bi sexual

As the night wore on Master and pony laid together intertwined and basking in the glow of a long session of hard rough sexual revelry and they spoke to one another of their fantasies and desires. They tried out many sexual games and but wanted to really heat things up and see how far they could stretch out knowing that at any point the safe word could be said and all would return to their reality of one another. Master and pony had tepidly shared many times of inviting another or more into their passions and exploring their sexual natures with same sex threesomes or more somes. Master often thought about holding another’s mans cock, licking the balls and shaft and maybe even sucking the head of the cock, feeling the hard spongy pre-cumming head between his lips as pony holds and guides it into her Masters open mouth. And pony had described how she wants her Master to spread open a hot wet pussy for her to drive her tongue into and then purse her lips on the hard swollen clit as she slides her fingers in the cum filled cunt of another woman. As time progressed and the comfort level rose of inviting another to share their fantasies became closer to reality, they both spoke with a burning passion of their desires as the contemplated a safe and willing couple or partners. They thought of several possibilities.

Master met the woman while having coffee in the upscale BDSM sex shop he and pony frequented from time to time and she stated she would like to meet pony. pony stated she liked her Masters choice of the woman while talking with her Master about her sexual desires. Master approached the woman and she agreed after seeing video of pony servicing her Master at his command and knew pony was an excellent slave with impeccable training. The man pony chose for her Master was one pony played verbally with over a number of years and introduced him to her Master.

pony had helped her Master open up both figuratively and literately of accepting a cock into his ass and they fucked each other with a red double headed cock. Master had taken much more of it than anticipated and pony rocked her cock filled pussy into her Masters ass. She lubed him and readied him, sliding the long cock into his ass as his anal opening bloomed open to swallow the impressive length. Not only did her Masters ass open wide but so did his mind about accepting a live mans swollen cock pushing slowly into his ass, him feeling the cockhead spreading his anus open and pushing past the resistance and feeling the swelling of the man’s cock deep in his bowels as his cock is swallowed by his pony.

As pony swallowed her Masters cock he felt the man’s hand reach around and cup his balls pulling them up and gripping the base of his cock as pony worked her hot swollen mouth down the length of her Masters cock and watched the man’s balls slap against her Masters swollen sack. pony enjoys seeing the swollen hard cock sawing into her Masters ass and watching the cum filled swollen balls begin to tighten up as the shaft almost pulled out and just leaving the swollen cum glistening plum in her Masters contracting anus. pony knew the man was about to release a large slippery, creamy load into her Masters ass and she began to feel the head of Masters cock swell in her throat and she sucked down to the base and felt his cock expand and explode into her throat. Pulling back pony accepts her mouth filling with his hot sweet load of cum. As pony savored the creamy load she watched the man’s shaft expand and swell and the heavy cum filled balls begin to contract and pump her Masters ass full. Master felt the swelling in his ass and felt the scalding cum begin to fill his pleasure filled chute. Master tried to push back onto the exploding cock and felt his pony’s hand grasp his balls keeping him in place, enjoying the look of her Masters face and the cock and cum filling his ass. When the man had completed dumping his load into the virgin ass of pony’s Master, he begin to slip his pulsing cock out and felt the tightening ass try to grip and suck it back in. The man pulled free and Master felt the warm cum slide from his open ass and down over his balls and ponys tongue and open mouth slide up and over his cum covered sack. pony sucked and swirled her tongue over and over sucking and pulling on her Masters ball sack and feeling his pulled up tightened nuts bumping her lips and her Masters cock rubbing her throat.

Master leaned up and pulled ponys legs high into the air as she continued to suck and swallow the sticky hot cum sack and felt the ropes slide over her ankles and her wrists. Master tied ponys wrists to her ankles and she felt her ass being pulled up and a wedge pillow being placed under her hips exposing her puckered ass and swollen pussy for all to see. Master stayed where he was and pony continued to suck on him trying to get more into her cum filled mouth. pony knew her Master had a surprise for her and felt the soft warm hands of a woman begin to caress her ass, stroking her and cupping each cheek. The woman began to slowly pull pony’s ass open wider exposing her soft dripping pink flesh of her swollen cunt. pony felt the hot breath of the woman blowing on her clit maddeningly with soft kisses between breathes. Just as pony wanted to scream out in frustration with her mouth full of balls she felt the wooden clothespins snapping on to her swollen lips at the bottom and more being alternately placed on each lip tight to the next until her pussy lips were completely lined.

Pony shuddered in pleasurable pain as the woman’s soft hands began to caress each ass cheek softly with increasing roughness and felt the first blow of the wooden paddle across both upturned reddened globes of her ass. The crack of the paddle vibrated to the tip of pony’s head and jarred her teeth but she knew better than to bite down on her Master’s now swollen hanging balls. Another crack of the paddle had pony squirming and she felt her Masters hand smack her swollen nipples for moving and pony froze her squirming immediately. A cooling sensation began to spread across pony’s ass and she felt the melting ice flow down her hot swollen ass cheeks and felt the ice cold glass anal plug begin to rub and probe her flexing rose bud. The woman’s hands began to caress each hot and cold deeper reddening ass and pony moaned in pleasure as she felt the woman’s hand gripping each cheek and kneed, pull and scratch at them. The unexpected and quick snap of the flogger caught her off guard and pony yelped in surprised and quickly felt another blow in response as she was warned to be quite as Master twisted each nipple between his finger tips and pulled up on them. Master then applied to each nipple the new suckers with rope attached between the two so he could pull at will on both while he spanked her lips with his cock.

pony felt the slim tip of the anal lube slide into her and begin to fill her tight ass readying her for the anal plug. The mystery woman slides the tube from pony’s ass and drove her tongue into pony’s ass, further lubing the wrinkled bud and continued to rim and ream pony. The large glass ass plug is pulled from the bucket of ice and slowly twirled around pony’s ass and then the woman rams the plug home in a single push and pony’s ass snaps closed gripping the plug in place, the cold radiating upward into pony’s swollen and hot pussy once again causing pony to squirm even more than the last time. What pony doesn’t realize is all the clothes pins are zippered up her dripping snatch when she feels the first snap off pulling at her tender lips and the blood rush back in to fill the numbed purpled lip. pony shudders and then she squeals in painful pleasure as each pins snaps off in alternating succession and her pussy gushes in wave after wave of dripping orgasm. The woman slowly and deliberately starts at the base of the butt plug and begins to lick and suckle one at a time each of pony’s angry swollen lips carefully avoiding the hard pulsing clit. Taking the leather bound pussy paddle begins to tap at pony’s pussy once again missing her clit, one, two, three, four, five agonizing slow swats and then to pony’s proud clit sending her in to orgasmic convulsions.

Master slides his from pony’s hot wet mouth and tells her to close her eyes. Pony obeys and she feels her Master move of the bed and all is quite. She feels her Masters hands entwines his fingers into her hair and pulls her head up and slides the eye cover onto her closed eyes and instructed to keep them closed despite the covering and pony moves her head in compliance. A minute passes then three and finally pony can no longer guess other then what she believes to be a very long time with her ankles still bound to her wrists and her legs folded back. She feels the wedge being removed from under her hips and her ankles being release from her wrists. Master instructs pony to keep her hands by her side and her legs draped over the side of the bed. pony then feels the leather shackles being placed around her ankles and hears a clip snap closed and feels her hips being raised off the floor back into the air and rather than folded back they are straight up and secured by a rope over the metal cross bars above the bed and wedge replaced. Next she feels a wide leather strap being slide under her waist and her wrists being secured by leather hospital wrist restraints and snapped into the leather waist belt effectively keeping pony’s arms at her sides. The woman straddles pony’s head with her hot moist cunt inches above pony’s nose and cock sucking plumped full lips, glistening from her Masters cum. pony feels the soft hands of a woman pushing her large Double D breasts together and then her Masters hands wrapping the rough manila rope tightly around each tit and then figure eight then together. Each nipple is then pulled high by the woman’s hands and her Master applies her favorite tweezer clamps and trails the cold metal chain down her belly and the third tweezer is applied to her clit.

