Firstly, I should introduce myself. My name is Jenny and I’m eighteen years old. Just. On my eighteenth birthday, I got the present I had been dreaming about for the past year. Well, I got more than my dream really.


It was a hot day and so I’d dressed in clothes to reflect the weather. With my midriff showing and my skirt stopping mid thigh, I didn’t think it was inappropriate for this weather. Besides, it was birthday, I could dress how I wanted.

I headed outside and laid on one of the sunbeds around the pool. My family are quite wealthy so we have a pool in the garden. At that moment, I thought it was as private as it could be, especially with my family not being home today (yes, on my birthday!) so I took off my clothes and removed my bra. Laying there, soaking up the sun in just my thong, I felt completely happy.

I didn’t notice the gardener come in to see to the shrubs, or the pool man. I must have fallen asleep because when I came round, they were both stood at the side of me. Looking at my naked body, with their cocks in their hand.

As soon as my eyes opened, the gardener put his hand over mouth.

“Don’t make a sound. OK sweetheart? It’s not like we’re doing anything to you.” The gardener said. “Yeah. Just don’t scream. Or you will have to be punished.” The poolman growled, sliding his hand up and down his cock.

I nodded and looked at them both in turn before focusing my eyes back on their cocks. They were both so big, and thick. Their purple heads were poking straight at me.

“You’re a bad girl y’know. Getting naked and laying out here for anyone to look at.” The gardener whispered into my ear. “You need to be punished. You little slut!” The poolman grunted.

Before I knew what was happening, the gardeners cock had been pushed against my face and at the moment I opened my mouth to protest, he shoved his thick shaft into my mouth and rammed it to the back of my throat.

I gagged and leant forward but he grabbed my hair and pushed me back down. He settled each of his legs either side of the sunbed and, still holding my hair, pushed his cock back and forth in my mouth.

“Don’t do anything stupid you little whore. Or you’ll pay for it. Do you understand?” He growled at me. Shoving his cock further down my throat. “I said do you understand? Look at me!”

“Mhmmm..” I mumbled, looking up into his eyes. His cock blocking my words.

With the gardener’s cock in my mouth, I had all of my attention on him and making sure I didn’t do anything that I wasn’t supposed to.

It wasn’t until I felt a finger moving my thong to one side that I remembered the poolman was still here. With his fingers brushing my pubic hairs, I felt a slight tingle.

“Ooh, this ones going to get it buddy. You should look at this virgin hole.” The poolman laughed.

I felt a harder prod in between my lips then I felt something bigger pushing against my pussy. Trying to get through.

“Numngh.” I mumbled. My hands trying to reach his cock, to bat it away. “Get her hands mate. Keep her still for me.” He grunted while shoving harder against me.

The gardener grabbed my hands in one of his and held them above my head. With bigger thrusts into my mouth, I wrapped my lips around his shaft and began to suck, like I’d seen on the porn movies. Maybe if I do it properly, they won’t be so rough.

“Uhhhh yes. Keep going baby. I can tell you’re a virgin. You’ve never done this before have you. Do it just like that. That’s it.” He moaned.

The poolman was still thrusting away at me, with no luck. I felt his fingers slide in-between my lips and he thrust two straight up my cunt and twirled them around a little bit. The motion made me jerk my legs, but the gardener had a tight hold of my head and hands.

Satisfied, the pool man slid his fingers out of me but kept my lips open. With his other hand, he guided himself to my cunt and pushed onto his cock, he slid it straight into my hole.

“Aurghh.” I mumbled, squeezing my eyes shut at the slight plain. Nobody had ever being in there before, they were right.

“Oh my God. You’ve gotta try this hole. She’s so tight!” The poolman moaned at his mate.

I laid there, with my hands above my head, the gardeners cock in my mouth, the poolmans cock in my newly broken cunt and strangely, I felt a tingle of pleasure.

As the poolman moved his cock back and forth, thrusting it deeper into me with each movement, I felt hot and a little light headed. I tried to focus, and continued sucking off the gardener as best I could. The poolman placed a finger on my clit and began rubbing at my hard nub, making me buck and shake. Within seconds I had cum.

“Ohh you dirty little bitch. You liked that huh? You like being taken like this do you?” The poolman laughed. “Well have this you fucking whore!” He jammed his cock into me as far as he could and exploded his own cum deep into me.

Knowing that the poolman and I had cum must have made the gardener explode because seconds later, my mouth was filled with a salty taste that made me jerk my head forward.

“Swallow it you fucking little whore.” The gardener growled at me. “Fucking swallow it.”

I did as I was told and swallowed all of it.

I laid there, my body tingling, shivering and sweating while waiting for them to pull out of me. The poolman pulled out first and wiped his cock along my stomach before moving to the side of me, his cock glistening with cum, and smiled at the gardener.

“You gotta go in there. I’m telling you.” He smiled. “Oh I plan on doing. Infact,” the gardener’s pulled his cock out of my mouth, “I’m doing it now.”

He takes his hand of my hair and they both smile at me.

“Turn over for us baby.” The poolman tells me. “But …” I quiver. “Do it now.” The gardener instructs.

I turn over on the sunbed so that my arse is in full view. A pair of hands reach around my waist and lift me slightly while another pair put a cushion underneath me. My arse is now propped into the air. I turn my head to look at them and they’re whispering to each other.

“What are you…” I trail off when they stop whispering to look at me. “Shut up.” “You don’t get to speak unless we ask you to ok?” The gardener tells me.

I nod.

The poolman comes closer and lays a slap on my arse. God it stung. It must have turned bright red and left a hand mark because the gardener laughed and said, “look at the colour of that!”

I felt one of them get behind me on the sunbed and then their cock push against my cunt entrance. I was so wet already that they didn’t need any help this time. His cock slid straight in. It must have been the gardener because it felt different. It was thicker. He started thrusting slowly, softly. In and out, getting faster after a couple of minutes.

Then I felt a second body, a chest pushed against my back and my head forced down onto the sunbed by a rough hand. With his other hand, the poolman guided his cock to my arse and separating my cheeks, he guided his cock in-between my arse cheeks. He rubbed his cock up and down my slit, lubing me up before pressing the tip of his head to my hole and pushing.

“No!” I shouted. “No it hurts!” I whimpered.

I felt a slap against my arse cheek and the gardener thrusted harder into my cunt. I must have given the poolman what he needed because he pushed harder and harder against me until his cock pushed through my tight arsehole and he began to pound me harder than when he was in my cunt.

I was whimpering in pain until a minute or so later, I began to feel pleasure. With a cock in my cunt and a cock in my arse, this was an experience for me. My arse was numb but it was also pleasurable.

I could feel everything in there, god it felt so different to him being in my cunt.

I started to gasp for breath and slowly, I began moving my arse back onto the poolmans cock.

“She’s liking this! Look at the little whore! She want’s more!” He laughs.

The gardeners grabs my thighs and thrusts himself deeper into my sopping pussy, his breathing getting deeper, his thrusts getting more urgent.

The poolman pushes my face harder into the sunbed and between the three of us, we find a rhythm that matches us all.

I start to grunt and slide my hand underneath my body, between the pillow and my pussy, I start rubbing my clit as hard as I can.

“Yes! Yes!!” I start to shout.

I forget about them forcing themselves onto me, I forget the pain I felt when they started. All I feel now is pleaaure.

“Ohhh! Yes. I’m going to cum! I’m going to cum!” I tell them.

I rub furiously against my clit and gasp for breath when I feel the orgasm hit me. At the same time, both men thrust themselves deeper into my once more and I feel their cum seep into my throbbing cunt and my arse.

We lay there for a minute, both of them bodies collapsed on top of me.

“Come on mate. We should get going.” The poolman says to the gardener. “Yeah. I guess so.” He shrugs.

They remove their cocks from my holes and leave me lying their on the sunbed, exhausted.

“We’ll be back princess. Be good for us now.” The gardener smiles at me. “Yeah. Make sure you’re back out here and ready for us tomorrow.” The poolman finishes.

The morning of my birthday I wasn’t planning anything special. Nica and I were watching our money, so I knew I wasn’t going to get any big presents or go out for a special dinner. That was fine, I was more than happy to spend the day relaxing with my beautiful wife and enjoy a day off of work. The night before as I fell asleep, I had no idea what Nica had in store for me.

As my brain slowly gained conciseness from a good night’s sleep, I could smell the coffee brewing and feelings of a growing sexual awakening started to overcome my body. It wasn’t unusual for me to wake up with a raging hard on, dreaming of a sexual encounter with Nica, but this morning it was more real. As I opened my eyes and cleared the fog from my brain, I realized that the feelings were real. Nica had woke up earlier and after starting the coffee, she had returned to wake me up by sucking on my cock.

Waking up with my wife’s hot mouth engulfing my hard cock was a feeling like no other! I could feel her moist lips as she slid them up and down the length of my hard smooth shaft. Her expert tongue teasingly circling the engorged head of my throbbing member. Her hand firmly grasping the base, her mouth sucking my length deeply into its warm embrace. Gently sucking up and down, using her tongue to massage the stretched skin, her fingers gripping the base firmly, and her fingertips touching my balls.

With a deep stroke of her mouth, I gasped and let out a soft moan. Nica realized that I was awake, so she sucked hard and raised her eyes to make contact with mine. Keeping eye contact, she slowly sucked her way slowly back towards the swollen head of my aching cock. She stopped at the sensitive rim and worked her tongue around the spots she knew drove me crazy, never breaking eye contact. She continued working me towards the verge of explosion, but stopped just as I was about to cum.

Nica sat up and kissed me hard on the mouth, her hand keeping my erection at the breaking point. We kissed deeply as she continued to slowly stroke my cock. I reached out to fondle her, but she backed away and told me that for now I was not allowed to touch. With that, my beautiful wife jumped off the bed and headed towards the kitchen to get us some fresh coffee.

I was in shock, my cock was still throbbing from the sensual wake up action, my head spinning as I watched my wife walk out of the room naked. Nica is a beautiful brunette, nice and ample breasts crowned with perfect dark pink nipples. Her long legs are topped off with a firm ass that demands attention when she walks. Just seeing her naked almost sent me over the edge.

Soon she returned with our coffee. She walked slowly with purpose as she entered the room. The sight of her exposed breasts gently bouncing with each step. Her nipples were as hard as my cock and stood almost an inch from her puckered areola. My eyes wandered down across her abdomen to her neatly trimmed pussy. With each step, I could see that her pussy was already swollen with excitement. The outer lips of her labia rubbed against each other as she took each step, perfectly framed by the thin strip of brunette pubic hair that seemed to lead your eyes to her swollen clit that was peeking out from its hood.

With a smile, she leaned over to hand me my cup of coffee, her ample breasts hung down and begged to be caressed. Once again she stopped me from touching with a stern voice “no touching until later”. Nica lay on the bed next to me and as we sipped our coffee, she kept her hand touching me, on the thigh, across my stomach, and stroking my cock. She was on a mission to keep me hard, but not let me cum. Nica began to explain her plan, she had decided that we would spend my birthday in our birthday suits and she was going to see how long she could keep me hard without letting me cum. She promised that it would be worth it when I finally came. I couldn’t agree more, the longer I stay erect, the harder I cum.

When we had finished our coffee, Nica took the cups and returned with our laptop computer. I was in awe at the sight of my naked wife. We do spend time naked together, but not often enough for me. I spend most of the summer naked when I’m in the house and I sleep naked every night, but Nica doesn’t stay naked very often. She does go through times that she likes to sleep naked and just relax together naked, but it’s been a while since she has been in the mood for that. Nica settled in next to me and opened the computer to our favorite porn site. She entered “Squirt” in the search box and picked out a video for us to watch. While we watched the action on the screen, Nica kept one hand on my cock and the other hand between her own legs. When the video was over, she closed the computer and told me that I could do the next search, but not until after breakfast.

Once again I was treated to the view of my naked wife walking from the room, showing me every inch of her beautiful birthday suit. Nica returned with a box and some napkins and sat next to me on the bed. She opened the box and handed me a glazed donut. As I began to eat my breakfast treat, Nica pulled another donut from the box and as I watched she tore little bits from the center and erotically licked them from her fingers. What she did next almost drove me to cum! She took her donut and twisted it over the head of my dick. Once it was just below the head, she began to nibble her way around the outside rim of her donut. She used her hand on the base of my cock to guide her treat to her mouth. Slowly she nibbled her way around, licking the frosting that fell off onto my stomach. My cock was throbbing hard as I watched her nibble closer and closer to my rock hard erection. With barely a ring of donut left encircling my member, Nica started just licking her breakfast treat until at last my cock throbbed so hard that it broke the remaining donut piece. Nica didn’t miss anything. She nibbled and licked the crumbs from my stomach and licked the frosting from the tip to the base, leaving me wet and shining from her saliva.

I couldn’t take anymore, but once again my loving wife stopped me and made me promise not to cum just yet, after all, the day had just begun. With a smile, Nica sat up and faced me, sitting on the bed cross legged, naked in all of her glory. She reached back into the box and this time retrieved a ripe strawberry. She erotically sucked the strawberry into her mouth, wrapping her lips around it before removing it and feeding it to me. With a coy smile she pulled out a second strawberry and this time she touched it to her clit before slowly easing it farther down between her swollen pussy lips. She stopped at the opening of her vagina and gave the lucky berry a twist before she fed it to me. I couldn’t believe how it tasted, so sweet, the natural juice of the fruit mixed with the sweet taste of her own natural juices.

The next strawberry underwent the same treatment of being coated with her pussy fluid, but this time she brought it to her own mouth! With a low moan of pleasure she told me that I made it look so tasty she had to try one herself. My eyes were wide with excitement as I watched her enjoy the coated fruit. We spent the next half hour enjoying our breakfast treats. She bit the end off of one of the strawberries and squeezed the juice onto the head of my dick and licked it clean. She spread the juice from another onto her nipples and let me lick them clean for her. With one lucky strawberry she used it at length to masturbate her clit and as a mini dildo pushing it in and out of her wet vagina before she put it in her mouth and kissed me as we shared its sweet sexual flavored coating.

With breakfast over, she opened the computer again and prompted me to enter a search. I typed “orgasm” into the search box and hit enter. We browsed the thumbnails and decided on a compilation video. We watched as the women on the screen masturbated themselves to shaking climaxes. Nica kept her hand on my cock, just enough to make sure I stayed hard. When the video ended Nica chose another orgasm compilation for us to watch. With one hand on my throbbing cock she kept her other hand busy between her legs. At the end of that video, Nica leaned over and kissed me deeply as she rolled on top of me. We kissed as she teased my cock with her pussy lips and clit. She kept the rhythm slow enough for her pleasure but not enough to make me cum. She was getting more and more turned on and was having trouble keeping me from going past the point of no return, so she rolled off and lay next to me. I was watching her breathing deeply. Her chest heaving her breasts up and down, her nipples straining against the tight skin, her areola puckered, framing her erect nipples. Her stomach almost quivering with each breath, and I could see the light glistening off the moisture on her pubic hair strip. Her pussy lips were swollen and turning a dark red as the blood was filling them.

Nica surprised me again when she told me to get my video camera as she pulled some of her favorite toys from the nightstand drawer. “I know you like to watch, so video this so we can both watch later” she purred in my ear as she lay back facing me. I could hardly hold the camera steady as my naked wife began stroking her wet pussy with her favorite g-spot toy. The only sounds I could hear were the vibrating toy and Nica’s moans as she slid the toy between the lips of her pussy. Slowly she slid the toy in and out, bringing it up to vibrate her clit before returning it to the inner folds of her velvet lined vagina. Her back arched with pleasure as she pushed the toy against the magic spot inside of her.

Before long she was pinching her nipple with her free hand as her other hand guided the toy to the most pleasurable spots of her love hole. I could see her getting so wet that some juice was dripping past the toy and dribbling down across her anus. As the juice crossed the tight opening of her anus, I watched as it puckered and relaxed in rhythm to the strokes of her toy. I made sure to video everything, the look of passion on her face, the sight of her pussy lips gripping the toy inside of her, the puckering of her ass as the warm juices caressed the opening.

