bisexual women

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Testing the limits of sexual honesty: wife watches and directs as husband fucks a lesbian friend.


My name is Lynn and I’m 32 years old. My husband Adam and I have been married ten years. Adam is 34, and in the eleven years we’ve known each other we’ve never had an argument, or even a harsh word. Some people we know think that’s unhealthy, or that we’re lying. But it’s true. We both believe in being honest with one another and so we keep very, very few secrets. When, on the extremely rare occasion one of us catches the other hiding something, or lying, the plaintiff develops a bedroom procedure to deal with it. You might think that such a matrimonial discipline system could be an incentive to break the rules, but it actually doesn’t.

We’re still deeply in love, and while we don’t have sex every day the way we did in our first few months together, the improvement in the quality of our sex has far outpaced any decline in frequency.

We know most of each other’s sexual fantasies and fetishes and use them to turn each other on. Each of us has fewer sexual hang-ups now than we did at the beginning of our relationship. It’s not that we had so many that either of us was horrible in bed. It’s more that the process of eliminating our respective hang-ups has been liberating. We certainly don’t act on every fantasy that either of us has because we believe that some are better left in the imagination.

I likely had the most sexual hang-ups. It took a few years for me to get the courage to show Adam the kind of sexual pervert that I really am. The fact that I use the word pervert is a clue that I still have a few insecurities. That said, being accepted and loved by my husband in spite of, or maybe because of, my perceived perversities is exciting and endearing.

Adam has been my beacon. The more open I became, the closer we became. The more open he became, the closer we became. Our relationship and our sex has evolved, and gotten better. Mind you, we have plenty of plain vanilla sex. It’s like comfort food. Sometimes a plate of macaroni and cheese is the best meal in the world. Sometimes a simple missionary hump is all we need to soothe the horny beast.

I think that one of the secrets to a good sex is talk about sex. Adam and I talk about sex often. We also like to read erotic stories and share our favourites with one another. We have jumped into bed more than once after one of us describes the part or idea of a story that has turned us on. Occasionally we’ll watch porn together and talk about what we find most exciting. Maybe more unusually, we sometimes talk about sex with a couple of our close friends. We’re not driven by the desire to Swing or to have group sex, or anything like that. We find that open conversations about sex with friends helps to nurture that part of our brains. It helps to reassure us that our sexual thoughts and behaviours are simply a part of the natural order of things.

The friends I’m referring to are a lesbian couple, of all things. We can get quite honest about our sexual interests. We certainly don’t get into conversations about sex every time we get together but if the topic comes up, we all embrace it. This is a story about how honesty and a sexual conversation with our friends led me to follow my imagination to the edge of destroying a relationship. If anything, it is a cautionary tale. And it came about, indirectly, because of a conversation Adam and I had with our friends and neighbors Josie and Donna.

Josie is 36 years old and is one of the lesbian couple I mentioned. She lives in our condominium building with her partner Donna. Like Adam and I, they’ve been together for ten years.

I met Josie at a neighborhood Yoga class about three years ago. We had seen each other in our building for a few years but it wasn’t until I signed up for a Yoga class she had been attending that we became friends. We’re both fitness addicts. Besides the weekly Yoga class, we both do a 50 minute Spinning class twice a week. We go to different gyms but each of us works out with weights once a week too. We’re very fit and feel sexy because of it.

I’m 5’4″ tall and 120 pounds. I have what some people call a dancer’s ass – significant, round, and firm. I don’t want to look muscular but you can tell from my biceps and shoulders that I work out. I’ve got a D cup size, which is larger than I’d like, but that’s what seems to get people’s attention first. Josie likes to joke that she recognized me by my rack before she could remember my face.

I want to be clear that this is not a story about lesbians. I had one brief relationship with a woman before I met Adam and while I can still get turned on by thoughts of having sex with a woman, I really do prefer men. Adam knows that and he plays with that side of me sometimes to get me off.

Sometimes when he’s fucking me from behind we’ll pretend that there is a woman on the bed, her legs spread in front of me, and he will tell me what to do with her pussy. It works best for me if we’ve just watched a porn movie with a male, female, female threesome and the woman I’m pretending to eat is one of the women in the film. Maybe that makes me bisexual, even if it’s such a small part of my life that it’s almost not there.

Josie is a very beautiful woman. In lesbian terms, she’s a femme. Some lesbians have lesbian written all over them. Not Josie. At 5’1″ and 110 pounds, she’s petite even compared to me. And she’s stunning. She has an A size cup but her ass and thighs larger than mine. I sometimes jokingly call her ‘buoy’ because of the resemblance between her body shape and those marine warning devices. I also get a chuckle at the homophone.

Josie’s partner Donna is more obviously a lesbian. At 6’2″, she’s more than a foot taller than Josie. Donna isn’t trim like Josie. She must weigh 200 pounds. She’s plays ice hockey in winter and floor hockey in summer but she’s not into going to the gym. They’re a great couple. Josie is a bit of an introvert and Donna is the quintessential extrovert. They work well together. I think their relationship is similar to the one that Adam and I have. I’m the extrovert and Adam is an introvert.

I invited them to our place for dinner about three years ago and we had such a great time that we made it a regular thing. We now eat at our place or their place about once a month. Sometimes it’s just Josie because Donna travels for work a lot.

At the beginning Adam was a little uncertain about Josie and Donna. He had never had any experience with lesbians as friends. But he’s curious about everything. He is a documentary film maker and a very good one at that. Donna is the VP of Human Resources for a bank and Josie is a professor of art history. I’m a computer engineer for a software design company. When conversation starts it flows easily. It seemed from that first evening together that we were all destined to be friends. Adam jokes that it’s because we all like pussy. Donna likes his quirky sense of humour so the winds of friendship were blowing in our favour. It also may help that we all like to smoke pot. None of us drink much, and grass is our only major vice.

There is a game called Truth or Dare that we play occasionally that led us to revealing some of our sexual secrets. Donna is always the one to start the game. In fact, she introduced us to it. We rotate clockwise around the group asking a selected person to answer an embarrassing question (truth) or to perform some embarrassing task (dare). It’s almost always about the truth questions. There are rarely any dares.

My heart sank the first time Donna asked a question because she chose Adam. She asked him as calmly as you might ask for a hotdog at a food cart: “Have you ever fucked Lynn in the ass?” I love to anal sex and Adam loves it to. I can count on Adam parting my ass cheeks and burying his cock deep inside me at least half the time we have sex. But that’s not the point. Prior to Donna asking the question, our sexual practices were pretty much kept to ourselves. I didn’t know how Adam would respond. I knew he would squirm a little.

