The Four Realms of Handor

Ser Landry’s Tale

Chapter One: The Watch

Ser Landry drew the night watch for what seemed like the hundredth week in a row. It was actually only the third but the intolerable conditions made it seem like much more. During the winter months the night watch was most hated by all guards of the Southern Keep. Cold driving winds insistently blew and biting snow and ice drove into your body like frozen nails. Layers of wool, boiled leather, and chain mail only kept you from freezing to death, but you yet still froze.

“Aye,” Ser Wallace mumbled when Ser Landry walked up to relieve him from his watch, a banner of steam flowing from his mouth as he talked. “I’ve kept her warm for you,” he continued. Alluding to the spot next to the short stubby stone tower that the two men were assigned to.

“Any action tonight?” Ser Landry questioned.

“No. There hasn’t been any action here in half a century. I know I’ve never seen any.”

Ser Landry was still young. At nineteen years of age his time in the Royal Guard was still in its infancy. Others such as Wallace, who was well into his fifties, had been guarding the same keep for quite some time, just as those had done before them going back over 200 years. The Southern Keep, the most remote in all four realms of the Handor kingdom, was once an important trade route between the native tribes, known as the Nethers, that lived in the south and those that had colonised the north. It was on a narrow strip of land, no more than ten miles wide, that geographically separated the two regions.

Over the years, the Nethers stopped coming north and a savage group of humanoids began to take their place. Instead of trade, they preferred to steal the wares they wanted and to kill those that had it. It was not long before the lord of Glacierthorn, the southernmost realm in the kingdom, raised an army to push back the savages and setup various keeps along their borders to keep them at bay.

Ser Landry stood their in the cold, his longsword leaning up against the rock wall instead of sheathed on his side as it should have been. His thoughts drifted, as they often would, to warmer things. A bed of coals in a fireplace, a piping hot bowl of soup, a steaming bath, a woman. He had only ever been with one woman and only on one occasion, Lilia on the night before he left for the keep. He promised to return one day from the duties he was sworn to and marry her, make a proper woman of her.

Lilia was his aunts daughter, his second cousin. If it were ever to be, it would be a noble marriage, keeping the bloodlines of the Landry’s pure, which was the hope of any highborn family. He remembered how she smelled, her skin soft with the delicate scent of lavender. He loved that about her. She didn’t pour on the scented oil or perfumes like many of the other girls did in court. Her golden curls always seemed to bounce, light and soft on her shoulders. Although modest, she did make sure to reveal the slightest amount of cleavage for all those wishing to take a peek. Her reservedness was her allure.

Ser Landry undressed her petite body more times in his mind’s eye than he could count. On many occasions, every time he got the chance, he even went so far as to spy on her when her chambermaids bathed her. He had once found a small crack from a storage room that looked into her bedchamber. Every time her airy silken gown would fall from her body and onto the floor, revealing her shoulders, back, buttocks, and legs, he would instantly get hard if he was not already. Then she would walk around to the side of the tub, the nipples on her perky breasts hard from the castle’s cold night drafts. When she bent over to feel the hot water of her bath, held onto the edge of the tub, and lifted her leg over and into the steaming water, he would always get the perfect view between her legs. Her pussy, he thought, must be the sweetest in all the land.

While watching her bathe and her maids cleanse every possible area of her body, he would hold onto his hard cock and stroke it slowly. When Lilia’s bathers moved the sponge between her legs, she would push their hands down and make them stay there, sometimes for only a moment but sometimes for many minutes until she would lean her head back, hold onto the sides of the tub, and moan in ecstasy. Landry would always wait until she stood from the bath, wet and sudsy, before he would cum into the floor drain of the room he was hidden in.

Ser Landry grabbed onto the cold rail next to him. His other hand was buried deep in his wool pants, pumping up and down on his fully erect shaft. The thoughts of Lilia quickened his release. Then, as he did almost every night that he had watch, he filled his cotton shorts with shot after shot of warm sticky cum. He would sometimes masturbate three or four times in an evening as a way to pass the time, always imagining Lilia and her supple breasts, dripping wet pussy as it rose from the bath, and the round cheeks of her ass. Many hours in the dark made a man’s mind turn to anything other than that of the cold and the night.

It was then, as he was wiping his sticky hand on his icy pants that he thought he saw movement in the distance. Struggling to make out what it was, it disappeared before he could decide whether or not it was his imagination or something real. “My imagination.”, he thought to himself.

Chapter Two: Whores

A day off from the watch was just what Ser Landry was looking forward to. He told himself that if he drew one more week of night watch he would risk beheading and desert his post. Waking up that morning was a godsend, the bright light from the sun lit up and warmed the small room he shared with two other guards. He laid there, contemplating what he was going to do that day. Normally he would spend the day walking the river, fishing, writing poetry, reading from one of the many old tomes in the keeps rather old and uncharacteristically ample library.

The other men, especially the younger, would generally head north to the small village of Veldorf and spend their weeks wages on ale and whores. Landry had been there once when he first joined the watch, pressured into going by his peers. After downing several pints, he let one of the working girls rub his erection through his pants. Barely turning down a blow job as the girl’s red lips and hungry mouth danced around the head of his cock, he felt guilty about his near infidelity to Lilia.

“Landry!” it was Lord Kindle, arguably the most boisterous and free spirited of the bunch. “Veldorf. This afternoon. You need to get that dick of yours sucked on!” Kindle walked of laughing and slapping the other two men he was with on the back.

The sun was high in the sky and the other men with the day off were mounted on horseback headed towards Veldorf. Landry had a book in his hand: Prose of Affection, A Poet’s Memoir, and was walking quickly towards the snowy woods where the river ran in an attempt to escape being harassed about going with them.

“Landry!” it was Lord Kindle again. “Come with us, brother.”

“I think I’ll just stay behind for today” Ser Landry responded as he picked up the speed in which he was walking.

“Come get some pussy you pussy!” Kindle laughed annoyingly. “Come on, we miss you.”

The only person Landry might call a friend that called the keep home guided his horse in his direction. Taylor, the only name he went by, was always kind to Landry. No one knew his title or if he even had one but the air about him was certainly that of nobility. One of the things appealing about the Royal Guard is that one need not be highborn to join. If you wanted to reach any kind of status it certainly helped, but was not required.

“I’ll watch your back,” Taylor said to Landry who had finally stopped walking away. “You need to get out with the guys and have some fun. I know you have that girl back home you are wanting to remain faithful to and I respect that. You don’t have to fuck anything or even touch anything, but come drink some ale my friend. It will be a good time.”

Ser Landry pondered his options for a moment.

“Come on,” Taylor prodded. “It will be fun.”

“Ok, if I drink too much and some wenches mouth gets to close to my cock this time, I’m holding you accountable.”

“That’s a deal,” Tyler rode away laughing to himself. “He’s going to come,” he yelled to the others.

There were two inns in Veldorf. The Silver Rose, where anyone with an ounce of dignity would stay, and Lost Virtue, where anyone looking to drink too much and find a piece of ass would stay. For being so remote, Lost Virtue seemed to know how to find working girls that were steps above even those found in the ritziest of brothels in the major cities. Heavy timbers and stone made up the walls of the inn. Pushing the heavy oak door open, a wave of flute music and the roar of people having an abundance of good time flooded out into the streets. The heavy steel barrel stove in the middle of the room glowed red and the heat was a welcome retreat to that of the bitter cold air outside.

“Ales all around,” Kindle announced to the bartender as the group of eight poured through the door and found one of the only open tables left in the place.

Girls from across the realm, hand picked by madam Sellwood, strode about from table to table in light cotton dresses. Their practiced seductions were capable of making even the purest of men part with their hard earned coin. Drunk men were almost no contest. A blow job could be had without leaving your seat. It was an easy and relatively cheap way of blowing your wad in a beautiful girls mouth without having to get up from the conversation. Head Girls they were called, ladies that specialized in getting a man to release in the shortest amount of time possible, take their money, and move onto the next.

A pretty little red headed Head Girl walked by the table and one of the guys, Ser Walker, slapped her on the ass to get her attention. She quickly spun around and gave him a smile. Walker placed a copper coin on the table and slid it in her direction.

“Two more of those if you tease it a bit and make it last,” Walker said with a wink.

The red head got down on her knees and crawled under the table. The look on Walker’s face made it apparent he was getting his money’s worth. Walker sat across the table from Landry. As the girl got on all fours and worked her lips up and down the sizable cock that filled her mouth, her cotton covered ass rubbed against Landry’s right leg. He felt himself getting hard and he soon realized that she was positioning herself so that her pussy was rubbing on his leg as well. She pressed harder and harder against him. He noticed Walker’s facial expression changing and that he would soon cum.

“Yeah!” Walker yelled out. “Swallow it you red headed cunt, swallow it!” he bellowed rhetorically, knowing full well that these girls always swallowed everything they were given.

The Head Girl worked delicately to clean up Walker’s dick. He would twitch and fidget from time to time as she licked and sucked every drop of cum from the swollen head of his cock. As she did, she continued to rub her pussy through her dress on Landry’s leg. Her rhythm quickened and the pressure she was pushing with increased. She was getting close and she reached around and grabbed the back of his lower leg and pulled it harder into her crotch. Her thighs closed on his leg and she slowed. Her movement was gone and her head poked up from beneath the table, staring right up at Landry.

“Thank you honey,” she said, her green eyes contrasting brilliantly with her fire red hair. “You want a free one on me?”

Landry cleared his throat nervously, “No mam, I’m ok.”

“Just let me know. My offer is good for the night.”

As the night wore on the group of men moved on from ale and started drinking the establishments distilled spirits. Landry was lost in the moment, drinking every bit as much as the others. Lord Kindle was the first to mention getting a girl for all of them to share. Everyone was warming up to the idea, everyone except for Landry that is.

“I’ll stay here and just keep drinking,” Landry’s words were slurred. “I’m good.”

“Come and just watch,” Taylor suggested. “No harm in that is there?”

“No harm in that, sure.”

Kindle walked off to find a girl and came back shortly with an exotic olive skinned brunette, the likes never seen in the south. Her hair was black as night, her eyes a deep brown, and her skin the color of finely cured leather. Landry admired her looks, he had never seen nothing like her. Her ass was more round and full than any he had ever seen. As they all looked her up and down, several men felt her tits and ran their hands along her body, she carefully pushed each strap of her dress from her shoulder. Landry thought to himself that her dark breasts, the darker coin sized areas around her nipples, and the hard little nipples themselves must be the most perfect a girl could have. He felt himself getting hard.

