** Around 10 a.m. Friday morning**

I was sitting in a parking lot, early for an appointment and devilishly re-setting the presets on Britt’s car stereo when she called. I had her car because the girl’s house flooded yesterday and we moved them into my place last night. Today Britt, the blonde love of my life, and Gina were going to move more salvageable stuff and needed my truck to do it.

“Hi lover,” I said as I set her number one button to a bluegrass station.

“Well ‘Hi’ to you too lover,” came Gina’s sultry voice through the tiny speaker. I could hear Britt laughing in the background. “Your other lover is driving, so she asked me to call. You’re on speaker, so be careful what you say stud,” she giggled as Britt broke out in more laughter.

“Hi baby,” Britt said from the driver’s seat of my truck, “We’re on our way to the house and thought we’d check in and thank you for the snuggle session this morning; that was really special.”

“Yeah,” agreed Gina and I could hear the break in both of their voices; I was truly touched.

“You girls know I would do anything for you, so don’t think anything about it; it’s my pleasure, trust me.”

“Well, you can bet it will be before we’re done…Lover,” Britt said emphatically. “Anyway, we called the insurance company this morning and got that ball rolling and then we called that prick of a landlord and gave him the good news. We may need you to explain to him what happened; I’m sure he thinks it was our fault.”

“Yeah, sadly that’s not that uncommon in houses built back then; not the greatest design in the world. So give me a call later and let me know what you think about the stuff that is too damaged. We’ll have to get a dumpster or I’ll borrow a truck from work and we can make a dump run if need be.”

“George, you’re the best,” Gina said, “I don’t know what we would do if it wasn’t for you. So is it really okay if we put stuff in your building until we figure out what we’re going to do?”

I laughed, “I don’t think you’ll take up too much room; I think we can handle it.”

“Well, I had to ask; I don’t want to take advantage of you…at least that way,” she giggled.

“Gina, you naughty girl,” laughed her cohort.

I could already sense that these new living arrangements were going to make life interesting. “Okay; well I need to get to this appointment, so I’ll talk to you girls later; okay?”

“Okay, Suck You Soon,” they laughed in chorus and hit end.

To say I was distracted the remainder of the day would be an understatement. Laying in bed, smothered in soft, warm, feminine nakedness; gorgeous nakedness at that, pretty well burns an indelible image on your brain.

**End of a long day — Friday**

Britt came up on the smart phone screen again and I answered a little more cautiously this time. “Hey, how’s my girls?”

“Our cute little asses are draggin’” came my favorite blonde’s response. “We’ve made two trips to your place and I think we can get the rest in one more load on your truck and my car; so if you wouldn’t mind, would you go by and pick up Kate at the store and then come here to the house?”

I was a little confused, but before I could ask, she gave me the answer; “We forgot to tell you, but Kate’s car wouldn’t start this morning and Gina won’t let her drive hers so we dropped her off on our way here. We already talked and John said she could take off whenever you got there.”

“Sounds like a plan,” I said, “so do you want me to pick up something to eat there or do you want to wait until we get back to our place?” Interesting, I thought to myself; I just called it ‘our place’.

Without missing a beat she answered, “let’s just wait till we get back to our place; I’ve seen about all of this mess that I can stand.”

“Alright babe, I’d guess that we’ll see you in about an hour.”

“Can’t be soon enough babe; see you soon.”

“What, no suck?” I asked, trying to sound disappointed.

“Maybe not tonight babe,” she laughed, “I’m so tired, I’d probably fall asleep and choke to death. But I do love you so much!”

“Love you too, Lick you soon….sorry, that didn’t work. See you in a bit.” I heard her laughing loud as I hung up, happy to hear her laughter.

Twenty minutes later, I found a spot a couple doors down from John’s beachwear shop and walked back to the store. It was late afternoon and the place was empty except for Kate high on a ladder, stretching to put a box on an upper shelf. She was wearing a little pair of shorts and a cropped top with sandals on her tiny feet. Her long black hair was in a single braid that hung to the back of her knees, graciously not blocking the view of her pert little ass cheeks poking out of the bottom of the cotton shorts. I couldn’t help but let out a raucous wolf whistle that startled her. She turned with a venomous look and nearly stepped out into mid-air. Luckily, I was right there and reached up to steady her, both hands on those protruding butt cheeks. She looked down at me with a smile and wiggled in my grasp, bearing down a little more; “Hi George,” she giggled.

“Hi Kate,” I said as I took the rest of her weight and lifted her off the ladder by the derriere. At less than five feet tall and nowhere near a hundred pounds, it wasn’t a great show of strength on my part. She squealed and squirmed trying to grab onto something as I lowered her to her feet. She wasn’t on them a second before she jumped back into my arms, her legs around me and kissed me hard, her tongue going to town. I tried to look around to make sure we weren’t making a spectacle of ourselves.

“Don’t worry,” she said, as she continued to kiss me, “there’s no one else here. I was just doing a little more stocking until you got here,” and then gave me another long kiss. Suddenly aware of how long we had been going at it, she blushed and let me set her back on her feet; “Sorry, I got carried away. I just love kissing you. In fact, you’re only the second guy I’ve ever really kissed, other than my dad that is and that doesn’t really count.”

I bent down and gave her another kiss; “Well, I like kissing you too and as long as it’s okay with that blonde roommate of yours, you can have all the kisses you want.”

“Well,” she blushed even more, pressing herself tight to me, her hand on my crotch, “I’m hoping Britt may let me have something more than just a kiss,” fondling my growing stiffness.

Drawing on all the self-control I could muster, I picked the little pixie up by the waist and sat her on the front counter, my back to the entrance. Kate looked at me with big brown eyes, a slightly uneasy look as I put my lips to hers and gave her a kiss that any Frenchman would be proud of. At the same time, both my hands found their way under the crop top and I fondled her firm tits, pinching her nipples while she squirmed and moaned. As the time before on the hood of a stranger’s car in a darkened parking lot, Kate’s little body soon convulsed in orgasm, only this time we didn’t have an audience and I persisted until she couldn’t take anymore, breaking our kiss with a breathless, “Ah Fuck!”

I held her until she was back to normal and with an embarrassed look, she stared at me and then looked down at her crotch, “Oh god, I think I pee’d.”

I ran my finger up the seam of the shorts and tasted the residue, a look of shock on her eyes. “I don’t think that’s pee,” I said as I took another swipe and she shuddered once more.

“God George, how do you do that? I’ve never cum just by someone kissing me and playing with my titties.”

“Just talented, I guess,” shrugging my shoulders modestly and laughing too.

“Well now I’ve got to change my shorts before we leave,” as she shimmied herself off the counter. Still a little embarrassed, she hurried into the back room to change, “I’ll just be a sec.”

“Okay,” I answered as I looked over some of the merchandise. Then it dawned on me; “Hey Kate, do you have the swimsuits for tomorrow?” I yelled toward the back room.

“That’s right,” she yelled back, “I was going to ask you about those last night, but the flood kind of changed things. So no, I don’t have them. What colors do you think we need?” as she came into the store pulling up an even smaller pair of shorts.

“Well,” I answered, a little distracted. Kate is a perfect miniature; from top to bottom. Sculpted legs on pretty little feet, a nice bubble-butt, a tight little belly and I would guess somewhere close to b-cups with pencil eraser size nipples. She has an innocent little-girl face with the biggest brown eyes and proportionally, some of the longest jet-black hair I have ever seen.

“Well?” she replied.

“Oh, yeah, well the car is white and I think the upholstery is black, so I’m thinking maybe just some real bright primary colors; what do you think?”

“Hmm, let’s see,” she said as she walked to one of the racks. She picked a bright red little number off the rack and held it up for my approval.

“Yeah, I think that goes nice with your skin tone,” I said.

“Ya think?” as she pulled her top up, flashing me and anyone else who happened to look in the window, and held the top over her breasts.

How can you not smile at something like that? “Yes,” I said as she smiled back at me brightly. “Do you have maybe a bright yellow or blue?”

“You bet,” she said, not bothering to straighten out her shirt. She held up the other two and looked for my approval.

“I think those will be great. What are the bottoms like?

“Oh, I think you’ll like them; they’re really tiny.” She giggled. “It’s too bad we don’t have another one like I gave Britt the other day; you know; the string one?”

“Oh yeah, I know it well,” feeling a little blush come on. The suit she was referring to was the one my vixen wore when she tried to fuck me to death on the hood of a candy-apple red hot-rod. “So, if that’s it, let’s get you locked up here and we’ll go help the girls.”

“Alright, let me just make a note for John on which suits I took and we’ll go.”

So without anymore fooling around, Kate locked up, set the alarm and we headed for the car. Always the gentleman, I opened the passenger door for her and helped her in. I went around to the driver’s side and found Kate sitting in the middle of the bench seat, seat belt on and ready to go. She gave me a grin and with a questioning look asked, “Is this okay?”

I slid in next to her and closed the door and buckled up. Starting the engine, I pulled out into traffic and then rested my hand on her bare thigh, squeezing it lightly, “Yeah this is okay.”

Kate let out an audible sigh, rested her hand on mine and snuggled up tight. She stayed that way the entire trip, never saying a word. We finally pulled up in front of their house just as Britt and Gina were carrying a couple boxes out to the truck. Britt couldn’t help but see the little one sitting next to me with the remaining half of the front seat empty. She smiled and just shook her head and said something to Gina. Gina looked back over her shoulder at us and laughed, saying something to Britt.

As I was getting my seatbelt off, Kate turned to me and pulled my head to her, kissing me on the cheek and whispered, “Thanks again for everything, especially…well you know…the kiss,” and then she turned and bailed out the passenger door, running to her roomies.

They disappeared into the house before I could get out of the car and when I came through the front door, there was loud whispering and laughter coming from the kitchen; ” Again?” I heard from one of the girls, “and just from a kiss?” and then more giggling.

I cleared my throat as a warning and made my way into the kitchen; “Well, what can I do?” I asked.

“Well,” said my blue-eyed lover, “you can start by giving me a kiss.”

After a not-so-standard, Hi, how-are- you kiss, Britt finally broke suction and then looked at the other two and said, nodding her head, “Nothin’”

“Well, let me try,” said Gina as she stepped up and tried to check my tonsils with her tongue. Another toe-curling, pecker-straightening kiss and then, to the others, “Nope, nothin’”

“Oh well, I guess it’s back to work then,” the blonde ring-leader said. “George, we’ve got some heavier boxes we saved just for you by the front door if you wouldn’t mind.”

“Oui, Mon General,” I said in my best, but admittedly terrible French accent, through her a salute and headed to the front door. The girls laughed as I heard Britt, laughing and saying, “Goofball.”

It took a couple more hours to get everything worth taking packed into the two vehicles. Meanwhile, ‘Ol’ Peckerhead’ as Gina called their landlord, came by to survey the damage. Just as Britt predicted, he started out trying to blame it all on the girls, but it didn’t take me long to straighten him out and give him some advice on how to get it fixed so he wouldn’t inconvenience his next tenants. Dejected, he left grumbling, and a little lighter in the wallet as I suggested that he should go ahead and refund the girls the remainder of the month’s rent they had already paid, as well as the cleaning deposit. He started to grouse about all the money he would have to spend to clean out the place, pull the carpets, etc. before he could even start to do the repairs. I took him aside and enlightened him on the damages the girls had suffered and how I was doing my best to keep them, particularly that hot-headed blonde one, from coming back after him with a claim. He did some quick math and then even offered to haul away anything the girls didn’t want, since he would have hauling to do anyway; then it would be a done deal. After he left, I went back inside and filled the girls in on the deal, handing them the check. They all looked at me with disbelief and then squealed with delight, earning me another round of kisses.

So, it was goodbye little house, as the girls took one more pass through, making sure we didn’t miss anything. “Hey babe, why don’t you take Gina with you in your truck and I’ll take Kate; I’m not sure I can trust you with her,” she laughed, poking Kate in the ribs. Kate pretended to pout as she slid back into Britt’s car; I noticed she claimed that center position again. I let Gina into the passenger side of my truck and as I headed to the driver’s side I thought of something.

“Hey Britt, how about dinner; do you want me to pick up something on the way home?”

“Sounds like a plan; just surprise us; Gina knows what we like.”

“Okay, we’ll see you back home. Drive careful.”

Britt gave me a little wink as she looked past me toward Gina; “You too babe.”

I climbed into the truck only to find Gina seemed to have a preference for the center seat too and smiled as I got in. “So what do you have in mind for dinner?”

Gina just smiled and then turned my head to give me a kiss, her eyes misty. “I just wanted to thank you again for everything. You really can’t imagine what it means to us and me in particular.”

“Well, you’re welcome and you know I would do whatever I can for you girls, so don’t think twice about it, okay?” I patted her on the knee as a way of reassurance, and like Kate, she placed hers on mine except that Gina coaxed mine further up her bare thigh until I reached the hem of her denim cut-offs. I could feel the heat of her sex as she clasped my hand between her inner thighs.

“So how does Thai sound to you,” she asked, nonchalantly, me driving with one hand and her scrolling through her phone directory.

“Sounds good to me”; as she pushed my hand tighter to her crotch.

“Anything you don’t like?” she asked, in a more sultry tone.

“Damn little,” I answered as I gave her thigh a slight squeeze.

“Good,” she replied and dialed the phone, placing an order I didn’t hear.

Gina gave me directions and we pulled into a small parking lot on the side of the restaurant. Gina looked at the clock on her phone and said, “It won’t be ready for about fifteen minutes,” she said, unbuckling her seat belt. “I think that gives me time for one more thank you and an appetizer”; as she unbuckled my seatbelt and leaned in to give me a kiss that quickly left me uncomfortable. My hand found its way under the back of her shirt and ran up and down her bare back and then slid down, determined to make it under the waist band of her shorts. Her hands were busy with my belt and jeans, moaning with anticipation in our kiss.

The progress with either denim item was too slow for Gina as she sat upright on her knees: “Lift,” she commanded as she pulled my pants and boxers down my legs. My hand was still half tucked into the back of her shorts as she popped the snap on the front and lowered the zipper; my hand now free to wander. “Oh, god,” she moaned quietly as my fingers slid down her ass, sliding over her puckered star and then dipping into her hot, wet pussy.

My cock soon felt her lips and warm mouth as I ran my other hand through her thick hair, brushing it aside so I could massage her neck and tickle at her ear. Her sucking was energetic as she tried to deep-throat me, causing her to gag. The thick mucus lubed my cock as she switched to jacking me and playing with my balls while sucking on the head and taking short quick strokes with her mouth. I wasn’t really of a mind to hurry through this; you can always nuke Thai food if it gets cold; so I concentrating on her, running my fingers in and out of her pussy slightly, gathering her juices and spreading them up and down her outer lips and then up to her asshole, making sure it was nice and slick. The plan seemed to work as she slowed, distracted by my thumb now making inroads in her ass. Halfway in, she relinquished my cock, concentrating on the thick digit in her ass. “Mmm George,” she moaned, still running her hand up and down my cock, “Fuck my ass baby, stick your thumb up my butt….ohhh… fuck that feels good!”

She went back to sucking as I stroked in and out of her ass until my thumb was buried, the palm of my hand on her ass. I moved it in and out slowly, stirring it around in her ass. Her ass now good and slick, I worked one, then two fingers into her pussy, which was wet to overflowing. My remaining ring finger and little finger were now positioned to slide down and aggravate her clit, nudging it as I rocked my hand, in and out of her ass, in and out of her cunt, sliding over her inflamed clit.

“Oh my god,” she moaned, her body rocking into my hand, and then sucking and jacking some more.

We could both sense the other nearing the edge; my cock seemed to swell to double its thickness, causing her to abandon the deep throat attempts, sucking and licking the head and both hands now around my cock and balls. “Ohhh…. cum for me baby, feed me your cum,” she pleaded, her hand now a blur on my cock, her lips sucking hard on the head.

I doubled my efforts, reaching over to spread her ass and fucking her ass and pussy with a fury; “You first baby, cum for me baby and I’ll give you all you can eat….come on baby…cum for me…. come on!”

We raced to the finish line as I felt her ass and pussy tighten, and her body clinched and then convulsed in orgasm. She tried to cry out, only to be defeated by the load of jizz I fed her. I could heard her breathing deep through her nose as she swallowed and swallowed; so I cried out for both of us…”Ah Fuck Me…Fuck….Fuck…unnhh!” My dick hurt, I came so hard. I held her, my one hand still buried in her backside, my other over her back, pulling her shoulder into my belly. Gina fought to catch her breath, her hand cupping my empty ball sack, excess cum pooling on her hand.

It took a moment before I could focus and I glanced up to see if we had drawn any looky-loo’s. If they had noticed anything, it was just that the windows of the truck were completely fogged up; so they would have to use their imagination. Gina gave me a final cleanup and then sat back up on her knees with my fingers still holding station. She moaned and wiggled her ass, my hand sandwiched between her butt and her legs. She leaned over and kissed me once more, giving me enough room to extricate my invading digits. Setting back, she took my hand and sucked each finger clean. My cock took note, but only half-heartedly.

Gina leaned down, gave my pecker a parting kiss and then helped me get my shorts and jeans back in place. “I think the foods probably ready,” as she leaned back against the passenger door and ran her fingers over her soaked pussy, licking the excess off her fingers. I would have been more than willing to help, but her bare foot pushed me out the door.

**20 minutes later**

We made it safely back to the warehouse and Kate and Britt were busy pulling boxes out of the back of her car. Gina gave me a quick kiss and bailed out the passenger door, food in hand, skipping to the front door. “Took you long enough,” Britt quipped at her as she passed by. Gina stopped, gave her a big smile and a kiss and then headed on inside. Britt turned to me and ran her tongue over her lips, raising an eyebrow. I feigned not noticing and turned to the truck to grab something; anything; not wanting to go in empty handed.

All three girls were at the island when I made it inside, unpacking the little cardboard boxes and getting out plates and silverware. I made my way to the kitchen sink to wash up, only to be intercepted by my girl. Taking my hand, she said, “Thanks for picking up dinner,” and proceeded to take each finger, those that had previously brought delight to her roommate, into her mouth. Glancing over her shoulder, Gina and Kate’s eyes grew big at the display; unseen, so did my dick. Finished with her sampling, Britt looked up at me and winked and then turned back to the girls, leaving me to finish cleaning up.

We talked as we ate, the girls excited about the way things ended with their old landlord and then, expectedly, wondering what their next move would be. I had mixed emotions and for the most part, kept them to myself. I really wanted to have Britt here full time, for more reasons than one and I had no problem with the other two being here, at least short term. If all things went as planned, they all had at least three more years of school here and they had to rent somewhere.

I finished eating and told them, “Well if you girls don’t mind putting the food away and cleaning up, I’m going to empty my truck so I don’t have to think about it over the weekend. We have the MG shoot tomorrow and then you have the rest of the weekend to sort through everything you brought over.”

Gina frowned, “Well some of us do. I have to go to work tomorrow.”

Britt wrapped her arm around the busty brunette’s shoulder, saying with all the overdramatic flair she could muster; “Oh, poor baby. Well, while you’re in an air conditioned store, dealing with happy tourists, we’ll be working under the hot lights of a demanding photographer; slaving to satisfy his artistic aspirations.”

Their laughter flowed out the front door as I went about the dangerous Jenga-like job of unpacking my truck. Nearly done, building an impressive pile against one wall of the warehouse, I recognized the box that the girls had quickly closed up when I entered the bedroom yesterday. Curious, I carried it over to the stack, and then did a quick recon, looking to see if I was being watched. Partially hidden behind the truck bed, I sat the box down and slowly lifted the lid. None too surprised, it contained what I assumed was their combined collection of sex toys. I didn’t dig around or take any kind of inventory, just let it be said that it was a fairly impressive collection in both volume and variety. I put the lid back on and thought about my next move. The devil in me wanted to walk into the house with it and see what kind of reaction I got. The angel in me was too scared to even think about it; I went into the house empty-handed.

Britt was alone in the kitchen when I walked in, “Kate and Gina are taking their showers and want to just lounge around a watch a movie before going to bed; how does that sound?”

You know where my mind went, and evidently it showed on my face; “You dirty old man,” she said, throwing a dishtowel at me. “Gina gives you a blowjob in a restaurant parking lot and now you want an orgy while we watch porn in your bedroom? What kind of girls do you think we are?”

The deer-in-the –headlights-look brought tears to her eyes, she laughed so hard. “No babe,” hugging me, “we just want to sit around the living room and watch a chick flick or something; we’re all to beat to do a proper orgy.”

Somewhat relieved but inwardly disappointed, I went in and took a quick shower and pulled on a pair of shorts and a t-shirt. Soon were all gathered in the living room, the girls universally dressed in oversized t-shirts and more than likely, nothing else. They found a movie that I could tolerate, made a bowl of popcorn and we pretty much sat quietly, thoroughly engrossed in the high drama of a woman wronged in 1920′s Europe…..Snore……

And that’s evidently what I did; well at least I fell asleep not long after the movie started. The room was dark when I awoke and I was wedged against one arm of the couch with someone leaning against me, breathing softly. Enough stray light came from the kitchen hood light that someone had left on for me to finally focus and find it was little Kate, feet curled beneath her and snuggled up tight under my arm. The other girls were not in sight.

I managed to stand up without waking her and considered just covering her there on the couch, but particularly since she didn’t weigh anything, I figured I’d just deposit her in her own bed beside Gina. I gently picked her up, one arm under her knees, the other under her back with her head on my shoulder. ‘This girl is one sound sleeper’ I told myself as I stepped through the guest bedroom door. Enough light showed from the night-light in the bathroom that not one, but two women already occupied the king-sized guest bed. If they hadn’t been sprawled diagonally across the mattress, I might have shoe-horned the little one under the covers with them, but alas, there was no room at the inn. Too tired to think very hard about it, I retreated to the master bedroom to find the covers pulled back on both sides of the bed. I wasn’t so out of it that I didn’t figure out Britt and Gina’s intentions, so I laid Kate down on her side of the bed and pulled the covers up to her chin and placed a good-night kiss on her forehead. A quick trip to the head and I was soon under the sheets on the other side and out for the count.

**Saturday morning around 5 a.m.**

Standard morning routine — wake way too early, morning wood planted firmly between warm ass cheeks, right hand firmly grasping supple breast, and face buried in soft blonde mane. Hmm? Hair smells slightly different and it’s awfully dark in here…odd; titty seems a little smaller…hmmm…curious….Oh shit!

“Mmmm, Good morning George,” Kate says as she squeezed her hand on mine and clinched her butt cheeks; “I’ve dreamed of waking up like this ever since Britt told us that you always woke up this way,” giving my cock another butt-hug. I gave her little tit another squeeze, kissed her behind the ear and said, “Well, you’re going to have to excuse me for a minute, cuz I really gotta take a leak.”

She gave me another little squeeze and a giggle and then let me loose. I rolled off my side and headed toward the john, my hard-on leading the way. I heard her enter the bathroom just as I let loose, the splashing echoing off the bathroom walls. ‘God,’ I said to myself, ‘I hope Britt didn’t tell them about her standing behind me and playing fireman with my dick as I tried to pee.’ Thankfully she wandered over to the sink to run some water over her face. I glanced over and took in her perfect profile and my dick got harder.

“We talked about it last night,” she started talking as she dried off her face, her perfect backside facing me; “you know, after you fell asleep on the couch.”

“Talked about what?” I asked as we turned to face one another, both naked and one clearly excited about it. We both stood and stared. We had seen each other naked once before, oddly enough on the day we met, when I photographed a three-way Sapphic celebration of the girls in my upstairs studio bed. Kate’s sexual experience up to that point had been strictly female oriented, but she let it be known that she was definitely interested in the opposite sex; her upbringing and family being her primary obstacle.

After making my acquaintance, Britt had taken it upon herself to help her roommates over their little personal hurdles in regards to the male sex. Gina’s previous distrust for the opposite sex, induced by a bad relationship, was well on its way to being alleviated. Kate’s virginal state, at least where men were concerned seemed to soon be remedied also.

The clicking sound of a door latching interrupted the moment and we glanced in the direction of the sound. I took her hand in mine and we walked into the bedroom, investigating the source. The bedroom door was closed and I realized that in all the time I’ve lived here, I’d never closed the door before. We looked at each other, both knowing who closed the door and the meaning behind it. The combination smile and look of trepidation on her face was priceless. I suspect that I probably had the same look on my face. Neither of us really knew what to say, nor did we need to. I led her to the side of the bed and kissed her lightly on the lips; “On to the bed, face down please.”

