovely lady an unobstructed view of her pussy. Kono was lost in her gaze. She fumbled with the second shoe as here eyes were fixed on Cherry’s quickly moistening pussy. Cherry walked in them and they were so comfortable. She sat down before Kono once again and began to laugh as she saw Daniel enter the storeroom.

“Looks like Daniel is going to have a bit of fun,” Cherry giggled.

“What do you mean?” Kono inquired.

“I think my friend wants to suck his cock. Matter-a-fact, I’m pretty sure of it,” Cherry explained.

“Not nearly as much as I want to lick your fabulous pussy,” Kono cooed.

“Well, let’s find me some more shoes first.”

Kono brought out the sexiest shoes and Cherry was in slut-shoe heaven. Michelle came up and asked if she was finding what she wanted. Cherry said she had found several pairs but had to decide which ones to buy.

“Do you like them?” she asked.

“Oh there are several I really like,” Cherry admitted.

“Well, get them all. Mark is paying for this trip dear. Not you.”

“No way, I couldn’t Michelle. I’m not like that.”

“This shopping trip is definitely on him. He wants all of these ladies to get some nice things. He made me promise to slap your ass if you argued with me too.”

“Promises, promises,” Cherry smiled. “Looks like Lori is on a tear.”

“Fuck, if I didn’t have to meet Mark, I’d be all over him myself. By the looks of it, you are going to have some ‘Grade A’ tongue in you before you get out of here yourself.”

“I know and I can’t wait.”

Kono approached with more shoes and Michelle leaned over and kissed Cherry fully and deeply. As Kono began to show her the shoes, Michelle put her hand on Kono’s cheek and reassured her that her pussy tastes better than it looked. She laughed and walked over to Aleka and Diane who were still looking.

Cherry picked out a few more styles that she simply adored. Daniel and Lori had returned to the showroom. She had the look of a conqueror and Daniel couldn’t stop grinning.

Kono and Cherry slipped into the storeroom and Kono’s hands were all over Cherry. Her hands slipped under her top and she caressed her spectacular orbs. She raised it up and sucked each nipple with a passion that was hard to describe. Cherry ran her delicate fingers through her luxurious black hair as Kono licked, bit and tugged at her hard nipples. Cherry felt Kono’s full breasts through her dress and pinched her hard nipples wickedly. Kono dropped to her knees and kissed her thighs. Cherry moved her thong, exposing her lovely lips. Kono dove in with a hunger that Cherry did not expect. This Hawaiian delight licked and sucked Cherry and had her drenched in no time at all. Her tongue had Cherry squirming quickly and she began to cum hard onto Kono’s tongue. Cherry slammed her pussy hard onto Kono and came again and again. Kono smiled up at Cherry with such a look of satisfaction. Cherry kissed her and put her hands between her legs. Kono was dripping. Cherry turned her around and sank between her legs and began to bring her to two quick but very strong orgasms. Kono was delightful and Cherry knew that she could have spent much, much longer with her.

They walked back into the showroom and Michelle was waiting. The bill had been paid and the merchandise was in the limo. They spent the next two hours buying slut wear and lovely lingerie. They dropped Michelle at the stadium and the ladies enjoyed a nice, light lunch.

“Well, you two sure got lucky,” Diane said. “Aleka and I were wondering when our turn was coming.”

Lori giggled, “With all the fucking you’ve been getting, you’re still horny? Wow girl, that man fucks better than anyone I’ve ever been with. Not only that, there are three of us and he is keeping us all so satisfied.”

“Well, yes he is, if we can only keep his fabulous cock out of your mouth,” Aleka grinned. “I have to say, he is definitely the best I’ve ever had. He’s not only good looking with a great body but I swear his cock is amazing. He knows exactly how to use it and he does it so well.”

“You can say that again. Hell, I’ve been with so many men. There is only one other guy that I know that is as good as Mark and funny as it sounds, he and Mark are good friends. Technically, I work for him but he doesn’t run D’orgasmic anymore. He does supervise the product line I’m told. All I know is he is just as adorable as Mark and he fucks like Mark. You know what we mean Cherry, Mark is such a wonderful lover.”

“Actually, I don’t know at all. I’ve never slept with Mark,” Cherry admitted.

“Are you serious? The way you two act, the chewing out you gave him? You’re telling us you’ve never done him. Wow,” Lori said. “I can tell you one thing; he sure wants to sleep with you.”

“Mark and I are best of friends. He has never hit on me. He’s had chances but he never has acted on them. I believe he isn’t interested in me. I know he loves me dearly but only as a friend. I can live with that.”

What about your feelings Cherry?” Aleka asked. “I mean, Mark is one of the most successful men in his field. He is caring and charming and we can tell you, he is the most skilled lover you’ll ever have. How do you feel about him?”

“Until this trip, I had no idea that Mark was wealthy. I had no idea any of this existed. Mark and I spend so much time together, almost every day, and I had no clue. Honestly, I could care less. We are friends and that is all. He made it clear that he doesn’t want to sleep with me and I accept that.”

“Well, there are two things I know. The first is that I really think you are wrong,” Diane stated, “The second thing I am sure of. The three of us are dying to get into your pussy. Shall we continue shopping or head back to the hotel?”

Meanwhile, across town, Michelle sat down with Mark.

“Are you having a good time?” she asked him.

“Yes I am. I never expected this but, yes; I am having a wonderful time. I’m sorry that I’m not spending as much time with you as I had planned,” he said.

“I’m with you all the time. I’m fine and hey, you fucked me twice last night or have you forgotten?” Michelle said.

“I know I did. Damn, so much sex. I’m certainly not complaining,” he laughed. “Is Cherry happy? Are the guys treating her well? I really want this to be so special for her.”

“She’s fine. She bought some really sexy things today. You may hear about this as she was a little pissed that I wouldn’t let her pay for anything. She is so independent. I think I may have offended her. Anyway, I think she is as happy as a girl can be in her circumstances.”

“What does that mean?”

“I am not completely sure but I am getting vibes that she would rather be with you.”

“Forget that. I love her. You know that. She knows that. I can’t give her what she wants. End of story.”

“You didn’t see the look on her face the first three minutes that she watched Lori sucking your cock, did you? I thought she was going to cry but once you were aware that she was there, she put on one hell of an act.”

“You’re wrong. I think I know her better than anyone. I know what she wants and I can’t give it to her. All I can do is try to bring some excitement to her from time to time. Sure, she is the most phenomenal woman I’ve ever known. Would I like to make love to her? Sure I would. Would I like to fuck her? Damned straight I would. Will I? No! That is not going to happen!”

“Dammit, do you know how much you sound like Gary right now? Sometimes a woman just wants a good fucking.”

“What the fuck? How did Gary get into this conversation? Oh, I know, his I won’t fuck a woman until I’ve made love to her first philosophy. It has served him well, considering the guy has some of the world’s sexiest and hottest women on speed dial. Owning D’orgasmic has its perks. He lives like a pauper and he’s probably worth more than me. Hell, for all I know, he’s probably been banging Diane for some time. With regard to Cherry, she gets enough cock that she needs for nothing on that front. My problem is that I do think like Gary. Michelle, the very last thing Cherry wants is a man to make love to her. Are you telling me that the guys aren’t fucking her brains out? I am pretty sure she is getting the best fucking of her life this week.” Mark glared at her and Michelle dropped the subject.

“Speaking of Lori, what have we learned?” Mark inquired.

“She is top of her field. She had a massive war with Trainer and he pulled the plug. Apparently, she is going to sue his ass off and scuttlebutt says she is going to win and win big. She was senior partner too. Actually, she was their youngest but, whatever happened, it was bad. There is, according to our own research department, a very interesting flaw in her partnership agreement. Apparently, she is not precluded from representing any existing clients as long as they come to her. Of course, she can not initiate said contact but, should someone wish her representation, she is free to do so. I don’t know who would make that kind of error but it is there and from our perspective, it is a good thing. I also know that if we do this, her first two clients are with her right now. We are going to have to make an accommodation if that is the case. Somehow, I doubt you’ll mind that.”

Mark smiled, “I am sure we will find out what went on. I can pretty much tell you what it was right now. Trainer is an asshole. He always has been. Put the figures together and let me see them before you make her the offer. Does she have any idea what we are planning?”

“She doesn’t have a clue as far as I know. You owe Chris big time for this, you know. If his cock wasn’t so fucking big, we’d never be having this conversation. Lori stopped dating him because he hurt her. He definitely is huge.”

“I should be back to the hotel by seven. Let’s shoot for dinner somewhere around eight,” Mark stated.

Michelle left Mark and went back to the hotel. Mark sat and ordered another drink. He had heard what Michelle said about Cherry. He knew, in his heart, that he was right and she was wrong. He sat and drank but the gut wrenching, unsettled feeling just would not go away.

Michelle walked into the suite and just started laughing. Four very naked women were in various stages of extremely lewd activities.

“You couldn’t wait till I got here to start this party? What the fuck is up with that? My pussy needs loving too.”

“Well, get your naked, honky ass over here gorgeous,” Diane smirked.

Michelle couldn’t wait. Cherry laughed as she peeled everything off, “Who’s the fucking stripper around here, you or me?”

Lips mashed, tits bounced and five very horny women dove in to enjoy all things female. Lori was not just a fantastic cocksucker. She was an unstoppable pussy pleaser. She threw Michelle down and dove into her sweet, gorgeous gash with gusto. Michelle looked at this black goddess and loved the contrast between them. Lori’s lovely ebony face, bright red painted lips and perfect makeup between her pale thighs simply made Michelle gush. Lori stroked her tummy and raised her delicate hands to caress Michelle’s firm, full breasts. The sweetness on her tongue fueled her wildly. She was driven to have this gorgeous creature cumming all over her face as fast as she possibly could.

Diane and Aleka began to kiss Michelle’s breasts, kissing, licking, and sucking her sweet nipples.

Cherry, not to be outdone, straddled her sweet face. She guided her pretty pussy onto Michelle’s talented lips. Always the greedy bitch — she positioned her pussy just above Michelle’s face and rested her clit lightly on her outstretched tongue. Michelle giggled as she saw what Cherry was doing. She really did like that on the plane. Michelle began to so lightly touch her clit as her own was being loved so wonderfully. Cherry thrilled as the magic that was Michelle began to electrify her body. Michelle had the touch, she loved the taste and Cherry knew she received so much pleasure from making Cherry cum.

It didn’t take long until Michelle let out a scream and began a spasmodic thrashing under Lori’s pretty face. Michelle came and kept coming as Lori was relentless. She splashed Lori’s face repeatedly and Lori kept her going. The four hands and two sets of lips drove her further into oblivion and yet, through it all, Michelle’s tongue never wavered from Cherry’s vibrating clit.

Cherry began to cum and her body exploded in a record setting series of spasms that took her breath away. Both women kept cumming and shaking vividly. Cherry’s engorged clit rested harder onto Michelle’s face, soaking her further. Cherry ran her hands between Michelle’s breasts and down her stomach.

Aleka and Diane continued to lavished their talents onto her nipples. Lori finally relented and Michelle was spent.

Cherry threw her stripper body onto the sofa with one leg draped over the armrest. Her pink gash was airing in the cool breeze. Aleka knelt before her and began to lick and suck her petals delicately. Cherry loved her soft touch but the visual of her sent Cherry over the top almost instantly. Aleka was one of the loveliest women ever to have visited Cherry’s hot twat. Aleka looked into Cherry’s eyes as her tongue wickedly presented Cherry with wave after wave of pleasure. The lust in her eyes drove Cherry into a chain orgasm that started softly and built massively.

Aleka’s fingers entered her and she toyed with her steaming hot pussy. She grazed her clit but spent more time circling her vagina. Cherry loved what she was doing. It was different and it was good. Aleka spread Cherry’s legs wider and her pussy opened deliciously.

She began to tongue her vagina and she circled her opening with her tongue. Cherry felt her soft tongue sink into her, licking the interior of her velvet glove. Her tongue seemed to grow longer with each fantastic stroke. Aleka began to dip her fingers into her and Cherry moaned softly. Aleka reached for the oil and drizzled over Cherry’s smoldering pussy and onto her hand.

Cherry felt two fingers inside her and then three. Aleka never broke her gaze and it hypnotized Cherry completely. She felt a fourth finger enter and Aleka began to thrust deeper. Cherry starred into her dark eyes intently, feeling the pressure and the pleasure. Aleka cupped her hand and kept pressing. Cherry’s eyes went wide as she felt her hand attempt to slide inside her. Aleka smiled reassuringly and steadily pushed in. Cherry felt her hand slide in and Aleka held it in place. Cherry was panting and sweating but not for a moment did she break her gaze. Aleka began to move in and out of her and Cherry’s moans grew with each thrust. She had never experienced this before and she loved this. Her mind raced and her pussy pulsed as the arm sank deeper into her hot twat. Cherry was drenched from head to toe and Aleka kept driving forward. Cherry looked and saw that her forearm was nearly completely planted inside her. She came instantly and Aleka began to fist her lovingly.

Diane drizzled more oil onto her pussy and Aleka increased her speed as she began to drive into Cherry.

“Fuck, Ohmigod!, Oh fuck!, This is so fucking HOT!!!, Fuck me, oh dear Fuck ME!, Oh I never felt…!, This is so good!, So good!, Harder baby, harder!, Fuck me baby!, I want MORE!, MORE!, MORE!”

Aleka leaned forward and took her swollen clit in her mouth and Cherry came unglued. Aleka licked and sucked as her arm slid in and out of Cherry’s constantly spasming body. Lori and Michelle began to lick Cherry’s fabulous tits and Diane began to kiss her sweetly. Cherry was in sensory overload. She seriously didn’t know which way was up and the pleasures just kept coming.

Aleka touched Michelle’s side and motioned for her to get the oil. Michelle began to oil Cherry heavily. Aleka’s lubricated her other arm and as she pulled out, she placed her hand just below the wrist of the other. Aleka’s arm began to sink back in as her other hand rode piggyback. Cherry’s eyes went wide as she felt the added pressure. Aleka went slow and Cherry began to stretch. The tightness gave way, slowly and deliciously. Cherry was on fire. Her pussy demanded to be filled and Aleka accommodated her every wish. She had her arm and a hand inside her. She began to stroke a little deeper each time. Cherry didn’t know how and she didn’t care either. All she knew was that Aleka had both her arms inside her and she was fucking her wildly.

“MORE! DAMMIT, I WANT MORE! Ohmigod! I NEED MORE! I’m so fucking full! Ohmigod! I am so full! Stretch my pussy! Ohmigod! STRETCH ME MORE! FUCK! Can’t stop cumming! Can’t! I Can’t! Ohmigod!”

Aleka began to slow and Cherry nearly passed out. Aleka very slowly removed one arm and then the second. Cherry gaped widely but not as wide as her smile. Her body twitched and flailed uncontrollably and she lay giggling, her mind racing.

“Oh fuck, Ohmigod! That is the wildest fucking thing I’ve ever done. Ohmigod! Where did you learn how to do that?”

Aleka leaned over Cherry and was pulled quickly onto Cherry’s lips. Cherry kissed her viciously. The feel of her body against Cherry’s was like silk.

“Did you ever see the original Candy Stripers? Since you’ve been with Incredible Hulk’s, 1, 2 and 3, I took a chance and dammit, I am so glad I did. I can’t imagine what that felt like but I know what it looked like. Holy Fuck! That was so intense. I’m so glad you enjoyed that. I was cumming right along with you.”

The girls helped Cherry up and she moved, gingerly but she moved. “Would someone please pour me a drink?”

Diane handed her one, “That was one freaky, fucking workout girl, is there anything else you’d like?”

“Oh yes,” Cherry said wickedly, “There sure is. I want CUNT! I want all of you and I want you all now. I’ve never been this turned on in my life.” Cherry dove into Diane with a fury and enthusiasm she’d never felt before. This lovely model wrapped her shapely legs around Cherry and rode her tongue hard. Cherry sucked, licked and fucked her tight twat with her long tongue. Diane couldn’t wait to cum and when she blew, Cherry was sprayed deliciously, forcefully and sweetly. Diane was a fountain of delicious delight and Cherry loved playing in fountains. Diane’s thighs squeezed Cherry’s head tightly as she felt her entire being flowing onto this luscious stripper’s hot tongue. Cherry was in slurper heaven.

Cherry rolled over and attacked Lori with glee. Not only did this cock slut love pussy, she adored having her own pussy attacked. Her long, puffy clit fit Cherry’s mouth wonderfully and she screamed delightful profanities with each pass of her tongue.

“Oh you delightful slut… my precious delightful slut. Suck my cunt darling. You love the taste of my pussy don’t you? Oh you’re good. God damn, you’re good. Did it turn you on this morning Cherry? Keep sucking my clit slut. Well, did it? Did it turn you on watching his lovely, gorgeous white cock sliding past my hungry chocolate lips? Suck my cunt you glorious bitch! You should have tasted his sweet cream. He came so hard this morning. His cum is wonderful. I can’t get enough. Oh that’s it! Lick right there Cherry. Right there! Oh you’re going to make me cum! What was it like Cherry? Looking into his eyes while he flooded my throat with his hot cum? It turned me on a lot. I hope it got you wet. Oh fuck, you are such a good cunt licker. I came when he came, did you? Oh I’m cumming! I’m cumming baby doll! Suck my black twat! I’m cumming Cherry! Oh fuck I am cumming!!!”

Lori thrashed wildly on Cherry’s lovely face. Her pussy soaked Cherry once again. Her words excited Cherry and as Lori came, so did Cherry. She was right. Watching Mark’s thick, long cock slide between her chocolate lips had excited her amongst other things. Lori’s orgasm faded and Cherry kissed her sweetly.

Cherry drained her drink and pulled Michelle to her. They kissed tenderly. Michelle had, in a matter of a few short days become so important in Cherry’s life. She had become a friend, a confidant and a very special lover. Their hands roamed lightly across their lovely flesh. Each had learned the others sweet spots. Cherry wasn’t going to fuck Michelle; she was going to make love to her. Michelle cooed as Cherry kissed down her neck and between her luscious breasts. Michelle’s nipples stood hard and they received this lovely attention from Cherry. Cherry licked lower to her abdomen, her bellybutton and onto her hips. Michelle inhaled as she felt her hot breath on her swollen, wanton lips. Cherry kissed the top of her thighs and rolled her over onto her stomach. She spread her cheeks and licked her tight, hot asshole. The sound of Michelle’s whimpers was lovely on the ears as Cherry rimmed her lovingly. Michelle rose on her knees and spread her legs displaying her soft pink flesh. Cherry loved every inch of her succulent loins, licking, sucking prodding and poking her. Michelle had learned Cherry’s talents and reveled in her expertise. On her part, Cherry knew what turned this blonde on and she made certain that what she did brought maximum pleasure.

“Oh you know what I like. My daring Cherry, lick my hot pussy darling. You are making me so hot. I love your tongue! Tongue my ass! Damn girl, your tongue is fantastic! Stick your hot tongue up my ass baby! Let me feel you inside me! Oh FUCK, FUCK ME! Oooh, oooh, Yes! YES! Fuck my ass Cherry!”

Cherry played with her ass and slid down and under Michelle to her hot clit. Cherry tugged and pulled her hot lips open and she tasted her delightfully. Michelle felt her tongue graze the hood of her clit and she flinched. Cherry closed her lips over Michelle and her tongue began to stroke her into cascading orgasms. Michelle rode her tongue, rocking on it and bringing additional sequential orgasms. Michelle was becoming addicted to Cherry’s tongue. She rode it hard and wildly. She screamed as she came again and again. Her body spasmed and the river that was Michelle cascaded over her lovely face. Cherry was so turned on by her friend’s massive blasts that she came again herself. She held and kissed Michelle as she calmed.

Cherry looked and saw Aleka sitting on the sofa, legs spread, running her delicate fingers over her delicate pussy. She watched as her finger traced her clit while her other hand beckoned Cherry to her.

Cherry’s mouth watered at the thought of pleasing the woman who had given her the treat of a lifetime. She sat at her feet and looked at one of the finest examples of female form she had ever seen. Each delicate feature led to another and continued over her entire form.

Her pussy was a perfect flower, and Cherry was her honeybee. She ran her hands along her thighs and followed then with sweet wet kisses. The scent of Aleka was divine and hypnotic. Cherry tasted ambrosia as her tongue began to love this lovely lady. Cherry fell headlong into heaven. She partook of the copious nectar Aleka provided. Her tongue betrayed her lust and she caressed and coaxed pleasure beyond description into Aleka’s being. She began to whimper and run her hands through Cherry’s jet black hair. She sighed as she felt her gently suck her stiff, hard clit. Cherry was expert in the art of bringing a woman pleasure.

This woman was special and Cherry wanted to insure her total satisfaction. She toyed with her clit and began to lick her entire pussy. She tongued her tight sleeve and rolled her up to lick her lovely ass. She flattened her tongue and drew it over her hot ass and up onto her pussy again. Aleka levitated off the sofa when her tongue broadly stroked her hot clit. Aleka’s powerful orgasm arrived without warning and shocked her. Cherry coaxed more and more pleasure onto her body and Aleka held on tight. Wave after wave of pure orgasmic bliss hit her like a truck. She was screaming and cumming and holding on for dear life. Cherry never relented and she began to drive more and more earth shattering bliss than Aleka could handle. They were both soaked and yet the orgasms kept arriving. Each harder and longer than the last. Cherry was ecstatic as she felt each amazing blast take her darling Hawaiian lovely’s breath away.

The girls saw the time and rushed to get ready for dinner. As Cherry padded down the hall to the suite she shared with the guys, she smiled. About half way down the hall, she yelled, “YES!” Her smile turned into a very evil grin while her mind planned her after dinner party with her guys.

Dinner was delightful at the waterfront cafe that Michelle had arranged. Lush palms, flower scented breezes and a spectacular sunset precluded a culinary delight. Cherry giggled to herself as she wondered why she was ravenous. She had experienced an Olympic workout already and the main event hadn’t happened yet.

“Remember ladies, tomorrow is the Pro Bowl Banquet and the press will be covering it. We have to be on our best behavior,” Mark said as he smiled sweetly. “For business purposes, Cherry and Michelle will be my dates for the evening. The guys have a football game to play so they have to hit the sheets early.”

“Was that comment directed at moi?” Cherry said with a raised eyebrow.

“Oui,” smirked Mark.

“Party Pooper!”

Everyone roared. Rashad pulled a bag out from under the table. “Now, I know you ladies went shopping today and I bet you bought some amazing things. We got you something to wear at the game.”

He handed Lori, Aleka and Diane each a different teams official jersey. Each lady’s jersey bore the names and number of their date. Rashad handed Diane his jersey with his name on the back and his number 36. He gave Aleka Jamal’s team jersey with his name and number 23 on the back. He handed Lori Chris’ jersey with his name and number 40 on it.

“What about Michelle? Doesn’t she get a jersey?” Cherry inquired.

“No honey, I can’t show any preferential preferences. Business is business,” Michelle replied.

A pregnant pause lofted over the table. Rashad looked at Chris who looked at Jamal and these three jokers cracked right up. They were laughing and high fiving each other but they were the only ones in on the hilarity.

Chris leaned over and poked Cherry in the ribs. “Did you think you were overlooked? Did you think we’d honestly do that…and survive? Come on bro, cough it up.”

Rashad reached into the bag and brought out a strange looking jersey. Her guys played on three different teams so the guys had this special jersey made just for her. She turned it around and saw all three of their names and then she started to laugh uncontrollably. On the back of the jersey, in nice sized letters 36 – 23 – 40. Mark literally lost it. No one had ever seen him laugh that loud.

“I love it. Oh wow, this is so cool. I won’t just be wearing this at the game either,” Cherry smirked.

“Damn, you guys had to pull a few strings to get that done,” Mark said.

“It was worth it Mark, it was worth it,” Jamal was smiling broadly.

“See, there is such a thing as truth in advertising,” Cherry snickered.

“What time is the team meeting tomorrow?” Mark asked Rashad.

“It starts at eleven. Don’t know how long it will last,” he replied. “After that, all we have is the banquet and then the game. What follows is called party time.”

“Good because I’ve made some plans for us next week. I think we’ll all have fun,” Mark informed everyone.

They walked along the street, laughing and people watching. Honestly, they were the ones on display and the women loved it. They turned heads everywhere they went and the sight of the three, very recognizable athletes just added to the stares. Cherry smiled wickedly at the gawkers, she loved the attention.

Back at the hotel, Cherry thanked Mark for the unexpected shopping trip.

“Well, I hope you bought some really nice things. I figured that they would have a great selection because Hawaii is known for beautiful women. What did you get?”

“Um, shoes and more shoes. I also bought something really nice for tomorrow’s banquet. I think you’ll approve. Oh and did I mention shoes? I bought some really hot shorts and tops that were off the stare-o-meter. Oh yes, I got a couple of bikini’s and thongs. Did I mention I got some shoes? They sure do have nice clothes here.”

“Is that all you got? Seriously Cherry, if there are other things, just say so.”

“I’m going to smack your scrawny white ass if you keep that up Mark. I mean it. I am so happy with everything. I don’t know why you are so good to me. I treat you like crap at times and you are always there for me. Thank you so much.”

Mark leaned over and kissed her lightly. “My ass is not scrawny. I’ve got a great ass, I’ll have you know. It’s not as good as yours, granted, but my women seem to like it. So there.” Mark turned, walked into the living room and was greeted by Aleka, Diane and Lori. Cherry watched him walk away. He did have a cute butt.

Jamal walked up behind her and grabbed her tiny waist. “Come dear, the Gods await.”

She burst out laughing as he picked her up and ran down the hall. He stood in the hallway, kicking the door like a five year old having a temper tantrum. Chris opened the door and laughed as Jamal put Cherry in his arms. “Here, you carry her. Da women is gettin heavy.”

He ducked as she tried to smack him but all she saw was the biggest grin imaginable. God, she loved these guys. She kissed Chris and he carried her to her bedroom. “Dessert is on the table guys, cum and get her.”

Rashad and Jamal walked naked into the bedroom, their hard, tight ebony bodies rippling with each breath they took. Cherry lay back and slowly undressed as while watching the fabulous bodies of the men who would ravish her fabulous white face, ass and pussy again tonight. Her lips watered at the thought of how their massive cocks would, in only a few moments, slide between her lips and down her throat. This day had started wonderfully and only got better. Her brief tryst with Kono was exciting and fun. Her afternoon with the girls had been so hot. What Aleka had done to her, hopefully, would allow her this night, to experience a fantasy she had long dreamed of. That thought made her throat itch for cock, their cocks.

Chris had joined in the nakedness surrounding the bed. His tree trunk of a cock slowly began to swell as he watched Cherry fingering her sweet pussy and listening to her soft, sultry voice.

“I am your special cum eating, cocksucking slut, you know that don’t you? I want to feel every millimeter of your delicious hard cocks sliding down my throat. Tonight, I wanted it hard, I wanted it rough and I wanted it brutal. I want you to fuck my face and fuck it hard. Will you do that for me, my darlings? I have such a fucking need for your cocks tonight and I want to try something new later too. Your cocks are getting hard, mmm, I like that. You like watching me finger myself don’t you? See my lovely fingers as they tickle my sweet, hot, pink slit. It turns you all on, doesn’t it? You know your cocks are going to be filling my every hole soon don’t you? Oh, I like that. Ohmigod, all three cocks just twitched in unison. Oh…it’s going to be a good night. Do you know how horny I am? Oh look, my little mirror. It’s going to be an even better night. Are you ready to brutally fuck your sweet darling Cherry’s mouth, cunt and ass tonight my darlings? Are you?”

Cherry quickly bumped up and pulled them onto the bed. Three massive cocks poked deliciously in front of her lips. She was incensed with her craving for these lovely huge cocks. Her hands pulled all three men together into a wall of cock. Her tongue went wild licking their massive heads simultaneously. Cock, that was all she could think of…cock. She held them together and tried to get all three huge heads in her mouth at once. She couldn’t, but she sure tried. She took one, then another, sucking them into her mouth. She got two in and her tongue went positively wild. Their velvet heads on her soft tongue drove her off the cliff and she began to cum. She lavished each delicious cock as if it were her last.

I was lying on my stomach in my usual, secluded spot, surrounded by sand dunes and pine trees when I heard an unusual sound. I looked up to see a young black man coming towards me. I smiled as I took in his smile and his fit body.

As he came closer, I could see he was almost hairless with broad shoulders, a narrow waist, and strong thighs. When he was about ten feet away, I verbally greeted him, but I did not get up. I felt awkward. I was sunbathing nude. He had come up on me so quickly that I didn’t have a chance to cover up.

Attempting to at least cover up my awkward feeling, I talked about the beautiful weather and the occasional cool breeze off the water as he stood in front of me. Upon conversing with him for a few minutes, I concluded that the young man was rather amiable and I offered him a seat on big beach blanket. He accepted.

During our conversation, I noticed the young man shift his eyes to my tan, oiled, smooth behind a couple of times. I suppose he noticed me glance occasionally at the very large package contained in his shorts. Luckily, I was lying on my stomach because my cock twitched and started to extend whenever I thought about it.

Eventually, the young man joined me in the buff. As he pulled off his t-shirt giving me sight of his muscled back, I told him he looked great. He just smiled and as he undid his shorts and pulled them down, his cock swung free before coming to rest between his legs. The length and thickness of his limp cock was impressive. I thought it was about 7 inches long.

Naked, we hung out on the blanket, chatted, and exchanged first names. I found out James worked part-time while he waited to go away to college in the fall. James asked me where I lived and I explained that I timeshared a place down the road.

After about a half hour, James’ cock was noticeably semi-erect. Perhaps, his continued sly glances at my behind had led to some lustful thoughts. Not wanting James to feel embarrassed, I rolled to my side facing him, grabbed my suntan oil, and offered it to him. James noticed that my cock was not at rest either.

James declined the suntan oil, but smoothly offered to rub some on my back. I accepted and turned back over. James straddled my legs, so that his cock hovered over my backside and massaged the oil into my shoulders nicely before moving south.

James thoroughly worked the oil in around my round, tan cheeks. When he boldly spread my firm cheeks to work some oil in between them, I felt him pause for second. I knew he was staring at my puckered anus. It was hairless and was surrounded by a pink aureole.

As James applied the oil between my cheeks, his fingers would slide across my anus, causing it to contract and me to stir. These actions were repeated a couple of times before James felt confident enough to gently rotate his middle finger around my anus, which then would tense up expecting an invasion. The moment my anus relaxed, James would push his long, middle finger up into my rectum in one smooth stroke. When he did, my toes would curl as my sphincter grasped his finger.

Occasionally, James would vigorously finger fuck me with two fingers. When he did my cock would throb and my balls tighten. James’ cock, which had been lying on my leg, also stiffened during the ass play.

When James paused, again, I felt him lube his cock and then climb on top of me. My sphincter tightened in pleasurable anticipation of being sodomized as James began to run the length of his slick cock up and down the alley between my smooth, oiled cheeks. Every so often, I lifted up a little which enabled his plum sized cockhead to caress my anus. The sensation almost made me delirious. I wanted to squeal in delight like my girl friend would unabashedly have done.

It wasn’t long before I felt James position his massive, black cock between my cheeks. Knowing it would be in my best interest to open as wide as possible for him, I reached around behind me and pulled my tan cheeks apart. James waited a moment before pressing his huge cockhead into my pink sphincter.

I gasped, as even with the preparations, the sheer size of his cock was almost more than I could take. My ass shook and jerked as the massive black invader slowly stretched my sphincter wider than it had ever been stretched. My sphincter felt as if it would tear, it was stretched so tight.

After pausing, James gradually pushed more and more of his cock into my ass and I continued to struggle to adjust. The slow insertion made his thick, nine inch, black shaft feel endlessly long.

When James’ entire cock was buried deep in my ass, I felt stretched to the limit, but wonderfully so. I wriggled my ass against his groin as my bowels sucked the head of his cock in deep and my sphincter squeezed the base of his cock.

James started to fuck me. Slowly at first, and then with increasingly speed. I felt his arousal and began to milk his shaft with rectum, drawing the come up from his balls. When James stroked in, I relaxed my ass, and when he stroked out I squeezed hard.

James’ cock got even bigger and harder. Soon, he was slapping his balls against mine and grunting as his cock bottomed out in my horny ass.

We fucked for several minutes before James started to buck against me. Right after his strokes became frantic, James moaned loud and thrusted into me really hard. I felt his cock jump as he shot. He shot about six or seven times, way up in me.

Each time James shot, I squeezed his cock. Wet, squishy sounds came from ass as he continued to fuck me and fill my rectum with cum. We were both moaning and groaning like animals.

James gave me a few more strokes before his cock softened. Finally, it got all limp, and he started to pull out. I was about to ask him to leave it in when I happened to look up. I saw four young men. They were all black and horny. They were standing a few feet away, fisting their long and thick equally endowed teenage black cocks.

I quickly surmised that James had seen them long before I and that they had been standing there watching James fuck me up the ass for awhile and that James knew them. Eventually, I learned their names – Sammy, Tony, Mike, and Marcus.

As I noted ‘the boys’ appeared to be anxious to get some relief and ass, too, I realized I was going to be the white receptacle for black semen this day. I really wasn’t too keen about being taken advantage of like this, but I was feeling so horny! Precum was oozing out my cock.

I put my chest on the blanket and lifted my ass up. In this position, my cheeks were automatically spread and my anus was immediately available. I moaned as I felt fingers move in and out of my sperm lubed anus.

Suddenly the fingers were gone and I felt Marcus’ bulging cockhead stretch my wet anus open and keep going, until it lodged deep in my rectum. After a slight pause, Marcus began to fuck my ass in a most enjoyable, slow rhythm. My prostate was very pleased because Marcus maintained this rhythm for several minutes.

When Marcus suddenly stopped and withdrew his cock, I relaxed thinking it was over. Just as suddenly, he pushed his cockhead back through my sphincter and flooded my rectum with his sperm.

As soon as Marcus pulled his cock out of ass, Tony squatted over my behind, and nudged his big, hard cock down into my gaping anus. Tony wasted no time. He fucked my ass powerfully and deeply.

I raised my hips this time. I had become more confident. By pushing up, I helped Tony push more of his long and thick, black cock up my ass. Soon, we also fell into a rhythm. My hips moved on their own accord. I began moaning when my prostrate began tingling, again.

He held my hips tightly, with a vice like grip, which kept me immobile, as he thrusted into me at will. Although I couldn’t move my ass, my anus grasped and clenched his cock.

Tony’s final thrust buried his cock to the hilt in me. He let out a groan and let loose the first spurt of many healthy loads. Tony continued to moan as he emptied his balls into me. I clearly felt him shooting into my rectum.

After Tony withdrew his cock from my ass, he patted my cheeks. I started to rollover on my side, when Mike spoke up. “It’s my turn. Roll back over”.

Mike pushed me back onto my stomach and raised my ass off the ground with one arm under my stomach. He easily slid his black, missile shaped cockhead into my cum-soaked asshole, and in moments, he was slamming my butt cheeks with brutal force. My whole body lurched forward with each forceful thrust. The thick base of his cock stretched my anus wide. I grunted and moaned.

Mike fucked me like this for several minutes before he pulled out, leaving my anus gaping and releasing some air. Whoops!

That did not stop Mike. Fisting his big, fat, black cock, he hollered loudly as he sprayed my cheeks and back with hot jets of cum.

Again, I started to lie down on my stomach to rest, but I was gently pulled up and bent over. Someone spread my cheeks for Sammy and another thick cock invaded my rectum. As my ass was being reamed, I put my hands on my knees to brace myself, closed my eyes, and grunted in pleasure.

Being eager to get more ass on his cock, Marcus laid down on his back underneath me. He let his legs extend between mine. “Ok” he said and Sammy eased me down on top of Marcus.

Sammy’s cock slide out of my ass as Marcus pulled me down onto his black rod. Despite my ass slowly coming down on his erection and even as lubed as it was, Marcus had a difficult time pushing his rod all the way up inside me. Eventually, his black rod disappeared, inch-by-inch inside me as I relaxed, and bore down.

My tan thighs came to rest on his black skin as I sat there, astride him, legs apart, completely filled. Marcus fucked me from beneath, pulling my hips down against him while his hips thrust up to impale me with that huge cock.

After awhile, I started moving. My back arched as I rode Marcus. I squeezed my cheeks against his cock, then retracted, then squeezed against him again and again. My rhythm grew faster, until I noticed Marcus’ movements were became frenzied. Marcus was nearing a big orgasm.

Suddenly Marcus stopped moving. His hands squeezed my ass, holding my pelvis to him, as he began him shooting off inside me. I swear his cockhead was in my intestines when he came. I felt a warm liquid spread out deep in me. I had never had a cock up that far.

After Marcus’ orgasm started to subside, my body sank down against his chest. I was intending on taking a breather, but Sammy had other ideas. He pulled my ass cheeks apart, squatted down behind me, and bullied his hard cock into my already stuffed asshole. Luckily, Marcus’ cock had softened somewhat after his cum, but that did not stop him from thrusting, again, as they began to double-fuck my ass.

Marcus and Sammy alternated thrusts up my ass, making my sphincter spasm and spring as it was pulled and pushed. Sometimes I could feel both shafts pushing against each other inside me as they worked their cocks in and out of me. I couldn’t help crying out when I felt my body respond with a light prostate orgasm. I do not remember how long they double-fucked me like this.

I do remember being rolled over onto my back, again, because I found myself looking up at a cock in my face. I knew instantly it had just been up my ass. “Suck it”, a voice demanded. Even though it had been deep up my ass, the hard cock was mostly clean, except for the sperm.

As mouth eagerly sucked the cock clean, a couple pair of hands spread my legs apart and raised them up into the air. Tony then easily slid a couple of fingers inside me and wiggled them around before lubing his rejuvenated black cock with the sperm he had just retrieved from my ass.

After Tony had sperm lubed, he playfully massaged the head of his cock around my ass, balls, and cock before he mounted me like a woman. “Mmmm yes”, I moaned with my mouth still full of cock. I realized my ass was much tighter this way as I felt my asshole slide down over the head. Tony’s cock shaft felt even bigger as he started to fuck me.

Although sucking cock was one of my favorite things to do, the cock in my ass was taking my mind off what I was doing. Tony was an expert ass fucker. He rotated his hips as he moved in and out of me, while his fist pumped my own hard cock. I felt like I was going out of my mind. I was so hot I was trembling.

Eventually, Sammy grabbed the back of my head. He quickened the pace, but I was able to control my gag reflex and let him in fully. My nose pushed into his belly, as his cock pushed to the back of my throat.

After awhile Sammy eased up fucking my mouth, which allowed me to tongue the sensitive underside of his cockhead. When I felt it swell, I pumped his meaty shaft furiously with my hand. Sammy groaned loudly when his hot spurts of sperm shot arced out onto my outstretched tongue and my face.

When Sammy’s cock was removed from my face, I could see Tony’s long dreadlocks hanging down past his broad shoulders. Tony was truly as black as the night.

Tony’s thick, hard cock and expert hands were bringing me to another prostate orgasm. I looked up at him with my cum-soaked face, my lips parted in orgasmic bliss. My body arched up and started to shudder as I moaned loudly. The guys who were standing around watching, laughed, and cheered as my sperm poured out of my semi-erect cock.

After I came, Tony quickly picked up the pace. Our bodies slapped together loudly. I wrapped my tan legs around his muscular teenage black ass, squeezing him, trying to get him deeper into me. My rectum had opened completely after my orgasm. I felt loose and relaxed.

We continued like this for about another five minutes, until I felt Tony approach another orgasm. Then I took the initiative.

I pulled away from Tony, turned back to him, and then kneeled between his legs. His cock, fresh from my ass, stood twitching in front of me. I wasted no time in greedily sucking it into my mouth and swallowing it. I was used to tasting my ass now on erect cock.

In a couple of minutes, my blowjob had Tony groaning. My lips continuously slid up and down his thick, ebony pole, as my hands cupped his heavy balls, toying and stroking them.

After a few minutes of my attention to his balls, Tony began to fill my mouth with his salty-sweet semen. I took the first few squirts to the back of my throat, swallowing quickly as I had seen chicks do to me in the past, but Tony just kept coming. Soon, his semen leaked from the corners of my mouth, dribbling down my chin and onto my bare chest.

After Tony pulled his cock from mouth, he stood in front of me. I stared at his glistening, wet cock, hanging between his legs like a spent, fat black snake.

I laid back down basking in the afterglow of all the sex, when I felt some movement between my spread tan thighs. Opening my eyes, I saw Mike positioning himself between them as he held his hard, throbbing, black cock in his right hand. He recovered fast I thought, as I spread my legs like a woman and waited for Mike to mount me.

Mike easily pushed his cock all the way up my rectum. I humped up and down, fucking Mike back as hard as he was fucked me. As my body rocked beneath his, I kept telling him how good he felt and how I wanted him to keep fucking me. About that time, Mike tensed, and I felt an enormous load of cum released deep into my ass. It was another exquisite sensation – his hot cum flooding my ass.

As Mike slowly withdrew his flaccid cock from my overflowing rectum, James was ready, again.

James proceeded to continue where Mike had left off. He slipped his hands under my thighs and continued to push them back, until I was almost folded in half. With my calves up in the air on either side of him, James grabbed my butt cheeks, spread them open, and pushed his massive black cock into me. This time, my anus easily spread wide open for James as the fat base of his cock pushed into me.

When James felt me relax my anus, he forced himself deep into me without any hesitation. My rectum contacted and spasmed involuntarily as it simultaneously tried to expel excess sperm and accommodate the massive incoming cock.

When I felt my rectum squeeze down hard and force some liquid out of my asshole, I feared that some other ingredients might have been released. I quickly reached around, dabbed the liquid with my finger, and then glanced at my finger. To my relief that was not the case.

