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Authors Notes:

To appreciate The D’Orgasmic Chronicles, one should have a familiarity with Cherry Takes on the NFL and The Screamer series. As these characters came to life, the stories demanded that they become combined into this series. I hope you will enjoy and I look forward to your feedback.

Disclaimer: No celebrity appearances in this series are in any way to be considered realistic. They are included for the entertainment of open-minded adults only. Their thoughts, words, and deeds are in no way indicative of the real celebrity. They exist here only to build a story around.


“This brings back fond memories,” Rose laughed as she and Wendy were lying out by the pool.

“You’re telling me,” Wendy quipped as they listened to the uproar coming from Gary’s office. They were almost two hundred feet away and the sound was intense. Raw, animalistic, guttural screams of wanton, unbridled sexual demands permeated the grounds.

“The amount of stress they are both under, I’m surprised they aren’t louder,” Debbie laughed as she pulled up to the pool in her golf cart.

Tammy, Tia, and Bobbi came out of the main house laughing at the sounds.

“Get over here,” Rose smirked. “You’re listening to the sounds that made all our lives so much better. Lick my pussy and let me revel in this bliss baby.”

“Rose, you don’t need to hear Holly and Gary to have a wet pussy and I’ll lick you anytime you want,” Tammy grinned as she sank between Rose’s thighs and lovingly soaked her tongue into this Asian goddess.

Tia and Bobbi joined in and the women listened to the duo so much in heat.

“Your cock, dammit, I want your cock,” Holly screamed. “I need it baby. Fuck me. Fuck me hard. Yes you fucker. Shove that hard cock into me. I need you to fuck me hard. Oh, God yes, that is it. Stretch me. Make me scream baby. I want your hot cock everywhere. I’m going to ride your white ass like a bronco. Yes! That is good, so good, don’t stop! Fuck me! I’m cumming baby!”

Wendy looked around and started laughing. Tia was lovingly licking her pussy and people were pairing off all around the complex in an unplanned orgy. Cocks were hard and pussies were filled as Holly, the resident loudspeaker, led the charge unintentionally.

Gary smiled as he split her drop-dead gorgeous body on the tip of his shaft. Her juices soaked his cock with the hottest, softest pussy possible. He smiled as her volume level increased. She had to be really stressed because she was exceptionally loud this morning. Her breasts heaved. Her nipples elongated deliciously and her pussy grabbed his cock hard with each thrust.

“Motherfucker, I’m cumming so hard. Fuck my hot cunt baby. Yes don’t stop! Holy fuck honey. Yes, yes, yes baby, slam your cock into me. I need your cock, I love your cock, I live for your cock and you’re going to give it to me harder, deeper and faster. Fuck me.”

Gary slammed his steel into her dripping wet pussy and with each thrust; she screamed louder and squirmed harder. Her body convulsed on his cock repeatedly and he loved the way she rode him. What was supposed to be a serious business meeting had turned into a full-blown fuckfest in an instant.

“You love my tongue don’t you Debbie?” Bobbi asked. “I sure love your pussy.”

Debbie smiled at her as her legs weakened and her stomach tightened. Bobbie was a sexual being who could and did create the most wonderful orgasms. Her tongue was magic and Debbie moaned as the first of many wonderful orgasms washed over her.

“My ass needs your cock darling,” Holly yelled. “Fuck my tight asshole and give it to me hard. Stretch my ass and give it to me deep. OH yes, ream me baby. I need your cock in my ass right now. Oh fuck, that is so good baby. Drive that cock deep inside me. You know what I like; you know what I need. Give it to me deep and give it to me fast. Make me cum so hard I pass out baby. Yes! Oh, God that is so good. I love it! I know you love my ass baby. Stretch my ass and give me what I need. I love your cock. I can feel every bit of it. Slam that cock deep into me baby. Yes!”

“That was what made me fall in love with him,” Wendy cooed as Tia was lovingly licking her ass. “I was lying on Rose’s floor listening to them in his bedroom. I think Rose was licking my pussy when she yelled that. I came so hard I almost fainted and I knew then and there that I wanted him for myself.” Tia slid her fingers into Wendy’s ass. Wendy positively went nuts and gushed all over Tia’s lovely hand.