Obediently, but with a quizzical look, she crawled onto the mattress, prone, facedown with her head on a pillow. I knelt beside her, and sweeping her long obsidian locks to her side, I began kissing and running my fingers along every square inch. Starting at the top of her head, I caressed and kissed, unhurried and inquisitive. The ears and neck of every female I have ever had the privilege of being intimate with have always been a favorite area to visit. Kate was no different as she softly moaned her approval. I continued south, caressing and kissing down her smooth back, along her curvaceous torso. Her dimples above her butt were less defined than Britt’s or even Gina’s, but they were still there and I was rewarded with a little giggle as I ran my tongue over each one on the way to one of favorite locales on the female form; the top of the butt crack.

There is nothing sexier than that little crease peeking out the top of a bikini bottom or a tight pair of jeans. I straddled the little ones legs and bent down to kiss this magical intersection; letting my tongue explore as my hands kneaded her ass cheeks. Kate moaned in desperation, trying to part her legs, hindered by mine. “Patience,” I whispered as I scooted down, still holding her legs together but working my way down, alternating left and right. I lingered at the back of her knees, kissing and nibbling as I held her ankles tight. Down her calves, past her ankles and then to her delicate feet; I took each one and loved it, tonguing and rubbing, delighted at the moaning as I sucked on each little toe.

Holding her hips and rolling her onto her back, I spied her sex, glistening with excitement. I willed myself to start again at the top and worked my way down this equally lovely landscape. Her long black hair was fanned out beneath her like a cape, her brown eyes hooded in euphoria, a sexual high. I kissed her face, peppering it with small pecks. Her chest rose and fell, her breathing rapidly increasing as I grew closer to her erect nipples which visibly pulsed. I glanced up as I was about to take one in my mouth; caught her staring, biting her lower lip in anticipation. Teasing, I hovered over her right breast, blowing lightly, flicking my tongue, just missing the tip. Want shown in her eyes and as I was about to take that ripe bud between my lips…I pinched the left nipple, unobserved; complete surprise.

Little Kate’s eyes grew large as her body reacted to the stealthy attack; “Unnhhh Gooodddd,” she cried out as her body rocked in orgasm. Her hands grabbed for whatever was close by, which happened to be my head and drove my face to her chest, completing my lip lock on the right nipple. I suckled there, riding out the storm that swept over her. “Unnhh…Unnhh…Unnhh…” she groaned in cadence to waves of pleasure.

The storm slowly subsided and I was allowed to continue my journey as she gathered herself back up. I kissed and petted my way over her belly, now in tension following the upheaval and dallied at her belly button, probing with my tongue. I felt her stiffen and then relax in relief as I headed down one leg, not venturing to the apex; not yet anyway. I made my way down, revisiting her toes and managing to elicit a small snort of a giggle. I then backtracked, crossing over to the other leg, again taking no shortcuts and avoiding my final destination. Her breathing was now more relaxed as I made my way to the other foot, working harder to get a matching chortle on this one. Finally achieved, I sat up straight on my knees and twisted my back, stretching, and rocked my head to and fro, loosening my neck muscles. Kate was staring up with an almost worried look on her face. Smiling down at her, I reached down, placed my hands inside her knees and spread her legs wide. Her eyes grew even wider as I arched my back, dropping my head and took her entire pussy in my mouth; like a French kiss, my tongue searching inside her tight tunnel of love.

Another eruption occurred as I lapped at her juices, her body rocking as she wrapped her legs around my head, holding on for dear life. “Oh god, oh god, oh god,” she repeated as the waves slowly subsided. I cleaned up my mess, earning a couple more “Oh gods.”

Released from her hold, I inched my way up beside her and took her in my arms, hugging as she kissed and licked my face clean. We held each other tight, my hands on her butt cheeks, my stiff cock captured between her thighs. Her eyes told me what she couldn’t seem to get her mouth to say and I kissed her in acknowledgement. We laid there for a bit, squeezing and petting, our eyes locked on one another until she pushed herself up, me on my back, shrouded in her flowing tresses; “My turn,” she said.

Backing down, she situated herself between my legs and bent down, addressing my erection. She examined it with medical precision and smiled at me as she wrapped one hand around me, unable to complete the circumference. Watching for my reaction, she wrapped her lips around the head, her tongue dancing about. I smiled at the sensation and she managed to smile back, albeit with her mouth full. Even with her limited exposure to the real thing, she’d clearly put a lot of thought into what she was going to do; one of the benefits to porn I suppose. Her hands, tongue and mouth soon were working in perfect harmony, my flute growing closer to a final crescendo.

I hated to, but I reached for her,” Sweetie, us guys don’t come equipped with that multiple orgasm option like you girls do.”

“Not what I heard,” she said, taking one more draw on my pipe. “But you’re right , what I really want is to feel this big thing inside my tight little pussy and I want to feel you cum inside me and I want to cum all over your cock, ” she shivered as my cock throbbed in her hand.

“Uh, baby,” I asked as she worked her way up to straddle me; “do we need some protection?” nodding toward the bedside table where I hoped to hell some condoms resided.

“Nope,” she answered matter-of-factly as she lifted herself up over my stiffness, taking aim at her sweet snatch; “the day after I met you and sucked on your cock for what?; three seconds; I knew that somehow I was going to get to fuck this cock and I was on the pill the next day. Hell, I think Gina and I went there the same day and didn’t even know it. So no,” as she rubbed the head of my cock along her wet slit, lubing me up, “I don’t want anything between me and the sweet cum that I keep hearing about.”

With that, I propped myself up on my elbows and let her take control. Her eyes were on mine, wide and intense; mine were on the action below. Her little hand grasped me from behind her back, moving my stiffness back and forth between her wet inner lips, slick with excitement. The head of my cock was so wet; it began to run down on her hand. Satisfied that we were both ready, Kate pulled me back, aligning my bulging member with the tiny hole hidden between the wet petals of her pussy. I was entranced, watching as she slowly descended, the petals parting as she took in the head of my anxious cock. “Ooo,” she muttered, pausing ;”So big, so warm.” Catching my eye, she stared at me in contemplation, caught up in the feelings of flesh on flesh; I could read the sensations in her eyes and then feel them transfer to my cock. Her pussy seemed to get tighter, as though tapered, the further we traversed. Halfway home, she paused again, taking a couple deep breaths; “So fucking big,” uttered softly, her pussy fluttering, trying to adjust to the intrusion.

I didn’t help matters as I inadvertently flexed, my cock seemingly swelled causing her to gasp and clinch her pussy tighter. “Fuck,” I groaned, reflexively grabbing her hips.

“Tight, huh?” she smiled, her hands on mine, steadying herself. “Think how tight my ass will be,” giving my cock a little hug.

“Jesus!” I groaned, trying to push her up to relieve the pressure. I had to gain a little control here or I was going to either seriously hurt myself, or at the very least, blow my wad before I had the chance to bury myself completely in her tight pussy.

“Slowly baby,” I said as I began guiding her up and down; slow, small incremental gains. Her hands on mine pushed and pulled with me. Her inner lips sucked me tight, a perfect seal; so perfect we had to rock a bit to break the suction. The little one giggled at the farting sound we made.

We were soon about three quarters of the way home, developing a decent, slippery rhythm. Her concentration on fucking me only allowed one word per stroke, one up, one down; “Knew…I’d…love…your…cock…” We gained a little more; “Oh…god…so…fucking…good…” A little more; “So…fucking…deep…fuck…me… Just a bit more to go; “Oh…oh…oh………FUCK!”

Her pussy grabbed me tight as we mated completely, my cock completely imbedded in the tightest pussy imaginable. Her orgasm threatened to pull my cock out by the root and I held still, letting her ride out the storm. Drained, she laid down on me, my cock still firmly planted in her. I rubbed her back, sweeping her hair to the side to help her cool off. Regaining reality, she kissed my chest a few times and looked up at me through tired eyes. Sheepishly she whispered, “I love you….thank you.”

I bushed a few stray hairs away from her eyes, caressing her face, “I love you too; and you don’t need to thank me. I should thank you and maybe Britt.”

Kate giggled her little-girl laugh; “Yeah, I owe her a lot. I couldn’t have a better friend or lover; at least I didn’t think so until now. I’m about the luckiest girl in the world. So,” pushing herself up on her hands and thrusting her hips down, taking the rest of my cock back inside her, wiggling her hips; “are you going to fuck me and give me your cum or are we just going to lay here and talk?” she smiled.

Grabbing her hips, I had her on her back before she knew what hit her. I was between her outspread legs, my back hunched so I could kiss her as I rocked my hips, long, slow strokes.

“Oh my god,” she moaned in my ear as she hugged me tight, thrusting her little body in rhythm with mine.

I had my hands on her ass, holding her in place as I rode her hard, driving my cock into her tight cunt. I concentrated on her, searching for a last climax for her that would surely carry me over the top.

“Oh god,” she cried, “Fuck me, fuck me hard George…c’mon give it to me…..of fuck…I’m going to cum again…..oh god, oh god, oh god….Unnnnhhhhhh Fuuuuucccckkkk mmeeeeeee!!!”

I couldn’t hold back, her pussy convulsed, tightening, pulling me inward. “Oh Shit,” I bellowed as I came, round after round, coating her insides, mixing with her juices; we writhed in each other’s arms, sweating, a sharp burning on my back where she dug her fingernails into me as she felt my cock explode deep inside her.

I rolled us to our sides, still clutching one another, breathing hard, her face buried in my chest, my chin resting on top of her head. “Holy shit,” I said under my breath.

“What?” she asked, turning her head to look up at me.

I craned my neck to kiss her forehead, “I said, Holy Shit,” smiling down at her.

Kate smile back and giggled, “So, it was okay for you too?”

I laughed out loud; causing my still deeply buried cock to let loose it’s last little bit of joy. I hugged her, running my hands down to her delectable ass, massaging each cheek. “I love you,” she whispered into my chest and drifted off to sleep.

**Saturday around 8 a.m.**

Someone was nibbling at my ear and running their hand over my ass, trying to slip between my legs. I felt breasts firmly pressed against my back and I still had Kate firmly pressed against my front, breathing softly in her sleep. I reached back and grabbed a familiar butt cheek; “Good morning lover,” Britt cooed in my ear. “So how was she?” she inquired, nibbling on my ear lobe.

I squeezed her cheek and answered, “I don’t kiss and tell,” only to be rewarded by a little nip on the ear. “So where’s Gina?” hoping for another four-way snuggle.

“She had to leave for work. She asked me to give you a Good-morning kiss though,” and leaned around to make good on her promise. Looking me in the eye she asked again, “So?”

“I said I don’t kiss and tell.”

“Well I do,” chimed in the little one, still safely sequestered in my arms; “and he was incredible. I’m so glad that he was my first, but I don’t think I’ll find anyone else who can do what he did to me this morning.” Kate pulled herself up and crawled over me enough to give Britt a kiss, ” I hate to admit it, but I thought you were us when you kept going on and on what he did to you; and then I figured it was because you loved him and that helped, but after this morning, well I’m a believer.”

Britt surprised us both, reaching over and grabbing her roommate, pulling her over me and then pinning her on her back. The blonde Amazon straddled the dark-haired beauty and kissed her hard, pinning her shoulders to the mattress. Breaking the lip-lock, Britt looked down at the startled Kate and said stearnly; “Well, I’m glad you’re a believer and yes I do love him, but remember, you’re mine and you’ll do as you’re told and if you’re a good girl and make me happy, I may let you play with him again; okay?”

Kate had a bit of worry in her eyes and then as if on cue they both busted up laughing, tickling each other. “Yes Mistress,” screeched Kate as Britt tickled her under her arms. I scooted back, watching the show and relieved that their play acting was just that; and damn good acting it was, they had me going for a minute.

Britt clearly had the upper hand and was soon sitting on Kate’s chest again, her back to the little one and proceeded to make a meal out of our combined juices. Kate thrashed around as Britt’s mouth and tongue worked over the tender pussy. Not to be completely dominated, Kate reached up and swatted Britt’s ass cheeks, turning them a bright pink. Britt just moaned her pleasure into Kate’s snatch as she kept eating away at her. Kate finally called “Uncle,” slapping the mattress in defeat. Britt rolled off and sat up, a smile of victory, along with a lot of cum, all over her face. Wiping her face with her hand, she said, “Alright, enough play time, we have a photo shoot to do. But first, it’s to the showers and baby, your pussy is getting kinda stubbly so I think it’s time we introduce you to George’s patented pussy and leg shaving treatment, followed by the best hair wash and dry you have ever experienced; how about it, Lover?”

I grimaced a bit looking at all that long black hair and Britt laughed; “Okay, I’ll give you a hand with the hair.”

“Deal,” I said, getting up off the bed; “let’s get this show on the road.”

Kate was giddy as she’d already been told by both roommates about this personalized treatment. I gave her a quick rundown on the shower and she wandered around in awe as I demonstrated the different features, from the rain and twinkling star lights, the waterfall and the regular handheld shower. After a quick rinse in the shower, I turned on the steam to keep the room warm and sat Kate on the built-in bench seat. My lovely assistant gathered up the towels and the shaving gear and then sat next to Kate and observed. I started with her legs, working the gel to a foam and then carefully ran the blade from top to bottom as Britt held onto her, keeping her seated on the bench. I was careful not to touch her delicate flower during the leg-shaving portion; saving the best for last. The anticipation was obvious however as her pink inner lips swelled, peeking out.

Legs done, I grabbed the hand-held and rinsed her legs, running my hands up and down, massaging them. Kate sat with her eyes closed, humming an unknown tune; Britt looked at me and smiled, throwing me an air-kiss. Ready for phase two, I spread her legs a little more, bringing an end to the humming. I dipped down and ran my tongue over her pussy, sending a shiver through both girls. “You’re right,” I said, “I don’t know why I didn’t notice earlier,” smiling up at them.

“Yeah, right,” said Britt; “I think all the blood ran to your dick and deadened the senses in your tongue.” Kate giggled as she tried to run her foot along my crotch, just out of reach.

“Whatever,” I said in a slightly gay tone. “Okay, here we go.” I squirted some gel into my hands and worked up a lather and Kate inhaled audibly as I started to apply the foam to her pussy. She grabbed onto Britt’s thigh as I worked it in around her lips, massaging it in and up onto her lower belly. I picked up the razor and Kate tightened her grip, causing Britt to grimace.

“It’s okay babe,” prying the little one’s vise-like grip loose from her thigh, “My man has a nice touch with the razor, here, feel mine.”

I don’t know who she was trying to distract, Kate or me, but we all three focused on Kate’s fingers slipping and sliding around Britt’s satin smooth pussy. Britt cleared her throat, drawing my attention and she smiled and nodded her head back toward the little one; a subliminal ‘get your ass back to work.’

I returned to the task at hand, gently drawing the finely honed steel across Kate’s soft skin. I sensed the occasional contraction as I stretched and smoothed areas to receive the blade. Kate’s excitement flowed from within as I judiciously performed my task. Satisfied, I gently rinsed her baby-smooth pussy, running the back of my fingers along her lips. “Mmmm,” she moaned softly, another satisfied customer.

“One more step,” I announced, drawing a questioning look as Britt stood her up and turned her to face the wall.

“Bend over baby, “Britt directed; Kate’s eyes wide in apprehension. She licked her lips as she looked over her shoulder at me, bending at the waist in front of me. “Wider,” her roomy commanded, placing her hands inside her thighs, pushing outward. Kate shivered, aware of her exposure, only to be again surprised as Britt reached over and pulled her ass cheeks apart offering me an obscene view. A small climax rippled through the little one as I leaned in for a closer inspection, softly blowing on her puckered anus.

Whether it was needed or not, I wasn’t about to pass up the opportunity before me; “Gel,” I demanded, like a surgeon at the operating table. Britt let loose of one cheek long enough to reach for the can and slapped it into my hand, resuming her hold on our lovely patient. Rather than squirting the gel in my hand, I held the can strategically, taking aim and shooting a stream of cold green gel dead center. Kate yelped at the sensation as Britt smiled at my accuracy, her eyes shifting from mine to Kate’s inviting bud. I sat the can down and with my index finger; I spread the gel liberally around her winking ass, pressing ever so gently with each pass. She squirmed as Britt held her tighter, splitting her cheeks wide.

“Okay, hold still,” I admonished her as I picked up the razor and deftly swiped at the mostly imaginary hairs.

“Oh god,” she groaned, wanting to move, but firmly held in place by my blonde ‘Ass’istant.

I grabbed the hand held shower and did a final rinse, concentrating on the just-finished area. Kate reveled in the feel of the water playing on her ass and pussy. Finished with the job and my teasing, my cock hard enough to drive nails, I stood up and announced, “All done!”

Britt, her hands still tightly planted on Kate’s widespread ass, shook her head in disbelief. “Geez George, you always forget the last step….the final inspection”; and with that, dropped to her knees and buried her face in Kate’s ass, her tongue vigorously implementing the final check.

Kate bucked as Britt’s talented tongue slithered into her rosy bud; “Ah fuck, Britt,” she moaned. Satisfied that I had done a superb job as usual, my blonde lover backed out and stood beside me, admiring the backside of the young pixie. “C’mon girl,” Britt said, her hand out to help Kate stand back straight; “now let’s tackle that gorgeous head of hair, shall we?”

Standing in the rain in the middle of the shower under twinkling lights, Britt and I began the arduous task of washing that thick black mane. “Oh god,” Kate moaned, “I’ll never be able to take a shower by myself again.” I stood in front, working my hands through her hair, massaging her scalp as Britt stood behind her, chasing shampoo through the wall of hair that hung heavy to the back of Kate’s knees. The occasional twitch told me that the shampoo-girl’s hands sometimes strayed from their work area. Kate’s hands found my erection, which she just held onto, lost in her own dream state, eyes closed and a smile on her face.

After many inches of rainfall, we finally got through the marathon hair-washing session and after a teasing body wash of all concerned we made it out of the shower. I was reaching for the hair dryer when Britt interjected, “Hey, let’s just wrap her hair in a towel for now and let’s get some breakfast; I’m starved.” Britt magically got all that long black hair wrapped into a towel, fluffed her own up with another towel and then marched us all, bare-ass, into the kitchen.

Britt and Kate took over kitchen duties and I elected to just take a seat at the island and stay the hell out of the way. They were like a couple little girls playing house, scurrying around deciding what to make for breakfast. I had never seen Kate smile so big as she pranced around naked, following her roommates instructions. They tickled and giggled as they worked, pretty much ignoring me; “Ya know,” said the little one as she wielded a big knife, attacking a pineapple; “this is kinda like ‘Naked Day’ only better,” as she looked up at me and threw me an air-kiss.

“Yeah,” Britt answered, mixing up some pancake batter; “I introduced lover-boy there to ‘Naked Day’ the other day and I’ll have to admit, it was pretty fucking awesome. I can’t wait till we all get a day off at the same time; now that will be ‘Naked Day’ to remember,” winking at me. My dick swelled at the thought.

“So baby,” Britt asked Kate as she licked some stray pineapple juice of the little one’s tummy,” do you want to do the pancakes while I heat up some of the Canadian bacon?”

“Sure,” she answered. “Do you have an apron? I don’t want to burn these,” pinching and pulling on her excited nipples.

“We can’t have that,” leaning in and taking a nipple into her mouth, suckling while Kate played with hers. Moving to the other for a quick slurp, she let loose and said,” the aprons are in the second drawer down to the left of the dishwasher. George baby, will you give her a hand tying it, my hands are dirty,” holding up her flour covered hands.

“Sure,” I said, coming around the counter, stiff dick leading the way. Kate giggled as she slipped the apron over her head and glanced down at me.

“Hey Britt,” Kate said over her shoulder, “is he always like this?” nodding at my erection.

Britt glanced over and smiled; “Yeah, pretty much; he has this Boy Scout thing, you know, always be prepared,” she laughed.

Kate smiled at me as she turned around to let me tie the apron. I fought the towel-wrapped hair to get the sash tied, not missing the opportunity to caress her ass. “I had a crush on a Boy Scout when I was a little girl,” she said as she pushed her butt back, trying to capture my cock. I let her play for a moment then said,” here, let’s take the towel off. I don’t think it’s doing much now and it’s about to fall off anyway.” I un-wrapped the towel as she continued to dance with my dick. I hung the towel over a stool and ran my hands through her hair, making sure that we were relatively tangle-free. She shivered as I drug my finger tips down her back, over her ass and down her thighs. Satisfied that we’d be able to get a brush trough her hair later, I gave her a little pop on the ass and said,” Okay, now how about those pancakes?”

She gave a startled little yelp and a dirty, but horny look as Britt laughed at us. She looked at my throbbing cock and just shook her head; “Okay stud, go have a seat and breakfast will be served in a minute.”

We made it through the delicious breakfast without anyone being accosted, too much anyway, and then cleared the dishes. “Let’s leave the clean-up for later, I really want to get this shoot taken care of. Britt, can you get Kate ready while I get set up in the studio?”

“Yes sir,” she said, throwing me a naked salute and turning her sweet backside to me. I turned to head out to the studio when she said from behind me, “Uh sir, are you going to put any clothes on, sir?” both of them laughing as they walked into the bedroom.

I turned to follow as I wondered whether all the blood running to my lower extremities was indeed having some effect on my mind. After a quick teeth brushing, I donned a pair of shorts and a shirt and slipped on some flip-flops and headed out to the studio area and the MG.

**30 minutes later**

I had the shiny white MG rolled into place and had the lights all set to go. I double checked the camera and took a couple test shots to check the exposure; everything looked good-to-go. I heard the front door close and watched as a couple beauties strolled across the warehouse floor. Britt was dressed to work, and as the employer, I was very lenient with the dress code. Her pretty feet were in a pair of sandals, easy to slip off to walk on the painted set floor. She had on a pair of her silk running shorts that showed of her toned legs and on top she wore a cropped muscle-T, nice and loose for working under the hot lights. Her long hair was pulled back in a pony tail; she was gorgeous and my heart did little flip.

Our model du jour was wearing the high heels we bought for all the girls. Her perfect legs ran up and disappeared under a short kimono. Her lustrous, long black hair hung loose, fanned out beyond her hips as she sauntered toward the set. Her face was aglow with an anxious smile.

I stepped over to the girls as they set their things on a chair I had drug over to the set. “You look beautiful,” I told Kate, giving her a little peck on the cheek. I heard a little throat-clearing behind me, coming from my assistant who wasn’t about to be ignored. I turned to her and pulled her to me, which kind of surprised her I think. I kissed her hard, my tongue probing for hers, as my right hand slipped up the leg of her loose shorts, grabbing her ass cheek and giving it a loving squeeze. I broke our hold, “You’re always beautiful;” it took her a minute to get composed as Kate giggled and I relished one of the few moments I actually took her by surprise. “Okay; let’s do this.”

I stepped over to the work table to grab my big Nikon and watched as Britt led Kate over to the car. She wore a bright red string bikini that looked miniscule, even on her tiny frame. Her jet-black hair contrasted beautifully with the stark-white paint job on the British sports car. Britt set her in her first pose and then coached her from the sideline as I snapped away, throwing out encouraging comments. Kate still seemed a little ill-at-ease so I stopped after a couple minutes and kicked my sandals off and walked over to her.

“You’re doing great sweetie,” I said. “Here, take a look,” holding the back of the camera up to her and scrolling through the shots we’d taken. Britt joined us, looking over Kate’s shoulder; “You look sexy, doll,” giving her a little butt a squeeze and a peck on the cheek. “Just enjoy yourself. Dance and show off for George. Make him want you. Imagine all the guys who’ll look at you that month and want to bend you over the hood of this car and have their way with you.”

Kate looked at her with big eyes, “Okay,” was all she could manage as she shook her head in agreement.

“Okay sexy,” I said, turning to take up my position, “let’s get a few more in this suit and then we’ll try another.” I glanced at Britt who gave me a wink, that sexy wink that always leads to something unexpected.

“Okay lover,” she started, “stand there, spread your legs a bit more…. okay left hand on the wind- shield….turn toward me…..” and on and on as I took shot after shot. This was too easy, I told myself. Britt knew what looked good and Kate was getting into it.

“Okay baby, let’s see if we can get the photographer turned on, shall we? Put your left knee up on the fender and bend over the windshield….that’s good….okay, spread ‘em a little more… yeah that’s good; make him want to fuck you where you stand….oh yeah, that’s the look…fuck baby, I want to fuck you….there you go, that’s sexy you little slut.”

I took shot after shot, and I did want to walk over there and plow her furrow. That long black hair cascading over the white bodywork of the car looked spectacular. Just as I was about to call it a wrap on this set of shots, I had an idea. “Ladies, I just had an idea; take five; I’ve got to go grab a ladder”; and I set the camera on the table and took off into the deep recesses of the warehouse, hoping that I did have a tall ladder.

The girls were standing by the table, drinking water and giggling little-girl giggles. They watched with amusement as I drug the 12-foot ladder over to the set; bigger than I wanted, but it would do. Setting it up and positioning it roughly where I thought I wanted it, I explained my idea to the girls. “On those last shots, which by the way did have me a bit hot and bothered, I loved the way her hair laid on the car, so I thought I would like to try a shot with her laying back on the hood with her hair splayed out and I’ll shoot it from above. It probably won’t make it on the calendar, but I think it’ll be a sexy portrait shot; what do you think?”