When we switched positions, I rolled over and got up on all fours. James knee walked up between my thighs and spread my cheeks, exposing my swollen, gaping anus. In no time, James was fucking me hard and fast, again. My head rocked back each time I took his entire length up my ass.

When James’ rhythm stopped abruptly, he squeezed his pelvis against mine and began to grunt louder and speed up his powerful thrusts; I recognized the movements meant he was going to cum soon and squeezed down on his cock as hard as I could.

All I wanted was for James to shoot his load deep inside me, again, and he did. I felt his big cock wrench as he emptied his balls for the last time into my exhausted rectum.

James withdrew his deflating cock and joined the other young men who were putting their clothes on. They had temporarily exhausted their cum supply. Each of the five teenagers had probably fucked me at least twice. I remained on the blanket where they had left me; my tan legs spread open with cum steadily oozing out of my raw anus.

Exhausted, I must have dozed off, because when I opened my eyes I found myself lying naked on a sand covered blanket and totally alone. They had all disappeared.

I enjoyed the cool breeze and shade, until I heard and felt the remnants of their sperm gurgling in my intestines. I quickly got up and found a tree to squat behind. I couldn’t believe how much sperm had been deposited in my butt.

Most of the sperm ran out of my ass when I pushed down on my bowels and the remainder – I farted out. I was certainly glad there was no one around!

Anyway, I wiped as much of the cum off my ass as I could with the edge of the blanket, put my shorts on, grabbed my sand covered gear, and left. When I arrived home, I took a long warm shower, and went to bed.

Later that night, my girl friend woke me up when she arrived back home. We had amazing sex that night.

I, eventually, fucked her ass and remained in her white, soft ass after I came. We fell asleep like that. I was partially on top of her back, still inside her, with one hand cupped around a heavy breast. Any remaining semen I had, seeped into her juiced rectum while we slept.

She was a warm, pretty woman. We loved each other. I always took care of her needs and someday I would have to tell her about mine.

When the jets landed at McCarran in Las Vegas, Bell limos were lined up to take everyone back to Trump Towers. For many, this was their first visit to Las Vegas and although they arrived in the morning, they were still impressed. Dani took everyone to the fifth floor apartments and told them to settle in. Holly wanted to meet with everyone in an hour.

Mark and Gary went up to Mark’s floor and into his office. Lori and Michelle were waiting. Lori filled Mark in on the fantastic response and handed him a list of people who had signed new contracts and another list of people who would be signing shortly. Models, actors and recording artist were on the list. She told Mark that the recording artists were contacting her in amazing numbers. They were coming in from all genres of the industry but the Country artists were leading the pack.

“We need to put together the best PR people we can and get them on staff as soon as possible. We also need to put together a list of all the bars in the country. We can use that list to introduce the new artists that we sign from the clubs,” Mark told her.

“Get together with Debbie on that. That is her field. She was, after all, top in her field for one of the biggest beer manufacturers in the country. She has traveled all over the country putting on promotions in bars and clubs. She knows those people and I know she can be a huge help,” Gary said.

Lori was smiling when she handed Mark a signed contract. He looked at it and a huge wide smile spread across his face. Aleka’s signed contract was in his hands.

“Is she coming to the party?” Mark asked.

“Dave and Ron should be landing in about an hour. She can’t wait to see you. I invited Cherry but she sent me a text telling me she would not attend. I’m sorry Mark,” Michelle said.

“How are you doing hiring good entertainment lawyers? Are you finding good people Lori?” Mark asked.

“We may have a problem. I have nine top lawyers who have let it be known that they want to jump ship as soon as possible. I haven’t made any commitments at all. I want you to have the final say on them.”

“So what is the problem?” Mark asked.

“They all are currently working for Trainer. He is going to be pissed. I figure he may try and sue.”

“Let him, I’ve kicked his ass before, I’ll do it again. He is a joke. I’m glad you didn’t give the go ahead though. I definitely want to know everything about them. Is research on it?”

“They are definitely on it. I told them I wanted to know how many hairs they had on their asses,” Michelle said.

“Good girl, I knew there was a reason I keep you around here.”

Michelle looked at Gary and grinned, “Gar, hold me back, I’m going to scratch his eyes out. He keeps me around because I can cook.”

Mark laughed so hard he fell off his chair. “Yeah right, I have to tell you where the kitchen is all the time.”

Holly called everyone to the main room. After she showed them around, they talked about their trip. Dani had kept meticulous notes from each prior meeting and the Dallas trip was no exception. When the meeting was over, everyone wandered around and checked the place out.

“These two are beyond comprehension. First Gary’s place blows us away and now Mark’s place is the ultimate bachelor pad. I wonder what part of this is Mark’s private domain.” Ronnie asked to no one in particular.

“The top five floors of the building belong to Mark. The top floor is his private quarters. The second floor is where I live. Jackson, Mark’s butler lives on that floor as well. There are ten additional luxury suites on that floor. This is the third floor and it is the party floor. The floor below us is the permanent residences of Mark’s executives and pilots. The fifth floor is a series of luxury apartments reserved for our guests. That is where you are staying Ronnie,” Michelle told her.

“The apartment I’m in is amazing. I’ve never seen such beautiful designs and styles. Everything is absolutely perfect.”

“Be sure you tell Red and Nancy that when they get here later today. They love hearing that people appreciate their talents. Wait until you get back to Florida, you won’t recognize Gary’s house. From what I’ve heard, the D’Orgasmic house is going to be nothing short of orgasmic.”

“What time will they be getting in,” Ronnie asked.

Michelle laughed, “Jeff and Alan flew to Orlando, picked up Jill, Shannon, Red, Nancy, Tammy and the other girls. They flew to New York to pick up Diane and should be here by 9pm. Then the party will begin.”

Ronnie looked puzzled, “Who is Shannon?”

Michelle laughed. “Ronnie, Shannon is going to become your best friend. Shannon Prong is one of the more beautiful women you’ll ever meet. She has a wicked sense of humor and she is constantly horny. She is also Gary’s head designer. She is the woman behind the products. Gary’s mom and Maggie discovered her in design school. They liked what they saw, hired her and trained her. She turned out to be one of the best investments they ever made. She is going to design the new products you’ll model to blow the country audience away.”

“I love everything I’ve seen so far. She sure is talented. I can’t imagine Gary having anything but perfection. Look at his women, for God’s sake. He’s elegant, his women are elegant and his products are elegant.”

“Sweetheart,” Michelle laughed. “Just wait until you see the queen of elegance when she gets her gorgeous Korean ass here. If you want some of that, you better do her tonight because she’s always in demand.”

“Sweet,” Ronnie said as the elevator door opened and three of the hottest, sexiest looking hunks of black male anatomy walked into the playroom.

“Get your gorgeous white ass over here and give us a kiss you delicious bitch,” Rashad bellowed.

Michelle grabbed Ronnie’s hand and walked into their waiting arms. They kissed her, hugged her and smacked her ass. “Who is this fine young lady?” Jamal asked.

Michelle introduced Ronnie to Rashad, Jamal and Chris. She told them that Ronnie was Gary’s new model, which caused their eyebrows to rise significantly.

Ronnie saw their reaction and tried to put their minds at ease. “I recognized you from all the photos I saw of the Pro Bowl party. I know you were there with Cherry Anderson. Yes, I look like her but I’m not Cherry and I never will be. I hope we can become friends.”

Chris leaned over and gave Ronnie a big hug, “I’m sure we will be good friends Ronnie. Damn girl, you’re a short little one aren’t you?”

“Now Chris, you know the old saying, ‘Good things come in small packages’. Trust me when I tell you, this girl is not good, she’s great!” Mark laughed as he came up to greet his guys.

He kissed Ronnie and she trotted off to organize the rehearsal of the various dance routines Mark asked her to put together for the party tomorrow.

The elevator door opened and Aleka walked into the room. She looked positively stunning as she hugged everyone.

“Damn girl, LA seems to be good for you. You just keep getting better looking all the time,” Jamal said sincerely.

Dani walked up and kissed the guys hello. She told Mark that people were arriving and getting settled in. It looked like it would be a great turnout this time.

Ronnie and the rest of her group arrived while Dani set up the big screen TV’s. The women looked delicious and the songs they selected were hot.

Gary and Holly joined the group and watched the rehearsal. Everyone was impressed with not only the girls’ beauty and sex appeal but also with how well they moved as a group. They ran through five songs ending with ‘Country Girl’. Ronnie surprised everyone by finishing the song on the stripper platform. Gary looked at Mark and laughed, “Do you get the feeling there is a pole in her background somewhere?”

“She is awesome, that’s for sure,” Rashad smiled. “Damn, she reminds me…”

“We know, the similarities are astounding,” Mark said. “I’d love to see them side by side but that isn’t happening. Michelle invited her but she declined the invitation.”

Holly got up and walked over to Ronnie. She grabbed Dani and whispered something in her ear. Dani nodded and input some information into the video system. She motioned her men to join them. This resulted in them redoing ‘Country Girl’ but this time, when Ronnie finished the song she was naked. Holly’s guys walked out onto the dance floor when Big & Rich’s ‘Save a Horse, Ride a Cowboy’ came on the big screens. Ronnie stayed on the pole while the men stripped the women who returned the favor. By the end of the song, they had spread out throughout the room undressing everyone they saw.

Holly giggled, “There is nothing like an undressed rehearsal, isn’t there?”

The elevator doors opened and Red, Nancy and everyone else walked into the party room. “Looks like we got here just in time,” Nancy grinned as she pulled Tammy into the room.

Diane rushed over to kiss Aleka and Lori. She turned to the guys and laid big wet ones on everyone. She saw Ronnie making a beeline for her and she kissed the naked darling passionately. Diane turned and walked Ronnie over to a magnificent, tall Korean goddess. They were correct, she was elegance personified.

“You must be Shannon,” Ronnie said as she extended her hand. “From the description I was given, you couldn’t be anyone else.”

“I hope they were kind with the description Ronnie. They pegged you perfectly. Damn girl, I am going to love designing for you.” Shannon kissed Gary and his women passionately. The party went into high gear.

Lindsay came over to Gary and hugged him as she tugged at his belt. Rose and Wendy were laughing at the smug smile on her face. Debbie was already getting busy with Jack and Tom.

Dani hit some switches and the ambience changed to seductive elegance as the sea of naked people began to enjoy them fully. The main party wouldn’t begin until noon tomorrow but no one cared. Hard cocks and wet pussies ruled the moment.

The music blared; people were dancing, fucking and sucking with wild abandoned. Michelle grabbed Rashad and Chris and began to go wild with her own deep desire. Hawaii had been good for Michelle. She did things she had never done before and she loved every moment. She intended to repeat those moments this weekend.

Ainsley was introduced to everyone. Shannon smiled and appraised this tall Texan critically. “Working with you will probably be more pleasure than one woman could ever hope for. Luckily, we have a lifetime to spend together. Everyday, my life gets better and better.”

She walked into Ainsley and their lips brushed seductively. Ainsley was entranced by this gorgeous creature. Her nipples tightened instantly and she held her gaze. Shannon traced her tongue over Ainsley’s delicious lips.

Ainsley starred at this incredible creature with wonder as her hands began to remove her clothing. The fabric she wore was soft, sensuous and sultry. Ainsley licked Shannon’s lips sweetly as she pulled the blouse from her body. Her under wire cupless bra enhanced her perfect breasts needlessly. Ainsley lifted her chin and kissed her neck. Shannon moaned as her tiny skirt fell to her ankles.

Ainsley circled her tight, tiny nipple and began to lick it sweetly. Shannon arched her back; the soft swell of her breast caressed Ainsley’s cheek. As Shannon’s taut nipple passed Ainsley’s hot, wet lips the erotic passions built between them. Ainsley was new to woman love but her body was adjusting superbly. Her hips were flaring and her lips became engorged. She kissed between her breasts and onto her ribs. Her hands cupped Shannon lovingly as she began to kiss her hips.

Shannon arched her back and brought her pussy to Ainsley’s waiting lips. Her long slender legs looked lovely as they parted and rose bringing her moist swollen lips to Ainsley’s hot tongue. Ainsley knew how she wanted her own pussy licked and that is what she did for Shannon. She opened her slowly, sensuously and lovingly, tasting her sweetness as it flowed onto her tongue. Her hands caressed her tits and tugged on her nipples as her tongue began to explore every inch of this new Asian beauty.

Ainsley brought the animal out in Shannon quickly. She started to writhe in total orgasmic bliss. She moaned and came in a rush that Ainsley drank right down. Ainsley was cum drunk; she couldn’t get enough of this lovely woman.

Mark walked over to Shannon who reached over and wrapped her tiny hand around his hard cock.

“It’s been a long time baby,” she said as she began to stroke him in earnest. “I hope you are going to fuck my face with this lovely weapon baby. I need your cock in my throat right now Mark. When you’re done there, I want you to fuck Ainsley sweetly while she licks my hot pussy.”

She pulled him to her lips and wrapped them around his long cock. Her mouth felt wonderful taking him all the way in. She loved sucking cock and she particularly loved it when either Mark or Gary was filling her body. She loved those two men more than they would ever know. Her hands caressed his balls as she guided his cock deep into her throat.

Mark looked down and watched Ainsley in the heat of passion as her wet face craved the nectar that he knew all so well. Shannon was an amazing woman. Her pussy was tender, sweet and delicious. She pulled him from her mouth and motioned him to fuck Ainsley.

Mark needed no further prodding. He stepped behind Ainsley and guided himself deep into her wet, tight twat. She inhaled deliciously as he filled her completely.

Shannon looked and saw Rose sitting, legs splayed and sweetly fingering her pussy as she watched them. Shannon held out her hand and pulled Rose to her.

“I better be careful from now on. I used to be the only hot Asian but I think I’ve lost that title darling. I have a question Rose; does your pussy taste as good as it looks?”

“I’ll let you be the judge of that,” Rose giggled as she straddled Shannon’s gorgeous face.

Shannon wasted little time diving into the insatiable pink sexpot descending onto her tongue. Rose was a woman who craved satisfaction constantly and she had found that with Gary. Shannon could relate to that, as he was one of the few men who could give her the satisfaction she desired as well.

Mark stroked Ainsley who lovingly was face first into Shannon’s hot twat. Rose was riding Shannon’s face and was pulling hard at her nipples. Mark was fucking Ainsley who had clamped down massively on his cock and she was cumming constantly. Mark grabbed her hips and began to fuck her in earnest. Ainsley was moaning, shrieking and sucking Shannon who was cumming furiously, flooding her face.

“Mark darling, slide you cock into her tight, hot ass darling. Fuck her ass and make it as sweet as when you fuck my hot ass. I love your cock in my ass,” Rose whimpered.

Ainsley was licking, sucking and nodding her head. She wanted him to fuck her hot Texas ass and she made no bones about it. Mark entered her and she went wild. She took him in and she rode him like a bucking bronco. His cock stretched her tightly and he pushed deep inside her. Shannon exploded repeatedly; Rose flooded Shannon’s face with her own massive orgasm. Mark grabbed Ainsley’s hips and fucked her ass determinedly. Ainsley’s pussy was gushing and her breathing was ragged. She clamped onto Mark and defied him to stroke at all. His intensity soared and her orgasm astounded her. Ainsley collapsed onto Shannon’s gushing pussy.

“God, I love watching you fuck ass Mark. It really is true! You and Gary are identical. I want to do something this weekend. I want you and Gary to blindfold us and fuck the hell out of us. Let us try to guess who is doing what to whom,” Rose giggled. “I know I am such a slut.”

“Welcome to our world dear,” Shannon blushed.

Ainsley mumbled something completely unintelligible and that got everyone laughing.

Gary and Lindsay heard what Rose said and they laughed. “I think that would be a great idea Mark. Everyone says we do everything the same. I’m into that. I’m betting Wendy, Rose and Debbie would not have any idea.”

Michelle looked at Mark and Gary sternly. “Excuse the fuck out of me. I love those three girls and everyone knows it but if you two are going to blind fuck them, do you think you could at least put a few more names on that list?”

“Who did you have in mind sexy?” Gary laughed.

“Oh a few names come to mind. How about Michelle, Dani, Diane, Aleka, DeeDee, Ainsley, Holly, Red, Nancy, Jill, Shannon, Ronnie and Lindsay. That’s a good start. Oh wait, I forgot Linda. We can’t forget Beyonce.”

“We’re fucked Gar, ohmigod, we’re fucked.” Mark was laughing and counting. That is seventeen of the hottest women on earth.”

“Well, if you weren’t so fucking good, we wouldn’t care but you two are simply amazing,” Shannon, whispered.

Orgasms were heard throughout the floor. Tammy was in a sling fucking cock after cock. Her throat was being poked deeply and her tiny tits were rock hard as she was cumming copiously.

Patty and Joann were fucking Jeff and Alan and from the look of it, they were having a great time.

Rashad and Chris were seated at the bar talking to Andrea and Dana. Gary started to laugh as he realized that Andrea, the auburn haired sweetheart was talking to Chris and stroking his enormous cock at the same time. Dana was all over Rashad and he had that simple, shit-eating grin on his face. They were in pussy heaven and they knew it.

“Speaking of Linda, where the hell is she? I haven’t seen her at all,” Gary said.

“I saw her; she went into the dark room right off the bat. I think she may still be in there,” Lindsay giggled. “I want to try that myself. That looks like a lot of fun.”

“Oh Lindsay, I’ll go in there with you. I love it; it’s pitch black in there and usually full of people. You have no idea who you’re sucking, or who is licking you. You get fucked so many times and have no idea who is doing you. I go fucking crazy in there,” Shannon said.

“I’ve got to check that out myself,” Rose said.

The elevator chimed and Mark looked to see who was arriving. His jaw dropped and he ran to kiss Kono and shake hands with Daniel. He had no idea they were going to be at the party. Michelle walked up behind him and kissed them both.

“I wouldn’t be doing my job if I didn’t have a few surprised up my sleeve darling,” she whispered as she playfully bit his neck. Aleka, Diane, Lori and the guys came over and greeted them warmly.

“Damn, you two are definitely overdressed. Get your skinny Hawaiian asses’ nekkid and get ready to party,” Jamal bellowed. “This black dick is looking for some quality Hawaiian pussy.” He picked Kono up and kissed her deeply. “Damn, I’ve missed you girl.”

“Glad he wasn’t talking to me,” Daniel laughed.

“Well, I’m talking to you. Get naked and fuck me darling,” Aleka giggled. “Miss Hawaii is making this a command performance?” She kissed him deeply while groping his rapidly stiffening cock.

Michelle took them to their suite and they quickly rejoined the party. That was the last anyone saw of them for about an hour.

“This is going to be a good party Michelle, you did surprise me. Thanks baby,” Mark sighed.

She grabbed him and spun him towards her. “I’m only going to say this once. Put her out of your head Mark. She walked out on you for whatever reason and you’re better off as it turns out. I know your heart. I understand it and I respect it but you have to deal with the reality. You have more than enough women on your plate right now. Tomorrow, we will be wall to wall in naked, horny bodies. Just enjoy and have fun, okay?”

“I do love you Michelle. You’re right. I’m just going to get lost in the pleasure and try to forget.” Mark kissed her lovingly.

“Hey, don’t forget about me. I haven’t really had any quality time with you in a month. I need my man too. I love you too baby,” Michelle cooed.

Naked bodies were moving around, lying around and fucking everywhere. It was a lovely sight. Bobbie, Tia and JoJo came up to Gary and kissed him.

“Hey boss, take us into the dark room. We hear it is wild in there,” Tia whispered.

“I will but you have to know that if you let go of me, you won’t know who you’re touching. I know one thing; you are going to love it. It will be sweet when ours is finished back home. Let’s go,” Gary said as they walked to the doorway.

They walked into the room and Gary felt their hands caressing him. For the moment, they didn’t want to let him go. He wasn’t positive but he thought that Tia had begun to suck his cock. The one thing he did know was the gorgeous Australian was holding on and whispering nasty sweet words of lust into his ear. He felt her breasts caressing his body and loved the nasty words she spoke. Her hand fell to his erect cock that Tia was so lovingly worshiping. She stroked him and fed him to her. Tia loved sucking his cock and she felt another presence next to her. She assumed it was Bobbi but she couldn’t be certain. JoJo fed her and back to Tia.

That was the beauty of the dark room. You never knew who was there. The eroticism of the unknown elevated every sensation dramatically. JoJo fell to her knees and took him into her mouth. This luscious Aussie was a total sexpot and she took every chance she could to show him how much she had missed him all these years.

Someone pulled him to the mattress and climbed onto him. Another pussy was planted on his lips while a myriad of hands began to caress his body. From the feel of her, he assumed that JoJo was impaled on him but he wasn’t sure whose pussy he was greedily lunching on. The sounds of wet blowjobs and sopping pussies were heard throughout the room and people were definitely having a great time. Women were jumping on and off his dick and hot wet mouths were licking and sucking him whenever he was not otherwise occupied.

JoJo had misplaced him but he heard her moaning somewhere off to his right. Whoever was sucking him had a great mouth and Gary was enjoying this immensely. The next hour, Gary enjoyed fantastic sex and many hot blowjobs.

As he left the room, he walked past the movie theater and heard familiar moans coming from the room. Debbie was reclining, legs wide with Hank’s lovely cock drilling her tight pussy wildly. Tyrone was caressing her beautiful face as he watched his massive black cock slide in and out of her extended throat. Debbie was obviously enjoying herself completely. As his eyes adjusted, he saw Rose, in the exact same position. Marty was drilling her while Johnny fed her his black cock too. Rose was just being Rose. She was in orgasmic heaven.

He walked past the playroom and started to giggle. Rashad, Jamal and Chris had Ainsley airtight and that gorgeous Texan was seriously on fire. Her full body spasms could be seen from twenty feet away and the guys were giving her the best fucking any woman could ever hope for. He laughed to himself as he saw that Chris was firmly planted in her ass. That is one ass that will never be the same!

He walked up to the bar and poured himself a drink. No sooner had he sat down when he felt soft, tender hands begin to caress his neck. He turned and Holly kissed him wetly and deeply. “You know I love you. I have always loved you from the first day I met you in Key West. Every moment I am with you, my heart sings with joy. I love your girls and I am so glad I had a part in making that happen. What you and Mark have done is beyond description. You know I have a fucking wild imagination but I never would have dared to think something like this would happen. My pussy is wet all the time now. The whole concept is blowing me away.”

“Darling, if you stop and think about it, this all started with you being the delicious slut I love so dearly. If you hadn’t gone behind the bar to give Jim that blowjob, none of this would have happened. I’m as blown away by all this as you are,” he said as he poured her a Rum Runner. “Speaking of Jim, where the hell is he?

“I have no idea. I fucked his brains out several hours ago and told him I’d probably see him Monday or Tuesday. God, that man is good. Not as good as you or Mark but he is getting there.”

“While we have a moment alone, I want to ask you something. In order for you to get everything done, you are going to be in Orlando a lot more than Boca. Since the girls didn’t want me to enlarge their suites, that leaves one free suite in my wing of the house. I’d love it if you would consider it yours. I’ll have Red do it up wonderfully for you and Jim.”

“What about the girls, wouldn’t that upset them? I will not do anything to come between you. You know that,” Holly said seriously.

“They already asked me if that was going to be your place. They are on board darling. You have to remember, they love hearing you scream. Oh and one more thing, I have offices for you and Jim at corporate. Jill is already on that. She is so excited to finally get to know you,” Gary grinned.

“I don’t know Gar; I think I am going to have to work on finding you some pussy. I really hate seeing a man go without good sex,” she giggled her pretty ass right off the bar stool.

Gary swiveled his stool and looked down at the laughing vamp. “Since you’re down there darling…” Gary laughed.

Holly didn’t need a second invitation. She looked up into his eyes and wrapped her hand around his substantial cock. Her lips opened and she took him into her lovely mouth. She never broke his gaze as she swallowed him completely. Gary closed his eyes and just concentrated on the perfect blowjob Holly was so good at delivering.

Mark and Jim came walking up to the bar. “Well, that is one way to shut her up,” Mark laughed. Jim laughed and pulled Mark towards her face. He knelt, took Mark’s cock, and sucked him down.

“Oh, he’s good,” Mark, said.

“Yes, yes he is,” Gary, agreed.

Jim took Gary from Holly’s lips and turned her face towards Mark’s hard cock. She inhaled him instantly and Jim went down on Gary.

“There is another way to keep her quiet,” Mark grinned.

They picked her up and took her into the main room. Mark lay down and Holly dropped her sweet pussy onto his cock. Gary took her ass and Jim filled her throat. They filled her completely and then began to fuck her tender body unmercifully. They stroked her deeply and Jim fucked her face deliciously. Holly was burning with an unquenchable desire. Her eyes rolled into her head. She was screaming but Jim’s hard cock muffled her completely. Her nipples were diamond hard; her breathing sporadic at best.

Mark and Gary fucked her in unison; their cocks riding atop one another separated by only by the thin membrane, which drove her wild. Her body experienced total orgasm and the men were relentless. Holly’s toes curled and her lips dug into Jim’s abdomen. His long cock filled her throat completely. Her orgasms built massively and the men stroked as one. Her fingers dug into the couch, white knuckling it all the way.

All three men began to shake and they exploded inside her simultaneously. Holly drank Jim down, not missing a drop. She felt Mark and Gary flood her body and she just kept cumming. She lovingly rode their hard cocks and milked every drop.

They pulled out and Holly collapsed to a rousing round of applause. She looked to the side and saw Ronnie and the rest of the crew clapping. A familiar voice was heard over the din in the room.

“Good damned thing you didn’t do that to her several months ago,” Wendy giggled. “That’s the quietest I’ve ever heard you darling.”

Holly laughed and so did Gary.

Rose got busy and between Wendy and Debbie, they assembled seventeen of the hottest, sexiest women on the planet together. They were taken into the playroom and blindfolded. The rest of the crew sat on the benches and Jim kept score. Gary and Mark looked at each other and the contest was on.

Wendy, Rose and Debbie together with Michelle, Linda, Dani, Diane, Aleka, DeeDee, Ainsley, Holly, Red, Nancy, Jill, Shannon, Ronnie and Lindsay knelt and went crazy on their cocks. After each taste, they would tell Jim which man they had just sucked. Not a word was said and Mark and Gary did nothing special. Each woman was fucked lovingly and her ass was fully explored. They voted and for the most part, they were wrong.

They double-teamed each woman and they voted again. They had to try to determine who was doing what to them.

Some of the women were completely wrong and others were only a bit better. One woman won, without trouble. The blindfolds were removed and everyone adjourned to the bar. Drinks were poured while Jim calculated the final tally. Mark and Gary were laughing when the results came in.

Jim lined the women up and he walked the line. He looked each woman up and down. Both Mark and Gary learned not to play poker with him; his face revealed nothing.

“What we have here,” Jim smirked, “is one of the finest collections of the female form ever assembled. Each woman is delicious. Each woman is a fabulous piece of ass and perfect sluts but, only one, I repeat, only one truly earned the title of ‘all knowing’.” Jim walked up to Jill and lifted her arm over her head.

Friendly catcalls and boo’s were heard from the losers.

“Don’t blame me girls, I’ve only got twenty-five years experience fucking these two,” Jill blushed.

Wendy got a wry grin on her face. “Holy shit, that means you started when you were…”

A resounding, “No comment…” was heard from three highly embarrassed people. The room exploded in laughter.

Rashad high-fived Mark and Gary, “That’s my guys. That was awesome.”

Mark and Michelle retired and so did Gary and his women. The pre-party continued.

Holly had all of her group up and ready to go by ten the next morning. Ronnie and the girls had been busy and yet, they looked delicious. Everything was ready to go. Holly laughed as she looked at her group of sexy employees. Ah, the resilience of youth.

People started arriving and quickly the place filled up. Athletes, movie stars, models and recording artists arrived en masse and the young people were completely awestruck. Ronnie surveyed the assembled group and she saw many people she recognized. One in particular stood out. She didn’t watch a lot of TV but she did have a few programs she watched regularly. The star of her favorite show was standing at the bar talking with Mark and Gary. She laughed to herself thinking that no matter what, she was going to do him in ways he never thought possible.

The elevators opened and ten gorgeous naked men and ten equally gorgeous naked women walked onto the floor. They each wore only white collars and bow ties. The women wore elegant heels and their shaved pussies looked delightful. Each man sported long, shaved cocks, hard abs and chiseled chests. Overall, they looked fabulous.

Ronnie estimated that there were already over one hundred and fifty people on the third floor and more were arriving every few minutes. Gary’s girls looked positively wonderful in the finest D’Orgasmic attire. In fact, as she looked around, everyone looked over the top sexy and sensuous. This was going to be a weekend to remember.

Ronnie assembled everyone as the servers attended to everyone. Much sexy flesh waited to be consumed. Ronnie walked behind the bar, picked up two substantial beer pitchers, and placed them on the bar. She walked back into the center of the dance floor. Dani hit the sound system and they began to dance.

Everyone enjoyed the first four songs when ‘Country Girl, (Shake It For Me)’ started and they danced their heart out. The song started with everyone on the dance floor but eventually, Ronnie climbed on the pole. When the song ended, as rehearsed, she stood there, wearing thigh high stockings and exceptionally high-heeled boots.

The crowd applauded at the performance and at the gorgeous creature reaching for the microphone.

“Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to the party. We hope you enjoyed the show so far. As you look around, you will notice a bevy of gorgeous men and women wearing bow ties. These sexy creatures will get your drinks and anything else you may need.” She jumped off the pole, grabbed two of wait staff, one man and one woman, and pulled them back up to the pole.

“Aren’t they simply gorgeous? I took the opportunity to put a couple of tip jars on the bar. Since everyone is going to be naked very shortly, please take a moment to tip these wonderful people generously. Now, while you are naked, let me show you how to tip them properly as they bring you your drinks.”

She pulled them up onto the pole platform and pushed them back onto the pole. She looked at the crowd as her hands began to caress their exciting bodies. She licked her nipples fondled his cock. She knelt, licked the woman’s pussy, turned, and sucked his rock hard cock. She kissed them and the music started again. She looked and saw her target standing on the edge of the dance floor.

Big and Rich’s ‘Save a Horse, Ride a Cowboy’ started playing and the group went wild. The boys undressed the women and the women stripped the men. They turned and walked into the crowd and clothing vanished immediately.

Ronnie saw her TV hero and made a beeline for him. He watched her approach and his cock instantly stirred. She reached up and wrapped her arms around his neck, pulling him to her lips. She disrobed him in a heartbeat. When his trousers hit the floor; her lips wrapped around his very nice cock. She knelt before him thrilled at the thought that his cock was already halfway down her throat.

“Well, I’ll be damned,” Gary, said to Mark and Holly. “I didn’t expect her to do that. She handles herself professionally. I’m impressed.”

“You’re impressed, look at the tip jars.” They were crammed with Benjamin’s and there was a line up to feed the jars. Holly looked at Mark and grinned. This looks like it will be a party to remember darling. The elevators ran non-stop with people arriving constantly.

Gary and Mark sat at the bar and watched everything unfold. “Are you alright? You seem down my friend?” Gary asked Mark.

“I have a bad feeling and I can’t shake it. I don’t know what it is all about but it is nagging the fuck out of me.”

“Say no more, I had the same kind of feeling the night before I learned about Robert and Maggie. I hope that for you, it is just that you are missing her more than you care to admit. I hope that is all. You need to lighten up and enjoy the party.”

The day shifts from Crazy Horse II and Sapphires arrived and instantly got into the party spirit. Vegas definitely have lovely strippers. They all saw Mark and came over to give him wet kisses and caresses. He introduced the girls to Gary and several attached themselves to him immediately.

Everywhere you looked, people were having wonderful sex. Gary looked around and couldn’t find his girls anywhere. About an hour later, Lindsay and Tammy came staggering out of the darkroom, caked in cum. Lindsay saw him at the bar receiving a sweet blowjob from some fine looking woman.

“It looks like you two are having fun,” Gary giggled.

“Motherfucker, I’ve never had more fun in my life. We are going to hit the showers and be right back. I’ve never been fucked so many times in my life and I’m not done by a long shot,” Lindsay cooed. “He does have a delicious cock doesn’t he darling? Just save some of that for us. Mark, we’ll be right back.” They kissed both men and headed to the showers.

“My bet is we won’t see them for another two hours,” Mark laughed.

Chris walked up to the bar and grabbed one of the female servers. “Darlin, I don’t think I’ve tipped you yet.”

She took one look at his enormous cock and smiled. “Well, it’s been a while since I’ve had such a large tip. I don’t know if I can handle all of that.” She sank to her knees and stretched her tiny mouth over his enormous 13.5″ black cock. She worked it and worked it and finally, she threw him down and jumped onto his skyscraper of a dick. That girl screamed as he stretched her pussy tight and she fell fully onto his fantastic cock. Everyone watched as Chris fucked the daylights out of her and she came uncontrollably.

“Told you it was going to be a great party,” Michelle whispered into Mark’s ear. “God, he has her stretched so tight. Look at those nipples. Sweet lord, I need to taste them.” She leaned over and took one into her lips and her tongue drove the young woman wild.

Tammy strolled by, giggling and laughing. Her tiny tits bounced as she walked. She saw Gary and ran up to him. “I love you with all my heart you delicious muthafucker. You had better fuck me now because I demand that you do. Now, get your scrawny white ass down off that stool and fuck my tiny, tight black ass like only you can.”

She threw her arms around him and kissed him deeply. He picked her up and carried her to an empty sling. “Oh you delicious cocksucker, you’re going to do me in the sling. I love these things. Can I have one Daddy, can I?” She grabbed his face and held him still, “I’m not kidding Gary, I love you with every ounce of my body. Love me darling. Lick me, fuck me and love me please. I need you.”

For the next hour, Gary made love to her, kissed her, stretched her and tasted every part of her being. Her tight pussy held his cock and milked him so well. Her ass welcomed his cock and she loved each sweet stroke. Her legs spread wide as he moved to her head. She threw her head back and she took his cock deep into her throat. He slipped his fingers into her tight, hot twat and she sucked and licked him as he fingered her.

She shoved two fingers into his ass and she massaged his prostrate while she sucked him. He slipped his fingers into her tight ass and he began to stroke her senseless. Tammy learned a long time ago that no one could make her cum harder or longer than he could.

Her lips milked his cock and she made no bones that she must have his cum. He looked at this tiny, sexy black woman and watched as her stomach contracted to half its size. She was cumming very hard on his fingers and he rewarded her passion with many heavy spurts of his own love directly into her wanton mouth.

She was drenched, sopping wet and still cumming. Gary positioned himself between her legs and he began to give her what she really wanted. He was addicted to her pussy and she was addicted to his tongue. She danced on the tip of his tongue for a long time, her pussy gushing and flowing massively. Gary drank her dry and wanted more. Her tiny nipples stood proud as wave after wave flowed over her. She was sobbing with joy from the wonderful way he made her feel.

His cock slid along her pink slit and he entered her once again. She came instantly and he began to thrust.

“Oh fuck Gary, oh yes, fuck me. Fuck my tight, hot pussy and tell me you love me. I love your cock; your tongue and most importantly, I love you. Fill me darling; fuck me baby, I’m gonna cum again. Oh fuck yes!”

Her body jerked so hard she almost broke his dick. She trembled, flailed and spasmed so sweetly. Her pussy pulsated repeatedly along his length and her moans became unintelligible.

“You are amazing boss. I’ve never been with anyone who does the things you do to me. I also want to thank you,” Tammy whispered.

“Thank me for what dear?”

For teaching Wendy, Rose and Debbie how I like to have my pussy licked. They are almost as good as you are. I hope I taste as good to them as they do to me,” Tammy purred. “How do you do it? How the fuck can you keep us satisfied all the time? I knew you were good but you’ve actually gotten better baby. I love you so much.”

“I’m only as good as the women I have around me honey. I have so many wonderful women in my life. I’m just happy you are finally back in my life. You have been missed.” He picked her up and held her in his arms. Their kiss was long and loving.

“Have you been in the dark room yet darling?” Gary asked as their kiss finally broke.

“Not yet. I’ve had so much fun in the playroom and the slings. I’ve never had so much sex in my life. Bobbi says the darkroom is wild as fuck.”

“Go, enjoy darling. You’ll love it. You’ll never know whom you’ll be doing. More cock and pussy than you can shake a stick at.”

“I’ve already fucked several movie stars. I can’t believe it. They are very famous and they loved fucking me. I was creaming so hard and I just couldn’t stop. One was a woman who went to Hawaii with Mark. I think her name is Aleka. God, if you haven’t done her yet, you sure as hell better. I hear she was Miss Hawaii before she became a big movie star. She told me she wants to do you too, only this time not blindfolded.”

More strippers arrived and the party went into overdrive. George, the owner of Sapphires arrived with the latest batch of gorgeous girls from his club. Mark went to greet him and his girls.

“Gary Edwards, there you are. I’ve been looking all over for you,” DeeDee said as she threw herself into his arms and kissed him deeply.

“Hiya sexy, I wondered where your horny ass was. You’re looking particularly well fucked darling.”

“Well dear, if I can’t find my man, any man will do. I don’t waste time darling. I knew I’d find you. I already found your women. Damn, they are delicious. Of course, I don’t think they’ll ever be the same again though.”

“Oh shit Dee, what did you do?”

“I didn’t so anything. I just saw them a few minutes ago. Let me put it this way my dear lover. The guys have your gals. I doubt Wendy’s ass will ever be the same again.”

“Does that mean what I think it means?” Gary asked.

“Yeppers darling, Chris has her ass firmly planted on that fabulous cock. I came just looking at them.”

“You cum thinking about a soft evening breeze you delicious slut. I am glad to see you,” Gary said as he kissed her again.

The tip jars had been emptied for each shift and everyone was very happy. When each shift was over, no one went home. They partied and had a blast.

Tori Johnson and Karen Rivers saw Gary recovering at the bar. They had flown in but didn’t let him know they were coming. They had talked to Mark and he said to surprise him. They had watched his exploits and somehow knew their boss was going to be blown away that they were there. It’s not that they didn’t sleep with him on a regular basis; it is just that they had always kept it quiet from the rest of the D’Orgasmic people. They finally had enough of that. Now that he had his girls living with him, they had better go for it whenever they could get it.

They walked up behind him and Tori turned to Karen, “I love it when he fucks me doggie. That man can make me cum just by looking at me. His cock just won’t quit.”

“Oh, I know what you mean. I could suck that cock for hours and never come up for air. Has he ever fucked your ass? When he screws my ass, I cry from delight. No one makes me cum harder,” Karen, whispered just loud enough that he could hear their words.

“It’s just too bad we can’t find him. I really wanted to fuck his brains out. Mark said he would be here. I’m sure he’ll show up eventually.”

Gary sipped his Rum Runner and couldn’t help but overhear their conversation. He turned and spoke to the backs of their heads, “If you would tell me who you’re looking for, I may know where he is.”

They laughed, turned and jumped on his astonished body. “We’re looking to fuck our boss. He’s this ugly old guy with a puny dick and no technique at all.”

“Well, I’ll be dammed. I didn’t know you were coming,” he said as he kissed both of them.

“We’re here and it is your job to have us cumming like crazy baby. We pulled it off Tori; Mark said we could do it. Now, let’s pull this old fart off that bar stool and teach him a thing or two about how to make love to a woman.”

“Oh this is going to be good,” Wendy said to Rose and Debbie. “Way to go girls, we knew you could pull this off too.”

“Well fuck, you knew too? I’m so screwed with the three of you.”

“Darling, you have to know we were just worried that you might not get laid this weekend,” Debbie whispered in his ear. “Have fun girls.”

Tori and Karen grabbed his arms and moved him to the playroom. It was full of naked bodies but they found a spot and pulled him down. The minute they hit the mattress a soft giggle was heard. Shannon was next to them doing several people.

“It’s about time girls, I wondered if you were going to hide all weekend. Where the hell have you been?”

“I’ve been at the glory hole for a while and Karen has been running all over the place tipping the wait staff. Now, excuse us, we have to fuck the boss. It’s a dirty job but someone has to do it.”

Shannon roared and sucked back a long one, her eyes twinkling wonderfully.

Tori was on one side and Karen on the other. Their bodies molded into him and they kissed him sweetly. Their hands ran across his chest and onto his hips. They turned his head from side to side and their tongues drove him wild. Each girl was exceptional in and of herself but together, they were amazing. They rode along his frame and teased his flesh with their firm, tight bodies.

He looked at four perfectly shaped, breasts and his tongue lashed out. Each nipple was explored and teased. They bit his neck, his lips and then they began to suck his nipples.

Their hands began to stroke his legs and they fondled his balls and stiffening flesh. They kissed their way down and Karen circled his fine shaft with her fingers and guided his cock towards Tori’s tender lips. Tori thrilled at the feel of his cock on her lips. She licked his precum and spread it across her lips. Karen watched and began to lick him while Tori took his crown into her mouth. Her tongue swirled and teased as Karen licked his expanding firmness.

Gary looked down to see the two wonderful women lavishing much lust onto him. His cock switched mouths repeatedly and the women were wet with their enthusiasm. Their love for his cock was apparent for anyone watching this. They rubbed him over their cheeks and took him into their throats. Their lips caressed his balls and they played with his ass. Tori rose up and angled his cock into her tight hot pussy. Karen began to lick his balls and Tori’s ass as she rode his cock sweetly.

Tori felt wonderful fucking Gary. She had never had sex with so many people watching her before. That thrilled her beyond description. She and Karen had long talks about it once they decided to come to Vegas. The kinkiest thing they had ever done was fucking Gary together. They had done that many times over the years but they had never had open sex before. They had admitted to each other that the thought of hundreds of people watching them fuck and suck was driving them wild.

