Brandon slumped back with a groan. “God damn, you know how to suck cock.”

Lonnie raised his head from Brandon’s lap and made a show of swallowing the remainder of Brandon’s load. “I love sucking you.”

“That fucking mouth of yours is gonna give me a fucking heart attack.”

Lonnie snickered, then planted a kiss on the end of Brandon’s cock. He let it fall and it slapped heavily against Brandon’s thigh, totally sated. Lonnie smiled, congratulating himself on a job well done. He planted a soft kiss on Brandon’s belly.

“C’mere,” Brandon growled. He grabbed Lonnie and pulled him forward. Lonnie straddled Brandon, planting his knees on each side of his hips. Oh, fuck yeah. Lonnie had never sat on Brandon like this before. He liked the view of the younger man sitting on his spent cock. He wondered briefly what it would feel like to have Lonnie ride him.

Brandon spit into his palm and grabbed Lonnie’s dick. He slid his hand up and down, twisting and turning, slow and steady. Brandon had done this enough over the past few days to know exactly how Lonnie liked it. Lonnie arched his back and braced his hands on Brandon’s thighs. Brandon’s other hand roamed up and down Lonnie’s tight little body. His tiny nipples were hard and pointy. Brandon wondered if Lonnie liked them played with. He reached up and pinched one of the little brown nubs. He flicked his thumb back and forth across it and Lonnie bucked up into his hand. ‘That answers that question,’ Brandon thought with a smirk.

“Brandon, oh god, Brandon,” Lonnie moaned. His whimpers and moans grew louder and higher pitched. His body went rigid and started to shake uncontrollably.

Brandon knew that he was about to shoot. Lonnie’s body was so responsive, so predictable, so in tune to his touch. When Lonnie was about to come, he shook so hard that Brandon thought he might just shake himself apart one of these times. He could make the boy come so easily with a lethal combination of twists, turns and tweaks. All from Brandon’s hand. Brandon wondered if Lonnie’s previous lovers did this for him, did it this good for him. He refused to think about them, touching Lonnie’s lithe and delicate body. The thought of anyone else’s hands on Lonnie pissed him off.

Brandon continued to stroke Lonnie’s cock steadily while he tweaked the boy’s nipple. He was about to lose it. Any second now…

Lonnie drew in a sharp gasp and thrust up into Brandon’s hand, fucking the slick fist. “Daddy, I’m coming!”

Pearly white strings of jizz spurted all over Brandon’s chest. It covered his stomach and spilled down his hand.

The release was clearly intense. Lonnie drew in deep gasps of air, his whole body shuddering and heaving. Brandon couldn’t help but chuckle and Lonnie laughed with him.

“Oh!” Lonnie grabbed Brandon’s wrist, stilling his hand with a hiss. Brandon still managed to swipe his hand up Lonnie’s dick once more, twisting around the head as he stroked up. “Oh god!” Lonnie cried out as his body convulsed. He yanked Brandon’s hand away from his raw, over-sensitive dick.

“Wow, you’re good at that,” he said with a happy sigh.

“Had a lot of practice, cupcake,” Brandon chuckled as he made a ‘jerk off’ motion with his messy fist.

Lonnie leaned down and kissed Brandon. “I like when you call me cupcake,” he whispered against the bigger man’s lips.

Brandon kissed Lonnie back until Lonnie pulled away to take a breath. Brandon was holding his spunky hand out, trying not to let it touch anywhere. Brandon looked at his hand and snickered. His cupcake had a cream center. Images of Twinkies ran through Brandon’s head. Nope, Lonnie was no Twinkie. He was definitely a cupcake. His cupcake.

Lonnie grabbed the slimy hand and brought it up to his mouth. He stared into Brandon’s eyes while he sucked and licked it until it was clean.

Brandon watched him with a wide-eyed lusty stare and that made Lonnie smirk with glee. Brandon may be confused about his sexuality, but there was no denying what made the man hot.

Lonnie let out a soft sigh, then happily snuggled against Brandon and laid his head down on the big man’s furry chest, not caring that he was laying in puddles of his own cooling spunk.

After a moment’s hesitation, Brandon’s arms slipped around him, holding him tight.

Brandon swallowed but didn’t speak. The feelings coursing through him were so confusing.

For the past five days, he had come to Lonnie every night. They shared dinner together, talking and laughing, getting to know each other more and more. Lonnie was so easy to talk to. Brandon told Lonnie personal things he didn’t normally share, even telling him details about his marriage and the subsequent failure. He found himself spilling out things he never even told Ben, like how humiliated he was by Ginny walking out on him, how he felt like a total failure. Even though their marriage was completely dysfunctional, it still bruised his ego.

They talked about his mom and having to put her in a home when she got sick, and how hard it was to walk away and leave her there. He even told Lonnie about how he bawled like a baby as soon as he found himself alone in his truck. He never told a single soul about that. Lonnie had put his hand on Brandon’s and held it, looking up at him with sympathetic eyes.

They talked about his remodeling business and how it was struggling in the economy. They weren’t in danger of going under, but he really hoped the flip would bring them a new source of revenue. He had ten full-time employees to take care of.

It wasn’t just one way, Brandon unloading everything onto Lonnie. Lonnie also talked about growing up always feeling a little different. The white kids didn’t like him because he wasn’t white enough. The Asian kids didn’t like him because he didn’t speak Japanese and was too American. And not only did he not look like the other kids, but he also struggled with his sexuality for a long time. He grew up being called ‘sissy’ and then later ‘fag’. He came to terms with being gay in his late teens and came out to his mom after he graduated from high school, but he just couldn’t tell his dad. He loved his dad, but he always made him feel inadequate.

It was comforting to Brandon to be able to talk to someone about all of the bullshit floating around in his head.

It was also nice to just spend time with someone, kicking back, relaxing, talking about work and how their days went. Brandon had his own home, but it was empty and lonely. He had friends like Ben and Walker, but they had lives of their own. Was it pathetic that he’d rather spend time in an abandoned house with Lonnie and Ricky than his own home?

The nights would eventually lead to the two of them laying together on Lonnie’s mattress. That second night, Brandon brought him a new set of sheets to make it more comfortable.

Each time, Lonnie rocked Brandon’s world, giving him mind-blowing head like he never had in his life. Lonnie seemed very appreciative of the handjobs that Brandon gave him, always climaxing hard, his moans and whimpers shamelessly loud. And when Lonnie called him ‘daddy’… fuck, it made him so damn hot.

That word — “daddy” — seemed to naturally spill out of Lonnie’s mouth, like the spunk he sucked out of “big daddy’s” dick. Talk about a trigger. It let a man know that his boy knew who he belonged to. Brandon wondered if Lonnie knew what it did to him.

And last night, Brandon had even spent the night. After Lonnie gave him an amazing full-body massage, concentrating on the tight knots in his neck and shoulders, Brandon couldn’t have got up even if he wanted to. When Lonnie whispered a plea of “stay, please,” Brandon pulled him close and they slept, Brandon holding Lonnie in his arms through the night. It felt so right spooned up against the little man. Lonnie had fallen asleep right away, and he looked so angelic laying on his hands folded under his cheek. Brandon surrounded him and protected him with his big warm body, holding his smooth and lean body against his softer and hairier bulk.

Brandon now looked down at the young man laying on his chest. His heart was pounding in his chest, echoing in his ears. He was relaxed but stressed out at the same time. His body wanted to lay like this forever, let someone take care of him, make him feel good, take the stress away. His mind wanted him to run, fast and hard and not look back.

“You’re amazing,” Lonnie whispered. He pressed his lips to Brandon’s chest, then sat up and kissed Brandon’s lips again, this time harder. He opened his mouth and let his tongue tickle the bigger man’s lips. Brandon opened up and stroked his tongue against Lonnie’s.

Their kisses quickly turned heated, passionate beyond anything they had done before. Brandon held tight onto Lonnie, and rolled them over so that Lonnie was underneath him.

Lonnie’s legs spread automatically as Brandon moved on top of him, cradling the big man between his thighs. Brandon covered his smaller body completely, making him feel really safe and protected for the first time in a long time. He knew that Brandon was a good man, despite that outward attitude he used to keep people at bay. If he could just break through that shell, they could be so good together. He just knew it.

With a groan, Brandon kissed Lonnie. Lonnie poured all of his emotions into the kiss, letting the big mountain of a man ravish his mouth. He could feel Brandon’s cock coming back to life as it pressed beneath his balls, its full ten inches nudging into his crack as if it was drawn towards his target. Lonnie’s hole twitched in anticipation and Lonnie whimpered into Brandon’s mouth.

Brandon pulled off Lonnie’s lips and kissed a trail down his jawline to his neck. He licked and sucked at Lonnie’s neck, his whiskers rubbing the skin red, his mouth pulling blood to the surface, boldly marking him. His calloused hands caressed the baby soft skin of Lonnie’s body, making Lonnie tremble underneath him, making Lonnie whimper and moan. Brandon loved the power he had over the boy.

Brandon’s beard rubbed against Lonnie’s skin, sending ripples of pleasure down his spine directly to his groin. “Feels so good,” Lonnie whimpered, arching his head back to give Brandon more access to his neck, while also pressing his aching dick against Brandon’s furry goodness.

Brandon growled while rubbing and kissing Lonnie’s neck and shoulders. “Yeah, cupcake. You feel so fucking good.”

Lonnie’s body bucked underneath Brandon’s. He was so big and heavy, his hairy bulk pushing him down into the mattress. His huge cock pressed harder underneath Lonnie’s ball sack. Lonnie’s groin contracted and his hole twitched again in anticipation. He couldn’t think straight. He knew damn well that it was not a good idea to go all the way with Brandon. He tended to become too emotionally involved with people he had sex with. He would just have to deal with that later. All he knew was that he needed Brandon inside him right now, more than he ever needed anyone or anything in the world.

“Fuck me,” Lonnie groaned. “Fuck me, big daddy.”

Lonnie slapped his hand to the edge of the mattress. He felt around until he found what he was looking for. He pulled back a near full tube of gel and pushed it into Brandon’s hand. “Please, Brandon. I need you. I need you inside me.”

Brandon was operating on autopilot, not giving a second thought to what he was about to do, or the line that he was about to cross. The sound of Lonnie’s needy voice was just too much. Holy mother of god, he was actually begging to be fucked! Brandon squeezed the slippery gel onto his fingers and smeared them into the crack of Lonnie’s ass. He grabbed his cock and started to push up onto his knees, but Lonnie grabbed his wrist.

“You need to stretch me out first,” Lonnie said.

“Oh. Yeah. Right. Sorry.”

Brandon pushed a slick finger into the boy, then slid in another when Lonnie begged for it.

“Like that?” Brandon asked, hoping that he was doing it right. He didn’t want to hurt him, but right now he didn’t have the patience for long, drawn out foreplay. He wanted to fuck. Lonnie’s ringed muscle throbbed around Brandon’s fingers, squeezing him so tight it felt like his hole was trying to snap his fingers off. Brandon’s mind had a single purpose: to bury his fat cock inside that hole, to feel it squeeze and throb around him. There were no other thoughts, no other priorities.

“Yes,” Lonnie groaned. His hands fisted the sheets, gripping them with tight knuckles. “More.”

Brandon pushed in three thick fingers. He pumped and turned, twisted and scissored. He watched in amazement at Lonnie’s reactions. The little guy was clearly loving what Brandon was doing to him. He bucked his hips up into the air, then backed his ass up against Brandon’s fingers. He wanted to get fucked. Well, god damn it, his ass was going to get fucked.

“God, Brandon. That’s enough. I need you inside me. Oh, god, I need you so bad.”

Brandon hesitated for a second. He needed Lonnie to know about the test before things went further. “I got tested… I’m clean.”

“Me too.”

A silent acknowledgement passed between the two of them.

Lonnie turned over onto his hands and knees, presenting himself to Brandon.

Brandon squeezed more gel into his hand and coated his cock. Brandon moved up behind him and used his meaty paws to spread the cheeks of the smaller man’s ass. His little brown pucker winked at him and Brandon’s cock jerked in response. His ass looked so small, he wasn’t sure Lonnie would be able to take him. But he sure as hell was gonna try. He lined the tip of his cock up to its shiny target, and with a push, the head slid into Lonnie.

Lonnie hissed in pain as Brandon breached his muscled ring. He had never had a cock so big. As Brandon pushed in, Lonnie pushed out, easing his entry. Brandon gripped his hips with his big, rough hands, making sure he couldn’t get away, not that Lonnie was going anywhere. Lonnie breathed slow and deep and willed himself to relax through the burn. He wanted this. No way was he going to back out now. The spasming slowed and his sphincter relaxed and opened up for his man.

Yes, he thought of Brandon as his. This morning when he woke in Brandon’s arms, with the big man’s warm body spooned behind him, he knew. He was beyond falling hard and fast for the man. And with Brandon inside him now, he knew it was too late. He was already there.

When Brandon felt Lonnie’s body opening for him, he pushed forward, sliding in deeper and deeper. Once he was buried completely inside the boy, he held still. His ass felt so damned tight, so hot, so soft. If he moved he knew that he would come and it would be all over before it started.

Brandon kneaded and squeezed the round cheeks of Lonnie’s perfect ass. He spread them with his thumbs and looked where their bodies were connected. Brandon knew he was hung like a horse, but he just couldn’t believe how the tiny little hole stretched out for his girth. The dark auburn bush surrounding his cock spilled thickly onto Lonnie’s smooth and pale cheeks, providing a sharp contrast in color. His low-hanging nuts rested against Lonnie’s tightened sack. Brandon didn’t have to reach down and feel between Lonnie’s legs to know that Lonnie was rock hard and dripping.

“Move, Brandon. Please.”

Brandon gripped Lonnie’s hips and slowly pulled back until the ridge of his crown broke free of the tight muscle. He gently pushed forward until he was once again buried completely. When Lonnie moaned and pushed his ass back against him, he pulled back and snapped forward once again. He began moving faster and faster, building up speed and intensity.

“Shit,” he grunted. “Tighter than fuck…”

Lonnie panted as Brandon slammed into him. His dick was hard as a steel, pressed against his belly, dripping pre-come onto the mattress beneath him. Then Brandon moved and hit his sweet spot.

“Yes! Right there! Oh god!” he cried out as stars danced in front of his eyes and waves of pleasure soared up his spine.

“There? Like that?” Brandon accented each word with a snap of his hips.

When Lonnie cried out in ecstasy, Brandon made sure he hit the spot over and over. Their skin slapped against each other, the sounds loudly echoing throughout the empty room.

“Oh my god,” Lonnie moaned as he pushed back against Brandon.

“Fuck yeah, back that ass up on my cock, boy.”

Lonnie’s breathing hitched and he started to tremble.

Brandon usually preferred doggy style when he fucked, but this time he wanted to see Lonnie’s face. He pulled back and flipped Lonnie over onto his back. Before the boy could protest, he grabbed Lonnie’s legs and pushed them towards his chest. He slid forward on his knees and sank into him, all the way to the root in one push. He leaned down onto his hands, hovering over Lonnie.

Lonnie looked up at him in wonder, bringing his hands up to Brandon’s chest. He scratched his fingers through Brandon’s thick pelt of chest hair. His brown eyes silently pleaded. He wrapped his legs around Brandon’s hips and arched upwards.

Brandon couldn’t look away from Lonnie. He slammed his hips forward, in and out, up and down, around and round. Hard and fast, slow and easy. When he found Lonnie’s g-spot, he made sure to hit it over and over. Lonnie’s body was writhing beneath him. He arched his back up and slumped back down onto the bed over and over, his breathing was quick and shallow.

“Fuck me, daddy,” he whispered. “So good, so good…”

Lonnie’s words inflamed Brandon’s desire. Every time he called him ‘daddy’, his cock swelled and throbbed. Brandon couldn’t believe how tight Lonnie’s ass was. His tunnel milked his cock, bathing it in silky soft heat. And the way Lonnie was responding… Christ. Brandon never had someone respond to him this way before. He seemed to be enjoying it as much as Brandon was, maybe even more. Soft little high-pitched whimpers and moans spilled from his lips, turning Brandon’s crank even harder. He wondered for a second if he was faking it like his ex-wife. He looked down between their bodies and saw the evidence of Lonnie’s arousal. His dick was hard and swollen, deep purple and sopping wet with need, his ball sack already drawn up tight. With every snap of Brandon’s hips, every thrust across his prostate, Lonnie’s dick throbbed, oozing pre-come all over his belly.

“Harder, daddy.”

Jesus! Brandon looked back at Lonnie and became lost in the emotions on his face. He thrust without abandon, slamming into his boy’s ass like a jackhammer. He could hear himself grunting like an animal, but he couldn’t help it. He was giving it to Lonnie as hard as he could, pounding him straight into the mattress. And Lonnie took it all, everything Brandon dished out, pushing back against his body, pressing his aching dick into Brandon’s soft furry belly, clawing against his back and sides, whimpering and begging for more.

Lonnie’s body suddenly went rigid. His toes curled and he dug his heels into Brandon’s thrusting ass. He moaned wantonly, digging the fingers of both of his hands into Brandon’s back. “Daddy,” he gasped.

Brandon could feel Lonnie’s whole body shaking uncontrollably. Brandon’s eyes widened. Was Lonnie about to come? Lonnie’s mouth then fell open in a silent scream and his back arched up hard and swift.

Brandon gasped as his cock was gripped in what felt like a vise grip. Lonnie’s ass muscles began contracting around him and Brandon felt bursts of hot liquid between their bodies. He lifted up and looked down at Lonnie’s cock, and watched it spurt jets of come onto his sucked-in belly.

