being watched

It’s late afternoon and its been raining on and off all day. I like the rain, so the drizzle doesn’t bother me, but most people are huddled under umbrellas or running from cover to cover. I run my hand through my hair shaking out the water and what has been left behind from the haircut I just received. I wipe my hand on my jeans and start making my way across the parking lot. I have a few more errands to run before I can go home, so I’m focused on getting back to my car.

I’m a quiet person, shy and most often alone. I don’t mind it so much, I’ve spent most of my life this way. The trick is to find a few good people who like you enough to hang out, and I’ve always been lucky enough for that to happen. Not here though. Not in Knoxville, Tennessee, another shiny spot on the buckle of the Bible Belt. Despite my accepting personality, given my history of travel and being a FtM (or female-to-male transgender for those not in the know), people are far less accepting of me. But everyone has their right to like or dislike me as they will. Like I said, the trick is in finding the few who don’t care.

Today has been a rather off day for me. Despite liking the rain it has put a damper on my schedule. And given that I’m out of work and living on the scraps I bring in as a freelance writer, I wanted today to go easy. As I reach my car and push the button to unlock the doors a hand grabs my arm and I look up into the face of a beautiful young woman. She looks to be about my age, so around 24 years, and she smiles brightly at me.

“Hi there,” she says cheerfully and links her arm in mine. I blink in confusion and return with a unsteady hello of my own. My mind is racing, and I am terrified I’m living my greatest fear. I’ve only been on hormones for about four months. Just enough for my voice to drop, a bit of facial hair to grow (which I have shaved to run about town), and give me enough masculinity to pass as male for those not in the know. I’m afraid this woman thinks I’m a bio-male, and I can’t imagine how I can tell her what I am. “Would you like to come with me for a moment? Just real quick, I promise. I have a project I’m working on and I need different people to fill out my survey.” She looks at me hopefully, her eyes big and her lips pouting. She really is good looking.

“Sure,” I say and finally flash a smile. “But just real quick.” She beams at me and pulls me back through the parking lot. I think we’re heading to one of the businesses or restaurants but we make our way down the sidewalk and to the back of the strip mall. I am beginning to feel a bit on edge, but she catches my eye and smiles wide. I smile back and figure we are just going across the way. Behind the buildings is a dingy alley and a small grassy bit of ground before any more buildings can be seen. Not many cars drive back here unless they are coming through the bank drive through at the end of the strip mall. The main road is hidden from view as well, and now I’m really wondering what’s going on.

Abruptly she stops and I look over at her questioningly. I open my mouth to ask her if something is wrong and I find her hands gripping my cheeks and her mouth crushing mine. My instinct is to pull back but she has a firm grip on my head. Her tongue tangles with mine and I’m afraid to push her away. I don’t want to touch her, she might scream and I’d be caught with my hands on her, and I don’t want to hurt her. She keeps her lips pressed firmly to mine, but this kiss, if you can call it that, is so sloppy and aggressive I can’t tell if our lips are actually involved anymore.

She finally pulls away and looks at me with lust filled eyes. I stutter for a few seconds before she laughs throatily and shoves me back against the wall. This jolts me and I am returned the use of my senses. After all, wanted or not, I was just thoroughly kissed by a very beautiful woman and it was spectacular.

“Miss,” I say and have to take a breath as she smiles and rubs her hands on my bound chest. “Miss, I’m afraid you have the wrong person here. I’m not who you think I am, or what you think I am.” She laughs again and tucks her fingers into the waist of my jeans. She leans in close and runs her tongue over my earlobe.

“I know who you are, Jess. You don’t know me,” she runs her hands back up my chest and places them around my neck, “but I know you. We have a mutual friend, and he said if I ever saw you to give you a warm welcome. This might not be what he meant, but you look to good to pass up.” I laugh at this, and she squeezes her hands just enough to cut off my amusement. “Now, you’re going to stand right here and not make another sound.” She releases my throat and her hands return my jeans.

“I don’t know who our friend is,” I say as I rub my throat, “but I don’t think you understand.” I am unable to go on as she quickly unbuttons, unzips, and jerks my pants down to my knees. I grunt in protest and open my mouth, anger and embarrassment filling me, but I don’t get a chance to say anything as her hand returns to my throat. She doesn’t have a tight grip but I close my mouth.

