“Nice bracelet.”

The customer smirked at the pink, blue, green, and purple circle around my wrist. I nodded without looking at it or him. It was a gift from my daughter and I wasn’t willing to talk about it, especially today, and definitely not to someone who was being such an ass.

“Here is the invoice for the repairs. If you’ll just sign it on the line at the bottom.” I slid it across the counter with a small feeling of satisfaction. The total at the bottom was an eye-popping amount, just what he deserved for not knowing how to shift his foreign made status symbol properly and frying the clutch.

The grimace on his face as he handed me a credit card and signed the slip I passed back was even better. I was in a black mood already and having to come into work for his petty bullshit was enough to almost make me forget I was a business owner. I wanted this done and him gone. Dylan was waiting for me in my office while I dealt with this schmuck who tried to question the integrity of my manager and my garage. Honestly, I’d rather do without his type of business, even though I bet he would need more work done on his baby real soon.

The bracelet crack was just his parting attempt to get back at me after I threatened to just take the new clutch off his car and let him tow it away if he didn’t pay up. He was pissed but he paid. Dealing with dickheads was a part of my job that I hated but it was the cost of being the owner of my own business. I had to take the bad with the good.

And if I hated to admit it there was some small good to the situation with Mr. Attitude. Delaying what I really wished wasn’t my duty for the day was actually a blessing in disguise. I was dressed in black slacks, a button down shirt and dress shoes, not because I didn’t do the day to day dirty work in the garage as owner, because I did. I was cleaned up because I was heading to the cemetery as soon as I was finished with the customer Danny hadn’t been able to handle.

I didn’t really want to face what the day meant; my first year as a single dad, the anniversary of the day my life came to a screeching halt. A patch of ice, a car crossing the center line, and in one split second of wrong place-wrong time, my wife and daughter were gone. Falling to my knees, holding Dylan as I found out, I thanked god that by a fluke teething fever he was with me at the garage rather than out Christmas shopping with them. At the same time I was cursing God and sobbing because we were now all alone. The girls that meant the most to me in the world were never coming back.

Danny had dropped to his knees beside me and wrapped us up in his strong arms. He was my anchor that day, just as he had been since we met as teenagers. He helped me plan a double service for my wife and daughter and stood by me as I laid the other half of my family to rest. The comforting grip around my shoulder and the squirming child I had held in my arms had been the only things that kept me from falling onto the pair of polished oak caskets and sobbing. I was a wreck for weeks afterward. Danny kept the garage going and checked on me every night.

He brought me casseroles his wife made and stayed to make sure I ate some of them. He held Dylan and me as I broke down, offering me a shoulder to cry on. He was the best friend any man could have. There wasn’t anything I wouldn’t do for Danny in return.

“I’m really sorry I had to call you in today, Cole. That guy was threatening to call his lawyer and I was losing my temper with his bullshit.”

“That’s okay. It’s fine.” Danny just looked at me. “Really! I know you thought I should take the day off and I even agree, it’s just…”

“Not easy,” he finished for me. He reached up and squeezed my shoulder.

I nodded with a frown. “Yeah. That and more.” I rubbed my neck; I was so tense it hurt.

Danny looked over at the repair schedule. “Do you want me to go with you? I could take my lunch early and close the garage,” he offered.

I shook my head. “I think Dylan and I need to do this by ourselves. Or at least I do. A toddler isn’t going to understand but I need him there with me.”

“He’s your family, I understand.” Danny looked down, shuffling some parts catalogs.

“You’re my family too, it’s just…” I just couldn’t explain exactly how I felt, not even to myself.

Danny gave me a hug. “You don’t have to try and explain. Go get Dylan and do what you need to do.”

I could hear Dylan gurgling in his playpen in my office. His happy sounds and the rattling noises meant he had gotten hold of Mr. Bendy, his flexible plastic rattle that looked like an orange alien. It was his favorite toy and he loved it. That sound was a balm to my frazzled nerves. Without him to look after I probably wouldn’t have been able to pull myself together when my world shattered. But my baby was my world now. I worked to provide for him and I spent every moment I wasn’t working caring for him. Unable to delay any longer, I headed toward my office.

“Oh hey, before I forgot, I’ll come by with dinner tonight. Lisa threw a casserole together and taped some reheating directions on it. I’ll run home to clean up and then bring it over around six.”

I turned around in the doorway to my office and looked at Danny. “Yeah, sounds good. I don’t think I’m going to be up to much cooking tonight. I don’t think I’ll be much company for you guys though.”

“Actually it will just be me and you’d be doing me a favor. Lisa is going to her mom’s house for dinner. Spending extra time around my mother-in-law around the holidays?” Danny shuddered with an exaggerated look of horror on his face.

I shook my head with a wry smile. Danny and his mother-in-law didn’t exactly see eye to eye. She always thought her daughter should have married a lawyer or doctor. Lisa loved her mother though and Danny adored Lisa so he put up with her mother’s attitude. For the most part.

“Alright, you can hide out at my place. Now get back to work before I dock your pay!”

Danny arched an eyebrow at me. “Yeah right, BOSS.”

He flipped me off as he turned to walk back in the shop. I walked into my office smiling and shaking my head. Dylan saw me and grinned.


I loved it when he said that. I bent over and picked him up out of his playpen. “Hey buddy, that’s right, I’m Daddy.” I kissed his dimpled cheeks and snuggled him into my chest, closing my eyes. He was an amazing blend of his mother and me. He got her blond curls and full lips, plus her sunny disposition. He had my bright blue eyes and dimples though. Sometimes looking at him made me sad but for the most part I was just thankful that some part of her was still in the world with me.

I struggled to put his waving arms into his coat and then buckled him into his car seat as he babbled at his toys. I pulled out cautiously into the light traffic that ran in front of C&B Auto Repair. Owning a garage had always been my dream and Bethany had supported me when we finally saved the money to start it. It had only been open about two years when I lost her. The last year the garage had taken a lot of my time which made juggling childcare with Dylan hard sometimes, but I was lucky to have several very sympathetic women neighbors. Sometimes too sympathetic, but I had walked the fine line so far between friends and more than friends.

Danny had picked up a lot of slack too, always there when I needed him. It was close to the holidays, maybe I should think of a bonus for him and the other two guys I had working for me. They deserved it. I kept my mind firmly on the garage as I made my way to the cemetery. My knuckles were white on the steering wheel as I drove slowly and carefully, chewing on my lip the whole way.

I had been here before of course. I came once a month to lay flowers and make sure the stones were tended but this was the anniversary of the worst day of my life; this was different. This morning exactly one year ago I woke up and made love to my wife. We had breakfast as a family and I kissed her and my daughter goodbye before they walked out the door and pulled down the snowy drive for the last time.

This morning I woke up to a cold empty bed; tears streaming from my eyes as I buried my face in my pillow and wished that the last year was just a bad dream. My pillow was soaked when the sobs finally eased. The horrible feeling that nothing was quite real filled me through breakfast, a cup of bitter coffee and cheerios for Dylan.

It still hadn’t gone away.

I could feel the trickle of tears already falling down my cheeks as I pulled through the black wrought iron gates of the Vernon Cemetery. I slowly drove along the winding road and parked closest to their graves. As I was getting out of the car an icy wind blew through my coat; I shivered and hurriedly buttoned it. Pulling Dylan out of his car seat I tucked his hat down closer over his ears and wrapped his chubby little body in a blanket. Bethany would never have forgiven me if I let him get chilled.

We made our way slowly across the dead grass, bouquets of hothouse lilies held in my free hand where Dylan couldn’t mangle them. Coming to a stop, I stared at the black marble slabs that bore my loved one’s names. Bethany Nicole Matters, Beloved Wife and Mother; Marissa Eleanor Matters, Beloved Daughter and Sister. The dates stared back at me; May 14th, 1984-December 4th, 2009.

My wife was just 25 years old, a young mother who would never watch her son grow to a man. March 27th, 2005-December 4th, 2009; my darling daughter, precocious and always full of joy. She would never go to school, have her first kiss, or hold my arm as I walked her down the aisle on her wedding day.

I gently laid down my burden of flowers on each grave. The numbness that had been blanketing me fell away as I fell slowly to my knees; Dylan sleepily snuggled into my chest. I cried as I talked to the cold stone, pouring out my love and sorrow. I smiled through my tears and told them of Dylan and how he had grown. I promised that I would never forget them, that Dylan would never forget the mother and sister he lost.

He sat still in my arms, one hand buried under the blanket to rest on my neck, connected to me as if to remind me of the fact that we still lived and had to go on. Unwillingly, I just stood up and kissed my hand, pressing it to each tombstone as I said goodbye to my girls yet again. Tears coursed down my cheeks in freezing trails that I didn’t bother to wipe away.

It was time to go.

“I’ll always take care of him Bethany, just as I know you will always take care of Marissa. I love you both.”

I held back a sob, biting my lip. “Goodbye.”

I didn’t look back.

My hands shook a little as I buckled Dylan back into his seat. I sat with the heater running full blast for a few minutes to thaw my frozen hands. Taking a deep breath, I put my car in gear and eased onto the road and back out. I was still crying but I felt a deep sense of relief and peace. This day would never get easier but I was here, Dylan was here, and we would be okay together.

We had almost made it home when a street light changed quicker than the car in front of me expected it to. They slammed on their brakes and fishtailed in the road before coming to a stop just over the line. I always gave plenty of room so I was able to come to a controlled stop horror filled me when I looked in my rear view mirror.

A blue mid-size SUV was barreling toward us at what seemed like a high rate of speed. I could even see the panic on the man’s face behind the wheel as he got closer and closer, his brakes squealing as his tires locked and slid on the slick ground. I braced myself, waiting for the crunch and screech of metal on metal. All I could see after that brief look was the memory of the police coming to my office door at the garage, a resigned look on their faces as if they were all too used to giving bad news.

‘I’m sorry Bethany,’ I thought, ‘I just promised to protect Dylan. No, it’s not his time yet!’ One arm went to reach into the backseat but I was unable to reach my sleeping toddler.

“No, no, no…” I didn’t realize I was speaking out loud until I felt the impact that pushed my smaller four door sedan into the car in front of me. I felt the momentum of the car as it shoved me forward in my seat belt to crash into the steering wheel and dashboard before my body whipped backward to slam into my seat. I grunted in pain, still locked into a moment I remembered over and over in my nightmares. I didn’t feel my car come to a stop or hear Dylan screaming until I felt my door wrenched open and heard a frantic voice cut through the fog clouding my mind.

“Oh my god! Are you okay? Stay still, don’t move. I called 911.”

I gasped as hands running over my neck and shoulders brought me back to the present. I had no idea what he said; I heard the words but they made no sense. What I did hear were the frantic cries of my son from the backseat. I wrenched my seat belt off and shoved the man out of my way as I got out of my open door. I scrambled around the car, almost skating on the packed snow. I was panting as I tried to pry open the jammed back door behind the driver seat.

“Hey! Sit back down. You need to stay still, you could be hurt.”

Hands were on my shoulders, gently pulling at me but I shrugged them off. I looked at the front of my car buried in the back of the car in front of me and a woman talking on a phone in the driver’s seat. I couldn’t go that way. There was a gap behind my car where the left side of the trunk and car was crumpled and the SUV had bounced back. I headed that way, breaking the grip on me with ease. I didn’t see the look of shock on the man’s face or hear the approaching sirens; I had to get to Dylan.

His door opened easily, the frame of the car held intact as it was meant to. The side impact air bags had inflated but his seat had been locked into the latch system as well as the seat belt and was still tight in place. His five point harness was still securely buckled exactly where it belonged and there was no blood on him that I could see.

“Shh, baby, shh… Daddy’s here, shh…” I touched his face gently, trying to get him to stop crying. His arms were waving at me frantically, I knew he wanted to be picked up but I had enough wits about me to know he needed to be checked out by the paramedics first. I fell to my knees onto the hard ground, half in and half out of the car. I crooned brokenly to Dylan and letting him clutch one of my hands as I gently strokes his face with the other. I could sense someone behind me but ignored them; my son was my only focus.

It was the cool blue nitrile of the paramedic’s gloves turning my face toward them that finally broke into my zoned out mind. Dylan was still whimpering but even that was quieter as he calmed. I was panting in between my comforting murmurs but I ignored that.

“Sir, let us get in to see him, please.”

I nodded, stumbling backward when I stood up. Hard hands caught me by the shoulders and pulled me into a firm chest before I could fall. I shuddered and then moaned when sharp pain burst through my fog, almost like glass grinding in my chest as I tried to breathe.

“I think you need that other ambulance there.” I resisted the attempts of those hands to move me when I heard Dylan screaming for his daddy as the paramedic ran her fingers over his head and neck, talking to her partner who was writing things on a clipboard.

“It’s okay, you can still see him, they are just over here, only a few steps away. You need to be checked out so you can take care of him, right? Let them do their job.”

I finally let the man draw me away, leaning into his hands as I began to realize how much my chest hurt and how hard it was to breathe. The man hovered over me as the paramedic checked my pulse and listened to my chest. The way I was breathing was apparently a tip off to him right away.

“I’m pretty sure you have at least one broken rib, sir. Breathe as you slowly as you can, this is just oxygen.” He put a mask over my face. “Now, does your neck hurt?”

I shook my head.

“Good. Go ahead and nod or shake your head but try not to talk. I also need you to try and keep your torso really still for me. I’m going to cut off your shirt now.” I did as he asked, struggling to breathe through the mask they had put over my mouth and nose. The air was cold on the bare skin of my chest as I sat in the back of the open ambulance.

The police arrived and began to talk to the man who was watching me almost as closely as I was watching Dylan. I realized then who he was; his face had been the one I saw in my rear view mirror right before his car plowed into mine. I tried to summon anger but I couldn’t; I was too relieved that Dylan seemed okay. My body was hurt but I knew I wasn’t going anywhere, fate had not struck my family twice, and I could only feel relief at our escape.

The man was earnestly answering the cop’s questions, taking full blame for hitting me and then pushing my car into the one in front. I was a little surprised at that. He was rubbing his neck a little but otherwise seemed unharmed. The other paramedic had checked him out but he said he felt fine and told him to go check out the female driver of the car in front of me. Then they started to remove Dylan from the car and I was too busy watching them take Dylan out of the car to focus on anything else though.

They set him on a waiting gurney, checking his limbs and back. Grabbing his blanket from the backseat the female paramedic wrapped him up and brought him over so I could see him. “It looks like he’s just fine. You had his car seat set up perfectly. I wish all parents were as conscientious as you.”

“Oh thank god.” I sagged in relief, no longer able to really hold myself up; the fear swamping me disappeared and now all I was aware of was the pain.

“Whoa there, Dad. Let’s get you to the hospital for some x-rays before you puncture a lung.” The paramedics helped me climb carefully into the back of the ambulance. “Officers.” The cops turned to face them. “We’re taking them into Peyton Memorial, if you need to get Mr. Betters for anything further.”

“Thanks, we’ll be along in a little while for your statement.” One officer was filling out a report with the male driver while the other came over to my ambulance before they shut the doors.

“We usually call out Ace towing to accidents unless you have another preference. I will bring the paperwork with us when we come to the hospital.”

“Thanks. Ace is fine,” I panted, “I know Carl. Tell him he can tow the cars to my garage, will you?”

“Your garage?”

“C&B Auto Repair. I own it.” I was panting harder now as my chest felt tighter. I was more focused on Dylan’s little fingers wrapped around my finger as I sat on the gurney than on the officer’s questions.

“Alright you, enough talking. Time to go.” The driver shut the doors and we headed off to the hospital. I winced as every pothole jarred my body causing sharp pain in my ribs. I moaned as we hit one right in front of the hospital. Getting out was even harder than getting in but I was soon on a gurney being wheeled to x-ray.

It was confirmed; I had 2 broken ribs and some bruising on my lungs. The ribs were just cracked though, not splintered or in danger of damaging my lungs.

“You’re going to be sore for a while and lifting your son is probably not a good idea, it would probably be better to let your wife do that. Do you want us to call her or another family member?” The doctor treating me was older with a kind face, he meant well. It’s not his fault I was still wearing my wedding ring and he made a perfectly reasonable assumption.

“She… She’s gone. She died a year ago.” I hadn’t cried after the SUV crashed into us but remembering what day it was and the loss it represented hit me again, breaking through my shock. I squeezed my eyes shut as tears fell. I drew in a shuddering breath and winced at the pain in my ribs. I grunted and pressed on the bandages.

“I’m sorry to hear that. Is there someone else we could call? I really don’t think you should be alone tonight in case your breathing gets worse.”

“My friend Danny. He should be at the garage still. He’ll spend the night at my place with me and Dylan.” I looked up; Dylan was being passed around the staff at the nurse’s station, his giggles and dimples charming everyone. I saw the police officer from the accident scene coming down a side corridor and spot me, then head my way. The doctor saw him as well.

“Alright, if you give me the number I’ll have the nurses make the call. In the meantime they’ll draw up your injury instruction sheets and discharge paperwork. You’ll need to follow up with your regular physician.”

“Thank you, doctor.” I recited the garage’s number and he wrote it on my chart before he handed it off to a nurse and moved on to the next patient across the hall.

“Hello Officer.” I sat propped up in bed in just my pants, the thin gown they gave me to replace my shirt was still beside me on the gurney where I set it when they taped me up. I pulled it over me, uncomfortable being exposed in front of the other man.

“Hello again, Mr. Betters. You’re looking a bit better. Not so pale.”

“Thank you. Actually, you can call me Cole. Mr. Betters makes me seem so old.” I smiled ruefully. Sometimes I felt old, a widower with a young son and a harried business owner at the age of twenty-seven.

