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My thanks to James r. scouries (sic) for the picture he posted which gave me the inspiration to write this story of Pauline and how she won the title of Pumpkin Queen.


All her life, Pauline Palmer had yearned for a chance to put her lovely face and sexy body on display and that the exhibition would lead to an escape from the boredom of the small city where she had lived all her life. Hollywood was her goal and, when she heard about the first of what would become an annual Pumpkin Festival, with a beauty contest to determine the Pumpkin Queen, she was highly interested. That interest vastly increased when she learned it was to be held the Saturday before Halloween, mostly because the only criteria in determining a winner would be the attractiveness of the entrants. There would be no knowledge of current affairs required, nor any judging of talent or personality, just hotness. Pauline knew her experience as a cheerleader, combined with her beauty would make her one of the strongest contenders, especially because of some of her unusual facial and bodily features.

When she filled out the application, her hair color was listed as “red,” which was correct, but it was actually more of an orange-red, not far from the color of a pumpkin. Her oval-shaped face, with its green eyes and silky complexion, was liberally sprinkled with freckles, as was much of her body. Most of the cute little marks were shapeless, but more than a few, to a person whose thoughts were on pumpkins, bore a strong resemblance to the big gourd, and their color was almost the same as her hair.

There was another reason too, which she expected to prove more important. The chief judge of the beauty contest was to be, of course, the city mayor, and Pauline knew what a lecher he was especially toward girls who looked like she and the other contestants did. Here Pauline was at a big advantage, because she was 18 years old, and fair game. No other entrant she knew of was older than 17, and she knew of one who was only 16. Not wanting any problems with the law, the mayor would make no sexual advances toward any of the other girls, and reject those made by them, if any occurred, but he would certainly not turn down hers, as long as they were circumspect.

If she were caught in bed with the mayor, Pauline would be considered a slut, but she already had that reputation, and didn’t expect it to make any difference in her future. If one of the younger girls were caught in that compromising situation, she would be considered a victim, no matter who had suggested the tryst, and the man would be branded a pedophile and thrown into jail, ending the political career he obviously enjoyed so much. It was extremely unlikely he would take that chance just for a few hours of carnal pleasure.

Mayor William Rakelech really did enjoy his position, partly because of the hot women he had access to. On Friday, eight days before the Pumpkin Festival, he was sitting in his office looking over the descriptions and pictures of the young women who had entered the associated beauty contest. They were all sexy and beautiful, especially in their skimpy bathing suits, and his cock was stretching his pants, but his good spirits were waning as he read their descriptions. He had high hopes of fucking or being sucked off by some of the young lovelies, but everybody he had looked at until then was under 18 years old — in other words, jailbait.

“Don’t any girls who are old enough to fuck want to be Pumpkin Queen,” he muttered to himself.

He turned another page in the slick paper brochure he had commissioned just for his own use, and one of the sexiest women he had ever seen appeared. Her tits looked larger than those of the others, although that might have been the result of the tiny bikini top that couldn’t even start to contain them. Her name was Pauline Palmer and, when he read her description, his spirits soared high. Because she had achieved that magical age she was fair game, but she would still have the desirable girlish qualities he loved so much — the soft skin, the firm flesh, the stamina to fuck for a long time, the…. Bill decided it would be better to avoid thinking about things like that, because he felt the inseam of his pants give slightly as his cock tried to rip its way through.

Pauline was not particularly turned on by the thought of sex with the mayor. He was not bad looking and, although relatively young for the high position he held, he was still a few years her senior. She had no qualms against fucking or sucking him off or against sex with him in general, but she was not looking forward to doing what she felt she had to do. The sexy redhead was quite sure she would be able to hold up her part of any bargain that might be struck, although it would probably be more fun if the judge were younger and more handsome. She also hoped he wouldn’t want to fuck her ass, the way one of her boyfriends had while she was in her menses, but Pauline would do that too, if she had to.

At nine o’clock the next morning, she approached the desk of the mayor’s private secretary, Mabel Brown. “I’d like to see the mayor,” Pauline announced in a rather shaky voice.

“I see. Do you have an appointment? What is this regarding?”