I focused on her pussy as I witnessed her speeding up, her muscles were tensing as she got more and more aroused. The vibrations muffled as her pussy gripped the toy tighter, her hand guided the love toy in and out, up and down, finding the best pleasure possible. I started to encourage her orgasm, talking dirty as she ramped up the vibrations and rhythm. I was telling her to cum for me, cum for the camera, that’s right show me how you look when you cum. I watched and videoed my sexy horny wife toying herself to a huge orgasm. Her toes curled, her back arched, she threw her head from side to side as she fucked herself into a frenzy. Faster and faster she masturbated until she tensed every muscle in her body as her orgasm drew near. With a scream she squirted a thin stream as her body convulsed in orgasm, squirt after squirt, she shook from head to toe and I got it all on video!

I was so turned on, all I wanted to do was make love to her, and I wanted my dick inside of her and feel her pussy contractions. I was so turned on that I just had to cum. Still shaking, she stopped me once again and insisted that I wait, this was all part of her plan for the day. She asked me to upload the video to the computer so we could watch it later, while she rested for a few minutes. Once I got the video on the computer, she asked me not to watch it until later when we would watch it together.

With her composure regained, she strutted off to the bathroom to start a warm bath. I got up to join her, as I normally sit by the tub while she bathes. This time she told me to get in the tub, she was going to wash me, I gladly complied. Laying in the tub, Nica began to lather up a washcloth. She lovingly started at my feet and washed her way up my legs. She had me sit up as she scrubbed my back. I laid back and she lovingly scrubbed every inch of my body, paying special attention to my still hard cock. She lathered up her hands and stroked me until she felt me about to cum and once again stopped.

She drained the water and started the shower as she stepped in over me. There I was, laying in the tub watching my sexy wife standing over me, totally naked giving me a private shower show. I watched as she caressed soap across her breasts, pinching her nipples to hard points. She lathered up and caressed her abdomen and stroked the suds down her long legs as she bent over me, her breasts hanging just over my eyes. She turned facing away from me as she bent forward to wash her ass. For my viewing pleasure she massaged her ass cheeks and spread them, giving me a view of her pucker anus and pussy from behind. She reached between her ass cheeks and with a soapy finger teased her puckered opening. My eyes were glued to her finger as it slid into the tight opening of her anus. She stood back up and turned to face me as she put on foot on the side of the tub next to my head. I was treated to the show of her washing every inch of her pussy, she caressed the outer lips and washed every fold with me watching from below. She rinsed off, letting the soapy water cascade over me on its way to the drain. I got so turned on as I watched her take the hand held shower and guide the jets of water across her nipples, down her stomach, and between her legs. She spread her pussy lips and let the jets of water caress her inner folds. Rinsed clean she stepped from the shower and towel dried before she guided me from the tub and dried me off.

The next few hours were just spent watching TV, both of us still naked, her keeping me hard and on the verge of cumming. I was surprised and somewhat disappointed when she said that we should get dressed and get something to eat, “after all, we will need our strength for tonight” she insisted. Reluctantly I got up and slipped on a pair of jeans and a t-shirt. Nica sat on the bed and watched as I got dressed and when I was finished she told me to sit down as she got dressed. She opened the closet and pulled out a medium length dress, I expected her to pull out a lacy bra and thong as usual when she wears a dress, but to my surprise and amazement, she just pulled the dress over her head and told me she was ready to go.

We got in the car and headed to a local restaurant. Barely out of the driveway, Nica reached over and guided my hand under her dress between her legs, I slid a finger inside of her wet pussy and she grabbed my hand forcing me to just hold it still as we drove. I kept my finger lodged inside of her hot pussy until we arrived in the parking lot. As we walked in I noticed that her nipples were so hard that they were clearly visible though the material of her dress. I’m sure that my raging hard on was just as visible through the material of my jeans.

During dinner she kept her hand on my thigh and brushed it against my cock from time to time, just to make sure I was still hard. I slid my hand between her legs several times while we sat and she didn’t let on that anything was going on, but I could tell by her hard nipples that she was as turned on as I was. We finished up dinner and headed back to the house. The return drive was even better than the drive to the restaurant. We were barely out of the parking lot when Nica leaned over and unzipped my jeans and pulled my cock out. She spent the drive slowly sucking and licking my cock as I concentrated on keeping the truck on the road. Each time I looked down to see her sucking me, I caught a glimpse of her bare tits showing from the opening of her top.

Back at the house, as soon as we crossed the door, her dress came off and she strutted naked back towards the bedroom. I stripped as I followed my beautiful sexy wife. By the time I got to the bedroom Nica was laying on the bed with her hand between her legs rubbing her clit. I started to climb on top of her so we could make love and I could get the release I so needed, but once again Nica insisted that I wait. She wanted me to watch her get off again. This time she wanted me to help, she pulled my head towards her spread legs. I wasted no time, I licked and sucked her clit just the way she likes. I had her squirming in minutes as I worked my tongue into all of her most sensitive areas. I slid my finger inside of her and found her swollen g-spot. I gently bit down on her erect clit as my finger massaged the tender spot inside of her velvety pussy bringing her closer and closer to orgasm.

As I felt her orgasm building, I changed my rhythm. After all, she had teased me all day, I was going to tease her now. She moaned in disappointment but still pleasure as I licked and sucked her inner lips, teasing her vagina with the tip of my tongue. I licked every inch of her pubic area, around the edges, and down to the sensitive skin between her pussy and anus. I pushed her legs high over her head and licked and sucked her ass cheeks. I pushed her ass cheeks far apart as I licked my way down the crack of her ass and teased her anus with the tip of my tongue. She was writhing with pleasure as I kept licking, sucking, and touching different parts of her hot body.

I held her legs bent back over her body with one hand while I used my other hand to touch and tease her pussy and ass. Sliding my finger in and out of her dripping wet pussy, tracing my wet finger up her slit until I was caressing her clit. Back down across her wet lips, I slid my finger back into the hot folds of her gripping pussy before I traced it down to the opening of her ass. My finger wet with her juice I gently pressed my fingertip against her tight opening. I could feel her relax the muscles and push back against my finger as it penetrated the puckered hole. She clenched as my finger slid past the first knuckle. I just held it still and went back to licking her clit. The moment my tongue touched the sensitive tip of her clit, her ass relaxed and sucked my finger deep in its grip. I used my other hand to play with her pussy. With two fingers in her pussy, I pressed and massaged her engorged g-spot. My tongue circling her throbbing clit, I wrapped my lips around her clit and sucked hard. She bucked wildly as I fingered her ass, massaged her g-spot and sucked her clit. I knew she couldn’t hold out much longer, so I really worked her g-spot hard and lapped across her aching clit.

Her pussy and ass clamped down on my fingers as I felt a hot stream splash against my chin and into my open mouth. Hot, sweet, and salty she squirted and bucked under me. She dug her nails into my head as she violently shook her way through the squirting orgasm that gripped her entire body. Once again I started to climb onto her, I was denied again. I couldn’t believe it, she always wanted me inside of her and to feel me cum inside of her after I lick her to an orgasm.

To my surprise she reached for the computer. She asked me to play the video from earlier. As the video played, she viewed it transfixed on the images of her that were similar to the orgasm videos we watched earlier. She kept her hand on my cock, still keeping me hard. With the video over we just spent the next few hours naked with each other. Nica caressed my chest and kissed me, I have never felt so loved and so wanted. Nica knows what I like and she knows how much I like to spend time naked together. We talked about sexual desires, fantasies, and kept each other turned on. Talking about our fantasies kept me hard and when Nica noticed a drip of pre-cum appear on the tip of my cock, she leaned down and licked it clean. I was ready to explode, I couldn’t take any more, but Nica wasn’t done with me yet.

Nica had me pull up the erotic stories I write and she had me read them to her. I love to write about our sensual and sexual encounters and fantasies. Nica enjoys reading them, and it seems that she enjoys hearing me read them to her too. After reading several of my stories of us, Nica grabbed me by the hand and led me to the living room. She put some music on and stood in front of me, both of us still naked. I knew exactly what she wanted, she wanted me to dance with her. We had taken dance lessons and didn’t get much of a chance to use our lessons. How sexy, how romantic, how erotic, dancing naked with each other.

On the outside Cheryl Bernard was your ordinary suburban housewife. She participated in the local community; she even was in the book club… But behind her soft red lips, was a sex mad animal. She lived with her husband Harry in an outer city mansion. Harry had done well in his career, and those long days and trips away from his wife had earned them a beautiful home, and any other luxury the desired. Cheryl stayed at home and tended to the house and also enjoyed her secret hobby of masturbating, which would have been frowned upon in their upper class suburb.

It was the tenth of October, Harry’s 40th birthday. What do you give to the man that can afford anything he desires? Well Cheryl had an idea…

The day started like any other day in the Bernard household. Harry would get up at precisely 6.02 a.m. Cheryl would get up a minute later and pull him back in the bed for a final kiss before falling back asleep while her husband got ready for work.

“Goodbye Hun!” He shouted from downstairs. Cheryl would usually reply with an affirmative grunt, however she suddenly realised it was Harry’s birthday, and answered back with “I’ll get your surprise ready!” She had eleven hours to plan his surprise, but what would she do? She got up from her bed and stood up. Cheryl slept in a grey silk night gown, which she took off and threw it on her bed to reveal her body.

Cheryl was a beautiful woman by most people’s standards, and was definitely a head turner. She had dark, almost black hair which came just past her shoulders. She had a natural sun kissed skin thanks to an Indian ancestor somewhere up the line. Cheryl did not look 40. She had matured like a fine wine. She was around 5 foot 7, with all the curves in the right places. Her breasts showed no signs of aging and remained a pert 34D, which would show off her magnificent cleavage, whether she wore a bra or not. Her arse was equally impressive. It was perfectly proportionate to her body and resembled a ripe peach, prime for a bite! Cheryl wasn’t a large woman per se; however she had a 60′s hourglass figure, a rarity nowadays. Her face hadn’t aged in over fifteen years, and she still had a glow of someone in their twenties. Her lips were full, which she prominently featured using a blood red shade of lipstick. Cheryl’s eyes were brown, with coloured flecks which gave her a youthful look. She had subtle dimples on her cheeks in line with her lips, which made her irresistible to any man she laid eyes upon. She certainly was a stunner.

After cleaning the house and preparing dinner, it was almost five. Her husband would be back soon and she still didn’t have a surprise that she promised. She quickly ran upstairs to change, and picked a red cocktail dress the same shade as her lipstick. She opened the door of the wardrobe to reveal the full length mirror. The dress was tailor made and as a result, clung to her every curve. She topped up her make up before looking back at the mirror. She looked HOT, and she knew it. Cheryl had never really considered herself to be bisexual; however she could tell when she saw a beautiful woman. An idea came to her head. Maybe she could be the surprise!

The door opened downstairs. She ran downstairs and passionately kissed her husband. He grabbed her by the waist before moving his hands to her bum, and giving her a playful spank. Cheryl had her own tease, by taking his tongue in her mouth, and biting on the end, causing him pull out. As she embraced him she could feel his penis through his pants against her body. She couldn’t resist, and gave it a quick touch, she smiled up at him.

Cheryl had dinner ready to be served, and after their dinner she led Harry to the living room to relax for a few minutes while she got prepared. She took off her dress and went into the shower. She turned on the hot water and got the shower gel and started to rub it on her body. Her body tingled as she moved her hands over her nipples. Cheryl had relatively large and dark areolas, with her nipples sitting perfectly in the middle. Touching herself had got her nipples erect. She realised she hadn’t had any time to pleasure herself yet. She inserted her warm fingers inside her wet pussy, and could feel her body tingle. She took her other hand and massaged her clit, rubbing it faster and faster till she got her first orgasm of the day. She took more of the gel in her fingers and rubbed it from her clit all the way to her arse. Cheryl was an anal virgin. Harry had asked for anal on numerous occasions, however Cheryl enjoyed G-Spot stimulation too much to try it.

Today was the perfect day to try it. It would be the icing on the cake for Harry if he could have anal sex. She put one of her fingers inside her arse, and moved it around. The first one went in easily, so she tried another. Now the pain began. “Urhh, Oh My!!” She kept on thrusting and loosing up her secret hole. The pain eventually subsided and she gave herself a final rinse and stepped out. She didn’t want to loosen it too much. That was the whole point of anal. She knew the pain would come after, but also realised how much Harry would love fucking her arse.

It was time for her second outfit change. She picked up a black lacy flyaway babydoll, and a matching pair of panties. If the red dress got him hard, then this would send him over the edge. She lay on the bed and called him upstairs. She heard his steps. This was it. He was going to get the best fucking of his lifetime. He stepped through the door and stopped in his tracks. She knew she looked sexy, and he’d want her there and then. He approached the bed. Cheryl started to crawl towards him slowly like a lioness on the prowl. She grabbed him by his tie, and pulled him in for a kiss. She put one hand below and started to tease his prick through his pants. She could feel it going larger in her hand, giving her even more confidence and control.

She ripped off his shirt and trousers, and ordered him to remove the rest. As he removed his boxers, his dick popped out and was rock hard and ready for a good fucking. She placed it in her mouth and lubed up his dick with her spit. She wasn’t going to use proper lubrication, this was for his pleasure and not hers. She turned around and teased his cock with her arse, before bending down in front of him. He started to pull down her panties. “NO! Tear them off with your teeth!” He tore them off and positioned his cock in front of her pussy. “Today, you get to fuck me in the arse. You’ve always said an arse like mine needs a good hammering! Fuck me!” He put the tip in and Cheryl let out a little moan. He entered her tight butthole. “Uhh, YES, Fuck me like the whore I am!” He thrusted faster and faster. Harry spanked Cheryl, and grabbed each cheek with a hand. He pulled out her arse, and started to tongue fuck her arsehole and her quivering cunt. Cheryl’s whole body was shaking, it had hurted like hell, but she started to enjoy herself.

Harry put his whole face into her pussy and started to lick her and tongue fuck her. “Oh God, YES, YES!” she shouted out, unable to control herself. The arse was great, but nothing could match Cheryl’s soaking wet cunt, contracting around his cock.

As she bent over the bed, her breasts dangled from her dew covered body, and shook after every thrust. She had a clean looking landing strip, which lead to her tight slit, with was accompanied by two narrow labia at the sides. Only in the nude can a person truly appreciate the art form of a woman’s body. After every thrust Cheryl’s face was in complete ecstasy. This wasn’t acting… This was real.

Harry pulled out from his wife and turned her around so she laid there on the bed, her body still writhing from the immense orgasm she just experienced. They weren’t done yet however. Cheryl pulled down Harry by his cock, and guided it towards her mouth. Harry’s average length but thick penis disappeared past Cheryl’s shiny red lips. She repeatedly sucked in till she had dimples on her cheeks, each time at varying depths along the shaft. After every suck left, Harry let out a slight “Ahh”, obviously enjoying the sight of a gorgeous woman around his dick. Cheryl knew how to give a blowjob, this obviously wasn’t her first time. Her hands were massaging the testicles, and would occasionally stop to give a firm squeeze that would cause Harry’s whole body to twitch in pure ecstasy. Cheryl took the cock into her throat as far as it could go until her whole face disappeared into Harry’s pubic area. She held it there for a few seconds before pulling it out, covered in saliva mixed with the salty pre-cum. She kept eye contact throughout, showing her dominance and also that she was enjoying it as much as he was. A red ring from her lipstick covered the base of the penis. She looked up into Harry’s eyes with a devilish smile, pointing out her achievement and marking her territory. This was her personal sex toy, and no one else’s.

Cheryl’s took out her tongue and licked the whole length of the shaft before continuing to the balls, and even underneath further. She lingered on the testicles, taking turns to using her tongue and suck them into her mouth for an oral massage; before taking them both and gagging on them. Harry’s cock was twitching uncontrollably. This only meant one thing. He was going to cum, and by Cheryl’s performance, she deserved a big load. Harry pulled her face from his balls, causing a lubricated pop sound. He pulled her for one more kiss, and put her face below his cock ready to be glazed in his hot sticky cum. Cheryl smiled again and held her big breasts together ready to catch any that leaked from her face. As Harry stroked his dick faster and faster, Cheryl used her tongue in a circular motion at the tip to speed up the process. This was her prize. She had earned it.