“My name is Officer Jones. You can call me Cameron if you would like, I’m pretty much off shift.” He smiled at me and put the papers he was holding on my rolling table. “Here is the paperwork from Ace Towing, the driver said he knew your garage and he towed your car and Mr. Krepp’s vehicle over. The other driver, Mrs. White, opted to use her own mechanic.”

I nodded. “You have questions for me?”

The police officer pulled out his report form and took down all of my information and my statement. He went to copy the paperwork for me at the nurse’s station right before Danny rushed in. He practically ran over to my side, getting ready to throw his arms around me in a big hug of relief. I put a hand up to stop him, even that small movement hurt.

“Stop! Broken ribs. No hugging.”

Danny froze a moment, the gently reached out and squeezed my shoulder. “You’re okay, Dylan’s okay?”

“Yeah, we’re fine.” I wanted to sigh but stopped myself, to avoid the pain. The pills they gave me were helping but breathing was still a painful struggle. “Dylan wasn’t hurt at all; I’ve got some bruises on my lungs and 2 broken ribs.”

“Well look what I found.” The officer came back carrying Dylan who was giggling and pulling on his badge. “I saw your friend come in here and thought you might be getting ready to go.” He held out Dylan who had started reaching toward Danny with both arms as soon as they came in the room. I couldn’t help but smile myself at the gentle smile on Cameron’s face as the pair snuggled.

“Here you go Cole, a copy of your report.” I looked down at the papers he handed me, seeing his number inked on top the copies. My eyes widened and I looked up at him. He winked at me when I didn’t say anything.

“Uhh… um, thanks.” I closed my eyes briefly at my stammering response. Smooth.

“I feel comfortable telling you that your story matches those given at the scene by the other drivers. I don’t think there will be any trouble from your insurance in this situation. I’m glad your son is okay. Get healed up now, okay?” He offered me his hand, his grip firm but gentle.

“Let me know if you need anything.”

I shook his hand.

“Thank you Cameron,” I said as I looked up and met his eyes; an appealing shade of light cornflower blue. They were full of warmth and his smile was gentle. I couldn’t help but feel a little flare of interest despite the hell of a day I’d had.

I could have died. Dylan could have died. Human contact, warmth, the kindness of strangers were all reminders that I was still here, still alive. Now I just needed to learn how to live again.

I dropped his hand but kept my smile, thinking about how a bad accident on an already tough day actually led me to a realization that I had been missing. I was still here, my son was still here and life would go on; good, bad, indifferent, it was up to me. I vowed then and there to make it good, for both of us. No more hiding, no more feeling sorry for myself. I had Bethany and Marissa for just a few short years but I would treasure them always but it was time to face the future, not avoid it feeling guilty that we lived when they didn’t.

“You’re welcome.” He waved and said bye to Dylan, getting a giggle and wave in return. He was still smiling as he walked away. I was watching him when I saw the man who had hit my car coming toward me. If he came in here and Danny found out he was the one who hit us it could turn out bad. Danny was unlikely to be forgiving even if the man did look like someone was tearing out his insides.

“Hey Danny, I think it’s going to be a little bit before they get my paperwork done and everything. Do you think you could take Dylan to the cafeteria and get him something to eat? He’s got to be starving by now and I didn’t think to have someone grab his bag out of the car before the ambulance guys took off.”

“Sure. I’ll be back in a little bit.” I breathed a quick sigh of relief when I saw him go out and turn in the opposite direction of the approaching man. He was standing at the nurse’s station, waiting until the nurse on the phone finished but was looking around the bays around the nurse’s station until he saw me. He looked down swiftly and I saw his hands clench.

He shuddered a little and then started walking again. His walk was smooth, powerful. He was a big guy, tall and solid without being overly muscular. I was disturbed to realize that was a fact I had unconsciously absorbed when he had tried to hold onto me at the accident. I hadn’t felt attracted to a man as more than a passing appreciation since I had gotten serious with Bethany. I hadn’t noticed details like that about anyone, man or woman, in the last year at all.

“Umm, hi,” he said when he stopped a few feet from my gurney. I stared at him silently, unable to speak.

“I’m sorry,” he blurted out. “I’m sure you’re mad. I wasn’t paying enough attention and I tried to stop but I couldn’t. You seemed really out of it at the scene so I wasn’t sure if you heard me tell you that. I just… needed you to know how sorry I was and make sure you guys were okay.” His voice was deep and thick like honey. It almost flowed into me as he spoke and I had to fight off a shudder, wary of the pain it would cause.

“I’m not mad, really. It was just a really bad day to get in an accident.” The thought was a bitter one but the tone I used was pleasant, almost light. That was strange. I wanted to slap myself upside the head but that would just make me look stupid.

He relaxed a little, actually meeting my eyes. His eyes were a dark green that looked almost shiny, like a holly leaf. I gasped when I saw them and then had to grab my chest as pain shot through me from my broken ribs. I groaned at the pain which only made it worse. I was hunched over breathing in short sharp pants, unable to catch my breath as I tried to ride the wave of agony.

“Keep your breaths short but slow them down, try not to pant.” His hands were on my shoulders, pulling me back upright. The heat from his hands gave me something to focus on; they were hot and he had long, strong fingers, easily supporting me as I struggled for air. “That’s it, sit up, give yourself plenty of room for your lungs to open up.”

The pain eased as I did what he said. The doctor hadn’t told me how to ease the pain when it hit, he just prescribed pain medication. It made me curious once the worst of the pain eased. “How did you know how to do that?”

“I’m a paramedic. Feeling a bit better?” he asked.

“Yes, thank you.” I shifted my shoulders a little under his grip and he dropped his hands from my shoulders suddenly.

“Thank you. I’ve never really been hurt before.” I offered my hand to him. “I’m Cole, Cole Betters.”

“Peter Krepp. It’s nice to meet you, though I have to say I wish it were under better circumstances and a much quieter place.” An ambulance pulled up outside the ER entrance, sirens still blaring. He smiled at me, a quirky little grin that gave him a dimple in his right cheek.

I was smiling back before I knew it. Looking in his eyes for at least a minute without speaking, I must have been grinning like a fool until I suddenly realized how long I’d been staring. I looked down and blinked rapidly to suppress the prickle of tears in my eyes as I experienced a surge of guilt. I felt unfaithful to Bethany, even though I had just vowed to move on and start life again.

Apparently just appreciating someone else was a bit more than I was ready for, but I didn’t know how to stop. Peter was… different from what I would have expected. He had showed a lot of compassion and responsibility, coming to see me in person. Between him and Cameron I just felt more alive, like maybe they could become really good friends.

“Sorry about that,” I said quietly, looking up at him. “It’s nice to meet you.”

“So, you own the C&B garage? The officer told the truck driver who showed up to take my car to your garage. You’re a mechanic?”

“When I can be.” I leaned back against the pillow on the gurney, my breath still a bit labored. I didn’t even flinch when he put his hand on my chest.

“Remember, shallow breaths but don’t pant.”

I nodded and relaxed a little more under his hand. “I’ve owned the shop for about three years. My wife used to do the books and work the front office. When she died…” I paused, closing my eyes against the pain of the words. “When she died last year I had to start doing that and doing less of the repairs. I used to think I had the rough end of the stick with the shop but really, people are much worse than cars. Bethany was so sweet and serene, no one would have dreamed about being rude to her.”

“I can believe that. I usually only see people at their worst but at least I don’t have them long,” he commiserated. “I’m really sorry to hear about your wife; she sounds like she was a lovely person.” He took his hand off my chest but sat down in the chair next to the bed.

“Thank you.” I smiled sadly. “We opened the garage a few years ago and it turned a bit of a profit pretty much right off. With the economy the way it is I think more people are taking care of their vehicles to make them last so I get a good amount of business. They’ve been mostly forgiving of my learning curve with the paperwork end of things and the longer repair times. Danny has been taking good care of that end of things and helping to keep me going.”

“Danny?” he asked, cocking his head as he looked at me.

“He’s my best friend. We’ve known each other for years, since our first year in high school. He moved to Shelton at the start of the year. I was the quarterback and he was the wide receiver. We still watch most of the Packer games together during football season. He’s the only family I have left besides Dylan.”

“Every time you answer a question it seems like I think of another one.” Peter laughed a rich full-throated chuckle that rumbled through me. I chuckled a little myself. “So, who’s Dylan?”

“Well actually, you can meet him officially.” I just saw the elevator doors open and Danny get out, holding Dylan’s hand as he toddled along. “Oh, umm, Danny’s sort of protective and he’s in a bit of a tear over the accident. Can we maybe not mention that you’re involved in that right off?”

“Sure. If that’s what you want.”

“Daddy!” Dylan took off, slipping out of Danny’s hand and half ran and half stumbled over to my bed. “Cookie, Daddy!” He showed off his prize, an M&M cookie that was crumbling all over the sheets.

“I see the cookie, Dylan, it looks yummy. How nice of Uncle Danny to feed you sugar before bedtime.”

Danny smirked. “What else are good uncles for?” He turned a bit to stare suspiciously at Peter and crossed his arms over his chest. “And you are?”

“Danny!” I was shocked at his behavior; he was acting like an over protective father, suspiciously staring down his teenager’s date.

“I’m Peter.” Peter offered his hand to Danny.

“Peter who?” Danny said, looking him up and down with his eyebrow raised as they shook hands.

“For Christ’s sake Danny, knock it off. Peter’s a new friend of mine. Stop being a jerk.”

“Well if I’m going to be the bad uncle I figure I need to be the bad friend too. I’ll work on my politeness.” He smirked at me then turned back to Peter. “It’s nice to meet you. If I may inquire, Peter, as to your last name and what you might do for a living, in the interests of getting to know Cole’s friend better so that we might be friends as well?”

I started chuckling which made me grab my ribs and groan. “Jeez Danny, I didn’t know you even knew half those words. Was that your attempt at being smooth or something?” Danny looked at me to make sure I was okay, breaking off his stare at Peter.

“Lisa has been ‘civilizing’ me she says.” Danny turned back to Peter. “Well? Did I dazzle you with my wit and confuse you into telling me all your deep, dark secrets?”

“Peter Krepp, and I’m a paramedic.”

“Oh? Were you one of the paramedics who helped Cole and Dylan today? Is that how you met? You’re name seems sort of familiar, have we met before?”

“I was on the scene earlier, sort of. And no, I don’t think we’ve met.”

“Krepp… Krepp… I know I’ve heard that name. Wait… that was the name of the owner of the other car towed to the garage! You were in the accident too?”

Peter looked at me. I looked at Danny in exasperation. “Why couldn’t you remember a little less well? Yes, Peter was in the accident.”

“Actually, I caused it. I came here to talk to Cole, to let him know how sorry I was.”

That set Danny off. His fists clenched as his face turned red. “You have some nerve to show up here! Do you have any idea what kind of day he has been through? What kind of stupid, reckless, moronic idiot runs into someone? I have half a mind…”

Danny was getting louder and louder, leaning toward Peter, stabbing the air with his finger. I knew he was only ramping up. He was normally protective over Dylan and me but with the way the last year had gone he was liable to beat the snot out of the man.

“Danny! We see people who run into other people every day. That’s what pays the bills, remember? Accidents happen, Peter is sorry, Dylan is fine, and I’ll heal. Stop freaking out.”

Danny turned to me, incredulous at my calm tone. He knew how careful I was driving now, by rights I should have been the one freaking out. He cocked his head and stared at me for a minute before turning to look back at Peter.

“Fine. I’ll be polite.” He took a ragged breath but he wasn’t yelling anymore. “You ran into a man who lost his wife and daughter exactly one year ago today; a man that was on his way home from the cemetery where he buried them after they died in a car accident. That is what you did.” His voice was icy, the words polite but the tone was vicious and harsh as he informed Peter of the tragedy I was trying too hard to put behind me.

Peter looked more and more horrified, tears coming to his eyes when Danny stabbed his point home with his words instead of his fists. “Oh god, I’m sorry, I’m so sorry.” He put his hand over his mouth and shook his head, turning and walking off swiftly without saying another word.

“Damn it Danny! He made a mistake driving and caused the pile up but it was an accident! He didn’t do it on purpose, he wasn’t on the phone or being reckless, he just didn’t give himself enough time to stop on an icy road. Yes, I lost Bethany last year but I lost her, not you! If I could accept his apology and not hold a single moment of unintentional stupidity against him then you should be able to as well!”

Danny was looking at me with wide eyes. I was sitting up on the gurney and glaring at him in anger. Dylan was looking at me too, his cookie forgotten in his little hand. I felt bad that I had lost my temper in front of him and yelled at Danny, who was just trying to protect us, even if it was in the wrong way. I held out my hand to Dylan and tried to calm down.

“Hey buddy, it’s okay. Sorry, Daddy was talking too loud wasn’t he? I’m not mad at you, I promise.” Dylan was looking at me with his little mouth pursed as if he was deciding whether or not to believe me. He must have decided to trust me again, holding his arms up to for me to pick him up. I was reaching down before I even thought about it, yelping when I moved wrong and a sharp pain shot through my ribs again.

“Here, let Uncle Danny pick you up, Daddy has owies, remember? Here you go; sit still now.” Danny picked up the toddler and put him on the bed next to me. I ruffled his hair, smiling at him as he happily ate his cookie, his concern already forgotten. I looked up at Danny, biting my lip.

“I’m sorry,” he said quietly.

“I know you’ve been going through a lot of this with me. I didn’t mean for it to sound like you haven’t been affected too. I’m sorry I yelled at you.” His gentle hug after our apology brought tears to my eyes. This day had been way too long. “Do you think that you could go find the nurse and see where that paperwork is? I just want to get home.”

“Yeah, no problem man.”

Danny came back towing a nurse with him and after a few minutes of going over instructions and signing more forms, I was officially discharged. Danny took Dylan out to get the car; fortunately I kept a spare car seat at the garage so we were quickly all buckled in and headed for home.

“Do you mind just running through the Subway drive thru so that I can get a sub? I’m hungry and I need to eat so I can take some of these pills the doctor gave me.” I was bracing against the door as we drove, the turns were killing me.

“Yeah man, that sounds good.”

Danny ordered our subs and Dylan’s grill cheese sandwich meal at the shop just a few miles from the house. Getting out of the car was painful, I held my breath to keep from yelping but I breathed a small sigh of relief when I sank into my oversized armchair in the living room. Even that made me wince but it was a lot more comfortable than the gurney at the Emergency Room. Danny grabbed some plates and a sippy cup with juice for Dylan while I cut up his sandwich into small bites.

The second to last regular season football game was on and watching that cleared the last bit of tension from the air. Dylan was fading fast so Danny got him changed and into his jammies. I read his favorite book, Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See to settle him down. He was too tired to squeal in glee at all the animals at the end like he normally did, sleepily drooping his head onto Danny’s shoulder with his thumb in his mouth and his snuggly under his arm.

I listened to Danny put him in his crib and turn on his baby monitor, my own head heavy and dull from the pain pills I took after dinner. I thought about going and putting on some sweats to get more comfortable, planning to finish the game with Danny over a drink. Well, Danny could drink; I really didn’t think I needed any.

“Hey Cole, Cole…” Danny was gently shaking my shoulder. “Let’s get you up, man.” Helping me stand up he chuckled as I groaned. “You’ll be in bed soon.” He gently pulled off the shirt the hospital gave me and then helped me carefully tug off my pants and socks as I sat on the edge of my bed. I slid into bed and Danny pulled the top blankets over me. I sighed.

“I called Lisa and told her I was staying over here tonight. You’re not up to getting Dylan out of bed if he needs something. I’ll just go crash on the couch.”

My eyes were closed, sleep quickly coming to claim me but I forced them open. “Thanks Danny. I love you man.”

“Love you too.”

I tugged the covers a little closer to my chin and fell asleep, secure in the knowledge Danny was there for us.


Danny really did try to behave when Peter came into talk about his SUV a few days after the accident. His front end was banged up and we needed to replace the radiator but really there wasn’t too much damage. My car on the other hand needed a lot of work. I had a loaner rig for the shop that we used to ferry some customers so I was covered and didn’t have to rely on Danny but the first time I drove after the accident was nerve wracking.

By the time Peter came in several days later I was fine and back to driving normally. Still slow and cautious but at least I didn’t break out in a cold sweat just thinking about getting behind the wheel.

He walked in the front office door, brushing snow off his shoulders and then pulling thick gloves off his hands. He stuffed them in his jacket pocket, rubbing his fingers together a little in the warmth of the office. Winter was fully set in and we had two batches of snow flurries that day already. We were in a bit of a lull and I’d sent everyone but Danny home earlier. I had been thinking of closing the shop down and going to pick up Dylan before heading home for a warm soup and sandwich dinner but I was hoping Peter would make it in before lunch. I stood up from my desk and walked up to the main counter.

“Hey Peter.”

“Hi Cole.” Peter smiled tentatively at me as he stamped his feet on the mat. “You called earlier and said I needed to sign something?”

“Yeah.” I rifled through my book on the counter and pulled out his paperwork. “I’ve your estimate for repairs and I need your signature so we can get your insurance to authorize payment for the work.”

“Ok, sure.” He looked over his bill and I looked at him while he couldn’t see me. I would call his hair brown but I could still see a lot of auburn in it. That made sense with his vivid green eyes. The smile on his face that lit up his gorgeous eyes was more than enough to make me shiver… I grunted a little in pain, my hand going to my still strapped ribs.

“How are you doing?” He looked concerned. “Still in pain?”

“Just an ache most of the time. I just have to remember to be careful.” I took the work slip he signed and slid over to me, ripping the copies apart. I handed him the yellow customer copy and then put the white and pink copies back in the binder.