“I think it sounds great,” answered Britt. “It’ll be like she’s lying in bed but on a car hood instead. I think it could look sexy as hell.”

I glanced at Kate who stared back at me with eyes glistening.

“Alright, let’s do these and we’ll move onto the next suit. Britt baby, I’ll go up and let you know how her hair looks, okay?”

I climbed the ladder, cussing my choice of footwear. I got to the top and glanced down; I was clearly in the wrong spot. Britt didn’t have her hair situated, but I knew it was going to be a nice shot. I cussed under my breath as I carefully made my way back down. I moved the ladder till it almost straddled the car and realized the lights were now wrong because the ladder was going to throw shadows across the shot. ‘Shit,’ I said to myself, ‘how do I do this?’ Then it dawned on me; I had a large ring light upstairs that I didn’t use very often; maybe that will work. I glanced over at the girls, Kate now looking beautiful, but a bit uncomfortable, laying on the hood. “Hold that pose; I’ll be right back,” and then sprinted across the warehouse and up the stairs in search of the light. The girls looked at each other, wondering what the hell I was up to.

I finally found the light and scurried back to find the girls feigning sleep, Kate snoring loudly on her back, Britt in the passenger seat. “Ha ha, funny; trust me; this shot will be worth it.” The girls giggled as I got the light set up on the camera. I checked the ladder position one more time and made the precarious ascent once more. I leaned over the top and saw the shot I envisioned. “Okay baby, spread out her hair a bit more on the right there and I want to see a little more of the hood through her hair down a little lower edge there…okay that looks perfect. Let’s see what we’ve got.” I took a shot and looked at it on the camera, excited by the shot.

“Okay, lover, er Kate, look right into the camera and I want to see some different expressions; okay?”

The expression on her face was nearly enough to drag me off my perch and make love to her on the uncomfortable British import. I gathered myself up and began snapping shots, bracketing the first one and then concentrating on her eyes as she shifted from lovely to lustful. Her deep brown eyes expressed her desires and it was taking its toll on me, my dick trying to push me backwards off the ladder. I stopped for a second to reposition myself and had another epiphany; dare I ask? I’d made love to this beautiful creature just hours ago, but somehow, in this setting, I was a little apprehensive to make this request.

“Uh, Kate…uh…do you think I could ask you to take your top off?”

Her eyes grew big and her smile even bigger. Without a word, she lifted her head and said something to Britt who came over and reached behind her to untie the tiny top. Kate laid her head back down and Britt repositioned her hair. Looking up at me, she smiled and winked and then morphed into the wanton sex goddess I saw earlier. Her nipples stood erect on her ample breasts. She was beautiful, but it’s was her eyes that said it all; it made me shiver; here was a Kate I hadn’t been introduced to until now. I squeezed off a couple dozen more shots and then had to get off the ladder, my calves quivering from being perched like a bird, barefoot on the ladder and my cock throbbing.

Britt reached up for my camera as I made my way to the bottom. She gave me a kiss on the cheek and a hug as we made our way to the work table. “So how did they turn out?” she asked as I took the ring light off.

I wrapped an arm around Kate and pulled her to my side to look at the shots; “they’ll look better on the big screen, but I think you’ll get the idea.” They both gasped at the first shot and were dead-silent, only gasping again as the first topless shot came up. Neither spoke until I had scrolled through them all; “My god Kate, you’re fucking gorgeous,” said her roommate. I glanced down at the little one, nestled under my arm, her head against my chest. Big tears ran down her cheeks as she bit her lip.

“Oh baby,” I said, wrapping my other arm around her; “what’s wrong, don’t you like the pictures?”

She looked up at me and then over at a concerned Britt…”didn’t know,” she sniffled.

“Didn’t know what?” I queried.

“Didn’t know you were this beautiful?” Britt asked, holding the last image up to her again.

Kate nodded in the affirmative against my chest, hugging me tighter. I kissed the top of her head, returning the embrace. “Oh sweetie,” said Britt, “we’ve always known how beautiful you are and Gina and I have told you that over and over. I guess maybe it took George to bring it out of you and make you look at the real you. He does seem to have that way with women.” She smiled and kissed my cheek as I blushed and teared up a little.

She held on a little longer and then said, “I’m sorry I lost it there. I’ve just never felt like that, like when I was laying there and looking up a beautiful man who was looking down at me with a look that I’d never seen before. I thought making love this morning was the most incredible thing that had ever happened to me, but just now, I felt….I don’t know, I can’t explain it, I just felt so different, so complete. I don’t know what else to say except I love you both so much; more than I can ever express.”

With that, everyone was crying. I finally got it together and said, “well, let’s take a little break, get a little something to eat and then we’ll take a look at the other suit and see if we think we can improve on what we’ve already shot.”

They both nodded in agreement and we walked with our arms around each other, me in the middle. Kate was still topless and pulled my hand to cover her right breast and held it tight. The girls decided that they would make some salads and it dawned on me that I’d left the memory card in the camera, so I hustled back out and told the girls that I was going to look at the shots on the computer and to shout when they had the salads put together.

I was engrossed in the shots when I heard the girls coming up the stairs with lunch. “We wanted to see the shots, so we brought lunch to you. Hope you wanted iced tea,” said my blonde love.

“Thanks, that’s great; pull up a seat.” Kate had pulled a t-shirt on and gave me a little kiss before she sat down on one side, with Britt on the other side. I started at the beginning and the girls critiqued the shots, while I just sat back and listened. It was interesting to hear their comments and you could see the progression of Kate’s comfort level as we went along. We had about finished our salads when we came to the ladder shots. Again, the silence was deafening as I slowly scrolled through the shots, taking my cues on when to move along by the hands that gripped my thighs. Finally reaching the last shot, I left that shot on the screen; Kate staring into our eyes, lust, love, passion, compassion; all in one look. I wrapped my arms around both their shoulders and kissed the tops of their heads; “Well, we gave the publisher a couple different choices on swimsuits on the other cars, so maybe we better go ahead and at least do the blue one, okay?”

Both girls nodded in acknowledgement and gathered up the dishes and headed downstairs. I was still a bit confused and maybe a little concerned at the lack of comment on the ladder shots as I sat there, mesmerized by her hypnotic gaze. Figuring the girls would soon be waiting on me; I grabbed another SD card and headed downstairs. Instead of heading straight back to the set, I detoured to the front door and cautiously opened it enough to peek in. The girls were locked in a passionate embrace, laying on the couch, grinding and kissing, mumblings of ‘love you’, ‘so sexy’, ‘fuckin’ hot’ and so on. I quietly closed the door, readjusted my cock and then softly crept halfway back up the stairs, turned and then stomped my way back down, making as much noise as I could and then yelled over my shoulder as I turned toward the set, “C’mon ladies, we don’t have all day,” smiling a stupid grin.

** 20 minutes later**

My girls came hustling out the front door, Britt in the lead, still dressed in her shorts and crop top. Kate followed up a close second, handicapped by the extreme high-heels and dressed only in the tiny blue bikini, long black hair flowing close behind. I had moved the ladder out of the way and this shoot went much quicker as our model knew the routine and was much more comfortable. She even slipped in a couple R-rated poses, exposing a nipple, or a little too much butt crack. Her smile was infectious and I pretty much gave up on getting much in the way of serious or sultry shots.

When I decided that we had enough good material to choose from, I called it. Kate stood up and stretched, reaching for the roof. I couldn’t help but take one last candid shot. She smiled and stuck her tongue out at me, only to be captured digitally once again. “Are we going to do the ladder thing again?” she asked.

Cringing at the thought of hanging onto the ladder again I answered, “I seriously doubt that we’ll get any shots that compare to the first round, so no, I think we’re done.”

“I beg to differ”; came the retort from behind me. I turned in time to see Britt pull the crop top off over her head, exposing the royal blue bikini top that was a favorite of hers; and mine for that matter as it barely contained her shapely c-cups. It dawned on me as she shimmied out of her running shorts to reveal the tiny bikini bottoms that disappeared between my favorite ass cheeks; she intended to do our ‘private’ shoot for this car.

We’d previously done this alone, with a remote to trigger the camera, although Gina and Kate knew about the shoots and for all I knew, had seen the pictures. “Well,” I mumbled and stumbled, “I don’t have the tripod set up and I’m not sure where I left the remote,” trying to make excuses.

“No problem,” said my confident sex-driven love; “Kate and I already talked it over and she’ll be the photographer, okay?”

Like I had a choice, I nodded dumbly and handed the camera to Kate who was stripping out of what little she wore. Catching my questioning look, she answered, “If you remember, you were naked when you first shot the three of us upstairs, so I thought it only appropriate that I return the favor,” smiling big, her nipples stiff with excitement.

Britt took my hand and pulled me over to the MG and we followed Kate’s instructions. “Okay George, lose the clothes. Let’s see that gorgeous cock.” Oddly apprehensive, I shucked the shorts and shirt, my erection beyond obvious. Kate giggled with delight as she fired off a shot.

“Okay, now Britt, bend over a little and put your hands on top of the windshield and George, baby, you snuggle up behind her and hug her tight.” I did as I was told, my dick comfortably settled in between her warm thighs. Britt giggled and wiggled as Kate snapped off a couple shots. “Okay, now George, slip your hands under her top and grab those titties.” I gladly complied, pinching her nipples, getting a little moan in reply. A couple more exposures were taken; “Okay Britt, honey, stay where you are and George, get on your knees and start pulling down her bottom.” I caught the two winking at each other as I dropped to my knees and placed a kiss on each cheek, a flash telling me I got caught.

I slowly drew the little bit of blue over her firm pumpkin-ass as the camera continued to fire. I had the little collection of string and fabric on the floor and Britt lifted one foot to get them out of the way. She spread her feet further apart and I looked over at our photographer for direction, only to find her with one hand buried in her own pussy. “Oh,” she said, startled that she got caught; “You know what to do,” she said, motioning with wet fingers. I smiled and then buried my face in heaven. Britt moaned in appreciation as my tongue had its way with her.

I heard the shutter clack; Kate was right next to me. I felt damp fingers on my cheek as Kate pried Britt’s ass cheek out, sneaking a peek at my feasting, snapping obscene close-ups. Britt groaned deeper, writhing against my face and my cock grew harder at the thought of the upcoming slide show.

“Okay, you can come up for air now baby,” Kate said to me, her hand on my shoulder, and her head next to mine. I turned to look at her only to be kissed hard, her tongue gathering all of Britt’s juices she could find. Breathing hard she broke the kiss, her eyes on fire. She quickly stood, trying to regain her stature as the photographer. Problem was, this put her bare pussy right at my tongue level and I really had no option but to take a quick swipe with my tongue.

Little Kate squealed and jumped back and Britt laughed, having caught the entire scene. “Okay,” said the flustered photog. “Okay, umm Britt, how about your sit on the rear fender, just behind the driver’s seat…okay, can you lean back a little and put your hand on the passenger seat back…no, that’s too far back, try the driver’s seat.” Britt twisted around, her bare ass squeaking on the polished fender. “Crap, that won’t work; the car’s to short to get you at the right level.”

“The right level?” Britt asked, knowing full well what her friend had in mind, but wanting to hear Kate say it.

Kate realized that Britt was trying to embarrass her, so she just went ahead and said it, like it was no big deal; “I want a shot of George fucking you, but I don’t want to break his back. I may have to have him just bend you over like before and fuck you doggie; I don’t know,” she said in frustration.

Britt smiled at her and said, “I have an idea,” and then went around to the other side of the car and sat on the back fender and laid back, her long lean body across the car, behind the seat backs. She reached back and pulled off the tiny top, freeing her beautiful breasts and then scooted back a bit more till her head hung just over the opposite fender.

Looking up at me, upside down, she said, “Okay baby, come fuck my face and you can lean down and finger my pussy.”

That sounded like a hell of an idea as a drop of pre-cum threatened to drip on the painted floor. Kate snapped of a couple quick shots of the blonde Amazon sprawled across the car. I stepped up and straddled her head, my cock bobbing above her. The sound of the shutter told me that Kate was right behind me, and I looked back to see her on her knees shooting between my legs. I was impressed as I felt Britt reach up and pull my cock to her, her tongue reaching to lick the droplet off the tip. The camera fired again and my cock throbbed as I envisioned the shot.

I felt Kate’s hand on my back, encouraging me to lean down and forward. Wanting to be the cooperative model, I leaned in, running my hands down Britt’s sides as she took my cock into her mouth, trying to swallow my length. I held myself up with my left hand on the back of the passenger seat, leaving my right hand to pleasure my girl. Her legs were spread invitingly as I ran my hand flat over her slick wetness. She moaned on my cock as I spread her pussy lips with my fingers, exposing her steamy core, her clit protruding proudly. I heard the shutter release again and looked up to see Kate focused in close, bracketing my hand and her open snatch.

In my mind, we had just stepped from erotic art to, well, just full-on porn, and it somewhat amazed me that Kate; the one of the three that I considered the most reserved, would turn out to be a closet pornographer. Kate caught me looking and I could see the lust in her eyes. She looked back at my hand spreading her girlfriend’s pussy wide and then back at me; “finger her pussy baby…Britt loves to be finger-fucked.”

I felt Britt respond to Kate’s command, sucking me harder and her own fingers trying to find my ass hole. I obliged, my eyes on Kate as I put two, then three fingers deep inside my lover’s hot pussy. I pumped in and out and let my thumb gently play with her stiff clit. Britt groaned at the sensation, both her hands now spreading my ass, driving my cock down her throat. Kate managed to take a few more shots one-handed while she other tormented her own wet sex.

My back began to feel the strain and I really wanted to slip my stiff cock into Britt’s welcoming cunt, when Kate called for a change. “Okay, that’s enough of that,” as she pulled my hand out of Britt’s pussy and then proceeded to clean it off, sucking my fingers, running her tongue all around, not missing a single drop. Britt moaned in frustration as she was left empty. She pushed up on my hips, her lips like a squeegee, until I popped free. I straightened up and bent down to give her an inverted kiss and then helped her spin and dismount. Britt stretched, trying to get herself re-aligned as I did the same, rubbing against each other like a couple cats rubbing up against the couch. Kate joined us, hugging us both, her hands busy on both our sex.

Britt and I leaned over the top of Kate, kissing one another and capturing her between us. Hands and legs and tits rubbed against one another; Kate alternated, kissing my chest and turning to suck on Britt’s tits. The end was near as all our breathing came faster; “Wait,” said the little pornographer, “I’ve got an idea;” and she took both our hands and led us back around to the passenger side. She opened the door and sat down, her legs still outside of the car. “Okay baby,” she said, taking Britt by the hips and turning her back to her, her butt just above Kate’s head. Guiding her back she said, “Here, put your left foot up here,” guiding it until she had her foot on the running board and her right foot was still on the floor. Kate spread her girl’s legs as wide as the door would allow and Britt leaned back a bit, her right hand on the passenger seat back , her left on the top of the wind screen. Kate’s hands ran up and down the inside of Britt’s legs before slipping a couple fingers in the blonde’s anxious pussy.

I didn’t need any blueprints to tell me where I was supposed to be and I stepped in between Britt’s legs and ran my hands over her, teasing her breasts, massaging her shoulders. I leaned in to kiss her when I felt two small hands wrap around my cock, stroking me, playing with my balls. I released her from my kiss and looked into her eyes, now that wanton shade of blue-black. I pulled my hips back, only to feel a set of warm lips wrapped around my cock, her tongue probing at the little pee hole. Britt’s eyes squinted as she heard the soft slurping coming from below.

I held Britt by the butt as she reached back with her right hand and grabbed a handful of black hair; “Katie, quit fucking around and give me his cock!” she commanded.

The little one giggled as she gave one last draw on my cock. With my cock in one hand she began rubbing it up and down Britt’s soaked slit, spreading her juices, poking her clit with me. I felt Kate’s other hand brush against mine, her destination clearly being Britt’s tight ass. Britt’s eyes grew big as she felt me reposition my hands and spread her ass cheeks wide, helping the little one on her quest. Kate meanwhile continued to rub my cock between her roommate’s swollen inner lips and now anointed the pulsating pucker of Britt’s ass hole with her excretions.

Britt glared at me in frustration, willing me to do something; knowing we were both under little Kate’s control. “God damn it Kate, give me his cock now! Fuck me with his big cock like I fuck you with that big black dildo of yours.”

I felt the tip of my cock being guided cautiously between her pussy lips. We stared at each other and could sense the satisfaction Kate was feeling, being in control. “How about you George?” she queried, slipping me a little deeper into through Heaven’s gate; “Do you want me to stick your big, beautiful cock into your girlfriend’s hot, wet pussy?” Britt shivered at the words and my cock throbbed and Kate squeezed it tighter. I had almost had enough of the playing and I was going to lose it soon.

I looked deep into Britt’s eyes, “I want you to stick my cock in her cunt and then you finger her ass and we are going to fuck her until she cums and I fill her with my seed.” Both women gasped as I felt my cock slip deeper, hugged by her tight pussy. “Then,” I continued, “you’re going to eat our cum out of her pussy while I fuck you until you can’t take it anymore!”

“FUCK,” we all exclaimed as Kate drove my cock into Britt’s cunt, closely followed by two fingers in her ass that I could feel through the thin wall separating us.

“Ah shit…fuck me…fuck me you little bitch,” Britt cried as we both abused our favorite blonde. I managed to keep up a respectable pace, even with the feeling of Kate’s fingers next door in Britt’s ass and her other hand now palming my balls. Britt’s arms soon gave out and were wrapped around my neck as I held her up by the ass, with a little assist from Kate. I was going to have a hell of a hickey on my neck as Britt was latched on.

Just as I thought my legs would give out, I felt my balls tighten and Britt pulled off my shoulder and looked at me through wild black eyes. We were both right there on the precipice, ready to fall off the edge of the earth, when it hit us; and like a seasoned porn star, Kate was ready for us. As I jettisoned my load, the little one squeezed my nuts and pushed me upwards, driving my cock as deep as humanly possible. At the same time; her fingers, deeply ensconced in Britt’s ass wiggled, her finger tips fluttering deep inside her best friend.

Chapter 1

Stacy’s hand rapidly moved up and down Wayne’s cock, which slid easily through her fist, lubricated by trail of saliva that stretched from her lips to the dark purple head of his engorged penis.

Just moments ago, those lips had been wrapped around his turgid pole, but Stacy knew Wayne was close to cuming, and she didn’t want him shooting his load in her mouth. That was just plain gross. Stacy definitely didn’t swallow, despite Wayne’s protestations, but she was happy to jack him off.

The two teenagers had mastered the art of “everything but,” and their forays into Cameron Park had become frequent, usually at Wayne’s suggestion. Stacy always agreed, though, because she was in love with him, and she knew that if she didn’t take care of his “needs,” he’d find someone else who was willing. He was totally hot, and Stacy knew a lot of girls at school had their eyes on her tennis star.

True, the backseat of his old, beat-up Cutlass Supreme wasn’t the most comfortable, nor romantic, place to “do it,” but they really didn’t have a lot of options. At least the heavily wooded park offered a variety of secluded dark areas for parking, and they had tried them all.

Wayne’s moans became more fervent as Stacy’s hand pumped him up and down She let her fist slip all the way up over the head before gliding back down in a twisting motion like a corkscrew. She’d seen that technique on an HBO show called “Real Sex” or something like that. The series featured vignettes about sex, and this one episode involved a group of women having what could only be described as a Tupperware party, except the wares were decidedly more phallic. The women had a blast picking out dildos, vibrators and other sex toys, but the part Stacy liked best was when the hostess showed the women some new techniques for given their men hand jobs. The women all propped up their new dildos and practiced their newfound skills.

Stacy and Wayne had never gone “all the way,” although Wayne definitely wanted to. Stacy had been reluctant, wanting her first time to be perfect, and not in the back of a Cutlass — a BMW maybe — but definitely not a Cutlass.

Wayne was about to blow, his grunts coming closer and closer together. His hips were thrusting up and down, fucking Stacy’s fist as if it were her tight virgin cunt. Stacy’s arm was getting tired, but she didn’t stop. She kept thinking that Wayne would pop at any second, but the saliva that had coated his dick was starting to dry up, and she needed more lubrication.

She leaned over, her lips just inches away from the head of his cock, and she allowed a string of spit to slip between her lips and fall directly on the tip of his penis. Her fist slipped up over the head, gathering up this new lubrication and smearing it down his thick shaft.

Hope momentarily shot through Wayne like a lottery player waiting for the last number to make him a millionaire as he thought that maybe, just maybe, she was finally going to suck him off. The image of spraying his load into her sweet mouth was more than he could stand.

With her face just a hair’s breath away, he erupted.

The first shot sprayed across her lips, and without realizing it, her tongue flicked out across her lips to wipe away the substance. Before she knew it, she had swallowed her first taste of cum, and as that thought was registering, his second shot coated her cheek. Finally reacting to what was happening, she jerked her head back but not before shot No. 3 landed in her long blond hair.

Now safely out of range, the first aftertaste of cum hit her, and she screwed up her face in a slightly disgusted expression.

Wayne’s orgasm quickly subsided, but the head of his penis continued to pump out semen that now ran down his shaft coating it in his milky fluid, giving Stacy’s still pumping hand new lubrication to work with.

Her fist gradually slowed as Wayne’s breathing became more normal. Opening his eyes, he saw his cum coating his girlfriend’s somewhat stunned face.

They were silent for a moment. The only sound was Wayne’s breathing, and Stacy’s swallowing as she tried to clear the taste of his spunk from her mouth. What she wouldn’t have given for a diet Coke right about then.

“Wow! Stacy,” Wayne said. “That was awesome.”

Stacy couldn’t help but smile at the compliment, but she wasn’t sure she was thrilled with this new development. “Would Wayne now expect her to suck him off?” she wondered.

With that the shock of the incident past, she realized that while his cum didn’t taste great, it certainly wasn’t as disgusting as she thought it was going to be. She thought that maybe she’d be willing to let him cum in her mouth. Perhaps she could just spit it out afterward instead of swallowing. “Would that hurt his feelings?” she wondered.

Wayne, patently oblivious to the confusion that was running through Stacy’s mind, ran his fingers through her hair, stopping suddenly when he encountered the glob of cum that had ended up there. He jerked his hand back, a little disgusted that he had touched his own spunk. He quickly wiped his hand on the seat of the Cutlass.

He leaned forward to kiss her, and she opened her mouth to his tongue, but he quickly withdrew when he tasted an unexpected flavor on her lips. He suddenly realized what it was, and now it was time for his face to contort in a disgusted look.

What he would have given for a diet Coke right at that moment.

Stacy smiled inwardly at his predicament, not feeling the least bit guilty. If he wanted her to swallow his cum, he could, by God, get a little taste, so to speak, of his own medicine.

She leaned in to kiss him again, and he pulled back slightly, but there wasn’t far for him to run, and soon he felt her soft pink tongue part his lips. He couldn’t help but respond. He was a guy, after all.

He returned the kiss, which grew more fervent. His hand had slipped up under her shirt, and caressed her right breast through her silky bra. She moaned into his mouth as she felt her nipple harden.

Pulling back from their kiss, she reached down and with one quick motion pulled her tight T-shirt over her head.

No matter how many times he saw them, Wayne never got tired of looking at her beautiful young breasts. They weren’t big by any means, but to him, they were just about perfect, albeit still encased in her sheer black bra.

He leaned in and kissed the area between her breasts as his hands encircled her, reaching for the clasp in back. With one hand, his fingers deftly released the complicated clasp of her bra, and the elastic straps parted quickly. “Very smooth,” she thought, marveling at his dexterity. She’d had enough boyfriends fumble with her bra to appreciate his mastery of that piece of apparel. Not for the first time, though, did she wonder where he had acquired his skills.

Stacy hunched her shoulders in, allowing the straps to drop off her shoulders. Only her forearms, pressed against her breasts, kept the bra in place. She gradually let the bra slip off her breasts until they were bare before him, their smooth milky white capped by small areolae and red, angry nipples that were so ripe they look like they were about to burst.

She noticed his cock twitch and begin to harden, even though just a few minutes ago, he had spewed all over her.

Wayne immediately went for pay dirt, and without so much as a “how do you do,” he latched on to Stacy’s right tit and started sucking.

Despite his obvious experience, he was still a teenage boy and not quite in tune with the concept of foreplay. She gently pried him off her breast and whispered, “Softly. Just lightly lick it. That’s it,” she encouraged.