Holy fucking shit. He had fucked the come right out of Lonnie. The knowledge that he had given the boy the ultimate pleasure, that he had fucked him so good that he had come without even so much as a touch… it was just too much.

“Lonnie, I’m–! Oh, Jesus, fuck!”

Brandon’s rhythm faltered and his thrusting became erratic as he began unloading a huge load into Lonnie’s still quivering chute. Brandon’s vision faded as stars shot across his mind. Spurt after spurt of hot cream burst deep into Lonnie until Brandon finally lost control of his arms and collapsed hard onto Lonnie’s body, still hard, still buried deep inside the smaller man. He tried to pull back, but Lonnie’s hands grabbed him and held him in place.

“No. Stay…”

Brandon opened his eyes, and they slowly focused on the man underneath him. Lonnie had one hand digging into his shoulder. The other held tight to the nape of his neck. His heart pounded in his chest and emotions overwhelmed him as he looked down and tried to focus on the man underneath him. Lonnie was whispering and Brandon struggled to hear his words.

“… love you, big daddy. Love you, Brandon…”

Brandon panicked at the spoken words and the raw emotion they held. The reality of what just happened slammed into him. He had his cock buried inside another man. He couldn’t breathe. He pulled back suddenly, sliding out of the tight body, yanking away from Lonnie’s grasp, and smacking his hand away. “I ain’t no faggot!”

Lonnie looked up at Brandon in shock, looking as if Brandon had punched him in the gut. He twisted from underneath Brandon and wrapped a blanket around his body and ran into the bathroom, slamming the door shut behind him.

Brandon couldn’t believe he had said that. He was a fucking idiot.

“Fuck!” he shouted. “Fuck, fuck, fuck!”

He slammed his fist into the drywall, leaving a gaping hole. He was a fucking idiot, but he needed to get the hell out of here. He couldn’t stay here and process this at the same time.

Brandon quickly got dressed, pausing only to wipe his dick and hands on the sheets. He paused outside the bathroom door, where he heard the muffled sounds of Lonnie’s sobs. Brandon’s chest tightened and he reached for the doorknob, but his pride made him draw back. He finally forced his feet to move and he stumbled to the bedroom door, feeling like his heart was in his stomach.

It took everything in his power to leave the bedroom. He opened the door, stepping over Ricky’s sleeping body.

Ricky bounced up and followed Brandon to the back door. Brandon left without a word, climbing into his truck. He clutched at the steering wheel with white knuckles. His heart was pounding and his head throbbed. He drove mindlessly, unaware where he was going. He just needed to get far away.


“Thank you, baby,” Ben mumbled, unable to Look Benji in the eye.

Benji smiled and leaned in and pressed a kiss to Ben’s red cheek. He had never seen his man blush so hard. It was kind of endearing. He helped Ben up and reached around and flushed the toilet. “That wasn’t so bad now, was it?”

Ben scoffed. “Are you kidding me? I have no dignity left.”

Benji laughed and washed his hands, then moved to the shower. He reached in and adjusted the knobs and looked back at Ben. “Come on. You need a shower. You know it’s bad when I think you’re starting to stink.”

Ben’s shoulders slumped. “Jesus, Benji. You’re killing me. Leave me with a little pride, will ya?”

“I’m just playing with you. You know I love you, Ben.”

Benji pulled out two protective bags and wrapped Ben’s casts and secured and sealed them with thick rubber bands. After testing the water temperature, he stepped into the shower and held out his hand. Ben moved forward and Benji guided him into the shower and closed the curtain behind them.

“Okay, now, just relax. We do this all the time.”

“Yeah, but this time, I won’t get to return the favor,” he said. He reached up and poked Benji with a plastic coated hand.

Benji looked up and saw the sad look on Ben’s face. He pressed up onto his tip-toes and gave his man a kiss. “You can make it up to me when you get your casts off.”

Benji took the shower gel and washcloth and scrubbed over every inch of Ben’s body until he was squeaky clean. He then went over his body again one more time with just his hands to rinse him off thoroughly. Ben’s cock had risen as soon as Benji started to touch him. Now it looked achingly hard. His foreskin had partially retracted to reveal a deep crimson head.

“I need to clean this too, I guess.”

Benji took Ben’s cock in his hand, pulling back the foreskin and cleaning all around. He slid the foreskin back over the head and Ben drew in a hiss of breath. Benji gripped the thick shaft with both of his hands. He dropped down to his knees and slid his hands up and down together.

Ben looked down at his lover. Benji looked so hot down on his knees. The double-fisted handjob he was giving him felt so damned good. Benji’s hazel eyes stared up at Ben, hooded and filled with desire.

“You keep that up and I’m gonna shoot my load all over your face, baby.”

Benji’s eyes widened at Ben’s husky spoken words. “Then come on me, Ben,” he whispered. “Shoot it all over me.”

Ben couldn’t help but groan at the sight before him: Benji on his knees, tugging on Ben’s cock with both hands, which was aimed straight for his face. The whispered words brought him even closer. Benji flicked his tongue on the underside of the head, tickling the bundle of nerves where his foreskin connected.

Fuck, Ben once more wished he could grab onto his baby. He was about to lose it. Hell yeah, he was about to give his baby one mother of a facial. “Open your mouth, baby. Keep going. Here it comes!”

Benji opened his mouth just in time. The head of Ben’s cock flared and a string of white cream splattered across Benji’s face, running from his nose to his forehead. Benji let out a whimper but didn’t back away. In fact, he leaned in closer just in time for the second blast to splatter smack in the middle of his forehead. By the time Ben finished, Benji’s face, lips and tongue were covered in his thick milky fluid.

Benji kept one hand with a tight grip on Ben’s cock. The other reached down between his legs. His eyes never left Ben’s as his hand slid up and down, using Ben’s jizz for lube. It only took a few strokes before Benji cried out. His face twisted in agonizing pleasure as he unloaded his balls onto the tub floor.

Benji’s eyes never left Ben’s. Using Ben’s softening dick, he ran it over his face, then licked it clean.

“God damn, you are so fucking hot,” Ben whispered. “Stand up.”

Benji gripped Ben’s thick, muscled thigh and pulled himself up to his feet. Ben put his plastic-covered left arm around Benji to hold him in place, then leaned down and kissed him hard, deep and penetrating. He ran his tongue along Benji’s messy chin. He sucked his chin clean, then gently nipped him with his teeth.

“I fucking love you, baby.”

Benji grinned. “I love you, too.”

Ben turned his body so that Benji could get under the spray. After Benji rinsed his face off, he poured shower gel onto the washcloth. Ben couldn’t help, but he stood behind Benji while he cleaned his self up. Benji stayed close while he washed, leaning back against Ben’s big body. A part of Benji’s body always remained in contact with Ben’s while he washed himself. Ben was grateful for the intimate physical contact. He couldn’t touch Benji with his hands, but this was the next best thing.

Once Benji was clean, he grabbed the wet/dry razor and shaved Ben’s face. Benji reshaped and touched up his thick mustache into the thick horseshoe shape he found so sexy.

Ben dropped his head and kissed the top of Benji’s blond head. He had been such a bastard to him, but Benji never gave up on him. In sickness and in health. Ben decided right then and there that he would make it up to his little man. Just as soon as he was able to, he would prove to Benji just how much he was loved.

After Benji dried off Ben and himself and got rid of the plastic bags, they moved to the closet. Benji helped Ben step into a clean pair of gray cut-off sweats and pulled a wifebeater onto him. Benji pulled up the sweat shorts, adjusted Ben’s flaccid dick and tied the drawstring. “God, your dick is big,” he whispered to himself at the sight of the obscene bulge between Ben’s legs. He traced a finger along the outline of the big cock, then gave the head a little pinch.

Benji pulled on a pair of boxer briefs and slipped into one of Ben’s baggy t-shirts.

Ben groaned in his chest at the sight of his baby in his shirt. He bent his head down, silently asking for a kiss.

Benji responded by pushing onto his toes and pressing his lips against Ben’s. He twisted his fingers through the short hairs at the base of Ben’s neck. “Are you hungry? I can make you a snack. You really need to eat before you take your pill tonight.”

“Yeah. I could eat.”

Sitting at the table with Toby laying at their feet, Benji fed Ben a grilled cheese sandwich and a bowl of chicken soup. Ben didn’t complain, not even once. And the whole time, Ben ran his foot over Toby’s back and head, soothing and petting the little schnauzer.

When Ben was finished, Benji ate his own sandwich. Ben sat with him until he was finished, occasionally leaning in to take a sip of ice water out of the cup with a bendy straw that Benji set out for him.

“Do you think Brandon is having sex with Lonnie?” Benji asked suddenly, out of the blue.

Ben nearly choked on his tongue. He let the straw fall from his mouth as he looked at Benji in shock. “The kid from the hospital? Hell no. No way!” He shook his head. He couldn’t even imagine his older brother having sex with another guy. Since his divorce, he had a different girl in his bed every week. Some of the stories Brandon told him would melt Benji’s ears.

“I don’t know. You didn’t see the way they were looking at each other. I thought Brandon was going to burst into flames when Lonnie put on his shirt. Kinda the way you were looking at me a bit ago,” he said with a snicker. “You know Brandon found him and his dog living in that foreclosed house after he got kicked out of his dad’s. His dad is an asshole. It’s really sad.”

“Well, I was a little out of it at the time. But anyway, Brandon’s straight. He never gave me any indication that he might be even remotely gay. You heard some of the stories he tells.”

Benji shrugged as he swallowed the last bite of his sandwich. “Well, maybe those are just stories, you know? I wonder if Brandon might be lonelier than he lets on. And maybe he’s bisexual. And he’s joked more than once about ‘trying anything once’. Anyways, why put a label on it, you know? He should be able to be with whoever he wants, as long as it makes him happy.”

Ben thought about what Benji was saying for a moment. “I suppose. I don’t see it though.”

“Well, if they aren’t, then Brandon needs to be careful and not lead him on, because I think Lonnie has feelings for him. But I bet you five bucks they are totally, you know…” Benji smiled and wiggled his eyebrows. “Doing it.”

Ben shook his head. “Since when did you become a gossiping little hen? You’ve been hanging around Mona at work too much.”

Benji laughed as he got up and grabbed their dirty dishes. He jumped in surprise when Ben leaned forward and nipped his shoulder with his teeth.

“Thank you, Benji. Have I told you how much I love you?”

“Yeah, but it’s always nice to hear again.” Benji’s eyes glistened as he leaned in and kissed Ben once more.

The ringing of the doorbell broke them apart.

“Who the hell could that be at this time of night?” Ben said with a frown, looking up at the clock as Toby tore through the house yapping his fool head off.


“Brandon?” Benji opened the door wider, letting Ben’s big brother inside. “Is everything okay?”

Brandon reached down and rubbed his hand all over Toby’s head while Toby tried to climb up his leg. The miniature schnauzer was very happy to see his ‘uncle’ on this unexpected visit. Brandon looked back up at Benji’s questioning face. “Huh? Oh, yeah. I’m fine. Am I interrupting anything?”

“No, we just finished eating a late-night snack,” Ben said as he slid up behind Benji and nuzzled his nose against the side of Benji’s head. He looked at his brother with a frown. Something was definitely going on with Brandon. Brandon’s eyes darted between him and Benji and he shuffled nervously between his feet.

“Hey, bro. Can I talk to you for a minute?”

Benji realized that whatever it was seemed serious and Brandon didn’t seem to want to discuss it in front of him, so he offered the man a way out. “Do you want something to eat, Brandon? We had grilled cheese and soup. It won’t take me long to make you one.”

“That’d be great, Benji,” he said. He looked back at Ben. “Can we go out back?”

Brandon shut the back door behind him, with Toby squeezing through the door at the last second, and he rushed to pull out one of the patio chairs for Ben. He helped his brother settle down in one of the seats and then sat down across from him. Toby settled under Ben’s chair and sat back on his butt, looking up between the two brothers.

Ben sat quietly and patiently, not wanting to push. Brandon pulled his lighter and a pack of cigarettes from his jacket and lit a smoke.

They sat in silence for a few moments until Brandon finally looked up at Ben. “You and Benji seem to be getting along.”

Ben looked at Brandon suspiciously, wondering where that came from. “Yeah… We kind of went through a rough patch this week, but we worked it out.”

“Good. Benji called me a couple of times this week–” Ben straightened in his chair, but Brandon held out his hand. “He would never say anything bad about you or betray you in any way. I just got the feeling that maybe you weren’t treating him very well. He seemed kinda depressed. And I know how you get when you’re sick.”

“Yeah. But we worked it out. Like I said. I’m gonna make it up to him.”

“Good. Don’t let him get away, Ben.”

“I don’t plan on it.”

Ben watched Brandon bring his cigarette up to his mouth and draw in a long pull. As he exhaled, he stared down at the glowing tip and flicked the filter with his thumb. He lifted his head and met Brandon’s eyes.

“I fucked Lonnie.”

Ben was definitely not expecting those words from his brother’s mouth. Good thing he wasn’t taking a drink, or he might have covered Brandon in a spray of water. “You… Um… Okay… You don’t look happy about it. What’s going on? Talk to me.”

“It started the night we went to the hospital. When I dropped him off, we kind of got into… a fight, I guess. He ended up sucking me off.” Brandon closed his eyes. “And god damn, if it wasn’t the best blowjob I ever had. He even fucking swallowed, Ben.” Brandon laughed mirthlessly.

‘Damn. Benji was right,’ Ben thought, but he remained silent, letting Brandon tell his story at his own pace.

“I couldn’t stop myself from going back. I couldn’t stay away. And it’s not just sex. He’s easy to talk to, easy to be around… But tonight… It just happened. I fucked him.”

“What about all those girls you always talk about, Bran?”

“I made ‘em up.” Brandon gave Ben a sheepish look. “They were mostly stories from when I was younger, in the service. I didn’t want you to think I was some pathetic lonely loser who couldn’t get laid.”

“You’re an idiot. You know I would never think that about you. So was it just something that happened, something that you wanted to try? Or is it more than that?”

Brandon sighed. “It was the best sex I ever had, man. So fucking intense, I don’t think I ever came so hard in my life. I about blacked out it was so damn good. It was rough, raw… I was a fucking beast, man. And Lonnie…. whew…” Brandon shook his head at the memory of Lonnie’s intense climax, the way he looked at Brandon. Brandon thought for a moment, then looked back at Ben. “We didn’t use protection.”

“What? You really should get tested. Benji and I got tested. We don’t use rubbers anymore, but you really gotta be more responsible, Bran.”

“I got tested on Tuesday, actually. I’m all clean. And I know Lonnie’s clean, too.”

“Okay. Don’t worry about that for now; but you’re gonna have to deal with that later. You got other things to worry about. So what happened? Why are you here and not at home with Lonnie?”

“I freaked out. Afterwards, we were…” Brandon’s eyes darted away from Ben when he quietly added, “cuddling.” He cleared his throat and looked back up at Ben. “He said he loved me.”

Ben groaned and dropped his head. “Aw geez, what’ve you done?”

Brandon looked down in shame. “I pushed him away and said ‘I ain’t no fag’ or something like that.”

“Jesus, Bran!”

“He ran out of the room crying and locked himself in the bathroom.”

“Ya think?!”

“I didn’t know what to do. It makes me sick to my stomach thinking about it. I wanted to hug him and tell him I was sorry, but–”

“But you’re stubborn as a god damned mule,” Brandon finished. “And you let your pride get in the way.”

“You should talk. You–”

“Wait a minute,” Ben interrupted. “Where did this happen? Don’t tell me you fucked that boy on a dirty mattress in that abandoned house.”

Brandon winced. “When you say it like that…”

Ben shook his head. “You got a lot to make up for, bro. If he even wants you back. I’m assuming that’s what you’re going to do, right? You wouldn’t be here, be this upset if it was just a single meaningless fuck, am I right?”

Brandon sucked down the last of his cigarette, then flicked the butt into the yard. He fumbled with his cigarette pack, trying to decide if he wanted another smoke. He looked back at Ben with pained eyes, and shrugged his shoulders. “Am I gay, Ben?” he asked quietly.

Ben let out a deep breath and thought about what he wanted to say, and thought about what Benji told him. “You’re the only one who can answer that, Bran. You like girls, and maybe you like guys, too. Maybe you’re bi. Why put a label on it? You be with whoever makes you happy. Don’t worry about gay/straight/bi labels. So it comes down to one question. Does Lonnie make you happy, Bran?”

Brandon looked away, but nodded his head. He covered his eyes with his hand and drew in a ragged breath. Outside of a couple of rough visits with their mom, Ben couldn’t recall the last time he had seen his brother cry.

“When did you get to be so fucking smart?” Brandon asked. He sniffled and stood up. “I gotta go.”

“Go get your boy, Bran.”

Brandon leaned down and pressed a kiss on top of his brother’s head and gave him a couple of love taps on his cheek with his open palm.

Ben and Toby followed Brandon back into the house. Brandon told Benji “sorry” as he raced through the hall and disappeared out the front door.

He was gone before Benji could even say ‘goodbye’. Benji looked back at Ben, and his mouth turned up in a smirk. He held out his hand, palm up.

Ben looked down at the hand and frowned. “What?”

“I think you owe me five bucks.”


As soon as Brandon pulled into the driveway, he slammed the gear into park, turned off the engine, and raced inside.


He ran to the bedroom, then the master bath. He turned on the light and stepped back into the bedroom. His heart sank when he saw that the blankets were gone as well as the garbage bags that held his clothes.

