One must love road trips. I know I do. Fate also has the most amazing way of showing you that even though you have it all figured out, there are certain things which can occur that are beyond even your wildest fantasy.

I was driving down the road, coming home from a particularly horrible day at work. In the hazy mist of a cruel evening, something jumped in front of my Accord. I swerved to avoid it, which luckily I did, but managed to hit something else that was in the road. The result was a blown tire which led me running headlong into opposing traffic. Instinct took over and I let the car turn into the direction of the spin and when it finally came to a halt, I was safely on the side of the road, with no major accidents occurring because of what happened.

I got out and began to change my tire. It was about then that a car happened to stop on the other side of the two lane road. I heard a very familiar voice call to see if I was alright.

I turned and looked in disbelief.


In Knoxville?

When he got close enough, he stopped dead in his tracks. “Angel?” he questioned.

I got up from kneeling on the ground and we both rushed to give one another a hug.

It had been ten years since we last saw one another. Ten years since the best sex of my life.

John helped me change my tire and while doing so we talked about what happened that landed us in the same place at the time. He was just on a road trip, seeing some old friends from “back in the day”. He admitted his surprise and pleasure in seeing me. I offered to buy him dinner, to give us a chance to talk longer, which he accepted.

Dinner was spent getting caught up on everything that had happened to us. His marriage, for starters. My heart sunk when he told me about it. Still, I was happy for him. After dinner, we said our goodbyes and went our separate ways.

Two months later, I decided to take a break from the craziness of the day-to-day so I decided to head out on my own road trip. Setting my sights on Atlantic Beach, NC, I drove until I hit the coast.

Two days of sunshine and gorgeous men and women before fate intervened yet again.

It was in the middle of Bert’s Surf Shop. “John?” I called.

The blondish-brown haired man turned to regard me. The instant he smiled, I felt myself weak in the knees.

His wife had gone to Atlanta for the week to see a strip show, so he said and he decided to get out of the house and be amongst people.

Walking across the street, we shared an ice cream cone and talked some more. We flirted. I became more and more touchy feely. He resisted me at first but eventually gave into me.

Before long we were acting like long lost lovers.

The sun was going down too quickly and in my attempts to keep the night going, I asked him to dinner. He accepted on the provision that he pay. I accepted his terms.

Dinner was uneventful. I played footsie with him and we laughed while sharing stories and jokes. He asked me if I still carried a vibrator everywhere I go. I looked him dead and square in the eye and told him it was a neccessity of life.

With desert out of the way, he walked me several blocks to my hotel room. We hugged good night and instead of letting him go, I did the only thing I could: I kissed him.

Kissed him with every bit of desire and pent-up emotion I could.

When he not only did not respond but pushed me away, my heart sunk to depths unheard of. I understood. His marriage meant the world to him. He would never betray her.

I admired that and we said our good byes. I thought this time to be the last.

I spent the early part of that evening at one of the local bars. I drank and eyed every piece of ass in that place. I could find no one desirable enough to take to bed.

“Mind if I join you?” a familiar voice called from behind me.

“Sure” I said, thinking I was imagining the voice.

It was John. He was on his way home when he decided to call his wife. When some guy answered the phone, he was quite shocked. Instead of handing the phone to his wife, his wife’s friend apparently took the phone and told John that his wife couldn’t talk, despite hearing his wife in the background.

Long story short, his wife had gone out with friends, gotten drunk and they ended up going back to her hotel room where she fucked a guy she met that apparently played for the Falcons.

After seeing the guy’s picture and the way he played, I’m not sure I would have said no either.

He ended up here by chance. It was the closest bar he could get to and wanted to drown his sorrow in a few drinks.

Despite being a total hypocrite, I talked him out of it and managed to get him to leave the bar. That evening he became my chauffeur, showing me the sights and sounds of Morehead City, Emerald Isle, and the rest of the area.

He wanted to show me where he lived. I thought it would be nice to see, so I agreed to it. So a little before eleven we sauntered up to his house. Unlocking the door, he let me in. Closing the door behind me, John turned on the lights.

He had done well for himself. I got to see his wife. She was pretty hot. John was a lucky man. Except she was a luckier woman. A shame she forgot that fact.

He pulled out a few bottles of beer and we took them to the porch to talk. Light conversation in the cool night air. I could tell he was bothered and upset. I tried to comfort him but my mind kept thinking about the opportunity to have sex with him. Well, I knew that was off the table. We talked about how we had continued running into each other over the last few months and how it must have been karma looking out for both of us. Maybe there was some unfinished business between us. We laughed together and I leaned my head into the crook of his arm.

As the hour turned to midnight, we sat on the railing of the deck, mere inches from each other. He said something funny and we turned to look at one another.

Then it happened. We kissed.

It was soft, sweet, and innocent.

Then in the moment it happened, it was over.

John pulled himself away and took the empty beer bottles and went inside.

I followed.

We sat down at the table and I tried to comfort him. I reached for his hand and held it. He looked longingly into my eyes before dipping his head into mine and kissed me.

I kissed back. Exactly like when he rejected me at my hotel room door.

I pushed away from him, touching my feverish lips. They felt flush and bruised from the heated exchange.

“I am sorry” he dejectedly spoke as he looked down and around the kitchen table.

Our eyes were drawn to a singular pair of handcuffs.

I wanted to make a joke about their sex life being kinky but decided it would have been in very bad taste considering everything that he had just experienced.

He reached for them and threw them on a nearby counter top.

John apologized for leaving them out.

I told him not to apologize and that I wish he would have used them when we were lovers. I boldly told him that I wanted nothing more than to be with him again. Here, now.

He smirked and seemed ready to deny me but grew silent as if he were contemplating it.

“That’s the alcohol talking, Angel.”

“A little, I admit,” was my response, “But in ten years there has never been another lover like you.”


“What do you say?” I pleaded with him, half joking, mostly serious.

“I wouldn’t want to be accused of taking advantage of a lady, ” he drawled, clearly amused at my plea.

I sat up, leaning my elbows on the table. I looked at him with a decidedly droll expression. “Whoever said you’d be taking advantage of me?”

“Well, I guess if we were to make love, you’d be taking advantage of me.”

I cackled and slit my tongue through my teeth, “Let’s take advantage of each other, John. I want to feel the pleasure of making love to you again.”

He leaned in close to me, so our faces were close. “Are you saying that you’re interested in being pleasured then?”

“I am.” I smirked at him. He didn’t know how dangerously close he was to playing with fire. Then again, did I have any idea, either?

John shook his head. “This is the kind of thing that you read about in a really bad erotic story, Angel. Or some awful porno.”

We laughed before I told him that we both have needs and that I needed him.

“I’d be happy to oblige you.” would have been a sufficient answer from him but instead he shifted in his chair and told me that he didn’t think I could handle him.

“Such confidence,” I purred, feeling a warming in my clit when I looked into his eyes and saw a soldering fire within them.

“Oh you have no idea.” He smirked.

“Lucky me, then.” The shimmer of arousal I felt was now taking hold of more than just my clit now. “Still, you are being ever so polite.”

“You know me, Ang,” He laughed. “I have my moments.”

“I want to kiss you.”

His eyebrows darted up in surprise as I pushed my chair back, rose to my feet, and walked around the table. As I leaned over to kiss him, he abruptly shoved his chair away and pulled me down onto his lap. I loved the sensation of the goose flesh which overtook my body as he ran his palms down my back.

I whispered to him words of encouragement as I shifted my bottom against his erection in quite the tantalizing little wiggle. He sucked in a breath as I gave him my best, enchanting smile as I moved in a seesaw motion that served to spike my senses as well as his.

With fingers splayed, he grasped my hips and exerted pressure downward, holding me against his engorged cock for a silent, protracted moment. His dark eyes were now close and the desire there sought to burn me. I kissed him. The moment my lips touched his, I could tell that neither of us was a person of restraint. Or like me, was John’s urgency just a reaction to hours of temptation?

He quickly grew impatient and hungry for more. As he tried to pull away from my lips, I begged him not to. I gripped his face, holding him to me, continuing my plea of “not yet.”

I know he could have easily broken free. John could have done whatever he wanted to do, considering our relative strengths but he returned to me, giving me his undivided attention. Gently curling one hand around the back of my neck, John held me lightly captive as he tempered his fervor. Those forceful kisses were less forceful now. His tongue now explored in a grazing rhythm while his free handdrfited softly down my back then slid upward again as his fingertips came to rest on the plump outer curve of one of my breasts.

As the feel of his fingertip sunk ever so gently into my flesh, it ignited a desire as hot as the fire in his eyes. His touch was of the most gentle, restrained, and delicate I had felt in many months. Yet, in the back of my mind was the knowledge that this gentleness could become hostile and possessive in a moment’s notice. My mouth gaped open and my breath caught in my throat as that truth caressed my thoughts much like he was touching me now.

I do not know if he was gratified with my response but he inhaled my erratic breaths, drawing me closer. It was just a moment later when he tenderly cupped my breast and slid his index finger back and forth over my taut nipple. God, I arched my back to John, pressing myself further into his hand. I silently asked, no, pleaded for more.

Flexing his considerably constructed hips, he thrust upward, ramming his cock against my cunt. The shock was evident as my lips curled in expectation and the skittish cry of what was to come broke free from those same lips somehow.

His hands clamped down hard on my hips, instantly, as he exerted a rough, downward pressure, his low voice telling me that he wanted more than teasing foreplay. We both groaned at the wild rush of pleasure that had taken over our senses.

Suddenly, this delicious man was no longer in a mood to wait. He turned his head away and looked towards the counter top where he had placed the handcuffs.

I looked at him and abruptly pushed him away.

I felt his heart skip a beat until he saw that I was reaching for the zipper on his slacks.

I looked teasingly at him, “I’m done kissing.”

“Done?” he questioned, his mind torn between the act he was about to commit on me and the boldness of what I had just done to him.

“Yep.” I teased between pursed lips. Already his zipper was down and I was standing up.

I kicked my shoes off and slid my slacks down my hips.

John was about to come to his feet, I could tell. He wanted nothing more than to strip off his clothes and attack me. Instead, he sat back to watch me.

I was clearly frenzied. The jolt of his cock against me moments ago made me hunger for his sex. I know my aroused nipples poked hard against my t-shirt. My cheeks felt flush, no doubt a rosy pink. My mouth moved partially open to allow the feverish heat building up inside me room to escape. The moment I jerked my t-shirt over my head and dropped it to the floor, the room went silent. All that could be heard was my rough breathing and John’s gasp.

I smiled at John. His mouth gaped for a long moment before I reached behind my back to unhook my bra before tossing it to him. He turned the silk fabric in his hands so he could see the intricate designs. “That must have been a tough job for your bra, holding up THOSE boobs.”

I laughed, I was glad for the compliment about my breasts, but wanted more than just words. “Right now, lover, I don’t feel like talking, if you don’t mind.”

I moved towards him, nude and eager for sex, while he called me voluptuous. He unzipped his pants, jerking out his cock. I obviously wasn’t the only one who was in a rush.

“Every woman’s wet dream,” I breathed and swallowed at the same time, stopping before him to take in the splendid sight of his huge, upthrust cock, “I am REALLY glad we met again now, even under the circumstances it happened. That gorgeous dick has always gone a long way towards apologizing. I am sure that you have had women lined up at your door for a piece of that since the day we last parted.”

He smiled, “Says the tall and curvy woman with all the right curves and lovely, pillow-soft breasts. Flattery will get you everywhere with me.”

“As long as everywhere includes in bed, I am ok with that.” I could hardly wait to feel that magnificent erection inside of me. My clit pulsed and ached for him, for it to be inside of me.

He crooked his finger, pointing at me, “No line, just you. Right now.”

As if I needed a better invitation, with my frenzied heartbeat in my ears and the pearly fluid of arousal threatening to burst from within, I moved to him. As I came within reach, he leaned over slightly, slid his fingertip up the trickle of wetness between my thighs and touched the fingertip to his mouth. His other hand opened a nearby drawer and took out a condom.

“What’s with that?” I questioned, “Are you always this ‘prepared-for-every-eventuality’?”

“Most of the time.” He slid his tongue through slitted teeth and raised his eyebrows.

Ripping open the foil packet, he slipped on the condom, dropped the foil to the floor, and rolled the sheath down his cock with the speed that comes with considerable practice.

Opening his arms wide, I straddled his thighs. He adjusted my position slightly in order to bring the crest of his erection in line with my wet, throbbing pussy. He gripped my wrist and with fingers splayed began to deftly ease me down his sizable erection.

A hushed silence followed my slow, gradual descent. I was intent on absorbing the full sensual impact of slick electrifying friction, sleek tissue ever so slightly yielding to his invasion. When the intrusion came to rest at last, my auburn locks juxtaposed against his blonde, my bottom warm on his thighs, my cunt full of cock and I was barely able to breath. I admit to being unprepared for the raw intensity which now assaulted my senses. For the moment, I was held hostage by this disorienting feeling of delirium.

I felt his hands slip under my bottom. John was taking care to slide my cunt back up his cock in a very deliberate and leisurely way. He was intent to make me feel every quivering degree of sublime friction. The heat in my pussy, in my flushed and trembling body was finding focus in the fingertips clutching at his shoulders but most of all in that center of all pleasure, my clitoris.

I watched as he held his breath at the apex of his ascent. I was panting, very impatient for me. John obliged me, I whimpered on every upstroke, panted on the down stroke. There were times when we both caught ours breaths and waited for our nerve endings to relax but it never happened.

I was seriously approaching the brink of eruption and after his ninth or tenth stroke, I brushed his hands away and gasped. It was at this point that I proceeded to go directly into orgasmic heaven. I felt my scream echo off the kitchen wall as I bottomed out on his cock and feverishly rolled, twisted, and undulated my hips in a trembling, frantic search for nirvana.

John wasted no time in jumping on the freight train of orgasm. Ignoring my pleas, he lifted me upward again and rammed me down hard on his cock. It was then he suddenly recognized the peaking franticness of my voice and he held me there and gave me what I wanted: His stiff cock, motionless inside me, stretching my body and desire to the limit, pushing me towards something that I thought was unattainable.

In time, my screams taped off. My warm body was in his arms. I was content. Astonished.

I kissed his forehead, tasting beads of sweat as I did so before I murmured to him, “That was fabulous,” lifting my head to his cheek and whispering alongside it, “you have given me a real upside to the troubles of today, you know that?”

“Definitely.” He smiled back at me, “If you need more upsides, can we take this to my bedroom?”

“I haven’t had enough of you, lover.” I coyly played a lazy finger down his toned chest.

He grinned. Lifting me up and away, he set me on my feet. Stripping off his condom, he rose from the chair, disposed of the condom and cleaned himself with a clean kitchen towel.

John took my hand and held me close. I wrapped my arms around his waist and rested my chin on his chest so that I could gaze up at him. I playfully batted my lashes and told him I wanted to be a naughty girl, as my hand stroked his rising erection.

There was a thrilling quiver in my belly as I anticipated what was to come. Leading me to the doorway to his bedroom, I came to a sudden stop, clenching my thighs in a vain attempt to stop the tremors within me.

Then he looked at me.

Scooping me into his arms, he told me that he could not wait, that he had to have me. A moment later, I was laid out on his bed, licking my lips unconsciously as I saw his massive erection mere feet from my touch.

He pulled open the drawers at the side of the bed and pulled out a pair of handcuffs, exactly what he sought before. Except these were lined with pink velvet and definitely made for pleasure. My eyes widened, then narrowed, before asking him if that is his favorite color.

When he told me that it matched the color of pussy, I felt my nipples ache for him. He grasped one of my hands and snapped a cuff around my wrist.

“And what if I don’t like pink?” I teased.

He smiled faintly and held her gaze, “Trust me you will.”

He snapped a cuff on my other wrist before raising my hand slightly higher than shoulder level so he could secure the velvet ties to the bedpost. As he lifted my other arm and fastened it, I felt as though I might come without any help at all. After what I experienced in the pat and in the kitchen, I knew what to expect from him now. My body was quite aware of that fact as well and tingled with pulsing energy.

I was already panting, the ache of longing pulsed deep and hard between my legs. My labia were beyond wet and swelling to welcome him. My skin was flush, my eyelids half shut, and I was awake with impatience and could no longer bear to suppress the undulations of my lower body.

John sucked in a deep breath as he walked from the room.

I looked in amazement as I laid in his bed, handcuffed and primed for him. And the bastard just turns and leaves.

He returned with my vibrator. He held up the purple object as he approached the bed, “I don’t think you’ll mind coming a few times.”

“You could have told me what you were doing, dammit.” I cursed at him in anger, but it was dampened with desire.

I glanced at his upswpet penis as he spread my thighs with the sweep of his hand. Holding the vibrator in place, he slightly rammed it upward with the palm of his hand, bending low to draw one of my nipples into his mouth. He gently sucked at it first as I whimpered and writhed beneath him. My body glowed at the combination of him and the vibrator playing with me. The heat of arousal, blended around the vibrator. As my breathing shifted and became more frantic, my hips rocked wildly against the pressure of his hand, and John sharpened the pressure of his mouth. Sucking and nibbling, he devoured my tenderness and tested the elasticity of my nipples as I gasped and cried out in seething frenzy.

As he tugged and stretched at my nipple, a fierce, thrilling ecstasy swept downward through my body and met the torrid pulse of nerves stretched taut around my vibrator. It rolled over me in great, glorious waves of pleasure and orgasm approached me like a tidal wave.

I screamed at the glorious rapture. My orgasmic cries made John suck harder. I was unaware that my orgasm triggered his free hand to search for a condom. It became evident to me when my orgasm subsided and he slid between my legs mere seconds later and thrusted himself deep inside of me.

John did not move for a moment, allowing me to gain some control over my senses. I curled my legs around his ass and shifted my pelvis upward, and I whispered dryly as I arch my head back in delight, “finally the real thing.”

He slid his hands up my arms, grabbed my wrists and exploited my availability, eagerness, and the fact that I was subject to his whims.

I felt the heat of his skin merge with mine. I had not felt this level of want and need in some time. I felt explicitly carnal, my entire body building towards a fevered pitch once more and ready to find release once more.

My legs felt the curves of his ass, a most glorious one from the feel of it, and I felt like he was a piledriver on steroids. John’s face grew contorted a few moments later, his untamed fury was having a toll on him as well. As we built towards the inevitable climax, I could not help but grin evilly at the thought of his erection pulsing with semen as he came. I was so enamored in watching John come I had ignored my own want. It was not until I felt the small, diminishing ripples of my vaginal muscles and shortness of breath that I realized that I had come long before he did.

“That was one helluva ride,” He murmured, blowing at a breath as he lay braced above me.

I cooed, his warm member still pulsing inside me, “I could stand for more, I think”.

He chuckled as our gazes met. I shifted my hips as his penis swelled within me. He withdrew from me in a smooth, supple movement that brought him to his feet beside the bed.

I licked my lips. His body was slick with sweat, every muscle vividly accentuated as if he were a Spartan warrior. His rigid cock was the picture of vigorousness. He discarded the used condom and took a seat at the edge of the bed. I spread my legs so that he could see my pussy from where he sat. I blew him a kiss of want, to let him know that I wanted more of his delicious body.

