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Limousine: Around Atlanta

“Where has she gone?” David wondered to himself. His wife, Beth, left their table shortly after they arrived at Opera and had not returned. She had been gone nearly an hour now. Luckily, he had not been bored. There were plenty of people to watch. Nevertheless, David had become concerned about his wife’s welfare. He held his glass at a slant and studied the rest of his Glenlivet, which he drank neat. Downing the rest of it, he placed his glass in the center of the cocktail napkin with the intent of looking for Beth.

“David, I want you to meet someone.” It was Beth’s voice. David looked up to see Beth standing beside an attractive blond–haired woman. She was a few inches shorter than his statuesque wife and lean. Her breasts were small, what David called “teacup” size, but they matched her body well.

“This is Karen. I met her in the ladies room. We’ve been having a very interesting conversation at the bar.” Beth continued her introduction.

David was intrigued. He stood and said, “I’m glad to meet you, Karen. Won’t you join us?” David pulled back the chair beside him for his wife and she sat. He then pulled back another chair beside Beth for their new acquaintance.

“Would you like a drink? I was just about to order another scotch.” David asked Karen politely. He saw no reason to tell his wife he was just about to look for her.

“Thank you. I’ve been drinking Salty Dogs.” Karen replied.

“How about you, baby? Would you like to have something to drink?” David asked his wife with a smile.

“I’ll have a frozen strawberry daiquiri,” Beth returned her husband’s smile. David wondered what his wife was up to. He signaled the waitress, and soon everyone had their selected libation in hand.

“Whatever have you two been discussing for the past hour?” David began in an effort to satisfy his curiosity.

“Nothing but girl talk, baby!” Beth interjected.

Resigned to the conclusion he was not going to find out anything until his wife was ready, David nursed his drink and made small talk his wife and their new acquaintance. When they finished their drinks, David asked, “Would either of you like another drink? I’m afraid I have reached my limit of two this evening, so I won’t be joining you for another round.”

“Its loud in here,” Beth raised her voice above the music, “and the smoke is beginning to get to me. Why don’t we go someplace we can talk? Is the limo outside?”

“It certainly is. Where do you want to go?” David asked.

“No place in particular. I just want a quite place to talk and to get some fresh air. Is that okay?” Beth offered.

“Of course, sexy!” David smiled. He stood, reached into his pocket for his money clip, and left an appropriate tip for the waitress. Motioning with his hand toward the door, David said with mock chivalry, “After you, ladies.”

Beth, Karen and David left the club. In the parking lot, David signaled the limo driver. He parked the car in the valet area and opened the passenger door for the two ladies. David thought he saw the driver flash a too familiar smile at Beth. As he entered the limousine behind the ladies, he instructed the driver to drive around Atlanta for a while.

“Very well, sir,” the driver responded formally and closed the door behind David.

The long car left the parking lot without any destination. The ladies sat beside each other on the seat facing the front of the car. David sat on the seat opposite the ladies. After several minutes of listening to small talk and laughter between his wife and their new friend, David’s could not contain his curiosity.

“So, what have you ladies been discussing?” David opened the conversation.

“Ohhh, we’ve been bad,” Beth answered her husband. Karen giggled, leaned in toward Beth and grabbed her right arm.

“Yeah? What have you been doing?” David probed.

“We’ve been talking . . . Karen wants to lick my pussy, don’t you?” Beth turned her head toward Karen, who was still holding top of Beth’s arm in both hands and had laid her head on her shoulder.

“Uh huuhh,” Karen intoned. She rubbed her hand in a slow circle on the flat of Beth’s chest and giggled again. “I want to lick her pussy, . . . suck on her clit . . . and show her what I can do for her.”

Beth adjusted her position on the seat and asked, “What else?”

“I want . . .,” Karen began slowly and looked at David. “I want you to fuck me in the ass while I lick Beth’s pussy . . .. That was Beth’s idea!” Karen sat up as she finished her statement.

Now it was David’s turn to squirm. His dick started to harden. “Well, well, you ladies have been bad. I’m not even going to ask how this conversation started.”

“Karen was complaining about her boyfriend in the bathroom and said, ‘I just need a good pussy!’” Beth began.

“Yeah, and Beth said, ‘I got a good pussy.’” Karen took over the story. “Beth invited me over to the bar to talk about it.”

