When a knock sounded on the heavy wooden chamber door Danielle nervously glanced at Mary. They shared a final longing gaze. Mary gestured for the prisoner and they advanced to the door, Danielle’s heart racing in fear, breathing hard, body visibly trembling. She began feeling dizzy as the door loomed larger and froze in her tracks. Mary gently held her shoulders and guided the woman forward. When the door opened Danielle immediately recognized the Captain, who wore a wide grin on his face. She silently wondered if he had anticipated this event.

He retrieved the shackles and flashed Mary an irritated look for not having the prisoner properly secured. They were returned to Danielle’s wrists and her arms were once again locked behind her back. Sniffing her hair and neck the man savored the scent of a freshly cleansed woman as it was unlike any other, knowing he would soon enjoy the view of her shaved, nude form.

The chamber was close to the stairs, which descended to a corridor that led to the dungeon. Torches hung from blackened walls at equally spaced intervals, chasing back the ever-present darkness. They passed through two doors before entering a large room that was home to many imaginative, torturous devices. Danielle looked at them with horror-filled eyes… at times she was at a loss when trying to determine their intended purpose.

The Captain led her to a large square wood frame made of heavy, splintered timber. Chained shackles dangled from the top, and two others were attached at the bottom, designed to hold a prisoner standing with arms and legs outstretched.

On a nearby wall an assortment of leather whips and straps ominously hung, providing the torturer a variety from which to choose. He pulled the pins from the shackles, releasing her wrists, and eagerly slipped the robe off her otherwise naked form.

Attaching her to the frame afforded the Captain ample opportunity to admire her amazing, shapely body. He gazed upon her lovely face and breasts while securing her wrists to the dangling shackles attached to the frame. Final adjustments were made so her arms were outstretched and no slack in the chain existed.

Lowering to his knees, with her legs spread, he enjoyed the close-up view of her gorgeous womanhood. It was bald and the pink lips were still moist from the lingering excitement following her intimate embrace with Mary. He attached one, followed by the other ankle; once secured they prevented her thighs from closing her legs, denying anyone in the area a view of her hairless virtue.

He was afraid to touch her pristine skin and risk leaving behind a smudge of dirt, but his lips were clean and he took advantage of her helpless position. His tongue extended to kiss and lick her luscious womanhood. The fragile folds felt, smelled, and tasted wonderful.

Danielle remained silent, finding little use in protesting. Her face grimaced as he spent several long moments exploring her with his mouth in a decidedly different manner than Mary had. She felt the tip of his tongue pushing between the lips, her body stiffening as he lasciviously explored the length of her valley, intermittently stimulating her aroused nub. The Captain continued for as long as he dared before rising and waiting for Lord Chadwick’s arrival.

“Remember your promise to me,” she whispered, reminding him of the words he uttered to gain her sexual cooperation in the carriage.

A wicked grin appeared on his face. He was about to say something when the sound of approaching footsteps distracted him. Lord Chadwick appeared and crossed the dungeon floor to where she stood, helplessly mounted to the frame in a shameful posture.

His eyes adored her naked beauty as he shook his head approvingly. “You are just as lovely as I recall,” he decided, taking a moment to sift his fingers through her silky black mane, lifting it to his nose as he breathed in her wondrous scent. “And sweet-smelling as well. I am already looking forward to enjoying you.”

Danielle was tempted to spit in the detestable man’s face but was mindful of her position, aware that the lord could unleash much pain upon her if she failed to cooperate. Mindful of Mary’s advice, the young virgin instead showed no visible reaction.

He stepped up to her and looked her directly in the eyes. His were blue, cold, and evil. His right hand grasped her chin so she could not look away from him.

“Tonight you will love me with your pure body with all the enthusiasm of a virgin madly in love with her new husband,” he instructed. “I know you are not anxious for this to happen, but pain has a way of breaking the spirit of a woman and wearing her down into a cooperative state. I will know when you have reached this level and are ready to accompany me to my private chambers.”

He leaned forward to kiss her lips. It was cold and passionless. He looked into her eyes once more before stepping away, smiling wickedly. The Captain selected a leather strap from the hanging assortment and took up an offset position behind her and to the left. Although she could not see, Danielle detected motion and braced herself as best she could.

