bisexual male

This story contains bisexual sex between 2 guys and a girl. If this isn’t your thing, don’t read it!

It all started the summer after I turned 18. I was a little bi-curious to say the least (actually I was more than curious, I wanted a dick in my ass!) but was always too scared to do anything about it. See I LOVED anal. I mean LOVED it. Honestly, I liked fingering my ass more than “rubbing one out.” I got to the point where I could nearly fist my own ass! I felt like a pornstar.

A bit about me before I tell you any more. I’m about 6’2 with dirty blonde hair and hazel eyes. I work out a lot, so I’m in pretty good shape. I’m really lean, not huge and muscular at all.

One of my favorite things to do was go to craigslist and look at the different “mw4m” postings because yea I wanted a dick but I really liked girls. Then one day I found the perfect listing:

MW4 BI guy

Looking for a truly bi guy to be fucked by my gf and I. She wants someone to eat her pussy and I want a shaved ass to fuck. Must be HIV- and DDF.

Me-6’4 195 lbs 8.5″ 26 years old

Her-5’5 120 lbs medium tits, nice tight ass

You- 18-22 hwp, enjoy anal, submissive

“This is it!!” I thought to myself. I quickly sent the couple an email saying that I was their man. While I nervously waited for their reply I started to get really hard and began playing with myself. Then I realized that I hadn’t shaved in almost a week, so I ran upstairs and jumped in the shower.

I soaped up and shaved everything from my legs up. I was smooth and sexy and I knew it!Since I figured I had the time I began soaping up my ass again. I could feel my cheeks sliding against each other and my little asshole begging to be fingered. With an invitation like that, who was I to deny it? I began sucking on two of my fingers imagining they were the cock I would be sucking later that day then brought them down and slowly slid them into my asshole. I was so turned on at the time that I literally moaned!

After going to town on my ass for a few minutes I rinsed off and got out of the shower. I walked downstairs (naked cause who doesn’t love walking around naked!?) and checked my email. To my surprise the couple had emailed me back already! My cock instantly sprang back to full hardness as I opened the email. I was so nervous I could barely breathe! I could feel my heart thumping in my throat and I felt as though I was going to throw up.

Dear Allen,

We would love to fuck you tonight. Please be at our place no later than 8 o clock. Come loose and ready;)


Tom and Cindy

I was so excited I could barely concentrate for the rest of the day. Finally around 630 I started getting ready. First I grabbed my dildo (a nice, thick, veiny 6″ deal) and started lubing it up. Then I got into bed and began fingering my ass while stroking my cock (7.5″ not too thick). After I loosened my ass up a bit I started teasing myself with the dildo.

I began to slowly push it into my ass, just the tip at first, but gradually pushing more and more in until it was balls deep in my ass. I moaned out load and began stroking my cock again. I sat up and began riding the dildo hard moaning louder and louder till I was about to cum. I laid back and stroked my cock till I came HARD. Thick, ropy streams of cum shot out getting the whole way up to my face! I licked off what cum I could reach with my tongue then got up and got in the shower.

After showering again I looked at the clock and saw that it was already 7:20! If I didn’t hurry up I was going to be late!! I put on shorts, long sleeve shirt, and sandals and hurried out to my car. If I was nervous before, I was near panic now.

Soon I arrived at Tom and Cindy’s house. It was a decent sized hrick house with white pillars in front. I walked up to the front door and reached to ring the door bell. Before my hand even touched the bell, the door open and a man (Tom I assumed). “Hi, you must be Allen, come in!” He said to me.

“That’s me!” I replied as I walked in. As soon as I was inside, I noticed that Tom was already naked! He was about 6’3 and seemed to be in good shape. He had black hair and dark brown, almost black eyes. I noticed all of this after I saw his cock. It was erect and covered in what I guessed to be Cindy’s juices. It was at least 8.5″ long and THICK. I started to get a little worried just looking at it.

“You like what you see?” Tom asked me

“I’m not going to lie, that’s almost a little scary! I’ve never had a cock in my ass before and you are way bigger than my dildo!”

“Not to worry, we’ll take it slow,” Tom said as he winked at me, “However lets get some ground rules down before we go up to Cindy. So basically you are going to suck my cock and get fucked in the ass by me. Cindy is probably just going to watch at first, but you’re pretty hot so she might join in pretty quick. When she does you’ll be eating her out, then you can fuck her ass or her pussy. You can cum as much as you want, in either hole, but whenever you cum you need to eat your cum out of her. I’m going to cum in your ass at least 3 times before the end of the night, and I expect to keep my cock in after I’ve cum, so you’re going to be pretty full. Sound good?”

“Of course!” I replied.

“Ok, take your clothes off.”

“Right here?”

“Yes! Take them off!”

“Okay,” I replied as I began removing my clothes. After I was naked Tom motioned for me to start going up the stairs.

“I’ll be up right behind you, I want to see that ass.” When I’d gone up a few steps I decided to tease Tom a bit, so I stopped and spread my ass cheeks showing my hairless ass and my nice pink hole.

“You mean this ass?” I said as I spanked myself.

“Mmmm yea, that’s the one, now hurry up and go upstairs! I want to fuck that tight little hole,” Tom replied as he smacked my other cheek.

I continued the rest of the way up the stairs and went into the only open door I saw. When I walked in, I saw what was easily the most beautiful girl I’d ever seen in my entire life. She was tall, at least 5’10, with long blonde hair and amazing tits. They weren’t small, but they weren’t huge either and her nipples were nice and small and erect. From there her stomach curved in in a perfect hourglass shape down to her ass which seemed to be amazing from what I could see.

“Hi…you must be Cindy” I stammered, still taken in by her beauty.

“Mhm, and you’re Allen I presume?” She purred back, her voice oozing sexuality.

“That’d be me. Wow…I’m sure you hear this all the time, but you are amazing!” I told her.

“That she does,” Tom said with a wink in her direction, “Shall we begin?”

“Sounds good to me, I can’t wait to get at that cock.” Cindy replied (and I really hoped she was talking about mine).

Tom went and sat down on a chair next to the bed and motioned for me. I walked partway there then got down on my knees and crawled the rest of the way, doing my best to look sexy. Once I got there, I began stroking his cock with one hand while I cradled his balls in the other. It felt even bigger than it looked! “Tom,” I said, “I have a confession…I’ve never even sucked a cock before. I’ll do my best, but keep in mind it’s my first time!”

“Would you look at that Cindy,” Tom said, “He’s a virgin to sucking cock and he said he’s never had one in his ass before either! Lucky us.” This was true, I was a virgin when it came to cock. Obviously I’d nailed plenty of girls before, I’d even had sex with a shemale or two. But I’d never even had sex with a guy before. I wanted to be the fuckee not the fucker. If I wanted ass, I’d screw a girl.

In response to Tom’s comment about being a cocksucking virgin, I decided to dive right in. I moved my hand further down his shaft and put the head of his cock into my mouth. It was far bigger than I expected, and I was almost wishing I’d found someone with a smaller cock for my first time. But now was not the time for regrets so I continued.

While the head was in my mouth I began stroking the shaft and playing with his balls. I started flicking my tongue around the head, trying to do to him what I liked girls to do to me. Then I took his cock out of my mouth and started licking up and down the entire shaft. I could taste Cindy’s pussy on the cock so I’m guessing they were fucking before I got there. I decided to go deeper and put his cock back in my mouth.

I started going deeper on the cock, taking more and more of it into my mouth. I got about 2/3 of the way down before I gagged…hard. I honestly thought I was going to throw up. I quickly pulled back but kept his cock in my mouth. I really actually enjoyed the taste of it. I wasn’t sure if it was his pre cum, or Cindy’s juices that I liked, but whatever it was, I liked it!

As I took his cock further in my mouth again (but not to the point of gagging, not yet at least) I felt something at my asshole. I quickly realized that it was Cindy’s tongue. She started rimming me, then full on eating my asshole. It was amazing! She was able to get her tongue surprisingly deep inside of my ass. I could have stayed like that forever, with her tongue in my ass and Tom’s cock in my mouth. Soon though, she stopped and backed away. Then I felt something else at my ass. This time it was her hand. She began to finger me, just one finger at first, but quickly adding a second then a third.

Her hand was small enough that I really think she could have fisted me, but she didn’t put any more than three in. She just took them out, added more lube, then put them back in. After repeating the lube, finger, lube cycle a few more times, she began to finger fuck me hard and fast. I started moaning around Tom’s cock.

Cindy continued to finger fuck my while Tom grabbed the back of my head and forced me further down onto his cock. I started gagging again but was able to control it a little this time and thankfully didn’t throw up (something tells me that would have ruined the evening). He kept my head down low on his cock, ALMOST to the bottom, then moaned loud and then let me up for some air. As I gasped he looked at me and said, “I want to fuck you’re ass sooo bad. I’m going to make you scream into Cindy’s pussy while you eat it I’m going to be fucking you so hard.”

At that point he pulled me up and Cindy took her fingers out of my ass. Tom picked me up (he was surprisingly strong for his size) and threw me onto the bed. He pulled me up onto my hands and knees and started rubbing his cock against my asshole. I looked back and saw him rub lube up and down his cock, then smear the rest of it into my ass crack.

I looked forward again and was surprised to see Cindy in front of me already. I hadn’t even heard her get on the bed!! She smiled at me and slid down a little so her pussy was right in front of my face. I could feel Tom teasing my ass with the tip of his cock as I began to lick Cindy’s pussy. I started by slowly sliding my tongue into her pussy since it was gaping a little from Tom pounding it earlier.

As I slid my tongue into her pussy, Tom began to slide his cock into my ass. It was as if I could feel every single inch slowly pushing in, stretching my asshole in ways it had never been stretched before. True to his word, I moaned loud into Cindy’s pussy as she moaned from the attention I was giving her. I began to lick all around right inside of her pussy, then I pulled back a little.

Tom was still slowly feeding his cock into my ass, at this point I’d guess he was about 4″ in. He stopped for a moment to allow my ass to get used to his girth, which I was very thankful for. I began to suck on Cindy’s “lower lips.” After doing this for a few seconds I moved up and began to lick around her clit. As she moaned, Tom suddenly thrust the rest of the way into my ass causing me to moan as well. I felt his balls slap against my ass and he kept his cock there for a minute as I went back to licking Cindy’s clit.

After he allowed my ass to get used to his cock, Tom began to fuck me, very slowly at first, with long deep strokes. He would pull his cock out until just the tip was still inside of my ass, then push it the whole way back in until his balls slapped against me. At one point he pulled his cock the whole way out and shouted almost triumphantly, “Look at that virgin ass gape!!”

“mmmhhhmmghhm!” was my reply as I was a little preoccupied with Cindy’s pussy. It wasn’t that I couldn’t feel my ass gaping, or his cock pounding me, but I really wanted to get Cindy off. It’s always my goal to make the girl I’m with cum. At this point I was literally sucking on her clit as if it was a little cock and fingering her pussy which was driving her wild. She was moaning even louder than I was!!

As if angry that I was giving Cindy a better time than he was giving me, Tom began to pound my ass harder and faster. He was still fucking me with deep long strokes, but the were much faster and his balls were slapping against me much harder. I felt like if anyone even touched my cock I would cum a gallon.

Soon, Cindy pushed my head away from her pussy as she came in my face. She didn’t squirt, but she definitely gushed! She looked at Tom and said, “I want his cock in me RIGHT now!!” In response, Tom forced his cock all the way in and pulled me back onto him so that I was riding him. Cindy positioned her well lubricated pussy over my cock and slid down onto me.

Something about her pussy, I’m not sure what it was, drove me wild. She wasn’t too tight, but it definitely wasn’t loose. When she got to the bottom of my cock I said, “Cindy, I’m really about to cum, you should ride me quick if you want my cock before I blow!”

She responded by riding up and down which forced me up and down a little on Tom’s cock. The sensation of having his large cock inside of me and Cindy’s amazing pussy wrapped around my cock was too much. I began squirting stream after stream of cum deep into her pussy. I could feel my ass contracting around Tom’s cock as I came, which in turn became to much for him and he began to cum in my ass!

Cindy slowly got off of my cock, careful not to spill any of my cum, and walked back around to the head of the bed where she was earlier. Tom, true to his word, didn’t remove his cock from my ass after cumming and continued pounding me hard. I couldn’t believe his stamina!

He forced me back into doggystyle which put my face right back into Cindy’s recently creampied pussy. There was already a little of my cum leaking out which I hurriedly licked up. I started tonguing her pussy again, trying to get as much of my cum as possible. I could feel Tom’s cum squelching around in my ass as he fucked me and the idea of it turned me on more than I would have ever imagined.

I continued slurping my cum out of Cindy’s pussy until she said, “I think you’ve gotten most of it. Remember what I did to you earlier? It’s time for you to return the favor.”

I didn’t even have time to respond before she’d rolled over onto her stomach and thrust her ass into my face. I’d never eaten a girl’s ass out before, so I was a little tentative…until Tom thrust his cock in extra hard which forced my tongue into her ass. “In for a penny in for a pound,” I thought to myself and began licking around her asshole. Surprisingly (or maybe I was just ignorant), it didn’t taste horrible, it was just like licking anywhere else on her body. I began to enthusiastically rim her, again determined to get her off.

Tom started pounding my ass hard, and I realized that I was hard again. I wanted to get Cindy’s ass nice and lubed so I could pound it. Tom kept fucking me harder and faster until all the sudden he came in my ass HARD. I could feel his cock spasming deep in my ass and I swear I could feel the cum leaking out into me. He moaned and slowly pulled his cock out, but not before reaching over the side of the bed and grabbing something. Once he’d pulled the whole way out he pushed something back in and I realized that what he’d grabbed was a butt plug.

“I’m just gonna take a little break…this has taken more out of me than it normally does,” Tom said exasperatedly while he sat back in the chair that he had been in while I sucked on his cock. I turned back and continued eating out Cindy’s asshole until it was soaked with my saliva. I then backed away and lined my cock up with her asshole.

I started teasing her ass while I reached around and began rubbing her nipples. I slowly began inserting my cock into her ass until I was balls deep. Then I began fucking her hard. I knew that I wouldn’t be able to las long with the butt plug pressing on my prostate like it was and I wanted to make the most of the time I had in her tight ass.

Given the way she was reacting, I’m fairly sure Tom didn’t spend much time with Cindy’s ass. She was extremely tight and was definitely fairly new to the whole anal thing. I decided to make the most of it and began pounding in and out, hard and deep. I began playing with her clit with one hand while I spanked her with the other, then began pinching her nipples. Soon, she began to cum. I could feel her ass begin contracting around my cock and I couldn’t hold it in any longer. I began to spray cum deep into her ass in what was easily one of the most satisfying orgasms of my life.

After I’d finished cumming I pulled out of Cindy’s ass and collapsed backwards as she fell forwards. We were all exhausted to say the least. Despite Tom’s boast of cumming at least 3 times in my ass, he couldn’t move to fuck me and I was too tired to get up. Without realizing it, all three of us fell asleep.

I woke up the next morning spooning with Cindy, my cock nestled between her ass cheeks. Tom was still asleep on the chair as my cock began to stir. Cindy woke up as it poked her right in the ass. She looked back at me and said, “Again?” with a wink.

… be continued….?

This was my first story so any constructive (read positive AND negative) would be greatly appreciated! Also I’m considering continuing along this story line, but I also have a few other ideas I’d like to hash out, so if anyone would like to read more like this or something a little different (probably something strictly straight, maybe with Cindy) let me know!

While safe-sex was practiced during the making of this fantasy, condoms and such don’t make an appearance here, it is assumed that in real life, those rascals would be wrapped. The producer would also like you to know that no animals were harmed during the making of this epic.


I was sitting on the super king-sized bed of the hotel room, propped up by the cushioned headboard. Both my hands were pumping a rabbit vibrator in and out of my steamy pussy. With the extension head just rubbing my clit and the rest of it buzzing the walls, I was able to stay just below orgasm, or rather a very long and drawn out orgasm. I was fulfilling a fantasy and I was loving every minute of it. My two chat room masturbation buddies were sucking each others cocks right here in front of me and it turned me on like never before. I think I should explain how I, a “good girl”, got here in the first place…

For months, I have been meeting Ray and Jonas on an erotic story web site. Their chat and messaging is excellent and we have had some lively three-way conversations. Ray is an author of several stories. I like his style and subjects. The stories always turn me on and I have fingered myself to satisfying orgasms on several occasions. His stories are romantic and some have bi-sexual themes which, I quickly discovered, had the most impact upon me…and my pussy. Women don’t do it for me. One of my long-time fantasies is to have two men in bed with me and with each other.

I met Ray in the chat room and I must have sounded like a gushing fan the way I went on but he was very cool with it and appreciative of my compliments. We got to talking and before you knew it, we were chatting for a little while on a few weeknights. We talked about fantasy and masturbation and sex and, on a couple of nights, we even brought each other off. He was surprised that I didn’t own a vibrator. He talked openly about his bisexuality and I told him of my inhibitions, my “good girl” image and my secret side, my wild and uninhibited fantasies. I told him about how no one knows about the wild sex dreams I have, about how I must masturbate at least once a day, about how I daydream of performing acts so alien to my real lifestyle that it would shock everyone who knows me. In the past, I never acted on these urges. It was not that I repressed them, it was more like my private business and separate.

A few weeks into our cyber-relationship, Jonas made a request to join us. He, too, was a big fan of Ray’s stories. And, like me, had little experience in the world Ray described. He, too, lived a secret fantasy world. A couple of weeks ago, the three of us chatted and cammed as we brought each other off – or rather, Ray told us a story and got us off. It was fun watching them fist themselves as I’m sure they enjoyed watching me spread my shaved pussy lips as I diddled my clit.

I knew what their privates looked like and I liked what I saw. Ray had placed pictures online as had I but Jonas didn’t and I was very curious to see his face. About two weeks ago, in one of our rare intellectual moments, I chided Jonas for not revealing himself. I suggested that while his cock looked hot, the rest of him might be troll.

I told him, “Two people having sex is called a twosome, three people having sex is called a threesome, four people having sex is called a foursome… Now I know why they call you handsome.”

He couldn’t take the ribbing any longer and he turned his cam toward his face. Damn, he was very handsome indeed. I guess he was modest or perhaps afraid to reveal himself on the web. Ray and I both complimented him on his good looks, great body and sensational cock, all eight or so inches of it.

Ray made a suggestion. Since he lives about a hundred miles east, Jonas about a hundred miles south and I live in the city, he said, “Why don’t the three of us meet in the city for dinner. I’ll take a hotel room and if things are cool, we can go back to my room and fulfill some fantasies. What do you say?” After some hemming and hawing, it was decided that we would meet. We made an agreement that if anyone wanted to back out, they could but once we got to the room, it was party time. This was a great leap for me. After of years of dreaming about it, I was going to do it. No one ever had to know. This time, it felt different, perhaps even safer. True, I didn’t know these men but there was an intimacy between us which seemed to bridge many fears. Maybe I didn’t care. Maybe I just wanted this to happen.

I spent my idle thoughts either being scared or being incredibly turned on by the thoughts of our impending adventure. Here I am, Miss Goody Two-Shoes who never kisses on the first date, preparing to meet two men, one bisexual, the other a curious man with bi-fantasies and me, who would love just once to try double penetration. Most of all, I want to watch two men worship each others penises. As the day approached, my panties were in a constant state of dampness. I know that a few times, some of my co-workers gave me a funny look. Inside, I knew what that look meant because if I could smell myself, they most surely could as well.The very thought that I, the last person you would ever think, was going to step into the forbidden recesses of my dreams and actually live them out. Me? I was going to get royally fucked, too! Finally! Ooh, I felt so wicked.

These thoughts drove me crazy all this past week. I refrained from touching myself because I wanted to be good and horny come Friday night. I so anticipated this adventure, I left work early to get myself prepared. I lounged in the scented and oiled bath. Naturally, I made sure my pussy was smooth and bare. I dressed carefully trying several panty and bra sets until I selected the dark blue thong and the matching see-though bra that displayed my round B-cups to their best. The silk blouse plunged enough to keep their eyes enchanted and the dicks extended. My skirt was not low enough to be considered slutty but I sure felt that way. My boots added some spice. I was ready. I loved the way I looked; sort of hot stuff/slut/bohemian. Tonight, I was going to be bad and it was good.

Ray said he would be sitting at the bar wearing a black jacket with a red scarf around his neck. I saw him immediately and I was impressed. For an older man, he was very attractive and in excellent shape. He looked like the well-heeled Hamptonian he was. At a little over six foot and with a full head of black hair, he made a formidable impression. I sidled up to him,

“Buy a girl a drink?”

“Taylor! Finally, we meet! Hello. Aren’t you beautiful!” His eyes dropped into my cleavage. “And sexy, too. This will be a wonderful night.”

“Ray, you look better than your pictures or the cam. I’m looking forward to this!”

“Am I interrupting?” It was Jonas, all six feet two and skinny. He came off looking young with a nerdy style but he was very good looking and, also, I could tell he was scared. I leaned over and kissed his cheek as I took his hand.

“Jonas, it is great to meet you. You look delicious to me and I think we’re going to have fun tonight.”

Ray leaned over and shook his hand. “We’re going to have a wonderful time, you two. First, let’s have something to eat. I’m starving.”

We were led to a small table on the banquette. As the restaurant was filled with diners, we had to keep our voices down. Our hands were another story entirely as we had become touchy-feely with each other, above and below the table.

The dinner and the wine was delicious. Our chat was warm and affectionate. Several times, I noticed them staring at my cleavage and so I leaned down giving them a better view. It made me wet to know that I was making these two lust for me. I could control their every movement by how much I leaned over and exposed my breasts. Oh, the power!

Dinner ended and Ray picked up the tab. He steered us toward the elevator. Jonas and I were nervous. Hell, I’d say I was a little scared, too. After a few stops, the three of us were alone until it reached his floor. “This is your last chance to back out,” he said. “From here, only pleasure awaits. From here, these is no judgement, no shame, no curiosity – just pleasure. If at any time, someone does not want to do something, let’s agree on a safe word. How about ‘Peace’.”

The elevator stopped and we all walked out together. “Peace is a good word. I like it.”

“I Like it, too.”

“Then it is agreed.” He keyed the slot and the door opened into a foyer. Ray had a suite on a top floor. As we entered the living room, the windows opened out on a spectacular vista of twinkling lights. “Jonas? Will you pour some drinks from the bar. There’s some good red wine on the shelf. There’s also booze and beer there, too. The bathroom is over here. I’ll be back in a moment, I’m going to the other bathroom.”

Jonas went to to the bar as I took to the powder room. When I returned, he’d set up three shots of tequila and three cold beers. I smiled at his choice. Normally, I would have preferred the wine but tonight? Tonight I was going to be wild.

Ray walked out of the bedroom with a lit joint in one hand and a package in the other. The rest of him was naked, not even socks.

“Here’s to fun,” said Jonas holding up his glass. We did the salt and lime thing, drank them down and then swigged the cold brew.

“Ahhh,” sighed Ray, “that was tasty. Almost as tasty as the cleavage you’ve been serving us all night!”

I took the joint and puffed. “And did I make your cock hard?”

He took my hand and wrapped it around his stiffy. Jonas was next to me watching. I felt his hands stroke my back as I stroked Ray’s wonderfully warm bone. Jonas began to kiss my neck and my earlobe. Damn, that earlobe. It does me every time. I leaned around and we kissed, first sweetly and then with hunger.

Ray pulled away from me and relit the joint. “And this is for you, Taylor.”

“I love gifts!” What could it be?” I ripped the wrapping off and in the box was a rabbit vibrator.

“I couldn’t bear the fact that you didn’t own a vibrator. Now you do. A pretty girl like you should make that gorgeous pussy purr regularly.”

“I love it, Ray. Thank you. I don’t think I ever had the guts to buy one myself.”

“Use it well.”

“Oh, believe me, I will!”

“Now, if you will take your drinks. This way, please.”

The bedroom was dimly lit. It, too, had a fantastic view of the cityscape. The super-king-sized bed dominated. Jonas put his drink down and began to strip off his clothes. I just stood and watched as he carefully removed an article, folded it and laid it on a chair. When he was finally down to his underwear, his large package looked enticing. He lowered his tighty-whities and his large, eight-inch, fist-thick, uncut cock popped out, both Ray and I were audibly impressed. I think I gasped. I was struck by the thought of that large penis filling every square inch of me.

“I guess it’s my turn, huh? You, too, get on the bed and I’ll strip for you.”

I went over to the radio and found my favorite station. I listened for a few seconds and then began my striptease. Very sexy. I slowly opened my blouse and opened my bra. My breasts swung just behind the silk of the blouse and rubbed against my nipples. I removed my bra and tossed it off the side of the bed. I unzipped my dress and let it fall to the floor. I slowly removed the blouse and dropped it. I was now stripped down to my panties, highlighted by my knee-high boots, I moved onto the bed. My breasts swung free and I know they looked good. I leaned over and took each cock, kissing and licking each gently and carefully. I sat back and asked them to remove my boots for me. Each boot was a thrill as well as an amusing ice-breaker. As they pulled off my boots, their hands traveled up and down my legs. When I was finally barefoot, they began to massage my feet.

“Wait a second.” I slowly removed my thong. To be honest, the thing was drenched and becoming uncomfortable. I was glad to be rid of it. Now, naked, with two men at my feet and my exposed sex at their eye, I nodded. “Okay, you can return to that divine foot massage now.”

I leaned back and let their hands do me. For the next hour or so, I was the queen and subject to the devotion of two men bringing me on a roller coaster of pleasure. All for me. Ray squirted some oil into his hands and passed the bottle to Jonas. From my toes to my soles to my heels and then my thighs and then my ass. As one set of hands worked my back, another pair of hands parted my ass cheeks so a tongue could rim me. By the time I turned over, I knew I was leaking like bad faucet. And I didn’t care. I wanted this and so far, I was loving this. A lot. I let my body slide under the strong hands and fingers and lips. Sometimes, a hard cock might find its way into my waiting hand. While Jonas was massaging my breasts, his cock rested on my forehead as I licked the tip.

When I was stroked, caressed and probed enough, Ray had Jonas sit propped up against the headboard. Ray had me sit down on his cock as I faced him. As I worked myself down his dance pole, my muscles gripped around him and sucked all of him in. Ray held me from behind and rubbed my breasts. I felt his cock sliding against my back. Then I felt him rubbing his finger along my back door. I wiggled back against him. Meanwhile, I was planted on Jonas’s cock as we slowly ground together.

Ray had slipped down and was now licking from my asshole to the taint, to Jonas’s balls and back. Jonas groaned, “Ray is licking my balls. Oh, that feels good.”

Then it was a well-oiled digit up my ass that felt good as Jonas and I found the spot inside and squirmed around on it. Damn, it felt good. Ray lifted me a little and then slid his well-oiled tube into my chute. I bore down on him and I bore down on Jonas. The two of them began a seesaw sort of motion as I rocked back and forth between them. I’d experienced anal sex a few times in my life and I liked it fine. Ray held my nipples and pulled at them. Ray’s fingers rubbed my clit. I began to lose myself to the pleasure. I knew that they could feel each other as they passed over each other only heightened the sensation. They grunted and I moaned. My vagina began its vibrating thing it does when the first orgasm is approaching. Ray slowed down as Jonas sped up. Ray slipped out of me with a pop. He pulled me up with his arms around my breasts. I was like a rag-doll as he held me through my ecstasy. My long wail of pleasure exploded as his fingers touched my clit again. This time, my cunt was a latex glove over Jonas’s thick cock. My juices ran down his stomach and along his chest.

Ray poured some more shots and brought them to the bed. I was still sitting on Jonas’s shriveled cock. We toasted again and clinked glasses. They were both still hard.

“I want to see you two get it on. I want to watch.”

Ray looked at Jonas and then down to his cock. “Go sit over there,” he said, “by the headboard. If there’s anything you want to see, just ask.” He then went into the bathroom and washed up. I looked at Jonas and smiled. I took his hand.

Ray returned lay back perpendicular to me. His six-inches rising like a mast. “Come over here Jonas and take a look at this.” Jonas moved around to Ray’s groin. “Feed your curiosity, Jonas. That’s what we’re here for tonight. Touch it. Feel it. Lick it. Enjoy it.”

Jonas looked closely at the hard, stiff thing. He reached out and ran his fingers along the staff and around the sac. He wrapped his hand around it.

“Swing around over my head. Let me suck you.”

Following Ray’s command, Jonas’s balls were now hanging over Ray’s nose. Using both his hands, Ray pulled the dick down and placed the head into his mouth. His tongue wrapped around and licked it. Ray’s actions were broad and dramatic. He was putting on a show for me. Ray’s hands rubbed and squeezed Jonas’s cheeks as he pulled the dick further into his face. Jonas had his eyes closed and was relishing the sensation. His eyes opened and he looked down at Ray’s cock. Slowly, he opened his mouth and leaned down, taking the purple helmet between his lips. He was sucking Ray’s cock. He seemed emboldened and took more of it down until the gag reflex kicked in and he backed off. Then he backed down and really started getting into it. These two sexy men were sixty-nining in front of me. It was so hot. It was better than I ever dreamed it. The smell of their sex and the sweat and their heat had my fingers dancing around my pussy. Then I remembered the rabbit.

I reached over and took a close look at it. I liked how it could get my cunt and my clit at the same time. I put the setting on “Low” and it began to hum in my hand. The main part of it vibrated and moved in circles around the width simulating penis movement. I slowly inserted it into my vagina so that the rabbit’s tongue touched the very tip of my clit. I leaned back in a haze of sensation and a big fucking smile.

My men were really into it now into seriously fucking face. Ray pulled away and pulled Jonas up. “Come over here, Jonas. Stand over Taylor’s face and let me finish you off. Let her watch really close when you fill my mouth with your load.”

I smiled at the idea. That Ray is so creative! Jonas placed his cock over my tits as Ray slurped it into his throat. I had plenty of room in which to continue my buzzing as well as see this up close. I knew I would be coming again very soon.

Ray’s mouth was like magic and before long, he grabbed the staff and opened his mouth so I could see the arcs of cum flying into it. He missed a few times and there were strings of cum hanging from his nose and his cheek. The head lay flat on Ray’s tongue as it oozed its milky treasure.

Ray leaned over and kissed me. We shared a large snowball. The cum had a saltiness that was different. I licked it off Ray’s face.

“Now you, Ray. I want to suck you again. I want to taste your cum. This is fun.”

They reversed positions and now Jonas was sucking Ray whose hands were behind his knees. I put the rabbit on “medium” and felt a distinct jolt. The thing was moving around inside my vagina and hitting all the right places. The rabbit tongue was mildly whipping my clit. I bore down on it. I was cumming. I felt the first wave crash as the second wave rose. “Unh…unnh…ohhhhhhhhhh.” I opened my eyes to see Ray pull his cock out and shoot ropes of stringy cum into Jonas’s mouth. He turned to me and some of his cum landed on my breasts. That did it. I was gone. I was gone, gone, gone like a cool breeze. I pushed the vibrator in as far as it would go and I let my juices go. I lay back devastated. Wow! What an orgasm! Holy Moly! I was covered in sweat. We all were. The room smelled utterly decadent.

“That was amazing you guys. Thanks. What a show. What a vibrator.” I run my index finger along the cum on my breast and licked it clean. “You were right, Ray. This is fun! I feel so loose. I can’t believe I never had one of these handy devices before.”

“I hope not so loose that you can’t take my cock,” said Ray.

“I think that’s doable, Ray. Let’s just take a little break. I could use my beer and that joint. And after that, I want you to fuck me while we both suck Jonas. Does that appeal to you?”

I waited so many years to satiate myself. Why had I waited so long? I was fortunate to be able to experience it with these two cool guys. The three of us made real good lovers as the night wore into day. As it had started to storm outside, we spent the weekend in bed with room service. Room service and lots of cock. Cum all over my body. Every orifice filled. Paradise.

Ray’s already making plans to return again soon. He said that he has plans for us and thresholds to cross. I want to go there. I’m ready.

Chapter 2 . . . please be sure to read Chapter 1!


Before moving on, I guess I should describe myself. At the time I was in my mid 30′s, short brown hair, baby blue eyes, average build. I was 5’10″, with a slightly muscular/stocky build. Overall, I guess I looked like your typical mid 30′s married Caucasian man. Cute, but not Brad Pitt handsome, with a boyish face. I still got second looks from the ladies, which certainly helped my confidence and spirit, but I in no way considered myself a player. I was conservative and cautious to a fault. Someone who looked squeaky clean on the outside, but harbored a definite naughty streak within. But enough about me . . .

Despite the decision I had come to, I still was having trouble getting up the courage to actually take the next step and meet Jun in person. My lust, curiosity and a desire for passion were spurring me onward, but my cautious nature and moral compass were holding me back. After a few more weeks of remarkable patience on Jun’s part, we made plans to meet up. However, true to the dilemma brewing inside of me, I canceled at the last minute. At this point, I was sure that I had blown any chance with him. Why had he waited for me this long? What was it about me, different than all of the other horny married guys on the net, that kept him patiently waiting? Everything in my gut was telling me that this guy was ok and exactly what I needed for my first time. After 24 hours of feeling guilty of cancelling our meeting, I packed my bags, told my wife I had to go out of town for business for the night (something not uncommon with me), and I headed out on the two hour drive to where Jun lived.

Checking into the hotel, I wasn’t 100% sure that Jun would want to see me now. We hadn’t really talked since I cancelled, but I suspected he wouldn’t say no. After a nice shower, I texted and emailed Jun that I was in town and really wanted to see him that night. I wasn’t sure how much I would be able to go through with, but at least we could talk and see what would happen from there. A couple of hours later, I heard a nervous knock at the hotel room door, and we were soon face to face for the first time.

He was exactly how he looked in the pictures he had sent online. He was part Filipino, giving his skin a natural tan. He was mid 30′s, dark black hair and had a face that still showed a boyish charm. He seemed nervous as well, which made me feel a little more relaxed. Medium built and slightly smaller than me, he exuded a natural charm that was so appealing online. He took a seat across the room from me, out of either respect for my nervousness or due to his own I wasn’t sure. Within minutes we were talking like old friends and whatever nervousness existed was quickly fading.

