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Riding over these bumpy back roads, the wind in my hair (and yes I still have my helmet on) skirt around my waist, the vibrations in my crotch and the sights sounds and smells of 40 or so people having sex in one room all conspired to make my pussy burn with desire. Part of me hated the fact I was so turned on by these punks, yet part of me felt so alive and free. I wanted to cum so bad but held back from letting myself reach the peak my pussy was dying for because I didn’t want the poor disfigured man who was giving me a ride to know how horny I was. I was afraid if the bikers knew the effect they had on me they would check my car for my address and come by one night and rape me. Suddenly my mind filled with visions of my Husband and sons tied up and gagged while the bikers raped me and my daughters in every hole. “OHHHHHHH MMMMMMYYYYYYYY GGGGGGGGGGOOOOOOOOOODDDDDDDDDD” I screamed into the wind as my body convulsed on one of the most powerful orgasms I ever had.

I was confused. I hadn’t touched myself and I was mostly disgusted by the animalistic couplings I had witnessed. However, there was an animal inside me fighting to take control of my body. If I had given in I would’ve fucked every hard object in sight.

I felt the bike slow and finally stop at a poorly kempt, apparently abandoned house in a deserted area. I began to get scared and thought that I was going to be raped and killed. No-Bone shut off the bike and gave me a non-committal look. He waited for me to speak, but I was too busy making a plan to get away. Before I could even get off the bike and put my plan in motion I heard him say “I would love to take you all the way, but I can’t.” and he started to laugh. When he saw my confusion he pointed to his ankle. “I’m on house arrest. I can only leave the clubhouse 90 minutes a day and I was out this am for an hour. One of our prospects is here. He can take you to the hospital.”

I nodded, not trusting my voice since I was still felling the aftershocks of my orgasm. No-Bone walked into the house and motioned me to follow. I got off the motorcycle praying my legs would support my weight and climbed up the steps the porch. I opened the screen door and entered the house. If anything the condition of this house made the bar look like a hospital. It was filthy.

In the center of the mess stood a 6’4″ man that weighed more than some of the linebackers that played with my husband until they went pro. Blonde hair and blue eyes, well muscled and in tight ripped jeans and a cut showing his 6 pack abs and firm Pecs. I just envisioned this Adonis throwing me to the floor and having his way with me. I felt another orgasm build as this man looked at me.

“So NB here tells me you need a ride. He also told me you gave him a lapdance. Well what do I get?”

Before I could even think about it I blurted out “A blowjob!” and was on my knees and undoing his pants before he could even respond. He smiled as he gazed down at me. “Later NB.” He called as his friend walked out the door. “Now you little slut you want to give me a blow job? Well first, any slut giving a man a blow job has to be naked. So stand up and get rid of those clothes.”

I stood up and suddenly it was like I was in a cartoon from the 50′s. I had an angel on my right shoulder and a devil on my left. The Angel was reminding me of my family and loving husband lying in the hospital and how a prim and proper lady doesn’t give blow jobs to bikers in filthy houses. The devil just reminded me of how good my orgasm felt and promised a better one if I let this gorgeous piece of maleness shoot his load in my mouth.

I stood up letting the angel and devil fight it out. I looked up into the eyes of this young man who was about the same age as my oldest son and suddenly had a vision of him fucking me while my son watched. I couldn’t get my clothes off fast enough. Once naked I dropped to my knees and pulled his pants down and gasped at the python that uncoiled from his boxers. It was about as thick as my wrist and almost as long as my forearm. I liked my lips but my shoulder angel tried one more time to get me to be the wife and mother I had been for half my life.

“By the way I’m Adin, but you can call me Master. And what is your name slut?”

“I’m Catt…Catharine Gato.” I replied wondering why I told him my full name.

“Well my pretty pussy, start sucking.” He said and reached down and pinched on of my nipples hard. “I am going to squeeze and twist your nipples until I spray my cum down your throat. The faster you make me cum, the less pain you suffer.” He slowly increased the pressure and smiled as I began trying to fit his trouser snake into my mouth. I was desperate to feel it in my throat and to taste his cum.

I began to stroke his cock with one hand and fondle his balls with the other. I took his whole head in my mouth and began to lick and suck it trying to make this gorgeous beast of a man spray his creamy sauce. He continued exerting pressure on nipples as I sucked and jerked and fondled him trying to get him to cum. I amazed myself by actually deep throating his cock, something I’ve never done with my husbands somewhat smaller penis. I sucked his dick like a a Oreck Vacuum sucks a bowling ball. I was bobbing up and down like a 80′s teen at a hair band concert. The pain in my nipples was deliciously excruciating and all I could think about was whether I wanted his cum on my face or in my belly.

Almost too soon I felt his dick start to stiffen and he began to pull my nipples out from my chest adding to the pain that was going straight to my pussy and bringing me close to orgasm like never before. I felt how close Adin was to spraying and I redoubled my efforts on his manhood. Soon I heard Adin start to breathe harder and faster and he started saying “Yes bitch suck my fucking cock. Use that whore mouth on my hard cock.” I small shudder ran through me at his words and I slide my hand off his balls over his taint and up between his ass cheeks. He pulled my nipples out even more and they felt like they were about to be ripped off my chest making me groan in pleasure.

The pain brought the beginnings of another orgasm and I heard Adin say “Bitch I ain’t showered yet and last night I fucked a whore in her ass. You like the taste of whore ass?” At his words I started to cum even harder than before and I rammed my finger into his ass and touched his prostrate which caused him to jerk backwards violently pulling his cock from my mouth as my sweaty nipples slipped from his vise like grip. I made a sound somewhere between a scream and a moan as the blood rushed back into my nipples. That sound triggered Adin’s orgasm and the first spurt hit me in the eye. His cock fired like a rapid fire machine gun with unlimited ammo. Each shot of his spunk hit me just a bit lower than the one before. Each and every time his warm spunk hit my skin, my orgasm intensified. I couldn’t stop cumming even if I wanted too.