He was definitely getting the hang of it, and Stacy arched her back, pushing her breast more fully in his mouth. Her plaid skirt had ridden up on her thighs, and with one leg tucked underneath her and the other on the floorboard of the car, the lacy thong she was wearing was clearly visible. While Wayne alternated between her breasts, she allowed her fingers to trace a path to the rapidly moistening juncture between her thighs.

She slipped a finger under the silky fabric and it was immediately coated in her juices.

She leaned down and whispered into Wayne’s ear. “I want your mouth on me.”

He kissed his way down her flat belly, taking a momentary detour to her cute little navel, and she slid down in the seat so that she could recline and open herself up to him.

He pushed up the short skirt and began planting delicate kisses on her panty-covered mound. He could smell her musky aroma, and it was driving him wild.

His kisses became more forceful, and she could feel his tongue caressing her through the fabric. Occasionally, he would lick along the edge of the panties at the juncture of her thighs.

“Take them off,” she commanded, and he did.

Hooking his fingers in the strings that wrapped around her hips, he tugged the unsubstantial fabric down, and as he peeled it off of her, she brought her knees together and raised them in the air, so that he could more easily remove them. Down her legs they slid, and once they were completely off, she opened her legs slowly until they were fully parted and she was totally open to him.

He moaned again, and she could see that his cock was fully erect again and already leaking a little clear fluid from the tip.

With nothing to stand in his way, he leaned in and began kissing her lightly furred mound, his tongue snaking out to flick, caress and insinuate itself into every delicate fold.

Wayne definitely had a talent for eating pussy. True, they had been practicing — a lot —but he had always been good. He was even better now, though, having learned the specific techniques that turned her on.

She closed her eyes and gave herself over the indulgent feeling of one of the most intimate acts between a man and a woman. Without even realizing it, her hands came up and massaged her breasts, pushing them together and letting them fall apart. Sweeping the flats of her hands over her nipples, and pinching and tugging on them lightly.

Wayne focused more on her clit, lightly circling it with his tongue before brushing back and forth lightly with the wide surface instead of the tip. She had taught him that. Every so often, he would abandon that little nub, sliding his tongue lower and thrusting it into her eager hole, and that would cause her to moan and arch her back, pushing her hips and crotch into his face. Once or twice, he even slipped a little lower so that his tongue brushed against her tight little asshole, and she would flinch at the incredibly erotic sensation, wondering if he had done that intentionally or if it had been an accident. He never lingered long, so she wasn’t sure.

Wayne reached beneath her to cup her naked butt cheek with his right hand, while he insinuated the fingers of his left hand into the mouth of her pussy. His tongue swirled up and down and around her clit, now keeping up a steady rhythm so that she could reach her orgasm.

“Oh, yes. That’s it. Oh Wayne!” she was now squirming on the seat, her hips moving and thrusting in time with his tongue and fingers. She continued to squeeze her breast with one hand while allowing the other to slide down to her pussy. Using her fingers, she spread herself open even more so that her clit was fully exposed. Whenever Wayne withdrew his tongue, she could feel the cool air on her private parts, and it would make her shiver, but only for a moment, as the warmth of his velvety tongue coated it again in a mixture of his saliva and her own natural lubrication.

Her hips were bucking faster, now, and she moved her hand to the back of his head to hold him in place and guide him where she wanted him to go. Wayne did his best to hold on, focusing most of his attention on her clit, but also running his tongue up and down her slit to more fully stimulate her.

“Oh God, I’m cuming. Yes! Ungh! Ah! Yessss!!!”

Her hips were now fully off the car seat as the orgasm overtook her, and she thrust her hips forcefully into Wayne’s mouth. She was now using both hands to hold keep his face buried in her crotch, and Wayne wondered if she’d let him up long enough to breath.

She continued to mumble incoherently as she came down from the high of her orgasm. She was breathing rapidly, but she let up on Wayne’s head, and he sucked much-needed oxygen into his lungs while continuing to plant light kisses all over her vulva.

He slid up her body between her legs, and kissed her. She could taste herself on his lips, but oddly, that didn’t disgust her, and she wondered why.

His hard cock nudged against her opening, and she knew she had to be careful. It wouldn’t take much for him to slip inside her. God knew she was wet enough.

He was gently thrusting with his hips, and she realized she was going to have to take care of his new problem or he would go home with a serious case of blue balls.

“Sit back,” she said, and he moaned a little in frustration, clearly hoping that she was going to let him fuck her.

As previously mentioned, Stacy and Wayne had mastered the art of “everything but,” and now Stacy straddled Wayne’s lap. She pulled her skirt up to move it out of the way and then pushed her cunt up against his hard shaft and began grinding against him as he thrust up and down between her lips but not entering her.

“Please Stacy, let me put it inside you,” Wayne pleaded. “I can’t stand it anymore.”

“No, baby, we can’t. You know that. But don’t worry, I’ll take care of you.”

She increased the speed of her hips thrusting against him, and he humped her with a renewed sense of urgency. Her sopping pussy had more than enough lubrication, and she loved the feel of his hard dick pressing against her clit, sliding between her labia. She hugged him tightly, her breast pressed against his chest as she rode his cock.

The erotic sound of his penis slipping and sliding between her lips, coupled with sound of their bellies slapping together and labored breathing turned them on even more. Wayne reached around to cup her butt cheeks, allowing the finger of one hand to slide into her crack and press against her anus. She hated to admit it, but that felt good — really good.

She might have been able to come again if he could have lasted, but he was so primed that it only took a couple of minutes for him to blow his second load, this one covering her stomach and skirt. “Shit,” she thought. “That had better not stain.” She’d never be able to explain to her mom how she’s ruined another school uniform.

She collapsed on his chest, and they kissed deeply. His penis began to shrivel, and her cunt was a sticky mess. Eventually, they realized they’d have to get dressed and get home. While the almost 19-year-old Stacy had a pretty liberal curfew, Wayne had just turned 18, and his parents still expected him to be home by 11 p.m. He hoped that would change soon.

“Is your mom back from her business trip?” he asked.

“No. She gets home tomorrow night, but Gram will be worried if I don’t get home soon,” she responded. Stacy lived alone with her mom after her dad walked out on them a couple of years ago. Whenever her mom was out of town for work, Stacy’s grandmother stayed over to “keep her company,” but Stacy didn’t mind because her Gram was cool.

“Hey,” he said, “Maybe I could come over tomorrow and we could hang by the pool. What do you say?”

“Sure, that’d be great,” she said. “Now, we’d better get you home.”

Stacy loved to give him a hard time about him being younger, referring to herself as a “cougar” even though they were less than a year apart. Wayne didn’t really mind, though, he told her he liked older women because they were more “experienced.”

Stacy slipped her thong back over her sloppy pussy, and Wayne tugged on his briefs and jeans and pulled his shirt over his head. After one last kiss, they got back into the front seat, and he fired up the Cutlass.

They drove out of the park, talking about anything and everything, and Wayne navigated to Stacy’s upscale neighborhood. The large “track mansions,” as he called them, sat on huge lots. Most had pools and multi-car garages. One even had a basketball court in the back yard. Wayne couldn’t believe that people had so much money they could afford to live in such luxury. Stacy’s mom had her own consulting firm that did very well, but she also had a trust fund and divorce settlement to help out.

Parking in the large circular driveway, he walked her to the front door.

He took her in his arms and kissed her passionately, allowing his hands to roam freely over her butt and under her skirt.

“Wayne! Stop!” she protested, “My grandmother could be watching us. You don’t want her to have a heart attack, do you?”

Wayne reluctantly removed his hand from her bare ass and kissed her again.

“I had fun tonight,” she said with a grin.

“Yeah, me too,” he said. “I’ll see you tomorrow at school and then we’ll hang out by the pool, right?”

“Right,” she answered. “Good night.”


Chapter 2

Stacy stuck her right foot into the string bikini bottoms and tugged the skimpy red fabric up her thighs, making sure the minimalist fabric covered her private areas.

It’s a good thing I shaved this morning,” she thought. The bikini bottom was nothing more than two triangles of fabric — one small and one larger — held together by two strings. It thrilled her slightly to know that with a simple tug of one of those strings — it could be an accident even — and she would be totally exposed. She wouldn’t put it past Wayne to “accidentally” make that happen.

She donned the bikini top, which was even less substantial than the bottoms. Two little triangles covered the highlights, but you could see quite a lot of cleavage and the sides of her 34B breasts.

Stacy wished her breasts were bigger, like her moms. She had to admit that her mom had a killer body. She’d even seen Wayne checking her out once or twice.

She heard the doorbell ring, and knew it must be Wayne. She bounced down the stairs to open the door for him.

“Whoah!” he exclaimed when he saw her in the bikini. “You look hot!”

“Why thank you,” she said, doing a little pirouette so that he could take in all of her attributes. By the time she facing him again, she could see that he was already growing hard by the way his bathing suit had started to bulge.

“We’d better get you into the pool so you can cool off,” she joked, leading him through the foyer into a kitchen that would make any gourmet chef jealous.

Entering the back yard, Wayne was greeted by a site he never grew tired of. Stacy and her mom had transformed the back yard into a tropical paradise. The pool was designed to look like secluded lagoon, complete with a waterfall that splashed playfully over natural stone into the deeper end of the pool. The water was a deep blue that Wayne had learned was made possible by the color painted on the bottom of the pool.

Large ferns, hibiscus, bougainvillea and other tropical plants were everywhere. It seemed like he had stepped into a rain forest.

They picked out a couple of teak lounge chairs, both covered with comfortable cloth-covered green cushions.

“Would you rub some oil on me?” Stacy asked. “I don’t want to get burned.”

She lay down on her stomach after handing him the oil.

“Where’s your mom? I though she was getting back today from her business trip.”

“She won’t get home until later. Gram is inside reading.”

She saw disappointment in his eyes, and thought she knew what it was about.

“Don’t worry, we can still fool around. She won’t bother us. Now, about that oil …”

Wayne straddled her hips, so that he could easily apply the oil.

“We’d better untie this,” he said, undoing her bikini top, “so I can make sure to cover your whole back.”

“You’re so thoughtful,” she said sardonically.

The genesis of this story began with a premise that lazyhobo, who started a thread in the story ideas forum, suggested. Gunter99 added his input and I took it from there. So a huge thanks to those two.

Disclaimer: All individuals in this work of fictions are above the age of 18 years.

Comment are welcomed and greatly appreciated.


Ashley O’ Brien smiled as she pulled her silver Toyota Camry into the driveway. She took a moment and admired the childhood home she’d left about three years ago. With her junior year of college behind her, she felt like a new person returning home. It was the last week of her summer break and her parents had finally gotten her to join them for a little vacation. Schlepping her neon blue pull along across the reddened cobblestone driveway, the petite blonde made her way to the front door. Upon entry, she announced her presence,

“Hello. . . I’m home!”

There was no response.

Ashley closed the door behind her and tried again,

“Mom? Dad? . . . . Kyle?”


She immediately whipped out her cell phone and called up her mom. It only took two rings for Elaine, her mother, to answer.

“Hey sweetie, are you home yet?” the warm voice questioned.

“Yeah mom, where are you guys?”

“Oh, your dad and I are just picking up some last minute stuff for the trip tomorrow; we’ll be home in a couple of minutes. We’re bringing Thai for dinner.”

“Okay, see you soon. Oh wait! . . .Where’s Kyle?” Ashley asked.

“Your brother’s probably home, he’s in a bit of a mood, he wanted to go to this party tomorrow night, so he’s not too happy with our family trip to Big Bear in the morning,” Elaine explained.

“I see, Okay mom, see you guys in a bit.

Ashley left her suitcase at the foot of the stairs and hiked her way up to her room. The recent twenty-two year old stood in the doorway of her bedroom and smiled gleefully; it was exactly as she had left it. All the high school pictures on her wall, music posters, swimming medals, they were all there. She looked over her shoulder to Kyle’s room; the door was shut.

Without thinking, she burst into her brother’s room,

“Hey bro!” she exclaimed before her eyes widened in shock.

Before her was the sight of her nineteen year old brother, stretched out on his bed, boxers around his ankles, furiously pumping his erect manhood with the use of a pair of red panties. Kyle, noticing a presence in the room, looked up from the laptop which sat on his stomach. Their eyes locked onto each other for a split second.

“Oh my god! Sorry,” Ashley squealed as she rushed out the room to the safety of her own. Kyle lurched up from his bed and quickly shut the door. He leaned his back against the door, naked, his cock throbbing and a pair of earbud earphones hanging from his ears.

Back in her room, Ashley had shut her door and was staring at herself in the mirror; her face was flushed with embarrassment. Before having the chance to process what just happened, Ashley looked out her window and saw her parents pull into the driveway. She quickly composed herself and went downstairs, avoiding contact with even Kyle’s door.

Elaine and Kent O’ Brien came bustling in the front door and immediately embraced their daughter.

“Hey sweetheart, how was the drive?”

“Not too bad Daddy,” Ashley murmured.

“Oh it’s so good to have you home,” her mother added.

“Yeah, feels good,” a still shocked Ashley replied.

The night drew on and the unusually quiet Ashley felt like her parents would talk her ear off. At dinner time, the family of four sat around the kitchen table, Kyle having to be practically forced by his mother to join the family. The siblings sat opposite each other, never once looking at one another as they engaged their parents with individual conversations. At the end of dinner, a dutiful Ashley helped her mom clear the table while Kyle stealthily sneaked off to his room.

Ashley eventually retired to her room, everyone was going to bed early since they wanted to get an early start to the morning on their road trip. After a quick shower, Ashley stepped into her room wrapped in a towel. She opened her underwear drawer and picked out a comfortable pair of black cotton panties. As she looked over the contents of the drawer, she thought back to the incident, she had almost forgotten that Kyle was masturbating with a red panty,

“Where did he get it from, was it mine, it looked like it could have been one of my old pairs?”

The thoughts were rushing through her mind as she dropped her towel to the floor and slid on her underwear. Ashley briefly admired her petite form in the mirror before slipping on an oversized t-shirt and falling into bed. The blonde found herself tossing and turning, unable to fall asleep. Every time she closed her eyes, her mind filled with images of her brother’s pulsating manhood. Even stranger yet, she felt herself feeling slightly aroused thinking about it. Ashley flipped onto her back and ran her hand over her breasts; her nipples were tight hardened buds, a surprising fact to the blonde.

Across the hall, Kyle too was tossing and turning in his bed. Unable to get the horrified look on his sister’s face out of his mind, he wondered if he could ever face her again. Worse yet, he wondered if she recognized her old red thong.

After a restless night of sleep Ashley awoke to the buzzing of her phone alarm. She felt warm and somehow strange. Inquisitively, Ashley snaked her hand between her legs and felt the crotch of her underwear. She immediately pulled her hand away, shocked at the slight dampness. The confused young woman collected her thoughts, threw on a pair of shorts and went downstairs for breakfast. The rest of the family was already at the table.

“Morning everyone,” Ashley chirped.

“Hey sweetie, come have some breakfast, then we can get ready and hit the road,” her dad beamed.

Halfway through breakfast, Elaine took notice of Kyle’s somber mood. Believing she knew what the matter was, she interjected,

“Oh come on Kyle, cheer up, there’ll be other parties.”

Kyle snapped out of a daze and feigned a smile towards his mother; the party was the furthest thing on his mind.

Ashley too had many thoughts on her mind but an idea clicked inside her when she heard her mother speak about Kyle’s party. She smiled coyly and turned to her mom,

“I have a suggestion that should make everyone happy.”

Elaine and Kent turned to their daughter,

“What if Kyle and I stay back today and take my car up to big bear in the morning. Kyle can go to his party, that way he won’t be in a grumpy mood for the vacation.”

As Ashley said this, she looked to her younger brother and shot him a genuinely innocent sweet smile.

Elaine and Kent looked at each other.

“Well, I don’t like the idea of you kids on the road alone all the way up to Big Bear, but I guess you’re adults now. If you can drive from college, I guess you two can make it up there safely. And it would be nice not to have you moping around all week Kyle.” Kent explained.

Ashley smiled and went over and hugged her dad.

After breakfast Kyle was instructed to wash up by his mother. While Kyle did the dishes, Ashley stood in the driveway and watched as her parents pulled out and drove away. The rest of the day was awkwardly spent by the siblings trying their best to avoid each other.

Ashley waited patiently that evening till she heard Kyle leave for his party. She then sprang into action, carrying out the second part of her plan,

“I just have to know,” she thought to herself as she made her way into Kyle’s room.

Ashley scanned the room then started rifling through the dresser drawers. When she reached the second drawer from the bottom, she found what she was looking for . . . and more. There was the red thong from yesterday, along with about four other pairs of underwear. She examined the garments, she recognized them, and they were all hers. Most were covered in stains, and Ashley knew exactly what that meant. She found herself blushing, yet she didn’t know why. Ashley sat there, on the floor of Kyle’s bedroom, for almost five minutes staring blankly into the drawer. She decided right then and there that she would confront her little brother.

As she was about to leave her brother’s room, Ashley noticed the quiet hum of his laptop. . .he had left it on. Curiosity got the better of the blonde and she opened it up and continued her snooping. As she thought, all the browser history was cleared. She then began going through folders on his desktop,

“Could he really be so brazen, to have porn in a folder on his desktop?” she thought to herself.

The answer was yes. Ashley stared in awe as she opened a folder and found hundreds of erotic pictures. Most of the pictures were that of college aged girls in various stage of undress, a lot of girls gone wild kind of stuff. She was about to exit the folder when she spotted another folder in the original one, simply titled “Ash”.

Ashley opened the folder and her shock was taken to another level, more pictures, but this time, all were of her. All different kind of pictures; vacation pictures with her in bikinis, pictures of her off her facebook page, pictures from her swim meets, she counted a collection of almost fifty jpegs. All kind of thoughts ran through her mind as she sat there staring at the screen. She noticed that strange feeling again of being aroused and another idea began to take shape in her head.

Ashley couldn’t believe what she was about to do but the idea of her brother jerking off to her seemed very erotic. She took out her cellphone and removed her shirt. Pointing the phone down at her body, she took a picture of her naked breasts. Next, she tugged on her elastic shorts and aimed the camera and her panty covered crotch and snapped another pic. She explained the premise to herself that since her face wasn’t in any of the pictures, she could place these two pictures in the “Ash” folder and Kyle would never know it was her, he’d just think he placed them there himself by accident.

Ashley uploaded the pictures to Kyle’s laptop and placed them in the folder. She had just put back on her shirt when yet another devious idea entered her mind. The black panties she was currently wearing were almost identical to a pair that Kyle had stashed away. She was blushing profusely as she slid out of her gym shorts. As she expected, her panties were dewy with here arousal. She quickly removed them and replaced the black pair of panties in Kyle’s drawer, placing them right at the top of the pile. Almost proudly, Ashley casually strolled out of Kyle’s bedroom, naked from the waist down, clutching her shorts and the old black underwear.

Ashley threw the items of clothes on the floor of her room and immediately passed her fingers over the lips of her vagina. She was moist; she’d gotten herself all riled up. The blonde headed straight to her bathroom, removed her shirt and hopped in the shower. Ashley stepped beneath the warm cascade of water and closed her eyes. She thought about Kyle masturbating to pictures of her, using the very panties she’d been wearing all day. Ashley could no longer ignore the stirring within her; she removed the detachable shower head and turned the knob to the massage function. Holding the shower head down in front her groin, Ashley groaned as the pulsing warm water shot with forceful precision against her clit. Leaning against the cool tile wall, Ashley slowly moved her hand in a circle as the gushing water slapped against her. With her free hand, Ashley cupped her petite breast and squeezed with force, her throbbing red nipple pressing hard against her palm.

It didn’t take long for Ashley to feel a familiar warm sensation travel from her clitoris to her pussy, to the rest of her lower body. The blonde’s breathing intensified, taking agonizing gasps as her heart began to beat faster and faster. Ashley couldn’t help curling her toes, or the sharp high pitched cries she emitted as her vagina, anus, and groin muscles all contracted and pulsed.

“Ahhhh fuckk mhmm mhmm mhmmmmm!” she moaned as her body tensed and shivered, her orgasm shuddering through her.

After a few intense pleasurable seconds, Ashley felt her body relax. She raised the showerhead and let the water flow down over her chest. She smiled to herself watching how flush her normally slightly pale skin had become. After taking a minute for herself, Ashley placed the shower head back in the holder and continued with her shower. Dressed in gym shorts and a t-shirt, Ashley packed up her suitcase for the trip tomorrow and went to sleep.

Later that night, a slightly inebriated Kyle came stumbling up the stairs and made his way to his bedroom. Although going to the party helped take his mind off of the embarrassing encounter with Ashley, it all came rushing back the moment he entered the house. Closing his door behind him, he took the caution to twist the lock. On a different night he might have gone straight to sleep, but the couple of beers he had downed had him longing for his almost nightly routine. Kyle went to his dresser drawer and straight to the second one from the bottom. He looked down at the handful of panties he had sneaked out of Ashley’s room before she left for college. He grabbed the first one he saw, a black cotton bikini cut panty. Lying on his bed, Kyle held the cotton fabric against his face, he couldn’t help but notice a musky scent, reminiscent of the smell the garments had the first couple weeks he used them. He undid his jeans and bundled them around his ankles. Placing his laptop on his stomach, Kyle went straight to his pictures folder and began stroking his hardening cock with the soft black cotton garment. After a few minutes of getting really worked up, Kyle switched to the folder labeled “Ash,” and started a slideshow.

Kyle continued pumping his turgid shaft as he gazed upon pictures of his sister, he thought back to the first time he stole Ashley’s panties and masturbated. He could not explain the attraction and knew deep down what he was doing was severely inappropriate but, as he discovered that first time, nothing had ever turned him on more like images of Ashley or her underwear. Images of Ashley in bikinis from family vacations, out with her friends at college skipped along the page, then . . . an image of a naked pair of breasts. Kyle focused his stare as he groaned deeply, it was an image he was unfamiliar with, but in his present state it didn’t set off any alarms. Soon the image changed to another, one of Ashley laid by a pool, and Kyle quickened his pace, he knew he was getting close. Seconds later, Kyle could feel his imminent orgasm. The laptop screen switched to another unfamiliar picture, one of a girl pointing a camera down her shorts, showing her panty covered crotch. Kyle moaned as he achieved his final glorious moment of ecstasy, staring intently at the picture before him, his eyes focused on the plump lips of a vagina pressing firmly against a black cotton panty.

As his hips bucked, Kyle caught most of his semen in Ashley’s panty, wrapping and squeezing it around the tip of his penis. As his body came to rest, Kyle paused the slideshow on the image of taken down a girl’s shorts. He couldn’t remember ever seeing the picture. He then noticed something that sent in thoughts into overdrive, the black panties the girl was wearing. Holding the cumstained garment before him, he looked back and forth from the screen to his hand. He was almost certain that it was the same pair of underwear,

“But that would mean . . . no, that’s impossible,” he thought.

After careful inspection, Kyle was certain that the underwear on the screen, was the same one he held in his hand. A thousand different thoughts ran through his head,

“Had Ashley taken those pictures and put them on his computer, are these the panties she wore today?”

He examined the two pictures more intently, there was no way to tell, but it was certainly possible that these were indeed Ashley’s breasts he was looking at. After a couple minutes, a bewildered Kyle hopped in the shower then went to bed.

The next morning the siblings met in the kitchen,

“Morning Kyle, ready to hit the road,” Ashley pleasantly greeted.

Kyle, somewhat perplexed by Ashley’s bubbly demeanor, joined her at the table for a bowl of cereal,

“Yup, sure am.”

“So. . . how was the party last night?” she prodded.

“Uhh, okay I guess.”

“Wow, well I’m glad I gave up a day of my vacation for “uhh okay”, “Ashley teased.

Kyle chuckled, “It was good, and thanks for staying back Ash.”

“No problem bro, you can thank me by driving the car up to Big Bear so I can relax.”

“Sure thing,” Kyle replied.

After breakfast, the twosome lugged their bags out to the car and set off on the roughly three hour drive from San Diego to Big Bear.

Around two hours into the drive, Ashley’s playlist on her ipod began to repeat. She lowered the volume of the car’s speakers, believing this as good a time as any to address the elephant in the room.

Ashley had to clear her throat before she spoke,

“So, Kyle, I think we need to talk about what happened the other night.”

From the second they drove away from home, Kyle was expecting this moment, he could feel the blood rush to his forehead as his mind became fluttered. He began to stammer when Ashley cut him off,

“Look, it’s no big deal, people do it every day, after all, you’re a young guy, and it’s perfectly natural.”

Calmed by Ashley’s comforting words, Kyle was finally able to speak,

“Yeah, I’m sorry you had to see that, I forgot that you were coming home that day, I should have really locked the door.”

“There’s just one thing I’d like to know, I couldn’t help but notice . . . but were those my panties you were jerking off with?” Ashley asked, already knowing the answer.