My cautiousness and fear of the unknown was fading as well. He didn’t know it at that point, but I was acutely aware that my lust was soon going to take over me and all inhibitions would be gone. While listening to him tell me something that has long been forgotten, I remember thinking to myself “I might even go as far as letting him fuck me tonight.” That was a major leap for me and something I hadn’t seriously considered before he showed up.

After about 15 minutes, Jun said he would like to kiss me now, if that was all right with me. I managed to push a small “yes” out of my mouth, and he was soon on the couch beside me. This was it . . . I was actually about ready to have my first contact with another man and I could feel my heart racing. His mouth gently touched mine, and to my surprise, it didn’t seem unusual or out of the ordinary as I had often suspected it might. The kisses then came in rapid fire, each with more passion than the last. While I had fantasized often about the sexual acts, I honestly had not thought that much about kissing and the intimacy before sex. But now, I was very much enjoying the kissing, the feeling of his lips on mine, his tongue slowing probing into my mouth.

Soon I was on my back with him on top of me. The kissing continued as our hands began to explore one another. My hands found his ass and I couldn’t believe how hot it was to feel him through his blue jeans. Everything was happening quickly, and all of it welcome. I took the next step and asked him if he wanted to move to the bedroom (it was a nice two room hotel suite). He asked if I was sure, but I think he knew the answer even before he asked it.

Moving to the bedroom, I turned off the light so that only the light from the living room provided a soft glow to the room. Our hands were roaming freely, and I let Jun take the lead in what would happen next. I had always been the lead, the aggressor in the bedroom. It was a nice change to step back and let him assume that role. He unbuttoned my shirt, running his hands over the undershirt that still covered my chest. He stepped back, removed his shirt and then removed mine.

My head was spinning throughout, but every once in awhile my brain would come out of its haze and cause me to really absorb the moment. I remember looking at his sexy tan chest, without a hint of hair, and realizing that I was beyond turning back. 24 hours earlier, I was coming to grips with the fact that this might never happen . . . and now a day later I was partially naked in a hotel with another guy and I was loving it. Jun brought his naked chest to mine and kissed me passionately. The feeling of so much of our skin touching each other for the first time was amazing. He asked me to lay down on the bed, which I eagerly did. I was totally his and he could have done anything to me he wanted, although I don’t think he quite realized it. I laid down on my back in the middle of the king sized bed and eagerly awaited for whatever came next.

Jun slowly peeled off my socks and gently rubbed my feet. Then he moved slowly up my pants legs, stopping briefly at the top to kiss my stomach. My jeans were quickly removed. Through my underwear, Jun moved his hand up and down my incredibly hard dick. I was watching his every move, but he rarely looked up at me, almost as if he was afraid that if he did I might ask him to stop. I wanted so badly for him to remove my underwear, and to feel his hands and his mouth on my dick. He slowly peeled them down, then stood and looked at me with a devilish grin. He unbuttoned his jeans and quickly deposited them on the floor, leaving his tight boxer briefs on. I could briefly see the bulge in his underwear, and I hungrily wanted to see more.

Jun made his way back up my body and quickly sunk my rock hard cock into his warm moist mouth. My wife was not a big fan of oral sex so the quality of blow jobs I had received was subpar. What Jun was doing, however, was worthy of an Olympic medal. I had always heard that men were better at giving head because they know what they like, and it certainly seemed true now.

Jun’s lips were wonderful as they were gliding up and down my shaft. After what seemed like hours, although I’m sure it was only a few minutes, he stood up (leaving me with a sense of loss for my now unattended dick), and removed his shorts. For the first time since the high school locker room, I was in the same room with the naked cock of another man. The look of lust in my eyes had to be obvious to Jun. I wanted to touch it, to suck it, to feel it in so many ways. Jun returned to sucking my dick, and after a few minutes swung his body around in a 69 position. Ok, the big moment was here. His hard cock was inches from my face. He didn’t say a word and I just stared at it for a moment or two. I wanted it badly and without anymore thinking wrapped my mouth around it. Jun let out a gentle moan and I began sucking up & down on his hard shaft like I had been doing it all my life. I guess I was doing it right since Jun asked if I was sure this was my first time! It was, and I was loving it. His dick was the perfect size, not too big to gag me on my first try, but not too small either.

Over the next 20 minutes or so (heck, it could have been 4 hours . . . I was lost in the moment), we continued sucking each other’s dicks and letting our hands roam freely. Jun moved to the end of bed between my legs and used his tongue to explore all round my cock and balls. I was in heaven and enjoying the moment, with no real thought as to what might come next. Jun pushed my legs up and apart a bit and grazed my asshole with his tongue. A sensation, actually more of a shock wave, shot through my body and my head. I had had my dick sucked before, but this was a totally new experience. Judging rightly that I wasn’t going to object, Jun licked around my ass and gently probed my hole with his tongue. He seemed to be enjoying himself as much as I was, but he obviously didn’t want it to end too soon.

He moved up my body to my mouth and kissed me passionately. Realizing where his tongue had just been made the moment all the more erotic. I was completely lost to my lust, inhibitions and wildest fantasies, and my conservative self was loving every minute of it. It had started to rain outside and the pitter-patter against the window created a soothing rhythm. Jun then did something I wasn’t expecting as he nestled in beside me, with my arm around him, and put his head on my chest. It was like a brief time out, but I could tell it meant more to him than just that. The whole event suddenly seemed like more than just a cheap romp in a hotel room. The level of passion and intensity was high, and there seemed a real connection between us that I hadn’t expected. We held each other for maybe 10 minutes, talking about who knows what, and lightly running our fingers over one another.

Ready for whatever was still to come, I rolled Jun onto his back and for the first time took the lead. My mouth and hands couldn’t get enough of his smooth chest as I licked and felt my way around it. His dark nipples were hard, yet soft to the touch. I lowered my mouth to one and sucked it gently. It was certainly different than sucking a female’s breast which easily fills the mouth. With Jun, I had to lower my mouth even lower to his body, which allowed me to feel the muscles of his chest beneath my lips. I kissed and licked my way down his body, and hungrily took his cock in my mouth again.

Neither of us had cum at this point, and I was starting to think about just how I’d like to do it. I also knew what I was going to ask next was what I wanted, but I think it took Jun by surprise. I moved back up to his waiting mouth and kissed him. Moving back slightly, I asked him what he would like to do to me (a loaded question if there ever was one). His response was exactly what I expected, “whatever you want me to do.”

I lowered my head slightly and said “I want you to fuck me.”

“Are you sure?” “Are you sure you’re ready?”

“I’m sure. I really want you to do this.”

While I don’t think he expected me to ask that, he certainly didn’t wait for me to ask twice. Neither of us had really anticipated this happening and weren’t prepared. I suggested he use the lotion from the bathroom as lubricant, and then we realized that we didn’t bring a condom. I know it was risky and I know it was probably a bit stupid, but at that moment I trusted Jun inherently and I remembered the months of his kindness, honesty and patience with me. I told him it was ok to go without if he was ok with it. I had to feel him in me. I laid back on my back and Jun spread my legs and returned his tongue to my asshole. After a few minutes, he gently probed my hole with his index finger. Surprisingly, there was no pain or discomfort, and I closed my eyes in ecstasy. Soon a second finger joined the first and he gently pushed them in and out, slowly easing me in to what would come next.

Nothing more was said between us after that point. Jun pulled me towards the end of the bed. I heard the lotion bottle open, and then the distinct sound as he rubbed up his hard dick. He stood up at the end of the bed between my legs, and slowly pushed my legs up and out. I could feel him moving up against my ass, but I wasn’t looking at him. At this point, the tables had turned and I think I was afraid that if I made eye contact he might stop! I could feel his hard dick at the entrance to my ass, and without warning the head slowly began pushing in. Jun was very gentle and entered as slow as he could. The head of his naked dick popped past the opening and into me, and in my mind I can clearly remember thinking “wow, I actually have another guy’s dick in me,” causing a smile on my face. He pushed in slowly, bringing mild discomfort. After a few more gentle pushes, he easily had all of himself deep within me. My eyes were closed and my head was rolling gently from side to side. In other words, I was in heaven.

Jun started moving his dick in and out of me, gradually picking up the pace. He was still standing. My legs were at almost a right angle to rest of my body and were laying against his chest. My feet were near his head, and he turned and kissed them. Finally I turned my head and looked straight into his eyes. The look of passion on his face was as strong as I’m sure the look on mine was. I was surprised at how there was very little pain. I had read so many stories of how the first time was awful, but this was anything but awful. My ass seemed to eagerly accommodate his dick. I could feel the heat all the way up and down his shaft as he fucked me. Jun picked up the pace and was soon fucking me with intensity. I could hear myself moaning and I never wanted it to end.

He reached down with his hand and started stroking my dick which was beyond hard. Within minutes my dick exploded with more cum than I had seen in a long time, coating his hand and my stomach. Jun smiled and said “well, I guess you must be enjoying it.” That much was obvious. He continued to fuck me on and on, long hard strokes.

As I laid there in ecstasy, I was aware of all of the sounds of the moment: the now heavy rain hitting the window, the small moans escaping my lips, the sexy animalistic sounds coming out of Jun as moved in and out . . . and, above all else, the unforgettable sound of Jun’s thighs and balls slapping against my ass with each thrust. I had forgotten to tell him that it was ok for him to cum in me (at that moment, everything was ok!), so, always the gentlemen, he suddenly pulled out and I watched in child like amazement as his dick squirted load after load onto my stomach. My ass felt so empty and I wanted him back in me, but the moment had passed. Jun collapsed on top of me. We were both drenched in sweat and cum, and were basking in the joy of what had just happened.

We rested for awhile, held each other and talked. Over the course of the next hour or so, we would continue to kiss, lick and suck one another. Jun continued his amazing oral skills and sucked me off until I came down his throat. He didn’t come again that night, which made me question my skills a bit, but he reassured me that I was amazing and that he was just wore out . . . entirely possible. Later we showered together and explored our bodies a little more. Unfortunately, Jun had to work early the next morning, so we eventually called it a night and he reluctantly left me alone in my hotel room, wondering if we would ever see each other again.

Alone with my thoughts for the first time, I encountered waves of guilt, but also an overall sense of peace. Going completely out of character, I had taken a remarkable chance on a fantasy that I didn’t think would ever come true. Jun turned out to be the perfect choice for my first time, and I couldn’t have been happier with my decision. As I laid in the hotel bed alone that night, I wished he hadn’t left. So many thoughts . . . I wished he had fucked me a second time in another position, I wished I had gotten to taste his cum, and why the heck didn’t I ask if I could fuck him?!

But alas, that time was our one and only time together. Once I returned home, my moral compass swung into high gear and I promised myself I wouldn’t do it again. My fantasies and desires continued, and Jun and I came close to meeting on several other occasions, but I could never get past my promise. It has been 3 years since that night and I still think about it all the time. I’m not 100% convinced that I’ll never try it again, but I also know that it will likely be my only time living out that fantasy.

I hope you’ve enjoyed the story, and I hope its stirred a little fantasy in you that needs to be satisfied.

I started hearing from the college scouts the next morning. Men angrily calling me from all over the country whining over why I had rejected the football scholarship their university offered and demanding to know who I’d signed my Letter of Intent with. There wasn’t any sense in denying the truth; they could find out easily enough. When I told each of them that I’d changed my mind and was going to attend a local community college, they collectively denounced me as a fool who was wasting my talent. I sucked it up and made myself listen to their pleas to reconsider, followed by their insults when I refused. My most pressing concern was that one of them would contact one of my parents and get them on my case but I made it obvious this was my choice.

I was worn out with the bickering by the time Jesse came over later that afternoon. It was disheartening to listen to adults verbally abuse me, especially when remembering that those same men might be the ones I would have to convince to give me a chance in two years when I planned to transfer to a four-year school. I tried to put up a good front so I wouldn’t upset my boyfriend, but he could tell I was distracted as we made love. I guess I got a little tearful as I was calming back down into our afterglow and hoped he wouldn’t notice, but it’s hard to ignore salt water dripping on your neck.

He pulled out from under me, handing me the soft towel we used to keep cum off the sheets so my dad would be less likely to discover we were fucking in my room. He flipped over on his back, still breathing hard. “What’s wrong, Shane?” he asked, his face concerned and drawing me down on his shoulder to rest my head.

I told him about the phone calls. For a moment he didn’t say anything but when he spoke the words sounded scratchy with doubt, and they weren’t what I expected at all.

“Shane, are you sure this is what you want? To give up on all that money when you could be getting a fine university education and do what you love… play football… at the same time?”

“I’m sure,” I said rebelliously, hurt that he kept questioning my decision and didn’t automatically take my side out of loyalty. “In the long run this is best. Full scholarships never cover everything and I don’t know how I would manage. I suppose I could get a grant except that I’m still listed as Whit’s dependent so I look like I’m rolling in money. My parents would never cosign for a loan to pick up the tab for incidentals, and with football I probably couldn’t even work part-time during the first semester.

“If I stay here I’ll be saving two years worth of college fees the scholarship won’t pay for. I can work over the summer, even get a second job if I need to. There will be that much more money in the bank to help me out the last two years of school. Believe me, I have thought of everything.”

Jesse started to reply, and I felt my resolve falter. I couldn’t take his discouragement and I broke down. “Jesse, please try to understand.”

My throat felt clogged with emotion. “Of all the people I’ve discussed this with, you are the last one I thought I’d have to persuade. You’re supposed to be on my side. I can’t stand leaving you, okay? I need you. I know that makes me sound like a total wuss, but except for my aunt and uncle you are the only person who loves me. I just can’t do it…”

I felt myself enfolded in his arms and consoled. “Alright. Alright, Blondie. I’m sorry for doubting you.” He stroked my hair and thumbed the tears off my cheeks.

“God, I an be such an ass sometimes,” he said, letting a mouthful of air balloon in his cheeks before blowing it out harshly. “I should be grateful that you’re trying to plan for both our futures so we can stay together and I’m giving you bullshit. I’m sorry I didn’t believe in you.”

I calmed down and let his comfort wash over me, giving it right back to him because I hated seeing him loathe himself like that. “Just give me two years, and I will prove I made the right decision. I promise.”

The next night Jesse and I went out to eat, driving into Goleta to check out a place called Habit that allegedly served some of the best hamburgers in the area. Parking was bad so we had to leave Jesse’s Jeep across the street, but the food tasted great, it was inexpensive and there was lots of it.

We were sitting at a small table wedged in back and almost done with our meal when three girls our age passed us, probably on their way to the restroom. I think the only reason I noticed them was that one strongly reminded me the tiny cheerleader from Loara High I had dated when I was living in Rancho Martinez. Except that her hair was a red-brown, not blonde, and cut to her shoulders instead of mid-back, she could have been her sister. She caught my eye and grinned in invitation as she disappeared behind me, and I smiled back.

Jesse was watching me watch her, and I didn’t think anything of it. I certainly wasn’t flirting, just being friendly in my typical fashion. I heard the noisy chatter of the girls approaching our table, and this time they stopped. Olivia, the lookalike, and her friends, Mary and Kimber, were all seniors from Goleta High. I introduced myself and Jesse to them, and as we got to chatting I was surprised to find him scowling at the table. After his dark hello he refused to look at us.

We talked about local news, mostly in teasing comparisons of our high schools, but Jesse didn’t join in. I subtly began to sense what was bugging him. The teens were putting out their best efforts to draw me in with their batting eyelashes, giggles and megawatt smiles. He thought I was attracted to one of them, and he didn’t like them encroaching on what he thought was his. Jesse was jealous and insecure.

He is and forever will be the most important person in my life, and even giving him a second of mistrust killed me. We make fun of each other back and forth a hundred times a day but not in this way. It hurt him to think his boyfriend would try to hit on someone behind his back, or even right in front of him, and I was going to put this to rest immediately. As casually as I could, I covered his hand with mine and began rubbing my thumb in circles over his knuckles. The girls, seeing the gesture, smiled a little less brightly and presently excused themselves.

I tilted towards him and whispered in his ear, “You never, ever have to worry, Baby. I’m yours.” He didn’t look up at me but through his hair I could see how his beaming smile lifted his whole face.

We left with our usual destination in mind— my house where we could cuddle undisturbed which often led to some amazing intimacy. However, tonight my father’s car was in the driveway. As much as I would have liked to relax with Jesse in front of our television and play Xbox games, there was no way I was going to introduce him to Dad. Even if we weren’t lovers, he would suspect the worst and not only humiliate me but drive Jesse out of the house with his homophobic humor. That was precisely the kind of great dad he was.

Instead, Jesse and I went to the ballfield just as the Little League games were ending and parked on the empty t-ball side of the lot. We were both horny and frustrated but we patiently waited for the families to leave and the league officials to close up the snack bar and say goodnight to each other. They didn’t even notice us.

Switching to the back seat, we made out for the next hour and sucked each other off twice. It was cramped and rather uncomfortable but so worth it. I loved the taste of Jesse’s cum and his sweat, they way they mixed with his Cool Water musk to waft into my sinuses and push every other thought except my lover from my mind. I could play for hours with his dick in my mouth and drive him nearly insane with arousal, taking my own sweet time to satisfy.

After the second time I tucked Jesse neatly away in his jeans and checked the time on my cell phone, surprised to find it was only 10:30. I still had another hour before I was supposed to be in for the night, and neither of us wanted to leave yet. There was a small creek that ran behind the ballfield, feeding a copse of oak trees on either side of a narrow path. Jesse said it was a pretty walk and I was game. We slipped down the hill to find the moon shining through the branches leaving a lacy pattern on the ground that we could easily follow. We held hands crisscrossing the stream several times following the trail, and half an hour later it brought us out at the other end of the parking lot.

We strolled back across the asphalt, drawing up short to find a Sheriff’s patrol car stopped behind Jesse’s silver Cherokee and a deputy in the process of writing out a ticket. He straightened when we came nearer.

“Which one of you owns the Jeep?” he asked, all professional, formal and intimidating.

“I do.” Jesse raised his hand, gulping, and even in the moonlight I could see him shivering. I grabbed his arm.

“Officer,” I explained, taking note of his nametag that said ‘Erickson’. “We weren’t doing anything except taking a walk.”

He gave me a skeptical look that made me feel as if he’d been close by for hours and watched us going down on each other. “Did either of you see the sign posted at the entrance that says the park closes at dusk?”

Exchanging glances, Jesse and I gulped nervously. I never paid much attention to stuff like that, and from his reaction, he hadn’t noticed it any more than I had. We shook our heads and waited.

“You’re just lucky that I saw you go down into the woods,” the cop stated severely. “I could charge you with not only the trespassing but make a criminal mischief case too. We have a lot of problem with graffiti.”

We stared at each other, and Jesse shivered in fear. I pulled him towards me, hoping the cop wasn’t one of those prejudiced assholes, and linked my arm around his waist protectively.

Perhaps he took pity on us or didn’t want to deal with the paperwork issues our arrest would cause him, but at this point he tried to look stern and failed. Barely concealing a smile, he closed his book with a sigh.

“See here, kids, this is a public park with posted hours of operation, and it closed three hours ago. There are certain… uh, activities… that are illegal in public. Even inside personal vehicles. Do you get my drift?”

“Yes, sir,” we echoed. Mortified, I hid a gasp of distress that I had been right about the man. I couldn’t look at Jesse but I knew his face was as hot and red as mine. Now we were both trembling.

“I’m going to let you off with a warning for now.” Officer Erickson put his book in his pocket and moved towards his cruiser. “Get a room next time, boys.”

We collapsed into each other’s arms once he left, giggling in relief and embarrassment. “I’ll bet he got an eyeful,” I squeaked.

“You must have given him pointers on the right way to give a blowjob and he’s rushing home to share them with his wife,” he retorted. “He probably doesn’t get nearly enough and that’s why he had to watch us.”

“Perv,” I agreed. “Let’s get out of here.”

It seemed funny on the other side, but we were subdued on the ride to my house. Oh fuck, I could just imagine my father’s face if I’d gotten arrested for public indecency for giving Jesse head in the backseat of his car. There would be no grace whatsoever, and we were both lucky the cop had been in a forgiving mood.

Jesse dropped me off at home with a quick kiss and another nervous giggle. All I wanted was to get inside and go to bed. But, as if the end of my day wasn’t fucked up enough, Dad was waiting up for me.

“I thought I told you that your curfew was 10:30 on school nights,” he growled.

“I don’t have school,” I replied in a sullen voice, wishing I was brave enough to speak my mind and let him have it over how neglected I felt. Had he been paying any kind of attention normal to most parents, he would have realized I was still on spring break. “Calberia High gives us two weeks off. I don’t go back until Monday.”

“Who is that boy you were with?”

So he had seen us in the Jeep. My mouth went dry wondering what he had spotted through the windows. “His name is Jesse Capps. He’s a friend.”

Just a friend I hope for your sake, Shane.”

“Yeah, that’s all,” I fibbed, trying to relax now that he obviously hadn’t seen us kissing. “Don’t worry.”

“Good, because you know how I feel about you sleeping with all your little faggot boyfriends.”

I glared at him mulishly and muttered curses under my breath, hurt by the way he assumed without any basis other than a wish to act ugly. Standing right in front of me, even he couldn’t fail to observe my lips moving.

“I didn’t catch that,” he accused, his temper rising. “Do you want to try that again?”

Dad was in typical form tonight. Shown up for not taking the time to notice my school schedule, he had turned it around to try to start a fight with me. I was getting tired of his demeaning attitude because he obviously thought I was some kind of slut.

“Contrary to what you and Mom believe, I don’t sleep with every boy I make friends with,” I stated firmly. “It is possible for us bi guys to have platonic relationships just like you don’t go groping every woman you meet.”

His eyes snapped fire, and I nearly took a step back wondering if he was going to strike me. Instead, he pointed to the hall. “Get the fuck out of my sight and go to your room, Shane. One week’s restriction for mouthing off. No television, no video games and no going out in the evenings.”

I left without a word, knowing that Dad wouldn’t bother to stay home and enforce it. He was such a joke if he thought I was going to do it myself.


On Saturday night I went to Jesse’s house. His grandfather was attending some Vets reunion for those who had served in the same company in Vietnam. A few of his military buddies had dropped by that morning to pick him up and drive him to Los Angeles, and he would be gone until Tuesday. Jesse’s mother, given four days off from his care, left to visit her aunt who now lived up in Susanville, and his sister was out with her own friends.

I had spent the day, like all my Saturdays, on the water with my uncle, the crew and his fishing charter. I picked up a pizza, and Jesse let me shower when I arrived, grateful to have the house to ourselves. Yeah, as expected, my dad hadn’t been home one single night since I was ‘grounded’ to make sure I was taking my punishment. Screw him.

I was on my knees behind Jesse, gripping his hips so tightly the fingerprints would probably be visible for days. Taking him hard, I was making the headboard bounce against his bedroom wall, and he was verbally guiding my thrusts through his moans. “There, Blondie, right there… oh god, don’t stop.”

I had no intention of it. Sweat was dripping off my body onto his back as I reached underneath him to grasp his velvety shaft and jack it. He adjusted his stance to give me more room, and the change in angle was perfect. “Jesse, oh fuck, Jesse…”

There was no stopping my orgasm, and I threw back my head and roared as my hips drove into him unrestrained, my cum filling the condom. My hand slid up and down his cock three more times, and with a scream, he was twisting beneath me, spurting between my fingers.

We got cleaned up and were spooned together in afterglow, him planting little kisses on the back of my neck under my hair. “Hey, you know prom is coming up,” he reminded me, running his tongue across a shoulder blade. “I want to take you.”


I didn’t even hesitate with my answer. Strolling into a very public high school dance with Jesse in this tiny burg would be the same thing as announcing I was dating him. I might as well pack my bags and move out of my father’s house right now.

“We don’t have to actually go to the dance together,” he countered softly. “We could meet up and hang out. No dancing, you know, just to say we went to it.”

I started to refuse again. “Just think about it, Shane.” I nodded, if only to change the subject.

We returned to school the following Monday. I was waiting for Jesse after lunch to get his English book out of his locker when I heard him mutter, “Shit.” Looking over his shoulder, I saw him pick up another stalker note from on top of his belongings. He unfolded it, and his gaze hardened in anger. I snatched it out of his hand.

‘Like a thief in the night, fag.’

“This person is beginning to sound really dangerous,” I warned through gritted teeth as I fixed Jesse with a glare. “How long are you going to wait before you give in and admit this is over our heads?”

“Shane, I…”

“Jesse, he’s saying that there’s nothing you can do to stop him and it’s a matter of time before someone beats you to a pulp. I don’t know why you won’t see the physical threat behind the words. You can’t just ignore this and act like it’s nothing.”

“Okay,” he said, trying to smile. I could see he was wavering, and that was a good thing. “I’ll talk to my mother.”

I swallowed and tried to be relieved. At least he was getting an adult involved.

As the daily announcements repeated every morning, the prom was scheduled for May 12. Jesse kept prodding me to make up my mind so we could buy tickets if we were going. He felt I was being obstinate and silly to worry about what others thought of me. However, my caution was never about the other students finding out I was bisexual or me being ashamed to claim Jesse as a boyfriend. Sure, there was a part of me that just wanted to keep my head down due to the threats he was getting, but mostly it was Dad’s aloofness that made me hesitate.

Calberia was the kind of place where everyone knew what everyone else was doing. Small town values, small town gossip. All it would take was one student discussing the prom in front of a parent and my name popping up and linked with Jesse’s, and the next thing I know somebody is informing Dad that his son is acting like a faggot and went to a school dance with another man. It was a headache I didn’t need, especially after getting kicked out by my mother and my father threatening to do the same.

Jesse thought my fears were groundless… until I pointed out that he was just as afraid of his grandfather finding out he was gay as I was worried about my parent. However, all that did was circle back into the discussions over my football scholarship and how I had chosen to stay at home for another two years instead of moving out of Dad’s house. I thought the sequence made a lot of sense… being careful and keeping my nose clean so I’d have a place to live until I could afford to move in with Jesse. He said I was allowing Dad to abuse me by submitting myself to his authority.

Making the decision had the effect of leading me to realize how tenuous my living situation was and decide I should probably do something about it. First thing up was talking to my uncle about getting more hours on the boats after school ended in June.

“So I was thinking,” I told Carl that Saturday as we stood in the cabin of the Tammany Jo where he hovered over some fuel calculations for a client. “Even if you gave me just one more day a week, that’s another twelve hours pay, and along with the weekend, it would be almost full-time work. If necessary I could get a job part-time in town or Santa Barbara to make up the difference. And in the fall I can plan my classes around work.”

Carl’s head whipped around to glance at me sharply. “What about college? I thought you had a scholarship all lined up with one of those big, fancy universities back east.”

Shit. I had completely forgotten that nobody besides Jesse knew I wasn’t going back east… or anywhere. “I turned it down. I’m going to Hope Ranch for two years first.”

“You what?” The loud shout made me jump and silenced the crewmembers on deck. “What in the hell possessed you to turn down a football scholarship to stay here?”

A thought obviously came to mind because I could see his expression shift, and his glower softened. “Did you do this because of Jesse?”

“Not because of him,” I admitted quietly. “For him. I want to go to Hope Ranch for two years and play football. I can go to a university in my junior and senior years leaving enough time for Jesse to get his Associates Degree so he can move with me. It’s ideal.”

Carl threw me a look like I had my head in the clouds and was too immature to know what I wanted, and it made me angry. It seemed that nobody, not even my boyfriend, realized how long and hard I had thought about my decision, but my mind was made up. This was the only way to be together, the best of both worlds. We would obtain the instruction needed for our careers but we’d have each other for love and support too.

“Then answer me this,” my uncle demanded, playing devil’s advocate. “What if you and Jesse break up?” I started to interrupt, and he put his hand up. “No, let me finish. You’re young, Shane. You think you know your mind now, but in a couple of years, it could all be different. Problems pop up that lead to major disagreements. People grow apart. If you two split, you will have wasted your opportunity for nothing.”

“Not for nothing,” I protested vehemently, and I had to check the anger blazing inside of me that he would even think of such a thing. “First of all, Jesse and I aren’t going to split up. Ever. We have never had a fight. We don’t even disagree most of the time. We love each other and want the same things. Second, no matter what, my plans wouldn’t change. It doesn’t mean I can’t go to college somewhere else and play.”

Carl regarded me silently, looking as though he wanted to make another comment and then changed his mind. Shaking his head in what was probably disappointment in me he said he would see if there were additional hours he could find for me over the summer. I nodded my thanks as I bolted out the door to finish my tasks before we sailed.

The new week rolled around and Jesse and I were back at school. Standing in the quad during our fifteen minute nutrition break on Tuesday morning, I noticed a tiny Asian woman in her early twenties looking around uncertainly. I knew she wasn’t a teacher, and she was definitely too old to be a student. I nudged Jesse. “Who is that?”

He turned around and smiled. “Oh, that’s Mi Kyong Park, Kwan’s older sister. I’ll bet he forgot his homework again. She always has to bring it to him.”

Kwan was the kid in our English class who had first given me Jesse’s name. He wasn’t my favorite person in the world but was alright as far as most of the Calberia students went. My biggest strike against Kwan was that he was gay and had a crush on Jesse. I hated watching him giggle and flirt, assuming my boy was single and doing whatever he could think of to attract his attention. Jesse said he was harmless and it would be better to ignore his behavior than get angry, so I tried to let it go. Sometimes, however, it was difficult to overlook and I’d want to tell him that Jesse was mine and keep his poaching hands off him.

Jesse was hailing Mi Kyong and when she noticed him her eyes lit up. Sure enough, Kwan had forgotten his English assignment that was due in 5th period, and Jesse volunteered to give it to him.

As for me, I was paying more attention over the ease in which Mi Kyong was allowed to roam the campus, and I would bet she hadn’t stopped at the office to check in either. Such a thing would never have happened at Sacred Heart or any of the other high schools I could think of. Security here in Calberia was very lax, and it highlighted how effortlessly a non-student could slip a threat through Jesse’s locker door or tape it to his car.

As usual, we met after 6th period in the far parking lot, and the threats had been on my mind since seeing Kwan’s older sister at school. “Hey, what did your mother say about the notes you’re getting?”

“What?” he asked, looking perplexed. There was just enough ingenuity to what sounded like an innocent question to make me wonder.

“The notes you’ve been getting? Remember, you were going to speak to your mom. What did she say?”

He turned with shrugging shoulders to unlock his jeep, but not before I saw the abashed look on his face.

“You didn’t tell her, did you,” I sighed in exasperation. “Jesse, this is serious and I’m afraid…”

“I talked to her, Shane, honest.” He was looking at me now, even right in the eyes. I remembered reading somewhere that liars couldn’t maintain eye contact. So maybe this was the truth.

“What did she say?”

He shrugged again. “She’s checking into it for me and said she’d let me know.”

I was calculating. It had been eight days since the last note showed up, and if he spoke to his mother right away she had plenty of time to talk to a cop or someone at the school. But Jesse was giving me a look that said he wanted to drop the subject, and I didn’t want to appear as if I didn’t trust him. So I had to let it go.

Wednesday was the deadline for purchasing prom tickets. Jesse had been putting a lot of pressure on me to attend but I was dragging my feet. He almost had me convinced to do the ‘just as friends’ thing. He said he’d take me out for a romantic dinner in some little out-of-the-way spot, giving us less chance of running into a couple from school. Then we could put on the platonic act once we reached the small country club where the dance was held. But at the last minute my fear got the best of me and I walked away from the Finance window, my cash clutched tightly in my sweaty hand.

I met Jesse at my house after class ended, and even though he was smiling, I could see a trace of defeat and sadness beneath it. I was naturally dense and wracking my brain for what could be bothering him. It took me almost an hour… we were in the middle of playing Assassin’s Creed 3… when I stumbled on the reason. Duh! I was the reason! Jesse was going to miss his senior prom and it was my fault. My selfishness and cowardice had held him back from attending a dance that he’d been looking forward to.

I cleared my throat nervously. “Uh, maybe they would let you buy a ticket tomorrow at school. They probably need the money. You could go by yourself if it means that much to you.”

He turned his head and stared at me, dispirited. “Why would I want to do that? It isn’t the event that’s the important thing. It’s the person I go with.” He tried to shake the gloom off and gave me a genuine grin. “It will be okay, Shane. It’s the weekend of our three-month anniversary so I know we’ll spend it together.”

Okay, that statement made me feel even worse. I sat watching him out of the corner of my eye for the longest time, amazed at how understanding he was and feeling like shit. I knew I had really fucked up. Yes, I was probably right about being able to buy tickets past the deadline. I knew it would be easy to convince one of the members of the student council to sell me two. But I was such a chicken-shit asshole.

For all the world I could not make myself buy a ticket. I could not make force myself to show up stag at the prom and pretend to be straight while girls asked me to dance. Making my classmates wonder when I turned every one of them down because the only person I wanted to take in my arms on the dance floor was someone I couldn’t be seen in public with. I would worry how a classmate might somehow link me to Jesse for my father to learn about later.

I pulled Jesse to his feet and we went into my bedroom. I felt lousy, like I was the worst boyfriend in the world. My way of fixing it was sex, something I was accomplished at, where I could help Jesse feel good physically and let the emotional side catch up later. Even if it didn’t resolve the issue, it helped.

Jesse passively let me undress him. As I worked his shirt up his torso my tongue followed, swirling around his navel and licking and kissing the firm, lean muscles in his abdomen. With his satiny skin and enticing scent that I never tired of, he was a banquet for my mouth to sample. My hands massaged his solid shoulders and long, golden back, distracting him temporarily before I zeroed in on his nipples. They were tasty, so taut and bumpy under the flat of my tongue, and he moaned, burying his fingers in my hair.

Lifting the shirt above his head, I trapped his hands in the cotton and went to work on his pits. He only had a cute tiny patch of wispy black hair in each but I bit and sucked one side, then the other, until they were soaked with my saliva and he was squirming and wheezing. My mouth moved to his shoulder, then across the collar bones to the other and took a detour to mark the hollow of his throat. His groans and shivers just tempted me further, and I ended with a trail of kisses down his torso to the top of his jeans.

I knelt once more to unfasten them. “Tell me what you want, Baby,” I breathed, making quick work of the button and stroking his hard length with the heel of my hand. I could feel his heat through the denim.

“Shane, I… I want…”

I looked up into his flushed face. His black hair clung damply to his cheeks and his latte eyes were shadowed with desire. “You want…” I repeated. He swayed, and I grabbed his hip to steady him.

“Your mouth… on… on me,” he begged.

