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It’s been a week since I spoke to Melody. She sits at the back of the class and stares out the window most days. She doesn’t wear her leather jacket as much anymore. I miss it; I sort of like the bad girl look. I find myself starring at her most days; sunshine just gets caught in her long, dark and messy hair. I miss her. If she won’t talk to me, there is nothing I can do about it. No girls in the school will talk to me anymore, except one.

“Logan! I asked what is the answer to question 4.” She startled me and brought back from out of my thoughts.

“Um… Um… 7?”

“No! Jenkins?” She smiled as she said Jenkins.

“The answer is 14, Miss.”

“Thank you Jenkins.”

Ms. Williams was a 45 year old math teacher. She had long amber hair, a very slender body for her age and big tits that were almost as big as Cassandra’s. Her ass was perky and was what all boys took her class for. I want to fuck her. She is my next target.

I find all classes boring, I think about sex all day until I go home where I masturbate and think about sex some more. Math was our last class of the day, so as soon as this period ended, I would make my move.

The bell rang just as I put together what I would say to her. I ran down to the change room to get ready. Here we go; I will turn invisible. Over the last three weeks I have come a long way in learning to control my sexual urges; I only get hard-ons when I wanted them. Except for two days ago when I heard my mom masturbating again; I turned invisible and just spied on her for a couple of hours until she was finished and then I just masturbated in my room covering my torso in cum.

I took off all of my clothes and put them into the locker; I let my hard on pop up and turned invisible. I walked out of the change room, invisible. The brisk air conditioned school gave me goose bumps. I felt so free, walking around the busy school, as everyone was leaving. All the classrooms empty.

I slowly opened the door to Ms. Williams’ math class and popped in. I was shocked at what I found. Jenkins beat me to it. Ms. Williams was unbuttoning her shirt and walking up to Jenkins.

“M…Ms. Will…Williams? What are you doing?”

“Jenkins, you’re such a good student… I like rewarding good students.”

“But what if someone catches us?”

“Don’t worry I will lock the door.”

She stopped unbuttoning her shirt and briskly walked to the door, pushed it closed all the way and flicked the lock.

“There, all better?”

She seductively walked over to Jenkins; as she pulled her shirt open revealing her huge tits. She unclasped her bra and dropped it on the desk in front of Jenkins. She moved his desk away, revealing his massive boner trying to break free from his pants. She reached down and unhinged his jeans and pulled down the zipper. She started to pull his pants and underwear down. Jenkins lifted himself off the seat to give her some help. A massive cock sprang up. 9 inches at least I thought.

“Wow Jenkins!” she exclaimed in awe.

I was incredibly jealous of my best friend Jenkins, of both his cock and stealing my action.

She knelt down and started to slowly stroke his monster cock. She slowly drew her tongue up from the base to the tip where she began to suck it. Every bob she made she took it in a little farther until it was down her throat. Jenkins started moaning loudly after a few seconds of this.

“M…Ms. Williams, I… I’m gonna cum.”

Ms. Williams kept sucking hard.

“I… I… I’m cumming Ms. Williams.”

He shot loads and loads and she swallowed every drop. Ms. Williams got up and began to take off her dress pants; she let them fall to the floor as Jenkins cock started to get hard again. She pulled her red lace thong up spreading her lips with the G-string, before pulls them down giving me and Jenkins a great view. I was very jealous of Jenkins but there was nothing I could do but watch.

Ms. Williams threw together a couple of tables near Jenkins and climbed on. She laid down and spread her legs. Jenkins walked over and put his head down to taste. Slowly at first as he had never done it before, he had only seen it on line. He slowly massaged her swollen clit with his tongue, making circles. She cooed gently. He began to suck hard on her clit, pulling and flicking it with his tongue. He suddenly grabbed her ass fiercely and pulled her closer. She started crying out in pleasure; desperately trying to keep her moans quiet. She put her hands out and pushed his head away before she lost it and screamed out of ecstasy.

“Thank you Jenkins.”

She climbed down and propped herself up on a chair, sticking her ass out.

“Fuck me hard Jenkins!”

“Yes teacher!” answered Jenkins proudly.

Jenkins brought his rock hard dick up to her ready and waiting cunt, he pushed it in slowly. She was tight and soaking wet. Jenkins grabbed her hips and thrust himself all the way; every inch of his nine inch cock. She cried out loudly and quickly covered her mouth. He slowly increased his speed. She was moaning with every thrust. He started moving as fast as he could. Her juices were bursting out after every thrust. He made one final thrust and came hard in her.

“Ahhhhhhhhh!” He moaned loudly.

He pulled out his cock, covered in cum and pussy juice, still rock hard. Ms. Williams was about to get down when suddenly Jenkins grabbed her hips again and thrust his hard dick into her tight ass. It slid in all the way. She cried out in pain and pleasure.

“Yes! Yes! Yes! Jenkinnnnnnnnnns!” she cried as her pussy squirted for the first time in her life. She trembled and went limp as he continued to thrust in and out of her ass.

I couldn’t believe my dweeby best friend had lost his virginity before me. I was incredibly turned on seeing my bitchy math teacher being fucked hard in the ass. I was masturbating hard as I absorbed the scene.

He started yelling out in pleasure. “Oh! Oh! Oh! I can`t believe I`m fucking my teacher. Yes! Yes! Ahhhhhh!!!” Jenkins came hard, filling her ass.

He pulled out still hard. Ms. Williams turned herself around and sat on the chair, exhausted and amazed at what her teacher`s pet had done to her. She had never come so hard in her whole life. She looked at his still hard cock and gasped.

“Jenkins!? You’re still hard as a rock!” She exclaimed as she put her hand out and grabbed it. She started stroking it. She pulled him closer and began to give him another blow-job. Jenkins quickly pushed her away.

“Wait… Like this.” He stuck his dick between her huge tits, and started thrusting away. She grabbed her tits and bobbed them up and down faster and faster. He started breathing heavy and letting out soft moans and sighs.

“Ah! AH! AHHH!!!” He shouted as he shot his finally loads all over her face and tits. My load shot all over my hands. I started appearing visible again. I jumped under her desk and hid. I stayed for hours waiting for them to leave. They cleaned up their messes, talked about next times and talked about his grades rapidly improving. They left together.

Finally I can leave. I got up and headed to the change room. I felt intense worry when I found the hall lights had been turned off. What time is it? I thought. I ran up to the change room door. It was locked. Oh shit! What do I do now? I had no choice but to walk home naked. I pushed open the school doors and was met by night time. The parking lot was empty. I felt relieved as I started getting a boner and I turned invisible. I had to pass through the centre of town to get home. I looked up at the clock tower and it said 8:30. I didn’t have to worry about my parents because my father was still on a long business trip and my mom just left to go on a three day writing retreat. I started to masturbate. The fresh air sent a chill down my spine. I was about to come. I started running as I masturbated, I couldn’t stop but I couldn’t finish somewhere this public. I reached the street near my house. Our house was fairly detached from the rest of town. I was going to shoot my load any second now. I stopped as I started to cum. I shot a load against a tree. I became visible again. Just then a convertible buzzed up next to me. Cassandra was in the back seat. She lifted up her shirt and flashed her tits to me. Everyone in the car was laughing as they drove off. I was incredibly humiliated again by that bitch. I walked to my house with my head down. I stopped dead in my tracks. Melody was waiting at my house. She was sitting on the steps. I was relieved, she hadn’t seen me. I ninja’d about to the other end of the house, and quickly ran to my room to get a change of clothes on. I ran back around and came out of the woods like I was just coming home.

