I lay in bed, angry and frustrated from what had just happened to me. Sam had forced himself on me! I wouldn’t have been so angry about it if he hadn’t denied me an orgasm as well. I could still taste him in my mouth. Just the thought of his hands all over me and his big cock down my throat made me wet again. I must admit, I had a little crush on Sam. But I am in a loving relationship with his best friend Jack. Perhaps the thought of this affair being so forbidden is what makes it so desirable for me. Whatever it was, the forbidden affair or the incredible teasing Sam had just put me through, I found myself rubbing my fingers up and down my clit.

On the bed, I found the vibrator Sam had just used on me. I turned it on and rubbed it on my clit. My other hand went straight to my breasts, pinching and pulling on my nipples. I was lost in ecstasy, panting and moaning on the bed. I didn’t even hear the door open or see Sam standing over me. I felt the orgasm building. My body tensed.

“Not so fast, my little cock-tease,” Sam pulled the vibrator out of my hand. “I’m not done with you yet.”

Sam went to the closet and pulled out the sluttiest skirt and top that he could find. The shirt was one that I never wore because it was so low cut that anyone could see my nipples if I wasn’t careful. The shirt showed entirely too much cleavage. And the skirt was way too short. Sam tossed the clothes on the bed and commanded me to get dressed. He planned on taking me out to breakfast.

I obeyed him and dressed quickly. I met him at the front door. My pussy was still tingling from the denied orgasm. I felt as if I were dangling right on the edge. I just needed a little something to push me to the brink. I wrapped my arms around his neck and kissed him deeply, pressing my body against his.

I whispered in his ear, “I want to feel you inside me. Please fuck me!” I let my warm breath caress his neck. My tongue touched his earlobe. I softly sucked his earlobe between my teeth and nibbled gently. Sam moaned and I could feel him growing harder between my legs. My pussy itched to feel him inside. The need burned within me.

Sam kissed me back. His hand ran softly up my back. His fingers snaked through my hair. He gripped my hair roughly and pulled me away from his body.

“Not so fast,” he laughed. “We’re going out to eat. You’ll get what’s coming to you.”

He took me to a nice family restaurant that served breakfast all day. He chose a table in the middle of the restaurant where I could be visible to everyone. Since it was in the middle of the day on a week day, the restaurant wasn’t very busy. However, I began to feel very self-conscious about the outfit Sam had picked out for me. When I sat down, my skirt rode up to my thighs. I had to be careful to keep my legs closed. My shirt had sunk down to show too much breast again. I began adjusting my top, but Sam slapped my hand away.

“I want to enjoy the show,” Sam said. Beneath the table, I felt his feet pulling against my ankles. “Open your legs,” he commanded.

“No! Everyone will see!” Sam hadn’t picked out any panties for me to wear under my tight skirt.

“If you don’t, you won’t receive the reward you’ve been begging for. Also, you will be punished.” His eyes were serious as he said the last part. I didn’t want to find out what other punishment he had in store for me.

Slowly, I parted my legs. My wet pussy felt cool air against it. I thought I saw a man across the room grinning. I blushed and looked down at the menu.

While we ate, Sam made sure I was uncomfortably exposed to everyone in the restaurant. Finally we finished our meal and I was ready to leave. I began to push my chair away from the table to get up.

“Wait,” Sam said. “It’s time for your reward. I want you to finish what you started in the bedroom.”

I looked at him confused.

“Do I have to spell it out for you? Put your hand between your legs and finish pleasuring yourself.”

“But everyone will see me!” I looked around the room and saw at least two men that had been enjoying the view of my widely spread legs under the table.

“Do it,” he commanded, “Or I will leave you here without paying. I don’t think you have a wallet anywhere in that tight skirt of yours.”

He was grinning at me. He had already embarrassed me enough. What would the server say when I couldn’t pay the bill? Would they call the police? I couldn’t imagine being arrested in this ridiculous outfit.

Slowly, I let my hand drop below the table. My skirt slid up to my hips as my legs opened wider. My finger circled my clit. I needed to get off, but this wasn’t how I wanted it. I could feel eyes on me as I squeezed my eyes shut.

“No,” Sam said. “Open your eyes.”

