Something weird happened last night and I am very conflicted about it. I’ve been traveling across the country with my band and we’ve been crashing in people’s houses along the way. They’re small shows, we’re barely breaking even financially and if we can keep that up it will be a huge success. Our fan base is growing so that’s cool. Sadly there are not a lot of girls among them. They’re mostly college guys, frat guys, which is counter our own punk lifestyles but so long as they like the music, we’re cool with it.

Anyway, last night we were all crashing at this house. It was your standard over stuffed rented college guy house, it was 3 to a bedroom before we got there. They were a rough bunch of jocks, but they were also pretty good hosts. We all smoked their pot, drank their beer, and played their video games. They had this huge tv bolted high up to wall. The rest of the place was pretty shabby but their entertainment system was incredible. I guess that’s were all their money went.

6 of us in the band with 12 of them from the house were all packed shoulder to shoulder on one big couch and a love seat.

One by one the weed and beer did its trick and people are passing out where they sit, no one made it to the rooms. Penises were drawn on faces, I think somebody even got pee’d on. I was one of the last to fall asleep, but apparently not the first to wake up.

It’s hours latter and my mouth was dry and my back was aching. The room smelled like sweat and stale beer and staler weed. I could hear the tap tap of a two game controllers being used. My eyes just barely open and I scan the room. Everyone was asleep except two guys. One was our base player Jamie. He’s more emo than he is punk but he plays a mean base guitar. He fusses over his long, straight black hair, it has a few green highlights. Lip ring, tongue ring, nose stud, 4 or 5 rings in his ears. He’s lucky we can’t afford to fly; he’d never make it through a metal detectors. He’s barely 18 and definitely what you would call a pretty boy. Whatever female fans make it to our shows he’s usually the one to scoop them up. But that morning he was sitting on the lap of Mike, one of the guys from the house we were crashing. They were playing video games with the sound muted. Mike has a smug grin and Jamie looks irritated.

“Shit!” Jamie said.

“Ha ha, you lost again, bitch.” Mike says. He’s the kind of guy who will say “bitch,” a lot throughout the day. Mike’s big and hairy. Probably plays rugby or something. He wears a striped polo shirt, board shorts.

“Fuck you, what now?” Jamie asks, then he takes a massive hit on the bong and passes it behind him to Mike. These guys have clearly kept the party going all night. It must close to close to 7am.

Mike makes his voice extra lecherous, teasing. “Now you give me that lap dance.”

“This is so gay, you’re an asshole.”

“Just do it, faggot.” Jamie told him to fuck off, but at the same time he started mechanically gyrating on top of Mike’s jeans while they played another round. Anyone else in the band would have stormed off, but to Jamie if he lost a bet he has to pay up no matter what. He’s only 18, friendly bet’s are still like iron law to him, the idea if walking away wouldn’t occur to him. His tight emo girl jeans rub up and down on Mike’s crotch, it’s hilarious. The ultimate humiliation.

Mike turned his head and cought me watching, he put a finger to his lips and I winked back. At some point I’ll yelled and scare Jamie, he’ll be so embarrassed. I knew what they were doing. For every game one person lost they had to humiliate themselves in some gay-ass way that also made it harder to play. Like sitting on the other guys lap. If you kept loosing it went farther, though lap dance was as far as I’ve ever seen it go. It was all I could do to keep from laughing. The TV was bolted up to wall so Mike could see it above Jamie’s head. Jamie was having a hard time concentrating while he moved his butt back and forth on top of Mike’s shorts. Then the light flickered on the screen and I knew Jamie lost again. “God damn it, what now.”

“Man, you suck at this, I wonder what else you SUCK at.”

“Fuck you.”

“At this level it’s pants off.”


“You heard me, it keeps going farther until you win one. I thought you played this before.”

“I have, but…”

“But nothing. Take my your pants off and take mine off too like a good little bitch.” Resigned he took off his pants, and slid Mike’s down as well.

“If anyone wakes up you know what this will look like?”