“Not enough to keep you from working though?”

“As long as I stay in the office. Danny threatened to break a few more ribs if I tried to step foot in the garage.”

At the mention of Danny’s name Peter’s smile faded and he looked down. “I really am sorry, about all of this.” He looked up at me, his eyes full of sadness. “To lose your family and then on that same day be forced to deal with an accident. That had to have been like your worst nightmare.”

I took a short breath and let it out slowly. “It was. But I understand that it was just an accident. You don’t seem like the type of person who would risk people’s lives. You have to see the results of that all the time.”

“Yeah, I do,” he said. “It’s why I can’t believe that I couldn’t stop. I thought I had given enough room but it was like nothing was happening and then all of a sudden they caught but by then it was just too late.”

“We’ll check the brake lines and make sure you insurance gets anything we find. If something was wrong with them the accident wasn’t something you could have avoided.”

Peter frowned. “Can something like that happen?”

“Well there’s a spring in your rear drum brakes. If that gets rusty it can cause a failure in the ABS. In that case you would have just slid right into us, just like you did. It’s worth looking into. It actually sounds like what happened.”

“Really?” He looked hopeful.

“We’ll definitely check but it sounds reasonable to me.” I pulled his slip back out and put a note on it and had him initial the changes.

“Thanks for coming in,” I said. I started straightening the business cards on the counter by the register for something to do with my hands. I wanted to ask him out but I wasn’t really sure how to do it.

He stood there fidgeting for a minute with his gloves before he took a deep breath. “Would you like to have lunch with me sometime?” he asked in a rush.

My heart raced when he asked. I had a lot of time to think lately with Danny kicking me out of the office after a few hours each day. I had even used some of my extra time to visit the counselor I had seen last year after Bethany and Marissa died. She and I had talked through my realization, at the cemetery and after the accident. My guilt had eased after we talked about it. I had also talked to Danny.

I liked the cop who gave me his number but Cameron wasn’t who had caught my attention that day in the ER. There was just something about Peter that made me want to get to know him better.

“I would like that,” I said quietly.

“Great!” he said enthusiastically. “How about tomorrow?” I laughed a little at his eagerness. He grinned ruefully. “I would have asked about today but I have a meeting. But I’d really like to see you tomorrow.”

“I’m not sure what we have on the schedule,” I said, turning to look on the wall.

“I’m sure I could cover for you with the customers. He’ll be free.”

Danny was standing in the door to the shop, wiping black grease off his hands on a red rag. He squinted a little at Peter who met his eyes without looking away. Danny walked into the room, stuffing the rag into his pocket. He stopped at the edge of the counter, his face serious.

“I was wrong to say what I did the other day. I was upset and worried about Cole and Dylan but that’s no excuse for what I did.” Danny leaned against the counter and held out one hand toward Peter. I busied myself at the back counter and let Danny apologize without an onlooker.

Peter didn’t hesitate, reaching out and shaking Danny’s hand. “I can understand a friend worrying about a friend.”

“More like a brother.” Danny crossed his hands over his chest. “But Cole and my wife both set me straight. He’s not my responsibility and I’m not his bodyguard. He’s an adult and knows what he’s doing.”

Peter winced. “Your wife really got you good didn’t she?”

Danny raised an eyebrow. “Been married have you?”

Peter shook his head and leaned against the counter, mirroring Danny’s stance. “Partner. Strictly gay here. He was the bossy sort though, good at keeping me on the straight and narrow.”

“What happened to him? You get bored with the straight and narrow?”

“Danny!” I whipped my head around and stared at him, my mouth open.

Peter laughed. “It’s fine. He’s still looking out for a friend. It’s cool.” He smiled at me then shrugged as he looked back at Danny. “He got bored actually. Up and left me almost two years ago for an older man who was willing to be his sugar daddy.”

“Paramedics not rolling in the dough?”

“Okay Danny, that’s enough!” I stopped him there, appalled at his attitude. I glared at him but Peter just shook his head.

“Don’t worry about it Cole. It’s good to know you have someone keeping an eye on you.” He zipped up his coat and put his gloves back on. “I’m going to be late if I don’t head out. Can I pick you up here tomorrow?”

I didn’t get in a car with just anyone driving and as much as I was looking forward to having lunch with him, I didn’t think I could handle trying. “How about we meet at Sasha’s Grill? I haven’t gone there in a while.”

“Sounds good. One o’clock work for you?”

“Yeah.” I smiled at him, “See you then.”

I watched him get in his rental car and then turned to Danny. “Do I need to go call Lisa?”

Danny blushed a little and then looked down. “Sorry. I just… I worry about you.”

“Well I’m trying to be okay with moving on. It’s a good thing but it’s kind of hard to think of it that way when my best friend is treating the guy I’m interested in like a prom date in a bad eighties movie.” I moved over to Danny and gave him a hug. “I appreciate you looking out for me, but I’m going to be okay. You need to trust me to make the right decisions without you making sure of my date’s good intentions.”

Danny hugged me back then stepped away. “I’ll try to give you some space to do your thing.” He smirked at me as he drew out the last word.

“My thing? Okay, now you sound like a bad gay porno movie. You been peeking at my stash?”

Danny blushed. “No!”

I laughed, teasing him some more. “Are you sure? Not even a little curious about what’s on the other side of the fence and took a little peek? Just a short one?”

He rolled his eyes. “If I was going to look at porn I’d certainly not be watching eighties gay sex tapes. Maybe you should go get some though, since you have a date with Mr. Green Eyes tomorrow. It’s been a while for you, hasn’t it?”

My heart sped up a little at the thought of sex. It had been a while since I had sex at all, not since Bethany died. It had been even longer since I had sex with a man, before I met her. I shook my head. “I’m not ready for that.”

Danny grimaced. “Sorry, I shouldn’t tease you like that.” He gave me another hug, “If he doesn’t understand you’re not ready then ditch him. I can always beat him up if he gets out of line.”

“It’s just lunch Danny. I think you’re the one getting a little ahead of things. I don’t even know if we will have a second date, much less a relationship. I won’t do casual sex. Especially since I have Dylan to think of. This is just a date.”

I was moving on; I was ready for that. I knew I wasn’t ready to look that far into the future to try and see where this date would lead but I was willing to take that first step onto the path. Day by day was all I could manage. I hoped that Peter would be there in the future but I was going to go slow. No matter what I was going to start living again.


“You look good,” Peter said as he met me outside Sasha’s. I smiled at the compliment and smoothed down my black dress shirt I’d tucked into my gray slacks.

“Thanks. I had a meeting today with a local executive car rental company. They’re looking for a new shop to service their fleet and the contract could be a real bonus to our end of year financial projections.” I knew I was rambling as we walked to our booth but I couldn’t really stop myself. I was really nervous.

“Oh, you look good too.” My mouth was a little dry and I gulped down some of the water our waitress brought over while we looked over our menus.

Peter chuckled. “Thanks.”

“Sorry,” I said, blushing. “I just… haven’t done this in a long time.”

Peter reached out and touched my hand with his, giving me a quick squeeze. “I haven’t either. We’ll figure it out together. Just relax, there’s no pressure here. Let’s just consider it two new friends getting to know each other.”

I smiled at him. “I can do that.”

Our lunch went really well. We got to know one another beyond names and occupations. It turned out Peter was a few years older than me, twenty nine. He lived on the other side of town from me, in a nice downtown apartment building. No pets due to a hectic work schedule, he divided his time between his twelve hour shifts with his partner and hanging out with his friends.

Peter already knew all about me and my job and I didn’t want to talk about my dead wife and daughter. That would have put a real damper on my first date, even if it was just a lunch date and Peter tried to say we were just friends getting to know each other. I already knew I liked him a bit more than a friend. So I talked about meeting Danny in high school and playing football. Peter invited me to join up with a spring football league that he played with on weekends.

When the check came, Peter insisted on paying.

“After all, I invited you,” he pointed out.

I rolled my eyes. “Fine, then I can pay next time. Are you free next Monday?”

“I have a shift until four that day, but my evening is free.” By then we were outside in the parking lot by our cars.

“I know you said we were just two friends getting to know each other but I already know I like you, Peter. You’re easy to talk to, you aren’t afraid of the fact that I have a son and a painful past. The fact that you’re willing to let me take this at a pace I’m comfortable with really makes me want to go on an actual date with you.

“Do you think you’d be interested in dinner and a movie?” I asked.

I watched Peter’s face as I spoke, waiting for his answer. Just because I felt something didn’t mean he did. I could be mixing up the signals. It had been a while, maybe he really did just want to be friends.

“I’d love that,” he said as he smiled at me.

“Yeah?” I said.

“Yeah,” he echoed, moving closer to me. I froze until his lips touched mine and suddenly I was wrapping my arms around him and pulling him a closer. I kissed him hungrily, opening my mouth when he swept his tongue across my bottom lip. I followed his tongue out of my mouth and into his, exploring the hot, moist depths.

My eyes were closed as I focused on the heat and taste of him. I shuddered as his hands pulled us even closer and I felt proof of his excitement press against me. I pulled back with a small gasp, breathing hard. I didn’t step out of his arms but put a little distance between us.

“Sorry,” he said ruefully, breathing a little hard himself.

“No,” I said, “it’s okay. I was just as into it as you were. I just… don’t want to move too fast.”

“I understand.” Peter dropped his arms and I let him go too. He stepped back. “We still on for Monday, right?”

I nodded. “I can’t wait.”

Peter leaned over and pecked me on the lips, but kept his hands to himself. “I’ll let you get back to the shop now.”

Over the next few weeks we managed to go out a few more times. The holidays were rough and we didn’t get to see each other as much as my friends tried to keep Dylan and me busy so we’d have less time to dwell on the people missing in our lives. I still cried a little on Christmas but Danny and Lisa came over and they reminded me that while my family was gone, I had friends that cared. It helped a lot.

After I had my last check up on my ribs, I invited Peter over for dinner. It was about a month after Christmas and I got to see him interact with Dylan one on one while I finished getting dinner ready. He didn’t hesitate to get down on the floor and play with the toys Dylan kept trying to share with him and he soon had my son giggling and yelling his name as they played choo choo trains. I really knew he was good for us when Dylan crawled up into his lap after dinner and fell asleep in his arms.

“Let me take him to bed,” I said. “I’ll be right back.”

It wasn’t easy getting a sleepy toddler into pajamas but I managed and then tucked Dylan in bed with his snuggly. He rolled onto his side, blinking sleepily and stuck his thumb in his mouth, sucking on it gently. I gave him a minute to settle down and then pulled it out with a wet pop. He grunted and frowned but tucked his hands into his snuggly and closed his eyes. I kissed him and then flicked on his nightlight before I shut his door.

“He’s asleep,” I said as I sat down beside Peter on the couch. I snuggled into him and we kissed.

“Thanks for being so great with him. He really likes you.”

“I like him too. He’s a real cutie. I couldn’t resist those big blue eyes just like his daddy’s,” Peter said. “His sexy daddy.”

I could feel myself blush. I leaned up and kissed Peter, my hands rubbing at his shoulders. His arms wrapped around me as he pulled on me until I was straddling his lap. I groaned his hands gripped my hips and he thrust up against me.

Excitement filled me at the tight grip and the way he held me against him. I nibbled my way down his jaw and sucked on the sensitive skin behind his ear.

He groaned. “Fuck, that feels good!”

I agreed wordlessly, hips rocking against his.


“Mmm?” I asked, busy nibbling on his neck and sucking on his collarbone.

“I don’t want to,” he gasped and shuddered when I nipped him and then laved the spot with my tongue, “stop you here but, are you ready for this? We’ve only known each other,” his hands dug into my hips to stop my rocking, “a few months. I don’t want to rush you.”

“Not rushing me,” I said against his warm skin. “I want you.”

I wanted to feel him naked beside me. I wanted to explore his body and taste every inch. I wanted him on top of me and inside of me. I knew I’d have to make the first move.

I pulled back and stood up, holding out my hand. “Bedroom?”

“Hell yes.”

I led him to my room and shut the door. I yanked off my shirt and went to work on his. As soon as it was off I was sucking my way across his chest, nipping his erect nipples with my teeth and then flicking them with my tongue. I dropped to my knees as I drew my tongue down his stomach. I fumbled with the button of his pants, my hands shaking.

Peter put his hands on mine and pulled me up. “Let me.”

He pushed me down on the bed and I laid there, looking up at him. He watched me watch him, my bottom lip held between my teeth as he slowly undo his pants and push them off his hips along with his underwear in one smooth motion. His erection slapped against his stomach and I swallowed hard.

It looked bigger than I remembered taking from my last partner and that had been a long time ago. I wanted him though and my trembling hands went to the button on my pants. He pushed them away and undid them himself.

“I said, let me.”

Peter took control, pulling off my jeans and then pulling my underwear up and over my own throbbing member. His hands slid up my thighs as he spread them apart and settled between them. I tensed a little and then relaxed when he leaned over and kissed me.

“Relax. I’ll take this slow.”

And he did. I was writhing by the time he finished running his hands over my body, caressing me until I felt like my skin was one giant exposed nerve. Pre-cum pooled across my stomach and I was begging him to fuck me by the time he took pity on me.

“Condoms and lube?”

I pointed at the nightstand and he leaned over me to reach in and grab them. I leaned up and latched on to his nipple, making him groan. I whined when he pulled away.

“I want to touch you.”

“Later,” he said.

I didn’t argue. I was too busy trying not to cum because he’d slicked up one finger and slowly thrust it inside me, caressing my prostate.


I tensed a little when he added another finger and Peter distracted me. His hot, warm mouth slid down over me and I cried out. Trapped between the feeling of his fingers and his mouth I didn’t even hear him open the condom wrapper and get himself ready until he pulled his fingers out.

“Take a deep breath,” he murmured as he leaned over me.

It had been a long time and it hurt when he pushed in, even though he took it slow. I groaned, my hands grabbing at his hips to hold him still when he was fully buried inside me.

“I’m not moving,” he said, kissing me. “Let me know when you’re ready.”

It took a few minutes but gradually my muscles relaxed. I nodded at him and bit my lip at the slick slide as he carefully pulled back. The pleasure as he slid his entire length back into me was more intense than I remembered. I moaned continually as he set a rhythm that had us slowly building toward orgasm.

We were breathing hard, lost in the feel of each other when he shifted his thighs under me and pulled my hips up. The new angle as he slid inside thrust his entire length over my prostate and I shouted at the burst of sensation.

“More, Peter. Harder, please…”

He leaned down over me and buried his hands in my hair and thrust against me hard.

“Oh yeah,” he grunted.

His thrust faster, his stomach trapping my erection between us and rubbing at my neglected length. The combined stimulation pushed me higher and higher but the first explosive pulse caught me by surprise.

“Are you sure about this Mrs. Clause?” Amy looked up at her.

“Yes Amy,” and patted the elf on the head. “So how do I look?” as Mrs. Clause spun around.

“You look just like Santa.” Amy smiled “Why are you doing this again?” helping Mrs. Clause into the sleigh.

“Amy we’ve all heard that song I saw mommy kissing Santa Clause, well I know that there is a lot more then kissing going on.” Mrs. Clause grabbed a hold of the reins. “After all these years I’ve had enough and I’m going to send a message.”

She snapped the reins and whistled to Mistletoe, and Mrs. Clause waved to Amy as she flew past.

“Be careful Mrs. Clause.” Amy shouted watching her disappear in to a tiny speck.

Mrs. Clause closed her eyes, the air was cold and crisp, and it made her eyes water. Not for just the sheer reason of the cold air rushing past but for the memories it brought back. When he started this tradition all those years ago she would go with him and help. She remembered the magic of going down the chimneys together, seeing the houses decorated and placing gifts around. Then over the years he insisted she stop as he was getting busier things were more commercialized now and he needed her at home to help there.

She knew the truth, every year it was the same thing. Women all over the world would wait downstairs to try and fuck Santa Clause. That was why he really wanted her to stop Santa was screwing around. Mrs. Clause turned a blind eye for some time, took it as part of the package being married to Santa, she did get other benefits most women did not. It seemed like she never aged and she had the elves at her feet. Mrs. Clause was living pretty well but this year she wanted to send a message. She wanted her husband to herself no more sharing.

Mistletoe stopped on a snow covered roof. Mrs. Clause got out of the sleigh adjusted the outfit, and then put her finger to the side of her nose and poof! She was down the chimney.

Over in the corner the typical family Christmas tree with the lights twinkling. On the table a plate of cookies, a few carrots and this family left Santa a beer she noticed.

“Hey there, I’ve been waiting for you.” Mrs. Clause looked behind her a little startled to see a woman’s figure. The woman takes her hand and Mrs. Clause looks at her. The woman was maybe in her 30′s, a little chubby but Mrs. Clause liked her boldness waiting for Santa in a little red bra and panty set while her husband snored away oblivious to his wife’s activities.

Mrs. Clause sat on the couch and the woman stood before her.

“Santa,” the woman starts “I think I’ve been a bad girl this year.” and she takes her bra off dropping it to the floor. Her breasts were big and her nipples were dark pink and erect, Mrs. Clause bit her lip with anticipation.

The woman then sat down beside her on the couch, Mrs Clause grabbed the woman’s breast squeezing it hard then licking her nipple. Mrs Clause got the woman to lie down on the couch and she took off her panties.

She started rubbing her pussy and biting at her nipples, “Oh Santa!” the woman moans. Mrs. Clause slips a finger in the woman’s wet pussy; she could feel the woman tighten around fingers.