“I don’t have an appointment, but this is about the Pumpkin Festival.”

“Well, the mayor is taking a very personal interest in the festival, and he isn’t too busy. I’ll ask him if he will see you. What is your name?” To say he was not busy was an understatement, because Mayor Rakelech was sitting at his desk doing the morning newspaper’s crossword puzzle.

“Pauline Palmer.”

Mabel buzzed the inner office. “Sir, there’s a Miss Pauline Palmer here to see you. She says it’s about the Pumpkin Festival.”

The mayor was amazed. He had just been thinking about Pauline and about how much he wanted to arrange a meeting to offer her the title of Pumpkin Queen in exchange for sex, and now she was coming to see him. “Send her in,” he ordered, hardly able to believe his luck.

Pauline was elated with her good fortune too, to find the mayor in and not too busy to see her. Mabel saw no need to escort the visitor to the door to the inner office and, on the way there, the young hopeful unbuttoned her Cardigan and the top three buttons of her blouse. Since she was not wearing any bra, the creamy white, freckled upper surfaces of her breasts were clearly visible. She took a deep breath to reduce nervousness, turned the doorknob and entered.

Believing his visitor would be far more interesting than Greek letters or Norse gods, Bill had put aside the crossword puzzle. He was leaning forward as he eagerly waited for his first look at the girl whom he expected to fuck before naming her Pumpkin Queen in just over a week. He knew her face and breasts were among the most beautiful he had ever seen but, on that day, he was expecting to be treated to a view of some of her other qualifications for the title and, hopefully, arrange for a lot more than just looking at her.

He was not disappointed. When Bill pointed to a chair and suggested Pauline, whom he formally addressed as “Ms. Palmer,” bring it over to the desk, the visual treats began. He ogled her long, shapely legs and the way her sexy hips swayed in her green miniskirt and, when she bent over to pick up the chair, he had a side view of one of the sexiest forms he had ever seen. From the way his visitor was dressed and the fact she was coming to see him at all, he was quite sure she wanted to trade sex with him for the Pumpkin Queen title, and he was more than happy to agree to such a fair exchange as that.

He became even happier when Pauline placed the chair directly in front of him and sat down. She made quite a production of it, first leaning far forward and, letting the lapels on her blouse flare out, exposing her large, succulent breasts all the way down to their areolas. She moved her shoulders so the gorgeous globes would sway in front of the mayor’s appreciative gaze. Even after she was seated, Pauline continued to lean forward so most of the pale, freckled beauties were on display.

“Well, Ms. Palmer, my secretary told me you are here about the beauty pageant planned as part of the Pumpkin Festival.”

“Yes, your honor; I’ve signed up as a contestant in the pageant, and I’d really, really like to win.”

“Well, you are quite beautiful and, as the chief judge, I can see clearly you will be a strong contender.”

“Thank you, but I don’t want to be just a contender. I want to win!”

“I would expect that, but there are other attractive young ladies entered in the contest too, and I’m sure they all want to win as much as you do.”

“None of them want to win as much as I do. I would do ANYTHING to win this contest.” Pauline emphasized her statement by casually unfastening another of the buttons on her blouse, providing a quick peek at one of her nipples.

Neither the gesture nor the displaywas lost on the mayor. “Anything?” he queried her. In response the beautiful redhead nodded her head, and the mayor continued. “Would that include taking off your blouse and showing me your bare breasts?”

Instead of replying verbally, Pauline smiled, finished the last of her buttons and pulled the blouse back to show the man on the other side of the desk what he wanted to see. She swung her upper body slowly from side to side to let the succulent pair bounce and sway provocatively.

“You certainly are beautiful, Pauline, and I believe we can arrive at a mutually beneficial agreement.”

“Well, I’ve already told you want I want. And I think you already know what I’m offering you, and it’s a lot more than just a look at my boobs.”

“Understood. Today is the 19th of October, and I have something going on this evening that I can’t get out of. Suppose I go and rent a motel room on Saturday morning and we meet somewhere and go there and get it on? And a week later, you’ll be the winner of the first Pumpkin Queen Beauty Pageant.”