With each long stroke, Holly was cumming rapid-fire and her ass was inhaling his cock with a passion that surprised even her. She loved a cock in her ass but when it was Gary’s, it was purely special. He was a concert pianist and she was his Steinway. He could play her and bring her experiences by far, beyond what any other man could do.

“I adore you; I crave that cock every minute of every day. Oh baby, I’m cumming so hard. Yes baby, Do it, do it, oh fuck, DO IT!” she screamed.

And do it, he did. His hands held onto her hips as she bounded, jumped, and flailed on the hard shaft buried deep into her subtle body. She slammed her ass back onto him with a force that surprised him. It astounded him. He felt her tighten, clamping fully onto him as he slammed into her gorgeous ass. Her shrieks of joy hit decibel levels unheard of in civilized society.

“The next scream won’t be from her,” Tammy said as she looked up from Rose’s lovely clit and laughed.

“Oh baby, don’t we know it,” Rose giggled. “It’s going to get quiet for a few minutes and then look out.”

Holly extracted herself and turned to him. Her body glistened with passion and she crushed her breasts against his hard body. Her arms snaked around his neck and she kissed him deeply and with a love so full and true that it took her own breath away.

She shoved him back onto his desk and her hands ran over his body, teasing and tantalizing him. Her breasts felt wonderful as they traversed his form; her nipples tickling him and pleasing him. She too could play his body as well as he played hers. She knew what really turned him on. Her fingertips traced his body, hitting those secret spots only a longtime lover really knew about. She kissed him deeply and spent time seductively sucking his tongue. This woman could raise the dead. She was a vamp, seductive in every manner. Bringing him pleasure was all that mattered to her. Her hands caressed him as she worked her way to his very rigid, engorged manhood and its two very full companions. He felt her breath, hot and sensual. His broad shaft twitched as her attention started to turn in that direction. She had the softest touch. Each contact designed to tease and to please. His cock twitched and she giggled.

Gary looked at her in awe. She was adorable. She was sexy and she was insatiable. What a combination he thought. He knew what was coming and he loved it. Her hands ran down his chest and her eyes locked onto his. She smiled as she stroked his body. Her nipples were so hard and her eyes twinkled as she caught him admiring them. She knew he loved her tits and he could and had over the years, sucked her nipples for hours.

Her hands moved to his abdomen and her touch was feather-like and erotic. His cock twitched, swelled, and begged for her attention.

“Does my baby want me to wrap my lips around your hot, hard cock and swallow it?” she purred.

“Oh yes I do, I really need your lips wrapped around my cock and to have you suck me dry. You are without a doubt one of the finest cocksuckers I have ever known. I love it when you do me and please me darling. Nothing turns me on more than watching you open those pretty lips and take my cock into your lovely face. No one sucks cock as well as you do. You are such a sophisticated woman but when you have a hard cock in your mouth, you look so wonderfully slutty and that turns me on. I love watching you suck cock,” he whispered.

“You know how to get and keep a girl wet don’t you baby. Do I really look like a slut with a cock in my mouth?”

“You look like the most beautiful slutty cocksucker on the planet. I love it when your eyes roll up in your head and your breathing becomes ragged. You open your throat and let me face fuck your nasty slutty throat. The only thing better is when you are fully airtight and I am fucking your throat. You look like such a nasty, yet elegant whore. I love cumming down your throat.”

Her eyes never left his. Her hands stroked his thighs and her body erupted in a massive orgasm as he talked to her this way. This was their secret and he played it to the max. She loved having him tell her how nasty she looked as she was fucking and sucking cock. Her body exploded non-stop as he told her all the devilish things she had done and how slutty she looked. Of all the ways he could make her cum, this was her true favorite.

Her hands came up the insides of his thighs and she touched his large bloated ball sack. He twitched. His cock swelled and a large dollop of sweet, clear, slippery love sat atop the massive shaft. She loved his cock. She could suck him forever and never quit. His balls fell into her hands and she caressed them gently. They felt full and heavy with the prize she demanded. She teased his balls and his cock twitched. The shaft pointed directly at her mouth. Her lips were glistening. Desire built as she looked into his eyes. She leaned forward to run her tongue over the tender flesh of his balls.

“You’re so good baby. I love this,” he purred.