Kyle’s nervousness came rushing back and this time Ashley offered no words of comfort just yet, she was taking some slight joy in watching her brother squirm.

Kyle relented,

“Yes, I’m sorry Ashley, please don’t tell mom and dad, I promise I’ll stop,” he quickly blurted out.

Ashley smiled,

“Don’t worry, I won’t tell, but could you tell me what it is that made you do that?”

“I don’t know Ash, I guess I’ve always found you attractive, and I know it’s wrong, but nothing turns me on more,” Kyle confessed, wondering if he had divulged too much.

Hearing Kyle’s admission about how he felt about her had Ashley feeling a warm sensation across her body.

“Ash. . .do you mind if I ask you something?” Kyle murmured.

“Sure Kyle.”

“Were you in my room last night?” Kyle questioned.

Ashley knew exactly where Kyle was going with this and now found herself the shy one.

“Ummm, yes I was,” she replied, “And I found your secret “Ash” folder,” she added accusatorily.

“I know I know, I’m sorry about that too,” Kyle rattled.

There was a brief silence between the two before Kyle worked up the courage to speak,

“Did you upload some pictures to my laptop?”

Ashley’s face was beet red.

Kyle already knew the answer,

“And I take it you placed your underwear in my drawer?” he continued.

Ashley just smiled and nodded.

Kyle was shocked and amazed.

“What? Why?!” he bellowed.

“I don’t know why I did it, the idea of having you jerk off to pictures of me, and using panties I’d been wearing seemed to get me going.” Ashley explained, “. . . I guess we really are brother and sister,” she joked.

They both took a couple minutes to process their thoughts.

“So, um, what did you think of the pictures,” Ashley sheepishly asked.

Kyle was all too happy to compliment his sister,

“They were amazing; after figuring out it was you in the pics, let’s just say I’ve never been harder.”

Ashley chuckled and followed up on her question,

“So do you ever, um, how do I say this, do you ever wear my panties?”

“No, not really,” Kyle replied.

“Hmmm, not really uhh,” Ashley “Sounds like you’ve given it some thought.”

“Well, I guess,” Kyle began to say before being cut off.

“I think you should,” Ashley firmly stated, catching Kyle off guard.

“Well it’s not really my thing,” Kyle objected, eliciting a cackle from Ashley.

“Not your thing? So your thing is sniffing your sister’s panties and jerking off to her pictures but wearing them is over the line? Look, there’s a gas station, pull over here . . . now.”

Ashley’s stern direction was enough to get Kyle to pull into the gas station’s parking lot. He then looked on in astonishment as his sister reached beneath her hiked up jeans skirt and remove her underwear. Ashley readjusted her skirt then held up a pink cotton thong to Kyle.

“I want you to go into the restroom and put these on.”

Kyle sat there silent.

“Come on, don’t waste time, mom and dad will be expecting us, besides, you might surprise yourself and like it,” Ashley encouraged.

Kyle took the pink garment from his sister; it was warm to the touch. He made his way over to the restroom and entered the brightly fluorescent lit room. Now stood in a stall, the young man couldn’t help but stare at the pink thong he clutched in his hands, more precisely the clearly evident damp spot at its center. Kyle quickly removed his jeans then slid off his boxers. He couldn’t believe it when he stepped into the opening of Ashley’s thong and began sliding them up his legs. Ashley’s petite frame made sure for a tight fit, and Kyle’s hardening cock didn’t help the matter. Kyle pushed his cock to the side against his leg and pulled Ashley’s thong up around his waist. He quickly put on his jeans and headed back to the car. As he walked, he couldn’t help but feel awkward at the feel of the thin strip of cotton lodged between his butt cheeks or the tightness of the crotch of Ashley’s panties clinging to his skin, keeping his manhood hard.

Sitting down in the car, Kyle looked over to Ashley who couldn’t hide the smile on her face. He handed her his boxers, which she gladly took.

“So, let’s have a look,” she teased.

Kyle rose up the side of his white polo shirt and they both looked down to the pink waistband peeking out from his blue jeans. Ashley reached over and hooked her index finger into the waistband of her panties, tugging it a bit then releasing it, giggling as it snapped back against Kyle’s skin. She then boldly reached over to Kyle’s crotch, pressing her hand between his legs. She smiled, feeling his erection and gave it a firm squeeze. Kyle couldn’t believe what was happening and emitted a shy groan.

“Told ya you’d like it,” Ashley chirped before retrieving her hand, “Come on, let’s get back on the road.”

During the next forty-five minutes it took to reach Big Bear, Ashley and Kyle acted totally normal towards each other. They both avoided bringing up the awkward fact that Kyle was wearing Ashley’s underwear, and probably equally awkward fact that Ashley wasn’t wearing underwear. As they weaved through winding roads getting closer and closer to the log cabin resort, Ashley took keen notice of Kyle’s frequent glances at her legs. Ever the tease, she placed her hands on her skirt and slowly began hiking it up her body,

“Enjoying the view Kyle,” she joked.

Kyle’s eyes widened as more and more of Ashley’s creamy white inner thighs became revealed. The devilish minx stopped right at her waist, giving Kyle just the slightest view of her shaven pussy.

“Aww, looks like playtime’s over,” Ashley stated as she readjusted her skirt to a presentable state.

Kyle’s disappointment was almost audible as he pulled into the parking lot of the lavish log cabin resort. The siblings got their bags out of the trunk and wandered into the resort lobby. Coincidently, they ran into their parents in the lobby who were on their way to lunch.

“Hey guys, how was the drive?” Elaine greeted, hugging both her kids. Ashley had to stifle her laughter when she looked over and saw Kyle’s polo shirt riding up his sides, as he hugged his mother, revealing his pink secret. Kent handed a keycard to Kyle,

“You guys are in 212,” he stated, “Go drop of your bags and then join your mom and me for lunch.”

Although advertised as a log cabin, the resort was more similar to a lavish hotel with a log cabin décor. Kyle and Ashley made their way to room. Upon entry, they both had to hide their glee of having a room to themselves, not wanting the other to know just how excited they were. They both stored their luggage and were about to leave when Ashley held Kyle back,

“You know, you don’t have to wear them all the time, especially if we’re going to be around mom and dad. You could take them off if you want.”

Kyle, slightly relieved, turned towards the bathroom to go change underwear, but was again held back by Ashley,

“One catch though,” Ashley whispered, her voice changing from caring and sincere to something more sultry and sinister, “You have to change out here, infront of me.”

Kyle was caught somewhat off-guard, never imagining his sister could behave like this, but at the same time he was unimaginably turned on.

“Okay, Ash, you’re the boss,” he stated as he turned to face his sister.

“Mhmm, the boss, I think I like the sound of that,” she replied, taking a seat on the edge of the bed.

The two smiled nervously at each other, and then Kyle began to unbuckle his jeans. He was soon lowering his jeans down his legs and around his ankles. Ashley’s cheeks were flush, almost embarrassed for her brother as she stared at the amazing sight of him stood in her panties. His cock was stiff and throbbing, pushed to the side by her panties, his dark curls peeking out from behind the pink fabric. Kyle continued, hooking his fingers into the waistband and peeling Ashley’s underwear off his body. He now stood before a speechless Ashley, his manhood proud and protruding. Ashley stared for quite a while,

“Wow Kyle, that’s bigger than I expected, quite nice looking too,” she complimented.

“Do you think you could lose the shirt too…just so I have a complete picture,” Ashley politely asked.

The blonde had never really viewed her younger brother as a sexual being that she might be attracted to, but there was no denying the warm churning in her body as she ogled a half nude Kyle.

Kyle relented to Ashley’s request and removed his white polo and now stood in front of his sister completely nude. Ashley took in the view before her, Kyle was more fit that she would have imagined, not bulky or over the top ripped but there was no flab to be seen. Her eyes traveled across his broad hairless chest, down to a flat taut abdomen. His stomach had the slightest hint of a muscled six pack and his skin was sleek and tight. There was no ignoring his arching erection, which she could visibly see throbbing. Ashley suddenly found herself becoming heated.

“Okay, you better get dressed,” she forced herself to mutter as she walked to the bathroom and dampened her face with some cold water.

When Ashley returned, Kyle was all dressed in his jeans and polo shirt. As they headed to the door, Kyle paused a moment,

“Wait, aren’t you going to put those on?” he questioned, directing Ashley’s attention to her pink thong on the bed.

Ashley thought for a second,

“Umm, no, it’s way too hot down there right now for that,” she said with a smirk, then exited the room.

Kyle blushed at the statement and followed his sister back down to the restaurant.

The siblings joined their parents for lunch. All the way through their meal, Kyle and Ashley kept stealing awkward glances at each other. They were hopeful that they were discreet enough as to not alert their parents or anyone else to the antics they had been up to. After lunch Elaine and Kent paid the bill and stood up from the table,

“Your dad and I are gonna check out the spa, you’re welcomed to join us or go out exploring on your own,” Elaine stated.

Kyle and Ashley looked at each other then back to their mom,

“I think we’re fine on our own mom,” Ashley replied.

“Okay kids, have fun,” their dad retorted before the couple left.

Ashley turned to her brother,

“Wanna take a walk by the lake?”

“Sure,” Kyle replied, following his sister’s lead out the restaurant and into the warm sun of the outdoors.

The twosome made their way down to a manmade beach section of the lake which was quite crowded with vacationers. They opted for a walking trail that hugged the edge of the lake. Kyle was taken aback when Ashley took his hand in hers as they walked. He looked over to her smiling face.

“Ash, what are we doing? If someone saw us. . .if mom and dad, I just think we should try to go back to how we were before,” Kyle nervously stammered.

“Oh don’t worry Kyle, mom and dad are at the spa, if anyone saw us they’d just think we were a couple.”

“I know but, we shouldn’t be doing this, we’re brother and sister,” Kyle affirmed.

“I know we’re brother and sister, and you said it yourself, you’ve never been more turned on than when you were looking at pictures of me or using my panties to jerk off with,” Ashley replied.

“But that was just me by myself, this, now, what we’re doing together, I mean. . . how far,” Kyle started to say before stopping midsentence; he couldn’t bring himself to ask.

Ashley smiled teasingly, knowing exactly what Kyle wanted to ask. She took Kyle’s hand and abruptly placed it on her ass,

“Listen, I know I’m having fun, are you having fun?” she asked, before placing her free hand on Kyle’s crotch, feeling his hardening cock, “And I can tell if you’re lying,” she added with a coy smile.

“Yes, I’m having fun,” Kyle admitted.

Ashley released her grip on Kyle, and raised his hand from her ass to around her shoulder as they continued their walk,

“Good, then that’s all that matters. Just don’t think about it and let whatever will happen, happen.”

Kyle was finally convinced and the two continued with their stroll. Ashley phone began to ring and she quickly answered, while walking up to the resort. After a brief conversation she turned to Kyle,

“That was mom, she and dad are going to a wine tasting, wanted to know if we wanted to come along.”

“Not really my thing, but I know you’re into that stuff. You should go, the drive up has me kinda tired anyway, I feel a nap coming on,” Kyle replied.

“Ahhh, I see, send me off to get nice and drunk while you rest up, I see what you’re getting at,” Ashley teased.

Kyle just smiled at her suggestive comment.

“See you when I get back then,” Ashley chirped before the two parted ways.

Kyle was awakened by the loud ringing of his cell phone, he’d gotten a text. Still in a daze from his slumber, he scanned the empty room, and then looked over to the clock. His quick nap had apparently turned into a four hour knock out as he saw it was almost midnight. Holding up his phone, Kyle read the message,

“Post-it note on the TV,” was all the text said.

Kyle now turned his attention to the television where sure enough, there was a post-it stuck to the screen, Ashley had definitely been in the room. Kyle rolled off his bed and walked up to the television. Holding the post-it in his hand, it simply read,

“Meet me in the hot tub.” There was a smiley face in the corner.

Kyle quickly got changed into his bathing trunks and a t-shirt, grabbed a towel and headed downstairs. He made his way through a wooded path to the resort’s pool, then up to the wooden deck where he spotted Ashley, clouded by steam billowing from the hot tub she was sat in. The place was almost deserted except for a middle-aged couple in the nearby pool.

Ashley saw Kyle approaching,

“Hey sleepy head,” she greeted as Kyle removed his t-shirt and joined her in the heated water.

“Hi, how was the wine tasting?” Kyle asked, positioning himself on one side of the hot tub, Ashley to his left on another side.

“Great, although I think I did a bit more drinking as opposed to tasting,” Ashley replied. Kyle took notice of her bubbly mood and the very slight hint of a slur in her speech.

“Well, looks like you had fun,” he teased.

“Mhmm hmm. . . . what about you, did you sleep the whole time or were you having fun by yourself?” Ashley asked.

Kyle returned her smile,

“No, I slept the whole time, guess the drive really took it out of me.”

“Ahhh. . .I see,” Ashley replied, her mind seeming to wander.

Just then, Kyle was startled when he felt Ashley’s foot travelling along his thigh. He looked over and saw they guilty smile on Ashley’s face. It didn’t take long for Ashley’s foot to find its way to Kyle’s crotch. She rubbed around till she could feel him getting hard.

“Mhmmm, somebody’s up for funtime,” she whispered.

Kyle was in heaven but still couldn’t help but look around nervously, that’s when he saw it.

Ashley saw Kyle’s gaze was focused elsewhere,

“What are you looking at?” she questioned.

Kyle turned to her and whispered,

“The couple in the pool. . .they’re doing it.”

“Nuh uh,” Ashley responded, all the while still massaging Kyle’s cock with the sole of her foot.

“I’m telling you, they’re fucking,” Kyle asserted.

“No way, in the pool, it’s out in the open, at least the hot tub is kinda hidden, you just have sex on the mind Kyle,” Ashley replied.

“I’ll bet you,” Kyle stated, shifting his head around, trying to discern if indeed the couple were having sex.

“Whatever,” Ashley dismissed as she too look on.

After a couple minutes of observing, the couple exited the pool, everything looked normal.

“See, they were probably just cuddling,” Ashley stated.

After studying the view, Kyle’s face suddenly lit up,

“Look, in the guy’s right hand, I told you!” Kyle announced victoriously.

Ashley craned her neck to see what Kyle was going on about, and there it was; the guy was clutching an unwrapped condom.

Kyle sat there proudly, now massaging Ashley’s foot in his lap.

“Wow, guess you were right. So . . . what do you want?” Ashley asked teasingly.

“What do you mean?”

“We made a bet, you won, what do you want?” Ashley repeated.

Kyle had almost instantly forgotten about his ‘bet’ such was the frivolity with which it was made.

He sat there thinking, playing with Ashley’s toes.

“Okay, I’ve got it,” he announced.

Ashley seemed to share his excitement.

“It’s nothing too extreme . . . you have to sit on my lap for five minutes,” Kyle stated.

Ashley smiled,

“I like it.”

With that, she slowly made her way over to Kyle,

“Now we’re having fun,” Ashley giggled as she squirmed her way onto Kyle’s lap.

Right away she could feel the arch of her brother’s rock hard penis pressing against her ass. Ashley wiggled her butt against Kyle, enjoying every savory second. When she finally settled, Kyle’s cock was firmly planted along the crack of her ass. Ashley leaned back, resting her back against Kyle’s chest, feeling the warmth of his skin.

“So Kyle, is this what you had in mind?”

Kyle brought his arms up, wrapping them around Ashley’s stomach, letting his hands rest right on his sister’s bikini clad groin,

“This is more what I imagined,” Kyle quipped.

“Mhmm, someone’s grown in confidence,” Ashley replied, feeling Kyle’s fingers resting on her inner thigh.

Ashley took Kyle’s hands in hers then placed them on her thighs. The blonde minx started to rub her thighs with Kyle’s hands. As Kyle began rubbing Ashley on his own, Ashley removed her hands, bringing them up to her breasts. She looked over her shoulder to Kyle to get his attention, then they both looked down to her chest. Kyle looked on in amazement as Ashley pulled one half of her blue bikini top to the side, revealing her right breast. The nineteen year old stared at his sister’s ripe flesh, half above, half below the swirling water. Ashley looked back into Kyle’s eyes, watching the delight on her brother’s face as she cupped her pert sweetly curved mound. After giving herself a gentle squeeze, she let her fingers flick over the pebbled tip of her rosy nipple.

By now, Kyle’s hands had made their way up to the heavenly V, atop Ashley’s thighs. Just as he tiptoed his fingers along the plump lips of her vagina pushing against her bikini bottom, Ashley slid off her brother and seated herself beside him.

“I think your five minutes are up mister,” she teasingly explained.

Ashley took pleasure in the disappointing groan Kyle emitted; she loved teasing him.

Sitting shoulder to shoulder with Ashley, Kyle looked down at his sister’s heavenly face. His body felt so charged, and without thinking, he leaned over and pressed his lips against hers. Their kiss was intoxicating and even though Ashley was caught somewhat off-guard she was extremely pleased with Kyle’s boldness. As their tongues met in Kyle’s mouth, encircling each other, the young man felt Ashley’s dainty hand rubbing his chest, moving lower and lower. Ashley could almost feel Kyle’s smiling lips pressed against hers as she slipped her hand under the waistband of his trunks and wrapped her fingers around his erection.

Feeling Kyle’s manhood pulse in her grasp, Ashley slowly began to pump his shaft. They broke their kiss and now stared deeply into each other’s eyes.

“I bet you’re pretty happy about me catching you the other night now huh?” Ashley rhetorically questioned. There was no reply from Kyle, except for a gruff moan.

“You need to tell me when you’re gonna cum,” Ashley cautioned, to which Kyle nodded.

Ashley continued stroking her brother’s swollen flesh, wondering if he know just how much she was also enjoying the moment.

A couple moments later, Kyle looked into Ashley’s eyes with urgency,

“I’m close Ash,” he announced.

The tormentful Ashley quickly released her grip on Kyle, causing him to groan, just short of his ecstasy.

She kissed him on the cheek,

“Sorry bro, but I just don’t think it’s a good idea to spill your seed in a public hot tub.”

With that she got up out of the hot tub and grabbed her towel,

“Besides, I can’t let all that hot cum go to waste without tasting it,” she said with a wink, “Join me upstairs when you, uhh, ahem, cool down,” she added with a gleeful chuckle.

Kyle just sat there in his agony, his cock rock hard and throbbing. Even watching his sister walk away was a tease, given the fact that most of her bikini bottom was lodged between her perfectly round butt cheeks. After a couple minutes Kyle composed himself and made his way out of the hot tub. He hurriedly grabbed his towel, thankful for something to use to conceal his lingering hardon. He rushed upstairs to the room.

The first thing he noticed was Ashley’s towel, along with her bathing suit was on the floor, right at the entrance to the room. He looked over and saw his sister on her bed, just her head, peeking out from the plush white covers.

Kyle did a quick job of drying his body with his towel then tossed it and his t-shirt on the floor along with Ashley’s wet stuff. He began to approach Ashley’s bed when she stopped him,

“Nuh uh mister, you’re not getting into my bed with those went trunks.”

The siblings smiled at each other as Kyle hooked his fingers into his swimming trunks and peeled them down his legs. His cock had regained full hardness as he stood before his admiring sister. Kyle felt a bit awkward standing there naked while Ashley gawked at him but that feeling was soon alleviated when his sister flung the covers to the side, revealing her nude body.

It was the first time Kyle had seen his sister completely naked and it was breath taking. Her skin looked taut and smooth, her legs firm and slender but still shapely. Kyle ogled his sister’s flat stomach and the two wonderfully petite mounds of pert flesh perched above. Her little rosy nipples looked hard as steel. Then, there was the center of paradise between Ashley’s legs. The lips of her bare pussy were swollen and reddened, glistening under the light of the room. Kyle was staring at the flowery folds which seemed to turn him on beyond belief when Ashley snapped him from his daze,

“Are you gonna stand there all night,” the blonde teased.

“To be honest Ash, I could stand here staring at this view till the end of time,” he complemented.

Ashley found herself blushing slightly,

“Well as nice as it seems over there, I promise you, it’s much nicer over here,” she tempted.

That was all the invitation Kyle needed as he crawled onto the bed and over to Ashley. The two began to kiss as they pressed their warm bodies against one another. Kyle could feel Ashley’s erect nipples graze against his chest and pushed himself down, mashing her wonderfully soft breasts against his skin. They continued to embrace when Kyle rolled Ashley on top of himself.

Ashley sat up and stared down at her eager brother. The sight of his sister’s angelic smiling face staring down at him, framed by the damp golden locks of her long hair, was simply heavenly to Kyle. Ashley, now straddling her brother, inched her way back, dragging her slick pussy down his body. She had to raise herself when she encountered Kyle’s cock pressing against her ass cheeks.

Ashley now sat on the bed, between Kyle’s sprawled out legs, staring down at his erect cock. She excitedly leaned in, swirling her tongue around his bulbous tip, slurping up all the precum that had dribbled out. The blonde licked the underside of her brother’s shaft, feeling the veins pulse against her tongue.

“Ohhhh god,” Kyle moaned as he felt his sister engulf his cock in her mouth, the warmth and her touch were amazing.

Ashley began slowing bobbing her head up and down, rubbing the tip of Kyle’s penis along the roof of her mouth. Alternating pace, Ashley would go from teasingly slow to a frenzied pace, sucking up and down Kyle’s throbbing member. Every once in a while she would pause, to swirl her tongue around his mushroom head.

As her brother groaned in delight, Ashley combed her fingernails through his dark curly pubes, then, finding his balls, she began to play with them in her delicate hands. This went on for a little over five minutes, and never once did Ashley give pause. She was however delighted when Kyle alerted her he was about to cum,

“Ahhh Fuck, Ash, I’m right there.”

Ashley quickened her pace, then, leaving her mouth encircled around the tip of Kyle’s penis, began to pump his shaft with her hand. It didn’t take long for Kyle’s body to shudder,

“Ahhh ahhhh ahahhh,” he grunted as Ashley began to feel globs of his warm cum shoot into her mouth.

Ashley could feel every contraction Kyle’s penis made, squeezing upwards on his virile manhood, milking his every drop into her mouth. After the fifteen or so seconds it took for Kyle’s body to come to rest, Ashley raised her head up and stared at her brother with a look of accomplishment on her face as she took a gulp, swallowing all of his seed. Using the tip of her finger, she wiped the tip of Kyle’s limpening cock where a little cum had dribbled out. She willingly licked her fingers clean, then licked her lips. The two couldn’t help but smile at each other as Ashley went through the whole cleanup process.

“That was amazing,” Kyle panted.

“Thanks little bro,” Ashley acknowledged before lying back at his side and leaning over for a kiss.

Kyle thought he would be standoffish at the thought of kissing Ashley after she had just blown him, but without any hesitation, he leaned over and reciprocated in a deep passionate kiss. He reasoned that if this astonishingly hot girl just went through the trouble of doing, in his mind, this amazing service for him, he wasn’t about to act childish and be weirded out by kissing her, even if he could still taste some of his cum in her mouth.

Ashley rolled herself onto Kyle as they continued to make out, squashing his now flaccid cock beneath her abdomen.

As Kyle explored the depths of his sister’s mouth with his tongue, he reached behind with both hands and grabbed hold of her butt cheeks, squeezing and massaging her supple flesh. Ashley moaned aloud. She was so pleased and kind of proud of Kyle’s newfound adventurousness, and loved having him grope her ass.

As their passionate make out session drew on Ashley could feel Kyle’s cock begin to reawaken. She reached behind and took one of Kyle’s hands in hers. Guiding his hand between their bodies, Ashley pressed Kyle’s fingers against the wet folds of her sex.

Kyle was still in amazement of the whole scenario, and now here he was, with his fingers pressing into is sister’s invitingly warm cunt.

Ashley broke the couple’s kiss and pulled their hands from between their bodies. She held Kyle’s hand between their faces. They both stared at his fingers, wet with Ashley’s juices. The blonde stuck out her tongue and began to lick her brother’s fingers, leading Kyle to follow suit. Ashley could now feel Kyle’s fully hard cock throbbing beneath her. She kissed her brother again, gently on her lips then spoke,

“Come take a shower with me.”

With that, the lithe minx rolled off the bed and walked towards the bathroom. Kyle was quick in step to follow Ashley, delightful to be guided by the sight of her round swaying butt cheeks. They both stepped into the luxury shower and closed the semi translucent frosted glass doors. Kyle turned on the shower and adjusted the water temperature. The twosome embraced beneath the warm onrushing water. Steam quickly filled the spacious cubicle as water flowed down the young supple bodies of the siblings. Kyle could feel his sister’s hands roam down his body to his crotch, finally gripping his throbbing cock.

Ashley, holding her brother’s penis, pushed away from him, leaning against the cool tile wall behind her. Her tight grip on Kyle led him to step closer to her as she moved back. Ashley pressed her narrow shoulder blades against the tile, arching her body outwards, sticking out her hips. She cooed delightfully as she began rubbing the tip of Kyle’s cock against the lips of her eager cunt.