“Look at this,” Kindle commanded and pulled up the front of her dress revealing a pussy like no man at that table had ever seen.

Shaved smooth, you could see every part of it in beautiful exquisite detail. Kindle parted her lips, revealing the subtle pink and moist interior of her vagina. Her clit glistened. The men all stood from their seat.

“Oh yes, she will do,” Walker exclaimed as he picked her up into her arms. “Lets get a room.”

Chapter Three: Betrayal

After several minutes Ser Landry reluctantly got up from his seat to join the other men. “I’m only going to watch,” he told himself. When he got to the door he could hear the sounds. A girls muffled moans, skin slapping against skin, the laughter and cheers from the men. He opened the door and walked in.

The girl was bent over the bed in the room. Her round ass stuck up into the air and her legs spread open wide to make room for Walker’s thick shaft. Kindle kneeled in front of her with his cock in her mouth, she skillfully allowed its full length to slide in and out of her throat. Walker slapped her butt cheek leaving a perfect red hand print. A perfect red hand print among many others he had apparently left. Walker, Landry noticed, was not fucking the girl in her pussy. “What in God’s name?” he asked himself. Walker would pull out and push in and her dark ass hole formed tightly around his girth. With each thrust she let out a little whimper, muffled because of the dick she was sucking on. Landry had never heard of putting anything into a girls ass and he watched, mesmerised with curiosity and with the way her hole moved in and out. The other five men stood around the room watching, stroking their cocks as they did.

Walker’s thrusts quickened. The girl reached back and tried to push him back a little, his stiff rod pounding away at her ass hole was apparently a bit uncomfortable. He slapped her hand and continued to pound until he stopped with his cock fully buried inside of her. His whole body convulsed with each stream of his seed that he shot inside her. He pulled out of her slowly, the tip of his dick dripped and the girls ass gaped open leaking quantities of warm cum. She allowed her hips to relax and focused on the blow job she was giving Kindle. Landry started to subconsciously rub his own swollen member that was now fully erect in his pants.

“Gods have mercy, Walker,” Taylor exclaimed as he walked up behind the girl, rubbing his hands on her ass cheeks and squeezing big handfuls of fleshy butt. “You ruined her for the rest of us. You could barely get a finger in there when you started,” he ran his finger around the inside of her slowly contracting ass. “Move to the front of the bed Kindle.”

Taylor moved the girl up onto the bed aggressively and Kindle grabbed her hair and pulled her back up to his cock. Taylor moved under her and pushed the tip of his dick into her saturated pussy. She was a tiny girl and Taylor’s thickness easily filled her up, stretching her pussy open wide. Her pussy lips clung to his dick shaft, moving in and out as she lifted and lowered her hips, slowly at first and then faster. Her ass cheeks gyrated with each movement until one of the other men stepped up behind her and penetrated her already heavily used butt hole.

Landry watched as each of the men took turns with one of the girls three holes. One would cum, pull out, and then another would start fucking her. After a couple of hours in the room, everyone was pretty much satisfied. The girl rolled over onto her back. Her pussy and ass hole were filled with cum that leaked out onto the linens. She was covered in sweat and the light from the oil lanterns glittered off of her firm titties.

Landry sat there and stared at her. He wondered if she even enjoyed it. He took another sip of his drink. His massive hard on throbbed and his balls ached. He had been hard the entire time.

“You coming, Landry?” Taylor asked before walking out of the room.

“Ya, I’ll be there in a second.”

The others left and Landry sat there in the chair still staring at the used whore on the bed. She said something in a language he didn’t understand. He stood up and locked the door. Carefully, he took off his shoes, his shirt, and his pants. Landry was massive. His ten inch cock stood fully erect. It’s girth was bigger than the girls wrists and when she saw it she gasped.

“No,” she said in a heavy accent followed by something more that he could not understand. “No.”

“Yes,” Landry said.

He walked up to her, grabbed her by the ankles, and pulled her so that her pussy was at the edge of the bed. Drops of the other men’s cum fell to the floor. Landry grabbed his huge cock and nudged the tip of it into her drenched hole. She pushed back a bit but Landry pulled her back to him, thrusting harder until every inch of his manhood was pushing in and out of her beautifully dark cunt. He could feel the other men’s seed inside of her hot and gushing pussy. She started to pull away again. He could tell that his size was uncomfortable for her. It was for Lilia as well and he had to be gentle not to hurt her. But this was some nameless whore and he didn’t have to care.

Landry pulled out and flipped her over. She grasped at the bedding as he tried to stick his dick into her still dripping ass. He grabbed her by the back of the neck and held her down, pushing her into the bed. The thick tip of his cock spread her ass open wide. She resisted and he laid down onto her with all his weight, his dick drilled down into her hole, burying it up to his balls. He thrust deep inside her. She could hear her start to cry from the pain. He pounded harder until he was close. He turned her back over and fucked her pussy hard until he could not take it anymore. He pulled out and crawled up on top of her letting his load shoot across her titties, across her face, and into her mouth. For the final shot of his load he stuck the tip of his dick between her lips and let it shoot down her throat. He had never came so much. All that seed building up inside while the others fucked her now drenched her satin skin.

“Clean it,” Landry commanded. Even though she didn’t understand the words, she did understand his intent. Her red lips gingerly sucked up the remaining drops of cum.

He collapsed down onto her body. She continued to sob as he breathed heavily on top of her, his hard cock going limp between her thighs.

Chapter Four: Coming Clean

Lilia got the letter in the morning:

Dearest Lilia,

I write to you because I have betrayed our trust. My love for you knows no bounds but in a moment of drunkenness I became week and lusted for another. Because I want to hide nothing from you I am telling you this now. It was a whore. I entered her vagina, her mouth, and her ass. I released on her and not inside her. It was in not way an act of making love, I merely fucked her. I am sorry. I hope you can find it in your heart to forgive me.

I grab your arm and push you against the wall. I press against you, spreading your legs with my feet, holding your wrists tightly in my hands, your breasts crushed against the hard surface. You try to fight me off, pushing against my body.

“Stop fighting, I know you’ve wanted this for years,” I growl softly into your ear.

Despite the sternness in my voice, the warm breath against your skin sends an electric charge down your spine. I kiss and lick up and down your neck. A moan sounds from inside you.

“You like that, don’t you?”


I nibble softly on your neck, and on your ear. I grab both of your wrists above your head with one hand, and run the other hand up and down your side and upper leg before finally arriving on your ass cheek. I knead and caress your ass, feeling you push against my hand. I slide my hand between us, undo your skirt, and tug on it until it slides down your legs. I move my hand back to your body, feeling your silky panties and the soft firmness of your gorgeous ass. You feel the sensation of hardness as the bulge of my cock presses between your cheeks. I slide both hands up your sides, slipping them under your blouse, and pulling it over your head and up your arms, before throwing it across the room. I move one hand back to your ass, and the other to your ample breast. I fondle your breast and ass, eliciting a sigh of pleasure.

You turn your head towards me, your lips welcoming my mouth as I attack them. Our tongues find each other, intertwined, willing us to come closer still. I break away from you for a moment, and whisper into your ear, “You want this, don’t you?”


“Tell me what you want.”

“I want you inside me. Take me. Fill me.”

I attack your mouth again, with an animalistic fervor. You moan softly, it resonating in our mouths. I slide my hand off your breast and the soft fabric of your bra cup, and force it under the bra, taking your breast in my hand. Your skin is smooth and soft, your nipple against my palm hard enough to cut glass. I squeeze your wonderful breast, bringing forth a small sigh with each movement. I reach behind, and unclasp your bra, releasing your amazing breasts. I pull your bra up and over your head, and drop it to the floor. I seize one your wonderful tits in each hand. I run my hands over your stiff dark chocolate nipples, rubbing them between my fingers and gently pinching them. I trace circles around your areolas before clutching your breasts in my hands.

After giving your chest some well deserved attention, I slide my hands down your sides, my finger tips slipping inside your silk panties. I grab the smooth, flimsy material and slide them off your ass, and down your legs. I hold you close as you step out of your skirt and panties. They end up as a heap upon the floor. One hand finds its way to your curvaceous ass, as the other slides around in front, caressing your stomach. I rub circles on your skin, agonizingly slowly gliding lower and lower. Your desire grows as I approach your forbidden fruit.

I sweep my hand across your hot pussy, evoking a deep passionate moan. I massage your lower lips, as you gyrate to my every touch. I run a finger between your lips from bottom to top, giving you an almost electric shock as it lands on your clit. My finger circles this sensitive bead, before attacking it, rubbing it hard and fast. A gasp escapes your lips, and turns into a steady stream of moans. I move my other hand to your breast, attacking your nipple and clit simultaneously. Your whole body pushes against me, writhing in pleasure. You feel the heat rising as I assault your sensitive parts, bringing you ever closer to the point of no return. I feel your body lock as an orgasm explodes from deep within you, unleashing a loud scream of pleasure.


As your senses return, you softly whisper, “Thank you.” I respond with a low chuckle, “Oh baby, we’re just getting started!”

You quickly turn around to face me, a devious look in your eyes. You plaster your lips against mine and throw your arms around my neck. Our kiss expresses the passion and need we both have at that moment. My hands move to your ass, pulling you hard against me. You feel my stiff cock press against your body, triggering a sense of wanton desire. Your hands slip between us, unbuttoning my shirt and quickly sliding down to my pants. You fumble with the belt, button, and zipper, wanting to reach the prize that awaits you inside. You tear my pants down and pull my shirt off, before grabbing my cock, feeling its hardness through the fabric of my boxers.

You drop to your knees and quickly pull the last bit of my clothing off, releasing my cock. You give a short gasp of surprise as it springs forth to greet you. You look up at me, and huskily whisper,”It looks like you are happy to see me!”

You grasp my cock in both hands, feeling its hardness in your soft hands. You begin to slowly pump your hands up and down my length. I close my eyes and enjoy the feeling as you gradually increase the tempo of your assault. Suddenly, I feel a warm, intense sensation, causing me to groan loudly. I look down at you, to see the amazing sight of my cock buried in your mouth. You look up at me, your eyes sparkling with lust. You trace your tongue around the head, exploring every part, before you begin to suck on it. As I let loose another load groan, I feel you moan, the vibrations a new and pleasurable stimuli against my manhood.

