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Last week we were in this exact same spot; in Keyonn’s bedroom, he had gone outside, and were were left staring each other down. I let him take me last week, but I wanted him now more than ever. Did he know it? Was it obvious?

My thoughts were interrupted by his out stretched arms, I stood up and he embraced me, and once again my face was buried in his neck.

“We’re doing this again aren’t we?” I whispered.

His hands traveled from my waist to my jeans, caressing my ass. His breath was heavy on my ear, and he nibbled on it.

“Depends…do you know what I’m going to do to you?”

Strangely, I hadn’t felt him move us towards the bathroom. I had been lost…I felt like we were suspended in the air, spinning, like we were waltzing around the room. He kissed me and I felt his hands enter under my shirt and start rubbing my nipples.

“You’re a naughty naughty girl aren’t you?” My breathing was hard.

He wasn’t kissing me anymore, and his arms weren’t around me, now they were aggressively pinching my nipples. Causing me to jump and gasp each time he did it. He pulled his pants down and boxers a little, and his dick sprung into view. “Get on your knees and suck.”

I obeyed.

He grunted a little as I took in the head. From then on he praised me like a pet.Which I loved. I loved when he treated me like his pet, when I sucked him, the patting of my head in signs of approval. He was stroking my hair, “That’s it…get it nice and wet…only the head…only suck the head….circle your tounge around it…good girl…”

His petting was only turning me on more. I started to take him further.

“Take it all…” I slowly took him in, but I had trouble getting him into my throat. I felt both of his hands stroking my hair now, and he gave me a lite push so that his dick would go further, I loved this feeling of fullness, I loved him in my throat.

“That’s a good girl…hold it there.”

And I did. His stroking of my hair turned into grabbing. He started to fuck my face, and I was so lost in it. It felt so good. He pulled out then quickly shoved me face down. I felt his dick as he rubbed it along my slit, and he slowly pushed in.


Then he stopped. SMACK. I sat my head up and gasped.

“How bad do you want it?”

He pushed in a little further then smacked my ass again.

“So bad.”

“How bad?”

He pushed himself further again, and smacked me.

“So bad.”

He pushed in two more inches then smacked me twice.


“Oh god that feels so good…I want it so bad…”

I felt him grab my hips, then he shoved it all in.


Then without hesitation he began to spank me like the naughty girl I was. He hadn’t even started fucking me yet but I was already so close, and he just kept spanking me.

“Now what do you want?”

“Fuck me please fuck me! I want it so bad…”

He smiled, pulled out, then slammed back into me over and over and over again. I could hear his balls smacking against my ass, I think he was splitting my pussy in two. He reached down and grabbed my hair. He knew exactly how to get me off, what words to say, what moves to pull. He pulled out, and sat me up.

“Open your mouth,” he shoved himself in and fucked myself, and soon after I felt him swell, “Now…let Daddy feed you.”

He had never used the term “Daddy” when we fucked. In fantasy yes, sometimes I thought about it, but to hear him say it to me, his love, his baby…it was so…god…he was making me so hot.

Then he pulled out and came all over my face and mouth. “I like seeing you like this.”

I licked my lips, he took his finger and feed me his cum, and I swallowed it like a little slut. Once my face was clean he kissed me, then stood me up, wrapping his arms around me from behind.

“I want my naughty girl to do one more thing.” he whispered.

He forced me into the wall and pinned my wrist to the wall, “Keep these here.”

He spread my legs and my ass cheeks, then pushed himself in.


It had been some while since I had felt him in my ass, and once the pain was gone, I was overcome with pleasure. And with his body pressed against mine, his breath on my neck, and his hands pinning my wrist to the wall, I felt like I was completely his. He wasn’t going to last any longer, I knew it by his heavy panting, and how fast he started to go. I started to scream so he put his hand over my mouth, I screamed and my juices started streaming down my legs, with a grunt he followed suit and came.

Moments later, we were laying on the carpet chest to chest underneath his hoodie. Holding me in his arms he smiled at me.

“We’re really holding each other…aren’t we?”

He kissed my forehead, “Yes love. We really are.”

I do not own Batman or any DC Comics characters.


“Well that was quite a show Miss Kitty, but I think I can do better,” a teasing voice declared from the darkness.

Catwoman sat up, still next to the recovering Dark Knight, and craned her head towards the voice.

“If that’s you Harley, there’s no need to hide,” the satisfied woman stated, as she began to rise.

The shadows of the cave moved until a woman revealed herself in front of Selina. She held her hands behind her back while sticking out her chest, making her impressive breasts look especially large.

“It looks like we had the same idea,” the new female said, crossing over to Batman, peering down at him.

“Great minds must think alike, but I would never accuse you of having even half a mind Harley,” Selina insulted with a smirk.

Harley Quinn frowned at Catwoman momentarily, but began to skip over to her.

“So you think he enjoyed you better than he would enjoy me?” she challenged, pressing herself against Selina’s naked form.

“Maybe we should find out,” Selina said, surprisingly slapping Harley’s plump rear end.

“You are naughty,’ Harley said, an evil smile crossing her lips.

“If you put on a good show for me, I won’t claw your eyes out,” Catwoman said, slinking into the chair she had previously captured the Bat on.

Harley Quinn frowned for a moment, but then stuck her tongue out in defiance.

“I don’t care what you think you are allowing, I’m here for some Bat-cock, and nothing can stop me from getting it,” she spat, bouncing back over to the near-comatose Batman.

Selina had stripped Batman of all of his clothing except his cowl. He lied flat on the floor looking up at Harley. He managed to put a sentence together.

“Harley, something is wrong with the women of Gotham-,” he started to say.

Harley had placed a finger on the Batman’s lips and looked at him thoughtfully.

“Oh Bats, I don’t care what you have to say about protesting this. The Kitty over there has had her way with you before I could get here, and I can’t let that go unpunished,” Harley said happily, her voice always had a sing-song quality.

“Look at me Mr. B,” she said, standing back to reveal her body.

Bruce couldn’t stop himself from looking at Harley’s incredible body.

Selina’s body was tight and fit, while Harley’s was softer, thicker, and curvier. Her red and black costume clung to her skin, showcasing every part of her curvaceous form. The size of her breasts rivaled Selina’s, and they looked just as soft. All of Harley’s curves were amazing, but they all paled in comparison to the part that finished the masterpiece. Harley turned her body so Batman could see.

Harley’s ass was enormous.

Batman stared at the bubble butt in quiet awe. It wasn’t a mere bubble butt. It wasn’t just a better than average heart-shaped ass. It wasn’t just an ass that won’t quit. This ass was two humongous lobes of pliant flesh. This ass jutted out as a shelf that could support the weight of a phonebook. This ass was two watermelons, swaying when it moved, daring to be squeezed. This was a gigantic ass of mammoth proportions.

The World’s Greatest Detective could not stop his erection from starting. Harley looked over her shoulder to witness his growth.

“Oh Bats, do you like looking at my ass?” Harley teased. She spread her hand across her expansive buttocks.

“I think you should see more,” she suggested.

Harley dug her fingers into her behind, and tore her thin costume apart. Free of the costume’s restrictive material, her butt now revealed to be even larger than previously thought. The Batman’s penis grew rigid at the sight of her ass coming free of its prison, swaying in the air.

“Oh he does like it!” Harley squealed.

Harley proceeded to tear off the rest of her costume, ravenously exposing the rest of her body. Her breasts sprung from behind the cloth, and bounced pleasingly. Her legs revealed to be long and sexy. Her body was as curvaceous as the Bat had hoped. Before the Batman had another thought, Harley faced away from him, and sat her gigantic ass on his chest.

“Look at this!” the naked woman gleefully exclaimed, grabbing the base of Bruce’s giant dick.

His penis was rock hard and it twitched when Harley tightly grasped it. A small bead of pre-cum formed at the tip of his penis. Bruce moaned softly, anticipating a stroke that Harley refused to allow.

“I can’t help you release Mr. B, not until you ask for something,” Harley said, peering down at the throbbing penis.

“What is that?” Batman asked, his strength returning.

Harley wriggled her hips which made waves through her mountainous ass flesh.

