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With Lily still blindfolded and sitting alone in the back seat with her legs spread wide and the hem of her dress pulled up to her waist, I talked to Fiona about my plans for the three of us.

“My initial thought was to turn her into a fuck toy as soon as we got to the house, but after seeing how easily she cums, I’m not so sure I want to do that. Instead, I’m thinking you should put her to work helping with the chores you like the least. For instance, I’m fairly sure you’ve never liked scrubbing the toilets. To make it a little more interesting for everybody, I’d like Lily to be responsible for cleaning the toilets, but instead of using a regular scrub brush, I’ll have her hold the brush between her teeth and get her head inside the bowl. That way she’ll be able to see that she doesn’t miss any places. I think the garbage cans outside are due for a good cleaning, too. If we lay the cans on their sides, she can crawl inside and scrub them using the same technique as with the toilets. If there are other things you want her to do, feel free to put her to work. If she ever complains or does a less than satisfactory job, let me know.

As far as sex is concerned, I want her to learn from you, Fiona. You already had wonderful cock sucking technique when you came to me and I want you to teach her everything you know about that. I think it’s only fair that you also teach her how to eat you. She’s here for your pleasure, too, not just mine. Don’t get carried away with it, though. If the house starts getting dirty or anything else is let go, you’ll both be punished.

Her father claims she’s a virgin, and judging from the way he looked at her when I had her remove her bra and panties, I’m leaning towards keeping her a virgin, at least her pussy, that is. I have a feeling he’d like to pop her cherry. I could be wrong about that so I’ll have to double-check with him, but for the time being, I’ll use her mouth and ass only. I’ve already fingered her with two fingers, so if you want to finger her, just use two, and if you want to insert anything else, keep it small. Regardless of who takes her virginity, she should still be tight for him. That reminds me… make sure she knows how to do Kegels and that she does them regularly.

Her ass will be used often. At first I want you to give her the enemas so she can learn what’s expected, and then she can do them herself. As long as she knows she’ll have to lick my cock clean after it’s been inside her, I think she’ll get the hang of it, but just to be sure, you give her the first two or three.

Any questions yet, Fiona?”

“Sir, I noticed she still has hair down below. Are you going to have it lasered like mine?”

“Good question! If I was going to keep her, I’d go with the permanent removal, but since I’m just supposed to train her, it could be that her new owner will want her natural. So, I want you to wax her. Everything from her eyebrows down.”

“What about her long hair, sir?”

“Once again, because I don’t know what her new owner will want, I don’t think we should shave her head or even cut it any. Instead, braid it into two pigtails. That’ll make it easy to grab and when she’ll be working, it can be tied together to get it out of the way. It might even come in handy when I’ve got her strung up.”

“Are you going to pierce her anywhere, sir?”

“Not right away. Maybe not at all. But maybe I’ll pierce her pussy lips and put a padlock on her. A big, heavy one that’ll stretch her lips and make her walk funny.”

Fiona and I laughed out loud after that comment. I turned to see how Lily was doing and saw what was most likely a horrified girl. I then glanced out of the car and realized we’d be at the house very soon.

“Lily, when we get to the house, I’ll remove the blindfold and your dress. There’s no need for you to wear anything because the nearest neighbors are about a mile away. Don’t worry. Fiona will be naked, too. A lot of the time, I’ll be naked. Whenever I am naked and get near enough to touch you, that’s the signal that you’re to stop whatever you’re doing and prepare to be used. In the beginning I’ll help you know what I want. Eventually you’ll learn to recognize the signals and know whether you should open your mouth or make your ass hole available. I’ll let Fiona work with you so you’ll know what she wants. And this is just as important… you are never to touch yourself unless you’re told to. If you’re ever caught pleasuring yourself, the consequences will be severe. Any questions?”

“No, sir,” she quietly responded.

Fiona turned off the road and onto the winding driveway to the house. In another minute she pulled the car into the oversized garage and turned off the engine.

“Oh, it’s good to be home again!” I sighed loudly. “Come on, Fiona. Let’s get the new girl out of the car and ready to go inside.”

Fiona got out and walked quickly to my side, opened the door for me and asked, “Do you want to inspect her, or shall I, sir?”

“After she’s out of the car and undressed, we’ll both take her to the backyard, bind her to the St. Andrew’s Cross and I’ll hose her down. After she’s air dried, you can braid her hair and get started with the waxing. I’ll be happy to spread her cheeks so you can get in and do a thorough job on her ass hole. I may even stick the hose up her butt for a quick flushing so I can fuck her before you get to the rest of her body.”