Cheryl pulled away just at the perfect moment, which can only be learned with experience, and with a final grunt from Harry, the pearl covered cum shot out of the tip. The first spurt reached from her forehead, covering her left eye and continued down past her red lips until it reached her chin. Harry distributed the rest of his seed evenly across her face with the majority going into her awaiting open mouth. Harry held his semi-flaccid penis near her mouth, and like the good wife, she licked up the last remaining drops. She had taught her kids to finish up everything given to them, and in the bedroom at least, she was no hypocrite. She licked the cum from around her lips like you would to the sugar from a doughnut.

She slowly opened her eyes, her left cum covered eye opening significantly slower, and smiled from ear to ear. As she smiled a pearly strand fell from her chin directly into her cleavage, which was still held together by her hands. With her eyes she signalled Harry to use his prick as a mop and pick up the drop from between her ample bosom. He guided his cock to each of her dark large areolas, slowly circling each one and then touching her ultra-sensitive nipples. Cheryl giggled each time, causing a tingle in her moist pussy. He wanted to make her wait, tease her and not give her the final sweet but salty drop of his seed. He finally picked up the cum and fed it to her eager mouth, like a kid awaiting their final sweet in the pack. She used her finger to clean up the rest of the cum from her mouth and swallowed it instantly.

She wasn’t going to let her husband not feast though. This was Harry’s night, it was his birthday and this was his surprise. She took her other hand and cleaned out her own cum from her moist pussy and offered it to her husband, who happily accepted. The air filled with the unmistakable musty smell only the juices of a woman can produce.

Harry collapsed into the bed. He had a long day at work, and a tiring but immensely enjoying sex session with his beautiful wife. Cheryl kissed her way up from his now flaccid dick up to his face, leaving red lip marks from her lipstick. She lingered her kisses on his neck before giving him a final French kiss. She pulled up the covers and rested her head on his chest. She could hear his heart rate slowing back to the normal rate. She looked up at his face and smiled, before closing her eyes. She was a sex goddess, and boy did she know it!

The limo pulls up in front of your beautiful home at precisely 9:00 pm as expected. Your wife kisses and hugs you farewell, excited that your friends have arranged a special surprise for you. You hold her close; appreciative of all the amazing times you enjoy together.

In your mind you ask yourself what your mates could possibly have in store for you. It doesn’t take long to find out. Sitting on the lap of one of your mates is a beautiful brunette with a voluptuous body, nice big tits and a brilliant smile. You notice how long and lean her legs are in her netted fish net stockings.

As the limo trolls the city your friends laugh with you remembering fun times shared. Trixie, the brunette, keeps smiling at you and running her hand up and down her sexy legs. While you watch, she dips her finger briefly into the soft folds of her pussy, then licks her finger. The showing was a private one just for you. None of your friends noticed; they were too busy talking.

You all file out the limo into the first strip club. So many sexy, hot, women gyrating starts to make your head spin. One in particular is using the pole as her sensual lover. Her moves are so tender and exquisite that you’re fascinated and smitten.

Then she turns and smiles at you mouthing the words Happy Birthday Sexy.

They announce her name. It’s me. Luscious Linda.

As I start to dance to the raunchy tunes on the speaker you feel a tightness in your pants. I’m drawn to you and very turned on. I can’t help but dance closer and closer to you. I know I’ll get fired if I don’t move the floor like I’m suppose to, but I can’t stop myself.

Then I lay down and do a slow and sexy bicycle exercise to the beat of the music. You watch me snap my legs open, revealing my jeweled thong.

I make sure it’s you that gets the best view. Other men call me over but I can’t stop wanting you.

The attention you’re receiving, my sexy birthday boy, is being noticed by your friends. Your attraction to me is evident in your eyes. My red corset, black fishnet stockings and incredibly sexy body stimulates your senses.

It’s at that moment that one of the boys in your crew decides to get everyone to pitch in for a private party for you and me. While you watch me seduce you, Trixie strolls up behind you and grinds her pussy into you from behind. Her fingers then caress your sexy ass.

The dance is over and another less attractive tart emerges on the dance floor, taking my place. The boys whisk you away to the private room. At the last minute Trixie slips through the door to the room. You find yourself with two amazingly beautiful women who crave you, who want you, and who will do anything you say to please you.

The feeling is heady and you love it. It’s your birthday and you know you deserve to be treated and spoiled and pampered.

Immediately you kiss me and play with my succulent cleavage. Trixie grinds into you as you do that. Before you know it you’re in a very attractive, hot, little sandwich. You kiss the brunette, then me, then her. Slowly we circle you and take off your clothes seductively. You loosen my corset and unhook her tasseled bra. In front of you now are two sets of amazing tits. We guide your sexy, nude, body to the bed and you watch us.

I turn on the music and we both start dancing and shaking our tits to the seductive tunes of soul music. Trixie slides up to you on the bed. Her big tits press into you, as her mouth finds yours. You feel your legs being spread. You feel my wet mouth taking in your nice hard cock. Lindddaaa, you moan as I stroke you and rub you while sucking your cock to perfection.

The brunette feeds you her tits now while I continue to suck your amazing cock. My finger finds your tight hole and I press gently while sucking you. I love hearing the way you suck and lick her tits. I start playing with your balls while smothering your big cock is wet, french, kisses. The pleasure we’re all experiencing is written on our faces.

Trixie slides off of you and joins me in sucking your beautiful cock. We lick up and down your hard rod and then kiss while you watch. Now we’re taking turns, almost like a contest, who can suck you the best and make you moan the loudest. I lick your balls while she inhales your big cock. She licks your thighs, as I cup your balls and fuck your cock with my mouth.

You tell me to lie on my back and tell her to get on all fours. You get on top of me, kiss me wildly and then you slide your gorgeous cock deep into my very, wet, pussy. Long strokes followed by short ones. Then lots of short strokes. You feel me orgasm around your cock. It’s making my pussy soaking wet.

You pull out and stand in front of us. I watch as you take your wet cock and slide it inside the Trixie’s tight pussy from behind. You fuck her hard. I see and hear her orgasm on your cock while circling my clit.

I want you to fuck my ass so bad I can hardly stand it. You sense this. Your cock is so hard still and you’re ready to fuck me like a wildman. And you do. You tilt me over and slip your wet cock deep between my cheeks pounding into me like you can’t get enough. I greet each stroke with a satisfied moan. Abruptly you pull out noticing Trixie wants some of that too. I realize I will have to wait my turn.

Your cock is throbbing before you. You look so handsome. So virile. So ready for anything. I think about how age is just a number and how your sexiness will always lure beautiful women to crave you.

I watch the skillful and kind way you enter between Trixie’s sexy cheeks making sure you don’t hurt her. Then I watch you ramm her full force.

I’m so turned on Handsome. You see the look of rapture in my eyes. You watch me play with my tits. Our eyes lock while you ramm her sexy ass. Then you watch me play with my pussy and bring myself to a noisy orgasm. As I begin to pulse, you release your big load of hot cum right between her cheeks. We orgasm together. Loud and wild.

The sounds of our orgasmic pleasure fill the room. Slowly we come to our senses. You pull out and lay on the bed. Each of us snuggle in beside you on either side. We kiss your sexy body, lick your perspiration, massage you, caress you and adore you with our hands and lips. Gradually we all get up.

Before I know it, I’m joining you and your friends in the limo ready to find some more fun places to enjoy. Then us girls start singing Happpy Birrrrrrthdayyyyyyy to Youuuu, Marilyn Monroe style. You start to feel your cock getting hard again and wonder where the boys will take you next. You kiss me. Then her. You see in our eyes how hungry we still are for the birthday boy. Happy Birthday Handsome! Enjoy your celebration you sexy, sexy, man xoxo

You wake in the morning to the exquisite pleasure of my tender, moist lips wrapped around your morning-stiff cock, suckling gently on you as your sleep-clouded brain gradually realizes this is not a dream. Your eyes flutter open to find my dark eyes peering out at you from under my long lashes, locking onto yours as my warm mouth bobs up and down on your hard cock. Now that I have your attention, I become more deliberate with my motions, applying more suction, and drawing the tip of your cock in and out of my mouth with a loud series of audible pops.

With my fingertips, I would gently stroke your balls, slowly moving back to press firmly in small circles against your perineum, placing just the right amount of pressure against your prostate. Sinking my lips as far down your shaft as I could, I would suck as if to pull the cum right out of your balls as I push it out by manipulating your prostate. Soon, your legs quiver as your body tenses, your toes curling reflexively as your spill your load into my mouth. Gingerly, I lick away all traces of your sticky cum, before placing a tender kiss on the sensitive head of your cock before pulling away and sending you off to the shower.

When you walk into the bathroom, you find a small gold box with a crimson ribbon resting on the vanity with a card that reads, “Something for later…” You pull on the ends of the bow, unraveling it and opening the box to find a new bottle of thick, high-quality lube, and you smile to yourself as you rest it on the counter and step into the shower, pulling the curtain behind you.

As you exit into the steam-filled bathroom, another, slightly larger gold box is waiting for you upon the counter, next to where you left the bottle of lube. Still dripping water onto the floor, you eagerly read the card: “A special accessory for your special day…” Opening the box, you find a medium rubber plug, this one featuring a slight curve to pleasure your prostate throughout the day. Quickly, you pat yourself dry and speed through the rest of your morning routine, strolling into the bedroom with your birthday presents in hand. I’ve laid out your suit for the day on a chair, but I am nowhere to be found.

You lay upon the bed, drawing your legs up and spreading them wide. With well-lubricated fingers, you deliciously tease your clean, tightly puckered rim, making it slippery and coaxing it to relax. Taking the toy, you rub it against your pulsating hole before slowly pressing it inside your receptive ass, moaning as it lodges inside you. You are running short on time, but you take a few moments to stroke the toy in and out of your stretched opening, feeling your rim spread and contract around the foreign presence before nestling it deep inside for the day. As you dress, the toy presses tantalizingly against your prostate, causing your cock to partially harden and thicken.

At the office, it is virtually impossible to focus on your work. The toy violating and stimulating your delicate rectal lining is keeping you in a constant state of heightened arousal. Just before your lunch break, an email from me pops up in your inbox. It reads only, “Check your jacket pocket.” Reaching your hand inside, you detect the unmistakable presence of silk, and your cock lurches inside your pants, knowing what you’ve found even before your brain can put the pieces together. Surreptitiously, you glance around to make sure no one is looking and your trembling fingers pull a pair of my red silk panties from your pocket. You jump as your cell phone vibrates with a received text message. It is from me: “A preview for later.”

You long for relief, but this is neither the time nor the place. Nevertheless, you spend most of your afternoon surfing your favorite adult websites, occasionally brushing your fingertips across your stiff but captive cock. With minutes to go before you can finally leave for the day, a messenger arrives at your desk, wielding a box. You sign the delivery slip without standing, struggling to keep your erection hidden under the desk. With a letter opener, you slice open the white cardboard packaging to reveal another golden box, another crimson ribbon. This time, the card reads, “Who says only women wear jewelry? I want to admire this on you tonight.” Inside the box, you find a silver cock ring, and another dizzying wave of lust washes over you. You slip it in your pocket, saving it for later.

The commute home seems to stretch on infinitely as the promise of release looms large in your mind. Finally, you find yourself in front of the door, the key in your outstretched hand, nearly trembling in anticipation of the evening to come. Before you can press the cold metal to the lock, the door flies open, revealing me standing behind it. Your eyes travel from the bottom up, taking in the metallic gold pumps and the full skirt of a golden dress, tied at the waist with a scarlet sash. I’ve polished off the look with deep crimson lipstick, and a sweep of subtle shimmering eye shadow across each lid.

Stepping across the threshold, you secure the door behind you, and grab my wrists, drawing them over my head and pressing me firmly against the wall, crushing my lips against yours. However, the intensity of our kiss is not enough to distract from something vaguely amiss. You pull back, looking at me quizzically. Your grip softening in your confusion, I take your hand and guide it under my dress, revealing your final gift of the evening, a large, firm, strap on cock.

Taking your hand, I lead you into the bedroom, and stand before you. “Where is the present I sent you earlier?” I ask. Reaching into your pocket, you produce the gleaming silver ring, and I take it from you, slipping it over a pair of fingers as I begin to attend to the buttons of your shirt. I look into your eyes as I systematically divest you of your clothing, leaving you standing there naked and exposed to my gaze. “Unwrap me,” I suggest in a barely audible whisper.

Just as you did with the presents, you begin with the sash, untying it and allowing it to fall to the floor. With agonizing slowness, you unzip my dress, and I shrug my shoulders, causing the material to slip from my body and fall in a heap around my feet. I now stand before you naked, the menacing dildo protruding lewdly from my hips, affixed to by body with a set of black leather straps. Your full, stretched ass throbs with anticipation around its plug as you take in the sight of me.

I graze my manicured nails across your cock one last time before slipping the cock ring, warmed from my body heat, over your cock and balls, causing your turgid member to become just that little bit harder. Pausing briefly to admire my handiwork, my lust for you is written all over my face. Firmly, but gently, I guide you onto your hands and knees on the bed, where your hands reach back to spread your ass for me, without my even needing to ask. Seeing the flared base of the plug I left for you so many hours ago resting between your firm cheeks sends a bolt of arousal coursing through me, and I grasp it tightly between my fingers.

Slowly, I tug at the plug, your well-exercised hole stretching once more as the wider body of the toy presses against your sphincter from the inside. I hold it there, allowing you to bask in the delicious pressure, as a moan escapes your lips into the mattress. Drawing the plug out to its widest point, I hold it there, reveling in the sight of your ass stretched to its widest point, the tender inner flesh of your rim exposed all along the edge of the toy. Unable to resist, I lower my mouth to lick all around that sensitive flesh, sending a glorious wave of sensations through your entire groin, before sliding the toy back inside. Over and over I repeat this action, opening and closing your slackened aperture, systematically ridding it of its remaining resistance, until you can no longer hold the plug inside and it slips from your body.

Peering into your red, engorged rim, I take in the sight of your dark channel, powerless to resist its next invasion. Tentatively, I touch my fingers to it, feeling how loose I have made it, all hints of tightness gone. I dribble some of the lube upon it, soothing it, and pour some into your empty, inviting rectum. For good measure, I drip the moisture all over the surface of the dildo jutting out from my body, stroking it wetly, the sound of it echoing through the room. I catch the sight of your gaping hole fluttering at the sound of it, hungry to be filled once again.

At long last, I place the tip of the artificial phallus against your tender bud, rubbing gently before your relaxed rim spreads around it, and seemingly draws it deep into your body of its own accord. With one smooth, slow motion our bodies are pressed together, my cock deep inside you, filling you up, as my breasts rest against your back. Staying still, I let you become accustomed to the feeling of fullness as I pepper your shoulders, ears, and the nape of your neck with soft, wet kisses. Almost imperceptibly, my hips begin to grind against you, moving the dildo inside your ass, as you feel it rub against previously unexplored spots deep within your bowels. Sensing you are ready, I begin to fuck your ass in earnest, pushing and pulling the toy inside you, its bumps and ridges raking against the walls of your dark void. When you begin to move your hips to meet my thrusts, I know I have you.

My hand moves below you, seeking out your aching erection. The cock ring has it harder than I’ve ever felt it before, and the veins stand out in high relief beneath my fingers. I smile to myself as your muffled moans grow even louder, knowing it won’t be long now. Spreading your precum along the length of your cock, I stroke you in time to my firm thrusts, pushing you closer and closer to an explosive climax. Finally, a preternatural scream emanates from deep within you as your violated ass spasms violently against its conqueror, and your cum erupts from your cock in a powerful volley against the sheets. Your entire body convulses with the force of your climax, as I expertly milk the last drops of cum from you, and you collapse, completely drained.

I slide the toy out of your wrecked hole with a wet plop, watching, as it stays open from the onslaught it just experienced. The cool air of the room seems to waft deep inside your body, but you are too exhausted to fight it. The harness falls to the floor as I unhook the straps, and crawl into bed next to you, draping an arm across your back, and nestling a leg between your own splayed thighs. Still unmoving and breathing heavily, you glance at me sideways, the side of your face pressed against the sheets, as I trace the edge of your ear with a trail of kisses and whisper to you, “Happy Birthday, darling.”