“You must beg to bury your face in my big ass,” Harley venomously revealed.

“Oh you’re bad,” Selina moaned, starting to rub her clit while sitting in the chair.

Harley looked over her shoulder while squeezing Batman’s thick pole tighter.

“I won’t do anything until you beg, stud,” she said, raising her eyebrow while she waited. The Batman opened his mouth, sheepishly.

“I want…your ass in my face,” he softly said.

“I can’t hear you,” Harley said, lowering her face so Bruce could feel her breath on his member.

“Stick your huge butt in my face Harley,” Bruce said loudly, hoping he would finally feel her mouth.

Harley touched the tip of his rock-hard head with her tongue and waited.


Harley shoved her ass backwards and forced Batman’s face in between her bulbous lobes. Bruce’s tongue reached out of his mouth until he found her tight asshole. Harley squealed as he began to feverishly lick her.

“Oh fuck, that feels so good,” she gasped, right before encasing Batman’s dick into her mouth.

Batman’s mouth opened wider upon feeling his throbbing dick pass Harley’s lips. He took the opportunity to return the favor by wrapping his mouth around her asshole, licking her passionately. Bruce was lost in hot, wet pleasure below, and his tongue tasted delicious taboo above. He was so immersed he hardly noticed Harley’s huge, encasing butt wasn’t allowing him to breathe. He gasped for air, but only when he was on the brink of suffocation.

“Do you love the taste of her asshole Bats?” Selina asked, rubbing her clit more vigorously.

“Do you absolutely love it?” Harley echoed, taking a break from her dick sucking.

“Yes, I love your delicious ass,” Bruce admitted.

Harley sat up and rested her huge bottom on Batman’s stomach. She grabbed his tree trunk of a cock and slapped it against her belly button.

“This is the thickest, most meaty cock ever, and I want to give it an award for being so obscenely giant and tasty,” Harley stated.

“What award?” Bruce asked, his engorged member twitching wildly.

Harley smiled as she lifted herself over his penis and rested it in between her cavernous butt crack. Bruce moaned as the soft walls of her ass surrounded his dick.

“I bet you never thought you would love two ass cheeks so much,” Harley said, clenching her butt together.

Batman moaned loudly as her warm lobes gripped him tighter. Harley took the sound as a seal of approval and began to shake her ass. Pre cum began to coat Harley’s magnificent butt, as Bruce’s cock bounced and swayed between her cheeks.

The testicles on the Caped Crusader began to clench, and he gritted his teeth as heaven washed over him. Harley continued to move her hips, pushing her lover to the edge. Batman clenched his eyes preparing for his inevitable climax.

Then Harley stopped.

“No,” Bruce sighed, desperate to release the contents of his balls.

“No, no Bats. You can’t waste all of your cum on the outside…I need it inside,” Harley revealed.

Harley lifted her butt above Batman’s rigid cock. Her cheeks slowly parted to make way for his enormous head as she lowered herself. Bruce’s pulsing pole stopped when it reached the entrance of her tiny asshole.

“Oh, my hole is so small Bats. I may not be able to fit you in me,” the temptress teased.

“Please…” Bruce trailed off.

“Please? Please shove my tight asshole over your concrete erection?” Harley asked in a sing song voice.

“Yes,” Bruce responded, heat shooting up and down his body.

Harley pushed her way onto the herculean penis, and her little asshole parted. She only began to scream when the head was entirely in her butt.

“AHHHHHHHH!” she yelled into the shadows of the Batcave.

Batman felt nothing but elation as his head was encased in her tight cavity. Her butt was warm and hugged him snuggly. He reached out to grab Harley’s ass cheeks and he palmed them vigorously. Harley continued her descent on the punishing penis, her shouts only getting more frantic.

“THIS DICK IS FUCKING KILLING ME!” she cried, tears streaming down her face.

Her cries were answered by her punisher. Batman gripped her hips and with swift force shoved her all the way down to his pelvis.

Harley went silent.

A moment passed as she realized Batman had forced this entirety of his pillar into her anal cavity.

Harley screamed.

“NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!” she shouted, the unimaginable pain shooting through her.

Harley’s blood curdling scream filled the cave and cancelled every other sound. Bruce was deafened by her shout, but felt no remorse. He drove his hips upward.

The ass reluctantly accepted him, and it wrapped around his dick more tightly. Batman gasped in pleasure, and felt every part of his body tighten.

Harley, despite the incredible pain, pushed his hips down to the ground and looked behind her. Bruce saw the pretty face had reddened and tears flowed.

“You won’t beat me Bats. This is my game!” Harley yelled.

She lifted her butt off the throbbing cock, until the head almost slipped out of her. Then she plummeted herself back into Batman’s pelvis. She screamed again.

Bruce shouted in ecstasy. Her tight walls again gripped him, sending his nerves into overload.

“NOW YOU TAKE MY PUNISHMENT!” Harley commanded.

She began to gallop on the Dark Knight as if her life depended on it.

Sweat ran down her body as she thrust her asshole up and down, driving Bruce crazy.

He palmed her slippery ass and watched it bounce in fluidity to her motions.

Once the pain subsided, Harley began to feel pleasure in her butt, the Dark Knight reaching deeply inside her. She moaned loudly as his head hit her caverns, and she increased the speed of her gallop.

“I’m close Harley!” the Batman shouted, close to the precipice.

“You will not cum until I allow it!” Harley commanded, simultaneously getting lost in pleasure.

“I can’t hold it!” he shouted.

“You will! Do not cum!” she demanded, driving her ass onto him.

“I can’t hold it Harley!” he again shouted.

“YOU WILL CUM WHEN I FUCKING SAY SO!” she screamed as she again drove his dick up inside her.

Batman, in frustration, reached around her body and pinched her clit.

Harley’s toes curled and her orifices tightened. Pleasure enveloped her and she couldn’t contain it. She reached her orgasm.

“YOU ARE MAKING ME FUCKING CUM!” she yelled, wildly spasming over Bruce’s massive cock.

As she rode her intense orgasm, she reached down to cradle Bruce’s two huge testicles.

“CUM FOR ME NOW! EXPLODE INSIDE MY ASSHOLE!” she ordered, still feeling her blindingly good climax.

Batman’s balls tightened and his penis grew harder than ever before. He pushed as deeply inside Harley as possible and his climax overcame him.


Bruce fired rope after rope of thick semen into Harley’s ass. He pawed at her massive lobes as he pumped load after load into her. Harley shouted as she felt him filling her up.


After what seemed like minutes, both came down from their incredible orgasm, and breathed heavily.

“I feel all of your gooey goodness in my butt Bats,” Harley cooed.

She slowly lifted herself off the Batman, much to his displeasure. He moaned as his waning head was set free from Harley’s ass with a “pop.”

Harley stood up and shook her incredible ass in the air. It bounced fluidly and almost in slow motion.

“You came in me good and deep, all of your spunk is stuck in there,” she said, turning and sitting on Bruce’s thighs.

“I need one more thing from your wonderful cock,” Harley admitted, grabbing Batman’s penis.

“What is that?” he asked, feeling his member rising to the occasion.

Harley smiled evilly. She slowly ran her hands down her impressive breasts, giving the nipples a tweak as she did. Her fingers continued their descent until they rested on her stomach. She teased her skin around her belly button and rested her hands on her pelvis.

“I need you to get me pregnant!” she squealed.

Bruce’s cock became rigid at the thought of impregnating another woman in one night. Harley took her opportunity to shove the behemoth penis in her slippery pussy immediately. It was a grave mistake.

“WHAATHEFAAAAHHHHH!” she shrieked, as the pulsing cock filled her.

Taking Bruce’s cock in her pussy was not as painful as her tiny asshole, but it hurt incredibly.

“It feels like you are going to burst through my cervix,” she grunted through clenched teeth.

Batman couldn’t comprehend anything but his own delight. Harley’s pussy was tight and warm, but unlike her asshole, lubricated. He grabbed her hips and grinded her into his pelvis.

“That’s it, take my pussy as a reward Bats,” Harley said, pushing through the pain and beginning to feel pings of pleasure.

“Take my fertile womb, pump all of your ball-bisque into me,” she begged as she began to gyrate with him.