“See, that wasn’t so hard,” I teased. “But this is.” I gently squeezed his lovely dick trying to force its way out the fly and his moan was like music to me.

I slid the zipper down and worked my hands inside the waistband, hooking the edge of his bikini briefs with my thumbs. Carefully I lowered them both so his cock wouldn’t get caught in the fabric, and he whimpered when they slid over his balls. I feasted my eyes on his straight, tawny cock, and the bell-shaped head glistened dusky-red in the dim light. Soon his jeans were pooled around his ankles.

I licked my lips and leaned forwards. Kissing the head of his dick, I slid my lips down to lock around the corona, washing the head with my tongue and sucking precum from the slit. “Fuck,” Jesse gasped, tottering on his unsteady legs.

I pulled my mouth off his cock with a wet pop and stared up at him. “This is mine, Jesse.” I licked the head, and more precum welled up for me to taste. “All mine, just like the rest of you.”

“Yours,” he panted with a decisive nod. “I promise… yours. Now will you get on with it? Please?”

I couldn’t help laughing. “Ooh, you sound so pretty when you say please. I like that.”

I swirled around the head again to make sure I got all of his salty precum and then trailed my tongue down the shaft to his nuts so I could suck on them. They felt solid in my mouth, rolling around in the soft, nearly hairless sac. Jesse was trembling against me, making little mewling sounds to show that he was really enjoying this and I hadn’t even taken most of his six inches into my mouth yet.

Jesse seemed to be plenty conscious of this fact. “Oh god, Shane, please suck my dick. I need to cum in your mouth.”

I hadn’t been aware he was that close and I lovingly kissed the twin orbs before raising to slurp his shaft between my lips. Bobbing up and down on him, it was only a matter of seconds until I felt his cock thicken and his cum began to shoot across my tongue. Delicious, just like the rest of him. It took several swallows to drink it all down, all the while keeping an arm around his thighs so he wouldn’t fall over. I didn’t care that his sweat was soaking into my shirt or that he was squeezing my head like a vice, all that mattered was his pleasure.

I gazed up at him, his eyes closed and his heartbeat a gallop on the side of his throat. “Are you okay?”

“Yeah, I’m good. That was real good.”

I was pensive holding Jesse close afterwards. I had stripped down and we were on my bed. He offered to give me a blowjob but I declined because this afternoon was for him. Matching my breathing to his I was trying to relax both of us but it wasn’t working.

“I’m sorry,” I whispered, pushing his hair off his forehead. “I’m such a coward, and you deserve so much better than me. I stress you out, and I don’t give you what you need.”

“No, Shane, that’s not true,” he protested. “The prom thing was… well, I understand how careful you have to be with your dad. And you’re right; if somebody at school talked he might find out about me and it would ruin everything.”

I tried to cut in and tell him that he shouldn’t have to make allowances, but he drew a finger over my lips to silence me. “I know it’s just for a little while longer,” he urged, “until we start college and both of us are working. Then we can find a place of our own and we won’t care who knows I’m your boyfriend. I can wait.”

Tears came to my eyes, and I pulled Jesse in tighter. It was hard to put into words how important he was to me. The sneaking around and how we weren’t free to be ourselves with the outside world was getting to me but I didn’t know any other way.

“We’ll get through it, Shane,” he said soothingly. “Don’t worry. I know we’ll be fine.”


With the knowledge of what Jesse had given up for me, I was determined to make the anniversary of our third month special. Maybe not special like sailing on the ocean in April or attending prom, but there were a few ideas I could come up with that didn’t even cost money.

First, I was getting desperate to spend a whole night with my lover. Second, I wanted to give myself to Jesse.

I have only bottomed once in my life and that was three years ago. It was a horrible experience, and I won’t go into the reasons why, but it put me off to decide I never wanted to try it again. But for Jesse I would if he was willing, and I was pretty sure he would be. He’d thrown out hints like, “you should feel this” often enough to make me think he wanted to switch at least once.

In my head I could see a glorious dream. My father at Jillian’s overnight, and Jesse and me with free run of the house, allowed to sleep together at last. Cuddled up in my bed and giving us a foretaste of what living together would be like. Just a hint of a promise of our future.

Jesse was delighted when I suggested he ask his mother if he could come over. He never told her he wasn’t attending the dance, and now it made a good excuse to dress up, seeing as how I was taking him out on the town for our own private evening. In fact, since the prom was nearly an all-night affair, his mom readily gave him permission to stay with me. He had some questions over how we’d hide his presence if my dad decided to stay home that night, but I told him to stop worrying and let us cross that bridge only if necessary.

I took the day off from work so I could get ready. Not that I needed to primp like a girl, but when you have thick hair down your back it takes a while to dry. This was going to be a special evening. When I picked Jesse up at 5:30 I was wearing a black suit over a blue shirt and darker tie, monkey attire that I hated… until now.

My mother bought it for me last summer when one of Whit’s nieces got married in some mondo-bucks wedding that was in the high-society pages of the Orange County Register. My mother and step-dad had insisted on me dressing up so I would match the rest of the family in the photographs. Mom used one as a cover in the Christmas card she liked to send to all the friends and relatives boasting about her perfect life.

I could just imagine what was going in her annual holiday letter this year. ‘My son is bisexual.’ Not!

Jesse was similarly dressed, only his suit was gray and his shirt and tie were black. His mother thought we made a cute pair—don’t question whether she was sensing our dating status or not because I wasn’t about to ask—and insisted on taking our picture together. We smiled brightly, careful not to stand too close, and kept cracking each other up so that it took ten minutes just for her to snap one decent photo. We left right away.

“Awkward,” Jesse giggled, blushing crimson. He turned around to stare out the back window as if he expected to be followed. “I wonder if she suspects.”

I shrugged. “If so, she seemed cool with it so stop worrying.”

I drove him to southern Santa Barbara, and we had a nice dinner at the Charter Grill, a steakhouse that Uncle Carl recommended. I went full out with an appetizer before he ordered prime rib and I decided on shrimp. Jesse had been acting a bit depressed when we first arrived, but by the time our main course was served he was smiling in contentment. This was our prom. Maybe not out with our classmates in some drafty country club with cutesy decorations, but a better date where we didn’t have to pretend we were just friends.

Returning to my house, I had a bottle of pilfered champagne chilling in a pitcher full of ice that I’d stashed in my closet. I’d programmed a playlist of slow tunes into my iPod and rearranged my bedroom furniture so that there was a large open space in the middle of the floor.

“May I have this dance,” I asked all formal-like, barely keeping a smile off my face.

“You’re… just silly,” Jesse grinned, but he gamely stood up and took my hand.

Past experience with formal dances has taught me that it’s a great way to get into a girl’s pants… uh, dress. I have taken former girlfriends to Homecoming and the prom. But holding Jesse in my arms and leading him in a slow dance with his chin tucked into my shoulder was bliss. Just amazing. He felt so right there, like our bodies were made to fit together. We didn’t grind or do anything to make it sexual, we simply danced, and that hour was one of the most endearing memories of the night, so right and so innocent.

I had previously purchased two cupcakes from a bakery near my house, and in fun I smeared white frosting on Jesse’s nose, leading him to retaliate and stripe my cheek with a finger-full. We drank champagne out of cheap plastic cups, and he laughed at the bubbles tickling his nose. Then he tackled me. We laughed until we cried.

It was nine, and there was no sign of my dad which was exactly what I expected. All night! I was getting all night with my lover, in a way that would last far beyond any photograph taken of us.

We were kissing in the dark, naked, the music turned down low and our clothes carefully folded and set aside. “Jesse,” I whispered into his ear. “Would you make love to me?”

I felt him stiffen, and he gasped. “I… I don’t know how.” For all his prior comments, he seemed really worried.

“That’s alright. I’ll talk you through it. You just have to get me nice and loose and use a lot of lube.”

Jesse bit his lip nervously. Enchanting. Finally he gave a tiny smile and nodded.

I straightened out on the bed and Jesse climbed over my body to straddle me. With a few quick passes of his lips, we indulged in a deep kiss that tasted of sugar and wine as his tongue entwined with mine and took my breath away. Soon he was dragging his mouth down my jaw to my neck where he nibbled a love bite and from there down to my nipples that hardened into pebbles under his insistent chewing.

Every time he bent over his hair fell into his eyes making him look so cute. Every move he made over my body smeared trails of luminescent precum from his thin, beautiful cock on my abs or hip. Little licks and kisses made me arch my back as goose bumps broke out across my torso, and I could feel my erection growing between my legs. Trapped under his butt, I began to thrust, and he pinched one nipple hard.

“Stop that,” he ordered. “Lie still.” I groaned but obeyed.

Farther down, he slid to sit on my thighs, running his fingers across the head of my dick and making me nearly come upright as a bolt of electricity sizzled up my spine. “God, Jesse, stop teasing,” I snorted, but he refused to listen. He ran his fingers around my abdomen and thighs, following with his mouth, sucking, kissing and licking me. Most of the touches were light on my throbbing cock or across my scrotum and too feathery to do more than set me panting and straining for more.

When he finally had me a dripping, moaning mess and I thought I was going to explode, I heard the words I had been longing for: “Turn over.”

I got in position on my knees over a towel, head down and ass in the air, offering myself to him wantonly. “Shit, what a slut you are,” he laughed. “Just a little anxious, eh?”

His correct assessment of me didn’t hurt my feelings and I laughed. “For you, I’ll be anything you want.”

I heard a loving catch in his voice when he said, “Tell me what to do.”

“Lube and condoms are in the nightstand drawer,” I instructed hoarsely. “Use lots of lube. If it seems like too much, it’s the right amount.”

I tried to relax, but all I could think of was my last ill-fated attempt at bottoming. I knew Jesse was different in that he loved me, and the last was just teenage experimentation, but still. I hissed between my teeth when I felt the cold lube trickle down between the globes of my ass and his finger wiggling ever so slightly against my pucker trying to fight its way in.

“You’re clenching,” Jesse complained. “I may not have any experience, but even I know you need to relax.” Reaching under me, he grasped my flagging cock with his other hand and began to pump it. It was enough to get me thinking about the sensations his stroking fingers were causing up and down my filling flesh instead of what that one digit was trying to invade, and he was able to slip it inside.

It burned. I bit my lip to keep from shouting out curses, knowing that Jesse would take it personally and stop. So I willed myself to stay quiet and let his finger saw in and out of me, and slowly my sphincter got used to the fullness. As the pain diminished, I calmed down, knowing it was under control and Jesse wouldn’t hurt me.

“This is fantastic,” Jesse exclaimed in awe, leaning his head against my hip. “You are so hot up inside, and it feels really soft, like silk or suede. Are you ready for more?”

“Alright, try a second one,” I told him. Cool lube to the anus, a thicker intrusion but slightly less pain. I had Jesse scissor his fingers to open me up and I prepared for the third and final one.

He got his fingers up inside my ass without any trouble, and I was getting used to the odd feeling of being stretched when his twisting fingers brushed something there and I lit up like a candle.

“What did you do?” I gasped before realizing that he’d found my prostate. I never knew it made so much difference. “Oh my god, Jesse, do that again.”

“Hmm, like that, do you?” Jesse laughed at my reactions but he turned his fingers around, searching inside me again. He began to stroke the hot spot, and my cock fired up firm and twitching as it began to leak a puddle of precum into the looped cotton beneath me. I could almost feel sparks inside me, like a chain being dragged behind a car, and my hips began to thrust in the air seeking a solid contact to hump against.

“In me,” I begged Jesse. “In me… in me now.”

It seemed like Jesse was taking forever to tear the cover off a condom, unroll it up his own rigid member and wrap his lubed fingers around himself to slick up. “Oh god, I don’t know if I can make this last,” he groaned.

“I know,” I panted. “It might be the shortest fuck in history.”

I had him line up behind me, and I felt the tip of his penis at my portal. I knew I was loose enough that the breaching wasn’t going to be painful, so when he entered me I didn’t tense up. It was still a shock; even though his dick was narrower at the end of his shaft, it was bigger than the breadth of his fingers, and Jesse waited for my signal.

“Okay,” I breathed a few minutes later. “I’m okay as long as you move slowly.”

I whimpered when Jesse began corkscrewing his hips and seeking out my depths. Not because it hurt, but because it felt so damned good. What arced through me was knowing that it was Jesse on the other end of his penis. This was my man inside making love to me. I trusted him, he trusted me and he would take care of me. It was as simple as that, the most elemental part of being in love.

He pushed in very slowly, parts of inches at a time. “You are a tight fit,” he husked. “It feels so good, and I honestly don’t have any way to describe it.” I knew what he was speaking of, so he didn’t need to explain.

He kept rocking forward, using my shoulder and hip for leverage, sheathing more of himself inside my hole with every pass. Finally, he was fully seated, and I could feel his pubic hair brushing my ass.

“Oh fuck,” I moaned, almost overwhelmed.

Jesse was breathing harshly along with me. Shallow strokes of exploration turned into longer, deeper thrusts, and he nudged my knees a little farther apart so he could cradle my thighs better. At that point the physical sensation took over and became very intense when his cock scraped my prostate.

“Jesse… oh Baby… oh, yes… yes, harder.”

He gave me harder. Jesse began to pound into me with everything he had, his hips snapping into me like a jackhammer. Every single thrust rubbed on those sensitive nerve endings, and I began to feel the tightening in my muscles and prickles racing through me. Jesse leaned over my back to wrap his hand around my cock, sliding it up and down for all he was worth as he kissed my shoulders. Sweat was dripping from my hair, off my nose and down my arms, and I could hear him panting like he’d run a marathon. Or maybe that was me.

“Shane, oh my god, I’m cumming.”

I felt a quick pulse and then the warmth as he shot into the condom. It was all too much and every synapse seemed to fire at the same time in an orgasm I felt in my toes. My hole clamped around his dick, milking him of everything he had.

“Fuck, Jesse, fuck.” I was screaming as I unloaded cum in long strings on the towel.

I collapsed underneath Jesse, and he caught himself on his elbow as he fell with me, concerned over making me take the brunt of his full weight. We continued to breathe hard until we came down from the heavens because that was where I ended up.

Jesse sent me into paradise.


I slept in the happiest of all possible places that night curled up around Jesse. We woke up twice; I made love to him the first time, and he reciprocated back just before dawn. We were tired but sated, and after the last I held him while he slept, pressing gentle kisses into his hair. If this was what living with him was going to be like, I couldn’t wait to graduate and start making more money so we could find an apartment together.

Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to spend the day in bed with him. My job was calling me, and I had to be at the marina by seven. Carl was taking a group of divers out to Santa Cruz, one of the Channel Islands, instead of fishing. At least I didn’t have to run to the fish market at dawn to buy bait. We got up and showered, I made a quick breakfast and drove Jesse home.

We spent Monday afternoon, the date of our real anniversary, making love at my house. The genie was out of the bottle now, and I discovered that with Jesse it didn’t matter what position I played, it was magic.

We were lying in bed, and Jesse was running his fingers through my long hair. “You know, Mom has been giving me funny looks since Saturday night when you picked me up. I think she knows I’m gay so I’ve been thinking about telling her… also letting her know that you’re my boyfriend.”

“What about your grandfather?” I asked, whisking a drop of sweat off his chest. “Aren’t you afraid of him finding out?”

Jesse shrugged. “I can’t keep it a secret forever. If Mom knows, maybe she can help prepare him. I feel I need to tell her before someone else does. That wouldn’t be cool.”

Yeah, I could second that, given my own circumstances. I admired his bravery and told him so. I would give anything for that kind of courage and the ability to tell my parents to go to hell. But I still had to rely on my father for support, at least for the time being.

It was late May, and it seemed as if all of a sudden the senior class of Calberia High woke up and realized that the end of school was right around the corner. Our commencement exercises were scheduled for the evening of June 14, another anniversary for Jesse and me.

According to him, following the ceremony the seniors always went to Disneyland for Grad Nite. Having grown up around The Magic Kingdom, I knew exactly what it was; an hours-long event with hired bands and dancing and admission to all the attractions just for graduates.

We planned to attend together, and the idea of going to Disneyland with Jesse excited me, seeing as how, with thousands of eighteen year olds running around the theme park, the chances were unlikely we’d run into coeds from our own school. We’d be fine as long as we didn’t call attention to ourselves which wouldn’t be the smartest option in such a public place anyway.

The last Tuesday of the month and we had just returned from Memorial Day weekend. I got delayed by my 4th period Physics teacher asking about an assignment that wasn’t in his grade book, and I had to fish it out of my binder to prove that not only had I turned it in but received an ‘A’ on it. I hurried to the quad, now ten minutes late for lunch, to find Jesse.

I found him alright from the sounds of shouts coming from the far corner where we always sat with his drama and dance friends. Weaving my way through the gathered crowd I saw Mark Butler and his usual posse pressed in close around him trying to start trouble. Jesse was anxious to avoid it but had nowhere to go. Apparently, Mark thought he could take advantage of my absence, and Jesse’s back was against a lunch table. He glanced up at me just as I took my place behind Mark.

“Where’s your bodyguard, fag?” Mark mocked nastily and his eyes glared in hatred, spoiling for a fight. One of the bullies closest to Jesse gave him a hard shove knocking him sideways, and I saw red.

“Here, fucktards,” I said quietly. Mark jumped in surprise before spinning around to confront me.

“Oh, it’s the other fag,” he jeered, balling up his fist and attempting to slug me. I dodged.

“Instead of being your usual asshole self,” I growled, ignoring both the slur and the blow. “Why don’t you and the rest of your little girls run along.”

Mark put his head down as if he was going to head-butt me, and that’s when Mr. Peabody, the principal, shoved his way through the crowd. “Mark Butler,” he called out, “I want you in my office. Now.” He stared at Mark’s friends menacingly. “And unless you want to be suspended too, I suggest you get back to eating lunch.”

I walked up to Jesse who had, with his usual aplomb, sat down as if nothing had happened. On the other hand, I was trying to behave normally but wondered if Mark’s taunts were simply words to throw out in anger or if I had inadvertently given my relationship with Jesse away. However, nobody else seemed to be paying us much attention so I let it go.

I also thought about the possibility that Mark might be Jesse’s stalker and suddenly realized that he hadn’t received a threatening letter since we returned from school after spring break. He said he was going to speak to his mother, and even though he hadn’t brought it up once since then maybe she had found a way to finally stop them.

I guess I was sitting there with my mouth open because Jesse leaned over and softly said, “You’re drawing flies, Blondie.”

I smiled at him, anxious to share my insight because maybe he hadn’t noticed either. “Jesse, the notes, they’ve stopped, haven’t they.”

He turned bright red, a quick blaze of guilt dashing across his face, and I instantaneously knew that any denial he spoke would be a lie. “Jesse,” I hissed. “Have you been keeping them a secret from me?”

Without a word, he got up from the table and I followed. He led me to his locker, now falling all over himself to explain the how and why of his shame that this stalker, this homophobic jerk, kept picking on him and wouldn’t relent. I had never seen him so rattled.

He opened the zip-lock bag in his locker and hesitantly drew out the top two pieces of paper. I scanned them quickly. The first said, ‘R U watching Ur back, Jesse?’ The second was even more ominous: ‘I can get U N-E time I want.’ I leveled an angry scowl at my boyfriend.

“You always freak out so badly,” he admonished me in that deep voice of his that now sounded defensive. “I know you’re worried about me, but…”

“When was the last one?” I interrupted tersely. I was tired of the justifications and the way he insisted on hiding his head in the sand.

He took the notes from me and flipped them over. In small letters he had written dates in the upper corner, and the latest said May 7. That was over three weeks ago which was unusual because he’d been getting them every week to ten days since January.

“I keep thinking that once school ends, so will the warnings,” he all but pleaded. His eyes were bright with anxiety, mostly because he hated upsetting me. “That’s less than three weeks. Then maybe it will be over.”

Maybe, I thought. I hoped. On the other hand…

“Jesse,” I asked, trying to keep my voice flat so he wouldn’t see how upset I was. “Why do you suppose you’re only getting the warnings here at school?”

“The guy is a student,” he proposed defiantly.

“It’s possible,” I agreed, wishing it were that easy. “But even you have to acknowledge how easy it is to get on campus without challenge. No one has to check in at the office. No one patrols the parking lot. You are here every single weekday without fail so he knows any letter he leaves in your locker or on the Jeep you will eventually find.”

He made a face as if he thought I was making a mountain out of a molehill. “That still doesn’t mean it isn’t a student. I swear, it has to be someone playing a prank on me and after we graduate, it will stop. I haven’t even gotten any notes for almost four weeks so stop worrying about me.”

I really wanted him to be right, especially now that the stalker seemed to be backing off. My choice was still to take the safe road and report what was going on. If it turned out I was wrong and the notes were part of a hoax, then I would gladly apologize and let Jesse tease me into tomorrow. I shuddered to think of the consequences if I was right. I still couldn’t get over the way he’d hidden the latest of the threats from me.

“So what did your mom say?” I asked, veering on to another tack. “About the notes. Did she talk to anyone?”

“I don’t know.” His voice was abrupt and I could tell he was getting annoyed with me. “I haven’t asked her lately. I just wish you would stop getting on my case about it. This is you so overreacting.”

My head was starting to ache and I knew it was due to stress. I also realized I was seconds away from losing my temper. Jesse’s naïve, simple-minded posturing and stubbornness grated on my nerves. But until he was willing to believe he was in danger and let an adult handle the situation instead of playing big know-it-all hero, there was little I could do. Not without taking the decision away from him, thereby crossing some serious boundaries. He would claim I was being melodramatic and use it as an excuse to deflect the problem. Again.

“I could be,” I continued, fighting my irritation, “but better to be safe than sorry. Since none of the staff knows anything about your mystery stalker you have fucked up every chance you had of catching him. I don’t want you to get hurt. I am scared that soon written threats won’t be enough, and you keep blowing me off like it’s nothing. Maybe if you had told someone else or trusted my advice, he might be in custody by now and this would be over.”

“Stop treating me like a child,” he grit out. “I need to do this my way.”

“Your way,” I sneered, “is going to get you hurt.”

I turned on my heel and stomped off towards the quad to finish lunch. Jesse followed a few minutes later, and I stood up and left the table. His hang-dog expression continued through 5th period, but I tried to pretend not to see how sad he was, and when school ended I ran for my car and left immediately.

I went home annoyed at both of us. Him for sweeping the stalking issue under the rug and me for lashing out at him and expecting him to know what to do. I guess that most of all I was frightened. I loved Jesse, and the possibility that somebody out there might want to harm him drove me crazy. This was our first argument, one I had started where loving understanding might have been a better option, and I felt like shit.

So what did I do? I forgave him. He called me that night, his voice thick with tears. Hearing the despair I began to cry along with him.

“Shane, please, Blondie, just listen. I promise you if I get another note, just one more, I’ll go to the authorities. Somebody at school or the police, okay? But please, please don’t give up on me. I love you.”

I loved him too. More than that, I needed him, and I couldn’t bear to be the cause of his misery. I took Jesse at his word and hoped it would all work out like he expected.


Calberia High put on an end-of-the-year fine arts presentation, called just that, the Fine Arts Presentation, nicknamed the FAP. Choirs sang, the drama department staged short one-act plays and the dance students choreographed class and individual numbers to highlight the accomplishments of the year. Truthfully, the show was the seniors’ last hurrah, and they were the focus.

Jesse, as both a drama and dance student was heavily involved. He exhorted me to attend the FAP on June 4, a Monday night, and I agreed if for no other reason than he wouldn’t shut up about it. No, really I was quite proud of him and wanted to see him perform. He refused to tell me why it was so important, but I had a feeling he was preparing something special. Arrive early, he said.

I did, and a girl from my English class, Raven who sat behind me, was outside the auditorium, one of those in charge of admission. When she saw me she called me over merrily and handed me my ticket.

“You’re on the VIP seating list so this is all bought and paid for,” she enthused with a smirk. “It’s in the front row too. Do you have a secret girlfriend in the show you’ve been hiding from us?”

“Yeah, uh-huh,” I answered awkwardly, making my way quickly to the door to get away from her.

The show began half an hour later, just after I watched Jesse’s mother take her VIP seat on the other end of the row along with a younger woman who looked like Jesse and a tall, straight gentleman in his sixties with shining gray hair and light brown eyes. They could only be Jesse’s sister and grandfather. Sandra looked over at me and waved, and the other two followed her gaze to stare at me. It made me uncomfortable.

So, you know how these kinds of events transpire. Some of the songs were off-key, but one of the soloists, a very skinny brunette girl with braces, had this incredible voice that I expected to hear professionally within a matter of months, like she was headed for American Idol or The Voice. A few lines were dropped in the drama presentations, but Jesse awed me, naturally, with his talent. He was such a convincing actor I couldn’t determine why he didn’t think he had a future in movies or on the stage.

Jesse was listed as a solo dancer for the second-to-last number of the night. According to the written program, he was performing to Michael Bublé’s I’m Your Man, which was a cover of an old Leonard Cohen song. He appeared on stage in a black tuxedo complete with top hat and cane, and most of the crowd broke out into cheers and wolf whistles.

The music began and he was gliding and slow-stepping around the stage, lip-syncing the song’s lyrics. His eyes found me in the spectators and rarely left my face unless he had to make a turn, and within half a minute it was clear to me that he was singing the song in my honor.

It’s been about a month since we started to spice up our sex lives. The sex was getting better and better as Carol honed her dominatrix skills and I became more submissive and compliant. We didn’t always play ‘the game’, but when we did I was getting more and more into it.

One night, after a great bought of sex, Carol was spooning me from behind, slowly grinding her strap-on cock in my ass and rubbing my nipples, when she started to tell me that before school started back up she wanted to go visit her friend Laura. Laure lived in Reno which is about a 4 hour drive from where we lived. Laura was going to school in Reno and they had talked about getting together before the start of a new semester.

I told Carol that I totally understood, and that I would love to take her, I figured I could relax by the pool, and she could take the car to visit Laura. At first it seemed that Carol did not want me to go but she finally relented. I put in for 4 days off of work. By that Friday morning we packed our bags and we were on the road. I wasn’t sure if Carol packed any toys or outfits but it was just nice to get away.

It was a hot drive. Neither of us like driving with the air conditioner on so we just had the windows down and enjoyed hot temperature. The closer we got to Reno the hotter it became, which suited us just fine it meant we could wear fewer clothes. We finally arrived to “The Biggest Little City” Reno Nevada. While I checked into our motel Carol hit the pay phone and called Laura to make their plans to meet.

After hanging up the phone, Carol told me that Laura was upset. Seems Laura and her boyfriend, David, were having issues. I looked at Carol, tossed her the car keys, and told her to go to her. I knew girls always needed each other at times like this, and I was ok with walking around and laying out at the pool. Carol made the arrangements to go and meet up with Laura. I told her to take her time and that I would have lunch. If I didn’t hear back from her by 6 that night I would assume she wouldn’t be back for dinner.

We brought our luggage into the room and Carol quickly changed into a clean pair of shorts, a tank top, with no bra to hold up her 34c’s, but it was really hot so I didn’t give it much thought.

Once Carol left, I opened my suitcase to get my swimsuit out. Carol packed only a red speedo for me. Great, I was expecting my regular long trunks. I slipped the speedo’s on, turned to the mirrored closet door, and gave myself a quick once over. My package was clearly bulging in the speedo’s, which only made my cock start to grow and get hard. I slipped my regular shorts over the Speedo’s, put a tank top on, grabbed my sandals, and figured I would walk the strip and check things out before I checked out the pool.

Our motel was a long way down the street from the main strip. However, there were a couple of casinos close enough to keep me busy. Looking up the road I could see a large sign with XXX on it. ‘SCORE’, I thought to myself. I figured I wouldn’t spend any more money in there than I would in the casinos, so I headed out towards the adult store. I’m in a town where nobody knows me so I wasn’t worried about being noticed and didn’t care if I was, it just added to the excitement.

The walk was about eight or ten blocks, not far, but in hundred degree weather it took a quick toll on me. I was all sweaty by the time I arrived, so I purchased a bottle of water at the 7-11 that was across the street from the adult book store. I drank the water down to cool off and rehydrate, then I went into the adult store.

I looked around the dark store, eyeing a few guys mulling around the back by the entrance to the video booths. Before I went back there I wanted to first check out the books, videos, and toys. I was like a kid in a candy store. I checked out the dildo section, looking at the different sizes and thinking to myself, ‘I can take that’, or ‘I can take that one too’. Looking at a 12 inch thick lifelike dildo, I reached out and stroked it imagining myself getting fucked by this monster. I was hard as a rock and horny as hell.

I snapped out of my daze, from stroking that nice cock, and continued around looking at cock and ball straps, nipple clamps, and vibrators until I came across the clothing section. The smell of leather was intoxicating. I walked through the pants and vests, running my hands all over them. When I got to the silky frilly clothes my head really started to spin and my cock just about burst out of my shorts.

These were not unisex clothes; there were signs specifically labeled “for him” and “for her”. I went to the “for him” rack where there were maid outfits, slutty tramp clothes, private school girl skirts with white blouses and stockings. I started to run my hands on these clothes as well. They felt lacy and sexy. Then I walked to the panties and bras ‘for him’ these were really hot. At the end of the rack there were breast forms, wow, with real nipples on them. I was going to bring Carol here for sure. She just had to see this, and hopefully want to buy a few things.

I walked to the back of the store and there was a maze of hallways leading to the video booths. Right when I walked into the first hallway there was a wall of video covers tacked to the wall with the appropriate channel right below each one of them. I studied the themes until I spotted a couple of interest; CD-girls, because they were guys dressed up in frilly clothes; and some sissy ones with men dressed up and women using a strap on. Bingo.

I took my fist full of dollars and walked down the halls, entering the bowels of the video booths and away from the front of the store. I was the ‘Out of Towner here’, nobody knows me giving me the confidence to walk through the store and the video booth aisles. I went down one hallway where there were some guys mingling. I quickly grabbed a booth, before I got too close to them, stepped inside, and locked the door. I didn’t want some guy following me, and expecting that anything was going to happen. I wasn’t totally naive.

I slipped a couple of bucks in the machine and the volume was cranked all the way up and the picture, I guess from the last person in the booth, was of two guys sucking another guy’s cock. I quickly looked around for the volume button, pressed down on it about a hundred times, and the loud moaning and groaning quieted down. I started to surf the channels trying to locate a bi or sissy channel to watch.

I finally settled in on a guy making out with a “woman”. The guy was naked with a nice hairy body, real manly looking. The woman had her top off, nice set of smaller sized tits with big nipples, but she was still wearing her shorts. As the movie played the room lit up and I was able to check out the good sized 4×4 booth with its plastic chair in the corner. There were used condoms on the floor that I kicked under the chair and out of my way. There was a glory hole on the other wall leading to the next booth. I stole a glance through the hole to see that the booth was empty and dark.

What caught my eye next was what was on the little ledge on top of the tv screen, a bottle of lube. I picked it up and felt that it was half full, the optimist that I am. ‘Oh what the hell,’ I thought to myself as I dropped a couple more bucks in the machine. I pulled my tank top off and put it on the chair. With only sandals to slip on and off it was easy to pull my shorts and speedo off, and put them on the chair, without actually touching my feet to the cum coated floors.

I grabbed the bottle of lube, put some in my hand and rubbed it on my cock, getting it all nice and slick. The screen now showed the woman with her skirt up, stroking her nice shaved cock, and a big mechanic macho type guy had her cock all the way down his throat. So hot seeing her cock going in and out of this big macho guy’s mouth as her tits bounced all over the place. I stroked my cock as the oil dripped down my balls. I quickly rubbed the lube into my balls, as I did I felt my finger touch my ass hole. An electric shock went through my body. My ass was so slippery I could not resist myself as I leaned forward and slid a finger in my ass. I started to grease my hole up and finger fuck myself.

I looked back up at the screen to see the mechanic now on his back with the t-girl ramming her cock in his ass. I turned up the volume and could hear her tell the guy to “Take it you little pussy. You macho slut would rather have a guy fuck you in your pussy than fuck a real girl.”

The guy just laid there getting pounded and whining back at her, “Yes, fuck me harder. Please don’t tell my wife she would never understand that I like having a cock fuck me.”

The t-girl went on to say, “You closeted sissy boy, all big and muscular, a real macho man with his trophy wife. I bet you think of cock when you fuck her pussy, don’t you sissy? The only way you get off is thinking how a nice big fat juicy cock feels fucking your pussy, isn’t that right macho boy?”

He could not deny his pleasure, “Yes. Yes, I’m a big pussy that likes to be fucked. Fuck me harder. Slam that big cock in my hairy man pussy.”

I was going crazy bending over and fucking my own man pussy with my fingers. I almost jumped out of my skin when I felt someone touch my ass from behind. With the volume turned up in my booth, I didn’t notice that someone slipped into the next booth. I was so engrossed in the movie, and bucking up and down on my fingers, that I didn’t realize I backed myself against the hole. I turned around really fast and saw this big burly arm coming through the hole, searching out to touch me.

I stepped closer towards the outstretched hand as he reached under my cock, grabbed my balls, and pulled me even closer to the glory hole. He was rough and gentle at the same time. I scooted closer to the hole. I didn’t have too much choice by the grip he had on my balls. He moved his hand under and past my balls to find my well lubed hole. He shoved his finger right up inside me and started to finger me.

Of course all my inhibitions were gone now. I loved my ass played with. I quickly pulled off his fingers, turned around, and shoved my ass to the hole. I felt two fingers at my hole; I took the bottle of lube, reached my hand back over my ass and squirted more lube down the crack of my ass. As soon as the lube made contact with his fingers he quickly pulled out his fingers, scooped the oil up, and shoved his fingers back in.

I was being finger fucked and I was slamming my ass against his hand wanting more. When I pulled my ass away from the hole I felt his fingers leave my hole. I was disappointed, I needed more fucking. I saw this big fat cock come through the hole. With the condom stretching tight over his cock, it looked just like the dildo that Carol fucks me with. I was so horned up I just bent over and pushed back on his hard cock. My ass expanded farther than it ever did. There was a blinding pain as the head of the cock pierced my sphincter.

I took my hands and braced them against the far wall and pushed back against the anonymous cock, forcing as much in as I could. I felt so full as my ass pressed against the wall. I pulled back away from the wall a little and then shoved back hard against the wall forcing his cock to go in a little deeper. It didn’t take us long before we got a good rhythm going.