Master moves to the foot of the bed and begins to spank her clit with the head of his swollen manhood as the woman lowers herself down onto pony’s nose and mouth. pony’s feels and smells the woman’s not unpleasant but scented asshole begin to slowly rock back and forth across her slight aquiline nose and pony breathes deep and slides her tongue out tasting her first woman. The woman’s pussy begins to flow and her clit engorges and is a bit larger than normal, fat and long enough to be suckled on and pursed between pony’s lips, so she is able to flick it back and forth with her tongue. She grinds her pussy into pony’s mouth hard and rocking back and forth across pony’s nose forcing it deeper in to her ass. pony smiles inwardly relishing the sweet aroma and very light musky smell of her first cunt eating experience. It doesn’t take long with pony’s talented tongue that the woman begins to cum squeezing pony’s head and spanking her tied and swollen succulent breast. Seeing the woman begin to cum, Master slams his cock into his pony’s open and swollen pussy, balls deep in one thrust and pushes upward against her plump g-spot.

pony is in heaven between the spanking , the bindings and servitude of being a cum-slut for her Master and she begins to quake in ready orgasm. Master continues to saw into his pony, harder and harder with each thrust forcing pony’s tongue and nose deeper in to the woman’s flowing orifices. Master begins to see the crimson blush of pleasure sweep across pony’s neck and chest and knows she is about to let go with an even more powerful orgasm and he withdraws his cock from her dripping cunt. pony shudders at the emptiness and instantly loses the rush cumming on. Again she feels the spanking of her Masters cock on her clit and the hard swats on her ass from the paddle, heating her ass once again. Master knows pony enjoys having her ass fucked hard after long hard spanking and he increases his tempo. Master has another surprise for her and full filling another secret desire.

As the woman finished cumming hard on pony’s face she orders her to tongue her ass as pony did such an excellent job of driving her tongue in and out of her hot snatch and sucking and pleasuring her clit. The woman repositions herself over pony’s hard tapered muscle and purrs with satisfaction as pony works her magical tongue in, around and over the receptive ass of the woman until she was satisfied.

The man who was chosen and fucked her Masters ass so he would and could understand the experiences of his pony and train her better and fulfill his desire, sat in the only chair of the room and watched the scene unfold and stroked his wide girth cock. The man approached as he waited for the signal from Master and helped place the body harness on pony after she was allowed to stand up and stretch her muscles from being bound up and fucked and pleasured without release of her pent up climax.

pony was lain back on the bed face down and the body harness d-rings were snapped and shackled up with rope suspended from the iron and steel custom framed bed and lifted up off the bed and she was blind folded again. Master slid pony’s legs wide using the sliding rope system designed into their bed and pulled the butt plug ceremoniously from her ass, leaving her open and receptive. Master had the man slide under her and Master lowered her so that her breast crushed into the man’s chest. Master grasped the man’s cock and opened spread his pony’s pussy open with the other and guided the thick cock into her dripping cunt. A first for the man who fucked her Masters cock-virgin ass with years of experience. Master knelt between their spread open legs and rubbed the man’s balls and his pony’s slippery cock filled pussy while thumbing her ass while spanking her ass with the other.

Master spread his legs as wide as he could between the outstretched legs of his pony and the women videoed Master as he spanked pony’s bright red bottom and played with the man’s balls and thumbed pony’s ass. The woman continued to video and as Master gave pony her second desire of being double stuffed with cock as he slid into her open and ready asshole. pony moaned and cried out in pleasure as the two cocks were both fully seated inside of her pussy and ass. Master could feel the girth of the other cock as he began to pull out to the swollen dripping head of his cock before thrusting back in and a rhythm was quickly established. The woman continued to video and moved toward the head of the bed and slides her legs around the man’s shoulders and to the side so pony could eat her pussy while being fucked by two cocks. Each time Master drove into her pony’s ass her tongue slipped deeper into the woman’s shaven pussy. Each person in harmony and giving deep sexual satisfaction to the other as cocks, pussies and tongues danced together.

The woman was first to cum and collapsed back onto the bed in satisfaction followed quickly by the man filling pony’s pussy to overflowing, his cum pushing out the sides of his cock as he filled her with each stroke. Master felt the man’s large heavy balls tighten up against his swinging sack as their cocks slid past one another to pleasure his pony. Master pulled his cock from pony’s ass and slides his hand down to rub and pull the tightened balls of the man up against the pony cum filled pussy. Master then slipped the cock between his fingers and allowed the man to pull out of pony while keeping the hot slippery cum from spilling out. He man then slid out from under pony and moved towards the head of the bed where the woman lay with her legs spread wide and her cunt gapping and wanting the man’s cock in her too. Master then took clothes pins and snapped them on pony’s filled cunt, closing her and preventing the hot slippery cum from sliding out. pony was then lowered onto the bed and her ropes, harness and restraints removed and her eyes uncovered and rolled onto her back. Master positioned a pillow under her hips and slid between her inviting thighs.

The man and women then stood over pony and the woman positioned her hot wet snatch above pony’s waiting and open lips and the man knelt and slide his hardening cock into her in one shove and his balls slapped against her clit and he held still as pony pleasured both with her hot wet kisses and willing mouth. Master removed the clothes pins from his pony’s hot slippery cunt and quickly shoved his raging, dripping cock into her cum filled, sloppy seconds, pussy to experience a fresh hot load in his slave pony. Master’s cock felt the man’s cum again, only this time in his lover, confidant and partner and Master’s cock was bathed in the combined slippery slime and it felt wonderful. Master thrust into his pony harder and harder and the creamy cum squirted and splashed his thighs and each time he shoved his hard cock in, more came out and covered him and his pony. It didn’t take long for Master to shoot his load and refill pony’s swollen pussy with a fresh batch of spunk. Master thrust hard and growled in his pony’s ear as his orgasm washed over him and bit her shoulders and kissed and sucked on her neck and ears. pony continued to suck and lick the man’s balls and cock plus the woman’s creamy cum filled pussy. Master watched as the man shoved his girthy cock into the woman and saw the man’s balls tighten and pull up into his body as he pumped a load of sweet cream into the woman. Master pulled forward and lick the man’s tightened nut sack as pony sucked on the woman’s clit and licked the thick white cream from around the mans shaft.

The woman and man continued to be sucked and cleaned by pony as Master slid down her body biting and licking her swollen nipples and down to her twice filled sloppy cunt and buried his face into her flowing nectar. Master sucked and reamed his pony’s pussy with his tongue and then began to suck on her clit and slide his hand into her freshly eaten sloppy pussy and began to fist her for another first time of many that night. Master and pony quickly got into sync and as his hand rubbed over and over again on pony’s g-spot her body tightened up, her pussy clamped down on her Masters hand and she burst into orgasm and squirted for the first time. Pussy juice, cum and more juiced burst from around her Masters hand. Pony screamed out in bliss and Master pulled his soaked hand and arm from her as fluid shot from her pussy onto his chest and torso. Master and pony were covered in the evenings cum and Master quickly planned another first.

As the woman and man continued to fuck above pony’s face with heads turned and watch pony squirt first time they cheered. Master smiled and pony continued to shake and shiver in orgasmic bliss. Master slide his hand up over his body taking cum from his torso and slipping his fingers into pony’s wonderful pussy and he scooped more cum from her. Master was not use to being dom’ed to this degree and he had never fucked a man before and what better time than now. Master straddled his pony’s chest, her breast pushing into his inner thighs and ass and he spread the man’s ass cheeks and applied the cum and slipped his fingers into the man’s asshole and then slide another in forcing more cum into him as he fucked the woman and pony watched, tasted and recovered. Master slide forward and pressed the head of his cock against the more experienced ass of the man and pushed into the man pussy up to the hilt in one thrust. Masters balls slapped against the other set now and pony reached up and held and pulled on two sets of balls at once, licking and tasting and savoring the taste and experience. Master continued to fuck the man, feeling the gripping ass and knowing he liked pussy too much to ever switch sides as he dumped his load of hot cum into the man’s ass and driving the other cock forward into the woman’s now squirting cum flowing cunt and all over my pony’s face and chest. Master and pony lay together kissing; tasting and loving one another as the other left and a deeper love grew.

Sandy’s and my questions about Vivienne’s expectations for the evening are soon dispelled. Dispelled isn’t the word for it; all my fantasies are fulfilled and probably those of Sandy. Vivienne expectations can’t anticipate what she discovers that she enjoys.

Sandy and I walked on in silence, the tension increasing as we approached Sandy’s and Vivienne’s building. In the elevator, I again fondled Sandy’s bottom. With a soft snort, she gave me questioning smile and nodded with an “um-hmm,” and then we were at their floor.

“Here goes,” she murmured as she unlocked the door. Vivienne came out of the kitchen to greet us, also smiling a little questioningly as she said a little too casually and a little too formally:

“Hi, there you are. Good to see you again,” as she looked at me.

“And you too,” I replied, not sure what else to say as I noticed that her nipples were aroused for a moment -even through the pockets of her shirtwaist dress, that didn’t look like something she would wear to go to dinner. Then I remembered my manners.