“Melody! What are you doing here?”

“I was hoping to talk to you. Can I come in?”

“Ya! sure.” I was happy to see her. I felt so defeated reflecting on my day. My best friend has a larger dick than me and he had sex before me, not to mention I was just humiliated again by Cassandra and a bunch of frat boys. I always felt happy when I was around Melody.

“I knocked on the door but no one answered.” She admitted.

“My parents are out of town for a while.”

She smiled. We headed up to my room. She was wearing her black leather motorcycle jacket, and a short skirt. When we got to my room she sat down on the bed and I sat down on my desk chair at my computer.

“So what did you want to talk about?”

“It’s… My boyfriend, he disappeared.”

“Really, I didn’t even know he was in town.”

“There’s more, he hit me, hard. I told him it was over, but he just stayed outside of my house waiting for me to come home. I was waiting in the bushes for hours waiting for him to leave.”

My heart skipped a beat. She was there the night I beat him up. I gasped.

She continued talking “I saw what you did. I didn’t believe it at first, but then I thought back to all my recent experiences here in this town and I realized, I felt your presence watching me. You have some strange power don’t you!?”

“Wait! Melody! I’m not a freak, I was just masturbating in front of this mirror when I suddenly turned invisible, I couldn’t belie-”

“I heard what you said too!”

I froze, this was somehow worse; she heard me say I wanted to fuck her. She opened her legs and raised her skirt up revealing she wasn’t wearing any panties. She was wet and waiting for me. I shot up and tore off my clothes. My boner shot up next and I turned invisible. She gasped for a second out of fear, but quickly regained her composure.

“So that’s how it works.” She said.

She took off her jacket and raised her shirt, revealing her perfect B-cup breasts. Her nipples were firm and pointing out. She threw her top across the room as I pounced on her. My hands explored her body. She couldn’t see me, but she could feel me. I brought my head down to her pussy and started to licking her slit up and down. Juices flowed into my mouth. She threw her head back and moaned uncontrollably.

I was finally fucking someone. It was finally my turn to get some action. All my embarrassments faded away. It was only me and her. I love her. I feel complete with her. I brought my head up and we kissed deeply. Suddenly I became visible again. She pulled away and smiled as she licked her lips tasting her own juices. We pressed our bodies together. Our hands explored every inch of each other. I didn’t understand why I was visible again, but I didn’t care. She grabbed my hard virgin cock and directed it into her warm and waiting pussy. She wasn’t a virgin anymore, after what Cassandra did to her. Although this was her first cock. We were a perfect fit. I let out a sigh as I pulled out again and pushed it in as deep as I could. She moaned loudly again. I increased my speed. We were in perfect sync. I was in heaven. I could feel her body and mine. We gyrated with electricity.

“Fuck me harder!!!” She screamed.

I started ramming her as fast as I could.

“I… I… I’m gonna cum!!!”

“Do it!”

I thrust into her as deep as I could and filled her with my load. Just then I felt her release a torrent of pussy juice. I pulled out and she showered me with cum. I shivered with excitement. My cock was hard again in no time.

“I love you.” She confessed as she shuddered and grabbed me. She pulled my head in and kissed me hard.

“I love you too!” I said as I let her throw me down onto the bed.

She climbed on top of me and started sucking on my seamen and pussy juice covered cock. She started making circles around the head of my dick. I moaned and shuddered. She took my whole cock in all the way down her throat. I suddenly started cumming uncontrollably. She was surprised for a second and gagged, but quickly regained control and swallowed every last drop. She threw herself down next to me. We held each other, fully satisfied and complete. We were in love, I was finally happy.


The next morning we just cuddled in each other’s warm embrace.

“I never said thank you.”

“For what?”

“…For saving me from my boyfriend.”

“I will always protect you!” I stated firmly, and meant it. I truly loved this hot, 18 year old, punk rock chick from Toronto, Canada.

“I was thinking; I should do something to return the favour.”

“You don’t have to do anything for me. Just be here, with me.”

“No. I want to. I want to help you fulfill all your sexual fantasies. Everyone you ever wanted to fuck, I will help you do it.”

“Ok.” I said trying to comprehend what she meant. She grabbed a piece of paper and a pen.

“Well…” I started listing names. “There is that bitch Cassandra… Jenny and her twin sister Monica… My last period math teacher Ms. Williams and my…” I paused, I wanted to fuck my own mother.

“… And your mom” She finished my sentence. I felt my heart stop for a second. “It’s ok, I get it, she’s hot, I fucked her once myself after all.”

We decided that our first target would be my mom and then Cassandra. I didn’t even wonder if I could turn invisible anymore, I didn’t care. I had everything I wanted. I had love.


They’d been best friends for years. Natalie and Cameron met in middle school and were basically inseparable ever since. They were the kind of pair that had everyone but themselves seeing a romantic spark. It was a completely platonic friendship and always had been.

It was wedding season and Natalie’s big sister was getting married up north. Natalie was shy around virtually every male besides Cameron, and even when she did go out with a guy, it rarely went beyond a date or two. She didn’t have a date to take to the wedding with her, so she asked Cameron to go with her. It wouldn’t be a date. She convinced him to go by telling him that there would be plenty of cool things for them to do there.

Cameron was super popular in high school. He played multiple sports and with his boyish good looks, he had his pick of the girls. Natalie, on the other hand, was seen as a bit of a nerd. She wore big plastic glasses which seemed totally cool at the time before finally getting contacts after graduation. She was the sort of girl that joined all the academic clubs but couldn’t talk to a guy if her life depended on it, except Cameron, and he didn’t count.

That didn’t change the fact that she was beautiful. Natalie was taller than Cameron and I guess you might call her big-boned. Natalie also had an absolutely massive set of tits and the biggest, bubbly butt any man had ever had the good sense to drool over. Not to mention her girl cock, which was big enough to match them both. Cameron didn’t have a problem with her being a t-girl. That was just Natalie.

“So your aunt only has one bed for us?” Cameron asked while buzzing through a game on his PS Vita.

“Yep. I told you she has a small house. We’re lucky to get a bed. I have family fighting over the living room couch,” Natalie took a sharp turn and gave the GPS a quick glance. They were on their way up north and the wedding was in three days.

“I could drive you know. I’d even let you play Metal Gear Solid. It just came out,” he smiled and waved the handheld in front of her face.

Natalie batted it away and tried to concentrate on the road, “You’ve never even driven here before and you think speed limits are just a helpful suggestion. So no way.”

They got there in one piece and met Natalie’s aunt, afterwards heading toward their room. Cameron went ahead and when he opened the door, Natalie heard him shout, “That’s the smallest bed I’ve ever seen!”