Your head bobs up and down, your lips enveloping my cock. You grab my ass with one hand, while the other gently massages my heavy balls. Your saliva coats my member as you try to capture its length in your mouth with every stroke. You pull your mouth off and lick down the underside of my cock. You lick and suck on my balls while jacking me off. You kiss my head and suck on it before taking me back into your mouth. Overcome by the sensation, I thrust my hips forcing my cock deeper than you expect. You briefly gag before growing more accustom to the pressure at the back of your mouth. I run my fingers through your raven colored hair. I grab your hair and pull you deeper, fucking your mouth harder and harder with each stroke. You try to fight against my thrusts, but soon give in, swallowing my cock. The large purple head slides into your throat, my balls resting on your chin.

I let go of your head, and you pull away coughing. You look up and give me a wink before taking me back into your mouth. You lick and suck my cock while jacking my length with both hands. You work your mouth and hands faster and faster, willing me to cum. I feel the pressure growing in my balls. I look into your eyes, “I’m getting close…do you want me to cum in your mouth?”


I unleash a stream of groans as I get closer and closer. As I climax, I yell out, “FUUUCK YESSSSSS! OH MY GOOOOOD!” My hot cum shoots onto your waiting tongue. Stream after stream fills your mouth. You try to hold it all in, but a few drops slip past on your lips landing on your breasts. You rub the sticky wetness into your skin, and rub your nipples. You let my cock go with a pop. You smile at me and part your lips to show me your mouth full of my cum. You stick out your cum-slathered tongue before closing your mouth and swallowing everything. You lean forward and take my cock back in your mouth, cleaning every drop off of its length. I smile down at you.

“That was amazing! Thank you.”

“You’re welcome. But I think my pussy is dying for some attention,” you whisper back.

“Hmmm…I think we can do something about that.”

I take your hands and help you to your feet. I grab you in my arms, and kiss you deeply, tasting the saltiness of my cum in your mouth. I pick you up and carry you to the bed and lay you down on the cool sheets.

I kiss your soft lips, and then your cheek, and down your neck. I trace my tongue across your neck and down your chest, burying my face in your cleavage. I kiss from your cleavage up onto one of your breasts. I circle your breasts with my tongue, I trace around your areola, tantalizing close to your hard nipple. As I teasingly pull away from your breast, you sigh disappointedly. I wink at you and then attack your breasts, sucking on one erect nipple, and fondling your other breast with my hand. I nibble softly on one nipple, while pinching and rubbing the other between my fingers. I trade sides, so that both breasts feel equally loved.

I continue to journey further south, kissing down your stomach, circling your belly button, and heading towards your waiting pussy. Just as I am about to reach your happy place, I detour down one of your legs, receiving a groan of disappointment. I then kiss, lick, and nibble my way up your inner thigh. I get close to the goal, before teasingly skipping over to your other leg, giving it the same treatment. I finally return to your pussy, licking up and down your outer lips. I blow cool air over your wetness, sending a shiver down your spine. I trace my tongue up your slit, and flick it across your clit. I clamp my mouth down on your sensitive spot and suck hart on it. You gasp for air, the sensations becoming so intense. I slip a finger into your pussy, feeling how wet you are. You pussy clamps down as I trace the contours of your canal. Then I slide another finger inside you…and then a third. I slowly build a rhythm, finger-fucking you.

I quickly trade, diving my face into your wetness, while rubbing your clit with my fingers. You are lost in pleasure, a constant stream of moans escaping your lips. I trade back and forth a few more times, before burying my tongue into your waiting pussy. I lick every inch of your pussy, tasting your sweet flavor. As I plant my lips on your clit again, and slide all four fingers into you, a strong orgasm hits you.

“YES! YES! DON’T STOP!!!” you scream out.

Your back arches, pushing your body against my mouth. I pull my fingers out of you and grab your ass with both hands forcing your pussy even tighter against my lips. You put your legs over my shoulders, clamping onto my head with your thighs, while I lick your pussy, sucking up all your juices.

You eventually let go of the death grip on my head. You look down at me, and whisper, “Come here.”

I move up to meet you, your lips awaiting mine. I kiss you deeply, letting you taste your juices on my lips. We embrace each other, our arms, legs, and tongues intertwined.

- – - – - – - – - -


Amy Johnson. I knew she was the best kind of trouble from the first time I met her. Despite her plain name, she got her gorgeous looks from her mother, an immigrant from India. She was petite with beautiful dark skin, jet black hair, and deep brown eyes that I always got lost in. Her thin 5’4″ body was a perfect match for her perky 30D breasts.

As for me, my name is Sam Williams. Although I don’t have the athletic build that I used to pride myself on, I’m still a fairly taut 6’2″ with blue-grey eyes and light brown hair.

Amy and I went to school together at a small college in the Midwest. We were study partners, thick as thieves, and unrequited lovers. Despite a whole lot of sexual tension, we never ended up together. Whenever one of us was single, the other was dating someone else. We traded back and forth like that until our last year of school, when she got engaged to a fellow classmate…a douchebag named Mike.

After college we drifted apart. I ended up taking a job in the Houston area. Amy and Mike got married, and moved out to the West Coast. Mike became increasingly jealous and controlling, and I was forced to stop talking to her. I moved on…with the memories of what could have been.

- – - – - – - – - -


I was newly single. I had been dating Melissa, a voluptuous spitfire of a woman who I thought was the love of my life. She and I both worked for the same company. She was a hot shot art director for the advertising department, and I was the manager of the sales department. Everything seemed to be perfect. That particular night, I arrived at her condo, ready for the moment of truth. I had roses in my hand, reservations to one of the best restaurants in town, and a diamond engagement ring in my jacket pocket.

I quietly slipped through the front door, intending to surprise her. However, I was the one who would be surprised. I heard soft moans coming from her bedroom. I smiled and thought to myself, “Hmmm, she must be enjoying herself.” My smile quickly disappeared when I heard a man’s voice. My head jerked in the direction of the sound…what is going on back there? I crept down the hall and peaked around the corner. What I saw changed everything. There on the bed that we had made love on just this morning was Melissa. Naked. On all fours. Her fiery red hair and large tits bouncing around. Getting railed from behind by Brian, her boss and the manger of the advertising department.

I was at total loss. What should I do? Before I could make up my mind, the issue was decided for me.

“Could you imagine how pissed off Sam would be if he found out about us,” Brian asked.

“I bet he would be furious. But I don’t care. If he couldn’t figure out that we’ve been doing this for months, it’s his own fault,” Melissa responded in between moans.

Feeling my blood begin to boil, I weighed my options. I was well within my rights to run in there and put a physical end to this encounter. Instead I decided I wanted to get some payback. I pulled out my cell phone and shot a few pictures and a short video, making sure to get both of their faces clearly in all of it. I then covertly moved back down the hall, grabbed a bag, and packed the few things I didn’t mind leaving at her place.

I silently stepped outside, got in my car, and left this part of my life behind me. I drove around for hours lost in my thoughts. I finally pulled into a deserted parking lot, and got out. I sat on the trunk and dialed my boss, Joel, the company’s president. I explained the situation, and forwarded the video and pictures. He had been my friend for a few years and had hired me when he took over the company. I could tell that he was almost as pissed off as me, foremost that his friend had just had his life torn apart, but also that two of his employees would engage in such underhanded behavior. He promised to deal with Melissa and Brian quite harshly, and said that he would fully support any decisions I made in regard to staying with the company. I told him that I would take some time off and think things over.

- – - – - – - – - -


I was lying on my couch, still feeling sorry for myself. I had barely done anything but sleep and be depressed for a few weeks. Just the day before, I had talked to Joel and told him that I would not be staying with the company…there were just too many painful memories, even after he had summarily fired both Melissa and Brian. Fortunately, he had put together a very generous severance package for me. Additionally, he had arranged to have all of my personal items cleared out of my office and shipped to my house. And if that wasn’t enough, he had talked to a colleague of his and set up a similar position for me with that company whenever I wanted it. I was blown away by his generosity.

I raised my head as I heard the ‘new mail’ chime come from my laptop. “What now,” I thought. I opened up the screen and checked the inbox. I read the subject of the first email –”Hey Stranger!” The sender was…Amy! My old friend. Just the type of person I needed to talk to right then.

I read her email, picturing her beautiful face as I did. She was separated from Mike. He had become increasingly abusive and hostile to her. He had hit her on a few occasions, but always immediately apologized and said that it would never happen again. They had planned on waiting a few years to get their life together established before they had children. Recently, she had asked when he wanted to finally start a family, and he said that he no interest in doing so. As if all of that wasn’t enough, she had recently found out that he had been having a series of affairs going to almost the beginning of their marriage. She had moved out about six months ago, and filed for divorce.

She said how much she missed me, and she wished things had worked out differently between us.

“Me too,” I thought to myself.

She also said that she would be in Houston on a business trip in a few weeks, and that we should definitely get together.

I called her, happy to talk to my friend after many years apart.

Over the next few weeks we talked almost daily, for hours on end, reconnecting and making up for all the lost time. We also arranged the details for us to meet up.

- – - – - – - – - -


You and I sat across the table from each other at one of my favorite places, a hip sushi restaurant in downtown. The dim lights and sensual music set the mood. You were truly a sight to behold. Every time our eyes met, you beamed a smile that made my heart skip a beat. We enjoyed sushi, sake, and catching up with each other.

As we shared some green tea ice cream and a bottle of rice wine, I felt you run your foot up and down my leg.

“So there’s something that I’ve been meaning to tell you.”

“Oh?” I replied.

“Yes. My divorce was finalized last week. Which means…for once, you and I are single at the same time.”

A grin crept onto my face. I take your hands in mine, and asked, “Amy, my dear, would you be my girlfriend?”

“Sam, I would love to. But first, tonight, will you be my lover?”

I caught the attention of our waitress and ask for our check.

“Does that answer your question?”

We walked back to my car, our arms wrapped around each other. I opened your door and pulled you close; kissing the lips I had longed to kiss for so many years. I helped you into the car and quickly got in as well.

“Drive, my lover”, you beamed at me.

I floored it, and we arrived at your hotel a few minutes later. We had our hands all over each other as we made our way through the lobby, into the elevator, and up to your floor. As you unlocked the door to your room, I grabbed your hand and forced you inside…

- – - – - – - – - -


Your soft hand slides down my back and in between our hot bodies. You take hold of my quickly hardening cock.

“I’ve waited years to feel this monster inside me. Don’t make me wait any longer.”

“Yes, ma’am”, I respond, earning myself a playful swat.

You roll onto your back and spread your legs, welcoming me into your promised land. I kneel between your legs and rub my cock up and down the lips of your pussy and across your clit.

“You tease!” you cry out.

“Yes I am…and you like it!”

I get down on my hands and knees and push my engorged head into your pussy, eliciting a soft moan. Slowly I slide my cock in a little at a time, until you take all eight inches deep inside.