Batman reached up to caress Harley’s tits. His hands mashed into her pliant and soft breasts, feeling every part of her super-sized bosom. Harley moaned as he fondled her.

“That it, grab my big titties. They desperately want to balloon with delicious milk,” Harley admitted, resting her hands on top of Bruce’s.

The speed of their fornication rapidly increased as their pleasure took them to a trance. Their only thoughts were of ecstasy, release, and conception. They groped each other and tasted each other. Soon, both reached their inevitable point.

“Oh Bats, I’m so close, cum inside me,” she pleaded, ready for her climax.

Batman took the invitation and rammed Harley. She shouted in joy and answered with the fastest and most intense fucking she ever gave. Batman’s balls tensed and his rigid member reached farther into Harley than ever before. He clenched his teeth as his orgasm hit him.


Bruce cannoned wave after wave of molasses like sperm into Harley’s defenseless womb. She took all of his spunk into her, welcoming the fertilizing broth. They reached rapture that was indescribable, and eventually fell in a heap of post-coital bliss.

“Oh you two made me cum so hard,” Selina exhaled from her chair.

“I told you I’d be better,” Harley chided.

“I don’t know about that, but we both now carry his seed,” Selina reminded.

“We are both going to grow so big and fat,” Harley smiled, looking down at a near comatose Batman.

Author’s Note: All characters depicted in this story are above 18 years of age, and are purely fictional. Furthermore, this is my first submission, and while this is conceivably part of a series, I currently am not sure how many chapters it will have or where it will go. It has some back story but in general I would categorize it as fast-paced.


Eric stretched his arms and leaned toward the small airplane window to his right. The flight attendant’s safety routine was a faint hum in the back of his consciousness. Eight hours on a plane, he thought. It would be a miracle if he was alive when they got there. Of course, there were things around to occupy his attention. He turned his head back to the left and met eyes with his sister, Kim. As the flight attendant was saying that smoking in the bathrooms was illegal, that familiar smirk he had grown to appreciate in recent weeks crossed her face, and he couldn’t help but grin.

Kim was 18, a year younger than his 19, and was quite a looker. He hadn’t always been aware of it, but like that smirk of hers, many of her attributes had grown on him over the preceding month, and he found himself casually admiring her petite, 5’2″ frame, flaxen blond hair and athletic build. Her tanned legs were pulled up to her chest, pressing her perky B-cup breasts together. She used to be a gymnast, and while her interests had changed in high-school, her flexibility remained excellent, as he had witnessed. He was looking at her glossed lips when they began to move.

“At least it’s first class,” she commented.

He nodded, never the type to engage in small talk. First class was a bonus, but there were complications. His parents, seated in the row in front of them, were very gracious to have provided the tickets, and the accommodations at the lavish hotel in Florence they were headed to. His father Dave, inheritor of a sizable family wealth, was never parsimonious with his assets; unfortunately that same generosity had led to the presence of the woman seated across the row from Kim.

Nadia was his mother’s younger sister, and at 34 years of age he had to admit she was quite stunning. Like his mother, Katerina, she was Czech, and like his mother she had black hair, an olive complexion, dangerously high cheekbones and dazzling blue eyes. She also was quite curvy, as the stranger sitting next to her was finding out by a few not-so-casual glimpses down her blouse. Eric had to guess her tits were at least 36D, but obviously couldn’t come up with a reasonable way to verify his suspicions.

Yes, she was pretty, he thought, but why did she have to be here now? This trip had been planned almost a year in advance, and with the hotels crammed full, Nadia had been invited along, now meant to share the two-bed hotel room with Eric and his sister. His sister wasn’t happy when she heard either–more so because she knew it meant sharing a bed. Eric would have been fine with the development if it hadn’t been for the events that unfolded earlier this summer.

The plane started down the runway, and he relaxed as he felt his body pushed into the squishy seat. This is going to be tricky, he thought.

Eric woke from a doze, momentarily forgetting he was on a plane. He peeked out the window and saw it was still dark outside. This red-eye business was no joke. He grunted uncomfortably as he felt his cock strain against his shorts, rigid from the nap, a frequent problem for him; his 9″ cock was difficult to manage or hide in pants at full mast. His thoughtful sister had gotten a blanket, though, so at least he didn’t have to worry about showing too much in public.

He inspected his reflection in the window from the dull cabin lights and rubbed his jawline, his stubble showing under his slightly-shaggy brown hair. He had gotten some of his mother’s ethnic features, and was quite handsome– his brown eyes sucked girls in and he knew it. He had already had a few victims his first year in college, though none of them lasted. Maybe they just couldn’t handle this, he thought with a chuckle, absently rubbing his still-hard shaft. He had a 6’0 frame, slim but muscular thanks to a healthy combination of running and weights.

He had closed his eyes again when he felt a slight pressure on his dick. Looks like his sister was up as well. Her eyes were still closed, but under the blanket covering them both, her hand was riding his shorts up his leg and then gripping his monster shaft right under the head. She began to gently jerk him off, eyes still closed, but a smile playing across her lips. Eric began to return the favor, reaching his hand over to her seat where her legs were still bunched up, sliding it in between her warm thighs to rub on her crotch through her skimpy jean shorts.

Until several weeks ago, this kind of behavior would have been unfathomable, but it had now become almost commonplace, and his sister leaned over to his ear and whispered, “I’m going to go to the bathroom.”

Eric waited a couple minutes after she had left, then tucked his still-throbbing cock up under his belt and made his way to the “occupied” restroom. He rapped his knuckles against the door like he said he would, and quickly the door opened and he entered casually without being noticed. His sister was sitting on the little sink, still dressed but legs spread wide and inviting.

“So how long did you wait before getting up to your old tricks again? Two hours?” Eric asked playfully as they both fiddled with the buttons on his cargo shorts.

“Oh, shut up,” Kim retorted, “you know this week is going to be frustrating, and once the plane lands I don’t know how long it’s going to be till we can get our hands on each other again.” With that, she pursed her lips and spit heavily on the end of his cock, both her hands wrapped around its considerable girth, and smeared the saliva up and down until his prick was proudly glistening. “What with Auntie-Big-Boobs mucking up the works,” she griped, then let another glob of spit trail from her tongue down to his dick, expertly aimed from two feet above. Eric was always amazed at how much spit she could produce.

“What, you jealous of her tits?” Eric quipped, one hand sliding aside her jean shorts while the other played with her shaven pussy.

“Oh, that’s right,” she said with a sarcastic grin, “I just wish I had those big melons that nearly make me fall over and make every creep in a hundred feet hang their tongue out of their mouth.” Her breathing became heavier as Eric slipped his index finger up her pussy, his thumb playing with her clit. She slid off the sink counter down to the floor, saying, “You can do me when we get back to our seats, I need to take care of this before someone actually needs to piss.”

His cock looked massive next to her pretty face, and Eric groaned as his sister opened her mouth wide and took in about half its length. She began ardently moving back and forth, sucking his cock deeper until it was in her throat. He could see her left hand fingering herself below while her right worked the spit covered shaft in front of her lips. She was staring right into his eyes as she took all but an inch of him into her throat, her throat muscles gripping his shaft while her blond hair dangled around his hips.

Eric was pressed up against the airplane bathroom door as she feverishly attacked his dick, desperate to make him cum. After about 3 minutes of hard work, Kim was rewarded with a groan from her brother, and he pulled his cock out of her mouth just as it exploded, shooting five copious salvos of pearly semen on her face and neck. Kim gave the head of his cock one last cleaning, then stood up and looked at her brother through the mirror above the sink, her face covered in cum. “You know, this whole secret sex thing would be a lot easier if you didn’t cum like a fucking horse,” she said.

“Sorry about that,” Eric said as she began to turn on the water and wipe her face, “I shouldn’t have pulled it out of your mouth, I should have just let you swallow it. Hey, bright side I didn’t get any in your hair,” he joked. She gave him that smirk again, and he returned it with a loving smile.