Adam was silent for at least thirty seconds. He first stared blankly at Donna. Eventually the corners of his mouth began turn up into a smile. He looked at me and then at Josie, and back to Donna. He finally broke the silence and said “Hell yes! I love it and she loves it too. Now that you bring it up, that’s what I want to do tonight.” He looked at me and leaned over and kissed me on the lips. I love it when he does things like that.

Donna and Josie laughed. I smiled and felt a wet spot develop in my panties. The revelation to our new friends that we like anal sex was exciting and sort of cathartic. I felt a flush of heat pour over my body at the thought of what else we might reveal to them.

Josie followed with an equally exposing question, but this time for me. She asked “Did Donna’s question and Adam’s response make you wet?” Donna and Adam laughed before I said anything. I could see that they were going to become chums. I didn’t hesitate as long as Adam did with his question but I told the truth and said “Yes. My panties are wet”. Maybe it was the nervous energy that the game had made us feel, because as soon as I responded we all burst into peals of laughter.

Thus began a friendship that would lead each of us to reveal things about our sexual lives and interests that we wouldn’t otherwise do, and certainly not in such mixed company.

Adam and I now know that Josie shaves her pussy and Donna keeps hers trimmed. We know that Donna likes to play with Josie’s asshole during sex, that Josie likes it, and that she especially likes it when Donna mounts her anally from behind with a strap-on. One of the most intriguing things we learned is that Josie isn’t a pure lesbian. She had sex with several men before meeting Donna and she claims she enjoyed it, or at least wasn’t repulsed by it. My take was that her interest in men is similar to my interest in women. While she is strongly attracted to women, she still has occasional cravings for a man’s body and his hard cock.

I’m not the jealous type but when I believed that Josie was a bona fide lesbian, she wasn’t a threat. When she wasn’t, when she was instead bi-sexual, things changed a little. Fortunately, I’m not really insecure about my relationship with Adam. He’s a beautiful hunk of a man. He’s 6’2″, athletic, with full head of dark brown hair, a moderately hairy chest, which turns me on, and a face to die for. He’s also very loving, affectionate, and sexual. I know he loves me deeply, as I do him, but I could nevertheless imagine him getting hard at the sight of Josie’s smooth wet cunt. It bothered me and excited me at the same time. It’s not that she is shaved; I’ve been shaving since I was 20. It’s more that I want my own cunt, and only my cunt, to be the one that excites him. The sense of power and excitement that I get by watching his beautiful cock go from flaccid to rigid within seconds of me spreading my legs for him is addictive. At the same time, I can’t deny how attractive Josie is and how much I would love to see her spread her legs. I’m a happily married woman who loves her husband and his cock and yet the thought of at least seeing her bare cunt, especially in the presence of my husband, made my nipples stand erect and my clit to get hard.

Adam and I talked about Josie when we went to bed the evening we learned about her bi-sexuality. I was honest with him about my feelings. He told me that the thought of Josie getting fucked in the ass with strap-on dildo was a turn-on. We got very excited as we talked. I eventually looked him in the eyes and said, “You know what I want now, don’t you?” He kissed me, sticking his tongue deep into my mouth and grabbed and pinched my nipples. When he released his mouth from mine, he said “Yes,I know.”

Adam turned to reach for the lube that he keeps in his side table and simultaneously said “get on your hands and knees. I want to see your beautiful asshole and cunt. Close your eyes and picture Josie with her legs spread in front of you. Imagine that your mouth is inches from her wet slit. But you’re not allowed to taste her yet.”

Adam got behind me and placed the container of lube on the bed while he pulled my ass cheeks apart.

“My god your cunt is beautiful and it’s so wet it’s starting to drip. I don’t think we’ll need the lube for your ass” he said.

“Reach your hand back and get your fingers wet and spread it on your asshole. Imagine that Josie is pulling her lips apart and begging you to lick her.”

I desperately needed him to lick me. “Oh Adam, don’t tease me. Lick my cunt and my clit. Tell me to lick Josie’s cunt,” I pleaded. I started to rub my clit and Adam stuck his tongue as deep inside me as he could reach. He drew his tongue up and flicked around my asshole and then back to my wet cunt again.

He pulled his head back and grabbed the lube. “Okay” he said, “lick Josie’s cunt. Taste her sweet juices.”

He quickly squeezed a dollop of cold lube on my asshole and inserted his middle finger. The coldness of the lube on my sphincter and the sensation of Adam’s finger urging it open sent a surge of excitement through my body to my clit. The image in my mind of Josie’s cunt in front of my face, the anticipation of Adam’s cock going into my ass, and the pleasure that I knew Adam was experiencing at having full access to the pleasure zone between my legs was enough to make me convulse with orgasm.

I needed Adam’s cock in me. “Hurry up” I said. “Fuck me.”

He slid his hard manhood into my slippery hole and began to pump. When he’s very excited, he sometimes will explode inside me pre-maturely. I was concerned that this might be one of those situations.

“How does her cunt taste?” Adam asked.

“It’s so sweet. It’s so beautiful. Pound my ass” I begged.

“Fuck my ass. Fuck my ass. Fuck my ass,” I repeated. I rubbed my clit feverishly. I could feel myself reaching the edge and we had only just begun to hump.

“I’m going to come” muttered Adam. I was afraid that it would happen soon.

I could feel the spasms from his cock as he released into me. Fortunately I was primed myself. His words ‘I’m going to come’ tipped me over the edge into my own orgasm. “I’m coming” I shouted.

Adam kept his cock in my ass until it got so flaccid it wouldn’t stay in any more. The feeling of his big hands on my ass cheeks, pushing them up and apart, put me into a relaxed and meditative state of mind. I became conscious of my body, of my tits hanging below me, of my nipples brushing against the sheets, of the sexually inviting position of my body and the feminine lines and curves that characterize my sex. I felt so relaxed, almost catatonic, from the release of sexual tension and from the love I felt for the man who helped put me into that state that I didn’t have the energy to move.

Understanding the almost helpless mental space I was in, Adam pushed me over onto my side. He moved his mouth down to mine. Our lips sealed to each other, our tongues greeted in a courtship dance. The image of me being on my knees in front of him, my mouth swallowing his rigid cock, flashed through my mind, but that would have to wait for another time. The thought gave my pussy the familiar tingle of desire, but I felt tired and he would need at least 20 minutes before he could be ready again.

Adam broke the seal of our lips and said, “I love you. I just fucked Josie’s ass, by proxy, and you just ate her out, and she has no idea.”