“Oh my god, baby, it’s so big!”

“And you are so tight and wet!”

You wrap your legs and arms around me, holding me tight. I pull out until just the tip is inside, and then slam back into you, making you cry out in both pleasure and pain. Slowly I build up a rhythm until we are fucking like rabbits. Moans and the sound of my balls slapping your ass filled the air.

“Harder! Harder!” you scream out.

I thrust my cock into you harder and harder as you slam your hips against me. I feel your hot juices dripping out of your pussy and down my balls. Suddenly you stiffen and cry out as you are hit by another orgasm. Your eyes rolled back in your head and you scream out my name, as you drag your fingernails across my back. I can feel the muscles of your pussy flutter and contract on my rod. God, I’ve never felt anyone as tight as you. That sniveling asshole Mike must have had a tiny penis not to have stretched you out. I stop my assault on your slit, and let us both catch our breath.

This is my first submission.

My girlfriend Melissa and I had been out drinking. A lot. We were in college, both 22, and decided to just go to town since we were walking distance from my apartment. Also, I loved getting my girlfriend drunk because she got frisky. She was a petite half Asian girl with curly black hair, an innocent smile, great face, big lips, bubble butt, flat tummy and b-cups.

I had a roommate at the time, Pablo, a nice South American guy. He was really cool and really sweet, smoked a lot of pot and was starting to become a close friend. But because he was smoking with some buddies, he didn’t go out with us.

Every so often I’d catch Pablo looking at my girlfriend. He’d eye her legs when she was wearing a dress. Or her cleavage. Her lips. But it was all innocent and besides, I kinda liked it.

While drinking, Melissa got some beer spilled on her. Drenched. Every inch of fabric was soaked. So we ran back home where Mel jumped into the bathroom and took her soaking clothes off. Realizing drunkenly that she needed clothes to wear to sleep, I looked around and saw Pablo’s robe. He was passed out on the couch so I didn’t think he’d mind. I tossed it to Melissa. She emerged, wearing his robe, and fell asleep in the bed. I fell asleep as well, me sleeping closer to the wall. We passed out and only the light of a laptop lit the room.

A minutes or a few hours later, it’s hard to tell when you’re drunk, Pablo rustled on the couch and got up. He walked up to the bedroom, stoned out of his head, and sat on his bed and pulled up his laptop. He started looking at porn and, as Pablo did when he looked at porn, undressed until he was wearing just a sock. Suddenly he heard stirring. He looked up to realize that I was in bed. And more interestingly, Mel was. She was sleeping, facing him. Pablo was too stoned to think twice. He put the laptop down and walked over.

This is when I kinda started to stir awake myself. I looked up and saw my girlfriend. Then I heard some ruffling and that’s when I saw Pablo. He was doing something in front of Mel. And then a strap of his robe flew over her hip. I realized he had untied his own robe. Pablo stood up. That’s when I noticed he was wearing just the sock. And then he started to rub it. He reached down and opened the robe.

Underneath, Mel was naked. He lifted the top half of the robe to see her brown b cup, and her tiny dark brown nipple. Then he moved it around to see that she was shaven. He pulled the bottom half down to complete her pair of breasts. Pablo got hard. He kept rubbing his sock. Laying there, pretending to be asleep, I let Pablo reach back and lift the back of his robe, his hands gliding against Melissa’s ass. He then leaned down and started to pull off the robe completely, his hard on poking my girlfriend in the chest.

Pablo dropped the robe on the floor. He had gotten my girlfriend completely naked. He leaned over and, holding her hips, turned her delicately onto her tummy. He stood there, stroking, staring at her ass. Her perfect brown ass. Right in front of me. Suddenly Melissa coughed in her sleep and sort of woke up. In a flash Pablo closed the laptop so the room was pitch black. Melissa turned onto her side again, her eyes fluttering away. “Mmmm, are we in bed?” she asked. And then I heard her giggle. “I’m naked, I see.” My eyes had adjusted. Pablo’s hand was on Mel’s ass, squeezing it in the dark. The other was stroking himself.

My girlfriend started to moan from being touched. She was thinking it was me and was so worked up already from the alcohol. His hand wandered over to her breast, squeezing and touching there. Stroking. Mel started moaning more. Then it crept down between her legs. To my horror, he touched her in her most private area. Mel let out a long sigh, a big sigh that indicated that she was getting close to orgasm. She moaned more and more, louder and louder and I watched as Pablo stopped rubbing himself and put the other hand on Mel’s naked ass, closely and tightly, his thumb between her cheeks. And he knelt in and starting kissing her naked chest.

Mel climaxed just as Pablo came into his sock. To my horror, I was so turned on that I came as well. Mel, breathing hard, fell back onto her tummy. Instantly she fell asleep. I watched my roommate stroke my sleeping girlfriend’s ass and then go and sit back on the bed. So shocked from the experience and for making myself pretend to be asleep, I passed out. I woke up once more to hear Pablo from his bed, staring at ours, jerking off a second time.

The experience turned me on so much I found ways to make my girlfriend a secret exhibitionist. Especially around Pablo.

Character recap:


- beautiful young wife of Robert, blamed for theft in jewellers and sexually degraded by the jeweller.


- Gillian’s gorgeous & sexy old school friend, who got Lucy into trouble by stealing a watch from the jeweller and asking her to mind it.

The Jeweller

-Sexually experienced owner of jewellery store. He exploits and demeans Gillian sexually because she seemed guilty of a theft from him.


- Gillian’s husband, wants to make Gillian pregnant

Mrs Simpson

- new character, the priest’s secretary.

Story setting – London, England

Topic of this chapter: Reluctance, but also Lesbian. Put in Reluctance category.

– i -

She stood in the shower and let the water run. She rubbed herself down with shower gel and a sponge, and then again with soap and a flannel. She repeatedly washed her hair. She couldn’t seem to get rid of the smell, so she poured lavender oil into a hot bath and soaked. Her nipples and breasts were sore where the jeweller had sucked and squeezed them, and she would have to wear pyjamas or a nightdress to conceal the marks from her husband. She put on clean, sober underwear and a jogging suit. She threw the Rolex at the back of an unused wardrobe drawer.

She used metal tongs to handle the white dress into a black plastic bag, and put it in the rubbish bin outside. The rubbish collectors would remove it from her life permanently. The raincoat the jeweller loaned her was still damp with the fluids that drenched her skin and soaked her dress. She used the tongs to put that in a plastic bag, too, and took it to a dry cleaners she never used – the smells from it were unmistakeable and she could not risk the curiosity of her local cleaner. She asked them to make it an urgent job, and was upset when she had to wait overnight. She scrubbed with detergent the bathroom floor touched by the dress and the coat. She wanted it all cleansed. She picked up the coat early the following morning and sent it by courier to the jeweller. She did not want to be accused of not returning it. The Rolex was out of sight at the back of the drawer. She could have thrown it away, but did not want to waste so much money. She could sell it when she was ready.

But she could not forget what she had done in that small musty office. The jeweller remained on her mind all day long, all night long. The images haunted her. She remembered his cock, the smell of it, the velvety softness of the skin, the taste of it, the sweet taste of his semen as it filled her mouth, and the warmth of the splashes as they landed on her breasts. These were unforgettable sensations. The image of his cock with its big ugly veins and its huge red purple head came to her in vibrant colour when she closed her eyes to sleep, with her husband lying there beside her. She dreamt about the sex and she woke aroused during the night, startled by the vividness of her dreams. In the morning she was seeping juices. She would lie on the bed and close her eyes and masturbate, angry with herself for being so turned on. She thought about the jeweller when she made love to her husband. She remembered his vulgarity and the crude and sensual way he handled her. She thought about him during the day when Robert was at work. She was excited all the time. It was agony.

She began to let go during lovemaking in ways that shocked Robert. He was taken back when she sucked him with such abandon. She said things she would not normally say, like “fuck me”, in a tone he had never heard from her. But what she allowed herself to express in the marital bed was a fraction of the lust that burned in her continually.

After a few weeks, she began to find a new balance. Her lovemaking with Robert was raunchier, but still loving. She could never return to their previous innocence, but the new animal quality compensated. It was a nicely controlled compromise.

“I just wanted to add a bit of spice,” she said, when he asked her what had gotten into her. She looked at him flirtatiously, to suggest hidden depths she was exploring at her own pace.

She filled her life with activity to reduce the power of what the jeweller had done. She needed to be busy. She stopped wandering round the house in rage and lust, and absorbed herself in work with the church. She met other members of the congregation to organise events and help raise money. She worked part-time in the charity stop.

People remarked on changes in her temperament. Mrs Simpson, the priest’s secretary, was the sharpest observer. She saw reclusiveness in the beautiful young woman who suddenly found so much time to help. It was there in the downward glance that cut people off and seemed to conceal private thoughts. Gill’s face became more serious Mrs Simpson thought, as though a cloud had suddenly passed over it. Despite all her involvement and busy activity, the young woman was more distant.

She was more fiery too. The head waiter in her usual Italian restaurant lost Gillian’s reservation, and Mrs. Simpson was surprised by the command in her tone. Previously, Gill would have accommodated the waiter courteously, and perhaps they would have gone to a pub for lunch instead, but she stiffened to a confrontational stance, and looked straight at the imposing waiter.

“I dine here often. I expect more than this,” was all she said.

But other diner’s looked around to see who spoke. There was a moment’s quiet. It was midday and the restaurant was full. The head waiter fumbled and apologized. He rushed to create a new table for them. They were not charged for the meal. Her mellowness and gentle nature returned seconds later, Mrs. Simpson noticed, but that fire was new.

Gill knew she had changed. But it was over and done with, she thought, apart from the memories and the lustfulness, both of which she seemed to be dealing with.

– ii -

She did not hear from Lucy, and made no attempt to contact her. She had ignored her calls and her attempts to get in touch until they stopped. She never wanted to hear from her again. She did not expect to hear from the jeweller, either. So when she answered the door one Tuesday lunchtime in her tracksuit, disturbed from paying bills, she was shocked to see them standing there in the September rain. The street was dark and shiny. The taxi that brought them disappeared from the drive into the main road. The jeweller held a black umbrella and Lucy huddled under it to shelter from the rain. He could have been a solicitor, with his pin-stripe thee-piece and leather shoes.

“Why are you so surprised? I told you I’d be watching.” He stepped through the front door as though he had a right to, and she stepped back to let him in, intimidated by the authority he assumed. Like the jeweller, Lucy stepped past Gillian without asking. Then she slipped off her black raincoat and handed it to her. Underneath she wore a black lace body stocking, high heeled ankle boots. She was astonishing. She stood very close and Gillian felt her physical presence.

