bisexual female

By the time I was nineteen years of age I was married to a very attractive woman who was two years older than me. It didn’t take long before I began to realize that I had possibly made one of the biggest mistakes in my life. I eventually found that she lacked much in the imaginative department when we engaged in sexual activity. My wife’s philosophy was that it was never appropriate to indulge in sexual activity unless it was in complete darkness. Experimenting with other variations apart from the standard missionary position was deemed by her to be perverted. As you could imagine, oral sex was absolute taboo. Although I did not agree with her prudish ways, I respected them just to keep the peace. It was better than getting no sexual gratification at all, which incidentally was the other alternative.

After just over year of seemingly happy matrimony, sex became completely out of the question as far as my wife was concerned. It didn’t help matters at all when she frequently paraded around the house wearing nothing but a skimpy pair of panties. Her constant teasing eventually drove me to masturbation and before long I found that it was to be my only release. If I was alone at home when my wife was at work, I would often lock the doors and jerk myself to climax. It wasn’t long before I found myself buying pornographic magazines from the local adult shop on a weekly basis. Unfortunately I neglected to foresee the ramifications should my wife ever find out about my growing obsession. One day while I was at work she was cleaning the house and she found those magazines. When I returned home she confronted me with the evidence and went absolutely ballistic.

After that altercation she implied that I should see a psychiatrist in an attempt to curve my perversions. I had no intent of agreeing to her ridiculous suggestion. The worst thing about it was that much to my embarrassment, she always chose to bring the subject up when we were in the company of other people. This often provoked frequent heated arguing when we were together alone. It was her firm belief that I had brought it all upon myself and that she was not responsible for my growing insecurity. Eventually there was nobody at all among our friends who she had not told about the incident. No thanks to her persistence she took our relationship to the brink of destruction when she not only informed the people that I worked with; she told my parents as well. That was the last straw and I subsequently quit my job and became reclusive.

My self esteem had fallen to an all time low as we grew further apart. I wrongly assumed that things between us would improve over time, but I was kidding myself. Eventually I began to collect pornographic magazines again and gradually became a chronic masturbator. This time I had a more devious approach to hiding the magazines. I would never hide them for very long in the same place and my wife never found them ever again. One day I was searching for another secure place to hide those magazines when I found a small green travel bag at the bottom of the linen closet. Oddly enough, it was obscured by some old linen bed sheets. I had never seen that bag before, so I curiously pulled it out and opened it.

Much to my dismay, packed in the inside pocket of the bag was a flesh-colored strap-on dildo and a bottle of lubricant wrapped in a small towel. I closely examined the thick long sex toy for a while before putting it back in the closet exactly how I had found it. I was instantly convinced that my wife was indulging in a secretive lesbian affair. It made no sense to me at all because she had always given me the impression that she was a homophobe. I thought that it was quite possible that her irrational nature may have invoked a double standard in her train of thought. Perhaps her homophobia applied to males only; and knowing what she was like I assumed this was the case. I was shattered at the thought of my wife having an affair. It was certainly not something that I would have considered doing because regardless of how she had treated me in the past, it was against my morals.

I sat down and tried to deduct who her lesbian lover might be but nobody instantly came to mind. For some strange reason I just had to know who it was. The only time that she went out was when she went to work. It soon occurred to me that once a month she was randomly consistent in getting home unusually late. It was impossible to anticipate when her next rendezvous would be and so I began to monitor the green bag in the bottom of the linen closet. I had checked the closet daily after she had gone to work for almost three months to no avail, but one day when I looked it was not there. That very afternoon I hired a car and drove to the hospital where she worked. I waited patiently not far from the entrance to the employee’s car park for her shift to finish. Sure enough I eventually saw my wife’s car pull out of the driveway and I covertly followed her. She drove to a motel not far from the hospital. Removing the green bag from her car, she went to a door and knocked upon it. The door opened but I could not see who was inside.

I waited for almost two hours in hope that I might get a glimpse of her lover but it wasn’t to be. Driving at law-breaking speed, I returned the rental car and arrived home just five minutes before my wife. My heart sank as I sat in a chair contemplating my situation. To make matters even worse there were no visual signs of guilt upon my wife’s face when she walked in the door. I wanted to confront her but I didn’t wish to provoke another argument. I was still in denial and I wanted more proof that she was up to no good. That night I devised a plan that would enable me to catch her in the act. I gave her fair warning that I was planning to go away fishing for the approaching October long weekend. Her facial expression gave her away in an instant. She had a mischievous look in her eyes as she informed me that she didn’t have a problem with my fishing trip at all. There was a time that she would object to me going to the shop for five minutes to buy cigarettes.

Finally the day arrived when I was to leave for my “so-called” three-day fishing expedition. I was certain that she had taken the bait because she was very anxious to see me go. I prolonged my departure and set out just after midday on the Saturday afternoon. Driving aimlessly around town for the rest of the day, I was constantly thinking about the scenario that I might encounter when I “unexpectedly” arrived home ahead of schedule later that evening. It was just going on dark when I parked my car down the street about three hundred meters from my house on the opposite side of the road. Patiently I waited.

At about 9:00pm a car drove past, slowed down and pulled into my driveway. From a distance I saw two silhouetted figures get out of the car and go to the side entrance of the house. I waited down the street for about twenty minutes before getting out of my car. Cautiously I walked towards the house to investigate. I quietly entered the yard and crept along the driveway to the back of the house. Standing concealed in the dark shadows at the back of the house I listened intently for the slightest hint of conversation. I could not hear any voices from my vantage point apart from the feint irregular sounds of laughter coming from somewhere inside the building. I assumed that everyone must have been at the other end of the house in the lounge room, so I decided to make my way back along the driveway for a better listening station.

I stealthily made my way back to the front yard, crouching beneath the lounge room window. The conversation emanating from inside was still feint, but I could hear a lot more than before. It soon became apparent that my wife was entertaining two other unknown women. I sat beneath the closed window for almost three hours, straining my ears to understand what they were talking about. They were drinking wine and occasionally laughing loudly, evidently becoming very intoxicated. The voices inside then seemed to dissipate considerably until I could hardly hear them at all. I assumed that they may have moved to the bedroom, so I stealthily relocated my position. As I approached the bedroom window I noticed that the light had been switched on since my arrival. I crouched beneath the window and listened intently. Sure enough, it was not long before I could hear the feint distinct sounds of a woman moaning with pleasure.

I assumed that it was not my wife because she was not known to be vocal during sex. After a while I could hear the occasional familiar sound of the bed head knocking against the wall inside. My curiosity was driving me crazy. I had been listening by the window for at least twenty minutes when I decided that it was time to move in. I had absolutely no idea what my reaction would be when I reached the moment of truth. As I made my way around to the rear of the house I contemplated on backing out of my plan. When I reached the back porch I sat uneasily on the steps staring blankly at the closed door. Within five minutes I was attracted to it as if by magnetism. Slowly my hand reached out and proceeded to quietly unlock it. As I crept along the hallway the noise from the bedroom became increasingly audible.

When I reached the bedroom door it was slightly ajar. I peered in from the hallway towards the dressing table mirror at the foot of the bed. In the reflection I could see three naked women. I had never seen anything like that in real life before and at that point, my cock instantly jumped to full attention. Watching and listening carefully, I recognized my wife in an instant. She was kneeling with her face buried between the thighs of a fair skinned slim woman who was lying spread-eagled at the head of the bed. Another much larger built woman had her tongue planted deep between my wife’s pale exposed buttocks. I watched them all writhing about for the best part of thirty minutes as I quietly stood just beyond the doorway fondling my cock through my jeans. I was really trying to gain enough courage to walk into the room on the pretence that I may have been invited to join them but I could not bring myself to do it. The way things were between my wife and I suggested that it was not a very good idea to do that.

My thoughts were interrupted when the larger of the two strangers suddenly got up off the bed and walked towards the dressing table. I froze instantly, thinking that she was going to open the door and walk out into the hallway where I was standing. To my relief she paused at great length by the mirror and seemed to remain there for an eternity. I knew that she could have walked into view at any given moment, but my curiosity had anchored my feet firmly where I stood. Cautiously I slowly moved my head forward just enough to see what she was doing. Standing with her back to the mirror she was carefully applying lubricant to the surrogate penis which she had attached to her pelvis. It was then that I realized that she was preparing to take my wife from behind.

I watched her climb back on the bed and crawl in behind my wife, holding a bottle of lubricant in her hand. She pushed on my wife’s bare bottom, coaxing her to move forward until she was straddling the woman beneath her. She then squeezed a generous portion of lubricant on to her hand and proceeded to spread it evenly upon the exposed vulva before her. She gradually worked the slippery fluid into my wife’s vagina until four of her long extended fingers had slipped in with ease. As she began to rotate her hand my wife lowered her head and locked lips with the slim woman beneath her in a passionate embrace. The reflection of the scene in the mirror was surreal. Never in a million years would I have believed that my prudish wife would agree to participate in a scenario such as that.

My view became obscured when the woman behind my wife rose to her knees and began to inch her body forward. It was obvious that she was ready to penetrate the glistening vagina before her. As she slowly thrust her pelvis forward I heard my wife let out a long muffled moan. Placing her hands upon my wife’s hips, she appeared to pull my wife back until the entire length of plastic cock was planted hard inside. She paused for a moment and then began to thrust the phallus back and forth with slow deliberate short strokes. Although her body mass was much larger than my wife’s petite figure, she was still reasonably attractive. She had shortly cropped black hair and appeared to be in her mid to late forties. I studied her athletic torso, my eyes roaming downward from her broad shoulders to her muscular legs. Her partially exposed vulva bulged between her slightly parted thighs; the elongated lips of her inner labia protruding from within.

Her vaginal assault gradually increased in tempo, her pelvis slapping loudly against my wife’s pale white buttocks. I looked on in awe as she forced her thick strap on cock rapidly into my wife’s pussy with long aggressive strokes. Just as I thought I had seen it all, she suddenly stopped and stood up on the bed. Straddling the vulnerable naked receptive bottom, she began to squat down until the bulbous head of the phallus was nestled hard against my wife’s anal opening. Pushing down on the entire length of artificial cock, it slowly disappeared with ease into the tight orifice until it could go no further. My wife began to manipulate her own swollen vulva with her slender fingers as the bulky woman above her began to assertively thrust her cock back and forth with ease. I instantly recognized the familiar quiet sounds of my wife’s short panting as she approached climax. She seemed to be pushing her rear upward to meet her aggressor’s constant deliberate pounding.

My wife let out an ear piercing squeal as she began to climax violently. Her entire body began to shudder with involuntary motion. The woman beneath her wrapped her arms tightly around my wife’s torso holding her firmly in place; the thrusting phallus gradually coming to a halt. The three naked women remained absolutely motionless and silent for a short while; and then suddenly the woman above withdrew the fat phallus from my wife’s gaping anus. As the bulbous head of the thick plastic cock popped out, my wife was hit by one last violent convulsion. The cheeks of her bottom resembled the consistency of jelly as it wobbled uncontrollably for the best part of ten seconds. Finally they all lay together and engaged in a long erotic passionate embrace. As I watched them I was overcome by a strange sensation of uneasy guilt. I turned away dejectedly and crept down the hallway towards the back door.

I sat on the porch outside for a while trying to comprehend what I had just witnessed. My initial plan had severely backfired due to my own perverted curiosity and it was I who oddly felt that I had compromised my marriage. I was having second thoughts about how to deal with my wife’s infidelity. I didn’t really mind that she was apparently infatuated with other women; in fact I was quite turned on by it all. Had the affair been with two men, I would most likely have reacted much differently. The thing that cut me the most was that she had chosen to conceal the affair from me, and that alone implied that there was absolutely no trust on her part regarding our relationship. I had to wonder how long I had been deceived by her and the more I thought about it, the more I felt like a complete idiot. I dearly loved that woman, but through my own youthful blindness I had failed to recognize that the feeling was not mutual.

My mind constantly replayed the scenario that I had witnessed in the bedroom and it invoked a dreadful insecurity from within. I began to convince myself that the entire situation had been initiated due to my own sexual inadequacy. I had never been able to make love to my wife in such a way that I could consider that she had actually enjoyed it. Watching her in bed with those unknown strangers portrayed her as someone who I did not know at all. I could never have competed sexually with those women. They obviously knew a lot more about my wife than I and that was evident by the way she had tightly clenched her toes during her final orgasm. That alone was enough to confirm to me the reason why she had no longer been willing to engage in sexual activities with me. I had made love to her many times in the past, but until that day never had I seen her toes curl with unbridled pleasure.

My thoughts became directed at the women involved in the affair. I still had absolutely no idea who they were or where my wife had met them. It was relatively unimportant, but I could not stop thinking about it. I assumed that at least one of those women was employed at the hospital where my wife worked. That would certainly have explained how they all became acquainted. I also suspected that the sexual relationship had been instigated by those women and not my wife. It was highly unlikely that my wife would have delved into such a sexually explicit relationship on her own accord. She was way too straight to do anything like that. I concluded that those women were directly responsible for the misery of my failing marriage. For that reason alone I despised them. I pondered the options presented to me with irrational thoughts racing through my mind. I contemplated letting it all go by the wayside in hope that the situation would improve. Letting my wife continue with her devious charade would have only given her the impression that I truly was a complete fool. My pride would not allow me to degrade myself in such a way. I considered leaving the love of my life and never returning, but that would have left me with absolutely no resolve. The final option was to go back inside and confront my wife; a task which I really wanted to avoid because it would most likely lead to another ugly altercation. With much deliberation I decided that I had to confront her to protect my sanity. It had to be done in such a way that I did not appear to be the aggressor. I stared vacantly at the doorway trying to conjure up enough courage to go through with it. It was time for me to spoil the party. Loudly opening the door I walked inside, slamming it shut behind me. I began to walk along the hallway towards the bedroom and shouted, “It’s just me, I’m home!”

Suddenly I could hear a panicked commotion coming from within the bedroom and the door was quickly slammed shut. I approached the closed door and listened for a moment before pushing it wide open. I gazed into the room mimicking absolute shock and embarrassment. All three women were frantically trying to get dressed. The unidentified women were trying to hide behind the bed as they hopelessly struggled to cover themselves. The glistening strap on phallus had been carelessly discarded in plain view on the bed. The familiar green bag was on the floor near the window. The look of shear embarrassment on those women’s faces was priceless; their faces flushed to a bright shade of red. My wife tried to block my entry to the room by standing directly in front of me wearing nothing more than a pair of high-cut red lace panties. She caught me by complete surprise when she forcefully pushed me back into the hallway. Without uttering a single a word she slammed the door shut in my face.

At that point, I went into the lounge room to watch television. I could sense that my wife was far from impressed by my unexpected appearance. My best defense was to play the fool that she believed I was; hopefully giving her the impression that I had absolutely no idea of what was going on. After the women had gone, my wife came into the room and began screaming at me. Apparently I had no right to come home without calling first. I don’t think that she realized how incriminating her verbal abuse actually sounded. She then implied that she and her friends were just trying on clothes, but little did she know that I knew otherwise. She had inadvertently told me everything that I wanted to know apart from the identity of her lesbian lovers. The only thing that I did not receive was an admission of guilt and that proved to be the most disappointing of thing of all. From that moment I realized that our marriage was damned for all time.

It was the second summer that I worked for our local public library but this time, I was assigned to a different branch from the one last year, which had been the branch I generally went to.

Now, before I tell you about what happened, I’ll tell you something about me, after all, I do work in a library so maybe I’m not the senior all-star quarterback. And I’m not.

If you thought I didn’t do a lot of sports, you’re right, I mostly work at getting good grades so I can get a scholarship wherever I want. I’m pretty set right now on majoring in business or finance, my math grades have always been good, and I’m near the top of my class.

So, I do get kidded about being a bit of a nerd, though I don’t wear glasses and look pretty normal. I’ll enter my senior year at the end of summer and then it’s a straight shot into college and I’m ready.

But, there’s still a year of high school and a summer of work at the library. I do mostly shelving and putting new books into the system which I already know how to do, so I was assigned to work with three women who did much the same.

It didn’t take long for the kidding to begin, I think somehow people can smell when you’re inexperienced and, well, while I’ve dated a number of girls, I always seem to pick out the ones that, well, you know, they’re just the nice ones who don’t want to do anything that boys always want to do. Am I making that clear?

So, the three I was working with every day, Carol, Lisa and Judy, all seemed as different as night and day but they seemed to have once common goal, to kid me unmercifully. Well, it was in good fun.