“No sound,” she says. My cheeks are hot, the rain doing little to cool them off. She giggles and kisses my lips, gently this time. “You’ll have fun, I promise.” I feel her other hand slip into my underwear, her fingers twirl in my pubic hair and I flinch as she plays with my most ticklish spot. She doesn’t linger long, though, before her fingers find their way downward. I am surprised when she runs her nails gently over my clit to find it already swollen. I had really enjoyed that kiss, but I guess I hadn’t realized how much. She giggles again and looks into my eyes. “He doth protest too much methinks.”

I bite my cheek and try not to respond in any way. I’ve often fantasized about something like this. A beautiful girl, a rough encounter in public, a very good amount of sex, and then we get to know each other better. I never thought it would actually happen, who plans for it to? Her fingers begin to rub my little prick slowly and I close my eyes and focus on my breathing. “I’m at a disadvantage,” I manage to whisper. She “hmm”s against my neck as she leans in to kiss the skin not hidden by her hand. I suppress a moan, “you know my name but I don’t know yours. What should I call such a beautiful woman?” She laughs that throaty laugh against my neck and I am lost in the feel of her lips and breath on my skin for a moment before she pulls away and looks in my eyes again.

“Call me Juliette,” she whispers and I smile.

“Well, Juliette, I can’t say I’m unhappy to meet you, but perhaps we should talk for a bit.” I try to be polite and smile again, but her hand tightens threateningly and I swallow hard. This time she smiles a wicked smile and removes my belt from my jeans. I had forgotten I was even wearing one, she must have undone it masterfully when I only thought her hands were resting at my waistline. She wraps it around my hands and then forces them behind my head.

“Just stay right there,” she whispers and kisses me again. I could have moved, but I was suddenly so entranced that I just nodded as she sunk to her knees. She pulls my underwear down slowly and I jerk a bit as the rain mets my skin. She rubs her hands over my thighs and smiles up at me before leaning in and taking my clit into her mouth. She forces my legs farther apart and my jeans are now around my ankles, but I don’t care. My head falls back and I moan as she sucks and licks and rubs her lips on my swollen prick. I can’t believe how hot I am or how good it all fells. My hips began to move with her and her hands reached around to fondle my ass cheeks.

I begin trying my best to hump her face but she is doing an amazing job of keeping me just far enough away to keep her lips in contact but not much more. Her tongue flicks out every other stroke and it is all I can do not to place my hands behind her head and force her against me. But it is still amazing, and I know I am getting close. I look down at her, so focused and obviously turned on, and I whispered “just like that, keep going, I’m almost there.” She looks up at me and that wicked grin returns. I’m not sure what that means, but she doubles her efforts and I gasp and close my eyes. I am so close, I’m breathing hard as my hips bump against her, and then I found out what she had been thinking.

Her hands spread my ass cheeks, and a finger is thrust inside my asshole. My eyes burst open and I grunt loudly as I cum, my cunt juice dripping into my jeans . I jerk and gasp as she continues to suck me off for a few more seconds. My hands remain obediently behind my head though, and I try to catch my breath when she finally stops, pulls her finger from my ass, and rises back to eye level licking her lips. She doesn’t leave me for long, before she gets rid of all the evidence she grips my cheeks and kisses me deeply, her tongue playing over mine, leaving the taste of myself on my lips.

She smiles at me, her eyes bright and eager, and lays a hand on top of my head. She pushes down, and I slide along the wall until I am squatting. This leaves me very exposed when a car from the bank drives by. My cheeks light up again as my embarrassment floods through me, but her hand keeps me where I am. Juliette winks at the driver, an middle aged man who stares at my exposed crotch, and laughs. “I think he likes what he saw,” she says before turning back to me. I was looking up at her, my eyes pleading to be released, and she bends down to kiss me again. “You’ll be fine, puppy.”