Her lips washed his balls and her fingers caressed his ass. The dollop grew and she was not about to waste it. Eyes locked, her lips opened and she wrapped them around his cock. Her mouth rewarded immediately with the first taste of his lust. She took him to the back of her mouth and allowed him to lubricate the opening of her throat. She wanted his balls in her mouth and his cock in her stomach. She wanted to eat this man totally. The deeper he got, the better her orgasms were as well.

Her fingers caressed the pucker of his tight ass and she pushed him back onto the desk. She raised his leg and spread him wide. She loved his ass and she was going to eat that ass for all she was worth. Her tongue circled the tightness and her tongue flicked into him tentatively at first. He moaned. She drove her tongue deeper and he moaned again. She spread his muscular cheeks and opened him up. He relaxed and her tongue slipped deeper into him. He loved it when she ate his ass. His cock was twitching wildly as her tongue dug into him.

She needed that cock. She moved to his balls, taking her index finger and placing the tip just under the head. She flattened her tongue and slowly, deliciously ran her tongue from his balls to the tip of his cock. His beautiful, carved, sculpted cock thrilled her as she tongue washed it, loved it and toyed with it. She really was a cocksucking slut and she loved it. She wanted to be the greatest slut imaginable. She wanted him to use her, She wanted him to feed her and she wanted him to abuse her lips, face, mouth and throat. God, she loved the thought of his cock slamming deep into her throat.

She released the head and his cock sprang right toward her face. Wasn’t that a lovely sight? Strong, steel-like and velvet in texture, it was her favorite meal. This morning, she was going to have it her way. She opened her mouth and placed her lips over the slit. His precum was flowing profusely and she was hungry and greedy. She loved his flavor and made no bones about it.

Her lips opened, eyes locked onto his as she fell forward, gazing deep into his eyes. Her nipples grazed his thighs and his cock descended into her warm, wanton mouth. Every ridge and vein thrilled her and her pussy gushed profusely. Holly could cum just thinking about sucking cock but actually doing it was paramount to turning on Niagara Falls. She took him fully into her mouth, never breaking eye contact.

“Do you know how nasty you look with that cock in your mouth? You are a gorgeous slut, so wanton and wild. Do you like that cock in your mouth woman? I love watching you suck cock. Can you swallow that hard cock? Can you whore?”

Her eyes glazed over, her lips trembled, and she never blinked. She leaned forward. He felt himself touching the back of her throat. She held him there, trembling and he knew she, herself, had just cum. Her eyes burned into his and he felt her throat open. She fell forward and he inched his manhood into her throat. She set the pace opening her throat to allow him entry. She trembled again and this time it was much harder.

“Did you just cum slut? Did you just cum on my cock? Did you?”

She nodded.

“You’re such a good cocksucker. Your throat is warm and wet and you look so nasty. Can you take all of it? Can you?”

She exploded dramatically and her lips fell fully onto his cock. Her eyes laser locked onto his and she saw the smile on his face. That was enough. She came again just holding his cock in her throat. She pulled him out and she fell back again onto him. She loved the feeling of his cock in her throat and she picked up the pace.

He moaned.

She came.

He moaned again and her pace quickened. Her throat opened fully. She was lost in lust as she rose and fell on his manhood. She was better than great. She was phenomenal. He pounded her face; his balls slamming off her chin. She began to cum in earnest. This is what she lived for…a hard, strong cock filling her throat and balls bouncing off her face to boot. Nothing could make her cum harder than that.

He reached down and grabbed her ears. She screamed on his cock. She was wrong. Doing this while he held her ears was the ultimate to her. She seldom gave up this kind of control but with him, she never worried. She loved him and he loved her. She was continuously cumming. Her legs were drenched, She flowed freely down her thighs. Nothing thrilled her more than this.

“What a world class cocksucker you’ve become my little harlot,” he spoke as he fed her every inch of his cock. “I love your tongue as it washes my cock. Your throat is so talented. I love how you swallow my cock and massage it. Keep cumming darling. Cum on my cock, flood the floor and I’ll reward you with such a huge prize my darling.”

Holly lost it completely. She rattled around on his cock and she sucked and massaged it every way she could. Her body convulsed dramatically and her breathing nearly stopped. She gathered her composure and her fingers slid into his tight ass.

“Yes darling, fuck my ass with your fingers while you suck my cock. You know I love that.”