These three women, especially when you combined them, had all the experience that I seemed to lack and then some.

Carol was the youngest, she was nineteen and had worked for the library through high school. She was fairly short, about five-two, but very curvy. And, her curves were just impossible to hide, not that she tried to particularly. She had blond hair, often in a ponytail and a set of boobs that no doubt were the talk of her high school when she was still there.

Then, there was Lisa, actually quite pretty in a quiet way, kind of medium height with light brown hair. She was in her twenties, had a couple of years of college and was single.

Finally, there was Judy. Well, she was all woman, divorced, no kids, pretty hot-looking, you knew she enjoyed life and she was the person who had general supervision over our little group so we were destined to have a good time; Judy liked to have a good time.

If you met her, you’d know right away, this is one woman who doesn’t keep you guessing. I was there three days when, at lunch, she said to the other two, “I’ll bet you anything that our new man here, Neal, hasn’t gotten himself any nookie yet.”

Well, one of the four at the table blushed.

Carol said, “Oh, I bet you’re right, Jude, he just has that look, doesn’t he? Still wondering what it’s all about.”

“Look at our new man’s face, will you?” Lisa snickered; they all loved calling me ‘their new man.’ As if.

“Oh, maybe I’ve done a lot more than you three think. I cut quite a path through the third grade,” I shot back, trying to hold my own with little success.

Of course, it didn’t work, I got kidded and teased but it was fun and they were fun.

So, at lunch on Friday, when Judy asked me if I wanted to come by her house after work for a little TGIF get together including Lisa and Carol and a few other guys, I thought it would be fun and eagerly accepted. A real grown-up party.

When I got there, I did go home first to change, there were several cars out front and the door was open so I knocked and went in. The house seemed empty until I got to the kitchen and heard the talk and laughter from the back outside.

I went out back and there was Lisa, Carol and Judy, all in lawn chairs, drinking Margaritas and wine coolers, beer and stuff; there was a whole tub full of various bottles in crushed ice and as I came out, Judy called to me, “Here’s jail-bait, oops, sorry we don’t have any Shirley Temples, dig around in there and maybe you’ll find something.”

I think maybe they had already had one or two already. So, I did get a beer, I might have been eighteen but I had consumed a few beers in the past and walked out into the yard.

“Sit here, Neal, come close,” Carol said, patting the lower part of her chaise lounge.

All the women had changed, Carol was in a light yellow sundress which, when she leaned forward to pat the cushion, gave me a quite lovely view of the tops of her wonderfully full boobs. She smiled right at me as I gazed at them.

Lisa had on denim shorts and a cutoff top which also was scooped out on top and showed some of her nice boobs but Judy, well, Judy led the show in a white pleated skirt, a very short, white pleated skirt topped with a peasant blouse which was both low-cut and mostly transparent. I could easily see that she had a very low-cut bra under it which was just overflowing with her boobs.

All three of my coworkers were attractive but on this nice, warm Friday night, out under the trees, they were all quite alluring.

“I’m the only guy so far?” I asked.

“Yeah, guess so, well, maybe the others are just late,” Judy answered then went on to something else.

We all talked about this and that, about work, about my lack of girlfriends, then, after we’d all had a few more, Judy suggested that we all retire to the hot tub which was on her back screened-in porch.

“Yea, looks like the other guys aren’t coming, so, well, it holds four comfortably and there’s one, two, three, four,” as she pointed to each of us.

“Great,” said Carol as she jumped up and pulled off her sundress, standing there in her bra and panties. Then, Lisa and Judy both stood up and pulled off their clothes except for their underwear.

They really were beautiful and sexy, I was just taking it all in as I sat there.

“Well, Neal? Come on,” Judy urged as they all went inside the porch and started getting in the warm, bubbly water. I knew I had on boxers so I pulled off the polo shirt I was wearing and got my shorts off, trying desperately to walk kind of sideways to keep from poking out and embarrassing myself for the rest of my life.

I was getting in the water when Judy said, “You’re pretty cute when you’re almost naked, you know that, Neal?”

I felt my face get warmer than the water I was getting into as I settled down on the bench between Carol and Lisa. The truth is, I just didn’t trust Judy to behave herself, she was such a hot babe.

“See, this is nice and our man here still has his virginity, right, Neal. You’ve never exactly told us, you know. Are you or aren’t you?”

“Well, maybe, how’s that?” I so cleverly replied.

“You’re what, eighteen? I think maybe some of your classmates in middle school were getting laid when you were, um, what did you do in middle school, Neal?” Carl asked.

Lisa jumped right in with, “Oh, we all know what he was doing in middle school, same thing he’s been doing in high school, whacking off. Oh, what our new man is missing, right, girls?”

They were all just at boob-height in the water, their bras just visible with the tops of their breasts dotted with glistening droplets of water.

“Yeah, he just isn’t getting any, poor man. Our poor man,” Lisa said with mock sympathy.

Then, I felt it. I felt a hand rest on my boner and press down on it, then take it in a grip. It was either Lisa or Carol, I couldn’t tell which.

Then, I knew.

“Oh, what’s this?” Carol cried. “I’ve found something really hard here under the water. What could it be? Here, see, Lisa?” and another hand came over and snaked right into the front of my boxers, pulling me out.

“I’ve got it, what can it be?” Lisa snickered as Judy, across from me, leaned and pulled my boxers right off and dropped them onto the decking.

“Well, let’s all get comfy,” Carol said, as they each stood and began pulling off their bras and panties.

Carol was the first to get naked, her boobs were nice and round and full with big pink nipples. I looked down and she was bare between her legs. Lisa was now also bare, her breasts were smaller but really nice, firm with small, dark nipples that were really pointy. Her pussy was also bare as was Judy’s who was now up in front of me, her bare pussy right before my widened eyes as she held her large boobs toward me, their nipples brown and enlarged, the centers all hard and swollen.

“This is what girls look like, Neal. What do you think?” Judy asked.

They all just stood there beautifully naked. I couldn’t believe it. Then Judy reached down, took my hands and pulled me up out of the water.

“Oh, look. Our new man is really a man,” and she reached down and took hold of my dick.

“Take your hand away, Jude, I want to see how big it is. Oh, yeah, nice. Well, well, Neal, you’e been holding out on us. May I?” Carol asked as she gripped my dick and rubbed it back and forth.

“Let’s share it, girls,” Lisa asked and she took hold of me and began stroking back and forth.

I might have had a few beers by this point but, well, what was happening was unreal, just amazing, all three of the women I worked with were naked and each one had been playing with my dick.

“Here, he’ll like this better,” Carol said, then knelt down in the water to take my dick in her mouth as she began sucking me. Judy and Lisa moved close as they started rubbing their hands across my chest and taking turns kissing me. Judy took my hand a placed it on her breast and Lisa saw it so she did the same. So I’m standing there feeling two nice boobs being sucked-off by another of my fellow workers.

Carol leaned back, my cock wet from her mouth, and said, “Oh, he’s so hard, so hard. Okay, Neal, it looks like your cherry is history, come get it,” and she turned around, spread her legs and leaned over gripping the railing of the tub.

Judy took hold of my dick and nodded for me to step forward as she led the crown right up between Carol’s legs and rubbed my dick up and down along her plump, wet pussy lips.

“Push it in, Neal, it’s your first pussy, right?” Judy asked and I did just what she asked. It was the biggest thrill of my life to stand in the water and watch my dick slide up inside its first pussy. And then that thrill multiplied as I began moving back and forth. I really didn’t care if the other two watched.

“Oh, wow, that’s incredible,” I groaned as I began moving in and out of Carol. My hands went instinctively for her nice, plump butt cheeks as Judy stood behind me, her arms around me rubbing her hands on my chest as her breasts caressed my back.

I was just being immersed in sex; here I was, eighteen, never had much of any kind of sex before and now, oh, man, I had three women who were just all sex and there was just me, lucky, lucky me.

I looked behind me at Judy and, well, behind her was Lisa who had her arms around Judy rubbing on her boobs. I think there was a lot going on with these three long before I came on the scene in my summer job. Oh, well, this high school senior is learning a lot about life it seemed.

There was no way I was going to hold off from shooting my load as I was fucking in and out of Carol. Her pussy was so tight and slippery, it felt like a silken glove as I stroked back and forth.

“Oh, man, oh, I’m gonna cum,” I groaned as I felt my cock tingle on the tip end, then spread to all over my body as I shoved forward deep into her as I released my cum, spurting deep, deep inside her.

“UH, UH, UH, unh, unh, umm, mmm, mmm, oh, that feels so good, so good,” I groaned as their hands rubbed my body as I trembled there standing in the warm swirling water with my cock in it’s first pussy.

“Well, you’re a man, now, Neal,” Judy said as Lisa agreed, “your first pussy, Neal, I’m next. You still hard?”

Carol moved back as my cock flopped into the warm water and Lisa got up on the edge of the tub, reached down, held it steady and pulled me to her so I could push inside.

Lisa’s pussy was also tight and nice, her boobs the smallest of the three women but they were really nice, small, firm with little, hard nipples.

“Mmm, fuck me good, Neal. God, I’ve been wanting this since the first day you started.”

Well, well, some things you just never know.

“Haven’t we all, girls, haven’t we all?” Judy added.

My, my, it appears that my coworkers have been plotting perhaps to carry out my deflowering for a while now, how lucky can a guy be?

“Mmm, you gonna cum, Neal, my pussy gonna make you cum nice and big? Fill me up, Neal. Oh, I want to sleep tonight with your cum in my pussy. Give it to me, I know you want to cum in Lisa’s nice, hot pussy, come on,” she urged.

The way she was talking, well, it had me hard as a rock. I’d never really had a girl talk dirty before but, well, hey, it was hot and sexy.

“Oh, look, he’s got that look on his face. He’s gonna cum,” Carol announced and she was so right.

“Oh, oh, OH, OH, UUH, UUH, UUH, mmm, ooh, mmm, oh, feels so good, so good,” I groaned as Lisa wrapped her legs around me and pulled me tight into her as she shook herself up and down as fast as she could.

“Oh, yes, yes, mmm, oh, OH, OH, AYYE, AYYE, UH, uh, mmm, oh, Neal, mmm, I love fucking you. You’re gonna get a lot of my pussy, young man, lots of it, all you want.”

“Well, I get him next,” said Judy, “You’re still hard, I hope,” and I was pulling out of Lisa as Judy got up to take her place.

“Mmm, let me suck that,” Judy offered as she crouched down in the water. Her lips slid over my dick and she began sucking in a pulse kind of action as her tongue ran circles around the head. Oh, it was so, so good.

In a minute or two, she stood up, sat on the edge, legs wide as I moved close.

“Right in there, Neal, right in there. Boy, I’ve been wanting this since your first day on the job,” she said as I pushed inside her.

She took hold of my hips and began pulling me and pushing me, I think she was really ready after watching me fuck my two other workmates, she was more than ready.

“Mmm, god, oh, your cock is so good, Neal. I knew I’d love it,” she groaned as we went at it. “Oh, it was all I could do to wait this long to get you naked and fuck you crazy.”

“Well, it’s nice to be wanted,” I joked as she pulled my face to hers and kissed and tongued me fiercely.

I turned a bit and Lisa was now down between Carol’s legs eating out her coworker; it seemed that I’ve been working every day with a group that gets on rather well together.

“Mmm, why don’t you stay tonight, Neal. Carol and Lisa can and we’d sure have a lot of fun. None of us have to work tomorrow, I’m sure we can find something to keep us all occupied,” she offered as I was thrusting in and out of her as she held onto my hips going back and forth.

“Well, maybe I should call home just to let them know I’m staying over with a friend,” I told her.

“Aw, you’re such a sweet son, Neal, no wonder we all feel the way we do toward you.”

“Well, I’m sure glad you do, this is incredible. I hope we do this again.”

“Well, how about every Friday after work? And, I may want some of you during the week, I get horny in the middle of the week, too, you know,” Judy asked.

“Oh, wow, that sounds like a young guy’s perfect dream, Judy,” I answered eagerly as I fucked her wonderfully standing there in the warm swirling water.

“And, lover boy, I’ll bet the other two will want some of you during the week, too. I think you’re going to be a busy lad. That nice cock of yours is in demand.”

It took a while, a rather wonderful while, before I cummed into my supervisor, Judy. I did find out that she was the kind of woman who had pretty loud orgasms and I was hoping her neighbors didn’t have their windows open or they must have surely gotten an earful.

I did, like a good son, call home to tell my parents that I was spending the night with friends and didn’t even get asked who the friends might be.

We finally did get to sleep about three in the morning, I had lost count of how many times we all had sex but I did stop ejaculating I think sometime after midnight, it still felt good, of course, I just don’t think I shot much cum, if any. But I kept going much to the pleasure of Carol, Lisa and Judy. And myself.

I slept with Judy that night and Carol and Lisa slept in her guest bedroom. During my last fuck of the night, Judy and I laughed as we could sure hear some fun coming from the next room. I was getting to know my coworkers quite well.

I went from virgin to highly-experienced in just three months of summer that year. We did party every Friday night, usually all night like the first time. I also spent nights at Carol’s apartment and at Lisa’s as well. On top of that, I also got to know Judy’s younger sister, Jessica, who, when Judy told her she was getting fucked by a eighteen-year old from work, wanted some of the same.

So, by the time I went away to college, I had sex hundreds, oh, even more, times and was so relaxed and confident about sex that I cut quite a swath across the campus I was on. I seemed to be a particular hit among senior women my first year there. Well, that was fine with me. Even so, I was able to keep my grades up along with my cock. I’d gotten good at balancing work with play. Never underestimate librarians, oh, not at all.

Chapter 1

My name is Sherry and I’m eighteen, a senior in high school and I’m in love. My two best friends, Val and Tonya, are also seniors and they’re in love, too. We all three have boyfriends but it’s not them we’re in love with.

No, we’re all in love with sex.

We’re all three BFFs and, yes, for us, that means we have sex with each other.

We do what we call ‘six-nine-six’ with each of us in a triangle between the other’s legs all getting each other off orally. But s much as we love the sex we share with each other, we all three agree that guys have something we just adored. Need I say more?

But, we still do have sex with each other. Oh, we’re experts in getting each other off, we are really good. But fucking guys is really what we love the best.

So we all three, of course, have boyfriends. I have Craig, Val has Shawn, and Tonya has Alex.

What I want to tell you about started at one of our countless sleepovers, one night when we all lay in a tangle of naked girl bodies, each of our faces still damp from girly juices, content in the sex we’d shared and I brought up a story I’d read on some erotica story site on my computer. I just love reading these dirty stories.

“I read something today, we should all try,” I posed and went on, “it was a story about three couples, married couples, and the wives were kind of bored and wanted to spice up their sex with their husbands. So, they decided to rig a bedroom with a blanket hung across and a hole in it just at dick-height.”

They both giggled at that and I went on, “So, they had each husband come into the room behind the blanket and put his dick through the hole. Each of the wives would play with it, you know, fool around and then a wife had to guess if it was her husband’s. She then sucked off that cock before the next guy got behind and put his through the hole.”

“So all they saw was his dick poking out?” Val asked.

“Yeah, so, they went through all three and then the hubbies came in and told them what number they were: one, two or three. If a wife was wrong she spent the night with that guy, the one that was the wrong husband. See?”

“Yeah, cool story,” Tonya said.

“I’m telling you this because I wonder if we want to do this same thing with our boyfriends?” I asked them.

“Hey, great idea, I’ve never had Shawn or Craig,” Tonya said. “Yeah, that might be fun.”

Now, just so you know, none of us were crazy in love with our boyfriends, they were nice, we loved them in a way and they fucked us like we wanted to be fucked, hard and all the time. Sounds slutty but, well, that’s what it was.

“Yeah, great idea, Sherry, when and where, girl, that’s the question?” Val asked.

“Well, my parents are going to a wedding in two weeks, they’ll be gone the whole weekend from Friday afternoon to Sunday afternoon. I’ve told them I’ll be fine and I do have a car so they’re not worried,” I said.

“And nobody has a problem if any of us ends up with the other’s boyfriend?” Val asked. We all agreed that it was fine, even fun.

So, we all had some fun again, now talking about boy’s cocks sticking through blankets, us playing with them, sucking the one we thought was ours, finding maybe it wasn’t and having him the rest of the weekend. Oh, did that make us hot.

We talked incessantly about our upcoming blanket party, even got the blanket all ready, actually measuring the distance of each boyfriend’s dick from the floor. We wanted it right. Each boyfriend wanted to know why we were measuring them and each one of us said to just wait and see.