My legs were getting shaky and the timer was clocking down, getting ready to shut off the video. In a panic, I pulled off his cock, threw on my clothes and left the booth. I heard another door open but I didn’t look back. I took off back to the motel, got to the pool, shucked my clothes off, except for my speedos, and dove into the pool. The water went right up into my open ass and it felt so good. Nobody was in the pool so I reached under my suit and tried to rinse off the oil from the crack of my ass.

I was a little shaken by what just happened, but elated at the same time. A real cock felt so different and so damn good. I jumped out of the pool and squeegeed off as much water as I could, grabbed my clothes, and went to our room. I ran into the room and grabbed a towel. I dried off, shucked my suit in the bathtub, and walked back into the room.

I noticed that the light was blinking on the phone indicating a message. I picked it up and listened to the message. It was Carol, she wouldn’t be home until late tonight, around ten or eleven and to go ahead and have dinner without her. Crap it was only 3 o’clock and I couldn’t go back to the adult bookstore for a while, just to be sure that that guy had left.

I grabbed my wet suit again and pulled it back on. The suit was cold and my balls shrank up into my stomach. At least I wasn’t walking around with a boner. I took my towel and went back to the pool. There was still nobody around, or in the pool. I guess it was Friday and people hadn’t arrived for their weekend of sin city. I did a couple of laps and then I lay out on a lounge chair.

I heard the gate open and close. Someone walked up next to me and shadowed my face, “You better get some sun screen on or you’re going to fry out here.” I looked up and I felt my jaw drop. I drank in the site of this big hairy, built like a linebacker guy, all muscles, dressed in just a pair of white speedos looking down at me.

I looked up and shielded my hand over my eyes to block the sun. My eyes slowly trailed up his tree trunk legs which were covered with a matting of soft black fur; continuing up to his white speedos that outlined a massive package; up his lean stomach with equally as much fur on it than his legs; stopping my gaze at his nipples, that were very large pink nubs, and poking out through a nice thick tuft of hair; and finally stopping at his big lumberjack face with a nicely trimmed beard and mustache, green eyes, and holding a tube of sunscreen and a towel.

The man could take anybody’s breath away. I squinted up at him and told him “Thanks, but I didn’t bring any with me. I thought I would just be out here for a short time but I got too relaxed and the sun felt so good.”

The guy turned to the lounge chair next to me and asked if he could join me, I told him it was no problem. He sat down and introduced himself as Brian. “Glad to meet you, I’m Tony,” I quickly responded.

Brian sat back on the lounge and was about to put some sun screen on when he proclaimed out loud, “I think I’ll take a dip first so I don’t wash off the lotion.” He got up and told me, “You coming in before you roast?”

Brian’s tone was authoritative, not too demanding, but enough so that I automatically started to get up as I responded, “Sure, why not,” and we both dove into the pool.

With nobody around, Brian swam up next to me, “Water feels good, and takes off the day’s grunginess. Nice quiet little place here, at least until later tonight when all the weekenders start showing up. So Tony what are you doing here this weekend? Got any big plans, or are you here to make one big role at the tables and go home a rich man?” he said jokingly.

I laughed as I explained, “Hardly, my wife and I are here for a few days while she visits her girl-friend that just broke up with her boyfriend. So I’m here alone or at least until later tonight. I knew by coming here that I would be relaxing by myself but I didn’t want her to drive alone for four hours. I don’t gamble very much so I’m not looking to win next month’s rent. I’m just hanging out before I go grab a bite to eat then back to the room to watch tv. What are you doing here?” I inquired back.

Brian leaned up against the side of the pool, floated on his back, and slowly kicking the water, “I’m a long haul trucker passing through. I like stopping in Reno, so I planned to stay this weekend and relax a bit before getting back on the road heading east. I usually hit a bar or two looking for some ass. If I strike out then I head to the adult bookstore and hit the booths for a little anonymous blow job through a glory hole.”

He looked at me with a grin as my cheeks flushed red, “Hey a blow’s a blow and it releases the stress, if you know what I mean?” he finished with a wink of those dreamy green eyes.

I felt myself blush and he could tell I was flustered by his openness, but I guess he figured he would not see me again, so who cares. “Hope I didn’t offend you with my candor, little buddy? But you looked like the type that can handle it.”

I kind of stuttered, “No problem. Hey ‘if it feels good then go for it’ that’s my motto.”

Brian smiled at me and agreed, “Exactly, great philosophy. I like you’re thinking.”

Brian turned around and faced the edge of the pool. He hauled himself up and out of the pool in one fluid motion, “Time to get out, rub some lotion on, and grab some rays before I hit the night life.”

As he stood at the edge of the pool the water cascaded down his body, landing back in the pool and leaving the hair on his body looking combed down. The water drained from his speedos and the white nylon became transparent. When he turned around to walk back to the lounge chair it was as if he wasn’t wearing anything at all. I could see the hair on his ass matted down and pressing against the nylon.

When he got to his chair he turned back to me and I could see his cock clearly through the material. I could see his dark thick patch of pubes smashed against the nylon suit. His cockhead and shaft were all scrunched up, nestled against a huge ball sack. I looked up at Brian’s face and he was looking right at me, catching me staring at his cock. He gave me a wink, smiled, then turned and sat down on his chair.

I swallowed hard, jumped up and out of the pool. I ran to my chair before I started getting noticeably hard in my speedos. I got to my chair, grabbed my towel, and laid it down across my lap, covering my hardening cock while I attempted to dry off using the ends of the towel.

Brian was sitting up on his lounge chair squirting some suntan lotion in his hand, “That felt great. I love the freedom of swimming, wish we didn’t have to wear a suit. Nothing better than skinny dipping,” he shot me a smile and a wink again.

I retorted with an uncomfortable, “Ya, well at least we have the pool to ourselves for now.”

Brian swung his legs over the side of his chair, sitting up, and facing me. He poured some lotion in his hands, rubbed them together a bit, leaned forward, placed his hands on my chest, and started to rub his hands and the lotion all over me. Before I could object he said, “You are starting to turn a shade of pink there Tony, and it’s not just your cheeks blushing this time. You better get some of this block on you.”

His tone was firm and confident. He was strong and forceful, yet had a gentle quality about him. I was so shocked I didn’t know what to do. Fight him? I wasn’t stupid. This guy outweighed me and had the muscles to turn me into minced meat. As my mind raced through my options he grabbed my arms and rubbed each one up and down the length. He massaged my shoulders and forced me down to a laying position on my stomach.

He worked his way down my back and then started on my legs. “You are one smooth guy Tony. I have never seen a dark haired guy with absolutely no hair on his body. Your legs are really smooth like a little girl.” I could feel my cheeks turn beet red. My cock jumped a bit each time he touched my thighs and legs.

How do I get out of this without pissing this big guy off? “You don’t have to put that on me,” I told him as I continued to explain, “I was just about to go to my room and shower the chlorine off and then go grab a bite to eat.”

Brian looked a little offended “I’m sorry I didn’t mean to just jump right in and take control of you, just didn’t want you to burn. I apologize for my brash personality.”

‘Are you serious?’ I thought in disbelief, I hurt this big guy’s feelings. Now I felt bad so I thought I would invite him to go eat with me, “No worries, I was just getting hungry. How about we go get something to eat?”

Brian’s face perked up and he said that sounded great. Then he totally caught me off guard by sliding one arm under my legs and the other around my neck, he scooped me up, turned to the pool and stepped right into the water while still holding me in his arms. We both went under the water and I rolled my body away to keep from drowning the both of us.

As I rolled away Brian’s hand brushed along my softening, thank god, cock. We both came up for air at the same time, me with a ‘What the fuck?’ expression on my face, and Brian laughing back at me “I felt bad putting lotion on you so I figured I would wash it off.”

I was still shocked at this big man’s childish attitude, “Well a shower would have been just fine. Thanks, I guess.”

Brian came up to me and started to rub my chest again making my nipples harden as he grazed over them “Seems the chlorine took off most of the lotion,” he laughed again. I backed away quickly with my cock getting hard and beginning to poke out of my speedos.

My nipples were running on overdrive and I needed to get to my room before he sees how horned up I am. “Well thanks, I’m going to head to my room and change, want to meet in the lobby in about a half hour?”

Brian, taking charge again, altered my plan, “How about I stop by your room on the way down? I’m in room 212.”

I shrugged and said, “Well you don’t have far to go, I am in room 214 right next door.”

Brian laughed, “You’re kidding, that is fate right there.” We got back out of the pool and I made sure I stayed in front of Brian so he wouldn’t see my hard on. I grabbed my towel and wrapped it around my waist, slipped on my sandals, grabbed my shirt, and was started to head up towards my room.

Brain told me to hold up as he quickly joined me. I noticed Brian didn’t cover-up with a towel, he just walked around showing his stuff through his white wet speedos. Of course with a body like his I would probably be less shy and strut around as well. We got to our rooms and I went into mine at the same time that he went into his. But not before I stole one last glance at his body, then he winked again at me. Was he making passes or was this just his personality.

I gave myself a nice cleaning out, as my usual routine, then I jumped in the shower and did a quick shave all over just in case Carol came home tonight wanting to play. I got out of the shower, wrapped a towel around my waist, and went to my suitcase to grab some fresh clothes. It couldn’t have been 20 minutes that past when I heard a knock on the door. Looking at the clock, 5 o’clock, that would be too early for Carol, besides she has a key.

I went to the door and opened it. There was Brian in a netted white tank top, blue runners nylon gym shorts, that were very short and slit up the sides exposing not only his legs but also his ass cheeks, and sandals which showed off his nice big feet. “It didn’t take me that long to get ready, so I thought I would come over a little early so we can talk some more while you finished getting ready. Hope you don’t mind?”

What could I say, ‘leave and come back in ten minutes?’, “No, no problem come on in, I’ll just be a minute.”

Brian walked in and sat on the edge of the bed facing the bathroom so we could talk while I got dressed. Ok, I guess I have to dress in front of him, unless I take my clothes to the bathroom and close the door, which would look stupid. Just us guys anyway. I looked through my suitcase and Carol only packed me frilly panties to wear, damn no guy stuff to put on. I guess I was going commando or put on my pink lacy panties in front of this guy. I grabbed my shorts, dropped my towel, and pulled on my shorts as fast as possible.

I wasn’t fast enough as Brian whistled at me, “Wow you shave your cock and balls, is that why your legs and chest are so smooth, you shave? That’s hot.”

I blushed and told him that my wife hates hair on me, it gets caught in her teeth, and then I shot him a sly look and winked. We both laughed. I grabbed a tank top, slipped on my sandals, and we were out the door. I felt I diverted any thoughts of our play games and at the same time reminded him that I was married and most likely straight.

We walked down the street towards the adult bookstore. A couple of blocks before the bookstore we crossed the street. I was a bit relieved. We walked to a sports bar that was facing right across at the bookstore. I was a little uncomfortable, but Brian assured me that the food was good and cheap.

We were still within happy hour so we ordered a couple of drinks and appetizers before happy hour was over. The appetizers were enough for a dinner and we both had a couple of drinks, $10 bucks each and we were feeling no pain and our stomachs were full.

We stepped back out into the heat wave and I was glad I was wearing shorts and a tank top. The air conditioner of the sports bar made my nipples really poke out my shirt. Looking at Brian he had the same problem but his nipples actually stuck out through the loose mesh of his top. I felt myself gasp slightly at this really hot picture.

I turned away willing my cock to not get hard. With no underwear it would be really obvious and embarrassing. Brian hit the crosswalk button to head towards the adult bookstore, “Mind if I just run in here a minute to pick up a couple of things for later, before we head back to the motel?”

I quickly shot back to him, “Sure, no problem.” We walked across the street and into the store.

Brian didn’t waste any time going up and down the aisles. He grabbed a bottle of poppers and a bottle of glide. When he grabbed the glide he looked at me and said “I hate friction when I’m playing with my cock,” he smiled and winked again. This guy had no shame, but at least he seems to wink at everything he wanted to make a point about.

He walked towards the clothes and I followed wondering what else he was into. We got to the school girl outfits where he pulled one off the rack and pushed it in front of my body “You would look smoking hot in this.”

I pushed the outfit away and laughed back at him and said “Ya right. Whatever.” I was trying to sound annoyed but at the same time I could feel my cheeks flush again. He laughed back at me jokingly.

He went to the leather section and grabbed a leather cock ring with a ball separator. He looked at me and said “The cock ring and poppers help prolong me from cumming too soon, that is especially important when I have a nice hot piece of ass to play with,” he winked at me again before we headed to the front to pay. I thought that he may be flirting, but I would never assume that with this big burly guy.

Just before we left he asked if I wanted to check out the glory holes and release some tension. I felt the blood leave my face as I am sure it turned white. I declined his offer with a polite, “No thanks.”

Brian shrugged and said, “Sometimes you get a nice blow job from a stranger, a mouth’s a mouth, you know? Sometimes you get really lucky and you get a nice tight hole to pound, a holes a hole, no what I mean?”

I felt uncomfortable now, and I was getting a hard on that I could not will down. I rolled my eyes at him and ushered to the front of the store, “Let’s go you horn dog.” We walked back to the motel and we each went to our rooms.

As soon as I closed my door I kicked my sandals off, stripped my clothes off, and pulled on a nice pair of pink lacy panties. I lay on the bed and started to pinch my nipples and lightly stroke my hard cock through the lacy panties. Not two minutes into my alone time before there was a knock on the door.

Glancing over at the clock by the bed, Seven o’clock? I wondered maybe Carol came home early. I slipped on my black silk robe, which barely went below my crotch, and went to answer the door. It was Brian, wearing a white terry cloth robe and carrying an ice bucket, “Sorry man I locked myself out of my room. Can I call the front desk from your room?”

Ever the host and feeling my cock go down, “Sure, come on in.” Brian went to the phone by the bed and called the front desk. I could hear the front desk say that they would be up in about fifteen minutes or so due to a rush on check-ins. Brian politely acknowledged the wait and said that he would hang with his friend in the next room. Brian placed his hand over the receiver and turned to me, “You don’t mind do you Tony?” I shook my head no and then he hung up.

Now I was stuck in only a pair of pink panties and a short robe. I knew once I sat down he would see my panties for sure. Brian placed the phone back in its cradle and thanked me for letting him hang out. Brian put the bucket on the table and sat on one of the chairs directly across from the bed. His robe hiked up, and when he crossed his ankle over his knee, his cock and balls were totally exposed. I could see he was wearing his cock ring since his balls were pulled tight and separated by the dark leather straps. This was too much for me as my cock quickly started to rise, so without thinking, I sat on the edge of the bed giving him a clear shot of my pink panties.

Brian let out another one of his wolf whistles, “Pretty panties there stud.”

I turned red, but thinking fast I came up with what I thought was a good cover, “My wife didn’t pack me any underwear so I had to put these on.”

Brian didn’t buy it and didn’t let me get away with it, “Lucky you. I was just grabbing a bucket of ice for a drink before I started to play around with myself. I must have left my key on the table, I thought it was in the pocket of my robe. Did you notice we had adjoining rooms? I wish I unlocked my side, I would open your door and be back in my room already.”

I knew the door was there, I hate that about motels, there are always adjoining doors. Just then there was a knock on my door, it was the manager with a spare key. Brian got up, grabbed his bucket of ice, and the manager let him in his room. I was so hard I didn’t want to stand up when he left so I just waved at him. What a night.

I resumed my position on the bed, opened my robe and then BANG! BANG! BANG! another knock on the door, but this time it was the inside door. I knew it was Brian. I jumped up and wrapped my robe around me again. I opened the door and there he was again laughing, “See now I won’t lock myself out again. Hey you want to watch a movie or borrow a magazine of mine?”

I was about to protest and tell him that I was about to go to bed when my phone started to ring. I turned, exasperated and the man child, and went to answer it, “Hello”, it was Carol.

I could hear Laura crying in the background, crap this can’t be good. Carol was whispering into the receiver, “Tony, she’s a mess I’m going to stay with her tonight, besides I had a couple of drinks and can’t drive. Are you ok, do you need the car?”

I told her, “No. Don’t worry about me, I walked and got dinner, took a swim, and now I’m going to watch a movie. Maybe tomorrow we can play, wink, wink.” I said into the phone trying to be funny.

She didn’t sound in a great mood “I would love that more than this, I hate being the good friend. I love you. I should be there by noon.” She hung up the phone.

I placed the receiver back on the cradle, as I turned to Brian I could see a big grin on his face so I conceded, “Well I guess I have all night, the wife is stuck babysitting her friend. What movies are on?”

I walked back into Brian’s room and he had some tapes sitting by the VCR. He grabbed one and said that I would like this one. Because of the way his room was setup the only place that two people could watch the television was from the bed. Brian mixed us a drink of gin and tonic, handed me one then popped in the tape. He crawled up on the bed, propped the pillows up, and patted the bed next to him “Only place to watch the TV my friend.”

As I climbed up on the bed I glanced past Brian and noticed the bottle of glide and poppers on his nightstand. To add a little more discomfort, I was interrupting his jackoff time, and he mine by the way. I sat next to Brian and took a sip of the drink, choking, it was more gin than tonic. Brian laughed “Good stuff huh?”

When I sat down my robe hiked up and now you can really see my cock and balls through my panties. I crossed my legs at the ankles and tried to cover my crotch by holding the drink over my lap. The movie started and Brian shut the lights off, “It’s easier to watch the movie in the dark, besides you won’t feel as uncomfortable in your pretty little panties,” he said. I guess he needed to emphasize his point so he placed his hand on my thigh gave it a nice squeeze as he laughed at me. Then he stroked his hand up and down my leg a couple of times, and finally put it back on his own leg all in a jokingly jester.

I didn’t catch the beginning of the film, since Brian was distracting me by touching my leg, so when I turned my attention back to the screen there was man and a woman in the kitchen playing grab ass with each other. ‘Typical porn flick’, I thought as the couple then starting to take each other’s clothes off. The guy was already sucking on the woman’s exposed tits.

I looked over at Brian and he was lightly stroking himself through his robe. Brian didn’t take his eyes off the television as he said, “Hope you don’t mind this video, I was just horny and wanted to relax in front of a porn movie, hell you’re all alone tonight so you were probably going to pull your cock out of those panties and unload your balls anyway.”

He seemed to love to make me blush from embarrassment. Every time he mentioned my panties my cock would leap in my panties with excitement. It was frigin hot in Brian’s room, between the temp outside still over 100 degrees, and the gin and tonic spreading its alcoholic warmth throughout my body, I was starting to get really toasted.

I guess Brian was feeling the heat as well as I looked over at him he was loosening his robe. I brought up the heat in the room, “I guess you don’t like using the air conditioner in the room, it’s burning up in here.”

Brian took that as an opening to pull the tie on his robe, “No I hate air conditioner, gets me all stuffed up. I am usually naked so the heat is not usually a big problem.” He looked at me while he pulled open his robe, “Do you mind if I take this off? It’s just us guys and I’m burning up.”

What could I say after all, “It’s your room, get as comfortable as you like.” I was feeling a bit uncomfortable, but felt I was put in the same situation as the pool, afraid to piss him off and live to tell about it.

Brian pulled off his robe, exposing himself completely, except for his leather cock ring. This guy was so good looking. When he readjusted himself on the bed he spread his legs a bit pressing his leg against mine and to give him better access to his cock. When his hairy leg touched my smooth leg I almost creamed my panties.

Brian reached over and started to pull my robe open, “Come on, you can get comfortable too. It’s hot in here; you must be dying in that robe? Come on I’ve seen your panties already nothing to be ashamed of.”

I leaned forward and lifted my ass off the bed to allow Brian to pull my robe off, leaving me sitting in my panties. “Now isn’t that better, and cooler?” he said.

I was speechless and somewhat stunned. When I leaned forward, to allow Brian to pull my robe off, my face was pressed into Brian’s neck. I could smell his soapy clean body man scent, so I took a deep breath that was more intoxicating than the gin and tonic. I had to almost shake my head to clear it. I quickly distracted myself by turning back to the television screen. The couple was now fucking in the kitchen with her sitting on a kitchen island while the guy was ramming his huge cock into her pussy. Her legs were dangling over the guy’s shoulders as she being thoroughly fucked.

I was hard as a rock. The head of my cock was sticking out the top of my panties and starting to leak. Brian looked over at me, reached over, hooking his fingers in the top of my panties, and gave them a couple of tugs to expose my dripping cock completely, “Looks like someone wants out, why don’t you pull these pretty little things off and let junior out for some air? Besides, you don’t want to get cum all over your wife’s panties.”

If I argued he would know they were my panties, so I lifted my ass up off the bed and pulled them down to my ankles, then off. I tossed the panties through the doorway leading back into my room. I couldn’t tell him that they were really mine. “Ya, good point. Thanks.” Feeling a little embarrassed, I shyly thanked him.

Brian with his wolf whistle again, “Clean shaven cock, makes you look like you have a little boy’s cock there, very cute.” He laughed and turned back to the TV while he continued to stroke his half hard cock.

What have I gotten myself into? I was feeling so horny being talked down to like a father to his child. When my wife does it I get hot, but when Brian did it my body was super charged and even hornier.

The movie had the couple dressed again and having company over. Brian pointed to the screen, “Looks like they are going to have a ‘party’.” Brian grabbed the poppers, placed a finger on one nostril to close the passage, put the bottle to the other nostril, and inhaled deep. He repeated the process with the other nostril, then handed me the bottle.

I had never used poppers so I asked him what they were. Brian explained to me, “Poppers? You inhale them one nostril at a time. You get a little light headed and a warm sensation covers your body. They help you to hold back from cumming, and it makes you all relaxed and sensitive. Here put your drink down and I will show you.” I took a big gulp of my drink. Choking again, I forced the strong alcohol down before I set my glass on the nightstand.

Brian leaned over me, pressing his hairy leg against mine. His naked cock was pressed against my hip. He continued his instructions, “Now I am going to close one nostril and put this bottle to your other nostril, inhale slow and deep.”

He reached his arm around my neck and pulled me to his chest. He pressed his finger against my nose closing the passage. The other side of my face was against his hairy chest as the bottle came up to my nose. I quickly inhaled fast and he pulled the bottle away. It smelled like the old lighter fuel used for the flint lighters my dad used when I was growing up.

Brian corrected me, “No not quick, go slow and long with the inhale, let’s try again.” His hairy chest felt so good I would have inhaled the entire bottle just to keep my face on his chest. I had to place my hand on his thigh to help brace myself up. I could not help myself from lightly stroking his furry leg and feel his solid muscles.

This time I inhaled slower. I felt the warmth rush through my body and my head was starting to spin. Then he switched hands and closed my other nostril as I inhaled slowly again. Wow what a head rush, my whole body started to get all warm and tingly.

Brian said, “One more time to get started.” We repeated the procedure and I was high as a kite. I didn’t even realize that my hand was now rubbing Brian’s leg, feeling the nice hair covered leg, and my face was rubbing into his chest getting all cozy in the soft fur.

Brian took the bottle, placed the cap back on, and put it back on the nightstand. He still held me in his arms and started to run his hand up and down my arm. “Feels good doesn’t it? Every little touch will be amplified.”

My head was spinning, I was looking at the TV and the party was now an orgy. There was a woman on the couch with a guy eating her pussy and a guy was standing next to her face fucking her with his huge cock. The camera followed her body down until you that the guy eating her pussy was on all fours. The camera stayed focused on that guy, taking a few close up shots of his tongue eating the woman’s cleanly shaven pussy.


Ben had just taken my anal cherry and we were heading for his shower to freshen up.

Everything in the loft was open. The bath area was around the back side of the bed with a low wall between them. The floor was tiled and the shower had only three walls but was big enough to hold four people. There were three shower heads and we used all of them.

We were so rung out we just soaped each other up and gave each other a good scrubbing. There was even a bidet.

“Nice huh?” he said, “The people who I rent from thought of everything.”

We dried each other off and went back to lie nakeed across the bed. Ben put some soft music

on and we just lay there collecting ourselves.

He asked if the next time we were together would I be open to him bringing in the couple he had mentioned.

I said I would be open to meeting them and see if we all were comfortable with each other.

He asked if he could tell them anything about our time together to give them an idea of what I might be receptive to.

I asked him not to be too specific so I wouldn’t be to embarrassed to meet them.

He asked me to trust him as he picked up the phone.

I couldn’t pass up the opening and said, “Trust you, you won’t cum in my mouth I suppose!” He was laughing so hard he had to put the phone down as he got his shit together.

After a moment he made the call and was talking to one of the couple. He was saying that he had just had an exciting time with a new male friend and thought of them because he felt we had a lot in common. He asked them if they would like to meet me sometime. They must of said yes as he asked me when would be a good time for us to get together for a lunch or something. We worked something out and he said his good byes and hung up. I had to get going and told him that I would never forget the things we had done and was looking forward to more.

We both had somewhere to be so, giving his fine cock a long soft stroke, I regretfully had to get dressed and leave.

It seemed to take forever until I was to meet Sara and Steve, but the day finally had arrived. I still saw Ben regularly at the gym but we had not had a chance to get back together.

We all met at an open air restaurant on a nice warm afternoon.

Ben introduced all of us and I don’t know who was more nervous, me or either of them. They were an attractive couple about my age. Sara was a little younger than any of us about 5 feet tall with short almost white hair, I was wondering if her pubic hair matched. I would have to describe her as, pretty, petite with a nice smile. She had small but what appeared to be firm breasts and looked like they were still firm enough to stand up without the aid of a bra.

Steve was taller than me, about five eight or nine, dark with black hair. He looked to be in very good shape. The conversation was awkward at first with all of trying to hard, until Ben said ” Relax, I have seen you all naked and if you don’t quit worrying I’ll start telling stories!”

Thank God we were isolated from the few other diners when he said it. Sara said something about remembering a story or two she could tell on him.

He replied that if she didn’t he might have to himself!

So to try to lighten things up I asked her how long they had known Ben.

She said about a year and that after getting to really know each other they tried to get together a couple of times a month.

I told them that Ben and I had really only met a short time ago. “Well” she quipped, “it didn’t take you two long to get together.”

“Yeah I said things moved pretty fast, I guess I must have been ready for a change as I was just getting out of another bad relationship and wasn’t looking for another bad one and was kind of gun shy about getting back into the dating scene.”

Everyone was letting their guard down when the waiter came with the check. After the usual give and take about who was paying Ben asked what now?

Steve looked at Sara and inclined his head and she said ” How about your place Ben.”

It was a short walk and Sara and I drifted together as Steve and Ben lead the way to Ben’s.

When we got there we all sat around the low table on the floor by the couch. Nobody seemed to know what to do next when Ben said, “Well my house, my rules, new rule.”

Before he could state the rule Sara jumped in and asked ” Since when do we have rules?”

Ben said since you three might sit here forever before anyone got up the nerve to make the first move.

“So everyone stand in a circle,” which we all did. “Now remove the top of the person to your left.”

I was between Sara and Steve but got to take off Sara’s’ top. I was right her nice firm little breasts stood up nicely without any help. It was a little awkward trying to remove someone else’s clothes while yours were being removed.

We all got each others top off when Ben said drop the persons bottom to your right and if they have anything on underneath, that too.

It was Steve who I had to do this time and as I was unbuckling his belt and lowering his zipped Sara exclaimed, “This was easy, John doesn’t wear much!”

I stepped out of my jeans and out of my moccasins and was the first one naked. I was kind of shocked to be the first, but continued with Steve while stealing looks at Sara. I had to work a little to get Steve’s pants and boxers down but got in a quick feel of his cock and was surprised at his size. He was barely getting hard and as big as I am hard. Ben and Sara were both watching me for my reaction and both laughed.

“Impressive isn’t it?” said Sara.

“Now you know why I had you do him” Ben said.

Don’t worry about anything Sara said, if I can live with little titties you can live with a smaller cock than Steve.

“Thanks for not saying little Sara” I replied.

Don’t worry yours looks like the kind that will fit anywhere.

Steve said, “Sara is especially happy as I am too big to fuck her cute little rosebud and Ben is almost to big unless she is really horny, so you can look forward to helping us with her where we can’t.”

As were all naked Ben said next rule, new guy gets everyone off!

I was taken aback but excited.

He added: “don’t worry the last rule is after everyone gets new guy off.”

Sara said, “Then can we have no more rules?”

Ben said that by then we wouldn’t need any.

So I told everyone to have a seat on the couch. Sara got in the middle so it didn’t matter which end I started at I had to suck cock to get to her pussy. I was still a little hung up about being bi and not gay!

I looked at Steve’s impressive cock and thought to save it for last so I could build up to it.

I knelt in front of Ben and took his familiar cock in my hand and put the head in my mouth. As I was getting into it and he was getting harder I took my head away and stroked his foreskin back and forth exposing the crimson crown as I had come to think of his cock head. I thought with the head fully exposed he might cum quicker.

As I was sucking him I let my hand rest on Sara’s’ thigh, slowly caressing up her to the heaven between her legs.

In the surprise of seeing Steve’s huge cock for the first time I had missed looking at Sara’s pussy to see what color her hair was.

As I reached her hot moist center I found she kept her hair trimmed but still had some. I prefer a hairy pussy but am not fussy. I couldn’t see the color but found the area around her lips was shaved giving me easier access to them which felt to be very full.

As I slipped my finger into her I was surprised to find her a little looser that I had expected but luckily didn’t show any reaction. She and Steve must have been together for some time.

She reacted with an intake of breath. I could smell her aroma and it was full and sweet. It had been to long since I had any pussy.

By now Ben was grabbing my head and face fucking me until he came down my throat. I couldn’t contain all of if and some ran out my mouth and Sara said: “come here lover”, and kissed me sucking and licking up the entire overflow.

I slid down her chest stopping to take each of her fine little breasts into my mouth. As I finally got down to her pussy I could see that it was the same shade as her other hair. She was a natural or colored both ends. I could care less.

All I wanted was something sweet and warm and she was both.

I pulled her to the edge of the couch so she was exposed to my view and tongue as much as possible. I buried my face in her snatch and inhaled. She was fragrant and wet.

I started by rubbing my face in her hair and then down to her lips. After a couple of seconds I opened my mouth enough to suck in her lips and stick my tongue into her. She let out a sigh that made my day. I have always thought I was a great pussy eater and sucked in her juices. After enjoying her opening and lips she was getting into my work. I then drifted up to locate her clit and gave it a lick. Before she could really get into it, I dropped back to sucking and licking the rest of her beautiful little snatch.

I went back to her clit and gave it a longer and fuller suck. My time spent below was shortened as she pulled my head up so I could concentrate on her clit. I had replaced my lips on her opening with my fingers and had two in her and was fucking her slowly as I sucked her clit.

It didn’t take long before she came pushing herself into my face as hard as she could. Her legs started to quiver and her breathing became more rapid and I could feel it hot on the back of my neck. Taking one of my wet fingers I placed it on her little star.

It was hot to my touch and she flexed it so that it opened and let my finger tip enter her. This must have been enough for her to push her over the edge, as she wrapped her legs around my head and came with a moan that must have come from her soul.

Once she came back to earth, I backed off and savored the contented look on her face.

When she was coming down I had started stroking Steve’s hard cock. He was bigger than I expected. I had grown to like Ben’s and felt good with his size but Steve was so much bigger and I wanted to give him as much pleasure as the others.

Moving between his legs I sucked as much of him into my mouth as I could but couldn’t get half of him in so I was using my hands. Steve didn’t seem to mind and was lying back enjoying my work. As I was getting into a rhythm Sara playfully hit him on the chest and said ” Now don’t make him work forever, relax and let it go”

She said to me ” He has great control and can last forever when he wants, but Ben and I want to get to pleasing you John”.

With that Steve started to relax and pushed his ass forward to the couch edge and started to cum almost immediately. He came forcefully and with great quantity. His rapid climax surprised me by cummimg on so quickly. I couldn’t contain it all as some ran down my chin. I held what part of his cock in my mouth I could, expecting to feel him soften but surprisingly he stayed almost as hard as before he came.

This was an impressive man, he could have a career in porn!

Feeling proud of myself with servicing everyone so well and quite quickly, I sat back on the coffee table and realised just how hard my cock was.

I was looking forward to the next part of Bens’ Rules!

Last year, four buddies went camping and more. This year, two women come along. Will the guys still find the time to exploring their bisexual side or will the women get in the way?

“Explain to me again why we allowed Mallory and Olivia to come along?” Logan asked as the rucksack straps dug into his shoulders. Sweat poured off his brow. Huffing alongside of him, Grant wasn’t doing at better.

“Look at that ass,” Grant said, nodding at the two women in front of them on the trail. “And tell me you don’t want to tap either one of them.”

“Yeah, but if it didn’t happen at school, what makes you think it’ll happen out here?”

“Stranger things have happened,” Grant said, hiking up his backpack and grinning.

“I think last year freaked out Ruben,” Logan said, catching Grant’s reference. During last year’s trip, the campsite became an all nude affair. By the end of the weekend, the four men swore vows of silence to each other that mimicked the Las Vegas commercials; what happened in the woods, stays in the woods.

“Not according to Dylan,” Grant said.

Mallory slowed, falling into step with the two roommates. Her backpack was as full as either of theirs, but she bore the burden without complaints. “I heard last year was quite the sausage fest.”

“What did you hear?” Logan asked, giving Grant a worried look.

“Let’s just say, Ruben made a very interesting drunk call to Olivia one night.” She grinned and caught back up to her girlfriend.

“Fucking Ruben. I knew he was the weakest link.” Logan kept his voice low, afraid the women had heard their conversation.

“Didn’t we do that last year?”

Logan laughed. There was a reason they called Ruben “slut” and it had nothing to do with his success with women.

“Okay ladies, we’re here!” Dylan called, first to drop his pack into the clearing. “The scene of last year’s crime.”

“It’s beautiful,” Olivia said, wiggling out of her pack. All four of the men stared at her chest as she arched her back, easing the big pack to the ground.

The clearing in the woods looked as good as ever. Weeds grew inside the circle of rocks from last year’s fire pit. Just inside the tree line, dogwoods still held their blossoms, offering a splash of color against the greens of the forest around them. “I don’t think anyone has been here since last year,” Dylan said, pointing out the two rectangles of pine needles in the same areas where they had pitched their tents.

“I’m not surprised. It’s pretty far off the path,” Ruben said. He unfolded his shovel and went to work on the fire pit. Short, wiry, and deceptively strong, Ruben looked in best shape from the long hike. A former all-state lightweight wrestler, Ruben learned some new positions last year.