Mrs. Clause slowly draws her fingers from the woman’s cunt and then shoves them in the woman’s mouth making suck and lick her own cum off of Mrs. Clause’s fingers.

“Come on Santa give me the big present.” the woman swoons.

Mrs. Clause stood back and slowly took off the Red Santa Suit, the woman gasped when she seen a young woman of her 20′s tits that were so round and perfect. Milky white skin made her nipples stand out perfectly. Mrs. Clause stood there for a moment naked her pussy had the lightest blonde patch, her eyes also had a strange twinkle then Mrs. Clause quickly went over and started kissing the woman holding her down.

“Guess what sweetheart Santa is coming this year,” she whispered into the woman’s ear “I’m Mrs. Clause by the way, and you are?”

“M-Mandy.” she said quietly

“No need to be scared Mandy, I won’t hurt you,” Mrs. Clause smiled “I just want to play too, seems everybody wants to fucks my husband.” and she pushed two fingers back inside Mandy’s still wet pussy. Mandy’s hips withered underneath as she drew a deep breathe in at the unexpected pleasure.

“I’ve never been with a woman.” Mandy confessed.

“That’s ok,” Mrs. Clause smiled licking her neck and trailing to Mandy’s erect nipple. “I have to ask Mandy, does your husband know you fuck Santa?” pushing her thumb against Mandy’s clit.

“Ahhhh shit no!”Mandy sighs out “He would be pissed.”

Mrs. Clause grabs Mandy’s hair holding her down looking in her eyes “Then why do it? How many of you fuck my husband Christmas eve?” Mrs. Clause hand her fingers deep in Mandy’s cunt rubbing her g-spot, Mandy couldn’t stop herself cumming she was oddly aroused being taken by a woman, well by Mrs. Clause so roughly and she wasn’t fighting her off.

Mrs. Clause got up off of Mandy. “I think I’m going to wake up your husband and tell him what you’ve been doing.”

“Please don’t,” Mandy begged “I’ll do anything!” standing up quickly

“Good that’s what I wanted to hear.” and Mrs. Clause sat on the couch and spread her legs open, then she started rubbing her pussy. “Come and eat me.” she called to Mandy.

Mandy went over to Mrs. Clause and got to her knees, she took a breath in and the aroma of Mrs. Clause was intoxicating, her pussy wet and slick. Mandy looked at the beauty of it her first time this close, she could sense how it wanted her to kiss it and lick it.

“I haven’t done,” Mandy started, but Mrs. Clause grabbed her head and pushed Mandy’s face in her pussy.

Mandy started licking and kissing feverishly, lapping up every bit she could. Mandy had her tongue probing deep in Mrs. Clause’s pussy. Mrs. Clause rested her legs on Mandy’s shoulder holding her close, moving and grinding her hips on Mandy’s face smothering her.

“That’s drink up,” Mrs. Clause moans out “lick that pussy good Mandy, this will be a Christmas you won’t forget.” Mrs. Clause pulls Mandy up by her hair and kisses her. “Mmm doesn’t my cum taste good?”

Mandy nods yes. Mrs. Clause has her hands running down Mandy’s body smacking her ass, pinching her nipples giving her cunt a little tease.

“So wet Mandy,” Mrs Clause whispers in her ear while fingering her pussy “You liked eating my pussy didn’t you? Always was a closet lesbian, always curious but too afraid to act upon it.” She pushed Mandy back and walked around the couch staring at her.

Mrs. Clause then went into her toy sac and threw something at Mandy. “Put those on,” she ordered “Your husband is upstairs?”

“Yes but you said,” Mandy looked up “You promised!”

Mrs. Clause quickly went over to Mandy holding her face looking deep in her eyes “I know what I promised, don’t worry now let’s go upstairs.”

Mandy led them down the hall to where her husband Adam was snoring in the bed. Mrs Clause closed and locked the door.

“Mandy move the chair to the edge of the bed,” Mrs. Clause instructed “Then I want you to sit in it.” she walked over pushing Mandy down. She kissed Mandy’s soft lips grabbed her head and pulled it back looking in her eyes.

“I don’t think you understood me,” she said looking at Mandy “you liked eating my pussy too much; I need to teach you a lesson.” she hit a button on the remote in her hand and the panties Mandy had put on started vibrating on her clit.”What’s your husband’s name?”

“Adam.” Mandy moaned

Mandy sat there and watched Mrs. Clause climb into her bed, and get under the blanket with her husband, then pull the sheet back. Mandy watched her husband’s cock get hard before he even knew what was going on.

“Mandy we shouldn’t,” and as he opened his eyes he seen his wife in the chair naked, then beside him he saw a gorgeous naked woman. “This is my Christmas present!” he smiled. Looking the blonde up and down, his cock was standing at full attention now.

“Adam,” she whispered and he looked at her “Your wife wants to share you with me and she is just going to sit and watch.” then Mrs. Clause grabbed his hard cock. “You want to screw Mrs. Clause right Adam?” looking him in the eye, he had seen that twinkle.

He just shook his head yes, but looked to Mandy for approval too. He seen her sitting there watching her legs open with the vibrating panties steadily humming on her clit, keeping her moist. She just nodded yes and closed her eyes.

Mrs. Clause pushed him back and took his cock in her hands, stroking him slowly up and down. She then leans over breathing on him and taking a deep breath in smelling his muskiness. She licked his pink bulbous mushroom head. Kissing him softly and licking his shaft following the one big purple vein down. Mrs. Clause took his balls in her hand and was gently played with them.

She looks at Mandy in the chair and hit a button making the panties work harder on her clit, still looking at her she takes Adam down her throat; Mrs Clause had her nose buried in his pubes as he was so far back her throat, moaning she just loved sucking his cock. Adam grabbed Mrs. Clause by the hair pushing her onto his cock, moving his hips and moaning.

She slowed pulled up from Adams throbbing member looking at Mandy with a trail of spit “Not nice is it? Having somebody else enjoy your husband?” she smirked and took Adam back in to her mouth. Her tongue was playing with his head swirling around it while she was sucking him so hard.

“Oh Mrs. Clause fuck, you suck my cock so good!” Adam blurted out.

Mrs. Clause quickly got up and positioned herself over Adam’s throbbing dick, slowly sliding her wet cunt down over Adam. He grabbed her ass and gave it a good smack. Mrs. Clause slowly started grinding her pussy on his cock; her own fingers rubbing and playing with her clit.

“Oh yes Adam!” Mrs Clause sighs but looking at Mandy “That’s it Fuck my pussy!”

Mandy watches as she sees Adam thrusting deeply into the woman before her. Mandy stuck sitting in the chair the bloody vibrator still working madly on her clit, she was so wet. Even worse was she enjoyed this, watching Mrs. Clause cum all over her husband’s pulsing rod and soaking his balls. But she hated seeing it at the same time.

“What’s wrong Mandy?” Mrs. Clause smiled “You look like your mad? Don’t like somebody fucking your husband do you?” as she slid off Adam’s cum soaked cock. Licking him again. Tasting her own cum and licking his balls clean.

“Adam,” Mrs. Clause smiled “I have a Christmas Present for you.” as she pulled out some lube and squeezed it over his dick, throwing the bottle on the floor. She rubbed the lube all over Adam’s cock, and his balls massaging it in good.

Mrs. Clause got on the bed with her ass in the air “Come on Adam you know where to want to fuck me.” she said swaying her ass.

Adam got behind Mrs. Clause and smacked her ass; he then started rubbing her asshole with the head of his cock. He slowly teased her tight asshole before Adam slowly let his head push in. Slowly he was stretching her ass; he grabbed her ass cheeks stretching them apart. Adam slowly began pumping Mrs. Clause in the ass.

Mrs. Clause grabbed the edge of the bed and was holding tight as Adam was fucking her ass hard. Mandy sat there watching her husband; he loved it she had always said no to anal. She could see the grip Mrs. Clause had on the bed her knuckles were white, and her tit were bouncing around Mandy had thoughts of licking them as she watched them making her own pussy wetter.

“Mandy tell me, do you like watching?” Mrs. Clause looked up at Mandy.

“No!” Mandy sighed out

“I think it sunk in,” Mrs. Clause moaned out as Adam smacked her ass hard. “Now come here and let me make your pussy cum.”

Mandy didn’t hesitate as she got up pushing her soaked cunt in Mrs Claus’ face. She came as soon as Mrs. Clause touched her soft tongue on her clit. It was a stream Mandy had never came so hard, Adam seen his wife having her pussy being licked my Mrs. Clause and cumming so hard it sent him wild and his cock throbbed as he slammed it hard in Mrs. Clause’s ass.

Mrs. Clause could feel him wanting to cum in her ass but she stopped him got him to pull out.

“I think we are going to pop your Cherry tonight Mandy.” and got Mandy bent over in front of her husband “Look at that ass!” Mrs. Clause said as she smacked Mandy’s ass, the poured the lube down her ass crack. Mandy caught a chill from the cold lube.

Mandy felt hands all over her ass and her pussy, she knew Adam was enjoying himself. She looked behind her to see Mrs. Clause and Adam sliding their hands everywhere, she felt fingers in her pussy, and somebody else was slowly pushing a finger in her ass.

“Come on Adam stick it in her ass now.” Mrs Clause said grabbing Mandy’s ass check.

Mrs. Clause watched Adam’s cock slowly slide in Mandy’s ass. She heard Mandy moaning went over and started kissing her. Adam watched his wife kissing Mrs. Clause as he slowly stretched her ass. Adam watched as Mrs. Clause grabs his wife by hair and then shoved his wife’s face in Mrs. Clause’s cunt. Adam was in every guys heaven.

“Oh ya Mandy lick my pussy!” Mrs. Clause sighed aloud

Mandy feverishly ate Mrs. Clause pussy so wet and tasted so good. Plus feeling her husband’s cock deep in her ass, she loved the feeling and wondered why she never let him do this before. She loved eating pussy and now loved the feeling of her ass being full and violated.

“I’m going to go!” Adam shouted as he pulled out and then he shot his cum in to the waiting mouths of his wife and Mrs. Clause.

Adam fell back on to the bed, and he watched the 2 ladies share his cum before Mandy had swallowed it. Mandy looked at Mrs. Clause then to her husband who was already asleep.

“He won’t remember a thing,” she winked at Mandy “He will think it’s all a dream, come on lets go back downstairs.” as she grabbed Mandy’s hand.

Mrs. Clause sat Mandy on the couch and proceeded to get dressed.”Now Mandy, I hope we have come to an understanding?”

“Yes Mrs. Clause.” Mandy looked at her hands in her lap.

“I don’t mean to be a bitch Mandy, but every year it’s the same thing not just you,” she was pacing the floor half dressed now “I’m sure you know the little Christmas carol He knows when you are sleeping.”she sang sarcastically

“I see to Mandy,” she looked Mandy straight in the eye “When he is off every Christmas Eve I see him fuck countless women, and I’m tired of it.”

Mrs. Clause puts the jacket on now looking just like Santa from the neck down. “I’m watching you Mandy no more, and don’t worry I’m seeing a few other wives tonight as well.”

Mandy watched Mrs. Clause finish getting the costume on and now looked just like Santa again. She was standing in front of the Chimney now.

“Oh Mandy!” and Mrs Clause threw a remote to her “those panties my gift to you, I know you enjoyed tonight.”

Mrs. Clause put her finger to the side of her nose and was gone. Mandy quickly went to the window and seen the tiny speck dance out of sight. She went back into her room and put the remote away along with the panties she was wearing, and then slipped back in bed with her husband.

Later Christmas Morning when Mandy and Adam had a minute to themselves having a coffee watching the kids play with the toys Adam started telling her about his dream.

“I swear Mandy, I have never had a dream like that before.” He smiled “I was in Ménage trios with you and of all people a hot Mrs. Clause.” he chuckled “But Mrs. Clause was really hot, not like the little old cute lady they make you think.”

“Ya well keep dreaming stud.” Mandy quipped, but stared over at the chimney knowing the truth.

We sit there with our drinks in hand; everyone else has crashed out from the all-night party. Its early hours and the alcohol has settled us into a calm yet outgoing state. We are often the two that end up sitting alone after the nights drama; sitting, talking, learning about each other’s’ thoughts and fantasies. She is beautiful; with long blonde hair and almost snow white skin, I often tell her she should go as snow white to the fancy dress parties we have, she would look incredible. I’m a sucker for costumes and would be thrilled to see someone so pure dressed like that.

Tonight we talk about sexuality; we tell each other of our curiosities. The both of us are straight young women; personally I have thoughts about other women; I believe they are the more beautiful and attractive of the two genders. I can be totally captivated by a gorgeous woman although my personal reference will always be the strong man that can protect me. I guess I love to be the weaker one of the pair and will always love a strong protector, maybe that’s the primal instinct in me.

She tells me of her thoughts, similar to mine. If she were ever to experiment with her hidden attraction to females, it would have to be with the right girl, someone she could trust and enjoy the moment with. I agree with her and speak of my fears; that I may not be able to please a woman in the same way I can please a man. We sip our drinks and seem to edge a little closer to each other on the sofa, unknowing of our subconscious movements.

Our chat continues as we get deeper into our thoughts on the subject; exploring each other’s minds and our way of thinking. Our drinks are beginning to empty from our glasses and our eyes begin to fix onto one another’s, I feel that attraction as I look in her eyes. Pure and blue, a shine that says she’s tipsy but knows what she’s doing and what she wants. Without hesitation, she pours the last of her drink down her throat before pushing the glass to the side and leaning herself onto me.

I feel her weight push over my body as we sink into the sofa; her moist lips are pressed against mine, moving and fitting my mouth perfectly. My tongue slides over hers as passion pours over me and my need to be touched and caressed intensifies. I can feel the heat from her body as it closes in to lean further into me; that heat fuelling my desire to touch her. I raise my hand a little towards her hip and trace my finger along the band of her pants. She shudders slightly at the gentle caress on her skin; she feels silky and soft under my hand.

As my fingers push under her waist band her kiss becomes more passionate; she moves her mouth on mine with a delicate lust; needing and wanting as her breathing becomes heavy. The supple plumpness of her lips is felt moving across my face on a route to my ear. I feel the hotness of her breath on my skin; it sends a chain reaction through my spine. I am just as aroused as she is; my own breathing becoming shallow, my eyes narrowing onto her and my skin feeling tingly like it is pulsing with electricity.

My fear of experimenting this way is soon forgotten; I want to touch her, to kiss her, to find out what makes her moan. My body tells me that it longs for her also; it begs for her to caress, lick and for her to smoother it in attention. I want this woman, my friend, the girl I’ve known forever to have me here, right at this moment to use however she pleases.

I grab at the band with both hands, scraping my nails along her skin as I pull at the material to move down over her ass and thighs. I move my face to see her black lacy panties while her mouth presses hard into the hollow of my neck. The pressure of her mouth on that sensitive part of my body instantly causes a reaction in me to moan into her ear and pull her body harder into mine.

We pull at each other’s clothes; her pants pulled off and her t-shirt thrown onto the floor beside us. I’m left in my nothing but my red French underwear. I push her off me for a moment before pulling her lips to mine for a passionate kiss; my hands keeping her there as they entwine into her long blonde hair. I suddenly break our connection to give her a smouldering look as I stand to make sure the door is firmly locked. For this moment, it is just me and her, nobody else.

I reach out my hands to her and lift her from the sofa; she takes it to stand up close in front of me, our lips merely millimetres apart. I lift my left hand to graze the back of my fingers along her jaw. I watch her face, her eyes closing at the touch, her own hand cupping mine before she runs her lips over it to leave a trail of kisses.

‘Is this what you want?’ I ask in a calm and husky tone.

Her head nods as her falling hair moves beautifully over her face; it frames her features perfectly, making her eyes more striking as they open up to show their sparkling blue colour. Her lips look divine, juicy and plumped from our kisses earlier. My eyes look south over her neck, so supple and inviting and down across her chest. She wears the same lace on her bra as she does on her panties; the set is so beautiful on her, the black material standing out against her pale skin.

I lift her chin to give me access to her throat, her head tilts to the side as my lips and tongue run over her flesh. I can smell her perfume – a scent of sweet floral extracts fills my lungs as I try not to bite down on her soft skin too much. I allow my teeth to graze her as I move lower across her collar bone, hearing her moans become more frequent. I feel my panties becoming more restricting as they dampen at the sounds of her breathing under my touch. The silk clings to me and I can feel my nipples erect and push out to show beneath my bra.

I kiss down the centre of her chest as I start to kneel down before her; my hands moving around to her back to unhook the clasp on her lace underwear. I’m hungry to taste her flow of juices from her pussy; ‘what will it be like to eat out another woman? How will she taste?’ I’m curious and my arousal is starting to peek. My hands expertly flick open the, freeing her milky white breasts in front of my face. Instinct taking over me I move my mouth to her skin quickly; wanting to sink my teeth in and bite lightly over her fleshy mounds before sucking hard onto her pert nipples.

The suction from my mouth makes a burst of subtle moans leave her throat, I can almost feel the vibration from her throat move through her body, tuning into mine as we match our movements to fit each other perfectly. Her fingers trail through my hair, controlling where I might put my lips next. I realise the ever so slow motion as she leads my head further south every so often. I never stop working on her with my kisses the whole time she moves me and it isn’t long at all before she has me where she wants me; with my face at her crotch ready to dive in and experience the wonder that we’d been fantasising about for years.

I kiss her hip bones, deciding to tease her some before moving straight to her sex. My tongue and lips dance along the top of her panties as I try to pull the lacy material between my teeth. As I grip the delicate material, I pull it back to reveal her most intimate area. My fingers pull at the sides to move the underwear all the way down her long smooth legs – so long in fact that she could easily go for a modelling job as she had the height required for the catwalk. My lips connect with her skin once more as she lifts her feet out of the lacy material.

