The story continues still involving characters over 21 years old.

Knowing that Master would be watching, Eve slightly exaggerated the natural sway of her shapely derriere. A derriere that was glowing warm from its various punishments and her little puckered ring smarting from Masters fingering. She trembled at the memory of the pleasure she had so recently enjoyed.

Something was happening to her that she couldn’t quite tie down. In just a few hours she was seeing herself as a new person. No longer a fat frump in conservative clothes but a vamp dressed seductively and apparently desired by the company owners. In front of Joan’s desk was a bentwood style chair with arms made of steel tube. It had a seat that looked like woven cane which was actually fine steel wire. At the base of each leg and at the end of the arms one inch metal rings were welded.

“Sit.” Joan ordered.

“Please Miss, may I stand?”

“NO! Hitch that skirt up and sit.” Eve still hesitated.” Now!” Joan shouted.

Gingerly Eve sat her exposed red striped cheeks onto the hard, unforgiving seat. She gasped as the fine wire mesh pressed into her soft skin. Joan ignored her, leaving her to suffer in silence on that evil chair.

“What have I got myself into with these people?” Eve wondered “I really should just leave but I’m trapped. How could I pay back all they have spent on me and pay my rent?” Tears welled in her eyes and she wriggled a little to relieve her poor punished bottom.

“Don’t fidget girl or I will restrain you,” she was told sternly. “You appear to be a hit with Master James. You are to receive a bonus in your next pay. He is well built isn’t he?”

“Yes Miss,” almost whispered. The discomfort of the wire was almost forgotten as that warm glow spread through her as she remembered his hardness against her and the taste of him in her mouth.

“I’ve organised a contraceptive implant for you. It will last for three years but won’t take effect immediately so you will have to wait to satisfy all your needs.”

“Thank you Miss Joan.”

“We have decided that you should live in for some intensive training. Give me your keys so I can send someone to pick up your spare uniforms and anything else you may need from your apartment.”

Dumbfounded, Eve sat without answering. Her mind raced. Do I want this? Isn’t this going too far? Can they do this?

“Well!” Joan bullied the hapless girl.

She hesitated again. “Ok Miss.” Eve just focused on her ridiculously high pay, her debts and ignored her misgivings.

Keys handed over; Eve was led to an elevator by another red shoe which whisked them several floors higher in the tower.

They exited into a stark foyer with thick white carpets, white walls and ceiling. Silently the other girl led Eve through a comfortably furnished lounge room, a formal dining room and into a corridor with doors on either side. Opening the third door the girl led Eve into a small but nicely furnished room. There was a double bed, built in wardrobe, dressing table and a mirrored door, partly open to expose an ensuite bathroom.

“Clean yourself up. You will find a swim suite in one of the drawers. Put it on and meet me in the lounge room in half an hour. I will show you the Gym and pool. We can swim. Bare feet are only allowed inside your room, the pool or Gym so wear your shoes. Make sure your makeup and hair are done. ” She left eve alone.

Quickly she stripped her clothes off and showered. She marvelled at how comfortable her accommodation was. Once clean she looked for a swim suite. The drawers in the wardrobe were loaded with skimpy lingerie and while there was a line of red shoes with increasingly high heels there appeared to be no outer clothing of any kind. She eventually identified a red micro bikini in amongst a drawer of panties. The garment was a tiny thong and top made of thin nylon. The thong barely covered her puffy labia while the top covered only a quarter of each breast. Her nipples pushed against the almost transparent material. Eve felt that she would have been less exposed had she been naked as these tiny strips of drew the eye to her sexy assets. Quickly she applied some make up, brushed her hair and slipped into shoes.

The other girl, dressed in an identical outfit was lounging back in a sumptuous white leather seat. Like Eve she was shapely with proud breasts, hourglass waist and sumptuous hips and bottom. She was perhaps a little lighter than Eve. As the girl stood and turned to go Eve thought she saw a flash of bright metal at her navel.

“Come this way. My name is Sandy.”

Eve followed the girl’s luscious, lightly bruised bottom as it undulated along a corridor. She noticed the letter J, about an inch high, displayed on Sandy’s left buttock. Is that a tattoo? Eve wondered. Along the way the girl pointed out a Gymnasium, theatre and library until they finally arrived at the indoor pool. With the pool were a massage room, spa and sauna. Two sides of the room were floor to ceiling glass showing a spectacular view over the city.

