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“Just do what you can with her, she may not be the best but she is what I have.”

“Yes Ma’am, we will whip her into shape and when you see her next you will be very pleased with the results. We will start this evening with a re-collaring ceremony. We’ll remove your collar and put one of our training collars on her, then we’ll whip her and brand her to start her training off right.”

They talked about me as if I wasn’t even present, like I was a piece of furniture or something with no feelings and I guess that is just the way they thought of me. I was kneeling there beside the chair my Mistress was sitting in, naked except for the collar around my neck and the high heel shoes that held my feet in a permanent painful posture.

The man continued “You will probably want to spend the afternoon using her in anticipation of the eight weeks that you won’t have her available to please you at a moments notice. All we ask is that you don’t whip her.”

“Of course” my Mistress responded “I trust you to know the best way to train a slave and make her into the instrument of pleasure that I have seen others enjoying. We will go now to our room and when you are ready to start the ceremony you can come and get us.”

With that Mistress rose and tugged on the leash attached to my collar to let me know to stand also and led me out the door of the room. We walked down a hall and through a foyer to a staircase, Mistress’ room was on the second floor about halfway down the left wing. I kept my arms behind my back each hand cupping the opposite elbow as I had been trained to do and walked with head down and eyes lowered. As we passed other people we were looked over but not stared at, it was like the sight of a well dressed woman leading a naked slave was normal to the residents of this mansion.

When we entered Mistress’ room she ordered me to undress her, which I did with much kissing and hugging, then she lay down on the bed and told me to lay beside her. Whenever Mistress and I were naked together the contrast in the color of our skins was very striking and to me very beautiful.

We spent the afternoon making the kind of sweet gentle love that we often engaged in, the kind we enjoyed before we found that we had a love for what many called perverted sex (as if love between two women were not perverted enough, or love between a black and a white). After Mistress had cum several times and was resting she sighed and said ” I wish they hadn’t ask me not to whip you, I would so enjoy watching you squirm and twist under my whip and begging and crying for mercy.”

I said “Yes Mistress I too would love to feel your whip burning welts into my body, I love feeling pain to give you pleasure. Perhaps Mistress can visit during my training and whip me and allow me to please her with my tongue and lips.”

“I trust it will be so.” said Mistress, “now kiss me and lets nap a bit.”

Later a valet came to wake us and tell us to get ready for the ceremony, I had a feeling of sadness as I dressed Mistress for the last time for what looked to be a long time looking forward to it.

This time as we walked the halls and stairways of the mansion my arms were tied into the position instead of just being kept there by Mistress’ command. The leash attached to my collar was made of much heavier chain and the rings in my nipples each supported a bell that tinkled with each step.

We were lead by the valet down several flights of stairs to a vaulted stone chamber that looked to be carved from solid rock, a raised platform was on one end of the room and on the platform were a whipping pole, a padded horse and several rings embedded into the floor and wall. The room had several couples standing around or seated on the luxurious furniture. The women were dressed in dinner dresses the men all had ties and suits. Scattered among the crowd were naked slave girls serving the Masters and Mistresses in various ways.

As soon as we entered the room a gong was struck and the crowd quieted and those that were standing found seats, the man Mistress had been talking to this morning took his place on the platform nd nodded to the valet who lead us to the steps leading up. He took the leash that Mistress was holding and told her to remove my collar, for the first time in over two years I was without it around my neck. He then instructed me kneel in front of the Master trainer. The Master trainer nodded to a slave standing on the platform to one side, the slave stepped forward and the Master picked up a collar from the tray the slave was holding. He held the collar up and said “we welcome a new slave into our school she is just so much raw material at the present time but in two months she will be able to satisfy the most demanding Master or Mistress.” Then he turned to me and placed the collar about my neck and ordered me to kiss his cock and balls to show my acceptance of my station in life.

The chain was then attached to my new collar and I was lead to a whipping post, I was excited at the thought of being whipped but fearful too as this would be the first time anyone other than Mistress had whipped me and I had no idea how severe the whipping would be or if I could stand it.

The whipping was indeed severe, between my knees and my waist not an inch of my back went untouched by the lash. At first the pain excited me and made my pussy weep and my belly turn to molten metal. But the whipping continued until sexual satisfaction was gone and only pain remained. As I was untied from the post my tear dimmed eyes caught my Mistress in the front row watching, her hand pressed to her crotch. Oh how I wanted to kneel in front of her to taste the hot juices flowing from her beautiful pussy, but it was not to be. The valet led me to the horse and my feet were tied to the legs on one side and my hands were tied to legs on the other holding me folded in the middle, my shaved cunt on display to all. The master then took an iron out of a charcoal fire, checked it to be sure it was hot enough and then held it against my left buttock, searing pain penetrated even the pain of the whipping drawing a long loud scream from me which drew a round of applause from the onlookers. The Master then told me that I was now branded for life and could never hide the fact that I was not human but property, nothing but a slave. I was then helped to my feet to be led to the cell that would be my whole world for the next two months.

As we were leaving the chamber I saw two burly men grab Mistress by the arms and the training Master said “You didn’t really think we would allow a black bitch like you to be a slave owner did you? You will be trained just like your slave will and then you will both be sold to the highest bidder.”

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