Lucy looked Gillian straight in the eyes, but showed no sense of repentance, no sign of apology, no wish for approval. She turned and walked into the living room and Gillian was surprised that she knew exactly where to go. She still moved like a dancer, Gillian noticed. She remembered how years ago she had tried to imitate that walk, and how they giggled when she copied it. The jeweller, too, walked uninvited into the living room. Gillian followed them. She felt that her home had been taken over.

She was filled with dread. Here he was, this short, fat, vulgar man in her private space. He looked around at the tasteful furnishings, the art on the walls, the garden through the French windows, and sat himself down on the settee exactly where her husband usually sat.

Lucy helped herself to a drink and prowled around the room. Gillian noticed her supple, cat-like movement. In the body stocking, she was disturbingly sexual.

“I told you to wear the watch.” Gillian’s eyes were so transfixed by Lucy, she had forgotten the jeweller. “It was a requirement of letting you go. I made that clear. I said I would not call the police, and I kept my word. You broke yours.” He reached into his briefcase and produced a disc. Put it in your DVD player please.” His manner did not invite discussion.

The picture was surprisingly clear for a security camera. The first few minutes showed her producing the stolen watch from her bag.

She looked angrily across at Lucy, who was watching the screen intently.

Then the scene moved to the jewellers office. She saw herself sitting in the chair with her breasts exposed, while the jeweller played with them. She saw her own excitement at what he did. When she saw herself crawling on her hands and knees with her bare breasts hanging down and swaying, she sickened. Her face went white and she slumped into the armchair. She was consumed with shame. She covered her face with her hands so Lucy could not see her.

“Look at it,” came the command. “You need to see what your husband will see, or anyone else I send it to.”

She looked up at the screen, trying to blank Lucy from her vision as scene played itself out. She saw herself jerking in orgasm as the jeweller lapped at her, her legs splayed wantonly over the arms of his chair. And all the other senses, the smells, the tastes – it all came back. She felt her body starting to become aroused. She felt like screaming. All the work she had done to obliterate it! She dropped her head again to hide her face in her hands.

She knew the video would destroy Robert, and their marriage, his business, any social position they held.

“You just have to pay the price for you actions,” the jeweller said. His voice was perversely sweet and reassuring. She knew that “the price” would be sexual. She was confused by the presence of Lucy. Possible scenarios occurred, but she dismissed them as absurd or obscene and admonished herself for even allowing those thoughts.

“Go and change,” she heard him say. “A dressing gown would be appropriate. No underwear. And wear the watch.”

She went upstairs, found the Rolex, wound it, adjusted it, and put it on her wrist. She took off the tracksuit, her bra, and slipped off her panties. She put on her black silk dressing gown. It came to the middle of her thighs. She felt the silk against her skin as she walked down the stairs with no underwear. She felt sacrificial. She crossed the hall and entered the living room, feeling more naked and vulnerable than she had ever been. She had no idea of what was about to happen.

– iii -

Gillian felt Lucy’s attention as it concentrated on her. Lucy looked at her unblinkingly, and approached very slowly, her hips and body adjusting to each carefully placed step. She was gorgeous, Gillian could see. The girl she spent so much time with at college was transformed. She was lovely back then, Gillian remembered, but now! This woman was a supple and voluptuous animal. In her heels, she was the same height as Gillian. She inched nearer, still looking Gillian directly in the eyes. That movement! The dancer’s walk! The energy she generated was unbelievable, like a huge electromagnet. Gillian could feel it. It got stronger as Lucy got closer. She noticed the delicate perfume Lucy wore, and wanted to pursue it to its source. She looked into the light green eyes, set in dark skin. They drew you in. They were luminous, hypnotic. The sensual curve of her lips. They were such lovely lips. She wanted to turn away but found she was unable to.

Any resistance Gillian might have offered was destroyed by the fact Lucy had just watched her being degraded, and seen her enjoying it. She allowed Lucy to push the silk open and the gown fell from her shoulders. Gillian was almost in a trance. She was naked and exposed. Lucy moved even closer. Gillian felt she could not stop her, even if there was no video.

Lucy’s arms circled her waist and held her body against hers. Gillian didn’t know what to do, so she raised her hands and put them on Lucy’s hips. She felt the pressure of Lucy’s breasts and belly and thighs, her body warmth and the texture of the body stocking. Her pulse quickened. Her breath came in little rushes. She had goose bumps. She knew that her body was communicating all these reactions to Lucy though her breathing, through her eyes, through the tensing of her muscles, the stiffening of her nipples. She was wet, she knew. She studied Lucy’s lips. ‘God, they are lovely,’ she thought. She saw the chestnut hair, the arched, shaped eyebrows, the warm glow in her skin. She was spellbound.

Gillian wondered what they were going to do to her. She appealed to Lucy with her eyes, but she would not have been able to put the appeal into words, and her wishes changed by the second. She wanted to say, “Don’t”, but then it became “Don’t hurt me,” then, “Be gentle”. She said nothing.

She felt the rise and fall of Lucy’s breasts, and then she felt Lucy swaying gently, the weight of her body shifting in a gentle gyration. She felt Lucy’s breasts caressing her own, She felt her thighs and her belly. The caress of Lucy’s belly was lovely. It was a woman’s belly. Gillian’s mouth formed, “Oh!” as her breath escaped, and she closed her eyes. She wanted to say, “Please”, but did not know why. The gyrations became stronger.

The kiss came so slowly, Gill would remember. Lucy’s body continued its gentle, rhythmic movement against her. Her face moved in closer and lost focus, and it felt like everything became blurred. Gill felt the warmth from Lucy’s cheeks as they almost touched hers. She could sense the pores respiring. Then Lucy’s lips were millimetres from hers. They traced the shape of Gillian’s lips without touching them. There was a hesitant movement towards a kiss and a pulling back, a tease. She saw Lucy moistening them, felt the gentle pressure of Lucy’s hand at the base of her spine and then the lips on hers. It was so beautiful she wanted to cry. Her body was melting.

She returned the kiss gently to show Lucy how much pleasure she felt, and Lucy’s lips opened slightly to receive her response. Gill made more small kisses, paying tribute to every part of Lucy’s lips. And Lucy nibbled back skilfully, sending shivers through Gillian. Lucy’s tongue flicked the inside of her lip, then she pulled back and left Gill wanting a fuller, deeper kiss but Lucy denied her.

Their bodies moved more tightly together. They fitted so well, Gill saw. She looked down at their breasts pressing against each other, at the contrast between Lucy’s darker skin and her own.

She turned to look at the jeweller. He had taken out his cock out and was wanking it slowly, watching them. It made Gill feel lewd.

She let Lucy push her back onto the settee and stand in front of her, and Gillian did something she had never done with a woman. She moved her open hands over Lucy’s body and caressed it, savoured its curves, and reached round to feel her back and buttocks. It was a fuller figure than her own, sensual and athletic. The dark shadows of the body stocking accentuated the curves of her belly and breasts, her lovely hips. She looked across at the jeweller wanking, as if to say, ‘You like this don’t you? Look what I am doing to her that I don’t want to do with you.’ She felt wicked. She reached up with her face to kiss the nipples through the lace. But then she felt Lucy’s hands on her shoulders pushing her backwards again so that she was lying on the settee.

Lucy kissed her face, her cheeks, her nose, her eyes, and the kisses moved down to her neck. Lucy’s hands roamed over her body while the kisses moved further downwards. Gillian felt her lips at the top of her breast, and then underneath and at the side, and then her tongue was moving around her areola in circles. Lucy kissed and licked and nibbled, moving closer to the nipple. Lucy looked up at Gillian’s eyes as she took the nipple between her lips.

“Yes,” said Gillian, “yes.”

She brought her hand up behind Gillian’s head and held it as the beautiful lips closed on the nipple.

“Oh, God,” Gillian sighed. Her head fell back. The little sucks and nibbles sent currents sluicing through her body. Her pussy was burning. Her thighs tensed together. Lucy’s lips moved to the other breast and her palm caressed Gill’s belly, moving in circles, appreciating the swell and the curve of it, the shape of her belly, and then it dipped further. Gillian ached to feel Lucy’s hand on her pussy.

She realised she had always wanted this, that she wanted Lucy more than anyone. She was near orgasm, she knew. She pulled Lucy’s face to hers and kissed her the way she would kiss her perfect and only lover. She wanted to say with her lips and with her whole body, “I love you. I want you. I am yours. Please have me”.

The hand dipped to her pussy and cupped it. She felt Lucy’s forefinger as it traced the lips up and down and then she felt them parting. The finger’s light pressure brought it up inside Gillian’s pussy, into the warmth and wetness of her most intimate place. She looked Lucy in the eyes as two of her fingers penetrated. She felt the fingers circling inside her and she gave herself to the unbelievable pleasure of it. She felt Lucy’s lips on hers. And then she was coming. Her body trembled. She bit her lip, and her eyes locked into Lucy’s, as waves and waves of tremors shook her and tears swelled in her eyes.

But it wasn’t over. Lucy’s head dropped down. Gill felt her belly being kissed, her pubic bone, kisses on the insides of her thighs. She felt a delicate kiss on her pussy lips and then the tongue lapping along the full length of her pussy, all the way from the clit to her small puckered hole.

“Oh, Jesus,” she said. It was beyond all imagining. She shook her head from side to side as Lucy tongued her. She could feel another orgasm building, like none she had ever felt. The tongue lapped over her pussy and caressed the folds of her lips. It fluttered on the clitoris, and moved down to penetrate her, exploring her pussy. Then it came back to the clit. Lucy put her lips to the knob of the clit and suckled tenderly while her tongue flickered on it. Gillian felt the tongue take long, sweeping licks, all the way to her puckered anus again, then back to the clitoris. It went on and on. It was merciless. She was deranged by the bliss of it.

She brought her hands down to Lucy’s head and pressed her face into her pussy, and her body convulsed in spasms that seemed to go on forever. When it finally died down she brought Lucy’s face up to her own and covered it in kisses. It was soaked in Gillian’s juices.

Gillian had been crying, but now she laughed and wiped her eyes.

Then she heard a shuffling behind her. Gillian’s eyes were wide. The jeweller was looking at her wet exposed pussy and rubbing his stiff cock in preparation. He had pushed off his trousers, removed his jacket. He was ready. He lay behind Gillian and held her legs apart and rubbed his cock between her legs and the cheeks of her bum. It traced the length of her pussy. She felt the fat head of it trying to push into her.