“Lonnie! Ricky!”

Brandon ran through every room of the house before returning back to the bedroom. He was too late. His stomach started to churn and his chest felt constricted. He fucked it all up. As he reached into the bathroom to turn off the light, a sheet of paper tacked to the bathroom door caught his eye.

He grabbed the paper and read the neat and precise cursive handwriting: “I meant what I said and I won’t take it back. I hope you live a long and happy life. I will never forget you. L.”

Brandon folded the paper up and put it into his pocket. He stumbled his way through the house back to his truck. He leaned against the truck and banged his forehead against the door and closed his eyes. He had really fucked up big time. He had a shot at being happy for once and he let it go. And now Lonnie was gone. His cupcake was gone.

He banged his head against the door again. If he got into the truck, he might be able to find him. If he even wanted to be found. He couldn’t be too far away, not on foot. He had to take the chance. He stood up straight and unclipped his keys from his belt.


Brandon drew in a breath and turned towards the bark. He moved around the truck. “Ricky!” he shouted and gave a whistle. “Here boy!”

Another Yip!, closer this time.

Brandon rushed to the end of the driveway. Ricky was running along the side of the road towards him, his little legs moving a hundred miles an hour. Brandon bent down and scooped the ugly little dog up and gave him a kiss on his head. “Where’s your daddy? Huh? Where’s Lonnie?”

Ricky barked and started to squirm. Brandon set the dog down and he took off running. He stopped and looked back at Brandon, barked, then kept on running. Brandon started walking after Ricky, but decided he should take the truck. “Ricky! C’mere, boy.”

Ricky barked back at Brandon, but refused to come back. He ran around in circles, wanting Brandon to follow. Brandon went to this truck and backed out of the driveway and slowly drove to where Ricky was waiting. He leaned over and pushed open the passenger door. “C’mon. Get in, little ugly.”

It took two tries, but Ricky jumped up into the cab, his feet scrabbling to get purchase. Once he got in, he hopped up onto the seat. Brandon reached over and pulled the door shut and put the truck into drive. Ricky leaned his front paws on the door to look out the window.

They didn’t have to drive very far. Brandon spotted him right away. The small figure walked along the side of the road, dragging two bags with him.

Brandon pulled up behind him and honked the horn, scaring the crap out of the boy, almost sending him into the ditch.


Brandon got out of the truck and scooped Lonnie into his arms.

“Brandon? Wh–”

Brandon grabbed Lonnie’s face in his hands and pressed his mouth against his. Lonnie dropped the bags on the ground and let out a soft whimper. He let Brandon completely ravish his mouth.

Brandon finally broke the kiss, reached down and grabbed the bags and tossed them into the back of the truck.

“Brandon? What… What are you doing?”

Brandon turned and grabbed Lonnie as he started to step away. He gently rolled Lonnie, until his back was against the truck. He reached up and stroked a lock of hair off his forehead. “I’m sorry, cupcake,” he whispered. “I’m sorry I hurt you.”

Lonnie looked up at the giant man, wanting so desperately to believe him. It had really hurt to be used like that, especially by someone you had developed real feelings for.

Brandon’s voice quivered as he continued. “You make me happy. Happier than I’ve been in a long time… maybe ever. But you also scare the shit out of me, you know? I don’t know where this thing between us is going to go, but I know that I want to keep going. But you’re gonna have to be patient with me. Can you do that, Lonnie? Please.”

Lonnie nodded. “Yeah.” A tear spilled down his cheek and Brandon reached up and wiped it away.

Brandon leaned down and gently pressed his lips against his boy’s. “C’mon. Let’s go home.”

Lonnie grabbed Brandon’s arm. “Wait.”

Brandon pulled him close and looked down. He swallowed nervously, waiting for Lonnie to speak.

“You really hurt me, Brandon.” Brandon opened his mouth, but Lonnie stopped him with his hand. “No. Just listen for a sec. I can’t help how I feel and I won’t apologize for it. But I want you to know that I shared something special with you and you used that to hurt me. If you ever do that again, there won’t be a second chance. I can be patient, but I won’t be a doormat. And if you think you can just hide me away in the closet, that’s not gonna work either.”

Lonnie started to get worked up and Brandon’s eyes widened as Lonnie’s voice got louder. Lonnie put one hand on his hip, while the other poked Brandon’s chest..

“And the next time you want to use the word ‘faggot’, think of the faces of people you love, like your brother and Benji. What would you do, how would you feel, if someone called Benji that?”

Hearing that hateful word coming from his boy’s mouth was a harsh reality check. If Brandon heard anyone call Benji or Lonnie… that word… he would go ballistic and kill the motherfucker. ‘I’m a fucking asshole,’ Brandon thought. Maybe he didn’t deserve another chance, but he desperately needed Lonnie to give it. He might even beg.

“Oh, and if you think I’m gonna sit around by myself in the dark, at your beck and call, waiting until you decide you want to come get laid, you got another thing coming. I want a relationship. I am not your fuck toy.” He finally noticed Brandon’s wide eyes and hanging jaw. He stopped and took a breath and calmed himself. “Okay. Sorry. I’m calm now.”

“Damn, cupcake.” Brandon might have laughed, but he decided that he didn’t want to get chewed out. His cupcake was a firecracker!

Lonnie’s face flushed. He hadn’t meant to get worked up like that. “So, is that understood? Can you handle that?”

“Yeah, Lonnie, understood. I can, and I am sorry. I know I’m a dick, but I’m gonna try real hard to make it up to you. I just can’t deny you or this attraction between us anymore. I wanna give this thing a chance. I promise. Everything will be okay. I swear.”

Lonnie looked at Brandon, studying his face. Satisfied that Brandon meant it, he gave a nod. “Okay then. Let’s go.”

With a grin on his face, Brandon opened the passenger door of the truck. Lonnie stepped onto the running board and Brandon helped him in, ‘accidentally’ brushing his hand down the swell of his round ass. Lonnie jumped in surprise and looked back at Brandon. Brandon snickered and wiggled his eyebrows.

Lonnie settled in the seat and Ricky bounced into his lap. He watched with his mouth open in shock as Brandon shut the door and jogged around to the driver’s side. Brandon was smiling, and his face radiated joy. His body moved in a more fluid manner, as if he was suddenly weightless. Could it be that he really wanted Lonnie? Was he really going to do this?

Lonnie knew that he would have to guard his heart to keep it from being shattered, but he also knew that would prove to be hopelessly impossible where Brandon was concerned. He was already crazy in love with him. The older man was everything he wanted in a partner: big, strong, dominant, protective, passionate… and, oh my god, just amazing in bed.

Brandon started the engine of his pickup truck and looked over at Lonnie as he put it in gear. He was holding his ugly little dog in his lap, gently rubbing his back. Lonnie looked over at Brandon through his bangs. He reached up and brushed a lock of his silky black hair out of his eyes and gave Brandon a hesitant smile.

Brandon could see that Lonnie was holding back, but he could also see the hopefulness. Despite Lonnie’s little tirade, Brandon knew that Lonnie was scared and unsure. He would just have to prove to Lonnie that he was serious about this. This relationship.

He reached over and took Lonnie’s hand and brought it to his mouth. He kissed the back of it, then let it rest on his thigh, their fingers intertwined.

As Brandon pulled onto the road and began driving, Lonnie looked over his shoulder out the truck’s back window. “Wait– Where are we going?”

Still smiling that goofy smile, Brandon kept his eyes on the road. “We’re going home, cupcake.”


“Home sweet home.”

Brandon dropped his keys onto the small table just inside the front door. He pulled off his favorite ball cap and dropped it onto the table, covering the keys.

Lonnie looked around Brandon’s modest home. Definitely a bachelor pad. He didn’t even have any pictures or art on the walls, though there were visible holes where things may have hung at one time. The living room had two old recliners in front of a huge flat screen TV with a folding TV tray in between… and that was it. No couch, no coffee table, nothing. The dining area had a card table and four folding chairs. There was a used paper plate and a red disposable party cup sitting on the table with some empty beer bottles. It all looked so lonely.

Brandon looked at Lonnie and shrugged, knowing exactly what the younger man was thinking. “My ex-wife took most of the stuff when she moved out.”

Lonnie nodded. He didn’t really want to deal with that can of worms, so he decided to pretend like he never heard mention of the ex-wife. Who was apparently the dumbest bitch in the world if she had someone like Brandon and then left him.

‘Oh well, finder’s keepers, and all that,’ Lonnie thought as he smiled to himself.

He followed Brandon’s wide form through the hallway until he stopped outside the bedroom.

Brandon turned around and looked down at Lonnie. “I got a guest room with a small twin bed. You can stay in there, if you want. I don’t want you to feel like you have to sleep with me.”

“You don’t want me to sleep with you?”

“No, that’s not what I’m saying. I don’t want you to feel like you have to. Like… I don’t know… payment.”

“I understand. Can I stay with you because I want to?”

“Yeah,” Brandon breathed a sigh of relief before he mumbled, “thank god.” He paused for a second, wanting to think of what he wanted to say. “I want you to think of this as your home, Lonnie. Do you know what I’m saying?”

Lonnie nodded. His heart pounded in his chest. He had just moved in with Brandon.

Brandon carried Lonnie’s ‘luggage’ into the master bedroom and set the bags down by the closet. There was plenty of empty space in the closet for Lonnie’s things. They could unpack later.

When Ricky hopped up onto the bed, Brandon frowned. He rifled through the bags and gathered up Lonnie’s blankets. He went out into the living room and carved out a corner for the little dog, making a comfy bed out of the blankets. Ricky eyed the bed of blankets suspiciously, then followed Brandon back to the bedroom. Brandon shut the door on him and ignored the annoyed bark.

Lonnie looked around the bedroom and was honestly shocked. The room was barren. A ratty old Army green blanket covered the window, a sorry, albeit serviceable, excuse for a curtain. There was a large king-sized mattress and box spring set on a metal frame. There was basically a metal bar for a headboard and it didn’t even have a footboard. The unmade bed was covered with a fluffy navy blue comforter and some tangled baby-blue sheets. Next to the bed was a small end table with a single drawer functioning as a nightstand. An LED alarm clock and a lamp sat on top of the table. Where a dresser might have sat, there was a laundry basket that had haphazardly folded clothes and rolled up socks stacked in it. A pair of huge cowboy boots and a pair of boat-sized sneakers lay scattered next to the basket on a tattered rug.

Lonnie took one more look around the room, then looked back at Brandon. Is this all that Brandon came home to every night? No wonder the big guy was so desperate for companionship. It tugged at Lonnie’s heart and made him want him even more.

“Let’s get ready for bed,” Brandon said to Lonnie. He bent down and untied his work boots, then pushed off the boots with his toes and kicked them onto the rug with his other shoes.

There was a muffled ‘yip’ outside the door. Lonnie tried not to laugh. “Ricky likes to sleep with me.”

“I can’t… you know… with him in the room.” Brandon’s tongue wet his bottom lip as he stared at Lonnie lustfully.

Oh my. Lonnie blushed and turned away and squatted down and rooted around one of his bags and pulled out his toothbrush. He toed off his sneakers and set them next to Brandon’s shoes, re-arranging all of them upright and in pairs, nice and neat. He followed Brandon into the small en-suite bathroom. Lonnie spied the toilet and shower and was relieved to see that they were clean. It was nice to see that Brandon wasn’t a slob. The man had no decorating sense, but at least he was clean.

They stood at the sink together, brushing their teeth. Neither one spoke, just occasionally catching each other’s eyes in the mirror.

When they finished, Brandon dropped his toothbrush back into one of the holes in the toothbrush cup. Lonnie hesitated for a second, unsure of what to do, when Brandon took the toothbrush from him and dropped it in next to his.

“Do you need to take a shower?” Brandon asked.

Lonnie shook his head. “No. I took one before I left.”

Lonnie watched in stunned silence as Brandon proceeded to strip off all of his clothes. He tossed the clothes into a laundry hamper and Lonnie watched him walk back to the bedroom.

Lonnie couldn’t help but stare at Brandon undress. He hadn’t realized it until now, but he hadn’t really seen him totally naked before. Sure, he had given him head a few times and they fucked once, but it was dark or dimly lit at best. Brandon’s hooded dick flopped around as he moved, swinging between his thighs. Jesus, it was bigger soft than his was when it was fully hard. His chest hair was deep and thick all over his pecs, trailing a line downwards, where it flared out all over his soft and rounded belly before leading down to the furry over-grown bush surrounding his dick.

As Brandon turned and walked to the bedroom, he got a good look at his backside. His back was broad. His wide shoulders had a light dusting of hair on them. He had a nice thick patch of hair above the crack of his lightly furred ass, which looked big and muscular, like his tree-trunk thighs. Sure his tummy and waist were a little soft, but it made cuddling oh so good. And Lonnie loved to cuddle, especially with Brandon.

“Coming?” Brandon asked over his shoulder.

Suddenly feeling nervous, Lonnie swallowed and stripped off his own clothes. He hesitated for a moment, then tossed them into the hamper with Brandon’s. He couldn’t help but feel self-conscious at his nakedness as he followed Brandon to the bed. He knew that he was short and skinny. But Brandon liked that, at least it seemed that way from the way he looked at him.

Brandon turned off the overhead light and flipped the switch to turn on the ceiling fan to the lowest setting. He couldn’t sleep well without a little air movement and noise.

He let out a deep breath as he walked towards the bed. When he had stripped in the bathroom, it was out of habit. He always slept naked. When he realized that Lonnie was watching him, he suddenly felt… exposed. Back in the day, he was built. These days he was a little softer and a little heavier. What would someone with a body like Lonnie think of him? Maybe he was worrying about nothing. Lonnie had said he loved him, right? And Lonnie seemed like he was more than satisfied when Brandon fucked him. He wouldn’t have come so hard if he wasn’t turned on by him, right?

Brandon straightened the sheets and comforter and crawled into bed, taking the side next to the table, closest to the door. Lonnie climbed over him and settled down on his other side. Brandon reached over to his nightstand and tapped the three-way lamp until it was on the lowest setting.

He turned onto his side, and slid an arm under Lonnie’s neck. The other hand rested on Lonnie’s flat stomach. “I figured we should probably talk.”

Lonnie nodded. “Yeah.”

Lonnie cuddled into Brandon’s warm body, loving the way the cool, clean sheets felt and contrasted with the warmness of Brandon. The man’s furry skin tickled his smooth skin, making him ache even more for Brandon’s touch. His big, meaty hand was resting on his stomach. If he moved it down a little bit, he would feel how much Lonnie liked being with him like this. He turned his head and pressed his lips to Brandon’s skin.

“I talked to my brother tonight,” Brandon said quietly. “About you. And me.”

“What did he say?”

“He said I shouldn’t try to label myself, gay, straight, bi, whatever. I should do what makes me happy, be with whoever makes me happy.”

“Your brother sounds smart. People do tend to get caught up in the alphabet soup.”

“Alphabet soup?”

“You know, L. G. B. T. Q. I.,” he said, then added with a snicker, “L-M-N-O-P.”

“Oh.” He let out a snort of laughter at Lonnie’s silliness. “Lesbian, gay, bi… I don’t know the other letters.”

“Me neither,” Lonnie chuckled. “No, I think ‘Q’ is questioning. That’s where you fall, I guess. Maybe you’re a ‘B’? Or somewhere between ‘B’ and ‘G’? Anyways, it doesn’t really matter.”

“Yeah… Like I said, this is all freaking me out a little bit.”

“I can be patient, Brandon. I think you’re worth it.” Lonnie reached up and stroked his fingers over Brandon’s beard. “You’re so macho and studly, so handsome….”

Brandon blinked and stared at Lonnie, in shock. He searched the younger man’s eyes and saw no deception. Only adoration. No one except his mother had ever called him handsome. “Thank you, cupcake,” he whispered before he leaned down and pressed a kiss onto Lonnie’s sweet lips.

“I know you said to be patient, but… I have to know… Are you mine, Brandon? I mean, you and me, we’re together, right? I don’t think I could be just a fuck buddy.” He hated how insecure he sounded, but he really needed to make sure that Brandon’s expectations were clear.

Brandon smiled and ran his fingers along Lonnie’s jaw. “Yeah, baby. We’re together. I didn’t bring you here to be my fuck buddy. Though, there will be fucking if I have anything to say about it. Buddy.”

Lonnie’s grin lit up the room. “Pig.”

Lonnie laughed when Brandon snorted loudly like a stuck pig. After their laughter settled, Lonnie laid his head on Brandon’s arm. His hand trailed down to Brandon’s furry belly and he began rubbing a slow circle.

Brandon suddenly felt self-conscious about the softness of his belly. Lonnie was so thin and beautiful, and he was a little bit overweight and a lot hairy. He put his hand on top of Lonnie’s and stilled it.

“Does that bother you?” Lonnie whispered.

“No, but…”

After a moment, Lonnie said quietly, “I like you just the way you are, Brandon. I like how big you are, how hairy you are. You’re perfect.”

God, it was like Lonnie knew all of Brandon’s fears. If Lonnie wanted to rub his hairy body, then Brandon would let him. Brandon moved his hand away and Lonnie resumed rubbing his belly. Brandon let out a happy groan and even though his cock was rock hard and throbbing, he felt himself being lulled into sleepiness.

Lonnie rubbed his hand over Brandon’s pec. “You were in the service?” he asked as he traced the eagle emblem tattoo barely visible underneath his chest hair.

“Yeah. Army.”