“Come on, everybody knows you’re a slut! It’s not like you’re not into guys.” I called after her as she walked away. It was my eighteenth birthday, the first day of the school year, and for the last half hour I had been begging Elizabeth Cross to have sex with me. Elizabeth, or Ellie as she prefers to be called, was the captain of the schools cheer team. Every guy, and even some girls, in the school wanted to have sex with her. Her body was a beautiful 34-24-34. In other words, she was eighteen and just about every guys dream girl.

“Did you just call me a slut?” Ellie asked.

“Yeah, I did.” I responded.

“Maybe I will have sex with you after all” And then with a giggle, she walked off.

Later that evening, I heard a knock at the door to my room. I opened the door and in walked Ellie as beautiful as ever. She had a backpack with her.

“What’s in the bag?” I asked.

She replied with a “you’ll see soon enough” and then pulled my pants and boxers down in one swift and fluid motion. When she saw my dick, she laughed.

“You were right earlier when you called me a slut. I’ve fucked over thirty men since I turned eighteen six months ago. But, none of those men had dicks as pathetic as yours. I’m not gonna fuck that, orally or vaginally.” She started rummaging through her backpack. “Ah, here it is.” She pulled out a blindfold and put it on me. She reached down and pulled a pair of handcuffs out and cuffed my hands behind my back. My dick was rock hard by this point.

“I have a gift for you” She said. I heard her go through her bag again, and then out of nowhere, I felt her fist hit my balls. She hit my balls over and over, until my dick was limp again. Then I felt her put some hard ring-like thing around the base of my cock and balls. I was extremely curious. I felt a tube like thing slide down the exterior of my cock and then I heard a click.

Ellie took the blindfold off me and I looked down. I had some sort of chastity device on. “That’s called a CB-6000s. It’s made for guys with tiny dicks like yours. I’ve put a lock on it, so you won’t be able to take it off.” She laughed and continued “it didn’t matter how big or small your dick was, I was never going to let you stick it in any of my holes.”

She started to take off her clothes. As I watched her strip, my dick desperately tried to get erect but couldn’t. When she had finished stripping, she grabbed the back of my head and forced my mouth to her ass. “Lick my asshole, and lick it good” Ellie commanded and I did. After I’d been licking her asshole for a bit, she pushed me back and put a huge ball gag in my mouth. I was so busy licking her asshole; I hadn’t even noticed her grab the gag out of her bag.

“That felt good, but I want to have some fun” She put the blindfold back on me and pushed me onto my back. I heard some movement, then I felt her push my ankles together, and with my ankles in one hand she pushed my ankles toward my head so my ass was sticking up. I felt something hard rub on my asshole, then I felt that hard object enter my asshole. It was huge and painful. I felt it go back and forth, gradually moving faster and faster.

“How does it feel to have your ass violated by a woman?” Ellie asked. I tried to respond but the gag was so big, all that came out was what seemed like random noise. She continued pounding my ass with her strap on for a few minutes.

I felt the dildo leave my ass, felt my legs being put down, heard some movement, and then I felt something being put on me. Ellie took my blindfold off and I looked down. She had put a strap on dildo on over my chastity device. Ellie climbed on top of me and started riding me. She rode me until she came and then removed my gag. She put her pussy on my mouth and made me clean her pussy with my tongue. After I was done cleaning her pussy, Ellie started packing her things up. After a few minutes of packing up, she started for the door.

“Wait! You forgot to take off the chastity device!” I said.

“No, I didn’t. You’re gonna wear that until you apologize for calling me a slut. I have to believe that you are actually sorry. Until then, you are going to do each and every thing I tell you to do.” She walked through the doorway, stopped just outside the doorway, and said “Oh, and Happy Birthday!”

I ended up wearing the chastity device until graduation. Over the course of that school year, I had to endure forced feminization, forced bi, male and female gangbang dominations.

DISCLAIMER: The story you are about to read is purely fictional. Any possible similarities between the characters and events with people in real life are purely coincidental.


My name is David. I’m a thirty-five year old man who went though what would probably be a fantasy to most men. Before I get into it, let me tell you about where I came from.

I normally work as an accounting/financial manager for a large bank. I’m good at my job. I’m not some millionaire living the high life, but my career has afforded me things like a four-bedroom house and a nice car. You might think I’m living the perfect life, but it’s not all wine and roses.

I used to be married. I met my wife back in college and we dated for several years. We married and planned on the usual things married couples do. We bought the house (fully paid for) and were planning on starting a family. Unfortunately, things didn’t work out so well.

Robert is a childhood friend of mine. While I graduated college, married, and built a nice upper middle-class career, he wheeled and dealed his way into making many of the “right moves” that led him to becoming a regular Gordon Gekko, only not as “evil”. Taking money inherited from a dead relative, he invested in Apple before the iPod, and in Google before they really blew up. I won’t knock him, he’s good at playing the market and turned his measly $20,000 inheritance into an investment firm making him $100 million a year. Robert is also your stereotypical wealthy playboy bachelor. Jet-setting, dating models, driving exotic cars, etc.

Before you think it, Robert did not steal my ex-wife from me, although he regularly feels like he caused my divorce. How did this happen? Well, about three years ago, Robert was holding a charity gala at an art museum downtown. My now ex-wife and I attended. Robert had introduced me to a business colleague of his who was another wealthy playboy type.

I did not think much of it, but Robert’s colleague apparently had eyes on my now ex-wife. Somehow he managed to get in contact with her, and a year later I find out she was having a steamy affair with him. I even remembered when I thought she was traveling for work, but found out she was flying to exotic getaways. It wasn’t until they both showed up on a celebrity watcher TV show that any of us found out.

Long story short, we divorced shortly after, and my ex-wife ended up playing with Mr. playboy until he dumped her for someone younger. I guess karma is a bitch. At the time of the divorce, my now ex-wife didn’t want to turn things into a heavy drama, so I got to keep the house and everything else was settled. I’m thankful that while she wasn’t faithful, she also wasn’t your typical “destroy him” divorcee.

So now it’s the present day. It’s been a year and a half since my divorce, and my life has been mainly work and home. I go to work, put in the hours, make people a lot of money (even in this economy), then go home to my empty house to hide.

Robert of course has had this overbearing feeling of guilt ever since then. He stopped doing business with his colleague and even tried many ways to “make it up to me”. I’ve told him time and time again he did nothing wrong, and that it was my ex who decided to betray me. Still, his hard confidence every now and then does take small cracks, and he’s even tried things like getting me to take some pity job in his firm for four times what I get paid now as well as attempts to drag me out to mingle with high-priced models he mostly rolls with. He’s a good friend, but I’ve told him over and over I just need to heal from the wounds, and he doesn’t need to “buy” my loyalty.

The other day I paid him a visit to his downtown office for our weekly lunch meetup together. Coming into the top floor I was of course greeted by Robert’s sweet and rather pretty executive assistant Jacqueline. She’s got everything you would normally expect out of some wealthy CEO’s executive assistant. Long dark hair, pretty brown eyes, long slender legs, and a nicely shaped body. I think she must be an ethnic mix of Hispanic and Asian blood, but I’m not good at determining these things.

Every time I see Jacqueline she always seems to light up. With others she’ll be totally business formal, but with me it’s like we’re old friends. After a little small talk, I went to see my friend.

Robert: “Hey big guy!”

David: “Nice to see you too. I see you still keep Jacqueline around.”

Robert: “Where else are going to find that mix of brains with a body to die for?”

David: “Not many. My CEO’s assistant is a total airhead. You ready for lunch?”

Robert: “Yeah! You’re birthday’s next month buddy. Any plans?”

David: “Nah. Not really. You know I’ve never made a big deal out of my birthday.”

Robert: “Oh come on now! Why don’t I fly us to Vegas? We’ll hit the tables, walk the strip like Danny Ocean and Rusty, pick up some hot tail, and have a wild time?”

David: “No man, it’s ok. Honest.”

Robert: “David, I’ve known you my whole life. I know you got divorced a year and a half ago, but how long are you going to sit in this rut? You gotta get out there again, find a better woman, and have some mind-blowing sex.”

David: “I’m just not ready. Not sure if I want to try again.”

Robert: “Just between us buddy, when’s the last time you got laid?”

David: “Robert!”

Robert: “Come on David, when?”

David: “Fine. Two years ago.”

Robert: “TWO YEARS AGO???”

David: “Shush! I don’t want your whole company knowing that!”

Robert: “Two years? That means the last girl you slept with was your ex. I mean, come on…you didn’t even seek out some rebound or anything?”

David: “I’m not like you in that sense. You were always better with the ladies. I was the more modest one.”

Robert: “Dude, you have to get laid. Break out of the shell. Why not go to Sin City and get some?”

David: “No. I’m ok.”

Robert: “Come on David. I hate seeing you like that. I hate that I caused you to be in this situation…”

David: “Enough. For the last time, you did not cause my divorce. Neither of us knew what was going on. You can’t keep beating yourself up about this Robert. What’s done is done. Maybe eventually I’ll get back on the market again. For now I honestly just don’t feel attractive or desirable. I just feel like some loser who got his girl stolen. I know this won’t last forever, but for now I just need to deal with it as I can.”

Robert sat there thinking for a moment, then got a smile on his face.

Robert: “At least let me spoil you with a great birthday gift.”

David: “You don’t have to do that.”

Robert: “It’s not about having to do it, but wanting to do it. I’ll buy you something nice because you’re my friend and I love ya. Just stop debating and just take it. Ok?”

I rolled my eyes and said “ok”. We went to lunch and talked about the usual stuff. Sports, money, cars, etc. From there we went our separate ways and I went back to the safety of my routines. Work, home, exercise, etc.

My birthday falls in late August. When the first Saturday of August came, I was home watching a DVD with a beer. My simple night was interrupted by the doorbell. Bewildered, I got up to see who it was.

When I opened the door I was surprised to see a young blonde woman there. She looked like she worked for the UPS, but her clothing couldn’t be the standard uniform. Her top looked like a tight-fitting UPS shirt completely unbuttoned and tied off like she was Daisy Duke. She didn’t even have pants, but these fitted booty shorts in the same beige as the top. I could tell they were tight because I could even spot a “camel toe”. On her feet were simple canvas shoes.

The girl herself was a knockout. She must have been twenty or twenty-one. Long blond hair tied off in a pony tail, coming out of the back of her dark brown UPS cap. Tight, athletic body with a rather delicious looking ass you could bounce a quarter off of. Her chest wasn’t anything to write home about, but I still thought she was hot as hell.

Ashley: “Hi, I’m Ashley. I have a delivery for ‘David’?”

David: “I’m David.”

She handed me a small box and pulled out a clipboard, stating I needed to sign for it. I was bewildered because while I know we have had a pretty hot summer, I don’t imagine UPS would allow female employees to dress like this.

Ashley: “Shit. I lost my pen, do you have one?”

David: “Yeah, over here.”

I walked inside with the box and headed over to a nearby table to grab a pen. Ashley took a few steps inside and quietly shut the door behind her. I didn’t notice as I came over to sign her clipboard.

David: “What the heck is this, I didn’t order anything.”

Ashley: “It’s from a ‘Robert’.”

David: “AH…that makes sense, but my birthday isn’t for another three weeks.”

I opened the box to find it full of condoms and a note:


Hey buddy, Happy Birthday!

I’m sure you’ll probably not partake of this, but you seriously need to get laid and Ashley here will “deliver” nicely.

Just have a blast, for me?



I was shocked. Robert bought me what looked like a high-price escort to come here and sleep with me. I looked at Ashley in shock.

David: “You’re kidding, right?”

Ashley walked her way over to me.

Ashley: “I delivered my package, but I can see your ‘package’ quite nicely.”

Ashley began to caress my crotch, which apparently had grown to full hardness just when I first saw her. I quickly pulled away.

David: “No…no…I’m not doing this. I can’t believe he would pay someone to come here like this.”

Ashley: “David, you can kick me out of your house if you want, or you can lower your guard and we’ll have a lot of fun tonight. Robert paid $5000 for me to come here and fuck your brains out. You have me until morning.”

Ashley came a little closer and began to caress my cheek.

Ashley: “He must care about you a great deal as a friend if he’s going to spend that much money on you. I don’t know you personally, but even I can see you’re really wound up. I’ll leave if you want, but I think you could seriously use a night of some wild adult fun. What do you have to lose? Don’t dis your friend because he cared.”

I had to admit she had a point. Here I am, single, free, horny as hell, and a gorgeous young blonde woman in a kinky outfit here to satisfy me physically. I had one last moment of insecurity, but simply said “fuck it” in my mind and took Ashley into my arms. One hand ended up on the small of her back, the other copping a nice feel of that tight butt of hers. Her arms went around my neck.

David: “So what can I do and what can’t I do?”

Ashley: “You can do anything you want except anal, and I don’t do any sado-masochistic or freaky gross stuff like peeing on you. Your cock has to be in a condom if you’re going to fuck me.”

David: “Can I kiss you?”

Ashley: “Of course…that’s why Robert bought you the ‘full experience’.”

I brought my lips to Ashley’s and felt a shockwave over my whole body. Out lips and tongues danced together as I could feel the heat of her sexy body on me. I pulled Ashley tighter to me and continued to kiss her deeply, loving every moment of affection I could get out of her. My hands were exploring her body and I decided to cast doubts and insecurities to the wind and just be a man for one night. I vowed to myself to fuck her as much as I could and regain some shred of the dignity my ex took from me.

My lips moved from Ashley’s to her neck, nibbling on it as she dropped her head back. I could feel the softness of her hair touching my hand on her back as my other hand started to undo her top. As I opened her top, I could see she didn’t have large breasts, but she did have very hard nipples, and I attacked them like a baby seeking her mother’s milk. Nibbling and biting on her nipples as Ashley moaned in pleasure. I didn’t know if she was acting or not, but I didn’t care.

I felt one of her hands caressing my head, but her other hand move down to rub my raging hard-on through the athletic pants I was wearing. She slid her hand inside and grasped my cock with her slender fingers, gently stroking me as I continued to devour her body.

“Let me go for a second” she whispered, and I did. Ashley pulled my t-shirt off and tossed it on the nearby couch, and then took off her top and tossed it on top of my shirt. She straightened up her UPS cap and smiled devilishly as she started to pull my pants down.

Ashley: “I’m the working girl tonight…so let me handle this ‘package’. Sit on the edge of the couch baby.”

I backed up a few steps and sat on the edge of the couch as my hard-on was now free and standing straight out. Ashley licked her lips and caressed my cock with her hand. She then took my cock and slowly licked it from base to head. I let out a deep sigh as I felt tingling all over my body. I hoped I’d at least last a while, as the only sex I had for the last two years was with my hand.

Ashley continued to run her tongue over my cock and planted kisses all over it. Her hands gently caressing my manhood. She then more firmly grasped by shaft and brought the head into her mouth, slowly taking my cock in inch by inch. She then slowly brought it out and continued her slow in and out motion for a few minutes. Her tongue felt like soft velvet every time it ran along the underside of my cock. I was in heaven.

After a few minutes, Ashley quickened to a medium pace, working my cock in and out of her mouth. I had to admit this girl had talent giving head. I always thought my ex was decent at oral, but Ashley was an artist. She continued to stroke my shaft both with her tight lips and hand, seemingly knowing when I was starting to get close to shooting a load. Whenever she felt it coming, she would slow her pace and go to licking my balls or shaft lightly, allowing my body to calm down again. I was in awe of her talent. We must have sat at that spot for an hour as she kept bringing me up and then calming me down over and over, wanting me to enjoy every moment of the amazing head she was giving.

Finally she pulled her lips off my cock with a loud “pop” and said “I think this guy has had enough…time to go all the way. Fill my mouth with your cum David.”

With that, she took my cock deep into her mouth all the way into her throat. I felt the head of my cock go into the tight part of her throat as she stroked in there a few times and then pulled it back to a normal spot. I gasped as she then quickened her pace, sucking hard on my shaft with that velvety tongue pressed on the underside of my hardness. Her hands worked me just as hard. One stroking my shaft and the other massaging my balls. She moaned continually as she bobbed her head on my cock, making it sound like she was feasting on a wonderful dessert.