I kiss on the smooth areas of her skin and brush my nose into the light triangle of short blonde hair while I edge myself inch by inch towards her now dampened slit. My tongue now searching to enter between her legs and find that pea-sized piece of flesh she craves me to touch. I feel all of the different textures of her lips as I run my tongue the entire length of her pussy. Her hips pushing her sex harder towards my mouth, making sure I stimulate her with more pressure enticing her moaning even more.

I work my tongue over her enlarged clit, feeling her response as her nails trail harder along my scalp and one hand pulling gently on my ear lobes. I taste her juices, both musky and sweet – it’s divine, I think I could actually sit and lick at her forever. With every little contact my own sexual desires become more desperate for attention but my focus is to get her off and feel a woman get off through the power of my tongue.

Her hips gyrate to rub into my mouth as much as possible; the friction of my lips and the delicate flicks of my tongue build up her excitement. Her breathing becomes more erratic and I have to grasp her ass to hold her steady due to the buckling of her legs under my touch. To see this woman quivering and moaning with pleasure because of my actions is such a turn on. She is so beautiful and intriguing to watch – every movement and sound her body makes seems to have a direct line to my pussy as I feel the gushes of wetness soak my silk frenchies. Her sounds are louder now, her chest lifting up and down heavily as the first waves of her orgasm pulse through her body.

‘Oh god’!

Her words muffled by her thrashes and harsh breathing completely overwhelm me and I try even harder to give her harder and faster sweeps of my tongue; I push up my index finger inside of her at the same time to feel the moist warm wetness pulse and shape around me. He moans continue heavy as a second wave blows through her the second I move my hand in a ‘come here’ motion on her g-spot.

Just as she comes down from her intense orgasm her muscles begin to release my finger and her body becomes weak over mine as I stand to steady her. We embrace in a tender kiss, with the beads of her arousal still damp on my lips she tastes her own wetness and releases a soft hum into my mouth.

Just as we’re about to pull each other into the sofa we here the distinct shuffling sound of people moving around on the stairs; with shock we both scurry to put our clothes on, shoving our underwear underneath us as we try to sit up naturally like we had been earlier on in the night.

The door rattles before opening up to let a couple of the other party goers into the room.

‘Hey, Clara we’re getting a cab home now so you can come along with us’. It was Clara’s brother Mike which had almost caught me servicing his younger sister in the middle of the living room. Fortunately we manage to get ourselves into what would seem like a composed state, anything that may have looked out of place could be blamed on the fact we had been drinking and had been slouching on the sofa most the night.

‘You look a little flushed Clara; I hope you’re not going to be ill from all that wine.’ I smirk ever so slightly, knowing fine well that her red cheeks were a direct result to her orgasm.

‘I’m fine Mike.’

‘We’ll be waiting outside; it should be here any moment now. Quickly get your things and say goodbye.’

With Mike now outside the room she embraces me and leaves a light trail of soft kisses from my mouth to my ear.

‘I can come to see you tomorrow, I want to finish this’.

And on that note she throws her underwear into her handbag and scurries out of the door.

‘See you later, Clara’.

It may only be a brief encounter, but it’s thrilling and I cannot wait to get my hands back onto that woman again. My best friend now turned my experimental lover.

Chapter 6

“Love at Last?”

Benita was asleep that Saturday morning in the bed of the home which had quickly become her second home. The queen-sized bed, with its soft quilt covers and firm, supportive mattress always gave her a good night’s sleep. The solid, wooden bed-frame had proven quite useful in the kinky games that she and her latest lover, Stacey loved to play.

Benita had been happier this past week than she had been in quite a long time. She had not only found a lover who accepted her cock but she had accepted it herself. This breakthrough along with the pleasures she discovered her cock could give her via a willing woman, explained why she had practically moved-in to Stacy’s bed and life.

In the week since they hooked up, Benita had gone home only to fetch some clothes and write a note to her parents telling them that she was staying at a friend’s place and not to worry. Benita would go to school and then go right to Stacey’s place. Once there she would do whatever homework she had and then help take care of baby Dean. Not to mention spending time in and out of bed with Stacey. In short it was a week of sexual exploration and self-discovery.

Stacey entered her bedroom and had to smile at the sleeping form of Benita in her bed. Stacey had brought Benita home to be just one in a long list of female conquests that she had brought here. Stacey was not afraid that Frank would find out; that was never a worry or concern for her.

Since Stacey’s husband, Frank, was away from home so much they had agreed some time ago that she could have sex with as many women as she liked. The only provisions were: 1) that she only had sex with women 2) that she did not play around while he was in town and 3) that she was discrete.

Frank knew that she was successful in bedding women and when the mood struck him he would ask her about her various exploits. This would usually lead to hot and passionate sex, once the story was told. As for Frank himself he never played around, he simply had a lower sex drive than Stacey; work seemed to drain this out of him.

All that changed for Stacey after that first time with Benita, now all she wanted was Benita; this scared and excited her. On one hand it was good and satisfying to have a steady lover as beautiful and skilled as Benita, because of this Stacey was happy. On the other hand this “fling” had already passed finding a safe outlet for her sexual urges and grown into a full-blown affair.

Stacey always knew one of the risks of playing around was to become attached to a lover. That is why her policy was to have sex with a woman only once or sometimes twice, any more than that and Stacey knew you were asking for trouble. It had been a week of the wildest and most incredible sex of her life, with a woman she had already had sex with so many times, she had lost count.

Stacey could hardly believe that she was standing in her own bedroom wearing nothing but a slave collar bringing her lover a cup of coffee. This was something she never did as she was always the one in charge, in and out of the bedroom. Stacey couldn’t resist Benita, and had already proved that she would to anything for her newest and greatest lover. By Wednesday, Stacey’s submission to Benita was complete. Even then Stacey had to ask Benita to become her Mistress and explain what that meant.

Needless to say Benita jumped at this opportunity and fell naturally into the role of Mistress, as she was a natural Dominant. Stacey had never seen herself as a submissive, but indeed she was a Switch, and loved to serve Benita, her new Mistress. Since Benita collared Stacey Wednesday night, the intensity, frequency and kinkiness of the sex picked up considerably.

Stacey placed the cup of coffee on the bedside table and tucked the teaspoon she had also been carrying behind the lamp, out of sight. Carefully Stacey pulled the covers back and exposed all of Benita’s body, complete with cock, fully engorged in “Morning Wood.” Stacey shuddered in excitement and whimpered when her eyes fell on the cock she worshiped. Softly and carefully Stacey got on the bed and crawled between Benita’s thighs, making sure not to touch Benita at all.

Stacey brought her mouth, which had already started to water, close to her Mistress’s cock. As soon as she could Stacey wrapped a hand around the base of the monster cock and her lips around its head. Stacey closed her eyes as her lips descended on the shaft of the exquisite cock. With cock firmly in mouth, Stacey moved her hand from the base of Benita’s cock down to her pussy where she gently pushed two fingers inside. Stacey began to finger-fuck Benita while she gave the same woman a blowjob. Being able to do this was just one of the reasons Stacey was infatuated with Benita and her cock.

Benita moaned lightly in her sleep and began to stir as she started to wake up, yet Stacey pretended not to notice. While she continued her efforts to please Benita, Stacey watched Benita’s face intently, out of the corner of her eye. Benita’s eyes opened and a luxuriating smile crept across her face as the bliss of the moment washed over her. Slowly Benita looked down and saw Stacey steadily sucking her cock and fingering her pussy. Benita growled and shifted her groin as the expert ministrations of her lover and slave continued to wash over her.

“Bring me my coffee, Woman,” Benita ordered in a sleepy manner.

“Yes, Mistress,” Stacey said before giving Benita’s cock a final lick.

Stacey got out of bed as quickly as dignity would allow, picked up the cup of coffee which was within arm’s reach of Benita and presented it to her. Benita looked at the cup of black liquid and then up at Stacey with a displeased expression.

“This is NOT how I like my coffee and you know it, Woman!” Benita said, punctuating the last word as she stared at Stacey in a stern manner.

Between Stacey and Benita, they both knew that when Benita addressed Stacey as “Woman” she was really addressing Stacey as “slave.” This gave Stacey a shiver down her spin each time she heard Benita say the word and Benita got a jolt of excitement each time she said it. Benita didn’t have a problem with addressing Stacey as “slave” she just liked the sound of “Woman” better.

“I know, Mistress, but I also know that you like to watch me do this,” Stacey said with a giggle she tried to hide as she put the coffee down on the bedside table.

Stacey grasped her right breast with both hands, directed the nipple at the cup of coffee. Stacey glanced between the cup of hot liquid and Benita’s face as she squirted out a sizable amount of breast-milk into the cup of coffee. Benita’s lust-filled face was all the thanks Stacey needed and she smiled to herself as she picked up the hidden teaspoon and stirred the coffee. Once again Stacey presented the cup of coffee to Benita but this time Benita nodded her approval and accepted the cup of coffee.

“You may resume your morning duties, Woman,” Benita said in a commanding tone of voice, accentuating the last word, once again.

“Yes, Mistress, Thank you,” Stacey said with a nod and started to enter the bed once again.

“Make sure not to spill my coffee, Woman,” Benita said sternly before she took a sip of coffee.

“Yes, Mistress,” Stacey said as she crawled in between Benita’s thighs and resumed her oral and finger ministrations.

Benita sipped the coffee as Stacey continued to suck her cock and finger her pussy; life was good. With the ample experience that Stacey had not only servicing Benita this week but lovers in general, it didn’t take long before Benita clumsily put her cup of coffee down, as her orgasm drew nigh.

“FUCK! Cumming! Don’t miss a drop, Honey!” Benita said as she tossed her head from side to side and thrust her hips up.

Stacey almost choked, not only on the fat cock shoved down her throat, but also because of Benita use of an affectionate term for her. Stacey didn’t have long to be shocked as Benita’s cum started to explode out the end of Benita’s cock and down her throat. Benita loved the sensations of a swallowing throat around the end of her cock and this prolonged her orgasm. Once Benita was spent she slumped down and took a moment to recover from her intense orgasm. Stacey simply let the cock slip past her lips and licked it clean, before descending down to clean Benita’s pussy.

Once Benita had come to, she looked down at the steadily licking Stacey with a wicked smile that nobody saw. Stacey was well engrossed in her work of slit-licking when Benita grasped a large clump of Stacey’s hair. Without a word being said by either woman, Benita directed Stacey up and onto the bed lying on her back, with her arms and legs spread wide, pointing at the four corners of the bed. In quick and nimble fashion Benita tied each of Stacey’s limbs to the bed, one to each corner.

“You’re lucky that I love the taste of your pussy, Woman,” Benita said with a hunger in her eyes as she crawled between the helpless and bound Stacey.

“I am thankful each time for the privilege of having you eat me out, Mistress,” Stacey cooed as she involuntarily shifted and rotated her pelvis in eager anticipation.

Benita reached around each of Stacey’s shapely thighs and took each one in a firm grip, and stopped Stacey’s movements. Benita leaned forward and licked the very wet pussy, which was hers to do with as she pleased, from bottom to top. Benita spent the next few moments licking and sampling everywhere on Stacey’s pussy and groin except her clitoris or vaginal opening. Stacey almost came when Benita sucked Stacey’s clitoris at the same moment she shoved two fingers inside her pussy.

“OOOOOHHHH, Mistress, thank you!” Stacey said in near tears of joy as Benita kept up her dual assault on both clitoris and pussy reaching for the “G-spot.”

Benita continued to eat Stacey’s pussy with all the extensive experience she had gained this week eating this very pussy.

“OOOOHH God, I love you, Mistress!” Stacey screamed out as her orgasm hit her like a ton of bricks. Stacey shook so violently, it was as if she was having a seizure.

“I love you too, Baby!” Benita said as she paused to look Stacey in the eyes.

The instant their eyes locked Stacey knew too much had been said. Both women knew simply by the look in her eyes that the other was genuine in her assertion. Stacey heart leapt into her throat as her being flowed out of her pussy and into her Mistress’s eager mouth. Stacey threw her head back, closed her eyes as she rode out the rest of her climax.

As Stacey breathed heavily she kept her eyes firmly closed as Benita took her last few licks of Stacey’s pussy. Stacey’s pussy felt cold and neglected even mere seconds after Benita stopped licking her pussy. Stacey felt movement in the bed and kept her eyes closes yet in her mind she envisioned what was happening.

Benita crawled up and hovered over Stacey’s body, her eyes never wavering from looking at Stacey’s closed eyes as she did so. Benita, the tigress, hovered over her prey and examined the face of the still-closed eyed woman. With a shift of her hips, Benita ran the head of her cock up and down the wet slit of the pussy she had just ate.

Stacey whimpered and bit her lip in reply, yet still couldn’t look Benita in the eye, not after so shocking and personal an admission. Yet Benita wanted to see the expression in Stacey’s eyes when she entered her, she always did. This is why good, old-fashioned “Missionary Position” was her favourite; she could see her lover’s eyes.

“Beg me, Woman,” Benita commanded in a softer, lower voice, speaking just inches from Stacey’s face, breasts already kissing breasts.

“Please, Mistress, please fuck me with your big, fat cock,” Stacey said in a soft, yet sensuous voice.

“No, beg me . . . Ben,” Benita said before she kissed both of Stacey’s lips with her cock and her lips, at the same time.

Stacey’s eyes shot open and she looked at Benita in surprise and confusion as Benita smiled warmly back at her, running her cockhead up and down Stacey’s slit, all the while. Stacey wanted to keep her mouth shut and not say a thing, but there was a hunger in her own heart and she could see a need and desire in Benita’s eyes. Stacey knew exactly what Benita was looking for . . . what she needed to hear.

“Please, Ben, make love to me,” Stacey said with a loving smile on her face.

“As you wish, Baby,” Benita replied with a loving smile as she shifted forward.

Stacey took a deep breath as Benita’s cock entered her pussy, she always did. It didn’t matter the countless times that very cock had been where it was now, Stacey always drew a breath in shock. Benita always made sure to wedge her cock all the way inside Stacey, and hold it there on the first thrust. Both Stacey and Benita loved the sensation of first entry and wanted to prolong it.

The two lovers had found a way of getting into a position to allow the full length of Benita’s cock to enter Stacey, even when Stacey was tied up “spread eagle.” Benita had then discovered that if she shoved a little harder she could press her cockhead against the entrance to Stacey’s uterus. This sensation always made Stacey growl with lust and drove her nuts, this time was no exception. Benita withdrew her cock and then started to stroke Stacey’s pussy with long, slow, steady strokes.

Stacey shuddered in reaction to the clearly soft, sensuous and clearly romantic coupling. The ropes restraining Stacey’s legs twanged when they suddenly tightened, as Stacey tried to throw her legs around Benita’s waist. Stacey wanted so desperately to dig her heals into Benita’s ass to help shove Benita’s cock into her harder and faster. Stacey started to buck her hips to increase the pace of the fuck but Benita simply withdrew her cock altogether.

“Fuck me, Mistress! Fuck your slave hard and fast!” Stacey said in a needy whimper as tears formed in the corner of her eyes.

“Right now, you’re not my slave but my Baby. We have our whole lives to play kinky games. Right now, I just want to be simply Ben and Stacey making love,” Benita said in a soft and loving manner as she looked deep into Stacey’s eyes while stroking her hair.

“Use me like the slut I am!” she added as she writhed and wriggled on the bed, horny beyond belief.

“You’re not a slut, you’re my Baby,” Benita reassured calmly.

“I am a slut! I’m having an affair on my husband! I am a SLUT, a WHORE!” Stacey shouted as tears started streaming down her face.

“You said Frank let you play around, that he was okay with it,” Benita said with a slightly worried tone, that she tried to conceal in her assuring manner.

“Play around, yes, but not fall in love!” Stacey said, glancing into Benita’s eyes before she turned her head to the side and cried uncontrollably.

“But you did fall in love, we both did,” Benita said with a loving smile and stroked Stacey’s hair and dried her lovers eyes. “We didn’t plan it, but it happened, we’ll be so happy together, Baby,” Benita said in an outpouring of her love for Stacey.

“What?” Stacey asked in confusion as she looked at Benita.

“We both love each other and are happy together. Do you want to live here or should we get our own place?” Benita asked with a happy and expectant tone.

“Our own place?” Stacey asked, still bewildered.

“Yeah, are you going to leave Frank or are you going to kick him out?” Benita asked in the same happy and expectant tone, her eyes dancing all over Stacey’s confused face.

“LEAVE FRANK? Who the hell said I was leaving Frank?” Stacey challenged in a demanding manner as she glared back at Benita.

“But . . . you love me, don’t you?” Benita asked; a little hurt and bewildered.

“Well, yes, but I’m not going to leave my husband!” Stacey replied in a slightly panicked tone of voice, fear in her eyes.

“Why not? You love me, I love you. I’m around every day and I can more than take care of your needs,” Benita said as she shifted forward and shoved her cock all the way into Stacey’s pussy.

“I love you and I love what we do, but that doesn’t mean I’m going to leave my husband! He’s a good man and I still love him. He provides for me and my child, and lets me have fun on the side,” Stacey said with a waver in her otherwise firm voice, fear clawing at her eyes, trying to break onto her face.

“So that’s what I am to you? Some fun on the side?” Benita snorted indignantly as she withdrew from Stacey and got off the bed.

“He’s only in town one week a month! We have the other three weeks to be together, Mistress!” Stacey said in a needy urge as Benita stood there, glaring at Stacey.