“You’ve got great tattoos,” he said as he outlined the ‘fighting Irish’ man on his upper arm with his fingers. Brandon lifted slightly so that he could show Lonnie his other arm. Lonnie ran his hand over the three-inch tall celtic armband.

Brandon looked down at Lonnie’s hand. “That was the first one I got.”

“It’s sexy. You’re a sexy bear.”

“Glad you like ‘em.” Brandon liked being called sexy. He didn’t exactly feel sexy, but it felt fucking awesome that Lonnie thought so. “What’s a bear?”

“A big, hairy guy.”

“Oh. That’s me for sure.”

“Yup. You’re my bear.” Lonnie leaned in and kissed Brandon’s chest, then nuzzled his nose against Brandon’s beard.

Lonnie pulled back and covered his mouth with his hand as he started to yawn. “Sorry.”

“Go to sleep, cupcake,” Brandon whispered. “We can talk more in the morning.”

“Your bed is so big and comfy,” Lonnie whispered groggily. “And you’re so warm.”

Brandon watched as his beautiful little man quickly fell asleep in his arms. He really did look like an angel as he softly snuffled in his sleep, with his face pressed against Brandon’s soft and furry chest. His cute little nose breathed in and out, his breath warm against Brandon’s skin. And those little brown freckles across his nose were so damn cute.


I started at the sound of Miss Ellie shouting my name from the other room.

“Coming, ma’am!” I called back.

I laid the small paring knife and the potato that I was peeling on the counter and wiped my hands on the apron around my waist and hurried towards the front of the house towards Miss Ellie’s voice.

Miss Ellie was an elderly spinster. She was mean as a snake, but she ran a good house. Miss Ellie’s Boarding House was known throughout the county, maybe even the whole state of Arkansas, as a clean place to get a decent night’s stay and a good, hot meal. Despite the fact that she was a crabby old thing and didn’t seem to like me much, I was really lucky that she let me work for her. I knew I wasn’t much good for anything else. Everyone had said so.


“Help Mr. Wexler with his things.”


I hurried out the front door and down the porch and skidded to a stop in front of the biggest man I had ever seen. I didn’t even come up to the giant’s shoulders. The cowboy was wearing his Sunday best black Stetson hat on his head, pulled low over his brow. He was tall and broad-shouldered. Not much of a neck. His brown beard had grown wild from lack of shave while on his travels. He wore a black vest over his once white shirt. His tan canvas trousers were in good condition, but dusty and he carried a six-shot revolver on his gun belt. His dusty and worn boots had to be twice the size of my boots. My eyes lingered perhaps a little too long between his legs. When I realized that I could see what appeared to be the bulge of his ample manhood, my cheeks burned red and I quickly looked away.

Mr. Wexler flicked the brim of his hat up with a finger and looked me up and down. A slow smile spread across his mouth. The big cowboy had friendly hazel eyes, which reflected the smile on his lips. He nodded his chin at me. “You’re a tiny little thing,” he said in a slow Texan drawl, his voice deep and rumbling. “You strong enough to get this stuff up to my room, boy?”

He had two horses, one large chestnut stallion for riding and a small mule for hauling. He stroked his hand up and down the neck of his stallion as he watched me.

“Yes, sir, Mr. Wexler,” I said firmly with my chin held high, while trying not to show that I was offended by his words.

I had a lean build, but I had good, strong arms from working. I know I’m short, a half a foot under six. With my red hair and fair skin, I would get burnt quick if I was out in the sun too long. I got that from my mama, rest her soul. I hated that people thought me a weakling simply ’cause of my size.

Wexler chuckled and shot me a wink to know that he was just playing with me and I relaxed a bit. His hazel eyes twinkled as he watched me with a knowing eye that gazed up and down my body. I had seen that look from other men before, only this time I wasn’t upset by it. And maybe I welcomed it, just a little. Remembering Miss Ellie’s words and the sting of her strap, the warm feeling was replaced by a creeping guilt. I gave him a quick smile back and looked away from him, not wanting to encourage him. That kind of attention could get a man hanged.

I bent down and picked up the two large satchels. They were much heavier than I thought they’d be, but hopefully I picked them up without looking like I was struggling. I didn’t want Mr. Wexler to think me a runt.

Miss Ellie called out “Room Three!” as I climbed the stairs with the bags.

I pushed open the door to Room Three and set the satchels down, nearly dropping them. As I rubbed my hands together, soothing my palms and stiff knuckles, I took a look around the room.

This room was one of the bigger rooms, located at the back of the house. It had a nice sized bed, which a man Mr. Wexler’s size would surely need. Like the other rooms, it had its own wash tub in the corner. I looked around and made sure that everything was in order. I made sure the sideboard’s cupboard had a bar of soap, washing flannels and drying towels. I crawled under the bed and pulled out the long, flat storage box. I opened it and removed the extra blanket. I patted it off and laid it on the foot of the bed, then pushed the storage box back into place. I smoothed down the covers and fluffed up the pillows. I double checked the lamp on the night table, making sure it was full of kerosene. I opened the curtains and pulled up the window a crack to let the cool breeze get rid of some of the staleness in the air. I wanted everything perfect for the big cowboy.

Once I was satisfied with the room, I went back downstairs and outside to the front porch. Wexler handed me a leather bag. “I’m going to take my horse and mule down to the boarding stable. I’ll be back in a few minutes.”

“Tell them you’re staying at Miss Ellie’s. You’ll get a better price.”

Wexler nodded and tipped his hat at me and set off down the street. As he walked away, I watched his wide, broad back, then let my eyes drift to his muscular behind. Feeling a blush creeping up my neck and a tingling in my britches, I hurried upstairs with his bag. I set the bag on the bed and ran my fingers over it. The leather was soft and worn and clearly he’d had it a long time.

Not able to delay any further, I went back to the kitchen and returned to my duties helping Miss Ellie prepare supper.

Miss Ellie came in through the back door with two fresh chickens. “You get Mr. Wexler squared away?”

“Yes, ma’am,” I said.

I cringed as she prepared the chickens. As much as I liked eating and cooking chickens, I sure didn’t like killing or plucking them.

Once dinner was finished cooking, I first served Miss Ellie and our guests in the dining room. I made myself a plate and then quietly ate my supper at the tiny table in the kitchen reserved for the help, which was only me at this time.

Miss Ellie always ate in the dining room with her guests. We only had two at this time, Mr. Barnes and Mr. Wexler.

Mr. Barnes was going to be with us another few days. I wondered how long Mr. Wexler would be staying. My mind couldn’t help but wander. I wondered what he looked like in the nude. He was so big and tall, with large feet. And he had such a generous bulge in his trousers… I wondered how big he got when he was–


I let out a squeak and my fork clattered to the floor as Miss Ellie walked in.

Her mouth narrowed into a frown as she watched me. I felt my face burning and I had to look away. It was as if she could read my unpure thoughts.

After a long moment, she looked at me with a cool eye and said, “Mr. Wexler wants a hot bath before he turns in. Bring up the water for him in one hour.”

“Yes, ma’am.” I got up and made sure the large pot was filled with water and I stoked the fire.

Once the dishes were cleaned, dried and put away, I grabbed two buckets and filled them with water from the pump. I went upstairs and tapped on Mr. Wexler’s door with my elbow. “Mr. Wexler? It’s Rusty, sir.”

The older man opened the door and let me in. I dumped the buckets into his wash basin and then went downstairs for more. I made another trip with the well water, then went back for the hot water.

When I stepped into the room, Mr. Wexler was dressed only in his union suit. He had taken his hat off and he had a red ring across his forehead left over from the brim. Those huge boots of his laid in the middle of the floor next to a pile of clothes. I looked down at my boots and compared them to his. Lord, he had big feet.

The long one-piece underwear he wore was unbuttoned midway, stretched a little tight around his slightly rounded belly. It needed a washing something fierce. It was dingy and there was some yellow stains in his crotch. My eyes swept down his body, pausing to stare at the pelt of hair visible on his chest. I just couldn’t help but look between his legs. His member created a sizable bulge that hung down the leg. I blushed and looked away in shame, folding my hands over my own crotch, where my pecker was straining against my trouser buttons. I glanced back to make sure he didn’t notice me staring. I found him looking right at me.

I swallowed nervously and I poured the hot water into the basin. I dipped my hand in the water, satisfied that it was sufficiently warm for his bath. I got out the soap, a flannel and a towel and set them on the side table next to the basin. “You’re all set, Mr. Wexler.”

“How much for you to help me out?”

My eyes widened as all kinds of dirty thoughts ran through my head. Surely he didn’t mean… “Beg pardon?”

“I need my hair and beard trimmed. And I wouldn’t turn down a back scrubbing.”

“I… Uh… You’d be better off with the barber in the morning.”

“I’m itchin’ now, boy,” he said as he scratched at his long, thick, unruly beard. He pulled a small leather pouch out of out of his pants and held out a shiny silver coin. “What do you say?”

That was a good bit of money. I’d be a big dummy to turn my back on that. “I reckon I could do that. I’ll go and get my scissors.”

Mr. Wexler slipped the coin into my palm, his fingers lingering before slowly pulling away. I went downstairs and fetched my scissors, a straight razor, foam and brush. When I returned, the door was shut. I knocked quietly.

“Come in.”

I opened the door and stepped inside and froze in my boots.

Oh my Lord.

Mr. Wexler was standing nude by the wash basin. His broad chest, stomach and trunk-like legs were covered in a pelt of curly brown hair. His member hung long, thick and heavy between his legs, resting over a low-hanging sack filled with two large nuts. Its hood completely covered the bulbous head.

“Shut the door, boy,” he said with a frown.

“Oh!” I shut the door behind me and walked over to the basin.

He climbed into the bath and let out a satisfied sigh. “Oh, this is might nice.”

I wet the cloth and rubbed the soap into it. I lifted his hair and scrubbed hard across the back of his neck, then down his back. He even had a soft dusting of brown fur on his shoulders.

“Is this too hard, Mr. Wexler?”

“Scrub hard as you can. And reckon you call me Hoss, seein’s how you got your hands on my nekkid body and all.” His shoulders shrugged as he laughed to himself.

“Hoss,” I whispered as I continued rubbing. A manly name for a manly man.

He let out a quiet breath and closed his eyes. I noticed he had a few scars and scratches on his arms and on his hands. Probably from working. Hoss was an honest-to-goodness cowboy. A real man. He was used to hard work.

Hoss lifted his arm and the ripe smell assaulted my nose. For some reason, it wasn’t unpleasant to me, not like it would have been on any other man. My prick took notice and it got even harder in my britches. I squirmed a bit to get comfortable, glad that Hoss couldn’t see me. I scrubbed his arm and inside his furry armpit, moving my head a little closer to get a quick whiff before I scrubbed the intoxicating smell away. He didn’t even flinch when I touched him there. I guess he wasn’t ticklish like I was. I repeated the same with the other arm.

I moved around to the side of the basin and dipped the cloth in the water to re-wet it. I soaped it up and set to rubbing what little neck he had bared and then his chest. His chest was broad and muscular. The feel of the thick, coarse hair made my prick throb.

“You do this for a lot of men, Rusty?” Hoss asked. His voice was quiet, and had a deep and husky quality to it, different than his normal speaking voice. It made my whole body tighten up.

“No, sir,” I responded just as quiet. “Well, once. A salesman from back east. New York City. He asked for my help scrubbing his back.”

Hoss let out a puff of air. “I bet.” His tone told me he didn’t much care for salesmen. Or maybe it was people from New York City.

I don’t know what on earth possessed me to tell Hoss about him, but I wished I could take it back. Oh lord, what Hoss must think of me now. I hoped he didn’t think I did more than wash the other man’s back.

Unable to help myself, I blushed furiously at the memory. That slick-talking salesman seduced me, not that I wasn’t willing, I suppose. When Miss Ellie caught us, me on my knees with my head in his lap, she tanned my hide so bad I couldn’t sit for days. She said I should be grateful she didn’t turn me in to the law. And I was.

I could feel Hoss’s eyes on me and I willed myself not to look back at him. While I washed Hoss, I tried making small talk to distract myself from his body. “Where are you from, Hoss?” I asked.


“How long you staying in town?”

“Three, maybe four days. I’m headed up to Dakota Territory. My uncle’s getting on in years and I’m taking over his ranch.”

“That’s super. You’re gonna be the big boss. You must know a lot about ranching and cowboying.”

Hoss chuckled. “Mm-hmm. Been doing it all my life.”

“What kind of ranch is it?”

“Horses. Cattle. Mmmm…”

Hoss let out a low groan and I realized that I was slowly rubbing the cloth on his chest and belly, no longer scrubbing, but softly caressing. I looked down into the water and I gasped. His pecker was standing hard and upright. The head reached all the way to his belly button and was poking out of the water. I froze, unable to move.

Hoss snickered and took the cloth from me. He rubbed more soap into it and pushed it between his legs. I was thankful that he washed his own privates. He tugged back on his foreskin to wash around the head and I had the decency to look away.

He took the soap and scrubbed it into his tangled hair. He scrubbed his face and then rinsed off. He leaned back and closed his eyes.

“Now be careful, boy.”

I looked back down into his lap. His prick was still standing at attention. He opened his eyes and looked at me expectantly. I realized that he was ready and waiting for me to give him a trim. “Oh. Yes, sir. Do you want it clean-shaven, or trimmed down?”

“Just trim it down, boy.”

After a thorough combing, I got the scissors and trimmed Hoss’s hair down to a respectable length.

“Your hair is real thick,” I said quietly as I carefully cut down his beard.


“I wish I could grow a beard.”

Hoss let out a quiet laugh. “You’re still nothing but a boy.”

“I’m not a boy,” I said indignantly. “I’m nearly twenty years.”

“Mm-hmm. When you get on the other side of thirty, come talk to me again.”

“You’re thirty?” I asked with surprise. He didn’t seem that old, especially now with his hair and beard trimmed back.

“Not yet. Close. Miss Ellie your grandmama?”

“No. My mama used to work for her. Mama taught me how to cook and clean and work around the house, and so Miss Ellie kept me ’round after my mama died of the fever.”

“You got no papa? You didn’t work with the men?”

“No, sir. He left ‘fore I was born. The men… none of them wanted me around. I tried, but…”

Lord, I missed my mama. My eyes stung a little and I blinked a few times, not wanting to shame myself by weeping in front of the cowboy. Hoss didn’t say anything, just watched me as I trimmed the edges of his bushy mustache. My fingers brushed against his now visible lips. They were full and pink and surprisingly soft.

I brushed the shaving soap onto Hoss’s neck and on his cheeks. I carefully used the straight razor to clean the edges back until he was perfect. Almost as good as the barber, if I done say so myself.

“All done.”

Hoss leaned forward and splashed his face with water and I went and got the handheld mirror from the sideboard and gave it to him.

“That’s right nice, Rusty,” he said as he ran his fingers over his head and his beard while taking a look in the mirror. “Reckon it was worth every penny.”

I smiled, glad that he was happy. He looked much better now. He was nice and clean. His hair and beard were trimmed and brought out his mouth and especially his eyes. Hoss was a very handsome man, very manly. I’m sure the ladies swooned when they saw the big man coming their way. As I stepped back away from him, my knees buckled a little. I guess he made me swoon, too.

He stood up and I held a towel for him. He took it from me and began drying off while I packed up my things and cleaned up the hair clippings. I cast my eyes to the side, not wanting to be caught staring at him in the nude again. “You’re all settled, Hoss. Let me or Miss Ellie know if you have any other needs.”

“I got one more need here,” he said huskily.

I looked up at him and he lowered his eyes down for a moment and looked back up at me. I lowered my gaze down between his legs. His great big prick stood hard, pointing towards his belly. It was red and swollen with the need he spoke of.

My mouth went dry. “There’s a saloon down the way… They have, um, ladies…”

“Thought you might could help me out.”

I swallowed nervously and shook my head. “I, uh…”

“I won’t tell no one. I seen the way you look at me. You like my body, don’t you, boy? You prefer men… big men like me, don’t you, boy?”

Unable to look him in the eye or even speak, I just nodded. For some reason, I just couldn’t lie to him and I just knew that he felt the same way I did. I somehow knew I was safe with him, but my nerves still had me trembling.

He moved closer to me and took my hand. He walked over to the bed and sat down on the edge. His hands moved to my shoulders and he gave me a gentle push down and I knelt in front of him.

I reached my shaking hand towards the beckoning column of flesh. I looked up at Hoss. He was staring back down at me with dark and lusty eyes. He nodded at me to continue. “Go ahead, boy,” he whispered.

I wrapped my right hand around him while my left cupped his heavy sack. He felt hot to the touch. The skin was velvety soft, covering that hard as steel shaft underneath. His foreskin was loose and very veiny. A clean, soapy scent masked his musky male scent. I slid my hand down and revealed his bulbous cock head. It looked like a ripe plum, wet with moisture. A drop of clear liquid leaked out and I began to move my hand.

I reckon I was good at this, having practiced on myself in secret plenty of times over the last few years. By the way Hoss was breathing and the quiet grunts he was making, I knew that he thought I was good at it too.

I kept stroking him with a steady rhythm, using a firm grip. I gently rolled his large eggs in my left hand – he seemed to like that. Hoss bucked his hips up and he struggled to keep quiet. His hand moved to the back of my neck and he urged me forward.

“Take it in your mouth,” he whispered.

I looked up at him and shook my head. “Only whores do that,” I whispered, repeating the words Miss Ellie beat into me.

Hoss frowned. “Well, I don’t know who told you that… but if you don’t want to, I won’t make you.”