As Eric made his way back to his seat, he began thinking about the course of events that led him to where he was now. About 6 weeks ago, he had come home to Seattle from his first year in college and was thoroughly depressed that he wouldn’t see all his buddies for another three months. His sister had just completed her Senior year in high-school, and was similarly depressed that she was heading off to a college separate from her ex-boyfriend, who decided that the best way to break off the relationship was to stick his dick in her best friend.

Whatever the case, Kim and Eric began spending time together, and casual glances turned into longing ones, hand touches began to linger, and before long Kim had her little hand around his big cock on a bathroom floor, not much unlike what just happened in the airplane bathroom, he thought with a smile. But that was a story for another time, Eric decided.

Now they were fuck buddies, and while they were very close as siblings, they decided to keep their relationship mostly about great sex and not think about the future. And obviously, keep it a secret. As he sat back down in his seat, looking at the back of his parents’ heads in front of him, he doubted very much that they would appreciate the fact that their two children were fucking each other silly. He felt a good amount of guilt on the subject, but as he and Kim decided, they were being safe and it felt too great to stop, so they would continue in secrecy.

Kim emerged from the restroom, face clean and makeup reapplied, and sat down.

“Man sis, you sure took a long time in the head, what were you doing in there?” Eric smiled in mockery of his own bad joke.

Kim rolled her eyes, and said in her best Victorian English impression, “A lady does not discuss such matters, sir.” She looked over to see if Nadia and the lecherous stranger were awake, but fortunately they were not. “Now turnabout’s fair play young lad.” She covered them both in the blanket and began rustling, Eric unsure as to what she was doing. Her little bendy body contorted a few times, and then she straightened up in her seat, her knees up at her chest again.

He felt her hand move under the covers and drop something on his lap, which his hands closed around to discover as her jean shorts and panties. His eyes widened as he looked at her, but she simply returned his stare with a bored expression and raised eyebrows, as if to say, I’m waiting…

Keeping an eye on Nadia and the stranger across the aisle, who both appeared to be quite asleep, Eric moved his hand up her legs to her bare pussy, which he found to be already dripping with moistness. He began to finger-fuck her sopping cunt, the noises of her squishing not quite audible over the hum of the aircraft. God she was tight, he thought. It was a wonder she could ever fit his big cock in there, but she sure did.

Of course, that’s not the only place she had managed to fit his behemoth member. As their relationship had been starting, even though she was on the pill, Kim and Eric felt understandably reluctant to have regular cock-in-pussy sex as they were siblings– Eric assumed this meant the extent of their relationship would be some harmless hand and mouth play.

He was shocked when one night she asked him to stick his cock up her ass, both at the request and the fact that she intended fit his huge cock up her little asshole. But physics be damned, after careful stretching and prodding she soon enough had his cock buried to the hilt up her bum, and was bouncing on it like a pogo stick. Eric returned his attentions to Kim’s pussy as she approached orgasm, the palm of his hand working her clit while his fingers penetrated her, mindful to keep his arm motion to a minimum lest some passenger discover them.

Her face screwed up in passion and her pussy clamped around his hand as she came, her body still aside from the flexing of her pussy that only Eric’s hand could feel under the covers.

Eric undid his fly to relieve the pressure his again-throbbing cock was under in his shorts. It momentarily made an obscene tent under the blanket before he flipped it up against his belly. Kim noticed it and was quickly drooling her incredible spit into her hand, pasting it around his cock until it was a slick mess.

She froze momentarily as the stewardess walked by, giving a harmless smile to the lady while her hand felt her brother’s pulse throbbing through his engorged member. They both saw the faint hint of a sunrise out the plane window, and peeked over again at Aunt Nadia and the stranger, who still appeared to be sleeping.

“Better make this quick,” she murmured with a devilish grin.

“Sis if I cum here we’re going to have a CSI-caliber crime scene on our hands,” Eric whispered raggedly.

“I’ve got it under control,” she said with a confident look, “just tell me when you’re almost there.”

Her hands continued to work under the blanket until he felt the inevitable rush of an imminent orgasm. “Now…” he managed.

His eyes closed reflexively as she ducked her head under the blanket, her warm mouth wrapping around his bulging cock just as his balls tightened began emptying their load into her mouth. As about the second gob of cum shot into his sister’s mouth he heard the stewardess’s voice come over the intercom.

“Breakfast will be served in 5 minutes,” the crackling speaker said. Eric finished emptying his balls and his sister quickly sat up, her throat visibly swallowing one last time. Not trace of cum was left anywhere. Eric checked across the aisle, where Nadia and the other passenger were slowly coming to, appearing none the wiser.

The stewardess came around shortly after, offering croissants or bagels with coffee, but Kim declined. “No thanks, I’ve already had breakfast,” she said with a dazzling smile to the attendant.

Eric looked over at Aunt Nadia, who had a smile on her face and was staring right back at him before casually returning to her magazine.

Well, Nadia thought, this just got a whole lot more interesting. She flipped through her copy of Cosmo, absent-mindedly inspecting the pages. She was sure that this trip to Italy would be awkward and boring, like most events with her sister, Katerina, and her family.

Katerina had always been the responsible one, marrying young to the rich Dave, and having children right away. Their immigrant parents were so happy that Kat found a rich man to take care of her, and even happier at the arrival of young Kim and Eric. Nadia had a slightly different life trajectory, and she felt, a much more entertaining one. She sang in several punk bands which made their way through the Seattle scene, getting close to fame but never really breaking through. The road was exhilarating, though, and she paved it in true punk fashion with sex and drugs.

Now slightly older, and with a different outlook on life she worked a respectable marketing job and the only outward remnant of lurid past was a rose tattoo on her shoulder. Life was great, except it wasn’t. Both Nadia and Katerina had inherited their mother’s fashion-model Slavic looks, and the same pull that attracted kind, responsible Dave to Kat attracted a flurry of asshole miscreants to Nadia over the years.

She supposed that she went looking for it; after all, she thrived on passion, whether it was fighting or fucking. But as she approached an age where she was wanting to settle down, the bad boys who turned her on so much in her twenties were grating on her nerves. This last one had really hurt though. In an attempt to change her patterns, Nadia began dating Joel, a kind, quiet man who worked at a bank and rarely raised his voice, only to find out recently that Joel had been stealing money from her. The fallout was immense, and as a gesture her sister Kat invited her along to their planned out, lavish trip to Florence at the last minute.

Nadia didn’t want to impose, but not quite as much as she didn’t want to be alone, wallowing in her despair over love lost.

So she packed her things, put on a fake smile and met her sister’s family at the airport at an ungodly hour this morning. She had been getting some much needed sleep, and surely getting ogled by the creepy old man sitting next to her, until about ten minutes ago when she woke abruptly.

Her eyes were barely open when she was drawn to movement from across the aisle. It was Kim’s seat, although at the moment it appeared almost unoccupied. Then her eyes made out the slight rocking movement beneath the blanket, and traveled up to Eric’s handsome face, his eyes closed and his face contorted. A few moments later Kim was quickly sitting up from under the blanket, a smile that Nadia recognized barely playing across Kim’s lips.

Nadia quickly pretended to be asleep, and stayed so several minutes. Now breakfast had come, and Nadia had had some time to think. She was certain that Kim had just sucked her brother’s cock after hearing her make her little joke to the stewardess. And honestly, she wasn’t shocked or upset– she was almost entertained.

Taking another glance at Eric, she could honestly see why Kim would want to have his cock in her mouth. He was a very handsome boy, the stubble on his strong jawline giving him a slightly older look than his 19 years of age. She didn’t even really mind the brother-sister thing, or the fact that it was her sister’s children, because after all the bad relationships she had had she was done trying to figure out “normal”. She guessed when it came down to it she still just had a healthy contempt for authority, and nothing seemed more rebellious than putting your brother’s cock in your mouth.

But this sure would make their week together in a hotel room with two beds more interesting. She wondered how far they had taken it, whether they were really fucking or just fooling around. When she and Kat were younger they had fooled around a little, though Kat was never really into it like Nadia was. Kat played more the innocent, curious kid, while Nadia ravenously devoured her sister’s cunt. That only happened a couple times, though, and it was so long ago Nadia wondered if Kat even remembered it.