John sheathed himself once more and climbed on top of my prone and ready body. This time it was softer and slower. More deliberate. He let me dictate what I wanted this time and when I was ready to come, he gave me what I wanted. Three more times in rapid succession, I might add. Only on the third time, he came with me, our hot and sweaty bodies merging in what was a powerful and spiritual melding of desire.

He untied my hands afterwards, although he did not uncuff me. He moved to sit across the room and clean his swollen cock while my breathing returned to normal.

Pushing myself up on the pillows after a time, I smiled at him and told him thank you.

I held up my cuffed hands. I wondered what he was going to do next.

John moved towards the bed again, eyeing me closely. He informed me that he was not going to uncuff me yet. He had other plans.

He gave me commands which I obeyed. Lying down for him, he retied my wrists to the bedposts and stood looking at me for a long moment afterwards.

“I wondered how sweet your pussy tasted.”

I swore I was going to die of pleasure before this night was over with and begged him to take me.

He moved the pillows so he could push me up to the head of the bed and give himself more room. I was already beginning to pant in anticipation when he shoved my legs apart. He took my feet, easing them upward until my knees were bent. When he’d finally gotten into position, lying half on his side he draped my left leg over him so he could get in close.

He didn’t touch my clitoris for a long while. He licked and sucked every other portion of my body. Every fold, every crevice, every sleek surface, and aperture was his to possess. His tongue proved gentle, thorough, and sometimes fast, and other times too slow. He nibbled at my pulsing flesh with a tantalizing delicacy that managed to bring a cold sweat to my skin and a jolt to my senses.

I had long since grabbed the velvet ties to try and secure my freedom to no avail. I was overcome with hysteria as he repeatedly reminded me that I was a woman. It wasn’t until I could not wait another second and I pleaded with him to make me come that he finally obliged me.

My God, John played many tunes on my clit until I found a song I liked and I matched his rhythm with a soft, subtle sigh. It wasn’t until I gasped that he gently lifted my leg off of him.

He rose to kiss me tenderly on my cheek before coming to his feet and uncuffed my wrists and returned to his chair.

I was speechless. I tried to whisper any number of praises. My eyes were shut, my body immobile, and my auburn hair had to be a frizzed mess.

It only took me a moment to gather my senses and look at the gorgeous man before me.

I looked intently into his eyes and pointed a crooked finger at him. I motioned for him to come to me. He did so with much eagerness.

The instant he lay down on the bed, I rolled on top of him, threw my arms around his neck, and showered him with kisses.

I felt soft and warm as I blanketed him. He was hard and firm. His hands, strong and rough, moved against my soft skin. He traced the curve of my spin, skimming the curves of my bottom with his palms and held me for a moment against the hard, rigid edge of his erection.

“I demand that you give me that”, I whispered against his mouth, moving my hips gently back and forth over his erection.

“In a minute,” he teased.

I brushed a kiss over his mouth before pushing myself up and straddling his hips. I wrinkled my nose at him.

He quickly grabbed a condom and ripped it open as I purred, “Good boy.” I ran the pads of my fingers up his taut erection which lay flat against his stomach, the engorged veins pulsing under my fingertips. I rose up on my knees when he rolled the condom down his length at record speed. Before I was able to take advantage of his massive muscle, he helped himself to me, impaling my pussy on his erection.

John held my hips motionless, his fingers stretched wide. I heatedly protested, struggling to break free against his hold while not losing the enormous cock which was embedded within me. I shook my head against his rebuttal of my protest. I feverishly tried to pry his fingers loose. He ignored my clawing fingers, instead goading me, “Can you feel that? My cock is getting bigger and harder.”

I could do nothing but groan with half shut eyes and feel my cheeks grow impatiently rosy and flush. He continued to tease me when I was obviously on the brink.

I gasped, then whimpered in heat, “Please…God…. Please.” was all I could muster.

“Please what?” his voice was rough and harsh, “Do you want to come?”

“Yes.” I panted, recognizing the game. I recognized it and wanted to play it.

He asked me if I would do anything he wanted. Of course I answered yes. By now I wanted to see what other games John had for me, but for the moment, I was lost to him. My clit throbs now thinking about it.

“If I want to fuck you all night, you will let me!”

“Yes!” I responded with delight.

“Yes what?” he asked, with the slithering of his tongue.

My eyes snapped open, bewilderment in my gaze.

“Say, ‘yes, master’”. His voice was so demanding, so dark it no longer sounded like his own.

I thought to hesitate longer, maybe tell him no, but a pang of want shot through my body and forced the answer he wanted as he tightened his grip on my hips, his fingers pressing into my flesh.

“Yes, master”, I spoke, shuddering as my gaze focused inward again on the wild, sensuality that had been overwhelming my senses for the past several hours.

It was then he raised me up his erection and controlled my down descent. It prolonged the agonizing, exquisite pressure of my body as pulsing nerve met overwrought tissue. It did nothing else but to further inflame the seething and turbulent desire within my soul. He knew damn well, by now, that once I was resting on his thighs again, ONCE I was so full of his cock I was going to uncontrollably and uninhibitedly shake, convulse, and explode.

I did so violently.


I wanted him to fuck me like there was no tomorrow.

It was only brief moments later when he tumbled me on my back and fucked me again, “old fashioned”. This time, he was gentle and tender. He kissed like an adoring lover might. John was a very adoring lover, making sure I was sated and empty before he allowed himself to climax this time. I was sated.

But only for the moment.

I swear not five minutes had passed when I felt the longing and need for him return.

This time I reached for the drawer with the condoms. I ripped the foil packet open with my teeth. His teeth gritted at the feel of the latex combined with my hands as they covered his cock.

He tried to nudge my knees open and I fought against him. I finally opened them once the look on his face became one of annoyance. He hovered over me and bent to kiss me. He kissed me again.

I touched him again, this time guiding him to my waiting wetness. There was a slight pause, I could feel his heart beating in an uneven rhythm in his chest as he entered me. God, I felt so fucking tight and he was so large. I find myself fingering my clit now as I write this.

I remember making a sound at the back my throat and arching my back to his as he slowly filled me. It dawned on me that the moan I was hearing was not mine alone, but ours together.

I erupted into flames the instant he entered me.

A sigh seemed to echo in my ears and traveled down the length of my toenails as I surrendered myself once more to this fire. I had felt the girth and length of him in my pussy. I relished in it now. I wrapped my hands around his bulging biceps, wondering at his sheer size and strength. Then he thrusted in me one more time. I threw my head back and was completely overcome with sensation.

I eventually returned to this place of existence, if only momentarily, by his lips. My tongue tangled with his even as our bodies tangled together. Somehow my legs became entangled with his. Our hips kept coming together and apart with him deep inside of me.

John drew back from the kiss and made a low sound in the back of his throat. The urgency there made me want to claw at him. To make him claw at my flesh and eat me alive.

My hands slid with a purpose down his chest, around his back, and down to his behind, reveling in the feel of his movements as I met him thrust for thrust.

His rhythm quickened, stealing my breath away. I moved my arms to brace myself against the mattress in a vain attempt to steady myself. Our hunger, our attack of one another made our positions on the bed precarious, at best. There was also the matter of my impending climax.

When my hands had finally found his bedsheets, the fire inside of my body had already been released and sought to consume every ounce of sanity I had left.

My heart, already beating an uneven rhythm in my chest coupled with our ragged breathing did nothing to calm the storm inside of me.

John felt that need too.

That was evident when he ripped the condom off of his cock and drew his tongue in a line from one hip to another. My nails dug into his shoulders as his tongue ran the length of my pussy, teasing it before fastening on the tight, bulging nub of my desire.

I leaned back against my arms, my hair undoubtedly a mess with heavy lidded eyes when my lips parted and begged him to have no mercy on me. My stomach trembled, ached, matching the tumultuousness of my desire.

He ran his tongue down my inner thigh and use his thumbs to part my swollen pussy. My clit was caught between his teeth. My hips arched as he took a heavy bite of it before sucking it long and hard. He then dipped one finger then two inside of my dripping portal, twisting them and withdrawing them.

My hips bucked in another wild orgasm and he held me still again. I felt his lips kiss the lips of my pussy again before traveling lower. He spread my thighs wide and used his fingers to massage my other hole. God, I wanted him to fuck me in the ass at that moment. I prayed that is what he was going to do.

Before I knew what to expect, I heard a drawer open and several other sounds in a short period of time. I smelled strawberries. I heard the familiar sound of another foil packet rip open. Finally I heard the familiar hum of my vibrator.

I felt his fingers rub a cold liquid on my nether hole. I cooed against the touch of it and him. He parted it softly allowing the entry of his fingertip. I encouraged him with a violent thrust of my hips and screamed a throaty “yes, yes” to him.

I felt my vibrator push through the walls of my vagina. It hummed and shook me to the core.

What took me to the next level was the rising and bending of my legs so close to my chest that I could kiss my kneecaps. Next I felt a stern hand parting the cheeks of my ass and I begged for his cock to be inside of me. When it parted through the flesh of my ass, I almost cried. It had been such a long time since a man of this considerable girth had impaled my tenderness.

I bit my bottom lip hard and drew in a long, nearly suffocating breath as he buried himself inside of me. The pain and pleasure of the act, coupled with the constant throbbing my vibrator provided took me to the edge too damn quickly for me to gain a sense of true satisfaction.

Once, twice he thrusted inside of me. His firm hands holding my hips down, my nails digging into the sheets and mattress below me unable to gain a foothold against the myriad of decadent desires swirling within me.

I felt the hum of orgasm by the sixth time he pounded into me. I cried out his name as my pussy grew tense and unable to process what the vibrator was doing to me in conjunction to John’s thick cock. I was numb to feeling but awakened to ravenous lust.

As the waves of orgasm were released, I remember trying to fight with everything I had against him. The position of my body gave me no way to combat his brutal assault. It wasn’t that I wanted him to stop. Far from it. What I wanted was the ability to wrap my body around his and make sure that he wouldn’t stop. Ever.

I heard him laugh as he plunged into my ass once more and could have sworn I felt the molten heat of his semen inside of me. Of course it was a figment of my imagination but the thought only served to make me wilder.

As the last wave of climax escaped me, John pulled away and readied himself to be inside of me once more. I wiped beads of sweat and strands of hair from my face. Reluctantly, I withdrew the wet vibrator from my pussy. Licking my lips, I watched and waited with baited breath and impatience to have him inside of me again.

I began to finger my pussy to show him how hot and ready I was for him. I was so fucking wet and warm, I could not believe it. He smiled and moved back towards the bed. I slowly managed to slide myself near the edge of the bed where our bodies met.

I lifted my legs in the air and brought them on either side of his shoulders, leaning on my elbows I was able to look at him. His intense stare brought chills down my spine. It made me want to touch myself once more.

I did so with much eagerness and want. As I slid my hands down my thighs, he stepped between them. Taking my legs higher and closer to him, John seized my hips, angling me higher so that he could enter my aching pussy once more. My head fell back into the mattress below and I began to run my hands over my very heavy breasts. They ached and needed to be touched just like my pussy needed his cock.

As he thrust into me, I felt the full length of him collide against my walls. In and out he thrusted, my back and hips arched to meet him with no resistance on his part. His hands found balance on my hips and my calves clenched themselves around the back of his neck.

Calling his name, I pinched and twisted my nipples. The pain, the sensation paled in comparison to the throbbing cock inside me. My hips moved in sync with his thrusts and when I heard his breath begin to quicken and become more labored, I began to fight against him to free myself from the position I was in.

Suddenly fucking had become violent and much more dangerous. He continued to thrust into me as I struggled against him. It was not that I wanted him to stop, I found myself given over to animalistic carnage.

I nearly cried when I finally won my independence and as he leaned towards to reclaim his prize, I was able to regain my own senses and lunged myself at him.

He caught me and our lips attacked one another. Teeth, tongue, lips were all forfeit and game for this assault. As his hands took possession of my hips and bottom, I wrapped my arms over his shoulders and dug into his back. He grimaced and immediately thrusted his cock back inside of me.

We laughed at the deliriousness of it all but as he turned to try and throw my back against the wall, I was able to position my arms and push off of it. The result was my landing on top of of him and the bed. During this tussle, he had slid out of me and I immediately jumped back onto his cock.

I leaned into him, kissed him with much electric desire before my lips slid down his throat and claimed his nipple as I began to build a hot, steady rhythm as I rocked against his cock.

I bit his nipple while his fingers dug hard into my breasts and shoulders. His hard touch excited me even more. I clenched my vaginal muscles and he cried my name. Another clenching of them and I sent him into a spiral of bliss. His hips rocked against mine. Both of us rocked and bucked, smashing into one another as we knew that our next climax could very well be within reach.

Mine exploded, seemingly out of nowhere. Instinctively, I clenched my vaginal muscles the moment orgasm took hold of me and I felt his reaction instantly. We both became frantic as we clawed, bit, and nearly bled our to nirvana together.

Scooter grabbed her hand and pulled Cat to her feet. Her sleepy eyes, barely open, questioned.

“C’mon, love, let’s go for a walk.”

Cat perked up as he put his arm around her waist to pull her close. She gazed up into his glistening eyes. Scooter languidly kissed her delicious lips, before setting a slow pace for their walk. The ocean breeze teased her nipples and bottom. So did his fingers. His caresses and the proximity of his muscled body warmed her from the tip of her head to the soles of her feet. They walked together quietly, enjoying the moonlight, the sand, the gentle waves breaking far away. Occasionally, Scooter paused to kiss her neck, caress her soft shoulder, whisper nothings in her ear. Cat purred with contentment.

They finally reached the destination Scooter had in mind all along. The jetty. He gently pushed her down to sit on the cool rocks. Kissing her, he kneeled in the sand before her. His lips touched her thigh, her calf, he licked behind her knee.

“mmm… salty woman, my favorite.”

His hands reached up to touch the soft skin under her breast. He kissed her soft belly, cupped her bottom, caressed her thigh. He nibbled her nipple, stroked her back, worshipped her. Cat’s hand reached out for his already hard cock, lightly touching it with her fingers. Their sighs blended into the night air.

Scooter rose to his feet, towering above her, and pulled Cat to her feet as well. Her hands still on his cock, she urged him forward, needing him close. Scooter savored the nectar of her kiss, while searching for other nectar. His fingers gently touched the outer lips of her cunt, wet and sensitive. Cat groaned, her other hand toyed with his taut cheek.

Scooter ordered, “Turn around.”

His cock pressed hard between her cheeks. Cat’s cunt pulsed as juices escaped down her thigh. He grabbed at her breasts, roughly kneading them, crushing nipples.

Cat begged, “Take me… please.”

In answer, Scooter bent her over the jetty, forcing her hands to find a hold on the slick rocks. His cock teased at her crack, then slid lower to the wet heat waiting for him. He touched her lips with the smooth head of his staff, teasing her with small movements. Cat thrust her ass higher in the air, needing him. He pushed in just a little bit and then stopped again. Her bottom wiggled provocatively. He kept so still, controlling. Then a little bit more. Her cunt expanded to take what he gave, pulsing around him. He needed her to take all. She wanted. Waiting. He edged another inch, another inch, slowly filling her hotness with the hardness that was just for her. With one last push, he thrust his cock deep inside her, filling, touching. Her sigh broke the silence of the night.

His hands held her hips in place as slowly stroked, feeling every quiver of her steamy valley. Cat’s sighs unconsciously escaped as she held herself still. Then he rode her hard, then stopped altogether.

Cat begged, “Please. Don’t stop. I need you.”

He thrust deep while smacking her perky fanny… hard. The burning of his hand print cooled by the sea breeze, Cat’s cunt pulsed again and again. She was so desperate for him to pound her, but knew not to beg again. Scooter slid his hard cock into her hot honey slowly, maddeningly slowly. He reached around to stroke her clit. Cat gasped.

Scooter whispered, “You like that, don’t you?”

Scooter’s finger stroked faster and faster, his thrusts still maddeningly slow. Cat, unable to hold still, pressed her pelvis closer to his finger. Her breath ceased for a brief eon, letting him know in the many familiar ways that her explosion neared. He shoved his cock deep as she lost her tenuous hold on reality. As her walls throbbed around his cock, he held fast- not ready to let go yet. Scooter took his now dripping wet finger and gently caressed her rosebud.

“Oh god, yes,” she groaned.

He teased the hole oh so gently with his finger as she purred. Scooter slowly slid his cock out of her pulsing cunt, rubbing it against the entrance. His cock was so wet with her honey. Cat held still, wanting. Scooter pushed the head in just a little bit. Cat’s breath let out, as she relaxed to let him in, wanting his shaft to plunder her bottom. Scooter knew he had to go so slowly, he was a stroke away from losing control, he wasn’t ready for that yet. He also knew he needed to be gentle. What he didn’t know was that Cat was beyond ready. She was desperate for more. She wanted more fullness, wanted his cock to fill her ass. Scooter entered her hot, tight hole, each millimeter more enticing, more enrapturing, more energizing. Finally he gave her all. Cat started breathing again, a little. Her breath escaped in a sigh that Scooter interpreted correctly as intensely pleasured impatience.

Scooter admonished, “Be patient, Cat. I can’t, I won’t hurt you.”

Cat whimpered, “Fuck me now.”

Scooter’s control snapped as he stroked out and pounded her, punishing her for her impatience. Her maddening moans fueled the blazing fire. He slid his hard, throbbing cock in and out of her bum, driving them both to frenzy.

“Cat. I ….”

“YES. Now,” she begged.

Scooter’s ram plunged and at last, his face contorted in ecstasy that only the moon could see, he filled her bum with a hot load of cum. Cat screamed as he came, the pleasure of his orgasm filled her with so much more than liquid.

Totally spent, Scooter sat down in the sand against the jetty and gently pulled Cat down onto his lap. Her head naturally tucked onto his shoulder. The tide slowly came in washing away the evidence of their lovemaking. They stared into the distance, moonlight dancing on the water, arms wrapped tightly around each other.

Inexplicably, their heartbeats began to quicken at the same instant. Scooter caressed Cat’s bare shoulder, warming it again. She sighed, turned to caress his chest. She loved the heat that emanated from his bronzed body. Her fingers tingled as she touched.


“hmmmm?” she murmured, turning her face towards his.

Scooter took her lips, what he wanted. He nibbled her lower lip. She opened to enjoy his gentle prodding as their tongues entwined, like playful dolphins, darting side by side.

Cat sighed, “I love your kisses. I need your kisses.”

Scooter held her face in his hands, “I need you, Cat.”

The words swirled in her ears, wrapped around her heart, expressed what she felt down to her toes. This man, this place, this night forever embedded in her soul.

She turned on his lap, straddling him. Scooter took a hard pink nipple into his mouth, sucked, then gently bit. Cat’s sigh encouraged him to bite harder. She held hard to his shoulders. He massaged her other breast as she edged her pussy closer to his hardening cock. The wetness of her lips rubbed against him, teasing him to full attention. He couldn’t get enough of her. She couldn’t either. She felt naked without his body close to her. Preferably in her. Just thinking about him made her cunt drip. Ready and aching. She wiggled her cunt closer to his cock and claimed it. She slowly impaled herself on his hardness. Slowly. Her wet heat claiming him, telling him that she needed him too. Her sensitive passage nearly frantic with wanting all of him buried deeply inside her- touching parts that no one else could satisfy.