Natalie walked into the room ready to tell him he was overreacting, but when she saw the bed, she couldn’t. It really was tiny. She didn’t say anything, because she knew they had to fit on it somehow. They started to unpack their things and then Natalie’s aunt called them to dinner. Her Aunt Barb was a nice woman, if not a little forward. She asked about them and Natalie realized that Aunt Barb was under the assumption that they were a couple.

It dawned on Natalie that her aunt would probably object to them sleeping in the same bed if they weren’t a couple, so she talked to Cameron like they were boyfriend and girlfriend. When he got a beer for her, she squeezed his hand and gave him a lover’s glance, all for the benefit of her aunt of course. Once they got back to their room, Cameron asked about it.

“Aunt Barb is an old-fashioned woman. If she knew that we were just friends, you’d be sleeping on the floor,” she answered.

Both Natalie and Cameron changed into night clothes. Natalie wore a loose-fitting top and a pair of comfy sleep pants. Cameron just put on a pair of shorts and a wife beater. Natalie took out her contacts, they brushed their teeth, and both of them ended up huddled around the bed, trying to figure out how this would work.

“I don’t think this bed can hold both of us,” Cameron shook his head.

“Maybe you’re right.” Fitting both of their bodies on this tiny bed seemed like a daunting task. “So I’ll ask Aunt Barb for another sheet and you can find out how comfortable this rug is,” Natalie stuck her tongue out and gave him a playful nudge out of the way with her hip.

Cameron jumped on the bed and and pulled the sheet over himself. He pushed up against the wall and then stretched his legs out over the rest of the bed before saying, “No way. I didn’t come all this way to wake up with a rug burn for a face.”

“And ladies don’t sleep on floors,” the little bed creaked as Natalie planted her knee on it and pushed herself on. Cameron had to lay on his side with his back against the wall just so she could get on the bed. “Goodnight, Cam,” she whispered.

“Wait.” Cameron slithered off the wall and tried to find a comfortable position. “I can’t sleep like this, Nat. Maybe if you moved back a little and bent your legs and maybe–”

“Here. We’ll try this,” Natalie huffed. She hooked her leg around his and pulled him to her. Natalie pressed her big breasts flush against his chest and when she spoke, her lips were close to his, “Better?”

Natalie boobs were flattened against his chest. She wrapped her arms around his neck to get more comfortable. Cameron shifted as best he could and eded up with his arm around the small of her back. They laid like that, their eyes catching briefly before he answered, “Yes.”

Her breasts felt so soft. He could even feel her nipples poke against his chest; they were big and stiff. How could she still smell so good, he wondered. They’d been cooped up in a car for three hours and then had to lug all their stuff into the room. Neither of them had enough energy left over to shower. She didn’t smell like perfume, because she wasn’t wearing any, she smelled exactly how a girl should smell: natural and feminine. It caught in his nostrils and stayed there all night.

Even though they were only doing this because of the small bed, Natalie still felt that it was nice to be with someone like this. It made her feel even better that it was Cameron. She could trust him. He didn’t have the heart to hurt her or make her feel bad even if he wanted to. Natalie buried her face in his neck. The last thoughts she had before drifting off were of how pleasant sleeping on this tiny bed could actually be.

They had a good time the following day. A quiet intimacy seemed to develop between Natalie and Cameron after spending a night together in the same bed. They were very believable as a couple. Natalie’s sister, the bride to be, was surprised to see that Natalie and Cameron were a couple. Natalie could tell that her sister was a little suspicious, so she took extra steps to make sure everyone was convinced. Natalie rubbed her body against his as she got up from the table at dinner and occasionally she’d lean in close to him and whisper right up to his ear as though they were sharing lovers’ secrets.

It was during one of those moments that Natalie’s sister chimed in. “I’m sure the rest of the table would like to know what you two are giggling about?”

“They’ve been like this since the second they got in last night,” Aunt Barb piped up before Natalie could answer.

Natalie’s face started to turn a little red. She really didn’t know how to answer, her big sister always could tell when she was fibbing. As luck would have it, she didn’t have to, because Cameron grabbed her hand affectionately and answered, “I was just telling Nat that she has the most beautiful eyes at the table… next to Aunt Barb’s of course.” He smiled his boyish grin that always made everything alright.

They got ready for bed that night and Natalie felt something a little different. Instead of anxiety, she could feel a nervous excitement; it originated in her tummy and shot like sparks through her fingertips and toes. Everything she touched and everywhere she stepped seemed to ramp up her excitement. Natalie decided to wear a pair of boyshorts and a shirt with a low neckline which showed plenty of her gorgeous breasts.

Cameron was in bed, up against his corner, by the time Natalie came out of the bathroom. When Natalie sat down on the bed, she realized that she’d developed an erection. Her nine incher was making an obscene bulge. “I’m gonna sleep on my side tonight,” she said nervously, lying down with her face turned away from him and pulling the sheet over herself. This left Cameron between the swell of her big bottom and the wall. He squirmed around in an attempt to get comfortable and only succeeded in rubbing up against her bulky, bubbly buttocks. “Cut it out,” she whispered.

“I can’t get comfortable. Your big ass in the way.” He gave her backside a playful push and laughed. Cameron would often make fun – I’m avoiding a bad pun here (you’re welcome) – of her sizable tits and ass, but he didn’t mean anything by it. If anyone else had told Natalie that, she’d probably be crying right now, but it was different with Cameron.

“You better apologize for that comment right now, Cam!” She warned him, doing her best not to laugh in the process.

“Or what?”

“Wrong answer!” Natalie shouted, ramming her ass against him. Now he really was squashed between her bubble butt and the wall. He tried to squirm free, but she wouldn’t let him. “Apologize,” she said again.

“I’m sorry Nat–”

“Not to me. To her!” She snapped.

“Okay, okay.” Cameron noticed that Natalie’s boyshorts had wrapped even tighter around her ass. He could make out the outline of each massive cheek against his stomach. “I’m sorry, Ms. Butt… that you’re so damn big I can’t fall asleep like this!”

Natalie thrust her hips back against him harder. Her shorts bunched up and Cameron could see most of the supple skin which made up each massive–yet perfectly-sculpted ass cheek. His cock instantly swelled and pressed up against the crack of her ass. Natalie could feel every inch of it. She realized what she’d done and pulled away.

“I’m sorry,” he whimpered.

Her erection grew harder. It extended off the bed a few inches. The big head pressed against the soft material of her shorts and made her even hornier. “It’s my fault. I shouldn’t have done that. You can’t help it… I wasn’t thinking.”

Natalie inhaled sharply when she felt his arm wrap around her. It rested within inches of her erection, but he didn’t know that she was hard. “It’s just that I haven’t had any time to… you know… take care of myself since we got here. Every time I turn my head your aunt’s there and I don’t have much privacy in the room.”

“I get it.” Natalie started to feel that it wasn’t right that he had to suffer like this. There was no reason why he couldn’t just do what he had to do while she was around, was there? “And you should know that I wouldn’t mind if you wanted to… take care of yourself here.”