“I told her about my fantasy of watching you fuck someone in the ass,” Beth took over the explanation.

“She told me about you, and said y’all had a limousine we could ride around in. By the time it was over, I said ‘what the hell?’ and now . . . here we are!” The pitch of Karen’s voice rose as she finished the story.

Karen turned toward Beth and, with a mischievous twinkle in her eyes, kissed Beth. Beth returned the kiss, and they kissed again. With a broad smile, David sank back into the seat to watch. Karen brought her right hand up to Beth’s left tit. They kissed again. More small kisses. Karen dropped her hand and moved it under Beth’s short skirt. She rubbed Beth through her thong. Already it was soaked with her juices. Beth slid down into the seat and spread her legs to give Karen better access to her moo. Karen rubbed Beth’s pussy in circles centering on her clit. She started with light pressure in slow circles and increased the pressure as she rubbed faster.

Karen slid from the seat beside Beth and knelt between her open legs. Karen leaned forward and kissed Beth again. With her hands on both sides of Beth’s hips, Karen lifted her skirt. Beth raised her hips slightly and the material slipped over her buttocks up to her waist. Karen grasped the narrow sides of Beth’s black thong and pulled them past her hips. Beth lifted first her left then right foot to allow Karen to completely remove her thong. As Karen bent to the side to pull the thong off Beth’s right foot, David could see his wife’s juices glistening on her lips. He rubbed himself a little harder.

Parting Beth’s knees with her hands, Karen kissed the inside of her right thigh. She kissed her left thigh. Then, leaving a trail of kisses up her left thigh, she reached Beth’s sopping wet pussy. Beth reached down and spread the lips of her cunt with the index and middle fingers of her right hand. Karen flattened her tongue and broadly licked Beth’s pussy from her taint to her clit. Beth moaned appreciatively.

“Ohhhhhhh, yeah . . .” Beth leaned her head back and closed her eyes with pleasure. “That feels soooo good!”

Karen kissed and nibbled the outer lips of Beth’s pussy. Periodically, she sucked one or the other of her pussy lips into her mouth and rolled it with her lips. Having generously lavished the attention of her lips and tongue on Beth’s dripping cunt, Karen flicked the bottom of her hole with the end of her tongue before plunging its entire length into her. Over and over she forced the length of her tongue between the folds of Beth’s lips. Curling the tip of her tongue up, she drug it along the top of her canal. Just as her tongue reached the entrance to Beth’s pussy, she flicked it up against her clit. Memorized David continued to unconsciously rub his fully hard dick through his pants as he watched the two hot women before him.

“Oh fuck, you lick pussy so good!” Beth moaned, her head still pressed against the back of seat with her eyes closed. Beth’s words jolted David out of his trace. He remembered the second part of the fantasy.

As Karen flattened her tongue and began to grind it against Beth’s cit, David leaned back against his seat and pushed his pants and underwear to the floor of the car. Kneeling behind Karen, he pushed her skirt up and removed her thong. Although she assisted in removing her thong, Karen’s focus on Beth’s pussy did not flag. David rubbed the fingers of his right hand down the cleft of Karen’s ass, past her taint and into her steamy, wet pussy. He rubbed the nub of her clit back and forth many timed before allowing three of his fingers to plunge into the depths of Karen’s pussy.

“Oh god, Karen, keep licking! I want you to make me cum!” Beth encouraged Karen as she watched her husband finger–fuck Karen. “That’s it, lick my pussy good!”

Beth reached into her purse and tossed a small bottle of Astro-Glide lubricant to her husband. David deftly opened the bottle with one hand. Dropping a small amount on the tips of the fingers of his right hand, David massaged the liquid onto Karen’s puckered, brown hole. When it seemed pliable, he inserted a finger into her ass. Karen moaned. She stopped licking Beth only long enough to look back at David. Returning her brief look, David inserted two fingers into her ass.

“Ohhhhhhh, ohh . . .,” Karen moaned as she turned back to Beth’s clit.