Scooter kissed her beautiful mouth, hearing all the words she didn’t say. The words he meant too. He stayed so still, his bum implanted in the sand, his back against the jetty, and let her ride him. Let her set the pace. Let her claim him. Let her ride slow, then fast, then slow. Let her wiggle. Let her kiss him when she wanted. Let her thrust her glorious tits in his face when she needed. Let her take all the time she needed. Let her take him. Until neither of them to take any more. Then he helped her ride as they both exploded in the ultimate ecstasy. Pounding, mind shattering ecstasy that left them spent.

The pinkness of morning surprised them. They ran to their blanket, threw on their clothes, and curled up together. Hearts beating as one until both fell asleep.

Day 4

I awoke to the sun shining through the slats of the shutters. Tania was awake looking at me: Peter fast asleep the other side of her. Tania put her finger to her mouth and motioned for me to follow her out of the bedroom.

“Pity we haven’t your swimming pool. Let’s shower.” It was very pleasant to be in the shower with Tania again, our two wet soapy bodies together. Tania kissed me long and hard and I rose strongly against her stomach. Still kissing me with arms around my neck, Tania pulled herself up me, wrapped her legs around my hips and pushed me into her. She was already wet: she always seemed ready for sex. We were fucking in this position in the shower when Peter joined us.

“Hold still, I think you need a bit more support.” Peter went to fetch the lube and liberally lubricated Tania’s bottom. He once again applied his penis to her anus and pushed in. Embedded in her vagina I could feel all of Peter’s movements as he entered her bottom and pushed up right next to me albeit in a different passage. Tania held on tightly to me and did not move as Peter slid upwards. There we were; Tania tightly wedged between us, supported by her legs wrapped around me and also by two solid cocks deep inside her, with the water of the shower cascading down on and around us. It was actually quite difficult to move.

“How’s that Tania?”

“I feel very, well, full.” She began to lift a little up and down sliding not just up my cock but Peter’s as well. Her weight was supported not just by me but by Peter and it was possible to continue in this position for some time. This was needed because with the limited movement it took some time for Peter and me to come. Tania said afterwards that she could feel both of us coming inside her. It was easiest to wait until Peter and I fell out of Tania naturally before slowly lowering her to the floor.

We sat on their balcony eating breakfast and watching the sun rise in the sky and the world become busier outside. Peter and Tania were thoughtful. This was the last day of their holiday as they were leaving that evening on the 11.35 flight. I asked about their plans for the day.

“We thought we’d go to our favourite beach for the last time.”

“Which is that?”

The beach they named was a good one. Great sand, good swimming and snorkelling and plentiful beach cafes. A bit too busy for me but I certainly did not dislike it.

I had other plans for the day. I had been very happy in my villa. I had even had visitors in Peter and Tania. I had been lucky to find a place I could stay in so easily for the first four days of my holiday but now it was time to move. The details in the kitchen showed paying occupants were arriving that afternoon and I suspected the maids would be in to check on the cleanliness of the property early on so I needed to get my stuff out and vacate. I had to get back and tidy up. I agreed to meet them in the early afternoon before they caught the bus to the airport.

I did my best to remove the signs of my residence. I packed my few belongings in my back pack and let myself out of the front door and into the street. I was, once again, temporarily homeless with just me and my backpack. Not something that worried me. I could at worst sleep on the beach but finding a place was unlikely to be difficult.

I caught up with Peter and Tania about 2pm on their beach. They were under a parasol reading. Tania fancied some more sex before their departure. I was not at all surprised.

“But it’s a bit public here.” I was being practical though, for me, the reality was rather different but that wouldn’t do Tania any good. That was my private enjoyment.

“Well we could go for a walk up on the cliffs. A great view and you can see people coming.” I shouldn’t have said that. Tania was quick to explain she liked to see people coming.

We walked up the cliff path. It was very hot. The sun was relentless. As we came to the old ruined house we were dripping with sweat. The house is a ruin but it does have a window looking back the way we had come and some privacy from its remaining walls. We would not easily be disturbed and could see people approaching. We removed our sticky clothes and enjoyed sitting naked on the rocky ground a little outside the house on the path looking back towards the beach and the colourful throng of people and beach umbrellas. I was on one side of Tania, Peter the other. No one else seemed to be coming this way. It was perhaps too hot really to go walking up the cliffs.

“It’s nice just being free of clothes,” said Tania. “It’s also nice having two cocks within easy reach.” She took us each in hand and we quickly rose to attention. We continued to sit there in the sunshine looking out over the view as Tania pulled at our cocks. I have to say that it is even nicer to be free of clothes in the sunshine when you have an erection and even nicer when an attractive women is paying it close and intimate attention.

“Right boys; my turn to take charge. I am going to go into the house and lean on the window ledge looking out at the view so I fix it in my mind to remember when I’m home. I want you to walk up this path with your hard cocks sticking out all ready to fuck me. That will improve the view even further – two naked erect men walking towards me! I want you to come up behind me in the house and surprise me. I don’t care who gets in me first but one after the other you are to fuck me and play with my tits. You are not to come and go soft. If you get near coming then swap. I want to be fucked and to come.”

Tania got up and walked back to the house. We soon saw her looking out the window so we got up and talking about what we were about to do walked back up the path giving Tania a very good view of two naked and erect men walking towards her. We walked into the house and took it in turns to fuck her. Tania came several times before turning round and asking us to stop. Kneeling in front of us she once more applied her hands to our now very wet cocks. Her fingers soon became slippery with her own juices.

“Come on boys outside again in the sunshine and then shoot, shoot over my tits.”

Tania’s fingers had been very persuasive and we were both more than ready due to the successive turns we had taken fucking Tania. After a quick check through the window we followed Tania outside, the heat of the sun hitting us. I’m not saying we both came together as my eyes closed at the first spurt of my cock and I missed what Peter was doing; but when I opened them my last spurt was splashing onto her breasts joining Peter’s own impressive contribution. Her pink tongue came out and lapped up the last dribblings from Peter and myself.

“I could do that all over again,” sighed Tania, “but we need to think about heading for the bus. Come on Peter one last swim.”

We dressed and descended the cliff path. Tania and Peter paused half way down and sighed looking out over the marvellous, but parched, scenery.

“I’m going to miss this. It’s been fun meeting you. Perhaps next year or back in England…”

I said my farewell to them and waved as they headed for the bus. I sat on the sand and pondered what to do next. I had enjoyed the real sex with Tania, and it had certainly been great fun with them but my holiday was far from over and it was now back to the discreetness of out-of-time sex. The prospect of another ten days and the variety of girls I would be enjoying quickly cheered me up. I looked around me. Bodies in all directions, some pasty white having newly arrived, others pink, even red from unwise exposure to the sun, others brown, not a few with beautiful coffee coloured skin, naturally dark but made still darker by the sun and one or two dark almost black bodies. A wonderful variety. I could look at and play with anyone I wanted. I was certainly going to continue to have a marvellous holiday.

Walking back I passed my old villa, my home no longer, the new occupants had just arrived and were unpacking their car. A couple with their offspring, or at least some were their offspring as I overheard one of the girls say to the other, “isn’t this cool? Bet you’re glad you came with us Amy.” The daughter was dark, quite tall and dressed in yellow shorts with a red top. She was pretty, but nothing like her friend, a rather shorter redhead with hair like flame. A really bright orange. I remembered my position on the street, stopped time and walked back to look at them. The two girls were, I judged, in their late teens, though these days it is always difficult to tell as girls develop so quickly. The redhead, Amy was certainly developed, her breasts filling her green bikini top. I looked down her cleavage. Her skin was very white; she would have to be careful in the sun; careful to keep herself covered up. Not surprisingly a closer inspection seemed in order.

I walked around Amy and undid her bikini clasp and pulled the material away from her chest. Two beautiful breasts were exposed. Despite my activity with Tania a couple of hours before I felt myself rising. My hands went to her white breasts. I weighed them in my hands. It is, I know and accept, a very male thing to do but it is such a simple and enjoyable thing to lift up a pair of breasts and feel their weight and to see them move as you lift them. The girl’s nipples were relaxed, just little soft splodges of skin. Well, she was not expecting them to be fondled. I ran my finger slowly up her right breast to the little bumps at the edge of the areole and on to the nipple. Being comparatively young they were more like a man’s, small and not yet suckled on by infants or, perhaps yet, men. I slipped my hand down into her shorts and felt for pubic hair. Yes, it was there, a generous amount. I would enjoy viewing it but later when they were settled in but, for now, I needed a new abode and whilst not disinterested given the last couple of days with Tania, sex was not uppermost in my mind. Having a base and going for dinner before a good sleep seemed more what I wanted.

I did not do well. It was surprising but I shrugged my shoulders and decided it would probably be a night on the beach but, before settling for that, I thought I would drop in on Monsieur and Madam again – after, of course, a very pleasant dinner in yet another fish restaurant. I knew it was late but I hadn’t expected to find them asleep. There was no light in their bedroom but I could hear deep, steady breathing. Stopping time I came into their dark bedroom. With time stopped there was of course no sound so I had to find them by touch. Monsieur was well over one side of the bed and Madame the other under a single sheet. The night was hot. My hands felt Madame’s face and slipped down over her breasts, her stomach to her pubic hair. Her thighs were together, which was not helpful to me and what I needed to discover. I drew back the sheet and carefully pulled open her thighs. I let my hand slide down one thigh to her sex – always a rather exciting slide!

It was as I had hoped wet, indeed sticky from intercourse. They had clearly made love before falling asleep. This would make it easy for me if I cared to repeat their act. Funnily enough, I did care to do just that! Dropping my clothes on the floor, I got in beside Madame, with Monsieur on the other side. Pulling the sheet back over us I began to caress and play with Madame as if we were lovers in bed together. With time stopped there was of course no response but her breasts, sex, hair and her marvellous bottom all felt as they should.

It was not long before I was on top of her embedded in her sex, pumping away. Entry was no difficulty at all, not with the recent lubrication of sex. Sloppy seconds? Well that is not an unusual occurrence for me. I do not mind at all, after all for a time stopper it is so much easier if the woman is already excited, or been lubricated in one fashion or another: sometimes of course manual lubrication is necessary as with Madame’s bottom only a few nights before.

One of the advantages of time stop sex is there is no hurry. Your partner is not anxious for orgasm; you can pause if you feel yourself about to come. It is like masturbation but the feeling is real, Madame’s vagina felt like a vagina, not a hand, because it was indeed a vagina! It was warm, indeed hot, it was slippery and wet, indeed very wet, it was pleasant, indeed very pleasant.

I came with strong strokes in Madame. I rested on top of her before slipping off to her side. I lay there basking in the comfort and delicious feeling of recent coitus and the comfort of their bed.

The next thing I knew there was a mouth around my penis, a warm wet mouth with a tongue tickling and teasing it. I was fully erect and being fellated. I almost panicked, what on earth was happening, where was I? My eyes stared around a darkened room. I pulled my thoughts together and realised with horror what had happened. I had fallen asleep next to Madame. With consciousness going evidently my grip on time ceased and time restarted. I had not gone to sleep before with time stopped, so I had now learnt something new but in a rather dramatic fashion.

Useful information, but I had slipped, slipped badly, had relaxed my usual control of a situation. Merde! Where was Monsieur? I glanced around the room but it was dark. However I could just faintly make out breathing away to my right but not very close. Due to the heat he must have moved in the night to the single bed over by the wall. It was lucky he hadn’t noticed me, that would have been a rude awakening and clearly Madame had not noticed the move either.

Madame was doing marvellous things to my cock, evidently under the not unreasonable misapprehension that it was her husband’s penis. Now how was I to get out of this fix? I could not stop time and go because that would frighten Madame as, to her; I would appear to have just vanished. I couldn’t replace myself with Monsieur. He would be very heavy to move and was, most probably, not erect. Madame would be a bit confused if the penis in her mouth suddenly went completely soft. In any case I was rather enjoying the feeling which did tend me towards indecision. She was rhythmically moving her mouth up and down my shaft with her tongue paying great attention to my cockhead as it slipped backwards and forwards. She knew what she was doing and knew how to do it well. She let her mouth slide off the end of the tip and I felt lots of kisses all around it before she engulfed it again. I was not long in coming. No man would have been. With my hand I stroked her hair as the semen welled up my shaft and pulsed into her mouth. I felt her tongue sliding round and round as I came, Madame swallowing. Wonderful!

Breathing hard I waited to see what she did next. This could have been a very difficult problem. Mistaking my cock for her husband’s was one thing: she was unlikely to do the same if she came up the bed to kiss and talk to me.

In the event she remained down the bed with my softening penis in her mouth. As the moments turned to minutes and she did not move realisation dawned that she had dropped off to sleep with my softening penis still within her mouth. Oh for light and a camera! I thought it best to leave and not risk going to sleep again. I would not be so lucky again. Pulling my penis out from between her lips, there was the sense of a slight pull, a resistance as if she did not want to let me go, as if she felt safe and content with a penis in her mouth as she slept. Oh, how little she knew! I eased myself out of bed, stopped time, dressed and wandered out into the night to finish my sleep on the beach. A close shave but what a lucky experience!

I love summer, sun, the beach, skimpy swimsuits and cock.

I’d just received my latest swimsuit order: a shiny sky-blue lycra g-string with a micro pouch that barely contained my cock and balls and lifted them straight up and out. The back tapered from a tanga-style thong to a thin little strap designed to show off most of my brown pucker when I lay face-down with my legs spread. I tried it on and felt so hot in it that I ballooned out the pouch while admiring my reflection. I had to show it off so I planned a trip to my favorite beach the next day.

I got up early, thoroughly douched, shaved my cock, balls and ass and generally made sure I was stubble-free everywhere except for a well-manicured treasure trail. After a hot shower I lotioned up from head to toe and squirted a generous portion of lube up my ass. I followed that with a buttplug that was a bit of a challenge but filled my ass nicely, then struggled into a heavy cock ring.

I put my new swimsuit on, loving the way it made my bulge so obvious. A tight white t-shirt, a pair of red nylon short-shorts and black flipflops were an attempt at modesty until I got to the beach. In the kitchen I filled a large thermos with a lot of vodka and a little orange juice; packed that, a couple of waters, suntan oil, condoms, more lube, poppers and a beach towel in a backpack and grabbed my car keys.

My favorite beach is a two-hour drive away. It’s on the south-western side of Lake Michigan, with a very artsy gay town nearby. The beach is secluded with a long hilly hike through a pine forest that marches right to the tops of the white dunes. The seclusion and the gay population make for great man-watching and cruising. Guys in thong bikinis aren’t uncommon, but I knew my suit would still attract attention. I couldn’t wait to get there.

The drive was wonderfully frustrating as every bump in the road bumped my buttplug against my joy spot. By the time I got to the parking area I was way horny, way hard and seriously tenting my shorts. I slung my backpack over one shoulder, locked my car and followed my barely-confined hard-on down the path.

The buttplug beat a steady rhythm in my rectum with each step, plus it was already a warm day so my thin t-shirt was drenched with perspiration by the time I crested the last dune. I found a spot with a good close view of the guys already there, spread my towel, kicked off my flipflops and shorts, peeled off my wet t-shirt and walked into the water just deep enough to wet my suit. The lake was warm and calm, and I bent over to splash my face and let my ass attract some attention. I wondered if anyone spotted my buttplug under the thin strap of my g-string.

I walked back to my towel and sat down to enjoy the scenery. I broke out my thermos and started my buzz with the strong quart of screwdrivers I had mixed. The beach was very studly today. There were a few guys in trunks, but enough guys in speedos and thongs to keep my attention. I gazed at the full baskets and pert buns as I applied my tanning oil to a high shine. My cock grew hard and my cock ring kept it that way.

One guy near me lay on his stomach facing me and I had a feeling he was watching me behind his sunglasses. He wore an extra skimpy yellow speedo that contrasted nicely with his smooth dark tan, and the oil he had on really brought out his musculature. He didn’t look like a gym rat, just well built, and I guessed taller than I. His shoulders were broad, his waist thin and his thighs looked powerful. He had a full bubble butt and his swimsuit clung to his ass crack enough for me to imagine running my tongue there. I lay back, propped on my elbows with my knees bent and legs spread a little. He lifted his head and I knew he was looking. I raised my sunglasses and smiled. He smiled back and laid his head back down. My asshole started to tingle and grasp at my buttplug. I lay all the way down, closed my eyes and enjoyed the sensations.

I was enjoying the sun’s heat and the cooling breeze and my buzz and daydreaming about how big his cock must be when a shadow fell across my face. I opened my eyes to see yellow speedo stud standing above me. He smiled, but didn’t say anything for a few seconds more. I didn’t care; I was distracted by the outline of his large plum-shaped cock head in his unlined swimsuit.

“I think this is yours” and he held up my t-shirt. “It was blowing down the beach”.

I said thanks and I sat up to take the t-shirt from him. He squatted down on his heels to hand me the t-shirt and without thinking I just kept staring at his crotch, now just a couple feet from my face. I think he knew how much I wanted his cock in my mouth.

“My name’s Chris.” He waited until I introduced myself, then “This is my first time here. Is there a restroom on the beach?”

“No, the nearest is all the way back at the parking lot. Most guys pee in the woods.” I tried to sound nonchalant when I added “I’ve got to pee too; I’ll go with you”. Chris motioned for me to lead the way. As I walked ahead of him I let my hips swivel just enough to seem slutty. I hoped he didn’t think it was too femme, just very bottom.

We were a few steps inside the tree line and sort of hidden from view when he pulled the front of his suit down and let his package fall free. His cock was soft, but thick and heavy-looking, and the head of his cock was a big knob. His crotch was clean-shaven, and big smooth balls hung low under his cock. He kept his hands on his hips while he arced a full stream of piss a few feet in front of himself.

I realized I had been staring and he knew it and just let me keep staring. I pulled my cock out and took a quick pee as if to disguise my lust but I needn’t have bothered; he’d finished hosing down the sand and just stood there with his manhood hanging out. He had no tan lines. He turned to face me, silent. He didn’t have to say anything. I walked to him, knelt and took his cockhead in my mouth.

I closed my lips behind the ridge and worked my tongue around his cockhead and into his piss-slit, polishing his knob while it swelled in my mouth. He tasted of coconut tanning oil and sweat and man-musk, and I became hard, my own cock painful in the pouch. As he grew harder I began to slide my mouth slowly up and down his cock, taking a little more each time until he was fully erect, but his length and girth were more than I could swallow whole. I could taste his pre-cum, not particularly salty or sweet, but manly and thick and I sucked his cock harder to get more.

He said “I knew you’d get on your knees for me – keep swallowing” and placing one hand in my hair and the other behind my neck, began slowly face-fucking me. He slid more cock into my mouth with each thrust and I kept swallowing because it was clear all of his fuck-tool would be in my mouth before he was satisfied. I was learning how to deep-throat on the spot.

I quit the pretense of trying to do anything with my tongue and just let him use my throat. I kept swallowing and it became easier to take more of his cock, and I put my hands on his firm and oily ass-cheeks and pulled him all the way into my throat, until his balls were against my chin. He stayed there, filling my throat completely as I kept swallowing to keep from gagging, then he pulled out so I could catch my breath. Now that I could see his cock fully erect for the first time, I was amazed I had taken it all. His erection jutted straight out from his crotch with a slight curve up, the helmet rigid and perfect for ravaging my ass.