Mike’s laugh was deep and throaty. “Ha, maybe trying winning before someone comes to (he winked at me), or they’ll see what a bitch-ass fag you.” I had to swallow to keep from giggling out loud. Jamie winced as he sat his butt down on Mike’s hairy legs. He tried to avoid Mike’s crotch but with all the sweat between them his ass kept sliding down from Mike’s thighs to his bulge. He gave up fighting gravity then he just tried to remain still. They started a new game. “Hey, hey bitch. You keep that ba-donka-donk moving. You haven’t even earned your pants back yet, you don’t get to quit dancing.” Jamie restarted his lap dance moving up and down with a mad look. I thought it was so funny until I saw Mike’s cock through his underwear. It was huge! There is nothing funny about a cock that big. Holy shit it was big, and getting bigger. With each up and down it grew. I felt bad for Jamie all of a sudden. It’s got to be scary to be so close to wang like that. But suddenly Jamie got hopeful, the game was close, he was going to get his pants back. This rubbing was clearly distracting Mike as much as it was Jamie, noticing this Jamie sped it up and really starting backing that thing up into Mike. Mike’s eyes went wide. Then right when Jamie was about to win, Mike humps up and slams his half hard penis threw his boxers past Jamie’s cheeks to hit his asshole through his own tight colorful designer briefs. Jamie yelped up and his butt clenched, Mike swooped in and won the game.

“Dude, what the fuck!?” Whispering as loud as he could without yelling. “You knocked my hole with your dick!”

“Ha ha, under wear off.”

“You’re sick man, this sick.” Sulking, Jamie slide his tight underpants off, he was completely hairless. I already knew about that. His grooming habits were something we already made fun of him for. Then he got on his knees and pulled Mike’s pants down. This was going crazy-far. I felt like I should say something. I thought I should yell to Jamie, tell him he doesn’t have to do this, but I didn’t. I just stared on as Mike abused and humiliated my young band mate. Jamie couldn’t help but stare at Mike’s big angry cock. “What, you distracted, bitch?”

Very quietly this time. “Um… fuck you.” They play another game, both sweaty and naked from the waist down. Mike smiled with perverse domination, his face contorted as Jamie’s smooth naked ass slid up and down his massive cock. I wonder if a cock that big feels twice the pleasure as normal cock? That’s weird thought. I bet no girl has ever been so compliant with Mike, he’s finally found someone he can bully all the way to the limit. Jamie’s look of disgust is changed into something more horrified as Mike’s penis stimulated the outside of his asshole.. It was fully erect then, it’s huge mushroom head leaked against Jamie’s ass.

I saw Jamie’s face react and I could tell he felt the sticky pre-cum, it would feel different from the sweat. The sound is different to. Jamie can barely pay attention to the screen and Mike win’s again barely having to play. Mike doesn’t have to say it, Jamie knows what’s next. He knows he shouldn’t have let himself get distracted that time, it was his last chance to walk away with his manhood intact.

“No…” He squeaks. Mike positions his dick at Jamie’s asshole. Its sweaty and slimy, no lube need. Suddenly I saw Jamie realize something. He matured a bit and suddenly knew he could walk away.

But its to late and the head of Mike’s penis is pushing at his hole. Then it pops in and Jamie drops the controller, his mouth makes a silent scream and he slowly starts to slide the long way down to the base of the shaft, just a millimeter at a time. “This… can’t… be… happening…”

“Oh god that’s tight.”

“Oh Mike, no…”

“I can’t believe you did it, I never thought you’d do it. You must be one horny faggot.”

“I’m not… ugh… I’m not…”

“How’s it feel? How’s my big dick feel up your ass?

“It’s weird.”

“Does it still hurt?” Suddenly Mike sounds a little tender, understanding.

“Less, it feels…”

“How about now!” Mike humped up powerfully and Jamie has to bite his lip to keep from screaming. Its not just pain anymore, that thrust must have triggered something because his previously flaccid dick is starting to rise. “Pick up your controller, fruit, we’re still playing.” Jamie lifts his controller up by the chord with a confused look on face. If he’s not gay why is he getting hard? Mike humps again and again while Jamie tries to play the game. Fucking Jamie seems to be helping Mike’s focus, but Jamie can barely paying attention. With each thrust of Mikes massive cock inside him Jamie’s dick plumps up, and soon its rock hard. Hump, hump, then its harder than rock hard, its shaking

“Man, a hole is hole but you are fucking tight.” Mike says. “How does it feel, my dick sliding in and out of you?”

“Oh god, it’s…” Jamie’s face goes red he’s so ashamed.

Mike stops thrusting for a moment. “Say it.”

“It feels good Mike. Oh god it’s so weird but it feels good, I’ve never been this hard.”

“Mmm, feel it, feel it all inside you. Oh yeah, I’m going to turn you into a whore.”

“No, don’t make me a whore!”

“When I cum inside you that will be it, you can never change that. You will always have a man’s semen inside your ass.”