“You mean it?” He asked incredulously.

“Yeah, I mean it.”

Natalie could sense movement behind her and realized that Cameron’s hand had slipped into his boxers. That thought sent a shock wave through her body which ended right at the tip of her cock as it smeared precum in her shorts.

“You must have the same problem, Nat. Don’t you? Well you could… you could do it too,” Cameron said as he began to stroke up his length.

Natalie thought about it, then answered, “I guess she could use it, but if it’s weird or something I won’t.”

“It’s not weird. Well, not any weirder than sharing a bed. Nothing is weird about you, Nat. You’re my best friend. The only person in the world who could drag me out to a wedding and make me wear a tuxedo. Now let’s jerk off.”

“Okay,” she giggled.

Natalie’s hand crept down her stomach and into her shorts. She grabbed her hard girl meat and started to stroke it under the sheet. Their room was filled with the soft slapping of skin; both of them could see the sheet rise and fall with each jerking motion. Natalie’s lust was heightened by the fact that were doing this together. She matched his speed until they were masturbating in time together.

Cameron could feel the heat of Natalie’s ass as he stroked. For something they’d never done before, it didn’t feel unnatural or out of the ordinary. Even though Natalie’s back was turned, there was no mistaking that they were doing this together. The fact that he hadn’t masturbated since before they left meant that Cameron was going to cum very soon.

Natalie made sure to masturbate in the shower every time. She was a very horny young woman and didn’t want an erection getting in the way of things. If Aunt Barb saw it she’d probably faint. It was one thing to know your darling niece had a cock, and another to see the thick nine-inch pipe in all its glory. Masturbating with Cameron added so much to the act for Natalie that she was close to cumming too. Her big t-girl balls produced so much cum; so much potent sperm; they’d ache when she went too long without blowing them, and they were aching now.

Their release couldn’t have been off by more than a couple seconds. Cameron’s hand flew up his cock and a spurt of hot cum slipped through his fingers and landed right on Natalie’s bubbly duff. She felt it and her cock twitched. Another stroke and it was covering the inside of her shorts with cream. Cameron hurriedly threw the sheet off of them and caught the tip of his cock just as another shot landed on Natalie’s crack. He spilled the rest of his seed into his hand. Natalie moaned as she continued to jerk into her boyshorts. She was covered in cum by the time their orgasms subsided. She was too tired to change. Cameron was drained as well.

They’d settled down a bit by the time Natalie spoke softly, “Are you comfortable?”

Cameron had to turn on his side against the wall and do his best to breathe that way unless he turned around, but then his cock would come into contact with her ass. “I’ll be fine,” he assured her.

“I’d turn around if this weren’t comfortable and the front of my shorts weren’t dripping with cum. Please, do whatever it takes to get comfortable, Cam. We have the rehearsal tomorrow and as long as our cocks allow it, we better get as much rest as we can.”

“Alright,” he answered. Cameron turned back toward Natalie and tentatively pushed closer to her. He wrapped his legs and upper body around hers like a glove. His penis ended up pressing against the crack of her ass. Cameron’s chin rested on her shoulder and he could finally breathe in again. He took in a deep breath of her scent and their combined ejaculation. It didn’t take long before they were both fast asleep.

Things were even better the next day. It felt perfectly natural for Natalie and Cameron when they pretended to be a couple. Natalie read about a concert in the park and the two of them went. They found themselves snuggling and acting like boyfriend and girlfriend even with none of her family around. Natalie was thrilled about this turn of events. She’d catch Cameron sneaking glances at her and feel so sexy; so wanted.

The rehearsal went off without a hitch. Natalie was the only girl who stood out to Cameron. He’d never seen her look more gorgeous. And that dress! It accentuated her huge bosom to the point that every man at the rehearsal, including the groom, was transfixed on them. It was a little chilly out, not to mention the fact that Cameron was feeling a little jealous, so he put his jacket around her as they sat down to eat.

Everyone was having a good time. Natalie was genuinely happy for her big sister, if not a bit jealous herself. She watched Cameron lovingly and tried to whisper to him that he was going a little overboard with the drinks. A bridesmaid swooped in and whisked Natalie’s attention away with pleasant conversation before they could. Cameron was so drunk by the end of the night that Natalie had to carry him from the car into Aunt Barb’s house.

He slumped over on the bed and started muttering something. Natalie wrapped her arms around his waist and unbuttoned his pants. She pulled them down his legs and told him to kick out of them. His shirt came off next. Cameron was on his back with the television blaring by the time she went into the bathroom. Natalie got ready for bed, throwing a nightgown on over her panties.

“Are you still up?” She called out to Cameron as she walked out of the bathroom. Natalie came over and turned off the television. She could see him looking up at her through the small slits of his half-closed eyes.

“You looked really good tonight… you always… always do, Nat,” he slurred.

“Thank you,” she smiled, her nose wrinkling. Natalie laid down on the bed and his eyes followed her body.

Cameron pressed himself even closer to her on the small bed and said, “I don’t want to fall asleep yet… today has been so nice.”

Natalie ran her fingers through his hair and asked, “Think you feel like masturbating before we go to sleep?”

Cameron leaned in close like he had something important to tell her, but he was drunk, so Natalie wasn’t ruling out the possibility that was planning on belting out a few choice song lyrics from the concert they’d attended and then falling asleep. He did that in the car on the way to the rehearsal and he wasn’t even drunk then. “Can I look at your boobs while I do it?”

Natalie’s cheeks got red. Look at her boobs? It must be the liquor talking. Or did he really mean that? Well, why wouldn’t he want to see them. Anyway, he’d probably be asleep in two minutes. “Close your eyes and go to sleep, silly,” she told him. Natalie gasped when she felt his hand clutch an oversized melon. He grabbed it and pulled on it before she could shoo his hand away.

“I’m sorry, but please. Please. Let me see. I’ve wanted to for so long,” he looked at her dreamily.

“You said look, not touch. And I haven’t even shown you anything yet. Have you really… wanted to see them before?”

His hand grasped one of the straps of her nightgown. Cameron gently slid it down her shoulder and her big breast started to spill out on the bed. “They’re so awesome, Nat, and big,” he muttered as he got his first look at one of the beautiful mounds.

Natalie turned on her side toward him and he brushed the other strap away. She lifted up on her elbow and pulled the nightgown down her tits. Her tits smacked against themselves and then settled down on the bed. Natalie felt a little exposed like this, but she had another feeling too; one which excited her to no end and caused her cock to come to life. Cameron’s hand covered what they could of the enormous breasts and squeezed. They were so cool and heavy in his hands.

Natalie clasped his hand, “Here. Rub here,” she started to direct it. “My dress was a little tight tonight. It left some marks,” she cooed. His ministrations were starting to take their toll on Natalie. She moaned, her legs squirming. Cameron watched the red marks disappear with his rubbing. Natalie’s stiff nipples caught his eye. He twisted them between his fingers and Natalie let out a low moan.