I couldn’t take anymore. I told her I was going to cum and she just kept on going, sucking harder as I finally let loose a grunt and shot my load into her waiting mouth. I felt like I was struck my lightning as my once-dormant manhood was now pumping years of pent-up sexuality into her mouth. Her hands squeezing my balls, wanting every last drop she could get. Her “Mmmmmmm” rang out like a chorus as she enjoyed me to the end.

When my orgasm subsided, Ashley was still on her knees, clad only in her shorts, shoes, and UPS cap, lightly cleaning off my cock with her tongue.

David: “Dear God…$5000 is a bargain for that kind of talent!”

Ashley laughed. “I’m glad you think so, but we’re far from done tonight. You’re stuck with me until morning.”

Ashley stood up and straightened her UPS cap again.

David: “You really like that cap.”

Ashley: “I’m on duty. It’s the only part of the uniform I try to keep on until I’m off duty.”

She rose up again and took me in her arms, bringing her lips to mine as we made out for a few minutes. I didn’t care that I just shot my load in her mouth, as it seemed to be pretty much in her digestive tract at this moment. My cock was limp and happy and my mind hoped he would be up for more action tonight.

As we kissed passionately, I ran my hand down Ashley’s firm stomach and over the camel toe she had in those little shorts. I could feel she was hot and wet. She giggled and broke our kiss.

Ashley: “Show me your bedroom. Or do you want to do it here?”

David: “I think the bedroom would be perfect.”

I took Ashley by the hand and led her to the stairs. She stopped for a moment and grabbed a handful of the condoms she brought before going with me. We walked past the empty rooms and my home office until we reached the master bedroom with a large king-size bed that had not seen any sexual action for a long time.

Ashley: “Very nice.”

She pushed me down onto the bed on my back and climbed on top of me, her tight body and hot pussy rubbing my semi-hard cock though her shorts. She began planting kisses all over my body, reaching my manhood and planting a few small kisses on him. I enjoyed the gentle tickle of her soft ponytail as it caressed my skin.

Ashley: “He needs a little break so he can get ready for later. You want to get me ready for him David?”

Ashley stood at the foot of the bed and kicked off her canvas shoes. She then turned around and displayed her beautiful ass to me. I had gotten a tiny look earlier, but now seeing it in full glory, I had to admit it was gorgeous. Not flat, but not round and bubbly. Just right.

My tigress hooked her thumbs over the waist of her shorts and bent over, pulling them off. I could tell my little guy was going to become big man pretty quickly based on what was in front of me. Ashley turned around and was now naked except for that UPS cap. I could tell she shaved her pussy clean, and it was aching for some action as well.

Ashley climbed back onto the bed, seductively crawling over my body, her wet pussy caressing my stomach and chest. She then positioned herself over my face and lowered her wetness onto my mouth. I was all too happy to feast on this young pussy as my tongue made circles around her opening.

At first she was smiling and giggling a little to my touch. My hands held on her ass tightly as I kept working her pussy with my mouth. As I pushed my tongue deeper into her, her small giggles turned to moans, and her breathing became heavier.

Ashley: “Oh yeah David, just like that. Lick my pussy baby.”

I needed no further direction. I hungrily devoured her pussy like a wild animal, feeling her hands running through my hair, pulling my head as close as she could. She moaned more and got louder, juices pouring from her hot pussy like a slow-running faucet. I wanted to taste her cum the way she did mine. I wanted to know her flavor as much as I explored her body. My tongue was driving in and out the way I hoped to do with my cock later. Ashley threw her head back and put her hands on my stomach, bracing herself, breathing heavily and loudly.

“Oh shit!” she exclaimed as I felt her pussy tighten around my tongue and she exploded all over my face. I enjoyed my dessert to a wonderful dinner of sweet Ashley as she panted and emptied herself into my mouth. My cock was starting to grow again in excitement. My testosterone was pulsing like a jackhammer, feeling my masculinity return from its long dormant form.

The day started out like any other work day. I woke up, went to the gym, came home, showered and went to work. The minute I checked my day timer I realized “Shit! It’s my boss’s birthday”. Damn!

It was too late to run out and grab muffin or coffee for him much less get a nice card. No sooner did I come to the realization about the day, who walks in but the man himself. He had a big grin on his face like he was a ten year old boy on his birthday.

Luckily I had the presence of mind to exclaim “Happy birthday Boss!”

“Thank you,” he said “Let me grab a cup of coffee then we can have a meeting.” He looked at me with that devilish smile again and headed out of the office.

Once we got settled in his office I felt uncomfortable and HAD to confess, “I forgot it was your birthday. I wanted to get you something but didn’t get a chance. How about if I take you out to lunch?”

He immediately understood. He flashed me that smile again! What the hell was going on?

“Well, seeing as it IS my birthday…and you DID forget it, I have a request,” he finally said.

“Sure, what is it? Anything. It’s your BIRTHDAY!”

“Well…I actually need to try something,” he begins. “I have always heard that girls with big lips…well…” He hesitated. Then he gave me that smile AGAIN!

“Boss, what has gotten INTO you?” I asked

“Okay, don’t take this the wrong way, but your lips…They are so…’pleasing’. And I have been wondering lately…how they would feel…”

Now I am not always the sharpest tool in the shed so it took me a while before I realized what he was getting at. Luckily I had heard the rumor about the lips before. My lips have always been “plump”, sort of ethnic so on occasion a friend or two would crack a joke about how I must be good at giving blow jobs.

My boss flashed me that smile one last time. I stood up and walked around to his side of the desk. I leaned in closer to him and kissed him on the lips. He immediately responded. I could feel his lips grip mine. I was headed in the right direction. I slipped my tongue into his mouth then he slipped his into mine. I immediately felt wetness between my legs but I needed to focus. This was HIS day. This was HIS gift.

“We should close the door,” he said breathlessly.

“Don’t worry about it. We’re fine,” I assured him.

I kissed him one last time then before I lost my focus I moved down on my knees. Anybody walking in probably would not notice me. He sat back in his chair.

“Just relax birthday boy,” I said.

I began to unzip his pants. He was just beginning to get hard. I ran my hands around his balls and stroked his cock gently at first then just a little harder. I looked into his eyes and he looked into mine. I ran my tongue just on the inside of his thigh and up under his balls. He began breathing deeper and he closed his eyes for a moment. I did not take my gaze off of him. I put his cock inside of my mouth and began to suck moving it in and out of my mouth, still keeping my eyes on his.

He was hard as a rock now. I ran my tongue around the head of his penis then moved him in and out of my mouth by bobbing my head. His breathing became more and more intense. I wanted so bad to put him inside of me. I knew he would feel good.

“I am going to cum,” he warned.

“Go for it baby. I am ready.”

I ran my tongue up and down his shaft like he was my own personal ice cream cone then put him inside my mouth again. I felt his pre-cum begin to trickle. I sucked it in and groaned still trying to make eye contact and focus. I took every bit of restraint I had not to jump on top of him but I wanted to do this much for him.

Finally, he erupted. I swallowed as quickly as he came. He groaned louder than any man I had ever been with. “Oh, my GOD!” he yelled as he finished.

He sunk back in his chair as though he had no energy to move. I pulled away, grabbed a tissue from his desk and wiped my mouth.

“So?” I asked “Is it true what they say about girls with big lips?”

He managed to muster up the energy to smile and say, “Happy birthday to ME!”

Tyler shifted uncomfortably in his seat. The first half of the flight had gone fine. A screaming baby five rows back, and an obscenely hirsute gentleman in the window seat had done their part to quell the raging hormones surging through his body. But over an hour had passed on the small commuter jet, and his mind had begun to wander. He shifted again, aware of the rapidly increasing tightness in his jeans.

The light above the lavatory door clicked off and the large, bearded man occupying the seat beside him lumbered down the aisle toward their row. Tyler dreaded being forced to stand and let him pass, and for a moment feared he might put someone’s eye out if not careful. He knew it was now or never. In a swift move he slipped into the aisle and past his fellow passenger, ducking quickly toward the lavatory door.

“We’re going to be preparing for our final approach soon, sir,” said the flight attendant as he ducked into the restroom. Her lips were plump and glossy and her hair the same black cherry red as his Gracie, only sprayed in place where hers fell in loose ringlets. But the likeness was close enough to facilitate a full on erection. He quickly latched the door behind.

“I’m pretty sure flying solo doesn’t qualify you for the Mile High club,” he thought to himself as he unzipped his fly. He closed his eyes, stroking his shaft slowly. He imagined the flight attendant’s pouty lips wrapped around his cock, her pink, little tongue eagerly tracing the length of the vein throbbing on the underside. He wanted to make her choke on him; to grab her by her over-styled hair and throat fuck her until she was begging for air. He leaned back against the sink, stroking with increased intensity. A scratched and faded sticker warned of the penalty for disabling aircraft smoke detectors. The words blurred as his entire body became consumed by pleasure.

With one hand he tugged gently on his balls, while gripping his shaft firmly with the other. The roar of jet engines drowned out the soft ‘fap fap fa’p as he stroked faster, riding the approaching climax. It wasn’t some nameless flight attendant he wanted. It was her, Gracie, with alabaster skin and grey-green eyes and a voice like honey over spun gold. For months he had fantasized about pumping his thick cock into her, making her moan with pain and pleasure. He reached for a fistful of paper while imagining kissing her deeply and tasting his cum on her tongue.

A sharp knock on the door snapped Tyler from his reverie. The gruff voice announced, “I’m sorry, sir. We’ll be landing soon and need you to return to your seat as quickly as possible.” Tyler went numb with the shock of the sudden interruption. Dick in hand he froze. He had been close to finishing, but the moment was quickly slipping away. Reluctantly he zipped up and splashed cold water on his face before returning to the cabin.

Gracie was leaning against the door frame when the taxi rolled to a stop at the curb. They had met the summer before through a mutual acquaintance and despite the 600 miles and near decade between them, had become fast friends. While innocent enough at first, in the past few months his boyish flirting had become more intense, and her playful rebukes less sincere. Despite his protests that he was “state legal” she made it clear that nothing would happen between them until he turned 18. She teased him about raging teenage hormones, but when she crawled beneath the sheets at night and her fingers entwined with the tangle between her legs, it was his face she saw, his voice urging her toward ecstasy, and his name she whispered to the empty room.

“Happy birthday,” she said, closing the door behind them.

He threw his carry-on bag in the corner and pulled her close. “Did you get me a present?”

She smiled and pressed her body against his. “Maybe. What do you want?” He toyed with the top button of her dress.

“As of today I’m an 18-year-old guy. You’ve made me wait for nearly a year. What do you think I want?”

With a motion he had undone one button, followed by another, and another still. “And what if I say you’re still too young?” He smiled.

“I think I’m going to fuck you anyway.” He ripped off buttons until the dress fell to the floor.

She was naked, aside from a red ribbon tied around her hips, the tail hanging down past her moist, pink cunt. He lifted her up until her breasts were level with his mouth. She wrapped her legs around him as he appreciatively licked one perfectly round nipple. It grew rock hard when he sucked it between his teeth, and his cock responded in like kind. She gasped when he bit down. She took his free hand and kissed each fingertip, then slowly drew the middle one into her own mouth. She sucked down to the bottom knuckle and pulled it back out with equal ease. In again, this time with greater urgency. She wrapped her tongue around his long finger when he involuntarily wiggled it against the back of her throat. This time she let her teeth scrape against his skin as she drew his hand away, snapping at his fingertip.

They half stumbled toward the bedroom. His shirt was off by the time they reached the mattress. He threw her onto the down comforter and spread her knees apart. She breathed in deep, months of longing culminating in this moment. She looked down at him, her green eyes meeting his chocolate brown. He had cut off his mop of brown curls and the summer spent working with his dad hanging drywall hadn’t hurt his physique. He smiled then, and slowly pulled the ribbon’s tail with his teeth. It fell away to reveal dewy droplets of anticipation on the fur of her mound. He buried his nose in it and inhaled deeply. It was spicy and musky and new. His head swam.

Gracie moaned softly as he slipped two fingers into her slit. She was hot and slick and offered no resistance when he slid them into her. Her lust washed over him and in an instant, his fingers were soaked. He slid them up to her clit leaving a glistening trail behind and when he brushed his thumb across her tender, little button, every nerve in her body fired. “Oh, god, I want you,” she cried, snatching at his shoulders. “Fuck me. I can’t wait any longer.” But Tyler had other ideas.

He pushed her back down, pinning her naked body under his own. She squirmed beneath him as he slowly fingered her dripping pussy. His tongue traced shallow circles around her navel. She shivered and lightly scratched the back of his neck while he kissed her belly, her torso and nipped at her collar bone. He slid his hand up to her breast and tested the firmness of one nipple. He pinched down hard, eliciting a sharp gasp from Gracie. “Did you like that,” he whispered, nuzzling her neck. He pinched again, this time tugging at the firm flesh. She moaned and arched her back, following his unspoken direction.

He took her hand in his and guided her to his throbbing cock. As she began to stroke the shaft, the full impact of their waiting game hit him full force. Feeling her soft fingers gripping him was enough to send him over the edge then and there. He took a deep breath to steady himself. It was time.

Gracie screamed as Tyler entered her, a feral shriek of pain and pleasure. They moved in unison, an impromptu choreography fueled by equal parts desire and need. Her hips rose to meet him, driving him deeper into her with every thrust. White hot waves of euphoria washed over them both. She dug her nails into his back, and he felt her walls beginning to tremble around his throbbing member. She was the first to reach orgasm, beads of sweat dripping from her supple breasts. A contented sigh escaped her and she smiled. He brushed a strand of hair from her moist forehead, slowly massaging the base of his still hard cock. “Oh, you’re not done yet,” he said with a wicked smile.

Gripping her by the hair, he rolled her on top of him and she eagerly licked his ballsack. He had been saving his load for her, and as she softly wrapped her lips around him, the pressure of that wait became nearly uncontrollable. Her lips glistened with the evidence of her own orgasm as her tongue explored every inch of her long overdue lover. He closed his eyes and relaxed, letting Gracie take the lead, no longer concerned with controlling himself. The world fell away around him. There was no sound, no sensation aside from her hot lips massaging his member. He felt the tightness in the back of her throat as she bobbed her head up and down, taking in as much of him as she could before choking. A deep groan escaped him as the pressure built up inside. Encouraged, Gracie took one last, long plunge, sucking hard the entire length of his shaft and flicking her tongue over the tip. He shuddered hard, the force of his climax convulsing his entire body. Gracie slid back, letting him explode onto her bare chest.

Tyler laid on the bed catching his breath. When she slipped gracefully from his side, he opened one eye long enough to follow her motions. Naked and glowing she leaned down to turn on the shower. Between her legs he glimpsed her cunt, still moist and red from their energetic lovemaking. She stepped beneath the steaming spray, pulling the curtain closed behind her. “No,” Tyler called. “Leave it open. I want to watch”. He sat up, absentmindedly stroking himself.

Gracie poked her head out of the shower, eyebrow raised. She grabbed the shampoo bottle … and smiled.

While we were in Germany, Mandi got a large dose of European styles, food, and an even bigger dose of European thinking. She realized that some of the sexual mores of Europeans were very different from the way she grew up back home.

Her introduction into partying with another couple was her first foray into more moderate sexual play that she probably would never indulge in when we were in the states. Her scene with the aerobics instructor was as kinky as she had ever gotten. She was also much less jealous of me in Europe, and as she later told me, she had a couple of flings of her own.

All this talk about attitude, though, leads to a birthday present she gave me the second year we were there. As I have mentioned before, Mandi was physically incapable of doing anal without being pretty well drunk and semi-passed out. She knew I loved this and we would occasionally try, and usually fail.

Since I had kept my doggin’ around to a few select ladies and she didn’t know about any of it, she planned a surprise for my birthday. I had initially wanted to take a trip to the French Riviera, Nice or Cannes, but she couldn’t get away from work. This left her with a dilemma that she solved, much to my surprise.

Mandi started teasing me for about a month ahead of my birthday, asking me what I wanted, and then if I mentioned something told me, “No, that’s not right. Try again.” It got pretty frustrating, wondering what she had up her sleeve. She seemed awfully eager to tease me to no ends as well. Once during the teasing she mentioned if I was man enough for two women. I scoffed and asked why. She casually dropped the subject, grinning like a Cheshire cat.