“Thank you for suggesting that we share the makings for dinner. That was a good idea,” and I held up the bags with the wine and meat, adding:

“But it’s still no substitute for my invitation.”

“Maybe another time, thank you. I didn’t feel like going out this evening.”

Her nipples stood out again as she glanced at Sandy after her remark, together suggesting from what Sandy had told me in the morning that it was clear what she was referring to. Vivienne took the bags from me with a smile as Sandy replied:

“That’s good. Do we want something to drink first? I’m going to take a shower.”

“We can have martinis again,” Vivienne suggested.

“They were good; let’s” I agreed.

Vivienne smiled – this time more relaxed – and turned back to the kitchen as Sandy said:

“I’ll get ready for my shower while you’re making them. I’ll be back,” and turned to leave us.

“But put something on,” Vivienne called to her and turned her head to smile at me again as I followed her into the kitchen.

“Of course,” Sandy replied from the distance, and I almost thought that I could hear her snickering.

Vivienne start making the Martinis. I noticed that she had already put out a box of crackers and can of cashews and offered to open them. She told me where to find a dish for them, and then in silence we got things ready. Sandy returned in her bathrobe and said to Vivienene with a grin:

“See, I can still wear it. Did you really think I would …, I wouldn’t?”

“I wasn’t sure,” Vivienne replied with a snort and poured the drinks. We took them back to the living room and had a first drink before we all sat down on Sandy’s sofa bed behind the coffee table, Sandy sitting in the middle to my right. I had wanted to offer a toast, but couldn’t think of anything to say that wouldn’t sound too pointed. For a few moments, we sat in silence and had another sip and ate some nibbles. When Sandy reached for them, I could see her breast inside her bathrobe. Vivienne’s silent snort and slight smile when she saw me looking suggested that she knew I could, but that didn’t matter. When it happened again, Vivienne’s nipples stood out, not Sandy’s, the one I could plainly see. Still no one spoke as we sipped and nibbled, smiling a little at each other. Finally Sandy emptied her glass and said:

“I’ll leave you two alone and take my shower now,” and got up and slipped between my knees and the table. After she had left, Vivienne looked at me a little quizzically for a moment and then asked:

“Don’t you want to join her?”

“I can wait. … We can talk.”

She smiled with a snort and replied:

“It didn’t seem so.”

“Um-hmm. … Well, I think we can.”

“Hmm! Maybe. This is a little funny, … strange.”


We each took a better sip, almost emptying our glasses. I offered to refill them and did so, and then repeated:

“How? … ‘Strange’?”

Vivienne smiled a little wryly and had a sip, and I did, too, before she replied:

“I don’t know. I don’t feel like I’m myself, … sort of like in a dream: seeing myself here.”

“We can still go out to dinner.”

“I don’t want to. … I want to; you know what I mean? Gosh! I don’t think I ever said that before, told anyone that I wanted to, not even indirectly, you know; like suggesting he come up for a drink or coffee. That’s what I mean: don’t feel like myself. But I don’t mind, … it’s just a bit strange.”

She smiled at me and we each had another sip, while I wondered what to say, but I didn’t have to; Vivienne continued:

“You know the thing I like about you …”

“I wouldn’t dare guess,” I interjected. Vivienne almost laughed, but went on:

“… and Sandy; it just all seems so easy and natural, … even with Sandy. Jeez, I didn’t think that would ever happen, but it seemed all right, … then, and I liked it, but afterwards I couldn’t really believe it was me, … like I said before.”

“Um-hmm, yeah, kind of strange, … maybe discovering what one really likes. … Oh, we all must, just keep it hidden, … or maybe buried under a bunch of admonishments: don’t do this, don’t do that, proper girls don’t, nice boys shouldn’t ….”

“Yeah, something like that. I heard a lot of those when I was a teenager.”

She smiled as though she was pleased with my explanation, and we had a good sip from our glasses, as I considered that her remark confirmed my theory about girls’ starting before they were told not to. When we had put down our glasses, I held my hand out to her, and she took it with a smile. I drew it towards me, and she nodded, letting me draw her shoulders closer.

“Come, sit on my lap,” I suggested.

“Um-hmm,” she agreed and stood up, still holding my hand, and came closer and turned and sat down. I put my other hand on her hip and drew her a little closer. She snorted:

“Hmm! I feel like a little girl; I don’t think I’ve sat on anyone’s lap since I was.”

“That’s a pity, you aren’t. The last ‘little girl’ who sat on mine was my little sister.”

“How old was she?”


“And she wanted to sit on your lap?”

“Well, she asked if she could, but she wanted to ask me a question.”

“And had to sit on your lap to ask it? How old were you?”

“Sixteen. Not really, but then it made sense; she wanted me to show her how adults kiss.”

“Did you?”

“With some urging. I didn’t really know, myself, back then – just one not so good New Year’s Eve kiss. We kiss on the mouth in our family, and after some discussion, … – yeah, well, I was curious, too – she told me to close my eyes and pretend she was some other girl sitting on my lap, and then she closed hers and puckered up.”

“Hm-hmm! So you did?”


“How good?”

“Not very good the first time. She had heard that it was supposed to be more exciting.”

“So then you tried again, … better?”

“Yeah. She caught on too well.”

“It was more exciting? With your sister, like that?”

“Um-hmm, … like that.”

“Hmm! I bet. I can remember the first time I heard about French kissing and thought it would be ‘icky’.”

“Um-hmm, her word was ‘yucky.’”

“I bet she didn’t after she had learned.”

“How’d you guess?”

“Hm-hmm! Want me to show you?”

“I didn’t think you’d asked. That’s not why I asked you to sit on my lap.”

“I’m trying to learn how, … and this looks like a good time to start practicing.”

“I thought we were talking about your not feeling like yourself?”

“We were, but I think I’m getting over that. I’m willing to work at it, if you’ll help me.”

Vivienne grinned at me and then closed her eyes real tight as she tilted her head.

Her grin relaxed the moment our lips met, and her tongue eagerly demonstrated that she didn’t think there was anything “icky” about French kissing, but I knew that already. When my hand found her breast, she immediately helped me unbutton her dress, a bit of a struggle the way the buttons were oriented from the way she was sitting. After the first one, she sat up and used both her hands as she smiled at me with dilated eyes and murmured:

“I’m glad you didn’t take a shower with Sandy. I needed this to get here. I was wanting to, but didn’t know how it was going to happen.”

“Um-hmm, me too,” I agreed as I slipped my hand inside her open dress.

“Um-hmm, … if we’re going to, I may as well undo the rest of them. She snorted with a smile as I took the opportunity to straighten him out and replied:

“We are. I want you to scrub my back.”

“Um-hmm, but now I want you to kiss me some more … See, I’m learning.”

She put her arms around my neck, and we did, and she murmured encouragement as my hand found her other breast and then slid down to her panties, sliding around her hip and down, finding the hem again.

“Um-hmm, the same ones,” she murmured.

“I bet they look sexier than I first thought you were – than what you would wear. I want to see you in them and then take them off.”

“Hm-hmm!” she chuckled with a nod as we started kissing again. When I happened to open my eyes, I saw Sandy standing naked by the bathroom door. She grinned and nodded.

“Sandy’s finished, …” I murmured: “Want me to carry you again?”

“Um-hmm. Hm-hmm! I bet she doesn’t have anything on.”

“You’re right.”

I got my arm under Vivienne’s legs and with a lunge forward stood up and carried her to the bedroom and set her on her feet. She immediately started unbuttoning my shirt as I slipped out of my loafers, glad that I had thought to wear them instead of the dress shoes I usually wore with a suit. I took off my tie and undid my trousers, letting Vivienne slip my shirt off my shoulders. When it had slid down my arms, I took off my t-shirt, and then stepped out of my trousers, catching my socks as I did so. Vivienne smiled at me, her eyes dropping down to my shorts as she slid her dress from her shoulders. She hadn’t undone the buttons at the bottom of the skirt and had to step out of it. She looked a little embarrassed as she watched me look at her, but smiled. She did look sexy in the panties, turning to toss her dress on the bed where my clothes lay, and giving me a nice profile view of her, before she turned back to me and said softly:

“You wanted to take them off.”

“And you, mine.”

“Um-hmm,” she agreed and we stepped closer and found the elastic of each other’s underpants and did, just letting them drop around our ankles.

“Hmmm, she purred as I stroked her ass and then held her closer. He had relaxed in the meantime, but she could feel him, her hands holding us closer for a moment, then she whispered:

“I’ve got to go.”

“Me too. I’ll go in the shower.”