Karen was licking Tori’s sweet ass and watching Gary’s cock slide in and out of her tight pussy. She turned Tori around and began to lick her clit as she cupped his balls. Gary stroked deeply into Tori and Karen licked her long hard clit sweetly.

Suddenly, Karen felt hands caressing her body. Her breasts were cupped and lips teased her ass. Some tall, black man walked up to Tori and positioned his cock onto her lips. She moaned and opened her mouth and took him in. Someone lifted Karen and she felt a lovely cock slide into her pussy. She felt wicked and loved it. Whoever was fucking her was wonderful. Tori was taking that black cock deep into her throat and she wrapped her hands around him while he stroked her deeply.

A spectacular blonde straddled Gary’s face and her lips met his sweetly. Gary began to suck her fine pussy as his cock sliced into Tori repeatedly. Ronnie and Shannon crept over and each took a nipple on the blonde-haired woman and began sucking. Tori started to cum as did Karen.

Karen pulled Tori off and she climbed onto Gary’s gorgeous cock. The man who was fucking her backed off while she slid her body onto him. Tori rolled to one side and looked up into Shannon’s sweet, well-fucked pussy. She tilted her head and slid beneath her legs. Karen felt the man slide his cock against her ass and she moaned deeply as he began to enter her. She had never had two cocks at once and this blew her mind. She felt him inside her and the two men began to fuck her deliciously. She raised herself up and the blonde’s spectacular tits molded into hers. Ronnie and Shannon were licking both women’s nipples and loving it. Ronnie’s hand fell to Karen’s clit and she flicked it sweetly. Karen was a candidate for NASA as she went off like a rocket.

She kissed the statuesque woman who was riding Gary’s face. The man in her ass was long, hard and she felt his probe swell. He grabbed her hips and he began to shake. Both cocks split her wonderfully. He unleashed a load of hot, sweet sperm deep into her ass, his cock twitching wildly as he came. Shannon screamed from Tori’s talented tongue and Ronnie was breathless from the scene playing out before her.

Gary came massively himself and Karen nearly passed out. Her body shook and she screamed delightfully. The blonde woman came as well and everyone collapsed smiling.

The bar was calling and Gary headed back for a refill. It was almost 2am Saturday morning and the Vegas entertainers were arriving. He knew many of them and they greeted him warmly. Singers, comedians, musicians and showgirls poured in.

“It’s a lovely vision, isn’t it?” Mark laughed as he caught up to Gary at the bar. “Have the girls from the Palms and the Playboy club arrived yet?”

“Son-of-a-bitch, is Ginger and Candy coming?” Gary asked incredibly.

“Tracy is coming too. Did I tell you that she and Dani have become very good friends? She really got jealous the night I met Dani. Apparently, Dani went back a couple of weeks later and they started talking. She confided in Dani that she really wanted to fuck my brains out that night but I was already occupied. Dani decided to remedy that and she brought Tracy over one night. I had a great night. What they didn’t know was that Michelle was on a tear too. The last I heard, Dani was singing your praises at the top of her voice and Tracy was getting wet just thinking about you.”

“Damn, I only met her once. She really is gorgeous. I definitely love your parties. Have you seen my girls lately?”

“We partied shortly after the party officially started. Had a great time and then I saw Rose coming out of the darkroom several hours later. She was heading for the showers. She definitely needed a shower but she was smiling. The guys had them for an hour or so. My money says Wendy’s smile won’t go away until June.”

“Yeah, I heard about that. Chris did a number on her. Remind me never to introduce her to Hydro Bob,” Gary laughed.

“You got that right. You know, I used to piss Cherry off completely when we’d watch videos and I’d make some damned statement that this guy or that guy was deformed. Well, trust me when I say this. Hydro Bob is deformed. He is bigger than John Holmes was. I don’t know how Connie did what she did.”

“I know how she did him,” Red smirked as she and Nancy walked up to them. “She did him the same way we used to, carefully and with a ton of lube. I’ve never seen a black guy who could measure up to him.”

“I know, I’ve tried to do them all tonight and no one can compare,” Nancy said with a shiteating grin on her face. “Bartender, Rum Runners please! Red, it’s your turn to tip the bartender.”

“Never mind girlfriend, I’ve got you covered,” Holly said as she ascended from behind the bar wiping her lips.

That did it for Gary. He laughed so hard, he could barely breathe.

“Has anyone seen Ainsley? I haven’t seen her all night,” Gary asked.

“I saw her a couple of hours ago. She was with Jim and she was singing, ‘Save a Horse’. She had a grin on her face and mumbled something about getting certified,” Red giggled. “I seriously think she meant everyone at the party. If that’s the case, she’s not going to want to ride anything by Tuesday morning.”

Gary decided to take a nap. Saturday and Sunday were going to be intense. He slipped away and went up to his suite. He walked in and started to laugh. Debbie, Wendy and Rose were lying on the bed, discussing the party so far.

“You look tired baby,” Wendy said. “We were wondering if we’d see you. Are you having a good time?”

“I am, are you?”

“You told us, we were warned. You said it would be wild. Holy fuck, it is wild. I have done some people I’ve always wanted to do. One game show host I had a crush on for so many years turned out to be not bad. My fantasy was better than the reality with him but some of the others were wild,” Debbie cooed.

“I just want to know one thing right now, dammit. Are you trying to get rid of us?” Rose said, as she got right in his face.

“What the fuck are you talking about? You know better than that,” Gary said seriously. “What the fuck brought this on?”

“I am just making sure. I seriously thought you were driving us away. What the fuck did you think would happen by unleashing Rashad, Jamal and Chris on us? I mean, seriously Gary, those three men are fucking wild,” Rose said.

Gary looked at Wendy who was blushing deeply. “I heard you met Chris darling. Everyone heard you met Chris actually.”

“We all did darling. Uptight, outta sight and airtight baby. Talk about fucking wild. I remembered something you said back at the apartment about us getting to fuck many fabulous black men. Well, we know who you were talking about now,” Debbie smirked.

“Airtight? They took you airtight. Sweet!” Gary giggled.

“They took us all there darling. The last time we saw them, Shannon had corralled them. She had a wicked grin on her face. They seem to like Asian pussy,” Rose laughed.

“Darling, they love pussy. Always have and always will. Move over, I’m gonna grab some sleep. Tomorrow and Sunday will be big days.”

Saturday and into Sunday morning, the party raged on. People crashed for a few hours and then began to party again. The entertainers took to the stage and everyone had a great time.

Somewhere around 4 am Las Vegas time, Michelle noticed an inconspicuous light flashing and she went to get Mark. She pointed it out to him and he went upstairs to check his messages. The light was notifying him that a call had come in on his private line that very few people had access to.

He listened to the message and called Phil Johnson immediately. Phil informed him that Cherry had been found, viciously raped and left for dead behind the strip club. Phil told him that Officer Bill Bryant is a friend of Rashad’s and he told the detective to call him. They are looking for information regarding her family. “I told the detective that I would call you and find out if you had any of that information.”

Mark told him that he didn’t but that the guys were in Las Vegas with him and he would check with them and see if they had any information. He told him he would call him back in a few minutes.

Mark called downstairs and told Michelle to get the guys and get upstairs right away.

The elevator door opened and they rushed into his office. He told them that she was in surgery and wasn’t expected to live. None of the men had any information about her family. Mark told Michelle that he wanted his own investigators on the scene immediately.

She went downstairs, told Dave and Ron to get the jet ready to go. She found her investigators and gave them their instructions. George, the owner of Sapphires overheard Michelle and he said he needed to talk to Mark immediately. She took him upstairs and found out that Cherry worked for his brother Ted.

Mark called and arranged for Ted to contact Phil and give him the information he needed. Ted was most cooperative and he arranged to meet with Mark’s investigators as soon as they landed. He had surveillance video that hopefully would give them a lead.

He called Phil back and let him know what was happening. Cherry had returned to Intensive Care and Mark talked to the Doctor. He told Mark that she would be badly scarred and that her prognosis was not good. He was told that she was in a deep coma and he didn’t have any idea how long that would last.

Mark asked the doctor if it would be all right if he flew the best plastic surgeon to her. The Doctor agreed and Mark said he would call him back in a few minutes.

Michelle got Lori upstairs and found out that the Doctor Mark wanted was a Dr. Bowen in Dallas, TX. Lori broke down crying. She and Cherry had become good friends. Mark called him and explained the situation. The Doctor agreed to fly to her and evaluate the situation. Mark had his pilots file flight plans for Dallas and then on to Cherry.

Mark had Lori get Gary and Jill. He told them what had happened. Mark asked Gary to take over the hosting of the party. Gary watched helplessly as his best friend had a meltdown right before his eyes. Michelle and Jill stayed with him.

Aleka and Diane came rushing into the office in tears. Rashad had told them what had happened. Daniel and Kono followed soon after. Cherry had touched so many people. He hoped someday, she would know how deeply everyone felt towards her.

The plane landed and the Doctor arrived at the hospital. Dr. Bowen called Mark and told him the extent of her injuries, which were substantial. He told him that in order to be successful they could not wait for her to come out of the coma. She needed to be taken to Dallas, as she needed extensive microsurgery immediately.

Cherry was flown on Lori’s jet to Dallas and Dr. Bowen went immediately to work. Cherry, as it turned out, would remain in the coma for two months.

Michelle and Phil arranged to take care of her property. Mark contacted her parents, found them a rental house near the clinic and flew them to Dallas that day. All he could do was wait…and pray.

Mark never returned to the party. Gary, Michelle and Dani took care of everything. The guests had a great time and only a handful knew what had occurred which was exactly how Mark wanted it. Overall, it was another huge success.

Rashad, Jamal and Chris stayed. Next to Mark, they were the closest to Cherry. Each one loved her dearly and they did not intend to do anything other than help in whatever way they could.

Mark’s nerves were shot. The thought of her attack made him furious. He wanted revenge and he vowed that someday, he would have it. He was a patient man. The day would come, he was sure of it.

Holly’s crew was made aware of the situation. The news hit Ronnie exceptionally hard. She had never met Cherry but she had developed some form of kinship with the woman she could not explain. Rashad walked through the main room and saw Ronnie sitting in the corner, sobbing. He walked over and held her.

“My God, I feel so bad. I know you have to be more upset than I am. I just have this thing, I can’t explain. I look at her and see the woman I want to become someday. She is everything I have strived to become. She is gorgeous, sexy and sassy. I can’t bear the thought of anyone hurting her,” she whimpered.

“You’re not alone Ronnie. It’s funny; I fully understand what you are saying. When we first saw you, we thought you were Cherry. You took our breath away. I want you to listen to me Ronnie, Cherry is a woman we love. Mark is in love with her. We don’t know what came between them. Just know one thing; you are your own person. Yes, you two could be twins however; you and Cherry are very different in many ways too. Don’t change who you are. The person you are is very special too.”

“I just want to meet her one day. Is that selfish?”

“No dear, not at all. Just promise me one thing. Let me know so I can be there to watch. Oh hell, that is way too much pussy for one man,” he laughed.

“I didn’t say I wanted to sleep with her Rashad,” Ronnie blushed.

“See, you assume you know Cherry. One day, you’ll meet her. She’ll take one look at you and do you in a heartbeat. When that happens, I’ll know my Cherry is back.”

The next week, Holly’s group hit every club in Las Vegas. For many, this was their first time experiencing sin city.

The first thing that they all discovered was that size does matter. Las Vegas is the only city on earth that is impossible to describe to someone who has never been there before. If you tell someone that something is big, usually something is needed for comparison. In most cities, a large hotel might have eight hundred rooms. The MGM Grand has five thousand and five rooms.

Gary told them of a conversation he had one night with a local cab driver. The driver told him of a fare he had picked up one night at Bally’s Hotel. The passenger was a young woman who apologized for the short fare. She was only going to Treasure Island. The driver pulled out onto the strip and had to stop at the light at Flamingo. The woman asked the driver if he had ever taken the mileage of Caesar’s Palace. The driver had heard every dumb question but that one was a new one to him. Once he realized exactly what she asked, the light had turned green. The driver hit the trip gauge when he crossed the street and he watched as he drove past the hotel. When he hit the property line between Caesar’s Palace and the Mirage, his jaw dropped. The sidewalk in front of Caesar’s is 3/10th of a mile long. That is a big hotel.

The clubs are huge; the dance floors larger than many of the clubs they had previously visited. Elegance ruled the Las Vegas nightlife and sex appeal was evident everywhere you looked. The sound systems were amazing and the lighting extraordinary.

After each club was visited, the group met and discussed what they found. Dani kept meticulous notes.

While they were doing that, Holly, Gary and Mark would meet to go over their vision for the clubs and restaurant. They ran numbers and finally came up with a plan.

The clubs would be freestanding with lots of parking. Each club would have two complete stages, elevated and floor level dance floors, top of the line sound and lighting. Each club would have recording capability to capture the artist’s performances. The restaurants would seat 400 people and be opened 24/7. With the exception of Las Vegas, the clubs would be opened 15 hours a day. Each club would have a capacity of 750 people.

They also brought Shannon into the discussions and Gary told her what he envisioned for the clothes the employees would wear.

“Dammit Gary, I’m going to have to design another complete line of clothes just for the staff,” she smiled, her lovely oval eyes shining brightly.

“Darling, I know you have a long list of promising designers you’ve had your eye on. It’s time for you to start hiring. I want you supervising everything but it is time to get you some really talented assistants.” Gary got up from the table, cleared anything she could throw from her reach, grinned broadly and said, “Every employee is to have a minimum of twenty complete outfits from their thongs to their shoes and boots. Same thing goes for the men as well. We want exceptional clothes for exceptional bodies.”

“Hooters goes Country or Hip Hop,” Mark grinned.

“Exactly, that is the caliber of the women we are going to be hiring. Drop dead sexy women with gorgeous bodies and beautiful smiles,” Gary told her. “Of course, the dancers will all have many custom outfits so we need to actually set up a division for the staff in addition to the retail products,” Gary looked at Holly to see if she had anything to add to that.

“Is Shannon going to be working with Ainsley on the leather products?”

“Definitely and since we now have access to some of the finest leathers, we need to really make a splash with that aspect too.”

“You mutha, you know how to get a girl wet don’t you?” Shannon blushed.

The next three days, they met non-stop with Las Vegas’ top club architect. Every detail was discussed and he told them he would have preliminary plans in a week. Mark told him that they needed the plans to be flexible. Many locations, such as Miami and Nashville would only have one club. Country might not be as successful in Miami and Hip Hop definitely wouldn’t work in Nashville. He understood completely.

Gary had given him the dimensions of the retail store and had his own designers for that aspect. He told them he had a fantastic architect who specialized in restaurants and he would subcontract that aspect to him.

He asked about the interior design and everyone laughed. Mark took him on a tour of his place. He then introduced Red and Nancy to him and told him they would be working closely with him. Everyone was pleased and work commenced.

Mark was on the phone every hour with Dallas getting updates on Cherry’s condition. Surgeries were being done and Dr. Bowen was pleased with the initial results.

Properties were shopped in both Las Vegas and Orlando. Several were available in Las Vegas and one was purchased. It was very convenient as far as Mark was concerned. It was located less than a quarter mile from Mark’s office on the other side of Sapphires Strip Club on Industrial. It was very close to the strip on one of the most heavily traveled roads in town.

Shannon and Ainsley had become fast friends. They loved each other’s designs and Ainsley was anxious to get back to Dallas and get the show on the road. She wanted to show Shannon her hat designs and she wanted her to see her leather suppliers. She knew that would blow her away.

Linda and Holly wanted to stop in Tennessee and go to the smoker manufacturer. Gary and Mark definitely wanted to do that as well.

Most of the group flew back to Orlando. Mark, Gary, Ainsley, Holly and Shannon flew to Dallas. Mark immediately went to the clinic. Cherry was still in a coma and Dr. Bowen showed him the mess that had been made of her face. He was shocked at the severity of her injuries. He left there reassured that she was in excellent hands.

Ainsley was pleased that much of her new equipment was being delivered. Her assistant had hired many new people and they were setting up the plant in a very efficient manner.

Shannon loved the hat designs and said she didn’t want to change anything. They were hot, sexy and wild, just like Ainsley. Her boot catalog was amazing and together, they knew they would have the hottest footwear on the dance floors.

They went to her leather suppliers and Shannon went wild. Every imaginable leather was readily available and the quality was exquisite.

When they left Tennessee, Holly was satisfied she had found the perfect smokers for the restaurants.

Dave met the plane and took them to see three properties that were available. Two were on I-Drive and one was closer to Universal. They chose the Universal property and Dave began the process of purchasing the property.

Wendy, Debbie and Rose met them as they drove onto the property. “Are you ready to be blown away baby?” Rose said as she kissed him.

“Damn Gar, does she think about anything but sex?” Mark laughed and ducked as Rose smacked his ass.

They walked into the house and it was breathtaking. Red and Nancy greeted them and took them on the grand tour. Everything was perfect.

“This is better than I imagined. I love the colors and the furniture.” He walked through the house and every thing he looked at was stunning.

“Come with me baby.” Wendy grabbed his arm and pulled him towards his wing. The four suites were elegant and sexy as anything he could imagine. They opened the double doors to his suite and he stopped dead in his tracks.

Red and Nancy had out done themselves. The colors from the carpet to the draperies were amazing. The new furniture was perfect for his lifestyle. They even had a Tantra Chair, which he thought was a perfect addition.

The major piece in the bedroom had him laughing hysterically. His new bed blew his mind. It was huge.

Nancy giggled and jumped on the mattress. “We had this custom made for you sweetheart. Check this out.” She moved to each section and touched the headboard. A hidden panel slid away and each one of them had wireless Bose headphones, massage and motion controls, lubricants, poppers and their own private stash of other fun items.

Mark started laughing his head off and Gary looked to see what had caught his eye. When Gary saw it, he burst out laughing as well. Three stripper poles were placed throughout the room.

“Three poles, holy shit. Isn’t that a little extreme?” he asked Red.

“Not really baby. We asked Holly her opinion and she said three were perfect. One is for Jim, the other two are for you and Mark,” she giggled.

“Like that is gonna happen anytime soon,” Mark laughed.

Debbie came up behind Mark and threw her arms around him, “My darling Mark, you’re not going to be a party pooper are you?” She kissed his neck, licked his ear and spanked his ass.

“Okay, this is a new one on me. What is that thing?” Gary said as he noticed this massive contraption in one corner of the room.

“That, my dear, is the Circle of Pleasure. Would you like a demonstration?” Rose giggled.

“Damn right I would. This thing looks dangerous,” Gary, quipped.

Red picked up her cell and dialed a number, “Hi baby, it’s your turn.”

Gary looked puzzled but only for a moment. Tammy pranced into the room wearing thigh highs and heels. “I can’t wait to experience this,” she said as she kissed Gary sweetly. Gary’s girls just laughed.

“She has been a basket case waiting for you to get home. We had to promise her that you’d do her first. She can be a right bitch at times,” Wendy smirked.

“Eat me darling,” Tammy grinned.

“Trust me girlfriend, we all will.” Nancy took her by the hand and walked her to the Circle.

Her perfect, tiny body looked particularly wicked as she stepped onto the platform. Her tight black pussy split sweetly; the tasty pink ribbon of delight begged to be used and abused. Nancy strapped her in and told Gary to strip. She took him to the Circle and she showed him the controls.

“This button controls her legs,” Nancy said as she hit the button. Tammy’s legs began to spread. You can adjust them to be perfectly comfortable for both of you. “This button adjusts her knees and this one adjusts her pelvis. You can tilt her pelvis to be perfect for either licking or fucking.”

“This is pretty sweet. Is it just me or have I seen something like this before?”

“Bob is retired hon, he’s no longer swinging but the table Connie loved so much has been improved. This is it and you haven’t seen anything yet. It gets a lot better,” Nancy said as she flipped another switch.

A seat ascended from the floor platform. Gary sat down and took the controls. He played with the various buttons and effortlessly moved Tammy into some fantastic positions. Never a stranger to innovation, Gary was impressed. Tammy was getting impatient.”

“Come on baby, my pussy needs some lovin’,” Tammy cooed.

“Hold your horses’ girlfriend; you’re in for the lovin’ of your life. I’m just getting used to the controls. If I’m right, everyone had better get naked because I have a feeling we’re all going to get into the action very soon.”

He found what he was looking for and he hit a switch. Tammy began to lay flat. More controls slid her forward and back. He slid her into his face and he began to lick her tasty pussy sweetly. Tammy was addicted to his tongue and he gave his beautiful girl the licking of her life. He adjusted her legs, her pelvis and her knees and opened her up completely. He flipped a switch and the entire machine began to vibrate. Tammy definitely enjoyed that.

There were lots more switches and he kept looking for the ones he wanted. He flipped another switch and Tammy’s head slowly sunk backwards. Mark started laughing and he walked to her extended neck. She saw his cock and opened her mouth. Gary adjusted the angle and he slid right down her fabulous throat.

“Holy fuck, I didn’t know it could do that,” Rose giggled. “I’m definitely going to love this thing.”

“It gets better baby; you haven’t seen the half of it yet,” Red grinned. “I wanted to see if he could remember the night we met him. Just wait until he has the controls down pat. It’s gonna get wet in here.”

Gary pulled back from Tammy’s pussy and started to adjust her position. Mark was firmly planted between her teeth and loving it. Gary brought her legs straight up and opened her wide. He adjusted the tilt of her head. He hit a switch and the machine began so spin her. Marks cock was in her throat and her body was rotating on Mark’s shaft. He stopped the machine for a minute and walked himself into Tammy’s wet pussy. A few adjustments later and he began to spin her again. She resembled a chicken on a rotisserie except that she was rotating on two very hard cocks.

Debbie was giggling uncontrollably, “Okay, that’s it. This is now my office. Did you know I am a workaholic?”

Everyone laughed and Gary was still checking out the controls. Tammy was spinning and cumming like a racehorse.

“I like this a lot,” Gary said. “Is Bob making them?”

“No, they are a new, very exclusive product and you can only get them from one catalog. The company selling them has worldwide rights to the product. A shop in Ft. Lauderdale is making them for the distributor,” Red explained.

“This is amazing, I know someone who’d kill to get her hands on one of these,” Gary grinned.

“We can ship them to Holland. I don’t know if her new husband would appreciate it though,” Nancy laughed.

“What do you mean, ‘we can ship’. Who is the ‘we’?” Gary asked.

“Oh shit, didn’t we tell you? There is this little company called D’Orgasmic Lingerie. They have the worldwide rights to the product.” Red grinned. “Bob said anyone who could keep Connie satisfied had to be the one to sell this thing.”

Everyone seemed to forget that Tammy was still rotating on two very happy cocks.

“I love it, this is perfect,” Gary said as he stopped Tammy from rotating.

“Perfect is the biggest understatement I’ve heard since the day you told me you knew how to eat pussy,” Tammy said breathlessly. “Fuck, this thing is awesome.”

They spent then next hour checking out everything the Circle could do. Tammy was exhausted but smiling when she finally got off it.

“I want one,” Mark said.

“Why? You already have two of them. Jackson took delivery this afternoon. Oh shit, I forgot to tell you, Michelle, Lori and Dani want you to come home immediately,” Red laughed furiously.

“Are you going to look at the rest of what we’ve done or are you going to play with your new toy all day?” Nancy said.

She showed him his breakfast kitchen, which he thought, was a great idea. He walked into the bathroom and stopped dead in his tracks. He grabbed Red and kissed her deeply. “You’ve outdone yourself darling. This is indescribable.”

The tiles, granite and fixtures were breathtaking. He walked through the massive bathroom and saw the new sauna and separate steam room. The shower was huge and Red pointed out several features such as strategically placed handles in case they wanted to get busy in the shower.

The closets had been redone and they were great.

“Before we go upstairs, check this out,” Nancy said as she picked up a tablet next to the bed. She hit the screen and the draperies closed. With each new tap on the screen, the lighting changed dramatically. There were ten settings just for the bedroom alone. She told Rose to lie down on the bed. She shut off all the lights and the room went totally dark.

“Get up and go to the bathroom Rose,” Red told her.

Rose got up and as soon as her feet hit the floor, tiny led lights came on lighting a path to the bathroom. She brought the lights back up and told everyone to look at the framed artwork on the walls. A couple of taps on the tablet and the beautiful works of art changed right before their eyes.

“What the hell?” Gary asked incredulously.

“They are not canvas Gary; they are framed high def flat panel monitors. You have all the great masters’ works. They are all programmed to change every few days. You won’t get sick of the artwork. It rotates regularly.”

“Do I want to know what this cost?”

“No you don’t, just enjoy it,” Wendy laughed.

On the second floor, Gary walked into his brand new office. He had a fantastic view of the lake and a desk that was huge. A suspended 55-inch Samsung monitor was flanked by six smaller monitors. Every room in the house was available with a touch of a button for audio and video. Red hit a switch and Jill came on the monitor. She was at work. She told Gary that she would be over for dinner in just a little while.

His library had been redecorated nicely and the exercise room had new carpet and Samsung TV’s throughout.

“What are you going to do with the third floor hon?” Debbie asked him.

“It is a great place for storage. I may use it someday but for now, it is just there.”

“There is a lot more to see, come on,” Wendy said grabbing his arm.

Every room was elegant and he was so happy with the results. The living room was amazing. He walked over to a brand new acquisition that was a complete surprise to him.

A Yamaha player electric grand piano sat in one corner of the living room. He had wanted one from the day he saw the first one. He just never had the space before. He looked at the tablet next to the piano, selected a song, and hit play. The house instantly filled with the sweetest sound possible. The grin on his face was huge.

The game room had been transformed into a sexy Las Vegas style bar complete with slot machines, video poker machines, blackjack and ‘Let It Ride’ tables and two pool tables. The bar was fantastic and fully stocked. The women had definitely been busy. Gary checked out the poker machines. He smiled big when he saw his favorite, ‘Double Double Bonus Poker’. It was his favorite game.

Debbie came up behind him and slipped a blindfold on him. They led him outside and Debbie positioned him where she wanted him and removed the blindfold. What he saw blew him away.

“Where the hell is Holly?” he stammered.

“I’m right behind you dear. Do you like it?” she whispered in his ear.

“I love it,” he said as he looked at a complete recreation of his bar in Key West.

“You told me to build another bar on this side and Holly heard us discussing it. She had photos of your place and she gave them to us. We thought you’d like it,” Red said.

He walked behind the bar and looked around. She even had his speed rack properly outfitted. He looked up on the wall and started laughing. They had recreated his favorite bar sign. It simply read, ‘To make the owner happy, give him a blowjob and a bucket of money’.

Gary was laughing hard and pointing to that sign. “That damned sign got me laid every night.”

“Now get the fuck out of my way. You’ve finally fucked up,” Holly said as she filled the blender with ice. She walked over to the beer cooler and took out the Pina Colada Mix, pineapple juice and the grenadine. She poured them into the blender and then went to the speed rack. She was not a newbie doing a four-bottle pour. She picked up the Dark Rum, Light Rum, Vodka and Triple Sec and did a four count. She turned and reached for the Banana Liquor and the Blackberry Brandy. She put the lid on and blended a perfect Rum Runner. She poured him one, inserted the straw, grabbed the 151 Rum, poured the floater, and filled the straw. She turned and smiled sweetly as he stood there with an astonished look on his face.

“I own your ass now Mr. Edwards. You’ve done everything possible all these years to keep this recipe from me. You forgot to tell Rose not to tell me,”

“Oops,” Rose blushed.

Gary took a sip, smiled, “You’re hired.”

“You can’t afford me,” Holly snickered as she handed one to Mark.

“Finally, the woman doth speaketh the truth,” Mark quipped.

“Wow, this brings back some great memories. I did have a fun time in the Keys. Everything looks wonderful. The grounds look so different. I see the golf carts arrived. I like them.”

“That one is yours Gary; jump in there is much to see.” Red threw him the keys to his cart. They took off down the new pathways. Ten new cabana’s had been constructed and each one was a different tropical paradise. Each cabana had an unobstructed view of the lake while remaining completely private from the main house.

“We’re going to have to be careful; I don’t want the boaters to see what is going on in the cabanas.”

“We’ve got it covered. When I tell you, lie down on the mattress and keep looking at me,” Nancy said. She walked several feet away and told Gary to lie down. As he did, a low hum was heard. He was looking at Nancy and nothing changed.

“Are you still on the bed?” she asked.

“Of course I am.”

“Well, I can’t see you,” she laughed.

Gary got up and walked to her. He looked back at the cabana and all he saw was an empty cabana. Each mattress was fitted with a pressure switch. Red walked over and got on the mattress. Gary saw the cabana rise up in front of him.

“This is a new material. It is completely transparent looking out. Looking in, all you see is the image of the cabana. No one can see anything that may be going on inside. Complete privacy is guaranteed.” Each one is landscaped differently. They look gorgeous in daylight but the best effect will be at night. You’re going to want to play in all of them,” Nancy said.

“Now, would I do that? Gee Nancy; you make me sound like some weird letch.”

“You are; you’re our lovable letch. We love you, you know that.” Nancy threw her arms around him and kissed him passionately. “We still have a few more surprises for you baby. Let’s go.”

They jumped into the carts and headed back to the main house. Gary sat in the cart and looked at the new building. “Damn, it is larger than I thought it would be. When will it be finished?” He lit a cigarette and sat looking at the building. It was a perfect match to the main house.

“The suites have to be finished. The main floor is finished and we are sure you’re going to be happy with it. Everything will be finished by the time you get back from Europe.”

“Oh fuck, I forgot all about the catalog shoot. When do we have to leave for Europe?”

“We leave Tuesday morning baby,” Wendy said. “Personally, I can’t wait. The farthest I’ve ever traveled was to Las Vegas for Mark’s party. That was mind-blowing. I can’t wait to see Paris.”

“What is that I smell?” Whatever it is, it smells wonderful. What the hell is going on,” he asked as Linda came out onto the patio with her chefs following her. They walked to the corner of the patio next to the new party building and the aromas became more pronounced.

“Since the girls didn’t want their suites enlarged, we figured we’d use that money to give you something we knew you’ve wanted all your life,” Red said as she grabbed his hand and pulled him from the golf cart. She walked him onto the patio and into a fabulous outdoor kitchen.

“Do you like it darling?” Rose asked. “I wasn’t sure we could keep this a secret but we did. Gary, you and Mark walk to the end of the kitchen.”

They did and saw the biggest damned smoker they could ever imagine sitting next to the kitchen. They opened it up and it was full of ribs, brisket, sausages, chicken and pork.

Tables were set up and dinner was served. Everyone sampled some of each item.

“Gary, try the baked beans. Tell us what you think of them,” Tammy beamed.

He did and his eyes widened. “These are absolutely delicious. Seriously, I have never had better in my life.”

“That is our grandfathers’ recipe. It’s been a family secret for years. We love it. I’m glad you do too,” Linda smiled.

“I’m taking a poll,” Holly announced. “Is the BBQ up to speed?”

Everyone agreed that it was.

“Okay, this part of the menu is set. We still have a lot of work to do. Eat up people; we have a lot of food here.”

Mark and Gary went back for seconds on the ribs and pulled pork sandwiches. Watching those two was reminiscent of a kid in a candy store. They were in seventh heaven. They returned to the table and together it sounded like an episode of Iron Chef America. They were hilarious comparing smoke rings, barbeque sauces, beans etc.

“From the looks on your faces, I think we should be worried girls,” Rose laughed. “The final straw will be if he wants to put the damned smoker in the bedroom.”

“It’s always smokin in my bedroom darling.”

“Holly, here’s a question for you,” Wendy smiled. “Have you ever had any of Gary’s baked goods? The man is a genius.”

“No I didn’t know that. Down in the Keys, all there was Key Lime Pie. It was delicious but he didn’t make them.”

“I refuse to compete when the odds are stacked against me. Yes, I owned a bar and restaurant. When I want Key Lime Pie, there is only one place in Key West to get it. The Rooftop Restaurant can’t be beat. I can’t remember her name but the Jamaican woman who makes the pies is considered the best in the world. They would see me come in and bring me a slice of pie and a coffee. I don’t think I ever saw their menu.”

“Darling, you have to make her a cheesecake. Holly, his cheesecake will blow you away.”

“Hey, I make some killer things too,” Mark, laughed. “Tomorrow my friend, it is game on Gar. We compete.”

“Attention everyone, I have an announcement. Tomorrow there will be a bake-off between Gary and Mark. What this means is that you are all going to be blown away by what they make. It also means that all you guys had better be horny as hell. We’ll have some serious calories to burn off,” Debbie chuckled.

“This is going to be fun,” Linda grinned. “What are the rules?”

“Very simple, only four people allowed in the kitchen. Mark, Linda, Holly and myself. You know it is funny when you think of it. Mark and I grew up in this house but I know I’ve never worked in this kitchen. Have you Mark?”

“Nope and if you think about it, I don’t think Jeremy even knew where the kitchen was. He sure as fuck wouldn’t know what to do with one anyway. This is going to be fun. Do we have everything we need?”

“We have enough to feed an army baby,” Holly purred.

“All I need is my laptop and I’m golden,” Gary said.

“Oh shit, I knew there was something we forgot to show you. Come with us,” Red laughed. They went into the house and into a room he didn’t know existed. Gary looked at Mark and they both laughed. They were staring at their own internet hub.

“Everything you need is available anywhere on the complex. Don’t laugh Mark; we mirrored your stuff too. You both have access to everything from any room.”

“Who do we have to thank for this?” Gary inquired.

Jill was standing with a tablet in her hand. She tapped the screen and Dani’s smiling face was on the screen. “You can thank both of us,” Jill smiled. “Everything is secure, password protected and available to both of you from anywhere on earth.”

“This is fucking sweet,” Mark said. “Are you telling me I can access this from the plane?”

“Anywhere on earth baby,” Dani grinned. “This way, you can’t hide from me. I can be a cruel bitch darling.”

They went into the kitchen and checked it out. It was going to be a good competition.

The intercom came to life. Tammy announced ‘house rules’ were now in effect. Everyone was to meet by the pool in ten minutes in full D’Orgasmic fashions.

The women disappeared and left Mark and Gary alone in the kitchen. “Your kitchen looks better than this one,” Gary said.

“But you have things in here I don’t have. This is going to be fun. How long has it been since we did this?”

“Way too long Mark, way too long. Memo to Mark never let Holly do your grocery shopping. There is enough food here for a year.”

They walked out onto the patio. The sun had set and night was upon them. The only lights visible were the underwater lights of the pool. Wendy walked up to Gary and the vision she presented hardened his cock instantly. She was wearing one of the sexiest outfits they had ever designed.

“Do the honors my love,” she said as she handed him the tablet.

Gary and Mark stood shoulder to shoulder when he tapped the screen. The entire complex came to life. Trees, pathways, cabanas and the bars glowed in soft, sensuous lighting. Everywhere they looked wonderful features presented beautifully.

“Disney has nothing on this. This is phenomenal,” Gary said as she kissed Red and Nancy sweetly.

Wendy leaned over and pointed to the tablet. “Hit this one baby.”

He tapped the screen and hurricane shutters raised but the building was in total darkness. The sound of ‘Country Girl, (Shake It For Me)’ filled the night. The party room building came to life. He tapped the screen another time and the building illuminated to reveal Ronnie and the girls dancing out and onto the patio. They looked delicious but what was behind them was breathtaking.

The building, now open to the air, was a remarkable sight. The inside bar looked better than any bar he had ever been in. Soft seductive lighting, neon accents and bar signs of every description filled the room.

Ronnie danced her heart out and when the song changed to ‘Save a Horse, Ride a Cowboy’ the men joined in. A full-blown christening of the new building was in motion.

Red and Gary walked through the building and he was beyond impressed. The theater was amazing with seating for thirty and audio and video that was the best on the market.

Over in one corner, a crowd had gathered. Nancy was giving instructions on the control panel of the Party Room Circle of Pleasure.

“Well, that figures,” Mark, laughed. “Look who is on the machine.” Jill was obviously enjoying the new toy a lot. They walked over to her and she saw the smiles on their faces.

“What? I’ve had to put up with you two all my life. This is one a perk I am going to use as often as I can. I want one in my office.”

“Yeah, I was meaning to talk to you about that,” he said as she was being fucked deliciously by Hank. “With all the new technology we have here, it would be better if you worked out of here hon. I’m going to give Ron my office. Hell, I can give you dictation while you’re getting a nice slice of cock right here.”

“Not right now you can’t Gary,” Marty said as he slid his cock into Jill’s greedy mouth. “You two are so lucky. She is one fabulous woman.”

“That she is,” Mark agreed. “No freakin wonder that Dani and Michelle want me back in Las Vegas. I’m going to need your help when DeeDee discovers this thing.”

Gary laughed loudly at that one. “She is going to want to be on the spit 24/7. You do know that thing does a hell of a lot more than what you saw don’t you?”

“Oh hell yes, I want to know what is in the floor of that thing that we haven’t seen. Well, we’ll find out tomorrow I’m sure. Wendy already informed me to put aside three hours for them tomorrow,” Mark laughed.

“What the fuck is with that. They tell you instead of me. Should my feelings be hurt?” Gary grinned.

“Nah, they are so in love with you it isn’t funny. I’ll be right back; I have to call the hospital.”

Gary walked into the theater and took a seat. The chairs were extremely comfortable and the movie was stunning. The screen definition was impeccable and the sound system blew his mind. Lindsay walked into the theater and the look on her face was so sweet. She saw him and walked out to the bar. She returned and handed him a Rum Runner and she sat beside him.

“This is gorgeous. I mean, it was pretty before but now, it is the most beautiful home I’ve ever seen. Every room makes me wet with lust. I used to think I was pretty sexed up. Compared to the way I feel now, it was nothing. I have to tell you something, I hope you won’t be angry with me. I had a private talk to your women this afternoon. I wanted to be sure that I wasn’t stepping on anyone’s toes but I just want to fuck you morning, noon and night.”

“Oh, and what was their response to that?”

“Debbie bit my clit and Rose and Wendy bit my nipples,” Lindsay blushed. “They told me they fully understood and they didn’t mind one bit. Rose told me directly that no one woman would ever corral you. The best any of us can ever hope for is to have you whenever you can make time for us. I kind of felt special hearing that.”

“You are special. Truth be told, of all of the new women, you have a piece of me, I can’t explain but I’m happy about it. You said you remind me of your uncle. Well, you remind me of a girl I went to school with who I never touched and probably should have.”

Lindsay slid down onto the padded floor and crawled between his legs. Her tiny hand grabbed his cock and she looked up into his face. “I love you Gary. Don’t expect me to stop anytime soon either.”

She knelt upright and kissed him sweetly. Her lips toyed with his as her hand began to stroke him. She kissed his neck and down onto his chest. She licked his nipples and down onto his tight stomach. Her eyes were focused on his and she saw the pleasure she was bringing him. Her tongue slinked out and she twirled it around his broad crown. She looked at the velvet head and back up into his eyes. She licked his long shaft and swirled around the tip.

Her lovely face was elegant in her cock hungry craving. Her features were perfect and her lust apparent. She pulled him towards her and opened her lips. She closed her mouth over him and took him in a few inches. She pulled him out, licked him like a lollipop, and sucked him back into her hot, wet mouth.

Her breasts heaved with each thrust onto him. Her nipples were tiny, tight and proud. Her honey blonde hair, blue eyes and gorgeous face betrayed her love for this man.

“Tonight, I want to give you the best blowjob you’ve ever had darling. I want your cock in my mouth, in my lips and down my throat. I want you to make me cum just from fucking my throat. I want to taste every drop of your cum tonight and forever.”

Lindsay looked so sweet with his hard shaft halfway in her mouth. She smiled around his cock and saw the love returned from him. Her face fell forward and she slid him deep into her throat. Her hands caressed his balls and her tongue stroked under his cock.

Her finger circled his ass and she rode him deeper into her face. Her finger slid into his ass and her lips caressed his length deliciously. She knew he loved that so she slid a second finger into him. Her wet mouth swallowed him completely and he felt her lips pressing around the base of his cock. She stroked his ass wonderfully and her tongue milked his cock perfectly. This angel was heaven sent; he pulled her up, and kissed her deeply.

Gary hit a button on the arm of the chair and it reclined. He pulled her tight, hot body up and dropped her puffy, sweet pussy onto his face. She fell back onto his cock and he ate her pussy and ass lovingly. The sight of this gorgeous woman riding his face was the perfect christening of the new theater. The sound of a woman orgasming on screen coupled with the wetness of Lindsay’s free flowing pussy on his lips heightened every sensation. His tongue slid into her ass and she came instantly.

“Oh baby, lick my ass darling. I love it. Lick me; fuck my ass with your hot tongue darling. Oh, yes! Ohmigod baby, that feels so fucking good.”

His tongue dug into her perfect ass and she could not stop shaking. Her pussy was soaked and her orgasms were building. She took him back into her throat and as she came, her body convulsed on his cock. He felt every inch of her throat close over him and she kept cumming.

He closed his lips over her perfect clit and he began to lick and suck her pussy relentlessly. He felt her manicured nails digging into his legs and her body exploded with pure joy. She flowed, she gushed and she flooded his face with her nectar, which he drank totally. His hands cupped her breasts and she heaved against his palms. Lindsay shook uncontrollably on his tongue and he kept her cumming. She collapsed on his stomach. She pulled him from her lips and she spun around and kissed him furiously.

“I can’t even begin to describe how much I love you. Fuck me darling. Fuck me, fill me and love me baby,” Lindsay whispered as she kissed him again.

She slid down and raised her hips over his stiff cock. She was saturated and fell easily onto his shaft. His long, broad cock stretched her tightly and she loved the feeling he gave her as he filled her completely. She welcomed him and the heat of their passion built massively. She raised herself up and offered him her perfect breast.