“Please don’t cum inside me, I don’t want to be fag…”

Is that how it works? I wondered. I don’t know, but I can tell you when Jamie came he going to came so hard he wont be able to live the rest of his life without getting fucked like that again. He really will be whore. I’m not fag, but maybe I can help him out in that regard. I have gotten so hard watching Mike fuck Jamie. Mike is speeding up, Jamie drops his controller but Mike is still playing and fucking him at the same time.

“Ugh, just… ugh, just don’t cum in…” Jamie arches his back.

“Shut up. Oh fuck.”

“No, no, no, fuck I’m cumming too!”

Mike ejaculates a huge load inside Jamie, filling his ass up. At the same time Jamie cums so hard he hits the wall accross the room, just narrowly missing a passed out frat guy. Actually it drips down into the guy’s hair, hopefully he won’t ask why he’s sticky before we leave.

Mike pushes Jamie off his lap in disgust. Then he whips his dick off in Jamie’s. “Gross, you’re a fucking faggot. I knew it. You better be out of here before noon, whore.”

Mike looks back at me and laughs, then walks away. Jamie stays on all fours for a minute, naked ass in the air, still in shock. In shock over being used and abuse like that, and in shock over having a wall spattering orgasm without ever touching his dick. Another man’s cum drips down his asshole and hits his foot. That breaks him out of it. Jamie finds his pants and goes off. Maybe he was looking for the bathroom, maybe he was looking for one last fuck before noon. I pretend to be asleep for another minute and then head to the van. I pull one of Jamie’s shirt’s out of his bag and jack off right into it. I cover the whole thing, it feels so good, then I stuff it back in his pack. He won’t know who did it, all he’ll know is one of his band mates knows what a whore he is. Let him think about that for a while.

Roberta walked over and put an arm around me. She looked at Steve and said, “You’re lucky I don’t cut that thing of yours right off.” Then she aided me down the hallway to her and Patrick’s bedroom. Their bedchamber is a cozy room with quilts and framed family pictures on the walls. One of the pictures caught my eye: a much younger, pre-Patrick, Roberta and two girls. The picture had a dated look. One of the girls was a pre-teen, and the older looked to be in perhaps her mid-teens. My eye was drawn a second time to the face of the older girl. She looked terribly familiar, but my brain had no desire to chase down the connection. I was just too beat.

“My only two nieces, Emily and Danielle,” Roberta said, and her voice was warmed by pleasant memories. “They’re really a couple of sweethearts. Dani is just sharp as a tack, and Emily isn’t but a lick behind her.” I was glad to know a little more about my benefactor’s life.

“Pretty girls,” I observed.

“Yeah, they’re that too,” Roberta said.

“You’re a lot younger,” I remarked.

“That was taken when I was still in grad school,” Roberta said. I saw her face color and she continued with, “Well, that was before my gambling adventure with the boys. But, hey now, how ’bout you take a load off for a while.”

I backed up the couple of steps to the bed, sat, and then let my body flop backward. My knees were over the edge, my pussy and ass still tingling from the cock they’d just ridden.

Roberta sat on the bed next to me. “We’re gonna get through this, Ellen. I’m sorry about that jerk-off Steve.”

I smiled at her. “I can’t thank you enough,” I said. “I have no idea how this would have gone without you acting as my guardian angel. Jerk-offs are all over the place. I’m just sorry I had to run into one tonight. I wonder what’s up with him. I feel sorry for any girl who decides him and his big dick are ‘the ones’.”

“What else would I do?” Roberta asked and paused a moment. When I didn’t respond she said, “Actually, Ellen, that wasn’t just a rhetorical question. I do know what I can do. You’re beat and you’ve been fucked silly. I’m willing to take the rest of the night for you if the guys will go for it.”

I was so exhausted, so tired of being naked, so tired of swallowing cum, so tired of being fucked that I considered her offer seriously for a few seconds. It said something about the extremity of my condition that, even for a second, I gave a thought to visiting any of this on Roberta.

“God, you’re sweet,” I said. “Thank you, but no, I can’t let you do that. It was my bet, and it’s my bet to pay off. Anyway, I go home in a couple of days. You have to stay around here. With four guys at the office who’ve fucked the boss’s wife? I don’t think so.”

“I guess you’re probably right,” she said. “You rest for a few minutes, and I’ll see what the boys are up to next.” She left the room, softly closing the door.

I glanced at the clock briefly. 1:37. Still five and half hours to go. I drifted off again, wakening to Roberta gently shaking my shoulder. I looked to the clock first thing. 1:53.