Natalie hadn’t made a conscious decision to do so, but her hand found her cock and she began to stroke herself while Cameron plucked at her nipples. His dick was hard and as she jerked her hand up her cock it bounced against his. The next time her hand hit his hard-on, she switched cocks and started stroking his. Her hand went into his boxers. His cock was smaller than hers, but not small by any means. The hard shaft felt warm and full of life in her hand. Cameron grunted as she stroked him, their eyes met and the deep emotion of the moment overtook him.

“I want to hold yours,” he croaked, not waiting for a sign from Natalie before wrapping his hand around her shaft.

She’d never had another hand besides her own on her cock. It pulsed in his hand. When he started to run his hand over the shaft, she nearly lost it and exploded right then. Natalie clenched her eyes shut and staved off her orgasm. Cameron buried his face in her tits as his hand explored her cock for the first time. He kissed and licked all over the soft flesh of her breasts before coming up for air. Cameron returned his eyes to her gaze and found her nipple with his lips; he dragged his tongue across it and started to suck.

Her hand quickened its stroking. They were both close again. His stroking hand sped up to match her pace. Cameron pulled as much of her tit into his mouth and applied suction, repeating the action on her other glorious breast. Cameron’s balls seized and he cried out, “I’m gonna CUM, NAT!”

Natalie didn’t miss a beat, continuing to jerk his cock. The strokes he was giving her cock were choppier as his cock started spurting. Natalie covered his hand with hers and gave her dick the three hard strokes it needed to cum. Cameron had bitten into her breast after beginning to cum, which Natalie found extremely pleasurable and quite sexy. As she was losing control, her legs tensed on the bed and she pressed her body hard against his. She let go and her cock covered their stomachs in girly cum.

She continued to blow long after Cameron had finished. Their stomachs and lower bodies were virtually covered in her white hot cream by the time she shivered with her last dribble of cum. Natalie’s sticky hand lifted Cameron’s head and she kissed him. Her tongue snaked into his mouth and filled it. They kissed like that for a long moment before falling asleep, Cameron’s head snuggled against her big breasts.

Natalie awoke first the next morning. She was careful not to stir too much for fear of waking him. He looked so peaceful; his cheek still resting against her breast. Natalie tried to convince herself that this could be real. They’d jerked each other last night. He did about everything with her tits short of slipping his cock between them, and she certainly wasn’t averse to that. Nothing had to be off limits. They’d crossed this barrier together and Natalie filled her heart with the belief that they’d cross any others.

Cameron started to wake. He was still in a sleepy state, his eyes still heavy, he wasn’t ready to open them just yet. The first thing he could feel was Natalie’s heartbeat and the soft flesh he was pressed up against. Cameron finally pried his eyes open and found he was staring at Natalie’s breasts. He sprung backward and looked at her with his eyes bugged out.

“Your boobs… they’re beautiful. I mean big. I mean bare! They’re out in the open,” he wheezed.

Natalie giggled. She pulled the strap of her nightgown up and loosely covered them before rubbing her hand over his chest. Even with his back against the wall, there still wasn’t an inch of daylight between them on the tiny bed.

“Well, they should be. You got quite acquainted with them last night. Don’t you remember?”

“I… I had a lot to drink, didn’t I?” He swallowed hard.

“I can fill you on all the sexy details if you’d like,” she said in a husky voice.

“What did we do?”

“I let you see my tits. But that wasn’t enough for you, my little boobie lover. You wanted to play with them and suck on them. We started jerking off and pretty soon we were jerking each other off. Anything ringing a bell?”

Cameron looked between them and noticed the cum stains for the first time. He had hardened cum on his stomach and so did Natalie’s nightgown. “I don’t,” he began, “I don’t remember. Jeez, the wedding’s today isn’t it? I better shower.”

“Wait,” Natalie grabbed his arm. “You don’t want to talk about this? Cam, I didn’t force you to do anything,” she said, a little hurt. Cameron didn’t say anything. He slipped off the bed and Natalie could hear the shower running a few seconds later.

He was distant the rest of the day. The final wedding preparations began and Natalie got her dress and makeup together. Natalie was in the bridal party so her sister had picked out the dresses. She looked even more beautiful than the night prior. Cameron, for his part, looked incredibly sharp in his tuxedo. The wedding started and they sat together, but Natalie couldn’t shake the feeling that they were worlds apart. She watched her sister walk down the aisle, and though she was glad that her sister had found love, it hurt to see someone so happy and in love.

The wedding reception was next. Natalie gave her carefully-rehearsed toast and sat back down. Cameron seemed to be avoiding her and he hadn’t had a drop to drink all night. Couples started dancing and everyone got pretty smashed. Cameron didn’t ask Natalie to dance, though. They’d barely spoken two words to each other since waking up together earlier that day. Natalie knew that they had more than one night of fooling around (however great she thought that had been) at stake, they had years of friendship too.

The two of them got back to Aunt Barb’s and started to pack up. Cameron left his tuxedo jacket on the door handle. He gathered up some of his clothing and folded it for the suitcase. Natalie started to do the same, but her emotions were still going wild. She got into the bathroom and locked the door behind her. Natalie sat down on the toilet lid and cried. It dawned on her that her sister was probably being made love to by her groom right now.

Cameron heard a sniffle from the bathroom. He got closer and realized she was crying. Everything in his nature told him to find out what was wrong, but he didn’t know what he could tell Natalie. He didn’t even understand himself what he felt exactly. Jerking off in a bed together was one thing, but jerking each other off? This changed everything.

Natalie heard a soft knock on the door. She debated whether to answer it before saying, “What do you want?” in an unkind tone.

“Can I come in?”

“I don’t care,” she answered.

Cameron turned the knob, but the door wouldn’t open. “It’s locked.”

Natalie stood up and splashed some cold water on her face from the faucet. It was still red and puffy even afterward. She unlocked the door and then stepped out of the bathroom. Natalie grabbed the clothing she’d been folding and started to stuff them into her suitcase.

“What are you thinking about, Nat?” He finally asked.

“Nothing. Don’t ask me that.” She returned to the suitcase which was one pair of panties away from busting.

“Tell me,” he told her in the voice which always fooled Natalie into thinking she was safe. Well, it wouldn’t work this time.

“Nobody wants me, Cam. Who could? With what I’ve got between my legs. I sat through an entire day watching something I’ll never be able to have myself. Happiness. Marriage. That’s what I’m thinking about!”

“That’s not true.” Cameron caressed Natalie’s cheek with his hand. “Any guy could fall in love with you and if you two were right for each other, he’d love that thing between your legs just as much as the rest of you.”

“Yeah, and you just spent the entire day avoiding me because of that ‘thing.’”

“Can I tell you something?” Cameron asked, his eyes smoldering.

“Sure. Go for it,” she answered.

“Nat, I didn’t avoid you because I’m turned off by your dick or something like that. To tell you the truth, it was hard for me to think about another guy falling in love with you. It makes me jealous, Nat. I guess I was avoiding you because I was worried… that we put our friendship in danger with what we did.” Cameron swallowed hard and looked as deeply into her big brown eyes as he could. “I don’t want to lose this and I was just afraid. You’re a lot braver than I am.”