“That sounds okay. Will I only have to meet you once, or will there be meetings next week in other places?”

“Just one time. Of course, if we feel like it and have a good time in the motel, we can get together now and then in the future.”

Pauline thought about the proposition for a few seconds, and could see only one potential problem. Hoping to eliminate even that possibility, she answered with an additional proposal: “How about you and me getting together tomorrow morning like you suggest, and again the night after the festival to celebrate my winning?” She believed if the mayor might be thinking of double-crossing her, he would be much less likely to do so if it meant he would miss out on the post festival sexual romp.

The mayor realized Pauline’s suggestion was to insure he carried through his part of the deal, which he intended to do anyhow, and he readily agreed to it. If she stood him up after winning the contest, that would be no big deal, because he would have willingly agreed to just the first tryst, so the second would be a bonus he might not get otherwise. He also felt no guilt about what he had to admit was a misuse of his position. Even if the contest weren’t fixed, the sexy redhead would probably win on her charms alone. He had seen glossy photos of all the entrants, and she was the most gorgeous by far.

Once the time and place of the morning meeting had been set, Pauline stood up. Wanting to provide another sample of what the man was in for, she circled the desk as he turned to her. They embraced snugly and shared a long kiss with their tongues intertwined, while she held his wrists to place his handds on her naked breasts. If putting those charms on display hadn’t been enough, she wanted to give him an additional idea of what awaited him the next day in the motel and again, after she was declared the winner of the beauty contest. He appreciated that, and was very much looking forward to what he expected to be some really great sex at in the motel room he used for such purposes whenever a hotsy like his redheaded visitor was available to him.

After straightened her clothing, she left and, as Pauline walked past Mabel Brown, she smiled at her, and the friendly look was returned. She couldn’t help thinking what she had promised to do was not entirely honest and ethical, but she was going to go through with it anyhow. From what she knew or had heard about the other contest entrants, she would be the winner even if she hadn’t made the arrangements with the chief judge.

They were all very attractive girls and women, but Pauline did not believe in false modesty and knew she was the best looking of the bunch. The bargain with the mayor was no more than a form of insurance, because he may have made the same deal with some other girl for some other time, but the meeting after the contest should keep him honest, at least in regard to her.

At eleven o’clock the following morning, Pauline was sitting nervously on the park bench at the corner of Grove Street and Turner Avenue. She watched the traffic passing by, but nobody had stopped or even slowed down yet. Following further directions, she was wearing a shapeless raincoat and her hair and a large part of her face was covered by a scarf. Part of the plan had been for her to conceal her normal alluring appearance, in case some guy might decide to hit on her, besides her not being recognizable to anybody who knew her.

A few minutes later, a nondescript car pulled up to the curb a little way down the block, and an equally ordinary looking man wearing a raincoat got out and started to approach her. Pauline hoped he would just keep walking into the park, but the unknown man continued to draw closer. Suddenly, she realized the stranger was the man she was there to meet. As with her, everything about the mayor’s appearance was intended to keep any nosy person from spotting him and possibly reporting his actions to the local newspaper, which would have dearly loved such a juicy scandal.

“Good morning, Pauline,” he greeted her.

“Hello, Mr. Mayor.”

“Don’t call me that. Today, my name is Bill.” He reached out to hold her arm and steer her to his waiting car.

“Okay, Bill. But there’s nobody around to hear us anyhow.”

“I know, but with what we’re going to be doing, there’s no room for formality. At the beauty contest, when I present you with the sash and blue ribbon, we’ll be more formal, but not now.”

He opened the car door for Pauline as she entered, closed the door behind her and went around to get into the driver’s side. The vehicle was almost as shabby on the inside as it had been on the exterior, but she knew the appearance was a ruse to keep their activities secret, and she didn’t care all that much about such externals. Bill drove around the block and through the deserted streets of a commercial district, just to lose anybody following them, before heading to one of the small motels on the southern edge of town.