Oh, Lord, how I wanted to take back my words and do that with Hoss; more than anything in the world I wanted to feel the head of his warm prick in my mouth. More than I ever wanted to with that salesman. But after my dumb words, I didn’t know how to take it back. If I did it now, he would definitely think me a whore. I didn’t want him to think of me like that. More than anything, it mattered what Hoss thought of me.

I kept stroking him, slow and steady at first, then a little faster. His nuts lifted and pulled closer to his body. His prick swelled in my hand, growing even harder. Hoss bucked his hips up and his breathing hitched. His entire body shook as his legs straightened and his toes curled. “Oh fuck, it’s gonna shoot.”

The wide head of his cock flared and it burped out a thick wad of spunk all over my hand. I slowed my hand as the hot slime drooled down his shaft and over my hand.

“Keep going,” Hoss hissed as he pushed his hips up. “Don’t stop.”

I renewed my hand movements and Hoss let out a groan as he thrust up into my hand. His helmet flared and I watched as the slit opened. A thick, white rope of spunk blasted out of his cock and splattered hot and wet across my face. I gasped and my groin contracted and I let out a whimper as I soiled myself. Hoss bucked and thrust up into my hand. He shot over and over, his powerful jets covering my shirt and my arm and my hand with his cream.

Hoss’s chest heaved as he breathed hard, trying to pull in lungfuls of air. He finally looked down at me through half-closed eyelids and gave me a big happy grin. He reached up and swiped his hand across my face, wiping some of his seed from me. His thumb brushed across my lips and I felt him leave behind a blob of his slimy fluid.

I reached up and wiped my lip with the back of my hand. Before I could stop myself, my tongue ran along my bottom lip and licked away the rest. Mmm.

“That was mighty fine, Rusty. Thank you.”

“You’re welcome.”

I slowly stood up, struggling against my weakened knees. I gave him a nervous smile and let out a deep breath. He laid back on the bed and linked his fingers behind his head and watched me. I followed his gaze to between my legs at the growing wet spot there. When I looked back up at Hoss, he seemed right pleased with himself.

I took the flannel I used to bathe him and wiped off my hands and my face. There wasn’t much I could do about my trousers. I just had to hope that no one saw me when I made my way downstairs. I dried off my hands with his damp towel. When I glanced back his way, I saw that he was still watching me with heavy eyes. His prick was laying heavy and limp and wet across his thigh. As I looked at it, it twitched and jerked.

I had to get out of there before I got caught.

“G’night,” I muttered to him as I grabbed my things and quickly left the room.

I hurried down the stairs and quietly sneaked into the kitchen. I grabbed a pitcher of the water that was still warming over the fire. I took it into my little room off the kitchen and poured the water into my wash bowl. I used a cloth to clean myself, my hands and my face. I pulled down my britches and wiped the cloth along my soft member, cleaning away the sticky spunk. I tugged at the red hairs down there with the cloth, trying to get them clean.

My cheeks felt warm as I remembered the feeling of shooting in my britches. Doing it while touching Hoss was much better than when I abused myself in bed in the middle of the night when no one would know.

When I crawled into bed, I fell asleep quickly. I don’t quite remember what I dreamed, but all I know is that they were the nicest dreams I had in a real long time.


I set down the breakfast plates in front of Hoss and Mr. Barnes: fried eggs, grits, bacon and biscuits. Hoss gave me a quick wink when no one was looking and I gave him a little smile back. I returned to the kitchen and ate my meal real quick, then started the rest of my morning chores.

I was busy all day with various chores and Hoss was out running his errands, I suppose. I looked for him every chance I got. I realized he was likely avoiding me, not wanting to see me after what I had did to him. I reckon I couldn’t blame him for that.

I didn’t see him again until supper time, but I thought about him all day.

As I cleared away the supper dishes, Hoss spoke to Miss Ellie. “I think I might like another hot bath tonight, ma’am.”

She nodded as he slipped a silver coin into her hand. She smiled and tucked it into her pocket. “Just let Rusty know and he’ll bring the water up.”

I was nervous when I knocked on Hoss’s door. When he let me in, he was dressed in only a suit of dirty long-johns. After I poured the hot water into the wash tub, he stripped down and climbed into it with a satisfied groan. He dipped the flannel in the water and wrung it out and held it out to me. I was glad that he didn’t offer to pay me to wash him. I wanted to do it for him out of my free will, not because he paid me. I took the cloth with a smile and knelt down and soaped it up and started scrubbing. He was still plenty clean from last night’s bath, so it didn’t take much scrubbing.

I glanced at the growing pile of dirty clothes on the floor. “I could do your laundry for you if you want.”

“How much for that?”

“No charge. I’ll just do it with mine.”

“That’s might nice of you, Rusty.”

I shrugged, then realized he couldn’t see me. “I don’t mind,” I added quietly.

“You’re gonna spoil an old cowboy like me,” he said quietly.

“You’re not old,” I said with a frown, ignoring the rest of his comment.

I moved around to the side and washed Hoss’s furry chest and belly. He shifted his legs, spreading them apart in invitation. His staff bounced up, clearly needing tending to. This time I let my hand slide down into the water. I let go of the washcloth and let it float away. I wrapped my hand around his fat prick and began a slow stroking.

“Oh, yes,” he moaned. “I could get used to bein’ spoiled like this… mighty easy, I reckon…”

One of Hoss’s big hands snaked behind my neck. He pulled me close as he moved his face towards mine. I closed my eyes as his lips pressed against mine. I let out a little moan and kissed him back. He opened his mouth and his tongue slid back and forth between my lips, wanting entry into my mouth. My whole body ached and I felt like I might just spill into my pants right then and there. I slowly parted my lips and his tongue slid in and slid against my own tongue. A shudder ran through my body as Hoss deepened our kiss and let his tongue explore every inch of my mouth. I had never been kissed before, certainly never like this, so I had nothing to compare it to, but it felt like heaven to me.

His hips bucked upwards and I realized I had stopped stroking him. I resumed my hand motions while we kissed.

Hoss finally parted from my mouth and I panted against him, trying to catch my breath.

“Hoss…” My voice came out in a trembled whisper.

“You got a mouth made for sin, boy.”

Hoss braced his hands on the sides of the tub and stood up. I pushed up off my knees and picked up a towel from the sideboard and helped him dry off.

When he took my hand and led me over to his bed, I didn’t resist. I was getting ready to kneel down when he surprised me by pulling the covers back and laying on the bed, close to the wall. I stood there, unsure of what to do.

“What you waitin’ for?” he asked, patting the empty space next him. “Get in.” I climbed onto the bed with him and he chuckled. “You got too much clothes on, boy.”

His hand unbuttoned my britches and I pushed my suspenders off my shoulders, then raised my butt up as he slid the trousers down my legs. I lifted my legs up one at a time and pulled my boots off and let them fall to the floor. Hoss pulled my shirt over my head without unbuttoning it and dropped it on the floor. He pulled me to his body and started kissing me again.

His big hands were rough and calloused from years of hard work. My body was on fire as those hands slid and caressed all over me, touching every inch of my exposed skin. I reached up and put my hands on his chest. I flexed my fingers, raking them through the thick brown hair that covered his hard chest muscles.

Hoss rolled onto his back, pulling me with him. I slid off onto my side and glided my hand through the hair on his chest over his soft belly. I scratched my nails through the thick bush of fur at the base of his prick.

“Feels good,” he whispered. “Keep touching me.”

“Yep,” I agreed. “It’s nice.”

His thick cock jerked, belching its slippery nectar onto the hairs on his stomach. I wrapped my fingers around the hot shaft and began a slow stroking motion. I watched his foreskin slide back and forth and the purple head glistened as it oozed and dripped more of that sweet liquid.

Hoss nuzzled his nose in my hair. I felt him kissing my head. It was tender and unexpected and so welcome. I felt safe and loved in his arms, snuggled against his heated body. I closed my eyes and let the warm feelings wash over me.

His voice was so quiet when he whispered, “I won’t think you a whore.”

I lifted my head and looked up at him. He reached over and cupped my cheek in his hand. I searched his eyes, and found that he looked so genuine. As he stroked my face with his thumb, he pressed his lips to mine. When he pulled back and laid flat on his back, I nodded and whispered, “All right.”

I took liberty and pressed my lips to his in a quick kiss, then on his bearded chin. I slowly kissed my way down his neck and chest to his groin, liking the feeling of the tickle of his body hairs on my lips. I held his large prick firmly by the base, fully examining my prize. I gave the wide helmet a tentative lick.

Oh, Lord, it tasted good and I couldn’t help but moan. I licked again and again until he was clean. I traced my tongue along the thick veins on the underside to catch the drippings, all the way down, then back up. I closed my lips around the head and began sliding my hand up and down, working him the way the salesman taught me. I kept the head in my mouth and swirled my tongue around it, while jacking him with my hand.

Hoss’s hand moved to my head and intertwined his fingers in my hair. As he pushed down, he thrust his hips up, sending his thick length deeper into my mouth. His strong hands gently guided my head up and down.

“That’s it, darlin’,” he whispered. “Up and down… A little deeper… Suck a little harder… Ooh, just like that…”

I bobbed my head up and down while sucking as I finally understood what I was supposed to do, what he wanted me to do. My hand moved in rhythm with my mouth, like it was the most natural thing in the world. This was much better than it was with the salesman. The feelings were so intense. My own prick was flush against my belly, rock hard and throbbing. It was ready to explode with just a touch.

Hoss’s breathing quickened and I could feel his body tensing and relaxing, his belly going taut and then softening. His body trembled as his legs straightened and his toes curled. I could tell it felt real good to him what I was doing and that made me feel ten feet tall. I had found something I was good at. I knew I was ‘being the girl’ right about now, but the control I had over Hoss made me feel like a man. It made me feel powerful. I had reduced this huge mountain of a man into a quivering teddy bear. I increased my movements, going a little faster and a little harder.

“Oh, darlin’, you’re gonna make me spill,” he whispered. “Keep going, don’t stop… I wanna spunk in your mouth…”

I hesitated for a split second and Hoss tightened his grip on my head, keeping me from pulling away. I quickly decided that I wanted Hoss to spill, and I wanted to make him do it. And the thought of him doing it in my mouth made me moan in delirium.

Hoss’s prick swelled in my mouth and he let out a stifled groan and his belly contracted. He gasped, then held his breath and I felt a flood of warm liquid fill my mouth. Mmm, it tasted good and salty. Knowing that he wasn’t finished, I kept working him and I was rewarded with a blast that jetted out with full force and smacked against the roof of my mouth.

“Swallow it,” he hissed. “Don’t stop. Keep going.”

To keep myself from choking, I swallowed Hoss’s thick spunk as my mouth filled again and again.

When he finished his climax, I let his softened and satisfied member fall from my mouth. It laid in that bushy nest of hair, thick and heavy against his thigh. I slid up next to Hoss and he put his arms around me. I laid my head on his big, hard arm as he pressed his hand on my chest and had me to lie flat on my back. His then reached down and took hold of my pecker. My mouth fell open in a gasp as another man touched me for the first time. My prick all but disappeared in his meaty paw and he slid it up and down once, then twice, and that was all it took. I bit my lip to keep from crying out as I shot all over my stomach. I buried my face in his neck as I tried to calm my breathing.

Hoss held me in his arms, his hand slowly stroking my softening prick, rubbing my skin back and forth across the slimy head. When my breathing finally slowed to normal, he wiped us down with the towel and tossed it onto the floor.

I nuzzled my face into Hoss’s neck, rubbing my nose in his beard. “That felt so good,” I whispered.

“You felt good. I ain’t never had my cock sucked so good. You could give whores lessons, darlin’.”

“Hoss,” I said as my face burned red. As much as his words embarrassed me, I found I very much liked when he called me “darlin’.” It made me feel special. And I really liked that he enjoyed what I done for him.

Hoss snickered, then quieted down. “This is nice. Having a warm body to hold. It gets lonely on the trail.”

I twirled my fingers through the thick hair in the middle of his chest. “Yes, sir. It’s real nice.”

“You been with lots o’ men?”

“No, sir. Um… There was just one.”

“The smooth-talkin’ salesman?”

“Yeah. Other men, they wanted to…”

“Mm,” he grunted in distaste. “Don’t wanna talk about them no more.” Hoss rubbed his nose in my hair. “Your hair is so soft, darlin’. I always loved me a red-head.” He then rubbed his nose across mine and planted a tiny kiss on the tip. “You got such cute little freckles. You are so damn pretty, if you don’t mind me sayin’ so.”

I probably would have been offended if anyone else had called me pretty. But that it was Hoss brought a smile to my face and I put my arm around his husky body and hugged him tight. I laid there quietly with my cheek on his fur-covered chest as he lightly stroked my hair. When I felt my eyes start to droop, I moved to sit up and I covered my mouth and stifled a yawn.

“I should go. I don’t wanna get caught. Miss Ellie will tan my hide.”

“Stay a little longer,” he said as he pulled me back down. “I wanna fall asleep with you next to me, in my arms. Indulge an old cowboy. Just a little longer, darlin’…”

How could I refuse such a request? I relaxed into Hoss’s warm embrace. He kissed the top of my head one last time. I listened to his slow and steady breathing, feeling his chest rise and fall under my head. I wanted so badly to sleep next to his big, warm body, but I knew that would bring nothing but trouble.

When Hoss started to snore, I laid there for a few minutes longer, then slowly and quietly got up out of bed. I pulled the covers up so that it was covering him up to mid-chest. I laid my hand on his chest, pushing my fingers into the thick hair. I held it there for a moment feeling his heart thumping as his chest rose and fell. He must have been rightly tuckered out, the way he snored to wake the dead. I reluctantly pulled away and got dressed and gathered up all of his dirty clothes.

I gave him one last look before I opened the door. The big man looked so peaceful, so handsome. I so longed to lay with him through the night and into morning. I felt my chest constrict at the thought of him leaving. I thought it best not to get too attached to him, but my heart seemed to already ache from loss. I looked to the burning kerosene lamp on his side table. I walked over and put it out and I let out a quiet sigh and silently left the room.

I shut the door behind me and creeped down the stairs to the kitchen. The house was quiet and dark, everyone already in bed asleep. Though it was getting late, I used the remaining warm water and soap to wash Hoss’s clothes, then I hung them on the line. I wanted them to be dry by the time he was ready to start his day.


I woke with a start when Miss Ellie banged on my door and pushed it open. “Get up, boy! You’re late again.”

“Yes, ma’am.”

I scrambled out of bed and got dressed. I was in the kitchen in no time and grabbed my basket, avoiding Miss Ellie’s stink eye best I could.

“Honestly,” she started, but I scurried out the back door before she could get in her sermon.

I went out to the coop and quickly gathered all the eggs. After I that, I milked Bossie. As soon as the first stream of milk hit the bucket, it reminded me that I hadn’t had my morning piss yet. The whole time I was sitting on the stool, I was crossing my legs. I almost didn’t make it to the outhouse in time. I rinsed off my hands at the pump, then hurried inside.

Once back inside, I set about starting breakfast.

I was cutting the biscuits when the door opened behind me. I put my head down to my work, not wanting to get Miss Ellie’s mood worse than it was. A big warm body slid up behind me and I drew in a sharp breath. That wasn’t Miss Ellie.

“I see those pretty little hands are good for things other than… mmm… bathing,” Hoss said with a chuckle. His voice was quiet, deep and gravelly. It sent a shudder down my spine. I wiped my hands on my apron and turned around. He leaned forward, trapping me against the counter.

“Hello,” I breathed.

He narrowed his eyes and said gruffly, “Someone stole all my under-britches last night.”

A big grin appeared on his face and I smiled back at him. “They’re hanging outside. They should be dry. I will bring them up to you after breakfast.”

“Good. I don’t think I can go ’round town like this,” he said, then motioned downwards with his eyes.

I looked down and I could see the perfect outline of his member and sack hanging down the leg of his tight tan trousers. My face felt warm as my cheeks turned pink and my jaw dropped. My lord, he was big all over.

Hoss laughed. “Ain’t you just the sweetest little thing, going all red like that?”

He leaned his head down to kiss me and I pushed up on my tip-toes. My forehead hit the brim of his hat and I jerked my head back. He grabbed my head and tilted it and held it still, then planted a deep kiss on my mouth. I was quivering when he finally pulled away.

He stepped back just as Miss Ellie pushed open the door and walked into the kitchen.

“You ain’t got those biscuits to baking yet?” she said with a frown.

“I’m just fixing to.”

Miss Ellie looked at Hoss with a suspect eye. “Something I can do for you, Mr. Wexler?”

“No, ma’am. Just checking on my laundry. And breakfast.”

“All right then. Breakfast will be ready soon. Now git.”

Miss Ellie shooed Hoss out of the kitchen. As he left, he gave me a discreet wink and a smile. I had a grin on my face a mile wide as I finished up breakfast.

I set a plate of biscuits and a bowl of strawberry preserves on the table for the men to start on. Hoss and Mr. Barnes helped themselves. I watched Hoss split one of the steaming hot, flaky biscuits and smear the preserves on each half.

“Mm,” Hoss moaned. “These are some good preserves.”

“My mama taught me how to make them.”

Hoss looked up at me in surprise. A happy grin spread across his face as he finished chewing his biscuit.

“Delicious, Rusty. I might like another,” he said as he grabbed another biscuit. This time he spread a very generous amount of preserves on it. The fact that he was enjoying my cooking so much made me feel warm and tingly inside.