My parents left about two-thirty on Friday afternoon to fly to their wedding and Tonya and I got busy stringing up the blanket, getting the hole just right. And we had a little fun together, as we often do, getting our clothes off and chasing each other through my house, finally catching each other and falling into a giggling pile eating each other out.

My boyfriend, Craig, took me out to dinner and I told him we were having a special party at my house afterward and he quizzed me all through dinner but I wouldn’t tell him.

After we ate, we went back to my house where I kept having to hold him back from trying to get my clothes off, telling him to just wait, he’ll have plenty of that later. But, one of the reasons he’s my boyfriend is that his dick is always ready, any time and every time.

So, soon, we were all six together and we sat the boys down to tell them what the weekend held. They had each covered at home that they were staying out over the weekend so all was set.

“You mean, put my dick through it and you all guess who it is?”, Tonya’s boyfriend, Alex asked.

“Right. Whichever of us thinks it’s her boyfriend’s goes ahead and sucks it off. Then we do the other two just the same way,” I added.

“And if any of you are wrong, say, um, Sherry, you thought I was Craig but you sucked me off instead, then I’d be with you the rest of the weekend and Tonya’d be with someone else, maybe Craig, I guess.”

“You’ve got it, fellow.”

“And we’ve got all day tomorrow and most of Sunday?” Craig wanted to know.

“Yeah, we’ve got meals covered, well, we’ll order in pizza tomorrow night but someone has to get dressed when it comes,” I told them and they all laughed.

“So after we play the little blanket game, we’ll each have our own bedroom and spend the night with the one we’ve gotten from the contest. Then, tomorrow, we’ll all have breakfast, naked, too, guys, you’ll be with us three girls naked all weekend, that should keep your cocks hard, and we will have all day out back around the pool, the weather is supposed to be great and all three of us girls have agreed to have sex with whichever of you wants to. So, here’s your chance,” Val explained.

“You mean out at your pool, all of us just fucking whoever we want?” Shawn asked.

We all nodded our heads as I went on.

“Then, we three girls will get together and each choose who she wants to spend the night with, just as long as it’s not her regular boyfriend and pair-off. We figure you guys will just love the whole weekend,” Val told them.

“Oh, my cock is so hard just thinking about it, it’s incredible,” said my boyfriend, Craig. “This sounds like one hell of a weekend.”

“Shall we start?” I asked.

So, we three girls went upstairs to my bedroom where the blanket was hung, eager to see how well-hung what stuck through the hole would be hung. We each quickly took our clothes off and waited.

A knock came and we called in the first boyfriend. The blanket moved some then a nice, long, rather thick cock entered our side of the blanket as we gathered around.

I was the first one to hold and feel it. Of course, it was raging hard, big surprise, huh? The tip was smooth and rounded, pinkish-brown, I didn’t think it was Craig, my guy, though I wasn’t totally sure either way, so I played with it and stroked it and licked around the head for a minute before I handed it over to Val.

Tonya pointed at the cock sticking through the blanket, then silently pointed at herself trying to tell us that she thought the cock was Alex’s. Well, time will tell.

Val enjoyed playing with the mystery cock for a few minutes, then gave it a quick suck and turned it over to Tonya who wasted no time getting it into her mouth. She certainly looked happy sucking whoever’s cock it was and in a few minutes, the blanket was shuddering back and forth with some moans from the other side as she backed away, turned to us, opening her mouth showing us the stringy strands of cum, and then said, “The next guy can come in now.”

Out popped, well, I’ll call it the way I saw it, out popped a beautiful long, thick, lovely-veined cock, nicely flesh-colored with a bulbous, smooth, shiny head. I knew it wasn’t Craig, the first one could have been but I was sure this one wasn’t.

I played with it anyway, of course, thinking that I might just want to sample this healthy specimen before the weekend’s over. I gave it a bit of a suck to thank it for showing up.

Then Tonya took it over and left it happy from her mouth as well. Val was next, she seemed to indicate that she knew it rather well and sucked it eagerly which brought a few groans from the other side of the blanket leaving her with a mouthful which she happily displayed to Val and me.

When the second dick pulled back through to the other side I was sad to see it go but was soon rewarded with what I felt pretty sure was my boyfriend’s cock. The first and third had a slight upward curve to them like my boyfriend had. It did look familiar.

I moved toward it, holding it, fondling it, caressing it, licking it, sucking it. Yes, it did seem familiar, even its taste. I sucked a minute more then moved aside for Val to conduct her penile examination.

She played with it for a minute, then licked circles around the tip until whoever was on the other side moaned a few times getting some giggles from our side of the blanket. A few nice sucks from Tonya and then I took it back in my mouth to suck the cum out of it to then send the mystery cock back out of the room.

“Okay, anybody know whose boyfriend it was?” Val asked.

“Mine was the first guy, I’m pretty sure,” Tonya said.

“The third guy was mine,” I said.

“You sure, I thought he could have been Shawn?” Val claimed.

“Well, okay, maybe mine was number one but I’m not positive. And I thought this would be easy,” I offered.

“Shall we call them in?” I asked and getting all nods, I opened the door and told our three boyfriends, each one standing there beautifully erect awaiting our summons, to join us for the results.

Well, without boring you, Tonya was right, the first guy was Alex and Val and I were wrong, we each chose each other’s boyfriends. I guess we need to get to know their cocks better.

So, off we went to the assigned bedrooms, me now with Shawn, who was whispering, “I was hoping it’d be you, Sherry,” as we went in and closed the door.

Turning to each other, we stood there for a few seconds just looking at each other’s naked bodies. His cock did look somewhat like my boyfriend’s, nice and long and thick with a slight upward curve and I was going to get to know how it felt inside as well. This had been fun so far.

“You’re really beautiful, Sherry, I can’t wait to have sex with you. Has Val ever told you how much I love eating pussy?”

“No, but I’m sure willing for you to do me,” I said as I climbed up on my bed and spread open for him. He got up between my widened legs, his cock wavering back and forth so sexily as he knelt there rubbing his fingers in the slippery wetness between my thighs.

Then, I stuffed my pillow up under my butt to raise my puss up for him. He bent down and began licking all up and down along my inner thighs, not getting to my pussy, just the sides of my thighs which were so sensitive as he did it. This was a guy who was in no hurry which was fine with me; every lick was sending shivers right through my pussy.

He licked all around under me, just never on my pussy, all around, over and over, up and down along my thighs, sending tingly little shocks through me.

“Oh, you are making me so hot. You’re teasing me, aren’t you? Just making me crazy?”

“UmmmHumm,” he murmured as he licked on and on, just all around, but not on, my pussy. The thrill just kept me on edge the whole time and, finally, his fingers spread my labia open and he started flicking his furled tongue around, poking, rubbing, licking; oh, I just exploded.

“OMIGOD, OHH, OHH, AYYE, AYYE, AYYE, UUH, uh, uh, mmm, mmm, oh, oh, mmm,” I cried out as my whole body jumped and shivered as I was swept away in a massive orgasm that rippled through me back and forth for minutes. It was wild, just the best.

He was looking up at me as he slowly licked.

“That was wonderful, Shawn, my pussy is so happy. Come make it even happier,” I urged him as I pulled him up over me. He took hold of his cock as I opened as wide as I could. I felt it press right between my labia, then a shove and he was right up in me where he began slowly fucking me back and forth.

“Oh, just as good as I knew you’d be, Sherry. Craig is a lucky guy.”

“I’m feeling pretty lucky right at the moment, mmm, feels good. Wonder how Val is doing with Craig?” I posed.

“Oh, I’ll bet they’re having fun just like we are, babe,” he said as he probed in and out of my upturned pussy. I raised my legs up giving him even better access as we enjoyed the newness of coupling our bodies together.

“Mmm, so tight, you are so nice, Sherry, so tight, I love fucking you,” he groaned.

“We’ve got the whole night and even tomorrow if we want. Just keep that cock of your nice and hard.”

Well, he kept that request and we fucked in several more positions before we both just collapsed in a happy arm-tangled heap and fell asleep.

I slowly woke the next morning as I felt a hard cock pushing at me from behind. I remembered that it was Shawn, not Craig, and lifted my top leg to reach under and guide him inside which he followed through on quite nicely to begin a lovely wake-up fuck.

“Mmm, good morning, Sherry, you feel nice and tight this morning, sleep well?” he asked.

“Yeah, I hardly moved all night, just fucked-out, I guess,” I joked as he slid in and out as I lay there on my side enjoying every moment.

I soon had a fresh deposit of Shawn’s cum along with a nice orgasm of my own and we decided to get up and get us some breakfast. We slipped on some underwear and went down to the kitchen where the others were already convened.

As we walked in, we were immediately hooted at for wearing clothes; we were the only ones not naked so we quickly stripped and joined the crowd.

I went over to Craig and kissed my boyfriend good morning as I took hold of his cock.

“Having fun with Val, she treating your nice cock well?” I asked him as I gave it a friendly squeeze.

“Oh, you sure have a hot girlfriend, hon, she’s just like you, loves to fuck. How’s Shawn? Keeping your pretty pussy happy?” he asked.

“Yeah, he just never stops. Stays rock-hard on and on.”

We girls started getting coffee made and toast and eggs as the three guys hovered around us, each one getting in good feels of all three of us, knowing that we were all open to sex with any or all of them.

Alex, Tonya’s boyfriend, came up behind me, reaching around to cup my boobs as I was buttering toast, pressing his hard cock into my butt so I leaned over some on the counter and spread my feet so his cock slid up under me along my crevice, all wet and slippery from a lovely morning fuck.

He rocked back and forth, not inside me, just rubbing along my pussy lips, over and over as he fondled my boobs. The two other guys were busy as well, it was some sight in my kitchen that morning.

“Mmm, that feels nice, Alex, maybe this afternoon we can get that nice thing inside me?” I offered.

“That’s a date, babe, but right now, mmm, feels good to me even not inside your pussy.”

We did make it through breakfast and then we all decided to go back to our rooms until noon, have lunch, then it was pool-time for the afternoon for all.

Shawn and I had sex a couple more times, including an extended oral session on me that was just the best ever. He kept down between my legs for I don’t know how long, I do know he brought me through four orgasms, it was stunning.

Then a naked lunch for the six of us, again having fun feeling and groping and kissing and sucking, great fun.

Chapter 2

After we all cleaned up the kitchen, it was pool time where we had all agreed to have a Sadie Hawkins afternoon by the pool with the girls choosing who they wanted first. Since I hadn’t had sex with Tonya’s boyfriend, Alex, I went right to him and took him in hand and led him over to the shade where we pulled some cushions off a few lounge chairs and threw a blanket over them.

Alex was the tallest of the guys, fairly muscular and had an all-over tan like Tanya had. He has a pool at home and I’ve heard that his parents are pretty open-minded, letting them use the pool naked and even letting her sleep over with him whenever they want, which is quite a lot, she’s said.

So, I got down on the cushions and spread open as he knelt between my legs and began tonguing me. He was pulling my pussy open as he flipped his tongue back and forth sending shivers of ecstasy across my whole body.

I looked over across the pool and Val was sucking my boyfriend’s cock as he watched me getting licked. He waved and I waved back, the whole situation getting wilder and weirder by the minute. I’m beginning to think that it would be nice to be able to swap boyfriends from now on whenever the mood struck any of us and we wanted something a little different. I made a mental note to discuss it with my girlfriends soon.

He was tonguing me quite nicely as he held me open while he pressed his nose down over my clit rubbing it around. I was liking that a lot.

I’d never had sex before in front of my friends like this and it was also a first to be swapping boyfriends but it was really feeling so sexy to do it. Yes, I was liking it and public fucking in front of others, well, maybe I’m a slut at heart, who knows?

I lifted my legs up over Alex’s shoulders as he ate me out next to the pool while my boyfriend was getting sucked off by Val and Tanya and Shawn were doing sixty-nine right next to us there in the shade. All we needed was a cameraman and we’d have a hell of a good porn flick.

He was taking his time which was just fine with me, I love getting my pussy licked and it seems my whole world stops when a guy’s tongue plays across my eager vulva. I never get enough.

But this afternoon, with a new guy licking me out, laying out by the pool with four others also involved in their own sexual coupling, it was just about as erotic as I’ve ever experienced or even imagined. I was not long for cumming.

“Mmm, I love your tongue, Alex, Tonya’s a lucky girl,” I moaned as he looked up at me, his tongue flicking back and forth cross my clit as he slid two fingers in and out of me. Then he moved his lips to suck my little love knob and that threw me over the edge.

“Oh, OH, OH, UUH, UUH, UUH, um, um, mmm, mmm,” I groaned as I humped his face. I opened my eyes briefly to see that the other four around the pool were all watching me orgasm. It really turned me on to be watched like that, something I just never knew about myself before.

I had Alex get up off me, telling him it was my turn and I was going to give his nice, hard cock a good, hot fuck. He got down on the cushions as I straddled him backwards reaching under to hold him steady as I pressed back down pushing him up into me.

Facing away from him did two things that I was enjoying. First I got to watch the other four, second, doing the reverse cowgirl like that really gets my g-spot which I just love, love, love.

Watching the other four was getting interesting as I saw Shawn lay down next to the pool on his side with his leg up as Val lay her head on his thigh taking his cock in her mouth while she raised her leg to give access for Craig to get his head up to lick her while Tonya completed the circle sucking Craig and getting her pussy attended to by Shawn.

They arranged all this as I was rocking back and forth on Alex while he rubbed up under me, his fingers gliding back and forth along my wet, slippery pussy lips as his cock slid in and out. Oh, that felt so good.

That afternoon I had a nice fuck with my own boyfriend as well as we told each other about the sex we’d both been having; it was some weekend for sure.

We ordered in pizza to be delivered and decided that Tonya would answer the door in her bikini just to give the guy a little something to look at as the rest of us stayed out of sight. As soon as he was paid and gone, she rejoined us all nice and naked to feast on our pizza. We were all famished.

It had been the worst possible day for Luke. Everything that could go wrong had gone wrong. As he drove home all he could think about was cracking a cold beer and watching television. He pulled up in front of the house and noticed all the blinds and curtains closed. He wondered if Lara must have been taking a short nap in the living room, something she often did when they’d stayed up too late the night before.

As he parked the car he thought about Lara, her nearly black hair flowing onto her shoulders, her amber eyes looking up at him. Just thinking about her eased the tension he was feeling just a little. He knew on the other side of the door was home and relaxation and Lara’s arms around him. Luke opened the front door to see Lara standing there waiting for him. She was wearing a sheer black robe and he could see she wasn’t wearing a bra, just a hint that she had on little black panties to match her robe. Before he could say hello, her lips were on his. She pulled him tight against her as her kiss became more aggressive.

He wrapped his arms around her, sliding them down her back and grabbing her ass, she whimpered slightly between their kiss. She broke off their kiss and stepped back, taking his hand in hers. It was then that he looked up and realized Lara’s friend Kacey was sitting on the sofa. Kacey was wearing a pink sheer nighty; he could tell there was nothing under the nighty. Kasey’s black pubic hair showed through the sheer nighty and Luke realized what was going on.

Lara guided him to stand in front of the sofa, as Kacey stood up and came to where they had stopped. Kacey kissed Lara, her hands slowly sliding up Lara’s stomach to her breasts, gently squeezing them. Lara stood almost motionless, Luke knew that Kacey had been trying for months to get into Lara’s pants and it looked as though it was finally going to happen. Just watching them caused Luke’s cock to harden.

Kacey let loose of Lara’s lips and both girls began kissing him, taking turns with his lips as they unbuttoned his shirt, and then pulled his undershirt up over his head. They were giggling as they slid down to their knees, unhooking his belt and unbuttoning his pants, slipping them down over his hips. Lara slipped his boxers down and took his cock in her hand; she began stroking him as she ran her tongue around the head of his cock.

Her eyes trained on his, she slowly slipped the head of his cock into her mouth, gently sucking as she allowed his cock to go further into her mouth. As Lara was sucking his cock, Kacey began to lick and suck his balls, as she did so; she ran her hand down Lara’s neck, down her chest and under her panties, gently pressing against Lara’s clit. Lara twitched at the pressure on her clit and moaned as she sucked Luke’s cock. Kacey slipped a finger into Lara’s wet pussy and then back out as Lara let Luke’s cock slide from her mouth and began sucking his balls and licking them. Kacey began sucking Luke’s cock while she was finger fucking Lara. Luke’s hands went to the girls’ hair, playing with it just a little as they sucked his cock and balls, moaning as he looked down watching them. He could just barely see that Kacey was fingering Lara and it excited him like crazy.