He stopped in front of an end unit as far as possible from the office, got out of the car and unlocked the door to the room. As he looked expectantly at his passenger, she followed, making sure to lock her car door as Bill had done with his. Once they were inside, she noticed the room was quite warm, which was a good idea, because they would soon be cavorting naked, and was quite sparsely furnished with a dresser, some chairs and a small table, and a queen-sized bed that was already turned down. Bill had been there earlier that day to set the thermostat and prepare the bed.

Their next move would be to prepare each other, but they started by standing beside the bed and sharing a long kiss, grinding their lips together and licking each other’s tongues. His arms went from being around Pauline to unbuttoning her coat, and she started doing the same for him, until they both shrugged out of the bulky garments, and he went to hang them on the hooks on the door. She noted he was wearing jeans and a flannel shirt, enough to cover him but not be too much in the way.

While she waited for Bill’s return, Pauline’s fingers were not idle — she quickly unfastened the buttons on her blouse, giving the mayor a view similar to what he had gotten the previous day. He smiled at the erotic sight and reached out to push the blouse over her shoulders and down her arms, to be tossed out of their way on the corner of the bed. With his partner bare above the waist, he held one of her succulent breasts in either hand and began licking a nipple. The beautiful twins were soft and succulent and vibrant in his hands, and he was surprised and elated that they were completely natural.

“Why don’t you sit on the bed, and I’ll do something nice for you?” Pauline suggested.

From the smile on her face and the way she was licking her lips, Bill was sure he knew what she meant, and it was something he wanted too. He sat, and Pauline unbuttoned his pants and pulled down the zipper on the fly. When he lifted himself from the bed, she pulled the jeans around his ass and down to his knees, stopping there to untie and remove his deck shoes. While she was concentrating on his legs and feet, Bill took off his shirt and tossed it beside her blouse. When his feet were bare, Pauline pulled his pants down the rest of the way and left them on top of his shoes and socks.

All he was wearing then was his boxer shorts, and Pauline smiled lewdly when she saw his stiff cock protruding upward through the fly. It was big and hard, and just what she wanted, and she fondled it briefly before unsnapping the waistband. Bill raised his ass from the bed again, and the shorts joined his pants on the floor, leaving him naked and ready for what he was certain would be happening next.

Pauline was certain too, and relished the idea. After smiling up at the man on the bed with her pretty green eyes and pink lips, she rested her elbows on his thighs and gently took his cock in one hand. Holding it upright, she licked the slit and all around the head until her tongue was circling under the ridge. She put her lips together then, nestling the head between them while her tongue extended down his shaft. Slowly but steadily, constantly licking and fondling with her tongue, she lowered her face, as her mouth enveloped more and more of the hard, thick cylinder, until the end was against the back of her throat.

To Bill, it was already one of the best blow jobs he had ever gotten, and he knew the best part was still ahead. Everything about it was a delight, from the muffled murmurs of joy Pauline was uttering to the highly erotic sight of his cock protruding from the very pretty face while her lovely eyes gazed up at him. Best of all was what was happening inside that pretty face and mouth. He could feel her agile tongue caressing every bit of his cock that was inside her mouth, and he was squirming in bliss from the sensations that were starting to reverberate through his body.

“Oh, my god, Pauline. You’re incredible,” he declared.

She said nothing, but smiled inside and slowly raised her head until just the tip of the cock was still surrounded by her lips. No more than a few seconds later, and while still gazing adoringly at the man seated above her, Pauline lowered her face again. This time, she did not stop when the tip reached her throat, but opened up and took its entire length, until Bill’s pubic hair was brushing against her nose and lips. She stayed like that for a few seconds, with her tongue caressing him, until she once again raised her mouth until only the head was between her lips again.

As much fun as the encounter was for Bill, it was almost as much for Pauline. She had always loved sucking cocks anyhow, and his was one of the best — big enough to fill her mouth but not so big that she couldn’t move it around inside while her tongue reveled in the smooth skin stretched tightly across the hard roundness. Even looking up at Bill’s face was fun for her too, because she loved to watch the grimaces of pleasure flickering across a man’s visage and see his body writhing in bliss on the bed above her. For a long time, Pauline continued sucking with slow, deep strokes, engulfing his cock over and over, until she felt it starting to throb in her mouth.

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