I blew it off as some more posturing on her part. Little did I know how true this was to become. As it got closer to my birthday, the teasing eased off, so I started trying to get her to tell me what she was getting me. I guessed at all kinds of things, with everything being derisively thrown back at me.

“You’ll never guess in a thousand years, but when I tell you, you’ll just shit,” she continually replied.

I finally quit asking about a week prior to my birthday. A couple of days ahead of “My Day” she took me out to dinner at a restaurant that served Greek foods, actually run and staffed by Greeks. The food was wonderful. The souvlaki was incredible. They served a shot of Ouzo as soon as you sat down to order.

I thought this was my birthday present, but Mandi was slyly quiet and hinted that I shouldn’t get so quick to assume. This tease was getting maddening. That night when we were in bed, I had just finished eating her to a couple of sheet pulling, sweat drenched orgasms. As I eased up her body I began to tease her with about half my cock, knowing she almost hated when I did this, especially when she was really horny.

The oral sex had her almost begging for me to push all my cock into her immediately. But I held back, teasing her until I whispered that I wasn’t going anywhere further until she told me what I was getting for my birthday. This got me nowhere, as she laughed, clung to my ass and let me continue poking her with half a cock until I couldn’t stand it myself, and plunged full length.

She got another orgasm in about 5 strokes, and I was right behind her. So much for my little tease! After I finished, she cuddled against me, chuckling under her breath.

“I guess you’re happy with yourself?” I asked.

“Well, I quite enjoyed myself. As many times as you eat my pussy, I can’t ever get enough,” she told me quietly. “I also kicked your ass when you were trying to tease me, too!”

I groaned, knowing she was right. I wondered what teasing would come next. But she didn’t tease. She casually slipped out of bed and disappeared into the apartment. I heard her walking around with a purpose, and was happy when she returned with a couple of beers.

Mandi handed me a beer and the opener. I popped mine, took hers, and opened it. We sat on the bed and quietly sipped our beers. I slowly stroked her back, occasionally teasing a breast and nipple. She responded with a smile, and let me explore as I wanted. When I ducked a hand into her crotch, she gently pushed my hand away.

“Too soon,” she admonished.

I wasn’t up for anything else so I gently stroked her back and ass. She eased down on the bed and made quiet noises of satisfaction as she continued sipping her beer. We calmed down, mellowed down, and just enjoyed the quiet.

Mandi broke the silence with a question, asking, “You did get your birthday off work, didn’t you?”

I quickly replied, “Yes. What does that have to do with my present?”

She just smiled a little, devilish, eye twinkling smile, and said, “When you get home from work tomorrow, I will give you your present, but you can’t use it until your birthday.”

This made me even more curious now. What in the world could she get me and give me ahead of time that I couldn’t use until my birthday? I thought of tickets to some event, or maybe a river cruise, maybe a concert, but was at a loss. I decided to give up and wait.

“I give up,” I blurted out. “But this better be good.”

Retaining her devilish smile, she quipped, “You’re gonna shit!”

We went to bed after a little TV, and I dropped off almost immediately. Work the next day was excruciating. I was still at a loss to guess what my present was. My mind was racing all day and I couldn’t wait to get home. I finally called Big Joe and asked him if I could take off early. He was in a jolly mood and told me to split.

It didn’t do me any good. Mandi was still at work. I beat her home. I rummaged around the house in case she might have hidden a clue or something. I was almost going nuts when she finally got home. As soon as she hit the door, she took one look at my face and started laughing.

“I bet you came home early and did a shakedown of the house,” she said amusedly.

(NOTE: My first 6 years in the military were spent as a maximum security correctional officer, so when I “shook a place down” there was nothing left to hide)

“Why would I do that?” I demurred innocently.

“Don’t bullshit me. You didn’t find anything either, did you?” she laughed.

“Okay, okay, you got me. Now give it up,” I whined.

She laughed again, and commanded, “Get me a cold beer first, and help me with my shoes.”

I decided to play along, and fetched the beer, then removed her shoes and socks, and for good measure, rubbed her tired feet.

“Oh yeah,” she moaned, “I’ll give you about a half an hour to stop.”

“Sorry, but I turn into a pumpkin in 30 minutes,” I joked.

Mandi chuckled and finally said, “Hand me my purse.”

She took the bag from me and began to dig around. I thought she was looking for her cigarettes, when she suddenly looked aghast and cried, “Oh shit! Your present’s missing.”

“Real funny,” I relied sarcastically.

“It would be funny if I were joking. I’m not,” she whispered.

The look on her face told me a lot. Mandi jumped to her feet, grabbed the bag, and emptied it on the dining room table. She rummaged through all the flotsam and jetsam that ordinarily occupied her purse. She searched the zipper pockets inside and out. Nothing!

Finally, she made a mad dash to our coat schränk, which I had checked during my search, and after a few seconds, exclaimed, “Gotcha!”

I had the feeling she was playing me again. I had searched all the coats and jackets in that schränk, finding nothing. But she persisted, smiling from ear to ear. She strutted back into the living room defiantly, grabbed her beer, and took a long draw. Reaching into her sweater pocket, she extracted her cigarettes and with exceeding patience, lit one.

She had what appeared to be a business card in her hand, purple on one side and pink on the other. She casually smoked her cigarette, grabbed another drink of beer, and walked over to the Cleopatra lounger and proceeded to lay back and get comfortable. When she looked at me, finally, she noticed my patience was wearing thin.

She finally asked, “Are you ready to shit your pants?”

“Sure,” I snapped sarcastically, “I can’t wait.”

In spite of my mood, she smiled at me, handed me the business card, and said, “Happy birthday, baby.”

I looked at the card carefully. It had a German name and address, with hearts and other decorations on it. On the pink side was handwritten, “Elga und Domine” and below was written “vier stunden.” I turned the card over and noticed for the first time that it was the name of an erotic business. I thought she had decided we would have an afternoon at some sort of spa that catered to couples, but was still curious about why there were two names written on the back and the words for “4 hours.”

I looked at Mandi and she was grinning ear to ear.

“Happy birthday,” she proudly exclaimed.

“Thank you,” I replied. “Is this some erotic spa we are going to get massages and we can fool around in some exotic scenario?”

“What’s it say on the back?” she asked.

“It has what looks like the names of two females and four hours,” I answered.

“That isn’t for us,” Mandi exclaimed. “It’s only for you.”

I got a really interesting thought, but wasn’t sure so I kept my cool. She couldn’t be telling me that I would have the services of two women for four hours of total debauchery. My mind started spinning, and my cock began to grow almost immediately.

Mandi chuckled, and amusedly quipped, “You better save that hard on for tomorrow. You’re going to need it!”

Surely it wasn’t true. I was holding a business card from an erotic business, with two female names on it and the annotation “four hours.” No, she didn’t. She wouldn’t. She couldn’t have. It was too much to hope for. The look on my face must have said what I was thinking.

“I wanted you to have something you had never had, a leisurely romp with two women. And I told them that you really like to go around the world, and especially like to end up in da’ butt. So the manager talked to about 10 girls there and they all talked for a minute or so and finally settled on these two girls on the card. You had better come home and not want sex for at least 3 days.”

I was stunned, almost speechless.

“My birthday present is four hours of unabashed, unadulterated, no holes banned sex with two women?”

Mandi giggled, and said, “Could you just shit?”

I jumped up, grabbed Mandi, pulled her almost violently off the lounger, spun her around in a circle two or three times, and set her down, landing a slobbery kiss on her lips. She looked a little dizzy but was still grinning.

“Yes I could shit!” I screamed. “Whatever made you think of doing something like this?”

“Let me sit down,” she exclaimed.

I backed away, and as Mandi started to sit down again, noticed my cock was semi-hard and getting harder.

“Save that for tomorrow,” she giggled. “Unless you think you can’t have fun tomorrow after I wear you out tonight.”

“Not likely,” I retorted, “I do recover quickly.”

She noticed the leer, smiled, and said, “Well, let me get a couple of beers down first, and we’ll see if I can’t give you something to think about before you go to your birthday present tomorrow!”

I made a mental pact to do her a great job, starting with a massage, and maybe even break out some champagne. She read my thoughts, because she immediately said, “I sure could use a nice, long, all over massage.”

I told her, “Stay right here.”

I got Mandi a refill, and left her on the lounger. I hustled up a quick snack meal, put a bottle of champagne in the freezer for a quick chill, and returned. We ate almost as if we had all the time in the world. Mandi lingered over her food, enjoying it as I kept her happy with any refill or add some food as needed. She was feeling the queen bee for sure, and couldn’t erase the smug look on her face.

After dinner, we took the champagne and headed for the bedroom. I lit some candles, heated a pot of water while she undressed, and I put some good massage oil in the pot to warm. Mandi stretched out on the bed like a lazy cat, sipped some champagne, and as soon as I got out the hot oil and began to rub her back, she almost purred like a kitten.

I did a thorough massage, we drank champagne, and Mandi decided she want to do a 69. She took more of me down her throat than she usually did. And somewhat unusually, she got a screaming orgasm as I ate her. This didn’t happen very often in this position. Even better, she asked me to come for her while we were still in a 69, so I went after her pussy with even more zeal, enjoying the reciprocation.

She was exhibiting so much enthusiasm I got fired up and finally signaled that I was about to cum. She normally wasn’t big on getting a load in the mouth, but she doubled her efforts and I soon shot a load down her throat just as she began to get her second orgasm. Uncharacteristically, she swallowed me down without missing a beat. Maybe she should hire me a couple of hookers more often. But I digress.

We lay in bed for a while afterwards until I recovered, and she climbed on top me and after doing a wonderful job of showing off her tits to me and playing with them, then occasionally playing with her clit and fingering herself, I got hard again and she quickly stuffed me in her pussy, riding to her heart’s content.

Mandi knew I liked to at least watch her ass if I couldn’t have any of it, so she turned around and began to hump me ferociously. Her butt was flexing mightily, and her poor butthole was actually flexing open. As Mandi neared another orgasm, she slowed down for a minute, grabbed the lotion, and greased up two fingers.

As she began to ride me again, she started fingering her ass. She played with my cock through the wall between her pussy and ass, and this got me going again. In a couple of minutes I was on the verge of another orgasm. She felt this and got even more physical, reaming her asshole with two fingers and bouncing on me like I was her personal trampoline.

I exploded into my second orgasm. Mandi wasn’t far behind, begging me to hold on for another minute for her. I did, still enjoying watching her play with her anus, and she followed up with a screaming orgasm of her own.

She fell back on the bed, exhausted, panting like a dog. I offered her some more champagne, and she gratefully accepted, slowly sipping between breaths. When we finally calmed down, she quietly talked to me.

“You enjoy yourself tomorrow. I talked to the manager and she told me the kinds of things you could bring with you, and what things the girls might like as a tip. We’ll get you fixed up in the morning.”

I kept quiet and let her talk.

“Since you really like anal so much, I made sure you would be able to do that. The manager was amused but not the least bit surprised. I also told her you had a really nice cock, way bigger than average. Apparently the average for Germans is a bit smaller than the average for Americans. When I showed her your approximate size, a couple of the girls said that was way too big for them to do anal. I told them I knew how they felt.”

Mandi had to stop and laugh at this.

“One of the girls on your card, I don’t know which, jumped at the chance to have something your size in her butt. I hope she has fun! Anyway, I hope you have a good time, and your gift to me is to not bug me about getting some butt for at least 3 months. That will make it worth what I am paying.”

I suddenly felt a surge of love well up inside me, and I felt a little guilty about the doggin’ around I did, but, naturally, not for long. I kissed Mandi some more, thanked her, and we finally went to sleep.

When I woke, even though it was my birthday and I didn’t have to work, I hit the kitchen and made Mandi and me a hearty breakfast of German sausages, brotchens, eggs, fruit, and chilled some more champagne. Mandi was a bit groggy when she woke, and needed a good breakfast.

While we ate, she told me about the conversation at the, call it, maybe, a brothel with amenities. She said the manager, a woman in her early 60′s, was very nice, wasn’t the least bit judgmental, and they got along very well. Mandi had paid the fee in cash, German marks, and told the manager that I would leave a nice tip, and asked her what sort of things the girls might like.

The list was relatively short: cigarettes, of course, Jack Daniels, naturally, other American liquors, exotic chocolates, and jewelry. I drew the line at jewelry, but after breakfast, before Mandi had to go to work, I ran over to the kaserne and got 2 cartons of Marlboro cigarettes, 2 each 1.5 liter bottles of Jack Daniels, some other liquor, and 6 bottles of decent champagne. Mandi also mentioned that I could bring some snacks if I wanted.

I picked up some caviar and some nice crackers, some fresh brotchens, some German cold cuts, and a couple of bottles of wine. I packed the food into a small cooler, along with the champagne, so it would be chilled for the afternoon, and packed the other items in a box.

I helped Mandi get ready for work, and she gave me a big, sloppy, tongue lashing kiss, grabbed my ass, and told me to have the time of my life, and wanted to hear every detail when she got home in the evening. Before she went out the door, she turned, dug into her purse for a second, and pulled out a box of 10 condoms, handing it to me.

“You have to use these today,” she said with a smile, “or you don’t get any sex!”

I chuckled and said, “Thanks. Keeps me from bringing anything home with me either!”

She just laughed and waved, closing the door behind her. Since I was expected around 1300, I hit the shower and scrubbed down, all the nooks and crannies. I cleaned my ears and checked for hair, clipped the nose hair, trimmed the pubes (something I usually did but was also in need of), and laid out some comfy clothes that were easy to get rid of. Sandals for the feet, cool, a spritz of Aramis in all the right spots, just lightly wiped on by hand.

I dried my hair, and suddenly chuckled at the pains I was going to. ‘Damn, they’re paid for’ I thought to myself. But then again, I didn’t need to be an asshole. As an American, I wanted them to see me in my best light. I didn’t want to be “The Ugly American!”

I gathered my cooler and box and headed to the parking garage. After a brief, uneventful drive I arrived. There was one car in the visitor parking lot. I went to the door and rang the bell. A lovely older woman opened the door. As I stepped inside, I noticed it was 1250 exactly.

The woman shook my hand and introduced herself as Freida. She also asked if I was Herr #$&*%. I said “Ja,” and asked how she knew. She told me that an America military man was always exactly 10 minutes early. She apparently must have a fairly large and regular contingent of Americans who plied the trade there. Freida spoke reasonably good English.

I told her I had left my packages in the car, and would retrieve them once I found out where I would be spending the afternoon. She told me it was no problem, and pressed a buzzer under the counter. A young Turkish girl appeared from nowhere, dressed in a jumpsuit and sandals. She spoke to the girl in Turkish, just a quick spate of words, and the girl looked at me with her hand out.

“Your keys, please,” Freida said.

It took a second to realize she wanted my car keys. I handed them to the young girl and she quickly disappeared out the door. Freida explained that the girl’s mother worked there, and while she didn’t want her in the trade, she needed to earn some money. She did basic chores and ran errands. I had my items in a few seconds.

Freida excused herself for a moment and stepped to a phone at the desk, picked it up and dialed a couple of numbers. She spoke quietly and quickly into the phone and hung up. She smiled at me and said to pick up my things.

As I grabbed my cooler and box, I noticed two people coming from around the other side of the counter/office. As they came into view, I noticed that it was 2 fine looking women, one blond, one dark brunette. Neither looked older than 25-27 years old, and could have easily just stepped from the water at the local schwimmbad. They were wearing identical short silk robes and showed a lot of long, interesting leg. The robes had a deep V which showed a lot of cleavage.

Freida introduced the blond, Elga, first. Elga took the cooler from my hand. The brunette was Domine. She took the box, looking curiously at me and then the box, noting that it seemed rather heavy. I just smiled and shrugged. Freida told me that she had given me their nicest suite, complete with a hot tub and private sauna.

Before we left, though, she politely asked me for the business card. I pulled it from my pocket, she took it and examined it for a second and handed it back. She thanked me and said to follow the girls. I always thought that a brothel would have a waiting area where the girls would come out and you picked who you wanted. That’s when I noticed several small stands holding books. Apparently each was a notebook of pictures and descriptions of different sex acts and prices for each girl, depending on her capabilities and preferences.