I looked up as Miss Ellie walked into the dining room with another man. She introduced the tall and lanky cowboy as Mr. Griffith.

“Nice to meet you, sir,” I said.

The dark-headed, droopy-mustached man looked down at me and dipped his chin, but didn’t speak.

Miss Ellie motioned for Mr. Griffith to sit down at the table before she turned back to me. “Rusty, when you finish serving, bring Mr. Griffith’s things up to Room Four. He’ll be staying the weekend.”

“Yes, ma’am.”

I went to the kitchen and fixed another plate of flapjacks, grits and sausage. I juggled all of the plates on my arms and served the three men and Miss Ellie. I dashed back into the kitchen and grabbed the coffee pot. I poured coffee for everyone, starting with Miss Ellie.

Once everyone had what they needed, I hurried to the front stairs and grabbed Mr. Griffith’s satchel and brought it up to his room. I made sure everything in his room was in order and then went back downstairs to the kitchen. I quickly ate my grits with the leftover sausage crumbles on top, then did the breakfast dishes and cleaned the kitchen.

I went out back to the clothes line and pulled down Hoss’s clothes. I folded them nice and neat and then brought them upstairs in a basket. I knocked on his door and he opened it and let me in.

“Here are your–”

Hoss grabbed the basket and tossed it on the bed. He pulled me in and kissed me. His tongue slid into my mouth and explored every inch until my knees turned to jelly.

“I best go,” I said.

“Don’t want you to go,” he growled low in my ear.

“Me neither.”

He brought his hand to my face. His thumb slid across my bottom lip. “Damn, I want that mouth on my prick.”

I balled my fists in his shirt to keep myself from sliding to the floor on my knees and putting my mouth right where he wanted it. “I want to, but I really have to go. Miss Ellie will be looking for me.”

“I’ll have another bath tonight,” he said as he stroked his hand down the back of my head. He twirled his fingers through the red curls at the nape of my neck.

“Miss Ellie is gonna get suspicious. No cowboy takes as many baths as you.”

Hoss laughed. “Maybe so. But I like to be clean ‘fore I get dirty.”

He squeezed my butt cheek and I laughed and swatted his hand away. Before he could make another grab, I ran for the door. I flashed him a quick smile as I left his room.

“There you are,” Miss Ellie said with a frown as I stepped off the last stair. “Mr. Griffith has some needs. Take this list to the General Store. “

She held out the list and pointed at each item and sounded out the words all slow and loud. Like I was deaf as well as dumb. I wasn’t the best at reading, but I could have figured these ones out. Well, except maybe that last one.

I frowned and took the list with a sigh. Miss Ellie smacked the back of my head. “You best wipe that smart look off your face, and don’t be giving me no lip.”

I ducked my head in apology. “Yes, ma’am.”

She walked off with a loud sigh, shaking her head. “Lazy as well as dim. And hurry back!”

I went to the sideboard and fished around until I found a canvas bag. I looked up and saw Hoss standing on the stairway, just leaning against the wall, looking down. I instantly ducked my head, wanting to die. If he had heard Miss Ellie having to read to me… He must think I’m a big dummy.

I hurried out the door rubbing the back of my head, while blinking away the dust that seemed to have gathered in my eyes. I didn’t want to stick around under Hoss’s judging eyes, but I wasn’t in any rush to go to the General Store neither.

I hated going to the store. The owner was an ugly, old letch of a man who was always pawing at me when no one was looking. Once when I was just barely fifteen, I tried to tell Miss Ellie that he touched me and squeezed my bottom, but she didn’t believe me. Mr. Arsdale was a god-fearing, church-going man. He would never do anything so vile. I got my mouth washed out with soap for my lies and trouble.

The bells on the door jingled as I stepped inside the general store. I looked down at the list and no sooner had I stepped down the aisle, than Mr. Arsdale had slid up behind me. I tried to side-step him, but he only moved closer, bumping into my back.

“Well, howdy, pretty,” he said in my ear, his bristled mustache scratching me. I liked the way Hoss’s whiskers felt on my skin, but his whiskers just got under my skin. His breath was hot and smelled like coffee and egg yolk. It made me shudder and made my stomach roll.

I jerked my head away, trying to get away from that foul mouth of his. “Hello, Mr. Arsdale,” I muttered through my teeth. “I’m in a hurry, see.”

I scurried away from him, but he followed me through the store as I picked up the items on the list. I knew he was gawking at my bottom and it made me feel dirty. I had put on my good trousers and suspenders, wanting to look nice for Hoss. I knew now that was a mistake. The trousers were snug on my backside and I sure didn’t intend to gave Mr. Arsdale a free show.

As I picked up the shaving soap, Mr. Arsdale closed the distance and slid his arms around me. He pulled me back to his pot belly. One hand grabbed at my privates while the other took my hand and pushed it onto his member. I felt the heat of his hard and stubby prick and I yanked my hand away and tried to squirm out of his arms. “Stop it! I’ll tell if you don’t quit.”

“No one’s gonna believe you, you little tease,” he grunted in my ear. “Parading around like a whore. You think I don’t see the way you look at the other men? I know you bend over for them every chance you get. Well, you done teased me long enough. It’s time you settled your tab.”

He started towards the back room, dragging me with him, but the door jingled and Mr. Arsdale quickly stepped away from me and tried to compose himself. I gasped in surprise as Hoss turned the corner. He looked between the two of us. He saw me trembling and his eyes narrowed and his face turned an angry shade of crimson.

“Rusty? You okay, boy?”

“Yes, sir, Mr. Wexler.”

I tightened my arms around the bag I was carrying and hurried over to Hoss’s side.

Hoss stepped in front of me, blocking my view of Mr. Arsdale and his view of me. Mr. Arsdale took one look at the expression on Hoss’s face and squeaked and hurried back behind the counter.

Hoss stood and watched while I double-checked that I got everything on the list. I was embarrassed as I ran my finger across the words on the list, then touched the item, making sure it was right. When I looked back at Hoss, he was just watching me with a smile on his face.

I brought my bag up to the counter with Hoss as my escort. Mr. Arsdale put my items on Miss Ellie’s tab and then put them back in the bag. Hoss leaned over the counter, his hand resting on the butt of his revolver. He tipped his hat back so that Mr. Arsdale could see his eyes.

Hoss lowered his voice to a growl. “You keep your beady eyes and your greasy hands to yourself. You touch my boy again and I’ll see to it that it’s the last thing you lay hands on.”

The menace in Hoss’s normally gentle voice surprised me, and it apparently scared the bejesus out of Mr. Arsdale. His eyes were as wide as saucers. He nodded his head frantically and then ran into the back room.

I looked up at Hoss and two words played over and over in my head: ‘my boy’. He said that I was ‘his boy’. He said that I was ‘his’. No one since my mama had stood up for me like that.

“Thank you,” I said quietly to Hoss. He picked up my bag, put his hand on the small of my back and walked me out of the store.

I walked next to him in silence as we headed back to Miss Ellie’s. Once we got to the porch, he handed me the bag and said quietly, “Think you can stay outta trouble, little man?”

“Yes, Hoss.”

“Good. I’ll see you later then.”

His hand slid down my back as I went through the door and I looked back at him and smiled.

Later that afternoon I was feeding the chickens when I heard his deep voice behind me. “Howdy.”

I turned and gave him a happy grin. “Howdy, cowboy.”

His finger flicked the brim of his hat so that I could see his sparkling eyes. He leaned up against a wooden post and watched me while chewing on a piece of straw.

“You know your way ’round chickens, too, huh? As well as the kitchen?”

“Yes, sir. Our eggs and milk are always fresh. I can milk a cow, too.”

The corner of Hoss’s mouth turned up. “Ah. I don’t much doubt that, the way those fingers milked me the other night…”

“Hoss!” My face turned bright red with blush and I turned my back to him and returned to spreading my feed.

Hoss chuckled a throaty laugh. “So easy to get a reaction outta ya. Mighty cute, you are.”

I glanced back at him and smiled happily as I continue to spread my feed. Though no grown man wanted to be ‘cute’, I very much liked that he thought I was.

The laughter in Hoss’s voice died when he asked, “That man at the general store been troubling you?”

“Yeah. Few years, I guess. He only does it when no one else is ’round. He knows folks think I’m dimwitted and won’t believe me.”

Hoss let out a growl. “He outta be strung up by the nuts. And you ain’t dimwitted.”

“Well, I think you might have scared him off me for good. Least, I hope so.”

“And you ain’t dumb. I don’t wanna hear that from you again. You hear me?”


“Alright then.”

I filled a pail of water and topped off the chickens’ water trough. I turned back to Hoss, still leaning on the post watching me, his eyes glued to my backside. His tongue swiped across his lips and he looked up into my eyes. “That ass you got is damn fine, darlin’. Damn fine…”

I couldn’t help the nervous giggle that escaped.

A door slamming against the house had me jumping out of my skin. Miss Ellie stomped out of the back door and put her hands on her hips. “What in heaven’s name are you still doing out here, boy? Get a move on. We got dinner to start.” She turned to Hoss and gave him a disapproving frown. “And you. You git now. Stop harassing my worker.”

I scurried inside after Miss Ellie, giving Hoss a last look over my shoulder. He nodded his head and tipped his hat at me and I grinned back at him.

Miss Ellie held the door open for me, then came in behind me, grumbling at me. “I swear you get lazier every day. Just like a man. I don’t know why I bother with you…”


After dinner was cleaned up, I went out back to catch some air. It was quiet, except for the sounds of crickets and the occasional chicken clucking. I looked up at the night sky and wondered what it would be like to sleep under the stars like Hoss did while traveling.

I went into the outhouse and relieved myself. I shook off and buttoned up my britches, then pushed at the door with my shoulder. When I opened the door, a dark shadow moved in front of me and I about jumped out of my skin.

“Didn’t mean to scare ya.”

Hoss’s voice was deep and husky, sending a shiver down my spine. I moved around him to give him access to the outhouse.

He turned his head to the side and spit into the grass. He started to unbutton his trousers. “Wait for me, darlin’?”

I nodded and he went inside and did his business. I could hear his stream pouring loudly into the hole and I stepped away to give him more privacy.

I waited until he slid up next to me. He looked up at the sky with me.

“Beautiful, ain’t it?” he asked.

“Yeah. I like looking up at the stars after a long day. It’s so peaceful.”

He nodded. “Yes. Ain’t nothing like it. See those up there?” He pointed in the sky. “That’s the big dipper. And that there is the little dipper.”

“You know lots of stars?”

“Sure do. See those there? That ‘W’ shape? That’s Cassiopeia.”

“Wow. You’re so smart.”

“Nah. Just paid attention to my uncle when he taught me.”

We stood there quietly for what seemed like the longest time. We were very close and our hands and arms would occasionally bump. Just having him near, it made my prick ache inside my trousers.

His fingers ghosted over mine, sending a jolt through me. “Walk with me?” he asked.

We walked back along the fence towards the barn. Once we got behind the barn out of sight of the house, Hoss grabbed me. He leaned with his back against the barn and pulled me to his big, warm body. He cupped my face in his hands and rubbed his thumb along my bottom lip. The pad of his thumb was dry, rough and calloused, but his touch was gentle. He pushed his head down and kissed me.

When I started to feel lightheaded, I broke our kiss so that I could take in a deep breath. My heart raced as I looked into his eyes. I began to feel overwhelmed with emotions, so I ducked my head. I planted a kiss in the open neck of his shirt, letting the ample pelt of hair tickle my sensitive and kiss-swollen lips.

I slid my fingers between our bodies and grabbed Hoss between the legs, making him grunt. He was so big and hard. Hard for me. I tugged at the buttons of his trousers and Hoss’s hand gave me a little push on my shoulders. I dropped down to my knees and looked up at him. The moon lit up his rugged, bearded face as he looked down at me.

Hoss gripped my head, raking his fingers into my hair. “Oh, darlin’… Yes… Suck me…”

I slid my tongue along the underside of his large endowment and he hissed as he breathed in. I grabbed him by the base and pulled it down. I closed my lips around the head and laved my tongue all over the sensitive helmet. Hoss’s hands tightened their grip. I held myself steady on his thighs. I gently increased pressure on his legs, pulling them forward, willing him to move and thrust.

My actions caused a groan deep in Hoss’s chest. He pushed and pulled my head, sliding my mouth up and down his cock. I looked up at him and stared into his eyes while he used my mouth as if it were a woman’s private place. He never let his eyes stray from mine.

“Don’t stop. Swallow my spunk, darlin’,” he said through gritted teeth.

His rhythm faltered and his knees buckled. His eyes fluttered closed and he let loose in my mouth. Gushers of his salty cream filled me and I swallowed over and over to keep it from overflowing.

“God damn,” Hoss muttered as he braced himself against the barn. I swirled my tongue along the underside of his prick. I gave it a firm squeeze, sliding my hand up the length. A pearly drop oozed out of the tip and I flicked my tongue across it and swallowed it down.

Hoss let out a deep breath, then tucked himself back into his pants and he helped me up to my feet. He kissed me deeply, sliding his tongue deep into my mouth. I know he must have tasted himself on me and the thought made me almost spill right then and there. I wanted him to touch me again. I couldn’t be satisfied with my own hand now that I knew what his felt like.

“Hoss, please,” I whispered as I pressed my hard pecker into his leg. “I… need…”

Hoss’s hands swiftly unbuttoned my britches as he kissed my neck. “I got you, darlin’.”

He dropped down to his knees in front of me. My body quivered in anticipation of the pleasure I knew he was going to bring me. After a sharp tug at my pants, I hissed as the cool night air washed over my drooling pecker. His meaty fist engulfed my stiffness and he slicked back my skin and rubbed the head all over his beard.

“Hoss,” I moaned as I gripped his shoulders to hold myself steady. “Please.”

He slid his warm wet tongue up and down my shaft and the pleasure was just too much. My whole body convulsed as my groin contracted. My knees buckled and before I could warn him, I shot my spunk. Hoss lapped it up as it spurted all over his beard and lips.

I started to sway, struggling to not just fall down to the ground in a satisfied heap.

Hoss held me steady as he raised himself up. His chin was covered in my spunk and it was the most scandalous thing I ever seen. He lowered his mouth to mine to kiss me, but I went for his chin and licked and sucked every drop of my spunk from his beard.

“God damn, darlin’,” he groaned as I cleaned him. “You sure do like come, don’t you?”

“Yours is ‘specially tasty,” I admitted in a whisper.

“You keep talkin’ like that and I can’t be held accountable for my actions,” he said with a snicker.

We shared one last sloppy kiss and I finally had to leave him. “I better go,” I whispered against his lips. “I have some chores to finish up.”

Hoss curled his fingers in the hair on the nape of my neck. He looked at me as if he wanted to speak, but he closed his mouth and ducked his head.

“I do have to go,” I whispered. “But can I see you later?”

He nodded and leaned back against the barn. He tapped the brim of his hat down lower on his brow, shielding his eyes from me. Before I turned out of sight, I adjusted my clothes and swiped my hand across my mouth. I looked back at him one last time and he nodded once more and I hurried into the house.


Later that night, I snuck out the front door and hurried down the street. Hoss had whispered for me to meet him by the saloon after Miss Ellie had went to bed. Even knowing I was taking a pretty big risk, I didn’t hesitate to promise him that I would be there. In just a short time, I had become addicted to the big cowboy. He only need ask, and I would do it. I reckon that made me a dimwit like everyone said. He would be leaving shortly and I would be stuck here by my lonesome.

Before I left, I put on my cleanest white shirt, my suspenders and the pants that Hoss liked on me. I even dusted off my boots. I took one last look in the mirror before I left. I licked my fingers and tried to tame an unruly cowlick, but it wasn’t much use.

The saloon was on the other side of the street, down at the other end of town. I walked as fast as I could to my destination, trying to avoid being seen by the men and women walking the street. I managed to jump out of the way of a pair of scuffling men as they fell out of the saloon, punching and hitting at each other.

I saw a big shadow leaning up against the side of the saloon. The orange glow of a cigar’s end lit up his bearded lips and I knew that it was him. When he saw me, he stepped out into the lamplight. He tipped back the cowboy hat on his head so that I could see his face.

He chomped on the stubby cigar and let out a puff of smoke as the corner of his mouth turned up into a smirk. He was so manly and so handsome in the flickering light of the kerosene street lamps it nearly took my breath away.

He nodded with his head and I followed him down the street. He stopped at the livery stable, and pulled me down between the buildings. The light from the street lamps was very dim and I could barely see in front of me. I clung to Hoss’s back, not wanting to trip or fall until my eyes could adjust to the low light.

Once we were out of sight of the street, he dropped the cigar and crushed it under his boot. He took me in his arms and yanked me close. I liked the way he manhandled me. He smelled like an intoxicating mixture of whiskey, cigars and dust and it sent a thrill through my body.

As he bent down and kissed me, his tongue shoved roughly into my mouth. I could taste the whiskey and smoke on his breath. His drink must have made him bold, for him to take me right here out on the street. The thought of it sent a thrill straight through me and I knew I would do just about anything he asked of me.

My hands moved up his back, one holding myself tight against him, the other climbing up into his hair, keeping his mouth on me. He slid his mouth to my neck and I laid my head back against the livery wall, allowing him complete access to kiss and suck as he wanted. His coarse beard whiskers rubbed and burned against my skin, sending shivers down my spine.

Hoss pulled back slightly and pushed my suspenders over my shoulders, letting them fall slack against my thighs. His big hands quickly unbuttoned my trousers and set my prick free. I reached down and unbuttoned him. Once I had his big prick out in the open, he pushed back against me. He kissed me deep, his tongue exploring every inch of my mouth as he roughly ground his big member against me. My own prick jumped and throbbed with each push of his body.