“I think she would get aroused if she knew; particularly the part about you fucking her ass” I said. “That’s one fantasy we can keep to ourselves.”

For the next three weeks or so all I could think about was Adam fucking Josie’s beautiful ass. I masturbated to the thought at least a dozen times. Each time, the scenario in my mind became more elaborate and intense. It was as if I was being swept up in a recurring tornado of sexual desire that was taking over my life. I imagined myself less as a participant and more as the conductor of events. I began talking aloud during these fantasy masturbation sessions, using some the dirtiest, sexiest language my mind could muster. Normally I would tell Adam about strong fantasies like that but I was afraid that by describing it, the fantasy would come true. I was simultaneously repelled and excited by the thought of allowing and watching my husband to have sex with Josie. For the first time in years, I felt afraid of my sexual desires.

Josie and I kept to our Yoga and Spinning routines. I’m sure that in her mind there was nothing new. But there were times, especially during Yoga, when I struggled to fight off panic attacks. The beautiful lines of her lithe body, and the thought of Adam’s cock getting hard at the sight of her naked form, that she offered up to him at my command, was almost overwhelming.

At the end of Spinning class one evening after work Josie mentioned that Donna was away and that she was cooking for herself. I felt a flush of heat wash over my body. A window of opportunity to my taboo desire had just opened. I felt a dryness form in my throat.

“Hey buoy” I said as we walked toward our building. “Adam is cooking this evening. Why don’t you come over? Its 6:30 now. We’ll probably eat at about 8:00. Can you drop by at about 7:30?” “That’s a fabulous offer” she said. “I would probably have ordered take out because I don’t have the motivation to cook. And I’ll get to gaze upon that beautiful husband of yours.”

“Some dyke you are” I responded with a smile. “Lusting after cock is something straight women do.” A wave of panic passed over me as I made the remark. What would she think of me saying that? Did I cross the line?

Josie looked at me with a grin on her face. “I told you that I dated and had sex with men before I met Donna. My dominant sexual preference is for women but on occasion I yearn for a man. Adam has reminded me of how much pleasure I used to get from men. I’ve been masturbating a lot lately to the image of a man stroking his hard cock and lusting after my naked body.”

My heart began to race. “Can we take a minute and sit” I said, pointing to a bench in a little parkette that was nestled in a cluster of chestnut trees just ahead of us. We reached the bench and sat. I felt a little faint.

“Are you okay” Josie asked with concerned look on her face.

“I’m fine” I said. “I’m having a small panic attack.”

Josie put her hand on my hand and said “I didn’t know you suffered from panic attacks.” “I don’t usually” I told her.

“Was it something I said” she responded with a comforting smile on her face. “I’m not trying to steal your husband from you” she said.

“I know” I replied. “I believe you. The thing is that since you mentioned that you have had sex with men and enjoyed it and that you think Adam is sexy, I’ve been obsessed with images of you and him fucking – in front of me; under my direction. I’ve masturbated more times to that thought over the past three weeks than I have to anything in recent history. I’m happily married and I’m not into sharing my husband — unless it was with someone special. You’re special. You’re also in a solid, loving relationship. Oh my, I’ve said too much. I’m sorry Josie. I’ve been a little crazy lately. I don’t know. Maybe it’s a conflict of sexual impulses or sexuality. Maybe it’s my Catholic Church upbringing coming through. I don’t know.”

I felt embarrassed. Tears welled up in my eyes. The barrage of emotions had me feeling like an emotional wreck.

Josie looked at me. “I have a couple of things I need to tell you Lynn. First I want to show you something.” She rolled up the sleeve of her left arm and said “Do you see those faint scars on the underside of my forearm? When I was a teenager I went through psychological hell dealing with my sexuality. I was a slasher. I used to cut myself. The physical pain I induced with a knife substituted for my psychological pain.Fortunately my parents were able to find a good therapist for me. There is nothing wrong with your sexuality or your sexual impulses. Don’t apologize. Never apologize. Enjoy life. Enjoy sex. I think you do, so I’m surprised that you would have a panic attack.” She paused and looked into my eyes. “Another thing you need to know is that what you just told me made my pussy so wet that my panties are soaked.”

Josie gave me a big grin. I started to laugh. The anxiety I had been feeling melted away. I felt safe.

“Let’s keep walking” said Josie. “I think I get the gist of your little fantasy. You’re suggesting that your husband, your beautiful Adam, and I have sex in front of you and that you direct our sexual actions. Is that right?”

“Pretty much” I said.

“Has Adam agreed to this?” she said. “And I know that you understand that for me to participate in this scheme, I would have to be unfaithful to Donna.”

“I haven’t mentioned this to Adam” I told her. “But I’m fairly certain he’ll go along. He would need some coaxing but I think I can persuade him. I really haven’t thought it all through. And yes, I realize the issue with Donna. That’s the fatal flaw with this idea. I’m actually ashamed that I mentioned this because of Donna. She’s our friend and your partner. I’ve crossed a friendship boundary, and a moral boundary. Can you forgive me?”

Josie looked at me and said, “You may just be the luckiest little slut I’ve ever met.” She paused from saying anything further and looked at me with a grin on her face. I had no idea what she was talking about.

“Donna and I love one another — very much” she said. “We talk, just as you and Adam talk, about sex and desire. She knows that at some point, when an opportunity presents itself, I might want to be self-indulgent and have sex with a man. It wasn’t something I gave much thought to until I met and got to know Adam. I certainly would never have tried to seduce him. And here you are, offering him to me. The real reason why you’re lucky is that Donna and I have an agreement that, if I ever do have sex with a man, she would prefer that I not tell her about it, unless, in the very unlikely chance that it happened to be with Adam, and that it was with your consent. Ha, what were the odds of that happening? Nevertheless, in that case, she wants to know. Don’t ask why she would want to know if I did it with Adam because to tell you that would be to betray a trust that we have. I’ll consider it. There are relationships risks that I need to consider. Also, it’s one thing for me to have thoughts about having sex with a man and another thing for me to act on it.”

My heart was beating out of my chest. And my panties were so wet that I wasn’t sure they could hold any more fluid. If I do decide to do it, I’ll need to shave my pussy. I haven’t shaved since Donna left a week ago. I’ll be at your place for dinner at 7:30. I’ll give you a cue after I arrive to let you know whether I’ll do it. This is intense. I really don’t know. And you still have to persuade Adam, but you can’t do that until after you know whether I will go along. Agree?”

“Agree” I managed to say through my completely dry mouth and throat.