She did. First, one finger then two and then three. She fucked his ass and swallowed his cock all the while she was beyond orgasmic bliss. She loved fucking him with her fingers or anything else she could find for that matter. He loved it and she loved doing him excessively. She began to massage his prostate and he jumped. She knew what he loved and she never failed to please him.

“You are such a great little whore. You make me feel so good. Are you ready for your prize darling?”

She never said a word. Her eyes said it all. She poured her heart and soul into it and she felt his body tense. His legs began to quiver, his breathing became ragged and his stomach tightened like an over tensed coil.

“Fuck yes!” he screamed. “Suck it baby! Oh, God! Yes!” His body erupted.

She felt his balls lift and the massive load of his sweet, wonderful cum flowed from his balls. She felt his shaft swell over her tongue. When he erupted, he filled her throat and mouth with a huge sweet prize. Her body convulsed as he came and together, they lost all sense of time and space. This was one for the record books.

She drank him down, savoring every delicious taste. Her senses heightened and she loved the taste of his cum. She swirled his cum around in her mouth, loving the flavor and the texture. She had no plans to waste a single drop of the love he had just bestowed upon her.

He picked her up and pulled her to his lips. Their kiss was passionate, loving and he tasted his cum on her lips. They locked in a passionate embrace, hearts pounding; their bodies drenched in the lust they had just shared. They held each other tight as their breathing normalized. They kissed, touched, and embraced their shared intimacy, savoring the moment when the intercom came to life.

“Ladies and gentlemen, the eagle has landed,” Linda, announced.

A roar and applause erupted outside. Holly and Gary walked to the windows and burst into laughter. Everyone was naked and cheering them.

“Well, I’ll be damned,” Gary, laughed.

“Honey, everyone says I can wake the dead. I guess they are right.”

“Okay you two. After that marathon, I figured you’d need nourishment,” Linda said as she walked in with a tray of pastries and a pot of coffee. “You know what is great around here? You never know when an orgy is going to break out. We love you two.”

“Thanks hon, this was supposed to be a serious meeting,” Gary said as he poured coffee. “I’m curious, how did everyone know what was going on in here?”

“Congratulations Holly, you finally did it. You fucked his brains completely out of his head. We have a pool going. We’re betting you make the evening news in Miami. We know they heard you in Daytona,” Linda giggled.

“Ah, we weren’t that loud were we?” Gary smirked.

“Of course not, what you heard was only a figment of your imagination,” Linda laughed and left them to get to business.

“There are only six weeks to go before we open in Orlando. We have to finalize this today,” Gary said. “I know you have looked at several options but we need to have a definitive answer today darling.”

Holly sighed, “I’ve been holding off, hoping we’d have something positive but nothing has happened. As a result, I’m going to gamble on what we originally wanted. Mark may not like this but it’s going to be The Country Girl Saloon and The Velvet Glove. Country Girl was a no brainer. Mark told me about the Velvet Glove after she was injured. I think it is the perfect name for a dance club.”

“The Velvet Glove — Orlando and The Country Girl Saloon — Orlando it is then. The restaurant will be Holly’s BBQ Diner and the Plazas will be The D’Orgasmic Plaza. Is that the final decision baby?” Gary asked her.

“It works for me. I just want only one thing. I want you to go to Las Vegas and get that woman. I don’t care what you have to do. Get her to come back into the fold. If you don’t, Mark will not be with us much longer. I am very worried about him.”

“I am too dear, very worried actually. Let me see what I can do. I had the artwork done for all of the names on the short list. I like them, what do you think,” he said as he handed her the signage illustrations.

“They are perfect Gary, I really love them. Everything is in place. Brenda has been amazing. She has the professional dancers hired and trained. She has the club dancers all trained as well. Red and Nancy are ahead of schedule and Jim has everyone trained on the computer systems. Linda is finishing the Orlando restaurant and she’ll be heading to Las Vegas in three days to start on that one. Damn, you’re going to have to cook again. Sorry darling.”

“I’m happy as hell. Construction is going on all over the country. Shannon has the entire employee collections designed and they are in production. Ainsley has beaten her schedule and the new product line is amazing. We still have some store staff issues remaining. Other than that, we are in good shape. Brenda and Joy are getting everyone trained. We are almost good to go,” he said.