“I want inside you,” he nearly growled as Lara looked up at him with a smile on her face.

“Not yet my love, not yet,” she replied.

Lara switched with Kasey again and began sucking Luke’s cock harder, taking every bit of him into her mouth as Kasey started finger fucking Lara harder, adding a second finger, and then a third. Lara’s whole body twitching while she was taking Luke’s cock deep into the back of her throat, nearly gagging herself as Kasey continued working her pussy.

Kasey stood up and grasped Lara’s hands, pulling her to her feet, and then pushing her back onto the sofa. Kasey dropped back to her knees in front of Lara, looking up at Luke and smiling. He knew exactly what Kasey wanted and walked the couple steps over and straddled the sofa so Lara could suck his cock while Kasey was doing what she’d been wanting to for as long as Luke could remember.

As Kasey was on her knees she spread Lara’s legs open to expose her tight wet pussy. Lara was a little embarrassed for a moment, but then relaxed and grasped Luke’s cock as Kasey started rubbing Lara’s clit again. Lara whimpered in pleasure at the pressure of Kasey’s fingers rubbing her clit. Her hips began moving in rhythm with Kasey’s fingers and before Lara knew it, Kasey buried 3 fingers hard into Lara’s pussy. Lara gasped and sucked Luke’s cock harder, her hand stroking him as she sucked.

Luke looked down at Lara, her eyes on his with a fire in them that told him this was for him, for his pleasure. Kasey began licking Lara’s clit as she finger fucked her, her fingers buried deep inside Lara; she sucked Lara’s clit into her mouth, rolling her hard little nub between her teeth. Lara whimpered and moaned in pleasure, never having had a woman orally please her before.

Luke couldn’t take much more of this, so he moved away and went to his knees in front of Lara also. Luke and Kasey took turns finger fucking Lara until she came. Lara’s body writhed in pleasure at the magnitude of the orgasm.

“Holy wow,” she whimpered.

Kasey giggled, “Yeah, told you so.”

Kasey stood up and went to sit on the sofa next to Lara as Luke slowly began licking Lara’s clit again. He pressed his fingers against her pussy, but didn’t slide them in. He looked up at her while his tongue was on her clit. She rose her hips up as if begging him to slip his fingers back into her. He almost giggled as he sat up and moved close to her, slowly slipping his cock into her. She groaned in pleasure at the feeling of him pressing deep into her.

Kasey leaned down and kissed Lara again before leaning down further and sucking on Lara’s nipples, one then the other as her hand slid between Lara and Luke and rubbed on Lara’s clit. Luke started slow, gently pushing his cock into Lara, but began thrusting harder and harder. Her body shaking in combination of pleasure and pain as his cock bottomed out with each and every thrust. She pushed back into him, her hips slamming into his, causing his cock to go deeper.

Her whimpers became squeaks as he felt her pussy tighten around his throbbing hard cock and felt her juices explode on him. As her breathing slowed, he slowed his movements, pulling back just a little, letting her regain her breathing. As he leaned back, he allowed his cock to slip from her. Before Lara knew it, Kasey was on the ground next to Luke, sucking his cock. Lara watched for a moment, finding herself so turned on, she reached down and started rubbing her clit, slipping her fingers in and out of her pussy and reaching her fingers further down and fingering her ass just a little.

Luke looked up at Lara, as if asking her permission to fuck her friend. Lara smiled and nodded and before Kasey knew it, she was flat on her back, legs over his shoulders and his cock buried inside her wanting pussy. Lara continued rubbing her clit and slipping her fingers into her pussy, as she got her fingers good and wet, she slipped one, then two into her ass, whimpering at how good her own fingers felt.

Kasey moaned in pleasure, feeling Luke’s cock deep inside her, watching Lara pleasure herself. It didn’t take long before Kasey’s pussy was exploding all over Luke’s cock, her nails digging into the back of his neck as she did. Luke slowed as Kasey came, letting her catch her breath, her juices covering his cock. He looked over at Lara and watched her pumping her fingers in and out of her ass and his mouth watered thinking of having his cock buried in her ass.

He looked down at Kasey and smiled, she grinned back at him, as if she knew exactly what he was thinking and had ideas of her own. They both stood and moved to sit on the sofa; he reached over and pulled Lara on top of him, turning her around to face Kasey instead of him. Before she knew it, his rock hard cock forced its way into her tight ass. She nearly screamed out as the combination of pleasure and pain overtook her. He leaned her back so her back was against his chest and started pounding her tight ass. Kasey moved to between their legs and started licking Lara’s clit while Luke was plowing her ass.

Lara reached down and grasped Kasey’s hair as Kasey slipped one finger, then another into Lara’s pussy. Luke groaned in pleasure, feeling her ass tighten as Kasey began finger fucking Lara’s pussy. Kasey kept working Lara’s pussy, 2 fingers, then 3, then 4.

“Do it Kasey, stretch her pussy tight around your hand,” Luke demanded.

“Hell yes,” was Kasey’s reply.

Kasey worked Lara’s pussy stretching it, finger fucking it while licking her clit. Luke reached down and grabbed Lara’s legs, pulling them up higher, exposing her better to Kasey. Kasey worked Lara’s pussy, getting almost her entire hand in, her fingers buried in Lara’s pussy to the knuckles; Lara came, over and over. Lara’s entire body was writhing. Luke was close to coming; Lara could feel his cock hardening in her tight ass, so she pulled away just a little, trying to slow him.

As he loosened his grip on her, she leaned forward and pulled away from him. She stood up and moved to sit next to him as Kasey stood up and climbed on top of him, sliding his cock into her tight ass. She started riding him, slowly at first, allowing him only in her just a little bit, then lowering herself further onto his throbbing cock until he was buried deep inside her. She rose and lowered herself over and over, riding his cock hard and deep. His hands on her hips, pulling her to grind into his hips as his hips rose to meet her. Their bodies moving in rhythm as their moans became louder.

Lara leaned down and began kissing him, their tongues dancing as his cock was buried deep into her friends ass. Kasey reached over and slipped her fingers back into Lara’s pussy as she rode Luke, her body beginning to quiver with its coming orgasm.

Kasey exploded in orgasm, her body twitching and writhing in pleasure as she felt his explosion in her ass. She screamed out in the divine combination of pleasure and pain as he thrust one last time deep into her. His moans, nearly groans and growls of pleasure so loud Lara thought the neighbors must have heard.

Slowly, Kasey stood up and walked over to the bathroom. Lara joined her and they stood in front of the sink cleaning getting cleaned up. Lara began to giggle.

“Well, I think that sure as hell brightened his day,” Kasey commented.

“Um, yeah, I would say so,” Lara responded.

Chapter 8: A new couple joins the swinging set

Copyright 2012 by A. Van Peebles, All Rights Reserved


Amanda and I had been together for four years, and married for two, when she told me that something was missing from her sex life. We’d always been open about talking about sex, but this was really a blow to my ego. And fucking ironic. I was too big to satisfy her. That’s not the stereotypical complaint. I knew that Amanda loved me and that she enjoyed the sex we did have, but I was just so big that we had to go slow, and sometimes that wasn’t enough.

Guys all say they would like to have a huge dick, but it’s not all that it’s cracked up to be. Now, this sounds really bad, but I’m just telling the truth. There are drawbacks to having a big dick. First, when erect I’m about fourteen inches long and about twelve and a half inches in circumference, that’s about four inches thick. Finding pants that fit without revealing too much is tough; if I don’t stick with styles that are baggy people stare. And before I met Amanda, there were a number of women who couldn’t take me at all, and as Amanda found out, I had to take it slow with those that could. And I’ve never found a woman I could have anal with.

Don’t get me wrong. There are good things about it too. When I was in college, once word got around—and it always gets around; girls gossip a lot more than guys—women were practically lining up to fuck me. While some found I was too big for them, I never had any problem picking up women who were willing to try. And Amanda loves my dick. She says that I’m able to touch her like no other guy, all her hot spots at once.

But I knew that her complaint would be a problem. Maybe not right away, but eventually. Amanda is very sexually open, and she always tells me what she wants. I love her for that. But I knew that if there was something I wasn’t giving her, eventually she would find a way to get it. Maybe not right away, but in four or five years our marriage would be in trouble. That’s why I suggested swinging.

I didn’t expect that Amanda would go for it. And she was kind of shocked, which was something I didn’t really expect. She thought that I maybe wanted to sleep with other women, which I wouldn’t turn down, but isn’t something I needed. So I quickly backed off, saying that I wasn’t asking for it, just thinking outside the box. We tried using vibrators, toys that I could be somewhat rough with her with and penetrate her anally, but she said it, while it was fun, wasn’t the same thing. So that’s where we stood when Amanda found out the new neighbors were into swinging.

When I got home that evening, she jumped me at the door. I’d never seen her so horny. We fucked right there on the hall floor, and again a couple of other times that night. She didn’t tell me what had gotten into her that night, at least not right away, and I didn’t ask. I wasn’t looking a gift horse in the mouth. Then the next morning at breakfast she told me what had happened the day before. Needless to say, I was blown away. Amanda said that was willing to try swinging if I was serious about my earlier suggestion. We decided to take a few weeks to think it over and keep talking about it. There was no hurry, and it was a big decision.

But we didn’t count on how an idea like that can eat away at you. I couldn’t think about anything else that day. I got nothing done at work that day. And by the time I was driving home, I knew that I wanted to do it. But I was surprised; what really turned me on wasn’t the idea of fucking other women, it was seeing Amanda getting fucked. The idea of watching her get off with another guy really turned me on. It turns out that Amanda was infected by the same itch. She couldn’t think about anything else either.

So that night we sat down and laid out some rules. We would only do it together; no picking up partners on our own. And we both had to agree. Both of us had veto power over any partner. Once that was decided, we fucked again, and it was a great fuck. One of the best we’d ever had together.

So Amanda went over to speak with Jennifer—she was more comfortable talking with her than with the Giamattis, who we barely knew. And before we knew it, our first swinging session was set up for that Friday.


It had all happened so fast. What had started as just an idle suggestion of Josh’s had become a reality. Josh and I were knocking on the Giamatti’s door, and awaiting within was sex, and it was kind of scary. The sex wasn’t scary—well maybe the prospect of sex with another woman was intimidating; I had never done that before, and both Lisa and Jennifer had hinted that it was very much a possibility—but I had no idea what this would do to Josh’s and my marriage. Would we both get jealous? Or worse, would one of us love it and the other get jealous?

Lisa opened the door, all smiles. There were kisses, on the cheek, very chaste. Josh gave her the bottle of wine that we’d brought, and Lisa made a fuss about opening it, ushering us into the living room, where James and Jennifer were already waiting.

I hadn’t known what to expect. Naked bodies writhing in ecstasy on the floor, maybe. But it was just like the start of any dinner party I’d ever been to. We all chatted and drank wine.

I guess James, who was sitting the closest to Josh and I, noticed that I was a bit nervous. He leaned in and whispered to us.

“About later on,” he said. “We all understand that this is your first time doing anything like this. It’s okay to be nervous, and if you feel uncomfortable about anything, you can simply decline. No one is going to be offended. You can take it slow and just do what you feel comfortable with, and with people you’re comfortable with.”

“It’s not so much about tonight,” said Josh. “It’s about tomorrow. I just don’t know what to expect when Amanda and I wake up tomorrow.”

“Think of it as an experiment,” said James. “If it doesn’t work, you don’t have to do it again. And the important thing is to check in with each other throughout the evening and make sure you’re both enjoying yourselves. And at the end of the night, spend some time together, just the two of you.”

“Jennifer and I are going upstairs,” announced Lisa, who hadn’t been able to hear our conversation with her husband. “Our panties are soaked with anticipation, and we can’t wait any longer. Join us when you’re ready.” And with that the two other women went upstairs, arm in arm.

“We can hang out a while longer, if you’d like,” said James. “But I’d suggest going a little easy on the wine. A little bit of lubrication lowers the inhibitions nicely, but too much isn’t a good idea.”

We chatted for a while. Honestly, I can’t tell you what we talked about. I had chills and my stomach was in knots. All I could think about was what waited us upstairs. Finally I couldn’t take it anymore.

“I’m going upstairs,” I announced. “Josh, are you coming?”

Both Josh and James were up in a flash and escorted me upstairs.

I guess others have described the Giamattis’ playroom, but it really is something to walk into it for the first time, to see the play pit, and to see two gorgeous women in the middle of it. Lisa was lying on her back with Jennifer between her legs, licking away at her pussy. I just stared, unable to move.

I noticed that James was starting to take his clothes off. Josh wasn’t. I guess he was waiting for me. I started unbuttoning my blouse, and Josh started to undress too. Then a moment later I felt another pair of hands help me off with my blouse. It was James, who had shed his shirt, socks, and shoes, but was still in his pants.

“Josh, we could use some help down here,” said Lisa.

I turned to my husband, gave him a deep kiss, smiled, and said, “go.”

Josh didn’t need to be told twice.

I then turned to James and gave him a deep kiss. He was the first man, other than Josh, I’d kissed in four years. It was wonderful. We just stood there, letting our tongues explore each other’s mouth for several minutes. I could feel James’s hands run up and down my back, and then unclasp my bra. I shrugged out of the bra without breaking the kiss. Then I grabbed his hands and placed them on my breasts. James broke the kiss and leaned down, taking my right nipple into his mouth. My nipples have always been sensitive, and I gasped when he started sucking. He switched to my left breast, and one of his hands dropped down and unzipped my skirt, which fell to the floor, leaving me with just my garter belt and stockings. In a fit of devilishness I had slipped off my panties before leaving home.

I could feel James’s cock rubbing against my leg, straining underneath his pants. So I dropped to my knees and unclasped his belt and unzipped his pants, which fell to the floor. A couple of tugs and he had lost his underwear as well, and his very nice cock popped up to say hello. It really is a beautiful cock, and just about the perfect size. I took it in my hand and kissed the head. It twitched and grew even harder, so I took it into my mouth.

Amazingly, I could deep throat the whole thing, right down to the base. I’d never been able to take a whole cock into my mouth. Of course with Josh that was impossible, but I guess all that practice fellating him had gotten me to the point where I could deep throat a more normal size cock no problem.

I glanced over at Josh. Lisa and Jennifer had him on his back. Lisa was sitting on his face, grinding her pussy into it, while she sixty-nined him, taking his head into her mouth. Jennifer was between his legs, licking his shaft and balls.

Suddenly, James grabbed my arms and stood me up, kissing me again.

“Lisa tells me you want to be taken, to have it a kind of rough,” he said when he broke the kiss.

I nodded.

“Just tell me if I go too far, or not far enough.” And with that he started kissing me again, his right hand reaching around my butt and parting my pussy lips. I was wet, and he shoved two fingers in. His other hand grabbed the hair at the back of my head by the roots. He jerked my head back, breaking the kiss again.

“And you want me to fuck you in the ass.” I wasn’t sure if it was a question or a command.

I nodded again.

“Okay, come with me.”

He led me down into the pit by the hair. James knew what he was doing. He was forceful, but he didn’t pull my hair, and he didn’t hurt me. He lay me down next to Josh and mounted me. I could feel the head of his cock part my lips, and then he suddenly thrust forward, burying himself in me. I yelped. He held me down firmly by the shoulders. I was pinned, unable to move. And he began to thrust in and out, hard. Oh God, it was so good.


The two women grabbed me and pulled down to the floor. Lisa settled on top of me, thrusting her pussy in my face, and giving me no alternative but to start licking. Not that I minded, of course. Then the two women started sucking my cock and balls.

After a little while, Lisa moved off me and whispered in my ear.

“Do you want to see your wife being fucked?”

I turned my head and saw Amanda being fucked hard, missionary style by James. Her head was back and she was groaning in ecstasy with each thrust. It was so damn sexy seeing Amanda like that, that I came right then and there. I think I surprised Jennifer a bit, who got a nice facial out of it, but she kept licking like a trooper and, surprising me, kept me hard. I usually have no trouble with multiples, but it takes some time between. Evidently not tonight. I softened a little, but didn’t lose my erection entirely.


Wow! That’s all I could think when I saw Josh’s cock. Amanda wasn’t kidding. It was bigger than my forearm. I’ve seen quite a few cocks in my life, but this was the biggest by a wide margin. I knew I could take it though. It wasn’t all that much bigger than the strap-on that Rachel likes to use on me.