To this day, I don’t really understand how I allowed myself to have that conversation with Josie. I have a strong sex drive and a penchant for re-playing some fantasies in my mind until they become overwhelmingly intense. But this was farther than I have ever gone with a fantasy. I think that it was amplified because I imagined that it was not only my own fantasy but that of two other people who I love. I couldn’t get the notion out of my mind of Adam’s cock getting rock hard at the sight of Josie’s naked and welcoming body. And I imagined Josie masturbating regularly at the thought of being impaled by Adam’s cock.

This was really a voyeur fantasy for me. I wanted to watch, to direct, to orchestrate the excitement and ultimately the climax of two other people, and get myself off in the process. I didn’t really imagine myself being an active participant in this little sexual operetta. That said, Josie has a gorgeous body. I have a few times imagined her on the bed, her legs pulled up and me pressing down on the underside of her thighs while I use my tongue to separate and lick between the petals of her luscious shaved cunt. It makes me wet just to think about it.

When I got back home, Adam was in the middle of getting dinner prepared. I told him that I invited Josie, but nothing else. I was trembling too much to talk at that stage. Besides, I needed a bath.”Hey Hon” I said, “I’ve got to wash away the sweat from my body. I shouldn’t be long. Josie will be here at about 7:30.”

“No problem” he responded. “If I had the time I would lick you clean. I’m feeling particularly horny this evening. I’ll have you in my sights after Josie goes home. Wear a dress and leave your panties off this evening. That will keep my arousal at a slow burn until I get a chance to ravish you.”

I dropped my shorts and turned to face him so that he could see my naked peach. “Hey, see anything you like” I said. He opened his mouth and curled his tongue in a licking motion. I threw him a kiss and ran upstairs to the bath. I love it when he makes sexual suggestions hours in advance of sex. But depending on Josie’s decision, he might not have much sexual energy left when the night is over.

As I drew my bath water, flashes of what the evening might look like went through my mind. But I had a growing anxiety in my stomach. I really had no idea how to get Adam on board with my plan, assuming Josie was willing to do it. I was making an incredible assumption about Adam. My desire for him to be co-operative was possibly masking my ability to consider his unwillingness. We had never done anything like this before. We’ve done some pretending and role playing but there has never been a real third person involved is our sex.

I got into the tub and washed everything except the intimate parts between my legs. I sat and soaked, deferring touching anything in that area. I played out the scenario in several ways in my mind. I wanted it to happen in the living room. One scenario called for toys. I decided that I would bring my collection of vibrators, dildos, butt plugs and lubes downstairs and hide them in the living room, just in case they were needed.

Finally I decided it was time to wash my cunt and asshole. I lathered a cloth with soap and wiped my mound, the crease of my groin, and my labial folds. I pulled back my clitoral hood and cleaned around my swollen clitoris. I was very close orgasm. I was toxic with whatever it is that fills my body when I’m horny.

I put some soap on the fingertips of my left hand and slid them underneath my ass to my asshole. I rubbed around the entrance of my puckered little hole, and then started to rub my clit with the fingers of my other hand. I closed my eyes and visualized Adam with a raging erection, standing over Josie who was lying on the bed. I slid a finger in my ass and started to talk out loud to her in a low voice. I kept repeating “spread your legs Josie, show him your beautiful cunt and asshole”, “swallow his cum… swallow his cum…. show him your cunt….tell him to fuck your ass.” I exploded in orgasm at hearing myself tell her to tell him to fuck her in the ass.

When I opened my eyes I realized that Adam would need to ejaculate more than once. I wanted to watch him cum in her mouth, and to see her swallow it. My obsession with this fantasy blocked any thought that maybe Josie wouldn’t want Adam to ejaculate in her mouth or to swallow. So I proceeded to think about what to do with the time that Adam would need to recharge. I looked at the clock on the wall and it read 7:12. I had less than 20 minutes before Josie arrived. I quickly grabbed my razor and some soap and removed the stubble from my pussy, and then jumped out of the tub, dried myself and ran to get dressed.

I decided that if Josie wasn’t willing to go through with this that I would need to get Adam to try to role play some of it with me later. One way or another I needed to have this fantasy satisfied, even if it just involved pretending with my husband.

Just as I descended the stairs, the door-bell rang. I had decided to wear a fairly snug-fitting tank dress that emphasized my ass and that gave a good presentation of my cleavage. It didn’t have a full back. The fabric formed a Y shape at the back of the neck, with the top part of the Y forming the shoulder straps. The stem of the Y was only about four inches wide until it tapered out just above my hips to create the full wrap-around. It dipped low enough in the back to show my two dimples, the moons of Venus as they’re sometimes known, that appear on the lower back of some women. I hadn’t worn this dress before, but I liked the way it looked. The fact that I was naked underneath made me feel incredibly sexy.

I shouted to Adam that I would get the door. I opened it to see Josie in a blue floral lace sun dress. She was a vision. She had her shiny black hair pulled back into a pony tail. The exposed flesh on her arms,shoulders, and legs highlighted the fitness of her body. I felt wetness forming between my legs.

“Hey Josie,” I said. “You are gorgeous, a picture of health. ” We kissed each other on the cheek and I led her to the kitchen where Adam was busy with food preparation. “You could have tried to wear something that would reign in that wonderful rack of yours,” she said as we sat on stools opposite Adam at the cooking island in the middle of the kitchen.

Adam looked at Josie and said “lovely! Lovely! lovely! As for her Lynn’s breasts, they perform the best when they aren’t restrained. If it wasn’t for those, I would never have married her,” he said with a smile.

“I have baby spinach, sweet peppers, tomato and feta cheese in the salad. I bought that cucumber but I’m not sure I want to add it. They look good but, which is why I bought it, but I’m really not fond of it. What do ya think?”

“I don’t like cucumber in salad” said Josie. She picked it up, held it vertically from the bottom with her left hand and wrapped her right hand around it and slid it down. “But it’s a glorious and evocative vegetable,” she said.

“Pray tell” said Adam. “I didn’t think that Lesbians were into that kind of stuff. “One of the unpublished books of the Old Testament says ‘and God created cucumbers for women who love women’, Josie said with a straight face. “Chapter 6, verse 9, I believe”. I snorted a laugh through my nose and we all burst into laughter.

Josie hadn’t given me any clue about her intentions. If she planned to do it, she wasn’t in a hurry to let me know. I started to get the feeling that we would just have a pleasant dinner with our friend and nothing more.

“Dinner is ready,” said Adam. “Have a seat and I’ll bring your plates.”

