“It’s all gone too far.” That’s what I said to my wife, as I was close to tears and dressed in her undies.

But don’t let me get ahead of myself. I should start at the beginning.

I’ve been married to Katrina for a few years now and until recently I thought all was fine. When we were courting we had great sex, she is very keen and very highly sexed, and I was very happy.

I thought I was keeping her satisfied, although she did have somewhat of a higher drive than I did, and it would always be here to raised the subject of fantasies and experimentation.

I guess I didn’t know how kinky she was going to become, but although she didn’t always cum when I fucked her, I made sure she climaxed by use of toys, or my tongue or fingers, sometimes while discussing one of her fantasies.

Until one day Kat made an offer I couldn’t refuse, a threesome with another woman.

“Really?” I said “you want to bring another woman to bed with us?”

Kat said: “yes darling, it’ll be so sexy, you can watch me with her, I can watch you fuck her, it’ll be really sexy.”

So a few days later, there we were, meeting Kat’s friend Josie. The contrast was instructive, and erotic. Kat’s a very voluptuous blonde, she was dressed in her finest lingerie, stockings suspenders, knickers and bra, high heels and he lips painted scarlet with her curly blonde hair tumbling down her shoulders.

Josie was one of those slender willowy women, with coffee-coloured skin and short dark hair. She was naked but for a pair of silky French knickers, and the dark nipples on her small breasts were very erect.

Some minutes later they were harder and so was my cock. Watching Kat kiss another woman was so erotic. At one point as Josie was licking Kat’s trimmed pussy and fingering her at the same time, my wife looked at me and said: “Darling, your wife is a bi-slut, can you see your wife being licked by another woman.” I think I just sobbed my assent through my lust. And I nearly came watching Kat go down on Josie. She lapped at her shaved twat like it was mothers milk. After Josie came screaming Kat’s name, my wife lifted her face, completely smeared with pussy juices. “Lick my face clean, lick another woman’s cunt from your wife’s face” she said. I did.

God I was enjoying myself, but I guess this is where it all started to go wrong. I found myself lying on my back. Kate was squatting over my face as I lapped her pussy. Josie straddled me and was rubbing her pussy along my cock. Kat fondled my nipples in the way she knew aroused me uncontrollably.

Josie said: “Now, I think you should do something for us, you dirty man.”

“God, yes anything, let me fuck you.”

“Well maybe, but your cock’s not going anywhere into my cunt till you do something for Kat.”

I was bursting, I’d have agreed to anything. Josie went on: “You’ve watched your wife be a dirty cunt-licking dyke. I think we should have another man here…”

What? What? Normally of course I’d have reacted like I’d been scalded, but at that moment Kat plucked my stiff nipples with her long scarlet fingernails and looked directly at me.

“Okay,” I said; I’d have agreed to anything.

Josie smiled and giggled and picked up her mobile ‘phone and pressed a button. Soon, much too soon to be honest, there was a knock on the door, and Josie called “come in, darling.”

Oh Jesus, and in walked, well I suppose I have to say a magnificent man. Tall, lean, muscled and black. It was Paul.

He stripped down to snug pants and cuddled up to Josie and they kissed deeply.

Josie turned to me and said: “Now, you dirty little man, I think Kat would like to see you suck Paul’s cock.”

I looked at my beautiful wife in shock. She didn’t want this surely. But her eyes were shining in lust.

She fondled on nipple and with her right hand stroked her pussy, I could hear the slosh of her fingers and she brought them up to my mouth. “Oh yes, darling,” she said, ” taste my pussy juices, hear how wet my cunt is, please for me, just kiss his cock.”

Oh god, how did this happen? I was appalled but also more turned on than I’ve ever been in my life.

Tearing my eyes from Kat I turned to Paul. His cock was tenting his pants. He said: “It’s all yours” very gently.

I was used to touching a penis of course, but only my own. I rubbed his cock through his pants until he hissed “Get it out” and I fished it out of his waist band. God it was huge, could I even get it in my mouth?

Kat put her head next to mine as I lowered my head to Paul’s groin, luckily it smelled fresh and clean, and Kat to encourage me, again spread some of her pussy juices on my face and lips.

I kissed Paul’s cock, well more accurately I rested my lips on its shaft. My mouth, and another man’s penis, for the first time. It wasn’t as bad as I thought. “kiss it hubby” Kat said “kiss his cock.”

I kissed down the shaft to the root, I wasn’t going near the head yet. I kissed back towards the tip, and then kissed the bulbous pink head. My main impression was how smooth it was, how there was actually no taste.

“Suck it, man” Kat hissed at me, “suck his cock., put it in your mouth, for god’s sake.”

By now to tell the truth, I didn’t need the encouragement. I took Paul’s cock in my mouth, and tried to remember what Kat did that made her blowjobs so good.

No hands, was one of her rules, so I kept my hands off his cock as I lightly bobbed my head down and up on it, pausing to let is slip from my mouth and gently tongue the frenulum, the banjo string.

Paul seemed to like it: “Oh he’s good, you sure this is his first time?” and Kat and Josie loved it.

Kat said: “Christ that’s sexy. I know you’d be good at this. Do you like it?”

I looked at her, l with Paul’s cock in my mouth, our eyes met, and I gave her a look I’d seen her give me when sucking my cock. I nodded and grunted my assent.

“Say it, say it out loud, you like being a cocksucker.”

“I like it.”

“You like what, say it out loud, you cocksucker.”

“I like being a cocksucker, I like sucking cock.”

At that Kat had another orgasm, but she didn’t stop stroking her clit.

“Ooh god, oh god. Tell Paul you love his cock, beg for his cock.”

I was too far gone and too aroused to care. I knew what Kat wanted.

“Paul, your cock is magnificent, I love sucking your big black cock. Let me suck your cock, I’m your cocksucker.”

This seemed to do it for him, and as Kat stroked my nipples, his hips started to thrust into my face, he was starting to fuck my face.

I knew he was close to cumming, and I knew what my darling Kat wanted: “Give me your cum, Paul, cum in my mouth, cum on my face. Cum on your cocksucker.”

Paul and Kat seemed to cum at the same time. His sperm gushed into my mouth and he pulled his cock out to spurt more on my face, while my wife had paroxysms.

Later, as Paul was dressed and recovered, Josie lay me on my back and slid my cock into her pussy as my reward.

Kat saw Paul out, I was stunned, but they seemed to kiss passionately as he left, and she said “That’s worked out nicely.”

I didn’t care, she came back to the bed and as Josie rode my bursting cock, Kat stroked my nipples and asked me if I liked sucking cock. Agin she got me to said I did until I came.

Looking back now, it still seems like a great night, but this is where all the trouble started.

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