Lucy held her hand.

Gillian didn’t know what was happening now. She felt drunk or mad that she was doing this, here in her home, in her living room with her husband at work. The cock was huge and she felt the fat head of it pushing in as it found the entrance. The jeweller set up a gentle rocking motion. She felt the madness taking over again as the cock stretched her, little by little, and penetrated more deeply. She looked back at the jeweller and raised her hand to warn him to go slowly.

Lucy kissed her on the lips, on the face and chin, on the breasts, as the jeweller fucked her, slowly easing his cock more deeply into her pussy.

Lucy kissed all the way down her body again, over her breasts and her belly. She tongued the hood of her clit while the jewellers cock pumped in and out. It was soaked in her milky fluids. Lucy drank in the rich, sweet fluid and returned to kiss Gillian on the lips.

Hello you lot, I’ve done it again. I’ve had another amazing fuck with Terry. I will say this for him he doesn’t mess about.

We have a little table in the kitchen where we often eat our meals and that’s where he shagged me something rotten right across the table-top. He came in and we kissed really passionately. I went into the kitchen to make him a nice cup of coffee and he followed me and came at me from behind wrapping his arms around my waist and snuggling kisses into my neck, he’s so sweet. Then he swung me around and propelled me onto the table face down.

“I need a good fuck,” He groaned, “I am going to fuck you until you can’t stand up.”

I had two hands gripping the far edge of the table, my legs were spread apart with my high-heeled shoes planted on the floor and my dress was lifted up and thrown over my waist, then there was the sound of his zip being pulled down and his trousers dropped to his ankles. It was all so fast and furious. He didn’t bother to remove my little pink panties before giving me a thick length of cock. The whole thing was so deliciously sexy and erotic, being taken like that by a man that really wanted me.

Terry is big and thick and the feel of his cock inside me is such an exotic feeling. I love it when my pussy peels his foreskin right back and that enormous cock-crown throbs inside me.

Now let me say right at the outset that I am so sorry that I upset so many of you with my confession that I had been driven to cheat on my husband. It was never my intention to upset anyone. I just wanted to be upfront and admit what I had done. I thought you would all have understood and given me one or two brownie points for coming clean. You really are an unforgiving lot aren’t you? – Giggle.

I was such a good wife to Tom for so long and where did that get me – nowhere. Now I have a wild sex-life again. Terry just wants to fuck me and fuck me, I know that it is not love or emotional in any way – we just fuck and I like it that way, no complications. So I am not sorry in the least for what I have done. It is all new to me, it is exciting and thrilling. For the time being it is fulfilling and gives me such a buzz. I got fucked for a solid hour or more today, rather than the normal 10 minutes with Tom, and I had wonderful orgasms I never knew possible. What woman wouldn’t spread her legs for some of that from a young buck with a body on him like a Greek Adonis?

Anyway, I was being humped on the kitchen table and hanging onto it for dear life as Terry grunted like a wild bear getting its oats for the first time after the winter hibernation. Then I took a sudden gasp of air and yelped as I felt a stinging slap across my backside. I had never been slapped like that and was shocked but it was somehow very exotic. I have never felt as submissive in my life. Then he had my ponytail in one of his hands, pulling on it as he rammed his cock up me. I could feel his firm stomach muscles against my arse and his balls whacking against my clit.

Now I know you women will want to know if he was a better fuck than my husband and I know some of you men, who do not like my confessions, will not be happy but the truth is the truth after all.

I know now that Tom is not much good at sex and that has become very clear. It is probably just a talent he lacks. I am not blaming him it is probably a simple case of some can and some can’t, like anything else. As for Terry, he fucks like a wild stallion and as he was thrusting me from one end of the kitchen table to other the most fantastic orgasm built up in my body. My heart was beating like a drum and I could feel it beating in my head, I thought the table legs were going to break. My orgasm came like one wave followed by the next and the intervals between my wickedly erotic contractions got shorter and shorter. My screams were bouncing around the walls of my kitchen then I had the mother of all orgasms and squirted all over his cock, down his thighs and into a pool on my tiled kitchen floor. God above he had made me actually squirt. Where on earth did that come from, you tell me?

How many of you fellow females out there have actually squirted? Please let us all know, I always thought female ejaculation was a load of rubbish, well not anymore, Terry’s shoes were full of it – giggle.

By the way I decided not to go back on the pill. Well you know what with all those side-effects, and in any case since Tom had not been having sex with me for six-years and showed no signs of wanting sex with me, nor I with him, it would seem very strange if he found out I was taking the pill. I have a small supply of morning-after pills for Terry and he loves the idea of me being vulnerable to his seed. So I knew what was coming when he quickened his pace and his breathing became erratic. His body was stretched across my back and it shook violently as he fucked me with the force and speed of a jigger-pick.

His spunky seed shot into me like a tsunami. His heavy body went limp and seemed to collapse on me from a great height knocking the wind out of me. Inside my pussy felt red-hot as it was filled with his virile deluge. The glow of it all seemed to spread right through me.

After he left I tidied up especially my cum off the kitchen floor and the creamy jizz that had dripped from my slit onto the tabletop.

Once I composed myself after Terry had left, I went to see my best friend Helen. We have no secrets from each other and I told her everything, she wanted to know all the details.

Helen is married to Ray; they have been married for about 10 years. She is about 32, I think, and Ray is about 45 or so. I could see that she was getting quite horny as I told her about the fuck I had just had with Terry. It was so exciting telling her especially as spunk was still trickling from my slit while I was telling my srory, it felt all sticky in my panties. I know some of you men don’t understand it but I do get so giddy when I feel it. It is like Terry has left his mark and owns me and I like that feeling. Helen said I was such a lucky bitch.

When I got home I phoned Terry and told him that I had confided everything in Helen and what she had said about me being a lucky bitch and then Terry dropped a bombshell. He said if Helen was interested his friend Gary would make one in. He asked me to see if Helen would be interested. He said that he and Gary had been to Spain together on a holiday and he would drop by the next day and drop off some photos of Gary for Helen to look at.

I just wasn’t sure. I had no idea how Helen would react to the suggestion. We have been good friends for a long time and I can talk to her about anything but would this be a bit too far?

Anyway, I got Tom’s tea ready and he came home from work. Then I thought oh my god as he sat at the kitchen table eating his meal and drinking tea right where I had just been fucked by Terry. I busied myself at the kitchen sink while Tom was eating. His plate was just above the spot where I had been fucked and his feet were right at the on the kitchen tile where I had squirted onto the floor. I suppressed a chuckle.

I know I shouldn’t take pleasure in it, especially when Tom has been at work all day while I get a pussyful of cock on our kitchen table but you have to look at it from my point of view. He has denied me a sex-life and then I caught him wanking in front of his computer monitor with a bloody hard on when he told me he had erectile dysfunction, am I supposed to be a bloody nun, fuck that.

Terry turned up with the photos as promised. Gary looks about 28 years of age and he is one gorgeous hunk, yummy, yummy. Terry gave me an amazing fuck on the rug in front of the fireplace before he left. I took the morning-after pill and went to see Helen. I showed her the photos and watched her reaction. She definitely looked interested. I hope there are no side-effects to these morning-after pills.

“He is a bit of a dish isn’t he?” Helen said.

“He is yours if you fancy it.” I said, “Why don’t we see if they will make up a foursome.”

Helen just blushed and dropped her gaze but I knew what she was thinking about it.

“Look Helen, it’s up to you.” I said.

“I suppose we could just go and meet them for a chat.” Helen said a little nervously. It was a big step for a married woman to take, I knew that.

“You don’t have to do anything you don’t want to Helen,” I reassured her, “So shall I tell Terry?”

She nodded, which I took as a yes.

As soon as I got home I phoned Terry.

“I think Helen is up for it with Gary but she will need some coaxing” I told him.

“Oh that sounds great, she will not be disappointed I assure you.” He responded, “Can we meet at my place tomorrow afternoon then?”

I’ll get back to you on that.” I said, “Let me check with Helen.

I phoned Helen and asked her if she was up for it.

“I will have to think about it again Louise, it is big step to take, let me think, I will let you know.”

I knew what she was going through. It takes a lot for a married woman to take the plunge into a sexual relationship with another man. What she was going through was quite natural.

“Don’t do anything you are not happy with Helen, it is upto you.”

“OK,” She said, “Just give me time to think.”

I put the phone back on its cradle, she was up for it alright, no-way was she going to pass up on Gary if I had seen her reaction to his photo.

Ten minutes later she phoned back and said “OK I’ll go. But nobody must find out about this Louise or my marriage is in ruins.”

“I’ll phone Terry and fix it up for tomorrow afternoon.” I said.

The next day we walked around to Terry’s after our husbands had gone to work making sure we were not seen as Terry let us in through the back door. I must say that both Terry and Gary had very wicked smiles on there faces as if they were the cats that were getting the cream. Helen was very nervous as the men tried to break the ice. Terry cracked a bottle of red-wine and we all had a drink and just chatted for a while. Gary sat next to Helen on the couch, she definitely liked him and seemed to like him even more with each glass of wine she had. It was looking more and more as if Gary was on course for fuck out of her. Good luck to her, go for it girl, I thought.

Helen is a very pretty girl and she has one of those really beautiful faces. Her hair is brown and very shiny and falls down over her ears, curling in under jaw-line framing her pretty looks perfectly.

I sat on Terry’s knee and we were kissing quite passionately. I could see that Gary and Helen had started kissing and Gary’s hand was on Helen knee just below the hem of her dress. Helen does have gorgeous knees and thighs.

Terry and I sort of half watched them as Gary slowly made progress, he was getting there bit by bit with just the occasional steadying hand from Helen. Her thighs were getting more and more exposed until her dress was right up and Gary’s fingers were sliding into her knicker-band. Her thighs were still together but she was not stopping Gary from heading where he was going and soon his hand was right inside her little, light-blue panties. It was so exotic watching them.

I heard Gary whisper in Helen’s ear in a deep husky voice.

“Open your thighs Helen, come on be a good girl.”

Helen’s thighs just spread out and Gary was in there.

Terry had a finger inside my panties by now and had it stretched along the length of my crack pressing it between my pussy-lips, in and out, I was so wet.

Helen’s eyes were closed and I could see the shape of Gary’s fist with Helen’s panties moulded around it. He looked to have two fingers up her twat and was finger-fucking her nice and slow.

Terry took my hand and said, “Come on babe bedtime,” Then looking at Gary he said, “You two can use the back bedroom.”