I haven’t seen as many cocks as Lisa, and this one was surreal to me. I didn’t know if I could take it inside me, but I was determined to try.


I have no idea how long James was fucking me. I just lost it. I wasn’t aware of anything except the weight of him holding me in place and the constant, hard thrusting. Usually I can feel the orgasm rising, but this one took me completely by surprise. Suddenly I just exploded. My convulsions struggled against James’s arms, but he held me firm, and that seemed to increase and prolong the orgasm. Suddenly, his weight was off me, and he was no longer holding me down. I just collapsed, curling up into a fetal position, whimpering. Arms scooped me up, and felt myself lying in a soft lap, whimpering, sobbing, and laughing all at the same time. God, I didn’t realize how badly I needed that.

When I finally became aware again, I was in Jennifer’s lap. She was holding me and gently cooing.

“Are you okay?”

“Wonderful,” I replied, smiling.

“Good. I’m just checking. We weren’t sure there for a while.”

I turned to look for Josh. He was on his back again, Lisa riding him for all she was worth. James lay on the other side of me, slowly stroking himself to keep hard.

“Are you recovered enough to be fucked in the ass?” asked James.


“Okay, on your knees,” he said, grabbing me by the hair again and guiding me onto my knees, with my ass in the air and my face in Jennifer’s lap. I could smell the musk of her pussy. Then I felt James’s tongue lick around my asshole, trying to thrust inside. It felt very nice, and I could feel my pussy begin to moisten again.

Then James pulled his tongue away, and I felt him spread cold lube around my anus. I felt the pressure of one of his fingers pushing against my sphincter and then pop inside. Soon it was two fingers, then three. Then James pushed the head of his cock against my asshole. He was slower than when he had penetrated my vagina, but no less insistent. Suddenly my anus opened and two inches of his cock popped in. I gasped, and I think I may have bitten Jennifer’s thigh. Then James began thrusting, continually burying himself in my ass up to the base of his cock, and then pulling out until only the head remained within.

James was into the rhythm right away. I raised my head and found myself staring into Jennifer’s beautiful face. It was the reverse of the other day by the pool, when James had taken her from behind and she stared into my eyes. Now it was my turn. My right hand found its way to my clit, and I began to fiercely rub it in time with James’s thrusts. God, it had been so long since I had had a real cock up my ass, and it felt so good. Pretty soon I was coming again. This second one was even better than the first, only not as dramatic. It was no less intense than the first time, but this time I was prepared for it. I didn’t lose it, or collapse into a quivering mass, but I was aware of and in ecstasy with each contraction.

James pulled out of me, and I collapsed again into Jennifer’s lap. James leaned in and kissed me, and I realized, that although I was pretty much spent, he hadn’t come yet.

“We don’t have to stop,” I said. “You need to get off.”

“Don’t worry about me. Lisa will take care of that.”

He moved off and approached Lisa from behind, whispered something in her ear, and she slowed down her riding of Josh’s cock so he could penetrate her ass. That was pretty amazing on Lisa’s part. I know better than anyone how Josh can completely fill a woman, and to take another cock in the ass at the same time, and especially one as good-sized as James’s. I curled up in Jennifer’s lap and the two of us just watched the show, gently caressing each other.


Jennifer and I grabbed Josh as soon as he had undressed and dragged him into the middle of the room. He came quite willingly. It was huge and beautiful. So I just popped the head into my mouth, and that’s about all I could stuff in there, that and maybe another inch of the shaft. It was just so damn thick! I concentrated on the head, while Jennifer tackled the rest of the shaft and his balls. Pretty soon he was rock hard, and I dragged him on top of me, spreading my legs. I was already wet from the licking that Jennifer had given me before.

Josh positioned the head of that lovely cock against the entrance to my vagina and started to slowly push. There was just a bit of pain for a split second, and then his head was all the way in. He started thrusting, slowly at first, then somewhat faster. He never got too fast, but that was just fine. He filled me like no other cock I’d ever had; it was like being fisted. Both my clit and the nerves around my anus were being stimulated at the same time.

I kind of lost track with what was happening with the others. I knew that James was fucking Amanda, and I while I usually like to watch James when he’s with another woman, especially when it’s his first time with her, I pretty much just focused on what was happening to me. I could feel the orgasm build, and then it washed over me, again and again.

When I recovered, I took a quick look at James, who was pounding away at Amanda, who was using Jennifer’s lap as a pillow. I stopped Josh’s thrusting and rolled him over so I was on top, riding him. This was even better than the missionary. I had more control, and could let his cock penetrate me deeply when I wanted, or lean into it and get more stimulation on my clit. I could also watch James and Amanda better, and he was really putting it to her, and the way she was thrashing about in orgasm, it was obvious she was enjoying her night as much as I was enjoying mine.

Amanda was soon reduced to a quivering mass in Jennifer’s lap, and James made his way over to us.

“Do you think you can take two?” he whispered into my ear.

“Oh, yes.”

I paused my ride for a moment, just enjoying the sensation of Josh’s huge cock just filling my cunt, until I felt the pressure of James’s cock against my anus. I started rocking back and forth, gently. That was about all I could take. I’ve been double penetrated before, but never like this. I was just completely stuffed full, and every nerve ending in my pussy and ass was being tweaked at once.

What really surprised me was how long I kept it up. It felt so good. I don’t know how to describe it, except that it was like a continuous orgasm, except not intense. No contractions or waves; just continual pleasure. Then it happened. The orgasm exploded throughout my body. Pleasure so intense it was painful. I threw myself off of the two cocks; I just couldn’t stand to be touched down there, and just let the contractions wash over me. I hadn’t realized it, but just before I came that second time, both James and Josh had cum inside me. That was, and remains to this day, the most intense fucking I have ever had.


Jennifer and I were sitting against the side of the pit, holding each other and watching the show. I was amazed at how okay I was with all this. I had been so afraid of being overcome with jealousy at the sight of Josh with another woman, but nothing could be further from the case. It was wonderful to just watch the man I loved with someone else. If I hadn’t been so spent, I would have been turned on.

Jennifer was alternately cupping my breasts and running her fingertips around my nipples, and I was stroking her thigh, when I realized that she probably hadn’t cum yet that evening. I thought that I might be the one to bring her off, and I shivered in anticipation.

“Anything wrong?” asked Jennifer, noticing.

“Not at all. I couldn’t be better.” Then, “Have you cum yet tonight?”

“Not yet.”

“Would you like me to try?”

“Please. I’ve been waiting, and I don’t think the guys will be up for much once Lisa’s done with them.” Jennifer spread her legs wider, and I slipped down between them.

“You’ll have to steer me through the curves,” I said, looking up into her deep brown eyes. “I’ve never been with a woman.”

“I want all the details. Tell me everything!” Kelly demanded of me. The vice like grip she had on my unit through my ski pants was incentive enough but I knew she would get off on hearing all the dirty details. It was a long lift to the top of the mountain so I figured I might as well tell her everything.

Before I get into the meat of those details, let me tell you about my relationship with Kelly. We have been living together for almost two years. We are both in our mid twenties. I have my own consulting firm that I started and it is beginning to do well. I met Kelly when planning a vacation. She is a travel agent and works at a small agency. I have to admit that my sex life has really taken off since we met. Before Kelly, I had done very little and was by no means a stud. Kelly on the other hand was experienced, wild, adventurous and outgoing. She taught me many things and I have always been an apt pupil. My first clue was that her porno collection was bigger than mine and hers included some homemade videos. Some were of her and other girls while in college. I loved watching her eat pussy. One tape was Kelly giving blowjobs to a line up of guys with dicks of all sizes and colours. That was hotter than hell! She loved giving me head, which was great because no girlfriends had ever done that for me before. She could easily deep-throat my entire cock, which at six inches was still a task. She could even lick my balls with the whole shaft buried in her throat.

One thing she always liked to do is finger my asshole while she sucks me. Sometimes she really gets into it, finger fucking me savagely with two or even three fingers. Sometimes she will even use a small vibrator in me during a BJ. I never complain as I always get off anyway. It wouldn’t do me any good if I did complain because it was her way or no way. That was made very clear to me. Kelly was definitely in charge. Often when I came in her mouth she would return it to me by kissing me after and demand that I swallow it. Commonly, when Kelly got home from work she would push me down on the couch or floor, hike up her skirt, pull off her panties and plant her well groomed snatch right on my face. I had never eaten pussy before Kelly, but she has taught me to be an expert. She is beautiful too, 5’3″, a perfect smile, long chestnut hair, green eyes, and a killer figure. I have often wondered what she sees in me, a 5′ 10″ slim blond haired, hazel eyes engineer who is a relatively meek and unassuming guy. Maybe she likes the shy and easy type who she can control completely. She has been happy and never once complained in the time we have been together.

It was this travel agency that Kelly works at that was hosting this ski trip. The owner, Ken Phillips and his wife Carol owned a chalet in the mountains and because of the successful year the company had, was treating all the employees and their significant others to a ski weekend at the chalet, all expenses paid. Kelly was youngest of the four female agents. The others Diane, Charlene, and Debbie were all in their late thirties or early forties. Their husbands, Randy, David and Wes respective were of similar ages. I had met the women from the office before and they were nothing to write home about. This ski trip was my first opportunity to meet their husbands and although they were all a bit older, they were all in good shape. The real prize this weekend was however, Sydney and Kyle. Sydney was the new receptionist at the agency, nineteen, cute and sexy, kind of like Salina Gomez. She brought her fiancée Kyle, a curly haired blond, blue eyed, twenty year old Nordic prince. They were like “Ken and Barbie”. As well as being the youngest ones there, they were also the most public with their displays of affection. From the moment they arrived the two of them were playing kissy face.

A problem arose early upon arrival. Kelly and I had been planning a good hardcore weekend of sex. We talked about it all the way there, teasing ourselves. We couldn’t wait to be alone in bed and shagging each other silly. Things would not be going to our planning however, as Ken was to explain. There were only two bedrooms at the chalet. Each room consisted of two sets of bunk beds and one double bed. This was normally fine for two couples or families but since there was six couples Ken and Carol decided that the women would take one room and the men take the other. Beds would be first come, first serve. Kelly and I were definitely disappointed at the time and went off to hit the hills for a day of skiing. Events later that night would alter our opinion the next day.

“Tell me everything,” Kelly insisted. I had to tell her. Her grip on my cock while riding up the ski lift was intense. I proceeded to inform her of all the details of the previous night.

“You know we stayed up pretty late in front of the fire.” Indeed all the older people had knocked off earlier from exhaustion and fresh air. Only Kelly and I as well as Sydney and Kyle had lasted past midnight. We had a few bottles of wine and smoked a couple of joints. The two lovebirds headed to bed just before us. I stayed up to douse the fire. We were probably all equally frustrated about not getting any privacy to have sex.

“After brushing my teeth, I went alone into the dark, quiet, men’s bedroom. I realized that the bunk beds had been taken and that left the double bed, which was occupied by young Kyle. I stripped down to my underwear. Normally I sleep nude but under the circumstances I decided to leave my boxer briefs on. The bed was small and Kyle was already sprawled out in the middle. I didn’t want to wake him so I lifted the sheet and crawled in at the edge. I couldn’t help but notice that Kyle was completely naked.”

“What did he look like?” Kelly inquired.

“Nice body, firm, muscular, you know….” I felt Kelly’s hand squeezed me tighter. “Alright! He was about seven inches long, uncut, thick and hanging to the left.” Kelly smiled and eased her grip, starting a stroking motion.

I continued, ” No sooner had I lay down I felt Kyle roll over closer to me. I was already on the edge of the bed. I considered waking him and asking him to give me more room but then felt his warm naked chest pressing against my back. I was in a panic and didn’t know what to do. I just kept quiet hoping that he would turn over. I froze like this for a while and then next thing I know I feel his head nuzzling against my neck and he was breathing heavy. I checked to make sure he was really asleep. He was. Next, Kyle’s hand flopped over me and was wrapped around my waist. He must have thought that he was sleeping with Sydney. I was sure of it because he was mumbling words like “Baby” and “Muffin”. I was frozen and now afraid to wake him. It was hot in the room and the sheet was itself uncomfortable. Kyle started getting restless and kicking the sheet off. I had nowhere to move and Kyle somehow kept finding a way to nuzzle up closer to my back. Then I felt it. It was red hot. Kyle was mistaken me for Sydney in his slumber and he now had a hard on which was growing more each second. It was touching the back of my thigh. It was rubbing against my leg. It felt huge!”

Kelly began rubbing herself through her ski pants with her other hand as we rode the ski lift while still maintaining the rhythm on me with her other. “Yes! This is so fucking hot! God, don’t stop, more!” Kelly insisted.

“Well,” I continued, taking a big gulp first, ” Kyle began nocturnally moving his hips and I could feel his burning erection sliding along my thigh. I was in shock and thought again about waking him but panicked wondering what his reaction would be when he woke. I also didn’t want to wake the others for fear of what they would think. I moved slightly and I felt Kyle’s cock slip between my thighs and he let out a low moan. He then began moving his hips back and forth, almost sleep fucking me. I tried separating my legs hoping that he would slip back out from between my thighs but instead it slipped up higher to almost my balls. His arm gripped tighter around me and he began moving faster. I thought that he had to be awake, but I checked again and he was half snoring. I decided not to move any more and just see what happens. His hips kept moving faster and faster and his grip tightened until splat! He came all over my legs. His semen sprayed between my thighs and was running down my leg. Kyle barely let out a grunt. About five minutes later he went soft and rolled away from me giving me more space to sleep. That’s it.”

Kelly’s eyes were riveted to mine, her mouth open and almost drooling. She was going to orgasm just from my story. ” The cum, what did you do about the cum? Did it soak the sheets?” she asked. She anticipated my answer, rubbing me harder.

I took a deep breath and told her, ” I was afraid of the sheets getting stained and it getting blamed on me so I scooped it off of my legs with my fingers and licked them clean. I figured it couldn’t taste much different than my own.” Kelly was over the top, frustrated with lust. I had no idea that my story would drive her this crazy. She almost climbed on top of me in the ski lift kissing me hard and sucking on my tongue. She was wild with lust and I thought she might just rape me right there on the lift.

“Oh honey, that is so sexy!” she said. “Do you know how horny that makes me?” I know guys get off about two women together but I had no idea that any women got this excited about two guys together even if it was just sleep rubbing. Kelly was all over me. Just when I thought her manipulations were about to make me cum in my ski pants she let off. She had a knack for knowing when I am about to come. Her inquisition continued, “Now tell me the truth honey. Don’t lie to me; I’ll know if you do. Tell me, during all this, did you get a hard on?” I paused. Kelly’s glare dug into me. I couldn’t lie.

“Yes,” I answered. I hung my head in shame. It was true. I was hard as a rock myself as Kyle’s member touched me. Kelly was very happy with that answer. She again kissed me hard.

“Wow!” was the only word she could muster. She panted heavily and snuggled close to me. I could tell her wheels were spinning, probably taking it all in. It was my silence and awkwardness all morning that had her suspecting something was up. She waited until we were alone on the ski lift to confront me about it. Now she had made me confess every detail of the ordeal including the fact that it had turned me on.

We reached the top of the hill and jumped off the lift. We managed to regain some composure before descending so as not to kill ourselves. Before we headed down Kelly asked me one more thing, “Do you think he will do it again?” She was clearly obsessed with this whole thing now and she intended to witness a re-enactment of it.

I tried to talk her out of it. There were so many variables. There was no telling if Kyle would pick the same bed, sleep naked again, or if the others would stay up later or a million other things but it didn’t matter to Kelly. Her mind was made up.

For the rest of the day we kept a close eye on Sydney and Kyle. They were so self -absorbed they ignored everything else around them. They spent the entire day fondling each other and sneaking kisses. We barely spoke a word to each other than the occasional “hello” or ski talk and “pass the potatoes” during supper. It seemed very likely that Kyle had no idea what had happened the previous night.

As things got late, all events fell into place much to Kelly’s delight. The older folks went to bed reasonably early. Kyle and Sydney stayed up later, snuggling together on the bearskin rug. Kelly and I watched them intently getting more and more excited as the evening wore on. Much like the night before we drank some wine and smoked some weed together. Sure enough after a long, drawn out kiss they went to their separate rooms. Kelly smiled at me whispering, “Excellent! She sent him to bed good and horny.”