Since then Nadia had had a couple girlfriends tossed into her shopping cart full of crappy lovers, and looked back fondly on them, mostly. She never had the privilege of having a brother, but figured if he looked anything like Eric she might have tried a little something at some point.

The grin she gave him a minute ago sure seemed to have spooked him, though. Well, whatever happened it would be better than a week alone in dreary Seattle, she decided as she caught the pervy old man next to her sneaking another peek at her tits.

She leaned over to him and whispered, “Sorry if I talked in my sleep, I always do that when I cum.” His eyes widened and he stammered some response before smiling and looking away. That ought to keep you entertained, she thought with a mental chuckle as she leaned back in her seat, seeing both the man and Eric admiring her rack as she closed her eyes, hoping to get some more sleep before their trip began.

The plane landed in Florence with a bump, and Eric closed the book he was pretending to read. Did Aunt Nadia really see Kim sucking his cock? The thought couldn’t be removed from his brain; he just hoped it didn’t look plastered to his face as he walked through the airport. The family was lively after their long flight, eager to start the vacation.

Kim was being Kim, always talking, always making jokes, and providing a constant stream of thoughts to those around her, from the absurd to the mundane. His mother Katerina occasionally admonished Kim when she said something too outlandish, and Eric and his father Dave sat back and listened, usually laughing at the ridiculous exchange between mother and daughter.

A special note: Thanks everyone for the voting and checking my story out. Comments are welcome! I am actually going to be making this into a series, not sure how many chapters there are going to be. But I plan on writing the aftershock and consequences of what happens. I won’t give anything away, but stay tuned for updates and I hope you enjoy reading. This chapter is short but the chapters to come will be longer. I wanted this one to be specifically about Jennifer and Max and their first time having sex.


My body quivered as I felt Jennifer’s hands on my bare chest. I wanted to be gentle with her, but a part of me just wanted to pound her like Tony had. She was begging for it and I was more than willing to give her what she wanted. But I knew that everyone else in the room was going to give it to her to, and probably not with a hint of gentleness.

Jennifer was whimpering as I gripped my cock and slid it down her body to her waiting pussy. She was still dripping wet and I let out a groan as my length slipped between her slippery folds. I stroked her clit teasingly with the head of my cock, and then began to rub against her so that some of her honey lathered onto my dick for a bit of lubrication. Though at this point I seriously didn’t think she needed it, but I was trying my best to be courteous. Rape was not a specialty of mine.

I entered her with an extended groan and was shocked by how wet and warm she was. Her pussy gripped my cock like a glove and the feeling was already intense and I wasn’t even halfway inside of her yet.

My hips gyrated as I pushed further in until I was completely buried inside of that slick wetness. Her heat was intense and she felt like an inferno. She was wet and slippery and I knew it was partly because Tony had just cum inside of her just moments before.

It seemed like her will had been broken. As I stared down at her I could tell. My cock sank deeper in and I raised myself to grab her legs and hoist them over my shoulders. She moaned with encouragement as I began to build a rhythm, and I felt her gripping me as she started pushing her hips against mine.

I had fucked other women before but never like this. This was primal and dirty and forbidden. I couldn’t stop myself from fucking her with force, but by the look on her face and the sound of her moans she liked what I was doing. So I kept up the furious pace, almost feeling as if I was possessed. I wanted her to enjoy my cock and I wanted to make her cum.

I reached between us as my cock pounded her, finding her clit and stroking it with my thumb. That seemed to really get her going. She cried out and her hips began rolling faster as I was balls deep in her slick heat. The pad of my thumb scraped over her clit over and over again, matching the beat of our thrusts as we fucked.

Her inner walls clamped me as a sudden orgasm overtook her. I knew I was doing everything right by the way her cunt was contracting with each powerful thrust I dealt. Her grip was vice-like but I fucked her through her orgasm, and like hell I was going to stop making her cum. I was building to a mind-blowing orgasm but that didn’t mean I wanted to prevent her from feeling pleasure from what I was doing to her.

My thumb kept on rubbing that pleasure nub between her legs as my cock flew in and out of her sweet cunny. My hips crashed hard against hers as I forced her to take in all of my massive cock. I could sense she was approaching another orgasm and I was sinking in deeper into her depths and I loved the feel of it. Each stroke of her walls against my hard flesh sent shivers along my spin, fire spread everywhere inside of me as I prepared to seed the woman thrashing below me.

“Oh, God. Oh, God,” she cried out, as another orgasm ripped through her. I felt her clamping me again but still I managed to keep pile driving my cock in and out of her like a well oiled piston. It seemed like she couldn’t get enough as our hips came together and her orgasm subsided. We were still matching thrust for thrust even as she recovered from her high.

I knew I was going to cum soon so I began rubbing her clit harder and faster, even pinching it between my fingers. This caused her to cry out as I started to power fuck her, my cock flying in and out of her so fast and hard that I thought we might break the bed. It was slamming against the wall with every jut of my hips and the furious pace had her building to another peak.

“I’m going to cum. Fuck, I’m going to cum,” I moaned out, feeling my hips suddenly catch as I could hold my release back no longer. I could barely recognize my voice as I let out a guttural moan and shot a huge load inside of her slippery pussy. She felt my sperm blasting off into her womb and she screamed as her final orgasm overtook her as I continued to pump what seemed like torrents of semen into her cunt.

I had never cum like this in my life. It was the most incredible feeling ever. I don’t know how much time passed but finally after a few more spurts I stopped cumming and collapsed on top of her. I was panting hard and I was a little shocked when I felt her kiss me again. I knew that I wasn’t going to be the last to use her like this, and I didn’t want to see anyone else fucking her, but I was powerless to stop it. Who was going to have her next? That was the million dollar question. I held on to the kiss for as long as I could and then felt someone tapping me on the back and then pulling me off of her.

Our time was up, but I knew this night was far from over.

It was the twilight of the day and Ted was sitting on the Lay-Z-Boy watching baseball when his wife called. Apparently there was a storm in St. Louis that cancelled her connecting flight to Chicago and she couldn’t get home until the following afternoon.

He missed Brenda, but in recent years they had become more like co-ed roommates than lovers. Her large breasts, sensitive nipples and ample ass and thighs still made his cock stand on end, but she just didn’t seem interested any longer. Ted imagined that once he retired from the electric company they would vacation in exotic locations and take part in erotic sex, but in reality, Brenda was traveling for work more now than ever. What was once an erotic relationship that featured oral sex, anal sex, a variety of positions and Ted finishing in his lovely wife’s mouth, had turned into him waiting for her to go to bed and masturbating to online porn. It had literally been months since another person had touched, let alone sucked his cock.

Sure, he had less energy since his retirement and he probably played too much golf and watched too much TV, but he still had the same 8 inch cock that used to make his wife squirm with pleasure.

What to do now, Ted thought. He would likely order a pizza for the third night since his wife had been gone, drink a few beers and watch the game. Alone. Again.

He cracked a beer, called for the pizza and waited. Thirty minutes later it arrived, as Ted was paying the delivery guy he noticed his neighbor across the street, Paul, sweeping his driveway. He had been cutting and edging his lawn all day and looked like he could use a drink. Ted put the pizza in the kitchen and walked across the street.

“Looks great, Paul. Guess I have to cut mine now before my wife gets back, once she sees your lawn she will be all over me to keep up,” Ted said, shaking hands with his younger neighbor.

Paul was tall and slim, runner’s body. He and his wife, Maureen, had moved into the house across the street two years ago. They were a nice couple. Ted had helped them install some ceiling fans and fix a few outlets that were faulty after they moved in.

“Why do you think I have been out here all day? Maureen is at her sister’s until tomorrow and I know there would be hell to pay if the grass was finished when she got home.”

Ted had long admired Paul’s wife from afar. She was young, thin and had perky breasts that Ted guessed were a perfect C-cup.

“Well, I am sure she will return, see this lawn and crown you king of landscaping,” Ted laughed at his own joke, knowing it wasn’t funny. “Since you are a bachelor tonight as well, why don’t you come over for a few beers and something to eat? I just had a pizza delivered.”

Paul liked the idea immediately and told Ted he would have to run inside and change into some clean clothes and meet him at his house in five minutes or so.