Natalie’s heart was all aflutter. With the realization that his behavior wasn’t a way of rejecting her, rather protecting her, and them, it all made sense. “We can’t plan that things are going to go wrong. I don’t want to live that way. I want to live this way,” Natalie pressed her lips against his. She kissed him hard, her tongue diving into his mouth.

They ended up on their tiny bed, kissing frantically and feeling the other’s body. Cameron’s hand found Natalie’s butt. He grabbed a handful of each massive globe and squeezed. It felt soft and wonderful. Their cocks crushed against one another. Natalie’s hand slid between them and grabbed Cameron’s erection. She gave it a rough squeeze and asked, “Can we do this? You’re not going to spazz out and pretend you don’t know me tomorrow?”

“No! I promise,” Cameron answered quickly, attaching his lips to hers again.

“Good. I don’t want to drive home with a stranger.” Natalie grabbed Cameron’s shoulders and pressed him into the bed. Her full lips were sporting a delightful smiled. She slithered down his body and started to take off his pants. Cameron took in a deep breath, he could barely hold in his anticipation. She pulled his pants and underwear down in one motion, causing his hard-on to spring out. Natalie grabbed it at the base and then gave the tip a sloppy kiss.

“Fuck, Nat. You’re…”

She wrapped her lips around the head and started to suck before he could finish. Cameron shut his mouth instantly. The warmth of her mouth was amazing. Natalie slid her lips down his cock and collapsed her cheeks like a cocoon of hot wet pleasure. She’d never sucked cock before, but she could almost swallow all the way down to the base. Her nose was practically in his pubes.

Natalie started to bob her head on his cock. Cameron’s hand found the back of her head and the other brushed stray hair from her face. He loved to watch a girl suck this cock. This was more than that, though. This was Natalie. And she sure was prettier than any girl who had done this before. Cameron watched her lips glide along his shaft and knew that she was the most beautiful woman he’d ever seen. He was right.

She whipped her shirt off and her bobbling breasts spilled out. Cameron couldn’t look away. Natalie lifted her bulky titties up and wrapped them around Cameron’s cock. She sucked hard on the tip of his cock and rolled her breasts up and down his shaft. The sensations were becoming too much for Cameron. Natalie swirled her tongue around the tip which caused Cameron’s hips to buck.

He called out, “Oh shit, Nat. I’m getting close!”

Natalie pulled her lips from his cock with a pop, “Oh wait!” She wrapped her hand around his cock and squeezed it. Natalie pushed herself up his body, kissing his stomach and chest as she went. “What I really wanted to try was sticking it in my butt. You know, like in the pornos?”

Cameron had always been interested in trying that with a girl, but they’d always turned him down. The prospect of trying that with Natalie sent a tremor through him. He answered, “I wanna try it too. But I think my cock needs a minute to calm down.”

Natalie kissed and licked his tender neck. She sucked so hard on one spot that it made him squirm. “That’s fine. You can’t get in right away anyway. You have to ask first.”

“You just said we could–”

“Not me! Her.”

“Oh, okay,” he answered awkwardly.

Natalie lifted her head and gave him a little schoolgirl smirk, “Do you want to try now?”

“Hell yes.” Cameron ran his hands over her big bottom.

Natalie’s smirk opened into a beautiful smile which showcased her full lips and perfect pearly teeth. She pulled the pants she’d changed into after getting back down her thighs. They puddled at her feet until she kicked them off the bed. She was naked from head to toe now. Cameron couldn’t help but touch her. Her body was gorgeous and begged to be touched.

Cameron lifted up on his knees and Natalie laid down on her stomach. His cock had never felt harder as he scoped out her bubbly ass. Cameron scooted on his knees until Natalie’s legs were in between them. Inside her big cheeks he could just see a hint of her honey hole. Cameron started to spread the smooth skin of her cheeks, but couldn’t fight off the urge to kiss them first. He gave them loud kisses while Natalie laughed and wiggled under him.

“That tickles!” She giggled.

He kissed along the shape of her big ass and when his lips met her crack, he rolled his tongue over it. Finally, he spread the orbs and looked at the sweet prize they concealed. “Ms. Butt and Ms. Asshole, may I please stick my dick in you?”

“You seek entrance? What offering have you brought me?” Natalie said with his voice purposefully muffled by the bed sheet.

“Hmm,” Cameron leaned down and slapped his hard cock against one of her cheeks, “I offer you my cock… plus my undying gratitude of course.”

“I don’t want your cock. Well, I do. But I want your ass,” Natalie replied.

“You have it. Please can I get my ‘entrance’ now?”

Natalie pushed off the bed for a moment and gave her cock a few good strokes with her other hand there to catch the precum. Natalie laid back down, her cock digging into the bed and put the precum-covered hand behind her back. Cameron placed his cock in her hand and she coated his cock with it. Using Natalie’s precum as lubricant on his cock? Man, she sure could produce a lot of that stuff, he thought.

Cameron pressed his tip against the hole; it was so tight. I guess that thing they say about the bigger the butt, the tighter the butthole, was correct. Cameron struggled past her sphincter into the incredible warmth. The precum she’d applied to his cock helped him push further. Her asshole was so much tighter, so much warmer than he could remember pussy ever being. He slid his cock all the way into her and didn’t move for a full thirty seconds. The sensations were too intense, he’d have blown his load right there. Natalie grunted when every inch pressed inside her.

Cameron grabbed her hips and slowly pulled his cock out. It hurt, but Natalie immediately disliked the idea of it leaving. She didn’t have to miss it for long, though, because he thrust forward and sent most of his length back inside. Cameron slowly slid the rest in until his balls rested on hers. “Was that okay?” He asked.

“Yes! More,” Natalie groaned.

Her sweet spot didn’t seem to be getting any less tight. The resistance was enough to take Cameron’s breath away. He’d already broken a sweat. Cameron pressed himself against Natalie’s back and began kissing her shoulder as his hips did most of the work. He started to go faster; causing his balls to slap against hers and earning a moan from Natalie with each thrust. The length of his cock was constantly being treated to a wonderful massage by her back muscles. She tightened and gripped his cock.

“This feels so good, Nat. I’ve never… ever felt anything like it. Its like your ass has a mind of its own. It knows… exactly when to… ohhh, do that!”

“She was pleased with your offering,” Natalie replied in between grunts. She wasn’t a virgin anymore and it felt damn good! How could it be so stiff yet so smooth at the same time? The perfection that is cock, she thought.

Cameron was fucking her with hard strokes now. He was out of breath and felt a pleasurable tingling in his balls which signaled he needed to cum. Cameron grabbed her tits and gave them a rough squeeze, he pressed his face into her neck and cried, “I can’t hold out! I’m CUMMING!”

Jets of hot com erupted from the tip of Cameron’s cock. Natalie bucked her hips back at him and her big ass slapped against his skin. She repeated the motion as he held onto her with clenched teeth. His spent cock eventually stopped spewing and slowly shrunk until it popped out.

“That was so fantastic, Cam. My turn now,” Natalie said happily.