Logan didn’t realize he was staring at Ruben’s ass until Olivia brushed up against him. “See something you like?”

Turning, his eyes dropped from Olivia’s blue eyes, past the whimsical grin on her pretty lips, and landed on the cleavage her tank top revealed. “Maybe,” he said, moving his eyes back to hers. “So, I heard you had an interesting drunk call from him.”

“Very interesting,” was all she offered. “Hey Dylan, what do you need me to do?”

Dylan claimed to have found this spot while hiking with buddies. Logan and Grant had wondered what kind of buddies Dylan had, but they accepted his backwoods knowledge. Following his guidance, the campsite was set in less than two hours. Last year they had lugged two-men tents into the woods. This year, they each of the men carried a section of a larger tent. As Olivia and Mallory dragged firewood into the clearing, Grant used the ax. Pulling off his sweat soaked t-shirt, his muscles rippled as he chopped dead branches into usable lengths. Again, Logan was distracted by the view. He wasn’t the only one.

“It’s not polite to stare,” he told her.

“Oh, like you weren’t.” The delighted sparkle in her eyes made Logan wonder again what secrets Ruben might have shared with Mallory’s roommate.

With less than a hour before twilight, they made due with the supplies they carried on the first trip. Sitting around the campfire, Grant pulled out his second canteen, took a sip, and passed it on. They laughed when Olivia needed a water chaser after taking a sip of the straight Jack Daniels. Beneath a clear sky that showed all of its secrets, they laughed, drank, and teased each other as only good friends can do.

“So what did Ruben say during this drunk call?” Grant asked Olivia.

“What drunk call?” Dylan asked, looking at his roommate.

“Don’t look at me, I was drunk.”

“All he said was how it turned into a real sausage fest out here,” Olivia said. “Whatever that means.”

“I like sausage,” Mallory added, dulling a moment that threatened to become tense.

“I like tacos,” Logan offered.

“Mm, what about tacos stuffed with sausage?” Mallory asked.

“I might need to be drunker for that.”

Mallory took the canteen of Jack away from Dylan, handing it to Logan. “Drink up.”

Morning arrived late for the campers. Breakfast was instant coffee and a rehydrated mix of scrambled eggs and sausage. When Ruben announced he was heading back to the vehicles for the rest of their supplies, Logan volunteered to help. Wearing empty rucksacks, they walked side by side along the trail. “I think Dylan was right. I don’t think anyone else knows about this spot,” Ruben said, pointing out the weed growth over the fire pit and trash he found while digging it out. “Which means we can visit anytime we want.”

Logan heard the invitation in his suggestion. “Look, slut. What the hell did you tell Olivia during your drunk call?”

Ruben waited until they were farther away from camp. “First, it wasn’t a drunk call. It was a hook-up, but you can’t tell Dylan.”

“Why not?”

“He has a thing for Olivia.”

Logan shook his head. Figures Ruben would put together Olivia. Before his nickname became slut, it was pretty boy. “What did you tell her?”

“I don’t know, I was drunk as hell. But ever since, she teases me about Kong.”

“Who the fuck is Kong?”

“I don’t know. Drunk, remember?”

“Still sort of a cock-block move to bring them.”

“I don’t know. It was after that night they invited themselves.”

“You’re a dick. You said something, you know that, right?”

“What if I did? They still wanted to come, didn’t they?”

Logan nodded, the point wasn’t lost on him. What did Mallory know about last year’s trip when she heard it was a sausage fest? Olivia had used the same phrase. And what kind of women volunteer to go camping with four guys?

After grabbing the rest of their supplies from the back of the SUV, they made sure the girls’ car was locked tight. They laughed realizing they both at brought an extra bottle of liquor. They divided up the rest of the food and cooking supplies. Hiking back, they cleared the deadfall of trees that blocked the path to their campsite. The couple hundred yards through brush was trampled by their trips, but the trail was lost once they moved beneath the canopy of the woods. They headed towards the big rocks, turned slightly east, and walked side-by-side along the rest of the path. With lighter packs, it was an easier trip.

“You and Grant ever do anything after last year?” Ruben asked.

“We fooled around a couple times,” Logan admitted. “I think… I don’t know.” He stopped before admitting he wanted to do it more than Grant. A new world had opened for Logan, one he liked. Not more than women, but knowing he liked it had changed something inside of him. “What about you two?”

“Nothing. Dylan acts as if it never happened. Won’t even talk about it, so I don’t even try.”

“Hell, he was the one who started things!”

“So, you have done anything since last year?”

Ruben shook his head. “Maybe I should have hung out with you two more often.”

“Maybe,” Logan agreed. Their camp was just over the ridge, too close for a pit stop with rattling pots and pans announcing their arrival. “And maybe we can sneak off and change that.”

Little had change around the camp during their absence. More wood had been gathered and chopped. Dylan had fashioned a hanger for the big cooking pot they had retrieved. Logan found the seating arrangements interesting. The girls sat side-by-side near the spring fed creek at the edge of the camp, looking hot as ever in short shorts and white tank tops with bikini tops being used as bras. Dylan and Grant sat on different logs around the fire. He noticed neither man wore a shirt.

“What’s that?” Mallory asked as Ruben unpacked a large black bag and unfolded it.

“Camp shower,” he explained. “Fill it with water, hang it in the sun, and later you can take a warm shower.” Fastening rope to it, he tossed the other end over the same branch they had used last year. The rope was long enough to drag the bag into the spring near their camp and then muscle it up the tree.

“That water is cold!” Olivia said, nodding at the creak.

“Yeah, but that will feel good in a couple hours. We can heat water in the cook pot if you want a shower.”

“A bit public,” Mallory said, glancing past the shower bag to the fire.

“Welcome to camp,” Logan said with a grin. Overhearing the entire conversation reminded him how well sound carried without the background noise of civilization. He dipped the big cook pot in the water. He knew it would take two full pots of water to take the chill off the spring water. Thinking back to last year, he remembered how hot it was to see Ruben, Grant, or Dylan standing naked beneath the showerhead. For that matter, how they watched him taking a shower, too.

“Are you going to show us how it’s done?” she asked.

“As long as you don’t mind that I shower naked.”

“Is there any other way?”

“I thought the campsite was clothing optional,” Olivia wondered, a sly grin on her face as she looked at Logan like a piece of meat. “It’s that why it’s called Camp Sausage Fest?”

“You and me should go for a walk and maybe you can tell me about Kong,” he said, enjoying the way her eyes went wide when he dropped the catchword. Olivia glanced at Mallory.

“I didn’t tell him.”

“Ask Ruben,” Olivia said. “He likes Kong.”

“Maybe I’d rather hear your version.”

“Maybe you’d like to meet Kong.”

When Mallory asked, “You brought Kong?” Logan was more confused than ever. Kong was a thing and not a person? It didn’t make sense.

Dylan dumped the second pot of hot water into the shower bladder. “Who’s going first?” he asked, looking at the girls as he hoisted the bag up the branch.

“Logan volunteered,” Mallory said, eyeing him with a smile. “Unless he’s shy.”

“I’m lots of things, but shy never made the list,” Logan told her, ducking into the tent long enough to grab shampoo and a towel. After lashing the rope, Dylan had refilled the cook pot and sat around the fire with Grant and Ruben. Near the water’s edge, Mallory and Olivia both watched Logan over their shoulders, matching grins on their faces to see if he would live up to words.

Logan was in need and was afraid it would show. Being back in the woods with Dylan, Ruben, and Grant wasn’t helping. Grant’s hesitation about fooling around too much back on campus hadn’t stopped Logan from thinking about it or taking matters into his own hands. Worse, their pact of abstinence for the week before the trip included jerking off. He was horny, horny enough not to care. Something had to happen and soon. In jean shorts and nothing else, he stood beneath the showerhead. With an audience sitting on either side of him, he couldn’t turn his back to both. He didn’t try. Facing away from the tree line, he shucked off his shorts and tossed them towards camp. There were gleeful whoops and cheers from both sides of him as he turned on the water long enough to get wet.

“I love a man who shaves,” Mallory said.

“Feels so good, I keep it that way,” he said, lathering his hair and using the soap everywhere else on his body. He wasn’t hard, but his cock was long, fat, and wanted to be hard. He gave his public private parts a quick once over to clean without exciting. Turning the water back on, he rinsed, wondering if the sight of the soapy lather running down his bare flesh looked as hot to everyone else as it did when he watched the others taking showers. It was an imagine burned into his memory, seeing the lather slipping and sliding over broad shoulders, tight asses, and around a man’s cock and balls. Still fighting off a hard-on that pointed up instead of down, Logan turned off the water, picked up his towel, and moved to air dry in the sun by the creek bed.

“Are you going to stay naked?” Olivia asked, having a difficult time looking him in the face when her eyes kept being drawn to the rest of him.

“No reason to get dressed now, is there? I think it’s your turn to take a shower.”

Looking at Mallory, Olivia raised the heat of an already warm day. “Take one with me.” Logan felt his cock rollover, threatening to grow hard enough to be called a hard-on.

“Who’s next?” Mallory asked the trio of guys sitting at camp.

“One of you,” Grant called back.

“No, we want to go last. And then we’ll do it together.”

“No shit? Then I’ll go,” Dylan offered, already standing closest to the rope after refilling the bladder. Logan glanced over his shoulder enough to see Dylan had followed his lead by getting naked and was sporting a chubby of his own. Compact and muscular like Grant, Logan couldn’t watch Dylan taking a shower without having more problems. He saw Dylan had shaved his oversized balls, remembered how good his previously furry balls had felt in his hand, and stopped before he wondered how they would feel shaved. Fuck, staying on the right side of soft was hard!

Dylan laid out his towel next to Logan. “How’s it going?” he asked. Logan’s noticed his crotch was as much of an eye magnet for Dylan as it had been for Olivia.

“Just hanging out,” Logan said, checking out Dylan’s crotch, too.

“Don’t know how much longer I’ll be hanging,” Dylan said, looking again at Logan’s crotch, then past Logan to Olivia.

Grant went next, following Logan and Dylan’s lead. Logan watched Mallory and Olivia watching Grant beneath the shower. He knew Grant was a grower, not a show-er, and knew Grant grew as big as any of them. Technically, Grant grew biggest, but the differences in length weren’t obvious. The couple glances Logan did make at Grant were ill timed. He watched a patch of soapy suds slipping over Grant’s pecs, across his washboard stomach, and begin to tangle in his closely cropped bush. He looked away, but it was too late. The damage was done as Logan felt his cock slipping up his leg. Dammit, he hated the idea of looking gayest of the bunch.

Giving Grant a chance to dry off, Logan got up to help Ruben with refilling the bladder with more heated water and topping it off with more spring water. Moving around helped reduce his prick’s desire to finish growing hard. Needing to warm up another pot of water for the girls, Logan watched Ruben’s shower from the far side of the fire pit. Like him, Ruben was shaved bare. Only Grant had kept any of his pubic hair and what he had was trimmed short. Both women turned around, watching the showers with glee while Dylan and Grant stole glances over their shoulders at Ruben and other glances at each other. With them turned away, Logan couldn’t tell if they were fighting the same battle he was with keeping his prick calm enough to point down instead of up.

Watching Ruben was difficult, but Logan managed. When he was done, Ruben lowered the bladder so Logan could dump in another pot of hot water. Logan topped off the bladder with more spring water and the girls became the center of attention. “Well?” he asked, looking that ladies.

“We need to get our towels,” Mallory said, leading Olivia by the hand to the tent.

“Dude, if those girls take a shower together, I’m going to draw some seriously wood,” Grant said while the girls were inside the tent.

“Even if they don’t, I’m almost there,” Dylan confessed. “I just wished I knew what slut had told them.”

“You and me both,” Ruben sighed, clearly frustrated by his lack of memory.

Based on the comments Olivia and Mallory had made, Logan gave his opinion. “I think they know.”

“Me, too,” Dylan said, looking at Grant. “You were part of the conversation while Logan and slut were gone, right?”

Grant nodded and in a soft voice explained how the girls wondered why it was okay for girls to play with each other and not guys. “Olivia really seemed turned on by the idea.”

“Yeah, I fucking popped a boner just hearing her,” Dylan said. When Logan added Mallory’s comment about tacos stuffed with sausage, all four of them started laughing, but the laughter stopped with two naked women walked out of the tent wearing towels around their necks and holding hands

“Hello boys,” Mallory said, her lean, marathon runner body looking willowy next to Olivia. Tall, with small breasts, and a flat stomach, Mallory was shaved cleaned. She smiled as she walked towards the shower, holding Olivia’s hand.

Olivia wore a big smile on her face, too. Her blue eyes danced over the quartet of men watching them. The towel around her neck covered her nipples, but around it showed the curves of her full breasts. Unlike her friend, Olivia kept a small swatch of pubic hair just above her pussy, as if to demonstrate that the carpet did match the drapes. Her pubic hair was darker than her blonde hair, but light enough to make it clear she was a natural blonde.

After seeing the shower worked four times in a row, Mallory understood what to do with explanation. She turned on the water, allowed her roommate to dance beneath it for a moment, and then took her turn. It was when they took turns washing each other’s hair that Logan’s pent-up need got the best of him. His prick started its climb from long and fat against his balls to full and erect against his stomach. Glancing at the other three men standing around him, he saw they were having the same problem.

“And I thought we’d have to do this to make that happen,” Mallory said, standing behind Olivia. Her soapy hands moved from Olivia’s hair, across her shoulders, and then over the shorter woman’s large, firm breasts.

“Stop it, you’re making my nipples hard,” Olivia said, grabbing her tits.

“Mm, let me see,” Mallory said, turning her friend to face her. Wrapping her arms around Olivia, they pressed their soapy bodies together. “Damn, I love how your nipples feel against me.” Logan had enough teasing. After seeing the other three men as hard as he was, he gave up trying to be discrete about his need. He began rubbing his cock as he watched. “Whoa, I don’t think that’s allowed,” Mallory said, watching him.

“Fuck that,” Logan protested, caressing his balls with one hand while continuing the stroking with his other hand. Olivia had turned back around to see what she was missing. When she turned around, Mallory’s hands went back to her tits while her blue eyes moved to watch Logan.

“No reason to do it yourself when you have three buddies who can help you,” Mallory said. “Or maybe I should stop, too?” Mallory smiled, but he could see the hopeful dare behind her brown eyes.

“Don’t stop,” Ruben said, standing next to Logan and touching his own hard cock.

“Why don’t you help him?” Olivia asked him, picking the perfect person. All eyes turned to Ruben as he gave Logan’s hard cock a long stare, but then wimped.

“Nah,” he said, letting go of his cock, too. “I guess I’ll just stay hard until one of you want some help.”

Olivia looked confused and Mallory appeared disappointed. Logan didn’t know how he looked, but Dylan looked pissed and Grant just shook his head. “Well okay,” Grant said, laughing. “I guess we stay hard for a while.”

“I’m not going to complain,” Olivia said, offering a smile of her own.

“Me neither, I guess,” Mallory agreed. Reach over her head, she turned the water back on and they took turns doing a solo dance to rinse off the soap.

“Dude, what’s wrong with you? They were cool with the idea,” Dylan whispered to his roommate, loud enough for Grant and Logan to hear, but not the girls. He looked at Grant. “What about you? You want to head into the woods and do something?”

“Nah, I think I’ll hang around camp and see what happens next,” Grant said.

“I’ll go,” Logan offered, too much in need to care and curious about how Dylan’s shaved balls would feel against his tongue.

“Hey,” Ruben protested. “I thought you said we would…”

“Really, dude? After that?” Logan asked, breaking up the circle as the girls came closer. Returning to their blanket by the creek, they laid out their towels to dry and their bodies to collect some sun.

“I think I’m going to find a hole in the dirt,” Dylan said, heading back to the tent area for his shoes and shovel. Recognizing his cue, Logan put on his shoes, too. Neither one of them worried about anything else. With the girls facing away, he didn’t make an announcement. He gave Dylan a nod and waited until the other man moved into the tree line. Starting off in a slightly different direction, he waited until he was out of sight of the camp to veer back in Dylan’s direction. Along the way, he heard Mallory asking where they were going and Grant making the excuse they both need to find a bathroom. Olivia said something, too, but it wasn’t loud enough for him to hear it.

“Fuck, did you see Olivia?” Dylan asked, still sporting a full hard-on when they met up.

“Yeah I did, but I think I’m more into Mallory,” Logan said, thrusting his hips to accentuate his hard cock and giving a few strokes.

“Let me help you with that,” Dylan said, putting his hand on Logan’s balls.

“Let’s get farther away from camp, first.” Logan nodded in a direction away from camp and started walking. “What was up with that drunk call between Ruben and Olivia, anyway?”

“And Kong? Who the fuck is Kong?”

“I think Kong’s a what, not a who.” He told him about the creek side conversation. “I think they did more than talk.”

“Lucky bastard.”

Logan nodded, relieved jealousy wasn’t going to be an issue if the truth came out. “You and Ruben ever, you know, relive last year?”

“Not at school. I don’t know, man. There’s something about being out in the woods like this that gets me going. Is that weird?”

“Fuck if I care,” Logan said, deciding they were far enough away. Grabbing the shorter man’s big, hairless balls, he throbbed. “Mind if I go first?”

“Go for it, I’m backed up, man.” Logan dropped to his knees on the forest floor, leaves and twigs snapping beneath him. As eager as he was for a mouthful of cum, he started giving Dylan’s big balls a tongue bath. A soft moan escaped the big man. “I shaved those for you,” he said. “I remember how much you liked munching on them.” Logan replied with a moan and kept going. He remembered something else Dylan liked. Wetting his finger, he pressed it between the muscular man’s butt cheeks and found his asshole. Covering his cock with his mouth, he pressed his finger inside at the same time. “Oh fuck yeah!” Dylan cried, loud enough to started something in the nearby bushes. Logan didn’t care. He slipped his finger deeper inside Dylan’s ass, grabbed his hairless balls with his other hand, and bobbed his head up and down to finish what he started. True to his word, Dylan was too backed up to hold back and released a huge, creamy load inside Logan’s mouth. His strong, powerful spray of semen felt like a Super Soaker going off in his mouth. He caught what he could and chased down the rest before he pulled away. “My turn,” Dylan said, dropping to his knees.

Logan stood, looking down at the juxtaposition of seeing a man’s face where it was usually a woman’s. He put his hand on the back of Dylan’s head, feeling the stocky man’s short hair. “Suck it, bitch,” he teased. Dylan’s reacted by taken Logan deeper inside his mouth. Tossing his head back in pleasure, Logan saw the few rays of sunlight filtering through the forest canopy and the way the beams looked like glowing bars of lights. Inhaling deeply, he absorbed a lungful of the sweet, spring air. Fuck this was good. This is the way life was meant to be led. Glancing around them, he caught a glimpse of something else, blonde hair and wide blue eyes staring at them.

Logan froze when he saw Olivia peeking around a large tree trunk. Smiling, she shook her head and made a “sh” motion with one finger against her pursed lips. After he nodded and returned her smile, she stepped out from behind the tree, letting him see her from head to toe. She ran a finger between her bare pussy lips, sucked on it, and rubbed herself again. That was too much for Logan. He came, filling Dylan’s mouth.

“Fuck man, that was huge!”

“Yeah, guess I needed it,” Logan said, looking back to see Olivia was gone. How she snuck up on him was beyond him. He grinned.

“We should probably get back.”

“Yeah, go ahead. We can’t go back together without it being obvious.”

“Yeah, good point,” Dylan said and did something unexpected before he left. He kissed Logan on the lips. “Too gay?”

“Who cares?” Logan managed, watching the big man and his shapely ass moving back towards camp. Lingering behind, Logan approached the tree where he had seen Olivia. Oddly, she wasn’t there. Turning around again, he spotted her walking out from behind a different tree. “Nice trick.”

“My dad used to take me hunting with him. I know my way around the woods and how to be quiet.”

“You okay with what you saw?”

“Aside from being turned on? Yeah, I’m cool. It was hot as hell.” She led the way back towards camp. “Who knows about the two of you?”

It took a moment for her question to sink in. Was it possible she didn’t know? “What happened that night between you and Ruben?”

“He was really drunk. Said he thought he was gay because he wanted it up the butt. I introduced him to my dildo, Kong.”

“And that was it?”

“Yeah, why?” she asked, coming to a stop as she worked things out. “Something happened last year, didn’t it?”

“Ruben really likes it up the ass,” Logan laughed. “A lot. It’s why we call him slut. It’s short for butt slut.

“What about you and Dylan?”

“Actually, Dylan’s straight, at least back on campus. And he has a thing for you.”

“What about you?”

“You’re hot as hell, but I like Mallory’s tiny titties.”

She slapped his arm. “No, I mean, do you have a thing for Dylan, too?”

“I’m more into brunettes like Mallory. Guys are fun, but I prefer women. I think all of us do.”

“You know she knows, right?”

“Knows what?”

“Well, she doesn’t know, but she guessed something happened up here last year. That’s why she wanted to come. She thinks it hot.”

“What about you?”

“Until I saw what I saw? I wasn’t sure. But damn, that was hot. I want to see it again.”

“Then make it happen.” Together they walked back to camp. “Look who I found on my way back,” Logan announced, covering for what Olivia saw. Dylan raised his eyebrows at him, questioning. Logan shook his head.

“Want to explore downstream with me?” Mallory asked her friend. Naked, except for footwear, the two of them began walking along the bank, talking too softly for anyone else to hear.

“Damn they’re hot,” Ruben said.

“Why did you wimp-out slut?” Grant asked. Ruben ignored him.

“Did you two have fun?”

“As a matter of fact, yes we did,” Dylan told him.

“Think Olivia saw anything?” Ruben asked.

“I hope she did,” Logan said, looking towards the girls. They were out of earshot, but not eyesight.

“If there is a next time,” Grant said, eyeing the shorter, skinnier Ruben. “I’m going to fuck you up the ass right in front of them and show them why we call you slut.”

“Man, I want to tap that blonde bitch,” Dylan said, rubbing his cock.

“I think Mallory might be into seeing some guy on guy play,” Logan offered. “Just something Olivia said.”

“What about Olivia? You think she’s into it, too?”

“I think she wanted to catch us doing something.”

“Doesn’t mean she’s into it.”

“Well, suck my dick again and find out,” Logan cracked, waving his dick at Dylan.

“For the record, I’ll trade blowjobs with any one of you if it gets me laid by them.”

“Shit, I’d eat your sloppy seconds,” Dylan added.

“I’ll do you one better. You can fuck me while I’m fucking Mallory,” Logan suggested.

When the girls turned around and began heading back upstream, lots of little things changed as they drew closer. Anyone rubbing their prick, stopped. The conversation became softer, more low-key, and openly staring at the women stopped. Each man tried to look nonchalant; naked and sporting hard-ons while sitting in the sun.

“This is stupid,” Grant said, soft enough to keep it between them as the girls drew closer. “Someone has to do something.”

“Bend over, slut, I think Grant has a delivery for you,” Logan teased Ruben.

“Look at how that made his prick bounce,” Dylan pointed out, laughing. They were still laughing as the girls drew close enough to hear.

“What’s so funny?” Mallory asked, smiling hopefully.

“Go ahead, tell her.” Dylan nudge his roommate. “You owe us for wimping earlier.”

“Grant just made a joke about fucking me up the ass,” Ruben said, drawing exasperated groans from the other three men.

“Really?” Logan sighed, but Olivia was quick to rescue the moment.

“After what you did with Kong, you should like that,” she said, smiling.

“Who’s Kong?” Grant asked, the last one outside the loop.

“Not who, but what,” she corrected. “Kong is my dildo and Ruben likes Kong.”

Mallory stopped in front of Logan. “Maybe you can show me where you put the rest of the food?” Logan didn’t need an explanation to pick up on her meaning. Sporting a hard-on that wouldn’t quit without more than a single blowjob, he followed her back to the camp site. Low enough to keep it between them, she came clean. “Olivia told me what she saw.”


“And I’m jealous.” There was a musical quality to the giggle she added that intrigued Logan. Damn, she was hot. He liked everything about her, from her long, thin runner’s body to the short, no-nonsense cut of her hair. “I want to see you do that.” Making it as far as the fire pit, she stopped, faced him, and looked down at his hard prick. “Is that for me and Olivia or for them?”

“Both,” he admitted, unable to stop the way his cock throbbed from her attention and her questions.

“Then it’s okay if I do this?” She cupped her hand over his prick, rubbing it. Logan pressed forward to kiss her, but she pulled her head back. “No, not until I get my show. Olivia and I worked it out. We’re not doing any of you until we get a show.”

When Logan raised his hands to her chest, cupping her small breasts and running his fingers over her hard nipples, she didn’t pull away. “I want this,” he told her.

“Prove it.”

He looked at the quartet still sitting at on the banks, knowing only three of them qualified for what he was about to say. “Pick one and I’ll suck him off right here and now if that’s what it takes.”

“Hey Ruben? You want a blow job?” Mallory called. Looking surprised, Ruben scrambled to his feet and charged their way. When he stopped alongside of her, she starting stroking his cock, too.

“Are you going to do both of us?” he asked.

“I’m not doing either one of you. Logan’s doing the sucking. You got a problem with that?”

“Say ‘no,’” Logan coached.

Ruben shook his head and then glanced over his shoulder. “Are we going to go somewhere?”

Mallory looked back to the creek side. “Hey, anyone want to watch Ruben get his dick sucked?” As Dylan, Grant, and Olivia approached, Mallory asked Logan, “You don’t mind an audience, do you?”

“Not if they get to watch me fucking you afterwards.”

“Deal,” she said as the trio from the creek joined them. Mallory put her hand on Logan’s shoulder, pushing him downwards. “Have fun.”

Logan dropped to his knees in the grassy clearing. The gaze of the eyes upon him felt as if they had tangible weight. He didn’t care. He saw the delighted, eager twinkle in Mallory’s eyes. She wanted him to do this. She wanted to see him doing this. He wasn’t aware how quiet the group around him had become until he opened his mouth to Ruben’s hard prick. “Damn that’s hot,” Olivia murmured.

“You like seeing that?” Dylan asked her.

“Yeah,” she purred.

While bobbing his head up and down, Logan put his hands to work, too. Wrapping one hand around the base of Ruben’s cock, he bounced his lips off of it. With his other hand, he caressed the bare flesh around Ruben’s prick and grabbed at the skinny man’s shaved balls. As he had done with Dylan, Logan wet a finger and pressed it against Ruben’s backside. His finger slid in easily and Ruben groaned. Logan added a second finger, felt Ruben’s asshole clenching around his digits, and knew it would be long. Pumping his cock in time with his head bobbing, Ruben came, spraying his orgasm deep inside of Logan’s mouth. Ready and eager for it, Logan caught it all without effort.

“Damn,” Mallory sighed, clutching her tits and squirming as if she had to go to the bathroom.

Logan stood, grabbed her by the shoulders, and pulled her close enough for his hard cock to press against her flat stomach. Pressing his lips against hers, he forced his tongue inside her mouth, letting her taste what he didn’t swallow. Moaning, she sucked on his tongue and grabbed at his ass, grinding against the hard-on sandwiched between them. Breaking their kiss, she slid down his body and sat her bare ass on the grass beneath them. “Fuck me,” she begged, rubbing her bald pussy.

Logan fell back to his knees, moved between her open legs, and aimed his swollen prick at her pussy. He slipped deeply inside of her with a single stroke. Her wet pussy felt feverishly hot. His cock throbbed insistently with its need. Laying over her, he kissed her again, pressing against her pussy and letting his throbbing cock do all the work for him. She squirmed beneath him, grinding herself against, drawing him as deeply inside of her as she could. With no more movement than squirming and throbbing, he felt her pussy clenching rhythmically around his prick and that was enough for him, too. He came with her.

“Your turn,” Olivia told Dylan. She knelt in front of Grant and pulled Dylan down to her. “Suck him and then you can fuck me.”

Spent for the moment, Logan sat next to Mallory and they watched Dylan going down on Grant. Watching with them, Ruben stood next to Mallory. She glanced at his bare cock and balls. “Looks like Logan missed some,” she said, leaning over and giving Ruben’s cock a lick.

“Do that again,” Logan told her.

“You mean this?” she asked and she sucked Ruben’s prick between her lips. “He’s still mostly hard.”

“He’s not alone in that,” Logan said, pulling her hand to his prick.

Mallory rubbed his hard-on, using the slipperiness left from being inside her as lubricant. “If he makes you hard, will you fuck him up the ass?”

“Make him hard and he can do it to me,” Logan offered.

“Deal, but I still want to see him suck you.”

Logan stood while Ruben knelt and Logan fed Ruben his pussy flavored prick. As Ruben nursed him back into a hard-on, Mallory played with Ruben’s cock and balls. “Damn, I love when a man shaves.” Seeing her playing with Ruben did as much for Logan as Ruben’s mouth. He grew hard again and so did Ruben. Nearby, after Grant gave Dylan a second taste of cum, Olivia pushed Dylan down on his back and climbed on top of Dylan’s cock.

Grant stroked his cock as he watched Olivia taking Dylan for a ride. His mighty cock never sagged or went limp. He turned his attention to Logan being sucked by Ruben while Mallory sucked Ruben. “I guess I have to blow someone before I get some pussy?” Grant asked.

“Seems that way,” Logan told him, seeing the way Grant eyed the only pussy that wasn’t being used.

“Well crap,” Grant pouted, watching as Dylan got off a second time.

Olivia pulled away from Dylan, leaving behind a hard cock coated glistening from being inside her pussy and coated in the long, white ropes of Dylan’s orgasm. “I could use more,” she panted. “Clean him off and that’s good enough for me.”

Logan was surprised with how eager Grant was to do it. In the twelve months since their first camping experience, he and Grant had messed around a few times, but it always felt as if Grant needed to be extra horny, extra drunk, or talked into letting Logan suck him off. As frustrating as it was, Logan accepted Grant’s explanation. “I’d rather be with a girl.” Did Grant want to fuck a pussy that much? Or maybe tasting pussy on Dylan’s cock made it less gay feeling for him? Logan didn’t know, but he enjoyed seeing the big man with a mouthful of dick.

“Good enough?” Grant asked. Olivia nodded, laid on her back, and opened her legs to Grant.

Logan felt a second mouth on his cock and balls, looked down, and saw Mallory had pressed her face against Ruben’s. Looking up at Logan, she smiled. “He’s hard.” Returning her grin, Logan moved back to the grass, moving to be on all fours. Finding a bottle of lotion, Mallory squirted the cream on the crack of Logan’s ass. Her fingers followed, caressing his asshole for a moment before she pressed a single digit against his puckered opening. “You’re not a virgin back here, are you?”

“No,” Logan admitting, wondering why her question made him blush.

“Good.” She pushed a second finger inside of him. When Mallory removed her fingers, he felt the rounded head of Ruben’s prick pressing in their place. Mallory knelt next to Logan, watching the action. “Take it,” she cooed, reaching beneath him and petting his cock. “Take it all.”

Ruben pushed, gave Logan’s ass a chance to adjust, and pushed again before backing away. He repeated the motion and after his third stroke, he fell into a slow, easy fucking.

“Kiss me,” Mallory said, kneeling in front of Logan and raising his head in her hands. She pressed her lips against his and didn’t stop kissing him until Ruben moaned and came inside Logan’s ass. Pushing Logan into a kneeling position, she tugged on his hard cock. “Ooo, you liked that, did you?”


“A lot?”

“Yes,” he repeated before she kissed him again.

“I like that, too.”

“Prove it,” he said, his cock throbbing inside her hand.

“Sure, when one of them are ready, you can watch.” When his prick throbbed deeper, she smiled. “That’s what I thought.”


“Nothing,” she said with another kiss before she stood up and found some water to drink.

Logan got a drink of his own, picked up the shovel, and took care of a solo trip into the woods. When he returned, he found the party had moved back to the creek where they sat around a deeper eddy in the water as if sitting in a hot tub. He spied a bar of phosphate-free soap sitting on a rock and took advantage of it. Sitting across from Mallory, he noticed every time she looked his way and every time she smiled.

Dylan announced he wanted to spend some time in the woods before dark. When Olivia decided to dry off, Ruben followed her. They sat side-by-side on the banks chatting, leaving Grant and Logan with Mallory. “The two of you are roommates, right?” she asked them. “Ever, you know, do stuff?”

“Sometimes,” Grant admitted. “Not too often.”

“Logan not your type?”

“It’s not that. I don’t know. I just like girls better. What about you? You and Olivia ever fool around?”

Mallory laughed and blushed. “Honestly? We’ve never done anything. Today was the first time I ever touched her tits.”

“Why not? You just don’t roll that way?”

“I think she’s cute and I’ve fantasized about being with another woman. I don’t know, I guess we’re both afraid it might ruin our friendship. Things are cool between the two of you, aren’t they?”

Logan waited for Grant to answer first. “Yeah,” Grant said without hesitation. “It’s cool. We don’t talk about it. Sometimes, it just sort of happens. When it does, it’s good, but I don’t lie awake at night thinking about him or anything.” He looked at Logan for an answer.

“I’m never giving up pussy, but I guess I like dick, too. Any dick. Doesn’t have to be Grant’s.”

“Hasn’t been so far,” Mallory noted, looking across the water at Grant. “You want to fuck?”

Grant grinned. “Yeah.”

“Okay if Logan watches?”

“I don’t care. He can join in if he wants.”

Mallory shook her head. “No, I just want him to watch.” She looked at Logan. “You okay with that?”

“Hell yeah,” Logan said, wondering why she would ask. Why wouldn’t he be okay with watching?

“But I don’t want to do it here. Let’s go somewhere more private, okay?”

Drying off and putting their shoes back on, the three of them wandered into the woods. Logan led them to the same clearing he had used earlier with Dylan. Along the way, his prick grew hard again, something Grant noticed. “Damn dude, did you forget I’m the one who’s going to fuck her?”

“Nope,” Logan said, laying out the blanket he carried with him. Leaning against a tree, he watched as Grant and Mallory sat down in the center of blanket. As they kissed, their hands slid across each other’s body. Logan felt a tiny surge of jealousy when he saw Mallory’s hands exploring Grant’s big biceps. Tall and lean like a basketball player, Logan knew he would never have biceps like Grant’s.