His mouth closed over her nipple and he began to lick and suck her perfect tit. He felt every inch of her tight pussy as she began to slowly, sweetly ride his cock. Her breast was pushed onto his lips and its fullness felt wonderful. He stroked harder into her and she began convulsing again.

Lindsay’s body was vibrating massively and he fucked her senseless. Her pussy was griping him wildly and he thrust deeper into her lovely body. He lifted her up and his cock grazed her asshole.

“Darling, are you going to fuck my tight ass? Your cock is so big and my ass is so tight. I want your cock in my ass baby. Shove that sweet cock into me and own me.”

He felt her settle on top of his hardness and she opened to welcome him inside.

“Ohmigod, I love your cock filling my asshole darling. Fuck my hot ass. That’s it baby; fuck my tight sweet ass with your big, hard cock. Oh, yes! Fuck my ass harder baby. Drill me deeper. I love you. I love your cock. Fuck my ass darling. Oh yes!”

Gary slid in and Lindsay went insane. Her body trembled and he stroked her faster and deeper. She bit his neck, licked his ear and dug her nails into him deeply. Her orgasm built and Lindsay exploded. Her tiny body drove him wild. Her tender tongue licked his lips ever so sweetly. Her ass grabbed his shaft and she moaned passionately.

She grabbed his head in her hands, “Darling, cum in my mouth. I want to feel every sweet spurt splash onto my tongue. I want to feel you explode. I want to hold your cock between my lips and have you cum for me baby.”

She slid off him and sank to her knees. Her hair was damp, her face flushed. She knelt, looking into his eyes and her tongue swirled over his engorged head. The look in her eyes betrayed pure lust and her lovely lips pulled him into her mouth. Her face welcomed him and she began to suck her heart out. Lindsay’s lips caressed every line, ridge and vein on his substantial shaft as it descended into her hot, wanton mouth. Her eyes pleaded for his cum as she cradled his heavy balls.

His legs began to shake, his stomach tightened and she felt him swell between her lips. She never broke his gaze. Her tiny hands felt him load up to deliver his hot, sweet cum right where she wanted it. He jerked and she felt the flood rush along his cock. She held his head between her lips. The first splash erupted and hit the back of her mouth, which caused her to cum massively herself. His cock jerked and she sucked and swirled it deliciously in her mouth. Looking in his eyes as his cock emptied between her perfect lips made her orgasms so much better. She was in the throes of another huge orgasm when he spurted again. She fell onto his cock and took him deep into her throat. She held him there, swallowing sweetly and massaging his still erupting cock in the process.

Her thighs were drenched as her pussy flowed like a river with each twitch in her throat. She felt him twitch once more and she loved that feeling more than she could ever describe. She held him as he began to soften and that thrilled her again. Her nipples were rock hard and she still obsessed with the look of complete joy in his eyes. This man, she determined, would feed her his cock for the rest of her life if she had anything to say about it.

His cock had softened and it felt wonderful. She swallowed again and again, massaging him delightfully. Not one drop had spilled from her lips. He pulled her to him and held her in his arms. Their lips met and the kiss they shared was sweet, sensuous and loving. Gary felt her heart beating against his chest as she hung on for dear life.

“Thank you my love, thank you so much. I’ve needed you for days. I am so glad that the girls are all right with this. I love them too,” Lindsay purred.

She felt several hands begin to caress her back and shoulders. Long manicured nails caressed her breast and someone else began to kiss her neck.

“We love you too Lindsay. Next to making love to him, nothing is better than watching him make love to a woman,” Wendy said. “Debbie and Rose watched the night he first made love to me. They were soaked when he was finished and now, I know how fucking hot that had to be. Watching him make love to you is a good thing because now, when he fucks you, it is going to be really wild.”

They heard a muffled sound and Debbie was trying to say something but her face was wet from Lindsay’s hot, soaked pussy. Gary looked down and laughed. “She is the last one I would have thought would become addicted to pussy Lindsay but she sure is.”

“She is good at it too. Maybe I shouldn’t tell you this but everyone has become better because of you baby. All the guys have heard from every one of the girls how good you are they wanted to know what you did differently. We showed them. They have definitely improved with the women. According to the guys, because every woman here is an excellent cocksucker, their own cocksucking has become better too. All in all, everyone is happy.”

Gary kissed her and left her in the girls’ capable hands. He headed out to the bar and actually walked behind it for the first time. No sooner had he got there than two arms came up behind him and wrapped themselves around him. Holly whispered in his ear. “Do you like my love?”

“This is sweet Holly,” he giggled. “Are you trying to turn me back into a bartender? I bet a guy could get laid tending this bar.”

“Strong possibility darling.”

Pete and Leeann were tending bar and fucking too. Leeann had a smile a yard wide on her face. She was a very attractive auburn-haired woman with great legs and slender hips. Pete was a joker, always smiling and seldom seen with out a nice hardon. Gary knew why Leeann was smiling.

She walked up to him and hugged him. Her nipples felt hard against his chest. “I want to thank you for being at that party. I saw you two there and I was so horny I could barely contain myself. Then, I don’t know who she was, I watched you fuck that older woman in the ass and that did it for me. I don’t know when but I want you to butt fuck me the way you did her. I came for a week just thinking about it. Who was she?”

Gary and Holly burst out laughing, “She is a Superior Court Judge dear. You’ll meet her. When I get back from Europe, I am going to have a party here like the one where you saw us. The big difference is you get to fuck everyone this time, just like in Las Vegas.”

“Las Vegas was a fucking trip and a half,” Pete said. “I fucked some of the finest women I’ve ever seen in my life. Showgirls are fabulous in bed.”

“I fucked damned near every entertainer I could find. The TV star Ronnie grabbed off the dance floor to start the party wound up fucking me three times. God that man had a great cock.” Leeann grinned.

“You fucked him too?” Holly grinned. “Damn Gar, he got almost as much pussy as you did. He sure could fuck.”

“Well, he didn’t get me in Las Vegas,” Leeann sulked. “It’s been more than a week since I’ve had the pleasure. A girl could get lonely like that.”

“How can you be sure I didn’t do you in Las Vegas? Didn’t you spend any time in the dark room?” Gary quipped.

“Well, I did spend quite a lot of time in there. It is very exciting. All those hands, cocks, pussies, and total darkness. I love it in there,” Leeann purred.

Gary laughed and saw the look on Holly’s face. She was looking at Pete’s hard cock. Gary walked over to Pete and wrapped his hand around his cock. “Holly, come here darling.”

She smiled and sank to her knees.

Gary took Leeann’s hand and they walked to the darkroom. She did not intend to let go of him. As they walked thru the maze into the darkness, she kissed him and caressed his hardening cock. She knelt and sucked him sweetly. Someone else knelt as well and they passed his cock back and forth. He felt tits against his back and kisses on his neck. Someone began licking his ass and he felt two hard cocks in his hands. He felt tongues everywhere and loved it.

Someone pulled him down on the mattress and climbed on his hard cock. It was Leeann whispering in his ear, “I didn’t let go baby. I want you. I’m not letting go until I have you,” she giggled as someone placed their cock on her lips. She began to suck the cock and she offered it to him. He took it, licked it, and passed it back to her. Together they blew that cock until it spurted sweetly. Someone began to slide their cock into her ass. Gary felt the cock ride on top of his own and together they fucked her deliciously. Leeann began to cum from the spectacular feeling of two substantial cocks inside her.

A woman felt Gary’s face and she positioned herself over his lips and lowered her body onto his lips. His hands held her ass and he began to lick. Leeann licked her pussy and Gary licked her ass. She began to cum ferociously and they continued to bring her pleasure.

Leeann’s pussy clamped onto him and she squeezed tightly as her body was wracked in total orgasmic bliss. The cock in her ass picked up momentum and he began to stroke her deeply. He grabbed her hips and stroked harder and faster and his cock exploded deep in her bowel. Leeann came deliciously and her body hugged his cock with a desire that took her breath away. The woman they were eating was cumming wetly and their tongues drank her fully.

Leeann began moaning and she came hard on his cock. Her thighs gripped his hips and she pulsed repeatedly. The woman on their faces moved and another replaced her immediately. She crawled over Gary’s head and her pussy fell onto his lips. Someone was fucking her and Gary felt his cock slide into her wet, hot snatch. He reached up and felt this man’s cock as it slid into her noisy pussy.

Leeann raised herself off his cock and positioned it at her ass. She slid down and felt him fill her completely. He felt the other man’s cum in her ass and he began to thrust sweetly. The woman rose up and grabbed Leeann and the two women began to kiss passionately. As Gary’s lips sucked her pussy, the man fucking her slid his cock in and out of her rapidly. Gary’s tongue caressed his cock and her pussy simultaneously. She was cumming hard and the man inside her began to cum as well. His cock pistoned in and out and his cum flowed onto Gary’s lips. Gary pulled this man’s cock out and swallowed it completely. Two spurts later, he went back and sucked her pussy dry.

Leeann was cumming repeatedly, kissing and licking that woman’s lips and tits. Their hands flicked each other’s clits and the women kept exploding. Gary sucked him again and licked her sweetly. The man and woman moved on. Leeann threw her body on top of him and she kissed him deeply.

“You are such a delicious man. I needed that baby. Your cock feels so good in my ass. Can I keep it in there for a while? I just want to hold you and kiss you and feel that lovely pole inside me.”

He kissed her again and their lips danced and teased. His cock flexed and that drove her wild. He continued doing it and she lost her mind. She giggled, bit his neck and ground her ass on his cock. He was relentless and she freaked out. He had her ass on fire and loved making her feel this way. He started long strokes and she moaned loudly. Her clit was drenched as she was flowing like the Nile. Her tongue dove deep in his mouth and her ass gripped him tightly.

“Fucking you is the best thing I’ve ever done,” she whispered. “Don’t stop darling. This is so good.”

He let her relax and calm down. They lay there listening to the sounds of hard cocks slapping wet pussies and moaning from every part of the room.

He held her hand and they left the room.

“This is the only time in my life I’ve walked out of a darkroom with the woman I walked in with. That was wild,” Gary, laughed.

They walked into the glory hole room and Gary stopped dead in his tracks. The room was not what he thought it would be. There were walkways, elevated areas and glory holes of every size and shape everywhere. The lighting was very dim and the room looked very exotic. Leeann looked at him and they walked through the room.

He started walking up a stairway to the ceiling. A hand came thru a hole and he walked to it. The hand caressed his cock, pulling him in. Whoever this was, they were good. He moved up another step and another hand came out. He fed that hole and moved up another step. Two hands came through, one male and one female. He fed that hole and the mouths were excellent. He looked into the center of the room and smiled. There was room for a dozen people to fuck and they were surrounded by half walls filled with glory holes of all sizes and shapes. You could fuck and suck at the same time. He was pleased with what he saw.

They walked back to the bar and Tammy, Jill, Wendy and Rose were there. Pete and Holly were nowhere to be seen. Gary gave each of them a kiss. Debbie was on the Circle having an apparent great time.

Tia came up to the bar and kissed Gary hello. She told him that a Brenda Lutz was on the phone. Gary smiled wide as she handed him the phone.

He spoke with her for a few minutes and told her to get comfortable and come over.

“How comfortable do you want me to get baby?” she asked.

“Well, there are about fifty naked people over here. Do the math sweetheart.”

“I’ll be right there.”

He looked at Jill and she started giggling. “Where is Mark? Somebody, go find Mark please.”

Gary looked at Holly and he smiled broadly. “Brenda Lutz is my next door neighbor. She is a dancer and choreographer. She is about ten years older than I am. She is constantly horny and has a body that just won’t quit. She may be exactly who we are looking for. I had completely forgotten about her with everything we have going on.”

Jill took a sip of her drink, looked at Holly and purred. “You’re going to meet the woman who taught the three amigos how to lick a pussy. I just came thinking about her getting me off.”

“I’m here, what’s up,” Mark said as he and Linda walked up to the bar.

“Pour yourself a drink; I’ve got a surprise for you.” Mark refilled everyone’s glass and sat down when Tia returned with a positively stunning tall redhead. She was in her late 40′s but didn’t look it at all. Her body was amazing.

“Ohmigod, I can’t believe you’re all here. Gary, Mark and Jill, I just died and went to heaven.” Brenda purred and kissed them with much passion. She wore the tiniest bikini and looked luscious.

Gary introduced Wendy and Rose to Brenda. He pointed to Debbie who was spinning like crazy on the Circle. He told Brenda that these women were the love of his life.

“You always had good taste in women Gary. This time, you’ve hit a homerun,” Brenda agreed as she appraised the trio approvingly. “I don’t know what the fuck that thing is but I want to ride it too. Fuck me, that looks like a lot of fun.”

They took her on a tour of the house. She was astonished. They showed her the grounds and the playhouse.

“I hope you know how much I’ve missed the four of you. I’ve talked to Jeremy online several times. He’s doing okay. He misses us a lot. He has more pussy and cock than he can handle but he misses his friends. Moreover, you three had better believe I’m not leaving here with out doing all of you. Fuck this place is gorgeous. Robert would have a constant hardon and Maggie would simply have a conniption fit. I never understood how a woman who designed the sexiest lingerie could be such a prude.”

They went back to the bar and told Brenda what their plans were. They asked what her schedule was and if she would be interested in taking on a wonderful job.

“It sounds like fun. I actually retired six months ago. I still dance everyday but that is only to stay in shape. How many clubs do you plan on having eventually?”

“The plan is to open two centers a month; that would be four clubs in total. Each club will have their own dancers. The plan is to have twelve men and women in each club. We are going to recruit those dancers locally. We want them to be sexy as hell and the routines as provocative as you can make them and still be legal. Shannon will be designing some amazing outfits for them.

The professional touring team will be recruited from New York and Las Vegas. They will eventually travel all over the country to promote our products and clubs. We have one girl already.”

Mark walked behind the bar and picked up the microphone. “We would like our dancers to do Country Girl and Save a Horse in five minutes please.”

He poured everyone a drink and grinned at Brenda. “God woman, you just look better every time I see you.”

“Your cock looks as suckable today as it did the first time I did it.”

“When was that,” Rose asked.

“I’ll tell you where, not when. I don’t know what the statute of limitations are so I’ll be quiet on the when but I will tell you where. There used to be a utility shed next to the property line. I heard some noises and looked. Jeremy, Mark and Gary were there with Jill. They were naked and touching each other. They didn’t have a clue what they were doing. It was hot watching them and I started to masturbate. Jill had licked their cocks and they were taking turns licking her. Damn, they were awful.

As you get to know me Rose, you’ll discover that I am horny all the time and I had my fingers in my pussy while I watched them. I guess I got a little noisy and they heard me. There was no point running away so we got to talking. Hell, we were all naked. The boys’ cocks looked so good and we talked about sex. I invited them over to my place, as it was more comfortable and very private. They were eager, way too young but horny as hell.

Over the next year or so, they learned everything and they were good students. Jill was laid almost everyday and the three guys learned to fuck better than any men I have ever done.”

The outdoor lights went out and they walked to the Tiki bar. The patio lights came on and Ronnie led the pack. The song came on and they started to dance.

“Brenda, each of these people is going to be running our clubs. They are all friends, bi and not professional dancers. They are chefs and restaurant managers.”

“Well, one of them is a professional dancer. That black haired woman is gorgeous and she can move.”

“That is Ronnie. We told you we had our lead dancer for the professional group. She is also my new model for the Country Club line of products,” Gary smiled.

“Is she as good in bed as she looks?” Brenda gushed.

“She is even better baby,” Mark told her. “You’ll love her pussy. We all do.”

Debbie had joined them and Brenda kissed her hello. Debbie looked at this gorgeous redhead and grinned.

The clothed dancers did ‘Country Girl’ but when ‘Save a Horse’ started; they went to town with the number they had rehearsed so many times. When they were finished, thirty-six spectacular naked bodies were introduced to Brenda.

“This is going to be fun Gary. Ohmigod, this is going to be a blast. Do I get to play with them, huh, do I darling?”

“Each and every one of them Brenda,” Jill giggled as she kissed Brenda deeply. “Darling, you taught me how to suck cock. You taught all of us how to lick pussy. Do you think we would hold back on you now? I’m pissed at you but that is another story.”

“You’re pissed at me? Why baby?” Brenda asked.

“You didn’t tell me you weren’t living in Manhattan anymore. We could have gotten together a lot sooner. I’ve missed your hot tongue darling,” Jill cooed.

They introduced Ronnie to Brenda and they talked while Brenda drooled.

Lindsay walked up and introduced herself to Brenda. She saw the lecherous look on Brenda’s face and she grinned big-time. She looked at the body on her and then at Jill. Jill was grinning like a schoolgirl. Lindsay walked over and picked up the bar microphone.

She flipped a switch and said, “Listen up everyone. Brenda has not been ‘certified’. Since she is now part of our operation, we really need to have her certified tonight.”

Jill took the microphone and continued. “That is a wonderful idea. I just want everyone to know that Brenda is the woman who taught us everything we know. She taught them how to please a woman and she taught me how to suck a cock properly. Actually, she taught them how to suck cock too. Welcome her into our new and extended family properly.”

Brenda turned to Mark, “What does ‘certified’ mean baby?”

“It is a very simple concept. Every one of these men is going to fuck you, your face and your ass. The women are going to keep you cumming sweetly. You definitely will be well fucked by the end of this night my love.”

“I love it but first, I am going to fuck all of you senseless. Then, it will be game on. I haven’t had a gangbang in a long time. Momma is hungry for cum,” Brenda blushed.

Red and Nancy came over and Gary introduced them. “Brenda, I want you to meet the geniuses who did the transformation over here. These two are the best interior decorators you’ll ever meet.”

Brenda looked at Red and giggled. “Darling, he knows I love Red meat. It is nice to meet you. I can’t wait to eat you too.”

“That is our Brenda. Forever horny and always ready,” Jill giggled.

“If you are the woman who taught them everything they know, I want to see what you didn’t teach them,” Nancy laughed.

“Oh Nancy, you’ll find out but first, I am going to fuck their collective brains out. I’ll be back,” she said as she did her best Terminator impression.

The next hour was spent with four friends making wild, passionate love. Brenda was happy that her protégés had turned out the way they had. They were excellent lovers and it didn’t hurt that she actually loved every one of them fully.

Brenda was an amazing woman who had muscle control unlike most women. Being a top dancer and choreographer had toned her perfectly. Her pussy control was amazing. The things she could do to a cock inside her astounded every man who ever had the pleasure to sleep with her. There wasn’t an ounce of body fat on her and her breasts were spectacular to say the least. Her nipples were highly sensitive and they somehow were directly attached to her fabulous clit. One lick would send her into low earth orbit and they knew precisely how to do her. It had been many years since they had fucked and her ability to suck cock had only improved.

When they were finished, they turned Brenda over to be ‘certified’ and she spent the rest of the night and into the early morning hours fucking her brains out. She was still one of the best fucks in the world.

Red and Gary sat at the bar and she filled him in on the schedule to complete the house.

“I know you told me to leave that one area by the deep end of the pool alone. I did but frankly, it looks like hell. The pool is gorgeous. I love it but that one area is a mess,” Red stated matter-a-factly.

“Come with me darling. I have to make a call to have it finished the way I want it.”

They went up to his office and he pulled out plans and showed her.

“When I designed the pool, I had a lot of ideas of how I wanted it finished. I had the deep end go to a depth of sixteen feet. I designed it to have bridges cross the pool here and here. This has already been constructed and everything is in storage. My pool man has been waiting for the word to start construction to finish it. The deep end will have a rock mountain with many waterfalls, a five-meter platform and a three-meter springboard. Mark and I have been diving since we were kids. He pointed to a large waterfall and showed her the plans for what was behind the waterfall. Look here, if you swim through the water, you will find a great recessed area with a mattress and sound system. You can swim through the waterfall and fuck your brains out.”

Susurrus: editor extraordinaire!

Sam stopped short as she entered the suite, causing the petite brunette with the boy-style haircut who followed her to bump into Sam’s luscious rear. It didn’t help that the brunette, whose name was Faith, had been focused on that rump, licking her lips in anticipation of driving a strap-on between those cheeks.

“What’s wrong, honey?” Faith asked Sam.

The voice caught George’s attention, who was on all fours in the middle of the huge bed, having his ass rogered by a huge man with chiseled abs and shoulder length blonde hair. The blonde reminded Sam of one of those types on TV who pitched exercise equipment.

“Oh, hi babe,” blurted George with a flaming red blush. “This is Hector, I met him down in the gym.”

Hector smiled, grabbed George’s hips as George tried to squirm away, and plunged his ample cock firmly back into place. “Arrgh,” moaned George, partly in pain, partly in pleasure, and partly in embarrassment.

“Oh, I guess hubby already has dibs on this room. That’s okay, we can go to mine,” Faith whispered in Sam’s ear, wrapping her hands under Sam’s arms and massaging her margarita glass shaped tits.

Sam ignored her advances, deciding to take advantage of finding her husband in flagrante to gain the upper hand in their marriage.

“What the hell are you doing?” she almost screamed. “You, who said you might suck a cock but would never let one in your rear: have you gone homo with the first pretty boy who bats his eyes at you?”

“Hector, stop.” George tried to scoot forward but was roughly pulled backward, burying Hector’s seven inches right up where Hector’s carefully coiffed pubes tickled his ass cheeks. “No, I’m not gay, baby. Hector, please stop.”

George was pleading as tears welled up in his eyes. Faith, not caring to take part in this apparently domestic feud, decided to step into the powder room.

“So what happened to all the crap about being ‘situationally bi’ and only willing to occasionally suck cock?” demanded Sam. “You promised me it would only be my strap-on up there where ‘The Hulk’ is getting his jollies.”

“Hector. His name is Hector, and I know I promised, but I kept seeing so many guys enjoying themselves, and got talking to Hector as we worked the circuit, and one thing led to another… I wasn’t expecting you back before the party, and I just had to know how it really feels and…”

Samantha had to bite her tongue to keep from bursting into hysterical laughter. Here was her big, macho man – who had only sucked cock three times before, but each time he’d been stoned out of his mind – getting his ass plowed by a pretty boy and sounding like a guilty wife after a shopping spree.

“Alright, alright, that’s enough babbling! Hi, Hector, I’m Sam, doesn’t my sweet little boy have a nice ass?”

“Yeah, he does. Mind if I fill it with some cream?” Hector smiled at the well built, naked woman standing with her hands on her hips beside the bed.

“Not at all. Go right ahead. In fact, I might join you if Faith didn’t already have dibs on me.”

Hearing her name, Faith came back in the room and moved right into Sam’s open arms.

“Okay, buster. Tonight we fuck, tomorrow we talk, and if I were you, I’d expect things to be a bit different in the bedroom,” Sam shook her finger at George as Hector came. She wondered how the hell the dumb body builder could keep his concentration up enough to cum with all the non-sexual talk going on.

“Yes, baby. Anything you say,” blubbered George as his own cock, completely untouched, squirted cum all over the bedspread.

Sam had to turn away quickly to keep George from seeing her choking back the laughter. She grabbed Faith and ushered her quickly toward the door.

“Be careful with my sweetie’s ass, Hector. I want to be able to pound it with a giant strap-on later. See you at the party, Georgie!”

“Okay. No problemo,” grunted Hector in a cheap Schwarzenegger accent as George collapsed onto the bed, tears streaming down his cheeks and his rectum on fire.

Samantha quickly closed the door and burst into belly laughter. “Did you see that?” she almost rolled onto the floor of the hallway. “My husband getting fucked by that male bimbo? I don’t believe it!”

“Hector’s a porn star. I guess he’s part of the industry group promoting the place,” Faith said, laughing along with Sam but still not quite getting the whole joke.

“I’m sorry, sweetheart,” Sam said, realizing that a lot of the mood building between she and Faith as they flirted by the pool was lost, and that Faith had to be pretty confused.

“George and I have been swinging for years, and I’ve always loved my time with the ladies,” Sam explained, “but he would never fulfill my fantasy of watching him suck cock until a couple years ago when I got him pretty buzzed before we went to a house party.”

She continued: “After that, he told me he was ‘situationally bi’ and made a big fuss about being too macho to let a cock near his ass, even though he enjoyed our toys. But in the past year he’s found more and more ‘situations’ that fit the bill, and I told him he should just go for it here at La Playa this week. He hit the roof. I thought he’d pop a blood vessel he was so mad, so I changed the subject and he said, ‘I promise you, no cock but yours will ever go back there,’ and I had to spend the rest of the night making him feel like Clint Eastwood. I’ve never seen so much testosterone ooze out of one guy, and now this. Well, I know I humiliated him just now, but he set himself up for it, and I’m going to use the situation to change some of his ways around the house. I foresee a George who lowers the toilet seat and cleans the kitchen from now on. Get it?”

“Oh, you vixen!” Faith laughed, reaching up to flick a thumb across the taller woman’s nipple. “Just don’t try those kinds of sexual politics with me and we’ll do fine!”

Faith was only about five-foot-nothing. Sam had a good seven inches on her, but it put her at the perfect height for the brunette to simply bend over slightly, take the nubbin of the taller woman’s nipple between her teeth and pull.

“God, that is so delicious!” Sam moaned. “Can you do that and walk at the same time? Where’s your room?”

Faith lifted her lips from Sam’s swollen breast and chuckled, “No, sorry, I can’t suck and walk. Our room is down one floor in the other wing. Let’s hurry, the party starts in two hours and I’ve got to have three or four cums before I even start getting ready!”

Faith grabbed her new girlfriend by the hand and hurried toward the elevators. The mood was back and the need more intense than ever.

Julie supervised the last preparations for the Hump Day Ho Down, a resort-wide party with a Redneck Riviera theme. While the swim-up bar and poolside service continued, the main bar, except for service on stools at the bar itself, was closed. Activities staff members worked on decorations, games, and other logistics. Food and Beverage staff prepared buffet tables and mini-bars. Event Services checked lights and sound, and the band was setting up for their sound check. Steve’s college roommate had been the general manager of the famous Flora Bama Lounge, Package Store & Fireworks Stand west of Pensacola, Florida, and he was busy recreating the funky “third coast” atmosphere of a place where he’d spent many pleasant hours.

There would actually be three bands playing that night. A steel drum group would set up down on the main beach, and later in the evening, a three piece jazz combo would replace a big twelve piece group called Caribbean Soul when it was time for the revelries to settle down. Caribbean Soul was a cover band (the staff had tried to book a headliner, but sex resorts were still risky business for people who sold main stream music) who played Jimmy Buffett, Kenny Chesney, Jerry Jeff Walker, Shag music, and a variety of other Southern and Caribbean artists.

Julie checked off items on a clipboard as she moved around, coordinating continuously over a headset. Sunday evening’s welcome reception had been a simple affair compared to this, which was intended to be a full blowout party and orgy. Extra security was on patrol, with extra lifeguards at the pool and beach, and extra bowls of condoms, lubes and gels were supplied next to a plethora of futons supplementing the normal complement of outdoor play beds.

A DJ would fill the bands’ breaks appropriately. Balloons would drop from the ceiling at midnight just for the fun of it. Guests would be offered grass skirts and cheesy redneck baseball caps as souvenirs. And, of course, liquor would flow freely. One of the many good things about really experienced swingers, thought Julie, was that they understood the effects of alcohol on sexual performance, so excessive imbibing was not one of her big worries. However, she had met with the Food and Beverage director and all the bartenders to reinforce the responsibilities of the resort to their guests, and an extra registered nurse was on duty in the infirmary.

The evening would also see the initiation of two of the resorts feature amenities: the sunken dance floor and the Pina Colada Slip & Slide. The regular dance floor had been retracted to reveal a ten-foot-deep pit with padded walls and a rubberized gym floor. Nozzles, which had received a final test that afternoon, would spray an organic-based foam under control of the DJ. While not a unique amenity by any stretch of the imagination, the foam would be washed away at 10 PM with a torrent of water, inflatable beds and sex pillows would be placed in the pit, and guests would be invited to offer themselves to all cummers in what would thereafter be known as the Sex Pit.

The Slip & Slide, on the other hand, was unique in both scale and implementation. The pina colada flavored gel lubricant was a formula that Steve himself had perfected, and Julie knew from pre-opening tests just how effective a lubricant it was. In fact, the toy store shelves would be stocked with bottles of the magic brew the next day. She expected that this would turn into yet another marketing coup for her oversexed boss and partner.

As she thought of Steve, she saw him checking out the supply of pool floats being inflated near the glass-walled section of the pool. The wall had proven a popular area of the bar, as it allowed patrons to watch the underwater cavorting of people in the pool. Steve hoped that putting a number of toy floats, sea serpents, basic air mattresses, colored life rings and the like, would encourage lots of pool fucking tonight. The pool would be closed at 2 AM and shocked with chemicals to re-purify the water. In typical Steve fashion, he actually played with his own nuts as he watched the staff inflate the toys.

“He’s the horniest slut I’ve ever seen,” thought Julie. “Must be why I love him so.”

As the sound check began, Steve walked over and joined his lovely partner. He gave her a kiss and squeeze on the ass as she greeted him, and together they listened to the band run through “Brown Eyed Girl,” adjusting mikes and levels as they went.

As the song wound down, Julie said, “I think we’re ready, boss. Want to try out the Slip & Slide to make sure it works?”

“Only if you’ll go with me, beautiful,” responded the ever-randy billionaire.

“Well, how can a girl pass up such a suave invitation?” Julie laughed as she took his hand and walked over to the controls.

She turned on the water and pina colada mix flow, and then began stripping as they moved to the run up and launch area. Steve, of course, was already nude and simply slipped out of his sandals. He licked his lips as Julie’s golden orbs were once again exposed to the sun. She doffed her headset and radio, they joined hands and, running in unison, launched themselves down the super-slick slide. The contraption had a distinct downward slope, so they picked up some speed as the lubricant reduced friction on their now-glistening bodies. Laughing and screaming, they came off the far end at a good clip and made a big splash in the lap pool as they landed in a tangle of bronzed skin. They came up for air and shared a deep kiss, hands exploring each other’s familiar crevices freely.

“Yep, I think we’re ready,” said Steve, as he lifted Julie up on the side of the pool and dove for her wet pussy lips.

A couple hours later the sun was setting, tiki torches were lit, buffet tables were set, and the band was decked out in their resort wear costumes. Cranking the volume two extra notches to let everyone know the party was starting, they launched the first set with “The Weather is Here, I Wish You Were Beautiful,” and the fun was on. The early crowd filtered in, welcomed by Activities staffers with the grass skirts and baseball caps. Some of the guests were in resort party attire: chinos and Hawaiian shirts for the men, short, tight dresses for the women. Some came in shorts and T-shirts, some in swim suits, and some nude. The music was piped throughout the resort as a signal to everyone that the party was on.

Melinda and Bill, the older couple who seemed to have trouble getting into the action earlier in the week, were the first guests down the Slip & Slide. Bill emerged from the pool with a high whoop, Melinda with a grin, and they hurried back to the beginning of the slide like two kids at a water park. Roberto and Stephanie had the first shift as lifeguards, and had brought along huge squirt guns to add to the fun, squirting people waiting for their turn and occasionally sending a stream off into the surrounding crowd.

The Slip & Slide was a success, and folks started getting creative with its use. One couple sat on the launch area, the woman slipping her flowing pussy down over her partner’s stiff cock, while another couple held their hands and sling-shotted them down the ramp. Roberto stopped two guys from trying to do the same thing in a sixty-nine position, as during the pre-opening tryouts two of the spa staff had managed to bite each other pretty hard as they hit the water. Female sixty-nine was fine, but the boys would have to settle for fucking.

Steve was pleased with what he saw. There were at least forty people performing some kind of oral sex on one or more partners around the huge clubhouse space. There was a big crowd either watching or playing on the Slip & Slide, and the dance floor was filling fast. His staff were doing their jobs quite efficiently, creating a safe atmosphere for their guests while keeping things light-hearted and fun.

There was quite a bit of fucking going on in hetero and homosexual pairings and bisexual groups. The band was playing great music, and all the food was delicious. His gaze stopped wandering when he spotted two female guests who entered from the pool area. One was a fairly tall blonde with an arm draped around the shoulders of her short brunette companion. Both women wore matching nipple clamps, a micro-mini skirt (the blonde wore black, the brunette white) and both sported very large strap-on cocks poking out from beneath their skirts. Their armbands identified them as bisexual and kinky. Steve immediately walked over to introduce himself.

“Good evening, ladies, and welcome to the party,” said Steve, bending to kiss their hands. “I trust you’re enjoying yourselves this week?”

“Oh yes,” replied the blonde. “La Playa is so beautiful, the staff is great, and you really meet some interesting people. By the way, this is my friend Faith, and I’m Sam.”

“So nice to meet you both. I love your attire. My name is Steve,” said their half-hard host. “I’m sure you’ll find good use for those strap-ons this evening. If you see me bend over, don’t hesitate to slip one in!”

“Actually, I think I’ll take you up on that!” enthused Sam. “I’d love for my husband to see how a real bi man takes it.”

Steve stepped closer to the pair, initiating skin contact and touching their arms.

“Anytime. We aim to please,” he said in a husky voice, leaning in to kiss first the petite and then the taller woman. “Just give me a wave when you want to put on the show.” With that, he stepped back, and the two women moved over to the bar with smiles all around.

“This is going to be great,” said Sam enthusiastically as she passed a non-alcoholic fruit drink to Faith. “George is going to freak when he sees me fucking the richest guy in the place.”

Faith was a little bored by Sam’s talk of George. She wanted all of Sam’s attention on herself. She also wanted to find her partner, Cherry, who she hadn’t seen since lunch, and share Sam’s talented tongue in a three-way. She moved in tight against Sam and reached up to tweak a nipple, knowing that the extra sensitivity caused by the clamp would certainly make her take notice.

“God, I love your tits,” Faith said, reaching up to nuzzle and kiss her lover’s neck. “Why don’t you take me out on the dance floor and fuck me hard?”

Sam winced from pain at having the nipple clamp manipulated, but responded immediately to the other woman’s advance.

“Yes, you do look like you could use my cock up your ass, you little minx,” she said, setting their drinks on a convenient table and leading Faith toward the sunken floor. Faith grabbed a packet of lube as they stepped onto the floor, then stuck her tongue down Sam’s throat.

Meanwhile, at the Slip & Slide the crowd had developed a new game. Instead of singles or couples going rapidly down the slide, the entire surface was now covered with writhing bodies. People fucked in all different combinations, letting gravity and the flow of the water/Pina Colada mix slowly move them down the slide and off into the pool. The idea was to cum just as you fell off the end of the slide, and grab lots of tits, ass, cock, and pussy along the way. There were probably thirty people in total on the slide right now, and 20 to 25 more standing along the sides, just letting their hands play across the bodies moving beneath them. It was literally a smorgasbord of all different shapes, sizes, colors, and genders of sybarites, with their libidos feeding off each other and building toward an orgiastic level.

Cherry heard a familiar cry as the band finished their set. It was Faith keening her pleasure, a sound Cherry had enjoyed for nearly seven years, since she had met her lover in college. Cherry excused herself from the cute older woman she had been chatting up at the bar to see what Faith had gotten herself into this time. Following the sound, which was like a high pitched mewing, Cherry moved to a platform that overlooked the sunken floor. There in the middle of the floor, surrounded by several people who cheered them on, was her own sweet little pussy and a knockout blonde. The blonde was behind Faith, her hands reaching around to roughly handle those yummy little tits, sawing a huge strap-on in and out of Faith’s ass. Faith’s right hand was on her own strap-on, obviously manipulating the part of the dildo that rubbed her clit to heighten her own pleasure. Cherry smiled and moved down toward the floor.

Steve went into the DJ’s booth, flashed the house lights twice, and turned on the foam machines. The light flash was the signal for the staff to put out the pads and futons intended to turn the dance floor into a huge orgy venue. Wedges of various shapes and sizes, flat six-inch folding pads, and throw pillows were quickly scattered around the floor as the foam began to spurt from nozzles in the wall. Steve was very pleased to see that Sam and Faith had not missed a beat, oblivious to their surroundings except for the delicious-looking redhead dyke who had joined them, and was sucking on Faith’s nipples. He adjusted two of the remote spotlights to illuminate their scene, and left the DJ booth as a favorite techno-fuck song began pulsing through the room. Grabbing a wedge, he went to join the three women.

On the Slip & Slide, the fucking was getting intense. Six women had formed a chain – mouth to pussy – with the free pussy on one end being fucked by Herb and the free mouth on the other polishing Bill’s knob. In between, a group of around a dozen men jerked off, aiming their cum onto the supine women on the slide. The entire group was moving very slowly – but inexorably – toward the pool, pulled by gravity.

I was in a deep sleep dreaming about Jessica and Chris, our naked bodies intertwined. I wanted to play more but the ringing in my ears kept getting louder and louder. My eyes flew open as it registered that the phone was ringing. I sat upright in bed and fumbled for the phone on the nightstand.

“Hello?” I managed as I put the receiver to my ear.

“James did I wake you again? My timing is perfect isn’t it?” A smile crossed my face as I heard Emily’s voice.

“You did, but its great waking up with a smile on my face after hearing your voice.” Even half asleep I still got it. What a silver tongued stud I thought to myself.

“Well then, I need to call you more often. Mom is healing better than expected I should only be here another day, maybe two. I have her setup to receive around the clock care for the next couple of weeks then she should be back to normal. I really have to consider another place for her.”

“Some of the assisted living communities are nice. She still has her wits about her. She just needs someone close enough in case she falls. There are some nice ones that serve meals and will take her to appointments. She will meet new people and make new friends. We should look for one around here so we can also be around more.” Wow, I’m on a role.

“James you have me so fucking hot for you right now I think I have to go change my panties.” When Emily said that I felt my face flush because I was thinking the same thing, I need to change my panties as well.

“Well it’s a work day so you better get up now, unless you already are?” Emily was not playing nice.

“I am now, thank you very much. I guess I will have to deal with this one on my own.” I retorted back.

“Just as long as you leave some for me when I get home because I can guarantee that I will rape you. In fact, I think I will call Jessica when I leave here to tell her to get the hell out of the house because I know I will be screaming. I can’t wait to feel your cock filling my pussy.” I could tell that Emily was getting heated by the fact that her breathing became deeper.

I grabbed my cock and started to stroke it. Emily’s voice was getting to me, “You’re making it hard to wait for you. I’m going to take care of things now.”

“Oh James yes, stroke your cock for me baby. I’m so horny, I need you so bad. I’m actually fingering my pussy thinking of being with you. I need to hear you baby, stroke your cock.” Emily wanted phone sex and I was eager to comply.

I was horny and wanted to pound one out, what better way than with your wife’s permission. “Oh Emily I’m so hard. You’re going to make me cum. MMMMM!” I feverishly started to pound my cock.

“That’s it baby pull on that cock. Feel how hard your cock is in your hand. MMMMM, I wish I was there now licking the tip as you stroke your cock. Bringing a nice drop of your cum up to your mouth so that we can savor it together with a nice kiss. I want to lick and suck your balls as you pull on your cock. Oh baby jack that cock.” Emily began to talk faster as her orgasm was beginning to peak.

“Oh M, fuck yes. I’m jacking off for you baby. I’m going to shoot my cum all over my stomach. You have me dripping like crazy. UGGHH!” I was really pulling on my cock watching the skin cover the head of my cock then reappear as I pulled the skin back down. I grabbed my balls and pulled them away from my body causing the skin on my cock to pull tight and the head of my cock to glisten with precum.

“Lick it off for me baby. Grab that precum and let me hear you suck it off your finger. MMMM! Hurry baby eat it.” Emily’s voice was ragged as she spurred me on.

I grabbed a drop of my cum and brought my finger to my mouth. I was sure to make loud sucking sounds for her, “MMMMMM! It tastes so good baby. MMMMMM, nice fresh cum being licked from my finger like sucking a little cock.” I got caught up in the moment and didn’t realize my confession.

“That’s it baby suck that cock, lick that cum off. Is that it baby you want a cock in your mouth? That would be so hot to watch you suck a cock and have it shoot fresh hot cum into your mouth. MMMM Oh god I’m cumming, mmmmmm AAAGGGHHH!”

Emily pushed herself over the edge talking about me sucking a cock and it was enough to send me over as well, “AAAGGHHHH, MMMPPHHH! I’m cumming too baby. Shooting cum all over me.” I lost control.

“Quick baby scoop it up and eat it, lick it off your finger. Taste your cum baby.” Emily was shouting orders at me.

I obediently obeyed as I scooped up a thick glob from my stomach and greedily sucked it into my mouth, “MMMMMM. Tastes so good. MMMMM”

Emily was having a wild orgasm as she panted out her orders, “Ya baby suck that cum off that cock. OH SSSHHHIIITTTT! Eat that cum you little cocksucker. NNNMMMMM!!!”

We both calmed down a bit, “M, that was fucking hot. I have never gotten off on phone sex before. Come home fast.” I panted out to her.

Emily giggled back at me, “YOU better not cum fast. I need a good long fucking. That was intense. I can’t wait to spend the day in bed with you and find out what else we can fantasize about, that one got me hotter than I thought. Now clean up and do all your work I want nothing in our way when I get home. Love you.”

“Love you too, bye.” The phone clicked and I let the receiver drop to the bed. My head fell back against the pillow as I took a deep sigh. I lay there slowly running my finger through the pool of cum on my stomach, raising it to my mouth, and licking it off my finger until it was all gone. I got up and showered.

I slipped on the blue baby doll outfit and went to the kitchen for my morning cup of coffee. Chris was sitting in a nice grey suit sipping his coffee and eating a piece of toast. I poured my coffee and sat next to him.

“Good morning, where’s Jess?” I asked Chris.

“She headed off to school already. I have to take off in a second to show a house. What’s on your schedule?” As Chris spoke I naturally glanced down to his crotch and noticed his cock pressing out against his pant leg.