I followed Elga and Domine down through a long hallway, through a door into another hallway, past an entrance to a large pool, and finally around a curved hallway to a room with a candelabras on either side of a large, black enameled door. The girls went straight in and I followed. They sat my cooler and box down on a long dresser.

The room was elegantly finished with patterned velvet wall paper, subtle lighting, lots of candles, and at the end of the room was a sunken hot tub. It was surrounded by patterned rubber matting, and large, plush towels and robes hung from hooks on either side. Close beside the hot tub was a door with a large glass front and a dial and light switch on the wall beside it. The bed was a very large, low height German model. It was outfitted with a lovely spread and about a dozen pillows, all matching the décor of the room.

So far neither girl had said anything at all. Finally the blonde turned to me and in very good English asked what I wanted to do first. I asked if she had champagne glasses, and Elga smiled broadly while Domine went to a small schränk and opened a door and pulled out 3 flutes, turned and brought them to me.

I dug into the bottom of the cooler and brought out the first bottle of champagne (okay, sparkling wine, for you snooty aficionados). I quickly disrobed the cap and eased the cork out. Elga noted my careful technique for removing the cork. Once opened, I poured each of us a nice drink. We clinked glasses and took a sip. Domine spoke to me in German, telling me it was very good champagne. She definitely liked it.

Elga also sipped some, then took a nice drink. I waited until they both had their first drinks, and topped off the flutes. Elga told me that Freida had set it up so that I was their only client for the day, and if they wanted to drink a bit and get to feeling good, it was okay. She told me they had been told I would bring something to drink and eat with me, but had no idea what.

I told Elga that I wanted to try out the hot tub first. She spoke to Domine in German, telling her to make the tub ready. Domine grinned and took her flute and headed for the controls. In a few seconds the hot tub was bubbling away. Without asking, I quickly slipped my shirt over my head, and dropped my pants, getting naked in about 10 seconds. Elga giggled and took my clothes over to a clothing schränk and hung them up. Since I was still completely flaccid, the surreptitious look Elga gave me said plenty. I chuckled to myself, thinking, ‘You just wait!’

I headed to the hot tub with my flute, sat it down and carefully entered the water and took a seat with my back to the mirrored wall behind the tub. It was nice and hot in the tub, just short of too hot but it felt great. My muscles relaxed from the heat and bubbling jets of water.

Domine moved over to the towel rack, sliding her robe off. She had a sensual body, lithe, muscular, very obviously trim from high impact aerobics. She slipped off her heels and after grabbing her drink, slowly eased into the tub with me, grabbing a seat up against me. She sipped her champagne and smiled at me.

Meanwhile, Elga slipped her robe and heels off and joined us. Elga seemed quite the antithesis of Domine, more plush, much larger breasts, a D-cup if not more, and shaved completely bare of hair in either her pussy or armpits. This was unusual for a German girl. Domine, however, was much more natural, with silky fine, thin pubic hair, dark and shiny, with a small, casual growth of the same colored hair under her arms.

Elga snuggled up against me and we all relaxed for a few minutes, sipping the champagne. Elga noticed that the bottle was still over by the bed, and decided to retrieve it. She slipped out of the tub like a cat, all smooth movement and no wasted motion. Her ass was a delight as she walked away. I knew I was going to be in for some fun.

While Elga was getting the champagne, Domine whispered in German that she thought I was good looking and muscular, very masculine. I whispered “Danke” in her ear and she snuggled closer, casually snaking a hand into my crotch to gently grasp my cock. The velvet touch felt great, and my little man responded quickly. She gently stroked me as I got harder.

When Elga returned with the champagne, she noticed what Domine was doing and asked her in German if she was catching a big fish. Domine told her it wasn’t fish she caught, but whatever it was, it was still growing. Elga laughed and told her to keep working on it, and grabbed the flutes to top them off.

Domine knew just the right touch on a cock, and I was close to fully hard when Elga slipped back into the hot tub. After sliding in beside me, she reached down and carefully moved Domine’s had away, grasping my cock with a firm, knowing grip. She pulled her head back and looked at me with a smile.

“You grow very much,” she said with a leering smile. “When your frau was here, she said you were pretty big, but this is nice. I do not see many men who can be that small, and then grow so large.”

Domine impatiently pushed Elga’s had away and went back to stroking me with a more defined grip. Elga chuckled under her breath and told me that Domine was a perfect match for me since she liked to have her “little hole” as she called it, stretched out by a long, thick cock. Elga whispered that Domine was going to have a lot of fun with me.

The thought of plowing my cock into the fine assed babe got me to full erection, and Domine smiled in response. But it was Elga who got the first taste. She stood up, and took my hand and pulled me to standing. My cock was just above water level, and Elga grasped me firmly, and suddenly ducked down and swallowed about half my cock. She pushed even further, but couldn’t quite manage it all the way down her throat.

She did a masterful job of grasping with her hand and working it along with her mouth and tongue. She kept this up for a few minutes as I enjoyed looking at her and seeing Domine watching with interest. She had a definite talent for fellatio, but I was in no hurry to cum. I relaxed and just let the feeling flow. But then it was Domine’s turn.

She eased down in front of my cock, almost lining it up, and after grasping my hips with both hands, slowly slipped the head of my cock into her mouth. She took a long, slow breath, and then slowly and carefully, closed her eyes and eased my cock all the way down her throat until her nose pressed against my stomach.

As she slowly backed up, Elga commented, “She does that so easily. I wish I could do that.”

I groaned as Domine buried me in her mouth again, while telling Elga, “She is very talented.”

Domine kept up the slow, deep action until I realized I was aiming for an orgasm. I decided to sip a little more champagne and grabbed my flute, taking a nice, slow drink, letting the bubbles tickle my throat and the taste wash over my tongue. This worked to calm my cock down a bit. But Domine sure was trying hard.

Domine said something to Elga very quickly, and I didn’t quite understand. Elga chuckled and said that Domine wanted to know how I could let her take my cock down her throat and not have an orgasm. I smiled and told them I was very experienced and had good control. I usually wanted to make sure that my partner had plenty of pleasure before I had my turn.

They both exchanged odd looks, before Elga told me that they had never met a man who felt that way. Most men would simply use them and be done. I told Elga that I was here for my fun, but I also wanted to make sure they enjoyed themselves too, if they really wanted to. That was also part of my fun!

Elga ripped a quick spate of German off to Domine, who smiled, and after rubbing her hands up and down my hips, buried me in her mouth and throat again. I enjoyed being back in her warm, juicy mouth. But after a couple of more strokes, I eased her off my cock, and picked up her flute and handed it to her. She eased back in a seat and sipped, smiling at me.

Elga casually took my cock in her hand, examining it rather coolly, until she finally looked up at me and said, “Very nice. I think most are ugly. You, not so much.”

I smiled at her compliment, and saluted her with my flute. I sat back down in the tub, and enjoyed the water for a few more minutes. Finally, I turned to Elga and asked her what we should do first, eat some food, or have a first round of sex. Elga smiled, and quickly asked Domine what she wanted to do. Domine leaned across me and told Elga she would like to have me deep in her bottom first, because she was having a difficult time not jumping in my lap.

When Elga started to translate, I stopped her and said, “I know enough German to know what she said. I think that would be very nice.”

I stood up and headed for the steps, with the girls close behind me. Before I could get a towel, Domine caught my arm, and gently pushed me back. She took a towel and gently began to dry me off. This was pleasant, especially after Elga joined in.

I then reciprocated by drying Domine, and then helped Elga dry her hair. Domine took my hand and led me over to the bed, and upon arrival, grabbed me and kissed me deeply. I looked up to see Elga watching, and smiling, finally winking at me.

“I think she likes you,” Elga said conspiratorially.

Instead of responding, though, I turned and walked back to the hot tub and retrieved their heels. Elga had worn sturdy but very sexy white pumps with a 4″ heel. Domine wore very delicate strappy little black heels with a very high, maybe 5″ heel. Silver trim made them look quite sexy.

They exchanged knowing glances, and both laughed a bit. I watched as they slipped them on. Damn, I just love a sexy woman wearing a smile and some sexy heels. When they were properly attired, I grabbed Domine again and kissed her, grabbing and massaging her trim bottom. She responded quickly, grabbing at my ass and pulling me tightly against her. Her barely b-cup breasts were crushed against me.

Once she seemed good and hot, I gently moved her to the edge of the bed and pushed her onto her back. She looked at me rather strangely, and glanced over at Elga, who leaned up against the large dresser and watched with a mix of pleasure and amusement.

Before Domine could react again, I dived into her pussy, kissing and licking her slit. She sighed loudly, and opened her legs wide for me. I went after her pussy with relish, licking and sucking as her clit gradually began to come out of hiding. When I finally coaxed her clit out, Domine began to moan loudly.

Elga was curious, and walked over behind me and watched a bit more closely. Once I began my lip and tongue action on Domine’s clit, Elga realized that she wasn’t faking. Domine was really getting into it and was headed for a good orgasm.

Elga knelt behind me and began to play with my ass, reaching underneath to fondle my balls. I kept the action going on Domine until she finally tightened her legs around my head and began to groan and grunt, and suddenly cut loose with a wail into a shattering orgasm. I kept going on her clit until she finally pushed me away.

As Domine lay there panting, Elga sat down and gave me a finger curl signifying it was her turn, and lay back on the bed. I moved to her and went to work, licking and worshiping her clean shaven pussy. The clean shave must have made her more sensitive, because she began to run pussy juice almost immediately. Her clit popped up, ready to be mauled.

I didn’t waste much time getting to her clit and working it between my lips, sucking it into my mouth and giving it two or three flicks with my tongue before forcing it back out and suddenly pulling back in again. Once Elga got into the rhythm, I began to push and pull in fast motion as I felt her pussy clench and then relax.

Elga certainly seemed to be enjoying herself, and I wondered if she was actually going to have an orgasm. She seemed for a minute to be really cool, just letting me go through the motions. As I was wondering about this, I suddenly felt Domine’s head below me and my cock was engulfed into her warm, buttery soft mouth and throat. This made me distracted for a moment, but I recovered and went back after Elga’s clit. I finally used her juice to lube a couple of fingers and penetrated her pussy and ass simultaneously. This seemed to wake Elga up, and she quickly grabbed my head and forced it down onto her pussy even harder.

In a few seconds, she began to writhe around and finally exploded into a gut wrenching orgasm, riding my tongue until my neck began to burn. While she twisted around, I slipped another finger in each orifice and kept stroking her clit. She finally shrieked loudly and jerked some more. She calmed down for a minute but kept pressing my head down. I took this as a hint and kept up a gentle action on her clit.

Sure enough, she wanted another orgasm and I had no intention of disappointing her. I continued working her clit and after a few minutes of steady action, she jerked a couple of times and got another nice, spasm inducing orgasm. She gasped and sputtered and talked quietly in German until finally easing my head from her pussy.

Domine had me on the verge of my own blast of cum, and once I left Elga’s pussy, I had to concentrate to keep from blowing my first load down her throat. I backed away from her slowly, caressing her face gently and rose to standing. I went over to the dresser and got into the box for my condoms.

I took one out and went back to Domine and handed it to her. She smiled and took it from me, quickly opening the package and with one quick motion, rolled in onto my cock so it was snug and fully seated at the base. She had plenty of practice at this!

I secured some massage cream and led Domine to the bed, moving her gently to her knees at the edge where I could stand behind her. She understood immediately, and put her head down on a pillow and offered her sexy, trim ass to me. Elga lazily turned on her side to watch.

I greased Domine’s anus with the massage cream, thoroughly lubricating deep into her rectum with two fingers. She sighed and almost purred as I gently stroked my fingers into cute butt. I stroked some of the cream onto my condom clad cock, finally ready to penetrate the first anus of the afternoon.

As I aimed for Domine’s smooth little hole, Elga suddenly rose to her knees and leaned up against Domine’s hips, and grabbing a butt cheek with each hand, spread her ass wide for me. I smiled at Elga and eased up to my target. I pushed in slowly and gently. Elga watched closely as I penetrated the first couple of inches. Domine sighed loudly and pushed back toward me.

I pushed some more and Domine groaned, but kept pushing back at me. With a slow, gentle push, I slid past the top of her rectum and was finally completely encased in her ass. Elga turned to Domine and said something quietly to her, and when she turned back to me, she was smiling.

“You fill her ass really full,” Elga said. “She is ready for you to fuck her.”

I obliged but merely began a slow, easy motion, withdrawing a few inches and then stroking back in to the bottom. With Elga holding her ass cheeks wide apart, nothing prevented me from entering her ass to full depth. I kept the slow stroking up for a while until Domine began to bounce back at me. I began to withdraw more and plunge into her ass even harder.

Domine said something else I didn’t understand, and Elga let go of her ass. After getting off the bed, she moved around behind me and stroked my ass cheeks. This left Domine free to bounce back at me with each stroke. My cock was sheathed in a pleasant warmth, and her ass gripped my cock like a little hand. I was in hog heaven.

Elga urged me to pound her harder, and I began to plow into Domine’s ass with a hard, punishing stroke, slamming all the way to the bottom and withdrawing almost all my cock, only to drive deeply into her again and again. This resulted in Domine wailing and speaking in some other language beside German.

I head Elga chuckle and she pushed my ass to pound Domine even harder. I was just beginning to sweat when Domine suddenly got quiet for a few seconds, and then burst into a shriek. She wailed into several small spasms I could feel with my cock. I had a strong grip on Domine’s hips, and as she bucked around, I kept the incessant pounding of her “little hole” going.

I was nearing my own orgasm when I felt Elga playing with my balls. I let them know I was going to cum soon, and Domine began rocking back toward me even harder. When I finally got there, I thought my balls would explode. I shot cum into the tip of the condom, filling it almost immediately. Domine’s asshole milked another smaller shot from my cock, and I felt weak in the knees. I slowed down and got my breathing back to normal.

Domine stayed in place, and let me slowly lose my erection. The situation, though, had my cock in another mood. Elga still had her breasts pressed up against me, and her nipples were fully erect, brushing my back. My cock barely softened. I decided I needed a break, though, and I gradually began to slide from the tight grip Domine had on my cock.

Domine gripped my cock with her anus as I slowly pulled away to slip from her tight hole. After I was out, Domine flexed her butt two or three times, and her hole went from partially open to shut in just a few seconds. I eased away from Elga, only to have her reappear seconds later with what appeared to be a sanitary wipe. She handed one to Domine, and after carefully pulling the condom from my cock, wiped it and my balls. The wipe had a pleasant, albeit somewhat clinical smell.

I got another bottle of champagne from the cooler, refilled all three flutes, and took one to Domine. She thanked me and sat on the side of the bed, taking a long, slow drink. Elga took hers and sat in a chair, draping one leg over the arm and showing off a well eaten pussy that still shined with her natural juices. I took my champagne and went back to the hot tub.

The girls topped off their flutes again, and joined me, slipping into the soothing water on each side of me. I had lain back against the back wall with one of the powerful jets massaging my lower back. I rested with my eyes closed for a few minutes, until I felt a gentle hand caressing my cock. It was Elga.

She leaned over to my ear and told me, “Can you do that to my fotz? Then maybe I can let you have my arsch. I am not as good with that as Domine.”

I smiled and replied, “Maybe after some food.”

Elga giggled and said, “I think I could eat too.”

Elga asked Domine if she was hungry, and I understood the reply immediately. She was more than ready for some food. I asked Elga to see if she was okay, because I had pounded her ass pretty hard. Elga just laughed, and spoke to Domine very quickly. Domine answered her with an extended monologue that I only understood part of. It was at that point I realized that Domine had some kind of accent.

Elga gave me the short version, saying, “She feels very good. She liked it very much, and hopes you can do it again soon. She much likes that better than in her fotz. She also likes what you do with your mouth. She has never had a man who knows how to do that so well. She also said you are like a lover, not some arschloch who only pays to squirt into her and leave.”

I smiled at Domine and told her in German that I thanked her for her nice words. She smiled shyly, and drank some more champagne. I took a long drink, emptying my glass. Domine quickly grabbed my flute, dashed from the hot tub and refilled it.