Mallory pushed Grant to his back, knelt between his legs and began sucking his cock, but her eyes kept flickering over to Logan’s watchful stare. Pulling her mouth away, she looked up at Grant to ask, “Who’s better? Me or him?”

“You,” Grant told her, caressing the side of her pretty face before sliding his hand behind her head and urging her continue. Logan wasn’t sure he believed him, but knew he would have given the same answer. The blowjob last for a while longer before Grant pulled her away. “My turn,” he said, rolling Mallory on her back as he moved between her legs. When she came from Grant’s attention, Logan was sure he had never seen a more beautiful sight than her face trapped in the thrones of an orgasm. He wished he had done that for her and needed to remind himself, there was plenty of time left to their camping trip.

Kneeling and displaying his big, hard prick, Grant pulled Mallory towards him. Using raw muscle, he picked her up and lower her on top of his hard cock. Mallory moved with him, kneeling astride him. His hands moved to her ass as he raised and lowered her on top of his manhood. Logan’s hard cock demanded his attention. He stroked himself as he watched them fuck, noticing again every time Mallory choose to look at him instead of focusing on the man fucking her. “So good,” she purred, arching her back and offering her chest to Grant. He lowered his hungry mouth to her tits, devouring her hard nipples. From her reaction, Logan guessed she came again. Moments later, Grant left nothing to the imagination about the arrival of his orgasm.

They kissed again before Mallory moved off Grant. “Thanks,” she said, caressing his face before climbing off of him and rolling on her back. She stayed propped up on her elbows.

“Yeah, that was good,” he said, sitting back on his heels, breathing heavy. “Really good.” He caressed her chest. “So, does Logan get a turn now?”

Mallory looked at Logan, her eyes working their way from his hard prick, up his torso, and landing on his face. “Not right now. I think I like seeing him like that.”

“Damn,” Grant said, shaking his head. “Seems cruel.”

“And no sucking him off,” Mallory added.

“Sorry buddy.”

“It’s all good,” Logan said with a casual shrug that didn’t match his hard, straining prick. His renewed desire for an orgasm erased any relief from his earlier ones. If Mallory wanted to play games, he would play; at least for a little while.

After Grant and Mallory shook out the blanket, Mallory excused herself to step behind a tree for a moment. “Tough break,” Grant grinned at Logan, nodding at his hard-on as he walked closer. In a softer voice for just Logan, he added, “I think she’s into you.”

“She has a funny way of showing it.”

As they neared camp, they smelled the food Dylan was cooking while Ruben and Olivia kept him company. Once again, Logan was the only man still sporting a hard-on. “You can’t get enough, can you?” Olivia asked.

“Something like that,” he said. Logan relaxed while they ate, his need fading into the background. He noticed how Olivia and Dylan shared a log and chatted together most while Ruben and Mallory did the same.

“You good?” Grant asked him.

“Never better,” Logan assured him and hoped it showed. It was how he felt.

“Weird she left you high and dry.”

“Aw, I think she’s just playing. It’s good. We still have tonight and tomorrow.”

“You’re a stronger man than me.”

After dinner, Logan’s bottle of liquor. The straight liquor burned as it went down. Olivia and Mallory chased it with water, but still came back for a second sip. Logan volunteered to do the dishes. Grabbing a handful of dirty dishes, Mallory followed him to the creek. “Looks as if you calmed down,” she noted.

“For now,” he said, feeling a renewed hard-on returning.

“I was wondering…” she started, stopped, and needed a moment before she could finish. “You think something could happen between me and Olivia?”

Logan’s prick grew fuller at the thought. “You mean, do I think Olivia would let something happen?”

“Yeah, but I don’t know that I want it happen in front of everyone the first time.”

“Might be a problem,” Logan admitted, glancing over his shoulder. Already, Olivia was the center of attention between the three men. “Don’t get this wrong, but having the two of you around is a bit of a distraction.”

“I know. Is it weird that I want do something with her when there’s four guys for me to choose from?”

“I don’t know. Is it weird that I still want to be with everyone else, too?”

“No, I think that’s sexy as hell. It was hot seeing you getting it up the ass.” Logan felt himself blush a bit. “And I want to see you do more of that.”

“Up the ass?”

“However. I just… I don’t know… I think it’s hot when a guy goes both ways.”

“You realize that makes you a freak.”

“Okay,” she said with a happy smile. “What about you? Any interest in doing Olivia, too?”

Logan looked at her for a moment before he answered, afraid he was being asked something extra. “Are you asking who I like better, you or her?”


“Then hell yeah I want to do her, too.”

“So, who do you like better?” Mallory asked, laughing as she asked.

“Yes,” Logan said, laughing with her.

“You’re a dick.”

“And a dick lover.”


“Wanna-be dyke.”

Pulling dishes from Logan’s hands, Mallory wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed him. “Make me a real dyke, okay?”

Carrying clean dishes back to camp, Logan wasn’t sure how to make things happen. The sun was setting, keeping them around the fire. He and Mallory played catch-up with the bottle being passed around. Olivia was sandwiched between Ruben and Dylan. She passed up her turn at the bottle, preferring to keep her hands in their laps where she caressed their hard-ons. Turning to her right and left, she stole kisses from both of them as they groped her. “And to think I was afraid of getting gangbanged in the woods.”

“I thought that was tonight’s activity?” Ruben joked.

“Maybe for you,” Olivia said, pulling on his cock and giving him a kiss.

“Careful, slut might like that,” Grant said.

“I was hoping would do it to him,” Olivia said.

“I can,” he said, taking another pull of Logan’s liquor before passing the bottle along and rubbing his prick.

“Maybe both of you can,” Olivia said, pulling on Dylan’s dick.

“Can I do you while their doing me?” Ruben asked.

“Only if your sucking on Logan,” Mallory tossed out. “He needs a good blow job.”

With the matter decided, arrangements were made. Grant and Dylan moved one of the large sitting logs out of the way while Olivia and Ruben laid out a blanket. Ruben crawled between Olivia’s legs, working his way inside of her. The opinion was offered that things would be easier if Olivia took it doggie style, but she protested, saying she wanted to see Ruben sucking dick. Dylan didn’t seem to care. After lubing his prick and his roommate’s backside, he moved into position between their legs. Ruben held still while Dylan entered his ass.

Needing to be low enough for Ruben’s mouth, Logan knelt. It was Olivia who tapped his knees and suggested he straddle her head. After he did, he felt Ruben’s mouth around his cock and Olivia’s tongue on his bare balls. Mallory sat nearby, watching, rubbing her pussy and clutching at her hard nipples. In greater need than the rest, Logan was first to find his orgasm, followed by Dylan’s passionate moans of release. His moans were joined by Mallory’s. When Logan moved out of the way, Olivia looked up at Ruben. “You came, too, didn’t you?”

“I wasn’t supposed to?”

“Not until Grant took his turn.”


“You will be,” she said, squirmed up and away from Ruben. “Now you’ll have to eat me while Grant fucks you.” Again, Logan felt a jealous pang as he wished he could trade places with the skinny man on all fours.

Spent for the moment, Logan knelt behind Mallory, wrapping his arms around her. His touch followed hers, brushing her hands out of the way. “Maybe I can help,” he said, kissing her bare neck. Reaching up, she ran her fingers through his hair and allowed him to touch her. Logan cupped her small breast, rolling a hard nipple between his finger and thumb while his other hand found her wet pussy. He ran his finger over the nub of her swollen clitoris, rocking it back and forth. “I think Ruben’s getting hard again,” he murmured in her ear as Grant fucked the smaller man.

“What about you?” she asked, reaching behind her back and cupping his cock and balls in her tiny hand. As he masturbated her to an orgasm, her touch made him hard again. “I want this,” she told him.

“Good,” he said, standing up and walking over to Dylan. Standing in front of their experienced woodsman, he put his hands on his hips and allowed Dylan to figure out the rest. Dylan didn’t need any further instructions, he opened his mouth and sucked Logan off.

One by one, people took turns either washing in the creek or visiting the woods to relieve a different call from Mother Nature. The bottle made several more circles before people began heading into the tent for sleeping bags. Logan and Mallory were the last two by the campfire. “I can’t believe you choose Dylan over me,” she said, nuzzling against him and rubbing his cock.

“Tell me that didn’t get you off.”

“Shut up,” she said and kissed him. Their kiss was long, soulful, and felt different than earlier kisses. “Let’s go to bed,” she said and moved towards the tent. Her sleeping bag was on the far side of the tent, four bodies away from Logan and without room to change things. “Good night,” she whispered and Logan thought it was strange to be beneath the same roof as her and still feel as if she were a million miles away.

Breakfast was reconstituted sausage and eggs. After Dylan went off on one of his nature walks, Grant and Ruben teamed up to make a trip back to the vehicles and into town for more liquor. After breakfast, Mallory and Olivia had taken their coffee and sat on a blanket by the creek before Grant and Ruben decided to head into town. Carrying his coffee, Logan avoided the urge to sit next to Mallory and sat next to Olivia. An evening of rest, fresh air, and feeling the sun on his naked body did wonders for recharging his libido. Unlike yesterday morning, he didn’t mind when his prick wanted to expand and enjoy the delights of the moment.

“Someone looks ready for some fun,” Olivia said, noticing his hard-on.

“Looks that way,” he agreed, looking down at himself as if he didn’t realize he was hard. “Too early still for you?”

“Mm, not even,” she said, caressing the length of his cock. “Mind if I get on top?”

“I wish you would,” he said, smiling as she straddled him as Mallory looked on. Logan clutched at Olivia’s full tits, appreciating them for their firmness and extra size. He could see why some men preferred bigger tits, but for him, they were a novelty. Olivia’s pussy felt moist and warm around his dick as she squirmed. When she started to bounced up and down with too much enthusiasm, Logan moved his hands to her hips and slowed her down. “No need to rush, is there?”

“No,” she said, settling down. “Slow is good, too.”

“How’s it feel to have Mallory watching you?”

“Good,” Olivia said, smiling at her roommate. “A little weird, but after everything that’s happen, it’s seems sort of natural, too.”

“Have you two ever kissed?”

“No,” Olivia said, a faint blush rising to her cheeks. “Did you want us to?” She glanced at Mallory.

“No, I was just curious,” he said before Mallory could react. Hand on her chin, he turned Olivia’s face back to his. “Have you ever kissed a girl?”

“Once. At party. I was really drunk, but it was sort of cool.”

“What else did you do?”

“Nothing, just that.”

“You’ve never fooled around with another girl?” Olivia shook her head. “But you like the idea, don’t you?” Olivia tried to look at Mallory again, but Logan stopped her. “No, tell me. I know she can hear, too.” Holding her hips, he pushed up against her a few times. Her blue eyes danced across his face before she nodded. “You’re curious, aren’t you?”

“Yes,” she said, squirming against him.

When he asked, “How curious?” She shrugged. “Would you let another woman go down on you?” She nodded and he smiled. “I already know the rest.”


He rubbed his thumb against her clit and made her orgasm. “That’s how,” he said, his hands on her hips indicating she could get off him now.

“But you’re still hard.”

“I know,” he said, putting Olivia on his far side away from Mallory. The pretty brunette stared at him with a fire burning inside her brown eyes. “Suck me,” he told her. “Taste your roommate.” Mallory bent over and took his hard, wet prick between her lips. Logan fingered Mallory’s naked pussy while she sucked, discovering what he had already guessed. She was wet, very wet. He felt her pussy clenching around the two fingers he used.

“Oh fuck, that’s hot,” Olivia said, clutching herself.

He pushed Mallory away from his prick and offered Olivia the two fingers he had used inside her roommate. “Now it’s your turn. Taste her.” Olivia sucked his fingers as if he was feeding her a secondary cock. Hearing a noise behind them, he turned to see Dylan returning from his walk. He stopped at the campsite for a drink of water. “Now kiss her,” Logan told Olivia as he scooted from between them. As they closed the gap he left, he walked back to the campsite. Dylan was looking past him, nodding at the two women kissing behind him. “I know,” he told him. “Trust me, let’s go for a walk.”

With multiple glances over his shoulder, Dylan walked with Logan. “Dude, are you serious? You know what they’re doing, right?”

“Yeah I do. It’s their first time, too. Let’s give them some privacy.”

“You don’t want to watch?”

“I’m not stupid, fucker. I just don’t want them to know we’re watching.”

They worked their way quietly through the woods until they found a good spot where they could watch without being noticed. Logan explained Mallory’s request from last night. “That’s hot as hell,” Dylan said as Mallory moved between Olivia’s legs and tasted pussy for her first time. He reached over and gave Logan’s cock a squeeze. Watching the two women enjoy each other, they jerked each other off.

To avoid being obvious, they worked their way back through the woods before re-entering the campsite. Both girls had taken a turn going down on the other before they slipped into the creek to sit and talk. Dylan and Logan joined them. “Thanks,” Mallory told Logan, kissing him on the cheek.

“Next time, I want to watch,” Dylan told them.

“Next time, we’re all going to watch,” Logan suggested, enjoying the wide-eyed look both women gave him.

Ruben and Grant returned to camp lugging a new ice chest. Inside was a case of beer on ice. They asked what they missed. Olivia’s answer made everyone laugh. “Mallory ate pussy for the first time.”

“Damn, what’s it going to take for a repeat showing?” Ruben asked, passing out beers.

“Well, let’s see. Which of you haven’t take it up the ass yet?” Mallory asked.

“And I want to suck more dick,” Olivia pouted. She looked at Dylan. “And I want you to help me.” As the sun changed from a morning sun to an afternoon sun, they paired up and tripled up as required to even out who had gotten what and done what until everyone was spent, happy, hungry, and in need of time to recharge.

It was later in the afternoon before eyes and hands began wandering again. Dragging a blanket into the softer grass between the campsite and creek bed, Logan spread it out. “Whatcha got in mind?” Grant asked, on his way to grab another beer.

“I think it’s show time,” he said, calling the rest of the group over to the big blanket. Without further instructions, Grant sat down at the corner he had adjusted, Dylan drifted to the far corner away from Grant and Ruben pulled up at the corner crossways from Grant. Mallory and Olivia stood at the remaining corner, smiling beneath questioning raised eyebrows. Logan stood alone in the middle, but he held his hands out to the ladies, waving them both to him.

“Wassup?” Mallory asked, her hand drawn to his hard cock. “Need some help with this?”

“Sort of,” Logan said, kneeling and pulling them down to kneel on either side of him. He kissed Mallory before kissing Olivia and then said, “Now you two kiss.”

They hesitated, looking from Logan to each other before Mallory leaned into Olivia and kissed her.

“Again,” Logan said. “Only really kiss this time.” As they did, Logan moved Mallory’s hand from hard prick to Olivia’s chest. He did the same with Olivia’s hand. “Now don’t stop,” he told them. He sat back on his heels, waiting.

“Can I play with this now?” Mallory asked, breaking their kiss and rubbing Logan’s prick.

“No,” he said. “Kiss her nipples first.” Mallory gave him a sour look, but did it. When she pulled away from Olivia’s chest, Logan nodded at Olivia. “Your turn.” Olivia did it without attitude, pulling away after she had sucked on both of Mallory’s long, hard nipples. “Tell me if she’s wet,” Logan instructed. Olivia cupped Mallory’s sex, a single finger between her slit.


Logan looked at Mallory, waiting for her to do things without his help, but she just stared back at him. “Well do it,” he said, laughing gently. “Tell me if she’s wet, too.”

Mallory rolled her eyes, shoved two fingers between her roommate’s legs, and poked. “Yes, she is, okay?”

“Eat it,” Grant said from his corner.

“Stay out of this, okay?” Mallory told him.

“No,” Logan said. “He’s right. Eat it. Let us see you do it.” He had seen the hopeful, willing look in Olivia’s blue eyes.

“I can’t,” Mallory said, her eyes flicker past him to the other men watching.

“You can,” Logan told her, giving her a kiss and then asking Olivia if she would lay down on her back. Olivia laid between them, where Logan had indicated. “Kiss her lips,” he told Mallory, who bent low to do it. “Good girl. Now her chest.” He touched Olivia’s nipple, indicating where the kiss should go. Mallory looked up at Logan, but kept her head in motion. She kissed down Olivia’s neck to her chest and finally to her nipple. “Now the other one,” Logan suggested. He slipped his hand between Olivia’s legs, teasing her clit with gentle caresses. She was wet, very wet. “Now here,” he said, pointing to a space between a bit below Olivia’s breasts. “And here,” he repeated, leading Mallory’s mouth and tongue down Olivia’s trim body. “And here.” He pointed just above her navel. He stopped voicing his instructions once he was sure Mallory was following his finger. He pointed to her navel, to a space below her navel, and led her lower and lower. Leaning close, he hushed his command into her ear. “Now do it.” When Mallory pressed her head between Olivia’s legs, Logan was first to see her pressing her mouth against the other woman’s pussy.

Well, here he is, in sin city sitting in a titty bar having a beer – pretty cool for a 23 year-old. This was his first trip away from Olathe — other than to Kansas City and Las Vegas has lived up to its reputation. The lights and glamor of the strip were really impressive. He got a lot of information on new equipment at the farm machinery show so it was a good trip.

The people seemed OK too; he has been talking with the bartender who has been giving him a lot of interesting information of the history of Las Vegas such as the Spanish translation of the city name meaning the meadows.

Another thing he learned was that the strip was not a part of the city of Las Vegas but a township called Paradise. Apparently there was some kind of tax issue when it all came together.

While he was sitting there, this pretty brunette wearing jeans and cowboy boots walked up and sat down next to him.

She knew the bartender and asked him “How’s it going Jerry, quiet night?”

As Charlie looked at her, his grandfather’s words came to mind “don’t trust people that show up wearing fancy shoes. You only want to be around folks that work for a livin.”

Looking at her, her boots were clean but worn, like she actually worked in them, a good thing in his mind.

Jerry asked her “What’ll you have?”

She replied “Oh, the usual.” And put a $100 bill on the counter. When he set down her drink, which looked like orange juice, she pushed the bill toward him and said “keep it.”

He said “thanks” and introduced Charlie to her. Her name was Barbara and she worked for one of the big casinos in town.

She was warm and easy to talk with and he learned that she grew up on a ranch just outside of Las Vegas in a town called Henderson.

Through their conversation he learned that they had similar values and upbringing, which made him even more comfortable with her.

After a bit, he excused himself and went to the men’s room. When he came back he found that his beer had been “freshened” thanks to Barbara.

They talked for 15-20 minutes more until he began to feel sleepy, really sleepy; like he just wanted to curl up right there on the floor and go to sleep.

Barbara spoke to him, saying it looks like he may have had a little too much to drink.

She started to help him to his feet when Jerry reached alongside the register and handed her a leather folder saying “this is Charlie’s; he asked me to hold it for him. It has all his flight and hotel information in it.” She said thanks and that she would get him to his hotel.

With that she walked him outside to a big black limousine and helped him inside. They were driven to one of the casinos where he was helped into an elevator and went up to one of the top floors.

There, they helped him into a bedroom, stripped him and put him to bed.

He awoke the next morning in a king sized bed, stark naked. His mouth was dry but other than this, he felt OK. He got up, went to the bathroom and then got back into bed.

As he pulled the covers up, in walked Barbara, asking how he was feeling.

He said OK and she asked if he was hungry. Food! The moment she mentioned it, his stomach growled.

She grinned and said “how about some breakfast?” His response was “oh yes!”

She handed him a menu card and a pencil so he could mark what he wanted. He asked her “what happened to my clothes?”

She told him that they were in the laundry being washed and pressed. With that, she left the room.

Less than ten minutes later, a guy about his age came in with a serving cart holding his breakfast. Boy did it smell good! The guy, named Steve, helped him out of bed and to a small table where he served breakfast.

Charlie couldn’t believe that breakfast came so fast. Steve told him it was from the penthouse restaurant upstairs.

He then asked “where am I?” and Steve said “in Diamond’s private suite at the Diamond Casino.” Charlie’s thought was “wow” as he finished the last of the bacon.

Suddenly, in walked the tallest and most beautiful woman he had ever seen — naked, except for her shoes and jewelry.

Steve said “Hi Vinny” as she walked up. In those high heels she must have been close to seven feet tall and her skin was like coffee with cream in it.

She was shaved “down there” and her breasts were full with puffy nipples that pointed up.

Charlie immediately got a hard-on, which she noticed and commented “very nice. Stand up and let’s have a look at you.”

He stood up with his raging hard-on standing straight out like a flagpole.

He said “Sorry ma’am, I couldn’t help it, you are so beautiful.”

She asked “have you ever seen a naked woman before now?”

He blushed and said “no ma’am.”

Her response was “then I’m doubly flattered. It is nice to be your first” as she reached over and gave his cock a squeeze. He practically melted right there.

She told him to turn around so she could look at him.

Just then Barbara walked in.

Vinny smiled and said “very nice Barbara, good work!”

She then turned to Charlie and said “Please forgive me for not introducing myself sooner. I am Lavinia but you may call me Vinny. My hubby owns this casino and we have a proposition for you. Please sit down and make yourself comfortable.”

She went on “We are throwing a party tonight and would like to hire you for about twelve hours at $100 an hour. You would be providing personal services for our guests. Does this interest you?

He thought “$100 an hour for 12 hours, that’s over 2 week’s wages!” and answered “is it anything illegal?”

Vinny said “no, not at all.”

Then he said “OK, you’ve got me. I have a flight out tomorrow in the after noon, will it interfere with that?”

Vinny said “no, not a bit.”

Vinny told him “because of Nevada labor law, we have to have a contract for your services that shows the rate and duration of the work you will be performing. Is that OK with you?”

“Sure.” He replied.

With that, Steve handed him a piece of paper that had the terms of the agreement written on it, which he signed and dated. Vinny then signed it as well, telling him that she would have a copy for him later.

Vinny said “now, we don’t have much time. Steve, get him showered, shaved and cleaned out. Oh, and take care of that too, pointing to Charlie’s erection. We can’t have him distracted.”

Steve said “Come on; let’s get you into a shower and taken care of.”

The two of them got up and went into the bathroom.

The first thing Steve did was to get a packaged enema out of a cupboard. Handing it to Charlie, he told him to use it first and hold it as long as he could. 15 minutes later, Charlie had to let go and Steve had a rubber enema bag and hose ready for him. When the soapy water was in, Charlie held it as long as he could, let go and they went for a 3rd time.

When he was done cleaning himself out, Steve had him take a shower. When Charlie was finished washing, Steve got in with him with a razor and a can of shaving cream.

After Charlie shaved his face, Steve took over and shaved the rest of his body. Charlie was amazed at how sensitive his cock was without his hair. All it took was a faint breeze and he was instantly hard.

Next, they got out of the shower where Steve had Charlie sit on a bench and dry off. When they were dry, Steve got some skin lotion and handed it to Charlie to put on, saying that “people forget that Las Vegas is a desert, so you have to take care of your skin.”

Once Charlie was dry, he knelt down between Charlie’s knees and started stroking his cock, while asking Charlie if he had ever had a blow job before.

Charlie stuttered a bit as he said “nno.”

Steve said “I want you to relax and enjoy this but pay attention to everything I do.”

With that, he took Charlie completely into his throat until his nose was pressed against Charlie’s pubic area. He worked his tongue on the underside of his cock and swallowed as he did so.

He became rigid; he had never felt anything like this before. Steve would slowly slide his mouth off Charlie’s cock until only the head remained in his mouth.

Charlie moaned and Steve plunged back down on his cock, sucking and tonguing as hard as he could until he was at the bottom, swallowing.

He started thrashing along with his moaning so Steve increased his speed. Going up and down on his rock hard cock faster and faster; sensing that Charlie was starting to get close; Steve reached over and got a large glop of lubricant which he worked around and into Charlie’s virgin ass.

At this point Charlie didn’t know what to do — move back onto the wonderful finger invading his ass or thrust forward into Steve’s hot mouth.

He finally just let go and let Steve work his magic on his body. God it felt good! Steve had several fingers in him and was moving in time with his mouth sucking in Charlie’s cock. He had no idea that a blow job could be so wonderful.

This continued for a little longer until Charlie started to shudder and go as rigid as a board. Every muscle in his body was wound up tighter than a bowstring. Feeling that he was close Steve stopped and squeezed the base of Charlie’s cock hard, which backed him off.

Once Charlie had taken a couple of breaths, Steve started in again. It only took a few thrusts of his mouth and fingers working together to get him moaning and whimpering. The unrelenting pleasure was bringing Charlie up faster this time; he was thrashing more, gasping for breath and shaking.

Steve slowed the pace a little to prolong the experience and then, suddenly Charlie went completely rigid, gasped, convulsed and unloaded in Steve’s throat. He kept convulsing and shooting 6-8 more times until he just collapsed.

When he came back to reality he told Steve that he had never felt anything like that before now.

Steve’s reply was “you mean you have never had a blow job before?”

Charlie simply said “never.”

Steve then said “well we have to get you ready for tonight.”

With that he got a butt plug (unfamiliar to Charlie), lubed it up and told him to turn around and bend over. He slowly and gently inserted it into Charlie’s ass until it went “pop” and was sucked all the way in.

This done, he had him turn around and fitted a heavy two piece cock ring over his cock and balls. When that was done he put a ticky pad on the underside of Charlie’s cock just below the circumcision scar behind the head. All of these had wires for connecting to.

Now that he was done, Steve took Charlie back into the bedroom and had him sit on the bed while he got Vinnie.

When they came back in, Vinnie announced that it was now time for his training. She put one of the bed pillows on the floor by the bed, sat down on the edge of the bed and told him to kneel down on the pillow between her knees.

When Charlie was in place, he was sporting another rock-hard erection. Her Beautiful shaved pussy was a sight to behold.

She asked him if he was comfortable and he replied “yes thanks.” She went on to tell him “this will be half of your training for the party. If you pay attention and apply yourself, you will be in great demand when you get back to Kansas.

One thing to remember, you will need to get your girlfriend in the mood with lots of soft kisses and gentle caresses before you start any of what you are about to learn.”

She had him look forward and come closer and asked him what he saw. He replied “your vagina, ma’am.”

She went on to tell him that this is a woman’s flower or yoni, and is to be lovingly worshipped. “You must treat it gently and do your absolute best to make it happy.”

“Have you ever seen a woman’s flower before?” she asked.

“No, this is my first time” was his reply.

She said “well, look closely. Here are my outer lips and tucked inside here are my inner lips. The area between them is wonderfully sensitive and where you should usually start when pleasuring a woman. Now, where the inner lips meet is a little bump that is called the clitoris. This is like a miniature cock and hides under a hood of flesh until she is ready to come out and play. In some women she is tiny and in others she is quite large.”

“Below the Clitoris is the opening to my vagina and if you were to put your finger in and curl it up against the upper wall, you would find a little firm spot behind the root of the clitoris that is called the “G” (for Graffenberg) spot. When a woman is aroused, pressure or stroking on this spot will bring her higher and add to her pleasure.

Sitting there less than a foot away from her, Charlie could smell her wonderfully spicy scent. It made him want to stick his nose into her crotch and take a deep breath, it was that heady.

“Now, the first thing I want you to do is come and lightly lick the area between my rosebud and my vagina. Use a light teasing touch as if your tongue was a butterfly. It is the woman’s job to tell her lover how she wants him. If she is not telling him, her partner, you, MUST ask how she wants it.”

He gulped and complied. She encouraged him to start making longer and longer strokes with his tongue, up between her inner and outer lips. She also told him to stay AWAY from her clitoris until she was ready.

He alternated sides in his licking and then licked AROUND her clitoris when instructed to do so. He loved the heady, spicy smell and taste of her; this was something he was never going to stop doing.

She then told him to use his finger, or two, and gently insert it into her. He could tell that she was becoming more aroused by her movements. He worked his two fingers in and out around her G spot while sucking and tonguing her now thumb sized clitoris.

She had both hands in his hair and was mewing with every stroke, pulling him into her. He kept up the steady stroking and sucking, not varying his speed, which brought her up like a freight train until she was gasping and convulsing as she arched into his mouth.

He continued gently licking and sucking on her, quickly realizing that her clitoris was now super sensitive to his touch. He withdrew his fingers and continued with looong licks, even lightly licking her rosebud which caused her to gasp and convulse.

Finally she relaxed and came back to Earth with a big smile on her face. “That was excellent for your first time, you are a good student. I’m glad Barbara found you. Now it is her turn to be serviced by you. Do you want to clean up or anything?”

His answer was “nope” but he was excited about being able to pleasure Barbara and his cock was like an iron bar.

She then had Barbara take off her clothes and sit on the edge of the bed. Now he got REALLY hard. Just looking at her tight body made him want to cum right away. Vinny told him that he was to make Barbara feel good.

He knelt in front of her and the sight of her body almost took his breath away. She was awesome. The feeling of that butt plug in his ass seemed to make his cock even harder as he moved to her crotch. Her pussy was not a large as Vinnys but it was shaved as well and just beautiful to look at.

Vinny came out of the bathroom with a damp towel and handed it to him to wipe his face with, which he did saying “thanks.”

He smiled at Barbara and asked her if there was anything he should know about pleasuring her.

She grinned with more than a little anticipation and said “Well, I like little nibbles and licks. I’ll tell you when you get there.”

Remembering Vinny’s instructions, he started with long slow licks up her between her outer and inner lips.

She gasped and he lightly licked around her clitoris, making her stiffen.

Then he bent his head down and lightly licked and teased the area between her rosebud and her vagina, even running his tongue over her rosebud, which caused her to gasp and arch.

He liked the way she smelled and tasted. She wasn’t the same as Vinny but she was good, different but good. He continued his long licks as Barbara began to respond to him. Following Vinny’s advice, he stayed away from direct contact with her clitoris and waited until her body told him she was ready by arching into his mouth as he worked on her.

As she responded more and more, he teased her vagina with his fingertip, stroking gently and sliding the tip of one finger in just a little. This added to her arousal and she began to arch and thrust her sex hard into his mouth.

Then he went up the side of her vagina, lightly teasing his way between her inner and outer lips until he came to her clitoris, which he licked gently and sucked lightly before continuing down the other side of her now moistening pussy.

Finding himself back where he started he sucked and licked the area and paid some extra attention to her rosebud, which had her arching and moaning. After he teased her for a couple of minutes, he started back up, sucking, licking and nibbling on her inner lips, which had her gasping and twitching yet again.

As he worked back towards her clit, he slid two fingers just into her vagina. He went in only about an inch deep and slid in and out in time with his sucking and licking on her lips.

She became more vocal when he worked his way up to her now hard little clitoris, standing tall and needing attention.

She squealed as he softly slid his mouth down on her little soldier while sliding his fingers deep into her and curling them to find her g-spot.

Working the two sensations together, he had her ready to climax almost immediately. She was gasping and thrashing like a fish out of water.

He slowed down and added stronger suction and some teeth to his work on her clit. This caused her to gasp and say ‘huh’ louder and louder as she came up, shaking her head back and forth as she hung on the edge of climaxing.

Since she liked her rosebud played with, Charlie took a wet finger out of her and worked the tip it gently into her ass, wiggling it in time with his suction and nibbles on her clit. This caused her to scream, arch and grab his head with both hands as she had a juddering climax that seemed to go on and on.

She held his head hard into her crotch for what seemed like an hour, not that he was complaining but it was a little difficult trying to breathe.

She was sweeter than Vinny and he really didn’t want to stop but she was relaxed and floating in a post-orgasmic glow, so he sat back and relaxed as well.

It left her totally exhausted, lying there muttering “oh God, oh God” as she felt the aftershocks.

Vinny came back after her orgasmic journey and told Charlie “That was very good. You were not in a hurry and were completely focused on giving; you and a natural and a quick study. What did you think?”

He replied “I loved it!”

Vinny commented that he did very well and this was exactly what she wanted him to do for all her guests.

She told him to relax for a bit and then it would be time for the other side.

After a couple of minutes, she called Steve over and had him take his clothes off and to sit on the edge of the bed.

She asked Charlie if he was ready. When he said yes, she told him to kneel on the pillow between Steve’s legs.

Steve’s cock was half hard as Steve told him to look at his cock, take his time and enjoy the experience.

Charlie was a little nervous but excited and wanted to make Steve feel as good when Steve made him cum.

He went on to tell Charlie that cocks came in all sizes and some balls were tight and high while others hung way down. Each was unique and his job was to discover what gave the most pleasure.

It was an adventure exploring what brought pleasure because everyone was different and their reactions were different as well.

Charlie was nervous and excited. Up until now he has never seen another erect cock other than his own.

Steve told him that the place to start is to do things that you like and move on from there.

With that, Charlie leaned forward and licked the head of Steve’s hard cock.

Steve told him to hold it in his mouth and enjoy how it feels.

To Charlie it felt hot, incredibly soft like velvet and hard at the same time. He could also feel that it was alive, the blood flowing in Steve’s veins made his cock pulse.

He started to explore the head with his tongue, running it all around and behind the head, discovering that the area around and just under the head was extremely sensitive — more than his was, given the way it jumped. It felt hot on his tongue when he licked it and was like silk.

Steve told him to start with licking and sucking his balls, then work his way up the underside of his cock with his tongue, swirling it around and around as he moved to the head.

Charlie liked the man scent from Steve’s balls and the way they felt when he took them into his mouth.

He was surprised when HIS cock started to get hard from the attention he was giving to Steve.

Finally, he worked back up the underside to the soft spongy head and sucked it into his mouth. It fit perfectly.

He could swirl his tongue all around it as he started to gently suck and move his head up and down.

Steve told him to press the head of his cock against the roof of his mouth, stick his tongue forward and, holding it there, force his mouth down on his cock as far as he could.

Steve moaned as Charlie slid down, burying his nose in Steve’s hair.

Needing a breath, Charlie slowly slid back up, swirling his tongue all over Steve’s cock as he pulled back.

With only the head in his mouth, Charlie twisted his mouth around on it as he worked his tongue under and around the back of the head.

Steve was rigid as Charlie repeated the process of trapping his cock and sliding all the way down on it, causing Steve to become more vocal as he repeated the process again and again.

Finally, Barbara, who was watching and fingering herself, suggested that Steve stand up. He would be more comfortable that way. Steve readily agreed.

With Steve now standing over Charlie, he could slide easily into his throat and use both hands to hold his head in place. Steve was in heaven.

As was Charlie because he was loving the way Steve’s hard, yet soft cock felt plunging into his mouth. The more he sucked the harder it got.