Soon we were in Terry’s bedroom, stripped naked and fucking. This man was a veritable fucking machine. I was transported to another planet, all the way to Venus and back and my orgasms were electric. Terry waited until I had my third orgasm before shooting his sperm inside me, the bedsheets were soaked. He rolled of and lay at the side of me and for the first time we could hear the noises coming from the back bedroom.

Helen was yelling like a female banshee and the bed could be heard bouncing like a trampoline. Helen’s orgasm was massive and Gary grunted and growled as he shot his load clearly shooting his cream into her.

On the way home, we called at the chemist again. I made sure we both took the morning-after pill. Neither of us wants to be up the duff do we?.

We were both home before our husbands got home from work which was nice.

Now I know some of you men are going to leave the usual nasty feedback and get very irate because we could just as easily be your wives while you are at work and it must be disconcerting for you to think they might be doing the same. But look at this way. At least I am being honest by telling you all this. I am not looking for your approval and your judgments of me or Helen, she is a lovely woman is Helen, you can be as vitriolic as you like but it will not change anything in the grand scheme of things and it will be better for your blood-pressure if you don’t get too upset. It’s done now and nothing will change it. So me and Helen have both had a good fuck, what’s the big deal?

On our way home Helen and I discussed sharing Terry and Gary, you know to inject a bit of variety and spice into our new sex lives. We will see what they say – giggle.

Helen was so taken up and excited about Gary, he had certainly put a wiggle into her bum as she walked back, a wiggle that wasn’t there when we went. I did have to smile.

Anyway, I will keep you all posted.

I fell in love when I was nineteen years old.

Artistic love. The kind that feels like it will last forever. The kind that gets talked about in sappy movies and, my then personal favorite, vampire flicks. Everyone wanted it but no one could get it. Love like that didn’t grow on trees and even if someone was willing to believe that human beings didn’t have souls, they were willing to embrace the sort of connection that I’m talking about.

I was a brooding kid. I started learning guitar when I was eight years old. By the time I was sixteen, I swore that I was going to be the next shredding metal god. Touring the world, making millions, etc, etc. It was looking good too until Nirvana came out and fucked it all up. Grunge killed my dream of glam rock superstardom and it was back to the drawing board.

High school wrapped up, I went to college, fucked that up and dropped out…I had nothing going on except for the fact that I was pretty damn good at my instrument. Faced with getting a job or finding a paying band, I picked the latter. My dreams weren’t completely shattered, they just had to evolve with the way music was going. Since I liked to shower and be clean, I steered clear of grunge and headed straight for something that I never thought I would be into.

Funk rock band looking for lead bassist and rhythm guitarist. Weird…but okay, I was willing to take the bait. Since lead guitar in the sense that I understood it was butchered by Teen Spirit, I figured that rhythm guitar would be just fine. And I had to know what a lead bassist was. Turns out, I’d never answer the latter question but at the tender age of eighteen, I was quickly indoctrinated into a new band.

Things were freakin’ awesome right off the bat. I didn’t initially like the music but it opened me up to a realm of possibilities. Instead of just listening to screeching guitar and insane vocals, I got into some stuff that I had never even heard of. In a short month, I was improving upon the original writing of the songs and between myself and the singer, we were both driven to succeed.

The drummer, however, was not. He dropped out due to some problems with drugs and that left us with a guitar, a microphone and a keyboard. Now, the songs were all written on that keyboard, including the drums (the drummer would just learn them later). This meant that when he wasn’t available, we could still practice and by God did we practice a lot. Between that, video games and board games, we were always working on something.

But here we were, ground to a halt by the lack of a drummer…we had long given up on a bass player. We were sitting around eating lunch when I had an epiphany.

When I was in high school, I was a geek. I played a vampire Live Action role playing game and that had exposed me to the world of goth music. I barely knew what the hell it was but there was one thing that I did know: very few of those bands had live drummers. They used sequences for that. So I threw out the suggestion: why don’t we just call ourselves a goth band?

Our first outing as a goth band was not exactly what you’d think of when you describe goth music. We were no Bauhaus or Switchblade Symphony. We were the happier side of the Cure. It took a second outing to really embrace the darker side of our music and create something that was truly a goth music experience.

We were ready to perform at this point but we refused to do it with two people. We needed a backup singer at the very least, preferably someone who was willing to run the keyboard to start and stop sequences for us. There were several that tried out and even played live with us but it wasn’t until The One showed up that we were truly the band we were meant to be.

That’s when I was nineteen and that’s when I fell in love.

Up until then, I had dated people. They were high school crushes and mistakes. Nothing real, nothing meaningful, nothing that I could even claim prepared me for a real affair. At nineteen, with only a band for my commitment, I could really find out what it meant to be hit hard with an affection that cut straight through all the bullshit and nailed the soul.

Young love like that goes all in. There’s no ante, there’s simply shoving the chips in the middle of the table. Figuring that anything so powerful must be able to last forever, why not sacrifice it all? Wear the heart on the sleeve and see what happens. I remember it all so clearly. It started out innocently. I wasn’t particularly shy but I wasn’t outgoing. She was giving me a ride home when we made a choice to…do something else.

Her background was classical music. She came to the band to actually PLAY the keyboard. She picked the parts that she should be able to do while the sequences were going and that was her role. We all hit it off too, a talented trio of people coming together with diverse backgrounds. It was idyllic really. But because her background was so vastly different than mine, I introduced her to my inspirations.

Not the super heavy stuff, the progressive stuff. Rush, Dream Theater, etc. In our courting phase, she was even interested. That’s when the hooks were buried deep. For whatever reason, we ended up at her place thirty miles from where I lived. She was lying on the couch and I was on the floor right below her. Together, from midnight until three in the morning, we stared at a plastic bag and made up what it was shaped like as if it were a cloud in a clear spring sky.

She turned over and told me good night. I grumped about it and she peeked over the side of the couch. Our eyes met. “What’s wrong?” she asked. “Not tired?”

“Nope,” I replied, petulant.

“Did you want to do something else?”

Our hands were so close…our fingers touched. That electric sensation of physical contact was enough to cause my heart to throb painfully in my chest. This was a restrained feeling made more painful by the fact that we were denying one another simply because that’s what social convention suggested—a social convention that we criticized with our work.

I leaned up and was so close, I could feel her breath on my cheek. Our eyes were still engaged, our fingers still just barely touching. Eternity passed…a few seconds passed and our lips finally met. Soft and chaste at first, escalating wildly. Tongues probed…met…danced. We stood awkwardly, unwilling to stop kissing to get out of that living room and into the bedroom.

The covers were a mess, everything askew. We collapsed on a bundle of blankets, urging each other’s clothes off. She was tall, lithe, her breasts small but sensitive. She trimmed her abdomen but an amber bush topped her sweet, wet folds. Her long fingers were cold when they thrust down my pants, gripping my member tightly, possessively.

I entered her at her urging. Her legs parted and she pressed her heels against the backs of my thighs. I pressed into her, sliding deep and bare. We continued to kiss, moans vibrating our lips. Her nails bit into my shoulders. I had never experienced a rapture like that, a sexual exploration built on burgeoning love instead of wanton lust.

Every thrust sent a spark into my eyes like a nerve being tweaked but only in the most pleasurable way. We were both getting close. She put her hand between us, grinding her clit hard with three of her fingers. I felt her body stiffen, all the muscles tighten. Her face contorted, brows furrowed mouth wide…her breath held. Just watching that sent me over the edge.

I came just seconds before she did, slamming into her four more times before I was completely spent. We were loud, shouting our excitement in a way that I never had before. Our nudity mingled, sweat slickened skin against skin. I held her tightly, still entwined. It was three twenty in the morning.

A few minutes of napping later, I was woken up by her hand holding my cock. I opened my eyes and the first thing I saw was her smile, a lascivious expression that made me want her more desperately than I could possibly explain. I was stiffening in her grip and leaned to kiss her but she shook her head, shoving me on my back.

I watched her stoop over me, massaging my balls with one hand as her lips descended over the head of my penis. I watched in utter fascination as she licked the tip, tasting a bit of both of us before taking me fully into her mouth. Her tongue was initially cold but my heat warmed her. She adjusted herself so that we could look into each other’s eyes, staring with wide eyes as she sucked me off in one of the most intimate acts two people could engage in.

If my heart had gone wild before, it felt like it would run its course over this. Her lips were soft but the suction was hard, a contrast that made it hard not to twitch or thrust my hips up to meet her. I wanted to leave her in control, let her enjoy the lead and take us wherever she wanted to go. All I could do was look into her eyes and will myself to last. My release was boiling up but she seemed to know that and when she stopped, I let out a long breath I didn’t know I was holding.

“Your turn,” she muttered, lying next to me and spreading her legs expectantly. “If you don’t mind.”

I didn’t have any words for it. I lifted myself up and tried to ignore my throbbing cock, dipping my head toward her hot vagina. I could smell us on her, my cum and her juices. They mingled nicely and when I touched her clit with my tongue, I could instantly taste the salty nectar we had both created.

She arched her back as I casually licked her, tracing the lines of her folds with the tip of my tongue. I reached between her legs with a finger and probed inside her, massaging the inside of her wall with one finger. She panted, spreading her legs further apart. She reached down, tilting to the side and encouraged my finger to explore another place.

I changed tact, licking a little harder while I massaged her asshole. This drove her crazy and she started tossing her head side to side, crying out. I felt her tense again but this time it was all the more intense. Every ounce of my will was focused on her and I could tell she knew it. When she let go, when she met her rapture, she thrashed with every part of her body but her hips.

It was amazing. For a moment, I felt like a divine being capable of bringing her a pleasure that literally shook her to her core. The second the afterglow ended, she grabbed me and urged me back into her. It was like coming home after a long day’s work and I went at it with a kind of gusto that should have been impossible.

Thirty minutes, forty minutes, her on top, me on top, her on her knees…we made love like porn stars and my endurance was made all the more impressive by my near miss and the earlier bit.

When I finally lost it, I was standing next to the bed, her ankles on my shoulders. It was sudden. One minute I was fine, the next I had thought about everything we had done and was right there. I shouted it out, an unnecessary warning especially considering that she must’ve felt me stiffen, growing in her. I shot my load deep inside her again, and this time, I barely made it back on to the bed.

“Amazing…” she muttered. “I’ve never made love that long.”

“Me either…”

We cuddled up. Dawn had come and gone. It was nine in the morning. We slept.


The next day and a half was spent in various stages of undress. We ate take out and explored each other’s bodies. We showered together and made out. I soaped her body as if she were a goddess deserving of worship and she returned the favor. We sat in silence and stared into each other’s eyes, we made quiet love that didn’t terminate in orgasm. We allowed physical love to develop into something else, something that only profound familiarity can create.