He arrived wearing khaki shorts and a polo shirt, a bit overdressed when compared to the mesh workout shorts and tee shirt Ted was wearing, but what the hell. They each got a few pieces of pizza and a cold beer and went into the living room. Ted sat on the Lazy-Y-Boy while Paul plopped onto the couch.

“So how long is Brenda gone for this time?”

“Shit, she has been gone a week, was supposed to be home today but there was some big storm in St. Louis and she is stuck there until tomorrow,” Ted said.

“Yeah, I saw something about that on the news earlier. Apparently it was a pretty nasty storm, shut down airports in like three states.”

“Just my luck.”

“Must be tough, having her gone so much, huh? I mean, how often does Brenda travel now-a-days?”

“God, it seems like she is always traveling. I hate it. I imagined that after I retired, she would stop working, it’s not like we need the money, and the two of us would travel the world together. Instead, she is on the road two weeks out of the month and I sit home, eat pizza and jerk off.”

Paul was shocked by Ted’s reaction to his wife’s travel. He had just assumed that he had gotten used to it over the years.

“That sucks. Man. But it must be great when you finally do get to see her, like newlyweds again, right?”

Ted shot him a look as if to say “yeah right.”

“I’m sure it is nothing compared to what goes on at your house, with actually newlyweds?”

Paul shot the same look back at Ted.

“Really? You too? I guess I just assumed that you and Maureen, I mean, you know, she looks like a little sex pot and you two are so young.”

Paul shifted in his seat, sipped his beer.

“It was great at first. Tons of sex all the time. Some kinky stuff, whatever. But then once our daughter was born, that all stopped. I mean, at first for obvious physical reasons of having just given birth, but she is almost two now and it really hasn’t started back up.”

Ted gave him a reassuring, “I know how you feel look.”

“Sort of the same thing with Brenda. We used to have a great sex life, but the last few months, she has been on the road more and it just seems like we never even touch each other anymore. And forget about a blow job, I haven’t had a blow job in like a year.”

“Amen to that, brother,” Paul said, drinking more beer.

The two ate pizza, watched baseball and drank a few beers for several minutes of awkward embarrassment.

“So what do you do, you know, for relief,” Paul finally asked, breaking the silence.

“Same as you, I imagine. Porn and jerking off,” Ted said laughing.

Paul nodded his head. “Amen to that!”

Ted explained how he liked threesome and voyeur porn the most. Even though the girls in the voyeur movies know they are being taped, he likes to think of himself as a fly on the wall, watching them shower, change clothes and masturbate.

Paul liked threesome porn as well. He liked to watch a married couple seduce a babysitter or nanny or some young girl off the street. He said he liked to imagine him and Maureen seducing a young babysitter to a sexy threesome.

All the talk about porn was giving Paul a semi-hard on and he hoped Ted didn’t notice.

“Ever watch threesome porn with two guys and a girl?” Paul asked.

Ted said he had watched a few such scenes and thought it was pretty hot watching the woman switch back and forth sucking one cock then the other.

“Yeah, those can be pretty hot. Ever watch one where the guys blow each other?” Paul asked.

Ted’s cock twitched at the comment. He had, of course, seen bi-sexual porn but slow played what he hoped was Paul’s intention.

“I don’t think so, no.”

“It’s pretty hot. I mean, really erotic to see two guys going at it. If you want to watch some I am sure we can find some on demand,” Paul said, grabbing the remote control. Ted nodded in agreement.

Paul found the porn on the cable on-demand menu like he had done it a thousand times before. He put on a movie called “All Bi-Guys.” Within minutes of the movie starting, a sexy young blonde with giant tits and her boyfriend, who had at least 9 inches, were 69-ing when his roommate walked into the room. The roommate immediately pulled his cock out and asked if he could join in. The blonde explained that he could, but only if he blew her boyfriend first. He didn’t skip a beat and began licking his hard cock while the blonde fingered her pussy.

“Could you imagine if this happened in real life?” Paul asked.

“It would be a great world,” Ted replied, fully hard now.

“I mean, look at that guy’s cock, they don’t make cocks that big,” Paul said, looking at Ted, who shrugged. “No way, you are that big?”

“No, not that big, but pretty damn close.”

“No way!” Paul replied. “Let me see it.”

Ted was excited by the idea but not sure how to react. Before he could say a word, Paul had undone his pants and dropped them and his boxers to his ankles, showing his fully hard, fully shaved, cut, 6 inch cock.

“Here, I showed you mine, now let me see your porn-cock,” he laughed.

Ted starred at Paul’s beautiful cock for several seconds, watching him spontaneously jiggle it and rub his balls. Ted lifted his hips up and slide off his shorts and boxers. His 8 inch cock sprang out, fully hard, very thick and cut. Paul glared at it.

“Holy shit, man. You weren’t lying.”

“I told you,” Ted replied. “Not quite as big, but pretty damn close. They sat in their respective seats, still watching the movie. The blonde and her boyfriend were now giving head to the roommate at the same time. Ted looked over and when he saw Paul stroking his cock, he began to stroke his own.

Paul looked over and watched Ted stroke his cock for a few seconds. “You stroking too, huh?”

Ted nodded.

“Come over here and stroke with me,” Paul suggested.

Ted got up and walked over to the couch, sat to the left of Paul, his cock fully hard and dripping precum.

They stoked their own cocks for a few minutes before Paul asked if he could touch Ted’s. He nodded and Paul reached over with his right hand and began stroking.

“Fuck, man, you are huge.” Ted was so turned on at the touch of another hand he nearly cam. He instead reached over and began to stroke Paul.

“Yours is pretty nice as well. I like the shaved look.”

They stoked each other cock’s at a faster and faster pace. Paul was astonished at how hard and thick Ted’s cock was. Ted could feel Paul quiver when he got a good rhythm going.

“You’re gonna make me cum,” Ted said.

“It feels good, right?” Paul said. Ted nodded eagerly. “You’re gonna cum?”

“I’m real close.”

Paul quickly slide to the ground between Ted’s knees and licked his balls a few times. He quivered in ecstasy. Paul was stroking his cock with one hand as his mouth moved to the top of Ted’s throbbing cock. He licked the underside of Ted’s mushroom head a few times with his tongue before taking most of his cock in his mouth. His warm, wet mouth worked this cock up and down as his hand stroked underneath. Paul sucked his wetter and stroked his faster and Ted was about to burst.

Paul was working his own cock with his other hand and was nearing orgasm himself.

“I’m gonna cum,” Ted moaned. “Ahh, fuck that feels good, im goona cum.”

Paul stroked Ted a few more times, taking his cock deep into his warm mouth. He exploded into Paul’s throat and it went down in a gulp. He stroked and sucked Ted a few more times to make sure he got all the cum.

“I’m gonna cum too, Ted,” Paul said, standing up, facing Ted and stroking his cock in a fury.

Paul straddled Ted’s legs and shot a huge load of cum all over his still hard cock and balls, covering Ted’s massive cock in his DNA.

“Oh, fuck. Oh that’s good.”

Paul collapsed on the couch next to Ted and rubbed his cum into his cock until it was nearly dry. The two men were spent. They both sat there for a few moments, their cocks slowly softening in post cum glory.

Joel had left town knowing that I had taken advantage of him while he was in a drunken state. I had no idea what consequences would come of my actions. I would have to wait and see. I had been bolder than I ever thought possible, and discovered things about myself that I had never even dreamed of. The night I had spent with Joel had changed my whole idea of how life was to be lived. I didn’t know how I would proceed, but I knew I was a very different person now. Passion and lust. Carnal pleasure. Exploration. These were new things to me, but I would welcome them into my life.


My husband, Kenneth, and I made love the night after Joel left town. I tried my best to bring my new-found excitement and energy into it. Kenneth was too restrained, and it became just another routine encounter. Almost robotic. With minimal foreplay, he climbed on top of me and humped me with short and quick strokes. I made all the sounds I thought would encourage him on, but I felt very little passion. It lasted only moments. He grunted a few times with his orgasm, then pulled out and rolled onto his side. A quick kiss and soon he was fast asleep. As I lay there afterwards listening to him sleep, I realized this was maybe as good as it would ever get. Thoroughly unsatisfied, my thoughts inevitably returned to Joel.