“A deal’s a deal. I promised,” Cameron answered while beginning to regain his awareness. His cock still far too sensitive to touch.

“It’s not like you could change your mind now anyway. There’s no way you’re getting off this little bed without giving it up to me first. I’d make you,” Natalie giggled as she sat up, causing her tits to wobble back and forth.

Natalie’s response awoke a little of Cameron’s cockiness. He answered, “Remember who you’re talking to? I was captain of the wrestling team in high school.” Cameron beamed proudly as he said it.

“Hah!” Natalie laughed. “I could lay you out flat!”

“Are you challenging?”

Natalie didn’t answer, preferring to pounce on him instead. They tussled on the bed. Natalie’s big boner and equally large breasts bouncing everywhere as they did. Cameron had the technique, but Natalie was a bit stronger. Her erection also had her charged, whereas Cameron had already cum. He ended up face down on the bed with Natalie’s giant shaft planted between his vulnerable cheeks.

“Aren’t you going to ask for entrance first?” He asked with his head against the bed and a smile on his face.

I don’t have to,” she gloated. “I can take what’s mine and you certainly can’t stop me.”

“Go ahead then. You earned it, Nat.”

Natalie rubbed her cock until a string of precum dripped onto his asshole. It was quite a sight. Natalie’s big hard cock against his soft little hole. It was the cutest thing Natalie had ever seen, and she’d have stopped to marvel at it, but she needed inside him and she needed it now.

She rubbed precum over her shaft and then aimed the red tip against his entrance; it was so warm and inviting. Natalie applied pressure, basking in the resistance of his little ring. Natalie went at a slow pace, never stopping. She pressed on, even when Cameron dug his fingers into the bed. The inches disappeared into him steadily. Natalie had never imagined anything could be this tight. This pleasurable. His slippery insides clutched her while his ass cheeks shut tight around her shaft.

Cameron didn’t know how much more of her massive length he could take. It kept going and going. He was already stuffed and Natalie hadn’t stopped yet. To both of them, it felt like her dick was literally wearing his tender pleasure walls. Cameron bit into the pillow. His back arched as he felt the last of her deposit inside him. Natalie’s bloated balls slapped against his and she was in. Every inch of her.

“Cam,” Natalie dropped her body down on his and her lips found his ear, “This feels… fuck… you know how it feels. We should have been doing this for years. It’s so sweet… being inside you.”

Her shaft started to slowly withdraw from inside him. Natalie pulled out until only the head of her girly monster was inside him. She pressed her hips forward and penetrated him, a little faster each time. Cameron felt like he needed one hell of a painkiller right now, but there was something else too. Something nice and filling about it. He wondered if it was a bit girlish that he liked knowing he could bring Natalie this kind of pleasure. Her entire body was attuned to his.

This tender love-making was wonderful, but Natalie wanted more. She wanted to plow his tiny hole with all her might. She wanted to hammer her monster as deep as it would go inside him and then find a way to go deeper. Natalie started to thrust into him with less gentler intent. She moaned at the friction it caused. The pleasure sent tremors throughout her body. She wrapped her arms around Cameron and felt his body tremble. Her cock owned his asshole. It was the property of Natalie.

“I’m gonna go faster. My sweet little boobie lover has become my cock lover. Oh, Cameron… I could do this forever,” she whispered into his ear before lifting her body up.

Natalie grabbed a tight hold on his hips and thrust her cock powerfully inside him. She plowed deeper than she had before and the pleasure was magnified.

“Mmmghmm… Nat…” Cameron moaned. He couldn’t express it in words, especially not now, but her dick was caressing him. It was pulsing inside him and bringing him pleasure he’d never known existed.

His tender walls were massaging her cock. They clung to her, tensing uncontrollably. She thrust harder and faster. The little bed creaked under them. Her cock was a blur of speed and power as it ravaged his slippery insides. Natalie knew she couldn’t last much longer; it was a tough decision, but she decided to drag her incredibly hard cock from his hole and roll him over. He looked into her eyes with feelings of confusion and emptiness.

Then she pressed her cock between his cheeks and snapped her hips forward. She was buried to the hilt inside him once again and they smiled at each other. Natalie watched his face as she fucked him. He’d tense, wince, and moan, all from one stroke of her big pole. Their lips connected and they devoured one another’s tongue. Natalie wrapped her arms under his legs and lifted him so that she had the perfect angle when entering him.

“Hush,” I muttered, rocking my four-month-old son Bobby distractedly. “Come on, go to sleep. Please. For the love of God. Your mother and I are both exhausted. Come on, little dude. Get some sleep for Daddy.”

Amazingly, as if he had heard and understood the pleading in my voice, Bobby’s high-pitched yells started to soften into grizzling. Apparently my beseeching had achieved what multiple breastfeeds, a bottle of formula, two nappy changes, a dose of colic medicine, several story-books and about an hour and a half of walking up and down, rocking and singing could not. In time, the grizzling settled into snuffling, and then suddenly his breathing slowed into the rhythmic pattern that suggested sleep.

Very gingerly, I placed him into his cot. He twitched slightly as his head touched the pillow, and I felt a pang of dread at the thought of yet another night like the last few weeks…but then he settled down again, his little hand clutching my finger. I felt another pang, this time of love. I was quickly discovering, as all new parents inevitably do, that it is much easier to love your kids when they are fast asleep.

Holding my breath, not daring to hope too soon, I crept from the bedroom and closed the door, then made my way through to the living-room. Annie looked up from her magazine as I came in. She had become an avid reader of those mother-and-baby glossies lately. I’d looked through one a while ago and was, personally, unimpressed. They all seemed to be full of perfect, groomed parents with flawless, chubby-cheeked smiling kids.

“Hey, Jim,” she said. “It says here that babies who fuss at night like Bobby does may not be stimulated enough during the day. Perhaps I should think about taking him out more – you know, to mother and baby groups, that sort of thing. Or we could get one of those jungle gyms…”

I was about to go off on one of my rants about over-priced baby tat and ridiculous pressure from the media and the medical profession to be a ‘good parent’ at all times. But then, for the first time in weeks, I looked at my wife properly – and compassion silenced me.

She was dressed in a baggy T-shirt and pyjama trousers, and her auburn hair was pulled back from her face in a scrunchie, making her look younger than her twenty-five years. Her pale skin was even more so from lack of sleep and her eyes had big dark circles under them. She looked so cute and vulnerable that I couldn’t help myself. I went over to her, knelt in front of the sofa where she sat, and encased her in a huge hug.

She snuggled into my shoulder. “This is nice,” she sighed. “It feels like I haven’t been able to get near you for ages.”

“Tell me about it,” I said. We’d had sex twice since Bobby had been born, and both times had been half-clothed quickies which we had persevered with even through his howling. I couldn’t remember the last time I’d actually had the chance to fully appreciate my wife’s body – and although she constantly complained about saggy skin, stretch marks and weight gain, all I saw was the woman I loved and desired over all others.