We waited a few minutes then peeped in the men’s bedroom to see where Kyle had lay down. Sure enough he was alone in the double bed again with the sheet half draped across his body. It was Kelly’s intention to wait until he fell asleep then sneak in with me and kneel down beside the bed where she couldn’t be seen and wait for Kyle’s nocturnal actions to start and watch the whole thing. I have to admit that I was getting pretty worked up about it too.

Kelly told me she was going to get ready and to wait for her. I brushed my teeth and waited about fifteen minutes for my girlfriend. She was dressed in just a tiny black see thru nightie with a short black robe. Her hair and makeup were flawless and she had put on some fresh perfume. The anticipation had me very excited. This was evident as Kelly instructed me to undress. Just as I had the night before, I removed all my clothes except my underwear. We silently entered the room that was filled with snoring. The bed cover was already down to Kyle’s hips. I lifted them enough for Kelly to see his naked tool. She was very pleased. I started to slip into bed but my girlfriend stopped me. She grabbed hold of my waistband and in one smooth motion yanked my underwear down to my ankles. My erection bobbed up and almost hit her chin. There was no hiding the fact that I was turned on by all this now. One more thing she did was take a small spray bottle from her robe pocket and give me a squirt on my neck and on my ass. It was perfume but not Kelly’s. It smelled a little familiar and I guessed that it was Sydney’s. Kelly must have stole it for this occasion. She must have wanted to help speed things up or at least guarantee that they happen.

I was a little uncomfortable about lying down with my naked ass against this guy’s groin but it was too late to back out now. Just as the night before, Kyle rolled a bit closer to me and his arm fell across my body. He inched closer and closer until his hot breath was burning against my neck. I began to feel his cock stir again as it brushed against my thigh. Kelly was very eager to see the action and crawled up closer. I could feel her hot breath close to my crotch and her long hair brushed my leg, turning me on even more. She slowly inched the sheet down to reveal the action. Kyle’s smooth cock had become stiff and was pressed upward against my ass cheek. Kelly reached to it and very gently touched it. I was trying to make faces at her to stop but she was paying no attention to me. Her hand was around it and pulling it to full hardness. She then placed the throbbing member down between my bum cheeks so that was right in the crack. I tried to protest quietly but I didn’t want to wake Kyle. He was still fast asleep but his hips began moving again on their own making his big cock slide up and down my butt crack. It was beginning to feel hot too.

I looked back at Kelly who pulled another bottle from her other robe pocket. I recognized the lubricant that we often used for anal sex. She spread some on her fingers and carefully placed them between my cheeks. She rubbed up and down my crack and was getting some on Kyle’s cock too. I was afraid the cold feeling would wake him but he made no changes to his slow hip motion. I was hoping that he would cum soon and blow his load on my back so this would be over but Kelly had more planned. She pressed her greasy fingers against my asshole and they popped right in. My flinching reaction almost woke the sleepy prince but it didn’t. Kelly was smiling at me, almost laughing at my silent protests. Her fingers soon left my bottom to my relief only to be replaced a second later by something else to my horror.

Kelly had taken hold of Kyle’s cock again and was pressing the head against my sphincter muscle. I tried to roll away but Kelly blocked me, and Kyle’s grip on my arm pulled me back. He let out a low moan as the tip of his dick opened my asshole. The grease helped him slip the full length of his erection deep into my colon. I could not believe he was still asleep. His cock painfully stretched me open. I never had anything that big inside me before. It was an amazingly full feeling, weird yet somewhat wonderful. Kelly began helping me out by sucking on my fully erect member. That helped me take my mind off the pain and before long I had barely noticed that Kyle had a fairly steady fucking motion going. I shocked myself thinking, “Oh my god! I am actually getting fucked in my ass by a man.”

I just closed my eyes and started to enjoy the feelings. Kyle rustled a little behind me and Kelly let my cock fall from her mouth. Kyle rolled me over onto my front and placed himself on my back. I looked back and saw his eyes half open with a glazed expression. He was partially awake but didn’t seem to care that he was fucking a man in the ass. He grunted and moaned some more as he started waking up. I could hear Kelly, quietly whispering to him, “That’s it…fuck him dude. Fuck his ass! You are so fucking hot.”

My head was buried in my pillow now as Kyle became more aggressive. He was taking long, full stokes in and out of me. He would pull back so that the head of his cock stretched my ring then he would plunge back in until his big balls slapped hard against mine. He was definitely awake now as his anal assault intensified. Kyle’s pounding on my asshole was relentless and my mind wondered off into space while I enjoyed the sensations coming from the base of my spine. Kyle grunted unintelligible words as well as a constant, “Fuck! Fuck! Ya!”

Kyle’s battering became intense and louder until finally he drove his massive meat, balls deep inside me and held it there while huge jets of hot cum flooded my bowels. He came for several moments, filling me up. He held me tight while he enjoyed the bliss of orgasm. After a few minutes he went softer and pulled out of my ass. I pressed myself up, trying not to let any cum run out of me onto the sheets. When I looked up I was shocked. Staring me in the face was another erect cock. It was Ken, our host. We must have awaked the others with our noise. He pressed it against my lips. At first I hesitated but he grabbed my hair and forced it into my mouth. For a fifty something guy, Ken had a nice hard cock that filled my whole mouth. I figured I might as well just go with it and started sucking him. I surveyed around me and was shocked even more at the other events unfolding.

Kelly was laying on her back with Randy on top of her and her legs high in the air. He just started fucking her. Kyle was busy making out with her sharing an intense kiss. David and Wes were standing next to Ken with their cocks in their hands taking in all of the action. David moved over to Kelly who took a break from kissing Kyle to have a taste of David’s meat. Wes came over to me and Ken took a break so that Wes could sample my mouth. Ken jumped up on the bed and immediately commenced sliding his fat cock into my wet, gaping asshole. It went in easily with almost no pain. He wasted no time plunging in and fucking me. Wes also had a sense of urgency as he took hold of my head and started tonsil fucking me. Wes’s big hairy sac bounced off my chin with a blistering pace.

Meanwhile, Kelly had rolled over on top of Randy, straddling his cock. She had removed the last of her skimpy outfit. David then removed his dick from Kelly’s mouth and went behind her. She guided his staff to her backdoor and he pushed it in. He and Randy were now sharing space inside my girlfriend as they fucked her respective holes. She handled them like a pro and obviously loved it. Kyle was half hard again and Kelly grabbed hold of his huge python and pulled it to her mouth. Knowing that his cock was fresh out of my ass while she sucked him was a huge turn on for me. Kelly handled her triple fucking like it was a walk in the park.

Wes and Ken were merciless as the hammered away at my mouth and butt. I was in a zone and it was feeling real good having two cocks inside me. The fast pace that Ken and Wes had on me made them both reach orgasm quickly and I eagerly took their loads. Kelly had done a number on Randy and David too as they both had dumped their seed into Kelly. I could see it running out both of her holes after her fuckers pulled out. She then saw that I was watching and quickly came over and sat down on my face. I slurped at her pussy and asshole, drinking all the fresh cum flowing out. I darted my tongue deep into her anus and pussy to ensure they were both licked clean. She rode my face a bit longer making me suck on her clit. Soon she was having an orgasm of her own that left my face soaking wet.

Amanda examined herself in the mirror. How did she look? She had never been on a real date before – she’d been out with boys on what she thought were dates, but ended up being nothing more than movie outings with boys so young and unsure of themselves that they were too afraid to even make their move. Not that she was ever sure what she would do when that moment came, that moment that teachers and her mother had warned her about. Boys only want “one thing.” That’s what they said.

But now here she was, about to go out on a double date with two college guys, guys she hadn’t even met, although Felicia has assured her that they were both “complete hunks.” Little Amanda Jones, just turned eighteen, complete virgin, and shy to boot. How did she get herself into this?

Well, the answer, of course, was Felicia. Felicia, who used to be even more shy than Amanda herself, back when they became besties in math club. But after Felicia went to visit her real dad in Malibu this last summer, she had come back an entirely different person. She’d switched from her bulky glasses to contacts, had straightened her black hair, and had even had her boobs done!

Amanda couldn’t believe the perfectly round orbs she saw straining at Felicia’s sweater the first time she’d seen her when she got back. She looked like a young Salma Hayek, but somehow her large breasts struck Amanda as almost obscene, making her look like one of the internet pinups that seemed to constantly popping up in ads, no matter what innocent website Amanda had meant to look at.

Suddenly Felicia was no longer available to get together and watch old “Buffy” DVDs anymore – she was always going out on dates! And with many different boys, as far as Amanda could tell. Word had started to go around school that Felicia was, well, fast! Amanda wanted to defend her, but the truth was she had no idea what this new Felicia was up to at nights. They had never even had a proper chance to catch up over the summer!

That is until yesterday, when Felicia had called her up.

“Felicia,” Amanda had exclaimed, delighted. “It’s good to finally get a call from you!”

“Sorry I haven’t been kind of out to lunch,” said Felicia. “I’ve been really busy with some new hobbies, but I want to tell you all about them.”

“Great! Do you want to hang out tomorrow night? I’ve got some good movies on Netflix, or we could bake cookies…”

“I’ve got a better idea. I met two totally babe-alicious guys from the university. They had four tickets to see a great concert tomorrow night, and wanted to know if I had any cute friends who might want to come along. So, naturally, I thought of you…”

“Me?” Amanda laughed, then snorted. “I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but I’m kind of a sasquatch!” Amanda was six feet tall, thin and gangly, with smallish breasts and narrow hips.

“You sound like me six months ago. Trust me, you’re a babe! These guys are gonna drool when they get a look at you. Just dress a little sexy. Rocker sexy.”

Now, Amanda examined herself in the mirror. Did this qualify as “rocker sexy?” She was wearing her ripped, tight-fitting jeans, and a small black t-shirt with a skull on it (but if you looked closely at the skull, it was actually a pile of strategically posed naked women). Amanda had bought the shirt on a whim when she saw it in a flea market, but had been too embarrassed to actually wear it. Underneath, she was wearing a black bra, not that she really needed it for her small breasts, but mostly because the t-shirt was so thin that without a bra, her nipples would be easily visible!

Felicia showed up wearing a short, tight skirt and some kind of cardigan with that covered her arms shoulder and breasts (barely), but left her abdomen completely bare. The skirt not only was short, but sat very low on her hips. Amanda’s eyes went wide. She was practically naked! Except, of course, for her ridiculous thigh-high leather boots. Hooker boots, Amanda thought.

Felicia looked over Amanda with a keen eye. “See, I told you that you could be sexy! Hmm, a couple of things, though. You mind if we tear these jeans a little more?”

Amanda looked at the jeans. There were already rips in both knees!

Felicia grabbed an exacto knife out of her small red purse. “For emergencies. Or fashion emergencies.” Felicia got down on her knees and looked up at Amanda while she put her hands on Amanda’s legs. It occurred to Amanda suddenly that this was sort of the angle that a guy would see of a girl if she was sucking on his – Amanda shook her head. What made her think of that?

“Let’s show a little thigh,” said Felicia as she pulled the jeans slightly away from Amanda’s skin and used cut a line across Amanda’s upper thigh- very upper, Amanda thought! It’s a good thing she’d shaved everything that day.

Felicia smiled. “Now turn around.” Amanda did, suddenly very aware of how close her ass was to Felicia’s face.

Amanda giggled. “Sorry about the butt to the face.”

“No need to apologize. That’s one tight little ass.” Felicia put a hand on Amanda’s right buttcheek and fondled it. “Have you been working out?”

Amanda was a little shocked with the familiarity with which Felicia was running her hand over her ass. “I’m on the volleyball team, remember? All that crouching and jumping.” When Felicia’s hand went down, and between Amanda’s legs to run lightly over her crotch, Amanda let out a little squeak.

“What kind of underwear are you wearing?”

What an embarrassing question, thought Amanda. But out loud, all she did was answer. “Lacey boy shorts. But no one’s going to see them, right?”

“I don’t know why not.” Felicia gripped the ass of the jeans and made a precision cut across the back of the jeans, right at the bottom of Amanda’s left buttcheek, being very careful not to cut Amanda’s leg.

“Oh my god, what did you do?”

Felicia smirked. “Just taking advantage of what you got, honey. Letting people get a tiny little glimpse of the very bottom of your cheek isn’t going to kill you. Now, about your tits.”


Felicia stood up and arched an eyebrow at Amanda. “You shouldn’t wear that bra with that shirt. Take it off.”

“But without my bra, people might see my nipples, if I get a little excited.”

“Exactly, girl. Now get that t-shirt off!”

Amanda took off her t-shirt, as instructed.

Felicia smirked. “It’s not like you really need the support, anyway. Let’s get that off of you.” Before Amanda could react, Felicia reached behind her and unsnapped her bra. Amanda folded her arms across her chest.

“What are you doing, honey? Be proud of your breasts. They are your friends.”

Amanda turned beet red. “Even little things like this? Boys like big boobs, I’m pretty sure it’s a scientific fact. Isn’t that why you got implants?”

“You want to know a secret?” Felicia leaned in. “Okay, I got implants. And I don’t really regret it, because it gave me confidence when I didn’t have any. But the truth is, that I have less sensation in my nipples than I used to, when I would masturbate with my small breasts. I used to play with my nipples and it would drive me crazy. Now, guys love these tits, and I do too, but I definitely lose something. Sensitivity is something you may not appreciate until it’s gone. See?” Felicia took Amanda’s wrists in her hands and uncrossed her arms. Then she lightly brushed her fingertips across Amanda’s right nipple. It instantly began to swell and harden.

“Oh my,” Felicia practically purred like the Cheshire cat. “These are very sensitive indeed.”

“Nobody else has touched them before,” Amanda admitted shyly.

“Nobody? That seems a damn shame.” Felicia leaned down, and much to Amanda’s astonishment, placed her nips on the erect nipple and sucked lightly, just for a moment. “Oh, sorry. I kind of did that without thinking. Do you want me to stop?”

Without waiting for an answer, Felicia merely squatted down further to get a better angle, taking the nipple all the way into her mouth while she put one hand on Amanda’s butt and placed the other one on Amanda’s other breast. Her breasts were definitely not large, but they seemed to be a perfect handful – at least for a woman’s smaller hand.

Amanda was merely looking down in amazement. She wasn’t sure whether she wanted Felicia to stop or not. But Amanda wasn’t a lesbian! But this felt so good. She could feel herself getting wet down there already, and her whole body was suddenly tingling like she was full of static electricity. She opened her mouth, meaning to say something, but nothing came out but a breathy gasp.

Amanda put her hand on the back of Felicia’s head, leaned her own head back and looked at the ceiling, her heart beating a million times a minute. She looked around the room and realized that she could see herself in the mirror. There she was, a beautiful, tall amazon (the word “sasquatch” no longer leapt into her mind), with a sexy, raven-haired slut, sucking on her tit.

Felicia squeezed her nipple between her lips, the opened her mouth further and took almost the entire breast into her mouth. Then she pulled back and used her teeth to lightly nip at the end of the nipple. She pressed her face against the soft, soft skin and rolled her head to look up at Amanda’s face. “Are you a virgin, Amanda?”

Amanda blushed. “Yes, of course. You were too, last spring.”

Felicia smiled. “Not anymore.” She flicked her tongue over Amanda’s nipple as Amanda groaned with pleasure.

DING DONG! Amanda was suddenly snapped out of her spell by the doorbell.

“Oh my god!” said Amanda, suddenly looked back at the mirror and the fact that this was really happening came home. “What are we doing? That must be the boys at the door!”

“Right on time,” said Felicia. She stood up, licking her lips. “You better put on your t-shirt.”

Amanda picked her bra up off the floor and started to put it on, but Felicia reached right out and ripped it away from her, then threw it into the closet. “No, Amanda. Just the shirt.”

“But, but…” Amanda merely stammered, standing, topless, completely exposed. She was horny, aroused. If she put on her t-shirt with no bra, the boys would see immediately how turned on she was!

Felicia laughed. “You better get that t-shirt on quick, because I’m about to open the door. Ain’t no slowing down!”

As Felicia was unlocking the door, Amanda bolted to her t-shirt, which she pulled over her head as quickly as possible. She turned quickly around to see Felicia standing at the door with two boys. One was tall and sandy-haired, and the other was short and dark. And they were handsome, both of them! It seemed silly to even call them boys. They were men!

Had they seen her naked back as the door had opened? The tall one had a smirk on his face and the short one licked his lips. “You must be Amanda. Felicia told us about you.”

The tall one’s name was Tony, and the short, dark one’s was Jeff. It turned out both the boys were going to the University, and both were polite and even seemed a little shy. Felicia immediately took charge of the group’s conversation, making introductions and herding the group out to the car.