Adam poured us all a glass of wine and we ate and chatted for at least thirty minutes. I sat at the head of our rectangular table and Josie and Adam sat on either side of me, facing each other. The big fabrication in my mind began to fall apart. I began thinking about plan B, pretending with Adam. We ate a bowl of fruit with yoghurt for dessert and moved to the living room to continue chatting.

Our living room is quite large. We have two sofas facing each other and a very large ottoman separating them. Behind the sofa that is furthest from the dining table are two recliner chairs angled to face a 55′ LCD TV mounted on the wall above a low gas fireplace. To the left of the two sofas is a six foot cushioned bench seat that is below a large window that goes almost to the ceiling. About 12 feet to the right is a modern and large chaise lounge with a floor lamp next to it. We use it for reading.

I sat with Adam on the sofa facing the TV and Josie sat facing us on the opposite sofa. “I brought a few joints of potent grass,” said Josie. She reached for her small clutch and pulled them out. I don’t have a lighter though.”

‘I have one upstairs,” said Adam. He lunged from the sofa and climbed the stairs two at a time.

I looked at Josie and said “Well?”

She smiled and stood up and lifted the bottom of her dress to expose her beautiful shaved pussy. She dropped her dress and said, “Let me get this started. You’ll know when to pick up the reigns.” I felt an intense wave of heat pass over my body. I’m sure my face was beet red.

Adam returned and we lit the joint and passed it around. It was really powerful grass. When it was finished I was completely relaxed. Josie had a couple of other joints and it occurred to me that at least one of those might come in handy during the intermission.

Josie gave me a glance and smiled. “Adam,” she said with a firm voice. You’ve played Truth or Dare with Donna and myself and Lynn. I don’t want to play the full game but I do have a truth question to ask you.”

“What is it with you dykes and this game,” said Adam with a grin on his face.” Okay, but don’t be brutal. Shoot.”

Josie paused a moment before saying anything. She stared at Adam. “If you have Lynn’s approval, would you fuck me right here, in front of her… tonight.”

Adam is a smart guy. He suspected instantly that Josie and I had discussed this idea before she asked the question. He isn’t one to blush but when he looked at me his face was flushed. I just sat there silently. Josie stood up and lifted her dress to show him her hairless pussy and said, “It’s for real. This is part of what you would get. It’s freshly shaved so you won’t feel any stubble on your lips, should you choose to put them there.”

I smiled at what she had just done. She had him lassoed and hogtied in a matter of seconds. This girl was good.

Adam leaned back against the back of the sofa, put his hands on the top of his head and stared at Josie’s smooth mound. I glanced at the front of his pants and I could see that his cock had gone stiff. That was my signal to start things in motion.

“You have my approval Adam,” I told him. There are a few rules that I want you to be aware of. I’m not going to be a part of the sex directly but I will direct everything. Josie and you need to follow my directions. Don’t talk to me or each other unless I ask you to say something. You’re going to fuck here in the living room, in this general space. You’re going to ejaculate at least twice before the night is over. The most important thing to remember is that you are the love of my life. Any questions?”

There was a long moment of silence. Adam closed his eyes and said slowly “Sweet Jesus…… Okay.” It wasn’t until Adam said the word okay that the impact of plan hit me. My throat was dry. My legs were weak. Fortunately I had stuffed a few bath towels into the bench beneath the window, along with my toys. I was going to need a towel to wipe up the excitement that was starting to run down the inside of my leg.

I told Adam to stand up and remove Josie’s dress. When he stood, he looked taller than he has at any time since I’ve known him. The bulge in his trousers was very noticeable too. He walked over to Josie,held her face in his large hangs and kissed her on the mouth. Standing on the balls of her feet, Josie reached her arms around his neck and rifled her tongue in his mouth as if she was a hungry soldier’s wife reunited with her husband after his tour of duty.

I watched them kiss, resisting the jealous impulse to push them apart. Finally their lips separated. They slowly parted, their eyes fixed on each other’s faces. Adam reached his hands under Josie’s dress and caressed the cheeks of her ass before grabbing the hem and slowly lifting it over her head. As Josie extended her arms over her head and the dress slowly slid up her arms, I realized how stunningly beautiful her naked body was. She radiated health. She was a succulent work of art.

Josie has small tits but her erect nipples stole the show. They were longer than any nipples I have seen in my life. In fact, they protruded from her breasts further than I had ever thought could be possible. This visible sign of her arousal amplified the excitement that was in the air.

“Do you like what you see Adam?” I asked. “I love you babe,” he said, “but right now I want nothing more than devour every inch of her stunning body.”

“Don’t touch her yet,” I said. “Take off your clothes and stand in front of her.”

Adam quickly pulled his t-shirt over his head and threw it behind him in the direction of the chaise lounge. He is a strong, healthy man. His pectoral and shoulder muscles made it appear as if he was wearing body armour. He unbuckled his belt, undid the button and zipper on his jeans and pushed them along with his jockey shorts to the floor. He kicked them up and over the sofa with his foot. Here in front of me stood my naked and beautiful husband, the purple helmet of his rigid cock pointing to Josie’s face. Josie stood facing him, her erect nipples pointing like javelins toward Adam’s torso.

“I want you to kiss her on the mouth again,” I told him. He slowly moved forward and bent to place his mouth on Josie’s mouth.

“Take his cock in your hand, Josie. Feel its hardness. Before the evening is over, you’re going to feel it in every one of your holes. Lightly rub the palms of your hands over her nipples Adam. Feel their resistance to being pushed from the erect position.”

I quickly threw off my dress and ran to the window bench and lifted it open to get the towels and the toys. I threw a towel on the seat of the sofa and the others on the opposite sofa and sat with my legs spread wide. I touched my clit and it felt more swollen than at any other time in my life.

“Turn to face me Josie” I said. “Move your legs apart. Put your hands straight over your head, lock your fingers, and keep them there. Adam, I want you to move your hands over her body. Touch every part of her.”

Josie did as I asked. Adam gave her a quick kiss on the lips and moved behind her. He placed his hands on the muscles that form the outer edge of her armpits and slowly traced her arms up to the tops of her locked hands, and back down to her shoulders. Josie’s body shuddered slightly as Adam’s hands moved to shoulders.

Adam knelt on the floor behind her and traced his hands over her shoulder blades, down to the small of her back and her buttocks. He lingered at her ass, captivated by its form and prominence. “Bend over Josie and pull your ass cheeks apart,” I instructed. “Let him see your asshole and cunt.” Josie didn’t hesitate. As she bent over, she craned her head to try to see Adam’s face and his cock.