They continued for another 10-15 minutes with Steve holding Charlie’s head and driving his cock deep into his mouth. Steve’s knees were shaking and his breath was coming in gulps every time he buried his cock in Charlie’s throat.

Suddenly, Steve pulled out and said “I’m close to cumming, where do you want it?”

Charlie replied “as deep in my mouth as you can get it. I want to feel you and taste you.”

With that, Steve grabbed Charlie’s head and started fucking his mouth and throat hard. Faster and deeper he went until he pulled Charlie’s head all the way down on his cock and froze, pumping his hot cum into Charlie’s throat.

After 6 or 8 strong pulses that Charlie could feel with his tongue he had to swallow in order to breathe. Steve’s cum tasted good, a little salty but good. It definitely was a new taste to Charlie and he liked it.

Barbara spoke up and asked Steve “Well, how did he do?”

Steve responded “he’s a natural. He took my cock all the way down his throat with no effort at all! He has a million dollar mouth.”

She said “Great! Then it’s a go for the party.”

Steve replied “With a mouth like that he is going to be a big hit.”

She had Charlie get up and asked him if he was ready.

He said “yes, with a big smile.”

Barbara asked him if he needed to clean up or go to the bathroom. He replied “Nope, I’m fine; he tasted good.”

They then led him into the living room to an alcove that had a curtain across it. There in the alcove was a cabinet, painted flat black.

One side was a door and looking in, one could see a seat with a cushion on it and another cushion for his knees. There also was a little shelf that was large enough to hold a tissue box, some wipes and a water bottle.

On the tapered front was an oval opening that had a roll of padding on the inside. Charlie was to sit on the seat with his face against the oval, ready to service all comers.

Inside the top of the box was a spool that held 8 inch wide black nylon webbing. There was a slot that the end of the web could fit into and the spool tightened with a little crank. This would hold Charlie’s head against the oval until either the guest or Charlie moved the lever to release it.

On the outside of the top was a pair of handles for the “customer” to hang onto.

There was also a door bell button that Charlie could push if he needed anything.

Underneath the seat were some wires that connected to the wires on his butt plug and his cock. These ran up to a box on the rear of the lid that controlled the power and pulses that Charlie would feel.

Barbara and Steve asked him if he had any questions.

He said “nope, I can’t wait to get started.”

With that, they hooked up the wires and helped him into the box. Once he was in, Steve ran the webbing around the back of Charlie’s head and slid it into the slot to hold it in place.

When he was comfortable, Steve turned on the power. Charlie felt like the plug was fucking him, sliding in and out of his ass. With each thrust in, his cock would receive a pulse which made it jump like he was cumming.

Steve explained that the settings would be kept low so he would not cum. Their purpose was just to keep him “interested.”

Asking again if he was OK, they closed him in. It seemed like half an hour before he got his first customer — a woman he estimated to be in her 30′s.

She hiked up her skirt and pressed up against the opening, saying “do me baby.”

Charlie noticed that she wore no panties, had shaved off all of her crotch hair and that she smelled good. Not heady the way Vinny smelled but nice and spicy nonetheless.

Charlie started by lightly licking her from below her pussy to one side of her clitoris. He was careful to avoid it until she became more aroused. It didn’t take long for her to get wet and she tasted good.

He worked his tongue into her as deep as he could, alternating long slow strokes with feather light touches around her clitoris. Five more minutes of this and she was moaning and squirming, trying to get him further into her pussy.

He took this as his cue to suck and lick on her clitoris, which put her into orbit. He slid two fingers into her and worked them in addition to his sucking and tonguing her “man in a boat.”

She immediately started to drive her crotch into his mouth, thrusting harder and harder as she came up. Finally, with a long groan, she exploded in a hard, wet orgasm, holding onto the handles and shaking against Charlie’s face.

Charlie felt good that he could give her such a strong climax and boy did she taste great.

When she relaxed and came back from wherever she went, she thanked him saying “I really needed that” and took a casino chip out of her purse, which she gave to him.

He was so aroused from the moving plug in his ass that all he wanted to do was make it go faster until he came. Unfortunately, it just kept thrusting as the same slow pace, not enough to get him off but it did do a good job of keeping him aroused.

His next “customer” was a guy, about 50 years old and in good shape. The guy dropped his trousers and boxers, revealing a very nice 7 1/2 inch cut cock. It was bigger than his own and fatter than Steve’s.

The guy cranked on the spool that tightened his head up against the opening and slipped his cock into Charlie’s open mouth. Held the way he was, Charlie could only stick his tongue forward, relax his throat and suck.

Once the guy realized he could bury his cock in Charlie’s throat, he did just that, holding onto the handles and brutally fucking his face. There was no way he could escape that hard cock driving into his mouth. All he could do was relax, try to get a breath and suck.

It was like having a machine fuck his mouth. The guy kept going on and on, getting faster and faster until he drove his cock into Charlie’s throat and held it there as he unloaded his hot cum.

All Charlie could do was breathe through his nose and swallow. He couldn’t even taste the guy’s cum, he was buried so deep.

When the guy relaxed, Charlie released the latch holding his head against the opening and licked his now softening cock until it was clean. He also passed a couple of tissues to him from the box he had inside.

The guy said “thanks, you’ve got a good mouth, I may be back later” as he zipped up and handed Charlie his second casino chip.

The next few hours brought a steady stream of customers, all leaving quite satisfied and leaving Charlie with more casino chips.

Then Steve came up and unlatched the box, saying that it was time for a break. Charlie needed help unfolding, disconnecting and getting out, but once he was out and had stretched, he was OK.

He went to the bathroom, washed his face and looked at the chips that he had collected. Most were $25 and $50 chips with a quite a few $100 chips as well. He was delighted. Not only was he being paid for his time but was receiving generous tips as well. He was going to go home with a bunch of money.

After relaxing for a few minutes, he was ready to get back into the box. Steve hooked him up and made sure he had everything he needed.

It wasn’t long before he had a new customer, a lady in a fancy flowing dress. When she started unwrapping the dress, he realized that it was an Indian sari. It took several minutes to get it all off, leaving her with a thin skirt and top. She hiked up the skirt and moved to the opening in the box, presenting herself to him.

He started in on her, licking slowly and gently. He was enchanted with her smell and taste. It was sweet and spicy and he felt that he could eat her for hours.

He suddenly realized that it must be from the curries that she probably ate. He was in heaven, having never tasted anything like her.

He took his time, working slowly and lingering on her inner folds. God she tasted good! His long slow licks brought her up and up until she was meeting his movements, trying to get more of his tongue into her.

At this point, he started to gently lick and suck her clitoris, which had hardened to about ¾ of an inch long. He began to suck it like it was a little cock while flicking his tongue over the tip and she began to get quite vocal, moaning and gasping as she became more aroused.

He slowed down and worked a finger into her, stroking her G-spot as he sucked and licked her, wanting to take as long as he could to bring her to a climax. He really could eat her for hours.

Suddenly she began to shake and take deep breaths. He knew he had only seconds left so he sucked her as hard as he could and moved his finger in and out of her as fast as he could. She thrust herself into his face and froze, gasping and shaking as she went over the edge.

He eased her finger out of her and sucked her in gentle pulses, stretching out her orgasm, until she sagged and almost fell on the floor.

When she regained her energy and stood back up, he passed her a handful of tissues to blot herself with.

In a lovely musical voice she thanked him profusely for such a wonderful experience, telling him that she would remember him for years to come.

He responded that she would be the same for him as well. Pleasing her was heavenly.

A couple of minutes after she left, a big black man came in. In a deep voice he asked “are you ready to take care of me boy?”

Charlie replied “yes sir.”

With that, he dropped his slacks and shorts, revealing an impossibly large cock that wasn’t even hard yet. He walked up to the box and tightened the webbing, pulling Charlie’s head tight against the padded opening.

He then fed the head of that monster to Charlie and told him to “get busy, boy.”

Charlie couldn’t believe the size of it as it got harder and harder in his mouth. He couldn’t move other than to slide his tongue over and around the velvety head and suck on it to get the precum from it.

When he was nice and hard, he pulled back and asked “are you ready boy?”

Charlie said “yes” and asked “how long is it? I’ve never seen one like it before.”

The man said “a little over 12 inches, now open up.”

With that he slowly fed his cock into Charlie’s mouth, working it in, pulling out, and working it in a little deeper with each thrust.

Charlie found that he could take that monster into his throat and relaxed a little. After all, he had experienced a brutal facefucking earlier so he knew he could handle it.

Gradually the man kept thrusting until all of his cock was sliding into Charlie’s mouth and his short curly pubic hairs were touching Charlie’s nose.

Charlie sucked as best he could and swallowed, which tightened his throat on that monster cock. He could feel the long strokes of the cock sliding into his mouth and was getting into making the experience as good for the black man as possible.

The man began to thrust harder, driving his cock completely into Charlie’s throat faster and faster. Then he stopped with his cock completely buried.

Charlie could feel the cock pulsing as his cum shot straight down his throat. It felt awesome.

When he relaxed and pulled his cock out, Charlie got a taste of his cum which he liked. It was not as sweet as some he had that day but good nonetheless.

The man said “you did a good job boy. Not many can take my cock all the way down. I’m glad I hired you.”

It was at this point Charlie realized that he just sucked off Diamond and responded “it was my pleasure sir.”

The next few hours were a whirlwind of cocks and pussys. Charlie got good at bringing up both men and women slowly so their pleasure was drawn out to the point of having some of them begging to cum. He was in heaven.

Finally, things quieted down and the last of the guests left. Steve came to get Charlie and helped him unfold and straighten up.

Charlie had a hard-on that wouldn’t quit. Imagine 12 hours of stimulation without release. He was READY. His ass was so hungry to be fucked that it wasn’t funny.

Steve removed the butt plug and electrodes and got him into a shower, which felt wonderful. It didn’t do anything for the fact that he was hornier than he had ever been but the hot water did feel good.

When he had dried off, Steve asked him if he was ready to cum.

Charlie replied “YES! My ass is so hungry I’m going nuts.”

Steve asked if he would like to get fucked.

To which Charlie responded “oh yes!”

Steve had him get on the bed on his hands and knees. Then he fed him his cock for Charlie to get hard.

As he worked on him, he realized that the day’s “training” had paid off. Charlie was GOOD!

He had a feel for Steve’s reactions and could deep throat his cock with ease, swallowing to tighten the muscles around his cock head when it was all the way in. Steve had to pull out because he was coming up too quickly, much to Charlie’s disappointment.

Just then Barbara walked in asking if Charlie had improved his skills.

Steve said “he now sucks like a pro. Why don’t you try him yourself?”

She dropped her jeans and panties, got on the bed, resting against the pillows and headboard and opened her legs. Charlie crawled forward and went to work, alternating between long licks up and inside her pussy and lightly licking and sucking on her clitoris.

She said “oooh, he HAS improved!” as she grabbed his head and pulled him into her crotch.

Steve then got some of the lube he had used earlier and worked it into Charlie’s ass; working his fingers around and around until Charlie could accept 3 fingers comfortably.

Next he lubed his cock and put the head to Charlie’s rosebud. It took less effort than he expected to slide all the way into his ass.

Charlie’s “man pussy” was hungry and welcomed his cock! The day-long teasing definitely had its effect as it wanted to be filled right now!

As Steve slowly buried himself on Charlie’s tight ass and began to move, Charlie moaned “Ooooh, finally! God, it feels wonderful. Fuck me, fuck me.”

He then went back to the sucking and licking he was doing on Barbara.

Steve was doing everything he could to keep from coming up too rapidly.

Charlie’s virgin ass was sooo tight and felt incredible. He got some more of the lube, reached under and started stroking Charlie’s rock hard cock.

He suspected that it would not take Charlie to cum since he had been kept on edge all day. He got a rhythm going, sliding into Charlie’s ass as he slid a tight hand down his rock hard cock.

This created another conflict for Charlie, he wanted to thrust back to meet that wonderful cock but at the same time he wanted to drive his cock forward into Steve’s slippery hand.

Finally, he just relaxed and accepted Steve’s actions and focused on giving Barbara as much pleasure as possible.

She was now thrusting into Charlie’s mouth; trying to get his probing tongue deeper into her pussy. He worked back and forth between long licks and pulsating suction combined with light licks on her clitoris.

She was starting to shake as she approached her climax.

Seeing this, Steve started driving hard into Charlie’s hungry ass until he couldn’t hold it any longer and unloaded in his tight hole, jamming up against Charlie as hard as he could, which drove him into Barbara’s crotch.

His timing was good because Barbara went over the edge at almost the same moment and rolled into several successive orgasms, each one stronger than the one before, while holding Charlie’s head tight against her.

To his credit, Charlie did not stop sucking and licking until Barbara relaxed, finally letting go of his head.

Steve slowly withdrew and wiped his now soft cock and Charlie’s ass with a towel. Poor Charlie still had not cum, so Steve rolled him over and motioned for Barbara to help him.

After wiping down Charlie’s now rock hard cock, the two of them stroked, licked and sucked his cock and balls, stopping whenever it looked like Charlie was getting close.

They kept this up for about 20 minutes until he was arching, thrashing around, moaning and shaking each time he got close.

Nodding to each other, they moved in for the kill. Barbara sucked his now achingly hard cock deep into her throat while Steve licked and sucked his balls.

It only took her 6-8 strokes to get him to cum, flooding her mouth as he exploded, gasping and screaming as he went over the edge.

She swallowed and smiled at Steve, who was grinning like a cat that ate the canary.

Just as he told her “well done,” Vinny walked in asking “are you having fun?”

To which they both replied “oh yes.” Charlie was still coming back to earth and just smiled.

Speaking to Charlie she told him that Diamond was pleased and quite impressed with the way you took care of him earlier. He asked me to give you these as she handed him five $100 chips.

She told him “there are specific instructions for these. When you walk toward the front door of the casino, you will see the cashier’s cage on the left. Go to the second row of slot machines past it on the left and play all five chips in the second machine in.

Also, here is $1200 for your services today, we appreciated having you here.”

He said “please thank Diamond, I really learned a lot and had a great time.”

She went on to say “we have checked you out of your hotel and upgraded your flight back home to first class. Our limo will take you to the airport in the morning.”

All he could say was “wow, thank you!”

She asked him if he was hungry and he said “no, but thank you.” All he wanted to do was take a shower and get some sleep, which he did shortly thereafter.

In the morning, he got together his things, thanked everyone for his life changing experience, counted the chips he had collected while in the box (he had $1375 worth), grabbed his bag and headed downstairs.

Unfortunately D’nar’s immediate reaction was a grin of warm admiration. He felt an adrenaline rush and the erotic buzz of blood flowing to his penis and loins as he understood how thoroughly he had been deceived. Standing in the doorway of his house, he ducked his head shyly down like some foolish boy who wants to hide his emotions. But it was very many years now since he had been in the habit of ducking his head to hide boyish emotions.

Even before he got to his house he had had his suspicions. The city was awash with rumours of an uprising in Andarria. In the wooden stalls of the muddy marketplace they were saying that significant forces had been collecting into an army and had suddenly started massing on the border with Tarknan. But when he got to his house, the modest one-storey timber and mud building with the pretty courtyard hidden inside, the door was locked as was usual at night. From the outside all appeared to be as it had always been when he returned from a tour of duty.

When he opened the door and stepped into his house he heard the silence. It held a stillness of a wholly different quality to the usual quiet peace that had come to reign in his home, which was full of the small creaks and clicks and hushed sounds of a lived in dwelling. He saw the abnormally tidy state of the tiny hallway: no little cloak or boots strewn carelessly about, no toy left just where an unwary returning parent might tread on it and break it. He knew then that she had taken the Crown and had gone.

Yet she had locked the door. She had scrupulously cleaned and tidied his home and had left it safely locked so that his goods and belongings would not be stolen or vandalised. She herself had not gone through the house she had cleaned and cared for these past five years wreaking vengeance on objects she would know were dear to his heart.

He went through the rooms, calling out sometimes softly: “little dove, sweetmeat, my pretty, are you there?” or in more commanding tones: “‘Lissa! some beer if you please and heat up water for a bath!” It was clean and tidy all the way throughout except for a week’s light dust lying on every surface.

She had taken the Crown and had gone.

He could not believe how foolish he had been. He had actually selected her to care for the Crown. He could not help that warm grin of admiration lifting the corner of his mouth and sparkling in his eyes again. He reminded himself that she must have been a mistress of military arts to have deceived him: D’nar, a Commander of the Akhan of Tarknan’s forces, who had been entrusted with the care of the Crown of Andarria.

That slumped lumpy figure in the shapeless garments with the bland dark eyes. It was only the love that softened those dark eyes when she looked on the Crown that had been genuine — the submissive passion for the Crown which a shitty trickster of an Andarrian would be completely unable to disguise, and he had been the more deceived by it. That adoring submissive softness in her eyes had actually made him believe even more in her lying pissing presentation of herself as a slack-shouldered weak slave woman whose presence in his home and closeness to the Crown he had rapidly come to accept. He had considered this shuffling soft-eyed slave posed as little threat to his or the Crown’s safety as did the kitchen table.

Ah, the kitchen table.

He paused in the kitchen with the small blue enamelled cooking range and the red tiled floor, the cupboards with the pretty china door knobs painted with flowers in which she had always displayed such a lack of feminine interest.

Oh yes. Now that she had actually gone there were all sort of things which he realised ought to have made him suspicious.

Here at this kitchen table where he took her for the first time in passion. He ought to have realised then except that his mind was reeling from the pleasures he found in her unexpectedly powerful body. For the first time he frowned in anxiety. Was it for that reason that she lay with him, was it only so as to distract and deceive him the more, had she never felt for him the irresistible, the electric shiver of absolute desire for her to which he had succumbed?

But she had locked his house up, secured it for him, when she left it.

And more than that, when he remembered how she had been with him — even that first time, he knew that she had liked it with him, that she had liked him.

It started one time he came back late in the night from a tour of duty. He unlocked the door quietly, meaning only to sneak in and leave his bags before going to a brothel to slake his lust. He had meant to come home again first thing in the morning of course, to see the Crown.

He went stealthily into the kitchen for a glass of water and there she was, lying across the table in the deep sleep of the fully physically weary, the hood of her unflattering garment fallen away from the close-cropped dark-haired head. The guttering candle threw light softly onto the hard lean planes of her handsome face and the delicate eyelids hooded the hard eyes which she would make blank towards him.

He had felt suddenly overwhelmed with emotion. He was physically exhausted himself with the long days of hard riding, the mental challenge of negotiations along the borders, the effort required to discipline his men. Coming into this peaceful bright kitchen with the woman who was so tired out with keeping it clean that she had fallen asleep sitting at the table, he felt keenly aware of the neatness of his home around him. What had once been a dull bachelor place to throw himself down in and sleep if he could not be troubled with the brothels had become a home shining with a military polish that he deeply appreciated. The blue of the cooking range, the red tiles of the floor, the dusky yellow walls seemed to glow with a limpid efficiency, to salute him with the easy warm companionship of a comrade in arms.

In an unthinking gesture of affection and gratitude he put his hand softly on her shoulder. He would never have done it if he had not been so tired.

She surged up from the table instantly, the one hand seizing his right, his fighting arm, the other gripped on the hilt of his sword, her narrowed dark eyes stared intently into his eyes, glinting dangerously in the candlelight.

As she realised who he was, she drew a deep breath. What must he have smelt like! fresh off campaign, he must have stunk of horses and some bread and garlic they chewed in the saddle while riding home and most of all of salty musky sweaty man. Now he realised how familiar all those smells would have been to her and so instead of standing away from him in disgust, bowing her head in her usual deceptive tricksy pissing submissive way, she had moved closer towards him, her eyelids narrowing over her eyes and the dangerous glint in her eyes becoming the glint of desire.

Straight off the tour of duty and expecting to go to the brothel, he was already stiff with lust, the blood already starting to flow about his penis in anticipation. Instead of attempting to throw off her grip on his wrist and wrestle with her for the sword, he pulled his arm in so that she came even closer, his mouth closed on hers before he could think about it.

She kissed him back.

She had been in his house for two years by then, lurking about waiting for the right moment. He could not imagine being on a two year mission without the release of tensions provided by the brothel. Now that he knew the truth about her he was not surprised that she had succumbed to the unexpectedly available man with all the familiar scents and flavours of the army.

She must have missed the army with the tortured longing of a lost soul stuck in the Fifth Hell.

Her tongue came probing, caressing his tongue and without loosening her grip on his wrist or his sword, she pressed her body to his, her legs already parting around his legs. His free arm went about her to pull her in harder to him and then with that one left hand he reached round to drag at the front of the drapery of clothing in which she hid her body. Suddenly she let go of his sword and reached back to pinch out the candle so he could not see her body. But he felt it: the hard strong flat planes of muscle where he had expected slack folds of poorly exercised flesh. He was puzzled but she had pushed his hand to a big breast. That was soft alright. He groaned with pleasure in their kiss as he gently flexed his fingers on the softness of her breast, his penis started engorging with blood.

In the dim light coming through the kitchen window from the torch which flamed all night in the courtyard he could see the shape of her head as she went down, sinking to her knees. She had let go of both his sword and his wrist in order to wrench at his army breeches, she pulled the lacing open and lifted out his cock: turgid now with longing, all the blood gone from his brain to surge into his penis and loins. She took the head of his thick cock straight into her soft warm mouth, that smooth head which she licked caressingly with her tongue then she began sucking softly on him.

Moaning in rhythm with her sucking, his hands dropped to her shoulders where he gripped gently. As he became too excited to stay in her mouth, he nudged her head tenderly away.

She raised a face which shone palely in the dimness, glinting as hard with lust as any soldier’s would be; two years on a mission with no release of tension. Whipped up by the appeal of the military he had subconsciously recognised in her face, her behaviour — that of a subaltern requested to pleasure a comrade in arms, he made a crazy suggestion. He was so desperate to get inside her on the equal terms that her hard military face offered and not on the submissive terms that her domestic slave status would have to provide that he said, in a husky voice: “How about if I take you army style?”

The glint of desire became a laugh of pure entertainment and for just a second she was staring up from where she was kneeling on the floor, her dark eyes glinting with intelligence and humour and desire and a bit of danger; fully his equal, possibly his superior, then she dipped her head and mumbled: “Alright,” as if she were a reluctant slave giving in to his wishes but actually to hide her sniggering merriment.

She got up on the table before he could think about her wholly uncharacteristic behaviour or feel bad about taking a reluctant slave in the manner he wanted. She flipped a small pot of lubricant so expertly from a drawer onto the table that that too should have made him suspicious — if he could have thought about anything except getting inside her.

Meanwhile he was taking a condom out of his pocket and easing it onto his tense thick penis with trembling fingers.

She was dragging her clothes away rapidly, exposing her naked backside: big round powerful buttocks with between her legs the bush of dark hair. He could not resist parting her legs and the lips of her labia just to touch her glistening wet vulva. She quivered with the overwhelming sensation of his touch; unbearable since he would not be entering her there. Already his finger, moistened with lubricant, was touching her anus, she let out a groan, quivering again at this more promising touch. His finger sank into the tight rim of her anus and he pushed it deeper to the tune of her long groan. She arched down her back, pressing her head and shoulders into the table, lifting her backside to him.

He took his penis, thick and throbbing with blood, and allowed the head of it one little nudge at her red warm vulva, she made a frustrated “aaaah!” and he slid up to the anal passage and slowly he sank deep into her, pulling at her hips to go in as far as he could get. His breeches, his sword belt even, pressed into her thighs and buttocks. Gently, tenderly, he pulled back and then pushed forward again, slowly at first then quickening his rhythm, groaning in time with her, thrusting to her pleasure, her thighs spreading to welcome his pushing. Her hand had come back to tease at her clitoris, he felt her fingers moving against his hands that were grasping her lean muscular thighs at the groin, he was filled with a warm excitement to think of the double pleasure she was enjoying, he thrust his cock deep in again and then suddenly uncontrollably he was cumming in quick thrusts into her, crying out to her, reaching around her utterly unexpectedly muscular body to those gorgeous big soft tits. He sank it all in her and lay: dirty and sweaty and exhausted, spent of everything, across her naked backside full of his softening member.

In the morning he woke naked and clean in his bed, sunlight dancing through the leaves of the Eucalyptus tree in the courtyard onto his sleep-dazed eyes. Back then he had assumed he had been so exhausted he had not noticed her cajoling him into his bed. Now he realised she had used some soldier’s trick to keep him quiet while she rolled him off her, stripped him, cleaned him and carried him to put him in his bed.

Out in the courtyard now it was dark, dark and quiet. Only the breeze whispered in the Eucalyptus leaves, there were no high piping cries to wake an exhausted man, no scolding voice saying, “Let him sleep”.

D’nar took his hand from the familiar surface of the wooden table, sighed and turned out of the kitchen. He must go to the White Castle and see the Akhan.

They took him to the throne hall and as they bowed him in, he saw that the young Akhan was already there. He was sitting not on the throne but on the topmost step of the dais to one side of the carved white throne. The tall candles all the way down the throne hall flung warm light up the stone walls and onto the blond figure of the Akhan in his traditional white silk suit with his head lifted round as D’nar was shown in. He was still a slim young thing although he would start filling out in maturity soon. Tall, lean and lovely in white silk, he smiled as he saw D’nar.

“My beloved Akhan,” D’nar said, bowing his head perfunctorily and going rapidly down the hall to the Akhan.

“The Crown has gone?” the Akhan asked.

“Yes,” D’nar answered. “I will go in pursuit. Or will you have me go with the forces to the border?”

The Akhan stood up and stretched out his long young body with a sigh. His blue eyes looked softly down at the warrior standing at the bottom of the steps. He came down the steps and put a hand on D’nar’s shoulder, gripped the hardened leather of the hauberk.

“You’ve only just come back from a tour of duty,” he said. “My uncle and I hope to avoid going back to war. We’ll be sending ambassadors to negotiate terms for Andarria’s independence. You wouldn’t be an appropriate person to assist them,” he grinned and lifted his hand to cup it on D’nar’s unshaven cheek, still looking softly into his weather-beaten face while he caressed the bristly curve of D’nar’s chin. When D’nar grinned back, the old white scar on his cheek danced in his face. His eyebrow was also cut across by a scar over a piercing hazel eye. His close-cropped hair, his hard-muscled stance, all suggested violence although the Akhan knew even better than most that off the battlefield D’nar was the most considerate of men.

“Will you allow me to go after the woman who has taken the Crown?” D’nar asked.

The Akhan frowned, saying, “No. This is unlike you, D’nar. The woman has been close to the Crown in loving care. It will be traumatic for the Crown if you in particular take out any vengeance on her and that will gravely damage our efforts to secure good and peaceful relations with Andarria. Come. If we can secure peace you might think about retiring and settling down with someone special.” He looked into D’nar’s face with those appealing blue eyes. “You can take anyone you choose,” he said. “Anyone,” he reiterated with emphasis.

D’nar grinned that warm affectionate grin of his. “It’s not for vengeance sake that I want to go after the woman,” he said.

“Oh!” the Akhan was surprised. “We hoped you would become attached to the Crown but it didn’t occur to me that the woman, um, Orlissa ….”

‘Fuck me five-ways,’ D’nar thought. They knew her fucking name. They knew all about her. Those pissing fucking swine, they put the Crown in his personal care in the hopes that he would provide exactly the kind of tender love that had blossomed in his heart and they allowed a pissing trained assassin to be his domestic slave and never breathed a word to him.

It made a thrill go through him now to remember that time he had demanded that she shave him. The hairs rose on the back of his neck and the blood stirred in his loins.

The Akhan was looking anxiously at him, those blue eyes — like wild flowers, so pretty, staring into his face while the strong long fingers slid from his bristly unshaven chin to grip his shoulder.

“Don’t you fear that she may take vengeance on you?” he asked.

“Well, I expect it,” D’nar admitted, “but I don’t fear it. I’ll take the risk, my beloved Akhan.”

He would rather die on her sword taking the chance that he might get even one final fuck from her than risk dwindling out his life with someone who was enslaved or paid or had come to be with him because of his fame or money or connections to the Akhan; some other woman perhaps who would make his home cosy and allow him to fuck her any way he wanted but never lift an eye glinting with danger to make him actually want to fuck her. A quick death seemed to him a better choice than a slow dull life. (Surely even the Andarrians wouldn’t take longer than two days — even to kill him. Even her vengeance for the servitude she had been obliged to endure under him — literally under him on special occasions although he hoped she had not considered that part of the servitude, would surely be spent in, say, three days of torture.)

“Indeed,” murmured the Akhan thoughtfully. D’nar was glad to see that for a moment he looked like his uncle, the Akhanet Regent, that clever compassionate politician who had for years moved them all about like pieces on a chess-board — but to their own not his advantage. “Is she so … so accomplished?”

‘Fuck me from the front in the fires of the Fifth Hell,’ D’nar thought ruefully. They had even known that she screwed him now and then.

“Well … I just like her,” he said lamely.

“May one not ask why?” the Akhan enquired frostily. The blue eyes were chilled now.

D’nar laughed and reached to grip his monarch’s upper arm sympathetically. The white silk was slippery under his calloused hand and little threads of it caught on the roughness of his fingers. “Don’t be jealous,” he chided. “You’ll spoil our friendship for a nothing. You know I like women best, for fucking. But in friendship I like a beer and a laugh, perhaps a wrestling match with a comrade. Here is a woman with a pissing fine cunt and now I realise that she’s not a shitty slave and that she might come out for a ride and a beer and a laugh and then beat me at wrestling. I’ve got to give it a go.”

The Akhan’s finely chiselled mouth twisted in rueful apology. His hand moved back up from gripping the shoulder of D’nar’s hauberk to cup around his cheek again and he stepped in up close to D’nar.

“Will you give me a farewell fuck?” he asked wistfully. D’nar had not moved to take him in his arms so he already knew the answer.

“I’m a bit tired,” D’nar prevaricated, “with a long hard ride ahead.”

“You were always faithful to anyone you gave your heart to,” the Akhan said softly.

“You should take a serious lover,” D’nar suggested. “The Lady T’rel?”

The Akhan looked nervous at this suggestion. “T’rel and I are good friends,” he said. “I like … I like B’jor.”

“Oh the General,” D’nar said meditatively. “You like General B’jor, do you?”

“I know, B’jor wouldn’t have me,” the Akhan said with a shy flick of those pretty blue eyes.

D’nar’s laugh rolled out in the empty throne hall. Finally he put his arm about the young Akhan’s back and pressed him in a hug. “It’s the same old problem,” he scolded the young man affectionately. “Look at yourself, you great fool. You’re as pretty as a maiden playing with herself under the blossom trees in Spring, with an arse like the new moon rising and a brain as sharp as a razor blade. You’re the best friend a man could have by his side, loyal and true. And you’re the Akhan! You can order B’jor to have you if you want to. He’ll be a good fuck and you’ll have the army’s balls in your hand. Have a bit of confidence, for the Gods’ and Goddesses’ sake; just go and get him if you want him.”

He pressed his mouth to the familiar firm sculpted lips of his beloved Akhan. They opened like a flower for his tongue to come into the warm mouth which sucked softly on his tongue. He gave the Akhan’s buttocks an affectionate squeeze through the white silk draped over the appealing curve of the young man’s arse. As their lips parted he said, “Did I give you a taste for the military then?”

“Oh no,” murmured the Akhan, nestling his blond head into the side of D’nar’s squat bristly neck. “I always liked you, my beloved D’nar.”

Fuck and triple fuck. The Akhan had gone to his uncle and ASKED for D’nar to be singled out to seduce him. It had been one of those complicated games they played where you had even less control than you thought you did. He had been manipulated into position by the two Akhanets just as he had been manipulated by Orlissa. The rueful grin of admiration curved his lips.

Out on campaign with the young Akhanet — his father was still alive then, he was just a fledgling, still soft and downy with those appealing blue eyes turned up to the hard men of the military in warm admiration. They took him along the border to the mountain region where you could have a bit of a skirmish but it wouldn’t be as bad as the outright warfare then going on in the plains. In the evenings they could collect up in the pavilion tent of his uncle, the Akhanet Regent, hearing any of the soldiers who could do so singing songs about battles. D’nar and the other Commanders would tell the young Akhanet what strategies they had used in those battles and pretend this pleasurable feasting with wine and song was how they always conducted the campaign meetings.

One night the Akhanet Regent fixed D’nar with a stare from an eye as blue but as steely as the young Akhanet’s eye was soft. D’nar looked back at him in puzzlement and he jerked his head slightly at the young Akhanet. D’nar looked at the young man lounging over some silk cushions on the red and black carpets, his hip jutting up draped in the white silk trousers he wore under the military leather hauberk. Well, it was a hauberk, made of leather and probably hard enough to stop a swung sword although it was beautifully decorated in gold tooled designs.

The Akhanet took a bunch of grapes from the plate in front of him and began draping them in his mouth, curling a tongue that was suddenly red against the luminescent pale beauty of his skin around the grapes that he pulled in to squeeze and burst on his teeth. D’nar’s testicles itched as he watched that red tongue caress the grapes and pull them onto the teeth. Whenever he looked, the Akhanet always seemed to be doing something that drew D’nar’s attention to his sculpted mouth or his taut young arse or his long slim legs but he never looked directly at D’nar, tilting his pretty blue eyes shyly sideways if D’nar spoke to him. D’nar had assumed this meant he was not sexually interested, that he was avoiding the possibility of their gazes meeting and locking for that second longer than was acceptable, meaning ‘Come outside then and I’ll show you mine’. However the Akhanet Regent had made it plain what was expected and D’nar obediently lingered on until the Akhanet happened to get up and go out of the pavilion. D’nar followed him, casually glancing over the luscious curve of that young arse draped in white silk; this was not an onerous duty that was being demanded of him. Instead of courteously going somewhere else for a piss, he went after the Akhanet but rather than brazenly wait for him to take his cock out and then give it a casual and unmistakable grope, he bumped him as they walked, taking the young man’s long slim fingers in his own sword-calloused hand. He did it gently, expecting the Akhanet to pull away from him in denial. He was surprised when the Akhanet tilted his head down, blushing, and gave him a quick glance from eyes full of a sudden starry adoration and then willingly followed him with his long slim fingers curling about D’nar’s hard hand.