I reached over to him and stroked his cock through his pants, “Seems everyone is up early this morning. I’m just going to hang out finishing some work and then I thought I would try and add to my ‘all over’ tan.” I then gave his cock a couple of little pats before sitting upright and taking a sip of coffee.

“Damn. I have to get off….I mean take off, and show this house. I’ll be back later maybe I can join you? Jess will be at school for a while she has a group meeting this afternoon.” Chris got up and, as he took his cup to the sink, ran his hand over my chest, stopping long enough to tweak my nipple. I took a deep breath between my clinched teeth as he sent a tingling sensation all the way down to my balls. Chris rinsed his cup and headed out the front door.

I took my coffee back to my office and pounded out some work until about noon. I went into my room and dropped my clothes off onto the bed. I grabbed a towel and headed out to the backyard. The sun was shining directly overhead. I lay the towel over the chair and sat down in the lounge chair. After a half hour I was sweaty and hot. I got up and dove into the pool. The heat from my body made the water feel cool. I did a couple of relaxed laps before I got out and lay on my stomach to tan the other side.

I heard the sliding door to the house open. I opened my eyes to see Chris coming out naked. He came up next to me and slid one of the other lounge chairs closer to mine. “Afternoon James, I was hoping that you would still be out here catching some sun.”

Chris dove into the pool, slicing into the water with the grace of a dolphin, the top of the water hardly rippled. I got up and followed him with the grace of an elephant sloshing the water in the pool from one side to the next. We both came up on the other side of the pool and sat on the shallow end of the steps. Just two naked guys sitting in shoulder deep water chit chatting. We have grown way too comfortable in such a short amount of time.

Chris turned to me, “James, I don’t know about you but I have been trying to get a grip on what happened yesterday.” I opened my mouth to comfort him, or apologize, or I wasn’t really sure what I was going to say but Chris held his hands up to stop me.

“Let me finish before I lose my nerve. I’ve never done ANYTHING like that before. Jess seems to have this hypnotic way about her. I love her and will, obviously, do anything for her. I just don’t want there to be any weirdness between us. I’m still not sure how this will all change when Emily returns. I want to ask Jess to move in with me so we can start our life together, but at the same time I really liked what we did together. I liked it a lot, more than I thought possible. I guess what I’m trying to say is can we still be ‘close’ friends going forward?” I swear Chris said all of this without taking a breath.

I looked down and could see that Chris had a major boner, “Look Chris I know exactly what you are feeling. At least you will have other opportunities with Jess to expand your desires, whereas mine may end completely when Emily returns tomorrow. Jessica opened up my eyes and my mind. She makes it sound a little more analytical than it really is. There are some emotional feelings behind some of my actions, for example I don’t know if I could do what I did with just anyone either. I think that because it was you, that is what allowed me to go that extra bit.”

I thought Chris was standing up to leave, that the conversation was getting too deep for him, “I know James. Seeing YOU dressed up helped me make my decision to dress as well. Knowing that it was your cock made me feel like it was ok to experiment and to go, for lack of a better expression, outside of the box.” The tension lifted as we both laughed at his pun.

Chris walked over to the lounge chairs and lay on his stomach. I followed him, watching his tight ass muscles flex with every step. I sat next to him and he handed me some suntan lotion, “Would you mind James?”

I eagerly grabbed the bottle knowing that I would be touching his body, “No not at all.”

I poured some lotion in my hand and started at the top of his back and worked my way down towards his tight ass. I squirted more lotion directly onto his back causing Chris to tense up, “Hey that’s not nice.” As we both laughed.

I started to rub the lotion in and as I worked further towards his ass. I assumed that Jessica did the same thing with Chris as she did with me, “So which size strapon do you like best?” I ran a well coated finger up and down the crack of Chris’ ass.

Chris moaned his appreciation, “MMMMMM, that feels nice. She fucked you? That must have been hot. How did it feel? MMMMM.”

I was visualizing Jessica pounding Chris’ tight ass as I found my finger circling around his rosebud. Chris was not objecting and in fact was moaning. “Feels good huh? I love my ass played with like this, so it was the next step to see what something bigger would feel like. I never imagined how many nerve endings are inside. When that big cockhead pushed against my prostate I thought it was going to push my cum right out of me.”

I continued to use the suntan lotion as a lube as I applied a little pressure to his puckered hole. Chris spread his legs allowing me a little more access. I could now feel each fold that formed around his puckered hole. His crack was hairless and so beautiful. My heart started to race. My cock was straining against my stomach as I leaned into Chris and massaged his ass cheeks. The tip of my finger centered on Chris’ hole as I put the slightest pressure against his hole. I felt him open up to me. It was so exciting to feel this tight puckered hole allow me access.

Chris acknowledged his acceptance as he wiggled his ass and pushed back against my finger, “Mmmmm! Oh James that feels so good. I didn’t know how sensitive that area is, please don’t stop.”

Chris pulled his legs forward tucking his knees under his stomach and offering his ass to me. His cheeks were now spread farther apart giving me better access for my finger and allowing me to watch as my finger continued to disappear into his soft, hot, tight, hole. I pulled my index finger out of his ass and quickly replaced it with my middle finger, which was longer and fatter.

As soon as my middle finger pressed into Chris boy pussy he pushed back against me and moaned, “OOHHHMMMMM!”

Chris dropped his head down onto the lounge chair and pointed his ass up as an offering, “Please James, please fuck me. I need to know what it feels like. Please it has to be you. I don’t want my first time to be with just anybody, please I need to feel your cock inside and I know you will take it slow.”

I threw my towel on the patio floor between our two chairs, grabbed Chris’ hips and guided him down onto the floor. Chris assumed the same position and I used the lotion to put two fingers into him. I massaged the inside of his rectum. I felt around the soft spongy tissue inside. I took advantage to explore the inside of his body. I kept working my fingers into his ass until the tip of my middle finger felt the nub of his prostate.

“OH god yes. Oh shit that feels so good, don’t stop.” Chris moaned as I continued to massage his prostate and apply a little pressure.

I applied more lotion to his ass by placing the tip of the bottle to his ass and squirting it into his hole. Then I put more in my hand and rubbed it all over my cock which was now coated in a white film. I moved between his legs and lined up the head of my cock with his stretched hole.

As the tip of my cock touched Chris’ hole, Chris pushed back while I simultaneously pushed forward. His hole was ten times tighter for my cock as it was for my finger but my cockhead started to stretch his opening. I rubbed Chris’ back as I pulled back and pushed forward a little harder. I felt his hole give a little more each time I pressed in. I wanted this to be the best experience he could imagine. I wanted him to love it having a real cock fuck him.

My cockhead now went in almost all the way, but not past the sphincter muscle. I placed some more lotion on his ass and when I pushed forward Chris slammed back against me causing the head and the first couple of inches to disappear into his boy pussy.

Chris exhaled, “YES! Don’t move, hold still and let me get used to it. The pain is so sharp but it is easing up just as fast. Oh man I could feel my ass stretched open.”

I continued to rub his back and held myself real still. He slightly moved in and out, and wiggled around my cockhead trying to adjust. I knew the pain and enjoyment this brings as your body adjusts. Once the initial pain subsides the following is pure bliss. I leaned forward bringing my chest to rest on Chris’ back, being sure not to dislodge myself from Chris’ ass. I purred into Chris’ ear “Is it everything you expected? Does it feel good to have a cock pressing into your tight pussy? Ya that’s it baby shake that tight ass of yours and beg to be fucked like the little pussy boy you want to be.”

Chris was almost in tears fighting back his pent up emotions as he pushed back against my cock and accepted nearly the full length, “UUHHHH! Yes James please fuck me. Fuck me please. Your cock feels so good. Stretch my pussy please. Fuck me long and hard.”

I kissed his neck just below his ear so that he could feel and hear the tenderness of this emotion. I was grateful that he chose me to pop his cherry and I hope he does the same for me. I want to feel what a real cock feels like fucking me. I slowly rose back up to the kneeling position behind Chris. I grabbed onto Chris’ hips for support and slowly pulled my cock out of his ass. It was so exhilarating to watch my cock coming out of his ass as his puckered hole clenched around my cock. The skin of his tight little hole was stretched open like a beautiful flower blossoming. It was pure poetry.

I pushed back forward very slow. I wanted to enjoy this just as much as Chris. My cock disappeared into Chris with little resistance now. His well-defined muscled body flexed as I continued to push my cock into his body becoming one with him.

Chris was begging me to fuck him now, “Please James harder. Fuck me harder. Faster fuck me faster. I want to feel your balls slap against me. I want to feel your cock deep inside. FUCK ME PLEASE.”

I held onto Chris’ hips almost digging my fingers into the fleshy part of his body between his hips and cock. I started a nice easy rhythm, at first bringing my cock almost all the way out and pushing back in, until my balls slapped against his dangling ball sack. Chris was moaning and grunting. His cock was swinging underneath him and a few drops of his precum flung beyond our bodies and landed onto the concrete patio. I was fucking the juice right out of him. That spurred me into a little frenzy and I started shorter more aggressive lunges into him.

My cockhead started to hit his prostate. “OH ya that’s it James. Oh my god, yes that’s it. You’re going to make me cum, fuck me harder James please. Make me cum by fucking me. SSSHHHIITTTT YEESSS!”

I felt my cock head press against the hard nub of his prostate and I held still and ground my cock against it before I started my hard assault on his ass. “Is this what you like Chris, having a man shove his cock in your tight little pussy? Huh boy? Tell me you like cock? Tell me you want to be filled up with my cum and treated like a little cock slut! Ya that’s it push back on my cock Chris, show me how much you want this cock buried inside your ass.”

Chris was pounding back against me just as hard as I was shoving my cock into him. The sounds of our skin slapping against each other filled the backyard with the sounds of an audience of applause. It was too much for me to hold back any longer and Chris was there as well. I knew Chris couldn’t stop his orgasm as his body froze and tensed up. My cock pushed his prostate button for the last time.

“AAAGGGHHHHHH!!!!! MMMMMMM” Chris screamed as his body trembled in my hands.

I held him tight as my own balls tighten up and I felt the surge of cum rush through my cock as it expanded his ass just a little more. I jerked my body a couple of times to let the cum flow into his ass. I wrapped my arms around his chest and rested by body on his back. Chris flexed his ass muscles a couple of times around my deflating cock until I felt it slip out of him. I pressed my softening cock back against his ass and let my cum drip out of his ass and down and onto my cock. Chris wiggled his ass against my cock thanking it for a job well done.

I kissed his back and sat back upright. Slapping Chris on the ass I stood up and dove into the pool. I came back up and propped my head on the edge of the pool facing Chris. Chris was on his back fingering his stretched hole and jacking his cock. His legs were up in the air and his cock was pointing to his face as he let loose another torrent of cum all over his face and chest.

I never witnessed another guy jacking off before and it was very erotic. It was so erotic that I felt my cock rise again. I hoisted myself out of the pool and walked between Chris’ legs and grabbed his ankles. Without asking I just shoved my cock back into his cum dripping ass. I leaned into Chris and started to lick his cum from his cheek. Chris turned his head and drew me into a kiss. This is the first time that I made out with a guy, just between us guys. It felt different. There was an emotional connection.

I fucked Chris like a lover this time. I watched his eyes glaze as my cock fucked him. He was enjoying the pleasure of being fucked. The elation in his eyes as all of his inhibitions released as he enjoyed being ravished. I kissed him deep and hard. We didn’t cum again, this was about bonding emotionally. We both got up and went into the pool.

Chris and I were in shorts and light shirts when not only Jessica came home but shortly afterwards Emily came home. I was so excited to see her that I picked her up and carried her to our room.

“Oh no you don’t big boy, you have to let me get freshened up first. I’ve been driving all day.” Emily scolded me as she rolled away from me and scurried into the bathroom and locked the door, “And stay out. I need to clean up and I know you will not let that happen.”

We both laughed at how true that was. I headed back to the kitchen as Jessica and Chris were leaving. “Where are you two headed?”

Jessica smiled and placed her hand on my cheek, “You need time alone with mom. Be yourself she will not reject you. We’ll be spending the night at Chris’ house. Enjoy yourselves. Build a new relationship with her.” They both left and I was happy and sad at the same time.

I went back to our bedroom, stripped off my clothes, and lay seductively on our bed. I was shocked and aroused as Emily walked out of the bathroom and struck a pose at the doorway. Her arm stretched up over her head as she lifted one leg slightly bending at the knee as her body lay against the door jam. I was even more shocked to see her in the same red baby doll outfit I wore just a few days ago. My face turned bright red as panic set in, was she wearing this because she knew I had played with it? Was she taunting me or making fun of me?

Emily shook her ass towards me, “Well what do you think? Jessica bought this for me when I started to date you to help seduce you, but I never had the nerve to put it on. It’s a little tight but I don’t expect it to be on for very long.” She winked at me and walked to the end of the bed.

Like a cat she continued to crawl onto the bed. She pawed at the sheets and dragged them off my body exposing her prey. “MMMM, someone’s been busy. I like the clean shaven look I think it’s sexy.” Emily crawled up to my cock, licked my balls, and then continued up my shaft with her tongue.

Emily licked around my cockhead before she moved up my stomach and latched onto my right nipple. “Oh shit M you are making me so fucking hot. MMMMM, god I love that.”

Emily released my nipple and snuggled into my neck as she sucked and licked her way up to my ear. Her silky outfit caressed my body and was driving me wild. I was excited and jealous that she was wearing this outfit. I started running my hands all over her body. I ground my cock into her silk covered pussy. I was poking my cock all around her pussy until my cock slipped through the leg opening and poked up along her wet pussy. I let out a loud moan when the silk rubbed along my cock as it snaked its way into her panties.

“Does someone like the feel of my silky panties on his hard cock?” Emily raised her chest off of mine and slowly teased my nipples by dragging her silk covered tits over mine, just barely touching them.

I felt my cock flex as the silk caused my nipples to harden and stick out. “Oh baby the silk is turning you on isn’t it. Maybe I should get you your own outfit? Would you like to have your own silky things to wear?”

Panic raced through my body again and I felt like she was making fun of me, that she was about to lower the boom and kick my ass out of the house. I felt my cock shrink as my mind wondered through the different scenarios of being rejected. My shrinking cock didn’t go unnoticed. Emily sat herself upright and lifted her top off. She leaned back down and grabbed my head from behind my neck and lifted me up.

“What are you doing?” I half-assed protested as she began to slip my favorite baby doll outfit over my head.

“Oh just play along with me, it’s just a sexy game. Now give me your arms and slip them in the arms I want to feel my nipples being rubbed like yours were.” She said as she continued to pull my arms through.

“Wow, even your armpits are shaven. You will look lovely in this.” She smiled and pressed her lips to mine. Her tongue traced my lips before forcing its way into my mouth. She rubbed her chest against mine as she continued to kiss me. Her kisses were sincere, erotic, loving, and highly powerful.

I grabbed her shoulders and rolled both of us over landing her on her back and me between her legs. I felt a chill as my baby doll top cascaded down over my body. My cock fell out of Emily’s panties but it was beginning to see a new life. I held onto her wrists and pinned them down over her head. I kissed her passionately as I returned the titillation of her tits. She arched her pelvis up into me searching out my hard cock to grind her pussy against.

I released her left hand, reached down to my hard cock, and fished it back through the leg opening of her panties. My cockhead found her wet pussy and I shoved my cock into her with the fever of the moment. She was so wet there was no resistance. I quickly grabbed onto her wrist again and began to fuck her with all the fire this moment could stand.

“Oh god your cock feels good inside me. Fuck me hard James. Shove that cock into me.” Emily wrapped her legs around my waist and used her feet to help push me back into her. She wanted it deep and hard.

“You look so sexy, fuck me baby. I need to feel your cock pounding my pussy. Harder baby, mmmmmmmm.” Emily couldn’t move as I held her. I wanted to be in control of her orgasm. If she was able to move she would try and prolong it. I wanted to fuck her good and hard.

The silk panties were putting double the friction on my cock and I wasn’t going to last long. I could feel her panties getting soaked from her pussy juice. I wasn’t able to get my cock all the way into her pussy, but when my balls slapped against the silk panties I wanted to shoot my load. I couldn’t take it anymore. I released Emily’s wrists and braced myself as I was getting ready to shoot my load.

Emily knew me all too well as she reached up and pinched my nipples through the silky material, “You like this on don’t you baby? You like dressing up in silky things? Look how hard your tits are, silk feels good doesn’t it baby? Tell me baby tell me you like to wear pretty things.” Emily was working my tits with all her might.

I could feel my face contort as she twisted my nipples hard. The pain ran from my tits all the way down to my balls. I was squeezing my cock as hard as I could to keep myself from cumming, “Yes, yes, I like dressing in pretty things. UUGGGHHH! AAAAHHHHHH!” I released the pressure on my cock and felt my cum fly through the shaft of my cock and spray the inside of Emily’s pussy with my hot juice.

Emily now used my moment of weakness to flip us around again, but this time she pushed me backwards so that my cock pulled out of her pussy and I fell onto my back with my legs stretching back out so that my feet were at her head. She got up and crawled backwards along side of me. She moved her leg across my face so that I was now staring up into her very soaked panties. I could see my cum seeping out through her crotch.

“I haven’t cum yet slut, now finish the job.” Emily said as she sat her cum drenched panties onto my mouth.

I sucked our juices through the silky panties. I loved the feeling of the silk against my tongue. I sucked as hard as I could to draw out my cum. I felt Emily’s hand push my face away long enough for her to hook a finger in her panties and expose her clean shaven pussy. It was so beautiful with her long puffy lips covered in my white cum. I lifted my head and opened my mouth as wide as possible to insure that I would get as much of her pussy into my mouth. As soon as my mouth sealed onto her pussy my tongue darted all around searching out my cum. I sucked in her pussy lips and bathed them with my tongue.

Emily grabbed onto my thighs and squeezed them tight as my tongue brought her to the orgasm she was begging for, “That’s it suck your cum out of my pussy slut. Oh god, yes clean your mess up,…god…I’m…cumming. Suck me hard James. Pull on my pussy lips hard quick. OH YES.”

Emily squeezed my thighs so hard I thought she stopped the blood flow. Her pussy quivered in my mouth as a flood of cum, like a faucet was turned on high, squirting into my mouth. Her cum mixed in with mine filled my mouth. I swallowed the first mouthful then I had to hold still and let the rest flow out of my mouth. It was so sexy. I never made her orgasm to the point of squirting like that before.

She dropped her face into my lap and sucked in my cock licking her juice off of my cock and licking my dripping cum off it as well, “MMMM! We taste so damn good together. Oh god I needed that.”

Emily swung around and cuddled into my neck. She ran her hand over my sweat covered silky chest. “You do look so sexy in lingerie, why didn’t we try this sooner? WOW, that was a fucking hard orgasm.”

We lay in each other’s arms for a few minutes before our stomach’s growled and reminded us we hadn’t eaten dinner. We got up from the bed and I grabbed the hem of my sexy top and was about to pull it off when Emily placed her hand on my chest and stopped me, “No, please leave it on. I think you look so sexy. Here pull these on to remind you of the great sex we just had.” Emily bent down and held the panties open for me to step into.

I placed my feet into the panties and she pulled them up. The coolness from the cum drenched panties felt really nice against my balls. My cock was getting that familiar feeling again as it started to snake its way around the panties.

Emily grabbed my cock and gave it a squeeze, “Down boy. Give my pussy a chance to calm down. You really like the feel of these panties don’t you? So fucking sexy, MMMMM.” Emily leaned in and kissed my cock before standing up in front of me and pulling me into another passionate kiss.

Emily put on a slinky camisole that had a lace front across her breast and hung down to her waist. She slipped on a pair of white lace panties that were nearly invisible. We went to the kitchen and made a couple of sandwiches, grabbed a beer and went out onto the patio to eat and enjoy the sunset.

Emily took a long swig of her beer, “MMMMM, that taste so ice cold good. This was the longest week for me, but coming home to you made it all worth it.” She held her beer bottle up for a toast as I complied and clinked my bottleneck against hers.

“You know M I’m really glad that wearing this doesn’t bother you. I find it exciting to wear.” I pulled on the hem of my teddy to display it for her.

Emily got up and stepped in front of me. I reached out my arms and invited her to sit on my lap, which she did facing me and straddling her legs on the outside of my legs. “Oh James darling you truly are the love of my life. One of the things I love about our relationship is that neither of us passes judgment and we are open to express our wants and desires no matter how dark and secret we think they are. I want to keep the openness and not be trapped in a relationship of regret.” Emily leaned in and we kissed slow and long. Not a wild passionate kiss, more of a kiss to seal our bond between us and confirm our love for one another.

We finished our dinner and as we both stood to go back into the house I had a wild impulse to pick Emily up and jump into the pool with her, which I did. We laughed and kissed. We stripped off our clothes and threw them out of the pool. Being in the pool allowed Emily to lift me up and hold me in the water, taking the dominant role. With one hand holding my legs up, her other arm cradled my back with her hand bracing my ass. She swirled us around in the water as we kissed. Her hand lost its grip as it slid towards the cleft between my cheeks. When her finger grazed along my hole I squeezed Emily and moaned into her mouth. This did not go unnoticed as she continued to play with my ass. We broke our kiss and headed to the steps. Like horny teenagers we grabbed our towels from our chairs and laughed all the way to our bedroom as we dried off.

In bed I didn’t want to waste too much time as I lifted Emily’s legs and drove my face into her pussy. Her shaved skin felt so nice against my tongue and face. Emily was starting to wiggle beneath me, “Oh god that feels soooo good James. Give me your cock. I want to suck it now. Keep licking me.”

I flipped around and presented her my cock in a sixty-nine position. I felt her hand grab my cock and point it towards her mouth. Then I felt her warm tongue lick my cockhead before she engulfed the entire length down her throat. She used her hands to guide my hips and fuck her face. I wasn’t to be outdone as I licked and sucked my way around her juicy pussy.

Emily’s hands were squeezing my ass cheeks as she gave me a wonderful blowjob. I froze as I felt her fingers inching towards my ass hole. I wasn’t sure if she was doing this to hold on as I face fucked her or if she had an agenda. She pulled my cock out of her mouth and pushed my body forward. She lifted her head, spread my cheeks, and I felt her tongue dart right into my puckered hole. I grabbed Emily’s ankles and spread my legs as I moaned, “OOOHHHH!”

Emily pulled away long enough to slap my ass hard, “I knew you would like this, it feels good doesn’t it baby. I’m going to eat your pussy as good as you eat mine.”

Another slap which I was positive would leave a handprint on my ass cheek. Her tongue penetrated my ass muscle and she began to tongue fuck me. I started to push my ass back against her face demanding more, “Oh yes M lick my pussy baby. Oh god that feels so good. MMMM.”

I was enjoying the tongue bath. My cock rested between her breasts and I felt my cock dripping all over her chest. My hole was becoming really loose as she continued circling her tongue around my opening. Her grip became more firm just as I felt her finger sliding into my ass. I relaxed my muscles and allowed the familiar intrusion. “Oh god yes fuck me baby.”

My cock flinched in between her breasts and I felt my cock leak precum all over her. I wiggled my ass back against her to confirm my enjoyment. I felt her tongue alongside her finger as she continued to finger and tongue fuck me. Having a doctor giving a rectal is nothing like having a doctor giving you a rectal exam and a fucking at the same time. She knew exactly how to massage my prostate. I felt my cum ooze out my cock. I didn’t orgasm, my body didn’t tighten up, she just pushed my cum out of my cock. It was the strangest feeling. I also did not lose any sexual urge. I was still horny and hard. I felt my cock pushing around the puddle of cum on her breasts. She pulled out her finger and slapped my other cheek, “Now clean your mess up.”

I swung around and began to lick and slurp the puddle of thick cum I left between her breasts. I sucked on each of her nipples as she held my head against her chest. “You like getting fucked baby? I can show you so many erotic ways to cum. Ya baby lick that cum off me. Eat your cum baby just like you did on the phone. Let me see it on your tongue, show me how much you like having cum in your mouth baby.”

I licked a big glob off her chest, raised my head, and looked her in the eye as I opened my mouth to show her the white substance on my tongue. She grabbed my head and pulled me into a cum swapping kiss. My cock was still hard as a rock as I inserted my cock into her dripping pussy. Emily has never been this wet before. As I bottomed out my cock deep into her pussy Emily moaned into my mouth.

Our kiss broke as Emily threw her head back, “Oh yes fuck me baby.”

I started to fuck her in the standard missionary position but then she started to push my right shoulder away from her forcing me to turn sideways. I was still embedded inside her pussy as my body turned. My right leg crossed over her legs as my left leg was between her legs in a scissor format. This actually allowed me to get my cock even deeper into her pussy. My body was now almost lying across her lap. I felt her hands grip my ass as she pushed her pussy up against my cock. “That’s it baby you are in me so fucking tight.”

Her pussy was so tight and squeezed my cock so hard that I couldn’t cum if I wanted to. I raised my torso slightly and used that as leverage to fuck her hard. My balls were being smashed in between our legs, which was another turn on in itself. We were both grunting and moaning as we had the tightest fuck ever. Then Emily started to finger my ass again. Having her finger back in my ass spurred me on to fuck her harder. “You like having your pussy fucked? Ya, that’s it fuck me like I’m fucking you. Use your ass to fuck my fingers baby. Show me how much you want to be fucked. MMMM god I’m ready to cum. Fuck me good James.”

Emily pulled out her finger and added another as two fingers entered my ass. I dropped my head down again and worked on fucking back against her fingers. I shook my ass like the little slut I was.

Emily was driving me crazy, “You like this don’t you baby? You like being fucked? Maybe we can get you a real cock to fill this pussy, huh, would you like to feel a man’s cock fucking you? Feel his big cockhead being shoved deep inside your pussy, spreading your hole wide? You want to feel him shoot his hot cum deep inside as he makes you his bitch? Oh god that would be so fucking hot, oh I’m cumming, FUUUUCCCKK!!!”

“OH yes M yes AAAGGHHHH!!!!” I came with her as my cum filled her pussy with the last couple of drops of cum I had left inside my balls.

I rolled off her, swung around, and kissed her hard, “Man I love you.”

“That was fucking insane. My pussy is so sore it’s throbbing. Let’s go shower.” We got up, showered, and both passed out in bed until the next morning.

We woke up as we both heard noises in the kitchen. Emily wrapped a light blue kimono style robe, which went halfway down between her knees and hips. I quickly pulled on a pair of short orange jogging shorts as we walked down the hallway towards the kitchen. We both heard Jessica humming and knew that we weren’t being burglarized. We walked into the kitchen to see that Chris and Jessica were making breakfast. My stomach growled as the bacon scent hit my nostrils.

Emily and I looked at each other and shrugged our shoulders. Emily was more awake than I was, “Well isn’t this a nice surprise, thank you guys.”

Jessica turned to us, “Well we figured you would be busy catching up on ‘things’ with each other and you both probably barely ate last night so we figured you would be starving this morning. Chris and I are making us all breakfast. Coffee is on the table, pour a cup and relax.”

Emily turned to head back to our room, “Let me just go and get dressed, I’ll just be a minute.”

Jessica quickly stopped her, “Don’t worry, you look fine, ravishing in fact. Breakfast is ready and I don’t want you eating it cold. Now sit and enjoy.”

Chris and Jessica came around from behind the island both wearing aprons and carrying platters of bacon, eggs, muffins, and French toast. They placed the food on the table and then they slipped off their aprons. Jessica was in a very revealing bright orange bikini that just covered her nipples and a G-string thong bottom that displayed her ass nicely. Chris had on a dark blue G-string type swim trunks which completely exposed his ass, and a light blue t-shirt. Jessica turned to Chris, “Take off your shirt baby so that James doesn’t feel uncomfortable.”

Chris pulled off his shirt and tossed it on one of the empty chairs. My cock was getting hard looking at Chris’ chiseled chest. Emily sat down across from me making the seating arrangements boy/girl/boy/girl. Emily raised her coffee cup to be filled as Jessica lifted the carafe of coffee and filled her cup.

“Now I appear to be the overdressed one.” Emily smirked.

“Oh mom, who cares? Stop being such a prude about your body. After breakfast we are going to take a swim and get a tan. If you and James are up for it we would love to have you join us and fill us in on your week.”

I quickly intervened before Emily and Jessica lunged at each other, “That sounds nice Jessica. We would love to spend the day with you two.” I shot Emily a look to show that Jessica and I are getting along.

Emily got the message, “You’re right, to hell with the day, let’s just relax. After breakfast, which looks just wonderful, James and I will clean the kitchen since you two cooked and then we’ll change and meet you outside.”

Jessica held up her cup of coffee for a toast “To a relaxing day by the pool!”

We finished breakfast, cleaned the kitchen, and then Emily and I went back to our bedroom to change. I was thinking about the day I wore Jessica’s bikini all day, but that was out and so was the tip of my cock as my hardon poked out the top of my shorts. When Emily and I walked into our bedroom there was a bag on our bed with a big ribbon on it.

Emily reached out and picked it up, “What on Earth? What did you do James? When did you do this? Is it something naughty?”

I raised my hands in defeat, “Not me. Not that I wouldn’t mind the credit.”

Emily opened the card and read it aloud, “Dear Parents, thank you for accepting to spend the day with us. We plan on spending the day relaxing. This will give us all a chance for you both to get to know Chris better. I think he’s the one. Mom you need to lighten up about your appearance and James needs to lose the young boy skater shorts so I bought you both your new look. See you outside, Jess.”

Emily had tears running down her face, “What’s wrong sweetheart? That was a nice sentiment, except for the crack about my swimwear.” I brought her into a hug.

Emily held me tight, “She called us parents. She finally accepted you and that means she finally let her dad rest. And she may be getting married and growing up. Shit this is a lot for a mother to handle.”

I laughed at her, “This is all good stuff. Let’s see what’s in the bag?” trying to distract her from the emotional letter.

Emily grabbed a tissue from the nightstand then untied the ribbon on the bag. She pulled out a bundle of tissue paper and again I felt my face flush as the de’ javu feeling swept over me. But to my relief it was a bright yellow one piece suite for Emily, but it was cut open on the sides and the front. The top was more revealing than a regular one piece. It was actually very erotic the way it was cut like a bikini but still a one piece. I held it up to Emily, “Very nice. Jessica knows how to pick out clothes.”

Emily dangled my suit on the tip of her finger. It was similar to Chris’ suite but in red, “Still thinking that stud?”

I looked at her, grabbed the suit, “Well you can’t hurt her feelings by not wearing her gift. We broke a lot of walls down this week and I am not going to be the one throwing one back up.”

I dropped my shorts and wiggled into the red dental floss. My cock was twisted in its little pouch but at least it was covered. I was glad I shaved my pubes off or I would look like Bozo the Clown having tuffs of hair sticking out on either side of my cock.

Emily untied her robe and let it fall to the floor, “You’re right James. I just can’t be proud right now, I have to support Jess. My life is exactly how I want it and I don’t need to be putting up the walls either. I don’t know Chris that well and if he’s going to be a part of this family then I better accept him with open arms. It’s obvious he is not ashamed of his body, and damn well shouldn’t be. Jessica hit pay dirt with that one. What a body.”

I looked at Emily, “Excuse me, but I AM standing right here. But in all honesty that guy would turn a nun on.”

Emily pulled on her suit. Emily is bigger boned with a few extra pounds here and there, but she carries it well and is a striking woman. The suit held up her breast nicely exposing her breast from barely the tops of her nipples, and the sides of her breast were halfway exposed. Her ass was totally exposed with just a small triangle wedge going down from her waist reducing down in between her ass cheeks. The front of the suit was but a tight V shape that almost cut into her pussy to show off the nicest camel toe. I felt my cock unfolding in my pouch, but the nylon kept it from straightening up and popping out.

We both stood in front of the mirrored closet door and I thought we looked pretty hot for 50 something year olds. Emily grabbed a couple of towels and wrapped one around her waist. “I’m not totally comfortable yet, and I don’t know Chris well enough to just walk out there, so this will be my compromise until I get more relaxed.”

I wrapped my arm around her shoulder and guided her to the backyard, giggling along the way. Emily elbowed me in the side and told me to shut up, which caused us both to laugh louder. We walked outside and were instantly hit with the heat. “WEW! It’s hot out here.” Emily announced.

Jessica shot us a wolf whistle, “I knew you guys would look hot in those. Drop the towel Mom and let’s see your new suit.”

Emily blushed, “Oh Jess please. I will in a minute let me get settled.”

Chris was slowly swimming the length of the pool. I decided to join him and dove in. Chris and I kept a leisurely pace as we went back and forth across the pool. Emily sat under the umbrella shade and Jessica was on her stomach with her bikini unfastened as they talked. Finally, Emily got up and laid her towel next to Jessica and started to take in the sun with her. Chris and got out of the water and walked towards the girls. We sat in chairs on either side of them. Chris’ bronzed body was on display and I wanted so badly to fuck him right now.

Jessica had her head resting on Chris’ towel, “You boys are so hot looking, don’t you think mom?”

Emily hates being put on the spot but she was unusually relaxed, “Like having our own private Chippendales running around for our private pleasures.”

Jessica sat up and tossed her top onto an empty chair. Emily was astonished, “Jessica have you no shame?”

Jessica laughed at her mother, “Really mother? You’re a Doctor for Christ sake you’ve seen naked bodies before. Stop being so motherly and try being a human being. If we were in Europe nobody would think twice and you would be the one overdressed. AGAIN! I want an even tan.”

I could see that Emily wasn’t pleased but again she conformed to the new founded relationship and wasn’t going to be the one to rock the boat, “Fine, but James you can’t ogle.”

I protested, “Hey, why am I the only one with restrictions. Chris, you can’t ogle either.” I half-jokingly pushed Chris’ shoulder making him tilt over and then he bounced back like a weeble.

Chris was quick to retort, “Two beautiful women, sorry man I can’t keep from ogling it’s just not in my nature.”

We all relaxed and laughed. You could feel the tension lift.

Jessica moved over and sat between Chris’ legs and propped her arms up on his legs. Her perky young breasts jutted out as she put them on display. “Well since we are all here we thought we would take this opportunity to announce that Chris and I are officially engaged.”

Emily jumped up and ran to her daughter, “Oh baby I’m so happy.” Emily looked up at Chris, “Where’s the ring sport?”

“It’s being sized mother, relax he did it right.” Jessica scoffed at her mother.

Emily grabbed Jessica’s hands and pulled her up on the ground and gave her a big hug. I stood in line to hug her next. Chris got up and gave Emily a big hug. Jessica and I turned towards them and watched as Chris’ body pressed into Emily’s. Then Chris reached out to me and we hugged.

Jessica turned to Emily, “Now that is one hot scene, two almost naked men embracing, don’t you think?”

Emily was almost out of breath when she said, “Oh my god yes.” I could tell, I think we could all tell, that this was stirring some erotic feelings.

Chris and I both had hard cocks as they pressed into each other. I wanted to pull back and kiss him, or drop to my knees and worship his long hard member. Instead I just pushed him into the pool and dove in after him, to conceal our woodies. We came up for air on the other side of the pool and Chris knew what I was up to, “Thanks, that could have been embarrassing.”

I grabbed his ass and gave it a squeeze, “No problem it was my pleasure.”

We swam back to the girls and jumped out of the water and quickly lay down on our stomachs to ‘catch some rays’ in reality we both were hiding our cocks. The women continued to chat as I listened.

“Chris and I are looking for a house. I want one just like this, with the ranch style circling around the backyard looking out towards a secluded pool. Chris and I both prefer to sunbathe nude so we get an even tan. Look at my little Greek god how bronze his tight ass is?” Jessica said to Emily.

Emily was forced to check out Chris, who just lay there in the sun, “I can see that. He is quite the specimen. You did good honey. I’m not a prude but I am not nearly as free with my body as you two are. But if I looked like you I might think differently.”

Chris was now sitting up on one elbow, “You’re kidding me right Emily? You’re so much like Jessica, simply beautiful.” Chris flashed his green eyes and long black eyelashes at Emily.

Emily batted her hand in the air as to hit his comment away, “You flatter an old woman just to score points.”

My turn to show this young Casanova who has the silver tongue, “M, you have a tight slamming body. Your breasts still are firm and supple. You obviously still turn men on.” I purposely took this opportunity to force the girls to check out the two hard cocks in front of them.

Emily looked right at Chris’ cock and blushed. Jessica smiled “Oh ya look at our boys, they both have nice packages. From what we could see, you boys are overdressed.”

Emily slapped Jessica on the shoulder, “Stop encouraging them Jess.”

Chris and I looked at each other, smiled, and in unison we bent over and pulled our suits off and tossed them at the girls. Emily gasped as Chris stood back upright. Chris and Emily blushed a bit and we all laughed at each other. Jessica wasn’t going to let the momentum slow for a second as she shimmied out of her barely there bikini bottom. Her perfectly shaved pussy was so beautiful. Emily was looking from one body to the next as all of our eyes told her the same thing, ‘your turn’.

Emily turned her back to us and it looked as if she was going to leave. Jessica hurried to grab Emily by the shoulders from behind. “Oh mother it’s just the human body would you lighten up?”

Jessica continued to coax Emily as she was also slowly pulling down her bathing suit, “Your body is gorgeous. We are going to sit out here and enjoy the sun and the pool. Let’s lose the inhibitions and be adults.”

Emily stood there and allowed Jessica to pull her bathing suit down her body. As Jessica pulled down Emily’s suit Chris and my cocks started to rise. Jessica shot us both a look and we retreated back into the pool. When Emily stepped out of her suit she crossed her arms over her chest. Jessica grabbed her hand and pried her arms down as she escorted her to the steps of the pool. These two visions of naked beauty walked slowly into the water. Chris and I kept to the deep end of the pool and let Jessica work on Emily.

“See mom, nobody is concerned with the outer attire. Just be yourself and enjoy the day and company. You need to work on your confidence and stop hiding behind clothes.”

Emily slowly melted into the water and swam to the edge of the pool, “I am confident, it’s just that I don’t know Chris well enough and I didn’t think getting to know him meant that I would be getting to know ALL about him. I think your psychology courses are making you too analytical.”

“I think it is the opposite, my studies are showing me how liberating I should be. Clothes are just an outer shell that you can hide behind or use to accentuate your feelings. When Chris and I are home alone no clothes allowed.”

Jessica then lowered her voice to a whisper so that neither of us guys could hear, “Unless of course Chris wants to accentuate his feelings and slips on a little negligée and prance around like a little slut.”

Emily gave a quick look at Jessica and started to laugh as she whispered into Jessica’s ear, “Oh my god, so does James.” They both laughed out loud forcing Chris and I to look at each other with the “We’re the butt of a joke” look and eye roll.

I could tell that Emily was becoming more relaxed so Chris and I got back out of the pool and went back to sunning ourselves, on our backs.

I was lying closest to the pool, with Chris on the other side of me furthest away from the pool. I could barely make out what the girls were talking about in between the giggles, but I did hear some juicy stuff.

“Oh ya, when Chris dresses up as a slut he loves to be fucked with my strapon. His ass is so fucking tight. I love to hold onto it and really pound into him. I can fuck his cum right out of him.” Jessica was really spilling the beans on poor ol’ Chris.

“Jessica you shouldn’t be telling me this, I have a hard enough time looking at Chris naked. Now I’m thinking of you standing behind him and taking it like a man…a WO-man.” The laughing got loud again.

“How did you ever get him to agree to that? I’m jealous and I feel bad that I’m jealous of my own daughter. But I am.” Emily confided to Jessica.

“I have always been a little dominant, but when I started to finger his ass and he didn’t object, well one thing lead to another. I started out with my finger. I then used a dildo on myself in front of him. He was so turned on that I offered him to lick my juices off of it. It was like watching him suck a cock. I was so fucking horny and turned on myself that I started to use my fake cock to spank his ass and then I ran it up and down the crack of his ass. When I touched his tight little rosebud he came all over himself. I scooped up his cum with the dildo and made him suck it off.”

I don’t think Emily realized that she was playing with her pussy. I know Jessica did because she continued her story, “Chris is such a good lover and will try anything, as it should be. I asked him if I could fuck his pretty little ass and he was eager to try it. I laid him on his back, lubed him up, and slowly took his cherry. Watching his eyes roll behind his head as I shove my cock into him made me cum before he did. Now I have a strapon that inserts into my pussy as well so we can both enjoy the ride. He loves getting fucked. He doesn’t know it yet but my next fantasy is to see him with a guy.”

“Jessica, aren’t you afraid of him leaving you for a guy? Or of getting a diseases? STDs are contracted through casual sex.” The Doctor has spoken.

“We’re not stupid. Having a committed relationship is based on trust and honesty. I’m bi and I hope Chris will be too but we aren’t sleeping around. I had one experience with a coed at school and Chris has not had any man-on-man experiences. We want it to be special, someone we know, and can trust. We are looking for a couple that wants all four of us to play together and be mutually monogamous with each other.” Jessica all but said she wants Emily and me.

Emily looked at her, “That seems like an impossible order. It sounds like you have a healthy enough relationship why bring in others to screw it up? Too much drama.”

Chris got up and walked back towards the house, “I’m going to get us all some refreshments.”

The girls got out of the water and walked over to the umbrella table and sat down. I heard Jessica tell Emily, “Every time I see that ass I get dripping wet.”

I was surprised when Emily agreed with her, “That is one fine ass, so firm and tight. I don’t know how you keep your hands off it either.”

I chimed in, “Once again, I’m right here.”

Jessica reached over and patted my thigh, a little too close to my cock, “You have a nice ass too James. You can’t tell me that Chris’ body does nothing to you? He said you had a nice body.”