Jill buzzed him to tell him Lori was on the line. He kissed Holly and took the call.

“I need something from you darling, can you get me Loretta Lynn’s private number? I would like to speak with her,” he asked her.

Lori said she would make some calls and call him back.

Fifteen minutes later, he was on the line with the Queen of Country Music. They had a long and lovely conversation. He thanked her so much for the photograph she sent Ainsley. He told her it meant the world to her. To that regard, he asked if she would be so kind as to meet with them as they had something they would like to present to her. She agreed immediately and a time and date were set up.

Gary called Mark and told him when to pick up Ainsley. He told him to tell her they were going to inspect the Nashville property. They had to go to Nashville anyway as the property was scheduled to open November 1st.

Michelle, Mark, and Lori were wheels up and Gary, Holly, Jill, Ronnie and the girls were enroute as well. Both jets landed within minutes of each other. They entered the limo and headed to the property. They met with the onsite supervisor and were very pleased with what they saw. Nashville was ahead of schedule and they were pleased.

They returned to the limo and drove out into the countryside. The properties they saw were amazing. They turned into a lovely piece of property and pulled up to the front door. The door opened and Ainsley let a scream out of her that was heart wrenching.

Gary walked up and introduced himself and then everyone else. Loretta looked at Ainsley and gave her a big hug and kiss. They sat and had coffee and Loretta told them stories about when she first met Bill Norris. She was a young singer and he was just starting his company. She loved the designs and even though she really couldn’t afford it back then, she ordered her first pair of custom-made boots. They were beautiful and they developed a life long friendship.

Loretta laughed and excused herself for a few minutes. When she returned, she was carrying a garment bag. She began to tell them a story. She had recently met Patsy Cline and was sitting in a coffee shop worried about what she would wear when she appeared with her for the first time. Patsy was such a huge star; she was an unknown.

“Two women were sitting in the next booth and they overheard the conversation. They didn’t want to intrude but they had heard what she had said. They explained that they were designers and that they would be thrilled to design something for her to wear. I took them up on their offer,” she handed the garment bag to Gary, “This was the result,” Loretta said.

He opened the bag and looked at the dress they had made for her. It was definitely 50′s country but it was gorgeous.

“Look at the label Gary,” Loretta smiled.

He looked and his jaw dropped. “Are you kidding me?”

“No dear, your mother and Maggie Carter made that dress for me. They knew I could barely afford food at the time. They never charged me a dime for it. They were getting started too and they figured that if they could help me, it would be good for them someday. We stayed in touch over the years. I’ve lost two very dear friends but you have made me feel so good, just being here,” Loretta said. “I read all the trades and I understand there are some very big things in the works for you. Tell me all about this huge project you have.”

What was supposed to be a half-hour meeting lasted well into the evening. They explained everything to her. She was excited that the focus was on finding new, hot talent for both Pop and Country artists. When she heard about the VIP areas of each club that would allow record company executives to come in and see the new people without their knowledge that excited her.

“Believe me, there is nothing that will throw you off your game faster than standing on stage knowing that your career is in the hands of someone in the audience. That is the greatest idea I’ve heard of,” she said as she turned to Ronnie.

“You look so familiar to me, have we met before?” she asked.

“No Loretta, believe me, this is an honor for me. I never dreamed I would be sitting here in your home. You’re everything I always thought you would be.”

“Thank you darlin, it is just that you look like someone.”

“Loretta, have you seen Luke Bryan’s video of Country Girl?” Lori asked her.

“That is where I know you from. You were great in that video. He is going to be a huge star soon. I love him,” she said.

Gary explained that she was not the girl in the video but as far as he was concerned, she was her double. He then told her about the people who would be managing the clubs and restaurants and the dance they did to that song.

Loretta laughed, looked at Ronnie again, and shook her head. “Luke would be blown away to see you. The resemblance is amazing. I love this idea more than anything I’ve heard in years. How can I help?”

“We came here today to give you this,” Jill said. She handed Loretta the credit card. “This is for you dear. Order whatever you want, anytime. You’ll never get a bill. We just appreciate the kind words you wrote on that photograph so much.”