“So you expect me to sleep on the couch for the week that HE’S here? Just sit by and watch as HE takes my place in OUR bed?” Benita said in a harsh and hurtful tone as her eyes closed to slits, boring into Stacey.

“Well, no, of course not! Frank can never meet you, that’s part of the deal,” Stacey blurted out in a confused muddle as she fought back the tears. Fear now dominated her eyes.

“Wow, I feel special,” Benita said in a disgusted tone as she picked up her bag and started stuffing her things into it.

“What are you doing, Mistress?” Stacey asked in a fearful manner, tears in her eyes as she stared intently at Benita.

“DON’T CALL ME THAT!” Benita shouted as she swiftly and surely removed the slave collar from around Stacey’s neck and tossed it on the bed beside her. “I’m not your Mistress, anymore,” she added as she resumed her packing.

“Please! Ben, Honey, don’t leave me!” Stacey cried out as tears flowed down her face as she cried unchecked, her legs and arms still bound to the bed.

“We’re done. I obviously don’t mean anything more to you than just a piece of ass on the side,” Benita said curtly as she shot Stacey a hurt expression.

“That’s not fair!” Stacey shot back in a hurtful cry, still sobbing.

“No, it’s not,” Benita said still snatching up the clothes she brought.

“Please don’t leave me, I need you!” Stacey cried pitifully as Benita grasped the last item of clothing and stood up straight.

“You don’t need me, you need HIM,” Benita said with a sneer as she zipped her bag closed and turned to leave.

“You can’t leave me like this! I have to take care of Dean! Untie me!” Stacey called after Benita in an urging panic. “Please,” she added submissively.

Benita was tempted to leave Stacey tied up, but knew she couldn’t do that. There was baby Dean who needed his mother to take care of him. While Benita was hurt and angry, she was not heartless. Maddeningly, the submissive tone Stacey used still sent a shudder down her spine and excited Benita. Without saying a word, Benita swiftly strode back to Stacey and untied her left hand. Before Stacey could untie her right hand Benita had left the apartment, closing the door harshly behind her.

Baby Dean woke up with a start and cried out for his mother to comfort him. His mother slumped over and cried for Benita to comfort her. Stacey curled up in a ball, clutched her slave collar tight and wept openly, not moving or even registering that her child needed her.

Chapter 8

“The Hunt Begins”

Sometime in the middle of the night Suki, somehow made it back to her bed. So, the next morning when Suki woke up in her own bed with a killer headache, the images from the previous night seemed like a bizarre dream. Snippets of her submission to, and subsequent sex with Benita flashing across Suki’s mind and consciousness.

Suki got up and clumsily walked into the living room, on her way to the kitchen, in search of the life-giving fluid known as coffee. Out of the corner of her eye something odd and out of place in the living room caught her attention so she stopped and looked.

Suki’s eyes grew wide and her mouth dropped open when she saw the coffee table was askew. It wasn’t simply askew but in exactly the same position as she had pushed it in her dream. The dream where she had submitted to a woman that she had brought home and been fucked by, since the dream woman had a cock.

Shaking her head and writing it off as a wild imagination and a night of intense drinking, Suki went to the kitchen. After brewing and pouring herself a cup of coffee, Suki went to the living room to watch some morning television. After plopping herself down on the couch something stuck into her ass and made her normally comfortable couch uncomfortable. Reaching under her ass Suki pulled out the offending item and held it up for examination and classification.

Suki’s mind froze when her eyes fell on the white, lacy bra, which, while being a B cup bra was too large to be hers. It was then that the shocking reality hit her, last night was no dream . . . it was real! Suki had indeed submitted herself to a strange woman who had a cock. Even as the shock of the reality of the unreal situation began to sink in, her longing and desire to serve and submit to her Mistress returned with fervour.

* * * *

Sunday afternoon rolled around and Stacey was lying in bed like a lump. She had managed to get herself motivated enough to feed, change and tend to baby Dean before she flopped back down into her bed. Stacey held her slave collar in her hand, as she stared blankly at it, drained of all emotion. She hadn’t slept a wink of sleep last night had had spent most of Saturday crying.

Even as the door closed behind Benita the day before, Stacey regretting letting Benita get away. Stacey loved Benita in every way: what they did together, the kinkiness of their relationship, her cock and simply Benita the person. Stacey’s greatest fear had been blown by and left in the dust. Stacey was not simply attached to Benita, but in love with her.

Now, over twenty-four hours after Benita had exited Stacey’s apartment and life, Stacy was still a mess. Stacey had managed get motivated enough to get out of bed long enough to tend to her baby. Dean was the only thing that could get her to do anything but cry.

The door to the apartment opened up and without looking, Stacey knew who it was. It was the right time for Frank to return, he always returned the same time, traffic pending, every fourth Sunday. Stacey lazily reached over to her nightstand, opened the drawer and gently placed the slave collar inside. She never took her eyes off of it the whole time she put it away, even as she closed the drawer. Frank entered the bedroom just as Stacey’s hand dropped away from the nightstand.

“You, okay, babe?” Frank said with concern in his voice as he entered the bedroom to see his wife an emotional wreck.

“I’m okay,” Stacey said as she lazily turned and looked at her husband, Frank. “Just baby stuff,” she said once she saw the concerned look on his face. “It’s been a rough week,” Stacey said, letting some of the pain she felt in her heart onto her face.

“Wanna talk about it?” Frank said as he sat down near Stacey and rubbed her side in a tender and comforting caress.

“No, I told you it’s nothing!” Stacey said in a bit of a curt manner as she involuntarily recoiled from Frank’s touch. “I just need some rest, that’s all. I didn’t sleep well, last night,” she replied in an apologetic tone.

“Okay, you rest, I’ll take care of Dean,” Frank said as he leaned over and kissed Stacey who smiled as best she could at him before he left.

Once the bedroom door closed behind him Stacey had to stifle a sob and fight the urge to cry. She was disgusted with herself for rejecting and being disinterested in her own husband. For the first time ever Stacey was not looking forward to making love to her husband but dreading it, this sickened her more than anything. Almost every other time Frank returned home, by this time she would have her legs wrapped around Frank’s waist. Stacey would practically jump him at the door once they even did it in the entryway of the apartment, not able to make it to the bedroom.

Stacey did not long for Frank’s touch, she did not want to feel his caress and feel his cock inside her pussy . . . she ached for Benita. Stacey knew that before the week was out she would have sex with Frank. Stacy knew that she and Benita were broken up and would more than likely never be together again. In her heart though, she still belonged for her Mistress, and wanted to remain faithful to Benita.

* * * *

Carmen entered her bedroom after her morning shower and hummed to herself dressed in her favourite bathrobe. Walking to her closet she continued to hum as she looked over the selection of clothes hanging there. One by one she assembled an outfit until everything was laid out neatly on her bed. Then Carmen then dried, got dressed and ready for the day.

Breakfast was the usual friendly chatter with her mother before having to leave for school. Slinging her backpack over one shoulder, Benita’s sports bag over the other Carmen headed out the door. Once Carmen closed the door behind her, her hand froze as Benita’s order from Saturday night came back to her with a vengeance. Carmen trembled, her brow furrowed as she looked down to her blouse to see only three buttons undone and her usual sliver of cleavage showing.

“Screw her,” Carmen scoffed dismissively.

Carmen let go of the doorknob and walked down the apartment hallway. Before Carmen entered the stairwell to begin her decent, guilt began to build up within her.

“Who does she think she is, telling me how to dress?” Carmen replied in a slightly whiny tone and a scoffing expression which came off less indignant than she had intended as she rounded the corner on the third floor.

Before she rounded the corner on the second floor Carmen sighed heavily and unbuttoned one more button on her blouse. While she had four buttons undone, her blouse was still together and it looked from a distance that the fourth button was still done up. Carmen was in a state where she technically had obeyed Benita’s order, yet still was dressed as conservatively as she was comfortable with.

“Damn you, Ben!” Carmen said with a huff as her foot hit the landing in the lobby of the apartment building.

Looking around to see if anyone was looking first Carmen then reached up and tugged on the outer swells of her breasts, spreading her blouse apart. Carmen grumbled as she exited the apartment building displaying more cleavage than she had ever done in daylight.

* * * *

Around about the same time Benita was in her room, showered dried and naked as she busied herself getting ready for the day. Instead of a blouse and skirt combination, Benita opted for a nice, bright-coloured dress, which fell only to her knees. As she slipped on her bra, she did not go for the matching panty that went with it.

Instead Benita put on a special pair of panties which she had worked all Sunday to design and sew. These were the prototype of her “Getting Busy” panties, as she called them. These were an otherwise plain and uninventive pair of cotton panties, large enough to restrain and give her cock the support it needed. The alteration she made was to cut them on an angle from her crotch on her left side up on an angle up to the waistband. She then had sewn the seam closed and attached a strip of Velcro down the seam. She had sewn a folded flap of material in a matching position from the centre to the other side and matched the angle of the other flap. In the end she had a padded triangle piece in the front of her panties. Its purpose was not to hide her cock but smooth out the lines of the panties and disguise the Velcro flap.

In the end her panties were complete but with a tug she was naked and her cock unrestrained yet her panties would still be around just one leg. In turn she could easily reattach the flaps to put her panties back on. In essence she never again had to take her panties off to have sex, nor would they get in the way, if she left them on.

Benita admired herself in the mirror and was impressed with her sewing handiwork and how her panties fit. Benita picked up a pair of socks and was about to stuff them down her panties but stopped, looked at her crotch from a few angles before tossing the socks on the bed. Grasping her dress she threw it on over her head and continued to get ready for the day.

* * * *

When Benita turned the corner and started walking down the hallway that contained her locker she smiled. In the distance, leaning up against her locker, waiting for her was Carmen. While it was nice to see her good and long-time friend what was making Benita smile was the amount of cleavage Carmen was showing. Once Benita arrived at her locker she smiled at Carmen in a knowing manner, took an obvious look down Carmen’s top before she smiled warmly at Carmen.

“Good,” Benita said in a pleased manner, as she nodded her approval.

“Don’t flatter yourself, I didn’t do this because you told me to, I just thought you had a good idea,” Carmen replied defensively and uncomfortably as she fidgeted nervously.

Benita wasn’t buying it, she could read in Carmen’s eyes the truth and the smirk on her face let Carmen know it. Carmen’s brow furrowed and she stifled a growl yet said nothing, for to argue the point further would play into Benita’s hand.

“Here, you left so quick Saturday that you forgot this,” Carmen said as she slipped the sports bag off her shoulder and offered it to Benita.

“Thanks for bringing it,” Benita said with a cocky smirk before glancing once again down Carmen’s top. “You do look nice today, by the way,” Benita added with a flirtatious wink as she opened her locker.

“Thanks, Ben,” Carmen smiled nervously, wanting to button her top back up, yet not able to. “We should get to class,” Carmen said as she glanced down Benita’s dress to the lump that only she could detect.

“Yeah, can’t be late for English,” Benita said as she closed her locker, and tucked her binder under her arm.

Carmen was a mix of conflicting thoughts and emotions as the pair walked down the hallway together. On one side Carmen wanted to please Benita and sought her approval and delighted when she got it, as she had just now. Yet these impulses always brought with it the questioning and doubting of her own sanity as to why she was acting this way around Benita. Carmen had even stood up straight and stuck out her chest a bit as Benita had approached her just now. It was Carmen’s sub-conscious hope Benita would notice and comment on her cleavage, which Benita did.

While Carmen could not admit it to herself she loved the fact that Benita still found her attractive and was still flirting with her. As yet, Carmen had not flirted back in any conscious way, yet still the hunger and desire was there, under the surface. Covering up and overriding all this was Carmen’s decree and fervent desire to remain heterosexual and not get involved with another woman, especially Benita.

Carmen already loved Benita as a good friend and as a sister, what if that loved changed, twisted and deepened into a romantic sense? Carmen knew that once she started something with someone as close to her as Benita, she would never be able to let it go. In essence, there was no such thing as a casual fling with Benita, and Carmen knew it. Carmen would be forever changed but she did not know into what, and even if she wanted to make that monumental a change.

School was not all that eventful, and it wasn’t until Benita returned home that the next interesting thing happened. She checked her add on a kinky dating site that she had signed up for Sunday night with a nude photo of herself showing just herself from the neck down. The attached add said that she was looking for one-night stands with women only. She also had said in her add that all those who responded to her add, had to detail why she “was worthy” of Benita’s cock. After logging in to find out that there were no messages, Benita logged out, frustrated and agitated.

Knowing she needed to burn off energy Benita decided to go to the apartment tower’s gym. The apartment building Benita’s family lived in was upper scale and so had a common room with a modest gym built in. It was not a public gym and was instead just for tenants of the tower. There was a large room full of various exercise equipment and two change rooms, each with a few toilets and a group shower each.

Benita walked into the exercise room and plopped her bag down not far from the main door. A sharp breath from across the room caused Benita to look up. There, riding an exercise cycle was a woman Benita recognized. The red-headed, huffing woman smiled and waved at Benita as Benita walked over to and started to use a Stair-climber.

Lisa was a modestly successful, career-minded woman with a similar attitude and outlook as Benita’s parents. She was an executive constantly striving to climb the corporate ladder and wanted to exude all the ideals of the modern woman. She wanted to be successful, powerful and beautiful and she was all those things.

Lisa was in her mid-thirties however and was still single despite having a successful career and well-proportioned body. Sure she had a few extra pounds on her but they were distributed evenly across her slightly-plump body. As a result her curves, all of her curves, were slightly exaggerated and softer, fuller and more round. This of course meant that her C cup breasts suited her and did not look out of place.

As Benita worked out on the stair-climber she stole glances at Lisa’s body and liked what she saw. Once as Benita watched Lisa stretch and strain while lifting weights on a universal gym, Benita even caught Lisa looking at Benita’s ass. Benita mused if perhaps Lisa was interested in her. To test this theory Benita put an exaggerated sway in her hips as she worked out on the Stair-climber. As Benita watched via a mirror, Lisa’s eyes were transfixed on Benita’s ass for just under a minute.

As Benita was lifting weights a little while later, Lisa picked up her towel and walked into the women’s change room. Benita wondered what Lisa would look like nude. When Benita heard the shower spring to life, she knew this was her chance to have a look at Lisa nude and lathered up.

With a confident stride Benita entered the change room, stripped nude and stepped into the group shower. Benita walked up to a shower on an adjoining wall to Lisa and turned the shower on. Benita started to lather herself up seeming to ignore Lisa for the time being. In truth Benita was eyeing up Lisa the whole time, out of the corner of her eye.

Lisa glanced at Benita as she entered and paid her no mind, continuing on her own showering. As Benita continued to shower, some movement caught her attention and so she looked over to see what it was. There, hanging between Benita’s legs, Lisa saw Benita’s soft, yet still sizable cock. The thick member slapped against one thigh and then the other as Benita continued to wash. A moment later the silence was broken as spoke, breaking the silent spell Lisa was under.

“Like what you see?” Benita said in a cocky manner as she turned to face Lisa.

“I . . . I . . .” Lisa stammered in shock as she got a full frontal view of Benita’s naked body, stiffening cock and all.

“Cause I like what I see,” Benita said in an alluring manner as she openly eyed up and ogled Lisa’s body.

Lisa’s eyes were transfixed as she watched Benita’s cock swell up and engorge itself to its full, magnificent length. Lisa watched the hypnotic sway of the cock getting bigger as Benita walked towards Lisa. By the time Lisa realized that Benita was approaching her, it was too late.

Benita reached up, and grasped Lisa by the head and planted a kiss on the unsuspecting woman’s lips. Lisa squealed in shock as Benita forced the kiss to continue. Benita moved forward and pinned Lisa against the wall, immobilizing her prey. Lisa reached up and tried to push Benita away from her, but instead Benita grasped Lisa’s wrists and pinned them against the wall above Lisa’s head.

As Benita’s fat cock slid up and down Lisa’s pussy-slit rubbing up against her clitoris, Lisa’s mind started to blank out. Benita forcibly continued the kiss for some time yet. Benita growled her satisfaction of impending victory when Benita felt Lisa not only return the kiss but grind her pussy against Benita’s cock. Yet another unsuspecting woman would soon be speared on her cock, simply because Benita willed it. This was quickly becoming a drug for Benita and she loved the hunt and claiming whomever she wanted, whenever she wanted them.

“You want my cock?” Benita asked in a demanding tone of voice as she broke the kiss.

“Yes,” Lisa whimpered before her confused mind could stop herself from answering.

“You want me to fuck you with my cock?” Benita said with a snarl as she licked up Lisa’s neck, causing Lisa to moan.

“God yes!” Lisa moaned out in heat and confusion as she ground her pussy against the second-largest cock she had ever seen.

“Then you’ll have to earn it!” Benita said with a cocky grin as she pulled back and looked at Lisa with hungry eyes.

Lisa looked back confused before Benita reached up and took control of Lisa via a clump of red hair. With a tug, the compliant Lisa found herself on her knees on the tile floor face to face with the cock that she hungered for, a cock that shouldn’t exist. Benita shook Lisa by the hair lightly only once and Lisa knew what was expected.

Lisa licked her lips, leaned forward and wrapped those lips around Benita’s cock. Lisa descended her lips on the shaft of Benita’s cock and almost choked the first time, when it hit the back of her throat. Lisa was quickly trying to remember how to suck a cock this large and kept trying to improve her technique with each bob. After a while everything started to come back to her and she remembered how she was able to satisfy her well-endowed ex-husband.

“Oh fuck!” Benita moaned out when Lisa’s lips descended past the four inch mark.