I stood up and walked over to see the view that Adam was getting. Her labia were coated in her nectar. “I’d like to see him kiss your tight little asshole and cunt, Josie” I said. “Would you like him to do that?”

“Oh my god, yes, yes, yes” she said with a breathy voice. “Kiss my asshole. Kiss my cunt, Adam. Oh my god,” she said again. “Kiss me.”

Adam placed his hands over her hands and pulled her cheeks as far apart as he could. He moved his lips to her tight brown hole and kissed it gently. A shock of electricity went through my body as I watched my husband’s lips meet the wrinkled circle of her anus. He moved his mouth further down and kissed her glistening cunt. He let out a primal grunt and stuck out his tongue to lap at the juice that covered her slit. He let go of one of her cheeks and grabbed his cock and started to stroke it. Josie kept the tension on her cheeks, keeping them apart.

Adam has always been incredibly aroused by eating my cunt and licking my ass. It didn’t surprise me to hear him grunt and grab his cock when his face was in front of her sex. His responses to that visual are almost involuntary and very powerful for him. He is drawn to pussy juice as if it’s a life-giving serum.

“You can come back to that spot later”, I told him. “I want you to caress the backs of her legs and then move to the front of her body, starting at her feet and working up. Let go of your cheeks Josie, stand up and put your arms over your head again.”

Adam moved his hands slowly down from Josie’s ass to the top of her thigh. Her years of regular exercise had made her entire body toned and firm, but her glute and thigh muscles were clearly very strong, and nicely formed. Adam kissed her cheeks and upper thighs a few times and slowly drew his hands down to her ankles. Before he had time to re-fixate on her ass I told him to move around to her front.

“Before he makes it above your knees Josie, I want you to bring your hands down and pull your cunt lips apart and your clitoral hood back so that he can see your clit. Keep your legs apart and keep your clit exposed for him.” Josie did as I instructed and as soon as her fingers touched the skin around her clitoral hood she shuddered and let out a series of deep guttural pants. I could see that she was on the cusp of an orgasm.

Adam’s eyes were now fixated on the satiny smooth button that Josie was displaying for him. His hands moved slowly across the top of her thighs and around to the cheeks of her ass. Before he plunged his lips and tongue to her clit I said,”Josie, tell him what you want him to do with your clit.”

Josie looked down and into his eyes and said “suck my clit into your mouth. Lick it. Suck it. Suck it.”

Adam moved his mouth to her clit and sucked it into her mouth. She placed her hands at the back of his head and began to rhythmically grind into his face. It took no more than 10 seconds for her body to convulse in waves from a massive orgasm. I could have had an orgasm too but I fought it off. I badly wanted Adam’s tongue in my cunt and on my clit.

“That’s one bit of relief for you Josie. There is more to come but I want you to lie down on your back on the ottoman. I want Adam to move his hands to your stomach and tits.”

Josie positioned her body on the ottoman with her legs hanging down over the edge, her feet resting on the floor. Adam, still kneeling, moved to the side of her body and caressed her smooth mound. He kissed all around her abdominal area and flicked his tongue into her naval.

“Let her hold your cock Adam,” I said. Josie reached out her hand and grabbed his stiff cock that had given no sign of getting soft. As soon as she started to stroke him, he raised his torso and let out a moan. The muscles on his back flexed and the surface changed from a smooth calm to roiling sea of flesh.

“Her tits. Her Nipples Adam. Play with her tits. Suck on her nipples.”

Adam bent his head down and squeezed her small breasts and nipples. He took her nipples into his mouth, alternating from one to the other. He began gently biting on them. Josie moved her hand down to her clit and started to rub.

“Kiss her on the mouth Adam and move your head down between her legs. Lick her cunt. Lick her clit.

Lick her ass. Make her come.”

Adam moved his mouth to Josie’s mouth and they locked lips. Josie put her hands on the back of Adam’s head and brought his ear down to her mouth. She whispered something to him. He looked at her and whispered in her ear. They kissed again. My jealousy momentarily raised its ugly head. Adam looked at me and said “Slight change of plans. Stand over Josie’s head. Lower your cunt down to her mouth. Let her eat you while I eat her. I want to watch. Pull her legs back and watch me while I lick her.”

“Please,” Josie begged. “I need to taste you.”

I didn’t think it was possible for me to get more aroused than I already was. My fantasy hadn’t involved any sex between me and Josie but her pleading and the fact that Adam would get pleasure from watching made me giddy. I was suddenly a slave to the desire for her tongue to penetrate me.

I moved to place on the ottoman where Josie’s head was resting and parted my legs so that my cunt was above her face. Josie spread her legs and brought them back, and I grabbed her ankles. Slowly I lowered my saturated slit to her face. Josie’s hands reach up and grabbed my ass cheeks and began to pull me toward her.

“Stick your tongue in her cunt,” I told Adam. “Use your tongue to lap up her nectar.” As I said it, I felt Josie’s tongue slide into the thick dew that spread across my lips. Her tongue flicked back and forth quickly and then reached to my clit and flicked it side to side. The sight of Adam devouring her beautiful wet cunt and the feeling of her tongue on my clit sent me over the edge.

“I’m coming, I’m coming,” I shouted. My words must have been the trigger for Josie because her body started to spasm. She was coming too. Adam kept his mouth on her clit until the spasms subsided. He then pulled his head back a little and used his hands to spread her cheeks. “It’s so beautiful,” he said as if he was talking to himself.” I need to lick her asshole.”

I knew that Adam wanted to hear me to ask him to do it. He found the verbal request to be very arousing. His whole body becomes electrified when I ask him to lick my cunt or my ass, or both as is often the case. I find it arousing that he wants lick me with such pure desire. It adds to the pleasure of the act for me.

“Lick her asshole, Adam,” I said softly. As I said it, Josie pulled my cheeks apart to expose my own little brown hole. “Oh my god, Adam. Yes. Stick your tongue in her”.

I felt a wave of heat run from my pussy to my face as I watched Adam feverishly rim and poke her perfectly hairless and glistening muscle.

“I need to see it Adam. Lick her asshole. Poke your tongue in it. Run your tongue from her ass to her clit and back again.” I repeated those words with a frenzy and Adam obeyed them. Josie began using her finger to make circular caresses around my asshole. Adam couldn’t see what she was doing to me but he pulled his face from her hole and slid his middle finger in her ass and a thumb in her cunt. As he did, Josie slid a finger in my ass.

The senstation of her finger entering my asshole released the gate to my orgasm. “I’m coming again,” I said. “I’m coming…. I’m coming….I’m coming.”