My cock started to harden as it unfolded on my lap. Jessica let her hand linger which added to my excitement. Jessica continued to lightly stroke my thigh as my cock continued to rise. “We’re looking for sexual partners, not emotional ones, a couple to offer changes from our regular sex life.”

Emily interjected, “I can see how sex can become mundane after a while no matter how much you spice things up. I get it.”

“Do I really have to say it again? Jeesh” I said exasperated.

Jessica ran her hand down my thigh before lifting it back onto her own lap. The women laughed again. Chris arrived with a tray of mimosa’s and a half hard cock bouncing across the yard. My cock became hard as a rock as I watched him walk towards us.

Jessica made a point to let Emily know, “See mom, James is watching Chris’ chiseled body and big cock walk across the yard and it’s turning him on. Nothing wrong with expressing his feelings when you see an obvious sexual being like Chris.”

Emily to my rescue, “He is one fine looking man. If I wasn’t dripping wet and had a cock I would be sporting a boner. MMM, MMMM, Damn Good.” We all laughed as Chris walked up and offered us our drinks.

Chris handed me a drink and asked, “What did I miss, you all are having such a good time?”

I wasn’t going to hide it anymore and just lay there with a hardon. I wasn’t even going to hide glances at Chris I just stared along with the girls. “They are laughing because I sprung wood watching you cross the yard. They would be just as hard if they had cocks as nice as ours.” I gave my cock a couple of strokes to make my point.

Chris floored us all, “Two beautiful women and a hunk of a guy all naked in front of me, I can’t tell you how hard it’s been not to get hard. Now that I see your cock nice and hard I won’t hold back.” As he spoke his cock continued to rise.

“See? We can all appreciate a beautiful body.” Jessica was quick to point out.

Emily got up, took a long drink from her glass and announced “I have to go inside and freshen up.”

I leaped up, “I’ll join you. I have to drain the lizard as well.”

Emily smacked my ass, “Show some class James.” We walked off across the yard and to our bathroom.

We no sooner turned the corner to our bedroom when Emily ran me to the bed and jumped on my semi erect cock. “Get it hard baby I need to get fucked now. This is way too much for me. I am so fucking horny.”

I quickly grabbed Emily’s breast and brought it to my mouth. My cock was drenched with her pussy juice as I got instantly hard. I lifted Emily up and onto my cock. I slipped right inside. The heat was unbearable. Emily was sitting on my cock leaning forward as I sucked and bit her nipples.

“Oh ya bite them baby. MMMMM. Seeing you naked next to Chris was such a turn on. Chris is gorgeous. I wanted to see you make out. I wanted to see you suck his cock. I’m so bad, but it’s making me so fucking horny. Oh god I’m going to cum already.”

I was going to push her over the edge and let her know I want it to, “You saw how hard I got looking at Chris. MMMMMM, I wanted to take him in my arms and press my body to his. I want to kneel in front of him and take that cock in my mouth. I want to taste his cum, drink it like I do mine. MMMMM.”

Emily was so wet, “Would you fuck him James? Jessica fucks Chris in the ass with a dildo and he likes it. OH shit, mmmmm. Would you fuck him with your cock baby, stick your big fat cock in the tight slut boy’s ass. OHHHHHHH.”

“Oh ya, I want you to watch my cock going in and out of that tight ass. I want to squeeze his tight cheeks as I pound my cock into him.”

“Yes James fuck him for me. Do you think you would let him fuck you too baby? OH gooooddddd. It would be so hot to see you get fucked James.”

“Is that what you want M? You want to see that hunky man with his big cock spread my ass and put his cock inside me? You want him to bust my cherry? You want to see me being fucked by a man M? Have him cum deep inside me and make me his bitch? OOOOOOOOOOHHHHHH!!”

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Chris and Jessica had to leave for a dinner engagement which they could not get out of. Emily and I we wanted to be alone anyway so we were glad.

Jessica and Chris weren’t even out of the driveway before I slipped behind Emily, reached my arms around her chest tweaking her nipples, and then I started rubbing my cockhead between her cheeks. “MMMMM! That feels nice. I’m going to clean the kitchen up a bit. You grab the towels outside and put them in the laundry. I will meet you in the bedroom in five minutes.”

I ran out the backdoor to grab the towels, tossed them into the laundry room, and skipped down the hall to our room. I put on the red baby doll top, threw myself onto the bed, and struck a pose as I slowly jacked my hard cock. I heard Emily coming down the hall. I felt my mouth drop open as she stood in the doorway wearing Jessica’s eight inch strapon.

Emily grabbed her cock and waved it at me, “You said anything did you mean it?”

I spread my legs and held open my arms, “Oh god yes. Please fuck me baby. Fuck my boy pussy.”

Emily moved to the edge of the bed and offered me her cock, “Suck it. Get me ready to fuck you.”

Emily grabbed me by the back of the head and guided me towards her cock. I grabbed hold of it and rubbed it across my lips. I looked up at her as I ran my tongue all around the head. “Oh ya baby, that’s it show me how much you want my cock. That is so fucking hot. You’re going to make me cum watching you suck my cock.” Emily held my head and slowly started to face fuck me.

I was taking in about half of her cock, “MMMM, ya that’s it cocksucker. Take it deep. Get me ready to fuck you. You want this cock baby? You want me to fuck you with this cock?”

I was now on all fours getting face fucked by Emily who was standing on the side of the bed. Her dirty talk was driving me mad. She has never been so aggressive. I nodded my head and wiggled my ass for her.

Emily shoved me away as she walked around the bed, her cock dangling in front of her dripping with my spit, “Stay like that and don’t move.” She ordered.

The bed rocked as she got onto the bed behind me. I felt her cold finger on my ass as she applied lubricant to my hole. She shoved her finger deep into my hole and went right for my prostate. If you’ve never been fingered before by a doctor then you haven’t lived. I moaned, “MMMMM, yes.”

“Is this what you want baby? You like having your ass played with?” She said as she applied more pressure on my prostate.

I was panting and almost out of breath as she continued to work my opening, “Yes please yes. Fuck me, take your big cock and fuck my pussy. I want to be your little slut. Put your cock in me please.” I was begging and pleading to get fucked. I wanted it so badly.

Emily pulled her finger out of my ass and I felt her big cockhead pressing against my hole. Emily slapped my ass, “Turn over bitch I want to watch your face as I fuck you.”

I flipped over onto my back and raised my legs in the air. Emily grabbed my ankles and scooted her cock closer to my hole. She placed her cockhead against my puckered hole and looked down at me. The lust in her eyes almost made me cum. Emily applied a little pressure to my hole. I pushed out and relaxed my muscles as best I could. “Is this what you want slut? You want me to fuck you like the slut you are? Tell me you want my cock.”

I was a whimpering pussy now. The level of my desire was off the charts. I was rotating my ass against her cockhead and purring like a slut, “Yes fuck me. I want to feel your cock inside me. I want you to fuck the cum right out of me. Fuck me hard. Stretch my pussy and fill me with your cock.”

I felt her grip tighten on my hips and knew she was going to push. My ass stretched but didn’t give way completely. The pain shot through me and I shoved my ass against her cock. I didn’t want to scream out and scare her or break this moment of lust. She pushed a bit harder and the cockhead passed my sphincter muscle. My body relaxed “MMMMM, YES.”

Emily pulled back just enough where I felt her cockhead pulling out, before she pushed back into me filling me with half her dick. “Oh ya, take my cock slut. Oh James I’m fucking you. This is so fucking hot to watch this. I never knew this would be so fucking hot. Your ass is opening up and taking my big cock. Does it feel good baby? Is this what you like? I want to fuck you all the time. I want to fuck your tight ass.”

“Yes M, fuck me. Shove that cock inside me. Give me all of it.” I felt the sweat dripping off my forehead. The pain was gone. My ass was fully accepting the girth of her cock. The cockhead was now massaging my insides.

Emily started to fuck me harder and deeper. I held onto my calves, helping to keep my legs spread. Emily leaned into me as she bottomed out her cock and I felt the fake rubber balls pressing against my ass. She slowly ground her cock deep inside me, “Oh fuck I can’t believe you took this big monster. You like my cock deep inside you don’t you? I am going to cum just seeing you like this.”

“I love you Emily. You can fuck me anytime.” I reached my head up and we kissed.

Emily moaned in my mouth as she started an orgasm. She rose up, wrapped her arms around my thighs, lifted my ass off the bed, and started to fuck me long and hard, “Oh god I’m cumming. I am going to fuck you hard. OH yes, mmmmmm. You like this James? You like being fucked by a cock? Do you wish it were Chris fucking you? Ya I want to see that. I want to see Chris standing over you with his strong muscular body and his big cock fucking you like the slut you are. OOOOOHHH YYEESSSSS! Fuck him baby. Let him fill you with his cum. Chris is fucking you oh yes feel his cock inside you. AARRRGGG!” Emily was dripping sweat all over me as she fantasized me being fucked by Chris. She came hard.

The image was too much for me. I screamed out as my cock spurt cum all over my chest without either one of us touching it. “Oh Chris fuck me. Fuck me with your big cock. Fill me with your cum. AAAHHHH!”

My legs were cramping as Emily lowered them down. She kept her cock deep in my ass. Her body fell onto my chest as my cum spread between us. Emily reached up and rubbed my face, “That was hot.” We both fell asleep in each other’s arms.

I woke when I felt Emily’s cock slip out of my ass. I kissed the top of Emily’s head and rolled off the bed. I hurried to the bathroom to clean myself up. Emily must have heard the shower as she walked in still wearing her cock. I grabbed the soap and washed the giant phallus, still amazed that it fit inside me. I unstrapped the harness, reached out the walk in shower, and placed it on the sink counter. I returned so that we could finish our shower.

I put soap on my hands and embraced Emily. I soaped her back and ass. I used a soapy finger to glide along her ass crack. This brought out a moan of acceptance, “MMMMM, I see why you like that so much.”

I turned her around and braced her against the shower wall. I used my soapy finger to gently penetrate her. I used the rest of my body to pin her against the wall. I reached my left hand around her front and across her chest until I found her right nipple. As I pressed my right finger deep into her ass I pulled on her nipple and pressed my body against hers. “Oh yes James, yes. Fuck me baby. I want to feel your cock inside my ass. I want to feel what you feel. Fuck me.”

I pulled my finger from her ass and replaced it with the head of my cock. I was hoping the soap would be enough lubricant as I pushed my cockhead into her. “UUUHHHH! Yes that’s it almost inside.” She moaned.

I pulled back and let her ass work my cockhead until I felt it open up. When the pressure subsided I pushed my cock into her. “Fuck yes, that’s it. Oh man that feels so good. Mmmppphhhh!”

I again pushed her up against the wall as I pressed my cock further into her. I was now able to grab both of her nipples and pull on them as I began a nice rocking rhythm slicing my cock in and out of her ass. “Feels good doesn’t it M. Feel my cock buried in your ass. MMMMM” I kissed the back of her neck.

Emily was moaning and rotating her hips against my cock, “Oh yes fuck me. Oh mmmmmmmm!”

Emily’s head fell back against me as I continued my seduction, “Wouldn’t you like to feel Chris’ cock being pushed deep inside your ass? Feel my cock inside your pussy. Being sandwiched between Chris’ body and mine? Feel his cock M. Feel it moving inside you, pumping against your body. His hard nipples scrapping against your back. His strong arms wrapped around you squeezing your nipples.”

I pulled Emily’s nipples really hard and gave them a twist as I shoved my cock deep inside her ass. Emily pushed back against my cock and froze as she had a violent orgasm, “OOOHHH, yes Chris fuck me hard baby. Feed me your cum. UUGGHH!”

I shot my load right into her almost on cue. I turned her around and kissed her hard as we both moved under the shower’s stream. We washed up and finished our shower. We got ready and decided we better go out to dinner before we started fucking again.

We went to a nice quiet restaurant where we were seated in a booth away from the few other guests that were scattered amongst the other tables. We had a nice view of the lake as the sun began to set. We sat next to each other. I looked at Emily and asked, “Where did you get the toy? You haven’t left the house since you’ve been home and we just barely discussed trying new things.”

Emily smiled, “When Jessica and I were in the kitchen making snacks we had a nice little conversation.” A cold chill went through my body.

“The toy was Jessica’s. We were talking about how Chris likes to dress in ‘girlie’ outfits and I was so caught off guard that I mentioned that you did too. Please don’t be mad at me.” I leaned in and gave her a kiss to reassure her.

“Mmm, that was nice. Anyway she also mentioned that Chris liked his ass played with and she even fucked him with a strapon. I was so intrigued that I asked her to tell me more. She said that Chris is exploring his bi side more and more. He actually likes getting fucked and wants to try it with a man. Jessica brought up the thing about finding the right couple to share this with but hasn’t found them yet.” I could tell that this was exciting Emily again and my hardon reminded me that this was turning me on as well.

We finished our meal and drove home. We were both sexed out so we just cuddled and went to sleep. The next morning I woke and Emily had left for work already. She left a note in the kitchen reminding me to check out some vacation spots. I called my travel agent and she was eager to search a non-business trip booking. I gave her my requirements of two bedrooms, two bathrooms, secluded, and must be beach front property.

I started to pound out some work of my own when my travel agent called me with the perfect spot. She said she would email me the pictures and price. She put a twenty-four hour hold on the place. It was one of the many smaller Bahamas Islands. The Itinerary was planned out as well. We would fly into Miami and from there catch a one hour hopper flight to St. Croix. From St Croix we would take a 30 minute puddle jumper to your own private one mile island. I called Emily and left her a message letting her know that Jessica and Chris would be home for dinner. Then I called Jessica and arranged for her and Chris to come over and see if they approve of the vacation spot.

I went to the store and grabbed four nice thick steaks and potatoes to bake. I tossed a nice salad and seasoned the meat. At about 4pm I popped the potatoes in the oven figuring they would take an hour plus and could rest for a few minutes. At 5pm I lit the bar-b-q up. Emily was home first and hurried to change out of her scrubs. As soon as Jessica and Chris arrived I threw the steaks on the hot grill. Emily passed out glasses of wine as Chris and I watched the steaks cook. We pulled off the steaks at a nice medium rare. Emily and Jessica had the potatoes on our plates along with the salad. We sat and had a nice meal.

“OK James let’s see this place you’ve been dying to show us.” Jessica eagerly stated.

I went and grabbed my laptop and attached my cable to the laptop and our big screen television. I opened up my email and then the attachment my travel agent sent me.

“As you can see this is actually a private island that is only about a mile long by one mile wide. This small island is one of seven hundred of the Bahamas Islands. This is a three bedroom three and a half bath house that overlooks an infinity pool. There is a master suite on either side of the house. Best of all, this all overlooks our own private beach. The water is crystal clear and if you look out into the water you can see the reef poking out the water’s surface offering a natural fence line to keep the larger critters out.”

“And just how long will it take for us to get to this bit of paradise?” Jessica was first to point out that we were on the Pacific side and this place is on the Atlantic.

“With the time difference added in, two hours for security, this will be about eight to ten hours in total depending on how long it takes to get the island transfers. If we take the red eye to Miami we will arrive around 6 or 7 in the morning. We grab a short one hour flight to St. Croix, then a small 30 minute flight to the island. We should be in heaven before noon.” I explained.

Emily was quick to note the size of the island, “It’s only a mile long with a house, where will the plane land?”

“The plane lands in the water on the other side of the island. There is a dock that the plane and boats come in on. There are two servants at the house, a husband and wife team that does everything. They live off the island so we only have them from 7am to 4pm. They clean the house, make the beds, and serve breakfast and lunch. They will prep dinner but we have to make it. The house is solar and there is no television. Is that private enough for everyone?” My sales pitch was complete.

“Now the big question, how much is this going to cost?” Jessica was concerned since she is still in school.

Now I am going to hit them with the closing statement, “Well my airline miles will get us all to Miami and St. Croix. We have to hire a private local pilot that takes people to the islands which isn’t that much really, only a couple of hundred each. The normal price for this secluded island is $20,000 per week.”

“That’s 10k per couple. James I’m still in school and I can’t ask Chris to pay my way, we are just starting our relationship.” Jessica was panicking.

I smiled at her, “BUT, you didn’t let me finish, if we leave the week after next I picked up a last minute cancel and we can have it for $10,000.”

Chris turned to Jessica, “Look sweetheart five grand is no big deal. I have already given you my heart. Money is just what allows us to enjoy life. I just sold a 2 million dollar home that plopped 80 g’s in my bank you think five grand is going break me?” Chris was bouncing around like a kid in a candy store. I was just waiting for him to start the whining ‘please oh pretty please’ bit.

Emily was going to be the toughest sale, “I just took a week off for Mother, I’m not sure I can arrange something on such short notice? I have to make some calls. Jess isn’t your finals next week?”

Jessica was beaming, “Yep, and my schedule will be clear after that. I’m on board.” Turning to Chris, “I’ll have to work off my portion,” as she blatantly squeezed his cock.

“I already cleared my schedule so M the final decision is yours.” I focused all the attention to her.

“Gee thanks, no pressure in ruining everyone’s fun on account of me. I’ll do my best to clear my schedule. I’m 99 percent sure there will be no problem.” Emily chimed back.

We all high fived each other and started to make plans. The next day Emily had arranged her schedule. Chris was a hold back for one day due to a house listing that hadn’t closed on time. The girls decided that they would go a day early and check things out so that I would only have to change two tickets. The girls would take the luggage so we could just go through security and not worry about checking anything in. Things were falling into place.

The next week dragged for me as I waited for our trip. I grabbed the one luggage bag and asked Emily where my stuff was. She reminded me that we were on a secluded island packing swim suits and shorts didn’t take up that much room. I grabbed the bag and we were on our way to pick up Jessica. I dropped the girls off at the airport and had the night to myself.

Chris called and said he would meet up with me tomorrow night and we can share a cab to the airport. I spent the day sending out notices of my vacation and then I cleaned out the refrigerator. I had the entire day left to myself. I was feeling horny, as usual. I went to Jessica’s room and found my black leather corset and black panties. I slipped them on and felt like a slut. I twirled in front of the mirror. I sat at Jessica’s dressing table and on a whim grabbed a bottle of red nail polish.

I shook the bottle and began my transformation. I started with my toenails. As the first stroke glided across my big toe my heart skipped a beat. I feverishly painted my other toes. Then I started on my left hand. I could feel the wet spot in my panties as my cock leaked. The right hand did not come out quite as nice. I don’t know how women become so ambidextrous, I guess practice. I waved my hands around to dry the polish. I stood again in front of the mirror and held out my hands. I wiggled my red tipped digits at myself, I felt so sexy.

Something was still missing. I opened Jessica’s closet and there was a blond short cropped wig. I blew on my nails a few more times before I grabbed the wig. I bent over, placed the wig on my head, and held it on as I lifted my body and whipped my head back. The wig fell into place. It was loose but stayed on my head. I would imagine the Jessica pinned it onto her real hair. I turned to look in the mirror again and was shocked at the transformation. I wasn’t really passable, but I was stunning. I felt like a little sexy slut.

I called in for a pizza, grabbed a beer, and sat in front of the tube. The pizza came a half hour later and I could swear the delivery boy was checking me out. He did not show signs of disgust, it was lust. That really turned me on more. I get why women spend so much time to look so pretty, I almost came knowing I turned a guy on. I walked into the kitchen and glanced at my reflection in the window, “You are a sexy bitch.” I laughed it off and figured in his line of work I’m sure he’s seen it all.

Before I started on my second piece of pizza Chris was knocking on the door. I got up and let him in. “Oh Jamie you look stunning.”

He went and grabbed himself a beer and joined me in front of the tube. We used paper plates and finished off the pizza. We had about two hours before the cab came to pick us up so we shucked our clothes and headed for a quick cooling off dip in the pool. After a couple of leisurely laps Chris came up behind me and pressed his hard cock along the crack of my ass. His arms wrapped around my chest as he ran his tongue up and down the side of my neck.

“Do we have time for me to fuck you before we get on the plane?” Chris breathed into my ear.

I moaned out, “Ya but I don’t want to be dripping cum out of my ass during the plane ride. My luck some bitchy lady will be sitting next to me complaining about smelling fresh cum.” I wiggled my ass against his cock and flipped him over my head.

Chris came up for air laughing. He dove under the water and I felt his mouth slide over my hard cock. The warmth of his mouth felt really good. Lucky for me Chris couldn’t stay under long enough to blow me to completion. When he surfaced again I was already under the water and behind him. I slid feet first between his legs, grasped his ass cheeks, spread them wide open, and shoved my tongue into his tight rosebud. After a couple of good licks I started to lift him into the air using my face buried in his ass as leverage. I launched him into the air, not really that high his feet never broke water, but the pressure of lifting him allowed me to really get my tongue deep into his hole.

Chris turned to come at me again but I raised my hand for him to stop, “We better not continue this or we will be flying with cum dripping from our hard uncomfortable cocks.”

Chris gave me a pouty face, “I don’t mind. I just wanted to feel my cock buried deep inside your tight little pussy. We may not get a chance like this again.”

“I am hoping we will. But I want to save every drop of cum for this week.” I shot back at him. “Besides when I fuck you I want to savor that moment when IT comes, and I cum.”

Chris splashed water at me, “Fine. But I’m fucking horny. If we get alone on this island I want to at least suck your cock,” Chris offered his hand, “Deal?”

I grasped his hand to acknowledge the deal when Chris pulled me to him and kissed me on the lips. His strong arms held me in place as his tongue forced its way into my mouth. I felt my body go slack as my mouth opened and accepted his embrace. We separated and Chris and I got out of the pool and prepared to get picked up.

I wasn’t sure what Chris is looking for but I wasn’t going to be the reason to ruin his relationship with Jessica or mine with Emily. I made sure the garbage was thrown out and everything was turned off just before the cab arrived. I went to my room and found Emily’s nail polish remover. I quickly wiped off the polish. What I didn’t know about red polish was that it stains your cuticles. I tried as best as I could to wipe it off. The cab ride was uneventful and we just had a small carryon mostly filled with snacks for the plane since the girls took all of our other things.

We arrived in Miami at 6am and had a three hour layover. We found a little kiosk diner that served breakfast so we camped out there for a while. I had to straighten Chris out so he wouldn’t do something stupid in such tight quarters. “Look Chris I know the three of us had an awesome experience but I got caught up in the moment and it was stupid. We are going to be on an island with the women we love so can we call a truce on the oversexed display of affection?”

Chris looked at me and laughed, “Come on James we are just having fun. Jess is cool with it. She loves when we dress in our sexy little outfits and play with each other, it really turns her on. Seeing you in a corset and panties really turns me on. I never sucked a guy’s cock before and now I can’t get enough of yours. My mouth is watering right now just thinking about climbing under this table and draining your cock.”

My head did a quick 360 degree perimeter check of the area to see if anybody is catching onto our conversation. Thank goodness this part of the airport was pretty quiet. “I can’t deny how good it feels to wear those outfits and how fucking crazy good it was to play with you two, but Emily will be around and I won’t fuck it up. Can we just agree to at least behave during our trip? This will be a great opportunity for all of us to bond as a family.”

Chris grabbed my hand, “If you promise to dress in your pretty blue baby doll outfit and feed me your cock when we get back?”

His brazen salesman swagger was coming out and I felt I had no choice but to agree, “Ok fine. You have to dress in that sexy red number too?”

Chris patted the top of my hand, “I knew you would agree. You want me as much as I want you. It feels good and we both know it. It’s just sex. Just a couple of good looking guys dressing like girls sucking each other’s cocks.”

I looked up at Chris as he broke the ice and started to laugh. I felt a weight off my shoulders and started to laugh with him. We walked down to the other end of the airport where we caught the flight to St. Croix. We landed in St. Croix and walked straight out onto the tarmac to a small plane that maybe held eight passengers. The plane had large platoons that we had to step on to get into the plane. I made the sign of the cross as we taxied down the runway. As we approached our little island I grabbed Chris’ hand as we watched the water getting closer and closer. A couple of bounces and we settled onto the smooth surface. “That was scarier than any ‘E’ ride I’ve ever been on.” I said as I looked at Chris’ white face as we both started to laugh.

We taxied toward the island and I could see a tall black man standing on the dock holding a rope. As the plane saddled up alongside the wooden pier the man grabbed the plane and tied the rope around one of the struts by the pontoons. The door opened and the man on the dock held out his hand to help us out. The man was dressed in yellow shorts and tropical print shirt which was buttoned half way up exposing a smooth well defined chest. His arm muscles were so large that the sleeves were stretched tight. As I got off the plane he introduced himself, “Welcome to your vacation island sirs. I am Jacob, one of your servants for the week. Anything you need just call me. If you would head up the dock and get in the car I will be with you shortly.”

Chris and I walked the length of the pier and got into the car, which was really a very large golf cart that sat six. We turned to watch Jacob untie the plane, jump into the water, which only came up to his waist, and pull the back of the plane into a 180 turn facing away from the island. Jacob climbed back up on the dock and waved to the pilot that all was clear. The pilot started the engine and was soon skidding across the water until it finally lifted smoothly into the air leaving a trail of water dropping from the air.

Jacob got into the car and told us to hang on as we headed down a sandy path, “The Island is one mile wide and one mile long. This car is the only form of transportation other than your feet. This is one of 700 islands in the area. It is privately owned and fell under the British Government until 1973 where now we are self-governed. My wife and I will be here to cook and clean from 7am to 4pm, unless you let us know ahead of time. The house is just up ahead.”

I thought to myself that that explained his British accent. We rounded a bend of foliage to pull right in front of a huge set of double doors leading to a single story home. From the brochure I knew the size of the home but until you see it in person you can’t appreciate its beauty. Jacob escorted us through the entrance. Once inside the entire home opened up to the pool and the ocean beyond. “Holly crap do you believe this?” I said to no one in particular.

We could see the girls outside by the pool taking in the sun. Jacob had us follow him across a beautifully furnished living room and out towards the pool. There were no windows the house was completely open. Jacob explained that the storm windows roll out to close the house up during a storm, other than that the house is open. We walked out to the girls and Jacob cleared his throat, “Excuse me lady’s but your men have arrived.”

You could only imagine our shock when we see the girls almost totally nude in their barely there skimpy bathing suits lying out in the sun. They each stood up and ran to our arms. “James darling, you did a better than perfect job finding this place. You’ve met Jacob already, wait until you meet his lovely little wife Lana. And oh what a cook she is.” Emily and Jessica walked up to us and gave us a big nearly naked hug.

Jacob was gone leaving the four of us outside, “Aren’t you girls the slightest shy in front of a complete stranger?” I questioned them both.

Jessica always the dominating one, “Oh you boys need to get over it. Jacob and Lana assured us that this was most common here and that they are here to serve us. This one of the reasons they leave by four, so that we have plenty of daylight to enjoy the island and do “whatever” we want. They let us know that they pretty much have seen it all and to treat them as if they were not here.”

Jessica leaped into Chris’ arms, wrapping her legs around his waist and her arms around his neck, “Come on I’ll show you where our room is and give you the quick tour.”

Emily was a little more refined as she looped her arm under my elbow and pulled me along, “Come James let me show you our room.”

As we strolled through this beautiful home Emily pointed out things as if she lived her all her life. “This living room is the center of the house. As you can see all hallways feed off of this room, similar to our home. To the right is Jessica and Chris’ room. The next hallway leads to the third bedroom. Off to the left here is our room. All the bedrooms are setup like suites with their own bathrooms. Our room looks out towards the pool and ocean with simply spectacular views. As you can see the living room is open to the dining room. Beyond the dining table is the gourmet kitchen that Lana is in.”

Emily walked me to the kitchen and introduced me to Lana. Lana was a five foot petite black woman that could not have weighed more than ninety pounds wet. She had on the matching outfit to her husband Jacob, except she was barefooted. Her skin was much lighter than Jacobs, but she had those green sparkling eyes that will make your heart skip a beat. “Lana this is my husband James. James this is Lana the best cook on the Island.” We laughed as I took Lana’s hand.

“It’s a pleasure to meet you Lana. I can’t wait to sample your food. I’m starving after that flight. As soon as my stomach settles down I’ll come visit the kitchen to get it reacquainted with food.”

In a light English accent and a slight head bow she responded, “Pleasure is all mine sir. I will put some light food together. No spices for you today, tomorrow I will introduce you to the Island flavors of the Jerk. Please drink as much water as you can each day the sun will seduce you into forgetting your needs.”

I turned to Emily, “I hope that’s not all that will seduce me?” As I squeezed Emily’s exposed ass cheeks.

Emily grabbed my arm and continued our tour, but not before punching me in the arm, “And don’t blame jet lag on your rudeness or horny-ness.”

Emily brought me down a hallway to a set of double doors. She grabbed both handles and simultaneously pushed them both open to give me the full impact as the view opened up to me. The bedroom was massive. To the left was a four poster bed lined with sheer netting wrapped around it for night sleeping. The bed was facing what should have been a wall but was completely open to the backyard with a view of the pool, the ocean, and soon to be a glorious sunset. The cool tile floors felt good on my bare feet. To the right was the bathroom. Three was a large walk in rock shower with several shower heads above for the rain effect and on the sides for spray washing, two benches and a glass window that looked out to a beautiful rain forest of plants and flowers. There was the normal commode with its own private door and long double sink vanity. Continuing through the bathroom was a large walk-in closet. As we walked into the closet I noticed that none of my clothes were hung.

“I guess you didn’t have time to unpack my things? Where’s the suitcase?” I expressed to Emily.

“We are on our own private Island Jamie. This week you and Chrissy are going to dress in the fashion that you both love.”

Emily grabbed my hand and kissed the back of it, “The only clothes worn this week will be bikinis and lingerie. By the looks of your nails it appears someone already started. I wish you didn’t take it off sweety I bet it was lovely on you.”

Emily closed the ranks and started to unbutton my shirt and kiss my neck. As my shirt fell open she moved down and started to suck on my nipple. My cock was instantly hard, as were my nipples. “OOHHHH. MMMM! That feels so good.”

Emily unbuckled my shorts and let them fall to the floor. She maneuvered me into the shower and turned it on. The cool water felt so good against the 90 degree humid weather. I reached around Emily and untied her top and let it fall to the floor. I then untied the sides of her G-string bottoms and let them fall to the floor next to her top. Emily grabbed the soap and rubbed my body down. As she got to my ass she paid special attention to my hole.

I turned to the wall and let her lightly finger my hole as she pressed the front of her body against my back, repeating the same process that I did to her just two days ago in our shower. Emily breathed in my ear, “This week you will learn to clean yourself out, as I will to. We are going to fuck each other in every possible way and every possible place on this island.”

I felt something larger than her finger being inserted into my ass. It wasn’t a dildo that I knew. I looked up and there was the enema bag hanging from the shower head. Emily applied pressure to the back of my neck forcing me to bend over. “You will feel pressure like you have to go to the bathroom. I want you to use your muscles to hold it in as long as you can. This will clean your rectum out and allow us to have a much better time playing with each other.”

I felt the warm liquid filling my bowels. The pressure was building making it difficult not to press out and get rid of the foreign substance, but I held it in for five minutes. “I can’t hold it anymore M.”

Emily walked me to the commode where I released the contents. She moved me over to the bidet and had me squat over it. I have never used a bidet before but the water squirted up inside and around my ass was refreshing. Emily grabbed my arms and pulled me off the bidet and back into the shower, “One more time.”

We repeated the process and the water flowed clear. We got back into the shower and washed up. Emily then escorted me into the closet where she handed me my blue baby doll outfit. “Put this on Jamie, please.”

My head was swimming with excitement as I slipped into my pretty outfit. Emily had me go into our bedroom and lay down. I waited for her to come out of the bathroom, which she did sporting her strapon, “I’ve been waiting to fuck my baby since we arrived here. I hope your pussy can take the fucking I’m about to give it.”

This house is wide open. There is NO privacy what so ever. Anybody can walk up to our bedroom and walk right in, let alone hear every word or scream that comes out of it. Emily didn’t care she was going to fuck me. Emily moved on top of me and sat on my chest. This strapon was a little different in that it was shaped just like a real cock, down to the veins along the shaft. I could tell that the cock like device was embedded deep into her pussy as well so when she sat on my chest the device went deeper inside of her.

“Suck my cock slut. Lick my cock baby. You look so slutty in your pretty little girlie outfit Jamie. I bet you can’t wait to suck my dick? Tell me you want my cock baby. Tell me you want me to fuck you. This is so fucking hot.” Emily braced her hands on my shoulder as I watched her eyes roll back and a slight tremor on my chest as she had a small orgasm.

My cock was pressing tightly inside my panties. I could feel the heat from her pussy on my chest. Her thighs were rubbing my nipples against the sheer silk of my baby doll top. I lifted my head enough to drag my lips across the head of her cock. “MMMMM, oh yes M, I want to suck your big juicy cock. Let me get you ready to fuck my pussy like the slut I am. Fuck me M. I want your cock deep inside me. Make me cum. Fuck me until I cum.” I did my best to take in about four or five inches of the eight inch life like cock.

“Yes, that’s my little cock sucking slut. Suck that cock baby. You are such a good cock sucker.” Emily was rocking on my chest grinding the other end of the cock into her pussy.

Emily pulled her cock out of my mouth and moved between my legs, “Get on all fours I want to take you from behind.” With that I flipped over onto my hands and knees.

Emily pulled my panties down to my thighs, exposing my ass. I felt Emily’s hot breath just before she pulled my cheeks apart and I felt her tongue trace the entire length of my crack. When the tip of her tongue centered onto my hole my head dropped down to the bed, “AAAAHHHHH!!!” I moaned out loud.

Emily worked her tongue into my pussy. I was nice and clean and she must have really been enjoying this since she held onto my thighs like two vice grips as she pressed her tongue in as deep as her face would allow. “MMMMMM, oh M you’re going to make me cum. Fuck me. Please fuck me. I need your cock inside me.”

Emily pulled her face from my ass as liquid poured down from the top of my ass and dripped down the crack of my ass. I felt the head of Emily’s cock press against my hole, blocking the path of the liquid before it dripped onto the bed, “Is this what my cock hungry slut wants? You want me to fuck you with my cock? Tell me slut. Tell me you want a cock in your pussy.”

Emily used her cock head to rub the liquid all over my puckered pussy. She pulled back to allow her cockhead to be coated with the liquid and then pressed forward piercing my pussy. I was amazed at how tight I was again. I pushed back out and relaxed my muscles again, “Yes M put your cock in my pussy. Fuck me with your big cock. I need to be fucked by a nice big cock.”

Emily slowly rocked her cock into me, feeding me little by little as she pressed forward into my pussy. “Is this how you like it my little slut? I bet Chris’s cock would feel good sliding into your pussy? Or maybe you want me to fuck you while you suck on his nice juicy cock? Suck his cock for me baby. I want to see his cum shooting into your mouth. I want to watch you swallow a nice big mouthful of hot cum served right out of a real cock. OOOHHH! YESSSS! MMMMMM!”

Emily kept grinding her cock into my pussy as she ground her pussy against the cock buried inside of her. Her orgasm took over as her eyes glazed over and her body shook from her orgasm. The vibration of her orgasm traveled through the dildo and swept right into my rectum. “Oh yes baby fuck me, fill me with your juices. I will suck a cock for you baby. Watch a man feed me his cock. I will suck him until he shoots a nice big fresh load into my mouth. NNNNNGGGGG!!” My body froze and went stiff as my cock shot cum all over the fresh linen sheets.

My legs were shaking and I fell forward causing Emily to follow suite. The pressure of her body as it landed on my back forced her cock deeper into my ass. My ass-pussy felt like it was split open. The cock was thicker than the last strapon she used on me. We rolled to our side without losing my grip on Emily’s cock. Emily slowly kept rotating her hips and stirring her cock deep inside my pussy. I could feel the tip of her cockhead rubbing and massaging my prostate. Emily grabbed my semi erect cock and pressed her cockhead into me forcing a big glob of my cum to seep out of my cockhead and onto her hand. Emily brought it up to my mouth, “Eat your cum baby. Lick my fingers clean.” I gladly complied and savored the thick liquid.

When Emily pulled out of my pussy she rolled over me and gave me a big long passionate kiss. I felt the breeze rush into my gaping hole. “MMMMM, that was so good.” Emily moaned as we separated.

We got up and went to the wardrobe room, that’s what I call it since it is so large, and Emily handed me my G-string bathing suit. “Don’t shower. Put this on, I want to smell cum on you.”

Emily slipped out of her strapon. She pulled the other end of the phallus out of her pussy. It was about a four inch fat bulbous phallus that was dripping with her pussy juices. She held it up to my face, “Lick it baby.” I stuck my tongue out and she put her face to the other side and we both licked her juices off until we met at the top and fell into another nice pussy tasting kiss.

Emily slipped back into her barely there suit and we went out to the dining area. The table was set with a giant fruit salad, plates, ice tea and water. We sat just in time for Jessica and Chris to join us. They had the same ‘I was just well fucked’ look on their faces as I’m sure Emily and I had on ours. Jacob walked around filling our glasses as we sat and started to fill our plates with the freshest fruit I have ever seen or tasted. “Jacob, can you change our linens before you leave tonight?”

Jacob didn’t even flinch, “Of course, I will do it now if you’re done in the bedroom.”

Jessica raised her fork in the air to get Jacob’s attention, “Ours to please. I hate sleeping on a crusty puddle.” We all froze at Jessica’s remark. I froze because I just figured out that Chris must have been in the same position as me in order to have made the same mess.

Jacob showed no signs of disgust, “Not a problem miss. Lana and I will have the linens changed before we leave at 4, unless you need something else? Lana has prepared a light dinner for you while you get accustom to the heat.” Jacob’s light English accent made you stare at this beautiful man.

Emily took over as the matriarch of this trip and Jessica was her second. Chris and I were obviously at the bottom of the chain of command, “Thank you Jacob, I think we are all set for the evening.” Jacob gave a slight bow, more like a nod of his head as he exited the room.

We all chatted and ate the tree ripened fruit, some of which was growing right outside on the grounds. Before we left the table Jacob and Lana returned to say goodnight. Jacob had a much darker skin tone than Lana. He was solid muscle from head to toe. He stood over six feet tall in contrast to Lana’s five foot frame. Looking at them standing next to each other one had to fantasize the two of them making love.

Jacob and Lana left for the evening. They have a small boat that they take to a neighboring island about an hour’s boat ride from here. Jessica was now going to lay down the game plan for the evening. “This is truly a fantasy island, so let’s make sure that we make our fantasies come true. Mom and I have been talking and we have similar interests as do you boys so I think this will work out lovely.” Jessica stood up, walked over to a built in wall unit where she opened a drawer and pulled out two wrapped boxes. Jessica set the boxes on the coffee table and waved us all over to sit with her.

Emily sat in one of the two chairs as Jessica took the other. Chris and I sat next to each other on the couch in front of the two gift boxes. “Go on you two open your gifts.”

Chris and I both hesitated. We knew that this was going to be the line we would cross and never go back. Even though individually we all held a piece of each other’s puzzle, we knew these gift boxes would put the pieces together forming a beautiful picture or a national disaster. Chris and I cautiously grabbed the boxes and set them on our laps.

Chris was first to untie the ribbon on his box and lift the lid, “Wait. Don’t go any further. James I want you to untie the ribbon and lift the lid off your box and then stop. I want you both to unfold the tissue paper at the same time.” Emily was giving orders but was out of breath at the same time. This was really turning her on, which in turn spurred me on to see what was in the box.

I caught up to Chris and held my hand on top of the tissue paper as did Chris, “Ready boys? One….Two….Three! Now open your gifts.” Jessica instructed us.

We both pulled open the first layer of tissue paper to unveil our surprises. I pulled out my outfit, or at least a part of my outfit, and held it up to my chest. It was a Lime Green Diamond Keyhole Cami. Chris was pulling out his own outfit and held it up to his chest like I did. Chris had an Orange Lace Button Cami. There were other items in the box, what looked to be stockings, panties, and something heavy that rolled around the bottom of the box.

The girls jumped up, “You both love to dress in sexy lingerie so we bought you some outfits for our trip. No need to be shy around us, Mom and I find you both to be very sexy when you wear lingerie, VERY SEXY!”

I looked over at Emily who had her hand at her crotch and was running her fingers up and down her clit. She was mesmerized looking at us holding our camis up to our chest. Jessica grabbed Chris’ box off of his lap “Come on Chrissy let’s go try on your new clothes.” They both went to their side of the house.

Emily walked over to me and shoved her finger in my mouth, “You make me so fucking wet.” Then she pressed her mouth to mine, and without taking out her finger, began to lick my tongue and her juices off of her finger. “Grab your box baby and let’s see what momma bought you.”

I followed her sweet ass down the hall towards our room. I put the box on the bed. Emily walked over and flipped the box over dumping the contents all over the bed. “First things first, go into the shower and let’s shave you nice and smooth. While we’re in there I’ll give you another cleaning out.”

I walked into the shower and bent over so that Emily could slip the hose into me and fill me up. I wanted to see if I could make it through the shaving process before I had to expel the contents from the bottle. The nozzle at the end of the enema bottle felt so good going in. Emily filled me with almost the full bag. She then proceeded to lather my legs with very perfumed soap and then began gliding the razor up and down my legs. When she completed both legs she began the same process around my cock and balls. Emily made sure that my ass crack was void of any hair as well. I raised my arms and allowed her to do the same as she shaved the light stubble in my pits.

Emily barely finished before the pressure was too much and I ran to the toilette. I stepped back into the shower where Emily washed my body down with a very flowery flagrant soap again. I was totally being pampered as Emily toweled me dry. The heat of the tropics really didn’t allow for you to stay too dry.

Emily then opened a large yellow and black box that contained a large powder puff and began to powder down my body. “This will keep your skin nice and dry as we try on one of your new outfits.” Emily explained.