She whispered that last and I try not to whine as I realize I have become her pet. I was cooling off now, the rain had soaked us through. I hadn’t had a chance to pay much attention before, but now I can see her very well. She has on a mini skirt, her smooth legs slick with water. The skirt is tight against her skin and has become a dark blue in the weather. Her shirt is white underneath a blue winter jacket that has remained unzipped in front. I let my eyes wander over her body. Her perky breasts, a modest B-cup, are visible through the wet material. Her nipples are stiff and begging to be touched. Her hair is wet and sticking to her face, but it is a deep red and hangs over her shoulders. Her naturally red lips stand out against her pale skin, and I feel the heat return to my groin just thinking about what waited beneath her clothes.

I wouldn’t have to guess for long. It’s my turn to please. She brings my hands back over my head and I let them fall to my naked lap. Then she forces my head back and straddles my face. I am immediately covered in her sweet juice, and my tongue shoots out to lick her lips. I hear her moan, and I begin sucking at her pussy. I find her clit and nibble it gently before rolling it with my tongue. I close my lips around it and alternate between hard sucking and gentle kisses. It isn’t long before she is grinding against my face. I struggle to breath, but when I try to pull away she pushes against me harder. I raise my hands to cup her ass, pushed her up to take a deep breath, and then burry my tongue inside of her.

She gasps and moans and grinds against me. Her clit is rubbing over my nose, her juices flowing over my face and down my throat, and I squeeze her ass. I tongue fuck her as hard as I can, shoving my nose against her clit. I hear another car drive by, this time much slower, and it must send her over the edge. Her pussy clenches around my tongue and her juices exploded on my face. She is a squirter! It’s too late to pull away so I just let her cum cover me. When she is too sensitive for my tongue, she pulls off of my face and I take deep gulping breathes. She stands there shaking, her hands grasping my hair, for a few moments before she leans down and we kiss passionately.

It takes a couple of minutes for her orgasm to finally subside, and the whole time she keeps her tongue next to mine. When she finally comes back to reality she pulls me off the wall and produces a small vibrator from her jacket. She pushes me onto my back on the ground, and straddles my face again. I lean up to take her back into my mouth but she pulls away and I hear an amused “uh uh” as she waggles a finger at me. I hear the vibrator start buzzing, feel it against my clit and all over my pussy. Just when I think she is going to stick it in, when I start moaning for it, she pulls it away. I grunt, but her mouth closes once again on my swollen prick. And then the vibrator is against my asshole. I gasp and buck against her face, but she covers my mouth with her pussy.

I try to moan against her, I’m not sure I am ready, but the vibrator is pushed inside of me. I moan desperately until I feel a hand slap my pussy and she says “come on, puppy. Let me in, you know you want it.” Another slap to my pussy and I let her in.

It isn’t big, but it is powerful. Her lips return to my prick and all I can do is moan loudly. My whole body seems to respond to her attention, and I drive my face into her pussy. I suck and lick and tongue fuck for all I am worth. Her skirt is covering my face, so when another car drives by I am once again the only one exposed. I feel more than hear her moan, and I know she is getting close again. This seems to make her double her efforts. The vibrator is fucking my ass hard, and her sucking on my prick becomes loud and fast. I shove my tongue as far inside her as I can and work my hands up to where I can rub her clit with my thumb.

A few seconds later she is squirting all over my face again. I keep fucking her as hard as I can, until she pulls away. She sits on my stomach, her whole body shaking. The vibrator is still in my ass but she no longer is in control of it. But despite her orgasm she keeps a hand on my prick. I am so close I just grunt and try to fuck her hand. When she is aware again, despite her still spasming pussy, she bends back and sucks me hard. I can’t hold back any longer and I force myself against her face as I cum.

The vibrator is pulled out of my clenching asshole and that heightens my orgasm. For a few long minutes we just lay there, shaking and high on our pleasure. Finally she stands up and unties my hands. I sit up and take her hand to get to my feet. I dress myself and take my belt back as she dangles it in front of me.

“So, puppy, are you happy?” I wrap my hands around her waist and pull her close for a long kiss.

“I am extremely happy,” I say and release her. We laugh together and she runs her hands through my hair, shaking out the rain and her own cum.

“See you at home then,” she says before winking and walking away. I watch her go, admiring her body. Juliette has a wild side, and had told me I would love this. I hadn’t believed her at home, but that was the first time I had gotten her to squirt. We would have to do this more often.

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