Fiona look a little upset. “But, sir! I’ve already cleaned and prepared my ass for you! And it’s been days since you last used me! Please fuck me, sir!”

“Well…” I grinned at her. “Let’s get her out of the car and onto the cross and I’ll decide then.”

Fiona helped Lily out of the back of the car. I removed the blindfold and then lifted the dress up over her head and pulled it off. I looked down and saw her still dirty pussy, and while shaking my head said calmly, “I see you’re going to need a lot of practice with the wiping. Well, come along girl. And take off those shoes.”

Barefooted and naked, Lily looked extremely concerned. Fiona and I each took one of her arms and guided her to the back of the garage, through the doorway and into the backyard. In a clearing stood a large wooden “X” shaped cross secured to a slightly elevated platform. Up and down each side of the boards that formed the cross were heavy metal rings with buckling leather straps attached.

“Face up, sir?” asked Fiona as she removed her skin-tight, white, ribbed knit racerback tank dress.

Fiona’s tanned and toned body aroused me but I wanted to tease her just a bit. “I don’t know. Maybe not. Let’s get her butt in plain view. I can hose down all the important places with her like that, don’t you think?”

“But, sir. Don’t you want to be able to spray her tits and pussy, too? And don’t you want to use me as soon as you’ve rinsed off the dirt on her?”

“Well, it has been a couple of days since I last touched you, and she hasn’t been waxed or cleaned out. Yeah, let’s put her on the cross face up.”

I turned to Lily and told her, “Go ahead. Stand up there. Raise your arms and spread your feet apart so we can cuff you in position.”

Lily hesitated, remaining completely still. I backhanded one of her tits leaving a bright red mark in the shape of my fingers. “I’m sorry, sir,” she whimpered. She stepped up and positioned herself on the cross. The cross was made for Fiona who is taller than Lily, so Lily’s arms and legs were really spread apart. Fiona fastened the straps on the left side and I fastened the ones on the right.

Fiona brought the hose to me and whispered in my ear, “I drained out the warm water, sir. It’s very cold now.”

“If I wasn’t going to use you in a couple of minutes, I’d give you a test spray right now. Maybe I’ll rinse you out when I’m done, How about that?”

“Oh, please don’t, sir! Don’t you want to watch her lick it out?”

“Actually, that does sound better. Step back so you don’t get wet.”

“Alright, girl,” I said to Lily. “This is probably going to feel a little bit cold and it may even sting a little, but I want to get all the dirt and grit off you. I’m going to wash off all of your bits and while you’re drying, you can watch me enjoy Fiona’s ass. If you’re dry by the time I’m finished, Fiona will start with your wax to remove all those little hairs on your body. If you’re still wet, I’ll tilt the cross down to its horizontal position so you can lick the cum out of Fiona’s ass. Now, before I turn the hose on you, tell me what you are.”

“I’m your slave, sir,” she replied.

“And what are you going to do?”

“I’ll do everything you say, sir.”

“That’s right!” I then aimed the hose at her pussy, turned the nozzle on full blast and watched her body jerk and strain against the bindings.

“Come here, Fiona, and lick my cock and balls.”

Fiona kneeled at my feet and sucked one of my balls into her mouth, rolling her tongue all around it. She gently let it ease out of her mouth and then sucked in the other one, this time sucking a little stronger while gently stroking the full length of my cock with one of her hands. I aimed the hose up to Lily’s tummy for a few seconds while I delighted in the sensations I was receiving from Fiona’s tongue, lips and hand. “Damn, girl! I could get rich off you doing that to other men! But I’m keeping you all to myself.” I pointed the hose up to one of Lily’s tits and concentrated on splashing the cold water onto one nipple and then the other. Fiona let my ball out gently and then licked from the bottom of the sack all the way up to the tip of my cock before pausing to swirl her tongue around and around the head. She toyed with me, probing the urethra with the tip of her tongue. I repositioned the hose so it sprayed in between Lily’s spread thighs. “You keep this up and I’m liable to cum in your mouth. Better get up and get ready for me to enter your ass.”

As Fiona got up and positioned herself on the fucking bench a few yards across from the cross, I moved closer to the cross and sprayed Lily’s backside. Between the cold water and the slight breeze, her nipples were hard as a rock and her body was covered with goose bumps. Every tiny hair stood straight up. I put the hose within an inch of her pussy, spread the lips apart with one hand and let the water flow onto her clit and down between her lips. I then shut off the nozzle, tossed the hose to the ground and told Lily, “Watch me use Fiona’s ass. Watch how she relaxes to let me inside. Watch and learn because that will be you before much longer.”

“Yes, sir, I’ll watch.”

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