Sandy slid gently into the water. “Don’t mess up your hair or makeup.”

Eve followed her in and found the water to be at just the right temperature as she lounged back against the pool side. She was sure that she had seen a gold ring at the girl’s belly button as she slipped into the pool. Blocking everything out, Eve just luxuriated in the water, her mind conjuring visions of masters toned and naked body crushing her as his manhood filled her. Her belly fluttered with longing, as she imagined his hardness slowly invading her virgin cunny. Her nipples hardened, as they would if exposed to ice, even in the warm water of the pool.

At last Sandy decided she had had enough hanging around in the pool, climbed out and flopped, still wet, onto her back on a bench. Following, Eve sat on an adjacent bench and looked at her companion, confirming that she did indeed have a ring in her belly button. Through the thin material of Sandy’s top, Eve could see the outline of more rings, one at each nipple. The idea of piercing was not new to Eve. A magazine that she regularly read had several articles on body piercing and tattoos in the past. She had just never met anyone with more than pierced ears.

“You have piercings.” Eve exclaimed.

“Oh yes, aren’t they pretty,” pulling down her top to show her nipples and rings. “I didn’t want them at first, but Master gave me a bonus for each one. He likes his girls pierced.”

“Does it hurt?” Eve’s heart fluttered and her nipples tingled and hardened again, straining against the thin red material of her top.

“A little at first but they soon heal up. Then they feel great. I keep getting more. At first it was for the bonus but now I get them because they feel so good.”

“Where are the others?” Naïve Eve asked innocently.

Sandy glanced down towards her thong and then smiled and spread her thighs a little when Eve’s eyes followed.

Eve’s jaw dropped. Clearly visible behind the thin wet gusset of Sandy’s bikini Eve could see several rings outlined.

“How many have you got?”


Eve gulped. “Really?”

Slipping her thong down and spreading her legs further, Sandy opened herself to the shocked girl. Eve could see three large rings in each outer labia, three smaller ones in each inner labium and two in her clitoral hood.

“These are the best ones,” she points to the pair in the hood “they make me so, so sensitive. ” She said as she absently stroked herself.

Eve shivered. The last thing she needed was to be more sensitive down there. Embarrassed, Eve tried to look away. She had never even imagined watching another woman stroking herself but was strangely drawn to watch. Sandy’s fingers and pussy were slick with her juice as she panted quietly with pleasure. Moisture was building between Eve’s own labia as she watched Sandy’s pierced lips puff up with excitement. The temptation to touch herself was almost too much.

Close to orgasm Sandy was now rubbing herself furiously and curled on her side. Eve was about to touch herself when suddenly the other girl cried out in pain and pleasure as a riding crop slashed her thigh as she climaxed. So absorbed had the two girls been that they hadn’t noticed Master James watching them. Kindly he had waited for Sandy to reach the edge before he lashed out with that one strike. The girl’s climax had her writhing with pleasure. Eve almost made it too, just watching.

“What is the rule about self-pleasure girl?” he asked quietly.

“It’s not allowed Master.” Panted the still excited girl.

“What should I do with you, girl?”

“I must be punished master.”

“Follow me. Both of you.”

He strode from the pool area while the two girls struggled into their heels and raced to keep up. Along a corridor he led them into a dark room. When the subdued lights came on Eve was in a red walled room with a black tiled floor and various pieces of leather and timber furniture and equipment placed around the room.

Pointing at Eve he said “stand in that corner and watch.”

Grabbing Sandy’s wrist he dragged her to the centre of the room where two chains hung from the ceiling spaced about two metres apart. Each chain had a leather cuff at its end which master quickly attached to the girl’s wrists. After delving into a cabinet near Eve, Master took a further pair of cuffs back to the hapless girl, attached them to her ankles and to two eyelets over a metre apart in the floor. Pulling a small remote control from his pocket Master pressed a button which started a quiet hum to sound in the ceiling. The chains shortened as they were wound into the ceiling. Soon Sandy was standing spread eagled and stretched. She was totally helpless, breasts barely covered and pussy exposed as her thong was still down around her thighs where she had pushed it earlier.