Suddenly I felt her lips pressing into the base of my neck. My hold on her waist tightened reflexively. She had showered about an hour ago and her hair was still damp, and smelt of the coconut shampoo she used. God, how badly I wanted her. Her mouth was exploring the length of my neck now, playfully nipping my skin, and her hands were grasping my hair.

“Mmmm.” My mouth found hers. “I’ve missed you.”

It was a weird thing to say on the face of it seeing as we lived together, but I think she knew what I meant. For a long time we made out like teenagers, relishing the sensations that lips and tongues could produce. In fact it wasn’t until her questing hands found my crotch that I even realised how hard I was.

“And I’ve missed you,” she said, looking at the telltale bulge. I laughed. “Nice to know that the horrors of pregnancy and childbirth haven’t totally destroyed all former lust for me.”

“And it’s nice to know that my post-baby body hasn’t put you off me.”

“I don’t think it has,” I said, smiling. “But I haven’t seen you naked for a while, so perhaps I’d better check and make sure.”

She lifted her arms, giggling, as I started to peel off the unflattering T-shirt. Beneath it was an equally unflattering nursing bra. I took a few moments to gaze at her luscious breasts, which had become even larger and fuller since Bobby.

“I’m guessing these are off-limits,” I said, with more than a tinge of regret. I hadn’t had a look-in there either; I knew that breastfeeding was good for babies, but I still envied Bobby his monopoly over his mother’s boobs.

“Not necessarily,” she said flirtatiously. “You’ll just need to be gentle.”

“I’ll try,” I said.

Slowly, like it was my first time, I undid the bra and pulled it off over her arms. Her nipples had enlarged, and darkened from the light pink of pre-pregnancy to a darker, rosy tint. I ached to have them in my mouth, but settled instead for the lightest of strokes over the swell of her breasts, stopping short of the areolas. The gasp and shudder that this elicited alarmed me; had I hurt her? But then her back arched and her legs spread wider apart, inviting me to carry on. Jeez – it had been so long, apparently, that I couldn’t even tell when my own wife was turned on. I listened for any sound from Bobby’s room and heard nothing. Good; I was going to make the most of this window of peace.

“Oh yes,” she moaned. “Touch me, Jim. Touch me everywhere.”

“Gladly,” I said. And so, taking her command literally, I did. Hair, face, neck, arms, back…everywhere there was bare skin, I stroked, still taking care not to touch her nipples because I knew they would probably have had quite enough contact from Bobby. She was warm and soft, and having a baby had made her curvier than ever – like some kind of lush fertility goddess. It also seemed to have made her a lot more touch-sensitive. She writhed and moaned like she was in a porn movie, bucking her hips against me and wrapping her legs around the backs of my thighs. It had been so long since I had experienced this Annie, this hot and sexy lover who knew exactly what she wanted, that for a moment I was worried I wasn’t going to be able to satisfy her. Having wriggled out of her pyjama bottoms, she was now divesting me of my own clothing, returning the attention I was giving her with added kisses wherever she could reach.

“God, you’re soaking wet,” I whispered as the head of my cock brushed against her pussy, which very nearly swallowed me whole even from that brief contact.

“I’ve been going out of my mind with wanting you,” she whispered back.

“Me too.”

I wanted inside her; but I wanted to play awhile first. I manoeuvred myself so that the head of my cock was up against her clit and started to thrust gently so that they rubbed against one another. This had been a favourite foreplay move of ours for a long time.

“Oh God,” she cried. “Yes, just like that.” She grabbed my hands and put them back on her breasts. As she did, several jets of milk escaped her nipples, spraying prettily over her stomach. My breath caught at this sight. I had been a bit ambivalent about the idea of her lactating, since the unspoken message I’d picked up from all the midwives, health visitors and ante-natal groups was that milky boobs were for babies only – but that milk spray was one of the most erotic things I had ever seen. Impulsively I bent my head and licked the droplets off her. The taste was rich and sweet, and very moreish. When I looked up, her eyes were glowing with lust.

“Drink me,” she said, her voice guttural. When I hesitated, she pulled my mouth to her nipple and held my head there. I sucked gently, and was rewarded with more of my wife’s delicious milk and her equally sweet moans of pleasure. My confidence increasing, I sucked harder, pushing my tongue against her breast to make it flow faster. She tasted incredible; I could never have dreamed of being allowed to sample this particular delight, but now that I had I wondered why it wasn’t something I had ever heard of couples doing before.

Too soon, it seemed, there was no more to be had…from that side, at any rate. Annie was all too pleased to let me empty her other breast too. It was amazing how they started out tense and hard, and became softer as they emptied. All the while my cock was still rubbing against her clit – and just as the flow of milk was starting to slow down, I felt her clit throb and quiver and heard her breathing quicken as she came, gushing a different kind of fluid all over my shaft – so much so that it ran down my ball sack too, in little rivulets.

I needed to fuck her, now, this second. Without releasing my mouth’s grip on her nipple, I pushed myself inside her, marvelling at the extreme wetness of her and her pussy’s total lack of any resistance. In spite of having given birth, she was still tight; I vaguely remembered her saying something about doing pelvic floor exercises and was very glad that she had made the effort. However, my extreme horniness got the better of me. I could not have managed more than half a dozen thrusts before coming so hard I felt like I was going to turn inside-out. In fact, it was one of the most painful orgasms I had ever had – albeit in a good way.

Luckily, though, all the build-up and the amount of time since I’d last had sex also meant that my hard-on wasn’t in a hurry to leave – and I certainly wasn’t about to stop if my body would let me carry on. Overcome anew by desire for my beautiful wife, I fucked her like my life depended on it, pulling her legs up onto my shoulders to give me greater access. She gasped with each thrust and pushed her thighs against me to control how deep I could go. This only added fuel to my fire. I loved it when she resisted me. Putting my hands behind her knees, I pushed down, splaying her legs further apart. She gave a snarl of pain and surprise, and then with a deft twisting movement she flipped onto her side and slid down so that her head was between my legs.

“I see,” I said softly. “You want a nice mouthful too, do you?”

Her answer was to practically swallow my cock whole, her head thrown back so that I was able to fuck her mouth. She took me in right up to the hilt, making the most shockingly erotic wet slurping sounds with every thrust, her fingers frantically fiddling with her clit at the same time. Knowing that she was playing with herself whilst sucking me off did what it always did – made me go from about halfway to orgasm to all the way over the edge in a heartbeat. As my cum spurted down her throat, her body trembled and her hips bucked as she too came for the second time that evening.

At that precise moment, I heard a wail from Bobby’s room. I looked at Annie. She looked at me. And then we both burst out laughing. It felt so good to have relieved all that tension that somehow, the problem that was our son’s erratic sleeping pattern seemed a lot less insurmountable now.

“I knew it was too good to last,” she said.

“True. He did at least let us finish though. He’s learning. I’ll go and see to him if you like. I’d quite like a word with him in private.”

As it turned out, Bobby only wanted a cuddle and some reassurance. As I rocked him in my arms and looked at his peacefully sleeping face, I whispered, “Thanks, little guy. And maybe one day, when you’ve got kids of your own, you’ll understand what for.”

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