He pushed aside the collar of my shirt and clamped his bearded lips on my collar bone. He sucked hard, pulling with his mouth, nipping with his teeth. He was leaving his mark on me. While he did this, his hands traveled down to my ass. He cupped my cheeks in his big bear paw hands, squeezing and caressing.

“Want you, Rusty,” he whispered. His voice was throaty and raw.

“Yes, Hoss. Want you, too,” I whispered back.

Hoss squatted down and pushed his prick between my legs. The flared head slid under my balls and he began rubbing and pushing his cock against the crack of my ass. He held me tight, pinned against the livery wall. I had never felt anything like this in my life. The only thing I could think of was having him inside my ass. I had heard cowboys talking about butt fucking before. Until now, I thought I would never ever want to do that. Now the thought thrilled me, yet scared me at the same time. My hole clenched, overriding any protests I might have.

He suddenly pulled back and turned me around. “Brace yourself against the wall,” he husked into my ear.

I put my hands on the wall and Hoss moved close behind me. He looked down over my shoulder, down my body. He pushed out his tongue and swiped his fingers down it. I watched as his hand moved between my legs, where he spread the saliva under my balls and between my thighs.

“Hold your legs tight together, darlin’.”

Hoss slid his hot prick between my legs as I pushed my thighs together, trapping him between my legs. He stood behind me, feet shoulder width apart. With his left hand on my hip and the other against the wall next to my head, he started to move. I dipped my head down and in the dim light, I could see the head of his prick pushing back and forth under my balls. My own prick bobbed up and down as Hoss rutted against me. I squeezed my thighs tighter, causing Hoss to grunt and groan his approval. He was breathing hard against my ear, his breath hot and thick with whiskey. My own breathing was coming faster and faster.

Hoss’s hand left my hip and wrapped around my prick. He tugged and pulled, sending me into a free-fall. I gripped his hand on the wall tight with my own and I threw my head back against him. He licked and sucked at the base of my neck while his body slapped against my ass. He knew exactly how to play my body to give the both of us pleasure. I was a goner.

“Hoss,” I grunted through my teeth.

I pressed my lips together to stop the whimpers. I looked down to see my prick jerk in his hand and my spunk shot out and covered his hand.

I clenched my thighs together as he held me tight while he pounded against me. He grunted into my ear, muttering a non-stop stream of obscenities. He let out a deep groan, and I felt him throb and expand and his hot jism soaked my thighs as he spurted all over me.

He rested against me for a moment until he got his senses under control. He stepped back and pulled a handkerchief out of his trouser pocket. He wiped his hand off, then wiped his prick. He cleaned between my legs and around the base of my prick before stuffing the hanky back into his pants. Once we had our pants pulled up and made ourselves presentable, we stepped back onto the street. I nervously glanced around, but the street was crowded enough that no one was paying us any attention.

We walked quietly back to Miss Ellie’s. I felt him looking down at me and I looked up at him. He was staring at me with lusty eyes and I gave him a quick smile and looked back down at my feet.

“You look like sin, darlin’,” he said quietly. “With your cheeks all flushed, your lips all swole, and your hair all mussed… Mmm…”

I laughed nervously and kept walking. I reached up and tried to smooth down my hair.

Once we made it to the front porch, he stepped behind me and leaned down into my ear, “Very soon, darlin’… Very soon I’m gonna have this ass.”

His hand brushed against my bottom in a light caress, making my breathing hitch.

As I hurried back inside to retire for the night, I knew that very soon I would give it to him.


I somehow managed to get myself out of bed on time that next morning. I got dressed and hurried out to the outhouse. My prick was stiff against my belly. I needed to piss something fierce, but I had dreamed about butt fucking with Hoss all night. I wrapped my hand around the shaft and started to pull. I remembered all of the things we did, then thought about being on my hands and knees. He mounted me like a bull and I cried out and shot my spunk all over the outhouse wall. My body was trembling as I scurried to clean up the evidence. After I finally relieved myself, I stepped out of the outhouse and ran into Mr. Griffith.

He nodded at me and looked me up and down, then went inside the outhouse. My face was burning as I hurried to start my chores. I decided to pretend that Mr. Griffith couldn’t have possibly known what I was doing in there.

Once I finished up my morning and afternoon chores I went to find Miss Ellie. She was sitting in the parlor with Mr. Griffith. Hearing their hushed conversation, I waited beyond the door, not wanting to intrude.

“Is Rusty your boy?”

“Oh, heavens, no. His mama used to work for me. After she passed from the fever, Lord rest her soul, I kept him on. You can’t help but feel sorry for the boy. He’s a little slow in the head, but he manages.”

“Seems to work hard, for woman’s work that is.”

“Hmph. He don’t remember things too well. You gotta keep on him about everything, keep him from getting too lazy.”

“That’s too bad.”

I leaned against the wall and sighed.

All my life people have told me I was a runt, that I was slow and dimwitted. Though, some people used the term ‘special’. I wasn’t any of those things. I wanted to be a cowboy like all the other men. They just never gave me a chance. I pushed my hands in my pockets and headed out the back door.

I leaned against the house and closed my eyes. Not for the first time in my life, I wondered what was out there, beyond my existence at the boarding house. If I could just be more like Hoss. I’d hit the trail and travel the frontier. I’d sleep under the stars. Maybe even have a big strapping cowboy to keep me warm at night. Someone like Hoss.

For the first time in my life I wanted more, and I knew I would have to leave to get it.


I let out a deep breath and hurried inside to see what Miss Ellie needed.


I gripped the handles of the buckets of hot water tight and started up the stairs. It had been a long day and Miss Ellie had kept me busier than normal. The disapproving side glances she threw my way made me wonder if she suspected something. If she did, she didn’t say a thing.


I looked down at Miss Ellie standing at the bottom of the stairway. She already had her nightgown on with her housecoat covering it, clutching it closed at her neck. Her gray hair was down and braided, hanging over her shoulder.

“After you fill Mr. Wexler’s bath, fill Mr. Griffith’s next.”

“Right away.”

“Then off to bed. I don’t want to catch you late again in the morning.”

“Yes, ma’am.”

As I approached Hoss’s door, he opened it for me and let me in. He was dressed only in his union suit, which was now nice and clean.

I poured the last of the water into the wash tub and he moved up behind me and wrapped his arms around me and kissed my neck. I closed my eyes and sighed as his rough beard whiskers rubbed against my sensitive skin.

“I have to go,” I whispered. “Mr. Griffiths wants a bath, too.”

Hoss’s body stiffened. “All right then,” he said shortly.

He let go of me and pulled away. I looked back at him and he had folded his arms across his chest and was looking down at the tub. He looked like he was angry. His cheeks were flushed a bright red and his brow was all scrunched up.

I hung my head down, wondering what I did to upset him. “I better go.”

I got to the door, but before I could open it, Hoss was there. He pulled me back to his chest and surrounded me with his arms and held me tight against his body.

His voice was quiet when he finally said, “You won’t… bathe him?”

I shook my head. “No.”

“He looks at you and I don’t like it. Don’t want you touching another man, and don’t want anyone else touching you. Can’t stand the thought, darlin’.”

His words were shocking to me, but I was thrilled beyond. “I won’t, cowboy. I promise.”

“Good,” he said as I felt him relaxing. “Can you come back later?”


“Promise?” he asked as he rubbed his bearded lips along my jugular.

“Yes,” I breathed out, pressing my neck against his mouth.

He kissed the back of my neck and his hands slipped from me. I hurried out without looking back, but I couldn’t help the little smile on my face. Hoss was jealous.

I made three trips to fill Mr. Griffith’s bath. As I brought in the last hot bucket, he started to strip down. I turned my back to him when he slid his red union suit down and his dangly member flopped into view. I normally would have peeked if he was willing to show it off, but somehow it felt wrong. Like I was betraying Hoss. Like I was running around behind his back. If I was Hoss’s and he was mine, I wouldn’t never do that to him.

Mr. Griffith stood there in all his glory as if he was waiting for me to look. I will not look. I cleared my throat. “Will that be all, Mr. Griffith?”

“Yuh-huh. Oh. Here.”

I turned back towards him. One hand cupped his prick suggestively as he held out a coin for me. I took it and pocketed it. “Thank you,” I said with a nod as I looked at him in the face.

His voice was husky when he said, “There’s more if you can tend to this.”

I could tell from my side vision that he was tugging at his rising pecker and I shook my head. “I can’t do that, sir. I’m sorry.”

I hurried for the door, not looking back. I brought the empty buckets back down to the kitchen, then slumped down in one of the little table chairs. I sat for a moment wondering how long I should wait before I should go back up to see Hoss. I wondered if I should tell him of Mr. Griffith’s ‘offer’. Best to leave that one be. I reckon it would only make him angry at Mr. Griffith.

I sat for as long as I could, then quietly made my way upstairs and softly knocked on Hoss’s door. He opened the door and let me in. I was surprised to see that he was naked. He quickly shut the door and took me into his arms. He hugged me tight and lifted me up off my feet. I laughed softly as he walked us to the side of his bed. He tossed me onto the mattress and jumped on top of me.

“I missed you, darlin’,” he drawled.

His confession surprised me, but in a very pleasant way. “I missed you, too, cowboy,” I told him truthfully.

I grinned like the cat that caught the canary. Hoss pulled my clothes off and tossed them onto the floor. Hoss laid down on me, straddled my leg and held me tight. I rubbed my hands up and down his smooth back to the furry patch above his butt. I toyed my fingers over that patch of fur, scratching and tickling at it with my fingers.

Hoss kissed me slowly and deeply. He ground his hips back and forth, rubbing his big cock against my body. He licked back and forth across my neck. He licked and kissed my collar bone, then down to my nipple. He sucked hard on it and I arched up into him. His hairy chest and belly rubbed against my smooth skin with every movement and sent a shudder through my body.

I about leapt off the bed when he pushed his hands between our bodies and grabbed my prick.

“You got a cute little pecker, darlin’.”

“I’m glad you like it. I like yours, too. Yours ain’t so little, though.”

Hoss laughed into my neck. “I got a big ol’ pecker. You like big cocks?”

“I like yours.”

His groan told me that he liked my answer. His other hand slid between my legs and he rubbed his finger along my crack. When the rough pad of his middle finger slid across my hole, I shuddered and let out a soft moan. My legs spread further, allowing him to rub up and down. He continued to stroke my dick nice and slow as he rubbed my pucker.

“Hoss,” I whispered. “Please,” I begged, unsure of what I was begging for. All I know is that I didn’t want him to stop what he was doing.

Hoss reached over to his night table. He opened a small jar of oil and dipped his fingers into it. When he returned his finger to my crack, it was wet and slippery. He slid across and then circled around my butt hole. I gasped and clawed at his back, trying to pull him closer. I wanted him to touch me there. I wanted him inside me like I was his whore. My face burned bright red with shame and I buried it into his shoulder and let out a soft whimper.

Hoss kissed my neck, up to my ear. “I’d be so gentle with you, darlin’. I would never hurt you. I don’t ever want you to be afraid of me. What we do together ain’t hurtin’ nobody and it ain’t nobody’s business but our own. Don’t ever be ‘shamed to lay under me.”

I pulled back and looked up into his hazel eyes. I could see that he was being honest with me. And he was right. What we did in private was nobody’s business. I took a deep breath and whispered to him, “Make a man out of me, Hoss.” I suppose it might be more accurate to say that he was going make a woman out of me. Either way, I wanted his prick inside me.

He kissed me, pushing his tongue in and out of my mouth. His finger circled around my rim, then slid inside me. I thought it might hurt, but it didn’t. It actually felt kinda good. Of course, his finger was a far cry from what he had between his legs. I softly moaned into his mouth and I gripped the hair on the back of his head, holding him close, letting him know that I liked what he was doing.

His hand continued to rub and stroke my shaft while his finger slid in and out of my hole. I broke the kiss and moaned, looking up at him desperately. He pulled his hands away from me and I whimpered and thrust my hips up, wanting his hands on me again. “Please,” I whispered against his lips.

“Not yet, darlin’,” he said.

He dipped his fingers into the oil again. I felt stretched and full as two of his thick fingers slid into me. As he moved his hand, he turned and twisted. He spread his fingers, stretching me.

Another dip into the oil and Hoss spread it around his shaft. He got on his knees between my legs. He lifted my right leg up and hooked it over his shoulder.

“It’s gonna hurt for just a minute your first time, but I promise you it’ll feel real good after. I promise I’ll make it good for you. Breathe and relax.”

I reached up and rubbed my hands on his hairy body. I looked up into his eyes and I relaxed into the bed. I felt surprisingly calm for what was about to happen. I looked down between my legs as Hoss held his staff and pushed it forward. The hot, wet head bumped against me. A momentary pause and then a push forward. The large head breached my tight ring. I drew in a sharp breath and grabbed the sheets as a searing pain burned through me. My gut clenched and I looked up at Hoss, pleading. “It’s too big!” I hissed between clenched teeth.

“Breathe, Rusty.”

I drew in a breath and let it out slowly. It didn’t help. I squeezed my eyes shut and tried to push him out. Hoss groaned as my body pulled him in further. I kept breathing like he said and the sharp pain slowly turned into a dull throb.

“There you go,” he whispered. “Relax, boy. Just relax… Open up for me…”

He held still for a minute and then leaned in and kissed me and pushed further into me. I moaned and whimpered and gripped his shoulders tightly. He slowly thrust in and out deeper and deeper until he was buried to the hilt.

I wrapped my arms around his neck and held him tight, trying to get through the pain. Hoss planted small kisses on my face and neck, whispering, “You’re doing so good, darlin’. Oh lord, you’re tight…”

I kept breathing like he said and we just stayed like that for the longest time. I relaxed into the bed, just holding onto him around his neck. He pulled out nearly all the way and then thrust hard into me. I quietly cried out as his dick head rubbed against something inside me. Waves of pleasure arced through my body and I gasped and stared up at him in wonder. He grinned and let go of my leg. He pulled them up at the knees and I locked my legs around his waist and he began fucking me nice and slow at first, then harder and faster. We kissed and necked as he pounded my hole. My dick was rock hard and throbbing against his hairy belly. He kept hitting that magic spot inside me, sending bursts of ecstasy throughout my entire body. I could feel the pressure building up in my groin as I pushed back against him.

“It feels good,” I whimpered. “Hoss, it feels good.”

“Yeah, you got a nice, hot, tight ass, boy. I’m gonna fuck the shit outta ya.”

“Nng,” I grunted, having to bite my lip to keep from moaning out loud. I dug my fingers into his shoulders and arched my back up, pushing the back of my head into the pillow. “Please.”

Hoss pumped harder into me. “Take my cock,” he hissed.

He was moving hard and fast now. My drooling pecker was trapped between my flat belly and his hairy belly. The pressure was just too great and I thrust up as I finally released. “Oh, Hoss, I’m coming, I’m coming…”

My dick let loose and spurted between our bodies. It sprayed up onto his chest and cascaded down over my body.

The contractions of my ass were too much and pushed him over the edge. He shook his head back and forth and gritted his teeth. “Oh lord, your ass is milking me. Oh fuck, here it comes, darlin’. Fuck yeah, I’m coming.”

The bed thumped against the wall with each thrust. Hoss shoved hard into me and his body froze as he let out a deep groan. His entire body jerked and shuddered and I felt his thick staff throbbing and pulsing, warming me from the inside.

Oh my Lord, he’s spilling inside me.

Hoss finally collapsed on top of me, knocking the wind out of me. He struggled to push up onto his elbows to look down at me. “You alright, darlin’?” he panted.

I could only nod, unable to speak.

He pushed my hair back off my forehead and stared into my eyes. Something intense passed between us. I couldn’t describe the emotion, but I had never felt it with anyone ever. I felt warm and safe and protected in a way I hadn’t felt since I was younger and being held in my mama’s arms. I knew that feeling was love. Could it be that I loved Hoss?

I reached up and placed my hand on his bearded cheek and lightly stroked the coarse whiskers with my thumb. He leaned down and kissed me so tenderly. He deepened the kiss and started moving his hips again. His pecker, still deep inside me, stiffened to full size once again.

“Need you again, darlin’. You’re just too damned good.”

With a groan he slid out of me and turned onto his back. He grabbed my arm and pulled me up and over so that I was straddling his lap, my knees on either side of his body. I felt his hot juices drip down the inside of my leg as Hoss settled me in place.

“Hoss,” I whispered as my own prick started to plump back up.

“Sit down on it. Ride me.”

I reached between my legs and gripped his cock and pulled it upright. I moved into position and sat back onto it. The head popped into me and I gasped as a jolt of pain mixed with pleasure coursed through my body. His hands moved to my waist and gripped me tight.

I groaned and lifted up and then pushed myself back down. I moaned and my body shuddered. My prick lurched and a string of sticky juice leaked out and formed a little pool in the hairs on Hoss’s belly.

“Yeah, darlin’,” he grunted. “Go for it.”

I let out a whimper as Hoss used his hands on my hips to pull me up and then pull me back down as he thrust his hips up. I braced myself on his body with my hands and used the muscles in my legs to move on him. I rode my big cowboy hard and fast, up and down. His prick stabbed at that pleasure spot inside me with each thrust, driving me insane with lust.

“Oh lord,” I moaned. “Oh yes…”

“Ride me, baby. Ride me like a bull. You little stud pony. Fuck yourself on my big prick.”