Vivienne snickered as we went to the bathroom. Sandy had discreetly disappeared, probably to the kitchen to have her second drink. Vivienne sat down on the toilet, chuckling as I stepped into the tub and turned away from her, but when I heard her start, I did, knowing she could see my stream, and heard her chuckle again before she said:

“I never did this before … with a man, … or saw one do it.” Then she flushed and put on her shower cap and joined me in the tub, snickering as we faced each other, and I saw her eyes drop – to him, and then to yellow liquid around the drain, snickering again.

“Here we are,” she murmured and drew the curtain closed.

We washed each other, she murmuring again that she had never done it as she washed him, and chuckling when I washed her pussy, and then was a little surprised when I washed her asshole, murmuring a soft “oh!” when my fingers first found it, but then snorted and smiled, seeming to enjoy it, and then asked:

“Should I, too?”

“If you want to. When it’s clean, it’s clean.”

She did, chuckling as her fingers got a little bolder, rubbing it just a little longer than necessary.

“Feels good,” I murmured.

“Um-hmm, I didn’t know that. … What are we going to do?”

I turned off the water, and she opened the curtain as I replied:

“I think I know what Sandy wants to do first.”

“That? … Taste it?”


“And me?”

By then we were drying ourselves.

“You said you wanted to watch, but I won’t miss a lick while you are.”

“Hm-hm-hmm! Did she tell you about that?”

“Um-hmm! The best joke of the day.”

Vivienne laughed, maybe a little nervously, but agreed:

“Yeah, that was good. You’d better … not miss one. But then you’ve got to do it to Sandy, … really.”

“I will, and to you, too, … if you ask me to.”

“I will,” and she grinned at me, and then looked more serious and added:

“Just listen to me – gosh! – the way I’m talking,” but then she grinned again and said:

“I guess I am learning; I never talked like this before, but I said it, … and I want to, … want you to – not to miss a lick. Where’s Sandy?”

We hung up our towels as she appeared at the door and said:

“Here, wanting to, too, and like he said,” and she grinned at me and then at Vivienne and added:

“Or like you said: ‘Like that, tasting it.’” Vivienne snorted:

“Hmm! If you don’t mind my watching – I’m curious.”

We all chuckled and went in the bedroom. Sandy had picked up our clothes and opened the bed, which had obviously been freshly made. If Vivienne had had any question about what would happen, she had prepared for this. I put my arms around their shoulders and drew them together in front of me. Both of them agreed with soft “um-hmms” and looked up at me expectantly as they put their arms around my waist.

“I better kiss you, too. I’m going to kiss Viv somewhere else,” I murmured and starting kissing Sandy, who immediately sucked my tongue in her mouth and suggested what she would do to my cock, circling it and sucking, and then finding the tip of mine with hers, both of us chuckling slightly at the idea that she was thinking about his little hole. I felt her bring her hand up between us all, rubbing my chest and then turning her hand to find Vivienne’s breast, who showed her appreciation with another “um-hmm,” and then I felt her hand on my back hold Sandy’s arm and her other one find Sandy’s breast, whose tongue was now in my mouth, showing me how she would like him to move in her – when I did it to her “really”, as Vivienne had said. And he was beginning to want to, rising between them, brushing against both of them. They pressed their hips in at feeling him, and I rocked mine to move him on them.

“I think he wants me to,” Sandy murmured.

“Um-hmm,” Vivienne and I agreed, and I released them and sat down on the bed. They both snorted at seeing him standing out as Sandy dropped to her knees in front of me, smiling up at me and then turning and smiling at Vivienne, whose mouth was open, looking a little surprised as I took her hand, still looking at Sandy, who had reached out and found my balls, as though she couldn’t take her eyes off what Sandy was doing, while I drew her closer.

And Sandy wasn’t waiting, leaning forward and immediately taking him in her mouth before I could lie back.

Vivienne’s eyes hardly left the sight of Sandy’s slow movement on him as I urged her to kneel over me, guiding her legs and then holding her hips to draw her pussy down on my mouth. She seemed almost surprised when I started to lick, as though she were so engrossed with what Sandy was doing that she had forgotten what I was going to do. But then she gave an appreciative moan and pressed it down on me, chuckling once and then saying:

“Don’t miss one.”

I didn’t intend to, my tongue delighting at rediscovering the taste and sensitive places of her delicate pussy, while Sandy renewed her acquaintance with him and his sensitive places. Once, she pulled him back, turning her head up, and I knew she wanted to see what I was doing, and Vivienne did too, snorting sharply when I raised her hips up and let just the tip of my tongue caress her. Sandy chuckled and then tilted her head back down as I let Vivienne lower her pussy on my mouth.

I found her breasts, squeezing them with my hands and then played with her nipples, pulling at them. She leaned forward a bit, and I thought that maybe she didn’t want that so much and was more gentle with them, but then she leaned down further – turning her clitoris to my mouth – so my tongue concentrated on it. But then I felt her hands press on the mattress next to my hips as she leaned on them and murmured:

“Let me try. I want to.”

Sandy nodded and raised her head. For a moment, he was free, but then Vivienne leaned further down, her hips rising from my face, and then I felt her lips on him, not kissing, just opening and sliding down around him, taking his head in her warm mouth. After a moment, her tongue began to explore. I loved it, the first time a girl dared to do it!

And then she began to experiment with taking him deeper.

“Uhmm! That’s good,” I encouraged her, and she sucked gently as her head moved, almost making me forget that I had wanted to see her pussy. Oh yes, a lovely pussy, really a pretty pussy – and a neat little asshole, too.

“Pretty pussy,” I murmured and spread my fingers and held her breasts to make sure she knew whose I was talking about, suddenly recalling my thought that the one I was eating always seemed the prettiest one at that moment. Vivienne snorted, but kept moving her head – she was learning that, too. Sandy started rubbing and pulling on my sack, making me think that she was impatient, maybe afraid that Vivienne would get what she wanted, wanting to be sure that I didn’t come before Vivienne let her have him back. Oh, this was my fantasy, and one of them was going to get it as good as it had been that night! It should be Sandy. I started gently to urge Vivienne to sit up again, but she didn’t want to – yet.

“I’m missing my licks,” I murmured and heard Sandy chuckle as she gave my sack an extra tug. Vivienne snorted and then drew her head up a bit and licked around him and over his little hole, and I assumed that had tasted his silky liquid and wanted to lick up as much as she could. Then she let him slip from her mouth and murmured:

“Mmmm, I liked that. Thank you, Sandy.”

As she sat up, Sandy quickly had him back in her mouth, and Vivienne’s pussy was back on mine, and then we were all doing everything we could to enjoy it. Vivienne’s pelvis rocked, to show me where she wanted me to lick, and I did, eagerly trying to satisfy her. Sandy didn’t need any encouragement, sucking him firmly between her tongue and palate as she moved on him, letting me feel her hum in delight when she made him move, but still trying to keep my balls from drawing up. But then my hips began to rock slowly. Vivienne moaned slightly each time she saw him thrust up, and then her pelvis started to rock in time with him, making me nod my head to keep in contact her clitoris as my nose rubbed on her hole, Vivienne gasping slightly with each movement, gasping out loud and faster as our tempo increased. And then Sandy grasped my cock, squeezing him tightly, and I convulsed, thrusting him up as hard as I could, forcing him as deep in Sandy’s mouth as her hand would let him. Vivienne gave a louder gasp at seeing me obviously begin to come in Sandy’s mouth, and her thighs and pelvis twitched uncontrollably as she began to come, spurting, and again, as I filled Sandy’s mouth with my long spurts.

Finally we stilled. Vivienne dropped over on her side on the bed, moaning with deep breaths. I managed to open my eyes again as I caught my own breath and saw Sandy still holding him, but then she raised her head and rose up on her knees, looking down at me with what could only be described as a satisfied cocksucker’s smile. After a moment, I saw her swallow, her smile lessening for a moment, but then the corners of her mouth drawing up again. She chuckled softly, and we both glanced over at Vivienne. She needed to be held, I thought, and Sandy did, too, standing up and moving around the bed to lie down behind her, drawing them close together with her arm around her and her hand holding her breast. Vivienne just nodded with an “um-hmm” and put her hand on the back of Sandy’s, pressing her knees down a little against Sandy’s to increase their contact.

It looked like they wanted stay like that for a while, so I sat up and stood up. Sandy glanced up at me with a little smile and nod, and I went to the bathroom and washed my face. I decided that I wanted a beer, and went to the kitchen and quietly found and opened one and had a long drink. I wandered back to the bedroom door and peeked in, not wanting to disturb them if they didn’t want to be. They were still lying like that, but talking softly. I drew my head back and leaned against the wall and listened – excusing my eavesdropping with the recollection that Sandy had listened to Vivienne and me in the bathroom.