“It looks like Derrick and Jason are up next,” she reported. “It’s going to be a threesome, and it looks like your butt can take a break. Actually it was kind of funny, although I guess none of this is funny to you. But they had quite a little debate about who gets which end. They arm wrestled!”

I couldn’t help but laugh at the absurdity of it. “OK,” I said, “I guess I’m ready for the next round.” Before I could begin to get up Roberta opened her hand to show the little bottle of liquid lube.

“Here. I brought this so you wouldn’t have to do it in front of everyone again,” she said. Once again I was overwhelmed by her kindness and her concern for me. I sat up and kissed her cheek and hugged her.

Then I got down to the business of applying lube between my legs.

When I got to the living room Jason and Derrick had their pants off, boxers on. They rose to their feet as I entered the room, like I was their commanding officer. They asked me to get on all fours on the coffee table. It was an attractive one, irregularly shaped, the thickly-lacquered cross section of a large tree trunk. I complied, finding a position that put my sore knees at one edge and my hands at another.

Jason walked over and stood in front of me, his boxers now off and his cock half hard. He smiled at me and said, “I really like blowjobs a lot, but don’t get them near often enough. Thank you.” I told him not to mention it, thinking he might be a little thick but still a real sweetheart.

Jason placed his penis near my mouth, waiting for me. I opened and he placed it slowly into my mouth. I brought my lips around it about halfway down the shaft and licked the underside with my tongue. He groaned a little, and I was actually glad he was enjoying himself.

While this was going on Derrick had been putting his condom on and lubing it. He approached me silently from the rear and touched my ass gently to let me know he was there. I appreciated the heads up and decided he was a silent sweetheart. I’d not heard him say more than a few words all night, even during the game. Presently, I felt his erection gently probing my vaginal opening and then felt him push gently in.

This encounter was the day and night opposite of what I’d just gone through with Steve. Both boys were gentle with my body, considerate. Jason mostly let me bob my head and work on him, rather than use my mouth the way Patrick had before. I did my best for him.

Derrick stroked in and out of me, shaking my body with each impact. I could feel my breasts swaying and swinging beneath me.

Both boys had already come tonight, and as relatively sedate as the encounter was they took a long time. I hadn’t had to do oral since the four-way in the guest bedroom, so my mouth was still feeling good. But Jason was long-lasting and my jaw became sore and my neck achy from having to keep my head up to suck him. Behind me, Derrick started fucking me more vigorously as he became more turned on, my breasts dancing more wildly in response.

After a long period of feeling cocks in both ends of me Derrick reached his peak. He held his cock all the way in as he came and then withdrew. I could tell Jason was getting near. He was running his fingers through my hair and groaning. I sensed that he was trying to hold back his orgasm. He seemed uncertain about what to do. He kept putting a hand up under my mouth. I finally got the idea that perhaps he was uncertain about where to come. The others who’d used my mouth previously had blown their loads into my mouth. Now I sensed Jason didn’t want to do that to me, and was preparing to withdraw and catch his cum in his hand. Maybe he was shy in front of the others of not just emptying in my mouth.

I thought that if all that was the case I’d make it easy for him and let him save face. I put my fist around the base of his cock, holding it so he couldn’t move. Then I worked vigorously on his cock head, sucking it strongly. In a moment he was over the top, and I kept my lips around his cock, letting it empty into my mouth, swallowing everything that came from him.

Jason’s rapidly softening cock dropped from my mouth. I started to get off the coffee table, my knees angry with me. Jason actually offered his hand to help me. Sweet.

He brought his mouth close to my ear as we stood there a moment. “Thanks,” he said, “I wasn’t sure…you know.”

“Yeah, I know,” I said. “You’re welcome,” and I patted his shoulder.

I wandered off to the bathroom, needing to pee. I took my time, enjoying a relaxing washcloth or two. I wasn’t in a hurry to get back, although I knew I couldn’t take too long. I supposed that we were around to Adam’s turn again. I wondered how these next encounters would go, what with each of them having come twice in the last few hours.

I also wondered about the word ‘turn.’ It was Adam’s ‘turn’ next, and then it would be Patrick’s ‘turn’, and then Steve’s ‘turn’, and then Jason’s ‘turn’, and then Derrick’s ‘turn.’ I’d managed to get myself into a situation in which five men took ‘turns’ using me for their sexual gratification. I had a mental image of me as a first grader lined up to take my ‘turn’ to touch the starfish. Now there were five men lined up to take their ‘turn’ to put their erect penises in my body in some way. Just idle thoughts while I lingered in the bathroom.