Josie’s body again writhed with orgasm. We were both so excited that it took very little to send either of us into ecstasy. I released my hands from her ankles and allowed her legs to fall as she writhed beneath me.

“Oh my god, Oh my god,” she said in a voice so deep that I almost didn’t recognize it as her. I looked at Adam’s face. He had a pained expression. He had reached the limit of his excitement. He needed release.

“Stand up Adam. Now it’s your turn. Get on your knees in front of him Josie.” Adam stood up and moved back from the ottoman. Josie leapt up and got on her knees so quickly that it reminded me of a cat racing for its dish at the familiar sound of food being dispensed.

“Tell her what you want her to do Adam. I want to hear it.” “Yes, Adam, said Josie. Tell me what you want me to do. I want to suck your cock.”

Adam held Josie’s head in front of his raging and glistening cock. Suck my cock Josie. Suck it. Take it in your mouth. I want my wife to watch you suck my cock.”

Josie grabbed his rock hard pole and guided it into her mouth. Her head bobbed back and forth and Adam’s hips moved in a fucking motion. She moved her hands to grab his ass and began to take the entire length of his shaft, making it disappear into her mouth. I was as impressed as much as I was excited. This woman hadn’t been with a man in at least a dozen years but she worked his cock like a pro. She never made any gagging sounds. Her head moved with the rhythm of a metronome. Adam made deep, very masculine moans as he watched. Between moans he kept encouraging her.

“Suck it Josie. Suck my cock. Enjoy it as much as I enjoyed licking your beautiful wet cunt.”

The tone of his moans became higher and more frequent. I knew he was close to shooting his load.

“He’s about to cum Josie. Open your mouth and stick out your tongue. Pump his cock until he shoots his load into your mouth. I want to see him shoot his seed into your mouth.”

I put my fingers on my clit and began to rub. I watched the tip of his cock as she pumped his heavily veined shaft. My clit felt as hard as his cock looked. “Tell him Josie,” I said.

“Come in my mouth Adam. Shoot your load into my mouth. Let me taste it. I want to taste it,” said Josie with an excited, breathy voice.

I moved closer to them and put my left hand on crown of Josie’s head. I kept rubbing my clit, waiting for the explosion. “Shoot your load into her mouth Adam. I want to see it babe. I need to see your juice splash on her tongue.”

My words were the trigger. Adam let out a long groan. Semen squirted from the tip of his cock deep into Josie’s mouth and onto her tongue. He kept shooting long white ribbons of cum. I trembled in orgasm as I watched. “Oh my god, I’m coming,” I said. The image of his semen shooting into her mouth matched the part of the image that I had been masturbating to for weeks. A wave of relief passed through my body.

When the spurting stopped I grabbed Josie’s hair and said “Swallow it Josie. Make my man’s seed disappear down your throat.”

Josie looked at me, closed her mouth and swallowed. I leaned down and locked my lips onto hers. Our tongues were like rapiers, thrusting and smashing against each other.

I finally pulled my head back and looked into her eyes. “You are beautiful,” I said. “Absolutely,” said Adam.

Adam and Josie sat on the sofa facing the TV. I sat on the sofa opposite them. “It’s not over yet Adam”, I said. We’ll give you a bit of time to recharge and then you’re going to fuck Josie’s cunt and her ass.”

“Oh my,” said Josie. “I can hardly wait.”

“Let’s smoke another one of those joints,” I said.

Josie reached for her clutch, pulled out one of the two remaining joints and lit it. As the joint was being passed around, we chatted about what had just happened.

“This will never happen again,” said Josie,” but it’s by far the most exciting and intense sex I’ve ever had. You’re pretty good with your tongue Adam.”

“So are you,” I said. I hadn’t been fantasizing about you eating me out but I’m glad you did. I haven’t had a huge amount of experience with other women and it was a very long time ago. It felt amazing. But it was an incredible turn-on to hear Adam say he wanted to see it and to look at his face while you did it.”

“I don’t really have many fantasies about watching two women get it on” said Adam, “but when Josie told me that she wanted to lick you, fireworks went off in my brain. I don’t know how I didn’t shoot my load then and there. In fact, I almost spilled in my pants when you told me what you wanted to do in the first place.”

Josie looked at me and we both laughed.

“It took a lot of guts for Lynn to suggest it to me, and she didn’t do that until about 6:30 today,” Josie told him. “I told her that she was the luckiest little slut I’ve ever met because it could have ended our friendship. As it turns out, Donna and I already had an agreement that I could have sex with a man if I felt I needed it, but that she didn’t want to know about it, unless it happened to be with you.”

“You’re kidding,” said Adam. “She said that?” Josie looked at him and gave him a little smile and tilted her head slightly to the side and back again, as if to say, unusual but true. There was a moment of silence and then Josie re-iterated, “As good as it is, it won’t happen again. I like it and I want it. Fuck, I will go so far as to say that I need it. But it’s a one-might-stand. So let’s make the best of the moment. No guilt. No remorse. The only thing that I ask is that you not let Donna know that Adam came in my mouth and that I swallowed. If she probes through a Truth question, lie. I don’t want her to know. It gave me pleasure but I don’t want her to know.”

“Agreed,” I said.

“Understood,” said Adam.

“Where are you on the path to getting your cock hard again?” asked Josie.

“I don’t feel quite ready” said Adam.

“I’m getting horny at the thought of what comes next,” said Josie. “Any porn that you can put on that TV that might help? I could easily masturbate watching Lynn suck your cock while you and I watch a bit of porn. You must have some. We’ve got DVDs and loads of Web links. Mind you, it’s all about women fucking. And none of its soft core.”

I looked at Adam and said “We have a bunch of 10 to 15 minute scenes. There is one porn actress Adam likes. I like to watch her too. Gorgeous woman! Big tits. Loves anal.”

“Fine with me,” said Adam.

“Put it on,” said Josie.

I sprinted to the laptop that was connected to the TV and found a clip we’ve watched several times. I opened the file and moved the marker on the time-code bar about a third of the way into the movie. “I don’t think we’ll have much time before he’s rock hard again so I’ll jump from the beginning right into the action.”

Josie moved to the opposite end of the sofa that she and Adam were sitting on. She leaned her back against the arm of the sofa and parted her legs so that Adam could get a clear view of her womanhood. I sat on the floor and leaned against Adam’s shins. I looked at Josie and said with a smile,”who’s the slut?”

“You have no idea,” said Josie. “If you could convert my sexual thoughts and energy into electricity the country could close a nuclear reactor.”