After Felicia’s buildup to this date, Amanda had been afraid anything might happen! As it was, it wasn’t much difference than the dates Felicia had been on with other members of the math team.

They saw a band, and the show was good. They danced and jumped to the beat. Felicia even got up on Jeff’s shoulders at one point. Amanda thought maybe Felicia would even flash the band, but she never did (although Amanda did notice that she and every other person nearby could see some of Felicia’s underboob every time she raised her arms, which was most of the time).

As they left the arena, they found that it was pouring rain outside.

“Aw, nuts.” Said Tony. “With this weather, there’s no way we’ll be able to get you girls back home tonight.”

Felicia smiled. “I guess you’ll just have to return us in the morning.”

Amanda was alarmed. What was going on? She hadn’t volunteered for anything more than a concert tonight.

“I guess we could get a hotel,” volunteered Jeff, “but I ain’t got much cash on me. I’m just a college student!”

“One room will be fine for the four of us,” said Felicia. She caught Amanda’s alarmed eye and gave her a wink, and laughed.

They all drove over to the town’s motel. Jeff ran into the office to rent a room while the other three waited in the car in the pouring rain. It was coming down in sheets and Amanda couldn’t see a foot past the car’s windows into the maelstrom.

“So,” said Tony. “You girls, uh, double date often?”

“Oh, all the time. You think this is the first time we two have gotten a hotel room with two boys?” said Felicia. Amanda tried to keep a straight face, but her mind was racing. What was Felicia up to here?

“Really?” Tony was awestruck.

“Sure, honey,” said Felicia. “Hey, you’re twenty one, right? Why don’t you run over to that liquor store and get something tasty to drink, huh?”

“Sure! Yeah, I’ll be right back!” Tony opened the door and struck out across the torrential parking lot.

As soon as they were alone in the car, Amanda turned on Felicia. “What are you doing? You don’t really expect me to sleep with one of these guys, do you?”

“You can do whatever you like, Amanda. But I’m going to have both of them. And you should too. Sex is incredible, Amanda. There’s a whole world that we never knew about!”

“I thought you were my best friend, Felicia!” Amanda cried. “But I think you may not the person I thought you were. I am not some slut, I’m not going to sleep with these guys just because you tell me to.”

“You do what you like, Amanda. I’ll do what I like. That’s the way it should be, right? Everybody gets to do what they like?”

Soon the boys had returned and ushered them into their motel room. It was red and dimly lit.

Amanda felt like it looked sleazy, especially as she saw the sly contentment of Felicia’s face and the expectant, joyful look of the two boys as they tried to pop the cork on their champagne.

Amanda had a glass, against her better judgment, but she just sipped as they others slurped. Soon Felicia was leaning against Jeff as Amanda and Tony sat stiffly next to each other on the couch. They had nothing to look at but Felicia and Jeff as Felicia began to make out with Jeff. As they kissed, open mouthed, Jeff reached up and started squeezing her breasts with his hand, even pushing his fingers beneath her shirt from below.

“So,” said Tony. “Do you want to?”

“No, thanks,” said Amanda. “That’s if you’re asking if I want to make out.”

“Okay. I mean, that wasn’t exactly what I was asking. I mean, I’m really interested in you as a person. Volleyball and math club, you say?”

Amanda rolled her eyes but chuckled. Tony was able to remember her high school activities accurately, even while watching their two friends full on make out in front of them. Sort of impressive, in a way.

“Um, guys.” Amanda cleared her throat. “This is getting a little graphic, don’t you think?”

Felicia snorted. “Leave if you don’t wanna watch.”

“But it’s pouring outside!”

“Try the bathroom.”

“Fine,” said Amanda. “I’ll stay, but I’m looking away.”

Amanda sat on the ground and faced the corner, but no one paid her any mind. She couldn’t quite see what was going on, but she heard strange sounds behind her, and she could see Tony watching out of the corner of her eye.

She heard Felicia’s breathing heavily, and Jeff muttering “Yeah, baby,” that kind of thing. Soon she heard zippers unzipping and clothes falling to the floor.

When she couldn’t stand it any longer, she turned to look. Felicia was naked, laying on her back on the bed with her back arched, her breasts pointing into the air triumphantly while Jeff sucked on one tit and had a hand in her crotch. Jeff’s pants were off and his (Amanda couldn’t even believe she was seeing it), his Dick was right there, waiving around, all hard like she’d never seen one live.

“You know what to do with that thing,” said Felicia, taunting. Jeff didn’t respond, he just threw Felicia down and mounted her, rubbing his dick up and down her juicy cunt. Amanda suddenly realized that she was just as wet as Felicia was! Looking down, her own erect nipples poked through her now (thanks to the rain) nearly see-through t-shirt.

She couldn’t believe she was watching this. And Tony too! She turned to say something to him, but realized with a start that his dick was out too. He was masturbating right in front of everyone! Amanda was shocked, ashamed, and…fascinated? Tony’s penis was even bigger than Jeff’s! His must be eight inches long!

On the bed, Jeff forced himself inside of Felicia, who grunted with pleasure. The two began to build their pulsing rhythm.

Tony looked away from Jeff and Felicia for the first time in a long while to suddenly remember Amanda was in the room. He realized she was looking right at him, with what at first he thought was revulsion. He almost stopped for second, until he realized what he saw was fascination, curiosity, hunger.

“Amanda,” said Tony. “Do you want to take a closer look?”

Amanda couldn’t believe she had been caught so blatantly staring at Tony’s stiff member, but for some reason at this moment she couldn’t be bother to be ashamed. She just nodded her head.

She got down on her knees and looked carefully at Tony’s big hand as he stroked methodically up and down his big, stiff cock. Amanda had never realized how beautiful a penis could be. The delicate skin stretched over the spongey tissue, hardened by lust…

Before she even realized what she was doing, Amanda leaned in so close that Tony took his hand away. Then she felt a hand on the back of her head draw her in those final few inches. She knew she should be angry at being manhandled like this, but instead she opened her lips and kissed the end of his penis. The she grabbed it by the base with one hand and began licking it up and down.

Felicia laughed. Amanda turned her head to see that Felicia was now taking it doggy style from Jeff, facing Felicia and Tony. “Yeah, girl. Suck that big old dick. Make Felicia proud,” she said.

Amanda opened her mouth wide and let her tongue guide Tony’s dick into her mouth as she forced her head forward. Amanda was getting so turned on by this she couldn’t believe it. Her whole body felt like it was on fire. She was shocked by the sudden thought that she wished someone was filming this so she could see what she looked like. Here she was, she thought she was a proper young lady, and now she was giving essentially a total stranger a blowjob!

Amanda wasn’t sure what she was doing with this blowjob, precisely. She’d read on the internet that the keys to a good blowjob were enthusiasm and saliva, so she tried to have plenty of both.

All she knew is that she wanted to get that big hot dick as far down her throat as she could take it. She wanted it inside of her any way she could take it! She gripped Tony’s balls with her hand and rubbed up against his leg with her tits.

Tony grabbed her with one hand on either side of her head and pulled her off of his dick. “Hey there, little lady? How do you want to get fucked?”

Amanda just nodded. Tony picked her up and tore her flimsy t-shirt right off of her, ruining it. He threw her down on the bed facing away from him, right next to Felicia and Jeff, who were still going at it doggystyle. Tony pulled Amanda’s pants down over her hips and immediately stuck a finger into Amanda’s dripping-wet pussy.

“Wait – I’m a virgin…” said Amanda, struggling to turn, but her thin legs were trapped by her pants, down around her knees. Tony pulled his finger out of her snatch and grabbed her by both elbows and pulled. Without her arms to hold her up, she fell face forward on the bed, with her ass up in the air- the air felt cool on her hot pussy.

The next day, I mentioned to Jennifer that I would like to go ahead and set a wedding date and get our plans moving. This was music to her ears, and all she did when she got off of work was to work on wedding plans.

As it turned out, Jenny planned to have a small get-together with her bridesmaids the following week. She decided to have four bridesmaids, Amber, Amy, Cassie, and her sister Debbie. Her mother was also coming to the get together. They were always close, however I was a little surprised that she would have her sister in the wedding since they hardly ever got along. As it turned out, her mother Margie and sister Debbie, were planning on coming down in two days and would stay until after the little party.

That evening, while Jenny was in the shower, I got Amy’s phone number out of Jenny’s cell phone directory. I made a copy of the already edited DVD of Amy and her last visit at our apartment and took it down to my vehicle. The next day was Monday so I had to go to work like always. I called Amber and told her that I needed her to clear her schedule after lunch until late that evening. I told her I would pick her up at a local restaurant where she could leave her car. She wanted to know why, but I refused to tell her, simply reminding her that she needed to cooperate.

I then called Amy and told her that I wanted to drive over to see her and talk about some things. I wanted to surprise Jenny at the get-together and I had some ideas and things to show her, etc. She was more than willing to accommodate my request, commenting on how nice it was that I was trying so hard to make Jenny happy.

I picked Amber up at the restaurant a little after noon and headed for Amy’s house, two hours away. During the drive over, I explained to her what I wanted to do and wanted her to do. I pointed to the video camera on the backseat.

Since I didn’t want Amy to know Amber was with me, I had her get in the backseat and lie down when we turned into Amy’s neighborhood. Amy lived in a small brick house at the very end of a gravel drive, several hundred yards off the main road. She was in a neighborhood, however it hadn’t grown all the way back to her house yet—for sale signs were everywhere in vacant lots on each side of the drive leading to her house.

I knocked on the door twice before it opened.

“Hi Joe,” Amy said smiling, standing on her tip-toes to greet me with a warm hug. As she hugged me, her large breasts pressed into my lower chest.

“Good to see you Amy,” I said as she led me into the house. She had on some blue “scrub” pants and a white t-shirt, both of which were two sizes too big—though the shirt still couldn’t contain her huge tits.

“Would you like something to drink?” she asked moving towards the kitchen before getting my answer.

“Water would be great,” I replied. She got the water as I plopped down on the couch which was in front of what appeared to be about a 27 inch TV and a DVD/VCR combo unit. She brought me a glass of water before sitting down in a chair next to the couch.

“What do you have to talk about?” she asked very interested, “I’m sure it’ll be great whatever you have. I’m surprised you came all the way out here to ask me about it.”

“Well, you are one of her best friends and I felt that you should be let in on it before I told her,” I replied without letting onto anything, “Does the DVD player work?”

“Actually, the DVD part on that player doesn’t work,” she replied, “The VCR function does though.”

“I put some of the ideas on this DVD. Do you have another one?” I asked.

She hesitated a moment, “Yeah, I have one hooked up in my bedroom. Let’s go in there.”

As we went down the hallway to the bedroom, I looked to make sure the front door was unlocked so Amber could get inside. As we entered the bedroom, I noticed a tv almost the size as the one in the living room.

“I’ll just go ahead and put it in,” I said turning the unit on and placing the DVD in the holder. I grabbed the remote control before backing away to lean against the bed posts, just to the side of Amy, giving her an unobstructed view of the television.

Amy sat down on the edge of her bed. The TV was on the wall at the foot of her bed.

“Amy, I want you to watch the DVD until the end and then we’ll talk about it,” I told her firmly.

“Okay,” she replied without noticing.

I pressed play and the video showed all three of us in the living room at my apartment. It also showed Jenny putting something into two drinks and then Amy and I drinking those drinks—that was a little bit of video doctoring genius on my part!

I watched Amy’s face turn ghost white. The video progressed to her asking to fuck Jenny and asking to fuck me. She watched as Jenny told her everything to do (which of course I had told Jenny to do—but that was, incidentally edited out) and she then did it. The DVD finally ended. Though the screen was black, Amy still stared at it without saying a word.

After a moment I broke the silence, “Amy, I know that’s not what you were expecting. But you had to know. Jenny laced our drinks. She raped you and had me rape you, though I didn’t know it, and if that wasn’t enough, she taped it all! I thought you deserved to know.”

She looked up at me before bursting into tears. I sat on the bed next to her and wrapped my arms around her to comfort her.

“I can’t believe that bitch did that!” she said angrily, making it the first time I’ve ever heard Amy curse, “I can’t believe it! I got to report this to the police.”

“Amy,” I said pushing her back away from me enough to have her look into my eyes, “If you do that, you’ll be in all the papers. The people at your work will find out. It’ll be a double nightmare for you.”

She began crying again, “What do I do!?! I must do something.”

“You can. We are!” I replied.

She looked up at me again, “What?”

“Amy, I want you to help me get her back. But it’s going to require you doing some things you may not want to do,” I replied.

“I’ll do anything to get her back,” Amy replied with little conviction in her voice.

“If you want to get her back you must do what I tell you to do,” I replied.

“What?” she asked.

“We are going to do the same thing to her, except we aren’t going to be drugged and we aren’t going to be so nice about it,” I replied.

“You mean you want me to have sex with her again?” Amy replied shocked, “Absolutely not!”

“You won’t be having sex with her, Amy,” I replied, “You’ll be getting even.”

“Joe, I will not do that. That’s sick,” she replied.

“I thought you would say that Amy,” I replied shaking my head, “Which is why I’m going to tell you that you have no choice.”

“What?” she asked surprised by my tone change.

“You’ll feel a lot better once you get her back. So, I’m not going to give you a choice. You will help me get her back,” I replied.

“Joe, I want you to get out of my house right now!” she demanded, voice rising.

“Listen, Amy,” I said calmly, “Listen to me good. If you throw me out of your house, I will mail a copy of another DVD that I edited to look like YOU came onto us to your job and your family. Do you want that?”

“I can’t believe you would even think about doing that, much less threaten me with it!” she said crying.

“Amy, you will do what I tell you to do, when I tell you,” I began, “Once we have gotten Jenny back, I will give you the DVD’s to destroy. Deal?”

She was speechless.

“Amy? If you don’t agree, I will leave and tomorrow everyone you know will have a copy of our DVD. Do you really want that?”

“Of course not!” she replied angrily.

“Then what will it be?” I asked again.

She looked at me with fire in her eyes, seemingly ready to strangle me, “Fine. I will cooperate with you. But you swear to give me the DVD’s after we get her back?”

“I swear Amy,” I replied, “But you must acknowledge that I am helping you here. I want your gratitude.”

She looked at me still angry, “I appreciate you trying to help me Joe, even if it is the wrong way to do it.”

“That’s not good enough Amy,” I replied, “I hold your very future in the palm of my hand. If I mail those DVD’s your life, as you know it, is ruined. I am also giving you an opportunity to get the person that made the DVD’s back. You will treat me with respect and you will do whatever I want you to do until this is over.”

“‘Whatever you want me to do?’” she asked frowning slightly.

“That’s right. As thanks to me for helping you get her back and for not mailing off the DVD’s, you will do whatever I want you to, whenever I want you to do it,” I continued, “I want you to go into your bathroom and fix your face back. Put on a little makeup. When you come out of the bathroom, I want you to stand in front of me.”

Several minutes later, the door to the bathroom opened. She exited and came over to stand in front of me. My eyes, from the time she exited the bathroom, walked up and down her body without any attempts to hide that fact. “Wwwhat do you want now?” she asked immediately nervous.

“Have you ever let a guy touch you before Amy?” I asked as I slowly moved my hand down her arm, sensually.

“Nnnnoo, No,” she stuttered slightly.

“Well, other than on the video, huh?” I corrected her, reminding her that it was indeed her on the DVD we had just watched.

“I don’t even remember all of that. I had no control over it,” she began defending herself before I cut her off.

“I understand. So, other than that video, you have never had a guy even touch you,” I asked again.

“No. I’ve never had a boyfriend,” she replied.

“So is it safe to presume that you have never had a kiss before,” I ask standing up, anticipating her answer. She shook her head ‘no.’

I put my hand under her chin and lifted her face upwards slightly and planted a firm kiss on her lips. I continued to kiss her, holding the back of her head with my right hand. At first she kept her lips closed, but soon she opened them to allow my tongue to explore her mouth. We kissed for several seconds before I pulled away.

“So, now you’ve had your first kiss,” I said softly.

“Joe, why did you do that?” she asked. Instead of replying, I sat back down on the bed, which put me eye level with her waist. Her over-sized white shirt hung down over the waist of her scrub pants. I lifted her shirt high enough to get to her draw string.

“I will never do that!” she replied grabbing my hand, pushing it away from her.