The strap struck across her bare ass with a loud crack, followed by stinging pain that jolted her body. She gasped, stiffening as the pain echoed through her flesh. Lord Chadwick observed from a few feet away, smiling as he saw her beautiful face contorted in pain, which never failed to arouse him.

A few seconds elapsed, providing a brief span of time for Danielle to recover her breath and prepare for the next blow. Its loud arrival was every bit as sharp as the last, and the breath momentarily caught in her throat from the surge of stinging pain that assaulted her. She cried out loud in response which seemed to please him all the more.

Tears formed in her eyes but she defiantly held them back. As she did Mary’s words echoed through her mind, “Neither too weak nor too stubborn”. She glanced at Lord Chadwick with an angry scowl on her face as she thought of her interrupted life and a loving family left wondering as to her whereabouts.

The scowl was wiped off her face with the onset of another lash, his grin widening as he watched her eyes snap shut and heard a cry of protest as she again jerked with sharp, stinging pain. The hot tears she held back now spilled down her cheeks flushed red, body glistening as the pain warmed her flesh and droplets of perspiration formed on her skin. She could feel her ass burning, throbbing, but was unable to see the angry red stripes that marked her soft, smooth flesh now roughened by the leather.

He motioned for the Captain to pause and closed the distance between Danielle and himself. He held her chin and gazed directly into her wet, captivating green eyes, noticing they were softer than before.

“You skin is damp with sweat,” he noticed. “Pain warms the body but has it also your heart? Are you now mine, or have I yet to break you?”

He had not expected her to answer, and would not have taken it at face value if she had. The truth was in the eyes and the kiss, not the spoken word. He kissed her lips again, and although there was a reaction of a sort it was hardly inspiring.

When his tongue pushed into her mouth hers responded in an attempt to please, but he still sensed her contemptuous reluctance. Tongue lingering in her mouth hopefully, his penis stirred as the wet muscles entwined, but it was forced and lacking in passion. She was warming to him slowly, which he rather enjoyed, but her spirit was unbroken.

He stepped back and signaled for the punishment to resume. He watched as the leather strap arced and was brought to bear across the width of her delectable round ass. The firm flesh jumped, and with it her body and breasts, pink nipples straining as they visibly throbbed. This was a ravishing sight he never tired of witnessing.

The dr oplets of perspiration grew heavy and rolled down her skin as sharp pain once again embraced her form. Her voice cried out and tears again formed, but she somehow controlled them with a fierce determination. He developed a growing respect for the girl and hoped her fighting spirit could be transformed into passion, for these girls were most pleasing of all.

He did not take note of how many or few times the leather struck her flesh, for pain was relative. Lord Chadwick instead observed her body language, for it was more telling than anything else. His father William taught him the skill years previous and practiced in a secluded barn with women they abducted. It was something he had taken a great liking to.

As the strap struck home again, the tears could no longer be controlled and streamed down her reddened cheeks. He signaled for another pause and approached her, now more confident of his success. Again he held her chin to look directly into her alluring green eyes, which even now continued to sparkle invitingly.

“Are you ready to love me with all the passion in your heart?” he asked.

Danielle nodded yes without hesitation, and he believed her. But there was more to this test than a simple gesture could satisfy, for words did not accurately mirror the soul, and it was this that he truly wanted, just as his father had instructed.

He leaned forward and kissed those amazing lips. They kissed him back with fervor, this time it was her tongue that entered his mouth. Her wet muscle entwined with his enthusiastically and probed all areas of his hot mouth. It was inspiring and further hardened his manhood which now throbbed insistently within his clothing. He wanted her mightily as he imagined her quaking body embracing him with its warm wetness.

He broke the kiss. “Let us see if you are truly as committed as you profess.”

With a gesture the Captain was by their side releasing the wrist shackles. Lord Chadwick moved her to the knees before him, the bulge in his clothing indicating what he sought. With the stinging pain a constant reminder of what failure would bring, her soft fingers reached inside and guided his erection into the open.