“I thought it was, too.” Sandy murmured.

“That really turned me on, when I saw that he must be … coming. You really do like that. … Oh, I said that before already.”


“I did, too. … Hmm! I never thought I’d say that, … especially about that.”

“He says it’s spoiling him: just so good without any effort, a bit unfair, since he can’t do as much for us that way.”

“I don’t know, … of course not, but it was about as good as it could be, just different.”

“Um-hmm. I’m glad. That’s the way I feel.”

“Hmm! That’s good. … He does it real good, doesn’t he?”

“He sure does it real good, but maybe they all do. I don’t know.”

“I hope so. … Yeah, I guess, … if they want to … all the way.”

“Hm-hmm! They will, if we do it to them.”

“Hm-hmm! I guess so, … if I want to.”

Sandy didn’t say anything, and after a pause, Vivienne continued:

“Well, I did, sort of. I liked that, … but I don’t know about …, you know.”

“It just tastes funny, … but you already know that.”

“Hmm! Yeah. I have to think about it. … ‘Spoil him’. Hm-hmm!”

“Which ‘him’?”

“Hmm? …. Hm-hmm! Any of them, … all of them! … Listen to me! … Where is he?”

I hoped that Sandy would find an answer, and she did:

“Probably listening and trying not to laugh.”

Vivienne did, however, which made it easier for me to join the conversation when I entered the room:

“Yeah, something like that,” and we all chuckled, both of them smiling at me – and I, at them.

“That is just what we need, … Sandy remarked with smirk:

“… a naked man … for you …” she give Vivienne’s breast a squeeze:

“… and a beer for me.”

We all chuckled again, and again when Vivienne said:

“But first a beer for me, too, … and the naked man should be for you, ‘really’,” and she turned her head back to smile at Sandy. She grinned and sat up, saying:

“If you insist, I won’t say no.”

We all chuckled again, and they got up and followed me to the kitchen, where I got each of them a beer. This time I did offer a toast:

“Here’s looking at you.”

They snickered as I did, and both responded:

“And you,” also looking me up and down, and we all drank.

Sandy’s first remark was:

“If I get the naked man – ‘really’ – you can start by spoiling him – just a little – to think about it.”

“I will,” Vivienne replied immediately, grinning at each of us before she took a good drink from her can. Sandy remarked:

“That’s fun, when he’s all nice and soft …”

“But not for long, …” I interjected to their chuckles: “… but still very nice …”

“But longer,” Sandy added, and we chuckled again, and they drank, while I just took a sip.

“I like that. I’ll do it until I taste him again, then you can have him.”

“That’s a good idea, but no longer, and then – I’m afraid – you’ll just have to watch.”

“That’s all right. He promised he would do it me, too.”

“And if you want to watch, while you’re making him nice and longer, I’ll show you what I like to do to Sandy’s pussy.”

They snickered and drank again, and Sandy remarked:

‘”Pretty pussy’, please.”

“Sandy’s ‘pretty pussy,’ of course. They’re each the prettiest one when I’m looking.”

“I want to see Vivienne’s. I’ve never really seen one before, … like you see them.”

Vivienne took a deep drink, emptying her can, and smiled at Sandy and replied:

“If you want to, if you let me see yours; I haven’t either.”

“But he comes first, before that starts. I guess then I’ll just be watching.”

Vivienne nodded and looked at him, agreeing:

“Of course,” and set down her empty beer can and came closer and fondled him. Sandy winked at me with a little smile as it occurred to me that what I had said could suggest more than just looking.

Vivienne was having a good time exploring him with her fingers, rubbing them on his head and twisting him around, holding him further down, playing with the loose skin, even discovering to shake him like Sandy had done, snickering as she watched him, and then drawing up the skin at the front of my sack, her fingers creeping down to gather in my balls and massage them.

“Having fun?” I asked softly.

“Um-hmm,” she responded cheerfully, glancing up at me with smile and asked:

“When do you want me to start?”

Sandy chuckled and finished her beer as I replied:

“There’s no time like the present,” and I made sure that my can was empty, and we returned to the bedroom.

I thought that Sandy would want to kneel over me so that she could just slid back when Vivienne was finished, but maybe she wanted to watch, herself; or just be sure that Vivienne didn’t decide she liked it so much that she wanted really to finish what she started. But that was fine with me: I loved to have my nose in her pussy when I was licking her clitoris, and I wasn’t going to miss a lick with her, either; if I could, I wanted to make her come before we started to fuck; she loved that, and I loved to have her sweet pussy juice.

When Vivienne started, however, for a while I was more interested in what she was doing: her first experimenting with a soft cock. I wondered if she could taste him from the time before, wondered if I had left him unwashed in anticipation that she would be doing what she was: her tongue exploring around his groove and finding the sensitive spot behind his head. But then he wasn’t soft any more, and I concentrated on what my tongue was doing, tasting that Sandy had been aroused before and trying to find all of it and then finding her nice clitoris to nibble on. She liked that; her pelvis twitched slightly, but she held still, pressing down to let me suck on it. Before I thought to, she took my hands and put them on her breasts. Yes, she wanted as much as possible this way. When I felt Vivienne pull him back and turn her head up – like Sandy had done – Sandy responded by herself, rising up and letting her see my tongue lapping on her clitoris. Vivienne chuckled with a little nod of appreciation, and Sandy sank back down as Vivienne sucked him deeper in her mouth again.

Before I wanted to stop tasting Sandy, Vivienne drew her head up and licked all around him, trying to find more with the tip of her tongue in his little hole. Of course, Sandy could see what she was doing – just like before – and rose up – I did miss a lick – and started to turn around. Vivienne held him in her mouth until Sandy was astride me, only releasing him when she started to lower her hips. He touched her pussy, and she rocked her hips and easily captured him, sinking down on him with a sigh. She dropped down on me and licked around my mouth and nose, chuckling, and then kissed me, fucking with her tongue as she rocked her pelvis to move him in her a little. Then she rose up a bit and murmured:

“Suck me,” and I pushed her breast up and found her stiff nipples with my mouth and other hand and did what I knew she liked, making her moan and start to rock her hips again. God, we were good at this, and this was only the start!

Vaguely I was aware that Vivienne was still between my knees, and thought that if she hadn’t seen Sandy’s pussy, she certainly had seen him disappear into it and could see her asshole. If she stayed there, she was going to get to see what Sandy liked me to do. But then I felt her get up, and I was only thinking about making it good for Sandy, now sucking her other breast as my fingers squeezed and pulled on the wet nipple it had left. For a moment, it occurred to me that I might not be able to suck Vivienne’s in this position, because she was shorter and her breasts too small to be shoved up much. But for now, Sandy’s: suck and pinch them until she couldn’t stand it and wanted to kiss and fuck. My other hand slid down over her ass and into her crevice.

“Um-hmm,” she approved, and I found her asshole. If Vivienne was still watching, in the shower she had admitted that it felt good and shouldn’t be too surprised. For a while, Sandy let me rub her there and continue suck as her pelvis rocked with short strokes. Then her pussy clutched and her asshole moved, and she pressed back on my cock and thrust her tongue in my mouth and began to fuck up and down on him, and I thrust him up as she came down, her pussy clutching again as her asshole invited my finger to probe in it, and then she couldn’t kiss any more, biting her lip as she panted and fucked as fast as she could, while my finger moved in her and those of my other hand scratched and rubbed behind her cunt, and then she couldn’t hold back by biting her lip and began to gasp unvoiced:

“Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! …” as she spurted, making me come, both of us spurting as our hips pounded together, until she finally cried out:

“Oh, fuck!” and collapsed on me.

I held her in my arms as we both gasped and exhaled slowly. I thought there was a slight change in the light in the room, and raised my head and saw Vivienne standing in the doorway. I wondered how long she had been watching us, but when she saw me, she raised her hand with a spatula in it, indicating that she had been in the kitchen and suggesting that she had just come at the end or after Sandy’s cry, and also suggesting that dinner would soon be ready. She disappeared, and my head dropped back down. After a few moments, Sandy asked:

“What was that?”

“Vivienne, at the door, with a spatula. I think dinner is ready.”

“That’s good. I need it. Hm-hmm! She wanted to watch.”

“She got an eyeful … before she went to the kitchen.”

“Um-hmm, and I got a pussyful – Hm-hmm! – right here, fucking on her bed.”

“Um-hmm. It was more than a pleasure to give it to you, thank you.”

Sandy sat up, and he slipped out, and she carefully got off the bed, standing uncertainly as she stretched her legs after their being drawn up for so long. I sat up and then stood up, and we went to the bathroom and washed each other. When Vivienne heard the water running, she called that dinner was almost ready. I almost replied: “We’re coming,” but then answered:

“We’ll be right there.”