“Thank you Jill, thank you very much. This means the world to me. Let me see if I understand all of this properly. You are creating these clubs all over the country to showcase new talent. Gary will have the retail stores. Holly, you’ll have the clubs and the restaurants and Mark, you’ll be representing the new talent. Is that about right?”

“Yes it is,” Mark said. “I am so fortunate to have Lori as head of my entertainment division. She is an amazing woman.”

“Oh, trust me; everyone in the business knows who Lori is. I just wish to God that I had her when I was getting started. I would have done so much better than I did. Too many people out there promise you the stars and never deliver. Mark, your reputation is well known. This will pay dividends beyond your wildest expectations,” she told him.

“Lori, I can open doors where no doors exist. I want to help. I don’t do many personal appearances anymore and I am, frankly, tired of doing nothing. You tell me when Orlando, Las Vegas, and Nashville open. Send me the complete schedule. I would like to open the clubs for you, if that is all right with you. Who do you have to open the Country Clubs?”

Gary gave her the schedules and she excused herself. She returned in a few minutes and she had her signature smile on her face.

“The opening act for the first three clubs on the country side is in place. When my friend heard about this, he was all over it. He is honored to be able to help. He has a dancer he’d like to bring. Would that be okay?”

“That would be wonderful. We have four great new groups we are going to be highlighting but yes, definitely, that would be wonderful. Who is it?” Gary asked.

She walked over to Ronnie, sat, and grabbed her hand. “His name is Luke Bryan and he would dearly love to open your clubs providing this lovely lady will dance for him.”

Ronnie’s jaw hit her lap. She was speechless.

“Better get over that girlfriend. I am betting that you’ll meet all of my friends and they will definitely want to meet you too,” Loretta smiled. Does that work for you Gary?”

“Ronnie is not the only one who is speechless. Thank you so much. We never expected anything like this. Thank you so much Loretta. I will send my jet for you. You’ll have a wonderful place to stay both in Orlando and in Las Vegas. I can’t thank you enough,” he said as they said goodnight.

“I don’t believe this,” Gary said as they headed back to the airport. “Nothing like this ever crossed my mind. To think she would do that for us is amazing to me.”

Ronnie sat in stunned silence. Rose started laughing and she elbowed her. “Are you with us Ronnie? Are you going to be alright?”

“I’m in shock, I seriously think I am in need of something,” she wheezed.

“You’re always in need of something darling,” Gary laughed. “Have we ever let you down?”

They arrived back at the hangar and said their good-byes. Mark, Michelle, Lori, and Ainsley headed back to Fort Worth and Las Vegas.

Gary hugged Michelle and she whispered, “I’ll see you later darling. Good luck. I love you.”

They boarded Gary’s jet and watched as Jack and Tom taxied Mark out onto the tarmac. Gary kissed everyone and they all wished him good luck. The girls were adamant that this trip had to be a success. He kissed Jill and told her to fly home because Ronnie needed something. Jill laughed and told him she had planned on it. As he was getting off the jet, Ronnie blocked the exit way.

“Bookend boss, don’t you dare come back without my bookend. Tell her she has a twin that she’s never met but who loves her and needs her,” she said as she kissed him.

Gary walked off the jet and onto his G3, which was waiting next to the hangar. Gina and Brianna gave him a big kiss and got in line behind Jill.

They took off and headed for Las Vegas. They would be there long before Mark landed. The time difference would definitely work in his favor. He just prayed that this would work. Gary called George and he confirmed that she was dancing tonight.

“How long have we been friends Gary?” George asked.

“Damned if I know George, probably twenty years, why?”

“Then I figure I can say this without hurting your feelings. What the fuck took you so long. I expected you to do this the day after she arrived in Las Vegas,” he said.

“I know. If you really want the truth, half of my company wanted me to do this in Dallas the day she came out of the coma,” Gary told him.

“Call me just before you land, I’ll send my limo to pick you up. I am going to hate to lose her if she decides to leave. Without a doubt Gar, she is the most phenomenal woman I’ve ever met in my life. Don’t you agree?”

“Are you sitting down buddy? I’ve never met her. I saw her on TV. I have photos I had shot of her but she has no idea who I am. Mark kept her hidden from me and then the shit hit the fan after they got back from Hawaii.”

“Tonight, you’ll be a very special VIP then. That is all I am going to tell her. If she agrees, what do you want me to do next?” George asked.