Staring into Kyle’s eyes, Ashley could see the mix of pleasure and torture; she was experiencing the same.

“You ready?” she whimpered.

Kyle just nodded.

Ashley pushed down on Kyle’s cock, positioning it at the entrance to her pussy. With a simple look and a smile, she gave Kyle the ‘go ahead’.

The blonde moaned as her brother pushed forward, his swollen flesh stretching the walls of her vagina as he entered her. Kyle placed his hands on Ashley’s hips, pushing her lower body back against the wall as he continued to slide into her. After his slow teasing entrance, Kyle was finally buried all the way in his sister’s cunt. Ashley could feel her brother throb inside her as she stared into his eyes. The two kissed as Kyle began to pull out then slide back in. Ashley could feel Kyle begin to lift her off the floor. Her response was to wrap her legs around his waist and grab hold of his shoulders as the two pressed together. Kyle, hands gripping onto each of Ashley’s ass cheeks, pumped in and out of her warm tight vagina. His mind was working overtime processing all the emotions and pleasurable sensations he was experiencing, along with the water beating down on his back and the steam billowing around in this glass box.

Ashley was now moaning each time Kyle plunged into her, savoring the feel of his pulsing cock gliding in and out of her, her breasts squashing against his firm chest. She had to break their kiss, gasping for air when Kyle began thrusting harder and with more pace. Her cries grew high pitched, in perfect contrast with her brother’s deep moans. She pressed her mouth on the curve of Kyle’s shoulder, grazing her teeth on his wet skin as she felt her imminent climax.

“Ohhh god you’re so tight and warm,” Kyle moaned.

Ashley, not having time to respond to Kyle’s compliment, bit down on his skin as her mind tunneled into a blinding, pulsing moment of release. There was a single screeching cry as Ashley’s body convulsed, her pussy contracting around Kyle’s shaft. Her explosion of ecstasy went on and on as Kyle continued thrusting.

Ashley could feel her orgasm subsiding and her presence of mind rush back to her. She feverishly began kissing Kyle,

“That was amazing. . . you ready to cum baby,” she whimpered.

It was hearing his sister affectionately refer to him as “baby” that finally took Kyle to the edge of no return. With a final blunt thrust, Kyle arched his back and cried out Ashley’s name. He could feel himself spilling into her pussy, his whole body shuddering. Leaving his cock buried in his sister, Kyle pushed hard, trying to get as deep as possible as he came inside her.

“Mhmmm, that’s it baby, mmmm,” Ashley whispered into his ear.

Kyle grunted and breathed heavily, pressing his sister hard against the wall which he now needed to aid as support.

Ashley finally let her legs drop to the floor. She found it a bother to now stand on her own; her knees weak. The two held each other as they stepped beneath the cleansing stream of the shower. Ashley grabbed the bar of soap and began to lather Kyle’s body as he planted kisses on her shoulder. The two watched with embarrassed smiles as semen leak out of Ashley’s swollen vagina only to be washed away by the downpouring water. They took turns rinsing each other’s body before finally shutting off the water and stepping out. After drying off, they brushed their teeth and made their way back to the bedroom to get dressed for bed. Kyle donned just a black pair of boxer briefs, Ashley, a yellow pair of cotton panties and a slightly oversized white v-neck tee.

“Do you mind if I sleep with you on your bed? Mines all sexed up,” Ashley asked with a chuckle.

“You don’t have to make up an excuse you know, if you weren’t coming with me on my bed, I was surely going to join you on yours, sexed up sheets and all,” Kyle replied.

Ashley blushed at her brother’s sweetness as he lifted up the sheets on his bed. The two crawled in under the sheets and huddled in the center of the bed facing each other.

“So I’m just gonna say it,” Kyle stated, “Hands down, best vacation ever.”

Ashley burst out in laughter,

“Well it’s certainly nice to see you coming out of your shell, you’ll always be my shy panty boy though,” Ashley joked before turning to shut out her bedside lamp. The two cuddled and eventually fell asleep.

Ashley awoke the next morning to an empty bed. She scanned the room but saw no sign of her brother. Then she spotted it; a note taped to the television. She forced her restless body out of bed and over to the TV and read the note.

“Went to breakfast with mom and dad. Didn’t want to wake you, you looked so peaceful asleep. Will bring back some breakfast. . . .Kyle.”

Ashley smiled and disposed of the note. She went to the bathroom, peed, brushed her teeth and took a shower. Kyle still wasn’t back when she re-emerged so she lay back down and watched some television. Kyle came strolling in about twenty minutes later. Dressed in a plain white tee and khaki shorts, Kyle set down a cup of coffee and a blueberry muffin on the side table for Ashley.

“Morning,” he greeted.

“Hey, you’re off to an early start,” Ashley replied, taking a sip of coffee.

“So what are mom and dad up to?” she asked.

“Ohh, nothing really, said to give them a call if we wanted to do something together later,” Kyle responded, lying down next to his sister.

Kyle flipped through the channels while Ashley tended to her cup of coffee and muffin.

“So what do you wanna do today?” Ashley asked after tossing her cardboard cup in the bin and plopping herself down next to Kyle.

“You’re watching it babe, I’m doing it,” Kyle joked, in a faux chauvinist voice, stretching lazily and rubbing the back of his head against the soft pillow.

“Aww come on, there’ll be plenty time for that, and more, I promise,” Ashley seductively said. “Besides, we shouldn’t stay cooped up in the room all day, don’t want anyone getting any ideas,” she added nuzzling her face against Kyle’s neck.

“Hmm, well . . .dad did say something about taking a couple kayaks out, that sounded fun,” Kyle admitted.

“That does sound fun, call them up and tell them we’re in,” Ashley instructed, planting a kiss on Kyle’s cheek before heading to the bathroom.

Ashley washed out her mouth, getting rid of the lingering coffee taste. She then changed into some more outdoorsy attire, jean shorts and boots, topped off with a tight fitting grey tank top. Kyle had just hung up the phone when she walked back in.

“They said they’d meet us down by the lake in fifteen minutes,” he announced, while tying the shoelaces on his sneakers.

The siblings checked that they hadn’t forgotten anything then made their way downstairs.

“So umm, last night, was pretty amazing Ash,” Kyle sheepishly commented as they walked.

“Yeah, it was wasn’t it?”

“Not just amazing but . . . special,” Kyle stammered.

Still in the hallway and walking towards the stairs, Ashley took Kyle’s hand in hers and looked into his eyes,

“It was special for me too Kyle, I’ve never felt like that when I was with someone. I don’t know where this is going, but I’m more than happy to go for the ride, and even more so that you’re along with me, but we have to be careful, we can’t let mom and dad know.”

Kyle squeezed Ashley’s hand in his,

“I know, I just wanted you to know I that even though the circumstances that this whole thing came about are strange to say the least, I just don’t want you to think I’m a weird perv or anything and it wasn’t’ all sex for me.”

They were now halfway down the stairway when Ashley stopped them. She placed both hands square on Kyle’s shoulders,

“Kyle, you’re my brother and I’ll always love you, nothing you can do will ever change that. And I don’t think you’re a pervert,” Ashley asserted before pausing, “Well actually, I do think you’re a perv but I’m a way bigger pervert , you’ll see,” she added with a seductive smile.

Finished with their conversation, the two continued down the stairs, releasing each other’s hands once they were out in the open.

Kyle and Ashley met their parents down at the lake. Their dad had already rented the kayaks and was helping their mom with her life vest.

“Hey guys, how do you like the room?” Elaine greeted.

“Great mom, it’s a really nice resort, nice weather too” Ashley gleefully replied, staring up and the blue skies. The temperature was strangely nippy but being out in the open, under the beaming sun set the balance rather comfortably.

“Okay looks like we’re good to go,” Kent announced.

Kyle and Ashley slipped on their life vests and got into their yellow kayak. Kent pushed the kids off into the water then helped his wife into their blue kayak. He followed her in and got a nearby hotel staffer to push them off.

Kyle and Ashley had just gotten the hang of rowing in tandem when their parents paddled up next to them,

“Okay kids, first one around the lake wins,” he shouted eliciting laughter from the siblings and their mom, an obvious joke given the vast size of the lake.

The foursome paddled for about an hour, admiring all the beautiful scenery, which for Kyle, included the view of Ashley’s jean covered butt sat infront him the entire time.

As they tired, the family returned to the dropoff point and ran the kayaks ashore.

“Well that was quite the workout,” Elaine commented to Ashley, rubbing her sore shoulders as Kent and Kyle tied up the kayaks.

“Yeah, really got the blood pumping,” Ashley replied, wiping her sweaty brow.

“So you’re mom and I are gonna hit the pool if you wanna come along,” Kent offered as he and his son approached the women.

Kyle and Ashley looked at each other, then to their parents,

“I think we’re gonna check out the rest of the resort, but you guys have fun,” Ashley politely replied.

“Okay kids, if we don’t see you for lunch we definitely should meet up for dinner,” Elaine stated, hugging both her kids before walking off with her husband.

Kyle and Ashley strolled back to their room. After hearing Kyle shut the door behind them, Ashley headed to the mini fridge for a water,

“Wow, didn’t expect that to be so tiring,” she commented.

The blonde however, never reached the fridge. Her delightful laughter filled the room as Kyle picked up and tossed her on her bed. She lay on her back; her legs bent at the knee hanging off the edge of the bed as Kyle got her bottle water and tossed it her way. Ashley sipped on the cool water and watched intently as Kyle knelt on the floor between her legs. He reached out and began undoing the metal button and unzipping her jean shorts. Ashley chuckled, and as water dribbled from her lips, she playfully pushed away Kyle’s hands,

“Kyle! I’m all sweaty, at least let me freshen up,” she protested.

Kyle didn’t falter, tugging on Ashley’s shorts, peeling them off her body,

“Didn’t you know? Us pervs like it like that,” he joked.

Ashley wiggled her body all the way up the bed; resting her head on the pillow as Kyle crawled on top of her. Her brother leaned in and kissed her on the lips as she let her water bottle fall to the floor. As Kyle’s tongue slipped past her lips, Ashley felt his hand pressing on her stomach, sliding upwards. Her breasts ached impatiently and relief was finally had when Kyle cupped and massaged her through her tank top. Ashley interrupted their embrace, pulling her tank top over her head and tossing it aside.

Kyle stared down at his sister’s petite B-cups, held tightly in a powder blue bra with tiny yellow flowers. He could see the shape of her erect nipples pressing hard against her bra and gently ran his fingers over them. Leaning in, he pressed his face between his sister’s breasts, planting gentle kisses on her modest cleavage. Kyle wrestled his hands behind Ashley’s body and managed to undo the clasp on her bra at the first time of asking, a feat that didn’t go without notice,

“Wow, when did my shy boy turn into a raging stud?” Ashley commented as Kyle peeled her bra off her, tossing it behind him.

Kyle now stared down at the most magnificent looking pair of pert mounds of ripe flesh he ever laid eyes on. Ashley could see the longing in his eyes and placed her hand on the back of his neck, pulling him down to her chest. She felt his hot breath against her breast, then, the electric warmness of his tongue, licking the curve of her flesh.

Kyle savored the slightly briny taste of Ashley’s flesh as he licked his way to the peaked tip of her left breast. His palm made sure her right breast didn’t feel neglected, as he caressed her supple mound, gently pinching her erect nipple. Kyle’s tongue was now circling Ashley’s rose colored areola, feeling the miniscule bumps against his tongue.

Ashley arched her head back, gently combing her hands through her brother’s short dark brown hair. His teasingly sensitive touches had her in absolute ecstasy.

Kyle heard his sister moan when he finally captured her nub between his lips. He pressed his tongue against the throbbing bud, playfully tickling her before taking it between his teeth. Kyle bit down ever so gently before he began to suckle on his sister’s breast. When he felt sufficient attention had been paid to one breast, Kyle moved to the other and gave the same treatment, alternating between suckling on Ashley’s ripe flesh and lashing his tongue against her throbbing reddened peaks.

Kyle let Ashley’s breast slip from his mouth as he felt her hand on his head, gently prodding him downwards. He was more than happy, and planted a trail of kisses on her quivering stomach, her skin flushed to a golden rosy hue. Kyle shifted his body further down as his lips reached the waistband of Ashley’s black lace thong. He positioned his face right against her womanhood, feeling the heat she emanated. Inhaling slightly, Kyle relished the mixed scent of femininity and perspiration Ashley’s body exuded. He extended his tongue, pressing it against the damp lace that covered her plump lips. The taste was as the scent, a sweet salty mix of womanhood and salinity. Kyle’s tongue pressed hard against Ashley, gently forcing her lace panties between the lips of her pussy. He licked the length of her warm slit before hooking his fingers into the waistband of his sister’s underwear and pulling them down her legs.

Kyle now came face to face with Ashley’s gloriously glistening pussy. Her mound was clean shaven save for a few prickles of hair which had begun to regrow. For all the boldness Kyle had displayed, he now found himself strangely nervous. Ashley, hunched up on her elbows looked down at her brother,

“What’s the matter Kyle?” she asked, somewhat impatiently after being so joyously revved up.

Kyle look up to his sister’s heavenly face, her skin was glowing.

“Well, I’ve never. I mean, I’ve had sex before, but I’ve, I’ve never done this,” Kyle admitted.

Ashley smiled,

“Ahhh, there’s my shy boy I love so much.”

Kyle returned her smile.

“Well, you could have fooled me because everything you’ve done so far has been absolutely fantastic. So just keep what you’re doing and I’ll help you out if you need it, but I don’t think you will,” Ashley said with a sympathetic smile.

Encouraged, Kyle now returned to the matter at hand. He extended his tongue, pressing against the petal soft folds of Ashley’s wet entrance. He wiggled his tongue around, then began licking up and down the length. Ashley’s pussy was a heated furnace around Kyle’s tongue and he loved every second. Kyle found his sister’s tight opening, and he began darting his tongue in and out of her.

“Okay sweetie, now move up a bit,” Ashley advised.

Kyle took his sister’s direction and began to trail his tongue up till he encountered a slippery little nub. When he touched it, Ashley’s body shook and she moaned,

“Yes, right there baby, right there,” she groaned.

Kyle swirled his tongue around his sister’s clit, feverishly flicking it back and forth.

“Mhmmm, use your fingers too,” Ashley instructed.

Kyle raised a hand and slid his finger into his sister’s warm opening. Sliding his finger in and out of Ashley’s tight welcoming vagina, Kyle continued his assault on her clit with his tongue. He felt a slight rush of warm liquid on his hand and opened his eyes to see Ashley’s cunt flowing with her creamy juices.

“Ahhha, mhmm, fuck yess! Mhmmm, two fingers baby,” Ashley panted, “I’m right there,” she cried.

Kyle quickly added a second finger as he continued thrusting in and out of Ashley’s now sopping pulsating core. He felt his sister’s body clench up and watched as her pussy convulsed before his very eyes.

“Oh god oh god oh god! Ahhhh mhmmm mhmmm” Ashley cried.

Kyle felt another warm rush of liquid, this time a greater volume. Ashley’s juices squirted against her brother’s face and dripped from his fingers. Kyle continued licking his sister’s pussy, happy for every drop she offered. Even when Ashley’s body came to rest, Kyle continued. She had to tap him gently on the head before he stopped and looked up at her. His face was almost dripping with her cum, causing Ashley to giggle,

“Come up here with me,” she whimpered.

Kyle wiped his mouth and crawled over to Ashley’s side. Too exhausted to move, Ashley reached out and pulled her brother close, kissing him passionately, tasting her own juices on him.

“You were great,” Ashley panted, pulling Kyle’s head and resting it on her chest.

Kyle smiled to himself proudly. He could feel Ashley’s fluttering heartbeat gradually normalize. Kyle repositioned himself, laying he head on the pillow besides his sister.

“Wanna take a little nap with me before we go get cleaned up?” Ashley cooed, curling up next to Kyle

“Sure,” Kyle replied, wrapping an arm around his sister.

“You want me to take care of you? I know you must be pretty worked up,” Ashley offered.

“No, that’s not necessary; I know you’re beat, besides, I don’t want you to think I only did that for something in return. It’s actually something I really wanted to do, and I really really enjoyed it.”

Ashley, now resting against Kyle’s chest looked up to her brother and kissed him on the cheek before returning to the comfort of his chest.

A drained Ashley was out like a light, falling asleep in about ten minutes. Kyle quickly snuck to the bathroom and washed his face which was still coated in his sister’s cum. He stealthily crawled back into bed and to Ashley’s side.

The siblings were out for about an hour. Ashley was up first, sneaking out of bed and taking a quick shower. She left a slumbering Kyle and made her way down to the hotel restaurant, picking up some lunch for the two. When she returned to the room, Kyle was still asleep. She set down the food, a chicken salad for herself, and chipotle chicken wrap for Kyle, on the mini dining table then went over to the bed. She caringly brushed her hand through Kyle’s hair, gently rousing him from his sleep.

Kyle’s eyes forced their way open and he stared up to his sister,

“Hey, I got us some food,” she whispered.

The twosome moved to the table and ate.

“You should be really proud you know, you were great,” Ashley commented.

“Thanks Ash,” Kyle replied, a wide grin plastered on his face.

“Okay, maybe not that pleased,” Ashley joked.

When they were finished with their meal, Kyle disposed of the styrofoam containers.

“Hey you wanna go for a swim?” he asked.

“Sure, lake or pool?” Ashley replied.

“Uhh, doesn’t matter, pool looks kinda nice,” Kyle suggested, staring out the window.

“Okay, give me a minute to change.”

Ashley went out on the balcony and retrieved her bikini which hung on a rack in sun. She also picked up Kyle’s bathing trunks. Re-entering the room, she tossed Kyle his trunks and began to strip. Kyle sat on the edge of the bed removing his shorts and slipping on his trunks. He looked up to his now naked sister. She was facing away from him and bending over, fumbling for something in her suitcase. The sight was remarkable, her petite butt so enticing.

Ashley could almost feel her brother’s eyes on her body. She peeked behind,

“You like my butt huh?” the blonde questioned, wiggling her ass for her brother’s enjoyment.

“It’s a magnificent sight,” Kyle responded.

Ashley smiled, made a mental note and then stood up; finally locating the hair band she was searching for. She turned to face Kyle and proceeded to put on her bikini.

“You’re so pretty,” Kyle murmured, admiring his sister adoringly.

Ashley’s cheeks became red,

“You’re such a sweetheart,” she replied.

After tying her blue bikini top, she slipped on the matching bikini bottom and then put her hair in a ponytail utilizing the hairband. Ashley grabbed a couple of towels and the two slipped on their flip flops and were out the door.

The hotel pool was sparsely populated, a couple of toddlers with their parents, an elderly couple, and some kids. Ashley secured a lounge chair for her and Kyle and set down their towels along with their cell phones. They removed their flip flops and used the metal ladder to enter the pool. The cool water felt wonderful in the summer sun. Kyle and Ashley playfully splashed around for a bit, making sure not to appear overly romantic in any way.

Kyle did a couple lengths in the pool before joining Ashley in the shallows who was just relaxing. Their chat was interrupted when Ashley heard her phone ringing. She made her way over to the lounge chair. Kyle couldn’t help but stare at his sister’s wet bikini clad butt as she exited the pool. The blonde returned a minute later swimming over to her brother.

“That was mom, wanted to tell us we’re going out for dinner.”

Kyle nodded.

“She told me to try to get you to wear a shirt,” Ashley chuckled.

The two hung around in the pool for another half an hour before heading up to the room. Kyle dried out on the balcony while Ashley showered. She emerged wrapped in a towel to let Kyle know the shower was free. By the time Kyle took his shower and entered the room, Ashley was already dressed.

“Wow, you look amazing,” Kyle commented as water dripped from his body.

Ashley stood in a simple black flowing sundress. She smiled at Kyle and urged him to get ready. Kyle put on the shirt Ashley laid out on the bed for him and worked his way into his jeans. Another fifteen minutes passed till they were both fully ready. Ashley was just finishing up with her lipstick when her phone rang.

“Hello. . . .okay, we’ll be right down.”

Ashley hung up and turned to Kyle,

“They’re down in the parking lot,” she informed him before placing her hands on his shoulders and patting down his shirt.

“You clean up nicely,” she commented as the exited their room.

The siblings met their parents in the parking lot and hopped in the backseat of their dad’s car. There was a strange feeling of childhood, with their parents upfront driving and them in the backseat. Kyle and Ashley smiled at each other while they secretly played with each other’s hands. It took twenty minutes before Kent pulled up to a quite posh Italian restaurant.

The family entered the establishment and was seated in about five minutes. Everyone placed their order and lost themselves in conversation.

Elaine took notice of Kyle’s chipper mood,

“So Kyle looks like you’re enjoying yourself. I hoped you thanked your sister for staying back so you could go to you party.”

Kyle was about to reply when Ashley beat him to it,

“Yes mom, he was sure to thank me.”

The food took a while to arrive but it was well worth the wait.

Everyone’s plate was absolutely clear by the end of dinner. They topped off their meals with a couple of chocolate gelatos then Kent paid the bill.

The drive back was a bit quiet, by the time they returned to the resort it was almost 10pm.

“Okay kids, have a good night, see you tomorrow,” Elaine stated as the siblings took off towards their room.

“Night mom and dad,” Kyle and Ashley replied, almost in unison.

Once in their room, Kyle and Ashley collapsed onto her bed,

“Wow, what a day,” Kyle sighed.

They both laid there for a while. . .Ashley was the first to move. She pulled Kyle up, sitting him on the edge of the bed. Stepping between his legs, Ashley ran her hands through Kyle’s hair then pulled him against her,

“There’s only one thing I can think of to top of this perfect day,” she whispered before stepping back from Kyle.

The siblings smiled at each other as Ashley lifted her dress off her body. Kyle was delighted to be once again casting his gaze upon Ashley’s naked flesh, save for a black g-string. Ashley dropped her dress to the floor and stepped between Kyle’s legs once more. Kyle wrapped his hands around his sister’s waist and pulled her to him, pressing his lips against her navel. After a few seconds of Kyle kissing her stomach, Ashley straddled her brother and began undoing his shirt. It wasn’t long before that Ashley was tossing Kyle’s shirt behind her and pushing her brother down on the bed. Straddling his groin, the blonde leaned in and engaged in a passionate kiss with Kyle.

Ashley moaned into Kyle’s mouth when she felt his hands squeezing her butt cheeks. She ground her body against his, feeling his hardon press against her abdomen. Breaking their kiss, Ashley shimmied her body back and began unbuckling Kyle’s jeans. She stood back up once more, tugging on her brothers jeans, taking it along with his boxers right off his body. Ashley hurriedly crawled back onto Kyle’s now naked body and the two began to kiss again.

Ashley’s giggles filled the room when she felt Kyle’s hands find their way back to her ass. Kyle’s tongue danced and curled around his sister’s till Ashley finally sat up. Gasping for air, Ashley stared down adoringly and Kyle. She could feel his cock throbbing against her hungry pussy. Lifting herself up, Ashley positioned Kyle’s member at her opening then sank down on him, accepting all he could give her. They both groaned at same time as they became one. Ashley began rising and sinking, penetrating herself on Kyle’s shaft, feeling his warm flesh stretch her over and over again.

Kyle stared up at the beautiful angel on top of him, meeting her motions, driving himself up into her everytime she sank. They both kept the rhythm teasingly slow, hoping to drag out the experience as long as possible. They spent about ten glorious minutes in this state of bliss before Ashley lifted herself off her brother. She looked down at Kyle’s cock; it stood straight up and was glistening, coated in both their juices.

Ashley crawled over to the center of the bed, remaining on all fours. Kyle eagerly rose up and positioned himself behind her. Guiding his cock between her ass cheeks, Kyle plunged into her warm pussy once more.

“Ahhh, that’s it baby,” Ashley cooed.

Kyle pulled back out of Ashley, then re-entered her with a driving thrust, his hips slapping against her ass. Kyle moved in and out of his sister’s cunt feeling her warm insides. He placed his hands on her ass, squeezing as massaging, and every once in a while, gently slapping. Kyle’s grunts and Ashley’s cries filled their room.

Ashley was in a euphoric trance, having her brother pumping her over and over, but it was not lost on her the feel of his wandering hand. She could feel his hands on her ass, squeezing and fondling her. His fingers would every once in a while venture between her crack and then retreat. She arched her head back, looking up to Kyle, his mouth agape as he continued to fuck her.

“Mhmmm, you like your big sister’s ass huh,” she moaned. Kyle just grunted and grinned.

Ashley whimpered in delight then continued,

“Lick your fingers and stick em in me,” she pleaded.