Lisa continued to eagerly suck Benita’s cock with a need and hunger she did not understand on a cock that should not be where it was, yet both existed. It took no more than ten more bobs of her mouth before Lisa was able to shove all of Benita’s cock past her lips. Benita’s knees got week as Lisa continued to repeat the same act. For the first time Benita was being deep-throated; she was lost in the sensation.

“Cumming!” Benita said as she grasped Lisa by the back of her head and shoved fat cock all the way down Lisa’s throat.

Benita moaned out one long moan as she came hard down Lisa’s gullet. Lisa continued to swallow as Benita’s cum was shot directly into her stomach. Due to the size and position of the cock, Lisa was unable to breathe while Benita was cuming. Lisa almost lost consciousness before Benita finally pulled her softening cock out of Lisa’s mouth and therefore unplugged her windpipe. Lisa sputtered and coughed before drawing a few deep breaths.

“I say you’ve more than earned a good fuck. Is that what you want?” Benita said as she tried to keep her calm and cool, commanding manner intact.

The very next morning after they arrived home she called his mistress to get the key. He was devastated when Tweets told him that she was out of town until the end of the week. She told him not to pout, that it was just little longer till she got the key. During that time she also had her way with him in every room in the house, in the pool, on the patio and even in the garage.

On Friday night after dinner as he was cleaning the dishes she came up behind him. He could feel her dick slide between his legs as she pressed up against him. She nibbled on his neck and ears. “Do you want to ejaculate?” she hissed seductively into his ear. Her hands reached around and fondled his balls and cage.

“Yes.” he moaned. She moved back and he felt a lubed finger push its way inside of him. Then two. Then three.

“I found how you can, but you have to want it.”

“I want it.” he replied. She removed her fingers and felt her shaft slide up the crack of his ass. He rocked back to match her movements.

“I don’t believe you.” she whispered in his ear. Her hands pinched and toyed with his nipples. “Prove to me that you want it. Show me that you want me to fuck you.” She raked her nails down his body and stopped to knead his swollen balls. “So full. Show me how horny you are to have your bride empty them.”

“Tell me.” he said as he spun around to face her. “I want you to fuck me till my balls are empty. Tell me how.”

“Show me you want it.” He spun them around again. Kissing her hard and deep he pulled her over to the table next to them. He fell back onto the table and raised a leg. She sensed what he was doing, grabbed his ankle and then did the same with the other. She held his legs up and apart. She moved around trying to find his ass. “Do you want this?” she said; looking into his eyes. She pushed in a little. “Do you?”

“Yes!” he gasped as the head easily slide into him.

“How bad?” she said as she rocked her hips just enough to keep the dildo inside him.

“Oh, please.”

“Please what? What would you give to have me stick my cock in you? What would you offer me to give you the fucking you so desperately crave?” She pushed in a bit further before pulling out. Holding the tip at his sphincter. “Do you want to ejaculate?”

That did the trick. “Oh yes. Yes. Please tweets.”

She pushed the tip in a bit further. “Well, what is it? What would you give?”

“What ever you ask for my bride.”

Mm, I could ask for a lot, but I won’t.” She pushed the dildo in slowly. “For now.” Then pulled out. “Tell me. How bad do you want your wife to make you ejaculate by fucking your ass?”

“Please my bride. I’m begging you. Fuck me till I ejaculate. Please. Please.”

She had him pull his legs into his chest as far as he could. She then eased her shaft in and out; looking for his prostate. It didn’t take long. His body twitched each time her head grazed his engorged prostate. “Keep your legs there.” With one hand she kneaded his balls as she kept the pressure on his gland with her gentle thrusts. With the other and she started to massage the perineum area. Gently at first, trying to gauge his reaction. Careful to make sure she did this correctly.

“How’s that feel? Good?” she said looking down on him. “Are you ready for me to get that key? Ready for that big moment?”

He started breathing heavy. The thought of getting the key. Freeing his caged cock. Getting an erection. The sight of her over him with her pony tail flopping behind her, pumping away, her breast swaying back and forth was too much. “Ugh. Fuck. Yes, fuck me.” Visions of his cock shooting his load filled his minds eye. He moaned and begged like a sex starved nymph. “Please. Oh, please. Fuck me. Fuck me good. Good and hard. Fuck me. Harder. Harder!”

Then suddenly without warning his PC muscle spasmed. Again. And again. And again. He felt his ejaculate splash onto his chest and abdomen. He looked down in astonishment at the mess that now coated him.

She smiled seductively as she slowed her movements before pulling out of him slowly. “Oh my. Oh my. That was the most erotic thing I’ve ever seen!”

He looked at her puzzled.

“I read that if a man was horny enough, if he wanted it bad enough then he could cum like a woman.” She scooped up a dollop and rubbed it on his lips. “I guess someone wasn’t lying when they said they really wanted it. My little horn dog. So turned on by his wife spreading his legs and fucking his ass that he gushes cum from his little cage.” She giggled seductively.

He was totally confused. What did she just say? Is that what just happened? Why was he still so horny? Why didn’t it feel like he just had an orgasm? He licked up the cum she fed him. She was so hot. He wanted her so bad. He needed the cage off. He would do anything she asked. He had never felt so willing, so eager, so wanting to please anyone as bad as this. “I don’t think I came.” he stammered. His balls began to ache and feel as if they were imploding.

“Wow, I can’t believe that. Can you? I’ve never seen you cum so hard. Even with your device on. Imagine how hard you’d cum if you were erect. I can’t wait to get that key.” She walked off, her heels clicking on the floor. He watched her as she left. Admiring her shapely legs, her firm ass and her harness that was the object of his supposed satisfaction. He got to his feet. His legs were wobbly and shaky.

His mind was in worse shape. It flashed images through his head at rapid fire speed. The cage. Her strap-on. His Mistress. Phase Two. The video. The pictures. Phase three. His wife. The honeymoon. His ejaculation. Her pleasure. Phase four. His milkings. The couples on the balcony. Him sucking on her dildo. Him wearing her strap-on. The key. On and on. Over and over. After he finished up he cleaned up and went to bed. Tossing and turning. Thinking only of serving his bride.

The following day he made her an early dinner at her request. After she was done she excused herself, got dressed up and drove off without an explanation.

She tingled with anticipation and apprehension. Finally, she would reap what she had sown. Harvest the fruits of her labor. She laughed out loud at all she had accomplished. Months of her time and effort. She had spent a lot of money, but that had been taken care of once they were married. She was devastated when he broke up with her. So much so that she hadn’t had sex with another man since. Just women and she always made it a point to be on top. Except for one and she was on her way to see her. ‘Clingy and controlling. Well I know who’s controlling, but look who’s clingy now!’ she thought. ‘I’ll control how tightly he’ll cling to the little finger he’s wrapped around.’ She giggled.

She could still remember the day she found him and found out his little secret. It took a lot of patience to make it all work. His mistress was all too eager to turn up the pressure and drive him right into her waiting arms. Along the way they found themselves enjoying each others company.

Her car found its way to his mistresses place in no time. It was a large place in a very nice part of the city. When his mistress opened the door Tweets embraced her and kissed her passionately. They lingered in each others arms for a moment before his mistress broke away and motioned her inside.

“How was it? Did he do it? Does he suspect anything? Tell me everything.” she asked as she led them to her office.

“Oh no, not a thing, nothing and he did it all. Just as you laid out. It was so hard though. Not having him eat me out once or even touch my breasts, but I think it was worth it.”

“Oh my gosh! Of course it was. Two weeks of him serving you in such a submissive fashion, then only to continue it in your house when you got home. Subliminally and subconsciously the seed was planted. All done with his total compliance.”

“I know!! At first I could tell he did it out of fear, but in no time at all he wanted it. He really wanted it. The look in his eyes said it all.” she paused and gazed into her eyes. “OH! That little thing you told me about. Well, I did it last night.” she leaned in with a concerned look. “He’s been weird since though.”

“Don’t worry about it, honey. That’s a good thing. He’s trying to process what is happening. You’ve been dominating him indirectly; without his knowledge, but with his consent. A woman I worked with a long time ago called what you’re doing the power of penetration. Basically, by having a penis inserted in you you are submitting to it, allowing it to invade you, conquer you. All I did was create the ideal environment for him to surrender to you. Willingly.”

She paused and sipped her tea. Tweets looked at her. Admiring her natural beauty. Her calm controlled demeanor.

“You don’t need whips and leather to control. All you need is this.” She tapped her temple and winked. “You see I just put all the ingredients together in the right order. His own mind is cooking it up for you as we speak. Right now he’s thinking about why he came when you fucked him. He’s thinking of how good he made you feel every time you came when you fucked him. He’s thinking of how good it would feel if it were him on top of you. He’s got all of that sexual energy building up with no release. No where to go but in; into the deepest depths of his own subconscious. Going to places he didn’t even know existed.”

She refilled their cups and continued. “He’s thinking of the cage he has on and how it got there. He’s wondering about the things I was going to make him do. He’s wondering if he could have done it. To be used by another man simply for pleasure. Wondering if it’s the same as being taken by you. He’s wondering what it would be like to be you. To cast off his inhibitions and discard the taboos of society. To surrender himself; as you had done to him in college.”

“Wait!” Tweets had startled her and herself at her tone. “I don’t want to turn him into some spineless sissy prancing around in my panties!”

“Calm down.” Her voice was even, serene and soothing. “Neither am I. . . but he will if you want him to. What I am saying is that you have unlocked his secrets and he doesn’t even know it. You’re like a spy who has pulled off the perfect mission. Think about it. You know what is going on in his head and you control his orgasms. Now you’re going to go home later and do as I told you to do. This will solidify everything we’ve done and by tomorrow night he will be yours forever.”

Tweets sat for a moment, allowing her time to digest everything. “Anything.” she whispered.

“Yes. He’ll do anything you ask. You’re in charge. Always be in charge. Never let him think otherwise. Remember. He has submitted to you because you have invaded and conquered him. That’s what the past three weeks have been about. You got what you wanted. Enjoy it.”

His mistress stood up. “Here, let me show you something before you go.” They walked down a hallway to another room. It was small, very small. So small that his mistress was right on top of her. “Sorry, this room was made for only one.” The only thing in it was a window to another room with a speaker above it and a bar stool. They looked out the window. Other than the two naked men standing face to face, whose genitals were locked in a pillory, the room looked like any other ordinary recreation room. Large rugs, plants, paintings, a TV and even a pool table.

Tweets could see that they each had one hand free and were masturbating each other. She stared in fascination at what she saw. His mistress was right next to her. “These two willingly submitted to this. Neither are gay nor have they ever touched another man before this.” She paused to look at her, but Tweets still had yet to divert her gaze away from the window.

“They can’t see you; it’s a two way mirror. Each one had told me that they would be willing to tease another one of my subjects as a sign of their devotion. I told each of them that I was pleased with their offering and would grant them a chance to cum. So what I did was come up with a devious plan. I told each of them separately that they would have to stroke a cock for an undetermined amount of time. If that cock went soft or came they would be punished. They were quite shocked when I put them together and told them that this is their chance to cum.”

Tweets didn’t look away. “So one is trying to tease the other without letting him cum, but hoping he can cum while being teased.” She could feel herself tingling as she listened to them moaning softly to each other. She’d never seen this before. Her nipples hardened and her crotch grew damp. “Bound by their libido.” she whispered.

“Yes. They always are. Fun isn’t it. So desperate, so frustrated. Denial will break down any barrier. Besides I’ve been so busy that I had to come up with a way to maximize my time.” His mistress could see the gleam in Tweets eyes as she watched them, even though she knew Tweets would deny it if she asked. “You know you’re a natural. You have a hidden talent.”

Tweets felt her breast brush against her arm. “I could use some help around here. I’d teach you the ins and outs.” Tweets could feel her breath on her neck as she spoke. She tried to turn to her, but she couldn’t help but stare at the men. She felt her lips on her neck. “I’d love to have you around here. . .Helping. Think it over. Talk to your husband. Let me know.” She could feel her eyes burning into her. They both looked out the to men. Gently pumping the others cock, staring at each other. Their legs beginning to quiver and their breathing labored. “They’re not going to last much longer and it’s time for me to disappoint them both.” She let out a sigh. “Too bad maybe I’ll let them try again next week.”

“Wait here.” She worked her way out of the room. Tweets was now visibly excited by the display before her and began rubbing her legs together. His mistress walked into the room with the her pets. “Hello my playthings.” She circled around them. “Are we having fun stroking cocks for their Mistress?”

They shook their heads and mumbled “Yes Mistress.”

Tweets hiked up her dress and rubbed herself through her panties, which by now were soaking wet.

“Mm, you two have pleased your Mistress today. So willing so devoted.” She picked up a some lube and drizzled it onto their shafts and hands. “Here this should help. Feels so good doesn’t it, bringing pleasure to my drippy little dicks.” She circled again, stopping when she was facing the mirror. “Look at yourselves.”

Tweets pushed her panties down and slid a finger inside of herself. She looked up to see them all turn and look at her. It seemed as though mistresses eyes were looking right at her as she slid her panties off. She sat down on the stool and leaned back on the wall. Her legs opened wide, her fingers probing and massaging and her eyes fixated on his mistress.

“Look my pets. Look at the pleasure you’re bringing each other. If I were watching this erotic spectacle; I too would be touching myself. My hands caressing what is forbidden to you. Exploring myself in the most intimate manner. Giving myself the orgasm you so desperately desire.”

Tweets pushed her finger in further finding her special spot. Her other hand kneading the folds of her pussy, rubbing her clit. She listened as his mistress continued to speak, not to her pets, but to her as she pleasured herself. The hidden voyeur.

“Look at yourselves. On display for pleasure. Not your pleasure. Stroking, pumping and jerking those cocks. Not out of desperation, but devotion. So devoted to my pleasure that you’ve forsaken your own.” She pinched their nipples. “Oh the pleasure you’re bringing. You have no idea. I’m sure. Perhaps one day it will be yours.”

All eyes were fixated on Tweets. Or so it seemed. She shuddered and tensed as she felt her climax envelop her in the booth just as mistresses pets in the other room started to quiver and beg for relief. Her head fell back and she let out a guttural moan as her fingers found their mark.

When Tweets finally opened her eyes and regained her composure mistress was not with her pets and their hands were locked at their sides. Both of their cocks were so engorged that they had a purplish red glow to them. Their heads were limp and their chests heaved. She quickly stood up and straightened out her dress. No sooner was she done the door opened up and mistress popped her head in. “Enjoy the show?”

All she could do was nod as she was still trying to compose herself from the spectacle that she not only witnessed, but mistress had slyly made her a part of.

She led them back out to another room where she plucked an envelope out of a filing cabinet. “Here is everything you came for.”

Tweets took the envelope from his mistress. However, she held onto it for a second. Their eyes met. “Remember what I said. I’m serious. Let me know.” Tweets grew flush at the prospect.

“I…I’d uh…I’d have to think about it. I have a lot to do right now.” she replied. She embraced her and their lips met. She crushed into her, her tongue invading his mistresses mouth. “Thank you. Thank you for everything and yes, yes I will let you know.”

“I think you already have.” his mistress smiled coyly as she forced her still wobbly legs to her car.

She got in her car and drove home. On the way she thought about everything she had done to make this happen. But most of all she thought of mistress…and the two men. Fascinated by what she’d seen. ‘Bound by their libido.’ she thought.

Moonlight dances across the carpet in our bedroom as the curtains blow in the breeze. It is a warm June evening. I slide to the end of the bed pulling my long brunette hair into a ponytail. My nipples become erect as a breeze blows through the window again.

Joshua enters the room wearing only some boxer briefs. The bulge in the front of his drawers is large. He stands in between my legs as I drag my nails up and down his back. I press my lips to his stomach as I wrap my arms around his waist, pulling him closer.

His hands brush over my shoulders sliding the straps of my negligee down. His throbbing cock presses into my neck. My hand eases its way into his pants and grabs a hold of his penis. I pull it out and pull his underwear down and then off. My hand wraps tightly around it, stroking up and down. I move slowly at first, just to tease him. I move my lips to the tip of his head and run my tongue over the head, then all the way down. His head tilts backwards as he moans loudly.

“I have a surprise for you,” I whisper.

“Mmmmmm. I love your surprises,” he replies.

I get up off the end of the bed and walk to wards the bathroom door. I crack it open slowly to reveal my surprise.

She is tall, almost 6 feet with long red hair and blue eyes. Her breasts are large and full, a 36DD to be exact, with perky nipples. Her pussy is shaved except for a small strip just above her box.

“I want you to meet my friend, Alyssa,” I explain to Joshua.

Alyssa emerges from the bathroom, completely undressed. I signal for her to come sit by me on the end of the bed. Joshua’s draw is dropped in confusion. Alyssa sits next to me on the bed, legs spread wide open. I sit facing her, my hand caressing her thigh. I slide it carefully up the inside of her leg, making my way to the wetness I can almost already feel. My face eases towards her, lips open.

Joshua stands in front of us, watching as my lips touch hers, my tongue sliding over hers. I reach behind her head, pulling it closer to me. Our tits are touching. My tits look so small in comparison to hers. I am only a 34D. The nipples rub together as I lay her backwards onto the bed. I climb on top of her waist, my shaved pussy dripping on her stomach. I pull Joshua to the side of her head.

I lean forward, wrapping my lips around her nipples. My head bobs as I suck them erect. I turn Joshua to face Alyssa, his cock bulging above her face. Her hand reaches up and begins to stroke him with one hand, the other massaging his nuts.

“Put it in her mouth!” I command him.

“Natalie, are you sure this is what you want?” he questions me.

“Mmm, hmm,” I giggle.