“You’re a fast learner.” He put his cockhead back to my lips and I licked the pre-cum off, and took him in my mouth and sucked hard. He started fucking my face again, not as deep this time, but faster, and I looked forward to his orgasm, flicking my tongue under his big dick as he thrust in and out. He was in control and used me to bring himself off quickly. I felt his cock stiffen and swell just that little bit more and he groaned a little and started splashing my mouth with his creamy spunk, at least seven thick shots and then a long stream of thinner man-juice, almost as if he was pissing.

I put my hand around his cock, and greedily milked the last drops of his seed onto my tongue. As he softened a little I gently licked his cock clean. He tucked himself back into his speedo and then rubbed his crotch against my face. I could smell that wonderful man-fuck smell of cum and sweat and musk. My own erection still pressed firmly against the small pouch of my suit, the cock-ring keeping me hard. My suit was wet with sweat and slightly transparent. He pulled me up by my arms and kissed me forcefully, his tongue owning my mouth like his cock just did.

“Let’s relax a little.” And that was it. I followed him back to the beach because he had me and he expected it. I think I heard a little buzz of commentary about our return from the other sunbathers but I didn’t care. I enjoyed the after-taste of his cum in my mouth.

He lay back down on his towel as I brought my towel and things next to him. “Lay on your stomach.” I did so, my own erection forcing my ass up in the air a little. He draped his hand across my ass and began to press against the base of my butt plug. So he had noticed when I was splashing in the water! His fingers pushed against the plug and then relaxed, pushed and relaxed, fucking my ass with my toy in little frustrating pokes, grinding my hard, restrained cock against the sand below my towel. I couldn’t help but moan a little and started adding my own pre-cum to my sticky, wet suit.

“This suit’s going to give me tan lines. I have a privacy fence around my pool. Let’s go.” We got up and packed our things in our bags and I put on my t-shirt and started to pull on my shorts but he took them from me. “Go like that”. He put on his sandals but nothing else. I slipped on my flipflops, grabbed my bag and started back towards the path. “Nice.” And that was all he said until we got back to our cars, except for an occasional chuckle as we passed other men headed towards the beach, my ass on display for him and my swollen cock barely covered by my cum-stained suit.

We got in our cars and I followed him for about five miles, not really wondering what I was doing, just obeying. He turned into the driveway of a nice house on a couple of acres of lawn and I could see a stockade fence at the back of the house.

He got out, walked to the front door and entered, leaving the door open. I followed and closed the door behind me, the air-conditioning forcing my nipples into tight nubs. His sandals and speedo lay in a corner on the floor. I set my backpack near them and stood in the foyer until he called me into the kitchen. “Thirsty?” He handed me a glass of Chardonnay and I nervously gulped it. “I guess you were.” He took the glass from me and pinching my nipples, pulled me to him for another kiss. His hands moved to my ass and he pulled my hips to his, grinding his stiffening cock into my crotch. He released my mouth as his fingers toyed with my buttplug again.

“Drop your suit, go out to the pool and cool off. I’m going to call a friend over to join us.” and he pointed to the pool through the French doors at the other end of the kitchen. He stood in front of me waiting, so I stepped out of my suit and handed it to him. He threw it into the foyer, grasped my balls briefly as if to weigh them, then went to the phone. I walked to the French doors and stepped outside, dressed only in my cock ring and buttplug, feeling vulnerable and horny but oddly relaxed.

The stockade fence enclosed a large patio with a small pool about four feet deep. I stepped into the warmish water and immersed myself briefly, then left the pool to recline on a chaise. I heard the door open and Chris appeared with two big plastic tumblers of Chardonnay in his hands and that wonderfully heavy cock swinging between his legs. He held a tumbler to my mouth and let me take several swallows, then set the glasses down and straddled the chaise, his cock brushing my lips. I opened my mouth and received him, loving the feel and taste of his manhood on my tongue. I nursed on his cockhead until it stiffened to its full size then he pulled out of my face and reversed position, bending over so I could service his ass.

I ran my tongue up and down his crack from his smooth, large balls, across his tight pucker, to his tailbone and back again. He sighed and leaned back further, so I placed my hands on his hips and pulled him to me, spearing his ass with my tongue. His glutes relaxed and allowed me in deeper so I sucked on his rosebud while tongue-fucking him. His ass tasted of the same as his cock did, coconut tanning oil, salty perspiration and enough man-musk to make me desperately horny. Resting his ass on my face, he pulled my knees up and started playing with my buttplug, pulling it out just so my hole stretched around the widest part of the plug, then letting my ass suck it back in. I regretted the size of the plug as it slackened my ass, but knew the ass-stretching would be necessary to accommodate the fucking Chris’ big tool promised.

He pumped my ass with the plug roughly a few more times then pulled it out and stepped back, his body sweaty and shiny in the sun, his cock hard and leaking a long string of pre-cum. He threw my buttplug in the pool. I reached to take his cock in my mouth but he knocked my hand down. “Do you want more lube?” I told him I had some in my bag. He laughed a little. “Did I pick you up or did you pick me up?” He went into the house and returned, rummaging through my bag. “Poppers too? OK, you’re going to get an ass-stretching. Lube up.” He tossed the bottle of lube between my legs.

I squirted some onto my fingers and spread it around and in my now-loose man-pussy. He took the bottle of lube from me and held the poppers to my nose, pressing one nostril closed while I took a deep huff, then alternating with the other nostril. Poppers, the Chardonnay, the hot sun, his gorgeous naked slick body against mine; I was overwhelmed as he pushed my knees up to my chest and slowly sank his cock into my ass. My head flooded with hot sparks when he popped his big cock head past my sphincter and my ass was electric as his over-sized manhood tunneled into me. His thighs flexed as he long-dicked me and I rotated my hips up to take all of his cock. My eyes closed and my mouth dropped open as I rode the waves of sensation, moaning like a slut, my ass becoming his cunt as he pleasured himself in me.

I opened my eyes and held my knees up as he fucked me and I watched in wonder that I could take all of him. His strokes slowed, his dick punching in and out of my ass, my hole gapping when he pulled out, my cock leaking when he pushed back in. I pulled my knees up to my chest to invite him to give me all of his wonderful erection, and he sank his entire length into me, his cock rearranging my guts to make my hole his own, me whimpering like a girl with each deep thrust. I felt him swell inside me and he pinched both my nipples hard as he came, pushing himself deeper into my ass with each volley of cum, banging me senseless until he sat down on the chaise, letting my thighs rest on top of his, both of us trying to catch our breath.

I felt his dick soften a little, allowing his cum to leak out of what used to be my ass but was now just his man-pussy. My balls were slick with the cum he had fucked out of me. He palmed my sloppy crotch and asshole, massaging our combined juices into my groin.

“Anybody home?” Chris’ friend walked onto the patio, respecting the naked-only protocol, a Prince Albert piercing his only dress. Chris walked over to his friend and embraced him fully, kissing him deeply and cupping his ass. They broke off the kiss and Chris introduced his friend as Tom. Like Chris, Tom was completely smooth. His balls were low-slung, pillowing his ample cockhead.

Tom walked over to the chaise were I still lay and leaned down, putting one hand in my hair and kissing me fully while his other hand cupped my sticky crotch. He stood up and licked his fingers. “Oh my god, I believe you two have been fucking!” He laughed and sat straddling the chaise, my hips over his, his package stiffening against my taint. He put his hands on my shoulders and began to knead them, relaxing me while I felt his cock swell against my balls, his PA teasing my anus.

I reached down and pulled his fuck-stick out from between my legs so I could feel its full length. It grew as I stroked it until both my hands grasped his shaft, not counting his plum-sized cockhead. I found the lube where I’d dropped it and slicked Tom’s cock, then poured more on my ragged asslips. I put Tom’s cockhead against my hole and slid forward to urge the big cockhead through my sphincter. Tom slid forward too, just enough to hold my hole open with his fat plum, and the sensation of being so wonderfully stretched took away all control from me. He put his hands around my waist and pulled me onto him, impaling me fully with his huge tool until I felt a delicious pop deep inside me and knew he had opened that sphincter way up my ass. He held me there until I relaxed around him, then pulled me back on the chaise with him so I straddled him, my weight forcing all of his cock into me.

He moved me around on his cock, breaking me in for his use. My biggest dildo had never filled my ass so fully or deeply. I could feel his big cock piercing rubbing my walls and loved it.

“Ride me boy” and with my feet on the patio and my hands on his pecs I pushed up as far as I could, half his cock still buried in my ass. I sunk down on him and felt him open me up deep inside again. The deep penetration was so addicting, and I rode him that way as long as my legs would last. I sat speared on his fuck-stick. Cum leaked from my cock and pooled on his stomach. He scooped it up and brought it to my mouth, and I sucked my cum from his fingers.

Tom laid me back, holding my knees around my head and started rocking into me again, his big mushroom banging back and forth across my pleasure spot, sending waves of pleasure through me. I was getting so thoroughly fucked by his glorious meat, my asshole spasming around his thick shaft while his length turned my insides into his man-cunt.

A glow began to build inside my ass as his cockhead sawed across my prostrate. I moaned and gasped with each stroke. I couldn’t believe how good his cock felt. My ass was his playground, and I wondered if my hole would ever return to normal size. My orgasm was close as he fucked me, and I begged him to fuck me harder.

“Oh, I will boy. I’m going to fuck the cum out of you” and he started banging me hard, with long strokes that slammed into my hole, pounding my prostate with each thrust until my ass tightened around his shaft and I sprayed cum all over the both of us. He kept ravaging my ass, prolonging my orgasm painfully as my rectum clamped down on his pole, making me delirious while I convulsed around his big cock. He slowed down and fucked into me deeply and groaned and I could feel his cum boiling over in my ass.

I was absolutely spent and nearly fucked to death but he was scarcely winded. “You’ve got a great pussy, boy” and Tom smiled at me.

“He’s good at sucking cock and rimming too”. Chris had been stroking his erection while he watched us and came over so I could suck on his cock head some more. I polished his cockhead with my tongue and was rewarded with another taste of his precum.

He sighed with my cock-worship. “Let’s cool off for a sec and then get his pussy inside for round three.”

Round three? I was exhausted and thoroughly fucked out. Tom gently pulled out of my loosened ass and could feel his cum dribbling out between my ass-lips. I gingerly touched my hole and it did feel like a pussy, my lips swollen and puffy, my hole gooey and open.

“Yes, let’s, I’d like to really stretch him out. We’ll have to work him up to it though.” Tom looked to Chris for an answer.

She floated gently on the ocean’s surface, each wave lifting and lowering her as his hands beneath her back kept her steady. He stood at her head, with his arms extended straight in front of him and under her. The sun shone down on her face, and the ocean breeze drifted across her bare tits.

The water was just shoulder deep, letting him stand and support her, although it was really more like keeping her from drifting away. As she floated there, she felt him lean over a bit, his head blocking the sun and casting a shadow across her face. As he kissed her upside down, his forehead to her chin, she felt his mouth on hers, lightly at first, his tongue brushing across her lips, licking the sea salt away.

She smiled at the slow sensuality of the act, and reacted to his tongue as it probed into her mouth. As his tongue slid easily inside her mouth, she bit down on it just enough to slow it somewhat. She then arched her head back, opening her mouth to his. He thrust his tongue deeper into her, swirling it around in her mouth, and mashing her lips with his kisses.

As he did, he shifted to her side, holding her shoulders and head up with his left arm and sliding his other hand down under her ass, to keep her steady before him. The sun fell across her face again, and she kept her eyes lazily closed, with the red haze of the sun just behind her eyelids.

His lips continued to work at her mouth, his tongue advancing and retreating, while his right hand began to massage her ass lightly beneath the waves, out of sight of the few people on the beach this late. As the breakers rolled through, she could feel him spring lightly from the ocean bottom, lifting her as well, then settling back after the wave had passed.

How he could kiss her so aggressively while playing with her ass, yet never let the water break over her face was a mystery to her. But he had grown up on these beaches and on this ocean and seemed to have a special sense of the rhythms that they moved to. She was completely relaxed in his arms. She could hardly feel her body as it moved in time to the tides.

As he kissed her, his hand had moved from beneath her ass to close around her breast. The sun and drying sea salt had already tightened her nipples up and made them stiff, but now he began to gently tweak and pull at them, all in the same mesmerizing rhythm of the sea. His other arm still held her steady.

She was so at ease, so in tune with the sea that she found it perfectly natural when she felt his mouth close over her breast, sucking the entire mound into his mouth, and chewing at it slowly, sucking the flesh all the way into his mouth before retreating until only her nipple remained between his lips and teeth. For more than a minute he alternated between sucking her entire tit into his mouth and then worrying just the nipple with his teeth. As the waves rolled slowly past them, his left hand raised her chest above the break so that he never had to stop.

That was good, because she didn’t want him to ever stop.

Suddenly she felt him duck beneath the surface, releasing her to float free.

Just as quickly he surfaced on the other side of her, with his back to the beach now, and his hands switched roles. The right hand now supported her shoulder, while the left moved to her ass. But it didn’t stop there, as he spread her legs and his forearm parted her thighs. His hand rested on her belly and began to trace slowly across the mound of her pussy beneath the bathing suit panties she wore. So light, so tender was his touch that she wasn’t sure from moment to moment that it was real.

But his forearm, warm from the sun, rested against her pussy and the heat it brought was real enough. His right hand closed firmly around her neck from underneath, holding her up but turning her head to his face as well. Again, his tongue began a probing assault on her mouth, and his touch on her thighs and cunt grew stronger.

She felt him slide a finger into the left leg hole of her bottoms and slide it across her pussy lips, reaching her clit, which quickly swelled and popped out from within its shroud. His finger strummed it slowly, like a violin string, causing her to twist slightly on the ocean’s surface.

“Put your hands around my neck for a moment,” His voice was so unexpected it startled her, but she quickly wrapped her arms around his neck, feeling the wetness from the ocean and the heat from the sun across his shoulders. With both hands free, he smoothly untied her bikini bottoms and pulled them from her ass and pussy.

She was amazed at how different her lower body felt in the water with nothing to encumber it but his hands and arms. The ocean lapped at her pussy and squeezed between the cheeks of her ass. It flowed across her clit and into her cunt and it felt salty and warm and wonderful. It was a delicious feeling, easily equal to the feel of his finger as it once again found her clit.

He began to slowly strum her growing clit, twirling his thumb across it and sliding his finger back and forth between her labia, which opened before him. Soon her vagina was open to his touch, and he took full advantage of it.

His hand again tightened around her neck as he slid one and then two fingers into her cunt. Ocean water washed in and out with his thrusts, which began slowly and picked up speed. In a couple of minutes she could feel her juices flowing and the idea that she was mingling with the ocean in such a basic way sparked a deeply erotic heat in her pussy. She was close to coming right in the ocean!

He bent his face to her tits once again, and she opened her eyes and turned her head to watch him suck on her tits. She was startled to see other people in the water, less than fifty feet away from them, although they were the farthest from the shore.

At least one man seemed to know what was going on, but he seemed content to watch from a distance. “People are watching us,” she said. “Let ‘em,” he growled, as he turned her so that her head was toward the beach. Again he let her float free as he ducked under the surface.

This time he surfaced between her thighs, grinning up across her belly as his hands both grasped her ass to keep her midsection afloat. Her legs drifted apart and he pushed his shoulders between them, forcing them further apart. She let her legs dangle down across his shoulders, opening herself to his attentions.

She almost yelped when his tongue suddenly touched her clit, then slid into her vaginal slit. She could hardly tell where her cunt ended and his mouth began. The sun’s heat on her face and tits and his mouth on her pussy had her coming within minutes. She thrashed about as if swimming, while he continued to run his tongue in and out of her pussy and across her clit. Her juices ran out of her and into the ocean, and she felt as wild as any mermaid.

Just as she finally came down from the sexual peak he had held her at for several minutes, he stood and took her in his arms. Chest to chest, with her tits pressed against him, he began again to kiss her deeply. Both his hands closed around her ass, and he lifted her and she wrapped her legs around him under the water. His hard cock slid easily into her, the shock of its complete insertion bringing a look of surprise to her face.

He held her for just a second, his shaft in her up to his belly. Then he slowly began to lift and drop her, sliding her up and down on his cock, feeling her juices thicken and flow, making his passage easier with each moment. She locked her legs around him and began to pump her heels against his ass, raising herself on is cock then dropping back down. Each time he sprung up with a wave, she seemed to gain another inch of his cock into her pussy, which was being sluiced by the ocean water as they fucked.

He slowly spun around as they fucked so that she could see the entire panorama of the beach and the sea and the sun. As she mashed her tits against his chest, he reached between them and pinched the tight salty nipples as hard as he could, knowing how she loved that feeling. Sure enough, her cunt seemed to relax just a bit more, and he began to pound his cock into her.

It wasn’t long before she was coming again, and her orgasm triggered his own. Driving into her as far as he could, he held her belly tight against his, his hands pulling her ass tight to him, and shot stream after stream of come up into her belly, groaning into her ear as he came. She stoked his hair and kissed him deeply once more. Looking down she could see his load as it floated up from her pussy.

Resting her head on his shoulder, she looked toward the beach and saw the same man watching them both. He was much closer now and while she could not hear him when he spoke, she clearly read his lips as he said, simply, “That was beautiful”, and then turned to shore and began swimming.

“Yes, it was,” she whispered hoarsely, as she floated, exhausted on the waves.

I had been at the hotel for nearly two weeks and had basically spent every day either surfing or hiding from the tropical rain. I had chosen Costa Rica for the surf and the fact that it was the green season. This meant nice and cheap hotels, great waves and no crowds, basically the perfect vacation, all apart from the lack of female company.

The last time I had enjoyed being with a women was the morning of my flight, in fact the last thing I had done before getting into the taxi for the airport was explode in her mouth. My flight was an early morning one, so I decided to go out and not go to bed. I ended up going to a friends house for an after party and ended up waiting for my taxi there. I lived just around the corner so it made sense and on the way back from the club I picked up my bags and walked over to my friends house.

This house was always a party house and there must have been 15 people, partying and dancing in the living room. I was pretty tired and decided to chill out while I waited for my taxi, my friends house has a pretty cool roof terrace with hammocks so I went and relaxed in one of them. After about ten minutes Mary walked out onto the roof terrace, she smiled at me and sat opposite me on a bench. Mary and I had dated a few months back and she was always pretty keen for more. Mary has beautiful ebony skin is 5 8″ with not an ounce of flesh on her has small breasts and a mouth that would be enough for any man.

Mary and I hadn’t dated for a few weeks and she had started to date my friend whose house it was, so it was a bit of a surprise when she said my name then as I looked at her she slipped off her panties. I had a great view of her beautiful pink pussy, and of the door to the roof terrace. Not wanting to upset my friend I didn’t jump on Mary but instead took my penis out and started to play with myself and told her to do the same. She didn’t take long to start rubbing herself and start pulling on her nipples, she kept repeating my name and begging me to come to her. I just watched and continued to play with myself, I took great pleasure in watching her, she was caught between her desire and her fear of being caught and I was happy to drive her to the edge. After a few more minutes I feel my orgasm building and I decide to accept the pleasure and make my way over towards her.

As I follow the direction my penis is pointing in, it reaches it’s target and she hungrily swallows me into her waiting mouth. I can’t resist and take hold of her head and start to pump into her mouth, she has one hand jammed into her pussy and with her other hand she starts to caress my balls, this sends me to the edge and I pull out of her mouth to stop myself. Her eyes start to beg me again and as she says my name I pull her to her feet, turn her around and bend her over the bench. I push my penis into her soaking hole and start to fuck her. I feel her muscles start to spasm inside her pussy and after a few more minutes her breathing becomes ragged and I start to become concerned that the noises she is making might get us caught.