“Fine. I’m leaving. When you get to work tomorrow, you should begin packing because by the next day, your bosses will have a copy of the DVD and soon thereafter your family will too,” I said standing from the bed. I headed for the door taking the DVD out of the player. I made it all the way to the front door before I heard her call me.

“Joe. Wait!” she said hurrying down the hallway after me.

“What is it?” I asked opening the door.

“Close the door,” she said as if someone might hear our conversation even though the closest house was like 500 yards away, “Please don’t leave! Come back in the house.”

Without answering, I turned back towards the door and opened it. I hadn’t heard the words I wanted to hear.

“FINE!” she said pulling me back in, closing the door just as quickly, “I’ll do whatever you want me to do. But when we get her back, that’s it and I don’t want to see either of you ever again.”

“Fine with me,” I replied. I reached for her hand and led her back down the hallway to her bedroom.

“I have never done anything before,” she began.

“Actually you have Amy. Not only did you like it, you weren’t bad at it,” I said correcting her, continuing to remind her, though without actually saying it, of the video.

I sat back down on the bed where I was before. I made sure to stand her in front of me like she had been. Again, I was eye level with her waist. With my left hand, I pushed her white shirt up above her waist enough to pull the draw string on her scrubs, untying them.

“I can’t believe I’m letting you do this,” she said almost talking to herself.

“I can stop anytime you want me too,” I said moving my hands away from her again, acting like I was about to stand up.

“No,” she replied, “I can’t let you ruin my career with that DVD. I’ve just been accepted to city college’s graduate school. If that DVD gets out, I’ll have to go into an entirely different field.”

“I’m glad you are deciding to cooperate. I really don’t want to hurt you like that,” I added, “But I need your help and I need to make sure you’re going to go through with helping me. This is the only way to make sure of that.”

I placed my hands on each side of her waist and rubbed down across her hips, to her knees. I did it again, only this time, I rubbed my hands down across her large ass. Her breathing caught momentarily as I rubbed down towards the backs of her legs, where her legs and ass met.

“Spread your legs shoulder width apart,” I said removing my hands completely from her. She did as she was told. I looked up into her eyes, as I pushed my left hand between her legs. She stopped breathing altogether for several seconds, “This is mine. Do you understand?”

She nodded, but said nothing.

“SAY IT!” I said loudly, “What are you giving me?”

She was silent for a moment before saying, “My vagina is yours.”

“I don’t care what you call it from now on, but you will never refer to it as a vagina in my presence again, understand?” I said/asked firmly.

“Yes, I understand,” she said softly, while continuing to gently massage her through her scrubs.

“So, what are you going to call it?” I asked smiling, thoroughly enjoying her embarrassment.

“I’m not sure,” she stammered. I increased the pressure between her legs, focusing my efforts to the general area of her clit. It was definitely beginning to have an effect on her, “My pussy?”

“You can call it that,” I replied, “Can I see your pussy?”

She froze for a few moments upon hearing my question. I continued grinding my fingers in a circular pattern. Her eyes were glazing and she was getting very damp, even though I was still doing all of this through her scrubs.

“Someone is getting excited,” I said embarrassing her even more. She blushed deeply, “You haven’t answered my question.”

“You may see my pussy,” she said finally.

I slid both of my hands up her sides and under her white shirt—the shirt came down even with where her scrubs V’ed. I pushed my thumbs into the insides of her pants, hooking her panties at the same time. I looked up, waited until we made eye contact, and slid her blue scrubs and white panties down to her feet. As I leaned down to help her, she steadied herself by holding onto me. She picked up one foot enough so I could remove her pant leg and did the same for the other side—leaving her legs fully exposed. However, the white shirt was covering everything from just above mid-thigh, up. This didn’t keep her from being terribly nervous and embarrassed.

She refused to look up until I practically ordered her too, “Amy, you are a very pretty girl. You have nothing to be ashamed of.”

“I’ve never been naked in front of someone,” she replied.

“You aren’t naked yet,” I said almost immediately, “Your shirt covers everything except your legs.”

“I know, but still,” she continued, “I don’t have any pants on in front of you.”

I laughed to myself before continuing, “Amy, I want you to take off your bra without taking your shirt off.”

She reached around behind her to unclasp her bra. Then, with her shirt still on, she slid the one strap down her arm and off before doing the same with the other. She handed me the discarded bra.

Her tits sagged before she took off the bra, but afterwards, even though she still had the shirt on, you could tell they sagged considerably more. She stood there, again looking at the ground.

“Turn around,” I said after a moment of trying to see her tits through her shirt. She did as she was told, more quickly now to comply than before. After a moment of looking at her shirt clad back and ass, “Pull your shirt up to your waist.”

She froze completely for the second time.

“Is there a problem Amy?” I asked trying to seem like I was put out by her hesitation.

“N n no,” she replied. Slowly, she grasped the sides of her shirt and slowly pulled the back of it up to reveal her entire naked ass. She didn’t have a huge ass, she simply needed to lose 15 or 20 pounds.

I placed my hands on her ass cheeks causing her to jump. I rubbed and squeezed her ass, occasionally pulling her cheeks apart.

“Turn back around and sit on my lap,” I said after a few minutes of getting to know her ass cheeks. She did as she was told. I made sure to hold her shirt up enough to allow her bare ass to sit on me. She sat down with her legs tightly together. I put my left hand in her lap and my right around her waist.

“Kiss me,” I said pulling her towards me. This time she followed my lead, using a little tongue herself, “You’re learning pretty quickly.”

We kissed for several minutes.

“Spread your legs,” I said breaking the kiss. She did as she was told, but only slightly, “More.”

I pushed her right leg outward until her shirt was pulled up easily revealing her bush.

“I want you to shave your pussy,” I said as I rubbed my hand through her bush and then down her slit. Her slit was as long as anyone’s that I have ever seen. She was still wet from earlier, “You can take care of that in a little while.”

I was soon paying a lot of attention to her clit. Her hips were beginning to move and her breathing was beginning to labor.

“You like that?” I asked her knowing the answer.

“Yes,” she said softly, looking in my direction but not really focusing on me. I watched her eyes as I pushed my finger into her. The walls of her pussy seemed to suck my finger in and she was as tight as anyone I had ever been with. They seemed to widen briefly before becoming unfocused again. I began to finger fuck her more quickly. Her hips pushed back harder and her breathing quickened. Soon, I added another finger though it was a very tight fit.

“Take off your shirt,” I said continuing to finger fuck her. Without hesitation, she lifted the shirt up and off. Her nipples looked straight down at the floor—no perk in her breasts at all. For the second time in my life, I was staring at Amy’s naked body, “I want you to lie down on the bed.”

I pulled my fingers out of her soaking wet snatch to allow her to move onto the bed—they came out with a squishing sound.

She lied down on the bed on her left side. I lied down on my side with my face even with her stomach. I lifted her right leg up onto my shoulder and pushed my body upwards enough so that I could suck her nipple into my mouth. With my left hand, I sank two fingers back into her wet snatch and begin to finger her as deeply as I could reach—and in this position, that was pretty deep.

It wasn’t long before she was moaning her delight, “Please don’t stop Joe. That feels so good.” I continued fingering her for about five minutes. As I did, I sucked her nipple as best as I could in the position I was in, “That’s it. Please, just like that. Just don’t stop!”

I kept this up for about five minutes, her fingernails digging into my shirt covered back. I allowed her to get to the brink of her first orgasm ever, or at least one that she would remember, before pulling out.

“Joe! Why did you stop?!?! Please, just a little more!” she pleaded between breaths.

“I’ll get you there in a few minutes. You still have some things I want you to do to prove that you are willing to do anything for me, no matter what,” I replied.

“Well, what is it? I’ll go ahead and do it now so you can finish what you were doing,” she said sitting up on her elbows, which elevated her upper body off the bed. She didn’t seem to care about anything but getting off.

It has been some time since the creative juices have flown. I finally found some peace in my life to right chapter 4 of this story. As with most continuing stories, it is best to read the other chapters first. Enjoy!


It has been some time since I have last heard from Adriana, but the desire still exists. I wonder if I should reach out to her or continue the waiting game. The amount of passion she has brought to our lives is almost unbelievable. It is so easy to lie in bed and think about her silky skin, firm body and the pleasures she has given me and my lover.

As my mind continues to wander, you enter the room and ask, “You know what I want to do?”

“What would you like to do my dear?”

“I am thinking about a new sexual adventure. Something I have never experienced before and maybe with others watching.”

“That is a quite interesting thought. I was just thinking about Adriana myself.”

“Not exactly what I was thinking, but I always enjoy her company. I am talking about many other people watching as I get pleasured. They are not allowed to participate, but the thought of them watching me be pleasured is quite erotic.”

“I might have a few ideas. Are you free this weekend? Maybe on Saturday night?”

“For the right reasons, I will be free!” you exclaimed.

On my way to work the next day, I picked up my phone and of course called Adriana. I found out she was out of the country for many weeks seeing family and friends overseas. She stated she was back in town and was willing to meet us again. I discussed what you were looking for and she came up with a few ideas. As I thought about your ideas, I knew just the place to go. Time to put the plan in motion.

On saturday, a private car pulled up to your house. I was dressed in grey trousers and a blue shirt. As I walked to your door, it open and you stood their in a stunning red dress. The curves of your body was clearly visible through the tight fabric that stretched across your tan skin. My eyes drifted head to toe as I became aroused as to what the evening behold.

“Good evening,” I said.

You respond with a simple, “Hello my love” and a quick kiss to my cheek. You held my hand as we walked back to the car and sat in the back. Our gave an address to our driver and handed my lover a glass of wine that was already open. My hand ran across your smooth skin of your left thigh and my emotions continued to stir. Our drive was about an hour long and we sipped slowly at the wine in our hands. Soon we were driving up a driveway surrounded by vineyards and manicured landscaping. The sun was beginning to set and the lights of the vineyard were starting to illuminate the grounds of the property. Other couples mingled around the property and were coming and going from their cars. This was a small, boutique winery slightly off the beaten path of the region. The main building was made of stone with distressed wooden accents creating simple patio coverings but they still added a sense of romance and mystery to the property.

The driver pulled up close to the front doors and got out of the car. Before he opened the doors, I told my lover I had a surprise for her. I handed her a black scarf and asked her to cover her eyes with it so she could not see. With a slight pause and a twinkle in her eye, the placed the fabric around her eyes. I opened the door and grabbed her hand as I guided her in the property. There was about 30 people in the building when we entered. They began to look and whisper as this trim woman entered the property wearing a blindfold. You could clearly hear the whispers of people nearest to us and your mind began to wander as you wondered what was about to happen.

I led you to service elevator which took us to a lower floor. I escorted you to a simple dining room that seated about 10 people. Of course the room was empty with one exception: Adriana. She greeted you with a kiss to your cheek which completely caught you off guard. You have not felt those lips on your body in so long but you still instantly recognized who it was. This room was surrounded by wine barrels and was very private accept for one thing you did not know. The ceiling of the room was clear and the guests above could clearly see what was going on. Dark black chains held an assortment of light fixtures to illuminate the room but not bright enough to deter the guests from seeing what was going on.

A small stool was beside the table and I led you to it. Adriana and I each grabbed a hand and told you to step on the stool and onto the table in front of you.

“Tonight you will be the main course my dear,” I whispered gentle in your ear. “We are not alone,” I added as I nibbled your earlobe. “Kneel,” I commanded.

I pulled two silk scarves from a bag I previously brought to the room and wrapped each one around your wrists. When I felt they were secure, I tied them to the chains that supported the lights. You had some movement in your arms but you were for the most part, a slave to our desires.

My hand touched your cheek softly and I kissed your lips softly at first, but my tongue began to explore your mouth. I was aroused and feeling passionate. I ran my tongue across your lips and we started kissing harder. Slight moans began to tell me you were excited and I reminded you that you were being watched as a crowd of about 20 men and women watched from above. I began kissing your neck as my hands explored your breasts through your dress. I could feel the tension in the red fabric as your nipples became taught. I moved one of them between my index finger and thumb to increase the pleasures you were beginning to feel. My tongue began to explore your neckline and behind your earlobe as you squirmed in your restraints.

I moved in front of you so I could run my hands across your body. I moved quickly to your ass and squeezed those cheeks I love to play with. As the excitement aroused me more, I ran my hands up under your dress and under your panties. Your soft skin was warm to the touch as I pulled your panties down to your knees. The smell of your sweet sex filled the room with desire. I could see that the guests above were beginning to become aroused as several couples began caressing their own partners. I unfortunately forgot how I was going to remove your dress while restrained but suddenly Adriana came into the room holding a pair of scissors.

“You might need these,” she stated with slight grin on her face.

I took the scissors from her hand and snipped the straps of your dress which slid down your body to the table. Adriana removed the dress and your panties from your legs as a stared at how the light enhanced the curves of the woman before me. Your breasts were aroused and the smell of your sex continued to perfume the room. “What shall we do with now?”, I asked.

I moved forward and began to kiss your belly. I licked the area around your hips as my hands explored your ass. Adriana moved up behind you and began kissing your shoulders and slid her hands along your thighs. Her hands moved quickly to your front which prompted her to run her index finger across your hardened clit. I watched as she removed her wet finger and tasted your juices.

I got up from the table and moved across the room to retrieve an ice bucket with champagne in it. I placed the bucket on the table and removed a cube of ice from the bucket. I pulled your body closer to the edge of the table and spread your legs slightly. I placed the ice cube in my mouth and moved toward your sex. With the ice on my tongue, I began to explore your pussy. I pressed the cube against your clit as your breathing became labored. Occasionally I would stop and move the ice and my tongue deeper inside your body. You began to moan as I grabbed a fresh ice cube for your continued pleasure. As the cold feeling and hot tongue explored you further, your body convulsed as your came on my tongue with great force. “Oh my God that felt so good!” you exclaimed.

Adriana wanted a turn at your body, but she decided to untie you from your restraints. “Get on your knees and face your ass towards me,” she requested. Adriana put a hand on each hip and began to suck on the lips of your pussy while occasionally exploring the insides with her playful tongue. To your surprise, she began to lick the edges of your asshole with slow circles around the edges.

“Oh my!” you exclaimed with a gasp.

Adriana took it as a cue and began to explore your ass further. I removed my trousers and shirt and hopped onto the table. Of course I was wanting some pleasure myself. I removed the scarf from around her eyes and then slip my body under her. Without any hesitation she grabbed my cock with one hand as her ass continued to be explored with Adriana’s tongue. Your own tongue began to explore the edge of the head of my cock while your hand stimulated my cock up and down. Occasionally you would swallow as much of the shaft as you could while you moved your hand upwards to meet your mouth. I could feel the heat circulating all of the pleasure points in my cock as you sucked and licked in motion to what was happening behind you.

Once again you tensed up and came even as Adriana was licking your ass. Adriana was becoming aroused herself and began playing with herself under her short, black skirt. After a few moments, Adriana told you to get up and lie on your back with your legs hanging over the edge of the table. You finally gazed upwards to the audience which was watching you. Your excitement increased as you realized how gorgeous you were and how much you were enjoying the sex. Adriana moved her head between your legs and began licking your pussy only in a way a woman knows how. I got up from the table and watched for a moment. Adriana seemed to be moving her tongue in small figure eight circles around your clit while lightly fingering your asshole. Your eyes opened and closed with the pleasure rushing through you. You occasionally gasped as you kept yourself from cumming so you could increase the intensity of the orgasm.

I could not handle it any more and moved behind Adriana. As I reached to pull her panties off, I quickly learned they were not there to remove. All the better! I shoved my cock swiftly into her wet pussy as I continued to watch her explore your own pussy. Oh she felt so good. Adriana pussy always felt so wet and tight around my cock. It was just something about her that made me crazy when I was around her. As I fucked Adriana harder, she could not lick your pussy any longer.

“I want us to all come together,” you stated.

With that comment, Adriana placed two fingers inside your cunt and another finger inside your ass. She began to fuck you hard with those fingers and told me to fuck her even harder. I could feel my cock get harder as it became more aroused in this situation. I knew I was about to explode and promptly told the ladies they better be close. At almost the same time, they told me to come. As I felt the wave of my orgasm push my juices deep inside Adriana, I felt her muscles contract around mine. Adriana pulled her fingers quickly out of your pussy and ass just as you came. To my amazement, you came harder than I have ever seen before and juices flooded the table from your pussy. You obviously squirted for what I thought was the first time, but I guess only you would know.

As we removed our bodies from each other, we began to see additional guests come into our private (so to speak) room. I have a feeling this is going to be along and orgasmic night!

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