“I want you to call Mark and ask him to come over. Tell him it is important and you need to talk to him immediately. If she is feeling the way I think she is, she’ll want to do this as much as we want her to. Michelle is going to text me when they are on their final approach. I’ll have an answer by then.”

He hung up and poured himself a stiff drink. The cockpit door opened and Gina walked out with two coffee cups in her hands. She refilled the cups and sat next to Gary.

“We heard what you are trying to do. I do hope you can convince her. We know we don’t know you guys as well as the others do but we can see how much this has Mark upset. Are you all right?”

“I’m just stressed out. Everything is happening so fast. We knew it would and that doesn’t bother me but when my right arm is broken, it just takes a lot out of me.”

She kissed him and took Brianna her coffee. When the cockpit door opened again, she walked out wearing a nothing but a gorgeous new pair of high heels. He saw her coming and smiled, “I like your outfit, it is stunning,” he laughed.

“This old thing, thanks, it’s given me a lot of pleasure in the last little while,” she grinned as she knelt between his legs. “I know it is not normal to give orders to ones boss but this is not a normal job so you stand up right now.”

Gary looked at this lovely Greek goddess and laughed, “Yes Captain, your wish is my command.” He stood and her hands crept up his legs. She undid his belt and his slacks fell to the floor.

She rested her head on his thigh and looked up into his eyes. “I have never seen you nervous before. If you’ll remember, I’ve seen the photos of her and yes, she is a gorgeous woman but Gary, she is just a woman. Mark loves her and everyone knows that. Why the hell are you so worried? You charmed the pants off me without even trying. Women like you, they respect you and once they get to know you, they love you. You’ll do fine with her. Remember something please, you have backup right here. Brianna and I are not just pilots, we are lovers and we are friends. Together, we will make this happen.”

She licked the inside of his thigh as she took his long, soft cock in her hands. She felt the blood flow and he firmed in her grasp. “That’s my man; I love your cock.”

She licked him and stroked his ever-hardening shaft. Her eyes bore holes in his head as her pink soft tongue wrapped around him. She licked him and ran her tongue around and along each deep ridge and vein. She smiled at him and licked the velvet head of his cock. Her lips opened and she closed them over the tip. Her tongue slid through the dollop of pure delight that sat upon his long slit. She loved the taste and the silkiness of that drop of nectar. His cock inched deeper into her mouth. She inhaled as the thrill sent subtle shockwaves throughout her body.

Gary watched as her nipples hardened and her face accommodated his length. Her eyes spoke volumes as he filled her throat. This lovely woman definitely had a calming technique that he enjoyed tremendously. He filled her lips and stroked her throat and the uneasiness drifted away.

Gina felt his mood lift and she smiled as she began to suck him with everything she had. His hips were moving into her and his substantial ball sac was bouncing off her chin. She moaned with each seductive slap and his legs began to quiver. Her hands slid up his stomach and onto his chest. Her lips buried him completely and her tongue danced all over his pole. She felt him inhale and she braced herself.

“God, you’re good Gina. Suck me all the way darling. Oh yes!”

His balls lifted and the rush of cum exploded in her sweet face. Gina was on fire and her greedy, wonderful lips let nothing escape. She drank his cum and pleaded for more. She held his cock between her lips and sucked him gently as he softened. She swallowed him completely and held him in her throat. He twitched and gave her one last sweet drop of his seed.

As his softened shaft departed her lovely face, she cooed, “When we get to Las Vegas, you just charm her like you did me and she’ll be in Mark’s bed tonight darling. Thank you, I needed that.”

Gina kissed him and walked back into the cabin. A few minutes later Brianna walked out similarly dressed. This perfect blonde walked up and sat beside him. Her hands caressed his legs, leaned over, and kissed him deeply. The curve of her breast, her stunning nipples, and her sweet blue eyes never ceased to amaze him.

She put her heels up on the back of the seat in front of her and she looked into his eyes. His gaze had flowed from her face to her breasts and down to her rock hard abdomen. She definitely was in perfect shape.

“You love looking at my body don’t you baby? I love it when you do. It makes me wet to know that you are looking at me and wanting my body.” She spread her legs wide and her perfectly smooth pussy opened like a lotus blossom, pink and sweet. His eyes fixed on her generous, lovely lips and the meaty, long sweet clit that simply begged to be licked.