Master returned to Eve, grabbed her chin between strong fingers and said “Watch me hurt her and make her come,” as he pulled a vicious looking flogger from the cabinet. Eve’s heart raced as his strong hands had held her face close, his breath warming her cheeks.

Back in the middle of the room he stood in front of the girl.


“Please master, flog me, hurt me, and make me come.”

Eve was shocked at Masters next move. Rather than walk behind the young woman, he stepped back and slashed the flogger across the girls left breast. Sandy gasped in shock over and over as her beautiful breasts were assaulted. Shocked she may have been, but Eve could see moisture dribbling down the inside of the girl’s thighs. Her gasping soon turned to panting with pleasure. Eve herself was dripping with excitement at the spectacle. Although the punished globes were now glowing bright pink there were no harsh stripes as would be left by a cane. With a loud scream Sandy came, her juices splashing on the floor while Master gave her a couple of final swipes before striding across to stand before Eve.

Not daring to touch herself, Eve stood, dribbling and panting at the spectacle and hoping for release. Master stood in front of her gently stroking the light flogger over her breasts. She was close. So close. Oh please, she thought. Master dropped the flogger, grabbed her engorged nipples through the fine material between finger and thumb nail and squeezed. The pain was so strong that she cried. To Eve it was like an electric shock coursing through her soul. The pain snaked through her body until it hit her core and she came so hard that her legs buckled. Master followed her down, supporting her by just her nipples as she sank to her knees. His excited breath wafted across her cheeks. Once she was safe he released her to calm down.

Squatting in front of the shattered girl Master whispered “you want me inside you don’t you? You are dripping for it.”

“Yes please master,” she was begging.

Grabbing her cheeks between his palms, Master pulled her face towards his where he held her close. Licking his lips, he stared at her with a smouldering gaze.

Thinking that he was about to kiss her, Eve closed her eyes and parted her lips. Her heart fluttered with anticipation.

“You will have to wait little one. Release the other one, clean up your messes and report to the Gym.” He stood, used the remote to lower the chains that restrained Sandy and walked out.

Why can’t he use a condom to have me? Eve thought, pouting.

Sandy was slumped exhausted hanging from the slack chains, her knees just touching the floor. After undoing her wrist and ankle cuffs Eve lowered the limp, sated girl to the floor and went looking for something to clean up the juices that puddled in two places on the floor. Finding a towel in an adjacent wash room she dampened it and soon had the floor clean. Her fingers wrapped around the flogger handle as she picked it up, reminding her of master’s stiffness when she had sucked him earlier. Running her fingers over the strands of the flogger she was surprised at how soft they were. Her breath was short as she resisted the urge to use that handle which had so recently been in Master’s hand to pleasure herself. Quickly she put the tempting implement in to the cabinet, closed it and, leaving Sandy to recover, went to the Gym.

Riding an exercise bike in the Gym was a statuesque woman in a leotard and running shoes. Lathered in sweat she spied Eve tentatively entering the room which had a selection of exercise equipment.

“Well, aren’t you a little cutie? Come closer so that I can inspect what I have to work with,” the woman said as she climbed off the bike.

Even in her heels, Eve had to look up at the woman who was over six feet tall with an almost masculine physique, wide shoulders, muscular arms and close cropped hair above a chiselled face.

“Follow me,” she said walking towards a raised platform in the centre of the room. “Stand on there with your hands on your head and don’t move unless you want a spanking.”

Eve stood on the platform while the woman closely inspected every part of the pretty girl. She prodded and poked Eves bottom, tummy and even gently squeezed her breasts. The woman then ran a finger along the gusset of the girl’s soaked bikini bottom making her gasp with pleasure. The woman smirked as she sniffed and tasted her finger. Eve stoically endured this as she feared a spanking from this sweaty smelly woman.

“Hmm, you are a tasty little thing. I should get a few pounds off you with a little work. Get down, take those shoes off and we will start. You will call me Mistress.”

Half an hour later, Eve was lathered in sweat and starting to stumble between exercises.

“That’s enough for today, put those slutty shoes on and go to your room.”

Shoes on, Eve stumbled out of the room. The woman who was standing near the door gave her a savage slap on her bottom as she passed. Retracing her earlier steps Eve found the corridor with the sleeping quarters. The first door on the left was slightly ajar and Eve could hear panting and the sound of skin slapping together coming from the room. Guessing that someone was having sex in the room, Eve hesitated.