Alyssa grabs a hold of his shaft pulling it into her mouth. Her head slides up and down his cock as I continue to suck on her nipples. His cock fills her mouth but she takes it all. I get off of her waist and position myself between her thighs. I press them open and put my lips on top of her smooth pussy. I gently jet my tongue in and out, tickling her clit. Her back arches as she presses my face deeper into her box.

“Oh my God!” she exclaims. “Don’t stop!”

My tongue circles her clit and then darts in and out of her deep, wet hole. I hum as my mouth comes back to her clit. Joshua holds Alyssa’s head in place as he skull fucks her. Each thrust of his cock goes deeper and deeper. His hand parts my legs from behind as he jams his fingers into my sopping hole. He starts with one and then slides two, then three. His fingers fill my tight pussy.

“Hold on a minute,” I say.

I slide off the bed and look underneath. I grab a box from under our bed and open the lid. I grab the biggest strap-on I can find and attach it to my hips. I tell Alyssa to get on her hands and knees in front of me on the edge of our bed.

“Keep sucking him!” I demand.

Her mouth gobbles up his cock. She jams her face down on it and ever time she comes up for air, he presses her back down on it, almost choking her. I come up behind her, running my hands over her hips. I slide my fingers into her wet hole and then I massage her clit.

Before she knows what is happening, I slide the rubber cock into her pussy and flip the switch for the vibrator. Her body trembles as I force it in and out, grabbing her hips tighter with each thrust.

“You like that bitch?” I ask her.

“Uhhhh!” she moans out.

“Shut up and keep sucking!” Joshua yells.

Alyssa chokes down on his cock as she is penetrated from behind. Her voluptuous tits bounce back and forth as she is slammed from both ends. Joshua grabs her head and holds it still jamming his balls into her mouth. She chokes for a moment and then regains control, licking and sucking furiously.

“You’ve been a very bad girl,” I tease her, thrusting deeper.

“Yes, I have been!” she gasps.

“Do you know what I do to bad girls?” I inquire.

“No,” she cries out. “What do you do to them, Natalie?”

Before she says another word, I pull out the vibrating strap-on and jam it full force into her virgin ass. She lets out a shrilling scream.

“It hurts!” she screams.

“Just keep sucking Joshua and ease up. I promise it will feel real good,” I tell her.

“Better yet, Nat, lemme fuck her hole,” Joshua suggests.

Joshua lies flat on his back letting Alyssa climb on his cock. She faces him, bouncing vigorously up and down on his cock, tits flying everywhere. His hands grasp her tits, pinching the nipples. Her head moves side to side as she moans with pleasure.

“Are you ready for me?” I ask her, whispering in her ear.

“Um hum,” she answers.

I kneel behind her and with one hand, press her body forward, exposing her pink little asshole. I put a little lube on the head and rub it around her asshole before shoving it in. Her asshole tightens as I go deeper.

“Relax,” I tell her.

She relaxes and I slide it all the way in. Joshua thrusts upwards each time I thrust in. Alyssa presses her tits against Joshua as I ream her from behind. I guide her back and forth with one hand as I reach between my own legs and begin to finger my own pussy. Fingers soaking wet, I force them into Alyssa’s mouth. She moans and begs me for more.

My fingers jam in and out of my pussy, thumb rubbing on my clit. It is pulsating with excitement. I place them in her mouth.

“Ohhhh!” she shrieks. “Gonna cum!”

“Go with it baby, let it go,” Joshua tells her.

With a final thrust from each of us her pussy explodes, releasing its tasty juices all down his cock. Her thighs tremble as she tries to hold herself up on his cock.

“Don’t stop!” she begs me. “I still got a little more to go”

I ram her ass hard, in and out, in and out. I watch as she squirts the last bit of her juices down Joshua’s cock.

“Your turn,” she tells me. “Get on up there!”

I hand her the strap-on as I climb on top of Joshua’s cock, sliding my asshole all the way down on it.

“Be gentle Alyssa,” I giggle.

I face Alyssa, my asshole being rammed from underneath by Joshua. I watch as Alyssa straps the toy to her waist, anticipating the fun we are about to have. She kneels in front of me and thrusts the cock deep into my soaking wet pussy. Her tits press against mine, but just for a moment. My hands grab a hold of them, caressing the double D’s, tugging at the nipple before placing them into my mouth. We take turns fondling and sucking each other’s nipples as I get rammed in both holes.

My pussy tightens around Alyssa’s rubber cock and my asshole throbs as Joshua pounds me. Joshua grabs a hold of my ponytail, yanking my head back.

“Fuck my cock, you filthy bitch!” Joshua yells.

Alyssa pulls the cock out of my pussy and shoves it into my mouth, forcing me to suck off my own juices, gagging me. She pulls off the strap-on and tosses it on the floor. Then she lays on her stomach facing my pussy. I watch as she licks Joshua’s nuts and works her tongue up towards my throbbing cunt. She darts it in and out of the hole, rubbing my clit between two fingers. I press her tongue into my hole. My pussy rubs up and down on her tongue as Joshua forces me up and down on his cock.

“I’m cumming!” I scream loudly!

Before I know it my pussy squirts white creamy cum all over Alyssa’s tongue still inside my hole. A little drips down her nose and I yank her up to kiss her. I want to taste myself. My tongue wrestles with hers, our bodies pressed firmly together. I remove Joshua’s cock from my ass and slide it in my pussy. He thrusts it twice and removes it as my juices drip down the shaft.

I lay flat on my back, Joshua on top of me, cock easing in and out from between my tits. Alyssa rests her pussy over my face, her hands stroking Joshua as he titty fucks me. My tongue darts in and out of Alyssa’s wet cunt. Joshua begins to slam his cock between the peaks, firmly pinching my nipples.

“Tell us when you’re ready baby!” I cry out.

He pulls his cock out and kneels on the edge of the bed, stroking himself. I pull Alyssa next to me, bodies pressing together, pussies touching. I watch as Joshua arches his back and tilts his head backwards, vigorously stroking his huge cock.

“Now!” he yells.

His cock shoots cum out, covering our faces. It is warm and very sticky as it runs towards my lips. I lean towards Alyssa and kiss her passionately, sharing my portion of cum. Joshua collapses on the bed, pulling us girls down on top of him.

“This was the best birthday present ever!” he exclaims, holding one of us in each arm. “The best birthday ever!”

I’d been slowly easing my wife Lisa into my fantasies for awhile now. We’re in our early 40′s and have been married almost 20 years, so we had to find ways to mix things up a bit. It started with her wearing leather and pvc clothing for me, allowing me to shoot photos of her and fucking. She’s so fucking hot, even though she’s in her 40′s, she has the body of a 21 year old, 5′ 7″, 145 lbs, great legs, great ass (she works hard on them at the gym) and nice tits and a pretty face. Then I started dressing up as well, still as a man, but wearing pvc or leather pants a shirt, jacket and tie, then it was chaps, bondage and domination really fast.

Well, when my wife leaves town I was crossdressing, dressing up in all the different outfits I could put together – mostly the stuff I bought for her that was big on her. I love how my legs look in heels and seeing myself in bright red lipstick. Eventually my fantasies evolved into wanting to dress up like a slut and having my wife fuck my ass with a strap-on. Then later, although I never thought I’d do it, I fantasized about sucking and fucking a real cock.

Finally I slipped up, left some make-up out and my wife asked me about it. I came clean. She was initially a little apprehensive, but eventually a smile crossed her face. I then added that I’d like her to take a masculine stance and fuck me with a strap-on every once in awhile and she just widened her smile and nodded and walked out.

Several months later I was walking in the door from work and Lisa was sitting on the couch in her typical domme garb: black leather blazer, white satin blouse with pearls, tight black leather skirt that came to her knees, stockings and black patent 5″ heels. She had her hair back in a ponytail and all she said to me was, “John, we’re going shopping. But first, if you haven’t shit today, go do it.” I immediately went to the bathroom.

She took me to the leather store first. As we were driving I just kept my eyes on her legs and her leather covered body. When we got to the store she headed directly for the women’s leather pants and she quickly picked out a pair of tight, but masculine looking ones for her (she had several ladies pairs already) and a pair of tight feminine ones for me. She then walked over to the skirts and picked out three for me, a very short one, a knee length one and an ankle length one, all tight. I was marveling at her efficiency as she barely spoke and moved with a sense of purpose. She grabbed two leather dressed, both short and two leather vests, a ladies’ and a men’s. She grabbed a couple hats, collars and a few other miscellaneous items and then announced we were done. She ordered me to the car and I went.

Next stop was the women’s shoe store. She picked me up a pair of black patent knee high boots, black patent pumps, black patent strappy heels and a pair of brown leather boots – all 5″ heels. From there we went next door to Target and she got a cart. She filled that cart with all kinds of goodies: eye shadow, mascara, lip stick, lip gloss, foundation, pantyhose (the sexy kind with the seam up the back), nail polish, thongs, granny panties, tampons, KY Jelly, razors, women’s deodorant, perfume, a few cute tops and dresses, a pair of dark skinny jeans, another pair of tight jeans she told me she planned to make cut-offs to go with my heels, a couple satin bras (white and black), a couple nice business looking outfits including my very own satin blouse and jewelry (just clip on ear-rings, necklaces, bracelets and rings).

When we got home Lisa demanded a fashion show. She took me into the shower, watched me shave my face, legs, armpits and chest and trim my pubic hair. She trimmed my eye brows and dried me off. She applied the bright red nail polish to my fingers and toes and sat there as it dried. She got up and found me a nice wig from her collection: black, short bangs and shoulder length. Then the fun part began. She had me put on the skinny jeans, the brown boots and a nice blouse. She then helped me with my make-up, making me look really slutty, with a lot of eye shadow, deep red but bright lips and put the wig on and allowed me to admire myself in the mirror. As I saw myself I felt my cock push on my thong and drive it up my ass, this only turned me on more.

After trying on several more outfits, we got down to business. She allowed me to admire myself while she left the room. When she returned her hair was up under one of the leather hats she bought, her make-up was off and she was wearing a leather vest under her blazer, her tight black leather pants she just bought and manly looking leather boots. On top of all of this was her strap-on, the cock was about 5″, not too big, but I’m a beginner, so big enough to be enticing.

“Okay take off the pretty clothes, and put on the slutty clothes I bought for you.” She then went to the bag and got out the black pumps, black seamed pantyhose, garter, short black leather skirt, a wide belt, the satin blouse, some fake pearl necklace and bracelets. I got dressed and she allowed me to admire myself in the mirror for a few moments.

Once she thought I had looked at myself long enough she pointed at the desk. “Go sit down. You are going to be my secretary, Jennifer. I am your boss and you will do as I say, understand?”

“Yes, ma’am.”

With that she came over, lifted me out of the chair and began kissing me forcefully. After a moment, she simply grabbed my head and forced me down to her cock and I wrapped my bright red lips around that rubber cock and I sucked it hard. I had been dreaming of this for a long time so I was afraid I’d cum too soon, so I sucked her like she had sucked me all those years. Soon she was fucking my mouth and I was gagging, she seemed to enjoy this.

“Get up and go over to the bed Jennifer.”

I did as I was told and she then surprised me, she grabbed some handcuffs and cuffed my hands to the bed posts. Then she tied my legs with rope to the bed post. She then walked to a table and picked up a cell phone and dialed a number. “Come on up, he’s all tied down.”

I had no idea what was going on. Soon a buff young stud, no more than 21 comes into the room. He’s carrying three wine glasses, two bottles of red and his wearing a leather harness, tight leather pants with an opening for his cock and black boots. I look at Lisa with a surprised looks and she just turns to him and says, “You get to live out your fantasies, then so do I and then some.” He pours two glasses and they take a couple drinks and then start to kiss, her one hand on the wine and the other stroking his noticeably large hard-on. They both step away from one another and take a couple drinks of wine and she says to him, “You ready?” and he nods.

They put down their wine glasses and climb onto the bed next to me. He lies on his back next to me, but with his cock up by my face. Lisa climbs up and undoes the snaps that free his monster cock – it must be 10″ long and as thick as my arm. It pops straight up in the air and next thing I know Lisa’s mouth just engulfs his cock, slowly sucking him while looking me right in the eyes. I’m equally horrified and turned on, seeing my wife suck this young stud’s monster cock. She strokes him, licks his balls, scratches his chest with her nails and takes about half of his cock into her mouth – I don’t think she can handle anymore.

Next thing I know, she stops, gets up, unties my feet and I can see her begin to lube her rubber cock. She lifts my legs up in the air, pushes my skirt down, moves my thong aside and slowly pushes her cock into my tight little asshole. It is uncomfortable at first, but then I relax and I feel like such a naughty little slut being fucked hard like I a slut should be. But just as I’m getting into it, I feel something on my lips. I open my eyes and there’s the stud’s monster cock staring me in the face. I know what I’m supposed to do and I eagerly pull his cock into my mouth and begin to suck him hard.

Soon the stud says, “I think we should un-cuff her.” Lisa nods and pulls out of my ass and un-cuffs me. “On all fours” she says. I do as I’m told. She again enters me from behind and begins to fuck my slutty little ass. I then grab the studs big cock and start to stroke the base of his cock while my lips suck on him and my tongue twirls his head. I hear him moan and I moan as my ass is being pummeled at the same time. I reach my hand into the hole in his pants and grab his balls and massage them. Then I strain to reach my finger back around his asshole and play with that.

This is a dream come true, I am being a nasty little slut like I dream about being: being fucked in the ass and sucking a big meaty cock at the same time. Soon I feel the stud begin to twitch and as I start to suck harder, wanting him to coat the back of my throat with his hot cum, he pulls out and sprays a monster load all over my face. It is on my nose, my cheeks, my lips and is dripping down onto my pearls and satin blouse. I eagerly lick all his cum off of my lips and finger what else of it I can and lick it off my bright red polished finger tips. I then take his cock back in my mouth and try to milk every last bit of him out of me.

Just then as I’m enjoying the ass fucking and the cum draining down my throat, Lisa reaches around and starts jacking me off and it takes all of 2 seconds before I cum all over the bed. She then pulls out and says to me, “Go clean yourself up, redo the make-up like I showed you and change outfits. Put on your leather catsuit with the zip through crotch and your new black boots.

I walk into the bathroom and I see Lisa head to the door, the stud is just lying on the bed with his meaty cock lying over his belt. It takes me about 20 minutes to get ready and when I come back out, Lisa is sitting on the couch with the stud having wine. She pours me a glass and points for me to sit down. She is now wearing her knee high black patent boots like the ones I have on, fishnet stockings, a short black leather mini skirt, a red leather button up vest, red leather opera gloves and has her hair down and her make up done. “Now I get to be a slut too” she says. We have our wine, we all do a little groping and then she gets up and leads us back to the bed.

The young stud sits on the bed and removes his cock piece and his huge cock springs back to life. Immediately Lisa and I begin to suck this cock as there is enough for the both of us. Both of our red lips sliding up and down his wet cock. Then Lisa jumps up on the bed and he spins around. She takes his cock into her mouth again and points to her ass. I make my way back there and begin licking her pussy and asshole. She starts to moan as she’s been wet from the get-go and she cums hard and fast with this monster cock in her mouth and my tongue licking her pussy. She then gets up, pushes the stud onto his back and mounts his monster cock. I take things into my own hands and unzip my catsuit and kneel over his face. She instinctively reaches down and begins stroking my cock while she gets used to this huge dick inside her. Once she is accustomed to it, she bends down and takes my cock into her mouth and begins sucking me hard. She hasn’t blown me like this in years. He pulls me down and starts tonguing my asshole, ah fuck this feels good.

We go on like this for sometime before Lisa gets off and motions for him to fuck her from behind. He eagerly begins to plow my wife’s pussy from behind, his sweat dripping onto her shiny ass. I move around and lie down in front of her and she again takes my cock into her mouth, sucking me like her life depended on it. I feel her start to shake and she cums hard again.

Lisa gets up and pushes him down again and again takes his cock into her wet cunt. She lies on top of him and screams at me, “Fuck my asshole Jennifer. Make me a dirty fucking slut!” I do as I’m told, I lube up my cock, and move around to her asshole and plunge my 7″ cock slowly into her tight ass. She begins to scream and growl like I’ve never heard her before. I fuck her hard, my balls and the studs balls slapping together which felt amazing. She came again and 30 seconds later again. Being filled out with two hard cocks just sent her over the edge.

I pull out and move towards the front of her and she begins sucking my cock. The stud apparently wants in on the action and he too pulls out and moves to her front. She then lies on her back taking turns sucking us off and stroking us with her free hand. Then I see him begin to cum in her mouth and the cum oozing out of her mouth, over her red lips and down her chin. This is more than I can handle and as she strokes me faster I cum all over her face and his cock. She takes her time, playing with our cum, licking it off of her face and sucking us, draining every last drop we have out of our throbbing cocks.

Without saying a word the stud gets up, grabs his things and leaves. Lisa and I are left lying there. She’s still licking the cum off of her face and I climb on top of her and shove my cock into her pussy. I can barely feel a thing, from her wetness and the monster cock that had been in her all afternoon, she was stretched out, but I kept fucking and our leather ground together for another hour as we fucked passionately in our bed, climbing all over one another, licking leather, feeling leather and cumming hard at the end. Best sex we ever had.

We’ve never had another threesome, but that hasn’t stopped our fun. We now have date night once a month where we dress each other up like sluts, go out with different guys (you better be wearing leather / pvc if you want me to suck your cock) and then come home, our hair and make up all fucked up and fuck each other brains out until long after the sun comes up. I now have my asshole used to bigger objects and now happily take big bulging cocks into my ass. I will share some of our date night stories in the future.

I love being a leather loving, cock sucking slut!

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