As she was doing that, I asked Elga where Domine was from, her nationality, as it were. Elga said something to Domine, and then asked her a couple of questions.

Elga then explained, “She is from both Greece and Turkey. She lived in both places, and speaks both the languages. Her mother is from Turkey, and her father from Greece.”

I found this an interesting combination. But I was also hungry, so I stood up, offered a hand to Elga, and we headed back into the room after drying off. Domine had slipped her robe on and after returning from refilling my flute, had put her heels back on. She looked even more delicious. Elga was a natural nude. She had little use for clothes, much to my delight.

Domine had spread a small towel out on the dresser, and I quickly dug into the cooler, pulling out all the goodies I brought. Both gave approving nods when they saw each item come out. Domine went for the caviar first as Elga opened one of the bottles of Riesling I had brought.

Elga dug into the cold cuts on a brotchen and ate ravenously. The conversation was mute as all three of us ate with gusto. Domine ummmed and aaahhhhed over the caviar, washing it down with the champagne. She was a happy if quiet camper. We finished our repast and quickly cleaned up. When we finished, Elga asked me if we could take a short break, and maybe go to the sauna.

I agreed, so all three of us headed into the sauna. Domine had quickly doffed her heels and was in there first. I grabbed a towel to sit on and took a seat in the middle. Domine climbed up beside me for a minute until I eased her away from me with a smile and a motion of my hands. It was way too hot in there to cuddle.

In a short 15 minutes, we were all pouring sweat, and I was enjoying every minute of it. Elga suddenly jumped to her feet, and giving Domine a sign to stay put, went out the door and disappeared from view. She reappeared almost as quickly, telling us in German to wait about 5 more minutes.

Domine climbed in behind me without touching me and massaged my shoulders. Elga grabbed a foot and massaged it, and then the other. If not for the heat, I would have had them keep this up. But it wasn’t to be. Elga motioned us to follow, and we headed out of the sauna and over to a door I hadn’t really noticed. It went out into a small, well landscaped terrace and in the center was a small pool.

Elga motioned us on with her hand and headed straight for the pool and stepped into the end. It had to be seven feet deep, because she disappeared immediately. She popped back out breathing heavily and moaning loudly. Domine popped in next and came out shrieking. I figured I would do the same and stepped in.

I came back out with a roar. It was ice cold. No wonder Elga was gasping. She couldn’t breathe, nor could I. I went back under and pushed off against a wall to the shallow end. By now both of the girls had exited the pool. I followed.

Both were covered in chill bumps and rock hard nipples. My balls had shrunk up inside me, and my cock was trying its best to follow. Elga started laughing, and grabbed some towels and began to dry herself off. The air temperature was reasonable for this time of year but one needed a sweater or light jacket. I was naked and wet. Domine toweled down quickly and wrapped a fresh towel around her, and then began to dry me.

Elga wrapped up in a towel as well, and they finally dried me off and wrapped a towel around me. As I turned around, Freida came around the corner, smiling and appearing relaxed. She motioned Elga over to her and they stepped around a corner out of earshot. In a few seconds they returned and Freida gave me a friendly wave and smile, and disappeared.

As we headed back in, Elga explained that we had apparently interrupted someone else heading for the pool but was rather shy, so they wanted to know how long we would be outside. Freida also asked how it was going with me, and Elga told Freida they were actually having a pleasant time, and that I was a good lover and an excellent host.

When we got back in the room, Elga asked what I wanted to do next. I told her I really needed to piss first, and she led me to the toilet. I walked in, leaving the door open, and quickly pissed. When I finished, I turned to see both the girls peering at me, and then laughed boisterously. I must have missed a joke or something. Finally Elga explained that my cock had shrunk so small they wondered if I would sit on the toilet to piss.

I laughed along with them and told them it was up to them to get me back in shape. Domine laughed, but left and grabbed another towel to dry her hair. I followed and Elga came along too. We toweled down some more, dried hair, and refilled the flutes. Elga decided she wanted to finish her glass of Riesling, and tossed it down first.

Turning to me, Elga asked again, “What do you want to do now?”

I smiled and told her that I wanted one of them to sit on my face while the other sat on my cock and switch periodically, but both of them were responsible to get my cock back to its best hardness. Elga ripped a spate of German to Domine and she smiled in assent.

I went over to the bed and climbed aboard, face up, waiting for them to join me. Domine brought her flute to the bedside, climbed up and after taking a small drink, dived on my cock with her mouth. She still had the champagne in her mouth too, and the chilled liquid had me groaning as she swallowed me whole. After two or three strokes, she let go of my cock and swallowed the champagne.

She went straight back to my cock and swallowed me again, swirling her tongue around the head of my cock only to plunge it down her throat. I got hard. Quickly. Before I could react, though, Elga almost dived onto the bed and quickly mashed a pillow under my head, and without missing a beat slid her face onto my waiting mouth. I began to work on her pussy as Domine kept me buried deep in her throat.

Suddenly my cock was unattended and resting in the cool air. But only for a minute or less. I felt a delicate hand stroking my cock and I was suddenly sheathed in a condom. Then without hesitation, Domine climbed aboard and plunged her pussy down on me, completely burying my cock inside her. I heard her moan out load and she adjusted to my cock.

Domine had turned her back to me. I could feel her using her hands to bounce on my cock while she leaned over and braced herself on my thighs. Both girls were working hard, like they should for a paying customer. Elga was running juice from her shaved pussy and gave me plenty of sweet nectar to swallow. I worked her clit for a while until she pulled away.

She tapped Domine on the back and they switched. Domine literally leapt onto my face. Elga, meanwhile, slowly buried me in short strokes, taking me inside her as she wanted, until she groaned and I could feel my cock hitting the bottom of her pussy. Domine must have gotten warmed up, because she grabbed my head and pulled me tighter onto her pussy.

I worked her clit hard and fast until I felt her begin to spasm. She hit an orgasm that created small ripples through her pussy. As she rocked through the spasms, I quickly lubricated some fingers and probed both holes. She grabbed my hand and pulled it against her. She eased out of the orgasm slowly, gradually releasing some pressure on my head.

I was able to watch her face as she rode my lips, and it was a wonderful sight. Her nipples were rigid, and she had a soft look on her face that said she was really enjoying the ride. That’s when I heard Elga begin to moan and soon she followed with her own orgasm. I was a happy camper, and the girls were glad to let me lay back while they used me.

They switched as soon as Elga finished, and I figured it was time for round two. Elga went back to my face while Domine settled in on my cock. As Elga nestled onto my mouth, I felt Domine moving around over my cock. Then I felt a hand on my cock, stroking me. I didn’t want a hand job, and I groaned and moved my hips around.

In seconds, I felt smooth thighs straddling me. I went back to Elga’s clit, gently this time, knowing she had just finished an orgasm. As I carefully stroked and sucked her clit, occasionally dipping into her pussy with my tongue, I felt Domine moving slowly over my cock until I felt her begin to slowly drop onto my cock.

Something was different though. The fit was much tighter, and hotter. I put the tongue on auto-pilot and concentrated on what Domine was doing. That’s when I realized she was steadily working my cock into her ass again. I started raising and lowering Elga’s pussy onto my mouth, and she went with the flow, rising up and down. This allowed me to take a quick look at Domine.

Whoop, there it was. She had her back to me and was just dropping down to take my cock fully into her ass again. I heard her moan loudly, and then she started a slow up and down motion, easing up a little at a time until she was stroking about half the length of my cock in and out of her ass.

Elga finally decided she needed some more attention on her pussy because she began to grind into my mouth, leaving me mostly blinded. It didn’t matter though, Domine’s tight little anus had me getting the nice feeling of a potential orgasm headed my way. Domine’s ass felt even better than before. She was squeezing down on her sphincter like there was no tomorrow, and was burying the full length deep in her rectum with every stroke.

Meanwhile my patience was paying off as I ate Elga some more, because I could feel her building toward her own launch into orgasm land. She finally got tired of my being gentle and methodical, and began to grind into my mouth, grabbing my head and pulling me tightly against her pussy. She barely gave me enough slack to move my tongue and lips, or breathe!

While I concentrated on Elga’s pending surge, Domine had hit her stride and was just seconds from an anal orgasm. With Elga almost smothering me, I hadn’t noticed the unbearably tight grip Domine’s ass had on my cock. But with everything going on I just let it flow.

Elga came first. She rocked my face as she dumped pussy juice down my throat. She shuddered deeply, and got a death grip on my head, grinding my face roughly into her pussy. I worked hard to keep contact with her clit, although I don’t think she really cared by now. She bounced her legs together and quickly apart in several successive spasms. This caused me to have trouble breathing.

As I finally felt Elga slow down, Domine grabbed my balls in a severe grip, causing some serious pain. I jerked my hips away and she let up some of the pressure, continuing to ride my cock with her pert, muscular ass. She stroked my balls but I was now nowhere near my own orgasm. But Domine was, and as Elga got off my face, Domine lit up with her own orgasm.

She rocked and shuddered and moaned loudly and I could feel her rectum contracting and relaxing with each wave. Domine gradually settled down, and finally sunk down with my cock still buried deep in her ass. Elga had collapsed on the bed beside me, panting roughly.

Domine dismounted, gradually rising up until my cock slipped from her “little hole.” She sighed, and slowly got off the bed, retrieved her flute, and took a long, slow drink of champagne. Elga, meanwhile, slowly reached over and gently stroked my cock. I was still rock hard.

“So what can we do for you now?” she asked languidly.

I smiled at her, grabbed and caressed her ass cheeks, and whispered, “I want to finish in your ass.”

Elga slowly spread her legs as she rolled onto her stomach, and let me play with her raised ass. She was juicy from the last orgasm, and I dipped a finger into her pussy to lube it, and eased a finger into her anus. She sighed and wiggled her ass around.

“After what we just did, I don’t think I care what you do to me now,” Elga said contentedly.

Before I could say anything else, Domine showed up and offered me some of the lubricant she had used. I took it and greased a couple of fingers. I applied some of the lube liberally to Elga’s anus, probing with one, then two fingers. She sighed and raised her ass to let me go even deeper with my manual ministrations.

Domine had an evil smile on her face, and finally leaned over to Elga and told her in German that it was about time she had my big cock up her butt. I had stretched her “little hole” wide open, now it was Elga’s turn. Elga just groaned as I went deeply in her ass with my fingers, and finally eased away from my fingers.

Domine started to say something but Elga quickly shushed her, and grabbed her champagne flute. She filled it and drank it straight down. After a refill, she told me in German she had to be a little drunk to take me in her ass. With that, she downed another glass. Domine giggled and whispered something in Elga’s ear, still with the evil smile. Elga brushed her off and pounded one more glass of champagne.

She climbed back on the bed and turned her ass to me. Domine gave me some more lube, and I applied some more to Elga’s asshole. She sighed, and lowered her head to the bed, resting it on her arms. With her splayed out and spread wide for me, I noticed that she must have shaved all the hair from her pussy and ass. She was totally smooth all around her pubic area.

Elga just moaned and let me grease her smooth little asshole. After a minute or so, she finally looked around at me and motioned me up to her. Domine had been doing her part by lubing my cock with lotion and looked delighted when I got up on my knees to aim for Elga’s ass.

The manual manipulation that Domine had been doing had me yearning for my own orgasm, and I was more than ready. I motioned Domine around behind me and she quickly understood what I wanted. I didn’t know what she would do, but I was ready for anything.

I pulled Elga’s ass down far enough to put her asshole at cock height, and gently pushed the head up against her anus. She groaned and I pushed in. Elga let out a painful groan as my cock head slowly penetrated her ass. She moved around a bit, and began to move her ass in small circles, gradually letting me penetrate deeper. She continued to groan painfully, but didn’t stop.

Elga rose up on her hands, and reached around behind, carefully gripping my cock in one hand and readjusting the angle and position I was in. When she was satisfied, she slowly pushed backward, taking over half of my cock. This elicited another groan. Domine giggled behind me.

I held still and grabbed Elga’s hips, pulling her back toward me and then released my hands. Elga got the idea, and began to slowly rock backward toward me. Once I penetrated deep enough to hit the sphincter at the top of her rectum, Elga pulled away sharply, and said something in German so quick I didn’t understand. Domine laughed, and told her it would go all the way in if she relaxed and worked slowly.

Elga eased back toward me again, and Domine reached underneath and began to gently stroke and play with my balls. Domine whispered in my ear that I had big balls, just as Elga loosened up enough to finally ease my cock fully into her ass. She followed this with another groan of pain. I eased out a little and eased back in as Elga began to pick up my motion.

I rocked slowly and carefully as Elga continued to loosen up. She finally quit moaning in pain, and began to rock back slowly and carefully. Domine was doing a good job of stimulating my balls, and I knew that I would last too long in Elga’s tight ass. I began to rock back and forth with ever deepening strokes.

Elga seemed to hit a point where it finally quit hurting so much and let me begin to stroke like I was ready to actually fuck her ass. She moaned some more, without so much pain. I could already feel my balls begin to tighten, as did Domine.

Suddenly, Elga said, “Ficken mein klein Arschloch.”

I didn’t answer, but picked up the pace and stroke into her “little asshole.” Elga groaned some more but not in dire pain. I assumed she was uncomfortable but felt like she owed me this last little measure of pleasure, since I had gone above and beyond for her.

Domine suddenly quit stroking my balls, only to return in a few seconds with lubricated fingers that began to tickle, and then penetrate my asshole. I let her probe my ass, and my cock got even harder. Elga must have felt this because she groaned loudly again. Domine giggled at Elga’s discomfort.

I decided that I was about ready, though, and began to stroke hard and deep into Elga’s ass. She got steadily louder until she began to shriek into the bed. I reached down and grabbed her arms and pulled them to her ass. She took the hint and stretched her butt cheeks wide open for me.

As Domine probed my ass and tickled my prostate, I felt a monster load building. Domine tried to probe even deeper into my ass as I pounded Elga. In seconds, I howled and gasped through an orgasm that had me seeing stars. I pumped several times, feeling every surge of cum through my cock.

Elga was moaning and groaning from the hard pounding, and I knew her ass would be sore for a couple of days. As I slowed down and came to a halt, Domine gently slipped her fingers from my ass, and hopped off the bed. She went to the cabinet where they seemed to keep all manner of things, and returned with a small tube of something. She watched as I let Elga slowly pull away from me and finally let my cock slip from her ass.

Unlike Domine, Elga’s asshole looked like I had driven a truck through it. She was gaped wide enough for me to drop a ping-pong ball in there without it touching the sides. Had I not been wearing a condom, her rectum would be chock full of cum.

Domine gave Elga the tube of stuff, and Elga squeezed some thick creamy looking salve from the tube and began to gently and carefully rub it into her gaping hole. Domine whispered something in Elga’s ear, and she looked a bit embarrassed, but continued to rub the slave around her hole. It was around this time that I smelled the faint aroma of feces.

I noticed that my condom had a slight discoloration on it. I apparently probed really deep into Elga’s ass, and had come out with a little stain of shit. I didn’t react at all, but after Domine whispered something else to Elga, I watched as Elga hopped off the bed and headed for the toilet. I tossed my cum-filled condom in a trash can as she left.

As Domine sipped some more champagne, she told me quietly in German that I went deeper into Elga’s ass than she expected, and much deeper than anyone ever had. She apparently didn’t do anal that often. I was her first butt session in over eight months. Elga’s last anal was with a guy who was only a slender 5-1/2 inches, if my metric conversion was correct. Domine was still difficult to understand because she spoke German with a Turkish accent.

Domine handed me a refill of champagne, and we nosed into the food again. Domine knew good food, and she made little mewing noises of content when she found some pate I had picked up in Strasberg, France. I made me a cracker with caviar on it, and slowly nibbled it. My heart rate had finally returned to normal.

When Elga emerged from the toilet, she walked rather gingerly, but was a good trooper overall. When she got to the food stash, she dug in hungrily again, washing it down with more Riesling. We ate in almost total silence, save for the munching noises.

Elga broke the silence when she chuckled and told me if she was ever constipated, she would call me to pound her ass so I would open her up so wide everything would fall out without a problem. Domine and I got a good chuckle from this. She also told Domine she envied how easily she could handle anal. Elga had a difficult time taking me in her ass.

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