My eyes closed as I focused in on his image. I reached down between my legs and lazily began to fondle my clit as I thought about Joel and his big cock. I imagined what it would be like as it penetrated deep inside me. I replayed the scene in my mind of me sucking his cock and swallowing the flood of cum that rushed into my mouth. I longed for it and my pussy began to get very wet with my playing and fantasizing. I rolled over, facing away from Kenneth as my fingers began to explore with more urgency. My juices made everything slippery which helped to intensify the pleasure as I increased my tempo. I explored every part of my soaked clit and labia. My fingers slid up and down through my slick pussy lips with so much urgency I had to stop for a moment, fearful that I was shaking the bed and that Kenneth would wake. Several seconds of listening confirmed that he was still breathing deeply and rhythmically, fast asleep.

I brought the tip of my middle finger up and focused on my clit, now swollen and poking out from under the clitoral hood. I rubbed it furiously in a back-and-forth pattern as I pulled the skin above it tight with my other hand. I had to bury my face into the pillow to muffle the moans that escaped my mouth. My middle finger pushed down through my pussy lips to the bottom, and I curled my finger inward as it easily slid into my opening. I plunged it in past the second knuckle, breathing heavily with the intense pleasure. Flexing my middle finger upward, I placed the pad on the rough patch of skin I found inside my entrance. Increasing the pressure I massaged the area I knew to be my G-spot, massaging it in a circular pattern. My other hand made its way down and flowed over my swollen and sensitive clit.

My eyes were closed and I imagined Joel’s cock sliding in and out of me, filling me, pressing into every part of me. My fingers worked my pussy, inside and out, wildly attempting to bring forth ever more pleasure. All the while my thoughts focused on Joel and how amazing his cock felt in my hand that night. Soon I felt a wave of intense pleasure rippling from my pussy through the rest of me. I gasped into the pillow. My body shuddered with involuntary spasms as my climax overtook my mind. Though I tried to stay quiet I was unable to control the groans that came from deep inside. The thoughts of Joel had pushed me over the edge. I pressed my face into the pillow and bit down on it as hard as I could to absorb the sounds of my orgasm. My fingers shook in the throes of pleasure as I desperately tried to control them. I knew the bed had to be shaking with my efforts, but I had lost control. My breathing was labored and irregular with desperate breaths through my nose as I clamped my mouth shut to keep the sounds inside. Finally the wave of pleasure subsided and I was left quivering, lying on my side, with my head buried deeply in the bed.

Slowly my breathing came under control. I listened carefully for Kenneth’s breathing. Sure enough he was still sound asleep, completely unaware of yet another betrayal on my part as I lay 2 feet away. I drew the covers tightly over me and curled my exhausted body into a ball. Slowly I drifted to sleep, unable to put the fantasy of Joel out of my mind.


That Thursday I had the day off. Kenneth went off to work at his usual time and I slept in. I was looking forward to a lazy day at home alone. Finally I got up, showered, and ate a late breakfast. Standing at the sink doing dishes, my mind was so far away.

Suddenly two very large hands swept under my arms and grabbed my boobs firmly. I let out a surprised scream and instinctively spun around…and there he was!

Joel’s face was inches from mine and he was looking down at me intently with a crooked smile, eyes piercing right through me. My jaw dropped, and I had trouble catching my breath.

“How did you get in here?” I stuttered. It was all I could think to say.

“You gave me a key to the house, and I kept it.” He said matter-of-factly.

I just stared back, speechless. He was so close to me I could feel his hot breath against my face. I opened my mouth and tried to form some kind of response, but there was nothing.

“I came back to see you,” he said quietly. “I think we have something to finish.” His eyes narrowed slightly and he watched closely for my reaction.

I was in shock and my heart was pounding. As he continued to stare into my eyes, my mind struggled for words, but nothing came out. His whole body moved closer and he leaned in and began to kiss me. My body tensed and went rigid. My mind was racing, and I had no idea how to react.

His lips caressed mine. I couldn’t help but give in to him. I closed my eyes and began to kiss him back, the shock giving way to passion. It felt just like my first kiss, with my heart fluttering and my mind in absolute overdrive. He hadn’t shaved probably in a day, and surprisingly his rough stubble drove me wild. I leaned into him, pressing my body against his as we kissed. Our tongues intertwined as the passion increased. My legs were weak, and I grabbed his upper arms for support. Joel’s right hand snaked around my low back pulling me in even tighter and holding me steady.

As we kissed our hands began to tentatively explore each other. I wrapped my arms over his broad shoulders and ran my fingers through his hair, as one of his hands worked its way to my right breast, gently caressing my swelling nipple. It was exquisite, and a moan escaped my lips. I pressed myself into him harder, melting my body into his.

The intensity of our kissing began to increase. Tongues interwoven and exploring. Joel leaned back slightly so his hand could find its way up and into my shirt. With expert fingers he reached behind me and unclasped my bra. He pulled my bra and the front of my shirt up to my neckline, freeing my breasts to open air. Breathing became difficult as his fingertips found my rigid nipples. I broke from our kiss and threw my head back, gasping with pleasure. Immediately he lowered his head and took my nipple between his lips, gently sucking it. His tongue rolled and flickered over it, sending shivers throughout my entire body. As he sucked on my nipple, my right hand came down his neck and back, creeping ever further downward to his perfect ass. I grabbed under his butt cheek and tightened my grip. His lips clutched my sensitive nipple. It felt so good. I leaned my head down and nibbled on his ear as he did this.

Moving my hand around his hips to the front, I caressed his inner thigh for a few moments, tenderly massaging up and down. My passion was urgent now and slowly I moved my hand up to the object of my desires. My fingertips brushed over the hard bulge in his pants. My pussy tightened, simply from the feel of it. I cupped my hand over his growing manhood and massaged it in a circular pattern with my palm. He pressed himself into my hand, obviously yearning for more. Without any need for hesitancy now, I reached for his belt with both trembling hands and fumbled to unlatch it. Next I undid the button on his jeans and the zipper. I used my left hand to pull the elastic on his underwear out and down while I reached in with my right and once again grasped around the thick shaft of his wonderful cock. I pulled it upward and free of its confines. As the head cleared the waistband its full length flopped out into the open air. Not yet hard, it hung heavily downward, supported by my still-trembling hand.

The flickering of Joel’s tongue on my nipple stopped briefly as I began to stroke his hardening cock. The outer skin loosely slid up and down the inner shaft as my hand maneuvered its length. He moaned softly with my touch. I pulled the front of his underwear down further to give me more space to work my hand. He surprised me by reaching down and pulling his pants and underwear over his hips and butt, letting them fall to his ankles. It suddenly occurred to me that I was standing in my kitchen in broad daylight with an enormous cock in my hand, my shirt pulled up to my neck, and a man was suckling my tit…It also occurred to me that I really didn’t care.

I stroked him faster, feeling his already huge cock thicken even more in my grasp. Bringing my hand all the way to the tip, my fingers focused on caressing and stimulating the soft head. I felt his body stiffen slightly and he let out a quiet moan. I moved my other hand to the shaft and he began to move his hips back and forth, working his cock through my fingers.

I backed away slightly, pulling my sensitive nipple from the grasp of his lips. With his cock still in my hands I dropped to my knees on the hard kitchen tiles. I was eye level with his cock, and I finally got my first full daylight view of it. I held it up and examined it closely. It was everything I knew it would be. The thick shaft was heavily adorned with branching veins running down its length. The head was huge and bulbous with smooth shiny skin. It had red coloration that was noticeably darker than the shaft it sat atop. It was truly massive and breathtaking. It had the look of such power. His balls hung well below like ornaments, suspended by his wrinkled sack. He was shaved completely clean, which I found incredibly sexy. I stared at it like a hungry lioness watching her prey.

I looked up at Joel with passion in my eyes. He had been watching me admire his beautiful cock. The look of desire on his handsome face drove me wild. My gaze fell back down onto his cock, and I leaned forward and began to kiss the tip of it. As I kissed it my tongue came forward and rolled around it as if I were French kissing him. My saliva flowed over him as I took the head into my mouth and began to apply gentle suction. The soft and pliable head contorted itself within the confines of my inner mouth, molding itself around my mouths features as I sucked him in. This made him groan louder, and his hands instinctively came forward to grasp my head. He gently pulled my hair back with his fingers and held it back out of the way while I made love to his cock with my mouth.