Her long manicured fingers traveled through her valley, “I used to think I was a sexy woman until I met you. I discovered, my darling, that I had much to learn. What I determined was that I had the entire concept of love and sex backwards. You see, today, I have become much like Rose. I am a greedy woman and I am in absolute love with you. I sit for hours with my fingers in my pussy, just like this. I stroke myself and cup my breasts and dream of you being inside me, loving me, licking me, and making passionate love to me. I may be sucking another cock or licking one of the beautiful pussies we have but my heart is yours. At first, it scared me but now that I know each and every woman back home feels exactly the same way, I feel so much better about my feelings.”

He leaned over and kissed her again. She sucked his tongue and bit his lips. Her fingers sank into her pussy and he watched as she brazenly sat there, finger fucking herself.

“At night, before I can get to sleep, I have Gina lick my pussy the way you do it. She has really learned baby. She can get me cumming in just a few minutes.”

He grabbed her hand and walked her to the bedroom. He knew what he had installed in Miami. He reached up into the ceiling and released the lever. The bar dropped and he took her hands and placed them on the bar. He flipped the switch, her legs spread on the special mat, and then he adjusted the height.

“What is this baby? It looks kinky. I think this has possibilities.”

He sank to his knees and looked at one of the most spectacular pussies ever created. His hands traveled her body. His tongue began to devour her; bringing massive shrieks throughout the jet. He used every luscious technique and Brianna was on fire. She held that bar with all her might and flowed rivers of wonderful honey down his throat. He licked every inch of her body, teasing and pleasing her in every way possible. She exploded constantly. When he entered her, she was enflamed. He fucked her spectacularly. As he turned her around, her ass screamed for fulfillment.

“I love how you touch me, how you love me, and in particular, how you fuck me darling. Don’t stop baby please don’t stop. Oh this is good, oh, oh, uh oh!”

Gina clicked on the intercom and told them they would be landing in thirty minutes. Gary kissed her and poured another drink. He called Dani and told her that he was on final approach.

Brianna kissed him deeply and told him she loved him.

“Oh, I forgot to tell you, on the trip home, I get to blow you and Gina is going to fuck your brains out all the way home. Now go get that girl and don’t come back here without her. That is an order.”

“Aye, aye Captain,” he giggled as he kissed her again. She walked back into the cockpit and the wheels hit the tarmac shortly afterwards.

Dani arrived, running up the ladder and kissed him. “Here is what you wanted baby. Are you okay with this?”

“I am Dani, I definitely am. I want to see that smile back on his face. I’ve never met her. Everyone tells me she is adorable. Is she as nice as people say she is? I need to know.”

“She is everything you’ve heard and more. She is scared to see him. I may be dead wrong but I don’t think I am. I have the feeling that she really is sorry for what happened but she is too proud to do anything for fear he’d reject her,” Dani spoke from the heart. “Bring her back and give us our man back Gary, please darling.”

Dani ran into the cockpit and told the girls she would be back for them soon. They were going to have the jet refueled. Jackson was going to call her to tell her when they were on final approach. Everyone in this conspiracy had to stay invisible for a while.

She pulled up to Sapphires and George was waiting for him. They shook hands warmly and walked into the club. The deep blue and crimson lighting gave the ultimate in intimate, sensuousness. They stopped at the bar and George looked around.

“There she is,” George said as he pointed to the center stage. “She is gorgeous.”

Gary looked in awe. He had seen the photos, seen her on TV and in print but the woman he looked at in the flesh was beyond his wildest imagination. The lights were low but he saw nothing to indicate she had ever been injured in any way at all. One look gave him every answer he needed. He knew why Mark was so affected.

“Let’s do it George,” he said.

“One question Gary. Rum Runner of Snake Bite?” George asked.

“Snake Bites and make them doubles please.” Gary walked into George’s VIP area and made himself comfortable. He watched as George called her over and walked her to the bar. He talked to her for a minute and sent her into the room. A waitress followed, served the drinks and left.

Gary looked at her and smiled, “Please have a seat. George tells me that you are Cherry. It is a pleasure to meet you. I must say, you are quite an impressive woman. George and I have been friends for almost twenty years. He told me a lot about you.”

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