The smug, satisfied feeling after having good sex was a little uncomfortable in the presence of Vivienne, knowing that she hadn’t been part of it, but had seen and heard us. She also seemed to feel that the situation was a little strange: smiling wryly at us both as her eyes dropped to look at our private parts and then back at our faces as she said:

“There you are. … I guess it was good; I didn’t want to watch the whole time.”

“I guess not, …” Sandy agreed: “… I don’t think I would have, either. Yes, it was.”

“Um-hmm, …” I agreed: “… nice that you decided to start dinner. I’ll open the wine.”

“I hope the steaks are right; I started them too soon.” Sandy snorted slightly and replied:

“Well, if they aren’t, it’s our fault, not yours.”

Vivienne had set the table and already served her salad, a different noodle salad, and brought the pan with the steaks to the table and served them, while I poured the wine. Then we sat down, chuckling a little as we spread our paper napkins over our bare thighs. I raised my glass and said:

“To the cook! I don’t know why I keep insisting on taking you both to dinner; eating here is a lot more enjoyable.”

They both had raised their glasses and almost spilled them when they chuckled out loud, glancing at each other and me with little smirks. We drank and smirked again at each other, and began our meal.

The steaks were a bit more done than they should have been for the quality of the meat, but still only medium, and very good, as was Vivienne’s salad, and the girls agreed that the wine was excellent. We talked about everything except what we had done – and expected that we might do; I had promised Vivienne that we would also do it, “really.” I tried to keep my eyes off their breasts, only glancing at them when I had my head down, cutting my steak. Sandy’s nipples looked a little swollen from my sucking on them so long. Only once did I notice them – Vivienne’s too – pop out, when Sandy said something about what we could do together. It was really about doing something “harmless,” outside the apartment, but the words “we could do together” seemed implication enough – even for Sandy, who had said them. They hadn’t forgotten what we had been doing and might do, after dinner or at a future date.

We had finished the wine with the meal, agreeing not to open the second bottle. Sandy again volunteered to clear the table and suggested that Vivienne and I put on some music. She glanced at me with a smile as we went to do so, also apparently recalling our doing the same on Monday evening. When she leaned down to find some records, I again put hand on her back. She turned her head up and smiled with a little snort of acknowledgement, and a stronger one when I slid my hand up and around her side and found her breast, her nipple already aroused in anticipation. I just held it familiarly while she chose the records, letting my hand slid down to her hip when she stood up. She glanced at me with smile and then took the records out and placed them on the spindle and turned the record player on. When she stood up again, we heard the toilet flush before the music started. Sandy came back and smiled at us as she returned to the kitchen. I held Vivienne a little closer, our hips and thighs touching. She turned a little towards me, looking up with mild smile and said:

“It’s still a little funny … being like this, …” and she glanced down at our nudity: “… me being like this, … – hmm! – when I think about it,” and she smiled again: “… but not like before. I like it – just didn’t know that I could, … that I could be like this.”

I rubbed her side, and she nodded with a little smile, and I asked:

“Do I have to say anything?”

“Hm-umm. I just wanted to tell you.”

“Thank you. I like it, too.”

“Um-hmm. Maybe we should go to the bathroom, too.”

“Good idea.”

We did. This time I used the washbasin. Vivienne snickered when I did, and then snickered again when I washed him. Then she took her washcloth and with a little smile and snort washed herself, turning away from the washbasin so that she could look at me as she snorted again and said:

“Funny; I never thought I would do this either, with someone watching.”

I saw her reach further back between her legs as she snorted again and asked:

“Sandy really likes that? I read about it, but didn’t really believe it.”

“Um-hmm, not just Sandy.”

“Hmm! Before I met you, I was a prudish, Catholic good girl being sinful.”

“I’ll take the blame, … if it makes you feel better.” Vivienne turned her head and grinned at me as she hung up her washcloth:

“Oh, it makes me feel better, all right! I told you I like it. I’ve just got to get accustomed to idea.”

“Hm-hm-hmm! Maybe more practice would help.”

“Hm-hm-hmm! Maybe, …” and her smile faded: “… but I don’t want to intrude.”

“Sandy doesn’t need any practice …”

“Hm-hmm! But still …?”

“And she wants to share.”

“Where are you,” Sandy called from the living room.

“Here, discussing sharing,” I replied. Vivienne snorted with a grin, and we returned to Sandy.

“That’s a good idea. How?”

I glanced at Vivienne and said:

“See, I told you.”

“Told her what?”

“That you wanted to share. Vivienne wants to get accustomed to the idea that she isn’t ‘a prudish Catholic good girl being sinful.”‘

“If she wants to, that’s a good idea. Hm-hmm! And we can help?”

“You already have …”

“But I thought she needs more practice.”

“I’m sure it wouldn’t hurt – hm-hmm! – well, just a little, if you chew on her nipples like you do on mine.”

“But you wanted me to.”

We all laughed, and then glanced at each other and snickered. It seemed like we were making up for avoidance of the subject during dinner. Then for a moment we were silent, all waiting for a way to continue.

“Let’s lie down and listen to the music,” I suggested.

‘”Listen to the music’,” Sandy repeated with snort, and Vivienne snorted, too, but they were already moving in the direction of the bedroom. I followed them, suddenly comparing their bottoms: Vivienne’s round apple-shaped one with Sandy’s, that had a flat spot on cheeks of her ass. Vivienne’s was more attractive, but Sandy’s – and all the others like that that I had seen were, too – only less so in direct comparison. Sandy immediately crept across to the far side, Vivienne waited for me to lie down – right on her wet spot, eliciting the comment from me:

“Oooh! Why do girls have to go all wet?!”

Vivienne snickered as she waited for me to settle with my arm under Sandy’s head, who replied:

“It’s your own fault; making us come so good. I thought you liked it. You’re lucky I didn’t – there.”

“Yeah, I love it, but only when it’s warm and fresh.” Sandy snickered as Vivienne joined us and commented:

“But here,” and moved away from the edge of the bed as I put my other arm around her.

They both rolled comfortably up against me, drawing their upper thighs up on mine, and their hands slid down my chest and found my cock and balls. I responded by slipping my hands down to their breasts. For a while, their fingers just wandered familiarly – nice, not arousing him, sometimes playing with each other as much as they were with my balls. I just held their breasts in my palms, enjoying the intimate companionship, recalling lying with Pam and Sukie like that, and with Martha and my sister, though I couldn’t remember if they had caressed me together like Vivienne and Sandy were.

“I guess we are just listening to the music,” Sandy said, including a couple of Vivienne’s fingers in her hand as she moved my balls, asking after a moment:

“Was it like this with those two girls?

“Pretty much, without the music, … – hm-hmm! – and we all still had our underpants on.”

We all chuckled, and Vivienne took control of my balls from Sandy, who after a moment looked over at her and said:

“You said I could look at your pussy.”

“Hmm! If you want to. … Hm-hmm! I’ve already seen most of yours; I guess it’s your turn.”

“Yeah, I guess you have. I didn’t think about that.”

“I better get out of the way,” I added.

“Yes, please,” Sandy agreed and began to sit up.

“Hmm,” Vivienne snorted and watched Sandy get on her knees, making space for me to move aside, and clambering over me with her feet towards the head of the bed.

“Hmm,” Vivienne snorted again and asked:

“What do you want me to do.”

“Move over, your wet spot is all warm now,” Sandy replied.

With a chuckle, Vivienne did, Sandy making a little more space for her. They looked at each other smiling slightly and each snorting. Vivienne smiled impishly and pressed her knees tightly together when she saw Sandy glance down her body, but her nipples were erect. Sandy’s eyes returned to her face. She grinned and rubbed one of them. Vivienne chuckled and returned her grin as she relaxed her legs.

“Um-hmm, …” Sandy murmured and leaned down on one hand, adding as she began to move her leg over to straddle Vivienne: “… you can still look at mine again.”

“Um-hmm,” Vivienne agreed and drew her knees up a little as Sandy settled on all fours over her.

Vivienne glanced over at me with a snort and asked:

“Is hers as pretty as mine?”

Oooh, I’m not going to answer that. That’s the sort of question that started the Trojan Wars.”

They both began to laugh, and I joined in, realizing that our laughing was comic relief from the tension we all felt, maybe more Sandy and I, knowing that she was thinking of doing more than just looking, but Vivienne seemed to need the relief just as much; their position was suggestive.

‘”Trojan Wars’,” Sandy repeated and started laughing again. I reached up and rubbed her bottom.