I pulled my lips off of his cock and pushed it upright against his stomach. Leaning in further I nuzzled my head into his groin and swirled my tongue over his balls. They tumbled around inside the loose and wrinkled skin of the protective sack as my tongue and mouth nudged and explored their features. After a moment I began to move my tongue upward along the underside of his long shaft, looking up into Joel’s eyes. He carefully watched every move with wide eyes. I pulled his cock away from his belly as my tongue advanced slowly along its length. Finally reaching the end, I aggressively took him back into my mouth. My lips sank down over his cock as both of my hands began to push and pull the skin along his hard shaft.

Joel’s big hands tightened their grip around the makeshift ponytail that he had pulled my hair into. I increased my suction and began to move my head steadily up and down his cock. He shifted his weight from one leg to the other trying to find balance. I increased my speed and worked my tongue over every inch of skin that it could reach. My hands moved in time with the bobbing of my head. I wanted to give Joel every amazing sensation I could. My intensity increased. At the end of each stroke I sucked down hard on the head of his cock and swirled my tongue heavily over the smooth skin. He was moaning and his hips began to rock in time with my movements, trying to fuck my mouth. I couldn’t control myself as I desperately attempted to maximize his pleasure. I worked his cock furiously. Passion and desire dominated over self-control. Loud slurping noises escaped my lips. My mouth was heavy with saliva, and his cock was becoming soaked with it. I tightened my grip with both hands as I dragged the skin up and down the rigid shaft. My lungs began to burn from lack of oxygen, but I didn’t stop. His moaning increased, and his body began to shudder. I could tell he was close to orgasm and I wanted his hot seed in my mouth again. I wanted to taste every drop of his warm cum and feel it slide down my throat. I kept up my furious pace, ready for him to erupt.

Suddenly he let go of my hair and grabbed the sides of my head as he stepped back, forcibly withdrawing his cock from my yearning mouth. He quickly let go of my head and clamped his fists over my hands and held them firmly in place, halting my pumping motion. I could feel his cock pulsing and twitching in my grasp. I watched as a single drop of clear fluid appeared at the tip, but he didn’t cum. He had held off his orgasm. I didn’t know why. I looked up at him. His eyes were closed and he was breathing heavily, his mouth slightly open. We stayed locked in this position for several moments as he recovered. I watched him and wondered if I had done something wrong. I wanted to say something, but I was too afraid of ruining the moment. Finally he opened his eyes and looked down at me.

“Whoa…Easy…this isn’t a race. We have time, right?” He said, looking down at me carefully. His lips turned up into a fabulous smile.

I was relieved. I bit into my lower lip seductively and nodded my head. He released his grasp from around my hands. I stayed there for a moment on my knees with both hands still wrapped around his big cock. I was unsure how I should proceed now. I think he sensed my hesitation. He gently took hold of my wrists and pulled my hands free from his shaft. Kicking off his shoes, he maneuvered his feet and ankles free from his pants and underwear. He bent over and took me by my upper arms. Pulling me upright, he leaned in and kissed me passionately once again. As our tongues danced over each other’s, Joel’s hands began to wander over my body. He caressed my back through my shirt, and then moved down to my side and waist. Slowly, and with confidence, his hands moved downward. My hips, my outer thighs, and then to my inner thighs he progressed. I closed my eyes in anticipation. I could feel his still erect cock as it jutted forward, pressing into my stomach. I grabbed it again with one hand and lightly stroked it.

His right hand moved up my inner thigh until it reached the top. He pressed his hand firmly into my aching pussy. He stopped kissing me and looked down. I moaned my approval as his fingers flowed over me through my jeans. I spread my legs apart as his hand rubbed back and forth. My pussy was beginning to get wet with his touch. He reached with both hands and easily undid my pants and drew down the zipper. My heart beat faster now. His fingers found their way inside the elastic of my panties, and he drove his hand down inside. His fingertips brushed through my small patch of pubic hair on their journey downward. I shuddered as he finally came in contact with my clit. Oh god! I spread my legs wider and pressed myself into his fingers. He rubbed up and down my pussy, spreading the wetness all over my lips. It felt so fucking good! He found my clit again and his fingertips focused in on it, gently rubbing in a circular pattern over the swelling nub. A moan escaped my lips. I grabbed his shoulder with my free hand to steady myself as I leaned into him, resting my head against his muscular chest. He pushed his hand down further, letting one finger plow its way through the center of my pussy lips. Back and forth he worked his finger through my slit. The feeling was incredible! I was amazed how different and how much better it felt from my own hand. So much better.

My jeans and panties were limiting Joel’s access, and I was happy to mirror his actions in pulling them down over my hips and letting them fall to the floor. I wasn’t wearing shoes, and I easily stepped free of the clothing. Going a step further, I pulled my shirt and bra over my head. I was wearing nothing but a pair of socks now. I looked at him and gave him a wicked grin. He stepped back for just a moment and took in the sight of my now naked body, moving his eyes from my face downward. His eyes fixated on my bare breasts. My boobs were not big, but they were firm and sat proudly on my chest. My erect nipples pointed at him as if beckoning him toward me. I saw hunger in his expression. His eyes moved down my body, examining every feature. My narrow waist, the line of my hips, the curve of my ass. He carefully examined my pubic area, as I stood naked before him. My hair was trimmed into a clean triangular patch, pointing the way to my yearning pussy. He licked his lips unconsciously.

A smile appeared on his face. He quickly stripped his own shirt over his head and dropped it to the floor. Now we were both quite naked, greedily taking in each other’s body with our eyes. His body was incredible. He was tall, very muscular and defined, with a ruggedly handsome face. He had broad shoulders and a big chest. I knew he spent many hours every week in the gym developing his physique. His stomach was flat, with just the faintest hint of muscular definition underneath. My eyes moved to his amazing cock. I decided this was his most impressive feature. It jutted straight out from his groin like a giant missile. Being completely engorged with blood, its skin was darker than his body. As I gazed at it I noticed it twitch a little as he breathed and shifted his weight. His cock was made for pleasing. I had never before had such appreciation for the male body as I did at that moment. Everything about him seemed perfect.

He stepped toward me again. Encircling his big hands around my waist, he easily lifted me up and sat me on the edge of the kitchen counter. I hadn’t expected this and I grabbed at his shoulders to steady myself. As I wondered what his intentions were, he brought my legs up and placed my feet on the counter, which had the effect of spreading my legs open. I felt very vulnerable. My pussy was now fully in his view. He kissed me passionately again, and then began to work his way down my body gently kissing along the way. He paused briefly to suck on my nipple, eliciting another groan of pleasure. My breathing quickened as he made his way down my stomach to my pubic hair. Moving off to the side he kissed and licked his way along my inner thighs. I quivered as he teased me. Slowly his lips moved upward toward my crease. I couldn’t believe this was actually happening. I had never had my pussy eaten out, and it was about to happen. I stared down and watched as his lips made first contact with my labia. He nuzzled his lips gently into my skin. I was trembling and could hardly breathe.

His tongue snaked out and slid up the length of my pussy lips to my clit. I cried out, completely overwhelmed by the pleasure of it. Joel began to work his wet tongue up and down through my pussy lips. The rough texture of it sent shockwaves through me. This felt better than anything I had ever experienced in my life. Without even realizing it, I put my hands onto his head and weaved my fingers into his hair. He circled his tongue over my swollen clit, coating it with his saliva. I lost control of myself as I pulled his head closer into me. Feeling a pure animal instinct, I rocked my hips back and forth, grinding my pussy over his flickering tongue. My exhalations became nothing but moans. He reached up and pushed my inner thighs outward, spreading me open wider as I fucked his tongue. One of his hands slid all the way up my thigh and I felt a finger slowly work its way into my pussy. I felt a prickly wave of electricity shoot through me as he licked and fingered me at the same time. My body shuddered with involuntary spasms.

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