I pull out of her, she turns to look at me, those begging eyes pleading again, I take my opportunity and fill her mouth again. This time I fuck her mouth and she is loving it, once again rubbing her clit and fingering herself. Suddenly my telephone rings and it is my taxi which has arrived. I need to be quick, so I take my cock and stroke it, with the head resting on her tongue I increase the speed and with a couple of pumps I ejaculate into her warm mouth. I continue stroking until I finish and she licks and sucks me dry. I say goodbye and go and jump into the waiting taxi.

So after nearly two weeks of testosterone filled activity I was getting pretty horny, and although I like nothing more than taking care of myself I was even getting a little bored of that.

Anyway around comes Saturday and I’m determined to have some fun that night, but with no other guests in the hotel the signs are not good. After breakfast, where once again I sit alone and enjoy the tropical fruits and coffee, I get talking to John the hotel’s Mr Fix it. I tell him I’m determined to have some fun and we start chatting about how to make the evening more enjoyable. After coming up with some really bad ideas, I remembered a night of crab racing from a Caribbean holiday I had been on once. So Jon is really keen on the idea and after talking to the other locals and hotel owners they agree that it’s Crab Racing night!

With Crab racing suddenly becoming the most important event on the horizon, I go with Jon and another couple of locals to catch the crabs. Being Costa Rica, this is very easy as they seem to be everywhere, little hermit crabs who stop moving as soon as they feel vibrations, not exactly difficult to catch!! So after an hour of picking the fastest hermits we could find and a few other different types of crab we are set. Now it is time for some PR…

So our strategy to build the night was basically to go to the two other hotels in the area and promote our special night of racing at their bars. At the first hotel we got to, there was no one around at all, so we sat and drank a couple of cold beers while the locals told the bar tender about the crab racing. As we are about to leave, a brunette and a blonde walk out of their rooms and head over to the bar. Now the guys I had been hanging out with jumped straight onto these girls and ‘promoted’ the crab racing night. The girls seemed a little dubious of the slightly overeager guys but were happy to chat and drink a beer and flirt a little all the same. The brunette who had a knitted halter neck top on, that did nothing to hide her perky breasts and what seemed like bullet nipples, was called Susie and she and I flirted for a while before the girls excused themselves, promising to join the fun later.

With the evening getting closer, we left the empty bar to go and promote the night. It seemed that the whole area really was empty as we only bumped into a few more locals who all said they were down for crab racing.

It was about 10pm that the crab racing came to an end and while we it had been really fun, only the locals had shown up and it was looking like yet another lonely night. As we start to free the crabs and clean up the bar Susie and her friend turn up. The girls managed to persuade us to run one last race and we drank a few more beers before one of the locals invited everyone back to his house to continue the party.

Now I should explain that this house was set back about 50m from the beach, you could hear the ocean but you couldn’t see it. So after a while I mention to no one in particular that I am going down to the beach as I wait to see if my invitation was spotted by Susie I feel her on my shoulder. She suggests we go for a swim and I agree and we start walking down to the beach. As we arrive at the beach I look back to see if anyone else has decided to join us and it seems that we are alone. I turn back to see the sight of Susie’s naked ass running into the water, I don’t wait for a second invitation and strip and run in after her.

continued in chapter 2.


The phone rang in the living room that morning, and Liz got up to answer it. I rolled over and went back to sleep. When I awoke again, she’d already been finger-fucking herself, and was masturbating me to arousal in more ways than one. As soon as I was hard, I entered her and began pumping her. But try as I might, I couldn’t light that fire in her before my own orgasm hit. “I’m sorry,” I panted.

“For what?” she asked.

“I wanted you to cum first,” I explained. I started to finger-fuck her and bent down to kiss her cunt.

She stopped me, and gave me a hug. “Don’t worry about it. I don’t think an orgasm was in the cards for me this time.”

“Was it anything I did? Or didn’t do?”

She held her breath, as if collecting her thoughts. Then she told me something I really needed to hear, something no woman had ever told me before.

“Listen, dear. Women aren’t wired the way men are. With you, orgasms are pretty much inevitable. Give your dick a tickle, and you pop. But with us, it’s different. Usually I cum, but sometimes I don’t. It has nothing to do with your skills as a lover. Sometimes I get a big one, sometimes a small one, sometimes three in a row. Sometimes I don’t get squat, even though it’s still a very pleasurable sensation, like just now.

“So you have a choice. Do you want me to fake an orgasm just to let you know that I still think you’re a great lover, like every other woman you’ve probably slept with has done? Or do you want me to be totally honest with you about it, and not take it personally when the skyrocket doesn’t go off?”

“I think you already know the answer to that, Liz. I want you to be honest with me, always. I’m a big boy; I can take a little disappointment. And if anybody could do anything one hundred percent of the time, where’s the challenge?”

“Do you really mean that? Be honest with me!”

“Cross my heart and hope to die! And thanks for being so honest with me just now. I needed to know that.”

She smiled. “That’s what I wanted to hear. I’ve waited my whole life to hear that from a guy!”

“And I’ve waited my whole life to hear what you’ve just told me. Liz, what’s your last name?”

“What has that got to do with anything?” she laughed.

“Well, I don’t know it. You never told me, and I think I should know that about you we’re going to get serious about each other.”

“Are we going to get serious about each other?”

“That depends on your answer.”


“I love you, Liz Flannigan. But we’ve got to do something about that last name.”

“Is that a marriage proposal?”


“Well, let me think about that. ‘Liz Brown’…it could be worse.”

“Hey, how did you know my last name? I never told you!”

“From that medical report you showed me the second day we met.”

“Oh, yeah. I’d forgotten about that.”

“Hey, let’s get some breakfast, and get out to the beach. I have something special for you out there today.”

“Like what?”

She winked. “It’s a secret. But you’ll like it!”

When we got to the beach, we saw Amy and the two kids, but there was no sign of Peer and Inge. “They’ve gone on ahead,” she told us as we stripped. “They got tired of waiting for you.” And sure enough, they were at Hard-on Beach, a few hundred feet from the edge of the path. They waved to us, and we came over, oiled each other up, and exchanged pleasantries. And then Inge said something that floored me.

“Liz, may I fuck Dick now?”

“Certainly, darling, if you’ll let me fuck Peer.”

Inge rose from their blanket and hugged me. My cock responded instantly, and before I knew it, I was lying on my back and Inge was rolling a condom onto my erection. “I’m sorry, Dick,” she said. “But I want to get pregnant again, and I want the baby to be Peer’s. I’m sure you understand.” And then she lay down next to me, hugging me, wrapping her long legs around me, kissing me. I was operating on pure instinct by now, on some animal level. The sounds from the adjoining blanket told me that Liz and Peer were in a similar state of arousal, and were in their own world of lust.

Inge was an expert lover, teasing me almost to a climax and then easing me down again, over and over. Whenever she saw the condom getting wrinkled, she’d tease my dick back to hardness, and eventually rolled onto her back and guided my rod into her sex. She seemed to have none of the urgency that marked Liz’s lovemaking, being content to let her own arousal take its natural course. For once, I was thankful for the condom’s blunting of the sensations of my cock in her vagina; I was able to match her own easy crescendo to climax with my own. Liz and Peer, on the other hand, had reached their own climaxes and were embracing in post-coital bliss as they hugged and watched us fuck.

Did I feel uptight about Peer having gotten Liz off where I couldn’t? Not a bit. I knew somehow that it was the novelty of the fuck that she was reacting to, a different lover with a different cock and a different way of fucking. She was smiling at me now, her warm brown eyes shining with love for us all, grateful for the lust we were all sharing.

At last, Inge got serious about getting to her climax, clenching my cock with her cunt and digging her heels into my back. I responded with a groan and an explosion of cum; when we uncoupled, the tip of the condom was heavy with my spend. Inge gave me a last passionate hug, and then rolled over to give her husband one of equal passion. She spoke to him in Danish, but I caught the gist of what she was saying: she was thanking him for letting her fuck me. Liz was smiling at me, too, with a smile that told me that, while she enjoyed herself immensely, there wasn’t a wisp of a cloud on our own relationship. I was still her guy. I smiled back.

After a few more minutes of small talk, Peer announced that they had to be going. “We must be back home in Santa Rosa tonight,” he said. “And it’s a long drive, especially with the trailer. But we will try to come back next weekend.” We all stood and hugged and kissed. I even found myself hugging Peer, which I’d never dreamed I’d be doing, although I didn’t quite get up the nerve to kiss him, and he didn’t press the matter.

After the couple left, Liz and I went for a swim, accompanied by a considerable amount of teasing. Liz compared my cock to Peer’s, saying that mine was a better fit. “And how did you like Inge’s cunt?” she said flirtatiously.

“She’s a good lover,” I replied. “But after I came, I found myself wishing it was you under me instead of her.”

“Because you could have fucked me without a condom?”

“No, silly. Because you’re you, and she’s her. And she’s still Peer’s gal, no matter what. She’s a great appetizer, but you’re still the main course.”

On our way back to our towel, we couldn’t help but notice a crowd of people some fifty feet away from the water, so we walked over to investigate. We found Sally, the blonde knockout I’d met the previous week, on her knees, circled by a half dozen men, among them her boyfriend Jeremy. She was holding her breasts up, and the men were wanking on them.

When we arrived, two of the men had already cum, and their sperm was glistening on the shelf of her breasts. The other men were not far from cumming; they were stroking their erect cocks as their girlfriends cheered them on. My own hard-on was returning, and Liz noticed it.

“Do you want to play that game?” she asked me.

“Would you like me to?”

“Sure! Why not? If it makes you hot, I want it. In fact, I’ll wank you.”

And she did. As I stood before Sally’s cum-smeared tits, Liz stood behind me and stroked me to hardness while all the onlookers cheered. I dutifully shot my load onto the proffered target, depositing most of it just above her left nipple, and then stepped aside for the next man, who was also the last to cum. With the loads of seven men dripping from her boobs, Sally staggered to her feet and did a little dance of victory, rubbing the semen into the skin of her breasts. Then she gave each of us a kiss, including Liz. “‘Cause you participated, too!” she explained. “Maybe it’ll inspire some of the other girls to help out!”

We returned to our towels and re-oiled ourselves. Feeling bad that I was ahead of Liz in the climax count, I gave her some of the oral and finger-fucking that she loved so much. This time, she didn’t refuse, and it wasn’t long before I was able to coax a couple of small orgasms from her. By that time, my dick had hardened for the fourth time that day, and I slipped it into her unresisting cunt. We fucked slowly and steadily, paying little attention to the people passing by and watching us (including some of the men who had recently joined me in Sally’s bukkake game, and whose hard dicks informed the world that they were ready for more fun). I was able to see a few of those dicks squirting their cum onto the sand before I squirted my own cum into my beloved’s womb. I softened, we rolled apart, and I saw Liz give them a satisfied grin.

We went for a swim after that, and were joined by Alison and Barry. While we men tried a little body-surfing, the women talked privately for a few minutes. And then Alison came over to me.

“I talked to Barry last night about a foursome,” she told me, “but he wasn’t comfortable with it. He said he wouldn’t mind fucking Liz, and he certainly didn’t mind me fucking Liz, but he didn’t know if he could handle you and me getting it on. He’s always had that possessive streak in him when it comes to other men, that’s all. I’m sorry if I got your hopes up.”

“That’s perfectly all right, Alison. I’m happy you were able to talk it out. As I guy, I can totally see where he’s coming from, even if I don’t happen to share it. And, you know, it even makes you hotter to me! The forbidden fruit, the woman I can’t have. Maybe it’s better that I can only fuck you in my fantasies!”

“That’s exactly what she told me about her and Barry! Dick, you and Liz are made for each other! If you don’t marry that girl, I’ll be very, very pissed at you!”

“Believe me, I’ve been thinking about that. She is an extraordinary girl, in so many ways.”

“And it’s so hot watching you ball her! I hope that won’t stop!”

“Barry’s down with that?”

“Hell, yes! Our sex life got a recharge when you guys came along! It’s all I can do to keep him out of my cunt when we’re home!”

“Then what are we waiting for?” I said. We embraced quickly, and I felt her hand give my soft cock a squeeze. I pinched her nipple in turn and gave her a kiss with a little tongue in it. What we were doing was no more than what Barry and Liz were doing to each other not twenty feet away. We all knew what the limits were now, and that made it easier for us to expand our intimacy.

When we got back to our towel, Barry and Alison spread theirs out next to us, and each couple oiled themselves up. But the girls had something in store for us. “Just sit there and watch us, guy!” Alison said. And with that, the two ladies started fondling each other. Liz pressed her small tits against Alison’s ample ones, and caressed the older woman’s vulva, teasing the lips apart. Alison was obviously nervous, but under Liz’s expert strokes, she relaxed, and her own hand sought out Liz’s pussy and cupped it. Alison whispered something to Liz, and Liz giggled. And then they kissed each other fiercely.

Well, the sight of two naked female bodies, gleaming with oil, kissing each other passionately was enough to get us men as hard as rocks. Not only that, but we were drawing a lot of attention from the rest of the beach-goers. When the ladies moved to the sixty-nine position, we found ourselves surrounded by about twenty spectators. A few of the women paired off, hugging and fondling each other awkwardly and nervously, as if the sight of Liz and Alison making love was giving them permission to act out some of their own Lesbian fantasies. (Their boyfriends, captivated by sight of Liz and Alison making love, scarcely noticed.) Eventually, some of the girls laughed and returned to their boyfriends, and that was all right, but a few of them kept their embraces past the giggling stage, and that was all right, too. I marveled once more how people could feed off other people’s sexual energy and let themselves do things they ordinarily wouldn’t.

To my surprise, I noticed Chet and Angelo in the audience, their cocks stiff as usual. “I didn’t think you’d be turned on to this sort of thing,” I said to Angelo.

“It’s not the girls, pretty as they are. It’s all the hard cocks I see! I love to watch ‘em spurt! And it’s something else, too, Dick. It’s beautiful the way Liz has blossomed in the past few weeks. We’ve always liked her, but she always seemed a little, well, lonely. It’s like she’s almost a different person now. You’ve done her a world of good, dude. I’m almost falling in love with you myself!”

“I guess I’m sort of flattered! You’re the second person today to point out how good I’ve been for her. If more people do, maybe I’ll start believing it myself.”

“You’d better, ’cause it’s true,” he said as he took my hand and squeezed it. We would have continued the conversation except that Chet, bored with the girls’s show, was tugging at Angelo’s other hand. I let them go. By that time a couple of the men had cum, wetting the sand with their sperm. But Barry and I didn’t, because our girls kept winking at us as if to say, “Don’t you dare cum now! You’re the ‘grand finale!’”

And sure enough, they parted company, spread their legs, and invited us in. I was in Liz like a flash, grateful that my previous orgasms left me in no hurry to cum again. To tell the truth, it surprised me that I was even able to stay hard after all my previous orgasms, but I was able to feed off the sexual energy of my fuckmates as well as the naked, aroused audience, their cocks and boobs bouncing every time I glanced up. Liz was feeling it, too, moaning and sweating up a storm as her climax hit her and swept her up. Her shriek was enough to trigger my own orgasm and I lunged into her, every muscle tense as my dick gave a series of spurts that reverberated into my balls and were echoed by the spasms of Liz’s vagina. I opened my eyes and found myself staring into hers, the same question in them: “Where the fuck did that come from?” But the hoots and applause from the crowd gave us our answer. The men all had sperm dripping from their cocks; the women had appreciative smiles on their faces and fingers in their cunts (or in one couple’s case, in each other’s cunts). One woman handed me a bottle of water. “You’ve got to be needing this!” she said with a laugh. I took a deep swig and then handed it to Liz, who finished it off as the woman gave another bottle to Barry and Alison (who’d had their climaxes even before Liz and I did, although we hadn’t noticed).

Gradually, the crowd drifted off, and the four of us were left smiling at each other. “Well, that was a fuck to remember!” Barry exclaimed. “We never did it as a triple feature before!”

“Well, what made it really hot was watching Alison and Liz,” I replied. “It really did my heart good to see that. How did that happen?”

“Alison suggested it when we were swimming,” Liz confessed. “I thought, why not? If we weren’t going to be swapping partners, this would be a nice little consolation prize. To be honest, I didn’t think it would draw the crowd it did. It was going to be just for you guys.”

“Never underestimate the effect of Lesbian lovemaking on a guy’s libido, Liz. For some reason, the sight goes right to our gonads.”

“And on the girls’,” Barry added. “Did you see them? Are a lot of them closet Lesbians?”

“Maybe a few of them are,” Alison said. “But most of them were hetero. They just wanted to see what it was like, and seeing us getting it on sort of gave them permission to. And, frankly, honey, I think a lot of them were doing it for their boyfriends as much as for themselves.”

“It doesn’t matter,” Liz decided. “Everybody had fun, and some of them learned something about themselves and their sexual identities. The next time, they’ll be less reluctant to join in. Or not. Either way, they’ll be more comfortable with themselves and each other.”

“So sayest the psychologist,” I said.

“So how’d I do?” Alison asked. “I haven’t made love to a woman in thirty years!”

“You did just fine, girl,” Liz replied. “Some day when the boys aren’t around, we’ve got to give it some time, and see where it goes.”

“Can’t we watch?” Barry said sorrowfully.

“If you must,” Alison said. “And Dick can, too, if he’s not jealous.”

I smiled. “You know, I’ve got to be back on the boat tomorrow morning. In less than twelve hours, in fact. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t have fun while I’m gone.”

“You’re leaving again tomorrow?” Barry said. “Then let us take you two out to dinner. Best place in town. We’re celebrating!”

“Celebrating what?” I asked.

“You!” he said. You’re the best thing that’s happened to us in years! Now let’s get going, while there are still some good tables left.”

We all got up, gathered our things, and made our way to the parking lot. Barry and Alison had a late-model Jaguar, so they must have had some money; I didn’t feel so bad about following them to the most expensive restaurant in the area and accepting their invitation to dinner. The food was great, and Barry and Alison were brilliant conversationalists, with wide-ranging interests. His questions on marine biology were insightful and penetrating, but he could discuss the arts with equal facility. And Alison was a walking database on music. It was with some regret that we all said goodnight and parted ways after dessert. I dropped off Liz at her apartment and, after a kiss that I hoped would never end, made my way back to the motel.

Another long week on the boat, but this time, I knew that I had a harbor to come home to.

An hour later, I called Meghan and told her I would be going with Jenn, I felt terrible, it took me a while to be up for calling Jenn and being happy about it.

Jenn was genuinely excited to hear she’d won and was talking much faster than at lunch. “Ok, so can we get started now?” was the main thrust of her end of the conversation.

“I’m starving, can we meet for dinner and then go back to my place and we’ll get started then.”

“Sure, I haven’t eaten, what should I wear? I brought a nice dress because you okayed it for someone else in your email.”

“Of course, and you brought your comfy sweats right?”

She giggled – it was so cute! “Of course, I love them.”

“Yeah, wear your dress, any particular type of food you’d like?”

“No, this will be the last time you get to pick anything, so pick well.”