“Who’s that?” she asked turning her head back to look, answering herself:

“Oh, you,” and smiled.

“Don’t you want to look?” Vivienne asked softly and rolled her thighs open.

“Um-hmm,” Sandy murmured and lowered her head, rocking forward to see better. Vivienne seemed to stiffen in her position, staring up at the ceiling and breathing shallowly, her nipples erect. Sandy dropped down on her elbows, and Vivienne caught her breath. After a moment, Sandy said softly:

“Yours is very pretty,” and then snickered and added more cheerfully:

“Well, if he says so; I don’t have anything to go on, but I think it is, too.”

Vivienne snorted and seemed to relax, taking a deeper breath and then another one. When Sandy slid her hands under her thighs and urged her to move them, Vivienne responded, drawing her feet closer and letting her thighs flop open. Then I heard a puff from Sandy, and Vivienne’s thighs twitched. Sandy blew on her pussy again, and her thighs twitched again.

“You just want to look, don’t you?”

“I think so, … but I can understand why he wouldn’t.”

“Hmm! But you’re not him.”

“Of course not, but it still looks just as attractive.”


I glanced down and could see that Sandy’s fingers were stroking the backs of Vivienne’s thighs, maybe a little inside them. My cock was becoming aroused.

“Hmmm?” Vivienne repeated, this time questioningly.

“I wouldn’t mind. … I mean, those girls did it, and it didn’t make them funny.”

I felt Vivienne tense again and saw her nipples pop up. Sandy continued:

“I wouldn’t mind … if one of them wanted to do it to me; it would be just the same as his doing it. I bet they were curious; he likes it so much; … it must be good.”

I was impressed with Sandy’s line of persuasion. Vivienne didn’t relax, but her stomach drew in, and then she took a deep breath and asked softly:

“And you are curious?”

“Um-hmm. … Yes, I am, … if you don’t mind.”

Vivienne took another deep breath, now with her eyes closed, and let it escape and drew another one, holding it for a moment, and then whispered:

“If you want to.”

Sandy just nodded as her elbows slid a little, and I could now see her finger tips rubbing the soft inside of Vivienne’s thighs, whose body had tensed again, her breathing again shallow and irregular, and then Sandy lowered her head between Vivienne’s open thighs.

Vivienne gasped and her thighs twitched, and then she held still, hardly breathing as I saw Sandy’s head moving, apparently just exploring with her tongue, her mouth not yet pressed up between Vivienne’s thighs. It seemed that she was steeling herself not to move, not to show any response, just to let Sandy do what she wanted, even when she then did press her mouth to her pussy, just responding with another involuntary gasp as her stomach moved sharply. And then it was apparent that Sandy was enjoying what she was doing, humming as though she were pleased. I could imagine so well what it was like for her and recalled that she didn’t have to experiment; she knew what was good, how to make it good.

And she was doing that; I could hear her tongue on Vivienne’s audibly moist pussy. After a few moments, Vivienne let her body relax and drew a deep breath, letting her hips respond. She was just letting it happen, but no longer resisting the arousing sensation, enjoying it: each time she exhaled, a soft “un-hnn” came from her throat, as though she were approving and agreeing. I doubted that Sandy could hear them, but her humming now sounded more aroused, more like when she was being aroused. Vivienne sighed with a louder “Un-hnn,” and her hands, that had been at her sides, rose up and found Sandy’s breasts, and they exchanged more pronounced moans as Vivienne’s fingertips played with Sandy’s nipples, and Sandy’s stomach drew in as she curled her hips up, and then again.

Suddenly I realized that Vivienne’s tongue was moving between her lips, constantly playing on them, circling around on them in her half opened mouth, sometimes moving in and out in one place. I watched, fascinated, wondering if she was mirroring what she felt Sandy’s tongue was doing. And then she was more aroused, breathing harder, and her tongue was moving more vigorously, now in and out further. Her eyelids fluttered open. For a moment, she was looking at the ceiling, her tongue moving incessantly, but then they focused on Sandy’s pussy, which was hidden from my view by her leg. With another louder “un-hnn,” Vivienne’s hands left Sandy’s breasts and slid back along her sides and over her hips, and she drew her head and shoulders up and let her eager tongue find Sandy’s pussy.

“Oh yes!” Sandy gasped and let her knees slide back. I quickly rolled aside and sat up as Sandy flattened down on Vivienne’s body, and then slid my hand over Sandy’s back and urged her to roll on her side with Vivienne. As she did, I escaped down over the foot of the bed, since it was in the corner of the room, and then watched them settle comfortably together. If Vivienne hadn’t already lain like that with a man, she immediately followed Sandy’s lead, both drawing their leg up as a pillow for the other and burying their faces between the other’s thighs. Sandy reached back and found Vivienne’s breast, and she nodded in acknowledgement. Sandy propped up her leg and let Vivienne discover her pussy, humming encouragement and rocking her pelvis up in appreciation.

It was lovely to watch them, now both so agreed that they wanted to do it. Sandy had managed that so well, and been so curious, herself – like she had been about eating me. It was pleasing to think that I had been the one to let her find out what it was like, and pleasing that Vivienne had discovered that she liked it, “that she could, that she could be like this.” Pam and Sukie’s first time must have been a little like this, although they both probably started almost at once, neither having Vivienne’s inhibitions.

But she wasn’t showing any reluctance now. That was so good, that girls immediately knew what was good for each other. What was I going to do? I’d promised Vivienne that we would really do it. Would she want to afterwards? Oh, I could do it now, the best of both worlds for her at once, and that would reassure her that she wasn’t “funny,” and Sandy would love the surprise. Oh, and it would be real good – without a rubber – letting Sandy lick him a little and then guide him into Vivienne’s aroused, warm, slippery vagina! Oh, he liked that idea! But not yet …

Sandy had slid her hand back down to Vivienne’s hip and was sliding her fingers up and down her crevice. Did she know or just assume that Vivienne knew about that, assume that I had washed her there? Whatever, Vivienne’s hand was exploring, all over Sandy’s ass, a little there, too, and then up her thigh and back to her ass. She knew Sandy liked that, wanted that, and Sandy’s fingers suggested that she wanted to touch Vivienne there. Vivienne’s followed Sandy’s lead, a little tentatively, but also sliding back and forth, a little deeper each time. Sandy wouldn’t overdo it the first time. As Vivienne’s fingers got a little closer, Sandy nodded and let hers disappear between the cheeks of Vivienne’s ass, and then Vivienne’s did, as Sandy nodded again and hummed an “un-hnn.” Vivienne moved slightly with an “uhn,” then held still while I saw Sandy’s hand moving. After a few moments, Vivienne’s fingers moved again, and then they both continued to move as they rocked their hips up to each other’s mouth, audibly making love to each other with their tongues.

I lay down behind Vivienne, disturbing them both and found her breast as I whispered:

“I said we’d do it, too.”

“Like this?” she murmured in Sandy’s pussy.


She nodded with a snort, and I moved closer to her. Sandy’s hand turned and found him – not as aroused as he needed to be, but enough for her to help me push him deeper behind Vivienne’s ass, and for her to find him with her mouth. “Mmmm,” she knew what he needed. Vivienne chuckled softly in her throat, and I squeezed her breast as she returned to what she had been doing, while Sandy sucked and licked him, quickly able to hold more of him as her hand slid over my hip, stroking in greeting and approval of my idea, and then pulling my hip closer. I shifted down a little to do so, letting her have a little more of him. After a moment of enjoying him, she drew her head back. I tried to find Vivienne’s hole with him, but then drew my leg up and let go of Vivienne’s breast and reached behind it and pressed him up, and Vivienne rocked her hips back, and after a first attempt, he slipped into her.

“Uhnn!” she responded as Sandy held us closer. I moved away from Vivienne’s back and thrust him deeper. Sandy rubbed my ass in approval and let me feel her tongue on him where he disappeared into Vivienne’s pussy, and then I felt her nose as she tilted her head and found her clitoris. Oh yes! Her hips twitched, moving on him! And Sandy’s fingers crept directly down to my asshole – we knew what we liked. Did she want more than what Vivienne was doing? I found her breast first, squeezing it in confirmation, and then slid my hand down her side and over her hip and then down to Vivienne’s hand, joining her fingers, slipping between them, so that all our finger tips were rippling back and forth over Sandy’s asshole a few times, but then I stopped their motion and found it with the tip of my middle finger, holding Vivienne’s fingers to it with mine as it probed, letting Vivienne’s feel Sandy responded, and feel it probe deeper – and Sandy’s finger was doing the same. Vivienne drew her hand from under mine, and Sandy and I probed deeper again, relaxing to let each other do so as I felt Vivienne’s arm move under mine so that she could hold Sandy’s breast.