They went to D’nar’s rough campaign tent. It was a proper soldier’s billet, not like the Akhanet’s silk-draped cushion-strewn couch in the large airy pavilion of his uncle. The bedding was narrow and although you could stand up there was not much room in the crammed tent full of weaponry so the two men were squeezed physically close as soon as they had both slipped through the entrance. D’nar laid his hands on the Akhanet’s hauberk lacings but the Akhanet was moving into his arms, so eager for his kiss, D’nar realised this was going to be an even more pleasurable task than he had imagined. Deflowering the Akhanet was a responsibility, he had assumed that the Akhan and the Akhanet Regent wanted to ensure the impressionable future ruler of Tarknan fell into the hands of someone who would not be seeking to screw him over in more ways than the physical. If the Akhanet was this hot for it and didn’t need gentle persuasion to receive pleasure, it would be one of the easiest missions D’nar had ever had entrusted to him.

The Akhanet was already panting in their kiss, his beautiful chiselled lips opening like a flower for D’nar’s tongue to wriggle in like the bee. D’nar gripped one of those sword-calloused hands on the lad’s tense silken buttock, the Akhanet gave a moan, his head going softly back, his knees spreading. D’nar gave his lower lip a gentle nip: a sting from the bee, just to bring the lad back from going off away too early. His first time, make it a good long pleasuring, not a fuck as quick and hard as if he were a work-weary whore in a back alley who only wanted to go home to her children with enough in her purse to feed them.

“Sh-shall I suck you off?” suggested the Akhanet. “But I’ve never done it before.”

“Shut up,” D’nar murmured in his ear, gripping his hand on that silken buttock. The Akhanet gave a shocked and delighted snigger. D’nar coiled his tongue softly round the royal ear and the Akhanet moaned with surprised pleasure. D’nar ran his tongue down the Akhanet’s long elegant pale neck and under his chin, coming back up for the sculpted lips — suddenly soft in anticipation — and the Akhanet’s kiss. He took his hand from that firm young buttock and as he kissed the Akhanet’s lips, he began pulling the lacings of his leather hauberk undone. He ran his fingers over the grooves of the gold tooled patterns with an indulgent smile before pulling off the hard leather shell and chucking it to the side. He lifted the silk shirt underneath to slide his hands over the smooth warm flesh of the Akhanet’s chest and back and the suddenly sensitive flat stomach; the Akhanet jerked and moaned.

He tucked his hands round into the waistband of the young man’s silk trousers to grip on the tense curving muscles of the buttocks. He eased the silken trousers and underpants off down to hang on those slim youthful hips. Looking down he briefly admired the delicate lines of the young male body with its flat stomach, slender hips and curved buttocks, the skin so pale and soft, still downy with youth. He knelt heavily down and softly softly he kissed the tip of the Akhanet’s long slim cock, catching the bead of pre-cum on his lips, lifting his head with a grin to lick it so the Akhanet could see what pleasure there was in giving pleasure.

The Akhanet’s eyes were already wild with love. He could no longer distract himself with chatter, he could not speak, he only moaned and leaned on D’nar’s shoulders, D’nar took that slender penis in his mouth and sucked it, pushing the lad’s buttocks to make him sway to and fro.

It was the lad’s first time, he was passionately in love and over-excited, too soon D’nar had to move him away from his mouth. He lay hurriedly back on the bedding and shucked down his own heavy duty military breeches, the Akhanet was coming to his arms, entangling and encumbering him as he tried to prepare himself. Lucky he had some pot of lubricant right by the bed — he’d been rubbing it into his sword-belt and hauberk to waterproof them. He found a condom in his breeches’ pocket — soldier’s habit always to have one handy, and eased it onto the Akhanet’s long penis, even that made the young man moan and quiver. He rolled hurriedly over to offer up his strong arse.

But the lad was pulling at him, he wanted him facing, he wanted to look into D’nar’s eyes and have his kiss. D’nar was willing, it just meant a delay while he got his boots and breeches off. The Akhanet was chucking off his own soft leather boots and silken garments, D’nar hesitated about his hard hauberk but the Akhanet could wait no longer, he was pushing D’nar back on the narrow bedding, lying over that hard leather-clad breast, looking deep into D’nar’s warm hazel eyes with his beautiful blue eyes as he lifted his cock and slid into D’nar’s arse.

“Aaaah!” the moan was simultaneous. D’nar’s own cock, thick and throbbing, was pressed against the lad’s soft groin, the Akhanet had started pushing to and fro, moaning with pleasure as he brought the sensitive tip of his penis in and out of D’nar’s receptive anal passage, D’nar was grinning with pleasure at the sensation in his anus, the Akhanet’s arms were about the army Commander’s tough leather hauberk, his mouth came seeking the affectionate kiss, there were calloused hands gripping softly on his buttocks, encouraging even more the irresistible movements. Their mouths were pressed and the older man’s tongue was caressing his kiss, his lips, his tongue — too soon he gave a great cry of bliss, cumming in uncontrollable pleasure in the arms of that man, so famously brave and battle-hardened and courteous with the piercing hazel eyes in the scarred face, the man for whom he had been stricken with a burning desire so intense it made him too shy to speak.

He was so tired out with pleasure now, he felt bad that D’nar was having to handle his own climax, the Akhanet wished D’nar’d let him suck him just a bit at least. But as he felt D’nar’s sperm spurt over the luminescent pale soft skin of his stomach and offered a kiss that was gently, tenderly taken, he felt confident that there would be more opportunities to give many pleasures to the lover his uncle had whisperingly assured him could be his.

And there certainly had. D’nar reflected on one or two particular fun-filled days and nights spent with his beloved Akhanet, a salacious grin on his mouth, as he strolled out of the torchlit palace corridors. Then he gave a sigh as he thought about his failure to understand how deeply the lad had — still did, love him. As the Akhan had said, once his cock had found somewhere to nestle he didn’t usually feel inclined to scatter his seed about the place. He had been content to pleasure and receive pleasure from the Akhanet alone but he of course did not expect a royal prince to pass up on any other enjoyment that came his way. Since the Akhanet enjoyed himself sometimes with a casual entertainment, he had assumed the lad was taking the affair as lightly as he was. He had allowed it to melt pleasantly away, going back more and more frequently to his own little house when he was on leave instead of moving into the White Castle. It was true that he liked women better for sex but he was very fond of the tall lean lovely Akhan and there is always something precious about a young man who has lain in your tender arms for his first orgasmic embrace.

She had a week’s head start on him but she was moving through hostile territory and encumbered by the Crown. Probably there was a small force, ten or twelve soldiers, who had travelled to give her the word: “the time has come”. They might make the border ahead of him but he had a good chance of catching them up while they were still in Tarknan. He went down to the royal stables and selected out two of the finest horses, steeds with both stamina and strength, a couple of bays with white socks and one had a white blaze down its nose. He was the Akhan’s former lover, a favourite friend of both the Akhan and the Akhanet Regent. He had never asked for much before now but whatever he did ask for he got without question. He commanded the horses ready for him at dawn and went home to catch a few hours’ rest.

Oh he was tired. He had ridden hard and swift home this time, spurred on by an all-too prescient lurking anxiety.

He cast off his sweat-grimed, travel-stained clothes and climbed straight into the clean sweet fresh sheets as he was. He would never be here again to be annoyed by his own stink and dirt on the white cotton sheets.

Tears suddenly filled his eyes. What was this! oh, he was just weary. That was why he was suddenly, poignantly moved at the thought that before leaving she had made up the bed for him with the sheets she herself laundered. She had made up the bed with corners tucked in as crisp and firm as a General’s personal servant might do it but she was not here to heat the water and pour him a bath.

It was the lack of a warm soothing bath, that was all, his eyes would drift shut soon in much-needed longed-for sleep. After a while his calloused fingers drifted over to his flaccid penis: a bit of self-pleasuring was a powerful soporific.

After that time when she had let him take her army style on the kitchen table (he could appreciate the joke now, all these years later), it was a while before she took his pleasure again. The next day she was the same docile placid domestic slave he had always over-looked in his house, her head in the hooded garments she affected stooped, her shoulders slumped in such a disfiguring posture that he began to doubt if she had got the muscular hard body he had momentarily laid hands on — or the big soft breasts he had been encouraged to play with instead; ah! those tits, surreptitiously he had peered at her from his late breakfast as she shuffled past him, trying if he could make out their heavy swinging fruitiness in the ugly folds of her garments. Her eyes came blankly back to him and he looked away in embarrassment. She was so placid and boring and dull of eye that he began to wonder if it had happened at all.

Then he caught her in his bedroom one night.

She was always in and out of it, cleaning and tidying and making the bed but this was late. He came home before he usually did from a drink with the lads. They had gone on to a brothel but after the thrilling engagement on the kitchen table some pretentious whore was not what he wanted so he came home and found her looking through his bedside drawer.

She pulled her dress open to give him her tits as a distraction of course. (His penis was thickening at last at the memory of them, he rubbed up and down gently, as kind to himself as he was to every one of his lovers — even the one he thought was a slave.) Fuck me five-ways, it worked like a dream for her! His hands were on them and his head in the curve of her neck in a moment while she softly shoved the drawer closed with one hand and pulled at the lacing of his breeches with the other. He cared nothing for whatever tidying up she was doing so late at night, his hands were full of warm big breasts, his fingers going to tease at one nipple and feel it harden with lusty pleasure under his persuasive gentle pinching.

His mouth caressed her neck, her jaw, coming hunting for her kiss. As he remembered it now, pulling tenderly at his reluctant penis, he knew that in that moment when her mouth opened for his tongue to press into it, the business with him ceased to be subterfuge, business, and became loving lusting fun. She sniggered in the kiss and he looked briefly into glinting laughing intelligent eyes then she shut her eyes, knowing well that he would be able to look into them and see a soul that was about as much like a slave’s as a flowering tree is like a pebble in your shoe.

She let him dominate. That must have been weird for her! ordinarily he supposed she took whatever young soldier in her army appealed to her and she took him how she wanted him and he pissing well did it with pride because his comrades would all be deeply envious and ever after whispering, “Did she do you quick or slow?” “Did you get to hold her tit?” “Did she let you have a kiss?”

Maybe it made a pleasant change or maybe she was desperate for a fuck after two years and only one screw on the kitchen table army style. He knew he pleased her. Well, he was famous for the exquisite gentle pleasures his hard trained body could be teased into providing.

He tried to pull off her enveloping garments but she pretended she was shy about showing him her body, remembering this as he lay in the cool clean sheets she had tucked into a General’s crisp tight corners for him, he gave a snort of laughter against the tears on his cheeks. Why the deceiving cow must have been trained to wrestle with her soldiers naked apart from a leather harness to protect her breasts, they had no time for modesty in the Andarrian forces. That would be something, to have a wrestle with her naked apart from a leather harness to protect your bits, he speculated forlornly about this as he rubbed up and down on his penis knowing that he would be lucky if they chopped his head off as soon as he caught up with her.

No wrestle back then of course, not appropriate skills for a fucking domestic slave. She had pulled up her skirts and down her big underpants, lying back on his bed with her legs wide for him and he left the rest of her body covered in his greed for her cunt. Resting his calloused hands on those spread muscular thighs, he fell to his knees and put his face down to where her body forked and opened, he pressed his tongue into the crack of her labia and she started tossing and moaning and creaming, her own calloused hands coming to gently hold his head.

He had always assumed they were calluses from cleaning about the place — ha ha! In the mornings she must have been practising her fighting skills with his spare weaponry and keeping herself fit while in the afternoons when he was more likely to be home she trotted about with her head bowed down, washing and cooking and caring for him and the Crown.

She was a deliciously wet woman, her vagina never needed lubricating if you were permitted to poke it in there, she glistened with cum under the probing caress of his tongue. It was that time in the month when her cream was sweet to the taste and he lingered with his tongue pushing into her vulva. She was quivering with the unsolicited pleasure, having expected him only to be lured into fucking her quickly and forgetting that she had been spying in his papers. His tongue caressed the sensitive ridge between vulva and anus, the erogenous peritoneum, her legs opened wider, now he was poking his tongue at her anus, licking her shitty backside, she gasped, helpless with pleasure as he rimmed her, the soft strong muscle of the tongue generating irresistible sensations all over her arse.

As he knelt up away, fumbling in the pocket of his breeches for the soldier’s ever-ready condom, she lay in wanton passivity, her thighs wide open, her pulsing vulva wet and waiting. He was covered and coming at her, that thick squat penis was set to her sex with gentle fingers that caressed her clitoris as they brushed by. “Uh-uh-uh, c’mon, c’mon!” He had eased softly into her and he lay down on her, pressing to her kiss, thrusting so softly, so lovingly, so dee-eep. His mouth closed on her mouth, he had gripped her lower lip softly in his teeth. Her hips were lifting, her thighs throwing open, she was moaning, she longed so much to tear their clothes aside so her skin could know his skin, dimly some part of her brain said, “Fuck no!” He had hit her sweet spot, fortunately she could not control her hands sufficiently to tear off their clothes or she would have risked her mission to do it, to press her whole body to the body fucking her on her sweet spot, thrusting her gently into uncontrollable ecstasy, she was coming in waves washing up through her loins and belly and he was saying something, moaning in her ear: “‘Lissa, ‘Lissa!,” with a great effort she refrained from giving him back his name to seal the love they shared. Pleasure was bursting like light in her thighs, her sex, her body in his arms, she cried out, he moaned out and they lay still.

When they woke in the dark in the middle of the night, he wordlessly rolled her over onto her front in the bed and reached through her legs to caress her clitoris and her vulva, her peritoneum and her anus until she writhed in the sheets and rough woollen blanket, her lifted backside begging him more loudly than words. Affectionately he grasped her tits through the folds of her ugly clothes, his penis was covered in a fresh condom from the drawer of papers which he scrabbled and flung all over the floor in his haste. He lubricated her arse with a delicately caressing horny finger and eased his throbbing thick member into it with a gentle thrust that had her quivering and moaning. She had spread her fingers on her own buttocks to hold herself open to him in abject pleasure, the thick cock slid slowly, teasingly, so gently past the rim of her anus, aaaah! so pleasurable and oh! he was pulling back and coming down into her again. As he thrust gently at her back passage, he brought a hand down and fingered her vulva — oh oh! the moan of pleasure from her was like the call of the ocean, a great wave of salacious joy, he slipped a finger in and softly he fucked her raised backside, coming in and down, in and down, making the nerves in her anus dance with joy, his hard finger still in the wet smooth muscles of her vulva until she was coming and coming, he was cumming and he lay in the dark over her quivering body with the legs still wide for him to lie between.

And then nothing for weeks. She must have longed for him like he longed for her, his penis thickening up when he saw her leaning over the kitchen table kneading bread dough with hard strong thrusts, her cunt wetting her underpants as she bent over the stone wall of the well in the courtyard to pull up water with her arse sticking up and heard his boots tramping up behind her. She had her mission, her foremost duty was to the Crown, she liked him but she loved the Crown with devoted passion. She would turn a face with blank eyes to him, a face only mildly flushed, perhaps with the heat out in the courtyard and the effort of raising a heavy bucket of water that he went to help her carry indoors. If he laid a hand on her she turned a bovine stare at him, pretending that she would open her legs for him only because she was his slave, and the courteous Commander shyly stepped back, turning hazel eyes that were both apologetic and pleading hesitantly away.

Finally his forlorn tugging at his penis was yielding some result. By thinking hard about her creamy wet cunt which she had sometimes willingly exposed for his mouth, his fingers, his cock, he was able to bring himself off but as the sticky sperm shot into the clean white sheets, the tears spurted down his cheeks. Oh she had gone, she had taken the Crown and had gone. He had never really thought about how happy he was to be able to come back from the tours of duty to a clean bright home with the Crown there and the occasional hope of a fuck glinting in Orlissa’s eyes and now they would never be here like it again. She would almost certainly kill him, the best he could hope for would be that for the sake of the pleasure he had given her and the courtesy he had shown her even when he had thought she was a stupid beast of a domestic slave, she would do it quickly and cleanly.

As he rode away from the city of mud and timber buildings with the White Castle perched on the hillside above, he turned over in his mind the occasional dangerous pleasures she took from him.

That time he had demanded that she shave him. He was in a sour temper; months of no sexual release, too dainty now to go and shove his stick in a paid prostitute, too delicately considerate to force himself on an unwilling slave. If his lover had no pleasure in it he never liked it, he always overpaid the women in the brothels who loved him for his consideration and regretted the infrequency of his visits.

He was going out with the lads then he said he’d stay home then he got so frustrated sitting in the kitchen with her vacant-eyed in a chair by the blue cooking range with her knitting. (Knitting for the nine Devils’ sake! she was crap at it, how could he not have noticed that although she appeared to be knitting so assiduously there was never so much as a sock for him.)

“I’ll go out after all,” he said abruptly and angrily. She knew he was angry with her, he had been fizzing with frustration for days, making those gasping noises at night and his bed creaking rhythmically while he attempted to relieve himself. She just turned her dull eyes on him, sustaining the necessary pretence that she was so low, so near the beasts of the field that he could kick her or beat her if he wanted, instead of jumping up and smacking him in the face and saying: “Fuck off then you selfish shit, don’t thank me for the delicious stew you gobbled up not two hours ago. I’m going out and I’m not coming back! Cook your own pissing dinner from now on.”

“Give me a shave,” he said sullenly. It was an intimate task he had never imposed on her before.

Her eyes suddenly flashed, his hand went automatically to his sword but he was in his own home, he wasn’t wearing his weapons. Already her eyes were dull again, he thought he must have imagined it. She was putting aside the knitting and going to put a kettle on for hot water, going to fetch his razor and the soap.

He sat in his chair by the table where he had once been permitted to fuck her in the arse. The bowl of water steamed by his side, the towel about his neck had even been warmed for him on the small blue cooking range. He saw her calloused strong fingers come over his shoulders with the cut-throat razor already open in one of her hands, she tilted his chin with the other, exposing his throat to the blade. The hairs rose on the back of his neck but his stupid brain dismissed the fear shrieking along his nerves. His penis twitched in his breeches as it always did when the adrenaline surged in his veins. The razor touched his neck and her fingers pulled the skin tight, the blade came scraping gently down his lathered neck, the sound was a soft rasp in the quiet kitchen.

His eyes half-closed although his nerves were still jumping. He sat still in her hands, even his nerves settled slowly down, soothed by the firm fingers and the caress of the thin metal blade. He felt the blood pumping in his loins and his cock, but softly, he was just aroused not hard and throbbing for a fuck. Candlelight flashed briefly off the razor as she held it in front of him before coming back to scrape down one of his cheeks.

When she was done with him and had wiped his face clean of a few flecks of lather, she came round and looked intently into his half-closed hazel eyes, holding the razor open in her hand. She cleaned it, shut it, put it on the table and leaned down to press her mouth on his.

Aaaah! her kiss, at last. He sat still in the chair, his eyes drifting shut as her tongue came caressing his softening mouth, poking in his mouth, curling about his tongue. He reached up, gently took hold of her shoulders, pulling her in. She was reaching in his breeches’ pocket, her fumbling fingers pushing through the pocket against his hardening penis. She found the condom and came away from his kiss to pull open the lacings of his breeches.

The expertise with which she rolled the condom on his penis was not that of a domestic slave, taken whenever and however by whoever told her to do it. Nor was the excited skill with which she peeled back his breeches to allow his squat penis to lift free in its nest of coiling hairs, putting her hand around his cock and easing up and down a few times to get him good and hard.

Her horrible underpants were stripped off and she was straddling him but he pushed her onto the kitchen table, on her back this time, bringing his face down to her cunt to rub his smooth freshly shaven cheek down her hard muscular thigh, parting the lips of her labia so he could kiss her cunt, softly softly kissing the wet shining folds, hearing her gasp and laugh with pleasure. He looked quickly up, his hazel eyes were suddenly piercing bright but she had tipped her head back so he could not see if her dark eyes were glinting in that inappropriately intelligent laughter or bovine with an animal’s dull pleasure. He pressed the cool smooth clean cheek to her thigh, his tongue stroked down her labia, to her clitoris, to her vulva. He stuck his tongue in her vulva, pushed into the creaming smooth muscles in her sex and heard her laugh before he raised his head and sat back again with his eyes half-closed for her to take as she would.

She straddled him and took him as if he were one of the soldiers she led in battle and possessed in sex if she felt an idle inclination to do so. He looked up at her hard fierce laughing face in the candlelight, the glinting laugh in her dark eyes and all he did was grin softly with joy when he should have flung her off and run for his weapons and the city guard in defence of the Crown.

She put his penis to her sex and pressed and down she came on him, he was in her with a gasp and a laugh, she laughed back, catching his hands and pulling them round to her arse. He grasped those big muscular buttocks and she grunted with pleasure, gripped his shoulders and began lifting herself and pressing and pressing, the wet strong muscles of her sex pressing around his thick penis, her clitoris pushing on him. He was grunting with pleasure, she was getting harder and faster, rubbing her clitoris against him as she came up and down, her wet muscles gripping on the sensitive penis, he gripped her big strong buttocks and they were both shouting out and laughing and she came down firmly one last time on his quivering member, close and wet and clinging about him as he quivered and shot off in the condom inside her.

He clung to her, holding her fiercely to him. He knew now. It would be weeks before she came back out of the shadows of enslavement, laughing her glinting dangerous pleasure to take him and please him and be there truly with him. But he did not mind it so much this time. Third time lucky, since she had allowed him to mount her three times she would surely do so again if he was patient and waited courteously.

Swiftly he rode through the fields of ripening grain, turn by turn on the two magnificent bay horses from the royal stables. The silvery tipped wheat, the whiskery barley, he rode in the hot summer air with the sweat trickling off his weathered brow and the grin of warm admiration often lifting the corner of his mouth.

Five days into the journey and he was on the flat low grassy plains, three days’ ride from the border where the Andarrian forces were massing into an army. He hoped very much it would be an army that could flutter its brave flags of rebellion and then just march home singing songs of victory and peace.

He ought always to have been suspicious, she had played the part of the submissive domestic slave too perfectly. Shuffling about his house, keeping it clean and bright to a military standard, caring so fervently for the Crown. The actual domestic slaves owned by his army pals were nothing like her. Shrill, quarrelsome and manipulative, the lads were always grumbling because of some unreasonable demand these frustrated bored women and men they supposedly owned were making. They even said it: “Gods, D’nar, you’re the lucky one.” “Does she never call you home early from the tavern/grumble because you took a dip in a whore’s bum/cry because you didn’t give her enough jewellery and sweetmeats and pissing flowers, for the nine Devils’ sake.”

Once he went back for a meal to one of his pals’ homes and had to endure his pal’s domestic slave casting languishing eyes at him and surreptitiously fumbling his groin while serving him food, all the while making mean bitchy comments about his pal which she pretended were teasing flirty fun. He came home and went into the warm tidy kitchen and found Orlissa lying back in her chair by the blue cooking range with a hand up her own skirt and her underpants off playing with herself. She flung her hooded head up as he came in, he strode over and stuck his own hand up her skirt and a finger right into her wet wide cunt. She threw her legs open before she could think to pull the pretend slave’s outrage and sullen submission onto her face. He pressed his face into her soft bosom and fingered her clitoris and vulva, playing gently in the moistening folds, enjoying the mounds and hollows, the wetness, the smooth muscular hole, the little spur of the clitoris. He put first one finger and then he could get two into her soft vagina, gently — his calloused hard fingers, he eased them gently in and out of her tender sex. She was moaning helplessly in his hands. She pressed his other hand harder to her clitoris, moaned and gasped and laughed, her soft wet slimy muscles clutching around his fingers, he brought her to the quivering orgasm sitting in her chair with his face pressed into her big soft tits and his fingers in her cunt.

Six days into the journey, at the end of the day as the westering sun sank over the far horizon, casting a soft glow as thick and warm as honey over the flat green plains, he caught up with them.

He reined up on a grassy rise of land, seeing the little ring of tents, the picket line of horses and a high-wheeled wagon below him. It was a curious vehicle, designed both for speed and to house someone at night. It was covered not by a simple tarpaulin but in some splendid blue hooped top with golden birds depicted in flight across it. A smile softened his weathered scarred face to see how they indulged the Crown.

He pulled the buckle from his sword-belt and allowed his weaponry to fall into the grasses of the plain. If things went well he could come back for it but if he came riding down on them armed he would be dead before he could say a word.

Both the magnificent royal steeds were tired now, grateful when he set a soft walking pace down towards the small encampment. He looped his reins about the pommel of his saddle, guiding the horse he was riding with his knees and raising his arms in the air.

The Andarrian soldiers came cantering out to him holding arrows on the bow-string; he had always admired the skill with which they could control their horses at speed while they held the arrow steady on the string. Their eyes were fixed on him. He felt the prickles of fear in his shoulders and grinned his warm grin.

“Take me to Orlissa,” he said.

They forced him off his horse and two of them took him by the arms and walked him down the slope of the grassy hillside at the quick march while the others murmured admiringly about the quality of the royal horses which they led behind him.

Orlissa was already striding out of the circle of tents towards him.

Ye Gods and Devils she was magnificent. She strode completely upright with the same rigidly straight back as her soldiers when they rode on horseback with an arrow to the bow-string and it was suddenly apparent how tall she was and how big her gorgeous breasts were. Her head was held high with what would have been arrogance if he had not known by now just how skilled and how powerful she was. The hair was of course kept cropped very close to her head, just as his was, so that it never got in the way of her weaponry, especially the bow and arrow — the Andarrians excelled at archery although those powerful muscular arms now bared of the disgusting disguising cloth promised a tremendous skill with the broadsword slung low off the black leather belt at her hips. She was absolutely magnificent, like a Goddess, his penis was engorging with blood just at the sight of her striding down on him.

She wore a black leather hauberk chased with a black design of a flight of birds, leather breeches and thigh length black boots which did not disguise the powerful muscles of her long strong legs. Her broadsword hung off her belt in a black leather scabbard with the design of flying birds repeated on it. On her left wrist was the leather guard which prevented the bow-string slapping her arm.

She came down on him with a face as pale as a Devil’s, seized him by the armholes of his hauberk and snarled at him: “How many men with you? How far behind are the rest of your forces?”

The danger snapping in her glinting dark eyes was making the adrenaline rush about his body, his penis was rising and pushing at the lacing of his breeches. He grinned with warm admiration and pleasure to see her at last in her true self. It was a bad mistake.

She punched him in the jaw sidelong; just hard enough not to break his jaw — she wanted him still able to talk. She kicked him savagely in the thigh as he keeled sideways in the tight grasp of her soldiers.

“You pissing insolent dog!” she hissed. “Answer me before I cut off your balls for my breakfast.”

Mainly he was still admiring her. What an opportunity to take out five years of frustration, slaving after him, cooking and cleaning and taking his cock up her arse — although hopefully that had not been frustrating for her. But for her as for him, violence was just a weapon, she controlled it, she was not controlled by an unreasonable rage which she took out in some mindless assault on him. It was not he who had given her the mission, he had not asked her to hide out in his house to rescue the Crown, to pretend for five years that she belonged to him, a submissive dull-eyed domestic slave. She hit him because she needed the information quickly not because she wanted to punish him for the inhuman indignity she had suffered to be his slave.

“There’s no one else,” he moaned, spitting some blood out as he said it. “I came alone.”

Her fist was still raised to him, her dark eyes narrowed in the intent glare into his piercing hazel eyes.

“‘Lissa,” he mumbled. “‘Ware the Crown.”

Behind her, he had seen a flutter at the curtained back of the covered wagon.

Orlissa flicked her eyes back and then dropped her fist like a stolen apple, stepping away from him with a hissed: “Stand up.” Obedient to the tone of absolute command in her voice, he straightened in the grip of the soldiers, wincing as he was obliged to bunch the muscle of his thigh.

“Da! Da!” the little figure screamed out to him in delight as she scrambled out of the back of the wagon. Her funny face was lit up with pleasure. “You came, you came! Mam said you would come, she said you would.” D’nar flicked a look at Orlissa who stared away at the horizon, pretending to be interested in something that was not happening on the hillside.

She was a snub-nosed freckle-faced jolly kid with wispy brown hair and laughing brown eyes, about seven years old now. Nobody in the Tarknan city below the White Castle had ever looked twice when he carried her through the market streets, the domestic slave on whom he might have fathered her coming after them carrying the groceries with her head submissively bowed. As she came running across the grass to him, the soldiers flicked hesitant glances at Orlissa. A wordless glare caused them to drop D’nar’s arms. They went on their knees, bowing their heads, their faces filled with the soft adoration which the Andarrians show to the Crown.

D’nar took a step forward, stooped and caught up the little girl as she ran laughing gleefully to his arms, he lifted her to him for a kiss.

“Yes yes,” he said, as comfortably as if he had just caught up with them on a trip to the marketplace and she was pleased to see him because he was much more likely to indulge her with sweetmeats than the mother figure who was obliged to be the strict one. “Of course I came.”

Orlissa was standing back from him with her arms folded but they were loose in the fold, ready to go for her weapons. Her face was cold and reserved.

‘Oh, fuck it’s hot!’ I groaned wiping the sweat from my face, ‘Whew baby!’

We had been working hard dropping trees, clearing brush and doing burn piles. It was our first job of the season, making our winter hibernating bodies strain under the challenge.

At our first break the homeowners came over to check our progress. They were rather hot and sexy men, very ‘friendly’. JT & I exchanged glances both of us were thinking the same thing, ‘well are they just a little different or what?’

The taller of two had been the one who actually hired our services, Mr. Simms. He was in the middle of introductions, when I caught out of the corner of my eye the line of sight of his partner!

He was staring right at JT’s package. I couldn’t blame him, because looking at JT standing there, his wide firm stance, his legs looking tree trunk strong. It didn’t hurt that he was still wearing his climbing harness, which perfectly framed and enhanced his bulge.

Damn it! I missed the entire introduction and had no clue now why all eyes were on me. I looked at JT and he had that shit-eating grin on his face. His blue eyes were laughing at me because he knew what had passed thru my dirty little mind.

So…in my most personable business voice said, “How nice to meet you”, turning my attention to the newcomer, which they in turn burst out laughing! I was more than a little confused at this point.

Finally, JT said, “Baby, he was asking you if you would like something cold to drink.”

Feeling like an imbecile, I declined. Everyone broke at this point and headed to their respective locations. As Mr. Whoever walked away I heard him comment about trying that climber and harness on for size and they both chuckled in agreement.

JT & I spent the afternoon working our asses off. By dusk we wound things up. I’d never felt so hot and dirty and l just wanted to take a cool bath. JT headed for the house to collect our pay. He came back quick and a little pissed because they weren’t home. Which meant we were going to have to hang around and wait for their return.

“Fuck,” he said, “I gotta take something off. It’s too fucking hot!”

He began stripping his shirt, my pussy quivered and my lips started to swell. He could always do that to her, make my pussy jump and cream herself.

“Hey Baby,” I said sweetly, “Follow me.”

I’d seen a fresh running creek near the back earlier. We stuck close to the growing shadows making our way along their property line. We came out just a few feet from the creek bank. Without hesitation I began to strip, boots, socks, jeans and waded in.

“Oh My god. Baby, this feels good. Come on.”

But even as I was speaking, his clothes were trailing behind him. Stepping into the water with a long sigh of relief, my eyes were glued to his already growing shaft. Kneeling at his feet, I let hands full of cool water run over his beautiful hips and thighs. Holding my mouth open my tongue out to catch drops of water from his exquisite head. My god! his perfect mushroom cap always sent my tongue into spasms. Needless to say my ‘thirst’ needed quenching. Following the drops upward until my mouth filled with wet stiff cock. With long deep swallows I drank and sucked. Hmmm! Delicious his thick shaft twitching with pleasure.

“AHA! There you two are.”

I almost swallowed JT’s cock whole. There standing not two feet away stood our missing homeowners. Before either of us could react, they were already rubbing and unzipping their pants.

“Mind if we join you? Looks like fun, not to mention inviting.”

I looked into JT’s eyes, they had that wicked gleam and sliding my mouth back off his cock, managed to smile and say, “Why not?”

They didn’t waste anymore time talking. We watched as they quickly shed their clothes. Neither bothered to hide the fact they had raging hard-ons.

Mr. Simms, came around behind JT and began pouring handfuls of water over his shoulders, back and buttocks. Slowing circling his hands over and around squeezing JT’s ass. Pressing his own hard bone between his cheeks rhythmically rubbing up and down his crack, as if seeking an entrance. His partner dropped to his knees beside me and begun licking the water from JTs’ balls. All the while smiling and moaning his own satisfaction.

My own juices started to cream at just the sight of these gorgeous men engaging in raw sexual pleasure. My lips caressed JT’s throbbing lance, than a tongue battle began over JT’s cock and head. I could here his groans of ecstasy. I could feel his body shudder with desire. Slowly positioning myself behind my tongue pal, I put my arm around him and signaled for him to stand.

As he rose from the water, I reached around to catch his cock in my hands. Holding it tightly, motioned for JT to bend over. As he lowered I positioned my fist full of cock right under his mouth. Just as a cum pearl rose up from it, JT engulfed it. Taking a full 8″ of throbbing cock, pearl drop and all down his throat all the way up to the man’s balls. I could feel myself start to cum without ever being touched. This was fucking amazing!

Mr. Simms overcome by the pleased moans of his partner, spread JT’s tight ass and began nudging for entry. JT reached up with his hand and grabbed my wrist drawing me around so I could get a better view. He dropped my wrist and slid his hand between my thighs spreading my lips and inserted two fingers. I began rocking my hips in time with his sucking. JT wiggled his fingers back and forth thumping my swollen clit from the inside.

My god, I couldn’t stop grinding on his hand. Just as my second release gave away JT gasped and from the look of wild naked pleasure on his face, I knew his virgin ass had just been popped. Taking my own cum I began rubbing Mr. Simms cock, giving him more slipping ease and with a whole body tremor, I watched JT be penetrated. JT continued to lick, suck and eat the pulsing hard on in front of him. Dropping to my knees and with one gulp slipped JTs’ shaft down my throat, I let my throat muscles began their milking process that always brought me the honey I desired.

It was all over far too quickly as I heard three growls and belly grunts and cum began to squirt from everywhere at once. All of us went into a frenzy licking cum from body parts. Exhausted, we laid back in the water allowing our breath and heart rates to return to normal.

Through the sighs, I heard my mystery boss say, “By Jove, that was refreshing.” All of us burst out laughing.

P.S. We did get paid very well with a couple of huge “TIPS”.

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