I laughed, “Gotcha, I’ll be there in an hour. And don’t wear your hair back this time.”

When I picked her up I was glad to see how nice she looked in a dark blue dress with her hair not pushed back in the headband. I couldn’t help but think of what she’d look like tomorrow, what I’d look like as her slave.

“Are you going to be able to get a tan when you’re here?” I asked.

“Yeah, I’m pretty pale naturally, but I’ll darken up a bit, probably the first time ever I can do it without tan lines, your place is totally secluded right?”

“Completely, for a few miles.”

“That sounds amazing, I’m excited to see it.”

“Yeah, I love it.”

We talked logistics for a bit, I told her I had all her toys, and she could go through Meghan’s too. I got all the food and drinks she wanted, and she had recommended I get an expensive bed set, sheets, blanket, pillows and thick robes and towels. I liked that she asked for them, the other girls seemed almost sorry to ask for things when I told them to.

We talked about our lives for the most part, mostly about mine, but I got some stuff out of her, she was very philanthropic and a lot of her goals were focused on that.

She was pretty easy about answering my questions, but she just seems interested in how I got to where I was. That is where the conversation was mostly focused on.

After we finished eating she grabbed my hand as we walked out together, we drove the 40 minute drive to my place and when we pulled in I said, “OK, do you have a cellphone, camera, anything that I don’t want you to have?”

“Nope, at the hotel with my friend.”

“Ok, I planned on searching your bag, but I trust you totally.”


“OK, I’m ready, let’s begin, if you’d like a tour of the place first-”

“It’s a house, I’ll figure it out quick, it’s fine. Is the door locked?” she said rapidly, gesturing to the house.

I shook my head.

“OK, stay right here, I’ll be back.”

She went into the house and came back out 20 minutes later. “Grab my stuff and bring it into my bedroom.”

She took her time getting to the bedroom and she then said “OK, clear out a space in your closet that has more than enough room for all my stuff, get you stuff out of here and put all my stuff away nicely.”

She then lay on my bed and watched me empty out a bunch of closet space and drawers and put my clothes in the laundry room before I started hanging up her clothes away on the hanger and in the drawers, she wasn’t kidding about hating underwear, she hadn’t packed any. Near the end of this she had wandered off outside to check out the area.

She came back to find me waiting on the bed. “Get me a glass of the red I had you buy, I’m thirsty.”

I complied, seeing her lay back on the bed in her blue dress and cheap flip flops, she looked totally relaxed. I actually felt good about it, to finally be started, and to have things go well in this short time. I was already pleased that she was pleased. I realized that I am much more nervous and eager to please Jenn, I think that’s what made me pick her.

“Good,” she said as I handed her the wine, “I guess since it’s 9 pm here, it’s actually 2 in the morning in Cincy, that explains why I’m so tired, that and the long ass flight here in the morning. I thought that maybe I should try to stay up to adjust to the time zone here, but I realized it’s a trap. I don’t have to adjust to anyone’s schedule here, I can sleep whenever I want and I even have a man who will bend over backward to accommodate me, isn’t that right my little pet?”

“Yes, it is.”

“I have to be careful to remember I have total freedom and control here. Not taking full advantage would be an awful waste. And from now on, always call me “My Love” it sounds so pleasant to hear, try it now, and say it with feeling, like you do love me, like how you felt as you stared at my pictures, picked me over everyone else, dreamed of what I looked like naked, dreamed of me here on your bed right now, say it like that..”

“Anything you say, my love.”

“Great, that was amazing, you say it with such longing, I love it, I want you to focus on how much you desire me every time you answer me. Pretend like you’re feeling my soft, warm, naked body pressed tightly against you to warm you up, every time you speak.”

“Mmmm,” I began, involuntarily, letting that great scene play in my head, “Yes, my love.”

“I adore the way you say it, make sure to say it like that always. You on the other hand, little servant, will have many names, depending on the situation, but I like to think of you as my little pet, who will cherish the ground I walk on unconditionally, who will sit, stay, do a flip for my attention and approval, without any regard for your own opinions, self respect and basic human dignity, much like a little puppy. Let’s try: Sit Sparky.”

I hesitated, feeling ridiculous and humiliated, but sat on the ground.

“Good boy, now lie down. I leaned back and lay on my back. Good boy, sit again Sparky.”

“Ok, now speak Sparky,” she said, lying back with an amused smile on her face, speaking as if to a dog, “Bark for Jenn.”

I looked at her as I debated doing such a ridiculous, degrading thing for a woman.

She saw this and said, in a voice she’d actually use to talk to a dog still: “Scruffy, you have to be a good boy or else I won’t give you attention or rewards. Bark.”

I still couldn’t bring myself to do it, and made defiant eye contact with her. “Lassie, bark for me and I’ll give you a treat. You want my attention and I’m sure you want a treat don’t you my pet?”

I looked over her body as I remembered to picture it naked against mine, I closed my eyes to see it vividly as I said “yes, my love” in a dreamy voice.

“Then bark right now, I won’t ask again.”

I did it, feeling defeated more than anything. “Woof!”

“Oh, that’s not a good bark, do it louder.”

“WOOF!” I said loudly.

“There, that’s good, see that was easy.” she finally dropped the exaggerated emotion and dog voice and said, trying to keep her amusement in check “Go fetch your love another glass of wine, Sparky, then come back for your treat.”

I came back to see her watching me with amusement as I entered carrying her wine glass and handed it to her, “Here you go, my love.”

“My god, just you saying it like that, it makes me feel so good. It washes over me like a warm breeze,” she said as she leaned up against the headboard to sip her wine. “Now for your treat, you may massage my feet while I enjoy this delightful wine, remove my sandals..with your mouth.”

I bit the edge of the shoe on her right foot, just above her toes and pulled it off, the second slid off easily as well.

“Good, hop up on the bed so you can do a good job,” Jenn asked, “Are you a good foot rubber?”

“I’ve never really tried…my love.”

“Mmm, we’ll see what happens, go ahead.”

I took one foot tentatively in my hands and started to rub her sole. “Are you disappointed with your reward, my servant? You don’t think me letting you take care of my precious feet is an honor?”

“No, I’m eager to massage your feet…well, I was just expecting a more…intimate treat.”

She laughed, “Please, how bold! You are nowhere near proving you are deserving of that yet. Circle both your thumbs on my soles, more pressure, there you go.”

She gave me more directions as we went along and I started to understand how she wanted it done, even though she seemed to have lost her patience somewhat before I was doing it how she wanted me to. Her attitude was one of disappointment, but not surprised, like she expected it. I didn’t like that she doubted me and even worse was proved right.

After 15 more minutes of me rubbing her foot in silence she seemed to finally become relaxed and happy.

“You know, not barking when I asked you, not doing anything right away, I can’t have that. I need you to understand and do anything I say right when I say it. I warn you that it’s a much better road for you to just do it, then disobey and face the repercussions after, they will always be worse.”

“Yes, my love, I’m sorry, I’m still new to this.”

“It’s very evident you are new, remember that I may take to physical punishment from time to time for any infraction of our rules, remember that when you don’t want to do what I say. If you had just barked right away this would have been so much easier on you, now I need to break you out of it, to make sure you’ll obey me, I need to give you even more difficult tasks until I am sure you will listen unquestioningly. Your first few days got much less pleasant. You aren’t allowed to ask yourself if its ok before you do it. You don’t make the decisions anymore. I suppose some of that is time, you will have to learn to trust what I say unconditionally, as if it’s your own reflex.”

“Yes, my love.”

“Good, switch feet.”

“My love?” she could tell every time I was going to say something because I paused to visible picture her beautiful body naked against me.

“Yes slave?”

“During tasks like this can I talk, when am I allowed to talk?”

“That’s a good question, I feel that while you should probably never speak out of turn, it feels too formal, and besides I wouldn’t enjoy it. You are free to talk to me about anything that isn’t directly related to you as my slave, your tasks, etc. And if I ever don’t want to hear from you I’ll simply tell you to stop talking, it’s easy enough. When we are engaging in casual conversation there is no need to use ‘my love’ either, save that for when you are acknowledging my orders or addressing me.”

“Ok, my love.”

We then talked for a little while longer as I rubbed her foot, she had finished her wine long ago and was now laid back with her eyes closed, enjoying the foot rub.

“Now kiss my feet, kiss them all over, suck my toes.”

I leaned over to start on the top of her foot and began to kiss the top of her foot tenderly.

“My foot isn’t dirty or anything like that?”

“No, your feet are lovely.”


I kept kissing the top of her foot, then switched to the sole until finally I started to suck on her toes, taking them one by one completely into my mouth. I then switched to the other foot and repeated the process.

She had me go through it one more time and then said, “I need a shower, do you have the fluffy pillows and robes I requested?”

“Yes, my love.”

“Great, I want you to make my bed with all the bed supplies I requested, you haven’t used them yet, like I asked right?”

“No, they are still all in their packaging.”


She then got up and her and her glistening feet padded off to the bathroom, I watched her leave, her round ass, wrapped tightly in that dress, swaying slightly as she left.

I made the bed and waited in the chair in the corner for her to return. She entered with the baby blue robe wrapped all around her small body.

“Great, I can tuck myself in tonight, you haven’t earned the right to see me naked yet. I know it’s only 11, but I am exhausted. I want you to sleep on the old sheets here on the floor beside my bed. For now you may go and eat, drink, use the bathroom whatever, but when you’re done, return quietly and be in that spot when I wake up. Keep those same clothes on for now, if they are uncomfortable, remember why it’s important to bark when I say so. Got it, my pet?”

“Yes, my love, sleep well.”

“I intend to, I’ve had a really long day”

I wasn’t tired as I usually fall asleep around 2 am, so I was up for hours just laying on the uncomfortable floor in the dark. I didn’t sleep well and was up most of the night, I lay awake from 7 am hoping Jenn would get up, but she didn’t even start to stir until after 9, and a bit after 10 I finally heard.

“mmm, servant?”

I sat up, “yes, my love.”

“Go make breakfast, coffee and omelets with fruit cups, for both of us. Bring mine back to the bed first, and throw me a t shirt of yours.”

I came back with her meal to find her sitting upright in bed wearing my tshirt with her legs still under the covers. I put the meal on her lap and said, “Is there anything else I can get you?”

“Not now, just hold my coffee until I need it.”

I began some small talk about how she slept for a little while until I grew content simply watching her eat. Her thin arms flexing slightly with every movement to her mouth. Her delicate lips letting each morsel of food pass. Her straight, black hair looked just a little out of place, she looked so cuddly and warm and innocent and fragile, I adored her.

“Coffee,” she took a sip, “here.”

She finished and said “That was good, servant, I feel amazing today, so refreshed and full, I’m over the time difference, jet lag, all that. I’m excited about how happy and healthy and relaxed I am right now, and we haven’t even started yet. Go ahead and eat your meal, I’m going to have another nice shower, then we can begin our day.”

I ate my now cold meal and waited for a while as Jenn was taking a long time in the shower. Thinking of her in that shower made me feel dirty in these clothes I’d slept in.

“Ok, today is an important day, we need to make sure you’ll listen to everything I have to say and you have to prove you’re worthy of being my complete slave. You’re going to be put to work, so take a big drink of water.”

She then left to get changed out of another of the robes I had bought her.

She emerged in a light sundress that would wave in even the slightest breeze. “OK, I need you to do some work for me while I get some alone time, come outside.”

We got out to the back porch and she said “Take off everything you are wearing but your underwear.”

I looked around and then at her again and started to take off my shoes and socks.

“It’s still entirely unacceptable, your obedience and compliance are very low. When I say something I need you to just do it, to not even think about it. If you saw someone around you wouldn’t have taken off your clothes. It doesn’t matter if you saw 10 people, I said it, you do it.”

“It’s blatantly obvious you are thinking about it…a lot. Right now you have so many filters running through your head before you do it. ‘Do I want to?’ ‘Will I be embarrassed?’ ‘What happens if I don’t?’ etc, that has to stop, we have to blast through all of those filters until you simply do, you hear and then you do, you don’t think about if it’s good or bad, or whatever, if it’s embarrassing or humiliating. Fuck, if it is you are lucky, you’ll get turned on. We both know that. You begged me to come here and treat you like my slave and then you get embarrassed when you do it? Does that make sense?”

She then softened her disposition, “But it’s ok, this is only our first day, after you finish your chores I know how we can train you to get over this. Does that sound good? Not living in your own head and analyzing everything I ask, but just listening and experiencing it. I actually imagine once you get it, it will be quite invigorating to not have to decide anything, but to just sit back and let whatever comes, come.”

“Anyways, see that coconut tree, the only one we can see down the beach maybe 2 miles?”

“Yes, my love.” I said as I admired her soft hair in the breeze.

“I want you to go over there and pick me up a coconut from that tree and bring it back, OK?”

“Yes, my love.”

“Before you go, stick your face in the sand.”

“What?” I exclaimed in surprise, looking at her with wide eyes.

“Yup, we have a lot of work to do, you still aren’t listening, do it because I said so, that’s all you need to know and then go get that coconut. I want you to go as fast as you can.”

“Yes, my love.” I took off at a stiff jog after pushing my face in the sun heated sand, and did the best I could, it took me a while to knock a coconut down, but I did and jogged home, when I got to the house I was exhausted, thirsty and drenched in sweat.

“You haven’t been in Hawaii long have you?”

“No, my love.”

“It’s obvious, you are barely tan, it’s embarrassing,” she said as she looked me over with mild disdain, “Good job on the coconut, it will be fine, now get yourself a drink of water and use all the coconut juice to make me a drink.”

After this she had me put back on my clothes that I had discarded in the sand while I was still hot and sticky and then she said “OK, we’re going into town, take us to the largest mall, we’re going to work hard to make sure you listen to whatever I say without thinking about it. If you can do it in front of a group of people, then at home won’t be a problem anymore.”

Scared the whole way, we arrived at the mall in about an hour and Jenn made me hold the door for her to get out and then walk behind her into the mall, holding all her possessions. We first went to the book store because Jenn wanted something to read during her beach lounging.

“OK, you remember what I told you about not thinking, just doing?”

I gulped and nodded, incredibly nervous about what was to come. “OK, I want you to skip, like small girls do, around the outside of the store for two laps. Go right now.”

I had to brace myself to do it, thinking like I wasn’t supposed to, I could feel Jenn’s disapproval before I started to skip.

I felt mortified as people stared and laughed as I skipped around the store until I got to Jenn, who was pleased. “You didn’t listen right away, but you did the task. Come on, let’s find me some books.”

Jenn picked a few books out she wanted to look through and had me carry them and find her a seat. She had me stand beside her as she sat, turning the pages as she instructed, holding the book awkwardly in front of her. A lot of people did a double take at seeing this.

I started adjusting more and more frequently, my arms getting tired, Jenn said “Arms tired? I’ll let you have a break.” She took the book from me.

“Thanks, my love.”

“I’m happy to help, now get down on your hands and knees and be my footstool, but before that take my sandals off.” Her offer of help was a tease and nothing more.

I saw a girl sitting opposite the aisle, looking over her book at us. I hesitated to get down to my knees.

Jenn smacked my ass firmly, “Now, footstool. Don’t think ever.” She said loudly so anyone in the vicinity heard.

Very embarrassed, with people watching in shock, I got down on my knees and gently slide her sandals off her feet before crawling under her extended legs as she used me for a footstool.

“Take my sandals off with your mouth,” she said angrily and pushed her bare foot roughly over my face before relaxing to read.

I stayed like that for about 40 minutes, my face red the whole time as many people walked by, shocked at what they saw. Finally, Jenn was done reading and had me kiss both her feet and slide her shoes back on. I got up to see the girl was still there, still watching.

“Can my pet kiss your feet?” Jenn asked loudly as I cringed. She looked taken a back, but then gave a small grin and said,”OK.”

“Go on, footstool.” Jenn said.

My shoulders slumped submissively I walked to her and got on my knees and grabbed her foot by the ankle and lifted it a bit to kiss it, and then the other. “Thank you,” I said softly, humiliated. Thankfully, that was over and we left the store.

I asked to go to the bathroom, having not gone all day and drank a lot of water before and after my coconut trip, but Jenn refused, simply telling me “not now.”

We went into a bathing suit store and Jenn took me to the guys section and picked out 5 speedos that looked like they would fit me. She then had me go pay for all of them, I was embarrassed buying 5 of these things at one time as the young salesgirl rung them up.

Jenn then approached us and said authoritatively, “Go try them on right now, my pet, one at a time and then come out and show me each one, no shoes or anything.”

I headed to the dressing room with my head down and Jenn said “That was good, I don’t think you are in your head as much anymore,” I then heard her turn to the salesgirl and said “Would you help me, I’d like a second opinion on them.”

I stripped naked in the room and then put on the red suit, I left the changeroom feeling very self conscious, I saw that Jenn and the salesgirl were waiting for me at the front cash right at the store entrance, so I walked through the store almost naked as the few people in the small store all watched me go, and at the front anyone passing by could now see too.

I got in front of her and she looked me up and down, her arms crossed and with a disinterested air she said “OK spin around for us.”

“Flex your ass muscles.” I did and heard the sales girl giggle.

“You seem very tense, up tight, are you self conscious?”

“Yes my love, very much so.” saying my love and then instantly feeling embarrassed about saying it in public.

“You really shouldn’t be, you’re just doing what your told, it’d be better if you cut down on that? What do you think Kerry? How’s that look?”

“Looks fine, I can tell better when I’m comparing it to others.”

“You’re right, try the next one.”

I came back and they had me spin and flex again. This time I had one that was green and blue striped.

“I like this one better.” said Kerry.

“Yes, me too, it looks better on his pale, thin body, but he doesn’t have a very big penis, I think we need something tighter, it almost looks too big for him.”

Kerry was stunned she’d said something that mean in front of my face, and I was again mortified, but I kept my composure as best as I could. “OK, the other ones are tighter, they should work better. Go try on another one, hopefully we can make you look respectable.”

“Yes, my love”

The next one was tighter, it felt tight against my legs and my cock.

“I like how this one is tighter, but I don’t like the way it looks.”

“Yeah, jump up and down or around or something.” Kerry asked, apparently really into this now.

I did, obeying pretty much immediately.

“You are still so awkward and tense.”

“Finally, OK. Next one kiddo.” said Jenn.

The next one was even smaller than the 3rd, it was bright, almost reflective orange like a construction vest. It was certainly too small, the leg holes squeezed my thighs, the waist was very tight, my cock and balls bulged out from it as they were pressed so tight against my and from the back I could feel it riding into my ass crack.

I walked towards the front of the store in obvious discomfort and unfortunately after I did my spins and flexed, both girls really liked it.

“And the last one is smaller, and this is about as small as he can go it seems.”

“Is it comfortable?” asked Kerry.

“No, it feels awful, it’s too tight.”

Jenn ignored that and said “I like the color, makes him stand out.”

“Yeah, it’s bright, dance to this song, I wanna see how that looks.” Kerry said, certainly on a tip from Jenn.

“Do you know the words to this song at all, speedo boy?” Jenn said

“Yes, my love.” I guessed what was coming and was not looking forward to it.

“I didn’t feel the love there, try again.”

I took the time to try to relax and picture this awesome girl naked in front of me, but I couldn’t maintain that focus, I was too anxious about singing and dancing dressed like this, it came out jittery.

“Does that sound like it’s from the heart to you, or just routine?” she asked Kerry.