That was arousing, but had distracted us from what my cock and their mouths could do. But as I began to fuck in Vivienne’s pussy, their heads began to move again, and our fingers were moving. We exchanged loud hums of appreciation, then took turns responding to what one of the others was doing: Sandy, when I pressed my finger deeper; Vivienne, when I did with my cock, pressing her hips back to help; I, when Sandy’s finger moved in me; and Sandy again, when Vivienne did something good with her mouth, Sandy’s hips rocking up against it; and Vivienne, hers twitching out of phase with our fucking, sometimes making her pussy clutch him.

Oh yes! She was getting the best of both worlds at once! And Sandy and I were getting it good, too! But Sandy wanted to give her more; her other hand crept up from under Vivienne’s waist between us. I drew in my stomach, and her hand slid down over Vivienne’s ass, finding its way lower and into her crevice. Then I could feel that her fingers were moving, and Vivienne responded with an agreeable “unnn!” She liked that, too! Her pussy/cunt clutched on him, and then again as Sandy’s fingers moved, and then again as Vivienne gasped softly, but her hips rocked back as I felt Sandy press deeper – in me, too, and I responded. And then Vivienne’s hips began to twitch, urging me fuck her, and I did, Sandy’s hand encouraging me as her finger moved, making me clutch it with a reflex that made him surge in Vivienne’s cunt, that clutched at the same time. Was Sandy moving her fingers in unison? Mine was, with hers. And her asshole was clutching, too, and her hips also beginning to jerk. I hoped that Vivienne and I could make her come; there was no question that we soon would, not the way our hips were moving and her cunt was clipping my surging cock! And Sandy’s were, too; three writhing bodies clinging together.

Oh, I wanted Sandy to come with us! I heard myself encouraging her, commanding:

“Come, Sandy, come, come!”

I did, excited by my own words, thrusting and spurting in Vivienne’s clutching cunt; and she did, her first flood followed by a second; and Sandy’s asshole was clutching as her hips twitched incessantly, and then I heard Vivienne slurping. Oh yes! She was!! Giving Vivienne her sweet love juice, and she was lapping it up, liking it, even as her hips kept moving and her cunt pulsed on my cock, while we all groaned and gasped. Oh yes! We had done it! And Vivienne hadn’t just been in the middle between Sandy and me, but had been in the middle of it, getting fucked and eaten, and eating Sandy to orgasm!

We all slumped, lying still, but still gasping and sighing with moans. As our breathing started to return to normal, we still moaned, now hearing each other and seeming to communicated our satisfaction with our moans. Sandy and I slowly withdrew our fingers, Sandy snickering softly and raised her thigh from Vivienne’s head, who then did the same, both of them propping them up. Vivienne took a deep breath and moved slightly, and he slipped out of her, soft, wet, sliding down the back of her thigh and landing on mine. She sighed and took another deep breath, and then murmured:

“Ohmygosh, that was good, too good!”

“For me, too, thank you,” Sandy added after a moment.

“And for me, too,” I agreed.

“But not like it was for me … both ways. … Hmm! All three ways! … And I wanted to, … wanted you to, Sandy. … Hm-hmm! I don’t know if I wanted you to before, … but …, well, since you wanted to … And then I couldn’t help myself; it was being so good, and I was beginning to think what it must be like. … Oh yes, I was real curious, too. And then, … well, … I wasn’t thinking about what would happen, just wanted to, wanted you to, too.”

She snickered and rolled back against me and turned her head back with a smirk and said:

“And I’m going to do it to you, too,” and smirked again and rolled back towards Sandy and looked at her pussy and snorted, and then snorted again and said:

“Yours is very pretty, too, … – hm-hmm – the prettiest one I know.”

Sandy snickered and said “thanks,” and I snickered and asked:

“Does that let me off the hook – no Trojan Wars?”

We all laughed again, and again after I added:

“Pity, the school girls were always impressed by my Trojan army; they just loved to see them in combat.

Chuckling, I started to get up, suggesting that we needed to wash again. Sandy nodded, waiting for Vivienne to roll over. When she heard me, however, she stopped and exclaimed:

“Ohmygosh! We did that, too; you did that, too!” and she glanced at each of us with a very surprised expression, adding:

“Jeez, I had forgotten that! You really did that! Yeah, … well, I knew you did it, … but …, well, … I guess I was expecting it … sort of.

Sandy nodded and smiled a little and then replied:

“You didn’t object.”

Hm-hmm! By then I wasn’t caring about anything, if it felt good.” She glanced at each of us with a snort and smirk and started to get up, muttering almost to herself:

“Jeez, is there anything we haven’t done?”

“You haven’t done it to him yet,” Sandy replied with snort.

“But I said I would,” Vivienne replied defensively and glanced at my “him” and then up at me with a smile, and at Sandy, who got up and followed us to the bathroom.

Vivienne snickered when she saw Sandy and me washing each other’s hands and muttered:

“Yeah, I guess so; you two have a lot of experience.”

Sandy took her washcloth and started to use it, and then Vivienne took hers, snickering again as she copied Sandy: washing her face and then her pussy and asshole, while I washed myself at the washbasin, then using Sandy’s washcloth on my ass and rinsing it out.

“Beers?” Sandy asked as Vivienne and I were drying ourselves.

“Good idea,” I agreed as Vivienne said:

“Yes, please,” and we all went to the kitchen.

As Sandy got them out of the refrigerator and handed them to us, Vivienne remarked:

“I don’t know what I was expecting we would do, but not that. … Hm-hmm! … ‘Pretty pussy,’ Pretty pussies! Certainly not that!” She opened her can and looked at Sandy and asked:

“You really wanted to, … before you started looking?”

We all drank, and Sandy replied – less directly than I knew was true:

“I don’t know, … not really. Of course, he’d told me about those classmates, how much they liked it, and that they liked it just as much with him. And I’d heard rumors about girls at college. Of course, that made me curious, … and then there yours was, and I suddenly recalled his saying “pretty pussy,” and was thinking he was right and how much he liked to do it.”

I was watching Vivienne, who nodded slightly with a little smile as Sandy continued with a chuckle:

“And it looked like it wanted me to, already moist, … and smelling sexy. Oh, I really wanted to then. I don’t know what I would have done if you’d said no.”

Vivienne nodded again and replied softly:

“I wanted you to, then, too; I was so aroused; I couldn’t help myself. I still was disturbed by the thought of your doing it, but by then all I was really thinking about was how good it would feel. … It sure did, thinking you knew just what it was being like, and then you were humming as though you were really enjoying it …”

“I was!”

“… and then all I was thinking was that I wanted to know what it was like – this one time.”

She paused for a drink and we both joined her. Then she snickered and added:

“At least. Yeah, I was telling myself – making an excuse for myself – that there was nothing wrong with trying something just once.”

Sandy and I nodded with smiles, and I suddenly chuckled as I remembered Martha and I joking about tasting something at least once. Vivienne looked at me when I chuckled and I explained:

“That’s what Martha’s mother had told her – well, not that! – that she should always taste something at least once before deciding she didn’t like it.”

They both laughed out loud, and then Vivienne asked:


“A Norwegian girl who was staying with his family,” Sandy explained. Vivienne snickered with a nod as she said:

“You don’t miss a lick, – hm-hmm! – and she didn’t either?”

“Something like that,” I replied, and we all snickered and drank again, and I remembered what Martha’s mother had told her and said:

“Her mother actually told her something else, that she shouldn’t to do it with ‘the young gentleman’.”

They both laughed out loud, and Vivienne said:

“She did? Talked to her about that? Like that, assuming that she did? I grew up in the wrong country. Where was she from?”

“Norway. Yeah, when she was seventeen, her mother assumed that she had that summer – correctly, the opportunity and guy were obvious – but her only concern was that they had used rubbers. His older brother had given him some.”

“Ohmygosh! Just like that?! I did grow up in the wrong country.”

“Well, … my new brother-in-law also gave me some, that summer, with those two girls.”

“Then I just grew up in the wrong town.”

We chuckled and drank again. Then Vivienne looked more serious and said:

“I keep thinking I should be feeling upset or wicked about all this: just talking like this; and look at us, …” and she did, and we did, their nipples standing out for a moment as she added:

“… not to mention the rest. Maybe it will hit me later.”

“I hope not, …” Sandy replied: “… hope it didn’t Monday night.”

“Not really, not at all, really, … but I didn’t think about it. … Oh, I thought about it – but it wasn’t like tonight,” and she glanced at Sandy and then chuckled:

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