I looked deeply into his eyes. I couldn’t look away from him for fear of seeing the other men in the restaurant staring at me. My pace quickened on my clit, but my orgasm still eluded me.

“I can’t,” I panted. “I can’t get off with everyone watching. I’m too scared.”

“That’s okay,” he said. “I just wanted you to get wet again. You didn’t need to get off here anyways.”

Sam paid the bill and we left. I hoped he would take me home and we could spend the rest of the afternoon in bed together. He drove away from my road and began heading towards the park. He took me to a big state park with lots of trails through the woods. It is a beautiful place and usually busy on the weekends. However, I knew we would be alone at this time of day during the week.

“Are we site-seeing?” I asked mockingly.

“I’m taking you to the woods, where our favorite fantasies take place. Let’s act out some of the conversations we had online.” Sam smirked at me.

I knew exactly what he was talking about. Sam and I had spent a lot of time chatting online. We had started out as just friends, but things got serious when our conversations turned sexual. I got off several times as we played out fantasies. I liked fantasies where I was tied up and tortured, while he enjoyed mythical stories. He was an elf lord, master of the forest and I was usually an angel or mermaid that trespassed or lost in a battle against the forest. We enjoyed our chats, but guilt consumed us when we thought of Jack, my boyfriend and Sam’s best friend. But I didn’t feel so bad about it because Sam lived 12 hours away and I was confident that our relationship would never turn physical. Our relationship changed when he came to visit and decided to take revenge on me for teasing him with something he can’t have.

“What was your favorite fantasy?” I asked him.

“I liked the one where you played a mermaid.” He grinned.

I smiled as I remembered the story. The mermaid was a princess that had lost a battle against the elf lord. He captured her and was going to punish her for being foolish enough to think she could beat him in battle. He tied her up and waited for the water to dry from her fins. When her fins were dry, legs appeared where her tailfin once was. He then tied her over a large fallen tree with her arms bound behind her back and her legs spread. The elf lord fucked the mermaid in the ass until she begged for him to release his seed deep inside her.

My ass tingled thinking about the elf lord thrusting into her tender bottom. I opened my eyes as I heard Sam getting out of the car. We had arrived at the park. Sam chose a secluded area and led me down a quiet path. Soon he took me off the path and we headed towards a stream. There was more privacy there, with a rock wall behind us and the stream to the side. We could still see the path at a distance, though. Any random hiker had the chance of coming upon us.

“This is a perfect place for the elf lord to take his mermaid captive,” Sam smiled.

Sam pulled some rope out of his bag and began tying my wrists and ankles. He found two nearby trees and positioned me between them. He stretched my legs and arms and tied me spread-eagled between the trees.

“The princess has been a bad girl,” Sam whispered in my ear as he moved behind me. I grew wet between my legs again as his hands drew my shirt up above my breasts. Sam squeezed my exposed nipples and I let out a cry. He moved his hands down to my skirt and pulled it up above my hips. His hand slapped my bare ass. I yelped but I wanted more. He brought his hand between my legs from behind and slowly stroked in and out my wet pussy. I pushed against his fingers, wanting more.

His hand slid back out of my pussy and towards my tight asshole. Sam used the juice from my pussy to lube up my ass. I gasped as his finger pushed into my ass. He worked his finger in and out until I swayed with his rhythm, moaning for more. He removed his fingers and slowly he gripped my hips. He positioned himself behind me and I felt his cock growing harder between my legs. I gasped and then let out a scream when he put his big dick in my ass. His thrusts were slow at first, until the initial pain had lessened. Then, Sam began to pick up the pace as my sobs turned into moans. Before long, I was screaming for more.

“Beg for it,” Sam commanded.

“Please, please elf lord, give me more!” I yelled out between moans.

“Who is your master?” Sam demanded.

“You are, master! Please, please let me cum, elf lord, master!”

With that final exclamation, Sam decided that I had learned my lesson. He rewarded me with several hard thrusts. My body convulsed as an orgasm rocked my body. With one final thrust, Sam released his powerful sperm inside of me.

I hung limply from my bonds and Sam slowly slid from behind me. He untied the ropes and I collapsed into his arms. He kissed me and I kissed him back.

“Let me take you home,” Sam said. And he led me out of the forest.

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