Danielle squeezed and fondled him at first, sampling his manly wares. Then she leaned forward, taking him into her hot, wet mouth. She took him in as deeply as she could, consuming half of his length and filling the mouth to the throat as her tongue teasingly danced over the rigid, pulsating surface.

Her saliva bathed his instrument of evil, feeling it swell harder still. It was more than just a simple act and it satisfied him, for she was indeed ready. Her heart and soul was in every move of her tongue as it devoured his throbbing organ and swallowed the traces of seed as it leaked from the rounded tip. Danielle licked, nibbled, and sucked, delivering jolts of delight the extent of which were pleasantly refreshing, his stimulated sacs filling with semen in anticipation.

After verifying a woman’s submissive intent he normally retreated to his chambers with her in tow, but he was especially intrigued by this one. What she lacked in skill she overwhelmingly compensated for with youthful vigor and enthusiasm. The way the soft pads of her fingers tenderly gripped and caressed his penis and balls in combination with the sucking of her mouth and movements of her tongue lovingly coaxed the seed from his weapon. His excitement was genuine and strong, which was why he allowed the ravishing gem he had found to continue her assigned task in that spot.

Chadwick’s hands reached down, cradling the back of her head as his fingers sifted through the silky soft strands of long black hair. His legs and abdomen tightened as a powerful tingling was triggered by her oral efforts and a brief stream of milky cum was released into her mouth. Some of it mixed with saliva and collected at the corners of her mouth as it moved back and forth along his erect shaft, the remainder being swallowed. Her gorgeous green eyes glanced up at him and smiled. The green orbs were dazzling and they reflected a lost, frightened, innocent soul ripe for corruption.

His hands held her head as he pushed deeper into her incredible mouth, feeling the rounded tip rubbing at the back of her throat. She struggled with the uncomfortable penetration and gagged several times, but with the strict patience of a teacher he remained in position, teaching her to adapt. She did, and intensified his delight as her mouth took more of him inside than she was previously capable of. An evil grin formed on his stern face as he decided that she made a good pupil. This was good, for he had many more skills to impart.

Although she was tiring, Danielle furiously licked and sucked on his sword. Her head rapidly bobbed back and forth, sliding his head to the very back of her throat, eventually working it down inside a slight bit as her oral skill slowly developed. Several times his body tensed and he softly grunted as a brief stream of thick, hot seed filled her mouth, but he remained erect.

Finally her efforts ushered him to the brink of orgasm, where he hesitated and delighted in the wondrous sensation of the bulk of his semen rising from the sacs. He cringed and stiffened as his sensitized head was teased by her darting tongue and wildly sucking mouth that drew the thick fluid from his body.

He climaxed with a loud grunting sound that resembled that of an animal and overfilled her orifice with a large, milky load. Danielle knew he wanted her to swallow because his hands kept her head pinned and forced her to do precisely this. She choked and gagged as it passed down her throat, and in the throes of ecstasy his last twitch delivered more. Saliva and semen dripped from the sides of her mouth and over her chin.

When he removed his softening penis from her mouth she forced herself to look up and smile, sensing he would delight in seeing his thick semen smeared upon her mouth and face. She was not wrong, for his reddened eyes lit up.

Danielle lifted a finger to her chin, collected the milky mess, and sucked her finger clean. His smile broadened as he watched the vulgar display with great enjoyment. He loved making the innocent wicked, the shameful shameless, the proud humble, and the beautiful young women of his province into his willing sex slaves, just as his father had taught him to do.

Danielle remained on her knees and looked up at him in adoration. Her full, smiling lips were coated with his seed and shimmered in the dancing firelight of a dozen torches. His hands reached down, the left gently caressing her right cheek as the right stroked the top of her head. Danielle tilted her head toward his left hand as her eyes fluttered and closed. The look on her lovely face was decidedly arousing to him, for she was his, heart and soul.

“Now you will shamelessly demonstrate with the rest of your innocent body just how eager you are to humbly serve your new master.”

He led her to his chambers with her nude form cloaked in the robe. Once inside, the heavy door was closed and locked. Danielle trembled in nervous fear. She knew she would be with a man one day but had never envisioned this version of the lifetime event.

As Danielle curiously glanced around she noticed several interconnecting chambers. The one she was in was currently occupied by a table and chairs where meals could be consumed or strategies devised by up to a half-dozen people.