She grabbed the lime green thong and slipped it up my legs. I stood up and allowed her to pull it over my straining cock. I felt the back of the thong settle in between the cheeks of my ass. Emily then held up a pair of matching nylons. She bunched one up in her hand and had me sit again, “Point your toe down baby.”

I pointed my toe down as she pulled the nylon over my foot and then shimmied it up my leg. I haven’t gone this far before and the feeling of nylon against my freshly shaven skin was causing my cock to drip. I let out a moan of ecstasy as Emily smiled at me, “Feels good doesn’t baby? You look so fucking hot. I’m dripping wet and we aren’t even done yet.”

Emily bent down and repeated the nylon process with my other leg resulting in another moan, “MMMMM, nice.”

Emily reached out her hands for me to take as she stood me back up on my feet. She then held my cami out for me to put my arms through. The keyhole design had two buttons, one at the top just under my neck and the second was just above my navel to create an opening in my chest that resembled a keyhole. She then attached the ties hanging from the edging of the cami to the tops of my nylons. I felt and looked so sexy.

Emily came up to me and planted a very emotional kiss on my lips. As I wrapped my arms around her and kissed her back I felt her body stiffen as she had an orgasm. She began to whimper in my mouth as the waves washed over her body, “MMMMMMPPPHHHH! Oh my god I can’t believe how turned on you’re making me.” Emily cried out into my mouth.

We separated and she pulled me back onto the chair and pulled another chair next to me. She reached over to the bed and pulled a small bottle from the pile that lay scattered across the bed. It was a lime green bottle of nail polish. I pulled back my hand and held it up, “Whoa! I love dressing up M but why put that on when we are going back out to the living room soon? I can change fast but not take off the polish very fast.”

“But you don’t have to take it off, or your clothes for that matter. We want you and Chrissy to stay dressed up all week. I can assure you that Chrissy will be dressed up. Jessica has the boy wrapped around her strapon cock. Jessica tells me he loves cock more than you do.”

I was so shocked that I didn’t even realize that Emily was already painting one of my nails. “How much did you two share in the one day you had alone?”

“Well Jess and I had a few too many fruity drinks. They go down so damn smooth that you don’t even realize you’ve had too many until WAMM they knock you on your ass. Well one thing lead to another and Jess was telling me how Chris likes to be called Chrissy, dress up in women’s lingerie, and when he is all dressed up that she has violent orgasms. I told her that you look sexy in lingerie too and that I’m uncontrollably turned on as well. Jess explained that this stems from the two of you holding such high powered sales positions that the escape of dressing and being dominated is the perfect balance to your jobs.” Emily was talking and painting my nails at the same time.

Emily continued, “She had told me earlier that Chrissy likes to take it up the ass with her strapon and having the double sided strapon allows her to share in the experience. She bought me one like hers, the one I fucked your ass with earlier. You seem to have loved having a nice hard cock inside you didn’t you sweetheart?”

I held up my left hand and stared at my nicely manicured green nails, “Yes M. I love when you fuck me. I like you to make love to me.”

Emily blew on my hand and inspected her work, “Shall we go show the others how you look?”

I felt like a deer in the headlights. I know that Chris and Jessica have seen me dressed up in my baby dolls but this will be the first time with Emily as well. “I don’t know M. What if Chris chickens out and I am the only one dressed up? What if they laugh at me?” I felt really insecure.

Emily came up to me and grabbed my stiff cock, “You’re loving this aren’t you, you little slut? You want me to take you out there and parade your sissy little body in front of Jessica and Chrissy? You want to see me and Jessica getting turned on in your little girlie outfit?”

My cock was throbbing in Emily’s hand. I was about to blow my load. Emily painfully squeezed my balls, “You want Chris to be turned on by you don’t you baby? You want him to get just as hard as you are?”

My cock twitched in Emily’s hand, “I knew you did. Come on Jamie, let’s turn some heads.” Emily pulled me by my balls as we walked down the hall.

Emily had put on a neon yellow thong bottom with matching top. It was a very nice contrast to my green ensemble. We turned the corner and there stood Jessica and Chrissy. Jessica had on a similar red thong to Emily’s yellow one. Chrissy had on the orange Lace Button cami with matching thong and nylons. Our cami’s looked very much alike. Chrissy’s three loosely buttoned down the front, keeping the sides of the cami from completely closing. This accented his bronzed chest nicely. The fabric was like mine in that it was sheer in just the right places to accentuate the nipples and belly button. Chrissy’s edging, like mine, was attached to the nylons by dangling ties. The bright orange color was gorgeous against his dark Greek skin tone. The matching orange polish completed the look.

The woman both sat down on the couch next to each other, “They are beautiful aren’t they Jess? Turn around for us and walk around the table and model for us girls.”

I walked around the table and slowly turned in front of them both. Jess ran her hand up and down my legs, “So fucking sexy.”

Both women were rubbing their pussies. Jess actually had two fingers buried inside and was freely masturbating in front of all of us. At this point I pretty much think the gloves are off. I continued past them followed by Chrissy. When he turned in front of them M put her free hand out and rubbed his hard cock. “You do have a nice clit there Chrissy.” As Chrissy continued past the groping session M squeezed his ass cheeks.

I felt cheap and slutty and was about to blow my load because of it. Jessica directed us further, “Now stand in front of the table here and face each other. Nice. Now reach out and feel each other’s camis and let us know how you like them and how you like each other in them.”

Chrissy and I used our knees to push the table further away from the couch to give us more room. We turned to face each other. I stepped closer and we were now toe to toe. As I lifted my hand I let it glide up Chrissy’s nylon covered leg. My hand trembled as I left the top of the nylon and felt flesh. Chrissy stood there letting me soak it all in. My hand followed the ties from the top of the nylon to the bottom of the cami. I continued up his chest feeling the soft satin of the cami. My fingertips grazed his hard nipple beneath the cami. Chrissy let out a sigh, “OHHHH, MMMMM.”

I was staring into Chrissy’s eyes. It felt as if the two of us were alone in the room until I felt a presence behind me. I could feel her body heat as she got closer to my back. My hands trembled as I caressed Chrissy’s shoulders. We were almost nose to nose. My heart was pumping so hard I thought it would burst from my chest. As my hands fell behind Chrissy’s shoulders I pulled him even closer to me as I lightly rubbed the material on his back. Our faces were so close together I could feel his breath on my lips. I knew that it was Emily behind me when I felt her body press against my back as she whispered in my ear, “Kiss him baby. Go with it. You’re so beautiful, kiss him.”

I tilted my head slightly to the right and leaned in that extra fraction of an inch it took to make contact with Chrissy’s lips. His lips were hot but moist. I felt my body relax as Chrissy’s arms went around my back and pulled me in to him tighter. He held me in such a way that the world slipped away from me. My mouth opened and my tongue slowly found its way into his mouth. We didn’t fight for control of the kiss. Rather, we sensually explored each other. Our tongues gently caressed each other’s. I felt hands and arms entwine us both as the girls stood behind us and added there embrace as acceptance of this entire union.

“Yes baby that’s it kiss him. He wants you and you want him. OHHHH!! MMMMMM! I can’t tell you how fucking hot this is. I want you to do more baby. You are going to make me cum. Kiss him harder. Feel his tongue in your mouth. God I love you.” Emily was grinding her pussy against my ass and holding onto my hips. She was lost in her own euphoria.

I felt my body melt into Chrissy as we continued to kiss each other. Our cocks were hard as rocks. The tip of my cock was pressing into Chrissy’s balls. My panties were soaking wet with my precum. Jessica was at Chrissy’s ear, “Let’s take this to the bedroom baby. I want to see you two make out on the bed.”

Like a bunch of school kids we broke our embrace and ran to Jessica and Chris’ room. It was a mirror image of ours. Chrissy and I lay in the middle and Chrissy quickly grabbed my head and pulled our faces together. He slowly ran his tongue across my lips before he firmly pressed his mouth to mine. The girls joined us on the bed as they moved against our backs.

I felt Emily’s hands rubbing my nylon covered legs, and then her hands were replaced by her legs and feet. My left nipple was being tweaked but I couldn’t tell who was doing it, and really didn’t care. The tropical heat was making us all sweat. Emily was kissing the back of my neck, “Yes, god yes kiss him baby. Make out with Chrissy. This is such a fucking hot scene. Do you feel his cock pressing against you baby? Does it feel good to be in a man’s arms? OOOHHH, ARRRGGGHHH!” Emily was putting herself into an orgasm as she bit down on my neck to stifle her screams.

I moved my hand down to Chrissy’s cock, I wanted to feel it. I was surprised to find Emily’s hand there squeezing his exposed cock. This also let me know that Jessica must be the one playing with my nipple. “Feel his cock sweety. Put your hand on his cock. Touch a man’s cock. Oh god yes that’s it hold his big hard cock in your hand. I bet you want to suck it don’t you?”

I stroked Chrissy’s cock a couple of times and felt his precum dribble into my hand. I brought my hand to my mouth and turned my head so that Emily could see me lick his cum off my hand. “I need to be fucked right now, I can’t take it anymore” Emily cried out.

I was pulled away from Chrissy and pushed onto my back. Emily pulled my cock out the side of my panties. She was already naked as she mounted my cock in one fell swoop. “You look so fucking hot in your sissy outfit, kissing Chrissy. Oh my god you both look so damn hot.” Emily hand the palm of her hands pressing against my chest as she was grinding her pussy against my cock. I could feel her juices dripping down my balls.

Chrissy maneuvered around to be on all fours on the bed. Emily was delirious, “Chrissy feed him your cock. I want to see Jamie suck your cock. Oh my god yes suck his cock for me baby.”

Chrissy didn’t hesitate as he crawled over me. His cami glided over my face causing my cock to expand inside Emily. “I could feel you baby, you want that cock don’t you? Suck it. Take that cock in your mouth and taste his manly cock.”

Emily was wild with passion to the likes that I have never seen. Chrissy’s cockhead was touching my lips. I stuck out my tongue just so the tip touched his dripping clit on his cockhead. I flicked the clear drop of nectar that was waiting to be plucked. I made sure that Emily was watching every move I made. Chrissy leaned forward and I opened my mouth to accept his cock. Not to be left out, Jessica stood on her knees behind Chrissy. I knew the second Chrissy plunged his cock down my throat that Jessica had pushed her strapon into his pussy.

Emily was going wild “Yes Jess fuck your sissy’s pussy. Fuck his cum right out of him. Get ready to take a load Jamie. I want to see you swallow his cum. Fuck his mouth Chrissy. Shove that hard cock down his little sissy throat.”

It was too much for all of us. It was a good thing that we were on our own island when we all started to scream out in a torrent of orgasms. Jessica must have hit Chrissy just right when he yelled out, “Oh fuck ya. Fuck my pussy Jess. Ya that’s it I’m going to cum. Drink my juice Jamie. OH GOOODDDD!”

Chrissy’s cock swelled in my mouth and I pulled my head back just in time to feel his cum burst out of his cock and into my mouth. My cheeks puffed out as they filled with cum. The pressure was too much as the cum shot out of my mouth and onto my cheeks and neck. Emily tighten her pussy like a vice grip as her body went into a violent shaking orgasm, “OOOOOHHHHH FFFFUUUCCCKKKKK!!!!”

I couldn’t cum until Emily released her death grip on my cock. When she did my cock flooded her pussy with my cum. I swallowed Chrissy’s cum as my cum shot deep into Emily. The site must have been better than any porno flick. Jessica shoved hard against Chrissy’s ass one last time as she fell on his back and held still as a wave of her own orgasm rocked through her.

Jessica rolled out of and off of Chrissy. Chrissy pulled his deflating cock out of my mouth, but not before I gave it one last suck. Emily rolled off my cock, leaving a load of our mixed cum all over my legs and cock. Emily was the first to speak, “My body is still trembling and my pussy is throbbing like crazy. That was the hottest fuck I have ever seen or been a part of.”

Emily leaned into me and we kissed. Her tongue searched for the taste of Chrissy’s load. “MMMMMM, that tastes so good.” Emily was licking her lips as we separated.

Jessica and Chrissy were making out next to us on the bed. I felt a hand on my balls and realized that Jessica was caressing them. I saw her wiggle down Chrissy’s body until she was level with his cock, but instead of sucking his cock she leaned over and took my half hard cock into her mouth. Emily was watching her lick the combined pussy and cum juices off my cock and balls. My cock was starting to rise to the occasion. Emily leaned over to me and started to kiss me again. Emily tightened her grip on my neck and pressed her lips tight against mine as her tongue went crazy in my mouth and she began to moan, “MMMMMPPPHHHH!”

It was a hot summer night, and the skies were filled with lightning and thunder, the young couple lay on the couch flicking through pointless shows on the television. Jenni was snuggled on Johnny’s lap, her arms wrapped around him, running her hands over his thighs. Johnny stirred as she inched closer and closer to his growing cock. Jenni let her hair down so that he could play with it, knowing that that would add to his ever growing, and very pressing needs.

As Johnny adjusted himself Jenni slipped her hands in through his underwear, making contact with his soft, very large sac. As she played with his sac Johnny kept looking at his watch, Jenni asked “expecting time to move faster the more you look?”

“No, just wondering what time it is, that’s all” Johnny snickered and settled back in so that Jenni could continue with one of his favorite past times. Now that his cock was rock hard Jenni leaned over and gently sucked him into her mouth. Johnny’s eyes rolled back into his head and let out a soft groan. Between the sound of Johnny moaning and Jenni sucking, she didn’t hear to front door open. Her hair was covering her face and she was totally engrossed in what she was doing. She had no idea that another couple had walked into the house and stripped naked.

Johnny knew what was going on; he had invited the couple over for a night of steamy sex and naughty pleasures. All of the sudden Jenni felt another set of hands on her, she looked up quickly and was startled at the sight of two more people in her living room. She looked at Johnny in shocked disbelief. “What is going on here, Johnny, who are these people and what are they doing in our home?” she exclaimed.

“Well, I have been telling you for months now that if you keep teasing me you will be surprised. So, meet Leo and Tori. Surprise…” Just as Jenni was about to say something Tori piped up

“I heard that it has been a while since you have eaten a nice wet pussy, come have a taste of mine. Babe why don’t you and Johnny get yourselves nice and hard, Jenni and I will be with you two in a minute.”

Leo smiled and sat next to Johnny, “Happy to oblige”. Johnny finished stripping his clothes off and he and Leo began stroking their cocks.

Tori laid down on the ottoman and spread he legs for the men to see, and motioned for Jenni to come to her, “Jenni, make me cum, show these men what you can do”.

Jenni knelt between her legs, wrapping her arms under Tori’s bum and grasping at her hips. Jenni could smell the scent of a woman coming from Tori, her mouth started to water as she leaned in close to her pussy. This would be Jenni’s first taste of pussy in several years, and it was just as she remembered it. Tori’s pussy was warm and inviting, but sweet and a little tart at the same time. As Jenni’s tongue gently ran across Tori’s clit, she could feel Tori shutter under her. Jenni allowed her tongue to travel down Tori’s clit to her warm and very wet whole, which was filled with a sweet nectar just waiting to be drunk. Tori moaned as Jenni’s tongue slipped in her pussy whole and lapped at her juices.

The moans and slurps that were coming from the women made the men writhe in their seats, squirming with anticipation. Johnny couldn’t handle it any more, he stood up and walked over to Tori, kneeling in front of her and presenting his thick, hard cock to her soft lips. Jenni looked up from Tori’s pussy when she heard her muffled moans, she glanced at Johnny’s face and gave him a little smile, then returned to her tasty morsel. No sooner did she bury her face in Tori’s pussy did she feel the light touch of Leo’s hand at the small of her back. Leo raised Jenni’s ass to a level of easy accessibility, and then gently started to rub her back and bum. As Leo placed his hand on Jenni’s hips she could feel his hot bated breath at the small of her back, followed by his tongue at the tip of her tailbone. Leo simultaneously moved his tongue down her crack and spread her cheeks with his strong hands. Her back arched as his tongue slipped down her crack to her petite, puckered little rosebud. As her back arched with pleasure Tori began to buck her hips, grabbing Jenni by her long ponytail, pulling her face deeper into her gaping pussy.

Johnny could see everything that was happening and he was elated at the sight of doings. Muffled moans came from Jenni and Tori as they were being pleasured on one way or another. Muffled screams soon emerged from Tori as she came all over Jenni’s face, allowing Johnny to shove his throbbing cock deeper in to Tori’s throat. He soon shot a load of hot sticky cum into Tori’s mouth while thrusting like a crazed animal. He pulled out of Tori’s mouth and knelt beside her to play with her breasts. Johnny’s load was so big that it dribbled down the side of her face. Johnny Leaned over and kissed his cum from the side of her cheek, leaving a glistening sheen on her face. Leo had moved to Jenni’s pussy by now and was getting soaked in her juices as she squirted all over his face.

By that point the only one not being taken care of was Leo, so Jenni rolled onto her back pulling Leo’s face into her pussy once again; this time exposing more of Leo for Tori and Jonny to play with. Tori laid her head between his legs and sucked his cock into her mouth while Johnny went behind him and began to play with Leo’s sac. Johnny pulled a set of anal beads out and lubed them up. Knowing that this was Leo’s first time ever having anything in his ass, Johnny went easy at first, gently inserting just a few beads in to Leo allowing him to acclimate to the new sensations. Soon Leo became comfortable with the beads and began rocking back and forth, allowing more to enter his ass. Johnny could see that Leo was more relaxed so he pulled the beads out and moved on to something with a little more girth; he used Jenni’s Blue Dolphin vibrating dildo; it was only and inch in diameter, but it made Leo tense up and his cock stiff as a board.

When Jenni was done drowning Leo with her cum, she stood up and moved in behind Johnny. She had strapped a nine inch vibrating dildo, which she lovingly named Moby. Jenni lubed Moby up and caressed Johnny’s ass while she spread his checks. She turned the vibrations on low and placed Moby’s tip at Johnny’s asshole. She waited for him to start moving back onto it, and inch by inch Moby disappeared into Johnny’s ass. By now Leo’s cock was deep into Tori’s mouth and Johnny was fucking Leo with the Blue Dolphin. As for Jenni, well she was quite content pounding away at Johnny’s ass with Moby. She would occasionally ease up and let Johnny fuck her thick, vibrating cock…

What will these imaginative couples do next? I guess you will have to wait and see…

I have always been fascinated by the grey area of sexuality in guys. We constantly talk about “gays” and “straights” and more recently “bisexuals.” This suggests there were two and now three categories of sexuality. I think many of us know that rather than three, there is actually a sliding rule of sexuality starting with the absolute 100% straight guy who could never envisage even looking at a man sexually all the way to the poor effeminate 100% gay guy who is looking for Mr. Right to whisk him off his feet and live happily ever after.

Somewhere in between there a fascinating blend of straight with a hint of gay if he gets drunk, the married couple who play with other men mainly because her “straight” husband loves seeing other guys cocks. What we rarely get is the gay guy who fancies fucking a wife to get his hands on the husband. A quick trip through one of the gay or swingers sites and you find it awash with bi guys willing to play alone.

The purpose of my introduction is to tell you a stories of my brief journeys into the bisexual unknown. As a gay man, I live a gay 100% life with a partner. We play together and with others from time to time but have a pretty solid relationship. I am amazed how many married couples approach us asking for us to screw the wife and probably the husband too.

Though I have had the odd brief trip into mock heterosexuality while pretending to be straight in my youth the two stories I mention below and totally different in that they happened after I realised I was gay and happy to be so. To me, women’s’ breasts were for delivering milk so for me to even contemplate sex with a woman is unusual but it happened. It happened because the bait in each case was a stunning heterosexual husband with managed to get my juices going despite the presence of a wife.

Both these stories are true and I write them here as an invitation firstly to any gay men who have had the same experience or a married couple who actually have enticed a gay man to join them. I would love to hear your stories and to add them as extra parts these ones.

So here’s my experiences:


My first partner was younger than I was by some 8 years. He was also young looking for his age so when we started going out he was 18 and looked under-age which could be a pain in pubs but they were not so concerned in these days. He had all the hormones of a randy 18 year old and was good looking as well. Add to that a thick 8 inch cock and I had to fight to keep him. As many married men may identify, I actually was turned on watching guys trying to bed him and knowing I would be sucking on his cock at the end of the night. This developed into allowing guys to join us for sex from time to time and I found I couldn’t get enough of seeing him fuck other guys (a pleasure that I still have today with my current boyfriend).

We both had jobs which meant us being out and about and many nights I would arrive home to find out he had set up a three some with some guy he had met. Gradually these guys became straighter and straighter looking and I began to get a little nervous that one day he might just try to pick up one that actually was straight and end up on the wrong end of a fist.

I came home one night to find Peter in our house. Peter was a builder, about 22 or 23 years old and with the wiry build a lot of these guys have. He was about 5 feet 9 inches tall and looked very nervous. He was driving a van and seems to have been picked up in some roadside café but how, I never found out. He had to be told to take a shower and came out wearing just his underpants, not the sexiest but he had a nice body. The session ended up with his naked on the sofa and the two of us worshipping his cock (just a shade under 7 inches, uncut and slim). We took it in turn sucking him and in return we got very little barring a few gasps as he headed towards orgasm. We had out faces splattered with cum and Peter was out of the house in 5 minutes.

He had our number and a few weeks later, the experience was repeated. We found out he was married and had a boy who was toddling. His wife was a hairdresser and they lived in a flat about 10 miles away. He seemed to love her and during the oral sex, he commented on how much she would love our cocks. It didn’t dawn on him that she might be curious as to how he knew two gay guys.

These sessions went on for around 6 months, and didn’t develop much above the one sided oral sex until one winter evening.

The telephone rang and my partner answered. After a brief conversation he told me that Peter seemed a little distraught and needed to talk to us urgently. He didn’t have the van and could we drive over to see him. My partner sensing that this was probably going to involve a lot of tears and a “my wife’s found out about me” conversation, feigned a prior engagement and volunteered my services. I genuinely felt that if he was having a problem we may have contributed in his sexual confusion so thought I might be able to help. We agreed to meet in a street near a pub we both knew and I drove to meet him.

He climbed in when I arrived and asked me to drive a short distance away as he was well known in the area. We parked and he told me a story.

He had been very horny all day and fantasising about his “lovely” wife and when he had returned from work, he concocted a story saying he had met a guy who after talking had shown an interest in fucking her. He said he had told her, the guy was coming around tonight and was going to fuck her with him. Still not catching on to the story, I continued to ask questions including the one, “So where is the guy?”

The answer was, “It’s you.”

I was genuinely stumped. “I’m gay, or hadn’t you noticed?”

“That turns me on even more,” he said. “The thought that the guy who sucked my cock is fucking my wife drives me wild. She’s never ever agreed to do anything like this despite me pushing her and tonight, for the first time, she agreed. Please, please help!”

When I asked what he would do if I refused, he told me he would be disappointed and gestured to the window of a ground floor flat opposite where I could make out a woman. We were outside his house!

Don’t ask me why I agreed. Maybe it was the look on his face, maybe I was turned on seeing a straight guy as horny as it was ever possible to be and I though that maybe I could wing it. I went in.

The first shock was meeting his wife. She worked in the salon where I had my hair cut.

She looked at me and after saying, “Hi, I’m Tina,” she added, “We all thought you were gay!”

She immediately apologised and Peter looked a little flustered probably less his big fantasy was going to fall at the first hurdle. He clumsily lunged towards her in some effort to get things going but as the kid was running about, she said she would have to put him to bed first. This gave Peter and I some time to talk. Personally I would rather have started with him but that was never going to be. When she returned, Peter started to kiss her and she let him. I stood behind her and started to stroke her clothed body. I must be honest and say my cock was not making any moves. I brushed against Peter’s cock and it was absolutely rigid. I knew I would get little chance to hold it during the session, especially bearing in mind her “gay” comments.

Soon Peter had her stripped to her panties. She had a pretty body, short cut hair and medium size breasts which showed no sagging. It seemed the birth hadn’t caused her too much structural damage. I sat on the sofa as Peter sat on her other side kissing frantically and licking her all over. I realised I would have to do something so stripped myself down to briefs and leaned forward to pull her panties off. I started kissing her breasts and Peter was encouraging me. I always enjoy doing any oral sex and can spend some time sucking a cock so I decided to “bite the bullet” and lowered myself between Tina’s legs. Her sex lay open before me, neatly trimmed and the folds of it gaping open and slightly moist. Somehow it attracted me and my tongue tentatively entered her opening. I searched for the clitoris and realised these years of looking at straight porn movies were going to come in handy. Something seemed to be happening as she started to buck her hips off the couch. Peter’s fingers came down and entered her as I licked and she swivelled around on the couch and took his cock in her mouth.

“This is awesome,” he said.

I was really enjoying this. There was little taste and my own saliva was opening her up more. Her bucking was keeping me going and Peter’s fingers stroking around was getting me turned on. I stroked my cock with my free hand and surprisingly it gave me a “thumbs up” and started to rise.

“I’ve gotta fuck,” he said.

He lifted her legs on to the sofa and opened her. He pushed his cock into her easily and I stood over her allowing her to suck my cock.

“Fucking amazing sight,” he said as he started to fuck her.

Tina was whimpering, obviously getting some pleasure out of the circumstances. Up until that moment I had thought it was all for his sake and not hers so this pleased me. I held her head as she sucked. Not the best blow job I had ever had but sufficient to keep me hard. With a roar, Peter came in her. He pumped and hammered her as he did so and eventually pulled out, his cock coated in his own semen. I knew I could suck him but I did the next best thing and stuck my mouth back in her cunt. His cum poured out. I knew he was a heavy cummer but this was a sizeable quantity of semen and too much for me to be seen drinking.

This is where I was surprised. Peter was still rigid. He lifted her legs and without any rest, began to fuck her again. I had never seen a recovery like that. We resumed the same positions again and off he went with Tina grunting and gasping and him fucking like a madman. I had read many stories of guys cumming many times and always seen that as poetic license. As someone who cums and that’s it, the best I had seen is a guy cumming a second time, about thirty minutes after his first orgasm. My current partner does that, but his was immediate.

He came again and once more pumped into her. I managed to get my hand between his legs from his arse through to his balls and was able to hold the base of his cock as he pumped into her. I could feel each spurt. Again he pulled out and again I went down on her. The cum was pouring out of her cunt and the sight was amazing.

Peter stood up, his cock drooping slightly but still showing little sign of giving up and said, “You fuck her now.”

This was my moment. I pulled a condom on to my cock and replaced Peter on the sofa. I entered her and found the idea of being lubricated by copious quantities of his cum a great turn on. Usually when I’m fucking there’s a lot more grip but my cock slid in and almost slopped around. I turned her round and tackled her doggy fashion as this gave me some purchase. Peter stuck his cock in her mouth and she sucked as I fucked. I looked out of the corner of my eye and saw their son, thumb in mouth, stark naked watching the debauched scene totally unaware of what was happening. Peter, saw him and shook his head as though to say “Don’t tell her.” I wasn’t sure if he was just so randy he didn’t want anything to break the momentum.

I was close to cumming when she saw her son and freaked out. Dashing across the room and taking him back to bed. I thought that was it but it surprised me when, fifteen minutes later she was back and ready to go again. I must have been doing something right.

I started fucking again and was pleasantly surprised when Peter’s hand went between my legs and gripped my cock as I fucked her. He then stood up and started to wank himself and I was amazed when another stream of cum shot over her back and ran down her butt cheeks to hit my cock as I fucked her. He was still producing envious quantities of cum. I kept fucking and felt I was going to cum soon. I told him.

“Wait a little longer and we’ll both cum on her tits,” he said.

I pulled out and took the condom off and Tina again started to suck me. I was close and felt sure she would be getting a mouthful if she wasn’t careful.

“I’m close,” he said, his fourth shot within thirty minutes.

I took control of my own cock and she lay back as we both aimed at her chest and fired almost simultaneously. My own cock fired a shot across her breasts and Peter’s hit my leg and he came in the opposite direction. Tina had reached a climax while I fucked her but I noticed it was the only time in the entire session. It pleased me that a gay boy could make a woman cum though.

Whether my boyfriend had set me up after suggestions from Peter, I don’t know. I do know that he had a bit of a fantasy about me doing it as he had a “straight guy” interest and I suppose it gave me extra points in his eyes. He didn’t ever admit to it though.

Peter approached me again and I have to say I did it again. Like all things a second time around it wasn’t quite as exciting and I felt a little uncomfortable as I didn’t think her heart was in it. I’m not into having sex with people who aren’t enjoying it.

Some months later he asked me to go again and after much persuading I agreed a date five days later. I arrived as scheduled and found Peter just out of the shower with a towel wrapped around him. He announced that she had gone to visit her mother and wouldn’t be there. He apologised for not cancelling and sat on the couch.

“Will you fuck me?” he asked.

“Have you ever been fucked?”

“God no. The only reason I want you to fuck me is to feel the cock that fucked my wife inside me.”

It took forever and I was absolutely sure he was in some pain but he was absolutely determined to get all my cock in him and to be properly fucked. I held his hips and fucked him royally, gripping his cock as I did so. At his insistence I came inside him, in a condom, and he blasted his legendary shot of cum across the room.

I had no sooner cum than he said, “We’ve got five minutes to clear up as my mates are coming around to go out for a drink.”

I barely had my pants fastened when the doorbell rang and three rough looking guys came in. I looked a little out of place in my smart trousers and shirt and Peter casually passed me off as a friend of his wife. No mention made that I had just fucked his arse though. I declined their offer of joining them in some football supporters bar nearby and scurried away never to see Peter or his wife again. I changed hairdressers.

I heard that his wife left him shortly afterwards. I don’t know whether he had pushed the threesome thing too far with her or there were other factors but such is life.

2. The Irish Couple

I was on business in Northern Ireland right in the middle of all their problems. Few business people ventured there but business was good for those who did. I actually enjoyed it and the “troubles,” as they called it, limited the gay scene considerably. Most guys married whether they wanted to or not but the cottage scene was amazing, especially to an outsider who was less likely to blab to anyone if they had sex with him.

It was lunch time in a little town called Ballymoney (there’s a lot of “Ballys” in Northern Ireland) and I was sitting in a rather large car park having a sandwich and drinking a can of Coke. I had checked out the toilet opposite already and it was as ungay as a toilet could be. One cubicle and one urinal does not make for good pick-ups.

I noticed a really good looking guy of about 24 or 25 go in but apart from that showed little interest. After 15 minutes or so, I realised he hadn’t come out and curiousity got the better of me. I went in to find the cubicle door shut. There was little I could do but stand at the urinal and feign pissing. I coughed. He coughed. I realised he was looking for something but where we would do that, I had no idea.

I heard the cubicle door unlock and walked around to peer inside. He was standing with his pants at his feet wanking a delightful six and a half inch uncut cock. I gripped it and he let me stroke him. He gripped mine and admired my seven inches.

“Let’s talk outside,” he said, zipping up and walking out.

I followed him and realising he was going to talk right at the door, suggested chatting in my car. Once there, and expected him to either suggest another place to have sex or arrange to meet later. To that end, when he asked where I was staying, I happily told him my hotel in Coleraine, about 15-20 minutes drive away. That’s when he dropped his bombshell.

“I would love to bring my wife around tonight to be fucked by your big cock,” he said.

I pointed out that my being gay might put a damper on the evening and my whole purpose of picking him up was to allow him to sample my big cock rather than his wife. For some reason he was oblivious to the possible problems my homosexuality might bring to the occasion and he continued to explain how much seeing his wife being fucked would turn him on. Now having a horny heterosexual man in my car who even allowed me to squeeze his cock definitely had it’s merits but giving up a really nice dinner with a bottle of wine to shag a 24 year old girl didn’t really do I for me. I made my position clear, his cock was worthwhile giving up the delights of the hotel’s kitchen for but his wife’s cunt didn’t really do it for me. We parted and though I was frustrated, as the guy was a stunner, I was glad I hadn’t been caught out for a second time after the incident with Peter.

I had just finished my main course that evening and having had a vodka and tonic and was just finishing a half bottle of Chablis when I saw, through a glass partition into the foyer, a good looking young man approach reception, a young lady in tow. They looked as though they were about to check-in, but had no luggage. As I sipped I watched the gorgeous young man waiting to get a good view of his face, as I finished the last of my wine I suddenly realised it was my young man from lunch-time. My first thought was that this was a coincidence and he just happened to be taking his wife for a meal so I sat still and watched him talking at reception.

As I said above, few businessmen travelled around in Northern Ireland so when I saw the receptionist pointing towards the restaurant I began to wonder. I had left him in no doubt as to my feelings about sticking my very gay cock in his wife’s very feminine cunt so still thought it was all a coincidence. His wife was plonked in a chair at reception and he headed my way. As I was sitting at a glass screen and with a full view of the area, I couldn’t really hide so he spotted me almost immediately. He headed over and sat down.

“What brings you here?” I said.

“Looking for you.”

“Why, I told you my views this afternoon and also I’ve been drinking and I droop when I drink (and also when I am told to fuck women).”

“It’s taken me ages to talk her into letting a guy fuck her and everyone around here knows everyone else. You’re the first good looking stranger I’ve come across and I can’t let is pass without at least trying to get you to do it.”

The girl, I had to admit, was as good looking a female as he was a male and many guys reading this now must think me an idiot but when your wiring is set one way, it’s difficult to reverse polarity.

“What would you do while this is happening?” I asked.

“Oh, I told her you were gay so she’s happy for you to have sex with me too!”

Now I don’t know how many gay guys are reading this, but having sex with a straight guy in front of his wife seemed to me to be some kind of ultimate fantasy being fulfilled. Maybe the wine also relaxed me but my cock was reacting as a gay man’s cock shouldn’t.

“Please say you’ll have sex with us.”

His eyes were beautiful too and, as he looked at me and across to his wife, I saw her look over and smile.

I want to thank the readers for hanging in there with this story line. I also want to thank you for the wonderful comments. I appreciate you all for taking the time to send me an email or comment, I will respond to each one.

We were having such a wonderful time sitting together on the beach and watching the sun begin to set. The weather only changes a few degrees between morning and night and the evening breeze brought in the fresh smell of the ocean, crisp and clean. We gathered our belongings and walked towards the house. I was holding Emily’s hand as our arms swung between us with a lilt of happiness. Jess and Chrissy followed close behind. As we crossed the patio the smells of dinner quickly caught our attention and my stomach was the first to growl. We were all laughing when we entered the kitchen. Lana and Jacob were disappointedly dressed again. I would imagine that was to protect themselves from cooking splatter and for sanitary reasons.

“Welcome back folks, you have time for a shower before dinner. Tonight we are having a local favorite called souse, which is chicken stew with peppers and vegetables. The Johnny Cakes are just about to go into the skillet so off with you now and get that sand off of you.” Lana waved her hand at us forcing us to leave the delicious smells of the kitchen.

We weren’t about to miss out on that meal so we all quickly scurried to our bedrooms and showered. Showering together does speed things along. After the shower I put on my wig and applied a light coat of makeup. I was actually pretty good at applying the foundation and eyeliner. Applying the lipstick always gave me a hardon as I paint the light natural lip color onto my lips with the small brush.

I pulled on a nice yellow summer dress and matching yellow thong. It was a nice contrast to my green polish, very tropical. Emily walked out of the closet with a pretty floral wrap-around dress that barely came past her hips. When she sits down she will be exposed. I can’t wait because I know the show will be for Lana and Jacob.

The smells of dinner were driving me mad. I hurried Emily along and we nearly ran down the hall for dinner. The table was set with white bowls on top of white dishes. The dining table was a long rectangular glass top, which easily sat six to eight people, with high back rattan chairs that were upholstered with a tropical floral pattern on the seat cushions.

Jacob carried out a large pot with a serving ladle. Lana served each of us, filling our bowls with a bit of heaven. The stew was thick with meat and vegetables and a pleasing aroma billowed in the air. Lana and Jacob retreated to the kitchen and quickly returned with wine and the Johnny Cakes. Lana placed a Johnny cake in front of our plates as Jacob filled our wine glasses. We held our glasses high and toasted to our host and chef as they gave us a proud nod of their head and exited the room.

I was the first to spoon a mouthful of this local stew. It was warm and the flavors married with each other perfectly. I grabbed up my Johnny cake to help push the food onto my spoon. The Johnny cake was a sweet and light cornmeal biscuit that enhanced the flavor of the souse when you put them in your mouth together. I don’t believe any of us lifted our heads from our plates as the room remained quiet until our meal was nearly completed.

“Oh my god if I eat another bite I am going to burst.” Emily proclaimed as she sat back in her chair and downed the last of her wine.

We gathered our glasses of wine and moved to the large sectional and two swivel chairs in the living room. Jessica and Emily sat on the ends of the sectional sofa while Chrissy and I took the chairs. We relaxed a moment savoring the flavors in our mouths and sipping the last of our wine.

Lana came out of the kitchen carrying a full carafe of red wine. We began to clap as our chef entered the room. She did a curtsey for all of us causing the applause to become louder. “Bravo, bravo Lana, that meal was out of this world.” Jessica toasted.

“Well thank you ladies. I hope you left room for some desert? I baked a banana and coconut cream pie.” Lana looked at us as if she would be hurt if we declined.

Emily raised her hand up, “I just couldn’t. One more bite and I will be harpooned by the whale poachers the next time we go into the ocean.” The room roared with laughter.

Lana moved her hand to her hip and jerked her hip out, “Then you all best find a way to work off some of this meal and make room for my pie, it won’t be any good tomorrow. The way you girls have been carrying on you should at least be able to burn a few calories.”

Lana walked past Jessica and filled Chrissy’s glass with some wine. You could tell that Lana was not wearing anything underneath her top and shorts. As she poured Chrissy’s wine Lana’s back was to Jessica and her ass was eye level with Jessica’s face. Jessica reached out and placed her hands on Lana’s ass giving each cheek a nice firm squeeze.

Jessica turned to us, “They feel as firm as they look.”

Emily looked pissed as she leaned forward, “Jessica, you crossed the line. Lana and Jacob have not accepted our invitation to partake in our group antics. Please Lana forgive us we just got carried away with your beauty and the wine?”

Lana was quick to retort, “We haven’t received an invitation? I thought this afternoon we made it clear that we would not be opposed to joining you. Your hands felt very nice Ms. Jessica.” Lana wiggled her ass in Jessica’s face.

Jessica looked at Emily and stuck out her tongue. Emily shot back to Jessica, “If that’s not an invitation to lick my pussy then you better put that tongue back in your mouth.”

Jessica seductively ran her tongue along her lips making her intentions clear before she ran her hand down the length of Lana’s leg. Lana let out a soft moan and turned to fill Jessica’s glass. Lana stood right in front of Jessica and raised her glass to pour the wine. Lana’s pussy was now right in front of Jessica’s face. The sexual tension began to rise in the room. There was a distinct smell of the women’s sex permeating the air. Jessica ran her hand back up Lana’s leg and continued up under her shorts. It became instantly clear that Jessica ran her thumb along Lana’s pussy as Lana looked like her legs were about to buckle. Chrissy jumped to the rescue and grabbed the glass and picture from Lana as she fell back against Chrissy’s chest to steady her-self.

Jessica pulled her hand from beneath Lana’s shorts and stuck her thumb in her mouth, “MMMM, you taste even better than you look, if that’s even possible.”

Lana pulled away from Chrissy and sat on the couch next to Jessica, “Jacob and I talked about swinging but we’ve never done anything like this before. I’ve never been so turned on.”

Jessica turned towards Lana, “Oh baby we all haven’t either. This trip is the first of everything for all of us. We have opened up the doors to a whole new world. We just want to make each other happy. Jamie and Chrissy are just now enjoying the feelings of being a woman. Sex feels good, it’s just biology so let yourself go.”

Jessica leaned over and unbuttoned Lana’s shirt, exposing the pert breast with her dark nipples, as she simultaneously bent down and gently placed her mouth over the stiffening nipple. Lana grabbed onto Jessica’s head and held it firmly to her breast as she sucked in air through her gritted teeth. Lana lifter her ass off the couch as the pleasures swept over her body. Emily quickly untied her wrap around dress and let if fall open to expose her naked body. Emily pulled Lana’s shirt off from behind and brought her head to rest on her now exposed breast. Lana swiveled her body on the couch as Jessica, without releasing her hold on Lana’s nipple, allowed Lana to lie on the couch as she moved her body to a kneeling position between Lana’s legs. Chrissy and I got up to watch these three women in action. Chrissy stood next to the couch alongside Lana. I stood on the backside of the couch looking down on the ladies.

Emily and Jessica were slowly seducing Lana. Emily now had Lana’s other nipple between her finger and thumb, changing from lightly pinching to gently massaging her hard nipple. Lana’s ass continued to gyrate up and down using her body language to beg for some pussy stimulation. Jessica released Lana’s nipple and proceeded to kiss her way down Lana’s stomach. As Jessica worked her way down she hooked her fingers in Lana’s shorts and pulled them down. Lana lifted her ass to allow Jessica to slip her shorts off. Jessica sat up and Lana lifted her legs in the air. Chrissy and I took our cue and slipped her shorts off her legs as Jessica used the open and outspread woman’s invitation.

Lana’s pussy was beautiful. Her pussy lips were large and swollen. Her skin was perfectly smooth with a light sheen of sweat that made her entire body glow. Emily has now taken both of Lana’s nipples in her hands and began to knead and pinch her breasts driving Lana wild with passion. Jessica began to lick Lana’s inner thighs quenching her thirst with Lana’s nectar. Lana bent her head back as Emily lifter her breast and offered it to Lana. Lana attached herself to Emily’s nipple like a new born baby.

