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Chapter 01: Abduction

I’m not much of a one for flashy introductions; so let me get down to my story right away. Late one night, after I had finished work, I went for a walk in a field near my apartment, as I’m prone to do. I like to walk about in the brisk night air and watch the skies. I had always wondered what was up there, but I wasn’t likely to find out. I was always chubby as a kid, and even now I wasn’t very thin, though I wouldn’t call myself fat. I wore glasses and had been made fun of my whole life for being a nerd, I hadn’t even had sex. Living as I did, I always longed for the sky. I wanted to be taken away from this world, to go to a place where I would be accepted, I don’t know if it was my desperate longing, or just random luck, but that night I was.

I was lying on my back in the wet grass, looking up at the sky, twinkling with the light of a hundred thousand stars. I idly let my eyes follow a slow moving light far above me. I decided that it was an airplane, and didn’t give it much thought, but as I continued to watch, it halted its linear progression directly above me and began to slowly grow as it got closer. For a moment I considered the possibility that it might fall on top of me, but it was moving far to slowly. Before I knew what was happening, a large metallic disk was floating just above me. From the center of the object came a blinding white light, and then everything went dark.

The next thing I knew I was lying naked in an open white leather pod. I wasn’t cold or warm, the atmosphere seemed to be the perfect temperature. I sat up with a shock and looked at my surroundings. A circular light was illuminating my pod, and all around me were trays filled with unrecognizable objects. What caught my attention the most, however, were the several blue women mulling about. One of them glanced over and saw that I was up.

“Oh, good, you’re awake,” she said as she approached me. She was wearing a once piece robe that started just below her breasts and fell to the floor, two triangles extended from the robe to cover the front of her breasts, but not much was left to the imagination. After I had gotten over my initial shock, I noticed that she was strikingly beautiful, in fact all the women around me were. Her breasts were enormous and firm. She had a youthful and firm face, her entire body just screamed “feminine”.

“Um, yes, I am awake. And might I ask, what the hell?” It was the only response I could think of.

“Ah yes, you must be terribly confused. I’ve prepared a rather lengthy explanation for you, would you like to hear it?” she answered.

“Yes, yes I would.”

“Very well,” then she began her speech “we are the Caalin, and we greatly desire your help. You have been chosen because you are uniquely capable of handling these sorts of situations. You understand that aliens will be extremely different, and you are docile enough to agree to what we have to ask of you.

“Our species is a… disappointing one. Our males have terribly small genitalia, usually only an inch in length, and have almost no desire for sex. Our females, on the other hand, have a ravenous desire for sex, and one inch isn’t nearly enough. We are an incredibly advanced society, so we could enhance our males, but they are plainly unwilling, so we have to turn to other means for our sexual stimulation. Masturbation is horribly taboo in our culture, so we cannot pleasure ourselves. This is where you come in. The building that you are in now is the ‘exotic pleasures’ company headquarters. We deal entirely with prostitution, and we would like you to be one of our exotic prostitutes.”

At this point I tried to protest, but this blue woman wasn’t done yet.

“Hold on, let me continue. You won’t have to worry about getting an ugly customer. As I’ve said, our society is very advanced, so no one is ever ugly. Genetic enhancements and surgery have purged our society of undesirable people. Also, you will be extremely high priced, so only the wealthiest will be able to afford you. But before you say anything, there is something that you must know.” With that she reached back and undid her robe, letting it fall to the floor. The first thing I noticed was that her large blue breasts hardly sagged at all, but then I looked further down. Between her legs dangled a massive, oddly shaped cock.

“You’re a dude?!” I blurted out.

“Oh, no. I am fully female. Somewhere far back in our evolutionary history our species were hermaphroditic, but then males evolved. Our penises just never went away. They are no use for reproduction.” The woman moved her cock out of the way to show me the vagina residing beneath.

“Why are you all humanoid?” I asked, stalling for time “I always thought that aliens would be vastly different from humans.”

“You’re usually correct,” she said, letting her cock slap back between her legs “but this was just luck I guess. We know of thousands of other species, and most of them are radically different, but we chose you because you match our physiology so well. It really couldn’t work any other way.”

I tried to think of another question, but I looked down between my legs and saw that my own penis was rock solid, harder than it had ever been before. As much as I didn’t want to admit it; this alien woman turned me on massively.

“Well, will you join us or not?” The alien woman pressured.

“I will,” I said cautiously. I was so nervous, but this was finally my chance for something new.

“We knew you would,” she said, gathering the other aliens around my pod “We’ve already taken the liberty of altering you slightly.”

“‘Altering’ me?” I asked, a little worried.

“Nothing you wouldn’t agree with. We merely got rid of your gag reflex, rearranged your intestines a little, reduced the refractory period between orgasms, increased the volume of your ejaculations rather considerably, and shaved your anus.”

None of their changes were particularly objectionable to me, but one I couldn’t quite figure out, “You rearranged my intestines?”

“Yes, have you seen my phallus? Your clients will likely want to use these on you, and we are far to large for your previous anatomy. We only enhanced you.”

It all made sense, but scared me a little. Flaccid this woman’s penis was larger than mine when fully erect, I wasn’t sure that I wanted to take that up my ass, but she reassured me that it would be alright.