I ambled into the living room, glanced at the clock, and registered that the time was going on 3:00. Adam rose to his feet and I looked at him. “Your turn again, Slugger?” I asked, sounding like some weary old whore.

“Um, yeah, I guess,” Adam said.

“So what’s it gonna to be this time?” I asked.

“Well,” he started, “I was thinking that, well, you know, I’ve been able to, that is…”

I supplied the thumbnail of the situation he seemed reticent to outline. “I’ve given you a blowjob and you’ve fucked my pussy, so now you wanna outdo Amelia Earhart and finish your trip around the world?” Your local two dollar hooker couldn’t have explained it any better.

“Um, yeah, I guess so,” he said. “There’s kind of a problem though.” He took down his slacks and boxers. His penis was trying its hardest, but it was barely moving. This was not totally unexpected, but certainly not the pattern I was used to. I’d become used to seeing boxers go down and boners spring up.

Without thinking twice I got on my poor misused knees and readily took his penis in my mouth. I started by swirling my tongue around and then bobbing my head back and forth. It took a little effort and time but he was soon springing back remarkably. I couldn’t help but take a little pride in craft.

Adam was soon as hard as he’d ever been. I stood and went to the dining table. I crossed my forearms at the edge and laid my head on them, stuck my ass out and rocked on my feet, spreading them about two feet apart.

“This OK?” I asked.

Adam didn’t answer. I supposed he was putting on a condom and lubing it. I wondered if the other five watching this little play had noted how routine what I was doing now seemed to me.

Adam stepped behind me and again I felt my buttocks being spread wide, a hard penis probing my back hole. He pushed the head in: an action which hours ago, in the guest bedroom when Derrick had done it for the first time, had caused me a jolt of discomfort and panic. Now I felt the stretching, but other than that barely took note of the occurrence. He immediately went in to the root of his penis, his hips and abdomen impacting my ass, causing my breasts to sway and swing.

He settled into his routine. He pulled out until just the head of his penis was in me. Then he pulled and pushed his penis so the head went in and out through my ring. He did this a few times, apparently enjoying the sensations it produced. Then he would shove all the way in, getting my breasts swinging again. They would settle down as he went back to teasing his head through my anus.

I was not particularly interested in what was going on behind me and was feeling bored, wondering how long it would take his twice emptied balls to unload again. Nothing going on back there was painful or particularly offensive (a man I’d meet only hours before with his penis in my ass fucking me would usually qualify for me as ‘offensive’, but I was way beyond considerations like that at this point of this night), so my mind began to drift.

I wondered why men seem to want and enjoy anal sex. It seemed to me that a vagina was made exactly for a hard penis, providing stimulation along the whole length. The only stimulation of any significance from anal sex seemed to me to come from the sphincter ring, as Adam was finding out.

I mean, once you’re inside a rectum there doesn’t seem to be much there: like having your penis inside a balloon. I considered, though, that I’m not a man, don’t have a penis, and so perhaps don’t understand all the ins and outs of what constitutes satisfying penis stimulation. I considered that maybe it was just a psychological thing: a way to degrade their partner, make her submit. On the other hand, I supposed there are girls who just like it, too.

For a long time I was occupied with these thought while Adam did his thing behind me, my breasts every so often going into their dance. Occasionally, I found myself drifting off toward sleep then jolting awake the way one occasionally does behind the wheel of a car. He was suddenly into me to the hilt. He pulled back until the head of his penis was again just inside me. I felt him as he grabbed and squeezed the shaft of his penis and poked and rotated the head just inside me, and then I knew he was coming. When he was finished he leaned his thighs against the backs of my legs and finally moved away from me.

I straightened up, thinking, ‘I imagine that’s one boner down for the count.’

I happened to see the clock out of the corner of my eye. It was 3:47. Could he have been fucking me like that for most of an hour?

The bathroom beckoned again. I just made a short trip. I sat on the toilet and reached my hand between my legs, tentatively touching my vagina. It sent angry warnings to my brain to back off, that it’d had more than enough and was very sore. I reached back and felt my anus, getting the same report, although it seemed rather swollen in addition to being tender. My jaw and tongue were also aching and overused, and I had no idea which of my poor orifices would be used beyond their expiration date next. Sighing and resigned to finishing off my chore, I lifted myself from the toilet and headed for the living room again.

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