His dirty words only made me more excited. My pecker was so close to shooting. It just needed a little attention, but I couldn’t grab it and keep up my movements at the same time. “Hoss. Please… Touch me, Hoss… Make me shoot.”

Hoss spit into his hand and grabbed my dick and started jerking it in time with my rhythm. We were grunting and groaning, struggling to stay quiet as we pleasured each other. I bucked my hips up into his hand, then slammed back down onto his shaft. I did this over and over until I couldn’t take it anymore.

“It’s shooting, Hoss!” I cried though gritted teeth.

My prick swelled in his hand and jets of white hot spunk sprayed all over Hoss’s stomach. Hoss grabbed my hips and frantically thrust up into me.

Bear Women – Kathy

This is part of a series of stories about the women of a company that uses a paw print as its logo. I make no representation as to the truth of these stories or who they may or may not represent. This story continues from meeting a co-worker at a Habitat for Humanity building blitz. Kathy is described as a technical writer for the company and very different from most of the other women in the company as she was not flirty or at all seductive in her dress. She was at 5 foot and 3 or 4 inches with a small but strong frame. She had dark red hair that fell straight in back to the bottom of her shoulder blades and tanned skin. Her small breasts were always secured in a bra under her shirt, while her muscular legs and firm butt usually were stuffed into tight tactical pants.

The room seemed incredibly quiet as we descended from that peak, the sound of our heavy breathing unnaturally loud. The aftershocks of our joined earthquake caused both of us to gasp and shiver, the movement of one of us triggering the same response from the other. I felt my cock shift inside Kathy’s hot body and knew I had begun to shrink, and I relaxed and slowly let my weight down, partly on Kathy’s soft body and partly next to her. No words were spoken as I lay there, gently caressing her breast as we basked in the afterglow of our joining. In due course my shaft completely softened and slid out of Kathy’s wet pussy, yet we still lay there cuddling in a tangle of legs until we fell asleep.

When I woke, the room seemed dim, like it was still early dawn. My chest was covered with Kathy’s silky red hair and her head rested on my shoulder. As she stirred, beginning to recover from our sex-induced deep sleep, groaned and stretched her legs. Cocking one eye open, she brushed away the hair that crossed her face and looked into my eyes. As I stared back at her face, I realized that as long as I had known Kathy, she never looked as beautiful or as sexy as she did right at that moment. That look of waking up from sexually satisfied sleep is just so wonderful.

“I think I had a dream last night that I had the most awesome orgasm of my life,” she smiled as she opened both eyes. She rubbed her fingers in his prickly chest hair.

“I don’t know about your dream, but looking at you this morning is more like a dream than reality.” Just the soft of her fabulous body as it stirred against my own skin made my cock begin to twist and swell. As I reached down to cup the curve of her ass in my hand, I glanced at the bed-side clock and froze.

“It’s 8:30!” I exclaimed. We were both supposed to be back at the build site at 9:00. I untangled myself from Kathy’s body and hopped out of bed. I peeked out the window curtains and saw a dark overcast sky. That’s why we thought it was still pre-dawn.

“I’ll shower real quick and get to the site and you can follow as soon as you’re ready,” I told her as I moved towards the bathroom. A very short shower and I pulled our “Habitat” clothing from the dryer and threw mine on. As I was ready to leave Kathy came out wrapped in a towel and pressed her body against mine as she pressed her mouth to mine. Her kiss drove blood to my cock and I groaned.

“Can I come back for dinner tonight?” she asked with a mischievous smile on her face. I gave her a spare key and rushed out to get to the build project.

When I got there, the electrical supervisor had just finished handing out assignments. He told me to pull all the devices and plates to finish number four’s second floor rooms and finish out the rooms as soon as the painters finished each room. I did so, working through each room installing outlets, switches, lights bulbs, etc. as needed for each room. I was in the last bedroom when someone yelled that the first two houses were being turned over to the home owners and everyone should come out for the ceremony. With just one more fixture to install, I stayed back and moved into the closet to install the ceiling light fixture.

I positioned the ladder and, gathering all my materials, moved up the ladder to install the night fixture and bulb. As I was finishing up, the closet door opened.

“Just finishing up,” I called thinking someone was coming to get me for the ceremony. Instead I heard soft footsteps and then someone placed a hand on my crotch.

“How can you be finished when I haven’t even started?” Kathy asked as she looked up at me with that devilish smile. The height I was at on the ladder put my crotch right at her face level and she moved under the ladder and started to unfasten my pants. Pulling my pants and my underwear down, she exposed my cock which was already starting to swell.

“You shameful little harlot,” I whispered as she started to gently caress my cock, encouraging its growth. Kathy wrapped her fingers around my thick cock, sliding her hand down to the root where she squeezed it. She looked intently at the purple, swollen cockhead in front of her for moments, examining the little drip of pre-cum that oozed out of the tip. Then I watched as this beautiful redhead moved her head forward, and pushed out her tongue to lick the salty cock juice oozing from the tip of my prick.

“Unnggh! That feels good,” I hissed as I grabbed the ladder to ensure I did not fall. “Put it in your mouth,” I begged. “Suck it!” Kathy closed her eyes and gradually let her lips slide over my swollen glans, then sucking in inch after inch of my thick shaft. She stopped when she had taken about a third of its length, which was a comfortable amount for her.

When the horny woman below me started sucking my prick hard, it was all I could do to not yell out in pleasure. I looked down but her eyes were closed as she nursed contentedly on the throbbing stiffness of my hard-on. Apparently enjoying my taste, Kathy sucked my cock harder and harder, shocking me with her zeal to mouth and slurp my prick. She forced her face even closer to my pubic hair as she took more in her mouth, nearly gagging herself as she tried to get of my cock meat into her mouth.

“MMouu,” Kathy gurgled, the lewd, wet sounds of her cock sucking filling the closet. Enthusiastically she started moving her head up and down my shaft, fucking her own mouth on my prick. I felt her fingers tightening on the root of my cock and she started to use her hand to jack me off as she sucked the on the bloated head.

“I’m gonna cum!” I groaned quietly. I was on my toes and desperately holding onto the ladder so I would not fall. “I…can’t…hold…it!”

This was just what Kathy wanted to hear, and her cheeks flexed as she started sucking my cock as hard as she could, keeping her lips wrapped around the cum-laden stiffness of my manhood. Her fist moved faster now, as she tried to persuade my balls to give up their heavy load of semen. Apparently she wanted it in her mouth and I figured I gave her warning enough already.

“Crap…now…cumming!” was all I could grunt as I thrust my hips forward and unloaded my first spurt of spunk in her mouth. Kathy moaned in pleasure as the cock juice spewed into her mouth, the first shot near the back of her mouth where she was forced to swallow it right away. She backed her head away as the second shot left my body and deposited on her tongue, where she could savor the taste of my seed. Shamelessly she continued sucking, jacking and swallowing, not releasing my prick until she’d sucked every ounce of gooey semen from my cock meat.

It seemed like forever until my climax was over, and the beautiful redhead in front of me had swallowed all the cock juice I could give her. When Kathy raised her head from my crotch, I noticed that her hand was inside her own pants. Her eyes were dazed and, even though she was still a bit out of breath, she sighed deeply and smiled up at me. The crotch of her pants showed a dark stain and I realized she must have fingered herself to an orgasm while I was filling her mouth with my cum.

I was about to open my mouth to speak when we both heard footsteps coming up the stairs of the house. I quickly stuffed my still swollen cock into my underwear and pulled up my pants. Kathy darted out of the closet and into the bathroom to wash her face while I started to gather my tools and empty boxes. The electrical supervisor walked into the bedroom just as I moved my ladder out of the closet.

“You all done up here?” he asked. I let him know that everything was done upstairs except gathering all my trash. He was pleased and told me to clean up while he checked all the work on this floor, then if it was all good I could help with the final few items in the basement. When he left the room, Kathy came out of the bathroom with a freshly washed face.

“I was going to tell you that they don’t need me anymore,” she smiled. “So I thought I would run home and grab a few things and then I make dinner for you at your place.” She kissed me lightly as she walked by.

“I look forward to your dessert,” I answered with a smile. I stared at her firm behind as she walked away and went back to work. It was another three hours before I was able to finish up and leave. By then I was very dirty and a bit tired, but the thought of Kathy in my kitchen quickened my steps.

When I opened the door to my apartment, my nose was filled with the wonderful smell of Italian cooking. I set my tools down and walked around the corner to the kitchen and froze. Kathy was standing by the sink cleaning vegetables. She was totally nude, the tan skin of her arms and back contrasted white arrow of thong-tan-line. It drew my eyes to that luscious, firm exposed ass. I felt my cock grow hard and moved towards her, but she held up her hand.

“No touching. You can look, but you can’t touch until dinner is ready and you take a shower.” I reached into the refrigerator and grabbed a bottle of water, then sat down at the table where I could watch her.

“How was the rest of the day?”

“It was okay,” I answered. “We finished the electrical on the last two units and I split.”

Kathy picked up some dishes and turned to the table. Her tanned breasts swayed as she walked towards me, with her nipples pointing out as hard little buttons sticking out from the crest of her firm mounds. My eyes were drawn to the white triangle of skin that was covered by her neatly trimmed patch of pubic hair. Looking carefully, I could see that her pussy lips were swollen and slightly open, making it obvious that she was also as hungry as I was, for more than food.

I could not believe how erotic it was to watch her parade about my apartment naked. I had seen her naked in the bedroom, but to have her naked in my dining room and kitchen seemed so much more erotic, maybe even perverse. When she bent over the table to put down the plate of sliced veggies, her succulent tits were only a foot away from my mouth. I groaned as she moved away before I could wrap my mouth onto a nipple, and she returned to the kitchen.

“If you want, you can undress and take a shower,” Kathy said.

“Are you going to help me?” I asked with a devilish grin as I rose.

“No,” she smiled back at me. “No touching until after dinner.” Just to challenge her conviction, I stripped off my clothes right in front of her. My hard cock bounced up and down in front of me when I dropped my underwear. Kathy stared down at my swollen man-meat, and then shook her head at me and pointed towards the bathroom.

I took a good shower, ensuring not only was I clean, but cleanly shaved as well. When I returned, my hard cock had subsided a bit and I realized how hungry I was. We sat down at the table and had a wonderful candlelight dinner for two. It was more than erotic to sit across from a naked Kathy for dinner, it was actually sensuously intimate.

When we were finished, Kathy rose and removed the dishes from the table. Watching her body move and wiggle brought all the blood flow back to my crotch, and my penis was as hard as ever. When she returned she just smiled at me and beckoned me toward the bedroom with her finger.

I stood up and let her see the bobbing of my raging hard-on, then followed her toward my own bedroom. Walking behind her, her muscular derriere nearly drove me crazy as I looked down at it. I so much wanted to push forward and drive my shaft between those ass-cheeks, filling her until she screamed in orgasm.

Kathy looked over her shoulder at me and saw how focused my eyes were. “Do you like looking at my ass?” she asked. “Do you want to put your prick between my cheeks?”

“Yes,” I admitted. “I think you have the most delicious looking ass I have ever seen.”

“I’m glad you like it.” She guided me to the edge of the bed. “Maybe you need a better view.”

I sat down on the edge of the bed and Kathy moved in front of me, turning her back to me. Slowly she bent over and pushed those two fantastic globes of flesh toward me. She bent forward so far that her pink pussy was visible, shining and damp just inches from my face. She reached back with one hand and pulled her cheek to one side, so her puckered little anus was also exposed for my viewing pleasure.

“Oh Kathy,” I moaned. “I want to touch you, to feel your sKathy.”

“Is that all you want to do?” she teased. “Do you want to lick me there?”

“I would lick you any time, anywhere. There is not a spot on your body I would not lick.”

“Really?” she asked as she wiggled it in front of my face. “Are you sure you would lick me all over, even my ass?”

“Yes,” I moaned.

“You kinky pervert!” she hissed at me. “Just the metal picture of your face in my ass makes me so horny. I will hold you to that. Do you want to fuck me there…to shove your cock in me and fill me up?”

“I will slide my cock into anyplace in your body that will give you pleasure.”

“When you talk like that you make my pussy drip.” Kathy turned around and dropped to her knees, so she could lean forward and take my rigid member in her hand. Before I could catch my breath from that, she lowered her face to my swollen cockhead and swallowed up my cock with her lips. The lips of her small mouth were stretched wide as she slid her lips down the long shaft until she had as much as she could take; then she slid her hand up and down on the remainder of the shaft as she sucked on my head with her mouth.

Kathy started licking and sucking on my cock, making gurgling and slobbering sounds as she contentedly sucked on my cock, her eyes closed as she focused on the flavor and sensation of the prick in her mouth. Kathy squeezed her hand around the root of my cock and started to beating his meat, fast and hard, whipping her right hand up and down from the root to her hungrily sucking lips.

I looked down at her as I moaned my enjoyment of the intense cock sucking. I shifted a hand to her head, moving her red hair so I could see her lips stretched around my shaft. It was such a contrast to see Kathy, usually polite and confident but now acting like a complete whore. My body tensed as my orgasm grew nearer, a heavy load of cock juice congested in my balls.

“I’m gonna’ cum if you don’t stop,” I hissed. I had thought that we would fuck and I would drop my first load inside her pussy but if she did not stop that wouldn’t happen. Kathy did not slow down but sucked my cock harder, her cheeks reddening with the fervor of her effort. It felt like my huge prick grew even bigger against her swirling tongue, and I’m sure that droplets of pre-cum oozed out into her mouth. Kathy was breathing through her nose as her hand whipped up and down the lower portion of my cock.

“Ohhhh, crap,” I grunted. “Now. Now. Noooow.” Just as my hot, thick jizz squirted out she pulled back and pointed it at her breasts. Her fist continued to jerk me off and I shot my second load for the day over her firm, fleshy mounds. Strings of white ooze contracted with the tan of her breast flesh. I started to relax when she released my cock, but she moved her hands to her own tits and started to massage my cum into her skin. She just stared at me with those sultry eyes as she worked the gooey fluid into flesh.

It was too much for me. I was not ready to start fucking her so I did the next best think. I got up and threw her onto the bed, where I aggressively spread her legs and dove between them. Her pussy was already swollen and dripping with juice. I quickly slid first one, then two fingers between her labia and started pumping my fingers rapidly in and out of Kathy’s gooey fuck hole. I placed my other hand near the dark-pink bud protruding at the top of her slit. With my forefinger right on it, I rubbed it in a circular motion. Kathy shrieked, fucking her hips rapidly off the bed.

“Does this feel good?” I asked her in an exaggeratedly calm voice.

“God yes!” she gasped.

“Should I lick it too?” She moaned and shook her head vigorously up and down.

I lowered my head, burying my face between Kathy’s strong thighs where I could place my mouth onto the redhead’s wet and tasty pussy. Hungrily I raced my tongue up and down her throbbing cunt, eagerly licking the sweet juice from the folds of Kathy’s pussy.

Kathy felt her pussy growing even hornier, oozing a heavy flow of liquid onto her lover’s tongue. Being around him all day had already left her horny but not that desire was building like a flood. Kathy placed a hand on her mound, using her fingers to peel her own pussy lips back to allow me to thrust my tongue deep inside her pussy, licking deep inside.

“Oh, eat me,” she hissed. The extreme pleasure of having her pussy licked made her lose all of the control she had wanted in this situation. She clutched my head with both hands, frantically lifting her ass off the bed as she tried to press harder against my mouth.

“Lick me, baby!” She moaned. “Oh, crap, you’re making my pussy so hot!”

I pushed my tongue in and out of Kathy’s luscious pussy, making the small woman roll her head back and forth. Her clit was very hard now, twitching obscenely in front of my eyes with its need to be licked and sucked. I moved my mouth up and wriggled my tongue on it which sent waves of intense pleasure coursing through Kathy’s body. Then I took the swollen clit between my lips so I could suck it hard.

“Suck me!” Kathy yelled, her face a mask of insatiable lust and desire. “Fingers…I’m so hot…need to cum!”

Straightening my fingers, I slid them back into the clasping inside of Kathy’s hot, fuck hole. Rapidly I rammed the in and out of the horny woman, pressing upwards against her G spot as my knuckles pounded on the puffy lips of her pussy. When I sucked her clit much harder, it took her completely over the edge.

“I’m cumming!” Kathy yelled as she clawed the back of my head, weeping with pleasure as her body thrashed on the bed. “Eat my fucking pussy! I’m cumming now, cuuummmiiinnngggg!”

Kathy’s vagina spasmed violently around my fingers and delicious musky-smelling cunt cream flowed heavily from her hairy hole, giving me fresh supply of pussy juice to tongue and lick up. I kept my head buried between Kathy’s trembling thighs, continuing to suck and finger her through her secondary orgasmic spasms. I realized if I twisted my hand sideways, I could put my thumb against her precious tiny anus, now covered with the juices leaking from her pussy.

When I pressed my thumb onto her sphincter, she howled as another wave of orgasm washed over her. She bucked against my hand and mouth, writhing on the bed as her body was overwhelmed by her own orgasm. I released my hold on her and stood up.

I was so incredibly turned on by this point that I doubt my cock had ever been harder, despite having cum twice today already. Lying before me was an incredibly sexy redheaded woman still grinding her hips in the aftermath of a totally consuming orgasm. Her hair was tossed wildly on the bed beneath her while her perfect tits swayed erotically from side to side. Her legs were shaking, but as they were spread wide apart, her swollen cunt lips were gaping open, with juice and saliva leaving a wet trail down to the crack of her ass.

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