Satisfied she was ready, David poured more Astro–Glide into the palm of his hand and oiled his cock with it. Holding his dick in his right hand, David positioned the head of his dick against the rosebud of Karen nether hole. Karen felt the head of David’s dick touch her backdoor. She moaned again and then re–focused her attention on Beth’s clit. She fantasized about giving her new friend an explosive orgasm as she got fucked in the ass. She had never had anal sex. She had started imagining what it might be like when she saw it on the Internet. Her curiosity had grown in discussions with her girlfriends. Lately it fueled her fantasies while she masturbated.

David pushed the head of his dick against Karen’s anal opening. After momentary resistance, he felt it give way and the head of his cock popped inside. David stopped. Karen felt a quick, sharp pain followed by a warm, full sensation. She stuck her tongue into Beth’s hole and rotated it around her opening to her clit, which she gently took between her top teeth and her bottom lip. David slowly pushed the rest of his cock into Karen’s ass, stopping only when he felt his hips against Karen’s butt. She took a quick breath. Her ass burned. She felt the heft of David’s dick.

“Ohhhh, oh . . . ahhhhh!” The pain was evident in her voice. Then, afraid her fantasy would end, Karen tried to bravely encourage David. “Oh yeah, . . . fuck my ass!”

Karen’s voice betrayed her trepidation. Karen turned her attention back to the dripping snatch in front of her hoping to take her mind off her ass for the moment. Beth reached down with her left hand and began forcefully rubbing her clit in a circular motion. Beth masturbated while Karen licked her and she watched David pull his dick back to its head and thrust it into Karen. She watched as he repeated the assault over and over, increasing the tempo and force of his thrusts.

“Oh god, . . . no! . . . no! . . . oh god, no!” Karen cried. The pain was excruciating. She could no longer attend to Beth. Beth settled deeply back into the car seat and masturbated vigorously while she watched her husband ass–fuck Karen. David held the struggling Karen by her hips and pulled her roughly back to impale her on his cock.

“Noooooooo! Oh fuck! No . . . no . . . no . . . nooooo!” Tears were streaming down Karen’s face. Her eyes were red. Her face was flushed. Her mouth was contorted in pain. She fell on her right shoulder to the floorboard of the car. Reaching back between her legs with her right hand, she began rubbing her clit urgently. A wave of pleasure emanated from her clit and combined instantly with the pain into ecstasy.

Beth watched her husband continue to slam his cock into the ass of the woman in front of her. She watched her frantically rubbing her clit and heard her sobs and cries of pain. A familiar pressure began building in Beth’s loins. She rubbed her clit harder and with more fervency.

“Oh god, . . . stop . . . stop . . . no! No, don’t stop!” Karen sobbed as her ass was assailed. She didn’t know what she wanted. She only knew she wanted to cum desperately.

Beth concentrated on scene before her: her husband roughly plunging his cock into Karen’s ass, the sound of his balls and hips slapping against her cheeks, and the cries of the woman as she brought herself to orgasm . . . and suffered the pain of being fucked in the ass. Beth immersed herself in the woman’s pain.

“Fuck her ass, David! Fuck it good!” Beth insisted. “Tear her ass up!”

Pain was her catalyst. Beth felt her own orgasm erupting, bursting forth from her core.

“Ah, . . . ah . . . ah . . . ahg . . . ahg . . . ahhhhhhggggg . . . ahg!” Beth’s staccato bursts heralded the arrival of her orgasm. The intensity of her contractions forced a deluge of juices from her cunt in short and long squirts. She drenched her stomach, legs and the floor of the car.

“Oh lord, . . .” Beth laughed.

When he saw his wife cumming, David felt his cock swell. It was preparing to unload the contents of his balls into Karen’s ass. Looking right at Beth’s face in the throes of orgasm, he shoved his cock deep into Karen. He felt his balls and cock spasm as he shot rope after rope of his seed into Karen’s bowels.

Karen felt David’s dick erupt. His orgasm spurred her own orgasm. The intense pleasure of orgasm pushed through the pain in her ass and exploded within her. She continued to rub her clit and pussy even after her orgasm subsided. David pulled his dick out of Karen. As he sat back on the car seat exhausted, he watched a glob of sperm drip from her asshole to the floor. Exhausted, Karen fell to her side on the floor in front of David and Beth.

After a brief repose, David tapped the privacy panel. The driver lowered it four inches.

“Back to the club, if you please.” David directed.

“Yes sir!” The driver responded.

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