He grasped the nape of her neck and led her into another, through a doorway that had no door. This contained two barred windows, a fireplace, and a large bed, which a single torch cast a dim, flickering light across its ominous surface. She wondered how many virgins had spilled their blood upon the heavy timber frame, and how many more would before the reign of terror ended.

Sensing the unasked question Chadwick grinned while whispering, “Many. And many more shall follow after you.”

He approached his gorgeous companion from behind and reached for the robe. She thrust her shoulders back as he pulled it off, allowing it to fall to the floor. He admired the back of her curvaceous form, gaze lingering on the firm round buttocks that displayed angry red stripes. His hands reached down and cupped the cheeks. Danielle grimaced and gasped as he caressed the punished flesh. It was hot and rough to his fingers as fresh jolts of stinging pain were incited by his touch.

“Walk to the center of the bed and kneel on the very edge, with your face on the blanket,” he precisely commanded, and watched as she immediately complied.

He removed all of his clothing and slowly approached her, enjoying her beauty as he advanced. His eyes viewed the shimmering pink folds of her virtuous center and noticed they were moist with her essence. The body sometimes confused the intense emotional states of pain and pleasure, and when it did, sexual arousal occurred, even under the most trying of circumstances.

He would teach her to embrace both, and if she could not he would send her to the stable and seek another. But if she could, he would have found the one. He thought Mary could have been, but in the very end failed. He returned to her from time to time and renewed his efforts, and although she was an enjoyable distraction it was clear she would not share his destiny. But Danielle had renewed his hopes.

Kneeling beside the bed, his lips and tongue teased an inner thigh at the periphery of her center. Her body shuddered, back arching as she groaned in delight. He maintained the stimulation for several minutes, alternating between her left and right thighs, saliva moistening the pink skin. The smell of Danielle’s unspoiled sex intensified as her fragile petals swelled and became coated with flowing nectar.

He knew she wanted his mouth on her aroused womanhood, but he was determined to teach her to embrace pain as well. His right hand sharply struck her sore buttocks and her body jerked as a sharp pain shocked her body. It was the first of many as he commenced to spanking her bottom. Beads of perspiration returned to her skin; her breathing quickening, heart pounding. But her body confused the signals as the vibration also stimulated the enlarged, hooded nub.

Her excitement intensified, and as the pain and pleasure intertwined her body tensed as she crossed the threshold of ecstasy to shudder in powerful spasms of delight. Danielle’s echoing voice cried out as her form wildly shook, her precious virtue releasing a brief flood of essence that coated the fragile folds, and for several seconds she savored a minor climax.

By the time the lesson was concluded his penis was fully engorged and throbbing. Chadwick would enjoy her many times this night and teach her wicked things, but the first time he enjoyed most of all. He arose from the kneeling position and stood directly behind her, wielding his manhood as if a sword with evil intent.

Her glorious ass, striped with red from the strap, now showed signs of handprints from the spanking. He knew it must be painful as his hands returned to the hot skin and grabbed onto the cheeks, her body stiffening as her voice gasped aloud while the sharp stinging resumed. He pushed his sword forward, finding little difficulty steering himself between the glistening folds and into the narrow valley. The pink walls were wet and smeared the tip with essence. He moved it into position, allowing it to throb against the small virginal opening.

Danielle recalled Mary’s advice that had provided the tiniest spark of hope. “Act as if you want him more than he wants you.”

“I beg of you please take my innocence, master,” she whispered. “It is not much but it is all I can offer you.”

He grinned. “It is all that I desire.”

Danielle’s hips pushed back against the tip and felt as the head pressed upon the opening. His hands moved away from the sore cheeks and to the front of her upper thighs for support. As her hips drove back he thrust forward.

The moistened round head stretched the opening wide and the walls of her canal protested, resisting his entry. She groaned as the pressure intensified and the walls of flesh reluctantly yielded, stretching around the tip. Danielle gasped, flinching as the membrane was torn away. Her flowing wetness eased the discomfort of the canal walls as they were forcibly stretched and yielded to his advancing penis. Once the canal passed the widest part of his head it was drawn inside.

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