Chrissy came around the couch and gently grabbed my shoulders. I felt her lips on my neck as I naturally bent my head to allow her better access to my throat. Chrissy’s perfume filled my nostrils as she softly kissed her way around my neck to the front of my throat. My cock was rock hard already and dripping in my panties. Chrissy moved in front of me and pulled my mouth to hers. Our lips touched and my body melted into her. Chrissy released the buttons on the back of my dress and let it slip between us leaving me in just my panties. I could hear the women in the throes of making love but I wanted to be with Chrissy right now.

Out from the dark patio walked in Jacob, naked and hard. He must have been watching from the shadows, awaiting the right moment to cross the threshold and join our family sex show. I expected him to go to his wife and fuck her in front of us. Rather he stood alongside Chrissy and myself and enveloped us in his massive arms. This man towered over us and the warmth of his naked skin was solid muscle, hard yet soft, and gentle all at the same time.

“You ladies are truly a vision to behold. Lana and I have dreamed about sharing our bodies with people just as your selves. We have never offered our bodies to any other guests please know this. I would like to be with you.” Jacob’s eyes were pleading yet inviting.

Chrissy placed her hand behind his head and pulled him down towards her face, “Are you sure Jacob? No pulling back, no regrets, and no judgment, just embrace the freedom and feelings.”

Jacob answered her by completing the sensual kiss Chrissy was offering. My hand slipped down over Jacob’s tight ass and began to softly explore his body. Jacob turned slightly out towards me allowing me access to his body. I ran my face along his arm and followed it to his chest. His smell was sweet and fresh. My hand moved across his chest as my hand shook slightly with excitement. My mouth followed my hand until I reached his dark nipple. It was soft, almost like a pillow in contrast to the firm skin of his chest. My tongue flicked out and his nipple began to emerge and become pronounced from his areola.

There was no mistaking the effects we were having on Jacob as his large cock divided us like a board. I let my hand travel down his muscled stomach mentally counting the six-pack of muscles that rippled along the way. My hand reached the root of his cock. The soft pad just above his cock was smooth and tight. I used the tips of my fingers to run along the top of his cock. When I reached the end of his shaft I traced the large mushroom shape that formed the head of his cock. My finger reached the tip to find a large opening leaking precum. I used my finger to paint his cockhead with his precum. His cock bounced out of my hand as his cock flinched with excitement.

Chrissy now moved her down from his kiss and searched out his other nipple causing him to shudder. I wanted to so badly take his cock into my mouth but knew Emily and Jessica did as well. I noticed the room was quiet. The girls had stopped their lovemaking when Jacob entered the room. They have become the voyeurs to our open show.

Emily, Jessica, and Lana were kneeling on the couch facing us. Now almost all naked, leaving Chrissy the only one left with clothing other than my panties. “Let’s take this to our room shall we?” Emily, our matriarch, announced.

Like children breaking for recess, we all ran to the master suite. I dropped my panties off onto the floor as I crawled onto the bed. Jacob followed behind me literally kissing my ass. I stopped and wiggled it to show my appreciation. His darker hands were an exciting contrast to my white ass cheeks. The girls disappeared into the closet and returned wearing their strapon harnesses. They joined us by entering from each side of the bed. As we all gathered together, and just before we became engaged, Chrissy stood at the end of the bed and began the most seductive strip tease.

Her olive complexion was the perfect backdrop to her light summer dress. She slowly unbuttoned two buttons and flashed us her white bra. She turned around bending over to expose her ass and shook it at our faces bringing a round of applause. She stood upright and grabbed the sides of her dress. She began to wiggle her hips allowing the dress to slide over her shoulders. As her left shoulder became exposed she looked over at us and gave a couple of shoulder shrugs. If I had money I would have been throwing it at her.

Chrissy pulled down on her dress until it dropped to her waist. Her bra was larger than I remembered. She had inserts that looked very real, another gift from Rhonda maybe. I stole a glance at Jacob’s cock and found it to be harder than before and dripping clear liquid onto his stomach.

Lana was straddling over Jessica’s cock about to sit on it and enjoy the rest of the show. Jessica had her hands on Lana’s ass balancing her as she settled in on the large monster cock. Or at least we thought it was a monster cock until Jacob appeared. Lana bobbed on the rubber cock a couple of times, taking a bit more each down stroke. The cock began to glisten with her pussy juices as she continued to ride Jessica. Jessica was now able to move her hands from Lana’s ass to her breasts. Lana sat still as she was impaled upon Jessica’s cock. Jessica slowly worked Lana’s nipples while we all continued to watch Chrissy’s strip tease.

Chrissy let her dress fall to the floor. As she bent to pick it up she reached her hand back and unclipped her bra so that when she came back up the bra and dress were flung together onto the chair. She turned around and even I gasped when I saw she had perky little breasts. They were but an A cup but they were different than what I’ve seen on her. Chris had a firm chest, built from lifting weights. I was confused, turned-on, and jealous all at the same time.

Jessica let us in on the changes, “Ta Da! Don’t you just love them? Rhonda gave us some home remedies that you drink and cream you rub on them to make them bud like that. Their beautiful aren’t they?” Jessica was beaming with pride.

Chrissy was feeling a bit self-conscious by the way she began to turn away from us. Jacob reassured her with his soft British accent, “God yes. Truly a vision of beauty. Please come join us Chrissy.” Jacob held out his arms inviting Chrissy into his embrace.

Chrissy dropped her panties to the floor and crawled onto the bed and into Jacob’s waiting arms. Chrissy allowed her body to lie on top of Jacob, their bodies a nice contract with each other. I watched as Chrissy ground her cock against Jacob as they kissed each other. Seeing her husband in the arms of another man was enough to send Lana into her first orgasm as she ground her pussy onto Jessica’s cock. I stood in front of Lana and offered her my hardening cock. Lana licked my cock up and down my shaft before she took me in her mouth and down her throat. I felt insignificant compared to her husband but not enough to NOT enjoy the blow job.

My cock was hard as a rock when Lana stopped sucking my cock and leaned her body back against Jessica. Her pussy was exposed with Jessica’s cock filling her void. “Fuck me Jamie. Stick your cock in my pussy and fuck me.”

I thought she would get off of Jessica’s cock until I felt her grabbing my wrist and bringing me into position, “I want you inside of me too.” She looked right into my eyes. I have never done a DVP (Double Vaginal Penetration) before.

I moved my cockhead closer to her pussy. Emily was there ready with her hand covered in lube, reaching out and stroking my cock. My cock was glistening with the lube. Emily was breathing hard into my ear, “Yes Jamie fuck her. Stick your cock in that pussy and fuck her with Jessica.”

I felt the palm of Emily’s hand press against my lower back as my cock touched Lana’s hot pussy. “Do it baby. I want to see your cock in her pussy.”

Lana lifted up on Jessica’s cock and she grabbed my cock. Lana held it firmly against the fake cock as she lowered herself back down on both cocks. Her pussy was tight. My cock was being placed into the tightest hole I’ve ever felt. Lana lifted up again and came back down taking in more of our cocks. I moved my legs so that my legs crossed over Jessica’s thighs, allowing my cock to get closer to Lana’s pussy. Emily squirt more lube on our cocks as Lana rose up and lowered back down. My cock was more than halfway engulfed by Lana’s pussy. Emily leaned her breast forward so that Lana could suck her nipples. As soon as Lana sucked in Emily’s nipple she bottomed out on my cock with a guttural groan into Emily’s tits.

I glanced over at Jacob and Chrissy and Jacob was sucking away at Chrissy’s budding breasts while at the same time fingering her hole. Chrissy was going insane as she pushed back against Jacob’s long slender finger. Emily couldn’t take it anymore. She pulled away from our group and slid over to Jacob and Chrissy. Jacob’s hard cock was bouncing around unattended. Emily grabbed his giant cock and attempted to give him a blow job. Emily’s eyes rolled back as she tasted Jacob’s cock for the first time. Her hand was feverishly finger fucking her-self as she could barely get the head of his cock in her mouth. Emily held Jacob’s cock to her face and slowly licked around his head, making love to it.

I leaned forward and pressed my cock upwards into Lana’s overly stuffed pussy. Jessica’s hands came up, grabbed Lana’s nipples, and pulled on them until her arms could stretch no further. Lana screamed out and her body shook as she went into a major orgasm. Lana was a squirter, her pussy juices escaped around and between the small openings between our cocks. The fluid jetted out like a kinked hose. The scene was too much for me and I started to shoot my cum deep into Lana’s squirting pussy. The pressure from being squeezed so tight made my cum well up in my shaft until I moved enough to let it pass making it shoot harder than I have ever shot before.

I pulled out of Lana’s pussy followed by a torrent of cum and pussy juice that drenched Jessica’s rubber cock and pussy. Chrissy was quick to crawl over and dive her face into Jessica’s pussy lapping up my cum and Lana’s pussy juice. Chrissy’s ass was invitingly up in the air as Jacob walked on his knees behind her. Emily shot me a look of concern as she grabbed the lube on the table, “Let’s help them out.”

I got on one side of Chrissy as Emily knelt on the other. Emily squirted lube onto Chrissy’s ass causing her to moan into Jessica’s sloppy pussy. I in turn used the lube to start fingering her hole. One, two, three fingers went easily in. I fucked her with my fingers, twisting and pulling her open until I was able to get four fingers in her and use my thumb to continue to stretch her out more. Chrissy was wiggling her ass and pushing back against me knowing we were preparing her for Jacob.

Emily used more lube and then grabbed Jacob’s cock and pulled him into position. I pulled my hand out of Chrissy’s ass as I felt Jacob’s cock head filling the void where my hand was. Jacob’s head fit in snuggly as Emily and I watched his cock disappear into Chrissy’s pussy. Chrissy froze as the first few inches entered her. Jacob was slow and methodical, experienced in knowing his cock could hurt someone. Emily applied more lube to Jacob’s shaft as he pulled a couple of inches out and pressed forward again.

I felt compelled to rub Chrissy’s back to comfort her as she was taking the biggest cock I have ever seen. Chrissy lifted her head away from Jessica’s pussy, “Oh god that is so fucking big. Fuck me Jacob. Take that big black cock and fuck me hard, I’m ready. I need it please fuck my pussy baby. Make me a woman, fuck me now.”

Jacob was too compassionate to ram his cock in her. Rather he pushed slowly in and out, sawing his way into Chrissy until he was almost bottomed out, “I didn’t think you could take it sweetheart. My god you are so tight. Are you sure Love, that you can take more?”

Lana lifted off of Jessica’s cock to get a better look at her husband fucking someone other than her, and a man none the less. Jessica now was able to hold Chrissy’s head against her pussy. I could tell Jessica was getting close as her soon to be husband was getting fucked by a huge cock. Jessica’s face was clinched tight as her impending orgasm was about to hit, “Fuck him Jacob. Shove that big cock all the way in, ram it hard. Make me feel your cock thrust into him.”

Jacob’s arm muscles flexed as his grip tightened onto Chrissy’s hips. He pulled his cock nearly all the way out. Chrissy’s hole was stretched wide. Emily shot another squirt of lube onto his long shaft just before he slammed all ten inches into Chrissy. Chrissy screamed into Jessica’s pussy as she held her head against her pussy. The thrust of Jacob’s cock pressed Chrissy tightly against Jessica’s pussy. Jessica was sent over the edge as her face unnaturally contorted during her orgasm.

Jacob was now fucking Chrissy for all he was worth. The naked bodies surrounding him were too much as he fucked Chrissy. “Oh fuck, yes take it baby. I am going to cum. OH Damn! MMMMpphhh!”

The sweat was dripping from Jacob’s forehead and onto Chrissy’s back. Chrissy looked ready to pass out as she held her head down onto Jessica’s pussy. Her cheeks were covered with Jessica’s pussy juices. Jacob shoved his cock deep into Chrissy and I watched as his balls contracted and his cock began to pump Chrissy full of his seed. Jacob pulled back just enough for me to see the underside of his cock pulse as he pumped his load. Jacob had so much cum, or the space inside Chrissy was so full, that his cum was shooting out the sides of his cock, onto his balls, and down Chrissy’s legs. What a beautiful site it was.

Jacob pulled his semi hard cock out of Chrissy ass, picked her up and flipped her over onto her back. He lay on top of her and then rolled her on top of him in one fluid motion. He is so strong and big. Chrissy melted into his body as they became one.

I was hard as a rock watching the cum leak from Chrissy’s pussy and onto Jacob’s balls and legs. I knew Emily hadn’t cum yet so I swung my body around to where I was between her legs. She still had on her harness but not the cock that goes inside her. I lifted her legs over my shoulders and shoved my cock into her sloppy pussy. I bottomed out and started to fuck her hard. The fake cock was flopping and slapping her in the stomach as I fucked her for all I was worth. Lana moved over and started to bite and pull on Emily’s nipples. Emily grabbed Lana’s ass and started to knead her flesh.

I was in for the long haul having already cum. But when Lana told Emily to spank her ass and Emily complied I had to really work on making this last. Emily had a fire in her eyes that I haven’t seen before. Her arms reached out and came back down on Lana’s ass. The hand to flesh sound filled the room. Emily screamed out as Lana pulled on her nipples. Emily’s pussy clamped down on my cock as she had the pent up orgasm that was waiting to come out. Emily stopped spanking Lana and held her hand against the woman’s ass for support as she enjoyed her orgasm.

When Emily released the tension on my cock I pulled out and moved behind Lana and shoved my cock in her pussy. “MMM, Jamie fuck me with Emily’s pussy juice. Fuck me harder man.”

I was slamming my hips into Lana’s ass making the same slapping sound as when Emily was using her hand. Jessica slid under Lana, grabbed her head hard and slammed it down onto her pussy, “Eat me bitch.”

Lana went wild eating Jessica’s pussy. Lana liked to be the submissive slut as Jessica held her head and face fucked her with her pussy. Lana had another orgasm that put me over the top. I pulled out and shot my load all over Lana’s ass and back. Chrissy and Jacob were right next to me ready to clean my mess, Jacob on one side Chrissy on the other. My white globes of cum stood out against Lana’s mocha skin. Jacob licked a glob from her back and then sucked in my cock. I wasn’t expecting this but I held still. Jacob cleaned my cock of his wife’s pussy juice and sucked out the last couple of drops I had in my shaft. My cock was becoming too sensitive and I pulled back.

Jacob was hard again and Jessica was determined to ride it. Jessica stood on the bed and unhooked her harness letting it fall to the bed. She walked next to Jacob, grabbed his shoulders, and pushed him back onto the bed. Emily rolled away just in time. Jessica’s pussy landed on Jacob’s stomach but the muscle man didn’t even notice the light woman on top of him.

“Fuck me baby,” was all Jessica said as she slid her body down and began to consume Jacob’s cock.

“Oh fuck me. You’re so fucking big. God it feels sooooo good!” Jessica went into a trance as she concentrated on getting that cock inside of her. Jessica did all the work and Jacob just held her for support. Jessica moved up Jacob’s body as his cock pulled out of her pussy. Then she would hold his shoulders and push back down his body, dragging her breast along his torso. You could see Jessica’s face focusing on getting all of his cock inside of her before she started to cum, which happened the second Jacob bottomed out.

Jessica pushed down one last time taking the entire cock, “SHHHIIITTTT!!! AAARRRRGGHHHH!!!!” Jessica pressed her body against Jacob as her orgasm peaked.

Jessica lifted her body and pulled off of Jacob’s cock. She rolled back onto the bed and into Emily’s arms. Emily wrapped her arms around Jessica as they both were spent. Jacob was still hard and glistening with Jessica’s pussy juice. Chrissy and I attached Jacob’s cock with a vengeance. We both licked his cock up and down the shaft. I reached the top and barely got my mouth around it. I don’t know how they all did it. Jacob lifted his legs up as Chrissy licked her way down to his ass. Chrissy’s tongue found his hole, “Oh yes that’s it baby right there. Fuck it baby.”

Jacob again surprised us as not only this god like creature fucked men but now wanted to be fucked. Chrissy tongued Jacob’s hole until she felt he was ready. Jacob was pouring out precum that I eagerly lapped up. Chrissy wrapped her arms around his big muscular thighs and pressed her cock into his pussy. The initial pain was apparent on his face as his neck muscles tightened and bulged. His teeth clinched, “NNNNNMMMMMM. YES do me honey. Push that cock in me. Fuck me, fuck me good.”

Chrissy didn’t waste any time letting him adjust as she pulled back and rammed her cock into him until she hit bottom. Jacob screamed out, “FUCK YES!”

Chrissy pulled back out and started to long dick him, “Is this what you want baby? You like a nice hard cock fucking your pretty little ass pussy? You like this don’t you? You are just a big strong beautiful pussy boy aren’t you? That’s it baby take my cock. My cock is going in and out of your pussy. You like that feel baby?”

Jacob was getting off on the dirty talk as I jacked his cock I could feel it twitch and jerk in my hand. “Yes oh yes fuck me. Fuck my pussy. AAAHHHHH! Yes I love cock, fuck me please fuck me.”

Chrissy was working his ass good and hard. But she couldn’t handle the scene either and it pushed her over the edge as she pushed her cock into Jacob’s ass and filled him up with cum, “Yes that’s it bitch take my load. Do you feel me shooting my cum in your pussy baby?”

Jacob’s cock flared in my hand as I jacked him off. It was so strong that is made my hand open up to the point that my fingers could not touch as they wrapped around his shaft. Then I felt it begin to pulse and his cum surged through the big tube that ran along the bottom of his shaft. I never watched a cock erupt with such force as his cum flew out the tip of his cock and landed on his shoulder and chest. I was just able to get my mouth over his cock to catch the last few dribbles of cum as they seeped out. It tasted so good, warm, and thick.

We all lay exhausted as or climaxes subsided. Lana and Jacob slipped off the bed and headed towards the doorway. Emily propped her elbow on the bed and rested her head in the palm of her hand, “Where do you two think you’re going?”

Jacob turned back, “We are going to clean the kitchen and head home. Tonight was grand.”

Emily raised her other hand and crooked her finger creating the universal sign to ‘come here’, “You aren’t going out in the dark waters and you’re NOT cleaning the kitchen tonight. You can squeeze back on the bed or you can take one of the other rooms.”

As crowded as it was, they thankfully agreed, and found space on the king size. Jacob lay on his back and Lana comfortably crawled on top of him and fell back to sleep with her head on his chest. They made such a peaceful and beautiful couple.

The next morning we all fumbled awake. Emily pushed me off the bed so she could get up, “I have to pee and can’t hold it any longer.”

I rubbed my eyes, “A simple ‘honey could you move please’ would have done nicely.”

Emily shook her ass in my face and walked towards the bathroom. God I love that woman.

We all showered and found ourselves back together again in the kitchen. Lana and Jacob had put on coffee and feverishly cleaning the kitchen. Emily walked up and grabbed a dish towel. Lana moved to snatch it out of her hand but Emily was too fast, “I am just going to help you with the dishes.”

Lana looked at Emily, “But we never, I mean nobody has ever helped. I mean a guest has never offered to help.”

Emily laughed at Lana and kissed her forehead, “Don’t be silly. How do you think we survive outside of this vacation? We do dishes, we cook, we clean,” Emily leaned into Lana as if she were telling her a secret, “we even clean toilets.”

The room filled with laughter as we all got up and cleaned the kitchen in minutes. You could tell that Jacob and Lana were nervous but we just plowed over them and began slicing fresh fruit for breakfast as Lana began to whip up some concoction in a bowl that I was sure would be scrumptious.

We were about to sit down when Emily noticed the table, “This is unacceptable.”

Emily marched into the kitchen and came out caring two more place settings. She handed Jessica the dishware and went back to the kitchen. Emily returned once again pushing Jacob and Lana towards the table, “SIT”

I got up and pulled a chair out for Lana. Chrissy quickly followed suit for Jacob. Jessica scurried into the kitchen to help Emily. I poured each of them a cup of coffee as the women came out of the kitchen caring breakfast. “Here we go, now this is much better don’t you all think so?”

I raised my cup of coffee as if to second her proposal. Emily walked around the table filling our dishes with eggs and sausages with Jessica following her lead with fruit and cheese biscuits. When all the plates had food Emily and Jessica took their seats. “Now let’s eat.”

Lana and Jacob hesitantly picked up their forks as we dove into our plates of food. Jessica was first to break the ice, “I didn’t realize how hungry I was. I must have worked off a million calories last night.”

Lana and Jacob cracked a smile as we all stared at them. They looked up to notice us staring at them and we all busted out laughing. Emily reached over and grabbed Lana’s forearm, “Relax you two, we are all happy with ourselves and what we did last night. I’m sure I say this for all of us that it was our pleasure last night to have you in our bedroom.”

Chrissy started a slow clap that was immediately followed by the rest of us. Lana leaned over to Emily and kissed her on the cheek. Chrissy leaned over and kissed Jacob on his cheek. “Now let’s not get started again this girl needs to make herself presentable.” I was quick to throw the white flag up.

The table went back to a regular conversation as we all finished our breakfast. Lana and Jacob jumped up and began to clear the table. “Oh no you two don’t, we will take care of this you go relax and be our guests today.” Emily said as she grabbed the dishes from Lana.

“Oh no, I couldn’t let you. You’ve done so much already. We don’t mind, it’s our job.” You could see that Lana was really uncomfortable with the tables being turned on her.

I picked up my plate, “Let’s just all work together and get this cleaned up, then maybe we can all relax, together?”

Chrissy and Jessica started to gather dishes as Emily released her hold on the plate that Lana held. With all of us helping we were able to completely clear the table in one trip. Lana began to wash as Emily dried and Jacob put the dishes away. Jessica mixed some fresh orange juice and champagne as Chrissy stood on a chair handing me champagne glasses.

In just a few minutes we were lounging by the pool sipping mimosas. Emily and Jessica dropped their clothes onto a chair and stepped onto a floating bed in the pool. Jacob leaned over and handed them a fresh glass of mimosas. We all began to get undressed and join the girls sunbathing. Jacob and Lana were adjusting to being part of the group rather than the servants.

Jacob lay on his back on a lounge chair. His long lean body stretched the full length of the chair and his feet still dangled passed the end, his flaccid member resting along his leg. Chrissy couldn’t hold back any longer as she knelt alongside Jacob’s chair and leaned her head over his body running her tongue up the full length of his now growing cock. She reached the tip and engulfed it into her mouth. In his flaccid state she was still only able to get three-quarters of it in her mouth, which soon was only half as it grew pulling itself out of her mouth.

Lana sat next to Chrissy, “It tastes good doesn’t it honey? You like Jacob’s big cock in your mouth? You know what he wants more than anything?”

Chrissy never slowed her pace as her head bobbed up and down on Jacob’s hard cock, as she shook her head no.

“He wants you to fuck his big tight ass. He wants to feel your cock fucking him. He wants you to fill him with cum. And when you’re done he wants Jaimie to continue fucking him until he gets a second load of cum. Can you do that for him? Can you both fuck this nice tight ass?” Lana was running her hands along Jacob’s body causing him to squirm under her touch. His body lurched up forcing his cock down Chrissy’s throat. Chrissy backed off before she choked on the monster cock but quickly resumed her head bobbing.

The girls were now sitting up and watching the scene unfold as they gently rubbed each other’s pussy. I moved up on the other side of Jacob and placed my hand around the base of his cock. I felt his warm blood pulsing through the veins as I gripped his shaft. Chrissy released her suction hold on his cock and licked her way down to his balls. Her hands gripped Jacob’s muscular thighs and lifted his ass off the chair to expose his ass. Chrissy then licked and sucked on his large ball sac before she began to lick and bite just below his balls. I placed my mouth around Jacob’s cock head and resumed where Chrissy left off, which also gave me a better view of Chrissy about to rim Jacob’s puckered tight hole.

Jacob pulled his knees back giving Chrissy better access to his ass. He wanted it bad. Jacob grabbed his own ass cheeks and pulled them apart, “Please Ms Chrissy” was all he was able to get out of his mouth before Chrissy’s tongue pushed into his pink wrinkled little pussy, “UGH! MMMMM, that feels so nice.” Jacob hissed out.

Chrissy slathered his ass with her spit until he was begging to get fucked, “Oh yes that’s it, yes, no more please I can’t take it, fuck me. Put your cock in my pussy and fuck me like you did last night, please Chrissy fuck me!” Jacob was pleading like a sex crazed bitch in heat.

Chrissy grabbed a towel off the chair and rolled it into a tube that she pushed under Jacob’s ass. Jacob rolled his back down until it rested on the thick towel beneath him. Chrissy placed her cock to his hole, “Is this what you want baby? You need a cock in you to make you feel good? You want me to fuck you with my cock and fill you with my hot cum? Grab my cock baby and put it where you want it.”

Jacob’s long arms reached past his ass and gripped onto Chrissy’s hard cock. He pulled it so hard that it almost knocked Chrissy off balance. He pulled her cock to the entrance of his hot hole and began to feed it into him. Chrissy’s cockhead disappeared without any resistance, “UMMM, yes that feels sooooo good. Fuck me baby.” Jacob said as he wiggled his ass against Chrissy’s cock.

Chrissy grabbed Jacob’s legs and lunged forward pushing her entire cock into Jacob. Lana was encouraging Chrissy,”Yes that’s it shove that cock into his pussy. He likes it rough baby, fuck him hard. Show him who is boss and fuck his pussy like a mad man. MMMM that is so hot, fuck him, baby fuck him harder.” Lana was feverishly fingering her pussy.

The scene was so hot that I flung my leg over Jacob’s head and pushed my cock down his throat. I lay prone against his chest reaching my arms out to grab Jacob’s ass, my chin nestled between his balls. The view was fabulous as I watched Chrissy’s cock fuck Jacob. Jacob was gagging on my cock and I didn’t care. I wasn’t going to cum I was saving that to add to his cream filled pussy.

Jacob used his free hands to lift me by the hips and began to raise and lower my body like he was lifting weights. He was face fucking him-self and I was his fuck toy. Chrissy was watching my ass go up and down which pushed her over the edge and I kept my eyes focused on her cock as I watched her cum being pumped into Jacob’s ass, “ARGH! Yes take it bitch. I am filling you with my cum, UNNNGGG!”

Chrissy pulled her sloppy cock out of Jacob’s cum dripping pussy. I flipped out of Jacob’s grip and scurried around to take Chrissy’s place. I shoved my cock into his ass with no resistance at all. It was sloppy wet and I could feel the heat from Chrissy’s cum on my cock. I pulled my cock out and could see it coated with cum. I almost blew my load right then until Lana diverted my attention as she crawled up onto Jacob’s cock and sat right down on it facing me. She grabbed me around the neck and brought me into a kiss that I knew was being used to stifle her orgasmic scream.

Lana’s breast pressed against my chest and her nails pressed into my back. The pain from her nails and our nipples rubbing against each other was too much and I was already shooting my load into Jacob’s well fucked ass.

I pulled out my softening cock and Jacob was about to lower his legs when Jessica shoved me out of the way and into the pool, “Clean up bitch it’s our turn to fuck this ass like it has never been fucked before.” Jessica had on her big cock strapon harness and wasted no time in shoving it into Jacob’s ass.

Jacob screamed out “AAAHHHHH!!! It’s so big, Ohhhh!”

Rainy Day Revelries

The rain hit just before noon. A tropical depression was forming to the east of the island, and widely scattered showers were popping off across the area. The forecast was for the depression to strengthen into a tropical storm over the course of a couple of days, but by that time it would be well away from La Playa. In the meantime, the rain was putting a damper on most of the outdoor activities at the resort.

A few people took advantage of the weather to fuck in the rain, and the bar was filled with people eating, drinking, and making out. The pool and river were closed due to nearby lightning. Julie directed her staff to institute the resort’s rainy day plans. An announcement went out over the PA system, informing the guests that the Activities Staff would host an impromptu celebration in the Ballroom. Prizes would recognize the sexiest man, woman, and couple, best outfit (revealing), best outfit (non-revealing), most female orgasms in five minutes, most male orgasms in 20 minutes, and a grand prize would go to the biggest cum slut. The festivites would start at 2:00 PM. Needless to say, after the announcement, the resort was abuzz.

Betsy and Bridget quickly disabused their men of any plans to join the crowd in the Ballroom. The four were a little sunburned and in need of rest, especially after the marathon fucking they participated in at the party the night before.

“Besides, Bridge and I want some time to each other, and you guys promised you’d let us record you together,” said Betsy as she rubbed aloe vera on her pink nipples, the cool gel causing them to pucker and distend.

“Right,” Bridget chimed in. “We’ve been planning all week to take today to rest up, but nothing says you two boys can’t go at each other while Bets and I watch, huh?”

Len, who was mostly straight and really only went bi to make Bridget happy, was a bit crestfallen. He wanted to see a bunch of women all frigging themselves in the orgasm competition. Charlie, who had proposed marriage to Betsy the first time she revealed her 40DD breasts to him, was more philosophical. He was bi but leaned straight, knew that neither Betsy nor Bridget would really stay out of the pile if he and Len put on a good show, and actually enjoyed the feeling of Len’s cock sawing in and out of his ass. The foursome had been swinging together for four years, ever since they had met at a pool party in San Antonio, and planned this vacation together the first time they heard of La Playa.

“Well buddy, if we gotta, we gotta,” sighed Charlie in mock disappointment, trying to cheer up Len. “Pussies rule the world, and you and I are just pawns. Don’t worry, I’ll let you top me the whole way,” Charlie smiled and gave Len’s cock a pat through the light shorts he wore.

“That’s the spirit!” cried Bridget. “Hey lover,” she smiled coyly at Betsy, “why don’t you give the boys a show while I grab the video camera? Len always loves watching you suck your own tits while you play with yourself, and that’ll help Charlie get him going.”

Betsy gave her female lover a lurid grin, peeled off the towel wrapped around her waist, laid back on the couch, and applied more aloe to her nipples.

Len loved watching the chubby little bleached blonde slut put on a show. She knew just how to lock her gaze onto his or any man’s eyes, as she pulled on the fat nipples in the middle of her silver dollar aureoles. He thought again, probably for the 10,000th time, how lucky Charlie was to have such a wanton as a wife.

Not that Bridget was any slouch in bed. In fact, it was quite the opposite. However, Betsy was a true slut. She would suck any cock, lick any pussy, and fuck anywhere, anytime. Len considered that to be the perfect woman. Charlie loved it too, He was proud of his little slut, and felt his cock grow as she reached down with both hands and pulled her pussy lips apart. She had large, droopy lips and a clit that stood out a good half inch when she was feeling horny, as she obviously was right at that moment. She dipped the middle finger of her right hand deep into her pussy, pulling out her wetness and rubbing her clit with it. Next, she dipped the forefingers of both hands inside her lips, then mixed the musky wetness with the slick aloe gel covering her nipples. This caused both nipples to harden into pencil erasers, and sent shivers down to her clit.

She watched the men through hooded eyes as she reveled in her own pure sexiness. Charlie had dropped his pants completely, pulling his rapidly hardening dick with one hand as he reached into Len’s pants and stroked his cock to attention. They were side by side on the loveseat, Len leaning back, tipping a beer bottle to his lips while lifting his hips to give Charlie access.

As much as the men loved watching Betsy play, she loved seeing her Charlie go after a cock. He’d acted like a kid in a candy store ever since they arrived, and this thought sent a further thrill through her. She lifted her breasts, hefted their weight in her hands and enjoyed the light bounce, then pulled her left breast up and engulfed the nipple, sucking hard so it would distend further and stand out. She released the nipple with a popping sound, then did the same to her right. Len groaned, lifted his hips and lowered his pants the rest of the way.

As Len settled back and reached for his beer again, Charlie slipped off the loveseat and moved between Len’s legs.

“That’s it, lover,” urged Betsy. “Suck that sweet cock and get it good and hard so it can fuck your tight ass. I want to hear you scream as Len plows you good. Oh, baby, it turns me on so to see you suck cock!”

Betsy was coach and cheerleader for a team that needed little encouragement. Charlie laved Len’s balls with his tongue, already oblivious to the fact that his wife sat across the room, pumping four fingers into her cunt and pulling her left nipple several inches up from her tit as she urged him to give in to his homosexual needs.

“Isn’t he a great cocksucker, Len?” asked Betsy, knowing what effect her potty mouth had on their friend’s libido and inhibitions. “Don’t you just love watching me frig my pussy and twist my nipples while my man swallows your dick?”

Len moaned again as his hand sought out Charlie’s shoulders and neck to pull him closer.

Bridget reentered the room carrying the video recorder and tripod in one hand, a small professional studio light in the other. She grinned lecherously at Betsy, who licked her own nipple through an answering smile as she simultaneously twisted her clit. Len’s eyes glassed over as Charlie began to piston up and down. Bridget hurried to get the equipment set up so she could join her girlfriend and taste that sweet pussy.

Charlie, as usual, loved the feeling of Len’s cock on his tongue. The firm sponginess of the head, the hardening ripples of the veins, and the salty sweetness of the precum all combined to make him feel right and horny in committing the homosexual act. He felt his own cock jump at the thought of this fine organ slipping past his sphincter as it had so often before. He and Betsy had two other couples who lived in their state that they played with on occasion, and Charlie had taken full advantage of the libidinous yet safe atmosphere at La Playa to sample as many cocks as possible so far, but Len and Bridget were not just his favorite lovers, they were also his best friends. The added emotion enhanced his pleasure in gobbling the fine cock between his lips, and made him want to give Len his very best.

Bridget got the equipment up, plugged in, and running in record time. She really could have been quite happy in life as a lesbian, and found her mouth watering as Betsy continued to frig herself and moan softly. Len was her college sweetheart, was a wonderful provider as they raised their kids, and was open-minded enough to respond well as she had led him toward an open relationship and a swinging lifestyle.

She looked through the view finder on the camera to frame the two men properly, flipped on the light, and pressed RECORD on the camera’s remote control as she moved toward Betsy, dropping the flimsy pareo which had draped her hips. She fell to her knees in front of her lover and literally dove between Betsy’s legs, smothering Betsy’s masturbating hand with kisses as she forced her lips and tongue toward their target. Betsy recognized the urgency in her lover, and let out a loud moan of satisfaction as she scooted her ass closer to the edge of the couch as Bridget’s knowing tongue flicked like a snake from her vaginal opening to her clitoris.

Len blinked a bit as the bright studio light illuminated the loveseat, but quickly adjusted and focused as he saw his loving wife practically attack the crotch of the slut on the couch. He felt the blood rush and expand his already hard cock to full staff, as much from the picture of lesbian lust across the room as from Charlie’s vacuum grip on his rod. Charlie, too, noticed the twitch from the cock in his mouth, and swirled his tongue around Len’s circumcised head. His hand was down between his own legs, his middle finger massaging his sphincter muscle in preparation for the invasion to come.

Len looked up when he heard Betsy cry out her first orgasm. “Oh shit, Bridge, just like that, just like that! Oooohhhhhh!!!”

Betsy lifted her hips and ground her pussy into Bridget’s face as she came. This sent Len over the edge, causing him to lose all control, spurting a load of cum against the back of Charlie’s throat. Charlie was surprised and choked just a bit, but quickly recovered and savored the salty nectar on his tongue.

Bridget smiled to herself, proud that she could bring her lover off so quickly, and redoubled her assault on Betsy’s clit. She knew that Betsy would quickly reach another peak, and was again rewarded with, “Oh shit, oh shit, oh shit…” as Betsy spasmed anew.

Bridget eventually relented in her attentions to her lover’s pussy, which was swollen and pink and emitted a strong scent of pleasure, then moved up onto the couch to kiss and cuddle. Betsy licked her own juices voraciously from her pretty friend’s face, then forced her tongue down Bridget’s throat to communicate her ongoing desire.

Bridget returned the kiss forcefully, then broke and whispered in Betsy’s ear, “Let’s get the boys settled into a fuck, then go into the other bedroom and really enjoy each other, okay?”

Betsy nodded her approval of the plan with a smile and added a caress of Bridget’s nipple as they both turned their attention back to the men.

Charlie was still working on Len, who had his head thrown back to finish his beer. Len could be kept hard after cumming with the right combination of enthusiasm and wet sucking, and Charlie’s appetite for cock had only grown with the unexpected gift of sperm he had just swallowed. Charlie knew that Bridget would soon direct Len and him to fuck, and he couldn’t wait to feel Len pounding his ass.

As if on cue, Bridget said, “Okay, boys, Betsy and I want to see some serious fucking over there!” She then rose from her lover’s embrace to refocus the camera.

Betsy reached for the end table and threw Len a packet of lube as Charlie ceased his suctioning of Len’s cock and spun around on his knees.

Len slid off the loveseat as he tore open the package so thoughtfully provided. Taking position behind Charlie, he squeezed the lube first on his own cock, then on Charlie’s bum. He massaged the lube evenly over his still mostly-hard organ as Charlie reached between his own legs to spread the gob of goo around and in his nether opening.

Bridget followed the motion in the viewfinder, zooming back and forth from Charlie’s ass to Len’s now-glistening cock. Len scooted forward on his knees, aimed his cock at Charlie’s rosebud, and pressed in. Charlie breathed out steadily, focused on relaxing his sphincter, and was quickly rewarded with Len’s cockhead invading his backdoor. Bridget pulled the focal field back to frame both men, once again hit RECORD and moved back over to the couch where Betsy contentedly masturbated as she watched their men begin to fuck.

Moving slowly at first, Len stuffed Charlie full of man-meat with short little pumps. Charlie groaned and closed his eyes, savoring the lovely feeling of a cock in his rectum. As Len’s cock pressed against Charlie’s prostate, the good feelings swept over the bottom man and he let out another, louder groan of pleasure.

“Yeah, Len,” Charlie hissed between his teeth. “Fuck me. Take my ass and make it scream like you know you can.”

Len responded to the feelings of Charlie’s tight ass, the mental picture of Charlie’s words, and the actual sight of Betsy devouring Bridget’s tits across the room and sank his cock to the hilt.

“Come on, lover,” Charlie encouraged. “You know I want your cock so bad. Fuck me like you’ve never fucked me before and let’s give those two sexy bitches over there a good show.”

Len let loose and began to pound Charlie’s ass. His cock was hard as a rock despite the fact that he’d cum not more than ten minutes previous, and the feeling of his buddy’s tight hole around his shaft was marvelous. For once he even forgot about their wives making out on the couch, and simply focused on the raw sex coming from the man-pussy he was fucking.

“Oh yeah, Len!” Charlie encouraged his lover. “Give me your cock! Take my ass and fuck it! Stretch it out, man!”

Len grunted and slapped Charlie’s ass hard, eliciting a surprised yelp, then an increase in tempo from Charlie as he fucked back onto Len’s pole.

“You like that, boy?” Len snarled at Charlie. “You like taking a dick way up your fuck hole and getting slapped around at the same time?” He slapped the other cheek of Charlie’s ass. This was something new, and got the girls’ attention across the room.

“Yeah, baby,” Charlie yelled. “Beat my ass and fuck me raw!”

Len did just that. He abandoned restraint and control, and gave himself over to animal lust. With every two or three thrusts of his hips, he slapped Charlie’s reddening cheeks. He grunted and growled like a bear rooting for grubs as he sawed his cock in and out. For his part, Charlie’s whole being was focused on his asshole and the cock reaming it. He too was down to the animal level, moaning and groaning with each thrust or slap. His head rested on his hands, and he rocked back and forth, guided and controlled by his lover above him. He simply gave in to the situation, which was to be used as his lover pleased.

The two best friends fucked like that for over fifteen minutes. Charlie’s butt cheeks were a bright crimson. Len was drenched in sweat, his lips pulled into an Elvis snarl, his whole attention focused squarely between his legs. And he felt the eruption building in his balls. It felt like his nut sack was roiling and boiling, bubbling up and receding, with each wave rising just a bit higher.

Charlie’s cock leaked copious precum which was slung about in all directions as his cock danced with each impact of Len’s hips or hands. He had never cum without touching his cock, but it was happening now. He was a purely sexual animal, and his need to feel the hot sperm spewing into his rectum was overwhelming. Len literally shuddered as he bottomed out. His eyes clenched tightly shut, squeezing out tears as Charlie began to howl his orgasm.

Just as he felt he would black out, Len’s cock erupted deep in Charlie’s bowels. There were no words, just incoherent yells from both men as they came in simultaneous ecstasy. Charlie’s spunk flew all around from his wildly gyrating cock, and Len’s entire body clenched with each spasm. The men were drenched in sweat and pheromones, a heavy musk pervading the room as they fought to remain connected through their orgasms. Even as they began their climaxes together, they each spasmed one last time and froze together, Len’s cock still buried to the hilt.

Len collapsed on top of Charlie, wrapping his arms around Charlie’s torso. He couldn’t believe what he had just felt. He didn’t know where it came from, or why it had happened, but it was the first time he ever felt the kind of emotions about a man he was feeling right at that moment. They confused and thrilled him simultaneously as both men’s gasps for air caused their slick skin to slide together.

He lay his cheek on Charlie’s back, closed his eyes, and relaxed to regain his breath. As his cock softened, he felt Charlie stir and rose off him. His cock slipped out and Charlie rolled over, slinging his arms around Len’s neck and pulling him into a deep soul kiss. This would have normally been where Len’s mind would have rebelled, causing him to pull away. Kissing, he previously considered, was way too gay. However, this time he responded enthusiastically, and received his lover’s thanks with real pleasure.

As they broke their kiss, the two men realized the room was utterly silent except for the rhythm of the rain on the windows, and they remembered their wives. Together they looked across the room. Bridget had three fingers buried to the last knuckles in Betsy’s pussy, and Betsy was holding Bridget’s left nipple between her fingers, but the women were neither moving nor making a sound. They both stared with saucer eyes at their men, shocked and fascinated by the raw lust just displayed on the floor before them.

When Len and Charlie’s eyes met theirs, the spell was broken, and Bridget was the first to speak. “Damn, I hope you guys stayed in the frame. I have GOT to see that again!” And the rain continued to fall.

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