The three of us began watching as Lisa, the porn actress, got her cunt pounded by a guy with a cock as thick as the big cucumber we talked about before dinner.

“I’m sure she feels full with that thing in her, said Josie. I’m assuming at some point she puts it in her ass. You go stud, fuck that glorious cunt. Make those tits bounce, she said to the TV screen.”

Josie looked at me and lifted one leg to the top of the back of the sofa and let the knee of her other leg lean out over the edge, her foot still resting on the sofa cushion. “Look at my cunt Adam,” she said. It’s going to be glistening with my juices in a few minutes. I’ll want you to lick me again before you fuck me. Take his cock into your mouth Lynn. Make his gorgeous cock ready for me again.”

Josie had taken over the directing role. She was suddenly very dominant.

I put Adam’s cock in my mouth and began to suck. I could feel it swell ever so slightly.

I heard Lisa say to her acting partner, “I want you to fuck my ass.”

Josie was rubbing her clit. “That’s it, said Josie. Mount him facing his feet so that we can get a good view of that cock in your ass. Pump it stud, she said. Look at her cunt open and close as that his cock pumps in and out of that ass. What a wonderful rack of tits,” she said.

I could feel Adam getting stiffer in my mouth. He started to switch his view from the screen to Josie. Josie moved her back a little lower on the sofa and reached with her hands to pull her ass cheeks apart. “I’m really looking forward to getting your cock in my cunt and in my ass,” she said. I took Adam’s cock out of my mouth and stroked him a bit while I watched as Josie rubbed her clit and her asshole.

“Do you like what you see Adam,” she said? “Tell me you like what you see. Tell me what you see and what you want to do?”

“Tell her Adam. I want to hear it.” I put Adam’s cock back in my mouth. It was rigid.

“You have a fabulously beautiful cunt and asshole. My mouth is dry at the thought of getting my tongue there again. But I need to get my cock in your cunt and in your ass. I want to see my cock slide in and out of the both of your holes, but especially you asshole. Let me see you stick a finger in that asshole,” he said.

“You want it, you got it,” said Josie. She dipped her middle finger in the juice that spread across her lips and moved it to her asshole. She swirled it around and slipped it in. She let out a moan.

I looked up at her and said, “He’s ready. If we stimulate him any more like this, he won’t last.” “Fair enough,” Josie said. She leapt off the sofa and rolled onto her back onto the ottoman, pulled her legs back and apart with her hands behind her knees. “I can’t think of a more sexually inviting pose for a woman to make,” she said as she looked at us. “Adam, you spectacular hunk of male flesh, would you please get on your knees and tongue my horny wet cunt? My asshole too. Lynn, do you have any lube for my ass?”

I raced to the window bench, forgetting that I had already put the lube on the floor at the other end of the sofa. In the few seconds it took me to realize and get back, Adam had dropped to his knees and had his tongue buried in Josie’s cunt. To this point I hadn’t felt much jealousy about Adam fucking Josie but a pang raced through my chest. This woman was good. Adam was eating her like he had never eaten me. I fought back the emotion. I was enjoying the sight and sounds.

I decided to re-assert my original role as sex director. “Stick your cock in her babe,” I said. Adam was almost crazed with excitement. He knelt on the edge of the ottoman and slid his cock into her welcoming wet cunt. He moved his hands to the underside of her knees and pushed her thighs toward her chest, and watched his cock slide in and of her smooth wet hole.

“Yes, bang that cunt, fuck my horny wet cunt,” Josie repeated. I watched the cheeks of his ass move rapidly up and down as he pumped her. He suddenly pulled out and walked around to the side of the ottoman and said, “Suck it. Please suck it.” Josie lunged for his stiff rod and took it into her mouth. She deep-throated him a few times and took his cock out of her mouth and said “I need you in my ass.”

I passed him the lube and told her to kneel up. Adam looked at me and handed the lube back. I want you to put lube in her ass and on my cock. I want you to guide my cock into her ass. He reached his hand out to grab the back of my head and pulled my lips to his. “I love you,” he said.

Adam put his hands on Josie’s ass cheeks and pulled them apart. I took the lube and squeezed a blob onto Josie’s asshole and inserted my middle finger. She let out a continuous mmmmm sound and began to push back onto my finger. I inserted my index finger alongside my middle finger and moved them in and out to the rhythms of her thrusts.

“I need his cock” Josie said in a deep and raspy voice.

“Where do you want it?” Adam asked.

“In my ass. Fuck me in the ass. Please.” Josie pleaded. “I’ve been masturbating to the thought for months. I want the feeling. I want the sensation.”

I spread some lube on the smooth shiny head of Adam’s cock and guided the tip to her asshole. Her hole swallowed it without resistance. Her sphincters were amazingly relaxed. It usually took a bit more coaxing to get his cock in my ass.

Adam grabbed Josie’s hips with his hands. His eyes were fixated on his cock as he slowly moved it in and out of her hole. “This is good,” he said. “It’s a beautiful sight.”

I had never before watched live fucking and the sight of Adam’s cock sliding in and out of her asshole was arousing and captivating. I was already dripping wet but I felt a renewed tingle between my legs. I put my hand on my clit and started to rub it as I watched my husband fuck this beautiful woman in the ass. I wanted him to be pumping his cock into me.

Josie moaned and grunted the word yes every time the front of Adam’s hips touched the back of her thighs and her ass cheeks. “Faster. Harder.” she said. “I want to feel your balls slap against my cunt.”

I reached down and wrapped my index finger and thumb around the base of Adam’s erection as he pumped into Josie. I wanted the feeling that I was pushing him into her, as if his cock was a dildo.

Adam leaned his head down and planted a kiss on the top of my head. “That’s so sexy he said.” “Let me get on my back,” said Josie. I think you’re close to shooting your load, and I want to see your face when it happens.”

Josie flipped over on her back and pulled her legs back and apart, holding them in place with her hands positioned below the bend of her knees. Adam quickly mounted her again and resumed pumping. His body language and the sounds he was making told me that he was close to orgasm. Josie began to rub her clit. “I’m going to cum soon she said.”

“Me too” said Adam. He reached down and pushed his middle and ring finger into Josie’s cunny and began pressing up on her g-spot. “Your cunt is so fucking slippery”, he said. Josie’s body suddenly gave a quick shudder and went stiff. “I’m coming,” she said. Adam let out a long grunt and said “I’m coming.” I was the next domino to fall. “I’m coming,” I shouted. Together our noises sounded like a symphony orchestra during a tuning session except that our performance had just ended.

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