“Yeah, like a routine.”

“I’m sorry, I can’t focus, I’m too worried.”

“I hate to keep repeating myself, but it’s silly to worry about something that is going to happen. Take your time to clear your mind until you only have what’s important left and then answer, remember take your time and do it right.”

I closed my eyes again and pictured Jenn in front of me, again I kept getting sucked back to my current situation, but then I had her lying on the bed, her legs spread wide and I was laying beside her, stroking up and down her naked body, the image was staying.”

“I’ve got it, thank you, my love.”

Kerry ‘awwwed.’

“Good, that was much better, OK, sing and dance to the next song you know the lyrics to, and dance with enthusiasm, energy.”

Soon into the act Kerry was laughing and cheering, while Jenn was urging me to put more into it: “Sing louder, dance faster, move around more!”

After the song was over Kerry was almost doubled over laughing and I was actually smiling and proud like I’d just gave all I had in a concert.

“Excellent!” Jenn said, and gave me a congratulatory smack on the ass, which made Kerry start laughing hard again. “You weren’t thinking by the end of it, awesome!”

“He looks great in that suit.” Kerry said.

“OK, give Kerry a great tip for being so helpful and then gather those suits and get dressed again, but wear those speedos underneath.”

“My wallet is in the changeroom I will tip Kerry on the way, my love.”


I walked away, resisting the strong urge to pick the suit out of my asscrack as it had ridden way up and the elastic leg holes were now running along my ass instead of underneath it.

I put my clothes back on and stuffed my underwear in the bag with the speedos, gave Kerry a $50 bill and my thanks as we walked out.

“May I please use the bathroom my love, I have to go badly.”

“No, we are heading home shortly, if you can’t hold your urine I suggest you just piss your pants.”

We then got to the exit and Jenn said, “Go for a skip around the whole mall and then right out to the car.”

Again I hesitated, much less, but it was obvious to both of us I still ran her commands through my head to make sure I was OK with it before I did it.

I again skipped through, this time not really caring that people stared, pointed, laughed, whatever. I got to the car to find Jenn waiting on the hood. I let her in the passenger seat and got into my own and we discussed my progress for the day.

Jenn was actually pretty pleased with my progress, and I explained how I wasn’t really embarrassed anymore, but admitted that I still thought a lot about what she said and was worried about doing the things she asked. Her point was that I had to get over it, but it was understandable that I’d been doing that my whole life and only working on this for an afternoon.

About 6 miles away from the house I started to complain that I had to pee really badly and said that I was going to go in my pants if she didn’t let me piss.

For a bit she ignored me, but I was starting to freak out. It hurt, and Jenn said, “Fine, you want to piss your pants, pull over and do it and then walk home, and I’ll take the car. Or, you can drive home and piss in the toilet like a human.”

I was determined to make it, but with about 3 miles left it was coming, I knew it was a matter of time and quickly pulled over and parked the car, knowing I only had a few seconds before it was coming.

“Pathetic,” Jenn said disgusted, “Hands on your head and feet together, don’t move until you are done.” She slide over into the driver’s seat.

I started to let it go, feeling Jenn watch me and unable to look at her. I felt it quickly soak through my underwear and shorts, a big dark spot growing as more and more gushed out of me, it felt so good to go. I didn’t care that it was all dripping down my legs, flowing into my shoes and socks. Jenn just watched me with a rueful smile, enjoying it.

The 3 mile walk home in the hot sun with my clothes full of piss, cars passing, was about as pleasant as it sounded. When I got home Jenn had me strip out front and then shower. After, I made dinner for her and she let me have cereal.

After that she had me paint her finger and toe nails and instructed me to sit on the floor and to have breakfast ready for 10 and wake her when it was ready.

The next morning I awoke to my watch alarm and quickly turned it off, I then headed in to make breakfast as requested, when it was almost done I gently woke Jenn, her bare shoulder felt so soft and warm on my hand and left a t-shirt by her. I came in a few minutes later with her food to find her again upright and dressed in my t shirt and presumable still naked from the waist down under the sheets.

After she ate, she went to shower and I was then allowed to eat. She then led me into the bathroom as I pissed and she brushed her teeth while I showered quickly.

We then went outside, Jenn in another cute sundress and I in my speedo. Jenn said “OK, we are going to continue your training, I don’t want to do this dog training shit anymore, but you have to learn to just listen, so I’m going to treat you like a disobedient puppy until you stop acting like one.”

She then basically led me through an hour of ridiculous exercises, jump, sit, spin, anything, just making sure I listened immediately, she even had me stick my face in the sand again for no reason, this time I did it right away. All the practice did get me used to just listening without thinking.

We then headed inside and Jenn was talking to me about her home and as we walked into the bedroom Jenn said “Down on your knees and put all your fingers in your mouth”, like outside, I obeyed instantly, cramming all for fingers in my mouth.

“Finally, some real progress, you’re obeying very well without analyzing, you’ve improved enough that I think you are ready for a reward, and I won’t need to run all these training tests. Go outside and set me up a beach chair and a nice cold drink.”

Soon after I finished I looked to see Jenn emerging from the patio carrying sunglasses, a book and suntan lotion, but FINALLY dressed in a bikini, this was the first time I’d seen her in real life in anything but a dress.

She looked stunning, her tiny aqua with blue dotted bikini contrasted wonderfully with her pale delicate skin and black hair, pulled back in a pony tail. The tiny strings fought to contain her full, supple breasts that sat atop a small frame. Her thin waist flared out at her curvy hips, which swayed as she walked towards me.

“I am so glad I can finally do this,” Jenn said as she let the wind caress her body, “I think that extra work you are doing and I’m doing to you will pay off down the road though.”

“Yes my love, I’m sure if I’m obeying better it will be for all of us, you look stunning.”

“Thanks,” she said, without enthusiasm, sounding almost annoyed, “So you love your reward?”

“Yes, my love” that time it was easy to say, “Looking at your beauty is worth what I have been doing to earn it.”

“I can see that, looks like I may be making you a bit uncomfortable,” as she nodded at my erection, which, now that she mentioned it, was painfully pressed against my tight speedo.

“Yes, my love” I was unsure of what else to say.

“Well, take them off, let’s see what you got.”

I immediately pulled my speedo down to my ankles and looked at her expectantly.

“Well it’ll do,” she said with a shrug and began to quickly apply lotion around her breasts where the suit wasn’t covering her and then her ass and thighs as well. “it’s a shame I have to do this, but these parts of body are very off limits to you, little hard-on”

She then got in the lounge chair, put her sunglasses high on her forehead and handed me the lotion and said “Start on my face and work your way down, take your time rubbing it in, you can’t possibly go too slow.” She sounded so bored.

She lay there silently and closed her eyes as I tried my best to “massage” the lotion onto her face, but I wasn’t really sure how to massage a face so I just rubbed it in gently, getting her face and ears, I moved to her neck and she slid her sunglasses down over her eyes.

“Well obviously don’t massage the front of my neck,” she said dryly, “I’m not a dog, in fact you’re the dog. Lie down sparky!”

I obeyed instantly and then she said “Continue, but stroke my neck, gently, when you do it. Don’t, like, poke at it.”

I did this for a little bit as Jenn said “Much better” but without a hint of approval or pleasure in her voice.

I went over the front of her body for a long time, it must have been an hour, while she would occasionally correct or encourage certain moves, for the most part it seemed like she was pretty much asleep.

She then rolled onto her stomach and we did the same process again. She had me undo her bikini and I spent about an hour just massaging her arms, shoulders and back, with plenty of instructions from Jenn on the pressure and what massage strokes to use where and when.

After this she rolled back over and grabbed her book and had me get her another cold drink, the first she didn’t touch and was now warm.

I came back out and she peered over her glasses at me and said “How’s the hard-on going?”

She then said “Answer, it wasn’t rhetorical.”

“It’s still kind of hard my love, but I was focusing on the massage for the most part so it was like that the whole time.”

“OK, this should be an easy one for you to stay focused on, a great intro lesson. Grab that barely hard cock in your hand, good. Now, using only slow strokes, very slow, I want you to maintain an erection. I want you to use my body as the object of desire, stare, ogle, and examine my body from right where you are so you stay aroused.”

“The point of the exercise is to stay focused, don’t let your mind wander, don’t stop thinking about it, think about my almost naked body and how it turns you on, let that be all that matters, ok? Also note that is you lose focus on my body, I’ll take that as an insult and you will be punished.”

“Mmmm, yes my love, this is how I’ve been picturing you when I say my love, now it’s the real thing.”

“Good, I see you’re pretty much hard now, so let’s begin, no talking, I want to read my book and you have your task.”

I stood a foot from her right hip, able to look over her whole body from above with ease. At the beginning I slowly stroked my cock up and down as I watched her breasts, admiring how soft and large they were, covered in that thin layer of bikin fabric. I’d stare at the bumps that indicated where her nipples would be.

Overtime, however, my focus on her body changed, I started to admire different parts of her body, first her legs and stomach and the way they disappeared in her bikini bottom, then her face. I then started to admire her whole body, every single part, from her fingers, up her arms to her biceps, where tiny little hairs grew sparingly, her delicate looking armpits, where the sun or wind rarely touched, I really wanted to touch her there just because I realized that spot on her body has little contact with anything, like a spot that’s more pure than the rest of her.

My eyes followed the gently curve of her shoulder into her neck, the slight protrusion her collarbone made on her skin.

I watched her feet, how she wiggled her toes gently, slightly, seemingly at random, but after watching for a while I noticed a pattern and could predict how she’d move them. I looked at the glossy polish I had applied on her tiny toes, the way her little feet pointed right up in the air and blended seamlessly into her ankles.

I admired her ankle bones, her knees, her elbows, her smooth legs that somehow didn’t contain any hair shimmering in the sun, her creamy thin thighs looked so sensual, so luxurious.

I watched her breathe, I watched her body move with every breath, I admired how the sun played with her loose hair strands, I took note of every dimple, every freckle and wrinkle on her. I watched the muscles in her arm flex just a little every time she turned the page or every time she took a sip of her drink. I thought of the cool liquid flowing down her hot body and I watched the sweat beads form over her body. It was like time slowed down, every move she made was fascinating and erotic to me, I felt closer to her, like I could feel what she was feeling.

I stared at her face, memorizing her features, describing them to myself in great detail, at one point she took off her sunglasses, like she knew I was missing her eyes and looked into my eyes so I could study hers, we said nothing but just stared deeply for a long time, as I gently stroked my hard cock, until I continued my tour of her body.

I have no idea how long I did that for, but it was over an hour easily, I was totally engrossed with her body, like I was connected to it, I had a deeper appreciation for her beauty, her sexiness then anyone I’d ever had before. The whole time my dick was rock hard, the only distraction I ever had was when I could feel blood throbbing through my cock.

Eventually Jenn knocked me out of my trance to say “You did very well,” with genuine pleased emotions in her voice, “I could feel the intensity from you, you have some strong vibes.”

She paused for a bit as I looked at her curiously, “I think you are ready sooner than I thought, if you’d like, you can go get the wooden paddle I got you and trade spanks for my bikini top. You don’t have to trade if you don’t want to, my top will come off later on regardless, but I can’t say when.”

“I know the paddle, I will take my reward.”

“You don’t even want to know how many spanks?” Jenn asked, like she was challenging me.

“It doesn’t matter, this way is the way we both want. My — mmm” I moaned involuntarily at the thought of her topless before me, “-my love.”

I went and got the wooden paddle and brought it back to her. “Go wet it in the ocean, my submissive.”

Jenn followed behind me, “Now stand up straight and hand it to me”

She then reared back and hit me about as hard as she could, I absorbed the stinging blow without a sound “Wet it and stand up again.” Jenn ordered over the sounds of the waves crashing and flowing over our feet and ankles.

She did this five times, leaving my ass very sore and bright red. The water added an extra bit to the strikes.

“OK, turn around, let’s see that erection…all gone. OK, here’s the deal, you get to watch me hit you now, and I’ll hit you in the thighs and wet the board myself, I am going to do this until you can get that erection back, this time no touching, just focus and get hard and you’re good. “

I watched her bend over and get the paddle wet.

“Clasp your hands behind your head.” I obeyed immediately and watched with wide eyes as she swung hard and smacked me cleanly mid thigh. It fucking hurt.

She barely gave me time to recover from that as she had re-wet the board and spanked my thighs again as hard as she could. I gasped sharply at this, unable to maintain my composure very well.

She then started to slow down in between, backing away each time to let me check out her gorgeous body as she bent over to wet the paddle, letting me stare at that awesome ass. It was at spank 5 that I started to feel some blood flow into my penis, but it took all the way to spank 10 for me to get fully erect, she was waiting a long time in-between and I was near tears at the pain, my thighs felt like they were on fire.

“OK, my pain slut, you did it, how do you feel?”

“I feel awful…my love, my thighs kill.”

“That will fade, I will let you take a break for a while, but you’d be disappointing me if you did so.”

“Then I will continue, my love.”

“Good, this part will be enjoyable for you, get down on your knees and follow me, don’t use your arms.” she said as she headed back to her beach chair and sat down while she waited for me to walk on my knees the 40 feet to her beach chair, my bright red thighs leading the way.

Looking around I smiled to myself in anticipation, everything looked perfect. I had been planning this ever since I had learned about the party the week before and now even the weather was co-operating. As I glanced around at my co-workers I self consciously checked to make sure my Do-Rag was in place. You wouldn’t think I would be worried about how I looked among this group but I was.

The people at the party on the beach that evening were my fellow nurses and doctors from the local hospital. After along, hot and extremely busy summer the administrator had decided we needed a break and had planned this party for us. I had learned about this while recovering and had decided that I would try to make it. As the time got shorter and I felt stronger and more able to carry on I had become more and more intent on showing up.

Standing there feeling the warm sand under my bare feet and hearing the muted hiss of the small waves breaking on the beach I looked for my husband in the darkness. The night was moonless with the stars hidden only slightly by the faint sky glow from the city to our west. Finally I spotted Dave walking past the small campfire and chatting with Lynn, a new nurse on my floor. (She seemed to have attached herself to us for the evening after several of the doctors and one of the nurses had hit on her.) Catching his eye I waited until he came over to where I was standing before asking him if he was up for a swim. Wiping the sweat from his face he agreed that a swim would feel nice and taking my hand headed back to where we had left our towels.

Without hesitation he dropped his shorts revealing his bathing suit. I was a bit more circumspect as I peeled out of my T-Shirt and unwrapped my skirt to reveal my bikini underneath. While I appreciated his quiet Wolf Whistle I was still embarrassed by my new scar and tried to hide it with my hands as we walked to the waters edge. Willing myself to relax as the warm waters slid over my body we waded out until the water was at the level of my breasts. Standing there I watched as Dave did a surface dive and swam further out underwater, coming up sputtering the salt water from his lips he turned until he could see me. His smile radiating across the short distance between us he called for me to get wet, the water was great. Taking a deep breath I ducked my head under and pushing off from the sandy bottom swam out to where he was waiting for me.

Rising to the surface I was surprised to find the water didn’t quite reach my chin where we were standing. As I stood there enjoying the feeling of the water on my body for the first time in several months Dave came up behind me. Slipping his arms around my waist he just stood there holding me as I rested. Leaning back against him I felt my skin slide against his as the slight ocean swell gently moved our bodies. Not saying anything we just stood there enjoying the feel of the water and the peace of the evening. After a bit I decided the time was right for what I had planned. Reaching back and down between our bodies I gently pressed my hand against his crotch. I could feel his body tighten when I did this but I also felt him starting to respond.

As he slowly hardened under my gentle ministrations I turned to face him. I knew he was hesitant about this, he didn’t know if I was ready after my surgery and the follow up treatments but I felt I was ready. This was something I wanted to do and I had even cleared it with my doctor the week before. Slowly I slid my legs around his waist until they were resting on his hips. Moving my hand I started rubbing myself against him feeling myself becoming aroused as he got harder. I couldn’t believe how excited I was getting. Maybe it was because this was the first time in a couple of months, maybe it was because I was doing this less than fifty feet from my co-workers but whatever the cause I found myself more sexually excited than I had been in a long time.

By the time I was ready I could feel Dave’s erection straining against the front of his bathing suit. Lowering my legs so I was again standing I told him to take off his shorts. I made sure he could see it in the faint light as I pulled the strings holding the sides of my bikini together then pulled the bottom of my bathing suit between my legs before holding it up so he could clearly see them. While I was doing this I watched as he quickly removed his own swim suit. Holding my suit in one hand I stepped closer and pressed my body against his. I could feel him pressing against my belly as I held him close for a minute before pulling away slightly.

Slipping my arms around his neck I easily lifted myself before wrapping my legs around his waist. When he felt me doing this my husband gently gripped my waist and helped support me while I let go with one arm and reached down between us. Carefully I guided him until I could feel him pressing against me. Holding him like this I gently pushed my hips against him until he slipped inside. With a sigh I pulled my hand away and pulled myself against him, gasping as I felt him slide deeply into my body. Holding his shoulders and feeling his hands as they shifted to cup my buttocks I started sliding myself along his length. Both of us moaned each time I impaled myself on him, sighing in delight as our bodies joined as though they were one.

David shifted his hands until he was supporting me with one hand spread over my ass. His other hand he lifted up my body until he could reach between us to play with my breasts. At first he just rubbed my tits through the thin material of my bathing suit. Quickly tiring of this I felt him gently ease the material up and over my breasts until they were exposed to his exploring hand. Now he could cup and knead them with nothing between his skin and mine. I loved the feel of his hands on me as I rode his cock, it excited me. The sounds of the people not far from us, their laughter floating across the water, as well as the slight motion imposed on our bodies as we made love in the ocean just added to what I was experiencing.

I could feel it growing inside me, that feeling of emotional and physical release slowly building deep in my body as Dave stroked into me. As his motions became more insistent he shifted his hands to again hold my ass. His fingers grazed my crack as he pushed himself deep inside of me. Tightening my grip around his neck and shoulders I felt my now hard nipples rubbing against the oil slicked skin of his chest. As we gently thrust our bodies against each other I stopped noticing anything going on around us. My mind, my entire being concentrated just on what I was feeling. All I could feel was my body against his as he slid in and out of me.

Slowly at first then faster and faster my orgasm built inside of me. Too soon I knew I couldn’t take it any more. Muffling my cries against his shoulder as my orgasm broke over me I felt him thrust even deeper inside of me once, then once more before he held himself still. Even through the feelings rushing through my body I felt him swell slightly before his cock started twitching slightly inside of me as he came.

Holding our bodies tightly against each other we relaxed. As I came down from my high I could feel him gradually shrinking until he slid out of me. We stood like this for a while, just enjoying the feel of our bodies touching as we listened to the party going on nearby. After about ten minutes of this we slowly broke apart. Holding hands we slowly turned to look at the small fire on the beach and the people around it. As we did this we were startled by a quiet “Wow you guys were incredible” from right in front of us.

Startled by the voice I jerked in response and losing my balance fell backwards in the water. Struggling for a moment I got my feet under me and stood spitting out water and shaking my head only to see the concerned look on both my husbands and Lynn’s faces. Seeing I was okay they both started giggling quietly. The breaking of the tension built by Dave and myself by being startled then falling into the water had me giggling along with them. Wading towards the beach my laughter was stopped only by Lynn mentioning I should cover up.