After what seemed like an eon or two, I finally stopped shuddering. My senses had been completely overloaded and shut down from the intensity of the sensations overwhelming my body. My body continued to shudder and I gasped and moaned until I fell to the floor weak as a new born kitten.

Slowly one by one my senses rebooted themselves. And I became aware of my surroundings again. Suddenly I remembered who I was and realized what I had done. I fought back tears of shame thinking about my family lying in their hospital beds in pain and suffering. My arousal fled like an illegal alien from an Arizona State Trooper. I just wanted to die. I quickly grabbed my clothes and ran into the bathroom. I tried to turn on the water and nothing came out.

Adin appeared in the doorway adjusting his pants. I went to close the door but it was missing. “Where can I wash up?” I asked sullenly trying to hide my nakedness.

Adin laughed “Bitch this is a hideout we ain’t got no running water.”

“Can I have some bottled water and a towel at least?”

“Nope, we can stop at the gas station up the street and you can clean up there.” Adin smirked at me and my skin reddened even more. I began to feel sick to my stomach. I swallowed the vomit that rose in my throat as I looked at the man who just a few minutes earlier made my knees weak and my pussy tingle. Now he just made me want to vomit.

With all the dignity I could muster (admittedly it wasn’t much at this point) I pulled on my skirt, bra and tee shirt. I looked at my stockings which were beyond salvage and my panties which were covered in urine and my juices from my earlier orgasm. I threw them both out. I used the filthy mirror to try and fix my hair and gave up it up as helpless.

I walked outside where Adin was waiting for me on a bike. He handed me a helmet and I put it on and climbed on behind him. I wrapped my arms around him and got a whiff of some really pungent body odor. I looked at his cut to see which MC I was going to report for rape. Unfortunately all he had was a bottom rocker with the word prospect on it. As Aiden started his bike he told me he would stop at a gas station so I could clean myself up a bit.

After riding for a few minutes Adin pulled into a gas station and pointed to the side “shitter’s over there.” then ignored me as he put gas in his bike. I walked into the unisex restroom. I turned on the water full hot and it still came out tepid. I could only find toilet paper to use to wash and no soap. I wet some tp down and did the best I could to get all the dirty boy juice off my face and the washing became almost a spiritual cleansing washing away the last 2 hours.

I reapplied my makeup, and my face was presentable. My hair was disheveled but that look was in so I left it alone. I took a deep breath and looked at my clothes. My skirt was black and was a bit wrinkled but not bad. I looked at my shirt and it was not only wrinkled it had dry cum on and other unidentifiable stains. I just wanted to rip off my tee shirt but I didn’t want to ride on Adin’s bike in just a bra. I finished making myself as presentable as possible and left the safety of the restroom.

I went into the store hoping they sold something I could use to replace the shirt I was wearing. I saw a rack of shirts all in a deep red color. On the back they all had a logo of a stylized skull and crossbones. The skull was engulfed in flames and the crossbones were swords dripping blood. Above the logo were the words

Rogues of the Underworld

and underneath it said

Lake Erin.

On the front of the shirt it said




I grabbed one with out even checking the size and went to pay for it. The proprietor looked at Adin and he said “She’s a very special friend of the club Murray.” and laughed.

The proprietor who I guess was Murray looked at me and said “Ya know I’m a good friend of RULE too. If you ever wanna party look me up. I live in the house out back.”

I barely suppressed a shudder at the thought of screwing this short fat bald hairy hillbilly. I paid for the shirt and ran to the bathroom to change. As I pulled on the shirt I remembered a news story I heard a few days ago about a new Biker Gang in Lake Erin County that had pushed out some street gangs and took over the county. They called themselves Rogues of the Underworld. RULE was the name of this charter

Rogues of the



Erin Charter.

They had come out f nowhere and quickly showed they had no problem using violence and according to the news report they had bought out all the sex related businees both legal and not so much.

I couldn’t wait to get away from these criminals and back to my normal life. I took a few deep breaths and left the restroom. I saw Adin had started his bike, so I put on my helmet and climbed on. His bike roared away spitting gravel behind it.

The miles passed quickly and I tried not to think about anything. The vibrations were getting irritating and making my legs tired and numb. I was still feeling nauseous and the scent of the biker punks BO, his unwashed clothes, the exhaust fumes combined with the heat and stale sweat odor in the helmet was making it even more difficult to not throw up. I was seriously considering vomiting on Adin’s back but I was afraid of what he would do, he just might kill me if I did.

While I was contemplating asking him to stop so I could throw up I saw the hospital entrance just ahead. I decided I could keep it down just a bit longer. As soon as the bike stopped I jumped off and without looking back or a word, I ran into the lobby of the hospital. I ran into the first restroom I could find and puked. When I was done I scrubbed my face raw, and even took a tiny bit of soap mixed with water and washed out my mouth and brushed my teeth with my finger. I was trying to make myself feel not so dirty inside and washing the outside wasn’t helping.

I saw that some vomit had gotten on the new shirt so I went to the door and asked a passing nurse to get me something to wear since I had stained my shirt. She brought me a scrub top which I put on. I was going to throw out my t shirt but instead I stuck it in my purse.

Once I was a presentable as possible I went looking for my family. Trying to treat the last few hours like a bad dream.

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