When we emerged back into the world, everyone was happy for us. We were the perfect couple in their minds. Talented, successful, gorgeous, fun…I wasn’t the brooding asshole that I had been. I was vibrant and full of life. Everything seemed so easy at that point. All we had to do was be together and the world would give up its secrets. I was under the notion that my life would mirror my parent’s and that I had met the one person I was supposed to be with young. That we’d be together forever.

I even had strange notions of children, all kept to myself. I was afraid of sounding obsessive or that I was going to fast but it wouldn’t have mattered. She was just as into me. We moved in together not even two months after that first experience. There was a matter of a previous boyfriend but that drama was nothing compared to what we shared. We found each other, souls meant to be and that said something.

At the age of twenty one, after two years of dating, we were married. At the time, the best day of my life. The singer from the band was my best man, my best friend. It was a great time and we honeymooned and carried on like young married people are supposed to. This is when a series of stupid mistakes were made, one after another.

One: we moved in with her parents to save money. I didn’t get along with her mother and that was a pretty big problem.

Two: we quit the band to focus on our ‘future’. That was our commonality and we cast it aside.

Third: our sex life dwindled to absolutely nothing.

Fourth: I took a shitty job 2 hours away, regretted it every day and finally left her when I couldn’t take it anymore.

I didn’t know what love was anymore. I mean, I still cared for her very deeply but it was so different. We had drifted apart I figured. How was that possible, I have better theories now than I did then but the truth of the matter was something a lot more sinister.

She pursued me. She wanted to get back together and fix things. This was facilitated by our old friend the singer from the band we quit. He helped us mend our relationship but there were some things we had to do. The first of them was that we got our own place outside the purview of her parents. We needed to escape that stupidity. The second was that we had to mend that commonality thing.

We started our own band but her heart wasn’t in it. An old friend of mine joined us and we were doing okay but not great. Whenever we’d have a disagreement, she’d bring back up the fact that I had left her once. That was going to be a rift that we couldn’t get past and there were only so many times that I could apologize.

About this time, two years into our marriage, our friend the singer was going through a divorce. He had been there for us so I was there for him. I did a lot for that guy up to and including an invitation to stay at our house—we had plenty of space. His relationship was truly over and he was so miserable about it, it was becoming impossible to talk to him.

I told a fib that I thought might get through to him. I told him that my wife and I argued all the time but we always got through it. We didn’t argue all the time…I’d say we fought very little but my lie worked and he opened up and thought we had some commonality. I was able to get him to be less morose and whiney. He stepped up and seemed like he was getting better.

I went back to my day job.

While I was away, he talked to my wife. He brought up the fact that it was sad that she and I always argued. Now, I’m not entirely sure what they talked about beyond that one fact coming out but what happened next left me with a lot of suspicions. She confronted me about it that night and it was the biggest fight we ever had. This time, she left me and I was totally stunned.

Funny thing…my good friend, the best man at my wedding…was nowhere to be found.

I called her at her family’s house.

Nope, not there.

I called her at her friend’s house.

Nope, not there.

I called everywhere I could think of.

Nowhere to be found.

Same with my friend.


When I found out what happened, it was too late. There’s no coming back from that kind of betrayal. She and he…I don’t know specifically what they did in the days between her leaving me and later but even with the short dalliance that we enjoyed, they were an item and I was the odd one out. They were together, I was alone. I put them together and the only real question that never got answered to me was simple:

Did she use me to get to him? Was I the interim male used to stay close to the objective?

I could ask a thousand questions but the ending remains the same. I was cast out of our trio so they could be together. When I was with her, it was inclusive. Now, exclusive. Now, over…lost…gone.

Betrayal could never be so well defined as all that. Falling in love was never so sweet again. Passionate moments spent lacked the same conviction. Everything had to be guarded. No more heart on the sleeve. No more all in. No more believing in the power of spiritual connection. Not with friends. Not with lovers. Not with anyone.

~The first of a possible series, feedback would be appreciated~

~The author~

It was an office affair. She’d asked for a mentor and I’d been given the job. New to the city it had been easy to get her integrated into my social group.

What had started out innocent enough, just work, had become something more intimate. She told me the reason for her coming to the city; a failed relationship, an engagement. I told her about my domestic idyll, she seemed interested.

Then one morning, it was a Wednesday, she arrived at the office hair colour changed, and my interest flared and subsided. Over succeeding days new hair became new wardrobe, new nails, everything. A whole new person was being born before my eyes. She started going out with my friends, but without bothering to ask me along.

Jealousy began to creep into my ordered life. One Saturday evening that creep became a headlong rush.

A small dinner party, eight of us, was arranged at a friend’s place. My old college mate hosted, his long-term girlfriend, I and mine, the other four were miscellaneous unattached friends, and she was one of them.

Dinner passed off innocently enough. She volunteered to load the dishwasher, said she felt useless. William, one of the unattached who was more familiar with the kitchen, helped. In the back of my mind I told myself – William’s safe, he’s gay, isn’t he?

Making my excuses I left the table and the chatting group ten minutes after the washer-uppers had gone into the kitchen.

The machine was rumbling contentedly to itself, of William and her, no sign. They hadn’t gone back to the party. Where were they?

I crept through the house, shoeless to reduce the sound of my footsteps, looking for them, unsure of what I would find.

A cough from the third floor startled me; the only thing up there was Tom’s office, unoccupied at this hour. I moved silently up the stairs in my stockinged feet. The open plan of the staircase meant that I could see the entire loft space after only a few treads of the stair.

They were there. William had his trousers hanging just around his knees; her hands were gripping the backs of his thighs tight as William slowly fed her his cock. As he finished each inward stroke and began to pull his saliva streaked rod back out of her mouth they groaned quietly together.

When only his cockhead was left in her mouth he paused and I could see the muscles working in her mouth and neck. She must have been swirling her tongue around his glans and sucking hard on it.

As he forced his cock back into her mouth she stopped working his rod and allowed him to run himself almost balls deep in her face. All the while looking up at him with those remarkable greeny blue eyes.

My cock had become an iron bar; I could feel the heavy pulse of it in my trousers. I didn’t dare touch myself for fear of giving the game away.

In front of me the two of them had stopped. William drew himself out of her and gripped his erection close to his body, forcing his balls forward and making his erection swell again, “Normally this is only for boys, you know. But for you, I’ll make an exception.”

They laughed quietly. She stood, kissed him long and hard, sharing the taste of his cock with him before running the zip on her jeans down. The sheer shirt she was wearing she left on. William too kept his dress shirt on, in case they needed to dress quickly I surmised

In the half light I could see that her gauzily covered groin was soaked, the excitement had obviously been running out her and her scent drifted across to me. William stood and waited, idly fisting his cock.

Without a word she stepped out of the jeans and over to the desk. She leant forward, facing away from me but I could see her expression in the dark glass of the window angled in front.

William stepped over to her, ran his hands over the flawless skin of her arse, caught the fabric of her thong in his fingers and pulled it hard to him. The sudden pressure on her cunt made her inhale and gasp and he laughed a little. Then he pulled harder and the fabric disappeared momentarily between her engorged lips before the lace tore in his hands. For a moment they both froze, afraid of discovery, then he stepped behind her.

William paused, then I saw the muscles in his buttocks tighten and he began to enter her. He murmured something to himself; all she did was sigh as he got himself into her.

There followed a couple of minutes of him running his dick into her hard. She pushed against him, hungry for every centimetre of his length. The only sound – their breath and the slap of flesh on flesh. The smell of their sex was driving me mad, and I found myself pulling at my own erection through my trouser pocket trying desperately not to draw attention to myself.

Then he stopped and I saw his hand go between them. Again he gripped himself and moved out of her. The look on her face shifted from glazed lust to dazed confusion.

“But, I was going to cum…” she said trying to turn.

With his free hand William held her neck and she relaxed again to the desk.

“Shhh, I’ll give you it again,” his voice was hoarse, “but you have to say please.”

Her voice was muffled by the blotter, “Please. Please, William. Ugh.”

As she spoke his buttocks had tightened again, he was beginning to give her his cock again. This time she didn’t push against him and it took longer, the tension spreading up his back until he began to tremble slightly. Then they moved together.

“Oww-gawd…” The sound was almost forced out her and William snorted his tension out. His back relaxed, but as she made the noise her head snapped up. It was then that I realised that, true to form, William had silently started to fuck her arse.

He took his time, but began to pick up speed fairly slamming his dick into her, by then, well spread hole. I could see in the reflection that he eyes had glazed slightly – was she enjoying it? He was and was paying her no mind.

“Oh, soon, yeah.” William slipped the words out through gritted teeth and began to thrust harder.

Had she grimaced? Had his cock swollen as his orgasm came on?

Then she spoke: “Come in me then, you arsehole.”

She got the words out just before he tensed again and began to spurt in her. I had seen this before only in porn films, but here was a man I knew and a woman I worked with joined as his orgasm swept over him. He hissed like steam escaping, body rigid and she moaned out a low oath. He thrust short, sharp a couple of times then stepped away from her.

Just for a moment, before she rose I caught sight of her still open anus, the inside of her thighs wet with spit and sweat and her cum.

“Boys only, huh?” She said, reaching for his softening cock.

With her small breasts, bobbed hair and slight frame I understood how William could have convinced himself to have her.

“Would you like me to introduce you?” He laughed as a look of doubt crossed her face and then leant forward to kiss her, “Did you cum?”

She looked suddenly shy and shook her head, her hands crossed protectively in front of her sex. William nodded to the desk and she hopped up onto it as he knelt in front of her. Now it was her term to run the show.

With one hand in his hair she held herself open for him. Against the dark of the room her vulva was a shocking, glossy pink. “Kiss me.”

William’s face was forced onto her sex and he began to lap at the exposed folds. Quickly she leant back, supporting herself on one hand with both legs draped over his shoulders. The other hand she put to use pulling and twisting at her nipples or rubbing feverishly at her clit, competing with his tongue.

All too quickly for me it was over; she sat up hard and held his head with both hands as she ground her orgasm onto his face, her face flushed a delicate rose. How I wanted to be the face that she came on. I wanted it to be my cock that speared into that pussy; I wanted to watch her take on a couple of William’s friends. Cock raging in my pocket I slunk away.

Downstairs the conversation flowed on regardless of my absence, it seemed. My girlfriend raised her eyebrows at me and I mimed flushing a toilet chain, she rolled her eyes and went back to discussing wallpaper. I sat there, balls aching, and waited for them to reappear.

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