Reaching up to pull my top back down over my breasts my hands found only bare skin. Fumbling franticly around I realized my top must have come off when I fell into the water, likewise I had accidentally let go of my bottoms. Reaching higher with the idea of using my Do-Rag to cover myself even slightly during the short walk to my towel and clothes I found it too had vanished. Now I was faced with the prospect of crossing the beach wearing just an anklet and an embarrassed smile.

I didn’t know what embarrassed me more about this situation, my lack of clothes or my head being uncovered. Lynn bless her heart came quickly to my aide. Turning away from my husband and myself she ducked down in the water for a moment. Standing again she revealed that she too had stripped and was holding her bathing suit in her hands. Understanding what she was doing came to me a minute later. Not knowing why I was so hesitant to be seen like this she had decided to share the embarrassment of being seen in the nude by my co-workers.

Taking one of her hands in one of mine and grasping my husbands hand in my other I turned back to the beach and started wading again. Reaching the edge of the water I paused for a moment to look at my husband and my friend before heading into the light. As I walked across the sand I could hear the noise slowly stopping as people saw us and turned to watch. To my surprise instead of the catcalls and rude comments I was expecting I instead heard first one person then others start to applaud. Lifting my downcast eyes from the sand I stopped and looked around at my co-workers as they stood and watched while clapping. The smiles and looks of encouragement made me feel incredible.

These were the people who had taken care of me during my surgery. They were the people who had given me the drugs during my treatment. They had cleaned me when I needed cleaning and slowly nursed me back to health during my long fight. That though had been professional while this was intensely personal. Now I stood in front of them not as a patient but as a friend and colleague. The fact that my belly was scarred and I was completely hairless from the treatments added to my need for their approval. Standing there I heard a quiet murmur run through the group as their gaze shifted off me to a point to the side. Looking where they were looking I saw something I couldn’t believe at first.

Mary, the head of my department was slowly and methodically removing her bathing suit until she too stood there clothed only in her skin. Dropping her suit she faced me and with a shy smile on her face stepped over to stand beside me. Stopping at my side she whispered how she was proud of me. Looking around I was startled to see almost every one of my co-workers slowly and quietly stripping to their skin. With tears in my eyes I watched as they dropped their clothing and walked towards me with smiles on their faces. Their acceptance and my husbands love showed me that even having cancer hadn’t made me less of a person, if anything it had made me more of one.

A Fantasy For Two

Part 1…

Day Dreamin’

I was both nervous, and excited. The big day had finally arrived, and it was glorious. It was only 9:15 in the morning, and already I could hear the children’s laughter as the chased each other with squirt guns. Soon they’d all be knockin’, asking me to fill the wading pool. It was suppose to get at least ninety today, and there wasn’t a cloud in the sky to mar the suns goal.

Grabbing a pair of undies, my green shorts, my favorite white tank top, and my bathing suit top, I headed towards the bathroom to start the water running for my shower while I continued my train of thought. I slowly started to undress while my thoughts turned to my friends. Soon I’d be meeting them all in person for the first time…

Bill, with all his whining, and his righteous attitude…He could be nice, and supportive when not acting the fool. I hoped he’d be able to behave himself…Mr. B was coming too.

Lisa, who always makes me laugh with her bubbly personality. I wonder what her husband is like, but that will be answered soon enough as he’s coming along.

Patty, who’s almost as excited as I am over our get together has been so much help getting this thing together. I have a feeling we’re gonna be close friends. And then there’s Richard, and Don, Barbra and her hubby, Craig and Jenny…It should be a fun weekend.

Noticing I had forgotten my towel, I ran to get it, almost falling as TippyCat raced under my feet. Okay…feed TippyCat, AND THEN shower! OKAY Hannibal…I hear you. Are you outta seed again? You’re gettin’ too fat! There ya’ go…good bird…go see…go see…That’s a good boy.

Heading back to my running shower, I suddenly remembered I’d better grab the phone too. Everyone was to phone me as they arrived at the hotel that had been booked for them a full three weeks in advance.

Looping my towel on the towel rack, I stepped under the hot inviting spray. Turning my back to the shower, I let the spray pound out the soreness in my shoulders from yesterday. I had lifted way too much, but at least the renter had shown up and taken the unit. That made it worth it.

Tilting my head back, I let the water run over my forehead and hair. It felt so good…wish I’d left the radio on. Reaching for my sweet strawberry shampoo, I can’t help but grin. I do so love the scent of strawberries. Pouring the thick silky pink into my hand, I stepped out from under the spray and smoothed it over my head. Closing the lid, setting it back down, I lazily worked it into lather, letting myself daydream while I did so.

Out of all of those coming, at least twenty couples, there was only one I was nervous to meet. Mr. B! He was so sweet to me on line, and so helpful…He makes me feel good…and relaxed. He has a way of making others talk about themselves while giving little away about his self. Mr. B…I like that name. Never known one before…But there’s something about him that makes me nervous…tingly even. Like a spider’s sense going off. Look at me! Fifty years old, and blushing in the shower.

Tilting my head back again, I rinsed my hair, turning up the hot water. It felt so good! Pouring my strawberry conditioner onto my hair, I lathered it up, and let it set in my hair as I picked up my shower gel. Spreading it slowly over myself, I remember a time my body was truly smooth to the touch.

My non-existent tummy had made an appearance, and non too gracefully! My breasts had stayed standing thank God. My legs have certainly gone all to hell along the way too. Age is not a lover-like escort.

Stepping back under the shower, I let it cascade over my full length. Running my fingers through my hair to get the conditioner out, my imagination went into over drive.

Closing my eyes, they weren’t my hands anymore. His hands were gentle as they combed through my hair, sensuously massaging my scalp. As the conditioner ran over my body, his hands followed. Over my shoulders, and down my breasts, his hands gently cupping them, as the spray teased my nipples erect.

The shrill ringing of the telephone was definitely a demand to come back to earth and get real. I had too much to do without mooning over some guy I hadn’t even met yet!

Part 2…

Plans For The Day

Almost everyone had arrived. Lisa’s car had failed her about an hours drive away, and had refused to start again at the restaurant she had stopped at. The mechanic wouldn’t be back till Monday, and this was Friday. That meant her station wagon, which we had counted on because of its size, was now just another problem to solve. We would deal with that on Monday. In the meantime, Patty went to pick her up.

The plan was for us all to meet at the hotel, and take the monorail to the Seattle Center. The hotel was within walking distance to the monorail, and it would be more fun to all go together. The center held lots to do, and catered to everyone’s interests.

As we all made plans to split up into groups, and meet back at the bottom of the Space Needle, I noticed that everyone was pairing up as couples. Now I really felt kind of weird. Most has brought along their better halves, or a friend. Bill, Patty, Mr. B, and myself were left unattached. All of a sudden, I saw my day stretching out before me, with Bill having to sit most of the day due to his numerous complaints. Next thing I knew, Mr. B was taking my hand, telling the others I had promised to show him the bumper cars, promising we’d see them later under the space needle. I felt sorry for Patty, but took the offered escape.

We had a wonderful time. We indeed rode the bumper cars, them moved on to the art exhibits. We found we liked some of the same artists, and conversation flowed easily. Leaving the art exhibit building, we saw the various live musicians starting to entertain the crowds that were building on the grass around them. We listened to some blues, and then moved on to country. Jazz was next. Then Hillbilly. I hadn’t had this much fun in years.

By the time we were to meet the others, we’d built up an appetite. Upon arriving at the Space Needle, we saw that Bill, Patty, and several others had already arrived. Riding up in the elevator, we all talked about what we had seen and done. Everyone had had a good time, except for Bill. He looked very tired, and somewhat peeved. And he was looking straight at me!

But I was worrying for nothing. Mr. B once again rescued me by asking what I was going to eat. As we made our way to the big circular table set up just for our party, he kept up a running conversation. After we had all ordered our meals, conversation turned to what the afternoon offered in way of entertainment. Many of us wanted to go swimming, and cool off, so I suggested Green Lake. I’d gone swimming there often while growing up.

Not everyone wanted to go. Patty and Lisa were going shopping down at Pike Place Market. Several of us agreed that if we weren’t too tired from swimming, we’d see them there later. So those who wanted to go swimming climbed into Mr. B’s car, while the shoppers went in Bills and Lisa’s cars. Bill was going to drop those riding with him off, and then was going back to the hotel to lie down for a couple hours.

Arriving at the lake, everyone gratefully got out of the car. It had been a tight fit to get us all in. With one more, someone would have had to ride on a lap! It wasn’t longer then ten minutes, and we’d all stripped down to bathing suits to go in the water. All but me. I refused to wear a suit because of my being overweight. I knew my shorts would dry quickly in the sun after I was done swimming. Laughing, Mr. B challenged me to a race to Duck Island. I had told everyone in the car how we’d swam out to the little island every summer, (my brother and I) and went fishing. We had always considered it spooky as kids. It had a large stand of trees like a forest, and it was very dark on the island under these trees. After seeing it for themselves, no one else wanted to swim out to it. I took Mr. B up on his challenge, racing towards the lake. With a laugh, he came chasing close on my heels. We hit the water, and started swimming to the cheers of our friends.

Part 3…

Unexpected Turn of Events

By the time I made it to the island, Mr. B was sitting on a fallen log waiting for me, a huge smile on his face. He had so easily out swam me. Joining him on the log, I smiled in appreciation of his win. He looked happy, and suggested we let the sun dry us some before we went exploring. It would be chilly under the thickness of the trees, if not down right cold.

So we sat for a few minutes, laughing over things we’d seen at the Seattle Center, and bits and pieces from our lives. We kept the conversation light, but I think he was wise to my nervousness. Trying to hide it, I jumped up, and told him to follow me if he wanted to see the ducks. That got his attention, and he followed me under the trees.

Trying hard to think of something to say, I wasn’t paying attention, as I should have to where I was walking, and tripped over a small arm of one of the broken trees. He caught me before I fell, and kept a hold my hand as we continued walking. It had been a very long time since anyone had held my hand. Years…I wasn’t use to being touched at all anymore.

As we neared the side of the island I knew we’d find the ducks on, I stopped to listen. I had always loved to hear them before they came into view. We could see feathers stuck on branches, and hear their calls clearly. Mr. B gave me a puzzled look, not understanding why I stopped as suddenly as I did. Then moving slowly, I showed him the treasure my brother and I had found on Duck Island. Looking very carefully, he could see the baby chicks just popping from their shells. I pointed nearby to our left, and he saw more of the same. We watched a couple of them get free from their shells, and then I led him back the way we had come.

Just short of leaving the tall stand of trees and walking out into the bright sunlight, he stopped walking, and pulled me close for a hug. Nervously, I returned his hug, then looked up at him. He still held me loosely, but close. I could have left his arms just by taking the smallest step…

All of a sudden, it mattered less that I was married. I wanted to taste this mans kiss. I could feel his body touching mine…teasing mine…and as his eyes searched my face, a war went on inside my heart. I was married! But this felt so good…was it cheating if he hadn’t touched me in years? Was it taking anything away that was his?

I let myself relax a little, and smiled at him. Then he asked if I’d made up my mind yet. I could feel my face flame, and was happy it was so dark there under the trees. But that didn’t save me. He chuckled as if he knew I was blushing, and again pulled me close. Whispering in my ear, he assured me that nothing would happen I didn’t want to happen.

Leaning back in his arms, my smile grew. Raising a hand to his cheek, I leaned into him and met his lips with my own. Just a couple small kisses. That’s what I told myself. Just enough to satisfy my curiosity…but Mr. B had ideas of his own. Still holding me gently, he deepened the kiss, and my body woke as if from a lifetime of sleep, and was rejoicing in being alive. It now had a mind of its own, and knew what it wanted.

I felt my breasts swell, and my nipples tighten, and I knew he could feel it too. Just as I could tell he wasn’t entirely unaffected. My body moved of its own accord, and snuggled closer. I had quit thinking…I was feeling…and enjoying it! I enjoyed feeling his arousal, and his hands moving down my back to pull me intimately closer. My arms had found their way around his neck, and a breath of air couldn’t have found a way between us.

He moved his body against mine suggestively, and my body responded with a sharp shudder. Now his kiss carried passion, and his hand moved to the strings holding my bathing suit top on. Very slowly, and purposely, he pulled on one of the strings. He was giving me time to stop him if that was my choice…and with a little pop, the bow was untied.

As the air touched my skin, I closed my eyes. So many sensations shot through me, that I could do nothing but enjoy them. As he again kissed me, his hand cupped my breast, and his thumb brushed across my erect nipple, causing me to once again shiver in reaction. I couldn’t see it, but I could feel his smile against my lips.

As he moved his lips to my neck, then my shoulder, my hands roamed over his broad back, enjoying the play of the tensed muscles beneath my hands. Slowly he lowered me to the island floor, and again recaptured my lips, while his hand continued to tease my body awake. Slowly his hand moved downward, until he found the heat he was looking for. As his hand touched the crotch of my shorts, I couldn’t stop the small cry of response. My body leapt to his touch, wanting…no…craving more. Cupping his hand firmly against me, his mouth played with my aroused nipples…licking, and suckling…nipping…and then he moved his hand in a rubbing motion, further driving me deeper into passion. Now my body asked for more, moving against his hand like it had a life of its own. With my fingers laced in his short hair, I held on…I wanted to touch him…and taste him, but all I could reach was his head and shoulders. This only fueled my sexual tension. Then I felt his hand near my shorts waistband, and soon inside my shorts. Kissing me deeply, he touched me intimately, and I again cried out as I moved against his hand, hot…and wet.

Running one hand down his chest to the top of his shorts, I felt the breath he drew in suddenly. Letting my hand seek the front of his shorts, I touched him, and heard the moan he made against my lips as he pressed himself into my palm. The next moment, I felt his fingers teasing; searching…felt my body opening to him like a flower.

Then I heard the laughter as if from far away…laughing shakily, Mr. B said it seemed we were no longer alone. I was pleased to see he wasn’t any happier in reality then I was at the untimely intrusion. My body still responded to his moving hand and fingers. Suddenly he was kissing me hard, and slipping his fingers inside my heat. My body jumped, arched into him, and moved in sweet ecstasy. Then I heard the voices coming closer, and knew it was Lisa, and her hubby.

Reluctantly, Mr. B removed his hand, and gave me a final fierce kiss, telling me that it wasn’t over. Handing me my top, he helped me tie it in place. My hands were so unsteady…He took my hand, and pulled me to my feet just as Lisa said, “There they are…over there”.

I didn’t know how I was going to face Mr. B when we came out from under the trees into the bright sunlight. I hadn’t acted like that since I was a teenager…but I couldn’t wipe the smile from my face. Joining Lisa and her husband, I felt my face flame. She looked from Mr. B, to me, than back to Mr. B again before smiling. He laughed, and asked if she had enjoyed her shopping trip.

Then she told us how Patty had taken too much sun, and had requested going back to the hotel. She had dropped Lisa off at the Lake, and drove back to the hotel. She suggested swimming back to the others, drying off some, and going back to the hotel for dinner and drinks. She’d heard the hotel’s band practicing their show when she’d dropped her loot from her shopping trip off, and they’d sounded good to her.

Agreeing with her plans, the four of us swam back to shore. The water felt cool on my heated skin, and the swim gave me the needed time to collect myself. Sitting on our towels to dry off, we sipped Pepsi and talked with others that had joined our group. About 30 minutes later, we all headed to the parking lot. It had been arranged that Lisa would drive us back in Mr. B’s car, as he didn’t care for the downtown driving. There were too many one-way streets, and he didn’t know the area. This wasn’t Lisa’s first trip to Seattle, and she didn’t mind driving.

Several had piled into the other car, and taken off. It was then we noticed we had a slight problem. We had one too many to fit in the car! Lisa sat in the driver’s seat, and took charge. She patted the seat beside her, looking at her hubby. Next she had Ron get in, with his buddy Tom beside him. Turning to Mr. B, she told him he was next. That left me …and she ordered me to sit on his lap. It was the only way we were all going to get where we were going.

Looking at Mr. B, I saw the twinkle in his eyes, and the grin playing about his lips. He was totally enjoying my discomfort of the moment. Climbing in, I sat on his lap facing the front, and away from Ron and Tom. Squirming a bit to get comfortable, I felt his indrawn breath. Turning slightly to look at him, I felt something else too. Pulling himself up a bit straighter, he winked, and grinned. His movement caused us to rub together, and I realized he wasn’t comfortable either. Telling us to wake him when we got there, he tipped his head back and closed his eyes.

The road we had to take was a detour due to roadwork on the main stretch. It had some large potholes, and was very bumpy. His hands had moved to my waist, and held me as each bump made us more aware of each other.

I can’t say I didn’t enjoy the ride back to the hotel…OR, how when we got there, Mr. B was slow to get out of the car. I couldn’t stop my knowing smile, and didn’t even try. Lisa invited me to go up to her room for a quick drink before I headed to my room to shower and change, which I declined. I had rented a room for overnight. It was easier then fighting the traffic an hour each way.

Part 4…

Seeking Satisfaction

Once again, back in my room, I lean against the door for a moment, a dreamy smile touching my lips and eyes. Mentally shaking myself, I kick off my shoes, and headed towards the bathroom. Starting the water running, I then went to check on what I would wear for dinner. I had brought very little with me, and had only a choice of two dresses.

One of them, a baby blue in color, I called my “Marilyn Monroe” dress. The neckline plunged deeply in front and back, and the skirt was full. It was of a simple cut, and was a definite eye catcher. I had tried it on at the store, and it had looked pretty good. Now it looked only obvious.

The second dress was long, and silky. It was white, and backless. The front had a choker style collar. The skirt was full, but fell gracefully. The only jewelry it needed was my gold bracelet and earrings. I would wear my paisley shawl over it. I grabbed a new pair of pantyhose out of my overnight bag, along with my undies and ginger bath gel, shampoo, and conditioner.

Returning to my shower, I undressed and stood under the spray. Not letting my mind wonder, I hurriedly showered, and got out. Quickly drying my hair, I let it flow down my back. Just a dab of mascara was the only make up I wore. I had bought the white silk panties just to match the dress and shoes.

Standing in front of the mirror, I was glad I’d picked the white dress. My skin had gained some color from the afternoon sun, and I had to admit it…I looked good! It was time to re-join the others. Now where did I put my purse…ahhh…there it is…

Coming off the elevator into the Hotel Lobby, the first person I saw was Patty. Looking at her simple, yet elegant red pantsuit, I felt somewhat over dressed. That was until I saw Lisa, decked out to the nines! She was dressed in a long black dress of stylish cut, with a plunging bodice to her navel. Hoop earrings were her only jewelry except for her wedding ring and watch. The men looked very distinguished in their suits and ties…even though Mr. B’s tie had been loosened as if it were chocking him.

Bill let out a whistle upon seeing me, and told me I looked great. Mr. B said nothing…but the look in his eyes when he looked at me made me blush. There were already couples swaying on the dance floor to a slow romantic song, and he held his hand out to me without a word. Putting my hand in his, he smiled into my eyes and led me onto the dance floor. Taking me into his arms, he held me close, and the now familiar shiver raced up my spine. With my head tucked under his chin, my mind went back to that afternoon on Duck Island. And it didn’t go alone! My body responded to the slight caress of his hands on my back, and his lips at my ear. He had promised it wasn’t over yet…and it was a promise he meant to keep.

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