Ashley’s bluntness had shocked Kyle yet again. He placed his hands on Ashley’s soft butt cheeks and gently spread them. He stared down at the crinkled ring looking up at him, contracting every few seconds as he continued sliding into Ashley’s cunt. The sight was too tempting. He released his grip on one of her cheeks and licked the length of his fingers. Kyle slowed the pace of his fucking to concentrate on what he was about to do. Pulling Ashley’s ass cheek to this side with one hand, Kyle placed the index finger on the other against his sister’s enticing rosebud. He pushed gently, slowly penetrating her, feeling the sheer awesomeness of her inner heat. He had reached his knuckle when Ashley’s anus sucked him in. It was quite the strange feeling, but one he enjoyed. He moved his finger around inside her ever so slightly then began to quicken the pace of his thrusting.

Ashley groaned in delight, feeling her brother begin to fuck her harder and faster. She could feel is finger squirm around inside her.

“Ahhh fuck, oh god mhmmm, I’m gonna cum baby,” she moaned.

Kyle continued thrusting as Ashley’s cries filled the room. He felt her pussy cream all over his cock, then both her cunt and anus contract and hold onto to his buried penis and finger.

“MHMMmm ahhhhh ahhhh, ooohhh fucking Christ!!” Ashley bellowed.

Kyle watched his sister’s body shudder as her pussy and ass continued to clench down on him. Ashley’s cum was now dripping out of her as she whimpered.

Ashley’s crested passion eventually fell and Kyle pulled his finger from her tight asshole. He continued fucking her, but he knew he couldn’t hold out much longer. He plunged and plunged, and with a final thrust, he hunched over his sister’s back and gasped. His cock twitched deep inside Ashley’s pussy, as he spilled his hot seed in her. Kyle groaned in blissful agony.

The only thing that could now be heard in the room was the couple’s heavy panting. Kyle rolled off Ashley’s back and collapsed on the bed. Ashley was soon to follow, collapsing on her brother’s chest. The two laid there for quite a while till Ashley looked up to her brother,

“Now we can say we’ve had a perfect day,” she sighed.

“Yup, that was spectacular,” Kyle concurred.

“I better go get cleaned up, I can feel you running down my leg,” Ashley joked, referring to Kyle’s cum which was oozing from her sore vagina.

Kyle followed his sister into the bathroom where they took a quick shower and headed to bed. The siblings crawled into Kyle’s bed, still naked, and cuddled beneath the warm sheets.

The next morning, Ashley was up unusually early. She left Kyle in his slumber, slipping out for bed for a quick shower. Ashley went out for a while, picking up some stuff at the store. When she returned, Kyle was up and having himself a small feast. He had ordered room service and was scarfing down a mouthful of waffles when Ashley entered the room. She joined him for breakfast then called her mom.

“They said they’re not doing anything special today and if we wanted to do something to give them a call,” Ashley said to Kyle, relaying the message from their mother.

“So what do you feel like doing today?” Kyle asked.

Ashley sat on the bed thinking.

“I dunno, wanna go for a hike?” she finally proposed.

“I’m up for it if you are.”

Kyle changed his clothes while Ashley packed up a knapsack with some water and a few granola bars. The twosome set out on the hiking trail, basking in the cool morning air. The trail wasn’t that tough, maybe a bit higher than a novice leveled trail. Kyle and Ashley encountered several other hikers on their way, taking advantage of the beautiful outdoors.

About an hour in, and after a particularly challenging hill, Kyle turned to his perspiring sister,

“You wanna rest here then head back?” he asked.

“Sure,” Ashley replied, walking over to an enormous flat sheet of rock overlooking the lake, and taking a seat. She fished into their backpack and handed Kyle a water bottle then began to munch on a granola bar.

Being some distance away from the resort, Kyle felt comfortable sitting behind his sister, his legs on either side of her, bent at the knee. Ashley smiled as she wiggled her way closer to Kyle, leaning back against him. When she was done with her granola bar, she crumpled up the wrapper and placed it in the knapsack.

“Could I have some of your water?” she asked, looking over her shoulder to Kyle.

Kyle had just taken a sip from the bottle and held it over Ashley shoulder. Before she could grab it, Kyle mischievously tipped the bottle a little watching as water spilled onto his sister’s chest.

Ashley squealed as the cold water caused her to jolt. The two of them looked down at her now wet green tank top. Kyle had gotten her right on her left breast, and watched with delight as her nipple became erect, pushing hard against the damp fabric.

“Ooooo, I’m gonna get you back mister,” Ashley warned, finally grabbing the bottle from her brother. The two chuckled as an impromptu play fight broke out. Their brawl finally ended when Kyle immobilized Ashley, his arms wrapped around her body grasping her wrists.

“Give up?” he taunted.

“Never!” exclaimed Ashley as she thrashed about. “I’ll just have to use my secret weapon,” she announced.

“Oh yeah, and what’s that?” Kyle inquired.

Ashley giggled as she began squirming her body, grinding her butt against Kyle’s crotch. She could feel him hardening against her, and knew she had won.

Kyle released her hands and cupped her breast in his palm. He squeezed her pert mounds, feeling her hard nipples.

“Do you give up?” Ashley teased, emphasizing the “you.”

“In a heartbeat babe,” Kyle replied.

A middle-aged couple came hiking by, interrupting the siblings who halted all groping and grinding and went back to enjoying the scenery.

After another five minutes of rest, Kyle helped Ashley to her feet and they began the trek back to the resort. The return voyage was considerably easier as most of it was downhill.

Exhausted, the siblings shuffled into their room. Kyle threw the backpack in the corner of the room, and noticed Ashley pulling at her wet tank top. He walked up behind her and kissed the back of her neck,

“Sorry about the wet shirt,” he whispered as he pulled the damp garment over Ashley’s head.

Ashley spun round and kissed Kyle on the lips,

“You’re such a softie,” she replied.

AS each year passed since high school graduation the thrill that summer once entertained subsided. Friendships that seemed indestructible, crumbled from the passing of time and where it had once been comfortable to proclaim to have all the answers now maturity’s humbling touch left only questions. Three years removed from high school did not really appear to be a magnificent leap into the future, but the past seemed to be just that; the past. Connor Williams reflected on these truths with a simple sigh. High school he had cared about sex, parties, and alcohol. These vices did not subside for most college students but in him it certainly did. He would drink every weekend, special occasions but could not remember the last time he had actually been drunk, and random sexual encounters and the nightmares that usually followed them subsided into a steady relationship with a high school sweetheart that had only recently ended. The immaturity of youth had transitioned into the disciplined nature of good moral character, and it had happened completely against Connor’s will. It had to be the downside of succumbing to strong Irish-Catholic heritage and attending Boston College.

At school the moral dilemmas of Catholic dogma collided with Irish culture and the balance proved to be a healthy mix. Just enough guilt to stay out of a lot of trouble and just enough Irish to ensure that he got into some as well. The education itself had proved beneficial as Connor developed a flare for real estate and invested in a depressed property in Upper Cape Cod that he immediately started fixing, building an extended room enclosed by glass with a view of the ocean. Now he woke with the sun to see it rise over Nantucket Sound and melt away the fog that hovered like a blanket over the still water. Wiping the nagging remnants from sleep, standing only in his Marine Corps sweatpants while the warmth of the sun reflected off his flat chest and tanned abs he yawned in protest to the early hour. Inspecting the landscape he marveled at the romanticism that is Cape Cod and his life. It was on his third gaze to the outside that he detected that he may not be alone in the world young Allison Hoover had awakened as well.

She stretched on her back porch, wearing tight black shorts and a red sports bra that left just enough to the imagination while showing off a well tanned, and toned female body. Her breasts looked as if they had gotten bigger and could easily fill the 36C that Connor’s ex had. He couldn’t help but look at her and admire the work she must have spent to stay in shape, and then she turned her head. She had long dark red hair, or cherry brown depending on the lighting that swung around her face as she caught the stare from above and responded only with a quick look away, innocent smile, and flirtatious wave before she took off for a morning jog.

BY noon the sun had warmed the Massachusetts air to an unpleasant 97, and Connor’s teammates from the baseball team were on their way over to use the beach. He had walked on as a freshman to the BC team, and after showing some outstanding field work and being quick on the base paths had received an invitation to play in the prestigious college Cape Cod Baseball League. He immediately accepted and since most the players were from all around the country he found himself playing host more than outfield. Within an hour he had the grill cooking and beer being passed out like candy on Halloween. A few players brought their girlfriends with them, and the ones that were staying available kept walking down the beach to recruit some women to the impromptu party. It was Tony that brought Allison in the house, or more accurately that Allison followed two of her friends that Tony had evidently met.

“Ladies, this is Connor Williams,” he began. “Gracious host, owner of this beautiful house, and starting centerfield for the Falmouth Commodores.”

Allison’s friends, Sarah and Jennifer were anxious to meet Connor and the rest of the players, star struck by the athletic celebrities Cape players seemed to become in their towns. Allison however, could not have looked the least bit impressed to meet another ballplayer and she only politely introduced herself before telling her friends she was leaving. Connor hurried after her catching her in the sand just before she crossed a gap in the bushes back to her house.

“Leaving so soon?” he asked.

“Just wondering if you would follow,” she said. “Walk me home?”

The walk home had been more than Connor had expected, he would have never guessed what type of woman Allison really was. She seemed young, and cute. Beautiful, but in a high school cheerleader sort of way, he would have never guessed how interesting she is. They detoured from her house down the beach and had spent hours together in the water. She told him about how she took the past year off after graduating high school to sail yachts from the Vineyard down to the Bahamas and deferred her acceptance to Notre Dame where she wanted to study history. After sipping Corona’s at the edge of the waves any thoughts about maybe a quick hook-up were dismissed, and he felt himself drifting helplessly toward the friend zone. He didn’t regret it however as knowing this young woman could not be a bad thing and she had impressed him when none of the women he had met at BC could. Again he cursed himself for messing up any possible romantic connection. Strike two.

BY nightfall the ocean seemed tranquil again, and the sky seemed at peace lit only by the distant lights on Martha’s Vineyard and the stars overhead. Connor settled into his futon in the extended room and glanced from the Red Sox game, to the ocean, and to Allison’s unlit house. She was outside kicking at the backdoor. A minute later his doorbell rang, and his new friend stood in front of him beautiful and frustrated. She explained that her Dad had left for the weekend on a romantic trip to Newport with his new girlfriend and she was now locked out. Connor could not believe his luck, and suddenly felt that every hour he had spent in church over the years was paying off, he had a chance. She came in and Connor couldn’t resist his natural male motion to glance over her 19 year old body. She wore short jean shorts that showed off her tan legs, and had only black tank top that showed some impressive cleavage.

She stood only 5’6 a good six inches shorter than him but she made up four of those inches with her sandals, and her cherry hair hung down to her shoulders. She watched the game with him, and had curled up in his arms on the futon by the middle innings, he dared to kiss her neck and she kissed him back but second thoughts clouded his mind almost as quickly. Catholic guilt always pops into one’s mind at the least convenient times. When the game ended he kissed her passionately again, massaging her neck with his fingers while gently stroking her tongue with the tip of his. “I have a game tomorrow and it is pretty late, so I am going to get ready for bed. Is their anything you need?

“Just to know where I can sleep, she responded”

He shot her a mischievous smile, and said half jokingly, “With me of course.” She shot him a half interested but no look and he finished, “I set up the guest bedroom down the hall for you. You have your own bathroom and I put out some fresh towels. Breakfast is at 10 tomorrow.”

“Well aren’t you the perfect gentleman? Were you planning on putting a mint on my pillow in the morning as well? Well sweet dreams,” she finished giving him another passionate kiss to dream with.

As he lay in bed, his door open he could see that Allison had left her door open a crack as well, and she started to undress in front of the light. Seeing her blue jeans fall to the floor revealing black bikini panties and watching her remove her tank top and unhook her bra left him with an erection that made his sheets stand as he closed his eyes with that wonderful last image before sleep.

Connor awoke suddenly, and saw the flash of light tear through the room. Thunder rocked the sky and the sound of rain pounded against the windows. A storm came ashore during the night and now the house shook with each bang. Thoughts of Allison flooded his mind and he lay awake wondering if she was too. His answer came quickly, her door opened from the crack he had left and she appeared in the hallway only wearing her black panties that had molded perfectly against her skin. Her breasts were large, nicely curved and nipples the size of quarters. Connor knew his mouth had to be hanging open at the site of the knockout walking down his hall, but then she entered his room and lay next to him in bed.

“I don’t like being alone in thunderstorms,” she said sweetly. She pulled the sheets over her and nuzzled her body against his, placing her very firm ass against his penis. Connor placed his arm over her body and rested his hand on her stomach. She grabbed it quickly and guided it onto her left breast then whispered, “It is romantic though isn’t it?”

Connor’s heart leapt, two strikes, but he was still at the plate. More importantly he thought, he really liked this girl. Her nipple felt erect, and he started to move it between his fingers, massaging it slowly while keeping his hand squeezing her breast. He let his lips communicate his feeling. Brushing away her hair he kissed her neck, moving inch by inch with his lips to her ear lobe while his hand moved slowly down her stomach to her panties. His palm went forward and firmly stroked his hand up her vagina along the cotton panties, massaging her thighs and clit. Each stroke he could feel her panties were getting increasingly wet to his touch. Then he slid his fingers inside those cotton panties and traced her pussy. Allison’s breathing got heavier and heavier, her moans were passionate and she felt the lips of her pussy tighten and loosen responding to his touch. Connor’s erect penis penetrated into the cotton and Allison’s ass cheeks had tightened around his shaft. The sensation of his penis between her ass cheeks and teasing penetration of his fingers made her body tremble in excitement.

Allison stood and Connor marveled at her body again. Their she was a beautiful young woman that had dazzled him in every way quickly now dazzled him again in a very sexy way. She slid her wet panties off her and stroked herself just once, marveling at her own smooth skin and shaved pussy. When she came back to bed she saw Connor’s erect penis that only a minute earlier had been on the verge of penetrating her ass through her panties. She smiled and brought her body back against his. Connor moved slowly to the bottom of the bed and slid his hands up her amazingly smooth legs, following with his tongue. He traced every inch to her thighs, and knew he wanted to taste her. Licking slowly from her thighs, to her clit he flicked it with his tongue and then outlined the lips of her pussy. He moved his tongue up and down her vagina and penetrated her sending her into orgasm. Allison moaned, and lifted her legs, digging her nails into his shoulders. “Now,” she cried.

HER legs opened, and their two bodies intertwined, exposed by the lightning from the skylight. She grasped his penis and he put it in her waiting pussy. She felt tight, warm, wet, inviting and perfect. Inch by inch he penetrated her pushing in slowly and then pulling out just as slowly. Pushing back in a bit faster he kept the same slow pace on withdrawal. The motion continued as she moaned each time he entered her, and each time became faster and faster while his withdrawal stayed slow, an inch at a time. Allison rocked her hips grinding against Connor’s hard dick as they fell into a perfect sync with one another. Her legs moved and body flexed as only a person who did daily pilates could and again Connor thanked God for growing up a baseball player and having the same range of motion through daily work outs.

The friction between her pussy and his penis made both moan with pleasure, as they worked their bodies against one another. Her leg came up and on top of Connor’s shoulder and he pushed his purple swollen tip into her and then every inch deeper and deeper into her begging pussy. Faster and faster they went, steadily building speed and meeting again and again. Minute after minute passed and Allison enjoyed her second orgasm before switching positions again. Connor lay flat on the bed, eyes watching Allison’s long hair sway into the air as she lowered her tight body onto his erect cock. She rode him cowgirl extending his penis as far as it could go and grinding it against every part of the inside of her pussy. She bucked and her ass cheeks grinded against his thighs while she picked up speed. Connor could feel the cum filling inside of him ready to burst at each of Allison movements.

She kept going moving her body against his faster and faster determined to make him cum, feeling the sensation of a third orgasm build inside her as she did. Finally she slid forward bending her chest almost 90 degrees and her face into the sheets below, when she reached her third orgasm the loudest bang of thunder rang through the night and she moaned at the top her lungs. The echoes of the moan and the extension of his penis finally pushed him, and Connor erupted into her pussy filling it with cum, with each spasm that seemed endless. He couldn’t remember ever experiencing an orgasm like that before, cum flowed from him in spurts making both their bodies shake as their hearts raced and sweat dripped onto them. They collapsed in one another’s arms physically exhausted, asleep peacefully lit still only by the lightning overhead.

WHEN morning came the storm had long since passed, Connor woke with a smile on his face and saw Allison still asleep in his arms. He sniffed her hair and took in the smell of the ocean air and Victoria Secret bought shampoos. The smile only grew larger as he knew what this day would bring. He set out to the kitchen to prepare breakfast as promised, but the hours in between were filled with their instant love for one another and they made it all day until he had to leave for the field. Connor went 3 for 4 that night, and brought in the winning run. It was by far the best game he ever played but he knew it was the best day of his life before he even reached the field.

Sierra lathered on sunscreen as her best friend, Melody, set up her towel on the sand. Their weekly Saturday beach trip was turning out just as planned – the sun was bright, the water was warm, and the beach wasn’t totally packed with people like it normally was. Melody sat up on her slightly thin but strong arms and looked over at her companion. They’d been best friends since they were three and they knew they could share anything with each other.

Once, Melody remembered, they had even shared a kiss.

It was at a sleep over at her house on Halloween. They’d just finished trick or treating and were in Melody’s bedroom getting changed into their PJs. Melody looked over at Sierra’s then 17-year-old creamy body and instantly got turned on. I mean, lets face it, who wouldn’t be turned on by a 5’9″ lean dark haired beauty with perfect 38C breasts and a nice round firm ass?

Melody reached over and pinched one of Sierra’s nipples, causing her to squeal and jump which made both of them laugh.

“Why did you do that?” Sierra had asked, chuckling.

“Why else?” Melody responded. “I wanted to feel your tits.”

“You’re always so horny, Mel.”

“Damn straight. Kiss me Sierra, I want your bodacious body!”

She had meant it as a joke which is why she was surprised when her best friend planted a kiss right on her lips, adding just a touch of tongue.

Nothing else like it had happened since, although Melody frequently fantasized about it leading to something more than just a kiss.

“Hey, Mel, will you pass me my sunglasses?” Sierra asked, bringing Melody back from her trip to the past.

She handed Sierra the glasses and sat back and let the sun tan her body. Her neon orange bikini definitely contrasted against her already tanned skin. It also showed what dancing had done to her – she was skinny, but not in a Paris Hilton anorexic way, more like a Nicole Kidman way, and she had a dancer’s ass (firm but not terribly large) and her breasts were petite, size 36B and she was proud of it.

The girls were completely different in looks and personality; Sierra was the outgoing, “up for anything” one and Melody was the more reserved, “stay inside and don’t make eye contact” one. Yet their friendship remained perfectly in tact.

After leaving the beach parking lot, Sierra’s boyfriend Ben called her cell phone and asked when she would be home.

“I’ve got a hard one waiting for you babe, and you know you don’t want to miss out on it,” he said through the receiver.

“I’ll be home soon, we’re leaving the beach now,” Sierra replied.

“Oh yay, bring Melody along with you.”

He started to laugh and Sierra joked, “Maybe I will.”

“Damn, really? Now you really better hurry home.”

She hung up the phone with a snicker and looked over at her best friend. When she kissed Melody four years ago on Halloween, it never occurred to her that she would want anything more to come of it. But she did. She sat up at night sometimes and dreamed about making out with her best friend. It wasn’t that Ben wasn’t satisfying her, he was the best sex she’d ever had. It was just that something about being with a girl turned her on.

“Hey Mel,” she said before she realized the words were coming out of her mouth. “Do you want to stop by and hang out for a little while? I mean, I can still take you home later, no need to rush.”

“Yea sure,” Melody said with a smile. She knew Ben was home but she just couldn’t help hoping he’d go out for some beers or something and leave her alone with Sierra. Cause if he did, this time she’d try to make it go further.

They pulled into the driveway of Sierra’s town house and walked inside. “Hey! It’s Mel Mel!” Ben gushed as they came into the living room. “How ya been hun?” He hugged her and kissed Sierra on the cheek, waiting for a reply.

“I’ve been good Ben, how about you?” Melody asked.

“Well, I’ll be better once we start takin’ some clothes off.” He snickered and Sierra hit him playfully in the arm.

“He’s just joking Mel,” she explained.

“Actually, I kind of have something to talk to you about Sierra,” Mel started cautiously.

“Oh… Ben do you mind giving us some privacy for a moment?”

“No, he can stay. Actually, it might be easier for you to accept this if he stayed…”

“Okay… Go ahead Mel, you can tell me anything.”

“I… I want to have sex with you.”

The room was quiet for a moment and then Ben broke out and yelled “Really?! Can I watch?!”

“I’ve wanted to for a while, I just didn’t know how to tell you…”

“Mel…” Sierra said.

“Never mind, I can tell you feel uncomfortable about it. It was probably just my imagination or something. Forget it.” Before she could start another sentence Sierra’s lips were on hers.

They kissed passionately, Melody’s tongue grazing the inside of Sierra’s mouth. The kiss lasted for a good five minutes. When they pulled apart Sierra looked over at Ben who was standing there with his mouth hanging open and his eyes opened wide.


“No it’s fine,” Mel said. “He can join us. If you don’t mind that is.”

“Mind?” Ben began. “This is like a dream come true! I get to fuck two hot ladies at the same time!” He grabbed a hold of Sierra’s hair and pulled it, tilting her head back and kissing her. With his other hand he lifted the hem of Mel’s white sundress and peeked at her bikini bottoms. “This is gonna be fun, real fun.”

They moved into the bedroom and the ladies sat down on the edge of the bed. Ben unzipped his pants and pulled them past his knees, revealing his erect penis through his boxers. He stripped them off and the girls got a look at his long, hard, 11″ cock. He stroked it, showing off for them, and played with his balls, jiggling them around to show them off too.

“You ladies ready?” he asked. They both nodded and the look of lust in their eyes was as clear as day. Ben guided his cock towards Sierra’s mouth and set it up right in front of her lips. “You first baby.” She opened her mouth and he pushed his dick in slightly, letting her get a taste of the head before he plunged in further. Her tongue slid all over his big cock, getting it nice and wet and her lips closed around it tightly. “Oh yea baby, suck that cock. Get it nice and fucking wet. Yea, you little slut. You little cocksucking bitch.” She moaned in pleasure from his words and her mouth worked his dick faster.

He wanted this unexpected orgy to last, so he took his dick out before it could get too pleasured and placed it in front of Melody’s mouth.

“You ready Mel?” he asked.

“I’ve never seen a cock this big before,” she replied. “But yes, I’m ready.”

Ben slid his dick into her mouth and she immediately started bobbing her head back and forth to get his cock as wet as she could. Her tongue snaked out and licked the head, lingering on his slit, and she went back to his shaft. Grabbing his dick with her hand, she went further and further down on it till she was deep throating his erect cock like a pro. “Damn girl, you’re good at this. Yea whore, suck it. Suck it like the filthy whore you are.” She moaned out loud. “Mmmm, yea, you like being called a filthy whore?” She nodded her head while still sucking his cock. “Damn right you do.”

He pulled his dick out of her mouth and instructed them further.

“Alright, take off your dresses,” he said. “I know you got bikinis on under there so take them off too. Nice and slow so I can watch.”

The girls stood up in front of him and took turns pulling each other clothes off. First Melody pulled Sierra’s dress off over her head and flung it onto the floor. Then Sierra did the same. And then, at the same time, they reached their hands around each others backs and pulled the strings that held their bikinis in place. Each girl pulled her bikini top off and slid her bottoms down to her ankles, revealing two sets of different sized breasts, both pleasing, and two beautiful pussies, both shaved.

“Yea… Look at you two, a couple of regular old sluts,” Ben said, stepping towards them and pushing both of them back onto the bed. “Melody, why don’t you lay down up there and spread your legs open real wide.” She did as she was told, propping herself up against the head board of the bed. “Good. Now Sierra, you go get in the doggy position in front of Mel. I’m going to fuck you, while you lick on Mel’s juicy pussy.” Sierra did as she was told, sending a sexy smile to Mel as she put her face down in between her best friend’s legs, smelling all of her womanhood and her pussy juices.

Sierra let her tongue do the talking, licking Mel’s pussy lips and the beautiful spot right between them. She took Mel’s clit in her mouth, flicking her tongue across it like a cat drinking milk.

“Oh!” Mel cried out. “Yes baby, that feels so good!”

While Sierra sucked on Mel’s pussy, Ben got behind her and slapped her nice round ass a couple times, leaving red hand marks all over it. He held her hips and put his cock up against her pussy. “Alright baby,” he said, “this is it. I’m gonna fuck you so good you won’t know what to do with yourself!” He pumped his cock into her tight pussy and felt just how wet it was. “Oh yea babe, your cunt is so fucking wet. You like licking your best friend’s cunt? Huh? You like watching her squirm as you play with her clit?” Sierra nodded in response. “Fuuuuck!” He rammed his cock into her pussy so deep, filling her up with his 11 inches. This went on for five more minutes and then he took it out and got off the bed.