“Now that you’re awake and you’ve decided to join us, all we have to do is make sure that the corrections were successful, and you can go to work.” With that, the alien woman had me get on my hands and knees in my pod and face away from her. I glanced back to see her cock begin to swell, growing even larger than I had feared. Now that it was engorged, I was afforded a view of its strange shape. At the tip of her penis was a large ball with a round hole in the middle; all along her shaft were periodic ridges about every half-inch that swelled out to the diameter of the original ball. With her massive, throbbing member fully erect, she began to lather it with a light blue lubricant. Some of her assistants moved my knees out to the edges of my pod, leaving my ass entirely unexposed.

My scared penis was no longer erect and it hung limp in the open air along with my sagging testicles. Another one of the aliens assistants began rubbing lubricant around my anus and inside with her bare finger. I shuddered at the touch, it was so personal. I never liked people touching my ass, and now they were about to take it to the next level.

The first alien got into my pod behind me and I looked straight forward. I felt her delicate hands grasp my hips, and soon felt the tip of her hot, bulbous cock press up against my lubricated anus.

“Just relax, you’ll like this, I promise,” with that the woman pressed forward slowly but firmly. I gasped as my anus began to stretch to accommodate her gargantuan member. The feeling was wonderful in the beginning, but then I started to feel the strain. It started as a little sting, but then it turned to a deep ache by the time I was at the full diameter of her cock. The pressure in my ass from just the first half of the head was so great that I thought the rest would just slide right in once it got past the sphincter, but I was wrong. Her cock was so massive that the head was a tight fit for my rectum itself. I gritted my teeth as I waited for it to go in.

“Don’t worry, this will get easier the more you do it. We didn’t make any efforts to widen your anus because you didn’t need it. I promise that this will get better soon.” After she said this, the alien began to push even harder. The ache in my sphincter was subsiding, but the ache around her cock’s bulbous head was still present. She had just gotten the head of her cock in all the way when the first ridge hit my anus. I didn’t know how it would ever fit in, it didn’t have the same slope as the head, but the alien just kept pushing. Soon there was a pop and the first ring was in. This continued in this way for quite a while until finally the entirety of her mammoth member was straining my insides. My rectum was twitching involuntarily around the massive girth, and I couldn’t move. My legs wouldn’t respond to my commands, her cock was just so big. I gasped for breath and looked down at my own dick. I was surprised to see that I had a raging boner, seeping with pre-cum. I hadn’t noticed until now that I was horribly turned on by the whole thing. The violation, the personal contact, the beautiful women, hell, I was even attracted to being used like this.

The alien then began to pull out. This went a lot faster than going in, and felt a lot better. I gasped from the pleasure of being so full, and my dick twitched spasmodically when one of her ridges went over my prostate. She began pumping my ass gently at first, but then she began to speed up, putting more force into each thrust. The feelings in my rectum were wonderful. I liked the feeling of her flat stomach hitting my ass, I liked the feeling of my stretched rectum, and most of all I liked the pressure on my prostate. With every thrust I moaned and my dick twitched almost constantly.

“See, I told you you’d like it. We have more to test though,” the first alien leaned over to whisper in my ear, and I could feel her warm, firm breasts pressed into my back.

In front of me another alien dropped her robe and became erect. I couldn’t quite figure out her purpose until she straddled the pod, pointing her enormous cock directly at her face, it was then that I remembered that they had “gotten rid of my gag reflex.” They wanted me to blow this woman.

“Open up,” she said in a youthful voice.

I complied readily. At this point I was willing to do just about anything. I took the head of her cock in my mouth, but had a hard time doing much else. I remembered not to use teeth, but just the head of her cock alone took up the entirety of my mouth. I tried to push forward, but couldn’t get the bulb into my throat, so I settled for sucking on the head only.

“Very nice, you’re good at this, but we need to test that gag reflex, not your blowing skill,” she then pushed forward with her hips just as the first alien rammed my backside. The tennis ball of the second aliens penis got lodged in my throat, it was by far the largest thing I’ve ever swallowed. I didn’t choke however, and I could still breath through my nose, so I pushed on ahead. It was slow going, but with her ever insistent pushing and my desire to swallow the cock, I finally felt my nose press up against her firm, smooth belly, and my chin go between her legs. I could feel her cock going all the way down my throat, and I figured that I could finish the job just by swallowing from my position, so that’s what I did. I swallowed repeatedly, and before long the alien was holding my head into her body and gasping for air. Before I knew it I felt her warm spunk flowing down the rest of my throat and filling my stomach. At this point she started pulling out. It was an odd experience, but a pleasurable one. Before she could pull out fully, she shot a load directly into my mouth. Her jizz was sweat and musty. It tasted just like sex smelled, but with the flavor of various fruits. She managed to get the rest of her massive member out of me, but she was still cumming. She shot a load directly onto my face, then another, and another. Eventually it stopped and I opened my eyes. Her cum was dark blue, and smelled. I liked the smell, it only made me more horny. I was about to cum from the anal stimulation alone when the first alien in my ass finally reached orgasm. She shoved her cock as deep into me as possible and came. She came for a long time, and I could feel my stomach begin to bulge. The increased pressure was enough to send me over the edge, and my semen began plastering the pod below me as I reached my climax. I was amazed at the length of my orgasm, it lasted almost as long as the aliens. Below me was a considerable puddle of white jizz mixed in with the blue jizz that had seeped out of my ass. Finally finished, the first alien pulled her limp cock from my ass, releasing a stream of blue jizz from my stretched anus.

“You’re even better than I had thought. We’ll get you cleaned up and then you can start work once you’ve slept,” said the first alien.

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