“Oh Master, yes, yes. Please. Fill me. Make me cum!” Sandy squealed.

Eve quickly walked to her room. It’s not fair, she thought. He’s fucking that bitch. That should be me under him.

Sitting on her bed was a woman in a white nurse’s uniform.

“Who are you?” Eve asked.

“You may call me Nurse; I’m here to implant your contraceptive and to teach you about cleanliness. You stink, so get under the shower and quickly wash off.

Wrapped in a towel Eve soon returned.

“Drop the towel and sit on the bed. There is no modesty with me. I’m going to give you a local anaesthetic in your left arm and then make a small incision and slide the implant under the skin.”

Eve couldn’t watch as she hated injections. The procedure was soon over and she had a waterproof bandage around her arm. Nurse said that this would stop the bruising and needed to stay on overnight.

“Now I’ll show you how to administer an enema,” Nurse stated with a sly grin.

“Why?” Eve asked, shocked.

“Trust me. If you are going to take it in your bottom, it had better be clean in there. Your Master wouldn’t want your dirt on his penis and you wouldn’t like cleaning him off afterwards.”

Suddenly Eve got it. He was might use her bottom until it was safe to use her cunny. She could see the sense in what nurse was saying. Knowing that anal sex must hurt, she shuddered at the thought. Well at least if he’s in me he won’t be doing it to that bitch Sandy, she consoled herself.

An hour later, Eve was well and truly trained in the art of the enema. She wished that Nurse hadn’t enjoyed filling her several times until it hurt. She wouldn’t be filling herself that full when she did it.

“Clean yourself up, get dressed in the clothes I have laid out for you and make yourself presentable for dinner. Joan will come for you.” She walked out and took Eve’s shoes with her.

After a shower Eve sat naked at her dressing table, dried and brushed her hair and applied makeup. The clothes laid out consisted of a white front fastening corset, nude seamed stockings and a white thong. There were laces down the back of the corset which Eve imagined may be to tighten the fit of the corset.

The corset, which was quite loose fitting, had miniscule cups that didn’t even hide her nipples but added some lift to her full breasts. Once her stockings were clipped on, she checked for seam straightness and then put on the panties. They were a joke. They were a micro thong that covered nothing. After slipping in to a pair of red pumps with four inch heels, the lowest available, all she could do now was to wait for Joan. She had no idea of the time, but thought it must be meal time.

Joan arrived and sat on the bed. She explained that tonight she would eat dinner with the Master. If Master was happy with her, he might invite her to the play room. Eve guessed that was the room in which Sandy was punished. No matter how the evening turned out, she must be ready for work at nine the following day.

“First, we must tighten that corset. Face that wall and put your hands against the wall above your head height. Pretend you are getting frisked like they do on TV cop shows.”

Eve complied, which allowed Joan to tighten the laces to compress Eve’s waist by a couple of inches. Once Joan had finished Eve’s hourglass figure was even more accentuated although Eve’s found breathing a little difficult. A glance in the full length mirror made her smile as she looked shapelier than she had ever imagined was possible.

Eve was led to the dining room, tottering on her new heels, where master was seated at the head of a long dining table. In front of him was a large plate with a huge steak and many various vegetables on it. A full wine glass and bottle of Shiraz were within reach of the Master. There were no other settings. Unsure of what to do, Eve started to pull out a chair on the right of the Master.

“NO!” he said slapping her hand away from the chair, “you shall kneel at my side here,” he pointed to a spot on the floor next to him.

Eve knelt next to the master and rested her bottom back against her calves.

“No resting for you girl, straighten yourself.” Eve was forced to kneel with her thighs vertical and back straight.

“Much better, would you like a drink?”

“Yes please Master.”

Offering a glass of Shiraz to the girl, he slapped her hand away when she reached for it. Forced to drink from masters glass as he tipped it towards her’ Eve found it impossible not to dribble a little which splashed onto her breasts and stained her corset.

“Clumsy little girly, aren’t you. I may have to punish you for that. I’m sure you look forward to a little play time don’t you?” He smiled.

“Yes Master.” She looked down, surprised and embarrassed at her body’s reaction to his words. There was warmth spreading through her tummy and moisture at her between her thighs. Exposed as they were, her nipples tingled as they hardened. Master smiled as he watched her reaction to his words.

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