“Okay Mel,” Ben said, “come over her and lay yourself in front of me, on the edge of the bed, and spread your legs.” She did so and he took her legs and brought them up to rest on his shoulders. “Sierra, sit down on her face. Let her lick you this time, she deserves to do some of the work, that little slut.” Sierra sat down on Mel’s face and Mel started licking her pussy, playing with her clit.

“Oh my gosh! I never thought a girl licking my clit would feel this fucking amazing!”

Ben pumped his cock into Mel’s cunt, feeling the walls of her soft vagina engulf him.

“Yes!” he yelled. “Oh shit, yea! Your pussy is so fucking good Mel!”

“Oh baby!” Sierra cried out. “Yes Ben, fuck that little pussy! Tear it up for her!”

He fucked faster and faster and Mel ate Sierra out like there was no tomorrow. Soon everyone was on the verge of a climax.

“Yes! Yes, yes, yes!” Sierra screamed, her best friend’s tongue still inside her. “I’m gonna cum!”

Mel pulled her tongue away from Sierra’s pussy and replaced it with her fingers. “Me too! I’m gonna cum too!”



“Don’t stop playing with me Mel!”

“Don’t stop fucking my pussy Ben!”

“Oh, oh, OHHHHHH!”

“Shit! Shit!!!”

“I’m cumming!”

“Me too!”

Both the girls screamed out at the same time and went limp, Sierra collapsing on the bed and Mel’s legs slipping off of Ben’s shoulders.

“Yea…” Ben moaned. “You girls aren’t finished yet. I’m just about ready to bust my load over here. Sit up, both of you.” The ladies did as they were instructed and awaited Ben’s release. He stroked his hard cock faster and when his breathing became heavier they knew he was about to explode. “Oh god! Here it comes! Get ready! I’m cumming! Shit!” Thick, creamy cum spurted onto Sierra and Melody’s faces and they moaned and licked it off each others cheeks and lips.

They finally kissed one last time and Mel smiled and said, “And it’s not even Halloween yet.”


It was a lazy Thursday summer afternoon, not a cloud in the sky and humid. Vicky got a call around noon from her best friend Sarah to come over for a swim and to hang out.

This was a normal event during the summer as neither had much to do until college started up again in the fall. So Vicky put together her things including her favorite bikini (blue top and white bottoms) that showed off her long skinny legs and small breasts as much as possible.

When she got to Sarah’s house, Sarah was already outside on the deck of her pool. Vicky let herself in, went through living room and kitchen and out the back patio door. Sarah was also in her favorite bikini, blonde and tanned.

Vicky said hello, and they proceeded to chat about the great weather as they got ready to have a dip in the pool. After a quick dip in the pool and quick chatter about their upcoming class schedules in the fall, they both got out of the pool and lied down on the chairs they had set up to do some sun-tanning.

Meanwhile, Sarah’s father Jim, had been at work as a bank manager for the morning but came down with a mild headache and called it a day around noon. After picking up some fast food on the way home, he ate it in the car and decided it was probably best to take a nap. He arrived around 1pm and parked the car in the garage using the new stat of the art garage door opener he had just installed. Therefore, his entrance into the house was quiet and Sarah and Vicky had no idea any one else was home.

Jim went upstairs, got out of his suit, and lay down on the bed to rest naked. He thought to himself how nice it would have been if his wife wasn’t at work but he knew she had a busy day of work scheduled and wouldn’t be home for a while.

About 5 minutes into Jim’s nap, he heard some faint laughter from outside. He stood up and peeked out his window to see Sarah and her friend Vicky outside. He had a perfect view of both of them sun-tanning about 50 feet away. He was surprised as he thought Sarah was to do some errands today but also pleasantly surprised as Vicky was Jim’s favorite of all of Sarah’s friends. Jim had jerked off numerous times to the view of Vicky in his backyard swimming. Her long legs and firm tight body got him every time. He was hard as a rock before he knew it.

Then Vicky’s cell phone rang, it was her boyfriend and she walked out of Jim’s sight, Jim took this as a sign that he should probably lay down for that nap now but he put on some swimming trunks just in case Sarah came upstairs.

Vicky was annoyed that her boyfriend called as she was just starting to completely relax, after a quick chat, she went inside for some lemonade for the both of them. Upon return, Sarah was getting ready to get back in the pool again, so they both jumped in and again cooled off from the humid day. About a half hour later they went to get out again, Vicky wanted some more lemonade and went to towel off, this is when she realized she had forgotten her towel at home. Vicky told Sarah she would use Sarah’s towel to quickly dry off and go get more lemonade, and to find another towel for herself. Vicky had been in Sarah’s house many times and Sarah had no problem with it and stayed outside.

Vicky went in the house, it was extremely quiet. Meanwhile, Jim was upstairs, unable to sleep as he just stared at the wall from his back on the bed. When he heard Vicky tell Sarah she was going inside, he wished he was downstairs so that he could talk to Vicky and see her again.

Before Jim knew it, he heard footsteps on the stairs and he realized Vicky was coming upstairs. His cock reacted immediately. Vicky couldn’t find any towels downstairs so went to go upstairs, still a bit wet from the pool, she figured it was ok to go up as they were alone. She first tried the main bathroom, but it had no towels, then tried Sarah’s room, again no towels. Then she figured she’d try the master bedroom bathroom, she opened the door, and got the shock of her life, Sarah’s dad was home, he was lying down on his stomach in swimming trunks. Vicky said she was so sorry and was just looking for a towel and turned to go back downstairs. Jim wasn’t sure what to do, he called out to her to hold on and that he thinks there is a towel in the bathroom.

Vicky had always found Sarah’s father somewhat attractive for an older man. It was confirmed when she saw his chiseled back when she first burst into the room. Jim went to get the towel, he was still rock hard, but Vicky hadn’t seen his front yet so she had no idea. Jim tried to conceal it with the towel as he came back into the bedroom from the bathroom, by then Vicky was inside the bedroom beside the bed near the entrance just looking around.

Jim handed Vicky the towel, hoping to god she didn’t notice his erection through the shorts. Vicky grabbed the towel and decided to small talk a bit saying, “Thanks Mr. Davis, I forgot my towel at home.”

Jim replied, “No problem Vicky, it’s nice to see you, haven’t seen you in a while, and you can call me Jim!”

Vicky began drying her hair and they were standing 5 feet apart looking at each other. Vicky apologized, “Sorry for waking you up, we didn’t realize you were home.”

Jim said, “Ya, I came home early, had a headache, needed to take a nap, I was almost awake anyways, so no problem. How’s your summer going?”

Vicky was getting comfortable around Jim, “Pretty good, going by too quick of course.”

By now, Vicky had tied the towel around her waist and was about to go when she glanced down and saw that Jim’s hard-on was VERY noticeable through his shorts. In her head, she was flattered and shocked and didn’t know if she should get out of there without him noticing that she noticed.

Jim noticed Vicky’s eyes glance down, and there was a very awkward moment.

Jim exclaimed, “Oh my god, I’m so sorry, please don’t take offence!” Jim found it surprising that she wasn’t running out of the room.

Vicky just stood there almost staring at his crotch and said, “It’s ok Jim, it’s just a natural reaction right?”

Jim was worried what was going to happen, “Oh ya, you’re a beautiful girl and it has a mind of its own, I’m sorry again, please don’t tell Sarah about this.”

Vicky shyly answered, “It’s ok, I’m actually kinda flattered.”

Jim suddenly liked where this was going so decided to turn up the flattering, “You should be Vicky, you’re frankly very hot, your boyfriend Kyle is a lucky guy.”

Another very awkward silence hit the room as neither knew what to say.

Finally, Jim figured he may as well try and blurted out, “Would you ummmm…like to see it Vicky?”

Vicky’s brain was saying “run out now” but deep down she was very curious about how big Sarah’s dad was and she was already wet wondering.

Vicky surprised herself when she said, “Ummm sure, guess there’s no harm in looking.”

Jim’s cock throbbed hearing Vicky say that, he wanted to fuck her right then and there like there was no tomorrow but realized he needed to take this slow and said, “Ok, this is crazy, but here goes.”

With that, Jim just dropped his shorts to his ankles and stood there. Vicky was amazed, her jaw literally dropped, his cock was the biggest she’d ever seen in person, it was rock hard and at least 8 inches and thick.

Vicky finally broke the silence, “WOW, you have an amazing cock Jim!”

Jim answered giddily, “Thank you Vicky, as you can see it really likes you! I know you have to get back outside, but before you do, since I showed you something, would you mind showing me something?”

Vicky was caught a little off guard, “Oh, I don’t know about that, but you’re right, would you like to see my breasts?”

Jim couldn’t believe it worked, he’s wanted to see Vicky’s breasts forever, now he was going to get the chance up close and personal, saying “Oh wow, I would love to!”

In one swift motion, Vicky took her bra off and dropped it on the floor. Now it was Jim’s turn to have his jaw drop. They were nicer than he ever imagined. He figured 34b’s, small but solid with perfectly proportioned nipples.

Suddenly both couldn’t talk and it was one long awkward moment.

Jim slowly walked towards Vicky, reached out and felt one of Vicky’s breasts, while at the same time taking Vicky’s hand with his other hand and placed it on his cock. Vicky was getting very turned on very quickly but just froze in shock as to what was happening.

Jim then whispered in Vicky’s ear, “get on your knees sweety!”

Vicky knew immediately what he wanted. She had given head a lot to her boyfriend but he was half the size as Jim. She figured she was now stuck and half of her wanted to blow him anyways.

So Vicky slowly got on her knees and took Jim’s rock hard cock in her mouth. Jim held Vicky’s head closed his eyes and was suddenly in heaven. Vicky gave him the best head he had ever had, he was loving it.

Vicky could barely breathe, she had Sarah’s dad’s huge cock in her mouth, his hand on her head and his balls in her hand…she couldn’t believe what was happening.

About 5 minutes after she started, she could feel the throbbing start and the pre-cum was indicating it was time. Jim said to keep going and held her head in place, shortly after, she felt a huge load of cum shoot down her throat and then 3 or 4 in a row almost making her gag. All Jim said was, “swallow it sweety cuz we don’t want a mess.” It was the most cum Vicky had ever experienced and she was shocked how much he came.

When it was all over, Jim fell back onto the bed in pure elation.

Jim exclaimed, “Oh my god, thank you Vicky, that was amazing!”

Vicky was tired and surprised, “That was crazy, wasn’t expecting you to cum like that.”

With cum still dripping from her mouth and some on her neck she found her bikini top, put it back on and proceeded to leave.

Jim suddenly realized Sarah was still outside, and this could be bad if anyone found out and said, “Here, don’t forget the towel, and I hope you agree that no one can know about this.”

Vicky was thinking the same thing and replied, “Of course, I understand.”

Jim suddenly looked at her body again and in his mind wanted to fuck her hard right now, but knew he couldn’t and said, “OK, maybe we’ll do it again sometime sweety, get back outside now!”

Vicky trotted downstairs and back outside, Sarah was none the wiser, she had actually fallen asleep and barely noticed Vicky was gone. All Vicky could taste was Jim’s cum in her mouth still and just wanted to jump in the pool again to wash off. Before she could though, Sarah stopped her and said, “Hey Vicky, looks like you left some sun tan lotion on your neck you silly goose!”

With that she took her finger, swiped the gob of “sun tan” lotion and rubbed it into her own legs, if she only knew!!

“You better go inside and see Christy,” Danielle said. She continued to stroke my cock lightly, her fingers slipping up and down the softening shaft. “I think she wants you to see what she bought today.”

I was still panting from the handjob Danielle gave me, but reached into the water and pressed two fingers over the crotch of her one-piece suit. She squirmed and opened her legs for me, spreading them wide enough for me to slip my fingers inside the elastic.

“She knows I’m a gentleman, she’d be disappointed if I didn’t make you cum,” I whispered. As I pushed a finger inside her, I saw Danielle’s nipples pressed hard against her suit.

Bouncy and athletic, Danielle was a presence in any room, and her moans emanated through me as my fingers probed her. I was amazed she was so tight. If I had not been recovering from the tremendous orgasm she gave me, I would have fucked her then and there.

“Do you want to cum from my tongue or fingers?” I asked her after a long French kiss.

“Mmmmm, both,” moaned Danielle. “I’m so fuckin’ horny.”

I grasped her waist and lifted her to the edge of the pool. Her body swelled and rippled through her suit as I peeled off her shoulder straps to expose her bountiful breasts. Reaching behind her, Danielle grabbed a pillow from a lounge chair and plopped it on the patio.

She leaned back, her thighs at the edge of the pool, gasping as I licked pool water from her soft skin. I palmed her breasts as she pulled away the bottoms of her suit to show me her puffy pussy lips. The tip of my tongue sank into them as I made my first pass over her.

I continued up and down with long licks. As she began moaning louder, she grabbed my head and mashed it into her pussy. I looked up at her, barely seeing the way her mouth stayed open as she cooed because of her breasts.

I stopped licking and slipped two fingers inside her, tight and sopping. Then I looked at the patio door.

“We have an audience,” I said, kissing her pussy. Christy and Jen stood at the doorway. Jen was not wearing the white one-piece she had favored all summer, she shimmered in a lime green bikini, string bottoms and bandeau top. Christy stood behind her, looking over her shoulder.

Danielle leaned back far enough to look behind her as my fingers pushed deep inside her and I found her clit with the tip of my tongue. She jolted forward as I touched it. I attacked her clit harder as she gripped me, pushing down as she tried to buck and quiver. Feeling bold, I pushed a third finger inside her, filling her with each thrust.

“Yesssyessfuckyesss,” cried Danielle, “ooohhhgoddddyesss.” As she came, her juices squirted to my wrist and covered my chin. I pulled out my fingers and smothered her pussy lips with my mouth, wetting my face as her hips rose a foot in the air.

Her head dropped back on the pillow as her orgasm abated. I looked up as she caught her breath and saw Christy and Jen kissing at the sliding glass door. I watched as Christy pushed her hand into Jen’s bikini and felt the blood rushing to my cock again.

“Oh my God, look at those two,” I said.

Danielle rolled over to watch the show. “I think Jen is stealing your girlfriend,” she said. I pushed my fingers back inside Danielle’s suit. She spread her legs wider, moaning and gasping as I probed her.

By now, Jen’s head was thrown back, she arched herself into Christy’s arms. We could not hear them through the door, but I already knew the way Jen quivered as she came.

Jen pressed her palms flat on the glass door. Christy looked over Jen’s shoulder and winked at us. Her hand strummed over Jen’s clit, working inside her bikini.

Jen tensed, her mouth open as she came, then let go, almost melting into Christy. I was rock hard again and Danielle’s pussy spasmed as I pushed two fingers deep inside her.

“Oh God, get up here and fuck me,” cried Danielle. “Fuck me before you go inside with them.”

I pushed up from the water as she scooched forward on the mat, her plump rump high in the air. Her legs opened wide as I pressed the dick over her pussy lips, then slipped inside her with a small thrust.

I rammed in deeper, holding Danielle’s hips as she leaned forward on her elbows. I heard the glass patio door open on my second thrust.

“Hey, save some of that for me,” Jen called out.

“Ohhhnoooo, get your own,” moaned Danielle.

“Fuck her baby, fuck her hard,” Christy said.

I pushed all the way inside Danielle, reaming her pussy as she squirmed. I watched as Christy and Jen began making out again. “Come out and join us,” I called out suddenly.

“Jen wants to,” Christy said as she broke the kiss. “I’m going to take care of your sister.”

With one last kiss, Jen parted from Christy, practically skipping out the back door. I had slowed my pumping inside Danielle, now she urged me on by pressing back against me. Jen dropped to her knees to kiss me as my throbbing cock filled Danielle.

“I suppose you want some of his cock, too,” said Danielle.

“Well yeah,” Jen said. “I’m the only one he hasn’t fucked yet.”

I pulled my cock from Danielle, rubbing it over her ass.

Jen pulled down a cushion. “Move over, girlfriend,” she told Danielle. On all fours, she looked back at me. “Fuck me,” she said simply.

I pressed my cock over her, wetting her bikini with Danielle’s juices. Now on her back, Danielle reached over and parted the bikini. She gripped my shaft, letting go as the head penetrated Jen.

She was gushingly wet, I rocked deep inside her with one push. As I filled her, Jen rocked her hips upward to meet my thrust. I yanked down the bandeau top and cupping her nipples. As her moans filled the air, Danielle pushed me to one side and circled Jen’s breast with her tongue.

Her pussy gripped my shaft as I pumped her, I knew I was close to exploding again. I slowed my pace, feeling each inch as I pushed in from her pussy lips.

“Oooooh faster, faster,” moaned Jen.

“Baby, I can’t hold out, where do you want my cum?”

“Cum all over her and see if Christy will lick it off,” Danielle said. Her left hand covered Jen’s clit, rubbing it as I continued to push.

“I want it all in my pussy,” Jen moaned, “Fill me up.”

I burst on the next thrust, cumming so hard I stopped pushing as Jen pressed up to meet me. Three spurts into it, I pulled out and jerked my cock over Jen’s brown skin. It splattered over her back in droplets.

We had not stopped panting when Danielle reached around and scooped up the cum. After getting a mouthful, she kissed Jen.

I rolled over on my back, spent for the moment.

“Hey loverboy, what do you think Christy and Lisa are doing with your sister?” teased Danielle.

As I was preparing to leave for work, I noticed my girlfriend getting ready to seal her driveway. We have been living together for the past six months. It was a nice bright sunny day. She was strategically placing the five-gallon pails on the driveway. She was dressed in cutoffs and an old tee shirt with her long strawberry blonde hair cascading over her shoulders.

I went into the kitchen to grab some coffee for the road, and she went upstairs. As I was heading out the door to my car, she came down the stairs from our bedroom. I stopped cold, as her hair was now in a bun, with wisps of hair coming down her neck and face, she has added some small loop earrings, gloss and gloss lipstick.

Gone were her tee shirt replaced by a tube type wrap around bikini top covering her 36‐inch breasts, and the cutoffs were replaced with a triangle bikini bottom with bow ties on either side of her hips. I asked if I could lay out with her too, half kidding as I had to get to work. She laughed and she was not lying out, but was doing the driveway.

I told her she could not work dressed like that and she said it was not a problem, and that I should have thought about it when I told her I could not help her last night. She said if I wanted to help her, I had to stay home, take off my clothes, put on a pair of cut off blue jeans without underwear and help her do the driveway. I could not wear a shirt, and had to talk to be by her side if anyone showed up to talk while she was working. If, I did not she would not have sex with me for two months.

I went upstairs and put my shorts on, she came up behind me and started running her hands and fingernails up my chest and down across the bulge in my shorts, while whispering in my ear about how excited she was at that very moment. As I turned around she was naked, and told me I needed to do a couple of things first. She said for she me to rub sun tan lotion on her and give her a massage, and she needed to feel my tongue on her womanhood, and I could not take my shorts off. I laid her back on the bed and kissed her on her mouth, while running my hands down the front side of her body without touching her wonderful breasts and vagina. I asked her if she knew what she was in for and she said yes. I kissed her deeply and moved off her mouth and started kissing my way down her body. I kissed each ear, and after kissing each area I rubbed that area with my fingers using the sun tan lotion. After her ears, face and neck, I kissed down each arm, and kissed and sucked each finger and put lotion on each arm. Her body was starting to shake and I noticed her nipples were harder than I had ever seen, I whispered in her ear and asked if she wanted me to touch them and she said she did, I said in due time.

I went lower and kissed my way up and down each leg, and each toe, and worked the lotion into each leg. When I came to the top of each leg near her hips, I spread her legs wider and brushed close to her now blooming flower. I could see the petals of her flower starting to open and the dew of her mucous on each petal. I moved past her flower and up to her chest area and kissed all around her breasts, not touching her nipples, while kissing lower past her navel, across the small amount of strawberry blonde pubic hair, missing her open flower.

She was breathing heavily, as I started rubbing the lotion across the same areas, she asked me to please hurry. I told her since I had to call in and take a vacation day; I was no longer in a rush.

I finished the lotion and had not touched her nipples or lovely flower, and my pants were about to burst. She said to remember I could not cum until after we completed the driveway. I said I could stop and she said if I did I would then have to wait for two months.

I kissed her on the open mouth, and she teased my cock by running a finger and nail up the inside of my leg. I kissed down to her breasts and kissed around her nipples, took the thumb and forefinger of each hand, and lightly pulled on her nipples, while kissing towards her navel.

My cock was ready to burst through my pants. I stopped at her navel, and took my hands from the nipples and with my open palms I rubbed over her distended nipples and went lower still licking the very top of her pubic hair, of which there was very little. I went back to her nipples and sucked and licked each one for time m She was starting to squirm even more, as l ran my tongue down the middle of her front side past her navel, stopping at her entrance. I looked at the wonderful site of her gaping womanhood.

As I bent down, I ran my finger across the opening of her beautiful flower and she shuddered, as I went lower I lay flat on my stomach and spread her legs, kissing each side of her legs near the junction of her legs, where here opening was in front of my face. She was very wet, waiting for my tongue to start working on her. She was asking me to please touch her with my tongue, and for the first time I ran my tongue across her slit, and I kissed each petal, and started to taste her sweet and copious juice. The front of my shorts were wet from my own juice. I love to taste and eat her, and now I was lost in pleasuring her, running my hands up to her breasts and back down her sides. I pushed my tongue forward as far I as I could into her opening, and moved by tongue up and down her opening, kissing her gently often.

I could sense she was getting close as I found her clit and licked and sucked on it. As she was now ready, I eased my finger into her while continuing my oral assault. She came and the look on her face was pure joy.

As she rested I was heading to change my shorts and she said I had to wear them while working on the driveway. She put her small bottom back on, the tube top, and put her hair in a ponytail and put on a baseball cap. She said let’s go, and we headed outside. It was a hot day and we were sweating very quickly.

It took about two hours and during that time I believe I met every one of her friends.

Practically naked I shook each of their hands hoping my stain did not show, but knowing it was only getting larger. While working a few of her male customers dropped off some accounting papers, and asked why she had not told them as they could have helped as well. She shook their hands, and I knew they were enjoying the sight.

Each time my erection started to subside at all, she would give me a long kiss and run her hands down the front of my chest. All of could think of was getting the job completed and hope she would take care of me afterward.

As we headed inside after completing the job, she gave me a long kiss and said she would see me in the shower. I entered the shower and she gave me another long kiss, while taking the soap and lathering my body. As I rinsed off, I soaped her and spent a large amount of time on her breasts and her flower. She rinsed off and lathered my cock stroking it long and slowly whispering to me she could not wait to me squirming on the bed. I was worried I might lose it in the show.

We exited the shower and she said it was now my turn, and to wait for her on the bed. I lay down, with my head on the pillows naked, and she came back into the room wearing one of her Victoria Secrets g‐string type underwear, the type she has worn under her summer dresses. It gets me so turned on knowing what lies underneath and how good she looks. Her breasts were swaying slightly as she walked in and gave me a kiss, I reached up to kiss back and run my palms lightly over her breasts and nipples, and she told me to stop, as it was her turn to please me.

She kissed my mouth and gave me the same treatment I had given to her. As I was on fire, she said to get ready, as she had not yet touched my cock, she kissed the tip and came away with some of my precum, she took the lotion and started to stroke me while kissing the tip, she went lower and continued to work her hands up and down my shaft while sucking at the same time.

She moved her hair away from her face and behind her neck so I could watch her lips on the head of my cock. She knew that I like to watch and see things develop, I am a visual person, and I know it is what I like. I was on fire watching her stroke my cock, kiss the tip and suck it into her mouth, while allowing me to watch.

She tickled the entrance to my anus and I could feel my balls start to contract, she went deeper and I started to cum filling her mouth. It was the first and not the last time I came while she gave me oral sex, a blowjob. I kissed her long and hard.

We fell asleep and woke a couple of hours later. She still had the g‐string underwear on and I kissed my way down to her wonderful area, and kissed her through the fabric feeling her wetness, I moved the fabric aside and kissed her open flower, and not being able to wait, I pulled the underwear down her long legs, and gave her a

long kiss on her mouth. I lay down on the bed, and asked her to sit on top of my cock. She held it straight up and put my cock at the entrance of her flower, and slowly sank onto me. I started thrusting upward, and it felt wonderful, as if I was in heaven. We came together.

After lingering for a while, she said could you do it again, and I said doubtful, and she said well you did call in and it would be a shame to waste your vacation day.

She started to kiss her way down my stomach while reaching for the lotion.

I love oral sex, to give and to get.

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